Mourning Joe: #Hillary2016 Imagines Superdelegates As Joe Biden Surfs Using His Son’s Coffin

Mourning Joe Biden is using the death of his son as a rationale to run for president. It’s not the first time Biden plugged into a family tragedy for personal political gain. If Joe Biden had family scruples he would tend to the living philanderer coke-head son and stop riding on the dead one’s coffin.

We sincerely hope Joe Biden runs for president against Hillary Clinton. We have two reasons for hoping the drunk lines up for the nomination race. Reason #1: maybe then Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Hillary2016, will finally wake up to the Barack Obama knife stuck in their backs. Reason #2: we want good Americans who enjoy sleazy gossip to get their fill.

This election cycle will be a sleazefest. On the GOP side the Republican establishment hopes are pinned on some scandal to bring down The Donald. Already, the allegation of rape has been trotted out but went flaccid as the alleged victim, the former wife, not only disputed the nonsense but also endorsed Donald Trump declaring he would be a grand president.

Hillary of course is the target of lots of sleaze allegations in Big Media. Most, if not all, of the sludge against Hillary comes from the Obama White House and Valerie Jarrett. As we know Barack Obama built his career secretly flinging an endless supply of Chicago stockyard feces and mud. It’s what Obama does.

Thus far however, Joe Biden has not faced the music. Other than an occasionally drunken dance, Joe Biden has been able to play the sad clown crying over a dead son.

Once the drunk dance is over, the piper must be payed. We’re here to collect.

As Obama connivers in the White House plot to bring Hillary2016 down, the pawn they have chosen is the perpetual loser Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a willing pawn, but a pawn nevertheless.

With the death of Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, a path for pawns opened up for Joe Biden. For years Joe Biden has milked the story of the death of his wife. With the death of Beau Biden the path toward political profit became clear to dear ol’ Joe.

No one thought of Joe Biden for president in 2016. He’s a proven loser every time he has run for president. He’s been run out of a race because he is a plagiarist. Biden left his last presidential run after getting less than one percent of the vote in Iowa.

As everyone without political sense presumed, Hillary Clinton was to be the nominee in 2016. No one thought of Joe Biden, drunk in his basement, dancing as if he was back in The Villages of Florida. But with the death of Beau, a light bulb went pop, just like a badly implanted hair plug, over Joe’s woozy head.

Joe Biden went to the garbage scow called Maureen Dowd and told the sad tale, in ghastly detail, how on his death bed, good ol’ Beau begged daddy to run for president. It bought tears to our eyes.

We can see Beau, pallid and ashen, moments from death’s grip, barely able to lift a paw to talk to his paw. All very Grand Guignol. The only thing missing is a floating specter of the dead first wife rising through the headboard, or the liquor cabinet, to say “yes Joe, move towards the light, the klieg lights, nothing says grieving like a campaign press release, donor conferences, and a dead son quoted in the New York Times.”

Mourning becomes election.

Joe Biden might be mourning the death of his son’s electoral ambitions. Beau, at the time of his death was prepping to carry on the family dynasty with an election run for Governor of Delaware in 2016. It pains anyone in the Obama orbit to let a crisis go to waste. So Joe Biden will exploit the death of Beau and the death of Governor Biden 2016 to try a Biden 2016 presidential run.

Of course, the obvious way to balm the electoral itch in 2016 is to hunt for another Biden to run for office. As it happens there is a Hunter Biden in the family. But alas, Hunter ain’t getting jack. Why is that?

Pity Hunter Biden. Everyone is talking about Beau, the dead Biden, but few are talking about Hunter Biden. Why is that? Shouldn’t Joe think about Hunter, the son who lives?

In this age of gossip, let’s consider Hunter Biden. The last time Hunter Biden made a career move, few noticed. Big Media didn’t really think it was classy to discuss Hunter’s career moves. It was just not a topic to be discussed in polite company. But we didn’t go to Vassar.

Hunter Biden’s last career move was when he, was, um, 44:

The Navy Reserve discharged Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter this year after he tested positive for cocaine, U.S. officials confirmed.

The discharge of Biden, a 44-year-old lawyer and managing partner at an investment firm, was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. He confirmed the report in a statement to CNN.

That was in 2014. By now, with the death of Beau in tow, surely that Biden spawn has mended his ways. Good thing Big Media, so busy going through Hillary’s and Trump’s underwear draws, managed to find so little time to track Hunter Biden’s career moves. By 2015, Hunter is ready to be first son.

Big Media will not step on Joe Biden’s dreams, not with Beau hovering above as the patron ghoul of the campaign. So Big Media has not discussed Hunter Biden’s latest outreach programs:

Vice President Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Says Ashley Madison Account Is Not His

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden says the Ashley Madison account opened using his email address does not belong to him.

I am certain that the account in question is not mine,” Biden says in a press statement. “This account was clearly set up by someone else without my knowledge, and I first learned about the account in question from the media.

The married father of three, 45, adds that he no longer uses the email address linked to the account on the hacked adultery website and says someone set up the profile under his name to discredit him.

Oooh, those dastard Republicans must be up to this. Look how clever they are, they stole his email account to set up an account with an adultery website. Or maybe it was evil Hillary Clinton. We hear Hillary and “email” discussed a lot these days so maybe she has something to do with this email scandal? Or maybe Hunter Biden is another innocent victim of hackers… like Anthony Weiner. Oooh, those clever Republicans will do anything to stop the Biden juggernaut!

Hunter Biden cannot possibly have anything to do with Ashley Madison:

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s account on the extramarital dating website Ashley Madison was used and likely created on the Georgetown University campus while Biden was teaching there.

Of course this is all cheap gossip. No, let’s say international consequences, to any of this. Well, not exactly, if Beau, er Hunter Biden is to be believed:

The email address provided for “Robert Biden’s” account matched a personal email address once used by Biden, the vice president’s son confirmed.

Biden thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. A source close to Biden told People Magazine after the first Breitbart story ran that the IP address for the account traces to Jacksonville, Florida.

But account information shows that the profile, which was confirmed by a credit card purchase in 2014, was used at the latitude/longitude point of 38.912682, -77.071704.

That latitude-longitude point just happens to exist on the Georgetown University campus, at an administrative building on Reservoir Road. And Hunter Biden just happened to be teaching there around the time the account was set up.

Well, we’re just going to need an FBI investigation, maybe some congressional committees to investigate. Maybe Anthony Weiner can be called to testify.

FBI investigations or congressional investigations, what we need is for someone in Big Media to ask the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden whether or not his family is a target of nefarious forces in Russia or elsewhere. We are sure Joe Biden will want a thorough investigation to make sure that Beau was not murdered, nor Hunter hunted. Let the Joe Biden examination by Big Media commence.

These matters of national security and Russian high level black-mail attempts might just be lies by Hunter Biden. But they require a full airing.

As Big Media continues to examine Hillary2016, and point out every weakness of Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016, the American People deserve an equal examination of Joe Biden.

We are told that Joe Biden is so much better on so many levels to get the nomination than Hillary Clinton that a full discussion is required. Ryan Lizza cited some of the high brow reasons why Mourning Joe should not run:

Even if Biden had a lead over Clinton with particular groups, it would be unusually difficult for him to campaign to her left. He has recently courted Senator Elizabeth Warren, but many Warren fans have moved into the Sanders camp. More awkwardly, as a senator from Delaware, which is home to the credit-card industry, Biden was the leading champion of the bankruptcy legislation that Warren spent a decade fighting against in the late nineteen-nineties and early two thousands. Biden’s record on criminal-justice reform is similarly out of step with the current Democratic Party: he was the author of the 1994 crime bill, from which many experts trace the record level of mass incarceration for nonviolent crimes, especially in minority communities.

On foreign policy, Clinton and Biden were often on different sides of important debates within the Obama Administration, with Biden more often taking the non-interventionist course and Clinton being more comfortable with the use of force. But on the great foreign-policy issue of modern times—the Iraq war—Biden, like Clinton, voted in favor of it while in the Senate.

One of the debates Hillary and drunken Joe differed on was the raid to get Osama Bin Laden. Hillary wanted to kill the killer. Joe? Joe said “no.”

As leftist loon Micheal Tomasky writes, a Hillary Clinton versus Joe Biden nomination fight would get ugly real fast. The gloves would come off. Joe Biden at every turn would dig up Beau and every Clinton “scandal” and Hillary would have to respond to the threat that comes directly from the White House and could no longer be ignored as Obama staff and Obama donors rallied to Mourning Joe in an effort to bury Hillary.

And that is our #1 reason for hoping Ol’ drunk Joe runs. Here’s Lizza:

While Clinton is free to stray from Obama’s policies, the Vice-President’s every utterance would be judged against Obama’s official pronouncements. Each time there was a difference of opinion, commentators would wonder why he couldn’t convince the President of his ideas.

Maybe, it’s a slim maybe, but just maybe with Joe Biden in the race Hillary Clinton would stop lying to herself and the nation and face her real enemy: Barack Obama.

At this point, just before September’s song begins to play, Hillary Clinton reminds us of a deluded matriarch surrounded by lace fans and sick sycophants. Hillary is surrounded by courtiers with long knives that bear the Obama crest. Hillary lies there, counting invisible armies and non-existent allies, and a ghost army of soon to dissolve super-delegates. It’s ugly. We think of King Theoden as Gandalf the Pink arrives.

Hillary2016 has to be freed from the muddled message mess it currently it is in. If Joe Biden gets in the race there is a chance Hillary will finally do what she must do.

The irony of this all is that, as we have written before, this is all part of Obama’s plan.

First get Hillary to run earlier than she should to provide the time to develop the plan.

Then put up a leftist loon to oppose Hillary and weaken her further by solidifying the left against her.

Then bring in an establishment tool willing to be used – that’s the phase we are in now with Joe the drunk. All to weaken Hillary further.

Then, keep all the candidates and their factions fighting each other. Keep them divided.

Then the real Obama candidate will appear. It’s not Biden. It’s not Warren. It surely is not Hillary. To be continued…