@RealDonaldTrump Walks Away With The Clinton Coalition

Update: Breaking: Biden to make statement at White House imminently; Update: Not running. The Biden Rose Garden announcement, with Barack Obama at his side, should send chills up Hillary Clinton’s side.

Biden’s speech was more of a stump speech than a farewell. Biden attacked Hillary regularly these past few days. Today was no different. Biden attacked Hillary repeatedly placing the onus of Republican antagonism on her. To make such a claim on the day before Hillary testifies before congress was not an act of a friend. Joe Biden has called Republicans and the Tea Party terrorists and other assorted insults but today he was the voice of peace and unity – very much the routine Barack Obama used to win in 2008.

Ominously, Biden declared he will stay in the process to defend Barack Obama and Barack Obama’s policies. Biden demanded candidates for the presidential nomination defend Barack Obama and Obama’s policies. This means Biden will attack Hillary any time she decides to run as herself and not the Obama Third Term, if Hillary ever has such intention of which there is scant evidence. Hillary will now have to run as the Obama Third Term or attack dog Biden will chew on her throat.

Worst for Hillary, it sounded to us as if Biden is running for president. Biden said his reason for not running was that the window has closed. Biden basically said it was too late to get in and get all that needed to be done accomplished for a full fledged presidential run. Biden’s announcement, with Obama at his side, was a presidential campaign announcement minus the one sentence in which he demurred. It’s almost as if Biden thinks at some point something will happen to remove Hillary and put his candidacy in play.


Trump leads two new national Republican polls with 27 and 28 percent. For months, in all national polls and all statewide polls Trump is #1.

As we predicted long before conventional wisdom caught up to us this past weekend – Yes, Donald Trump looks to be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. Yes, the GOP primary was “fixed” for JeBush but Donald J. Trump kinda messed that plan up. Yes, Carly Fiorina is a fizzle. Yes, Marco Rubio can’t get it up enough to win. Yes, Hillary Clinton’s biggest enemy is Barack Obama. Yes, Hillary2016 has thrown away the winning Clinton coalition for the losing Obama situation comedy demographic. And now, Donald J. Trump is busy building a winning general election electoral fortress with key elements of the former Clinton coalition:

SHOCK POLL: Trump Blue Collar Support highest since FDR in 1930s

It may come as a surprise to many that Donald J Trump’s support from Blue Collar Americans (those involved in trades, manufacturing, industry, and labor) is the highest since any candidate since FDR in 1936 since Gallup began polling.

Trump has consistently shown his appeal to the blue collar sector of the economy, pulling ahead of even Clinton and Sanders in “rust belt” states like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Pennslyvania.

These states have the highest share of “Blue Collar” voters in the nation, and many of them have not voted Republican in over 20 years.

Trump’s appeal to blue collar workers is in the 60% range, higher than any candidate since Franklin Roosevelt won a massive landslide in 1936 on the support of the Blue Collar voter.

Trump doesn’t do well with just the average “White Joe Sixpack,” he also gains a large share of black voters and even hispanics (25%, 37%)

The white working class should have been the bedrock of Hillary2016. The white working class support for Hillary Clinton in 2008 provided grand victories of 40 point margins when Hillary was most wounded. Now Hillary2016 has repeatedly abandoned those voters.

Jim Webb as he euthanized his sad imitation of a campaign today to threaten an independent run towards failure reminded all of the abandonment of the white working class by the once respectful Democratic Party:

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, Webb argued the Democratic Party has moved away from “millions of dedicated, hard-working Americans.”

“For this reason, I am withdrawing from any consideration of being the Democratic Party’s nominee for the presidency,” he said.

“The very nature of our democracy is under siege due to the power structure and the money that finances both political parities,” Webb said, adding later that it is “time for a new Declaration of Independence — not from an outside power but from the paralysis of a federal system that no longer serves the interests of the vast majority of the American people.”

Webb, who said he couldn’t see himself endorsing any other candidate, said he is considering an independent run and will spend the “next couple of weeks talking to people, people I have not felt comfortable talking with as a Democratic Party candidate.” [snip]

Mudcat Saunders, Webb’s close friend and informal adviser, told CNN he last spoke with Webb this weekend but the senator never said he planned to drop out of the Democratic contest.

“We were just b—-ing about the way our party has moved. They have given up on the South, they have given up on the heartland, on rural America,” Saunders said, expressing both his and Webb’s view. “It is a math game and the math is not going to work. It might work once and it might work twice. We just don’t like the Democratic Party’s strategy.”

He added, “I feel confident that Jim would say that same thing. Just to take a whole group of people and throw them out of the equation is wrong. That is what the party has done throughout small towns and rural America.”

The bedrock of a winning coalition, the people Barack Obama dismissed in 2008 as “bitter” and clinging to their guns and Bibles, used to be the FDR coalition and the Clinton coalition. No longer. They are now part of the Trump Triumph. Hillary2016 has abandoned them so they have abandoned her.

The counter argument to Trump winning the white working class vote is that Trump won’t get the nomination. At every turn we hear of a new pawn up to the job of destroying Donald J. Trump. The latest and biggest pawn in the long line of dead pawns is Marco Rubio. Rubio is in a pitched battle with JeBush because the winner of that fight will presumably be the sole anti-Trump candidate left standing.

Trump of course has not targeted Marco Rubio yet. What we have seen are the preliminary jabs from Trump, akin to a naval bombardment before invasion of a beachhead. Trump has only mocked Rubio with image recasting insults. When Trump unloads on Rubio on issues such as illegal immigration there won’t be much left of Marco. Not that there is much to Marco Rubio other than a trail of Obama style stinky sweat and a wide Obama style smile. Put aside the sweat and the smile, and Politico reports, there is a wake up call:

Marco Rubio’s wake-up call

For all the buzz surrounding his campaign, the Florida senator isn’t raising enough money and hasn’t yet built much of a field organization.

The hype surrounding Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign just smashed into the wall of reality.

First, the Florida senator’s team insisted it had stashed more campaign cash in the bank than fellow Floridian Jeb Bush — only it hadn’t. The campaign also told reporters it had raised $6 million in the last fundraising quarter — also not true. That turned out to be an overly generous rounding of the underwhelming real figure: $5.7 million.

Yet those aren’t even the most troublesome parts of the Florida senator’s most recent campaign finance report. Rubio may be slowly rising in the polls, but his third quarter filing revealed a campaign that’s also out-manned by many of its rivals in the early-voting states. His staff is largely concentrated in Washington, with just a small umbrella of on-the-ground, early-state operatives — and he’s already at a disadvantage because he hasn’t invested the time in early-state visits that some of his opponents have. [snip]

“If Trump-mania subsides, you’ve got to have a mechanism and a structure,” said Chip Felkel, a South Carolina Republican strategist who isn’t affiliated with any campaign.

If not Rubio the anti-Trump argument is still Jeb Bush. As we have noted, JeBush is clumsy at best. If we needed more evidence of the catastrophe of the Jeb Bush campaign we received it in an astounding interview. Mike Murphy, who is more of a wrecking ball for campaigns than a help, provided the working theory of the Jeb Bush campaign’s SuperPac:

Mike Murphy of Right to Rise Explains His Theory That Jeb Bush Is Still the Candidate to Beat

Donald Trump, Murphy says, is a “zombie front-runner.” And the punditocracy pays much too much attention to polls. Part one of a frank Q&A with the man who runs Bush’s super-PAC. [snip]

How has Trump’s entry changed the race?

It created a false zombie front-runner. He’s dead politically, he’ll never be president of the United States, ever. By definition I don’t think you can be a front-runner if you’re totally un-electable. I think there’s there an a-priori logic problem in that.

Has he been dead since he got in?

I think so, yeah. So there’s no meaningful outcome to it. But the question is what kind of catalyst is it? It’s a huge amount of noise and so we’re trying to find the signal in all this. You’ve seen Trump start to drop now. I think it’ll be a very slow drop, but I think he’ll continue to drop and the question is: is he ready to lose primaries, will he stay in? And nobody knows the answer to that. [snip]

You were quoted in the Washington Post a couple of months ago saying, Trump is “other people’s problem.”

Oh, I’d love a two-way race with Trump at the end, yeah.

Mike Murphy is a windbag paid to distort reality along with Big Media. That Murphy believes Trump is losing support or that JeBush/CommonCore/IllegalImmigration will beat Trump one-on-one is delusional. The only value to the Murphy interview is that it confirms what we have written about the original plan of JeBush to win the nomination via a fix involving the Florida March 15 winner take all primary:

During that period, you expect several candidates to be clumped together as far as delegates are concerned.

Yeah, for a while, for a while. I mean February’s not really about delegates, it’s about media momentum.

When do you expect that to change?

March 15 is the big day. On the 16th, I don’t think anybody will have a mathematical lock, but there definitely will be a very strong leading candidate.

You’re describing a scenario where a candidate who has never finished higher than third or fourth in any particular state could still be the leading candidate on March 16?

Right. [snip]

But Jeb could be in a strong position after the 15th, even if he hasn’t won anything before March 1?

Well, I don’t want to play the hypothetical game.

I think we’ve already started playing it. In terms of how you’re describing the physics of this race, it sounds as though you believe it’s possible that somebody who finished, say, second, third, or even fourth across the first four states could still do very well on March 1 and have a resource advantage to leverage on March 15.

I think with a big caveat. Somebody who in February was in the top three or top two over the three big contests and had resources to get a message out could still compete strongly if they have a bunch of resources in March. We have a holistic approach: we don’t have a big iron-curtain wall between February and March. We see Feb. 1 to March 15, 45 days, as our period to seize the nomination and get in front—and there are a lot of states and a lot of congressional districts and a lot of targeting to that. One of the reasons we’ve worked so hard and Jeb, frankly, has inspired so many people to donate to us is so we have the resources to pursue that campaign. Most of these other guys are all running on spec. We’re at a point now where we’re significantly funded for those 45 days, cash in the bank today. Nobody else is in that situation in this race. Nobody’s close.

Again, no one is that stupid. Mike Murphy cannot possibly believe that the failed Rudy Giuliani strategy will work for JeBush when it failed for Rudy. Rudy too thought that he could lose and lose and lose then win Florida and win it all. Reality is that Rudy Giuliani never made it to Florida. His loses in the first few states sealed his fate. Yet now Mike Murphy believes that JeBush losses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas, etc. will lead to victory?

Mike Murphy might have a plausible argument that he is still tethered somewhat to reality if only Donald J. Trump was not in the race. Trump has total long term leads in the polls, a top notch organization, and more than enough money from his own pocket, not to mention the donations from small donors, to obliterate JeBush in Florida let alone in the states leading to and from Florida. This reality is why more and more what we wrote long ago is now conventional wisdom:

GOP vet: Trump win looking more and more likely

I’ve resisted the idea that Donald Trump could and would become the Republican nominee,” writes GOP strategist Alex Castellanos in an email assessment of the presidential race. “Unhappily, I’ve changed my mind.”

Castellanos, who once said flatly that “Trump is not going to be the nominee,” writes “the odds of Trump’s success have increased and been validated in the past few weeks.”

The key indicator, Castellanos says, is the fact that Trump dipped in the polls and now appears to be rising again. “In my experience, that tells us something important,” Castellanos explains:

Republican voters went through a period of doubt about Trump, an understandable window of buyer’s remorse. They went shopping for someone else — but returned, finding no acceptable alternative who could match Trump’s bad-boy strength and his capacity to bring indispensable change. … Fearing they have only one last chance to rescue their country, they found no one else as big as their problem.

“In my experience, once voters doubt but return, doubting again is less likely,” Castellanos concludes. “A candidate’s vote hardens.”

Castellanos, who played a key role in Mitt Romney’s 2008 campaign, believes either Trump or Ben Carson will win the Iowa caucuses. If it’s Trump, Castellanos sees him going on to win New Hampshire and then the nomination. [snip]

If Trump wins Iowa and/or New Hampshire, Castellanos sees a “desperate GOP establishment” trying to settle on an “anti-Trump,” perhaps Marco Rubio, to bring Trump down. But that would be a very difficult task. “History is not kind to candidates who play the long game,” Castellanos writes. “No GOP nominee in modern history has failed to win either Iowa or NH. Period.”

Castellanos is not alone in acceptance of what few other than Big Pink saw. Even in the most fortified anti-Trump hangouts the levels of grief have hit the acceptance stage:

The Establishment Thinks the Unthinkable: Trump Could Win the Nomination

It began as whispers in hushed corners: Could it ever happen? And now, just three months from the Iowa caucuses, members of the Republican establishment are starting to give voice to an increasingly common belief that Donald Trump, once dismissed as joke, a carnival barker, and a circus freak, might very well win the nomination.

“Trump is a serious player for the nomination at this time,” says Ed Rollins, who served as the national campaign director for Reagan’s 1984 reelection and as campaign chairman for Mike Huckabee in 2008.

Rollins is not alone in his views. “Trump has sustained a lead for longer than there are days left” before voting begins in Iowa, says Steve Schmidt, who managed John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “For a long time,” Schmidt says, “you were talking to people in Washington, and there was a belief that there was an expiration date to this, as if there’s some secret group of people who have the ability to control the process.” [snip]

I know all of us dismissed Trump, early on, all of the so-called experts,” Fox News’s Chris Wallace said Sunday. “‘Summer fling,’ ‘momentary amusement.’” But Wallace, who interviewed Trump late last week and aired portions of the interview on his show Sunday, said he finds himself feeling differently now. “As I watched that interview and I heard what he had to say . . . I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States,” he said. [snip]

Wallace was struck by the sheer force of Trump’s personality, but there are other reasons to think he has a real shot at the nomination. Poll after poll this election cycle has registered the distaste of Republican voters for political experience; they prefer an outsider with a fresh approach to a battle-tested veteran.

The very same GOP establishment that now understands Trump might win and is poised to win has concocted a plan to take down Trump with tens of millions of dollars in ads:

Panicked establishment gets ready for war against Trump

This weekend was an inflection point in the Republican presidential race — a moment in which some significant part of the GOP establishment came out of denial and realized Donald Trump might well become their party’s nominee.

“The Republican establishment, for the first time, is saying, off the record, this guy can win,” noted Joe Scarborough on MSNBC Monday morning. “I’ve heard that from everybody. I don’t hear anybody saying he can’t win the nomination anymore.”

That doesn’t mean Republicans have made their peace with a Trump victory. On the contrary — some are preparing to do whatever it takes to bring him down. Which could lead to an extraordinary scenario in which GOP stalwarts go to war to destroy their own party’s likely nominee.

Over the weekend I talked to a leading conservative who opposes Trump. I asked what would happen if January comes and Trump is still dominating the race. Would he and other conservatives make their peace with Trump’s candidacy, or would there be massive resistance?

“Massive resistance,” was the answer. “He’s not a conservative.”

Donald J. Trump is not a conservative the GOP establishment likes nor a liberal the Democratic Party likes. Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party as we now know it because Barack Obama destroyed the Democratic Party as we once knew it. The GOP has long contained a struggle between it’s populist voters and the big money Chamber of Commerce types that want a low wage society. Donald Trump is against a low wage society and therefore against illegal immigration. The white working class understands this. Enough of the black working class and the Latino working class understands this too.

The white working class chased out of the Democratic Party by Obama’s Kook coalition had no where to go but to the Republican Party. Now the former Democrats join in solidarity with the long time populist Republicans – ergo TRUMP.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Hillary2016 understands any of this. Hillary’s biggest enemy is Barack Obama. But Hillary is clueless as she panders with nonsense talk. One moment Hillary is for Australian style gun confiscation then a moment later she says she only thinks gun confiscation is an idea to be considered but which she may or may not reject or something or something something. Mush. Maybe Hillary will declare she will consider confiscation of Bibles and turn us all into Obama’s “bitter clingers” before the year is out.

Yes, Hillary does not understand that Barack Obama is her biggest enemy as we have written over and over and over again. This is not a very complicated, complex, concept:

Using Biden to Block the Clintons from Regaining the White House

As he approaches the end of his career in elected office, Barack Obama is in a truly precarious position: He is going to exit the White House having accomplished almost nothing substantive on the policy front — his health-care program is not going to survive, Gitmo is not going to be closed, we are not leaving Afghanistan, and he is sending troops into Iraq — and outside of his perch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, his party is in ruins: In Congress and the states, the Democrats are in their weakest position in modern political history. If the Democrats do not win the presidency in 2016, there are going to be some very uncomfortable questions about what exactly Obama & Co. accomplished, and at what price. [snip]

When the time came, Obama’s people were going to give Obama’s people what Obama’s people wanted, and everybody knew it.

But the Clintons aren’t Obama’s people. Bill Clinton thinks of Obama as his own political Stepin Fetchit, the guy who only a few years ago would have been “carrying our bags.” Herself was Obama’s main obstacle to power. (No, Senator McCain most certainly was not.) Obama did not build this machine to hand it over to the Clintons on a cold winter morning in 2017. That puts him in a double bind: He has to make it beyond question that he and his clique now own the Democratic party — that the Clintons are just weird sad old 1990s relics like those ancient AOL CDs that some youngsters ironically collect — but he also needs the Democrats to win the presidency in 2016 in order for the party to be worth owning. [snip]

The problem is that there is no one in the field to swoop in and lead the Democrats to victory in 2016. Obama has a personnel problem.

And that’s where Joe Biden comes in. Biden is the Obama guy who isn’t really an Obama guy — he was elected to the U.S. Senate when Barack Obama was eleven years old. He had a life and a political career before he hitched his wagon to the teapot messiah from Chicago, and though his is not the keenest mind in politics, he surely gets the game: If he gets in, he is to be reduced to a purely instrumental condition, an enabler of Obama’s last and most important political play, a placeholder keeping the chair warm until Obama’s people have settled on a real president.

Death throes. Yes, Joe Biden will not be the nominee. Yes, Hillary Clinton will not be the nominee. As we wrote, the real candidate of the Obama Party is hidden behind tapestries, her knives at the ready.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton survived and thrived because she marched alongside the white working class. Now, the white working class is marching with Donald J. Trump – towards victory.


203 thoughts on “@RealDonaldTrump Walks Away With The Clinton Coalition

  1. Hillary’s good friend Joe Biden:


    Washington (CNN)Joe Biden hasn’t yet said whether he’ll run for president — but his campaign against Hillary Clinton has already quietly begun.

    The vice president and the former secretary of state are already engaged in a cold war of sorts, both jockeying for the mantle of heir to President Barack Obama’s legacy as they trade veiled shots over political styles, foreign policy decisions and more.

    Though the two profess warm feelings toward each other, Clinton’s campaign knows Biden is a threat: Polls consistently show he pulls most of his support from Clinton if he enters the race — turning the campaign into a three-way race and giving Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders room to pass both. Tuesday, she rolled out a long list a long list of endorsements — more than 50 African-American mayors, many of them from the key early-voting state of South Carolina.

    And Biden knows he’ll have to cut away at Clinton’s base — in part by wrestling Obama supporters away from her.

    Biden made the contrasts hard to ignore Tuesday morning at a tribute to former Vice President Walter Mondale, when he invoked Clinton — not by name, but also without prompt, signaling that she is clearly on his mind — several times.

    One was a shot at Clinton’s remark during the first Democratic presidential debate a week ago that Republicans are among the enemies she’s most proud of making.

    “I really respect the members up there and I still have a lot of Republican friends. I don’t think my chief enemy is the Republican Party. This is a matter of making things work,” Biden said.

    It was the second such remark Biden made in two days, as the vice president made similar comments at a climate change event on Monday.

    “I don’t consider Republicans enemies,” Biden said. “They’re friends.”

    The vice president sought to subtly one-up Clinton in several ways Tuesday. He noted that Obama offered him a choice between the jobs of vice president and secretary of state. He said he’d traveled 1.1 million miles on behalf of the United States — topping the 1 million that Clinton has said she traveled during her four years in the Obama administration. And he said Obama tapped him, not the secretary of state, as the closer with foreign leaders.

    “I will get sent to go to speak with Putin or speak to Erdogan or go speak to whomever and it’s because the secretary of state — and we’ve had two great secretaries of state — but when I go they know that I’m speaking for the president,” Biden said.

    Clinton unveils key endorsements

    But Clinton has made a number of moves to demonstrate that it’d be difficult for Biden to find a path to victory in recent days, including the endorsements of more than 50 African-American mayors.

    During last week’s debate, she also touted as one of her biggest differences with Obama the fact that, as a woman, she’d be the first female president. On Tuesday, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sent a fundraising note on Clinton’s behalf, saying that Clinton would “fight harder for women and girls than any occupant of the White House ever has.”

    The implicit message: With the backing of women and minority voters and a Southern firewall, Clinton is locking up all the support that Biden would need if he’s to seriously challenge her standing as the Democratic front-runner.

    Biden’s bin Laden raid account changes

    Perhaps most revealing of Biden’s thought process — and relevant for a Biden-versus-Clinton campaign — is that he retold the story of the night Obama green-lit the raid in which Osama bin Laden was killed.

    The public version of the story, included in Clinton’s book, was that Clinton supported the raid while, she wrote, Biden “remained skeptical.” Biden himself has said that in a meeting with cabinet officials, he advised the president to see if more proof of bin Laden’s presence at the compound in Pakistan could be obtained.

    On Tuesday, he said he reserved his final word for a private conversation after the cabinet meeting had wrapped — when he was the last member of the administration to have Obama’s ear.

    “We walked out of the room and walked up stairs,” Biden said. “I told him my opinion: I thought he should go, but to follow his own instincts.”

    How to define a loser: Fighting over Obama’s stinky mantle.

  2. “We walked out of the room and walked up stairs,” Biden said. “I told him my opinion: I thought he should go, but to follow his own instincts.”


  3. Donald Trump prepared a trap for Jeb Bush and Jeb Bush fell in. Trump managed to force Bush to defend the other Bush on the Bin Laden World Trade Center attack(s). Now Trump reveals the trap he laid with quotes from a book:


    Joe Scarborough Dumbfounded to Learn That Donald Trump Predicted 9/11

    Joe Scarborough Dumbfounded to Learn That Donald Trump Predicted 9/11
    by Tommy Christopher | 1:33 pm, October 20th, 2015 videos 439

    Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has, once again, seized control of the news cycle by making the simple observation that George W. Bush was the president when the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists, an observation that was greeted with outrage by presidential bro/hopeful Jeb Bush, and pearl-clutching by even liberals in the media. Bush’s stream of indignant responses have mainly consisted of repeated invocations of The Rubble™, while Trump has led the media on a broader critique of Dubya’s actions before and after the attacks.

    Jeb’s umbrage is understandable, because until Trump came along, everyone in the media pretty much agreed to give George W. Bush a mulligan on 9/11, and most of them also agreed that giving a speech at The Rubble™ made Bush the greatest hero America has ever known. Mulligan or not, though, saying it wasn’t Dubya’s fault isn’t the same as saying “he kept us safe.” and so the cracks in Jeb’s defense are multiplying.

    Much of that defense relies on the premise that there’s no way anyone could have seen that attack coming, so President Bush deserved the mulligan. That premise was badly undermined by the fact that someone very special did see the attack coming, as Mika Brzezinski told a dumbfounded Joe Scarborough Tuesday morning:

    “So he predicted, basically predicted the attacks from Osama bin Laden.”

    That’s right, one Donald J. Trump predicted several specific aspects of the 9/11 attacks, probably years before they happened. From Buzzfeed:

    “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers,” wrote Trump in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve. “No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.”

    Trump even mentions Osama bin Laden by name, in a criticism of an American foreign policy that too quickly jumps from one crisis to the next.

    “One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan,” The Donald wrote. “He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.”

    Donald J. Trump knows who his enemies are, who America’s enemies are, and how to fight them.

  4. I was just thinking this afternoon about Trump grabbing the middle from both parties and it is easier to get the rest of the right in the general. Dims may just be left with the left most Bernie’s crazies.

  5. Yes, Hillary Clinton will not be the nominee. As we wrote, the real candidate of the Obama Party is hidden behind tapestries, her knives at the ready.

    Oh s++t Admin, by “her” do you mean Meechelle??!!

  6. “As we wrote, the real candidate of the Obama Party is hidden behind tapestries, her knives at the ready.”

    What the freak Admin, are you trying to say that Barry will toss in Jarrett, or possibly AlmostOneDrop…and as if they will win the nomination. I don’t see it.

    When we talk of Hillary having the majority of Dem. votes, and Trump having about a third of the Rethug votes…how could that equate to Trump winning over Hillary?
    Especially since conservatives hate Trump, and they refused to vote for the last two guys that were not conservative enough, McCain and Mitt.

    Now you say some mystery woman behind the third door will win the Dim Primary…please spill more info. I’ve been waiting awhile to hear who this person might be……………………………..PLEASE!

    If Hillary doesn’t win the Dim primary, and Trump doesn’t win the Rethug primary, they should both run as independents and leave both parties in the dust.

    If Hillary dumps the Kooks and starts being smart she will get my vote, if not, I will vote for Trump and get the damn fence.

  7. How did Hillary not know that we Clinton Dems were ready and waiting to support her – the 2008 version of her? Eighteen million of us and growing. Why did that not matter? Of course Trump is winning over her supporters. He sounds like she did in 2008. All she had to do was not be an Obama clone. WTF??

  8. Of course, Shadow. It’s One Drop. I had totally forgotten that she was just waiting, hoping for the opportunity to go all Sitting Bull on Hillary’s ass.

  9. Yup Free, WTF? Seems like Hillary is taking the white working class for granted and focusing on the minority vote only.

    Big mistake.

  10. ………..she was just waiting, hoping for the opportunity to go all Sitting Bull on Hillary’s ass.


    😆 😆

  11. Maybe if Joe get’s in the race he will gaff out loud that his VP will be Almost One Drop.

    He would pull in Uncle Fuzzy Sanders, but he is too far off the reservation.

  12. Is there anyone besides MO or Jarrett that is the right color that Barry could toss in the ring?

    This is really getting to be a freakin’ ugly comedy.

  13. Tony, the Big Dawg said a lot of other things with those, cut sentences that Trump posted and they were not favorable to Trump. I heard the discussion a few days ago and Bill is not a fan.

    Trump is goading Bill, and this kink of bullshit from Trump disgusts me. I do not admire him when he is an a$$hole.

    The more Trump opens his mouth, the less I respect him.

  14. Admin is right, and I finally get it:

    Jarrett is the real nominee. The unseen one, but the one pulling the puppet strings.

  15. Especially since conservatives hate Trump, and they refused to vote for the last two guys that were not conservative enough, McCain and Mitt.

    Shadow, from what I can tell from republican blogs, it’s not the same this year. The conservatives love Trump, and they are very aware that he is not conservative, but he wants to do the things they want to see done – build a wall, get rid of Obamacare, get rid of common core, protect America and her culture. And I think most normal democrats want that too – just not the wingers that Hillary is courting. The republican RINOs (the more centrist repubs) support establishment figures (Bush, Rubio, etc), ie, the bought politicians, which is totally misreading this election. Trump, the non-politician, is reading the people far better than the professional politicians, Hillary included.

    And Obama is crazy (ok, there’s never been an “if” about that) if he thinks regular dems are going to vote for Jarrett – especially when they have Trump running as an option, who basically has already taken Hillary’s 2008 spot.

    That’s why I say if the election is between Trump and Hillary and she’s going to do a 180, it’s going to be (Trump) vs (Trump plus amnesty). Amnesty is not going to carry the day, with most in either party. He’s calling himself a republican, a conservative, but everyone knows it’s not true. I don’t think he fits neatly into either party. Perhaps he just represents the best of both (in a rough exterior)….

  16. How did Hillary not know that we Clinton Dems were ready and waiting to support her – the 2008 version of her? Eighteen million of us and growing. Why did that not matter? Of course Trump is winning over her supporters. He sounds like she did in 2008. All she had to do was not be an Obama clone. WTF??

    free, you put this well, and you’ve hit upon the million dollar question…

    Maybe one day she’ll come clean and tell why she threw us and her chances away…

  17. Lorac

    I’m not a Repub nor do I watch their blogs and no longer watch FoxNews…but, I see you have a lot more faith in their ability to actually get to the voting booths than I did when it comes to supporting Trump for the Primary.

    I just don’t see it, and I also blame these very people for letting Obama ruin our country for 8 frickin’ years instead of voting for McCain or Mitt.

    I also blame the Dims, that goes without saying.

    I would rather see Trump running than all the other candidates except for Hillary.

    Time will tell if R’s vote in masses this time or not.

  18. I just can’t figure out why she is doing this. I will never forget the way her face looked when she walked up to the stage to surrender to Obama, with those two guys on either side of her, like hoodlums each with a gun in their pocket pointing at her.

    After all he did to her. So much. I realize she’s a Christian and maybe it was about forgiveness. But are you supposed to forgive those who have hurt you and are not repentant? Who plan on continuing to mistreat you?

    I know it’s tinfoil stuff, but if she really was genuine in 2008, how can she have changed so much unless she is being forced to? I just can’t believe that 2008 Hillary could become the 2016 Hillary if 2008 was genuine. She went from being a strong candidate who spoke her mind and didn’t bow to Obama, to morphing into him and wanting to be more, more, more like him. It just seems like she either snowed us in 2008, or there is a very significant piece of the puzzle missing. Like blackmail…. or could that fall have rewired her brain??? (not seriously, but SOME thing isn’t right….)

    I don’t support what she supports now. I didn’t change, SHE did. People will sometimes say, “the party left me”. We could say, “the candidate left me”…. free put it really well when she asked, why did we not matter to her? WE are the ones who gave her those votes….

  19. Shadow, of course I cannot see the future either… and I’m not a republican, either 🙂 But I’ll never call myself a democrat again, that’s for sure. I’m very happy with my new independent status.

    But you seem to be basing your opinion on the last two cycles. I’m just saying, if you looked at some of these blogs that support Trump, you would see that they are FIRED up. And I’ve seen people post that they’re not going to stay home next time, about how silly it was to not vote just because someone isn’t their perfect candidate – and they mention how it gave us Obama.

    But don’t forget, McCain and Romney were establishment candidates – Trump isn’t. They love that he’s not a politician, that he speaks his feelings freely instead of using politically correct speech to get elected, and that he has a record of success. He doesn’t waffle, as McCain and Romney did at times. He’s getting crowds of 20, 30 thousands…. Trump supporters are definitely fired up.

    It’s just not the same as before. With the conservatives loving him, and him getting a lot of indies and democrats changing their registration to repub so they can even vote in the primary (not waiting to vote for him if he makes it to the general), he’s soaring. If those rinos go for him in the end, it’s going to be a landslide. It’s rather amazing. He refers to it as a movement, and he may be right.

    Hillary gave up her spot, and he sailed right into it 7 years later….

  20. The only way Hillary gets OUT is if the ObamaAdministration working with this Bengazi committee fabricates shit on her (she knows WHERE Obama was) … everybody wants to blame HER but where was OBAMA?????

    Mooch … fizzle

    Warren … fizzle

    I really do feel like people are starting to see that INDEED the Repubs are out to get Hillary and I think the Obama administration is feeding Gowdy and they’ll fabricate some shit on her

    THAT is how she’ll have to get out

    Most Dem’s will NOT vote for a female besides Hillary. She’s seen as battle tested, yes mistakes, but they also see her as the one getting knifed because she refuse to carry a gun … I see several people around me starting to say ………..you know what Hillary has withstood so much and maybe it IS her time

    Time will tell

    However, Donald Trump is FORMIDALBE and IF he can get out the vote ……he can win.

    I think he’d be terrific

  21. admin
    October 20, 2015 at 9:44 pm
    Part of Trump’s appeal is that he is saying exactly what many people have been thinking about GWB’s responsibility for failing to prevent the attacks of 9/11, which the right wing has chosen to forget about and suppress under the blanket of patriotism. The fact is that GWB was asleep at the wheel at the time that it happened, and denying it makes Jeb and the rest of right wing look very foolish.

  22. iorac: “or could that fall have rewired her brain???”

    I don’t believe it was a fall, I think she was whacked on the head and a fire was started in her office on the seventh floor of the State Department – where is she safe, but in submission?

    Though I will never vote for her and support Donald Trump, I still believe in her and I hope she has the biggest boobie trap laid for ALL of them, even though she has to lead them into it and be trapped herself.

  23. Shadowfax

    October 21, 2015 at 1:23 am

    Time will tell if R’s vote in masses this time or not.

    I don’t think getting R’s out to vote will matter if its Trump. It will be a landslide against 8 years of the race-baiting, alien, anti-American policies of the PoS in the WH. You personally must know many, many former Dems who are beyond disgusted with what pResident asshole has drug this country through. HRC has tied herself to O’s policies and she’ll sink with them. Who in the world wants more of this shit?

  24. Blow

    I agree, if Hillary doesn’t break from Obama, I won’t vote for her. I might have to toss my vote to Trump in the Primary, but she had better represent her real working class base by the General election, to get my vote back.

  25. Another guy who wants to be king of the Rethugs,

    will he ‘win’ and get everyone to tattoo their allegiance to him on their forehead,

    and take an exceptional amount of time off to spend with his family?

    How badly do they want HIM?


    Paul Ryan tells House Republicans he’s willing to run, if conditions are met


  26. Biden announces he’s not running. He says the window has closed. Why has he been attacking Hillary in not too subtle ways?

    Biden says he will be active in influencing the campaign to make sure Democrats defend Obama and the Obama record. Obama gets his cake and eats it too.

  27. admin

    October 21, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Biden says he will be active in influencing the campaign to make sure Democrats defend Obama and the Obama record.

    Well, THAT’S a winning platform, huh?: “I run to defend Obama and the Obama record.”

  28. The Biden announcement, with Obama at his side, gets worse for Hillary. Biden essentially accuses Hillary of being the one who wants war with Republicans when what is needed is cooperation.

  29. Update: Breaking: Biden to make statement at White House imminently; Update: Not running. The Biden Rose Garden announcement, with Barack Obama at his side, should send chills up Hillary Clinton’s side.

    Biden’s speech was more of a stump speech than a farewell. Biden attacked Hillary regularly these past few days. Today was no different. Biden attacked Hillary repeatedly placing the onus of Republican antagonism on her. To make such a claim on the day before Hillary testifies before congress was not an act of a friend. Joe Biden has called Republicans and the Tea Party terrorists and other assorted insults but today he was the voice of peace and unity – very much the routine Barack Obama used to win in 2008.

    Ominously, Biden declared he will stay in the process to defend Barack Obama and Barack Obama’s policies. Biden demanded candidates for the presidential nomination defend Barack Obama and Obama’s policies. This means Biden will attack Hillary any time she decides to run as herself and not the Obama Third Term, if Hillary ever has such intention of which there is scant evidence. Hillary will now have to run as the Obama Third Term or attack dog Biden will chew on her throat.

    Worst for Hillary, it sounded to us as if Biden is running for president. Biden said his reason for not running was that the window has closed. Biden basically said it was too late to get in and get all that needed to be done accomplished for a full fledged presidential run. Biden’s announcement, with Obama at his side, was a presidential campaign announcement minus the one sentence in which he demurred. It’s almost as if Biden thinks at some point something will happen to remove Hillary and put his candidacy in play.


  30. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-maintains-lead-in-gop-presidential-race-carson-second/2015/10/20/6e96eaf6-7733-11e5-b9c1-f03c48c96ac2_story.html

    Trump maintains lead in GOP presidential race; Carson second

    Businessman Donald Trump continues to maintain his hold atop the contest for the Republican presidential nomination, with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson keeping a clear grip on second place and the rest of the large field scrambling to find a foothold, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    Trump’s support has held steady over the past month; 32 percent of Republican and GOP-leaning voters currently back him compared with 33 percent in early September. The numbers suggest that mixed reviews of his performance in the second Republican debate in California did little to dampen the enthusiasm of his supporters. Carson, meanwhile, has ticked up from 20 percent to 22 percent.

    The only other Republican in double digits among registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents is Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, at 10 percent. That represents a three-point increase in a month, within the poll’s six-point margin of sampling error.

    Former Florida governor Jeb Bush runs fourth at 7 percent, followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 6 percent and former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina at 5 percent. No one else registers above 3 percent among Republican-leaning voters. [snip]

    Trump holds an even bigger advantage when Republicans are asked who they believe will win the nomination. More than four in 10 (42 percent) name Trump, while 15 percent say Carson and 12 percent say Bush. A nearly identical percentage say they believe Trump has the best chance among the GOP field of winning a general election.

    Trump is rated best on five of eight attributes. His most significant calling card in the GOP race appears to be the perception of him as a leader, with 47 percent saying they see Trump as the strongest leader in the GOP field. That compares to just 12 percent who name Bush and 11 percent who name Rubio.

    The reality TV star also scores highest on the question of who among the Republicans is best able to deal with immigration issues. Trump has taken a hard-line stance on immigration, including calls for deporting the millions of undocumented immigrants already in the country. [snip]

    By 47 to 41 percent, Republicans say the more they hear from Bush, the less they like him, a net negative rating of minus 6 percentage points.

  31. JBStonesFan, “I don’t buy it. Something is up imo.” Agreed.


    BIDEN: Please, please, sit down.

    Mr. President, thank you for lending me the Rose Garden for a minute.

    OBAMA: It’s a pretty nice place.

    BIDEN: As the family and I have worked through the — the grieving process, I’ve said all along what I’ve said time and again to others: that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. That it might close.

    I’ve concluded it has closed. I know from previous experience that there’s no timetable for this process. The process doesn’t respect or much care about things like filing deadlines or debates and primaries and caucuses.

    But I also know that I could do this if the — I couldn’t do this if the family wasn’t ready. The good news is the family has reached that point, but as I’ve said many times, my family has suffered loss, and — and I — I hope there would come a time — and I’ve said this to many other families — that, sooner rather than later, when — when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes.

    Well, that’s where the Bidens are today. Thank god. Beau — Beau is our inspiration.

    Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. But while I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent.

    I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as I can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. And this is what I believe.

    I believe that President Obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery, and we’re now on the cusp of resurgence. I’m proud to have played a part in that. This party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the Obama legacy.

    The American people have worked too hard, and we have have come too far for that. Democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record. They should run on the record.

    BIDEN: We have a lot of work to get done over to the next 15 months, and there is a lot of — the president — there’s a lot that the president will — will have to get done, but let me be clear that we’ll be building on a really solid foundation.

    But it all starts with giving the middle-class a fighting chance. I know that you in the press love to call me “Middle-Class Joe,” and I know in Washington that’s not really meant a compliment; it means you’re not that sophisticated, but it is about the middle class. It isn’t just a matter of fairness or economic growth, it’s a matter of social stability for this nation. We cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exist in this country.

    I believe the huge sums of unlimited and often secret money pouring into our politics is a fundamental threat to our Democracy, and I really believe that. I think it’s a fundamental threat, because the middle class will never have a fighting chance in this country as long as just several hundred families, the wealthiest families, control the process. It’s just that simple. And I believe that we have to level the playing field for the American people. And that’s going to take access to education and opportunity to work.

    We need to commit. We are fighting for 14 years — we need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all of our children. We all know that 12 years of public education is not enough. As a nation, let’s make the same commitment to a college education today that we made to a high school education 100 years ago.

    Children and child care is the one biggest barrier for working families. We need as the president proposed a triple child care tax credit. That alone will lead to dramatic increase in the number of women able to be in the workforce, and will raise our economic standards.

    There are many equitable ways to pay for this. I often hear, well, how do you pay for this? There are many equitable ways to pay for this. We can pay for all of this with one simple step, by limiting the deductions in the tax code to 28 percent of income. Wealthy folks will end up paying a little bit more, but it’s my guess — and I mean this sincerely — it’s my guess they’ll be happy to help build a stronger economy and a better educated America. I believe we need to lead more by the power of our example, as the president has, than merely by the example of our power.

    We have learned some very hard lessons from more than a decade of large scale, open-ended military invasions. We have to accept the fact that we can’t solve all of the world’s problems. We can’t solve many of them alone.

    The argument that we just have to do something when bad people do bad things isn’t good enough. It’s not a good enough reason for American intervention and to put our sons and daughters’ lives on the line, put them at risk.

    I believe that we have to end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart. And I think we can. It’s mean spirited, it’s petty, and it’s gone on for much too long. I don’t believe, like some do, that it’s naive to talk to Republicans. I don’t think we should look at Republicans as our enemies. They are our opposition. They’re not our enemies. And for the sake of the country, we have to work together.

    As the president has said many times, compromise is not a dirty word. But look at it this way folks, how does this country function without consensus? How can we move forward without being able to arrive at consensus? Four more years of this kind of pitched battle may be more than this country can take. We have to change it. We have to change it.

    And I believe that we need a moon shot in this country to cure cancer. It’s personal. But I know we can do this. The president and I have already been working hard on increasing funding for research and development, because there are so many breakthroughs just on the horizon in science and medicine, the things that are just about to happen. And we can make them real with an absolute national commitment to end cancer, as we know it today.

    And I’m going to spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as I can to accomplish this, because I know there are Democrats and Republicans on the Hill who share our passion, our passion to silence this deadly disease.

    If I could be anything, I would have wanted to have been the president that ended cancer, because it’s possible.

    I also believe we need to keep moving forward in the arc of this nation toward justice: the rights of the LGBT community, immigration reform, equal pay for women and protecting their safety from violence, rooting out institutional racism.

    At their core, every one of these things — every one of these things is about the same thing. It’s about equality, it’s about fairness, it’s about respect. As my dad used to say, it’s about affording every single person dignity. It’s not complicated.

    Every single one of the issues is about dignity. And the ugly forces of hate and division — they won’t let up, but they do not represent the American people. They do not represent the heart of this country. They represent a small fraction of the political elite, and the next president is going to have to take it on.

    Most of all I believe there’s unlimited possibilities for this country. I don’t know how many of the White House staff and personnel have heard me say repeatedly that we are so much better positioned than any country the world.

    We are so — I’ve been doing this for a long time. When I got elected as a 29-year-old kid, I was called “the optimist”. I am more optimistic about the possibilities — the incredibly possibilities — to leap forward than I have been any time in my career.

    And I believe to my core that there is no country on the face of the Earth better positioned to lead the world in the 21st century than the United States of America.

    Washington, though, has to begin to function again. Instead of being the problem, it has to become part of the solution again. We have to be one America again. And at our core, I’ve always believed that what sets America apart from every other nation is that we — ordinary Americans — believe in possibilities. Unlimited possibilities.

    The possibilities for a kid growing up in a poor inner-city neighborhood or the — a Spanish-speaking home, or a kid from Mayfield in Delaware, Willow Grove in Pennsylvania like Jill and I, to be able to be anything we wanted to be, to do anything — anything — that we want.

    That’s what we were both taught, that’s what the president was taught. It was real. That’s what I grew up believing. And you know, it’s always been true in this country, and if we ever lose that, we’ve lost something very special. We’ll have lost the very soul of this country.

    When I was growing up, my parents, in tough times, looked at me and would say to me and my brothers and sister, “honey, it’s gonna be OK.” And they meant it. They meant it. It was gonna be OK.

    But some of you cover me, I say, go back to your old neighborhoods. Talk to your contemporaries who aren’t as successful as you’ve been. There are too many people in America — there are too many parents who don’t believe they can look their kid in the eye and say with certitude, “honey, it’s gonna be OK.”

    That’s what we need to change. It’s not complicated. That will be the true measure of our success, and we’ll not have met it until every parent out there can look at their kid in tough times and say, “honey, it’s gonna be OK,” and mean it.

    That’s our responsibility. And I believe it’s totally within our power. The nation has done it before in difficult times.

    I have had the very (ph) great good fortune and privilege of being in public service most of my adult life — since I’ve been 25 years old. And through personal triumphs and tragedies, my entire family — son Beau, my son Hunter, my daughter Ashley, Jill — our whole family — and this sounds corny, but we found purpose in public life.

    We found purpose in public life. So we intend — the whole family, not just me — we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting for what we’ve always cared about — what my family’s always cared about — with every ounce of our being, and working alongside the president and members of Congress and our future nominee, I am absolutely certain that we fully are capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. We can do this.

    And when we do, America won’t just win the future, we will own the finish line.

    Thank you for all being so gracious to Jill and me, for the last six or eight months, and for our whole career for that matter. But I am telling you, we can do so much more. I am looking forward to continuing to work with this man to get it done. Thank you very much. Thank you all very much.

  32. That doesn’t sound like someone who intends to ride off into the sunset, but rather someone who will be waiting to disparage Hillary at every opportunity he gets.

  33. Joe’s “sorta” out. What’s going on, Administrator? We are adrift on this and need your wise interpretation. Something is up.

    Is a message being sent to Hillary…you spill any beans at all tomorrow to Ken’s baby boy Trey on Obama and we will make sure you are not only out of the race but also indicted with either info we have or info we will manufacture to nail you and Bill? Of course we know everything is to protect the fraud but it is so confusing.

  34. Southern Born, there’s no real mystery here. It is a mirror image of the GOP establishment.

    Remember, in 2008 the assumption by many was that Hillary Clinton was the establishment candidate. That was not the case. Barack Obama was the establishment candidate and the establishment (Reid, Pelousy, Kennedy) dragged Obama to victory by vote theft in the Rules Committee and eventually SuperDelegates.

    For 2016 the Republican establishment fixed the race for Jeb Bush but then Trump got in and because of his many attributes has a chance of winning against the wishes of the GOP establishment. Mirror image on the D side with one twist.

    Once again, in 2016 as in 2008, the assumption by many is that Hillary is the establishment candidate. The twist is “what is the D establishment?” If you think the voters and the Hillary supporters are the establishment then Hillary is the establishment candidate. But we believe the establishment in this case is Barack Obama. Barack Obama does not want Hillary to be his legacy carrier nor the culmination of the Obama “transformation” of the world and America. So the D establishment, Obama, plots against Hillary.

    As today’s article indicates clearly, Joe Biden is a pawn in the same way Fiorina, Graham, Pataki, Kasich, etc. are pawns. None of these people will win. None of them will be the King on the chessboard. They are pawns.

    As a pawn, Joe Biden has a task. His task is to keep Hillary from the nomination. The reigning assumption was that Biden would accomplish his task by challenging Hillary for the nomination. Now there has been a change in tactics, not strategy. Biden will now do what he can to keep Hillary off balance and away from achieving her goal of delegate collection. Remember, for Obama the imperative is to keep control of the party, not necessarily win the 2016 election.

    Read/watch the Biden announcement. It is an attack on Hillary and adoption of Bernie Sanders’ platform. The first Biden policy proposal in the speech is Sanders’ free college plan. Then there are the Berniesque pleas for free child care all paid with hikes in taxes. In sum, Biden attacked Hillary repeatedly (on SuperPacs and niceness to Republicans especially) and endorsed the Bernie platform.

    With this in mind what happens next will be either more investigative attacks against Hillary/Bill or more direct support for Sanders. With three months to go it is very late for the GOP to stop Trump. But with three months to go there is a lot of mud and tricks Obama can dump on Hillary.

  35. Ominously, Biden declared he will stay in the process to defend Barack Obama and Barack Obama’s policies. Biden demanded candidates for the presidential nomination defend Barack Obama and Obama’s policies.

    Biden is so full of $hit, he stinks to high Heaven. He will stand guard over his beloved Barry and try to defend his imaginary honor.

    Go to Hell Joe, go blow BO somewhere else. (Sorry Pinkers, I forgot I was a lady.) 😉

    This means one thing to me, Hillary is on the edge of kicking the Fraud under the buss. The battle for the party must have been going on for awhile in that Oval.

    Come on Hillary, start throwing shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I cannot think how any Democrat could get elected besides Hillary, unless the Evil Obamanator has 50 million illegal immigrants registered to vote and they go to the polls for him. But my instincts tell me what Admin knows in that there is no limit to the treachery that will unfold. My only question is: Will it also be boobery?

    And Admin, you are absolutely killing me on the Obola Candidate.

  37. The more angry Joe gets, the more worried Barry is that Hillary will make him look like a fool and incompetent that we all know he is.

    If Hillary really was Barry’s third term…they would be happy as a lark.

  38. So Joe is out.. I knew it no way was he going to run, he already lost miserably several times. If obama wasn’t looking for an older more experienced VP with foreign policy experience he would have been a nobody, just somebody who once ran for the presidency and lost badly. He went out angry and looks foolish. I think we’ve been in denial for the last 7 years we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop on Hillary, it was stolen from her once, we expect it to happen again… I hate to disagree with admin, but there is no secret candidate no way in hell is Michelle O or any other “she” jumping in the race. Michelle O wants to live off the fat from million dollar paid speeches and biographies. She’s wants to sit on her ass and vacation. My thought last night was well if there’s only 9 days left for Joe to jump in doesn’t that mean there’s only 9 days for the secret candidate to jump in… But we’ve seen the rules change before. I’m ready… Hillary 2016!

  39. I’m ready… Hillary 2016!

    Me too.

    I just need Hillary to toss a couple of shoes or at least a flip flop at Barry, after the testimony in the shark tank.

  40. Admin, or dear Admin…is there some reason the blog takes so long to load on a refresh? I always have to hit my ‘End’ button, because it takes so long.

  41. I did not know the middle class was disappearing quite this fast:

    We just got more evidence that the middle class in America is dying. According to brand new numbers that were just released by the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all workers in the United States make less than $30,000 a year. Let that number sink in for a moment. You can’t support a middle class family in America today on just $2,500 a month – especially after taxes are taken out. And yet more than half of all workers in this country make less than that each month. In order to have a thriving middle class, you have got to have an economy that produces lots of middle class jobs, and that simply is not happening in America today.


  42. Bollocks to Biden….all that was is Biden still trying to make himself relevant where he is not….

    He knew there was no push for him to enter, he knew he had no campaign machine, he had no funds, he had no reason to enter.

    To me, that is all it is, he could not win and he knew it.

    Biden knew Hillary had to falter at the debate for him to credibly get in, it didn’t happen and they knew there was no chance.

  43. Here is what Hillary has some stupid staffer, probably Jorge Ramos’ daughter posting for her on her FB page in Spanish with this translation:

    The Mother of Hillary, Dorothy, had a great influence in his life. She taught him the importance of working hard and never give up. Watch the video.


  44. Half of Hillary’s FB page is La Raza pandering. Does she not know how bad this is and how many people it offends and turns off, or does she not care?

  45. @admin: Remember, for Obama the imperative is to keep control of the party, not necessarily win the 2016 election.

    Agreed, admin. What did I say on debate night. That Hillary is the neutralizer of Obama effect in the Democratic party. She must win if the middle of America were to be set free of Obama shackles.

  46. At the end of the day, this shit of cooperating with republicans is absolute crap…..Hillary has before cooperated and proved she has numerous times. You want non-copperation look at that asshole in the oval office.

    If anything its the GOP who won’t cooperate and as for Obama….he knows his clout is running out, the party machine takes over pretty much now with the nomination and the party GE run, he is irrelevant to what the party wants, he is the past….if he tries to be a spoiler now, the party heads will tell him in no uncertain terms to shut up and sit down. I expect now the Biden fakeout is gone, the endorsements and polls to increase hugely for Hillary.

    At the end of the day the Dem party wants the WH again. Obama should be now sitting down, shutting up and backing nobody, same with Biden. This is not about them, it is not about Obama, they should not be trying to tie any future President to their terms.

    So my advice to Joe Biden and Barack Obama, is sit down, shut the fuck up and keep your beaks out of it, you had your time, you made a mess of it, so just hold the fort until the new President takes over.

  47. Hillary even was kind to Biden after he tried to push her under the bus…and Trump has to toss in a nasty remark at Hillary.

    In a written statement Wednesday, Clinton praised Biden’s “unyielding faith in America’s promise” and said she expected he would “always be on the front lines, always fighting for all of us.” The two spoke by phone shortly after the vice president concluded his remarks.

    Biden’s decision gives Clinton a boost heading into her testimony Thursday before a Republican-led House committee investigating the deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, three years ago. With Biden out of the race, Clinton’s campaign sees the hearing as a final hurdle before she can fully focus on early voting contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere.

    For many Republicans, Biden’s decision comes as a disappointment. Party leaders had all but cheered his potential candidacy, eager to see the Democratic race thrown into chaos and perhaps distract attention from a GOP primary that’s been roiled by the rise of unorthodox candidates such as Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

    Trump praised Biden and took a poke at Clinton in a single tweet: “I think Joe Biden made correct decision for him & his family. Personally, I would rather run against Hillary because her record is so bad.” {Bull $hit Trump, Joe has no record at all, so that’s a lie!]


  48. And it is a big tell that Obama stood next to him (like the mob boss he is) in the Rose garden. Where was the need? And where was the need to make the big pronouncement from Biden? We know why.

  49. Moon –

    So my advice to Joe Biden and Barack Obama, is sit down, shut the fuck up and keep your beaks out of it, you had your time, you made a mess of it, so just hold the fort until the new President takes over.


  50. Obama has to stick his nose in, its always been his way, he had to stand there looking all presidential, that had fuck all to do with Biden, just getting himself a photo op.

    I perhaps think Biden has been told by the party machine, thats it, times up, you’re out, we don’t need you messing it up for everyone……intefering now would just look spoilerish and childish..

    If we see in the next few days the party going all out to defend and back Hillary, then we know its over and Obama’s been silenced.

  51. Apparently from what I have read and heard is that in the last week, Clinton boxed in Biden, cut of his route to big donors and cut of his route to campaign staff…..

    If she played hardball behind the scenes, well then I am impressed. Maybe thats why they both look bulldogs chewing wasps today in the presser……Hillary may actually have pulled an Obama and played dirty.

  52. Hillary and anyone else is going to have to play real dirty if they are going to be in the ballgame with Obama and ValJar.

  53. Hillary and anyone else is going to have to play real dirty if they are going to be in the ballgame with Obama and ValJar.
    Hillary, yes.

    Anyone else? Depends on who.

    Trump would crush Obama and Jar head like a bug.

    He is a master of the art of war as defined by Sun Tzu.

    He lays traps and defeats the enemy mentally before the actual war begins.

    Same with Putin.

    He is a judo master, and he uses Obama’s momentum and imbalance to drive him to the mat, hard.

    You can hear Obama’s teeth rattle across six time zones when Putin does his thing.

    The grand fucking big media messiah has met his match and then some.

    He is nothing more than a crash dummy.

    And a legend in is mind.

  54. Maybe someone who knows how to tweet should tweet Trump to beware of a surprise candidate who may be Jarrett – so he can research her, if he hasn’t already. And include the link to this article….

  55. I just remembered something I meant to comment on yesterday on admin’s article – it was irritating to have Biden saying (not these words) that republicans are his friends, and he wants to work across the divide. That was Hillary in 2008 and she had the history of that in the senate. But I guess she wanted to go back to the old republican conspiracy stuff so she declared that one of her biggest enemies are republicans. Again, why is she giving up her old ground? It’s not like she can possibly imagine that in the general she can say the opposite – everyone will replay her recent opposite statements.

  56. lol when Obama was standing next to Biden with Biden saying that he isn’t going to run, did Obama switch roles and say, “this is a big f’n deal!” LOL

  57. Excuse me

    A legend in his mind who could win a third term if he decided to run.

    That has been the core problem all along.

    And the French prime minister put his finger on it.

    When Obama was busy proposing one of his hair brained schemes

    Which has the smell of the lamp, and faculty lounge

    The prime minster cautioned him, for all the good it did

    We live in the real world, not a virtual one.

    By we he meant everyone by the big media beloved messiah and his big media acolytes.

    To put a finer point on it. Fuck him. And fuck big media.

    And fuck Paul Ryan who wants a low wage society, and is best friends with Goooooooooterz.

    One RINO called Ryan a patriot.

    To that I replied if patriotism is what HL Mecken called it–the last bastion of scoundrels

    Then I quite agree. Ryan is a patriot, but only in that twisted sensed.

    If Dick Gephard was Mr. AFL-CIO, then surely Paul Ryan is Mr. Chamber of Commerce.

    Either way, a toxic brew.

  58. Au contrare.

    I take biden at his word.

    He is just the man to reach across aisle

    To friend over there

    Who are as keen as he is to serve the Chamber of Commerce.

    Its just one big happy party, kiddies.

    The uniparty.

  59. I think Jarret would make a splendid candidate for the democrat party. She is just the one to restore our position in the world, to get those 93 million slackers back to work, and make maximum use of the bully pulpit, like Hitler did. If an ironic deity gives us Warren en lie of the demented Persian step mother then I for one will be crest fallen. The whole goddam thing should be off the streets and on the play list of the Theater of the Absurd.

  60. Barack Obama does not want Hillary to be his legacy carrier nor the culmination of the Obama “transformation” of the world and America. So the D establishment, Obama, plots against Hillary.

    Remember, for Obama the imperative is to keep control of the party, not necessarily win the 2016 election.

    So perhaps that means that a satisfactory conclusion wouldn’t necessarily mean getting their own candidate in, but just screwing things so that even if Hillary wins the primary, they’ll screw her in the general with the purpose of the republican winning… so then in four years they can come back with a brand new “Obama”…

  61. The whole Obama\Biden thing was just bizarre and anyone who didn’t see what was really happening is an idiot.

  62. I guess as a fan of Homeland, I am used to seeing the covered head of a woman when she is in ‘their world’. The main star, Carrie tosses on a scarf as soon as she crosses the border into one of those middle eastern countries…and so does Hillary, and every other figurehead female from America that it is required of.

  63. Oh come on Shadow, you are smarter than that!
    She is appealing to Muslims, just like she appeals to Latino’s..



  64. I really can’t believe the excuses for Hillary, they are endless and not based in any reality at this point.
    I think even Admin, though I don’t pretend to speak for he/she …is tired of the excuses.

  65. admin
    October 21, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    Anyone notice Biden and the Boob had the same tie today? Two thorns in a rose garden.

    Something is making them appear to loose their marbles. Uncle Joe strung together some gibberish sound bites after a pep talk from Val. Everything is turning to shyte in the White House and Joe took a pass after looking at internal and private polls probably. He is crazy but not that crazy. Biden’s chew the carpet routine won’t work on Trump. Hillary appears to be the sacrificial stooge at this point. She will have to run against the White House, DNC and Trump. Is the White House going to whip out an Elizabeth Warren at the convention so another Harvard-ite won’t have to be vetted as a crook and ideologue? Would the public find that acceptable? I don’t think it would. Also Hillary will have to run against the media since they seem to be warming up to Trump because he brings the ratings and ads and media is going belly up in finances and influence. That Rose Garden mess looked and sounded like they are winging it. The looked like cornered hissing possums.

  66. Gonzo, you are so right. I will vote for policies that will help save this sick nation. I will vote policy over party. As much as I like Hillary and had hoped she would be our first female POTUS, I can’t support the policies she is DEDICATED to. I can’t support the policies of the current D party.
    I think that those here who will vote Hillary and HOPE that she flips her positions completely are simply voting person over principle.
    I have not seen Hillary’s website- that’s how disinterested I am- but if it is filled with pandering to Hispanics, do you really think that she will come out against amnesty or work permits for illegals? Not going to happen and she can not help the middle class if she believes in continually flooding the country with illegals.
    BTW I was for the first amnesty years ago that was supposed to end this and all that happened is that many many more came and as a result we are a different country.

    The only candidate right now who will create jobs, rid us of Ocare and improve our international relations is Trump. Sadly, Hillary is owned by her donors and those she thinks will propel her to POTUS. She’s become a follower not a leader and the US is desperately in need of a strong leader now. A leader is someone who can guide people to new but needed policies.

    It will be interesting to see what happens on this site as the campaign progresses. I so often agree with many posters here, but I don’t see myself supporting a Hillary run unless the Rs run Bush which I don’t see as possible.

    If its Trump, and I hope it will be, Hillary will have a tough time, unless the D cheat machine is bigger than I thought possible.

  67. Let’s be honest. If Hillary wins, the long standing graphic on the HI44 Home Page will need to be changed from Bush morphing into Obama ……to Obama morphing into Hillary. Sorry, but if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. HRC is no longer the answer.

  68. Admin: fyi
    Why Biden Didn’t Run

    With apologies to Bob Dylan, you can’t tell which way the wind is blowing without a weather vane — particularly if you are indoors looking out. We had no way of knowing what was happening in the bowels of the Justice Department and the White House before Joe Biden decided not to run. Now, we know:

    There will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton.

    Undoubtedly, Biden would have run if he had gotten word that an indictment was likely. He would have had to. The Democratic Party is determined not to nominate Bernie Sanders because they believe, correctly, that this would destroy their chances in November.

    Biden’s candidacy would have been indictment insurance in the same way that Gerald Ford’s ascent to the Vice Presidency in 1973 was a form of impeachment insurance. Faced with the inevitability of Spiro Agnew’s rise to the presidency if Nixon were forced out, Republicans made damn sure that Agnew was indicted and had resigned the office of vice president before they moved to impeach Nixon. And so it has been with Hillary. The Justice Department would never indict the putative Democratic candidate for president unless a viable alternative were waiting in the wings. And the reverse is true: Biden’s decision not to run is the clearest indication that no indictment will be forthcoming.

    Without a Hillary indictment, Biden would be unable to catch her. She leads him 54-16 with Sanders at 23 in the latest poll. But with an indictment, he could have won.

    Now, whatever their original intention, we can be sure that Hillary will not be indicted. The FBI may be insulated from politics in its investigation, but the Justice Department is anything but insulated from it in making their decision on whether to act on the information the FBI gathers. The Democratic Party is now stuck with Hillary and the Democratic Administration won’t put her in the defendant’s box.

  69. Hillary’s hearings on TV right now. I hope she does OK and places the blame and the responsibility on the right person and we know who that is.

  70. Carson is ahead of Trump in Iowa in some polls, I actually hope this isn’t true, I don’t think he can close the deal.

  71. You know, I grow weary of it, all of it, all of this fucking political theater which leads to no conclusive result and ignores the fact that the country is sinking, and it is the fault of both parties.

    So I am on the elevator with one of my neighbors, who tells me she is a liberal Republican, I give her my little speech about the Republican Party–that it has controlled by the chamber of commerce. She tells me she is a long time member of the Washington Chamber of Commerce which does not always align with the national chamber of commerce, in that the local chapter supports our senior senator Patty Murray, the national chapter does not. For the record, Murray is dumb as a post, but she gives local business what they want etc. Then she expresses fear of the great unwashed, the Trumpsters as she calls them, tells me that the local RINOs become apopletic at the mere mention of his name, and tells me that the wife of former Governor/Senator Dan Evans (R-Wa) voted for Obama twice. I told her I was not shocked. RINOs come from the “professional class” not the working class, and class is thicker than party affiliation or loyalty to the nation. She told me you say you are an independent, but you are really a Republican, and I told her how wrong you are. If I am a Republican, how do you explain the fact that I campaigned for Hillary across the country in ’08, but do not support her now? Well, she said, you are not sure what you are then, politically. To which I responded, madam, how wrong you are. I am a Reagan democrat, a supporter of Trump, and I have been perfectly consistent. It is your mislabeling of people like me, and the forces of globalization which are tearing your party apart. And the more you try to hang on to yesterday, the more you compromise and doom your tomorrow.

    etc, to which she expresses great fear of Trump etc. and tells me I know you say you are an independent, but really you are a Republican, to which I say, not really, I campaigned for Hillary in

  72. The other day I offered my metaphorical description of the electorate as Starlings and this same woman liked that, and has adopted it. However, I strongly suspect that she uses it to describe “Trumpsters”, not realizing that it applies with equal if not greater force to RINOS/DINOS. I did tell her about Richard Fernandez and if there is any wisdom for her to be had, then surely that is the place to start. If not, then there is always Robert Burns:

    Oh would some power the giftie gee us
    To see ourselves as others see us.

  73. Just watched about 1 hr…I think is not going to help or hurt her much. I think her biggest mistake is having Sidney Blumenthal as a close friend.

  74. I would venture to guess that 70% of our military are Reagan Democrats.

    To Reagan Democrats, those old unhappy far off nostrums of duty, honor, country mean something, and in a pinch are worth giving your life for.

  75. Shadowfax
    October 22, 2015 at 1:38 pm
    Trey is going nuts
    I am tied up with preparing billing statements, or I would be watching.

  76. Recess with Trey not liking that he has lost control of the fishing expedition.

    He has found no evidence and still has 20 more people to call up besides Hillary.

  77. Then again, watching a pair of policy wonks go at it is not my idea of high drama–all gotcha questions and non responsive answers, etc. Its all Dullsville.

    I much prefer the don rickels style of Donald Trump, attacking the pompous sacred cows. Like the old Broadway song: “That’s Entertainment”


  78. So as expected, this whole thing has been a big fat failure of the part of Gowdy and was used to try and hit Hillary……They have nada, nothing, zilch so far.

  79. Just before the recess, Trey spent a large part of the morning questioning Hillary on her (notorious) emails with Blumenthal, picking sentences from one email to another, wanting Hillary to admit he was her main adviser on Benghazi. When Trey didn’t get her to trip up on the interrogation, other D’s on the committee wanted Trey to expose all of the emails to the public so we could see for ourselves that there was no evidence of wrong doing by Hillary…

    Trey then went nuts, lost his composure…started faltering and finally called a recess to get out of the intense discussion.

    Let’s see what happens when the break is over.

  80. Trey is trying to get to a gotcha but he is getting nowhere……..

    Hillary is not letting him get away with anything, she seems self assured and confident and knowledgeable.

  81. Trey is just banging on and on and on about the same thing, trying to get a different answer and he’s getting pissed off that Hillary is not kowtowing to him….

  82. Well what exactly were you doing that night Hillary, where where you, where was obama, was he with the “team”, was he stoned,where does the buck stop, who told the military to stand down, why In the world would no one give you a message that Ambassador Stevens was begging for security? Why would you not have a laptop in your office but 60,000 emails at home, with a server in a closet?

  83. I love what Bluementhal said about Obama—bent on seizing defeat from the jaws of victory, in Libya. The only thing I would add to that comment is that is the end game of his entire, right side of history, Arab Spring cloud cuckoo land strategy. And Donolin is a complete political lightweight, and Sidney got that one right too. Gowdy is making political mischief here, by contending that she used Blumenthal secretly and if the the fucktards in the White House had known, well . . .

  84. correction: Donolin, the big Irishman as lyn brian calls him, is a political fixer and a foreign policy national security lightweight.

  85. Why won’t anyone take real responsibility for this tragedy? Is It Because Big Media protects The Cash cow? Not a peep from the majority of Americans, too busy watching the Kardash freak show to even give it a passing thought. Most don’t know how many Senators we have but by golly they know when the Walking Dead comes on. Ambassador who? Moving on…nothing to see here.
    Does anyone give a flying fu#k anymore about Americans, tortured, sodomized, murdered Ambassadors anymore?

  86. Not a peep from the majority of Americans, too busy watching the Kardash freak show to even give it a passing thought.

  87. This hearing is helping Hillary tremendously. The Republicans look petty and pedantic and she is looking very presidential. The comments from alot of the independents and alot of women calling into CSPAN in support of Hillary. I am seriously hoping that her team is listening to what the people are saying and crafting a strategy to bolster that position.

    Hillary 2016?

  88. Paul Ryan officially announces he’s running for House speaker

    Well he is a much better choice than some wacko from the boondocks.

    4 years as speaker, he may well be ready to run in 2020 for the WH once the kids are a bit older…….

  89. Paul Ryan has won over the Republican Party’s female lawmakers.
    The 23 female GOP House lawmakers will announce Thursday they plan to vote for the Wisconsin Republican when the House casts ballots for a new speaker next week.
    Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia shepherded a letter from her female colleagues pledging their support for Ryan. The endorsement is not a surprise. Ryan is widely popular with a broad swath of the conference and is expected to face no real opposition in his bid to take the speaker’s gavel.
    “The unanimous support of the women members of the Republican conference represent a broad range of views and a broad geographic range from coast to coast,” Comstock said in a statement.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/the-gavel/2015/10/paul-ryan-gop-women-lawmakers-215089#ixzz3pLF2K5zh


    Wouldn’t have anything to do with those big baby blue eyes…….for you got to admit, the man is kinda hot.

  90. Be interesting to see the dynamic when Ryan becomes speaker….Obama aint going to get away with half the shit with Ol’ blue eyes……

    One thing I will say about Ryan is, he knows his shit……and wont be the pushover that Boehner was.

  91. Paul Ryan Would Be The Youngest House Speaker In 146 Years ………..at age 45.

    Quite an achievement really even if he’s not your cup of tea.

    You have to think at some point he’ll be ready for a WH run…..He would certainly have the gravitas by then.

    Congressman since 1998
    Vice Pres Cand in 2012
    Speaker of the House in 2015

    and only 45 years old.

    If Hillary wins, you can bet she may face him in 2020 or most certainly he will run in 2024.

  92. moononpluto
    October 22, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    I do not like Ryan. I think Romney would have won if he had VP’ed Rubio. Romney/Ryan was too white. Then he was the main man on the TPP, which is globalism at it’s most evil. You have to have a killers soul to push something like that. And he worked with Obola on it. The uniparty. He is going to push the Obola/Soros globalism agenda.

    There is something wrong with Ryan. Although he seems to have the brains, the left and right side of his are not properly connected.

  93. I don’t get how Hillary can just lie? and then say she said something different.
    its hard to not just go B***sh*t:

  94. I initially thought this would not help her, but as usual the republicans have made this a plus event for Hillary because of they unmitigated hate for all things Clinton.

  95. jbstonesfan
    October 22, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Here is where she must MUST use this to her political advantage. Her mortality is showing as she actually needed a minute because she lost her voice. Her non obt team must must must use this to her advantage.

    Hillary 2016?

  96. sirmrks
    October 22, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    I think Hillary answered very well. You need to remember it was Susan Rice who went out and promoted the video story, not Hillary. Hillary may have spewed the story at one point, but the propaganda was Obola/Rice. Hillary was supposed to go against that? WTF?

    And if Americans could not live with their government not being straight with them, we would all be dead.

  97. Jordan’s point about the proximity to the election is also bogus as Hillary’s motivation. She was not running for anything. BO was. Again, they are GRILLING THE WRONG PERSON!!!!

  98. gonzotx
    October 22, 2015 at 8:50 pm


    What truth do you speak of?

    Hillary 2016?

  99. gonzotx
    October 22, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Right, use this to her advantage, not for the truth, can’t have that…

    I value the truth. But I have to say that this is a hateful witch hunt and they are after the wrong person. So the “truth” has to be the best you can do. I say, give her a pass.

    And I would like to bitch slap those sanctimonious hypocrites.

  100. I watched most of the hearing, and I think Hillary did a great job.

    Did anyone that watched all of it see if there was a question as to where Obama was and what he was doing at the time of the attack?

  101. I hope our Admin is busy writing up her/his opinion on the testamentary today. I can’t wait to read it.

  102. Carl Bernstein — no fan of Hillary — called these hearings (on CNN) brutal and unprecedented, and that he hoped he would never see this kind of abuse ever again. Gergen, also said as much. Did Secretary Colin Powel ever get grilled like this for lying to the world about WMD in Iraq during the GWB administration? Over at the Orange site, looks like these hearings have managed to gain her their support and even admiration.

  103. I’m sorry. It’s really hard not to want her to ascend to the seat at 1600 Penn. After OVER 11 hours of badgering, she shakes hands with and commends Trey Gowdy on what was nothing more than a witch hunt.

    And I have to say this – I know Hillary isn’t saying what she should be saying out on the stump. I know she isn’t Bill in terms of being the consummate political giant. I know Hillary defends obingo WAY too much. But who amongst us can do what she did today or has done? Who among us has been questioned for 11 hours and not missed a beat? Whoa among us has the statesmanship to be genial with those that seek to destroy her right after they tried to? I still want her to be in the White House. I still want her to take the oath. My heart will break if I have to vote for Trump. I will if I have to, but I don’t want to and today’s effort makes that SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.

    Hillary 2016?

  104. gonzotx, I hear your frustration. But I am beginning to think her winning and kicking Obama’s ass out of the party is perhaps the best thing to happen for the country. And, I have faith she will kick is ass when she wins.

  105. The Rock,
    Well if you want open borders, millions of illegals,Muslims r us, TPP, redistribution of your wealth, BS climate change, well Hillary is for you.

  106. One has to wonder why Sid had her personal email, but Ambassador Stevens had to beg others that did not respond…interesting…

  107. gonzotx
    October 22, 2015 at 9:26 pm


    Yeeaaaaahh. Noooooooo….

    First off, what does anything you just said have to do with the truth about the events in Benghazi? The key questions in the search for truth should have been 1)was there an order for troops to stand down, and 2)who gave that order?

    Secondly, I don’t now nor will I ever believe that Hillary has the ultimate objective of weakening this country. I don’t like some of her initial positions on a host of issues, but that has nothing to do with her competence or her ability to assess a problem and seek a competent solution. Why I don’t like some of her initial positions is because she could actually engineer some of those into policy.

    Since your list is the Obingo socialist list from hell (minus climate change), I doubt if Hillary did become the next president, that her agenda would end up completely like that. That said, the more firmly she stands on the history set by obingo the clown, the more likely I’ll vote for Trump.

    I hope that answers your question about who is and who isn’t for me.

    Hillary 2016?

  108. Actually Rock if you read upthread, I did have a list of Questions that should be asked, where was obama, who gave the order to stand down, etc.
    There is nothing she has said that makes me think she will govern in the center…nothing.
    Climate change? Yeah..wonder how the dinosaurs felt about that..

  109. jb: I said before I thought she was doing fine. That was based on the Gowdy examination. I thought Gowdy was blatantly political when he tried to show she was defying Obama by keeping Sid Viscious around. And I sure as hell did not need a snarky fuck stick like Adam Schiff to point that out. It was obvious, and self defeating for Gowdy who claims the whole point here is to get at the truth and not to score political points.

    But then I saw the Jim Jordan cross examination. Her public insistence that this was a video, contrasted with her private communication to her family that this was not a video but a terrorist attack presents a contrast so stark that it comes across as a lie, and the motive for the lie is equally clear, to re elect Obama.

    To a neutral trier of fact, that would be consequential, and perhaps outcome determinative. The good thing, or bad thing, depending on your point of view is nobody is neutral any more. We can thank Obama for that, as well.

  110. And if you and I agree on the question that needed to be asked, the center of discussion should be why they weren’t asked. The person answering the questions does not have an obligation to answer questions not asked. The fault lay with the interrogators, not the one being interrogated.

    I disagree that she hasn’t said anything that would suggest that she would govern from the center. The first Democratic debate was a ‘who can go the furthest to the right’-fest, and she CLEARLY did not win that contest. Bernie did. Also, her past history suggests that she would govern closer to the center rather than further away.

    And yes, climate change. I trust when you elude to the current lack of dinosaurs, you are referring to the global change in climate that caused their extinction. Well the change in climate that they experienced was not caused by their actions. It was caused by a meteor. And when you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, is the truth. The level of change in the climate cannot be naturally occurring without factoring in the change that man has caused to the environment.

    Hillary 2016?

  111. That is not to suggest that national unity is a bridge to far.

    All we need to do is whistle up Rodney King, who can rob a few stores, start a few riots, and after he is captured ask the question which has flummoxed both police chiefs, corrections officer, and do gooders alike.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    Of course the big media beloved messiah and the big media who loves him have one unfailing answer:

    More of the hair of the dog that bit us.

  112. Wow, that guy Jim Jordan was yelling at her and even screaming “Secretary”.. no Madam Secretary or Secretary Clinton.. Bad, bad..Hillary is fair game for everybody.

  113. Jim Jordan was rude, snarky, and a bully. He did the committee no favors. Some moments, in fact, were not only cringe-worthy, but embarrassing.

  114. wbboei
    October 22, 2015 at 10:20 pm
    That is not to suggest that national unity is a bridge to far.

    All we need to do is whistle up Rodney King, who can rob a few stores, start a few riots, and after he is captured ask the question which has flummoxed both police chiefs, corrections officer, and do gooders alike.

    Why can’t we all just get along?


    Rodney King died in 2012.

  115. I remember saying that when this investigation was going to be led by Trey, I hope he gets to the truth and is above using it to try and derail Hillary Clinton as a Presidential candidate.

    Today he proved that the truth about what happened in Benghazi was not his agenda. Why didn’t Trey ask Hillary if she was with Obama during the Benghazi strike, if she was not with him, does she know what he was doing and what did he do to help during that day?

    Like I said, I didn’t hear all of the testimony today, so if someone heard those questions asked, please let me know.

  116. If Ken Starr’s baby boy Trey was really and truly interested in getting to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi, why has he not called in Gen. Petraus of the CIA, Leon Panetta, Sec. of Defense, Barack Obama, president, military brass but instead totally focused on Hillary? It is horrible that four honorable Americans were killed…awful. But there were thousands killed and maimed for ? in President Bush’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Was Sec of State Colin Powell or Condi Rice called in to testify for hours before a Congressional Committee? Have they been blamed for the actions of their president? Have we ever gotten to the bottom of why and what really happened in 2003 when we were taken into a war that is still not done?

    And Shadow is exactly right. Why do we never hear questions about the person at the top, Pres. Obama. Where was he, what was he doing, what orders did he give in the situation room during the crisis? Don’t all secretaries serve at the pleasure of the president and carry out HIS policies?

  117. They held her Hostage for 11 hours and Grilled her for 8 and a half hours, all that time being rude and disrespectful!!! Their plan just didn’t work. Hillary maintained a strong, cool, competent, respectful, caring attitude. She didn’t falter, lose her cool, commit a gaffe or give them the ‘sound bite’ they were pushing for! Try as they might, they just couldn’t wear her down. She even showed them her sense of humor! Hillary for President in 2016!!!
    I’m putting my Bumper Stickers on the car in the morning…I’m Ready for Hillary now!

  118. Rock

    Climate change is a hoax. It Is A Natural Cycle That We Are in, Man, Despite His Thinking Is God, has nothing to do with it. Now deforestation,that’s a horse of a differentccolor.
    It’s just a clever way for the globalist to try to take from the rich and give to the poor, or so they say.
    I see your still hanging on to the past, Hillary had been clear as to what she, suppprts. Hillary is a globalist..Hillary had ditched the Roosevelt coalition, she had abandoned the white middle class and panders to minorities. Her words, not mine.

  119. Let us be real. Nobody wants to ask where Obama was that night because they know the answer is not pretty. Nobody would want to answer that question either, without fear of persecution for life. If you lie it is perjury, if you tell the truth, you are screwed for life.

    I heard the beginning of the hearings and where the congress critter was trying to pin the Libya debacle on her, she did say that it was the president who takes the final decision on matters like these.

  120. And then there were 3…..

    Chafee’s goneeeeeeeee.

    Hillarys got rid of 3 in a week.

    Dumb, dumber and dumbfuck.

  121. Shadowfax
    October 23, 2015 at 12:56 am
    Southern and jeleanoro



    Amen, and to your comments as well, Shadow.

    Lannie Davis article challenges members of the Hillary Clinton Inquisition committee to ask some relevant questions:


    Davis: Three questions Benghazi Republicans should ask — and why they probably won’t
    By Lanny Davis – 10/21/15 03:00 PM ED

    South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy’s Special Committee on Benghazi has been now thoroughly outed — not by Democrats but by his fellow Republicans.

    First House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) bragged that Gowdy’s committee had succeeded in bringing down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers in her bid for the White House. Then New York House Republican Richard Hanna confirmed the same partisan purpose of Gowdy’s committee: “This may not be politically correct,” he said during a radio interview last week, “ but I think there is a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and get an individual, Hillary Clinton.

    Gowdy, however, continues to deny the undeniable. He insists that he and his fellow Republicans on the committee — Reps. Susan Brooks (Ind.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Mike Pompeo (Kan.), Martha Roby, (Ala.) Peter Roskham (Ill.) and Lynn Westmoreland (Ga.) — are focused only on the facts about the 2012 attack and why and how to avoid such a tragedy in the future, and that they have no anti-Clinton political agenda.
    So let’s see if Gowdy and his fellow Republican colleagues walk the walk, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Let’s see how many questions they ask the former secretary of State in this week’s hearings about what happened, why and how to avoid such future tragedies — and how many of them ask about emails and private servers.

    To test their attempt to rehabilitate themselves for their past conduct that obviously attempted to exploit a tragedy involving the deaths of four Americans for partisan purposes, let’s see if Gowdy or any of the Republicans on the panel ask the following three questions.

    1. Secretary Clinton, can you tell us why you appointed the Accountability Review Board, chaired by Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Adm. Michael Mullen, to investigate the Benghazi tragedy and what was the result of their work?

    Of course, if they ask Clinton this question, they will learn that she gave the board, led by a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under Republican President George H.W. Bush and a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, complete independence and access. She committed ahead of time, unlike any prior secretaries before her, to full transparency. And when she published the full report (except for some classified material), she immediately accepted all the board’s recommendations to correct “systemic failures” of the department prior to and during the tragedy, and took responsibility.

    2. Secretary Clinton, as you know, seven other congressional committees have investigated the Benghazi attack. Is there anything they missed that we should be looking into?

    Of course, if Gowdy and the Republican members ask this question, they will have to try to explain why their committee exists at all (other than the anti-Clinton reason that everyone knows) unless they are willing to criticize other Republican Benghazi committees for not doing an adequate job, such as the Republican-controlled House Armed Services and Intelligence committees, which published extensive reports and findings about Benghazi.

    3. Secretary Clinton, did your choice to use a single BlackBerry to send out emails during your tenure as secretary of State rather than two, or your decision to store emails on a private server at your home, have any impact whatsoever on the tragic events of what happened at Benghazi and its aftermath?

    Of course, the truthful — and indisputable — answer to this question is: No. Gowdy and his fellow Republicans know this.

    Every single member who asks any question about emails — Gowdy, Brooks, Jordan, Pompeo, Roby, Roskham and Westmoreland — should be asked by the media and all constituents back home who care about wasteful government spending: How can you justify spending almost $5 million of taxpayer money when you have uncovered nothing new, duplicated spending by fellow Republicans, and have spent so much time on a subject having nothing to do with the tragedy at Benghazi?

    Let’s see if any of these Republicans ask any of the above three questions or acknowledge that they have wasted taxpayer dollars in trying to hurt Hillary Clinton politically rather than trying to save American lives who serve at dangerous embassy locations in the future.

    Davis served as special counsel to former President Clinton and is principal in the Washington, D.C., law firm of Lanny J. Davis & Associates, and is executive vice president of the strategic communications firm LEVICK. He is the author of the recently published book “Crisis Tales: Five Rules for Coping with Crises in Business, Politics, and Life.”


  122. Drudge needs a boot up the ass……he is now trying say Hillary is ill because she had a cough last night at the hearing.

    He is deranged.

  123. Lorac, I read the article, thanks. Interesting, ALcoa, aluminum plant near Austin had a large swath of reclaimed land, I drive by it a few times a year, it does look pretty good, I was not optimistic originally, and basically didn’t trust them to do what they said they would do, but they did.
    Frack on

  124. I drive Prius lorac, maybe I need to drive a large truck and contribute to the longevity of mankind through increased carbon, thusly increase in plant production.
    I could do that!
    I’m thinking Ford needs to put this guy in commercials, can you imagine the blowback from the so called environmentalists?

  125. Went to Sharyl Attkisson’s web site. Found good ads for her book Stonewalled and her show Full Measure.

  126. Jeb is finished……sacks loads of staff…only 1/4 left in Florida and everyone to have 50% salaries cut. ….. He’s probably done for.

  127. Thing about Trump is he has not been thoroughly scrutinized yet….his business dealings will get an airing soon enough.

  128. Apparently hillarys donations went through the roof last night… Best night since her campaign started….the repug grilling backfired on them

  129. Trump had been abused since he first opened his mouth…The globalist are terrified of him.
    He actually speaks to the to power.
    They have tried every angle to demonize him.
    Not scrutinized? Really?
    Not surprised Hillary got more money…so done with that. She marches to the globalist beat, let them finance her campaign.

  130. moononpluto
    October 23, 2015 at 2:34 pm
    Thing about Trump is he has not been thoroughly scrutinized yet….his business dealings will get an airing soon enough.
    And it won’t matter.

  131. VotingHillary
    October 22, 2015 at 11:19 pm
    Which is why I said ‘whistle up”.

    He was a community organizer, and an inspiration to the big media beloved messiah.

    Both are/were users.

    The only difference was Rodney was not high as a kite on the night of the Benghazi attack.

    But he was winging through the flames like a little angel telling al Qaeda violence solves nothing.

  132. Was it Mike Huckabee who won in Iowa in the 2012 primary? So it would not be surprising if Carson won there in 2016. It is beyond time for the first voting states in the primaries to ROTATE among the states rather than it always being Iowa, NH, SC, and Nevada.

    I’m looking forward to reading Administrators next article, as well, but perhaps the news is not going to be good and what we were hoping for?? We certainly appreciate Administrators wise analysis. This is one of the only sane sites these days. When Hillary had testified for hours and hours and hours and near the end had a coughing spell and the Drudge site headlined with it and questioned her…HEALTH, we know there’s a minefield of crazies out there especially on the Rep side but also from the WH. Trump and the Rep candidates have been scrutinized somewhat…some more that others… but NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING like the Clintons have been for over 20 years.

    Does anyone else find it amusing that the Rep media is still running articles about Bill Clinton’s libido and how he must be out chasing skirts day and night as if he were 45 years old? Do they not realize that he is approaching 70 years old and has had heart surgeries? I’m sure he loves the “compliment”, however,
    is any thinking person supposed to ignore possible reality?

  133. When the Benghazi Committee concludes its investigation, mindful of the fact that the White Wash report by Admiral Mullen began with a mawkish poem which was a fine precursor to what then followed, I hope the Republican Report begins with the following.

    Mortar to the left of them.

    Mortar to the right of them.

    Volleyed and thundered.

    Forward, the Light Brigade!’

    Was there a man dismay’d ?

    Not tho’ the soldier knew.


    Theirs not to make reply,

    Theirs not to reason why,

    Theirs but to do & die,


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