GOP Debate: Will Donald Duck? Or Will The Donald Trump?

Update: WaPo: Bill Clinton encouraged Trump to play a bigger role in the GOP in phone call shortly before campaign launch. The GOP establishment takes this call as proof positive that Trump is a Hillary “plant” and a Bill Clinton puppet. Believable? Trump? Puppet??? Plant???

To us the Bill and Donald phone call is more two prize-fighters sizing each other up and Bill snuggling up to an opponent (as Bill did with Paul Ryan in 2012). But the GOP establishment is in a tizzy and want this to be a big issue at tomorrow’s debate.

Trump of course can answer that it was Jeb Bush that gave Hillary a medal. Or Trump can cite that Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush. Whatever. It does not occur to the GOP establishment that Trump is leading the Republican polls right now and that Trump is not going to put himself out to help Hillary2016. Au Contraire. After Hillary attacked Trump several times Trump blasted her as only he can blast (with a Trumpet). It makes as much sense to say that the Bill/Donald call proves Trump is a Hillary “plant” as to say that Hillary is a Trump “plant.” But that’s what the GOP establishment and their running dogs are chasing these days.


Why is Donald Trump so successful and so necessary?

Consider: this entire week Big Media (in the form of Fox News) has chest-thumped the “juicy” questions to be unleashed at the debates. The acceptance that Big Media will play such an outsized role and “gotcha” the candidates is not denounced, not only accepted, but indeed taken as the way things should be. This is outrageous. The debates (D debates if ever, and R debates) should be about the candidates not how the Big Media moderators are so clever. Go to Hell Big Media.

Consider: the political establishment that has attacked Donald Trump without mercy (he’s a “cancer”, his voters “crazies”) now pretends it has good advice for The Donald: “duck,” “don’t attack,” “don’t makes waves,” “be ‘presidential’.” Go to Hell political establishment (which we define as “the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure.”)

We have advice for Donald Trump too. Our advice is not only well intentioned, it is good advice, sound advice, advice will help Donald Trump.

First advice for Donald Trump: the medium is the message. Don’t you worry for one single moment about being “presidential.” The very fact that you will be on stage with governors and senators will send the message that you are “presidential.”

The phrase “the medium is the message” of course comes from Marshall McLuhan. The point is made fresh today by lefty Jeff Greenfield who like us sees the possibility of a President Trump as he recalls wrestler Jesse Ventura a.k.a. Governor Ventura:

That recognition was enough to put his poll numbers above 20 percent as the fall election began—and those poll numbers had two critical consequences. First, it gained him entry into the gubernatorial debates, which put him on an equal footing with his major party rivals. [snip]

Since voters had the chance to see Ventura as a viable candidate….

Yeah, the medium is the message. Don’t worry about appearing “presidential” because just being on that stage, in the center spot, will be the message. Mention your book with your policy prescriptions repeatedly during the debate and message sent.

Our second bit of advice for Donald Trump comes via William Shakespeare:

Beware Of entrance to a quarrel, but being in,
Bear’t that the opposed may beware of thee.

In other words, don’t look for a fight, but if you are attacked, savagely chew on the arterial blood of your enemies.

Donald Trump does not live his life from the precepts of Lord Polonius but for the inaugural debate of the 2016 cycle this is good advice. And we’ll add a corollary to this: don’t punch down, punch up.

What do we mean by “don’t punch down.” The Big Media “stars” will no doubt quote from Rick Perry, relegated to the kids forum earlier in the night, in order to bait Trump. Rick Perry will say something nasty about Trump earlier in the evening and Megyn Kelly will poke Trump with the Perry insult. In such an episode Trump should dismiss Perry airily with a line like “Rick Perry can’t remember the Alamo, let alone his own proposals.” But then turn the attack to the Big Media moderators who bait with inanities from second tier candidates.

Donald Trump should not lower himself to punch the second tier candidates. Trump should punch up. By that we mean Trump should hit Jeb Bush and Barack Obama. But avoid a focus on Hillary.

Why Bush and Barack but avoid Hillary? Trump is in a Republican primary so his main target should be Jeb Bush who right now is the only candidate that poses a challenge worthy of the name. Bush is a flaming target to be doused by Trump.

Third bit of advice for Donald Trump: Trump can and should attack Bush and turn the debate into the Trump versus Bush show. This brings the debate and keeps the debate into the political reality of the moment. What is that reality? The reality is that right now and likely into the rest of the year the GOP primary fight boils down to one simple calculation: Bush or Trump.

The Republican nominee will be either George Jeb Bush or Donald Trump. Things could change and we wisely repeat our warning not to make judgements until after the August 6 debate. But Trump will help himself, contrary to establishment opinion, by making this a clear cut race of Bush v. Trump.

A focus of attacks on Bush by Trump will effectively snuff out the few sparks the other candidates are trying to fan into a fire. A focus of attacks on Bush by Trump will clue the electorate that this primary fight is the political establishment class headed by Bush against the fed up masses of pitchfork revolutionaries out to sweep the political class into the pit fires of Hell.

A focus of attacks on Bush by Trump will be helped if The Donald attacks Barack Obama. Trump can indeed trump Bush by denouncing Bush support for Obama on ObamaTrade and Common Core.

Use the debate rules to your favor Donald Trump. The debate rules require that any time a candidate is attacked by name the candidate gets 15-30 seconds to reply. A Trump attack on Jeb will keep the focus on Bush v. Trump because Bush can respond to the attack. Trump should use any 15-30 seconds of response time he gets when any candidate attacks Trump to attack Bush, not the candidate that actually attacked Trump. Keep the focus on Bush v. Trump.

Mention Barack policies are Bush policies every chance available should be the goal of Donald Trump. Attack Bush via Barack and attack Barack as another Bush. Coin the name “Bush Obama” or “Barack Bush”.

BUT DON’T ATTACK HILLARY! Trump should take a swipe or two at Hillary because that will blunt the tools who claim ‘Trump is a Hillary plant.’ Trump will be entirely justified in doing so because Hillary foolishly attacked Trump about things that were none of her business.

Hillary should have kept her mouth shut about Donald Trump because it was in her interests to keep her mouth shut. Hillary should not have involved herself as her future opponents bloodied themselves intramurally. Trump versus the GOP political class should have entertained Hillary2016 and they should have kept their collective mouths shut. But stupidity reigns supreme in Brooklyn. Or is it that the Obama cult that infects Hillary headquarters does not care about her interests and therefore the attack on Trump followed? Recently, after we pointed out how stupid those attacks against Trump were, Hillary has kept herself out of the anti-Donald Trump battlefield. But if Trump goes after her, as he did in response to the Hillary initiated attacks, Trump will be entirely justified. But we advise against such a course.

Why do we think Trump should mostly avoid Hillary? First because Donald Trump is in a Republican primary and his main targets should be those who threaten his nomination the most (Bush and the Bush establishment).

Second reason for Trump to avoid anything but a side attack on Hillary is because it helps her, not him. Trump should keep the focus on Bush/Barack. But an attack on Hillary helps Hillary in her battle against the Green Mountain socialist Saint Bernard of Sanders.

A Trump attack on Hillary, a focus on Hillary, will be used by Hillary2016 in their battle against Saint Bernard and drunk Uncle Joe (who is Barack Obama’s knife in Hillary’s back). Hillary2016 will send emails out immediately that “Trump attacked Hillary” because “Trump fears Hillary not Bernie Sanders so vote for Hillary, not Bernie Sanders.” See what we mean?

Donald Trump is a real game changer unlike the phony Barack Obama. The political class, including the smart set of the vipers brood still do not think Trump has a chance to be the nominee, let alone president. Some of the snakes however are beginning to realize how wrong they have been about Trump and only now beginning to see what we saw way back in 2012 and especially this year when Trump announced he is running for president. The political establishment is at Trump stage three. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

The political class (as defined by us) wants to destroy Donald Trump. Trump thus far has not ducked. Trump thus far has fought back valiantly and triumphantly. That’s why Donald Trump is so successful and so necessary.