Why (And How) Donald Trump Must Fight Against Fox News, Megyn Kelly, And Jorge Ramos

Update: New York mag source on Trump/Fox feud: “Roger [Ailes] says Trump is unelectable. His goal here is to save the country.” And as we write below, illegal immigration amnesty activist Rupert Murdoch wants illegal immigration amnesty shill Mike Bloomberg to run for president in order to stop Donald Trump. Bloomberg, Murdoch, Ailes Stand with illegal immigration activist Jorge Ramos. Americans should Stand with Trump.


We’ll explain it in simple terms for the stupid losers who don’t think Trump is correct in his tactic of continued attacks against Megyn Kelly.

We’ll explain in simple terms why Donald Trump is wise to continue his denunciations of Megyn Kelly. And now that Roger Ailes of Fox News has weighed in on Trump v. Kelly, we’ll explain why/how Trump must also fight Fox News. Plus, we’ll explain in simple terms why Trump was wise in his Jorge Ramos beat-down. We’ll explain this all, in simple terms so that even stupid losers will understand. And to top it off we’ll explain exactly how Trump can bring Ailes/Megyn/Fox to their knees.

Here in simple terms, so that even stupid losers can understand, is why, exactly why, Donald Trump must continue his attacks on Megyn Kelly and Fox News: The January 6, 2016 GOP debate from Iowa will be hosted by Fox News and feature Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace. The March 2016 debate will also feature the same Fox News miscreats.

Yeah, the same team of Trump trashers will host the Iowa debate as Iowa is about to caucus (and the March debate too). Donald Trump has to prep the battlefield for January 6, 2016 and March 2016. That is why Trump must continue to attack Megyn Kelly and Fox News. At the end of this article we’ll post in detail exactly how Donald Trump can trump Fox News and win the war.

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Now that even the densest dolt should see the danger to Trump and why his war with Fox News and Kelly is wise, we’ll fill in some of the latest developments in the saga of Donald Trump versus Fox News. Then we’ll tackle Jorge Ramos. Then at the very end we will detail in very simple terms HOW trump can wage war on Fox News and win. First, the latest developments:

This morning on Fox and Friends, a program Donald Trump used to appear on every week, the hosts of the show appeared to be North Korea war prisoners forced to read confessions. The show aired and read a statement, word for word, from Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

This was all a followup to Tuesday’s forced denunciations of Trump via Twitter from most Fox News “personalities.” It was the latest GOP establishment attempt to firebomb Donald Trump:

Ailes’s verbal howitzer against the front-running Republican—a highly unusual deployment for any news organization, let alone one that has been the GOP establishment and home of conservative viewers—comes after what seemed a coordinated defense of Kelly by at least 10 other Fox News personalities today on Twitter and on air.

According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, the pro-Kelly comments included Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade opining on Tuesday’s show that Trump is “totally out of control”; The Five co-host Dana Perino tweeting, “The intelligence, class & grace of Megyn Kelly shined last night after her week’s vacation with her family”; anchor Bret Baier, Kelly’s co-moderator at the debate, tweeting that Trump “has made his feelings clear. But THIS needs to stop;” and Sean Hannity tweeting to Trump, “Leave @Megynkelly Alone.”

Fox News has gone to war against Donald Trump. The first Pearl Harbor style attack was at the first debate. Donald Trump has to counterattack and firebomb Fox News and that is what he is doing.

Immediately after Fox News Chief Roger Ailes attacked Trump, Trump responded. Trump stood by his charge of bias by Megyn Kelly against him as well as the biased structure of the debate. Trump noted the latest poll news which show him breaking away from the pack dogs. Trump also announced CNN live coverage of his event in Iowa that night. It was a direct slap at Fox News by Trump and the comic end is that Fox News carried the Trump press conference and speech in Iowa live along with other networks.

Fox News, alongside the GOP establishment, is waging war against Donald Trump. It’s obvious. The debate was structured to be an attack against Trump starting with the very first question which was designed to isolate Donald Trump from the rest of the field. The Fox News war against Donald Trump comes from the very top:

The Fox hosts rallied around Kelly a day after Rupert Murdoch, whose media conglomerate owns Fox News, urged former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for president in response to Trump becoming a “very serious candidate.”

A billionaire asks a billionaire to thwart a billionaire who wants to Make America Great Again. Donald Trump is an odd weapon but a fortuitous one to have to beat back the political class snakes.

Fox News using Megyn Kelly as their weapon has declared war against Donald Trump. Fox News picked a tough target.

The only smart decision from Fox News this week was to cover the Donald Trump speech and press conference in Iowa Tuesday night. It was a doozy. Just when you think you’ve had enough Trump news Trump trumps again. This time it was Donald Trump versus illegal immigration political activist Jorge Ramos who poses as a journalist.

In brief, what happened: Trump held a press conference. Trump called on a reporter to ask a question. Jorge Ramos, on his feet, shouting a screed at Trump, tried to score against Trump. Steely eyed Trump told Jorge to shut up and sit down that another reporter was asking a question. Trump stood his ground. Trump told immigration activist Jorge Ramos to go back to Univision (Trump is suing Univision). Trump then glanced to his side and with nary the flutter of an eyelash a Trump security guard escorted the hysterical illegal immigration activist from the news conference. In the course of questions by the press about what happened Trump indicated he would allow illegal immigration activist Jorge Ramos back in. Shortly after Ramos returned and Trump and Ramos had an exchange.

To fully appreciate the Trump versus illegal immigration activist Jorge Ramos situation last night we need to understand that the entire episode was a sort of synecdoche, an encapsulation, of Donald Trump’s illegal immigration plan. Consider, Jorge Ramos, like an illegal alien, jumped the line and defied the press conference rules, Trump removed him, then once illegal immigration amnesty shill Jorge Ramos accepted the rule of law he was allowed to return.

Trump not only talks tough, he is tough, his actions are fearless. Trump deported Ramos then once Ramos abided by the rules, he was allowed to return to expound on his illegal immigration amnesty polemic only to be Trumped. That’s why people trust Trump.

Trump not only squashed the illegal immigration amnesty activist. Trump saw and took advantage of the situation to agree that Bush is incompetent and lacks the energy to implement Trump’s plan of action against illegal immigration. It was a Trumpnado super-storm.

Did we forget to mention that as with Fox News and Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump was prepping the battlefield for the February 26, 2016 debate which will be hosted by NBC and Telemundo?

* * * * * *

For those of us who recall with disgust the Big Media attacks against Hillary Clinton and the fawning treatment of Barack Obama in 2008 there is some wistfulness combined with exhilaration these days. The wistfulness comes because so many times in 2007/2008 we exhorted Hillary Clinton and the 2008 campaign to do what Trump is doing now to such great effect.

The exhilaration comes every time we see Donald Trump punch a Big Media blowhard in the face.

As we advised Hillary Clinton in 2008, John McCain in 2008, all the GOP candidates in 2008 during the Herman Cain episode, and Mitt Romney when he became the nominee: Big Media is the enemy. All candidates should follow Trump’s lead. Stand with Trump. Even if you hate him and you think it profits you to see Trump hurt or removed from politics, Stand with Trump, because Trump fights the enemy. The enemy is Big Media. The enemy is all Big Media. The call letters in the name don’t matter. The enemy is Big Media.

Donald Trump we are happy to see understands the enemy is Big Media. What does Donald Trump do? Get a dog to eat a dog!

So, HOW can Trump win the war against Fox News?

Right now Trump’s strategy is the wise one of building up CNN ratings with many appearances on that network so that when on September 16 CNN hosts the next GOP debate the ratings will be much higher than the 24 million that saw the August Fox News debate.

Fox News, which many Obama Hopium Guzzlers refuse to watch, hosted the first debate in the sleepy days of August. But still, with Trump as the draw card, 24 million viewers tuned in.

For CNN the debate will be in September when everyone is back to work and engaged in politics. There will be Obama Hopium Guzzler eyeballs willing to watch. Also after Lucha Libre 1, this wrestling match sequel will get millions more eyeballs because of all the advance publicity. And Trump’s increased appearances on CNN will build up the ratings much to Fox News’ consternation.

By the way, did we mention that the guy CNN hired to rescue that sinking ship is one Jeff Zucker who brought Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice to NBC and watched the ratings soar when he headed that network? Jeff Zucker sees The Donald as a way to rescue CNN and Fox News does not like this one single witty bit.

So that is some of the background. But we promised to say exactly HOW Donald Trump can beat Fox News in a simple way. We’ve outlined the background, and we like Trump’s continued appearances on Fox News even as Trump denounced Fox News on Tuesday and said Fox News treats him badly.

DONALD TRUMP: Look, I have a lot of respect for Roger [Ailes]. We’ll see. I mean, you know, maybe, maybe not. I really don’t know.

Look, i think they covered me terribly, Fox News. I think they cover me terribly.

And I’m winning by double digits in every poll. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t think I get good treatment from Fox. They certainly cover me a lot. Well, I’m being covered by everybody. I don’t know. I don’t think so because I think they give me very bad treatment. I think Fox treats me terribly. A lot of the people that like me think they treat me terribly.

So HOW exactly should Donald Trump trump Fox News and bring it to its knees?

This is how: Shortly before the January 6 debate from Iowa on Fox News, Donald Trump should announce he will not appear. Trump can gallantly give his spot to Carly Fiorina. Trump should then say he will hold his own event opposite the Fox News debate. Trump should get a network broadcaster such as ABC News to televise his debate: A debate featuring Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders (or Hillary, but she won’t accept the invite whereas Saint Bernard will because it will help him).

Result – tens of millions of viewers for ABC, Bernie Sanders Kooks happy, Bernie Sanders happy, strong Hillary Clinton fuming, both party establishments trumped, next to zero ratings for Fox News.

It’s that simple.