Second Debate: Has @RealDonaldTrump Already Won The GOP Nomination?

Update: Shocker Video: Trump rips Fiorina’s appearance in Rolling Stone interview. That’s Megyn Kelly’s and the GOP establishment’s latest attempt to knock down Trump. Yeah, we don’t like personal attacks, especially personal appearance attacks, but, um, Donald Trump’s appearance, um, his hair in particular, has been the object of lots and lots of personal attacks.

The attacks on Trump’s appearance are the first time we can recall that a man’s appearance, not a woman’s appearance, is the topic of conversation in a presidential campaign. Usually it is the woman’s hair, looks and clothes that Big Media trashes. Today, many of those that mock Hillary’s face are in full faux outrage because precious Fiorina (the latest pawn in a long line of pawns in the kill Trump ploy to help JeBush) has been trashed by The Donald. Goose, meet gander.

On the basis of gender equality we slashed and burned John Kerry’s BOTOX face because Big Media continues to ignore Kerry’s obvious disfigurement due to Botox. And when was the last time Big Media mocked Mourning Joe Biden‘s hair plugs? So if Trump’s appearance is an issue get the sauce ganders.

In other news, Bobby Jindal is at 0.3% in national polls. Jindal’s brilliant strategy? Attack Trump. Jindal must want to compete in the Perry/Graham primary to see who hits 0.0% nationally fastest and longest.

In other other news, a brand new CNN poll puts Trump at 32%, up eight points in a month. And um, as we warned and warned and warned to no avail, Bernie Sanders now beats Hillary Clinton in Iowa as well as New Hampshire. Keep on doing exactly the opposite of what we suggest #Hillary2016 and you will compete in the Jindal/Perry/Graham primary soon enough.


It might be over even before it has begun. The last walls against Trump have fallen like miniature fortresses made of sand at deserted post Labor Day beaches. What the GOP establishment derided as a teenage “Summer of Trump” fling is become an endless summer of Trump with no Fall. A Summer of endless triumphant Trump.

If the GOP establishment does not blow up Donald J. Trump before the Second GOP debate on September 16, it might well be over and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The hostile takeover will be complete.

Are we premature? Is it too early to declare the very real, very authentic Donald J. Trump the winner before one vote has been cast? The latest polls convince us that it is not too early but rather too late to stop Trump.

We won’t belabor our distrust of early polls and our total contempt for head-to-head polls especially ones delivered these many months (14) before the elections in November 2016. Instead of dredging up anti-early-poll views, our argument is based in large part on the very unreliable polls we deride.

So how is it that we utilize polls we don’t believe in to make stark statements about the oncoming Trumpnado? We do so because the political establishment in general and the GOP establishment in particular held one, er, trump card to play against Donald J. Trump. What was that, um, trump card? It was electability. It was always about electability.

The establishment attacks against Donald J. Trump failed. The “Trump is no conservative” attack failed. The “Trump is unpopular” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without Hispanic support” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without women” attack failed. The “Trump is not a serious candidate” attack failed. The “Trump won’t run” attack failed. The “Trump won’t disclose his finances” attack failed. The “Trump will blow himself up” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win the war against Fox News” attack failed. The “Trump won’t sign a loyalty oath we designed to block him” attack failed. The “Trump has no positions” attack failed. The “Trump positions are ridiculous” attack failed. The “Trump raped his wife” attack failed. The “Trump has no organization” attack failed. The “Trump won’t spend money” attack failed. The “Trump is a billionaire” attack failed. The “Trump is too rich to understand non-rich people” attack failed. The “Trump wants to raise taxes” attack failed. The “Trump is a clown” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are clowns” attack failed. The “Trump insulted McCain” attack failed. The “Trump insulted veterans” attack failed. The “Trump is mean” attack failed. The “Trump has a bad tone” attack failed. The “Trump is not nice” attack failed. The “Trump won’t stay in the race” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are not registered to vote” attack failed. The “Trump is a racist” attempt failed. The “Trump will weaken” attacks failed.

Every establishment attack against Donald J. Trump failed. But the “electability” argument remained and it had the strongest bite from the establishment snakes.

The “electability” argument was “yeah, but he can’t win.” The establishment snakes knew that after eight years of Obaminations the electorate of the GOP wanted a winner. That was always the viper argument that worked to nominate the establishment candidates. “You might want candidate X, but candidate X can’t win so nominate establishment candidate YUCK because candidate YUCK will do what we think he should say to win.” Then candidate YUCK would lose because candidate YUCK was a poll driven putz who feared the electorate and only hoped to fool the electorate long enough to win.

The “electability” argument always won the day for the establishment. Then came Trump.

The establishment had fixed the election for JeBush. Then came Trump. Then came additional attacks that failed. Then at the very start of the election season, the Labor Day weekend, the last argument against Donald J. Trump failed:

Drudge is headlining this poll from SurveyUSA, not only showing Trump beating Hillary by five (45-40) but also beating Joe Biden (44-42), Bernie Sanders (44-40), and Al Gore (44-41) in potential head-to-head matchups — a remarkable turnaround from initial polling showing Hillary decisively beating Trump. As Drudge points out, perhaps the most surprising aspect of the poll is that Trump is polling at 25% of the black vote, a number Republicans haven’t seen for generations. [snip]

As the race progresses (and it’s still very early) there is a bit more support for the “realignment” theory of Trump’s rise. If a Republican could, in fact, gain 25 percent of the black vote, that would shake the Democratic party to its foundations.

The last argument against Trump has been trumped. The electability attack has failed. In 2008 John McCain won 4% of the black vote. In 2012 Mitt Romney won 6% of the black vote. Among Latinos, Trump matches pro illegal immigration amnesty McCain and garners 31% of the Latino vote in a match-up against Hillary.

For those that will inevitably shout “outlier poll” the weekend NBC/Marist polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show Trump winning over Hillary Clinton in those two states as well.

These Trumperific results should stump no one who pays attention or reads good ol’ Big Pink. “Do you support or oppose building a fence on the border with Mexico?”:

YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans (64%) support building a fence on the border – when that border is the one with Mexico. Only 27% of the American public oppose it. Even Democrats are evenly split (44% to 43%) while large majorities of independents (65%) and Republicans (87%) support a Mexican border fence.

It’s almost unanimous:

Yes, even Hispanics.

Democrats split 44/43 in favor, the closest any group comes to outright opposition. Every demographic tested, be it sex, age, race, party ID, household income, or region, tilts towards supporting a wall, with no group besides Dems less than 10 points net in favor. Black voters have an outright majority of 55 percent behind the idea.

Among Latinos 32% strongly support; 17% somewhat support. Jorge Ramos sandcastles Trumpnadoed.

On his issues, Trump is triumphant. On electability, Donald J. Trump is surfing, U.S.A.

As we approach the second GOP debate on September 16 it is an imperative for the establishment that Donald J. Trump be stopped and prevented from appearing on the debate stage. To fail means millions more viewers will fall under the Trump trance.

The GOP establishment tried to trap Trump with a loyalty oath that only succeeded in forcing the losers to promise they will board the increasingly inevitable Trump train. Once again Trump demonstrated the art of the deal. Trump got what he wanted, at zero cost to himself, and now has access to the voluminous RNC voter lists and a clear path to primary election victories.

Catch a wave and you’re riding on top of the world.

It’s endless Summer.


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    Private group seeks minority actors for Trump ‘smear video’

    The anti-Donald Trump effort is in production.

    According to an e-mail obtained Tuesday by The Washington Post, an undisclosed private group will film a “smear video” Wednesday about the Republican presidential front-runner featuring actors of Hispanic or Asian backgrounds solemnly reading short lines against a white background.

    “Essentially this video is similar to reading tweets,” the e-mail says, “like ‘I am a criminal,’ ‘I am an anchor baby,’ etc. We only have 25 spots.”

    The e-mail was sent last week to a network of actors associated with TalentDirect LLC, a talent agency that connects Hollywood, commercial and corporate clients with actors in southern Florida. [snip]

    “Our client hired us to shoot a smear video against Donald Trump. This is acting, so it doesn’t matter about political affiliations. This is a Web commercial, not for broadcast,” he wrote. “This will be [filmed] in a studio on white background, multiple focal lengths with the people saying multiple lines in Fort Lauderdale.”

  2. So Trump has a problem with his tone, hear Warren Buffett:

    Speaking on Bloomberg TV, the octagenerian oracle of offense just unfriended every American veteran…

    “You want everybody educated to their potential. You want people to reach their potential. That still won’t work for some people in a highly developed market system.

    I mean if this were a sports-based system, you could give me a PhD in football, and I could practice eight hours a day, and I might be able to carry the water from, not onto the field, but from the locker room to the bench. There’s just some people don’t fit well into a highly skilled market-based economy.

    They’re perfectly decent citizens. We’ll send them off to Afghanistan, but they are not going to command a big price.”

    * * *
    Just some funny old man who is losing his marbles… or elitist oligarch who knows there are no consequences for his words, thoughts, or deeds.

    On the bright side, at least he did not dare mention illegal immigrants…

  3. I saw a bumper stick that was nasty for Trump. It said ‘Trump The B—-“. That was all the excitement down here today.

  4. Very funny admin: it is an imperative for the establishment that Donald J. Trump be stopped and prevented from appearing on the debate stage. To fail means millions more viewers will fall under the Trump trance.
    & it’s good to see the numbers analayzed, conclusions supported
    that we so desperately need.
    Two tweets which support Big Pink’s premise today:
    [Lizzie] Warren: I agree with Trump on taxes
    Macy’s to close up to 40 stores in early 2016:

  5. Link for Macy’s:

    with a retweet message that’s icing on the cake:
    Trump. Can’t. Stop. Winning

    For the rally tomorrow, has there been a livestream address provided?
    Heaven forbid CSPAN would carry it. They did not carry Tea Party assembled for passage of Obamacare when Nancy, Jesse Jackson Jr et al barged through the crowd. IIRC only Foxnews was there for that.

  6. Sad the cowards won’t even allow an up or down vote …It is pathological how the dems will do anything for a President that has more or less been detached from them throughout his presidency.

  7. The shot that is hitting the fan in Europe…

    Our borders. ..

    If an anti- illegal immigration candidate is not elected, we will never recognize this Country again.Its almost there.

    Germany and Sweden are insane. Most of the so called refuges are young well fed men.
    One has to wonder why they are really there.

  8. Admin (above). The GOP establishment tried to trap Trump with a loyalty oath that only succeeded in forcing the losers to promise they will board the increasingly inevitable Trump train. Once again Trump demonstrated the art of the deal. Trump got what he wanted, at zero cost to himself, AND NOW HAS ACCESS TO THE VOLUMINOUS RNC VOTER LISTS, and a clear path to primary election victories. (Emphasis added).
    Yes, the voter lists . . .

    Sine qua non (that without which)

    He could never get that if he ran third party.

    Staffers in bars have been known to sell these for an individual candidate.

    I know because I have had them offered to me.

    But the national voter lists are a trade secret closely held by the RNC.

    Like the magic formula for coke.

    Trump has them, and all he had to give up was an artificial issue he created, and got them to believe was the sun, the moon and the stars, hence they had to have it, for appearance sake.

    Which is one more lesson in the art of negotiation.

    The value of a concession you have to make is not the value you place on it, but the value the other party places on it–how badly he wants it.

    As you can see, Rence got his ass handed to him. He got an illusory concession, created in part by Donald’s ingenuity, but inflated like the tulip bulb, by Fox’s little power play, which backfired not must on Meee—gan, but on the entire establishment.

  9. On its face, the request that donald not run independent is nothing more than a covenant not to compete, and it is reasonable in an of itself, since he is using the republican brand and resources to get to this point. But Donald’s genius converted it into a loyalty oath which hearkens back to glorious days of the Smith Act, the red scare and McCarthyism. Thus he managed to turn a reasonable request into a live hand grenade against the establishment. But we must not underestimate how much he was helped by the stupidity of Morlock (Murdock), Ailing Roger, and Betty Boop–rhymes with poop. They walked the establishment into the trap he set, and now they are twisting in the wind.

  10. In negotiation, you never let the other side know they were had. If you do that, they have an incentive to not honor the deal you have made. So you let them believe they made a great deal, and life goes on. I am sure FOX is crowing about Trump taking the oath, but someone in that organization must understand this was the best deal for Trump since the early settlers bought the Isle of Manhattan from the Indians for trinkets valued at $26. But it is not in Trump’s interest point this out. His is the art that conceals the art.

  11. I mentioned being offered a voter list. At the time I was representing a cattle association, and that list would have been helpful. I did not buy it however—he wanted too much money, and there was something unsavory about it. I did not mention the Senator whose list I was offered. It was Larry Craig who made friends in airport restrooms. God only knows who we would have reached out to if I had bought that list, and used it to get out our message on country of origin meat labeling.

  12. Wow – I put Art of the Deal on my kindle but haven’t read it yet (my eyes are bigger than my free time!) Maybe it could really help all of us in our daily lives….

    And I love Beach Boys, especially, “don’t worry baby”. And I’m partial to “Caroline, no” – I guess here it would have to be “lorac-ine, no” – yeah, that doesn’t quite work lol

  13. ESP is so in the tank with the elite of this Country and recently started posting anti Trump articles..
    They have posted a video of Trump outside the US Open with booing..not sure if they we’re showing him on the big screen in the stadium. .
    Yeah..New York, who did you turn to when your BS government couldn’t even rebuild an ice skating rink?

  14. The price of a ticket to the match wouldn’t exactly be in an everyday working man’s ability.
    Maybe they should all take an immigrant family to live with them. Maybe one with 10 kids…

  15. The more you dig into it, the more you realize that the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis may well be largely, although not entirely, an asto-turfed crisis involving the UN, Big Media, and ISIS–each of them hostile to western civilization for different reasons. It may not be a conspiracy per se, but there can be no doubt that each of them is exploiting it, for its own reasons. The big media narrative is inspiring migrants from Iraq to Nigeria to pour into Europe and Europe’s response is not to repel the invaders, but to lean on other European States to absorb more–MILLIONS by the time this is over. Second and third waves are now forming according to Wall Street Journal article titled Gains Inspire More Migrants–page 1 above the fold. The editorial page gets to the root cause of this crisis and once again it is Obama and his policy of retreat from promoting and if necessary enforcing a world order based on western ideals, which is now compromising western ideals at home as well as abroad. This is particularly frustrating for me because I have been writing about this for years, and nobody listened. Jefferson said it best: the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The elites have made a mess of our world. Its high time we made a mess of theirs. When the time comes, they should have no safe harbor either from the crisis they have created. We must all be in the same boat–and we will be.

    A Humanitarian Crisis or An ISIS Invasion of Europe?

    By Streiff @ Red State

    At an immigration checkpoint in Hungary a television crew caught and interesting image. After the on-camera talent had signed off, the cameraman continued to pan the scenery for B-roll video to accompany the news broadcast. A well built young man caught the eye of the camera man and made a very clear gesture seeming to THREATEN THE CAMERAMAN WITH BEHEADING. Hardly the act of an oppressed refugee thankful for a ticket out of the seething, effervescing s**thole that is the Arab world.

    The DOMINANT BIG MEDIA NARRATIVE of the ongoing refugee crisis is beginning to look tenuous. The famous image of the dead boy on the beach has matured and now we find that he was actually NOT a refugee from Syria. His family had fled Syria about three years ago for Turkey, returned briefly to Syria this summer, and then moved back to Turkey. In short, there was no reason for Aylan Kurdi to be on a boat in the Mediterranean larger than his father’s desire to smuggle him to relatives in Canada. A tragedy, to be sure, but not one directly linked to anything happening in Syria:

    Ms. Kurdi, speaking Thursday in a Vancouver suburb, said that their father, still in Syria, had suggested Abdullah [ed note: the father of the dead boy] GO TO EUROPE TO GET HIS TEETH FIXED AND TO HELP HIS FAMILIY LEAVE TURKEY. She said she began wiring her brother money three weeks ago, in €1,000 ($1,100) amounts, to help pay for the trip.

    Now the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has posted some interesting statistics on the refugee crisis. First, barely half of the refugees are from Syria.

    refugee 1

    Even this number is arguable because the trade in FAKE SYRIAN PASSSPORTS SO ASYLUM CAN BE CLAIMED IS A BIG BUSINESS.

    A number of migrants arriving in Turkey hoping to reach Europe are purchasing fake Syrianpassports in order to claim asylum at the end of their journey, the head of the European border management agency Frontex told French radio today.

    “There is a traffic of Syrian passports,” Fabrice Leggeri told Europe 1, “because it’s extremely lucrative for smugglers.”

    Syrian citizens are legally entitled to refugee status in any European country because of the civil war in their country.

    Those using fake passports, Leggeri said, are mainly from North Africa or the Middle East, migrating for economic reasons. But he admitted that authorities do not have a complete picture of those migrating to Europe.

    The route the refugees are taking to Europe also indicates that the TURKS ARE UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS IN THIS CRISID. The Turks allege that they have taken in over two million refugees and haven’t gotten fair treatment (I suspect this means MONEY) from Europe. The route diagram says this could not be happening unless the Turks were allowing it to happen, or encouraging it to happen.

    refugee 3

    What is more unsettling is the demographic breakout. (see the image at the top of the page, does anything stand out?)

    refugee 2: 72% MALE (13% CHILDREN, 15% FEMALE)


    BUT IT IS STRIKINGLY SIMILAR TO WHAT WE SEE CROSSING OUR SOUTHERN BORDER, in other words, it is not a humanitarian issue, it isn’t non-combatants fleeing war; it is economic… or SOMETHING MORE SINISTER.

    While there is no doubt that there is a humanitarian crisis underway in Syria, there is equally no doubt that no more than half of the refugees showing up in Europe are Syrian and that most of those are young men seeking jobs. There is equally no doubt that within this flow of young, military aged men there are a lot of ISIS soldiers.


    (I neglected to capitalize that closing sentence from the above, and it is too important to miss. I guarantee you the security agencies here and in Europe are deeply concerned about this risk, but the first question Schumer asks is will you vote democrat, if so we don’t care if you have a nuclear weapon. All we democrats care about is your vote. And the republican establishment says, me too.

  17. Many a truth is said in jest.

    Would Schumer knowingly accept a terrorist who promised to vote democrat.

    Probably not.

    Would Schumer assume the risk that a massive illegal immigration might bring in terrorists, if the group as a whole would vote democrat.

    There is on question that he would.

    The point of it is our political system is so fucking corrupt that it will do anything to get votes, even if it means destroying the county.

    There is not one patriotic bone in Schumers body, and he has demonstrated this on many prior occasions.

  18. Thank goodness CSPAN will air today’s rally.
    September 9, 2015
    Tea Party Rally Against the Iran Nuclear Agreement
    2016 presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are among the speakers at a “Stop the Iran Deal Rally” hosted by the Tea Party at the U.S. Capitol.

    This program has not yet aired
    Airing LIVE Wednesday, Sep 09 1:00pm EDT on
    You can sign up for email notification.

  19. The Thirteenth Crisis—is alpha omega

    President Barack Hussein Obama told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria:

    “You don’t negotiate deals with your friends.

    You negotiate them with your enemies.”

    To forge agreements with foes you had to first of all forget they were trying to kill you.

    Next you had to overlook the fact that they would probably lie to you.

    But the president was willing to disconnect the former from the latter, as only a brilliant man could do, or a man who doesn’t know the engine is connected to differential via a drive shaft.

    When the president pursued his agreement with Tehran he “rejected the idea of linking the deal to the fate of U.S. citizens currently held in Tehran or Iran’s backing of militants across the region.

    He pursued negotiations with the Taliban in the belief one could de-link the Afgan battlefield from diplomacy.

    He has most famously de-linked Hamas from the his burning vision of solution to the Palestinian question. De-link, de-link, de-link.

    You could isolate his grand bargains from the shocks of actual reality.

    Now it turns out that you can’t separate things so cleanly.

    The list of doom exists and is growing because one can’t do what he thought he could.

    This miscalculation might be the 13th crisis on the list all by itself.

    13. The Obama administration fundamentally misunderstood how international relations worked.

    Acting on a faulty premise the Obama pursued policies which made things worse.

    They blithely moved the tiller in the direction in which they wanted the bow of the boat to move.

    When this did not produce the desired result, they ignored it and “moved on”.

    The administration hoped to handle the crisis in Syria, then in its comparatively early stages, by shambolism.

    The administration plan was to do just enough to move the issue past the immediate news cycle.

    In other words, they decided kick the can down the road, with the difference that they believed this would actually fix things.

    One U.S. official who has been briefed on the options on Syria said he believed the White House would seek a level of intensity “just muscular enough not to get mocked” but not so devastating that it would prompt a response from Syrian allies Iran and Russia.

    “They are looking at what is just enough to mean something, just enough to be more than symbolic,” he said.

    The thirteenth crisis is the breakdown in American competence.

    It was the product of Barack Obama/s farcical strategy, accelerated by the extraordinary reluctance of the mainstream press to question its premises.

    During this period of astonishing foolishness, the ship of state has moved dangerously close to the roaring falls.

    A great deal of mischief was begun and allowed to grow into monstrous excrescences that Tharoor sees looming up today.

    Now that everything’s in plain view, surely the administration will act to correct things. But it won’t. If it does, it will as before do only just enough not to get mocked.

    The Obama administration, despite its pretense to youthful vigor, represents an ideology in senility, if not in dementia. The administration won’t solve the 13+1 problems because they don’t know how.

    Perhaps they never knew at all.

  20. McConnell. Like I said, I threw a fundraiser for him because we needed his help in gaining congressional support for an acquisition and merger, but this allowed me to sit with him at the head table, introduce him and others, and then watch as he interacted with others at the table, mostly Microsoft and Boeing leaders. He is enigmatic, passionless, and played his cards close to the vest. We talked about the recent downing of an American war plane ordered by a Chinese general from the People’s Liberation Army, and the proposal on the table to retaliate by giving Aegis technology to Taiwan. Boeing and Microsoft were opposed to any form of retaliation that might adversely affect their efforts to penetrate the Chinese market and the implored McConnell to squelch that proposal. I felt differently about it and so did Slade Gordon, the former Senator from Washington. McConnell was like a sphinx. That entire evening the ONLY thing that moved him was McCain Feingold. Any attempt to rein in lobbyists and big donor contributions, he was unalterably opposed to, he told me this was an infringement on free speech, it would turn the fate of the nation over to the New York Times, and he vowed that he would take that case personally to the Supreme Court. After that fit of passion, he went back to being his normal listless self. The only other thing I recall about that night was he went to use my bathroom, and was very impressed with the photos of Ben Hogan in there. I doubt he knew who Hogan was, but he loved the fact that he was smoking a cigarette–McConnell being from a tobacco state. That is the sum and substance of the man, therefore that he would play failure theater is hardly surprising. Here is Andy McCarthy’s take from National Review:

    Sadly, in another iteration of the anger that is the wind beneath Donald Trump’s wings, many readers insist that GOP leadership has no intention to block Obama on Iran.

    If that is so, it is passing strange.

    The national-security threat here is grave.

    Plus, how much credibility can Republicans have in complaining about Obama’s disregard of federal law if they won’t even follow the law they themselves enacted just four months ago?

    “Surrender . . . Then Play-Fight ” is Republican leadership’s shameful approach to “governing.”

    The quotes around “governing” are intentional. After voters, having trusted the GOP’s 2014 campaign promises to block Obama’s agenda, gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) notoriously said that the party’s primary objective was to show the public that it could “govern.”

    As I countered at the time, this was gibberish.

    Governing is principally an executive exercise. Presidents govern, while legislators prescribe. Prescribing law and monitoring the administration’s execution of it are crucial functions, but they are not governing, because lawmakers are powerless to carry out policy.

    Worse, the “show we can govern” tripe is just a rationalization for capitulating to Obama. GOP leaders said they must prove they can overcome legislative gridlock and (all together now) “get things done.”

    Perforce, the way a legislature “gets things done” is by helping the president do the things he wants to do. Since the president is currently Obama, the people who elected Republicans obviously wanted them to stop things from getting done.

    The resulting rage of its increasingly estranged base puts the GOP in a quandary: Republicans must avoid being seen as supporting the things they are getting done — i.e., the Obama agenda.

    So some sleight-of-hand is in order, some schemes to grease the wheels for Obama while posing as staunch Obama opponents. Among the most pernicious is “Surrender . . . Then Play-Fight.”

    It is a legislative template for obscuring the GOP’s enabling of Obama, a ruse designed to make it appear that the president is getting his way with only minority support (i.e., his hardcore Democratic supporters), while Republicans stridently condemn what they have actually voted to allow.

    Obama is delighted to play along, because he gets what he wants.

    Read more at:

  21. I have been calling this game failure theater from some time, ever since streiff at red state described it in those terms. Here is how it works, per McCarthy, from the above post:

    Surrender . . . Then Play-Fight is what Republican leadership choreographed in the Corker legislation.

    As I’ve pointed out before, they did not make up the Corker scheme on the fly. Senators Corker and Cardin used the template designed by Senator McConnell, his Democratic counterpart Harry Reid (D., Nev.), and House speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) to increase the debt ceiling. Here is how the Surrender . . . Then Play-Fight razzmatazz works — and follow closely or you’ll lose track of where Republicans are hiding the ball.

    Step one: Obama wants to do something bad. The Republicans decide to let him do it, while appearing to oppose it. Why? Maybe because they secretly agree that it should be done but know it will infuriate their base (think: raising the debt ceiling). Maybe because, although Republicans know it is bad, they are less concerned about the danger to the country than about the media-Left wrath that will rain down on them if they block Obama. Making a calculation rooted in politics rather than statesmanship, they conclude: It’s better to let the bad thing happen than be blamed for “gridlock,” “partisanship,” etc.; plus, if they can pull off the “enable Obama while ostensibly opposing Obama” trick, their empty rhetorical opposition will poll better than taking real steps to stop the president (think: Iran deal).

    Step two: The legislative template — Surrender . . . Then Play-Fight — is deployed. Republicans engineer the enactment of an authorizing statute that fully permits the bad thing Obama wants to do, but it attaches a “process” that has two conditions: 1) Obama must take certain measures to formally propose the bad thing (even though the bad thing has already been conditionally authorized); and 2) congressional Republicans must be given an opportunity to “disapprove” of the bad thing they have already approved in the authorizing statute. As GOP leadership well knows, this opportunity to disapprove is sheer theater: Obama will veto the “disapproval” and needs only one-third-plus-one support in just one chamber (i.e., 34 senators or 146 House members) to prevent an override.

    Read more at:

  22. Based on this record, I fail to see how the Republican Party can expect to secure the support of the base moving forward. That dog won’t hunt.


    CNN reported Tuesday that Perry’s South Carolina campaign headquarters had been shuttered, saying the move was confirmed by Perry’s state chairman, Katon Dawson.

    The Perry campaign had been using a Columbia, S.C., building provided by Dawson as part of his retainer fee, according to CNN. But the campaign was now losing the property to a “hot new client” found by a realtor, CNN says, quoting Dawson.

    Suffice it to say, it’s been a rough few weeks for Perry, who also sought the 2012 GOP nomination.

    Last month, news surfaced that he’d stopped paying his campaign staff due to fundraising struggles. Later in August, The Des Moines Register reported that his team in Iowa, site of the opening GOP caucuses, was down to one paid staffer.

    Last week, South Carolina state Republican chairman Matt Moore said that Perry was “on life support” in the state, according to The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier. Also last week, WMUR in New Hampshire reported that Perry no longer had a paid staff in the nation’s first primary state.

    The pivotal South Carolina GOP primary is scheduled for Feb. 20, the first to be held in the South.

  24. Today’s House Schedule altered by Freedom Caucus which is up to something.
    Check it out. I’d tell you if I understood it lol.
    They may come back at 4 PM.

  25. ADMIN: here is yet another stroke of brilliance by Donald. How many bad birds can he kill with the same stone, and still save the sparrows? It is just fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!! It gives pompous fucks like Zucker who prattle on about their morality and condescend to the rest of us, a wonderful opportunity to put their money where their lying hypocritical mouth is. Good stuff!!! It must be frustrating to be in big media working to set traps, and watch your quarry springs those traps, and trap you. For big media jousting with the Donald, what with the low esteem big media is held in today, is the most dangerous game. I will be interested to see how Dana Bash goes at this—she is smarter than Meeeeeee-again.
    Trump to CNN: Donate the profits I drive to veterans’ care

    Ever since the first Fox News debate turned into a ratings smash, other networks have been rethinking their revenue strategies. On Friday, the Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie revealed that CNN had hiked their ad rate for the September 16th prime-time debate from $5,000 per 30-second spot to a range of $150,000-200,000 — forty times what they’d normally expect, at the high end.

    It’s impossible to dispute that most of the yuuuuuge ratings interest got driven by The Donald. At least, it’s impossible for Donald Trump to deny it, as he has said himself repeatedly ever since. On Saturday, Trump tweeted out a demand for CNN to donate the increased profits to charity:

    Now Trump has a more specific idea about where CNN should spend the cash.

    In a letter to CNN president Jeff Zucker, Trump demands that CNN treat the debate as a “public service” rather than a for-profit operation, and donate the proceeds to “various VETERANS groups, a list of which I will send to you in the near future.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First, though, Trump “refuse[s] to brag,” and then explains where all the money comes from:

    While I refuse to brag, and as you know this very well, this tremendous increase in viewer interest and advertising is due 100% to “Donald J. Trump.” You saw it on The Apprentice where it was virtually the easiest show to sell to advertisers on television, and at extraordinary rates.

    But, you know, he refuses to brag. Later in his letter, Trump says that veterans get “treated like like third-class citizens — even worse, in many cases, than illegal immigrants.” Thus, Trump demands the “contribution of many millions of dollars” from CNN to one or more of the groups he will later list.

    Needless to say, this is a brilliant stroke by Trump, all kidding aside. In one moment, Trump has cast himself as a populist crusader against excess profits, as a champion of veterans (after his fumble about military prep school), and a leader in holding national media’s feet to the fire. If CNN goes along with this idea, Trump can take credit for the largesse. If they don’t, Trump has a new media target at which to aim for the next few weeks, one that doesn’t attempt to undermine conservative-media allies the eventual nominee will need to combat media bias in a general election.

    Now on the flip side, this does have a rather strong whiff of the kind of authoritarianism that runs counter to American conservatism. Since when do conservative politicians make normal business profit a vice? Of course, Republicans tried to defend big-business profits in 2012, and that … didn’t work out very well for them, either. Would a President Trump make similar demands of corporations enjoying short-term profits off of cultural moments? It’s also worth noting that Trump’s had plenty of windfall profits in his life (as he reminds people constantly); how much of that went to veterans groups before his presidential runs in 2011 and 2015?

    It’s probably best to look at this as a momentary trolling opportunity rather than a solid indicator of a Trump campaign direction, though — and in that context, it’s yuge. Say what you will about Trump, but he’s not stupid, and he’s having fun while sticking thumbs in the eyes of the establishment on all sides. It’s no wonder that people are having fun with Trump too, even if it may eventually wear off as people start taking the primary choice a little more seriously in the fall.

  26. Actually, what Trump is doing is exactly what he has said he would do in two recent rallies (inc the Mobile rally): force his way out of the debates when CNN won’t donate $10 million.

    There is no upside to debates for him. Only downside. And this is setting in motion a plan he’s been talking about to get out of them.

  27. This Iran deal is our exit strategy from the middle east.

    It will be the millstone around the neck of EVERY democrat for the forseeable future.

    For their party is now the guarantors that nothing will go wrong, and that Iran will keep its words.

    And when they try to blame it on the international community, they will discover how wrong they are.

    Obama and his party led the world down this blind alley–and they will pay for it, dearly.

  28. Cruz is so passionate about Israel. A few years ago , I would have not even given a thought to supporting him, but a man of such deep convictions to the survival of the Jewish people gets my respect and attention.

  29. You can tell how serious a candidate is by their hair… 😉

    Hillary has put away her scrunchies and headbands

    Trump has really trimmed down his pomp comb-up-and-over

    Trump is burning the candle at both ends, Hillary hasn’t gotten her candle out of the drawer.

  30. I watched Ted’s speech which put Mitch the bitch and playboy Boeher on front street.

    Three predictions:

    One: they will not stop the deal.

    Second: they will retire at the end of their term.

    Third: if we get a democrat president, they will serve out their term. If we get a republican president, the trap door to the gallows will spring open on both of them in January 2017.

    No matter what they do, Mitch and John’s goose is cooked.

  31. Obama wants this deal for his legacy.

    And he will have the misfortune of getting it.

    This death to America, Israel will not be around in 20 years is a declaration of war.

    It the prelude to future action.

    The lifting of sanction and the release billions will finance that war.

    This deal will haunt his legacy, just as it did Carter’s.

    The middle east is the place were empires die, and the fire of a thousand year war has been rekindled.

    Through illegal immigration, the Muslims will get their caliphate, and they will breach the gates of Vienna, where they were stopped six hundred years ago.

    Like the Trojans, they invite these demons inside the walls of their city, and reap the whirlwind.

    And the same thing will happen here, thanks to Zuckerberg and his open borders crowd.

  32. ..but a man of such deep convictions to the survival of the Jewish people gets my respect and attention

    If only US Jewish leadership were as passionate. The Democrat left has become so anti-Israel that it, at times, borders on anti-Semitism. But, the Jewish leaders keep supporting them. No way no how should Debbie Wasserman Schultz be voting for the Iranian nuke deal, but apparently she feels no concern whatsoever in one of the most heavily Jewish districts in the United States.

  33. With his blue tie loosened and slung over his shoulder, Trump sits back to digest his meal and provide a running byplay to the news. Onscreen, they’ve cut away to a spot with Scott Walker, the creaky-robot governor of Wisconsin. Praised by the anchor for his “slow but steady” style, Walker is about to respond when Trump chimes in, “Yeah, he’s slow, all right! That’s what we got already: slowwww.” His staffers at the conference table howl and hoot; their man, though, is just getting warm. When the anchor throws to Carly Fiorina for her reaction to Trump’s momentum, Trump’s expression sours in schoolboy disgust as the camera bores in on Fiorina. “Look at that face!” he cries. “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” The laughter grows halting and faint behind him. “I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

  34. Call me cynical, but I wonder if Carson’s attacks on Trump are being pushed by the establishment so Trump says something that will be “racially insensititive” and asked to leave the race?

  35. I think that would be giving Carson too much credit for political scheming. From what I have observed in his campaigning, he just “says stuff” without a great deal of thought about political consequence.

  36. Nationally-renowned author and Conservative talk show host Mark Levin sent a defiant message to GOP leadership Wednesday afternoon at the Stop Iran rally at Capitol Hill.

    In his fiery speech, Levin demanded they do more to stop the deal. He also took aim at Democrat leadership in both the legislative branch and the White House, suggesting that the Iran deal shows how far to the left the Democratic Party has fallen.

    “Never before has a President of the United States. Never before has a political party consented to funding and arming the enemy. Never before has a President entered into agreements with a terrorist regime that holds American hostages; that has killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers, and that seeks nuclear weapons and ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) to attack his own country,” said Levin.

    “Barack Obama makes Neville Chamberlain look like George S. Patton,” the former Reagan staffer added.

    Levin highlighted the dangers involved if the deal were to be implemented in Congress.

    “This phony deal allows the Iranian terrorist regime to inspect its own nuclear sites; to continue uranium enrichment; to build advanced centrifuges; to perfect their ICBMS; to spend $150 billion dollars on terrorism, and in the end, to secure nuclear warheads,” he said.

    He then had some choice words for the Democratic Party.

    “As one Democrat after another… supports this surrender, It’s clear that the Democrats no longer represent the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. It’s now the Democrat Party of Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama,” said the nationally-syndicated conservative talk radio host.

    “The Democrat Party will have blood on their hands as a result of this deal for the rest of time. And let me be clear, this deal sows the seeds of war.”

    He focused on the threat posed by a rogue and radical Iranian regime. “The enemy is emboldened, and the enemy will be well-armed and seek regional and world domination.”

    “How do we know” that Iran is so ill-intentioned, Levin asked. “They told us so.”

    Levin urged Republicans to stand up against the agreement, recommending that GOP leadership take the scaffolding set-up for the ongoing repairs of the Capitol Building and “use it on their damn spines.”

    “The Republican Party, particularly their leadership, has abandoned the Constitution and the Treaty Power of the United States Senate. It is recklessly and deliberately avoiding any serious confrontation with a disastrous imperial president. They can stop this,” he said. “They can invoke the Treaty Clause right now. They can suspend the filibuster rule and vote against lifting sanctions right now. They can stand between Obama and the Iranian terrorist regime and protect our nation and our allies, but they won’t. Gone is the party of Dwight D. Eisenhower; gone is the party of Ronald Reagan.

    “Instead we get the party of [Senator Mitch] McConnell and [Senator Bob] Corker and [Speaker of The House] Boehner,” Levin added, as the audience voiced their disapproval with GOP leadership. “Tell Republicans: this is not about getting along with Obama, it’s about stopping Obama. It’s about Americans’ interests. It’s about our children and the future generations.”

    “And a final word: Let me warn the 7th-century throwbacks who like to chant ‘Death to America’ in their home country. We Americans have been threatened by better than you. We Americans have been threatened by forces far stronger than you, and we’ve obliterated every damn one of them,” he concluded, as the audience applauded and broke out into chants of “U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.”

  37. Actually, Megyn Kelley is trying to bait Carly Fiorina to comment on alleged comments by Trump allegedly disparaging her face….She did not take the bait, but will be interestimng to see them on stage together. Kelley is a true hack who has attacked Hillary non stop and went after Trump on command at the first debate. I never liked her , but Fox became an alternative to other media outlets. I can’t really watch that station anymore except for Greta and very small doses of O’Reiley.

  38. There is no upside to debates for him. Only downside.

    I think an upside is that this will be a non-Fox debate, I think it’s CNN, isn’t it? That could expose his ideas to a lot more democrats and independents..

  39. here is yet another stroke of brilliance by Donald. How many bad birds can he kill with the same stone, and still save the sparrows?

    wbboei – I hope you’re right. And I’m truly glad that Trump likes to win – we need that back in our culture, “be the best you can be” to borrow from the military. But when I heard this latest challenge, it did make me a little nervous – I sure would hate for him to spend a lot of time creating pissing contests to win if he becomes president. There are so many real issues out there we need to win….

  40. lorac
    September 9, 2015 at 11:20 pm
    There is no upside to debates for him. Only downside.

    I think an upside is that this will be a non-Fox debate, I think it’s CNN, isn’t it? That could expose his ideas to a lot more democrats and independents..
    FOX has a strong incentive to destroy Trump.

    They want an establishment candidate.

    But the rest of big media being pro democrat have different incentives.

    First and foremost?

    Why kill the goose that lays to golden egg?

    Trump is the main attraction and that means revenue.

    Journalistic ego augers the other way.

    Mr. Tap toes, and Dana Bash–yea there’s ego there.

    That is their A-Team.

    I was glad to see them include a radio type.

    Better than including Vulf Bleitkreig–sick of that Washington fixture.

    Maybe he has retired–he has done it twice before.

    He collects the cudos, the retirement perks, and after a few months he’s back.

    Like a vampire who refuses to die.

  41. When asked today if he would skip the debate if CNN didn’t donate the proceeds, he said he would have to make that decision.

    I think his plan all along was to force his way out of the debates. That’s why he’s been teasing this plan at his rallies. Think about it… he controls every other interview, either in a press conference or holding court at his office building. If he gets in trouble, he can just attack the questions.

    He can’t do that at debates. He’s not going to wow anybody with his crisp policy answers to aggressive questions. It’s all downside.

    His plan is to skip the debates.

  42. The Eighth Anniversary: of the wide stance defense

    It was eight years ago today that Sen. Larry Craig’s congressional career ended up in the toilet.

    On Aug. 27, 2007, Roll Call’s John McArdle went up with a story detailing how the Idaho Republican had been arrested on June 11 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by a plainclothes cop “investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom.” He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct on Aug. 8 in Hennepin County District Court, paid $500 in fines and fees, was sentenced to a 10-day jail term that was stayed and given one-year probation.

    “It was the strangest day of my political reporting career,” McArdle, now producer and host of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” told HOH.

    McArdle was able to secure the arrest documents quickly through the use of a courier service, and then, after getting comment from Craig’s office, went forward with the story.

    The senator has denied anything untoward was afoot, claiming he simply had a “wide stance” in the men’s room and had inadvertently mimicked commonly understood actions indicating an interest in a restroom conjugal visit.

    Craig’s spokesman told McArdle the whole thing was a “he said/he said misunderstanding,” unfortunate wording considering the allegations, and the incident effectively ended the lawmaker’s congressional career. But the incident continues to linger in the legal system.

    Craig used campaign funds for his legal defense, which the Federal Election Commission has argued is a no-no. The case, which has worked its way through the courts for years, will get some play on Oct. 7 at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Last year, a lower court argued Craig should repay the Treasury $242,533 that the Craig Committee paid, plus a $45,000 penalty.

    Craig and his lawyers say the former lawmaker has suffered enough. The five-term House member and three-term Senate member, who did not seek re-election in 2008, founded New West Strategies in 2009.

  43. Rothenberg’s take:

    Trump’s image in Iowa has improved at the same time his flaws, shortcomings and liabilities have become more apparent. For now, however, many voters just don’t seem to care. The Trump persona is compelling.

    A friend of mine who has spent many years in politics recently emailed me from a Florida airport after sitting next to two women who were lifelong Democrats but intended to vote for Trump.

    “They think someone needs to fundamentally change the political culture. They believe his policies are less important than his no-bullshit posture. Amazing,” he wrote.

    Veteran Republican strategists involved in the GOP race (and working for other candidates) now tell me they believe Trump is in the race for the long haul and can and will win delegates, starting in Iowa, given that contests before March 15 are required to award delegates on the basis of proportional representation.

    Trump’s early strength among the party’s most conservative and frustrated voters could help him amass a substantial number of delegates in the South (which has many early March contests).

    So, I can no longer simply dismiss Trump (and the other “non-politicians”) as evidence of a Republican temper tantrum that will automatically fade into oblivion.

    Indeed, GOP insiders are worrying that Trump could well earn himself a speaking slot at the party’s convention, adding to the party’s general election challenges.

    And if Trump falters, it is no longer clear who will benefit from the opening — Carly Fiorina, who excels at debating and taking on Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Ben Carson, a true outsider with a low-key style, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, everyone’s seemingly second choice, or Jeb Bush, the man with the resources and stature?

    There are so many odd things going on in the GOP race that my colleague Norman Ornstein may be right that “the old rules no longer apply” and historical precedents are not of great use in understanding today’s Republican Party.

  44. Rothenberg’s comments point to the challenge Donald faces outside the debates, namely building a campaign organization in the early states in the next few months. And getting on the ballot in all 57! states. I expect he is working on this.

  45. no idea if this is true or not but here is a dump from Hillarys server:
    random sample I pulled. format is terrible and causes eye bleeding:

    From: McHale, Judith A
    Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 7:44 PM
    Subject: Fw: Helpful Wikileaks Editorial
    Helpful editorial in wp. We’ll try and get pickup in international media.
    Original Message
    From: DiMartino, Kitty
    To: ‘preines <preines
    Sent: Tue Nov 30 19:39:34 2010
    Subject: Helpful Wikileaks Editorial
    McHale, Judith A; Mills, Cheryl D; Sullivan, Jacob J B6
    The right response to Wikileaks
    Tuesday, November 30, 2010
    MANY OF the State Department documents released so far by WikiLeaks are embarrassing to their authors or subjects,
    but otherwise harmless. Some might even be helpful: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was among those
    fuming Monday at the news that most of the Arab states surrounding Iran might welcome a U.S. attack on his country.
    Still, there is little doubt that the release of the cables will damage the State Department and its diplomacy. Sensitive
    relations with countries such as Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia might be impaired; foreign leaders everywhere may
    consider carefully, at least for a while, before speaking frankly to U.S. diplomats.

  46. I am pretty sure something from the hack will come out over time.
    this is the first I have found and probably not the last.

    the above dump is a large text file and checks out with kapersky as virus free.
    saved it has a 20 megs size.

    maybe someone else who is more dedicated can make some sense from it.

    as I said above I have no idea if its real or not.
    night folks

  47. There was a comment by a jerk named Bill S on a Republican blog calling Trump supporters “stupid”–all 51% of them, according to what another blogger said was a current CNN poll. Evidently,Bill S wants some other Republican, most likely a RINO.

    After reading this article he still doesn’t get it. The bottom line is the majority do not believe in the progressive agenda, and would vote for anyone who they think can grab it by the throat and strangle it to death. And the RINO has failed to fight against this hostile take over, and has in fact supported it. Based on that, I would have to say that Bill S is one dim bulb.

    Why Donald Trump Is Seemingly Bulletproof
    The Silent Majority Believes They’ve Got A Lawyer

    By: Repair_Man_Jack (Diary) | September 10th, 2015 at 09:00 AM | 9

    So let’s say a big passel of trouble comes a-rolling in your direction. It flattens the barn, trashes the crops, eats your loyal pet dog the way a fat SEC football fan would down a tray of nachos. It seems there’s just no stopping it and the hits keep a-coming. So how do you maneuver yourself off the hook? You probably can’t. You get some bad-*$$#d dude who can pull you off the hook.

    It’s at this point that you dial 1-800-BAD-BACK. You dial the meanest, nastiest attorney you’ve ever heard of. You want the guy who enjoys swimming up Piranha Creek with a knife between his teeth. You don’t care if this guy is ideologically pure. You don’t even care if he likes or respects you all that much. That’s a luxury for people who currently haven’t been tied up and screwed. You point out who you feel the villains are and set him lose to rip off faces with no particular bag limit.

    This is what a certain segment of America has done. They’ve hired The Donald because there wasn’t any Yellow Pages ad for The Cleaner and they believe the current opposition to The Progressive Movement and its attendant vile septic tank of a national culture is a mess. When The Donald tells someone they’re fired; these supporters have a nice, long list of who should be next.

    You point out that The Donald has a yen for a Single-Payer Healthcare system, and they’ll tell you you’re going to need a single payer when he gets done with your face. This is not a thinking man’s argument and the immediate and unfortunate assumption will be that anyone who disagrees is talking down. Point out The Donald was once a registered Democrat and they’ll remind you about how Reagan was too. Tell them that Mr. Trump’s opinion of Mexico reeks of bigotry and they’ll ask you how that differs significantly from Barack Obama’s opinion of Middle-Class White People. So if you aren’t rooting for The Donald, how exactly does one stop him?

    It will require a form of chainsaw surgery that would make Ben Carson turn green. Boehner must be either fired or at a minimum made to run around in the backfield like Fran Tarkington behind a makeshift Offensive Line. The government will have to be shut down over the coming budget bill. The electorate voted for a GOP that could tell Barack Obama “No. You can’t.” Our last post-shutdown election was +8 in The Senate. People who don’t even think of reading Salon or The Atlantic *Hate* where America is headed with an abiding, pissed-off passion.

    I don’t think people are quite willing to vote for a crazy guy with a bad goatee and only one nut, but a bad comb over that could house a family of woodchucks won’t raise too many hackles. The Man on a White Horse only gets to hold his parade when the people in charge so a royally messed up job of running things. People have reached the conclusion long ago that America was on the wrong track. People came to understand the elite two-party cartel of Washington Ripe-Sucks couldn’t truly care less if one of us fell over and died in the muddy ditch.

    So Donald Trump’s followers are not part of anyone’s Hale-Bopp Cult. They believe anyone who still considers the GOP an opposition party to America’s Neo-Progressive Movement to be the truly delusional. They have no delusions that Donald Trump is an adequate man. They just believe he’s adequately teed-off enough to go into Washington DC and drain the entire high-crime swamp. They want the place burned down. They want careers ended. They want the gravy-train tossed into The Atlantic. They want to hear that trademark slogan of The Donald. The magic words “You’re Fired!”

  48. …heard Jindal go off on DT this morning…he sounded so desperate…he is not even registering in any of the polls

    Donald is master of luring people into his ‘boomerang effect’…his critics go after him and it makes one want to shut them out and turn the channel…


  49. Update: Shocker Video: Trump rips Fiorina’s appearance in Rolling Stone interview. That’s Megyn Kelly’s and the GOP establishment’s latest attempt to knock down Trump. Yeah, we don’t like personal attacks, especially personal appearance attacks, but, um, Donald Trump’s appearance, um, his hair in particular, has been the object of lots and lots of personal attacks.

    The attacks on Trump’s appearance are the first time we can recall that a man’s appearance, not a woman’s appearance, is the topic of conversation in a presidential campaign. Usually it is the woman’s hair, looks and clothes that Big Media trashes. Today, many of those that mock Hillary’s face are in full faux outrage because precious Fiorina (the latest pawn in a long line of pawns in the kill Trump ploy to help JeBush) has been trashed by The Donald. Goose, meet gander.

    On the basis of gender equality we slashed and burned John Kerry’s BOTOX face because Big Media continues to ignore Kerry’s obvious disfigurement due to Botox. And when was the last time Big Media mocked Mourning Joe Biden‘s hair plugs? So if Trump’s appearance is an issue get the sauce ganders.

    In other news, Bobby Jindal is at 0.3% in national polls. Jindal’s brilliant strategy? Attack Trump. Jindal must want to compete in the Perry/Graham primary to see who hits 0.0% nationally fastest and longest.

    In other other news, a brand new CNN poll puts Trump at 32%, up eight points in a month. And um, as we warned and warned and warned to no avail, Bernie Sanders now beats Hillary Clinton in Iowa as well as New Hampshire. Keep on doing exactly the opposite of what we suggest #Hillary2016 and you will compete in the Jindal/Perry/Graham primary soon enough.


  50. I was thinking of the three ladies that the major networks put forward, the elites de jour of the industry. I see mee again as a barroom brawler ready to take shots at any provocation, and looking for prior inconsistent statements to slam the witness with; dana bash is subtler, and her analysis is more strategic–a sharper mind, in my opinion; and andrea is a fixture of the washington establishment who has paid her dues, her analysis is bland by comparison. I may feel differently after the next debate. But you are not going to see Dana shadow boxing before the main event, staring down her opponent at the weigh in, the way meee again does. The other thing about Dana is she still goes out of the studio to conduct field interviews, whereas Meee again stays close to home, meaning Ailes and Morlock–always dangerous to venture out to the colonies, because there could be palace intrigue while you are gone and by the time you get back someone else could be sitting in your chair. I think that child of Mee gans may one day write a book about what is was like going up which will be a fine sequel to mommie dearest.

  51. Admin…when Trump’s opponents (Jindal and the rest) go after him they just do not get that they sound more and more like “the establishment” that their base is revolting against…

    guess the establishment insiders are trying to ‘launch’ their concerted effort to take DT down and out…

    …and in the meantime…they help make DT stronger…

  52. Well, perhaps.

    But the same was true of other great men in history.

    If you want system change, you have got to go outside the system.

    And the denizens of the system will call you stupid, shallow, etc.

    In fact, the only thing stupider is to support the denizens of the system.

    Voting for them over and over fits Einstein’s definition of insanity, i.e.

    Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    We know what the Republican Party today is: the enabler of Obama.

    Why would we vote for them????????????????????????????????????????

  53. Trouble among the Trump haters. Trump first/second:

    Donald Trump is now the first or second choice for half of GOP voters

    The amazing thing about new GOP presidential primary polling is that the big picture isn’t amazing. Oh, Donald Trump has a big lead? Ho-hum, what else is new? He was up 24-13 in CNN/ORC’s August poll; he’s up 32-19 in one published Thursday.

    But the owner of second place has changed — and pretty dramatically. In August, it was still Jeb Bush, who’d been sliding downward but was still in position for the silver. Now, Bush is relegated to third, as Ben Carson comes on strong.

    Bush isn’t the only one suffering here. Marco Rubio has also dropped significantly over the last month. And Rick Perry — remember Rick Perry? From Texas, I think? Somewhere in the South. — has just vanished, with a blink.

    A lot has been made of the significance of Trump-Carson going 1-2. After all, this is 51 percent of the vote going to two guys who’ve never held elected office — and who’ve never even run before.

    And that’s worth some chin-stroking. But then, there’s this: If you include first and second choices for voters — that is, who people would back if their own candidate wasn’t an option — Trump gets to 50 percent by himself.

    So say what you will about Trump having a block of people who don’t want to vote for him; despite early polls showing two-thirds of Republicans didn’t like him and more than half said they would never vote for him, half of Republicans right now seem willing to vote Trump. And if my math is correct, 50 percent of the vote is more than enough to win in a 17-person field. It could even be enough in a two-person field. [snip]

    What do you say to this, if you’re a part of the Republican establishment? You say, it’s early, and you say, this will change as the field narrows, I suppose. And you ask your assistant to get on the Internet and order one of those Trump hats. Might as well get it looking worn-in before the convention.

  54. I would rather see Hillary step out of the race then to see her go on pretending and playing it ‘safe’ to the kooks, in this race.

    Fight Hillary, or walk away!!!!

    I hate getting excited about Trump and not her.

    I hate it!!!!!

  55. It should be obvious that the Republican Party is not working for you and me. Only a fool would vote for them, unless they nominate Trump or Cruz.

    GOP leaders in the Senate are feebly complaining and whining about the Democrats’ solid support for President Barack Obama’s nuke-and-cash deal give-away to Iran

    The embarrassed GOP leaders unenthusiastically criticized Obama’s stonewall of 40-plus senators, but they trashed an alternative anti-deal strategy, and they did not even threaten to run attacks-ads against Obama supporters or make budget cuts to their favorite spending programs.

    GOP leaders said they still hoped the Corker disapproval resolution would undermine Obama’s secretly-negotiated deal with Iran. The deal is expected to fund Iran’s nuclear-weapons development program, as well as a wave of jihadi attacks against U.S. allies in the region.

    Corker’s measure reversed the usual Senate rules, which would require two-thirds approval for any White House deal to be validated. He championed the reversal after Obama threatened to completely ignore Congress while he reversed U.S. foreign policy and funded the nation’s leading Middle East enemy.

  56. Under the Constitution, it takes 2/3 vote of the senate to APPROVE a treaty. Without that it fails.

    Under the Corker legislation, it takes 1/3 to APPROVE, in which case it becomes law of the land, superior to the Constitution.

    Anyone who tells you that this treaty will prevent Iran from acquiring the nuclear bomb, and that $150 billion will not be used to fund global terrorism, and that the Supreme Leader is just blowing off smoke when he says death to America, Israel will not exist in 25 years, is lying to you.

  57. “after Obama threatened to completely ignore Congress while he reversed U.S. foreign policy and funded the nation’s leading Middle East enemy.”

    Call it Tin Foil Thursday, but after seven years of this crap, it’s pretty easy to see AND SAY where Obama’s allegiances lie.

  58. Shadowfax
    September 10, 2015 at 2:00 pm
    I would rather see Hillary step out of the race then to see her go on pretending and playing it ‘safe’ to the kooks, in this race.

    Fight Hillary, or walk away!!!!

    I hate getting excited about Trump and not her.

    I hate it!!!!!

    Preach it, Shadow.

    It truly and completely sucks.

  59. Free

    Yes, how much it sucks is in direct correlation to the infrequency of my posts lately.

    I’m glad Trump is chewing up and spitting out the media and Faux politicians, but Hillary should be doing it, and she knows it.

  60. One of the Iran Rally speakers yesterday was specific about the threats Obama used to twist arms. I believe he spoke just ahead of Rep David Perdue. Looking for the name. Usual source – transcript at CSPAN – does not engage.

    David was not half bad either.

  61. For what it’s worth-

    “The voters are obviously unhappy and angry,” said veteran Democratic pollster Peter Hart of the shrinking support, in both parties, for traditional establishment candidates. But Hart warned not to read too much into Clinton’s current lows or Trump’s newfound highs. “As we have learned, for so long and so often,

    these polls are written on the water’s edge in sand. They change pretty quickly.”

  62. Larry Johnson @ NO Quarter

    This is beyond an allegation. When you have at least 50 analysts crying foul over the politicization of intelligence, you have a major problem. The Daily Beast reports that the Obama Administration, with the assistance of senior leaders at Central Command, have been blowing smoke up the ass of the American people when it comes to the threat posed by ISIS:

    More than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials, The Daily Beast has learned. . . .

    Two senior analysts at CENTCOM signed a written complaint sent to the Defense Department inspector general in July alleging that the reports, some of which were briefed to President Obama, portrayed the terror groups as weaker than the analysts believe they are. The reports were changed by CENTCOM higher-ups to adhere to the administration’s public line that the U.S. is winning the battle against ISIS and al Nusra, al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the analysts claim.

    That complaint was supported by 50 other analysts, some of whom have complained about politicizing of intelligence reports for months. That’s according to 11 individuals who are knowledgeable about the details of the report and who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity.

    The political manipulation of intelligence is not new and this is not unique to the Department of Defense. It is a widespread problem throughout the intelligence community. It has been a major problem since Lyndon Baines Johnson tried to pressure the CIA’s George Allen to change his unit’s assessments on the strength of the Viet Cong (the Johnson Administration was pressing the line in 1967 that the U.S. was whipping the North Vietnamese and the VC was weakened).

    I experienced the pressure firsthand while working as the Honduran analyst in the Central American Branch at CIA during 1986-1988. During that period the Reagan Administration was insisting that the Contras were on the march and that the Sandinistas were flagging. In the spring of 1988, the Reagan Administration pushed the lie that Nicaragua invaded Honduras:

    President Reagan ordered the deployment of about 3,200 American troops to Honduras Wednesday night in a show of strength to counter what the White House called “an invasion“ by up to 2,000 Nicaraguan troops fighting contra rebel units.

    Reagan sent two battalions from the 82d Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C., and two battalions from the 7th Light Infantry Division at Ft. Ord, Calif., to Palmerola Air Base in Honduras for “an emergency deployment readiness exercise“ far removed from the tense border with Nicaragua, said White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater.

    I was on Capitol Hill with the Nicaraguan branch military analyst briefing members of Congress on the situation along the border of Honduras and Nicaragua when we received a frantic phone call from our office. The initial report painted a picture of a modern day battle of the Alamo. A Contra camp and its fighters were being overrun by the Sandinista Army. It was only when we returned to CIA Hqs and read the actual piece of intel that the true picture emerged. According to a report from the Contra camp in southern Honduras, a Contra patrol 10 kilometers from the main camp had discovered a group of Sandinista soldiers on the move. Shots were fired but no casualties.

    That truth was ignored and the Reagan Administration deployed an element of the 82nd Airborne Regiment to Honduras as a show of strength against Nicaragua’s Sandinistas. I witnessed firsthand how intelligence was manipulated for political purposes.

    More recently we have the case of Iraq, where we saw how the CIA was pressured by the Bush Administration to manufacture a case for going to war in Iraq. Let’s be clear. There were many so-called “intelligence professionals” who willingly and happily cooperated with manufacturing the fiction that Saddam Hussein had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and was keen on destroying the West. That legacy of deceit persists. Even today we hear the politicians and pundits who eagerly cheerleader that disastrous war blaming their blood thirst on an intelligence failure.

    This news about the manipulation of the intelligence on ISIS is a mere symptom of a very serious, widespread problem–the total politicization of intelligence. There are two critical functions that our intelligence agencies must perform. First, collect reliable information about what are enemies are doing, are preparing to do or are thinking about doing. We rely on both human sources and technical measures (e.g., satellite imagery and electronic intercepts) to accomplish this task. Second, and more difficult, is taking that information and explaining what it means. This is the analytical function. The job of an analyst is to assemble a jig-saw puzzle and then explain that puzzle to the policymaker.

    There was a time–basically the period prior to 1986–when promotion within the ranks of the intelligence officers was based primarily on merit. Sure there were political considerations that were taken into consideration from time-to-time, but merit rather than ass kissing was a more important factor in promoting an intelligence officer, analyst or operator, to greater responsibility.

    That is not the case today. As I have written before, the John Brennan era at the CIA now requires a Supervisor to write up an explanation if they do not promote a minority or gay officer who is up for promotion. Guess what? No one wants to put in writing that a Latino woman or homosexual man are not doing their well enough to merit a promotion. Instead, people who are not competent are being promoted to positions they do not deserve. This is but one example of how our intelligence system is being corrupted and diminished.

    With at least 50 intelligence analysts at CENTCOM blowing the whistle we are witnessing something approaching a revolt. This is unheard of in my experience. And I fully understand their frustration. You do not have to have access to Top Secret information to know that Obama’s so-called strategy to defeat ISIS is a failure. Old Navy salts have a saying, “you can’t shine shit.” No matter how hard you rub on a turd you only will end up smearing feces. You won’t make it shiny.

    The sad thing in all of this is that politicians never learn a lesson. They persist in lying and deceiving. Obama is not unique in this regard. He joins a long, tawdry line of leaders who have chosen political expediency over truth. What he is doing is dangerous and it does put America’s security at risk. I applaud therefore the brave action of the analysts who are speaking out and refusing to shut up and be a team player. Intelligence analysis is not a team sport. It is about telling political leaders uncomfortable truths they may not want to hear, but need to hear in order to do their job to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

  63. Shadowfax,

    I had a call from the campaign asking for donations. I gave them both barrels on how Hillary’s campaign sucked. They just droned on about the donations so I just said,”And you haven’t heard a single work I said, so get this” CLICK

  64. Personally Donald and needs to get a hand on his bipolar mouth. I am a bit sick of his calling people, especially women, names in regards to their physical being..As a woman, it’s prehistoric and brutal. He can go all day long on her failed business acumen,even though her rise from secretary to CEO is remarkable, but, leave the snide remarks at home. He can be his own worst enemy.
    He’s like an ADD child sometimes. Women will be turned off by this

  65. Ohh, just saw a short snip of Hillary on the Fox site, and she looks good in her cute hairdo, but she has bags under her eyes meaning that she is super stressed out.

    Yup, it ain’t easy defending a crook and backstabber like Barry-the Slick-Rick-Poverty-Pimp…maker of all things racist and corrupt.

  66. Gonzotx

    My worst fear is that Trump will shoot off his big mouth and discredit his good ideas.

    I am actually surprised he didn’t go all RosyMac before this.

    He is really going to end up shooting himself in the foot, and I don’t think he can keep his ego under control.

    Burning the candle at both ends…and then self implode.

    Better to see his nasty side before the election, then after.

  67. Unfortunately Shadow, Trump right now is the only one speaking to me. He doesn’t back down, which I love, especially on illegal immigration. Carson has already done a 180, he is all for giving work visas to the ones here already….easier…we don’t need that BS. I appreciate his brain and skills As a surgeon. His story is remarkable, a true Horatio Alger…but I don’t see him running the biggest government in the world.
    There is no one else out there I trust. I’m not even sure why I trust Donald to do what he says,, but I do.

  68. So, one of the ‘new’ things Obama was saying in 2007-08 was that he would talk to/engage Iran.. Is there any doubt that this was the plan all along? What is he getting in return? He is puppet. Who is the puppet master?

    And, watching Cruz on Hannity last night, he scared the heck out of me. The kind of things he says are so out there. I feel sorry for his wife. I think she is the good/better one in their partnership but she is not on the stage (she should have been) and he is. She married the wrong guy.

  69. We should always give credit where credit is due.

    Case in point: Bob Corker

    Corker, the riverboat gambler with a diamond stick pin who lives in an antebellum mansion, is Chairman of the Foreign Relations committee, is one hundred percent (100%) responsible for tearing down the constitutional requirement for treaty ratification, and allowing this toxic Iran treaty to become law. He is the guilty party. He got snookered by Obama. And paradoxically the ranking democrat on his committee, Bob Menendez, opposed the deal and was targeting by the Obama Justice Department as a consequence.

  70. The Globalization Agenda gets clear to the whole world:

    UN plan to save Earth is “fig leaf” for Big Business: insiders

    Why the new Sustainable Development agenda is “fundamentally compromised” by corporate interests

    UN records reveal that the intergovernmental body has already marginalized the very groups it claims to be rescuing from poverty, hunger and climate disaster.

  71. Corker is a junior senator, yet he was made chairman by McConnell. What he did, he did with the approval of McConnell. Yet he will be a pariah because of it. He will be personally responsible for Iran getting the bomb and the expansion of terrorism, both of which are inevitable consequences of this toxic deal. Failure theater redux. This is why the Republican Party is no longer trusted by the base. I have been railing against Corker ever since he was elected. He is no fucking good. I know who owns and controls him, and it is not his constituents. He is a grease monkey. It is not enough for a republican to say I voted against the deal. Corker is the party, and the party let him get away with it. Therefore, all Republicans except for Cruz and Lee are in pare delicto, regardless of how they voted. The dims told us they would screw up and they did. The Republicans promised to protect us and they did not. That is why the Republican brand has been tarnished, and is no longer respected by thinking people.

  72. My love note to Corker:

    Question: how could you have ever been this stupid?

    By bending the constitution to approve this deal, you have given Iran the green light to build the bomb, and to fund global terrorism as never before.

    Your democrat counterpart from New Jersey showed more courage and insight than you did.

    Morris is not alone in calling this the stupidest thing a Republican has ever done.

  73. It is sad wbboei…National Security use to be a non-partisan issue, but today it’s all about padding Obama’s legacy at the expense of our allies and ultimately the homeland.

  74. JB, I agree to a point, but Trump knows this and is capable of setting traps for them as well. More important is the fact that a lot more Americans have come to realize that the media cannot be trusted for anything, and that the dims and repubs are soiled from the top down, from the inside out. So, when some of Trump’s “deficiencies” are pointed out by the media or other shills, at lot of us are saying “so what?! None of you are addressing my concerns or representing me anyway”. Trump is. To paraphrase, “We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”

    Will it get us anywhere? Who knows. But that is what I’m feeling and ditto for everyone I talk to.

  75. JB, I have neither the time nor the patience to watch some airhead on TV. Nor do I wish to contribute to their ratings

  76. jbstonesfan
    September 10, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    it’s all about padding Obama’s legacy at the expense of our allies and ultimately the homeland.

    1. Roman law: an inheritance from a person who dies insolvent whose debts the heir must discharge

    2 A harmful or burdensome inheritance or legacy

  77. Just how epic is the FAILURE that is OBAMA?

    In Major Humiliation For Obama, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria

    But in the latest twist in what we have been warning for months has the makings of the biggest proxy shooting war in years, one that will come as a major humiliation to the Obama administration, today we find out that none other than America’s most recent diplomatic sweetheart in the Gulf region, Iran, has deployed ground soldiers into Syria in the past few days in cooperation with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

  78. Outris
    September 10, 2015 at 9:10 pm
    JB, I have neither the time nor the patience to watch some airhead on TV. Nor do I wish to contribute to their ratings
    They do not think two steps ahead do they?

    Suppose they succeed in knocking Donald down.

    Do you really believe that that 50% that supports him will shift their loyalties to the RINO?

    And when they stay home, or vote democrat (as I will do in that case) where will they be then?

    To borrow a phrase from the asshole in the White House, they are on the wrong side of history.

    As for Kelly, if people are not sick of her by now, they should have their head examined.

  79. Outris
    September 10, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    This article echoes what you are saying:

    Donald Trump’s followers believe anyone who still considers the GOP an opposition party to America’s Neo-Progressive Movement to be the truly delusional. They have no delusions that Donald Trump is a saint. They just believe he’s adequately teed-off enough to go into Washington DC and drain the entire high-crime swamp. They want the place burned down. They want careers ended. They want the gravy-train tossed into The Atlantic. They want to hear that trademark slogan of The Donald. The magic words “You’re Fired!”

  80. I am thinking The Donald has only just begun. I am amazed by some of his moves. Going after Megyn Kelley was a wee bit harsh but they threw first punch. I like her she is a big powerful woman. Seriously doubt a period reference crippled her. I think micro aggression crowd went too far. At some point the thought police pushed things too far. A Confederate Flag did not kill anyone. A very sick man did. People are tired of PC bullshit. Years of walking on egg shells. Trump comes along and he is abrasive. Feel goody shit is tired. Maria Harf said people behead children because they need jobs. HUH? I had a long fight with an open borders proggie about school budgets. He maintained there is no effect and he cited some bull shit data. I asked how can you believe this. Stories about TB on the rise. No clue as to vaccinations. The o era is nearing an end and refugees in every country. Why? In the history of the planet has there ever been such mass migration? My fantasy is Hillary loves this country so much she thinks we need a Trump. I see it is out there but I believed in her. I do not recognise the woman running. Get mad I am bleeding out of my eyes. Kidding I love Trump and new he had to take on the Jeb News I wish he had been kinder but where did that get MCCain, Romney, Hillary, Palin? Dims attack but cry victim. He has studied the landscape for years.

  81. jbstonesfan
    September 10, 2015 at 8:35 pm
    Trump must be very careful as all media outlets are out to get him…

    That they are, jbstones. But, media should recognize that the success of Trump’s campaign, despite their diligent efforts to ridicule, then ignore, then malign him and his candidacy is a sign that their power to manipulate voters and control election outcomes is seriously waning. And, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of sh** heads.

  82. gonzotx

    September 10, 2015 at 5:59 pm


    gonzotx, I hear what you are saying but the bottom line is that it has already been reported that there is a plan by the republican establishment to take DT out…OUT…any way they can…

    (don’t let them manipulate you)

    that is why you see Jindal going beserk today…Lindsey Graham went off on him today, unfit to be CiC…Carly has been scratching at him…

    Carson started in with questioning Donald’s faith…they are all going to start calling him crazy, narcissist, a bully, unfit to be living, bla, bla, bla

    and the actual truth is that no one wants to look at or admit that people attack him first…mercilessly ridicule him…today i heard a woman on Fox call him a “pig” at least 3 times and then she actually said republican woman are not going to vote for him because they are not going to get “any of this” as she points to herself…meaning repub women will deny their husbands sex if they vote for DT
    (and she appears to be wrong because the polls saying repub women are increasingly supporting DT – now at about 33%)

    I mean really folks…anyone says anything they want about Donald (much like they did towards the Clintons) but they do not like it when he fights back…and he fights back harder…with no filters…tough luck…too bad…

    and I am sick of hearing about this ‘poor little women’ that he attacks…

    perhaps many of us have forgotten this little gem…which I hope Donald refers to with ‘that face’ Carly…(and she does have some strange facial antics…along with blinking and the head bobbing)

    anyway…take a peek

  83. I may be repeating myself but I was in a store I called the kid pup. This woman went ballistic. I always call her pup okay sometimes brat other times I just say god I hate you please perish. Crazy lady accused me of abuse in the store. SHe said you do not treat women like that. I fight with baby girl all day everyday. She gets to think because we fight. I call her pup I cannot remember why but it stuck. I am her great gay uncle many years ago we met by mistake she was neglected I stepped in by mistake.
    She is straight A student, takes tap, jazz, ballet, voice acting classes, clarinet, piano, tae kwon do, softball and she got MVP 5 times. Some lady attacks me in frozen food for calling her pup. I will always call her pup she will always be my pup I am a major asshole but I am of Irish exraction. Irish love never dies but it is not cute.
    I think the woman who went youtube crazy is an obot. I had said pup we are leaving. Counts as abuse.

  84. …the media is blowing up these silly little comments to distract away from talking about issues…

    I mean all day long about those “devasting comments DT made about Carly’s face”

    give me a break…he would be better to stay away from those kind of comments…but days and days of panels discussing it…pleaaase…

    it will be interesting to see if CNN goes for gossip and personal attack stuff or actually has a debate about current event issues that the people care about…

  85. freespirit

    September 10, 2015 at 11:27 pm


    free…agree…we are on the same wavelength, but I love your colorful description more

  86. I’m not being manipulated by the media S, I just want him, to, stop opening his mouth at inappropriate times, like in interviews, on mic, keep it to himself…making reference to a person’s looks is not Presidential.

  87. Senate Democrats stand by Obama’s surrender to Iran. History books will remember this when they go over the events that led to a nuclear World War III.

  88. Gonzotx, I know what you mean and I agree with you, those comments do not help…but the media and his opponents…and the republican establishment are going way, way overboard and they just repeat it over and over again…because they all want to take him out…it really is DT against them all…

    how come no one in the media (or an opponent) comes to DT’s defense when they call him a “pig”, or when Dana Milbank called DT ‘ a rotten pig’ or when others call him a buffon, a bully, racist, all of them make fun of his hair, on and on and on…

    if you listen to the media they are defending the other person’s POV…just like they did with Obama…

    Rosie McDonald hit DT first, Meghan Kelly hit DT first and has not stopped, Carly has been knawing at him…since when do women get a free pass…I thought we wanted to be treated equally…

    Donald fights back…if they can’t take it, then do not take the first punch because he will go for the juggular…

  89. Trump is just implementing what Sean Connery said in The Untouchables, “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.”

    Trump’s enemies are equally ruthless, and they WILL use women like Kelly and Fiorina like suicide bombers to try to take Trump down. This gnashing of teeth over whether Trump should fight tooth and nail with Fiorina, Kelley and Rosie O’Donnell reminds me of the Rules of Engagement that hampered our troops ability to effectively fight the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in Iraq, which did not care about such niceties in combat.

  90. That’s all good to say, but society still sees a man making degrading remarks to a woman, if it’s not Hillary or Sarah, as bullying. He’s playing into their hands.
    Why Give them ammunition?

  91. since when do women get a free pass…I thought we wanted to be treated equally…

    S – I think the media know better – they just want to ignore the insults against men and focus on those about women so they can pull the gender card.

    I agree with you (and Gonzo) that attacks against a person’s appearance (whether female or male) are unnecessary and more like bullying. Get them back on what they’ve said or done, not how they look.

    And looking further up the line, how is a President Trump going to lend his voice against kids (especially the now more frequent social media) bullying others by low blows to their looks, which they can only do so much about?

    He talks about succeeding by good schooling, hard work, talent, knowing how to negotiate, having a drive to succeed, and confidence. That’s all great and American and what we want kids to emulate. And certainly we suspect Trump will use whatever leverage and verbal “games” to get what he wants.

    But he doesn’t want (I hope!) his success defined by petty, unnecessary personal attacks. I agree, it’s not presidential. I’m okay with Trump not being perfect because I think he can get the job done (and I no longer believe in “perfect candidates”). But he has to have a presentable “presidential side”.

    I was worried at first that he had only one speed, then I saw he *does* have more than one speed. Perhaps it’s just a question of learning better when to let the little schoolyard type battles go and project “presidency”…..

  92. I have tried, and tried, and tried,but I cannot come up with any justification for Hillary putting her support behind the Iran deal. I don’t believe that even blackmail would have made the Hillary we thought we knew do that. I’m back to wondering if who she is now is the “real” her…..

  93. I think Trump made a really big mistake today. He was doing his usual “blowing off a candidate”. He said something like, “So Carson was a surgeon. Big deal. He was just a surgeon. He wasn’t a particularly good one.”

    Of course, Carson was the surgeon who first successfully separated twins conjoined at the head. He later devised technology by which other surgeons could practice on simulation models, to make their future similar surgeries work.

    I’m not interested in Carson for quite a few reasons. But you can’t take those huge accomplishments from him. Could Trump really not know????? If so, he needs to get information on people before he insults them. There really are people who succeed in jobs that aren’t in the business field!

    If he did know, what exactly was the point of lying about Carson’s career? Ok, be dismissive of Jindal because he’s at 1 percent in polling. But he looked like a fool, a blowhard, by misrepresenting what Carson has accomplished.

  94. lorac
    September 11, 2015 at 4:18 am

    I think Trump made a really big mistake today. He was doing his usual “blowing off a candidate”. He said something like, “So Carson was a surgeon. Big deal. He was just a surgeon. He wasn’t a particularly good one.”

    Trump is harsh. Very harsh. But in context is he saying Carson is not a good doctor or is he saying he does not have the skill set to be president? I think the latter although it may not seem like it. He is planting this in voter’s brain and it would not work unless people already have this doubt in their mind.

    Scott Adams, the cartoonist, calls this the kill shot. “A kill shot is designed with one necessary element to distinguish it from a mere insult. The kill shot has to put words to what you were already thinking in a vague sense. If you disagree with the main idea in the linguistic kill shot, it has no power. Trump only picks kill shots you agree with on some visceral level.”
    Jeb is low energy, Fiorina “that face”, Jindal “who?” and now Carson. It is how he knocks them off. Nice? No. This is big boy stuff although it doesn’t seem like it on the face of it. He takes a vague weakness and exploits it. Pleasant? No. Fair? Yes.

  95. freespirit
    September 10, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Trump’s tactics would not be so devastating if the media or political elite were respected. They are not. They have been using similar tactics for decades. Remember the “mouth on them!” that media used against Hillary in 2008? I do and it was pure filth. The dehumanizing and dismissive language used against the public by Obama? Now Trump is using it against THEM. The media and elites couldn’t lap it up off the ground fast enough in 2008 and all points since then. What goes around comes around. The public’s give a damn is busted. You don’t get to call decorum after calling me a son of a bitch for years.

  96. Of course, Carson was the surgeon who first successfully separated twins conjoined at the head. He later devised technology by which other surgeons could practice on simulation models, to make their future similar surgeries work.

    This is all true. This is genius level MEDICAL stuff. He is a very fine surgeon and an extremely decent man. But what does it have to do the main issue of illegal immigration? Dr Carson has said just give them all green cards and call it a day which is a practical but ruinous thing to do not to mention the public says no way. How does organizing a surgery department convert to running the federal government? Or dealing with Putin? Or ISIS? I think the Republican elites are using him as a useful idiot (he is not an idiot except in the political sense) to divert away from the runaway and uncontrollable to them Trump as they are Fiorina and anyone else they can goad into attacking Trump. I hate seeing him used this way.

  97. The only rational for accepting the Iran “deal” is that whatever deal you make with them, they are going to break, so what are you going to do about it anyway? It is the multinational corporations that have their eye on Iran. It is all for sale. They want it open for “development”. They believe, in their arrogance, that they have it all under control. They will not only give the frothing terrorists their $150 Billion, but a lot more. And they will leave the nation $Trillions in debt and what there is of their environment, wasteland. Radioactivity is nothing to them. The locusts are hungry these days.

    And who will stand against them?

  98. Being a doctor myself, I know that being good at your specialty does not automatically make you an expert in other fields. Surgeons in particular tend to have an overinflated sense of invincibility in their skill sets and ability to fix problems outside of their profession. I’m sure Carson was a great neurosurgeon before retiring, but that does not necessarily translate to being able to negotiate through the treacherous waters of politics and foreign affairs.

  99. We don’t like Carson in our house — I don’t think he has what it takes to run a country. He seems like an arrogant bastard in spite of his mild mannered ways and it was something he said about Hillary (the words, the tone and the way he said it) that turned me and my husband off.

    Agree about the kill shot from Trump. Now when you look at Fiorina you think about the face and there is something kind of not so appealing with that face. But low energy comment about Jeb was right on the money and a perfect kill shot. And about Carson, how does him being a genius surgeon translate to running a country and he is right.

  100. With a 20 trillion dollar deficit and rising, with no control of our borders, with 95 million people of working age not working, with a flood tide of illegal aliens descending on our country, with a stock market that has been surviving on cheap money waiting for the fed to lower the boom, with the collapse of our middle east policy, with the abdication of a first world nation to enforcing the rule of law, etc.

    Would you not think there would be in this country an appetite not merely for change, but for systemic change, which means death to the political class, who are grinding down the middle class, and life to the people of this nation? Yes, I know, it is the old case of hope for the best, expect the worst and settle for the difference. But surely we can do better, yes?

    The people who get all hot and bothered over a “sexist” jibe by Donald, are the same people who felt a deep sense of outrage against George S. Patton. While in their state of high dudgeon and moral preening, they conveniently forget that he is the best general to fight and win that war, and there is more to life than political correctness.

  101. The position that we, the great unwashed who just happen to vote, should be saying to the elites is you have shown your hand. Your strategy to preserve your elite position is to keep the rest of us down. And because there are more of us than there are of you, you have adopted a strategy of control which consists of i) divide and conquer–through racial polarization, by vilifying the white working class, and ii) political correctness, which finds latent discrimination in off handed remarks, and sensible policies that may have a disparate impact—like arresting and locking up criminals. Okay, that is your strategy elites. Don’t bother to deny it–it is obvious, and you have made it so, through words and deeds. And it is sinking this nation, while keeping you afloat. The game changers are not the enemy within. You and you alone are the enemy. You may be a decent person and all that. But you are nevertheless a member of a corrupt rank and file that is destroying this nation before our eyes. We do not give a flying fuck about your credentials, where you went to school, who you know, how much you are worth. Those factors are irrelevant. If you seek to run the country, there is but one criterion that counts, and that is a passionate commitment to the general welfare as opposed to your own pocket book. If you are really committed to that objective, then you will stand out from your corrupt peers who seek only wealth and power, and who by reason of that fact, deserve the guillotine.

  102. And it is the height of folly that the political class who love their caviar, claim that those who object to the way the country is being run into the ground are simply “angry”.


    Is that all it is??

    Moral outrage is more like it.

    They don’t see the change that is coming.

    The question is will there be order or chaos?

    With Trump we will have order.

    With Carson, we will be as overwhelmed by events as Carter was.

    It takes a manager, not a surgeon, a failed ceo, or a politician.

    For me, it just has to be Trump or Cruz for the nation as we know it to survive.

  103. Seems to me that is the two lines of attack against Trump: race and political correctness. The two bludegons used by big media to achieve social control and to limit discussion about the nation’s political fate and future to an endgame they alone have designed for us.

  104. One of the great failings of the past two presidents is that while they may have political skills, they have absolutely no management skills, and management is the sine qua non. Lacking such skills, Obama is constantly in the business of rationalizing failure, with the help of big media. Wouldn’t we be better off with a president with a proven track record of business success. The point is obvious, and no other candidate on the stage can make that claim. Carly can try but here firing as CEO decries it. Why not push all the nayesayers who seek to preserve the status quo aside, and try this novel approach to see if it works. It is far better than the death of a thousand cuts which establishment candidates have in common. They have no interest in a return to national greatness. All they are after is a soft landing and the imposition of global government. Unfortunately, the electorate is so clueless that they will say things like I don’t care about success, I care about what he said about Carly, or Ben, or Jeb, or Rubio–which is pure folly, anathema to the entire notion of self government.

  105. 9/11 tweet:

    “Fourteen years have passed since September 11, 2001, a day that changed the trajectory of the United States. The worst terrorist attack on our homeland taught us two things: that our oceans would not protect us from a determined enemy in the 21st century, and that radical Islamic terrorism was not a regional annoyance with limited capacity, but a real and present danger to our very way of life.

    “Today, we remember the victims: the people in the twin towers of the World Trade Center, that emblem of America’s economic power, and the first responders who charged in to save them. The military and civilian personnel in the Pentagon working to keep our country safe. The innocent passengers on those four doomed flights, some of whom heroically sacrificed themselves to minimize the casualties on the ground.

    “But as we pause in their honor, we must also look forward. The hard fact of the matter is that today, we again face a gathering threat from radical Islamists who may have changed their name or affiliation, but who are unchanged in their determination to degrade, and ultimately destroy, the West.

    “Today, the threat of radical Islamic terrorism is still very much as real as it was fourteen years ago. From Nidal Hassan yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ before he murdered fourteen innocent people in Ft. Hood, Texas, to the Boston marathon bombings, a beheading in Oklahoma, and the attack in Chattanooga that left four marines and a sailor dead.

    “September 11th, 2015 should be more than a day of reflection and remembrance. It should be an opportunity to resolve that we will not allow political correctness or complacency to lull us into the same false sense of security that al Qaida exploited fourteen years ago. We owe it to the memory of those whose lives were lost to squarely face the ongoing, virulent threat of radical Islamic terrorism, unafraid to call it what it is, as we defend ourselves and the founding principles that make America the greatest force for good in the world.”

  106. Wbb, couldn’t agree with you more about Carson and need for someone, ie Trump who is not only a very successful business man, but promotes America, and Americans first and formost.
    I think Tony your right, surgeons are egomaniacs generally, and being successful at , even brilliant, does not relate to destroying Isis and dealing with the illegal migrant, border issue.

  107. Gonzotx and Lorac…I think we basically agree that DT should just avoid ‘personal attack comments’, and it does him no good to go after women…but once again…

    the game that is being played here is that the media just pounces and blames DT for his remarks and dissects them for days, morning, noon and night (just like they did to Hillary), they conveniently forget to mention who originated the attacks…ie, Rosie O’Donnell, unsolicited went after DT on The View and ridiculed his hair, his looks, his marriages, etc…

    then DT hit back…and so it has gone on with most of the attacks that have hit DT and then he hits back hard…that was my point re: women…so Rosie gets to make DT the target of her jokes and abuse and what…he cannot respond…and when he defends himself it is his “fault”…no, I think alot of the public is catching on to this tactic by the media and establishment

    btw…today, the “squirrel” himself, Jindal, said that DT looked like he had a squirrel on top of his head…but that’s ok…he said it about DT…just like anything was fair game against Hill and Bill…Hill and her cankles, Nurse Ratchet, laugh, pantsuits, murders, etc, etc

    so Jindal attacks DT and it is ok…if DT said it about someone else all hell would break loose…

    instead DT responds and everyone freaks out over how he defends himself…something wrong with this picture and I think we know what it is…all part of the plan to take DT out…

    same old story, nothing is low enough when it is directed at Hillary, Bill and now DT…his attackers have free reign…but the one being attacked better watch out on how they respond…

    as I said previously…note to Ivanka…have a heart to heart and talk to Dad about a little self editing…so he does not step on his own good news stories and rising poll numbers…why waste his time talking about and defending/explaining himself regarding Carly’s face…

    one thing about DT…he is not going to stand for anyone trying to demasculate him…he is an alpha male…whether anyone likes it or not…

  108. Roger Simon @ PJ Media (with some editing)

    His comments about Carly Fiorina’s looks were (off base) and that they were made to Rolling Stone, of all publications, is (counterproductive). Isn’t Trump aware of the politics and, more importantly, the utter dishonesty of that wretched rag that recently was caught lying through its newsprint about a non-existent rape scandal at a University of Virginia fraternity? If Trump gets to be president, he better get a sense of who his real enemies are — one of them is Jann Wenner, the publisher of Rolling Stone, not Carly Fiorina.

    Then, he got in a dust-up with Dr. Ben Carson, his nearest competitor, over the issue of faith. To be fair to Trump, Carson started it and then apologized, what we call in tennis an unforced error. But Trump’s response was bizarre and dimwitted, attacking Carson as a doctor. Say what? Anyone paying attention knows Carson has been a stupendous physician, saving multiple lives and pioneering operations, one separating conjoint twins. A child of extreme poverty, he ended up the youngest ever pediatric brain surgery chief at Johns Hopkins, one the finest hospitals literally in the world, treating brain tumors in children, while Trump was building golf courses for rich people.

    It makes me sad to say that because I thought being so far ahead in the polls would mature Donald, make him more self-confident, able to laugh off a thing or two. You could say he is what he is and all this publicity will only make his numbers go up yet again. And maybe it will. Time will tell, of course, as it always does.

    As we learn more about the extraordinary mendacity of the Iran nuclear deal, no one should be. Trump spoke out strongly against the deal, calling it the worst ever made. It is — and I applaud him for saying so. So despite my growing disappointment with Donald, unlike George Will and others, I would still vote for him in the general election. I am nowhere near saying I wouldn’t vote for him against any of the Democrats and it’s unlikely I ever will be. But maybe this time he’ll learn a lesson that doesn’t seem so complicated.


    New mission for Team Romney: Stop Trump


    “I think you’re going to see more concerted efforts against him in the future,” said Rick Wilson, the Florida-based strategist. “A very broad and decentralized movement coming from a surprisingly diverse set of different buckets of Republican voters and communities” is, he said, beginning to mobilize financial efforts to take out Trump.

    But that goal, shared seemingly across the GOP establishment, has proved elusive.

  110. If you’re free and so inclined, tune in to HLN right now. The show is Dr. Drew. And if you cannot, just know this. It’s likely a rerun of last night’s. Subject is trump. The theory that women like him because they are used to being abused and thus, drawn to him, has been floated. Woman in audience is nailing him to wall. The in their face black guy asked them to name one policy Donald has.

    The perky blonde steps up to say “Read the book….”

  111. Guess I caught the last 35 minutes of Dr. Drew. The entire audience was selected to be pro Trump. The panelists were there with nails bared. To the man whose 15 yr old boy was killed by the SF illegal let out earlier on that fateful day, the black panelist could only empathize with him. The father, normally well-spoken, failed to point out that the story was hidden until Donald dug it up.

    The entire panel went on about Donald’s insults and no one brought up the WH language. But overall, it was a huge plus for Donald.

    I did not see a full episode video anywhere. Tv news has taken to hiding what it reports quite well, and HLN does the deed with supreme vengeance.

    Dr. Drew will hold another such meeting after the debate next week.

  112. gonzotx

    September 11, 2015 at 12:45 pm
    I think Tony your right, surgeons are egomaniacs generally, and being successful at , even brilliant, does not relate to destroying Isis and dealing with the illegal migrant, border issue.
    My Dad was a brilliant surgeon and a modest, humble man. He was a gentleman and a scholar,a man of science, a most caring and gentle human being so I greatly disagree with such a characterization.

    What I have noticed lately is that CNN and Fox have stopped giving DT interviews and air time. This is what will hurt him the most. All people see and hear is a constant diatribe of anti Trump stories but no Trump to rebut.

  113. totally disgusted
    September 11, 2015 at 3:27 pm
    I come from a family of doctors. My father was a highly respected and skilled eye surgeon who later in life became involved with the government in formulating health care policy. I also am an eye surgeon and have dealt with a lot of other surgeons. To be one, you have to have confidence in your own abilities and to think on your feet when things don’t go according to plan. That doesn’t mean that all of us are also good at people skills which are more important in politics. Some of the smartest and nicest people I’ve known were disasters when they became involved with administrative positions in hospitals or in government. One of my mentors during my residency had the opinion that the people least qualified to be chairman of the department invariably got chosen. While I agree with some of Carson’s positions especially with regards to health care, I am not convinced that he is ready to be president.

  114. Perry’s GONE….1 Down….several more to go…..

    Rick Perry abandons presidential run

    Former Texas governor Rick Perry on Friday said he is suspending his campaign, becoming the first Republican candidate to drop out of the crowded race for the White House.
    “We have a tremendous field—the best in a generation—so I step aside knowing our party is in good hands,” Perry said, according to remarks he planned to deliver at a conservative conference in St. Louis.


    Saw that coming a mile off.

  115. Rick Wilson, the Florida-based strategist.
    Rick, a Republican strategist, has a solid track record of defeating Republicans, including the one he worked for. The son of a bitch is a Judas.

  116. I step aside knowing our party is in good hands,”–Rick Perry
    How do you define good?

    He would have been better off breaking into a few verses of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” than trying to convince the public that other candidates are worth supporting.

    I guess what he is saying is, if he felt the party was not in good hands, then he would stay in? Without the financial backing? Give me a break.

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