#BlackMonday Hits Joe Biden And #Hillary2016 But Not Donald Trump

Barack dragged scowling Medusa back from another weeks long vacation today. Hillary Clinton is also on vacation. The only one on stage, with a sense of urgency, during the Black Monday meltdown is Donald Trump.

This morning, before the stock markets on Wall Street opened, there was Donald Trump on TV speaking with urgency about the economic plight of the American People. Trump denounced hedge fund managers and added to his years long warnings about China. Yes, you read that right. Billionaire Donald Trump denounced hedge fund managers as parasites who unlike him built nothing.

Hillary? Obama? Biden? MIA.

In the first half hour of opening the markets spectacularly followed up the 350 point loss from Thursday and the 530 point loss from Friday. At one point the plunge was over 1,000 points and after violent ups and downs the market closed 588 points lower.

The big losers today were not to be found on Wall Street however. The big losers today are Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Once again, Donald Trump is the winner of the entire week.

Anyone or anything associated with Barack Obama is today’s big loser, again. The Obama economy and the stink of Barack Obama will knock out any presidential candidate who defends Barack Obama economic policy in any way. The Associated Press decorates the funeral parlor:

AP survey: Dimmer outlook for US economy, wages and hiring

For much of the economy’s fitful and sluggish six-year recovery from the Great Recession, analysts have foreseen a sunnier future: Growth would pick up in six months, or in a year.

That was then.

The latest Associated Press survey of leading economists shows that most now foresee a weaker expansion than they had earlier. A majority of the nearly three dozen who responded to the survey predict tepid economic growth, weak pay gains and modest hiring for the next two years at least.

We no longer have reason for optimism that the economy is going to accelerate,” said Mike Englund, chief economist at Action Economics. “The real question is, when is the next downturn coming?

The “next two years,” no “reason for optimism,” “when is the next downturn coming?” is a frightening place for a presidential candidate who wants to be an Obama “third term” or even associated with Obama the boob.

Was this predictable? Well we certainly have written repeatedly about this. Why? Because we know enough to not expect much from a boob other than boobery. A boob is a boob. The only thing to expect from a boob is that he will boob and boob again. If a boob says he will fix the economy expect the economy to be dismantled. If a boob says he will fix relationships with the Muslim world expect more terrorism and havoc. Whatever a boob says he will do, expect the opposite. This is not a complex formulation.

So why did Hillary2016 ever think that association with a boob was a good idea? In 2013, before the birth of Hillary2016, we wrote about how Joe Biden would run for president as the Obama third term, and we provided smart warnings to Hillary Clinton:

Is the Hillary Clinton 2016 rationale the same as Joe Biden’s reason to run? Ol’ Joe will go to the electorate and say things are going so well and so on track “we must stay the course!” [snip]

Republicans and the Republican 2016 candidate? Republicans will reason with the electorate and say things are off track and it is “time for a change!”.

Hillary Clinton 2016? Is it “time for a change”? Or is it “stay the course”. Thus far, it is mush. [snip]

Hillary Clinton should position herself as the candidate of “CHANGE!”. Repeat the positions taken in 2008 and note how wise that course would have been. Declare it is “time for a change” to effective leadership and unite the white working class with her campaign for change. Let Joe Biden be the “stay the course” candidate aboard the Titanic. Hillary Clinton 2016 could easily be the lot less scary candidate of “time for a change” which is the default on every Republican 2016 bumper sticker. But cutesie-wutsie won’t get the gold. Yet that muddled message mess is the course Hillary Clinton 2016 is on.

The hideous “stay the course” strategy Hillary2016 grabbed onto leads to days of reckoning like today.

It’s time for complete and total change from the horror house that is Obama.

It’s time for complete and total change – but #Hillary2016 is deaf, dumb, and blind, to reality.

It’s time for complete and total change – but Hillary haters who control the DNC think the key should be to go from Boob Barack to Bumbling Joe. Leftist Kook Hillary Haters think the Hillary2016 hole is not big enough. Their solution is to dig deeper and deeper until they get to the lowest bottom – and unearth Joe Biden. The Hillary2016 frying pan strategy is not bad enough. These Kooks want to leap into the fire with drunken Joe.

It’s time for complete and total change – but Hillary2016 is dead to reality. The Kooks in control of the party think the savior strategy is to pour cologne over the drunk, try to sober him up, and say, “Hey Joe, want to be our pawn and a sure loser?”

It’s time for complete and total change – only billionaire Donald Trump urgently understands.


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  1. We’re in trouble when Howard Stern makes more sense than the establishment political class:


    Howard Stern predicts Trump will win GOP nod: ‘People dig him’

    Howard Stern is predicting that Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

    “I’ll tell you why I think he’s going to be the nominee: He’s proven that no matter what he says, people dig him,” the SiriusXM radio host told listeners on Monday.

    Voters, Stern continued, are of the mindset that “they hate illegal immigrants but they just feel funny saying it — whether it’s rational or not — ‘Is the illegal immigrant draining your economy?’ Possibly. ‘Is he taking away your job?’ Possibly.”

    “I think more or less, people are super tired of politicians, meaning that they like the idea of a successful businessman running the country who might actually be able to get s— done,” the veteran broadcastor said.

    We continue to hear from the dumbest Hillary2016 crew that Trump ensures President Hillary Clinton. Hillary2016 better rethink that and fire anyone who believes that.

  2. from the last post:
    found this today for hwc:
    “Everyone who is against the Invasion of America and still supports Cruz should read the following.


    Following are just o few of the articles points:

    It is important to watch Cruz’s language in detail here, as it is clear that out of all the candidates, Cruz is the most careful and deliberate in how he uses words (most likely as a result of years of legal training and debate experience – or leaning Clintonese by listening to the Clintons).

    Cruz simply wants to create a class of individuals with no way to naturalize.

    Nor does “legal status” do anything to solve the American jobs problem or the rampant crime that aliens bring with them, as these people – not 11 million, but 30 to 40 million – will still be here enjoying the fruit of their illegality.

    There will be a “conversation” afterward. Right now he won’t talk about it.

    It seems that Cruz’s compromise position is really just designed to appease conservatives while still keeping the cheap labor proponents at the Chamber of Commerce happy.”

  3. Well, the markets really provided some drama today. The morning flash crash was interrupted by Tim Cook saving his rotten Apple releasing information in violation of SEC regulations and with all the market manipulation, they still dropped alarmingly.

    For the best roundup I suggest you check out zerohedge.com but be warned, he is a rabid Hillary hater. I mean, over the top. Like maybe he has a deep rooted fear and hatred of women. I think they are basically Libertarians, although he likes Trump.

    One of two things is happening here: either the world banks are losing control of the markets or China’s collapse is being used as an excuse to deflate them.

  4. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/donald-trump-stock-market-plunge-2015-121661.html

    Donald Trump seizes on stock-market plunge

    As stock markets around the world plummeted Monday morning, Donald Trump saw an opportunity, batting out a series of social media posts making his case as the man to fix the global economy.

    “As I have long stated, we are so tied in with China and Asia that their markets are now taking the U.S. market down. Get smart U.S.A.,” the real estate mogul and GOP presidential candidate tweeted. “Markets are crashing — all caused by poor planning and allowing China and Asia to dictate the agenda. This could get very messy! Vote Trump.”

    In a short video posted on his Instagram account, he said: “I’ve been telling everybody for a long time: China is taking our jobs, they’re taking our money, be careful, they’ll bring us down. You have to know what you’re doing. We have nobody that has a clue.”

    Can’t find any comment from Hillary2016 about today’s doings.

    Depression- be careful of China!

    A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

  5. Well, I think it will be Biden/Warren and if it is, Trump better have a large lead from the get go so that there are no shenanigans at the polls. And there will be shenanigans at the polls but hopefully the numbers will be too big for that to succeed.

  6. We know Obola has been planning to support Biden/Warren. But I think the economy is going to rock his boat. As I understand it, we have never seen anything like what is coming. The great unwinding, they are calling it.

    I earlier cited zerohedge, but even better is David Stockman

    I expect that instabilities and declines will rock the markets for the next two months as we go into a period of global deflation. The period of deflation will last some time, perhaps a year or two and then turn to inflation, with the danger of hyperinflation. If we do not have decent leadership, it can easily turn into a global nightmare.

  7. Admin is a political genius.

    Its true.

    Somewhere in the sanctor sanctorium of the two parties there must be, there has to be, someone with this level of acumen, someone who can put it all together and make sense of it the way admin does. But if there are people like that are they aren’t talking, at least not publicly. They want to keep their jobs, and the flow of stupid money into their coffers. Most of them, Krauthammer included, are too blinded by party loyalty, and either consciously, or subconsciously, the put party over country. Those are their blinders. Any more it is a waste of time to watch television as paid for liars toss out theories–like the one in the New York Sun this morning that the stock market collapse is Trump’s fault, when he is the one who has been warning about this. I wonder whether these pundits are paid to lie for the establishment, or whether they just like to look stupid, like lame ass Llamas. If his goal was the latter, i.e. to look stupid, then I would have to say he has succeeded admirably. Give the dim wit a Pulitzer so he and Eugene Robinson at WashPo can look stupid, like old fuss and feathers St. Ignatius the final judge of small matters, seldom right but never in doubt.

  8. I hope Hillary and Bill are also using their vacation as needed time to rethink of where #Hillary2016 has gone off the rails and how best to get back to the core fundamentals of the Clinton brand and what kind of voters do they truly want to represent.

  9. My bad. No wonder they worship the Saint”

    Education St. Albans School
    Harvard University
    King’s College, Cambridge

    A hyphenated American with blue blood credential, and a license to be wrong about everything, yet keeps his reputation in tact. This is what Tom Sowell talks about—in the rarified circles the Saint travels in there is no scoreboard, no report card, and no penalty for being wrong–consistently. All you gotta do is flash you Harvard ring, pontificate at length, and the world is your oyster.

    Be a saint, be a saint
    All the world loves a saint.
    Be a boring silly ass
    And you’ll always travel first-class,
    If you become a farmer, you’ve the weather to buck,
    If you become a gambler, you’ll be stuck with your luck,
    But jack you’ll never lack if you can quack like a duck
    Be a saint, be a saint, be a saint.

  10. I take no pleasure in it pm317. As much as I have disagreed with some of Hillary’s positions these past years, I still believe in her and thought she would be ready for 2016. Sadly, Obama and his democratic party are not the democratic party most of us grew up supporting. Hillary is more of a traditional democrat but has gone off message trying to please the kooks and has lost her way. Biden was in the works for a while imho.

  11. admin
    August 24, 2015 at 6:34 pm
    Well, the troop ships on the tide me boys the troop ships on the tide.

    Where Boosh? Marco the Red? Poor little robbin walking walking to misssouri via wisconsin?

    Hiding. Fumbling for the script. Waiting for Luntz to do a focus group.

    And where’s Donald?

    On the front line, leading.

    That’s the difference.

    And its all the difference he needs.

    Obama needs to get his sorry ass out there too.

    Call the stock market racist, because it is making him look terrible.

  12. wbboei
    August 24, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    Of course they would spin the meltdown on Trump. In their dysfunctional brains, the false narrative controls reality.

  13. jbstonesfan. I know you don’t and none of us do. Obama and his minions are much better crooks than any mainstream politicians that is out there.

  14. I just came to the new thread and had to drag this over here…

    August 23, 2015 at 11:46 am
    Anyone upset about Melania’s photos needs to remember Scott Brown. So fine.


    So fine, indeed Lu!

  15. The hideous “stay the course” strategy Hillary2016 grabbed onto leads to days of reckoning like today.

    It’s time for complete and total change from the horror house that is Obama.

    Absolutely Admin. The first time you called Hillary “stupid” it really upset me, now…not so much.

    I am sick and tired of her pandering to the jackasses that support Obama and the crapAss job he has done.

  16. Lu – I know you don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but – could you just tell ME? lol

    Would it be a good idea to transfer our 401K funds to money market or the cash option in case there really is a crash? The worst is we wouldn’t grow our money much while it’s there, right? I had planned to do that, but haven’t yet… Now I’m not sure I have that option with my employer’s set up. I’m going to check the 401K from my old job. Maybe I can put *that* somewhere safe…. I’m worried it’s not just “adjustment”, but the beginning of something far worse. I have no financial knowledge, it’s just a gut fear..

  17. jbstonesfan
    August 24, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    CNN’s lead in story-Obama gives Biden his blessing to run today…we predicted this.

    Brilliant article, admin.

    I wonder if the obot morons that rationalized that they would vote for bingo the idiot in ’08 then Hillary after that feel about this revelation. I mean, he doesn’t care about the health of the party going forward. He has shrunk the party by every metric available. He can’t feel that Hillary doesnt have the experience. She has done more than Joe. What rational could they possibly have now?


    Trump continues to impress. Again, I’m not sold on him as a statesman, he is at the forefront of the problems that we are facing as a nation and as a world.

    Hillary may soon lose my signature.

    Hillary 2016?

  18. Don’t you think its time for Obama to have a fireside chat with the nation about the stock market dip.

    I do.

    If he put on the wool cardigan like Jimmy Carter, rested on the davenport with the water, my fellow Americans . . . .

    Naw . . . . . . that’s not him

    He needs to put on that raccoon coat, pimps hat and holding a joint, and go on an on and on about we didn’t build that, and the rest of his canned gibberish.

    That would restore market confidence. After all, he is their boy.

  19. What do you think would happen to the Republican party if they insisted that Donald take the pledge to support the candidate, even if it is Jebediah? I think he would go third party. And if he went third party, the base of the republican party would follow him. And the party would go the way of the Whigs. With McConnell and Boehner in charge they are half way there now. If he folds they win. If he does not fold they will an extinct specie. Its called Russian roulette. Are they stupid enough to play this game. Well, two of them are. I doubt the rest of them are. If they pull that shit on Trump, it will affect down ticket elections too.

  20. who always punts on first down.

    wbboei – I don’t watch football. I’ve heard of punts, and I’ve heard of downs, but what does what you said mean as it applies to our situation? Does it mean kicking instead of running or passing the ball in the game? Well, I guess mainly what is it a metaphor for?

    (I know, I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t watch football and doesn’t drink coffee lol)

  21. Many states have had the non-third party loyalty pledge to get on the Republican Party primary ballot for years. It’s the Republican Party primary. If someone is not a Republican, they should go run in somebody else’s primary.

  22. hwc – with all due respect – I don’t understand. You seem to keep wanting to change people. It was all pro-Cruz, and I thought, okay, that’s who he wants, he’s certainly entitled to his own opinion.

    But now it’s changed to all anti-Trump. Now it seems like instead of plugging your own choice, you’re instead trashing the choice of most everyone else. Why isn’t it okay for you to like whom you like, and for others to like whom they like?

    I mean – you must feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. What’s the fun in that? Really, I don’t understand. What’s the deal?

  23. lorac
    August 25, 2015 at 12:12 am

    in football, the team with the ball has four downs (4 chances) to move the ball ahead 10 yards. if you punt the ball on first down, you’re basically giving the ball back to the opposing team without even trying.

  24. Lu4PUMA
    August 24, 2015 at 6:34 pm
    One of two things is happening here: either the world banks are losing control of the markets or China’s collapse is being used as an excuse to deflate them.

    I heard both of those floated yesterday too. I don’t think anyone has a firm fix on it. We are in new territory. But the energy markets are hit bad. Very, very bad. It will take years to dig out. Maybe a decade. We got the technology but it will probably be used elsewhere next.

    Biden is their Plan X: Rabid Dog. Some of his recent photos he looks unhinged. He could stroke out during a debate and there’s Lizzie ready to step in. How about his idiot son being on the cheater site?

  25. lorac
    August 24, 2015 at 10:26 pm


    My Mother died two years ago and left me some investments. At that time I cashed them out and have held a primarily cash position since then because both the stock market and the housing market are over inflated and toxic. The smart money has left the market ever more so since. I have less than 2% in stocks and I am buying gold with whatever is left of my paycheck at the end of the month, looking to have 2% in small denominations for grocery money if it gets bad. Otherwise cash is king unless the banks totally collapse.

  26. wbboei
    August 24, 2015 at 11:54 pm
    What do you think would happen to the Republican party if they insisted that Donald take the pledge to support the candidate, even if it is Jebediah?

    The donors, who are not really donors but pledgers, are in a squeeze. These donors are going to have cash flow problems with the market tanking, and having doubts about promising so much money to a horrible, terrible, no good candidate like !Jeb in retrospect is classic buyers remorse. These donors now have excuses to welsh out their bets on him. Without his bully money !Jeb’s got nothing. No money, no polls, no good debate prospects, hell he can’t even speak English adequately anymore. The scheme to place Bush III is falling apart. They have to get rid of Trump or their promised donor money goes to the new better game or stays in the donor pocket or no longer exists with the crash. If you are loosing change the rules. Or try to change the rules. It may be too late since it is so obvious what they are doing. And !Jeb’s Leahman Bros and Barclay’s mess and bribery isn’t even rolled out yet. !Jeb and his buds used the state employee retirement fund to prop up Enron! You can’t make this stuff up. !Jeb’s probably done. I think. He needs to go back to Coral Gables.

  27. I would add, as part of my personal plan, I am downsizing my household and looking to buy modest housing after that market deflates. In my area it is projected to bottom in early 2017. The recovery will probably take place 2018 – 2022 and you will need to be prepared for inflation. Sell high. Buy low.

    I do not know what is to come, but it is not going to be an easy time. We need good leadership to get us through it.

  28. But now it’s changed to all anti-Trump.

    Has the name of the site changed to Trump is 44? When a candidate acts like a jackass, I comment that he’s a jackass. Is there really any other description for his twitter rampage last night? You don’t think a barrage of tweets, completely out of the blue, against a female news anchor, calling her a “bimbo” is a little unhinged?

    Was he drunk? Is he just a sexist jerk? Or, big surprise, the Donald being a jackass (which has been his persona his entire life)?

  29. He needs to go back to Coral Gables.
    Is that a suburb of Miami, or his mistress?

    Su amante.

    Esta bien por su padre, al mismo por el hijo.

    Espero que no habla espanol

    Porque se secreto.

  30. stays in the donor pocket
    For them, that is the best solution.

    They could make peace with Trump.

    But they have no interest in supporting a candidate who refuses to take their bribes.

    He says no strings, they say what’s the use if there are no strings.

    Except their own devotion, etc.—which transcends ideology and ends in dollar signs.


  31. From top story at nj dot com:
    Trump may be ‘impossible to take down,’ top Republican pollster says
    “This is a different cat,” Luntz added. “It’s not like Ross Perot in 1992, where people were simply unhappy with the two major parties; they’re choosing Trump affirmatively. Honestly, my legs are shaking looking at these numbers. All those people who think he’s going to implode are wrong. He’s not going away.”

    I’d laugh if I knew Frank is being sincere. About his legs. Tingles.

  32. Wow, Biden thing is happening so fast with all the leaks about Obama’s blessing. It is good that there should be a couple of contenders in the primary but this has the feel of a fix already. But I just can’t figure out why she did what she did with the email server. She walked right into the Obama trap. She got screwed in 2008 but screwed again now, and this time around, I am less sympathetic.

  33. I must say I am surprised by Jeb! I expected more from him, more confidence, more eloquence, more something, at least as much as his idiot brother. There is nothing there.

  34. At some point, human psychology becomes a factor.


    I mean, say the RINO takes Trump down.

    Just suppose.

    Pray tell what reaction would the base have to that?

    And better yet, how willing would they be to support the RINO?

    Now suppose he went third party?

    Same question?

    And could the party survive a mass defection?

    The smarter ones have figured this out.


    The dumber ones fail to realize they are betting the ranch.

    And they are not holding aces.

  35. imho…O, MO, VJ have stuck the knife directly into Hillary’s back…

    they are feeding/leaking talking points that they are so angry and disappointed in Hillary and the way she has handled her emails and server, bla, bla, bla….how she should have been grateful that O choose her as SOS and she ‘soiled’ that position, etc

    O, MO, VJ…and JB and EW all along for the ride to put Hillary on the sidelines…and they do not care if they humilate her in the meantime…

    …so much for Hillary…and especially Bill…saving the ass of O…which included JB’s rear, to get them re-elected…no loyalty or honor whatsoever…

    O’s term cannot end fast enough for the benefit of our country…

  36. Jeb Bush is so so confused he does not even realize it…


    Jeb Bush Clarifies That He’s Concerned About Asian ‘Anchor Babies,’ Not Hispanic Ones

    WASHINGTON — GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush claimed on Monday that his use of the term “anchor babies” was not offensive because he was referring to the practice of people, primarily Asians, coming to the U.S. and “taking advantage” of birthright citizenship.

    Bush used the term last week in an interview with conservative radio host Bill Bennett in reference to “birth tourism,” which is the growing phenomenon of groups of Chinese women paying agencies to bring them to the U.S. to have their babies so that they can grow up as American citizens.

    “If there’s fraud or if there’s abuse, if people are bringing pregnant women … to have babies simply because they can do it, then there ought to be greater enforcement,” he said to Bennett. “That’s the legitimate side of this. Better enforcement so that you don’t have these, you know, ‘anchor babies,’ as they’re described, coming into the country.”

    Bush clarified his position on a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border Monday, during which he met with local leaders to discuss his immigration and border security platform.

    “What I was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed, where there’s organized efforts, and frankly it’s more related to Asian people coming into our country having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept, which is birthright citizenship,” he said.

    When a reporter asked him if he thought his use of the term “anchor baby” would hurt his support among Hispanic and Latino voters, he dismissed the question:“Nothing about what I said should be viewed as derogatory toward immigrants at all,” he said.

    In continuing to shrug off his use of the term, he said that people should “chill out,” and accused his opponents and the media of waging a war on political correctness and taking his comments out of context, even though “anchor baby” is typically used as a derogatory description of the children of undocumented immigrants.



    guess Gonzotx needs to take Jeb on a tour of the Texan borders to see that what he applies to Asians is also applicable to hispanics…and everyone is taking advantage of the generosity of the American taxpayer by illegally coming here rather than thru trying to become a legal citizen…

    O is a boob…and Jeb is a dope…doesn’t he realize how racist he sounds?

  37. also regarding the discussion we were having about Donald and his bragging about being rich and moreso, smart…I was thinking about it last night…and besides what has already been said he may feel he has to keep saying he is smart to counterattack because his critics have not stopped calling him a buffon, dumb, his plans won’t work, …

    just this Sunday Frank Bruni was on the news shows calling Donald all kinds of personal deragtory terms, buffon, etc…I heard AB Stoddard say the same kind of thing just yesterday…

    so perhaps part of it is defensive on DT’s part and to set the record straight and to stand up for himself and in that sense I think he has the right to do so…

    as far a MK, Ivanka should talk to DT and tell him to let it go…the people are looking to Donald to solve our problems and be straight with them…DT should not waste his time on petty one upping…be a bigger man and stay on the ‘big picture’

    Pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff…

  38. In the game of brinksmanship, these jamokes can push the loyalty oath only up to the point where Donald tells them I will go third party. When he makes a clear and unequivocal commitment to do that, their goose is cooked. Suddenly all you have left is a party that is the poodle dog of the chamber of commerce who always punts on first down. Don’t you think big media gets this? Big media who hates the republican party with a passion, would have every incentive to give trump air time. In the long term, this might hurt their carefully contrived duopoly, but in the short term, the spectacle of seeing them boil in oil and the smell of burning flesh would titillate the scions of big media to no end. It would preclude further investigation into the Obama scandal and allow them to carry on with their adulation of Obama amid the ruins and apres le deluge. It is a death wish to the Republican Party, and spells the loss of the presidency and the senate, this game of brinksmanship which their dumber members of their cabal are pushing.

  39. Trump at 35% in New Hampshire and 30% in South Carolina.

    Things keep going like this, this primary is going to be effectively over by the end of summer.

    Trump is just blowing his opponents out of the water right now.

    What I like about Trump is that he’s consistent in staying on offense. It may have been best to lay off Megyn Kelly now, but that’s not how Trump operates. Same with Graham. When Trump has the advantage he will bury you all the way, as Rosie O’Donnell found out.

    Jeb! is horrendous. Cruz is running a smart campaign but it’s not going to be enough unless Trump is out of the picture. Why have Alpha Lite if you can have Super Alpha? But Cruz could be a formidable VP pick for Trump.

    Luntz trying to cover his tracks now with a new focus poll that simultaneously seemed designed to find out how to take down Trump (by talking to people who supported Trump but don’t any longer).

    Whatever happens, we can’t end up with Biden/Warren. I want Hillary, but would be fine with Trump also.

  40. Tony Stark August 25, 2015 at 2:28 pm
    That’s not going to stop the wackos on the right from yelling “whitewash!”
    Sadly true; I tweet among them.
    And yet, Judicial Watch’s poking around, and maybe more – I am not a good reader – has resulted in this out today:
    IRS reveals existence of another Lois Lerner email account [ admitted to a federal court ]

  41. O-blivion, some more from that New Hampshire poll:


    Trump up big in NH; Sanders leads Clinton

    PPP’s new New Hampshire poll finds Donald Trump in the strongest position of any poll we’ve done anywhere since he entered the race. Trump laps the Republican field with 35% to 11% for John Kasich, 10% for Carly Fiorina, 7% each for Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, 6% for Ben Carson, 4% each for Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, and 3% for Rand Paul. Candidates falling outside the top ten in the state are Rick Perry at 2%, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, and Rick Santorum at 1%, and Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal all at less than 1%. Everyone does have at least one supporter on this poll. [snip]

    The candidate who’s made the most cataclysmic drop is Walker– he’s gone from leading at 24% all the way down to 7% in this newest poll.

    Three other candidates who’ve seen dramatic decreases in their support are Cruz, Huckabee, and Paul. Cruz’s 10 point drop from 14% to 4% is a little bit misleading. When we last polled the state he was still enjoying the bump he received following his candidacy announcement. It’s worse news for Paul- he’s declined 8 points from 12% to 4% but more notably he’s seen a major blow to his image. In April he had a +29 net favorability rating at 54/25. That’s now dropped a remarkable 44 points to a -15 spread at 34/49. We’ve found Paul under water all four places we’ve polled since the Republican debate. [snip]

    Trump’s advantage over the Republican field is thorough. He leads with Tea Party voters (44%), men (39%), independents (36%), conservatives (36%), voters who are most concerned about electability (35%), both younger voters and seniors (at 34% with each), evangelicals (32%), women (30%), and moderates (29%). Trump has a 56/32 favorability rating and he also leads when you match him with the other Republican hopefuls head to head– it’s 47/39 over Ben Carson, 53/35 over Scott Walker, 53/34 over Marco Rubio, and 56/33 over Jeb Bush.

    Quick notes on some of the other candidates:
    Bush is really struggling. Only 38% of primary voters have a favorable opinion of him to 41% with a negative one. This is largely a function of his unpopularity with conservatives- among voters who identify themselves as ‘very conservative’ just 34% have a positive opinion of him to 48% who have a negative one. Only 3% say he’s their first choice for the nomination, putting him in a tie for 8th place with that group. [snip]

    There’s been a big shift on the Democratic side since April as well. Bernie Sanders now leads the field in the state with 42% to 35% for Hillary Clinton, 6% for Jim Webb, 4% for Martin O’Malley, 2% for Lincoln Chafee, and 1% for Lawrence Lessig.

  42. Hope and change.

    Overnight and early morning DOW futures projected a 600 point jump. When the markets opened on Wall Street the results were half that. The market was up for most of the day. But then… BlackTuesday:



    U.S. stocks closed lower, after a failed attempt to rally from the Dow’s worst 3-day point decline in history, as investors lost confidence amid continued concerns about China and global growth.

    The Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 closed about 1.3 percent lower after rallying about 3 percent earlier, their biggest reversal to the downside since Oct. 29, 2008. The S&P 500 remained in correction territory after falling there on Monday. [snip]

    The Dow fell 205 points and S&P 500 closed below 1,900 after falling into negative territory in the last half hour of trade. The Nasdaq Composite failed to hold slight gains and closed 0.44 percent lower.

  43. Admin,

    It is not just here. World Markets have Obola!

    The epicenter is China, but the problems is systemic.

    I could hardly believe that drop on the DJIA at the end of the day.



  44. Thanks Admin. I didn’t get to read the full poll story and it’s even better than I thought. Sad to see the Sanders/Hillary stuff, of course. But I like where Trump is at and where Jeb! is at also.

  45. I do not know what to make of Hillary. It is too obvious she owns nothing to Obola. I am sure the emails caused her some difficulty and she needs to have her defenses in place there. Obola’s behavior towards her is outrageous and I wish she would come out claws first and land on his face.

    I think I will go post some nasty things about him on her FB page.

  46. When Trump has the advantage he will bury you all the way
    As any police interrogator will tell you:

    When you have your adversary on the ropes–

    Never let him up.

  47. The DJIA closing today was 15,666.44 and the scuttlebutt is:

    15 = year

    666 = number of the beast

    44 = President Obama (44th)

  48. This is too embarrassing: The GOP establishment plot to trump Trump:


    State GOP leaders plot to tie Donald Trump’s hands

    Amid mounting concerns about Donald Trump’s candidacy from the GOP establishment, Republican leaders in at least two states have found a way to make life a lot harder for him.

    The Virginia and North Carolina parties are in discussions about implementing a new requirement for candidates to qualify for their primary ballots: that they pledge to support the Republican presidential nominee — and not run as a third-party candidate — in the general election.

    The procedural moves are clearly aimed at Trump, who pointedly refused to rule out a third-party run during the first GOP debate.

    They come amid Republican fears that the real estate mogul is gaining strength in the primary contest, and that his jeremiads against undocumented immigrants will alienate Hispanic voters. Despite coming under a hail of criticism in recent weeks, Trump has held steady atop state and national polls.

    John Whitbeck, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, said the proposal was among many that the organization was considering as it sketches out its ballot access requirements for the 2016 GOP primary. The ultimate decision, he said, would be made by the 84 members who make up the state party’s central committee, which is slated to meet on Sept. 19. The requirements must be submitted to the Republican National Committee by Oct. 1.

    If implemented, Whitbeck said, the provision would be similar to ones the party adopted for statewide races held in 2013 and 2014.

    “It happens to be one of the things that we are discussing for the 2016 primary,” said Whitbeck, who expressed confidence that Trump would eventually commit to supporting the GOP nominee. He said the aim of the proposal is to unify the party and “isn’t about any single candidate.”

    The Virginia proposal has earned the support of Ken Cuccinelli, the state’s former attorney general and 2013 gubernatorial nominee, who has been promoting the idea to members of the state party central committee. He has also been in touch with Whitbeck.

    “Anybody who wants to seek the Republican nomination should have to commit to supporting the ultimate Republican nominee,” Cuccinelli said in a Monday interview. “I don’t see anything wrong with that.” [snip]

    In North Carolina, Republican Party officials are considering a similar move, and are already in talks with lawyers about how best to implement it. [snip]

    A final decision is expected to be made by the party next month ahead of the Oct 1. deadline.

    Everything is on the table,” the official said. [snip]

    Any moves to tie Trump’s hands, though, could infuriate the mercurial billionaire, who has warned that he could bolt the party if GOP leaders treat him unfairly. On Tuesday morning, Roger Stone, a longtime former Trump strategist, wrote on Twitter that the state party effort would backfire. “The kind of thing that could make @realDonaldTrump bolt the GOP and run 3rd party or Indy,” he said.

    How dumb is this? First the “pledge” would have zero legal force. Trump could take the pledge and say “this means nothing to me other than a piece of paper with no force of law intended to destroy my political campaign and defy the will of the voters who want to vote for me… so I will sign this alleged pledge with all the sincerity it merits – which is none.”

    Second, and most important, Trump voters which are the largest group in both of these swing states, will be enraged by this attempt to impose the establishment candidate and would remember in November – sufficiently to bring down the GOP in both states.

    Third, for Trump, this is a bonanza. Expect Trump rallies in NC and Virginia soon.

    If the GOP establishment tries any of this nonsense to thwart the will of the people they will find the opposite of what happened to Hillary 2008 supporters – a candidate and supporters who will fight back and say PUMA!.

  49. How dumb is that? Actually, I was thinking STUPID. The GOP are a bunch of ugly penguins who are being challenged by a bad assed peacock and just absolutely do not know what to do.

    I am going to post that one to the Sisters.

  50. Hillary isn’t the only candidate that isn’t saying much these days. Jeb, Rubio, Christie, Bla, bla and bla are all sitting in the backseat while Trump burns down the airwaves.

    Trump’s ego is the one thing that might get him in the most trouble.

    His desire to comment on every negative remark, and drive it into the ground, might be his undoing.

    He needs to practice more self control if he wants to become President.

    I am getting somewhat annoyed with his constant drama.

    Grow up Trump, you are your own worst enemy.

  51. Donald is doing a presser right now in Iowa and is doing pretty well…on most of cable channels

    he just took care of Ramos…

  52. frankly, i do not blame Donald for pointing out his own success … his critics and enemies take every cheap shot they can come up with…

    what’s he suppose to do…

    donald is going at it with Ramos right now

  53. Going back to that 32 page paper which I wrote and posted on this blog about Obama’s Godfather George Soros, a couple points are relevant to the current crisis:

    1. “For the last 25 years, the world economy was driven by the American consumer who has been spending more than he was saving. That motor is switched off, finished, kaput.”—Moyers interview of Soros

    2. “China must replace the United States as the Leader of the New World Order, the world financial system must be reorganized around China, and the United States must accept the inevitability of surrendering the dollar to world currency–meaning special drawing right”–FT interview of Soros.

    My point at the time, i.e. 2009 was that global may require a degree of coodination, but they do not require the subordination of sovereignty and constitutional government to world bureaucrats.

    My point now is to emphasize the sheer fallacy of making China the engine of the world economy, given its opaque and manipulative financial system. We are seeing the effects of that improvident decision now, as Richard Fernandez explains below.

    People need to understand this history, and that whatever adverse outcome eventuates, Soros, Obama and the political class including the media are the ones who walked all of us into this catastrophe.
    Wanted: Rubes
    Richard Fernandez, PJ Media

    “The headlines of the hour pertain to what journalists are calling The Great Fall of China. Following the devaluation of the China’s currency, evidence of a slowdown and the flight of capital, global stock markets fell in what is now being called ‘Black Monday. (snip)

    Once everybody subsists at the expense of Other People, one soon runs out of Other People. If China, with lotsa people, couldn’t do it, even after soaking America, then who could? (snip)

    The Western parliamentary left appears shaken by events in China, which has undermined the belief that economies could be managed by the power of the State. This belief was essential to Western social democrats who thought they had found a sustainable formula for milking the cows without necessarily thinning the herd. (snip)

    Now the herd is bolting in all directions. The failure of China’s monetary policy has caused Paul Mason in the Guardian to question whether Labour stalwart Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to do the same thing isn’t misguided. In the process Mason touches upon an obvious but ignored fact. Once everybody starts playing the Hope and Change Game, the Third Way Tax, Spend and Print routine, and similar variations of ‘gentle socialism’ then the mathematical outcome is everybody loses.

    What actually happened is that China’s stock market began as a Potemkin project to assure the world of Beijing’s strength. Chinese investors knew the government would be propping up a mere facade; that the worse China’s economy got, the more the Communist Party would paint the facade

    The global sell-off made a mockery of Jack Lew’s assurance, made at a talk in the Brookings Institute, that China’s markets weren’t linked to the rest of the world.

    Only Some People can be allowed to live at the expense of Other People. Once everyone starts acting like China the whole shebang topples over. Dishonesty is only lucrative for as long as honesty remains in vogue somewhere. Once everybody is a crook it’s trouble. There has to be a steady supply of civilians for robbers to stick up otherwise the perps will have to resort to waylaying each other, which is no good.

    An all-perp civilization is mathematically impossible and that is, at least in part, at the root of the current global crisis. Money has for too long become regarded as something to redistribute to buy votes. The Greeks do it, the Euros do it, Obama does it and China until recently played the game of “beggar thy neighbor”. For a long time they seemed able to do this without harm. But as with a recursive algorithm, the money-spinning eventually has to return actual goods and services for the function call to work.

    Once the recursive algorithm keeps calling itself without ever terminating and returning something other than another function pointer the routine fails. The problem is that too many virtual claims are now being posted against too few actual goods and services. The world financial system is trying and failing to satisfy the immediate claims on global goods and services without revealing it’s aggregate assets are actually unable to cover all its commitments. It is only locally solvent but globally bankrupt.

    The crisis will end in either one of two ways. Either the world’s economic managers will print so much money that claimants will be convinced the system is globally solvent (thereby stopping the run) or the claims will be written down so that the claims match the available assets.

    What “feral capitalism” does is send investors to the barber for a haircut. It will hold up a mirror to the bankrupt and show him his actual state of affairs. This will cause no end of trouble to politicians who’ve promised entitlements to all and sundry because it will make clear to the electorates of Venezuela, Greece, much of Europe, China and the US that all that free government money their leaders have promised them is a lie. Nothing but Three Card Monte, a shell game.

    There is still money but the pea under the shell is actually your own pea, not a prize sourced externally from the system. That is the hard reality under the illusion. Most of the other stuff you are counting on obtaining, because it’s been promised by a guy with creased pants, is really fairy mist, lovely to behold at a distance, but smoke and mirrors at close range.

    The collapse of currencies, markets, accounts, is really like the fall of dreamscape cities in movies when you are about to wake up. But something of it is real. The periodic upheavals the world undergoes has the purpose of momentarily putting the worst grifters out of business so that in the interval the sheep can recover their depleted numbers.

    It’s the Circle of Life, the Wheel of Fortune, Hakuna Matata.

  54. they just replayed a clip…Donald had Ramos escorted out of the presser and then allowed him back in…Donald told him to “Sit Down” when he came back in they went at it

    you will see the replay over and over…good for DT…he really took charge…and stayed calm…

    DT is having a live event in a few minutes on most cable channels…

    DT is the man… : )

  55. Trump hater on CNN tonight .. the commentator. A Real ASS

    Hillary supportersssssssssssssss going to TRUMP

  56. These pundits DO NOT GET what is going ON IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They do NOT and CANNOT get down on the level of normal AMERICANS!!!!


    FUCK THE same old Washington politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Ramos was so ignorant…he was really grandstanding…

    he goes on and on…and then does not accept the answer…and has the nerve to say

    ‘You can do this’ and ‘you can’t do that’…Donald says ‘Why not?’….how dare he tell the USA what it can and cannot do

  58. CNN & MSNBC are not reporting what actually happened with Ramos…they are trying to make it sound like DT didn’t like the questions…that was not it at all

    and then DT even let him in…and Ramos just continued to drone on and on…

    they want to try to make it like DT blinked and got nervous…so freaking far from it…

    dot48…this media is ridiculous…

    DT’s event starting now

  59. CNN panelists told the WHOLE story though and viewers got to hear how it really went down!!!

    MOST everyone is watching anyways lol

    Trump is outfoxing these dimwit effuckers.

    GOP should get behind Donald Trump instead of try to roll over him. There has NEVER been a republican besides Ronald Reagan who could motivate the people

    Donald Trump is going to move voters from ALL walks of life. EVERYONE I talk to is talking Trump .. they like his brashness and his take no holds barred!!!!

  60. Trump did show the guy for a disorderly boob. Just like the illegals he is promoting. Out of turn, out of line, taking time and resources from others.

    Just say No Deal.

  61. Lu4PUMA

    August 25, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Trump did show the guy for a disorderly boob. Just like the illegals he is promoting. Out of turn, out of line, taking time and resources from others.

    Just say No Deal.


    well said…and right on…

  62. Third, for Trump, this is a bonanza. Expect Trump rallies in NC and Virginia soon.
    Carrying signs that say:

    “REPUBLICANS FOR TRUMP!” (or indies, or democrats as the case may be)


  63. wbboei
    August 25, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Maybe Soros should go and live in China. Their Dictator is now saying that he thinks it is too expensive to keep the stock market afloat. Too bad he did not make that known before those 90 million farmers invested their life savings. It is an indecent, ungodly mess.

    The Chinese are a disaster.

  64. – August 25 2015 –
    Tens of Thousands Support Trump


    The people of South Carolina and New Hampshire have spoken. Trump leads his closest opponent by double in South Carolina – 30% to 15% and in New Hampshire a stunning 35% to 11%. And finally in our largest lead yet we garner 40% of the vote in a poll released today. Trump is the best choice.

    Last week was incredible. Tens of thousands of supporters came to our Make America Great Again Rally in Mobile, Alabama.

    Our message is taking hold all across America, and the polls show it. Once again, we are on top. The American people are demanding change – real change from the everyday politics of Washington – and Donald Trump is the only candidate with the experience and demonstrated success to make our government work for the American people.

    Americans of every party believe that our policies are the best and the only ones that can fix our nation’s problems. Voters around the country are all saying the same things:

    “Trump has our best interests in mind, while other Republicans are looking out for themselves.”

    “Trump is saying some of the things that we talk about around the kitchen table. We need the jobs here.

    Last week Team Trump traveled to host a town hall in Derry, New Hampshire. Over 2,500 people crowded into the small auditorium to question Mr. Trump on his policies and vision for America. Our crowd was incredible – supportive, enthusiastic, and diverse. One journalist commented, “The large and diverse crowd reflected Mr. Trump’s broad appeal among Republican voters — young and old, men and women, rich and poor.”

    This week we will be bring our message to voters in Iowa, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. We hope you are able to join us on the trail. If you are – let us know by mentioning @RealDonaldTrump and #TeamTrump. Let’s Make America Great Again!

    Donald J. Trump

    Forward to a friend

  65. I have noticed that Trump has never stated that Obama is incompetent. I have heard him say he is a terrible negotiator and make general references, but never cross the line with a direct statement. I guess that is out of respect for the office.

  66. Lu4PUMA
    August 25, 2015 at 8:26 pm
    August 25, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Maybe Soros should go and live in China. Their Dictator is now saying that he thinks it is too expensive to keep the stock market afloat. Too bad he did not make that known before those 90 million farmers invested their life savings. It is an indecent, ungodly mess.

    The Chinese are a disaster.
    It makes you wonder whether this might not be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Internally, one could argue it is another Tienanmen Square.

  67. The people hardest hit by the machinations of the communist government will be the growing middle class in China. Historically, this has not bee a group that politicians of any stripe are keen to get sideways with, because there are so many of them, and they are the ones who drive the society. One of my heroes is Bull Halsey, the great carrier admiral of the second world war, whose original flagship was the USS Enterprise, the most decorated ship of the war. My dad served on that ship from 1943-44. He was a Naval Reserve Officer, not an Academy man who are, or at least were, the elites in the military. But of his many fire and brimstone observations about the Japanese, and his observation that there are no great men only great challenges which ordinary men rise to–which was the ethos of the greatest generation which Brokaw wrote about but never mentioned, one in particular stands out: this war was fought and won by reserve officers and men. That is the middle class, and it is as true today as it was then. They are the ones who the elites and the underclass feed off of. And that is why the political class in this country is in trouble, and the communists in China will likely face their own day of reckoning over this financial mess they have created.

  68. Three paragraphs above provide the gist of it, and why this is more than just a hiccup:

    “Money has for too long become regarded as something to redistribute to buy votes. The Greeks do it, the Euros do it, Obama does it and China until recently played the game of “beggar thy neighbor”. For a long time they seemed able to do this without harm. But as with a recursive algorithm, the money-spinning eventually has to return actual goods and services for the function call to work.

    Once the recursive algorithm keeps calling itself without ever terminating and returning something other than another function pointer the routine fails. The problem is that too many virtual claims are now being posted against too few actual goods and services. The world financial system is trying and failing to satisfy the immediate claims on global goods and services without revealing it’s aggregate assets are actually unable to cover all its commitments. It is only locally solvent but globally bankrupt.

    The crisis will end in either one of two ways. Either the world’s economic managers will print so much money that claimants will be convinced the system is globally solvent (thereby stopping the run) or the claims will be written down so that the claims match the available assets.”

  69. behind the scenes…probably has a bit to do with why DT struck out at Fox again…bottom line, DT is right…many there call him names and continually dismiss and insult him…man are not respectful at all to him



    It’s now harder to see an end to the Trump-Fox war soon. As I reported this week, Trump’s poll numbers remain strong and he’s building a robust campaign operation (http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/08/trump-expansion-plan.html) , which is a threat to Ailes’s political project: “Roger says Trump is unelectable. His goal here is to save the country,” a source close to Ailes told me.

    Tonight at 9 p.m., when Megyn Kelly goes on the air, Trump will be competing in the same time slot. “I will be in Iowa tonight with my speech being live on CNN and other networks,” Trump said in his statement. Ailes will find out whether Trump presents a programming problem in addition to a political one.


    btw…CNN carrie the whole thing live and has follow up panels…it will be interesting to see who won that time slot…

  70. The pillow talk between Mr. and Mrs. Alan Greenspan would be fascination to know at this point, regarding the world economic situation–the best case, worst case and most likely scenario.

  71. FOX has been beating CNN and the other networks over the head for eight years, over their biased coverage. Trump gives them something–or rather someone to beat FOX over the head with in return.

  72. Remember when Trump said that a lot of people coming in illegally are criminals, rapists, etc. The media left out that little word “illegal”, and kept telling people that he said Mexicans are criminals and rapists.

    I think they’re doing it again, by focusing exclusively on Trump wanting to deport everyone immediately – and the media then focuses on how impossible that is. They are not discussing his big point about removing the attractants – e-verify, ending birthright citizenship, ending benefits for illegals. They don’t want to discuss this stuff, because they know that so many would self-deport and clean out a lot of the problem.

    And I hate how they always say you can’t want to deport kids (not just anchor babies), because this is what they know, etc. Well, the mothers brought their existing kids to a foreign land when they came here. So why would the other direction be a horrendous thing?

  73. I think it’s cool that the age of O was ushered in with a “Peggy” who was apparently not from this planet, who exclaimed that now she wouldn’t have to pay for food, gas, I think even her mortgage anymore.

    The end of O is being ushered in by another “Peggy” who is a realist and is calling Black Lives out.

    I wish that those finally standing up to Black Lives would always emphasize the enormous difference in percentages (94% killed by other blacks vs the 2% or so who are killed by cops, usually justified because the thug is trying to kill the cop).

    I saw a discussion on tv tonight about blacks killing blacks, and the black guest – all he could say was what he wanted the government to do. Nothing about blacks in those types of communities changing how they raise their children, nothing about those neighborhoods getting together to turn in and get the bad people out of their neighborhoods. I really wish someone would start asking these types of guests why none of the solutions involve the people themselves doing anything – why is it always someone else? (and the problem is *not* going to be solved by government – it *has* to involved the people in those types of neighborhoods)

  74. what went on after Ramos returned to the presser

    Donald needs to hire Ramos to follow him around to press conferences, advance ever ridiculous argument under the sun for open borders in his bumbling style, and then Donald can cut him off, refute him, and shut him down. A perfect mutt and jeff routine.

  75. Ramos is pathetic.

    His mind cannot perceive, process and respond to what Donald is saying in the moment.

    All he can do is stand there like an automaton repeating the same talking points.

    Like Voltaire said of the Bourbon dynasty, he have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

    The Mexican elites have this Mexican hairless on a short leash.

  76. Just for the record, I have heard Trump trash Obbie, almost as much as we do, before he decided to run for President.

    His favorite back-handed compliment to Berry was that he always thought Obbie would be a great ‘cheerleader’, and he was a ‘total failure’ at that.

    He has never implied that Obama was or is a good President.

    I was paying attention to Trump politically, since 2011.

  77. wbboei
    August 25, 2015 at 10:58 pm
    what went on after Ramos returned to the presser

    Thanks for posting the video Wbb.

    I can say with all honesty, I truly HATE Ramos.

    What I hate most about him is his inability to listen and when he asks a question, he immediately gets loud and talks over the person giving an answer, trying to drown them out.

    I see people on tv do this all the effin’ time and it makes me nuts.

    In the real world, if someone like Ramos did this to me, I would have to physically attack him. I wouldn’t keep saying, “..excuse me”…we would be way beyond polite verbal discourse by then.

    Someone, much bigger than I needs to punch his lights out.

  78. holdthemaccountable
    August 25, 2015 at 2:45 pm
    Big Media hasn’t said anything about the State Department clearing Hillary either. Even if the FBI clears her of any wrong doing, their orders from Obama are clear: under no circumstance will they publish or broadcast anything loudly that will strengthen her position and weaken the Biden/Warren team.

  79. wbboei
    August 25, 2015 at 8:56 am
    He needs to go back to Coral Gables.
    Is that a suburb of Miami, or his mistress?

    wbboei – too freaking funny!!

  80. The Mexican elites have this Mexican hairless on a short leash.

    His wiki says he is a dual citizen of US/Mexico. But it also says he got US citizenship at age 50. I’m not sure that can be possible. I thought with Mexico it was either/or except for minor children who have to choose at age 18 or 21. But I’m not sure. But the is one of mouthpiece of the Mexican elite/government to keep the illegals stirred up.

    Coral Gables. Haha. Nothing but the best for Mrs. Bush. She likes to shop in Paris. They make better troll clothes there I guess. http://www.century21.com/property/210-arvida-pw-coral-gables-fl-33156-REN018429966 Here is an example of a little, cheap, older, remodeled house in Coral Gables. !Jeb worked hard to get that state retirement fund money over to Enron and Lehman Bros. Disclaimer: I begrudge no one anything including a palace in France (if that’s what they want) who worked their butt off to honestly make money. Off retired cops and teachers. No.

  81. holdthemaccountable
    August 25, 2015 at 9:40 am
    “This is a different cat,” Luntz added. “It’s not like Ross Perot in 1992, where people were simply unhappy with the two major parties; they’re choosing Trump affirmatively. Honestly, my legs are shaking looking at these numbers.

    I really didn’t need that visual of Jell-O thighs Luntz. Please pass the brain-bleach.

  82. alcina and brain-bleach
    Never thought of bleach, yet it sounds good. Guess daily dose is enough.

  83. Tony Stark 2:01 AM – Big Media hasn’t said anything about the State Department clearing Hillary either.
    Appreciate your additional insight.

  84. lorac
    August 25, 2015 at 12:12 am
    who always punts on first down.

    wbboei – I don’t watch football. I’ve heard of punts, and I’ve heard of downs, but what does what you said mean as it applies to our situation? Does it mean kicking instead of running or passing the ball in the game? Well, I guess mainly what is it a metaphor for?

    (I know, I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t watch football and doesn’t drink coffee lol)


    If you do not watch football, then you have saved yourself a lot of anguish.

    I don’t watch it either.

    Not since the Giants lost the first Super Bowl in overtime to the Colts in 1959.

    After that, like was never the same

    These days, I save my anguish for politics.

    So as you see, I am no expert on football.

    However, the general idea of football, as I understand it,

    The general idea is to score more points than the opposing team

    You score by moving the ball across the other teams goal line or through its goal posts

    When you have possession of the ball, you have four opportunities, i.e.down to do this

    To retain possession you must move the ball ten yard toward the other teams goal line

    If you cannot do this in three downs, you punt on fourth down, normally

    The reason you punt is to put that ball that much further from your own goal line.

    Which makes it that much harder for the other team to score against you

    You punt on fourth down–not first down

    No football team ever punts on first down

    That would forfeit the opportunity to score

    It would defeat the entire purpose of the game

    It would be like giving up before you even started

    It would be so like . . . . Mitch McConnell and his fellow RINOs

  85. And, just to be clear

    McConnell is not just part of the passing parade

    He is the highest ranking member of the Republican Party

    He is the essence of the Republican Party as it exists today

    He, and the party he leads are poodles for the Chamber of Congress

    And Boehner, Reid and Pelosi are his dance partners

    Constituents do not matter to any of those people


  86. So when they and FOX get on the case of Donald or Cruz for pointing out their corruption, and the political vacuum they have created, it is the essence of hypocrisy. If they feel Donald is making them look bad, then they have no one to blame but themselves. They have no answers, just hot air. The credibility gap between them and the democrat base is one thing. It is the gap between themselves and their own base that should concern them. As noted, they should be embracing Trump, rather than trying to throw him overboard. Otherwise, they are likely to go the way of the Whigs, which is essentially what they have become under McConnell nationally, but not locally. How long can a party survive with an overreaching federal government if it cannot win national elections? I don’t know, but I would at least be worried if I were them, which is why I am NOT them.

  87. I am shocked that the political class is shocked by the level of support for Trump.

    The treason and treachery they have perpetrated is no longer a secret.

    In times past this has been dismissed as tin foil hat stuff

    Whereas now, their corruption is open and notorious.

    When Louis Learner is allowed to retire with $100,000 pension the writing is on the wall

  88. Media have more to think about than Trump now. Very sad, shocking. Only two sources are saying perp is black. I chose one of them to put here.

    ROANOKE, Va. (WHSV) — Reports are now coming in that the suspected gunman is about 20 minutes north of Verona.
    During a radio interview with WTOP, Governor Terry McAuliffe says it’s believed the gunman is a former disgruntled employee.
    The suspect is Vester Lee Flanagan, a light-skinned black man who is 6-feet-3-inches tall and weighs about 250 pounds, according to the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office.
    Reports are coming in that Flanagan is not driving a Ford Mustang, but rather a creme-colored Dodge Charger with unknown tags.
    Two WDBJ employees died after a shooting this morning at Bridgewater Plaza.
    A tweet sent out by WDBJ chief meteorologist Brent Watts says that both reporter Alison Parker, who was a graduate of James Madison University, and photographer Adam Ward were killed in the shooting.
    The incident happened during a WDBJ7 live report.

  89. Wbb, The first was super bowls were won by the Green Bay Packers with Lombardi as their coach in 1967 and 68…

    Do you think the DOW.will continue to regain?

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