#GOPDebate 4: The Issue For @RealDonaldTrump Should Be ObamaTrade

Update: Will this be the The “everybody get Rubio” debate? The last date with Jeb debate? The get Ben Carson debate? Or as we advise the Donald Trump attacks ObamaTrade debate? Trump today released his trade plan so maybe we get our wish. It’s debate night so get ready for our snark in the comments.


The fourth GOP debate is the big one. The first debate was important because it was the opportunity for the GOP establishment to stop Donald J. Trump from getting on the stage. Once Trump got on the stage with senators and governors to debate, his biggest weakness (not considered a serious candidate) would be overcome. Trump triumphed.

The second debate was important because it was the last chance for the GOP establishment to finish off Donald J. Trump and bring back Bush. Trump triumphed.

The third debate turned into a mess due to Big Media moderators thinking they are the stars, not the candidates. Because the status quo was maintained, Trump triumphed.

The fourth GOP debate is the big one. It should be the moment when Trump crushes the opposition.

The fourth GOP debate will have the best moderators possible:

“My goal is to make myself invisible,” Cavuto, one of three moderators for the prime-time debate, said in an interview last week. “That I’m not the issue. … That we’re not the issue. The answers to what we’re raising become the issue.”

Bartiromo sounded a similar note: “After that [CNBC] debate, I realized, I knew my marching orders. It was clearer than ever what my marching orders are, and that is to help the viewer, help the voter better understand what each candidate’s plan is; is it a realistic plan, can it work and how is it different from the next guy or gal, and that’s what I plan to focus on.” [snip]

“This stuff in and of itself is riveting. People are tuning in for a reason. They’re engaged in this process, so you don’t have to sell it like some sort of TV drama; it writes itself,” Cavuto said. “So we should just make sure we’re being informative and people feel informed, and we’ll let chips fall where they may.”

And, in a veiled reference to the attacks on CNBC, he added, “Don’t trivialize this, don’t ‘gotcha’ this, don’t make this into something it’s not. It’s a debate on economic issues, it’s not ‘Access Hollywood.’”

Maria Bartoromo, and Neil Cavuto are knowledgeable financial types who draw out information from those they interview. On their financial shows the questions are focused and the answers allowed to be heard.

It’s not just the good moderators. Two additional process changes make the fourth GOP debate potentially the best. The first change is that there will only be eight candidates on the stage. The second change is that the candidates will have 90 seconds to respond.

Add to less candidates, best moderators, more time to respond to questions, the topic of the debate, and we have a potential best debate of the 2016 season.

Donald J. Trump should do very well and Trumpmania will continue. The economy is exactly the topic Trump should do well in. Trump has a detailed tax plan so if he can expound on that he will do well.

Trump also can turn every question on the economy into attacks against Obama and illegal immigration amnesty. Candidates such as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will have to defend themselves on the question of illegal immigration amnesty. Dr. Ben Carson has a lot to answer for on this issue as well. Ben Carson should also be questioned about his support for statehood for the bankrupt Puerto Rico.

Dr. Ben Carson has a lot of question to answer in the fourth debate. We don’t mean questions raised about his past dubious representations nor possible support of Obama and Al Sharpton which we consider sideshows.

Where Donald J. Trump can crush Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, if necessary Ted Cruz (although Cruz has backtracked on TPP), Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina, is on ObamaTrade:

“I think Trump’s strength in the Republican primary is in significant part due to his challenging of trade and the fact that he says we haven’t defended American interests effectively,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), whose conservative views on trade and immigration align with those of the billionaire mogul.

On ObamaTrade, Donald J. Trump stands alone:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Friday that he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated by the White House – aligning himself more with the GOP’s establishment wing than with the social conservatives who have powered his campaign.

Mr. Carson’s backing of the 12-nation Pacific trade deal places him at odds with Donald Trump, his chief rival for support among anti-establishment Republicans. Mr. Carson had expressed skepticism about the TPP, saying in a June interview with the Huffington Post that he would not give President Barack Obama “fast-track” authority to negotiate the deal.

Now, a day after the White House posted the text of the TPP deal online, Mr. Carson’s campaign said Friday that he supports the final product.

Mr. Carson, spokesman Doug Watts said, “believes the agreement does help to level the playing field in key markets and is important to improve our ties to trading partners in Asia as a counterbalance to China’s influence in the region.” Mr. Watts said Mr. Carson is “now inclined to support TPP, with reservations.”

The fourth GOP debate will be the last ditch attempt for a bunch of candidates to keep noses above water. Jeb Bush needs a blisteringly brilliant performance to avoid his fate as a Thanksgiving turkey. Rand Paul? Who cares? Paul will soon be begging for votes in Kentucky to keep his senate seat. Carly Fiorina? She has no rationale for running other than her silly presumption that Hillary Clinton is afraid of her. Kasich? If he dares to speak after the Trump thumping in the last debate we will be surprised – Kasich is going the way of Lehman Brothers.

The only candidates of significance left are Trump, Rubio, Carson, and Cruz. Now that he has joined with Trump in opposition to ObamaTrade, Cruz should survive the fourth debate. But Rubio and Carson? – two peas in a pod. Trump will have them for lunch.

At the fourth GOP debate, ObamaTrade should be front and center as the issue that separates the real candidates from the Obama collaborators.


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  1. http://freebeacon.com/politics/meet-the-press-breaks-down-democratic-partys-massive-losses-under-obama-the-obama-political-machine-is-a-lie/

    Meet The Press host Chuck Todd and his Sunday panelists outlined the Democratic Party’s heavy losses under the Obama administration, with panelist Marc Caputo saying the idea of the “Obama political machine” was a “lie” that couldn’t win without him on a ballot.

    Under Obama, Democrats have lost 13 Senate seats and 69 House seats in Congress, and the results are even more staggering on a local level. Democrats have lost 12 governorships, including Kentucky last week with the election of Matt Bevin, 30 state legislative chambers and more than 900 state legislative seats. That’s the worst showing for an incumbent president’s party since the Richard Nixon years, due to the taint of Watergate…

    Politico reporter Marc Caputo said the idea of the Barack Obama political machine was nonsense.

    “The Barack Obama political machine and oh, we’re big data? It’s a lie,” Caputo said. “The Obama political machine without Obama is no machine. They don’t win. That was a largely personality-based campaign in two different cycles.”

    Also, Caputo said, Obama simply is not very popular.

    Stand by Obama and die. The Obama cult is not transferable and should not be courted. The Obama cult should be avoided and killed.

  2. Foxy

    Love Bevin too!

    So glad the Sista’s are going to Milwaukee. I’m from Milwaukee and right now they are having Indian Summer, warm days and cool nights, beautiful foliage.
    Hey ya, all…have a great time and I hope to see them make an appearance with the Donald!
    Huuuge A A community.

  3. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/obama-immigration-executive-order-supreme-court-215664

    Appeals court keeps block on Obama immigration

    A federal appeals court has rejected President Barack Obama’s effort to move forward with a series of executive actions he announced last year seeking to give quasi-legal status and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

    The 2-1 ruling from the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit is a defeat for the Obama Administration, but one that may have come just in the nick of time to give the Supreme Court the chance to revive Obama’s attempt to make it easier for many immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally to live and work here.

    The timing of the appeals court’s decision had become of increasing concern to the Obama Administration and immigrant rights’ groups in recent weeks. Obama’s latest round of executive actions have been on hold since January and delay in the result of the appeals court’s ruling was raising doubt about whether the Supreme Court would resolve the case in time to allow Obama to move forward with the programs before leaving office.

    The release of the 5th Circuit decision Monday appears to allow the Supreme Court enough time to take up the dispute this term, if the justices choose to wade into the issue. A favorable Supreme Court ruling would permit the administration to implement the executive actions next summer.

  4. Great breakdown of the next debate with hopefully, adults asking important questions.

    This is the debate that Trump should really shine, and hopefully make Hillary question her support of Obama’s failed policies that finds American’s suffering under the O’economy.

    Hopefully there won’t be any silly backbiting that makes it into a freak show again.

  5. Admin
    Under Obama, Democrats have lost 13 Senate seats and 69 House seats in Congress, and the results are even more staggering on a local level. Democrats have lost 12 governorships, including Kentucky last week with the election of Matt Bevin, 30 state legislative chambers and more than 900 state legislative seats. That’s the worst showing for an incumbent president’s party since the Richard Nixon years, due to the taint of Watergate…

    That’s the price Dims had to pay for their Tin Calf. Payback is a bitch and that much harder for Hillary to win in 2016.

  6. jtjames and Admin

    Appeals court keeps block on Obama immigration

    Best news I’ve heard in weeks.

  7. Yes Tony, what happened to the Missouri School President was shocking

    Gonzo, as soon as I heard that they got some football players on board, I knew they were going to “win”. Football (ie, $$) is the god at schools. That school president would have been getting calls from alumni all over the country about withholding their contributions if he didn’t do what the loudmouths wanted. He would have been getting calls from school faculty, parents, just about everyone. Not because of the issue – because football.cannot.be.stopped.

    Now I hear they’re demanding to speak to the governor.

    Mark my words, though – now that they’ve finally figured out having football players threaten not to play will get people’s attention, now it’s going to start to be very common. Job #1 of any future race card campus movement will be to get some football players to join in.

  8. Lora

    I know, but the best part was that the football team is horrible and if they walked no one would have noticed, won like 2 games. The board should have had some balls and called them on it, now the A A will never stop with ridiculous demands.

  9. I give you credit, gonzo, I’ll text a little here and there, but that’s all I can handle – I need to be at the laptop and doing real typing lol I didn’t learn how to type in high school to grow up and have to type with one finger lol More than a text here and there, and I get incredibly frustrated, especially if I want to say more than 1-2 sentences!

  10. admin
    November 10, 2015 at 12:54 am

    Music to my ears.

    I hope Hillary sees now that this is a dead end, law abiding and even if she were to win the Presidency, she will be working with a Republican House and Senate that will force her to the middle where she belongs.

  11. If the Supremes take up the Obama executive order review over the agreement of TWO courts with jurisdiction and reverse Katy bar the door. And in the middle of a presidential campaign! Not to mention Germany being overrun, the EU imploding, and the Middle East and Africa dumping their radical trouble makers, prisons and town crazies. The Dems should want this issue to just go away with the Supremes passing on a review. But they won’t. Like I have said Trump is the luckiest son of gun ever as events and issues just keep going his way and it looks like Obama wakes up every morning saying how can I help The Donald today.

  12. gonzotx
    November 10, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Hopefully after tonight with 90 seconds to bumble through answers to these questions (with his scriptural interpretations and why the NASA moon landing is a hoax) it will be clear just what Carson thinks he thinks. At the moment. To be clarified later. Via a PAC spokesman. From Palm Beach. Or a bookstore. And look for Rubio filibustering saying a lot but most of it balderdash and double talk. I think this panel of moderators is going to let them talk and hang themselves. The more most of them talk the less the public likes them.

  13. My understanding is that these Dreamer court cases are only dealing with whether the first judge had the right to squash it. I don’t believe it has been heard on its (lack of) merits yet. I’ve heard that it’s unlikely the Supremes would pick up this case, because it’s just procedural.

    I don’t know what these legal developments mean for the case with the meat in it, though – maybe one of attorneys can chime in.

  14. Carson to me is the scariest. He has some bizarre beliefs and in addition appears to represent the Rino wing of the Republican party.
    I think most people think he’s a Tea Party type…hmm, not so much.

  15. gonzotx – Carson? Yes. Twilight Zone.
    Here’s a breath of fresh air in a House that has been traditionally stale:
    Rep. Black Praises Appeals Court Ruling on President Obama’s Unconstitutional Immigration Overreach
    Nov 10, 2015 Issues: Immigration
    Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Diane Black (R-TN-06), issued the following statement following the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to continue an injunction against the President’s 2014 amnesty plan, which would prevent the deportation of an estimated five million illegal immigrants:
    “The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has dealt an important victory for law abiding immigrants and taught President Obama a much-needed civics lesson. This President is many things, but a king isn’t one of them. We are a nation of laws and, as this rebuke from the court affirms, he cannot rewrite those laws on a whim to fit his liberal agenda,” said Congressman Diane Black. “We know that immigration reform is needed, but real reform starts with securing our border, not granting backdoor amnesty to some five million people – an action that will only encourage greater illegal immigration. Throughout this process, the President’s motivations were completely transparent. This was not about achieving true reform, this was about scoring political points, as evidenced by his decision to announce his amnesty plan last year, rather than when he had unified Democratic control. With this ruling, the courts have, once again, embarrassed this Administration and rightly called out its lawlessness. Now, we must ensure this decision remains intact so that the rule of law is protected.”
    Congressman Black’s home state of Tennessee is among the 26 states challenging the President’s immigration action. Black signed an amicus brief led by the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) in support of these states’ lawsuit. Black is also a co-author of the Separation of Powers Act, legislation that would prohibit the use of funds to grant deferred action or other immigration relief to individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.
    Congressman Diane Black represents Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District. She has been a registered nurse for more than 40 years and serves on the House Ways and Means and Budget Committees

  16. I think that people that want this big change think Trump and Carson are on the same page, and they like, his, quiet, demeanor. .I don’t think they know about his truck stands because all we are feed is, crazy information during the debates, like what super character bests describes you, or do you have a weak point. These moderators..are you on LSD?
    For real?

  17. I hope anyone who believes in a Higher Power (and even those who do not) will pray for Trump to speak to the issues and rally the public against the establishment and their current destruction of the nation. Particularly shine the light on the nature of the TPP and why it is Corporate vs National Governance. An assault on individual liberty and national sovereignty. (And probably a big FAIL).

  18. According to Fox, there is a big Minimum Wage Protest outside the debate, tonight. $15/hr. What people need to understand is that robots make $5/hr so they are better off leaving the minimum wage at $7.25 and demanding affordable healthcare, education and housing. They are already replacing the fast food workers.

    I used to do fast-food once a week or so but have stopped because my cat got sick and I could not stand to put her down, so I have extra expenses with her that I feel guilty about because I am trying to save for my daughters college. It is a shame I have to choose between my beloved pet and protecting my daughter from having to become a debt slave. Anyway, I think people should boycott the fast food places that have replaced workers with IT/robots.

    BTW, that idiot Roberts who protected Obamacare for the “markets” has protected that one while jeopardizing all the others, as people only have so much money to spend. That showed up in the GPD numbers. So how do you think the nimrod would vote of Ofuctards Amnesty? Run out the clock.

  19. These international corporations that want to run the world through the TPP are actually no more effective or efficient that government. The only difference is that they do not answer at all to the voters/populous. CEO is a position that attracts a lot of sociopaths. Most particularly America Business really sucks because they are not structured for productivity and efficiency, they are structured for tax avoidance. Yes, and anyone who could successfully restructure the tax code would throw them into massive chaos and they would need to reorganize.


  20. A FEDERAL JUDGE has ordered an immediate halt to the NSA’s controversial phone records collection program, ruling that the program violates the Constitution.

    US District Judge Richard Leon’s decision to end the collection is a victory for the plaintiffs in the case and for civil liberties groups who have been asserting that the program was unconstitutional since it was first exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013. But while the ruling is important in principle for what it says about the legality of the program, its practical importance is minimal since the ruling only applies to the two plaintiffs who brought suit against the NSA—Larry Klayman, a conservative legal activist, and his business.

    Even that victory is minor since the NSA’s collection program is already set to end on November 29. The ruling is significant anyway, however, because it’s so rare that a judge ever enjoins the NSA from spying. This decision could set a precedent for other cases, according to David Greene with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    “In effect, it only requires them to stop doing very little of what they do,” says Greene, senior staff attorney and civil liberties director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. But the opinion is very broad-reaching. And because the NSA makes many of the same arguments to justify all of its mass spying programs, it’s really significant when a judge rejects them.”


  21. Trump said they hated each other. Tonight we might see Rubio burn Bush and Bush burn Rubio:


    After the New York Times reported that the pro-Bush super PAC Right to Rise USA has filmed an attack video claiming Rubio’s hard-line stance on abortion makes him unelectable and its top strategist has shown a willingness to unleash as much as $20 million worth of ads targeting the Florida senator, Rubio’s campaign tried to turn the group’s plans to its advantage by raising money off of them.

    “And they’re bragging about that? How is that the kind of ‘joyful’ campaign that Jeb claimed he wanted to run?!?!” writes Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan in the e-mailed solicitation for campaign contributions. Sullivan’s reference is to Bush’s well-documented desire to campaign “joyfully.”

    In this war we’re hoping both lose.

  22. Lu4PUMA

    November 10, 2015 at 4:26 pm


    if anyone had a chance to catch any of Trump’s rally in Illinois last night he did a very good job of speaking on behalf of the American people vs everyone…countries, illegal immigrants, our own govt, etc that is working against the interests of the American people…

    he used lines like…”The American people are going to come first” etc

    very strong…I hope he describes the issues tonight similarly to how he painted the picture of what is going on last night…


    I hate to add this but for some reason every time I hear Hillary speak, with Maddow, and on news clips…

    she is going on about how she is “going to continue President Obama’s legacy and take it further”

    that seems to be a standard line she uses in all her appearances…

    my heart sinks every time I hear that…

  23. btw…fyi…whenever Trump is having a rally, as last night with something like 10,000 people in I think Springfield, Illinois at some big stadium…evidently they broke records for attendance…

    anyway…usually the station OANN will carry Trump’s rallies LIVE…the other cable channels might give snippets or no coverage at all

  24. Li,

    He is our hope now, so strange. I remember, when he was flirting with running last go around, I thought, “what a ego driven clown”, yes, I admit it. It goes to show, you, opinions are just that. I didn’t put any effort to know him, I just based it on his shows and bravado. Never considered him a “real candidate”.
    What is real? We have a nurse of 40 years that makes more sense than a career politician, we have a a business tycoon that is America’s last great hope. ..or so I believe..I do think it’s over if Trump does not win. I will retire then from this great political experiment.
    Yes, my eggs are all in this basket and I’m hoping to hatch, not fry, some liberty and justice for all.
    Are Americans ready to rumble? Can we fight back the Goliath of the Globalist, Media, and terrorists?

  25. Cruz says most of the right things, his recent change on TPP, is bizarre. His evangelical presentation is a turn off for many. Smart, scary smart, but something not connecting. Those smirks are not helping, can we please, get a new hairdo, to of much Munsters.

  26. GONZO

    “Yes, my eggs are all in this basket and I’m hoping to hatch, not fry, some liberty and justice for all.
    Are Americans ready to rumble? Can we fight back the Goliath of the Globalist, Media, and terrorists?”


    Kisses and Hugs!

  27. A happy surprise in this bare-bones cable household:
    Fox Business is running the debates on the channel usually reserved for the zap2it channel guide.
    Maybe someone else will be as fortunate.

  28. hold’um

    I just turned in my Comcast box and will deal without tv for awhile. They wanted to jack my basic cable + Fox and CNN up to almost $80/month and I am sick of arguing with them to lower the cost, like I have for the past 4 years…and just said no thanks.

    I am still going to miss some news I can’t find online, and hope the debate is here

  29. Trump needs to focus on the issues. Hit 0bama hard on TPP, people have no idea what it is, an immigration, show the difference between him and Carson, who supports both.

  30. NC says the debate is about the economy.

    First question: $15 minimum wage.

    Trump: This country is being beaten on every front. Our taxes are too high. Wages too high. Don’t like to say it but we need to compete with the rest of the world so I would not raise the minimum wage.

    NC: Carson you suggested a lower tier of minimum wage?

    Carson: Every time we raise the minimum wage jobs disappear especially in the black community. Lower the wages and those jobs come back. As a young man I got a job that did not pay that much and that’s how I ascended the ladder of opportunity. I would not raise it.

    NC: Rubio you called Dem debate a night of giveaways?

    Rubio: My parents did not make that much money but they managed to buy a house through hard work. Higher minimum wage will not make things better. Repeal regulations and ObamaCare. Restructure education and let’s have more welders than philosophers.

    Maria Bartiromo: Kasich, what specific steps to cut taxes?

    Kasich: My father had black lung disease. We have to care. I have a plan to get a balanced budget by end of second term. We hear a lot of tax schemes. Lower taxes, lower spending. I balanced the budget in Washington and in Ohio. We need to create jobs. We have to train those at the bottom.

    MB: Specific steps?

    Kasich: Lower taxes by innovating. Freeze non defense spending.

    MB: Recession next year? Your 10% tax plan and 15% business tax plan, anything else?

    Cruz: Obama economy is a disaster. I have a bold tax reform plan of 10% Also regulatory reform. Then sound money. Every time we do these 3 things we have economic growth.

    [Kasich interrupts, Bush says he wants his question]

    MB: 4% growth with your policies?

    Bush: No growth causes deficit growth. We cut deductions and lower rates. Create an explosion of investing. Repeal every Obama rule. Repeal clean power act. Repeal clean water act. Costs of these regulations exceed social benefit. Hillary Clinton says Obama gets an A. It’s not the best America can do.

    Gerard Butler: Fiorina, Under Obama and Clinton jobs grew but not under Bush. Democrats better than Republicans for jobs?

    Fiorina: I met a woman who said she was afraid for her children’s future. This government has grown bigger and bigger. We have to challenge the status quo of big government. We need to go to zero based budgeting, reform tax code down to 3 pages, top to bottom review of regulations, hold government officials accountable.

    GB: Paul, income inequality.

    Paul: Cities run by Democrats and states run by Democrats have the worst income inequality. The FED has made things worse. We’re paying banks interest to keep their money so the money is not flowing.


  31. Rubio sounds like he memorized and memorized his talking points and is reciting them at a high school debate. Also is there anyone who has listened to the debates and him being interview that has not heard over and over that his daddy was a bartender, he grew up poor, etc. MARCO, we get it for Heaven’s sake. Most of us had middle to low income parents and we had no extra money as kids and had to pay for our own college educations. So stop with the sad sack story. But if you grew up in a log cabin with no electricty and running water and had to chop cotton, plow with a mule that might be different.

  32. pm317
    November 10, 2015 at 9:30 pm
    you can see live stream here:

    Thanks pm, I have tried that link 8 times it says there is an error and try a new a new media.

    Not sure why it doesn’t work for me, not that many CA are watching it out here anyway.

  33. NC: Vet candidates?

    Carson: I don’t mind vetting I do mind being lied about. I also think all candidates should be vetted. Hillary lied about Benghazi and that is different from my “lie” about West Point. We need to start treating people the same. I am an honest person.

    MB: Federal Appeals Court decision on immigration?

    Trump: I was very happy to see that decision on Obama’s executive order. It was a great day. We have to stop illegal immigration. It hurts us on the economy and hurts us on drugs. It was terrific. We are a country of law and we need border. I will build a wall. Ask Israel if a wall works.

    MB: Send millions back?

    Trump: We are a country of laws. We will run our country properly if we are going to have a country.

    Kasich: We need to build a wall. But we cannot ship 11 million people out. If they were law abiding they pay a fine. It’s a silly argument.

    Trump: You were lucky in Ohio to strike oil. Eisenhower moved a million and a half illegal immigrants, they came back. Then Eisenhower moved them further south and out until they did not come back. You don’t get nicer than Eisenhower.

    Shouding back and forth… Trump: you should let Jeb speak.

    Kasich: Trump should understand that Ohio is diversified. It’s not the truth. We can’t ship 11 million out.

    Trump: I built companies and don’t need to hear from him.

    Bush: Thanks Donald, for letting me speak. We cannot ship millions out. We have to win the presidency. Hillary celebrates when she hears this.

    Trump: We have millions on line now who want to get in legally. It is unfair.

    GB: Americans are anxious. Robots, many traditional jobs going away.

    Rubio: It’s not just an economic downturn. It’s also an economic transformation. It’s disruptive. There is lots of competition for jobs. We have a crazy health care law. Not utilizing our energy resources. Our higher education is not working. We need to grasp the new economic opportunities.

    GB: Reduce benefits?

    Cruz: No changes for seniors. For younger workers less benefits and ability to save their money. As to illegal immigration if the Republicans become the party of amnesty we will lose. If lawyers and journalists were crossing the border then we would see stories about the economic calamity. I am the son of an immigrant who came here legally. Try going to Mexico or China illegally. We can’t abandon working people.

    MB: How to get rid of regulations?

    Fiorina: ObamaCare has to be repealed because it is failing. ObamaCare is crony capitalism for insurance and medical companies.

  34. Admin, it’s probably just me…the link doesn’t work for me says I should come back later or find new media.

  35. NC: Taxes. Carson, you have a flat tax plan of 10%. Trump says that won’t work.

    Carson: I’m talking about proportions. You have to get rid of all the deductions and loopholes. People had homes before the deductions. There will be a rebate for people at the poverty level. Lots of opportunity for poor people not to be poor people.

    NC: Paul, you want to blow up the tax code. Don’t you risk a near term budget crisis?

    Paul: Where is money best spent? In the private or public sector? I want the most money in the private sector. I have proposed 3 plans on how to balance the budget. I also like the penny plan which cuts one penny from every dollar. I also want to get rid of the payroll tax.

    NC: No deductions?

    Paul: Home mortgage and charity deductions remain.

    MB: Explain how your plan works without running up debt and deficits?

    Cruz: Carve outs and subsidies empower Washington. $36,000 or less no taxes. Flat tax for business of 16%. It’s fair. Eliminate the death tax and abolish the IRS. This will bring incredible economic growth. May plan is also border adjustable. All imports pay the 16% tax. The dynamic cost of the plan is less than a trillion. It is pro-growth. Today I rolled out a spending plan that eliminates 5 departments. I put chapter and verse of my plan on my website.

    MB: How important is tax reform in your agenda?

    Bush: Simplify the tax code. We need more than 2% growth. Growing the economy is the first job we must do. Disposable income is down. The jobs being created are lower wage jobs than those lost. Hillary Clinton wants more top down, more taxes.

    GB: Large expansion of tax credits. Cost $170 billion.

    Rubio: The most important job is a parent. Values must be taught. A pro family tax code. Childcare costs more than college. I am proud of my tax plan.

    Paul: Is it conservative to have a trillion dollar expenditure? That plan is a transfer payment. It is not conservative.

    Rubio: This is their money. If you invest that money in equipment you get to write it off. Rand is a committed isolationist.

    Paul: How is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures?

    Rubio: There are radical jihadists threatening the world.

    Paul: I do not think we are any safer from bankruptcy court. Unlimited military spending can bankrupt us.

    Cruz: There is a middle ground. It’s expensive to defend this nation but it is more expensive not to defend it. Get rid of sugar subsidies.

    Fiorina: This is why we have to combine zero based budgeting and tax reform.

    Trump: We have to make our military stronger. We all have our tax plans and each plan is better than the mess we have now.

    GB: Trade deal boosts growth?

    Trump: TPP is a horrible deal. It will help China come in through the back door. Thousands of pages long. One of the worst trade deals ever. All the bad countries will do well. Do deals with individual countries. $500 billion imbalance with China. We need smart people to make the deals.

    GB: The deal details were published last week.

    Trump: They don’t discuss currency manipulation. China is the #1 abuser. It’s not discussed in the 6,000 page agreement. It’s not discussed. Bad deal. Bad trade deal. We’re losing jobs.

    Paul: China is not part of this deal.

    GB: But then doesn’t China take the benefits of this deal?

    Paul: I agree with Trump we should negotiate from strength. Congress is now a bystander.


  36. MB: 50 troops to Syria?

    Carson: I think it is better. We have to oppose Putin there. We can’t give up.

    MB: Biggest threat to America?

    Bush: Islamic terrorism. No fly zone is Syria. 4 million refugees. This requires American leadership. U.S. needs to lead.

    MB: Obama mocked Romney in 2012 over Russia. President Trump response to Russia?

    Trump: It’s not just Russia we have problems with. North Korea madman has a nuke. China is a danger. It’s not just Russia. If Putin wants to knock the hell out of ISIS I’m all for it. ISIS knocked down a Russian airplane so Putin has to respond. Why do we have to always be the policeman. Our roads, bridges, schools are falling apart.

    Bush: We’re not going to be the policeman but we have to lead. Putin taking out ISIS is like a board game. Christians will be beheaded. We have to play a role in this.

    Trump: No one even knows who the “rebels” are. We’re giving them millions. I don’t like Assad but these guys might be worse than Assad we don’t know. We should have kept the oil in Iraq.

    Fiorina: Trump should know better. I met Putin in private not in a green room. I would build the sixth fleet. Bush is correct, we need a no fly zone in Syria.

    NC: Paul, include Iranians in talks on Syria?

    Paul: Hillary wants a no fly zone. This no fly zone is a zone in which Russia already flies. We’re going to knock down Russian planes? [Fiorina interrupts]

    Trump: Why does she interrupt everybody?

    Paul: I’m not happy with Russia flying over there but it’s naive to have a no fly zone. I would not arm our enemies. We armed ISIS and allowed it to grow.

    Rubio: I never met Putin but I know he is a gangster. He only understands strength. Our allies don’t trust us. Obama treats Netanyahu with less respect than the Ayatollah. We do have a vested interest in Syria. They are coming for us. They hate us for our values.

    GB: China cyber attacks and China purchases in U.S.?

    Kasich: We can fight the cyber attacks from a position of strength. We need no fly zones in Syria. Cut off funding for Saudi radicals. Jordan has a great king. Israel is our best friend. The TPP is critical for us. TPP helps us with alliances. When we run against Hillary we will have trouble if our military and economic programs are not solid.

  37. Paul brought up an EXCELLENT point. It’s always nice to have applause lines like we should have a no-fly zone in blah blah blah. How quick would they back down the first time they are confronted with shooting down a MiG-29 flown by a Russian pilot.

    Hillary 2016?

  38. Make that extra extra extra annoying. Kasich needs to get the hook and not appear in the next debate.

    Bush is not doing extra bad tonight but even in the most favorable situations he fails to connect. One of his responses on the middle east were repeats almost word for word of his SuperPac commercial and still Bush could not deliver the words with any freshness or conviction.

    Rand Paul is getting more time than he deserves and is making the most of it.

    Cruz is disappearing.

  39. This audience is openly hostile towards Trump tonight. He has been booed more times than I can recall in the other three debates combined.

  40. GB: Hillary says in next crisis she won’t bail out the banks. You?

    Bush: There should be no next crisis. Compliance costs from Dodd-Frank have risen and hurt the economy. Hillary wants to double down on what Obama is doing. She is a captive of the left.

    GB: Never another financial crisis?

    Bush: Big banks are bigger now.

    GB: Assets of some banks like JPMorgan are increased 40%

    Carson: Some of our policies make it easy for them to buy back their stock and make them bigger. We are allowing a stampede of regulation that costs everybody money. It hurts the poor more than the rich.

    GB: You would not break up the banks?

    Carson: My policies would not make the problem worst.

    Rubio: Big banks have armies of lawfirms and lobbyists. The big banks get bigger the small banks get smaller. We need to repeal Dodd-Frank.

    Kasich: I’ll tell you about Wall Street: There’s too much greed.

    NC: Would you go after the crooks Bernie Sanders said gave gotten away?

    Cruz It’s the cronyism of Washington. As government gets bigger the big banks get bigger. The new IRS regulations have ruined small business owners.

    NC: If Bank of America was on the brink you would let it fail?

    Cruz: Yes. The Fed thinks they are philosopher kings. The Fed caused the crash of the monetary system.

    NC: You would let BoA go even though it would hurt depositors?

    Cruz: I would not bail them out. Central banks can help but no bailout. The people who do well in the Obama economy are the cronies.

    Kasich: An executive has to decide to fix things not philosophize.

    Cruz: Why would you bail out the banks but not mom and pop stores!

    Kasich: I would not let the people who put their money in to go down. You gotta deal with it.

    Fiorina: As a chief executive who had to create jobs and save jobs that is now socialism starts. Government created the problem and the real estate bubble then banks were told to buy banks. This is how socialism starts.


  41. Kasich is the only one that has answered the question as to what to do about the depositors in lieu of a bank about to be shut down. All these crap 3 page essays do not answer the question. Carly didn’t say a thing just now about anything, and Cruz dodged the question entirely.

    Hillary 2016?

  42. Add Fiorina to our Kasich “very annoying” list.

    The debate would have been much better with Fiorina and Kasich out. Rand Paul said some sensible things otherwise we would include him too.

  43. Can’t get debate, so as always I appreciate Big Pink doing so.

    BTW, I checked out DU and kooks. They’re railing on Repubs – mainly Trump and Carson, calling him out for his many “lies”. They have written an absurd number of words on something as irrelevant as Carson’s so called “lies” about his childhood and the West Point scholarship thing. Just when you thought they couldn’t get more ridiculous, they rise (or sink) to the occasion.

    I’ll bet they can recite every word in Obama’s faux autobiography, believing every BS bit of it.

    Judging from the way they’re going after Carson, I’m guessing they no longer think it’s raaacist to criticize a black politician.

    BTW, If Hillary’s campaign believes she winning over these far left nutters, they should check out some of the comments about her .

  44. MB: Hillary has impressive resume. More experience, more time in government than any of you. Rubio?

    Rubio: This election is about the future. This is a generational choice. Many of our problems are a consequence of things that happened when Hillary was in office. We need to turn the page. They are the party of the past.

    Cruz: She has a lot of experience but every region got worse under her leadership. Iran is getting $100 billion. Hillary embodies the cronyism of Washington.

    NC: Trump, you’re plan is a one time bounty to bring home the loot.

    Trump: They haven’t talked about corporate inversion. They are leaving the U.S. The Democrats and Republicans agree that the 3 trillion or more should be let back in. But they don’t get the job done. I’ve made it 10% to build businesses. Let’s make America great again.

    MB: You agree with climate change.

    Paul: Get rid of regulations that hamper clean energy. Look before we leap. We need to keep the environment clean but also keep our economy. We need all forms of energy including coal. It’s a mistake to shut down our plants. We want all of the above.

    Bush: We’ve had a 10% reduction in carbon emissions not because of Obama but because of high growth.


  45. I can say this with great certainty. I can VOTE for a republican, but I could never BECOME a republican. It seems like inclusion into that club requires CDS. As disappointed as I am in her for supporting anything bumbles, these people are just plain looney….

    Hillary 2016?

  46. Fiorina was good but at this point it is a moot point as she is not going anywhere. Trump kind of a non factor and sort of trying to hold unto the lead. Carson was his usual boring self . Rubio did well imho. Jeb is almost a tragic figure as he clearly is the sharpest in terms of a real understanding of how government works, but he simply comes off weak and whiny. Cruz is a good debater and clearly wants a spot on a Trump ticket. Rand Paul got too much time tonight as did Kasich both of whom are not electable.

  47. Closing.

    Rand Paul: Can you be a fiscal conservative if you are a profligate spender on military? I am the only conservative on the stage.

    Kasich: I worry for my 16 year old if Hillary wins. We need to run America from the bottom up. We must win this election.

    Fiorina: Imagine a Clinton presidency. The Clinton way will corrode this nation. Carly Fiorina can beat Hillary Clinton.

    Bush: We don’t need an agitator in chief. I ask for your support.

    Cruz: 58 years ago my father fled Cuba. He looked forward to the promise of America. America is in crisis now. We will win with bold colors not pale pastels.

    Rubio: This century can be our greatest century.

    Carson: We the people of America can never give it away for the sake of political correctness.

    Trump: I’ve created many jobs. I am self funding my campaign. I want to make our country great again. We cannot let Hillary Clinton win this election. The United States can be better than ever before.


  48. Well this debate was way more professional than the others. DT did well, except when that moderator hogged the question on the TPP and editorialized it about China. Trump did say that China was going to come in the back door, not that they were part of it.

  49. The pundits seem to agree Rubio had a good night and Jeb a bad night. The guy from Fox (smug jerk) thought Carson was effective.

  50. Fioroina: The Clinton way will corrode this nation.


    Right Carly. Bill Clinton only turned this country around. Saved the economy. Balanced the budget.

    It was absolute, corrosive hell. You should just drop out now and get a job at HP or something. Oh wait .. you can’t. They fired your ass. Thought you were corrosive.

  51. Rubio did do well tonight. Not because of his performance but because Jeb Bush is finished. Jeb had no difficult moments under attack but even under most favorable conditions he underperformed.

    Bush people had advertised that Bush was going to attack Rubio but that did not happen. That’s probably because of the very good Rubio ad destroying Bush. Rubio will now get the Bush donors and the Bush organizers. Bush is the Thanksgiving turkey.

  52. freespirit
    November 10, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Fioroina: The Clinton way will corrode this nation.

    Fiorina isn’t worth one of Hillary thongs that she wore all day.


    Hillary 2016?

  53. admin
    November 10, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    Rubio did do well tonight. Not because of his performance but because Jeb Bush is finished. Jeb had no difficult moments under attack but even under most favorable conditions he underperformed.

    And that HAS to say something to the establishment. It would seem that their initial kingmaking fell flat on the most Republican (not necessarily the most conservative, and not necessarily the most electable) candidate in the field.

    Hope they do better with Rubio…

    Hillary 2016?

  54. gonzotx
    November 10, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    It seems that the people have decided already that it does not. Hence the sarcasm.


    Hillary 2016?

  55. gonzotx
    November 10, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    Matter who the establishment picks. Sorry. Got Enter key happy there for a minute….

    Hillary 2016?

  56. I didn’t see the debate either, but appreciate Admin and pinkers that posted about it.

    Rubio: This election is about the future. This is a generational choice. Many of our problems are a consequence of things that happened when Hillary was in office. We need to turn the page. They are the party of the past.

    [me] Just like Rubio, experience doesn’t matter. The only think that does in his mind is a broken record about his youthfulness, his parents middle class struggle and how he is now grown up enough to run the United States of America.



    Fioroina: The Clinton way will corrode this nation.

    [Me, this woman is a disgrace and shouldn’t even consider that she is worthy of becoming President. She could only win against Hillary…


  57. IMO, the only chance the Rethugs have of winning over Hillary is if they let Trump win the primary and come out in full support of him in the general election.

    Hillary will win against any other Rep. candidate, a walk in the park…and she will win against Trump is he is not supported by the majority of Repubs in the voting booth.

    Seems as if they are all counting on hergetting a ‘Martha Stuart’ and landing in the clink.

    I hope they all hold their breath over that one.

  58. Drudge poll is interesting right now. Trump first, Cruz second. Paul is third leading Rubio and all those less than 5% include Carson. Bush and Kasich both at less than 2% with Bush DEAD LAST.

    Most interesting is how low the vote numbers are at this time. Too many debates already?


  59. Administrator is right…Carly is so irritating like long fingernails scratching on a chalkboard. Wouldn’t you have hated to have her as your boss? Whew!

    Hillary would eat little Marco for lunch in a debate I’d imagine. He’d drop into his hope and change (doesn’t he remind you so much of Obama in 2008), I’m a young guy who is the future (not one of these old coots who are the past) and his I’m all for America mime and my daddy was a bartender and I didn’t have money, wah, wah, wah.

    As for Carson, I honestly don’t understand why he is getting so much support. So what if he is likeable. Are people letting that blind them…AGAIN? As Administrator says, in this time and in the shape American is in, I want the biggest, meanest, strongest stick to beat back the snakes and Carson seems like he would hand you a marshmallow.

  60. VotingHillary, a great many people could not get Fox Business News on TV. Some (Shadowfax for instance and those who emailed us) had difficulty with the livestream so the numbers should be lower. Also there might be debate fatigue. Next week will be the Hillary debate with nonentities. The next GOP debate is a month away.

    As to the Drudge poll, it is unscientific but it does reveal the overall impression of the debates. From today’s poll results it is clear that Bush is a goner kept afloat only by his bank account and that Kasich and Fiorina along with Paul are out too. If the next debate has a 5% threshold there will only be 5 or 4 candidates on stage.

  61. Admin, the Drudge poll has only changed with Bush dropping lower. While Drudge is obviously unscientific, it tells me two things. One, Trump can get out his supporters because he really didn’t do well tonight, but still leads. Carson supporters are not as strong by his poor showing in that poll tonight.

    But what I find interesting is that both Trump and Paul basically said, the US is not the world’s police and other governments need to step up. I think that is why Paul is in third.

    I don’t get Fox Business on TV either, but had no problem with online streaming. That fault may be in the individuals computer settings. I disabled Microsoft Shockwave and had no problem. Just an FYI for future streaming for those that couldn’t stream.

  62. Everything Rubio says sounds canned to me. It’s like he memorized everything and is speaking by rote. My husband also made the comment where towards the end they asked Rubio a question and he seemed like he was completely prepared for it. My husband said “it looks like someone passed that question to him in an envelope beforehand.” Then he asked me did you notice his answer fit into exactly the timeframe that was allotted? He’s the GOPe’s replacement for Jeb and they think we’re too stupid to notice.

    Trump 2016. Build that wall and usher them outta here.

  63. I started watching the debate. As soon as Kasich started up I got aggravated and switched channels. Then I forgot about the whole thing. According to my poll of two people, never let Kascich speak in the first 30 minutes and irritate the heck out of people or you loose the marginal gawpers such as myself. It doesn’t sound like I missed much except being bugged by Kasich.

  64. Red State declaring that last night’s debate was Jeb’s “comeback”. Was there another debate we missed? Declares Cruz winner and Rubio second. Did agree with everyone elsa about Kasich being annoying, however.

    Rock I agree with you about the Repubs. Never could I be one.

  65. I read on another couple of sites, they are noticing that Carson’s “wins” come not from debate performances but from social media – its polls, facebook counting references to him, etc. They are suspecting that in the history of American black (or 1/2 black, whatever lol) president,the torch of paid trolls has been passed on to Carson. Anyway, his support appears to mostly online, maybe not so bodies to get out to vote…

  66. I read on another couple of sites, they are noticing that Carson’s “wins” come not from debate performances but from social media – its polls, facebook counting references to him, etc. They are suspecting that in the history of American black (or 1/2 black, whatever lol) president,the torch of paid trolls has been passed on to Carson. Anyway, his support appears to mostly online, maybe not so bodies to get out to vote…

    And the WI venue seemed pretty anti-Trump.
    particularly liberal unversity? Or is the area a lower income area, or predominatley hispanic or black?

  67. yheitman
    November 11, 2015 at 4:05 am
    I was thinking the same thing. Rubio had perfectly rehearsed answers to several questions. JEBush had a few, too. I think Cruze was for real, because he has something rehearsed, but he had to butt in and talk off topic to do it. And it was well said. Over the debates, I have started to like him better, but he is too strange to be POTUS.

    The other thing is that the audience was packed with pro-amnesty fans who I suspect were also pro-establishment. So that was another bias.

    My connection was off and on, but it was only Trump who had the moderator editorialize him on the TPP question, about China. Even though Trump made it plain that he thought it was a back door deal for China, the moderator tried to frame it like Trump did not know this was a deal to protect us from China. Yea, and you can keep your DOCTOR. Trump pointed out that there is nothing in there to protect us from their currency manipulation. He knows China is just the big stick that the globalist elites are using to knock this through. It is a wholesale sellout.

  68. Mormaer
    November 11, 2015 at 8:21 am
    I started watching the debate. As soon as Kasich started up I got aggravated and switched channels.
    Yes. That raspy shouting voice, that washed out appearance, those pro establishment talking points, that pretense of being the only adult—what’s not to like about him? You realize I am sure that there are those we don’t talk about things in his splendid resume as his expulsion from the Reagan campaign for being a dope pusher, budget slasher for Booosh reign of terror, and his director position for Leman Brothers whose splendid collapse started it all, that well . . . we don’t talk about.


  69. A friend of mine cannot stand to watch the main event debates–but the under card as they call it, caught her eye as she was flipping channels.

    She was particularly impressed with the last person in the world she respected, namely Huckleberry Hound. She wanted me to tell all of you that this was the miracle of unintended consequences. The financial people are telling the RINO to end social security–so they can get their dirty hands on that money, and the high tech people want it dolled out to the third world in support of their expansion. Marco the Red and loverboy Kasich are very much in tune with this strategy. Therefore, it was all the more impressive that Huck came out and defended social security from those special interests and corrupt politicos who are keen to loot it.This is a little bit like Ted’s remark that you will not have an immigration crisis in this country that the elites are worried about until third world bankers and lawyers are crashing our borders, etc. As an old law professor of mine used to say, language is descriptive on the one hand, and prescriptive on the other, meaning it tell you what to do. And that is why my friend was so impressed with Huck’s assertion that contrary to what the well heeled political class has called it, social security is not an entitlement, it is an earned benefit, which was compulsory and was taken by government with the promise that it would be there for them when they retired. Average joes and janes, he continued, have so much taken out of their paychecks to begin with that they were not able to build a nest egg so they relied on what government took from them, therefore it is malum probitum, contra bonus mores, etc. for those fucking assholes to talk about taking it away to feed the vorcious appetites of their contributors. If it takes lining them up against a wall, and assembling a firing squad to stop them, well I see nothing wrong with that picture, just as long as we include big media in that hit parade. She calls this kids say the dandest things moment by Huckabee the miracle of unintended consequences.

  70. It’s Veterans Day. I can only say that I’m glad my relatives who fought in World War 2 are not alive to see the deliberate efforts by the government to destroy the nation and principles for which they fought and died.

  71. Our veterans fought on the battle fields and the voters must fight at the ballot box. Our country is being destroyed from within through deception and disenfranchisement of the voters. It has been so before and will be so again. The struggle between good and evil is eternal. Our fight must be with our voices and our votes.

    Whatever your do, do not go quietly.

  72. wbboei
    November 11, 2015 at 11:24 am

    When I discuss current events, such as the TPP and the rise of Trump, most people I find are just in denial it is happening. I had one, reasonably intelligent adult person I work with, tell me the TPP will never happen, the American People will never allow it. Even after I told him it was happening. I reiterated and was told, “Oh well, look at Obamacare, it just does not work.” Duh!

  73. I had similar reaction as Mormaer…switched channels, had a glass of wine…and it was point of no return…have seen the recaps

    …Donald does best on his own…i think he sits back in these debates because he is not a policy wonk like Jeb, Cruz and Rubio…not his niche…they can talk on and on…Donald is more of the ‘big picture’ kind of guy

    he needs to keep repeating that it is time to put the American people first…front and center…and then start running our country based on laws…and give deference to the people who are playing by the rules and waiting in line to become citizens…

    instead of special treatment for law breakers who come in and then no one even knows who they are or where they go…he says this more clearly in his rallies


    Shadowfax, you might want to check out Uverse…much better and get a 2 year guarantee on no changes in bill or service…

  74. Lu, I agree with the sentiment of your call for action, and never would I go down without a fight. That said. It was abundantly clear in 2008 that votes don’t always count, voices are sometimes like the tree that didn’t fall in the forrest, and demands for justice of the entities charged with ensuring it are ignored.

    I have believed for a while now that only radical, militant action could motivate change in some cases. Women’s rights is one of those cases. There are others issues on which public opinion and public effort have had little impact.

    In spite of that, not fighting and not speaking out are simply not options.

    The response Trump’s message has received confirms that people throughout this country are recognizing that MSM poses a serious threat to democratic process. That’s a real step in the right direction. Other encouraging signs are currently being seen.

    But, I remain cynical. Maybe good triumphs over evil in the long run. It often does not in the short term. Plus, the terms “good” and “evil” are relative. The followers of the evil ones in charge strongly believe they’re doing good.

    No simple answers to be found. But fight we must.

  75. S

    Shadowfax, you might want to check out Uverse

    Thanks for the tip, S.

    I have decided to cut off the tv cable world for awhile since I watch most of it streaming online. I don’t want to pay $50-80/ month for tv shows that should be free. 2,4,5,7,9,11 and CNN & FoxNews. The don’t get more basic than that and they keep raising their prices since many people watch online.

    I would have liked to have seen the debate, but not worth paying for it.

    Sounds like the debate was kind of a dud, just like the Dim debates this year.

    Let’s see a real debate (hopefully) between Hillary and Trump.

  76. Sad that this was the debate that would have the perfect subject and forum for Trump to shine…but he didn’t take advantage of it…from the reactions I’ve heard.

    Has he already peaked???????????????

  77. People have been saying he has peaked at each stage of his campaign.

    The moderators, in this debate full of people supporting amnesty, skipped Trump’s turn several times. The only way he could have “taken advantage” of the debate, would have been to push himself into others’ conversations, interrupt, etc. In other words, be the brusque side of his personality which would have been criticized, as well. He does better in interviews, anyway.

    The one time he did interject, he asked why Carly kept interrupting others, which she was, repeatedly. He did that to help the others, not himself. I think he behaved as he wanted to.

    And peaking is generally used to refer to the support of others. He hasn’t lost that, as the polls attest.

  78. Shadow: if you have ever been through litigation, then you know it has its ups and downs. One day you feel like you are kicking their ass, and the next day you feel that your own cause is hopeless. The main thing to remember about Trump is its a war not a single battle, nobody remembers what happened two debates ago, and the main thing is what you do in between these televised freak shows—because that is what they are. Just remember what Mark Twain said: rumors of my untimely death have been greatly exaggerated. If you want to worry about something, worry about whether he will have the ground game in place when he needs it because the establishment will not lend him theirs.

    BEWARE! There is an email which is being sent out supposedly on Trump, but when you click the link you get a browser trojan. The email link begins with the letters: ICYMI. If you receive that email, do not open it.

  79. When I refer to polls, I mean real polls (those which aren’t manipulated themselves in their sampling, etc), not those online polls manipulated by companies paid to do that. It’s interesting reading what’s happening on the Carson side – they’re finding out he doesn’t have real support, as in warm bodies – he has very few rallies or campaign stops.

    He has paid companies like I mentioned, and they also work on facebook. Apparently on facebook you can “see” who likes you, but not on Carson’s – they’re just numbers with no names. And he gets tens of thousands of likes within 15 or so minutes of posting things. I think Trump is right – there is something weird going on with Carson. And Carson is against many of the things that republicans are for.

    So who is paying for this guy to have this phantom support? I certainly *hope* Hillary isn’t involved, but she does have a whole lots of bots working for her, whom we *know* know how to cheat. Maybe they’re using this phantom support to provide plausibility for their later plan to use Obama’s voting shenanigans to get him to face Hillary, because she will crush him.

    Or maybe it’s Obama’s plan to get another black in office, especially one so malleable who already supports a lot of Obama’s ideas.

    People who have gone over his financials report that most of his money is from big groups relative to a smaller number of regular people. People who have seen online videos of Carson a few years ago report that he is very different now, and suspect he was made to retire either for medical or mental reasons. And we’ve either got a guy running for president trying to prove he was a thug with huge temper issues when he was younger, or a guy making it all up (and no one has been found to verify his stories – his brother won’t comment).

    But the bottom line is still…. if this is true about the phantom warm-body support and the big donor financial support – whose goals does his candidacy serve?

    And then just for fun, I’d love to know how a scientist believes in so many un-scientific things…. I wonder if he believed them before the suspected medical/mental reason for his retirement.

  80. wbboei
    November 11, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    My question was posed referring to Admin’s post that the setting and subject would be in Trumps wheel house. The comments from those that watched it did not appear as enthusiastic about Trump as they have in the past. No short videos posted as to how Trump shined.

    I’ve made it clear that Trump is now my second choice…but I am still not against him completely. That wall is very, very tempting to me.

    I was just wondering why he didn’t seem to make the most of this debate…

  81. Shadowfax,

    The deck was stacked against Trump and he did well to get through the debate without mess. It was plain the audience was packed with pro-immigration-establishment fans. It was plain Rubio had inside info about his questions and he seemed to get way more than the others. Same, to a lesser degree for JEBush. And, the moderators behaved well, except for the one who editorialized Trump on his TPP response. I mean, this was the bunch who planned to provoke and remove him in the first debate. He has the lead. Why should he sweat it? OK is OK.

  82. I don’t think Carson is a plant, I don’t think Hillary, has, anything to do with him. I do know many well educated people here in Austin that support him.
    If you listen to his video above when he spoke at the luncheon, he did sound very well versed and reasonable.It shot him to the forefront, I really need to look at his history, speeches more. Too much BS going around.

  83. The Moribund Left Commits Suicide (from a longer piece by Richard Fernandez.)

    Or Political Correctness Cannot Explain The Universe.

    Consider the facts. International Communism died in 1989, a period spanning both the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Deng Xiaoping’s abandonment of socialism, leaving only the True Believers in the West to survive them. It was a setback for the cause but not a fatal blow. In a kind of real-life re-enactment of Orson Welles’ 1946 movie, The Stranger, about a Nazi mastermind who moves to America to rebuild the Third Reich from the vantage of an educator of “America’s ruling elite”and son in law of a Supreme Court Justice, the Left hijacked the victory of Ronald Reagan.

    If must have seemed strange to discover themselves so empowered right after world communism fell, but there it was. They were free to pursue the most extreme projects unencumbered by national security objections which for the present, did not exist.

    The Strangers in the academy, media and government were in a position of trust and influence in a West which was temporarily the unchallenged master of the world. They used this period to set about constructing the edifice we now know as “political correctness” with all the surplus power and wealth at their command.

    However it didn’t work. By the early 2000s elite institutions had squandered most of the design margin. By 2015 a West that had been at its zenith 30 years before was powerless to defend itself against millions of unarmed “migrants” flooding in from the Muslim Middle East. Quite against their expectations the Left was facing defeat again — not in socialist homelands — but in the West they themselves had ruined.

    Housing, the Federal Reserve, the academy, healthcare, and even the EU were each in turn transformed into a bubble. To compensate they jettisoned every policy which they could, cutting defense spending to the bone, taxing everything that wasn’t nailed down. Still it was not enough. What we are living through now is the simultaneous collapse or deflation of these bubbles. In an era when even China has rescinded its one child policy, the descendants of the Stranger have bred themselves into extinction.

    With this in mind, we are now ready to turn to the identity of the victim.

    “If you look very carefully at the deceased, you will see he was in not very great health, his teeth are laced with particles of quinoa. If you do an autopsy of the diseased you will find nothing but argula in his stomach. I think his records will show he has not been able to to see a doctor lately due to the high deductibles in his Bronze Obamacare metal plan.

    The victim, I believe you will find, resided in the basement of his parents home, where he spent his days writing a thesis on literary theory. If you notice there protrudes from his back pocket a number of rejection letters for jobs that he is not qualified to hold. This can only have been depressing. In consequence the victim’s last days were spent in a state of acute anxiety that made him oversensitive to every perceived slight, insult or offense.

    Look at his fingers. This is a man who lived with the knowledge that his grandfathers bested the baddest men in the world yet realized he could not — worse would not — defend himself. Wouldn’t you seek ‘safe spaces’ if that person were you? Anyone so little and so haunted would need a safe space, not to protect himself from danger as you might think, but from the knowledge of his shame.”

    It is over, that’s true.

    But it’s not free speech which has died. The pitiful remains you see here and the cries you are hearing in other places is the last wail of what was once a very great secular religion. That god is dead, only spelled with a lower case “g”. Only a hundred years ago this religion thought it could transform the world. Today all it can manage is to turn itself into a spectacle. To paraphrase one of their founders, they intended to convey a tragedy but achieved the effect of farce.

    The victim’s death was gradual. It was lingering, painful — and despite everything — sad. In this instance, I believe the coroner will return the finding of suicide. Free speech you find unconscious in that bush over there. He will recover with any luck. Remind him to be more careful in the future.

    In Europe however, there may yet be murder. As Engels himself might have warned you: ”the Muslims in socialist Europe are on their way to appropriate the highly developed agriculture and horticulture of the socialists.” All they have to tell the socialists to effect the surrender of their gardens is ‘that nobody makes anything’. ”All property is theft”. ”You didn’t build that.”


  84. gonzo, look for the online videos of him speaking a few years ago (which would include his prayer breakfast speech I think you’re talking about). Apparently he was very different than now. See if your RN/mental health knowledge gets a sense of a change.. I haven’t found them myself yet.

  85. In the bad old days, when men were men and sheep were nervous, disputes of this nature were treated as affairs of honor, and could only be settled through the time honored ritual of dueling.

    In the north, black smoke pistols were all the rage, whereas in the south, and particularly in New Orleans and Natches Under The Hill Bowie knives were favored, and in swashbuckling movies starring Errol Flynn and places like West Point, honors went to the master of the sword.

    In this case, technological progress should be considered in the choice of weapons, therefore Thompson Machine Guns would make a good impression. Bill O could take out a glove and slap a bewildered George will across the puss with it, whereupon they would agree to meet each other at Weehaken New Jersey site of another famous duel, i.e. Hamilton and Aron Burr.

    O’Reilly’s second would be Ilsa Koch Kelly, and Will’s would be rolly polly candy crowley a ton of fun.

    Geraldo its in the vault Rivera would be the referee, who would advise the parties of the rules and count off the paces.

    O’Reilly would show up in an IRA uniform humming The Wearing of The Green and Will would appear in a Chicago Cubs uniform, with hot dog mustard stains on it.

    Gerado would count off twenty paces.

    Whereupon both duelers would spin around and empty their magazine first into Geraldo (making it the first time Geraldo has set foot in a combat zone for real), and after they dropped Jerry Rivers ala Geraldo they would turn their attention to the seconds, and when they went down the world could breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, they would train their weapons on each other, and let god sort them

    A Frank Capra ending.

    Oh, how I do love a happy ending.

  86. I think our forefathers and foremothers are spinning in their graves.

    Forefathers because the constitution has seemingly become not relevant.

    I’m so fed up with all this crap about “microaggressions”, “trigger warnings”, students demanding to live in little protected bubbles, instead of learning coping skills with which to enter the REAL world. And of course, universities being a place for free speech, learning about other viewpoints, and using these to develop your mind – that’s all out the window. Free speech – a defining characteristic of our country – it’s on its way out.

    I think our foremothers are particularly turning over in their graves. We’ve gone from the days of women with no rights getting the vapors if an impolite word was uttered. Then to first wave women with all their strength starving themselves, chaining themselves to the White House fence, demanding they get the right to vote (1920).

    To the second wave teaching each other that women aren’t defined by their gender roles, that they can be strong, assertive, and deserve to be treated respectfully.

    Then the 3rd wave which introduced intersectionality, which basically smashed the women’s movement, now women’s studies being all about the environment, minorities, classism, poverty – basically turning itself into an academic think tank for everyone else’s problems, and giving up its focus on passing laws which affect all women. Thinking about others’ problems instead of taking focused actions for your own, which would affect all women. What a trade. I’m beginning to think that intersectionality was a contrived plot to make ineffective and/or destroy the women’s movement – because it sure did a good job of it.

    And now, with these microaggressions and trigger warnings, we’re basically back to the vapor stage. About 100 years around the circle of regression….

    Here’s a great article that says it way better than I do…


  87. To be clearer, the article focuses on campuses and their loss of free speech with the microaggressions and trigger warnings. The women’s parallel was mine.

  88. Then the 3rd wave which introduced intersectionality, which basically smashed the women’s movement, now women’s studies being all about the environment, minorities, classism, poverty – basically turning itself into an academic think tank for everyone else’s problems, and giving up its focus on passing laws which affect all women. Thinking about others’ problems instead of taking focused actions for your own, which would affect all women. What a trade. I’m beginning to think that intersectionality was a contrived plot to make ineffective and/or destroy the women’s movement – because it sure did a good job of it.


    Preach it! I couldn’t agree more.

  89. Does anyone here have an opinion of Armstrong Economics?

    They state their “mission is to provide a public service for the average person to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis available.” http://www.armstrongeconomics.com

    I am bewildered by economics and to understand any of it I have to invest a whole lot of time so I guess I am asking if they “know the direction of true north?”. That ‘true north’ just popped into my mind and you know how sometimes you just fall in love with a phrase – I have no idea if it has any meaning or is just blabber.

    But I still want to know if I can read at Armstrong Ec and not end up in the weeds.

  90. lorac
    November 12, 2015 at 2:48 am
    Good article! Basically college kids are being turned into coddled wimps.

  91. Makes me think mandatory military service as a prerequisite to going to college might be a good thing to cure these students of this pampered mindset.

  92. …on a more seriously note…

    what do you all think about Donald’s “deportation force” and his connecting it to reflect back on Ike and Truman? Do you think this is a mistake? or not?

    Do you think this could be his Archilles heal and sink him in the general?

    evidently the GOP base supports his hardline



    I support DT’s stand on legal immigration, stopping illegal immigration and the wall, but I, too, am curious on how, in the 21st century, DT plans on pulling off a “deportation force”

    I could see him requiring a registration and issuing documents based on a case by case basis…and immediately sending out criminals, people with red flag issues…but rounding up millions and sending them “out there”…I don’t know about that…

    Do you think he plans on watering that down as things come into focus down the road?

    I would love to hear other’s opinions and/or thoughts on this…

  93. Is “Ben Carson” “Barry V 2.0”? 3.0? That would explain the weird GOTV flag sent recently by the Carson2016 team. It might explain why I received biweekly Draft Carson USPS mail for the several previous years ahead of the time he announced. Being as that took some bucks.

    FluffPost: Carson creating his life story, supporters ‘live in separate reality
    ‘The global editorial director of Huffington Post Media Group has charged that Republican presidential primary front-runner Ben Carson is creating the story of his life and selling it to a world of supporters who “live in a separate reality from ones that other people do.”
    At a Brookings Institution conference to discuss the media’s influence on the election, Howard Fineman said that Carson is an example of people and candidates who create their own facts and narratives.


  94. Lu4PUMA
    November 11, 2015 at 12:20 pm
    Amen Lu,
    Let us die on our feet with a rifle in our hands.
    Rather then live a life on our knee’s. 🙂

  95. Is the most obnoxious man in the world, John Kasich, hurting the eGOP pro-amnesty candidates? http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2015/11/john_kasich_s_campaign_makes_no_sense_the_ohio_governor_is_following_a_losing.html
    Yes. The Donald has hired Kasich to show just how stupid and obnoxious, self-righteous, and ruinous the “open border” hectoring really is. /snark

    Seriously. When spewing from his pie hole, the hectoring, interrupting, shaming, defeatist, fake religiosity of the globalist Wall St reject asking us to reduce our standard of living and obliterate our culture so John can get paid or have a straight shot to heaven is all too obvious. But then the droning dulcet tones of !Jeb asking for help for his wife’s and kid’s relatives is not working either. There is a point where sympathy runs out and empathy hits “insufficient funds”. Europe is find this out the hard way and it happened here when the elites were studiously not paying attention. Prune Face John’s last chance bully screeching is not working either.

  96. from a commenter.
    Virginia ia the second hardest state to qualify for ballot placement (hardest is
    Illinois). While the Trump team needed 5,000 signatures, plus 200 per
    congressional district (11), team Trump submitted 15,000 signatures
    which were verified and validated !!

  97. foxyladi14
    November 12, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Mexico is following the Trump plan.
    Deportations up 70 percent.

    Besides the obvious, Mexico has to make as much room as possible “just in case” Trump is elected and starts up with the wall and enforcement policies which will result in massive early self-deportations if they want to avoid penalties, being charged with crimes, and taking their stuff and money with them instead of being deported with the clothes on their back. Mexico is far from stupid. They see what is going on in Europe as wealthy countries run out of housing, schools, medical facilities and treatment, jobs with enormous taxpayer costs from migration just as empathy is running out even if the ones they will deal with are their own people. My guess is the people of Mexico are not looking forward to the economic, entitled acting migrants returning and the massive problems they will have to solve. They should have thought of that when they were funneling them over the border instead of dealing with their corruption and grotesque poverty. This is smart down stream problem solving.

  98. S

    Do you think he plans on watering that down as things come into focus down the road?

    I would love to hear other’s opinions and/or thoughts on this…

    I think that Trump will find as President (if he were to win) that his power to make decisions will not be as easy as it is in his own business. He would have the advantage that the House and Senate will be R’s, but he says he believes in the law of the land, so he will probably have to follow some sort of intretation of laws already set down.

  99. I think that Trump will find as President (if he were to win) that his power to make decisions will not be as easy as it is in his own business. He would have the advantage that the House and Senate will be R’s, but he says he believes in the law of the land, so he will probably have to follow some sort of intretation of laws already set down.


  100. I suspect Trump knows this. Everyone who runs for office always says, “and I’ll do X and Y”. They’re talking about what they want to see happen. It would be rather tedious to each time say, “should I be able to get the democrats and republicans in the House and the Senate to agree with me instead of voting against my ideas, or voting for things I *don’t* stand for with such strong numbers that I can’t veto” or something like that….

    I don’t think he is presenting himself any differently than any candidate does, they want to exude confidence and rally the team….

  101. S

    November 12, 2015 at 9:48 am

    I wish Trump would do a better job explaining his position. The Reagan amnesty only encouraged more illegal immigration…..come and eventually they will give you benefits and let you stay. If publicly funded benefits were cut off to illegals, many will self deport. People should have to prove that they are here legally in order to enroll their children in public school. People who come to the attention of the police for criminal behavior or driving drunk, with no license or insurance should be deported. Illegal immigrants who show up at our hospitals should be treated and then deported. It really is very simple.

    Fox which I rarely watch anymore is doing a big push today for Rubio….giving him lots of air time and ridiculing the idea of deporting illegal immigrants. He is the chosen one. I hope Americans stand up. The illegal immigration issue is huge but Fox keeps pushing the line that if repugs vote against the illegals they will lose the general. I think more Americans agree with Trump than Hillary even if they are afraid to say it out loud.

  102. Getting illegals back where they belong?
    For what they expect of the land I love, I have no sympathy should they be given American justice.
    I’ll joyously help tag team vehicles to get them the hell out of here.
    If you’re following your individual local crime scenes closely, as well as constant drum beat pleas to feed, clothe, and provide Christmas gifts for “the ever increasing poor [brought on by this authorized invasion] I think you’ll have little problem understanding my inclination.

    Reminder. October 2013. While WWII vets found fences blocking them from National Mall, illegals were welcomed, entertained.

  103. Yes, holdthem….I agree. Those of us who are being oppressed by this massive migration of poor people into our communities have had it.

  104. foxyladi14
    November 12, 2015 at 11:16 am

    It was so obvious during the debate that Rubio had rehearsed answers to the most and best questions and the audience was of like mind. JEBush must have been to to back off on his controversy with him, too. The Fox fix was in.

  105. Betty
    November 12, 2015 at 9:09 am
    There is nothing wrong with you for not understanding what is currently being referred to as “economics”. Because most of what is going on is otherwise know as a Ponzi Scheme. The whole globalist agenda is about non-productive people acquiring wealth from the productive ones. Yea, get them to work for $60/month. Cheaper than robots. Our “world leaders” are nothing but a bunch of crooks who are trying to get something for nothing. The poor debt management has been going on for some time, but these guys are claiming poor practices are good practices and taking it to the maximum fantasy level of “lift off”. Like if they build up enough debt, the economy will soar.

    Of course, it did not happen.

    I follow David Stockman, Harry Dent and get a lot of non-MSM news a zerohedge.com. That news is not good. The world is drowning in debt and the global economy is failing. It is going to be bad. Very bad. Some call it the “great unwinding” and it started with the an epicenter in China. It is taking place, but you will not hear it on the news.

    You will hear about NIRP, negative interest rates, as the corrupt banksters will charge savers instead of pay them for the use of their money. The FED has put it “on the table”. It is a blatant attempt to force savers out of their cash positions into the toxic markets to prolong the feeding of their failed system that benefits the few. It is theft. The inmates have become the keepers of the loony bin of finance. That is why you do not understand “economics”.

    That is why we need a good leader who can mitigate the damage and get us back on track.

    That is why Trump can win.

  106. Lu – by any chance will credit unions be any safer than banks, or will these new rules they set up affect both the same….?

  107. Yes, totallydisgusted and holdem…

    I agree Donald could articulate his position better to…and this is what I was getting at…

    …to combat this picture of “families being seperated in the dark of night and pulled away from their screaming children”

    He was on CNN earlier with Erin Burnett and started to fill in some blanks so that he did not sound so stark…

    and totally disgusted…when DT is at his rallies he does a much better job of explaining why his plan is necessary for the welfare of American citizens

    tonight he started saying that his plan is: (filling in some of the blanks, so to speak)

    1. to build the wall…keep all illegals out and return any new illegals coming in immediately

    2. to enforce that employees use e-verify and report any illegals, thus reporting illegals and deporting them

    3. to immediately get rid of all the illegal gang members and criminals

    4. he did not mention santuary cities, however I assume he intends to “outlaw” them

    5. he made some vague statements about tracking others and removing them

    6. don’t think he mentioned anything about taking away all the special benefits they get…yet…?

    7. bottom line, his whole emphasis was on illegals going and then allowing them entry thru the legal process…however there are many others waiting in line to come in legally already and that is not fair to them…

    He does do a pretty good job of talking about how this is effecting the American people, the job market and wages for Americans and how we our a country of laws and we have to have borders…or we don’t have a country…


    I just want to make sure he “counter punches” the meme of “Donald Trump dragging people from their families and dropping them into the desert to die”

    He needs to hit back at the avalanche of ‘Donald Trump’s illegal immigration plan is unrealistic, foolish, and inhumane’…

  108. Does MX consider the children of its citizens, even born elsewhere, to be citizens? If so, these anchor babies hold dual citizenship.

    And personally, I don’t give any credence to the argument that you’re sending them to a country they don’t know. They probably visit all the time (especially those in the southwest, which is most although not all of them), they speak Spanish in the home, and many have very “hispanic” homes – MX food, decorations, etc.

    And it’s not like all the women who came here had their first child as an anchor baby – most already had kids and brought them with them. So with Trump in office, they’d just be doing what they already did, taking their kids to another country (although I’m sure the first time was worse – they didn’t speak English or know the American culture – now the kids will be going to a country that speaks the language of their home and is the culture most were raised in their homes with).

  109. And not all anchor babies remain here – sometimes the mothers hop over here, pop out the baby, then return home to MX. When those kids are older, they get a PO box (from Postal Annex or the like) in Chula Vista or San Ysidro (right on the border between San Diego and MX), pretending it’s a home address, and just come up to get their benefits in the mail.

    Either way, it’s taking advantage of our system and our taxpayers.

  110. Lorac,

    those are good points…and those are the kinds of things DT needs to explain in clear terms…essentially a compare and contrast of the benefits that illegals are securing from american taxpayers…that american taxpayers, including veterans, can’t even get for themselves…yet the illegals do…the freaking racket they have going on

    and also he needs to emphasize that actual criminals…and violent criminals are just let free into our society…no one tracks them…and then they get additional protection from these santuary cities

    it really is unbelievable what is being allowed to go on…as in, whose side is our government on?

    Donald should just continue to explain…and expose the reality of what is going on to the public…the reality that the democrats and establishment republicans want to keep silent and hidden…

  111. This whole idea of anchor babies makes me nuts. Why is it okay for someone to cross into the US, pg, ready to give birth, get free health care in our hospitals, then presto, become and instant citizen?

    Why can’t it be that only legals that have babies in the US, their children are instant citizens?

  112. I’d like to know exactly when this started. They’re deliberately misinterpreting the 14th amendment. It was for someone’s benefit, that’s for sure, but definitely not for ours (the average citizen). They always say, “follow the money”, but we’d have to know when this started. Most countries don’t have this instant citizenship for kids of illegals; my understanding is that we’re in a small minority.

    I really wish Trump would throw out, when he’s calling everyone incompetent, something about “it’s almost like they don’t love America”. And maybe then start talking about globalism. I don’t know why or when they started giving citizenship to illegal babies, but it’s certainly part of the globalization efforts now (which appears to only be about destroying the cultures of Europe and the U.S., which was founded by, and until Ted Kennedy’s immigration changes in 1965, was primarily composed of European and European descent people).

  113. S, sorry I just saw your post –

    DT needs to explain in clear terms…essentially a compare and contrast of the benefits that illegals are securing from american taxpayers…that american taxpayers, including veterans, can’t even get for themselves…yet the illegals do…the freaking racket they have going on

    I totally agree. I almost thought he was going to in the Iowa speech today, IIRC he was saying how we have no money for veterans, for this, for that – and I thought he was going to follow up with, “but we have unlimited money for illegal aliens?” – but he didn’t and it was the perfect opportunity. He was talking about money in the context of all these wars we spend enormous sums on but don’t win, so it would have been a digression, but hes always digressing anyway lol

    and also he needs to emphasize that actual criminals…and violent criminals are just let free into our society…no one tracks them…and then they get additional protection from these sanctuary cities

    And it’s surprising that he doesn’t, since he was all over Kate Steinle’s (sp?) murder and how that was a sanctuary city. He still brings up Kate, but he to my knowledge hasn’t brought up sanctuary cities again.

    it really is unbelievable what is being allowed to go on…as in, whose side is our government on?

    Yes, yes, yes, yes! He keeps saying how our administration and our politicians are so incompetent – I don’t doubt we have a lot of that – but it’s gone so far, that yes, someone has to start questioning whose side they are on. Someone’s gotta bring up globalism.

    Donald should just continue to explain…and expose the reality of what is going on to the public…the reality that the democrats and establishment republicans want to keep silent and hidden…

    Yes. I realize he has to focus a lot on winning over 14 other people (well, not really since so many are in the 0-5% range lol), and he *does* talk about issues, but maybe more issues, and less criticism? Certainly I’m not a political expert, and maybe it’s just because I already know the other guys are no good (and I don’t even believe that 3 of them are natural born citizens) so I’m ready for him to move on…. but it just seems like there are more issues and more “meat” on the issues he’s already brought up to be talking about.. Well, I can see the Carson thing, he’s in second place, plus Trump was speaking in Iowa were Carson was in first place in two polls once… I don’t know, maybe there’s a “method to his madness”… he is in first place after all lol But he could get more people, even more infrequent voters, out, if he sends even more time on issues, I think..

  114. lorac
    November 12, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    Does MX consider the children of its citizens, even born elsewhere, to be citizens? If so, these anchor babies hold dual citizenship.

    Yes. And they register them in Mexico too. The Mexican government is in on the scheme. One of the current lawsuits in Texas is over the parent(s) of anchor babies born in Texas getting access to their Texas birth certificates to claim freebies. The parents claim not to have Mexican ID which meets the criteria set up to stop identity fraud as demanded by the US federal government from the states in the 1980’s. They demand to use a fraudulent card the embassy and consulates pass out instead of a Mexican passport. They use made up names, etc on these cards so Mexico will not turn their passport system into a world wide joke. Illegal aliens do not want to be identified in any legal way or use a Mexican passport at least in the US. Changing identities as needed is part and parcel of the illegal alien fraud. Europe is seeing this as the horde moves into Europe proper in that they discard passports, iPhones, visas, or any type of ID that could associate them with their nationality and often criminal (or even terror) records and this include refusing fingerprinting or the use of superglue to ruin their finger tips for identifying them. Overwhelming law enforcement is part of the plan. Fake paperwork is endemic in both the US and Europe for economic and criminal migrants. The US government is fully aware and no longer pursues identity or Social Security number fraud.

  115. Lu4PUMA
    November 12, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    You are on the money. Global climate change is basically a wealth transfer program to move money and power from energy producers to non-producers with the “regulators” getting a cut from their cronies getting control. The claims to “help” poor areas such as Africa, who don’t use much energy anyway, is simply a way to siphon off wealth just like they do with foreign and NGO “aid”. Nothing will reach the poor. The scheme is not moving along fast enough so they are going to start threatening jail to doubters and investigators of their scam and hassling energy companies (Exxon and the NY Attorney General, Exxon is Standard Oil of NY and a historic NYC company) with lawfare. They are accelerating it because Obama et al are running out of time.

    A hilarious unintended consequence of all of this scam is that the eco laws and regs in Germany are severely hindering the housing of the migrant hordes. Building, heating, protected natural habitats regs are being pulled out by towns and districts when the national government shows up to set up refugee-migrant housing. The German feds stopped locals from building, re-using, converting all types of property and land due to ecology and global warming scares. Now they want to use moldy and asbestos laden old buildings, wildlife areas, lowered energy efficiency standards, remote rural areas with no services and violate their own onerous rules which the rubes are using to stop them. Now the German government is admitting they are running out of room much because they embraced the global climate change agenda to stifle the growth of “dirty” energy use and habitat destruction. What did they think migrant hordes would cause? Idiots and hypocrites.

  116. lorac

    November 13, 2015 at 1:52 am

    it really is unbelievable what is being allowed to go on…as in, whose side is our government on?

    Not ours – the international elite’s.

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