Donald Trump Wins #GOPDebate – Congrats @RealDonaldTrump

Either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination for president. There is no other. As we’ve explained, the GOP primary season process was fixed for Jeb Bush to win (via the low number of debates, the high number of candidates, the financial and institutional collaborators), but Trump came along and now the advantages built in for Jeb Bush assist Donald Trump. What we witness now is pieces of the broken Jeb Bush machine re-purposed, in an Apollo 13 catastrophe style attempt, to fulfill the original aim of getting Jeb Bush the nomination.

The problem in all this is that Jeb Bush is dog food the dogs won’t eat. Jeb Bush policies are opposed by the majority of GOP voters (especially on illegal immigration and Common Core). The Jeb Bush name does not help him, so he erases “Bush” from his campaign.

The Jeb Bush strategy now is to put new shiny labels on his dog food can to distract the voter/consumer. But that won’t work either unless the best selling dog food sold by Donald Trump, the food wanted by millions, is kept off the supermarket shelves. So how to keep Donald Trump brand food off the shelves? Flood the market with new shiny product that will force the Donald Trump brand lower down the shelves and eventually off the shelves entirely.

The shiny new product will constantly be replaced with shiny new product as soon as the glitter comes off. As we wrote well before the second GOP debate:

The latest pawn in the attack Trump ploy is none other than Dr. Ben Carson. Like Perry, Jindal, Graham, and the rest, Carson is but a pawn used by the GOP establishment to attack Trump in order to benefit JeBush. [snip]

The next pawn called to duty will be Fiorina at the debate or maybe even John Kasich. Fiorina will get her face time at the CNN debate but not much else. Fake outrage by her fans and Big Media Trump haters can only get you so far. [snip]

Soon the pawns will all lay dead on the chess table and only the despised and deposed JeBush will remain to Stop Trump.

The Republican nomination will go either to JeBush or Donald Trump. There is no other.

That’s what we saw at the second GOP debate. Jeb Bush remains as unsavory as ever. The last pawn that was sold as the guy to take down Trump proved himself to be an OK doc and not much more. And the latest pawn, Carly Fiorina, is now the next to lay dead on the chess table.

No doubt with all the pimping by Big Media and the Jeb Bush machine Carly Fiorina’s poll numbers will rise and rise and rise from the low single digits to the high single digits or more. Then poof. She’ll be with Ben Carson in the used underwear box.

Jeb Bush needed a KO or at least a TKO against Donald Trump last night. Anything less, and the Trump train is on a trajectory to triumph. Far from achievement of that strategic goal, Jeb Bush ended the debate on his toes in a pretense that fools no one, and in absolute P.R. failure.

Oddly, part of Donald Trump’s victory last night is due to the failure of CNN to hit Donald Trump very hard. That’s not to say that CNN did not try to take Trump down. They did. CNN and the RNC stacked the audience with GOP establishment drones. Further, CNN wasted the first hour with “Donald said this and we want you to respond by trashing him” type questions. All that did was make Donald Trump the undisputed center of attention and leader of the conversation on everything and everyone. CNN went so far as to end the first section of the debate, before a commercial break, with Donald Trump’s comments about Carly Fiorina’s face left to linger in the viewers mind. Like a prosecutor with a weak case, CNN used every trick to rig the jury.

But the substantive questions that could really hurt Donald Trump, the questions we thought for sure would be asked, the questions about eminent domain, those substantive questions never appeared. That’s a shame. We would have liked to see Donald Trump grilled on eminent domain. But that would have been a substantive question about policy and so it never appeared.

What did appear was a Donald Trump quote about Carly Fiorina’s face, said to Rolling Stone magazine, which Trump unconvincingly states was really about Fiorina’s “persona.” Trump essentially waved that off by saying Fiorina is beautiful with a beautiful face. It was a statement that convinced no one. Fiorina cleverly played a “war on women” type card against Trump; a card which Fiorina usually decries when Hillary Clinton pulls it out of her deck. But what made us swallow hard came at the very end. When asked to give herself a Secret Service code name Fiorina responded by saying she would like her Secret Service code name to be “Secretariat”. Yeah, the horse. For a woman whose attractiveness is made mock of, it is odd that she would venture into John Kerry horse-face territory. So much for being quick on your hooves, er, feet.

“Secretariat” Fiorina, like Donald Trump, did not get the questions which we thought were obvious ones to be hit with. Nothing from the CNN moderators or the candidates about Hewlett Packard sales to Iran while Fiorina was CEO of the company. Left unasked were questions about Carly Fiorina‘s support for a low wage society and possible illegal immigration amnesty.

As to the other pawns not much changed. Marco Rubio persisted with his “A” student in third grade antics – full of wide smiles and well written essay question responses to impress teacher – but not much else. Chris Christie tried to fit a 9/11 life saver around his waist to stop from sinking – but he needs a much bigger hole to squeeze into. Scott Walker sweated. John Kasich said something or other few remember. Ted Cruz stared into the camera and gave lectures. Huckabee buzzed every now and then. Rand Paul was a fur toy for big dog Donald Trump who slapped Rand Paul around – which led to our favorite funny Trump moment of the night:I never attacked him or his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.” Ouch!

That was about it for an all out Trump attack. Mostly The Donald sees he’s close to winning and how the strategic landscape now benefits him. Having previously neutered hater Hugh Hewitt, Trump succeeded in his aim to make the CNN debate a bit fairer to himself, although he could do nothing about the stacked audience in the hall. Trump mostly complimented people on the stage even if the compliments benefited Trump more than the complimented. All in all Trump was generous and tried to smile and be bland. Except….

Except when it came to Jeb Bush. Repeatedly Donald Trump beat up on Jeb Bush. Ever so briefly Trump mentioned Bush’s support of Common Core. Bush speaking Spanish on the campaign trail was challenged by Trump. Trump smartly declared that English is the common tongue of the land and that there is a need for assimilation by immigrants. Then he beat up and humiliated weak Jeb Bush some more.

How tone deaf was Jeb Bush? Consider the horsey nature of Carly Fiorina’s “Secretariat” response. That wasn’t bright but it only hurts Fiorina on a comic level. But Jeb Bush, in response to a silly question about what woman’s picture should be on American currency, responded with “Margaret Thatcher.” Jeb Bush could not think of an American woman who should be on American currency. See the problem?

It’s not about Spanish or the ability to speak foreign languages. We applaud anyone who is able and willing to speak foreign languages whether they be of the spoken, digital, musical, or sign language type. The problem here is that Jeb Bush does not see the problem of running for president while communicating in Spanish to the electorate.

It’s not Margaret Thatcher that is the problem. It’s not Spanish that is the problem. The problem is that Jeb Bush is for illegal immigration amnesty, is making a rank appeal to activists that disrespect borders, and to Chamber of Commerce types that want a low wage society. Jeb Bush like Barack Obama also cannot discern that the job of American president is in some very real way to be a cheerleader of and for the American nation. Jeb Bush is repulsed by that part of the job which Donald Trump embraces with vigor and happiness.

Jeb Bush somehow does not grasp that he is walking for president of the United States not social justice warrior of the world. That’s a job already taken by Barack Obama. Jeb Bush does not grasp that he is not on the debate stage to be community organizer of the United States. The job is President of the United States and Donald Trump beat up on Jeb Bush on the very issue and that is how Donald Trump won the debate. It’s either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump. There is no other.


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  1. Conservative talk show host Mark Levin on the second debate:

    Levin: 5 Takeaways from Last Night’s Debate

    CNN’s format was awful. The entire effort was intended to instigate fights between and among the candidates. They wanted a brawl. The early part of the debate was the worst — right out of the box, piling on Donald Trump. Like Trump or not, this is a Republican debate. As I’ve been saying for a while, when will the RNC stop turning over the GOP debates to the media? I find these debate formats demeaning of the candidates and not particularly informative.

    Twice now Ted Cruz was treated as a third-tier candidate. He received very little time and was rarely called on. Moreover, when he tried to speak as a”skeptic” during the discussion about global warming – where Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie apparently accepted the supposed “science” of global warming — Jake Tapper rudely cut him off. When Cruz had about 60 uninterrupted seconds or so to address the Iran deal debacle, he was superb. Same with the Supreme Court. There appears to be a pattern in these debate to marginalize him. Unfortunately, given the nature of these debates, he needs to become a bit more aggressive in pushing his way into the discussions.

    Tapper repeatedly sought a fight between Jeb Bush and Trump, which is why they wound up using more time than most of the other candidates. Did we learn anything from most of it? No.

    Going in, I believe the establishment media were poised to declare Carly Fiorina a victor over Trump and most of the field as she has become one of the establishment favorites. The indications were everywhere. In fact, most of the same voices and writers who opposed Trump and before him Cruz are singing her praises today. They are no longer concerned about lack of governing background of an outsider or flip-flopping, etc. I remember in the 2010 GOP Senate primary race in California she staked out the moderate Republican position against State Representative Chuck DeVore. She didn’t sound like a traditional, Reagan conservative back then. And her response to the birthright citizenship questions were wrong and jumbled. In fact, Trump has a superior understanding of the issue. Rand Paul reluctantly had to agreed. And in that Senate campaign, Fiorina mocked Barbara Boxer’s looks (understandable), a fact ignored by Tapper last night. Why? The audio is public.

    Finally, her record as a corporate CEO is mixed. But do not expect it to be scrutinized by her cheerleaders in and out of the media. But the Democrats won’t ignore it. Let me be clear: I have nothing against Fiorina, but there’s reason to be at least a little skeptical. [snip]

    I thought Chris Christie did pretty well. He’s a good debater. But the problem is that his record belies much of his more recent conservative rhetoric and positions. Mike Huckabee always scores some solid points but, again, his record is shoddy (e.g., he supported virtually every GOP establishment candidate in recent Senate primary races). I remain perplexed as to why John Kasich belatedly jumped into the race. He has become more liberal than GOP primary voters and there were already a number of establishment candidates in the race. I like Ben Carson very much; however, his position on the minimum wage was not particularly strong. And his delivery is, sadly, problematic. There’s a middle ground between loudly provocative and speaking in such quiet tones. That said, I personally like him very much. Rand Paul did much better this time around in staking out his more libertarian views. But, again, his attack-dog tactics against Trump don’t help him. Scott Walker is a solid conservative with a record to prove it. He did better in this debate but he doesn’t shine in these debate formats. Conversely, Marco Rubio does well in these debate formats. And he is solid on a number of issues. However, for many it is difficult to get past his varying positions on immigration, which is an overriding issue for many conservatives. Jeb Bush did better in this debate as well, but he is still under-performing. In fact, many in the establishment media who were touting Bush are today cheerleaders for Fiorina. Had Bush scored well they’d be touting him. If his name was not Bush, he would have been in the earlier debate yesterday. Finally, Trump came under an early withering assault, which was the game plan of both CNN and several of the other candidates. For the most part, he withstood the attacks. I may be in the minority but I thought he bested Fiorina on their back-and-forth about business acumen and birthright citizenship. In any event, he did no harm. And for a front runner, at least for now, that’s a good enough night.

  2. You are SO clever and smart, Administrator.

    “When asked to give herself a Secret Service code name Fiorina responded by saying she would like her Secret Service code name to be “Secretariat”. Yeah, the horse. For a woman whose attractiveness is made mock of, it is odd that she would venture into John Kerry horse-face territory. So much for being quick on your hooves, er, feet.”

    I’m am rolling with laughter. I missed that last night. Thanks for “the catch” and reminding all of us. None of us would ever say nah-h-h-h to your humor. Spot on.

  3. Donald Trump is 6′ 2″ tall and JeBush is 6′ 3″ tall. For sure, the rat fucker was on his toes, deceiving the public like a Bush.

  4. The FED today decided NOT to raise interest rates and keep the Nation ZIRP. That is, until they go NIRP. Watch out for more fascist financial controls as they try to send rates negative.

    I wonder why the economy did not play more of a role in the debate. Is that CNN and the “everything is wonderful” propaganda?

  5. Repost from bottom of prior thread (including typos):


    September 17, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Frankly, I thought Fiorina did very, very well. I’ve seen here one-on-one with a couple of hostile MSM interviewers before (K. Couric, dunno who else), and she pretty much schooled them all. She’s very focused and handles herself very, very well. She comes across as serious, sincere, and competent.

  6. Donald Trump town hall rally about to be televised live from New Hampshire on Fox Business News and probably on CNN. Bush has a campaign event tonight too but no station is broadcasting it live.

  7. Lu4PUMA

    September 17, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    I think the next debate topic is on the economy


    imho…Carly comes across knowledgable but rather than sincere I think she comes across very cold, aloof and condescending…


    Donald is live in NH right now

  8. btw…did anyone else notice how Carly was trying to steal DT’s talking points last night…she sounded like she had been studying his appearances…

  9. trump on cnn taking questions from the audience… we know what the news story will be tomorrow, a man stands and says what are we going to do about muslims and our president that is one.

  10. Donald is in NH…with a terrible heroin problem

    Donald should spell out where the heroin is coming from

    as in cartels walking into the USA with drugs and OUR govt is not allowed to stop them…the same cartels that have infiltrated on the USA side of the border with AK 47’s and intimadate and kill us…

    Donald just said what I wanted him to say last night about the jobs…he will bring them back to the USA

  11. Stinkin’ JeBush, as Governor of Florida, lost $335 million from the state employees pension fund to his buddies at Enron. And funneled billions of the pension fund to Bush donors.

    Then, to top that all off, the current ugly Governor Rick Scott decided that the fund was in such trouble that he passed a “mandatory contribution” from the state employees, who are among the lowest paid in the nation.


  12. A woman at the Trump event in NH awhile ago had been at Lucent when Carly was the head. She was very distressed. Her retirement fund lost thousands and thousands of dollars and she felt Carly’s bad leadership of the company were to blame. Wonder if more and more of these people who worked for Carly at Lucent and HP will begin to come out.

    Average working people are worried and angry when the CEO who ran the company into the ground almost gets fired and walks away with a millions of dollars package

    Lu, that’s scary about the Florida state employees pension fund. Shame on these frauds and double shame on Jeb Bush!

  13. Wow, Anderson Cooper goes off on Trump spokesperson re the guy who asked the Town Hall question regarding Muslims. He lawyer apologized for being rude. Cooper and the other 2 guests were trying to suggest Trump did not push back on question and or agreed with it.

  14. And now Anderson Cooper is investigating the veterans group that Trump spoke for. They have some disgruntled client of the group’s leader and there is a lot of innuendo that things are not right. S.M.E.A.R.

  15. Agreed..not happy the way this is going to play out..The attacks on Trump and his lack of specifics are going to catch up with him and he will somehow get out and avoid losing…Biden enters and possibly picks Warren as VP and could actually win in a general v. Bush. …a nightmare scenario.

  16. jbstonesfan
    September 17, 2015 at 10:11 pm
    Agreed..not happy the way this is going to play out..The attacks on Trump and his lack of specifics
    Nobody on our side is giving up on Donald.

    Anyone who throws their hat in the ring will be attacked.

    To maintain our sanity, we must differentiate between the fair attacks and the unfair ones.

    Tapper should be condemned for staging a brawl.

    CNN should be condemned for salting the audience with establishment hacks.

    But you cannot go to Antarctica and expect balmy weather–you need to prepare.

    And Donald needs to bring in experts from all major areas so he has the specifics.

    So far he has lit up the skies with willingness to define the problems that are killing the country.

    He has taken a nationalistic point of view, while the establishment is 100% globalist.

    He is speaking for the American People, whereas they speak only for themselves.

    But to prove he is a problem solver he must be prepared to discuss the how and the why.

    In the end, it may not matter mostly.


    Because even if he had hit the ball out of the park the elites would have found some excuse to deny it.

    It was the same way with Hillary who won 24 of the 26 debates, but big media hid this in the moment.

    The establishment is predictable.

    Donald cannot afford to be.

    The best thing I can do is explain to friends what the elites are doing to them.

    And why we need Donald to win.

    And the worst thing we can do to ourselves is confuse valid attacks on him, from illegitimate ones.

    As we enter stage 2 and 3 donald will need to Brush up his Shakespeare.

    The tough part: specifics don’t matter to me.

    No battle plan survives the first engagement.

    So I am not looking for specifics.

    Any interest I had in them ended in 2008.

    The struggle here is between nationalists and globalists.

    And it is as divisive, consequential and disasterous as the American Civil War.

    Only most people do not realize it.

  17. Trump says he will NOT take a salary if he is elected president. He is taking no money from lobbyist of money men unlike the other candidates. He is self funding his campaign. When has that ever happened in recent years? Jeb, Fiorina, Rubio and the others are bought and paid for and will stay bought as president.

    Jbstones, that is a scary nightmare scenario alright…a choice between Bush or Biden/Warren!

  18. “The struggle here is between nationalists and globalists.

    And it is as divisive, consequential and disasterous as the American Civil War.

    Only most people do not realize it.”

    Good analysis, Wbboei.

  19. Look, they are blaming Trump for a question by someone who said some stupid things about Muslims. Trump did in fact try and blow it off as ridiculous and only answered about looking into so called Muslim radicals training in America…They are contrasting that with McCain’s telling a woman Obama is a decent family man, etc. The media is holding Trump to an unfair standard and the so called republican strategists are all piling it on …A real concerted effort to get rid of trump.
    As for a Biden v. Bush GE, I vote for Bush .

  20. I too, Web remind people that specifics are a non sequitur. ..what good did it do for Hillary Obama had nine, absolutely none, except for what he stole from Hillary and then in the end didn’t follow anything, except for the leak of redistributing our money, oh yes, he did that, and now wants to give the world 100 billion of the American middle.classcworker for environmental damage.
    Kiss my ass

  21. “The media is holding Trump to an unfair standard and the so called republican strategists are all piling it on …A real concerted effort to get rid of trump.”

    Yes, indeed, we’ve all been there seen that one before. It makes me so furious with the establishment Reps…those lying, sleazy, greedy wimps. As for Biden or Bush, I think for the first time in my life I’d have to sit out a presidential election. Can’t stand either one of them and they both will destroy our country by minding their behind the scenes money men. Biden/Bush…that would be like voting for either Obama/George Bush all over again.


    This is the ad that could sink Carly Fiorina’s campaign

    Carly Fiorina is the new “it” candidate in the Republican presidential field, following a second straight sterling debate performance at the Ronald Reagan presidential library Wednesday night.

    But there was a moment in the debate that previewed a major potential weakness for Fiorina. It came when moderator Jake Tapper noted that Donald Trump had said Fiorina “ran HP into the ground” during her time as CEO. Fiorina responded, “I led Hewlett Packard through a very difficult time, the worst technology recession in 25 years,” adding: “We had to make tough choices, and in doing so, we saved 80,000 jobs, went on to grow to 160,000 jobs.”

    Trump — and Tapper — largely let the issue drop. But Fiorina’s past political history suggests that her struggles at HP could be a campaign killer.

    In 2010, Fiorina was running surprisingly close to California Sen. Barbara Boxer (D), who was struggling in a strong election cycle for Republicans nationally. Then, Boxer ran this ad focused on Fiorina’s time at the helm of HP.

    The commercial notes that Fiorina laid off 30,000 workers at HP while feathering her own nest (the ad’s narrator says she tripled her salary) and buying a “million-dollar yacht” and “five corporate jets.” It went up on TV in the middle of September and effectively ended Fiorina’s chances. [snip]

    Fiorina got off relatively easily Wednesday night, but if she continues to move up in the polls, you can expect to hear a lot more — from her opponents and in super PAC ads — about her record at HP. The question for her is whether the issue — and the ad — remains a campaign killer or whether she can find a way to defuse its power.


    Trump’s Right: Here’s The Proof Carly Fiorina Was A Disaster For HP Shareholders [snip]

    Hewlett-Packard was a disaster. Lucent, the company she was at before Hewlett-Packard, was a disaster. These were two disastrous reigns,” said Donald Trump in an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation.

    For all Trump’s bluster on the campaign trail, he has a point here. Under Fiorina’s reign at HP shareholders took a beating. During her tenure, HP shares lost 42% while the broader market slid just 6%. The day she was fired in February 2005, the stock popped 7%.

    Fiorina joined HP as CEO in 1999 and her campaign website lists a raft of accomplishments at the company, saying she ”doubled revenues; more than quadrupled its growth rate; tripled the rate of innovation, with 11 patents a day.”

    Those figures are impressive at first glance, but also largely misleading. While Fiorina did double revenues to nearly $90 billion during her tenure, it was almost entirely because of the highly controversial acquisition of Compaq Computer in 2002. The merger, a bet on personal computers just as their sales were starting to slide, faced strong opposition and Fiorina had to launch a proxy battle to win approval, pitting her against the son of co-founder William Hewlett.

    What’s more, 15 years later the saga isn’t over. HP is currently in the process of splitting its legacy computer and printers business off from the rest of the company and this week announced plans to lay off another 30,000 people under current CEO Meg Whitman (another wannabe politician who tried to leverage corporate success at eBay EBAY +0.00% into the governorship of California).

    “I managed HP through a very difficult time. Many tech companies while I was CEO also lost half their value,” Fiorina said in May, her typical defense when confronted with the hard numbers on value destruction during her tenure. She’s right, to a point. The Nasdaq fell 34% during that time as the dot-com bubble burst, but even reeling peers like IBM IBM +0.00% (-27%) and Microsoft MSFT +0.00% (-36%) didn’t fall as far as HP, while Dell managed to gain 12%.

    If Fiorina wants to pin some of HP’s decline on the tech bubble, than she also needs to accept its role in boosting her earlier career and perhaps even landing her that CEO job. Long before her days at HP, Fiorina started as an entry-level employee at AT&T T +0.00% and eventually led AT&T’s spin-off of Lucent. The $3 billion IPO of the equipment business was a success and made headlines for being the U.S.’s largest public debut on record.

    In a boom time for telecom companies capitalizing on the dot-com craze, Lucent became one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street and the company grew rapidly. While Fiorina was president of the company’s core business, Lucent’s revenue soared from $21 billion in 1995 to $38 billion in 1999 and the company swung from a loss of $867 million to a profit of $3.5 billion. By the time of her departure the stock had returned a stunning 800% since its spinoff.

    But after Fiorina’s timely jump to seemingly-greener pastures at HP came the bust. Due in part to the dotcom era fallout, falling demand and some shaky lending, Lucent shares ended up plummeting to less than $1 in 2002. It would be acquired by Alcatel in 2006, having recovered somewhat but still at a fraction of its peak value.


    Carly Fiorina’s Post 9/11 Speech in Praise of Islam Resurfaces

    Two weeks after 9/11, on September 26, 2001, Carly Fiorina gave a speech, “Technology, Business and Our Way of Life: What’s Next,” in which she tied courage, leadership, heroes, and “the questions of life and death” to business leaders learning from one of the greatest civilizations to ever exist: Islamic civilization. Her claims evidence her exceptional ineptitude or blatant, galling, willful deceit.

    Consider her claims about Islam and America. She says, America is “indebted” to the Islamic civilization, whose “gifts are very much a part of our heritage.”

    John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would agree, in that they commissioned merchant marines, the Marine Corp, and the Navy to defend America from Islamic invaders.

    Consider her claims about the Ottoman Empire:

    “When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive. When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past civilizations, this civilization kept the knowledge alive, and passed it on to others.” Censorship did exist, but under Suleiman’s rule and Islamic Shari’a law, which, is exactly what Islamists are seeking to reinstate today.
    Under Suleiman three continents were “allowed a degree of peace and prosperity that had never been known.” And, the “Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent … contributed to our notions of tolerance and civic leadership.” One need only read historical evidence of Suleiman’s numerous military conquests, whose methods are nearly identical to those of ISIS.
    The Ottoman Empire “was driven more than anything, by invention. Its mathematicians created the algebra and algorithms that would enable the building of computers, and the creation of encryption.”
    And: America’s technology industry “would not exist without the contributions of Arab mathematicians.”

    The Spartans, Leon Battista Alberti, and Thomas Jefferson were the inventors of encryption; and they weren’t Islamists.

    Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, philosopher, mechanical engineer, and scientist originated the concept of a programmable computer in 1822, which he built upon in 1837. He also designed a printer.

    Centuries earlier, in 1597, Galileo invented and established a factory that constructed instruments to perform trigonometric calculations, multiplication and division, square and cube root, comparison of areas and volumes, currency exchange rates, monetary interest, and various military problems.

    Neither Babbage nor Galileo were Islamists.

    Where did Carly come up with this nonsense—from talking to Aladdin on a magical carpet ride? Her claims top even the mystical fantasies of The Arabian Nights.

    For the truth, however, Islamabad writer Dr. Farrukh Saleem pointed out in 2005 indisputable facts about the Islamic world.

    Today, the 57 Islamic countries are the world’s poorest and most illiterate:

    The GDP of 57 Muslim countries is less than $2 trillion
    Muslims comprise roughly 22 percent of the world’s population but only produce less than 5 percent of global GDP
    20 percent of Arabs live on less than $2 per day
    The average growth rate of per capita income in the Arab world hovers around .5 percent per year [worse than everywhere else except for sub-Saharan Africa]
    60 percent of Muslims worldwide are illiterate
    50 percent of Arab women cannot read.

    Dr. Javaid Laghari adds that 40 percent of the Muslim states’ population falls below the poverty line.

    Today, the 57 Islamic countries contribute the least to scientific and technological advancement, let alone have computers or use the Internet. Saleem points out that over a period of more than 105 years, only two (2) Muslims won the Nobel Peace Prize. (They studied Physics and Chemistry in Italy, the U.K., and California). Only eight (8) Muslims are Nobel Laureates.

    Shouldn’t a leader of Hewlett-Packard have known at the time of her speech that of the entire Arab population, only:

    1 percent has a personal computer—and;
    .5 percent uses the Internet.

    To reiterate the facts, the 57 Islamic countries are the world’s poorest, most illiterate, and contribute the least to scientific and technological advancement, let alone have computers or use the Internet.

    Yet—this future—represented by the achievements of Islamic civilizations, is what Carly suggested should be America’s hope. Two weeks after 9/11.
    A former CEO who “created a larger company with more debt,” laid off 30,000 employees, expanded Hewlett-Packard’s outsourcing while not offering a solution to reverse America’s trade deficit, pointed to poverty and illiteracy as the source of America’s hope.

    Worse still, what business leader, or any leader for that matter, would point to the very civilization as an example of America’s hope, which had just attacked it two weeks earlier?

    Politics, historical facts, and leadership aside, on the matter of “life and death,” which she mentions—for 9/11 survivors—like myself—or the few Christians who have survived genocide in 57 Islamic countries and violence throughout Europe, or kidnapped and trafficked little girls, Carly’s remarks could not be more offensive.

    Perhaps she should move to Saudi Arabia where women are prohibited from driving; or Iran, where women are prohibited from working.

    Her speech 14 years ago only reveals that Carly has been flying on a mystical magical carpet to nowhere for years.


    Carly Fiorina blasts Barbara Boxer’s hair and Meg Whitman on hot mic

    The Internet is abuzz with Carly Fiorina’ gaffe about U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s hair and Fiorina’s comments about Meg Whitman going on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show.

    In the video below, one of many copies making the rounds on YouTube, Carly Fiorina, the Republican GOP representative in the race for the Senate seat currently held by her Democratic challenger Barbara Boxer, talks on a hot mic about Meg Whitman (the Republican GOP representative in the California Governor’s race against Jerry Brown) making a “bad choice” in going on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show, saying “You know how he is” and saying that Sean’s “not an easy interview” (Come on, Sean Hannity’s a lightweight.) But then the former Hewlett Packard CEO sounds really catty in blasting U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s hair for being “so yesterday.”

    The number one television lesson is that when a mic is placed on your, assume it’s hot. Period. When I’ve appeared on national television, that’s the rule I always follow. Someone is always listening to you and Carly should know that. What the video shows is an error in judgement, but nothing more than that.

    If liberal men start blasting Carly for making the “hair” comment about Barbara Boxer and press the point, the criticism will morph into a counter charge of sexism. It’s said that women dress for women, so from that perspective, and I’m a liberal, Carly’s statement is natural. But what can be questioned is Carly’s judgement – does she know when to keep her mouth closed, and why? That’s the issue.

    Now, will Meg Whitman blast’s Jerry Brown’s hair?


    And the reason I was able to beat her by a really a landslide in a year that was terrible for Democrats was because of her record. She had laid off tens of thousands of workers. She pocketed millions of dollars in a golden parachute, was fired from Hewlett-Packard. She had been fired before that. And, I’ll tell you, the people who she stepped on cut commercials for me, some were Republicans, some were Democrats, and some were independents and said they were so mistreated.

    She actually had them training their replacements, people who were coming from abroad. So it was a pretty awful record that she had.

    Plus what’s incredible is when she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, they were actually selling printers to Iran and there was an executive order that said no. And the SEC caught them. So, she’s got so many problems. I say if the Republicans choose her, we’ll walk into the presidency. Really we will. [snip]

    MATTHEWS: Isn’t it ironic that she’s able to run now as a feminist, as someone who was, you know, mishandled and abused by a male, Trump and the way he talked about her appearance. And now she can come back tonight, I assume, with a lot of support behind her just to stand up for her integrity and her gender, if you will. It just seems like that.

    BOXER: That’s fine. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with Carly Fiorina’s face. And that’s so off base I can’t even go there. But she should have realized that when she attacked me because my hair style was quote “so yesterday.” So it’s sort of crazy that she had attacked me on my hair. Now, it’s true, I have many bad hair days. It’s true, but people thought —

  27. Don Lemon just had on Jeffrey Sonnefeld from Yale…the man Trump keeps referring to that says Carly was one of the worst CEO’s in history…

    Carly dismissed him last night as a Clintonite

    Sonnefeld says he is not a Clintonite and has recently met with 3 or 4 republicans

    He went on to talk about how bad she was and what a disaster her time at HP was and he contrasted her to Trump and said what Trump did with ‘restructuring’ or bankruptcy was a way of business for many executives that have had to regroup, such as Disney, Home or Office Depot CEO, etc, he mentioned a few high profile people…

    He emphasized that Trump made a “comeback” and Carly never did…she never survived HP or worked as a CEO again…she never redeemed or proved herself…

    He said that DT’s book “The Art of the Deal” is also “the art of the comeback”

    He also said her problem is she always blames everyone else…she never takes responsibility for her actions…she blamed the Board, workers, critics, etc. never herself…She walked away with $ ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS

    Don Lemon kept saying “You are being very hard on her”…again, ‘protecting her’ while trying to disparage Trump’s experience…

    something tells me we will be hearing more from this Jeffrey Sonnefeld…

    maybe someone can post the clip

  28. So now Jebediah is putting out a new line of bullshit, which goes like this


    Are ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That the Seahawks lost the Superbowl?


    Well then what are they angry about??

    Washington dysfunction!!!!

    He’s half right.

    But it isn’t the dyfunction

    It is the goddamned corruption

    And the Bush clan is in the middle of it.

  29. On the eve of the 2014 election

    Obama told us the election would be a mandate on is policies

    But when he got his ass kicked

    He claimed it was not a repudiation of his policies

    But rather a message that the voters wanted congress to work together

    Now, Jebediah is taking the same tack

    Voters are angry he says

    Not because McConnell and Boeher always surrender

    Not because of the corruption of the political class which has reached epic proportion

    And surely not because they fail to protect the base from the progressive agenda

    But because Washington is dysfunctional

    It seems to me that the opposite is true

    Washington is fully functional for the elites

    But not for the American People

    Because the policy decisions adversely affect them

    What you see, then, in the response by both Obama and Bush

    Is a refusal to admit that progressivism and globalization

    Which both of them favor

    Are contrary to the wishes and well being of the people they represent

    And it is that disconnect that neither of them is willing to acknowledge.

    So they give us this manchurian doubletalk about Washington dysfuntion, work together.

    My response is don’t work at all, unless you are doing the people’s work.

  30. gonzotx
    September 18, 2015 at 6:11 am

    When I saw that I thought Cheney. He was rattling out his crypt a while back about something like this. He and his cohort are just insane enough to try to scuttle an election. I’m sure the old corpse doesn’t view !Jeb as manly enough like him to get the job done. The number of old and/or evil monsters from the past keep on popping up. No more Bushes and that means Cheney’s too. Perino is showing herself to be a sick little freak.

  31. I think Donald Trump may be the luckiest candidate I have ever encountered. Just as his illegal immigration remarks are being hailed as cruel, ignorant and politically incorrect, stories of the illegal alien crime wave burst out all over in news aggregators like Drudge. Carefully hidden for decades by the MSM what is known to areas with high illegal populations now gets coverage when a young pretty white woman gets murdered in a ritzy tourist area. What happens to lower socio-economic strata (and mostly Hispanic) women in their own neighborhoods is suddenly a terrible thing. The range of criminal behavior by the “noble” illegal laborers of Hispania is suddenly exposed.

    Now after frantically beating that storyline back for a few months, the media is confronted with literally hordes of fake refugees overrunning the storied Greek Isles of millionaire yachtsmen and Euro trash sun seekers. Where can they go for vacation now. Mexico and the drug cartels? Uh, no. And after a couple of decades of working their asses off the old eastern block of the former Soviet Union is told to pony up and let yourself be overrun by a young male army of Ottoman Turks just like in the bad old days of the Caliphate! So Germany can assuage their Nazi past and mental problems while demanding everyone else to pay for their therapy. I don’t think so.

    Trump was born under a lucky star. I really think he is a long range forecaster or friends with some guys who are. He is prepared to be always on target no matter what in the big stuff.

  32. How ironic that big media would demand specifics from Donald when, as you correctly point out, they have been hiding not only the specifics but the entire problem of illegal immigration from the public. Let him who hath not sinned cast the first stone.

    The problem with illegal immigration is both first economic–depression of labor markets plus increased demands on safety nets; second political as the illegals arrive and discover the American dream is beyond their reach: and third generational as their sons and daughter rebel against the host who invited them in. This is, in sum, a nation destroying phenomenon. Nonetheless, it is favored–and welcomed by globalists like Zuckerberg as an exercise in creative destruction. National identity is submerged in the flood of millions of human beings who have no connection to our nation, are not assimilated and represent a dangerous, unstable statum-im-statum–state within a state.

    The other problem that is equally daunting is the lack of any will by the elites to stop this. They are lost in the pink haze of give me your huddled masses yearning to move free, and unwilling to admit they were wrong. This is the problem with all nobility who, like the underclass, believe the rules of society do not belong to them.

    What we are seeing today in Europe beyond all the corruption and inability to deal with a mega problem of their own making, is the death of Western Civilization. It is a problem of the elites, who seem to prefer the company of our enemies to our allies, and even to our own people. This has been described as an agency problem, wherein the agent feels free to act in his own interests, rather than in the interests of the principle. This is particularly true today in the behavior of big media. For example, the big media headline today is that at the NH rally Donald did not challenge a member of the audience who said Obama was a Muslim. In other words, Donald did not rise up to defend political correctness the way that eunuch McCain did, but allowed him to believe what he wanted which hurts no one except the political class who made their Faustian Pact seven years ago, and do not want to be challenged.

    But here is the rub. This disaffection between the political class and the country can go on for awhile and the elites always quick to believe the best about themselves will assume they have won, and because they are safe they do not experience the murders that ravage Chicago as a direct result of their policies. All that matters to them is their caviar and the long cocktail line that defines their existence. This false sense that all is well continues until some triggering event, and then it is not unlikely that the elites will experience the hot red eyes of the cave man staring back at them.

    The way thing are going, it is merely a matter of time. Their failure to foresee the appeal of a Donald Trump and to explain it when it arose, is a perfect example of their blindness, and that reaction is as nothing compared to what they will experience when a real catastrophe hits the transom. In days of yore, people would turn to the elites to solve the problem. But today, with the lack of trust which exists, it is just as likely that they will turn against the elites, starting with people like Bloomber and Zuckerberg, who will then seek a degree of absolute security money can’t buy.

  33. With respect to Carly, the notion that she is a heroine breaking the glass ceiling and at the same time the victim of petty vindictive males determined to hold a black man back—excuse me, a righteous woman back–meaning one the elites are comfortable with (OMG, I need to be careful here or someone might figure out that this is the Obama script all over again, just waiting for deanged Jeanne Garafulo to throw a hissy fit, and utter that dumb script)–all of that is rebutted by those videos. What emerges is not St. Joan, but Lady MacBeth doing her own dirty work, rather than manipulating a gullable male to do it.

  34. This is what drives me nuts. The elites have this world view which does not comport with reality, or human nature, and calls to mind that advice to The Prince from Niccolo Machiavelli, that he who foresaes what is for what ought to be will surely learn something that will ruin him. But it is even worse that that with our elites, because they are safe, and they IGNORE feedback from reality. It is the rest of us who will be ruined. Nothing I have ever seen was more depressing to me than to see the huge estates that belong to government bureaucrats, lobbyists, lawyers that make the four counties around Washington the wealthiest in the country. It is literally a case where the wealth of the entire nations is being sucked into the hip pocket of that demographic. And what do we get in return? National failure.

  35. Carly is a business republican, and that is what should make her as unacceptable to the base as Jebediah. This article, plus her resume, tells the rest of the story. She is aligned with the wrong people. . .

    According to a CNN/ORC Poll in July, 40% of registered voters said they feel their views are not well represented by the Washington establishment. Among GOP voters, 53% agree their views are not being addressed at all.

    While the pulse of the American people seems to be riding against “traditional politicians” the question still remains: Does business experience really matter for the role of President of the United States?

    Gregory Valliere, Chief Political Strategist with Potomac Research Group in Washington D.C. says people in the business world have two important skills that would be an asset in the Oval Office.

    “CEO’s, business leaders are very good decision makers and are very experienced on complicated issues,“ said Valliere. “They have the ability to make difficult decisions quickly and inspire business confidence.”

    Valliere points out that the Obama administration has been highly criticized for the lack of business officials.

    “At one point the president had no one in the cabinet that ran a business,” Valliere said. He added that the reason for the lack of officials was it “just wasn’t a top priority.”

    When it comes to the two business leaders running for the GOP presidential nomination,Valliere says it’s difficult to compare “apples and oranges.” He says Trump is not a traditional business-minded Republican.

    “My sense is that Trump has aligned himself with the faction of [the] Republican party that is opposed to crony Capitalism,” said Valliere. “The tone from Trump has alarmed Wall Street, he has attacked ‘fat cat’ hedge fund people, wants to raise taxes on the rich. He really sounds like a populist.”

    On the contrary, he says Fiorina’s campaign embodies a pro-business Republican tone.

    “She [exemplifies] a more chamber of commerce representative and has a traditional corporate background, Trump is more entrepreneurial,” said Valliere. “Carly’s approach is better.”

  36. evidently Carly has made a lot of enemies during her ‘career’…

    Barbara Boxer is on record as saying many of Carly’s former coworkers helped BB when Carly ran against her for senate…

    I am sure we will see people coming out of the woodwork and in negative ‘testimonial’ ads that will strip Carly’s ‘successful’ veneer…

    bring it…


    Yes The Donald does seem to almost be clairvoyant…

    however Donald is getting the Hillary 08 treatment in spades…

    I am already sick of hearing every word DT says dissected all day long…it really is enough for these media outlets to lose viewers…the brainwashing is so repetitive…

    funny, how many other candidates have the guts to open a town hall to any and all for questions and answers on TV

    Can you imagine how many shocking things get said at other gutless candidate’s functions that never make air time…instead we get filtered and pre-selected people planted for happy days…


    A Morning Consult poll, released Friday, surveyed 504 registered voters who watched Wednesday’s Republican primary debate and has only good news for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. While the poll’s sample size is small (with a 4.4% margin of error), the poll’s trend is worth noting.

    In this same poll, prior to Wednesday night’s debate, Trump sat at 33% support. Dr. Ben Carson sat in second place with 17% support. Today Trump enjoys 36% support. Carson is still in second place but with just 12% support.

    Trump’s lead increased from +16 points to +24%. That’s an +8% jump.

    With their shared status as outsiders, it appears as though Carson’s support went to Fiorina. Prior to the debate the former-Hewlett Packard CEO had just 3% support. She now sits in third place with 10%, only -2 points behind second place Carson.

    Overall, the Republican Establishment is the Big Loser here. Non-politicians Trump, Carson and Fiorina command 58% of the vote, and that piece of the pie is only growing larger.

    Rubio also enjoyed a boost from 2% to 9%. This puts the Florida Senator in 4th place. Texas Senator
    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)is in 5th place with 7% support. Everyone else is bunched up at 6% or below.

    A plurality of 29% believe Fiorina won the debate. Trump came in 2nd with 24%. Carson came in 3rd with just 7%.

    Fiorina’s favorability rating jumped from 37% to 56%. Her unfavorable sits at just 28%. Carson does best on this question with a 79% favorable rating. Trump comes in 2nd with 67%. Only 30% see Trump as unfavorable.


  38. OMG, I have been secretly thinking as Carley as the second coming of Horseface for months, even thinking of what their kids would look like if she married Kerry, Mr. Ed himself.

    I never said anything about it on the blog, trying not to make a sexist remark, but I had to die laughing at this:

    When asked to give herself a Secret Service code name Fiorina responded by saying she would like her Secret Service code name to be “Secretariat”. Yeah, the horse. For a woman whose attractiveness is made mock of, it is odd that she would venture into John Kerry horse-face territory. So much for being quick on your hooves, er, feet.

  39. I didn’t have the stomach to watch the Rep. debates again…so thanks to Admin for the snippets here.

    Shrub III, the “smart” Bush looked weak and simple minded.

    Thank God Trump decided to run.

    Hillary, where are you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  40. Well Well. Not Bush this time!!! 🙄

    But the White House says it is not to blame. The finger, it says, should be pointed not at Mr. Obama but at those who pressed him to attempt training Syrian rebels in the first place — a group that, in addition to congressional Republicans, happened to include former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  41. It is not his job to protect Obama,
    Like Mcshame did. 😡

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chastised fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday for allowing a man to incorrectly claim that President Obama is a Muslim. Sanders took to Twitter to demand the GOP real estate mogul apologize, and said: “This nonsense has got to end.”

  42. jbstonesfan
    September 17, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    Watching Fox and Perino thinks Biden will announce in November…

    Maybe Ol’ Joe will announce the day before the primary.

    He is not a serious candidate, neither is Bernie or that other white guy. They are all as much of a threat as Perry was in the GOP race.

  43. foxyladi14
    September 18, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Trump’s response should be to dismiss Sanders as a nobody. As the saying goes, a lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep.

  44. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chastised fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday for allowing a man to incorrectly claim that President Obama is a Muslim. Sanders took to Twitter to demand the GOP real estate mogul apologize, and said: “This nonsense has got to end.”


    Maybe Nitwit Bernie has some proof that Barry was never a practicing Muslim and also while he’s running down that proof, he can dig up a real copy of the Fraud’s birth certificate…not that Photoshoped copy the Fraud put out on the internet.

  45. I have a good friend in Pennsylvania. She is Mexican by birth, but 100% American citizen. Her sister, also born in Mexico and now a citizen of the U.S., is a lesbian. I asked her who they are supporting. Yep. You got it. The Trumpster. They both love him. Their only fear is they keep thinking he is so blunt he will eventually shoot himself in the foot. I pray that never happens. However, if he does I think he has the brains to pull the slug out of his foot and make his enemies eat it for breakfast on toast.

    I know there still a long ways to go to 2016 but I do feel hopeful. It seems that proverbial sleeping giant is stirring.

  46. I am burned out with the political bs these days, trying to think of a Friday night song for Big Pink….


  47. S, if Trump continues to post poll numbers such as the latest poll, Big Media will have to pronounce him super-duper-for-sure-this-time triple-ipple dead.

    In this same poll, prior to Wednesday night’s debate, Trump sat at 33% support. Dr. Ben Carson sat in second place with 17% support. Today Trump enjoys 36% support. Carson is still in second place but with just 12% support.

    Trump’s lead increased from +16 points to +24%. That’s an +8% jump.

    With their shared status as outsiders, it appears as though Carson’s support went to Fiorina.

    As predicted here before the debate, we have gone from pawn Carson, to pawn Fiorina. Next pawn up after Fiorina is sent to the glue factory we predicted will likely be John Kasich – but Kasich is not doing so well either after the last debate.

    In chess, as in this political chess match, there are a limited amount of pawns. We’ve been through Graham, Perry, Cruz, Jindal, Paul, Carson, Walker, Pataki. Cruz did not play his unwitting pawn part well. The rest of them tried too hard and failed harder. The few that remain, Huckabee, Santorum, Rubio, Gilmore, and whoever are not sufficiently up in the polls to be convincing pawns. Once you run out of the pawns, Jeb Bush will have to stand up for himself – and we don’t mean on tip-toes.

    Jeb Bush is running out of pawns to try to kill the king.

  48. OMG-can anyone believe what a circus they are making over this question!!!! They are railroading Trump and forcing him out of the race imo..And while Hillary can come out and support Muslims, the notion that Trump somehow condoned the comment is an outright twisting of the facts..really disgusted.

  49. Anyone have any details about why Trump is pulling out of the Presidential Forum? I see them talking about it on Fox.

  50. If Donald is forced into making any statement on this foolish “trumped up” issue Donald should make a statement saying something like…

    President Obama has said he and his wife belonged to Reverand Wright’s, Trinity Church of Christ church for 25 years so I will take him at his word that he is Christian…(that is, Rev Wright as in…God Damn America)

    I would like to see him stand up against the anniliation of Christians all over the world…


    btw…how do we know this guy wasn’t a plant…kind of funny that was the first question asked…

    …and if you noticed there was other commotion going on in the background at times during that event…so there seemed to have been protestors in there…it looked like they actually threw out one guy who was yelling…

    …this reminds me of the fiasco when the media went on nonstop trying to make it sound like Hillary wanted O assassinated because she mentioned the notion that things happen…while the media and O were trying to force her out of the race and she was resisting pulling out…

    remember that…the same panels discussing it ad nauseum for days at a fever pitch…the cavalry has been called in again to kill one of the candidates…

    not to mention she was racist because she dared to inject President Johnson into the civil rights movement…

    the media is still talking about this tonight…

    the really are trying to push him out of the race…

  51. Hmmm… doesn’t seem like a wise move on his part to miss this event. Not to be conspiracy theorist, but seems like an odd decision unless there was some kind of threats taking place behind the scenes. Why would you bow out when you’re still leading by such a wide margin? Just sayin’.

  52. Trumps campaign is saying that the cancellation is not due to the birther bullshit but others are implying it is. He should tell them all to kiss his ass. They are childish

  53. Watching CNN…I like the guy who supports Trump. Points out Obama sat in Rev. Wright’s church and never said a word about the Anti-semitic, anti-American, and anti-white stuff for 20 yrs…

  54. WTF..Is CNN going to spend all day and all night trying to tear DT apart…why aren’t they looking at other candidates…this is sick…

    they cannot stand someone exposing the truth and righting for the people…

    I hope people can see through this…this is Hillary 08 all over again but much worse…

    I cannot stand that Fareed Zakaria…what an ass…

    If they want to talk about a narcissist and/or a bully look at who is in the White House…

  55. Correlation does not imply causation, but it this case it certainly raises the question…
    Correct. But big media conflates the two which is my point. Normally, the burden of proof would be on the charging party to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that A caused B. I doubt they could prove it. If they could they would have stuck the knife in him for sure, big media being what it is. But obviously this is not a court of law, there are no rules of evidence, and quantum leaps in logic are routine. This is the court of public opinion controlled by a fundamentally dishonest broker who is not on the side of the American People, namely big media. And what big media is doing is a smear. I think he should respond to the charge aggressively, proffer a justification for not attending which outweighs being there—the claim he had a business deal is inadequate and sends the wrong message, and then I would have him use this opportunity to teach the public more about how big media always jumps to the conclusion which suits their narrative, which more often than not has nothing to do with the truth.

  56. Once you run out of the pawns, Jeb Bush will have to stand up for himself – and we don’t mean on tip-toes.

    Ha! Good one!

  57. So, Trump has already said Obama is stupid. Is Bernie implying that someone calling Obama a Muslim is worse?

    Good point…. I hadn’t thought of that…

  58. Trump’s response should be to dismiss Sanders as a nobody. As the saying goes, a lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep.

    I totally agree. Unless it’s the general and Trump is facing Sanders (not going to happen), Sanders the Socialist is just a mosquito. (Although, if others pick up on it and it starts to become a “thing”, then I think he may need to address it – if only to say “I let people say what they’re feeling, it’s not my job to police them and protect Obama”….

    I feel that Trump needs to learn to “not sweat the small stuff” – to show that he has control over himself, and doesn’t *have* to insult someone or take their bait. He has shown he is strong, now he has to assure people he has control over that strength, IMO….

  59. I turned on the tv, and it was the end of the Kelly File. She, of course, was trashing Trump*, something about the veterans’ group he spoke to the day before the debate has some problems… then Hannity came on, and he’s always appears very pro-Trump.

    It makes me wonder, because everyone says the corporate owners control what a station covers and how it represents it, which has always made sense to me. But then how does Hannity get away with being pro-Trump…? Unless they agreed to let there be one pro-Trump show to appear “fair and balanced”….?

    *she did acknowledge that it’s not Trump’s fault, that how would he know about this group’s alleged recent problems (sounds like it may have been taxes or something….)

  60. Hannity just showed a clip of Hillary, of course to make fun of her (saying, this is how Hillary plans to start appearing warm and personable)..

    The clip was of Hillary waving her arm around, making fun of Trump, saying (not exact words) “and Trump just says, I’ll just get there, and the economy will rebound, and everything will be great….”

    Reminded me of when she(the old Hillary) made fun of Obama by waving her arm and saying (not exact words), “and the oceans are going to rise, and the ..” (shoot, now I can’t remember!) Anyway, it was a similar style of countering the opponent…

  61. I never said anything about it on the blog, trying not to make a sexist remark, but I had to die laughing at this

    Shadow, personally I don’t think it is sexist to make fun of a woman’s face. If it had something to do with what makes her a woman, something intrinsic to her woman-ness, that might be sexist. But if it’s an insult that could apply equally to a given man or given woman, I don’t see how it’s sexist. Just the fact that the insult is aimed at a woman, doesn’t make it sexist – in *my* mind, anyway.

    Of course, we all know it’s not nice to make fun of someone’s appearance, especially something they can’t help – but we all do it around friends, and you’re among friends here. I just worry about Trump doing it, because he’s not just talking to friends when he is speaking in front of a camera. It can be misconstrued, used against him, and in just looks in poor taste and insensitive when spoken in front of millions…. as well as heard by the target..

  62. While I am on the subject . . .

    The Republican Party loves to complain that big media is unfair to them. They whine and whining gets you nowhere. Nowhere. But if the target turns the table on the media, well then the world takes notice. It is a man bites dog story, and people learn about the game big media is playing. Gingrich did it to John King, Trump did it to that young waif from NBC, but the grand master of this strategy was the cantankerous codger Admiral Rickover–father of our nuclear submarine program, USNA class of ’22. Ironically, he became a nuclear opponent at the end of his career, and his former boss told me that was because of his wife. But whatever the explanation he knew how to manhandle the press–or any other subordinate when what they did failed to please him. In one case, the pundits from NBC pulled a bait and switch on him—invited him on Meet The Press to talk about the need for better secondary education because too may high school graduates lacked the basic skills to build upon so they could operate the most beautiful craft known to man, namely a nuclear submarine armed to the teeth with IBMs thus ensuring that we are not a nation to be trifled with. Instead, they cross examined him on a different subject–the guns or butter question. He was in no mood for their bullshit, told them they were nothing but a bunch of soap and deodorant salesmen, and terminated the interview. After a brief station break, they returned, the pundits apologized and said we have agreed with the admiral that the balance of the interview will be devoted to education, not appropriation. EVEN THEN, and this was damned near forty years ago, big media was promoting the butter end of the guns vs butter debate, and then as now, their motive was to build out the Washington bureaucracy and line their own pockets. Nunc pro tunc. Then as now. And if its courage they lack, they would do well to realize that most of these big media pundits are not reporters, but propagandists, who know everything there is to know about campaigns, even though they have never worked on a campaign, raised money etc. The only thing the have is an Ivy League education and a support group with that credential inside the beltway.

  63. This is what drives me nuts. The elites have this world view which does not comport with reality, or human nature

    They pass laws for everyone else, but exempt themselves.

    We don’t pay them enough to become millionaires, but they do become millionaires.

    They have to only work a couple of years to get a lifetime pension at full salary. But what can we do? They award themselves their own pay.

    One thing that might help would be to have the congress only meet one month every 6 months – the rest of their work can be done by internet from their home state – because I doubt they’d want to pay for the big expensive home near DC if they are only there two months a year – but who would change the congress rules? – they make their own rules.

    The base of the problem appears to be the fact that they set all their own rules themselves…..

  64. Now on Fox they’re making fun of Hillary’s “attempts to look warm and genuine”…

    WHY do they always do that to her? They NEVER expect that of male candidates. AND when Hillary in the primaries got a little misty-eyed when saying she didn’t want us to go backwards (if O was elected), they ridiculed her for crying! They put her in a catch 22.

    I’m quite upset that she is supporting O’s Iran deal. The best theory I’ve heard so far is that perhaps O told her that if she did what he wants, he will pardon her should she be charged with anything. But then again – she HAS to know she can’t trust that loser. So I guess I still don’t know how to explain who she has become….

  65. We now have the final verdict on Trump’s debate performance.

    It comes from the sharpest mind in the conservative movement–Mark Levin.

    He says that CNN promised and delivered the worst 30 minutes in the history of campaigning by trying to get all the Republicans to trash Trump. It was a grave disservice to the Republic.

    He said that Trump muscled through it just fine—better than most other candidates would have done, if they were subjected to the same 360 degree attacks.

  66. From Trump’s website, under his newly posted 2nd amendment rights position paper:

    A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.

    wbboei or jbstonesfan – maybe you know – drivers licenses are issued by state, but they are honored by all states.

    Is there a federal law mandating that states must honor the licenses from other states, or is it just the case that all 50 states happened to agree to do this? (50 states with individual state laws that honor the licenses of other states.) Because Trump’s suggestion that all 50 states should have to agree to concealed carry seems to me to be stomping on states’ rights if he means to be federalizing that….

  67. Lu4PUMA
    September 18, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    the media and republican establishment is so stupid. they still haven’t figured out this is the PC bullshit that fires-up the Trump base and makes him stronger.

  68. The media and political movers and abusers are trying to beat back the Trump-led preference cascade as hard as they can. The louder and more hysterical they get the more they are ignored. Turd Blossom is looking very sweaty and greasy. The PM of Hungary is showing just what CAN be done with illegal immigration if you put your own citizens first.

  69. Longtime BFF’s of POTUS have their own PC moment:

    Park City, Snuggle and McCormick Spice joined Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best—to bail on The View over controversial remarks.
    The controversial comments made by Behar and Collins came in response to Sunday’s 2016 Miss America pageant featuring Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, whose talent consisted of a monologue about being a nurse. The next day, Behar said she did not consider the monologue a legitimate talent, and appeared ill-informed on the nursing profession as a whole.
    The show has since been trying to make amends.

  70. Using the refugee crisis in Europe for immigration problems here is a double edged sword. America is different from the classist/racist Europe (I have lived in Europe and would never want to live their my whole life). We should find a different solution than to just enclose ourselves in an iron fence. Illegality and criminality have to addressed forthrightly. American spirit is also one of generosity and fairness and that should be brought to bear in any solution. I think America has lost its head in the last 16-20 years. Everything has been politicized with a D and R, starting with the 2000 election debacle and hunting down of a President’s sexual shenanigans before that. How do you reset America?

    I read somewhere that Saudi Arabia had 100s of air-conditioned tents for refugees that were sitting empty. Refugees are flocking to Germany for a reason. Couple of them I saw interviewed on Greta (I think) spoke flawless English and said they were engineers and other professionals. This is their hail Mary pass for their children’s sake.

  71. The show has since been trying to make amends.

    Why should they??

    Behar is a loud mouth fat slob.

    They pay her whatever they pay her for her brain dead commentary.

    There is nothing to apologize for here.


  72. Trump has begun to hit back via tweets
    “this is the first time I’ve caused controversy by NOT saying something”
    “I’m not morally obligated to defend Obama”
    “Is Obama going defend me when people say bad things about me?”
    “Obama can defend himself”

    Go get ’em Donald

  73. foxyladi14

    September 19, 2015 at 11:43 am


    foxy…thanks for posting the clip of the kids…I tried to find it…you are the best…

  74. The Donald responds…


    No apologies.

    Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to strike back at everyone criticizing him for not correcting a man who said President Barack Obama is a foreign-born Muslim.

    “Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so!” Trump wrote.

    The Republican presidential candidate, who routinely attracts press with his biting put-downs, said this is the first time he caused controversy for not saying something.

    Trump added that there is no way Obama would have corrected a misguided statement about him had the tables been reversed.

    “If someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? No chance!” he said.


    or in other words…STFU…

  75. I hope Donald continues to hammer the media and all of Obama’s defenders during the next few days in his public speeches and appearances for this faux controversy. This is only going to rally more people to his cause and strengthen the resolve of his supporters.

  76. PM , believe me, they are cherry picking the immigrants.
    We don’t need anymore Muslim radicals in AMERICA.
    FOR once Bush was right, give us the Christians that are fleeing.

  77. On Trump’s Facebook page, his comments which also posted on Twitter are getting huge numbers of approvals from people (50,000+) when I last checked. Commenters are really fired up over this attempt to crush and silence him.

  78. gonzotx,

    Definitely, every country has its right to allow what other people into its own and every other country does it too. It used to be that the US immigration policy was needs based and based on merit and some based on humanitarian. A guy at UVA when I was a grad student there had said — I am yet to see a dumb Indian. That was the 80s. America has benefited from attracting the cream of the crop from all over the world and that should not ever get lost in this confusion and chaos. On the other hand it is not all about needs, merit, and the educated class; my gardener is from Honduras (not an illegal BTW) and I have never seen a more ethics-oriented conscientious worker. Before him I had a AA doing the work — he would finish the work haphazardly and sit on my porch and call out my name loudly. He was too good to be doing that work. I could not wait to replace him. I do squirm when I see Burka clad women, head to toe in the malls but I also know that it is not easy to give up your cultural mores easily. Though I would think it is easy to give it up for convenience and especially when you are not surrounded by people who would have judged you adversely for it; on the other hand, I also know many older generation Indian women who have a hard time adjusting to wearing western clothing — if I brought my mother in law here, she would not feel comfortable wearing pants or skirts, but she would never agree to cover her face and body. So I guess that is the issue — assimilate how and to what extent, what to give up and what to adopt and to figure all that out you need courage, smarts, some education, and a lot of independence.

  79. My 80 year old Mother-in-Law visited us this summer for a month. We and she were afraid to keep her here for longer time because of her precarious health and if we had an emergency we would have to spend out of pocket 100s of thousand dollars for healthcare. We were prepared for it but didn’t want to risk it too much. She took excellent care of herself having known what was entailed for us and her. So we had her here for a nice visit — she lost her husband recently and it was a good change of pace for her to come here and visit with us. So that is the context. While she was here, we would take her to restaurants and sight seeing. In a few such outings, I would actually notice people giving her (and us) the dirty looks (maybe because she would wear the Indian dress Sari and stood out?). On couple of occasions, I wanted to say, don’t worry she is not looking for your social security dollars to the other person {she has a cook, a housekeeper, a driver for her car, and anything she needs back home where she is and it is not even US dollars from us that she depends on}. She does not have us there which is unfortunate because we are wedded to our careers and profession here.

  80. 1985 – 1995 era. Many outstanding Indians hired by Bell Telephone Labs and I had pleasure to work among them, look up to them. Financially, intellectually, and ethics-wise they carried their own weight magnificently. Integrated so well. Maintained ties with those in homeland, and struggled with heritage of arranged marriages once they saw the freedom of selection here.

    I’m sorry pm, that more US residents don’t know that.

  81. There are 2 sides to the Indian equation however. While I agree they are hard working, at my company they outsourced over 500 American jobs to an Indian company, all working in the US on H1 visas. That’s a problem IMO.

  82. Those were the days, holdtemaccountable. Many of them went on to found hefty reputable companies that were big on innovation. Now we have garbage applications like Facebook, Twitter..(and even Google to some extent)making billionaires out of 20 somethings invading peoples privacy and helping businesses and politicians to be more cut throat than otherwise and unleashing the inner beast in ordinary people who don’t know how to interact with others in a civil society.

  83. About the Indian immigrants: At least they outsourced IT jobs when there is a STEM shortage in this country. At least they were given legit H1 visas where the company has to guarantee that they could not find a person of that technical expertise locally for the advertised positions. At least they go through legal channels to become permanent residents and citizens if they want to — many don’t and go back. At least these people are here for a productive and decent life and not plotting against America. At least these people try to assimilate in good faith.

  84. September 19, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    About the Indian immigrants: At least they outsourced IT jobs when there is a STEM shortage in this country. At least they were given legit H1 visas where the company has to guarantee that they could not find a person of that technical expertise locally for the advertised positions. At least they go through legal channels to become permanent residents and citizens if they want to — many don’t and go back. At least these people are here for a productive and decent life and not plotting against America. At least these people try to assimilate in good faith.

    Except the argument they could not find technical expertise locally is complete and total bullshit. I managed a team of extremely competent IT staff who had to TRAIN the Indian replacements for 4 months before they were laid off. I now manage the outsourced team. My prior team performed the same output with 1/3 (yes, one third) the number of staff now on the outsourced team. This outsourcing was 100% about cost and nothing to do with lack of skilled workers, so spare me that line of crap. I’m not saying these people are bad, I’m just saying there is something wrong with our system when good capable US citizens are being replaced because its cheaper to bring in overseas workers.

  85. Outris

    September 19, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    September 19, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    About the Indian immigrants: At least they outsourced IT jobs when there is a STEM shortage in this country. At least they were given legit H1 visas where the company has to guarantee that they could not find a person of that technical expertise locally for the advertised positions. At least they go through legal channels to become permanent residents and citizens if they want to — many don’t and go back. At least these people are here for a productive and decent life and not plotting against America. At least these people try to assimilate in good faith.

    Except the argument they could not find technical expertise locally is complete and total bullshit. I managed a team of extremely competent IT staff who had to TRAIN the Indian replacements for 4 months before they were laid off. I now manage the outsourced team. My prior team performed the same output with 1/3 (yes, one third) the number of staff now on the outsourced team. This outsourcing was 100% about cost and nothing to do with lack of skilled workers, so spare me that line of crap. I’m not saying these people are bad, I’m just saying there is something wrong with our system when good capable US citizens are being replaced because its cheaper to bring in overseas workers.

    ….. and just so I’m not misunderstood here, let me be very clear that I have nothing against the Indian workers personally. I have managed this team for a number of years and they are all good friends of mine. We socialize together and have a great time. We went to lunch on Thursday for the Ganesh holiday and participate in other holiday celebrations such as Diwali, and I’ve been covered with colored powder by the team during the Holi Festival (lot’s of fun 🙂 )

    So, my comments are not about the individuals, or Indians in general. I’m simply stating that I don’t think some of the current policies are necessarily fair to US workers.

  86. Outris
    September 19, 2015 at 4:09 pm
    Very interesting. I always suspected that the productivity of Americans was higher. I was brought up on the old puritanical work ethic – give your employer 110%. I lost my high dollar job after 20 years of exceptional performance, over sexist discrimination. So other unfairness still rankles me. Right now I have a government job that pays not so high, but is easy for me because I am over qualified. The last 15 years I have spent raising my daughter.

    The thing is that American business (then and more so now) sucks and businesses are run like crap, mostly structured to avoid paying taxes. The worker bees were never the problem.

    Well it is all coming down. The global economy is drowning in debt and unraveling around China and they will probably be blaming us (the FED).

    There are some good articles on the Fed’s failure to raise rates and what is going on with all that, over at and today.

    Maybe the solace of that is that we can build something better.

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