Hillary Clinton Emails Explained; Donald Trump Mystique Explained; Shield-Maiden #Hillary2016 Results Explained; And Welcome Back Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko

Republicans, conservatives, liberal DailyKook totalitarian leftists are sniffing their own anuses when it comes to the vast Hillary Clinton email scandal conspiracy to end the world. We’ll explain it real quick and in simple terms.

Establishment Republicans and conservatives are chasing their own tails as the liberal DailyKook totalitarian leftists rejoice – all because none of these brilliant minds understands the Donald Trump success. We’ll explain the Donald Trump mystique so that a dull-witted three year old can understand.

Also fasten your weekend seat-belts as we explain, once again, the two biggest Hillary Clinton mistakes of this election cycle.

And finally, welcome back Barack Obama criminal pal Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Yes, Barack’s criminal pal is back. Rezko is now in a half-way house. Not the house Obama got bribed with nor the house Obama bribed Rezko with. Nor the house with the freezing tenants. No. A half-way house. Welcome back Tony.

We hope Rezko is remembered by every candidate for president in 2016.

Now, let’s discuss the candidate that might discuss Rezko – The Donald.

We’re reading leftist websites and Republican/conservative websites. They’re all hair afire over The Donald. At Republican establishment hating Ace of Spades there is a long and convoluted article about the class war within the GOP over The Donald. At HotAir and other RINOish Republican/conservative websites the attacks against Donald Trump come in, like diarrhea attacks, regularly. The attacks are mostly about how Donald Trump is not really a conservative, has donated to Hillary and Harry Reid in the past, and that he is all about publicity and will soon leave the race after teasing GOP voters and leaving them high and dry – having wrecked the Republican establishment strategy to cozy up to Latino voters and turn off the volume on talk about illegal immigration. Most frustrating to the RINOs are the comments sections which usually become cheering sections for Donald Trump even as the cheerleaders don’t exactly like The Donald.

On the Leftist totalitarian sites much of the same. The usual race-baiting “Trump is a racist” garbage is cheered on in the comments by the slack jawed yokels that regurgitate all that is ideologically fed them. The attacks against Trump on the leftist web sites are usually tinged with an odd class based attack against Trump for being kinda “low class”. On many of the anti-Trump attacks by the left French words, Latin words, high-brow intellectual terms are deployed to mock the cheesy The Donald. The attacks against Trump from the left range from snooty to snide.

On all the websites, Republican, conservative, leftist, and even moderate there is a mourning or celebration, depending on the political bias of the writer, that Donald Trump will ensure a victory for the Democratic nominee – especially if Donald Trump goes third party.

Every trick in the book is employed to destroy Donald Trump. The latest via Fox News is to force the candidates to file all required FEC documentation in order to participate in the August 6 debate. That’s already backfired because Donald Trump says he will file his documentation before August 6 – and because the ones that have problems with their papers are Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, and Rick Santorum.

Every opportunity to attack Donald Trump is taken. For instance, Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Arizona has drawn so many prospective attendees that it had to be moved to the very large Phoenix Convention Center. Enter Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona. McCain has denounced Trump and Jeff Flakey has demanded the Republican Party not endorse the Trump rally. Jeff Flakey has worked hand in glove with Barack Obama to pass illegal immigration amnesty and he is the one lecturing Trump on what constitutes a proper Republican/conservative. It’s like Obama lecturing Americans on what are American values.

Despite all these ideological attacks and corporate desponsorship attacks, and Big Media attacks, Donald Trump is growing in popularity with the voters. Why? We explain in simple English the Donald Trump mystique:


We’ve been warning about this for the longest time. In recent elections in so-called “democratic” countries – the voters are being ignored. In election after election, voters vote for an establishment political party – then once in power the political party they voted for stabs them in the back. Witness the 2014 elections in the United States in which the Republican Party won elections based on opposition to Barack Obama then once in cozy offices they pull out all the stops to assist Barack Obama to pass ObamaTrade. This happens over and over and over.

Eventually voters catch on and they decide to vote for the biggest motherf*cker around who will do what they want. The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them.

In Europe, extreme right wing parties increase in popularity. Why? Because the voters find themselves in a snake pit – betrayed by the political parties they vote for based on lies. Eventually the voters say “Fu*k you motherf*ckers, Fu*k you” and Marine Le Pen gathers strength in France, Denmark goes right wing, and the rallies in Germany grow and grow. In many of these cases the issue is immigration and illegal immigration.

The voters trapped in the snake pit learn. Voters lie to pollsters then because the voters see the polls as part of the establishment ruse to tar them as whatever the establishment is against. In Greece the polls showed a 50-50 race on last week’s referendum and instead the results were 60-40. In Israel, Netanyahu was slated to lose, Netanyahu won big. In Great Britain, the Tories were supposed to be wiped out, they won a shocking majority outright. In 2014 it happened in America. In 2016 watch out.

The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers.

You don’t have to like Donald Trump to love Donald Trump. You can detest Donald Trump as crass and love the fact that he fights back and has the resources to fight back.

Donald Trump is the stick that hits. And voters trapped in the snake pit need a stick.

One last thing about Donald Trump and a potential third party run. We agree entirely with Trump that Ross Perot greatly hurt George H.W. Bush and aided Bill Clinton. The exit polls dispute this and most political pundits dispute this. But we agree with Trump on the Perot effect.

According to the exit polls, Ross Perot drew evenly from potential Clinton supporters and potential Bush supporters. We believe that it contrary to logic but even if true that does not change our opinion that Ross Perot hurt George H.W. Bush disproportionately and helped elect Bill Clinton. Why? Watch the debates from 1992 and you will see how Perot blasted George H.W. Bush at every turn. Every time Bush attacked Bill Clinton the wily Ross Perot blunted the attack and turned it around against Bush. Bush lost in 1992 in large part because of Ross Perot.

Now in 2016 the left and the right agree that Donald Trump will help the Democratic nominee. Well, it ain’t necessarily so.

Start from the irrefutable fact that if no presidential candidate in 2016 wins 270 electoral votes the next president is elected by the electoral college and that president will be a Republican.

Why? Because the Republicans control sufficient congressional delegations that this congress would elect a Republican. So picture a three party race (or more if Bernie Sanders decides to run as a Socialist if he loses the Dimocratic nomination). If Donald Trump runs third party and attacks strategically he could determine the winner.

Presume the race is between Hillary, Jeb!, and Trump. Trump could expend resources in states like New York and New Jersey designed to weaken Hillary if Trump wanted Jeb! to win. If Trump wanted Hillary to win Trump could devote resources to deny Florida and Colorado to Jeb. Of course, Trump could weaken both candidates in enough states to cobble together a 270 vote majority. Likely? Not really. But what if Trump decided to destroy Jeb! such that by the time the election came around the race would be between Trump and Hillary. Is any of this possible? Consider 1992 when Ross Perot led the field. And Perot was neither as well known, as media savvy, as rich, as well organized, as Donald Trump.

Having explained the Donald Trump mystique and debunked certain assumptions we’ve sort of dug ourselves a pretty big hole. So we’ll rush through our remaining explanations.

Let’s talk Hillary Clinton emails. Once again, the left and the right miss the singular glaring obviousness of this so-called “scandal”. What was Hillary up to? Why did Hillary do what she did?

Why’d ya do it, Hillary? Simple explanation: the internal war against Obama.

The war between Obama and Hillary is a topic we’ve long discussed. The email “scandal” merely confirms what we have written. Barack Obama demanded Sidney Blumenthal have nothing to do with Hillary at the State Department. Hillary told Barack “Fu*k you” and talked with Blumenthal all the time. David Axelrod begged for Hillary’s email address. Hillary aides huddled about what to tell Whimpy. Obama double agent Rahm Emanuel had to beg for Hillary’s email address too. The top Obama henchmen at the White House were seen by Hillary as enemies that did not deserve her email. But Lynn Forester de Rothschild whom we enjoy watching as she mocks and slaps Barack Obama had Hillary’s email and helped Hillary with interviews. Go Lynn! Make the DailyKooks who demand Hillary run away from you, weep.

Behind the scenes Hillary can’t stand Obama and Obama can’t stand Hillary. But foolishly Hillary in public increasingly intends to run a disastrous campaign for Obama’s third term. It’s mistake #1 for Hillary2016

Hillary2016 mistake #2? Hillary Clinton became a shield-maiden. In 2014 we issued a warning to Hillary about the dangers of becoming a shield-maiden:

These Obama cultists wanted and to a large extent got Hillary to immolate herself in 2014. Now these Obama cultists want Hillary to take on some of the Obama stink on the elections. These Obama cultists want Hillary to fight the Republican congress for two years and be a human shield for Barack Obama.

We’ve written variations of the above for a long time now. We’ll make it very very clear once again: Obama loyalists wanted Hillary Clinton to announce early because then Hillary would be under attack and Obama would be protected. Have we been right?

Barack Obama’s poll numbers have been rising. This rise is not enough to assist the 2016 nominee, whoever that is. But the rise buoys the dunderhead in the White House. Obama’s rise in the polls is not due to anything he has done. Obama’s rise in the polls is because the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua now takes all the spears and hits while Barack profits and parties.

Need we explain more to Hillary2016?


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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-07-10/don-t-cry-for-the-trump-brand

    Judging by discounts on Donald Trump-labeled mattresses on Amazon.com, the billionaire’s brand is hurting. But his overseas business partners don’t seem to have noticed.

    Trump’s Macy’s deal, and others, are gone after his incendiary remarks about Mexican immigrants. Still, selling shirts and ties was “a small business in terms of dollar volume,” the real-estate mogul, reality TV star and Republican presidential contender said in a press release last week. His partners in international property licensing deals, a more lucrative business line, haven’t joined in on the dog pile.

    “So far as the Trump-Panchshil association is concerned, this stands unaffected and we will continue our association with the Trump Organization,” Surbhi Gupta, a spokeswoman for Panchshil Realty, Trump’s development partner in two condominium towers in Pune, India, said in an e-mail. The company declined to comment on Trump’s remarks, “since we are unaware of the ground situation there, from a social and political context,” the e-mail said.

    Developers in the Philippines, Turkey, Panama, Canada, India, and Uruguay pay Trump millions in licensing fees to put his name on buildings he neither built nor owns, with an aim to sell condominiums and hotel rooms at higher prices. These deals provide nearly risk-less revenue streams for Trump, which, along with income from properties he owns, helps pay down existing debts and fund new projects.

    “Mr. Trump is successful and wealthy and one of the great things about the empire he’s built is that it’s diverse—both geographically and across numerous business lines,” said Alan Garten, general counsel for Trump. “It can withstand situations like this.”

  2. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/07/10/donald_trump_if_rubio_ever_got_elected_you_would_have_people_flowing_across_the_border.html

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded to criticism from fellow presidential candidates in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday.

    Trump had praise for Cruz, saying he has “great respect” for the Texas Senator standing up for him.

    “I have great respect for the fact he had the courage to back me up and say what I am saying is right. All I am saying, all he is saying is that, we have to stop illegal immigration. It’s causing tremendous problems including crime and he came out the other day. Strongly.

    However, Trump did not have any reverence when it came to Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio called Trumps remarks about illegal immigrants divisive and offensive.

    Marco Rubio is somebody who is extremely weak on immigration,” Trump said. “He only toughened has stance because his poll numbers were going down.”

    “If he ever got elected you would have people flowing across the border,” Trump warned.

  3. You are so darn start, Admin.

    My PINK hat is off to you for your great post.


    Eventually voters catch on and they decide to vote for the biggest motherf*cker around who will do what they want. The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them.

    Big Stick TRUMP….YUP to that.

    If Hillary wants to play Kookie Grandma, Trump is going to zing her for not living up to who she really is.

  4. Admin: what you have said is all very true. Very. Including the bit about Flake who I cannot stand. A perfect soulmate to the senile senior senator from that state—Strangelove.

    But the more Donald exposes who it is that is fucking the American People, the more the fuckors attack him and the more the dim bulbs in the electorate catch on to the real game that is going on behind the green door, the more another axiom of human nature kicks in:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and I will vote for my friend.

    Lightening in a bottle.

    How do they stop him?

    Cancel his programs, restaurants and rename points of interest.

    Does anyone ask by what sophistry of reason should the FAA get into the business of renaming sites on maps based on politics.

    If that is their forte, let them do that and get out of the business of airline safety.

    In the fulsomeness of time, the public should see what is going on here

    The same people who want us to believe that we have a 5.4 precent unemployment rate

    Object when their bluff is called by someone they cannot dismiss as inferior because he did not go to Harvard.

    These attacks against him will wear well, like battle scars born by someone who is fighting for them

    Against a whole political class that is fucking the rest of us like a house cat. Like a house cat.

  5. If Hillary wants to play Kookie Grandma, Trump is going to zing her for not living up to who she really is.
    I used to think I knew who she is. Today, I do not know, and I doubt that she does either. It is far easier to say what she should be. Trump believed in her too back in the bad old days of 2008 before she fell under the influence of hope and change–after she mocked Barry’s bullshit in New Hampshire. So help me God, with my hand on the Bible, I do not know who she is at this point. And I see no Road to Damascus moment on the horizon. A candidate lives in a bubble. They rely on their handlers to keep them on the right path. By staffing her campaign with bots, it is obvious to me that Obama’s legacy and their own career retention are their true motivations.

  6. Trump is not stupid enough to make a deal and not have a contract. He is very good in this area, so all the folks that think they can punish Trump by pulling out of a business deal, had better prepare themselves to have their heads handed to them in court.

    Trying to bully Trump is like poking a bear. He can get nasty and go for the throat in 15 seconds flat.

    I’ve seen him on tv, rip someone to shreds.

  7. Brilliant post admin.
    wbboei? not too shabby either
    Sometimes I cut a twitter from thoughts given here. Probably should have asked ahead of time. I try to restrain myself what I can, but what you have to say is striking, helpful.

    Thought I should mention this too. I’ve given the entirety of the article:

    SCRANTON — Hillary Clinton is scheduled to make a campaign stop in the Electric City.
    The presidential hopeful is expected to visit a home in Scranton on July 29.
    Tickets are expensive, ranging from $1,000 to $2,700.
    At this point there are no public events planned

  8. …speaking of Donald…his strategy is way ahead of both parties…Donald is going for the heart of Americans…


    Donald Trump to Meet Families of Victims Killed by Illegal Immigrants

    Private closed-door meeting to take place in Los Angeles on Friday

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump will meet Friday with the relatives of people who have been murdered by illegal immigrants, his campaign announced.

    The private closed-door meeting will take place at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

    Trump will sit down with at least six individuals, including the family of Jamiel Shaw, Jr., a 17-year-old from Arlington Heights, California, who was gunned down in 2008 by a 19-year-old gang member originally from Mexico.

    Other attendees are expected to include Sabine Durden, Dan Rosenberg, Lupe Moreno, Brenda Sparks, Robin Hvidston, all of whom had a family member killed by suspects believed to have been in the U.S. illegally.

    Trump has been facing intense backlash for a series of controversial remarks about Mexican illegal immigrants.

    To buttress his argument for immigration reform, the presidential candidate in recent days has seized on the July 1 murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by a felon who had been deported five times.

    After his meeting with the victims’ families, Trump is expected to sit down on Friday evening with conservative Hollywood group Friends of Abe.



    Gordon •an hour ago

    I can’t lie, Trump is killing it right now.

    cktg0139 •3 hours ago

    Trump has not faced any genuine backlash, only the fake grandstanding backlash manufactured by colluding corporations and the mainstream media.

    Voters support Trump, much to the chagrin of colluding corporations and the mainstream media.

    Trump just keeps gaining momentum as he won’t be bullied off point.


  9. The chattering class thinks Trump is killing the Republicans, but it seems to me that he’s killin’ the Dems. He’s making illegal immigration a major issue framed in way that is obviously resonating. And, resonating in a way that makes the Democrat position (completely open borders, citizenship for illegals, sanctuary cities, sanctimonious political correctness, etc.) politically untenable.

  10. Here’s why Judge Hanen is pissed (from Politico)

    But about 2,500 three-year work permits have been issued by the Obama administration even after Hanen’s injunction, infuriating Hanen and the states that have sued. The latest revelations came Thursday, when the administration said in court filings that they found another 500 three-year work permits, in addition to the 2,000 that had already been discovered.

    Hanen had said he’d be willing to dismiss his demand for Johnson to appear before him in court if he’s satisfied with the steps that the administration takes to revoke the three-year permits. The Obama administration said in the Thursday court filing that it would file a status report on July 31 about how the government is trying to correct those issues.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/obama-immigration-orders-likely-headed-for-new-legal-setback-119983.html#ixzz3fYMUqswo

  11. utube clip of Donald’s Press Conference in LA with families speaking

    Donald has opened Pandora’s Box and there is no going back now…if the repubs are smart they will join Donald is getting behind the American people…

    as i mentioned before…it is going to come down to priorities…do we protect our Citizens first or illegal aliens first…

    Hillary is on the wrong side and this issue is going to grow and swallow her up

  12. CNN and ABC cut the feed as soon as the families were starting to speak…

    see the comments … Donald is winning people over in droves…

    now I start worrying about his safety…he is exposing all the lies and games

  13. Hillary is on the wrong side and this issue is going to grow and swallow her up

    It’s going to swallow up Hillary and a lot of other folk. Open borders and amnesty in order to pander for latino votes is now officially a zero sum game. Gain Latino votes; lose white votes.

  14. http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/07/10/event-for-donald-trump-in-phoenix-will-draw-thousands/


    The planned speech is already attracting a storm of attention. Even as city leaders have asked Mr. Trump “to stage his hate-filled circus” elsewhere, ticket requests have been so high the campaign has moved the speech from the swank Arizona Biltmore hotel to the convention center downtown.

    “Mr. Trump certainly has a First Amendment right to bluster as much as he wants, and even to pander to our worst instincts in a sad attempt to win votes at the expense of hard-working, honorable, law-abiding Latinos,” Daniel Valenzuela, a Democratic councilman and the city’s vice mayor, said on Thursday. “However, we should draw the line at allowing him to use the Phoenix Convention Center — a public building funded by all of our taxpayers’ dollars.”

    Mayor Greg Stanton, also a Democrat, issued a similar statement condemning Mr. Trump and his remarks, but assured that the city would not try to prevent the candidate from speaking.

    Mr. Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said on Friday that 4,500 tickets had already been reserved for the speech, 3,500 more than initially expected.

  15. see video clip of father speaking that he feels hope since Donald is speaking up


    Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son Jamiel Jr. was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been arrested before said Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigrant crime “gave us some hope” and he felt “invigorated” on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

    Shaw said, “I’m feeling invigorated, with Donald Trump, for the first time — people who’ve been murdered by illegal aliens, we feel hope, we feel change coming, and we’re happy that we can get our stories out, we can get mobilized, and start trying to make sure this happens.”

    He added, of the attention Trump has brought to the issue, “it’s a beautiful thing. For the first time, since my son was murdered, I just have nothing to feel happy about when it came to politicians. We hear everything about what they’re going to do, then they get in office, they don’t do nothing, and then we have no voice. We have to just live with what’s happening. So, Donald Trump brought in fresh air, Donald Trump gave us some hope, made us think like, ‘Oh, you know, maybe we have a chance to get our country back, or at least make the citizens safe.’ That if you’re going to force this illegal immigration down our throat, at least you owe us the safety part of it to make sure our loved ones aren’t being murdered in the streets. That’s ridiculous.”

    Shaw also stated, regarding those who took offense to Trump’s comments “just ask yourself, what would you do if someone did…to one of your loved ones like that? What would you expect? I guarantee you that it changes. It changes when your loved one is in the casket, in the funeral, or inside of the wall of a mausoleum. See, that changes everything. But they ignore that feeling. That’s why they can act like that, because they ignore the fact it could happen to you, too. You’re not immune to this. You know, it can happen to anybody. That’s why we need security, we have to feel safe. How are we going to feel safe if you have criminals beating the system and they’re killing us, it’s obvious they’re killing us, they’re raping us, they’re pillaging the community with all kind[s] of document fraud and no jobs. It’s out of hand. People are tired. We need somebody to come in there and at least try. That’s what Donald Trump is doing. He’s trying, and people — it doesn’t matter if you agree with everything he’s doing, we know by him doing what he’s doing now, that gives you a reason to trust him and to say, ‘You know what? I’m going to be with you. Lead the way. I’m going to be with you, because what you’re doing takes a lot.’ Nobody else is doing it, nobody else is. … Nothing they can say but, ‘Hey, he’s trying.’ So, you got to get behind that.”

    Later, Shaw stated, “the president is not immune. He watches TV, he watches the news. He has friends, black friends, white friends. He knows what’s going on, and he’s just ignoring it, and it’s not fair to ignore this kind of death. This kind of death has to be addressed. You cause anarchy, you cause people to lose hope, and try to do it [themselves]…it gets out of hand. Right now, it’s out of hand, you have people committing crimes. Nobody is going to jail for it.And you hear the president, almost justifying it by not doing nothing. By not doing nothing it’s just as bad as doing it himself.”

    Shaw concluded that’s he “bitter” at the system that allows incidents like his son’s murder to keep happening, and “it’s not right, because if they envisioned their son or daughter laying in the street, dead, or going to the pier to have some fun, and they come up dead, man, that’s not acceptable. Why would you be in charge of a country, or politicians you’re in charge of communities, and you know this is going on, and just because you want votes, or you want cheap labor, you allow people to be murdered in the streets. Then when they complain they’re a racist.”


    when you hear this father speak about his son this story will break your heart

  16. and all the above in direct opposition to what Obama and the Dems want to do:



    I hope the hell Hillary is listening to all of this and decides to cut the part of the speech she is planning to give on Monday that states that she supports giving legal counsel to illegal immigrants to help stop them from being deported…

    if she persists with those statements on Monday she will be reaching the point of no return…

  17. blowme0bama
    July 10, 2015 at 10:09 pm
    I don’t know how HRC is going to credibly extricate herself from her stated positions.


    problem is, she can’t.

    and what if she eventually did retract all of her stated positions? what credibility would she have then?

    as far as I’m concerned, it’s just another obama campaign, run by bots with their bot message and ideals. it’s a continuation of the destructive obama policies.

    I want nothing of it.

  18. Yes, the voters need a stick. If you have been watching the Greek Tragedy, you will see that the referendum they voted NO on, has been forced through their legislature by their leader, and is now a proposal to the EU. May they all implode on their own greed and corruption. Too bad about the millions to billions of people caught in the mess.

    Hillary cannot be that stick because it costs too much to run a presidential campaign. It takes a cool Billion to do that. That is like 100,000,000 people donating $1,000. Not going to happen. Hillary ’08 was defeated. But does she live to fight another day? You will have to decide by election day.

    Who is who?


  19. Full Trump press conference in LA with families of children slain by illegal aliens. CNN had cut it off before the families spoke:

  20. this morning I caught a segment on CNN of them covering Trump in LA last night…they went on to highlight the protestors outside and did not mention ONE WORD…

    not ONE WORD about Donald meeting with the families of people killed by illegal aliens…not one word about the Press Conference Donald gave and CNN covered and then abruptly cut Donald off when the families started to speak…

    (if anyone is seeing the broadcast channels, cnn, msnbc reporting the families please provide links)

    (I can just see the control room freaking out when the families started to speak and screaming “Cut, cut, cut” “go to commercial”)

    and comments from others are reporting ABC did the exact same thing…

    as if none of those families even existed…they are invisible and have no voice…except now they have Donald Trump…to trumpet their voices and their loss and their pain…

    God Forbid…our media would put the truth out there…or the other side to the illegal immigration story out there…no hide it at all costs and wash it out with “the protestors and backlash against Donald” (this is why Donald is rising)

    …yet CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS went wall to wall for months on every young black boy who was killed by the police…they had the families on repeatedly…they had panels discussing all of their deaths and their analysis…

    yet CNN…and MSNBC…and the broadcast news…runs from the families of the victims of the illegals…for our media they do not exist and they do not want us to know they exist…

    if you had a chance to view the clip I posted above of the father, Jamiel, speaking with Neil Cavuto about the death of his son…his 19 year old African American son with a bright future…

    a clean cut kid who was shot in the head because the illegal alien who had been held on a gun charge was released after four months for “good behavior”…and in the latino gang creed, the gang member was met by another latino gang member and was required to kill someone on the same day to adhere to the gang philosophy…that’s the way they roll…

    where the freak is that story? that should be wall to wall…why isn’t every pundit explaining this gang culture and how it puts all Americans at risk…


    just watch … today Donald will be in Arizona…he will get surface coverage…if that…but the emphasis will be on all the protestors that show up…

    for the media…there won’t be words about the victims…
    there won’t be analysis of the crimes committed or latino gang culture…
    there will not be family members invited to CNN and MSNBC to share their grief and loss…

    …there will be no signs saying “ALL INNOCENT LIVES MATTER”

    and I bet that will be the basic coverage from here on out for Donald…

    this is getting dangerous for the media…and the Democrats…because now Donald is beginning to prove his points in daylight..

    Donald is giving faces to those who have been ignored by our government, our media, our President…and the Democrats…

    but as Megaan Kelly asked above…

    Where is Obama for the families that have children that were killed by the illegals? (that young AA boy could also have been ‘his son’…no comment from O)

    …now it is much worse…where is the media for them? ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC???

    …Where is C-SPAN? Washington Journal?

    …where are the Democrats for them?

    …where is Obama and his justice department for them?

    …where were Obama’s justice dept and representatives at their funerals?

    Who speaks for them?

    and who will speak for us…if it happens…so randomly…to us?

    and finally…the big question for me is…

    Where is Hillary for them…and for us?


    …there is ONE VOICE speaking loudly for them…and the media, our govt, the Dems, the repubs…everyone else is trying to silence Donald from getting the truth out there

    …and as Jamiel, the AA father of that young AA boy said (in the clip above) no one cares or is doing anything about it…

    and he said, ‘when you speak up you are called “a racist”

    go Donald…

  21. S, Trump meeting with the families is exactly what we said he would do in our previous article. We didn’t even have to suggest he do so because it is a no-brainer. On just about everything, style and substance, Trump does the logical thing and thereby zooms ahead.

    Hillary on the other hand does exactly the opposite of what we suggest. Then the consequences of her actions bite her and there is surprise on her campaign’s behalf. That we suggested she do the opposite of what she does and that the consequences of those foolish actions are exactly what we predicted does not seem to alter the trajectory of the campaign. As in 2008, but much worse, this 2016 campaign careens forth doing the opposite of what should be done.

    Hillary has a good story to tell. Her entire history is a good story that helps her. Hillary has a good story to tell about her Secretary of State years (namely her battles against Obama). But the present strategy does not permit her to tell that story.

  22. This is so touching – Big Media cozies up to the GOP in order to destroy Trump:


    In the days that followed, something like the opposite has happened. Trump has risen from petty distraction to campaign sensation, rising near the top of national and early-state polling on the backs of his universal name recognition, a platform appealing to the GOP fringes, and a steady stream of inflammatory comments.

    This has led campaigns and Republican leaders to rethink their response to Trump. Initial efforts to ignore him have failed, daily denunciations of him have only increased his visibility, putting him into first place in the GOP field according to one online-only poll sponsored by YouGov and The Economist. A candidate that many Republicans long courted for his megaphone and populist following now threatens to tar the larger party with comments about rapists and criminals flooding over the southern border.

    “The first rule of politics when you’re in a hole is to stop digging,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said at the Atlantic Council on Wednesday. “Someone needs to take the shovel out of Donald Trump’s hands.”

    And many of Trump’s rivals are gearing up to do just that.

    One strategy that is growing in favor is to treat him like any other candidate, and using his well-documented record of inflammatory, contradictory, and unorthodox statements against him. Trump has said he loves Hillary Clinton, was pro-choice and pro-same-sex marriage—just a few examples of comments that his supporters would find objectionable. In 1999, Trump proposed a one-time “net worth” tax on the wealthy to wipe out the national debt.

    Other candidates are taking on Trump head-on, hoping for a slice of the media fracas. [snip]

    An option that is off the table is trying to keep Trump off the debate stage; he is all but certain to qualify if he turns in his financial disclosure on time. [snip]

    And while there is a risk that he will overshadow or diminish the rest of the field, it might not be the worst thing for the other candidates. “We see beating up on Trump on the debate stage as an opportunity,” said an aide to one candidate, who like most of the GOP field, complains that Trump is only a factor because of the press. “It’s a media-generated story, since they’re giving him this platform and going around asking everyone about it everyday.”

    Others worry that Trump’s presence on stage will make the entire field appear smaller by association. GOP poobahs are encouraging candidates to get in Trump’s face, no matter the cost.

    “When Donald trump speaks about Hispanics, if I’m the smart Republican that stage, I’m going to rally and defend Hispanics and be their voice and become their champion,” says Ari Fleischer, the former Bush White House Press Secretary who co-authored the party’s 2012 autopsy calling for more outreach to Latino voters.

    “My advice to Republican candidates is to say the truth: “Trump is not representative of the Republican Party. He doesn’t reflect our values and isn’t focused on the best interests of the country or the party.” And then they’ll have no reasons to answer Trump questions again,” said Tony Fratto, the managing partner at GOP firm Hamilton Place Strategies and a former Deputy White House Press Secretary in the Bush 43 administration. [snip]

    Trump now threatens to upend a years long and multi-million dollar effort by the Republican Party to make inroads with Hispanic voters, an effort RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has called essential to the party’s survival as a long-term political force. On Wednesday, Priebus phoned Trump to nudge him to tone down his rhetoric, focusing on the party’s efforts to win over Latinos, but the message fell largely on deaf ears, with Trump proclaiming that the chairman called to “congratulate” him on his success in the polls.

    In many ways, Trump is a problem of the GOP’s own creation. A generation of party leaders and candidates has overlooked the bluster as they sought out his entertainment, endorsement, and checkbook. [snip]

    Everyone see the flaws in these “plans”? Essentially Trump would be given on a silver platter the vast anti-illegal immigration vote in the primaries and all the other candidates would get a sliver of the pro-illegal immigration Republican vote.

    And who gets hurt more if their past statements (not to mention votes) inconsistent with their present statements are quoted?

    What this points out is the vain stupidity of the “campaign strategists” both the Dims and the Rips employ.

  23. Admin: I happened to be visiting old clips by two of my favorite people–Andrea M. and Dana B.

    On one of those sites, I saw land where there was no land.

    Behold–a picture of a worried looking Ted Cruz and a fierce looking Dana Bash

    Headline to read: Immigration fight threatens national security.

    First of all, what a wonderful way to define the issue.

    Second, I saw the tape and most of the time Ted was explaining and enjoying himself.

    As hapless Dana read him a list of Republican names—RINOs of course, condemning him for . . .

    Making them look week . . . no I mean jeopardizing national safety.

    He grinned, and he explained.

    Frankly, I did not see a worried clip.

    Perhaps CNN photoshopped it.

    To amplify the lies of their phony figures don’t lie by liars figure . . pollster.

    But this is the way it has gone every fucking time. . . . until now.

    Whenever it comes down to a fight and Ted seeks leverage

    Suddenly big media screams at the top of its lungs: omg the sky if falling in.

    The problem is the leverage point is public policy, and opponents can demogogue against that.

    Pursuant to their strategy to disenfranchise American citizens, and thereby control the electorate.

    Comes now Donald Trump.

    He puts the immigration disaster front and center the same way Ted does.

    But he does not leverage it against some other program which the left can demogogue against.

    He puts it out there on its own merits, and helps us understand the nightmare it is creating for this nation.


    And he backs it with his own celebrity status and his proven track record of success.

    So the left cannot demogogue against some program extant the loss of which has a constituency.

    They can call it racist . . .

    Except that, as Nietsche said, it you make common currency of supposed virtues you wear the gold off them.

    Translation: nobody wants to hear it.

    The economic boycott they have launched against him have been as effective to beebees against a tank.

    And they look very bad in doing it.

    In the late 19th century, in Heidelberg, for men of distinction to have a scar across their face

    An honor achieved in the art of fencing–a badge of honor,

    One which Oliver Wendell Holmes took notice of it somewhere in his writings–which is how I came to learn of it.

    Donald now bears that same scar–and the electorate loves it.

    The elites are on notice—-this rapier is not aimed at some policy issue they favor

    On the contrary it is aimed at their throats.

    Which explains the panic.

    Because in their heart of hearts they know they are cutting a fat hog, fucking the people and there are more of us than them.

    I still don’t think the gravity of the situation has completely registered, but the temperature has gone up.

    The freight train is coming, Donald and Ted have placed them on the tracks, without a lot of good options.

  24. Trump has his mojo and knows it’s working for American citizens…the illegals and their supporters hate him. I hope Trump has some of the best security team to protect his life!


    Donald Trump won’t stop talking about immigration. Next up: Rallying 9,000 in Phoenix.

    (He should talk to Jan Brewer on how Obama caused this disaster in her state!)


    Go Trump, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Would you want to be the Republican candidate on the debate stage who gets in Donald’s face and confronts him on his position on immigration, and then attempts to assure a nation of skeptics–and the 93 million jobless citizens that there is a soft landing for EVERYONE beyond the blue horizon—and by god I have a plan which big media who likes what I am saying will not ask me to detail, if you will only TRUST ME.

    And, then stand there in front of eighty million viewers with your jaw hanging out there just waiting for the right cross which Donald will deliver. History has shown that he is by nature a fierce counter puncher. His skirmishes with Rosie prove that. In that case, the best you could hope would be to be picked up off the floor by senior Gutterz, carried in a stretcher to the locker room, and become tomorrow’s headline. Yes, its true. There have been aging boxers well past their apogee, who have been known to take a dive. But that is a pretty high price to pay. Trading the 70& of the electorate away to get 15% of the electorate makes sense only to a CNN pollster.

  26. we can all see WHY…after viewing the full tape of Donald’s press conference…

    THE MEDIA and politicians do not want us to hear from the families and hear their stories about their family members who were gunned down or slain by a car driven by drunk illegal aliens…

    so sad…it should touch every American…it hurts to hear their stories…

    …and it could be any one of us at any given time

    …just the drunk driving problem alone is a major problem…not to mention the Mexican Mafia, etc…

  27. what I am afraid of is that the media is going to stop essentially covering Trump and only throw in the occasional “protestors/corporation” story…

    I am wondering if they could block Trump from buying air time if he wanted to do a full half hour or so and say what he wants to do Trump style…as in how Perot did years back.

    this guy has guts…one begins to see how he has gotten to where he is…past bankrupties, etc…he is like a one man tank charging ahead…

    a modern day pied piper attracting his band of people along the way…Donald is relatable…and the worst part for everyone else is…people are starting to trust and believe in him…

    …and what I love about his message he is driving the difference between illegal immigrants and LEGAL immigration..between breaking our laws and following our laws…

    yes…he is putting the Dems and the Repubs on the defense to support illegal immigration and lawbreakers before the safety of Americans and LEGAL immigration…

  28. S
    July 11, 2015 at 12:56 pm
    we can all see WHY…after viewing the full tape of Donald’s press conference…

    THE MEDIA and politicians do not want us to hear from the families and hear their stories about their family members who were gunned down or slain by a car driven by drunk illegal aliens…

    I can relate.

    Years ago, I was driving on Highway 10 in Los Angeles. I pulled off that the entrance to the Hollywood freeway, and came to a stop. The car I was driving was an Avis rental vehicle. The vehicle behind me did not stop. He rammed into the rear of my vehicle. The damage was substantial but the car was operable. The driver of the other vehicle, a truck, was an illegal Mexican. He did not speak English. Naturally, he had no certificate of registration, and no insurance. He was one of those su casa es me casa hombres. He was reticent rather than aggressive. Some of is counterparts in those neighborhood were aggressive, so much so that no blood or crip(t) was safe, and pity the poor bystander who gets in the middle when the bullets are flying.

  29. admin

    July 11, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    Hillary on the other hand does exactly the opposite of what we suggest. Then the consequences of her actions bite her and there is surprise on her campaign’s behalf. That we suggested she do the opposite of what she does and that the consequences of those foolish actions are exactly what we predicted does not seem to alter the trajectory of the campaign. As in 2008, but much worse, this 2016 campaign careens forth doing the opposite of what should be done.


    Admin…you said it…this is exactly what many of us have been diplomatically murmuring about…

    her campaign is being run by O people that are reinforcing O’s 3rd term

    and hence…Hillary looks out of touch, defensive and the policy points she is making sound small and redundant…as if she is being controlled and programmed…

    and again, that bit about giving legal counsel for illegal immigrants is insane in view of what is going on now…

    if she insists on saying she is going to do more for illegal immigrants than O she is making a very big mistake…

    I cannot understand why Bill isn’t more hands on in regards to her campaign and freaking stategy…WTH?

  30. what I am afraid of is that the media is going to stop essentially covering Trump and only throw in the occasional “protestors/corporation” story…
    I am sure they have considered that possibility.

    But the debates will give him the forum to keep this issue alive.

    I doubt they will go so far as to not cover the debates.

    That would not sit well with their advertisers.

    For the same reason the public cannot get enough of such seekers of wisdom and truth as

    Kimmie, Jennifer Anniston et. al.

    Trump will be a “person of interest”

    He will see to that.

    So will alternative media.

    At this point, in the style of Alynsky

    Trump controls the game

    The establishment just reacts.

    Third party is his hold card.

    The difference between him and other candidates?

    He does not have to make a whore of himself to attract other people’s money.

    He is free to give the truth to the American People with the bark off.

    And at this point, with the future so uncertain, the American People will be receptive to his message.

    A message that shows them how the few are succeeding at the expense of the many.

    Other candidates will mouth those same words, but when they say it, it will ring hollow.

  31. what I am afraid of is that the media is going to stop essentially covering Trump

    Fear not, my friends…Trump will buy his own tv spots and will expose what the media have done to silence a Presidential candidate.

    He will not be silenced, and then there is the internet…

  32. the other thing I am happy to hear Trump saying is how much he does love and respect the Mexican people and that he is talking about illegal immigration as a problem for our country

    I am getting a bit emotional because I want to say that my very best friend in this whole world is an American/Mexican friend I have that lives in Los Angeles…

    We have been friends since the early 1980’s…she is the kindest, most generous, fair minded and caring friend I have ever had…we have been through thick and thin, jobs, earthquakes, various boyfriends, etc and I always say she is a ‘one in a million friend’ and they do not make many with the kind of heart and compassion she has for others…and personally for me as a friend…

    so truly, this is not to slight Mexicans or anyone else…it is about protecting Americans and our country so we can continue to be great and afford to continue the principle of legal immigration in an orderly, lawful manner in respect to the foundation of what our country was built on…

  33. The media can’t stop covering Trump. He’s clickbait gold and they know their competition will be getting the clicks if they don’t.

    BTW, I think we should be careful to not deify Donald Trump’s political acumen. He’s a good enough media surfer to recognize a big wave, paddle into it, and ride it all the way to shore. This is happening because powerful anti-illegal swells had already formed far out to sea. That’s been apparent ever the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill went down in flames.

    Trump is the perfect guy to fan the flames. He’s not really running for President. For his purposes, what he is enjoying right now is like inauguration day. Honestly, if the Social Justice Warriors and the media (but I repeat myself) hadn’t made such a stink about a mostly forgettable announcement rant from Trump, this wouldn’t be such a big sh&t storm.

  34. another bit of irony…

    just thinking that when Hillary announced I was expecting her, in her own style…not Donald’s, to have a common sense message that Trump is now promoting…

    I thought that after O, Hillary would surely be the adult and continue where she left off before O and make common sense statements of legal immigration…surely not what she is saying now…or preparing to outdo O…


    the other big irony…and really, really big flag for Hillary and the Dims…

    …is did all of your hear that AA father, Jamiel…who lives in LA…say how excited the AA community is about Trump…

    Did you all hear him say that the AA community is so excited about Trump and they are planning on voting for Trump…

    so, what the hell use is Hillary’s strategy of going after the O coalition going to be if Trump is turning the tide and the AA community is going to support Donald…

    the AA community is disappointed in O…how does O3 with Hillary make it better for them…they know about the scamming illegal immigration fraud, the job loss, the gangs, etc…

  35. yes the media will cover Trump but they will continue to leave out the essence of his campaign and my fear, just report all negatives…

    exactly the way they did last night…we have to go dig to even see the press conference and a day later no mention of the families only all the protestors who hate that racist Trump

    and I am wondering if NBC or any of the stations could refuse to sell him pockets of airspace on TV …or shut out some of his ads…

    I do not put it pass the elites…particularly as Trump continues to rise

    …and I do think he is running for President…more and more as each day goes on…now he has alot to prove and that’s what gets him going…

  36. My bad.

    It isn’t just the message that the few are profiting at the expense of the many.


    It is the fact that a brave new world is being constructed around them which is inhospitable and foreboding to their values, their interests and the future they had hoped for for themselves and their children.

    That is the sentiment and the reaction extant.

    To which the elites are willfully blind.

    That is the volcano.

    I don’t recall whether I posted it or not.

    But Pat Buchanan is predicting

    A new era of civil disobedience

    Like we saw in the 1960s

    This time it will come from the center right

    One other thing that is bugging me

    Roberts is defending his support of Obamacare

    He claims it was an exercise in “judicial self restraint”

    To not defy the will of congress

    That is pure sophistry.

    The legal criterion is not what Congress has done

    It is what the Constitution says

    It is judicial activism of the worst kind

    Not judicial self restraint

    That causes a judge to a violation of the Constitution

    And then the plain meaning of Congress’s own words

    To uphold an unconstitutional statute.

    For a man who clerked for the greatest chief justice of our time

    And was a pall bearer at his funeral

    He is an abomination.

  37. The problem with the Obama/Clinton open borders and amnesty policy is that Americans just don’t understand why anyone would actively support illegal immigration. It makes no sense.

  38. I do not put it pass the elites…particularly as Trump continues to rise
    Neither do I.

    But keep in mind, 70% of the public thinks big media is biased.

    The question they need to ask themselves is whether they can stand a further deterioration in their ratings.

    Or, more precisely, whether their corporate sponsors and shareholders will.

    These are the sort of questions that pricks like Steve Burke at NBS should be asking himself right about now.

    In the final analysis big media is selling an intangible.

    It product is information.

    If that information is untrustworthy, then it has no value.

    Other than vaudeville.

  39. And if all it is, is vaudville, then how pray tell can it hope to be a serious player in a national debate and referendum????????????

  40. WBBOEI:

    I understand Robert’s perspective. I thought that both Obamacare rulings were pretty obvious. The mandate was clearly a tax with a different name. It amazes me that the Republicans haven’t started calling it a massive tax increase on the middle class (which is exactly what it is).

    This recent ruling was inevitable, IMO. It wasn’t decided on legal grounds. It was decided on the grounds that overturning the subsidies in half the states would create complete chaos in the insurance market with no apparent way of addressing the chaos. It was a 6-3 decision. Thomas, Scalia, and Alito would vote against a ham sandwich.

  41. S
    July 11, 2015 at 2:02 pm
    They are drawn like a moth to a flame.

    Like a cocaine addict who must have a fix.

    As noted above:

    The media can’t stop covering Trump.

    He’s click bait gold.

    And they know their competition will be getting the clicks if they don’t.

    While the devil grins

  42. msnbc announcing…covering today

    2:50 pm Donald gives speech in Las Vegas

    3:30 pm Donald News Conference


    later Phoeniz Rally

  43. The mandate was clearly a tax with a different name.
    Would it surprise you to know that during the hearing before the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Donald Verilli (Obama’s sop to Hollywood from whence this lesser Donald came) was asked that question, i.e. is this a tax. His answer was quick and to the point: no. Far be it from me to apply legal principles to the brilliant mind of Roberts, but to lesser mortals like me, and most of the profession that represents a waiver of the government’s legal position. Moreover, according to the law clerks, Roberts was prepared to go the other way, and strike down Obamacare, but then he went weak in the knees. The since repudiated Kennedy was then dispatched by the conservative block to talk the frightened ninny off the ledge. To no avail. HE COULD GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION. HE WANTS TO BE POPULAR IN WASHINGTON CIRCLES. If you have any remaining questions on this, track down what Judge Neopolitano has to say about it.

  44. just watching the analysis on msnbc prior to Donald speaking in about
    15 minutes

    pundits, reporters, etc all giving their analysis

    and have to say again…so stupid…all they keep harping on is Donald’s racist comments and his is not serious and when he will exit the campaign

    …and then all of them speculating about what other issues does he have…what else is the “blowhard” going to come up with?

    are these people DEAF??? Are they not listening to what he is saying…

    He is talking about Our Trade Policy with other countries…

    what is wrong with these fools? Are they afraid to mention TRADE because our Congress and O just sold us out?

    …this is what I mean about covering him…the media…with their useless analysis…are such liars…

  45. The precise reason he went weak remains unclear. Without knowing that, it is still safe to say that it was to protect his reputation. Given his background, the chewing out he received in the state of the union address, threats emanating from NYT, and the fact that he was in the boat initially, and during deliberations among the justices, and then jumped out at the last minute that conclusion seems to me obvious. Clearly, something, quite possibly untoward occurred between the time that he agreed with the majority and the time he took the dive. I believe Scalia knows what it is, and that is why he went ballistic on poor John.

  46. This on ObamaCare from far left Slate:


    Under this assault, all too many ACA defenders turned into fanboys and fangirls, dismissing any issue raised against the law as inconsequential and exaggerated. [snip]

    But this strategy might well come back to bite the Democrats. The bill for the health care expansion is coming due, just as the recipients will be heading to the ballot box to vote in the first primaries for the 2016 election. More than a few are likely to be annoyed.

    Last week Oregon’s insurance commissioner, Laura Cali, announced that the state had approved a 25 percent premium increase for the largest health insurer on the state’s exchanges. The second largest insurer did even better: It received permission to boost its monthly charge to consumers by 33 percent.

    Oregon might be the first health insurance exchange equivalent of a penguin getting shoved off an ice floe, but it won’t be alone in the freezing-cold waters for long. For example, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee requested an average 36 percent price increase for the plans it offers—after receiving a 19 percent bump last year. And that sounds like a relative bargain compared with Minnesota and New Mexico, where the BlueCross BlueShield family is looking for increases of more than 50 percent. Even if the final numbers are lower than the asks, it seems quite likely these states will approve substantive premium increases.

    The problem is simple. As Trudy Lieberman reported this month in Harper’s, the ACA made a decent stab at solving the problem of Americans lacking insurance. Unfortunately, the bargain struck to get the bill to a point where lobbyists for the hospital, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries to sign on, or at least not fight it, did not adequately address the issue of overall medical costs.

    And that’s where the consumer comes in. Someone is “it,” the party paying the bill. And that “it” is increasingly you, whether you receive insurance on the exchanges or from an employer.

    According to the Health Research Institute at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the health care spending growth rate was 6.5 percent in 2014. It’s expected to climb slightly to 6.8 percent this year, before dropping back to 6.5 percent in 2016. That’s certainly an improvement from the pre-ACA years, when increases often topped 10 percent, but our overall inflation rate is lower too. At the moment, it’s all but nonexistent, with the consumer price index registering annual gains in the low single digits.

    Moreover, that doesn’t mean your overall rate of medical inflation is 6.5 percent or in the single digits at all. It might well be much higher than that. “Much of the slowing growth can be attributed to cost shifting,” the writeup accompanying the report helpfully announces.

    Someone is “it,” the party paying the bill. And that “it” is you, whether you receive insurance on the exchanges or from an employer.

    And how does that play out? Higher premiums are one way. Another is high-deductible plans that leave consumers responsible for, say, $6,750 in out-of-pocket costs for individuals or $12,900 for a family before payments kick in.

    If you’re wondering, the number of employers only offering high-deductible plans surged this year, from 18 percent in 2014 to 25 percent this year. Altogether use of these plans has grown by almost 300 percent since 2009.

    Another way to lower medical care spending is to simply stop it, something that high-deductible, tiny-network plans are great at. In phraseology that could come straight from the pen of George Orwell, PricewaterhouseCoopers noted that “cost-shifting pushes consumers to be more conscientious about their health care choices” before going on to explain that 24 percent of those surveyed either did not take or took less than the recommended amount of medication and another 16 percent delayed or skipped a recommended treatment. These are people like Jennifer Ross, who USA Today reports can’t take a medication that will possibly get her out of her wheelchair. Why? Her family lacks the money to pay the $600 monthly copay for the treatment. [snip]

    The taxpayer pays the money to the insurance industry, leaving less funding for other priorities. Third, of course, it leaves the people who are not eligible for subsidies feeling like chumps, stuck paying the bill for a health insurance expansion that, no matter how necessary, many of them don’t see as offering them enough in return for their own personal increased costs. It’s highly unlikely they will give the reforms a pass simply because premiums were also increasing before the ACA became law. Obamacare, after all, was supposed to put a stop to this sort of thing. [snip]

    Hospitals faced with more powerful insurance companies could attempt to dump even more costs onto consumers through the practice known as balance billing, which means making them pay for the charges their insurance won’t cover. Nor do these mergers do anything about the surging price for pharmaceuticals, which is also a driving force in our medical budgets, both personal and corporate. In sum, it’s a problem so pressing that even Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the major players behind Obama’s health care reforms, took to the Wall Street Journal this week to declare, “If Mr. Obama doesn’t act soon to control costs, escalating costs may ultimately threaten the sustainability of his coverage expansion.”

    In the meantime, you shouldn’t need a political consultant to tell you why consumers paying hundreds of dollars—or even more than $1,000 a month—for health insurance they are required to buy and often can’t afford to use might well get angry. Once you name something the Affordable Care Act, people oddly expect the product on offer to be affordable. Who’d have thunk it?

  47. But who can compete for the limelight with Jebediah?

    I mean really?

    Such vitality, such spontaneity, such charisma . . words fail me

    To the audience of the 1920s, Clara Bow was the “It” girl

    Today, in the age of mass media, Jebediah is the “It” Boy

    The geek with money who made it big.

    A useless factoid: he has more money than all the other candidates combined.

    That needs to be fact checked, because I think Donald could buy and sell that numbnutz

    I am sorry. I meant “It” Boy.

    Okay fine.

    But if I told you the truth–that he is just a dullard, would you have believed me?

  48. I love Donald…he is old school…he reminds me of my father…minus the Billions

    down to earth…tell it like it is…

  49. admin
    July 11, 2015 at 3:16 pm
    This on ObamaCare from far left Slate:

    Under this assault, all too many ACA defenders turned into fanboys and fangirls, dismissing any issue raised against the law as inconsequential and exaggerated. [snip]

    But this strategy might well come back to bite the Democrats. The bill for the health care expansion is coming due, just as the recipients will be heading to the ballot box to vote in the first primaries for the 2016 election. More than a few are likely to be annoyed. (snip)

    And that’s where the consumer comes in. Someone is “it,” the party paying the bill. And that “it” is increasingly you, whether you receive insurance on the exchanges or from an employer.
    Speaking of fan girls, fan boys and quo vadis:

    What will be the fall-out?

    A choreographed exodus (see below)?

    Or a desperate chaotic retreat?

    Its only a matter of time.

    Whose fault?

    The dims who shoved it down our throats?

    Or the RINOs who promised and then refused to stop them?

    How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

    Only Professor Gruber knows for sure.


  50. If they find themselves a moron short for their panel

    I am confident that CNN can help them fill the empty seat.

    Maybe Gloria Borger.

    She has an interesting affectation of ending her “analysis”

    With the qualifier “whatever that means.”

    She may not know what she is talking about, but at least she’s honest about it.

    If you can stand to listen to her.

    I put her in the same league as Howard Fineman, who is now doing ex lax commercials.

    Finally found something he is good at.

  51. wbboei…they – msnbc/cnn are all such insiders with their predicable answers and observations

    and just as mentioned…they twist everything he said and just focus on how racist he is and all the people he is offending…that is how they are going to continue to cover him…they will never discuss his ideas…it will be “he’s and offensive racist non stop…” and illegal immigration is fine with them…how dare Donald question it…

    to them, calling people ‘Persians’ and complimenting them as good negotiators is so offensive…

    honestly, even though they continue to insult him and ridicule his comments and say that he won’t get far, bla, bla, bla…I think they are all worried…and afraid…

    …and as if most of the other candidates have a chance in hell with or without Trump…imho, as I mentioned a few times, the only one I think would have a shot, assuming he gets in the debates and starts giving people a reason to see and think about him…is John Kaisach

    the rest of them I do not believe will have enough general election appeal to win…unless Hillary goes so pro-illegal immigration that she shoots herself in the foot….

  52. Thank you Henry for that link of Trump.

    My God, Trump said all the things I wanted Hillary to say

  53. yes, Henry I also want to thank you so much for providing that live link…that was great…

    cnn and msnbc promoted that they were going to carry the rally and speech but they chickened out and did not cover one word

    the “special interests” must be getting to them


    have to say it again, I love that father, Jamiel…doing a great job with a heavy heart…

  54. S

    That father was brave and I admire him. You know he is going be hated by many minorities for standing up with Trump.

  55. You are most welcome.
    The talking heads will say he is xenophobic and hear little else.
    Country needs a fighter.

  56. yes Shadow, he will receive some backlash…and of course, now I start worrying even about Jamiel’s safety but you heard him…alot of his friends…liberal AA friends…are excited about Donald and going to support him

    they know the Dims have let them down…talk, talk, talk, and let more illegals in…how does that help anyone struggling here?

    this does not bode well for Hillary and her pursuit of the O Coalition…as Admin and others here have been saying…that is a deadend for Hillary…


    I love the tidbits Donald throws in…

    such as, all the people cutting up their Macy’s cards…funny…

    he is a natural born storyteller…life would not be boring with him running things…

  57. S

    Yes, American’s need a fighter, and Hillary is just playing the wrong hand.

    No one thought Trump would have a chance, the GOP should be running scared and I hope Hillary gets on her big girl pant suit and digs in for a fight.

  58. If I remember correctly Reagan was a democrat before he was a Repug. He was seen by many as a joke, a Hollywood actor, a lightweight and look what happened to him!

    I don’t see Hillary coming back from this unless the illegal voting et al control everything.
    I was driving through my neighborhood the other day and was struck by how many of the illegal immigrant homeowners….those who didn’t end up in foreclosure….largely by putting multiple families in single family homes….but who cares about our laws anyway….were building expansions, installing pools and had nice new SUVs sitting in their crowded driveways. It hit me how most are working for cash, not paying taxes, and getting free healthcare while those of us with real social security cards pay bigger and bigger bills to underwrite them while we deal with unemployment and drive our old ratty cars. FYI, a house cleaner here gets $25 -$30 an hour.

    Every time I read about Hillary events where people pay thousands of dollars to attend, I’m just reminded about how out of touch she has become with America. She comes to East Hampton but has never had an open event like Trump is having. I hope there is a price to pay for that. Seems that only voters in early primary states matter.

  59. As for those early voting states, who is she talking too??? The last poll I saw showed that 67% of American voters want the illegal migration to stop.

  60. As for those early voting states, who is she talking too???

    She is speaking to the Obama/Clinton coalition.

  61. honestly, even though they continue to insult him and ridicule his comments and say that he won’t get far, bla, bla, bla…
    These people turn your stomach—almost as much as Obama does.

    They are paid political operatives and journalistic frauds.

    They have made their own Faustian Pact

    By selling their journalistic souls

    For the stall fed existence of a big media job

    And the tyranny of group think that comes with it.

    They will spend their golden years with lots of money

    And even more regrets over what they might have been

    Had they been true to the higher calling of their profession.

    Put differently: fuck em.

  62. Admin
    Idid not know vdare was classified as a hate group by the SPLC. Came up in a Trump, media, immigration search. Thought the article interesting but should have searched the site. Sorry please delete.

  63. Idid not know vdare was classified as a hate group by the SPLC. Came up in a Trump, media, immigration search. Thought the article interesting but should have searched the site. Sorry please delete.
    Oh please henry.

    Go back and read the history of the Southern Poverty Law Institute and the lawyer who heads up that organization.

    He is a bottom feeder who comes in after the heavy BY lifting has been done BY OTHERS.

    He makes reckless charges, grabs headlines and siphons off as much cash as he can extort.

    Previously, he focused on racial allegations whereas now he is pushing for open borders.

    This guy, Morris Dees, gives other ambulance chasers a bad name.

    As far as I am concerned, he and his organization are a hate group.

    If you think this website is questionable, make your own assessment.

    Don’t take Mo’s word for it.

  64. When you do that research, weigh the tripe he puts out against what others who have dealt with him say about him.

  65. As for those early voting states, who is she talking too???

    She is speaking to the Obama/Clinton coalition.
    —and the Obama coalition is speaking to the chicago thugs and illegals they plan to bus in to the polls–again, while those hayseeds who pride themselves on being first in the 2016 primary hit parade don’t even notice, while that stupid ass newspaper reporter, who big media presents as the cats meow of analysts of all things Iowa, pontificates at length in his gossipy way while saying nothing.

    I can hardly wait . . .

  66. David Yepsen.

    I have bad memories of him because he never gave us a word of encouragement.

    Little did I know at the time that Hillary had a traitor in her ranks feeding inside information to the enemy.

    Who was from Chicago, and was hired by that douchebag Axelrod after Hillary finally wised up and fired that traitor.

    Yepsen was part of that whole dark episode, but all he really did was report it.

    His report were demoralizing.

  67. No one mentioned that Omar Shariff died the other day.

    He was in all respects a gentleman in the old world sense of the word.

    A friend to everyone until his declining years when Alzeheimers got the better of him

    One of the writers did a fine eulogy to him which rings true.

    The Cuban banker I have written about told me that he played badgammon with him one night.

    He was an avid gambler and a skillful one.

    But he was also one of those guys (and very occasionally gals) who do not feel alive unless they are courting death.

    The night he played him, Omar had him beat and then almost whimsically threw away the game because it began to bore him.

    Laurence of Arabia is one example of his work.

    And so is The Night of the Generals.

    Peter O’Toole, another great actor co-starred with him in both of those masterpieces.

    How ironic that both of them would die within a year of eachother.

    And what a loss for the rest of us.


  68. I would be surprised if Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center were NOT receiving funding from the International Workers’ Party.

  69. And on the foreign front, the Greek deal made with disregard for the Greek voters that boosted markets the end of last week appears to be falling through. People are being arrested in China for selling their stock as the economy their continues to implode.

    Get the popcorn out for markets this week. Overnight the central banks pump money into the market and are even purchasing stocks themselves. So the ironic part of all this is that, if you have money on deposit it may be used as the reserve that goes into stock purchases and so even if you are avoiding the toxic market, you may well be an indirect shareholder. They are going to take us all down, when they go. The plans are even all in place for bank failures and how they will evade FDIC.

    So as the looting continues and our votes and rights are nullified, those who have stayed patient and silent to hold on to their illusion of wealth, those who sold their country to have it, will find it for naught.

    My personal prediction (keeping in mind I am an armature at this) is that the next 2-3 months will be hairy, with a big hit in September. I believe we will initially see deflation for a year or two and then a dangerous inflationary period that may involve hyperinflation. My plan is to hang on to my cash, with 1-2% of my total net worth in gold an silver. Then I am going to invest after some deflation. The trick there is to catch the bottom and get your big expenses covered before inflation sets in.

    Now, what the money people want, is to skip the deflationary period and bring on inflation so their debts are diminished and they hold their assets. Yes, the space cadets are still waiting for the economy to reach “Escape Velocity”. That is what they have been trying to do for the last 7 years that has not worked. Unicorns and rainbows. The sky has not opened up yet. Just ZIRP.

    Most interestingly, is that one of the things that could re-stabilize the situation, is to divert the cash flow back to a working middle class during the deflationary period. The Clintons know how to do this. That is why the basic platform of Hillary 2016 works. The Escape Velocity economic theory was the basis of the 2008 selection of Obama. It is, quite frankly, a delusion of the greedy. So now we are Ready for Hillary and a more sound, working middle class based economy? The parasitic elites will have to throw some crumbs to the host?

    Now there is Trump. The parasites are worried.

    Regardless, Donald will get us a better deal. The more Americans support him, the better off we will be. Yes, we are in the snake pit and we need a stick.

  70. …here is a little ‘stick’ anyone can use…


    if you have cable…check to see if you have Reelz TV…

    if so, tonight at 8:00 pm they are airing the Miss USA Pageant…

    not a pageant fan…no worry…Donald will be there and the pageant deserves a ratings boost just to “stick” it to Univision…and NBC

    …we can also all be “sticks”…

    irony…hey Univsion and NBC…you big racists…what is more American than a Miss USA Pageant…

  71. Hi Holdthem…

    I see that he tweeted that at about 10 pm…his appearance must have changed from activities during the day…a very busy day…

    maybe they will skype him in…i will have at least one TV on to support him…and the USA…

  72. Get the popcorn out for markets this week.


    You are an optimist.

    What we will need is:

    1. A full metal jacket

    2. A cyanide pill

    3. Dr. Kervorkian, and-

    4. Help Me Make It Through The Night.

    For we are prisoners
    On a darkling plain
    Where ignorant armies
    Clash by night——(Dover Beach, by Matthew Arnold)

  73. Which brings me to our next cheerful point:

    The Kingdom for a Headline.

    Munich Redux.

    Bibi: Israel will pay NOT pay the cost of this improvident arrangement.

    John Boulton is a pretty serious fellow.

    But if you watch this tape you will see him dumping all over the Obama team.

    Living in a bubble, will allow Iran to get the bomb, use the billions we will send them to finance terrorist attacks on the US.

    But there is a lighter moment where he laughs.

    At the suggestion that we will have inspection, but they will be managed inspections.

    Meaning wack a mole.

    First black president gave us three things:

    1. Destruction of our constitutional liberties

    2. Race baiting qua economic stagnation, and

    2. A Major War in the middle east

    Not too shabby for a scumbag bent on destroying this country.

    He and his allies are: the enemy within.

    No question about it.

  74. Well, I did not have REELZ TV so I called my cable company and they upgraded my service for $10 per month, but said I could cancel it tomorrow and it would be pro-rated.

    I have not watched Miss America since I was a small child. But I am going to at least have it turned on my TV for the Trumpster.

    Fuck Univision

  75. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/obama-immigration-orders-likely-headed-for-new-legal-setback-119983.html?hp=l2_3

    Obama immigration orders likely headed for new legal setback

    President Barack Obama appears likely to lose – again – in the protracted legal fight over his executive actions on immigration.

    Two of the three appeals court judges who heard oral arguments Friday on the Obama administration’s immigration programs were skeptical about the legal merits of the directive, which could halt deportations for more than 4 million immigrants here illegally who have family ties in the United States.

    The chilly reception from the three-judge panel in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on whether Obama had legal authority to take such action seems to indicate that a lower court decision blocking the new programs would stay in place.

    The Obama administration has argued that the executive actions were a standard use of prosecutorial discretion, since the federal government does not have the resources to deport the estimated 11 million immigrants here illegally. But Judge Jerry Smith disputed that contention.

    “It puts them one step ahead in terms of being eligible for lots of potential benefits, whether those are Social Security and Medicare, work authorization, earned income tax credits, and on the state level, drivers’ licenses,” Smith said of immigrants who would benefit from Obama’s actions. “Just seems to me that … it really is a lot more than prosecutorial discretion.”

    And Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod, like Smith a Republican appointee, repeatedly grilled administration lawyers on Friday.

    She had questions on whether the Department of Homeland Security had “boundless” authority to grant work permits, and whether so-called “deferred action” — stopping deportation of certain undocumented immigrants — could give work authorization to a broad class of people here illegally.

    “It would seem that it would be unlawful to allow other people to have deferred action with work authorization when who gets work authorization is specifically limited to very narrow classes,” Elrod said. [snip]

    The drawn-out legal case over Obama’s executive actions , which he announced last November to much fanfare and controversy, threatens to undermine what otherwise would have been a legacy item for the president in his second term.

    Few expect Obama to prevail in the Fifth Circuit, which already rejected an emergency request from the administration to let the executive actions — scheduled to begin in February but on hold since then — to proceed while the larger legal case plays out in the courts. [snip]

    Now, the bigger question in the legal case is timing — and whether a high-stakes legal fight over Obama’s immigration actions will explode in the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign.

    The Fifth Circuit judges don’t have a deadline for delivering their final ruling. And after the appeals court considered the stay, that ruling wasn’t handed down until more than a month after the oral arguments in April.

    It’s conceivable that — if the battle goes to the Supreme Court and justices take the case — a final decision on the legality of Obama’s actions may not come before June 2016.

    Immigration advocates are already expecting a loss at the Fifth Circuit.

  76. It’s conceivable that — if the battle goes to the Supreme Court and justices take the case — a final decision on the legality of Obama’s actions may not come before June 2016.
    As long as the stay remains in place, I hope that decision never comes.

    YOU CANNOT DEPEND on John Roberts to do the right thing.

    He throw out the constitution rather than defy this administration.

    He is the lowest kind of coward there is and temporizer—like Pontius Pilot.

    I want this to be a boiling issue when the voters go to the polls.

    I don’t much care if the pot boils over.

    There is no other way for the low information voter to wake up.

    I wish there was a less inflammatory alternative.

    But logic, subtlety and common sense are lost entirely on the electorate.

    All they want is freebes.

    All they worry about is thing that go bump in the night.

    The mind of a four year old.

    Nobody ever went broke or lost an election underestimating the intelligence of the American People.


  77. How long do these motherfucking RINOs like Lindsey Graham think they can kick this immigration can down the road before it boils over? He is lying through his teeth when he accuses Trump of being a wrecking ball against the Republican Party. On the contrary, it is RINOs like him who have no stomach to stand up for the people who have destroyed the party. The wrecking ball Donald wields is against the false narrative which the elites have been promoting to cover their tracks as they move aggressively to construct a new world order. That narrative needs to be pulverized and smashed to smithereens. It blinds the public to the evil that is afoot.

  78. Immigration advocates

    The proper phrase is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WHORES.

    I am sick of the euphemisms promoted by big media to obscure the truth about what is happening to our country.

  79. Iran deal faces a tough sell in congress?

    Ya, sure, yabetcha.

    Lots and lots and lots of political theater.

    In the end, it will pass.

    Either Congress will approve it, or the UN will approve it.

    The latter has been discussed elsewhere as a fall back position.

    Will it pass because it is sound policy.

    On the contrary.

    It will pass because there is too much money behind it.

    Imelt wants to sell them nuclear reactors.

    And major corporations are already doing business with Iran.

    Through Kuwait, UAE and others.

    The want to eliminate the middle man.

    They are no different really than the industrialists on the eve of world war II.

    Who sold steel to the Empire of Japan, and gave financial assistance to the Nazis.

    The Bush family would be a fine example of the latter.

    This Munich interlude will force Israel’s hand.

    The sooner we can get this toxic deal approved, the sooner Bibi can solve the problem.

  80. I am sorry. When it comes to foreign policy all democrats are way out of their league. Most RINOs as well. They seem to think that Iran is keen to cease its wicked wicked ways and join the community of nations. Next stop: fantasy island.

  81. In 2008 I would have applauded this.

    Today, with everything that has occurred

    It seems more like a dead cat bounce

    A nothing burger.

    Far from solving the problem, it will exacerbate it.

    Am I being inconsistent?

    Not really.

    Change the facts, I change my answers.

    What do you do?

    (From WSJ): the pending release of her economic plan . . .

    To promote growth, Mrs. Clinton will urge tax cuts for small businesses and new government spending on infrastructure, the Clinton aide said. She also will propose ways to make it easier for women to succeed in the workplace, including support for child care and paid leave.

    To address income inequality, Mrs. Clinton will call for raising the minimum wage, increasing taxes on the wealthy, boosting the power of unions and reducing health-care costs. She’s also likely to propose some new rules governing Wall Street.

    She plans to endorse greater use of profit-sharing programs, which aim to more broadly share a company’s success with its workers, and a college-affordability program, which is likely to stretch beyond the proposal for free community college advanced by President Barack Obama, advisers say. A middle-class tax cut plan is also in development.

    Republicans are likely to charge that the Clinton formula, while advertised as centrist, still will expand both government spending and growth-sapping regulatory burdens.

    “They’re out of step with mainstream America,”

  82. In other words, a further expansion of federal government power and a grinding down of the middle class.

    That is all she is offering.

    This is hardly surprising.

    As previously noted, both parties are so covered with parasites

    That their options to remove those loathsome creatures and serve the national welfare are correspondingly limited.

    I am not suggesting this makes it forgivable.

    All I am saying is it is understandable.

    And those parasites I speak of.

    Are worried that the Donald will shine the light on what they are doing.

    And it will be harder to gorge themselves on the dogs back.

    Even if it is waxed with a GOP credit card ala Rubio.

  83. The other thing that has occurred which cause me to be highly skeptical of what Hillary is proposing is since 2008 the national debt has virtually doubled, and we have been printing money to cover Obama’s misguided largesse.

    Therefore, more expensive social programs, and taxes are contra-indicated.

  84. And, true to form, I forgot to mention the greatest defect of all in what she is proposing.

    If big government does not work because it is corrupt, hyper partisan and incompetent

    As we have seen, vividly, with the FBI, Homeland Security, the IRS, the State Department, the Justice Department, the EPA etc.

    Then, what leads us to believe that we need more of this bullshit?

    That is a working definition of insanity, yes?

    Einstein said doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result was insanity.

    He never said that doing more of it was better.

    Logically speaking, if little is bad, then more is worse.

    Logically speaking.

  85. Small businesses create jobs and keep them here.

    Big business creates jobs and ships them overseas.

    Unfortunately, both political parties are controlled by big business.

    The name for this is crony capitalism.

    And I can think of no better example of this than Goldman Sacs, or GE.

    It was a farce for Obama to put the head of GE in charge of job creation in this country.

    And it was no surprise that in government and in business he favors foreign workers.

    But here is the rub.

    If we have any intention of putting nearly 100 million Americans back to work.

    In other words, if it is not just all political rhetoric signifying nothing.

    Then we must lift the regulatory burden and the tax burden off of the backs of small business.

    And we have got to vigorously enforce the anti trust rules against big business.

    And we should throw them out of government.

    There are many ways to do that.

    Crony capitalism, along with high taxes and heavy regulations have stifled growth in the small business sector.

    And along with that, a growing unemployment problem.

    In addition we need another WPA project, run by government–not crony capitalists.

    Crony capitalism if it remains unchecked will destroy this nation.

  86. wbboei
    July 12, 2015 at 4:03 pm
    What the success of the Clinton Plan is based on is their ability to get the bureaucracies working properly. That is a proper role for the POTUS as a CEO of the country. It was the failure to do this that made it obvious that the objective of the Obola Administration was exploitation. This is the machine that she intends to use to get the wheels turning again. I think Hillary can do it.

    Our current regulatory operations are in shambles and have become onerous. That is not to say we do not need regulations. They are just like everything else… It’s not what you got but how you use it.

    And I have to tell you. If I were going to do something to get the nation back on track, it would be quite similar to what she describes.

  87. wbboei
    July 12, 2015 at 3:14 pm
    Immigration advocates

    The proper phrase is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WHORES.

    I am sick of the euphemisms promoted by big media to obscure the truth about what is happening to our country.


    Absolutely Wbbs…!

  88. Lu–

    “The assumption that every market ‘imperfection’ can be remedied by political intervention depends on the elementary non sequitur of perfect government.”—Lord Ralph Harris of Highcross (1924-2006)

    The concept of efficient government is a myth, which is dispelled by two words: government unions. It is well nigh impossible to fire government employees who fail to perform, and politics trumps everything else.

    There is no profit motive where government is concerned. Therefore there is no check and balance. In fact the incentives are all perverse. The more a government agency spends, the more will receive in the next budgeting cycle.

    Finally, of late we have seen a new phenomenon emerge from government. The weaponizing of government agencies by democrats to use against their political opponents, and the stonewalling of efforts to hold them accountable.

    In sum, if you want prosperity, then you must confine the role of government, so it is not in bed with some businesses as it is today, as it picks winners and losers. Government should mark the boundaries, but is should never attempt to micromanage the process.

    The one exception for me is the one I noted. The ONLY was we can hope to get the 100 million unemployed back to work is by having jobs available to them. To the extent the private sector has failed to do this, government should step in with a WPP program focusing on the building of infrastructure.

    And for gods sake we must stop obsessing over blacks. Every time we do that we get more failure. The best authority on that subject is my hero Thomas Sowell.

  89. For those like Light In The Loafers Lindsey who claim that Donald is taking a wrecking ball to the Republican Party, let me suggest a more accurate interpretation of what Donald is doing.

    Simply put, Donald is giving a party which has lost touch with the American People and cares only about its donors, the tough love it needs to survive.

    If there is a wrecking ball in this picture Donald is not the one swinging it. McConnell and Boehner have declared war on their base. Ergo, they are the ones who are taking a wrecking ball to the party.

  90. Thomas Jefferson wrote of his “detestation of the corruption of the English government” and wished for “an ocean of fire between that island and us” to protect America from that aristocratic culture.

    Today, it is not the English government that imperils the nation.

    Today, it is the uni-party, and its aristocratic culture that is destroying the middle class and thus imperiling the nation.

    Through the death of a thousand cuts.

    No single one of which is sufficient to provoke a rebellion.

    But nobody notices.

    Nobody cares.

  91. S: Milbank is a silver spoon in the mouth jerk off.

    He is repulsive.

    He and his fellow travelers are scared to death of Trump.

    Why? Because they are spokesmen for the political class.

    And it is the political class whom Trump and Cruz have targeted.

    They have brought the American People along with them.

    That is why this Milbank clown–and he is most definitely a clown

    Embarrasses himself with these kinds of immature and embarrassing comments.

    Here is the gist of it from a writer at Breitbart who sees this same phenomenon

    A general population who is sick to death of the predations of their respective elites

    And will not take it any more.

    The winds of change are sweeping the western world.

    The people who are not wealthy are seeing the truth for the first time

    Namely that when the music stops they will be the ones who are left without a chair

    And the elites will go on their merry way with business as usual

    Like nothing ever happened

    Want proof?

    How often do you hear their spokesman–big media speak about the 20 trillion dollar national debt, which will soon be 24

    How many times do you hear big media quote the 11 million figure for illegals, when the real number is 30 million

    How many often do you hear big media refer to a 5.4 percent unemployment rate, when there are 93 million out of work

    How often do you hear their pollsters say that roughly half the country thinks Obama is doing a good job, when every day we see clear cogent and convincing proof that he is a disaster?

    In short, big media has been promoting the big lie, hoping that they can keep the public anesthetized with their bullshit. So they can suck the cumulative wealth of the middle class into their pockets.

    Donald has called the game on them, shown them to be the liars they most definitely are and that is why Milbank is having a hissy fit.

    But Trump announced, here in Las Vegas yesterday, and later confirmed in Phoenix to a 20,000 strong crowd: “I built a great company – low debt great cash flow – you’ll see it all next week. This is the kind of mindset we need, the people making our trade deals are idiots, and these are the same people saying I’m not as rich as I say I am. Not that it matters but I’m much richer – and you’ll see that next week”

    Having witnessed his confidence, some would say arrogance, it’s impossible to envision him stepping back from his statements.

    Both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have a veritable poltergeist at their planned establishment feast, and a figure like Trump has so much scandal and outrage priced into the expectation of what his campaign will look like, it’s going to be hard for them to throw anything at him that will prove fatal.

    Until I saw thousands of people cheering him first hand, some of whom leading figures in U.S. conservative politics that I have known for years, I suspected his support was entirely manufactured. It isn’t. Somehow this is really happening, and it’s all anyone in US politics or media is talking about.

    I wrote yesterday that to stay in the race and turn around the immigration debate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)80%
    would need to barnstorm and Trump would need to flop at Freedom Fest: the opposite occurred.

    As in Europe, Americans are seemingly just as tired of career politicians making inoffensive, inadequate statements about big problems, Trump is an anti-politician, and one who courts offence rather than shying away from it.

    Even after a few weeks of his campaign, the comparisons to Farage in Britain, Le Pen in France or even Tsipras in Greece are starting to register. Their differences may be as marked as their similarities, but the core similarity is striking: they are challenging the tarnished orthodoxy of third way politics, and clumsily crashing the politically correct boundaries the mainstream media have been delicately constructing for the past 20 years.

    The great asset Trump has, in a country that still values success and wealth above all else is that, whether he turns out to be worth $1, 5 or 10 billion he has achieved something tangible and undeniable outside of politics, which is something very very few of the largest ever number of Presidential punters can claim. The uniquely American maxim: “If you’re so smart – why aren’t you rich?” looks to be the toughest question Trump can ask his opponents, and he seems happy to spend a year asking it.

  92. OT

    Mission to Pluto, fly over photos will return to Earth tomorrow…

    On Tuesday evening, the U.S. spacecraft New Horizons will make a pass of the dwarf planet and send back the first close-up images from the faraway world.

    When the probe first set off in January 2006 Pluto was still considered a planet. But just a few months later it was downgraded to a dwarf-planet or ‘plutoid’ and is now known unceremoniously as ‘asteroid number 134340’

    However scientists say the £460 million mission is ‘incredibly important’ and could throw light on how the solar system formed, and even shed light on the creation of the Earth and the Moon.

    Jane Greaves, a fellow in astrophysics at the university of St Andrews, said: “Getting to Pluto is a really big deal. It’s the outermost world in the solar system that we’re likely to explore for a good long while.

    Article on FoxNews: One man’s ashes will fly by Pluto on Tuesday

    Can be watched on NASA TV: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/

  93. The most telling sentence in the above article is this one, which explains why the Trump candidacy is such a force in our current political landscape, especially as the well runs dry for the middle class:

    Trump, Farage and Le Pen are . . .”crashing the politically correct boundaries the mainstream media have been delicately constructing for the past 20 years.”

  94. Yikes…

    ‘I’m going to make you eat your words’: Mexico’s billion-dollar drugs lord THREATENS Donald Trump on Twitter account ‘run by his son’ and taunts the world after his dramatic escape from prison.

    oaquin Guzman, billionaire head of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel, made his jail break on Saturday morning and is on the run from Altiplano jail, 50 miles outside of Mexico City, security officials said.

    His audacious escape saw him dash through the mile-long tunnel system, which led to a building under construction next to the prison – from where he collected clothes left for him by his conspirators.


  95. Here we go…

    Donald Trump tells TMZ he is contacting the FBI to investigate threats just made by a man claiming to be the son of escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

    Trump is reacting to a tweet reportedly made by El Chapo’s son, in which he blasts Trump for saying El Chapo is “everything that’s wrong with Mexico.”

    The tweet was written in Spanish, with the rough English translation, “Keep f***ing around and I’m gonna make you swallow your bitch words you f***ing whitey milks***tter (that’s a homophobic slur).”

    Trump tells TMZ he’s not backing down, saying, “I’m fighting for much more than myself. I’m fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals.” He adds, “You can’t be intimidated. It’s too important.”

  96. imho…this NYT editiorial below is exactly what is wrong with the Dems, the left and the “Immigration Debate”

    there is no longer a concept for them called “legal immigration”

    it is now assumed that anyone here…legal, illegal…whatever…any immigrant here is here on ‘constitutional grounds’ and belongs here

    there is no comment about whether any “immigrants” should be, at any juncture, stopped from just coming into our country…so as far as they are concerned there is no problem with crossing the borders…and let it continue, why not…

    their point is ‘this is a country of immigrants’ and any and all should come in and we should take care of them…and protect them…hence, santuary citizens…

    to listen to them, if one or two…or a few…shoot and kill or drive drunk and kill any innocent American citizens…well, the statistics say those numbers are inconsequential…and should not even be reported by the news…because after all, our own citizens are worse than any “immigrants” coming here to work and enjoy what we have to offer them…

    there is no longer any distinction for them…that we are a ‘country of legal immigrants’

    there is no need for an orderly ‘legal immigration system’ that not only protects the process and legal immigrants, but also protects American citizens and has respect for the resources…and how far the resources of towns, schools, hospitals, cities, and states can absorb at immigrants at any given time…

    no, law no longer matters because for the Dims, the left and the media…the lines between ‘illegal immigrants and legal immigrants have been blurred and morphed into any and all immigrants are now considered legal’

    and if anyone questions or disagress with their concept then you are called a racist or “a rotten pig”…

    Americans are, in effect, now second class citizens to illegal immigrants


    Lost in the Immigration Frenzy


    read at the link…

  97. New Monmouth University Republican national poll. 336 registered voters.


    Politico seemed to think that Christie’s lack of support was the big headline. I thought it was kind of “well, duh….”

    Jeb Bush 15%
    Donald Trump 13%
    Ted Cruz 9%
    Scott Walker 7%
    Mike Huckabee 7%
    Marco Rubio 6%
    Ben Carson 6%
    Rand Paul 6%
    Rick Perry 2%
    Chris Christie 2%
    Bobby Jindal 2%
    Rick Santorum 2%
    Carly Fiorina 1%
    John Kasich 1%

    Lindsey Graham and George Pataki earn less
    than a half a percentage point.

    Another 18% of GOP voters say they still are unsure of who they will support for the party’s nomination.

  98. I had a short medical appointment today, but it involved a long drive. So I tweeted something I thought would catch fire while I was away; the reality? It flickered out. 🙁 And I must do more:

    July 12, 2015, 11:00 am
    Fiorina: Trump tapping into an ‘anger’
    “…People are angry that a commonsense thing like securing the border or ending sanctuary cities is somehow considered extreme,” she told ABC’s “This Week.” “It’s not extreme, it’s commonsense. We need to secure the border.”
    “People are also angry at a professional political class of both parties that talks a good game, gives good speeches, but somehow nothing ever really changes,” she added. “And people are angry as well at a double standard in the media.”
    Fiorina said she had not been asked a “single question” about Trump’s comments on immigration during six days in New Hampshire….

  99. and we’re back in the room………rumours of my disappearance or death or whatever are greatly exaggerated.

    Now Hillary, make sure you carry a knife up your sleeve girlfriend…..


    Nancy Pelosi will meet one-on-one with Hillary Clinton

    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will meet privately with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

    Clinton is in Washington to meet with both Senate and House Democrats during their weekly caucus meeting but will first huddle with the California Democrat for a private one-on-one discussion Tuesday morning, according to Democratic sources.

    Pelosi was the first female speaker of the House and worked closely with Clinton’s husband, President Bill Clinton, when he was in the White House. While Pelosi has praised Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, she has yet to formally endorse Clinton’s presidential bid.

    But the California Democrat came close earlier this year when she told reporters she was excited by the idea of a female commander-in-chief and said Clinton was the most capable politician in the country vying for the presidency.


    and a warm coat because the temparature in the room is bound to drop to minus when Pelosi walks in, pure ice in her veins.

  100. hwc
    July 13, 2015 at 2:28 pm
    Ted is moving up.

    He is in an ideal position.

    The Bush number is strictly name recognition.

    Outside the party that name is mud.

    He is unelectable.

    So is Rubio.

    Party elders don’t get it.

    The have no comprehension of the mood of the country.

  101. the media…that ridicules and hates Donald Trump speaks with forked tongue…

    now that the head drug kingpin has escaped all of a sudden there is talk about how the FBI is worried because the drugs because they come in thru El Paso and Tijuana, etc and then California and the rest of our borders…

    so what was Donald just saying a few days ago…the drugs are coming in thru our borders…duh?

    somehow, someway there is a line of corruption between one govt and the point where they are coming in…duh – Mexico- that allows El C to “use the border unimpeded” to get the drugs into USA…do they think these are choirboys doing this?

    something really smells here…either our side is in on it…or scared to death of being killed if they tried to stop it…

    because our govt is not stopping those coming across the border…

    Donald watch your back…and front…and all sides…

  102. oh dear…HA!


    Donald Trump

    Macy’s Takes it In the Shorts

    …Over Firing

    Macy’s is paying the price for sacking Donald Trump, because we’ve learned thousands of customers are cutting up their Macy’s credit card in protest.

    Sources connected to the department store tell TMZ, Macy’s has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers since ending its relationship with Trump nearly 2 weeks ago.

    We’re told the store has been “inundated with complaints” from customers who believe the department store is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on immigration.

    Our sources say thousands of customers have vowed never to shop at Macy’s again and many of them say they’re cutting up their Macy’s credit card to make a statement.

    We’re told the complaints have come in various ways, including phone, Facebook and email. A Macy’s spokesperson would only say, “Our Facebook page is often times used by our customers to express their feelings or points of view. Many times it does not correlate to any action.”

  103. The political powers, money handlers and Mexican thugs are in collusion to silence Trump.
    This is not going to turn out well for someone.

  104. The political powers, money handlers and Mexican thugs are in collusion to silence Trump.
    This is not going to turn out well for someone.
    The death threat issued by the Mexican drug gang leader is as fortuitous for Trump as the tragic death of the young woman in San Francisco at the hands of an illegal who has entered the country five times and was given sanctuary by the political elite.

    Not surprisingly, the California chapter of the political elites, i.e. Feinstein and Boxer are running from that one like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen when the lights go on.

    What makes this threat fortuitous it is highlights and ties together violence, drug dealing and illegal immigration into one neat package, which further inoculates Trump against attacks by “rotten pigs” like Milbank, and makes them guilty as hell by association.

  105. The Wolf Gets Closer To Our Door – Canada Edition
    1st Puerto Rico, Now Canada.

    By: Repair_Man_Jack (Diary) | July 13th, 2015 at 04:12 PM | 2

    The rattling sound of falling economic dominoes grows closer to home with each passing day. When it was Greece and Venezuela, we shrugged like the good Cynical Realists we increasingly become with each passing day. “Give it up Jake, it’s Athens/Caracas/Chinatown.” Then it was Puerto Rico. At this point even, the deniable still existed. All of these countries were small and struggled to field an A-Team economy.

    But what about larger economies? China’s main equities market in Shanghai is now tracking the 1929 DJIA according to CNBC. Again this is half way around the world and still at least technically a communist country. Excuses abound. Just like with Canada. Oh, Wait….

    The Governor of the Bank of Canada (BOC), Stephen Poloz, was not kidding when he warned that the first quarter of 2015 would be “atrocious.” After a respectable fourth quarter in 2014, the Canadian economy took a turn for the worse: domestic demand fell by 1.7%, owing to a huge drop in business investment, while the other components of GDP barely registered positive results (see Chart 1).

    So nobody is buying Canadian exports, the prices of commodities are falling and efforts to weaken the Canadian Dollar (AKA The Loonie) are not magically generating more aggregate demand. Like the magical phrases in the Harry Potter novels, the Keynesian Voodoo is not having its mythological effect.

    The point of all of this, and why it should be of increasingly noticeable concern to the people in charge of the US Economy, is that economies such as China and Canada are a lot bigger and more consequential than Greece, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. China and Canada are major business partners. When your major business partners lose business, you lose business. Had we taken care of business on the Keystone Pipeline Deal, Canada wouldn’t be in this fix quite as badly.

    Eventually, we will get our turn to get pulled through the knothole. All socialists eventually run out of other people’s money. There seem to be fewer and fewer other people with money with each passing day. California, Illinois, Rhode Island, Alabama, and numerous other states are not self-regenerating economies. Keynesianism is not the alternative to austerity. It is increasingly the root cause and source thereof.

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