PUMA: The Moment Donald Trump Won The #GOPDebate

Update: Blowout: Fox debate may be the most-watched non-sports program in cable history. The next time you hear someone say Trump should drop out for the good of the party, ask yourself how many million viewers you’d be prepared to sacrifice to make that happen. Trump Show GOP Debate smothered the Jon Stewart final show 3.5 million to 24 million. Trumpnado!!!


If the GOP establishment spent half the energy and time to attack Barack Obama as expended this past month to take down Donald Trump…

It was the Trump Show last night. Trump was why Americans watched. But the Fox News “personalities” thought they were the stars – going so far as to hog the largest chunk of the time at the debate. The candidates? They got less speaking time than the Big Media corruptors of the political process.

Last night Fox News did everything it could to take down Donald Trump (if you doubt us, ask Lindsey Graham who agrees with us). The first question was phrased to isolate Donald Trump. It wasn’t “raise your hands if you promise to support the nominee of the party.” The first question instead was premised in the negative to force Trump to be the outsider raising his arm. It was a direct attack on Trump meant to isolate him from the rest of the field and the Republican audience watching the debate.

That first question could have waited for later in the show. Ask a bunch of policy questions and then ask Trump if he would support the party nominee. But the goal was to take down Trump and that is why the question was first and foremost.

Then the first question addressed specifically to Trump was the “War On Women” question savagely posed by Fox News star Megyn Kelly. Right at the beginning. When the biggest audience in an already huge audience was tuned in is when the sharpest attacks on Trump took place.

But that take down Trump strategy we believe helped Trump.

The audience for the debate is huge. Biggest audience for any primary debate ever. It was Trumptastic level viewership. 24 million viewers at least. Biggest cable news show ever. Trumpterrific.

After the incessant attacks on Trump during the Trump Show debate, the Fox News assault continued. Megyn Kelly used her hour following the Trump Show to attack Trump. Charles Krauthammer declared Trump destroyed. Witness via video: Not very classy focus group dumps on Trump after debate. Yeah, it was a “kill Donald” operation. Other than Brit Hume stinking up Megyn Kelly’s show when he said Trump had not hurt himself at all that reality was kept at bay.

Once Brit Hume introduced the Fox News audience to the reality that Trump had not been hurt the possibility loomed that Trump might have been helped by the Fox News/GOP establishment attack. Enter DrudgeReport.

The first signs of trouble for the political class came from the results in a DrudgeReport poll. Trump won the poll massively.

After Drudge, the stars of the night came out: the comments section. Our comments section did the superb job our readers have come to expect. Our comments section was not alone however. Whether it was the Megyn Kelly Facebook page or the Deadline Hollywood site (which appeared to be Trump central as both the writers and the comments sections united in support of Trump) reality blazed forth like a hot sun.

Then this morning, Big Media anti-Trump outlets weighed in. It was not what Fox News and the GOP establishment expected. Trump trumped:

Fox News Couldn’t Kill Trump’s Momentum and May Have Only Made It Stronger

Judging by Thursday’s electric debate, he may have sensed his true opponent before anyone else had a clue: the network.

A few hours before Thursday’s Fox News debate, a friend of Donald Trump’s confided to me that Trump was nervous. Not about the competition—he could handle them. No, Trump worried about Fox News, and in particular, debate moderator Megyn Kelly. She’d been hammering him all week on her show, and he was certain she was out to get him. He’d canceled a Fox News appearance on Monday night, the friend said, in order to avoid her. (Trump’s spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm or deny this.)

It turns out Trump was right. His toughest opponents Thursday night weren’t the candidates up on stage, but the Fox News moderators, who went right after him—none with more gusto than Kelly. [snip]

But Trump saw her coming a mile away and cut her off. “Only Rosie O’Donnell,” he barked, drawing cheers from the crowd. When Kelly tried to point out that he had insulted more women than O’Donnell, Trump, as he would all night, steamrolled right past her. “The big problem this country has is being politically correct,” Trump practically shouted, invoking conservatives’ favorite term of disdain. “I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness and to be honest with you this country doesn’t have time either.” The crowd went wild.

Maybe they were cheering because the question was apropos of something Rachel Maddow would ask, and they were, after all, Republicans. But I think they were cheering because it was clear, at that moment, that Trump was going to be Trump, and wasn’t going to heed the pundits and phonies to tone down his act. [snip]

But judging by Thursday’s raucous, electric debate, Trump may have sensed his true opponent before anyone else had a clue: It’s Fox News. Throughout the evening, Trump and his inquisitors battled back and forth like gladiators. Both parties emerged as huge winners. Though nearly devoid of substance, it was the most entertaining debate I’ve ever seen. [snip]

Hurling insults, Trump went after O’Donnell, political reporters, Bowe Bergdahl, China, Mexico, Japan, money lenders, and practically everyone in Washington. “Our leaders are stupid,” he said, “Our politicians are stupid.” He did stop short of calling Mexicans “rapists,” but not by much. “We need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly,” he said. “We need to keep illegals out.”

While the moderators went after Trump, the candidates mostly shied away from him. In fact, consciously or otherwise, several echoed his points and nearly everyone tried to match his energy. Some even seemed to genuflect. “Donald Trump is hitting a nerve in this country,” Ohio Governor John Kasich said at one point. “Mr. Trump is touching a nerve because people want to see a wall being built.”

Only Paul mustered the nerve to launch a pair of (pretty weak) direct attacks. He might have regretted it. Trump dispatched him with a single, withering aside (“You’re having a hard time tonight”) that was all the more effective because it was true. [snip]

What’s more interesting than any Trump question or answer, though, was the larger dynamic at play. If Fox News has really turned on Trump, it will add a fascinating new twist to the race. Right now, Trump is the dominant candidate in the field because he has exerted a broad appeal to every part of the Republican Party. How might those Republicans react to Fox News—their own network!—aggressively trying to take down their favorite candidate?

To find out, I called Janet Roberts, 69, a nurse in Bellville, Ohio, who participated in last week’s Bloomberg Politics poll and supported Trump (“He has the balls to stand up to the career politicians”). She had agreed to give me her reaction immediately after the debate. When I called, Roberts was furious. “I had more emotion about Fox News tonight than I did about Donald Trump,” she told me. “Those questions were not professional questions. They were bullying. They were set up to purposely make them all look bad. Our country is a mess and I feel like the debate was an example of that. I’m still with Trump.

In fact, Roberts said, after watching the debate, she felt even more strongly than before. [snip]

We won’t know for a few more days if other Republicans reacted to the debate as Roberts did. But my guess is that Trump didn’t hurt himself and might even emerge stronger than before.

For those who back faltering candidate and think Trump as the #1 in the field deserved heightened scrutiny the Fox News assault was music. But there was no “heightened scrutiny” of Trump. It reminded us of 2008 as Barack Obama proved himself a boob every time he debated Hillary Clinton and finally Big Media in the form of the fat drunken slob Tim Russert had to intervene to rescue Obama. Think these memories of Hillary2008 bias us in favor of Trump and against the unfair and unbalanced assault by Fox News last night? Here’s Trump hater Lindsey Graham:

ET TU, FOX NEWS’?: GOP presidential contender Lindsay Graham calls Fox News’ questions of Donald Trump “more of an inquisition than it was a debate.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is criticizing Fox News, saying the moderators of Thursday night’s debate were too harsh with GOP rival Donald Trump.

This was more of an inquisition than it was a debate,” Graham said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday morning. “It was a missed opportunity to talk about things that really mattered.”

Graham charged that the debate moderators, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly, were particularly unfair in their questioning of Trump, the outspoken billionaire who is leading many GOP polls.

“At the end of the day, ask the man a question that explains his position and his solutions rather than a ten-minute question that describes him as the biggest bastard on the planet,” Graham quipped.

The South Carolina lawmaker said that Thursday night’s contest resulted in a lost chance at addressing crucial issues like immigration reform.

Did you really understand our position on immigration after this debate?” Graham asked.

Graham is right. It wasn’t that the Fox moderators–mostly Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace, and to a lesser extent, Brett Baier–asked “tough” questions. I’m all for tough questions. But there’s a difference between “tough” and “snarky,” and I felt there was far more of the latter than the former.

Kelly and Wallace in particular spent precious air time framing their questions as ad hominem attacks rather than a quest to probe serious issues.

Indeed, virtually every major question posed by the Fox moderators began with an insult to each candidate. For example, Kelly’s opening question of Donald Trump was this silliness:

“One of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don’t use a politician’s filter,” Kelly said to Trump in the opening minutes. “However, that is not without its downsides, in particular, when it comes to women. You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”

“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump interjected to laughter.

“For the record, it was well beyond Rosie,” Kelly shot back, noting that Trump had told one contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” that it would be a pretty picture to “see her on her knees.” “Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?” Kelly asked.

Was anyone really clamoring for clarification about Trump’s disparaging remarks about women he has opposed through the years, including his remarks on a reality TV show? I, for one, had many more important issues that I wanted to hear about, and Kelly’s decision to highlight this “women’s” issue seemed more designed to feed Democrats’ “war on women” impression of the GOP than anything else. [snip]

This wasn’t an opportunity for Fox moderators to play favorites, attack the GOP field, regurgitate Democrats’ talking points, reiterate Democrats’ stereotypes about the GOP, and try to pit one candidate specifically against another. It wasn’t an opportunity for Fox moderators to “shine,” to show how smart they are, or to one-up specific candidates. I don’t care one whit which GOP candidates the moderators preferred personally. All I wanted was tough questions, sticking to the big issues of the day, and a “fair and balanced” opportunity to hear from each candidate. What I got instead was snarky, unprofessional, unnecessarily ad hominem questions that seemed more designed to embarrass than inform. I could have gotten that from CNN. 

Et tu, Fox News?

Big Media is the enemy. The initials of the name don’t matter. The self aggrandizing “personalities” of Big Media are the problem. In 2008 the evil emanated from the reptilian Tim Russert. In 2015 it’s a viper with pronounced fake eyelashes. It’s nothing personal. It’s Big Media that every voter should despise. Republican, conservative, liberal, Democrats, Obama Dimocrats, Greens, moderates, all should be united in opposition to Big Media.

The Big Media personalities last night tried to slime Trump as well as the other candidates. The questions against Dr. Ben Carson were ugly and did not really illuminate what Carson thinks in any deep way. But the Carson personality came through, his intelligence came through, so he turned out OK.

Jeb Bush was a bit less fluffed than Obama was in 2008, but still fluffed with pillow soft questions. The softball questions only helped to disappear Bush into the background curtains. Kasich of Ohio had a favorable audience before him in Cleveland and that sorta helped him if Jeb Bush continues his slow fade of mumbles, stumbles and mush. Kasich helped himself only because his Florida ex-governor competition was such a failure. Walker disappeared too.

Ted Cruz came off very well. His answers were well crafted as we expected. His personality was not as insufferable as it usually is. Cruz did well but it was the Trump Show. Along with Huckabee, Cruz answered well, came off well, explained himself well. But both only survived. Well, maybe a bit helped because they survive.

Rubio? Rubio came off as slick and smiley. Next time he should keep away from the sun lamp. Rubio was too well packaged to come off well. Rubio’s well crafted plaster statue imitation suffered next to the mannerist art of Trump.

Loud-mouth Chris Christie? He suffered greatly. His exchange with Rand Paul was the best entertainment of the evening. Christie was great in words and demeanor. His flab was about to fly. But the Rand Paul ripost about the Obama hug seared. The Christie balloon hissed out in hot air from the Rand Paul arrow.

Rand Paul? Rand Paul was a terrorist bomb attack that turned suicide attack. His Obama hug attack on Christie was marvelous to hear. His attacks on Trump however failed spectacularly. Paul attacked Trump in a scene from the Godfather (‘you carry those politicians in your pockets like so much change’). Trump laughed at him.

Then Rand Paul tried to denounce Trump’s explanation of single payer health care (Trump thinks the Canadian model and the Scotland model works but does not think single payer would work in the U.S. – we know this from interviews at Morning Joe with Donald Trump not from the debate because the moderators were not interested in having issues explained.) Trump finished Paul off with a put down which will go down in the annals of debatedom along with “Senator, you’re no John Kennedy.”

I don’t think you heard me. You’re having a hard time tonight.” That truth is, that Paul missed what Trump said against single payer in the U.S. and that Rand Paul was indeed having a very difficult time as his attacks mostly failed and his bid for attention ended badly. This Trump triumph has now been turned into Trump insulting the hearing impaired (Rand Paul uses a hearing aid) by Big Media outlets desperate to attack Trump with anything.

Trump trumped at the first debate for the very reasons the GOP establishment believes he was destroyed. Trump’s greatest moment?

The third best Trump moment was when Trump schooled the sneering Chris Wallace on business.

The runner up Trump moment of Triumph when Trump lectured Megyn Kelly on the degrading effects of political correctness:

The best, #1 moment for Trump:

The best moment for Trump is when he stood alone, in an arena filled with Republicans/conservatives, next to the major Republican candidates for president, in front of the stars of Fox News, before the biggest Fox News audience ever, and said, ‘I’ll stand with America… P.U.M.A.!


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  1. Admin: your analysis on this whole debate scenario has been flawless.

    Crystal clear, directly on point, accurate and accurately predictive.

  2. wbboei
    August 7, 2015 at 5:05 pm
    August 7, 2015 at 3:52 pm
    So, for all intents and purposes, the presumptive nominee will have to declare in the next few months whether he intends to file for the ballots and run for the Republican nomination or declare for the Democrat nomination or run as a third party candidate.
    Won’t happen:

    For three (3) reasons:

    1. It will cost him a fortune and, although rich, as we have seen The Donald is not quite as rich as he says he is. Running as an independent would put a serious dent in his net worth.

    2. It will put an equally serious dent in the Trump brand. Yes, it will keep him in the public eye, but many millions of Republicans will be very angry at him for throwing this important election to the Democrats, a significant portion of whom are such true believers they would vote for Hillary if she had to govern the country from behind bars. Think those millions of irate Repubs would be willing patrons of Trump’s hotels, casinos, golf courses, clothing lines or whatever? No way — and Trump certainly knows it. He’s a businessman.

    3. Trump doesn’t like to lose — and he would.

    So, in sum, Trump saying he would run third party is just a stunt.


  3. zeit·geist
    the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

    The real trick is to understand the difference between the old zeitgeist and the new emerging one.

    And to get to the new one firstest with the mostest, as the wizard of the saddle said.

  4. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/from-debates-first-bell-trump-makes-it-clear-he-plays-by-his-own-rules/2015/08/06/596e8ee8-3c7a-11e5-8e98-115a3cf7d7ae_story.html

    Trump makes it clear that he plays by his own rules

    CLEVELAND — From the first moment of Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump showed that he won’t be playing by anybody’s rules but his own.

    He refused to say he would support the eventual Republican nominee, bragging about the “leverage” he gains by threatening to run as an independent.

    He joked about Rosie O’Donnell. He said he would be justified in being mean to Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly. And he described America’s political leaders as “stupid.”

    I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness,” Trump said, drawing cheers. “What I say is what I say.”

    Trump’s performance under the bright lights here at the Quicken Loans Arena revealed a politically raw novice but also a natural entertainer whose skills as a high-rolling business magnate and reality television star prepared him for this summer turn. For those who have seen his bombast as a potential danger to the party — or to his own ability to be seen as a viable candidate — his sometimes meandering answers and awkward interactions provided fodder for more skepticism.

    Time and again, Trump, whose place atop the polls put him at the center lectern, reveled in sharing his snappy views and sharp-edged personality while his rivals on stage treated him carefully or with disdainful lines that riled but never quite punctured.

    He seemed to position himself in an unusual way, as a blunt truth-teller who is willing to blow up the established order but also a consummate insider who has donated millions of dollars to politicians in both parties, including some of his current competitors.

    He even pointed to his own donations, and the favors that politicians have done for him in return, as an example of what’s wrong.

    When they call, I give,” he said. “They are there for me, and that’s a broken system.

    He jabbed at some of his nearby hopefuls, at one point telling Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), “You’re having a hard time tonight.” (Paul wears a hearing aid.)

    Trump asserted that his incendiary comments on illegal immigrants have revived the debate on border security rather than damaged the Republican brand. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about illegal immigration,” he said. “This is not a subject that was on anyone’s minds.” [snip]

    His adversaries, meanwhile, acknowledged with their words and manner that, in a time of sprawling conservative unrest, Trump has become a force who is instinctively channeling the base’s frustrations.

    Donald Trump is hitting a nerve in this country,” said Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He added: “For people who want to just tune him out, they’re making a mistake.” [snip]

    Occasionally, his one-liners drew boos and jeers from the audience. When the crowd moaned after Kelly noted his past support for abortion rights and asked when he became a Republican, Trump conceded: “I don’t think they like me very much.”

    At another point, Trump bragged about having his businesses declare bankruptcy four times. Rather than feel shame about publicly acknowledging these failures — and leaving his lenders in the lurch — Trump portrayed his actions as a savvy manipulation of the laws passed by the typical politicians standing next to him. He blamed the media for tut-tutting about it because they are obsessed with “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

    On his rough experience in struggling Atlantic City, Trump took aim at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. “Chris can tell you” all about the seaside city’s economic downturn, Trump said.

    “I had the good sense and I’ve gotten a lot of credit in the financial pages, seven years ago I left Atlantic City before it totally cratered,” Trump said. “I made a lot of money in Atlantic City, and I’m very proud of it.”

    Trump’s decision to decline to rule out an independent bid was startling for its candor — “I fully understand” the question, Trump repeated — and for Trump’s insistence on not bowing to pressure to get in line and become a Republican loyalist.

    As ever, Trump slammed the political press, a favorite foil, calling reporters a “dishonest lot” who did not understand his corporate empire or his political positioning.

    In one exchange of the type that would cause a normal politician to cower — and likely bury his campaign — Kelly asked Trump about numerous insulting and disparaging statements he had made about women. Trump was not bothered in the least about this line of questioning. In fact, he encouraged it.

    “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,’ ” Kelly said.

    “Only Rosie O’Donnell,” replied Trump, drawing laughter from the crowd.

    “For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell,” Kelly persisted.

    “Yes, I’m sure it was,” Trump agreed, drawing more laughs.

    Trump offered a few kind words for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, calling him a “gentleman.” But when Bush expressed concern about Trump’s immigration rhetoric, saying the GOP should offer a more hopeful message, Trump responded that, in a hostile world, “we don’t have time for tone.”

    Trump resisted taking the bait when he was egged on by Fox News’s Chris Wallace to knock Bush on immigration. Instead, Trump delved into the reasons to “build a wall.” Only near the end did he mention Bush: “We need, Jeb, to build a wall. . . . We need to keep illegals out.” Bush stayed silent.

    In closing, Trump returned to how he began, his face solemn. “We don’t win anymore,” he said, listing countries that he believes are outpacing the United States. Unlike the others’ closings, it wasn’t a biographical note; it was a feeling, and it was entirely Trump.

  5. The change agent between zeigeists? war, economics, and other factors that cause societal insecurity.

  6. Running as a third party candidate won’t cost Trump any more than running as a Republican. No significant faction of Republican donors (and there are several) will support his candidacy. The money would stay home and/or be diverted to governor, Senate, and Congressional races.

  7. From love’s close kiss–to hell’s abyss–is one short step I trow–Robert Service (The Cocaine Fiend poem, from The Spell of the Yukon)

    Early this morning: a charter member of the elite club calls Rupert Murdock, and compliments him on the jointly agreed to Destroy Trump at all cost operation. Brilliant execution, Rupert. And tell that whip wielding blonde stunner she done good.

    Later today: Yikes!!! Rupert, you didn’t get the job done. Its your fault! What you did has backfired!!! How could you let this happen? What is the matter with Megan. She went Beserk–just like Joan Crawford. Facebook, Morris, Drudge are attacking. We need to circle the wagons and you need to take the point position. Simply put Rupert, you fucked up and you will take the fall. Our hands are clean.

  8. hwc
    August 7, 2015 at 5:26 pm
    Running as a third party candidate won’t cost Trump any more than running as a Republican. No significant faction of Republican donors (and there are several) will support his candidacy. The money would stay home and/or be diverted to governor, Senate, and Congressional races.
    I encourage you to have that discussion with him.

    And at the end of it, tell him what you have been saying here indirectly, i.e. he needs to withdraw.

    I doubt he will take it to heart, but it is worth a shot.

    Just as long as your parachute opens from the pinnacle of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

  9. Jeb’s performance last night made him the 2012Perry of this cycle…not ready for primetime.

    Flatter than a worm’s tit.

    I bet all those donors regret stumping up that cash so early.

  10. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/07/trumps-poll-numbers-remain-on-top-despite-critics-debate-analysis/

    CLEVELAND, Ohio: A Wall Street Journal report suggests that despite critics’ opinions predicting GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s poll numbers would fall, two early – though unscientific – polls predict that may be wrong.

    “Time Magazine found that Mr. Trump took 47% of nearly 55,000 votes. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) of Florida was in second place with just 10%. The Drudge Report’s poll found more than half of nearly 362,000 voters favored Mr. Trump, well above everyone else,” the Wall Street Journal noted.

    After Frank Luntz’s made his opinion on Trump’s performance suggesting “tonight his act wore thin,” conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh stood up for Trump, and instead went after Fox News’ performance.

    I have never seen this kind of public backlash against Fox News personalities since the network launched in 1997,” the radio legend stated.

    Even Bloomberg Politics went after Fox News host Megyn Kelly for her questioning comparing it to “something Rachel Maddow would ask.”

  11. A pundit on another blog called this underestimation of Trump a risk management problem for the Republican party.

    His contention was that if the reason they are facing mutiny as epitomized by Trump

    Is because they failed to appreciate the growing dissatisfaction of the base in leadership

    It always fascinated me how in the Lewis and Clark expedition when the found themselves lost

    At the head waters of the Myrias River in western Montana

    They turned to their men, and let them vote on it so they could not blame a mistake on the expedition leaders

    Better that painting an opponent a Klansman and paying black democrats walk around money to vote against him in a Republican primary.

    This is not a risk management problem–I happen to have a degree in that subject, and have worked in the field

    That is how I know

    What it is, is exactly what Reich says it is, namely a failure to appreciate how much things have changed

    And to change their business model accordingly, while curtailing their bad practices which alienate them from the base.

  12. moononpluto
    August 7, 2015 at 5:55 pm
    and if there was one video that made anyone look like an asshole, it was this…..
    This is the kind of video an opponent would create.

    It feeds the anti Cruz narrative.

    It was a mistake.

  13. Oh indeed, the GOP think they can keep doing what worked in the past and that the people will keep on sucking it up……

    They better think again. Times have changed.

    There is a big portion of society that are really fed up with the way their representatives in power have been behaving.

    They are ostriching their heads in the sand and a big boot up the ass is coming.

  14. Withdraw? Heck no. I think the presumptive nominee has earned the opportunity to let the voters speak. As they say in the Senate, he deserves and up or down vote after he has spent his own money for eight months. I don’t want a scenario where he is left with the opportunity to surmise that he would have been YUGE if he had stayed in the race. No. See it through and let’s get a definitive answer.

  15. its almost as if all the videos they are putting out there are trying to make themselves cool.

    Frankly it just makes me cringe.

    First rule of a campaign….do not give your opposition material….

    2nd rule…….don’t make yourself look like a dick.

    and these are just complete facepalmers.

  16. Bear on thing in mind.

    Everything the elites do comes in three phases.

    Thus far, all you have seen is phase I.

    In Operation Destroy Donald Trump.

  17. freespirit,

    regarding that redstate event you spoke of…evidently Donald will be there tomorrow…I heard that he will be speaking at the event sponsored tailgate party

  18. watching the evening recaps…there is such a concerted effort on each network to coordinated the overall talking points about and AGAINST Trump…

    “how dare he insult women? women will not vote for him”
    “he harmed himself” “he’s done” bla, bla, bla

    it is ridiculous…these people, the pundits, are living in an alternate universe seemingly unaware, no scratch that, PURPOSELY attempting to deceive and BRAINWASH potential voters who have completely different perceptions of reality…

    …btw, Donald will be live with Don Lemon on CNN tonight…

  19. Okay, in all the scrolling I must have missed something. What’s with this Yuge rather than huge stuff? What did I miss?

  20. S. HotAir, which hates Donald Trump, although the comments section cheers Trump on, had a article about the reaction to Donald Trump at Red State. Those on stage bashed Trump, but the crowd cheered Trump:


    The immediate analysis in the media after the debate was that Trump had blown himself up. Trump no doubt fed that impression when he complained publicly about the moderators and Kelly in particular, but the front-runner almost always gets the most attention in these debates, and none of the questions asked were out of bounds. However, the reaction among the RSG15 crowd was not nearly as bad as from the analysts afterward. Trump’s brash, blunt, and sometimes uncivil responses got plenty of cheers from the ballroom last night, especially in the first half of the debate. The blunt style that propelled Trump to the top of the polls still resonates among conservatives looking for a plain-speaking fighter.

  21. And it wasn’t just at Red State. More from HotAir on the leftist Obama propagandist Eugene Robinson’s experience:


    I can approach this as an experienced observer of and commenter on the Trump 2016 phenomenon. I’ve been out in front of this story from day one and have consistently predicted how Trump’s various moves would play out with the public and the press.

    And I have been wrong. Every… single… time.

    Unfortunately for the rest of the field, I think our other 16 GOP candidates have been making the same mistake that I did and they are continuing to do it today in the aftermath of the debate. The main problem is that nobody in either the political class or the media saw Trump coming. [snip]

    Yet that reaction doesn’t hold a candle to how gobsmacked each every one of them were when the billionaire immediately flew to the top of the charts.

    Our collective problem here, I think, is that we’ve all been so used to playing from the same rulebook (and being able to exile those who break those rules) for so long that there was no antibody in our collective political bloodstream to fight off Trump once he arrived. [snip]

    Others respond by saying that Trump’s high profile just gives him a much higher name recognition. (Sorry, Carly.) But that’s just making excuses and whining when all is said and done. It’s your job to make your mark and get people to recognize and agree with you. It’s not Donald’s job to apologize for being famous.

    In short… (and it’s taken me a while to come to this conclusion) you’re doing it wrong. The question isn’t what’s wrong with Trump. He’s winning. And the question darned sure shouldn’t be what’s wrong with the voters who respond to him positively. That’s a political suicide dive. The real question is and has always been, why aren’t you doing better? [snip]

    So Trump is doomed, right?

    Eugene Robinson was on Morning Joe in the first hour today and recounted how he had watched the debate at a nearby bar as a guest of the American Conservative Union. (Side note: he said he received a warm and cordial welcome there and enjoyed himself a great deal.) He told a very different tale than the one being portrayed on the other cable news outlets. Every time Trump let out one of the groan inducing comments which the experts are yet again predicting will doom him, Robinson said the room let out a collective cheer. That’s not much different from what Ed described happening at Red State Gathering.

    I think more of the professional political class and the media analysts should have spent the evening having a few beers with Robinson and the folks from the ACU or at RSG15. Every time we see Donald Trump commit electoral seppuku, political undertakers rush with their shovels to his grave site. And then a week later a new set of numbers comes out and they glumly return to their posts, asking yet again how they got it so wrong.

  22. Admin…the next debate is a CNN debate on Sept 16 with Jake Tapper as moderator…a little over a month away…

    Donald should take the time inbetween to start giving speeches to enlighten the public and his supporters on specific issues

    in his simple, plain english way of speaking…

    he should start explaining why Ocare2016 is going to be so bad and what is coming

    he should pound away on how he will create jobs, jobs, jobs

    he should do some ads that have people he has helped and/or have worked for him commenting on positive things he has done

    …in other words…Donald should continue his enactment of the ‘Bill Clinton playbook’ on how to beat all odds no matter what and win the Presidency…

    he has to start focusing on his ‘Making America Great Again’ theme…leave the reactions on all this negative stuff behind him…and go positive with all the great ideas he has…

    reuse his line about “not having time to waste on PC, the country does not have time for this nonsense”

    build as much positive (insurmountable) momentum as possible with his supporters and would be supporters as he marches towards the next debate

    my two cents…

  23. admin

    August 7, 2015 at 7:09 pm


    I can believe it…that’s what we were during here last night when Donald hit back…

    Donald should take those two ladies Lynette and Rochelle on the road with him…that will really freak out the media…

  24. blockquote>Donald should take the time inbetween to start giving speeches to enlighten the public and his supporters on specific issues

    in his simple, plain english way of speaking…
    he should start explaining why Ocare2016 is going to be so bad and what is coming

    he should pound away on how he will create jobs, jobs, jobs

    One has to have specific policies on specific issues to give speeches about them. Like a real presidential campaign and stuff.

    he should do some ads that have people he has helped and/or have worked for him commenting on positive things he has done

    His campaign ended July with $500,000 cash on hand. Clinton’s little ad buy starting this week (and yes, she did run them during the GOP debate on Fox News in NH last night) cost $2 million. Without starting to build a fundraising apparatus, Trump can’t really be expected to do much in the way of advertising. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that for now.

  25. If he does start talking about specifics, I would be very interested in hearing about his new health care system for low income people, presumably a complete replacement for Medicaid. That proposal certainly calls for a bit more fleshing out.

  26. Fox moderators are working hard to defend their behaviors. Wallace and Baer are taking O’Reilly’s spot running their heads about how what they did was fair.

    What moderator get’s to tell the candidate that what they said was a lie? Wallace should die from shame.

  27. Win or lose, Trump’s whole attitude is refreshing to me. At least he is willing to speak his mind. That attitude has been sorely lacking in the United States for years, as we’re all afraid to offend anyone. We must always cater to the lowest common denominator.

    He reminded me of a classic exchange from the movie Billy Jack

    Mr. Posner: You really think those Green Beret Karate tricks are gonna help you against all these boys?
    Billy Jack: Well, it doesn’t look to me like I really have any choice now, does it?
    Mr. Posner: [laughing] That’s right, you don’t.
    Billy Jack: You know what I think I’m gonna do then? Just for the hell of it?
    Mr. Posner: Tell me.
    Billy Jack: I’m gonna take this right foot, and I’m gonna whop you on that side of your face…
    Billy Jack: …and you wanna know something? There’s not a damn thing you’re gonna be able to do about it.
    Mr. Posner: Really?
    Billy Jack: Really.

  28. Southern Born
    August 7, 2015 at 6:50 pm
    Okay, in all the scrolling I must have missed something. What’s with this Yuge rather than huge stuff? What did I miss?
    I just assumed it was a foreign language:


    Like deese, dose and mairzy doats.

  29. Outris, you cite Billy Jack. Our article cited The Godfather. Here’s another movie that Donald Trump brings to mind. Thornton Mellon (Rodney Dangerfield) attends his first economics class:

    Does this remind you of Trump’s lecture to Chris Wallace at the debate?

  30. How many times did JEB recite his Florida Governor story. He was the governor from 1999-2007, basically when his stupid bubba brother was looting in the Whitehouse.

    During those years in Florida, the real estate industry ran wild, committing every form of mortgage fraud on the book and inflating the bubble that later lead to the financial crisis that Charlie Crist inherited. Charlie was a much better governor than JEB. But then he caught Obola.

    We still lead the nation in foreclosures.

  31. Yes, it was a record night for FOX.

    The only thing it cost them was their brand.

    The cudos they got from CNN for their ad hominum attacks on Trump

    At the expense of a more informed discussion of the issues

    Which the elites wish to avoid at election time

    And do instead by executive order to circumvent the people

    Is predictive of what Mr. Tap Toes will try to do when he becomes moderator.

    I posted this on the prior blog, but to make sure anyone interested sees it:

    It explains what I meant about sacrificing their brand

    For an evening of whoopie

    Fox News Seeks To Satisfy Mainstream Media, Not Its Viewers
    Published on DickMorris.com on August 7, 2015

    In its GOP primary debate coverage, Fox News’ recent desire to be accepted into the fraternity of leftist leaning journalists was on full display. Having built its audience by being fair to conservatives, its anchors now seek to pivot to the left in order to satisfy their professional peers.

    It is very revelatory that CNN praised Fox News for its handling of the debate.

    Fox News couldn’t care less what the audience or the Republican candidates thought of them. It was trying to make it in the journalistic cocktail circuit. That’s why they pummeled Trump with such personal attacks and treated all of the other candidates like enemies.

    Megyn Kelly was especially partisan, her bias showing through her questioning of Trump. You can bet she’ll never be as tough on Hillary as she was on the Donald last night and certainly won’t be asking her personal questions.

    Fox News showed an arrogant contempt for its audience in its leftist bias and was, in effect, telling them that they have no other place to go.

    The network’s choice of who got to answer questions was just one of the many ways it showed a bias. Conservative Ted Cruz had to wait for 25 other responses before he was finally asked a question — and that one was about God.

    Conservative newcomer Ben Carson was ignored for so long by the Fox News anchors that he even commented that he was wondering if he would ever get the chance to speak.

    Fox News could have shown that it could be fairer than any other station. Instead its liberal bias rivaled that of George Stephanopoulos.

  32. Which Republican candidate said this today:

    So, the Democratic field consists of a wild eyed socialist whose ideas are endangering the world… and Bernie Sanders.

    They aren’t even having debates. Actually, they were going to have a debate, but they sent the invitation to Hillary’s e-mail… The invitation was from ABC. When Hillary finally got it, she sent George Stephanopoulos a bill for $75,000.

  33. Conservative Ted Cruz had to wait for 25 other responses before he was finally asked a question — and that one was about God.
    Moon, this has got to be where Cruz is coming from with that video.

    He not trying to burnish his credentials with the NRA.

    That has already been done.

    What he is trying to do is bait the left.

    You know, the people who deliver a pop up on my computer every day

    About someone who was seen carrying a gun etc.

    To achieve their gun control agenda through subliminal messaging

    If he can generate a controversy around that issue

    Then big media may get to him before the 25 question threshold has been reached

    Which was a blatant attempt to marginalize him

    And they may even ask him more relevant questions than whether he really believes in God

    Which was a blatant attempt to type cast him

    As the old saying goes, you must get peoples attention before they will listen to you.

    The big media strategy is to ignore him, so he is trying to change the dynamic.

    That has got to be it.

    Otherwise the video makes no sense.

  34. Thanks for info, S. I wonder if he was added after it became clear they couldn’t really ignore him, or if Trump was scheduled to appear at Redstate 2015 all along.

    In checking out some of the conservative sites last night, to see the debate winner polling results, I noticed that one or two of them, including I believe Hot Air, didn’t even have Trump listed on the poll. His name was omitted altogether.

    That the moderators would raise (fake) concerns about Trump’s treatment of women in one sentence, and disparage him for supporting reproductive rights in another is a crock. I’m sure that, given the choice, most women would rather be insulted and called names than be forced to give birth against their will.

    Absolutely wonderful post, Admin. I’m glad you mentioned PUMA, as well.

  35. Otherwise the video makes no sense.

    Going viral in social media is an important part of Ted Cruz’ campaign strategy. He is actively trying to generate buzz and being as polarizing as possible is part of that strategy:

    Indeed, one reason for Cruz’s omnipresence in the social conversation is that he has fastidiously presented himself as the walking embodiment of tea party conservatism. By refusing to stray even a millimeter from his hard-right positions and apocalyptic rhetoric, he has become a heroic champion to many on the right, and a magnet for animosity on the left. And in communities like Twitter and Facebook — which are still predominantly populated by younger, more secular users preoccupied with social justice causes — Cruz’s increasingly successful deployment of right-wing memes is often treated like a hostile invasion that must be urgently denounced. Hashtags get weaponized, screeds fill status updates, and before long, Ted Cruz is going viral all over again.


    The original Machine Gun Bacon video has 775,000 views on YouTube and that doesn’t include every news outlet from NPR to Fox to MSNBC that has done stories.

    But while Cruz’s status as an ideological lightning rod may rely on such rigid rhetorical discipline, his talent for winning the internet depends on a completely different set of instincts. When his interview concluded Monday, Cruz’s press secretary presented him with a script — prepared by BuzzFeed — in which he would audition to replace the voice actor behind The Simpsons. Neither the senator nor his aides had agreed beforehand to the stunt, and so the BuzzFeed News team vacated the conference room to let them discuss. From outside, Cruz could be seen hunching over the script, as though seriously thinking it over. But within a few seconds, his press secretary came out to inform us he was a go.

    “He’s just practicing,” she said.

    It’s not the first Cruz bad boy meme that has gone viral:


  36. Last night they were ebullient.

    The ratings, the cudas, and the golden handshake from their big media counterparts

    Biggest audience ever.

    Then, today, not so much.

    The recriminations, bad polling, and losing the post debate spin war to Donald.

    Brand damage, and damage to the credibility of their A-Team

    Magnified by the sheer size of the audience.

    What a difference a day makes.

    There is another old saying: never get in a pissing contest with a skunk.

    There is a corollary, which says: never get in a pissing contest with a Trump.

    You may think you will win because you buy ink by the barrel.

    But in the end you will lose, because Donald will never stop talking about it.

    And what the world will remember is not so much what happened but how he spins it.

    And your competitors will be delighted to provided him with a friendly forum to do so.

    Roger had it right; Rupert had it wrong; and the Queen of the May did not come off well.

  37. He not trying to burnish his credentials with the NRA.
    That has already been done.
    What he is trying to do is bait the left.


    He’s definitely happy to bait the left. And, he’s trying to reinforce his position as the authentic conservative in the race. That video will resonate with gun owners who go to shooting ranges. It’s not the first YouTube of him at a gun range. Here’s a campaign stop at a gun club in NH:

  38. They were practically giddy on Fox News tonight. Are you kidding? The highest rated non-sports broadcast in the history of cable TV? That is the holy grail of the TV business. We are talking about a business that would have people eat bugs on a South Pacific Island to get ratings like that. Heck even Caitlyn Jenner isn’t that YUGE.

    The way Trump is whining about it, you can tell that the “losers” at Fox had enough “talent” to get under his skin…

    BTW. Megyn Kelly has even been beating Bill O’Reilly’s show ratings lately. In several months lately, she has been the highest rated show on cable. Do you think that last night is going to do anything but drive those ratings up? Imagine how many of the 24 million viewers had never even seen her before last night?

  39. By refusing to stray even a millimeter from his hard-right positions and apocalyptic rhetoric, he has become a heroic champion to many on the right,
    Including me.

  40. I accidentally turned it to the Kelly File. They were ooing and ahhhing over Fiorina while taking every opportunity to bash Trump.

    The stink from the TV was overwhelming. I honestly thought it was the leftover crud from the garbage disposal. Then I remembered that I cleaned it out last week.

    Then I remembered that FOX is a cog in the mainstream media wheel.

    Wow FOX. You guys suck donkey marbles.

    Hillary 2016?

  41. TheRock
    August 8, 2015 at 12:51 am

    This was not a case of first impression however. This did this in 2012. They destroyed Gingrich when he began advocating for the American People as opposed to the elites. Their favored candidate all along was Romney. It was the same way with CNN. They would cut away from Hillary coverage to feature some story about Obama teaching youngsters about gold fish. Wulf Blitzkreig was famous for that. The best word to describe this project is a big media mugging, and it is coordinated between competing companies because what they are all defending the cartel of which they are all a part, against very legitimate attacks by representatives of the people.

  42. wbboei

    August 8, 2015 at 12:59 am

    But the MSM won’t get away with it this time. Not with Trump on the job. HA!

    Hillary 2016?

  43. They were practically giddy on Fox News tonight.
    And you fell for it . . .

    Go back and read morris, listen to the video, drudge, and all the other evidence presented here

    If they are in denial that is their problem

    No reason you need to be.

    Years ago, I was doing political work in Idaho

    And one of the operatives I was working with told me a story about Boise Cascade

    They were not doing well financially

    Their president told the local press that his company developed a wonderful business plan five years earlier

    Only our customer base does not understand how wonderful it is.

    Beware of measuring wonderful by one nights ratings

    That is a referendum on trump.

    It could not have been a referndum on their coverage because people tuned in before that coverage commenced.

    The report card on their performance was the Drudge report, which was the post mortem.

    Brand damage and loss of crediblity will take longer to assess.

    But because their audience wants leaders who stand tall against Obama, their attack on one of them who does

    Is going down like a mouth full of grass burrs.

    If they are as giddy as you say, then they need to reflect on something Alexander Pope said long ago:

    Of all the causes which conspire to blind
    Man’s erring judgement and misguide the mind
    What the weak mind with strongest bias rules
    Is pride–the never failing vice of fools.

  44. Yeah, Drudge surveys. The same ones that always showed President Ron Paul winning debates. Internet polls (and Dick Morris punditry) are useless.

    You know how you can tell when a campaign thinks it had a bad night? When they spend the entire day whining about the mean moderators. Somebody needs to tell Trump to suck it up, buttercup.

  45. hwc
    August 8, 2015 at 12:17 am
    Then you believe his core message should be elect me as your president because I am a bad ass?

    Well, I played golf yesterday with two moderate Republicans.

    They know I like Ted.

    But that video turned them off.

    Therefore, I stand by the explanation I offered above.

    Its primary purpose was to bait the left and call media attention to his candidacy.

    Not to plow old ground with people like you and me.

  46. Made another donation to Trump. The Donald says thanks to hwc who has guarenteed with a gun to my head I will never vote Cruz.

  47. hwc
    August 8, 2015 at 1:27 am
    I cannot help you any more.

    What you call whining is post election spin.

    What you call whining is the natural response Trump has to any slight.

    As one of the articles posted above indicates, Trump does not play by conventional rules.

    Bottom line: you have got to know Trump to understand the brilliance of what he is doing.

    The top tier of the Republican Party has been learning that lesson the hard way.

    Which is hardly surprising given their keen ability to elect the wrong people and lose elections.

    Eventually, the donor class will wake up.

  48. henry
    August 8, 2015 at 1:34 am
    Made another donation to Trump.
    Good for you Henry.

    It is an investment in our future.

  49. He obviously doesn’t need my paltry sum but it is the only way I can think of to show my support. Rather than one large chunk I will do small ones when the press vilifies him or I painfully sickened by Cruzbots. Confounds me in that I actually had little thought about Cruz but having him force fed is repellant.

  50. Somebody needs to tell Trump to suck it up, buttercup.
    Great idea.

    Take a page from the Frank Luntz playbook.

    Call him and demand a meeting.

    Be persistent.

    Don’t take no for an answer.

    Ask him to comp your stay.

    Meet him in the penthouse.

    Tell him to suck it up butter cup.

    Pack your parachute.

    And enjoy the ride down


  51. Ted Cruz is not targeting “moderate Republicans” (i.e. Jeb! supporters) at this time. He’s trying to win the conservative/evangelical/tea party vote in Iowa and the SEC primaries. The two objectives are mutually exclusive right now. With multiple candidates in the conservative bracket splitting the vote, none of them have a chance against the establishment candidates. One of them must consolidate that vote. Gun owners are a part of that bracket.

    A lot of the effort in these constituencies is under the radar of the media. For example, here’s a new article in an evangelical magazine:


    His strategy may not work. The conservative/evangelical/tea party wing of the party may not be sophisticated enough to realize that they can’t jump from Bachmann to Cain to Santorum this time arond or they will end up getting Mitt Romney again. With Perry and Santorum done, there are three candidates in that bracket: Carson, Huckabee, and Cruz. You tell me which one has the organization, money, and candidate to make a serious bid? Carson and Huckabee supporters are Cruz’ immediate target. These are not Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

  52. On the other hand, if he can win that bracket and emerge next spring as the conservative/evangelical/tea party alternative to the establishment candidate, it’s ballgame on. Look at the trouble Romney had dispensing with candidates like Santorum and Gingrich, candidates who were terminally flawed and whose campaigns were essentially non-existent.

    This is why Cruz gets the media blackout. He’s a threat. You don’t hear him whining about it. It is what it is.

  53. Anyway, in the context of his goal, baiting the left with a viral machine gun bacon YouTube video drives interest/connection with voter groups in his bracket who would prefer to stick it to the left rather than work across the aisle on new gun control measures.

  54. Hwc
    I am not made of money. I cannot give to President Trump everytime you post. I would be breaking the law. Do you realize you turn people off of Cruz?

  55. TheRock
    August 8, 2015 at 1:05 am

    August 8, 2015 at 12:59 am

    But the MSM won’t get away with it this time. Not with Trump on the job. HA!

    Hillary 2016?
    Correct. As moermar pointed out brilliantly the other day–I read that comment to other people and everyone was impressed with it—Trump has kicked over a bee hive, and the elites are running for cover. I would not want to discourage the bees. They are, after all, and endangered specie. Therefore it they happen to sting a few fleeing elites in the butt during there retreat, that is a small price to pay for the preservation of their specie. If we dam up rivers and bankrupt farmers in California to save the darter snail from extinction in the river bed or the escargo plate of Hollywood rich and famous’ or global warming, then surely we can do that much and more for our little friend the honey bee.

  56. Look at the trouble Romney had dispensing with candidates like Santorum
    You have heard of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, yes

    Well, then step right up here and meet the unflushable Rick Santorum.

    Caveat: If you contribute $100 to his campaign,

    then he will put your name in a hat

    and if he becomes president

    and your name is drawn

    then you will be the next ambassador to Albania.

  57. Anyone else disturbed by Reince Platypus declaration that the primaries will be over by March? Huh what. Screw the other voters. These fucks act like this is a game. No sorry it is about my kids future.
    Auto correct made Priebus platypus I liked it so I left it.

  58. Finally, I would caution you against ever selling Donald short.

    After all, he has the Midas touch.

    If he can make you a fortune.

    If he dislikes you, then he will forgive you and still make you a fortune

    He just does

  59. I had given up. I have no idea who Hillary is, Boner and McConnell refuse to acknowledge the base. Then along came Donald. The idiots who want to dispose of him are beyond daft. I was at a poker game back when he announced and all save me said he was a joke. They have been won over. Different races, ages, economies, genders but we all share a distinct putrid disgust with Washington and mediaand the Bush family.

  60. henry, it’s just a mathematical thing. The GOP switches to winner take all primaries on March 15th. Unlike 2012, that means that winners of those late March primaries will be racking up large numbers of delegates.

    Before March 15th, delegates are awarded proportionally, so it’s hard to open up much of a lead.

    Here’s the tentative schedule.


    Some candidates will target Iowa. Some NH. Some South Carolina. Some Texas. Some Florida…

  61. Posted at Red State by Erik Erickson at 11:56 Friday night:


    I have tried to give a great deal of latitude to Donald Trump in his run for the Presidency.

    He is not a professional politician and is known for being a blunt talker. He connects with so much of the anger in the Republican base and is not afraid to be outspoken on a lot of issues. But there are even lines blunt talkers and unprofessional politicians should not cross.

    Decency is one of those lines.

    As much as I do personally like Donald Trump, his comment about Megyn Kelly on CNN is a bridge too far for me.

    In a CNN interview, Mr. Trump said of Megyn Kelly, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

    It was not the “blood coming out of her eyes” part that was the problem.

    I think there is no way to otherwise interpret Mr. Trump’s comment. In an attempted clarification, Mr. Trump’s team tells me he meant “whatever”, not “where ever.”

    The other day, we sent out the agenda for the RedState Gathering. The file had been saved with the “final” tag and the Washington sent it out. But it still had Governor Deal on the agenda and it did not have Donald Trump on it. Obviously, it wasn’t the final.

    I called Mr. Trump’s campaign manager and apologized and told him I felt bad for Mr. Trump because he has gotten so much sh*t from so many people and the party itself wasn’t treating the guy at the front of the pack as legitimate.

    I think that is true. And I’ve been very sympathetic to Donald Trump because so many of the people who have led the party astray refuse to even treat him as a legitimate candidate.

    But I also think that while Mr. Trump resonates with a lot of people with his bluntness, including me to a degree, there are just real lines of decency a person running for President should not cross.

    His comment was inappropriate. It is unfortunate to have to disinvite him. But I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal. It just was wrong.

    I have invited Megyn Kelly to attend in Donald Trump’s place tomorrow night.

  62. Trump statement according to the Wash Post, which also has an interview with Erickson about this:


    Trump’s campaign said in a statement that Erickson’s decision was “another example of weakness through being politically correct. For all the people who were looking forward to Mr. Trump coming, we will miss you. Blame Erick Erickson, your weak and pathetic leader. We’ll now be doing another campaign stop at another location.”

  63. Carly tweets:

    Carly Fiorina ‏@CarlyFiorina 4h4 hours ago

    I stand with @megynkelly.

    873 retweets 1,437 favorites


    Carly Fiorina ‏@CarlyFiorina 4h4 hours ago

    Mr. Trump: There. Is. No. Excuse.

    1,072 retweets 1,710 favorites

  64. I just remembered. Guess who is scheduled to speak at Red State Gathering at 11:30 in the morning? I wonder if he’ll get any questions about this kerfuffle?

  65. Hwc
    I understand the process but it is bullshit. Caucuses should be eliminated. They are too easily manipulated and were designed for a different time. Remember 2008. I will never forget. I fully support Donald Trump because he is throwing a monkey wrench into this entire scam. Tone it down a bit on Cruz you are only serving to alienate. I seriously liked his guts and give him props not attacking Donald. The trade issue annoyed me as I have this silly notion that the legislature should read everything. I know the lighting is really bad in some of the Washington bars and it’s hard to read but they have one job. Read.
    I think you should take a page from Cruz’s playbook and back off. Trump may fizzle out or he will grow. Either way Cruz’s behavior as of now can only benefit him. Trump flourishes he is rewarded Trump flounders he is rewarded.
    Know your audience. The people here fought hard for Hillary down to the wire but no one here is a bot. I found the obama craze extremely unsettling. People became tied to him. Creepy. I enjoy The Grateful Dead but I saw them sophmore year in college at the Spectrum in Philly. I broke out in hives. I was afraid. Never had I witnessed anything so surreal. People crying and devoting their lives to a band. I was freaked out. I took the train alone back to my dorm. I have no allergies but I was covered in hives. Intrinsically I just thought it was wrong. I had a similar reaction when I saw waffles speak at The University of Pittsburgh. People were crying. It was freaky. A guy giving an empty speech promising the world. I got hives.
    With Trump I feel the opposite. I love the fact that he is an asshole and he knows he is an asshole. I am an asshole. Dirt poor sickly Irish Catholic kid. I try not to be mean but I do not give a fuck . I hate dinner forks they are heavy and to big. I was at a very posh hotel in the Hamptons where they actually had show plates. I held on to my salad fork as it is my utensil of choice. I was there with a guy and his mother said I have accepted your homosexuality but I will not accept bad table manners. He laughed and said I was the politest person at the table. I spent a week there and got along very well with everyone. The mother hugged me and apologized when I left. Spent that summer doing something called summering. I grew up at one point with an outhouse times we used newspaper because toilet paper was not in the budget. When I was a kid vacation was one week in a tent at a campground near some historical sight. We always drove and ate mountain pies.
    I did have a point but because of Jim Beam Apple I took a long stroll down memory lane.
    I think my point was I was at a table where I didn’t belong. I broke decorum by god forbid using my salad fork to eat steak. The dumbest thing ever. Trump is at the table and he is not playing by the rules.

  66. One last thing
    I think Trump needed/wanted his gotcha question. He knows the media, knows no matter what he says they will in unison come after him. Palin, Romney, HILLARY tried to play nice and they got screwed. Donald is not stupid and he has been surveying the landscape for 20 plus years. He is a successful real estate mogul. You buy a property you look at all factors. I am sure he knew what was coming his way.

  67. henry
    August 8, 2015 at 2:11 am
    I do not believe all the spamming is about Cruz. It is about disruption and distraction from Hillaryis44 and what it stands for.

    Whatever Donald Trump’s assets and liabilities are, I believe he is acting out of patriotism and love of country. I believe that is what Hillary Clinton is about, too, although it is hard to tell right now. I pray the voice Trump has lifted will be carried by many and break the chains that bind Hillary 2016 to a failed, tyrannical agenda.

  68. I the fulsomeness of time, meaning in the next twelve months, you are likely to see a reshuffling of the deck. And the safe bet is that it will come down to a two way contest between a conservative candidate, and the latest flavor of establishment goon.

    I would note in passing that reality often presents itself in that sort of binary way–door 1 vs. door 2. But persuasion whether on the campaign stump or the court room relies on the rule of 3–three reasons to accept the argument, and that idea is as old as Aristotle.

    Sticking with the law of 2 for now, I believe the establishment goon will be neither boosh nor marco the red. I believe the establishment candidate will be Kasich. He will either vanish, or he will, as I believe work his way up month by month to the top of the list. And he will choose Rubio as his vice president, because the establishment is fixated on the hispanic vote, and the man himself is for sale. Kasich is a problem, and the tell is the people who he has brought in as staffers. They are attack dogs just like Brad Dayspring, but their names are far less known. His agenda will mirror Obama’s and that is what worries Soros about him.

    The conservaative candidate will be either Trump or Cruz. At some point they will compete with each other–but they are not competitors in the sense that they are competing for the same block of voters. And they are both offering up the same anti establishment message, and the differences are de minimus. Cross over democrats, particularly black women, may be drawn to Trump because of his jobs appeal, and because he pulls no punches. White liberals who are not in his camp anyway, will spit up their breakfast hearing him say nasty things about Megan the witch, and stout hearted men who eat cuiche will reach for their smelling salts. Cruz meanwhile will consolidate the tea party and evangelical vote, along with a substantial slice of the young white demographic who after Obama may be sensing the utter futility of supporting a candidate who supports an establishment which has rigged the game against them. If Donald wins, he may select Sarah to get the evangelicals and tea party people. If Cruz wins, it will be Carly.

  69. Whatever Donald Trump’s assets and liabilities are, I believe he is acting out of patriotism and love of country.
    I agree.

    And his lack of ideological consistency which is one of the charges against him that the RINOs pursue is in fact a virtue.

    The last thing in the world we need is to be constrained by a political narrative.

    We need solutions and fast.

    Solutions draw their essence from the facts, rather than some philosophy which has the smell of the lamp.

    Just look at our cloud cuckoldand foreign policy today and you will see what I mean.

    Monster Samatha Power, who looks like some weather beaten Scottsman in a kilt, with a profile which reminds one of the Stonehenge and walks out of the UN when Bibi’s representative stands up for Israel is a fine example of this.

  70. my two cents…

    I would have preferred Donald use her term “daggers in her eyes” (which there obviously were)…or “she was going for blood” (it is foolish to get caught up in these sideshows)

    …it is a waste of time for Donald to keep a battle with MK going…’he has more important things to do’…

    …there is a petition started with conservatives voicing their anger against MK and Fox has been inundated with complaints…twitter and facebook are in the battle for The Donald…


    Donald should let his supporters take up that mantle…Donald doesn’t need to feed the trap the elites are setting for him…

    I would like to hear him take a higher ground and say something like ‘I really do not have time for this PC back and forth, I want to ‘Make America Great Again’…I am focused on the ‘big picture’ and I have alot of ideas on how to do it…I know how to get things done…this is where I would begin and this is what I want to do to ‘Make America great again’…


    Note to Ivanka…have a heart to heart with your Dad…let’s focus on the “big picture” this is why people are gravitating to him and why he is resonating with them…he does not need to waste his airtime and elevate MK with petty back and forth…

  71. “Blood coming out of her wherever”. At first, that struck me as “ZOMG!, he’s over the line!”, but the more I see the media and commentariat reaction to it, I’m like, “so what? She a big girl swinging a stick on a big stage – deal with it”.

  72. wbboei…imho…I still think if DT were to get the nomination the winning ticket will be DT and JK…Donald would never pick Sarah as his running mate…yes, he would give her some position working with him…

    …and I will say, like him or not, Ben Carson is appealing to the base…he is not a pol, he is very soft spoken, he is this and he is that, however…the more people see and hear Ben and JK, the more they like them…

  73. The Global Economy is continuing it’s decline. The economy is already a major issue with the American People and it is only going to be come more and more critical. The DJIA is in obvious decline and the S&P is starting to show similar trend. Keep in mind that Obominomics depend on the continued increase in the valuations.

    From what I can tell, the third quarter GDP is going to be around 1% and the FED is desperately trying to figure ways to fudge around it because they want to do an interest rate hike in September. Too little, too late. It is all ZIRP for stock buybacks and the world banks are trying to float both the American and Chinese stock markets. I mean, banks are actually buying stocks and well as loaning money to buy stocks. The Chinese government has put nearly a trillion dollars into floating that market and has imposed all kinds of ridiculous conditions that make it clear to the world just how contrived the markets are. That makes the other manipulators very nervous and pissed off.

    Both stock markets and housing markets are huge bubbles ready to burst. Just like Trump has said. The unraveling has already started. The only thing different this time may be it will occur with a controlled crash, but I do not know if that makes it better or worse. The elite will cry for more QE and it will fail, too.

    The last crashes have been timed for after presidential elections but I am thinking we will see it before then. Looks like a Trump Card, to me.

  74. S
    August 8, 2015 at 10:13 am
    Interesting. You may be right about him not selecting Sarah. But as I read JK his is establishment. I see that from a distance, and I have seen it up close the one time I was introduced to him at the Congressional dining room. If not Sarah, then I could see him selecting John Boulton.

  75. Just as long as Trump does NOT select Carly, just because she is a woman. I find that offensive. Two business people and one a failed, fired CEO who sent thousands of jobs overseas. I could not support that ticket. Hopefully, if Trump is the nominee he will have the good sense to choose someone else beside Carly.
    He does not need her as an attack dog on Hillary.

  76. blowme0bama
    August 8, 2015 at 10:11 am
    “Blood coming out of her wherever”. At first, that struck me as “ZOMG!, he’s over the line!”, but the more I see the media and commentariat reaction to it, I’m like, “so what? She a big girl swinging a stick on a big stage – deal with it”.
    He has put her credibility as a journalist at issue.

    Much as they may tee hee hee about this at FOX on the news, and reach out to big media outlets for support, given the anti establishment sentiments of their audience, they will not be laughing about this privately, I can assure you.

    If their audience sees their consistent pattern of attacking conservatives who challenge the establishment, they may have a credibility problem with their audience, particularly when the continue to hammer trump, marginalize cruz and promote an establishment candidate.

    And we know enough about their motivations and intentions from past history to realize what their game is.

  77. wbboei…do you mean this man?


    if so no, the thing I am focusing on is how these people are received by the voters…I don’t think we can underestimate the charisma/likeability factor…

    I have often thought JK would be appealing to a wide variety of people…yes, I understand your POV re: establishment, but JK knows how to play for the appeal of the voters…he comes across as a ‘good guy’ with a heart, etc, etc…

    I think he stock in this race will continue to rise…

    and the combo of DT and JK in the national race would probably win Ohio…and be a surging duo…Donald the doer and JK with political experience

    just my intuition…and it is sooooo early i think i will look at this day by day, week by week…too many variables at work this time…particularly when the “party” is trying to sink their frontrunner…

  78. Just as long as Trump does NOT select Carly, just because she is a woman. I find that offensive. Two business people and one a failed, fired CEO who sent thousands of jobs overseas. I could not support that ticket. Hopefully, if Trump is the nominee he will have the good sense to choose someone else beside Carly.
    He does not need her as an attack dog on Hillary.
    I think we should be equally concerned about what Hillary is doing about these attacks, or not doing.

    Her strategy has been to ignore them.

    You may sit in the law office for your entire career hoping for the perfect case to walk through the door.

    It never happens.

    Every case has bad facts in it, even the good cases.

    You can wish those bad facts away if you like, but when you get to the court room you will have to confront them.

    If you ignore them, the jury will take them as a given.

    If you confess them early in the case, it may take some sting out of them, but they will still hurt you.

    But if you can find a way to work those bad facts into your theory of the case, by offering an alternative explanation which is compatible with your position, that is the highest form of advocacy.

    That is what her strategists should be doing now. They should be working on an entirely different explanation for what happened in Bengahazi, which is supported by the evidence. And I do believe there is such evidence.

  79. oh my goodness…are you ready for this…

    Donald has responded…and for all these crazy PC people…Donald says he was talking about blood coming out of MK’s NOSE…

    Daily Mail/UK…who does not like The Donald at all (Hillary either) has his tweets and photos, etc including Erickson’s tweets against DT


  80. S
    August 8, 2015 at 10:58 am
    wbboei…do you mean this man?

    Trump would give him the leading role in foreign policy. Trump would take the leading role in domestic policy.

    The appointment of Bolton would send a clear and unambiguous message to our allies and adversaries that the Obama era of accommodation and weakness is OVER.

    Of course, this would drive the limousine liberals bezerk, and that would be another reason to do it.

  81. I don’t want a Presidential nominee who goes on a day long rant bender, attacking female news anchors, every time the candidate get a tough question.

    It’s pathetic.

    Every day is new rant bender. Today, it will be a day long rant bender against Erick Erickson. Tomorrow will be on to the next “loser” and the next and the next, seemingly without limit.

  82. Donald Trump sez this morning: “We have to all get back to work and stop wasting time and energy on nonsense.”

    I could not agree more.

  83. Erickson reminds me of the Pillsbury Doughboy–with delusions of grandeur.

    I followed him early on, and blogged there until they threw me off when I attacked Romney.

    During the 1950s there was a stage play entitled: Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter.

    If you change the name to Erick Erickson the answer has to be yes.

    They have one good writer left on their blog, who does not pull punches to ingratiate himself to the establishment

    His take on the debates is similar to ours, even if Erick has passed out from under exertion.

    The Cleveland Debate Questions: Insightful? Or Crass Douchebaggery?

    By: streiff (Diary) | August 7th, 2015 at 06:11 PM | 22

    Megyn Kelly: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%, start from you. Any word from God?

    Below are the questions the moderators addressed to the candidates. I’ve edited the long-winded self-aggrandizing questions down to one sentence where possible. There are a very few questions that have any place in a presidential debate. The moderators tried to get Governor Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87% going at one another. They tried to make Governor Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92% fight. And they were simply asshats dealing with Donald Trump. The vast majority of these questions were intended to either create faux conflict or provide ‘gotcha’ quotes. Why the RNC and our candidates keep falling for this crap year after year is beyond me.

    The name in caps is the person to whom the question is addressed.

    EVERYONE: Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person.

    CARSON: You are a successful neurosurgeon, but you admit that you have had to study up on foreign policy, saying there’s a lot to learn.

    RUBIO: Could you please address Governor Bush across the stage here, and explain to him why you, someone who has never held executive office, are better prepared to be president than he is, a man who you say did a great job running your state of Florida for eight years.

    BUSH: So do you understand the real concern in this country about dynastic politics?

    TRUMP: Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president, and how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who was likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?

    CRUZ: How can you win in 2016 when you’re such a divisive figure?

    CHRISTIE: So why should voters believe that your management of the country’s finances would be any different?

    WALKER: Would you really let a mother die rather than have an abortion, and with 83 percent of the American public in favor of a life exception, are you too out of the mainstream on this issue to win the general election?

    HUCKABEE: [S]o how do you persuade enough Independents and Democrats to get elected in 2016?

    PAUL: Why are you so quick to blame your own party [on foreign policy]?

    KASICH: Why should Republican voters, who generally want to shrink government, believe that you won’t use your Saint Peter rationale to expand every government program?

    BUSH: Do you stand by that statement and do you stand by your support for earned legal status?

    TRUMP: Why not use this first Republican presidential debate to share your proof [IRT illegal immigrants and crime] with the American people?

    KASICH: Governor Kasich, I know you don’t like to talk about Donald Trump. But I do want to ask you about the merit of what he just said.

    RUBIO: Is it as simple as our leaders are stupid, their leaders are smart, and all of these illegals coming over are criminals?

    WALKER: Other than politics, could you explain why in the last two years you’ve changed your position on a path to citizenship, and are there other past positions that we shouldn’t hold you to?

    CRUZ: “[W]ill you support Kate Steinle’s Law,” which would impose a mandatory five-year prison term for an illegal who is deported and then returns to this country? “And will you defund sanctuary cities for violating federal law?”

    CHRISTIE: Do you really believe you can assign blame to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87% just for opposing he bulk collection of people’s phone records in the event of a terrorist attack?

    CRUZ: How would you destroy ISIS in 90 days?

    BUSH: To the families of those who died in that war who say they liberated and deposed a ruthless dictator, how do you look at them now and say that your brothers war was a mistake?

    WALKER: Which Arab country not already in the U.S. led coalition has potential to be our greatest partner?

    CARSON: As president, would you bring back water boarding?

    TRUMP: Now, 15 years ago, uncalled yourself a liberal on health care. You were for a single-payer system, a Canadian-style system. Why were you for that then and why aren’t you for it now?

    HUCKABEE: So the question is, at this point, is the government simply too big for any one person, even a Republican, to shrink?

    BUSH: President Obama’s secretary of education, Arnie Duncan, has said that most of the criticism of Common Core is due to a, quote, “fringe group of critics.” Do you think that’s accurate?

    RUBIO: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92%, why is Governor Bush wrong on Common Core?

    KASICH: How will you, if you’re the nominee, how will you answer that [that the GOP wants to oppress women and minorities] and take Hillary Clinton on?

    CARSON: If Hillary Clinton is the nominee and she comes at you with that kind of line of attack, how will you take Iraq?

    BUSH: So question, how on Earth specifically would you pull that off [increasing economic growth and employment]?

    WALKER: Given your record in Wisconsin, why should voters believe you?

    CHRISTIE: Governor Huckabee says he can save Social Security and Medicare without doing any of that [raise retirement age and cut benefits]. Is he lying?

    HUCKABEE: Please explain to Governor Christie how that would work, and how you could save these programs without the kind of painful reforms he says we need?

    TRUMP: Question sir, with that record [bankruptcies], why should we trust you to run the nation’s business?

    RUBIO: Please describe one action you would do to make the economic environment more favorable for small businesses and entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of opening their own business.

    WALKER: You’ve said that you would tear up the Iran deal on day one. If this deal is undone, what then?

    PAUL: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87%, would you tear up the deal on day one?

    HUCKABEE: Governor Huckabee, what do you think about what Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87% just said?

    RUBIO: If you believe that life begins at conception, as you say you do, how do you justify ending a life just because it begins violently, through no fault of the baby?

    TRUMP: When did you actually become a Republican [pro-life is what she means]?

    BUSH: [A] story appeared today quoting an anonymous GOP donor who said you called Mr. Trump a clown, a buffoon, something else that cannot be repeated on television.

    KASICH: [I]f you had a son or daughter who was gay or lesbian, how would you explain to them your opposition to same-sex marriage?

    PAUL: [W]hat will you do to ensure Christians are not prosecuted for speaking out against gay marriage and will Christians be forced to conduct business that conflicts with their religious beliefs?

    WALKER: Do you agree [with the Black Lives Matter movement]? And if so, how do you plan to address it? And if not, why not?

    WALKER: Governor Walker, as president, what would you do if Russian President Vladimir Putin started a campaign to destabilize NATO allies Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, mirroring the actions Putin took at the early days of Ukraine?

    HUCKABEE: And now Defense Secretary Ashton Carter recently directed the military to prepare for a moment when it is welcoming transgender persons to serve openly. As commander in chief, how would you handle that?

    PAUL: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87%, the first budget your proposed as senator cut all financial aid to Israel. You have since changed your view on that issue. What made you change your mind.

    CHRISTIE: Governor Christie, what do you think of that answer [by Rand Paul]?

    CRUZ: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%, start from you. Any word from God?

    KASICH: Governor Kasich, same question.

    WALKER: Governor Walker, same question.

    RUBIO: So I put the question to you about God and the veterans, which you may find to be related.

    CARSON: Dr. Carson, a question to you about God and his role, but also, one of the issues that the public was very interested in, and we touched on it earlier, is race relations in this country, and how divided we seem right now. And what, if anything, you can do — you would do as the next president to help heal that divide.

  84. I don’t want a Presidential nominee who goes on a day long rant bender, attacking female news anchors, every time the candidate get a tough question.

    Now I get it.

    You do not want a nominee who will scare the horses,

    Even if you need to scare the horses to save the country.

    War on, but Patton need not apply.

  85. hwc
    August 8, 2015 at 11:18 am

    August 8, 2015 at 11:18 am
    I don’t want a Presidential nominee who goes on a day long rant bender, attacking female news anchors, every time the candidate get a tough question.

    It’s pathetic.

    Every day is new rant bender. Today, it will be a day long rant bender against Erick Erickson. Tomorrow will be on to the next “loser” and the next and the next, seemingly without limit.

    Well, what can I say?

    In your heart, you know he’s right.–AuH20 in 64

    I never promised you a rose garden

    The establishment will squeal like a stuck pig

  86. …now that DT has gotten the “bloody nose” issue out of the way…good time to pivot nonstop to “Making America Great Again”

  87. S
    August 8, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Excellent play.

    Actually, menses most resembles blood but is actually a combination of bodily fluids, including blood, and tissue. Referring to it as blood is actually ignorant.

  88. Shorn of the formalities, the FOX agenda boiled down to precisely this:

    1. elevate our stature, and preen about it

    2. take out Trump

    3. protect the establishment candidates–the sleeper cell being Kasich

    4 marginalize and type cast Cruz.

    5. throw Paul, Christie and others into the gladiator ring

    Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you, etc.

    So here is Larry Johnson’s take on all of this:

    Fox was on a mission to destroy Donald. Fox ambushed Donald Trump but failed to get a head shot. There is a right way to ask tough questions. Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace engaged in self-righteous grandstanding. As a result, as I wrote yesterday, they made Trump a victim and certainly earned him some sympathy.

    Attacking Donald Trump for calling Rosie O’Donnell “fat and ugly?” I know that Kenosha Marge, old school that she is, detests a man saying that about a woman. It is not nice. She’s right, BUT . . . .What Trump said is true. Rosie is fat and ugly. Now, this is a case where saying the truth is hurtful. There are some “truths” in the world that are better left unsaid, at least in public.

    Anyway, here’s a great letter:

    Dear Mr. Trump,

    On behalf of millions of us who love you and what you represent (as evidenced by attendance at last night’s first 2016 first Republican Presidential Debate) I would like to apologize for the intentional way you were meant to be portrayed last evening, starting from the first question to the candidates on the stage.

    Clearly the moderators, with their Cheshire smiles, knew you would be honest and say that if you didn’t like who received the nomination, you would run as an independent; assuming to answer their own question with the other half of the sentence, that this would cause the Democrats to win.

    It was a rude beginning and framed you into a no-win box from the start, soliciting a negative response from all who came to see YOU.

    Then your first question from a commentator I used to admire – going back years – a woman playing the gender card with your Facebook page seemed cruel since it was only applied to you. Was anyone else asked about their Facebook or Tweets?

    I am sad you were ignored on questions of substance. I am amazed that the two or three questions asked of you were confrontational while other candidates were encouraged to shine.

    I understand your frustration and anger while answering. You must have felt that the Republicans had suddenly put you in an alternate universe.

    At a time when not much seems sane in America – I thought that the Republicans and their followers could lead the way. Maybe they can.
    Many of the Candidates were somewhat on target.

    But I wanted you to know that as I watched what was done to you by FOX, it felt sickening much like the old Roman Colosseum and the jeering crowds for the pound of flesh.

    In 2007 I stopped watching the news for some time and now I am done with all of FOX as I suspect many are.

    It was an intentional sham.

    Your courage and insight into the world and the problems that face the United States – your courage to call out the lazy and misguided politicians and your desire to help this Country is admirable and I thank you.


    A Forever Fan in
    Washington, DC
    What are your thoughts?

    UPDATE–The “Republican Establishment” is not a mythical beast. It is real. Then there is the Campaign Industry, which reaps enormous financial benefit for campaign consultants, fund raisers and polling firms. We are seeing something now, at least on email, that did not widely exist in 2008. My inbox is being flooded with fund raising appeals. It is all about the Benjamins.

    I can’t help but note the similarity between the Republican campaign hustlers and Boxing’s Don King. King tries, and often succeeds, in persuading the public and the media that fight will be a watershed moment and is must see TV. The political campaign industry is increasingly like that. Hyping the hell out of nothing for one simple purpose–putting more money in their own pockets.
    I think this is what really pisses the establishment off about Trump–he does not feed their beast. He has his own money. He is threatening their apple cart. This is part of the corruption and rot that is Washington today.

    Baier started the night off with a totally bullshit question:
    Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person.
    Again, we’re looking for you to raise your hand now — raise your hand now if you won’t make that pledge tonight.

    Let me get this straight. If Chris Christie is the nominee then Rand Paul will fully back him? If Rick Perry gets the nod everyone in the Republican field will sign on?

    Please. This is the dishonesty that people hate and it is Trump’s honesty on this point that they love. I am willing to bet that there is at least one person that was in the two debates last night who would not get the fully acceptance or support of their other aspirants.

  89. trump needs a politician VP. plain and simple carly has no chance with trump.

    The conservaative candidate will be either Trump or Cruz. At some point they will compete with each other–but they are not competitors in the sense that they are competing for the same block of voters. And they are both offering up the same anti establishment message, and the differences are de minimus.

    I was a cruz fan until trump. I feel he is the most anti-establishment candidate besides palin. I feel she is even farther out there with the elite donors and scares the crap out of them.

    hwc I am now not even reading your cruz posts. I have feel you still have something to offer but are a blathering cruz promoter with little to offer regarding him. TOO much is too much so knock it off or go away.

    its a long way to the nomination and cruz has a chance if trump gets knocked off but give it a freaking rest for a bit… please!

  90. S, I agree with your ideas about Trump should do before the next debate.

    Donald should let his supporters take up that mantle…Donald doesn’t need to feed the trap the elites are setting for him…

    I would like to hear him take a higher ground and say something like ‘I really do not have time for this PC back and forth, I want to ‘Make America Great Again’…

    I agree with this, too. He uses this approach for explaining away his past unpc utterings. He needs to get a thicker skin so that he can employ it to current things.

    I’m not sure about JK, though, if that refers to John Kasich…? I think he’s from Ohio. Ohio and Trump from NY. Those states are awfully close together. In an election where Trump is basically saying that the politicians don’t care about the people, they just do what’s best for themselves, that P/VP choice would be leaving the vast majority of the country dependent on two candidates from the eastern side of the country (I know Ohio is the midwest, but it’s the eastern edge, it’s certainly not the “heart” of the heartland). It just feels risky to me.

    I wonder whatever happened to Susanna Martinez. People (media,etc) usually LOVE having one person represent more than one “minority”. I think maybe she isn’t interested in higher office, because she hasn’t sought out airtime. Before this campaign started, I often heard her name bandied about as a potential VP candidate. I don’t know a lot about her, but I just realized her name has disappeared from the conversation around the net.

  91. I like that Trump isn’t worried so much about being pc. There has been a real attack on free speech in this time of trigger warnings and similar silliness. I think people shouldn’t *try* to offend people in the regular course of things, simply because that would make our civilization (such as it is) more coarse, but freaking out so much that you have to have a trigger warning because you might be offended is more suited to Candy Land (my favorite game as a tiny child) than to grown up discourse.

    If someone gets offended, you apologize – you stand by the point of what you said, but you’re sorry they’re offended – and everyone moves on. If you meant to offend that person, then you go on to have an argument, I guess.

    Having said all that, I think we should still maintain a level of *class* in our dealings with others (antisocial hoodlums and their political backers excepted).

    If Trump was really referring to blood as in menses, I object. Not as a woman, because I don’t think his guiding principle is misogyny – I think he’s an equal opportunity insulter. But I believe that a remark about menses is very low class. He might actually make a remark sometime that a man has some kind of penile drip, and again, that would be classless.

    So for me, un-pc is okay, but you can’t drop to such a low level of class. America won’t be made great again by crude, low class leaders.

    I still support Trump, but I hope he starts to realize that while being himself and genuine is a good thing, that he’s speaking to the country – including kids who may be watching – he’s not speaking with his tough-guy investors or fellow crass New Yorkers.

    As I’ve said before, he needs to show he has more than one speed. All of us can be genuine, but recognize that different situations call for different parts of ourselves. More class, less crass!

  92. I guess what I’m trying to say is that people are responding to his un-pc in calling out politicians and our government and the media. I’m not sure most of us want un-pc when it is low-class. Justified un-pc is good, but he needs to focus on what makes America great again without sounding like a junior high kid (or basically any currently popular male comedian) who delights in talking about bodily functions. It’s just low-class (and not funny). Just MHO.

  93. Redstate…what a bunch of PC BS.
    Then he invites MK?
    I wish people would all walk out.
    What a fool.
    Yes, Power corrupts all Eric you fool.

    Tell me, what did Fox bribe you with?

  94. Since I know how interested you all are in Donald Trump, you might enjoy Erick Erickson reading a selection of e-mails he received this morning after Trump released his e-mail address. He read them starting at about 1:15 pm on the live stream of today’s Red State Gathering Day 2 that you can find at YouTube.


    Many of them used the “c word” for Megyn Kelly and the “n word” for President Obama.

  95. The problem occurs when Political Correctness is used as mean of enforcing a false narrative about conditions in the country. That is when you need to Trump.

    And the truth is that the stupid penguins freaked out over a reference to blood with respect to a woman and immediately associated it with her uterus. Then they used it to control the election process.

    Then they got Trumped, demonstrating what fools they are.

    I love it.

  96. Good news. Trump got rid of his no good “stupid”, “loser” veteran campaign strategist Roger Stone today:. Finally Trump can be free to be Trump!

    The next morning, Stone had to fight Trump’s handlers to meet with him for 15 minutes, prompting the following exchange that both of Stone’s friends tell POLITICO happened:

    Stone: “Donald, stop with the Megyn Kelly shit. It’s fucking crazy. It’s killing us.”

    Trump: “What do you mean? I won the debate. People loved it.”

    Stone: “You didn’t win the debate.”

    Trump: “Yes I did. Look at the polling. Look at Drudge.”

    Stone: “The Drudge Report poll isn’t a scientific poll. You won’t give me the money to pay for a scientific poll. And you’re off-message.”

    Trump: “There are other polls.”

    Stone: “Those are bullshit polls, Donald. They’re not scientific polls. We need to run a professional campaign and talk about what people really care about.”

    Trump: “We’re winning.”

    After the meeting, Trump did the opposite of what Stone had recommended by going on CNN and trashing Kelly. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever,” Trump said, a comment perceived by many to be a reference to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Trump’s campaign later denied that interpretation, but by then Stone was consulting his friends about quitting.

    “He is losing his grip on reality,” Stone told them. “He has these yes-men around him. And now he’s living in a parallel world.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/sources-roger-stone-quit-wasnt-fired-by-donald-trump-in-campaign-shakeup-121177.html#ixzz3iFueisvv

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