Comedy Tonight: Obama Economy Vs. #Hillary2016 – @RealDonaldTrump In Mobile Alabama – Donald Trump Eagle – #BlackLivesMatter #FeelTheBern Tinfoil

Update: Question, why is Trump holding a mega-rally in Alabama tonight? Answer: Because he can.


The stock market fell over 350 points yesterday and today it is 530 points down. Could the DOW fall to 5000? Might the worst just be beginning and the presidential race will take place during a recession? This Obama economy news does not help anyone who runs as the “third Obama term.” Memo to #Hillary2016: use your money to buy a clue. Read what we wrote years ago #Hillary2016 to see the future.

The years of the Obama economy lethargy and stocks sink is a metaphor for the boob called Barack Obama. The same listless blah, the same fakery, the same awakening in America to the flim-flam scam and the consequences of same.

The stink is now overwhelming. In 2008 as the Obama Denver Corinthian column faker was in full scam we warned, and mourned, that Obama was the death of the Democratic Party. The rigor mortis has set in. With the rotted corpse before him, white liberal Obama supporter Jeff Greenfield in Politico, performed last rites, seven years after we did:

Democratic Blues

Barack Obama will leave his party in its worst shape since the Great Depression—even if Hillary wins.

As historians begin to assess Barack Obama’s record as president, there’s at least one legacy he’ll leave that will indeed be historic—but not in the way he would have hoped. Even as Democrats look favorably ahead to the presidential landscape of 2016, the strength in the Electoral College belies huge losses across much of the country. In fact, no president in modern times has presided over so disastrous a stretch for his party, at almost every level of politics. [snip]

Yet when you move from policy to politics, the task is a lot simpler—just measure the clout of the president’s party when he took office and when he left it. By that measure, Obama’s six years have been terrible. [snip]

The first signs of the slowly unfolding debacle that has meant the decimation of the Democratic Party nationally began early—with the special election of Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s empty Senate seat in Massachusetts. [snip]

The party’s record over the past six years has made clear that when Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017 the Democratic Party will have ceded vast sections of the country to Republicans, and will be left with a weak bench of high-level elected officials. It is, in fact, so bleak a record that even if the Democrats hold the White House and retake the Senate in 2016, the party’s wounds will remain deep and enduring, threatening the enactment of anything like a “progressive” agenda across much of the nation and eliminating nearly a decade’s worth of rising stars who might help strengthen the party in elections ahead. [snip]

Eight years later, when he leaves office in 2017 at 55, he’ll actually be one of the party’s only leaders not eligible for Social Security. [snip]

Barack Obama took office in 2009 with 60 Democrats in the Senate—counting two independents who caucused with the party—and 257 House members. Today, there are 46 members of the Senate Democratic caucus, the worst showing since the first year after the Reagan landslide. Across the Capitol, there are 188 Democrats in the House, giving Republicans their best showing since Herbert Hoover took the White House in 1929.

This is, however, the tip of the iceberg. When you look at the states, the collapse of the party’s fortunes are worse. Republicans now hold 31 governorships, nine more than they held when Obama was inaugurated. During the last six years the GOP has won governorships in purple and even deep blue states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio. [snip]

Now turn to state legislatures—although if you’re a loyal Democrat, you may want to avert your eyes. In 2009, Democrats were in full control of 27 state legislatures; Republicans held full power in 14. Now? The GOP is in full control of 30 state legislatures; Democrats hold full power in just 11. In 24 states, Republicans control the governorship and both houses of the legislature—giving them total control over the political process. That increased power at the state level has already led to serious consequences for Democrats, for their political future and for their goals.

“It’s almost a crime,” Democratic Party Vice Chair Donna Brazile says. “We have been absolutely decimated at the state and local level.”

Taken as a whole, these six years have been almost historically awful for Democrats. [snip]

No two-term president in recent times has seen his party clobbered in both midterm elections. [snip]

The losses of U.S. Senate seats and gubernatorial offices across the country have left the party starved for next generation leaders…. [snip]

The big GOP gains in the House came in 2010, when Democrats lost 64 House seats—the worst midterm showing for a party since 1894. Moreover, in 2014, the Republicans won nine Senate seats—and you can’t gerrymander a state. [snip]

For Republicans, the explanation for Democratic travails is more straightforward: Voters don’t like what Obama and his party has been doing. “Today, the greatest problem Obama has is that the economy has not gotten better in the Obama years, except for those at the top. For most people, it’s either the same or worse,” says Stuart Stevens, who piloted Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. And, he adds, the signature achievement of the president, “Obamacare,” proved so unpopular in 2014—in large part thanks to the disastrous website rollout—that Democratic candidates were wary of even raising it.

Greenfield is not writing anything we have not written repeatedly. We write this same stuff every few months, or weeks. But Hillary2016 has not listened to us. Maybe Hillary2016 will listen to Greenfield. Maybe Hillary2016 will wake up from drunken stupor, open eyes, and realize that a “third Obama term” as a campaign strategy is STUPID. LOSER STUPID.

Hillary2016 is not the only campaign that is LOSER STUPID. Consider Bernie Sanders, or Saint Bernard of the Green Mountains, as we mockingly refer to him. Saint Bernard was born in Brooklyn. Pardon us as we race-bait like an Obama supporter before a prison crowd, but perhaps it was all those black people in Brooklyn that scared Saint Bernard into moving to a much whiter, much nicer Vermont.

Whatever the reasons for the white flight of Saint Bernard, Saint Bernard has not had dealings with black people other than in cute protests from half a century ago. So now Saint Bernard supporters are hatin’ on black people because these black people are showing up most unbecomingly at Saint Bernard rallies. The Saint Barnard supporters are barking that those black people are part of a conspiracy:

Online And In Person, Bernie Sanders’ White Supporters Advance A Black Lives Matter Conspiracy

Someone’s pulling the strings, some upset white Sanders supporters tell each other. Black activists say the persistent criticism (and theories, racism, and misogyny) from the Bernie faithful proves that many white leftists just don’t get it.

At a recent Bernie Sanders event, Dave, a white fiftysomething in a Grateful Dead hat, offered an explanation for Black Lives Matter, the activist group that had interrupted Sanders just hours earlier in Seattle.

They weren’t activists. They were “agent provocateurs,” Dave said, sent by the Democratic establishment to quash the Vermont socialist’s message. [snip]

The conspiracy theories are hiding in plain sight at Sanders’ giant rallies. The crowds are mostly white and mostly frustrated by the confrontations with black activists some Sanders supporters say are doing nothing but tearing down the only candidate who truly believes in the Black Lives Matter cause. But some of Sanders’ backers even take it a step further. Online and in person, this set of white Sanders fans wonder aloud if there’s some outside force causing the protest movement to target the senator.

The basic mythology is that someone — maybe frontrunner Hillary Clinton, maybe the Republicans, maybe her billionaire backers, maybe even the FBI — is using Black Lives Matter to tear Sanders down, to diminish an insurgent candidacy that, the supporters say, is viewed as a real threat by the establishment.

If Hillary2016 was behind the #BlackLivesMatter attacks against Saint Bernard we would be shocked because it would display a semblance of intelligence. Saint Bernard is barking up the wrong tree if he thinks #Hillary2016 is that quick, smart, or capable. We would love it if it was true. But sadly, that would require what Hillary2016 lacks in intelligence, strategy, tactics, or ability.

The barking mad supporters of Saint Bernard don’t seem to understand that the reason why #BlackLivesMatter thugs target Saint Bernard rallies is because Saint Bernard rolls over and plays dead the minute they arrive.

Donald Trump had it right when he mocked Saint Bernard for being “weak” in regards to #BlackLivesMatter. Donald Trump is not weak so he can smell the unusual stink of fear from far away. Donald Trump is an eagle.

That eagle Donald Trump so resembles is called “Uncle Sam.” Donald Trump and Uncle Sam both live very high up in the sky and they have a very cute pout and pensive mien.

Donald Trump is very like the eagle. If we think about what kind of bird Bernie Sanders resembles it would have to be something small and feather-headed, like a finch or hummingbird (our apologies to finches and hummingbirds). Jeb Bush? What kind of bird is Jeb Bush? Um, a pigeon?

Compare and contrast how Donald Trump answered a question about the term “anchor babies” and the way Jeb Bush answered the same question a short time later. We provide the evidence via Youtube:

Jeb Bush comes off as a loser. It’s not even a matter of what he says. It’s a matter of body language and the way humans communicate that makes it easy to see the difference between eagle Donald Trump and pigeon Jeb Bush. The race for the GOP nomination is between Trump and the establishment candidate Jeb Bush. There is no other. As to energy level, Trump is already the winner.

Via television we will all be able to witness the energy Trumpnado. For all the skepticism that Trump really has a chance to be president, even long time liberal analysts are saying that yup, this time things might really be different. That maybe Trump might trump.

Tonight in Mobile, Alabama, there will be a Donald Trump rally. Tens of thousands of people will attend as the eagle lands. It’s supposed to start at 7:30 p.m. ET. There are some very good reasons for Trump to be in Alabama tonight. Call this the Southern rally, not just an Alabama rally. Tonight is key. We’ll be watching.