Reality Show – The Real And UnReal In The Age Of Fake: @REALdonaldTrump – #Hillary2016 – #BlackLivesMatter – Shaun King – Donald Trump Killers, And George Soros

Coal stocks rose today amidst a general market slump. The reason? George Soros who has attacked coal as the “lethal bullet” causing climate change bought millions of dollars worth of coal stocks. Why? H. Sterling Burnett of the Heartland Institute surmises, “George Soros spent millions of dollars and multiple years helping to driving down price of coal… But my suspicion is that he helped to drive stocks down, bought as many shares as he can, and, when stocks rebound, he can sell his shares and make a huge profit.” No surprise here. We recall climate change warrior Al Gore who sold his business to a fossil fuel founded and maintained Arabist network.

Since 2009 and the occupation of the White House by Barack Obama, we have referred to this particular time as “the Age of Fake.” Al Gore is a for profit fake. George Soros is a for profit fake. Who’s the bigger fake between these two? Al Gore who burns jet fuel to and fro his climate change speeches and heats/cools his mansions instead of having a frugal life? Or George Soros? We submit that the depths of fake when it comes to George Soros have yet to be plumbed. It is rumored, and non-denial denied that George Soros, through his networks of scams and scam artists, funds Kooky “organizations” such as #BlackLivesMatter. Here’s an excerpt (dear reader, we challenge you to try and spot the biggest liar in this story) from the latest lies of #BlackLivesMatter:

Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey By Pretending To Be Biracial?

An investigative blogger has accused Shaun King, a key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, of misleading media icon Oprah Winfrey by pretending to be biracial in order to qualify for an “Oprah scholarship” to historically black Morehouse College. The blogger says King is white and has been lying about his ethnicity for years.

King is a high-profile campaigner against “police brutality” and “justice correspondent” for the liberal Daily Kos website who told Rebel magazine in 2012 that he was biracial, with the magazine reporting that he is the “son of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father.” He has also described himself as “mixed with a black family” on Twitter.

King has been lionised by the press, praised as hero of civil rights and social activism. He has written extensively about a childhood in which he was terrorised by “decades old racial tensions.” He claims to have been “the focus of constant abuse of the resident rednecks of my school.”

Yet, in recent weeks, rumours have been circulating about his ethnicity. A 1995 police incident report lists Shaun King’s ethnicity as white. And blogger Vicki Pate, who has been assembling forensic accounts of Shaun King’s background and family tree on her blog, “Re-NewsIt!,” has published her findings. [snip]

She claims that King is entirely white and says a birth certificate, which Breitbart has since independently acquired from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics, names a white man as his father.

King’s case echoes that of Rachel Dolezal, a civil rights activist from Washington who claimed to be biracial while in fact being of caucasian origin. Dolezal continues to insist she “identifies as black,” despite her parents revealing that she is entirely white.

If Pate is right, Shaun King, who often uses black and white photographs of himself online rather than colour images, may have misled African-American hero Winfrey by applying for and accepting an Oprah Scholarship to the historically black Morehouse College. Oprah Scholarships are given exclusively to black men.

In his Daily Kos diary, King refers to himself as a “brother,” writing: “Oprah Winfrey paid my way through Morehouse. The leadership scholarship that I received from her is why I have a college degree today. Five hundred other brothers have the exact same story.”

So, who’s the biggest fake, the worst of the worst, in this story? If you answered Shaun King, you’re wrong. Sure Shaun King is a honky cracka liar, a culture vulture, a phony, a fake, a race-baiter who accused whites and his classmates in Kentucky of a brutal racist assault that never happened, a man who could not keep details of his lies straight (3 black daughters or 4?; 4 spinal surgeries or 3?; car crash or no car crash?) and all around creep. But he’s not the biggest creep in this story.

The biggest creep in this story is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, the great “Angel” of racial reconciliation only gives these scholarships to black men. In 2008 Oprah chose Barack Obama over a woman running for president because of skin color. Since 2008 all of Oprah’s endorsements have the commonality of only going to black people. Oprah who built her empire on the backs of (mostly white) women gives scholarships only to black people. Does that bother you?

Imagine if a Hillary Clinton supporter was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. Imagine if Donald Trump was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. Imagine if Mitt Rommney was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. But give scholarships to people based on skin color other than “white” and no one bats an eyelash.

Perhaps that is why creeps such as Rachel Strife Dolezal pretends she is black. Perhaps that is why a Shaun King pretends to be a black King. Perhaps. What we do know is that in this Age of Fake you cannot say “All Lives Matter” because you will be branded a racist. You are only allowed by the racists and race-baiters “Black Lives Matter.” Which brings us to a moment this past week in which Hillary Clinton comported herself with a degree of honor.

The #BlackLivesMatter phonies wanted to disrupt a Hillary2016 rally but failed to do so. Hillary Clinton agreed to meet with them after the rally. The #BlackLivesMatter creeps tried to Mau-Mau Hillary but Hillary stood her ground. It was one of the few good moments for Hillary2016 this campaign season.

You could see Hillary impatient with the blowhards of #BlackLivesMatter. A few seconds more and #BlackLivesMatter would have blacked out as Hillary smashed a chair over those fakes. Hillary was not interested in the flowery words, she said a plan was needed. #BlackLivesMatter wanted Hillary to bow down and be intimidated.

#BlackLivesMatter has tried to intimidate everyone into their racist race-baiting world-view. #BlackLivesMatter humiliated weak Bernie Sanders in front of a rally of thousands.

#BlackLivesMatter then humiliated the weak loser Jeb Bush.

Donald Trump has made it clear that #BlackLivesMatter better not tangle with him or there will be blood on the floor and it won’t be his.

In a world of fake, Donald Trump is the real thing. Trump’s Twitter handle is #RealDonaldTrump. That’s not because Trump anticipated he would be cast into the non-reality of politics but because there are a lot of people who pretend to be Donald Trump so he took on the name #RealDonaldTrump which emphasizes that indeed he is “real.”

The phony Chris Matthews recognizes just how real Donald Trump is:

Donald Trump took on #BlackLivesMatter while at the same time making clear his commitment to help create jobs in America thereby helping all Americans including Black Americans. In a very specific appeal to Black Americans, Donald Trump spoke about the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on the poor and the black poor.

Included in his comprehensive immigration plan Donald Trump declared his intention to change the law and stop “birthright citizenship.” For that, Trump has been attacked. Bill O’Reilly attacked Trump and mocked him saying that the Constitution would have to be changed.

Trump believes the Constitution will not have to be changed. And many legal scholars agree with Trump:

Although the Constitution of 1787 mentioned citizens, it did not define citizenship. It was in 1868 that a definition of citizenship entered the Constitution with the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment. Here is the familiar language: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Thus there are two components to American citizenship: birth or naturalization in the U.S. and being subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Today, we somehow have come to believe that anyone born within the geographical limits of the U.S. is automatically subject to its jurisdiction; but this renders the jurisdiction clause utterly superfluous. If this had been the intention of the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment, presumably they would have said simply that all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. are thereby citizens.

Donald Trump is not alone in his concern for the rule of law and the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on wages as the labor pool grows but job opportunities remain low. Black women such as the “stump for Trump girls” side with Trump on #BlackLivesMatter:

“Stump for Trump girls” stand by Trump on illegal immigration too:

Other Black women are speaking up on birthright citizenship.

A Latino man likewise sides with Donald Trump:

We are a country, yes. But in this country we have laws and rules and regulations that need to be followed. How can we become—how can we be a great nation when we reward people that come to this country illegally?

I don’t have anything against immigrants. But there’s a difference between “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant.”


And I ask myself: what part of “illegal” don’t you guys understand?

Real Donald Trump has a growing wave of reality on his side. There are some, who want low wage slaves, who intend to take down Real Donald Trump. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, hiding behind their secret donors intend to assassinate Donald Trump with ads.

Charlie Gasparino who swims in Wall Street waters warns that Donald Trump is about to be assassinated in TV ads right after Labor Day:

Gasparino has previously reported that Wall Street is terrified of Trump. Imagine that. Wall Street terrified of a billionaire. Wall Street laughed at the fakes from Occupy Wall Street, but is terrified of Trump. Wall Street is right to be terrified of Trump because he is real, not fake.