#DemDebate Disaster: @RealDonaldTrump And #Hillary2016 Big Winners – #DraftBiden Big Loser – Get Out Now! @MartinOMalley #BernieSanders @LincolnChafee @JimWebbUSA

Hillary destroyed tonight at the #DemDebate. Joe Biden better rethink getting in. After tonight we think Biden should declare he is out.

O’Malley was horrible tonight (and that’s not his wife talking 🙂 ) O’Malley should get out of the race tonight and return to Baltimore for a severe beating at the hands of the harshest thugs the city has to offer.

Chaffee was worse than we thought he could ever be and we thought he was going to be very bad. But he didn’t even try tonight. He needs to get out tonight and apologize to his mother and father for being born.

Jim Webb should get out tonight and retire from politics and public life. Webb, like the other male candidates, at his best was incoherent and at his worst was on camera.

Bernie Sanders? Whatever chance Saint Bernard ever had for a respectable close to his campaign is now as rumpled as his clothes. It was obvious Sanders did not expect Hillary to beat on him so effectively. Bernie resorted to his slogans every time his brain failed which was often. Bernie Sanders at his best looked like the guy in the park who goes through the trash looking for empty cans and sniffs discarded food before he takes a bite.

Hillary? We were surprised. She did a lot of what we did not think she would do. She knew when to hit, when to shut up, when to smile, when to giggle. She went after Saint Bernard on guns and socialism and, well… she dispatched the goofs on stage next to her like Benny Hill when he tap-tap-ttttapped the old guy on the head.

If there was a saving grace for any of the male candidates on that debate stage it is the likelihood that few Americans watched this debacle.

The Big Winner tonight, contra DrudgeReport, was Hillary2016. The bigger winner was Donald Trump.

Tonight, watching from the Twitterverse, Donald Trump had to be confident. An unlikely Bernie Sanders win would be lunch dripped in a fine French sauce at Maxim’s for Trump.

Hillary? Hillary Clinton won the DemDebate hands down and with amazing ease. Her victories on every issue and every “scandal” was complete. But in order to win Hillary made herself vulnerable in the general election. Sweet words about Obama and wanting to go further left is not the direction the unhappy country wants.

Donald Trump high above Fifth Avenue in Trump Tower, like a vulture spotting carrion, or rather an eagle spotting tasty trout, must have smiled a hungry smile.


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  1. O’Malley forgot the part about being careful about what he wished for. He got it alright in this Dem Debate, in spades.

  2. “Sweet words about Obama and wanting to go further left is not the direction the unhappy country wants.”

    In other words, this may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory for Hillary where she may have won the battle tonight but lost the war.

  3. Admin, your summation of the candidates tonight was priceless.

    I almost choked, laughing so hard at this:

    Bernie Sanders? Whatever chance Saint Bernard ever had for a respectable close to his campaign is now as rumpled as his clothes. It was obvious Sanders did not expect Hillary to beat on him so effectively. Bernie resorted to his slogans every time his brain failed which was often. Bernie Sanders at his best looked like the guy in the park who goes through the trash looking for empty cans and sniffs discarded food before he takes a bite.

    Any worthwhile tweets from Trump?

    He is on my shitlist right now, so I don’t have much hope he will suck me back in to thinking he is President worthy…

  4. admin
    October 14, 2015 at 12:57 am
    Hillary tonight was better than Joe Louis

    Good to hear these words admin.

  5. Tonight Hillary was not really Secretariat. She was the only filly running against:

    Theme song for O’Malley, Sanders, Chaffee, Webb.

    Biden still gets The Villages.

  6. Shadowfax
    October 14, 2015 at 12:59 am
    Very. Good coaching too, Bill!

  7. Had to check and see what was being said over at the Kook site tonight:

    The winner of the Democratic debate tonight was the American public, because actual factual issues of consequence were discussed by people with legitimate points of view on these subjects. Not just more of “why did Jesus pick you to be President” or “how much more do you love your guns than the next candidate.”

    My attendance at a debate watching event was mainly interesting for the lack of backbiting, infighting and name-calling that used to happen more on our side than theirs. Everyone was happy to see real issues being discussed, and I heard more than one claim “I don’t have a horse in this race, but will support the winner.”

    Once we realized Sharia Law was out of the running, it was refreshing to hear others legitimately wondering what was the “greatest national security threat”.

    We Democrats need to keep beating this drum. This is where the real issues are being debated. The circus act is on the other channel.

  8. I was happy to see her so confident and assertive when needed. I still think Biden gets in because the Obama’s could not stand the thought of Hillary and Bill ever returning to the White House. Sanders is a freak, but he worries me a bit…

  9. Tony Stark, to Obama treachery is like breathing. But tonight does complicate things for him. Bernie and the rest of the boys were a complete fail.

    As to Jeb, the other white meat, later today or tomorrow at the latest we will see his fundraising report for the 3rd quarter. He better have raised a lot of money, much more than Cruz and Carson, or Jeb will be Thanksgiving turkey.

  10. If the big winner tonight was Hillary 2016 for the primary (as opposed to the general election, because she went in the left which is the opposite direction that the country is going), then for sure the big loser tonight was not just Sander, O’Malley Webb, Chaffee etc. but Obama himself. A solid debate performance, even if it purported to praise Obama exactly as I predicted will remove some of the clouds surrounding her candidacy, show donors that there is really no place to go, and make it harder for Obama to knock off Hillary and implement his own successorship strategy featuring Biden and the sleeper Deval Patrick. This suggests that party leadership will pass back to the Clintons, which will marginalize the Obamas for future control of the party. For those reasons, I say Obama is the big loser tonight.

  11. AmericanGal – although I’m not the boss, I’m sure I speak for all of us that minority opinions are welcome. And we did all get together because of Hillary.

    Re: Trump. IMO, he’s not a sexist. He’s an equal opportunity verbal offender. And I think actions speak louder than words – he employs huge numbers of women and at higher levels, too. And look at what he has encouraged his daughter to accomplish.

    I don’t know him better than anyone else here, and perhaps I’m just projecting, but I don’t think he is liberal OR conservative (projecting because I have become someone who isn’t into parties, just into solutions). I think he says what he means. The vast majority of the country is tired of politicians and their doublespeak and games. He may be brash, but you know where he stands. Is he polished? No, but I don’t believe he has only one speed. He couldn’t have accomplished what he has if he was all mouth all the time. He’s similar to Hillary in that he studies issues and prepares. But his remarks aren’t practiced and teleprompted, so he’s kind of like Bill in that way. But I’ve been impressed with how deeply he has thought about the issues, and about *solutions* to those issues.

    I’m aware that politicians on both sides move left or right (deending on their party) in the primary, and more centrist in the general. But Hillary hasn’t just leaned left, she’s practically living on Sanders front door step. It’s going to be very suspicious – to centrists and to the far left she has camped out with – for her to do 180. And I agree with whomever said (S?) that she won’t stand up to extremists like black lives. She’ll always be beholden not just to her donors, but to the special interests.

    Just where I’m at….

  12. Donald on Twitter: “Can anyone imagine Chafee as president? No way.”

    LOL! Actually, Chaffee reminds me of Jar Jar Binks. Though toward the end I felt a bit sorry for him. He was not only out of place but out of his league. Why was he even there?

    O’Malley’s closing statement read like an audition to be a debate moderator.

    Yes, Bernie responses were awash in slogans–and the left just ate it up. Interesting moment when he tried to backtrack on the “revolution” talk.

    Jim Webb got lost in the shuffle and struggled with some of his responses. Also, he lost valuable time complaining about not having enough time to answer questions.

    Agreed, Admin, Biden has no reason to run now, and Hillary is vulnerable for the general election.

  13. Shadow, I don’t know if your comment is your words, or things you took off of that website you mentioned…

    The winner of the Democratic debate tonight was the American public, because actual factual issues of consequence were discussed by people with legitimate points of view on these subjects.

    That’s exactly what one of the debaters said at the end.

    Not just more of “why did Jesus pick you to be President” or “how much more do you love your guns than the next candidate.”

    I watched the republican debates and missed that 🙂

    My attendance at a debate watching event was mainly interesting for the lack of backbiting, infighting and name-calling

    The moderators at both debates specifically (and self-reportedly) made the republican debates be that way. I can’t remember you saying one way or the other, but maybe you actually didn’t watch the republican debates? (just fyi, that’s not snark – or again, maybe these are comments from the website you went to)

    it was refreshing to hear others legitimately wondering what was the “greatest national security threat”.

    I thought it was interesting that one of the things Hillary mentioned was Iran, even though she backs Obama’s “deal”. And republicans. I guess I’m just really past all this partisan, ideologue crap anymore. But then again, I think they’re all part of a uniparty.

  14. Wanna see somebody who is even more delusional than Obama?

    With 93 million people of working age not working, a $20 trillion debt, a collapse of foreign policy, this nevish Buffett says America has never been greater?

    This is cheap pap designed to counter the Trump message.

    Buffett is a modern day JP Morgan, with all the delusions that go along with it.

    A ruthless capitalist, with no sympathy for the common man.

    He crushes them while affecting this false avuncular persona.

  15. 93 million healthy work-age people unemployed out of 216 million healthy work-age total people in the country. They tell us that’s 5 (or whatever) percent unemployment. I think that’s new math or something.

  16. Had a client who was an inventor and had a special devise to ensure salmon escapement through the damns in the western United States. We wanted to test the device on a couple dams in Oregon to prove to Native American tribes it works. We were warned by scientists and others to avoid doing this on those dams because those public dams which supplied electricity were secretly owned by Buffet, and if the proved successful then the would steal the patents, just like JP Morgan stole the patent for ac power invented by Tessela. He told Westinghouse go ahead and sue me, but just know if you do then I have the money and the power to tie you up in court for the next 50 years, or you can let me have the patent now at a fair price. I am not sure Buffet would give my client a fair deal, so we avoided his dams altogether. The chorus of voices from people in the industry against Buffett was surprising at least to me, given the lengths he has gone to to disguise his real agenda. So when he makes patently false statements like America has never been greater, it become just one more lie.

  17. I don’t personally think O’s policies will survive. Most of the dems know he is a failure and the country is sinking. There’s a chance they will survive though, I think, if one of the people on the stage tonight is elected. I take Hillary at her word. I can’t do the 11th generation chess game that O’s cult followers did. I’m not a fan of the republicans, either, though, although some of them would right a lot of the wrongs (while making more wrongs). I do like Trump though. I just don’t think he really belongs to either party. I think he is just a common sense, non-game-playing, American.

  18. If there is such a thing as inconvenient truths, then there must also be such a thing as convenient lies. It is very convenient for a man who owns half the United States from real estate companies to trains to oil fields to dams to god knows what else to tell a group of elitists in the new Rome known as Washington that America has never been greater. And it is probably true for the 1%, but not for the rest of us. But for the rest of us, is nothing more than a convenient lie, by an uber capitalistic limousine liberal poseur who wants to decorate the Georgetown cocktail circuit as the Oracle of Omaha.

  19. lorac
    October 14, 2015 at 1:37 am
    Shadow, I don’t know if your comment is your words

    No, these were not my words, as I said, these were off the Kook website.

  20. Hillary needs to keep up the passion and confidence, win the Primary and beat the pants off of Trump. Then hire him to negotiate and build the damn fence. He loves his life, so he can go back to it.

  21. “Bernie resorted to his slogans every time his brain failed which was often.”

    He obviously just forgot to take his Geritol.

  22. What a surprise! Daily Beast has a pretty good article on the debate, including a nice pic of Hillary fighting like a girl:

    see “Khaleesi Sets the Debate Stage on Fire.”

  23. Hillary won this debate so easily, could these weak men just been there to give her practice for the General election, or were they serious about thinking they had a chance of running against her?

    They didn’t really attack her that much, as the front runner. or was she that good???

    Looking at the Reps debate, they were all weak candidates except for Trump.

    I think we are watching the first woman finally become President.

    Let’s say the General election is between Jeb and Hillary. Hillary wipes the floor with him.

    Or Hillary vs Jeb, and Trump as the third party candidate…because the GOP will not let Trump run the primary, unless Hell freezes over.

    Then, Trump splits the conservative vote and gets some independents, and Hillary wins.

    That’s the way it looks tonight.

  24. trixta’s good catch at the DailyBeast (Thanks, I love Khaleesi)

    Hillary Clinton Goes Full Khaleesi, Sets the CNN Debate Stage on Fire
    With a scorching performance Tuesday night, Clinton proved that her fellow Democrats are going to need a lot more than old legislation to keep her from the Iron Throne.
    Like Daenerys Targaryen, the warrior queen of Game of Thrones, Hillary Clinton moved in on her opponents Tuesday night, reminding them one by one why she will ultimately rule. All this Khaleesi was missing, it seemed, was her three hungry dragons.

    So here’s the question: was Clinton that good in the CNN debate, or were her opponents just that awful?

    She certainly benefited from the comparison. Where Clinton was polished and prepared, the others all came off as comparatively amateurish. As they gave their answers, she stared through them as they avoided her gaze. She threw punches when she thought it was necessary. They, more or less, avoided every opportunity to punch back. She came across as strong. They all looked weak.

    Clinton knew when to look in the camera, and when to look at her opponents. And it looked like she was loving every moment of devouring her rivals.

    Her main rival, Bernie Sanders, sustained mortal wounds within the five minutes…(more)

  25. As far as those dodgy internet polls……we all know Sanders had the kooks burning the midnight oil to hijack them, the campaign basically said so yesterday that they had taken control of all the major hashtags and pushed them to hijack the votes.

    Did anyone do a proper scientific poll?

  26. Moon, so far viewer polling immediately following the debate from CNN, Fox, Drudge, all show Sanders as the winner. But anyone who is intellectually honest has to admit that Hillary won the debate by a long shot. There was no contest, really.

  27. Those polls are all click internet polls, can be gamed very very easily by deleting your cookies and revoting and thats exactly what they did.

  28. Once again, pundits and voters disagree IF the Drudge poll can be taken as any indication. I did not watch the debate because I know from the 26 I watched in 2008 that Hillary is the superior debater. I also know that the post debate wrap up is more important than the debate itself. Finally, I know that the debates are not actually debates, and they are not intended to educate the media, but an illegitimate exercise of raw power by an institution with no credibility. Lastly, they have nothing–less than nothing to do with how a candidate will react in the midst of a real crisis, because no battle plan survives the first engagement. I do find it telling however, and an alarming indicator of the depraved state of the democrat party that they would worry more about a group who by law cannot vote, namely illegals who are pouring into swing states, than for the middle class who will have to curtail their lifestyle to support these people. To me, it is a solid indicator that the mostly Republican governors in these states must look to their secretaries of state to build firewalls to prevent the other party from using illegals to corrupt the vote and the general election itself. Their intention is obvious given their appeal to illegals in the debate. Since Hillary has turned to the Obama coalition and ignored the Roosevelt coalition, and is run by Obama operatives I worry about this.

  29. I doubt the drudge poll is indictative of what happened in the debate so I take it more as a measure of the internet prowess of the activist left who move the party. The other possibility is that anti Hillary voters are distorting the vote. But 7.6 is a very small percentage. Other polls will tell a different story.

    SANDERS 58.11% (138,946 votes)

    WEBB 23.63% (56,493 votes)

    CLINTON 7.36% (17,604 votes)

    O’MALLEY 6.8% (16,268 votes)

    CHAFEE 4.1% (9,807 votes)

    Total Votes: 239,118

  30. Well when Trump wins, he can hire Hillary to fight climate change, which seemed the “big” threat according to the Dems last night.

    And I thought Hillary had some clever face work done too! I was looking at that jaw line myself, good work and good for her. Wish I could afford it, but I’m paying for all those illegals she and her bodies love so much. Guess I will keep working into my eighties so I can pay for all the free education and other “free” stuff.

  31. The Drudge poll can be taken in a whole different light, that could be outcome determinative in the general election—not as a measure of who won the debate, but as in indicator of enthusiasm or the lack thereof in Hillary’s candidacy. And someone needs to explain to the black population who dominates the party what her open borders policy means to their future benefits and employment prospects. And a man like Carson could be just the man to do it, if Carly does not beat him to the punch. Over and over the caution reads, beware of following in Obamas footsteps. What worked in two prior elections will not work now. It is the proven track record for national failure, for sure not for maybe.

  32. I think the polls got it right, Bernie was full of “free” stuff and down with the “man”..spoke to the liberal causes with fire in his belly, if not plaque in his brain…I heard from a few people that hadn’t heard him before that they loved him…yuck…
    Hillary continues her love fest with Obama
    She was the educated viewer winner, Bernie won the emotional viewer who doesn’t care that there isn’t anything free.
    Most of my patients have no jobs, not looking by the way, and literally say they are there to get disability…helps the case to get admitted under the right diagnosis. Can’t stand it too much longer. They don’t seem to care that it’s my money they are talking about they see no connect as to where this money is coming from..or they don’t care, and I do think it’s the latter.

  33. The Evil Party and the Stupid Party Debate
    by Roger L Simon
    OCTOBER 14, 2015 – 5:08 AM

    Republicans should wake up because, stultifying and predictable as the Democrats were Tuesday night (in case you missed it, Lincoln Chafee is a Man of Peace — or was it granite?), much as “climate change” is now the official religion of their party (someone should lead a prayer to Gaia at the beginning of their debates), much as they promise endless new pie-in-the-sky social programs without the slightest hint of how they intend to pay for them (other than taxing Donald Trump), the “evil party” didn’t spend much of the evening tearing each other down. Quite the contrary. With the most minor exceptions, they provided a cheering section for each other.

    If Republicans continue their approach in their next debate, bashing each other at will and in extremis, they are likely going to lose in November 2016 and then we all lose. The country loses, maybe even disappears as we know it. Republicans aren’t the “stupid party” for nothing — and that includes the Tea Party and RINOS, both equally dopey, not to mention Kevin McCarthy who may have made the greatest unforced political error of the no-longer-young century. Republicans should focus like the proverbial lasers on the opposition, not each other. Fiorina and Rubio have both showed how to do this on different occasions.

    Now that that’s out of the way, let me make a few comments on the only interesting moment in the entire Democratic debate on Tuesday night — that is, of course, when Bernie Sanders (a fatuous moral narcissist who reminds me of a Jewish Norman Thomas) gave an immense gift to Clinton by pushing the email scandal to the side, saying the American public wasn’t interested in such tiresome peripheral stuff when the middle class was suffering, shaking hands with Hillary on that “brilliant” insight and getting a huge ovation from the partisan audience for his trouble.

    How much a gift was that to Hillary? Besides being a capitulation for Sanders (how else is he going to battle Hillary ultimately other than on her non-existent integrity?), time will tell, maybe sooner than later, because in a very few days — Oct. 22 — she is slated to be testifying in front of the Benghazi Select Committee. (Trey Gowdy is under intense pressure now.) But Hillary clearly had a victory tonight and that victory could encourage Joe Biden to stay out of the race.

    But… in the long and winding road that we are on … that could be a good thing, because — stay with me, please — Biden may ultimately be a more dangerous candidate than Clinton. At least some recent polls showing most Republican candidates beating Hillary but losing to Biden would point in that direction.

    This is especially good news because there are continued problems for Hillary ahead. If she is the candidate, she will always be waiting for the big shoe to drop, the FBI investigation. Meanwhile, under a court order, emails will be released monthly by the State Department until early 2016. They should provide fascinating details as we go along about the life and loves of Sid Blumenthal, Huma Abedin, et al.

    Nevertheless, I am sad to say, Anderson Cooper did not ask the question I tweeted to him: Mrs. Clinton, since you say you did not send or receive classified emails on a personal server, where did you intend to receive such emails as secretary of state? It’s a simple question, really. Maybe Trey Gowdy will ask it.

    So Mr. Moral Narcissist Sanders… he wants to make college education free–maybe we should send him back to study economics… or arithmetic — may have done the Republican Party, and America, a favor by keeping Biden out of the race. Poetic justice.

  34. One of the deeper thinkers on the blog offers a logical analysis of who the Republican nominee will be. In essence, he says the party is riven by establishment and insurgent division, which is not only true, but obvious. The insurgent candidates as a group have more support within the party than the establishment candidates, which is also true. Ergo, if the party must nominate Cruz who apart from his brilliance, and fealty to the nation, represents an establishment insurgent. Yes, that is logical alright. But since when has the Stupid Party done anything logical, post Ronald Reagan? And that is the one question David Goldman, aka Spengler does not address. The other question he fails to address is how will a Cruz candidacy set with the RINO controlled Congress who he has outed for their betrayal. Color me impressed with the logic of his argument, but impressed with the likelihood that this will happen. I would like to be wrong, more often than I am wrong about such matters. If life teaches you to be skeptical, then politics teaches you to be cynical, and that not by halves.

  35. lorac, no worries. I understand where you all are coming from. And, I am not as invested in Hillary as I was in 2008 or this election. So whatever happens happens. But my point is that we need to stop Obama from having any kind of influence on country politics after he leaves office. You guys seem to think that will happen with Trump winning. So we will see.

  36. I do not think Sander will turn out to be a serious candidate. From what I read, his performance last night, in particular his concession to Hillary on the email scandal, gave her a pass on the character issue which was his one effective line of attack. The question then becomes will he at the conclusion of this process endorse her knowing that she is the candidate of wall street, because boys and girls that is exactly what she is, I can promise you that much, when his candidacy is defined entirely by his opposition to wall street. This will not be an easy question for him, and he will go through the Hamlet to be or not to be over it in private, but at the end of the day he will endorse her, while contending that he extracted this or that concession from her, which in the final analysis will mean nothing. He is what Roger Simon calls him, a moral narcissist, a Jewish Norman Thomas (my god did he get that one right), and he claims to be an independent but always caucuses with the dimocrats. Need I say more? No. You have said more than enough. Well, one more question: will the white leftists who define themselves as anti Hillary follow his recommendation to support Hillary rather than the Republican? That is a much closer question. But she may not need them if her operatives can secrete enough illegals into swing states to corrupt the election, because make no mistake, that is the plan. I guarantee it.

  37. wbboei I know you’ve expressed skepticism at the Drudge poll – but I’m wondering how it could *ever* be considered valid, considering its readers are of the opposite party.

    And besides what has already been brought up (Sanders’ people swarming the net), I can totally see republicans upvoting Sanders, wanting him to be the candidate, as he could so easily be beat. One debate with the republican candidate, whoever it is, pounding on the utopia Sanders envisions, our huge debt, and how Sanders is full of unfunded promises, and he’d be squashed. Plus, it’s kind of a birthright for republicans to hate Hillary, so I can’t see them ever upvoting her, even if they thought she was the best debater….

  38. I think the polls got it right, Bernie was full of “free” stuff and down with the “man”..spoke to the liberal causes with fire in his belly, if not plaque in his brain…I heard from a few people that hadn’t heard him before that they loved him…yuck…
    Yes, it is a great vaudville act—-the first time you see it. But by the twentieth installment it becomes too farcical to sit through. It is question of when, not whether, big media moves in for the kill to benefit their big business controllers. Kill him too soon you kill the drama and spoil the plot. Kill him too late and you spoil the coronation. Like Talleyrand said–treason is a matter of dates.

  39. Bernie’s theme song to the over educated ignoranti, sung–shouted actually in a raspy voice. And, of course, the leftist loons love it. So what’s not to love. Or, like the old Budweiser commercial: who says you can’t have it all? The answer? Reality. But when happy days are here reality is an unwelcome intruder, a killjoy, a wet blanket, a heretic, a moses come down from the mountain. After all, to paraphrase that sage of our times, Rodney King, why can’t we all just be happy, and let other people pay off our student loans, while we are still living at home with our parents? Thank you Bernie.

    So long sad times
    Go long bad times
    We are rid of you at last
    Howdy gay times
    Cloudy gray times
    You are now a thing of the past
    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So let’s sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again
    Altogether shout it now
    There’s no one
    Who can doubt it now
    So let’s tell the world about it now
    Happy days are here again
    Your cares and troubles are gone
    There’ll be no more from now on
    From now on…
    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So, let’s sing a song of cheer again
    Happy times
    Happy nights
    Happy days
    Are here again!

  40. This past weekend, I was at a park I frequent on nice days, and ran into a lady who was sitting outside an Indian center which was in a state of disrepair. I made a comment about that and she responded it is not in disrepair because they do not look at these things the way white people do, and she assured me that she knew because she had been married to an indian, and had raised her children in that fine and noble tradition. Then she said something that interested me. She said the Indian culture in these parts is in very good shape–which I did not question because I was struck by what she said next. She continued it is the state of white culture, and its youth that concerns me much more. And why is that I asked. She responded because they have a drug and alcohol problem. And why is that I inquired. Because they work all week for low wages, and have no future–the cards are so stacked against them. I think that is true, I tried to make light of it, by calling one of our old Scandinavian neighborhoods a small drinking village with a condominium problem, but she hit the nail on the head. It is a bleak future for our young people, and the democrat party should worry more about that than currying favor with those who invade our country illegally. If we did, then charlatans like Bernie would get no traction.

  41. The DU crowd has proclaimed Bernie the winner. After the debate more than 100 new Bernie support groups were formed on college campuses after the kiddies heard the debates. And as we saw in 2008, college kids have such excellent judgment.
    I don’t think Bernie is cool enough or black enough to draw the fainting, gushing crowds the Fraud did.

    Just a few things they love about Bernie boy:

    ‘Authenticiy Sincerity, Integrity, Honesty, Consistency, no flip flopping around on major issues, Good Judgement and Foresight as evidence by his long voting history!

    All these qualities are what people like MOST about Bernie Sanders. PLUS his campaign isn’t paying to try to SMEAR other candidates.

    It doesn’t have to. All he needs to do is to TELL THE TRUTH!

  42. Reservations have long been known to have significant drug and alcohol problems. Around here, most of the tribes have casinos. When the kids turn 18, they start getting a HUGE payment each month, just for being Indian. It’s money from the casinos. As a result, even fewer have work or school as a priority, and it just enables the substance abuse issues. They get paid to sit around all day and do nothing.

    With the money from the casinos, they could have invested in building businesses, like factories, on the reservations, and given everyone who refused to join the outside world something to do and feel good about. I think the Indian councils must have Sanders’ disease – thinking that making things free and easy promotes any good qualities or self-respect in people.

  43. “It is a bleak future for our young people, and the democrat party should worry more about that …”

    What are you talking about? The Democratic Party is the party of poor people. The more poor people in America, the more votes they get. Why would they ever want to lift people out of poverty? If those people had good jobs, cars, homes, etc — they might become Republicans.

  44. jbstonesfan
    October 14, 2015 at 1:21 am

    I was happy to see her so confident and assertive when needed.

    Nice to see you in an upbeat mood!

  45. Shadowfax
    October 14, 2015 at 2:37 am

    Hillary fought like a girl tonight, I am very proud of her.

    Like Ronda Rousey?? Hell yeah.

  46. lorac

    October 14, 2015 at 1:27 am

    AmericanGal – although I’m not the boss, I’m sure I speak for all of us that minority opinions are welcome. And we did all get together because of Hillary.


    Lorac…and AmericanGal…and all of us here…

    I completely agree…I think many of us are trying to make sense of what is happening and where and how we are going to go as we go forward…and so many of us have not only been “invested” but have loved, fought for, defended and admired Hillary…and Bill Clinton for what is now over…wait for this…about 25 years if my math is correct …

    so none of this comes easy for most of us…
    I welcome all opinions and learn…and reflect upon many of them to keep an open mind…

    the main problem I have right now is I do not believe the Dems in general are dealing in “reality”…they are way too controlling, they want to censor everyone’s thoughts…are way too left…spend too much money, do not want to cut any special interest and want to continue to come up with more and more reasons to give money to illegal activity while our country goes further and further in debt…leaving the american taxpayer on the hook…and god forbid we have another financial collapse…then what? they do not deal in reality, imho…

    right now I am having issues with Hillary and many of her policy positions…and her sudden “changes”…it makes me suspicious of just how much she is pandering…and just how much…or how really important…the middle class is to her…or the Dem party in general…they use the words…but their actions do not support the American taxpayer…the party has greatly changed…eyes wide open…

    essentially I think most of what they are talking about is very superficial…very “safe” surface issues but they ignore the causes and other realities that Americans care about…

    I think Lorac encaptured Trump’s persona very well…and I agree

    he is rough around the edges…how often do you even hear any other candidate use the word “hell” not too mention some of his other vocabulary…

    but I do think he is a doer, I think he genuinely cares about our country and the people and I think he will be very FAIR…

    I think he is unimpeded by either party and will call it like it is and I think if he got elected he could really fast forward many of the structural and important issues we have to effect successful CHANGE…he would put an emphasis on different things rather than the same dem or repub talking points…call it a breakthrough perhaps… or a turning point…in a better direction…he does know how to succeed at “the art of the deal”

    sort of like a mediator…if you will…Hillary or Jeb/Rubio will not be able to do that…

    i will keep an open mind…we still have a long way to go…and things will change in the national debate…

    but I have alot of doubts about where the Dems want to go…and currently where Hillary says she wants to take them…and the rest of us…like it or not…

    we’ll see…both eyes wide open

  47. The brilliant Frank Luntz was super-brilliant last night. What a genius! Luntz declared Trump dead after the second debate. Now Luntz declares Bernie the winner:

  48. I like Drudge as a site. However, the poll is not accurate as you have primarily conservatives visiting that site and they certainly would prefer Sanders(unelectable) or Webb(unelectable) as the GOP opponent rather than Hillary. That is the same reason they want Biden to run, cuz in a general he would most likely lose because he is prone to saying stupid things…

  49. Here is deeper analysis of the democrat debate last night, which is more in line with the drudge poll, but explains it in terms of more than just a republican site knocking Hillary. The media and elites of the party are celebrating victory, not realizing who really won the debate. This entails a deeper understanding of what the debate is really about rather than selling tickets to a game of fisticuffs. The debate is about staking out positions, the positions Sanders staked out were 100% congruent with where the base of the party is, if not the elites, and the mistake so many of us make in analyzing the event is the one I harp about endlessly and then fail to consider when the chips are down: Hillary had the superior style. Sanders had the superior substance–in terms of where the electorate’s head is at. And that is the determining factor in the primary. He predicts that this will manifest itself in the polls over the next ten days where despite her superior performance, Sanders numbers will continue to rise. Fearing a McGovern result in the general election, the party elites will put pressure on Biden to jump in and despite what we are hearing now, Morris believes he will. Fascinating.


  50. Admin

    Highlights from last night’s “debate”

    Cute and as tough as last night.

    Is there one of these with old male dogs that keep peeing all over the walls and can’t focus on the game?

  51. I think that is a real possibility Wbboei unless we see a significant distancing in the polls between Hillary and sanders which is unlikely as you correctly point out. The Obama democratic base is the far left and it is in control of the party. Obviously anyone with an objective view of the debate saw clearly why Hillary is more qualified, but the same can be said in 2008. This is a real problem for her. Can Hillary get out of the primaries when Sanders socialism is resonating with the base, but clearly he could not win a GA. Biden then jumps in and gets the Obama base as better to have Obama’s water boy than what they perceive as a more centrist Hillary.

  52. Let’s hope Dick “Toe Suck Fairy ” Morris is very wrong as he has been in the past and in the 2012 Presidential Election. But as they say, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile so unfortunately Morris may be right on the money for once. But it would seem we would need to factor in his Clinton Derangement Syndrome. The thing that would give credence to Dick’s analysis is how slimy and crooked Obama is and his, Michelle, and Valjar’s extreme hatred and jealousy of the Clintons and desperate need to bring them down. I’d imagine that personally they think Joe Biden is an idiot, embarrassment and a drunken, old, female handsey dude. But anything to advance their agenda and have an Obama III term.

    As for Morris, he does have an ax to grind after he was supposedly banished from the Clinton WH with the exposure of his prostitute toe sucking “needs”. After Larry Craig’s “wide stance”, David Vitters and his propensity for wearing diapers when visiting prostitutes, Anthony Weiner and his seemingly favorite photography “subject”, and toe sucking Morris, God knows what all else goes on in Washington D.C., yet the establishment Reps and also BO and his far left loons focus on taking the Clinton’s down.

    If Hillary did not have the BO lefties, the Reps, and the media going after her 24/7 and she had a moment where she was not being attacked or set up, we can see how things would be as in the debate last night when the moderators were not trying to take her down nor her fellow candidates in vile ways…Hillary would shine.

    Hillary is more of a centrist but has been drug down by Obama and what he has turned to Democratic party into. SHAME ON HIM!!!

  53. Wbboei, the Dick Morris analysis is tainted by his deep hatred of Hillary.

    We understand what Morris is saying about style versus substance. The problem with the analysis is that Morris won’t admit that Hillary had the style and substance necessary.

    We agree that the Kooks have taken over the asylum but that is overall irrelevant to what happened last night. Hillary stopped the bleeding last night which is what she had to do. Morris talking about polls and what the voters want is laughable. Morris still thinks that the voters matter when it comes to nomination fights in the Obama party? Really? Sorry, but “where the electorate’s head is at” does not matter in the Obama Party. That is the lesson of 2008 that Hillary has not learned.

    Sanders’ numbers can rise or fall – it doesn’t matter. Biden can be in or out – it won’t matter. This is a fight among the elites and the voters don’t matter.

    Within the party elites the fear before the debate was that Hillary was bleeding and the bleeding could not be stopped. No one in the party elites, including Hillary2016, thought Hillary could stop the bleeding. Now everyone sees the slimmest possibility that she can stop the bleeding and the possibility is more than enough to counterbalance the pessimists. Now the party elites are once again divided between the pro and anti Hillary camps. Before last night there was no real pro Hillary camp because all believed it was over for her except the funeral.

    Before the debate Hillary was on defense. Now it is the Hillary hating Obamaroids that are on defense. Sanders/Biden/Warren/O’Malley and the rest were pawns to take out Hillary and bring on the candidate of choice to the delegates at the convention after neither Hillary or Biden or Sanders could muster the delegate tally necessary. Now a new strategy is necessary to bring down Hillary and replace her with the preferred candidate. Our bet will be Obama will authorize a campaign of more leaks against Hillary from the FBI and investigators.

    For Hillary, last night brought her the precious commodity of time. Now it is Biden facing time pressures to announce or get out. Last night also got Hillary a way to get out of trouble when she testifies at the Benghazi committee. Hillary brought time last night.

    Last night also brought Hillary a bunch of trouble in the future. Her takedown of Sanders on guns helped her last night but in the general election last night will hurt.

    Finally Hillary performed well last night but what enhanced her performance was the contrast between her and the goofballs on stage next to her. The only goofball missing was not Joe Biden but Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush would have fit in perfectly next to Chaffee and O’Malley. If Hillary2016 can only get Jeb Bush the Republican nomination then Hillary would win.

    But the problem for Hillary is that someone like Trump against her in a debate would not give her the weak opposition like the men she so outclassed last night. Trump realizes what we realize: the way to destroy Hillary is to tie her to Obama. Last night Hillary tied herself to Barack Obama and that is where she won the debate and lost the general.

  54. True, Morris hates Hillary and was dead wrong the last election …I think we just liked all the negative stuff he said about Obama.

  55. Admin

    Trump has a bigger fish to fry and that’s winning the GOP Primary. If the old guard pulls a 2008 on Trump he has to decide if we wants to run as an independent against Hillary or go home.

    I no longer count on the Rethugs to support their best or only candidate, so Trump has a slimmer chance of getting enough Repub and Independent votes to win against Hillary.

    If Trump wins the Primary, he also has the problem of not appearing too much of a centrist, (which I think he is) so he gets the conservative vote.

  56. Latinos hate Zombie Trump, love Jeb Bush?


    Donald Trump ‘Trounces’ Jeb Bush with Florida Hispanic Voters

    It’s also quite surprising that Trump has managed to become more popular than Bush or Rubio among Florida Latino voters in wake of his anti-immigration rhetoric. Trump, who advocates the building of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and deporting all 11 million undocumented residents, actually trounces Bush among Hispanic voters, 37 percent to 29 percent, according to a September Public Policy Polling survey.

    In addition, Trump even topped Rubio by one percentage point among Latino voters, making him the GOP candidate with the highest Latino favorability numbers in the heavily Hispanic state.

  57. CNN

    Earlier this morning, Trump praised Hillary Clinton’s debate performance, phoning in to both ABC News and MSNBC’s Morning Joe to say Clinton “did what she had to do” and that her closest competitor Bernie Sanders made a big mistake for the “sake of a soundbite” when he said of Clinton’s email bruhaha that America is “sick and tired of hearing about her damned emails” for which Clinton thanked him on stage and shook his hand.

    Very early morning stats had indicated last night’s debate between front-runner Hillary Clinton, Google hero/Dem socialist Bernie Sanders and the Three Other Guys likely logged numbers on par with that most-watched Dem debate in the 2008 presidential election cycle. These very early stats go a long way to explain why CNN had begged and pleaded to get VPOTUS Joe Biden onstage for the 2 1/2 hour exchange.

  58. Jorge Ramos to Wasserman Schultz: Why Do Democratic Candidates ‘Lack Diversity’?

    One woman and the rest all men…I guess that isn’t diverse enough for

  59. Shadowfax, even at this late date, with Trump on top of every national and state poll, consistently for months, it is still very very possible that the GOP establishment will manage to stop him. But time is getting short. Iowa votes on February 1.

    Jeb Bush has made a massive ad buy to boost himself. If those millions don’t pay off with impressive poll leaps we expect a major announcement right after Thanksgiving Day.

    Trump could lose if Carson remains the pawn of choice and hurts Trump in Iowa. But Trump’s margins of victories in all states and national polls preclude Carson beating Trump. Fiorina has faded as fast as we expected. The GOP establishment is now pimping Rubio but we don’t see what states Rubio can win.

    Trump can lose the primary but his long stay at the top of all national and state polls in the limited time available to knock him out are steep odds for any gambler to bet against.

    As to the general election, Trump won’t run against Hillary. Trump will run against Obama. Hillary will then have to run to Obama or run from Obama. Both roads will be a bad turn for her. Hillary will try the “I am a woman not Obama” ploy that worked for her last night but the Obamaroids will want her to stand by their god and the rest of the country will want her to explicitly repudiate that she will be Obama’s third term.

  60. …just came in and turned on CNN to catch the very end of the segment…

    and FINALLY…there was Lisa Caputo speaking on behalf of Hillary…I missed everything she said but my intuition tells me it was pragmatic and made sense…

    oh…welcome back Lisa…hope to see much more of you on TV…

    now where’s Mandy Grunwald…for more no nonsense analysis…

  61. I would not be too quick to write off the Morris analysis as shallow partisan tripe.

    Let me paraphrase if I may something written in a different context which applies here as well:

    The human mystery of political support can be understood by referring to starlings. Starlings are small birds famous for gathering over European skies and flying in intricate patterns all over the sky in what are called murmurations.

    Humans behave in some respects just like starlings.

    These murmurations generate a seemingly random swarm of evasive actions that help the starlings frustrate predators like the peregrine falcon. You can think of murmurations as nature’s version of the 8th Air Forces Combat Box.

    Like the 8th Air Force the starlings can hold their own against raptors by using these massive formations. Interestingly the birds can maintain information with very little global information. By welding on the wing of their six or seven closest neighbors they form a cell, each of which locks on to the adjacent.

    A team specializing in collective behaviour filmed murmurations of up to 2,700 starlings above the National Museum, from multiple angles, and built 3D reconstructions.

    Analyzing those 3D movies produced several new discoveries. For example, the birds tended to be closer to their neighbours on either side, RATHER THAN IN FRONT or behind which makes sense for avoiding mid-air, rear-end collisions.

    Individual starlings rotated through different positions in the flock, and the groups were packed more tightly in the middle.

    Most interestingly, every bird copied its direction only from its closest six or seven neighbours, no matter how closely packed they were.

    The irrational attachment to Bernie Sanders is proof that liberal starlings can fly in formation. They were position on a lead observing the rules of social proof. “Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

    This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.”

    They didn’t have to know what everyone was doing. All that the liberal birds had to know was what the 6 or 7 closest to them were up to and form up on them. The ability to fly formation is a an effective method for achieving mutual defense.

    One of the key roles of president Obama is to act as the lead by communicating his position via social media. He does this well. What he does not necessarily possess is any geographical notion of where his flock is going (you can fly formation on a drone). His key skill is to squawk a position and vector and the flock will follow.

    Starlings have to know more than to stick together. They need real outside information to guide the flight to prevent it from flying into the ground. The bird researchers think the starlings control the overall topology of murmurations by observing density gradients in the maneuvering flock. The patterns of light and shadow generated by the flock itself generate real world feedback data and keep the murmuration from doing crazy things.

    They found that if the birds were simply programmed to fly towards the darkest areas, they collapsed onto a single point. If that was reversed, the flock dispersed and vanished.

    But if the birds sought out the boundaries between black and white – heading for the edges – then over time, they stuck together as a flock: not too close together, and not too far apart.

    “It turned out to be this very special density where you can just about see through the flock,” Prof Turner explained. The birds can still see out to the sky, but they have safety in numbers.

    “It’s exactly the density, we think, that balances protection with information.”

    But the liberal flock are more clever than the starlings. They possess a social media that can suppress and distort information. They can mimic light gradients to spoof feedback. With these tools the left has more control than actual starling.

    The trouble is, it comes at the price of destroying information. Without information he can have no real strategy.

  62. Admin: very sound analysis

    It is hard to imagine the left wing of the party who have hated Hillary for twenty years falling in line.

    But if the elites control the democratic then they will be marginized.

    There is no Koch Bros alternative to the establishment in the democart party.

    The question is whether those leftists will turn out for Hillary in the general election.

    The most likely answer is no.

    People who are sure Hillary will trounce Trump in a debate are policy wonks.

    This is hand to hand combat and that is very different.

    That is Donald’s strength and his weakness.

  63. As to the general election, Trump won’t run against Hillary. Trump will run against Obama. Hillary will then have to run to Obama or run from Obama. Both roads will be a bad turn for her. Hillary will try the “I am a woman not Obama” ploy that worked for her last night but the Obamaroids will want her to stand by their god and the rest of the country will want her to explicitly repudiate that she will be Obama’s third term.

  64. fyi…Donald had a packed rally in Virginia tonight…the usual and some new stuff added…his book with more policies will be coming on Nov 2 or the 7th…called Crippled America…with his solutions to fix things

    Greta had DT’s older son on…very polished and soft spoken…almost the opposite of DT…spoke very highly of his father

    then Erin Burnett’s show had Ivanka, his daughter on…very sophistcated but approachable…she is five months pregnant with her 3rd child…spoke highly of her father and how disciplined he is/was and the high standards he sets for himself and others…but how he helps others reach their highest standards…

    Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton are best friends…they do not let the “politics” get in the way of their friendship…

  65. Hard to believe they are best friends when the parents say such awful things about each other. I understand “it’s politics”, but when it’s your parent. ..not so much

  66. http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2015/10/14/3712578/richard-hanna-benghazi-clinton/

    A second House Republican has now conceded that the overarching purpose of the House Select Committee on Benghazi has been to attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    In September, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) argued that one of House Republicans’ successes has been using the Benghazi Committee to drive down Clinton’s poll numbers. Though McCarthy tried to walk back his controversial comments, Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) argued on Wednesday that the Majority Leader had it right to begin with.
    “Sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in D.C. is to tell the truth,” Hanna said in an interview on Keeler in the Morning, a radio show in upstate New York. The third-term congressman paused for a moment, perhaps recognizing the importance of what he was about to say, before going on to agree with McCarthy’s original statement.
    “This may not be politically correct, but I think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, Hillary Clinton,” Hanna said.
    He explained further why he believes the Benghazi Committee’s purpose has been in part to attack Clinton. “After what Kevin McCarthy said, it’s difficult to accept at least a part of it was not,” Hanna said. “I think that’s the way Washington works. But you’d like to expect more from a committee that’s spent millions of dollars and tons of time.”


    As we suspected it was just a big ol’ witch hunt on HRC.

  67. S
    October 14, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    fyi…Donald had a packed rally in Virginia tonight…the usual and some new stuff
    Not bad for a doomed campaign. 😆

  68. ADMIN: FYI

    I sent the following posts by you to friends under the following email title:

    “Deep Insights From A Political Chess Grand Master”

    And I meant every word of that:


    October 14, 2015 at 3:37 pm


    October 14, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    Nothing at all like the tripe we are fed by big media, including FOX.

    It is amazing is it not the hours wasted and the ink spilled chasing the wrong theories?

    The reason of course is obvious:

    The elites have taken the country away from us, and one way or another we want it back.

  69. More manna from heaven.

    Donald claims the media is corrupt liars.

    They claim they are not.

    They claim their role is to help the public decide what is in their interest.

    How helpful of them.

    But when we move from self serving statement like that–to what they really do . . .

    Today someone is photoshopping a made up tweet claiming it is from Donald Trump and it now appears earlier this week an Atlanta radio “news” host made up a Trump interview.

    This other station has not gotten access to Trump and made up a story to damage Trump’s credibility.

    Making it worse, the station, News Radio 106.7, advertises itself as a real news station.

    People close to Mr. Trump tell me they thought the interview was spliced together or an old interview.

    The “news” station claims Mr. Trump refused to talk policy and would not let the host ask him about policy.

    Someone at the station is now whispering it was a fabrication.

    The situation generated NATIONAL NEWS headlines

    damaging to Mr. Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But now:

    1. the host who conducted the interview is off the air and

    2. the station is investigating. (Wowee, as in how are we going to cover this one up)

    Question: what better example could Trump give to show the media is corrupt beyond redemption, devoid of honor, the enemy of the truth, and not worth listening to?

    If you think for one minute that this did not come from the top, and that this is the first time this jamoke did this, I have got a bridge in Brooklyn you may also be interested in.

    I wonder whether Erickson’s motive here is to protect Trump, or to steal his thunder.

  70. So as you see, Brian Williams, hereinafter St. Brian, who slips on a banana peel, lands at MBSBC, where verbal photoshopping of the truth has been carried to a high art form, is symptomatic of the jungle rot that infests the entire institution of big media, now that it is all controlled by major corporations pursuing a globalist model to facilitate their world wide market stategies.

  71. From ObamaLovin’NYTimes

    HENDERSON, Nev. — Democrats expressed growing skepticism on Wednesday that Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. could find a foothold if he entered the presidential campaign as Hillary Rodham Clinton’s commanding performance in the first Democratic debate here abruptly quieted murmurs about her candidacy.

    With no obvious constituency ready to support Mr. Biden, his prospects have been based on the possibility of Mrs. Clinton’s faltering, repeating some of the missteps she has made since declaring her candidacy or falling prey to more damning revelations about her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

    But with Mrs. Clinton showing her mettle in Tuesday’s debate, and Democrats increasingly convinced that questions about her emails are little more than a Republican and news media fixation, she suddenly appeared far better positioned to allay skeptics in her party. She is scheduled to testify next week before the congressional panel investigating the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya.


  72. And the real beauty of this one is big media may not have been the original sinner here, but by picking up the false story and making it a national headline, they have become accessories after the fact.

  73. wbboei
    October 15, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    So as you see, Brian Williams, hereinafter St. Brian, who slips on a banana peel, lands at MBSBC

    So the O’lovin’ jack@ss Williams goes to the home of the intellectually deceased Olbermann and Tingles?

    The kooks network for sure.

  74. Speaking of Oberhoser…

    Execs at network town hall meeting also tell staffers Brian Williams doesn’t want his own show

    MSNBC president Phil Griffin poured cold water on swirling rumors of a possible Keith Olbermann return Thursday, telling staffers at a town hall that he hasn’t spoken with the former network star.

    “They were asked about Keith, and Phil said he hasn’t spoken to him,” a network insider told TheWrap. “Of course (NBC News/MSNBC Chairman Andrew) Lack stayed out of that question.”

    Rumors of Olbermann’s return to the network at which he once starred began shortly after the anchor’s recent exit from ESPN, which didn’t renew his contract.

  75. Red State guy…

    “Hillary was (astonishingly) much more likable and personable than everyone’s favorite crazy socialist uncle. She had few to no cringe-inducing moments. She deftly threw red meat to the base when presented with the opportunity without saying anything that would hurt her in the general.” — Leon H. Wolf, Red State, a conservative blog

  76. Is it possible for Trump to criticize someone without the name calling insults?

    He plays politics with his emotions and this is going to hurt him with many voters that like his ideas.

    Trump: Sanders is a ‘maniac’

    GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump told a crowd late Wednesday that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is a “maniac” with an extremely liberal ideology.

    “[Sanders is] a socialist-slash-communist,” he said in Richmond, Va., according to The Associated Press. “[He is] a maniac.”

    Trump then argued that Sanders’s philosophy is dragging the rest of the Democratic presidential contenders to the left. [I agree with this]

    “She’s got to give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away, so she’s following,” he said of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. [Here Trump is trying to pin every wacky give-away of Uncle Fuzzy to Hillary, but her comments were not just like Bernie’s]

    “We have to be careful,” he added.

    Trump also slammed Sanders and the other Democratic candidates for not challenging Clinton during the Tuesday night debate.

    “There was no attack,” Trump said of the debate’s overall treatment of former first lady.

    Trump additionally released an online ad Wednesday that implies Sanders is too meek for the presidency.

    “The world is a dangerous place,” it says over images of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria terrorists. “We need a tough, strong leader.”

    “And it’s not this guy,” the ad concludes, showing Sanders struggling with Black Lives Matter demonstrators who disrupted his campaign events earlier this summer.

    The Hill

  77. Does anyone else find the blog takes forever to refresh? This has been going on with me for weeks from multiple types of computers and different internet services, even on a T1 line.

  78. S October 14, 2015 at 10:21 pm FYI’d us good stuff.
    There is one more piece to the VA rally although many this morning tried not to mention it. But this link has a great picture of one of the disrupters. Exactly who they represent is unclear. VCU Students/Black Lives Matter / Latinos – all have been mentioned.

    Trump rally gives way to shoving, yelling amid Latino protests

    Richmond (United States) (AFP) – A presidential campaign rally for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump gave way to pushing and shoving as the billionaire’s supporters clashed with a group of Latino student protesters.
    Around a dozen students tried to interrupt Trump, who had just began his speech at a Richmond, Virginia rally, shouting “We’re here to stay,” and “Dump Trump.” snip

    That picture has a view feature which shows clearly the little darling’s underwear and the cop dragging him out as he tries to continue the protest. If I still have it, will post another link which had some comments that might bring a smile to your face.

  79. Hillary is in San Antonio today, the brothers are introducing her to her new Latino brothers and sisters..
    We white folk…not so much.
    And as a woman I hate people promoting themselves because they are a woman.
    Enough, it’s about character and taking this Country back.
    I don’t see Hillary standing up for me despite my Latino name.

  80. To me, the most salient difference between Trump and the political class is he is an American, whereas the denizens of the political class are not Americans at all, but citizens of the world, or as Stalin called them rootless cosmopolitans. They are loyal to no country—America, Israel, Britain or its people. Trumps promise to bring back the jobs from China, and to them that is heresy. They are 100% committed to sending all American jobs to China, if they can make a buck off it. Likewise, they are 100% committed to collapsing our borders so there is a free flow of capital, and labor across the world, such that borders no longer create sources of friction. And, worst of all, they are prepared to assume the risk of a Trojan horse, for that last morsel of caviar. That is the mindset we are dealing with.

  81. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/clinton-now-re-opens-door-supporting-obama-trade-deal_1046015.html

    Clinton Now Re-Opens Door to Supporting Obama Trade Deal

    Hillary Clinton is now re-opening the door to support President Obama’s trade deal. The same deal she helped negotiate but came out against last week.

    “I’m against it now,” Clinton said, reiterating her new position. “But we’ll see whether there is any kind of significant changes.”

    Clinton continued, “I mean look, if the Congress adopted my entire work and wage agenda, I’d be pretty excited about that. But that’ll have to wait until I’m actually there as president.”

    The whole point of the ObamaCare fasttrack vote was that there will be NO changes. Hillary supported a “yes” vote on ObamaTrade fasttrack.

  82. http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/15/politics/joe-biden-family-2016-election-decision/index.html

    (CNN)Vice President Joe Biden has personally made a series of calls this week to Democratic strategists from Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, asking a final round of detailed questions about how — not whether — to launch a 2016 presidential campaign.

    People familiar with the conversations tell CNN that Biden has been making the calls throughout the week, including on Wednesday, just as many leading Democrats argued the window to a potential candidacy was closing in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s strong performance in the party’s first presidential debate. He is asking these people to work for him if he runs.

    The vice president has been making clear that his family is fully supportive of him jumping into the 2016 race, according to people familiar with the calls. They are guided by the belief that he has the best chance of keeping the White House in Democratic hands and he could forever regret taking a pass at another shot at the presidency.

    The new round of calls this week — from the vice president himself, not simply his top advisers — suggest Biden is finally moving toward announcing a decision. He has been down this road before, inching close to a run but pulling back, so his next steps are far from certain.

    Yet, he is still leaving the impression this week that he wants to join the race, people familiar with the calls say, and does not seem dissuaded by the argument that he could complicate the party’s nominating fight or damage his own reputation.

    “His family is totally on board,” one top Democrat who has spoken to Biden this week told CNN, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the private conversation. “He wants to do this.” [snip]

    He would have full access to the vaunted Obama campaign email list, since Biden is effectively a part owner since he was on the ticket in 2008 and 2012.

    A handful of influential labor unions have not yet endorsed a Democratic candidate, including international unions representing the firefighters, steelworkers, SEIU and Teamsters.

    One potential point of entry into the race comes October 24 at Iowa’s Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, when thousands of party activists will descend on Des Moines. If he decides to vigorously campaign for the Iowa caucuses in February, his supporters believe this is a moment that shouldn’t be missed, given the high-profile event is attracting the rest of the party’s top candidates.

    In our estimation the best time for Biden to announce would be after Hillary’s birthday, right after the Republican debate, and before Halloween. This allows for Hillary to be at the top (so that Biden then brings her down), Republicans to attack Hillary and ignore Biden at their debate, and for Biden to stomp on the GOP debate right after. Our pick for best Biden day: Thursday, October 29.

  83. Admin

    ObamaCare fasttrack or the Trade fasttrack???

    Anything Obama touches has to be a bad plan for the working class.

  84. Admin are you rooting for Biden to win the Primary????

    “This allows for Hillary to be at the top (so that Biden then brings her down), Republicans to attack Hillary and ignore Biden at their debate, and for Biden to stomp on the GOP debate right after.”

  85. Of course Joe Biden is going to run. Did you see those other asses up there during the debate? Joe fits right in. And I think Hillary should send all Obola’s campaign personnel to him, right away.

  86. Haha, good idea Lu.

    Joe wouldn’t have to take the train to work if he were pResident.

    That ain’t gonna happy tho’ Joe.

  87. Obola The Assassin:

    On Thursday the Intercept published a groundbreaking new collection of documents related to America’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles to kill foreign targets in countries ranging from Afghanistan to Yemen. The revelations about the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command actions include primary source evidence that as many as 90 percent of US drone killings in one five month period weren’t the intended target, that a former British citizen was killed in a drone strike despite repeated opportunities to capture him instead, and details of the grisly process by which the American government chooses who will die, down to the “baseball cards” of profile information created for individual targets, and the chain of authorization that goes up directly to the president.


  88. Well its getting interesting in the delegates race not……

    Clinton racking them up….Sen Markey just endorsed her and that makes 33 out of 34 senators who have endorsed have gone for her.


    I mean the list is enormous now compared to anybody else in the race….its been quietly not talked about but the Clinton endorsements are so lopsided, it makes interestin reading…. Sanders has 2……yes only 2 endorsements.

    10/14/15 Edward J. Markey SEN. (D-MASS.) 5
    10/13 Yvette D. Clarke REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    10/13 Hakeem Jeffries REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    10/5 Robert C. Scott REP. (D-VA.) 1
    10/5 John Hickenlooper GOV. (D-COLO.) 10
    9/17 Maggie Hassan GOV. (D-N.H.) 10
    9/13 Ann Kuster REP. (D-N.H.) 1
    9/7 David Loebsack REP. (D-IOWA) 1
    9/7 Cheri Bustos REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    9/1 Zoe Lofgren REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    8/31 Tammy Baldwin SEN. (D-WIS.) 5
    8/28 Timothy J. Walz REP. (D-MINN.) 1
    8/24 Bill Pascrell Jr. REP. (D-N.J.) 1
    8/24 John Garamendi REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    8/24 Donald Payne Jr. REP. (D-N.J.) 1
    8/24 Bonnie Watson Coleman REP. (D-N.J.) 1
    8/18 Jim Himes REP. (D-CONN.) 1
    8/6 Xavier Becerra REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    8/5 Scott Peters REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    7/15 Marcia L. Fudge REP. (D-OHIO) 1
    7/15 Lois Capps REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    7/14 André Carson REP. (D-IND.) 1
    7/13 Suzanne Bonamici REP. (D-ORE.) 1
    6/27 Niki Tsongas REP. (D-MASS.) 1
    6/26 Don Beyer REP. (D-VA.) 1
    6/26 Brenda Lawrence REP. (D-MICH.) 1
    6/23 William “Lacy” Clay Jr. REP. (D-MO.) 1
    6/23 Matthew Cartwright REP. (D-PA.) 1
    6/13 John B. Larson REP. (D-CONN.) 1
    6/13 Elizabeth Esty REP. (D-CONN.) 1
    6/13 Tom Wolf GOV. (D-PA.) 10
    6/7 Dannel P. Malloy GOV. (D-CONN.) 10
    6/5 Steve Cohen REP. (D-TENN.) 1
    6/4 Christopher Murphy SEN. (D-CONN.) 5
    5/27 Katherine Clark REP. (D-MASS.) 1
    5/20 Peter Shumlin GOV. (D-VT.) 10
    5/14 Joseph P. Kennedy III REP. (D-MASS.) 1
    5/12 James McGovern REP. (D-MASS.) 1
    5/5 Gary Peters SEN. (D-MICH.) 5
    5/5 Michael F. Bennet SEN. (D-COLO.) 5
    5/4 Jim Cooper REP. (D-TENN.) 1
    5/4 Daniel Kildee REP. (D-MICH.) 1
    5/4 Jared Polis REP. (D-COLO.) 1
    5/4 Eddie Bernice Johnson REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    5/4 Filemon Vela REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    5/4 Adam Schiff REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    5/4 Henry Cuellar REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    5/4 Kurt Schrader REP. (D-ORE.) 1
    5/4 Joyce Beatty REP. (D-OHIO) 1
    5/4 Brad Sherman REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    5/4 Patrick Murphy REP. (D-FLA.) 1
    5/4 José E. Serrano REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    5/4 Kathy Castor REP. (D-FLA.) 1
    5/4 Sean Patrick Maloney REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    5/4 Derek Kilmer REP. (D-WASH.) 1
    5/4 Adam Smith REP. (D-WASH.) 1
    5/4 Mike Thompson REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    5/4 Gerald E. “Gerry” Connolly REP. (D-VA.) 1
    5/4 Marc Veasey REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    5/4 Julia Brownley REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    5/4 Kathleen Rice REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    5/4 Rubén Hinojosa REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    5/4 Ed Perlmutter REP. (D-COLO.) 1
    4/29 Emanuel Cleaver REP. (D-MO.) 1
    4/24 Robert P. Casey, Jr. SEN. (D-PA.) 5
    4/23 Cory A. Booker SEN. (D-N.J.) 5
    4/23 Steve Israel REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    4/22 John Conyers Jr. REP. (D-MICH.) 1
    4/16 Gina M. Raimondo GOV. (D-R.I.) 10
    4/15 Jim McDermott REP. (D-WASH.) 1
    4/14 Rosa L. DeLauro REP. (D-CONN.) 1
    4/13 Tom Udall SEN. (D-N.M.) 5
    4/12 Rick Larsen REP. (D-WASH.) 1
    4/12 Diana DeGette REP. (D-COLO.) 1
    4/12 Karen Bass REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    4/12 Andrew M. Cuomo GOV. (D-N.Y.) 10
    4/12 Debbie Dingell REP. (D-MICH.) 1
    4/12 Jeanne Shaheen SEN. (D-N.H.) 5
    4/11 Jerrold Nadler REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    4/11 Nydia M. Velázquez REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    2/2 Brian Schatz SEN. (D-HAWAII) 5
    1/29 Alcee L. Hastings REP. (D-FLA.) 1
    1/27 Mazie K. Hirono SEN. (D-HAWAII) 5
    1/27 Ted Lieu REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/27 Tammy Duckworth REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    1/27 Judy Chu REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/27 Madeleine Bordallo REP. (D-GUAM) 1
    1/27 Mark Takano REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/27 Ami Bera REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/22 Lucille Roybal-Allard REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/22 Grace Napolitano REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/22 Loretta Sanchez REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    12/18/14 Bill Nelson SEN. (D-FLA.) 5
    12/16 Al Franken SEN. (D-MINN.) 5
    12/1 Benjamin L. Cardin SEN. (D-MD.) 5
    12/1 Barbara A. Mikulski SEN. (D-MD.) 5
    11/14 Terry McAuliffe GOV. (D-VA.) 10
    11/10 Charles B. Rangel REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    10/14 Nita Lowey REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    8/5 Mark R. Warner SEN. (D-VA.) 5
    7/12 Michelle Lujan Grisham REP. (D-N.M.) 1
    7/12 Martin Heinrich SEN. (D-N.M.) 5
    6/21 Patrick J. Leahy SEN. (D-VT.) 5
    6/18 Betty McCollum REP. (D-MINN.) 1
    6/18 Rick Nolan REP. (D-MINN.) 1
    6/7 Richard Blumenthal SEN. (D-CONN.) 5
    6/6 Bill Foster REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    6/6 Robin Kelly REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    6/5 Richard J. Durbin SEN. (D-ILL.) 5
    6/4 Amy Klobuchar SEN. (D-MINN.) 5
    5/22 Debbie Stabenow SEN. (D-MICH.) 5
    5/4 Mark Takai REP. (D-HAWAII) 1
    5/3 Tim Kaine SEN. (D-VA.) 5
    2/7 Ted Deutch REP. (D-FLA.) 1
    1/31 Joseph Crowley REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    1/29 Joe Manchin III SEN. (D-W.VA.) 5
    1/28 Cedric Richmond REP. (D-LA.) 1
    1/28 Terri A. Sewell REP. (D-ALA.) 1
    1/28 Sander Levin REP. (D-MICH.) 1
    1/28 Stephen F. Lynch REP. (D-MASS.) 1
    1/28 Richard E. Neal REP. (D-MASS.) 1
    1/28 Jan Schakowsky REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    1/28 Joaquin Castro REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    1/28 Brian Higgins REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    1/28 Gene Green REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    1/28 Sheldon Whitehouse SEN. (D-R.I.) 5
    1/28 Danny K. Davis REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    1/28 Lois Frankel REP. (D-FLA.) 1
    1/28 Mike Honda REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/28 Grace Meng REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    1/28 Steny H. Hoyer REP. (D-MD.) 1
    1/28 Gregory W. Meeks REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    1/28 John Delaney REP. (D-MD.) 1
    1/28 Louise Slaughter REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    1/28 Jim Langevin REP. (D-R.I.) 1
    1/28 Doris O. Matsui REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/28 Sheila Jackson Lee REP. (D-TEXAS) 1
    1/28 Luis Gutierrez REP. (D-ILL.) 1
    1/28 Janice Hahn REP. (D-CALIF.) 1
    1/28 Chellie Pingree REP. (D-MAINE) 1
    1/28 John Lewis REP. (D-GA.) 1
    1/28 Henry C. “Hank” Jr. Johnson REP. (D-GA.) 1
    1/28 David Cicilline REP. (D-R.I.) 1
    1/28 David Scott REP. (D-GA.) 1
    1/28 Frederica Wilson REP. (D-FLA.) 1
    1/13 Chris Van Hollen REP. (D-MD.) 1
    12/12/13 Dianne Feinstein SEN. (D-CALIF.) 5
    11/17 Kirsten E. Gillibrand SEN. (D-N.Y.) 5
    11/11 Carolyn Maloney REP. (D-N.Y.) 1
    11/8 Patty Murray SEN. (D-WASH.) 5
    11/7 Mark Dayton GOV. (D-MINN.) 10
    11/5 Tim Ryan REP. (D-OHIO) 1
    11/2 Charles E. Schumer SEN. (D-N.Y.) 5
    10/30 Barbara Boxer SEN. (D-CALIF.) 5
    8/18 Dina Titus REP. (D-NEV.) 1
    6/18 Claire McCaskill SEN. (D-MO.) 5

  89. I suspect he (Biden) would run all along and perhaps more so now as his ego must be bruised by the MSM saying he does not have much of a place after the debate. I think the deal has already been brokered with the Obama’s and Jarrett.

  90. I think Biden will most likely enter the race. We know that BO will never hand over his voter list, etc., to Hillary, and Biden would be his cover for not doing so. Moreover, according BO’s his former campaign team (via comments on Twitter after the debate), they believe he would win the re-election for a third time if he could run again. During the most recent 60 MINUTES interview, BO said as much:

    ‘”Do you think if you ran again, could run again, and did run again, you would be elected?”, Kroft asks.

    “Yes,” says Obama, without missing a beat.’

    Basically, BO–the-narcissist-in-chief–would like nothing more than to have Biden as his proxy to run against Hillary again. It’s all about his ego and hatred for the Clintons.

  91. Shadow, I have a better idea on when joln’n joe should declare his dead on arrival candidacy. It is timely for sure, since it will happen in a fortnight. In addition, it will appeal to the 40 million illegals who come here to steal our benefits, vote, and bring their culture with them rather than assimilating into ours: The Mexican Holiday Day of the Dead.


  92. Joe might wait to enter the race until all the debates are finished.

    After all he is pretty darn busy these days making sure there are set-ups for all of Barry’s Beer Summits.

    He also has to make sure there are enough SuperSoakers to go around and he has done his duty watering MO’s ugly garden and washing Valerie’s dirty undies.

  93. wbboei
    October 15, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Day of the Dead, or the Day that America would be dead in the water with Prez Joe.

  94. Moon and Gonzotx…just keep posting. I lost one the other day too, thought I had a senior moment, but just kept posting.

    Spammy must be getting ready for a huge dump.

  95. Give big media any power, and they will ALWAYS abuse it.

    Today at the Council on Foreign Relations (NYC), Jim Webb was asked about his limited time at Tuesday’s CNN debate (video):

    “I’ll be very frank here. It was rigged in terms of who was going to get the time on the floor by the way that Anderson Cooper was selecting people to supposedly respond to someone else. I even turned around to Bernie Sanders at one point and said, ‘Bernie, say my name, will you say my name?’

    In that kind of environment it was either going to be Mr. Angry or be a potted plant. It’s very difficult to win a debate when you don’t have the opportunity to get to speak in the same amount of time on issues as the others get. It’s the reality that the debate was being portrayed as a showdown between Mrs. Clinton and Bernie.

    But if you are going to be invited to participate and people are going to judge whether you, quote, won or not, at least you should be able to have the kind of time that’s necessary to discuss issues that you care about and have worked on.

    There were so many issues out there that I have done pioneering work on –for instance, criminal justice reform, when I took great risk beginning in ’06 with my political career by saying that we have a broken criminal justice system and we have to fix it. It’s not a political problem. We turned that issue around in the space of about five hard years of work so that now it is comfortably in the nation discussion. It was not that way when we started.

    But it’s very difficult to make those kinds of points – and also the foreign policy differences that I have had with the past couple of administrations in terms of where we put our priorities, when we can’t talk. I think I got 14 minutes in two hours.”

  96. Well . . I said it first, seven years ago. So did a doctor on this blog. Now Putin is saying it–“Obama has mush for brains” and Obama is delusion.

    No shit Sherlock. That analysis now is like coal to New Castle.

    Still, it nice to hear the sound of these late to the party types catching on.

    Big media, however, will never catch on.

    And even if they did, they are too corrupt to report it.

    The cheated the system to get him, and they will reap the whirlwind he has created.

    This issue is no longer Obama.

    He is just a garden variety sociopath and his supporters are either crooks or co-dependents.

    The issue is the people who control him.

    Here is Steve’s take on the matter—and he is no off the wall firebrand.

    He is a level headed guy from everything I have read and seen of him.


    Is President Mush-for-Brains Mentally Unwell?

    By Steve Green @pjmedia
    “How does your impeachment work? My government believes Obama is quite mentally unwell.”
    by Stephen Green
    October 15, 2015 – 1:02 pm
    (88) Print Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size

    So Vladimir Putin is calling Barack Obama a mush-for-brains and now this?

    John Schindler’s tweet got Warner Todd Huston to note at Western Journalism:

    This is a stunning comment because it wasn’t a personal opinion. It notes that a government thinks that Obama is mentally ill.

    It isn’t surprising that a foreigner might be confused over our impeachment process, though. Many Americans are also confused over the scheme. But impeachment isn’t really a strictly legal process.

    The fact is, impeachment is far more a political action than it is a legal one, and there has to be a political will on the part of Congress to go into the process of impeachment to start with.

    In the wake of Obama’s interview with Steve Kroft, on Monday I wondered in all seriousness if Obama was delusional. On Tuesday’s Trifecta segment, I even asked Bill Whittle if the president’s apparent disconnect from reality was grounds for invoking the 25th Amendment, which is probably more relevant to the current situation than impeachment is.

    Read Section 4:

    Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

    Section 4 is in essence a legalized palace coup against a sitting president, headed up by the veep and a majority of cabinet officers. The amendment itself was written hastily in the wake of the Kennedy assassination and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The fear then was what if Kennedy had lived — but braindead? There had to be way, in the nuclear age, to quickly devolve power from an incapable President.

    But what if the situation is something less than a president lying braindead in a Dallas hospital? What if the president is just fucking nuts, or “quite mentally unwell,” as at least one foreign government believes?

    Surely then Section 4 would be a legal solution, but hardly a viable one. Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly “dumb as an ashtray,” and seems to lack the ambition to take on a former secretary of State, much less a sitting president. And Obama’s cabinet officers seem to have been picked for their fealty to Obama rather than for their devotion to the commonweal.

    This palace simply will not coup, meaning that we and the world are stuck for the time being with a president with little awareness of the reality outside of his bubble, and no desire to learn.

  97. “The number of people who tuned in last night (to the democrat debate) was not even half of the the number of people who watched the Republicans—Larry Johnson @ NoQuarter.

    Their cup runneth over with . . . Trump

    Yes, it was a snoozefest.

    But even so, cnn managed to fuck it up (see Jim Webbs comments above)

  98. Between the wars, there was a group of young army officers, blooded only to degree in France, but not entirely because we came in late and missed the dulce et decorum est propatria mori of Verdum, but still we got enough of the smell of sulpur at Bella Woods, as in come on you bastards do you really want to live forever words of a famous Marine, that these young officers learned or god gave them that unique ability to do as the current lingo goes, cut to the chase, or as King Solomon said separate the false from the true, well.. I guess I am still blown away by the depth of analysis I have seen for the last few days from admin. It cuts to the chase, it separates the true from the false, and tells us not to get sucked into the bullshit we see from big media, like 99% of the electorate undoubtedly will. And, by the Almighty, if there is anything left of the Hillary we walked through fire for in “08, let us hope she is listening. Truthfully, honestly, I do not think she is, and that is why I have abandoned not only her, but my friend Ted as well, because in the final analysis, and if I am lying I am dying, but the game here is whether we remain a nation of free people, or the subjects of a global elite. Years ago, we would have dismissed this as tin foil hat, whereas today the weight of the evidence confirms it. We have got to get our country. I could give a fuck about being a citizen of the world. Being an American is all I am after. And if those who feel differently really want to be citizens of the world, why then far be it from me to deny them what they want, so long as they use their own fucking money to do it.

  99. Here’s a clue:


    The Obama alumni peanut gallery fires spitballs at Clinton

    Democratic insiders were nearly unanimous in their adulation of Hillary Clinton’s debate performance Tuesday night. But one notable faction read from a different post-debate playbook: Obama campaign alums.

    The top strategists who helped President Barack Obama topple Clinton in 2008 and win reelection in 2012 breezed past the pleasantries raining down on Clinton from other corners of the Democratic establishment and coupled them with blunter assessments.

    “Clinton had a great night, but [Bernie] Sanders winning the focus group and online polls, but losing the pundits is reminiscent of Obama in 07-08,” said Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to Obama, in a post-debate tweet reminding Democrats that Clinton’s perceived invulnerability has collapsed before.

    The president’s far-flung diaspora also spent the post-debate hours pointing out the Clinton campaign’s shortcomings and her few missteps in the debate.

    David Axelrod, Obama’s top political strategist, noted that “Clinton made a few mistakes,” and he listed her mischaracterization of her position on the Obama administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which she claimed she hadn’t fully supported in the past before coming out against it this week.

    That isn’t true and was sloppy, giving her opponents another proof point in their assault on her trustworthiness,” Axelrod wrote in an otherwise praiseful CNN column that posted Wednesday morning. He also described a “weak answer” Clinton gave on her opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and suggested that she contradicted herself when she named Republicans as her “enemies” and then pledged in her closing statement to unite the country.

    They were subtle reminders of the once bitter feuding between the Obama and Clinton camps that arose after their pitched 2008 primary fight. When Obama surged past Clinton in Iowa and came close to clipping her in New Hampshire that year, the two Democrats spent the next few months sniping at each other while Obama maintained a persistent lead. Clinton’s refusal to bow out after Obama’s victory created a rift that carried into the administration after she became his secretary of state.

    On the 2007 campaign trail, former President Bill Clinton routinely derided Obama’s candidacy and the Obama team developed a character-focused strategy to beat Hillary Clinton that her GOP rivals are still employing today. Hours before Tuesday’s debate, The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza published an infamous October 2007 campaign memo detailing how Obama’s team planned to go after Clinton, in terms that are echoed in Axelrod and Pfeiffer’s assessments today.

    Clinton, cognizant of her onetime rivalry with the president, reminded Democrats Tuesday night that despite their differences, Obama appointed her secretary of state in 2009. She repeatedly embraced his leadership, earning hearty applause from the Democratic audience.

    Several Obama loyalists were enthusiastic about Clinton’s debate win and jabbed at her rivals during post-debate spin. [snip]

    But there was a clear divide. Even among those Obama allies who praised Clinton’s performance, there were overt shots at Clinton’s longer-term strategy.

    “I wonder if the nameless @HillaryClinton supporters will stop promoting the stupid strategy of abandoning NH after this performance,” tweeted Mitch Stewart, who ran Obama’s 2008 Iowa operation and developed his battleground-state strategy in 2012.

    Pfeiffer, too, added that “the person who advised Hillary to do less debates” must be in trouble.

    Jon Lovett, a former Obama speechwriter, offered some backhanded praise: “It still feels pretty true that the only person who could beat Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama.”

    The president evidently agrees: In a much-noted exchange during Sunday’s interview on “60 Minutes,” interviewer Steve Kroft asked Obama: “Do you think if you ran again, could run again, and did run again, you would be elected?”

    “Yes,” Obama responded, with zero hesitation.

    Keep praising Obama Hillary. That kindness worked so well for Mitt in 2012 and for you and McCain in 2008.

  100. It still feels pretty true that the only person who could beat Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama.”
    He is referring to the primary voters, who can look at the devastation and failure of Obama, and still say he is the one. If that is not delusion, florid delusion, then the English language has lost all meaning. Or else we are dealing with a cabal of traitors. There is no third possibility under the sun.

  101. Do you think if you ran again, could run again, and did run again, you would be elected?”

    “Yes,” Obama responded, with zero hesitation.
    Yes, this Third Reich will last for a thousand years.

    Models of government here are relevant.

    If you study the Nazi regime, what you discover is something very similar to what we have here.

    First, the leader with a profound sense of infallibity.

    Second, a cabal of co-dependents—with Axel(grease) at the top, and the blind and stupid hanging on the leaders every word.

    Third, the leader has that ability to put people in a trance. If you go back and look at pictures of people when they meet this clown, even insiders like the late great Sebelius, jurnolisters, aging Hollywood divas, there is a degree of love in their eyes toward him that would make a monk who devoted his life to God envious. It is most definitely a sickness.

    Fourth, the leader gives vague ideas of what he wants, and the people around him, desperate to curry favor, conjure up some of the most destructive ideas imaginable, and justify them as the will of the leader. For, make no mistake about it, that is how this ship of fools operates, and it is why we have lost our prestige and efficacy throughout the world. Suddenly, everything is political.

    Fifth, scapegoating is all the rage. In Hitlers case, it was the Jews, and in Obama’s case, it is the Christians. He never misses an opportunity to vilify them, nor an opportunity to promote Muslims, exaggerating the sins of the former, while negating the sins and threat to civilization by the latter, which is not peripheral, but scriptural. And he lets Muslims do their brand of ethnic cleansing of Christians in the middle east with tacit approval.

    Sixth, his open hostility to Israel is a matter of record. It is not just the policy differences, it is open threats to attack them if they take action against a nation whose leaders demand death to Israel. And he constantly snubs Israeli leaders, most especially Bibi. Indeed, his little stunt of keeping Bibi waiting while he and his brood dined on pheasant under glass, is reminiscent of the time when Hitler made the leader of Czechoslovakia cool his heels for hours, while he watched Hollywood movies supplied to him by Goebbels, and when he finally did meet with him he demanded he surrender his country.

    Seventh, he has orchestrated a march through the institutions, unbeknown to the general public. But if you examine in any detail how those institutions function now, they have become little more than organs of the administration. I am talking not just about the DOJ, IRS etc which will always reflect to a degree the priorities of the administration, but in this instance have violated their core mission and their duty to the public to serve their perverse agenda. I am also talking about the senior military leaders, who have been critized for this very thing, by such noted scholars as Thomas Ricks. The Benghazi incident expose not only the misfeasance of the political class, it implicates the military. These institutions have become, for lack of a better term, nazified.

    And so when the seat sniffers at Politico speak of a diaspora of these Obama operatives–those that are unable to secure jobs in future administrations, the task of turning the nation around and eliminating his legacy of failure becomes the task before us. This is not unlike the challenge the allies faced at the end of World War II. The word for it is de-nazification.

  102. The other component of this model of government is an all powerful bureaucrat who serves as the gatekeeper for dear leader. His/her function is to monitor the information the leader receives in the course of the day. The objective is to make sure he does not go bezerko when the feedback from reality suggests he may be on the wrong track. This individual also plays a svengali role, and plays on his prejudices which for both Obama and Hitler run along racial lines. For Hitler, this gatekeeper was Martin Boreman, and for Obama it is Jarrett. This is well beyond the excesses which existed with Halderman and Erlichman in the Nixon administation.

  103. Debate a big success for Clinton, first proper polling from Yougov following debates, showed marked increase in trust for Hillary.

    55% believe Clinton won Debate as opposed to 22% for Sanders, however, 52% opinion of Clinton improved after the debate. A marked success.


    Many Democrats say their opinion of Bernie Sanders improved after the first debate, but most believe Hillary Clinton performed best

    55% of Democrats who are registered to vote and watched at least highlights of Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate in Nevada believe Hillary Clinton performed best, while 22% say Sen. Bernie Sanders won. The three other candidates who participated are far behind. 3% say former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley won the debate, the same number who say Lincoln Chafee won. Only 1% of Democrats in this group who watched believe Jim Webb performed best.

    Sanders hasn’t necessarily lost support. The number of Democrats who say they would prefer to see someone other than Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee is essentially unchanged from before the debate, at 32%. But Clinton appears to have picked up the support of a number of undecided voters, increasing her support from 44% to 52%.

    While pundits were quick to declare victory for Clinton, several unscientific online polls, focus groups and an impressive post-debate fundraising haul have been used to argue it was Sanders who resonated most with Americans beyond the Beltway. Yet Democrats were apparently more impressed with Clinton, who is already viewed favorably by the vast majority of party identifiers.

    42% of Democrats who watched said they came away with an improved opinion of Sanders, against only 7% whose opinion of him worsened. In comparison, 52% say their opinion of Clinton improved, while 9% say it got worse – making the net effect slightly higher for Clinton.

    O’Malley is the only other candidate to have received a “net positive” with about a quarter of Democrats feeling better about him and 9% feeling worse. In contrast, more than a quarter of Democrats say their opinions of Chafee and Webb worsened.

    56% of Democrats watched at least highlights of the debate, which is comparable to the 59% of Republicans who did the same for their party’s first debate in August. However, only 22% of Democrats watched “all” of the two-hour debate, compared to 36% of Republican in August.

    Another debate winner may be its host network, CNN. 83% of Democratic audiences – and about half of Republicans who watched – approve of how Anderson Cooper and his colleagues moderated the event. 71% of Democrats look forward to the next debate, which will take place on November 14th in Iowa.

    Full poll results can be found here and topline results and margin of error here.

  104. Obama run again……go on try it……he seems to forget one thing, if he could run a 3rd time……..I’ll serve you up a 3rd Bill Clinton term and he’d wipe the floor with you Obama.

  105. Drudge really is a smarmy bastard, you should see what his sewer site is peddling about pushing for charges for Hillary….for what , the email scandal has nothing because it was not illegal at the time it happened.
    I’d love to smack that dick upside his head……

  106. Yes Moon, the same emails that Trump said Hillary should of been in JAIL for, 12 months ago………..he lost my vote and respect over that one.

    This whole, Hillary needs to be in jail makes me go into a rage.

  107. A favorite indoor sport of big media, started if memory serves by the late great grand inquisitor of NBC Pumpkin Head Russert is to say on thus and such an occasion you said X, which is usually an inaccurate quote, and then stick the microphone which resembles a phalic object and then demands that the poor victim apologize for the statement, for having the audacity to run for public office, and for being a flawed self depricating human being.

    The best answer–the only answer to a leading question as this is two words: fuck off. Or, if you are inclined to be more verbose–fuck off you slimy bastard. I suppose you could say something like, I disagree with your question, or argue with their quote, but those tactics are a waste of time. The response must be leveled in the same pitch as the accusation, which is not really a question at all, but a smear tactic. The pundits goal is a headline, and a tepid response, or even a civilized one is perceived by the ignoranti as an evasion. Far better to give him the headline he does not want.

    Mindful of that, and the references to Hitler which I was ruminating about here’s Roger, who I see is operating for now at least on the same wavelength as I am:


    You Didn’t Need to Apologize for Your Holocaust Talk, Ben
    by Roger L Simon
    OCTOBER 16, 2015 – 4:10 AM
    Forget your flu shot. It’s not influenza that infects our society. It’s apologies. We live in a land of near-Bubonic apology fever. Everyone is constantly being asked to apologize for something. (Apologize for eating a Big Mac. Apologize for saying Asians do better in math, etc., etc.)

    These apologies range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but are mostly the latter. And the demand for the apologies comes almost exclusively from the left — a morally narcissistic group-think culture that relies on shaming others in order to obscure the truth and gain power.

    A great deal of the success of Donald Trump can be ascribed to the fact that he recognizes this nonsense and wants no part of it. With a more intellectual, and often truly educational, style, Ben Carson has been largely the same way, so it was with some dismay I read his article in the Jerusalem Post, “‘Never Again’ means standing with Israel.” In response to accusations of “insensitivity to the Holocaust” on the part of the doctor for a statement he made saying that Jews might have been better off against the Nazis if they had had guns, Carson wrote the following:

    In recent days I suggested that things might have unfolded in a very different manner in Europe had the Jewish people been armed and better able to defend themselves. What would have been the impact on Hitler’s war machine if his victims had had more access to guns? It is something that we will never know for sure.

    What I do know however, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is that I never intended for my words to diminish the enormity of the tragedy or in any way to cause any pain for Holocaust survivors or their families.

    No doubt, but no explanation necessary. It was obvious to all but the howling left that Carson meant no disrespect to Holocaust survivors. It was the reverse, if anything. Carson showed concern for the six million by suggesting some unknown number might have survived had they been armed. You would have to be delusional to think otherwise. The state of Israel exists, in part, in ratification of that.

    Indeed, the whole history of how Hitler came to confiscate the Jews’ guns is a virtual primer on why we in America should cherish our Second Amendment. It’s the most instructional narrative imaginable of how a disarmed citizenry is subject to the worst totalitarian excesses, in this case genocide, from their government. For those unaware of how this evolved, National Review had an excellent account a couple of years ago:

    The Weimar Republic’s well-intentioned gun registry became a tool for evil. The perennial gun-control debate in America did not begin here. The same arguments for and against were made in the 1920s in the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic, which opted for gun registration. Law-abiding persons complied with the law, but the Communists and Nazis committing acts of political violence did not.

    In 1931, Weimar authorities discovered plans for a Nazi takeover in which Jews would be denied food and persons refusing to surrender their guns within 24 hours would be executed. They were written by Werner Best, a future Gestapo official. In reaction to such threats, the government authorized the registration of all firearms and the confiscation thereof, if required for “public safety.”

    The interior minister warned that the records must not fall into the hands of any extremist group. In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”

    Fascinating, no? Yet still the cognitively challenged lefties at places like the Huffington Post think Carson’s apology was insufficient. Insufficient? It shouldn’t have been.

    This smear attack on the neurosurgeon has nothing to do whatever with the Holocaust and everything to do with the American left’s inability to countenance a black conservative who happens to have a longer list of significant accomplishments than they could even dream of, not to mention a higher IQ. Worse yet, he believes in God. Such a person makes their reactionary heads explode. Too bad for them. As the French used to say, “Honi soit qui mal y pense.” Evil be unto him who evil thinks.

  108. What should be said to that pundit is: how dare you twist my words? How dare you lie to your audience?? Have you no honor??? Have you no shame????

  109. Ban It! Tax It! Outlaw It!’ — the Leftists’ Solution to Everything They Hate
    Using RICO against climate “deniers”? Sure, why not?

    by Michael Walsh

    Good piece in the Wall Street Journal here about the Leftist assault on free speech; these people are not only deranged, but dangerous:

    Last month George Mason Professor Jagadish Shukla and 19 others signed a letter to President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and White House science adviser John Holdren urging punishment for climate dissenters. “One additional tool—recently proposed by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse—is a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) investigation of corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America’s response to climate change,” they wrote.

    In other words, they want the feds to use a law created to prosecute the mafia against lawful businesses and scientists. In a May op-ed in the Washington Post, Mr. Whitehouse specifically cited Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who has published politically inconvenient research on changes in solar radiation.

    The RICO threat is intended to shut down debate because it can inflict treble damages upon a defendant. Enacted to stop organized crime and specifically to prosecute individuals tied to loansharking and murder-for-hire, it was long seen as so powerful a tool that the government warned prosecutors to limit its use.

    No surprise here to anyone who’s been watching the modern Left slip into the maelstrom of insanity for the past several decades. Inside every one of them is a nasty fascist just aching to get out.

    Sen. Warren also doesn’t seem to want to live by the rules she enforces on others. Recall that she drove Robert Litan out of the Brookings Institution last week in part because his research on new financial regulations was funded by the asset manager Capital Group—which he clearly disclosed. The website OpenSecrets.org says Ms. Warren has accepted more than $600,000 from the securities and investment industry, including more than $6,000 from Capital Group executives.

    Perhaps she’d say it’s fine for her to use her Senate Banking Committee perch to rake in contributions from financial firms because she often disagrees with them. Then again, lawyers and law firms that benefit from her policy interventions have given her more than $2 million. She’s also collected more than $1.3 million from the education industry, which benefits from her campaign to expand education subsidies.

    The kicker:

    The strategy of the progressive left is no longer to win public debates, but to forcibly silence their opponents. And to enforce a double standard in the bargain.

    They’ve always felt this way. It’s just that now, the last years of the reign of the Emperor Hussein, they feel perfectly all right about saying it to your face,

  110. foxyladi14
    October 16, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    Trump is driving the GOP Establishment Insane
    In the movie El Dorado, John Wayne is asked whether he is worried that he is making his adversary an accomplished gunfighter mad by what he is saying. Whereupon, he says: I hope so. In my profession you cannot afford to get mad. When you are mad, you lose your edge–you are not as good.

    But you know what the worst part of it is? They have this roadmap for globalization and a narrative that is steeped in nationalism, and ner the twain shall meet. Their lever was supposed to be Hillary hate, and whether or not there is just cause for the Benghazi hearing–I happen to believe there is, they fully intended to use that plus her highly problematic response what difference does it make, to put their thugs in charge. At the same time, their donors have modeled, commoditized and monetized the future. And Trump is tipping over their model, while Hillary has for the time stopped the erosion.

    At the end of the day, the intractable problem Hillary has is defending Obama. Lawyers have a saying which goes like this: never defend an indefensible position. But that is the task she has set before herself, and the hurdle is enormous. Trump will not attack Hillary directly. He will go after Obama. And Hillary who claims loyalty to Obama, will be compelled to defend him. And by the time that happens his state of delusion will be obvious to more people than just Putin and little old me.


    by JOHN NOLTE16 Oct 2015

    Our corrupt Washington DC/New York media again tried to mess with the Republican presidential field.

    While every other Republican remained publicly silent, front runner Donald Trump got his closest rival, Dr. Ben Carson, to join with him and together they stood up and said, “No.”

    This kept Trump in the headlines and at the top of the news cycle throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning. And now we’ve learned that Trump and Carson won. The DC/NY media agreed to the fron runners’ demands.

    Does anyone in the weak-kneed Republican Establishment, or among the bubbled-morons in the Punditocracy, have any more questions about why The Donald appears to be coasting to the Republican nomination for President of the United States?



    CNBC, which is part of the same NBC News network that openly partnered with a Democrat political data firm; that funneled more than a half-billion dollars to two democrat propaganda outlets (Vox and BuzzFeed); that turned their entire network over to the democrat campaign for five days last week, thought it would pull a fast one and expand the upcoming Republican presidential debate from 2 hours to 3 hours.

    The Hill reports that all the GOP candidates would prefer a two-hour debate, and for obvious reasons. The longer the left-wing media has to interrogate our candidates, the more likely it is the media will score for the democrat nominee. Candidates are also more likely to make a mistake as the hours drag on.

    CNBC also wanted to kill the opportunity for the candidates to have an opening and closing statement — which is also an obvious political move on the part of NBC News. The media wants to define our candidates as racist, crazy and stupid, and the best way to do this is to not let them get their message out with opening and closing remarks.

    The Hill:

    The campaign source added that the Trump campaign was the main driver behind the complaints about the length of the debate.

    “People realized we got the short end of the stick when the Democrats had a 2 minute opening and a 90 second closing [during their debate], so they had three and a half minutes to a 15 million person audience of an infomercial,” the source said.

    “They get a commercial, we get ‘The Hunger Games.’ ”

    That frustration turned into the letter from Carson and Trump, first reported by NBC News, where the top two in the GOP presidential polls specifically threatened to pull out.

    Read that last line again. Look who publicly stood up to the media. Look who punched back by threatening to boycott the debate and used their leverage as frontrunners to get CNBC to back down.

    This morning CNBC caved and agreed to a two-hour debate. The RNC also believes the candidates will get their opening and closing statements.

    Let me put this as simply as possible for the GOPSmartSet-impaired: The Republicans will not win the White House in 2016 with yet another “electable” squish. We need a standard-bearer who is not only willing to stand up to the media but who also knows how to prevail against the media. And we need this for two reasons…

    In the exact same way they did with the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012, the DC media is a political enemy working in tandem with the democrat campaign. In order to win, our Republican nominee must treat the DC media like what it is: a branch of the Democrat National Committee.

    The public doesn’t make hapless losers president. If our candidate attempts to appease the media, the public will disqualify him as weak. If our candidate allows the media to forever keep him on defense, the public will disqualify him as incompetent.

    Strength and competence wins the respect of voters and by extension their confidence and their votes. And right now, while Establishment candidates like Jeb Bush go full-Beta, the only Republican candidate showing both strength and competence is Donald Trump.

    Trump is in command. To begin with, unlike the other GOP candidates, he and Carson (who is also winning by standing up to the New York/DC media) had the foresight so seize this moment as an opportunity to score. He’s out-maneuvering the media at every turn. He is not allowing the media to define him.

    After two cycles of watching the “most electable” Republican bow, scrape and lose to the media, the Republican base knows that this is how you win presidential elections.

  112. No reason to increase the GOP debates from 2 to 3 hours. Two hours to watch silly questions being given, attacks on Trump and all the rest are weak…makes it too boring to even watch.

    Let’s get down to brass tacks and watch a debate between Hillary and Trump. Every time Trump makes an over the top, nasty name-calling remark…he gets a shock to the coconuts.

    I just want to see a real debate, real intelligent questions and answers. The rest of the circus is a waste of time.

  113. Shadow, where does Hillary get shocked every time she supports Obama and supports the bad choices he has made for this country? After all, it would have to be fair. Maybe we can forget the shocks? 🙂

  114. Lorac,

    Vulgarity and grade-school name calling earns a shock, debates are about topics and up to the debater on what side they choose to argue.

  115. Shadowfax,

    I still say DT’s outrageous statements about Hillary are to her advantage. Airing it out as ridiculous for Kook attack (did you hear Bernie?) so that if Obola goes for it, it will already be labeled.

    I think he is totally talking $hit.

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