Hillary Clinton Emails Explained; Donald Trump Mystique Explained; Shield-Maiden #Hillary2016 Results Explained; And Welcome Back Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko

Republicans, conservatives, liberal DailyKook totalitarian leftists are sniffing their own anuses when it comes to the vast Hillary Clinton email scandal conspiracy to end the world. We’ll explain it real quick and in simple terms.

Establishment Republicans and conservatives are chasing their own tails as the liberal DailyKook totalitarian leftists rejoice – all because none of these brilliant minds understands the Donald Trump success. We’ll explain the Donald Trump mystique so that a dull-witted three year old can understand.

Also fasten your weekend seat-belts as we explain, once again, the two biggest Hillary Clinton mistakes of this election cycle.

And finally, welcome back Barack Obama criminal pal Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Yes, Barack’s criminal pal is back. Rezko is now in a half-way house. Not the house Obama got bribed with nor the house Obama bribed Rezko with. Nor the house with the freezing tenants. No. A half-way house. Welcome back Tony.

We hope Rezko is remembered by every candidate for president in 2016.

Now, let’s discuss the candidate that might discuss Rezko – The Donald.

We’re reading leftist websites and Republican/conservative websites. They’re all hair afire over The Donald. At Republican establishment hating Ace of Spades there is a long and convoluted article about the class war within the GOP over The Donald. At HotAir and other RINOish Republican/conservative websites the attacks against Donald Trump come in, like diarrhea attacks, regularly. The attacks are mostly about how Donald Trump is not really a conservative, has donated to Hillary and Harry Reid in the past, and that he is all about publicity and will soon leave the race after teasing GOP voters and leaving them high and dry – having wrecked the Republican establishment strategy to cozy up to Latino voters and turn off the volume on talk about illegal immigration. Most frustrating to the RINOs are the comments sections which usually become cheering sections for Donald Trump even as the cheerleaders don’t exactly like The Donald.

On the Leftist totalitarian sites much of the same. The usual race-baiting “Trump is a racist” garbage is cheered on in the comments by the slack jawed yokels that regurgitate all that is ideologically fed them. The attacks against Trump on the leftist web sites are usually tinged with an odd class based attack against Trump for being kinda “low class”. On many of the anti-Trump attacks by the left French words, Latin words, high-brow intellectual terms are deployed to mock the cheesy The Donald. The attacks against Trump from the left range from snooty to snide.

On all the websites, Republican, conservative, leftist, and even moderate there is a mourning or celebration, depending on the political bias of the writer, that Donald Trump will ensure a victory for the Democratic nominee – especially if Donald Trump goes third party.

Every trick in the book is employed to destroy Donald Trump. The latest via Fox News is to force the candidates to file all required FEC documentation in order to participate in the August 6 debate. That’s already backfired because Donald Trump says he will file his documentation before August 6 – and because the ones that have problems with their papers are Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, and Rick Santorum.

Every opportunity to attack Donald Trump is taken. For instance, Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Arizona has drawn so many prospective attendees that it had to be moved to the very large Phoenix Convention Center. Enter Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona. McCain has denounced Trump and Jeff Flakey has demanded the Republican Party not endorse the Trump rally. Jeff Flakey has worked hand in glove with Barack Obama to pass illegal immigration amnesty and he is the one lecturing Trump on what constitutes a proper Republican/conservative. It’s like Obama lecturing Americans on what are American values.

Despite all these ideological attacks and corporate desponsorship attacks, and Big Media attacks, Donald Trump is growing in popularity with the voters. Why? We explain in simple English the Donald Trump mystique:


We’ve been warning about this for the longest time. In recent elections in so-called “democratic” countries – the voters are being ignored. In election after election, voters vote for an establishment political party – then once in power the political party they voted for stabs them in the back. Witness the 2014 elections in the United States in which the Republican Party won elections based on opposition to Barack Obama then once in cozy offices they pull out all the stops to assist Barack Obama to pass ObamaTrade. This happens over and over and over.

Eventually voters catch on and they decide to vote for the biggest motherf*cker around who will do what they want. The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them.

In Europe, extreme right wing parties increase in popularity. Why? Because the voters find themselves in a snake pit – betrayed by the political parties they vote for based on lies. Eventually the voters say “Fu*k you motherf*ckers, Fu*k you” and Marine Le Pen gathers strength in France, Denmark goes right wing, and the rallies in Germany grow and grow. In many of these cases the issue is immigration and illegal immigration.

The voters trapped in the snake pit learn. Voters lie to pollsters then because the voters see the polls as part of the establishment ruse to tar them as whatever the establishment is against. In Greece the polls showed a 50-50 race on last week’s referendum and instead the results were 60-40. In Israel, Netanyahu was slated to lose, Netanyahu won big. In Great Britain, the Tories were supposed to be wiped out, they won a shocking majority outright. In 2014 it happened in America. In 2016 watch out.

The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers.

You don’t have to like Donald Trump to love Donald Trump. You can detest Donald Trump as crass and love the fact that he fights back and has the resources to fight back.

Donald Trump is the stick that hits. And voters trapped in the snake pit need a stick.

One last thing about Donald Trump and a potential third party run. We agree entirely with Trump that Ross Perot greatly hurt George H.W. Bush and aided Bill Clinton. The exit polls dispute this and most political pundits dispute this. But we agree with Trump on the Perot effect.

According to the exit polls, Ross Perot drew evenly from potential Clinton supporters and potential Bush supporters. We believe that it contrary to logic but even if true that does not change our opinion that Ross Perot hurt George H.W. Bush disproportionately and helped elect Bill Clinton. Why? Watch the debates from 1992 and you will see how Perot blasted George H.W. Bush at every turn. Every time Bush attacked Bill Clinton the wily Ross Perot blunted the attack and turned it around against Bush. Bush lost in 1992 in large part because of Ross Perot.

Now in 2016 the left and the right agree that Donald Trump will help the Democratic nominee. Well, it ain’t necessarily so.

Start from the irrefutable fact that if no presidential candidate in 2016 wins 270 electoral votes the next president is elected by the electoral college and that president will be a Republican.

Why? Because the Republicans control sufficient congressional delegations that this congress would elect a Republican. So picture a three party race (or more if Bernie Sanders decides to run as a Socialist if he loses the Dimocratic nomination). If Donald Trump runs third party and attacks strategically he could determine the winner.

Presume the race is between Hillary, Jeb!, and Trump. Trump could expend resources in states like New York and New Jersey designed to weaken Hillary if Trump wanted Jeb! to win. If Trump wanted Hillary to win Trump could devote resources to deny Florida and Colorado to Jeb. Of course, Trump could weaken both candidates in enough states to cobble together a 270 vote majority. Likely? Not really. But what if Trump decided to destroy Jeb! such that by the time the election came around the race would be between Trump and Hillary. Is any of this possible? Consider 1992 when Ross Perot led the field. And Perot was neither as well known, as media savvy, as rich, as well organized, as Donald Trump.

Having explained the Donald Trump mystique and debunked certain assumptions we’ve sort of dug ourselves a pretty big hole. So we’ll rush through our remaining explanations.

Let’s talk Hillary Clinton emails. Once again, the left and the right miss the singular glaring obviousness of this so-called “scandal”. What was Hillary up to? Why did Hillary do what she did?

Why’d ya do it, Hillary? Simple explanation: the internal war against Obama.

The war between Obama and Hillary is a topic we’ve long discussed. The email “scandal” merely confirms what we have written. Barack Obama demanded Sidney Blumenthal have nothing to do with Hillary at the State Department. Hillary told Barack “Fu*k you” and talked with Blumenthal all the time. David Axelrod begged for Hillary’s email address. Hillary aides huddled about what to tell Whimpy. Obama double agent Rahm Emanuel had to beg for Hillary’s email address too. The top Obama henchmen at the White House were seen by Hillary as enemies that did not deserve her email. But Lynn Forester de Rothschild whom we enjoy watching as she mocks and slaps Barack Obama had Hillary’s email and helped Hillary with interviews. Go Lynn! Make the DailyKooks who demand Hillary run away from you, weep.

Behind the scenes Hillary can’t stand Obama and Obama can’t stand Hillary. But foolishly Hillary in public increasingly intends to run a disastrous campaign for Obama’s third term. It’s mistake #1 for Hillary2016

Hillary2016 mistake #2? Hillary Clinton became a shield-maiden. In 2014 we issued a warning to Hillary about the dangers of becoming a shield-maiden:

These Obama cultists wanted and to a large extent got Hillary to immolate herself in 2014. Now these Obama cultists want Hillary to take on some of the Obama stink on the elections. These Obama cultists want Hillary to fight the Republican congress for two years and be a human shield for Barack Obama.

We’ve written variations of the above for a long time now. We’ll make it very very clear once again: Obama loyalists wanted Hillary Clinton to announce early because then Hillary would be under attack and Obama would be protected. Have we been right?

Barack Obama’s poll numbers have been rising. This rise is not enough to assist the 2016 nominee, whoever that is. But the rise buoys the dunderhead in the White House. Obama’s rise in the polls is not due to anything he has done. Obama’s rise in the polls is because the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua now takes all the spears and hits while Barack profits and parties.

Need we explain more to Hillary2016?