#DemDebate 2: #Hillary2016 Deathwatch As @RealDonaldTrump Turns President Trump

Donald Trump was elected president last night, wrote Ann Coulter. Coulter might easily be right. Tonight at the second debate we will find out if Hillary Clinton has any chance against Trump when he becomes the R nominee, if she becomes the D nominee.

We’ve been writing for a long time that Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 had to get away from Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton cannot win if she is the third Obama term. Hillary Clinton has to be the candidate of change. By now it should be evident why Hillary will lose if she is seen as the third Obama term.

Before last night we were entirely sure that the second debate featured Hillary Clinton, Baltimore O’Malley, and the barking mad Saint Bernard from Vermont was an act of cruel barbarism. To have Hillary debate those two was equivalent to a Mama Grizzly up against two gerbils.

We were entirely sure that Baltimore O’Malley and barking Bernie Sanders would unveil unrelenting attacks against Hillary only to be devoured, like thin sticks of wood tossed in a chipper, by Hillary. We were absolutely sure that Hillary would reenact Marco Rubio’s response to attacks by Jeb Bush by saying “You’re only attacking me now because you’re losing. At the first debate you were rational but now as you sink into oblivion you attack me because that is your calculation to survive. You should be ashamed of your cheap theatrics…” and on and on.

But now all bets are off. The debate that was supposed to focus on income inequality, bloated increases in spending, and mad economic schemes, is now front and center a discussion on the failures of Barack Obama foreign policy.

Any candidate that tonight does not denounce Obama foreign policy and Obama’s naive, or as we believe THREACHEROUS, policies, is doomed in the general election. Particularly vulnerable is Hillary Clinton.

Barking mad kook Bernie Sanders is not happy with the switch in focus of the debate:

A top aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., one of the three candidates, got into a lengthy dispute with executives from CBS, the network hosting the debate, during a conference call on Saturday morning. A staffer for one of the other campaigns who was also on the call described the exchange to Yahoo News as “heated” and even “bizarre,” and a second source on the call confirmed the nature of the exchange.

The dispute centered on CBS’s decision to increase the emphasis on terrorism, foreign policy, and national security in the wake of the attacks that left more than 100 people dead in Paris on Friday night. According to the rival staffer, Sanders strategist Mark Longabaugh lit into CBS vice president and Washington bureau chief Christopher Isham when the changes to the debate were detailed on the call.

“It was a little bit of a bizarre scene. The Sanders representative, you know, really laid into CBS and basically … kind of threw, like, a little bit of a fit and said, ‘You are trying to turn this into a foreign policy debate. That’s not what any of us agreed to. How can you change the terms of the debate, you know, on the day of the debate. That’s not right,’” the staffer recounted.

Barkin’ Bernie is right to be worried. But it is Hillary Clinton that should be most worried about this necessary change in debate focus:

Instead, it puts the focus back squarely on the former secretary of state a few weeks after Clinton’s much-lauded marathon Benghazi testimony while underscoring her role as not only the most hawkish candidate on the stage but the only one with direct involvement in formulating an Obama ISIL containment policy stretched to the breaking point now.

Clinton has made no secret that she advocated a more muscular foreign policy than Obama, but she has been reluctant to air those grievances publicly outside a few opaque comments.

Whether Clinton, who pressed Obama to use air power in 2011 during the chaotic aftermath of the Libyan revolution, will draw a contrast with her onetime boss and rival has emerged as the most interesting question in a debate that had been seen as a showdown with Sanders.

“I expect Clinton tonight to call for much more robust action against ISIL – she obviously has no problem changing positions for political gain and distance from Obama’s … approach makes policy and political sense for her,” says Randy Scheunemann, a former adviser to John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign – and a longtime critic of Obama’s policies in the region. [snip]

Clinton – whose support of the 2003 Iraq invasion was a major, and possibly decisive factor in her loss to Obama seven years ago – has always projected foreign policy strength, as exemplified by her famous ‘3 a.m.” against Obama in 2008. But she’s treading a tightrope, running in a primary where the overwhelming majority opposes anything but the lightest intervention – and only last week flatly rejected the idea that the country needed to wage a new “war” on the Islamic State.

“If you have a declaration of war, you’d better have a budget that backs it up,” Clinton said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Nov. 11 – an assertion that might have been outrun by Friday’s events.

Bernie Sanders will prove tonight he is not a commander in chief. Neither is Baltimore O’Malley, the house plant on stage. Baltimore O’Malley recently announced that the rise of ISIS was due to global warming a.k.a. climate change and O’Malley also foolishly declared that global warming is the greatest national security threat the nation faces. But to understand how climate change hokum has been eliminated as an issue when compared to terrorism one only has to see how the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris destroyed Al Gore’s Eiffel Tower Telethon of chumps. In the battle of terrorism or climate change, terrorism blows up Gore.

But Sanders and O’Malley are not the ones with the problem. Hillary Clinton has the problem.

If tonight Hillary Clinton does not name Muslims or Islam or in some way discuss that it is Islamic terrorism that must be confronted and beaten than she has beaten herself.

Donald Trump will have no problem blaming Islamic terrorism:

The GOP presidential candidates, of course, immediately seized on Obama’s unfortunately timed declaration in an interview Thursday that “we have contained” the Islamic State. Donald Trump, never one for political niceties, tweeted: “President Obama said ‘ISIL continues to shrink’ in an interview just hours before the horrible attack in Paris. He is just so bad! CHANGE.”

What Hillary Clinton says tonight will determine if she has any chance against Donald Trump.


193 thoughts on “#DemDebate 2: #Hillary2016 Deathwatch As @RealDonaldTrump Turns President Trump

  1. From the last thread –

    November 14, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Again, my statement does not absolve the media’s responsibility. It says shame on that large portion of the American public that DIDN’T question the media, that did not care they were being lied to when they knew it plain as day. Everybody in this forum does exactly that every day. You don’t run across a busy street, get hit by a car and they say the fault lies solely with the driver(s) that hit you. Of course it is sick that we have to analyze every word that is broadcast. But we can and should. I know personally of places where that isn’t a possibility.

    Hillary 2016?

  2. Hillary has turned chicken sh** just like Obama. She’s lost this debate on the very FIRST question and she should have shined

  3. Trump is winning the Democratic debate. These horrible questions are an example of what Trump got rid of in the CNBC debate. Are you kidding me?!?!

    Hillary 2016?

  4. Hillary won’t say we’re at war with radical Islam – she’s trying to parse the wording, concerned about Muslims who aren’t violent.

  5. It is safe to say Hillary is tainted by association with the current occupant in the WH. And it does not look like she has thought about how she will rid of it.

    Look at that fool Bernie spouting off usual lefty points. He never had a chance or will have a chance to sit in the situation room and do anything, yet he spits out the usual lefty talking points.


    Hillary 2016?

  7. Baltimore guy says “radical jihadis” – lol kind of redundant … standing up for the great world religion..

    For heaven’s sake, Paris is the victim, not Muslims…

  8. I can’t see Socialist Sanders talking, stooped over with his hands up in the air, without seeing Larry David lol

  9. Opening statements:

    Sanders: Shock and disgust for what happened in Paris. Barbarous organization called ISIS. Our economy is rigged which is why I am running. Corrupt finance system with SuperPacs. My campaign is a political revolution.

    Clinton: We need to have a resolve to root out radical Jihadist terrorist group. This is about choosing our next commander in chief. I will outline what we need to do with our allies to fight the scourge of terrorism.

    O’Malley: My heart goes out to the people of France. We must remember that this is the new face of conflict and warfare in the 21st century. We must work collaboratively. This is the new sort of threat that requires new thinking.

    Dickinson: Obama said ISIS is not gaining strength. Obama legacy underestimated ISIS?

    Clinton: ISIS cannot be contained it must be defeated. All the tools at our disposal, military should be last resort. It cannot be an American fight. We will support those that fight ISIS. We can be supportive.

    CBS: Was ISIS underestimated? JV team? You missed it in the past?

    Clinton: We abided with Bush schedule. El Maliki decimated the pullout. I don’t think the U.S. has the bulk of the responsibility.

    O’Malley: This is America’s fight, not solely, but it is America’s fight. ISIS is evil. Brought down a plane. Attacked a great city. Our human intelligence in the ground has failed. We must confront evil when it rises. We must rise to the occasion.

    CBS: Climate change greatest national security threat?

    Sanders: Yes. International conflict because of climate change. I agree with much of Secretary and O’Malley said. The disastrous invasion of Iraq unraveled the region and led to the rise of ISIS. The U.S. cannot do it alone. Must include Muslim nations in the region.

    CBS: Blame Clinton for Iraq vote and ISIS?

    Sanders: Yes.

    Clinton: Historic context. In 1980 Lebanon. Tanzania and Kenya attacks in 90s. 9/11. We need to understand the history.

    CBS: Criticize Hillary as Secretary of State?

    Sanders: Regime change in the 1950s, Iran, Chile, these toppling of governments have unintended consequences. I am not a fan of regime change.

    O’Malley: It was not just Iraq. Cascading effects. Destruction of Iraqi army. We need to be more forward thinking. Not just about a single dictator.

    Clinton: Each case does have to be looked at. Can’t paint with broad brush. The Shia/Sunni split. Globalization. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Complex world and complex middle east.

    Sanders: Yes, it is complex. We must understand the Muslim nations in the region have to take on ISIS. They have to get deeply involved and we should be involved.

    Clinton: That’s unfair particularly to Jordan. Jordan has done a great deal. Turkey and Gulf states have to step up with forces and resources.

    CBS: Libya. ISIS taken over. You championed. Did you get it wrong and no plan for after?

    Clinton: Blood on Quadaffi’s hands. Our partners asked for help. We did not put boots on the ground. Most successful elections afterward. There is an arc of instability in the region.

    CBS: World too dangerous for inexperienced governor?

    O’Malley: We have to act intelligently. Libya and Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq are a mess. It’s difficult to build up stable democracies. We should not use the term “boots on the ground” because those our people.

    Clinton: We invested greatly in people. I went to many places, some dangerous. But our involvement does not mean we can dictate events.

    Sanders: Let’s talk about those that came home injured or with PTSD. We stand with them.

    CBS: Rubio says the problem is war with radical Islam?

    Clinton: It’s not particularly helpful. If candidates for president say we are against Islam it is not good. We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with extremism. We can’t paint with too broad a brush.

    CBS: You said “respect our enemies”?

    Clinton: It is very hard to understand them. We have to understand our adversaries. It is difficult with barbaric organizations like ISIS.

    CBS: Radical Islam?

    Sanders: The term does not matter. There are organizations that want to go back in the past and are a danger to modern societies.

    CBS: Forward vision? A critique of Clinton? Call it what it is?

    O’Malley: Radical Jihadists. But not all Muslims. Muslim Americans understand ISIS is a brutal group. We need our Muslim neighbors.

    CBS: You said no war against ISIS?

    Clinton: We have a declaration of hostilities already. AUMF. It needs to be upgraded. Come up with better intelligence. Lots of work to be done.

    CBS: Refugees?

    Sanders: Less than 10% of military budget used to fight terrorism. The Cold War is over. Intelligence is important. On refugees we have a moral responsibility. I don’t know what the magic number is.

    CBS: 65.000 refugees?

    O’Malley: Yes. Agree with Sanders that the nature of warfare has changed. We must alleviate the deaths.

    CBS: How to screen Syrian refugees?

    Clinton: Screening is most important. I want 65,000 refugees not the 10,000 Obama proposed. We do have to look at defense budget. We do have challenges with China and Russia. Russia is planning a drone submarine.


  10. Hillary looks very good…this outfit suits her very well but she seems “off” tonight…almost stumbling. Hopefully she will do better as the night goes on.

  11. Finally, Hillary sounds like a president! It’s our military preparing for the whole board, not just one corner of it. Anticipation and making your opponent do what YOU want and not vice versa. Per the Art of War, prepare for a chess strategy, but play a Go board….

    Hillary 2016?

  12. Hillary saying strong (very strong) screening and vetting of incoming 65K Syrian refugees is not a good answer. Why did she say she wanted 65K and Obama admin made it 10K.. that is stupid.

  13. I can’t believe we have to watch Sanders and O’Malley talk..

    The look on Hillary’s face seems to be saying the same thing.

  14. Nancy Cordes: Who pays for all your proposals?

    Clinton: Not the middle class. Wages have not risen. We need jobs. I will pay by taxing the wealthy and closing deductions and loopholes.

    CBS: Won’t the companies pass the cost on to the consumer?

    Clinton: Outrageous that Medicare can’t negotiate for prices. There is more to my plan than just caps.

    CBS: How would you pay for it all?

    O’Malley: Raise sales tax. We did that in Maryland to help schools. Other candidates talk, I’ve done it. We can no longer afford low income tax on capital gains.

    CBS: How high will you tax raise on high earners be?

    Sanders: Massive redistribution of wealth has gone to 1%. End corporate loopholes. Tax Wall Street speculation. Wealthiest and corporations must pay.

    CBS: How high?

    Sanders: Eisenhower had it at 90% I won’t say that high but I don’t have the number.

    O’Malley: Under Reagan highest rate was 70%.

    CBS: Health care costs and deductibles have risen. ObamaCare?

    Clinton: Great accomplishment by Obama. Republicans want to rip it up. I want to build on and improve Affordable Care Act. We need more competition and lower expenses. I disagree with Sanders.

    Sanders: My committee helped write ACA. The ACA must be supported. Healthcare is a right not a privilege.


  15. dot48, he is desperately trying to be Trump..he is a weasel.. he was my governor and not a good one at that — drove all the businesses and wealthy taxpayers out.

  16. Hillary’s “reading of the law” is that Obama is justified in his executive actions on immigration, regardless of what the courts have said

  17. lorac
    November 14, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    Hillary’s “reading of the law” is that Obama is justified in his executive actions on immigration, regardless of what the courts have said

    When she said that, I’m not sure if was shame or disgust that I felt, but I felt something associated with nausea. Blech….

    Hillary 2016?

  18. Obama worship by Hillary
    I don’t feel I know this woman at all
    I do know I could never vote for her


  19. Kevin Cooney: Border security?

    O’Malley: We’ve focused on border security to exclusion of immigration reform. Carnival barker Donald Trump is wrong. Net immigration from Mexico is zero. To get wages up we need to get our Mexican neighbors out of the shadows. Statue of Liberty not barbed wire fence.

    CBS: You say you will go further than Obama?

    Clinton: Appeal court decision. We need path to citizenship. Border security needed. 11 million have been here for years. Values. Come out of the shadows.

    CBS: Wage issue. Kruger says job loss with higher minimum wages?

    Sanders: Wages are too low. Wages going lower. We need a living wage. Not radical to say $15 minimum wage.

    CBS: Job losses are consequences?

    Sanders: No disposable income for poor. More money to poor. Raise to $15.

    O’Malley: We passed minimum wage in Maryland. Source of growth. We did it.

    CBS: But you only had $10.10?

    O’Malley: $10.10 is what I could get.

    Sanders: Cities are doing this.

    Clinton: Kruger is expert. Kruger says there are no international comparison to $15. I support $12.00 minimum wage.

    O’Malley: Stop getting advice from economist on Wall Street!



    Hillary 2016?

    P.S – Its when they got Trump!

  21. Perhaps these moderators aren’t the best, but I respect and like the fact that they’re using local journalists, not the big time “aren’t I great” national journalists….

  22. Nobody will pour money into your campaign, Bernie.. LOL there is a reason you don’t have PACs and you don’t get money from billionaires..

  23. Sanders is being Trump to Hillary – saying the other campaigns (Hillary and Baltimore) should not be using SuperPacs and big donors (he isn’t)

  24. She’s mostly looking down when talking – I don’t think that’s coming off well

    I got some pangs when she came out strong a couple of times – too bad she has different policy positions now..

  25. lorac, the point is that there are no billionaires standing in line to donate money to him and he is being forced to reject them.. he is not Trump-like. Trump will attract money if he wants because potential winner attracts money.

  26. Hillary wants to get rid of gunmakers’ immunity – Sanders, too – they want people to be able to sue gunmakers for what people do with guns?

    Then we should be able to sue members of our government for the consequences of their bad decisions….

  27. OMG I just can’t stop seeing Larry David ROFL I can hardly listen to this poor guy seriously, because I’m seeing Larry David and laughing!

  28. CBS: Wall Street money?

    Clinton: There are 2 superpacs run by billionaires attacking me. I laid out an aggressive plan against Wall Street. It’s not just banks. Look at the whole problem.

    Sanders: Not good enough. Why has Wall Street been Hillary Clinton’s major contributor over her career? Break up the banks. I’m the only one up here without a SuperPac.

    CBS: What are they going to get?

    Sanders: Why do they make millions in campaign contributions? They expect something. My campaign is small donors.

    Clinton: He impugns my integrity. A majority of my donors are women, 60%. I represented New York. I spent a lot of time on Wall Street on 9/11. My proposal is tougher and more comprehensive than yours. Glass-Seagle is not enough.

    Sanders: Easy to talk the talk. But lead by example. I do not have a SuperPac. The issue here is that such incredible power and wealth but be broken up.

    CBS: How may Wall Street veterans would you hire?

    O’Malley: No Robert Rubin or Larry Summers, Secretary Clinton. I was on the front line. Our economy was wreaked by Wall Street. You plan is weak tea. Excesses on Wall Street. Sanders is right, reinstate Glass Steagle.

    Clinton: AIG, Lehman Brothers were not big banks. I will break up big banks who don’t play by the rules.

    Sanders: Wall Street play by the rules? Who are we kidding? Their model is fraud. Goldman Sachs dominates administrations. Wall Street executives will not be in my cabinet.

    CBS: Guns?

    Clinton: There are different records. Immunity to gun makers by Sanders. Since we last debated 3,000 people have been killed by guns. Reign in Wall Street is good but we need to reign in guns too.

    CBS: Immunity vote hurts him? Doesn’t your Iraq vote eliminate you?

    Clinton: I admitted I was wrong on Iraq. Let’s reverse the immunity and make them responsible.

    Sanders: In 1988 I lost an election because I supported gun measures. I will look at immunity bill again.

    O’Malley: In my state we passed gun restrictions. Clinton, you’ve been on three sides of this issue. You portrayed yourself as Annie Oakley. Lead by polls or principle. I led by principle.

    Sanders: Baltimore is not one of the safest cities in America. I can reach out to those that are on the other side. I can bring consensus.

    Clinton: There is consensus. We need leadership.

    CBS: Tweets. Clinton invoked 9/11 to justify big donations.

    Clinton: I worked closely with New Yorkers to rebuild after 9/11.

    Sanders: She did good work on 9/11. But Wall Street today has enormous power. They are greedy.

    CBS: What in Clinton’s record leads you to say this?

    Sanders: The issue now is Glass Steagle.

    Clinton: Paul Krugman agrees with me. Paul Volker does not want Glass Steagle.

    O’Malley: 6 big banks of Wall Street have enormous power. Crony capitalism. Lots of good people in finance but we need to protect Main Street from Wall Street. Go to my web page and donate.


  29. Well, I’m no political expert, but it does seem like they’re able to get in more “debate” and get deeper into the issues from their point of view – I’m sure that’s due in large part to only having 3 people on stage….

    I love Iowa. Look at the audience – they’re all dressed up – men are in suit and ties.

    (maybe that was true in other debates and I just didn’t notice)

  30. Oh, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. She just said that she thinks Obama deserves more credit than he is given for what he has accomplished or some such.

  31. Bernie saying again he’s glad we’re off of Hillary’s emails…

    I can see the good in Sanders being on the stage, he’s passionate, and bringing up another side of things…

    It just seems like the continuing answer for any democrat is growing government programs. To me, the answer is jobs. Get more people back supporting themselves, and the safety net can be a safety net again instead of the income for what, half the population???

    OMG “President Obama deserves more credit than he got”. She has been ASSIMILATED into the BORG!

  32. Never seen a candidate want to lose more than Hillary. GET OFF OF BUMBLES BALLS!!!! Michelle struggles with it right now. You don’t have to as well!!!!

    Hillary 2016?

  33. Like him or not, Sanders has been generous to Hillary on the emails and letting her gain her stride against the GOP.

  34. Wow Bernie, are you saying that plumbers and carpenters shouldn’t be in the middle class and are uneducated????????????????????

  35. They’re not even touching on the subject of how student loans have led colleges to raise their tuition, and the vicious circle it becomes… making college free (more taxpayer burden) isn’t going to address that circle of increasing cost.

    Sanders wants everyone to be able to go… Well, Bernie, here in CA, 70% of college students have to take remedial classes, so I guess everyone IS able to go to college…

  36. CBS: Revolution?

    Sanders: Every issue I talk about is supported by majority of Americans. Problem is political finance system.

    CBS: 90% support for background checks but it went nowhere?

    Sanders: We need leadership in this country. The same old same old nothing changes. My rallies are filled with young people. We are giving young people hope for real change.

    CBS: Damn emails but you changed your mind?

    Sanders: Still sick of damn emails. Let’s talk about inequality. Let’s go to big issues facing America.

    Clinton: I agree completely. We need more Americans involved. Sanders gets credit for inspiring so many. Republicans are trying to prevent people from registering to vote. President Obama deserves more credit than he gets.

    CBS: FBI investigation? Any more shoes to drop?

    Clinton: After 11 hours. Talk about issues Americans care about. Let’s get back to healthcare. Our differences pale in contrast to Republicans. Climate change, Planned Parenthood we all support, not the Republicans.

    CBS: Race relations.

    O’Malley: Improve public safety and race relations. That’s what I have done. Black Lives Matter.

    CBS: Young and black?

    Sanders: 1 in 4 end up in justice system. Unemployment. We spend 80 billion to lock up mostly Latinos and blacks. Police must be held accountable. End minimum sentences.

    CBS: Activism?

    Clinton: In 1960s there was a lot of activism. In college campuses there should be respect for different views. I met with mothers who lost their children to shootings. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner.

    CBS: Free Tuition? Only 60% graduate. Throwing money away?

    Sanders: I want kids in 6th grade to know if they study hard, regardless of income they will be able to go to college. Hope to millions.

    CBS: You want states to pay too? They have budget shortfalls already?

    Sanders: If you want to make it into the middle class you should be able to get a college education. We must lower interest rates on student loans.

    O’Malley: Debt free college is the goal. I actually made college more affordable. Pell Grants. Block grant programs. Lower outrageous interest rates on college loans.

    Clinton: Community college free. Debt free college. Pell Grants to defray costs. I disagree with taxpayers paying for college for all – Trump’s kids should not get taxpayer money.

    CBS: Pull the plug on health insurers realistic?

    Sanders: Won’t happen without campaign finance reform. We get ripped off by drug companies. We pay more than Canada. Millions must stand up and take on drug companies. Medicare for all.

    CBS: In 1994 you said Medicare for all. What happened?

    Clinton: ACA is good. We should all support it. Sanders gives it all to the states. As Democrats we should all proudly support ACA.

    Sanders: The ACA and other Republican states deny expansion of Medicaid. We must say health care is a right.


  37. Hillary, how can you fix HellCare if you don’t restructure it to change the profits by Big Pharma and the Insurance Companies????????????

  38. If I had to guess, O’malley probably doesn’t last more than 4 minutes, foreplay to finish, on an average night. Maybe 4 minutes.

    So sad.

    Hillary 2016?

  39. CBS: Crisis that tested you?

    Clinton: So many. I advised Obama to kill Bin Laden. That was the most challenging because there was no certainty.

    O’Malley: No crisis at state or local level to compare with commander in chief. But as a mayor and governor I learned skills to protect the country and deal with threats.

    Sanders: I was chairman of VA committee. I wrote good legislation but Republicans would not support it. I had to rewrite it. Crisis: I lost what I wanted but came back.

    Closing statements:

    O’Malley: New thinking and fresh approaches? Join me. Send money. New era. Act according to principles. No challenge too great with new leadership. I need your help.

    Clinton: I am going to keep thinking about all of you. President’s job is to lift up all the people of this country. I spent my entire life figuring out how to help those who are behind. I need your help.

    Sanders: Corrupt campaign finance system. Childhood poverty. In order to bring about change we need a political revolution. Millions must stand up. Tell the big money interests we are taking back our country.

  40. lorac, this is for you from another live-blogging here:

    10:54 — Sanders’s closing statement is evocative of Larry David’s impersonation of him: “We need a political revolution! . . . Turn off the TV! . . . Please become a part of the revolution!”

  41. The best “comment” of the debate was not from Sanders, O’Malley or Hillary or the moderators but from O’Malley’s wife…..YAWN!

  42. Trump just tweeted: “Hillary and Sanders are not doing well, but what is the failed former Mayor of Baltimore doing on that stage? O’Malley is a clown.”

  43. I assume when Hillary faces the GOP nominee she will be much more effective. I suppose it does her no good to waste to much effort against these two (2) guys who really have no reason to be running.

  44. Personally, nobody really WON the debate, but Hillary is looking at a general election loss. She continues to tie herself to goatboy the irrelevant for no reason and for no gain. O’malley actually had a few good points as a whole. If his answeres on taxes can survive a fact check, he stands well with the tax and spend crowd as the guy that taxed and spent correctly. Hillary is still leaps and bounds ahead of them in terms of policy as demonstrated by her knowledge of the effect of raising the min wage too high too fast. If Sanders and Rubio were the two general election candidates, I’d vote for Rubio. If O’malley and Carly somehow make it to the finish line, I’ll move back to Nigeria on Nov 1st.

    Overall, not a great night for Hill. Awesome night for Trump. Democrats got a chance to see how effective he is at getting things done the right way. The moderator sounded like the FOX moderators in the first debate. Just horrible. Gotcha question after gotcha question which the GOP did not have to deal with when they got to CNBC. Thank you president Trump.

    Starting to look like we will not see a woman in the White House in my lifetime 🙁

    Hillary 2016?

    Still holding out hope, but its fading……

  45. Obama is already bringing in more than 65K refugees. I saw a POTUS tweet that said 100,000 refugees. Not sure why she said 10K or maybe I misheard it.

  46. Trump won.
    What is a radical jihadist vs a moderate jihadist?
    They all blew the opening. 140 dead okay we’ll take more.

  47. Admin: you are wrong to suggest that Obama’s containment strategy against ISIS has failed, just because a few legionaires got a little friskie in Paris. A city which has endured Cossaks, Napoleon and Nazis can surely survive this skirmish. All it takes is for Obama sit down with ISIS and caution them that they are on the wrong side of history. I will not join you in suggesting that Obama’s containment strategy has failed. He has simply expanded the boundaries from the middle east to planet earth. I will not worry until I see evidence that they are taking their show into space on rocket ships. Then I shall scuple to say, Obama’s strategy is not on the wrong track, but so far big media has not been able to convince martians that Obama is great, and he is strattling the earth like a giant collossus, and for a few campaign dollars he will jump the astroid belt and show them the path to greatness, which their green color has prevented them from achieving and all the need to do is blame whitey, and I don’t mean Bulger.

  48. When I heard that howling mad sanders flack took CBS to task and told them he would cut off their dicks and shove them down their throats, I thought to myself, Bernie must not be such a bad guy after all. Anything it takes, and I mean anything to destroy big media is fair game in my book. And I don’t much care who does it save to say if tis done what ought to be done tis best it be done quickly. They are a blight on this nation, and they have no redeeming virtues. They are a waste of protoplasm. They are THE corrupter of our political system and the destroyer of our world.

  49. Obama has just announced that what happened in Paris was not an act of terrorism but merely an act of workplace violence. Nicely put by a demigod who believes the world is his oyster, and a big media who tries day and night to convince us that Obama is the second coming.

  50. TheRock – I can’t speak to this myself, but I did read a comment today saying that Mr. Baltimore’s tax system led to a lot of jobs leaving the state.

  51. I Pray America heard what all three candidates said about refugees. If one halfof one percent of the refugees that is 325. Fuck that lets say 100 get through. In the name of PC they all espouse it. Some American kid is going to die on our soil in the near future. I pray the apologists cannot sleep. They are being PC stupid and cancer is too kind of a wish.

  52. Well, I can honestly say that I am over Hillary. She has lost all her “raison d’etre” to be President. She seems to have no passion to represent the majority of Americans. She is no Bill Clinton nor is she anything better at this point. What a load of mush she dispensed at the debate and with little passion.
    I had to turn off the debate due to boredom and disgust. The PC conversation about how wonderful the Muslims are was the last straw. Obviously, there are some very nice, good Muslim people but when you look at Muslim countries on this planet, you don’t see much good to talk about. You do see oppression of women, great disparities of wealth, little protection of basic human rights. Their culture has been a breeding ground for barbarism and terrorism.
    And Hillary encourages bringing more to our country. Common sense would dictate a moratorium on Muslim immigration until and unless Islamic terrorism is stopped.

    I do agree with Admin. Trump is he winner.

  53. And as for Ocare,don even get me started. I actually agreed with much of what Sanders said and what a sad comment on Hillary that is.
    Medicare for all!

  54. Because reality will not be denied.


    With Saturday’s fatal stabbing of a 27-year-old man in West Baltimore and fatal shooting of a 22-year-old in Westport, the city’s annual homicide count passed 300 for the first time since 1999, pushing the city across a deadly threshold once considered a relic of the past.

    The latest killings continued a surge of violence — more than a killing per day — that began in late April after Freddie Gray’s death and the accompanying unrest.

    The spate of violence, along with the city’s population decline over time, now has Baltimore poised to hit another sobering milestone: the deadliest year on a per-capita basis. That is an abrupt turnaround from 2011, when city leaders were encouraged by the first drop below 200 homicides since the 1970s.

    An “abrupt turnaround from 2011” because you can’t attack and indict your police force on behalf of drug dealers and expect law and order to reign.

  55. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-11-14/10-questions-for-clinton-after-the-paris-massacre?utm_source=hootsuite

    10 Questions for Clinton After the Paris Massacre

    1) You have promised to defeat the Islamic State without “miring our troops in another misguided ground war.” And yet the U.S. and its allies have failed to win significant territory in Iraq or Syria with this approach since the summer of 2014. There are now 3,500 U.S. special operations forces in Iraq. Is that number too large or too small? Would you send more?

    2) Early reports say that at least one of the attackers Friday was a recent migrant from Syria. President Barack Obama has proposed increasing the numbers of Syrian refugees the U.S. will admit in the coming years, up by perhaps 10,000 by 2017. Would you be comfortable as president with allowing this many Syrians into the country, and how do you propose screening these migrants to prevent terrorists from coming into the U.S. as well?

    3) You have said that you urged Obama in 2012 to more actively work with moderate rebels in Syria, and that the failure to do so led to the rise of the Islamic State. Obama has said that these forces never had much of a chance to stop the civil war in that country. Do you agree with him in retrospect? Or do you think an earlier intervention would have made more of a difference?

    4) You were secretary of state in an administration that kept insisting in 2011 and 2012, following the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, that the threat to America from al-Qaeda was diminishing. Was this a mistake? Why did your administration miss the signs that so many jihadist groups were gaining strength in the aftermath of the Arab spring?

    5) The FBI says it has investigations into suspected Islamic State operatives open in all 50 states. The bureau also says that it worries when these suspected operatives engage in encrypted communications online that can’t be monitored by the U.S. intelligence community. As secretary of state, you supported policies to encourage such encrypted chat programs to help non-violent dissidents in countries like Iran. Do you still support this policy today?

    6) Do you think the 2001 congressional authorization for the use of military force in Afghanistan provides the president with enough legal authority to wage this war? Do you think Congress should draft a new measure that acknowledges the war against the Islamic State and other groups that are no longer associated with al-Qaeda?

    7) The Islamic State has expanded to Libya. You were a main proponent of the NATO intervention there in 2011. How is it that Libya has become a safe haven for terrorists? What went wrong? Do you take any responsibility for the aftermath of that intervention?

    8) Obama told ABC this week that the Islamic State was contained in Syria and Iraq, meaning they weren’t making significant territorial advances in those countries. Do you agree they are contained? Is that enough?

    9) Can the U.S. align with Russia and Iran to defeat the Islamic State? Would you seek such an alliance as president?

    10) In a 2014 interview with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, you hinted that the U.S. needed to approach the long war against Islamic terrorism in the same way the U.S. fought the Cold War. Could you further explain what this would entail and how the U.S. can wage a lengthy ideological war against Islamic extremism without alienating the majority the world’s Muslims?

    In the general election these questions will be asked with a vengeance.

  56. http://www.ibtimes.com/french-regional-elections-2015-paris-attacks-could-boost-far-right-front-national-2184919

    French Regional Elections 2015: Paris Attacks Could Boost Far-Right Front National Party And Marine Le Pen

    What were supposed to be regional elections that would offer clues to France’s presidential elections in 2017 now appear to have gained far greater import in the course of a single night after the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a string of deadly attacks in Paris in which at least 129 people so far have died. Now, the elections could be a litmus test for whether fresh Islamophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric has fallen on newly sympathetic ears, and how political leaders who espouse such views, particularly Marine Le Pen, the far-right French politician who leads the Front National, might fare in 2017 presidential elections.

    The attacks “allow the FN and Marine Le Pen to say, ‘I told you so, we’ve been talking about this threat for years but nobody listened, so give us your vote,’” Madani Cheurfa, an analyst with the think tank Cevipov, told the Observer.

    A historic crisis has rocked Europe since July, as hundreds of thousands of refugees, including Syrians, Afghans, Eritrea, Libyans, Somalis, Iraqis and Sudanese, have fled their war-torn homelands and sought safety in European countries. Yet they are not always welcome.

    Le Pen said Saturday that France must take back control of its borders, for its own sake. “Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated, France must ban Islamist organizations, close radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred in our country as well as illegal migrants who have nothing to do here,” she added.

    A defeat in December’s regional elections could seriously undermine Le Pen’s efforts to win the presidency in 2017. Similarly, doing well regionally would fuel her presidential ambitions — and could mean that her stances about immigration and Islamic fundamentalism resonate with voters. Already, polling has suggested that Le Pen would win in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, the Financial Times has reported. The northern region has high rates of unemployment and poverty, and Le Pen has previously described its residents as “neglected by the Socialist majority.”

    Although the Islamic State group, also called ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the attacks, who exactly the attackers were remains unclear. That information, if and when it comes to light, would likely further influence voters’ stances on immigration, asylum policies and Muslims in France.

    In 2012, Le Pen won 17.9 percent of votes in the presidential elections. But in local elections in March, her party won 60 seats and conservative parties overall made huge gains in local councils over previous years.


  57. Last nights “debate” was nothing but political theater. What really got me was Bernie’s complaints about campaign financing, while $30 million of his $40 million in donations are “unitemized”. He really just needs to put a sign “Soros Puppet” on his forehead. And how much more low class can you get than Baltimore O’Malley than to call Trump a Carnival Barker. Offensive, disengaged, condescending assholes.

    Hillary was well spoken but is on the wrong side of too many issues.

  58. Precursor, via the left wing Guardian:


    Front National has chance to take centre stage after Paris attacks

    The terrorist attacks in Paris have come at a supremely sensitive time in French politics, just three weeks before regional elections in which the far right is tipped to make historic gains.

    It may be “just a local vote”, political analyst Madani Cheurfa told the Observer, “but everything depends on how the Front National reacts and if Marine Le Pen manages to get the FN to speak with one voice.”

    Will Le Pen, head of the FN, be forced to echo the rivals she detests to show a united front against terrorism, as she did after the Charlie Hebdo killings in January? Or will she play the race and religion card?

    Political observers suggested the answer would come only after the country had grieved for and buried its dead, but added that Friday night’s events were likely to play into the hands of the far right.

    “The difference between this and Charlie Hebdo is that then it was journalists and police, symbols and institutions of the republic. These latest attacks were against ordinary people, all and everyone, men, women, children,” said Cheurfa, an analyst with Science Po’s research thinktank Cevipov.

    “And they allow the FN and Marine Le Pen to say, ‘I told you so, we’ve been talking about this threat for years but nobody listened, so give us your vote.’”

    Le Pen was already prosecuting some anti-Europe, anti-Islam themes during a brief conference at the FN’s headquarters on Saturday, hours after the attacks that left at least 128 dead and hundreds injured.

    “We are living the horror … yesterday evening the centre of France was struck by an exceptional barbarity. It was an escalation of Islamist terrorism and the sixth time this year that Islamists have attacked our country,” she said.

    Le Pen said it was vital that France clawed back control of its borders “for good”, in defiance of the European Union, and called for a crackdown on “hate preachers” and extremists. “Islamic extremism must be crushed,” she said.

    Opinion polls in recent elections have been deeply misleading, suggesting the FN, while rising in popularity, would do much better than it did. At the departmental elections in March, numerous surveys suggested councils were about to be taken over by the FN. While more FN candidates were indeed elected, the far right did not gain enough support to run any department.

    However, the FN is hopeful that its two leading female figures, Le Pen in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region and her niece Marion Maréchal Le Pen in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, will do the party proud this time around, and all indications suggest that might be the case. [snip]

    The FN rhetoric feeds into the national sense of being under threat, which was sparked by the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the ongoing European refugee and migrant crisis, and now Friday’s terror attacks. [snip]

    This could play well for the FN and Marine Le Pen,” Laurent Bouvet, author and professor of political science at the University of Versailles, said.

    “In the aftermath of events like this there is always a sense of national unity, but as we saw after Charlie Hebdo, it tends not to last very long and the debate becomes political again quite quickly.

    “Usually, events like Friday night tend to back up the line taken by Marine Le Pen and the hard right. In this case, there will be questions about whether the government did everything necessary after Charlie Hebdo and whether the latest attacks could have been prevented.

    “All this plays into the hands of a Front National that was already riding a positive dynamic even before the attacks.”

    Bouvet, whose book L’Insécurité Culturelle, published in March, examines why France’s working class is abandoning the left and ready to vote FN, added: “At the moment, we are too close to the events, but I would imagine the FN will benefit electorally from this.”

    When the elites abandon the working class of a country… watch out… all Hell breaks loose.

  59. With BO’s Epic Fail, America Keeps on Losing


    While the world was following the tragic events unfolding on Friday night in France where hundreds of innocent civilians were killed or injured, an important economic development took place at the IMF, whose staff and head Christine Lagarde, officially greenlighted the acceptance of China’s currency – the Renminbi, or Yuan – into the IMF’s foreign exchange basket, also known as the Special Drawing Rights.

    As Reuters summarizes, the recommendation paves the way for the Fund’s executive board, which has the final say, to place the yuan on a par with the U.S. dollar Japanese yen, British pound and euro at a meeting scheduled for November 30. At this point only an explicit veto by US political interests deep behind the stage can derail the CNY’s ascension into the SDR. The United States, the Fund’s biggest shareholder, has said it would back the yuan’s inclusion if it met the IMF’s criteria, a U.S. Treasury spokesperson said, adding: “We will review the IMF’s paper in that light.

  60. The bottom line is, that with all the damage BO has done, it is too late for any fixits. The economy and national security have gone critical and must be corrected ASAP. Hillary is coming across as the same old thing that is not working. Trump triumphs.

  61. Dumb, dumb, dump, “political analysis” by CNN. Read this article and understand the entire opposite of what the article says is the correct analysis. CNN is truly dumb or desperately grasping trying to deny reality:


    How terror in France could shape an election in America

    The latest manifestation of ISIS’ widening reach could shift the relative importance of a president’s experience, strategic vision and temperament in the minds of voters
    While none of the candidates wants to be seen as politicizing such a terrible situation, their first comments hinted at a raging debate on the threat from ISIS

    Washington (CNN)A night of terror in Paris poses immediate implications for America’s own national security and could reshape a presidential race in which political novices have turned the experience and knowledge of seasoned, conventional rivals into a liability.

    The attacks by a roving band of assassins for which ISIS has claimed responsibility represent a deadly new escalation in the war on terror and raise the bar for all the leading presidential candidates — none of whom has yet offered a cohesive, in-depth answer to the swift and deadly expansion of the group’s international terrorism ambitions.

    Less than 80 days before the first nominating votes are cast, the attacks could provide an especially strong challenge for GOP candidates like real estate mogul Donald Trump and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson and for Democrat Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Such hopefuls have mostly struggled when confronted with national security questions or have argued that their lack of experience is actually an asset that appeals to voters fed up with career politicians.

    But the latest manifestation of ISIS’ widening reach, coming on the heels of the downing of a Russian airliner and a mass-casualty bombing in Lebanon for which the group is also suspected, could shift the relative importance of a president’s experience, strategic vision and temperament in the minds of voters.

    In the Republican race, especially, it’s possible that the attacks could tilt the balance back towards more “establishment” candidates who tout administrative competence — like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — or who have put foreign policy expertise at the center of their campaigns, like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. [snip]

    But the debate is likely to quickly intensify into a wider critique of existing U.S. policy on ISIS, offering an opening for a candidate who can frame the most compelling new strategy — and offer a confident contrast with an administration that now appears to lack success in the fight against terrorism.

    “I think that at least from my point of view, the vacuum of American leadership in this space has, in my judgment, been one of the challenges and provided some of the opportunities for ISIS to move much more aggressively,” Tom Ridge, a Republican who served as the first U.S. secretary of homeland security, said on CNN’s “Smerconish” Saturday.

    “I do think Republican candidates, writ large, will be required to respond to this in a public way and those of us who are involved in the race and those of you who analyze it and comment on it will see what response makes the greatest sense.”

    Contenders, including those in Saturday night’s Democratic debate in Iowa, must now confront a question likely playing out on the minds of many American voters. If a small group of terrorists, apparently schooled in carnage in the Syrian war, can turn the streets of France into an extension of the Middle East killing field, why can’t it happen soon in New York or Chicago or Dallas?

    “We have 250 fighters from the United States that have gone to fight in Syria as jihadists,” Ed Royce, Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs committee said on CNN Friday night. [snip]

    It is already clear that the horrific, multiple Paris killing sprees leave the foreign policy legacy of President Barack Obama in the Middle East looking even more threadbare.

    It was a harsh political irony that the killings in France took place on the same day that an interview aired in which the President argued that his strategy had “contained” ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    Such comments, and the occasion when Obama referred to ISIS as a “JV team,” now represent a significant vulnerability for Democrats who want to succeed him and an opportunity for Republicans portraying his tenure as commander-in-chief as feckless. [snip]

    Despite Republican criticisms of her record as secretary of state, the escalating power of global terrorism could bolster Clinton’s claims that her experience on the global stage has left her with a resume of statesmanship vitally needed in an age of crisis. [snip]

    An effort to lay out the more robust strategy against ISIS that the next president may eventually have to adopt would also put Clinton in the difficult position of criticizing Obama’s current efforts at the same time that she is trying to reassemble the coalition of voters that helped the President win two terms.

    And despite making clear that she would have taken a more proactive approach earlier in the Syrian civil war, her role as Obama’s first-term secretary of state exposes her to GOP arguments that her presidency would simply represent an extension of the failed national security policies pursued by the current administration. [snip]

    But the back and forth on ISIS that has played out in the GOP primary race has most exposed the two front-running candidates Trump and Carson –– particularly in presidential debates.

    Trump for instance, said this week that he would “bomb the s— out of ISIS,” and while he may be tapping into deep public anger at the group, his comments hardly hint at a thought-out military strategy, nor does his other recent claim that he knows more about ISIS than U.S. generals. [snip]

    The aftermath of the Paris attacks is likely not just to fuel Republican criticisms of Obama’s record but to offer an opening for GOP candidates to distinguish themselves on national security.

    One such candidate is Rubio — who appears to have laid a shrewd bet years ago on carving out a foreign policy lane for himself in a potential presidential campaign.

    In his statement on Friday night, Rubio offered the first hints of how his rhetoric on ISIS could evolve past his frequent and vehement critiques of Obama’s leadership style.

    “We cannot let those who seek to disrupt our way of life succeed,” said Rubio, who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “We must increase our efforts at home and abroad to improve our defenses, destroy terrorist networks and deprive them of the space from which to operate.”

    This is a truly dumb article that misses the obvious.

    (1) Trump is the candidate most helped by these attacks because his outspoken positions on illegal immigration, border control, “bomb the sh*t” toughness, and admonitions that our leaders are stupid all speak to the moment.

    (2) A candidate who is aligned with Obama in any way or positions herself as the Obama third term will be viewed as an enemy of reality.

  62. Newly coronated speaker has already thrown water on Trump’s amnesty;
    House Speaker Paul Ryan told CBS’ Scott Pelley that Donald Trump’s plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants would never pass Congress.
    The newly appointed speaker said he can’t imagine how that plan would ever happen under his leadership, according to the pre-taped 60 Minutes interview that will air Sunday.

  63. admin
    November 15, 2015 at 10:03 am
    Just another spin piece that the public is becoming increasing annoyed by.

  64. holdthemaccountable
    November 15, 2015 at 11:33 am
    I think that may have been taped before the Paris attack.

    The comments, much to the point, are that the POTUS does not need Congress to enforce the law of the land.

    Paul Ryan is a prig.

  65. speaking of borderless Europe, on my last trip through France and Switzerland, it was surreal as we stayed in from Thoiry, FR and drove to Geneva, CH for dinner in the evening. There was a border post but it was not manned and it was like going from one city to the next. Same thing when we returned the rental car in FR but stayed in Basel on the other side for the night. It makes for convenient travel for regular folks like us. Freedom!

  66. holdthemaccountable
    November 15, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Trump is starting at the impossible starting point knowing well that by doing so he will get the strictest deal to deal with illegal immigrants. I think he knows that it is not possible to round up 10s of millions and send them back but starting from there, I think he thinks that there will be some self deportation due to fear and uncertainty of what he might do (I think Mormaer had made this point at some time) and then he will deal with what is left in a reasonable and fair manner.

  67. admin
    November 15, 2015 at 10:03 am

    It is going to take some time for the magnitude of what they have done to sink in. Globalism and open borders are dead. It has gone so far and it is so deep in the weeds that it will take some time for it to be beaten to death with a stick. Many, many shitty careers will end over it. The shock of the magnitude of the failure is not sunk in. The periphery nitwits like the media and bureaucrat enablers are still running on their pre-programed agit-prop. Being script readers and actors they haven’t got a new script yet. The sad little debate last night was an example of rattling off old memes with a few ad libs thrown in that sounded alternate universe bizarre. Only Bernie had enough sense to be angry and afraid as the earth shifted under his old feet. And he is not Trump lucky. Nor Trump smart.

  68. It is fascinating to see who pays the price in this open border Europe debacle, isn’t it? Of course, my impressions are through my own experience and I don’t have any special knowledge in what the global elites are up to. Just through my travel experience, this open borders thingy is pretty neat for tourism, local economy and so on especially for European countries that are all clustered together. Except that we have the three headed monster rearing its ugly and evil head. Merkel says OK to all the “refugees” and bringing them in but France has paid the first price. Merkel of course says all the right things about standing with FR and what not. One might ask why what was done in Paris was not done in Germany. Can you name a city in GR that is as famous as Paris? Can you name a city in GR that has as much Muslim population as Paris? So Merkel’s extravagant and holy (?) gesture (assuming that all refugees were real) is someoneelse’s nightmare. Europe is fucked.

  69. Tony Stark, here’s another analysis that agrees that Kook “liberal” Europe is over:


    Paris attacks put dagger through heart of liberal Europe

    With Paris now enduring this second major terror bloodbath in under a year, questions are now being asked about how much longer both Europe’s open border system and vision of a tolerant, multi-cultural society can survive.

    “With Paris in lockdown and France closing its borders, we can see all too clearly that what is at stake here is the very essence of our way of life in Europe,” said Davis Lewin, the deputy director of the Henry Jackson Society, a conservative think-tank.

    Designed to facilitate the free movement of goods and labour that is the economic life-blood of the continent, the Schengen system has also enabled the easy transfer of both weapons and, potentially jihadist fighters, across those same borders.

    Following the attacks, Francois Hollande, the French President also re-imposed border controls in a bid to ensure that none of the Paris terrorists or their support network in France were able to escape, as occurred after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity.

    Even before the Paris attacks, Donald Tusk, the EU president, had warned that Europe faced a “race against time” to save the 20-year-old system, which is seen as one of the Union’s most concrete achievements.

    In the last few months Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have all re-introduced some form of border controls in order to try and regulate the flow of migrants – many from Syria and Iraq – as they flooded into Europe.

    The security risks posed by open borders were highlighted by both the Charlie Hebdo attack and the botched Thalys train attack earlier this year, when in both cases the weapons used in France had been smuggled in from Belgium.

    Continental Europe is reportedly awash with automatic firearms orginiating from the Balkan wars of the 1990s and the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Belgium, a country with a population of 11 million, has around 900,000 firearms in circulation.

    More broadly, analysts warn that the Paris attack also has the potential to fuel the on-going rise of Europe’s Right-wing parties who have warned of the posed by uncontrolled migration – both in terms of immediate security but also to Western’s Europe’s culturally liberal way of life. [snip]

    At the height of the migrant crisis last September, Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said the migrants flooding into northern Europe were a threat to British security.

    “My concern is that Isis have actually said that they will use the migrant wave to flood Europe with half a million of their jihadi fighters,” he said in a radio interview, “Now even if that’s wrong, even it its only 5,000 – even if it’s only 500 – I am very worried about that.”

    Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, a pro-EU think-tank, warned that Islamic State wanted its attacks to bolster far-Right politicians like Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader who looks poised for a major victory in France’s regional polls this December.

    “Islamic State want to get Marine Le Pen stronger. They want far-Right attacks on mosques and a warlike ambience in western countries, because the more Muslims are persecuted, the more Muslims will be motivated to pick up arms and fight in Western Europe.

    “Europe’s game must be to resist that and not repeat the mistakes we made after September 11 which played right into al-Qaeda’s hands. We must hold our nerve and embrace our values of tolerance of faith and religions which we share in common and against the Islamic State.”

    Still, the Paris attacks are likely to harden the views of Eastern and Central European leaders like Viktor Orban in Hungary and Slovenian’s Miro Cerar , who have openly rejected the notion of a tolerant, multi-cultural Europe espoused major core nations like Germany, Italy and France.

    Mr Lewin of the Henry Jackson Society, warned that unless liberal governments were more open about confronting the threat posed by militant Islam to European societies, they risked losing the argument to the real hardliners.

    “It’s all very well to have a compassionate, multi-cultural vision in principle, but in practice we do not seem to know who is among us, and whether they share our values.

    “The political classes cannot keep saying – as Merkel is saying – that ‘there is nothing to see here’, that the problem is not related to Islam, when everyone can perfectly well see that it is.

    “If mainstream governments keep letting cultural sensitivities stand in the way of a robust assessment of the situation, then the far-Right will only exploit this issue further, and turn to ever more reductionist and populist solutions.”

    Hillary better learn, if it is not too late for her which it might be after last night, that when people are in a snake pit they will reach for any stick to fight the vipers.

  70. Two things that are very telling I noticed in the aftermath of the terror in Paris. The NYT commenters and the US embassy in Paris had interesting reactions. Elites and wannabes read the NYT. Their comments reflect this as do the ones that the staff chooses to “pick”. The horror and butthurt over their select French real estate being targeted by a bunch of morons from the middle east to inconvenience them and when they would choose to go visit museums, slum, eat, drink, shop, hang around has been violated. This is much more consequential than if say Manchester or Omaha had been obliterated. It inconveniences THEM! And their children who like to go study esoteric subjects. The NERVE! They didn’t say this out loud but that was the general tone.

    The next is the embassy. One of my party years ago was pick pocketed in Paris and I went with them to the embassy for a new passport. It is a palace. It is huge. And it is prominent in a really nice part of town. While Paris was running crazy Friday night trying to figure out what the hell was going on, transport, streets, businesses closed up tight as a tick. People were stranded everywhere and terrified. American citizens in the area ran to THEIR embassy for protection from who knew what. Reports are that they were turned away. The gates shut. I’m sure if this is true they have a reason but I can’t think of one. Who is in Paris and who exactly ran to that embassy? The elites now have skin in the game after being protected from the dangers of this idiocy for far too long. Geraldo Riveria the lover of all things illegal alien was crying on television for his endangered baby. This asshole hasn’t been crying for the kids getting shot in the Rio Grande Valley by Mexican drug cartels skipping over the border at will. F’ him. And his whiny brat. Buck up darling and welcome to the world your father has advocated until now.

  71. admin
    November 15, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    Most of the media is trying desperately to quash the bad news. A gang of middle aged Frenchmen marched over to the “Jungle” at Calais and set it on FIRE. Bold as brass just torched it. I guess if your government won’t deport them you can burn them out. Then news is out that a car was “intercepted” in Germany somewhere with some dude from Montenegro smuggling some really interesting stuff like rifles, grenades, ammunition, etc. It also has the GPS programmed to some Muslim slum in Paris. The Germans hauled him in and he “refused” to talk. I guess they are too busy trying to prevent the “refugees” from beating each other to death to contact Montenegro and see what he is up to there or haul in his relatives. They also didn’t notify the French. Wasn’t that nice of the Germans not wanting to worry the French and stuff. What other little goodies of intelligence are the idiot Germans hiding? If I hear anything else about how intelligent and efficient Germans are I am going to bust a gut laughing. They are as brilliant and efficient as Obama’s national security staff.

  72. Lu4PUMA
    November 15, 2015 at 9:44 am

    Outstanding catch, Lu. For the past couple of years, the Chinese have been complaining to the world (with Russia egging them on from the shadows) that the US dollar should not be the reserve currency of the world anymore due to the financial uncertainty the past two administrations have fostered. The 2008 meltdown, the repeated threats of government shutdown and the extended QE policies adopted by the Fed are regularly cited by the Chinese as the basis for their argument. They have proposed a revolving reserve currency as the solution to the problem.

    With the TPP giving China backdoor cover to exploit the U.S. economy attached to the possibility that the Yuan might be used on occasion in pricing the cost of a barrel of oil, China could reach half the US GDP inside of 4 years.

    Hillary 2016?

  73. Putin emerges as the world leader:

    Responding to this latest atrocity in the French capital, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed Russia’s condolences and said: “The tragedy in Paris demands that we all unite in our fight against extremism.”

    These are no mere empty words. The longer Russia’s call for unity in this struggle goes unheeded and ignored, the longer it will take for the gates of hell to be bolted shut again – assuming, of course, they ever can be.


  74. pm317
    November 15, 2015 at 2:10 pm
    I had a Belgian neighbor, and she said there are so many Muslims now living in Belgium that they have started calling it Belgistan.

  75. lorac, Carson was more forceful on Fox News Sunday and there was less of eyes closing and soft talking. He did some of that when he was BSing to a challenge from Wallace that he didn’t know how best to handle.

  76. jbstones – they always do that, and it drives me nuts. The innocent Muslims* are not the victims, the innocent killed, wounded, traumatized, and their loved ones are.

    *(who don’t believe in equality for women or gays, some of whom are still into genital mutilation of young girls, who make women wear sheets, ie who even though not violent do NOT share “our universal values”, Obama)

    No more no-go zones, IMO anyone who wants to immigrate to a western country has to assimilate, or no citizenship. Maybe a probationary 2 year period, and if they’re still wearing sheets, isolating themselves, etc – deportation. IMO, the melting pot must come back, you come here because you want to be American – no more multicultural – it’s nothing but cultural suicide.

  77. pm317 – someone on another site is saying he was interviewed this morning, and was stumbling over his words. If it was the same show you watched, maybe it was the Wallace challenge you mentioned? It could have been a different show, though…

  78. I think Hillary is going to have real issues in the general election over the chaos that ensured during her tenure as SOS.

  79. Admin

    Hillary better learn, if it is not too late for her which it might be after last night, that when people are in a snake pit they will reach for any stick to fight the vipers.

    Absolutely Admin!!

    Hillary is on the edge of the cliff with this immigration issue and the more she defends the failures of the Tin Calf, the more lame she becomes.

  80. Do not watch this if you want to sleep tonight. These are not refugees, they are invaders. All men, sort of. Many appear more like animals.

  81. Lu, I’ve seen that video, too. You’re right. It’s incredibly disturbing. But I think it’s better to know the truth.

  82. First Obama was saying 10,000 refugees. Hillary was talking 65,000 and I have heard up to 250,000. Just like the numbers on the illegal immigrants. 5 million became 10 million and they are planning on 30 million.

    Since the Paris attacks, the news has been running the 10,000 number on the refugees. I hope we get some nice families, with lots of children.

  83. Note in the video how the firepower of the terrorists beat the police back like schoolchildren. The amateur cameraman was quick to note that the guns they were using sounded like AK’s. Listen to the guns the first responders had. Remember, guns are more difficult to come by in Europe than they are here. THAT could be coming to a street near you….

    Paris attacks: Video shows firefight outside Bataclan

    By Dylan Stableford
    7 hours ago
    Yahoo News

    Read article at http://news.yahoo.com/paris-attacks-video-gunman-outside-bataclan-165558053.html

    Hillary 2016?

  84. lorac
    November 15, 2015 at 5:12 pm
    Bombing ISIS’ capital is just for show. It is a de facto state, and the only thing that ill work will be to occupy it with ground troops. Is France really prepared to go all the way to avenge its dead? I think not, given Hollande’s inaction following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

  85. Lu4PUMA
    November 15, 2015 at 7:07 pm
    First Obama was saying 10,000 refugees. Hillary was talking 65,000 and I have heard up to 250,00


    Those numbers have been rattling around in my brain too.

    Some have said that El Fraud wants to take in 10k by 2017, Hillary said she would take in 65k last night (this might be one of Hillary’s biggest mistakes in my mind to date), and in the Trump’s video Admin posted above, Trump said Baracko would take in 250k.

    They all toss out numbers like they are chips at the poker table. How does Hillary plan to vet these people so we don’t have radical Muslims in our country??? There will never be a way to know who will feel mistreated, and later turn into our own terrorist situation.

  86. I really don’t know how anyone can support Hillary at this time. .she has gone full metal jacket delusional and she is most willing to put in harms way the American people for the chocolate bar with the golden wrapper.

  87. I just saw this on another site. Obama – uggghh. I just don’t see how his actions are different than someone who wants to destroy this country and all of the west… I have to look for further info about this…

    FOX new alert: pentagon just announced they have released 5 GITMO detainees to EAU.

  88. pm317
    November 15, 2015 at 8:28 pm
    Some of the other refugees are even worse. The Open Gates video shows a lot of violent animals.

  89. Erdogan is a radical Islamist and Obama’s most trusted foreign “ally”. Obama loves this guy but despises Bibi whose country is fighting terrorist everyday and providing vital intelligence.

  90. jbstonesfan, look at the pic of Obama and that turkey guy in the DC Whispers link..
    I did…makes you realize what a sad state of affairs we are in.

  91. Hopeless . . . .

    The dilemma the West now faces is that it cannot survive on the basis of the platform which its elites have carefully constructed since WW2. They are being beaten to death with their own lofty statements. They must either continue to uphold the vision of open borders, multiculturalism, declining birthrates, unilateral disarmament and a growing state sector at all costs — in other words continue on the road to suicide — or retreat. As recent events at American campuses have shown, when faced with the choice of saving the Left and saving the actual world, the odds are that “the world” goes over the side first.

  92. Shadowfax
    November 15, 2015 at 11:24 pm
    French jets bomb Syria in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa (CNN)

    US is giving France the raw data on where to strike
    Like Google Maps?

  93. Let us not forget the force behind all the turmoil of present day Syrian refugees and the barbarians started with the Saudis and Turks with the help of Obama meddling in Syria.

  94. and mishandling of Iraq by Obama. They are trying to blame the Iraqi PM but why was there no influence from the Obama admin to steer that guy to do the right thing.

  95. I feel sorry for the international press that has to sit and listen to O ‘drone’ on and on and the Turkey 20 summit presser

    god, is he boring…

  96. the thing that bothers me the most about the Dims, O and what Hillary is saying right now about allowing more illegal immigrants and refugees into the USA…is that they seem to forget their most important priority is to protect the American people…the American people’s safety is FIRST…

    instead they are ready to roll the dice and gamble that the illegals and refugess that they let in have been “fully vetted” and are ok…and in addition, we will pay for their transition and relocation in a multitude of ways…

    regardless that it has been established that there is no data, no database on these people and they have no papers…and if they do have papers it is very easy for the worst of them to fake the paperwork…

    thus, there is no vetting of these refugees…all weekend we heard officials say how the amount of people is too overwhelming and they cannot keep up…and they cannot keep track of the people coming from who knows where…and there are no background checks or database on them…

    how easy for ISIS to “pretend” to be a refugee to get into France…or get into the USA…and while in the USA, our govt will even make your stay comfortable while the ISIS plot to kill innocents here…

    does our govt not understand that these people know how to ‘play’ us and they will do so to our detriment…

    just how can O, Rhodes or Hillary be so confident of the vetting process they say they are relying on…

    now it is being reported that one of the killers in Paris was even a woman…

    …work on making safe places for them to stay in their country…we cannot absorb all of this…the American people need a break…even O said the USA has given the most to the refugees and continues to do so…I believe he said something linke $5 Billion so far…

    why are the muslim countries not stepping up with money and accepting refugees?

    are the Dims hell bent on turning our country into a third world country…

    if they insist with continuing with their refugee plan they are gambling with the safety of the American people…

    and they are tempting fate…at our expense…

  97. pm317
    November 15, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    November 15, 2015 at 11:33 am
    Trump’s deportation plan,Reminds me of Reagan’s remark “bombing begins in five minutes.” 😀

  98. one more thing…

    re: Dims, O & Hillary on illegals and refugees…

    the Dims POV is very sympathetic towards the refugees …and truly, I am too…it is very sad…

    yet…have you noticed how the Dims and Hillary never say one word about the American victims that suffer at the hands of illegal immigrants in our own country…in our own homes…in our own backyards…

    they keep talking about ‘our American values’ as if, Americans must always sacrfice, suffer and pay for the plight of others in the world whether we want to or not, the Dims will force it upon us, our neighborhoods, our schools, our hospitals…wherever once they bring whoever here…

    and they will protect those people in Santuary cities, they will protect them from responsibilities and crimes they commit that American citizens would have to pay for in the court system, with fines, or in jail…

    How is this fair to the American people?

    Do our “American Values” mean we have to become victims to satisfy the Democrats?

    …and who knows what even happens with refugees…because everything is kept very quiet…very secretive…

    DT is the only one speaking up on behalf of American citizens

  99. Foxy 11:18 am Trump’s deportation plan, Reminds me of Reagan’s remark “bombing begins in five minutes.” 😀
    Took me forever to find the origin of this and now that I have, “Spot on”.
    S Do our “American Values” mean we have to become victims to satisfy the Democrats?
    The older people are, I think, the more that logic works. Targets Christians, seniors, non-thinkers, I’d say.
    I knew turdblossom would come to use more patriotic language to his advantage toward the end of his reign..because he’ll do anything.
    I’m trying not to pile undue praise on Trump, but he may have exacted subliminal influence on me earlier when I called the 3 Congress Critters’ offices about Syrian refugees and told them:
    “I’ve joined a twitter movement to impeach Obama, but for today will restrict my request to leaving the Syrians where they are.”
    Thought I could hear gasps from the Dem’s and RINO’s clerks. The Clerk for the House guy is with the people on this.
    Meantime, here’s the country’s current foreign policy description in a song:

    Come On-A My House – Rosemary Clooney 1951

  100. S,

    You ask “why are the muslim countries not stepping up with money and accepting refugees?”

    The answer is simple. They are want us dead. The real question is why the majority of the free world does not get this simple truth? Those countries want us dead.

    I cringe every time I see one of those “coexist” bumper stickers. How can you coexist with someone who wants to kill you?

  101. And speaking of bumper stickers, I saw a great one yesterday. It had a picture of Obama with the comment “Does this ass make my truck look big?

  102. S

    November 16, 2015 at 10:59 am
    are the Dims hell bent on turning our country into a third world country…

    If you haven’t figured that out by now… Of COURSE that is their goal. Divide us up into competing groups, keep us fighting each other, and dependent upon Uncle Sugar.

  103. Paris (CNN)Declaring that “France is at war,” President Francois Hollande on Monday proposed sweeping new laws and more spending on public safety in response to Friday’s terror attacks in Paris — promising to eradicate terrorism, but not at the expense of France’s freedom.

    At the same time, ISIS threatened the United States that it could be next.

    “I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington,” an ISIS fighter declared in a video released Monday.

    Barry had better gown some, imediately!

  104. @S …work on making safe places for them to stay in their country…

    Well, they are good at mucking it up and incompetent at building. So many commonsense ideas come to mind — 1) steering Iraqi PM to include Sunnis from early on as part of his administration and the army; 2) trying to broker a peace in Syria instead of arming the “rebels”;

    Obama and co tried to muck it up in Egypt but they were careful and regained their balance by booting MB out.

  105. The Obama administration is looking to increase the number of Syrian refugees who may be admitted into the U.S. as well as speed up the process. The administration plans to do this, Reuters reports, by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon. As of now, the administration promised to accept as many as 100,000 refugees each year by the end of 2017. The present annual cap is at 70,000.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/14/cong-source-syrian-refugees-coming-to-u-s-for-last-two-fiscal-years/#ixzz3rgNqOT43

  106. He just wants to slip as many ISIS people into the US so that they can cause maximum mayhem during his last months as President. No other explanation makes sense in light of the Paris attacks.

  107. Shadowfax

    November 16, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    As of now, the administration promised to accept as many as 100,000 refugees each year by the end of 2017. The present annual cap is at 70,000.


    not if DT gets elected…

  108. Growing number of states refuse refugees
    At least 11 Republican governors have announced plans to block Syrian refugees from resettling in their states in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley issued statements Sunday saying that they wanted to prioritize the safety of the residents in their states.
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a GOP presidential candidate; Arkansas Gov. Gov. Asa Hutchinson; Indiana Gov. Mike Pence; Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant; Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner; Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker; Florida Gov. Rick Scott; and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory joined them on Monday….

  109. @Tony Stark, no, he wants the mayhem in the next administration so he can gloat he kept the US safe during his term.

  110. Beware de crock pots.
    And da crackpots too. :lol_____________

    Lady Bikki • 6 hours ago

    Asshole just said the Boston bombing done by “two brothers and a crockpot”.
    His stupidity is mind boggling.

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