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Update: Open thread: Senior citizens set for evening of fun in Las Vegas along with us will be one of the few watching tonight. CNN Democratic Debate: Watch live and join our liveblog will be another pair of eyeballs. That’s 4 eyeballs besides ours. The debate will be on CNN and the live stream is HERE. Of course, Real Donald Trump adds a few eyeballs too.

The dunderheads in Brooklyn who still deny Obama hates Hillary should read the latest “Obama furious at Hillary” article. The Hillary2016 brilliant minds might ask themselves why today, of all days, does the Obama campaign memo from 2008 “How to beat Hillary Clinton” is published for all to read? Wanna guess geniuses?


Hillary Clinton should show up at tonight’s dum dem debate with a bottle of Bourbon, a bucket of ice cubes, and a clinky clinky glass, pouring Bourbon on ice down her throat all night. Our ideal Hillary debate night would be a combination of Neely O’Hara, Liz Taylor, and the Angela Bassett witch role from American Horror Story.

That’s what Hillary Clinton should do. Call that dog Saint Bernard a goddamned Socialist and list all the crimes and horrors committed in the name of socialism – as well as defend capitalism. Tell Martin O’Malley to go back to Baltimore and kill himself some more blacks. Walk up to Lincoln Chaffee and hit him over the head with the Bourbon bottle hard enough to send him to the hospital. Slap Anderson Cooper in the face when he laughs as Chaffee slumps to the floor. Pull Jim Webb by the hair, give him a wet sloppy kiss, spit some Bourbon on his face, grab his crotch, and tell him to go home.

Hillary should then turn to the cameras and curse, in close-up, the Obama Dimocrat Party and tell them “I don’t need you losers. Go Fuk yourselves you pigs. I don’t need any of you. You need me. Go fuc yourselves you miserable low down losers and go straight to Hell. Go straight to Hell with Medusa Obama and her skinny stinky beanpole Barack and fuk them too”

That won’t happen. It’s too real. It’s too honest. It won’t happen. We can picture Donald Trump getting that real. But Hillary wants to lose.

Hillary probably doesn’t even know she wants to lose. But she does.

If Hillary doesn’t want to lose we will see that tonight. She will fight. And we don’t mean silly attacks against Trump or Republicans. This is a primary fight. Hillary’s opponents are Barack Obama and the clowns on stage. Hillary needs to state clearly that her vision (the one from 2008, not the silly one from this year) is the best vision for America and make it clear that the losers on stage near her are not fit to lick her heels let alone fit into her shoes.

If Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chaffee don’t want to lose we’ll see that tonight too. They’ll make their case strongly and point out Hillary’s phony positions and moves to the kook left this year.

From Hillary tonight we expect mush posed as a fight. Hillary will be very good using a lot of words to say nothing. Hillary will not discuss Goldfinger and Putin nor Pussy Galore and Obama. The latest world-wide disasters authored by Barack Obama will be ignored or mushed over. Hillary will not denounce the wrong track the country is on, as Americans see it, nor will Hillary lay the problems at the lap of Barack Obama. As in 2008 Hillary will “win” and still be the best g_ddammned candidate on that stage bar none, but that won’t be enough to save her.

From Bernie Sanders we will see a gravitational pull to the extreme left. From Jim Webb we will see a pull to the center. From Martin O’Malley there will be Baltimore style death threats. From Lincoln Chaffee, the loser of all losers with nothing to lose, regurgitated Barack Obama circa 2008. In short, all will attack Hillary. It will be attack upon attack upon attack against Hillary Clinton. The attacks based on Hillary’s positions this crummy year juxtaposed to her positions in 2008 will be too painful to watch.

As to Joe Biden and his threat to Hillary2016? The ghostly presence of Mourning Joe as he surfs the short lived wave of popularity on the coffin of his dead Beau will be as comical as Barack Obama’s 2008 exploitation of his dead skanky mother and failing granny.

The biggest ghost tonight however will be Donald Trump live from the Twitterverse. In 2008 at the height of the Hillary Clinton versus Boob Obama battle the top two debates garnered about 8 million viewers. In 2015 The Donald’s debates got about 50 million eyeballs per debate. Add to that the drama of baseball tonight and the eyeballs will roll elsewhere. Donald Trump said the dem debate will be a bore and joked the reason will be he is not there:

Trump then did what Trump does best: trump. Now Trump has announced he will livetweet the debate:

We’ll tweet along with Trump and comment along with the valiant few not watching silly baseball and instead focused on this horserace. We can already smell the manure.


234 thoughts on “Hillarity! – @RealDonaldTrump LiveTweets #Hillary2016 #BernieSanders Dum #DemDebate

  1. Well I am here……..a debate you say? Well why not……….any predictions…..

    How long before Sanders loses his cool and tells someone to fuck off (he’s not known for his temprement nor his conversational debating skills)

    Will anyone actually notice Republican, er, independent,er, Democratic ex gov Chafee is there? or infact give a flying rats ass that he is…….

    Will Martin O’malley just stand there looking like a reject from the Ken doll factory quietly saying “noone mention baltimore and riots”

    Will Jim Webb actually say anything of importance or just fade into the background like cheap paint?

    Will Hillary just handbag the lot of them into submission……

    These questions and more coming up at 2030 eastern…….

  2. CNN discussion panel has zero Hillary supporters. Instead that Trump hating fat Latina, that Obama campaign guy dan ffllphlifferfloof, the Obama commie Van Jones, and Republican apostate Michael Smerconish, are the ones chosen to comment on the debate.

  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/10/12/why-bernie-sanders-isnt-going-to-be-president-in-5-words/

    Why Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be president, in five words

    CHUCK TODD: Are you a capitalist?

    @BernieSanders: No. I’m a Democratic Socialist.

    And, in those five words, Sanders showed why — no matter how much energy there is for him on the liberal left — he isn’t getting elected president.

    Why? Because Democrat or Republican (or independent), capitalism remains a pretty popular concept — especially when compared to socialism. A 2011 Pew Research Center survey showed that 50 percent of people had a favorable view of capitalism, while 40 percent had an unfavorable one. Of socialism, just three in 10 had a positive opinion, while 61 percent saw it in a negative light.

    Wrote Pew in a memo analyzing the results:

    Of these terms, socialism is the more politically polarizing — the reaction is almost universally negative among conservatives, while generally positive among liberals. While there are substantial differences in how liberals and conservatives think of capitalism, the gaps are far narrower.

    In addition, a recent Gallup poll showed that half of Americans said they would not vote for a socialist. It was, in fact, the least acceptable characteristic tested, behind Muslim and atheist. [snip]

    The simple political fact is that if Sanders did ever manage to win the Democratic presidential nomination — a long shot but far from a no shot at this point — Republicans would simply clip Sanders’s answer to Todd above and put it in a 30-second TV ad. That would, almost certainly, be the end of Sanders’s viability in a general election.

    Americans might be increasingly aware of the economic inequality in the country and increasingly suspicious of so-called vulture capitalism — all of which has helped fuel Sanders’s rise. But we are not electing someone who is an avowed socialist to the nation’s top political job. Just ain’t happening.

  4. Old Joe has so many gaffes, you could throw your handbag halfway across New York state and hit one…….

  5. Ugh Donna Brazille, who let that witch in the building…………stick her on her broomstick and run her back to her lair.

  6. I told you all last night that they had the blood suckers out … all trying to give her “good” marks and you can see the swords behind their backs. I hate them ALL

    Donna Brazille back stabbing c u n t (pardon the language but she is one)

  7. Update: Open thread: Senior citizens set for evening of fun in Las Vegas along with us will be one of the few watching tonight. CNN Democratic Debate: Watch live and join our liveblog will be another pair of eyeballs. That’s 4 eyeballs besides ours. The debate will be on CNN and the live stream is HERE. Of course, Real Donald Trump adds a few eyeballs too.

    The dunderheads in Brooklyn who still deny Obama hates Hillary should read the latest “Obama furious at Hillary” article. The Hillary2016 brilliant minds might ask themselves why today, of all days, does the Obama campaign memo from 2008 “How to beat Hillary Clinton” is published for all to read? Wanna guess geniuses?


  8. How could the kangaroo court be complete without AssHoleRod? And how could we puke after too much bourbon without Donna Brazille to inspire us?

    Yes, we need some Trump Tweets.

    How long does this clown show last?

  9. All we need is fathead Roland Martin and Candy Crush Crowley and we have the 2008 obama cheerleader squad complete.

  10. Well at least it wasn’t Medusa. Barack’s face was bad enough. They should get a rodent to chew that mole off his face (h/t Uncle Buck).

  11. moononpluto
    October 13, 2015 at 7:56 pm
    Gloria bleurghhhh Borger…….i hate that mare.
    You got a problem with hatchet faced and stupid?

    Before you say yes, just remember we are dealing with the most trusted name in news.

  12. pm317

    October 13, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    Bernie looks like an angry old man..

    There’s a good reason for that.

  13. I know, how many fucking ads are they going to run tonight…….what is this 1 hr of debate and 90 mins of ads.

  14. They should get a rodent to chew that mole off his face (h/t Uncle Buck).
    Preferably a rat.

    That way we can call it professional courtesy.

    A deep hickey from one rat to another.

  15. Lincoln Chaffee…honestly does this fuckwit think he can actually win this……

    and ran as every fucking party mate…….Rep, Dem, Ind, a total chameleon and more luggage in that face than a department store.

  16. Fuck Me, Webb is introducing every fucking member of his family, what is this, an episode of this is your life…..

  17. I’m banking on Bernie having a shitfit……
    I am banking on Bernie making a closing statement which begins:

    “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains. You have a world to gain.”

    And ends with something really pithy like:

    “Give me your tired, your oppressed, huddled masses, yearning to come here, vote democrat, and sign up for welfare benefits.”

  18. Does Webb have a neck?
    Once upon a time he did.

    However he lost it in Viet Nam ducking below sniper bullets,

  19. Oh look he is already going into madman meltdown……seriously does this angry old man shit work….

    Its like listening to the weird jewish neighbour on family guy.

  20. Chaffee introduces himself as a long time elected official. “No scandals” “high ethical standards” he says. Will end wars.

    Jim Webb intro about money corrupting politics in both parties. A proven record. Outsider. Military service. Fairness and social justice record. Mom grew up in poverty. Vietnamese wife. Five daughters. Son fought in Ramadi. For working people.

    O’Malley intro, former mayor of Baltimore, husband, father. Executive experience. Effective leader. Marriage equality. Gun safety. Clear about “my principles”. Thanks Obama. Obama not a magician. A deep injustice, economic injustice will tear country apart. Middle class shrinking. We need new leadership. Higher wages. Debt free college. Climate change. Future.

    Bernie Sanders intro, middle class disappearing, low wages, wealth goes to top 1%. Campaign finance system is corrupt. Billionaires! Millionaires! Climate Change is real! Transform energy system from fossil fuels. More people in jail. Black, Latino unemployment. Money to education. Take back our government!

    Hillary intro. Thanks to everyone. First lady, Senator, Secretary of State, mother, grandmother. Opportunity for all our children. Listened and learned. Specific plans for jobs, clean energy, science, research, climate change. How to raise wages. Profit sharing. Fair tax system. Specific recommendations. Wealthy pay fair share. Equal pay for women. Paid familiy leave. This is about bring our country together again. To much inequality, LGBT, girls.

  21. Hilary is the most polished by a mile out there, she makes the others look like local councillors on their first trip to the pta meeting

  22. Cooper: Will you say anything to get elected? to Hillary.

    Hillary: I absorb new information. TPP did not meet the standards I set long ago.

    Cooper: Political expediency. Moderate or centrist?

    Hillary: I have range of views. I am progressive. Children’s Defense Fund my first job.

    Cooper: Progressive or moderate.

    Hillary: Progressive who gets things done. Have worked with Republicans too.

  23. Cooper has to make it look tough for Hillary. No pillows like Obama.

    Lets see how hard he goes on the others.

  24. Cooper needs to ask him why he does not stand as a Democrat before this.

    Sanders is bloody awful to listen to.

    floundering already.

  25. Hillary is basically taking control and taking control of the stage….webb, omalley and chaffee may as well go home.

  26. These guys are not ready for primetime, Hillary is going to eat them alive.

    Sanders is a lightweight nut. Omalley sounds like someone pulls a string in his back and he speaks.

  27. Cooper: Socialist? to Sanders.

    Sanders: I’ll explain socialism. Wrong for rich to have so much. Medical and family paid leave. Look to Denmark, Norway, Sweden.

    Cooper: Those countries are small. Electability is the issue.

    Sanders: Republicans win with low voter turnout. We bring huge turnout. I bring excitement.

    Cooper: Capitalist?

    Sanders: I’m not a casino capitalist.

    Cooper: Anyone else who is not a capitalist?

    Hillary: I think of capitalism as a way to create jobs. Sanders makes sense but we are not Denmark. Reign in excesses of capitalism but don’t turn back on capitalism!

    Sanders: We should support businesses but not inequality. A fair shake for all.

    Cooper: Chaffee you have been a Republican, Independent, Democrat?

    Chaffee: I did not change on the issues. I’m a block of granite on issues.

    Cooper: O’Malley your responsible for what happened in Baltimore.

    O’Malley: In 1999 Baltimore was not doing well. I turned it around. We reduced crime. I attended a lot of funerals in black neighborhoods. We saved lives.

    Cooper: High arrest rate in Baltimore.

    O’Malley: We settled the legal case on arrest rate. Together as a city we save lives.

    Cooper: Affirmative Action opposition in black party?

    Webb: Opportunity should not be determined by race. I supported Affirmative Action for blacks. Opposed to diversity programs for others “of color”.

  28. Sanders national exposure is not going well i think. They get to see the real man.

    Hillary getting clapped heavily….Sanders, not so much.

    And theirs weird voice omalley again.

  29. Jones, Hillary may sound presidential. .but look at her left left policies..
    No thanks…
    I’m done with reading between the lines with her.

  30. moononpluto, we know she is heads and shoulders better than these clowns, but the MSM will tear her apart…the CNN panel is horrid..

  31. Cooper: Guns. Sanders you have a pro gun record. Now you’ve changed.

    Sanders: I have a Dminus record from NRA. Over years I have supported good gun control. I’m for mental health care to stop shootings. I am not for shielding gun companies from lawsuits.

    Cooper: Hillary, is Sanders tough enough on guns?

    Hillary: No. Sanders voted against Brady Bill 5 times. Sanders voted for immunity provisions.

    Sanders: I’m a senator from rural state. Keep guns out of hands of those who should not have guns.

    O’Malley: I’ve passed gun legislation. Not by looking at polls. Two people in audience from shooting in Aurora are in audience today. The game is rigged for gun companies. NRA gets its way in congress.

    Sanders: Rural states are different than other states. Strong, common sense gun legislation.

    O’Malley: Western Maryland is rural. It’s not about rural. You have not been in congress.

    Webb: Two issues in this. Criminals and gangs and mental problems people should not have guns. But respect gun owners who want to defend themselves. People in government have armed body guards.

    Chaffee: I voted for gun laws. Gun lobby is strong.

  32. Russia.

    Hillary: Before Putin we got lots done with Russia. When Putin came back that changed things. We need to get tough with Putin. Provide safe zones in Syria. Make it clear to Putin he should not be in Syria doing what he is doing.

    Sanders: Syria is a quagmire in a quagmire.

  33. my husband who never tunes in until last minute with politics just walked in and said what the hell who are these people lol

  34. wow, again.. they are pinning the Iraq thing on her again. mfers..
    who has the courage to say, Obama was responsible for current Iraq and ISIS?

  35. Hate that word “Smartpower”

    Didn’t put one soldier on the ground in Libya (Lybia)..and your proud of that?

  36. Just getting to watch the debate….

    Bernie is a socialist fuddy dutty, someone get the big hook. Webb went off script talking about China.

    Hillary looks great and it sounds like she is letting out her inner Kracken…

  37. Bernie looks like he wants his slippers and a cup of cocoa.

    Once the campaign gets going, he wont have the stamina.

  38. Dana Bash: You say Hillary vote on Iraq disqualifies her?

    Chaffee: Poor judgment call. New quagmires. I voted against Iraq war.

    Hillary: We debated this issue in 2008 Obama and I then he asked me to be Sec State. I was for a coalition. Same with ISIS. We need a coalition. I was one of the few with Obama on killing Bin Laden.

    Bash: Would Sanders use force?

    Sanders: A Hillary no fly zone in Syria is dangerous. I heard the same thing from Bush/Cheney.

    Cooper: Did not answer question.

    Sanders: We need coalitions. No unilateral actions.

    Cooper: Is Hillary too quick to use military force?

    O’Malley: The problem was a lot of our legislators were railroaded to vote for war.

    Hillary to quick to use military?

    O’Malley: A no fly zone is bad idea.

    Hillary: O’Malley endorsed me in 2008. He’s a friend. Lot’s of loose talk. We’re already flying in Syria. Diplomacy is about balancing the risk.

    Webb: Russia is in Syria because of 3 strategic failings. Iraq war. Arab Spring. Iran deal will lead to nuke weapons. I opposed Iraq war but we need resolve relationship with China. China does not own south China sea.

    Sanders: Putin will regret what he is doing. He already regrets his invasion of Crimea. He will get bogged down.

    Hillary: On Libya the dictator threatened lives. A mass genocide. U.S. agreed to work with Europeans and Arabs. No lives were lost. Libyan people had free election. There is always potential for danger and risk and we lost diplomats.

    O’Malley: We need human intelligence on ground. We failed Chris Stevens on this.

    Webb: This is not about Benghazi. We had no interests in Libya and Obama should have gotten authority for what he did in Libya.

    Cooper: Webb, you served, Sanders was an objector.

    Webb: The voters decide. I am most qualified to be commander in chief.

    Sanders: I applaud Jim Webb for his service. We passed veterans education and health care bills. When I was a young man I strongly opposed the Vietnam War. I am not a pacifist. Supported Afghan war. War should be last resort. I am prepared.

    Webb: We sent bad signal with Iran deal.

    Cooper: Greatest national security threat?

    O’Malley: Nuclear weapons.

    Hillary: Nuclear weapons spread.

    Sanders: Climate change

    Webb: Relations with China and Cyberwarfare and middle east.

  39. And gonzo, he got a lot of applause for that. For heaven’s sake, how can a theory about the future be the biggest threat, just ignoring all the threats here in the present? Good grief.

  40. Hillary wiped the floor with these fools.

    We were surprised that she went after Saint Bernard so vigorously on guns and socialism.

    Sanders looks like someone konked him on the head.

    O’Malley sealed his doom with this hideous performance.

    What is a Chaffee?

    Jim Webb is making little sense.

  41. some comments from round the webb……

    This whole debate is a riot… I am only listening with Tune-In on my phone… and every time Sanders says something I am picturing Jackie Mason saying it… or maybe the Anteater from the Pink Panther cartoons.

  42. Benghazi.

    Hillary: I said it was a mistake (emails). I will testify. In public. This committee is a partisan RNC vehicle as Kevin McCarthy said. I am still standing. I will talk about the issues.

    Cooper: Obama said it was legitimate issue and FBI investigates.

    Hillary: Look at entire picture. They spent millions. Their goal is obvious. I want to talk about issues not my email.

    Sanders: Hillary is right. We’re tired of hearing about the damned emails. Middle class is collapsing. Trade policies have cost us jobs. Enough of the emails. Issues.

    Hillary: Thank you Bernie.

    Wild cheers from crowd.

    Chaffee: We have to repair American credibility. We need someone with high ethical standards.

    O’Malley: We don’t have to be defined by emails. Let’s talk about affordable college. Issues.

  43. lol nothing about the people getting shot or their actions or their lifestyles – it’s all about how government is to blame for blacks being shot (I assume by each other, since police shooting pale in comparison), and how government needs to fix it.

  44. Free college…for BLM…, mine

    Paid for by America’s middle class

    AND let’s pay for the illegals, and middle easterners, and free health care also paid by middle class…free free free
    Paid for by America’s Middle class..
    Which is now Lower class..

  45. I noticed that they did not make Hillary answer the BLM question. WTF, it has to be one or the other? Do you beat your wife on Saturday or Sunday?

  46. just wondering…do white lives matter…how about poor whites…do they matter…and what about white lives and black lives killed every day by black lives…

    i hate this pandering…

  47. Speaking for myself – she’s kicking ass, but she still supports things I don’t support, including her high opinion of the job Obama has done….

  48. headed over to yahoo twitter feed, missed what she said.. but something to do with “i represented wall street” this will be something we’re going to hear about post debate..

  49. Some I don’t support as well, loran. I doubt we’ll see any Dim candidate expressing a low opinion of the job O has done – at least not yet.

  50. Race:

    Black lives matter or all lives matter?

    Sanders: Black lives matter. Combat institutional racism. Broken justice system.

    O’Malley: We’ve undervalued black lives.

    Hillary: Obama has been great moral leader obstructed by Republicans. Body cameras are good idea. We need a new new deal for communities of color.

    Webb: Criminal justice was political suicide for me but I did it.

    Cooper: What hasn’t Obama done to fix things?

    Sanders: Financial crisis made things worse that it was. Raise minimum wage to $15. Free college.

    Hillary: Bill and I are blessed by we did not come from wealthy families. I have a 5 point economic plan. Economy does better with a Democrat in the White House.

    O’Malley: Sanders is right that we have to separate casino banking from regular banking. The Wall Street crash came after I endorsed Hillary in 2008.

    Hillary: My plan is tougher and more comprehensive regarding speculative banks. But there are other players. Shadow banking is next potential problem. Empower regulators to break up banks.

    Sanders: Fraud on Wall Street is a business model. The Clinton administration fought Bernie Sanders. The 3 big banks are bigger than ever.

    Hillary: I represented Wall Street area. I said “cut it out” to Wall Street. My plan would send executives to jail. Don’t look at only the big banks.

    Sanders: Wall Street regulates congress not the opposite.

    Hillary: I think Dodd-Frank was a good beginning. We need my comprehensive plan.

    O’Malley: Hillary reversed on a lot of positions. But she is not for Glass-Steagle.

    Hillary: Everybody on this stage has changed a position or two. I never took a position on Keystone but I led on climate change. I take a backseat to no one.

    Cooper: You voted against bailouts?

    Sanders: I remember that well. The Billionaires made the problem let them pay for them. Make Wall Street pay for free college.

    Cooper: Is system rigged?

    Webb: On TARP I introduced winfall profits tax.

    Cooper: You voted to make banks bigger?

    Chaffee: I was new to senate.

  51. OMG Chaffee basically gives a “dog ate my homework” answer….. my dad had just died, I had just arrived in the senate, etc, etc…

  52. Why is this college tuition thing so extreme? It’s too expensive, so it needs to be free? (and of course it’s not free, nothing is free) There are ways to make college less expensive, without making the middle class pay for everyone. And everyone shouldn’t be going to college. And secondly, maybe it should be for people who have earned it with decent grades. IMO, it’s ridiculous that kids get accepted to college, then have to take remedial classes before they can even start real classes. If you want to go to college, apply yourself in high school. Or go to junior college for a second chance at learning basic English and math.

    Plus, something that bugs me, CA says it’s tuition free. But that’s a trick. When I went to college in the midwest, there was a tuition cost, and fees were minimal (like $50 semester). In CA, there’s no “tuition”, but fees are thousands of dollars a semester. It’s just word play.

  53. Now the guy with no neck is bragging he’s married to an immigrant. Why has that become THE definition of a real American?

  54. Is someone going to ask these people how they’re going to pay for all of these freebies, for citizens and illegal immigrants alike?

  55. Great ideas. Too bad the country has so much debt that we cannot even borrow enough to start funding it. The 10’s of millions of immigrants is a deal breaker.

  56. Boohoo omally, your the carnival barker..surprised he has his clothes on

    The sista’s will be allover his shit.

  57. LOL.. this Chaffee guy is the entertainment tonight.. he could just slink away from the podium.. and no one would mind.

  58. Bash: Hillary doesn’t want to give free college to Trump’s kids?

    Sanders: Under my plan Trump will pay more taxes. I pay for my plan with a tax on Wall Street speculation.

    Hillary: I have a plan for college affordability. Refinance to low interest rate. I worked my way through college. I think this is good.

    Bash: Social Security?

    Hillary: I support and will defend Social Security.

    Sanders: When Republicans wanted to cut Social Security I started the caucus to defend SS. Lift the cap on taxable income.

    Illegal immigration.

    Lopez: You voted against immigration reform?

    Sanders: I voted against guest worker provision because it is slave labor. Tom Harkin also voted against. We need comprehensive immigration reform.

    Lopez: Open ObamaCare to illegal immigrants?

    Hillary: Open up opportunity to buy into exchanges for illegals. Difficult to open ObamaCare.

    O’Malley: Comprehensive immigration reform and health care. A generous compassioate America.

    Webb: My wife is an immigrant. I would not have an objection to ObamaCare for illegal immigrants. But we have to have borders.

    Hillary: Big difference between us and Republicans. I met with “dreamers”. I would go further than Obama.

    Cooper: In State college tuition for illegals?

    Hillary: If states agree.

    O’Malley: Trump is a carnival barker.

    Cooper: You ran Veterans committee.

    Sanders: We took action when I was chairman.

    Cooper: You voted for Patriot Act.

    Chaffee: That was another vote with big majorities I voted for.

    Hillary: I don’t regret my Patriot Act vote after 9/11. Bush chipped away at that process and I spoke out.

    Sanders: I voted against. It was 99 to 1. I am against NSA surveillance. Corporate America is also doing survellance.

    Cooper: Snowden a traitor or hero?

    Chaffee: Hero, bring him home.

    Hillary: He stole important information. Face the music.

    O’Malley: He ran to Putin.

    Sanders: Snowden educated Americans but he broke the law.

    Webb: Leave it to courts. Collection of personal information is a problem.

    Cooper: Third term for Obama?

    Chaffee: change our approach to middle east.

    O’Malley: protect mainstream economy from big banks.

    Hillary: It’s pretty obvious. First woman president. I would do a lot to build on Obama’s successes. Go further.

    Sanders: I respect Obama. But corporate media, banks, wall street, must be fought with a political revolution.

    Webb: I don’t think a revolution would come Bernie and Congress won’t pay for Sanders’ plans. We need to energize congressional process.

    Sanders: We need to have larger voter turnouts. Raise consciousness. People come together. Fight big money interests.

    O’Malley: Green energy revolution!

  59. But Lu (and you’ll probably agree), free things aren’t a good thing. In America, the whole idea is competition, trying to be the best you can be, working hard, earning your way. If everything were free, why would anyone try hard, work hard, strive to create things? Everything would be taken for granted (and even more would be happy to be on the dole). Even with poor people, it’s best to charge them a buck for psychotherapy, so they own the process.

    We have been the country of innovation (and the country that defends others so they can spend their money giving out free things instead of having their own real military), that other countries reap the benefits of. I read a good article once, and these countries that have three hour lunches for siestas, or 3-4 day work weeks, don’t produce innovation,they don’t move the world along. They’re kind of slugs, and everyone else benefits from our illustrious nation. Or, at least we used to be that way….

  60. Uppity Woman is in rare form tonite. lol


    I am personally looking forward to hearing Bernie scream his answers. It always tickles me…..and reminds me that First Come The Revolution, Then Come The Despot. Just saying.
    I was thinking when I heard that Bernie actually raised some money last quarter, will he finally buy a comb? But nope. That didn’t happen. Think of how proud you would be to have a president who dresses like a bag man on the street, wears sandals all the time, looks like someone should run him through a car wash, and screams like a hyena all the time. So Proud. So Proud.
    There’s also that other guy who will be there, what’s his name. Meh. Nevermind.

    …..And  let us not discount the possibility that the most prolific of Public Professional Crepe Hangers, AKA Joe “Pity me and help me in the polls Biden,” will make a surprise appearance so his ego can bask in that applause that keeps him continuously exploiting his dead son. The guy who wants all the consolations of running for President but none of the consequences. The possibility of this despicable man showing up are increased because he’s not polling all that well.  Basically this could be because he doesn’t comprehend that he is supposed to either Shit or Get Off The Pot – and people are getting kind of sick of all that phony crepe hanging everywhere. Envision him running down the center aisle smiling to the cheers of his well-planted children — and then hopping right onto the stage to participate even though he hasn’t prepared for one minute. Envision him grabbing someone’s mic and saying softly with dewy eyes……”This one’s for Beau”….. This could actually happen, but not to worry!  I’m just kidding! Joe is hosting his high school reunion tonight instead. Um……all righty then.


  61. Well, Hillary was given a chance, and she just doubled down. She’d be Obama’s 3rd term on steroids. She’d only be different because she’s a woman.

  62. I tuned in after NCIS…then had to turn the debate off after the illegal immigration discussion. Frankly, their positions nauseate me. Then I tuned into Hannity briefly to hear Trump and then back to the debate in time to hear Hillary say that she would continue and expand on Obamas great achievements. I truly hope she is NOT our next POTUS.
    Sad, sad, sad to see thes woman who I had so admired become an OBOt.
    For the record, I despise O and his policies and am beyond disappointed in Hillary. Free everything for illegals. They don’t have a clue. I live among a huge illegal population and I can tell you that many are just using our system and playing us for suckers.
    I will put my hope in Trump. I think he will bring a better future to our country and for my family.

  63. These answers on climate change are all crap. The engine that will move the world more towards sustainable energy is not located in the political system. IT IS LOCATED IN THE HALLS OF THE ENERGY INDUSTRY! Nobody is talking about it. They are all wrong.

    Hillary 2016?

  64. Cooper: Insider?

    Hillary: First woman president is outsider. Experience of a lifetime.

    O’Malley: New leadership. Gridlock. No wage growth. I respect Hillary and Bill but we need new leadership.

    Hillary: Don’t vote based on my last name. Vote for my abilities and fighting spirit. We cannot have a Republican follow Obama.

    Sanders: Profound anti establishment feeling in country. I do not have a SuperPac. 4,000 watch parties for me tonight.

    Don Lemon: Climate change?

    O’Malley: By 2050 move to clean electric grid.

    Webb: Solve energy problems here and world wide. Nuclear power. China biggest polluter.

    Sanders: This is a moral issue, said the Pope. I introduced a tax on carbon. Campaign finance reform is necessary to combat climate change.

    Hillary: Obama and I hunted for the Chinese in Copenhagen. China and India must help with climate change.

    Dana Bash: Carly Fiorina on paid leave.

    Hillary: I’m surprised. Typical Republican scare tactics. We need to recognize challenges for parents. Republicans are always fine with power when they fight Planned Parenthood. We will make the wealthy pay for it.

    Sanders: All countries do this. We are an international embarrassment. Hillary is right. Republicans say we can’t do anything but cuts.

    O’Malley: In Maryland we expanded famility leave.

  65. Nice to see Hillary show some passion…she has done as well as possible considering she has been forced to support many of Obama’s policies.

  66. Haven’t posted in a long while, but I tune in everyday. Admin’s brilliant analyses and all the great insights from all Pinksters here have me hooked.

    As for Hillary this time around, I understand the frustration, but she was accused of running a general election during the 2008 primaries. As a result, she’s surely tacked to the left this time around and has not distanced herself enough from BO for my tastes. But I think–I hope!– in the general election she will move to the center. That said, she certainly could learn a thing or two from The Donald.

  67. Lopez: Pot.

    Sanders: I would vote to legalize in Nevada. Too many lives destroyed by jail.

    Lopez: You did not smoke pot. Will you declare yes or no tonight?

    Hillary: I support medical marijuana. Won’t take a position tonight. Stop imprisoning.

    Lemon: Republicans won’t compromise.

    Sanders: Republicans play terrible role as obstructionists. To win against right wing Republicans is to have millions of people coming together.

  68. drudge poll debate winner…. sanders 40,000+ hillary 3000. sanders peeps are out and voting, hillary better be organized for the caucuses this time around.

  69. I truly don’t believe that the majority of Americans agree with the Democrats on illegal immigration. I think its a losing platform for 2016 especially with what many see as a failing administration.
    If the country is really ready for change, it wont be Hillary. She does seem quite smug as if someone has told her all she has to do is look good, smile a lot, praise be to Obama and she will become the next president.
    She’s also setting the stage for taking on Trump, setting him up as mean, rude, and demeaning to women. She’s going low to play the gender card the way that O played the race card. Too bad, too sad….she didn’t need to go there.

  70. trixta
    October 13, 2015 at 10:46 pm
    Haven’t posted in a long while, but I tune in everyday. Admin’s brilliant analyses and all the great insights from all Pinksters here have me hooked.

    As for Hillary this time around, I understand the frustration, but she was accused of running a general election during the 2008 primaries. As a result, she’s surely tacked to the left this time around and has not distanced herself enough from BO for my tastes. But I think–I hope!– in the general election she will move to the center. That said, she certainly could learn a thing or two from The Donald.


    You make some damn good points, Trixta.

  71. Cooper: Best enemy?

    Chaffee: Coal lobby my best enemy.

    O’Malley: NRA

    Hillary: NRA, insurance companies, Iranians, Republicans

    Sanders: Every special interest, Big Pharma, and Wall Street.

    Webb: The solidier who wounded me.

  72. Chaffee couldn’t wait to give his closing statement.
    Helping brown and black…
    Anyone out there willing to help white people?
    Aren’t we all Americans?
    Geez..so tired of the panduring to minorities

  73. Hey PM317! Yes, indeed, this is THE place to be. Glad to be back and glad to see you posting here again. I decided after the 2012 that I wouldn’t let myself ride that emotional roller coaster. Donald, though, has made this election watchable. I still have hopes for Hillary, but I do understand the frustration around her campaign thus far. She’s the only one who is presidential in these debates.

  74. TheRock

    Hillary 2016 ….Not gonna happen…..

    As Admin predicted, there were a lot of words from Hillary, but the overall message was not good.

  75. Ha The rock your comment followed by mine are pretty hilarious. lol thats one thing about bill he was never limp.. still love him though.

  76. Closing arguments:

    Chafee: Many challenges. I solved problems at local and national level. I have had no scandals and high ethical standards. Good judgement like my anti Iraq war vote.

    Webb: Lots of promises and rhetoric here. I promise to take on complicated issues.

    O’Malley: This was a different debate than Republicans.

    Sanders: We have many serious problems. High rate of child poverty, wealth inequality. Health care. Medical and parental leave. We can’t solve our problems unless millions stand up. Send money to me.

    Hillary: Thanks. In this debate we tried to deal with issues. Who has the vision to make changes? Tenacity? My late mother told me the issue is to get up when knocked down. We’ve made progress but not enough. Raise incomes. If you work hard you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. America’s best days are still ahead.


  77. jtjames
    October 13, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    o malley is trying to bill clinton… he is no bill clinton


    Hillary 2016?

  78. Best closing statement from Hillary.. hope the tide turns for her. But I don’t think it does until she is nominated.

  79. jtjames
    October 13, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    Ha The rock your comment followed by mine are pretty hilarious. lol thats one thing about bill he was never limp.. still love him though.


    Hillary 2016?

  80. Good night for Hillary…lets see if Uncle Joe is emotional up for the task of back stabbing her campaign with the help of Obama, Jarrett, and Mo.

  81. pm317 – she’s strongly for amnesty and the Iran deal. I’m strongly against. How can I take someone seriously if they switched 180 in a matter of months (now until the general)? And I highly doubt she’s going to change her mind on those things, anyway…

    I’m leaning against this all being her employing the 17th dimensional chess game that Obama’s people all claimed when they couldn’t rationalize what he was doing, and leaning more towards this is who she is…..

  82. Pm..she is leading the dems..
    Her polices are not mine, hope she doesn’t it to the WH..

    Berne on ” middle class disappearing. .Really? And your policies will ensure that.

  83. Sadly, Bernie Sanders did more for Hillary in regards to this email crap than uncle fluffy ever has.


    Hillary 2016?

  84. well, at this point, my only hope is that Hillary does things smartly enough to get the nomination. Once getting the nomination, she will win the general election. And having got there, she will screw Obama royally.

  85. Aside from the issue of illegal immigration, Sanders and Trump are often on the same page on the issues and surprise, surprise, the American people like the message no matter how out there the candidate is.

    What happened to Hillary? Did she have a lobotomy.

  86. She is our best agent to get rid of Obama from domestic politics and the party and for that reason, the whole country.

  87. also pm, if she suddenly “changes” and becomes Hillary2008 again, and she faces Trump in the general, it would be (Trump) vs (Trump who wants amnesty). He has already staked out much of what Hillary2008reborn would be standing for. The big difference would be the amnesty which she has always supported, and she’ll lose the general on that alone.

  88. I think Hillary won the night. Unlike many here I still support her although I also wish she would go after Obama and his policies more. However, I’m willing to accept that she isn’t doing that right now if this is what she needs to do to win the nomination. Personally I think she would follow her own path if elected and wouldn’t be afraid to change things Obama has done. I guess I am thinking like PM317.

  89. I like that Trump says what he believes, and doesn’t care that the party is against him. I used to think Hillary was that type of person.

    Now the best I can hope for about Hillary is that she’s been totally telling lies for the last 7 years, and at the right moment, she’ll totally change….? (and be believable and trustworthy….?) That’s just downright depressing….

  90. what I cannot understand is how Hillary can go on and on about wanting to take O’s immigration policy further and expand on them…and give even more goodies…

    while at the same time wanting to “help the middle class” and increase earnings for the middle class…

    you simply cannot push both to the extreme as she suggests and have the middle class come out benefitting…

    also there was hardly any discussion of our 19 trillion dollar debt…

    there was basically no discussion of fair trade

    and I do not recall much, if any, discussion on Ocare…the increasing costs and what they would do about it…

    maybe i missed it…I just was not buying alot of what was being said…

    the Dims have forced me to become a realist…

  91. I do believe that. Trump or any other would not care enough about saving the Democratic party from Obama and Obama it will become and it would be like a cancer that would metastasize into the whole country like it has in the last 8 years. We will be screwed for a long time if that were to happen. Obama’s effect and influence have to be neutralized after he leaves office.

  92. pm, maybe that’s the difference – I’m more concerned with the country than the party. Hillary is very much party over country. And I’m pretty sure it’s actually a uniparty, not a whole lot of actual difference between the parties in action. Their *words* are different, to keep us fighting and distracted, but not their actions so much. I think they’re all a bunch of globalists, and we’re heading down the wrong road with either party, Obama or not. And I think that Trump gets that.

  93. American Gal
    Well good luck with that. I guess dreams really do come true.
    Come on FRODO…here’s a magic ring..

  94. …. and I’m not into political parties anymore, not since 2008. I now look at all candidates and see who I think will do what I think needs to be done. BOTH parties need work, but I no longer have a preference for dems doing it. I care about the candidates, to heck with parties. IMO, they’re only labels instead of us actually bothering to look at candidates. I think their main purpose is to continue their own existence, not much more….

  95. lorac, I don’t care about the party. I am thinking about how we will give Obama a permanent send off never to meddle with the party or the country again and who can best do it.

  96. I think AmericanGal gets where I am coming from. Gonzotx, stop being mean, LOL. I don’t you understood what the ‘dream’ is.

  97. trixta
    October 13, 2015 at 10:56 pm
    Hey PM317! Yes, indeed, this is THE place to be. Glad to be back and glad to see you posting here again. I decided after the 2012 that I wouldn’t let myself ride that emotional roller coaster. Donald, though, has made this election watchable. I still have hopes for Hillary, but I do understand the frustration around her campaign thus far. She’s the only one who is presidential in these debates.

    I couldn’t agree more!

  98. what I like about Trump is his “this is me, take it or leave it” attitude…his ‘I am going to give it to you the way I see it…’ and I am not going to sugar coat it…

    he wants everyone to have health care…whether the GOP likes it or not

    he is not afraid to walk into the Lion’s Den and talk with people who do not agree with him

    he plans on saving SS not reducing it

    he has a long overdue sensible approach to illegal immigrants and securing our borders…and will start with getting the criminals out of the USA

    he will take questions and more questions from reporters from all sides

    he opens his rallys to questions…

    he is not afraid…and he does not apologize for what he believes…

    he is not someone’s robotic puppet

    and he has no allegiance or any loyalty to O…we are not going to hear him constantly praising O and walking in O’s shadow…

  99. MSNBC folks think Hillary “won” but Sanders winning the outsider voters who will show up in the caucus states.

  100. TheRock
    October 13, 2015 at 11:01 pm
    Still love my girl. Just not willing to vote for her right now 🙁
    Please change.
    Hillary 2016?

    That is so sweet.

  101. I am not politically astute or politically knowledgable as many on here. So my take is more of an average voter. There are things I like about Trump such as the things Lorac has mentioned earlier. I agree with some (but definitely not all) of his issues as I lean more Democrat than Republican for sure. And I think Hillary is right to bring up the mysogenistic statements he has made. That is part of who he is as well. The big scrutiny of the primaries still hasn’t happened.

    So from the perspective of a person like me–Trump is attractive on some issues but would I want him to be President? Right now I would still prefer Hillary as she is closer to my political views. And I still think she would, in the end, follow her own path if elected.

    This website is helpful to a person like me to learn about the issues and candidates. But I think it’s still OK to have a view that may not reflect the majority of people here.

  102. Hillary is getting praised by most of the pundits…

    twiw…Sanders is winning Drudge with @ 60 % and Hillary is at 6 %

  103. Please
    Ring..The Trilogy. ..fantasy..

    I am mean, I can’t stand it when people “hope” Hillary is just playing a hand..

    Trump speaks truth to power, you kn
    ow what your getting.She is terrified of Obama and his minions.Those you saw tonight would sell us all out to BLM..they all will sell us out to the money handlers.

  104. AmericanGal
    October 13, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    I agree with you and PM

    One of Hillary’s ‘enemies’ was the INSURANCE COMPANIES. I think that’s the key to Hillary’s true feelings about OBAMAhellCare.

  105. Shadowfax
    October 13, 2015 at 11:51 pm
    October 13, 2015 at 10:56 pm
    Hey PM317! Yes, indeed, this is THE place to be. Glad to be back and glad to see you posting here again. I decided after the 2012 that I wouldn’t let myself ride that emotional roller coaster. Donald, though, has made this election watchable. I still have hopes for Hillary, but I do understand the frustration around her campaign thus far. She’s the only one who is presidential in these debates.

    I couldn’t agree more!

    Nor could I.

  106. Actually I think all Republican and Democrats but Trump would sell us out.

    He’s rich enough not to be beholding

    That in itself is key…

  107. jbstonesfan
    October 13, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    I think uncle fuzzy is walking in the same shoes that Ron Paul walked in…and we see how that turned out.

    Uncle fuzzy or almost-one-drop is the fringe group, similar to 99% protesters and Code Pink – Kooksville USA.

  108. S
    October 13, 2015 at 11:52 pm

    Donald is rich and is used to having his own way. He has some great ideas including the fence, but in my book, he is a big mouth and doesn’t have much class.

    I want to see more of passionate Hillary so I don’t have to vote for him.

  109. Howdy, Shadowfax! At least no one in the debate responded to Hillary with “What she said….” Also, I’m glad to see that the moderators weren’t out to get her this time around. I was very pleasantly surprised Bernie defended her on the email issue.

  110. Howdie trixta, good to have you back and yes, I was happy to see Uncle Fuzzy defend Hillary on emailGate.

    Actually, compared to the Republican debates, this one was more of a lovefest, except when Hillary tore into the Republican’s. She sounds like her anger is against the Republican’s and is bypassing Obama as much as possible.

    She kinda praised Obama, but at the end of the day, she would take things farther than he did. It sounded like her polite way of saying that she would clean up his mess.

  111. I have been a little surprised about some of the comments I’ve heard about Hillary from acquaintances and friends. In 2008, I was always in campaign mode, talking about the advantages of her over O to anyone who would give me half a chance. This time around, when the subject of Hillary has come up, I have expressed disappointment in her position on some of the issues. Strangely, those who had nothing nice to say about her back then are offering the explanation that she is just saying what must be said to get the nomination, but will move to center, as she always has, during GE.

    The problem with that tactic is obvious – it erodes credibility and provides a million soundbites that Repub candidate can use against her.

    Regardless, among the non-conservatives that I know, Hillary is seen as someone who can save the country. This may be relatively few people, but does make you wonder how many others throughout the country feel the same.

    Speaking of personal feedback, I was talking to a young, affluent (apparently) liberal guy recently. He opened fire on Trump,calling his campaign a joke. When I countered that i liked his position on several issues, including his stand against amnesty for illegals, he said that according to information he had received (my guess is from some liberal website), there had been such a decline in the birthrate in America that we actually needed the immigrants to make up for the deficit in population.

    Do you believe that sh**?! Some people want to be liberal so badly they will believe the most unbelievable BS in order to do so.

  112. Shadowfax…and some others here…I understand your feelings and passion for Hillary, it is hard to seperate…but for me the bottom line is the policies…

    the policies…and the direction our country will go in…and at this moment, although I still like Hillary alot and think she looks great…I actually think she had some work done and it looks great, beautiful jawline…(just my opinion, not fact)

    at this time I do not have faith she will take the country in the direction I believe it should go…I really, really am sick of the current Democratic party, DWS and the many of them…while not being happy about republicans either…and while I agree with you Shadow…there are times when DT goes overboard and makes me winch…I do believe he has the strength to CHANGE THINGS and I believe if he gets elected he would be more of an independent…the man has done untold good and generous things to help people that he never talks about

    I think we will get alot more of the same with Hillary and maybe worse by her own descriptions…she cannot fight against her own party and the party is way too far left for me…they do not even make sense these days…la la land with more and more and more borrowing…at least Bill talked about getting things under control…not this Democratic party…spend on forever…just keep raising debt ceilings…a bottomless pit of taxpayer money that is really borrowed from China and other countries…freebies galore while regulating small businesses at the same time…enough of that already…I am tired of the control freaks in the Dim party…

    believe me, I thought I would be cheering her on too, I also waited a long time…but i feel she deserted the middle class…and if it comes to the middle class or illegal immigration she is going to favor illegal immigration at the expense of hardworking american taxpayers…

    I will keep an open mind but i will not wear blinders…we’ll see how it goes…

    I am sorry to say any of this but it is what I see and hear…

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