It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is A Racist

Amidst the anti-Confederate flag mania, Hillary Clinton has committed a grave sin. Hillary Clinton has unabashedly made a racist statement that cannot be forgiven and will not be forgiven. She must be lynched. Hillary Clinton is truly despicable. Hillary Clinton is a racist. It cannot be denied.

We have the proof of the reprehensible Hillary Clinton racist statement. Take the young ones away from eye range. Protect the easily “triggered” snowflake millennials in your household by shielding them from Big Pink. Protect yourself by ingesting pharmaceutical tranquilizers from what we are about to impart. Here is Hillary Clinton’s unforgivable Confederate flag waving Ku Klux Klan Gadsden Flag racist terrorist Dylann Storm Roof atrocity statement which proves she is an unadulterated white bitch racist:

“All lives matter.”

Well, there it is. Hillary Clinton stands condemned before history. How dare she! “All lives matter” indeed. The horror! AND SHE SAID IT IN A BLACK CHURCH!!!!!!!!!:

Little did we know, though, that Clinton would commit what some consider the most offensive faux pas imaginable just minutes into her address: she proclaimed that “all lives matter.”

As long ago as last December, Cornell University’s police chief ended up apologizing in an email to the campus for using the phrase, which she wasn’t aware was considered “disrespectful pushback against #BlackLivesMatter on many Internet forums.”

Clinton apparently didn’t get the memo either, sharing an anecdote in which her mother told a young Hillary that “all lives matter.”

Hillary Clinton must be burned along with every Confederate flag. Let’s have one big national bonfire inside the Jefferson Memorial and concentration camps near crematoria for those who dare even THINK “All lives matter.”

HATE CRIME laws must be passed to make THOUGHT CRIMES such as “All lives matter” a capital crime punishable by death. In the instant case of Hillary Clinton not only THINKING “All lives matter” but daring to racistly publicly state “All lives matter” there should not even be a trial. There must only be summary execution via executive order signed by Barack Obama. No doubt Republicans Mitch McConnell and John Boner will imediately move to help their pal Barack get all the unitary executive power to begin public executions, preferably by lynching, of anyone who dares utter the words “All lives matter.”

The man who is considered to be the “new Al Sharpton” Deray McKesson warns Hillary:

I hope that the @HillaryClinton speechwriters realize that “all lives matter,” in any form, will cost more than its benefits for black folk.

“All lives matter” is unforgivable. The only thing that is allowed is “#BlackLivesMatter”.

In a very real sense Hillary Clinton is to blame for this madness. It’s never a good thing to “put your eggs in one basket”. And that is in essence the strategy of #Hillary2016. All the pandering to the kook left, and the attempt to “rebuild the Obama coalition is another way of saying that the strategy for 2016 by Hillary2016 is to get the black vote out in droves in numbers comparable to the color-over-content-of-character election turnout by blacks for Barack Obama.

The Hillary2016 pander-to-blacks-and-the-kook-left will fail. That is becoming increasingly clear to every political analyst as what we wrote years ago is rapidly becoming conventional wisdom.

The latest article to regurgitate what we wrote long ago is one calledThe Obama Gap” via the leftist New Republic:

The Obama Gap
Favorable demographics and a charismatic leader aren’t enough to make a majority party. A case study in electoral failure from Florida. [snip]

Obama’s electoral victories in 2008 and 2012 seemed to herald a new era of Democratic dominance built on a winning coalition of young and minority voters, one that would indicate a long-term, structural advantage for Democrats. It seemed to be the scenario John Judis and Ruy Teixeira famously predicted in 2002, at the nadir of Democratic influence during the Bush administration, in their book The Emerging Democratic Majority. Increasing urbanization, education, and racial diversity offered “fertile ground for the Democrats’ progressive centrism and postindustrial values.” A few days after the 2012 election, Teixeira, writing for The Atlantic, pointed to Obama’s success with minority voters over Mitt Romney (80 percent to 18 percent); with educated professionals (55 percent to 42 percent); and among young voters (60 percent to 37 percent). He reminded readers that Obama was “the first Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt to win successive elections with more than 50 percent of the vote, powered by the continuing rise of the coalition described in the book.” As Teixeira recently told me, while Democrats must be mindful of not continuing to hemorrhage white voters, “the advantages, all else equal, continue to increase.”

But set Obama’s impressive electoral victories aside and the Democrats look less like an emerging majority and more like a party in free fall: Since Obama was sworn in six years ago, Democrats have suffered net losses of 11 governorships, 30 statehouse chambers, more than 900 statehouse seats, and have lost control of both houses of the U.S. Congress. After the 2014 midterm rout, Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg penned a memo deeming it “remarkable”—an understatement—that voters had given Republicans so much control so soon after giving Democrats Rooseveltian wins nationally. The implications, Rosenberg warned, were dire: “The scale of Republican success in recent years outside the Presidency has altered the balance between the two parties now, and may even leave the GOP a stronger national party than the Democrats over the next decade.”

There is no dispute that the Obama Dimocrat Party is “a party in free fall”. Obama killed the Democratic Party in 2008 and replaced it with the Obama Dimocrat Party, and that party is the one now in free fall. Why? Consider Obama’s “great achievement” and legacy, ObamaCare. We denounced it as providing forced customers to insurance companies and a great gift to Big Pharma. Remember Billy Tauzin? Now it turns out that Jonathan Gruber the “architect” of ObamaCare knew where the money was flowing:

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber: ‘Pharma is going to be a huge winner from this bill’

“I understand that some will try to delay action until the special interests can kill it,” President Obama said from the Rose Garden in late July 2009, warning that these opponents “would maintain a system that works for the insurance and the drug companies, while becoming increasingly unaffordable for families and for businesses.”

This was hogwash. A couple of months later, as the Wall Street Journal reports now, Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber wrote top White House health official: “Pharma is going to be a huge winner from this bill — maybe $15 billion/year in incremental revenue.” Gruber then asked, “Any way to go after them harder for financing?”

Gruber may not have been aware that Democratic officials had already “go[ne] after” pharma for financing — financing of the reelections of the Democratic senators who support Obamacare.

The Gruber email is just another bit of evidence revealing Obamacare as a big pile of corporate welfare.

The Supreme Court will likely gut ObamaCare either this Thursday or (more probable) next Monday. But anyone that wants to condone ObamaCare in 2016 will be in support of this “big pile of corporate welfare” that loots the American people. It’s possible that Hillary Clinton will pander to those that love Barack Obama and declare her support for ObamaCare but it will be as big a mistake as the current Hillary2016 strategy of “put the eggs in a black basket”.

At the time that Obama strategists convinced Hillary2016 to try to recreate the “Obama Coalition” it might have made sense. Back then the Obama strategist assured everyone that the economy was about to recover with a boom. But now the boom is bust. Economic indicators show at best a plodding along in this no-lives-matter economy.

The Hillary2016 brain-trust better reassess, and quickly, the foundational assumptions they have made. John Judis is only the latest to issue dire warnings even as once he spoke of the emerging Democratic majority.

Michael Barone weighed in on the John Judis flip of an emerging Democratic majority to now an emerging Republican advantage:

But as Judis writes now, that coalition has come apart. That’s partly because of diminished support from millennials and Hispanics, but mostly because of additional white working-class defections and erosion among suburbanites unhappy with higher government spending and taxes.

In fact, he now says that the majority he predicted endured for only two elections. [snip]

They had a chance to extend those by coming up with policies generally deemed successful and which held their disparate coalition together.

They failed on both counts. Big government policies — the stimulus package, Obamacare — proved generally unpopular. And other Democratic policies began splitting the party’s coalition. Gentry liberals’ environmental policies antagonized blue collar unions and Jacksonians from West Virginia to Oklahoma, once one of the party’s mainstays.

Hispanics in target-state Colorado were turned off by gentry liberal priorities — abortion absolutism, gun control, opposition to fracking. Asians in California were repelled by attempts to re-institute racial quotas and preferences in higher education that directly harm them. Millennials were socked with high health insurance premiums even as they searched for jobs from their parents’ basements. Israel supporters have been dismayed by Obama’s Middle East policies.

That’s enough for Hillary2016 strategists to re-strategize. But there’s more, from John Judis:

The less surprising trend is that Democrats have continued to hemorrhage support among white working-class voters—a group that generally works in blue-collar and lower-income service jobs and that is roughly identifiable in exit polls as those whites who have not graduated from a four-year college. These voters, and particularly those well above the poverty line, began to shift toward the GOP decades ago, but in recent years that shift has become progressively more pronounced.

The more surprising trend is that Republicans are gaining dramatically among a group that had tilted toward Democrats in 2006 and 2008: Call them middle-class Americans. These are voters who generally work in what economist Stephen Rose has called “the office economy.” In exit polling, they can roughly be identified as those who have college—but not postgraduate—degrees and those whose household incomes are between $50,000 and $100,000. (Obviously, the overlap here is imperfect, but there is a broad congruence between these polling categories.)

The defection of these voters—who, unlike the white working class, are a growing part of the electorate—is genuinely bad news for Democrats, and very good news indeed for Republicans. The question, of course, is whether it is going to continue. It’s tough to say for sure, but I think there is a case to be made that it will.

We’ll have Sean Trende provide last rites to the notion of Hillary and the Obama Coalition:

Today, however, a large portion of the Democratic Party’s intellectual class seems more interested in the weaker, predictive part of Judis and Teixeira’s book rather than the prescriptive portion of it. That is, they see demographics both as destiny and as an opportunity for abandoning Clinton-style centrism. But if the book is correct, this is exactly backwards: Clinton-style centrism is the way to harness these demographics. Abandon it, and you risk abandoning the majority.

Note Judis’ case study of Maryland. His point here is basically this: There is a limit to white suburbanites’ willingness to embrace new taxes, even in a deeply blue place like the Old Line State. Yet as others have noted, the ability to raise taxes for new social programs without touching those voters is limited. Embracing a full-throated progressive program places real strains on these voters’ loyalty to the Democratic Party.

In 2016, Democrats have as their likely nominee possibly the single strongest candidate for putting the old Democratic coalition back together again. I think with an adequately strong economy and a campaign founded in progressive centrism, Hillary Clinton could very well put together a broader coalition than Obama’s, and a victory that eclipses his. Whether her party allows her to run such a campaign is probably the most important question of 2015; this book explains why.

“Clinton style centrism is the way to harness these demographics.” Instead Hillary2016 panders to the dead Obama coalition. As we recently wrote, “The more Hillary panders to the black peas and the kook peas the harder it will be to get the chick peas and the independent peas on the electoral fork.”

If “all lives matter” is now a thought crime not to be expressed and brands Hillary a racist, and the only permissible expression is “blacklivesmatter” then Hillary2016 is headed to defeat.

We’ve written this before, well before Judis, Trende, etc. Indeed, there was a “Mistake In ’08″ Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, and Part VIII, and the “Barack Obama Situation Comedy” Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV).

In recent elections pollsters have been taken completely by surprise. In Denmark, Great Britain, and the United States, the pollsters say that respondents are lying. Voters will only express what is politically correct then in the secrecy of the voting booth, they vote as they truly think. The voters understand they cannot say “all lives matter” but only “blacklivesmatter”. It’s a lesson that Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 better learn.

Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 better learn the lesson not because the language must be adjusted but because the current strategy has to be junked and an inclusive, centrist, Hillary must be allowed to emerge well before the convention in 2016. All lives matter. If Hillary cannot say something as mundane as “all lives matter” without being branded a racist, she might as well go home.


165 thoughts on “It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is A Racist

  1. Security and guns saved the college snowflakes:

    A black friend of the white man accused of murdering nine people at a Charleston church says the suspect told him a week prior to the killings that he planned to shoot up a local college campus. [snip]

    “I don’t think the church was his primary target because he told us he was going for the school,” Scriven said Friday. “But I think he couldn’t get into the school because of the security … so I think he just settled for the church.”


    Scott Walker for all his flaws knows how to extend a giant middle finger to the anti-American left and he isn’t the slightest bit shy about doing it. That counts for a lot, not just with me but with a huge portion of the GOP primary electorate who has been begging for someone who could prove that you can win elections and govern effectively while taking on liberal sacred cows at the same time. Scott Walker seems determined to be that guy and so far it is working.

    What was the story that dominated the news all week last week? The tragic shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC last week. Immediately, everyone on the left attempted to pin this one on one of two things – a) guns or b) the confederate flag. The sun hadn’t even gone down the day of the massacre before President Obama had stood behind a lectern and solemnly – and wildly incorrectly – blamed the whole incident on American gun culture. Virtually every other liberal commentator on the planet took the cue from Obama to wag their heads sadly and lecture the country on our lamentable lack of “sensible” gun laws.

    Most elected Republicans we all know would have kept their heads down on the gun issue until the public furor over Charleston died down, then hoped that the status quo pro-gun American sensibility would have reasserted itself. But not Scott Walker. Walker understands, if nothing else, that the quickest way to lose a battlefield is to desert it. And so, less than a week after the Charleston shooting, Scott Walker was publicly signing two laws making it easier for the citizens of Wisconsin to own guns. [snip]

    I treat it as evidence that Scott Walker does not give a tinker’s dam for what the Washington Post will think or say about anything he does. In fact, I assume that somewhere in Scott Walker’s decision flowchart for basically every action he takes, “Will this piss off the Washington Post?” is a question for which the “Yes” answer leads inexorably towards taking the action.


    Jim Webb Stands Up For People Who Memorialize The Confederacy

    Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, a southern Democrat contemplating a run for president, encouraged people on Wednesday to understand the “complicated history of the Civil War” when calling for the removal of the Confederate flag across the country.

    This is an emotional time and we all need to think through these issues with a care that recognizes the need for change but also respects the complicated history of the Civil War,” Webb wrote in a post on Facebook.

    Responding to the shooting in Charleston last week, the governors of South Carolina and Alabama have called for the removal of the flag off the capitol grounds.

    Responding to the removal of the Confederate flag in states across the country, Webb said: “The Confederate Battle Flag has wrongly been used for racist and other purposes in recent decades. It should not be used in any way as a political symbol that divides us.

    Webb’s statement — which could appeal to southerners who view the flag not as a symbol of hate, but of history and regional pride — is at odds with the more liberal wing of his party. Hillary Clinton, for example, said Wednesday that she would like to see stores across the country stop selling Confederate flags.

    Webb also said: “We should also remember that honorable Americans fought on both sides in the Civil War, including slave holders in the Union Army from states such as Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, and that many non-slave holders fought for the South. It was in recognition of the character of soldiers on both sides that the federal government authorized the construction of the Confederate Memorial 100 years ago, on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.”

    “This is a time for us to come together, and to recognize once more that our complex multicultural society is founded on the principle of mutual respect,” he said.

  4. charismatic leader…

    Obama is as charismatic as the back end of a donkey.

    We all knew he was a fraud, a Slick Rick the Poverty Pimp from 2007 on… An empty suit, a fake and a crook.

    Back to reading how Hillary took a small turn away from the kooks and obots.

  5. But set Obama’s impressive electoral victories…

    Pure and simple vote stealing and corruption!

  6. Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 better learn the lesson not because the language must be adjusted but because the current strategy has to be junked and an inclusive, centrist, Hillary must be allowed to emerge well before the convention in 2016. All lives matter. If Hillary cannot say something as mundane as “all lives matter” without being branded a racist, she might as well go home.


    Absolutely, Admin.

    Hillary, take a look in the mirror and see all the scars on your back. Don’t forget who put them there and don’t abandon your supporters that didn’t fall for the Fraud in the White House.

    Stop playing nice to the kooks and the peas that turned their back on you!!!!!

  7. This whole Confederate flag crisis is just more pc bull$hit.

    That flag is part of American history and some nitwits that want to ban it are kidding themselves.

    Remember prohibition, remember moonshine?

    Making the flag illegal, will cause everyone to have/make/sell/paint/draw/sew one, with tattoos galore.

    All LIVES MATTER, bone heads.

  8. It’s gone over the heads of the media, but I find it quite striking to see how South Carolina has handled its potential “race crisis” compared to Democratic controlled St. Louis and Baltimore.

    The Governor of South Carolina, Senator Tim Scott, and others have been quite powerful in their remarks of unity and support, bringing the people of the state together instead of using it as a political wedge to drive people apart.

    Also not noted by the media is the way the Republican candidates have respected the moment:

  9. Ostalin has made race relations so much worse. People are not saying out loud what they are thinking about how this destructive POTUS has been empowered and protected by the black community. They will pay a serious price for his performance at his job. The code of silence only makes it worse.

    Hillary meant what she said and she meant to do it in a black church.

    God save us all.

  10. Just got word today, cutting staff at our hospital, doubled my patient load..literally. ..totally mismanaged, and thank you Obama care for your huge part in this!

  11. …it is sad to say but currently Hillary seems to be a slave to the Obama Coalition…she is their workhorse…I cannot stand seeing her subservient to them…

    4-8 more years of all this racist stuff…and racist only against so called white priviledged people…no racism when it comes to blatant seperatism or black supremacy by some black folks…I am so sick of all of this…this is the 21st century, why can’t people be people…some are good and some are bad…we are indeed going backwards…

    do asian lives matter, do brown lives matter…I guess white lives no longer matter…and how dare anyone ever say out loud that ‘white lives matter, too’…

    what makes it worse is so many of us have been waiting so long for Hillary and the sanity of Clinton common sense, moderate/centric politics…she has not been herself for a long time…I am still waiting

    …reminds me of those old expressions…don’t ‘miss the boat’…and ‘see the writing on the wall’…

    Hillary needs to give the working and middle class a reason to come back to the Democratic party…she is not going to do sounding farther left than O…


    btw… 2nd poll out

    Trump is also second in the latest Fox Poll…Jeb, then Trump at 11%

  12. Saw this on HotAir and it seems accurate: the left is engaged in the Nazification of the South. An astute reader noted that the only solution is to boot the south out of the Union. I say, “please do”.

  13. exactly…
    June 24, 2015 at 5:22 pm
    But set Obama’s impressive electoral victories…

    Pure and simple vote stealing and corruption!”

    5.5 million Republican voters are not accounted for…

    sigh so many good fraud links are no longer available.

    ps I got audited by the IRS 😉 poor wife had a meltdown so I no longer express my views…

  14. Obama is like Alexander Botts.

    A natural born salesman. (spelled con artist)

    His primary legislative accomplishment, i.e. Obamacare

    Call to mind a similar success story

    Depicted in the movie

    Alexander Botts and The Earthworm Tractor Company

    Starting at the 20:00 mark

    If only the sheeple could understand this

    But trust me, they cannot and they will not

    Again, if you wish to relive the implementation of Obamacare

    Then go to the 20:00 mark and enjoy

  15. blowme0bama
    June 24, 2015 at 6:48 pm
    Maybe they are reading our blog.

    I have maintained by some time that ridding the nation of the stain of Obama will require a program of de-Nazification

    Here is the marching song of the progressive:

  16. Wbb,

    Love those old movies, must have been a hoot to be in them…kinder, funnier days for sure

  17. Shadowfax
    June 24, 2015 at 11:49 am

    …The left is determined to destroy or nation. This trade deal gets them half way to hell.

    Actually, the entire Congress is helping the Fraud destroy our nation.

    Don’t forget which party was standing firm for this trade bill, the GOP.

    Shadow, you will get no argument from me

    I have spent half my time railing against the RINO, Corker, Boehner, McConnell, have I not?

    Haven’t I been shrill and consistent in my condemnation of them

    Haven’t I called McConnell: Mr. Chamber of Commerce

    This is why I wanted the democrat to knock out McConnell in the last election

    This is why I railed against the dirty tricks pulled by the RINO in Mississippi

    This is why I screamed about the purge of conservatives in state parties and in congress by those two

    This is why I detest the weak leadership entourage of Boehner–a cadre of fucking losers

    In sum, I know as well or better than anyone where that problem lies

    And I have also said that reform must start in the Republican Party

    And if it cannot start there, which I doubt, then that party must be destroyed by the emergence of a third party

    The Republican Party as it stands today is in no way shape or form the party of Reagan

    The other problem is the emergence of the shadow party which I talked about in the paper I wrote on Soros.

  18. The arrest of prison escapees, katiland jenner, and the perils of pauline I mean kimmmie.

    That is all big media wants us to know–except for the daily ups and downs of the stock market–I get daily pop ups on that piece of unuseful information from msn.

    As Sharly points out big media is afraid to give the American People the facts that matter because they are afraid of the conclusions we would draw if we knew the truth.

    They are total liars, but the sheeple continue to listen and be influenced by them. I have given up any hope on that score.


    I see where streiff, farakan and the democrat party have found common ground.

    Tear down the American flag, abolish it, burn it, pour salt on it, and erase all history prior to 1954.

    The period of enlightenment did not begin until 2008

    And since then there has been uninterrupted peace, prosperity and racial harmony by the bushel.

    Farkakan was positively eloquent:

    I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag.

    We need to put the American flag down.

    Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag,” comments that were meant with cheers and applause.

    He added, “Who are we fighting today?

    It’s the people that carry the American flag.”

    He has a point.

    But first, lets show the political class the earthworm tractor company.

  20. Plato called democracy the worst form of government.

    In 2008 the democrat party and big media discovered the key to perpetual power.

    Stir up bitter racial hatred across this nation.

    They used that strategy to win in 2008 and again in 2012.

    I shall not scruple to say to them what Welch said to McCarthy:

    Have you no honor?

    The American People have no idea they are being conned.

    They are absolutely clueless.

    All it takes to move them is bright shiny objects, and things that go bump in the night.

    Honestly, they have the political acumen of an eight year old.

    I feel like Thucydides must have felt witnessing the decline of his city state.

  21. I am probably the only non black muslim who likes farrakan.

    I like him because he is the canary in the coal mine.

    He hates white people and makes no bones about it.

    That sort of candor is refreshing.

    The democrat party hates white people as well.

    The record of the past 6 years proves this beyond cavil.

    But they are less forthright about it than he is.

    He expands the race baiting platform to the limits of its logic.

    In so doing, he helps the rest of us see where that party heading.

    As it works to build this new coalition based on scapegoating white people.

  22. As between the main Obama confidantes which one do I like the best?

    1. Louis Farrakan

    2. Jeremiah Wright

    3. Jessee Jackson

    4. Al Sharpton

    5. Roland Martin

    I direct your attention to the fact that four of them are Reverends.

    As such, they can claim that they are nearer to God than thee.

    Roland is the one exception.

    However, he is enrolled in a LaSalle correspondence to become a reverend.

    Therefore, in the fulsomeness of time, we will have five of a kind, which is the best hand to have in a rigged poker game.

    If I were to rank them, I would put Jessee at the bottom.

    He has been peddling the same old shit now for fifty years and it is getting old.

    I would put Roland second from he bottom.

    His turkey in the straw tryst with fat donna in Denver in 2008 was enough to turn one’s stomach.

    A love such as that is not a many splendored thing—it is downright repulsive.

    So is his Obama worship on msnbc.

    This will surprise some people, but I would put Sharpton third from the bottom.

    To be sure, he is a bottom feeder–a catfish to be more precise.

    And he hearkens back to the old Texas ranger saying, i.e. one riot one ranger.

    One Sharpton ten riots looting burning and msnbc ratings surge.

    Now we are getting down to the wire.

    Like a Miss America contest, two candidates, they hold hand, truly a Bert Parks moment.

    Fourth from the bottom would be Jerry Wright.

    His black liberation theology is wonderful to behold, his goddamned America sermons are raputurous, his love of Obama is sublime.

    But he cannot compete with Louis Farakann.

    He is less disciplined, shrinks from the tough decision, and he is not cold and logical.

    Lastly, most importantly, the elites regard him as a joke.

    By contrast they take Farakan seriously.

    He is a great man like Saladin.

    I will never be on the same side as Farakan.

    But unlike the rest of them I respect him as an adversary.

    The rest of them are jokes.

  23. Did I forget to mention, he is also crazy.

    But crazy is not a bad gig in our sewer culture.

    In the Gilded Age A Wall Street Millionaire
    Was the answer to a working maiden’s prayer
    But today she’s trade her hundred grand
    For the leader of a big time band.—Cole Porter

    You get the point.

  24. More Cole Porter:

    Anything Goes—

    The world has gone mad today
    And good’s bad today,
    And black’s white today,
    And day’s night today,
    And those guys today
    That women prize today
    Are just silly gigolos

    Like Obama.


    Former North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan won’t run for Senate in 2016, disappointing Democrats counting on her to unseat Republican Richard Burr in what will be a major swing state race.

    Hagan was unseated by Republican Thom Tillis in 2014 after one term in the Senate, and has struggled in the polls since, but was the obvious pick to challenge Burr. She’s been calling donors and supporters to inform them she won’t run, reported Roll Call.

    Hagan performed relatively well in an election where Republicans secured big majorities in the House and Senate, and supporters figured she could unseat Burr with Hillary Clinton on the ticket and the typically larger voter turnout in a presidential election year.

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee called Hagan’s decision an “embarrassing recruitment failure” in a statement Wednesday.

  26. Charlie Cook finally comes to the conclusion we did long ago:

    Mapping the 2016 Electorate: Demographics Don’t Guarantee a Democratic White House

    History shows it’s extremely difficult for a presidential candidate to succeed a two-term president of the same party, especially one with approval ratings as middling as President Obama’s. The “time for change” dynamic in 2016 should no doubt benefit Republicans. However, a common Democratic counter-argument is that the shifting demographics of the American electorate will continue to doom the GOP in the Electoral College.

    It’s true that Democrats continue to benefit enormously from the rise of non-white voters, who amounted to just 12 percent of all voters in 1980 but comprised 28 percent in 2012. In 1980, Ronald Reagan won 56 percent of white voters and won a huge landslide. In 2012, GOP nominee Mitt Romney took 59 percent of white voters – three points better – but lost by four points overall. President Obama took just 39 percent of whites in 2012, but captured 81 percent of non-whites.

    So, what will the American electorate look like in 2016, and what does it mean for both parties’ White House hopes? After diving into Census data from the past few years and crunching exit poll numbers from 2012, we can draw some early conclusions.

    To answer questions such as “What share of Latino voters does the Republican nominee need to win the White House?” we built a statistical model of the likely electorate in each state in 2016. [snip]

    Here are our top observations, broken down into good news for Democrats and good news for Republicans, followed by the data we have compiled:

    Three Reasons for Democratic Optimism

    1. The white share of the electorate is likely to fall about two percent in 2016. [snip]

    Of course, a huge question is whether likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton can mobilize African-Americans to the same extent President Obama did by virtue of his history-making runs. Although the answer won’t be fully known until votes are counted, it’s not unreasonable to assume that a small uptick in the black share of the population could offset a small dip in enthusiasm and that the black share of the overall vote will be stable heading into 2016.

    2. Demographic shifts alone boost Democrats’ national margin about 1.5 percent versus 2012. [snip]

    3. Even among white voters, rising educational attainment means Republicans’ core supporters are in decline. [snip]

    Three Reasons for GOP Optimism

    4. Rising non-white shares in states like Arizona and Georgia probably still aren’t enough to put those states in play for Democrats. [snip]

    5. There is probably no single “magic number” Republicans need among Latinos – or any other group – to win the White House. [snip] The bad news for Democrats is that thanks to Latino voters’ concentration in safe states like California, Texas, and New York, they are somewhat underrepresented in the swing states that matter. [snip]

    So while Republicans badly want to win over more Latinos, the task is not as paramount to their success as often thought.

    6. The “target numbers” Republicans need to win among each group to win the White House are achievable for the right candidate. [snip] The more plausible GOP scenario for winning the White House involves making modest improvements with every group of voters.

    Nationally, Republicans would need to do three points better with everyone than in 2012 to win the popular vote. That amounts to winning about 65 percent of non-college whites, 59 percent of college-educated whites, nine percent of African-Americans, 30 percent of Latinos, and 34 percent of Asians/Others. Republicans hit nearly all of these benchmarks in 2014, and both former Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio have hit similar marks in past races.

    At the swing state level, many of the “target numbers” Republicans would need to hit to win Electoral votes are easily imaginable under the right conditions. Republicans might need just 52 percent of college-educated white voters to win Iowa, 57 percent of non-college whites to win Wisconsin, and 37 percent of Latinos to win Virginia. So for all of the long-term trends benefiting Democrats, remember that the shifts the GOP needs in 2016 are still relatively small.

  27. Opinion day at the Supreme Court. According to ScotusBlog there are two boxes out so there will likely be 3 or 4 opinions issued today. Six cases remain open. Big ones are EPA, redistricting, gay marriage, ObamaCare.

    Update: After a very quick glance at the opinion, it is not as awful.

  28. Awful ruling on Fair Housing Act comes first. It means the slippery legal theory “disparate impact” does apply to Fair Housing Act.

  29. this country is going down the tubes…

    so depressing and sad…no one cares about hard working American sleps…they just pay the freaking bills for all the corrupt games of the politicians and their corportate buddies…big pharma and insurances companies just became even wealthier…and the american taxpayer more enslaved for life

  30. Roberts’ reasoning is absurd:

    Here, the statutory scheme compels the Court to reject petitioners’ interpretation because it would destabilize the individual insurance market in any State with a Federal Exchange, and likely create the very “death spirals” that Congress designed the Act to avoid. Under petitioners’ reading, the Act would not work in a State with a Federal Exchange. As they see it, one of the Act’s three major reforms—the tax credits—would not apply. And a second major reform—the coverage requirement—would not apply in a meaningful way, because so many individuals would be exempt from the requirement without the tax credits. If petitioners are right, therefore, only one of the Act’s three major reforms would apply in States with a Federal Exchange.

    The combination of no tax credits and an ineffective coverage requirement could well push a State’s individual insurance market into a death spiral. It is implausible that Congress meant the Act to operate in this manner. Congress made the guaranteed issue and community rating requirements applicable in every State in the Nation, but those requirements only work when combined with the coverage requirement and tax credits. It thus stands to reason that Congress meant for those provisions to apply in every State as well. Pp. 15–19.

  31. Scalia’s attack on the majority “reasoning”:

    Perhaps sensing the dismal failure of its efforts to show that “established by the State” means “established by the State or the Federal Government,” the Court tries to palm off the pertinent statutory phrase as “inartful drafting.” Ante, at 14. This Court, however, has no free-floating power “to rescue Congress from its drafting errors.” Lamie v. United States Trustee, 540 U. S. 526, 542 (2004) (internal quotation marks omitted). Only when it is patently obvious to a reasonable reader that a drafting mistake has occurred may a court correct the mistake. The occurrence of a misprint may be apparent from the face of the law, as it is where the Affordable Care Act “creates three separate Section 1563s.” Ante, at 14. But the Court does not pretend that there is any such indication of a drafting error on the face of §36B. The occurrence of a misprint may also be apparent because a provision decrees an absurd result—a consequence “so monstrous, that all mankind would, without hesitation, unite in rejecting the application.” Sturges, 4 Wheat., at 203. But §36B does not come remotely close to satisfying that demanding standard. It is entirely plausible that tax credits were restricted to state Exchanges deliberately—for example, in order to encourage States to establish their own Exchanges. We therefore have no authority to dismiss the terms of the law as a drafting fumble.

    Let us not forget that the term “Exchange established by the State” appears twice in §36B and five more times in other parts of the Act that mention tax credits. What are the odds, do you think, that the same slip of the pen occurred in seven separate places? No provision of the Act— none at all—contradicts the limitation of tax credits to state Exchanges.

  32. So the majority in SCOTUS who voted to keep Obamacare alive clearly no longer understands plain English in those four words used to challenge Obamacare in the case or they just said they can interpret the law any way they want to no matter how it is written.

  33. agree with this comment 🙂


    If that was Congress’ intent, then send it back to Congress to fix it. Then Congress’ intent will be clear.

    That’s how the courts are to deal with the plain language of a statute. The SCOTUS has been politicized.

  34. It also confirms that SCOTUS is not at all above politics, not at all partial and will simply rule in favor of laws that happen to be its favorites, no matter how badly written they are. It truly feels depressing to think that we are living in the age of the decline of the country that historians will refer to as once called the United States of America.

  35. So, with the help of the Republican Supremes…ObamaCare is a done deal, no matter how corrupt and poorly run it is.

    Well, what next?

    Every corrupt act by Obama is blessed by the Pope and he gets named the King of the Planet?


  36. I knew it…I Was afraid I was right, I knew the Courts were bought and paid for.
    No use fighting anything anymore…
    The media, the leftist insanity has bought and paid for EVERYTHING.
    Down will come everything that was America, down with the South, down with the White man, Down with our borders…
    Good bye American Pie…

  37. The political consequences for Republicans:

    So the Supreme Court has upheld the subsidies and taxes under Obamacare in states that did not establish exchanges, despite the text of the law requiring that those subsidies and taxes apply to states that established exchanges. [snip]

    But in the long run I actually think this is probably a huge win for the anti-establishment faction of the party.

    Why? Because this SCOTUScare ruling presents an accurate reflection of the reality in Washington: that American politics no longer has real checks and balances. The rules no longer apply. Words mean whatever we say they mean at the time that we say them, neither more nor less. Welcome to the Cartman presidency, where the executive does whatever he wants, up to and including making IRS bureaucrats decide a multi-billion dollar issue. Think the text means exactly what it says? Judicial fiat says lol, jk.

    In the context of a nation governed by men and not laws, arguments from the establishment about process, restraint, and the normal give and take of what used to be the American political system for most of the Twentieth Century are going to become weaker and weaker. For the faction that demands dramatic change, the gradualist approach favored by Republican leaders who yearn for the status quo politics of the before time – before the bailouts, before Obama, before the Tea Party – is revealed as a myth.

    Plus, conservatives missed out on a chance for another squishout. The hard truth was that the Republican Party was going to cave on the subsidy question anyway, and do so rapidly, and probably get a bag of basketballs and the medical device tax in exchange. That would’ve both depressed the base and put politicians in an untenable position. Now Republicans get the added benefit of railing against a law that remains unpopular and that drives health insurance costs ever higher across the country without having to put their legislation where their mouths are.

    Finally, this decision is a huge opportunity for Republicans to finally take the health care issue away from Democrats in a serious way. It is not an iron law of politics at all that health care reform remain a Democratic issue any more than education policy or welfare policy. President Obama and the Democrats now own every bad thing about the health care status quo. Much of the coverage that surrounded King v. Burwell was focused on the idea that Republicans were going to own some aspect of Obamacare at the end of it – and I trust that they would have. Every new bad thing under Obamacare is attributable to increased government involvement, which is Democrats’ only remedy going forward as well. This is an opportunity Republicans can capitalize on in a meaningful way in 2016, and it will require candidates willing to do the hard work of preparing to make a comprehensive argument for health care change and defend their plans in the public square.

    Thus, I think the ruling today probably increases the likelihood of repealing Obamacare in 2017 by a not insignificant margin.

    We deplore cynicism. However we have to admit that today belongs to the cynics because they were right and those of us that believe in reason and legitimate argument must bow to the ugly reality that now can no longer be denied.

  38. The Federalist is optimistic that Obamacare will be repealed in 2017. After today’s ruling, I no longer share in that belief. Unless there is a major coup against the current GOP leadership in Congress, Obamacare will further settle into the daily lives of Americans like a hard to get rid of skin fungus.

  39. Shadowfax

    June 25, 2015 at 11:31 am


    it is all the same…the same people making big money…dems, repubs…it doesn’t matter…they just change names but the game is the same…

    why would the repubs really be against Ocare when they are also in cohoots with insurance co and big pharma…

    one world order…with a few people at the top controlling all the money and the power…

    dems – repubs…it does not matter…one in the same…

    I feel so sad for the poor young people that will be shackled to this all their lives…poor kids, no jobs, overwhelming debt for trying to get an education and having to pay and carry the Ocare health system all their lives or pay dearly in increasingly expensive fines…

    it is enough to make one sick…

  40. Today was more proof that Republican’s do nothing but talk, talk, talk…and fold like a cheap suit, EVERY EFFIN’ TIME

    The Dims are all pieces of $hit

    The Rethus are all pieces of $hit and cowards

    The Supremes are all pieces of $hit and sold-out to the Dim party

  41. admin
    June 25, 2015 at 10:47 am
    Roberts’ reasoning is absurd:

    You have to stand 300 years of statutory construction and the plain meaning of the words and the clear legislative history and the comments of Gruber on their head to reach the conclusion RINO Roberts did.

    I make no apologies for predicting forcefully and without hesitation that the court would go the other way. That is what most any lawyer would have told you, on the assumption that the court would “play it straight”.

    I do not doubt that Justice Scalia is right as to the motive of the benighted cowardly chief justice, who is a disgrace to is office.

    Clearly, Roberts twisted the law beyond comprehension to achieve a result which he believed would “save the court’s reputation.” From what was he keen to save the court? Caustic comments by NYT? All I can say is when he violates the law to save the law, far from saving the reputation of the court, he destroys it. Likewise his own reputation. If he was not a pariah before, he is now.

    Let us also consider this absurd decision in a different light, namely the protection of the political class from a revolt by the great unwashed. The more you observe everything that is going on, the more you realize that what Sharyl said is true. Big media, now the court does not want to give the American People the true facts because they are afraid of the conclusions they will draw—like maybe–just maybe they are having their future destroyed to profit the few at the expense of the many.

    We should not be surprised at all to find that this is the case. It is the pattern of history. A pattern that Madison was mindful of when the drafted the Constitution. He held the tragic view of human nature, and unlike the French he was less concerned about the rights of man, and more concerned with their nature. Hence, the separation of powers. That is what is being destroyed by decisions like this. This makes no difference to the sheeple however. It doesn’t even register. They sit there with eyes as vacant as a goat saying things like how nice that Mr. Roberts saved our health care, as they chew their cudd.

    So let me give you my theory on what this really says about the Roberts court and how it construes its role. It is not interested in precedent or functioning as an independent branch respectful of its own traditions, customs and usages. Rather, it functions as a sewage disposal system for issues which are too hot for the political class to handle. Roberts is after all a RINO and the RINOs were fearful of what would happen if this case was kicked back to the congress which they now control, and they would be forced to choose between their campaign promise to end Obamacare and their fear of being smeared. Hence Roberts was there to do their dirty work.

    In labor relations this is a common practice. Management and the union may agree on the disposition of the case, but they do not want to take the political heat for throwing a member under the bus. Therefore, they wash the case through an arbitrator. This is highly unethical, but that does not prevent it from happening. And many arbitrators are willing to play that role for a fee. I do not know what Roberts get out of this beyond the adulation of the NYT. But he is has shown himself to be a Quisling and that will be his legacy.

    There as been plenty of parol evidence that the RINO wanted nothing to do with this court, and if it was pitched back into their lap they worried about being put in a corner politically.

  42. Shadow,

    Your right about the job situation, it’s horrible, hospitals are being pitted against one another for less money, merges, monopolies, being encouraged…cutting hospital staff, like where I work, the patient to nurse ratio is insane and unheard of. My hours just got cut and doubled, DOUBLED, my patient load. I can tell you the incredible mismanagement that is now being put on the workers back, it’s a very unsafe place to be..A hospital. The money is going somewhere, but it’s not going to the worker and the patients will suffer greatly.
    It’s going to the Pharmaceutical company’s, hospital administration, it’s not going to the front load staff. It’s really, scary and I am afraid we have not seen anything yet.

    solyent Green ring a bell?

  43. Gonzotx

    I absolutely agree with you on the hospital/staff load and yes, I remember Solyent Green…

    My son was critically ill a few weeks ago, in the hospital for a week, and the term…Solyent Green came up between us, several times…

  44. The real loser in this decision, besides the American People, is the RINO.

    The irony is they do not see it.

    You can be sure they are breathing a sigh of relief

    Inasmuch as Roberts has taken the monkey off their back to shut the fuck up and do something

    This decision protects their donors and it protects them from attacks by big media

    Which is all that seems to matter to them, in their world

    But there is another world about which they are willfully blind

    The name of that world is main street

    And sure as god made little green apples

    The base is placing the RINO in their sites.

    Roberts himself is a confirmed RINO as well as a Quisling.

    This inconvenient truth will not be missed by the base.

  45. Roberts protects the markets and throws America under the bus. A failure of all three branches. Future generations will study this collapse.

    They are just looting at this point.

  46. For me, this decision escalates the process of getting to a third party.

    I am 90% sure that will happen within a decade.

    That third party will replace the Republican Party.

    It is impossible to reform that party from the inside.

    To waste more time on a task that is impossible is a waste of time.

    If Bush is the nominee, STAY HOME.

  47. gonzotx
    June 25, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    Hope your son is better Shadow…

    Thanks so much Gonzotx.

    I had him move back home with me, and he is starting to recover.

  48. Lu4PUMA
    June 25, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    Roberts protects the markets and throws America under the bus. A failure of all three branches. Future generations will study this collapse.

    They are just looting at this point.


  49. Today’s ruling, coupled with the soon to be decided meaning of common law, will open the flood gates that there is no law of the land.
    It will be whatever those in power says it is…

  50. gonzotx
    June 25, 2015 at 12:29 pm
    It is a disgusting parasite, especially since I watched a mom pull one out of her kid’s nose out in a recovery room. But Taenia solium I think takes the prize; the mental image prevents me from describing it without wretching

  51. Hahahaha-

    Another year in a row that Hillary ignores the Kooks convention!!!

    Hillary Clinton will not attend the Netroots Nation liberal organizing conference next month due to a scheduling conflict, organizers confirmed to msnbc, skipping the marquee annual progressive gathering for a second year in a row.

    Fellow Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders will both hold town hall style meetings at the conference scheduled for July 16-19 in Phoenix, Arizona. Clinton will be holding events that weekend in Iowa and Arkansas.

    “Our campaign looks forward to earning the support of the Democrats participating in this conference but Hillary Clinton has scheduling conflicts which will prevent her from attending. She wishes them the best on their conference,” said Clinton campaign spokesperson Jesse Ferguson.

  52. Why Hillary Clinton Still Needs Terry McAuliffe

    Virginia will be crucial for Democrats in 2016, and its governor is eager to hand Clinton a blueprint to follow.

    Terry McAuliffe chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign during the 2008 race, and he spent his time doing Terry McAuliffe things: raising untold millions of dollars, jousting loudly on TV with Republicans and, by all appearances, never sleeping.

    With Clinton coming to Northern Virginia Friday to headline an event for the state party, McAuliffe is helping her again for 2016, but in a strikingly different role: as the governor of a vital swing state—and a relatively popular one at that—who is more than happy to dispense advice to Clinton and any other Democrats who care to ask.

    “In 2007 and ‘8, I spent 500 days on the road. … I can’t do anything like that,” McAuliffe said. What he can do, though, is lay the groundwork for next year—he hopes—by winning the Virginia state Senate back this year. Then he can take that political organization, which already overlaps significantly with Clinton’s, and put it at her disposal.

    “The work we do on the ground for the Senate will immediately flip, become presidential,” he told National Journal in an interview earlier this year. “So we’re going to do a lot of work this year.”

    The other way he can help Clinton, McAuliffe argued, is “for me to continue to create jobs. Here is a very pro-business governor who is popular—[that] is a great message. I think if I continue doing what I’m doing and keep people happy and they’re happy, that helps her a lot. That really does help her win the state.”

    Virginia and its 13 Electoral College votes have become a crucial part of Democrats’ formula for keeping the White House. The commonwealth is considered a case study for how the party can claw back some of the modernizing New South from Republicans, alongside North Carolina and eventually—Democrats hope—Georgia. A reversal of that narrative in 2016 would be demoralizing for Democrats.

  53. Tony,

    Another gift from our illegal immigrants:

    The larval stage of the pork tapeworm (Taenia solium) infects the human nervous system, causing neurocysticercosis. This disease is one of the main causes of epileptic seizures in many less developed countries and is also increasingly seen in more developed countries because of immigration from endemic areas.

  54. Obamacare is a charade and facade of lies. The media maintains the pretense that the Obamacare law is about health care for Americans. Yet, last I checked, there are over 330 million Americans and only 6 million have signed up for “Obamacare.”
    Quote From NOQUARTER…

    Makes you think doesn’t it. Only 6 million, this is a Ponzi scheme inside and out and the true costs, the billions to set up and given to the states, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance company’s…where the hell is the health care, where the hell is the savings?

    And what is the plan down the road….this is just the set up…

  55. I say, “please do”.

    Blow, as a Southerner, I’m about ready to say that, as well.

  56. gonzotx

    Someone I work with/for had surgery at UCLA, it was a success but she was contaminated with a Super-bug. What does that mean in terms of contagions and her ongoing health?

  57. I was hoping Admin was right about the SCOTUS on Deathcare but it kind of tells you where we are on the globalization thing. These people are not DINOs and RINOs, they are globalists, serving the multinational corporations and the elites. They do not even think you should have a nation. The “market” is their country. It is all the creepy New World Order stuff. Control and depopulate. The food supply’s and medical industry are central to the plan. A lot of creepy, evil stuff.

    You will need the masses to wake up to do something about it. They are but frogs in the pot comfortable and warm before they are cooked. There is actually a u-tube about it, too creepy to post, called Boiling Frog Syndrome – Have You Become a Boiled Frog?

    When Ostalin took office, most people would make like you are looney, suggesting the NWO stuff, but now not so much.

    So when I tell you that there is a blood test for cancer that costs about $1,000 and is not covered by health insurance. And that this test can detect cancer in way earlier stages than anything else we have, including the harmful mammogram, do you suspect there is something not right going on? And so many harmful drugs!

    But the best thing you can do to spite them is to live long and prosper. It may not be so easy but I have started my plan. I got off all the drugs I could, including pain relievers. I went to a chiropractor and did some physical therapy for my problems. Look for vitamins and natural herbal remedies for health issues.

    I am also losing weigh and doing moderate exercises, but plan to stay just a little overweight. Take care of your health, avoid drugs and medication and stay strong. All the other stuff can be looted. Mostly all assets are highly over valued due to the failed global economic policies. Cash is king and some recommend a stash of precious metals. Stop buying stuff. Especially not made in America. Review your bills and cut extra stuff. We are in a period of deflation. Globalists hate that and are trying desperately to create inflation, but their stinking thinking on how to do that is not working. Like, they think changing the way unemployment is calculated, actually changes unemployment levels and the economy should react accordingly. BBBBBbbbwwwwwwwahahaha!

    The globalists are failing. That is why their greed has emerged so obviously and destructively. I have always found that, when faced with an opponent significantly larger and more powerful, the only successful tactic is to use their size and power against them. Right now, inventories of stuff are building. Either people have wised up and stopped buying stuff or they have just run out of money and credit.

    Based on what I have been reading, we should look for a stock market crash in September of this year. That could also be impacted by the Greek economic situation or a China collapse. But the consensus is that the world economy is unsustainable and that we can expect more attempted QE’s but they will fail and crash over the next several years. Like the numbers I am hearing are 2-5 years.

    So if we all lose our asses, may it be a comfort that most corrupt and greediest will fall the farthest.

    See ya’ in the bread line.

    See how Roberts does with his markets, then.

    Hillary, BTW, is reputed to be a member of the New World Order.

  58. gonzotx
    June 25, 2015 at 2:47 pm
    Yup, but I had the distinct privilege or misfortune of seeing a patient with a 2 feet long T. solium hanging out of his butt. Yuck.

  59. Lucky you Tony!!


    Somewhat depends on the super bug but all have effects down the road. Takes large amounts of potent antibiotics to cure the patient and that will cause havoc on your body, especially the gastrointestinal area. Research shows that the good bacterial is killed and can not be replaced.
    was it MRSA?

  60. My heart cries with this SCOTUS ruling. Like so many have said here, this country is no more the beacon of light on the Hill. The founders EXPRESSLY designed this country to have checks and balances against too much power consolidated in one branch. These morons running the show have figured out that instead of trying to concentrate power in one branch, collusion solves the problem as long as they remain beholden to their political and money interests.

    I can only hope that Hillary is just marking time til she gets into office because I have no clue what direction she is going in. I don’t know if she is herself totally beholden to those same money interests, lost in desire to become president, improperly accepting of terrible advice, or just not the leader I hoped for. Here is what the campaign sent after the ruling…

    Friend —

    This morning, the Supreme Court sided with common sense and America’s families, and confirmed again that the Affordable Care Act is the law of land — and it’s here to stay.

    This ruling is a victory for every American, especially the millions whose lives have been improved by health care reform and the countless more who fought hard to pass and protect this law. It’s a reminder that while progress never comes easy, if we keep working, keep pushing, and never, ever give up, anything is possible.

    Add your name if you agree that access to health care is a basic human right.

    Despite two clear rulings by the highest court in the land, Republicans running for president still want to take basic health security away from millions of Americans.

    They’re in lockstep with allies in Congress who have voted more than 50 times to repeal or dismantle the Affordable Care Act without proposing a single viable alternative.

    The next president will either protect and expand health care for every American, or undo the progress we’ve made.

    If you believe we need to keep fighting, join me:

    Health care reform was a hard-fought battle — congratulations to everyone who played a part in this win.

    Thank you,


    Stand with her on healthcare reform???? My heart hurts….

    hillary 2016

  61. gonzotx
    June 25, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    I don’t know which super-bug it was, but she had colon surgery, so her intestinal track is already in very serious trouble. She said they are giving her mega antibiotics…and she is only contagious if there are poorly kept restrooms…freaks me out.

    I tried to google the superbug and found out that UCLA has a massive superbug contamination earlier this year, couple of people died and 160 or so got it.


  62. I wouldn’t vote for Ted Cuz, but I do agree with his tweet: #KingvBurwell decision makes 2016 election a referendum on #FullRepeal of Obamacare

  63. Shadowfax
    June 25, 2015 at 9:41 pm
    No I’m not. The incident that I described was when I was still a med student back 30 years ago.

  64. theRock

    I saw that too, and maybe I was just looking for golden nuggets…these caught my attention:

    They’re in lockstep with allies in Congress who have voted more than 50 times to repeal or dismantle the Affordable Care Act without proposing a single viable alternative.

    The next president will either protect and expand health care for every American, or undo the progress we’ve made.

  65. FullRepeal of Obamacare

    Could O’HellCare be repealed by another president, with the IRS, Insurance Companies and Big fat Pharma intertwined????

  66. I wish. As a result of Obamacare, I’ve switched to part time work. If ithings get worse, I may just go ahead and join the exodus of other docs who have already left medicine altogether.

  67. Under Obamacare, the future of health care lies in pharmacists, nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, optometrists and physician assistants who will replace doctors. Welcome to the brave new world.

  68. It’s already happening in California, where pharmacists already keep second guessing doctors’ management by changing prescribed medications and in Washington state, where optometrists diagnose and treat medical eye conditions without diagnosing them properly. The ultimate losers under Obamacare are patients, who do not have enough information to know the difference between an M.D. and those who aren’t.

  69. Tony, here in N. Calif…everywhere I have been, Kaiser, big hospitals, etc. the pharmacists have never had the power to change anything…they go by the strict consent of the Docs only. Some family members have lots of health issues…and it’s the same for them, here and in WA state.

  70. Pharmacists in SoCal are sneaky. They will just say that the prescribed drug is not covered by their insurance so that they can switch patients to generics where they make a higher profit from. Nevermind that the generics are manufactured by a gazillion number of pharmaceuticals who are under no FDA mandate to follow the exact formulation of the original brand name drug, thereby affecting the bioavailability of the base drug and increasing the risk of side effects from the other ingredients that they throw into the mix. The patients then come back complaining of side effects that we don’t know are from, so we just switch them to another drug where we have to repeat the whole farce all over again.


    Terry O’Sullivan, general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA)

    As written, the ACA dismantles the health care plans of millions of workers in multi-employer plans, including LIUNA members, who have never been a drag on our nation’s health care system, and have sacrificed at the bargaining table in order to have stronger health benefits for themselves and their families. With the Supreme Court decision behind us, it’s up to Congress to redress the damaging provisions of the ACA that take from the pockets of working people.


    Final thought: The decision will have an ironic political effect. I know from sources in DC that congressional Republicans were divided and terrified about what they would do if the Court had struck down the Obamacare subsidies. If they continued them for the rest of this year, would they really pull them next year—an election year? Doubtful. Democrats were looking forward to the agony of Republicans, who might well have melted down over this. Republicans are therefore privately relieved at this outcome. On the other hand, Democrats lose a chance to attack Republicans for gutting Obamacare without having a replacement (more on the “ratchet effect” of this whole misadventure later), and they lose a chance to make the Supreme Court an issue in the election next year. I suspect Obama is privately a little disappointed at the outcome, too, since he relishes demagoguing these kinds of issues.

    Republicans win politically but Americans lose.

  73. Tony, you should be able to pull up online the formularies of the insurance companies (I know for sure you can with straight Medi-cal, the Medi-cal HMOs, and Medicare and its HMOs). Then you will know before the pt. leaves with the prescription if it’s covered by the insurance, and it would be harder for a pharmacy to trick the pt.

    I do believe, though, that Medi-cal does have a lot of generic instead of brand names on the formulary (ie, you might be right about the motive, but it might not be the pharmacists messing around, the focus on generics could be coming directly from the insurance company).

  74. Observe how smart Donald Trump was in his reaction to the Supreme Court ObamaCare decision:

    Notice how Trump used the occasion to not only point out the falsehoods of Obama and the damage done by ObamaCare – Donald Trump masterfully used the opportunity to attack Jeb Bush (who barely leads #2 Trump nationwide and in NH) for helping appoint John Roberts to the high court. Jeb? better prepare an answer to this line of attack from Trump on August 6.

    Also, we noticed that Obama and Biden did not look celebratory nor happy with the decision – no smiles, no “let bygones be bygones” crap, no joy whatsoever.

  75. Some Trump tweets that make us laugh:

    “Word is that @NBCNews is firing sleepy eyes Chuck Todd in that his ratings on Meet the Press are setting record lows. He’s a real loser!”

    And after the Daily News ran a cover depicting Trump as a clown: “Only a fool would buy the @NYDailyNews. Loses fortune & has zero gravitas. Let it die!”

    “Goofy political pundit George Will spoke at Mar-a-Lago years ago. I didn’t attend because he’s boring & often wrong—a total dope!”

    In reacting to the New Hampshire poll, he said: “I’m not thrilled, cause how could Bush be in first place? This guy can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag!”


    DURHAM, N.H. —Less than two months ago, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a 21 percentage point lead over her nearest competitor in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary campaign. Now, her edge is down to 8 percentage points over Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    Clinton leads Sanders, 43 to 35 percent, in a new WMUR/CNN Granite State Poll, which was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center from June 18 to 24. The poll included 360 likely 2016 Democratic primary voters and has a margin of error of 5.2 percent, meaning Sanders is close to being in a statistical dead heat with the frontrunner.

    According to the poll, Vice President Joe Biden was the choice of 8 percent, while former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley drew 2 percent and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb was the choice of 1 percent.

    To view the poll results, click here.

    A WMUR Granite State Poll released in May showed Clinton leading Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren 51 to 20 percent, with Sanders at 13 percent. Warren, who has repeatedly insisted she will not run for president, was not included in the new poll. A year ago, Clinton led Sanders, 59 percent to 5 percent.

    The new poll shows that Clinton still has a strong favorability rating, with 74 percent of those polled viewing her favorably and 19 percent viewing her unfavorably. She also leads Sanders in several issue-related categories.

    But Clinton is also the candidate who most likely voters say is the least honest, with 28 percent putting her in that category, as compared to only 2 percent for Sanders, while 60 percent of the Democratic primary voters said they did not know.

    Sanders has seen a big increase in the number of likely voters who view him favorably. It is now up to 66 percent, while only 11 percent view him unfavorably. The two candidates’ net favorability rating is the same, at 55 percent.

    UNH political science professor Andrew Smith, executive director of the Survey Center, attributed Sanders’ surge primarily to the exit of Warren from the discussion.

    “Hillary Clinton’s early numbers had been higher than they reasonably could have been expected to remain,” Smith said. “Historically, New Hampshire has had about 40 percent of the Democratic voters be progressive voters. That has been the case going back to 1968 with Eugene McCarthy.”

    Smith said that with Warren out of contention, “Sanders was the beneficiary. If you added the Sanders and Warren numbers in May, they added up to 33 percent, and now we have 35 percent for Sanders as the progressives are coalescing around him.”

    Smith said that Clinton “does have some difficulty with the trust issue, but the bigger problem is that she is not connecting with more of the anger, the motivated voters in the Democratic Party.”

    By a margin of 41 to 30 percent, likely Democratic primary voters chose Sanders over Clinton as the candidate who best represents the values of their political party. And 45 percent said Sanders cares the most about “people like you,” while 24 percent named Clinton.

    But Clinton was viewed by 56 percent of those polled as the strongest leader, compared to 13 percent for Sanders, while 38 percent said she has the personal characteristics and qualities that a president should have, as compared to 27 percent for Sanders.

    Clinton led Sanders as better equipped to handle key challenges, including the economy, 37 percent to 28 percent; terrorism, 45 percent to 12 percent; international trade policy, 55 percent to 14 percent; and health care, 43 percent to 27 percent. But Sanders was named by 36 percent as better able to handle “big banks and corporations,” 36 percent to 31 percent.

    Jobs and the economy was named as the top issue of 24 percent of those polled, while 16 percent named foreign policy/national security, 8 percent named social issues, 8 percent named health care, 8 percent named the environment/climate change, 6 percent named education, 4 percent named income equality and 3 percent named campaign finance.

    There is a clear gender split in the race, with women favoring Clinton, 51 percent to 30 percent, and men favoring Sanders, 42 percent to 32 percent.

    Predictably, Sanders polled the strongest in the Connecticut Valley, 45 percent to 37 percent for Clinton. He also leads Clinton in the North Country, 50 percent to 33 percent, and the Seacoast, 40 to 36 percent.

    Clinton out-polled Sanders, 50 percent to 24 percent, in the Manchester area, as well as along the Massachusetts border, 47 percent to 24 percent, and in the central part of the state, 50 to 36 percent.

    According to the poll, 54 percent said have not definitely decided who to support, but when asked who they would support if the election were held today, 9 percent were undecided.

  77. Shadow – in SoCal, I’ve seen pharmacists being willing to switch to a generic even though it’s written for the brand, but I’ve never seen them go the other way. However, I’m not sure – perhaps those pts. (brand to generic) had no insurance whatsoever and wanted the generic because it was less money out of their pocket (ie, maybe if insurance is involved, they can’t change it…? I don’t know…)

  78. Donald Trump is good at calling a spade a spade and blasting many people in one paragraph as one outrage discloses the next outrage.

    Many Big Pinkers haven’t taken Trump seriously until he finally put his money where his mouth is…and declared he is running, but I have listened to him for about 3 years…while he was trying to get Mitt to fight against all the things that Obama was doing, then he felt that Mitt just caved against Obama and he was really upset and disappointed about it.

    I think he realized he couldn’t count on another person from his party to take on the corruption, even if he didn’t end up winning the primary, he wanted to expose it to the American public.

    He also brought up how his party blasts the Dims, and even Hillary for the emails and Bengazhi…yet they just proved to be hot air until the next shiny object comes into view.

  79. ….she is not connecting with more of the anger, the motivated voters in the Democratic Party.”

    Wow, that’s a really good way to put it. And my feeling is that those voters are more centrist.

    I just don’t believe that blacks are the way far left are going to turn out for her. I think they’re going to mostly sit home. Especially blacks – O’s elections are I believe the only times in my lifetime that they’ve gotten out to vote in anywhere near average levels. They didn’t even know who O was (case in point – pollsters asking democratic voters responding to question, “how do you feel about Sarah Palin running for vice president with O” by saying they thought it was a good idea).

    I don’t think they care much about Hillary. If they show up, they’ll vote for her just because she’s the democratic candidate. But they’re already furious at her for saying the other day, “all lives matter”. I just think they’re going to mostly stay home, and she shouldn’t risk her true supporters staying home and going republican.

  80. Admin

    Trump – “In reacting to the New Hampshire poll, he said: “I’m not thrilled, cause how could Bush be in first place? This guy can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag!”

    That’s good!

  81. OMG now they’re going after the movie, “Gone with the Wind”, because it has a confederate flag in it. They want it removed from – everywhere. This is ridiculous. It’s a movie depicting a period of time. Geez, get over yourselves.

    There are already books they’ve gotten banned (mostly children’s books) before Charleston even happened. I’m starting to think they’re out to erase white heritage. Some of the things in older times weren’t great, but they existed.

    This is more than revisionism, this is eracism.

  82. grrrr…

    staying home OR voting republican

    she shouldn’t risk her true supporters staying home and going republican.

  83. gonzo – did you read the recent research that has found that 70% of mice infected with Ebola survived, and 100% survived when given Vascor? The original article I read said that because it takes so long to create a new med, these researchers were trying existing meds. Pretty cool. Here are a couple of references to the research I just pulled up online. Just thought it was a really interesting development.

  84. lorac
    June 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm
    When you work for an organization and are under constant pressure to see and examine patients in 10 minutes or less, one does not exactly have the time to look up the formularies of the million different private insurance companies, not to mention what MediCal and Medicare will allow. Furthermore, they keep changing what they will allow, so a drug that they prefer one year will suddenly no longer be covered the next year. This constant work of second guessing insurance companies and their formularies just ends up quickly burning you out and making you think of an easier way to make a decent living. Medicine used to be a calling; now it’s all about filling forms so that you get paid and making sure the feds don’t find something wrong in your documentation that they can send you to jail for. There was a case in Indiana that is still talked about in medical conventions where a zealous D.A. unjustly went on a witch hunt after a doctor, which only ended when he and his wife commited suicide. Subsequent review of the case found that the doctor did nothing wrong with his documentation and billing. Obamacare just worsened the situation significantly to the point where I no longer recommend medicine as a career choice. Of course, that means that the doctor shortage will only get worse as time goes on, but then that is the unintended consequence of Obamacare’s regulations.

  85. Hannity continually berates Hillary for taking money from Saudi Arabia, and asks guests on his show, don’t they agree that’s so hypocritical, she says she supports women, but takes money from a country that oppresses women.

    I’ve been under the impression that our *country* GIVES money to Saudi Arabia, because it has always irritated me because they have all that oil, why do they need our tax dollars? If my memory is accurate, then our whole country is hypocritical, and Hannity should “shut it” about blaming Hillary about associating with that country.

  86. Tony, yes I agree that everything has become about paperwork and all kinds of extra work. They probably *want* to drive MDs out, so they can bring on younger, more malleable MDs who will work directly for the government.

  87. Yup, solo practitioners are under pressure to give up and work for a bigger organization like an HMO or the government. My brother who is a rheumatologist and solo practitioner in a small town in the East Coast used to be a Clinton supporter, but after Hillary became Secretary of State and became associated with Obama, he now blames her for all the problems he has with trying to survive as a physician. It makes no sense but I have heard similar reactions from many other doctors who firmly believe that she will just continue Obama’s policies if elected. That is why I agree with admin that she needs to quickly and publicly dissociate herself from Obama, who is plainly toxic to her.

  88. the Court tries to palm off the pertinent statutory phrase as “inartful drafting.”

    So evidently they outright ignored all the videos of Jonathan Gruber who clearly stated they got this passed because (1) Americans are stupid and (2) because the government avoided transparency.

  89. I have an associate in the organization we work for in SoCal who used to be a solo practitioner. The regulations from both the feds and the state ultimately made it unprofitable for him to continue his practice, so he ended up shutting fown his business sending his office people to the unemployment lines and becoming a salaried employee at far less pay than when he first started out after finishing his training. He hates his job but feels that he has no choice but to continue because he has a family to support and pay for college education for his kids.

  90. Lu4Puma –

    What do you suggest people do with their investments? Are there any countries that seem relatively safe? Or do you suggest moving investments to “cash” (what is that called, it’s not actual cash in your hand or your bank, it’s still with the (investment company?), but it isn’t touched if the market collapses (it also doesn’t grow).

  91. admin
    June 26, 2015 at 12:32 am
    As long as her campaign continues to pander to the extreme left and race-baiters instead of the center where Bill aimed his campaign at, she is going to have difficulty connecting with more moderate voters who otherwise would vote instead for the GOP candidate.

  92. admin
    June 25, 2015 at 11:41 pm
    Republicans win politically but Americans lose.

    The public must pay a price for electing this horror. Twice. If you make a mistake, get bamboozled but don’t pay a price for it (and the embarrassment and pain of those innocent around you that you harmed by your stupidity) you don’t remember it. The US public is used to stability. We don’t have it now. The economy, politics, foreign affairs, nothing is stable. People are uncomfortable even if they are not exactly sure why. Democrats know Obamacare is a huge loser. They got their asses kicked in 2010 and 2014 for it. The court put it on Democrats like hanging a dead chicken around the neck of a chicken-killing dog. The reaction from Democrats was very muted yesterday because they know it is going to be taken out of their hide. The court said it is a political problem even if the doofus Obama court watchers are too dumb to see it. Now Democrats have to run on it in 2016. All of them. This could be an opportunity for Hillary to push improvements or a re-work but at this point I don’t see her taking advantage of it. Expect “Gruber” commercials from the Republicans 24/7 next year. This is a Pyrrhic victory for Democrats.

  93. The GOP dumps on Trump

    (and deflects some HATE from Hillary?)


    Trump bump terrifies GOP

    Insiders worry the mogul will damage the eventual nominee and hurt a party struggling to connect with women and minorities.

    All jokes aside, the Republican Party is officially afraid of Donald Trump.

    He has virtually zero chance of winning the presidential nomination. But insiders worry that the loud-mouthed mogul is more than just a minor comedic nuisance on cable news; they fret that he’s a loose cannon whose rants about Mexicans and scorched-earth attacks on his rivals will damage the eventual nominee and hurt a party struggling to connect with women and minorities and desperate to win.

    “Donald Trump is like watching a road-side accident,” said former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer. “Everybody pulls over to see the mess. And Trump thinks that’s entertainment. But running for president is serious. And the risk for the party is he tarnishes everybody.”

    Those risks were amplified this week after a trio of polls showed him likely to earn a coveted invitation to the party’s debates, which ironically were restructured with the very goal of avoiding the circus-like atmosphere of 2012. Having Trump introduce the 2016 field to a national audience was not exactly the Big Tent the party’s bigwigs had in mind.

    “I’m not excited about somebody as divisive as Trump or somebody as obnoxious as Trump being on the debate stage,” one RNC member confessed.

    Trump currently sits in eighth place among Republicans, according to the Real Clear Politics average of national polls — ahead of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. And this week, he came in second in two New Hampshire polls and in a Fox News national poll, finishing behind only former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in all three.

    Under the rules instituted by Fox News, the top 10 candidates by national polling average will be included in the first debate, to be held in August. Trump’s star could easily fade by then. But as of now, he would be in — over 2012 Republican runner-up Rick Santorum, who won 11 states and around 4 million votes last cycle; over Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the popular governor of a key swing state; over South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a leading foreign policy voice in the field; and over Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, known as a policy wonk.

    He’d also make it in over Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who the party establishment desperately wants on the debate stage. Fiorina has earned strong reviews from early-state activists, and party insiders say her inclusion in the debate is critical — both to demonstrate the GOP’s diversity and to help male candidates find the right tone in connecting with female voters, whom Republicans have struggled to win over in recent years.

    “If Donald Trump elbows out Carly Fiorina, for example, that would be a real tragedy for our side,” said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean.

    Beyond that, there are concerns about what he’ll do once he’s on the stage — namely, go hard after the other Republican hopefuls and say incendiary things that will hurt the party.

    In recent months, he’s said that Fiorina got “fired viciously” from HP and “got clobbered” in her 2010 California Senate loss to Barbara Boxer (she lost by 10 points.) He’s rippped Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as “very weak” on immigration. He’s called Jeb Bush “an unhappy person” and said he “couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.”

    Asked whether Trump will keep up the attacks, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said he would. “They should be worried about Donald Trump,” Lewandowski said of the party establishment, before criticizing Rubio and Bush on several issues.

    And worried they are.

    “There is a real concern, particularly on the debate stage, that Trump won’t play by the rules and he’s going to throw some below-the-belt punches,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell.

    “Republicans in a primary don’t like to see the candidates attacking each other,” said Peter Feaman, an RNC National Committeeman from Florida. “They’d like to see the focus stay where it should be, and that’s the leadership of the Democratic Party for the last eight years.”

    “The challenge with somebody like him is that when you’re running in these races, there’s sort of an assumption that you’re racing with professionals,” said Katie Packer Gage, a former deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney. “He makes up facts. It’s a challenge because he’s very unpredictable.”

    And above all the RNC — whose self-assessment of the party’s failure in 2012 urged the importance of appealing to non-white voters, especially Hispanics, 71 percent of whom voted for President Barack Obama — is nervous about Trump’s rhetoric. He accused Mexican immigrants of being rapists and smuggling drugs in his announcement speech, and said at a January Republican cattle call in Iowa that half the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are criminals. In 2011, he led the racially loaded calls for Obama to release his long-form birth certificate and, in April, blamed the president for the riots in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray.

    Fleischer, one of the five co-authors of the RNC autopsy report, said Trump largely embodied all of the party’s problems with non-white voters. “When he says something irresponsible like getting Mexicans to pay for a wall, he will alienate Hispanics … he’s irresponsible, he’s divisive, he’s hurtful,” he said.

    Asked about those concerns, Lewandowski responded: “Who’s saying this, old white guys? You’re saying you’ve got old white guys saying they’re concerned about Donald Trump’s messaging about illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. Wow, that speaks for itself.”

    Several Iowa Republicans expressed dismay at Trump’s momentum, labeling him as someone whose brash personality and celebrity status make him a bad fit for the rural first nominating state.

  94. Lewandowski responded: “Who’s saying this, old white guys? You’re saying you’ve got old white guys saying they’re concerned about Donald Trump’s messaging about illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. Wow, that speaks for itself.”
    Yes, of course, “white guys” are just lining up to say that more and more and more illegals must invade our country, overwhelm our safety nets, and take our jobs . . .

    Dare I ask: who are these white guys?

    In Bellevue Mental Hospital perhaps.

    Do I Hear A Waltz?

    No. It is merely the sound of a soon to be extinct political party

    Whistling its way past the graveyard

    It is one thing to deal with an adversary who says he will kill you

    You can make provision for something like that

    But it is impossible to deal with an adversary

    Who says trust me–I will fight against your adverary

    And then proceeds to stab you in the back.

    To give your support to someone like that is madness.

  95. Of all the sins

    Betrayal is the worst

    It is, what Caesar said to his erstwhile friend Brutus

    (Among all my assassin’s your dagger was)

    The unkindest cut of all.

    That statement should be the obituary of the Republican Party.

    I am a Reaganite.

    This is no longer the party of Reagan.

    It pretends to be the party of the people.

    But it is not.

    It is the party of the Chamber of Commerce.

    A survey of what they have done since 2010

    Proves this point to a moral certainty.

    The base must ignore the bloody shirt they wave in 2016

    The base should reject their specious claims that we will fight for you

    The base should say, no fucking way, been there done that

    The base is left with only two choices:

    1. vote for the opposing candidate—or

    2. just stay home

    And while the base is busy exercising those options

    They must begin the arduous task of laying the groundwork for a third party

    So they are ready when the Whig Party loses big in 2016

  96. Roberts in today’s dissent: “Under the Constitution, judges have power to say what
    the law is, not what it should be.” Wait, didn’t he just contradict himself with his ruling on Obamacare?

  97. For this to work, however, the democrat party needs to get its act together

    Fat chance of that

    But the worst of all potential outcomes

    Would be for the RINO to win BY DEFAULT.

    That is the weak point in the above strategy.

  98. Lewandowski responded: “Who’s saying this, old white guys? You’re saying you’ve got old white guys saying they’re concerned about Donald Trump’s messaging about illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. Wow, that speaks for itself.”
    I was thinking about this the other day.

    How many people do you know who lie—with premediation and deliberation?

    If you ask me, only a small minority.

    How many people do you know who are capable of deceiving themselves into believing a lie?

    Just to pick a number out of a hat . . . 52% of the electorate.

    The capacity of human beings for lying is limited.

    The capacity of human beings for self deception is not.

    It is unlimited.

    The Machiavellian question then becomes how can we deceive them?

  99. Their sacrificing the Flag, instead of guns…but it’s definitely a shot across the brow of the Southern States, you have not been humbled enough since the Civil War, you will bow to the Great Liberal North. ..
    But the actual American flag is at risk, as is any pride in being American. ..The message is we are all globalist now…except if your a Muslim terrorist, nothing is beholdin F to those who chop off heads.

  100. Now that the Supreme’s have given their blessings to their Dear leader on O’HellCare…

    Hillary will not be able to campaign to destroy it. How can she possibly fix this give away to Big Pharma and the insurance industry when she becomes
    Madam President????????????????????????????????????????????????


  101. Steven Green at PJMedia: this week is overall the worst in the Supreme Court’s history

    June 26th, 2015 – 9:52 am

    Am I pro-gay marriage? I officiated a gay wedding — not just before President Barack-Come-Lately “evolved” his position on the issue, but way back when Bill Clinton was still doing things like signing the Defense of Marriage Act.

    So, yeah, you could say I’m invested in the issue.

    But more than any single issue, or policy, or party, I’m invested in Constitutional government. Because without Constitutional government, the most pressing question anyone has doesn’t involve marriage or welfare benefits or defense spending — the most pressing question becomes, “Which group of thugs is going to take everything I have this week?”

    When the thugs were a distant King and his Parliament in the days of slow communications, it was relatively easy to win our liberty. In these days of domestic spying (enhanced by Google-grade collation algorithms), dedicated SWAT teams for every government agency, and legislation-by-judicial-decree, winning our liberty back becomes that much more difficult.

    So, yeah, I “celebrate” today’s win, but I fear the process used to secure it.

    Combined with yesterday’s Burwell and FHA rulings, it’s safe to say that this week is overall the worst in the Supreme Court’s history. Other single decisions rank lower (Dred Scott, anyone?), but these three decisions have together undermined the Faithful Execution clause, again undermined 50 state governments, and empowered the federal bureaucracy to micromanage the property rights of tens of millions of American homeowners.

    There’s no sugarcoating this, kids — I believe this is the worst week in American judicial history.

  102. Upon further reflection, I am of the view that we should support this cave in to Iran.

    Are you nuts?


    But that is hardly the issue.

    Well then why would you say something that crazy.

    Are you just another traitor—like the man Bush supported to become Chief Justice?

    Not quite.

    My view is we have reached the point where the only way to solve the Iranian problem

    Is to get the fuck out of the way

    And let Bibi do it

    This peace in our time surrender

    Will tend to accelerate that inevitable process.

    Take out the bullshit, and the punditry, that appears to be the bottom line.

    And to Bibi: be skeptical of promises that the US will protect Israel.

    The only way to be sure is to do it yourself.

  103. Shadowfax
    June 26, 2015 at 1:13 pm
    Tony Stark
    June 26, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Judas Roberts needs to get fired!!!

    If Ted Cruz wins the election, then I rather suspect that Roberts will be the first to go. He will no longer be chief justice. Maybe they can find a rubber room for him to serve out his term in office.

  104. This is not the first time the Bush family gave us a sheep in wolf’s clother.

    Who can forget that waste of protoplasm David Souter.

    At least he, like Fortas had the good sense to resign.

    Fortas, as you may recall, had a Larry Craig problem.

  105. sheep in wolf’s clothing

    maybe a better way to put it would be

    an anti-constitutionalist chief justice

    and leave it at that

    no need to gild the lily.

  106. If Ted Cruz wins the election

    I think Ted has about as much of a chance of becoming President as Trump does, and Hillary did in 2008.

    Not gonna happen. IMHO

    (I always have to laugh at the ‘humble’ part of that abbreviation.)

  107. Larry should be a national hero

    He did not take a date to the high school prom

    He found true love in the men’s latrine

    That too should have constitutional protection

    Based on today’s decision

    The question would be this:

    With the latrine doors shut and locked

    Do the occupants have a reasonable expectation of privacy

    After all footwork between stalls might be nothing more than footwork.

  108. Shadowfax
    June 26, 2015 at 1:46 pm
    If Ted Cruz wins the election

    I think Ted has about as much of a chance of becoming President as Trump does, and Hillary did in 2008.
    Be patient Shadow.

    Stranger things have happened.

    Talk to me after the debates.

    He will have the Tea Party, the evanglicals, the limited government people, and those who fear globalists on his side.

    In a change election, with Trump running interference, that may be what it takes.

    Conventional wisdom fails to see Jebediah as dead man walking and Rubio as a mackrel in the moonlight–he shines but he stinks.

    Then again, I could be entirely wrong

    For as Mencken said: nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People.

  109. Stranger things have happened.

    Oh yes they have, we have been experiencing it since 2007.

  110. it is very clear that if someone hits Trump, he punches back fast and hard…and doesn’t leave any room for guessing why…


    In the letter, Trump writes to Falco, “Please be advised that under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miami—its golf courses or any of its facilities. Also, please immediately stop work and close the gate which is being constructed between our respective properties. If this is not done within one week, we will close it.”

    In a post-script, Trump added: “Please congratulate your Mexican Government officials for having made such outstanding trade deals with the United States. However, inform them that should I become President, those days are over. We are bringing jobs back to the U.S. Also, a meaningful border will be immediately created, not the laughingstock that currently exists.”


    “The Mexican government is putting pressure on Univision to get me to stop exposing the weaknesses the U.S. has at the southern border,” he said during the interview, citing his claims that U.S. leaders were “incompetent” on trade with Mexico, allowing the country to take advantage of the U.S., and that the southern border “is a sieve” that “illegals are pouring through.”

    “The government of Mexico and the lobbyists and the special interests have put tremendous pressure on Univision, a company that is very subservient to Mexico, to get Trump to stop exposing the terrible situation at the border and the terrible trade deals that are being made by the United States to the benefit of Mexico,” he said. “I will not be party to that, because my love of the country is too great to allow this to happen.”

    On Friday, Trump also published a photograph of a hand-written letter from Univision’s Jorge Ramos that included the anchor’s personal cell phone number, a move that was likely to inflame tensions between the two parties.

  111. “Their sacrificing the Flag, instead of guns…but it’s definitely a shot across the brow of the Southern States, you have not been humbled enough since the Civil War, you will bow to the Great Liberal North. ..”

    Yes, indeed, it surely feels like that. Soon the word “south” may be a no no like the “N” word. All my life I’ve heard stories about my family’s life during the Civil War times. Ancestors fought in for the Confederacy and some were killed but not ONE…none of them owned slaves or ever had.

  112. S
    June 26, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    …On Friday, Trump also published a photograph of a hand-written letter from Univision’s Jorge Ramos that included the anchor’s personal cell phone number

    Trump has a pair, and he doesn’t take any prisoners.

    Gotta love it after experiencing the years of inept, weak US leaders.

  113. Tony Stark
    June 26, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    His signature tells it all………….bold and in charge.

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