Newsflash: It’s A Fix – It’s Trump Or Bush That Will Win – Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Huckabee, Carson, Walker, Paul, Christie, Are Losers

Update II: Morning Consult poll: Trump’s lead grows after GOP debate to 32 percent, now ahead by more than 20 points. Trigger warning: check out the chart at the link. Meggyn Kelly has Frank Luntz egg all over her.

Triple Trumpnado? Trump’s popularity continues to climb as PPP’s newest Iowa poll finds Donald Trump leading the Republican field in the state even after a weekend of controversy. Trump at 19%, Bush at 11%, and as we write below, the losers don’t matter in this fixed wrestling match. Then there’s this Exclusive: Trump’s Republican support holds strong post-debate – Reuters/Ipsos poll. Drudge was right, Luntz was wrong, Fox News and GOP establishment busy with plots and schemes to push Bush.

Hillary2016 better learn from Trump and worry. Bush v. Hillary means Hillary wins. Hillary v. Trump? All bets are off.


Update: Peace in our time: Fox News reportedly in talks with Trump for interview in primetime tonight. Peace through strength!

Why will Fox News capitulate to The Donald? Because tens of thousands of Fox News viewers are boycotting the network. Because tens of thousands of Meggyn Kelly fans are blasting her on her very own Facebook page. Because the Trump interview which drew BLOOD was on CNN opposite Meggyn’s show. Because Trump has the drawing power to hurt Fox News if he continues to target Fox News prime time by going on CNN (which incidentally will host the next debate so Trump getting eyeballs to CNN, building up his CNN cred, and hurting egg-on-her-face Meggyn is triple Trumpnado).

There is also this which proves the Fox News fail and the Trump Triumph: Holy Guacamole Batman! New sciency poll out:

Donald Trump’s lead over his Republican presidential rivals grew substantially in the days following the first GOP debate and his controversial comments about moderator Megyn Kelly.

Trump’s support increased by 7 points, to 32 percent, according to the latest Morning Consult tracking poll.

The real estate mogul’s closest rival — former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — lost 1 point, down to 11 percent support among self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Support for all other candidates was in the single digits in the poll.


Is there anything dumber than a Ted Cruz supporter? Well, maybe a Carly Fiorina supporter. Maybe a Ben Carson supporter. Maybe a Rubio supporter. Maybe a Paul supporter. Maybe a Christie supporter. Maybe a Walker supporter. Maybe a Huckabee supporter. Maybe Perry/Santorum/Pataki/Jindal/Gilmore/Graham supporter(s), if any.

Some of the dummies will find what we say provocative. But take it from those of us who attended the 2008 Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee. We know what we are talking about and you are all total dummies no matter how smart you think you are.

We’ll start off slowly. Why do you dummies think that in the early primaries the delegates won will be distributed proportionate to the margin of victory of the (many) candidates? Why do you fools think that the first state that is winner take all is one of the most delegate rich states and that state happens to be Jeb Bush’s Florida? Why do you numbskulls think that there are only about 10 debates this election cycle compared to the 27 of the last election cycle?

All of this is designed to help one candidate snuff out the possibility of a debate based campaign from an undercapitalized candidate and to assure that the candidate with the most money and the biggest organization will be the eventual nominee. That was the plan… it was designed to nominate Jeb Bush… the plan would have worked… but then came Trump.

We know the above are difficult for those who don’t understand the rules of the game or how to win by fixing the rules of the game. Many of you would place bets to win on a horse that is lame and cross-eyed. Yeah, you really like that horse and you’re sure that horse is great so… gee… I’m gonna bet on that horse.

We’re going to post now two good reasons why you are all dummies. Most of you are too stupid to understand so we will try to spell it out for you, if necessary with those magnetic color alphabet sets children stick on refrigerators.

Here’s the first clue, which we ourselves wrote, as a preamble to our discussion of the Losers’ Forum which preceded the great debate last Thursday:

Big Media decides who gets coverage, the type of coverage, which polls to laud, which polls to ignore then uses the coverage and the polls to decide who gets to be a legitimate candidate on the debate stage. It’s an outrage. Worse, the political parties and the political candidates not only put up with this, they encourage the Big Media and establishment corruption of our political process because they are all part of the corrupt establishment.

We’re gonna strain your feeble minds now, even though we’re sure you did not understand our previous paragraph(s), so reach for your Ginko Biloba and try to follow. We know you object to our citation of something we ourselves wrote so now we will quote from someone who has attacked this website, hates this website, and is considered somewhat prominent even though he graduated from the DailyKooks website. Gird yourselves now. There will be some words larger than “cat” and “dog.” Some of the concepts (that means thinky things) might elude (that means you might not understand because you mind is to un-evolved) you but do try and follow, idiots:

Stage 6: Endgame

When it happens: June through Republican National Convention, July 18-21
Potential threat to Trump: The Republican Party does everything in its power to deny him the nomination.

If Trump makes it past Stage 4, we’ll have to consider his campaign successful, up to a point. He’ll have gotten further than any similar candidate has in the past. But he’d still be a long way from winning the nomination, and the final two stages might be his hardest yet.

The Republican Party’s delegate selection rules are straightforward in some states but byzantine in others, especially in caucus states where delegates are sometimes not formally pledged to the candidate who apparently earned their support on election night. Furthermore, about 7 percent of delegates to the RNC are party leaders — what Democrats would call “superdelegates” — who are usually not bound by the results of the popular vote in their states at all.

This introduces a little bit of slack into the system. It works in favor of establishment-backed candidates, or those who have an intricate understanding of the delegate rules. And it works against candidates like Trump.

Regular FiveThirtyEight readers will be familiar with “The Party Decides” paradigm of the nomination process. It posits that the nominee represents the consensus choice of influential members of the party, and that rank-and-file voters serve mostly to vet and validate the candidates in the event of a close call.

Much of the party’s influence consists of what you might call soft power,” the ability to influence outcomes by persuasion rather than coercion. But the party also has some “hard power”: It literally makes the rules. It can rule against candidates it doesn’t like in the event of delegate-counting disputes. It can probably even change the rules midstream. There isn’t a lot of precedent to worry about violating, since it’s been 40 years since Republicans came close to a brokered convention.

If Trump made it this far, the Republican Party would go to extraordinary lengths to avoid nominating him. In “The Party Decides” view, parties are basically looking for two things from their nominees: They want them to be reliable (meaning, they can be counted on to enact the Republican agenda once in office), and they want them to be electable (meaning, they can win in November).

Hold your horses dummies. By now you are saying “aha, you see Donald Trump will never win. Why is this article calling supporters of other candidates stupid when what that article clearly states is that Trump can’t win the Republican Party nomination?” Now take your meds and try to follow the reasoning (thinky things) of what we have just written.

We’ll explain it to you now: This GOP primary election is a fix. The entire primary process and schedule was designed to nominate Jeb Bush. But Donald Trump surprised everyone and got in the race. Donald Trump has the money. Donald Trump has the Big Media expertise. Donald Trump has the experience of dealing in politics and with politicians. It was all “fixed” for Jeb Bush and then Trump got in.

As we wrote before, Trump can win. Why? Trump can win because he can take advantage of the fix that was set up to benefit Jeb Bush.
Put that in your jock straps and wiggle.

Donald Trump has the financial advantage Jeb Bush thought he would have. Donald Trump can not only win (according to all the polls from those states) Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina (latest poll there has Donald Trump ahead with 34% Jeb Bush 10%) but he can knock out Jeb Bush and win Florida and all those many many delegates. No other candidate can do that.

Hey, dummies, why do we call you dummies, especially you Ted Cruz dummies? We call you dummies because you think that once Trump goes away your candidate will rise and maybe have a chance to win. That’s so stupid. Your candidates don’t have a chance. The fix is in. We think Ted Cruz supporters are especially stupid because they think that the establishment figure most hated by the establishment due to his personality and obnoxiousness (which we do think should be admired by the way) won’t be swept away with ease by the very forces that have tried with all their raw power and vitriol to destroy Donald Trump.

We have to mock any and all supporters of candidates who say “oh, I like so-and-so,” “oh, so-and-so is so inspirational,” “so-and-so candidate is really blah-blah-blah and I really think that he/she has a strong chance to win this thing,” or the dumbest of all “I just want a candidate that can win and so-and-so is it!” Hardy-hardy-har-har – LOL – ROTFL – Ha!

The fix is in dummies. Only one candidate can win now other than Jeb Bush. Like it or not it is Trump or Bush.

We waited until after the first debate to make this assessment. But it is clear now that Trump is the sole alternative. If Trump is knocked out one by one the others – Cruz, Paul, Walker, Kasich, Rubio, will be dismantled and sent to oblivion. The fix is in. The establishment gets what it wants. Except of course that Donald Trump remains standing.

There are a few other things we want to make everyone aware of. Did you know that Fox News had a plan to evict Trump from the debates physically? It’s likely that Fox News wanted to provoke Trump into an explosion so that they could have armed guards come in and remove him:

They reviewed not just the questions they would ask, but the structure of every query, keeping in mind the constraints of time and the need to avoid repeating topics. As they sorted and re-sorted questions, the unpredictability of real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump was never far from their minds.

Baier even had a “nuclear option” at the ready for Trump if he ignored all protocol.

The script — which he didn’t have to use — took a page from Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show. It went like this: “Mr. Trump in your business you have rules. You follow rules. We have rules on this stage. We don’t want to have to escort you to the elevator outside this boardroom.”

“We’re hoping we don’t have to use it,” Baier said later. “We’re locked and loaded.”

They baited Trump on purpose to then try to evict him.

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, no admirer of Trump has warnings and observations the GOP better understand:

Republican Assault on Trump May Only Make Him Stronger
Party insiders ganged up on Trump in the first GOP debate, but the tactic may backfire [snip]

In thinking about what actually happened last night, i.e. what was meaningful as opposed to merely lurid and entertaining, you have to start with the performance of Trump, who might just have lured the Republican Party into a trap from which it will not escape.

There was clearly an effort last night by Republican party interests to knock Trump off his frontrunner pedestal. We saw ambush tactics from the start.

Bret Baier started the whole thing off by asking the candidates to promise they wouldn’t run on a third-party ticket. Trump declined, highlighting his non-Republican-ness. Megyn Kelly followed up by asking Trump to defend his record of calling women “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals” and then made his probable inability to score female votes in a race against Hillary part of her question.

Later questions targeted Trump’s heretical views on abortion and health care, and his history of donating money to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

No other candidate got anything near this kind of treatment in the debate. A more typical question was Baier softballing Mike Huckabee, asking: “Is the government simply too big for any one person, even a Republican, to shrink?”

Then there was the postgame show. Fox had pollster Frank Luntz come on and speak with a “focus group” that expressed concern about the damage Trump will do to the party. [snip]

That Fox and the other “contestants” onstage were ganging up on Trump was clear enough, but it hasn’t stopped there. Trump is now also seeing a wave of punditry pieces flowing in from traditional conservative outlets slamming his campaign. The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg wrote a long piece this month, “Trump fans, it’s time for an intervention.” [snip]

Meanwhile, Rich Lowry at the Review called the debate a “fabulously awful” night for Trump. He slobbered over the rest of the field. He said Bush “made no mistakes, ” Christie was “forceful,” Carson was “winsome,” Kasich “more of a presence than I would have thought,” and Huckabee was “incapable of having a bad debate.”

Meanwhile, Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer gleefully declared the debate to be the “end of Trump,” saying that he looked “lost.” [snip]

What the Goldbergs and the Wills and Krauthammers of the world probably don’t get is that by singling Trump out for abuse, they’re almost certainly boosting his campaign. First of all, while it might have looked like a damning image to see Trump alone onstage with his hand up and refusing to pledge not to run as an Independent, on another level it was a great Trump moment. As it has been all season, there was Trump, and everyone else. That scene just made the other nine guys onstage look like what they are, stooges beholden to their party and their donors, unable to think for themselves.[snip]

Assuming this doesn’t all end in Trump becoming president and the world shortly thereafter ending in nuclear apocalypse, this twist might end up being the funniest thing to come out of the debate and the campaign in general.[snip]

We may not be laughing two years from now, but for the time being, man, what a show.

There is a lot of leftist claptrap and whistling past the graveyard from Taibbi but even he understands that there was and is a concerted effort to destroy Trump by the GOP establishment and that the effort might make Trump stronger.

After the first GOP debate it is clear that if Trump is destroyed Jeb Bush is the Republican nominee for president. We have very little doubt that in a Clinton versus Bush race there is only one possible outcome: President Hillary Clinton.

We don’t know what happens if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president. But we have written before that Hillary2016 should learn from Trump about how to handle Big Media and that Hillary Clinton should be very afraid of a Donald Trump nomination. Donald Trump has many admirers that Hillary2016 might not expect.

We do think Donald Trump has some chance to win the nomination mostly because of this:

Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

The Republican/Big Media/Hollywood/political class establishment will try to stop Donald Trump. But Donald Trump, aside from his message and his “crusade” against the establishment campaign holds a Trump card that no other candidate in this political casino can bet on which is why Trump won the GOP debate.

The establishment will consider and threaten to use the rules and all the soft and hard power of the party bosses against Trump. The GOP establishment might try to do to Trump what the DNC did to Hillary such as give delegates she won at the ballot box to a candidate that was not even on the ballot. The GOP might try to steal the election from Trump.

The Trump card, which drives the GOP establishment wild because they see that with that one card Trump holds them, like wolves, at bay. Trump can run as an independent and has nicely said so.

The fear for the GOP is that Trump can run as an independent and lay waste to all the plots and schemes to gift the nomination to Jeb Bush. No other candidate has that Trump card. No other candidate was smart enough to strategize as to how to fight the GOP establishment. All the other candidates were dummies. You do see that, don’t you, Cruz dummies?


189 thoughts on “Newsflash: It’s A Fix – It’s Trump Or Bush That Will Win – Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Huckabee, Carson, Walker, Paul, Christie, Are Losers


    Tana Goertz, who has known the Republican presidential contender and real-estate mogul since she was on season three of The Apprentice, said in an interview with BuzzFeed News that attacking Kelly was “fair game” and “if you mess with the bull you’re going to get the horns, sweetheart.” [snip]

    Goertz, who lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with her husband and children, said she had been at an event in her Trump bicycle jersey Saturday and was mobbed by Trump supporters. She said she had people telling her they would never watch Kelly again.

    “I have so many people that are so excited about Donald Trump,” she stated. “That it hasn’t effected our campaign whatsoever.”

    Asked if his comments aimed at Kelly were warranted, Goertz stated Trump responds to men and women equally and Kelly attacking Trump made her “fair game.”

    “You know with Mr. Trump, he believes that he responds to men and women with equal intensity so you know Megyn was attacking him at the debate and he just fired back. It’s fair game. Isn’t that what the women’s [liberation] movement is all about? He kind of has that mentality that, you know what, there’s no glass ceiling for women. There’s no war on women. He responds to them equally. And he looks at it like if you wanna give it to him, he’ll give it right back.”

    Goertz, however added it never occurred to her Trump mind be talking about Kelly’s menstrual cycle.

    “It was two different situations,” she said. “He was just more or less saying she was coming after me. Kind of like when a guy says ‘I can see smoke coming out your eyes.’ Same analogy. It was an analogy. Here’s the deal, I’m a woman, and I have that issue every single month of my life and it never — and I’m a smart women I have a high I.Q., I’ve been tested, I’ve been in gifted programs. So, I’m like, not a dummy. I’m an intelligent woman who, you know, has this issue every month. I’m a female, who deals with this every single month. And it never crossed my mind he was talking about her period. It never even registered.”

    “It’s like everybody wants to go talk about something that’s so stupid,” she said, adding that in the whole scheme of things it was a minor issue that only the media was concerned about.

    Goertz said if she could tell Kelly one thing it would be, “if you mess with the bull you’re going to get the horns, sweetheart.”

  2. Love it, Admin. I am not at all surprised at the plans to provoke and evict Trump. Actually, it was pretty apparent that the questions went beyond gotcha and they were outright provoking him. I am sure he knew, too.

    Love the ladies in the video, too. My cat went crazy when I played it and was LMAO.

  3. Felix_the_Infidel, thanks for that Stump for Trump girls video which made it into the final cut of today’s article. It’s hysterically funny.

    We’re also thankful that thus far Hillary2016 has not weighed in on any of this. Maybe they are learning in Brooklyn.

  4. Big Pink has been an unparalleled repast – especially lately. Had I been on my own to sort things out, I do expect I’d be confused and depressed, and that’s never good. So thanks so much to admin and contributing thinkers.

  5. in the news today another illegal immigrant just arrested for breaking into a woman’s home, raping her, robbing her and killing her

    Donald has been correct from the get go…the establishment wears blinders and says stupid things like “illegals don’t commit as much crimes as Americans”

    as if a smaller percentage of illegals should be praised for behavior…crimes and all…when they come into our country illegally and kill and rape us when compared to 320 million people in the USA who the establishment claims are doing it in larger numbers…

    every time I hear them say that I want to say…”whose side are you on?”

  6. I couldn’t agree more…

    I think I know somewhat how you Administration stand on some issues, like securing the border, illegal immigration, it’s the economy stupid, Obama not care…so my question is..and I know I’m being presumptive here thinking I have some insight from your postings…what makes you think Hillary will govern differently than this over the top left wing crazy B’S she has been spuing?

  7. It’s Trump Or Bush

    Trump = Change

    Bush = Stay the course

    The rest of the candidates are just props

    Give them their day in the sun now

    Destroy them later

    It ain’t rocket science

    We have seen it all before

  8. Its all very simple really

    If you like the washington cartel, vote for Bush

    If you like the country, vote for Trump

    Yes, I know, tough choice.

    By the way, when was the last time you received an invitation to attend one of those lavish Washington cocktail parties?

    The 12th of Never??

    You mean they never thought that you were important enough to invite???

    Well then, that should make your decision a little easier.

  9. The above scenario assumes however that both Bush and Trump remain viable.

    If one or the other stumbles or can’t go the distance–which is a distinct possibility, then their respective understudies will step in.

    Kasich is the back up for Bush.

    Cruz is the back up for Trump.

    That much is equally clear.

    Bear in mind too.

    The cartel may control the levers of power, and the money.

    But there is a billion dollars of Koch money sitting out there which the cartel does not control.

  10. I crawled into kindlewas at 4% . Do not judge me I watch Pretty Little Liars. I am stupid I suck I bought 5 episodes. I watched my teen show and took a look at my kindle 100 % was on Hillaryis44 so I read. Hot damn admin you are smoking hot.

  11. Kindle has gone funky on me. I cannot post a video. Were it that I could Nobody Does it Better. I will send 20 to Saint Judes if anyone else can post.l

  12. If what Reich is saying below is true, then he needs to get his diminutive punk ass down to the border and do his part to stop illegal immigration, because that is how the elites of both parties are preventing wages in this country from rising to a higher level. Also, he should be picketing the White House over this TPP sell out. You can count on him to do neither because he is all mouth and gut wind. But he is right in one sense—the schism between economic leftist and race based leftists threatens the future of the progressive (a synonym for communist) movement.

    “It would be a terrible mistake for the progressive movement to split into a “Black lives matter” movement and an “economic justice” movement.

    This would only play into the hands of the right.

    For decades Republicans have exploited the economic frustrations of the white working and middle class to drive a wedge between races, channeling those frustrations into bigotry and resentment.

    The Republican strategy has been to divide-and-conquer. They want to prevent the majority of Americans – poor, working class, and middle-class, blacks, Latinos, and whites – from uniting in common cause against the moneyed interests.

    We must not let them.

    Our only hope for genuine change is if poor, working class, middle class, black, Latino, and white come together in a powerful movement to take back our economy and democracy from the moneyed interests that now control both.”

  13. On the other hand, you have got to admire a little guy like him who can sit there at his academic perch at Cal Berkley blowing this kind of flatulence out of his diminutive ass, and getting paid for it. Not exactly what Hoffa the elder talked about, i.e. a fair days work for a fair day’s pay. But when you are a celebrity questions like how much work do you really do, how much are you really worth, etc. are never broached.

    The most important men in town would come to fawn on me!
    They would ask me to advise them,
    Like a Solomon the Wise.
    “If you please, Reb Tevye…”
    “Pardon me, Reb Tevye…”
    Posing problems that would cross a rabbi’s eyes!
    And it won’t make one bit of difference if i answer right or wrong.
    When you’re rich, they think you really know!

  14. Admin, as always you are right on target. A very timely post.

    I was just talking to one of my oldest friends. He lives in California. Another gay guy and very much a conservative voice whereas I’m somewhere right of center. He believes all candidates except Trump are a lost cost. It is only a way of splitting the vote. It was always going to be about Bush/Clinton.

    He and I are also both of the opinion the blacklivesmatter crowd are not about race or black lives. They want/need a platform. The easiest platform to commandeer will always be the platform of your “ally.” HRC is being proactive in this respect by reaching out. A mistake. I honestly believe this will cost her in the long run. BLM and Al Sharpton will use her platform and attempt to hijack it for their own purposes.

    I honestly miss that straight talking gal [HRC] in the rain who had a message and, at the time, a sense of humor. She could carry her own damn umbrella, too.

  15. It is obvious that JEB is the anointed one. I always supposed the others are on show for the VP spot.

    JEB is an insult to the populous. To be stuffed down our throats like all the other crap. Puke. After what George Dubya did to this country, there is no excuse to put another stupid billy-bob in office. Hillary is not an offspring or a sibling of a dumb-dynasty. She was a First Lady that was part of a successful administration.

    I may have to register Republican for this primary.

  16. Trump has been uninvited to Red State Gatthering 15 allegedly, because of the following statement. Also, Carly Forina is pissed about it.

    TRUMP: Well, I just don’t respect her as a journalist, I have no respect for her. I don’t think she’s very good, I think she’s highly overrated. But when I came out there, you know — what am I doing? I’m not getting paid for this. I go out there, and they start saying this stuff [garbled]. But you know, I didn’t know there’d be 24 million people. I knew it was going to be a big crowd because I get crowds, I get ratings. They call me the ratings machine. So I have, you know, she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her … wherever. But in my opinion, she was off base.

    If the Repubs think they can convince anyone that this statement by Trump is the deal breaker – the reason they can’t accept him, they are dreaming. Anyone has only to listen to conservative radio or watch FOX to hear much more inflammatory, sexist comments about Hillary than this statement Donald made about Megan.
    None of the players raising hell about this comment actually give a rat’s ass about sexism. They seek to use women and the sexist treatment of women to their advantage when they. Do they actually give a damn? We all know the answer.

    Had they not already conspired against Trump, their expressed outrage might be more believable.

  17. honestly miss that straight talking gal [HRC] in the rain who had a message and, at the time, a sense of humor. She could carry her own damn umbrella, too.

    I do too, Rock. But, I’m not entirely convinced that she has gone for good. If so, many the moderates who voted for her in 2008 will turn against her with a vengeance, I’m afraid.

    18 million votes is a phenomenal number. 18 million voters stood with her against her opponent – the super-liberal Barack. 18 million people preferred her more moderate vision. 18 million people put 18 million cracks in that glass ceiling – for her. If she is the nominee, she may find that a few million of those voters no longer recognize her and a few million others are downright pissed about her transformation.

    At the VERY LEAST, she should try to offer the 18 million voters she was so proud of in 2008 (and rightly so) an explanation.

  18. Breaking newsflash: New scientific poll just out. It’s over for Trump. He can’t win. He won’t win. The debate was a disaster for Trump. People jumping out from the windows of Trump Tower in New York.

    New NBC News/Survey Monkey Poll: Donald Trump Still in the Lead After Debates

    If Donald Trump’s comments about Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly are hurting his standing in the Republican primary, it’s not showing in the numbers.

    According to the latest NBC News Online Poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, Trump is at the top of the list of GOP candidates that Republican primary voters would cast a ballot for if the primary were being held right now.

    The overnight poll was conducted for 24 hours from Friday evening into Saturday. During that period, Donald Trump stayed in the headlines due to his negative comments about Kelly and was dis-invited from a major conservative gathering in Atlanta.

    None of that stopped Trump from coming in at the top of the poll with 23 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz was next on the list with 13 percent.

    During the Fox News debate Thursday evening, Trump was the only Republican candidate to say he would not rule out a run as an independent candidate. According to this poll, that’s just fine with over half of his supporters. 54% of Trump supporters said they would vote for him for president, even if he didn’t win the GOP nomination. About one in five Trump supporters said they would switch and support the eventual Republican candidate.

    We would not be surprised if other polls show Trump took a hit on his favorables but considering the onslaught of attacks this particular poll has to be heartbreaking news in the GOP establishment whorehouses.

  19. Seriously, the propaganda is really thick out there, announcing DT’s demise. It is amazing. They really thought this thing with Megyn would work? I guess now they will blame her for not being a more believable victim.

  20. Important point: Kasich was always going to be the fallback plan. Soros said (and is on record as saying so) Kasich was the “only Republican he was afraid of.” Why would he tip his hand so far before the game started???

    If jebby (no capital J on purpose) does not work out, they will prop Kasich up. This is all Chamber of Commerce crap in conjunction with spooky dude, Soros, aka -“the last living original Nazi.”

    Honestly, I’m so sick of thinking in Alex-Jones-Infowars circles it makes my head spin. Unfortunately, such is politics today.

  21. Felix_the_Infidel, in the new scientific NBC poll Kasich’s numbers dropped. Kasich only got into the main debate because his timing of an announcement was very smart and gave him a boost in time to nudge the polls in his favor and knock off Perry.

    We know that the latest refrain is that a Kasich/Rubio ticket would be great because that would help out in the two must have states. This will happen only over Bush’s dead body. The GOP establishment wants Bush because he will give them Common Core and illegal immigration amnesty driven lower wages. It’s Bush or bust for the Chamber of Commerce.

  22. By the way, we’re not watching Fox News since Thursday. So we just keep watching the video of the Stump for Trump women. We’ve watched the video many times and cannot stop laughing. Our favorite is now the one with a blond patch of hair. When she echoes what her friend says (“you hit below the belt so go blow on this”), puffs her mouth to blow, and moves her hand in a downward motion to signal the direction Megyn Kelly is headed, we just crack up.

  23. I’ve watched it at least 10 times with tears running down my face.. my husband who happened to be sitting next to me was cracking up… they have others on their twitter feed. hilarious although they have a couple on hillary too.

  24. JtJames, every time we watch we focus on some different aspect of the performance. Watch just for the pony tail on the woman doing the talking as it moves all over the place. Hand placement. But our favorite is watching the one doing the responding during the call and response. They’re both great but our favorite is now the blondish one. It’s like watching an old Supremes youtube and not paying attention to Diana Ross but to Florence Ballard.

    The video might become our new favorite video. Our former favorite video? Remember this:

  25. OK. Jeb or bust then and if I go down I will go down cursing the C of C. I always swore I would never volunteer or donate again after HRC. Times they do change. I’ll get my 48 year old (very fit and muscular) ass back in gear. I shall stump for da Trump.

    And to the C of C, the population has the final say. In the immortal words of Al Bundy, “Let’s Rock.”

  26. admin
    August 9, 2015 at 8:45 pm
    Felix_the_Infidel, in the new scientific NBC poll Kasich’s numbers dropped. Kasich only got into the main debate because his timing of an announcement was very smart and gave him a boost in time to nudge the polls in his favor and knock off Perry.

    We know that the latest refrain is that a Kasich/Rubio ticket would be great because that would help out in the two must have states. This will happen only over Bush’s dead body. The GOP establishment wants Bush because he will give them Common Core and illegal immigration amnesty driven lower wages. It’s Bush or bust for the Chamber of Commerce.
    I see it differently.

    I see the same commitment to Bush that you do.

    But I do not think it is Bush or bust.

    I think they will be watching his numbers.

    If he remains viable they will back him.

    But if he drops below a certain threshold

    And the change candidate–Trump etc. remains high

    Then they will start pumping Kasich–Rubio as the back up.

    Because the alternative is to lose control of the party.

    At that point, Bush or bust will not be a viable strategy.

    Now, you may have some inside information that invalidates my assumption.

    But on the strength of what I can see as an outsider that is my best guess.

  27. I think back to that comment by Lemon on msnbc that a lot of people are excited by Rubio’s performance.

    The polls do not indicate that.

    So unless that is just bullshit, he must be talking about insiders.

    No matter how you cut it, Rubio ain’t presidential.

    But if the establishment gets its way he will almost certainly be the vice president.

    The establishment is fixated on Hispanic and the see him as a rainmaker.

  28. The best argument for change is this:

    The establishments of both parties see their own continuity as more important than the welfare of the country.

    That is a formula for national decline.

  29. Here’s my stupid Cruz supporter prediction:

    Trump won’t win a single delegate in a caucus or primary.

    I don’t know if Cruz will win any. He needs some things to break his way to have a chance and it is impossible to predict whether he’ll draw the right cards. One card fell his way this weekend as the son of arch-conservative Iowa kingmaker Steve King took a position with the Cruz SuperPac. The Iowa caucuses are dominated by extremists in both parties. For Cruz to have a chance, he needs to consolidate the extremist leaders. A second place finish to favorite son Walker, would be the kind of break he needs. Gonna be tough with his opposition to ethanol subsidies/mandates.

    If Jeb! doesn’t win the NH primary, he is in BIG trouble. Look at the calendar. There’s a lot of territory before Florida. The last candidate that tried the Florida strategy was President Giuliani.

    Don’t overlook the fact that the establishment candidate, Majority Leader Eric Cantor was the chosen candidate and got primaried out of office in purple state Virginia.

    I think admin’s analysis is way over-rating Jeb! and his position. It’s not even clear that he will beat Rubio and Kasich for the top Go-Along-to-get-along squish candidate. He has less support than Romney and doesn’t have the luxury of running against Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum.

  30. I’ve just started reading Admins great post:

    “They baited Trump on purpose to then try to evict him.” (From the debate)


    And the person that would recognize this tactic immediately, is Trump. He knew they were waiting to bring in the big hook, and kept tossing in bloody meat…but he didn’t take the bait.

    They underestimated Trump again, he is not a stupid man, and he knows how to keep the upper hand, even when being attacked.

    Bravo Donald.

  31. hwc
    August 9, 2015 at 11:58 pm
    Here’s my stupid Cruz supporter

    Well, you got that much right. You should have stopped there.

  32. hwc
    August 9, 2015 at 11:58 pm
    Here’s my stupid Cruz supporter prediction:

    I saved that for later use when you are proved wrong.
    your blind faith is blinding you.

    try to be the person you opened with on this blog…
    not the bot you have become.

  33. Rhetorical. Has Trump’s dust-up of Megyn changed media already? There might be a few signs. For instance this altho Paul Mulshine may always see things as he does here.

    As the Donald turns: Get past the hype and he’s one of the sole grown-ups on foreign policy

    You know you’ve got a problem on foreign policy when Donald Trump is one of the few adults in the room. That was the problem the Republican Party faced in those big debates last week. If you paid close attention to the candidates’ statements on foreign policy, then you had to notice that much of what the 17 candidates were saying was total gibberish snip
    “In July of 2004, I came out strongly against the war with Iraq, because it was going to destabilize the Middle East,” he said. “And I’m the only one on this stage that knew that and had the vision to say it. And that’s exactly what happened.”
    It is indeed. And the Donald predicted it in an interview with Esquire Magazine. 2004. snip

  34. Hwc
    WITH complete honesty I ask what is your goal. I dislike Cruz because of you. What do you hope to accomplish. You win no one over in fact you act like a 2008 bot. I dislike Cruz because of you.

  35. Cnn is saying Trump campaign is in turmoil. i am now addicted to saying fucking assholes. They have no data yet. Fucking assholes. Say it loud say it proud. Kinda fun picture Anderson Cooper in your head and vent fucking asshole.

  36. I as a rule do not swear I am the biggest fucking asshole I fucking know. I was a lit major in college way back in the 80’s. I find salty language unimaginative however since 2008 I can not find a phrase as perfect as fuck you. Sod off toss off blow me seem to nice.

  37. I have good reason to believe that much of the Trump strategy was originally planned to use against Cruz. They hate his guts. But being younger, poorer, less experienced and well known he has been kicked to the curb. It has had to be adjusted on the fly but overall it is the same strategy.

    If Fox planned to physically eject Trump then it is the beginning of the end for the network. If you plan to kill the king you better damn well succeed and they didn’t. CNN will now become The Trump Network and Fox’s rating will slide as will their ad revenue. I have already stopped watching it. My wife, who watched some of Kelly this weekend, said she was zipping between braggadocio, rationalizing, and begging. Murdoch essentially risked his beloved golden ratings princess as a human sacrifice to appease the Republican globalist god. Kind of like that guy in Game of Thrones who burnt his daughter. That is how little she is worth in his schemes.

  38. Admin…fyi…here is the clip of omarosa and katrina speaking on DT’s behalf


    for the record I love the ‘Stump for Trump’ girls…their names are…Lynette Hardway, she does most of the talking and Rochelle Richardson, who actually changes her hairdo depending on the clip…

    they are pulsating with reality…and so much fun…


    also, FYI to all trump friends here…DT was all over the morning shows this Monday am and he was strong in his denial that he was talking about MK’s hormones and called people who said so deviants, etc

    he was on Morning Joe and pushed back hard, made some general policy comments and basically is having fun and ready to go “full speed ahead”

    I think The Donald is preparing some much more detailed policy info that he is holding back for the right time to expose…

    and frankly that is smart…if he gets caught in another debate like Fox, the guy is stuck there having to listen to everyone repeat what he has been saying for months, and in some cases years…

    so why should he lay all his cards on the table…he’s foxy…

  39. btw…besides all the obvious things we have said about what the moderators and Fox and the national media was trying to do to DT…

    the other thing not mentioned is that this was also all contrived to deny and strip DT of any good soundbites for the after debate discussion/analysis

    ie…currently you will see clips of Carly, Rubio, etc “appearing” to sound fluid and smart…obviously if Donald does not get those questions, DT cannot answer and have them to be replayed during post debate discussion

    the whole thing was a set up to take him out…even his critics are admitting it…

    and before I forget…Admin…that info you shared about Brett Bair being ready to have DT escorted out…WOW! these people are really playing a dangerous game and they will get burnt…

    last thing…How come none of the moderators did not ask if DT is the repub candidate will you support DT? (it’s rhetorical, we all know why)

  40. I have not watched the orgy at Red State celebrating their belief that they have slain the dragon, so now their fine stable of candidates can listen in awe as their horses (pronounced whores) can pledge their allegiance to the flag, talk about how terrible Obama is (never mentioning that their party secretly colluded with him), bashing Hillary, and proclaiming on high that they will lead this lead all of us to the promised land.

    Well, we may never have believed that fantasy. But we did take them at their word that if we gave them the House in 2012. and the Senate as well in 2014 that things would be different.

    They lied.

    Not once. Twice.

    That being the case, if they were honest with themselves, which they are not, they would see Trump as a symptom of what ails them, their party, and the country. Whether or not he can solve those problems is a separate issue. But recent history has shown what thing beyond cavil: the political class cannot solve the problems. On the contrary, they exploit them for financial gain.

    And so, as they convene in Atlanta, trash Trump, and imagine that it is now “their turn” to rule, that betrayal is the ghost of Christmases to come. Trust is the thing. And they can never again be trusted. We have seen the elephant.

  41. The Republicans set up an chaotic obstacle course of chutes and ladders in the primaries and convention. The huge number of candidates (who have been encouraged to run-Santorum? Really? Gilmore who?) was to fool the rubes and make a mob running the course providing entertainment and carefully choreographed air fill time and cheesy public events like that Red State shit. Trot out old Jeb the slow and unattractive (sans troll-like wife) strategically to mouth mush and appear Churchillian by comparison to the chaos. And he lost the enchilada weight as ordered so he doesn’t appear quite as Lehman Bros fat-cat (literally and figuratively).

    Trump has turned this scheme upside down. Or inverted it. But Obama did his part too by accelerating the illegal horde in the past few years and making a complete hash of it. What would Jesus do for the gangbangers? and the embarrassingly incompetent DOJ getting kicked by a governor from Texas (in a wheelchair!) in court did not settle it and it is not time to move on as the Republicans presumed and counted on. Oh yes. The Dems made sure in 2008 that Hillary would always be thought of as a racist by blacks. They won’t vote for her in any great number. Or Bernie. Or anyone not black probably at this point in time. But Trump? He is not a Republican Republican. And the Dems and Repubs chasing Hispanics? The Hispanic strategy was made for Jeb or the other way around. And Hillary (or any Dem) too to some extent. They are Trumped again. Blacks and working class whites voting for the same guy? In Republican primaries? Tom Donahue is screaming NO NO NO.

  42. I think, strike that, I hope the base is smart enough to realize that McConnell and Boehner are not some aberration. They are the Republican Party. If I were advising Hillary at this stage, I would encourage her minions to seed that idea in all the right venues–not only can the Republican Party not be trusted to serve the country. They cannot even be trusted to serve their own rank and file–the people who vote for them because they believe in them. That is not an endorsement, merely an observation. I am convinced that the two party system is a duopoly which serves the elites and not the country. If I am right then that duopoly must be broken. If that cannot be done from within, through a candidate like Trump, then it must be done from the outside through a third party. And when the Republican loyalist step forward and say, oh my god, you are handing the election to the democrats, I would say, in the short term, perhaps. But in the long run, I am creating real competition in lieu of your Potemkin village/Ponzi scheme.

  43. btw…re: redstate event…Ben Carson and John Kaisch were not even invited, besides DT get disinvited…and they only had @ 800 people and evidently some left in protest to DT being cancelled

    …so much for free speech with the repub establishment (Erickson is a contributor on Fox…so this “fix” was really purposely constructed)

  44. Mormaer
    August 10, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Failure theater and cuckservative is all they have to offer.

    There are certain movies which are made for credulous children.

    But there comes a point where children grow up

    And realize that the same fairy that is putting a dime on their pillow

    Is stealing a dollar from their piggy bank, while pretending to be Reagan

    I noticed an article at Red State blog this morning

    It ranks the candidates by a color coded scheme, similar to Homeland Security

    This gives their self serving opinions a pseudo scientific patina

    Donald gets a red, which ingratiates the writer to fat Erickson

    Bush gets a yellow, which is probative, on more than one level

    Marco the red gets a sold green, Cruz a paler shade of that color because the party is spineless

    But if you consider the trust factor and filter out this junk science

    The verdict for all of them except for Trump would be: NO SALE.


  45. I love it, I am in Austin and the morning radio show 95% of the calls are in support of Trump, including mine. I actually got more air time then usual thanks to all the great info available on this great site!

    Austin, an ultra liberal sanctuary city..LMAO!!!

  46. only had @ 800 people

    That will not pay the bills.

    Besides, most of them were lobbyists, and celebrities who were comped.

    So the speech of a candidate might go something like this:

    “It is an honor and a privilege to be here with all of you. You are the ones who represent the best our country has to offer. (Applause)

    You are the conscience of the country. You hold Hillary and Obama accountable. (Boos)

    And, when we make an unforced error, once in a blue moon, you tell us so. (Applause)

    When pudgy Eric invited me to the first Red State event seven years ago, I came.

    Other candidates, some of them here tonight, did not, but I did.

    And when I stood at this podium seven long years ago, and peered out into the audience.

    There were only 798 people in attendance.

    Whereas today, seven years later, there are a robust, bustling 800 *&%$#

    The teleprompter must have got that wrong.

    I expect Hillary had something to do with this. (Gales of laughter and applause)

    Caption to read: Red State–where the blind lead the blind, hoping the voters are stupid enough to follow.

  47. oohrah gonzotx!
    1. There’s some kind of tiff between Breitbart and Beck. NolteNC is tweeting some about it. I don’t get it but maybe some here know or would like to.
    2. This, just because Obama is the most worthless POS evah. And there’s
    Another bigger than expected oops for Obama

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Anger was mounting Monday at the federal Environmental Protection Agency over the massive spill of millions of gallons of toxic sludge from a Colorado gold mine that has already fouled three major waterways and may be three times bigger than originally reported.
    “They are not going to get away with this,” said Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation, which intends to sue the EPA.
    Visible from the air, the toxic slick prompted EPA Region 8 administrator Shaun McGrath to acknowledge the possibility of long-term damage from toxic metals.
    The toxic waste passed through Colorado’s San Juan County on Saturday, heading west. People living along the Animas and San Juan river were advised to have their water tested before using it for cooking, drinking or bathing. That was expected to cause major problems for farmers and ranchers, who require large quantities of water from the river for their livelihoods.

  48. Before anyone tells you to vote Republican you need to ask them why should we trust them.

    We trusted them in 2008 and 2014. Each time, they betrayed us, and then covered it up.

    As Einstein said: insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    Or as an old crustacean business agent told me one time: I may be dumb, but I am not stupid.

  49. …sure enough we knew it was coming…besides our Stump for Trump girls…

    now “Women for Trump’ are out and about and on cable tv supporting DT…

    they are turning it around and saying they were furious and they were seeing blood over the way DT was treated at the debate…

  50. just thinking…all the repub establishment falling over themselves to outdo the insults they are hurling at DT…

    what are they going to do if:

    Donald wins NH
    Donald wins Iowa
    Donald wins SC
    Donald wins Georgia

    and the big enchilada…what if Donald wins Florida (could happen)

    then what…do they all fall in love with him and start singing his praises and say they were “just kidding”…

    if the voters vote for him, including dems and indep that will cross over and vote for him…are they going to continue to trash talk their front runner and keep saying he can’t win…

    they will look like idiots…

  51. I must be masochistic, because I keep reading and reacting to this stuff.

    Well . . . away we go.

    The RINO position is clear: the problem is not us–its Trump.

    Their message is not getting out because of him.

    This assumes: a. they have a message, and b. anyone with common sense wants to hear it.

    Lets deal with the problem per stipes–by the roots.

    Aristotle told us that the key to persuasion is ethos, pathos, logos.

    First, you must instill a sense of trust in your target audience.

    They must believe you are competent, have their interests in mind and are not lying to them.

    Unless and until you can do that, you cannot persuade them through emotions (pathos) and logic (logos).

    Your arguments, your message, etc. will fall on deaf ears.

    As well it should.

    The public resistance to the Republican Party has nothing to do with the other party, or with Trump.

    It has a lot to do with the current state of the economy and the nation.

    And it has EVERYTHING to do with their breaking of a solemn promise to stop Obama.

    It therefore follows that even though we do have existential problem, they have proven by their actions that they are not the solution.

  52. If Fox planned to physically eject Trump then it is the beginning of the end for the network. If you plan to kill the king you better damn well succeed and they didn’t. CNN will now become The Trump Network and Fox’s rating will slide as will their ad revenue. I have already stopped

    Me too. HLN for now. 🙂

  53. The Donald stikes again…Ailes calls Trump declares Truce and Fair Treatment


    Donald Trump and the president of the Fox News Channel have called a truce, judging from a tweet the billionaire blasted out late Monday morning, following more than four days of post-debate wrangling over how the network’s anchors treated him last Thursday.

    ‘Roger Ailes just called,’ Trump tweeted. ‘He is a great guy & assures me that “Trump” will be treated fairly on @FoxNews. His word is always good!’

    The end to hostilities between the real estate tycoon and the biggest name in cable news came just hours after Trump said on a rival network that debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly owed him an apology for the questions she asked him during the Cleveland, Ohio debate.

    And on Sunday Trump gave ratings-popping phone interviews to every major network with a weekend political talk show – except Fox.

    ‘It amazes me that other networks seem to treat me so much better than @FoxNews,’ he tweeted hours later. ‘I brought them the biggest ratings in history [in the debate], & I get zip!’

  54. The RINO position is clear: the problem is not us–its Trump.

    Their message is not getting out because of him.

    This assumes: a. they have a message, and b. anyone with common sense wants to hear it.

    Remarkably similar to the Dim “we have to communicate X better”

  55. Of course, nothing like the turnout at Bernie Sanders events, but it looks like Cruz is drawing nice little crowds at every stop on his bus tour of the SEC states. So far, after the Red State gathering:

    Newnan, GA
    Columbus GA
    Pelham AL
    Huntsville AL
    Chattanooga AL

    He did Charleston SC and Savannah GA before Red State in Atlanta. He’s hitting the March 1 SEC primary states.

  56. S
    August 10, 2015 at 12:59 pm
    Which suggests my original theory about this was right.

    The character assassination of Trump was not Roger Ailes idea.

    And seeing the reaction of the public

    Kelly being trashed, Fox being condemned—

    By their own audience

    Who are now watching Trump perform on a rival network

    Who is egging him on–not that he needs more encouragement–in condemning FOX

    In the grand scheme of things, they have more to lose in this fight than he does

    And even though Mudock had an article in the Op-Ed page of WSJ

    Claiming that conservatives who supporter Trump are now embarrassed

    I will call that bet and raise double it that the conservatives who underestimated him

    Are mortified

  57. Its always a bad poker play when the guy you are trying to force out of the game calls your bluff

    FOX is now in a much weaker position than before

    And the have only themselves to blame

    Bad strategy

    Bad execution

    Failure to keep Kelly under control

  58. She could have come off as a competent journalist, but she let her ego–and personal dislike for Donald get in the way.

    Passion was lord of reason.

    Does she understand her mistake.

    No. She’s not smart enough to get it.

  59. S, thanks for the “Reliable Sources” video. We embedded it within your comment. Here it is

    Still shocking that an “apprentice” from a reality TV show has more substance, credibility, and uncommon good sense than all the well paid Big Media “personalities.”

  60. And their folly was then compounded by that bumbling Erickson, who, to use his imperious term dis-invited Trump and invited Kelly to his 800 strong confab, and said he did not want his daughter exposed to Trump. Being his daughter, I am reasonably certain that she is home schooled, reads the Bible by candle light etc. Bad strategy. Poor execution, doth not success make. They are the precursor of a flag of truce. If Donald wants to really push the envelope he should make them make Kelly be fair to him. She would sooner resign.

  61. I wish Trump had told Ailes: Roger, I know this was not your decision, and whatever happens you and I will remain friends. But why why why does the Megan Kelly network want a truce? Is it because they are running out of ammunition???

  62. They look down on us you know. The elites I mean. The source of the problem is clear. They want business as usual. We want solutions. In their book, that makes us stupid. In our book, that makes them the enemy.

  63. Update: Peace in our time: Fox News reportedly in talks with Trump for interview in primetime tonight. Peace through strength!

    Why will Fox News capitulate to The Donald? Because tens of thousands of Fox News viewers are boycotting the network. Because tens of thousands of Meggyn Kelly fans are blasting her on her very own Facebook page. Because the Trump interview which drew BLOOD was on CNN opposite Meggyn’s show. Because Trump has the drawing power to hurt Fox News if he continues to target Fox News prime time by going on CNN (which incidentally will host the next debate so Trump getting eyeballs to CNN, building up his CNN cred, and hurting egg-on-her-face Meggyn is triple Trumpnado).

    There is also this which proves the Fox News fail and the Trump Triumph: Holy Guacamole Batman! New sciency poll out:

    Donald Trump’s lead over his Republican presidential rivals grew substantially in the days following the first GOP debate and his controversial comments about moderator Megyn Kelly.

    Trump’s support increased by 7 points, to 32 percent, according to the latest Morning Consult tracking poll.

    The real estate mogul’s closest rival — former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — lost 1 point, down to 11 percent support among self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

    Support for all other candidates was in the single digits in the poll.


  64. What is really cool about Donald is he puts himself out there, and takes the hits, an returns the volley. He is not the sort of guy who gets shot, climbs on his horse, and rides into the sunset, like the closing in the movie Shane. On the contrary, he is the quintessential survivor, and he says to FOX take your best shot, and I will be back with a bigger show than you have, I will march into your competitors offices, and I will turn the tables on you, faster than you can say Megan Kelly. As John Paul Jones told the British captain from the flaming deck of the Bonhome Richard–surrender? I have not yet begun to fight!

  65. How quickly the worm turns. I wonder if Fox and other networks get ratings reports from cable companies on a daily basis along with Nielsen reports. Something scared the crap out of them quickly. I cannot imagine emails and phone calls alone would do that.

    You know, for the first time in 8 fricking years I’m starting to feel like there might be hope after all.

  66. Memorandum

    From: Donald J Trump

    To: FOX News

    Subject: your offer of truce

    Dear Sir,

    As the author of The Art of The Deal, I am intrigued by your offer.

    You want a truce.

    After I have given you the highest ratings in your history.

    And you have tried to destroy me for it.

    The equation does not balance.

    A standstill deal now would freeze the status quo.

    That is unacceptable.

    The damage you have done to me is done.

    The damage I will do to you is only beginning.

  67. Update II: Morning Consult poll: Trump’s lead grows after GOP debate to 32 percent, now ahead by more than 20 points. Trigger warning: check out the chart at the link. Meggyn Kelly has Frank Luntz egg all over her.

    Triple Trumpnado? Trump’s popularity continues to climb as PPP’s newest Iowa poll finds Donald Trump leading the Republican field in the state even after a weekend of controversy. Trump at 19%, Bush at 11%, and as we write below, the losers don’t matter in this fixed wrestling match. Then there’s this Exclusive: Trump’s Republican support holds strong post-debate – Reuters/Ipsos poll. Drudge was right, Luntz was wrong, Fox News and GOP establishment busy with plots and schemes to push Bush.

    Hillary2016 better learn from Trump and worry. Bush v. Hillary means Hillary wins. Hillary v. Trump? All bets are off.


  68. wbboei
    August 10, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    FOX is now in a much weaker position than before

    Kelly is a Murdoch creature rather than Ailes. All of the network office politics shifted overnight. Now they have to prop her up or let her drift off into the atmosphere. Who at Fox wants her time slot and salary? She should have thought of that before she listened to Uncle Rupert prepping her as the tip of the flying wedge to take out Trump. You really think you are shield maiden? He bet YOUR career not his. Now that fat sweating f— Erickson is on Cavuto trying to explain himself before his career is over too. It is wheedle and rehab day on Fox! Back to the Weather Channel. It’s 105.

  69. Trumpnado…exactly, Admin.
    I haven’t had this much fun in politics. ..well, forever.

    Dear God, Ci hope the American people mean it…

    We’re tired of the shit and we’re not taking it anymore.
    The Donald…who would have thought!

  70. Admin…thanks for the embed…sometimes i can do it and sometime it does not work….I try…isn’t it just copy the url and paste it here?

  71. wbboei

    August 10, 2015 at 3:06 pm


    Wbboei…when you think about it, The Donald is giving everyone a lesson and schooling his opposition in his ‘art of the deal” or real ‘hardball’…he makes Chris Matthews look like a souffle that has collapsed…

    people should think…maybe all this bluster is method to his successful madness…

  72. Admin…

    You said: Peace through Strength

    The Donald says Ailes has called and DT will take him at his word and there will be a truce but first DT will take a snap! (slap) at Megyan Kelly and say “she should be apologizing to him”…

    …not that she needs it with the real done and dirty abuse she is getting on twitter…and then there is her sex talk with unabashedly sexist Howard Stern getting play…

    oh boy…

  73. what the hell is going on in that WH?

    Barvetta Singletary, a Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and House Legislative Affairs Liaison, was arrested and charged with domestic violence over the weekend after allegedly firing a gun in the direction of her boyfriend, who serves as a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

    NBC Washington reported Monday:

    According to charging documents, Barvetta Singletary sent her boyfriend a text on Friday, asking him to come to her Upper Marlboro home for sex. After they had sex, Singletary confronted her boyfriend about other woman he was dating.

    Investigators say Singletary asked her boyfriend to step outside, and they both went to his car. Once inside the car, police say Singletary asked to see her boyfriend’s cellphones. When he refused, Singletary reached into his bag and retrieved two cell phones and the victim’s .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon, charging documents state.

    Singletary ran back into her home and the victim followed, pleading with her to return his weapon.

    Police say Singletary demanded that the victim give her the passwords to the phones, but he refused.

    Singletary then pulled the gun out of its holster, pointed it at the victim and said, “You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,” the arrest warrant said.

    When the victim again refused to give her the passwords, Singletary said, “Your phone is more important than me holding the gun on you.”

    Police say Singletary pointed the gun in the victim’s direction and fired one round.
    Fearing for his life, the victim ran away from the home. The victim told police he saw Singletary wipe the gun down with a towel. He then called 911.

    Singletary has reportedly been placed on unpaid leave and had her access to the White House revoked. Before joining the White House staff, she worked as Policy Director for the Office of the Assistant Democratic Leader, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC).

    NBC published Singletary’s mugshot below:

  74. S
    August 10, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    Fox buckled over the weekend. The blowback was BAD. Ailes not a happy camper.
    “In recent days, Ailes got a glimpse of what a Trump-less Fox News would look like. On Sunday, Trump called in to the four other public-affairs shows; this morning he gave interviews to Today and Morning Joe. Inside Fox, this was alarming. “This thing with Megyn got way ahead of Roger and bigger than he must have thought,” one Fox personality said. “Roger wants this to blow over,” another source added. “He’s upset that conservatives are mad at Fox.” Online, Ailes also took flak. Both the Drudge Report and Breitbart News carried pro-Trump headlines.” Dumbass.

  75. @Mormaer, great comments.

    That is the video of the crazy BLM women trying to chew off the head of the organizer (there were other videos on here but this one has a good angle on the two crazy women). Now, with things like this going on, why would people want to vote for the Democratic party knowing that they are the party who would coddle to these angry minions? BTW, I find that video extremely disturbing.

  76. Mormaer, here’s more:

    This morning, Trump tweeted that Ailes called to assure him that Fox will cover him “fairly” going forward. According to two high-level Fox sources, Ailes’s diplomacy was the result of increasing concern inside Fox News that Trump could damage the network. Immediately following Thursday’s debate, Fox was deluged with pro-Trump emails. The chatter on Twitter was equally in Trump’s favor. “In the beginning, virtually 100 percent of the emails were against Megyn Kelly,” one Fox source, who was briefed on the situation, told me. “Roger was not happy. Most of the Fox viewers were taking Trump’s side.”

    Things got worse for Ailes over the weekend. In a phone conversation, Trump told Sean Hannity that “he was never doing Fox again,” according to one person with knowledge of the call. The anti-Kelly emails, and threat of a boycott by Trump, seem to have pushed Ailes to defuse the war. One Fox personality told me that Fox producers gave instructions to tell in-house talent not to bring up Trump’s controversial comments that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” during the debate. According to one count, Fox only aired Trump’s comment once since Friday, while CNN mentioned it at least 50 times.

    This is how you fight and win. Trump knows how to fight. Is anyone in Brooklyn Hillary2016 learning from any of this?

  77. Even the venerable John Kass got it wrong..

    Death blow from Fox News’
    Megyn Kelly
    already taking effect on Trump

    Chicago Tribune ^
    | aug 9 2015 |
    John Kass

  78. S
    August 10, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    August 10, 2015 at 3:06 pm


    Wbboei…when you think about it, The Donald is giving everyone a lesson and schooling his opposition in his ‘art of the deal” or real ‘hardball’…he makes Chris Matthews look like a souffle that has collapsed…

    S: what a wonderful visual. Matthews does wear his heart on his sleeve. Or, better still, his collapsed souffle.

  79. Death blow from Fox News’
    Megyn Kelly
    already taking effect on Trump

    Chicago Tribune ^
    | aug 9 2015 |
    John Kass
    The perils of incest and group thing are on full display with big media on this auspicious occasion.

  80. admin
    August 10, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    This how you pull off a coup without firing a shot. We’ll see if Fox stays coup’ed. Murdoch must be surrounded by flunkies and yes men and/or Ailes let him step on his own (*@$. Again Ailes and Trump risked little with this Murdoch led debate stunt. Both acted/talked like they did (Trump is skeered of Kelly) but in reality they risked little if it went the other way but the rewards of it backfiring on Murdoch were YUGE! Brilliant risk assessment by both The Donald and Ailes. They both are in the catbird seat.

  81. Chris Matthrews’ wife is running for congress in my district (for the seat held by that bastard Van Hollen who is running for Mikulski’s senate seat). Democratic media + politics, it is like incest.

  82. the tweets that i saw towards MK were brutal…she is getting the ‘Sarah Palin’ treatment in terms of the graphic words being hurled at her, if you know what I mean

    bet that shrewd smile she had with that dagger glare are not so self assured right about now…



    August 10, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    pm317…totally agree…those women were hysterical…if they keep this up they are going to sink the Dems for sure…they made BS look limp and foolish…

  83. It isn’t the getting it wrong part that should bother them. To err is human, etc. Its the failure to ask the right questions that is problematic, starting with what if this taken down of Trump does not work? Is he the kind of guy who will go gently into that good night? What can he do to retaliate?? Who are his potential allies??? What can he and they do to us in combination to undermine the business model which we have constructed successfully over the past thirty years. Its like Lee J Cobb in that movie I posted a couple nights ago trying to talk his friend off the ledge–we’ve got a valley of sweet grass, money in the bank, and we’ve worked thirty to get it. I don’t want to risk all this over some dumb gun play, etc.

  84. Matthews, of course, is the wife of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews; she’s looking to succeed Van Hollen, who’s running for the Senate seat of the retiring Barbara Mikulski. Matthews is tapping her resource of influential Washingtonians: She and Chris were spotted Monday night on a double date with former Sen. Tom Daschle and his wife, Linda, both lobbyists, at BlackSalt, the rustic-chic Palisades neighborhood restaurant that’s the preferred hangout of a certain middle-aged power set.

    Read more:

  85. the worst part of what the moderators did to Trump beyond trying to take him out, etc was that they tried to make a fool out of him…

    in street talk they tried to “diss” him…disrespect him and let him stand there looking like a fool

    maybe they will ALL now know better for the next time…don’t mess with the man’s pride (especially with 24 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHING)…i watched a bit of Bret Beir tonight and imho he seemed humbled by this experience…one can imagine what is going on behind the scene…

  86. Mormaer, as one of the updates states, Trump building up CNN was a masterstroke. This has to worry Ailes. Trump knows it will help him to have a big audience on CNN in the next debate while at the same time teaching a lesson to Big Media types not to cross him. If Trump can cow Fox News, CNN MSNBC will tread carefully with personal type attacks against Trump.

  87. S, Bret is a good guy. I will watch Kelly to see what she will do. My hubby is predicting she won’t be there tonight. We will see. I must say in our house, we are surprised by Trump’s good fortune and this is the kind of thing you need for such monumental prospects like the presidency. We only have to look at the current occupant to see how that goes. We will see how far Trump will go.

  88. This how you pull off a coup without firing a shot. We’ll see if Fox stays coup’ed. Murdoch must be surrounded by flunkies and yes men

    The stall fed existence of the corporate world does this to people.

  89. Agree, Trump is playing this masterfully. Unlike a career politician, he has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

  90. Boy the knives are STILL out on FOX ………all the handwringing of GOP announcing the dance was OVER. HAHA they are so pathetic, they are practically CRYING now! OMG poor Bushie is not going to just CRUZE to the WH and by God they have to try to keel the messenger of what American wants to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stone was just on CNN and he said that he’s still a Trump loyalist

    Hastag #YUGE

    hehe .. this could have been a media ploy to get him on the newspanels to annouce that the Donald does INDEED have plans of his OWN an ideas of his own

    Stone did NOT act liek someone fired or angry or upset!!! Quite the opposite

  91. Tony Stark
    August 10, 2015 at 7:48 pm
    Calling Trump “outrageous” is a compliment to him. It sounds like she was asked and gave them some mush. I posted my opinion on her FB page where she also made a mushy comment of disapproval.

  92. Tony Stark
    August 10, 2015 at 7:48 pm
    Someone tell me why Hillary is butting in and picking the losing side?
    The why of it is not hard to figure out: the war on women, which is a cornerstone of her candidacy.

    But the point you are making is more pertinent: why weigh in on this, after the tide has shifted.

    Surely we can find better examples, than wander into that hail storm.

    Since Einstein is dead, we will have to do the next best thing and ask Robbie Mooks.

  93. wbboei
    August 10, 2015 at 7:52 pm
    I saw that article. I hope the author realizes what an ass he made of himself.

    He got Trumped.

  94. I must say I am enjoying Trumps campaign immensely. I even turned on Fox news to hear the ugly penguins sour grapes and had me a big LMAO.

    If you have ever seen the diversity film on penguins and peacocks, you can see that this bunch got totally blindsided by a big bad peacock and absolutely do not know how to handle it.

  95. @admin, Jeb is more his dad’s son than W. I said that during the debate. I was surprised to see how dull and boring he is — even his dad had better stage presence than he did.

  96. JUST HOURS AFTER a deal allowing the US to use Turkey’s air bases to launch sorties against ISIS, the country launched a massive airstrike against a Kurdish militant group on its own on ten minutes notice, leaving American military leaders surprised and outraged.
    If this is smart power according to Obama, Rice, Power, et. al. I would hate to see what dumb power looks like. Thanks to Obama, we’ve got no street cred with allies or adversaries.

  97. This Trump thing will take on even more of a life of its own that is visible now.

    Let me give you one little example. Tom Browkaw has a hissy fit every time the name Bill O’Reilly comes up. You can count on him to get red in the face, to sputter, and decry the fact that people think that O’Reilly is a journalist. Of course the same thing can be said about Browkaw, but that is beside the point. What is pertinent however is that O’Reilly laughs at this and prods the bear with a stick. Well Meagan, who sticks her tongue out at everyone, had given given Browkaw the key to the cage so he can get out and go after FOX. Its not just a shot in the arm for their sagging market share, its an opportunity to put FOX in its place,and to control the course of the Republican debate. Stop and think about that one for a second. FOX which is the media masthead for the Republican Party has managed to lose control of the Republican debate to unabashedly democrat networks, who will be nice to Donald for now, and turn on him later if he wins the nomination. From king maker to spectator in one evening. I don’t think they have ever been in that position before.

  98. Miss Kelly is defiant.

    She needs to amplify her comments with a gesture.

    She could stick out her tongue to amplify her facial expressions.

    And she could say Donald is worse than Fuckabee.

    Which is her pet name that old shoe Mike Huckabee.

  99. I think it is that old freak Roger Stone. The dirty trickster. And dirty everything else too. Now they need to spray the set with bleach.

  100. Looks like she has quite a bit of support inside Fox still to adopt the defiant posture she displayed. Maybe if people start to punish her affecting her ratings, maybe she will change.

  101. and yes she is probably blowing some of the big whigs at Faux news .. how do you think she landed in prime time
    She is NOT that good
    A little taste of fame has gone to her head

  102. dot48, I hear you..FYI, we changed channels after she said her piece, (my hubby does not like her and I didn’t like her tone and demeanor either tonight — a little humility would have gone a long way). This time around, I don’t have a dog in this fight (in this presidential race) — so it is liberating to not invest in any one person and then fret about their welfare. Everybody makes their own luck and let the chips fall where they may.

  103. Donald Trump is a “cancer”. Those attacks worked real well.

    Rick Perry is no longer paying his presidential-campaign team in South Carolina, and reportedly is not doing so anywhere else in the country either. [snip]

    “Jeff Miller, Perry’s national campaign manager, told campaign staff on Friday that the only expenses moving forward would be for travel, a source close to Perry’s campaign told CBS News.”

    Perry has given staffers the approval to seek paying jobs elsewhere, CBS reported.

    Who’s next?

  104. Perry…one down


    the Donald will get stronger and stronger on his own terms…

    it is call “thw Boss” or a leader…(let’s) get used to it..

  105. What Donald has done here is unprecedented.

    He shut down a major attack against him by a major media outlet

    And not just any network

    But the network that had the inside track on influencing the nomination process

    A network with the power to decide who lives and who dies

    This is not sanskrit–it is what you must do when your opponent has that kind of leverage

    You must assess where they are weak, and you must recruit allies who have reasons of their own to bring down your adversary.

    Then you must go for the throat

    Admin is right that Hillary could learn from this experience

    The operative word, of course, is could

    Victor Davis Hanson’s article today lays out the factors which are holding her back.

  106. and frankly that is smart…if he gets caught in another debate like Fox, the guy is stuck there having to listen to everyone repeat what he has been saying for months

    Absolutely. I’ve already heard a couple of them starting to say what Trump is saying. That’s the last thing we need, politicians doing their political thing, saying what people want to hear just to get elected, never to be followed up on.

    I heard Ann Coulter tonight (who appears to support Trump b/c she’s big on the immigration issue) saying the republicans should listen to Trump and get on the immigration train (not in those exact words). But they’ll just lie, they won’t mean it, so why encourage them?

    It’s kind of like the 2008 debates, letting Obama speak after Hillary, then basically saying, “yeah, what SHE said”. Let those other candidates be judged by their own ideas, not their manipulation of the voters.

  107. In 2008 the DNC/RBC decided *they* were the party, not the actual constituents/voters. Now the RNC is trying to do it to the republicans.

    I’m so tired of these rich politicians thinking *they* are the party. I can’t see anything but Trump that has a chance to MAKE them see that the people are the party. The party politicians are NOT the party. People get to decide who the candidates are, and who wins.

  108. One of the comments on the Morning Consult link above – a joke – I have to admit I laughed lol

    Lighten up

    So I finally landed a job as a Wal-Mart greeter, which is a good find for many retirees, unfortunately I lasted less than a day.

    About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. Per my greeter training manual I said pleasantly, “Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart.” “Nice children you have there. Are they twins?”

    The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, “Hell no, they ain’t twins. The oldest one is 9, and the other one is 7. Why the hell would you think they’re twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?”
    So I replied, “I’m neither blind nor stupid, madam. I just couldn’t believe someone slept with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.”

    My supervisor said I probably wasn’t cut out for this line of work.

    Schadenfreude on August 10, 2015 at 7:40 PM

  109. How different from the conventional republican strategy which lives in mortal fear of the press

    And tries, in every fiber in their being, to come across as nice.

    Nice people are nice.

    But no one is that nice.

    If they are, then they have a serious personality disorder.

    But this assumes their goal is to win.

    And that is naive on my part.

    The goal of Republican strategists is simple and straigtforward:

    To fleece their donors.

    For example, there’s Romney strategist Ed Gilespee.

    He had a fine election in 2012.

    Sure nuff his candidate lost.

    But he collected a cool $36 million in fees.

    Now I ask you, if you were Ed Gillespee, which is more important.

    And I have no doubt that Ed was telling everyone Donald is done.

  110. I heard Ann Coulter tonight (who appears to support Trump b/c she’s big on the immigration issue) saying the republicans should listen to Trump and get on the immigration train (not in those exact words).
    I think the world of Ann.

    She is fearless, just like Trump.

    You only go around this life once.

    Fear is not just bad form.

    It prevents you from achieving something you can be proud of.

    Something beyond material wealth which is the godhead of the babbits.

  111. S
    August 10, 2015 at 10:45 pm
    Perry…one down

    Now that is a big relief.

    He no longer needs to look studious.

    He can remove those horn rimmed glasses.

    Yesterday there were 17 suspects.

    Today there are but 16.

    A Poirot mystery?


    But I’m a guess’n that Agatha Christie has a hand in it.

  112. Lorac, these two ladies get it. Our new favorite political pundits:

    Full transcript:

    May 31, 2013, Erick Ericson was on the Kelly File and this is what happened: “He had a near meltdown about a study which shows more women than ever were the sole or pirimary breadwinners in their households, they agreed that it signalled a terrible new trend for civilization itself. Erickson even brought the animal Kingdom up, saying , ‘when you look at biology, at the natural world, at the male and female in society, at other animals and the male typically is the dominant role.'”

    So that is very offensive, it almost sounds sexist, so what I would like to know, Erick, do you think that women should lay on their backs while men go out and earn money? Just lay on their backs and have babies? Because the comment that you said sounds very sexist to me. You took Donald Trump’s comment out of context, so perhaps you should have inunivited your own self instead of mess with Donald Trump.

    And this whole thing seems so biased to me, it is very biased, I don’t understand. This does not have anything to do with Donald Trump. This is about Megyn Kelly, and in front of 25 million people, she had the opportunity to unite the GOP, to unite the people that wanted to be a part of the party, but what she did was she divided us.

    She did not give him a chance to say what he would do for this country. How he could make America great, how he could secure the border. She didn’t give him a chance to do that, she severely divided all of us. And she owes us an apology. She assassinated his chatacter, on national TV, in front of 25 million people, so if [the Republican] party is divided, it is because of Megyn Kelly and Erick Erickson.

    How is it that you could uninvite someone to the party, who belongs to the party, what about us?

    We’re trying to transition into the party. Are you going to uninvite us, Erick? We need to talk to you, we need to see where you lay when it comes to womens issues, we will be reaching out to you because we want you here on this show.

    Let me tell you how Donald unites, the party wants to act like he doesn’t unite people. Listen: He’s puling in Democrats, he’s pulling in independents, that is how he is uniting the party. So why the hell would you all uninvite him to an event that would have appealed to conservatives? And he’s #1 in the polls.

    The GOP stands for Grand Old Party, I would love to change it to “Game On Pause.”

    It is time for y’all to pause your game. All the biases you are trying to do on Donald Trump, the manipulation, how you’re trying to manipulate us.

    Trying to make us beleive that he does not love women. His wife is a woman, he works around women, he hires women. All that stuff is untrue. Do not feed into that bias that the media and some people in the Republican Party are trying to portray.

    This man wants to unite us, allow him the opportunity to unite us.

    If you don’t allow him the opporunity to unite us as one, we are going to mess around, and he is going to do something you are not going to like, Republicans.

    We have so many issues, look at ISIS cutting off peoples’ heads, we have a crisis in Baltimore, we have a crisis where people are shooting up movie theaters, and you mean to tell me you uninvite somebody who can do good for all Americans and unite us?

    This does not fall on Donald Trump. This is about Megyn Kelly and the shenanigans that she pulled, she divided us and she owes the public an apology: all 25 million of us. What you should have been doing is you should have been talking about the issues, not about foolishness.

  113. lol admin I hadn’t seen that one yet.

    I haven’t seen them all, but I’ve bookmarked their youtube channel. The first couple I saw, I thought it was good,funny schtick. But this one really shows they’re sharp and aware of world events (perhaps other videos have, too, but as I said I have only seen 3-4).

    I especially liked the “maybe you should have disinvited yourself!” and at the end when they say if anyone sees this Erickson guy, they should tell him they’re looking for him lol

    And when they mentioned how Trump is uniting people across party lines, that was a very astute observation. So now I see it’s not just funny schtick!

  114. Wbboie
    I love Ann Coulter. Lots of people hate her. Someone informs at least once a day that I am an ass. I think they worry I might forget. I have a disability. I am incapable of being PC. I open my mouth and all bets are off what I might spew. My little brother calls me Edward Scissor tongue. Sarcasm can be a defense mechanism but it can also be a reaction to utter boredom. PC shit is so fucking boring. Microaggressions are a joke. No one has that much powe over me that I cannot go on because my feelings were hurt. Good god I insult myself. With da kid when she attempts any form of life is not fair bull I crank Linda Poor Poor Pitiful Me. What is better than a song that starts out about a failed suicide attempt. I have been dealing with her for almost 9 years. Never was I going to let her board the pity train. Unfair instead of loving parents she got an asshole great gay uncle. You would think if you have to be raised by a great gay uncle you’d think AW how cute. Nope she got screwed. I am a slob. Not bitter. I just have no time for pretending. I also have no problem declaring how wonderful I am. Cretin was thrown away. Her saga could be so boring. Victim. Nah I think not. She has straight As, an orange belt takes so many classes tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, piano, acting, voice, clarinet, tae kwon do, swim. Treasure her but she is not a weak poor me kid. She is a rock star. I admit this asshole cried when she got MVP in softball. I do not get pity. I watched the riots over the last few years and wondered where are the parents. My goal as a pseudo parent is to equip her with self knowledge. Some dude wrote to thine own self be true. I adore my chump and I have gone to hell for her. I was accused of molestation. I got treated by people like shit. You can level a charge with zero proof. Everyone finds you guilty. I did not fight as I knew I was innocent. Said do whatever you need to do. They ripped open my mattress took all the drawers out of my dresser. I watch local news and hear these stories about kids that die. Her momwas 18 when she abandoned her kid. Five years later she wanted to be mom. I can get it she was young how though would you try and turn a kid against all she has ever known. Oh boy I feel better now I can be mommy. NO. Favorite thing about Ben Carson is his mom could not read she pretended. I hate the culture of victim. It gets you no where.

  115. China has devalued the Yuan. This is not just likely to trigger currency wars, but it is also an indicator that the implosion of the Chinese economy is more rapid than has been expected. Projections have been that the Chinese economy would take 2-5 years to reach ZIRP. Now the whole deal gets a lot more unstable.

    The price of gold is surging. Hang on to your assets.

    This is a Trump Card.

  116. henry
    August 11, 2015 at 3:03 am
    I like Coulter, too. Although I do not always agree. She is a lot more authentic than Kelly, who was probably being developed as her rival. I would expect that they will bring her out more now that Kelly had bombed. I hope she asserts her independence and refuses to be a talking head for them.

  117. Lu4Puma
    I think she uses Fox. She makes her money from books. She is obnoxious but that is her charm. I have read a few. I had this The Way We Were concept about Joe Macarthy(spelling) never knew he was actually right on a few things. There were Soviet spies. I think its called the Verona Tapes that were released in the 80’s. You never hear about that he is instead vilified.
    I cannot see voting fo.r HRC but I am starting to feel sorry for her. To me she seems like a battered spouse. One thing I have learned as a brother you cannot save anyone. Hillary seems so desperate. Have a freaking opinion be a bitch. Sound off like she did that time in the rain when she mocked o about healing the earth. Pundits are lost. Rove is a not funny sitcom. Has no clue about anything. I do not know how to drive so I take a lot of buses. I never learned because I was a ghey and thought I could avoid it no dates cause I can’t drive. Now I am just afraid I daydream alot. I fear if I was behind a steering wheel I might drift off.
    Anywho on da bus people are talking about Donald. Everyone loves him. The Rosie quip has people in stitches. Real people do not collapse over a slight. Everyone knows Trump can be an ass. It is part of his charm. I think society at large is burned out on microaggressions. Who cares. I saw a woman fall apart because she over heard someone use the c word. Really its four letters not going to end your world. I prefer blunt people I am 48 and have no time for boring polite people they bore me. My sister in law was in tears because the kid left cinnamin graham cracker crumbs on her outside table. Tears. That could kill my dog. No it would not. I go to your house and let your dogs out. There is almost no cinnamin in cinnamin crackers. Kid ate one cracker and left crumbs. I got maybe you don’t care about having nice things but I work hard and will not let you destroy my life. Kid had a cracker on an outside table. I go to her house and let her dogs out. She was in tears. Point is she is so offended by Trump. I don’t care about having nice things. I like a lived in home not a showplace.They spent 40 thosand dollars on their living room. They never use it. They are always upset about something. I am super asshole. Both my brother and his wife are hard core liberals. He’ll call me and say I was offensive. Holidays I make a point of not talking to them. I am an Irish Catholic steel town kid I look at my baby girl and say you turn my gut. She knows what I mean. This culture of fainting at any slight is lost on me. I do not get it. Trump said an awful thing. So what consider the source. He will always say awkward things. Doubt anyone was driven to take a bridge. So many ways he could have worded his illegal immigration statement better. He said rapists. I LOVE him. Megyn was chosen to take him down. He responds with a period tweet. Crazy like a “FOX”. Think he hates women watch how he looks at Ivanka.

  118. Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Timothy John Cain(me) all say something. Times impolite. So what
    I have the most religious name ever. Henry was my best friend as a boy. Everyday at 3 he was waiting for me. He was a pedaphile. Kidding he was my dog. Sure I offended someone.

  119. Last post from me. I went to Temple and lived in Center City Philly. I knew Camille Paglia you could talk to her. She had her opinions but she was willing to argue. I like her. We fought. She is smart. I use the word smart sparingly. I am smart yuge smart i am also a nice person and I went to Wharton everone else is dumb. I heart Trump.

  120. The 1960s witnessed a sea change in our political dialogue, driven by a series of events including the civil rights movement, the assassination of JFK, Bobby, King; the burning of our cities; the draft; and the culmination of a long journey through the institutions by the totalitarian left.

    This confluences of adverse events over a short period in time, shook the confidence of our nation and allowed the totalitarian left to gain political power. You will know them by the way they use the power of the state and/or the press to enforce their edicts, to crush dissenting opinion and promote their new orthodoxy, while posing as a liberal.

    When the late Judge Bork was teaching at Yale, he raised this concern with fellow professors. Their attitude was the best times of this nation are in the past, we are financially secure in our own tenured lives, so we do not intend to spend our remaining years on this earth obsessing over something we cannot control.

    Obviously, Bork did not feel this way. And neither does Lyndon La Rouche. You can discount much of what he says, but one thing he says makes eminent good sense. When discussing politics and what is right for the nation, you must take the point of view that you are immortal, because only then can you appreciate the long term affects of what we are doing right and wrong today. We may not be the ones who bear the cost of our improvident decisions. That cost will be born tomorrow by a posterity that has no vote.

    The starting point for any rebellion against the tyrannical rule of the hard left must begin by taking back from them the cherished word liberal, and this article makes that point to a fair thee well.

    As Orwell warned decades ago, the totalitarian left refashions the language to suit its chameleonic political needs, and misappropriating the word “liberal” is simply part and parcel of that. In fact, Lewis Carroll anticipated Orwell’s warning by several decades, in Through the Looking Glass:

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”

    And they do consider themselves our masters, both intellectually and morally. When someone merely says something with which they disagree, they call it “violence,” requiring “safe zones.” But when they commit violent protests (as with Occupy Wall Street), they declare it “speech.” When someone objects to treating people differently based on the color of their skin, or says that not just black lives, but all lives matter, they call it “racism.” When someone objects to dismembering babies in (and occasionally out) of the womb like a human chop shop, they call them a “violent extremist.” When someone declines to accept a commission to create art for a ceremony that they find morally problematic, they are oh so tolerantly declared “intolerant” and “hateful.”

    And when, as a result of this kind of hateful intolerant behavior, their brand becomes increasingly tarnished, they falsely declare themselves to be to be “liberal,” knowing that traditionally, that has been an admirable and truly progressive world view. Liberalism is alive and well, in places like the libertarian movement, where it’s always been. What happened is not that liberalism changed, but that “progressive” (another false label) leftists stole the label from the true liberals decades ago.

    There is nothing “liberal” about “social justice,” which is an endlessly malleable phrase that simply means “stuff leftists like this week.” Nor, laudable as it may be, is liberalism “based upon fairness for the underdog.” If there is such a thing in your incoherent world view, that is O’Reillyism. And the reason that we have had the worst economic recovery since the Depression is for the same reason that it was so bad during the Depression; Obama is not a “liberal”at all, let alone the “most liberal,” and his economic policies are precisely the opposite of that label.

    The Democrat Party was taken over by the hard left decades ago, and abandoned even any pretense of liberal values, even while continuing to call themselves fraudulently by that phrase, and slandering true liberals everywhere. And the reason that they get away with it is because people like Bill O’Reilly allow them to, using their purloined word to falsely describe them.
    Long before Orwell or Carroll, the Chinese philosopher Confucius said that, when words had lost their meaning, it was time for a rectification of names, because “…if names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.”

  121. The ‘Stump for Trump’ girls hit the mark again…words cannot really express what true gems they are…

    i tweeted to DT and Ivanka to interview them for PR/Press ‘liaisons’…after listening to this latest utube they would be perfect for ‘recruiting/transitioning new voters to the GOP’…so many possibilities for them

    straight shooters…

    …love how when Lynette gets going she actually at one point calls MK…Kelly Meghan…what a joy they are…

  122. henry
    August 11, 2015 at 10:22 am
    Last post from me. I went to Temple and lived in Center City Philly. I knew Camille Paglia you could talk to her. She had her opinions but she was willing to argue. I like her. We fought. She is smart. I use the word smart sparingly. I am smart yuge smart i am also a nice person and I went to Wharton everone else is dumb. I heart Trump.
    Yes Henry. She is a free thinker and a deep one. I stopped in to see her one time, uninvited, only to discover she was not in town. I forget the name of the institution she was teaching at–Piladelphia school of the arts, which was oriented to street culture, as was she, but she had deep roots in the classics–art history as well. An intellectual powerhouse and provocateur willing to argue tirelessly against ideologues. Her mentor was Bloom who taught literature at Yale. Come to think of it, she reminds me a little it of Donald Trump.

  123. For those who missed the AM news shows this morning Donald was all over the news…he was on Fox and Friends, then with Chris Cuomo on CNN…of course, everyone is talking about it nonstop…

    Interview with DT and Cuomo was good…touched on a lot of general issues and Donald just showed his TENACITY…

    he responded to the Rich Lowery column that says DT is a whiner…DT says ‘that’s right I am the most fabulous whiner and I will whine, and whine and whine…until I win (succeed, get things done)

    I think DT has the ability to win people over…he is going to wear down and exhaust his critics…

    a funny aside between DT and Chris Cuomo…DT says my mother loved your mother…and Cuomo says i know, my mother is watching now so don’t say anything bad about me…and DT says your mother and my mother were great friends in (I think he said) Queens and they went to the same beauty parlor together

    Donald is adroit at when using ‘the human touch’

  124. S
    August 11, 2015 at 11:08 am
    Energetic, confident, resourceful, ruthless, patriotic—Donald is a force of nature.

  125. Yes, you are right S–the showmanship is a big part of it.

    With Obama, everything is managed stage craft—counting the size of the auditorium, the height of the teleprompter, the position of the speakers, and the whole Triumph the Will production, sans Lenny Reifenstal.

    With Donald, its spontaneous, intutitive and natural.

    With Obama, if the teleprompter fails, Europe is the less.

    With Donald, he rolls with the punches, improvises, steals the show.

  126. wbboei

    August 11, 2015 at 11:18 am

    August 11, 2015 at 11:08 am
    Energetic, confident, resourceful, ruthless, patriotic—Donald is a force of nature.

    Absolutely, Wbboei…yes, he is like Bill…a force of nature…

    …and tenacious…this guy will not give in…(he is like a bulldozer ramming forward)

  127. The main reason I have booked passage on this train is because there is no alternative.

    What happened in 2010 and 2014–or rather what did not happen, proves that much.

    Lie to the voters, enrich the donors, is not an alternative to Obama.

    And those Republicans who are obsessing over what is happening to their party

    Need to stop blaming Donald, and start blaming McConnell and Boehner

    And start realizing that but for him, the party is moribund.

  128. Yes, Wbboei…the more I think about Donald…

    I think he has alittle bit of the “devil” in him…but I am coming to believe the good in him outweighs the ‘little devil’ that many also love about him…

    he has humor, compassion and he just knows how to “disarm” opponents/others and charm at the same time while still using the right moment to go ‘in for the kill’

    one can see how he is a master negotiator and knows how to win…he says he has to stay flexible like a boxer…and bob and weave…

    so he is not going to let them ‘put him in a box’

  129. dot48
    August 10, 2015 at 9:41 pm


    Wow, that’s harsh!

    I don’t like or respect Barbie either, but saying she had to b__w her way to the job…

  130. I agree with Felix. When he said. 🙂


    You know, for the first time in 8 fricking years I’m starting to feel like there might be hope after all.

  131. There is a parabolic trajectory to every strong leader.

    In the 1959 movie Warlock, a troubled town hires a new sheriff to clean out the outlaws.

    He is a highly skilled gunfighter and his reputation precedes him.

    He tells the town people who are glad to have him that it will not always be this way.

    And when the tide turns each will have gotten full value and it is time to part ways.

    Therefore, the question is whether the town or nation is better off before or after he came.

    I am confident that with Donald the answer will be we will be better off.

    But at the same time, I have no illusions that this will be easy.

    The sheriff’s speech to the town council captures which appears at the 1825-1918 mark

    Captures the essence of this.

    I commend it to your attention.

  132. The Cuban Banker used to proclaim from the roof top—I lived through Fidel and others. I no longer believe in strong leaders. I believe in institutions. Unfortunately, we have reached a place in the history of this nation where the institutions themselves have been corrupted by Obama to the point that they prey on the people, while so called defenders like Roberts are too weak to lift a finger to stop him. When those are the conditions that prevail, we are back to the original premise: a strong leader to reform government. At this point, I believe Donald is the guy. There is nothing in his background to indicate that the constitution is important to him. I hope he realizes that and I will assume he does until there is evidence to the contrary.

  133. S
    August 11, 2015 at 1:35 pm
    A wonderful interview, thank for posting.

    One comment: unless one has done a lot of negotiating, you will be skeptical of Donald’s claim that rather than giving up on sanctions, would have doubled down on them. But they are wrong and he is right. Forty years ago, a major auto manufacturer had a problem with the union. The wages, hours and working conditions were out of line with the competition and the operation was losing vast sums of money. The company negotiators told the union if you cannot give us some relief here, we will have to close the operations. This was construed as a threat, and the request was summarily rejected. Sometime later, the company came in and told the union we are closing the operation on a date certain, the decision is made, and we are here to bargain only effects. The union was taken aback. Before, the shutdown possibility was merely a threat whereas now, suddenly, it was a fait a compli. The question the union had to confront at that point was what can we give them to keep the operation open. The point here being, double the sanctions, don’t lift them. Then give it 6 months, and they will be coming back to you. Also, put your military on full alert. Had we done that, we would have brought down the regime, whereas what Obama has done strengthens them, reduces our leverage, and jeopardizes the future of the petrodollar which is vital to our own economic security.

  134. There’s the rub. Everything Obama has touched throughout the world has turned to shit. And the reason is simple. It isn’t that he has simply failed to apply leverage where we had it. He has surrendered that leverage to our adversaries under such euphemisms as smart power and making us loved in the world.

  135. wbboei

    August 11, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    There’s the rub. Everything Obama has touched throughout the world has turned to shit. And the reason is simple. It isn’t that he has simply failed to apply leverage where we had it. He has surrendered that leverage to our adversaries under such euphemisms as smart power and making us loved in the world.

    As Admin has so succinctly stated: “[h]is world view is not congruent with reality”.

  136. wbboei
    August 11, 2015 at 11:31 am

    The Republicans have been quiescent with Obama because they want their turn to do what he is doing. They have taken turns robbing the bank or in their view harvesting the beehive. They hate Cruz for spilling the beans and not going along. Now Trump may disrupt “their turn”. The parties have different interest group scams but take turns harvesting the beehive thus Trump has kicked it over and set the angry bees out instead of Republicans and Democrats harvesting the bees work. How to get those bees back in that hive? How to calm and control the swarm?

  137. And Trump may have taken out one of the Republican’s queen bees. Megyn Kelly. Urban Dictionary: queen bee
    a girl who, usually in a high school setting, is the “leader of the pack.” she doesn’t always have to be the prettiest, but she is extremely confident, and because she thinks she’s hot, others do too. she knows all of the “important” gossip, and people emulate her style.

  138. Have you heard the latest? John Kerry says if we do not accept the Iran Deal, we will lose the dollar as the world currency. Got that? It is not the extreme amount of money printing Obola has got the FED doing. It is not the influence of Soros and all the financial abuses. It is because we do not want to give in to terror.

    Did Trump say something about incompetence?

  139. wbboie
    I cannot agree with you more about Camille Paglia. She is smart but not dismissive. I lived on Spruce Street twenty years ago she was teaching at University of the Arts. We fought a few times. She was never rude. up for a fight always but never rude. Confess I will say I really like her. I never felt insulted by her. We fought I say up you say down. Way of the world. I hate Dana Perino. I think she is gross dumb as a stoop. She giggles about Trump. No depth. I find Dana to be so offensive. I think she makes Rosie O’Donell look smart.

  140. Lu4puma

    If I declare my love are you going to get a protection from abuse order against me. I joke. CHEERS.

  141. Looks as if elitist GOP not yet ready to piss us off entirely:

    The Club for Growth’s political action committee will put its considerable fundraising machine to work for five Republican presidential candidates, the conservative group announced Tuesday.
    The club, which advocates for small government and free market policies, will bundle campaign cash for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas; Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky; Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida; former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida; and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin; and is encouraging its donors to give to these contenders, and these contenders only. That means there are 11 who did not make the cut, although the Club For Growth said in a press release that the announcement is not equal to an endorsement….

  142. …take this Club for Growth


    Trump fans line up hours ahead of time in Michigan to see ‘the Kanye West of politics’ as they encourage him: ‘Don’t let the Republican Party push you around!’

    Hundreds stood and sat outside expo center in rural Michigan and cars lined up on interstate ramps to make their way to site of evening speech

    Trump is ‘the Kanye West of politics,’ said an enthusiastic 18-year-old who came with three friends to hear the outspoken tycoon’s presidential pitch

    If Trump weren’t running for president, one said, he wouldn’t be interested in politics at all: ‘I’d be home playing golf’

    Older fans urged him to start offering specifics on policies instead of descending into ‘tit-for-tat fights … We want meat on the bone’

    Biggest theme among Trump fans: ‘He doesn’t have to rely on donations … He don’t have to kiss no butt nowhere’

    New poll shows Trump in the lead in crucial early state of Iowa; Random sample of his fans at Birch Run event found most wanted Carly Fiorina as his VP nominee

    Donald Trump is ‘the Kanye West of politics,’ an 18-year-old fan of the presidential candidate said Wednesday in the shadow of the billionaire’s next speech.

    Michigan isn’t an early primary or caucus state, but Trump will speak to a sold-out crowd at the 2,500-seat Birch Run Expo Center, more than 90 minutes north of Detroit.

    This isn’t New Hampshire and it isn’t Iowa, both crucial early states where Trump holds leads and where politics is an all-encompassing, full-contact sport, what the movies are in Los Angeles.

    ‘I don’t think I’d be interested in politics at all if Trump weren’t running,’ said Logan Pickard in a fast-growing line outside the arena more than five hours before the real estate mogul’s speech.

    ‘He’s not scared to be a savage!’ exclaimed John George, 15 – ‘You know what I mean? He’ll just come out and say whatever he wants. He’s a brutally honest guy.’

    George and Pickard came to Birch Run with two other 18-year-olds, Griffin Seguin and Jon Nas. All four told that The Donald’s headline-grabbing political antics have turned their political apathy into a hobby worth pursuing across the state.

    Seguin said that if Trump hadn’t created a presidential-campaign splash, there’s ‘zero chance’ he would have spent a day of his summer vacation talking about politics.

    ‘I’d be home playing golf right now,’ he said. ‘He got me interested.’

    The Expo Center is situated a stone’s throw from I-75, and a giant ‘SOLD OUT’ video billboard blasted Trump’s face and campaign logo to motorists going in both directions.

    Truckers honked. The crowd went wild.

    ‘This is a little like a rock concert, one teen girl was heard telling an older woman.

    The Republican Parties in Genesee and Saginaw Counties charged $25 for tickets to hear Trump speak as part of their joint ‘Lincoln Day’ event.

    Supporters could pay $132 for VIP tickets with seating close enough to see Trump’s signature hair.

    Marsha Bodary from Mount Clemens, Michigan was first in line, arriving around noon with signs urging the closure of America’s southern border and the deportation of illegal immigrants. She insisted on having her photo taken with them.

    ‘One of my big issues is immigration,’ she told ‘And health care. And ISIS.’

    ‘I’m on the Trump train. He can say whatever he wants. I’m sold, okay?’

    really believe he’s going to make it,’ she said, ‘because there’s so many people who feel the way I do.’

    ‘There’s a lot of anger out here in America. We’re just tired of being played by Washington, D.C. … I think he’s our last hope. I don’t think we can survive with another liberal for four or eight years.’

    Bodary said that if she could talk to The Donald she would make sure he knows not to ‘get caught up in all these tit-for-tat fights’ like his weekend squabble with Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly.

    And she said the time has come for him to start articulating exactly what his policy plans are.

    ‘We want meat on the bone,’ she insisted in a sharp staccato.

    Ab out 50 people behind her in line, Lori Rose from North Branch, Michigan said she would advise Trump: ‘Don’t let the Republican Party push you around.’

    The tycoon front-runner has seen critics hammer him for leaving the door open to an independent run for president if he doesn’t believe the GOP is treating him fairly.

    His party, at present, has little choice: Monday’s tracking poll from the Morning Consult showed that he gained 7 percentage points during the week that included last Thursday’s contentious debate.

    Trump, that poll’s numbers show, now commands the support of 32 per cent of registered Republican voters and independents who lean to the political right.

    A Suffolk University poll released Tuesday found Trump with a lead in Iowa, the first statge to hold precinct caucuses in 2016.

    He’s registering 17 per cent among likely GOP caucus voters, 5 points ahead of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s 12 per cent showing.

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio came in third with 10 per cent, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was just one point behind Walker.

    The nationwide polling numbers are the leading edge of a Trump spear that is threatening to upend conventional wisdom about American presidential politics in new ways – and could waken a sleeping majority.

    ‘I don’t think any of the normal politicians are resonating with anyone, because it’s the same old garbage over and over and over,’ Rose said.

    Her husband Kenneth, a U.S. Army veteran who fixed Cobra helicopters during the Vietnam War, said Trump is ‘the only one that inspires me. I think the guy can get the job done.’

    Asked to compare Trump’s charisma to that of other politicians he’s seen in his lifetime, Mr. Rose skipped over Ronald Reagan and went straight to the 44th president.

    ‘Obama, in his first campaign and his first term,’ he said.

    ‘Everybody was excited about having an Afro-American president, definitely. It’s like that. And he talked a good story, but I don’t think he really panned out, in terms of what he said he was going to do.’

    But Trump, he said, ‘is his own man. Nobody owns him. He doesn’t have to rely on donations from people.’


    lots of photos of people, etc…’preppies for trump’ and regular folks

  143. admin, i am in moderation…it is a good article of people lined up in michigan waiting for Trump…”the Kanye West of Politics” with lots of photos

  144. If someone told me they would be negotiating with Donald J. Trump, and asked me what I thought about his level of skill as a negotiator, I would tell him beware you will be dealing with a very formidable adversary–a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Be honest with him, be straightforward and let him have his personal victories along the way, with the understanding that you have to come out of this negotiation with something as well. That sounds defensive, but beneath the bravado he is generous and he knows that any deal that is too one sided will lack stability and will be grist for litigation. Treat him like he is you partner, and you will not be sorry.

    What makes Donald a formidable adversary is two things: first, he understands leverage–which is sine qua non in any negotiation from marriage to labor negotiations to bargaining with Mullahs to war itself. Clausewitz dictum in his seminal book Vom Kreig, i.e On War that war is diplomacy by another means which underscores that point. The other he possessed is a willingness to change the rules of the game as Sun Tsu counseled in his book The Art of War.

    1. Leverage: the purpose of a negotiation is to reach an agreement which puts you in a better than the one you are in now, or will be in if you do nothing. If an agreement fails to meet that minimal standard then it should be rejected. Otherwise, deal heat or surrender will produce an agreement adverse to your interests. I can think of no better example of this than the agreement with Iran.

    To succeed in a negotiation, you need to move your adversary in your direction. This process begins with the art of persuasion, which consists of telling him why your position is meritorious and beneficial to him as well as to you, and minimizing his costs of agreeing to it. This is phase I in the process, and typically it is not enough, because either he wants something back in exchange or has legitimate reasons to say no and mean it. Then you begin a bargaining process that projects strength while exploring possible settlement packages which can produce a win win solution. Obama is stuck between phase I and phase II. He never goes beyond that, even though that is where you must go to get the best possible deal. Phase III involves some form of coercion, which involves boxing your opponent in, and then making him an offer he cannot refuse. He knows how to create leverage and how to use it.

    This was quite evident in his confrontation with FOX. Up to that point, they were his go to network, and was a hit with their audience. They had reported on how Macys and other business partners had severed their ties with him because he shined the spotlight on the problem of illegal immigration. FOX knew he did not blink when economic pressure was applied, and but they failed to make a mental note of it. He had friends on that network, including Greta, Martha, and the FOX and friends crew. He spoke his mind on a wide range of issues, did so in plain language, and called out the status quo for what they are doing. All he asked for in return was to be treated fairly, but instead FOX pulled the rug out from under him and singled him out for a withering attack before 30 million people. Their goal was to knock him out of the race, and in the immediate aftermath of the debate they believed they had succeeded. But shortly thereafter he came back at them like a typhoon. He told them in effect, just tell me the game and I’ll play it with you. I believed you would treat me fairly, based on what I have done for you, etc. But you have chosen to play a different game, which is the game of fuck fuck and believe me I know how to play that game too, and far better than you do. He fought back on twitter, recruited allies in the other networks, and let them have it. Within 48 hours FOX raised the white flag. And then he did something only a skilled negotiator would do, he agreed to go back on their network for minor snippets, rather than resting on his laurels. I commend him for that, I am not sure I could have, but that is what makes him superb. People thing he is out of control, but in fact he is very much in control and this is the art that conceals the art. But the even larger point is the took the critical mass of his business away from FOX and spread it between the other networks so none of them would become too powerful, and if they tried he could use his leverage against them.

    2. Changing The Rules: several years ago, I was at a hamburger stand on Capital Hill and a fight broke out between two of the patrons. one of them, a young black man was a skilled boxer, and his style was similar to that of Cassius Clay–dancing around his adversary, moving in rapidly, pummeling him and then moving back out just as quickly. His adversary was older, slower, and got his ass kicked. The bout was so one sided that I was tempted to try to stop it, when the adversary gave up, just like some RINOs we know. He was older and slower than the black man, but his big problem was he tried to box against a superior boxer. If he had waited until the opponent moved in and charge him and forced him to the ground the result might have been different. Likewise, if the boxer had tried that gig with a Seahawk lineman, he would have been crushed. The point is when you are in a losing game, you have got to change the rules. Otherwise you end up like a RINO playing failure theater, trying to convince people that if things were different they wouldn’t be the same.

    This has application to Donald, Meagan and the whole lot of them. Political coverage has changed alot since the days of Reagan. One of the most obvious examples is the rise of celebrity journalists. For talking heads like Meagan the story is not about the candidate but about her. They perform not for their audience but for their peers. And the candidates are nothing more than props. The way she cut off Cruz and told him that she was in charge, was the thing that prompted me to say four days before the debate that she spelled trouble. Left to her own devices, Megan has been a problem ever since she got the prime time slot. But the fact that she was a woman on a mission in the charter house of parma put it all on steroids. This business where big media is the star, the candidate is the punching bag and the audience is other big media people rather than the public was first evident to me at the Russert funeral which was three days wasted on a man who by the most charitable interpretation was a liar, deceiver and the negation of what a journalist is supposed to be. Megan was merely following the accepted rules of the game, from which the RINO, not Trump trembles.

    How would you change those rules. Trump will teach us how to do that as well. One thing he might consider when he walks into those interviews, and sits down with an interrogator with a gotcha script and a ear phone so someone can feed more gotcha questions to the interviewer in the moment, telling the interrogator this: hey, why don’t you tear up that canned script, take off that earphone, and lets just talk mano a mano about three subjects which matter to the American People who are tuned into this channel. Its their future we need to be talking about, I am game, how about you. That would be rather disarming for the interrogator, it would level the playilng field and it might even make the interview more interesting and informative than the kind of crap we see now.

  145. Wbb,

    You are a well of information on so many topics…can I possibly be issued a degree in Political Science from you and Administrative for reading this blog since 2008?

  146. There is a long list of things big media does that irritate. For example, when the candidate asks a rhetorical question, the interviewer says this is my interview I get to ask the questions. Another thing is when you have several candidates in a single room, the interviewer tells them to raise their hands like kindergartners if they agree or disagree. Then there’s the lightening round: yes or no, but you are not allowed to explain. As a member of the audience, you spend an hour watching this death by a thousand cuts, and realize you knew much less than you did going in. My point is this: if the RINO is so subservient that he does not push back against this nonsense then he is a wus, and deserves everything he gets. I will not pick him up off the floor. He belongs there. By the way S—I love that line of Trumps, when big media calls him a whiner, he embraces the put down and turns it into put down of the questioner—of course I whine, I do not deny it, I affirm it, I wine and I wine and I wine until . . . I get what I want. That is Herb Cohen stuff. It works. This country needs a leader, one who is willing to break all the rules, when they stand in the way of success. Donald is—pardon the expression, the one the mature people among us have been waiting for.

  147. can I possibly be issued a degree in Political Science
    Counter proposal: I will “consider” granting you a degree in political science, “IF” you “agree” to grant me a degree in advanced nursing.
    Legally, that is an illusory offer, because you must agree and all I am obligated to do is consider. But it is a way to frame the proposal in a negotiation because it gives me room to maneuver, or to even back out. But I will not back out on this one Gonzo. Furthermore, as a token of good faith, the diploma, like the check, is in the mail.

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