All Things Trump: John McCain – Chattanooga – Is @realDonaldTrump A #Hillary2016 Plant? Plus Donald Trump Latinos

Update: Oh yes: Trump 24, Walker 13, Bush 12 in new ABC/WaPo national poll. Trump was near 30 percent when the poll started. By Sunday, in the middle of the GOP establishment hyped hysteria, his numbers dropped into single digits. Can Trump survive this? We’ll answer in our next article with a trip down Hillary Clinton memory lane.


Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John McCain “not a war hero”. So now we are told it is all over for Donald J. Trump. The Donald. The Trumpster. Let’s blow up some hot air balloons. And no we don’t mean Trump.

As we’ve written so many times before, we’ll have a better idea of how the GOP race will turn out after the August 6 debate. We believe Donald Trump is going to mop up the floor on August 6 but we also state we might be wrong. We’ll wait until after August 6 and the hellacious GOP debate to make our assessment of the current large GOP crop of wannabee presidents.

But some are ready to make pronouncements already. We admit we don’t know if the entire Donald Trump candidacy is one unbelievable publicity stunt for his Washington D.C. hotel. It could be. We doubt it. But it could be. But only dummies would make powerful declarations about a Trump death at this point.

But Trump death pronouncements today are all the rage. Today, Donald Trump slashed at John McCain. John McCain started the fight with Donald Trump and now Donald Trump haters are hatin’ on The Donald.

Here’s what happened:

(1) Donald Trump was not supposed to announce for president.

(2) Donald Trump announced he was running for president.

(3) Donald Trump was not supposed to file with the FEC.

(4) Donald Trump filed with the FEC.

(5) Donald Trump was not supposed to file financial disclosure forms.

(6) Donald Trump filed his financial disclosure forms.

(7) Donald Trump was supposed to have a slight, if any, bump in the polls after his announcement then fade away.

(8) Donald Trump surged to the top of the polls.

(9) Panic ensues.

(10) Hysteria follows.

On the John McCain front, here’s what happened:

(1) Early last week Donald Trump held a very large rally in Arizona.

(2) Senator John McCain of Arizona declared that Donald Trump had “brought out the crazies.”

(3) Donald Trump spoke with a prominent Arizona office holder to drum up a primary challenge to Senator John McCain who is up for reelection in 2016.

(4) Donald Trump at a candidate forum beat up on Senator John McCain.

(5) The Trump busters have declared Trump to be dead and never to be heard from again.

Why is Trump now dead? Allegedly because he said things he did not say about John McCain.

In 2008 we praised John McCain as a war hero. The Barack Obama campaign trashed John McCain. In 2008 McCain supporters on the right did nothing but display weakness as Obama supporters claimed McCain had a good time in the Hanoi Hilton. Obama supporters mocked McCain’s lack of email use. McCain could not use email or computers or raise his hands above his head because of the many bones his Hanoi captors broke. Still McCain campaign sloths sat back and allowed McCain to be attacked.

Obama attacked McCain and McCain supporters did nothing. But when Trump hit back against a McCain attack, all Hell broke lose. What did Donald Trump say about John McCain?:

Donald Trump took a few shots at Senator John McCain at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.Trump has been feuding with McCain after McCain said Trump is firing up the crazies with his outlandish rhetoric.

Today Trump let him have it.

Mediaite reported:

At one point, he said he supported McCain in 2008, but doesn’t like him very much now. Luntz pointed out that McCain’s a war hero, and that’s when Trump said this:

He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

That exchange, granted it is a nasty retort by Trump (and that insults all POWs), has now been transformed to Donald Trump saying that John McCain is NOT a war hero. Donald Trump said McCain is a war hero but Big Media and certain websites report it as Trump saying the opposite. Was Trump mean and nasty? Yes. But Trump was doing to McCain what McCain tried to do to Trump supporters.

McCain called Trump supporters “crazies” and Trump hit back to defend the “crazies”.

Trump refuses to back down. If anything, Trump is hitting back hard attacking McCain on veterans’ affairs and MCain’s smarts.

Earlier in the week Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump, as the video above references. In her attack Hillary denounced Trump for attacks on immigrants. Of course Trump has extolled legal immigrants. Trump’s fury is against illegal immigrants. This Hillary attack led to a comic moment.

Before Hillary said “Basta” to Trump at a gathering of the pro-illegal immigration La Raza an amazing line of attack had been developed by Republican opponents of Donald Trump.

That comic line of attack? The charge from a GOP Rep: Trump might be a Democratic plant to help Hillary. So, who are the “crazies”? The “crazies” are those who think Trump is anyone’s plant:

Curbelo, who supports Jeb Bush for president, piled on.

“There are too many important national, local international topics to waste time talking about a person who, I repeat, in my judgment is irrelevant — and who quite possibly is a phantom candidate recruited by the left to create this entire political circus,” he said.

And he further explained to Miami radio host Roberto Rodríguez Tejera.

“I think there’s a small possibility that this gentleman is a phantom candidate,” Curbelo said. “Mr. Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were at his last wedding. He has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation. He has contributed to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

Trump’s recent blistering attacks against Hillary proved how amusing this “plant” theory is. But any tool will be used to bring down Trump’s challenge.

Such is the desperation among certain GOP candidates that they want to believe that Trump is a plant. But it was Rick Perry, the most vocal attacker against Trump, who was a Democrat and big supporter of Al Gore.

For a Jeb Bush supporter to attack Donald Trump as a Hillary plant is truly a laugh. Was it Donald Trump who gave Hillary a medal? No, it was Jeb Bush that spoke in praise of Hillary as he handed her a medal:

Is Jeb Bush ‘unelectable’ because he gave Hillary Clinton an award?

The conservative group ForAmerica suggested that a Clinton campaign could use footage of Bush thanking Clinton ‘to blunt any criticism that Bush levels against her.’

Jeb Bush once handed Hillary Rodham Clinton an award for “public service.” [snip]

“It’s bad enough that Hillary Clinton will likely use footage from this event against any Republican nominee, but if Jeb Bush is her opponent she will make him look ridiculous,” Mr. Bozell said in a statement. [snip]

Back in September 2013, the Constitution Center awarded Mrs. Clinton its Liberty Medal for her international work and efforts on behalf of women and children. At the time she was a few months retired from her post as President Obama’s secretary of State. [snip]

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton. Thank you for your service to our country. We are united by a love of country and public service,” says Bush.

No doubt the award to Hillary Clinton was well deserved. No doubt Jeb Bush was a gentleman to present the award. No doubt such footage used in a campaign ad, which we are sure already exists, will and should be used by Hillary2016 if Jeb Bush is the nominee of the Republican Party. No doubt the “Trump is a Hillary plant” line of argument is a desperate ploy from desperate people.

Why the desperation? Here’s a clue:

Something strange has happened to the Republican presidential field since Donald Trump joined it a month ago: Mr. Trump and Jeb Bush are rising. Everyone else is falling in the polls, or seems stuck in place.

Mr. Bush’s support has jumped by about four percentage points in the Real Clear Politics average of polls, rising to 15.5%. Mr. Trump’s support has bumped up more than 10 points since mid-June, to 15% as of Friday.

Why the anti-Trump desperation? Maybe it’s because the issues Trump highlights quickly turn, because of events, into really big issues. The illegal immigration issue became a big issue as Trump highlighted murder victims of illegal immigrations immediately after an illegal immigrant killed a young woman in San Francisco.

The latest Trump issue to go big after Trump defended the Second Amendment to an MSNBC reporter? Gun free zones in light of the Chattanooga shootings. Trump gets it right again:

Donald Trump was unfortunately proven right on another one of his top issues Thursday: “gun free zones” at military bases.

There are indications that Thursday’s shooting at two military bases in Chattanooga, Tenn., occurred at or near “gun free zones.”

In an interview with the website, Trump decried the zones on military bases, suggesting that they left highly-trained gun operators without a weapon to fire at attackers, with the exception of military police.

A photo from the scene taken from a local Fox station showed 29 bullet holes around a “gun free zone” sign.

Here’s our earlier story:

Pistol-packing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped a policy implemented by former President Bill Clinton making military bases “gun free zones,” declaring that as president bases would no longer be defenseless against terror attacks.

As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.” he told the website

Trump continues to drive the issues lawnmower landscape and that leads to the desperate attacks against him.

There is rationality which drives the fear of Trump from Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush girds for debate smackdown with Donald Trump

The former Florida governor is bracing for the possibility of a presidential debate pile-on. [snip]

Gaming out how Trump — a bombastic figure who refuses to abide by the usual rules of political decorum — will present himself has become a growing subject of speculation in Bush’s world. During one recent phone call with a political ally, Bush pointedly asked about the surging real estate mogul. What, the friend recalled the former governor wondering out loud, was behind Trump’s antics, and what was he trying to accomplish?

“Trump presents a challenge for Bush because he’s a hand grenade,” said Nelson Warfield, a longtime Republican strategist who has prepared a number of candidates for debates. “His people understand that and will be prepared for anything that comes their way.”

As the Aug. 6 debate grows closer, some Republicans are relishing the prospect of Trump tearing the bark off the former governor — or, at the very least, trying to trip him up. “Trump has one target and one target only,” said an adviser to a rival GOP candidate. “He’s going to bring a lawn mower for Bush.”

Donald Trump’s biggest enemy? It’s not his own mouth as some would believe. Drug kingpin “El Chapo”. You can’t ask for a bigger headliner enemy than a recently escaped Mexican drug warlord “El Chapo” if you’re Donald Trump.

So why all the desperation about Donald Trump? Remember the Donald Trump boast about winning and getting the Latino vote? There’s some news from Nevada:

Nevada State Polling Shows Donald Trump Crushing Field – Including Massive Support From Latinos…

Washington, D.C., July 16, 2015 – One America News Network, “OAN”, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, released today its most recent 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Polling Results for Nevada conducted by Gravis Marketing.

The results show that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a commanding lead of 27.7%, with recently announced Presidential Candidate Scott Walker in second with 15%. In third is Ben Carson with 7.8% with Jeb Bush a point behind at 6.8%. Marco Rubio rounds out the top five with 5.4%. Undecided voters remain high at just over 20%.

With polled Hispanics, Presidential Candidate Trump received 31.4%, higher than his overall performance of 27.7%. The only other Presidential Candidate to receive double digit support by Hispanics is Scott Walker with 11.4%.

Whatever the merits, or shortcomings of such a poll, it is feeding the fear of Donald Trump. The fear leads to desperation.

August 6 gets more interesting with every passing day.