Loss, A Blue Moon, And Other Sad Songs

Matthews to DWS: What’s the big difference between a Democrat and a socialist?. Debbie Wasserman Schultz could have taken the opportunity to praise capitalism and the economic benefits it has brought to the world, attacked crony capitalism, denounced the folly of government bureaucrats who think they are smarter than regular people, praised the wisdom of markets, and warned that the more power governments have the less of their endowed freedom the people enjoy. It’s sad. That Hillary chose today to praise Obama’s coddling of the Castro brothers makes us very very sad.

“I used to think there was a big difference.”

We still think it is imperative Hillary Clinton become the nominee of the party in 2016. Only she offers even a wisp of a possibility to resurrect some semblance of the Democratic Party of old and the electoral coalition of FDR/JFK/Bill Clinton. Still, it makes us sad that Hillary is living in such a fool’s paradise defending Obama, twisting herself into pretzeled logic contortions trying to appeal to the Obama cult, as Barack Obama prepares to stab her, once again, in the back. It makes us sad.

The Hillary that promised to “obliterate” Iran because she thought clear language was necessary; the Hillary that exposed Barack Obama as a boob is buried deep in a thick shell. Hopefully that Hillary will emerge from her cocoon next summer after the convention. For now we are very sad.

We find it sad that the clear talk has vanished from our entire political class. The American political class offers evasions, tactics, poll driven language and personality along with obfuscation and lies.

It’s sad that Americans need someone outside the political arena to threaten and destroy the political class because the political class has to be destroyed and humbled as a lesson for years to come. In America the people are sovereign. The government serves only with the consent of the governed. The political class are not the people’s masters. The political class are the servants of the servants. Enter Donald J. Trump. Clear English is Donald Trump’s greatest strength.

In 2011 Donald Trump wrote what is now touted as a preliminary blueprint. The name of the book is Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again. Compare and contrast what Trump is saying with the latest bold strategy from the political class as to how to deal with Donald J. Trump:

When Jeb Bush and Donald Trump share a debate stage next week, Bush needs to ignore the real estate mogul at all costs —and if that fails, laugh him off.

That’s the advice given by more than half of the POLITICO Caucus, our weekly, bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s the smart political play for an ambitious politician. But the notion of not debating ideas with ideas we find destructive, self-defeating, and sad. Very sad.

* * * * * *

Tonight as July ends we will look skyward to see a “blue” moon. We’ll once again play music to match our mood.

First we’ll play the immortal Carlos Gardel, Por Una Cabeza. It’s not about horseraces or horses or racetracks. It’s about losing when you thought you would win – By A Head.

You can’t wallow in misery without recalling lost love, past foolishness, and shattered idols. So we’ll engage in some of that too.

Recently, while shopping, we froze as we heard this from the store speakers. It also is about pain and something lost.

You can’t watch a blue moon without “crying”. It’s all about loss.

All light extinguished. It will be back to black.

It’s the blue moon. Like rain on a roof. It’s the blue moon.

The blue moon will be one night. The sun will rise soon enough.

Tomorrow will be August and all things will be new again.


#Hillary2016 Beware: Donald Trump Can Win It All And Restart Republican Party! – Plus: Cruz Fail; Biden Fail; Saint Bernard Fail

Update: The “ignore Trump” strategy which replaced the “attack Trump” strategy means these two new national polls will be either underplayed or not reported. Reuters/Ipsos #1 Trump at 24.9% followed by Bush at 12. Quinnipiac #1 Trump 20%, Walker 13%, Bush 10%.


Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

Hillary2016 is all giggles at the thought of GOP Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. This is foolishness. There should be terror at the very thought of even the possibility of Donald J. Trump as the GOP nominee on the part of Hillary2016. Donald J. Trump as the GOP nominee means a revitalized GOP as the party of reform to “Make America Great Again.”

Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee is no longer a “nah, can’t ever happen” nor a “not likely.” Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee is more like “yeah, it’s the likely future.”

Consider: In the latest Iowa poll, Trump is shy of the #1 position by 2 measly points. Scott Walker, the governor of the neighboring state of Wisconsin based his campaign on an Iowa win and for a long time Walker has been the clear frontrunner in Iowa well ahead of every other candidate. Walker hoped to springboard from an Iowa win to a New Hampshire win and as the candidate who was seen as everybody’s second choice and the candidate acceptable to all wings of the intra-warring party Walker’s path to victory was clear. Then Walker (and one of his donors as well) attacked Trump and Trump counterattacked. Now Walker has Trump about to trump him in Iowa. If Walker loses Iowa – lights out for Walker2016. Trump then gets the Walker voters or a large percentage.

Consider: In the latest New Hampshire poll, Trump is #1 with double the support of #2 Jeb Bush. If Trump wins Iowa then New Hampshire he can leverage those wins to unify the anti-establishment vote to defeat Lindsey Graham in his home state of South Carolina. These victories would knock out Graham, Pataki, Carson, Christie, and all those who based their strategy on winning New Hampshire. Trump would get the bulk of those voters. Then the fourth state to vote, Nevada, is another state with Trump at #1 so Trump can conceivably win the first four voting states. Then imagine if Trump decides to compete in the winner-take-all Florida primary which up to now is seen as an expensive fight between only Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, with the loser forced to withdraw from the race. From his properties in Florida and his frequent visits to the Sunshine State Trump could run in Florida and finish off both Bush and Rubio with one stroke sending them both into oblivion and therefore – presidential nominee Trump.

Is the above scenario nuts? Can Trump win? For once in his life left wing kook Tommy Christopher has stumbled into reality and issues a stark warning to Hillary2016 and the Republican establishment:

Republican strategists are consoling themselves by alternately insisting that Trump will exit the race when he loses in Iowa (where he’s currently almost in the lead), and that his stands on issues will trip him up once the debates begin. Even with Trump so clearly in the lead, the media have the nerve to fret about a Trump third-party run. The day will come when they’ll be begging Jeb Bush to mount a third-party run against Trump.

What they’re all missing is that Trump is immune to all of the things they think will take him out. [snip]

If you thought Trump relished that opportunity, wait until the primetime debate on Fox News next week. Anyone who thinks that Chris Christie or Rick Perry are going to put a dent in Trump needs to have their head examined. [snip]

The current theory is that as the field narrows, Trump will hit his ceiling, but when your lesser-polling candidates start dropping out, is their support going to go to candidates who can’t stand up to the guy who’s not even supposed to have a chance? Even if they disagree with Trump on the issues, Republican voters aren’t going to vote for a wuss. As long as he continues to get the privilege of busting these guys up in debates, and enjoying non-stop free publicity, Trump will continue to gain support.

Liberals and Democrats, meanwhile, are laughing all the way to the Whole Foods at the prospect of a Trump general election candidacy, but if you accept the possibility of a Trump nomination, then you dismiss his general election chances at your peril. Assuming that Hillary Clinton is the nominee (which she will be), Trump will head into the general election with the same attack-dog skills and media attention that he had in the primaries, but with the additional benefit of a clean slate on the issues. While the Clinton-hating media continues to attack Hillary with stories that don’t actually add up, don’t be surprised to see Trump outflank Hillary by, say, proposing instant citizenship to go along with his Mexican-proof fence. Once he’s got the GOP nod, The Donald can freestyle on the issues like it’s 8 Mile Road up in here.

While Trump is busy collecting Republican voters, who will turn out no matter what in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, Hillary will be turning out the Obama coalition that helped President Obama win twice, but might not be turning out the bitterly defeated Sanders/Warren wing. Then, your election will be decided by the handful of soft-headed “independents” who always decide things, and who are relentlessly being told that they can’t trust Hillary Clinton

Other than that bit about a Trump turnaround on illegal immigration Tommy Christopher surprisingly gets it right. Repeat: Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

And it is imperative that Trump be destroyed well before August 6. Once Trump gets on a debate stage with governors and senators he will halve his biggest problem and be on the way to the scenario we’ve outlined above. What is Donald Trump’s biggest problem? Trump’s biggest problem is that many Americans do not believe he is really running for president, that this is all a big publicity stunt for something and therefore these Americans do not even consider voting for Trump. But once Trump is seen as a real candidate for president that vast ocean of “he’s not really running” skeptics will be a new target of opportunity for The Donald and Trump’s poll numbers will rise ever higher.

That’s why it is so important to destroy Trump now. Some argue that there is no need to “destroy” Trump because Trump will fade away and the “better” candidate will then rise. This is sheer foolishness. In every election cycle candidates come and go, that is true. But the candidates that come and go do not do so out of happenstance and willy-nilly. Herman Cain was a popular candidate until the hammer dropped on him and Cain was destroyed. Rick Perry once had a real chance to win the nomination, then he blundered, did not know how to recover, and Perry’s enemies destroyed him.

When a campaign implodes it is not because “well, it just happens.” Presidential campaigns implode because they are targeted, attacked, destroyed. Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 was targeted, attacked, but survived because Bill Clinton had extraordinary political skills and he knew what the attacks would be, prepared for them, and had the resolve to survive. Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign was targeted and attacked but did not survive because Hillary Clinton did not understand that the party establishment had conspired with Barack Obama well before 2007 to take her out. The party establishment could not defeat her at the polls so it simply stole Michigan delegates from her to gift to Obama, negated her big Florida win, shifted the super-delegates controlled by the party to Obama and the rest is disgusting history.

All campaigns are targeted and then attacked. Survival requires a smart counterattack and a strong understanding of strategy and the zeitgeist. Which brings us to why Donald Trump is so difficult to destroy especially when the competition is someone like Ted Cruz.

We like what Ted Cruz says. Ted Cruz is very smart. He’s not very bright, but he is well educated and very book smart. We like that Ted Cruz fights but we wish Ted Cruz would fight smart fights and then come up with an occasional win. But that seems too much for Ted Cruz.

Consider: The Ted Cruz campaign has raised a great deal of money but has been entirely eclipsed by the rise of Donald Trump. So Ted Cruz set about to try to trump Trump. Cruz decided to stage a publicity stunt on the senate floor with a brutal attack on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

We applaud the Ted Cruz attack on Mitch McConnell. We tolerate publicity stunts too – as long as they serve a purpose and succeed. But the Ted Cruz publicity stunt attack against Mitch McConnell was a fail that is entirely the opposite of what makes Trump so successful.

Why was the Ted Cruz attack on Mitch McConnell a publicity stunt and a fail? First of all, the “issues” upon which Cruz attacked were a joke. The House of Representatives was not about to vote on the Senate bill or take up the Senate bill at all. The Senate bill was a Mitch McConnell publicity stunt without meaning which Ted Cruz countered with a publicity stunt of his own. It was a publicity stunt and to deny that is to deny reality. Subsequent to the Ted Cruz attack on Mitch McConnell the House confirmed that there would be no vote on the McConnell publicity stunt.

Worse for Ted Cruz his publicity stunt tactic is not very Trump-like at all, quite the contrary. The Ted Cruz publicity stunt is the opposite of what Trump is up to.

The Ted Cruz publicity stunt was a yelp from within the establishment. It was an intra-establishment fight delivered in one of the centers of establishment power. It is an example of what Americans hate most about Congress. It wasn’t an outsider delivering an attack against an insider. Ted Cruz complained he was lied to about something about something that was a vote about something that something. Hey, Ted Cruz, you are very smart but stop doing an Obama and think you are the smartest person in the room. On this you goofed. Hey, Ted Cruz campaign, go and read about Bob Dole and his “senate-speak” campaign and why it failed.

Donald Trump’s campaign against the establishment will never speak mush about some bill that was stacked on a vote for a bill that was committee-ed and Rules Committee-ed and procedural this and that, Roberts Rules of Order-ed, clotured, whatever. Trump’s campaign is about English and issues. What Cruz managed to do with his attack on Mitch McConnell was prove how insidery Washinton, D.C. and senatery and Bob Dole-ish his campaign is. This was the anti-zeitgeist. If Ted Cruz wanted to try a Trump style attack he should have considered an attack against McConnell and the entire stinking Washington establishment from a different venue preferably holding a pitchfork.

Ted Cruz should put his books aside, forget the dictionary definition of zeitgeist and instead try to feel the zeitgeist and respond to it. Even Big Media is beginning to understand that Donald Trump is more than words, more than a feeling, more than just anger. Trump gets and rides the zeitgeist.

Even the dense Roger Simon at Politico senses that Trump is more than just Trump:

Donald Trump and the high priests of the press

Having decided that Donald Trump is unworthy of his popularity, the grandees of journalism are hard-pressed to explain why he is so popular. [snip]

I think Trump is flawed on many counts. But I don’t think he has “coarsened our political dialogue and cheapened the electoral process.”

I think it was coarse and cheap by the time Trump got here.

Chris Cillizza is still baffled by Trump but knows that Trump is someone/something he does not like:

Mark Cuban summarized Donald Trump’s appeal in just 43 words

Noted Maverick Mark Cuban is a fan of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. And, writing on something called Cyber Dust, Cuban succinctly and effectively explained the Trumpian appeal. Here it is:

I don’t care what his actual positions are. I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years. [snip]

Where I part company with Cuban is in his insistence that Trump’s candor is “more important than anything any candidate has done in years.” [snip]

My issue with Trump — and Cuban’s analysis of how important Trump is — is that The Donald’s honesty is almost entirely substance-less and pointless. [snip]

Trump has quite clearly stumbled on to something that appeals to a not-insignificant portion of the electorate. But, does he have a second act that goes beyond just, well, saying stuff?

Cillizza can’t be this dumb. Cillizza must know that something other than “saying stuff” is the secret of Donald Trump’s success.

That’s the soundtrack for this election cycle.

Some get it. Some don’t.

This headline (and story) “gets” the GOP part of it:

GOP Leaders Are Driving Their Base Into The Arms Of Donald Trump

This Politico article also “gets” the GOP component of the Trump phenomenon:

Trump Schools the Republican Establishment

GOP elites are only making The Donald stronger. [snip]

That Trump is mocking and bewildering the reviled GOP hierarchy—who lead a party with plummeting approval ratings among Republicans—fills the GOP electorate with a not-so-secret glee.

And is it really The Donald’s fault that he’s so interesting? Anybody bother to take a look at his main competition in the polls right now?

One candidate, Jeb Bush, comes across as what might have happened to George W. had he decided to become a physics teacher. [snip]

Donald Trump is, well, choose your metaphor: a bull in a China shop, a tempest in a teapot, Leslie Nielsen setting an apartment on fire, Kramer trying to host the Merv Griffin show in his apartment, Cersei handing over Kings Landing to a bunch of religious wackos wearing smelly bathrobes and branding weird symbols on their heads. Trump is offensive, impulsive, unmanageable, unpredictable and—he is, by the way, exactly the candidate the DC establishment deserves.

To many voters, rightly or wrongly, Trump is the antidote to years of Washington’s cynical, manufactured outrages, the petty punishments of those who deviated from the party line, its broken promises, meaningless “show votes,” careful, poll-tested politician speak and a multitude of backroom deals that have solved exactly zero of our nation’s problems. How deliciously humiliating it must be for the political pros of DC. [snip]

Unlike the DC crowd, Trump knows something about building “brands”—and for now at least he has one that sells. The business guy who can’t be bought. The iconoclast who won’t be controlled. The unrepentant loudmouth who will tell the Boehners and Pelosis and Putins and Kim Jong Uns of the world to stuff it. The quip machine—or insult generator if you prefer—who stands in sharp contrast to the dry, safe, meaningless drivel that passes for most political discourse today.

Intentionally or not, Trump also lets people in on the little DC secrets that those inside the Beltway wouldn’t dare share with regular America. He’s exposed, for example, the fact that office seekers like Rick Perry sucked up to him for millions before he started attacking him. Or that politicians like Lindsey Graham have turned to him for help to get on various TV programs. Or pointing out that the wife of a well-respected political pundit on Fox News works for rival Scott Walker.

Because he is defiantly not a part of the political class, he is impervious to conventional political weaponry. In fact, the attitude of the DC class toward his candidacy—temper tantrums and bouts of monumental arrogance—is only making him stronger. [snip]

The fault for the Trump phenomenon lies not only with the GOP, however. In a first for a news organization, the Huffington Post announced that it was unilaterally relegating a legitimate frontrunner for a major political party’s nomination to the entertainment pages. This was the perfect manifestation of the arrogance and elitism Americans despise. [snip]

Thanks to this sort of clumsy incompetence, Trump has been handed every Republican candidate’s dream: the chance to run against both the GOP leadership and the mainstream media.

Trump thus far has been an ideal candidate to take on the political establishment in all its myriad corruptions. Can anyone else do a Trump?

Some think Bernie Sanders is the socialist version of Trump. But Saint Bernard is a high priest of the political establishment. Like Ted Cruz, Saint Bernard is a United States Senator. You can’t shout “whore!” from the bedroom in a whorehouse.

That’s not to say Saint Bernard can’t hurt Hillary. Hillary hater Mark Halperin chortles as he lists the damage Saint Bernard can inflict on Hillary2016:

Hillary Clinton’s Bernie Sanders Problem Is Bigger Than Anyone Realizes

Seven ways in which the septuagenarian socialist from Vermont actually presents a mortal threat to the Democratic front-runner. [snip]

1. Pulling her to the left [snip]

In recent months, Clinton’s political and rhetorical message has boiled down to an Old-Democrat, big-government, Pelosi-Reid-AFL-CIO-pleasing stew that a skillful Republican nominee could exploit, shoving Clinton out of the vital political middle in the general election.

2. Exposing her biggest weaknesses

If Clinton’s main four-point agenda sounds like it is the product of extensive research by her polling and focus-group teams, well, that is because it is. A lot of voters grasp that calculation intuitively, and find it a turnoff.

3. Forcing her to go negative

First, as Sanders himself has eschewed negative politics throughout his career, potent political martyrdom could ensue. Second, Clinton could look like a hypocrite, since she has been regularly railing against negative attacks from the GOP. Third, it could unleash even more vigorous Republican assaults, with far less concern about public or media backlash.

4. Playing a losing expectations game [snip]

She has to finish far enough ahead of Sanders to prevent the press from treating a win like a loss. [snip]

5. Beating her in early states [snip]

6. Forcing her to invest in caucus states [snip]

Once again, this dynamic means Clinton has to continue to take left-wing positions and to devote precious resources to targeting small numbers of activists, rather than building a general-election machine.

7. Forcing her into an extended nomination fight

Saint Bernard of the Green Mountains will not win the nomination from Hillary. There are structural reasons for this involving Super Tuesday and the fact that Saint Bernard cannot self-finance a campaign even if by chance he would win Iowa and New Hampshire.

But Saint Bernard could be a rescue dog bringing a cask of political liquor to Joe Biden. Already there are desperate calls for Uncle Joe to drink from Saint Bernard’s cask of brandy and run for president. Before it happens let’s call it a “fail.” That’s what it is.

Has Uncle Joe Biden ever had success running for president? Every time Uncle Joe has run for president it has been a joke. Candidate Biden 2016 is a fail even before it happens and fails.

Which somewhat explains Barack Obama’s buffoonery in Africa. Barack Obama does not want Hillary to succeed him. President Hillary would mean Obama is only a brief interlude in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton drama. But Barack has a problem if it is not Hillary.

Barack Obama does not want Donald Trump of the birth certificate and college application requests to get into the Oval Office. Barack can only shudder at the investigations he will have to testify in if Trump is president. Barack also does not want Trump to show what real HOPE AND CHANGE look like. Barack does not want Trump to be the reformer President who really does reform the GOP and breaks the back of the corrupt political establishment that has promoted slime like Barack.

So what does Obama do? Barack knows Trump is resonating with the voters. So from Africa he attacks Trump. Barack knows Elizabeth Warren cannot win against Trump. Barack knows Uncle Joe cannot win against Trump. Barack knows Saint Bernard cannot win against Trump. Barack knows the Obama cult will not vote for Hillary even as she begs and cowers before it. And from Africa Barack declares he could win a third term if he could run.

What goes on? Is Barack’s declaration of an Obama running in 2016 and winning a hint to muscular Michelle? Or is it just egotistical braggadocio to mock the faltering Hillary2016 and the hated Hillary?

Hillary2016 better wake up to the dangers it faces. The Obama cult won’t vote for Hillary. There are knives behind tapestries. The country wants real HOPE and real CHANGE. Donald Trump is the candidate of an annihilating change.

Hillary2016 better change.


How To Destroy Donald Trump

Update: CNN poll: 64% of Republicans prefer securing border and deportation of illegals over legalization. 64%??? Maybe the voters like someone who agree with them on the issues? Is that part of the “secret sauce?” Is that why “attack Trump” does not work? Is that why “ignore Trump” does not work? Could Trump win? The real question is, “how can you stop him from winning?” Trump appears to be the right messenger with the right message.


Why do we write these “How To Destroy….” articles? Because a word of warning, an ounce of prevention, can stave off disaster. Forewarned is forearmed. We’ve written many articles riffing on “How To Destroy Hillary Clinton” because we want Hillary Clinton to put armor on her soft underbelly so she can survive and thrive.

Thus far our warnings and advice to Hillary have been in vain. There is no armor on her soft underbelly. Instead Hillary appears to have outlined her vital organs in glowing paint to make targeting them easier for her enemies.

The only good news along this front, before we get to Donald Trump (to be followed with some more Hillary news), has been happening in the past few days. Something is happening. The ice is slowly melting. Since the polls from Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia, became public some good news might be happening.

What is this good news? Not much really. But ever since we placed country and principles above political party in 2008 we have found ourselves isolated. Old friends treated us like lepers. Our nationally recognized big name friends mostly no longer called (except those who leaked things to us in deepest background). The big dollar donor associates lost the ability to communicate. In short, once we refused to lie to ourselves and others, did not bury our objections with a shroud of silence about the creep Barack Obama, we became outcasts. We’ve grown happy about the situation and view these “losses” as gains that make us feel better about ourselves. In the past few days however we’re getting more and more “how have you been?” communications. Some of these big time Democrats (many of whom privately detest Barack Obama and think as we do) are now even willing to make outreach to us in a way they must know might not remain very private. We think and hope that this is because they fear we are right that Hillary had better change her strategy to what we suggest or she will find herself a loser. It’s not much hope, but it’s something folks. We’ll get back to Hillary after we teach the “How to destroy Donald Trump” seminar.

How To Destroy Donald Trump

It’s not going to be very easy to get rid of Donald Trump let alone “destroy” him. But there is a tried and true method that might work even though we don’t think it will. Remember when we defended Donald Trump against the whining Republican candidates for president with this little anecdote about Bill Clinton?:

In 1992 Bill Clinton was behind George H.W. Bush, and both of them were losers to the #1 H. Ross Perot. Did Bill Clinton whine? No, Bill Clinton put on dark shades, grabbed a saxophone, and went on the Arsenio Hall show and made his own luck. That’s how its done.

No “heartbreak hotel” for Bill Clinton that election. That little publicity stunt only got Bill Clinton some attention. But at the time that little attention was a pitcher of water in the desert for Bill because Perot had so energized the presidential race that Bill was sucking Perot’s exhaust pipe.

Bill Clinton used that saxophone stunt to get back in the game. But how did Bill Clinton go from a weak third place to inauguration? The answer is one word: theft. Um, we mean good theft. We mean issues theft. Bill Clinton stole H. Ross Perot’s big issue of the debt and deficit.

It wasn’t wholesale theft. Perot still had the oomph on the debt and deficit issue but Bill Clinton shifted his campaign strategy sufficiently to be taken seriously, as no Democrat ever has since, that he would fight the national debt and get rid of the deficit as president. Eventually President Bill Clinton would not only get rid of the deficit but start Andrea Mitchell’s husband a’worrying about how Bill was about to destroy the debt too. Good ol’ days.

It was not the first time Bill Clinton committed grand larceny of an issue. During the primaries in 1992 the befuddled Bob Kerrey campaigned on universal health care. Bill Clinton stole that issue wholesale and retail, lock, stock, and barrel, and won the nomination. Does anyone see how this relates to Donald Trump.

If any Republican candidate wants to “destroy” Donald Trump it’s not going to be with recitations of past positions or “rude” or contradictory statements by The Donald. The only way to destroy Donald Trump is to steal his issues.

Yeah, the only way to destroy Donald Trump is to steal his issues. But that is easier said than done because of the nature of Donald Trump’s main issue.

Donald Trump’s main issue is not really illegal immigration. Sure, illegal immigration and his colorful attack on illegal immigrants got lots of attention. But that is not really Donald Trump’s big issue.

Donald Trump’s main issue is not really the deplorable conditions in this country. Donald Trump’s main issue is not really the fleecing of America by other countries. Donald Trump’s main issue is not really ObamaCare. Donald Trump’s main issue is not really ObamaTrade. Donald Trump’s main issue is not drug dealers and/or crime.


So how does a governor or a senator or even a former Secretary of State steal that issue from Donald J. Trump?

Republican candidates for president, along with Hillary and Saint Bernard of Vermont, know they cannot steal Donald Trump’s #1 main big mammajamma issue. So the first tactic was to attack Trump without restraint. Remember this from Republican/conservative website Hotair:

But this is one gigantic bridge too far. Whether he said that out of ignorance, a desire to cause a stir or – and I pray this isn’t true – because he really feels that way, I am done with him. Completely and absolutely done. Anyone who can allow those words to pass their lips is not fit to command our armed forces and is either too stupid, too oblivious or just too unamerican to serve as President of these United States.

Speaking only as one veteran who survived absolutely nothing compared to Senator McCain, I will close with a simple message. Goodbye, Mr. Trump. Your little show has been entertaining to say the least and, in your own way, you spurred some aspects of the national debate which needed a boost. But the sooner you exit the stage the better. You shall have no vote from me in any election, primary or general.

That writer was joined by the Republican National Committee as well as just about every Republican/conservative/leftist/moderate website and so many “leaders” they are too many to count. Those attacks against Trump were joined by major companies and business leaders and business associates of Donald Trump. The only brave souls that stuck by the Trump were good ol’ Big Pink and the voters.

That writer we cited above? Behold the latest from that “I’ll never vote for Trump” writer:

The full numbers were announced on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union broadcast and he took a fifteen minute phone call from Trump live on the air as soon as he finished reading them. It was a fairly aggressive, wide ranging interview, but Trump came off very well. In fact, as much as I might want to, I’m having a hard time staying mad at Donald Trump. I’m still completely turned off by his McCain war record comments (and no, I’m not getting into the whole thing again this morning) but I can’t deny the appeal of most of the rest of what Donald is selling this summer.

Okay… I can’t stay mad at you, ya big galoot. If you’re the nominee I’ll vote for ya. I can’t risk a “Hillary by default” vote on my conscience.

That’s some big change isn’t it? From “you shall have no vote from me in any election” to “I’ll vote for ya” is a lot of distance. From “not fit to command our armed forces and is either too stupid, too oblivious or just too unamerican to serve as President” to “I can’t deny the appeal” is a walk further than Long Island. So what accounts for this?

The Republican establishment now realizes that the attacks against Trump have backfired. We’ll document why in a moment. So now the strategy is to ignore Trump. Bring up some other failed candidates to the fore for interviews. Drag some elected who have a tough speech into the limelight if only to ignore Trump. Ignore Trump. Ignore Trump. Ignore Trump. As if.

Donald Trump will not be ignored, so writes the leftist Atlantic:

There’s No Stopping the Trump Show

Republicans wish their bombastic frontrunner would go away—but they can’t figure out how to get rid of him.

LAREDO, Texas—You want the Trump show to be over. But it’s not over.

You want to ignore Donald Trump. You think maybe if you ignore him long enough, he will go away. Well, guess what? He’s not going away.

The media, you may have noticed, is full of Trump—explanations of Trump, denunciations of Trump, justifications of Trump, analyses of Trump, handwringing about the coverage of Trump, and accounts of the latest outrageous thing Trump has done. He is on the front page of every newspaper, the top of every newscast. They can’t believe it; they can’t get their heads around it, that this is happening, and not only is it happening, it is the biggest thing in American politics right now. It has consumed American politics. It—Trump—is bigger than the entire rest of the Republican field, which, by the way, has 15 other people in it—governors, senators, very big, very serious people. Trump is bigger than them all.

Trump is so big they are attacking him just to get themselves noticed. [snip]

Trump has the Republican Party by the throat. It cannot figure out how to get rid of him. The party elites, those snobs in D.C. who do not respect or understand the people out there in America, are tearing their hair out over the damage Trump is supposedly doing to the party. [snip]

Yet the party has no power over Trump. He has the money, he has the press, he has the voters.

The Trumpnado in Laredo was not Donald Trump’s last stand. Trump was in Oskaloosa Iowa on Saturday. He was truly brilliant in his very polished politician presentation even as he came off as everyman fighting the powers that be. We thought this was a particularly clever way to do politics:

Trump vs. Clinton: A tale of 2 Iowa rallies

Hillary’s intimate policy seminar could not have been more different than Donald’s bombastic barbecue. [snip]

Donald Trump was in town.

The billionaire mogul gave a rowdy rally in his signature meandering, yet riveting style. He went after a new target — Scott Walker, calling his state a “disaster” and ripping the Wisconsin governor’s fiscal policies. He regaled the crowd with tales of Thursday’s circus-like trip to Laredo, Texas, where he toured the border and showcased his provocative attacks on illegal immigrants. He spent the rest of his time lamenting the state of the country while touting what an amazing businessman he is.

Who can do better than Trump?” Trump said. “I fix things.” [snip]

He betrayed a little insecurity in going after Walker, who he said was “finally” fair game because one of the governor’s donors had called him a “dumb-dumb.” [snip]

“Wisconsin’s doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them. They’re borrowing money like crazy. They projected a $1 billion surplus, and it turns out to be a deficit of $2.2 billion. The schools are a disaster. The hospitals and education was a disaster. And he was totally in favor of Common Core,” he said to big cheers, adding later, “I wrote all this stuff down though I don’t need to though because I’ve got a really good memory.”

Trump was also sure to sell the crowd on his resume: “I’m very good with contracts, don’t you want that? … I went to Wharton School of Finance. I was a really good student.” [snip]

If it wasn’t for me, you would’ve never heard of a ‘sanctuary city’” he said. [snip]

But all the bluster has yet to put him in the lead in Iowa, where he trails Walker in recent polls.

“Will you please put me in first place so I feel better?” he asked the crowd.

That’s a mix of bombast politicians typically use but without the phony humility – along with a schoolboy charm in doing what campaign strategists stress to candidates is an important “ask”. “Ask the voters to vote for you” is something candidates, especially first time candidates, often forget to do. But Trump asks for support from voters with a vanity and charm that is clear English. “Will you please put me in first place so I feel better?” Who does an ask in such a manner? Trump.

That type of pomposity mixed with humility is sneered at by the political class. But for Trump, who was pronounced dead by just about everyone after his remarks about McCain, it works. It works wonders.

It works wonders in New Hampshire. It works astonishingly across the nation. It works miracles in Iowa, as the leftist loons at Vox are forced to admit:

Republicans’ Donald Trump problem just got worse

Donald Trump was supposed to flame out fast. Instead, he’s burning ever hotter in the first contests of the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

The real estate mogul and reality TV star has a seven-point lead over his nearest competitor in New Hampshire, and he’s breathing down the neck of longtime Iowa caucuses leader Scott Walker, according to two NBC-Marist University polls released Sunday morning. [snip]

Scott Walker remains in the pole position in Iowa with 19 percent of Republican saying he’s their candidate. But Trump, who has lagged him by 8 or 9 percentage points in each of the last three polls taken in Iowa, now trails Walker by just 2 percentage points at 17 percent.

Trump’s favorability rating is right side up with Republicans. [snip]

Trump appears to be bleeding support mostly from the bottom tiers of candidates, as Jeb Bush, at 12 percent, is the only other hopeful in double digits in Iowa. That is, Trump seems to be consolidating a lot of the anti-establishment vote.

The turf in New Hampshire is even more fertile ground for Trump. He’s supplanted Bush as the favorite in the “Live Free or Die” state. Trump checked in with 21 percent of registered New Hampshire Republicans, leaving Bush at 14 percent and Walker at 12 percent, in the dust.

“Will you please put me in first place so I feel better?” Trump is 2 points away from feeling much better and being in position to win Iowa and New Hampshire. He’s also #1 in North Carolina so we suspect that South Carolina might be on Trump’s menu. Then there is the Florida primary, winner take all, which up to now was supposed to be a caged death match between Rubio and Jeb. Could Trump, who regularly visits his many properties in Florida decide to contest Florida thereby knocking out both Rubio and Jeb in one bloody stroke? And don’t forget, if Walker loses the neighboring state of Iowa, Walker is out (and what a fool Walker was to attack Trump and follow that up with a Walker donor also attacking Trump opening the door to a Trump attack). So is Donald Trump set to be the nominee???? You betcha!

Outsider Ben Carson? Trump is a bigger outsider and not so soft-spoken. Carly Fiorina? A tough outsider like Trump but without organization and popularity and a problem history at Hewlett Packard. Pataki?, Gilmore?, Cruz?, Graham?, Perry?, etc., etc.? We’ll wait until the August 6 debate; but if Donald Trump is consolidating the anti-establishment voter juggernaut all calculations go out the window.

Think any Washington elected figure such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Graham, can steal Trump’s main issue? Think any elected official such as Walker, Christie, Kasich, can steal Trump’s main issue? Think again. Trump is throwing out the moneychangers at the temple and burning down the establishment:

OSKALOOSA, Iowa—Donald Trump said there was no cap in the amount of money he would be willing to put into his campaign for the Republican nomination for president if his message continues to resonate with voters.

Speaking at a free-wheeling press conference following a rally in this city east of Des Moines, Mr. Trump also attacked Republican rivals Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and Democrat Hillary Clinton with accusations that they were beholden to wealthy donors.

Mr. Trump, a real-estate developer and television personality, has almost entirely self-financed his campaign so far.

“Bush is controlled by those people. Walker is controlled by those people. Hillary Clinton is controlled by those people. Trump has none of those people,” he said Saturday afternoon. “I’m not controlled. I do what’s right for the people.” [snip]

He’s saying the things we really feel,” said Gary Staggs, a 55-year-old small business owner from Oskaloosa. “Politicians can’t say them because they are so afraid of somebody they will offend.”

Mr. Trump delivered a nearly hourly long monologue without notes that touched on the imbalance of trade with China, his wealth and Iowa’s hot weather.

I love you people. I love Iowa. But it’s hot as hell and I’m sweating like a dog,” said Mr. Trump, who wore a full suit.

“I’m sweating like a dog” is not something that comes out of the mouths of politicians. “I’m perspiring profusely” is the mushy English politicians use, er, utilize.

English when properly wielded is a potent weapon. Winston Churchill rallied Western civilization with profound words of defiance and resolve – and backed them up with fearless action. Like Churchill, when Donald Trump was allegedly in “trouble” Trump did not back down. Trump mobilized his voters with powerful English backed up by equally powerful action when he refused to apologize to the sanitation truck chasing dogs called Big Media and the political class.

Hillary Clinton

Which brings us back to Hillary Clinton. We continue and will continue and continue and continue to scream that the Hillary2016 tactic of the “Obama third term” or hugging Obama or keeping quiet about the disaster that is Obama is a strategic mistake which will lead Hillary2016 to Hindenberg size defeat. We persist that a massive purge of Obama operatives from Hillary2016 and separation from Obama must take place. We will scream and shout that Barack Obama is Hillary and Hillary2016’s most nefarious and dangerous enemy.

Some will insist that no, Benghazi or email stuff is the big problem Hillary has. But no. As we have written, the big enemy of Hillary and Hillary2016 is treacherous Barack Obama:

Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration [snip]

Look for Vice President Joe Biden to jump in soon, and lefty Sen. Elizabeth Warren might also take the leap.

Meanwhile, Clinton must play ­defense against her former colleagues in the State Department and intelligence agencies.

Actually, it’s worse. She’s almost certainly up against the White House.

Somebody very high in the food chain leaked the memos requesting the probe. The New York Times, which broke the story, identified its source only as “a senior government official.”

My money is on Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas’ Rasputin, who is known to despise Clinton. If it was Jarrett, she would not do this against the president’s wishes.

That also would be true for any “senior government official” who leaked the memos. Targets don’t get any bigger than Hillary Clinton, so this was not a rogue operation. This was an approved hit. [snip]

It’s also possible the White House is ­using the issue to keep her in line on the Iranian nuke deal. The implied threat is “look what happened to Robert Menendez.”

Bed – dogs – fleas.

Does this deter Hillary’s dangerous liaison with treacherous Barack Obama? No because we’re told Barack is so popular that Hillary has to tie herself to B.O. and the cult. But the stink of B.O. overpowers the senses:

They Really, Really Don’t Like Him
Our unpopular president.

Barack Obama is not popular. This plain and simple fact may surprise those who read only legacy journalists, who often elide this inconvenient truth. [snip]

Obama’s job approval in this poll was a paltry 43 percent, with 55 percent disapproval. This is hardly a public “closely divided,” but it is typical of the media’s approach. They prefer to gloss over his bad numbers, point out the weakness of the GOP, or emphasize how popular he is among Democrats.

But ignoring a fact does not make it any less true. Obama is unpopular, and he has been unpopular for a while. [snip]

To date, Obama has been unpopular for more than two-thirds of his tenure. If he stays under 50 percent for the remainder of his term, he will have been unpopular for longer than any postwar leader. [snip]

The cumulative effect on the public mood is evident. According to Real Clear Politics, 61 percent of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track. [snip]

The country likewise does not believe Obama’s policy prescriptions are sensible. [snip]

Though Hillary Clinton is increasingly dominating the political spotlight, the president’s standing will affect the 2016 contest. Clinton is scurrying leftward to keep Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley from winning the progressive vote, but in so doing she risks alienating the middle of the country, which has tired of activist government. And it is quite likely that, as his former secretary of state, Clinton will be seen as Obama’s successor, thus bearing the burden of his unpopularity.

So before our dear friends try to hop on lifeboat Big Pink they better have an answer as to why Hillary is at all tied to Barack Obama and hires Obama cult members to populate Hillary2016.

Before our former dear friends and establishment pals try to cuddle with us they better understand that Hillary2016 is on a slow boat to palookaville. We advised that Hillary had to run a “time for a change” campaign, not an Obama third term “stay the course” mess. We got the mess instead of a call for change.

Think we’re alone? We wrote about the Hillary2016 muddled message mess in 2013. Now the leftist kooks at Salon begin to see what was in front of their faces:

This is why Hillary’s losing: The issue Jeb Bush and Donald Trump understand, which may keep Clinton from the White House
Her negatives are almost as bad as Trump’s. She’s not trusted, and losing swing states. Start talking about reform! [snip]

Politicians are going to destroy this country. They are weak and ineffective. They are controlled by the lobbyists of the special interests. Every one of these lobbyists that give money expects something for it… They could take a politician and have him jump off this ledge.
–Donald Trump, last Wednesday

And here you thought Trump was wrong about everything. [snip]

Government corruption is perhaps the central issue of the 2016 campaign because it’s the biggest problem facing our country. [snip]

In office Obama forgot all about ethics reforms. It was the biggest mistake of his presidency. Republicans didn’t stop him. It is a hallmark of many ethics reforms, including most of his, that they may be implemented by executive order. Obama didn’t pursue them because he didn’t want to. [snip]

That Obama translated this public anger into a message in 2008 — but didn’t follow up with policy in 2009 — may reveal an underlying worldview. [snip]

I think reform is the key not just to the white working class but to the election. The Democrats must embrace it with specificity and sincerity, but so far they’ve barely mentioned it.

So why is Hillary embracing the unpopular treacherous Barack Obama?

Does anyone think that Donald Trump’s winning big issue can be stolen by the creatures of, by, and for D.C. whoever he, or she, is?

If she does not change her ways and her campaign strategy, Hillary2016 will be destroyed. Donald Trump? How to destroy Donald Trump gets harder and harder every day. Most every voter knows it is time to make America great again.


The Hillary Clinton Economy Speech, The Ted Cruz I’m Like Donald Trump Speech

Update: War: Chamber of Commerce gearing up to take out conservative incumbents in the House next year. The Chamber of Commerce is winning, or losing? The 2016 elections will decide. The GOP coddles their corporate cronies. Hillary’s economy speech drags her further to the kook left and protection of the crony capitalists on the left. Cruz is trying to sound like Trump, which is smarter than those who attack Trump, but not enough. Trump? Trump haters are beginning to wake up and sound the trumpets:

In fact, this is easy red meat for Donald Trump if he’s inclined to take on the business class he’s a part of. Nothing would build his conservative cred faster than rising to the defense of the people in Congress who are most opposed to open borders and who are now evidently on the electoral menu for corporate America. You can write the script yourself: “Take it from a guy who’s worth $10 billion, a secure border is more important than better margins on labor.”

From every political affiliation, gender, and ethnicity/race – we’re all sounding the Trumpets. We’re all becoming Trumpettes. We notice today very few are talking about the new YouGov poll on Trump which proves he is rising not sinking. TRUMP IS NOW AT 28% and second choice he is at 38%. Why are so few writing about this? Wasn’t the big question earlier this week whether or not Trump was dead or had hit his ceiling? The YouGov poll which is brand new says Trump continues to rise. Both political parties and their hacks are scared of this and so the plan is “keep it quiet.” Watch what happens after August 6.

For the Trump haters we present the dumbest, stupidest, most idiotic anti-Trump article ever published by Big Media: The Danger of a Celebrity President. It’s not an attack on the Obama cult but a defense of Obama and an attack on a certain candidate – so you know how stupid it is.

More cheers for Trump as he attacks Big Media with more than words. Trump has banned the Des Moines Register noosepaper from today’s campaign events. The Register has demanded Trump get out of the race. Screw you Big Media. In America the people decide who stays in and who goes out (until 2008 when Big Media diktated the outcome that is.) Maybe if all GOP candidates and Hillary follow Trump’s lead the Big Media vipers can be put back in their nests.


Ted Cruz on the Senate floor: Mitch McConnell’s a liar and our new majority is a cronyist fraud. We like the speech. But it’s a fail.

Hillary also emitted sounds today in yet another speech about the economy. Hillary looked great. The speech? It’s a fail.

We hate to be so negative but after sharpshooter Trump taking on all comers and Against All Flags insurgency as just about everybody in the left and right establishments tries to bring him down… well lets just say we’re let down.

Why is Hillary’s speech on the economy a fail? You don’t even have to listen to the speech to know there is a strategic flaw. Here’s the speech: Oh, we can’t embed the video we can only provide a link to the speech because HillaryClinton.com does not provide a video of what is supposed to be a big speech. Another fail.

What’s the strategic problem with the speech? Well, if these ideas are so good why doesn’t Obama implement them? Or try to implement them? Why didn’t Obama do them a long time ago? Or, is Hillary in this speech attacking Obama? Is Hillary saying Obama did not do this and she will? That’s the strategic problem. Having tied herself to Obama she now cannot criticize Obama even as she puts out ideas that Obama could implement or at least try to implement but won’t. Why not? Why won’t Obama try to implement these ideas, such as they are?

This is going to be an ongoing problem for Hillary2016. That’s why the best bet, strategically speaking, would have been (as we suggested so long ago) for Hillary to base her campaign on “It’s time for a change.” Instead we are left holding a smelly bag labeled “Stay the course.”

There is another problem with the speech on the substance. Hillary invests a great deal of her time in her speech to Wall Street and assorted mumbo jumbo about investors who invest in stocks for quick profits then get out. We thought the purpose of Wall Street gambling was to make money and a quick buck.

Nowhere in her speech today does Hillary hit the main issue about Wall Street and investing. At no point does Hillary say “Obama economic policies and FED policies force people to throw themselves into the Wall Street cesspool. It’s time for a change.”

Americans who do not want to go near Wall Street are muscled by Obama and FED policies to do just that. Low interest rates help corporations but for someone who wants to keep their money in a safe bank account with compounded interest – low interest rates are a disaster. Hillary doesn’t mention this. Trillions in wealth shifted to Wall Street titans and from Hillary silence or no recognition this is a problem that her “solutions” exacerbate.

In the Obama economy money in the bank is going to waste. Almost no interest is accrued. If Hillary wants to help the middle class and the poor why not advocate for interest rates that reflect reality? Why not help young people who want to work and save be able to do so without the increased risk of putting money in the Wall Street shark tank? Sure, increased risk via Wall Street investments will potentially bring increased gains, but what if you just want slow, safe, and steady growth? That used to be the preferred economic plan for the poor and middle class. Wall Street was for the swells willing and able to risk their capital.

Instead of helping Americans opt out of the Wall Street casino, Hillary goes on and on about the travails of Wall Street investors and how to squeeze money out of them. Never mind that many of those Wall Street investors are union pension funds and the George Soros types that fund so much of the left infrastructure.

When all is said and done Hillary’s economy speech ignores the extortion against those that have worked and saved money to put in a nice safe bank account. The fail is all the talk about stocks and buy-backs. Where is the plain talk to the American people? Why repudiate the successes of Bill Clinton? Fail.

Ted Cruz also emitted sounds today. He too failed. That’s not to say we did not like his speech. We did. But the Cruz speech was Donald Trump on cruise control. This Trump hating, Cruz hating bit sums it up nicely:

Sample quote: “[This majority] does get things done, but it listens to one and only one voice: That is, the voice of the Washington cartel, of the lobbyists on K Street, of the big money and big corporations.” This guy is talking about his own caucus.

Nominally, this speech is about McConnell’s betrayal of opponents of the Ex-Im bank and his Reid-esque procedural scam to block conservative amendments that could have jeopardized the Iran deal. What it really is, of course, is a campaign commercial for Cruz 2016 aimed at all the Trump voters he covets but who prefer someone (for the moment) who stands outside the political class. This is Cruz’s way of showing them that not only is he willing to throw punches at the establishment too, he hits much harder than Trump does. The unspoken point is, “If you detest Washington and its endless corrupt excrescences, why would you support him instead of me?” Good question. I have no idea.

We have an answer to that good question: Trump is better that Ted because Cruz is part of the system he is complaining about. Fair or unfair that’s why that other guy, Trump, resonates and Cruz just cruises, out of gas, in the breeze.

For anyone who thinks we are being unfair to the Senator from Texas, consider what this kerfuffle was about: Iran and the attempt to block the deal between Obama and his Mullah pals. Um, didn’t Senator Ted Cruz help ensure that the Obama – Persian Empire of Terror deal was approved? Let’s hoist the black flag and bring up Ace of Spades to testify about Iran and the Corker amendment:

Rubio’s offering some bullshit amendments designed to make him appear Strong On Defense but he’s just part of Failure Theater like the rest of them.

Without this bill, Obama needs 67 votes to approve the Iran treaty.

With the bill, the treaty is presumptively approved, and it takes 67 votes to disapprove of the treaty.

And this is Corker’s way of showing he’s “standing up to Obama.”

How? By performing analingus on him?

This is just the latest insult from the Republican Party. All their bullshit is designed to trick conservatives into thinking they’re taking a stance, when in fact they’re voting with the Democrats.

If Corker has good reasons why this treaty should be passed — and it’s plain that he’s a fan, because he’s making up yet more Fake Opposition to pass it — he should say so. [snip]

No, they lie, they pretend they’re opposed to it, and they stage productions of Failure Theater to trick conservatives into thinking they’re opposing it — but are just being outfoxed, by gum! — when in fact they’ve voted in advance to lose on the issue.[snip]

Corker’s bill does not impose limits on Obama; Corker’s bill does not oppose the Iran treaty. [snip]

Without the Corker bill, Obama would need 67 Senate votes to pass his treaty. The treaty dies without the Corker bill.

With the Corker bill, Obama needs only 34 Senate votes to keep his treaty — which is actually passed, beforehand, by the Corker bill.

The treaty passes into law with the Corker bill.

But Corker, McConnell, and the rest of the traitors will Lie To Your Fucking Face that they “did their best” when, once again, another Obama measure is passed by the Senate.

But by gum! They did their best. They fought so hard but they just couldn’t do it.

Here’s how you actually defeat Obama’s treaty:

1. You scrap the Corker bill, which approves of the treaty, then requires a supermajority of 67 to block it it. (Something which will fail.)

2. Then, you vote against the treaty.

Simple, isn’t it? You just vote against the treaty. You don’t create a convoluted process where you first vote for the treaty and then later vote against it — but oh darn! That first vote was the important one!

Failed again!

The fuck with these people.

They are lying to us, they are corrupt as the worst whores of hell, and they are leading this country into destruction.

Do not go gently on this Corker bill.

Raise Hell.

Let these vile motherfuckers know WE WILL NOT BE LIED TO ANY LONGER.

It’s failure theater. And Cruz played his role. Cruz voted for what he is now complaining about. Failure theater.

That was before Trump came on the scene. After Trump, Cruz had the good sense to heed our warnings and that’s why he voted against ObamaTrade. Cruz is one of the better ones when it comes to positioning himself against the establishment but Trump is the reason for the Cruz speech today.

Failure theater is the GOP ploy to advance the GOP even as the country goes to blazes:

He’s calling McConnell a liar. He’s not hinting at it. He says it. Multiple times.

“He brought up his Obamacare amendment… which is a smokescreen, because it’s intended to fail.” [snip]

By the way, I also hear they’ve got a Fake Sanctuary City bill in the works that they will trick conservatives into thinking actually gets rid of sanctuary cities, but in fact institutionalizes them.

It’s all failure theater to help the GOP but at least Ted Cruz wants a ticket to the Trump show. Jeb Bush the Washington Post reports wants to be the “un-Trump”. Jeb Bush as the “un” anything is not a drink anyone wants.

Our advice to all those that want to be Trump or be un-Trump or trump Trump is this: speak English. Speak clear, concise, English. Don’t connive. Don’t plot. Don’t think this is the time to fool the public will well-crafted mumbo jumbo because the Internet and tough talkers like Donald Trump will make your life difficult.

Indeed, take a clue or a few from Donald J. Trump. Attack Big Media. Attack the establishment of the political system in both parties. Everyone running for president should treat Big Media and the Big Two Parties with the contempt Donald Trump does not hide. Tell Big Media and the political parties, “You’re finished” or the voters will tell you “You’re fired.”


A Trump -nado Hits Laredo – Big Media, GOP Establishment Worst Hit

The Trump has landed. Trumpnado continues. Yes – the massive Donald Trump plane has landed in Laredo. Surrounded by Latinos, sharpshooter Donald Trump pulls a John Wayne and moseys on down Rick Perry way. Two birds, or three birds, with one stone: Trump hits Perry, Trump hits on his biggest issue, Trump grabs the spotlight and smothers every other candidate. Triple Trumpnado!!!

In 1992 Bill Clinton was behind George H.W. Bush, and both of them were losers to the #1 H. Ross Perot. Did Bill Clinton whine? No, Bill Clinton put on dark shades, grabbed a saxophone, and went on the Arsenio Hall show and made his own luck. That’s how its done.

Are Republicans/conservatives who hate on the Trump as smart and brave as Bill Clinton? No, it’s whine all the time.

Whine all the time: Glenn Beck has turned his show into a “Trump-free zone”. In other words if you don’t like the news ban the news.

Glenn Beck is taking a page from the totalitarian left Huffington Post which has banned Trump to it’s “entertainment” coverage (the dummies don’t realize that entertainment sections are more popular with the public than political pages).

Whine all the time: GOP donors wanted Bush, Rubio, and Walker to boycott debates unless Trump was disqualified. Just try and ban Trump from the debates. He’s just the #1 guy in the GOP polls right now. The biggest reason to watch the August 6 debate has become Donald Trump. Donald Trump eating pizza with Sarah Palin opposite the GOP debate would get more viewers.

Whine all the time: AFL-CIO Controlled Union Intervenes, Cancels Trump’s Border Tour Planned by Local Agents. Agent Garza confirmed to Breitbart Texas that the national union had stepped in and insisted that the Laredo local back out of honoring Trump with the border tour. Latino Agent Garza wanted to guide Trump but he cannot be seen to tell the truth. This only helps Trump prove his points about what is happening to this country.

Why is Trump such a winner? Because he puts himself into win/win situations and avoids win/lose scenarios. AFL-CIO blocks Border Patrol agents from Trump’s border tour Trumpnado – Trump gets another illustration of what he is talking about so bravely.

Why is Trump such a winner? Consider what we wrote recently:

Shorter version of the Republican National Committee statement: “We want Donald Trump out of the nomination race before the August 6 debate and we will do whatever we have to do to drive Donald Trump out of the race and to Hell with our supposed role of being neutral.”

Where have we seen this before? Yeah, Hillary Clinton 2008. [snip]

The Democratic Party establishment succeeded in gifting Barack Obama the nomination and Hillary and Bill Clinton wandered about like drunks trying to figure out what truck hit them.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. Donald Trump better realize that he is up against the Republican establishment and that what the establishment wants the establishment gets.

So does Donald Trump realize he is up against the Republican establishment? It appears he does. Trump: If RNC isn’t “fair” to me, I’ll run as an independent. Boom! Trumpnado. If the RNC is not neutral, Trump… keeps the threat alive. [Hillary, are you watching this and learning?] Yesterday Trump was backing away from an independent run. Keep them unsure. Keep them guessing. Piaget feeding schedules anyone?

The fear-mongering conspiracy squirrel talk that Donald Trump is a Hillary plant is epic dumb. Hillary2016 would love to run against Jeb Bush. Why? Because Jeb versus Hillary means a Hillary win. Against Trump, all bets are off. 2015 polls won’t matter. Trumpnado threatens all.

Donald Trump has the Republican establishment on the run. We need our own Hill-nado. Hillary Clinton should realize the Obama Dimocrat establishment needs her and she does not need them. Until she realizes that she will be a loser.


Saddle Up! Trump Goes To The Border! Plus – New #Hillary2016 Polls!

Quinnipiac poll: Hillary’s popularity crumbles in three swing states, now trails three top Republicans. This is not really news. This is more a demonstration of the mass hysteria in Big Media and the establishments of both parties now that a certain Rodney Dangerfield is spitting in their fingerbowls at the fancy pants dinner.

What do we mean? Consider the confusion expressed with the arrival of this poll(s) which is at first blush gruesome for Hillary. Wasn’t the argument of the Republican/conservative establishment that Donald Trump was a wrecking ball that is destroying the “Republican brand?” So, um, does this poll wreck the wrecking ball theory? Or is the message from this latest poll that Hillary poll numbers sink if you sample more Republicans than others? Or is the message that Jeb(?) is weak even when compared to the barely known Scott Walker?

Does anyone in Big Media notice that the new polls sample more Republicans than they should? For instance in Colorado the samples are Republican 29%, Democrat 26%, Independent 36%, Other/DK/NA 10%. That’s a plus 3 for Republicans. However in the last election the results placed the Ds ahead with 5. That’s about an 8 point gift to the Republicans in this poll. Some swing, huh? Ditto Iowa. There the sample is Republican 29%, Democrats 27%, Independent 38%, Other/DK/NA 6% even though in 2012 the results were a +6 for Ds. Ditto Virginia (4 point difference from 2012 results). Republican 27%, Democrat 28%, Independent 35%, Other/DK/NA 9%.

We’ve written repeatedly that we think Hillary is in trouble because of association with Obama. But we don’t think that these polls released today are the problem they are sold as. Even so, let’s look at the gruesome poll:

Poll: Clinton trails top Republicans in battleground states

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton trails three top Republican presidential candidates in head-to-head matchups in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, a new survey shows.

The latest Quinnipiac University swing state polling released Wednesday shows the Democratic frontrunner trailing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in each of those states.

The biggest loser, the polls found, is Donald Trump, who has surged to the front of a crowded Republican primary field nationally but is viewed unfavorably, by almost a 2-to-1 margin, by voters in those states.

The results offered more indications that Clinton has a problem: Voters say they don’t trust her.

In Colorado, only 34% of voters said they see Clinton as honest and trustworthy while 62% said they don’t. In Iowa, the numbers were 33% to 59% — a drop from 45% to 47% in April. And in Virginia, Clinton did best, at 39% saying they trust her to 55% saying they don’t. [snip]

“On being a strong leader, a key metric in presidential campaigns, she has dropped four to 10 points depending on the state and she is barely above 50% in each of the three states.” [snip]

In Colorado, Clinton trails Rubio 38%-46%, Bush 36%-41% and Walker 38%-47%. In Iowa, she trails Rubio 36%-44%, Bush 36%-42% and Walker 37%-45%. And in Virginia, Clinton has the narrowest margins between her and her Republican opponents, where she lags behind Rubio 41%-43%, Bush 39%-42% and Walker 40%-43%.

In Colorado, Walker performed the best even though 3-in-10 voters weren’t ready to weigh in on questions about his honesty and leadership skills.

These R v D comparison polls are really silly. The fight now is intra-party not a general election. But still the weaker Hillary appears, the more likely a Michelle Obama or a Cambridge Cherokee, maybe even crazy Uncle Joe, will get in.

Hillary’s problem is not these ridiculous polls. Hillary’s problem is that she is saying stuff she does not believe and it shows. In order to appeal to the Obama cult and the totalitarian left, the groups that hate Hillary the most, Hillary is speaking mumbo jumbo – and it shows – and voters don’t like it.

As to Donald Trump and his allegedly bad showing in these polls what is now sure is that Trump started out low and the more he is seen the more his poll numbers rise.

In Iowa which is the only state that we have sufficient data to measure Trump’s standing Trump is #2 to Scott Walker who is lapping up the field. In New Hampshire and North Carolina and Nevada, Trump is doing very well. The more Trump rises… the more Trump rises.

But we are told that after L’áffair McCain the Donald will have to escalate his rhetoric to unacceptable levels or that he is already so wounded he is a dead man walking. There’s no way The Donald, the “Teflon Don” as Charles Hurt calls Trump, there’s no more air time Trump can squeeze himself onto. Or is there?

Beat the drum slowly, lay the sod over him, Rick Perry just had a stroke.

Saddle up! Trump goes to the border:

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Donald Trump Heading to Texas Border

Breitbart Texas has learned that 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is heading to the Texas-Mexico border to get a firsthand look at the current border security situation. Trump is expected to meet with Border Patrol agents of the Laredo Sector.

“We look forward to giving Mr. Trump a boots on the ground perspective on the Laredo Sector of the Texas-Mexico Border,” said National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455 President Hector Garza. “Mr. Trump is expected to be in Laredo later in the week.”

Garza told Breitbart Texas that following the border tour, Trump will have a town hall style meeting where law enforcement officers will be invited to provide feedback on their perspective of the border situation.

Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby worked with Agent Garza to prepare for Trump’s border tour. “It is of utmost importance that possible future leaders of our country visit the border region, especially the Laredo Sector. Most Texans and other Americans hear that the Texas border was secured, but it wasn’t. The Rio Grande Valley Sector was supplemented with manpower from the State of Texas, but that mostly stopped where that sector ended and the Laredo Sector begins.” Darby added, “Mr. Trump will learn firsthand of the many holes and vulnerabilities that the Los Zetas cartel exploits to enter Texas and oppress their victims. We will keep the details of Mr. Trump’s intended visit private at this time.”

What will the GOP establishment say? Here’s a sample:

Zombie Eric Cantor is here to weigh in on the Donald Trump problem he helped create

The story of the Republican Party’s aborted attempt to craft an immigration platform that would appeal to Hispanic voters without alienating its base will have an entire chapter dedicated to former House majority leader Eric Cantor. His appearance on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, lambasting Donald Trump’s language on immigration, probably made the situation worse, not better.

And when Cantor lost his 2014 primary race in stunning fashion, his position on immigration reform was cited as a key reason. Immigration reform was “the most symbolic issue that captures the differences between me and Eric Cantor in this race,” David Brat, the man who beat Cantor, told Fox News the day after his win.

The Republican plan to make inroads with Hispanics was a double failure. Not only was a bill not passed, but efforts to advance the issue revealed just how strongly — and vocally — Republican voters opposed the idea. The party’s second-in-command in the House was sent off to work in the private sector. And it set up a situation, two years later, where Donald Trump could stumble onto immigration as a hot-button issue, exposing the same rift within the GOP at a particularly inconvenient time. [snip]

“I think the language that Mr. Trump’s been using sometimes, certainly it’s mean, it’s ugly, it’s divisive,” Cantor said, most likely referring to Trump’s dismissal of illegal immigrants as criminals. “It is not a sustainable model, because ultimately what this country and the people of America are looking for is an optimistic inspirational leader with a message that is inclusive for all so we can see a better future.” [snip]

But Eric Cantor became the most prominent face of a policy that much of the Republican base hates. Hearing that face say that Trump is bad will probably not have the effect Cantor might have hoped.

Eric Cantor or Donald Trump? Who Represents the American voter and who represents a failed Republican leadership?

Looks like Trump represents the Republican voter:

Trump Leads GOP Field, No Slump After Attacks on McCain [snip]

A new Morning Consult poll finds Trump leading the Republican field with 22 percent of the vote, well ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who clocks in with 15 percent, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, in third place with 12 percent.

No other Republican breaks into double digits. [snip]

There is no evidence that Trump’s numbers have slumped after comments he made questioning Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) war record. Though most of the rest of the Republican field — and even the Republican National Committee — loudly criticized Trump after he made the comments on Saturday morning at an event in Iowa, voters interviewed afterward weren’t any less likely to say they support him.

In fact, Trump has gained ground since a Morning Consult poll earlier this month, when he trailed Bush by a 19 percent to 17 percent margin. This week Trump is the second choice of 12 percent of voters, behind Bush’s 18 percent.

As we previously wrote, the assault on Donald Trump is an attempt by the Republican establishment to destroy him before he gets a chance to speak to the nation at the August 6 debate. We’ve always argued, contrary to many who insisted the opposite would prove to be the case, that Donald Trump would mop the floor with the other Republican candidates for president. Now it appears we have once again been proven right and that Republican establishment indeed fears Trump and they have failed in their attempt to stomp the Trump:

Will GOP debate be the Trump show?

Despite RNC’s efforts, first showdown of 2016 could be focused on candidate from the angry fringe. [snip]

This is Donald Trump’s universe.

So instead, on Aug. 6, in Cleveland, the GOP hopefuls will appear stage right and stage left, flanking a real estate mogul and reality television star who is all but certain to steal the spotlight, go on the offensive and thwart their hopes for a peaceful debate.

Trump’s presence at center stage — his reward if he maintains his lead in the polls — is likely to transform the first Republican debate into a major media event, bringing big ratings to Fox News, the debate sponsor. [snip]

“I think you have to assume he’ll be loud and aggressive and do everything he can to stay on offense,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who gave the most commanding debate performances of the 2012 primary cycle, told POLITICO. “Trump is very smart, he has lots of TV experience and is absolutely uninhibited.” [snip]

“Unless everything changes in the next two weeks, which is always a possibility, I imagine Trump will be pretty much the top five stories of the debate just by showing up,” said Mark Leibovich, the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine.

“There’s the ‘Will the other candidates attack Trump?’ story, the ‘Will Trump hold his own as a serious candidate?’ story, the ‘Will Trump have a grasp of the issues?’ story, the ‘What attention-getting thing did Trump say?’ story and the “Did you hear what Trump said about Candidate X?’ (or ‘What did Candidate X say to Trump?’) story, etc,” he continued. “Maybe someone like Jeb can sneak into the top six.” [snip]

For Gingrich, taking on Trump is a matter of understanding the enemy: “Avoid anger, because I don’t think anybody on that stage can out-anger Trump,” he said. “His natural style is aggressive. It’s not like he has to become aggressive. He wakes up and he’s aggressive.”

There’s a new sheriff in town. His name is Donald Trump.


McCain And Trump – A Lesson From Hillary Clinton 2008 For Donald Trump That #Hillary2016 Has Yet To Learn

Hillary Clinton has a stupid strategy, a losing strategy, for #Hillary2016. That’s because Hillary has forgotten why and how Barack Obama got the nomination in 2008. This “why and how” is a lesson for Donald Trump.

In the wake of the John McCain comments by Donald Trump there is a very real question as to whether Donald Trump will have to go away, fold up, pull out, admit defeat, and become road kill on the road to the GOP nomination race. One singular item of news should give Donald Trump pause. Many bits of news should encourage Donald Trump.

That “singular” bit of news and the lesson for Donald Trump from Hillary Clinton 2008 are related. What is the “singular” bit of news? Here:

RNC rebukes Trump for McCain remarks

The Republican National Committee issued a strong rebuke of Donald Trump’s mocking of Sen. John McCain’s military service Saturday, saying his comments “have no place in our party or country.”

Shorter version of the Republican National Committee statement: “We want Donald Trump out of the nomination race before the August 6 debate and we will do whatever we have to do to drive Donald Trump out of the race and to Hell with our supposed role of being neutral.”

Where have we seen this before? Yeah, Hillary Clinton 2008.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton must remember what happened in 2008. Big Media protected Barack Obama from his many stumbles and bumbles while blasting forth any good news about Barack the boob. Big Media also attacked anyone who was against Barack Obama. Hillary, McCain? One was a racist the other a doddering old racist according to Big Media and the Obama campaign.

Big Media is one of the big reasons Barack Obama got the nomination. Another reason was the delegate theft. Remember the delegate thefts?

In 2008 the Democratic National Committee stole delegates Hillary Clinton won in elections and gave them to a person that was not even on the ballot. Yeah. That’s how they stole the election.

Barack Obama chose not to be on the Michigan ballot in order to hurt Hillary in Iowa. Then when Hillary won the Michigan delegates the Democratic National Committee stole votes from Hillary as well as votes designated by voters as non committed and gave them to Barack Obama who was not even on the ballot.

In Soviet block communist states elections were stolen. But even in Bulgaria and Romania the votes were stolen to benefit someone on the ballot. With Barack Obama in 2008 the votes were stolen to give them to Barack Obama who purposely and ostentatiously removed himself from the ballot (on the last day that was possible, along with John Edwards, in order to embarrass and isolate Hillary Clinton).

In 2008 Hillary Clinton also was denied delegates the voters of Florida voted to her. It was election theft upon election theft. That’s how Hillary Clinton lost in 2008. But Hillary Clinton has either lost her memory, her mind, or her logic these days because Hillary has chosen a strategy for 2016 that ignores that truth.

Hillary Clinton is entirely stupid to ignore that 2008 reality as she campaigns in 2015. The stupid strategy Hillary Clinton has chosen is to appeal to the Barack Obama “coalition of the ascendent” which even the authors of that stupidity now admit either died or never existed. Hillary Clinton did not lose because her coalition was flawed or Obama’s superior or “ascendent”.

Hillary Clinton is entirely stupid to ignore the reasons for what happened in 2008. In 2008 the Democratic National Committee ignored the sexism and misogyny directed against her. The Democratic National Committee allied with the vile Ted Kennedy, the despicable John Kerry, the loathsome Nancy Pelosi, the corrupt Harry Reid, and the oaf Claire McCaskill, conspired to destroy Hillary Clinton in 2008. The Democratic Party establishment succeeded in gifting Barack Obama the nomination and Hillary and Bill Clinton wandered about like drunks trying to figure out what truck hit them.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. Donald Trump better realize that he is up against the Republican establishment and that what the establishment wants the establishment gets.

It’s not just the Republican National Committee that wants to destroy Donald Trump before the August 6 debate. And here we have some of the good news for Donald Trump – the big Republican/conservative websites and most of the big players in the consultant and pundit class are against Donald Trump and want to destroy him too.

Such is the onslaught against Trump, so united is the establishment against Trump, that something strange is glaringly shining brightly forth: the readers and their comments are fighting back on behalf of Trump.

Every attack against Trump by the establishment that wants Donald Trump removed before the August 6 debate is met by massive push-back and contempt against the establishment drones:

Donald Trump’s candidacy is wildly entertaining to watch unfold. Not just because of how Trump is running a scorched earth, “trample everything in view” campaign, but also because of how he’s revealing how out of touch conservative media, bloggers, pundits and “experts” are with what is really happening across the nation.

Indeed, most of the “red this” and “right that” dot coms out there, you know, the old school “new media” of the right, are stumbling over themselves to insult, ridicule and belittle anyone who supports Trump. [snip]

Here’s a hint for members of the conservative media. Conservatives, libertarians, independents, and yes… even many Republicans have zero interest in working through the political system to try and save the nation. Instead, they want to burn the political system to the ground.

A quickly growing and large percent of the conservative base is 100% done with the Republican party. Not one foot in and one foot out. I mean done. Finished. Not a dime in donations and for many of us, not a vote either.

The comments sections of Republican/conservative websites are insurrections against the establishment and pro Trump. As we explained about the Donald Trump mystique:WHEN YOU ARE IN A SNAKE PIT YOU DON’T CARE WHO HANDS YOU A STICK.

Donald Trump is the stick to beat back the establishment snakes.

The Republican establishment is out to get rid of Donald Trump before the August 6 debates. Candidates such as Rubio and Perry demand that Donald Trump get out because of what Trump said against McCain.

What Donald Trump said against McCain is not what Donald Trump said against McCain. Sharyl Attkisson debunked the lies Big Media is spreading against Trump. Attkisson is right and Big Media attacks on Trump are wrong.

Big Media is out to destroy Trump along with the Republican National Committee. It’s important for Donald Trump to acknowledge this. Hillary has failed to acknowledge what the Obama Dimocrat Party did to her in 2008 and therefore her strategy is an utter mess and doomed to fail.

It appears to us that Donald Trump is aware of the need for him not to apologize and not to crumble in the face of the opposition.

A while back we wrote that Chris Christie was “thisclose” to becoming president. We wrote that as the Bridgegate scandal was breaking. We argued that Christie had an opportunity to embrace his tough guy image and state without fear that he would be tough on behalf of the voters. If Christie got tougher and declared he would be a bully on behalf of the taxpayers, we argued, Christie would win. But Christie folded like eggs beaten into a bland recipe.

Now Trump is tested. So far Trump is tough and triumphant. We don’t know how long it will last. But so far Trump trumps.

This is a very important moment in the 2016 presidential race. Dan Balz sees this as a very important moment for Trump and the GOP too:

The question now is whether Candidate Trump is immune from the laws of political gravity or soon will be isolated and regarded as an object of scorn or curiosity rather than of presidential seriousness. [snip]

Few would offer their views for the record, owing to their positions working for other candidates or a desire not to put themselves into direct conflict with Trump. One described Trump’s attack on McCain as “lethal.” Another said he expects “a complete cratering” of Trump’s support. Still another predicted that Trump would become “a niche candidate” and a sideshow to the main event.

But others are less confident that Trump’s candidacy will take a nose dive, highlighting the combination of hope, fear and uncertainty that has gripped the party since Trump decided to run.

It’s all about the August 6 debate. The Republican establishment wants Trump out before the August 6 debate. If they fail at that the hope is that now there is a line of attack against Trump for all the candidates on stage to avail themselves of. That’s what passes for “stratergery” these days in the Republican establishment.

We don’t think that strategy will be successful. Trump has hit a nerve and from what we have seen and heard there is a great deal of support for Trump as the stick to beat back the snakes. We might be wrong. We’re not experts on Republican politics or Republican voters. But we’re not alone in our assessment:

No, media, Donald Trump isn’t done

Did you read the news this weekend? Donald Trump’s candidacy is done. Over. Dead. Kaput.

“DON VOYAGE! Trump is toast after insult,” the New York Post announced on Sunday’s front page, one day after Trump told Iowa voters that Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war hero. The conservative journal Commentary declared the same.

In the more august pages of The New York Times, Nate Cohn declared the event “a turning point,” and “a shift that will probably mark the moment when Trump’s candidacy went from boom to bust.”

Boom to Bust! Trump, who had rocketed to the top of a crowded Republican field, besting Jeb Bush in the most recent Fox News and USA Today/Suffolk University polls, had just rung his campaign’s death knell, the articles suggested. [snip]

…Later the same day, Monmouth University released a survey showing that Trump’s standing with Iowa voters — second only to Scott Walker — remained unchanged: “The poll did not find any significant change in support for Trump in interviews conducted after his comments about John McCain’s military service,” Monmouth said.

Public opinion can be slow to change, and it is certainly possible that days of negative headlines could influence voter sentiment heavily. But the rush to declare Trump’s candidacy dead — especially when journalists on the ground were reporting that many attendees “were not nearly as offended” as party officials — is premature at best.

The next national survey for the Republican field is set to be released early Monday evening. Like the Monmouth poll, it will likely include data from both before and after Trump’s remarks about McCain. A strong showing from Trump won’t be proof that he’s weathered the storm, any more than the media’s gut reaction was proof that he wouldn’t. But it should serve as a reminder to exercise caution before acting as coroner.

We updated our earlier article with news of the new national survey. Since then we have looked closer at the data.

The new national poll is not nearly as bad as the Republican establishment spins. First, the earlier poll from Iowa shows no slippage for Donald Trump in Iowa. But, the second poll out today, the national poll, appears to show some damage to Trump. But, um, not really:

Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race

Businessman Donald Trump surged into the lead for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, with almost twice the support of his closest rival, just as he ignited a new controversy after making disparaging remarks about Sen. John McCain’s Vietnam War service, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Support for Trump fell sharply on the one night that voters were surveyed following those comments. Telephone interviewing for the poll began Thursday, and most calls were completed before the news about the remarks was widely reported.

Although the sample size for the final day was small, the decline was statistically significant. Still, it is difficult to predict what could happen to Trump’s support in the coming days and weeks as the controversy plays out.

Even with the drop in support on the final night of the survey, Trump was the favorite of 24 percent of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. That is the highest percentage and biggest lead recorded by any GOP candidate this year in Post-ABC News polls and marks a sixfold increase in his support since late May, shortly before he formally joined the race.

So the alleged “big dropoff” in Trump support is due to a small sample size of even fewer (if any) Republicans and not really much of anything. On the contrary, the earlier Iowa poll suggests no dropoff of support at all.

Still Trump has to worry. The Republican establishment is out to destroy him – preferably before the August 6 debate. The Republican establishment will continue to attack without mercy. That will eventually have an impact on the polls. The Republican establishment might pull down Trump. Or, the Republican establishment might, with their ludicrous attacks, raise Trump up.

Donald Trump has figured out that Americans want a leader who leads without fear. Americans will tolerate lack of perfection in all too human candidates. But Americans want a leader. Trump appears not to be afraid of the establishment that is against him. Trump appears to have a strategy that comports and is congruent with reality.

We wish Hillary would develop a winning strategy based on reality and the truth of 2008.


All Things Trump: John McCain – Chattanooga – Is @realDonaldTrump A #Hillary2016 Plant? Plus Donald Trump Latinos

Update: Oh yes: Trump 24, Walker 13, Bush 12 in new ABC/WaPo national poll. Trump was near 30 percent when the poll started. By Sunday, in the middle of the GOP establishment hyped hysteria, his numbers dropped into single digits. Can Trump survive this? We’ll answer in our next article with a trip down Hillary Clinton memory lane.


Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John McCain “not a war hero”. So now we are told it is all over for Donald J. Trump. The Donald. The Trumpster. Let’s blow up some hot air balloons. And no we don’t mean Trump.

As we’ve written so many times before, we’ll have a better idea of how the GOP race will turn out after the August 6 debate. We believe Donald Trump is going to mop up the floor on August 6 but we also state we might be wrong. We’ll wait until after August 6 and the hellacious GOP debate to make our assessment of the current large GOP crop of wannabee presidents.

But some are ready to make pronouncements already. We admit we don’t know if the entire Donald Trump candidacy is one unbelievable publicity stunt for his Washington D.C. hotel. It could be. We doubt it. But it could be. But only dummies would make powerful declarations about a Trump death at this point.

But Trump death pronouncements today are all the rage. Today, Donald Trump slashed at John McCain. John McCain started the fight with Donald Trump and now Donald Trump haters are hatin’ on The Donald.

Here’s what happened:

(1) Donald Trump was not supposed to announce for president.

(2) Donald Trump announced he was running for president.

(3) Donald Trump was not supposed to file with the FEC.

(4) Donald Trump filed with the FEC.

(5) Donald Trump was not supposed to file financial disclosure forms.

(6) Donald Trump filed his financial disclosure forms.

(7) Donald Trump was supposed to have a slight, if any, bump in the polls after his announcement then fade away.

(8) Donald Trump surged to the top of the polls.

(9) Panic ensues.

(10) Hysteria follows.

On the John McCain front, here’s what happened:

(1) Early last week Donald Trump held a very large rally in Arizona.

(2) Senator John McCain of Arizona declared that Donald Trump had “brought out the crazies.”

(3) Donald Trump spoke with a prominent Arizona office holder to drum up a primary challenge to Senator John McCain who is up for reelection in 2016.

(4) Donald Trump at a candidate forum beat up on Senator John McCain.

(5) The Trump busters have declared Trump to be dead and never to be heard from again.

Why is Trump now dead? Allegedly because he said things he did not say about John McCain.

In 2008 we praised John McCain as a war hero. The Barack Obama campaign trashed John McCain. In 2008 McCain supporters on the right did nothing but display weakness as Obama supporters claimed McCain had a good time in the Hanoi Hilton. Obama supporters mocked McCain’s lack of email use. McCain could not use email or computers or raise his hands above his head because of the many bones his Hanoi captors broke. Still McCain campaign sloths sat back and allowed McCain to be attacked.

Obama attacked McCain and McCain supporters did nothing. But when Trump hit back against a McCain attack, all Hell broke lose. What did Donald Trump say about John McCain?:

Donald Trump took a few shots at Senator John McCain at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.Trump has been feuding with McCain after McCain said Trump is firing up the crazies with his outlandish rhetoric.

Today Trump let him have it.

Mediaite reported:

At one point, he said he supported McCain in 2008, but doesn’t like him very much now. Luntz pointed out that McCain’s a war hero, and that’s when Trump said this:

He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

That exchange, granted it is a nasty retort by Trump (and that insults all POWs), has now been transformed to Donald Trump saying that John McCain is NOT a war hero. Donald Trump said McCain is a war hero but Big Media and certain websites report it as Trump saying the opposite. Was Trump mean and nasty? Yes. But Trump was doing to McCain what McCain tried to do to Trump supporters.

McCain called Trump supporters “crazies” and Trump hit back to defend the “crazies”.

Trump refuses to back down. If anything, Trump is hitting back hard attacking McCain on veterans’ affairs and MCain’s smarts.

Earlier in the week Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump, as the video above references. In her attack Hillary denounced Trump for attacks on immigrants. Of course Trump has extolled legal immigrants. Trump’s fury is against illegal immigrants. This Hillary attack led to a comic moment.

Before Hillary said “Basta” to Trump at a gathering of the pro-illegal immigration La Raza an amazing line of attack had been developed by Republican opponents of Donald Trump.

That comic line of attack? The charge from a GOP Rep: Trump might be a Democratic plant to help Hillary. So, who are the “crazies”? The “crazies” are those who think Trump is anyone’s plant:

Curbelo, who supports Jeb Bush for president, piled on.

“There are too many important national, local international topics to waste time talking about a person who, I repeat, in my judgment is irrelevant — and who quite possibly is a phantom candidate recruited by the left to create this entire political circus,” he said.

And he further explained to Miami radio host Roberto Rodríguez Tejera.

“I think there’s a small possibility that this gentleman is a phantom candidate,” Curbelo said. “Mr. Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were at his last wedding. He has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation. He has contributed to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

Trump’s recent blistering attacks against Hillary proved how amusing this “plant” theory is. But any tool will be used to bring down Trump’s challenge.

Such is the desperation among certain GOP candidates that they want to believe that Trump is a plant. But it was Rick Perry, the most vocal attacker against Trump, who was a Democrat and big supporter of Al Gore.

For a Jeb Bush supporter to attack Donald Trump as a Hillary plant is truly a laugh. Was it Donald Trump who gave Hillary a medal? No, it was Jeb Bush that spoke in praise of Hillary as he handed her a medal:

Is Jeb Bush ‘unelectable’ because he gave Hillary Clinton an award?

The conservative group ForAmerica suggested that a Clinton campaign could use footage of Bush thanking Clinton ‘to blunt any criticism that Bush levels against her.’

Jeb Bush once handed Hillary Rodham Clinton an award for “public service.” [snip]

“It’s bad enough that Hillary Clinton will likely use footage from this event against any Republican nominee, but if Jeb Bush is her opponent she will make him look ridiculous,” Mr. Bozell said in a statement. [snip]

Back in September 2013, the Constitution Center awarded Mrs. Clinton its Liberty Medal for her international work and efforts on behalf of women and children. At the time she was a few months retired from her post as President Obama’s secretary of State. [snip]

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton. Thank you for your service to our country. We are united by a love of country and public service,” says Bush.

No doubt the award to Hillary Clinton was well deserved. No doubt Jeb Bush was a gentleman to present the award. No doubt such footage used in a campaign ad, which we are sure already exists, will and should be used by Hillary2016 if Jeb Bush is the nominee of the Republican Party. No doubt the “Trump is a Hillary plant” line of argument is a desperate ploy from desperate people.

Why the desperation? Here’s a clue:

Something strange has happened to the Republican presidential field since Donald Trump joined it a month ago: Mr. Trump and Jeb Bush are rising. Everyone else is falling in the polls, or seems stuck in place.

Mr. Bush’s support has jumped by about four percentage points in the Real Clear Politics average of polls, rising to 15.5%. Mr. Trump’s support has bumped up more than 10 points since mid-June, to 15% as of Friday.

Why the anti-Trump desperation? Maybe it’s because the issues Trump highlights quickly turn, because of events, into really big issues. The illegal immigration issue became a big issue as Trump highlighted murder victims of illegal immigrations immediately after an illegal immigrant killed a young woman in San Francisco.

The latest Trump issue to go big after Trump defended the Second Amendment to an MSNBC reporter? Gun free zones in light of the Chattanooga shootings. Trump gets it right again:

Donald Trump was unfortunately proven right on another one of his top issues Thursday: “gun free zones” at military bases.

There are indications that Thursday’s shooting at two military bases in Chattanooga, Tenn., occurred at or near “gun free zones.”

In an interview with the website AmmoLand.com, Trump decried the zones on military bases, suggesting that they left highly-trained gun operators without a weapon to fire at attackers, with the exception of military police.

A photo from the scene taken from a local Fox station showed 29 bullet holes around a “gun free zone” sign.

Here’s our earlier story:

Pistol-packing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped a policy implemented by former President Bill Clinton making military bases “gun free zones,” declaring that as president bases would no longer be defenseless against terror attacks.

As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.” he told the website Ammoland.com.

Trump continues to drive the issues lawnmower landscape and that leads to the desperate attacks against him.

There is rationality which drives the fear of Trump from Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush girds for debate smackdown with Donald Trump

The former Florida governor is bracing for the possibility of a presidential debate pile-on. [snip]

Gaming out how Trump — a bombastic figure who refuses to abide by the usual rules of political decorum — will present himself has become a growing subject of speculation in Bush’s world. During one recent phone call with a political ally, Bush pointedly asked about the surging real estate mogul. What, the friend recalled the former governor wondering out loud, was behind Trump’s antics, and what was he trying to accomplish?

“Trump presents a challenge for Bush because he’s a hand grenade,” said Nelson Warfield, a longtime Republican strategist who has prepared a number of candidates for debates. “His people understand that and will be prepared for anything that comes their way.”

As the Aug. 6 debate grows closer, some Republicans are relishing the prospect of Trump tearing the bark off the former governor — or, at the very least, trying to trip him up. “Trump has one target and one target only,” said an adviser to a rival GOP candidate. “He’s going to bring a lawn mower for Bush.”

Donald Trump’s biggest enemy? It’s not his own mouth as some would believe. Drug kingpin “El Chapo”. You can’t ask for a bigger headliner enemy than a recently escaped Mexican drug warlord “El Chapo” if you’re Donald Trump.

So why all the desperation about Donald Trump? Remember the Donald Trump boast about winning and getting the Latino vote? There’s some news from Nevada:

Nevada State Polling Shows Donald Trump Crushing Field – Including Massive Support From Latinos…

Washington, D.C., July 16, 2015 – One America News Network, “OAN”, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, released today its most recent 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Polling Results for Nevada conducted by Gravis Marketing.

The results show that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a commanding lead of 27.7%, with recently announced Presidential Candidate Scott Walker in second with 15%. In third is Ben Carson with 7.8% with Jeb Bush a point behind at 6.8%. Marco Rubio rounds out the top five with 5.4%. Undecided voters remain high at just over 20%.

With polled Hispanics, Presidential Candidate Trump received 31.4%, higher than his overall performance of 27.7%. The only other Presidential Candidate to receive double digit support by Hispanics is Scott Walker with 11.4%.

Whatever the merits, or shortcomings of such a poll, it is feeding the fear of Donald Trump. The fear leads to desperation.

August 6 gets more interesting with every passing day.


Billions From Barack To Iran Persian Empire Of Terror

Update: Hillary favorables tumble in new AP-GfK poll. For those of us who do not like taking Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton to task (especially those in the Big Pink comment section) for the miserable campaign strategy of appealing to the Obama cult that hates her and for the resultant mush coming from her mouth it is time for us and Hillary to realize we are in the majority:

Just 39 percent of all Americans have a favorable view of Clinton, compared to nearly half who say they have a negative opinion of her. That’s an eight-point increase in her unfavorable rating from an AP-GfK poll conducted at the end of April.

The drop in Clinton’s numbers extends into the Democratic Party. Seven in 10 Democrats gave Clinton positive marks, an 11-point drop from the April survey. Nearly a quarter of Democrats now say they see Clinton in an unfavorable light.

“I used to like her, but I don’t trust her,” said Donald Walters of Louisville, Kentucky. “Ever since she’s announced her candidacy for the presidency I just haven’t liked the way she’s handled things. She doesn’t answer questions directly.”

Hillary appears insincere because she is being insincere. It shows. We’ve written before that Hillary is lying and why and warned her to stop. Maybe it is Obama email blackmail or the total infestation of Obama henchmen into Hillary2016. Whatever it is it has to stop.

The Hillary campaign in 2015 is in much wore shape than in 2007 when we began to publish. We began to publish in April 2007 because we had to warn the Hillary campaign of the inadequate response to the flim-flam con man from Chicago. It is much worse now.

The mush mouth has got to stop. Either say nothing (our preference) or say something in clear precise English. The Billions from Barack to the Persian Empire of Terror is too serious an issue for Hillary not to speak with the clarity of “obliteration” she once understood as necessary The clear English is absolutely necessary so that the theocratic Persian Empire of Terror mullahs could not possibly mistake American commitment and intentions.


Barack Obama has decided to give the Persian Empire of Terror $150 billion and nuclear bombs. The $150 billion will come from sanctions relief. Thereafter Iran will make about $100 million a day from oil sales. Guess where that money will go.

Iran will not spend it’s massive bonanza of billions to build washing machines and suburban housing tracts. Iran will not spend billions from Barack to encourage ice cream parlors and kebab eateries. Iran will not be constructing gardens of peace.

Iran will use the billions from Barack to build the Persian Empire of Terror:

WASHINGTON — A $150 billion windfall Iran would get after a deal to curb its nuclear program is raising new alarms in Congress that it will use the money to boost terrorist funding across the Middle East. [snip]

James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence, calls Iran the world’s “foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” citing Iran’s support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria and Houthi insurgents in Yemen. [snip]

The White House has estimated the value of Iran’s foreign accounts frozen by nuclear sanctions at $150 billion. The lifting of other sanctions would allow Iran to boost its oil production from 2.9 million barrels a day to 4.2 million barrels a day by 2020, according to a report by Washington-based energy analyst Sara Vakhshouri of SVB Energy International. Iran’s oil production is worth about $60 billion a year on the world market. [snip]

Sens. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and Mark Kirk, R-Ill., have proposed legislation that would require the United States to confirm that Iranian-backed terrorist organizations “aren’t the beneficiaries of newly accessed Iranian funds.”

In addition to freeing Iran’s cash, primarily in Japanese and South Korean bank accounts since 2012, an accord would allow Iran to freely sell its oil on the world market and attract foreign investment to boost its production capacity.

Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said a nuclear deal is unlikely to change Iran’s policy of challenging U.S. dominance in the Middle East, its refusal to accept the state of Israel and its rivalry with U.S.-ally Saudi Arabia.

“If they had more money, they’ll continue to spend it in the same way,” he said.

Persian Iran, has built an empire of terror even as economic sanctions have kept investments in the terror empire at a modest level. Now with billions from Barack the Persian Empire of Terror has the billions it needs to invade and capture whole countries in the middle east.

Billions from Barack mean increased terror:

Sen. Mark Kirk On Iran Deal: Obama “Wants To Get Nukes To Iran,” Predicts Nuclear War In Middle East

“…tens of thousands of people in the Middle East are gonna lose their lives because of this decision by Barack Hussein Obama.” [snip]

“This agreement condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf,” Kirk said. “It condemns our Israel allies to further conflict with Iran.”

Kirk added that he thought the agreement will yield “more nukes, and more terrorists, and more irresponsibility by the Iranians,” saying he thought Iran will now increase their influence in Iraq and Yemen.

“This is the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler,” Kirk continued, saying he believed Obama only went through with the deal because he has a poor understanding of history and did not realize appeasement made war more likely. Kirk said he thought the deal meant that Israel would now have to take “military action against Iran.”

Kirk added that he believed the president would make this a “viciously partisan issue,” making it hard to get the votes to stop the deal from going forward.

“The president will make this a viciously partisan issue, leading most Democrats to standing with the Iranians and hopefully losing the next election on this point,” Kirk said. “He will ask the Democrats all to stand with Iran and make sure that we can’t get two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate.”

The Persian Empire of Terror and the billions from Barack are now a key issue for 2016. From Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 we got mush. This is typical.

What cannot be disputed with Hillary2016 is that (1) Hillary makes a statement on some issue; (2) the Hillary statement appears to say something; (3) pundits immediately report that Hillary said such and such; (4) then the statement is read; (5) the statement is then seen to be a bowl of mush with some modifier thrown in that leaves the “clear” statement not so clear; (6) the once clear statement leads to scratched heads; (7) Hillary goes off to issue more mush.

That series of events has played itself out again. Earlier this week there was a bowl of mush served up by Hillary on what was billed as a major economic policy speech. There was a lot of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” mush which at the end was nothing more than mush gruel.

As the Iran treachery was announced by Barack Obama, there was more mush from Hillary on this very important national security issue. Hillary once threatened Iran with “obliteration” now Hillary threatens us all with mush.

First came the Hillary statement applauding Obama and Kerry for their “efforts”. Then congressional Dimocrats emerged from private meetings with Hillary to declare that Hillary was firmly on board and supports the Obama treachery on the Persian Empire of Terror. Then, the sequence of events again played out:

Hillary’s Team Has No Idea If She Supports the Iran Deal
The ex-secretary of state vaguely applauded today’s “efforts,” but even her advisers don’t know where she stands on the substance.

Hillary Clinton may have helmed American diplomacy as Secretary of State, but that doesn’t mean she is in any hurry to bless the deal her successor just hammered out with Iranian negotiators about that nation’s nuclear program.

The frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, who was on Capitol Hill today to meet with Democratic lawmakers about her economic plan, gave no clear answers on the Iran deal announced early Tuesday morning. Instead, she chose to take the cagey position of applauding the “effort” but not the substance of the agreement.

Following a closed-door meeting with House Democrats, Clinton, flanked by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, addressed a scrum of reporters for a few moments and talked a bit about the deal.

“Iran did obviously come up,” she said. “This is a very important moment.”

She said Obama called her late last night to tell her negotiators had made a deal.

“I applaud him and both Secretary Kerry and Secretary Moniz for their extraordinary efforts in bringing about this conclusion,” she continued. “Based on what I know now, and I will be being briefed as soon as I finish addressing you, this is an important step in putting the lid on Iran’s nuclear program.”

But, she said, a number of issues still needed addressing, including enforcement of the deal—“this agreement will have to be enforced vigorously, relentlessly.”

She noted that Iran is still “the largest state sponsor of terrorism,” that it undermines other regional governments, unfairly incarcerates Americans, and “poses an existential threat to Israel.” [snip]

“I believed, based on what I know now, this is an important step,” she said, before exiting the stage, leaving the horde of question-shouting reporters in her wake.

Do you support the deal?” cried one reporter. “Does it embolden Iran?”

No word on that front.

So does Clinton actually support the Iran deal?

The rest of the painful tale is mush upon mush. Hillary’s well paid staff ain’t talking. Hillary is mushing “based on what I know now.”

“We’re not totally clear if Secretary Clinton supports the Iran deal as it’s written,” I said. “Is it right that she supports the deal, or enforcement of the deal?”

More mush. More evasion.

We warned specifically against this type of “too cute by half” responses that in the age of Youtube will hurt in the general election – and should hurt Hillary in the general election:

Word games and ill considered support for policies that are going to blow up are not smart.

Instead what is being delivered are balanced statements which Big Media and Obama sycophants outside Big Media blare as all out endorsements. Usually the “all out endorsements” are less than advertised and loaded with double messages.

The Hillary Haters at MSNBC have tasted the mush and are laughing out loud at Hillary:

Hah!… MSNBC LAUGHS OUT LOUD at Hillary Clinton’s Bizarre Robotic Response to Question on Iran Deal (VIDEO)

Even the folks at MSNBC are amused by Hillary Clinton’s odd robotic delivery and plastic smile.

The MSNBC hosts laughed out loud at Hillary’s bizarre response to a question by Kristen Welker on Iran.

MSNBC Host Thomas Roberts: Hah, hmf, Oh Kristen! Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah…

Kristen Welker: I got no answer…

Roberts: Yeah, just keep walking. Keep smiling.

Welker: Exactly. I got a similar response when I asked her if she actually supports the deal. I asked her that question several times.

This is supposedly Hillary’s area of expertise. This is an issue Hillary denounced Obama over in 2008. Now? Mush.

What Hillary denounced as “irresponsible and frankly naive” is now… well something about “efforts” applauded and mush diluted with even thinner mush.

What does this mean? It means the Persian Empire of Terror is a big issue for the 2016 elections:

How a Republican president could kill the Iran deal

GOP candidates who oppose the new nuclear agreement can unwind it if they win the White House.

If the next president hates the nuclear deal with Iran, he (or she) can undo it after taking office.

The dilemma: Use blunt force? Or go for a soft kill? [snip]

That means that the presidential candidates who have threatened to cancel the deal — so far all of them Republicans — can keep their promise by using the presidency’s executive authority to reimpose suspended U.S. sanctions on Iran and withdrawing from panels involved in implementing the accord.

The same is true on ObamaTrade, ObamaCare, all Obama Executive Orders, and every stinking vestige of the Obama abominations. On all these issues Hillary2016 is firmly on the side of mush.

In times of trouble a leader leads or gets out of the way. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu leads the way against the Persian Empire of Terror.

Israel is an American ally of long standing. The Persian Empire of Terror is an American enemy of long standing. Barack Obama is on the side of the Persian Empire of Terror.


Walker Runs – To Fight And Win

Update: Quotes of the day come from Scott Walker’s 35 minute long announcement speech. His very first sentence? “I love America.” It’s a trite sentiment but well delivered by the former boy scout. Come to think of it, we’ve never heard Barack Obama say that.

“It’s not too late. We can still turn things around.”


Expect even more “Hillary needs a walker; Republicans have Scott Walker” of an avalanche of jokes if Scott Walker becomes the Republican nominee for president. And Scott Walker very possibly might be the Republican nominee for president.

We won’t know, we would not even venture a guess, about Walker’s real prospects until we see him debate on a national stage against formidable opponents on August 6. Is Scott Walker a beautiful bloom nurtured in a Wisconsin hothouse that will droop, wilt, and die when exposed to national political weather? After August 6 we’ll have some idea about Walker and the rest of the Republican field. But thus far, on his first day, for a reason we have smacked Hillary2016 around, we are very very impressed with Scott Walker’s campaign.

What impresses us about the Scott Walker campaign? Consider, Scott Walker is in a very very competitive campaign with more than 15 competitors. So what does Scott Walker do? Does he announce early? Does he make his move in early Winter or early Spring? No. Scott Walker shrewdly waits until the political landscape is set, all major candidates announced, the issue meteorology measured, surprises and events cataloged, personal business settled and the campaign message and strategy set taking all the above into consideration.

That’s what we advised Hillary2016 to do. On the Hillary side there is no real competition, no pressing deadlines, no danger looming – no need to announce early. But by announcing early Bernie Sanders has been empowered and Joe Biden has been encouraged. And we are sure that in Cambridge a one drop squaw squats waiting for an opportunity to go on the warpath if Hillary gets scalped. We advised a “don’t shoot until you see the whites’ of their eyes” campaign strategy in which opponents would be smoked out of their holes then big footed by a massive Hillary2016 effort once the battlefield and the armies on that landscape positioned. But, Hell’s Bells, that’s a Tomahawk over the trees so let’s get back to Walker.

Walker’s candidacy announcement benefited from the knowledge of all that has come before. Walker’s campaign organization waited until mid July and after the rapid rise of Donald Trump. This latest and amazing development forced Walker to respond to Trump and the rest of the field with a message that differentiates Walker from the rest of the other runners.

Walker responded to the rise of Donald Trump by stating that as Governor of Wisconsin Walker had not only fought but he has most importantly won.

As his announcement video so vividly claims, Walker fought and won. And won. And won. And won. And won again.

That’s one helluva campaign message.

Donald Trump has a strong campaign message and Walker tops it with the claim that he has fought against all the odds and won. And won. And won. And won. And won again.

Today’s mid July announcement also helped Walker by writing his campaign strategy in light of all the recent events and all the many candidates. Walker is very much ahead in Iowa followed by Donald Trump. Jeb Bush is slightly ahead in New Hampshire followed by Donald Trump and then by Scott Walker. So Walker figures, win in Iowa and then go for a win in New Hampshire and that will help in all the following states.

Not that the Iowa win play was hard to forecast for a governor from a neighboring state. But the Trump threat in Iowa (and New Hampshire) is real and Walker’s announcement moved to secure the conservative vote in Iowa and nationwide.

No other candidate has as smart a strategy against Donald Trump’s rise as Scott Walker. Donald Trump will attack Jeb Bush on illegal immigration and Common Core thereby opening up a breach for Scott Walker to walk through.

Donald Trump will attack Marco Rubio on illegal immigration and on ObamaTrade votes in the U.S. Senate. Again, a smart Scott Walker will continue to avoid attacking Donald Trump and let Trump clear the field for himself and for Walker.

Perhaps Scott Walker did not need lessons on tough from Donald Trump. After all Walker has walked through fire, a hundred thousand protestors, tens of millions of dollars, and a vindictive Big Media. Today though, Walker did a Trump style response to attacks.

Today Trump used his biggest critics to bolster himself. It was Instagram agitprop which featured Al Sharpton, Jon Stewart, Chris O’Tingles, and Bill Maher. Today Scott Walker supporters used an attack from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (“Scott Walker is a national disgrace.”) to bolster Scott Walker. Maybe Republicans are learning? Or maybe, according to the New York Times, Scott Walker is a really smart cheesehead:

He has held elected office continuously since 1993; the presidential contest will be his 14th campaign. And he comes to the race steeped in the knowledge required of a good political operative: what it costs to compete in swing states; the science of purchasing television advertising time; the art of getting good press.

“If I know Scott Walker, he probably knows the media markets just as well in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina as he does Wisconsin, plus where they spill over into and who has the best ratings,” said Robin Vos, the speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly and an ally of Mr. Walker’s. [snip]

Mr. Walker’s strategic talents can be an asset. His ability to formulate and convey an effective message helped him win three hard-fought elections for governor in four years, including a 2012 recall election, in an extraordinarily competitive state. And he is doing much the same now: It was Mr. Walker who came up with the best-of-both-worlds formulation he has recently woven into his stump speech — that his hard-charging Senate opponents are “fighters,” and his rival governors who have won difficult elections are “winners,” but he is the rare breed who has done both.

Wisconsin before Walker was a blue state. Then Walker won the governorship as well as the Wisconsin house and senate. Then Walker won an attempted recall. Then Walker won reelection.

Walker, like a pedestrian at a crosswalk, waited for the green light to make his move. Walker waited until he signed a budget for Wisconsin that he could tout throughout the primary season.

Now that the governor of Wisconsin has announced, the Republican field is pretty much set as far as the big players and likely winner. We’ll wait until August 6 to see how this GOP field performs as they fight tooth and claw for victory.

We don’t know who will win the race for the Republican nomination. But in this very important race, we’ll keep an eye on Walker.