Reality Show – The Real And UnReal In The Age Of Fake: @REALdonaldTrump – #Hillary2016 – #BlackLivesMatter – Shaun King – Donald Trump Killers, And George Soros

Coal stocks rose today amidst a general market slump. The reason? George Soros who has attacked coal as the “lethal bullet” causing climate change bought millions of dollars worth of coal stocks. Why? H. Sterling Burnett of the Heartland Institute surmises, “George Soros spent millions of dollars and multiple years helping to driving down price of coal… But my suspicion is that he helped to drive stocks down, bought as many shares as he can, and, when stocks rebound, he can sell his shares and make a huge profit.” No surprise here. We recall climate change warrior Al Gore who sold his business to a fossil fuel founded and maintained Arabist network.

Since 2009 and the occupation of the White House by Barack Obama, we have referred to this particular time as “the Age of Fake.” Al Gore is a for profit fake. George Soros is a for profit fake. Who’s the bigger fake between these two? Al Gore who burns jet fuel to and fro his climate change speeches and heats/cools his mansions instead of having a frugal life? Or George Soros? We submit that the depths of fake when it comes to George Soros have yet to be plumbed. It is rumored, and non-denial denied that George Soros, through his networks of scams and scam artists, funds Kooky “organizations” such as #BlackLivesMatter. Here’s an excerpt (dear reader, we challenge you to try and spot the biggest liar in this story) from the latest lies of #BlackLivesMatter:

Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey By Pretending To Be Biracial?

An investigative blogger has accused Shaun King, a key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, of misleading media icon Oprah Winfrey by pretending to be biracial in order to qualify for an “Oprah scholarship” to historically black Morehouse College. The blogger says King is white and has been lying about his ethnicity for years.

King is a high-profile campaigner against “police brutality” and “justice correspondent” for the liberal Daily Kos website who told Rebel magazine in 2012 that he was biracial, with the magazine reporting that he is the “son of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father.” He has also described himself as “mixed with a black family” on Twitter.

King has been lionised by the press, praised as hero of civil rights and social activism. He has written extensively about a childhood in which he was terrorised by “decades old racial tensions.” He claims to have been “the focus of constant abuse of the resident rednecks of my school.”

Yet, in recent weeks, rumours have been circulating about his ethnicity. A 1995 police incident report lists Shaun King’s ethnicity as white. And blogger Vicki Pate, who has been assembling forensic accounts of Shaun King’s background and family tree on her blog, “Re-NewsIt!,” has published her findings. [snip]

She claims that King is entirely white and says a birth certificate, which Breitbart has since independently acquired from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics, names a white man as his father.

King’s case echoes that of Rachel Dolezal, a civil rights activist from Washington who claimed to be biracial while in fact being of caucasian origin. Dolezal continues to insist she “identifies as black,” despite her parents revealing that she is entirely white.

If Pate is right, Shaun King, who often uses black and white photographs of himself online rather than colour images, may have misled African-American hero Winfrey by applying for and accepting an Oprah Scholarship to the historically black Morehouse College. Oprah Scholarships are given exclusively to black men.

In his Daily Kos diary, King refers to himself as a “brother,” writing: “Oprah Winfrey paid my way through Morehouse. The leadership scholarship that I received from her is why I have a college degree today. Five hundred other brothers have the exact same story.”

So, who’s the biggest fake, the worst of the worst, in this story? If you answered Shaun King, you’re wrong. Sure Shaun King is a honky cracka liar, a culture vulture, a phony, a fake, a race-baiter who accused whites and his classmates in Kentucky of a brutal racist assault that never happened, a man who could not keep details of his lies straight (3 black daughters or 4?; 4 spinal surgeries or 3?; car crash or no car crash?) and all around creep. But he’s not the biggest creep in this story.

The biggest creep in this story is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, the great “Angel” of racial reconciliation only gives these scholarships to black men. In 2008 Oprah chose Barack Obama over a woman running for president because of skin color. Since 2008 all of Oprah’s endorsements have the commonality of only going to black people. Oprah who built her empire on the backs of (mostly white) women gives scholarships only to black people. Does that bother you?

Imagine if a Hillary Clinton supporter was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. Imagine if Donald Trump was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. Imagine if Mitt Rommney was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. But give scholarships to people based on skin color other than “white” and no one bats an eyelash.

Perhaps that is why creeps such as Rachel Strife Dolezal pretends she is black. Perhaps that is why a Shaun King pretends to be a black King. Perhaps. What we do know is that in this Age of Fake you cannot say “All Lives Matter” because you will be branded a racist. You are only allowed by the racists and race-baiters “Black Lives Matter.” Which brings us to a moment this past week in which Hillary Clinton comported herself with a degree of honor.

The #BlackLivesMatter phonies wanted to disrupt a Hillary2016 rally but failed to do so. Hillary Clinton agreed to meet with them after the rally. The #BlackLivesMatter creeps tried to Mau-Mau Hillary but Hillary stood her ground. It was one of the few good moments for Hillary2016 this campaign season.

You could see Hillary impatient with the blowhards of #BlackLivesMatter. A few seconds more and #BlackLivesMatter would have blacked out as Hillary smashed a chair over those fakes. Hillary was not interested in the flowery words, she said a plan was needed. #BlackLivesMatter wanted Hillary to bow down and be intimidated.

#BlackLivesMatter has tried to intimidate everyone into their racist race-baiting world-view. #BlackLivesMatter humiliated weak Bernie Sanders in front of a rally of thousands.

#BlackLivesMatter then humiliated the weak loser Jeb Bush.

Donald Trump has made it clear that #BlackLivesMatter better not tangle with him or there will be blood on the floor and it won’t be his.

In a world of fake, Donald Trump is the real thing. Trump’s Twitter handle is #RealDonaldTrump. That’s not because Trump anticipated he would be cast into the non-reality of politics but because there are a lot of people who pretend to be Donald Trump so he took on the name #RealDonaldTrump which emphasizes that indeed he is “real.”

The phony Chris Matthews recognizes just how real Donald Trump is:

Donald Trump took on #BlackLivesMatter while at the same time making clear his commitment to help create jobs in America thereby helping all Americans including Black Americans. In a very specific appeal to Black Americans, Donald Trump spoke about the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on the poor and the black poor.

Included in his comprehensive immigration plan Donald Trump declared his intention to change the law and stop “birthright citizenship.” For that, Trump has been attacked. Bill O’Reilly attacked Trump and mocked him saying that the Constitution would have to be changed.

Trump believes the Constitution will not have to be changed. And many legal scholars agree with Trump:

Although the Constitution of 1787 mentioned citizens, it did not define citizenship. It was in 1868 that a definition of citizenship entered the Constitution with the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment. Here is the familiar language: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Thus there are two components to American citizenship: birth or naturalization in the U.S. and being subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Today, we somehow have come to believe that anyone born within the geographical limits of the U.S. is automatically subject to its jurisdiction; but this renders the jurisdiction clause utterly superfluous. If this had been the intention of the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment, presumably they would have said simply that all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. are thereby citizens.

Donald Trump is not alone in his concern for the rule of law and the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on wages as the labor pool grows but job opportunities remain low. Black women such as the “stump for Trump girls” side with Trump on #BlackLivesMatter:

“Stump for Trump girls” stand by Trump on illegal immigration too:

Other Black women are speaking up on birthright citizenship.

A Latino man likewise sides with Donald Trump:

We are a country, yes. But in this country we have laws and rules and regulations that need to be followed. How can we become—how can we be a great nation when we reward people that come to this country illegally?

I don’t have anything against immigrants. But there’s a difference between “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant.”


And I ask myself: what part of “illegal” don’t you guys understand?

Real Donald Trump has a growing wave of reality on his side. There are some, who want low wage slaves, who intend to take down Real Donald Trump. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, hiding behind their secret donors intend to assassinate Donald Trump with ads.

Charlie Gasparino who swims in Wall Street waters warns that Donald Trump is about to be assassinated in TV ads right after Labor Day:

Gasparino has previously reported that Wall Street is terrified of Trump. Imagine that. Wall Street terrified of a billionaire. Wall Street laughed at the fakes from Occupy Wall Street, but is terrified of Trump. Wall Street is right to be terrified of Trump because he is real, not fake.


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  1. Admin: reading your work, I run out of superlatives. You have consistently given us the right perspective on how to view politics, what works, what does not work, who will tell you the truth, and who will lie to you. A couple points before I give the above a second read:

    1. concerning Oprah, I know the accountant who does the work for Dr. Phil. Phil told him that Oprah is the worst racist you will ever see, behind the scenes. Color me shocked, but not that shocked.

    2. concerning Soros, he did the same thing with Haliburton. Drove their stock down through his investment in Media Matters. When it dropped, he bought it and later sold at a huge profit. Shades of the Baron Rothschild betting on Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo, getting the market following him, and then covering that bet. In the age of carrier pigeons, he knew of the Wellington victory before London did.


    Cruz has been on the record since at least 2012 saying that the U.S. should stop the policy of granting automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants at birth. Other 2016 GOP contenders, including Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Ben Carson, and Lindsey Graham, have either criticized or voiced support for ending the policy.

    Cruz, however, went a step further than many 2016 Republicans when he suggested that he would be open to altering the Constitution to get rid of blanket birthright citizenship, during a radio interview with Michael Medved on Wednesday.

    Asking if Cruz supported Trump’s immigration agenda, Medved said: “What about the most controversial element of his plan, which is getting rid of birthright citizenship—saying to children who are born here in the United States of parents who are here illegally, ‘You can’t become American citizens’? Would you support a change in the 14th amendment if necessary to achieve that?”

    “Absolutely,” Cruz replied. “We should end granting automatic birthright citizenship to the children of those who are here illegally.”

    When pressed on whether a change to the Constitution to end birthright citizenship would be realistic, Cruz said: “I think it is possible, but any constitutional amendment by its nature is difficult to achieve.”

  3. Hillary made a strategic mistake going with the Obama “situation comedy” coalition instead of the FDR/Clinton winning coalition. Now Hillary hater and Trump hater Jonah Goldberg writes what we’ve written for years:

    Neither Hillary Nor Bernie Is Up to the Task of Holding the Obama Coalition Together

    ‘We are trying to be reasonable,” an organizer for Bernie Sanders’s Seattle rally said. The black female protesters who stormed the stage became enraged. “We aren’t reasonable!” they shouted back. “If you do not listen to [us], your event will be shut down,” one of them declared to the crowd.

    Sanders caved to the protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement and gave activist Marissa Johnson the microphone. “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, even with all of these progressives, but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you,” she said, apparently in response to members of the crowd who booed her. I suppose if you’ve already conceded that you aren’t reasonable, it’s not hard to argue that booing an uninvited rabble-rouser is “racist.” [snip]

    She’s been tacking ever further left.

    The trouble for Clinton and the Democrats generally is that while Barack Obama was able to unite the factions of the Left to get himself elected, it’s not clear anyone else can. [snip]

    Reagan united foreign-policy hawks, social conservatives, and economic conservatives — the famous three legs to the stool of the conservative movement.

    Obama did something very similar on the left. He united the civil-rights or identity-politics wing, the economic or egalitarian wing, and the more elitist technocratic wing. Obviously, these movements overlap — just as the different factions of the Reagan coalition overlapped — but each has its own priorities and passions.

    Aided by his experience as a former community organizer and his historic status as the first black president, Obama held the coalition together through force of personality.

    The Democratic party has always had internal conflicts. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s coalition contained socialist Jews and blacks and Southern segregationists. That coalition held for 20 years after his presidency. But the Obama coalition seems to be fraying while he’s still in office. The black Left is angrier at the end of his presidency than it was at the beginning. The egalitarians think the country is worse off, and the technocrats are left trying to explain why their plans are so great, despite the fact that the economy has never really recovered on their watch. Moreover, none of Obama’s presumptive heirs have the charisma or skills to repair or sustain the coalition.

    Sanders has charm, but the Jewish socialist transplant from Brooklyn has spent his political life in a state that has only about 7,500 blacks. He lacks the vocabulary to appeal beyond the white Left. Meanwhile, the black Left, an indispensable voting bloc, has no standard-bearer in the primaries and is clearly cross about it.

    Clinton’s most comfortable in the role of elitist technocrat, which is great for fundraising from Wall Street and wooing Beltway journalists, but it’s not so useful for wooing voters in a populist environment. Thanks to her husband, she still has goodwill among African Americans. But she lacks the charisma, passion, or personal story to excite either the black Left or the white Left.

  4. BTW, it hardly strikes me as “breaking news” that Republican campaigns are planning to drop truckloads of negative ads on the head of the Presumptive Nominee ™ after Labor Day. It’s not exactly a new idea in politics to run attack ads on the front runner.

    That’s the price of being the front runner.

  5. Looks like Soros’ cheap date just keeps putting out. That’s what good whores do.

    Now Obola has a way to rewrite the countries environmental laws through the TPP, there is no end to their exploitation.

  6. Dynamite Town Hall Donald just held – @ 2700 people, he took questions, very relaxed…I missed the presser in the begining..

    Donald was strong…win or lose…I love this guy…he is so pro USA and fixing all the mess we are in…”taking back our country” he says over and over…

    most cable channels carried most of it, minus pundits and their 2 cents…i changed my cable company and now get tons of new channels…and there is a channel called OAN…and they usually carry everything Trump without budding in with pundit comments…

    CNN is going to cover a special of Trump and Chris Cuomo at 9 pm

    Cuomo interviewed him for I think an hour earlier today…Cuomo has a tendency to try to get cutsy…but he does respect Trump

    MSNBC, especially MJ is very pro Donald…and very, very negative Hillary…they go on and on and on knocking Hillary

  7. Part of Trump’s appeal is that he appears confident of his ability to turn things around and make things better. Nothing turns off people more than fear or uncertainty in a candidate.

  8. So Shawn King is white, pretending to be biracial (white/black), and is saying that he has a black wife (rather a necessity if he planned to have kids and continue the biracial lie) and a number of black kids for whom he can’t seem to keep track of the number.

    I have news for him – whether he is white or biracial, his kids are biracial, not black.

    I don’t know what they look like but I’m guessing more black having a black mother, but King appears to be judging them by their appearance (they’re biracial – like O – but they appear black) so they’re black, but for himself, he’s saying appearance doesn’t matter (I look white, but I’m really biracial).

    Oprah (whose show I have never seen) came out against that plagiarist author.. Will she come out against someone who is “plagiarizing” his race?

  9. hwc – I’m pretty sure you have characterized Cruz as a constitutionalist. Yet, until Obama*, it was taught in school and accepted by all that the constitution specified that a natural born citizen was born in the US to two citizen parents. But Cruz the constitutionalist doesn’t seem to know that. I’m not interested in a discussion on that, because we both believe what we believe.

    However, I noticed that Cruz the constitutionalist also doesn’t seem to know that the constitution’s 14th amendment was for former slaves, not for kids of illegals. The author of the amendment even wrote at the time a paper to specify that. But Cruz the constitutionalist is saying that we need another amendment to override the 14th which doesn’t even say what he thinks it says.

    So – I’m not so sure about him and his being the constitutional authority.

    *It’s possible that Obama did NOT set a precedent. We don’t actually know for a fact who O’s father was. If it was an American, then he *is* a natural born citizen. It’s possible that because O had already based his college admissions application, books, and short career on saying he was African-sired, TPTB let it go, because he showed them proof of whom his father actually was and they figured they could manipulate the whole thing for a win. I have no idea what the truth is, other than the fact that in his heart he is not pro-American, and exactly what the founders didn’t want as a president.

  10. Horrible body language, incoherent imbecile – why does this woman still have a job?

    This is a “communications director?” More like a repeat failed student in a remedial English class.

  11. Cruz, as a legal opinion (and he is more qualified than most in this area) does not believe the legal arguments claiming that the 14th amendment doesn’t include birthright citizenship are strong or persuasive in a Supreme Court setting. This is his comment from 2011.

    Honestly, the proof is in the pudding. If anyone had seriously thought they might prevail in the Supreme Court, they would have pushed a case up the ladder and gotten an appelate ruling. That was precisely the mandate that Cruz had as Solicitor General of Texas: find suitable cases to serve as vehicles to push issues up to SCOTUS review. The fact that nobody in 150 years has pushed this one to appellate court review tells you what the real constitutional lawyers (as opposed to talk radio personalities) have thought about the legal arguments.

    To win in the Supreme Court, you would have to convince the Court to overturn (or carve out an exception to) their 1898 decision in:

    US vs Wong Kim Ark

    This decision ruled that children born to immigrants in the US are automatically US citizens.

    United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that practically everyone born in the United States is a U.S. citizen. This decision established an important precedent in its interpretation of the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

    It is really, really, really hard to get the SCOTUS to overturn precedents that have been in place for 150 years. Do you really think Roberts would vote to change the precedent?

    If you wanted to test it, the way to do it would be a pass a ban on birthright citizenship for illegals in Congress (60 Senators required of course), get a President to sign it into law, and then wait for an immediate challenge to the appellate courts.

  12. admin:

    I tried watching that Jen Palmieri interview earlier today and ran screaming out of the house after less than a minute. She’s the worst spokesperson since Baghdad Bob.

    She’s incredibly annoying to listen to. Just oozing with arrogance.

  13. And another SCOTUS decision that would have to be overturned in a challenge to birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants:

    The Supreme Court’s 1982 Plyler v. Doe decision[180]—in a case involving undocumented alien children (i.e., children born abroad who had come to the United States illegally along with their parents, and who had no basis for claiming U.S. citizenship)—has also been cited in support of a broad application of Fourteenth Amendment jurisdiction to illegal aliens and their children.[181][182] A Texas state law had sought to deny such children a public education, and the Texas government had argued that “persons who have entered the United States illegally are not ‘within the jurisdiction’ of a State even if they are present within a State’s boundaries and subject to its laws.”[156] A 5–4 majority of the Supreme Court, though, decided that according to Wong Kim Ark, the Fourteenth Amendment’s phrases subject to the jurisdiction thereof (in the Citizenship Clause) and within its jurisdiction (in the Equal Protection Clause) were essentially equivalent; that both expressions referred primarily to physical presence and not to political allegiance;[107] and that the Wong Kim Ark decision benefited the children of illegal as well as legal aliens.[181] As a result, the court rejected the claim that Fourteenth Amendment “jurisdiction” depended on whether someone had entered the U.S. legally or not.[156][183] Although the four dissenting justices disagreed with the opinion of the Court regarding whether the children in question had a right to a public education, the dissenters agreed with the majority regarding the applicability of Fourteenth Amendment jurisdiction to illegal aliens.

  14. They don’t call him “Mitch The Bitch” for nothing.

    He is the Caruso of Failure Theater.

    Yes, I know, Corker plumbs the same depths of depravity.

    And reaches for the same high C’s as the Bitch does.

    But its no use.

    He is no Mitch McConnell.

    Mitch McConnell officially surrenders
    Quelle Surprise

    By: streiff (Diary) | August 19th, 2015 at 09:30 PM | 12


    Share on Facebook 17 63 SHARES
    Senate Republicans Speak To Media After Their Weekly Policy Luncheon

    Hot on the heels of Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) 46%‘s splendid, sublime, performance in Failure Theater, Majority “Leader” Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58% played the part of a stump trained sheep and surrendered:

    It looks like Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58% (R-KY) may have thrown in the towel on the GOP’s effort to stop the Iran nuclear deal from going into effect.

    Obama “can win by getting one-third plus one of either house,” McConnell told a business group at an event on Monday in Kentucky, according to the Associated Press. “So he’s still got a great likelihood of success.”

    “I hope we can defeat it, but the procedure is obviously stacked in the president’s favor,” he told reporters after the event. “We’ll see.”

    This is quintessential Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58%. He engineered a failure and now is manfully resigned to that failure. It was inevitable, ya know, we fought but the president just has the upper hand. This is the man who controls every single Executive Branch appointment. He could stop ambassadors, judges, even military officers from being confirmed by the Senate. He could investigate. He could start impeachment of cabinet officers who testified on this deal. He could single-handedly make the last year and half of Obama’s regime a living hell. But when faced with a foreign policy catastrophe he shrugs his sloped, narrow, old-man shoulders and says, “Let’s vote to repeal ObamaCare and stop funding Planned Parenthood.”

    The GOP establishment, the Party elders, and the commentariat wonder why people are flocking to Donald Trump. If they had half a brain they’d realize people are heading to Trump because of nonsense like this.


    AP Exclusive: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site

    Associated Press

    From article…….[Excerpts mine]

    VIENNA (AP) — Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms, operating under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work, according to a document seen by The Associated Press.

    The revelation on Wednesday newly riled Republican lawmakers in the U.S. who have been severely critical of a broader agreement to limit Iran’s future nuclear programs, signed by the Obama administration, Iran and five world powers in July. Those critics have complained that the wider deal is unwisely built on trust of the Iranians, while the administration has insisted it depends on reliable inspections

    A skeptical House Speaker John Boehner said, “President Obama boasts his deal includes `unprecedented verification.’ He claims it’s not built on trust. But the administration’s briefings on these side deals have been totally insufficient – and it still isn’t clear whether anyone at the White House has seen the final documents.”

    Said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce: “International inspections should be done by international inspectors. Period.”

    But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi shrugged off the revelation, saying, “I truly believe in this agreement.”


    John Cornyn of Texas, the second-ranking Republican senator, said, “Trusting Iran to inspect its own nuclear site and report to the U.N. in an open and transparent way is remarkably naive and incredibly reckless. This revelation only reinforces the deep-seated concerns the American people have about the agreement.”

    The Parchin agreement was worked out between the IAEA and Iran. The United States and the five other world powers were not party to it but were briefed by the IAEA and endorsed it as part of the larger package.

    On Wednesday, White House National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said the Obama administration was “confident in the agency’s technical plans for investigating the possible military dimensions of Iran’s former program. … The IAEA has separately developed the most robust inspection regime ever peacefully negotiated.”


    The White House has repeatedly denied claims of a secret side deal favorable to Tehran. IAEA chief Yukiya Amano told Republican senators last week that he was obligated to keep the document confidential.


    I wrote earlier (and I fully stand behind it) that I love Hillary and want her to be president. But I cannot support anyone that supports this travesty. Israel MUST be getting ready for war. And any allegiance I at one time had has been proven to be a terrible decision. Pelousy fully supports this joke of an agreement. For real?!?!? How wonderful does ‘Trust, but verify’ sound right about now.

    The end of the world is coming.


    Hillary 2016?

  16. All kidding aside, there is a consistent track record here, and it gets back to what the former Clinton lawyer was saying. Both parties have been taken over by Wall Street, and politicians like McConnell, who cannot summon the courage to ever fight for the country, but are continually fighting for Wall Street is symptomatic of the disease.

    As Streiff points out, McConnell could:

    1. stop ambassadors, judges, and military officers from being confirmed

    2, investigate scandals

    3. start impeachment proceedings against cabinet officers who testified on this

    Instead, he does absolutely, positively nothing

    As I have said early and often the Republican Party will go the way of the dinosaur

    This is why people are running away from them and toward Trump

    It is why I advocate a third party, knowing full well that third parties have no succeeded historically

    I would take that risk sooner than living with the status quo

    It ain’t rocket science.

    I have been a Cruz supporter for almost longer than anyone

    But even that is wearing thin

    The daily deluge of Cruz postings on this site had dimmed my enthusiasm

    That is not where the game is.

    The entire game is Trump

    And without him, the Republican Party and all its candidates are toast.

    Voting for the lesser evil does not inspire me to pull the lever.

    The only way the lever gets pulled this time around is if Trump is on the ballot.

  17. When you find yourself in a situation where one party is marching your country straight to hell, and the other party revels in failure theater and secretly conspires with them, where is the incentive to vote? Civil disobedience becomes the only remaining option. As a matter of fact, it is inevitable. The only way to avoid that is to elect Trump. The game must change, and he is the only game changer out there.

  18. Yes, others feel differently.

    But the truth is they do not understand the big picture.

    And you can’t get them to understand.

    Its like to singing to pigs–its a waste of time and it annoys the pigs.

  19. What I see happening is that Obola mob is losing but Hillary is being blamed for not being able to “hold it together” and they will cross her out for “failing”. She is taking the rap for his failed policies.

  20. First. Do you all know how many posts admin has published this month???
    Next. Within this post just above MSNBC video: “The phony Chris Matthews recognizes just how real Donald Trump is:”
    I’ve known for the longest time that my younger daughter, having been an avid fan of “Celebrity Apprentice”, will now miss it.
    During last night’s telcon she threw out this gem:
    I love how he thinks. He’s really fair and nice. And he is exactly the same person now that he is campaigning?

    This kid of mine is one in a million, and yet, how many of that audience know and admire DJT as she does?

    PS to Shadowfax August 19, 2015 at 4:00 pm: “..Maybe it could be: hillaryis44and45..”

  21. GOP attack Trump ads after Labor Day.
    How ding dong nice of them.

    What do you expect them to do? He stands up at every appearance and goes on down the list, attacking his opponents. Do you think that they should not return the favor? The Donald would surely be disappointed if they didn’t “punch back”. You know, “classy” like him.

  22. What do you expect them to do?
    I expect them to go on and on and on being poodles for the Chamber of Congress, putting up Manchurian candidates for public office, playing the game of failure theater, alienating their base, maligning truth tellers, and expecting the public to be stupid enough to vote them into office. They have a lot in common with Judas Iscariot. I know you hate Trump and love the party. But you fail to realize that beyond his talents and capabilities you underestimate, there is a huge message behind his candidacy, and a torch which no Republican can pick up and run to the finish line with, because the republican party which they all serve and refuse to condemn has a proven track record of failure. The very thing Mitch McConnell promotes, and sees as a virtue, namely the ability to con the voter, is now a dead letter. It works only so long as the mark is not wise to the game, whereas today they are. You put your marbles on Cruz. But you fail to realize when/if Trump is destroyed, the party you support will train all its Howitzers on him, and install their candidate, who I have said all along will be Rubio. Mississippi will be their model, and those who cannot learn for the past are condemned to repeat it.

  23. TheRock

    August 20, 2015 at 1:03 am


    The Rock…the more we hear about this Iran Deal…and the Secret Deals that are worse than even the bad deal made public that we first heard about…

    …the more I realize that I cannot vote for the Dems this time around…and that is not to support repubs…if Hillary were to come out flatly against it, she might seperate herself from the pack, but in general I believe that the Dems are selling our country…and alot of this world…down the river…and putting many, many people in danger

    either so freaking naive…or worse, corrupted…

    we should have seen it coming because O foreshawdowed his deference to Iran during the primary debates with Hillary

    …he said he was going to transform our country…and he has succeeded in doing that…I no longer recognize the Dem party I loved and fought so hard for for so long…

    there must be some big payoffs behind the scene for this insanity…how the Dems can be so stupid…especially with O being gone in a little over a year…by then O and Valerie will probably be visiting their friends/her family in Iran…and the Dems will have to carry the burden and ramifications for supporting this terrible deal…

    doesn’t Goolsbey (sp) already have some business deals going with Iran where he profits?

    let’s face iran will be getting billions of dollars…that’s alot of money to start throwing around

    this just defies common sense and reality…horrible…

  24. Goolsbey, aka the ghoul, has never been one to put the national interest ahead of his own un-heroic self interest. Simply put, the man and his Ivy League credentials are for sale to the highest bidder. He would work for ISIS for a fee. Always for a fee. No questions asked.

  25. S – I’ve read that they’re (both parties) all on board with globalism. I hope that’s not true of Hillary, but she hasn’t spoken out yet.

    And yeah, that Iran deal IMO is really bad. Iran gets that money back whether or not the deal is signed off on. They get the money, and our hostages were never brought up. I seriously suspect we just signed off on whatever Iran wanted – what in what we’ve seen benefits *us*?

    I don’t even believe we needed a deal – we could have just increased sanctions to keep them getting a bomb. Trump says we have stupid leaders. Maybe. Maybe some people just want the appearance of a “deal” so much for their own reasons, and don’t care if it hurts America.

  26. Hwc: maybe this will help you understand. (P.S. please ignore the shot at Hillary, because I know that will make you unhappy too. I want you to step back and see how obsolete the parties are, because until you do that, you will misunderstand what Trump means, just as big media has missed it. If the parties were on the level, and were doing the bidding of the people, which they are not, then the Trump candidacy would deserve the pejoratives you imply. But when the system is dysfunctional and is destroying the nation, people of sound and disposing mind recognize that the zeitgeist has changed and look for someone who can hitch his or her wagon to that star. At this point, Trump is the one. The alternative is cynicism, civil disobedience and despair. That is what you are aiming at when you pray for the demise of Donald Trump, whether you realize it or not. Posting an unending stream of Cruz videos on a Hillary sight becomes at some point an exercise in denial, because regardless of how moral virtuous and constitutional he is—and you will get no argument from me on those points, the fact remains all the establishment needs to do is dust off the anti Goldwater strategy and its game over.
    We’re still over five months from the Iowa caucuses and — astoundingly — it’s increasingly looking like the 2016 presidential election, not just the nomination, is Donald Trump’s to lose.

    It’s not only the polls, which are swinging his way. He has changed the nature of our electoral politics into a reality show with himself as star. Read his interview in Wednesday’s Hollywood Reporter if you’re looking for confirmation. Everybody else in both parties looks boring by comparison. We pretend to be interested in the others but Donald is all we really care about, even bourgeois liberal critics when they try to dismiss him. (The WaPo’s David Ignatius is now likening Trump to Putin, as if Donald were about to invade the Crimea. Well, he might put a hotel there.)

    Oh, sure, Bernie Sanders is drawing twenty or thirty thousand here and there, but this is a huge country and, as I can personally attest having been around in 1972, over two hundred thousand attended anti-war demonstrations with McGovern when he was running and he ended up winning exactly one state against Nixon.

    As for Hillary, her big problems are legal, not electoral. And now, with the Benghazi emails beginning to dribble out and Huma’s cell phone gone missing, no one can even imagine where this will end, but we can assume nowhere good for her Chappaquaness. The Democrats would be complete idiots to run this woman for president. Still, as Abba Eban famously said about the Arabs, “[they] never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” So you never know.

    Whatever the case, Trump’s dominance has little to do with the old Tea Party vs. RINO thing. That’s so 2014. Both Tea Partiers like Cruz and RINOs like Bush are being easily eclipsed by Trump. Indeed, if you examine Trump’s record, he seems like something of a RINO himself, but again nobody cares. Inconsistencies that normally cause the far right to go ballistic just wash over Donald like yesterday’s bodywash at Walgreen’s.

    This, by the way, is good. Bravo for people who change their minds. (“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little, etc.“) That no one finally knows exactly what Trump stands for is fine by me, even that he sometimes contradicts himself. I’m supposed to get upset about that — and I did originally — but I don’t now. Like others, I want things to change — as many things as possible, almost everything, really — and Donald seems like the man with the courage and will to do it.

    He’s unafraid. He’s upbeat. He’s funny. He despises political correctness (as anybody with half a brain does). He’s so rich no one can buy him, has an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous wife the likes of which we have never seen as first lady (not even Jackie O, well maybe Dolly Madison) and most of all he really, truly loves America. Of course, compared to the incumbent, a dead centipede loves America, but you know what I mean. He’s an all-American success story and that’s what we need right now — a winner, even a braggart. He’s also, as my wife Sheryl says, “bad medicine,” just the kind of medicine we need in extreme times.

    Now I could change my mind on a dime, as we all could, or indeed as I have, if other information comes to light or if Donald starts to act looney or, more precisely, excessively looney. But as of now, it would be dishonest not to say that not only he is the frontrunner, he is THE MAN. I can think of no greater antidote to Obama than a Trump presidency.

    Well, yes, I can. It would be a Trump/Carson presidency. Watching Dennis Miller Wednesday night, I see he is on my wave length. He’s talking about a Trump/Carson ticket too. And while we’re at it, throw Carly Fiorina in as secretary of State or Treasury.

    What Carly, Ben and Donald all have in common is obvious. It’s why we like them. None of them are career politicians. Double bravo for that.

  27. DT briefly mentioned and recognized TC’s work on immigration last night during his overflow crowd at the Town Hall…

    it was a fun town hall…


    due to an overwhelming response Donald’s pep rally in Mobile, Alabama has been moved from the Civic Center Theatre to the Ladd-Peebles Stadium


    With his next campaign stop being in Alabama, it’s only fitting that presidential candidate Donald Trump is going to rally up supporters in a jam-packed football stadium.

    City officials have confirmed to News 5 the location for Donald Trump’s pep rally in Mobile on Friday night has been moved to Ladd-Peebles Stadium. It’s the same venue used for the Senior Bowl and University of South Alabama home games.

    “It’s due to an overwhelming response,” said Kayla Farnon, spokeswoman for the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office. “More than 30,000 people have been confirmed to attend. “

    The official Trump rally poster sent to News 5 by the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office.
    Wednesday night at his town hall rally in New Hampshire, Trump was excited about his trip to Mobile.

    “[Organizers] went to a room for 2,000 people, but that wasn’t big enough,” Trump said at the event. “It’s going to end up at thirty to forty-thousand people in Alabama.”

    As we had previously reported, Trump’s town hall rally in Mobile was originally planned to be held in the theater at the Mobile Civic Center, which seats less than two-thousand people.

    When ticket demand exceeded that figure, the arena at Mobile Civic Center — which seats ten-thousand people — was considered.

    But event organizers ultimately settled on Ladd-Peebles Stadium, one of the largest venues in south Alabama.

    “The people are speaking,” Trump said. “It’s an amazing thing, it’s like a movement.”

    The only concern now is the weather. Mobile has experienced a steady stream of storms so far this week, with showers in the forecast in the coming days.

    Though it will likely take a lot more than a little water to stop Trump’s momentum. News 5 hasn’t learned of any alternative venue in the event of severe weather.

    The Trump media circus is expected to descend on Mobile sometime on Friday evening. Doors open for the event at 5:00pm.

    At least 100 national and international journalists are accompanying Trump on his national campaign, which since his “coming out party” at the Republican Debate, has been mostly exclusive to the early primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa.

  28. (The WaPo’s David Ignatius is now likening Trump to Putin, as if Donald were about to invade the Crimea. Well, he might put a hotel there.)
    Now perhaps. Now you see why. Why they call David Ignatius “The Saint”. The last time we heard from that emissary of the elite class, he was peddling the line of bullshit as he looks down his long nose at us, that the American People are too cynical, they should be happy, happy, happy, because . . . under Obama we have peace and prosperity. Yup, he said that. In other words, we should be elated that the beltway is flouishing while the rest of the country is dying. Oh, I forgot to mention, St. Iganatius lives inside the beltway, so I am not shocked that he would say that. The most endearing thing about the Saint is the respect he commands from lesser member of big media. When he traipses on stage and sits among them, the usual suspects fall under his spell, they monitor his every word, and find ways to agree and compliment him in the process. It doesn’t matter if the particular point borders on insanity or not–like comparing Trump to Putin, the Gloria Borgers just melt at the sight of him. From my perspective–my ignorant perspective, he is a peerless four flusher, who is as interesting to me as a block toilet is to a plumber. But to big media he is the Delphic Oracle–and a means to the only thing they are really interested in: career advancement.

  29. wbboei
    August 19, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    Admin: reading your work, I run out of superlatives. You have consistently given us the right perspective on how to view politics, what works, what does not work, who will tell you the truth, and who will lie to you.

    Same here Wbboei. 🙂

  30. Next thing we know, the Saint will tell us that under Obama, that jv squad otherwise known as ISIS has decided that head chopping is getting old, and they would like to trade their swords for plow shares—or in this case, oil shares. Then he will get real anal about this, quoting a Brookings study as well as his own experience reporting on world events, and say, this decision to go civilized is not universally shared in the ranks of ISIS, but there is a moderate faction–one that would grant victims a blindfold and last cigarette, who are gaining power, and if we can slip them a few billion of taxpayers money, then all will be well. That will be Borger’s que to say, oh David, such insights, if only you were running Obama’s state department, then as you say, all would be well, and we would have peace in our time.

  31. Has the thought ever crossed you mind that the denizons of the beltway live in an alternative universe, composed of anti matter, black holes, quasars, collapsed stars, meteors, comment with the ghost of fat Tim Russert hovering like a dark cloud over the land of oz? A forboding, hostile and expensive real estate for those of us who have both feet planted on terra firma, rather than floating through space.

  32. wbboei

    August 20, 2015 at 10:44 am


    Good Advice Wbboei

    btw…who wrote that article…do you have a link? I always like to take a peek at the comments


  33. this is horrifying…I heard this on the radio yesterday and it has not gotten much tv coverage as far as i can see…and the man who was reporting it on the radio juxtaposed this to O simultaneously eating an ice cream cone on Martha’s Vineyard…

    something is very wrong when the once great USA allows the barbaric monsters to continue to go on their merry way destroying and killing and GROWING…these people are sick…evil and sick…not even human…

  34. S–

    I do not want literary types running a company, or a country. I want people who know how to balance a checkbook. So often, failing companies are run by people who are of the literary bent, who have a remarkable capacity for self delusion, even when the wolf is at the door.

    But when it comes to sensing a change in the business environment, the very people who are not good at running a business are often quite good at sensing that change. Typically, they run for the exists. But if you can keep them in the room long enough to spill their guts, the people who fixate on the bottom line can learn something they would not otherwise see.

    The author of that article is that kind of guy. He is a Hollywood writer. Roger Simon. I have read him the last 8 years, and his antenna has proven to be reliable. Of course, there are others who either don’t see the change, or prefer to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    If it is not obvious to someone that the game is rigged at every turn against the middle class and for that reason a game changer is needed, he must be bold and fearless, and Trump is the guy, then they are not worth listening to. They are stuck in the old paradigm which is a recipe for failure.

  35. hwc

    August 19, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    The prep school theater venue where Trump held his town hall has a seating capacity of 881 people:

    Of course, I’m sure that someone as classy as the Donald would never exaggerate. 🙂

    If you watched him speak, Trump said that they had to set up TV monitors in other rooms and outside to accommodate the over capacity crowd. Go Trump!

  36. Whatever the case, Trump’s dominance has little to do with the old Tea Party vs. RINO thing. That’s so 2014. Both Tea Partiers like Cruz and RINOs like Bush are being easily eclipsed by Trump. Indeed, if you examine Trump’s record, he seems like something of a RINO himself, but again nobody cares. Inconsistencies that normally cause the far right to go ballistic just wash over Donald like yesterday’s bodywash at Walgreen’s.
    THAT is the flash of insight Admin had, and wrote about, before anyone else picked up on it.

  37. The best word for this strategic intuition that admin had before anyone else, is the french word napoleon talked about and looked for in a general:

    Coup d’Oeil

  38. At least 100 national and international journalists are accompanying Trump on his national campaign, which since his “coming out party” at the Republican Debate, has been mostly exclusive to the early primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa.
    FLASH: a busload of national and international journalists went over a cliff.

    All aboard perished.

    What a tragedy!

    A tragedy?

    How could that possibly be a tragedy?

    There were two empty seats.

  39. wbboei
    August 20, 2015 at 10:04 am
    What do you expect them to do?

    Hahaha wbbs, you said it much better than the one-liner I was going to post to hwc The Defender of all Things Cruz and GOP.

  40. thanks Wbboei…

    I have not had a chance to read the Hollywood Reporter interview yet…

    however I especially liked this answer DT gave in the Time magazine article where he is on the cover with the words ‘Deal With It’

    What’s the most significant learning experience in your life?

    Look, I do say this. Just in watching – I give speeches on success for friends and for charities. I put the money into charity. And they pay me a lot. I will say this, over my lifetime I’ve seen a lot of very smart people who were quitters. They never made it. And I’ve seen people that weren’t as smart who never ever, ever gave up. And those were the people that made it. And I’ve seen it to this day. I’ve seen people that graduated … in school who were super geniuses. And they never made it. And I’ve seen people that were not as smart as them and they’re the biggest people out there. And the ones that are the biggest people are the people that never gave up. It’s something I’ve just observed over the years.

    So I take it you’re not giving up.

    No, I don’t give up.


    this is the kind of answer you would get from many of our parents…the greatest generation…this is how my own Dad, a salt of the earth self made man…brought us up…

    get out there and work…do your best…and never give up

    in a way…Donald is becoming America’s Dad

    He is an American success story…and he will empower and inspire others to do their best…

  41. Yes, I know. I paint with two broad a brush. They can’t all be jackals. But I am not Diogenes. I will not go looking for that one honest journalist, never finding him–or her. There are the buffoons obviously–like Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson–their ilk. There are the careerist–lots of them. Megan Kelly is the opportunist de jour. And there are a few with real talent and ability, who are too wedded to the status quo to deal with the big picture–I would put Andrea Mitchell in that category. The tendency is to dismiss her as just another liberal, but there is more too her than that. But this whole business of being one of the 100 most powerful women in Washington precludes her from exploring the full range of her abilities as a journalists. It is a lot like belonging to one of those secret societies, you spend more time worrying about being ostracized from the club, and you measure whatever you say accordingly. The end result is mush. My thinking on Andrea changed for the better when she was bold enough to go on with O’Reilly, and of course he tried to get her to condemn the luminaries of NBC which was really bad form. She handled it well, but what kind of a position was that for him to put her in. I would have thought professional courtesy would have modified his comment. If O’Reilly had not been on a mission to discredit a network with marginal capability, he could have had a much more interesting conversation with her, about things that really matter.

  42. I never talk about RINOs, DINOs nor do I any longer mourn the death of the Democrat party.

    I have cut the ties with any particular political party and now consider myself as a free agent.

    I see crooks, liars and nitwits on both sides of the isle.

    I see the damage Bush created by blowing up the middle east in search of Saddam and the further destruction of America, caused by O’Stupido.

  43. …and I would like to thank Admin for giving all of us the freedom…and space…to express what so many of us were feeling simultaneously and had no where to go to really communicate…

    this place has always been homebase…and courageous…unafraid…

    Admin has never been PC…thank goodness…

  44. Today we rec­og­nize coup d’oeil as strate­gic intu­ition: ordi­nary intu­ition is just a feel­ing, but strate­gic intu­ition comes from real knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence, brought together in a flash of insight to suit the sit­u­a­tion. It’s the “big Aha!” — or a series of lit­tle ones — that shows you the way ahead.
    That quote is from a contemporary military writer.

    It highlights the contribution admin makes.

    And it also highlights what is unique about Donald.

    First, he focuses on problems which are important to the people, but the elites refuse to discuss.

    Second, he drags the dark movers–the profiteers who hide behind the scene, into the kleig light. This moves us beyond the endless cycle of Republican blaming Democrats and Democrats blaming Republicans for doing the same damned thing when it is “their turn to rule” as Howard Dean put it.

    Third, he shows us a path forward, rather than kicking the can down the road, which is what the two political parties we have now do. Yes, a path forward, as opposed to the endless crap that pours out of the mouth of Rubio that the 21st century will be the American Century, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Rubio is so full of shit. Another Obama.

  45. I read the Hollywood Reporter interview…similar questions and answers we have heard…

    for fun…this is the last question and his answer

    Eventually, HBO will do a movie about this election. Who should play you?

    Somebody really, really handsome. That’s the only thing that matters. I don’t care if he can act well. He’s got to be really, really good-looking. OK?


    ok…he does put a smile on your face…

  46. S

    August 20, 2015 at 10:20 am


    August 20, 2015 at 1:03 am


    I never dreamed that the democratic party would have a majority anti-Israeli membership. Obama has gutted the party I loved for 44years in mere 6 1/2years. Obama did not do it alone. The traditional democratic base simply changed and abandoned the working middle class and has created a permanent underclass based on government entitlements which under future demographics will likely keep them in power in the foreseeable future.

  47. JbStonesFan, the evidence of the Obama Dimocrat hate against Israel was in full display in 2012. Repeatedly we wrote about what happened during the national convention in North Carolina as the anti-Israel fervor of the party became evident.

    Recall our articles from those days. We not only denounced the anti-Israel demonstrations of hate in the party convention we also wrote that this had to become a major attack campaign by Mitt Romney.

    But Mitt Romney and the Republicans ignored the anti-Israel Obama convention. Nary a word was said about the entire disgusting episodes. Romney and the Republicans did not do as we suggested which was to rally Israel supporters in Florida. Romney and the Republicans should have but didn’t use the Obama convention hate against Israel during the election campaign. As Donald Trump says, Mitt Romney lost an election that should have been won.

    This is what we wrote at the time, the obvious strategy, but one Mitt Romney failed to follow up with:

    As many know by now, yesterday at the Obama Dimocratic convention there was at least a strong minority, but to our ears a strong majority, which did not want the word “God” restored to the platform. The same numbers did not want the Obama Dimocratic platform to mention that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel or that Hamas is a terrorist organization which should be at least shunned, or that Israel’s borders are no longer the 1967 borders (something Barack Obama has already demanded Israel accept).

    Because of the potential political damage if the truth oozed out about the ugly platform – the platform had to be disguised/changed. It was ugly. What happened might be exactly what Mitt Romney needs to win Florida’s 29 electoral votes. [snip]

    We have no doubt that Mitt Romney knows he needs the same old and young Jewish and Christian voters. The, to our eyes foolish and unnecessary gamble that he could win these necessary voters with arcane and fear inducing discussions about Medicare, was never rational. This was never a gamble that should have been made. Might the argument be won? Maybe. But the gamble should never have been made. Win or lose in Florida, the gamble should never have been made.

    Now Romney/Ryan have a powerful new argument to reach out to Jewish and Christian voters in Florida (and elsewhere but Florida is the necessary ingredient in a Romney electoral victory). There is no need to engage in arcane, complicated, discussions about what happened last night. It was clear that many Obama supporters were content to leave out a reference to God in the platform and most importantly stab Israel in the back. [snip]

    A well financed outreach program to make sure every Christian and Jewish voter in Florida knows about what happened to “God” and “Israel” at the Obama Dimocratic convention might be the last drop of water that creates the mudslide that drowns the mud spewing Barack Obama campaign.

    Donald Trump would not have abandoned to history the outrage of the Obama national convention.


    Trump Mania Eclipses Bush at Twin N.H. Town-Halls

    DERRY, N.H.— Anyone skeptical of Donald Trump’s impact on the Republican presidential race need look no further than a pair of nearby campaign events Wednesday in the first primary state of New Hampshire.

    Trump drew over 2,000 people, who waited hours in line, as well as a hoard of national media, for an event that felt like a high school pep rally. The opponent being targeted there? Jeb Bush, mascot of the establishment, who was simultaneously holding his own, much smaller and more subdued, event roughly 25 minutes away in Merrimack.

    “Have I gotten under Jeb Bush’s skin?” Trump shrugged slyly when asked during a press conference before his first official town-hall gathering here at the Pinkerton Academy, intended by the campaign to steal the Granite State spotlight from the former Florida governor.

    “I don’t see how he’s electable. Bush is a low-energy person,” he said. “It’s hard for him to get things done.”

    Bush has largely refrained from engaging Trump, whose presence in the race was thought to provide a foil that would make Bush appear more presidential and compassionate by comparison. But Trump has risen in the polls while Bush is starting to fall. By Wednesday night, it was clear that Trump’s bite had finally stung.

    “Mr. Trump doesn’t have a proven conservative record. He was a Democrat longer in the last decade than he was a Republican,” Bush said. “The language is pretty vitriolic for sure. But hundreds of millions of dollars to implement his [immigration] plan is not a conservative plan.”

    Bush then tweeted: “Calling it like I see it. @RealDonaldTrump is a tax-hiking democrat.” His campaign staff flagged the quote for reporters and distributed the video clip, a messaging push that marked a strategy shift in dealing with the frontrunner.

    Trump’s takeover in New Hampshire is especially problematic for Bush, who has seen the moderate-leaning, more temperate electorate there as likely to provide him with a needed victory.

    “The reason I talk about Jeb is because he was supposed to do well in New Hampshire, but he’s going down like a rock,” Trump said during his town-hall to cheers from a crowd that was more rowdy and generous with applause for the host — and with boos for his rivals — than those at most political events. “These are my people!” he said. [snip]

    “We already had two Bushes,” said Dan Caron of Derry, while waiting outside for over an hour to see Trump, echoing an often-heard assessment here. “It’s time for a change,” said his wife, Karen, noting she is also interested in outsiders Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. [snip]

    “I’m not going anywhere, folks” he said. “I’ve got a lot of money.”

    Trump supporters here love that their candidate is able to eschew political correctness and thrive amid attacks from his own party; that he is not beholden to donors; and that he is keeping the other contenders on their toes, especially on the issue of immigration.

    “I desperately want him to stay in the race and keep in the lead because the establishment Republicans — the anger out here is palpable,” said Mark Hollands as he waited with his wife, Cheryl, to get into Trump’s event. “We’ve got a Republican House and Senate and they haven’t done a damn thing. They promise, promise, promise, and they don’t do anything.” Trump, he says, can do something. And at the very least, “he certainly is shaking them up.” [snip]

    “We love it,” said Cheryl Hollands. “We are sick of being told we can’t say certain things. They want to excommunicate him, but people want to support him, and they want him to keep going. They want to see what’s going to happen next.”

  49. It’s either Trump or Bush. There is no other.

    The Trump bandwagon has come to Texas.

    Two months after billionaire mogul Donald Trump polled at a lowly 2 percent in a University of Texas survey of Texas Republican voters, he’s shot up to the top – same as where he is in the national polls.

    A new poll released Thursday puts Trump in the lead at 24 percent support among registered Republicans in Texas, pushing native son Ted Cruz into the second spot at 16 percent.

    Perry at 4% in Texas. Texas!

  50. For the life of me, I don’t understand how Hillary got herself into this email mess, and it is a mess.

    Monical Crowley is at it again about Obama’s hands in it

    Once Mr. Biden joins the race, he will enjoy the full backing of Mr. Obama. With Mrs. Clinton gone, however, Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden will have to make it up to Democratic women and the radical left, which is currently flirting with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    There is only one person who kills both birds with one stone: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

    The Democratic ticket will be Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren. That’s what Mr. Obama wants. And what Mr. Obama wants, Mr. Obama gets.

    This is “Game of Thrones.” And Mr. Obama is winning.


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump debated the use of the term “anchor baby” with a reporter at a press conference in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

    Trump was asked, “You said that you have a big heart, and that you’re not mean-spirited. Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful.”

    Trump responded, “You mean it’s not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it?” He then suggested the reporter give him a different term to use, to which the reporter suggested “The American-born [children] of undocumented immigrants.” Trump said in response, “I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’”

  52. The DJIA dropped over 300 points today, closing under 17,000 down over 1,000 points from it’s top. I do not think this is another wallstreet tantrum over a threatened rate hike by the FED. I believe we are entering a period of global financial crisis.

  53. lorac
    August 20, 2015 at 10:43 am

    S – I’ve read that they’re (both parties) all on board with globalism.

    That is the problem. The Globalist Agenda has become plain to too many to be nothing more than the looting of the middle class and the exploitation of the poor, for the elite. Big surprise, huh? So I hope the parties get the picture that their time is up. The global economy is a big FAIL, consumed with greed and corruption. But do you think they will go quietly? Or will they need to be chased out with a Big Stick?

    Trump! Trump! Trump!

  54. I remember your warnings very well administrator..the booing of Jerusalem as the capital and not a word mentioned by so called pro Israel dems and ignored by Romney.
    Trump has repeated said he does not understand how his Jewish friends can support Obama….

  55. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site. New name now. It’s time for a change.

    Admin, first I want to apologize to you because I wrote you an email the other day and I both forgot how the site worked as a user (been so long) and I gave you the wrong password to try to verify my identity. Sorry about that. O-bviously, I figured out the name change thing.

    It’s good to see old friends, like wbboei. Been a long time.

    There are simply no words to express my disappointment with the Clintons, particularly Hillary. I cannot believe she/they allowed themselves to be set up by the Obama group. Not only is it infuriating to see, it is truly pathetic. The level of naivete required to be set up by a group of people who set you up before is almost inconceivable to me. And by allowing yourselves to be set up, you have additionally made a small man look gigantic by your own ineptitude. Maddening.

    Alas, all is not lost.

    Donald Trump.

    If I were Trump, I would be having some portion of my campaign looking into any potential legal or other liabilities I might have. Because if Crowley is right and Biden/Warren (Obama Term 3) comes down the pike, then you can bet your boots that some kind of lawfare-type “take out” move will be set up for the general election.

    First, of course, Mr. Trump has to win the primary. And he’s well on his way to doing that, despite the efforts of hwc hero Cruz and other Republicans like Bush 3.

    Trump is far from perfect. But one thing I love best about Trump and his candidacy is that he is the rightful heir to Obama’s pseudo-celebrity campaign. If we are to become governed by the Kardashian Class, then who better to succeed Barack Obama than Donald Trump, yes?

    The far left wanted a cult. They wanted their Dear Leader.

    Be careful what you wish for, and the precedent you set.

    Donald Trump has been a celebrity for something like 30 years. And he has a celebrity’s durable brand and a celebrity’s brand immunity to go with it.

    How fitting might it be if the far left were hoisted on their own cult of personality petard by a genuine Kardashian Class member like Trump? Perhaps Steve Austin of the WWE could be on hand to deliver his trademark “stunner” move to The Donald after Mr. Trump is sworn into office early in 2017?

  56. For those of us who on occasion think we must be imagining things, that Hillary could not possibly have changed so much – there is evidence that it is Hillary, not us, that has changed what she says. “It must be us” excuses are not valid. Hillary2016’s tilt towards kookdom is beyond dispute.

    She needs to get back to the sensible and abandon the wasteland that is kookdom. The sooner the better. She should never have started down that road. We warned that in the age of Youtube it is very difficult to justify a “shift to the base in the primaries, then swerve to the center in the general” election strategy. We warned that Youtube will be Hillary2016’s enemy. Here’s an example provided by the RNC:

  57. Haven’t been on this site for a long time but I was pleasantly surprised by the support DJT is finding here. Admin is so correct in all her articles that it’s amazing. She is completely right when she touts that Trump’s support or poll numbers are actually a lot higher than we are seeing. I was such a huge supporter of Hillary for so long but it just seems to me now that she’s an extension of the chump in the White House and it saddens me.

    I’ve felt kind of lost about Hillary for some time and couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Trump got into the race. Then I found myself surprised when I listened to what he was saying and liked it. I live in progressive Seattle/Tacoma and I’m embarrassed to tell people at work that I am now a Trump supporter. Some of them have made noises about liking his stance on the wall and illegals and I wonder if they are secret Trump supporters as well. My husband said something about putting up yard signs for Trump and then kind of laughed and said he didn’t want to upset the neighbors. I’m wondering how many of us Trump supporters are really out here, behind him but embarrassed to tell relatives, neighbors, and friends.

    My sister just came up to visit from San Diego for two weeks (I was born and raised there) and all she could do was make fun of Trump because she’s a huge Obama supporter. She is also a supporter of illegal immigrants because she lives in the elite land of La Jolla and had an illegal nanny when her son was little and now has two illegal housekeepers. No surprise at her support of illegals. I am of Mexican/Spanish heritage (my parents were born in the U.S.) and she was absolutely aghast that I could be against illegal immigration but the thing is, so are my parents. They haven’t had the courage to say anything to her about their stance. I certainly didn’t tell her I was a Trump supporter and we’re very, very close. So I guess I’m coming out of the closet and saying I’m a Trump supporter as Admin described. He’s my hope for “Making America Great Again!”

  58. yheitman-

    Trump is the real deal. He can appeal to Reagan Democrats (union members who love the USA) and many African-Americans also seem to like him. And I know people who are of Latino heritage who also like him.

    We can’t fool ourselves, though. There used to be a fear among some that Obama would never leave office, the feeling that some crisis would come along to keep him beyond a normal two terms.

    I’m not concerned about that. But I am concerned that Team Obama is going to go all out to get Biden/Warren (or whoever it ends up being, in their minds) elected. They want their legacy intact, and prosecution-free. It is in their interest to work hard for their chosen successors, and I think none of us is silly enough to underestimate Team Obama when they are motivated.

    Trump, Hillary and the rest have a lot of work to do. I don’t know who is going to win, but I really don’t want to endure Obama Term 3.

  59. I have to say, I have been working out my resentments by posting on Hillary’s FB page. It is full of foreigners who laud her as the next President of North America. I think the Dimocrats are counting on a huge illegal immigrant turnout. It is disgusting.

  60. Lu4Puma Not so sure Obama’s Clean Power Plan To Stop Climate Change would be a “better topic” for Hillary Per Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) bluntly summed up the effects of the EPA’s “clean power” rules. “A lot of people on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum are going to die,” he said.
    Ironically, these are the very people that Obama and the EPA claim to care about the most. As African-American author and news analyst Deneen Borelli observes, President Obama “is rewarding his overwhelming support by black voters with an energy policy that will significantly reduce their disposable income.” Indeed, she says, climate change is “the green movement’s new Jim Crow law.”

    Like Admin Says President Obama represents the “Age Of Fake” including his so called Clean Power Plan

  61. Lu4PUMA

    August 20, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    A bit off topic, to taunt climate change deniers:

    The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for July 2015 was the highest for July in the 136-year period of record

    Maybe this is a better topic for Hillary, than illegal immigration.

    Climate change is the biggest fraudulent scam of the globalists to crush the American middle class. Surprised you can’t see that. BTW, NOAA has long been a corrupt shill for this bullshit and have cooked numbers to make it fit their narrative.

  62. this is the kind of answer you would get from many of our parents…the greatest generation…this is how my own Dad, a salt of the earth self made man…brought us up…

    get out there and work…do your best…and never give up

    in a way…Donald is becoming America’s Dad

    He is an American success story…and he will empower and inspire others to do their best…

    Very astute observation, S. And boy, does this country need it to be true!

  63. That douchebag reporter who criticized Trump for using the word anchor baby, claiming that it was offensive, hurtful, insensitive, etc. really needs to stick his own head into the toilet bowl and flush it three times to the shit out of his ears.
    The Thought Police (thinkpol in Newspeak) are the secret police of the fictional superstate, Oceania, in George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

    Orwell’s Thought Police are charged with uncovering and punishing “thoughtcrime” and thought-criminals. They use psychological methods and omnipresent surveillance (such as telescreens) to search, find, monitor, and arrest members of society who could potentially challenge authority and the status quo — even if only by thought — hence the name Thought Police.[1] They use terror and torture to achieve their ends.

    Orwell’s concept of “thought policing” derived from and had much to do with his own “power of facing unpleasant facts,” as he referred to it, and his willingness to criticize society’s prevailing ideas — which often brought him into conflict with others and what he called their “smelly little orthodoxies.”[2]

    For more on the linguistic aspect of this see:

  64. admin
    August 20, 2015 at 3:41 pm
    A new poll released Thursday puts Trump in the lead at 24 percent support among registered Republicans in Texas, pushing native son Ted Cruz into the second spot at 16 percent.

    Texas doesn’t register by parties. There is no such thing as a REGISTERED Republican in this state. It is an open primary and any voter can vote in the primary of their choice. The Houston Chronicle just printed what they were handed. “The latest poll was commissioned by a group called the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee, which hired the Florida-based Gravis Marketing firm to conduct the research.” How did they identify the non-existent “registered Republicans” to poll?

  65. Another public service message from me for some comic relief. I’ve pulled this from the circular file labeled, “Some people just don’t know when to stop digging”.

    “(stomping his feet), I’m going to be black, my father is black, but I won’t tell you his name, and you can’t ask me any questions!” Sorry, charlie, but you can’t control those who want to investigate, and boy are they investigating!

  66. Another article regarding the absurdity of Iran Deal.

    How ironic that concerns of the Dims are so focused on global warming, in view of the deal they made with Iran. Nothing can heat a place up faster or hotter than a nuclear bomb.


    An Iran deal absurd to begin with and supported by only the most partisan of Obama sycophants or people who have chosen to believe the misrepresentations put out in support of the deal just got  a lot more absurd to the point of satire when the AP was able to obtain the secret agreement alluded to by John Kerry in his appearance before two congressional committees in his defense of the overall deal . This secret agreement labeled “separate arrangement II (indicating there is a part I)  a copy of which was obtained by the AP and which is part of the overall deal with Iran, unbelievably allows Iran to inspect itself for a site Iran wants off limits to IAEA inspectors.

    According to the “separate arrangement II” document, Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it was accused of using once before to develop nuclear arms.

    The specific site in question is the Parchin nuclear site which Iran had long  been suspected of using to develop nuclear weapons. Iran had also been accused of using the site to experiment with explosive triggers used to detonate nuclear weapons and was exposed in 2003 of having done so.

    The White House immediately issued its own hollow defense of the arrangement by saying the overall deal is ” the most robust inspection regime ever peacefully negotiated”.

    Which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence since who can name the most robust inspection regime ever peacefully negotiated before this one? It wasn’t Iraq. Not North Korea. Not anything the White House can name. Which reduces it to Obama doublespeak or Washingtonspeak and a non-defense defense. The statement is contradicted by the AP report.

    From the Associated  Press:

    ” The agreement diverges from normal procedures by allowing Tehran to employ its own experts and equipment in the search for evidence of activities it has consistently denied, trying to develop nuclear weapons”.

    If that is the most robust inspection deal ever peacefully negotiated then it would be assumed that those that came before also allowed those subject to inspection to inspect themselves which is clearly not true as the AP and IQ’s in 3 digits already figured out. 

    The AP  also quotes from Olli Heinonen, a former IAEA Deputy Director General, referred to here previously, who said he could not think of any other similar concession ever made to another country. So the White House is right in one respect — the inspection deal is unprecedented. But not in the way Obama has presented. Heinonen also destroyed  one of Fareed Zakaia’s arguments in support of the deal when Zakaria quoted a former IAEA inspector who claimed the insufficient  inspection argument was a straw man. Heinonen, who says otherwise was much further up the chain of command at IAEA as an IAEA Deputy Director General.

    But it also exposes more untruths, or to be blunt, more lies and misrepresentations by Obama who has, as the AP reports, “repeatedly denied claims of a secret deal favorable to Tehran”.

    Parchin is infamous in that Iran had refused to allow access by inspectors for years and is a site both the US and Israeli intelligence believe has been used to work on nuclear weapons and to develop high explosive triggers for a nuclear weapon. Iran has called the U.S. and Israel liars.

    One of the major criticisms of the Iran deal even before this revelation was that the deal denying inspectors the right to inspect undeclared sites would make it difficult to impossible to reveal attempts at developing high explosive triggers since no uranium enrichment is involved.  In other words they could develop nuclear triggers in Rouhani’s basement and the IAEA based on the deal, legitimately be refused access.

    Parchin also happens to be the site where satellite imagery revealed Iran had used bulldozers and other equipment to sanitize the site ten years ago. Yet this is the site the secret deal allows Iran to inspect itself with it’s own inspectors and equipment.(It should also be noted that ten years is when this deal expires which will then allow Iran unfettered ability to pursue uranium enrichment to weapons grade.)

    According to the AP, the draft agreement they obtained shows the proposed signatory is Ali Hoseini Tash, Deputy Secretary for the Supreme National Security Council for Strategic Affairs. The AP states that this “reflects the significance Tehran attaches to the deal.” It might also add that the appropriately named Hoseini negotiated an agreement in which the U.S. has been hosed.

    The AP says Iranian diplomats in Vienna were “unavailable for comment”. But Nancy Pelosi, who led Democrats over a cliff in the 2010 elections by going along with Obama’s sellout to the health insurance lobby by dropping the public option was available.  She said she still supports the deal. Which should be enough to make Democrats shudder.

  67. As if Admin and we here at Big Pink did not see this from the start…

    …there is no doubt as many of us have opined that Barack Obama destroyed the once great Democratic Party…and imho…sabatoged and robbed Hillary of her place in history, perhaps twice…

    The Friday Cover Democratic Blues

    Barack Obama will leave his party in its worst shape since the Great Depression—even if Hillary wins

    As historians begin to assess Barack Obama’s record as president, there’s at least one legacy he’ll leave that will indeed be historic—but not in the way he would have hoped. Even as Democrats look favorably ahead to the presidential landscape of 2016, the strength in the Electoral College belies huge losses across much of the country. In fact, no president in modern times has presided over so disastrous a stretch for his party, at almost every level of politics


    The party’s record over the past six years has made clear that when Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017 the Democratic Party will have ceded vast sections of the country to Republicans, and will be left with a weak bench of high-level elected officials. It is, in fact, so bleak a record that even if the Democrats hold the White House and retake the Senate in 2016, the party’s wounds will remain deep and enduring, threatening the enactment of anything like a “progressive” agenda across much of the nation and eliminating nearly a decade’s worth of rising stars who might help strengthen the party in elections ahead.


    This is, however, the tip of the iceberg. When you look at the states, the collapse of the party’s fortunes are worse. Republicans now hold 31 governorships, nine more than they held when Obama was inaugurated. During the last six years the GOP has won governorships in purple and even deep blue states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio. In the last midterms, only one endangered Republican governor—Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania—was replaced by a Democrat. (Sean Parnell in Alaska lost to an independent.) Every other endangered Republican returned to office.


    “It’s almost a crime,” Democratic Party Vice Chair Donna Brazile says. “We have been absolutely decimated at the state and local level.”

    Taken as a whole, these six years have been almost historically awful for Democrats. You have to go back to the Great Depression and the Watergate years to find so dramatic a reversal of fortunes for a party. And this time, there’s neither a Great Depression nor a criminal conspiracy in the White House to explain what has happened.

  68. S
    August 21, 2015 at 9:51 am
    “And this time, there’s neither a Great Depression nor a criminal conspiracy in the White House to explain what has happened.”

    The writer and Donna Brazille have their blinders on set at max to ignore the obvious culprit for the disastrous fortunes of the Dimocrats: their Golden Child in the Oval Office.

  69. The article refuses to explore the reasons why Obola damaged the Dimocratic Party. To do so would be to admit that his progressive agenda and philosophy and the abandonment of the centrists of the party for the extreme left wing ended up decimating voter support both at the federal and state level elections.

  70. “It’s almost a crime,” Democratic Party Vice Chair Donna Brazile says. “We have been absolutely decimated at the state and local level.”

    How’s that “New Democratic Coalition” workin’ out for you now, Donna? You said the the party didn’t need old white women or working class white – it had Obama and the New Dims. To hell with working class Dims and old white women – they were no longer needed or wanted. You’re singing a different tune, now Donna.

  71. Isn’t it interesting that the once so powerful O and his ‘Yes We Can’ followers and his adoring media that believed in O’s power of hope and change…and like hypnotized zombies repeated over and over again ‘Yes We Can’ have now morphed into the…

    “No We Can’t” crowd…almost every change that is proposed they all respond with
    “No, You/We can’t do that”…

    …we cannot build a wall
    …we cannot stop illegal immigration
    …we cannot interfere with ‘Anchor Babies’ no matter the cost or method they use to
    wrangle American citizenship
    …we cannot replace Ocare because it is the best healthcare plan ever
    …we cannot get a better deal with Iran because this is the best deal with Iran ever

    on and on and on…O has become the ‘No We Can’t’ President …and his adoring followers and media have obliged…instead of hope and change and optimism…we are left with the dismantling and destruction of the Democratic Party in the wake of the Reign of O…

  72. one other observation is the stubborn resistence of some Cruzites and Huffington Post to acknowledge that Donald Trump is the current front runner in the GOP race and he is a serious candidate that is in this race for the long haul and intends to win…

    Huffington Post is still making a complete fool of themselves with their editors going on national television and hanging on to “DT is just an entertainer and only popular because the media is covering him” and they still insist they will only cover Donald on their entertainment page…and not as a serious political contender

    they are beginning to look delusional, foolish and guilty of trying to force their point of view because of a personal battle between Arianna Huffington feels toward DT…

    their last semblance of any pittance of crediability is dissipating into thin air…(I know Wbboei is immediately thinking…they never had any to begin with)


    Trump Change

    Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has captured the public’s attention for better or worse, and his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, once seen as a pipe dream, is now a topic of serious discussion. So for the near future at least, Rasmussen Reports intends to track Trump’s race for the White House in a weekly Friday feature we’re calling Trump Change. (me – are you listening Arianna?)

    Our latest national telephone survey finds that 57% of Likely Republican Voters now think Trump is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee next year, with 25% who say it’s Very Likely. That compares to 27% who felt a Trump nomination was likely two months ago when he formally announced his presidential bid, a finding that included just nine percent (9%) who said it was Very Likely.

    At that time, Trump ran near the bottom among the 12 declared GOP candidates. Now he leads the pack of Republican hopefuls which has grown to include 17 prominent contenders.

    Among all likely voters, 49% think Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee, including 17% who say it’s Very Likely. That compares to 23% and seven percent (7%) respectively in the earlier survey. Forty-eight percent (48%) now say Trump is not likely to win the nomination, with 21% who feel it is Not At All Likely.

    Forty-two percent (42%) of Republican voters say Trump is unlikely to be their party’s standard-bearer next year, but that includes just 15% who say it’s Not At All Likely. That’s down from 29% who said a Trump nomination was Not At All Likely two months ago. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    Trump’s support fell following the first GOP debate.

  74. this is how the O admin and the Dims protect American citizens from illegal immigration…

    me – yesteday I saw a border official talking about how over 67,000 illegal immigrants have been released by ICE…murderers, rapists, etc…any American would be put in jail but because of all the convoluded immigration technicalities these illegal immigrants are actually released into the public to go on harming innocent and unsuspecting Americans…it is so freaking unbelievable the risk that Americans have been place at to pander to the supporters of illegal immigration…and until Donald Trump brought this issue front and center it has essentially been kept silent from all of us…


    Dannels, speaking to Carson and the group about 10 minutes after arriving at the border, explained “we haven’t seen an agent all the way down here—and they knew we were coming today.”

    “Not a single one,” rancher John Ladd, on which whose property the border tour took place, added.

    It wasn’t until after the whole group was out here for half an hour that a handful of Border Patrol vehicles—seemingly coming out in response to a large motorcade coalescing on the border—showed up. In that timeframe, an illegal alien or drug smuggler could have cut through the fence and been well into one of the ranchers’ properties here on their way to freedom.

    The fence that’s there—which agents explained illegal aliens cut through with blow torches while other gaps and holes exist throughout, while showing one such hole in the fence that’s since been patched over with a few rungs of barbed wire—“certainly wouldn’t keep me out” Carson added. When one reporter asked if Carson could scale either the 10-foot fence, or the 14-foot fence—there are areas where both types of fences are interspersed—Carson said he definitely could do it.

    “It’d be a piece of cake,” he replied.

    Carson said if he were trying to sneak into America illegally he’d throw a rope with a hook on it onto the top rung of the 14-foot fence “and climb up” and over into the United States.

    “All you have to do is take a rope with a hook on it and hook it on that bar up there and climb up,” Carson said. “It’s no big deal.”

    “I thought it would be more of an impediment than this,” Carson said when asked what he expected versus what he was seeing.

    The barbed wire in the hole in the fence cut through previously with a torch was so ineffective a patch that two of the news photographers accompanying the Carson-led delegation to the border actually hopped through it to the other side to take photographs of the group. They were technically still in America because the fence doesn’t begin until three feet or so into this country, Sheriff Dannels informed the group, joking that he was “keeping on eye” on the photographers to make sure they didn’t accidentally enter Mexico a few steps away.

  75. No sooner had Jeb responded to Trump over anchor babies with a bit of fire in his belly, than he diminished his new status with this:

    DES MOINES, Iowa— Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday fired back at Jeb Bush, who a day earlier suggested the senator, who was born in Canada to a son of a Cuban immigrant and American-born mother, was the beneficiary of birthright citizenship.

    “I appreciate Governor Bush’s concern. I would note it seems he’s having a problem and getting confused between legal immigration and illegal immigration,” Cruz told reporters here ahead of his soapbox speech at the Iowa State Fair. “With regard to legal citizens, I’m a United States citizen because my mother was a United States citizen, born in Wilmington, Delaware. And it has been the law since the beginning of the country that the children of American citizens born here or abroad are American citizens by birth….”
    Read more:

  76. Gonzotx

    I agree with you, however that was from the latest Rasmussen poll (i think in either the CNN or Fox poll he went from 26% to 25%)

    bottom line…he is doing very well…looking forward to tonight’s rally…

  77. trump has way more support than being reported due to independent and yes democratic support.
    but no one wants to admit that yet.
    they are all waiting for an implosion.

  78. blowme0bama
    August 20, 2015 at 10:27 pm
    I did not provoke you to support Obola’s politicized non-science. But that the problem is very real.

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