The Donald Trump Polls Are All Wrong. Wrong. @RealDonaldTrump Even Stronger Than The Polls Suggest

Don’t believe the polls about Donald Trump and the GOP nomination race. Trump is tops of the pops, but still the polls are wrong. Donald Trump is even stronger than the polls suggest. The obverse is true about Hillary2016.

Why? As we explained in July, Donald Trump’s mystique is this:


Americans find themselves in a snake pit and they welcome the Trump stick to beat back the snakes. We wrote that at a time that the Trump movement was just beginning and it appeared that Trump would be a summer fling like in the movie Grease.

You’re the one that I want Trump style.

After our snake pit analysis, those who despise Donald Trump and find him oh so déclassé tried to explain The Donald’s allure with all sorts of overwrought theories. Most of the theories were not so veiled insults at Trump supporters. The insults, what the Donald Trump haters termed “analysis” but really they were just plain old insults delivered in French or political mush speech, amounted to “anger.”

Yup, anger. Trump voters were “angry” and therefore “emotional” which led to the bad choice “stupid” support for Donald Trump. Some of these establishment insults were softened by political mush speech conceding that ‘the GOP establishment had “overpromised” and not gone crazy in opposition to Obama and anyway, Trump is not a conservative! Trump is not this or that he’s an egotistical so and so and why are these Trump supporters so stupid and HELL why are they supporting Trump even when he says things that would kill candidates and HELL we’re angry that they’re angry and they’re not obeying us and doing as we instruct – dammit don’t they realize we intended to divide and conquer them with Cruz and Paul and those other dupes so that Jeb Bush could take the crown and now they’re coalescing around Trump who doesn’t need establishment support but rather insults us and dammit DON’T THOSE MOTHERFUKCERS REALIZE THEY’RE UPSETTING OUR PLANS FOR BUSH DAMMIT WE’RE SO ANGRY that these Trump supporters are so angry and don’t realize we know best and we are their betters but these Trump supporters are so angry they don’t know what is good for them and we’ll destroy Trump any way using any means and dammit we hate those Trump supporters WE HATE THEM uuuggggghhh!!!!!‘ And so it went with the enlightened unemotional establishment mob.

But it is not anger that motivates the Trump supporter. It is cold hard logic. That overused Einstein bit about doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes being the definition of insanity is at the root of much of what is happening. Voters worldwide recognize that the global establishment political class has more in common with each other than with the constituencies in their own respective countries. And that’s why the polls cannot be trusted. As we explained back in early July:


We’ve been warning about this for the longest time. In recent elections in so-called “democratic” countries – the voters are being ignored. In election after election, voters vote for an establishment political party – then once in power the political party they voted for stabs them in the back. Witness the 2014 elections in the United States in which the Republican Party won elections based on opposition to Barack Obama then once in cozy offices they pull out all the stops to assist Barack Obama to pass ObamaTrade. This happens over and over and over.

Eventually voters catch on and they decide to vote for the biggest motherf*cker around who will do what they want. The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them.

In Europe, extreme right wing parties increase in popularity. Why? Because the voters find themselves in a snake pit – betrayed by the political parties they vote for based on lies. Eventually the voters say “Fu*k you motherf*ckers, Fu*k you” and Marine Le Pen gathers strength in France, Denmark goes right wing, and the rallies in Germany grow and grow. In many of these cases the issue is immigration and illegal immigration.

The voters trapped in the snake pit learn. Voters lie to pollsters then because the voters see the polls as part of the establishment ruse to tar them as whatever the establishment is against. In Greece the polls showed a 50-50 race on last week’s referendum and instead the results were 60-40. In Israel, Netanyahu was slated to lose, Netanyahu won big. In Great Britain, the Tories were supposed to be wiped out, they won a shocking majority outright. In 2014 it happened in America. In 2016 watch out.

The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers.

Yup. “Voters lie to pollsters then because the voters see the polls as part of the establishment ruse to tar them as whatever the establishment is against.” That’s half the reason why Donald Trump is even stronger than polls suggest.

The voters woke up to the fact, somewhat like Russian Ukrainians who “scorched earth” to leave noting at all to the NAZI invaders, that depriving the establishment of their “eyes and ears” – and that is what polls are – the eyes and ears of the establishment – was wise – so the voters lie to the pollsters.

The second portion of the reason why the polls cannot be trusted in the case of Donald Trump is because of the very political correctness Donald Trump decries. It’s a particularly resilient voter in near 100% Democratic Party Manhattan that will dare say “I am a Trump voter.” It’s a thick skinned Republican that will stand up and say “I am a Trump voter.” So the majority of voters, take the easy way out and remain meek and obedient. That is until they get into the voting booth, wherein like Superman (or Supergirl Superwoman, for the politically correct) they shed the peasant garb and become mighty Americans exercising that nuclear weapon of a free people – the vote.

“Can’t start a fire without a spark.” Trump is that spark. So don’t believe the polls. Donald Trump is stronger than the polls reflect. Further, contrary to establishment class claims that voters will abandon their summer fling with Trump once it is time to vote, Trump will only gain once the voting begins.

But what about Iowa? Iowa has that wacky system without the secret ballot. What will happen in Iowa? As Trump maintains support and more and more people detect that their friends, neighbors, and family, are also secret Trump supporters (or Trump haters for that matter) they will either succumb or be emboldened. If Iowa voters weaken and decide not to express themselves openly for Trump, then Trump will have to rely on the voters in secret ballot states.

So the task for Donald Trump in Iowa is simple. Like an activist for Queer Nation or ACT-UP, Donald Trump has to have his Iowa supporters “come out of the closet.”

This task for Donald Trump in Iowa should have been difficult. It should have been difficult to get voters to come out of the closet in support of Trump. But, oddly enough, Trump already leads in Iowa. And therein lies the danger for the establishment (which we define as “both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure” and as we have been asked to include, the cultural establishment in Hollywood and other bastions of politically correct propaganda.)

What we see has happened already is that individual Trump supporters have connected with other Trump supporters. Like little raindrops they have formed puddles. Those little raindrops and puddles can be understood as a few individuals and small groups of voters that become bigger groups and bigger groups and soon those bigger groups grow ever bigger and they connect with other big groups and before you know it they outgrow the “group” category. They become an insurrection.

For Hillary2016 the obverse is true. Voters will lie to pollsters and express support for her in public but in private, watch out. Unless there is drastic change and ISIS style beheadings in Brooklyn along a clear declaration that it is “time for change” not “stay the course” the insurrectionist pitchforks will burn her campaign like a torch thrown on August haystacks.


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  1. Time for ISIS style beheadings in Brooklyn. Listen to this and wonder no more why Hillary2016 is a muddled message mess: Clinton Comms Director Struggles To Answer How 2016 Strategy Is Different Than 2007

    “I can’t talk — I wasn’t part of — ’08 was a very different race in terms of, uh — there was like extraordinary interest on the Democratic side and I think it’s hard just to compare the two situations,” Palmieri said. “But she’s talked about this at times. Obviously, she’s written about it in her books. But it’s true that a lot of people just don’t know it about — and I talked to reporters yesterday about this. And they said she does — you think people don’t know it? No, we don’t. We don’t think people know it. And we do think that, uh, she — she’ll talk about it tomorrow. We’ll do more of that. She has been doing it too. And it is, I think it illuminates, if you think that you need this kind of fighter in the White House, it illuminates why. And it’s true that it hasn’t taken, and I think that this is a different campaign in terms of, you know, what the press might focus on with her, and we’ll stay at it.”

    Don’t bother running this through Google translator to get an English version. Does this really come out of the mouth of the highly paid Clinton “communications director”?????

  2. Have we mentioned that Donald Trump’s greatest strength is his command of English? Not mush political sounds, English. After Rand Paul sailed the first of a series of anti-Trump commercials in a fruitless search to slide a bit up from the bottom of the polls barrel, Trump responded in English:

    Rand Paul is doing so poorly in the polls he has to revert to old footage of me discussing positions I no longer hold. As a world-class businessman, who built one of the great companies with some of the most iconic real estate assets in the world, it was my obligation to my family, my company, my employees and myself to maintain a strong relationship with all politicians whether Republican or Democrat. I did that and I did that well.

    Unless you are a piece of unyielding granite, over the years positions evolve as they have in my case. Ronald Reagan, as an example, was a Democrat with a liberal bent who became a conservative Republican.

    Recently, Rand Paul called me and asked me to play golf. I easily beat him on the golf course and will even more easily beat him now, in the world in the politics.

    Senator Paul does not mention that after trouncing him in golf I made a significant donation to the eye center with which he is affiliated.

    I feel sorry for the great people of Kentucky who are being used as a back up to Senator Paul’s hopeless attempt to become President of the United States— weak on the military, Israel, the Vets and many other issues. Senator Paul has no chance of wining the nomination and the people of Kentucky should not allow him the privilege of remaining their Senator. Rand should save his lobbyist’s and special interest money and just go quietly home.

    Rand’s campaign is a total mess, and as a matter of fact, I didn’t know he had anybody left in his campaign to make commercials who are not currently under indictment!

    English! No Google translator required.

  3. Now that the Commander in Chief has given the order to take out Clinton, I wonder if he’s sitting in the Situation Room watching the drone strike in real time?

  4. I agree administrator. The abject failure of “Team. Clinton ” to learn from the mistake in 08 will very likely cost Hillary the Presidency.

  5. The greatest service HRC could provide for this country at this time, is to make sure she takes Obama down with her. Will she?

  6. Have to love how admin can reach back to previous posts to nail a current one.

    Have to share that the few people I interact with, when suggested that “Trump’s the one,” seem to agree responding only “he’d better tone it down.” I’ve not formed a conclusion about that but take their response a check in his column.

    Lastly in support of this post’s premise from MSNBC via WashEx:

    MSNBC: Trump ‘most powerful person in media’
    “…I think there’s actually three institutions, I think, in the Republican Party,” [Sam] Stein said. “There’s talk radio, there’s Fox News, which is run by Roger Ailes — I think the Drudge Report also could be up there as one of the more powerful institutions on the right — and I think Trump by and large is coveted by all three and there was a moment there where he risked that fissure of a relationship between Fox News, and Fox News backed down. You know, they didn’t defend their key anchor and they brought him back on air….”
    “So, I would think the answer to the question ‘who’s the most powerful person in media’ would be Donald Trump,” said Brzezinski.
    “Yeah,” Stein said.

    Such a high position. And an incredibly meteoric rise.

  7. So, you say you want comedy? Comedy:

    Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run [snip]

    He has largely slipped out of public view more recent years.

    But in recent days, “they’re getting the old gang together,” a senior Democrat told BuzzFeed News.

    “They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically,” the Democrat said. “It feels more real than it has in the past months.”

  8. Just started trending on Twitter – Gorey comedy, part deux:

    Two More Massage Therapists Accuse Al Gore of Sexual Assault

    Former Vice President Al Gore has been hit by new allegations of sexual assault. This time, it’s two more massage therapists bringing the charges.

    The former VP is already in hot water, fighting abuse claims in Portland, where another masseuse said Gore groped her in ’06 and asked her to perform a “chakra release” (massage-speak for “hand job”.) He denies everything.

    The new allegations are said to have taken place at two hotels – one in Beverly Hills in 2007, when Gore was in Hollywood for the Oscars, the other in Tokyo in 2008.

    A source from the luxury hotel in Beverly Hills told The Enquirer: “The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.” He then propositioned her for a sexual act, according to The Enquirer.

    Molly Hagerty, the Portland victim, has also recently piped up with some new evidence: a pair of stained black pants and the remains of some candy supposedly gobbled by Gore.

    Where’s Tipper?

  9. call me naive but there is another reason for Trump’s popularity and growing strength…

    people actually like him…as Sally Field would say “the really like him”


    as for puddles growing in Iowa


    This is becoming a cause of concern for rival campaigns.

    “I see them as a major threat to all the other campaigns because of the aggressiveness of their ground game,” said Sam Clovis, a prominent Iowa conservative who leads former Texas governor Rick Perry’s campaign.

    “You cannot swing a dead cat in Iowa and not hit a Trump person,” Clovis continued. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. . . . Every event we go to — the Boone County Eisenhower Social, the Black Hawk County Lincoln Dinner, the Boots and Barbecue down in Denison — the Trump people are everywhere with literature and T-shirts and signing people up.


    “The Trump bus will pull into an empty parking lot and just be there on the main drag, like the little town of Le Mars, ‘the ice cream capital of the world.’ . . . People will pull over, go sign up. They’ll get 50 people in an hour and go to another town. That happens all over the state.”

    Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R), in an interview here Thursday, said of Trump: “I think he’s got a real campaign here. Whether he’s willing to devote the time to go to as many places as some of the other candidates are going is the question.”

  10. a little more from the WP link above…

    Turnout in Iowa caucuses is historically low. In 2012, only 121,000 of the state’s roughly 600,000 registered Republican voters participated. In 2016, strategists expect turnout to increase to 140,000 or higher.

    The Trump campaign is targeting voters who may not have participated in a caucus before, modeling its strategy on Barack Obama’s 2008 Iowa campaign, which mobilized tens of thousands of new caucusgoers.

    “We’re reaching people that the Republican apparatus doesn’t even know exist,” Laudner said. “The other day, one woman came up to say, ‘Hello, a lifelong Iowan.’ Her first question to us was, ‘What’s a caucus?’ After we told her, she wanted to help. . . . Politics has not been the biggest thing in a lot of these people’s lives. They’ve got lots of stuff going on with their jobs or families. But they feel Donald Trump is what this country needs.”


    “It’s these nontraditional candidates, Carson and Trump, who are going out there really trying to bring new people into the process,” said Craig Robinson, editor in chief of the Iowa Republican. “If motivated, sure these people will caucus.”

    On a Saturday in late July, Trump swept into Oskaloosa, a town of about 11,000, where he addressed an overflow crowd at the local high school as his bus sat parked outside. Wearing a salmon pink tie and dark suit, he gushed about the state.

    “Whoa! Beautiful, beautiful,” Trump said. “It’s a terrific place, Iowa. Terrific! We just got in and I’m driving through these beautiful fields. I want to grab that corn like you’ve never seen. So rich, so beautiful.”


    Donald will make the caucuses an event to remember…how can you not like this guy…

  11. For Hillary2016 the obverse is true. Voters will lie to pollsters and express support for her in public but in private, watch out. Unless there is drastic change and ISIS style beheadings in Brooklyn along a clear declaration that it is “time for change” not “stay the course” the insurrectionist pitchforks will burn her campaign like a torch thrown on August haystacks.


    It’s getting kinda old to keep saying this, almost sounds like I am a sheep, but…

    I agree with you Admin on this thread, AGAIN!

    If Hillary doesn’t make a 180 degree turn, I will lie to the general public and say I supported and voted for Hillary, but I will vote for Trump if he is the only one that stops the train of political failure.

    Come on Hillary, time is a tickin’!


    GOP elites plot to purge Trump
    Pat Buchanan: If GOP has no room for The Donald’s followers, it has no future

    In the Cleveland debate, Donald Trump refused to commit to support whomever the Republican Party nominates in 2016.

    Trump would be wise to maintain his freedom of action.

    For there is a plot afoot in the Washington Post Conservative Club to purge Trump from the Republican Party before the primaries begin.

    “A political party has a right to … secure its borders,” asserts the Post’s George Will, “a duty to exclude interlopers.” Will wants The Donald “excommunicated” and locked out of all GOP debates until he kneels and takes a loyalty oath to the nominee.

    “Marginalizing Trump” carries no risk of “alienating a substantial Republican cohort,” Will assures us, for these “Trumpites” are neither Republicans nor conservatives. Better off without such trash.

    The Post’s Michael Gerson says “establishment Republicans” must “make clear that [Trump] has moved beyond the boundaries of serious and civil discourse.” He loathes the Trumpites as much as Will.

    Trump’s followers are “xenophobic,” Gerson tells CNN. They have a “resentment of outsiders, of Mexico, of China, and immigrants. That’s more like a European right-wing party, a UKIP or a National Front in France. Republicans can’t incorporate that.”

    But if the GOP has no room for Trump’s followers, it has no future. For there simply aren’t that many chamber-of-commerce and country-club Republicans.

    Gerson mentions with disgust the U.K. Independence Party and France’s National Front. What do those parties have in common?

    Both are anti-New World Order. Both arose to recapture the lost independence and sovereignty of their nations from the nameless, faceless bureaucrats of Brussels, those EU hacks who now dictate the kinds of laws and societies the Brits and French are permitted to have.

    What motivates these folks is not all that different from what brought the farmers to Lexington Green and Concord Bridge and inspired colonists to stand by the original Tea Party boys in Boston.

    New parties arise and outsiders are drawn into politics to fill voids and vacuums created by the failure of incumbent parties and politicians.

    Case in point: Ex-speechwriter Gerson’s boss George W. Bush.

    With the country united behind him after 9/11, Bush called for war on an “axis of evil” – Iraq, Iran and North Korea – that had nothing to do with 9/11. He then persuaded Congress to authorize an invasion of Iraq to strip it of weapons of mass destruction it did not have.

    Cost: 4,500 American dead, 35,000 wounded warriors, $1 trillion dollars sunk, 100,000 dead Iraqis, half a million widows and orphans, a country ravaged and a Mideast now awash in war and bloodshed.

    Political result: The Republicans lost both houses of Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2008 to an anti-war Democratic senator whose voting record was identical to that of Bernie Sanders.

    Yet the leading establishment candidate of the Republican Party elites, in national polls and cash raised, is Jeb Bush, who took five days to concede the war his brother started may have been a mistake. [snip]

    Trump should tell the GOP, in the neocons’ favorite phrase, “All options are on the table.” And that includes the Samson Option.

    Trump should tell the GOP that if it disrespects him and his followers, then he is prepared to do as did the biblical hero Samson, when, blinded and mocked by the Philistines, he pushed the pillars apart and brought the temple down upon the heads of them all.

    The Republican establishment will understand that.

  13. OMG

    Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run


    Something is up with the losers that are running, or think they might run against Hillary”

    Bernie – what a coward and do nothing waste of space

    That other guy – I have no idea who he is or why he’s running, and I don’t care to find out.

    Almost running One Drop – nothing to say because she is a waste too

    MO – I can’t stop laughing

    Joe – maybe his gaffs will get him on SNL, but that’s all he can win

    Gore – Bore, won’t happen. He isn’t even an after thought.


    Are there any more weak misfits that want to run out there…?

  14. Shadowfax, Hillary2016 is in trouble. But as long as that is the opposition…. Well, they’re “stupid losers” to borrow from Trump.

  15. So who is this big stick, Donald Trump? A hero or an opportunist? Or Both. In a real way I do not care because I like what he is doing. And I will stand with him. But I an not really sure I can vote for him.

    Hillary is taking a beating. It is 2008 redo. This email stuff is disgusting. Just google Hillary Clinton and you know the hatchet job is on. I have to wonder if we, as her supporters, should not be doing more to call out Obola and Valjar on this.

  16. The “girls” are back in town:

    “So I’m here just talking to my African-American brothers and sisters. Now listen: I see your frustration and I can feel your pain. But we can no longer take a parade the narrative ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of people when we don’t feel like our own lives matter,” Hardaway says.

    “When we take a we burn down our own neighborhoods. When we take and we kill our brothers and sisters. When we rob from them. When we do destructive things what we’re telling people is we don’t care about our own lives and sometimes that’s why people can’t care about us.

    “Now what I want you all to do is take that energy and channel it behind someone that I know cares about all lives — and that’s Mr. Donald Trump.

    “Look, he is working to bring jobs back to this country. As a matter of fact, you companies keeping their jobs over here so people like us so that you can become employed and not only would you be surviving, but you’ll be thriving in this country,” according to Hardaway.

    “So I’m appealing to you to get behind the candidate — Mr. Donald Trump — that’s going to do something for you. That’s going to give you a hand up instead of a handout.

    “Now, my brothers in the streets, I understand your frustration. It’s time for you to get back to work, baby! It’s time for you to have some hope and you’ve got to push the candidate that’s going to do that.

    “We’ve been spoon-fed something. But today we’re going to pick up our own forks for ourselves. You see, we be your sisters. We represent you. We stand for you. We stand up for you. But we can’t that if you’re sitting down — burning down your community. Listen, that’s embarrassing!

    “Stand up, y’all! Let’s be men and women! Let’s be united again. Let’s be Americans again. I’m looking at you, y’all! And I don’t want to be looking at you with a side eye,” Hardaway says.

    “Now I love you all. Let’s get it together and get behind a candidate that’s going to make America great again and that’s Mr. Donald Trump.”

    These two women are worth 10 times the entire Hillary2016 communications team. These two are the best communications team in American politics today.

  17. Lu4PUMA, check this out, others are catching on to the war between Obama and Clinton that we have written about for so long:

    Under Eric Holder, the Obama Justice Department was the most politicized since John Mitchell cleaned the Augean Stables for Richard Nixon. The department is still packed with political appointees, but Holder’s successor, Loretta Lynch, has a good reputation from her days as a prosecutor. She may well play this straight. If so, then she would start with the IT guy and Clinton’s assistants and try to roll them up, as you would in a normal criminal probe. My guess is she will do that only if she gets a wink and a nod from a White House ready to sink Hillary.

    This situation is scheduled to be our next article. But we can’t do what the Hillay campaign won’t do. Have they learned nothing from 2008? BTW, the signal was given a long time ago.

  18. Lu4PUMA
    August 13, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Call out Obama and VJ…I would rather let the chips fall as they may. If Obama’s trying to destroy Hillary in this fashion doesn’t wake her up to his repeated back stabbing ways, and she doesn’t pick up her sword and fight…then she is not going to be a strong President.

    She has been at this rodeo before and she is laying low instead of fighting.

    She has to fight, IMHO.

  19. admin
    August 13, 2015 at 8:26 pm
    Love those ladies! So good.

    Not that I really care, but I have to wonder if they came out spontaneously or are a product of Trump Enterprises.

    Some say he is a master of conning the public by exploiting fractures — anti-establishment politics, and anti-establishment outrages.

  20. One has to wonder why Obama and Gang are going after Hillary’s emails in the first place.

    Just having emails on a secure server can’t be the only reason they are doing this. If it were, they could just support Trey and the Republican’s with their probe.

    What if Hillary does have smoking guns against Obama in her emails, and once they are found, the Government, FBI calls them a ‘National Security Risk’, keeps them locked up from the public view, and paints Hillary as a irresponsible sneak to the public.

    The problem with that is although it might seem to be binding Hillary’s hands against exposing the smoking guns… emails are two way streets. There is always someone on the other side of those emails that knows what is going on. Will the O’Thugs start snuffing out the people she corresponded to????

  21. have to say it again…Love the Stump Girls…they are so positive and strong…

    Lu4Puma…imo…I think they are for real…i did hear them say on CNN that DT’s campaign has contacted them…as they should…

    winning ticket: DT/BC or DT/JK


    meanwhile, depressing that hillary’s campaign is sending out emails for her next bumper sticker designs…is that how you connect with the O coalition…kind of dumbing down insulting…

    I hope Hillary is going to be ok…

  22. silly question…

    but why couldn’t Hillary have run her own campaign from the start…?

    why did she have to be a stand-in for O…

    gives me a sinking pain right to the heart…

  23. isn’t it ironic that the GOP establishment and elites want to banish DT because, among other things, they fear he will alienate the hispanic vote and female vote…

    and yet these two strong ladies might be able to pied piper the O coalition right away from the dems and deliver to DT and into the republican voting tabulation…

    does the republican establishment want new (smart and cool) people for their tent or not…

  24. There is always someone on the other side of those emails that knows what is going on. Will the O’Thugs start snuffing out the people she corresponded to????

    I suspect that Huma Abedin will be fitted for a prison jumpsuit before this is all said and done. She was Hillary’s assistant. She had an e-mail account on the Hillary server. And, her “side job” while at State was working for Teneo Consulting, an Irish company with financial ties to the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton, and to Clinton associate Doug Brand.

    The FBI will likely “invite” Huma to talk and put her in the pokey when she protects Hillary.

  25. S,

    I think the party (and Obola) are under the control of Soros and his ilk and that Hillary does not have the power to take it back. They are the funding source. Sad but true. They are going to push their globalist agenda and continue to try to suck the world dry. I do not know how we can get rid of the evil parasites. But we must.

  26. I received an email from Ted Cruz, who got my email address from who knows where. It was a rant about how Hillary was a criminal for her email server. I sent him the following reply:

    Go to Hell, you evil creep.

  27. “A political party has a right to … secure its borders,” asserts the Post’s George Will, “a duty to exclude interlopers.” Will wants The Donald “excommunicated” and locked out of all GOP debates until he kneels and takes a loyalty oath to the nominee.
    How ironic that the GOP establishment would be more concerned about protecting the perimeter of their big tent party, than in protecting the geographic borders of this nation. To those jamokes, sovereignty means nothing.

  28. Lu4PUMA, the “stump for Trump” women appear to be genuine. They had a youtube channel before Trump announced. They were popular for a while. Then they did the Trump youtubes and hit the stratosphere.

    If Donald Trump had anything at all to do with inventing them we doubt and there is certainly zero evidence of such, but we would like to see any evidence presented.

    We will say, if Trump invented them or created them in any way, then cancel the election and name Trump president immediately. In our estimation he zooms to super-genius and super super super everything if he created them in any way.

  29. Go to Hell, you evil creep.


    They can all go to hell – Dims and Republicans. There is no doubt that Hillary needs to be running a tougher campaign – and an anti-Obama campaign.

    But regardless, the effort to take her down is and has been over the top. That sickens me as much now as it did in 2008. Her campaign mistakes aside – and yes, she has made them – the CDS is and would be alive and well NO MATTER what she did or didn’t do. The same snakes in the grass in both liberal and conservative media give Obama and other pass after pass – even when they truly deserve to be nailed. But, they will make up stuff about Hillary in order to incite a shit storm.

  30. “You cannot swing a dead cat in Iowa and not hit a Trump person,” Clovis continued. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. . . . Every event we go to — the Boone County Eisenhower Social, the Black Hawk County Lincoln Dinner, the Boots and Barbecue down in Denison — the Trump people are everywhere with literature and T-shirts and signing people up.

    Well, I guess that Perry spokesperson is getting around, too, if he’s seeing Trump – so he’s kind of saying it’s okay for Perry, but not for Trump – yeah, that’s fair lol дурак! (fool!)

    “It’s these nontraditional candidates, Carson and Trump, who are going out there really trying to bring new people into the process,”

    What, the light bringer isn’t the only person who can attract new people to the polls? But wait, will it count? These are Iowans, they’re white!

    he gushed about the state… “Whoa! Beautiful, beautiful,” Trump said. “It’s a terrific place, Iowa. Terrific! We just got in and I’m driving through these beautiful fields. I want to grab that corn like you’ve never seen. So rich, so beautiful.”

    I hear a lot of people make fun of Iowa, but it’s a very beautiful state. Maybe not for city people, but for people who love green and open spaces. I miss the green and being able to look out and see nothing but green (grass or crops) for miles and miles.

    There was a Californian in my program at graduate school, and he always said he couldn’t see anything (because there were no mountains to look at). Years later I move to CA, and my first thought was, I can’t see anything! The big hills and mountains get in the way, and I can’t see any miles of open space! Ah, well, genuine (not skin deep) diversity makes the world go round.

    (Although, anyone who thinks Iowa is flat has never ridden RAGBRAI, the annual bike ride across Iowa. Trust me, it’s NOT flat lol)

  31. If Donald Trump had anything at all to do with inventing them we doubt and there is certainly zero evidence of such, but we would like to see any evidence presented.
    Then you believe it is just a coincidence.

  32. If Donald Trump had anything at all to do with inventing them we doubt and there is certainly zero evidence of such, but we would like to see any evidence presented.
    Then you believe it is just a coincidence.

  33. wbboei – thanks for pointing out where S posted the first part of the Trump interview on the last thread. I’m going to watch it in a little bit! (but I have to go to chrome to do it, for some reason flash has taken over my firefox and won’t show videos anymore, just the audio..)

  34. This situation is scheduled to be our next article. But we can’t do what the Hillay campaign won’t do. Have they learned nothing from 2008? BTW, the signal was given a long time ago.

    I just can’t believe that smart Hillary doesn’t know that O is (still!) out to get her. Some say that he has something on her. Well, I can’t believe that she doesn’t also have stuff on him. If she’s worried about “Racism!(TM)”, it’s not necessarily something she has to broadcast, but rather to threaten him back with.

    I sure hope your next article talks about your opinion about why she doesn’t fight him back (behind the scenes, at least) (assuming you think he’s holding something over her head). You know the players so your opinion would be more reality-based than ours.

  35. I was just at the Stump for Trump women’s website. A thought flashed through my mind as I watched their CNN interview with Lemon. What if they’re actually still democrats, but think that Trump would be the easiest for Hillary to beat. Once the primaries were over, they could turn into “Dump the Trump” women.

    …. but.. they’d have to be pretty good actresses, and I don’t think the one on the left would have had to read from a paper as she did two videos ago…

    I’m not leaning that way, it was just a thought that flashed through my mind lol

  36. So the BLM just interrupted a Bush speech today. Rubio was just on tv talking about how awful blacks are treated, especially by police.

    I’m so tired of the narrative, I wish someone would tell the WHOLE truth. Not just about who is really killing blacks, but something like –

    “It’s been all about ‘black lives matter’ for the last 50 years! Society (taxpayers) have done their part – all the money for all kind of programs, reparations for farmers most of which were fraudulent, paying to rebuild your communities that you burn down, lowered standards for school and entrance tests, lowered standards for becoming a police officer or firefighter.

    “It’s time for some of you to do YOUR part of the deal, which no one but you CAN do! Be American, pull your pants up, pay attention in school, don’t make babies in high school, get a job, pay your dues like everyone out, stop being criminals. We gave you the spoon, you have to use it to feed YOURSELF!” arrggghhhh

    I’m just so tired of the manipulation. If someone *really* believes that black lives matter, they’d tell the truth, stop molly coddling these activists and supporters, and reinforce that their future is in *their* hands, not the government’s hands….

  37. Stomp for the Trump Sisters are the Black Lucy and Ethel…

    But gonzo, while Lucy and Ethel will always be among the best, their humor was based on their screw ups! The Trump Sisters are doing just fine! 🙂

  38. What if Hillary does have smoking guns against Obama in her emails, and once they are found, the Government, FBI calls them a ‘National Security Risk’, keeps them locked up from the public view, and paints Hillary as a irresponsible sneak to the public.

    Shadow, I agree. Any democrats on the “finding panel” won’t want to hurt the “historic” O, and many don’t want to help Hillary. Any republicans won’t want that released, because it would hurt Hillary. She’s really the only threat. As you already mentioned upthread, any other contenders are just jokes. The idea of Biden jumping in made me laugh hard (what does anyone know of what he has done for O’s years? He said “big F’n deal” on national tv and his son died – not much else.) But I *really* cracked up that Gore wants to run – Mr. Global Warming who keeps all the lights on in his mansion)

  39. I think the party (and Obola) are under the control of Soros and his ilk and that Hillary does not have the power to take it back. They are the funding source.

    I just don’t understand why it takes so much money these days to run a campaign (and Trump is showing that if people like you, you don’t have to spend all that money to manipulate them to like you*). The internet is in virtually every home now. Candidates do go to individual states, but really, most people *never* see a candidate in person, and they manage to vote. So much could be done with the internet in some fashion. Its ridiculous that you need a million dollars to run.

    There was a chance at a crack in the growing cost when the general candidates agreed to just take public funds – McCain stuck to it, but Obama broke the agreement.

    *Campaigns, especially local ones, put out signs that just say the candidate’s name and the office they’re running for. Nothing about their beliefs. I hate those signs. They’re just trying to win by name recognition.

  40. I really wish Hillary would stop saying that she didn’t send any emails that were classified when she sent them. It just sounds weasly.

    Whenever I’ve heard reference to “classified”, it has always been “classified documents”. With emails – if you’re originating them, I guess you would have to be the one to classify them. I don’t know – but obviously there must be a process – either you classify them yourself, or you have to submit the proposed content of the email to an official “classification person” before you can email.

    That latter might work for official documents, but would be really unwieldy for emails. I’d like to hear the media say what the classification process IS for emails – instead of just basically saying Hillary ignored it.

    Having said that, I do believe strongly that she used her own server to protect herself and her work from Obama. I would LOVE for her emails to expose the fraud – but I don’t think any like that would see the light of day.

  41. Romney and Obama both spent roughly $1 billion in 2012, Obama just over, Romney just under. There’s no reason to think that the 2016 campaign will come in under that.

    Don’t advocate for “public financing” unless you are happy with incumbents winning every election. Incumbents LOVE “campaign finance reform” because it makes it impossible for challengers to overcome the power of incumbency.

  42. Having said that, I do believe strongly that she used her own server to protect herself and her work from Obama.

    If the Secretary of State was keeping her State Department work secret from the President of the United States, then that seems like we the people deserve an explanation.

    If the Secretary of State was keeping Clinton Foundation transactions secret, then she very well may belong in prison.

  43. Straws in the whiskey bottle time:

    Joe Biden Wades Further Into ’16 Bid

    In the hourlong conversation with Richard A. Harpootlian, the former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, the vice president did not reveal which way he was leaning, according to a Democrat familiar with the conversation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a private call. Mr. Biden described the recent death of his son Beau as an “open wound” that had not begun to heal, and was grappling with whether he could devote his full energy to a campaign.

    But at the same time, Mr. Biden and those who support him are moving to put the pieces into place for a possible candidacy. The vice president directed Mr. Harpootlian to get in touch with one of his closest political advisers, Mike Donilon, and has been calling other supporters. And he has permitted his advisers to discreetly contact operatives in early nominating states to determine how fast they could organize a campaign.

    A once bare-bones “Draft Biden” movement has entered a new, more aggressive phrase that resembles an exploratory committee. With a Biden family loyalist now involved, the group is contacting Democratic insiders about everything from how to establish a presence at the Iowa State Fair this week to which Democratic donors and officials in South Carolina need to be contacted.

    Hillary Hater Harpootlian. Enough said.

  44. I read a conservative blog often that supports Trump. Of course, they hate Hillary. I always avoid the Hillary threads because, while Hillary is doing things I don’t agree with, they throw in lots of lies (yes, Hillary killed Vince Foster is still in common usage).

    But I looked in one tonight about the emails, and someone posted something interesting.

    In terms of receiving classified documents, this person said that classified documents don’t come over the internet, they come over something else. They said that the only way they would have come in email to Hillary, would be for someone to get them on the secure non-internet thing, and transcribe them into an email without any of the classified warnings. So if that happened, it wouldn’t be her fault (unless she instructed them to do that, I guess).

  45. The thing that is most frightening is that the laws around what is classified are subjective and have changed so that even if there was no wrongdoing then, they can get her on a technicality now. Such as copies of her drive for her own lawyer. This is the type of terror and coercion that the Obola administration has practiced throughout their reign. We can only hope that there is something on there that Obola wants to hide. Maybe they want that drive because they really do not know just what is on it.

    I would watch every candidate that exploits this with a very critical eye. Like the email that Cruz has been sending. He comes across like the zealot he is. They serve as attack dogs for the global elite. This and the TPP show who Cruz really is and it is not pretty. Now Trump may puff his condemnation, but the email I get from him is announcing what a big winner he is.

    There are massive numbers of bloggers and trolls out there and apparent influence of internet traffic. Yes, big money behind the take down of Hillary 2016. Big, big money exercising all forms of media control.

    It is telling that the crew that is after Hillary’s email is the same after her for Benghazi, that was Obola’s responsibility. They are not after him, they are after her. She must turn this around on a pivot. There are some very evil dogs barking. They are here.

  46. I agree that the polls are not accurate. They haven’t been for a long time. I think the internal polling data is freaking out both parties because they can see trends. The Republican elites are playing a very dangerous game trying to browbeat their voters. They have spent the past several years trying to convince independents and Republican leaners that unfettered immigration is “good”. Then they have been chasing Hispanic voters. !Yeb and Rubio were supposed to appeal to them. And the other pro-amnesty candidates were supposed to help rope Hispanics in. Trump turned that on its head. They are furious at him for messing up years of (unsuccessful) pandering. Repubs like Kasich like to make a show of pandering to black voters with things like the Medicaid expansion of Obamacare, etc but never talks about their horrific unemployment rate (in OHIO!). The very idea of Trump appealing to black working and middle class voters is repugnant to Repub elites who want to exploit more low wage Hispanic immigrants and ignore blacks and working class whites. He is turning a multi-year game plan on its head. The idea of crossover voters is terrifying to them.

  47. The Donald’s media campaign thus far is brilliant. He is flooding the media with phone interviews. He is taking advantage of his instantly recognizable voice and cadence of speech and his high skill of getting to the point. Both short snappy interviews or longer more in depth discussions are his specialty from decades of manning the business phone call. Everyone knows what he looks like so he doesn’t have to travel to news studios or get mobbed in media clutches unless he feels like that day. He can do 10 phone interviews instead of clumping into Fox or CNN and going through their rigmarole of getting made-up and wired for sound, led around like a sheep, getting into a limo, etc. Much less wear and tear on a person. Expect some of the other candidates to try doing this more but they won’t be as successful at it. And Trump is paying back Fox by not giving them a monopoly on his time especially his precious face time.

  48. The body language of those freaks who “represent” Hillary’s campaign says it ALL. TOTAL slouches.

    This is turning into nothing but embarassment for her.

  49. Mormaer
    August 14, 2015 at 6:30 am

    If you want to know what the law is, don’t ask a judge, ask a thief.—Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.


    If you want to know how the political system works, don’t ask a glorified political science teacher like Larry Sabota (aka Dr. Moosh), or a analyst like Charley Coook (Dr. Obvious–y the time he opines, it is), or gadfly like EJ Dionne (whose ugly mug decorates the Washington cocktail circuit), or the high priest of the Washington media establishment to whose opinions they all defer St. David Igantius (whose track record for being right puts Joe Biden to shame) . . . ask a businessman Donald Trump.

  50. Mormaer
    August 14, 2015 at 6:46 am
    The Prophesy of Pat Caddell: Donald Trump

    When Trump talks about how Bush is controlled by his donors, says I was once a businessman ergo a donor ergo I know how to game the system, and I can tell you for a fact this system is corrupt and because it is corrupt it is failing the American People on every level–not only does he speak with authority, not only does he invalidate the core premise of both parties, namely that we represent a fair reflection of the American People rather than we are a conspiracy against the laiety—more important than even that, but fills the gap in the market which the two parties who seek to control everything have left wide open–a gap that a truth teller named Pat Caddell warned the establishment about about years ago, namely that his polling showed that if a candidate came along who was part of neither party, and focused not on the donor class but on the welfare of the American People, then 2 out of 3 would vote for him–if they thought he could win. For that reason alone, Admin is right that the polls understate by a wide margin the level of support Donald will have if things continue the way they are going now.

  51. The best critique of big media I have ever heard, which begs the penultimate question: why would anyone listen to them? Like Barrister Carson in his cross examination which broke the testimony of defendant Oscar Wilde: Why? Why? Why? . . . Like the Washington bureaucracy, big media pretends to be working for the nation, however on closer examination it becomes obvious they are nothing more than a self serving interest group with a strangle hold over around the neck of the American People. Nepotism, entitlement and self enrichment are their calling cards. If only the nation would wake up and smell the coffee. This is what makes the behavior of Megan Kelly which she tries to pass off as “good journalism” a megapolitical lie of the first order. It is yet anther assertion of their corruption. Put differently, they would not know good journalism if it bit them in the ass. The only thing they know is celebrity, multi million dollar salaries, and gaming the system.

  52. lorac
    August 14, 2015 at 12:35 am

    I would pay money to watch Trump have those BLM imbeciles thrown out and arrested if they try to pull their stunts on him.

  53. Tony,

    I had to laugh when Donald said ‘he didn’t know if he would fight the BLM crowd or he would have someone else fight them…but there was no way they would get his microphone”


    I hope he has a lot of security with him at the Iowa Fair tomorrow…just in case they show up…they are out for him…

  54. way, way OT…but last night I had this strange dream

    first off, I know very little about football and when the Superbowl comes around I try to understand what the heck is going on with the downs, etc, etc…

    anyway…in my fuzzy dream there was this talk about big fumbles…devasting fumbles by some big players…and then in the uproar of the game, I guess it must be the ‘quarterback’, whoever runs with the ball…anyway…that person suddenly came charging thru the pack…running like a ramming bulldozer…unstoppable… and won the big game…and guess who that player was (in this dream)…Donald Trump

    …subconscious, psychological metaphor…prophecy…who knows, we’ll see (he is even getting into people’s dreams…what a promoter)


    also I have been noticing that many of the pundits are now saying that they admit they dismissed Donald’s chances but now they are resisting even saying that not only can he get the nomination, but he can win

    morning msnbc outright likes trump…if he hangs in there, they will be his biggest cheerleaders…

  55. …make that ‘they are resisting saying that he cannot get the nomination or win’…because they know all bets are off and anything can happen…

  56. When they abandon the ramparts where freedom is defended against organized government power,and slither into the pocket of one party, and refuse to tell the public that half of the whole truth which indicts their party, then big media has become a threat to this country.

    Donald should bring Pat Caddell on board, because the lying press must be exposed and thoroughly discredited. It is not enough the 60% of the public thinks they are not objective. We need 100% of the public grabbing their pitch forms and running these pigs, traitors and scumbags out of Washington and we will give the mansions they evacuate as they turn and run to the illegals they so warmly welcome invite into this country, just as long as they can get OTHER people to bear the cost of their own largesse. Until the public realizes that big media is THEIR ENEMY nothing will change. Nothing.

  57. Mormaer, Big Media is filled with the stupid and losers. There’s this article from Forbes about an analysis of Trump supporters on Big Media. The result is instead of seeing how good the news is for Donald Trump, the article says the opposite.

    Study: Less Than 40% Of Donald Trump’s Twitter Following Is Eligible To Vote

    Despite the fact that earlier this week presidential hopeful Donald Trump made his way to the top of the extensive GOP field in an Iowa poll as the first choice of 22 percent of those surveyed, a study of Trump’s social media audience found that the polarizing businessman’s position might be weaker than polls indicate.

    The study, conducted by audience analytics company Macromeasures, found that Trump trails his GOP rivals in a handful of crucial metrics in terms of his Twitter following. Macromeasures compared Trump’s social audience to those of Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. The most glaring discovery was that of Trump’s Twitter following, a mere 39.4 percent were actually eligible to vote—the lowest of any GOP candidate analyzed. To put this in perspective, 95.7 percent of Fiorina’s following could cast a ballot.

    Entirely wrong conclusion. This is the motherload campaigns kill to get but almost never even find: new voters.

    These are not “persuadable” voters which are the most important target of most campaigns. These are not the 4/4 voters that vote for the same party in every election and that will vote for the party candidate come hell or high water. These are new voters that Trump is bringing in. These are new voters that have been alienated from the process or don’t vote because… whatever.

    This is not a Trump weakness. This is a Trump strength. New voters.

  58. New voters of whatever age are the dream of any campaign. Here’s one of the new Donald Trump voters:

    KNOXVILLE, TN (WVLT) – 92-Year-old Beada Corum registered to vote for the first time about a month ago in Tennessee. Her story has now gone viral and one presidential candidate has even taken notice.

    Corum has never shopped online, searched the web, or even logged on to a computer.

    “I don’t have one, I’ve never used one,” says Corum.

    So you can imagine, to her, social media is a mystery. So much so, that she didn’t even know she had made her Facebook debut Tuesday afternoon.

    It doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see that her stories gone viral. Back in June – WVLT followed Corum as she registered to vote for the very first time.

    “I’m voting for Donald Trump!,” she told WVLT.

    On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s official Facebook page posted a link to that story.And just like that – Corum became Facebook famous.

    “I never thought that I would be on there,” said Corum. “It’s so amazing oh my gosh.”

    But the people who are most inspired won’t be found online.

    Beada may not be able to see the screen, but she says the next President is as clear as day, “[He’s going to] make America great again, that’s what he’s going to do”.

    Beata should have been a Hillary2016 voter.


    Some of us, myself included, have pointed out long ago that Trump is dragging a huge and largely politically untapped demographic of supporters in his wake. Call them the tabloid media demographic; if these people vote, I’m betting they vote Democrat. For every vote Trump pulls from this demo, he is likely getting either a brand new voter, or he’s taking a Democrat voter and turning it Republican, which has even greater impact politically. This is a paradigm-altering dynamic and the pundits-in-denial have simply refused to recognize what is actually happening.

    It’s very revealing that only now are the supposedly astute members of the political pundit class beginning to grasp the reality of Trump’s appeal and Trump’s power. He’s not merely survived but crushed three different all-out assaults by the media and those pundits to destroy his candidacy. They’re finally coming to grips with the realities. The whining is becoming really annoying as the political media realize Trump is utterly beyond their power and control, bitter medicine for the arrogant and condescending tools who are used to controlling the narrative and the candidates.

    Big Media is the enemy.

  60. the old guard, ie George Will, and Glenn Beck, etc of the GOP are so inflated with themselves…they can’t even comprehend the idea of bringing in ‘new’ voters or “voters” that are different from themselves…

    here is another example of what Admin and Wbboei/Caddell said above:


    (me) the old guard screams that DT is crass and always insulting others…yet when they insult him it is ok…they do not even see their hypocrisy

    George Will called DT ” a bloviating ignoramus”

    Will further escalated tensions with Trump in his latest Washington Post op-ed, published Wednesday night. In the column, Will says Trump is a “counterfeit Republican and no conservative,” citing his past donations to Democrats and some positions he has changed on, like abortion and healthcare policy.


    (me) so what is a ‘counterfeit Republican and no Conservative’/…does that mean George Will wants to prohibit “crossover votes” because they do not meet his standards…should new democratic converts not be allowed to vote republican for Trump?


    and finally, in conjunction with what Caddell is saying above…

    lo and behold…

    “Television, which has made Trump (he is one of three candidates, with Mike Huckabee and John Kasich, who have had television shows), will unmake him, turning his shtick into a transcontinental bore,” Will wrote.

    Will’s wife is an adviser to Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who is competing for the GOP presidential nomination. Trump has also attacked Walker’s record, saying in late July that “Wisconsin’s doing terribly.”


    and the old GOP guard wonders why no one is listening to them…and they dare to call anyone else boring…huh!…


    as I have mentioned Donald Trump is going to play his campaign…right down the middle…he is going to take the best from each side and combine to produce policies that make common sense…

    time to sweep out the dust and cobwebs from both parties and start fresh…

  61. This is MacroMeasures Team who did the concoction for that agit-propagandist Steve Forbes: The average age of these highly influential analysts looks to be 13. Maybe 14. OK say 20. When your whole very young life is on social media you think it is for everyone else too. But it isn’t for people who have to work, raise families, cook dinner, etc. They may also have to stay off social media to not get fired or because they don’t want to be targeted by ex’s or loons.

    Notice there are only percentiles with no gross or total numbers of supporters per candidate. 9% of what? I always comp my own stat numbers because many people have no clue or are dishonest. Also Trump has number of social media followers (from numbers I have seen) by a factor of about 10 to the next one who I think is Rubio (or maybe it is Ms Hewlitt-Packard). So 39% of x10 to 100% of x1 is not so hot for Rubio and worse for the rest. Notice this is not mentioned in this junior achievement high school paper. But math is hard and Trump still has about 4 times more registered voter (by their percentile reckoning and unstated or hidden public social media follower numbers) supporters than the next candidate.
    “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”
    ― W.C. Fields

  62. George Will . . .

    Has he ever looked in the mirror?

    If he did he would see what the rest of us do:

    Poindexter, with his bow tie, faculty lounge diatribe and sullen morose personality.

    In one word: a bore–and not just any bore, a crashing bore on every topic.

    How ironic that a world call bore such as Will would call Donald Trump a bore.

    In what parallel universe does George Will live–Georgetown perhaps, under a piece of plywood?

    Donald may be many things but a bore he is not.

    Some friendly advice for Poindexter?

    For that we turn to the Scottish poet, Robert Burns:

    Oh would some power the giftie gee us
    To see ourselves as others see us.

  63. George Will hasn’t been a relevant Republican commentator since the Reign of King Bush the First. He’s no more relevant today than Susan Estrich on the Dem side.

  64. George Will called DT ” a bloviating ignoramus”
    Who build world class companies, and make a $10 billion fortune.

    And what does that make Will, who has done none of those things, but has lulled everyone but himself into a deep sleep the minute he opens his mouth. Will must be a speed freak to keep his eyes open while he is talking. Otherwise he would fall into the same deep sleep as everyone else. If you ever had a college prof or a tax instructor in law school whose classes you would skip, or transfer out of he would look just like George. He tries to humanize himself with his tales of baseball, but with him they lose something in the telling. If you went to a World Series Game and sat next to that prick, the first thing you would do is puke and he would blame it on the Nathan’s hot dogs. And when you fell asleep in the middle of the ninth inning and slid under the bleechers you could blame it on George. And when people told you that cannot be true, you could say how would you know, you weren’t there, and if you had been they would be carrying you out of the stadium in a stretcher and rushing you to the ER.

  65. When I see these attacks on Donald which continue to appear on RINO websites that suggest he may not be a bona fided conservative, what lies behind this surface appeal to ideological purity is an agenda, which is best summed up by the Freudian slip committed by that swilling pig Howard Dean that “IT IS OUR TURN TO RULE”, not that we have earned it mind you but were are entitled. In his case, the entitled class were Obama bundlers, to whom 60% of the $1 trillion wasted stimulus money went. That same interest lies behind those so called Republicans who criticize Donald. After eight years of abuse, it is supposed to be their turn to grab the brass ring, but Donald has the audacity to throw the switch which causes the merry-go-round to grind to a halt. Yes, they have stayed too long at the fair, and so have we. At a time like this, with the survival of the nation hanging in the balance, it is not just unseemly to be worried about ideological purity, it is treasonous. The problems we face demand fact based solutions, not ideological ones. No RINO, and no DINO is capable of rising to that challenge.

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