#Hillary2016 Roosevelt Island, #JebBush 2016 Miami – Kickoff Speeches And Rallies

Update: Open thread: America to stride boldly into future behind man named “Bush”. No, not “Bush”. It’s “Jeb!” But really, it’s “Jeb?” It’s “Jeb?” for the anti-Common Core Americans. It’s “Jeb?” for the anti illegal immigration amnesty voters.

Jeb? also released two campaign commercials on this his official announcement day.

George W. Bush “compassionate conservative” theory is back. Jeb?


If you had terrific eyes you would have seen good ol’ Big Pink on the telly at Hillary’s Saturday kickoff rally. The rally and speech? It was a spectacular setting. The first fifteen paragraphs (with the exception of one sentence) were wonderful. The best and most stunning line (transcript of speech HERE) from Hillary “I will be the youngest woman President in the history of the United States!”

That line was buried near the end of the speech. That “youngest woman president” line should have been at the very beginning, not forty or fifty paragraphs in.

It is a devastating line which addresses the attacks against Hillary as too old. It makes Hillary fresh as a daisy. It’s the future and rallies women to make Hillary the 44th person to take the oath of office. The fact that Hillary acquired that line from a young black man at one of her listening forays should also have been highlighted to show the virtues of listening. But instead the line was pirates gold entombed on a deserted isle, difficult to find except for those with a marauder’s map to buried treasure.

Worse, the terrific line was used as a jumping off point to attack Republicans instead of to inspire voters, women in particular, to vote for her not against someone else. The too cute conceit in the reference to the 50 year old Beatles song “Yesterday” served only to solidify the attack that Hillary is too old. From there the speech got worse as Hillary emitted policy noise that made little sense and only pleased Big Media, Republican candidates for president, and the Kook left who hate her.

What should have happened? The first fifteen paragraphs could have stayed in with the exception of a sentence which referenced Barack Obama – but they should have been placed at the end of the speech. The entire speech should have started and been about the “youngest woman president” in American history followed by all the personal history of her mother, father, grandparents, and all those that helped make Hillary who she is today. The speech was upside down. The end of the speech should have been at the beginning and the beginning should have been at the end. The specific policy crap should have been dumped in the garbage can along with Obama/Biden2008 bumper stickers.

After that recitation Hillary should have referenced how that history and all the opportunities she had in life, all the adversity she had in life, led to her success. Then Hillary should have said that this is what she wants for all Americans. That is why she is running. Hillary should have staked the claim that she is the champion of all Americans in terms of values not in terms of policy. Hillary should have cut the policy crap and panders from her too long 40 minute speech to make it tighter and values driven.

What did the speech accomplish?

Regular readers will recall our meltdown when Mitt Romney chose a Saturday morning to make his big speech alongside Paul Ryan In that speech Romney declared the 2012 election was to be about Romney/Ryan policy proposals not a referendum on Obama. We declared that very day, in furious, almost deranged words, that Mitt Romney had destroyed himself. But we were right. That sunny day spelled doom for Romney/Ryan. 2012, like 2016 will be a referendum on Barack Obama’s occupation of the White House.

What the Hillary Clinton speech on Roosevelt Island accomplished was to provide fodder for Jeb Bush in his kickoff speech on Monday when he makes it official that he is running for president. Ditto Donald Trump. Ditto Scott Walker. Ditto Bobby Jindal. Ditto all the Republican candidates who are in a very tough nomination fight – yet they have not yet announced! So if Republicans in their hotly contested primary battle have not all yet announced, their field still not determined, their first battles still unseen – why in blazes is Hillary making policy speeches?

To us the only legitimate question Hillary2016 should have debated was whether to launch a few days before or a few days after the first Republican debate on August 6. At that point Hillary2016 could have maximum impact and maximum devastation against Republicans – in one spectacular deed, not clever words. The only issue should have been whether to stomp on the first Republican presidential debate before or after with Hillary’s majestic entrance into the joust.

Can someone please explain to us why Hillary even gave this speech on a Saturday morning in June? What is the freaking rush? We know the staff and consultants want the paychecks to start flowing early. But now Hillary is going to give even more policy speeches? Why?

What we saw on Saturday was Mitt Romney style foolishness. First of all, young New Yorkers on Friday nights party to let off steam. Older New Yorkers use Saturday to chill and get some things done and relax from the stress of the week. So if you are going to hold a rally on a Saturday on Roosevelt Island do it in the afternoon. Do it after New Yorkers are awake and thinking about how to spend the day. Brunch or the Hillary rally? “Hey is it still difficult to get to Roosevelt Island? Is the only way to get there the gondola from the Swiss Alps? Whaddayathink? Hillary rally or brunch? Wanna try the Hillary rally?”

So what did the Hillary speech on Saturday accomplish? Surely with all the pandering to the kook left Hillary is now in good stead with the kooks right? Well, on MSNBC the charge was that the Hillary Crowd Too White, Too Small and None Too Enthusiastic,

Hillary is never going to satisfy the kook left. If Hillary wore a Mao pantsuit and waved a DailyKooks flag of the U.S.S.R. the DailyKooks would say she is too centrist and fake. In one sense the kooks are correct – Hillary is not the kook she pretends to be. All Hillary’s phony panders to the kook left accomplish is to make her look phony, feel phony, talk phony, and be phony.

Recently the Hillary haters on Morning Joe discussed what Hillary had or had not said about the minimum wage. In short, Hillary on a simple topic is incomprehensible. Hillary is in Dostoevsky’s words “emitting sounds” not conveying thoughts:

Some Hillary supporters don’t want to hear what we say. “Hillary is great, everything is great, all is right with the world.” That is the whistle played by graveyard Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post:

Clinton’s Illusory Lurch to the Left

WASHINGTON — Warning to readers: Reports of Hillary Clinton’s supposed lurch to the left have been greatly exaggerated, and there’s more to come.

Certainly, her campaign has supplied bullet points for a tale of leftward tilt:

Clinton came out for an immigration program even more expansive than Barack Obama’s. She called for overhauling the criminal justice system, arguing to “end the era of mass incarceration” that her husband helped create.

She endorsed universal, automatic voter registration and 20 days of early voting in every state. Last weekend, she phoned in to a union meeting to back a higher minimum wage.

All of which presents an easy narrative for political reporters: egged on by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, heels nipped by rivals Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, Clinton wants to get right with a skeptical base whose turnout is essential.

Except, nothing Clinton is saying is outside the 2015 Democratic Party mainstream — and, more to the point, nothing she’s saying is likely to hurt her in a general election.

Sure, the Clinton campaign wants to placate the base. But if Clinton’s recent positions are pandering, this is pandering with a purpose, and without an obvious cost.

She’s saying everything she can to make the left happy — without backing herself into a left-wing corner.

That is wishful thinking. If Ruth Marcus really believes that in the age of Youtube the panders to the kook left by Hillary won’t hurt Hillary2016 then Ruth Marcus really believes in “Yesterday” not Youtube. The days when what you say in the primary won’t affect the general election are gone. Anyone remember Romney 2012?

During the general election all the Hillary panders to the kook left of today will be Youtube fodder for the crucial mass of independent voters.

So why is Hillary Clinton emitting sounds so foolish, flat, and phony? Here is the best rational explanation for Hillary “Kook” Clinton and the embrace of the Obama coalition:

The End of the Clinton Coalition

Every time Hillary Clinton makes a left-wing policy pronouncement, it is, in effect, another eulogy marking the death of the coalition and style of politics that twice made her husband president.

Bill Clinton got elected by peeling off working-class whites and suburbanites from the Republican party, while holding traditional Democratic voters. [snip]

This is all very interesting, but we might as well be talking about Grover Cleveland’s path to the presidency in 1884. The Clinton coalition is rusty and up on blocks in some overgrown backyard like the El Camino pickup he once boasted about. And Hillary knows it.

Who is pushing Hillary to the left? Hillary is. It’s not the memory of what Barack Obama did to her in the 2008 primaries. It’s not fear of Elizabeth Warren. It’s not worry over the primary threats from Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. It’s sheer electoral necessity.

As Sean Trende of the website Real Clear Politics puts it, President Obama has narrowed but deepened the Clinton coalition.

He blew the doors off it among base Democratic voters. As Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner points out, Democrats had won the 18- to 24-year-old vote by 11.5 points on average and the 25- to 29-year-olds by about seven points on average from 1992 to 2004. Obama won those groups by more than 30 points in 2008 and 20 points in 2012.

He outdid himself among minorities, liberals, and upper-class suburbanites. Obama, Klein notes, amped up not just his margin among African-American voters, but their turnout.

Elsewhere in the former Clinton coalition, though, his support collapsed, with older and blue-collar whites continuing to flee the Democrats. The change was especially pronounced in Appalachia. [snip]

Even if Hillary wanted to try to recapture those kinds of voters, it’s not clear that she could, and the effort would risk alienating the Obama supporters she needs if she’s going to win a national election.

So the question for Hillary is whether a 67-year-old candidate who’s not a racial minority or particularly exciting can reenergize the electoral coalition defined by a youthful African American who rose to prominence on rhetorical flights of fancy about hope and change.

She’s certainly not going to do it by recapitulating the politics of Bill. He hewed to the political center. He played defense on cultural issues. [snip]

Everything indicates she’s going to do and be the opposite. Hillary will make herself a paladin of the Left, and hope to energize and frighten the constituent parts of the Democratic base enough to walk the treacherously narrow electoral path of President Obama.

This is the price of victory Obama-style. Despite his rhetoric of unity, Obama depends on a politics that writes off much of the country and depends on turning out voters already inclined to support him. It is less a politics of persuasion than of mobilization.

For Hillary, this means the centrism and practicality of her husband have to be jettisoned, so what remains from the Clintonism of yore is mostly the shady dealings and shameless insincerity. But she really has no choice. It’s go left, or go home.

The article is written by conservative Republican Rich Lowry but aside from the snide putdowns of Bill Clinton the ideas are the thinking behind Hillary2016 “strategists” and graveyard whistlers such as Ruth Marcus. That the “strategy” such as it is only teases electoral success not governing success is one today’s modern day parties are willing to forgo. It’s a “victory without peace” circa World War I strategy for perpetual war.

The most this strategy promises is an electoral victory not governing success and we believe the electoral promise is overblown. Consider this article from the same Washington Post Ruth Marcus writes for which tracks the limits of the base turnout Obama strategy Hillary2016 has adopted:

Let down by Obama, some black voters ask: Is it even worth backing Clinton?

Jacksonville, Fla. — During those two electric Novembers, the chance to elect a black president, and then keep him in office, seized Regenia Motley’s neighborhood.

Nightclubs were registering voters. Churches held fish fries after loading buses that ferried parishioners to the polls. A truck hoisted a big sign that said “Obama.” And residents waited in long lines at precincts across the community.

But as Motley and some friends sought shade recently under a mulberry tree and looked across the landscape of empty lots and abandoned houses that has persisted here, they wondered whether they would ever bother voting again.

“What was the point?” asked Motley, 23, a grocery store clerk. “We made history, but I don’t see change.”

Unfulfilled HOPE and CHANGE for the worse, are Obama’s legacy. And Hillary bets her future on that?

The whole article on black disappointment with their election of the first boob president with heightened melanin is worth a read. These are the people that must vote at super high numbers if the Hillary2016 strategy (devised by Obama strategists like pollster Joel Benenson who now infect the Hillary2016 campaign) is to have a chance to work. Here are some more excerpts from the article:

On Jacksonville’s north side and in other struggling urban neighborhoods across the country, where Barack Obama mobilized large numbers of new African American voters who were inspired partly by the emotional draw of his biography, high hopes have turned to frustration: Even a black president was unable to heal places still gripped by violence, drugs and joblessness.

The dynamic, made prominent in recent months after unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., sets up a stark challenge for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner.

While supporting Obama became a cause for many here rather than a typical campaign, Clinton faces a higher bar in making a case that she, too, can be a transformative figure. [snip]

Yet as her allies prepare to register voters and expand the black electorate, her candidacy presents residents here with a question: If Obama’s presidency didn’t do more to help African Americans, then how could hers? [snip]

“But here in Jacksonville, the issues won’t be enough.” [snip]

Still, polls show a gap between the positive feelings black voters have for Clinton and those they hold for Obama. [snip]

At least with Obama, he gave pride to our young men and was a good role model,” said Daniel “Happy Jack” Cobb Jr., 73, the owner of Happy Jack’s Grocery and Market on Jacksonville’s north side. “Hillary needs to prove to us that she’s genuine and really true. And I’m not even sure that would help. We’ve been snakebitten too many times before.” [snip]

And there was so much swag. Residents kept buttons and door hangers as keepsakes — even squares of toilet paper with Obama’s face on them. [snip]

“It became more about a personal duty to elect Obama than a civic duty to vote,” said Mone Holder, the northern Florida regional director for Florida New Majority, a liberal voting rights group. “There’s been a lot of talk in the state about how to transform that enthusiasm into a black and brown agenda. No one has fully figured it out yet.” [snip]

But now, as the Obama era draws to a close, that excitement has dimmed.

On the north side, gang violence and drug use have surged. In April, 33 Jacksonville residents were shot, including seven who were killed. [snip]

For the friends who gathered recently to hang out in the shade of the mulberry tree, it will be hard to justify the effort of turning out and voting next year when so little has changed — and some things feel worse.

“We got the president his job,” Motley said. “But did he help us get any good jobs? I still need a raise.”

“It’s not his fault,” interrupted Louis Wilson, 65, a retired airport maintenance worker. [snip]

“We all struggling,” said another. One man became so uncomfortable, he removed his T-shirt, wrapped it around his head and walked away. The shirt read “Obama ’08.” [snip]

“It’s not just because Obama was black, but it was because you knew he had a sense of empathy with your struggle,” said Sherrod Brown, a 26-year-old gospel singer. “The people of Jacksonville are fair. We’d vote for Hillary, but she has to prove she’s down.”

Simia Richardson, 31, a teacher, said she was unsure whom to support. “I’m all about [Clinton] being a woman, but it will be a problem for a lot of people,” she said. “And there are some other people who might be interesting. Ben Carson, he’s running.”

Hillary Clinton is in full pander for voters who voted overwhelmingly on the basis of skin color and for those in the far kook left. This does not seem like a successful electoral strategy. The more Hillary panders to the black peas and the kook peas the harder it will be to get the chick peas and the independent peas on the electoral fork.

We’re not suggesting Hillary has to only worry about independent voters. What we suggest is that a combination independent voter/Democratic party voter strategy is wiser than putting all her eggs in a broken Obama basket. When Hillary panders to black voters and/or kook voters she eliminates the possibility of support from middle of the road independent voters.

There is no need for Hillary to pander with foolish policy pronouncements. The yellow dog Democratic Party voters will vote for her. The losses from the left can be made up in profitable votes from the middle. This is not only an electoral coalition but a governing coalition as well.

On Monday, Jeb Bush will announce he is running for president. Jeb Bush has a lot of credible candidates running against him. Yet Jeb Bush waited until now to officially announce because he wanted to get his financial house in order.

Jeb Bush has had many problems thus far one of them being his disagreement with his own party faithful on issues such as immigration and common core. It’s almost the same problem Hillary has except that Hillary has no organizational juggernaut against her which has to be countered with pandering while Jeb Bush has many organizational juggernauts against him.

Jeb Bush exacerbates his problems and assists his juggernaut oppositions with policies on issues such as immigration, common core, and trade policy, which are barely indistinguishable from Barack Obama. Oddly Jeb Bush will be helped by Hillary’s speech this past Saturday because he will use Hillary to try to mollify his opponents.

Jeb Bush’s biggest problem however is his failure to separate himself from the failure that was George W. Bush. Hillary’s biggest problem is her failure to separate herself from the failure that is Barack Obama.


89 thoughts on “#Hillary2016 Roosevelt Island, #JebBush 2016 Miami – Kickoff Speeches And Rallies

  1. http://time.com/3920332/transcript-full-text-hillary-clinton-campaign-launch/

    Thank you! Oh, thank you all! Thank you so very, very much.

    It is wonderful to be here with all of you.

    To be in New York with my family, with so many friends, including many New Yorkers who gave me the honor of serving them in the Senate for eight years.

    To be right across the water from the headquarters of the United Nations, where I represented our country many times.

    To be here in this beautiful park dedicated to Franklin Roosevelt’s enduring vision of America, the nation we want to be.

    And in a place… with absolutely no ceilings.

    You know, President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms are a testament to our nation’s unmatched aspirations and a reminder of our unfinished work at home and abroad. His legacy lifted up a nation and inspired presidents who followed. One is the man I served as Secretary of State, Barack Obama, and another is my husband, Bill Clinton.

    Two Democrats guided by the — Oh, that will make him so happy. They were and are two Democrats guided by the fundamental American belief that real and lasting prosperity must be built by all and shared by all.

    President Roosevelt called on every American to do his or her part, and every American answered. He said there’s no mystery about what it takes to build a strong and prosperous America: “Equality of opportunity… Jobs for those who can work… Security for those who need it… The ending of special privilege for the few… The preservation of civil liberties for all… a wider and constantly rising standard of living.”

    That still sounds good to me.

    It’s America’s basic bargain. If you do your part you ought to be able to get ahead. And when everybody does their part, America gets ahead too.

    That bargain inspired generations of families, including my own.

    It’s what kept my grandfather going to work in the same Scranton lace mill every day for 50 years.

    It’s what led my father to believe that if he scrimped and saved, his small business printing drapery fabric in Chicago could provide us with a middle-class life. And it did.

    When President Clinton honored the bargain, we had the longest peacetime expansion in history, a balanced budget, and the first time in decades we all grew together, with the bottom 20 percent of workers increasing their incomes by the same percentage as the top 5 percent.

    When President Obama honored the bargain, we pulled back from the brink of Depression, saved the auto industry, provided health care to 16 million working people, and replaced the jobs we lost faster than after a financial crash.

    But, it’s not 1941, or 1993, or even 2009. We face new challenges in our economy and our democracy.

    We’re still working our way back from a crisis that happened because time-tested values were replaced by false promises.

    Instead of an economy built by every American, for every American, we were told that if we let those at the top pay lower taxes and bend the rules, their success would trickle down to everyone else.

    What happened?

    Well, instead of a balanced budget with surpluses that could have eventually paid off our national debt, the Republicans twice cut taxes for the wealthiest, borrowed money from other countries to pay for two wars, and family incomes dropped. You know where we ended up.

    Except it wasn’t the end.

    As we have since our founding, Americans made a new beginning.

    You worked extra shifts, took second jobs, postponed home repairs… you figured out how to make it work. And now people are beginning to think about their future again – going to college, starting a business, buying a house, finally being able to put away something for retirement.

    So we’re standing again. But, we all know we’re not yet running the way America should.

    You see corporations making record profits, with CEOs making record pay, but your paychecks have barely budged.

    While many of you are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, you see the top 25 hedge fund managers making more than all of America’s kindergarten teachers combined. And, often paying a lower tax rate.

    So, you have to wonder: “When does my hard work pay off? When does my family get ahead?”


    I say now.

    Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers.

    Democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations.

    Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain too.

    You brought our country back.

    Now it’s time — your time to secure the gains and move ahead.

    And, you know what?

    America can’t succeed unless you succeed.

    That is why I am running for President of the United States.

    Here, on Roosevelt Island, I believe we have a continuing rendezvous with destiny. Each American and the country we cherish.

    I’m running to make our economy work for you and for every American.

    For the successful and the struggling.

    For the innovators and inventors.

    For those breaking barriers in technology and discovering cures for diseases.

    For the factory workers and food servers who stand on their feet all day.

    For the nurses who work the night shift.

    For the truckers who drive for hours and the farmers who feed us.

    For the veterans who served our country.

    For the small business owners who took a risk.

    For everyone who’s ever been knocked down, but refused to be knocked out.

    I’m not running for some Americans, but for all Americans.

    Our country’s challenges didn’t begin with the Great Recession and they won’t end with the recovery.

    For decades, Americans have been buffeted by powerful currents.

    Advances in technology and the rise of global trade have created whole new areas of economic activity and opened new markets for our exports, but they have also displaced jobs and undercut wages for millions of Americans.

    The financial industry and many multi-national corporations have created huge wealth for a few by focusing too much on short-term profit and too little on long-term value… too much on complex trading schemes and stock buybacks, too little on investments in new businesses, jobs, and fair compensation.

    Our political system is so paralyzed by gridlock and dysfunction that most Americans have lost confidence that anything can actually get done. And they’ve lost trust in the ability of both government and Big Business to change course.

    Now, we can blame historic forces beyond our control for some of this, but the choices we’ve made as a nation, leaders and citizens alike, have also played a big role.

    Our next President must work with Congress and every other willing partner across our entire country. And I will do just that — to turn the tide so these currents start working for us more than against us.

    At our best, that’s what Americans do. We’re problem solvers, not deniers. We don’t hide from change, we harness it.

    But we can’t do that if we go back to the top-down economic policies that failed us before.

    Americans have come too far to see our progress ripped away.

    Now, there may be some new voices in the presidential Republican choir, but they’re all singing the same old song…

    A song called “Yesterday.”

    You know the one — all our troubles look as though they’re here to stay… and we need a place to hide away… They believe in yesterday.

    And you’re lucky I didn’t try singing that, too, I’ll tell you!

    These Republicans trip over themselves promising lower taxes for the wealthy and fewer rules for the biggest corporations without regard for how that will make income inequality even worse.

    We’ve heard this tune before. And we know how it turns out.

    Ask many of these candidates about climate change, one of the defining threats of our time, and they’ll say: “I’m not a scientist.” Well, then, why don’t they start listening to those who are?

    They pledge to wipe out tough rules on Wall Street, rather than rein in the banks that are still too risky, courting future failures. In a case that can only be considered mass amnesia.

    They want to take away health insurance from more than 16 million Americans without offering any credible alternative.

    They shame and blame women, rather than respect our right to make our own reproductive health decisions.

    They want to put immigrants, who work hard and pay taxes, at risk of deportation.

    And they turn their backs on gay people who love each other.

    Fundamentally, they reject what it takes to build an inclusive economy. It takes an inclusive society. What I once called “a village” that has a place for everyone.

    Now, my values and a lifetime of experiences have given me a different vision for America.

    I believe that success isn’t measured by how much the wealthiest Americans have, but by how many children climb out of poverty…

    How many start-ups and small businesses open and thrive…

    How many young people go to college without drowning in debt…

    How many people find a good job…

    How many families get ahead and stay ahead.

    I didn’t learn this from politics. I learned it from my own family.

    My mother taught me that everybody needs a chance and a champion. She knew what it was like not to have either one.

    Her own parents abandoned her, and by 14 she was out on her own, working as a housemaid. Years later, when I was old enough to understand, I asked what kept her going.

    You know what her answer was? Something very simple: Kindness from someone who believed she mattered.

    The 1st grade teacher who saw she had nothing to eat at lunch and, without embarrassing her, brought extra food to share.

    The woman whose house she cleaned letting her go to high school so long as her work got done. That was a bargain she leapt to accept.

    And, because some people believed in her, she believed in me.

    That’s why I believe with all my heart in America and in the potential of every American.

    To meet every challenge.

    To be resilient… no matter what the world throws at you.

    To solve the toughest problems.

    I believe we can do all these things because I’ve seen it happen.

    As a young girl, I signed up at my Methodist Church to babysit the children of Mexican farmworkers, while their parents worked in the fields on the weekends. And later, as a law student, I advocated for Congress to require better working and living conditions for farm workers whose children deserved better opportunities.

    My first job out of law school was for the Children’s Defense Fund. I walked door-to-door to find out how many children with disabilities couldn’t go to school, and to help build the case for a law guaranteeing them access to education.

    As a leader of the Legal Services Corporation, I defended the right of poor people to have a lawyer. And saw lives changed because an abusive marriage ended or an illegal eviction stopped.

    In Arkansas, I supervised law students who represented clients in courts and prisons, organized scholarships for single parents going to college, led efforts for better schools and health care, and personally knew the people whose lives were improved.

    As Senator, I had the honor of representing brave firefighters, police officers, EMTs, construction workers, and volunteers who ran toward danger on 9/11 and stayed there, becoming sick themselves.

    It took years of effort, but Congress finally approved the health care they needed.

    There are so many faces and stories that I carry with me of people who gave their best and then needed help themselves.

    Just weeks ago, I met another person like that, a single mom juggling a job and classes at community college, while raising three kids.

    She doesn’t expect anything to come easy. But she did ask me: What more can be done so it isn’t quite so hard for families like hers?

    I want to be her champion and your champion.

    If you’ll give me the chance, I’ll wage and win Four Fights for you.

    The first is to make the economy work for everyday Americans, not just those at the top.

    To make the middle class mean something again, with rising incomes and broader horizons. And to give the poor a chance to work their way into it.

    The middle class needs more growth and more fairness. Growth and fairness go together. For lasting prosperity, you can’t have one without the other.

    Is this possible in today’s world?

    I believe it is or I wouldn’t be standing here.

    Do I think it will be easy? Of course not.

    But, here’s the good news: There are allies for change everywhere who know we can’t stand by while inequality increases, wages stagnate, and the promise of America dims. We should welcome the support of all Americans who want to go forward together with us.

    There are public officials who know Americans need a better deal.

    Business leaders who want higher pay for employees, equal pay for women and no discrimination against the LGBT community either.

    There are leaders of finance who want less short-term trading and more long-term investing.

    There are union leaders who are investing their own pension funds in putting people to work to build tomorrow’s economy. We need everyone to come to the table and work with us.

    In the coming weeks, I’ll propose specific policies to:

    Reward businesses who invest in long term value rather than the quick buck – because that leads to higher growth for the economy, higher wages for workers, and yes, bigger profits, everybody will have a better time.

    I will rewrite the tax code so it rewards hard work and investments here at home, not quick trades or stashing profits overseas.

    I will give new incentives to companies that give their employees a fair share of the profits their hard work earns.

    We will unleash a new generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing tax relief, cutting red tape, and making it easier to get a small business loan.

    We will restore America to the cutting edge of innovation, science, and research by increasing both public and private investments.

    And we will make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.

    Developing renewable power – wind, solar, advanced biofuels…

    Building cleaner power plants, smarter electric grids, greener buildings…

    Using additional fees and royalties from fossil fuel extraction to protect the environment…

    And ease the transition for distressed communities to a more diverse and sustainable economic future from coal country to Indian country, from small towns in the Mississippi Delta to the Rio Grande Valley to our inner cities, we have to help our fellow Americans.

    Now, this will create millions of jobs and countless new businesses, and enable America to lead the global fight against climate change.

    We will also connect workers to their jobs and businesses. Customers will have a better chance to actually get where they need and get what they desire with roads, railways, bridges, airports, ports, and broadband brought up to global standards for the 21st century.

    We will establish an infrastructure bank and sell bonds to pay for some of these improvements.

    Now, building an economy for tomorrow also requires investing in our most important asset, our people, beginning with our youngest.

    That’s why I will propose that we make preschool and quality childcare available to every child in America.

    And I want you to remember this, because to me, this is absolutely the most-compelling argument why we should do this. Research tells us how much early learning in the first five years of life can impact lifelong success. In fact, 80 percent of the brain is developed by age three.

    One thing I’ve learned is that talent is universal – you can find it anywhere – but opportunity is not. Too many of our kids never have the chance to learn and thrive as they should and as we need them to.

    Our country won’t be competitive or fair if we don’t help more families give their kids the best possible start in life.

    So let’s staff our primary and secondary schools with teachers who are second to none in the world, and receive the respect they deserve for sparking the love of learning in every child.

    Let’s make college affordable and available to all …and lift the crushing burden of student debt.

    Let’s provide lifelong learning for workers to gain or improve skills the economy requires, setting up many more Americans for success.

    Now, the second fight is to strengthen America’s families, because when our families are strong, America is strong.

    And today’s families face new and unique pressures. Parents need more support and flexibility to do their job at work and at home.

    I believe you should have the right to earn paid sick days.

    I believe you should receive your work schedule with enough notice to arrange childcare or take college courses to get ahead.

    I believe you should look forward to retirement with confidence, not anxiety.

    That you should have the peace of mind that your health care will be there when you need it, without breaking the bank.

    I believe we should offer paid family leave so no one has to choose between keeping a paycheck and caring for a new baby or a sick relative.

    And it is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job — and women of color often making even less.

    This isn’t a women’s issue. It’s a family issue. Just like raising the minimum wage is a family issue. Expanding childcare is a family issue. Declining marriage rates is a family issue. The unequal rates of incarceration is a family issue. Helping more people with an addiction or a mental health problem get help is a family issue.

    In America, every family should feel like they belong.

    So we should offer hard-working, law-abiding immigrant families a path to citizenship. Not second-class status.

    And, we should ban discrimination against LGBT Americans and their families so they can live, learn, marry, and work just like everybody else.

    You know, America’s diversity, our openness, our devotion to human rights and freedom is what’s drawn so many to our shores. What’s inspired people all over the world. I know. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    And these are also qualities that prepare us well for the demands of a world that is more interconnected than ever before.

    So we have a third fight: to harness all of America’s power, smarts, and values to maintain our leadership for peace, security, and prosperity.

    No other country on Earth is better positioned to thrive in the 21st century. No other country is better equipped to meet traditional threats from countries like Russia, North Korea, and Iran – and to deal with the rise of new powers like China.

    No other country is better prepared to meet emerging threats from cyber attacks, transnational terror networks like ISIS, and diseases that spread across oceans and continents.

    As your President, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe.

    And if you look over my left shoulder you can see the new World Trade Center soaring skyward.

    As a Senator from New York, I dedicated myself to getting our city and state the help we needed to recover. And as a member of the Armed Services Committee, I worked to maintain the best-trained, best-equipped, strongest military, ready for today’s threats and tomorrow’s.

    And when our brave men and women come home from war or finish their service, I’ll see to it that they get not just the thanks of a grateful nation, but the care and benefits they’ve earned.

    I’ve stood up to adversaries like Putin and reinforced allies like Israel. I was in the Situation Room on the day we got bin Laden.

    But, I know — I know we have to be smart as well as strong.

    Meeting today’s global challenges requires every element of America’s power, including skillful diplomacy, economic influence, and building partnerships to improve lives around the world with people, not just their governments.

    There are a lot of trouble spots in the world, but there’s a lot of good news out there too.

    I believe the future holds far more opportunities than threats if we exercise creative and confident leadership that enables us to shape global events rather than be shaped by them.

    And we all know that in order to be strong in the world, though, we first have to be strong at home. That’s why we have to win the fourth fight – reforming our government and revitalizing our democracy so that it works for everyday Americans.

    We have to stop the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political process, and drowning out the voices of our people.

    We need Justices on the Supreme Court who will protect every citizen’s right to vote, rather than every corporation’s right to buy elections.

    If necessary, I will support a constitutional amendment to undo the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

    I want to make it easier for every citizen to vote. That’s why I’ve proposed universal, automatic registration and expanded early voting.

    I’ll fight back against Republican efforts to disempower and disenfranchise young people, poor people, people with disabilities, and people of color.

    What part of democracy are they afraid of?

    No matter how easy we make it to vote, we still have to give Americans something worth voting for.

    Government is never going to have all the answers – but it has to be smarter, simpler, more efficient, and a better partner.

    That means access to advanced technology so government agencies can more effectively serve their customers, the American people.

    We need expertise and innovation from the private sector to help cut waste and streamline services.

    There’s so much that works in America. For every problem we face, someone somewhere in America is solving it. Silicon Valley cracked the code on sharing and scaling a while ago. Many states are pioneering new ways to deliver services. I want to help Washington catch up.

    To do that, we need a political system that produces results by solving problems that hold us back, not one overwhelmed by extreme partisanship and inflexibility.

    Now, I’ll always seek common ground with friend and opponent alike. But I’ll also stand my ground when I must.

    That’s something I did as Senator and Secretary of State — whether it was working with Republicans to expand health care for children and for our National Guard, or improve our foster care and adoption system, or pass a treaty to reduce the number of Russian nuclear warheads that could threaten our cities — and it’s something I will always do as your President.

    We Americans may differ, bicker, stumble, and fall; but we are at our best when we pick each other up, when we have each other’s back.

    Like any family, our American family is strongest when we cherish what we have in common, and fight back against those who would drive us apart.

    People all over the world have asked me: “How could you and President Obama work together after you fought so hard against each other in that long campaign?”

    Now, that is an understandable question considering that in many places, if you lose an election you could get imprisoned or exiled – even killed – not hired as Secretary of State.

    But President Obama asked me to serve, and I accepted because we both love our country. That’s how we do it in America.

    With that same spirit, together, we can win these four fights.

    We can build an economy where hard work is rewarded.

    We can strengthen our families.

    We can defend our country and increase our opportunities all over the world.

    And we can renew the promise of our democracy.

    If we all do our part. In our families, in our businesses, unions, houses of worship, schools, and, yes, in the voting booth.

    I want you to join me in this effort. Help me build this campaign and make it your own.

    Talk to your friends, your family, your neighbors.

    Text “JOIN” J-O-I-N to 4-7-2-4-6.

    Go to hillaryclinton.com and sign up to make calls and knock on doors.

    It’s no secret that we’re going up against some pretty powerful forces that will do and spend whatever it takes to advance a very different vision for America. But I’ve spent my life fighting for children, families, and our country. And I’m not stopping now.

    You know, I know how hard this job is. I’ve seen it up close and personal.

    All our Presidents come into office looking so vigorous. And then we watch their hair grow grayer and grayer.

    Well, I may not be the youngest candidate in this race. But I will be the youngest woman President in the history of the United States!

    And the first grandmother as well.

    And one additional advantage: You’re won’t see my hair turn white in the White House. I’ve been coloring it for years!

    So I’m looking forward to a great debate among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I’m not running to be a President only for those Americans who already agree with me. I want to be a President for all Americans.

    And along the way, I’ll just let you in on this little secret. I won’t get everything right. Lord knows I’ve made my share of mistakes. Well, there’s no shortage of people pointing them out!

    And I certainly haven’t won every battle I’ve fought. But leadership means perseverance and hard choices. You have to push through the setbacks and disappointments and keep at it.

    I think you know by now that I’ve been called many things by many people — “quitter” is not one of them.

    Like so much else in my life, I got this from my mother.

    When I was a girl, she never let me back down from any bully or barrier. In her later years, Mom lived with us, and she was still teaching me the same lessons. I’d come home from a hard day at the Senate or the State Department, sit down with her at the small table in our breakfast nook, and just let everything pour out. And she would remind me why we keep fighting, even when the odds are long and the opposition is fierce.

    I can still hear her saying: “Life’s not about what happens to you, it’s about what you do with what happens to you – so get back out there.”

    She lived to be 92 years old, and I often think about all the battles she witnessed over the course of the last century — all the progress that was won because Americans refused to give up or back down.

    She was born on June 4, 1919 — before women in America had the right to vote. But on that very day, after years of struggle, Congress passed the Constitutional Amendment that would change that forever.

    The story of America is a story of hard-fought, hard-won progress. And it continues today. New chapters are being written by men and women who believe that all of us – not just some, but all – should have the chance to live up to our God-given potential.

    Not only because we’re a tolerant country, or a generous country, or a compassionate country, but because we’re a better, stronger, more prosperous country when we harness the talent, hard work, and ingenuity of every single American.

    I wish my mother could have been with us longer. I wish she could have seen Chelsea become a mother herself. I wish she could have met Charlotte.

    I wish she could have seen the America we’re going to build together.

    An America, where if you do your part, you reap the rewards.

    Where we don’t leave anyone out, or anyone behind.

    An America where a father can tell his daughter: yes, you can be anything you want to be. Even President of the United States.

    Thank you all. God bless you. And may God bless America.

  2. Jeb Bush’s biggest problem however is his failure to separate himself from the failure that was George W. Bush.

    Jeb’s biggest problem is that Republicans can’t handle the thought of running the third Bush against Clinton in the general election. I realized it was over for Bush when I listened to a podcast by the ultimate Bush-lovin’ neocon, William Krystal last week, and he said the thought of that matchup is simply unacceptable to Republican voters.

    He said Bush strategists felt running against Clinton would negate the “third Bush” problem. She’s the same old same old and she can’t attack him for being same old same old. Krystal said it made it even worse as it kills the Republican message of change. He’s right. And, Jeb is dead man walking for the nomination. When he’s lost the neocons, he’s toast.

  3. The backwards “I will be the youngest woman President in the history of the United States!” is very typical INTJ. I was fortunate to have a very good (woman) engineer supervisor, who advised me that whenever I presented something, I should take my last sentence and put it first. Admin, you must be an extrovert.

    But you are right. That was the best line in the whole speech. The rest was kind of bla, bla, bla and what you would expect. I kind of see it as a non-event, event.

  4. Admin…thank goodness you have risen as the voice of reason…i was beginning to think i was going a bit crazy…


    with your very insightful and truthful burst of analysis…and lucky you…you were there…(point where out to us)

    …anyway, probably many missed by suggestion at the end of last thread…

    I say scuttle Joel Benenson as soon as possible…just why in the hell should he be on TV speaking for Hillary…out…

    and as I recommended last thread I suggest putting Mandy Grunwald and Lisa Caputo as head of PR/Press/Communications and both should alternate and simultaneously, when necessary, act as speakers for the media/tv/and press

    both women are respected and are smart (Mandy is already part of the camp)…both know and have supported Hillary for many years…and both are strong women…ditch Joel Beneson…who OK’d that?

    get these strong, loyal, smart women out front for Hillary

  5. Yes, indeed, we need more and more wise people who can stand up against the attackers on TV to speak up for Hillary. Isn’t it something to see some of media’s stodgy old dogs (near Hillary’s age) so thrilled about young, new, rock star, hope and change, ethnic big toothy smilers who are candidates. What do you think is going on with those old journalist hounds? Do they really see themselves as young spring chickens while attacking “old” Hillary or what?

  6. The media isn’t going out of their way to help Hillary until she starts doing interviews and Sunday talking heads shows and stuff. There is a price to be paid for ducking the press and the prima donnas in the press.

    Plus, these are all the same media pundits who hated her in 2008, even ridiculing her when she brought them cookies on the press bus. When push comes to shove, they’ll do her bidding. After all, they are loyal democrats. But, that doesn’t mean they have to like it.

  7. No plan survives contact with the enemy. Mistakes will be made on both sides. Hillary’s campaign just needs to make sure that her enemies both on the right and the left make more mistakes than she does and that she is in a better position to seize and exploit opportunities when they present themselves.

  8. So Admin, you were on the island with Hillary, did you get close enough to give her some of your insightful advice?

    She needs you whispering in her ear…not kissing up to die-hard obamaLovers.

  9. Southern/Gonzo: I owe both of you an apology. Yesterday, I expressed confidence in Carly, based on the message she has delivered this past week, and the fact that during her tenure US jobs were shipped overseas in large numbers was true of businesses across the board. I gave a personal example where we moved certain work which equated to several hundred jobs out of a union environment and into a contractor environment, although those jobs stayed stateside, until another company bought us and sent them to India. The union people were given an option of severance or bidding other jobs, based on seniority. In other words, I get that part. What I cannot countenance, and did not pick up on it in the first reading that while Carly was shipping those jobs overseas, she got a huge retirement package, as so many othe CEOs did after they achieved profitability on the backs of working people and their families. In other words, this was a case of right message, wrong messenger, but I doubt the Republican Party will see it that way. I cannot support her for that reason, even though what she says makes a lot of sense to me.

  10. The current Clinton strategy explained by Carville in an article written by Hillary hater Maggie Haberman:


    As Mrs. Clinton intensifies her campaign for the Democratic nomination, it is clear from her left-leaning policy stances, her hiring and her focus on data-driven organizing that her strategy is modeled on Mr. Obama’s, not her husband’s.

    If she won, it would suggest that the so-called Obama coalition of young, nonwhite and female voters is transferable to another Democrat. And it would validate the idea that energizing core supporters is more important in presidential contests than persuading those still undecided…

    By emphatically staking out liberal positions on gay rights, immigration, criminal justice, voting rights and pay equity for women, Mrs. Clinton is showing core Democratic constituencies that she intends to give them a reason to support her…

    “The highest-premium voter in ’92 was a voter who would vote for one party some and for another party some,” said James Carville, Mr. Clinton’s chief strategist in 1992. “Now the highest-premium voter is somebody with a high probability to vote for you and low probability to turn out. That’s the golden list. And that’s a humongous change in basic strategic doctrine.”

  11. Why the current Clinton strategy won’t work via Hillary hater Jonah Goldberg:


    Sorry, but the Obama Playbook Isn’t Going to Work for Hillary [snip]

    Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman report in the New York Times that the Clinton team has turned its back on a “nationwide electoral strategy,” opting instead to reassemble the Obama coalition of 2008 and 2012. To do that, Clinton needs to run to the left and pick polarizing fights that galvanize low-information and hard-to-motivate voters. The days of trying to win swing voters and independents are apparently over. Today it’s all about that base. “The highest-premium voter in ’92 was a voter who would vote for one party some and for another party some,” James Carville, a longtime adviser to the Clintons, told the New York Times. “Now the highest-premium voter is somebody with a high probability to vote for you and low probability to turn out. That’s the golden list. And that’s a humongous change in basic strategic doctrine.” Carville’s right that it is a big change in doctrine, but it’s unclear whether the doctrine is right. So far the entire theory rests on the precedent of one candidate: Obama. “If she won,” Martin and Haberman write, “it would suggest that the so-called Obama coalition of young, nonwhite and female voters is transferable to another Democrat.

    As I’ve been writing for a while, I’m extremely dubious. Here are four reasons. First, Obama didn’t really run as a polarizing figure in 2008. He ran as a post-partisan reformer who would end gridlock and fix the failures of the two-term incumbent (as did George W. Bush and Bill Clinton before him). Second, Obama was a very good politician without much baggage (that the media were willing to report on). Clinton is a mediocre politician with mountainous baggage. Third, Obama’s coalition has never been transferable to any other cause or politician, despite the president’s best efforts. And last, Clinton is running to stay the course. The Obama veterans around Clinton boast of their willingness to break with the practices of the past. But it looks more like they can’t break out of their own Obama bubble, running the same plays for a very different quarterback.

    In 2010 Obama told his party that the reason they would win the elections was “you got me”. Obama cult voters did not transfer their votes to those Obama supported. In 2014 Obama stated that his policies were on the ballot. Even Obama policies could not get the Obama cult to the ballot boxes. The Obama cult is a cult of personality and race based identity voting. The Obama coalition is not transferable to anyone but a race-baiting Obama clone.

  12. Maybe some random reporter will ask Jeb Bush about this:


    GOP Leadership’s Latest Obamatrade Ploy Revealed: Small Business Tax Hike That Violates GOP’s Anti-Tax Pledge

    Establishment Republicans desperately trying to secure the passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which would give President Obama fast-track authority to secure congressional approval of at least three secretive trade deals, are now willing to increase taxes on small businesses in a way that would violate a pledge almost every Republican Congressman has taken when elected into office. [snip]

    TAA was originally supposed to be financed with Medicare cuts – which sparked major outrage, and cries of hypocrisy in what would have certainly turned into boldly negative campaign advertisements against Republicans by Democrats this next cycle. But under pressure, Republican leadership, mainly Boehner and Ryan, negotiated with Democrats to remove the Medicare cuts from the financial backing of TAA and instead using direct tax hikes by raising the penalties for misfiled taxes.

    A vote for Obamatrade on Tuesday is a vote to give the IRS more power and more incentives to go after small businesses,” said Curtis Ellis, founder of the Obamatrade.com website, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. [snip]

    “It’s pretty outrageous what is called for in this bill that Congress is going to vote on Tuesday – it literally doubles and triples the taxes on small businesses,” explained Ellis.

    Ellis spent hours researching this legislation and explained to Breitbart News how it could impact small business taxes if Congress passes the TAA during its vote on Tuesday.

    Small businesses that are already over-burdened with IRS paperwork will be penalized even further if they make a technical mistake on filing informational paperwork,” he said. “There’s a lot of dishonesty going on when the bill is described as raising the fines on tax violations. That’s dishonest because the fines aren’t for people who failed to pay their taxes, the fines are on businesses that for no fault of their own, they forget to fie a piece of paperwork telling the IRS how much someone else owes on their taxes.

    “It’s outrageous that Republicans who complain all the time – rightfully so – about the IRS’s overreach and over burdening small business are actually increasing the incentive for the IRS to spy on people – to spy on small businesses,” he added.

    Essentially, as explained by Ellis, any time a small business paid an independent contractor or freelancer a commission or any tips, it must be reported to the IRS with a 1099 form, which a copy is also sent to the contractor or freelancer. If the small business is late in filing this form, then it is fined by the IRS. The proposal Tuesday, as it stands, would double and triple these fines.

    “It is the height of cynicism for Congress to plan on paying for a welfare program for unions by increasing the penalties for small businesses,” Ellis reacted.

    President of Americans for Limited Government Rick Manning agrees with Ellis about this increasing penalty being a tax increase on small businesses.

    There is no question that raising the penalty on small businesses who commit a paperwork error is a tax increase. It is directly intended to raise revenues, so it can’t be considered anything else. For Republican leadership to ask their members to vote to raise taxes on small business to fund a union bailout that Big Labor doesn’t want is both horrific policy and terrible politics,” Manning told Breitbart News.

    This program was so unpopular with both Democrats and Republicans that they removed it from Obamacare.

    “This is very similar to one of the ways Obamacare was going to be paid for – as Obamacare was enacted they were looking for revenue to pay for it by increasing the penalties on small businesses who failed to file 1099 forms – that was repealed because it was so unpopular,” Ellis said. “Republicans led the charge in repealing it and now they’re the ones leading the charge to once again increase the penalties in already burdensome paperwork for the IRS.

  13. I think Admin’s point is that her (Obama adviser-dominated) campaign’s current strategy of wooing the Obama coalition is less like to work than reimplementing Bill’s election strategy.

  14. Nothing she’s saying is likely to hurt her in a general election—Marcus
    Put differently, words don’t matter.

    Well, then, what does matter?

    Just images?

    That is what Christopher Hedges might say.

    But the truth is there are competing images.

    Thanks to U-tube.

    And words along with images can be deadly.

    Marcus is a living example of the idiom you cannot cure stupid.

  15. I think Admin’s point is that her (Obama adviser-dominated) campaign’s current strategy of wooing the Obama coalition is less like to work than reimplementing Bill’s election strategy.
    Excellent point.

    This is a transparent appeal to the Obama coalition and it comes at the expense of the Clinton coalition.

    There are two problems with this approach, strategically.

    First, she is not Obama–and the kooks will never accept her as his legitimate successor

    Second, Obama is a reviled figure by millions of Americans–Republicans and independents alike who do not want Obama III>

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

  16. I will say this much.

    With only one interview to go on, namely the one with Chris Wallace, I do think Karen Finney was a good choice.

    There are many contradictions in Hillary’s campaign which have no good answer.

    I thought Finney did a good job of evading those questions, and maintaining her composure.

    She is so much better than the Obama campaign people.

    For example, that maniacal ginning Stephanie Cutter–that tower of babble who made your skin crawl.

  17. I agree wholeheartedly with admin’s observation that the catch line youngest woman presidential candidate belonged at the very beginning.

    The key to persuasion is what your audience hears first, i.e. primacy, and what they hear last, i.e. recency.

    This is the rebuttal to the age based attack which the Republicans are mounting.

    Beyond that, if we could be certain that 52% of the population was dying to have a woman president then its game set match.

    But experience teaches me it taint necessarily so.

    What I heard when I tried to advance that argument was either ho hum, or not that woman.

    It may be that sells with younger woman who are struggling with relationships, jobs and all that.

    It may be that through the right combination of music and images they can be herded like cattle.

    But some of them who I know will react the other way, and refuse to respond to group think.

    Vice presidential candidate Carly Fioroni may be more to their liking, if it is a role model they want.

    And a candidate like Marco Rubio (who I do not like myself) could shatter the Obama coalition.

    That is the downside identity politics—from the days of Nazi Germany until today.

    The endless quest for the perfect Aryan, or the perfect minority.

    This is the game of the left.

    It is a distraction from the only issue that matters–sound government, peace and prosperity.

  18. Breitbart’s “shocking” news on the funding of the TAA union pork goodie package was stale when they posted it. That deal (to “pay” for TAA pork with fake IRS penalty increases instead of fake Medicare cuts) was made at Nancy Pelosi’s insistence. It was the price of TAA support for Pelosi and her members. They horse traded their deal and then reneged.

    The anti-trade fervor is a perfect storm of tin foil hats on the fringe left and the sounds of black helicopters coming over the ridge on the fringe right, stirred with a truckload of distrust of the President and the Congress.

    Make no mistake, the government has earned the full truckload of distrust, but that doesn’t make this level of fear of free trade rational. Then again, I suppose this kind of protectionist fervor has never been rational.

  19. To me, the most interesting thing in the election process at the moment is the total misread of the Bush campaign by the media. The inside the beltway crowds acts as if this is Mohammed Ali entering the ring as the presumptive nominee. Contrast that to the real world. From what I can tell, Bush has zero, yes zero, support among Republican base primary voters. Take away the name recognition and he’d be polling like Chris Christie.

    It’s going to be interesting to see if the media can drum up any interest in his announcement. To the extent that Republican voters see bits and pieces of his speech, I suspect his poll numbers will drop.

  20. Messiah Obama explained to us that we should not worry about ISIS. When asked why we should not be troubled by an organization which is embarked on a world wide orgy of killing, with pornographic images of it everywhere as wack goes the head with cheers, he gave us this comforting answer. They are like a swarm of bees, we cannot allow them to ruin the picnic, lest the generations fail. Later his advisers who seek to molly coddle terrorist are taken aback that the military is less enthusiastic about putting soldier’s lives at risk when they know that Obama does not have their backs. And, in a third case, a woman who wants to abolish Shakespeare does not want the substantial segment of the literary community who find value in the wisdom of the Bard of Stratford on Avon to pick up their chips and just leave. In all cases, the left wants to rule, and they expect the people who do the paying and the dying to be obedient to a world view, a set of values and a list of priorities with which they do not agree, and wreak of pure unadulterated bull shit. They do their block busting in places like Detroit and whites plus middle class whites do not hang around and subject themselves to their tyranny and the chaos it produces. They do the sensible thing and flee the jurisdiction. This is the problem with adverse selection, and the death spiral, whether you are talking about Obamacare or Motown. This is why the declaration of independence and the constitution place preeminent value on government having the consent of the governed. Without that consent, everyone has an incentive to cheat the hang man. Sir Richard touches on these and other issues in the link below. The subtext should read: what the progressive does not understand.

  21. This whole notion of cheating the left, the hangman, the dictator is universal because it is hard wired into human nature. Take a workplace setting. If you are the employer and you try to manage based on productivity numbers and nothing else, you will find that the people you attempt to manage will find inventive ways to cheat the system in such a way as to get more carrots while avoiding the sticks. And that is also the problem with data driven policing, which produces a set of behaviors which undermine public confidence, and destroy the prospects for community cooperation. The left will never understand this however, because all they are interested in is power.

  22. To me, the most interesting thing in the election process at the moment is the total misread of the Bush campaign by the media. The inside the beltway crowds acts as if this is Mohammed Ali entering the ring as the presumptive nominee. Contrast that to the real world. From what I can tell, Bush has zero, yes zero, support among Republican base primary voters. Take away the name recognition and he’d be polling like Chris Christie.
    This is why conventional thinking is often wrong.

    The answer lies in the Watergate lesson: follow the money.

    The Washington establishment will realize a trillion dollar payday with this election–if you add it all up.

    Bush will put big money in their pockets.

    And he does not threaten their little heaven.

    At this point, the place to be is in the middle of the Republican candidate ranks.

    Ready to burst forth in the final stretch.

  23. bottom line…

    ‘Hillary’ is the one that we have been waiting for…and we want her…not another O third term…

    and definitely not offensive O spokespeople speaking on Hillary’s behalf while they are simultaneously vulnerable for an attack from the reporter that quotes stinging attacks they made on Hillary when they worked for O…again, specifically Joel Benensom…if he must be her so called ‘strategist’ pleeease do not let him be the public communicator on camera on TV (he even looks sinister)

    this is a failing strategy…

    I also hope Admin got close enough to impart some tough love and a reality check to Hillary’s camp…

    (as i mentioned last thread I saw a thin and frail Ann Lewis out there speaking for Hillary and being a trooper…I am hoping to see Mandy and Lisa C out there and on TV soon)


    Admin…because Hillary announced so soon she has placed herself in a position where she does more damage if she says nothing…that space gets filled up against her and she starts to look weak and suspicious

    I agree she should say ‘less rather than more’ for now but she can’t go invisible at this point…

    I, for one, was happy to hear the statement she made in Iowa on the trade deal…it was a bit slippery but should stop all the noise about where does she stand

    and good for her for saying “she is not running to be O’s third term” – my point is stop talking about him and worse defending him and giving him any more space than necessary in HER campaign…

    and I believe it makes her look stronger as the leader of the Democratic party for doing so…plus so far it represents a good break (or an elbow to) from O and makes him look like the amateur he is…so yeah on that…

  24. Conventional thinking reflects what the group with control of the channels of communication deems to be in its own self interest, and nothing more. It would be a mistake to read anything more into it than that. As a result, conventional thinking is ill equipped to deal with the future. Instead it takes the future as a function of net present value, since it profits handsomely from what is going on currently. Likewise, it is hostile to any individual or force which threatens their concept of the future. Their strategy is entirely predictable. If the cannot harness it, they try to ignore it and when that does not work the destroy it. Big media is simply their tool.

  25. Make no mistake, the government has earned the full truckload of distrust, but that doesn’t make this level of fear of free trade rational. Then again, I suppose this kind of protectionist fervor has never been rational.
    On the contrary, it is entirely rational given the facts which have been presented to them.

    For example, they know that the wages of working people have been stagnant since NAFTA.

    Furthermore, there is evidence that most of the new jobs created have gone to illegal aliens.

    Finally, there are 93 million American citizens of working age not working.

    Today, we have a president who gives new meaning to the word duplicity

    And a government bought and paid for by big business.

    The only mystery is why there are not more people with tin foil hats.

    Be patient. There will be.

    And what is the response to their rational concerns?

    In the long run, the disparity between slave wages and living wages will close.

    Fine except for one thing.

    In the long run we will all be dead.

    And sooner if the dinos and rino have any say in it.

  26. The answer is not to give a debt free education.

    That is a taxpayer financed freebee.

    And it is not answered by the trite observation that children are our future.

    The answer is to reform the higher education system so it does not fail to impart 21st century skills, make the student an indentured servant.

    90% of the answer lies within the hallowed halls of higher institutions and the tenured leeches that thrive on it.

    Unfortunately, they are part of the democrat coalition.

    You need only look at who Obama’s biggest donors were (apart from trial lawyers) to realize that.

  27. Lets apply lean manufacturing and lean services technology to the educational system before we entertain thoughts about gouging the taxpayers. And let us also make sure that the students get jobs after they graduate. Education is simply a means to an end, and if that end is not achievable then we must deal with that half of the equation as well.

  28. Shadowfax
    June 14, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    So Admin, you were on the island with Hillary, did you get close enough to give her some of your insightful advice?

    I sure hope so.
    She should listen to you Admin. 😀

  29. “Are you saying that Hillary has lost her way???”

    Shadowfax, we don’t bet on lame horses to win the Triple Crown. Obama is a lame horse (at best) and any bet placed on him is lost money. Hillary is betting on Obama and we think that is highly foolish if not outright stupid.

    Does anyone think that between now and election 2016 one of the Obama Five (traded for Bergdahl) is not going to do some horrible act of terrorism or once again join the Muslim fights roiling the world? Anyone think that ObamaCare is going to become popular and that things won’t get a lot worse as, at best, premiums exponentially rise (we won’t mention King v Burwell)? Anyone think the Obama economy is going to perk up and glow in time for November 2016? Anyone think there won’t be any more scandals revealed as to missed computer hacks of government computers, or more IRS scandals as the learner emails are finally released? Anyone think the middle east won’t explode before November 2016 or at the very least get much worse? Anyone think Iran’s intentions are for the good and that an Obama treaty with Iran won’t result in other countries in the Middle East getting nuclear weapons to counter Iran? Anyone think Iran is going to get out of the terrorism business and that all the countries and organizations Iran is paying to destabilize will suddenly improve and become peace loving nations/organizations? Anyone think racial harmony will finally descend over the nation before November 2016? Anyone think Obama will stop golfing and vacationing? Anyone think Russia will become a partner of the U.S. by November 2016? Anyone think China will become a partner for peace by November 2016?

    Betting on Obama is like betting it won’t rain in Pensacola this Summer. For a first few days the skies will be bright and you will think your bet is going to pay off. But soon enough the sky will open up and you will be drenched.

    We’ve posted several comments and Big Pink has published many articles on the Obama Coalition versus the Clinton Coalition. We understand the strategy Hillary2016 is making. We also are not fooling ourselves that this is a bad bet.

  30. Admin

    We understand the strategy Hillary2016 is making. We also are not fooling ourselves that this is a bad bet.

    I agree admin. I also see her logo, marketing and all the other appeal is to die hard obots…young voters, people that voted for skin color. I hope Hillary doesn’t believe that her supporters of 2008 are all in the bag, she needs to address all of the ex-Dems that need her to move to the center and not take them for granted. She needs to get fired up and speak from the heart and not let someone (except maybe Bill) help her write her speeches.

    If Hillary ran to the center now, would she still win the primary, or would it be 2008 all over again?

    I agree…so far, this campaign has the stink of O’Big Ears all over it.

  31. The Lamarr! Jeb! ad:

    It’s an interesting ad. It is clearly a repeat of his brother’s “compassionate conservative” ploy. It won’t help with the conservative base. But it is a good general election ad if you remove Jeb! from the ad. Everyone is very good except Jeb! But maybe it is our prejudice because Jeb! makes our skin, not exactly crawl, but certainly itch.

    We do think as much as we dislike Jeb! he is a very powerful candidate. He announced in a very smart way he was thinking about running for president. Scared Romney out. Then Jeb! took his time to raise funds for his campaign and SuperPac.

    A good chess player, like a good general, will put the pieces in position before she commences the attack. Jeb! has done this better than any other candidate. His problem of course is that name and the memory of his brother.

    We don’t like Jeb! Anyone who wants Hillary to become president should cheer on Jeb! because we believe in a conventional campaign, such as Clinton v. Bush would be, both candidates would cancel out each others weaknesses, both would raise tons of money and organize powerful campaign structures, but in the end Hillary would win.

    Any other Republican candidate would run campaigns that the Hillary organization would be at sea against. Most would lose. But at this point a Rubio, a Walker, even to a much lesser extent a Cruz or even a Fiorina would pose dangers of a non-financial nature that Hillary2016 would try to combat with traditional tactics which could easily falter.

  32. whew…glad that has all been said and we have our eyes wide open…

    I do agree with what Admin said at the beginning of the post about Hillary not even believing half of what she is saying and the pandering…

    what worries me is not only utube…but when she gets in the national and goes to the center she will get hit with ads that make her look dishonest or flip flopping and/or in the debates her contradictions could be glaring and she could be on the spot…that will not help her ‘trust’ factor or seeming to be too calculating…

    here is where I agree with Admin again…the less said the better until the repubs filter their field and put their cards on the table…

    definitely the less said about O the better…

    I still have faith that she is a pragmatic, common sense person and she will be able to work with many sides and get this country going forward again…she should be careful what she promises during this phase…lest it come back to haunt her later…

    she doesn’t need to promise everything to everyone with a long laundry list

  33. Shadowfax, “If Hillary ran to the center now, would she still win the primary, or would it be 2008 all over again?”

    The brutal fact of the matter is that the party needs Hillary to survive. Like a really bad negotiator Hillary does not seem to realize this. If she walks away from the table it’s lights out and the party is entirely over. Why she does not realize this is a mystery to us which requires psychiatry.

    This is not 2008. Assume, as we do, that Hillary might lose Iowa and even New Hampshire. The bottom line is that no other candidate will have the organizational muscle nor the finances to win against her in a drawn out national battle such as 2008. But let’s even assume that Hillary loses both Iowa and New Hampshire and then Wig Wam Warren decides to run and beats Hillary for the nomination. The party still does down.

    Assume all the losses and that Biden takes off his mourning wrap and announces. Result: Dims lose. It’s like the movie War Games.

    The only Democrat that can possibly win in 2016 is Hillary. If Hillary does not get the nomination the Dimocrats do not get the White House. Why Hillary does not understand this basic negotiator matrix….

    Behold the Obama Dimocrat Party via uber liberal John Cassidy:


    The fifty-four seats the Republicans won in the Senate was their second-best result since 1928, and the two hundred and forty-seven seats they hold in the House is the highest since after the 1928 election, when Herbert Hoover trounced Al Smith. At the local level, the G.O.P. now has thirty-one governors, and it controls sixty-eight of ninety-eight partisan state legislatures, its best showing since 1920.

    Without Hillary! add the White House to the list.

  34. The way things broke in the final 18 months of the Bush administration, the Republicans had literally zero chance of winning a third term in 2008. Their own party was dispirited and disgusted. Everyone else hated them.

    It hasn’t broken that badly for Obama yet, but it could. By running to his left, Clinton is betting that it doesn’t.

  35. A little bit more on the Obama Coalition versus the Clinton Coalition.

    Our regular readers will recall the many articles written about Ruy Teixiera and John Judis. These are the guys that wrote reams of books and articles extolling the “emerging Democratic majority” due to demographics and other such humbug. We have disputed that with vigor because we understand fully what they are saying and think they are absolutely nuts/kooks. Yeah, we really do understand this lunacy and dispute it with all the mockery it deserves and which we can muster.

    For years Big Pink mocked Teixiera and Judis. Judis eventually recanted and our destruction of their risible theories was complete:


    The Emerging Republican Advantage
    The idea of an enduring Democratic majority was a mirage. How the GOP gained an edge in American politics—and why it’s likely to last.

    Ever since the Republican triumph in November, Democrats have been casting around for rationalizations. One theory, espoused by President Obama, blamed the party’s dramatic loss on the simple fact that too many Senate races had taken place in conservative states. “This is probably the worst possible group of states for Democrats since Dwight Eisenhower,” Obama remarked on Election Day. Other analysts pointed to the “six-year itch”—which often condemns the party of a second-term president to defeat during the midterm elections. Still others chalked up the results to the fact that midterm elections (with their low turnout) inherently favor Republicans, while presidential elections (with their high turnout) inherently favor Democrats. “We have two separate Americas voting every two years,” wrote Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the founder of Daily Kos. “And Democrats can win easily with the one, and Republicans can win easily with the other.”

    Indeed, in the wake of the midterms, the Center for American Progress optimistically predicted that, if 2016 voting patterns resemble those from 2012, the rising number of voters of color “will not only make it easier for Democrats to win states that they previously won in 2012. These demographic changes are also creating an opportunity for Democrats to win back states they lost in 2012.”

    None of these observations are wrong, as far as they go. It is undeniable, for instance, that the current Democratic coalition does better in presidential years than it does in midterm elections. Yet all of these explanations have a common problem: They obscure the possibility that 2014 was not an isolated event but rather the latest manifestation of a resurgent Republican coalition.

    American parties routinely go through periods of ascendancy, decline, and deadlock. From 1896 to 1930, the Republican Party reigned supreme; from 1932 to 1968, the New Deal Democrats dominated; following a period of deadlock, the Reagan Republicans held sway during the 1980s. After the parties exchanged the White House, Democrats appeared to take command of American politics in 2008. In that election, Obama and the Democrats won not only the White House but also large majorities in the Senate and House, plus a decided edge in governor’s mansions and state legislatures.

    At the time, some commentators, including me, hailed the onset of an enduring Democratic majority. And the arguments in defense of this view did seem to be backed by persuasive evidence. Obama and the Democrats appeared to have captured the youngest generation of voters, whereas Republicans were relying disproportionately on an aging coalition. The electorate’s growing ethnic diversity also seemed likely to help the Democrats going forward.

    These advantages remain partially in place for Democrats today, but they are being severely undermined by two trends that have emerged in the past few elections—one surprising, the other less so. The less surprising trend is that Democrats have continued to hemorrhage support among white working-class voters—a group that generally works in blue-collar and lower-income service jobs and that is roughly identifiable in exit polls as those whites who have not graduated from a four-year college. These voters, and particularly those well above the poverty line, began to shift toward the GOP decades ago, but in recent years that shift has become progressively more pronounced.

    The more surprising trend is that Republicans are gaining dramatically among a group that had tilted toward Democrats in 2006 and 2008: Call them middle-class Americans. These are voters who generally work in what economist Stephen Rose has called “the office economy.” In exit polling, they can roughly be identified as those who have college—but not postgraduate—degrees and those whose household incomes are between $50,000 and $100,000. (Obviously, the overlap here is imperfect, but there is a broad congruence between these polling categories.)

    The defection of these voters—who, unlike the white working class, are a growing part of the electorate—is genuinely bad news for Democrats, and very good news indeed for Republicans. The question, of course, is whether it is going to continue. It’s tough to say for sure, but I think there is a case to be made that it will.

    Read the whole thing for yourselves. Of course we wrote it much much earlier.

    Hillary should read these articles. The Dimocrats need Hillary if only to survive.

  36. admin:

    I’m not sure that tacking back to the center for the general election is even an option for Clinton. That would hemorrhage enthusiasm among the “Obama coalition”. Is there even a path to victory for the Dems without high turnout of young and Latino and black voters?

    Unless the Republicans do something stupid like nominate Jeb! (or Romney or McCain again) are the lost white voters even in play for the Dems? Seems to me that, if the Repubs offer up even a plausibly new face, voters who have walked away from the Dem party are going to difficult to lure back.

    I mean, I’m certainly going to be a tough sell.

  37. Shadowfax
    June 15, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    The bottom line is that Hillary holds all the cards if the Dimocrats want to keep the White House. This means that she is really under no obligation to bend over backwards to please Obama’s fluffers; she should be targeting her campaign towards the Clinton coalition rather than the Obama idiocracy.

  38. …and all the more reason i can’t understand why she is letting O’s people so front and center in her campaign…

    put more Clinton loyalists in there…and let them speak for her…the message will come across so much more sincere coming from people that have supported and known hillary most of her career than listening to a bunch of men that worked on O’s two campaigns…

    why? why are the Clintons allowing this? why give so much power to them

  39. Lol……….Bush’s launch : The goal is to drag it out long enough for people to forget W.

    and by the way, that logo……Jeb 2016……or as i call it…..

    J.ust E.nough B.ullshit

  40. admin
    June 15, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    I see your point Admin…, at this point Hillary is the best candidate yet she still fears being knifed in the back by her own party after the massive betrayal she went though in 2008.

    I hope the Big Dawg is her main adviser.

  41. Update: Open thread: America to stride boldly into future behind man named “Bush”. No, not “Bush”. It’s “Jeb!” But really, it’s “Jeb?” It’s “Jeb?” for the anti-Common Core Americans. It’s “Jeb?” for the anti illegal immigration amnesty voters.

    Jeb? also released two campaign commercials on this his official announcement day.

    George W. Bush “compassionate conservative” theory is back. Jeb?


  42. Tony

    Agreed with you and Admin, but…

    it’s hard trusting the Dim party on any level after 2008…even for Hillary, it seems.

  43. I just can’t listen to Jeb campaign speeches…but it looks like he has trimmed down for the war.

  44. I think Jeb will win the primary, if for no other reason…they pretty much know what they will get.

    All the other GOP candidates are a crap shoot.

  45. Bush pledges 4% GDP growth and 19 million new jobs as president.

    Yeah right, good luck with that……

  46. Jeb Bush: “The presidency should not be passed down from one liberal to the next.”

    I can’t believe he had the balls to say that…..hilarious.

  47. Okay, I’m confused. I don’t know Jeb Bush’s wife and family and only got in on the end of the speech. So was the younger looking dark haired Hispanic woman his wife? I’m assuming it was since she was standing next to him. Was the little short older woman on the other side of the dark haired woman his wife’s mother?

    FOX News is slobbering all over Jeb and his speech. I got in on the Spanish speaking part and of course didn’t understand a word he said.

  48. I wasn’t paying attention to the part you are talking about, but Jeb met his wife in Mexico. If I recall the story, he was on a semester abroad deal building a schoolhouse while in college at Yale.

  49. SB…

    the taller young woman with the dark hair that he hugged is I think his daughter Noelle…the shorter lady with the short dark hair standing next to her and with Barbara bush on her other side is his wife Columba…she is tiny…

  50. Hillary refused to come out against TPA fast track authorization today. Ducked by calling it a “process question”.

  51. The brutal fact of the matter is that the party needs Hillary to survive. Like a really bad negotiator Hillary does not seem to realize this. If she walks away from the table it’s lights out and the party is entirely over. Why she does not realize this is a mystery to us which requires psychiatry.
    The worst thing is not having the leverage.

    The next worst thing is having it but not realizing that you have it, so it lays dormant.

  52. So was the younger looking dark haired Hispanic woman his wife?
    No. It was his mistress. Now don’t get excited. This is an old tradition among Hispanic aristocrats. And Jebedia fancies to be one of them, when he grows up. His father casts a large shadow, and Jebediah, like W, were never allowed to fully mature. Same with Romney.

  53. Well, it would work well for the other Rep candidates if Jeb’s daughter was his mistress. 😉 Since his daughter was standing next to him, I had assumed she was his wife and thought she looked very nice. I had no idea Jeb’s wife was such a short little lady. I’m not sure if she comes up to his elbow. I”m not criticizing, just surprised. It was nice that Jeb could speak Spanish fluently, however, it felt a bit concerning with his call for semi Open Borders type of thing…for love. What will happen with amnesty in a Jeb Bush administration? I think we can guess.

    Jeb is getting very good press from the Rep sites and tv. Of course FOX is using his roll out to attack Hillary. Isn’t it so sad to see Hillary getting attacked 24/7 from Republican media with all kinds of issues and made up issues. But then she is also NOT getting good press from the Dem media either. Who stands up for Hillary?

  54. Southern Born, we were surprised to see Columba is short too. She reaches about half of Jeb? and seems very shy. We’ve seen pictures of her before and she seemed to be just a bit shorter than Jeb? but maybe she was standing on a box in those posed pictures. She does seem like a nice lady and we easily understand why she might not like to be in the public eye with what’s about to happen to her as a public figure.

  55. Donald Trump will announce tomorrow he too is in. Even if he declines we hope he speaks out on this:


    House GOP explores menu of tough options on trade

    But there’s one big problem: Democrats are still opposed to anything that would advance the president’s free trade pact. [snip]

    Under the current rules, the House would have to vote on Trade Adjustment Assistance — a job training program —by Tuesday evening. But the GOP leadership is likely to propose language that would give them more time.

    That would give Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Cailf.) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) more time to figure out their next steps. And, politically, it would highlight the fact that Democrats are warring with their president over TAA.

    As the GOP gives itself more time on the larger package, Republican leaders are actively exploring other options to send Obama legislation that would give him fast-track authority to negotiate a trade deal with the Pacific Rim.

    But there’s one dynamic that hasn’t changed.: there’s still no sign Democrats have changed their minds.[snip]

    Boehner could schedule another vote on TAA for Tuesday, but under the current legislative rules, he needs to make a decision by Monday afternoon. Even if he decides to go ahead with another vote, it’s unlikely to succeed. He would have to flip roughly 75 Democratic votes.

    The speaker could also try to pass fast-track authority on its own, without TAA attached. But at least some of the 29 Democrats who voted for fast track might oppose the legislation if help for workers displaced by trade isn’t part of the package. Senior aides doubt the Senate can pass a fast-track bill without the job training piece.

    Another alternative for Boehner would be to try and combine TPA and TAA into one bill, but GOP leadership sources say that would not pass the chamber.

    A less plausible option would be to try to insert TAA into another must-pass bill. But Democrats seem ready to oppose any legislation that includes TAA.

    The GOP leadership met Monday afternoon to discuss these options.

    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, speaking to reporters Monday morning, said “the best option right now” is for “the Democrats come to their senses” and back TAA.

    He did not address whether the House will vote this week.

    The GOP leadership is determined to give a mortally wounded Obama bandages and a blood transfusion. If the GOP thinks TPA/TPP is such a great idea they should wait until 2007 and bring such legislation to a vote then.

  56. Jeb is getting very good press from the Rep sites and tv.

    Not from what I am seeing. I mean they are covering his announcement and saying his speech was OK, but the general impression I’m getting from Republican sites is that everybody basically just wants to slit their wrists at the thought of a Clinton v Bush election matchup. One big collective sigh.

  57. …after just enjoying a private concert with ‘Prince’ at the WH for African American Music Appreciation…the ‘girls’ left for their European vacation…




    the world is on fire, O is a lamer duck every day…and they just dance the night away on our dine and jet off to europe…

  58. Lu4PUMA
    June 15, 2015 at 8:26 pm
    Hillary knows what to do about the TPP, and her fire is showing though…

    Go Hillary, go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. S

    That’s the way the Obama’s roll.

    As long as they get the whole enchilada and everyone else gets to eat MO’s moldy baloney sandwiches…all is well at 1600.

  60. Well, Bush needs a campaign song to decorate his announcement, which the base has been awaiting with baited breath. This would be the perfect song to commemorate Jebediah’s historic bid for the presidency. It reflects the whimsical nature of this effort, and it features the money men who are pulling his strings.


  61. The more Hillary panders to the black peas and the kook peas the harder it will be to get the chick peas and the independent peas on the electoral fork.

    This has been my big concern. She has gone so far left, she’s going to lose the middle. As we all know, a dem goes left in the primary, then heads centrist for the general. But she’s gone SO far left, I can’t see people believing her, and as admin says, now there’s videos to make it all very clear to the voters.

    And blacks came out for Obama; they generally don’t turn out in any great numbers. Hillary has been known as white too long to pull a Rachel Dolezal, so I’m not so sure she can pull in more than an average of blacks.

    Plus, it sounds like a lot of blacks were saying basically that a black man they believed in (for no good reason!) couldn’t help them, so why would they believe that Hillary would, especially when she’s proposing to out-Obama Obama. If Obama didn’t work (for those who think that he actually tried), why would a candidate propose not just the same strategies, but even more extreme?

    I just don’t understand
    – why she’s against voter ID after all the cheating done to her
    – why she has ANY Obama people on her team, after the betrayals she had during primaries in 2008. Obama doesn’t care about the party, he only cares about his legacy, and I really don’t think he wants Hillary to be elected. It’s one thing for a republican to take your “legacy” apart, it’s another for another democrat to do it.

  62. TAA, TPP – I don’t really want any law that allows Obama (or any president) to make changes in private, especially any that put us more under global control.

    Just as Europe is trending away from socialism (running out of money), so are many of those countries wanting out of the EU. I’d like to see sovereign countries again. I’d also like to see the old routine of refugee camps that people stay in until the danger has passed, and then return to their homeland, their culture, and their language. Especially as from what I read from the foreign press, most of the Islamists boating to their shores are well dressed and have cell phones – they’re claiming refugee status, but they apparently are just economic travelers. After all, they had to pay $3000 for transport.

    And I understand most of them are young, strong men. If they’re truly fleeing danger, why aren’t they remaining at home and fighting for their countries? It’s like the illegals who flood into CA. They won’t fight to make their country better, but the minute they get here they’re having rallies and demanding we change our laws for them.

    But especially with Muslims, there’s the chance they’re flooding non Muslim countries to take over from the inside.

  63. I wonder if Hillary has factored in Obama’s cheating strategy. He won some with over 100% of registered voters. And I sure hope that her people make sure any contestants don’t shut down their barrier to foreign donations. With all the Obama people on her team, I hope they don’t employ those tactics *for* Hillary this time.

  64. I’m kind of excited to see Trump finally jump into the race.

    I doubt if he will win the primary, but I do think he would be the best GOP candidate because he is not licking the cheeks of the GOP establishment and he would hopefully treat Hillary with some respect and possibly move her more to the center.

    I can hope….

  65. Trump also aggressively challenged his foes in the 2016 race and repeatedly said he is the only one who can fix the country.

    “They will never make America great again. They don’t even have a chance. They’re controlled fully by the lobbyists, by the donors, and by the special interests — fully!” Trump said. “Our country needs a truly great leader and we need a truly great leader now.

  66. Trump has a strong message, problem is he is so off the cuff he offends groups of people he will need to be a serious candidate.
    Immigration is a huge problem but you can’t be, as offensive to all Mexicans as he was. Clearly there are legal immigrants from Mexico that have help shape this country…He needs not to be so off the cuff and abrasive.

  67. I like that Trump is in…he can call both sides on all their BS…he knows where all the skeletons are and each side ‘may’ have to be careful with their lies…and pandering…and educate the public at the same time…ah…transparency…

    and I like when he calls out how our country is getting screwed…by everyone…china…iraq…on and on…

    he will also bring the discussion back to jobs, jobs, jobs…and he should know…he actually hires…and fires real people…not some statistical data

    he might be just the right catalyst

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