Second #GOPDebate Explained: It’s A Halfway House For @RealDonaldTrump

Update: It’s a world-wide open thread: Trumpageddon. Millions of eyeballs tuned in to watch Donald J. Trump feast on loser meat. Will the hunter become the hunted? Will our predictions hold? Stay tuned Bat-friends. The worst is yet to come!!! Poodooodooderooo… bada bada bada bada bada….


What is the single most salient fact about tonight’s main debate? What is the therapeutic reality of Dr. Ben Carson? Is tonight the night of Trump victory? Is tonight the night of Trump defeat? What’s gonna happen? What’s not gonna happen? Who is the most dangerous person on stage against Trump? What outside event will influence the debate the most? What hurts Trump the most? What helps Trump the most? What will Trump do? We answer all those questions again, and more.

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First, what is the single most salient fact about tonight’s main debate? Answer: It is a 3 hour debate. This will influence everything that happens, every strategy, every player, every lowlife, every highlife… everything. It is the single most important fact about tonight’s debate. All strategy revolves around the fact that for 180 minutes candidates will have to answer questions. For Trump this could be a problem if he is under sustained attack from everyone else and stumbles or becomes frustrated. For Trump this could be a plus if he allows all the attacks over 3 hours to blend into a “medium is the message” establishment against outsider Trump uber-message that Trumps the overt message of attack words conveyed by the candidates. If Trump keeps his cool for 3 hours and (as we wrote) wins this debate – it is over and Trump is the nominee. This is the last real chance to derail the Trump train. If Trump continues to roll after tonight the tens (or hundreds) of millions of dollars in attack ads to take down Trump will become a necessity that will not get the job done.

Second, what explains Dr. Ben Carson’s rise in the polls? The main reason for the poll rise is that Carson is a pawn in the game. His job is to destroy Trump, then JeBush and the Republican establishment will crush Gentle Ben in an afternoon. But the main reason for the rise of Ben Carson is that he is a halfway house on the road to Donald Trump. For GOP voters that hate the Republican establishment but don’t like Donald Trump’s style or are not 100% sold on The Donald, they are for now parked in the Ben Carson lot but eventually they will find themselves in the Trump camp.

Third, what will be Donald J. Trump’s main message tonight – the main line of attack – the most important defense/offense of the Trump? Trump telegraphed his message on board the USS Iowa last night. Trump’s main message tonight is that he is the only one that has the oomph, the pizzazz, the va-va-voom, the get-up-n-go, the energy orbs, the cojones, the panache, the getcha-getcha-ya-ya-da-da, the muscle, the mind, the get-it-done energy, the by-the-power-of-Greyskull ability to get the job done. This is how Trump will answer the “outsider” pawns like Fiorina and Carson when they attack him.

Fiorina will attack Trump. Trump can respond with her bad record and firing at Hewlett Packard. Trump can also hit her with the Iran deals Fiorina masterminded while at Hewlett Packard. But at the end of the day Trump’s response will be that he alone has the business experience and the willpower to do what needs to be done. Fiorina might be a good attack dog against Hillary2016 as a VP pick but she is too compromised on illegal immigration (ex-Univision CEO Jerry Perenchio is among her biggest donors) – Trump has that ammunition locked and loaded.

Trump’s strategy will be to note how all the other candidates are compromised by dint of their donors and/or their establishment do-nothing status. For Fiorina and Carson, the “outsider” dupes and pawns in the game fixed by JeBush and the establishment, Trump will point out that they simply can’t get the job done, only Trump can trump the establishment.

As to JeBush, he will try to attack or do something to prove he is alive. But, come on, really, JeBush is not “Veto Corleone” as he likes to say about his record as Florida governor. JeBush is the other Corleone brother – Fredo.

JeBush will hide under Fiorina’s skirt and Carson’s stethoscope, and like a jackal, attack after others attack Trump. JeBush will try to refute the Trump imagery of Bush as “low energy” by ostentatious displays of energy fueled by campaign strategists’ pep pills. But that will fail. JeBush isn’t running for president, he’s walking… The Sista’s got that one nailed.

As we have repeatedly written, the GOP primary is fixed for JeBush, but Trump has upset that plot and all the advantages built in to help JeBush, now help Trump.

The only candidates that matter tonight are Donald J. Trump and Jeb Bush. The rest of the candidates are plant decorations on the stage. Some will be mechanical pawns used by the establishment to prop up the boy who would be king. Some will continue to delude themselves that they have a shot to win if only they can get rid of Trump. But anyone not named Bush will be crushed if Trump is crushed.

Dynasty boy JeBush can only get the nomination if the GOP establishment drags his carcass across the finish line in his walk-a-thon to the presidency. Fredo Bush is the ultimate pawn in the game played by those that want a low wage society.

Trump’s biggest enemy tonight though will not be JeBush, nor any of the candidates on stage. Donald Trump’s biggest and most dangerous enemy tonight will be debate “moderator” Hugh Hewitt who has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump and tonight will wage war against Trump.

What will be the biggest issue that causes trouble for Trump? It will be eminent domain and the reprehensible Kelo decision. This is the issue the Club for Growth will spend millions on in anti-Trump ads. Trump will have to explain his position on Kelo and either state that as a developer he supports the Kelo decision or say that what he supports as a developer and what he will do as president are two different things. For Trump, the trump card on Kelo will be that the GOP establishment is hitting him for something they have done nothing to stop and therefore they are hypocritical liars on the issue. We expect blood to flow on this issue and look forward to hearing this discussed.

Trump’s biggest advantage tonight is that he has been so correct on so many issues and those issues are the top headlines. The Muslim soft invasion of Europe will influence this debate the most. Donald J. Trump is the candidate that took on illegal immigration and it is Donald J. Trump that deserves the credit for saying what needs to be said. Donald Trump leads in the polls because Donald Trump leads on the issues.

Oh, there is a 45 minute losers debate that starts at 6:00 p.m. ET. No questions nor answers about the losers. They’re in a half-way house to obscurity.


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  1. The Trump influence already felt:

    House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) is bracing for what could be the toughest weeks of his speakership as several dozen conservatives in his party are threatening to topple him unless he is more ferocious with Democrats during the upcoming fiscal showdowns. [snip]

    Talk of unseating Boehner is not new, but this latest uprising is getting a jolt from the Republican presidential campaign, in which anti-establishment sentiment has driven two nonpoliticians, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, to the front of the pack.

    Last week, Trump led a rally outside the Capitol opposing the Iran deal — enthusiastically attended by a half-dozen House Republicans who are Boehner critics — during which he made a blunt declaration about the party’s elder statesmen in Congress: “We are led by very, very stupid people.”

  2. Decades late, it’s confirmed after so many denials:

    CIA confirmed Oswald contacted Cubans, Soviets before assassination, memo shows

    Three days after John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, U.S. intelligence officials told President Lyndon B. Johnson that they had confirmed that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had recently traveled to Mexico City to visit both the Cuban and Soviet embassies, according to a half-century old briefing memo declassified on Wednesday.

    Oswald’s travel plans were revealed in an unprecedented declassification and release by the CIA of thousands of presidential daily briefings from the 1960s. Though the memos are decades old, about a fifth of their content was still redacted to protect sources and methods.

    According to the Nov. 25, 1963 briefing, Oswald — a former U.S. Marine who defected to the Soviet Union in 1959 — visited both the Cuban and Soviet embassies on Sept. 28, 1963. [snip]

    Fifty-two years later, the intelligence briefing on Nov. 22 — the day of the assassination and the first presidential intelligence briefing for then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson as he assumed the presidency — remain a mystery.


    The Obama administration is preparing to announce a plan to admit more refugees over the next two years, but at this point the numbers being proposed are too small to relieve the crisis streaming out of Syria.

    Wednesday at the White House, the most senior national security officials will discuss raising the limit on the number of refugees from around the world allowed to enter the United States — from 70,000 this year to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in fiscal 2017, three administration officials told me. If members of the National Security Council Principals Committee agree on the plan, it will be sent to President Obama’s desk, and administration sources say he is likely to quickly approve it.

  4. foxyladi14
    September 16, 2015 at 3:41 pm
    I am so excited about tonight’s debate. 😀

    And when is the last time any of us said that!!!!😄

  5. Admin: I agree with your analysis, on all points. If Donald can keep his cool, the attacks on him by others will be like mosquito bites, and can be brushed aside. Hewitt is the main problem, and he can be handled too if he keeps his cool. Hewitt may be acting as an agent of the establishment but he also has a grass roots audience who support Trump and will be eyeing his every move. The two hats argument on the right of eminent domain can be handled by the same logic as his history of buying candidates, i.e. I know the tricks, I played them myself, and as president I will make sure they are not played against the nation. As Holmes put it, if you want to know what the law is, don’t ask a judge–ask a thief. And while Donald is no thief, he does understand the system from a mechanic’s perspective, whereas the other candidates are content to know that the automobile operates, not the how and why of it. That kind of inside knowledge is essential if we are to take the nation back from those who stole it and stole our future, and are determined to go on stealing, and pissing on our leg and telling us its raining.

  6. foxyladi14
    September 16, 2015 at 4:00 pm
    As long as they don’t come back. Maybe they can give up their US citizenship too while they’re at it.

  7. admin
    September 16, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    The risk to the nation in this is HUGE.

    I do not mean to say that we should not do something to relieve that crisis.

    What I am saying is NOBODY WHO LIVES IN THE SAME WORLD AS MOST OF US can seriously believe that Obama, who has opened our borders to the worst element CAN BE TRUSTED to keep out the terrorists.

    And he will bring ISIS to our shores with this initiative.

    It is not the policy. It is the laissez faire administration of it that will lead to a big disaster.

    For this to work, it must be tightly controlled.

    But experience shows that with this JACKAL at the helm it won’t be.

    You will see more Kate situations, on a much larger scale.

  8. Here is the The Brody File story with DonaldTrump that aired on 700 Club this morning:
    Donald Trump to CBN: ‘I Always Expect to Win’

    Have you had a chance to see DJT’s tweet saying 3 hours is too much?

    Or the urgent news just out
    Commander admits size of US-trained Syrian fighting force at ‘4 or 5’ at FoxNews, likely elsewhere too
    Guess Democrats will luck out on it being too late to be included tonight.

    For sure, these Big Pink setups for Trump are a royal treat.

  9. CNN is going to allow everyone to get a piece of Trump as we see in the “Jr” debate. I really hope trump is ready as the take down is in full progress.

  10. Agreed…none of them on stage can win . Truthfully, only chance GOP has is Trump and they are trying to get rid of him.

  11. Jindal is pathetic/

    Donald Trump is not a conservative! In other words he is merely a problem solver

    He is not a Republican!! Oh, you mean like McConnell and Boehner who are proven cowards

    He is not a Democrat!!! Thank god for that the way things are today.

    Sounds to me like three good reasons to vote for Trump.

    Bobbeee says he will not endorse him—in other words he will break the pledge.

    Now there are four good reasons to vote for Trump.

    This debate is like the losers lounge.

    Wait a minute . . . Santorum is surging.

    He just condemned all his opponents to the inner recesses of a firey hell.

    Obviously, Santorum is not a man to be trifled with.

  12. foxyladi14
    September 16, 2015 at 5:25 pm
    I saw it during the pee-wee debate. I do not think it will have the effect Soros wants.

  13. They are going to be issue specific imo. Tapper was somewhat fair in the first round, but really tried to get the questions asked, answered. Trump should not fall into this trap and keep the focus on the broader ” complete disaster” that our country has become as he would say.

  14. The smell of fear from a Trump hater:

    But [if] next week’s polls show Donald retaining his spot at the top with none of the more established candidates breaking out of single digits, then it may be time to recognize that debate performances don’t matter all that much and that the normal rules of political gravity don’t apply to either him or this Republican contest.

    In that case, it will really be time for the party establishment and mainstream activists who don’t want the GOP to become Trump’s personal property to panic. It won’t be possible for them to wait until after Iowa and New Hampshire to settle on a single, viable non-Trump alternative. That’s why the only question to ask about tonight’s debate is whether it will produce some sort of shift in public opinion that will create a stumbling block for Trump. Anything other than that will mean he continues cruising to the nomination while the party he seeks to lead starts to collapse in chaos.

    In other words: If Trump doesn’t lose the debate the trouble is with the debate not that Trump is good at debates.

    We are in agreement that tonight is last chance to stop the Trump train.

  15. Introductions begin. Paul as defender of Constitution. Uniter Huckabee attacking Hillary. Rubio as family man and Reagan ass kisser. Cruz as Cuban and husband and dad who is fed up with career politics. Carson as retired doc and concerned about the future. Trump made billions and wrote Art of the Deal and he will use his abilities to do great things. Bush optimistic conservative reform who took on special interests in Florida. Walker as Reagan ass kisser and fought status quo in Wisconsin. Fiorina a secretary who became a CEO who wants to fight corrupt government and political class. Kasich a proud father and Reagan ass kisser who flew with Reagan and quotes Reagan and will be like Reagan. Christie attacks Obama and wants to fight for the people.

  16. Tapper quotes Jindal to Fiorina in an attack on Trump. Fiorina says the campaign will reveal the character of the candidates. Tapper asks can Trump be trusted with nukes.

    Then Trump attacks Rand Paul and says his temperament is fine. He will make America great again. Rand Paul says Trump is entertaining but that he is dangerous. Paul says Trump is Junior High.

    Trump mocks Rand Paul’s looks as ripe for critique.

  17. Trump is asked to defend his qualifications for president. Trump talks about his life story.

    Jeb Bush says the next president has to fix the problems created by Obama and will require steadiness, not insults.

    Walker jumps in to say we don’t need an apprentice in the White House. Trump attacks Walker’s record in Wisconsin. Walker attacks Trump’s 4 bankruptcies. Trump defends himself and says Walker is down in Iowa because voters have discovered his record in Wisconsin. Walker says Trump is not telling the truth and defends his own record in Wisconsin.

    Kasich jumps in and says people at home want to know how to fix the country not the fighting going on.

    Tapper then resumes. Tapper says the outsiders have majority support and asks Christie whether the establishment label applies to him. Christie is sure Carson was not talking about him and then talks about how he fought for the folks in New Jersey.

  18. Carson asked who he critiques. Carson says politicians do what is best for themselves. He is concerned about the country but won’t attack anyone in particular.

    Fiorina says those who have been in the system don’t know how bad the system is. Makes a fish analogy.

  19. Tapper asks Bush if his donors make him a puppet for their interests as Trump has charged. Bush says he is a “disrupter”. Bush then says Trump tried to buy him. Trump denies that and says donors have control over the candidates. Trump says no one has control over him.

    Bush says he purchased Hillary. Trump interrupts Bush. Bush tries to resist Trump. Trump says he’s happy Bush is showing energy today. Bush and Trump get into a back and forth.

    Carson says the people are in charge.

  20. So . . . they paid him $100 million to cut taxes in Florida. That it! Believe it. Cross my heart and hope to die. So help me Jebediah. You fucking asshole.

  21. Putin and Russia are next. What would Trump do? Trump says the problems start because Putin does not respect Obama. Trump says he can do business with these people because they respect him. This will produce a more stable world.

    Tapper asks Rubio about Putin. Rubio says he understands the world situation. Rubio denounces Obama leaving the world scene.

    Fiorina says she would not speak with Putin but would build up armed forces. Project strength.

  22. The Iran deal. Kasich quoted to Cruz about the foolishness of ripping up the Iran deal on day 1 of presidency. Cruz says the deal is that bad it must be ripped. Cruz cites his fight against the World Court.

    Kasich says the deal is very bad but first we must rebuild our relations with allies.

  23. Kaisich(sp) is a rube. Paul is a rube. Both claim that they would look at the agreement first. How come they haven’t looked at it yet?

  24. China and next week’s state dinner. Rand Paul attacks Fiorina for not talking to Putin. Cites Reagan. Wants engagement.

    Walker defends his denunciation of state dinner for China.

    Bush wants to rebuild relations with Israel.

  25. Huckabee demands to be heard on Iran. Says Iran deal threatens Israel and America. Denounces Iran terror regime. Obama will give Iran billions for terrorism.

    Hugh Hewitt asks Trump about Syria. Blame the senators who voted against Obama. Trump says there is something missing with Obama. Courage? Does not blame senators but they did have responsibility.

    Rubio says he voted against because Obama just wanted a “pinprick” attack.

    Paul says this is about wisdom and that if Obama had bombed Syria, ISIS would have already won. Paul says think before intervention.

    Cruz demands to answer. Cruz says the #1 test is national security. Cruz asked Obama about bio weapons and Obama had no answer. Cruz cites on Iran “Death to America” and John Kerry and Obama not protecting this country. Cruz equates Hillary with Ayatollah.

    Kasich demands that we work with allies. If Iran lies then bring back sanctions, Kasich says. Unity says Kasich.

    Cruz says this is most important issue. Cruz details the problems with the phony inspections regime.

  26. Hewitt’s strategy has now come to light. Show Trump as very weak on policy. Divide by showing him as less in tune to political policy. Huckabee is sounding VERY rational!

  27. Tapper attacks Huckabee on Christian rights and anti-gay marriage advocates. Huckabee says Supreme Court legislated on gay marriage.

    Tapper cites Bush to attack Huckabee. Bush says Tapper cites him incorrectly. Bush says there should be some accommodation for objectors at the local level. Tapper quotes Bush to Bush.

  28. Dana Bush tells Kasich that Cruz wants to shut government down over Planned Parenthood funding. Kasich says it won’t work even thought he wants Planned Parenthood defunded. Kasich cites his Washington experience on budget matters.

    Cruz attacks Planned Parenthood and the profits from fetal sales. Cruz says the idea that Obama can veto and fight for his goals but Republicans should surrender on issues is wrong.

    Christie says he defunded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey. Attacks Hillary Clinton defense of Planned Parenthood.

    Dana Bash again asks about potential government shutdown. Christie says Obama should be forced to veto.

    Fiorina says this is like Iran. She would call Bibi on her first day then call Iran to shut them down. On Planned Parenthood Fiorina attacks Hillary Clinton and asks everyone to watch the videos. Fiorina says this is about the character of our nation. Is for defunding.

  29. Tapper quotes Trump to Bush on women’s health funding. Bush says he is most pro-life governor. Says he misspoke.

    Trump says he will be great on women issues. Trump then cites North Korea to trash Iran deal.

    Bush attacks Planned Parenthood again and says other organizations will provide the services.

    Trump then insists Bush said what he said.

    Walker says he defunded Planned parenthood in Wisconsin and this should be done nationwide.

  30. Tapper ends segment with a quote from Donald Trump about Fiorina’s face. Applause from audience when Fiorina says everyone heard what Trump said. Trump says she has a beautiful face and is a beautiful woman.

    Tapper ended the segment with an attack on Trump.

  31. Is Carly in some kind of pain? The expression on her face after answering the last question makes me want to say ‘grow up.’

  32. Dana is always obsessing about the impact of a government shut down. This is mainly a beltway obsession. Their friends, relatives, would lose a few dollars for awhile. The vital services would continue.

  33. Another Rubio family story
    How about a family story about how he lied to his supporters about immigration.

  34. Immigration. Trump says he will enforce the law and he is the one attacked for saying what needs to be said. He says he will build a wall; will enforce the border. It can be done with proper management.

    Tapper asks Christie about comments critical of a wall. Christie says you would have to deport thousands a day for years so it cannot be done. Christie says enforce the border and enforce visa overstays.

    Trump says illegal immigration costs 200 billion a year.

    Carson then asked to attack Trump. Carson says he agrees illegal immigration is a problem. Says Yuma California is a good model for a fence. Says current fences not useful because they’re easy to get over.

    Tapper brings Carson back to his attacks on Trump. Carson says he asked for specifics and is open to idea.

    Dana Bush says Bush wife is what Trump referred to as Bush’s blind spot on illegal immigration. Trump denies he said that. Bush asks Trump to apologize.

    Trump quotes Bush “act of love” as weakness on immigration.

    Fiorina says Trump is not to credit for illegal immigration debate. Trump says he brought the intensity to the debate.

    Bush says Trump’s plans would cost billions and would hurt America.

    Trump says we are spending 200 billion a year. He wants legal immigration.

    Dana Bash then attacks Trump for saying Bush should speak English not Spanish. Trump says we need assimilation.

    Bush says he answered a kid in Spanish. Trump says that was no kid that was a grown up reporter.

    Rubio says his grandfather talked Spanish.

    Tapper asks Cruz about Carson’s 6 month grace period then guest worker status for illegal immigration. Carson disputes the characterization but does not say how.

    Cruz says he is glad Trump has forced a conversation on illegal immigration. Cruz says Carson can speak for himself and his plan. Cruz says many on the stage have publicly supported illegal immigration amnesty.

    Tapper turns to Rubio. Rubio says his family are immigrants. Rubio says illegal immigration system does not work. Rubio says secure border and visa violations along with e-verify.

    Tapper asks Carson why his plan is not amnesty. Carson says farmers can’t find Americans to do the work. His plan will not make them citizens, just guest workers.

  35. Anchor babies. Tapper asks Trump about Fiorina attacks that Trump panders on this issue.

    Trump describes what an anchor baby is and says this is wrong. Says we are the only ones dumb enough to do this. Trump says the 14th Amendment does not justify anchor babies.

    Tapper turns to Fiorina “why is it pandering?” Fiorina asks why Obama has not solved this problem. Obama said he would solve the problem and did not use his majorities to solve the problem. Fiorina says Obama wants to political issue. Says 14th amendment fight won’t work. Fiorina says Trump plan won’t work. Talked about his for decades.

    Trump agrees with Fiorina on Obama using this as political issue. Persists that 14th amendment is not pro anchor baby.

    Rand Paul says Trump is right on 14th Amendment. Cites legal cases.

  36. I wish one person would quote Eisenhower and how he marched 5 million mexicans back to mexico in the 50’s.
    Admin, do you have the ear of anyone in Trumps campaign to tell them?

  37. I think she is going to get some lift just because she is the only woman on stage…Trump will be OK if he doesn’t lose ground as so far he is having trouble on policy as we were concerned about…he should have had someone prep him with on specifics and he would have come off better..


    Audience also seems to be pro Fiorina .

  38. This debate is in California and it would seem Carly packed the audience. Watch her…she is really is “bitchy” the longer the debate goes and if anyone disagrees with her.

  39. Tapper cites Trump attacks on Fiorina and Hewlett Packard.

    Fiorina defends her leadership and says economic times were bad.

    Trump cites business journals that say Fiorina was a disaster for Hewlett Packard. Cites news today about firings at HP. Trump adds her CEO at Lucent was also bad.

    Fiorina attacks Trump on bankruptcies and debt. Says Trump can’t deal with American debt if he can’t deal with his debt.

    Trump cites his history of good business and Atlantic City.

    Christie says he is not interested in the careers of Trump and Fiorina. Says middle class is what matters.

    Fiorina then attacks Christie leadership. Says leadership is about solving problems, not braggadocio.

  40. As bad as Trump is doing in terms of policy, I am curious to see what the happens in the polls after the debate based solely on the questions that are just high school bruhaha….

  41. Tapper cites Trump on hedge fund manager taxes.

    Kasich says he is the one with the great record in Washington on debt and budget. Also has good record in Ohio. How do we come together?

    Huckabee says we should get rid of these taxes. Says he is for fair tax proposals. Does not think hedge fund managers should pay taxes for being productive. Huckabee then cites Reagan to bring down taxes.

    Carson asked about his 10% Biblical approach versus Trump tax proposals. Carson says it’s about America. Carson says it is socialism that Trump is advocating. Carson says he is also looking at Huckabee’s fair tax proposal. Wants government out of the way on taxes.

    Trump says his upcoming plan will lower taxes.

    Rand Paul wants a 14% tax rate for everyone. Flat tax. No loopholes.

  42. The bottom line with Carly is LET THE VETTING BEGIN OF HER…so far there has been almost none and she had been boosted by the Reps and media…reminds me of BO in that way.

  43. Minimum wage is lame Tapper quotes Walker to attack Carson. Walker says help people succeed with skills and education. Repeal ObamaCare.

    Carson says both sides need to negotiate reasonable minimum wage then make it permanent via indexing.

  44. Hugh Hewitt asks something about Hillary Clinton. Which approach is best, ignore Hillary or attack Hillary?

    Kasich says he will discuss his own records.

    Fiorina says Hillary will have to defend her track record. Benghazi, servers, etc.

    Christie says Obama won’t prosecute Hillary but that he will prosecute her during debates. Says server endangered national security.

  45. Carly is a good little girl who will do her homework and answer all the questions substantively, knowledgeably and even a bit theatrically .. but there is something unnatural (and irritating) about her delivery, and her ….face! 😉

  46. Foreign policy. Rubio’s attacks on Trump’s knowledge. Trump says Hewitt apologized to him. Says he will get best team.

    Rubio cites world dangers. Says next president must understand these issues.

    Tapper says Rubio suggests Trump is not up to the task. Trump disagrees that Rubio said that. Rubio then says Trump should be asked questions. Trump says he is not in the senate with the worst voting record in the Senate like Rubio.

    Rubio says he has missed votes because the government is out of touch. “That’s why I’m missing votes.”

  47. Trump is wayyyy ahead in Drudge poll, the chick second, Cruz third, but its a HUGEEEE lead right now, just 51000 votes

  48. Hugh Hewitt cites Bush advisers loaded with his brother’s hires. Bush says he is his own man.

    Trump says he is the only person on stage who opposed Iraq War. Says he is pro-military but wants to not be dumb.

    Bush attacks Trump past praise of Hillary.

    Trump says George Bush was a disaster then brought in Obama. Bush says Bush kept America safe. Trump says he does not feel safe. Walker says blame Obama not Bush.

    Trump cites collapse of economy. Walker cites his fight against the unions in Wisconsin. Says he won’t back down.

    Rand Paul says he opposed the Iraq War and Syrian War. Rand Paul says Bush still supports Iraq War.

    Bush says we unwisely pulled out of Iraq and that led to creation of ISIS.

    Rubio is against American retreat. Cites Syria.

    Carson says he told George Bush not to do the Iraq War. Says global Jihadists want to destroy America.

  49. Drudge has Trump winning and Fiorina a distant second…we will see other polls I suspect with Fiorina doing much better. Christie has tried hard but has mad little impact. The others are ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  50. Kaish won’t get the love post debate from the Left, its Carly time
    And where is Christi, I dont want to go there,but…

  51. Carson is showing weakness on the use of military might. The attacks in Afghanistan by W were COMPLETELY correct. Carson seems soft….

  52. Tapper asks Christie about Carson saying he would not have gone into Afghanistan. Christie says his wife worked 2 blocks from World Trade Center. Christie supports war against Afghanistan.

    Carson says he suggested GWB use the bully pulpit and become oil independent in 5 years.

    Christie says that may be a fine idea but that the situation required a muscular response. Which Bush did.

    Carson says he is for strong leadership but that at times smart leadership is better. Build military, he says.

    Rubio says this cannot be solved by intellect. They had to be fought.

    Huckabee says Obama doctored intelligence so a good decision requires accurate intelligence capacity.

  53. We should have gone into Afghanistan first while we had the chance and ended it there. everything else has been a disaster.

  54. More troops to fight ISIS? Walker says 3000 is enough even as Graham says that is not enough.

    Walker says listen to military experts.

    Rand Paul asked about “arab boots”.

    Paul says there will always be a Bush or Clinton to send troops to fight. Don’t vote for him if you want less intervention. Attacks Saudi Arabia on Syrian refugees .

  55. Great Balls o Fire. Wouldn’t you have hated working for Carly? No wonder her workers were thrilled when she got fired.

  56. She is getting the hometown treatment for audience which will give her a boast in the polls. However, I agree, she may pull more from Carson who is really boring tonight as opposed to trump who is short on substance but still doing “his thing”.

  57. Domestic issues from Dana Bash. Cruz criticized GWBush for Roberts appointment.

    Bush says Cruz supported Roberts. Jeb Bush mumbles his way about John Roberts.

    Cruz says Roberts was a mistake and that Roberts did not follow the law on ObamaCare. Cruz says GHWBush appointed Souter. GWB appointed Roberts. Cruz burns Bushs.

    Jeb Bush says Cruz supported Roberts.

    Cruz regrets his vote for Roberts. Cruz says the problem is that Bush appointed Roberts because it would have been easier, not such a big fight. Cruz says he will fight.

    Litmus tests for Supreme Court?

    Huckabee says yes. Religious freedom and human life. Also due process and 10th Amendment rights of states.

  58. gonzotx
    September 16, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    I wish you would have suggested that earlier!! I would be soooooooooo drunk right now!

  59. Where is Jerry Springer when we need him to spice up this “bitchy” debate with actual fist. Maybe the next Rep debate should take place in a mud pit.

  60. The debate has gone to pot.

    Rand Paul is for rehab not prison. The states should decide. War on drugs is racial.

    Jeb Bush admits he was a pot smoker in high school and is the target of Rand Paul’s “hypocrite” charge.

    Lots of silly back and forth from the pot heads.

    Christie says he is for rehab and against the war on drugs. But Christie says that gateway drugs also harm the families of the users.

    Paul says the federal law violates the states law and ergo they are hypocrites. Supports medical marijuana and that states should decide.

    Fiorina talks about her child who died due to drugs. Pot is not like beer.

  61. Second Amendment.

    Hugh Hewitt asks about gun laws. Bush supports background checks.

    Rubio says only law abiding follow the law. Criminals don’t care about the law. Talks about values and families.

    Cruz says he won landmark victory at Supreme Court on 2nd Amendment.

  62. Dana Bash asks about Christie comment on means test for Social Security.

    Trump says he personally would not mind but that those who paid in deserve consideration.

    Christie says entitlements and debt service is very important issue and SS needs to be saved.

  63. 122000 votes on Drudge, stil hugeee lead by Trump. Appears he did not harm self according to early results
    Carly helped herself, everyone else, not so much…

  64. Global warming. Reagan fought against Ozone layer loss.

    Rubio says global warming polities of Obama will destroy economy.

    Christie says he believes in global warming but agrees with Rubio that we should not destroy the economy. World must be involved.

  65. Vaccine. Tapper cites Trump statements to ask Carson about vaccines.

    Carson says some vaccines are necessary and others are up for discussion. Blames big government for pushing some of these vaccines.

    Tapper says should Trump saying what he says?

    Trump says autism is an epidemic. Trump says he is for vaccines but wants smaller doses. Says there is great concern about vaccines.

    Carson says vaccines are necessary but might be over-prescribed.

    Rand Paul says vaccines are necessary. But Rand Paul is against bunching them up. He is for freedom.

    Huckabee says we need a war on major diseases. Focus on cures, not treatment.

  66. Soumthern only twice, 30 years to present husband who quit working asa vice Prez at AT&T to raise the kids and be her bodyguard…sounds beta male to me.

  67. Would be interesting to see the viewer numbers over the course of the debate. How many people stayed for the entire time.

  68. Woman on money.

    Rand Paul for Susan B. Anthony.
    Huckabee for his wife.
    Rubio for Rosa Parks.
    Cruz for Rosa Parks.
    Carson for his mother.
    Trump for his daughter or Rosa Parks.
    Bush for Thatcher.
    Walker for Clara Barton.
    Fiorina against the gesture.
    Kasich for Mother Theresa.
    Christie for Abagail Adams.

    Code names from Secret Service:

    Christie for Trueheart
    Kasich for Unit 1
    Fiorina for Secretariat
    Bush for Eveready
    Trump for Humble
    Walker for Harley
    Carson for 1 nation
    Cruz for Gator
    Huckabee for Duck Hunter
    Paul Justice Never Sleeps

  69. After BO and pretty much wanting to turn off the TV when he speaks, I don’t think I could stand another 4 years of wanting to throw something at the TV with Carly as president. When she speaks, her tone, her face, her elitist mean girl arrogance is like scratching on a chalk board for me.

  70. How will your presidency be remembered?

    Rand Paul “Reagan conservative, peace through strength.”
    Huckabee Best military and fair tax, no abortion, peace, law enforcement, safe
    Rubio Good ally, friend to freedom fighters
    Cruz Strong America, Churchill, Jerusalem embassy, ignite promise of America, flat tax, ObamaCare repeal
    Carson Logical, openess, leadership
    Trump Make America Greater than ever before, respect for America
    Bush Fixer of everything, consensus, high growth.
    Walker Big government fighter
    Fiorina Lady Liberty, Lady Justice
    Kasich a nation of problem solvers, Rebuild alliances, bottom up
    Christie Fairness and fair play, resolute

    Finally, the end.

  71. I feel bad for Carly. She is perhaps the most articulate and shows that she has done her homework, she has her stats, she has her facts. she has her poetry.. this is what the woman has to do to compete with the bumbling Bushes, trumpeting Trumps, mumbling Carsons, and all those others, fat, old, bald, scary,…

  72. So… not a great night for Trump maybe…. but did he do any significant damage? Other than a few bright spots for Carly, did anyone do anything to change the status quo?

  73. jbstonesfan
    September 16, 2015 at 10:54 pm
    I think the pundits are going to rail about Fiorina and the lack of specifics from Trump.
    Which is stating the obvious.

    The question is: do specifics matter?

    Or is management ability the critical factor.

    To me, after watching a man who never ran so much as a lemonade stand

    I believe specifics are for those in the literary field

    Management ability is as you and I might say “outcome determinative”.

    This assumes of course that the public really wants results.

    And is prepared for what it will require to achieve them.

    There is no doubt in my mind Donald could do it.

  74. Apparently the CNN people agree that Trump did not hurt himself, Fiorina did very well, and Christie came back to life…

  75. Outris, even David Axelrod on CNN says Trump did what he had to do The big loser tonight is JeBush which makes Trump the big winner.

  76. I feel bad for Carly. She is perhaps the most articulate and shows that she has done her homework, she has her stats, she has her facts. she has her poetry.. this is what the woman has to do to compete with the bumbling Bushes, trumpeting Trumps, mumbling Carsons, and all those others, fat, old, bald, scary,
    I doubt she feels as bad as you do.

    She has won two debates now.

    Two out of two.

    I had a meeting and could not hang around.

    How did Hugh and Dana do?

    I am dying to know.

    Did they have a good night?

    I listened to an hour of Tapper and said good night to him.

  77. admin
    September 16, 2015 at 11:22 pm
    An astude observation

    Nosotros Somomous Americanos y Dynasty Hijo did not score.

    Who needs sleepeeze when that jackass is running his mouth.

    Boring just doesn’t begin to describe it.

    Petrifying would be closer.

  78. There is an opening for Hillary that has been revealed by this debate. She must must must must ABSOLUTELY separate herself from bumbles the idiot. That has to be the first, second, third, fourth and last thing on her daily to do list. The GOP has played their hand in terms of the items that Hillary will truly have to defend herself on.

    The Iran deal
    The Economy
    Her record as SOS

    The email business is a non starter if she plays it correctly (highlight the Republicans in the past at the same level that used private servers and ask why they were not scrutinized in the same way). Save Cruz, maybe Christie to a tiny degree, and Walker (surprisingly), no one there tonight would pose a threat in a one on one debate with Hillary. Even Trump would fall apart in the face of Hillary smothering him with policy details. But any one on the stage would eclipse Hillary with ease if they and the media (and her as well) tie her inexorably to this president.

    But she HAS TO move miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles away from the cancer in the White House.

    Hillary 2016?

  79. Southern Born

    September 16, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    Why in the world would CNN have a crooked thug like David Axlerod on as a commenter on the debate?
    You answered your own question. CNN, crooked, thug, David Axelrod. Those words all have
    the same meaning 😃

  80. bstonesfan
    September 16, 2015 at 11:21 pm
    Apparently the CNN people agree that Trump did not hurt himself, Fiorina did very well,

  81. Wbboei, there is no embed code for the video you like.

    As a consolation prize, here’s Jerry Brown:

    California governor Jerry Brown gave signs in a Wednesday interview on CNN that he may be considering running for president.

    Brown, who has run for president three before, spoke with Wolf Blitzer about the current Democratic field. The Democrat said he has not yet endorsed a candidate, calling frontrunner Hillary Clinton “formidable” and refused to give advice about Vice President Joe Biden, who is reportedly mulling a run.

    “I will say, though, about the Clintons, with some experience, they are very formidable,” said Brown, who ran against Bill Clinton in 1992. “I would not underestimate Hillary Clinton.”

    Blitzer pressed Brown. “What are you waiting for?” said the host.

    “I’m not as hasty as I was as a younger candidate or a younger elected official,” Brown continued. “I’m enjoying the luxury of being on the sidelines, watching these shows tonight, watching the parade, and where I can be helpful, I’ll jump in at the appropriate time.”

    When Blitzer asked repeatedly about the prospect of a Biden candidacy, Brown declined to comment.

    “I would say, though, it is early,” Brown said. “You could have a lot of big surprises, a lot of action between now and the first Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. A lot’s going to happen in the Republican primary, and I think some things could happen on the Democratic side as well.”

    Earlier in the interview, Brown also made a comment that indicated he believed Americans were worse off economically since before Obama was elected president. While listing out several problems facing the country, Brown said America has a “financial system that is leaving the average American seven percent poorer than he or she was seven years ago.”

    Joe Biden and Jerry Brown will expand our entertainment.

  82. Naw…not in bed…just surfing the web to see what others are saying about the debate.

    You are funny. I like it. Yrump wayyy ahead!

  83. Trump in real trouble now. He’s down to 60% in the Drudge “who won the debate” poll. Anything less than 100% will be interpreted as a loss by Big Media.

  84. Well, if the three stooges listed above declared Trump lost and we KNOW they speak only the truth and nothing but the whole intelligent truth, I’ll just hang it up and go to bed.

  85. admin
    September 17, 2015 at 12:55 am
    Trump in real trouble now. He’s down to 60% in the Drudge “who won the debate” poll. Anything less than 100% will be interpreted as a loss by Big Media.

  86. I have always loved Governor Moonbeam.

    He has a unique talent for making me more stupid after listening to him than I was before.

    A brain drain . . . or something.

    Like I said before though, I really like

    Cuando yo ser presidente todos el gente de mejico estare Americanos Boosh

    Before him it was NiQuil NiQuil NiQuil, NiQuil

    I love you you giant fucking Q

    But the downside was Drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, upset stomach, nausea, nervousness, constipation, or dry mouth/nose/throat may occur. (Say them fast so no one will notice)

    Boosh is a far superior product to NiQuil–puts you to sleep quickly

    The only complication is an upset stomach

    Don’t let me down now eighth grade spanish

    If Boosh or Marco implement their immigration policies English will be the second language

  87. I had a feeling a while back when I first heard the talk about changing one of our bills to have a picture of a woman, that they’d do the old “two for the price of one” routine and make it be a minority woman. A lot of the candidates tonight said they’d want it to be Rosa Parks. I just thinks that’s wrong. If you want to put a civil rights leader then put a civil rights leader. But if it’s to be a woman it should be someone who reflects women’s rights – maybe Susan B. Anthony as one of them tonight suggested. Everything has to be about black rights nowadays, even women’s rights. That’s just not right, IMO. I just feel really strongly it should be someone who worked for women’s rights – otherwise, it wouldn’t even have to be a woman put on the bill….

  88. gonzotx: here is a very good movie along the lines of The Lawman. Same kind of tight drama, and morality play. Two of my favorite actors–Dale Robertson and Yvonne DeCarlo. They were really good people too.

  89. Tony Stark: I was at University of Washington tonight and there was a flyer announcing that Chelsea Clinton will be there on November 7 at 11 am, in case you are interested. She is promoting her new book Its Your World, which looks to be a self improvement book and lord knows I could use a lot of that. I plan to go see her if I am in town, and will pass along the best regards of our crowd at Hillaryis44. I mention it in case you want to attend, as I recall correctly you live in the area.

  90. lorac
    September 17, 2015 at 1:44 am
    Why in the world was Bush standing next to Trump? He’s not in second or third place.
    Lorac–did you like that grin Bush affected when Trump was ripping him a new one, and cutting him off. I will say this much for Jeb: he is a glutton for punishment. I loved that line by Trump that he was glad to see Bush had more energy. Jebediah did not know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment, so he just stood there in a trance. But the funniest part for me when he tried to sell us on the idea that the $100 million he has collected emanated from a detached and disinterested generosity by his donors, and they would get nothing back in return for all this largesse.

  91. I cringed at Trump’s part in that autism/vaccine discussion. I really liked Carson’s response to the interviewer who asked Carson did he want to have Trump stop saying that vaccines cause autism – he said that he just explained there is no evidence of a connection, and that he trusts that Trump will take that in, maybe research it more. I didn’t like his response enough to vote for him, but it was well done – it couldn’t have been rehearsed – is was just a smart, non-controlling, non-aggressive response. I think Carson may go up in the polls again after this debate. I don’t think he can hold onto any gain for very long, once people know more about his ideas, but he does have a very intelligent, mature presentation to him.

    And I really think that Trump needs to stop relying so much on put downs. I think it hasn’t hurt him much so far, but I think we may reach that point not too long from now. There are just so many put downs that are so unnecessary – like when he said tonight that there was plenty to criticize Paul about in terms of his appearance if he so chose. It just – wasn’t necessary. I think people are going to start thinking the Trump does it when he doesn’t have an answer, a tool of distraction. Here and there, it comes off as funny – but I think it’s going to start looking very petty if he keeps doing it so much. He really has to show that he can control himself – especially now that his opponents have suggested his temperament isn’t suited to being in control of our nuclear weapons – that could gain some traction, I think. So I really hope he’ll learn to cool it.

  92. lorac
    September 17, 2015 at 1:51 am
    I like the idea of women who have made major contributions to this nation in times of great national peril like Dolly Madison, or Abigail Adams, or Sacajawea. Those symbols can appeal to every American. Sacajawea would be my first choice.

  93. wbboei – I actually find Bush’s smile to be very creepy, whenever he does it! I liked when he wanted to talk but Trump kept talking, and Bush said, “but he (originally) asked ME a question” lol

  94. wbboei – I could go for those choices, too.

    I liked when one of the candidates (can’t remember who) said he would change the 20 not the 10, because he doesn’t want to remove a founder of the country, and doesn’t want to erase our history. I *really* liked that, actually.

  95. lorac
    September 17, 2015 at 2:08 am

    I agree. The one that bothered me was saying that he would not let Carly run one of his companies. She demurred on the question whether she would be comfortable with his hand on the nuclear button–said it was for the voters to decide. He should have respected that demurral, and not have launched an ad hominum attack against her. He needs to be perceived as a gentleman and that comment undercut that objective. He knows it is not good to overreact to personalities–he said so. He needs to check himself on that reaction. At first, it is funny. But over the course of time it has a wearing effect. He should focus on his core theme making america great again.

  96. Yes, I agree. I like that Trump is strong but I don’t want a mean strong. He says Putin would respect him – I suspect that might be true – but it would be because Putin would realize that Trump is strong and means what he says – not because he is mean and might belittle Putin. Yes, the constant cutting people down is getting wearing. It’s kind of weird how he always has to issue a judgment of someone he talks about – and it’s always an extreme – the person is either a great guy or a horrible guy. He can’t seem to talk about someone without the accompanying judgment.

  97. During the last part of the debates, Trump was not in the attacking mode and I thought he was a gentleman and very gracious in his comments about his fellow candidates after the debates even though most had gone at him before and during the debates along with the moderators trying to get the candidates to attack him.
    Carly’s “demurring” was a big silent no and it was evident to all.

    I must agree with Trump when he said he would not let Carly run one of his companies. After seeing her demeanor tonight and reading about her past history at HP
    and her skating around gov. regulations while CEO at HP to sell printers to Iran, I’d not want her running my company either. And then Carly said she wouldn’t even talk with Putin?

  98. Trump wax the big winner on every single poll I saw, from CNN, FOX, DRUDGE, etc…
    He’s going to win this.
    I’m buying me a Trump hat.
    Red or White?

  99. pm317
    September 17, 2015 at 8:50 am
    The comment was ambiguous.

    I chose the more benign interpretation

    To make the larger point that she did well.

    She and Cruz are the best debaters on the stage.

    But there is a lot more to the job of president

    Than being a good debater

    Its the biggest CEO job in the country

    Way too big for a adjunct law professor/community organizer/bon vivante

    In that respect, her successes and failures are material to the hiring decision

    The same is true of Donald of course.

    Running a successful company is about selecting good people, making sure they work together, holding them accountable, knowing your market and keeping tight controls on cost.

    Donald has a proven track record of success in that regard.

    I would like to hear more about Carly’s.

    Being fired from a Board is not fatal.

    Most people who are good at anything have been fired at least once.

    The reason they were fired is the critical issue.

    It is like being charged with a crime.

    Kings, clerics, even barristers have stood in the dock.

    The question is whether they can persuade a jury that they are innocent.

    And that is where fine lawyers like jbstonefan come in.

  100. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

    Jeb needs to explore his future options

    By speaking with Rick Perry

    He needs to know there is no dishonor in quitting

    But how will he face those mega donors

    Who demanded he run in the first place

    What will he say to those who put so much trust in him

    And asked for nothing in return

    But free access to the public treasury?

    Rick will know what he should do.

  101. Lorac, I too though Jebs smile was more than a little creepy

    I would like to hook up some electrodes to his brain

    While he was standing there next to the Donald

    Who was punching him silly

    What was the predominant response to that sort of stimulus?

    Pain, pleasure or a little of both

    Or simply I forgive you Donald porque todos somos Americanos

    Dare I ask.

  102. My bad, calling Kasich Frankenstein

    He’s just a squish

    The crux of his argument is

    First, we must not scrap the toxic Iran deal

    Second, we must reform it

    Third, we will know if Iran is cheating

    Fourth, only then should we explore other options

    Fifth, the UN will protect our national interests

    Cruz blew Frankenstein (woops) out of the water

    By pointing out that we will have no way of knowing when Iran cheats

    And we cannot rely on a consensus of other nations, some allies some adversaries

    To defend our national interests.

    I have not seen Kasich in twenty years, but already I am sick of him

    In those days he had the wind at his back and did not strike me as a squish.

  103. pm317
    September 17, 2015 at 9:13 am
    How much more awkward can this guy get?
    I think he is auditioning for another role:

    Tree top Dufus.

  104. Now I admit, I did not see 2 hours of the 3 hour debate, so I am sure I missed something.

    But I thought the high point for JEB! came when he stood on his tip toes, violated Donald’s space, flashed that geek like grin and demanded Donald apologize to his wife, and Donald told him to go to hell, or words to that effect.

    Not only is he an unworthy opponent for Donald, and a poster child for the establishment, he is the perfect foil for Donald’s stand-up comedy act, when he chooses not to be serious.

  105. Bumbling Jeb! thought he was too clever for spilling the beans on his weed adventure 40 years ago. But I think Carly used it well in one of her responses.

  106. Thursday, September 17, 2015 4:56 PM
    US Can no Longer Impose Its Will to Other World Powers in Syria

    Russia has the absolute right as a sovereign state, as does Syria, to enter into military relationship with Syria and the United States is no longer “the only Sheriff in town,” says a political activist and journalist in New York.
    “I think the elites in Washington are learning from what’s happened in Syria… that there is not just one sheriff in town anymore, with the rest of the world starting to stand up and take note of what the United States has been doing and the effects that it’s had,” Don DeBar told Press TV on Wednesday.
    DeBar made the comments after US Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down to allow a political settlement…..
    PS: CBN news aired segment on 700 Club about the buildup of a Russian base in Syria. (That’s all I have at this time.)

  107. Nolte at Breitbart

    11:21 – Wrap Up: How Did CNN Do? Who Won? Who Lost?

    Overall, the questions were good, even if the presentation of those questions got tiring. Almost every (if not every) question was framed to start a spat between two candidates. This was fine at first but after an hour and then two hours and then three hours, the conceit felt forced and the bickering was not as illuminating as CNN might have hoped. There are some good questions to frame that way but not all. It’s as though CNN was more interested in YouTube moments than genuine insight.

    The questions, however, were mostly good: solid foreign and domestic policy questions. Hugh Hewitt got nowhere near enough time to ask questions. Tapper is great. Nothing against him. But why not use Hewitt more? It was absurd how under-used he was.

    Dana Bash was just awful. Total amateur.

    The Fox News debate was much better produced and had more energy. CNN’s questions were better.

    Trump, in my opinion, was a little exposed. I think he needs to show incremental improvement on policy issues in order to hold on to his lead. He didn’t do that. Voters don’t expect outsiders to know everything but they do expect improvement. We’ll see what the polls show.

    Fiorina won the debate. This was a real breakout performance for her, especially in the first hour. She’s sharp, understands policy, a great communicator, and even able to inspire — as she showed in her closing statement. I’m expecting a boomlet, possibly at the expense of Ben Carson, who wasted his opportunity ion the spotlight.

    John Kasich was a zero. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)93%
    was less churlish but didn’t register much. Jeb stayed alive but just barely. Walker improved, though probably not as much as he needed to.

    Chris Christie, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)80%
    , and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96%
    all had good nights.

    A Drudge poll says Trump won by a mile.

    Trump’s demeanor tonight was improved. He was calmer, less combative. After the debate he was interviewed by CNN and complimented both CNN and all of his opponents.

    His improved demeanor might help him with the post-debate debate, which is all that matters.

    10:27 – Big Loser Tonight: CNN’s Dana Bash

    CNN’s Dana Bash proved herself way in over her left-wing head on the Big Stage tonight. Bad questions. Shrill attempts to get the candidates to answer the question the way that she wanted it answered.

  108. wbboei
    September 17, 2015 at 9:23 am
    September 17, 2015 at 9:13 am
    How much more awkward can this guy get?
    I think he is auditioning for another role:
    Tree top Dufus.
    Will it be Jeb’s “Dukakis” moment? 😬

  109. Comes now this pearl of wisdom . . .

    Time is running out on Trump’s pathetic shtick

    With only 60% of the drudge poll believing he won the debate

    That has to be prescient.

    Who is that oracle of wisdom who said that?

    Why, Ron Paul of course.

    Perhaps he was thinking more about himself.

    Perhaps he and Jebediah can arrange a mutual suicide pact.

    Or, in the alternative, they can wait for the next debate

    To finish their noble feat of self annihilation at the podium

  110. Carly may be a good debater but this isn’t high school. I think she is not “likable”. Trump is absolutely right about her face. There is something unnatural and off putting about her tight lipped, smart ass attitude, her persona.
    Rubio looks like a wind up Ken doll and though smart is slippery and slick. That man will do / say almost anything if he can just get to be president.

    Being a good debater does not necessarily make one a great president. I do think managerial skills, intelligence, judgment, integrity and toughness do. I’m still for Trump.

    I thought the debate itself was mostly childish. The entire debate should have consisted of tough questions…which should have been answered by each and every candidate. It was not worth watching for me.

    BTW, Carson’s website announces his support for health savings accounts. Anyone who has one knows how bad and expensive they are if you actually need to go to a doctor. Trump should attack his position on health care.
    Carso may be a nice guy and a gentleman, but so was Carter and how did that work out?

  111. Yes, indeed, Totally Disgusted.

    Now let’s have the serious vetting of Carly to begin or will we be seeing the same carried around on pillows and all kept secret by the media like with Obama?
    Will she soar to the top because she can recite talking points quickly in a debate? The more we see of Ms. Fiorina will her tight lipped, smart ass, elitist, arrogant, mean girl, unlikeable persona come through? Maybe she is lovely, sweet, kind, and sincere and it is all being hidden from us???

    If only Ms. Fiorina would be vetted even 1/4 as much as Hillary, we would begin to get a real picture of the real Carly. Let the media dig into her marriage, all her jobs, her school records, her finances, her affairs if any, her first husband, her failures, what she did with the big bonus when she was fired. How about interviewing those who lost their jobs because of Ms. Fiorina and those who who worked for her and if they are supportive of her now, etc. That probably won’t happen but hope springs eternal.

  112. my two cents…

    #1..CNN’s “he said, she said” approach was juvenile…of course it is what they wanted…to create buzz and soundbites…but for all the people that go after Trump for his behavior, CNN’s approach with “Donald said this” Rand said that” bla, bla and all the time they wasted on the “gossip and gotcha” aspect was a waste of time…

    there were much more important topics…and a sense of depth that could have been created…but then, what would CNN have to joke about for the next few days…

    #2…Donald needs to up his game…Summer is over and now it is time to “go to school”
    He cannot fall back on “winging it” or throwing distracting bombs for the next year…

    It is time for Donald to “hit the books” and call in the people he says he will surround himself with and start prepping and holding his own ‘in the intellectual arena’

    I’d recommend Donald watch that debate a few times with ‘his people’…similarly to watching a TV show when they do the edits…and see for himself where he needs to improve his game…maybe his latest endorser…Tom Brady…can give him some pointers…

    this game is going to get tougher…and he has to put in the time…practice…rehearsal…call it what you like…to get better…he literally has the whole world watching…

    #3…I thought Donald missed an exceptional opportunity to state his case when the discussion turned to “jobs”…that is when Scott Walker, Carly and others took the lead and starting talking about educating people and programs for jobs, etc, etc, etc

    at that point I was talking to the TV and ‘urging’ Donald speak up…

    I wanted to hear Donald say…”you can create all the “governmental job creation programs you want”…but if there are no jobs…it won’t matter…and that is why I plan to “take back our jobs” from China, Japan, Mexico…

    and then Donald could go into his ideas on how he will become the job creator this country needs…and save Social Security…at the same time

    but he just stood there during that section…missed opportunity to shine…

    #4…even thought Donald’s attack at Rand Paul at the start was gratituous…his pre-empted strike served its purpose and shut up Rand who had forcasted that he was going to expose and hit Donald would two barrels blazing…poof!!!

    #5…I agree with ‘Totally Disgusted’s’ observations regarding Carly’s face…it is unnatural and looks very botoxed…forgive me, but the funniest part was when Donald and Carly had that back and forth about her face…and when Carly began talking her face crinkled up into the wierdest look…I know this sounds awful…maybe it is a leftover from my TV casting days…but it you had put a long black wig on her at that moment she really did look like one of the witches from the Wizard of Oz…I leave it open for others to guess which one…

    sorry, but true…


    bottom line…yes Donald should go on doing what he is doing and not change his “persona” however he needs to show ‘how smart he is’ and how mature he is so more and more people will feel secure with him…and to show ‘his smarts’ he needs to study the events more carefully…no BS…get to work…

  113. I agree with those who’d like to see DT grow up.
    Wish the effing player in the house would show some responsibility too. Just spitting nails over this:
    9/17/15. New White House Campaign Will Encourage Legal Immigrants to Become Citizens

    White House officials announced the start of a nationwide campaign on Thursday to encourage legal immigrants to become American citizens, which could add millions of voters to the electorate in time for the presidential election next year.

    practice tests on cellphones
    preparatory workshops in rural areas.
    Applicants will also be able to pay the fee — still a hefty $680 — with a credit card

  114. Frankly, I thought Fiorina did very, very well. I’ve seen here one-on-one with a couple of hostile MSM interviewers before (K. Couric, dunno who else), and she pretty much schooled them all. She’s very focused and handles herself very, very well. She comes across as serious, sincere, and competent.

  115. “She (Fiorina) comes across as serious, sincere, and competent.”

    I think the key words there might be “comes across”. Somehow Carly feels staged, polled, memorized. That’s reason enough to start serious vetting of her to see what she is really like, what she had done, what she has supported in the past, who is giving her campaign bucks (follow the money), who she really is and what she would do as president. All candidates need to be vetted.

    After the foolish worship of BO in 2008, I trust very little of what a candidate says or how he/she comes across in an artificial setting like a televised debate.

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