Two Videos: Climate Change Kills Barack Obama – Plus @RealDonaldTrump Versus 9/11 Muslim Cheers

Lots of turkeys in the news this past Thanksgiving weekend. As usual Donald Trump is under attack for saying the obvious and Barack Obama continues to chase climate change foolishness while the political world burns.

Donald J. Trump Versus Cheering Muslims On 9/11

Let’s start with The Donald and his statement of the obvious. Trump is in trouble because he said that thousands of Muslims cheered as the World Trade Center came tumbling down. This has provoked horror and shouts of “lies” from Big Media (especially Chuckie Todd this past Sunday).

Our own little contribution on the question of cheering Muslims as the World Trade Center came tumbling down comes via a friend. Years ago, several days after the World Trade Center was destroyed by Muslim lunatics and while the smoke still rose from the destruction, we spoke via phone to a group of friends in New York City huddled together in Manhattan.

This group of close friends included a youngish black guy (in his early 20s) of modest means who lived in Brooklyn adjacent to a Mosque. This young black guy is/was a man of the left and counts among his friends Muslims and girlfriends of Muslims. This friend was concerned because he had heard a great deal of celebration coming from the Mosque on the night of the 9/11 attacks. So concerned was this young black man that he sought advice as to whether or not to call the police and relate what he heard. This guy was not exactly police friendly so the fact that he contemplated calling the police at all always stuck in our minds.

We remembered this episode as the controversy over what Trump said hit hurricane category winds last week. That poison soup of mosques and conspiracies and celebrations and the World Trade Center did not appear at all surprising to any of us or anyone paying minimal attention to world affairs. Anyone who remembered the “Blind Sheik” of New York/New Jersey and other kooks in mosques could not be surprised by what Donald Trump said. It should not be news nor a surprise that some, if not many in the Muslim community, celebrated the 9/11 attacks. We acknowledged this hesitantly at the time and in sorrow but it was obviously true then as it is now.

So in 2015, Donald Trump says something which is fairly obvious about 9/11, and Trump gets attacked!

Some attack Trump because they deny any Muslim celebrated on 9/11. But the contemporaneous reports, and there were reports of celebrating Muslims at the time, contradict this absolutist “zero Muslims celebrated 9/11” absurdity. Some attack Trump because they say it was not “thousands” of Muslims that celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center.

So the controversy has now boiled down to the subjective question of whether it was “thousands” of Muslims who celebrated and in New Jersey. Presumably Donald Trump will have to count one by one the Muslims he saw, and he will have to have signed certificates that the people he saw are in fact certified Muslims undisputed by any other sect as to their Muslimness, and Trump will further have to prove that the Muslims he saw or claims to have seen are indeed certified Muslims from New Jersey and not visiting New Jersey although maybe Muslims visiting New Jersey and cheering the fall of the World Trade Center will be credited to Donald Trump’s New-Jersey-Muslims-cheering-9/11 account.

We’re not going to spend our days counting how many Muslims in New Jersey danced on the rooftops of New Jersey to celebrate the fall of the World Trade Center. We won’t even count the undisputed many Muslims around the world that celebrated the fall of the World Trade Center. We won’t do that because we don’t need to do any of that to understand that it is beyond dispute that thousands upon thousands of people in America celebrated the Muslim attack and destruction of the World Trade Center. How do we know this to be an undisputed fact? Let’s go to the video tape:

Thousands cheered “God Damn America” at the Obama church on the Sunday immediately after the 9/11 attacks. Donald Trump should bring them thar chickens home to roost and hit Barack Obama on 9/11. If thousands of these so-called Christians celebrated the “chickens” of “God damn America” it is not hard to believe that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey and Brooklyn and all over the place did as Donald Trump alleges.

Climate Change Kills Barack Obama

Why is Barack Obama burning fuel to jet to another silly conference on climate change, a.k.a. weather? It’s desperation legacy time for Barack:

But the two-week summit is unlikely to give Obama the world-saving, wall-of-the-presidential-library-defining achievement that he clearly wants. Even the best-case scenario won’t make sense to most people — there’s no easy headline or heroic narrative to be had in a patchwork of nonbinding pledges by 200 nations that may or may not eventually limit the rise in global temperatures to around 2 degrees Celsius.

The utter silliness of climate change, a.k.a. weather has been harpooned like a whale by none other than Scientific American:

The climate change debate has been polarized into a simple dichotomy. Either global warming is “real, man-made and dangerous,” as Pres. Barack Obama thinks, or it’s a “hoax,” as Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe thinks. But there is a third possibility: that it is real, man-made and not dangerous, at least not for a long time.

This “lukewarm” option has been boosted by recent climate research, and if it is right, current policies may do more harm than good. For example, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other bodies agree that the rush to grow biofuels, justified as a decarbonization measure, has raised food prices and contributed to rainforest destruction. Since 2013 aid agencies such as the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the World Bank and the European Investment Bank have restricted funding for building fossil-fuel plants in Asia and Africa; that has slowed progress in bringing electricity to the one billion people who live without it and the four million who die each year from the effects of cooking over wood fires.

Leave it to a boob like Barack to make a disaster out of all weather. This is an example of the cure being worse than the disease. You don’t have to be a coal miner to be hurt by misguided policies built on faulty “facts” that might or might not be facts at all. In fact, maybe what we all are going to pine for soon enough is some real no doubt honest to goodness global warming:

A study presented at the British Royal Astronomical Society’s recent annual meeting confirms that the sun may go into a “hibernation” mode around 2030 called the “Grand Solar Minimum” that could cause another “Little Ice Age.” [snip]

A solar minimum “dim sun” deflects fewer cosmic rays away from Earth’s atmosphere than a bright sun. Rays entering the atmosphere seed clouds, which in turn cool the planet even more and increase precipitation in the form of rain, snow and hail. Both historical “Minimum” periods saw colder-than-normal global temperatures, and the combination of phenomena is often referred to by scientists as the “Little Ice Age.”

Stock up on blankets if Barack warns about global warming, cause it is sure to get cold.

Anyway we don’t want to get too serious this close to the post Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas season and we promised in our title another video to justify our claim of climate change killing Barack Obama. So we owe you the video and we will deliver after a little explanation.


This past Saturday the waste of time called HBO aired for the first time the movie Kingsman. It’s a goofy movie spoof about James Bond type spies and global warming, a.k.a. climate change, a.k.a. weather.

We won’t give away too much of the plot, or rather we will give away all of the plot because it is the first Hollywood movie that kills off Barack Obama and the reason why Barack is killed is because he is a slimy bastard that treacherously betrays all of humanity because of climate change, a.k.a. weather.

In the movie Kingsman, Barack Obama real life supporter Samuel Jackson plays the villain who devises a plan to solve global warming, a.k.a. climate change, a.k.a. weather by killing off most of the population of the Earth. Barack Obama and other sleazy people agree to help kill off billions of people if they themselves survive the mass destruction. It’s a version of burn the village to save it.

The beauty of all this is that we get to witness the global warming, a.k.a. climate change, a.k.a. weather, lunatics become the means by which we all get to see Barack Obama’s head blown off. We refer all Secret Service inquiries to the movie producers.

The head blown off Obama is one of two scenes which feature Barack. In the first scene, Samuel Jackson’s character tells the big eared goofball Barack to open his ears and Barack responds with “I’m listening.” Ya gotta see it to appreciate the goofiness of it all.

Then in the second Obama scene, which we play here, watch at the 27 second mark as Barack Obama’s head gets to experience climate change.

In this instance climate change, like cheering Muslims, is a killer.


156 thoughts on “Two Videos: Climate Change Kills Barack Obama – Plus @RealDonaldTrump Versus 9/11 Muslim Cheers

  1. Shadowfax
    November 29, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    When was the last time you were in Sweden? Weaponized illegal immigration is destroying the country. Like what BO has planned for us here. And Hillary is going to double down on it?

    Sweden: ‘No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun’

    The Swedes see the welfare systems failing them. Swedes have had to get used to the government prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes.

    “There are no apartments, no jobs, we don’t dare go shopping anymore [without a gun], but we’re supposed to think everything’s great. … Women and girls are raped by these non-European men, who come here claiming they are unaccompanied children, even though they are grown men. … You Cabinet Ministers live in your fancy residential neighborhoods, with only Swedish neighbors. It should be obligatory for all politicians to live for at least three months in an area consisting mostly of immigrants… [and] have to use public transport.” — Laila, to the Prime Minister.

    “Instead of torchlight processions against racism, we need a Prime Minister who speaks out against the violence… Unite everyone. … Do not make it a racism thing.” — Anders, to the Prime Minister.

    “In all honesty, I don’t even feel they [government ministers] see the problems… There is no one in those meetings who can tell them what real life looks like.” – Laila, on the response she received from the government.

  2. There goes Putin again, acting like the leader of the free world:

    In a statement released on Monday, prosecutors said the activities of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security. They added that the Justice Ministry would be duly informed about these conclusions and would add the two groups to Russia’s list of undesirable foreign organizations.

  3. jbstonesfan
    November 30, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    What you smell is BO.

    Lizzy might be dreaming, but just who would actually vote for her as POTUS?

  4. Samuel Jackson needs a better fitting pair of dentures and

    the heads of those aholes outside the mosque need to be blown to High Heaven. All the way to the hordes of virgins waiting for them.

  5. Lu

    I stayed in Sweden in the 80ies. I’m sure it’s changed as it has here and everywhere.

    I do feel sorry for the way these women are treated by these assholes and if God forbid, I was born there…I would do everything I could to get out of that life.

  6. jbstonesfan
    November 30, 2015 at 7:34 pm
    Warren the only democratic female senator not endorsing Hillary tonight…something smells rotten.

    One Drop is not worth the space she takes up.

  7. Power couples.

    Aren’t we luck to have them.

    When you think of power couples, who do you think of second?

    Yup. You got it. Andrea and Ol Man River Greenspan.

    Like Edgar Allen Poe and Annabelle Lee:

    They loved with a love that was more than a love.

    Only more macabre.

    The latest example of this is the latest of the twenty interviews on this fascinating subject.

    Wherein Greenspan made reference to the Philadelphia Story

    And he said Katherine Hepburn was almost up to Andrea’s standards

    Which was a safe statement because Hepburn is pushing up daisies and in no position to object.

    So if Greenspan believes that, then he must also believe he is Cary Grant.

    And I am fine with that, i.e. no sense turning people against people over that one.

    And speaking of motion picture history

    Think back to the final scene of Sunset Boulevard

    After the cops find William Holden’s corpse floating face down in the swimming pool

    And they lead Gloria Swanson down the circular staircase

    And she complains that in since her heyday in the silent movie era

    I am big. Its the pictures that got small.

    That Hepburn comparison must have done something to her.

    A kiss of fire on the sagging cheek of Old Man Mose.

    And then the coup de gras that rings down the curtain

    I am big. Its the media that got small.

    The former is debatable. The latter is beyond cavil (but not Carville)

    And so go the Washington elites in their descent from denial to madness.

    If Billy Wilder were still around he could direct this movie too.

  8. Glad to see this post. I recall things, but they’re fuzzy. at the time of 2001 I’d not yet laid hands to a personal computer.
    The “resurrection” of Gov Christie which I mentioned in Big Pink’s previous post had a reason. And by last night that reason became crystal clear:

    Christie on Trump 9/11 Claim: ‘It Didn’t Happen’

    I’ve no idea if/what type of deal Chris made to have the years of his daily criticism by NYC TV liftedd. And if there was a deal, I can barely blame him. Obama took his political life away; cute little scheme called #Bridgegate. There were so many Democratic operatives in the area making Cory Booker’s election happen. So easy for them to massage a few high up vulnerable types – NO PROOF but it has the heavy-handed mark of Obama all over it.

    I’m recalling a mosque surveillance program of #NYPD. I guess memory did not serve me well … I thought Christie approved of it too as some WERE carried out in NJ. But according to this link, he was not on board for that operation:

    www DOT
    [I don’t see a date but there’s a lot of info posted.]

    Here are the beginning paragraphs:
    “Over the past several weeks, the New York City Police Department has come under criticism from the liberal media, American Muslim and civil liberty groups over a program of covert police surveillance of members of college campus Islamic groups throughout the Northeast since 2006. While the surveillance program broke no laws, Muslim groups and their apologists have accused the NYPD of violating the privacy and civil rights of the Islamic students whose movements and activities were tracked. They are pushing for investigations by state and federal authorities both in New York and in New Jersey, where some of the surveillance was carried out.
    However, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly vigorously defended the need for the NYPD surveillance program in these dangerous times. Bloomberg insists that the police activity was “legal,” ‘’appropriate” and “constitutional.” He condemned any criticism as “just misplaced” and “pandering.”

    The most outspoken criticism of the NYPD program so far has come from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Bloomberg notes that the surveillance activities would seem to be covered by two executive orders, signed in 2005 by then-New Jersey Governor Richard Codey, which granted the NYPD limited authority to operate in the state and are still in effect.

    The surveillance program is only one of many pro-active anti-terrorism initiatives launched by the NYPD since the 9/11 attack, designed to protect all New Yorkers from the dire threat of Islamic terrorism. These anti-terrorism efforts have enjoyed Mayor Bloomberg’s enthusiastic backing, including a nearly unlimited budget, despite the city’s often-serious fiscal problems. As a result, the NYPD now has an independent anti-terrorism task force, second only to the FBI in its scope. It continues to mount aggressive efforts to detect terrorist plots and potential threats before they can result in fresh attacks on the city and its many high profile targets.

    More than a decade after the 9/11 attacks, NYPD anti-terrorism units maintain a high visibility presence at the city’s key choke points, including inspection stations at bridges and tunnels, patrol cars positioned at key road exits, and the installation of closed-circuit surveillance cameras throughout the Manhattan business district.

    While working in close cooperation with federal anti-terrorism officials, the NYPD has developed its own sources of data and information on terrorist threats extending far beyond the city limits. NYPD anti-terrorism experts have traveled around the world to consult with their foreign counterparts and to follow up on potential leads using their own investigators, Arabic translators and terrorism analysts.


    Unfortunately, the need for such constant surveillance has not diminished. Since 9/11, the efforts by the NYPD, often in cooperation with federal anti-terrorism officials, have uncovered more than a dozen plots at various stages. They have led to the arrest and prosecution of would-be terrorists before they could result in another attack on the city. Potential targets included key elements of the city’s transportation system and financial district, and synagogues. They invariably involved Muslims living in the US, in some cases more than a thousand miles from New York, who sought to make an international statement by attacking high profile targets in the city. Fortunately, all but one of those plots, the 2010 Times Square car bombing, were thwarted by the work of NYPD and federal anti-terrorism officials….”

  9. I loved Kingsman when it came out. It was a nice tribute to James Bond films and was certainly far more enjoyable than the current Daniel Craig 007 movie Spectre, although for sheer laughs I highly recommend last summer’s Melissa McCarthy’s movie Spy, which had one of the best Bond-like opening song by Ivy Levan that reminded me of the great Shirley Bassey rendition of Goldfinger.



    Trump Card: New Report Points To DC Media Cover-Up of 9/11 NJ Muslim Celebration

    In the New York Post in September of 2011, Fred Siegel wrote,

    Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attack in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New Yorker-ers that is would be wrong to take their anger our on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible.

    There was no retraction of the report in the Washington Post, and so far there does not appear to be any New York Post retraction of Siegel’s declarative statement of Muslim celebrations in New Jersey. [snip]

    There is, however, plenty of evidence that some number of New Jersey Muslims celebrated 9/11 and that for the last 14 years the DC Media has engaged in a coordinated cover up. Since Trump resurrected this news, strictly for partisan purposes, the DC Media has only quadrupled down on their cover up.

    Trump is doing our country a great service by blowing the lid off of the whole thing. And thanks to the ability of New Media to go around and over the lying, rotted DC Media, after 14 long years, the truth is finally being set free.

    UPDATE: In an interview on CNN, Giuliani conformed there were pockets of celebrations on 9/11. “New Day” co-anchor Chris Cuomo just admitted, “Were people celebrating on 9/11? Yes.”

  11. A good question from Kaus that is easily answered. (1) No one would believe them anyway; (2) they are there to do the bidding of their masters who want amnesty; (3) what is the point of being the “establishment” if you have to listen to what the people want?

    Why Doesn’t the GOP Elite Give Up on Amnesty?

    If the Republican establishment is so panicked about Donald Trump — a wild, proto-fascist egomaniac with his finger on the button, in their telling — you’d think it would do the one thing that would almost certainly stop him: Surrender. By “surrender” I mean abandon their decades long dream of winning Latino votes through a magic pill called “comprehensive immigration reform” (known to its opponents as amnesty). After Romney’s 2012 defeat, conservatives like Charles Krauthammer argued that if they just caved to the Democrats on this one issue — immigration — they wouldn’t really have to change anything else. (“It requires but a single policy change ….”) In 2013, with Marco Rubio as their smiling pitch man, they tried desperately to sell out on immigration. They failed.

    Today, Trump’s massive rallies can be interpreted as an expression of the historic populist undercurrent animating America’s white working class. Or they can be interpreted, with less sophistication, as Americans saying, as loudly as they can, “WE DON’T WANT YOUR F___ING ‘COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM.’” Either way, anger over elite “more immigration” plans is the molten core of the Trump eruption. Is there any doubt that if “comprehensive immigration reform” went away for good, Trumpism would wither? So why don’t Haley Barbour and Karl Rove call a big K Street meeting where they say, “Boys, we have to throw the damn yahoos this bone. We’re giving up on amnesty.”**

    The GOP establishment does have some concerns other than bringing in foreign workers, doesn’t it? It has tax reducing schemes, and regulation-reducing plans, and entitlement-controlling schemes. It wants a more assertive, ‘muscular’ foreign policy. It wants to retain control of the Senate! It wants to gain control of the Supreme Court. These are all the goodies that a Trump nomination for the Presidency would threaten (and not necessarily only if he lost). Saving those goodies by abandoning the star-crossed immigration cause seems like the obvious choice. It’s Krauthammer in reverse — by simply not caving on this one issue on which they want to cave, professional Republicans can save the rest of their enterprise.

    I’m actually a little baffled that they haven’t done this. Not even one of ’em. Maybe they still think it’s early, that a combination of SuperPAC attack ads and media-inflated embarrassments will destroy Trump in the next two months. There’s always time to cave on amnesty later. But how will the Karl Roves be in a better position after Trump has won New Hampshire and South Carolina? The time to cave is now, when ‘getting right with the base’ on immigration might promote a successful Rubio or Christie candidacy, before Trump begins to rack up delegates.

    Obviously, the elite’s worried about losing Latino votes in the general election. But they can’t really be stampeded by Latino Decisions polls designed to panic GOPs into thinking that if they don’t immediately embrace the Gang of 8 they’ll never win more than 27% of Hispanics again, can they? To defuse the amnesty issue with the base, all that’s really required is moving from the Gang of 8’s “Amnesty First” position to the tough “Enforcement First” position of the Gang of 8’s most respectable foes (at NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies). That position still holds out the hope of legalization for current undocumenteds (that’s what comes ‘second’) even as it tramples on the dream of Latino activists that the border will never really be enforced (and that we’ll get an ongoing stream of future Latino undocumenteds). You’d think the prospect of getting more than Romney’s 27% of the Latino vote — if maybe less than George W. Bush’s mythical 44% — while moderating a future tide of mostly Democratic immigrants, might be accepted by Beltway strategists as a reasonable fallback position. But no!

    I used to think the answer to the mystery was that it was all about Jeb — i.e., the push for amnesty was specifically designed to promote a Bush candidacy in 2016. Yet the Bush campaign is dying and the elite’s still clinging to amnesty. So that can’t be it.

    It’s the money, then? So many consultants and lobbyists putting their kids through college by promoting the Chamber of Commerce/Fortune 500/Silicon Valley immigration agenda that they can’t afford to turn on their paymasters? But isn’t the political elite — at least one member of the political elite — supposed to have a strategic vision that transcends today’s personal economic concerns? Anyway, once “comprehensive” amnesty dies the K Streeters could immediately go into business selling their clients loopholes and guest-worker exemptions. Their children will not suffer.

    Is the problem the mechanics of throwing amnesty overboard–e.g. how do you get Rubio to embrace Enforcement First (and he’s already close) if Christie and Kasich still push comprehensivism? But what’s the point of having a semi-shadowy Beltway elite if it can’t manipulate its pet presidential candidates? Anyway, whichever candidate ditches amnesty will win, and Kasich will lose.

    The mystery remains. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that there’s one thing Rove & Co. care about more than what they say would happen to their nation with Trump as Commander-in Chief. That is the end of their Amnesty Fantasy.

    #4 – It wouldn’t hurt Trump at this point even if they did as Kaus suggests. The Trump train left the station after the second debate and the Trump train doesn’t have brakes nor a reverse mechanism.

  12. See the jerks, beel the fern:

    Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) have a new anthem to help them “feel the Bern.”

    Songwriter Alex Ebert, lead singer of the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and “GasLand” filmmaker Josh Fox are teaming up for a new tune and video called “Feel the Bern” to support the Democratic presidential candidate.

    “The Bern, the Bern. Feel the Bern, feel the heat, in our lives,” the folksy singers croon in the video that also features clips of Sanders, released Monday. “No more lyin’, no more empty talk,” the song continues.

    “I felt like Bernie presented the first opportunity for me to feel honest in writing a sing-along in the simple tradition of social movements focused on a presidential candidate,” Ebert said in a statement. “The intention is for the verses to be improvised and changed as circumstances dictate, with only the choruses are the consistent refrain.”

    er, feel the bern.

    You may throw up now.

  13. IMO this whole …”Thousands and thousands cheered in Jersey…” is just the media trying to make a mountain out of an exaggeration.

    Is the media worthless and full of shit? Hell yes!

    Does Trump exaggerate on most of the things he talks about? Hell yes!

    The point is, even if there wasn’t documentation on thousands of Muslims cheering in America, we know for a fact, there were thousands that were happy about it, but didn’t show it in public.

    Examples of Trump’s exaggerations, too many to name. ..

  14. A close friend of mine with deep political insight and journalism saw a mainstream media bleating out the news that Trump is going down like a head shot goose 12 points in the last couple weeks.


    The power of big media is not to be defied. They are like Caesar. They turn their thump down and off goes the head of hapless gladiator, and then, their work for the day done, they pat themselves on the back and go gorge themselves on wine, grapes, until they vomit, and then go back to gorging themselves again.

    Come to think of it, they live in the same virtual world as Obama. A world where they are, with the able assistance of Judas John Roberts, judge, jury and executioner of all they survey.

    Comes now the shock: As my friend points out first she does not believe it.

    If that phony poll is true, then how does one explain the record crowds, and the 41% his website is showing.

    This election will force big media to assume positions so extreme, and to tell lies which are so transparent and are called on them continuously, that they will dissipate whatever credibility they have left, because it will be seen as the mark of a fool to believe anything they say.

  15. Message to Big Media:

    Stop your lies.

    Stop trying to turn people against people.

    Come clean–its good for the soul, if not your pocket book.

  16. Freespirit, even though it is a spoof and mocking the era so sharply, the movie is done so well and with so much affection, at times it is easy to forget it is a parody. Here’s Mitch & Mickey’s great hit which brings back the memories of their failed relationship as the audience is transported to their youth:

  17. Trump is now asking to be paid to appear in the CNN debate. Why? He doesn’t need to debate anymore. The rest of them do but not him due to public recognition and polling. Media and the RNC have all but stated they plan on muscling him out so why dance to their tune and show up for a money making media event that will be used to humiliate and/or ostracize him or give other candidates a shot at him. He is getting the exposure he needs without debates, no one much will watch a clown show with the rest of candidates run by the media and Republican establishment, and his “events” speeches are also his ground game in that volunteers are signed up and his campaign ground team use them to network. He doesn’t need debates and will skip them from now on leaving the RNC with nothing. LOL.

  18. admin
    December 1, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Kaus is either very naive or being intentionally dense. Claiming the GOP want Hispanic votes is also disingenuous. Open borders is absolutely necessary to globalists for cheap labor and to reduce/control native populations who still have any power. Neither party is going to walk away from amnesty which is a pretty term and misdirection for genocide of native populations who cost too much. Globalists have to control everything or they are just kicking higher wage demands/decent living conditions to the next country they have overrun. Turning the US into Central America and Central America into Iraq or Syria is the goal and he should be able to see that. This plan of globalism will be made or broken in the US and Europe. Watching Merkel and Obama things don’t look good for them at the moment.

  19. just a little tidbit from a slice in the day of life…

    btw…never judge anyone by the way they look, you never know what is going on in their head…

    today I had the opportunity to speak to a ‘young’ 97 year old woman who has very poor eyesight however she is sharp as a tack…she looks like a petite pixie…

    and while we were talking totally unsolicited she told me that she likes to listen to the radio…especially the discussions about the political campaign…

    she surprised me…so i asked ‘do you have a favorite?’

    and she said “Donald Trump”

    she said she grew up in the neighborhood where he built the casinos and she said that he cleaned up and changed the whole neighborhood for the better

    I said “really, you know the establishment is against him and wants to knock him out”

    and she said, “Oh, I know…

    (and with emphasis she said) “Donald Trump is such a good man”

    and then we ‘high fived’…

  20. S -and she said, “Oh, I know…
    (and with emphasis she said) “Donald Trump is such a good man”
    and then we ‘high fived’…
    a beautiful meeting of two minds.

  21. Some of the people in those clips, they seemed to be an ensemble – they did a spoof on dog shows, and I’m certain I saw another, too – but I can’t remember the theme…

    I like how admin said, they’re spoofing, but affectionately…. that resonates….

  22. I’m so sick and tired of politicians trying to manipulate everything – our votes, our views on issues, etc.

    I wish someone would list the official duties of parties (not the self-serving cheating), so we could see who else could do those things. I’m just fed up with parties. WE are supposed to choose. It’s not supposed to have ANYthing to do with them. The fact that it’s pretty common knowledge that the party is trying to do whatever it can to take down Trump makes me think that the parties have done a good job of convincing the voters that the parties are the boss…

    I LOVED foxy’s comic with the hook – it just needed a straight jacket ready to go on Obama.

    And I LOVED seeing Obama beeped, I wish they had beeped first, then next time buzzed, then next time loudly gong-ed, so that at the end it was louder and constant lol They were all given 3 minutes – I believe they let him go for 9 minutes before they started buzzing. What a self-involved, self-important fool. I hope SNF does a skit on that lol Maybe Trump could be pressing the buzzer, then pull the Obama actor off with the hook lol

  23. And I LOVED seeing Obama beeped…

    Next time they need to follow Pavlov’s lead and substitute the ‘beep’ for a shock. He would be ‘dancing’ up there trying to keep his mug on tv…and go home with some red spots for his effort.

  24. I agree, Admin. Even tho it’s a spoof, it’s not mean-spirited. As I’m sure you know, another movie from the same director and ensemble cast, “Best in Show” is also hilarious – same type of humor.

  25. The director is Christopher Guest, Jamie Lee Curtis’ husband. He uses virtually the same ensemble in all his films and yes, he is so funny and creative w/o any snark. He was in Spinal Tap which got him to start writing and directing his “mockumentaries”. He also directed Waiting for Guffman and For Your Consideration but Best in Show and Mighty Wind are still my faves.

  26. Admin, half a box of Kleenex later, I am not a happy-camper with you for posting Kiss at the End of the Rainbow, BUT since you did me in for the night, at least allow this which is the full version of that beautiful Oscar-nominated (and should have won) song:

  27. And I LOVED seeing Obama beeped
    Bleeping is a good start.

    The next step should be the Bronx cheer, i.e. mooning the son of a bitch whenever he enters a room.

    If he complains that we are not showing him the respect the deserves, we can say we are showing him more respect than he deserves.

  28. One of the most fascinating things about this election cycle is watching “insiders” grapple with the “mysteries” of the electorate. It is clearly a reaction cycle to the awfulness of Obama. The worse he goes this year and next the more reactive the electorate and all of the insiders shouting, incredulity, and butt hurt will not mean a dang thing. After seven or eight years of shut up and sit down the shoe is on the other foot.
    Cook who usually makes a modicum of sense cannot conceive of the reactive fury driving a significant portion of the electorate. He cites a bunch of Republican loonies who went up and then flamed out in prior cycles. Refusing to acknowledge the difference between now and then (Obama and his unspeakable disasters is the central difference) and the massive nosedive in numbers of elective representatives and concomitant lack of influence the Dem party has triggered with the Mistake of O Eight, even semi-lucid DC insiders cannot bust out of the bubble. Obama came in and played by new (dirty) rules. DC embraced them and the Republicans were either passively accepting, confused, or fuming. Trump is playing by NEW new rules as is Carson (and to some extent Cruz) if by a less aggressive set. Obama and the Dems imposed a new set of rules since 2008 in politics and governance and they declared it is “settled” like seven year olds. Now they seem confused (and huffy) that a another NEW NEW new set is being rolled out and very quickly. Nothing is ever settled. Nothing is ever over. The pendulum swings. They are going to need a “safe space” and Cook needs to stop being dense.

  29. Pinch me.
    TV seems to have dropped criticism of Trump today and New York City’s second most prog channel tipped me off to google for this:

    NY Times Calls for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Resign
    Breitbart News‎ – 7 hours ago

    which is fallout from the #BlackLivesMatter matter leading to ousting of police superintendent there.

    Seems the 1 year delay in airing the matter has been connected with concerns over Rahm’s electability….

    Can Benghazi be far behind?

    I’ve not yet read either source.

  30. wbboei
    December 2, 2015 at 2:52 am

    The next step should be the Bronx cheer, i.e. mooning the son of a bitch whenever he enters a room.

    I don’t think his planned acclaimed retirement and Michelle’s plan to cash in serving as a corporate director with cash perks is going work out. The lazy elegant dinners in Europe or Arabia with rapt broke ass intellectuals or Euro or Arab trash hanging on his every syllable as the Boob waxes ignorant on art or architecture and religion is not going to pan out. He is a bore and a boor so he would have to be paying for the food and booze and we know that isn’t going to happen without the taxpayers footing the bill. Madame Big Foot is already running into this and bugs out at the first sandstorm. The gifts from Arabia stop when they move out of 1600.

  31. Wow!


    Oklahoma Wesleyan University

    Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic. Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims. Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”


    If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.

    At OKWU, we teach you to be selfless rather than self-centered. We are more interested in you practicing personal forgiveness than political revenge. We want you to model interpersonal reconciliation rather than foment personal conflict. We believe the content of your character is more important than the color of your skin. We don’t believe that you have been victimized every time you feel guilty and we don’t issue “trigger warnings” before altar calls.

  32. The media continue to deny that Muslims were celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11/01. Yesterday we showed you articles written about Paterson NJ celebrations, and calls into the Howard Stern show.

    Now today the videos begin to emerge. People are digging through their old VHS tapes, replaying old recordings and re-recording the footage on their TV’s as further evidence. Here’s a report from CBS Channel 2 in Jersey City:

  33. I’m of two minds about Trump wanting the media to pay him 5 million for the next debate (which he’ll donate to veterans’ groups). Several of his challengers (Cruz, Carson, Rubio) are copying a lot of Trump’s positions now, so without Trump there, they may rise up in the debate and get unwarranted attention. Certainly the moderators won’t be pointing out that Trump took those positions when they were still unpopular….

  34. I’m of two minds about Trump wanting the media to pay him 5 million for the next debate (which he’ll donate to veterans’ groups).

    .Several of his challengers (Cruz, Carson, Rubio) are copying a lot of Trump’s positions now, so without Trump there, they may rise up in the debate and get unwarranted attention. Certainly the moderators won’t be pointing out that Trump took those positions when they were still unpopular….

  35. Mormaer
    December 2, 2015 at 5:59 am

    He will be in demand for a year or so. His speeches which represent a desperate attempt to construct his legacy from the ashes of failure will have little interest to a world desperate to escape the flotsam and jetsomon of his benighted tenure. Who would want to listen to this crashing bore drone on and on and on like the poor player from Hamlet who struts and frets his hour on the stage and then is heard no more spinning a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The globalists he was eager to serve will kick him to the side of the road, hoping the garbage truck will overlook the fact that he is toxic waste, and carry him to his rightful home where he is be deposited in the garbage bin of history, a lesson in life not to be repeated soon, we hope.

  36. Mormaer
    December 2, 2015 at 5:45 am
    Spot on.

    A perfect example of the old idiom: he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

    This is what happens–what always seems to happen, when partisan advantage, which is by definition, transient, is pushed to the limits of its logic.

    Comes now the question which arises often in the judicial area:

    During a period of judicial activism, the power of the state over the individual is expanded beyond all comprehension, and a delicate balance between liberty and order is upset the nation is the worse.

    Q: is it judical activism to reverse the judical activism of the prior regime, or is it a corrective step which represents judicial self restraint, retroactively applied.

    I have no difficulty, none, nada answering that question. It is judicial self restraint. To construe it otherwise is to lock in the overreaching of the prior regime and the damage to liberty is has engendered.

    But you do not need a crystal ball to know how the NYT would answer that same question. They would equate the restoration of liberty with the American Nazi Party and the KKK.

    That will not change until those people are dragged down into the same mud pit as the rest of us. Perhaps ISIS will help to convince them.

    The problem you encounter with these people however is they are closet totalitarians and if they are really threatened they will overreact.

    Truth to tell, there is just no living with these people.

  37. I
    wonderful idea
    to charge
    big media
    to appear
    on their show

    After all, they want a horse race, so they should be required to pay the gate.

    Think about how that changes the dynamic.

    Think of the message it sends.

    The operating assumption of big media is the politicians need us.

    And that assumption becomes the license for them to abuse the process.

    But if you change the game–if you tell them we do not need you

    Then guess what

    You change the dynamic

    It is the very overreaching we saw in the past two cycles

    Which built up to a gotterdamerung in the cnbc spectacle

    That cooked their goose

    And made a sea change such as this, possible.

    $5 million is a drop in the bucket.

    It is the reverse dynamic that does the real damage to the empire of evil, a.k.a. big media

    The enemy within.

  38. is amazing to watch the media…and establishment elite on both sides go into a frenzy about Donald’s claims about muslims celebrating after 911

    first off…i remember the reports too

    next, who are the media and elite trying to protect…sounds like the kind of reasoning that caught us all flat footed and unprotected when 911 happened
    remember then…everyone saying “we never imagined..bla, bla, bla”

    sure you never imagined if you constantly protect any of those who really, really, really want to kill us…and ignore them like they do not exist…

    our media and elites act as if this is impossible…


    first of all Admin makes an excellent point in bringing up Jermiah Wright…just look at what that crew was saying and doing…and there is no shortage of tape, if you need proof, of that bunch…probably lots of similiar comments from Farakahn (sp) and his crew

    next…we now know that contrary to O being the Savior that Kerry tried to convince people of…instead we actually have many Americans ready to become traitors to the USA under O and run off to support ISIS and then try to come back here to do harm to fellow Americans…so much for O being an inspiration or salvation to them or anyone else

    next, we also know that the FBI has gone on record saying that they have investigations going on in all 50 states regarding domestic ISIS terrorism cells that want to do harm to Americans here at home

    …so why are the media and elites so bent out of shape to see the writing on the wall right in front of them…

    why are the media and elites so quick to want to instead put Americans at risk rather than appear so naively politically incorrect?

    …those really are rhetorical questions…here at big pink we know the media and the elites would sell the American people out first to protect the lies, corruption, threats and danger that lurks in the shadows

    so Donald Trump dares shed light on those shadows and the media pounce on him…and the media cannot take it…

    again DT shows his intuition is on target…

    yes, i hope he begins to speak in a more statesman manner as we head into the national campaign…but DT knows of what he speaks…and many of us can clearly hear what he is saying…because we know it too…regardless of what the media and elites are trying to brainwash us to believe…

    so it is the media or establishment elites that lack any crediability whether they like it or not…


    btw…OAN is going to cover DT’s live rally tonight at 7 pm…i think he will be in VA

    I caught the very end of his rally last night…only part of it…and he sounded very soft spoken…and fatherly in many ways…I think he was speaking to many students…not sure

  39. foxy, I’m glad you posted NYC Police Commissioner’s statement. Maybe Rudy will speak out as well.

    O and the media do not need to be able to re-write history on this issue. Barack has done too much transforming history in order to “transform America”.

    Obviously, US citizens have a right to think and say whatever they want – some of them, anyway. But, IMO if you cheered when terrorist outlaw scum took American lives on American soil, your ass doesn’t need to get to live here – especially those who have become citizens or who are in this country on temporary visas, etc.

  40. Rudy.
    People did cheer 9/11, says ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani
    “The former mayor of New York City has said there were “pockets” of people celebrating when the World Trade Center towers fell on 11 September 2001.
    But Rudy Giuliani, who was mayor at the time, disputed claims by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that thousands of people were involved….”

  41. Big media is like the ham and egger boxer who stumbles into the ring, throws a few aimless punches, and then gets the shit kicked out of him, and is saved be the bell, patched up and then goes right back in the ring as the cycle repeats itself.

    First it was no Muslims celebrating 911,.

    Then it was just a few.

    Now it is okay fine many, but not thousands.

    As we see above, they are hoisted by their own petard.

    The CNN video entitled Home Grown Hate

    Impeaches their credibility with a prior inconsistent statement.

    In fact, it isn’t just the truth that impeaches them.

    It is the nuts and bolts of their own prior narrative.

    These people are pathological liars.

  42. holdthemaccountable
    December 2, 2015 at 1:39 pm
    People did cheer 9/11, says ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani
    “The former mayor of New York City has said there were “pockets” of people celebrating when the World Trade Center towers fell on 11 September 2001.
    But Rudy Giuliani, who was mayor at the time, disputed claims by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that thousands of people were involved….”


    I guess like many of the Rethugs, Rudy is establishment through and thorough.

  43. Levin’s on House Ways and Means Comm. Apparently Means to die with boots on.

    Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) was treated for dehydration after fainting briefly during a meeting Wednesday on Capitol Hill, according to the Detroit Free Press.
    Levin, 84, had a coughing fit and collapsed during a briefing with several Democratic legislators, Politico first reported.
    The Michigan lawmaker’s office told the Free Press that Levin has been suffering from a bad cold but is “perfectly fine.”
    Levin is the top ranking Democrat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.
    Elected to the House in 1982, Levin has said he will seek reelection in 2016.

  44. foxyladi14
    December 2, 2015 at 4:50 pm
    Police are looking for Three men with Arabic names
    Are they ISIS that the Boob let walk in? 😡
    They are those moderate Muslims Obama is always yapping about.

    Given time, Obama will admonish us that we must not overreact, and blame it all on the NRA.

  45. Lets hope they turn out to be “immigrants”.

    Not all immigrants are Arab terrorists.

    But most Arab terrorists are immigrants.

    Or-more precisely, OBAMA INVITEES.

  46. I think the best anecdote for big media who is still trying to claim there were no muslim celebrations would be to stick their collective big media head down the toilet and keep flushing.

  47. Barack Obama must be furious and will soon claim San Bernadino takes attention away from the vital issues of #BlackLivesMatter and Climate Change.

  48. Already trying to spin this as workplace violence – arose out of argument at “holiday” party. God, Big Media does this to themselves. Reports of pipe bombs being thrown from SUV, 3 guys in skimasks with camo – yup, your typical “holiday” office party.

  49. Yes Admin, I heard that from the beginning on police scanners.
    You know it’s true otherwise it would be duck dynasty 24/7
    Not a Mormon name

  50. I used to live in Redlands before moving to Washington. The attack in San Bernardino and the home in Redlands where police have cordoned off now are all places I used to pass by on the way to work. ISIS may have finally arrived in California

  51. Is there a clue here?:

    One of the suspects in Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. has been identified as Syed Farook, according to reports.

    Farook was linked to the horrific slaughter that took place at the Inland Regional Center, according to NBC News.

    After police announced that two suspects — a male and a female — were dead following a car chase and shoot out with police, a search began at a nearby Redlands apartment linked to the suspects.

    A man who identified himself as Farook’s father told the Daily News his son worked as a health technician inspecting restaurants and hotels.

    “I haven’t heard anything. He worked in a county office,” Farook’s dad told The News. “He’s married and has a kid. We’re estranged because my wife got the divorce, and they are together. She doesn’t want to see me.”

    Farook said he hasn’t seen his son in some time.

    “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”

  52. There was the money ball quote in the article you Posted, Admin, when you follow the link.
    “He was such a nice, quite and polite guy”
    Shocked I tell you, shocked.
    Also, not to be outdone, he argued with someone at the “work”party, and just happened to come back with assault rifles, bombs (the brothers worked on cars at night, don’t ya know, in the garage), fine fellows these two,

  53. And of course full metal jackets…but this was all about “workplace violence”.
    Yeah, I often get upset and turn to my husband and say, load the F#king car up with bombs,assault rifles and Armor, I’m pissed at my supervisor. .yeah, there in the garage..and bring my sister, we’re meeting Jesus today…
    and yeah, no problem, everyone drops their to do list, and hops on board the SUV

  54. Yup, WH already pushing to FOX, CBS, ABC, get the picture
    A simple case of home grown workplace violence, you know, like Fort Hood…
    We just need to ban guns people

  55. Thanks to big media, we now know the truth.

    If these moderate muslims could not buy automatic weapons at gun shows then none of this tragedy would have been avoided. Oh I guess they could have bought them from drug cartels who were received them from Obama/Holders fast and furious adventure, but big media will not discuss that subject. According to big media this is all just a republican plot. They will deploy any evasion they need to to protect Obama. Hell, if push comes to shove they can blame Galishnoikoff for inventing the A-K47, until Obama told that wiley Ruskie you didn’t invent that. Its bats flying out of Translyvania, big media circus clowns, evil doers behind the scenes, rapid left wing ideologues—hell dorothy this we aint in Kansas anymore, but thank god Kathleen Seblius and that walrus she is married to, who is ever the bridesmaid, never the bride are (in Kansas).

  56. wbboei
    December 2, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    Lets hope they turn out to be “immigrants”.

    Not all immigrants are Arab terrorists.

    But most Arab terrorists are immigrants.

    Or-more precisely, OBAMA INVITEES.

    The Bushes, both I and II, can’t kiss enough House of Saud ass. Grinning and back slapping is a long tradition of the easily bought grubbers called Bush. Low T Jeb would do the same if he could only catch on. Obama, not being north-east royalty (with Obama ancestors who would not get off their whiny asses and take a carpetbagging Permian basin side-trip for some oil money a la Bush) must bow, kiss feet and open the border for his “gifts”. And there goes the piffle about giving terrorists jobs. This terrorist shithead had a GOVERNMENT job! The taxpayers paid for his fucking guns! And his little robo-cop outfit! And his douchebag black SUV! And his crappy hole in the wall to build bombs! And the stupid ****** lying like road kill in the street. Taxpayer, give the whacked out dummy a job so he can kill you, money.

    And the gods of fate just keep rolling it out for Lucky Trump that magnificent SOB.

  57. Saudis! again. And the Bushes licked their feet too.

    I was reading a Tom Friedman’s op-ed a few days back and he was cooing how the new generation of Saudis were reformers. Yeah, right! But in the course of the article he noted that the Saudi kingdom finances education in the US or elsewhere for thousands of families. Obviously you have to have a lot of family clout to get that perk. It is not open for peasants. This somehow ties in with a comment I read on Althouse where Ann was analyzing Trunp’s assertion about seeing thousands celebrating. The comment alluded to the commenter waiting in line for ice cream the day after Sept 11, behind a bunch of guys and overhearing one saying, they ran out of champagne the previous night. The commenter followed the guy and saw him get into a flashy BMW. So the rich guys celebrate with champagne. The peasants do the job.

  58. Mormaer
    December 3, 2015 at 4:39 am
    Excellent points.

    {Point 1} Lucky Trump. The pattern keeps repeating itself:

    Act 1: Trump says something which everyone knows is true, but which defies the carefully constructed norms of political correctness.

    Act II: Up jumps the devil (political class) who howls what an ignorant man he is, and those who support him are low IQ, racist, zenophobes who are not worth listening to. Yes, this is the last stray, he is done, kaput, finished, toast, and can you imagine what would happen to the world if it was subject to his temperment–and by the way, he really didn’t build that financial empire which he sits atop—government did. OUR pollsters tell us that on that own statement he has dropped 80 points, and our snookie wookums Obama clone Rubio is surging.

    Act III: World events prove Trump right, repudiate the narrative of the political class, and prove to a fair thee well that big media is a pathological liar, and that the self preservation instincts of the working class for whom the political class cares nothing, are valid.

    Act IV: Trump commands record crowds, divides and conquers big media, his numbers hold, and he turns the country against big media and the political class.

    Act III.

  59. We have entered a new and dangerous phase in American political life. The ruling political elites have been exposed as charlatans. The rage of the underclass, especially the white underclass, has broken its bonds.

    The age of the demagogues has arrived.

    The increase in nihilistic violence such as school shootings and Friday’s lethal assault on a Planned Parenthood clinic, the frequent executions of poor people of color by police, and the rise of thuggish demagogues are symptoms of the collapse of our political and cultural institutions.

    These institutions, which once made possible piecemeal and incremental reform, which sought to protect the weak from the tyranny of the majority and give them a voice, acted as a safety valve to ameliorate the excesses of capitalism and address the grievances of the underclass. They did not defy the system of capitalism. But they provided some restraints on the worst abuse and exploitation. The capturing of major institutions by corporate power and the moral bankruptcy of our elites, especially members of our self-identified liberal class, have shattered this equilibrium.

    A faux liberal class, epitomized by amoral politicians like Barack Obama, has led many disenfranchised people, especially the white underclass, to direct a legitimate rage toward liberals and the supposed liberal values they represent. Racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, homophobia, sexism and vigilante violence, condemned by liberal, college-educated elites, are embraced by those who have been betrayed, those who now speak back to liberal elites in words, gestures and acts, sometimes violent, designed to denigrate the core values of a liberal democracy.

    The hatred is the product of a liberal class that did nothing to halt corporations from driving tens of millions of families into poverty and desperation as it mouthed empty platitudes about rights and economic advancement.

    The Republican business elites, which declared war on the liberal class’ call for cultural diversity, allied themselves with an array of protofascists in the Christian right, the tea party, groups such as the National Rifle Association and The Heritage Foundation, the neo-Confederate movement, the right-to-life movement and right-wing militias.

    The elites in the Republican Party, who needed an ideological veneer to mask their complicity in the corporate assault, saw these protofascists as useful idiots. They thought, naively, that by demonizing liberals, feminists, African-Americans, Muslims, abortion providers, undocumented workers, intellectuals and homosexuals they could redirect the growing rage of the masses, sending it against the vulnerable, as well as against the only institution that could curb corporate power, the government, while they greedily disemboweled the nation.

    But what the Republican elites have done, as they now realize to their horror, is empower a huge swath of the public—largely white—that is gripped by magical thinking and fetishizes violence. It was only a matter of time before a demagogue whom these elites could not control would ride the wave of alienation and rage. If Trump fails in his bid to become the GOP presidential nominee, another will emerge to take his place. Trump is not making a political revolution. He is responding to one.

    The corporate state was never threatened by the liberal class’ myopic preoccupation with cultural diversity or the right wing’s championing of supposedly “Christian” values. This was anti-politics masquerading as politics. The culture wars did not challenge imperialism, neoliberalism and globalization. The dictates of the market, the primacy of corporate profit and the military-industrial complex remained sacrosanct.

    The mounting distress of the underclass was ignored or manipulated during the culture wars. Liberals who embraced cultural diversity did so within a neoliberal framework. Feminism, for example, became about placing individual women in positions of power—this is Hillary Clinton’s mantra—not about empowering poor, marginalized and oppressed women. Post-racial America became about a black president who, as Cornel West says, serves as “a black mascot for Wall Street.”

    The preoccupation with cultural diversity, as Russell Jacoby writes in “The End of Utopia,” was nothing more than a call to include a broader spectrum of people within neoliberal elites. It was, as he says, about “patronage, not revolution.”

    “The radical multiculturalists, postcolonialists and other cutting edge theorists gush about marginality with the implicit, and sometimes explicit, goal of joining the mainstream,” he writes.

    “They specialize in marginalization to up their market value. Again, this is understandable; the poor and the excluded want to be wealthy and included, but why is this multicultural or subversive?”
    Jacoby argues that cultural diversity among the liberal class represents “power devoid of a vision or program.” He goes on to say that the call by multiculturalists for inclusion within the power structure does nothing to challenge the deadly “monoculturalism” of corporatism.

    Jacoby’s point is important. The liberal class failed for decades to decry neoliberalism’s assault on the poor and on workingmen and -women. It busied itself with a boutique activism. It is not that cultural diversity is bad. It isn’t. It is that cultural diversity when divorced from economic and political justice, from the empowerment of the oppressed, is elitist. And this is why these liberal values are being rejected by a disenfranchised white underclass. They are seen as serving the elites, and marginalized groups, at the expense of that underclass.

    The academy, the press, the entertainment industry, the arts and religious institutions have been purged of those who do not sing to the tune of neoliberalism and bow before the glories of corporate capitalism. The destruction of the liberal class, something I explore in my book “Death of the Liberal Class,” has created a closed political system crippled by polarization, political gridlock, crushing austerity, unchecked pillage by financial elites and a carnival of meaningless political theater. It has shut out genuine voices of dissent. The failure by liberals to confront or even name what Sheldon Wolincalled our system of “inverted totalitarianism” made them complicit in the destruction of our capitalist democracy.

    The gains made by minorities and the oppressed within the society, whether on college campuses or in the workplace, are being rolled back. The culture wars, used by the political and economic elites to divert attention from the ascendancy of corporate power, have escaped from the hands of their manipulators. A destitute working class knows the feel-your-pain language of the liberal class and the Democratic Party is a lie. And it knows the “compassionate conservatism” epitomized by the Bush dynasty and the Republican establishment is a lie
    Republicans, like Democrats, did not prevent wages from declining, unemployment and chronic underemployment from mounting, foreclosures from ripping apart communities, banks from looting the U.S. treasury, or jobs from being exported. The two major parties colluded to pass trade agreements, ranging from NAFTA and the WTO to the now-pending TPP, that impoverish workers and weaken the power of government to intervene to protect the citizenry and the environment.

    They worked together to strip citizens of constitutional rights and install the most pervasive security and surveillance state in human history. They collaborated with Wall Street to trash the global economy and seize trillions in taxpayer money in bailouts. The two parties funded disastrous and futile imperial wars that enrich the arms manufacturers and defense contractors while bankrupting the nation.

    They militarized police, rewrote the laws to explode our prison population and destroyed social service programs such as our welfare system, which was dismantled by the Clinton administration. The two parties orchestrated the corporate coup d’état while diverting citizens with the battles over gay rights, abortion, “Christian” values, gun laws and affirmative action.

    The country realizes it has been sold out. Most citizens are apathetic and do not vote consistently. Some, especially in the white underclass, are willing to follow anyone, no matter how buffoonish, who promises that the parasites and courtiers will be driven from power. This mixture of rage and apathy is a recipe for totalitarianism.

    The hypermasculine values of the military are embraced across the political spectrum as an antidote to paralysis and decay. Toughness and violence are venerated. The obsequious hero worship, the celebration of American power, the sanctification of the military and military values, inflect all political discourse. Hero worship of the military has unwittingly laid the ideological groundwork for demagogues who promise glory, strength, order and discipline. It justifies the emergence of an authoritarian police state.

    Half of all Americans live in poverty. They have watched helplessly as their communities have been plunged into distress by the flight of manufacturing jobs and as their infrastructure, both moral and physical, has been ripped out from under them. America resembles the developing world. A tiny, oligarchic elite amasses obscene amounts of wealth while most of the population lives amid boarded-up storefronts, dilapidated houses, pothole-riddled streets, abandoned factories and warehouses and crumbling schools. They see no future. They have abandoned hope. Their despair now infects a shrinking and desperate middle class. Americans feel isolated, vulnerable and frightened. They yearn for moral and economic renewal, revived greatness, and vengeance. And many are desperately hunting for a savior outside the established political order.

    The disgust directed at an ineffectual liberalism—as was true in late imperial Russia and the latter days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Weimar Republic and the former Yugoslavia—has given rise to a rejection of liberalism. Liberals and secularists, along with groups such as feminists, African-Americans and homosexuals that were supposedly championed in the quest for cultural diversity, are viewed not as political competitors but as contaminants.

    The perfidious game of the Democrats and the Republicans has backfired. Playing the Democrats’ mantra of cultural diversity against the Republicans’ mantra of cultural diversity weakening the fabric of American society no longer works as a mechanism of control. We have entered a new and dangerous phase in American political life. The ruling political elites have been exposed as charlatans. The rage of the underclass, especially the white underclass, has broken its bonds.

    The age of the demagogues has arrived.

  60. Trump is in tune with the deteriorating situation that is totally predictable from demographics and the manner in which globalization is being imposed on us. He knows the flaws in their plans and is using their own powers against them. That is the way to win.

  61. pm317
    December 3, 2015 at 9:06 am
    Shooter was originally from Pakistan who lived in Saudi Arabia. Same old story about terrorists coming out of Muslim countries that are supposed to be our “allies.”

  62. The dead “environmental engineer” county employee terrorist who brought his wife along for the fun was a roach inspector. Looking for rats, roaches, and slime in the ice machine at taco stands was his profession. How apropos. How did he get his murderous wife over here? Please explain this DHS. Like now! She was from Qatar I understand with whom the US has diplomatic relations and why the hell did she pass a background check? Who f’ed up? The US DHS or Qatar? And about those Syrians with zero records. Hell no.

  63. You might recall how much I like Senator Bob “Casey Vouches for Obama April 20 2008 Politico”. Well he’s under water with the twitter statement he sent following his call for thoughts and prayers out there in in San Bernardino.
    Commonsense steps: ban military style assault weapons, restrict high capacity magazines, prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing weapons

  64. I checked my workplace email account in Loma Linda University Medical Center and found a ton of alert emails starting at 12:08 pm when code Silver was sent out for San Bernardino letting ERs in the area know to expect casualties and telling employees that the university was on yellow alert and to stay inside until around 5:48 pm when the yellow alert was lifted.

  65. Wbboei, I got this far in your comment: The two parties orchestrated the corporate coup d’état while diverting citizens with the battles over gay rights, abortion, “Christian” values, gun laws and affirmative action.

    While in the background I hear the tv speculating about ‘work place violence”, “gun control”, “what good prayer does” and on and on and they I read that sentence and realized it is one big “LOOK, SQUIRREL!” diversion. Name them all who are helping out, even Hillary, just heard Harry Reid has stuck his ore in.

    What would we be talking about if “look, squirrel” wasn’t taking up all the oxygen.

  66. What would happen if we figured out what we would be talking about with out the interference and start pushing that discussion everywhere we go?

  67. Here is a real political douchebag, everything he touches turns to shit, every candidate he serves loses, and yet big media keeps coming back to him like he is some sort of delphic oracle. Hint: if your batting average is zero, you should not present yourself as a batting coach.
    Michael Ellis “Mike” Murphy (born 1962) is a Republican political consultant.[1] He has advised such nationally prominent Republicans as John McCain, Rick Lazio, Jeb Bush, John Engler, Tommy Thompson, Spencer Abraham, Christie Whitman, Lamar Alexander, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.[1][2] He was, until January 2006, an adviser to Mitt Romney, the Governor of Massachusetts and an about-to-become candidate for the Republican president. Like the old saying those who can do, those who can’t teach, in this case those who can’t win elections become pundits, celebrities and they write for useless self serving rags like, you guessed it, Politico.

  68. Betty, the passage above is by Chris Hedges, a hero of mine, who is an honest man of the left. I do not agree with him completely–only about 90%, but his courage and his ability to understand the dynamics of what is occurring, and to figure out who Obama was before anyone on his side did, always endeared him to me. Another deep thinker of his ilk is more conservative, and always spot on–Richard Fernandez. When you reach the point where I am at, and you see our political system is not about solving problems, but in perpetuating parties and advancing the grip of the corporate state. And that is why salvation, if there is such a thing, cannot lie with any mainstream politician. That is a hard truth for most people to accept, but if they do not wish to be bamboozled it is imperative that wake up. As a conservative myself, I do have a tragic view of life, and do not believe human perfection is possible. I put my faith in institutions rather than men, but today those institutions themselves have become corrupt. When you reach that point, the categorical imperative must be reform. Tragically, it is already too late. But I do think our last best hope lies with the Trump candidacy.

    The shootings themselves have probably run their course. Now it is the meaning of it which will be fought over. As the story unfolded the political sides were like an audience agonizing at a cliffhanger. Would it be white male Christian? Would it be a Muslim? Would it be an American? Would it be a foreigner? One could almost sense the bated breath.

    Nobody was quite ready for such an ambiguous result: American citizen with Middle Eastern-sounding name who worked for California shoots up a Christmas party with relatives in tow. Should Americans give up their guns so they can be protected by the government in a week where the perps both in Chicago and San Bernardino were from the government themselves?

    That suits nobody’s book completely, a fact underscored by the struggle parallel to events on the ground. Even as the cops were embarked on the physical pursuit of the suspects, a corresponding struggle for its significance was underway across the Internet. Like malevolent spirits, the rival memes followed the events around.

    Perhaps it is fair to say that it is now impossible to commit a simple murder or even an outrage as an individual act. It’s all imbued with meaning, almost as if the conflict between the cops and the perps were overshadowed by a far larger fight: Right versus Left in America.

  69. To lay the blame for what happened Wednesday in San Bernardino on Barack Obama might seem excessive. But if not on him, who? From the day he took office, the president has been engaged in a game of outright denial that Islam has anything to do with what is wrong in the world.

    In fact, if he ever points a finger, it’s usually at Western imperialism or Christianity or Republicans or Benjamin Netanyahu (to name a few of his favorite enemies).

    But never at the I-word.

    To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, “When somebody says it’s not about Islam, it’s about Islam.”

    Syed Farook did not go to Saudi Arabia to study Zen Buddhism.

    America, and its trailing entities in Europe, has a problem now of gargantuan proportions. Barack Obama was and is precisely the wrong man, possibly the worst conceivable man, to be president of the United States at this point in history. No one more invidious could be invented.

    Consider how, on hearing of the mass murders in San Bernardino, the first thing out of his mouth was … gun control. That is not just blindness. It’s something scarier — willfull distortion for evil political ends.

    Consciously or unconsciously, probably both, this man seeks to destroy the very thing that nurtured him from Honolulu to the White House.

    So now the game has changed and Islamic terror has reached our shores as never before, just as many have predicted. It has invaded out bourgeois neighborhoods, with the woman next door unwilling to a report a garage bomb factory for fear of being called racist. (This, too, is at the foot of Obama.) What, in the words of Lenin, is to be done?

    First, elect a Republican. Put these people out of the White House. Keep Obama’s confused and prevaricating successor Mrs. Clinton away from the levers of power. This has become more necessary than ever in the wake of San Bernardino. That means — and all candidates should pay strict attention — that Ronald Reagan’s rule about not attacking fellow Republicans must be meticulously observed. A circular firing squad would be more lethal than ever at this moment because all of America would be standing in the middle of that circle, not to say Western Civilization. We cannot afford the luxury of internecine warfare.

    Secondly, thinking of that woman neighbor of Syed Farook, for Pete’s sake: “if you see something, say something.” We should put that on billboards across the country. Because, unless we’re unbelievably lucky, what happened in San Berdoo is only the beginning.

    Thirdly, explicitly outlaw Sharia in the United States.

    Fourth — and we all know this — close those borders. And forget refugees from Syria and the rest of those benighted lands. Better to take care of them in the refugee camps of the Middle East than to clean up after a bloodbath in a Pittsburgh suburb.

  70. America, and its trailing entities in Europe, has a problem now of gargantuan proportions. Barack Obama was and is precisely the wrong man, possibly the worst conceivable man, to be president of the United States at this point in history. No one more invidious could be invented.
    THAT SAYS IT ALL . . . .

  71. It seems to me we have four categories of mass shooter types in our country:

    1- Home grown, pist off guys that like to blow up people and want attention, like Timothy McVeigh

    2- Home grown guys that are mentally ill, and feel they have been wronged in some way, mostly the school killers

    3- Gang members and pist off minorities that could be BO’s son

    4- Muslims- born outside the US, born inside the US.

    Category four has and will increase until they are mowed down.

    As far as the gun issue goes, registered hand guns, shot guns, should be something American’s can use and own. No dispute there.

    But why oh why is anyone in the US allowed to own automatic weapons? This is what the cops should have to deal with mass murders…

  72. a stupid fucking headline just popped across my computer screen:

    “The San Bernadino Shooter was apparently ‘radicalized'”—CNN

  73. But why oh why is anyone in the US allowed to own automatic weapons?
    Let me answer that question with a question:

    Do government authorities with the bona fides of Lois Lerner have automatic questions.

    There is something to be said for having at your disposal the means to defend yourself against a tyrannical and oppressive federal government.

    That is not a mandate for revolution. It is simply a last line of defense when all the other mechanisms of society fail to restrain those in power from abusing their powers and taking innocent lives.

  74. The latest silver spike through the malignant heart of big media, this one by Sharyl Attkission:

    As the facts have been fleshed out, some reporters have found themselves in the awkward position of having to repeatedly redefine their criticism of Trump’s statement. At first, they scoffed at the notion that anybody celebrated the 9/11 attacks. But when overseas video surfaced, they narrowed their criticism and scoffed at the idea that there were celebrations specifically in New Jersey. But when multiple witnesses and accounts about New Jersey surfaced, they narrowed their criticism further and said it couldn’t have been “thousands.”

    See how it works? Each time their narrative is undermined, they simply reframe the argument to avoid the appearance that they’ve had to concede anything.

    When it comes to Trump’s 9/11 celebration comments, the news media’s conduct may not matter to people who dislike Trump; in fact, they may cheer it on.

    But someday, the post truth news media might set its sights on somebody or something you care about.

  75. wbboei
    December 3, 2015 at 12:43 pm
    But why oh why is anyone in the US allowed to own automatic weapons?

    There is something to be said for having at your disposal the means to defend yourself against a tyrannical and oppressive federal government.

    I guess the next question from me is where do you draw the line?

    Anything the cops have, every ‘citizen’ should have? Dreamers born here? Amnesty illegals? Gang members? Terrorists?

    Sure, there are bad people in courts, politics, police…but most are not murderers.

  76. Got this message from our friends renting our former home in Redlands:

    “So these fucking terrorists lived only one mile from our house, police found 12 pipe bombs in the apartment, M***** received an automated phone call from the police department saying to not leave the house and to not answer the door for anybody…moments later M***** heard the explosions from the police detonating the pipe bombs, M***** was home alone frightened out her mind while I was stuck in a case with one of the shooting victims, RCRMC in all received three of the victim’s who are all expected to survive.
    What is this world becoming, yesterday I felt a real roller-coaster of emotions and today I woke up thinking that it was all just a dream but unfortunately it’s not.😠😠😠”

  77. Shadowfax

    As far as the gun issue goes, registered hand guns, shot guns, should be something American’s can use and own. No dispute there.

    But why oh why is anyone in the US allowed to own automatic weapons? This is what the cops should have to deal with mass murders…

    Shadow – you can only get an automatic weapon by going through a lengthy process and from a very few legal sources. It is tightly regulated.

    There are semi-automatic weapons that most people probably confuse with autofire simply because they are identical except that they require someone to pull the trigger each time a round is fired. People can go to a store and buy an AR-15 off the shelf (after a background check). You can’t do that with an automatic weapon.

    But Shadow, do you think preventing people from buying even legally available semi-autos is going to stop someone who wants to kill a bunch of people from getting one if they want one? That’s like the gunfree zones are the places all these mass shootings occur – a criminal isn’t going to observe gun laws.

  78. Email from work at Loma Linda. Back to normal programming:

    “Loma Linda University Health returns to normal operations on December 3, following a day of emergency actions reacting to the events of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

    Medical Center personnel were notified by area law enforcement that multiple gun shots had been fired on Wednesday morning, December 2, at a San Bernardino County owned building about 3 miles from the Medical Center. Loma Linda’s Emergency Room received five adult patients during the day. Throughout the day the Medical Center worked to ensure the safety of all patients and employees.

    The Medical Center declared a code yellow alert at 2:30 pm in response to a bomb threat. Hospital protocols were initiated at the request of law enforcement personnel. The alert was lifted about an hour later, when experts determined the threat lacked credibility after a careful screening of the interior and exterior of the facility.

    As part of the effort to ensure the safety of all students and faculty members, the University cancelled Wednesday classes in mid afternoon, and encouraged students to leave public areas of the campus.

    The entire university and medical center are back at normal operations. All scheduled university Thursday classes will meet with no alterations in the schedule. The Medical Center’s operations have returned to normal. The emergency department is receiving new patients, and no areas of the facility are operating under any restrictions.”

  79. Blow
    But Shadow, do you think preventing people from buying even legally available semi-autos is going to stop someone who wants to kill a bunch of people from getting one if they want one? That’s like the gunfree zones are the places all these mass shootings occur – a criminal isn’t going to observe gun laws.

    We already know that all terrorists use automatic weapons…and people are just sitting ducks when they get sprayed with bullets. If everyone walks around with these machine guns, it will be worse than the wild, wild west.

    This whole idea that there should be no limit to weapons in the US reminds me of the proposition that all drugs should be legal. You must have a lot more faith in the average man than I do.

  80. here is some interesting info:

    the wife, you know those poor women, came to the USA on a ‘fiance visa’…she was the one doing the shooting during the shoot out with the police when the police cornered the black van

    some of the “terrorist” pundits are speculating that when he met her online she was a setup to further radicalize him…they came right to the USA and got married here…

    how much more stupid is our goverment going to be

    well this stupid I guess…can’t make this stuff up…


    neighbors were suspicious of the husband, wife, and his family and all the “friends” he had that came to his house and his mother’s house but they were afraid to say anything because they were afraid of being labeled “racists”


    and to me the most telling thing about these two people is the fact that the people they murdered yesterday were co-workers who had given them a baby shower…they have a 6 month old they left with his mother and told her they were going to the doctors…

    nice…your workers give you a baby shower and you return the favor by murdering them…

    how can anyone not become suspicious when more and more of this behavior is brought out into the light

    god only knows how many more “nice guys and girls” are planning to murder Americans because they just hate them/us…and for them it is cool to kill Americans…

    we are like trophys to them…they come into our country, take advantage of all the benefits we give them…

    His govt job paid $70,000 a year…seventy thousand dollars

    and our govt goes out of its way not to offend you or make you feel bad…

    at the expense of American citizens made to feel guilty and racists if they dare question that you have every right to what our hard earned taxpayer dollars are doing for you…

    yep, open borders, refuges that cannot be vetted, fiance visas…just have at us…

  81. When the Government gives up its automatic weapons along with the criminals then sane people will..
    Don’t see that happening.
    2nd amendment is, what wbb explained. We wouldn’t have a chance against a facial government, even now, it would be worse.
    I hate automatic guns, I don’t hunt either and if I had the moral fortitude I would be a vegetarian.

  82. Just a thought but…why was it when Paris had their terrorist attack, we all were permitted, in fact encouraged, to pray for Paris. Twitter had the colors of France and its followers all “prayed” for Paris. But when it comes to a terrorist attack in the US…well…

    NY Daily News cover (Paris attack):

    NY Daily News cover (San Bernardino attack):

  83. VH – first thing that comes to my mind is, maybe the French president is Christian and so the praying to the Christian God was encouraged…. if you get my drift..

    Just a thought but…why was it when Paris had their terrorist attack, we all were permitted, in fact encouraged, to pray for Paris.

  84. When the Government gives up its automatic weapons along with the criminals then sane people will..
    Don’t see that happening.

    Gonzo, I was thinking about that today. If they made it happen that regular people couldn’t choose to own guns (of course, criminals will still have them), they’d make sure that the bigwigs still could have them, or at least their bodyguards could. If questioned, they’d just say that a bigwig and a bodyguard can be trusted to have guns because they are responsible. Of course, the fact that regular people can be noncriminal and responsible wouldn’t even factor into it.

  85. Shadowfax what Blowme0bama was trying to tell you was that the shooters in San Bernardino were not using “automatic” weapons. They were semi-automatics. Automatic weapon keep firing with one pull of the trigger. Like a machine gun. Semi-automatics take a trigger pull each time you want to shoot a bullet.

    Automatic weapons, if I remember correctly have been highly restricted since FDR. Automatic weapons are only sold to law enforcement. A gun collector can still procure a used fully automatic weapon – with restrictions. You need a special ATF license which requires a background check, and then you have to pay a $200 ATF tax, and you must also designate a licensed gun dealer who will take possession of the weapon in the event of your death.

    The point is that people always think that shooters are just spraying bullets like out of machine guns and that’s not what’s really happening. Doesn’t make much difference really between auto and semi-auto because they both still kill people but just want people to know when the MSM is saying “automatic” they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  86. From what I see this morning, the following two terms are PC for the SB environment:

    and one of the dead is a “conservative Jew”

    Not bad, eh. Nevermind that the shooter met up with future wifey at a Hag.

  87. yheitman

    Thanks for further info. CNN said yesterday that the shooters had between 5k-6k bullets they hadn’t used, in their car and apartment. They said the bullets cost about a dollar a piece, that they had a lot of money invested in their killing plans.

  88. yesterday I posted some links that were very interesting but they got eaten up in moderation…for example, that the San Bernadino neighborhood that took this hit was/is scheduled to receive syrian refugees

    …that the wife, the “oh those poor innocent women” was actually doing the shooting when the police took out their van

    …that the husband was working at a govt job that paid him $70,000 a year

    …that the co-workers they murdered had given them a baby shower for their infant

    …and of course, the wife, who the husband met online, was brought to the USA on a ‘fiance visa’ and brought into the USA with open arms…

    now we find out…(so much for all that hand wringing about innocent women, they can be very seductive killers too)

    makes you wonder how many more are them already here and ready to go…

    Official: Female shooter in San Bernardino attack pledged allegiance to Islamic State

    The woman who helped her husband kill 14 people at a California holiday banquet for his co-workers pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and its leader on Facebook using an alias, then deleted the messages before the attack, a U.S. law enforcement official said Friday, providing the strongest evidence to date that the rampage may have been a terrorist attack.

    The remarkable disclosure about the online activities of Tashfeen Malik provided the first significant details suggesting a motive for her participation with her husband, Syed Farook, in the shooting.

    Malik was a Pakistani woman who came to the U.S. in 2014 on a fiancee visa before Farook married her in California. They had a 6-month-old daughter.

    Malik’s alias onFacebook and specifics about her postings were not publicly disclosed by the law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because this person was not allowed to discuss an ongoing investigation.

    Another U.S. official said Malik expressed “admiration” for the extremist group’s leader on Facebook under the alias account and said there was no sign that anyone affiliated with the Islamic State group communicated back to her and no signs of any operational instructions being conveyed to her. This official also spoke on condition of anonymity because this person was not authorized to discuss case details by name.

    The FBI was investigating the shooting as a potential act of terrorism but had reached no firm conclusions Thursday. Separately, a U.S. intelligence official said Farook had been in contact with known Islamic extremists on social media. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

    At the same time, law enforcement officials from local police to Attorney General Loretta Lynch cautioned it could have been work-related rage. Or a twisted hybrid of religion and personal vendetta.

    Farook, 28, had no criminal record and was not under scrutiny by local or federal law enforcement before the attacks. Friends knew him by his quick smile, his devotion to Islam and his earnest talk about cars he would restore.

    They didn’t know the man authorities say was busy with his wife building homemade bombs and stockpiling thousands of rounds of ammunition for a commando-style assault Wednesday on a holiday party of his co-workers that killed 14 and injured 21.

    “This was a person who was successful, who had a good job, a good income, a wife and a family. What was he missing in his life?” asked Nizaam Ali, who worshipped with Farook at a mosque in San Bernardino — the city east of Los Angeles where Farook killed and died.

    Authorities say that the couple sprayed as many as 75 rounds into the room before fleeing. They died four hours later and 2 miles away during a furious gunbattle with police.

    The pair had more than 1,600 bullets when they were killed. Police said they also had 12 pipe bombs, tools to make more explosives, and well over 4,500 rounds of ammunition at home.

    Police Lt. Mike Madden, one of the first officers to reach the room at the social services center, where Farook’s colleagues from San Bernardino County’s public health department had gathered, said the carnage was unspeakable, the scene overwhelming: the smell of gunpowder, the wails of the injured, the blood, fire sprinklers pumping and fire alarms blaring. All in a room with a Christmas tree and decorations on every table.

    The dead ranged in age from 26 to 60. Among the 21 injured were two police officers hurt during the manhunt, authorities said. Two of the wounded remained in critical condition Thursday.

    Nearly all the dead and wounded were county employees.

    They were remembered Thursday night as several thousand mourners gathered at a local ballpark for a candlelight and prayer vigil with leaders of several religions paying them tribute. Mayor Carey Davis urged people to “dedicate and commit ourselves to strengthen our families to overcome.” The names of the dead were read and participants sang “God Bless America.”

    Syed Rizwan Farook was born in Chicago on June 14, 1987, to parents born in Pakistan. He was raised in Southern California.

    In July 2010, he was hired as a seasonal public employee and served until December of that year, according to a work history supplied by the county. In January 2012, he was rehired as a trainee environmental health specialist before being promoted two years later. Among his job duties was inspecting restaurants.

    The soft-spoken Farook was known to pray every day at San Bernardino’s Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah mosque. That is where Nizaam Ali and his brother Rahemaan Ali met Farook.

    The last time Rahemaan Ali saw his friend was three weeks ago, when Farook abruptly stopped coming to pray. Rahemaan Ali said Farook seemed happy and his usual self. Both brothers said they never saw anything to make them think Farook was violent.

    They remember when Farook announced that he would be getting married, saying he had met his future wife online and that she was Pakistani. Farook told the brothers that he traveled to Mecca in Saudi Arabia last summer.

    They said he was gone about a month before returning to the U.S. with his wife. Malik arrived on a K-1 visa for fiancées and with a Pakistani passport in July 2014, authorities said.

    The two were married on Aug. 16, 2014, in nearby Riverside County, according to their marriage license. Both listed their religion as Muslim. The couple had a 6-month-old daughter who they dropped with relatives Wednesday morning before the shooting.


    on and on


  89. also forgot to mention, maybe someone here has…that the neighbors were growing suspicious of all the activity and comings and goings of men at the house and garage of the husband and wife…the garage where the police found stockpiles of weapons and bombs

    …but the neighbors never said anything to anyone because their feared being called racists and profilers

    how in the world is anyone supposed to come forward with any info when our govt keeps telling people not to say anything about muslims and they are peace loving…

    our govt is making it impossible for people to come forward

    and finally, how in the world does the husbands family, including his sister and her husband, say that they never suspected anything…never noticed any strange activity in the garage…

    how in the world did everyone (but the fearing neighbors) miss what was going on at that home and in that garage

    and how many more of these setups are there that no one is noticing or afraid to say anything about because the people are Muslims…or as someone said above now our police have their hands tied because they are not suppose to approach any Muslims unless there is something obvious going on…

    so I guess we have to wait until everything is too late before people can then say…we never suspected anything…


  90. From that article:

    “At the same time, local police to Attorney General Loretta Lynch cautioned that it could have been work-related rage or a twisted hybrid of religion and personal vendetta.”

    Gives you an idea how the administration wants to spin the investigation.

  91. Love him or hate him…one thing Donald Trump is exactly correct about is that our enemies and opponents are laughing their heads off at our govt’s “naiveity” or outwright supidity…

    enemies and would be killers just know how to play our system…and our kindness…and take advantage of us…secure our jobs, benefits, secure our confidence and then…boom…revenge

    because our govt constantly uses the excuse about “it is our American way” or “it’s not our American way…including O and sadly Hillary…we are supposed to ignore our own instincts, our own fears and legitimate concerns and instead defer to illegal immigrants, open borders where as we write and read this who knows who is pouring in, then protect them when they go to santuary cities…

    because…we cannot offend them…and “their rights”…it is not “our way”, even if they kill us…

    and then continue to defer to the needs of unvetted refugess and limitless visas issued to let all kinds of people with who knows what intentions in…

    and if anyone dares speak a word about it, whether it be DT, another repub, a Democrat, or a concerned citizen then be ready to bare the wrath of being labeled a racist or uncaring, selfish person…

    I heard a discussion the other day with Unger (cannot remember his first name) and a person of middle east origin regarding the refugees and illegal immigrants and Unger sounded so stupid and naive, going on about the percentage of refugees in the past that came into the USA and there has been no violence with them…

    but these are different times, ISIS did not exist and recruit then…and the middle eastern man said to Unger…you do not understand, these children are brought up from childhood to hate America and kill Americans…just like the Boston Bombers…this in engrained in them in the middle east…their allegiance is to Sharia law not your consitition…

    there is no rationale…in this kind of leadership…it inherently is putting American citizens at risk…and the last priority on the totem pole…

    I fell for parents of young children…

    I hope Hillary is seeing the light…and begins to understand that the safety of Americans should come first in their own country…

  92. Donald certainly did open gates. More and more venues see reason to use opportunity. Could Obama be gone by the new year?

  93. S

    I guess this is a snipe against what I said earlier…

    “now we find out…(so much for all that hand wringing about innocent women, they can be very seductive killers too)”



  94. Tony Stark
    December 4, 2015 at 2:36 pm
    Maybe the administration told them to do so in order to impede the investigation tying the terrorists to ISIS?
    Perhaps also why TV media replayed Trayvon/Zimmerman video edited to exonerate the former oh probably thousands of times. Ditto for Brown/Wilson which begat BLM and others.
    I always laid blame on TV, but you raise valid point and these things have could have come from this increasingly despicable character.

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