Crisis After #GOPdebate 4: @RealDonaldTrump Wins On Immigration And ObamaTrade

Update: Breaking: Multiple deaths in Paris amid reports of shootings, explosion. Another Trump warning goes full Churchill.

On the same day Barack Obama said he had ISIS “contained” Paris is under attack. According to some reports including one from Shep Smith: Man in French custody told police he’s Syrian, he came with 2 others, recruited by ISIS, and that this is an ISIS mission. Other reports appear to confirm what Obama will not admit about the Islamic savages out to destroy Israel and the West even as weak European leaders and Obama praise open borders:

Yasmin, inside the Bataclan, told BFM television: “I saw two guys. The biggest one said: ‘What are you doing in Syria? You’re going to pay now.’

“Then he opened fire.

“I saw bodies falling all around me. I was shot in the foot. It was carnage. I’ve never seen so many dead people all around,” she said, sobbing.

Anyone still wonder why Trump is winning? Europe’s open borders and the American southern border have melded into the most important issue for 2016. And Trump owns that issue.

It’s going to be a very interesting Dem debate tomorrow night and we will all see if these candidates are appeasers of Islamic monsters or will fight for America.


Good thing it was not the Bible. We swore on a stack of Art of the Deal books we would not write an article about how Donald J. Trump won the 4th debate. After every debate we’ve written such articles. But here we are and the latest news confirms: Donald Trump won GOP debate #4.


We wrote before the debate that Trump should focus on ObamaTrade as that is an issue which differentiates him from the others on the stage in a stark manner.

ObamaTrade did not dominate the debate as we thought it should have but it did lead to the second most feisty exchange between candidates. In that exchange Trump was attacked in a very clever manner by the exceedingly foolish Rand Paul.

The wackadoodle Rand Paul must have gotten one of his wiry hairs corkscrewing into his head because Randy did not understand the intelligent argument Donald J. Trump made. The moderator clearly understood Trump’s obvious claims and tried to point it out to the wackadoodle Randy even as a commercial break prevented a follow up from Trump. Subsequent events from Thursday proved Donald J. Trump correct and Rand Paul a clown.

First here is the exchange on ObamaTrade:

Notice that Donald J. Trump explicitly stated that China would come in “through the back door”. Trump denounces ObamaTrade/TPP and declares it a loss for the United States of monumental proportions. Further Trump discusses China currency manipulation and says it is the “single great weapon” China employs and which causes a great deal of job loss in this country.

Rand Paul is technically correct that China is not part of the ObamaTrade/TPP treaty. But that does not mean China cannot take advantage of the ObamaTrade/TPP treaty. Rand Paul is blind to what Trump sees as obvious. Trump is correct:

But Trump never suggested that China was part of the TPP, only that the country would “come in, as they always do, through the back door” of the agreement. And he was right.

The TPP does indeed allow China and other non-members to reap benefits from the deal without having to abide by any of its terms.

Here’s how it works: TPP and other free trade deals allow signatories to exchange goods without tariffs. But we live in a complicated world, with source materials derived from one country often traveling through a supply chain to another and completed in a third before moving to a retail market.

To cope with this, TPP adds a “rule of origin” chapter to determine whether an amalgamated good qualifies for tariff-free status. This is particularly important in Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam or Malaysia, which get a significant amount of production materials from China.

TPP says that all materials that go into a good, outside of a de minimis 10 percent, must derive from TPP countries. However, there are numerous exceptions and exemptions, along with a confusing set of calculations to determine eligibility. Through these cracks in the agreement, as Trump alluded, China can deliver goods to TPP countries without tariffs.

The article we cite above goes deep into the weeds of how China can take full advantage of ObaamTrade/TPP and should be read in full. This is not an academic argument. On Thursday, Trump’s China warnings hit, with real world consequences (via left wing Slate magazine):

Paging Donald Trump: General Motors Plans to Sell Chinese-Made Buicks in America

In a move that is almost certainly destined to become a campaign talking point for one Donald Trump, General Motors is reportedly planning to sell Chinese-manufactured Buicks in the United States. [snip]

If the move is successful, GM and its competitors could try to move more of their production to China. [snip]

There might be other reasons for American workers to worry about Chinese production. Let’s say, for instance, that China’s domestic car market cools down a bit more as the economy slows, and GM suddenly finds itself with lots of excess factory capacity there. The company could theoretically start using it to build more cars for the U.S. rather than open new plants here at home.

Fox Business explains further:

As Labor Costs Rise, GM to Sell Chinese-Made Buick SUV in U.S.

General Motors Co., fresh off agreeing to a new union contract that is expected to drive up its U.S. labor costs, plans to become the first major auto maker to sell Chinese-made cars in the U.S.

The nation’s No. 1 auto maker by sales early next year plans to start selling the Buick Envision, a midsize sport-utility vehicle made in Shandong province, according to people familiar with the plan. The move would add a third SUV to Buick’s U.S. lineup at a time when such crossovers are among the best selling vehicles in the market.

Initially, the company expects to import a modest number–between 30,000 and 40,000–a year. But it signals the beginning of a strategic production shift for the Detroit auto giant and a bold experiment that will be closely followed by other auto companies that have said they would eventually consider such a move.

Long among the top foreign sellers in China by volume, GM has confined production there to meeting China’s recent explosive demand. But as sales gains have moderated and Chinese tastes in cars converge with Americans’, the potential for more Chinese imports from GM and others could blossom. [snip]

In 2011, the UAW agreed to a wage contract that led to big bonuses for workers and the addition of tens of thousands of factory jobs. This year, union officials won much richer contracts that are expected to undermine those investment decisions and lead Detroit executives to look for lower-cost manufacturing options.

Add it all up and the Trump warnings on ObamaTrade/TPP so mocked by Big Media come true fast enough to make an American worker’s head spin.


On illegal immigration Donald J. Trump had an even more successful night when taken together with subsequent events. First, the illegal immigration blast from Trump at the debate as he battled John Kasich and Jeb Bush:

After Trump squashed Kasich, Jeb Bush came in to try to rescue the hapless Ohio Republican:

Marco Glibio joined in to say something, glib, about illegal immigration. But it was Ted Cruz who then took a bat at the illegal immigration ball to hit a homerun:

Cruz: I’m Tired Of Being Told I’m Anti-Immigrant. It’s Offensive

“The Democrats are laughing because if Republicans join Democrats as the party of amnesty, we will lose,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz said at FOX Business’ debate on Tuesday night. “And you know, I understand that when the mainstream media covers immigration, it doesn’t often see it as an economic issue. But I can tell you for millions of Americans at home, watching this, it is a very personal economic issue. And I will say the politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande.”

“Or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press,” Cruz said to laughter. “Then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation.”

“And I will say for those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally and we should enforce the law, we’re tired of being told, it is anti-immigrant. It’s offensive,” Cruz said to applause from the audience.

“I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba to seek the American dream.,” he said. “And we can embrace legal immigration while believing in the rule of law.

Cruz’ response was very effective. So is Cruz the big winner on immigration? Not quite. Subsequent events and political calculations give Trump the win.

After the debate two lines of opportunity have opened for Trump. The first is open warfare on illegal immigration between Ted Cruz and Marco Glibio as they battle to eliminate each other. Second, Ben Carson made a mistake by aligning himself with Kasich, Bush, Rubio on illegal immigration and attacking Donald Trump. That’s the positioning Trump needed and wanted.

First, Cruz versus Rubio on illegal immigration as they battle and weaken themselves:

“I think for voters that are looking for someone who’s consistent and true, I’m the only one on that stage who’s always opposed amnesty,” Mr. Cruz said in an interview on Fox News after the debate, underlining his opposition to the bipartisan immigration bill that Mr. Rubio helped write in the Senate.

Mr. Cruz insisted that he “led the fight against amnesty in Congress with Chuck Schumer and the establishment Republicans,” a cloaked shot at his fellow senator.

Cruz is engaged in a coordinated attack to take out Glibio:

Without calling out his Senate colleague by name, Cruz twice took subtle digs at Rubio during the Fox Business Network debate. At one point, he warned against Republicans who would turn the GOP into “the party of amnesty” — without specifically mentioning that Rubio had championed a bill that would have provided undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship

Our record on amnesty is clear and consistent and [Rubio’s] is not as clear and consistent,” [Cruz spokesman Rick] Tyler said. “He was for the Gang of Eight bill, then he said he wasn’t. Then he said he was for a step-by-step approach.” He continued to list the litany of alleged flip-flops before concluding of Rubio, “He essentially has the same position as the president.

Then the back and forth fight got ugly as Cruz hit Glibio and Glibio hit Cruz:

Via the Right Scoop, enjoy six minutes below of Cruz laying Rubio out this morning on Laura Ingraham’s show, replete with a scriptural reference. Not only was Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill the same old comprehensive garbage that screwed border hawks in 1986, Cruz says, but Rubio joined with the other seven members in opposing all of his amendments to strengthen the security parts of the bill. Which is true: Every time a comprehensive immigration bill comes together in the Senate, the bipartisan coalition behind it agrees to kill off amendments for fear that letting one through from either party will operate as a poison pill. If Cruz’s security amendments had been adopted, Democrats who would have otherwise supported the bill would have bailed and it would have failed. (For Democrats, stronger immigration enforcement is a dealbreaker.) Part of the deal in joining the Gang for Rubio, McCain, Graham, and Flake was systematically defeating any amendment that would upset the balance of the deal they’d struck with Schumer, even if it came from the right. So Cruz’s amendments went down the drain. And now Cruz is going to rub Rubio’s face in it. [snip]

True, Cruz doesn’t support a path to citizenship as Rubio does, but many border hawks will tell you that’s a distinction without much of a meaningful difference. The key for citizenship is giving illegals a foot in the door with legalization; once they have the right to stay here, the right to become citizens will eventually follow as Congress comes under pressure to make it happen. Cruz has also been careful not to go too far right in his broader rhetoric about immigration, knowing that he’s got a real shot at the nomination and will be hit hard on this subject in the general election. Trump has called for deporting all 11 million — but not Cruz. Scott Walker flirted with the idea of reducing legal immigration, a la Jeff Sessions — but not Cruz. Lots of conservatives talk about immigration as a cultural issue — but not Cruz, or at least, not nearly as much as he talks about it as an economic issue. (Which he did two days ago at the debate.) By focusing so much in his public comments on opposing a path to citizenship and demanding more border security, Cruz has craftily managed to convince a lot of righties, I think, that he’s coming at this issue roughly from the same place that Trump and Tom Tancredo. Not so, as some of his competitors in the field have started to notice. Rubio’s going to make sure now that a lot more people notice.

Cruz, who some in the establishment think will eventually take down Trump, is currently engaged in a battle against Glibio. Trump will have a good giggle and watch as Glibio will bloody Ted Cruz, via Youtube:

The Times asked him what we should do about the 11 million and he referred them to his amendment about work permits and green cards. Huh. Doesn’t sound like a guy who supports Trump-style mass deportation to me. But it’s hard to say because, somehow, in 2015, three years into Ted Cruz’s Senate career and many months into his presidential campaign, we still don’t have a clear idea of what he wants to do about illegal immigrants. That’s odd, no? For a guy who loves to talk and is constantly patting himself on the back for taking bold stands, he’s been strangely quiet on that topic. Go figure.

Team Cruz’s spin about his amendment is part of a little game they’re playing, I think. During the primaries, they’re going to tell conservatives that the amendment was nothing more than a ploy designed to show that Democrats care about a path to citizenship. Don’t read anything into it. Once he becomes the nominee, though, they’re going to turn around and tell undecided centrists, who will be inundated with Democratic attack ads that Cruz hates illegals, that Cruz was actually behind the amendment 100 percent. Big fan of work permits and green cards, that Sen. Cruz. And God help the border-hawk RINO like me who dares to point out next year that he talked out of both sides of his mouths on the subject, as that’ll be deemed high treason in the midst of a brutal election battle for the future of America.

Exit question via Harry Enten: Did Cruz move too soon in attacking Rubio on immigration? Rubio’s going to spend weeks now arguing that Cruz isn’t much different than he is on immigration, which would be fine except that Trump’s still at 30 percent in the polls and is seen overwhelmingly by Republicans as the candidate who’d handle immigration best. If Rubio succeeds in framing Cruz as squishy on immigration (if not quite as squishy as he himself is), it’s a golden opportunity for Trump to jump in and attack both of them as pro-amnesty RINOs. Maybe Cruz should have waited until Trump had faded to launch this war. Assuming that Trump ever does fade, that is.

No candidate is safe from Youtube. Trump can sit back and watch Glibio bloody Cruz as Cruz bloodies Glibio. But that’s not the best part of GOP debate #4’s aftershocks for Donald Trump. Consider Ben Carson.

Cruz is viewed by some as the eventual heir to demised Trump’s voters. If the battle ever comes to Cruz v. Trump, it will be a bloody Cruz courtesy of Glibio that Trump will beat up on illegal immigration. It’s even worse for Ben Carson as Ben Carson has attacked Trump on illegal immigration:

A day after the fourth GOP debate, Ben Carson took a hatchet to Donald Trump’s plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. [snip]

“I think they hurt Donald Trump in the long run,” Carson said, referring to the deportation plans. “I think there are enough people who know that there are others in the race that are very reasonable. I don’t think he necessarily is the representation of the Republican Party — far from it.” [snip]

“The people that are here, the 11.5 million people here, rounding them up and deporting them may sound good to some people,” Carson said. “But it’s not pragmatic.”

It also affects the farming industry, the hospitality industry. So, you know, we have to be pragmatic as a nation. There’s no reason that they should have to live in the shadows,” Carson said.

The famed neurosurgeon doubled down on comments made earlier Wednesday during a press availability in Lynchburg, Va., after his convocation speech at Liberty University, during which he argued that those illegal immigrants who have a “pristine record” should be able to stay in the U.S. as guest workers.

“If they have a pristine record, there’s no reason they can’t get registered, pay a back tax penalty and pay taxes going forward, and be able to remain here as guest workers,” said Carson, who currently sits fourth in the Examiner’s latest power rankings.

“If they want to become American citizens and they want to have voting rights, then they should have to do the same thing as anybody else,” Carson said.

Carson doesn’t seem to understand that he advocates the failed Gang of Eight bill that has so devastated Marco Glibio. Glibio was a golden boy until he went along with comprehensive amnesty reform a.k.a. comprehensive immigration reform.

For Donald Trump it is golden. Along with Trump, Ben Carson is the only candidate in the top tier of candidates. Now that Carson has attacked Trump on his presumed signature issue it is open warfare. It’s on: Carson slams Trump on deportations, calls for “pragmatic” immigration policy

This may be the first breaking point in the primaries; it’s difficult to imagine that the race will be unaffected by Carson’s move, and any significant change in direction will say volumes about the Republican primary electorate.

So what will the Republican primary electorate say? There are significant clues:

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio won Tuesday’s night primetime Republican debate, according to an overnight poll of Internet users who watched the contest, but Mr. Trump came out as the favorite among Republicans and left the best impression about his ability to serve as president.

Some 24% of debate-viewers named Mr. Trump and 23% picked Mr. Rubio as the winner of the eight-candidate event, which was sponsored by the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson followed, with 13% declaring each to have won.

Mr. Trump’s lead in the Internet survey was larger among debate-watchers who said they’d vote in a Republican primary.

Among those GOP voters, Mr. Trump was declared the winner by 28%, with 23% naming Mr. Rubio. Mr. Cruz followed, with 16%, while Mr. Carson had 14%.

That’s a kinda sorta scientific poll. But it’s significance pales when compared to a scientific YouGov poll on immigration:

Republicans trust Trump on immigration

Trump’s attitude to illegal immigrants resonates strongly with Republicans, but not with Hispanics

Republican businessman Donald Trump and his statements opposing immigration have the support of Republicans – in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll Trump is viewed as the GOP candidate Republicans trust most to handle immigration – and by an extremely wide margin. Trump’s margin on this issue has only increased since the summer.

Half of Republicans view Trump as the candidate who can best handle immigration, more than four times the percentage who name Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the son of immigrants, who is in second place, far behind Trump. Only 5% believe former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would do the best job on immigration.

Perhaps that should not be a surprise. As they did last summer, Republicans overwhelmingly agree with the statement Trump made then: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re brings crime. They’re rapists.” In the poll question, Trump’s name was not associated with the statement. Republicans overwhelmingly disagree with Bush’s statement that was made about the same time: “Yes, illegal immigrants broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love, it’s an act of commitment to your family…” [snip]

Republicans are far more likely than the rest of the public to view illegal immigration as a very serious problem for the country (70% of Republicans say it is, compared with 46% overall). And many also believe illegal immigrants are more likely than others to commit violent crimes (49% of Republicans versus 29% overall). 57% of Republicans believe immigration from Mexico has a negative impact on the U.S. economy; 37% of all adults do.

That poll and the realization that Donald Trump is far from a summer fling is why the Washington Post published an article about the “panic” in the GOP establishment. The GOP establishment is in such a panic over the collapse of Jeb Bush and the failure of the “fix” for JeBush that now then consider the exhumation of Mitt Romney. That’s almost as funny as the Obama plan to counter Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden.

The GOP establishment is in a crisis. The fix for JeBush failed. Glibio’s only hope is mass amnesia on illegal immigration if he is to become the JeBushito candidate. Meanwhile Trump won’t go away and the Republican primary electorate insists on a wall built Trump strong. And Ben Carson is increasingly a halfway house to Trump and about to implode on the same issue that destroyed Glibio and JeBush. And it’s not only Republican voters that see Trump as the strongest Republican nominee. Democratic primary voters believe Trump is the most difficult to beat:

But which Republican presidential candidate would be the most challenging for the Democratic nominee? At this point, Democratic primary voters say it’s Donald Trump: 31 percent say he would be the most difficult Republican for a Democratic nominee to beat. Ben Carson (15 percent) is a distant second, followed by Marco Rubio (13 percent) and Jeb Bush (13 percent).

Both Clinton and Sanders supporters view Trump as the Republican that poses the most difficult challenge.

The Democratic Party debate will be on Saturday night and Thanksgiving looms nearer and nearer. The Summer of Trump seems never to end. After the 4th GOP debate Trump is stronger than ever and positioned to beat the rest of the primary field.


120 thoughts on “Crisis After #GOPdebate 4: @RealDonaldTrump Wins On Immigration And ObamaTrade

  1. At the first debate Saint Bernard and Baltimore O’Malley surrendered. On Saturday at debate #2 they will try to revive their campaigns with attacks on Hillary which Hillary will beat back with ease.

    It will be a dull fight.

  2. Early AM TV was cruel to Trump, doing its best to paint him maniacal.

    So this post is a relief and a good laugh: “Good thing it was not the Bible. We swore on a stack of Art of the Deal books we would not write an article about how Donald J. Trump won the 4th debate.”

    Donald is not sweating either, admin. He’s tweeted an instagram attack on Ben. Short and to the point. You can get to it from here:

    Ted’s debate statement gave me the appearance of a significant high, and with all his good work, to think he may have damaged his candidacy … well that’s a shame.

    However, voters have a real need to know the details for immigrants ahead of time. As best they can. And then try to convince friends who are not so attuned to the finer points available here.

  3. oops. Already his new spokesperson is called to the mic:
    Trump compares Carson to child molester, faces backlash
    “I think he melted down last night,” Graham said Friday. “What he said about Dr. Carson … Dr. Carson found redemption in the Lord. He is a good and decent man.”
    Speaking on Fox News shortly afterward, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson cited Graham’s low poll numbers and said she wasn’t sure his criticism “warrants a response.” But she defended Trump’s comments on Carson.
    “A lot of people are having a hard time understanding what’s revolving around Dr. Ben Carson,” she said.
    Referring to the use of the term “pathological,” she said, “The most common pathology used in terms of health care is unfortunately child molestation.” However, she said, Trump “was not calling Ben Carson a child molester.”
    Conservative commentator and Fox News contributor Mary Katharine Ham warned Friday that it could be “dangerous” for Trump to attack Carson in this way.
    “This is not a good direction we’re going here,” she said.

  4. Marco Glibio…that’s a keeper


    Foxylady…thanks for posting last night’s rally…I did not get a chance to see it…but I hear it was another showstopper…will watch that later…


    Lorac…regarding your comments on the last post about Trump and the follow up discussion


    I think besides the obvious blunt, straight shooting persona that Trump embodies that makes him relatable and “real” to many people…

    …the other “jewel/weapon” he has in his arsenal is Donald’s ability to not only ‘tell all the hidden secrets’ the other establishment politicians want to keep hidden and secret, including the Dems and Repubs…

    …but also to ‘TEACH’ the public…I agree that Donald’s time is coming when using too much of it on insults would be a waste…

    Donald is so good at making the relevant points on what is wrong with our country and WHY it is wrong…he explains things in a humourous way that holds people’s attention and makes them understand the issues in a way that they “get it”…

    that is really the power Donald has above everyone else…and the irony is all he has to do is tell the truth…

    I look forward to seeing Donald evolve more into using his rallies and debates to explain the issues by ‘connecting the dots’ as he does so well…

    he doesn’t have to stop his ‘counter punching’ but ‘teaching and explaining the issues’ carries alot of power for him

  5. If Trump were to get the nomination, surely to goodness he would not pick Glibio or Carson as a VP. That would be a game changer for me. NO, no, no to any ticket that has Glibio or Carson on it in any position!

    Would Trump choose Cruz to bring in the evangelical vote and to have a super debater and super smart litigator? Cruz seems to be one smart cookie.

    Who will Hilary pick as VP. A game changer for me would be one of the Castro twins…No, no, no!

  6. Just reading your post Admin, and thank you for putting Trump’s trade conversation on. He was great!!! Yes, and the wackadoodle was talking sense when he said Congress has given up their power to the Executive Branch.

    Also, Trump is right about China, their backdoor currency manipulation is controlling their advantage, even if they are not part of the TerribleTradePloy TTP.

  7. If Trump were to get the nomination, surely to goodness he would not pick Glibio or Carson as a VP. That would be a game changer for me. NO, no, no to any ticket that has Glibio or Carson on it in any position!


    And not Corrosive Carly.

  8. WH joins Donald in questioning Carson.

    Earnest ‘speechless’ at Carson’s claims of China involvement in Syria
    …Carson said at Tuesday’s Republican primary debate that China is involved in the conflict there, which the White House dismissed Thursday as false…
    Speaking to reporters in South Carolina Friday, Carson was asked if he wanted to take back his comments.”I have several sources that I’ve gotten material from,” he replied. “I’m surprised that my material is better than theirs,” he said challenging the administration’s position.

    Carson indicated he would share the intelligence publicly and with the White House.
    “They will have an opportunity to see the materials just as everybody else,” Carson said.

    Earlier Friday, Carson’s campaign attempted to clarify his recent comments about Chinese involvement in Syria, stressing that Beijing is providing material support after facing skepticism for implying it had forces on the ground.
    A campaign memo, citing online media reports and academic research, claimed that China has “regularly sold missiles, missile technology and missile components to Syria, despite U.S. objections.”

  9. Cruz was spot on with his comments about immigration, his delivery was kind of funky, but his words were honet. Kudos.

  10. Trump went overboard in Iowa against Carson..Jesus, he can sound insane at times.
    Does he not have a stop button in his brain?
    I agree with his polices, I agree with his abilities, but he is his own worst enemy.
    I wish we could have a composite. ..Trumps polices and Hillary’s statesmanship.

  11. gonzotx
    November 13, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    Hark, you and I finally agree on something 😉

    I do agree with many of Hillary’s policies, but not the immigration situation.

  12. Several TV stations carried Jim Foley’s family statement. I was surprised at that and pleased.

    James Foley’s Parents Aren’t Impressed by the Probable Killing of His ISIS Executioner
    11/13/15. The Department of Defense announced on Friday that it was “reasonably certain” it had killed “Jihadi John,” the English-speaking ISIS fighter who took part in the filmed executions of Western journalists. But the executioner’s probable death meant little to the parents of James Foley, the American journalist who was perhaps Jihadi John’s most high-profile victim.
    “It is a very small solace to learn that Jihadi John may have been killed by the U.S. government,” said John and Diane Foley in a statement on Friday. “If only so much effort had been given to finding and rescuing Jim and the other hostages who were subsequently murdered by ISIS, they might be alive today….”

    Comments afterward tended to be against risking taking in any attempt to rescue Jim and others.

  13. Sadly, like it or not, the “immigration issue”, the illegal immigration issue is at the top of one of the most important issues…

    that is a main issue that Hillary and the Dims, and establishment repubs are on the wrong side of…

    how can executive power be given to the Democrats when they plan on allowing MORE illegal immigrants to continue to just waltz in our country and THEN…give then tax payer benefits on top of it…

    I just heard on TV that California gives $25 BILLION dollars a year toward illegal immigrants…

    this is complete and dangerous insanity…

    …just look at what is happening in Paris tonight…very sad and horrific…and could so easily be us…

    finally the ultra liberal Hollande has closed all borders in France…while the EU has had open borders and open welcome arms for all the refugees not even knowing who they are or being able to track them…much less the hundreds of male refugees that have disappeared from the so-called camps…disappeared to go where and do what…

    most likely many of them staging this multi planned horrific event in Paris tonight…they have already declared it is Isis and in revenge for Syria…

    just yesterday, the President of the USA,O, himself said “Isis is not growing, but US strategy has contained them”

    O is so clueless as to continue to endanger US citizens and our own US soverignty (sp)

  14. btw…Lorac, gonzotx, shadow…

    managed to catch Donald at the repub event in Orlando tonight where all the candidates are speaking…and while he had a few of his zingers…

    he was much more restrained and did connect the dots on the issues that Lorac and some of us are hoping he would do in a more mature way…he talked about the santuary cites, the costs, etc…almost as if he had been reading us…

    when Donald controls himself he has his hand on the pulse of exactly what is going on…he is going to have to get control of his passion and ‘off the cuff’ tendencies to the extent that he does not step all over the importance and urgency of his message…that is greatly needed…and needs to be heard…

    …especially now…even moreso now…

    I dare Hillary and the Dims to continue to say they are going to just continue to allow santuary cities and more illegal activity to invade our country

    I don’t know about anyone else but I feel so enraged by what has happened in Paris tonight…and we, our government…and the freaking Democrats…better start looking in the mirror…and forget all this stupid PC BS…and start thinking and caring about our American citizens…and future of our children

  15. This is the type of attacks that Bibi warned off. This is directly the fault of the EU and America’s failing to recognize the threat of Islamic radical terrorists. Israel, somehow, will be blamed.

  16. S

    when Donald controls himself he has his hand on the pulse of exactly what is going on…he is going to have to get control of his passion and ‘off the cuff’ tendencies to the extent that he does not step all over the importance and urgency of his message…

    I agree.

    It’s not that I necessarily worry that he will cuss or make a fool of himself in the debates, it’s that he will lose voters because he can’t control his rage…and worse than that, what happens if he is President and goes off on some President or even an enemy that puts American’s in more danger?

    For example, over 20 years ago, if someone cut you off driving, flipping someone off wasn’t the end of the world…now, that person might have a gun and blow your head off.

    Times have changed, things are much, much more dangerous.

  17. We tweeted this tonight:

    Why @realDonaldTrump wins: Paris – Muslims #ViveLaFrance – Terrorism has a religion -NOT Terrorism has no religion

  18. Agreed..Trump was concerned something terrible could happen as well . How will the liberals protect the religion of peace now???


    Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” President Barack Obama seemingly downplayed the threat of ISIS in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday’s broadcast of “Good Morning America.”

    Stephanopoulos asked Obama if ISIS was gaining in strength, to which Obama denied they were.

    “I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.”

    “What we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures,” he admitted. “We’ve made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and part our goal has to be to recruit more effective Sunni partners in Iraq to really go on offense rather than simply engage in defense.”

  20. How someone could be so wrong repeatedly and yet his main goal the past year was to allow a world wide sponsor of terror acquire a nuclear bombs. And people wonder why Bibi can’t stand him!!

  21. Al Gore upset. His climate change telethon live from Eiffel Tower had to be cancelled.

    Boo Hoo, poor man can’t sell his bs tonight.

  22. O is a joke…period…

    shadow, I agree…people are trigger happy and have little self control…times are much more dangerous…


    one thing that Donald has been saying is that with all these refugees coming into Europe and the US…most of them are able bodied young men…Donald has been asking why aren’t they fighting for their countries?

    Donald is the one saying they could be a ‘Trojan Horse’ that just comes in to harm us…

    Instead we are supposed to bring them to the USA and allow them to desimate Europe…our government is so naive…does it not occur to them that many of these refugees can easily try to fool us just to position themselves once here and then to succeed in killing us

    …and our government is so stupid that they will even give these people benefits to “help” them while they are to make it easier to kill us…because we are so “humane” we will make it easy for them…no questions asked…

    When are we going to wake up to reality?

    Does anyone not believe we are the prize on their list to conquer…

  23. Yes he is.
    Maybe we can send the some students from Missouri and Yale over there to see what constitutes offensive behavior and they can set up “safe zones” .

  24. Isis is a magnet for all the crazies all over the world…

    Isis gives them a reason and permission to just unleash all their deranged tendencies and thirst to kill others and create mayhem and pain on innocent people…

    …a cult of evil at its worst…

  25. Yes, they will let the Syrians in and yes, there are too many men in their ranks. It should be mostly women and children. Trump called it right on. They are up to no good.

    Why should Obola care if they kill us? His illegals are here killing us already.

    It is time for guns and bibles.

  26. Update: Breaking: Multiple deaths in Paris amid reports of shootings, explosion. Another Trump warning goes full Churchill.

    On the same day Barack Obama said he had ISIS “contained” Paris is under attack. According to some reports including one from Shep Smith: Man in French custody told police he’s Syrian, he came with 2 others, recruited by ISIS, and that this is an ISIS mission. Other reports appear to confirm what Obama will not admit about the Islamic savages out to destroy Israel and the West even as weak European leaders and Obama praise open borders:

    Yasmin, inside the Bataclan, told BFM television: “I saw two guys. The biggest one said: ‘What are you doing in Syria? You’re going to pay now.’

    “Then he opened fire.

    “I saw bodies falling all around me. I was shot in the foot. It was carnage. I’ve never seen so many dead people all around,” she said, sobbing.

    Anyone still wonder why Trump is winning? Europe’s open borders and the American southern border have melded into the most important issue for 2016. And Trump owns that issue.

    It’s going to be a very interesting Dem debate tomorrow night and we will all see if these candidates are appeasers of Islamic monsters or will fight for America.


  27. jbstonesfan

    November 13, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    How someone could be so wrong repeatedly and yet his main goal the past year was to allow a world wide sponsor of terror acquire a nuclear bombs. And people wonder why Bibi can’t stand him!!

    This fool is going to get us all killed. Damned Congress needs to do its job and REMOVE HIM.

  28. jbstonesfan

    November 13, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    How someone could be so wrong repeatedly and yet his main goal the past year was to allow a world wide sponsor of terror acquire a nuclear bombs. And people wonder why Bibi can’t stand him!!

    It was only after the 2012 election that I lost faith in the American people as an intelligent voting population for putting idiot the gumball back into office. And then the limp dicks in Congress to up the ass of the uni-party to oppose him shot any confidence in the GOP that I could possibly ever have had.

    Hillary 2016?

  29. Frankly, I’ve grown cynical that the left wing government of France will do anything more than huff and puff at ISIS. Like after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, there will be marches and showy expressions of support and condolences for the victims of this Islamist carnage, followed by sympathy for the Muslim community in Paris by the Left for being scrutinized for ISIS sympathizers by the racist and mean security forces of the government and then the victims of this outrage forgotten with the next news cycle as France admits more Muslims inside its borders.

  30. Million French troops marched into Russia under that theme song.

    75,000 marched out.

    Napoleon Bonaparte is generally regarded as one of history’s top military tacticians. But 200 years ago this Sunday, he committed a grave error by leading his Grande Armée—likely the largest European armed force ever assembled to that point—across the Niemen River into Russia. Although it never lost a pitched battle there, the Grande Armée was almost completely wiped out within six months by freezing temperatures, food shortages, disease and Russian assaults. This proved to be the beginning of the end for Napoleon, who was forced into exile in April 1814.

  31. The dilemma the West now faces is that it cannot survive on the basis of the platform which its elites have carefully constructed since WW2. They are being beaten to death with their own lofty statements. They must either continue to uphold the vision of open borders, multiculturalism, declining birthrates, unilateral disarmament and a growing state sector at all costs — in other words continue on the road to suicide — or retreat. As recent events at American campuses have shown, when faced with the choice of saving the Left and saving the actual world, the odds are that “the world” goes over the side first.

  32. JBStonesFan, the world as it is and the denials from Obama freaks and the left of that reality are not new.

    We remember as children our disbelief about how Europe and the United States slept for so long as the world was drawn into global war. As children we used to constantly ask adults to explain to us how it was that in the 1930s the world and its leaders could have been so blind.

    We remember as children reading about Winston Churchill and wondering how he could have been so ignored for so long. Yet, that is what happened.

    The Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan, even before their formal alliance, invaded and caused carnage in their respective spheres of influence. Whether it was the training fields of Spain, the invasion of Ethiopia, the China atrocities by the Empire of Japan, the Rhineland, Czechoslovakia, Alsace-Lorraine, all the attacks that littered the newspapers of the time yet were ignored.

    We view events such as the world witnesses repeatedly and no longer wonder how it was that Europe slept in the 1930s or why the United States left itself so open to Pearl Harbor and that day of infamy.

  33. admin 11 PM. Anyone still wonder why Trump is winning? Europe’s open borders and the American southern border have melded into the most important issue for 2016. And Trump owns that issue.
    More than I could realize. I’ve signed up to tweet slides, a project overseen by Gary Forbes. They come daily but are not always my top priority. The one I considered for yesterday was a full out “impeach Obama” one, and with the Million Student March the worst reality of that moment I decided not to stir vigorously. Thought there would be a future date more appropriate.

    Stunned, I am, to realize that day is today. Donald et al knew how close danger was. I did not. Admin, you were about there too when you posted the comment I reference.

    Since that time two more slides have been emailed with this message:

    Dear Devotees,
    Emotions are very high right now due to the tragedy in Paris.
    Americans are more frightened than ever. Mr. Forbes has asked
    me to release two slides we had planned for next week.
    Post both of them aggressively and please use #arrestobama in
    your tweets. Thank you and please pray for the families of the
    140 Paris victims.
    PS. In the tweets we wrote…

    About the first slide mentioned:
    By Gary Forbes. When I requested that you all keep your eyes peeled for information that would support my new strategy, I had no idea how much was actually out there. Yes, I sensed that there was some discontent amongst the military ranks, but dear God—not anything near what I learned recently. General Vallely’s call for obama’s arrest was the first to catch my eye, but there are many more, and they’re still coming in. This movement will take time and a great deal of resolve. But if it catches on, it could be historical. – gf
    Supporting article. 100 retweets please. Thx – Derik

    You may retweet this slide from @gqforbes and/or download the attached image for posting to other social media sites. Please show Mr. Trump that he is your priority by PINNING our slides on your twitter page. Keeping them on top of your profile page ensures that all of your visitors will see these important messages.

  34. admin
    November 14, 2015 at 2:55 am

    JBStonesFan, the world as it is and the denials from Obama freaks and the left of that reality are not new.

    The Proggies were openly asking for “time” to process what had happened in Paris yesterday. I knew they didn’t have to process jack squat but needed to time to get their excuses and spin to present a united theme. They were cooking up crap to throw to the media just like they did with Benghazi. Don’t believe France or their photographers snapping gruesome pics of dead bodies, believe the hacks at the White House.

    And like I keep harping, Trump is the luckiest SOB on earth. He just said close the f’ing borders to this murderous trash in a debate and in a speech that was characterized as unhinged. It is obvious to all but the perennially wrong (it is to their financial benefit to be wrong) that open borders and multi-culturalism is suicidal. Is he the modern Nostradamus or does he just read corporate intelligence available for a fee to any international businessman (I think he is being briefed by insiders on the sly). This massacre now changes the politics of France. Hollande has done a 180 and shut the borders. He will get vicious pushback from the those who get paid for tolerating the intolerable. Hungary and Denmark had already gone through transformation to avoid collapse. The rest of Europe will follow with the globalist EU dreams of world domination in tatters. Islam is not going to work with them like they thought.

  35. The mewling about un-integrated second or third generation Muslims being radicalized and carrying out the murdering in Paris just got tossed out as lying spin. One of the suicide bombers had a Syrian passport attached to one of his corpse’s pieces. This directly contradicts this spin and clearly proves that the migrant hordes flowing into Europe, enabled by the mad woman Merkel and the technocrats of the EU, is being used by ISIS to place terrorists throughout the target of ancient cultural Europe. These terrorists clump across the Balkans to be welcomed by grinning idiots in Germany and then disappear into the Schengen area to wreck havoc.

  36. HLN just aired @NicRobertsonCNN in Paris and he had interesting things to say. In part that Paris attack was sophisticated, bombings in 3 nearby places 20 minutes apart to maximize injury. That soccer? game because it was between two Christian countries and Hollande was in attendance.

    Also heard (not so well & not necessarily by nic) they’ve no idea if some of the terrorists came in with the attack and remain embedded.

    All references are to things aired on HLNTV 7 AM. Sometimes it does a stellar job.

  37. Mormaer – I posted this last night elsewhere about Trump’s smartness and prescience – it’s what I’m feeling right now…


    I agree, Trump is very prescient. And I think he’s very intelligent and sharp. But in a way, I think this is more about the self-interested willful blindness of the world’s “leaders”. We’ve all been saying these people are trouble, that they’re spreading out, want Sharia to take over, by violence and by outbreeding. So, yes, Trump is smart, but so are we.

    I mean, actually, this is all really common sense, not even “smart”. Really it’s the “leaders” and the media and the other globalists who are trying to tell everyone with common sense that they’re crazy, or racist, or just otherwise wrong. But we’re not. We’re simply reacting with common sense.

    We *are* smart, and so is Trump, but that’s IMO not the significant thing here. What we’re seeing and saying is obvious. The significant thing here is not that Trump is smart, or that we’re smart – it really doesn’t take smarts – it’s just that we’re simply seeing what is obvious – and the people with power are gaslighting us.

  38. holdem – there are people saying that right after the attacks they happened to be driving in front of (one of the) attacks, and were shot at (and wounded) by people in cars. I believe that France is really strict about guns, so IMO it seems unlikely these are people happening to take advantage of the situation – it seems more likely they were aware ahead of time and prepared by having guns and knowing where to be…

  39. TheRock
    November 14, 2015 at 1:16 am

    “It was only after the 2012 election that I lost faith in the American people as an intelligent voting population for putting idiot the gumball back into office. And then the limp dicks in Congress to up the ass of the uni-party to oppose him shot any confidence in the GOP that I could possibly ever have had.”

    Have you leaned nothing? GOP candidates are not allowed to call election fraud because the RNC has an agreement with the DNC. There is massive election fraud going on – add to that the massive propaganda machine that is the American media – an honest person can not even conceive of the deceit that is going on – It is simply beyond their capacity to envision.

    Everything talking point you just wrote is providing them cover, the American people are not stupid, the congress is not made up of harmless “limp dicks” and the uni-party is not just a random ionization.

    The American people have been lied to by people who study how to lie affectively and pacify populations, the collaborators in congress are traitors and the uni-party is an EVIL CABAL.

  40. I remember when Merkel in 2010 said that multiculturalism had failed. I was so surprised with her about face attitude this year. I wonder what happened to her?

  41. What a sickening, tragic outrage the Paris killings are.

    Hold ’em, increasingly when I hear O make some pansy-ass “we are the world” type statement regarding our sworn enemies, The T word comes to mind.

    At a time when this bastard seeks to disarm American citizens, he’s trying to open our borders to anyone and everyone. He’s filling the country up with people who claim to be Syrians, but who could be from wherethehellever.

    Not until 2008 did I begin to fully distrust and disdain the progs. Since Obama, I cannot tolerate their whiney, illogical, weak-willed asses. Even the young idealistic Progs, whose idiocy I used to overlook and chalk it up to youthful ignorance. Now, ,when I hear them speak, it makes me want to do inflict bodily harm onto those young, dumb Occupy types.

    With every tragedy such as this one, the Dims will lose votes. Hell, by November of next year, there may not be a Dims may have lost the WH and virtually every seat in senate and house – except the few like Nancy Baby from the pansy-ass prog districts. Obviously, I exaggerate. But, a reasoning is coming, and the Dims will pay for Obama. He will cost them dearly – as well he should.

  42. ..and let’s not forget the santimonious idiot John Kerry…

    just yesterday Kerry was also making ridiculous statements about Isis “days are numbered”

    “We are still assessing the result of the strike, but the terrorists associated with Daesh [Islamic State] need to know this: your days are numbered and you will be defeated. There is no future, no path forward for Daesh which does not lead ultimately to its destruction. And increasingly, we are becoming more clear and coordinated in that strategy,” Kerry told a news conference in Tunis.


    Donald Trump has said it over and over again…our leaders are STUPID…they are INCOMPETENT…they do not know what they are doing…

    words cannot describe or capture how incredibly BAD our so called LEADERSHIP is…

    Hillary better start listening to what Donald Trump is saying…

  43. lorac
    November 14, 2015 at 8:17 am
    …The significant thing here is not that Trump is smart, or that we’re smart – it really doesn’t take smarts – it’s just that we’re simply seeing what is obvious – and the people with power are gaslighting us.

    There is an old fashioned term for Trump that is long out of fashion. Gumption. He has gumption. It involves several traits. And the self deluded or those in denial or even with cognitive dissonance pain are getting something out of being that way. Public officials are paid to be clueless or in denial. Who really is clueless and who is lying is occasionally observable. Others get a mental “lift” out of depression or feeling of insecurity/worthlessness by espousing “goodness” at giving away their own culture or the fruit of other people’s labor, others despise their parents for some reason and attach parent hate to cultural or authority issues, and many are just plain old crazy. Our cultural training to listen to the irrational and disturbed politely has to end. Do they get to speak. Of course but we don’t have to listen to them and certainly do not have to give credence to their insane rambling and dissembling. Europe is no longer going to even pretend to listen to Obama because he is an idiot. We don’t have to be polite. An idiot or a liar is an idiot or a liar. The emperor(s) has no clothes. Saying so is the first step in reclaiming rationality and logic. That is what Trump is doing and being blunt and rude is part of it. Anyone claiming he is rude, racist, etc just wants to shut him and the rest of us up.

  44. Mormaer, as you write, Trump is very lucky.

    Just yesterday the lamentations about his use of the word “shit” as in “I will bomb the shit out of them [ISIS].” There were also many attacks about his attacks on Ben Carson and the crude manner of these Trumpian attacks. Today? Today, Trump’s no bullshit approach, as much as many complain about it, appears to be what is not only desirable but absolutely necessary.

    All the mockery about Trump continues to melt in light of these butchers. When ISIS or other Obama pals attack in the U.S. we will see the tide for Trump swell and drown out the naysayers.

    Trump’s Updated ISIS Plan: “Bomb The Shit Out Of Them,” Send In Exxon To Rebuild

    DONALD TRUMP: I said I don’t want to really tell you, but I realized I had to because I’m getting killed by these people [in the media] who say “Trump doesn’t have a plan for ISIS!”

    I said no, I have a plan but I don’t want to tell ISIS what it is, because I’m going to win…

    People are thinking like I don’t have a plan, I hate doing it. So I was on one of the shows, and I said:

    ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because of the oil that they took away, they have some in Syria, they have some in Iraq, I would bomb the shit out of them.

    I would just bomb those suckers, and that’s right, I’d blow up the pipes, I’d blow up the refineries, I’d blow up ever single inch, there would be nothing left.

    And you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there, and in two months, you ever see these guys? How good they are, the great oil companies, they’ll rebuild it brand new… And I’ll take the oil.

  45. This Paris attack is similar to what happened in Mumbai in 2009. But the 10-15 attackers had to sneak through the sea in that attack. Who is a refugee and who is a ISIS — apparently these politicians can tell. I hear Obama is bringing a ‘few’ of the “refugees” here and placing them in New Orleans. Apparently Saudi’s are openly saying they don’t want the “refugees” in their country. In Trump’s words, because they are not stupid.

  46. The one alive terrorist admits that he is Syrian. Others are blown up, but they found 3 passports among them, from Paris, Egypt, and Syria. They got fingerprints off one blown up guy I guess, and they identified him as a “French national” with ties to Islamic terror groups.

    I saw a former Muslim extremist (he joined when he was 16, I don’t know when he quit, but he’s middle aged now, and I got the feeling it’s been awhile since he was in that “lifestyle”) saying that we have to make sure that the passports are real – they may have traveled to France on fake passports, so that might not be the true nationality of some or all of these 3).

    It really bothers me when they simply say someone is a “French national”. They do that with attacks here, they say it was an “American”. Welllllll…. they seem to usually/always be someone with American citizenship who came from another country, or whose parents did. They apparently didn’t assimilate and their allegiance was never to America. Perhaps this “French national” is truly French – but I’d like to hear his name. His “citizenship” might just be a formality….

  47. Ben Carson campaign thinks it’s over for Trump:

    The feeling among top aides is that no reasonable person could watch Trump’s monologue and not conclude Trump is crazy and that his campaign is imploding. The campaign, and Carson, decided to stick with a policy of non-engagement because they believe Trump is self-destructing and they don’t want to get in the way.

    The Carson camp also believes that many more voters in early states will see portions of Trump’s attacks on news programs this weekend, and it will benefit Carson. The idea is that a significant number of Republican voters favor an outsider candidate and are at this moment trying to decide between Trump and Carson, and constant replays of Trump’s attack might nudge them toward Carson. In that sense, Carson’s aides believe Carson himself doesn’t have to react because the media will do his work for him.

    This was before the Muslim attacks in Paris.

  48. Too bad Obama could not gloat on his drone attack. Larry at Noquarter calls BS on Obama administration and its propaganda. Can’t wait for the JV team at the WH to leave and like you all, I am also concerned of how much chaos he will create in the time left.

  49. Wait until the Muslim attacks in Paris boost Trump’s numbers. For now Trump surges:

    Trump surges among likely Republican primary voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After a week in which he hosted Saturday Night Live and stood center-stage at a Republican debate, Donald Trump is surging among Republicans likely to cast votes in the party’s presidential primary.

    According to the five-day rolling Reuters/Ipsos presidential poll, Trump has leapt some 17 percentage points among likely Republican voters since Nov. 6, when he was essentially tied with Ben Carson at about 25 percent. Trump now captures 42 percent of those voters while Carson has fallen off slightly.

    Among all Republicans – not simply likely primary voters -Trump holds a substantial edge over Carson, at 34 percent to about 20 percent, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll. [snip]

    The Reuters/Ipsos poll is also bad news for Marco Rubio, who is widely considered to be emerging as the establishment-backed alternative to Trump. Despite receiving rave notices for his past two debate performance, Rubio’s support has remained flat, with about 10 percent of likely Republican primary voters preferring him.

    Those primary voters remain very down on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Just four percent say they would support Bush in the latest poll.

  50. “It’s going to be a very interesting Dem debate tomorrow night and we will all see if these candidates are appeasers of Islamic monsters or will fight for America.”

    I predict the candidates will say something in this vein: “We condemn the attacks in Paris. We support the fight against terrorism (and not mention the religion of the terrorists in deference to the wishes of Great Leader). We believe that the best way to do so is to provide them with shovel-ready jobs and to admit more Muslims into the US. We will protect Muslims from Islamophobes in the GOP and the right wing who are clearly responsible for pushing them to extremism.”

  51. Tony – heh, you’re probably right. Or maybe outbid each other on how much free stuff to give to the “refugees” and the accompanying terrorists.

    Now a French train has derailed and killed some. Unknown if it was related to yesterday. They also stopped a flight bound for France because of twitter chatter/threats against it.

  52. I haven’t been to NQ in a long time. I sure don’t care for that new format. Plus, he’s the only writer now. There used to be a handful of writers. I know they left a long time ago.

  53. I said this recently SOMEwhere – hopefully not upthread lol – I’ve been thinking how lucky we are that terrorists haven’t come over the southern border. It’s common knowledge that we aren’t protecting it, even were giving free rides at one point to wherever the illegals wanted to go. But then I realized, how could they NOT have used the southern border to come over? We’re a big target for them. It really makes me worried now that we have lots of sleeper cells already who came over that border…. just waiting for the word to set off simultaneous attacks as in Paris.

  54. Yes, they will let the Syrians in and yes, there are too many men in their ranks. It should be mostly women and children. Trump called it right on. They are up to no good.

    Lu, it’s not even just the terrorist danger. What do they think is going to happen, unleashing all these young, single Muslim men loose here? Are these tens of thousands of “refugee” men going to be able to find tens of thousands of quick love interests? These men whose ideology tells them that women are theirs to rape, especially western women who don’t wear sheets head to toe? We’re going to beat Sweden, with their Muslim problem – 100% of rapes the last year or two were Muslim on Swede – as the rape capital quickly.

  55. They’re saying that the French train caught fire before derailing. 5 dead, 7 injured. They have determined it wasn’t terrorism.

  56. lorac
    November 14, 2015 at 11:12 am

    And one of them was a registered refugee from the Greek isles just last month. The media kept harping on French intelligence not keeping up with the “chatter” but how can they if they are being inundated with newbies hauling it over from Germany? France should demand compensation in the billions from Germany for what they have unleashed. Call in the ambassador and scream at him and make Merkel talk to flunkes, etc. Boycott her crappy summits unless she quits. Merkel provided a way in for jihadis with a golden taxi.

  57. Will the Democratic leaders finally admit and understand that this problem has nothing to do with disenfranchised youths who need jobs…

    these are people who have a different belief system…their belieft system is to take control and force others to submit to their beliefs…and for those who do not submit they will simply kill them…chop of their heads, drown them, stone and rape the women and children…

    they do not care…there is no compromise…they is no coming to an understanding…
    Isis and their radical followers have a deranged obsession to take control of the world…end of story…this is the personification of EVIL…wake up…

    …and frankly I am so sick of Democrats trying to make excuses…
    yes, there are good muslims who do not believe this…but now is the time for those good muslims to speak up…and speak up strongly against this…

    but, for the most part, they do not and will not…Why? probably they are afraid…afraid they will be killed or their families will be killed…

    or…maybe some of them…the men…are sympathizers with keeping women submissive and against gays, etc

    either way…the Democrats need to grow a pair

    as I write this Kerry is on blabbing about O’s plans to defeat them…

    Sure, Kerry…like the plan you and O had to give away all our leverage and power over Iran…with billions of dollars to boot

    …and now the Iranians come back making demands on you and O to even consider letting our hostages go

    Kerry, O, and many of the Dims are FOOLS…and grossly incompetent…

    Go Donald…drive the issues home for all to see and understand…

  58. Fox reporting that the bomber that held the Syrian passport was a Syrian refugee that entered thru Greece in October and then into France…

  59. Kerry was on tv – he’s in Vienna, some countries got together with instructions from the wise Obama and came up with plans for a cease fire in Syria. They’re going to get the reps together of the Syrian government and some terror groups to work it out. I didn’t pay a lot of attention because I don’t really care for Kerry – so maybe I missed the revelation of some miracle tactic they have – but ISIS is one of the terror groups there! I heard mention of a couple of terror groups but no ISIS, maybe I missed it. But do they really think that ISIS has some demands they can satisfy, and they’ll dissolve???? I must be going crazy. Can they be that delusional? Surely, I must have missed something…

  60. WTH???

    …and then there is this…again, who is minding the store? Who is looking out for the safety of the American people…and their children…in their own country?

    More Central Americans fleeing violence to enter U.S., suggesting another major surge

    The number of families illegally crossing the southern U.S. border has more than doubled over the same period last fall, prompting concern about a new surge of migrants from Central America.

    Many more unaccompanied children are also crossing, with 4,476 apprehended in September — an 85% increase over that month in 2014, according to new Border Patrol data.

    “If that trend even continues a little bit, if things start to go up in February as they usually do, we could be looking at things getting really high, and by spring, you’re seeing an emergency,” said Adam Isacson, a senior associate at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights advocacy group.

    Marsha Catron, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, says the agency is “closely monitoring this situation,” though the increase “is not entirely inconsistent with historical trends for these months.”

    The concern among immigration officials and advocates is that the situation is building up to a repeat of the unprecedented influx on the southern border in 2014, when more than 68,000 unaccompanied children and as many families crossed illegally,
    mainly into Texas.

    Texas’ Rio Grande Valley has been the epicenter of both the earlier and the latest influx. In 2014, the region saw 77% more unaccompanied children and more than four times as many families caught crossing compared with the previous year. The number of families who crossed this September was 5,273, more than twice the number seen in September 2014.

    One likely factor in the rising numbers is the increasing success rate of smugglers who, after crackdowns in Mexico and the U.S. last year, appear to have arranged alternative smuggling routes and payoff relationships with Mexican officials, border analysts say.

    A bigger component is thought to be a recent explosion of violence in El Salvador, which has long been plagued by gang warfare. Last year a two-year truce dissolved between the two largest gangs: 18th Street and Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, both of which originated in Los Angeles. That drove homicides above even previously troubling levels.

    During the first 10 months of this year, El Salvador reported nearly 5,500 homicides, according to a congressional report last month. That’s more than any other country not at war, according to Elizabeth Kennedy, a San Diego State University social scientist who has worked with migrants.

    By the end of this year, the homicide rate in El Salvador — a country of 6.5 million people — may exceed 90 per 100,000, a level of violence, including massacres and killings of police, not seen since the country’s bloody 12-year civil war that ended in 1992.

    Kennedy said conditions also remain poor in Guatemala and Honduras — two other originators of illegal migration to the U.S. — but El Salvador is worse.

    “El Salvador is hemorrhaging people,” Isacson said.

    The number of unaccompanied children from El Salvador apprehended at the border more than doubled to 1,433 this September compared with last year.

    The one-month peak in the child and family migration surge came in June 2014, when 16,330 families and 10,620 unaccompanied children crossed into the U.S. State and federal authorities cracked down the following month, sending in National Guard troops and opening massive family detention centers.

    By September of 2014, the number apprehended at the border plummeted: Families dropped to 2,301 that month; children to 2,426.

    As the numbers dipped, Sister Norma Pimentel considered closing a humanitarian center operated by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the most heavily affected town, McAllen, last winter. Then the number of migrants started to climb again this spring, with nearly 800 staying overnight in July — three times as many as at the peak of last year’s summer surge. Instead of closing, Pimentel decided to expand.

    Last year’s surge of illegal immigration was driven, in part, by rumors that migrant families would be granted permission to remain in the U.S. legally. Many immigrants eagerly surrendered to authorities at the border,thinking it was a step toward residency.

    U.S. officials launched a public information campaign across Central America to make it clear there was no such program. Yet hundreds of immigrant families caught crossing between July and September this year told immigration officials they believed they would be permitted to stay and collect public benefits, according to records released last month to the House Judiciary Committee.

    But Catron says those are not the only reasons migrants are coming.

    “One internal report that summarizes results of interviews, where migrants are explicitly questioned about pull factors, is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of the situation,” she said. “Both pull and push factors contribute to migration and apprehension levels. As we have consistently acknowledged, poverty and violence in Central America continue to exist as push factors.”

    On one recent day, Sacred Heart saw a hundred migrants arrive seeking help. “The reason they are coming is how things are at home,” Pimentel said.

    She noted that the increased apprehensions of families and unaccompanied children come at a time when Mexico is apprehending even more migrants than is the U.S.

    “We’re seeing more and more indications that this is a refugee crisis, and it needs to be treated as such,” said Kennedy, who interviewed immigrant women, mostly mothers, for a new United Nations report released last month that documented a thirteenfold increase in asylum seekers within Mexico and Central America since 2008, and a nearly fivefold jump in the U.S.

    “The violence being perpetrated by organized, transnational criminal groups in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and certain parts of Mexico has become pervasive,” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said recently, likening the situation in Central America to the Syrian refugee crisis.

    The recent uptick in illegal immigration into the U.S. belies a larger trend. The total number of immigrants crossing the southern border has actually decreased for decades, and for the fiscal year that just ended, it may fall below 300,000 for the first time since 1971.

    Catron noted that the number of apprehensions on the southern border had reached a historic low, including 42% fewer families and unaccompanied children caught compared with the previous fiscal year.

    In one indication that smugglers may be playing a role in the September spike, 410 families and unaccompanied children were caught crossing into the remote Big Bend area in western Texas, compared with 23 last year. There were 475 in a rural stretch of desert near Yuma, Ariz., compared with 72 last year.

    “The fact that more remote sectors are seeing increases may mean they’re turning to areas where they don’t need to deal with Border Patrol,” Isacson said.

  61. Mormaer

    November 14, 2015 at 9:32 am

    November 14, 2015 at 8:17 am
    …The significant thing here is not that Trump is smart, or that we’re smart – it really doesn’t take smarts – it’s just that we’re simply seeing what is obvious – and the people with power are gaslighting us.

    How perfectly stated.

  62. I have to say, these French authorities sure seem able to find out and release facts quickly. Including their ability to say “ISIS”….

  63. How perfectly stated.

    Well, with what you pulled out, it’s good. I should have just written that. When I looked at it again after posting, I thought, wow, that whole thing is really redundant lol

  64. Trump’s Updated ISIS Plan: “Bomb The Shit Out Of Them,” Send In Exxon To Rebuild

    I would be a lot happier if Trump had said, “I would bomb the Hell out of ISIS strongholds, AND I would bomb the shit out of the oil pipelines, rebuild them and take the oil.

    Guess who has said this before about the oil…………..yup, GWB. He did bomb the Hell out of the oil fields, and although he said he would keep the oil to pay back America for the war and reconstruction, he didn’t….putting us into mega debt.

    Did ol’ Georgie realize that oil is all these countries have to financially support themselves when America pulls out of the ‘war’?

    Bomb the Hell out of ISIS first Trump! Drone them into Hell.

  65. I just can’t fathom why they were allowed to keep and enrich themselves with oil all this time and continue to do so. Cutting off their money maker would have been the most common sense thing to do. Why did we need a Trump to say that NOW?

  66. holdthemaccountable

    November 14, 2015 at 5:43 am

    #arrestobama NOW!​

    Thank you Holdem. Already using #ARRESTOBAMA since reading your post.

    Let’s have him arrested. #ARRESTOBAMA

  67. pm317
    November 14, 2015 at 10:27 am
    Carson is a joke and it is scary that people are taking him seriously.

    Carson is religiously delusional. He might have been a surgeon…BFD. The guy doesn’t have a clue on reality and he should buy a damn shaver.

    —Remember, “Obama is a professor!” Wadda damn joke.

  68. I don’t care if Carson was a first rate surgeon. His way of talking and the content of what he says are purely insane for a job of leading a country. We are not looking for pseudo-saints with ultra-religiosity to run this country.

  69. We don’t know what may have happened since Carson retired – maybe some mental health or medical issue. Or maybe something like that appeared, and led to his surgical retirement. We just don’t know. I cringed, as many did, when Trump was asking how Iowans were so crazy to support him. But I think he was incredibly frustrated, you have this guy with odd beliefs, and yet somehow he kept a close second to Trump. He might even know more than we do about Carson. He was probably thinking “they must be crazy!” and it slipped out.

    And these candidates now agreeing with Trump post-Paris attacks – I think they’re being opportunistic. I don’t believe they would follow through on what needs to be done. The writing was already on the wall. But NOW they’re echoing Trump? Only Trump was saying the obvious when it was politically inconvenient. Anyone after – no matter the party – I don’t trust they’ll follow through. Trump sees the big picture – the Johnny-come-lately people are only reacting to this one issue. IMO, our whole attitude towards immigration, and Islam, and borders has to change. Thankfully, all the experts I’ve been seeing on tv this morning aren’t worried about Obama – they’re speaking sensibly and calling a spade a spade. And I just saw one guy say that we can’t keep playing whack-a-mole, we have to accept it’s an ideology and they want to take over.

  70. Geez – they’ve already arrested 3 co-conspirators in Belgium. Why aren’t WE this good?

    They just said that one of the suicide bombers was supposed to get into the filled stadium to detonate himself, but security turned him away, so he had to do it outside with fewer victims.

    A couple of separate experts on tv this morning said that Obama and Congress have NOT been seriously fighting ISIS.

  71. lorac, Obama’s MO is that if he acknowledges it as a problem, he will have to do something about it and that it may even stand in the way of his larger agenda (of bringing in more ME Muslim immigration into this country). He is in general a coward.

  72. Betty
    November 14, 2015 at 8:25 am

    Hey Betty.

    I think you read me wrong, because what ever I have learned goes not excuse honest and decent people from opening their eyes. Over 90% of my community fell in line even after they realized that uncle bumbles was not acting in their best interest. Is it possible that there are no honest people in the entire Jewish community, who watched as bumbles sold Israel out again and again and again? Do you mean that the entire business community was deaf and dumb to the way bingo’s economic policies were harming America? And yes, election fraud DOES exist and did take place in both elections (2008 and 2012), but in the general of 2012, are you saying that it was SOOO widespread that the common sense of 10 million people couldn’t overcome the gen election difference? And finally, I agree about the uni-party. I don’t have any faith in the wringings of the career GOP pols BECAUSE of their uni party affiliation. Any moves to block or challenge bongo the foolish needed to originate in Congress. Joining the uni-party limped their dicks because they saw how to stay in power rather than fight for the people.

    It is a lame excuse to only blame the media since it takes two to tango. You have to not want to question the media to be so bamboozled.

    Hillary 2016?

  73. From Trumps FB page:

    President Obama said “ISIL continues to shrink” in an interview just hours before the horrible attack in Paris. He is just so bad! CHANGE.
    We need much tougher, much smarter leadership – and we need it NOW!

    Don’t we wish.

  74. The news is reporting that a large police presence has just arrived at a hotel near the Eiffel Tower. I can see they have some of their cars blocking the intersection. The news doesn’t know what it’s about yet.

  75. A Fox correspondent is staying at that hotel, and reports that the police are going room to room, but no one knows what is going on yet, everyone is just staying in their rooms as told. He said they’re all in the dark, I don’t know if they were told to turn their lights out, or if people are being cautious about possible gunfire into windows.

    He said the hotel is in a ritzy area. The attacks were in not such a nice area, but becoming “trendy”.

  76. Lu – from your link – interesting questions:

    Now, we admit to not being experts on the nuances, or even basics, of “suicide bombing for terrorists 101”, but is bringing your own passport to an event that will be your last, really that crucial, especially when the passport is such a critical smoking gun?

    Also, if a suicide bomber blows up while carrying the passport, does the passport survive intact every single time or just on specific occasions?

  77. Question for tweeters – can I sign up for someone’s tweets and have it go to the email on my phone? And, will I just get that individual’s tweets, or do I have to get all the responses by others, too?

  78. holdthemaccountable
    November 14, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Their debate prep teams must be scrambling to come up with acceptable talking points. They haven’t had time to float any trial balloons so expect some really far out there stuff while they scramble. I predict “Baltimore” O’Malley will say something astoundingly stupid or bizarre. Or the Bern. Switching topics is also an effort to blimp up the ratings by the CBS executives.

  79. Wow. This is an interesting article. Apparently very integral to ISIS is a belief that the apocalypse is coming soon. I was surprised to read this:

    An anti-Messiah, known in Muslim apocalyptic literature as Dajjal, will come from the Khorasan region of eastern Iran and kill a vast number of the caliphate’s fighters, until just 5,000 remain, cornered in Jerusalem. Just as Dajjal prepares to finish them off, Jesus—the second-most-revered prophet in Islam—will return to Earth, spear Dajjal, and lead the Muslims to victory.

  80. Mormaer – I read yesterday that the moderator had met with all of the campaigns “to get information” or something like that. Interesting.

    But it was before Paris, so you’re right, they’re probably scrambling now.

  81. CNN online just said the leader of ISIS has been taken out, I think it was the US…and experts said it is about time they were finally able to carry out this kind of attack, that military has known of targets but not able to act. (BingoBama dragging his feet?)

    These two guys, one of them was (retired) military, both agreed that ISIS is ‘winning’ and the CNN woman freaked out, and tried to down play what they said.

  82. I think Obama feels humiliated by Russia going in and getting things done, so he’s allowed our people to do a little more.

  83. Bernie is a nitwit dreamer. The ‘Million Student March’ that took place showed students with tens of thousands of educational debt signs along with signs to vote for BernieBeanie to get ‘free tuition’ in colleges.

    They think money falls from the sky to pay for their education…many are anchor babies.

  84. lorac
    November 14, 2015 at 5:07 pm
    Interesting article. They are living an ancient life and indulging in violent and destructive fantasies paid for with oil money. I dare say that is a big recruiting deal. If they need an Anti-Christ we would gladly sent him to Iran. Of course, I always thought he aspired to head the Muslim Brotherhood after he rein of destruction, here.

  85. TheRock

    November 14, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    It is a lame excuse to only blame the media since it takes two to tango. You have to not want to question the media to be so bamboozled.

    Blaming the victim here. How SICK is it that you have to analyze every word broadcast by these creeps and then go behind them to fact check their bullshit? No the MSM is part of the same lying complex of bullshit.

  86. blowme0bama
    November 14, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Again, my statement does not absolve the media’s responsibility. It says shame on that large portion of the American public that DIDN’T question the media, that did not care they were being lied to when they knew it plain as day. Everybody in this forum does exactly that every day. You don’t run across a busy street, get hit by a car and they say the fault lies solely with the driver(s) that hit you. Of course it is sick that we have to analyze every word that is broadcast. But we can and should. I know personally of places where that isn’t a possibility.

    Hillary 2016

  87. DJT Twitter group has been mailed a “bonus” stellar rally link. Below. Some notable marks:
    The America We Deserve author Trump. Pub. 2000 22:40 of tape above. “I’m pretty good at this”
    26:40: Hillary is a disaster
    41:00 It takes guts to run. Not guts like families mourning deaths illegals killed.
    47:00 Immigration reference
    51:00 control tower to Trump pilot: Permission to land. Make America Great Again.
    57:00 All politicians know how to do is get re-elected.
    FULL Speech HD: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Beaumont, TX (11-14-15)

  88. The mewling about un-integrated second or third generation Muslims being radicalized and carrying out the murdering in Paris just got tossed out as lying spin. One of the suicide bombers had a Syrian passport attached to one of his corpse’s pieces. This directly contradicts this spin and clearly proves that the migrant hordes flowing into Europe, enabled by the mad woman Merkel and the technocrats of the EU, is being used by ISIS to place terrorists throughout the target of ancient cultural Europe. These terrorists clump across the Balkans to be welcomed by grinning idiots in Germany and then disappear into the Schengen area to wreck havoc.
    Very true.

    And unlike the traditional battlefield where the lines are battle are clearly drawn and demarcated this racial insurgency has seeded terrorist cells into all aspects of European society, whose fondest dream is to die for Allah and establish the Caliphate prophesied in their scripture. At the root of it, what defense does a godless, secular and technocratic Europe which rejects its history in this attempt to establish an administrative state have to defend itself against this kind of invasion. Somewhere between none and zero, so lets be cautious here and split the difference. When preparing for war, energy counts and there as here there is no energy, just the attitude of que sera. The elites believe they are immune from this, but by the time they wake up, it will be too late. In the words of Kipling, they will never get rid of the Dane.

    It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
    To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
    “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
    Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

    And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
    And the people who ask it explain
    That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
    And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

    It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
    To puff and look important and to say: —
    “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
    We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

    And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.

    It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
    For fear they should succumb and go astray;
    So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
    You will find it better policy to say: —

    “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
    No matter how trifling the cost;
    For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the nation that pays it is lost!”

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