The GOP’s Greatest Lie

Opposition to Obama? That is the GOP’s greatest lie.

In 2008 John McCain fluffed Obama’s pillows so that Big Media would not call the former POW a racist. In 2012 Mitt Romney played dog-on-the-roof for Obama. Romney praised Obama as a nice guy while Barack Obama smeared him with mud from the Chicago stockyards. Instead of someone who would attack Obama with verve, Romney chose pretty blue eyes Paul Ryan. Now Paul Ryan is at it again.

Paul Ryan is doing everything he can to help Barack Obama. Fortunately Representative Ted Yoho makes the central point in opposition to Obama/Ryan in this Hill newspaper report on the GOP’s greatest lie as Republican leaders in Congress do what they can to help Barack Obama:

We could wait another 18 months until this administration is out,” Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), a TPA opponent, said Thursday. “You look at how they negotiated the release of the Taliban Five; you look at how they negotiated what they’ve done with Cuba; look at how they’ve negotiated what we’ve done with the Iran nuclear deal — I personally don’t want them negotiating anything else.”

That’s exactly the point, isn’t it? Obama cannot be trusted on any issue by friend nor foe. We don’t want Obama negotiating anything with anyone. But Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment disagree with us.

Whether you’re for or against TPP (or is it TPA?) the bottom lie is: Obama cannot be trusted. So let’s have some Sharia Law here and politically cut off Obama’s slimy hands. But that is not what is happening because, well, GOP leadership:

House GOP leaders are expressing a bold new confidence heading into the final stretch of the divisive fight over granting President Obama broad trade powers.

The vote, expected as soon as this week, is likely to be a nail-biter — scores of lawmakers in both parties remain publicly undecided, making the count on both sides difficult to pin down.

But both the White House and GOP leaders say their whipping efforts are paying dividends, with new supporters signing on by the day.

The White House won a victory last week when Reps. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), Don Beyer (D-Va.) and Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.) announced their support. And both Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said that, while they don’t have the votes yet, they expect to very soon.

“If we don’t get it done in June, I don’t know why you’d think we can get it done in July,” said Boehner, who’s been coordinating efforts with the White House and recently spoke with Obama. “We need to get this finished. We’re gonna get it done.”

Obama Dimocrats don’t trust Obama (only 18 support ObamaTrade) but the GOP does. The lies from the GOP burst out like wind from the prairie:

They face strong headwinds from conservatives wary of granting additional authority to a president they don’t trust to use it wisely.

“We could wait another 18 months until this administration is out,” Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), a TPA opponent, said Thursday. “You look at how they negotiated the release of the Taliban Five; you look at how they negotiated what they’ve done with Cuba; look at how they’ve negotiated what we’ve done with the Iran nuclear deal — I personally don’t want them negotiating anything else.”

Ryan countered that TPA actually “constrains the president,” requiring administration officials to follow guidelines set by Congress and frequently brief lawmakers about any progress in negotiations. Members also can sit in on the talks.

There’s our favorite quote again followed by crap from the mouth of Paul Ryan. Ryan knows that once the authority is given no “guidelines” from Congress or “sit in on the talks” members will derail whatever treachery Obama comes up with.

We could imagine the Republican leadership negotiating with Barack Obama over ObamaTrade. For instance if the GOP would say to Obama “We’ll repeal ObamaCare with your signature then pass our version of ObamaTrade.” We could see if there was some kind of “get” for Republicans from Obama. But nothing. Republicans are getting nothing from Obama as they luxuriate him with a great powerful gift. They get nothing. Obama gets to work his treachery.

It’s dumb and dumber. Obama negotiates bad deals for the United States of America chock full of treachery and the Republicans negotiate with Obama to give him more authority to harm the nation.

We don’t know what the Hell is flaming out of ObamaTrade, but whatever it is we don’t trust it. Obama Dimocrats agree with us even as those malicious vipers uncover new ObamaTrade horrors:

There’s also a growing concern among liberal Democrats over a $700 million offset provision for the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, a piece of the Trans-Pacific Partnership providing health insurance, retraining and other help to U.S. workers negatively affected by the deal. The cost would be offset by cuts to Medicare.

Talk about Secrets Revealed. ObamaCare passed with cuts to Medicare. ObamaTrade is set to pass with more cuts to Medicare. It’s treachery upon treachery. ObamaCare ObamaTrade Obama Obamination.

The GOP (and sensible Americans as well as Obama Dimocrats) should not trust Obama. The GOP should not give Barack Obama a used toothpick let alone anything of value. But instead of following sane advice, instead of getting something from Obama, the GOP continues to lie and gift Obama fluffy pillows. It’s a Devil’s Pact indeed:

A Devil’s Pact: Instead of Doing Obama’s Bidding, GOP Lawmakers Should Be Opposing ObamaTrade — #StopFastTrack [snip]

Here are some of the things that ObamaTrade does, according to one source:

Only two of its 26 chapters actually cover trade issues such as tariffs and quotas.
Obamatrade would submit the U.S. to the jurisdiction of international tribunals established under the auspices of the United Nations or World Bank.
Obamatrade would surrender control of 544 million acres of public land – a quarter of the entire U.S. land area – to international authorities.
It would establish a system of foreign tribunals higher in authority than even the U.S. Supreme Court that could overrule federal court rulings
Obamatrade would shift decisions over the payment of U.S. tax dollars away from Congress and outside of the Constitutionally-established Article III federal court system (or even U.S. state system) to the authority of international tribunals.
Obama’s agreement would obligate the federal government to force U.S. states to conform state laws to 1000 pages of rules, regulations and constraints unrelated to trade – from land use to whether foreign firms operating in a state can be required to meet the same laws as domestic firms.
Obamatrade would empower foreign companies to use foreign tribunals to enforce special privileges only available to them. Obamatrade would exempt foreign companies from EPA and other onerous regulations that American firms would still be forced to comply with.
Under Obamatrade, foreign companies could actually go to an international tribunal and sue American taxpayers for cash awards to compensate them for costs associated with government regulations – something American-owned companies would not be able to do.
Obamatrade rewrites the global rules of the Internet to impose restrictive rules that Congress rejected when it rejected SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.
The TPP includes some 26 separate chapters that affect our sovereignty, jobs, businesses, farms, food, consumer safety, immigration, the Internet and more.

Moreover, according to Forbes, under the draft provisions of the TPP to be leaked by Wikileaks, “countries could be barred from trying to control where their citizens’ personal data is held or whether it’s accessible from outside the country.” [snip]

Notwithstanding the fact that Republicans trusting Barack Obama with anything more than reading parking meters is a fool’s folly, it is the Republicans who have seemed to have formed a Devil’s Pact with the President on the secret trade deal.

It doesn’t matter whether you think a Pacific region trade pact is a good or bad idea. It doesn’t matter whether you thought or think the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was/is a good deal. It doesn’t matter whether you support tariff barriers, free trade, fair trade, trade winds, Trader Joes, or trading cards. The only thing that matters is that:

“Obama cannot be trusted on any issue by friend nor foe. Obama simply cannot be trusted.”

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  1. This election cycle we thought Donald Trump had no chance to win the nomination. But TPP is a big opening for Trump and he sees and seizes the opening:

  2. Most people are just uninformed about what is going on. And this is being done so slick. I do not think it is a coincidence we got a troll here manipulating around and minimizing this takeover. They must have thousands out on the blogosphere.

    The TPP is the epitome of Unconstitutional. It is the tool to create a dictator, higher than the Supreme Court. And who commands the Armed Forces?

    Get on the phone. Email your friends. People are using facebook and twitter but I like the FAX, best.

    Here is my graphic


  4. As a constituent, consumer, and tech user, I am deeply concerned about the provisions that are being written into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade agreements being negotiated by the Office of the United States Trade Representative. I oppose “trade” policies that are developed without proper oversight or input from the public.

    This is why I ask that you please oppose the renewal of Fast Track authority, or also known as Trade Promotion Authority. As my elected Congressional representative, I expect you to exercise your constitutional authority to craft laws that represent my interests and meet U.S. domestic priorities. If Fast Track is granted, it will obligate us to conform our laws to these trade instruments, making it all the more onerous for you to create policy that reflects the needs of your constituents. I would therefore find it disturbing if you voted in favor of this process that so flagrantly undermines our constitutionally protected checks and balances in government.

    I ask you to please:

    • Stand up and testify in Congressional hearings against any bill that would renew Fast Track authority, also known as Trade Promotion Authority.
    • Convince your fellow lawmakers to stand with you to oppose this unconstitutional rule.
    • Finally and most importantly, reject the renewal of Fast Track if it comes to a vote.

    I look forward to seeing you take a stand against this unconstitutional process.

    Thank you so much for you attention

  5. Yes, yes, yes, Ly’n Brian has been through a rough patch.

    And now, well . . . now it looks like he will not get his old job back.

    NBC feels that his presence would be a reminder of something they hope to forget.

    Namely, how corrupt their entire network is.

    Thus the powers that be hath ordained that he shall be he sacrificial goat.

    But, like the title of the Hemmingway novel: The Son Also Rises . . .

    For as a commentor on another blog happily reports:

    Ly’n Brian will b just fine, thank you.

    After a week of crying his eyes out on Oprah, he’ll be fielding book deals with 7-figure advances that don’t have to be earned back in sales and collecting 6-figure public speaking engagement fees for 20 minutes on the topic “Unreasonable Expectations of Integrity in Ratings-Driven Broadcast News,” 10 minutes of Q&A for an additional $25,000.00.

    No vile deed will go unrewarded.

  6. Great post Admin!

    All of the parts mentioned above on the ObamaTrade to Give Away America, these frighten me the most:

    “Obamatrade would surrender control of 544 million acres of public land – a quarter of the entire U.S. land area – to international authorities.
    It would establish a system of foreign tribunals higher in authority than even the U.S. Supreme Court that could overrule federal court rulings”

    Give away 25% of the United States land to foreigners…………….WTfreakin’F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who’s land? Your land, my land……..the WhiteHouse and Congress land? Our coastal beaches and international airspace? Our natural resources, national parks…………WTF!!!

  7. to say that O and his Admin cannot be trusted is much too kind…

    they are liars across the board…and so much worse…no concern for the average hard working middle class American striving to take care of their families…O will be long gone and the middle class will be stuck with astronimical mandated rising health bills unless the SC steps in…

    as Gruber said:

    Described by many as the “architect” of the health-care law, Gruber was thrown under the bus after numerous videos surfaced last year of him bragging that Obamacare was passed because of “a lack of transparency” into the law and because the American people “were too stupid” to realize they were being manipulated into supporting it.

    take a look a the rest of these emails made public…


    I cannot support anything connected to this Admin…

  8. Ex Malo Bonum:

    “Wall Street Democrats are getting increasingly nervous that Hillary Clinton will tack to the left in her campaign for the White House. Their fear, Politico writes, is that with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley in the race, Clinton could be pushed to take a tougher stance on financial reform issues in ways that could make their lives uncomfortable. The worry isn’t that either candidate could beat Clinton, but rather that populist pitches from Sanders and O’Malley coupled with the heavy influence of Sen. Elizabeth Warren could force Clinton to come out harder on issues including breaking up the country’s largest banks and imposing a financial transaction tax.”

    Comment: when you see how far Wall Street has pushed the envelope with their puppet in the White House, and in the aftermath of Dodd Frank and their privatizing the profits while socializing the laws, the old adage that what’s good for General Motors is good for this country, has been turned completely on its head, so much so in fact, that it is now more accurate to say what is good for Wall Street is manifestly bad for this nation, and the evidence–its everywhere, and one would have to be ignorant or wilfully blind to deny it. Again, where the middle class and the general welfare are concerned, it is a living example of The Tragedy of the Commons, much as our beloved big media seeks to hide it, through avoidance and riveting tales of the trials and tribulations of Kimmie and Caitlin who are their bread and butter, because they know the public eats up that shit, and has no serious interest in the direction of the country. But the worse of it are our elite class who unlike their predecessors are so self absorbed and corrupt that they have totally lost sight of the welfare of the nation. Thus, the gravaman of the complaint falls hardest on their Harvard trained heads.

  9. I have been giving this whole thing a lot of thought.

    Back in 2008, I was naive. I thought big media would give Hillary a fair hearing. And even after they failed to do that, and the campaigning stopped and the governing began, I believed that big media would be forced to elevate truth over partisanship if not for the sake of the nation, then surely for the sake of their own ratings.

    There did come a point, however, where even for someone as naive as I was, that I realized this was never going to happen. And I argued the point with a professor of journalism, who persisted in the delusion that big media would change longer than I did. She would always come back to Watergate, when big media continued to support Nixon for the longest period of time, until the tipping point was reached. Finally, she too conceded the point that big media today is incapable of self correction and change.

    I have speculated of course on the why of it. Specifically, why has big media become so–what we might call for lack of a better word, so corrupt. What is the critical factor that explains their retreat from journalism, and their clear preference for propaganda. Why is it that honest reporters who value the truth are frustrated not just with Obama, but with their own news organizations, because they cannot get what they know out to the public and are forced instead to participate in a choreographed process which bears no resemblance to the truth to achieve an end result consistent with a narrative which preserves the wealth and power of their owners.

    The same can be said for the Republican Party, as Admin highlights in this particular article. Why is it that they consistently go in the ring, do a lot of shadow boxing, big media plays it all up as the fight of the century, and then, at the moment of truth, they take what the boxing business refers to as a dive—for the same reason that a ham and egger pugilist does it, namely money.

    By every empirical measurement, we are in a state of decline. I am inclined to blame it all on Obama, and he is certainly the architect. But to lay the blame solely on him, exonerates too many others. Because what we are seeing today represents the culmination, the grand climeratic of so many bad decisions and so much greed. To the billionaire, I would ask two question: how much money do you really need? How many cars can you buy, how many homes can you own to alleviate your enui. And get your fucking hands off our political system, because you really do not know what you are doing, and you cannot relate to ordinary people.

    Strange as it may seem, I do make an exception for the Koch Brothers, from what I know about them from people with first hand knowledge. It is not hard to imagine a left wing hit piece that would assail that observation to hell and back. But I do not worry about that because I know that the attacker is not some honest objective journalist, but an attacker like David Brock of Media Matters, who are in the same business as Joseph Goebbels, and whose tactics are scarcely distinguishable from his. What separates the Koch Brothers from someone like Soros is that business interests aside it is clear to me that they love this country, and it is equally clear that Soros hates this county and everything it stands for. The world will never be at peace until he is dead, and someone has the good sense to piss on his grave. In many ways, I see him as a modern day Hitler, and I have witnesses who will attest to same.

    The story has been told and re told of how, when Franklin emerged from the Constitutional Convention and was queried on what kind of government we had, he responded a republic sir—if you can keep it. The current state of our politics belies that possibility. Nevertheless, like him or not, Ted Cruz has given us a political version of Occam’s razor when it comes to politics, and choosing leaders who will not let us down, as so many have. Whether Ted can live up to it or not remains to be seen, but criteria he enumerates have independent value for both ends of the political spectrum, and they are the right antecodote for the managed stage craft and astroturfing and spin which pollute the living stream of contemporary politics:

    Forget about all the fucking speeches. If I never hear another political speech in my life that will be just fine. Lets have a free wheeling discussion, no big media celebrites as interlocutors, and let people who follow the political process closely and have a modicum of intelligence ask narrow closed end questions that the candidate must answer–not this cheap gotcha crap, or democrat talkig points–or republican ones if its FOX.

    And, above all, focus on the three questions Ted enumerates, and demand accountability:

    1. is the candidate telling the truth

    2. will the candidate do what he promised to do

    3. does the track record of the candidate to date, so indicate.

    If that perspective were to take root in our political culture, it is just possible that we can turn this thing around. Otherwise, we are looking at the sort of future Orwell wrote about–regardless of political party.

  10. You do not find many people willing to defend the Koch Brothers.

    That is because the democrats and big media have made cast them in the role of evil incarnate.

    Except when someone like Lawrence O’Donnell gets his life saved at one of their hospitals

    But there is a more important reason people need to be aware of.

    The RINO and the DINO are nothing more than front men for Wall Street.

    When Harry Reid demonizes the Koch Brothers he does so on behalf of Wall Street as well as his party.

    Wall Street controls our political process.

    Wall Streets business interests are financial and globalist.

    The Koch bothers business interest are based on manufacturing and agriculture, and are to that extent indigenous to this country.

    The big fight for control of the Republican Party is between Bush money and Koch money.

    The guy who has told us that is Dick Morris, but it is corroborated by logic and common sense.

    What is likely to happen between now and 2016 is the primary will boil down to an establishment candidate financed by Wall Street.

    And an anti establishment candidate financed by the Koch Brothers.

    If you believe as I do that Wall Street has taken over the system–and TPP/TPA is symptomatic of a fatal disease

    Then you will take these astroturfed attacks on the Koch Brothers with a grain of salt.

    This is not an endorsement of them personally–I have never met them myself.

    Rather it is a measure of respect for the antecdote they offer for the take over of our country by Wall Street.

  11. In case you are interested the guy who delivered the democrat party into the hands of wall street was felix rohatyn. He argued that the Republicans had close ties to Wall Street and the Democratic Party could not survive unless it tapped into that gold mine as well. He was instrumental in engineering the take over of our political system by Wall Street, but obviously, he had help. Here is the side of his story he wants you to know about, and stop asking embarrassing questions about the rest of it.

  12. Ted supports the Trade act Wbb…
    Supreme court doesn’t have the balls to turnover Obama care.

  13. gonzotx,

    If Admin says the SC will do it, they probably will. They really do not have to turn it over, just deal it a lethal blow.

    I agree with you about Cruz. The GOP has a bunch of Ugly Penguin Candidates. And where did they find PREE-BUS? They have become the party of stupid and ugly.

    The only GOPer I would vote for is the Trumpster.

  14. Gonzotx: the reason I am ignoring your question is I do not know how to answer it. If there is any truth to the report that under this perverse agreement we would cede sovereignty over 1/4 of our land mass and navigable waterways to UN bodies, and Ted believes in the Constitution and that the people–not government are sovereign, they how can he support this bill. The only answer he has provided thus far is he believes this will create jobs and he believes in free trade. That is not a satisfactory answer. I do not think we have all the facts here, because it does not add up. Not even close.

  15. As for the Supreme Court, I am quite sure that after the Fraud told him how to rule on the case, and threatened unspecified reprisals if he does not, Roberts has locked himself in the bed room and is hiding under the bed in terror. But in spite of Roberts, they will have to strike down the government, because the position they are advancing flies in the face of every principle of statutory construction, and Gruber’s commments about what the government was up to with Obamacare are open and notorious. To lend that entire effort the protection of the court would be fatal to the court’s legitimacy in the minds of most Americans. At this point, Obama’s threats and perhaps his efforts to blackmail are not outcome determinative. He will not be the one to define his own legacy much less that of the Roberts court. Still, Roberts being the coward he is—and fortunately now everybody I speak to on the subject agrees on that, is sweating this out.

  16. I want this goddamned piece of shit struck down for two reasons. First, it is a horrendous law and deserves to die an ignominious death. Second, I want to see what cowards like McConnell and Boehner do with it. I want them to twist in the wind, and be forced to take a position beyond I am opposed to it on the record, and behind the scenes, I will do whatever the drug companies want me to do because this entire monster was created to steal their donors and by god they want those donors back. The RINO does not mind at all sucking hind tit, just as long as there is plenty of milk for him too. Useless bastards,

  17. Just when we thought the absurdity that marks every single day of Obama’s reign could not possibly be surpassed, we learned that 4 hours (3 hours and 47 minutes to be precise) after the US president vowed to sign a new law banning bulk data collection by the NSA (named, for purely grotesque reasons, the “USA Freedom Act”), the Obama administration asked the secret Fisa surveillance court to ignore a federal court that found bulk surveillance illegal and to once again grant the National Security Agency the power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans for six months.

    “Obama cannot be trusted on any issue by friend nor foe. Obama simply cannot be trusted.”


    This is why I think the Supremes will not vote to strike down the mandates. The decision not to hear this case, despite previous rulings, allowing unconstitutional law stand…well, I think this is such a screwed up court that the Constitution is a minor nuisance.

  19. About that TPP –

    What is at stake here is nothing less than whether the future of the world will be national democratic governments, or instead an international fascist government. Regardless of whether the old ideal of an international democratic world-federalist government (the old idea of a world government) was a good one, the bringing-about of an international corporate dictatorship is a monstrosity: the very opposite of an international democracy.

    Barack Obama wants to bring the world into international fascist control more than has ever yet existed on this planet. If he succeeds, he will thus be the most harmful political leader in world history. His deals must be stopped. They are horrendous.

  20. I have no idea what gets into their heads that makes unqualified jerks like Lindsey Graham imagine they are of presidential timber and ought to run for president. What manner of delusion afflicts them. Is it perhaps the idea that if joltn joe biden could be vice president–and a heartbeat away from the oval office, then anyone can be president. And the term anyone is broad enough to include McCain’s aid d camp, light in the loafters lindsey. Yes, the two of them make quite a pear (sp) and their nicknames are almost as colorful as they are. By virtue of his bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran skit mcCain has acquired the nickname doctor stangelove and graham who has his head so far up mccains ass so far that everytime mccain stops walking lindsey ends up in a neck brace for a week, which has earned him the nickname among senate staffers of rin-tin-tin, after that dauntless german shepard who always gets his man. If vaudville were still in fashion, both of those lounge lizards would have received the vaudeville hook long before this.

  21. Supreme Court just decided a major gun control case: District v. Heller and then expanded the ruling in another case two years later to cover states and other jurisdictions in addition to federal jurisdictions. Heller was a landmark decision striking down bans on the possession of commonly owned guns and handguns (D.C. had tried to ban the ownership of handguns, period). However, the Court did not outlaw restrictions on the ownership of guns, like licensing, locked storage, etc. BTW, Ted Cruz wrote the brief of 31 states in the Heller case.

    The recent San Francisco case sought to overturn a local regulation that hand guns be stored in locked storage boxes or with trigger locks in place. The Supreme Court wasn’t going to take that case unless they wanted to overturn their own Heller decision.

    The media, of course, calls it a major setback for gun rights, but it really wasn’t a major case at all. Heller was the landmark case.

  22. BTW, I don’t think the Court will strike the Obamacare subsidies. I think they will decide that the federal exchanges are really state exchanges, simply operated by the federal as a subcontractor. They will come up with this because the options for New Hampshire’s fed exchange are different from the options for Texas and thus they are state-specific exchanges.

    The media will get the ruling wrong again after reading the first part that upholds the provision that only state exchanges qualify, but before reading that the Court deems all the federal exchanges to be state exchanges.

  23. Here’s Ted Cruz’ brief in Heller:


    Described by Justice Joseph Story as “the palladium of
    the liberties of the republic,” the right to keep and bear
    arms enjoys prominent placement at the outset of the Bill
    of Rights. Yet the central issue in this case is whether
    that constitutional provision retains any vitality

    The District of Columbia’s position, as the court of
    appeals explained, is that “the Second Amendment is a
    dead letter.” Pet. App. 13a. That ahistorical
    contention—supported by modern-day advocates who
    disagree with the policy judgments embodied in that
    Amendment—runs contrary to both the text and the
    original understanding of our Constitution.

    Because the Second Amendment’s text recognizes a
    “right,” not a “power,” and guarantees that right to “the
    people” and not “the States,” it necessarily secures an
    individual right to keep and bear arms. The First, Fourth,
    and Ninth Amendments likewise protect the “rights” of
    “the people,” and none dispute that those Amendments
    protect individual rights. The Tenth Amendment, in turn,
    expressly distinguishes between “the States” and “the
    people,” demonstrating that the Framers knew well the
    difference. And, this Court has made clear, “the people” is
    a term of art, with the same meaning throughout the Bill
    of Rights.

    The District’s contrary position is based largely upon a
    misconstruction of the Amendment’s prefatory clause.
    Although the preamble states that keeping a wellregulated
    militia is one purpose of the right, nothing in
    that statement contradicts the Amendment’s operative
    language. The District’s interpretation of that prefatory
    language as limiting the Amendment only to members of
    organized state militias runs contrary to the
    understanding—and statutory definition—at the time of
    the Founding that all able-bodied males armed with their
    own private weapons comprised the “Militia.”

    The court of appeals’s ruling is also consistent with this
    Court’s decision in United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174
    (1939). That brief and famously opaque opinion can be
    read to support multiple interpretations, but the better
    reading is that the right to keep and bear arms is an
    individual right. Indeed, Miller makes sense only if the
    Court believed that the Second Amendment protects
    individual rights; otherwise, virtually all of the Miller
    Court’s analysis would be rendered superfluous.

    That view is further buttressed by an unbroken line of
    commentary from the Framers to nineteenth-century
    scholars to the bulk of modern scholarship. Indeed, the
    unmistakable trend among constitutional scholars—even
    those who might otherwise disfavor private firearms
    possession—is toward recognition that the Second
    Amendment protects an individual right, as its plain text

    Reasonable minds can differ about the Second
    Amendment’s scope—that is, about which government
    regulations are permissible. And subsequent cases may
    well present difficult questions about where precisely to
    draw that line. Those vexing issues are not presented in
    this case, however, and are appropriately left to another

    This case instead presents two straightforward
    questions, each of which will determine whether the
    Second Amendment has any modern relevance. First, as
    a threshold matter, does the Amendment protect any
    individual rights at all. And second, do the challenged
    District ordinances—which collectively prohibit the
    possession of any functioning firearm in one’s own
    home—run afoul of that right.

    On more difficult questions involving the Amendment’s
    application—such as registration requirements and
    comprehensive regulation—the many amici States may
    well part ways. But the two questions in this case are, in
    the eyes of amici, not difficult. If the answer to either
    question were in the negative, then the Second
    Amendment’s protections would be rendered illusory.

    For the same reason, the amici States believe that the
    Department of Justice’s position that this case should be
    vacated and remanded is indefensible. Under any
    standard, including that advocated by the Department, a
    total prohibition on the possession of any functioning
    firearm cannot be sustained. The District’s ordinances
    facially prohibit Mr. Heller from ever possessing a
    handgun in his own home or from possessing an operable
    long gun.

    An individual right that can be altogether abrogated is
    no right at all. Amici States are sovereign governmental
    bodies with strong interests in maintaining extant
    regulations barring, for example, convicted felons from
    possessing firearms. But none of the 31 amici States
    believes that its citizens’ constitutional rights should be
    effectively erased from the Bill of Rights. Because, under
    any standard, a total prohibition on the possession of
    firearms cannot be reconciled with the individual right to
    keep and bear arms, the court of appeals’s judgment
    should be affirmed.

  24. They are voting Friday for the TPP. Must have the votes

    And, more important, they must have had long enough for the milker bill to extort every last drop of cash from both sides. Having milked and milked until the well is dry, the bill can now go to the floor. If Peter Schweizer were writing another book, he could probably document massive numbers of checks going into Boehners and other leadership PACs yesterday and today.

    They’ll let everybody reload, catch their breath, and go for another round extortion when the TPP is up for a final vote next year.

  25. Remember the Eric Garner case in Staten Island, New York? We wrote that if the case was about racism then the #2 cop (who is black) in New York is a racist because he ordered police activity to stop the sales of “loosie” cigarettes. Likewise, behold Marilyn Mosby – the racist:

    About three weeks before Freddie Gray was chased from a West Baltimore corner by three Baltimore police officers — the start of a fatal encounter — the office of prosecutor Marilyn Mosby asked police to target the intersection with “enhanced” drug enforcement efforts, court documents show.

    “State’s Attorney Mosby asked me to look into community concerns regarding drug dealing in the area of North Ave and Mount St,” Joshua Rosenblatt, division chief of Mosby’s Crime Strategies Unit, wrote in a March 17 email to a Western District police commander.

    The email was disclosed for the first time Tuesday in a motion filed in Baltimore Circuit Court by defense attorneys for the six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s arrest and death. The attorneys said Mosby’s involvement in the police initiative mean that she should be removed from the case.

    “Mrs. Mosby herself is now an integral part of the story and as such is a central witness,” the defense attorneys argued. “This is a case where the witness and the prosecutor are one and the same.” [snip]

    In their motion Tuesday, defense attorneys said the email exchange shows that Mosby knew the area where Gray was chased was a high-crime location. They said that bolsters their argument that officers were within their rights to detain and handcuff Gray — even before finding a knife and officially arresting him.

    “It must be understood that Mrs. Mosby was directing these officers to one of the highest crime intersections in Baltimore City and asking them to make arrests, conduct surveillance, and stop crime,” the defense attorneys wrote. “Now, the State is apparently making the unimaginable argument that the police officers are not allowed to use handcuffs to protect their safety and prevent flight in an investigatory detention where the suspect fled in a high crime area and actually had a weapon on him.”

    In the March 17 email to Maj. Osborne Robinson, Rosenblatt wrote that Mosby’s office wanted to build on the success in reducing crime in the West Baltimore neighborhood through the Operation Ceasefire program by “targeting that intersection for enhanced prosecutorial (and hopefully police) attention.” In that program, prosecutors, police and community groups work together to persuade criminals to reform.

    On March 20, Robinson forwarded Rosenblatt’s email to several Western District officers, including Lt. Brian W. Rice. He was one of the three officers who arrested Gray and one of the six later charged in Gray’s arrest and death.

    Robinson told Rice and the other officers to begin a “daily narcotics initiative” focused on North Avenue and Mount Street, according to the email, and said he would be collecting “daily measurables” from them on their progress.

    “This is effective immediately,” Robinson wrote, noting that the officers should use cameras, informants and other covert policing tactics to get the job done.

    Lt. Kenneth Butler, president of the Vanguard Justice Society, a group for minority and female Baltimore police officers, said that when orders such as Robinson’s come down to target a specific corner, the response is consistent. “They want increased productivity, whether it be car stops, field interviews, arrests — that’s what they mean by measurables,” he said.

    Butler, who said he has been a shift commander on and off for the past 15 years, added, “You have to use whatever tools you have — whether it be bike officers, cameras, foot officers, whatever you have — to abate that problem. So you’re going to have to be aggressive.”

    Butler said that he has never seen such orders come from the state’s attorney’s office but that they come at the request of politicians and community leaders all the time.

    Once you’re given an order, you have to carry it out. It’s just that simple,” he said.

    There is nothing left of this case. The courts today refused the Mosby requested gag order because she filed the motion in the wrong court. The Baltimore Police policy also allows for handcuffing if there is “unprovoked flight” by the suspect which is exactly what happened in the Freddie Gray case. The defense lawyers will pin the responsibility for the police presence on Mosby herself. There is nothing left of this case.

  26. Turkey’s election offers an opportunity for partnership in the fight against terrorism

    In Sunday’s parliamentary elections, the people of Turkey fired a warning shot against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). While it is true AKP received the largest number of votes and remains the most powerful political party in Turkey, it is also true that this is hardly the result the former prime minister and current President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted. In emulation of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, Mr. Erdogan has paid lip-service to his country’s democratic institutions by moving between executive positions, a cumbersome process he proposed to eliminate by amending the Constitution to consolidate power in the presidency he holds, had the voters given him sufficient support in the parliament.

    They did the opposite, reducing AKP’s seats by almost 10%, and raising the number of seats held by the Kurdish minority to a historic high of 80. Rather than consolidating power, Mr. Erdogan will now have to share it or face the voters again in early elections.

    This is good news for Turkey, and it should be good news for the United States as well. Turkey has been a long-standing friend to our nation, and is an important NATO ally. But Mr. Erdogan’s increasingly autocratic, Islamist and anti-American policies, largely un-rebuked by the Obama administration, have threatened this relationship. Under his rule, Turkey has become a leader in Internet censorship and the persecution of journalists. Mr. Erdogan’s administration has been aggressively hostile to our ally Israel, further inflaming regional tensions. By withholding access to the NATO air base at Incirlik, Turkey has further jeopardized our already anemic campaign against the spread of ISIS along Turkey’s borders with Syria and Iraq.

    But now the people of Turkey have gone where the Obama administration has feared to tread, and signaled they want a new course, one that is more inclusive of minorities and, we can hope, more friendly to America. This election may thus represent something that has been in short supply in the Middle East—an opportunity for the United States. The president admitted Monday what has long been apparent to most observers, that we have no coherent strategy against ISIS. Now might be the moment to develop one, starting with exerting pressure on Turkey to take aggressive action against the ISIS fighters moving across its borders and to give us access to our air base at Incirlik so we can see how ISIS reacts to a serious, concerted air campaign.

    Mr. Erdogan remains in power for the moment, and it may be that he will never agree to these requests. But the United States should make them loud and clear because while their president may not listen, the Turkish people might be open to partnering with America against the vicious scourge of terrorism that threatens both our nations.


    More Republicans are coming out in opposition to Obamatrade—the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which would fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)—pushing back against House leadership’s effort to ram it through the House.

    “Trade deals should be about creating jobs,” Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL)53%
    , an influential Alabamian who serves in a senior position on the House Appropriations Committee, told Breitbart News. “At this point I am skeptical that any trade deal President Obama – or any president – might bring would actually create jobs in Alabama. This will be an agreement that would be in place for years to come.”

    While Aderholt’s quote isn’t an express “no,” against Obamatrade, it’s certainly hard to see him voting for it now. That increases the “no” votes and “leaning no” votes on this to nearly 40 members, and the undecided members on Capitol Hill aren’t budging under pressure from Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)40%
    or anyone else pushing Obamatrade. It’s so bad that Boehner and his allies have, some sources have suggested, started targeting undecided House members’ staffers in what one aide told Breitbart News was a “sickening” effort to push Obamatrade through.

    Meanwhile, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)94%
    —who’s already publicly opposed to Obamatrade—told Breitbart News on Tuesday that the Republican leadership has adopted Democrat talking points on this. In an email, Gohmert said:

    Many trusted Republicans parrot the talking points Democrat leaders fashioned that passing TPA will force the administration to finally provide us information before trade agreements are finalized which will then force the President to include Congress in something so important.

    That is such a great idea, except – wait, wasn’t it the law that the President had to give us 30 days’ notice before he released anyone from Guantanamo? Isn’t it the current law that the President and his administration must comply with lawful subpoenas from Congress like requesting Fast and Furious documents that have still not been provided?

    Gohmert continued by hammering the administration for its various scandals, and questioning why any Republican would trust Obama.

    And isn’t it the law that administration officials must come testify before Congress when subpoenaed, not tell them they have no business in asking? – much like the White House principal health policy advisor and top IRS official did to the House Oversight Committee and the U.S. Treasury Department continues to do to the Senate. The list of blatant disregard for the law could continue on; however, I’m afraid it would take up too much room to name all the offenses.

    The fact is that this lawless administration is the least transparent ever. Adding one more requirement will mean one more law this administration can ignore. But I really do have to admire the optimism of members of the Congress, who say, ‘But this time, he really, really and truly will comply with giving us notice; this one law will change everything about the lack of transparency.’ I admire the optimism, but cannot close my eyes long enough to be quite that blind.

    Aderholt’s decision to come out against Obamatrade is likely to break a logjam and encourage others to come out against it. Others, such as Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL)49%
    , from the Alabama delegation have remained silent for now.

    “She hasn’t staked out a position,” Roby spokesman Todd Stacy told Breitbart News last Thursday. “She and staff continue to study the issue and seek input from stakeholders. In general I can tell you that she supports free trade, but it has to be fair trade too. She strongly believes Congress must retain its authority to approve or reject any trade deal.”

    Also pressuring Aderholt and other southern representatives is the fact that both of Alabama’s U.S. Senators, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80%
    and Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)66%
    , voted against it in the Senate.

    Right now, spokespeople for Reps. Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)90%
    , Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN)83%
    and more have confirmed either on record or anonymously their bosses are undecided. Other members’ offices, like that of Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS)50%
    —who’s likely to face a primary challenge from either state Sen. Chris McDaniel, state Sen. Michael Watson or both—has consistently refused to answer where he stands, but this will make it tougher for him to keep hiding.

    Since none of them are budging under leadership pressure, though, one House GOP aide told Breitbart News that Boehner’s allies have been resorting to lobbying members’ staffs to try to get them to support Obamatrade.

    “Someone has been going to staffs because ‘undecided members’ aren’t budging,” the aide said in an email. “I’m kinda sickened by it actually!”

    It’s quite incredible that Boehner’s team is unable to get their message through to members themselves—and means that essentially the establishment is not even getting their phone calls returned from House Republicans.

    “Unfortunately the troops have mobilized to have staff lobby their bosses for TPA even though the member isn’t willing,” the House GOP aide said.

    What’s more, in seeming response to losing two more Republicans who now publicly oppose Obamatrade earlier on Tuesday—Reps. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ)80%
    and Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA)50%
    —Boehner’s office compiled a list of in some cases weeks old quotes from various other Republicans who support Obamatrade to put out a post on Boehner’s website arguing that support for Obamatrade “grows.”

    It pulls together a weeks-old quote from Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ)91%
    from back in May, a months-old op-ed from House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)60%
    and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96%
    from back in April, a several-days-old quote from Condoleezza Rice, and old quotes from Sens. Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)75%
    . It also cites early May quotes from Republican Study Committee chairman Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX)68%
    and from Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA)92%
    —neither of whom have been loudly pushing Obamatrade. Since it came out, McClintock supported it without going to the secret room inside the Capitol to read the TPP text. The Boehner post notes that Charles Krauthammer, the National Review editors, Cato Institute officials, and some others support Obamatrade too.

    All of those people have supported Obamatrade for quite some time—none of their support is new, or surprising, actually—and Speaker Boehner’s press secretary Matt Wolking hasn’t responded to a Breitbart News press request when asked for at least one fresh conservative voice in support of this measure.

  28. Gonzo–the supreme court will rule against Obama in King vs. Burwell based on the legal analysis I laid out several months ago. I now see Great is adopting that same analysis and reaching the same conclusion. At that point, all eyes will shift to senator brasso from Wyoming and has a bill ready to deal with the situation—after that fucking big media goes through their chicken little routine and Obama hints at the possibility of invoking martial law.

  29. Boehner and McConnell need to pay attention to the TTIP part of the global trade deal blowing up in Europe. “We can exclusively report that in addition to the vote being cancelled, as noted several hours ago, the European Union’s chief bureaucrats are in meltdown following major public backlash against what has been described as a “major corporatist stitch-up”.

  30. The French socialists have been pushing back on the TTIP for months and now the Germans are too with the proposed takeover and eradication of their investment laws and the UK looking at elections to withdraw from the EU. The EU corporatist bureaucrats are freaking out, postponing votes, to try to muddle the mess back together. TTIP is just one part of the massive effort for globalization and a concentration of power. If fails the rest of it doesn’t really matter as too many dominoes would be missing. Kind of like Obamacare and the state exchange extortion mechanism being removed. It is scam busting.

  31. And all of Obama’s trade deals are about concentrating power and wealth transfer, creating or strengthening monopolies, cheap labor, denigration of national sovereignty, global legal systems, and giving himself and cronies more money and power. Remember the carbon tax and carbon credits mechanism that he and his buds were going to profit from and deem who could have energy and who couldn’t. The same with Obamacare and who got medical care, who had to pay for it and who didn’t. Immigration, climate change regulations, voting rights, employment, and on and on. The same blueprint for everything. And on the secret trade monopolies Wikileaks spilled the beans. Obama and his buds operate in secret because they have to do so.

  32. Gonzo: since Ted Cruz is a constitutional scholar, the question I would have for him would be this:

    Question: If Obama entered into a secret treaty with other nations abolishing the Constitution, and that treaty was ratified by a majority in Congress, at the behest of McConnell, Boehner, and their donors, would that treaty be constitutional?

    It seems to me that is what we have with TPP/TPA. Plus a way for third world nations to do what Soros wants to do which is to distribute the wealth of the middle class to the third world, which is a previously unimaginable exercise in Marxism.

  33. My observation about most politician is they tend to be somewhere between average and stupid in terms of their intellect. But they are extroverts, and that seems to make up for a lot of it. And then there are some fossils—like McCain, Hatch and Cochrane who are downright senile. This may seem a bit harsh, but I defy you to watch them closely and come to any other conclusion. The one thing they are not is national leaders, any more than the minions of big media are journalists. However, both groups are pass masters at one thing: looting the middle class to line their own pockets, and doing the bidding of their donors. They are to be congratulated for that much, but they must cease and desist in the hypocrisy of pretending that they represent the American People. Such blatant lying is bad form–and too easily rebutted by clear cogent and convincing evidence to the contrary.

  34. wbboei
    June 10, 2015 at 10:12 am

    Soros wants to do which is to distribute the wealth of the middle class to the third world, which is a previously unimaginable exercise in Marxism.

    The problem of course is that the wealth redistributed to the third world always winds up in Soros or his type’s pockets. It never makes it to the peasant in the hut but manages to be siphoned off by the Soros middle men and functionaries. Money for water wells, health or agriculture projects and infrastructure gets stolen. The talk about doing “good things” is just that. Talk to make the induced guilt (again by Soros propaganda) crowd agreeable to make themselves feel good. That is the Marxism part but the monopolies, corporatist wealth transfer, and over bearing legal tyranny by a billion regulations is much more fascist. It is a Marxist/Fascist hydra monster.

  35. Mormaer
    June 10, 2015 at 12:34 pm
    Absolutely correct!!!!!!!!

    For Soros it is never about the welfare of the people.

    Anyone who can look at ancient photographs of his fellow Jews in Hungary being boarded into trains destined for the death camps in 1943, while he scavenged and stole their worldly possessions, and tell an incredulous Steve Croft in a Sixty Minutes interview that he felt no remorse because it was just like a market transaction, wherein they were the losers and he was the winner, will not be inclined to worry in any serious sort of way about the welfare of the people. He will always cloak his crass self interest in charitable terms, but at the end of the day, he is another Hitler. Yet, that reality is too hard for people to wrap their minds around, so they do not go there. But the people of Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, and those who have studied Soros, like David Horowitz, have no such qualms. Soros is what he is and that is evil incarnate, and anyone who claims otherwise is the worst sort of moral relativist. But then again, people are capable of talking themselves into the most counter factual opinions, and it is my belief as a lawyer that for every witness who flat lie about something there are 5 witnesses who simply talk themselves into a false position and sincerely believe it, and when pressed they simply become antagonistic. They lack the courage to face the truth, and admit they were wrong, even though in most cases they would be respected for doing so, and disrespected for continuing to defend an indefensible position.


    Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement

    Discovered inside the huge tranche of secretive Obamatrade documents released by Wikileaks are key details on how technically any Republican voting for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would fast-track trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would technically also be voting to massively expand President Obama’s executive authority when it comes to immigration matters. [snip]

    The president’s Trade in Services Act (TiSA) documents, which is one of the three different close-to-completely-negotiated deals that would be fast-tracked making up the president’s trade agreement, show Obamatrade in fact unilaterally alters current U.S. immigration law. [snip]

    TiSA is even more secretive than TPP. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill can review the text of TPP in a secret, secured room inside the Capitol—and in some cases can bring staffers who have high enough security clearances—but with TiSA, no such draft text is available. [snip]

    Roughly 10 pages of this TiSA agreement document leak are specifically about immigration.

    “The existence of these ten pages on immigration in the Trade and Services Agreement make it absolutely clear in my mind that the administration is negotiating immigration – and for them to say they are not – they have a lot of explaining to do based on the actual text in this agreement,” Rosemary Jenks, the Director of Government Relations at Numbers USA, told Breitbart News following her review of these documents. [snip]

    It remains to be seen what will happen in light of leaks about things like the immigration provisions of TiSA—which deals with 24 separate parties, mostly different nations but also the European Union. It is focused on increasing the free flow of services worldwide—and with that, comes labor. Labor means immigration and guestworkers.

    “This Trade and Services Agreement is specifically mentioned in TPA as being covered by fast-track authority, so why would Congress be passing a Trade Promotion Authority Act that covers this agreement, if the U.S. weren’t intended to be a party to this agreement – so at the very least, there should be specific places where the U.S. exempts itself from these provisions and there are not,” explained Jenks.

    She emphasized that this is a draft, but at this point “certainly the implication is that the U.S. intends to be a party to all or some of the provisions of this agreement. There is nothing in there that says otherwise, and there is no question in my mind that some of the provisions in this Trade and Services Agreement would require the United States to change its immigration laws.”

    In 2003, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution that said no immigration provision should be in trade agreements – and in fact, former Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) voted for this resolution.

    The existence of these 10 pages is in clear violation of that earlier unanimous decision, and also in violation of the statements made by the U.S. Trade Representative.

    “He has told members of Congress very specifically the U.S. is not negotiating immigration – or at least is not negotiating any immigration provisions that would require us to change our laws. So, unless major changes are made to the Trade and Services Agreement – that is not true,” said Jenks.

    There are three examples within the 10 pages of areas where the U.S. would have to alter current immigration law.

    First, on page 4 and 5 of the agreement, roughly 40 industries are listed where potentially the U.S. visa processes would have to change to accommodate the requirements within the agreement.

    Jenks explained that under the agreement, the terms don’t have an economic needs based test, which currently U.S. law requires for some types of visa applications in order to show there aren’t American workers available to fill positions.

    Secondly, on page 7 of the agreement, it suggests, “The period of processing applications may not exceed 30 days.”

    Jenks said this is a massive problem for the U.S. because so many visa applications take longer than 30 days.

    “We will not be able to meet those requirements without essentially our government becoming a rubber stamp because it very often takes more than 30 days to process a temporary worker visa,” she said.

    Jenks also spotted another issue with the application process.

    “The fact that there’s a footnote in this agreement that says that face to face interviews are too burdensome … we’re supposed to be doing face to face interviews with applicants for temporary visas,” she added.

    “According to the State Department Consular Officer, it’s the in person interviews that really gives the Consular Officer an opportunity to determine – is this person is a criminal, is this person a terrorist … all of those things are more easily determined when you’re sitting face to face with someone and asking those questions.”

    The third issue is present on page 4 of the agreement. It only provides an “[X]” where the number of years would be filled in for the entry or temporary stay.

    Jenks explained that for example, with L visas under current U.S. immigration law, the time limit is seven years – so if the agreement were to go beyond seven years, it would change current U.S. law.

    This wouldn’t be unconstitutional if Obama has fast-track authority under TPA, as Congress would essentially have given him the power to finalize all aspects of the negotiations, including altering immigration law.

    “I think this whole thing makes it very clear that this administration is negotiating immigration – intends to make immigration changes if they can get away with it, and I think it’s that much more critical that Congress ensure that the administration does not have the authority to negotiate immigration,” Jenks said.

  37. admin
    June 10, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    This I think is the reason the Obama adm has been just going through the motions with “immigration reform”, left it to the last months of his time in office, and have been so dishonest and cavalier in dealing with Congress and the courts. They knew they were going to bypass all of our rules of government and self determination with a crooked ass trade agreement which is really a treaty relinquishing sovereignty. Wikileaks pulled the dirty sheet off, began the exposing the dirt and true intentions, and now the Euro roaches are scrambling to cover their tracks. It really is a fascist and evil plan.

  38. admin
    June 10, 2015 at 2:16 pm
    Well, gonzo, there you have your answer about Ted, and he will have to scramble on this one—so will our beloved troll. This treaty is exactly what I perceived it to be—an end run around congress, the courts, the constitution and the american people—BUT VERY VERY VERY GOOD FOR ZUCKERBERG. Trouble is, Ted assured us he has read the damned thing, which obviously he did not. Yes, he did qualify it by saying the had not studied it in detail, but he had read it, and it read like any other trade agreement, ergo not to worry. The truth is nobody read the goddamned thing except Zuckerberg, Gates and a handful of billionaires. Meanwhile big media is falling on their knees for Obama, blessing everything he does, collecting big bucks, bamboozling the public, and longing for the bad old days when they were trusted. Still McConnell has pushed it through and Boeher and his brilliant lieutenants who jointly and serverally have a lower IQ then my dog who has a higher IQ than Elija Cummings are, as politico dutifully reports whipping the vote for Boehner and his pimp Sammy.

  39. Sammy–go tell that young chickadee across the bar that the Speaker would like to have a drink with her, and it is her patriotic duty to say yes.

  40. The bigger point, of course Gonzo, it isn’t that he said he read it and that it was okay. The bigger point is that he, and the rest of the Republicans voted for it. I still have not been able to find out who the 38 senators were who voted against it. Anyone who voted for it is not worthy of support, and it is beginning to look to me like we need to vote all of them out of office. The dying days of Obama may kill all of us, but the one thing they remind us of is of the need to disenfranchise the political elites before they can disenfranchise us, and that means vote against every incumbent. If they cannot read, understand and vote right on something like this, then they do not belong in public office. This is a much bigger issue than King vs Burwell.

  41. I sent about 270 members of congress a protest fax. I do not know if this monstrosity can be stopped, but I need to be able to say that I did not go quietly.

    I had several versions of it this was the latest:

    A Secret Corporate Governance Imposed on Your Unwilling Electorate – That is Tyranny!
    It has been leaked. The anticipated net outsource of labor income sure to come from the TPP agreement is likely to be similar in results as past global renditions initiated with NAFTA. Other areas in Americans’ lives will also be affected or threatened, from food safety standards, to the environment, to increases in the already astronomical cost of drugs, to the protection of rights and sovereignty that we’ve inherited from the sacrifice of past generations.
    The TPP is NOT about Trade.
    Do Not Betray Your Electorate for the Banksters!
    The Voters WILL Remember!

    I included this graphic:

    I guess I will be tweeting and facebooking the next couple of evenings.

  42. Here was the roll call vote on the TPA. The five Republican no votes were:


    Ron Paul has said that he will vote for TPP. He just didn’t want to give negotiating power to Obama. So, basically, if you are against TPP, your options among Presidential candidates are Trump, Sanders, and O’Malley.

  43. hwc
    June 10, 2015 at 6:46 pm
    Thank you.

    Jeff Session is to us what Stonewall Jackson was to Robert E Lee.

    You can ALWAYS count on him to do what is right for the American People–no ifs ands or buts.

    Another very good one is Mike Lee. Very very very good. He clerked for Justice Alito.

    Shelly is very solid.

    Collins—I have no explanation for this—other than the broken clock that is right twice a day.

    I know it is unrealistic but I wish Hillary would come out against this bill.

    That would do more than anything to answer the objections by the leftists that she is too close to Wall Street.

    Yes, I concede the point, but I can hope can’t I.

    The ultimate loser under this bill will be the American People. I guarantee it.

    That is why it has to be stopped.

    Hell, even the congressional black caucus has figured that one out—despite their undying love for Obama.

  44. Mike Lee is a strong supporter of free trade agreements and said that he would have voted for TPA fast track authority if it had not had the pork barrel TAA jobs training program attached to it:

    “I am a big believer in free trade,” Lee said. “But I have been very clear from the beginning of this debate that I could not vote for Trade Promotion Authority if the wasteful and ineffectual Trade Adjustment Assistance program was attached.”

    “TAA was originally meant to help American manufacturing workers whose jobs were lost directly due to free trade agreements. However, Congress has allowed the program to expand into other sectors and loosened its eligibility requirements, resulting in a wasteful program spending billions of dollars that does not lead to increased employment or higher wages for displaced workers,” Lee continued.

    “While I would love to vote for TPA, I cannot in good conscious make that vote if it also means needlessly expanding the size and scope of the federal government, which is exactly what this TAA program does. I hope to have the chance to give my full and unreserved support to the TPA, as a stand-alone bill, in the near future.”

  45. Read this and weep then get angry (also don’t confuse Senator Jeff Sessions with Representative Pete Sessions):

    Paul Ryan Cooks Up Elaborate Ruse To Save Immigration Components Of Obamatrade

    In the wake of revelations that technically a vote for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would be a vote to grant the executive branch massively-expanded immigration powers, the Washington establishment cooked up an elaborate ruse to try to save the flailing Obamatrade bill.

    This comes as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) re-emerges as a central figure pushing Obamatrade. [snip]

    Earlier on Wednesday, leading up to the House Rules Committee hearing where chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) is teaming up with House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Breitbart News exposed the expansive immigration provisions inside the Obamatrade package. Specifically, secret Obamatrade documents leaked to Wikileaks show that there are provisions contained within draft Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) text that would massively expand President Obama’s immigration authority when it comes to immigration matters.

    “The existence of these ten pages on immigration in the Trade and Services Agreement make it absolutely clear in my mind that the administration is negotiating immigration – and for them to say they are not – they have a lot of explaining to do based on the actual text in this agreement,” NumbersUSA director of government relations Rosemary Jenks told Breitbart News.

    So, in response and in conjunction with chief Obamatrade proponent Ryan, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) introduced an amendment that wouldn’t actually fix the problem. King’s amendment, which would be to a different bill than Trade Promotion Authority, would push language into the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act — an entirely different piece of legislation.

    “I understand the concerns you have expressed about including in U.S. free trade agreements any provisions related to U.S. immigration laws, particularly any provision obligating the United States to grant access or expand access to visas issued under section 101(a)(15) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(15)),” Ryan wrote to King about the agreement to put forward the King amendment. “In acknowledgement of these concerns, I would like to convey that when the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2015 is considered in the House, I intend to seek adoption of the text of Senate Amendment 1385, offered by Senator Hatch and Senator Cruz when the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act was considered by the Senate last month, as well as the language you propose in your letter, to ensure that trade agreements do not require changes to U.S. immigration laws.”

    “Specifically, the effect of this amendment would be that any provision in new trade agreements that would obligate the United States to grant or expand access to visas would not be consistent with the negotiating objectives in the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act,” Ryan continued. “As such, if the administration includes any such provision in a trade agreement, I would support moving a Consultation and Compliance Resolution under that Act through the Ways & Means Committee.”

    What Ryan is saying here — in response to concerns King raised about immigration provisions in trade agreements being fast-tracked under TPA in a previous letter to Ryan — is that Ryan will include an amendment in future legislation, not the current TPA. That means that the current TPA, if it passes the House, would still allow the immigration provisions to move forward. It also means the U.S. Senate could reject the amendment on the future legislation — which it probably will — and that if the Senate somehow does pass the legislation, Obama could veto it.

    That didn’t stop King from claiming — inaccurately — in a press release that this compromise with Ryan would fix the issue. [snip]

    A King aide told Breitbart News later that if his amendment to the future legislation is to pass the House, Senate and be signed by the president, it would amend the TPA at that point — but didn’t explain how or why King thinks both chambers of Congress would take the amendment and why King seems to think Obama would sign it.

    Glyn Wright, the executive director of Eagle Forum, told Breitbart News in an email that this whole ruse wouldn’t fix anything:

    Although American voters gave Republicans the majority in Congress to stop Obama, Republican Leadership is desperate to accomplish his top priority — the Trans-Pacific Partnership. There are a variety of concerns with the process and the policy of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), and Leadership is currently twisting arms and making promises in a desperate attempt to limit defections of conservative Members who have legitimate concerns. Unfortunately, several Members have traded their votes for meaningless, pie-in-the-sky promises on issues like immigration, currency manipulation, anti-dumping provisions. These are legitimate issues that should be addressed in the actual text of TPA with enforceable provisions, not currently included in TPA. Instead, Chairman Ryan is promising that their concerns will be addressed in a future customs bill — the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. The customs bill is completely separate from TPA, and even if these concerns are addressed, it will be conferenced with the Senate where conservatives are unlikely to win. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that President Obama will sign the customs bill, even if it passes the House and the Senate. These promises will only serve to garner TPA enough votes; they will not affect the final agreement. Pew Research Center recently released a poll stating 75 percent of the Republican-leaning public want Republicans in Congress to challenge Obama more often. Instead, Republican Leadership is intent on running roughshod over conservative principles to achieve President Obama’s top priority in the name of free trade.”

    What’s more, during the House Rules Committee hearing on Wednesday, Ryan — who promoted, along with Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), the King immigration “solution” with Ryan — confirmed that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been intricately involved in pushing this ruse. Cruz, who supported Obamatrade but hasn’t loudly been pushing for it since it passed the Senate, is running for president—and his involvement here is extraordinarily significant. In fact, back during the Senate fight, Cruz offered an immigration amendment nearly identical to this King one — one that like this one, wouldn’t solve the problem, and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) offered his own amendment that would have actually solved the problem. GOP leadership in the Senate blocked Sessions’ amendment, and Cruz’s, claiming it was a poison pill.

    Cruz, of course, has previously praised this amendment that didn’t really fix the problem back in the Senate side of things. In fact, Cruz’s office—now several weeks later—still hasn’t answered detailed questions about the amendment from Breitbart News. But he did issue a statement supportive of it. [snip]

    Under questioning from Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), who is opposed to Obamatrade as he confirmed to Breitbart News weeks ago, Ryan admitted that Cruz was intricately involved in this whole thing. [snip]

    Of course, everything Ryan said — as Glyn Wright of Eagle Forum noted previously — was untrue. But more importantly, all the politicians in Washington were happy as Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) wrapped that segment of the Rules Committee hearing by saying Ryan has done “an outstanding job” putting together phony fixes to real problems.

    Pete Sessions’ office, despite a claim during the hearing from the chairman that he would be transparent about this matter, has explicitly refused to answer questions from Breitbart News about this matter. Cruz’s team hasn’t responded to a request for comment on record either.


    Bill De Blasio will skip Hillary Clinton’s launch rally

    “I’m waiting to hear…her larger vision to addressing income inequality,” de Blasio said when asked about the event by Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah.

    De Blasio has thus far refused to endorse Clinton, despite having managed her successful U.S. Senate campaign in 2000, and has kept his distance from the former secretary of state’s nascent campaign.

  47. There is so much demagoguery on this trade bill. The only immigration stuff in the draft TPP is standard stuff with reciprocal guest worker L1 visas for Toyota managers to work at US Toyota plants and Google managers to work at Asian Google facilities and so forth. Max of 5 years with a possible 2 year extension. Basically automatic granting of these temporary work visas on a reciprocal basis. Standard stuff for the last 50 years. This is somehow being touted as sweeping “new” immigration authority.

    I guess Obama deserves it. That’s what happens when you lie and lie and lie.

  48. Speaking of issues…

    Do you guys think, in her speech Saturday, Hillary will take a stand on the metric system?

  49. The TTP, we have to rely on Wikileaks to get the truth about what OhAssHole and his comrades in Congress say they have read it, but anyone that can’t take this long-piece-of-crap out of the room, take notes, study it, ask more intelligent people what some of it means…is just blowing smoke.

    I dare anyone to take one of the pdf files on Wikileaks and post accurate Ciff Notes on the blog. I tried slogging though it and jumped out when my eyes glazed over.

    Anyone willing to take my dare???? Please do.

  50. admin
    June 10, 2015 at 10:04 pm
    Read this and weep then get angry (also don’t confuse Senator Jeff Sessions with Representative Pete Sessions):
    Pete Sessions was a regional manager with Bell South before becoming a congressman.

    That is sort of like being a community organizer.

    Which is like being a zoo keeper.

    A resume so vast that it prepares you for every challenge life has to offer.

    And it is clear demonstrable evidence of leadership skill and ability.

    And, best of all, it marks you as an honest politician—one who stays bought.

    Truth to tell, I have never seen Pete Sessions associated with anything good.

    His dad was director of the FBI, which goes to show that his government role may be a matter of primogeniture rather than competence.

  51. Ooops.

    That could also describe Jebediah.

    Far be it from me to suggest anthing untoward about Jeb.

    Don’t need to.

    Everytime he opens his mouth he gives us yet another reason to not vote for him.

    You might even say he is another Pete Sessions.

  52. If you wait til the actual text of the TPP agreement is posted online 60 days before a ratification vote, you’ll be able to download PDFs and study it ’til your heart is content.

    It’s a waste of time studying the wikileaks working drafts. As you can see, every sentence is followed by the position of each country and many of them were obviously far from being negotiated.

  53. He is fabulous. An intelligent man, in an intelligent house, in an intelligent city, the smartest man to ever set foot in the white house, a constitutional scholar, a visionary, a post racial president, a big media connived saint.

    Only reality is not cooperating with the NYT view of Obama, therefore they are now telling us that he is evolving.

    The NYT went on to list his foreign policy shifts in the region in the last few months from “Obama Likens ISIS to ‘J.V. Team’” to “We Are Not Losing” to “we do not yet have a complete strategy”. (Note: shifts??? a curious choice of word to describe a series of stumbles, slip and falls, about faces and cut and runs, which would in a rational universe earn this bumbling fool the Darwin Award)

    But the more probable cause for these shifts may have been not ideological evolution but political ELECTROCUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (ZAP!!! Like a big locust plunging head long into a live electric wire.)

    CNN reported that “job approval numbers are sinking as American attitudes about the nation’s progress have taken a turn for the worse”.

    (Horrors!!!) Earlier it reported that George W. Bush was now more popular than Obama.

    (Racists!!!) Robert Samuels of the Washington Post wrote that black voters are now so disappointed in the presidsent “they wondered whether they would ever bother voting again.”.

    So it was not entirely unexpected to read Michael Gordon report in the NYT – prematurely as it turned out — that president Obama had embraced “a major shift of focus in the battle against the Islamic State,” which included “a new military base in Anbar Province” and “400 American military trainers to help Iraqi forces retake the city of Ramadi.” There was less talk about working through channels in Baghdad and more palaver about working directly with the Sunni tribesmen — staging a kind of mini Surge 8 years after the original one. “The fall of Ramadi last month effectively settled the administration debate, at least for the time being.”

    So now, after ending two wars and starting 10 more big media applauds and tells us–not that he is a 360 degree fuck-up bent on destroying the country, not that he has no earthly idea what he is doing, not that he is destroying the world, but that he is fabulous. That is the clear consensus across big media. Obama = Fabulous.

    It was almost as if Obama had been deposited across the road from Erdogan in North by Northwest, the both wondering what the other was doing there.

    The “major shift” in strategy was rapidly walked back to “additional options”.

    CBS News said that “while no decisions have been made, the administration is considering three different options, CBS News Pentagon correspondent David Martin reports.”

    No decisions made—that is fabulous. Considering options—that is a little belated, but nonetheless fabulous.

    Obama looked down from the vertiginous brink of policy change — and decided not to jump.

    The Associated Press reported that “President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of up to 450 more American troops to Iraq on Wednesday in an effort to reverse major battlefield losses to the Islamic State, an escalation but not a significant shift in the struggling U.S. strategy to defeat the extremist group.” Perhaps there was nothing else Obama could do but await events.

    Current events give the impression of a broken symmetry not only in the region, but the world.

    The world is moving from one state into the other. “Symmetry breaking in … describes a phenomenon where (infinitesimally) small fluctuations acting on a system which is crossing a critical point decide the system’s fate, by determining which branch of a bifurcation is taken. To an outside observer unaware of the fluctuations (or “noise”), the choice will appear arbitrary. This process is called symmetry ‘breaking’, because such transitions usually bring the system from a symmetric but disorderly state into one or more definite states. Symmetry breaking is supposed to[clarification needed] play a major role in pattern formation.”

    Nobody know what will happen, but whatever happens, if Obama has anything to do with it then it will be by big medias oft stated criterion fabulous.

    The system is shifting, just like Erdogan and Obama thought. Unfortunately the system isn’t “breaking” in the direction predicted by either but in some wholly unknown and unexpected trajectory.

    It’s an ‘uh-oh’ moment.

    Neither Turkey nor the Obama administration succeeded in riding the wave whose cresting they encouraged. Now both are scratching their heads at the surprise departure from the script.

    In the musical Cabaret, two homosexuals watch as the Weimar Republic turns into Nazism. Watching incipient fascism show its face at a beer garden musical performance, one turns to the other and asks “Do you still think you can control them?”

    Peter Harcher of the Sydney Morning Herald writes that “the number of French recruits to Islamic State is rising unstoppably, in spite of waves of new measures to halt it, according to French officials.

    Fabuloous! Oh Obama, you big media beloved messiah and McGoo, you have done it again.

    France is Europe’s biggest source of foreign fighters for the extremist militia, with 1700 people estimated to have joined so far.”

    There is more than a little irony that a European society built on “progressive” ideas so much admired by the American Left is losing the competition with an centuries old belief system.

    There was a time in the 20th century when Marxism was a religion in all but name. That form of Marxism could compete with Islam. But after years of encouraging mulitculturalism, post-colonialism and cultural deconstruction, perhaps the Left is finally asking itself: “do you still think you can control them?”

    Obama to Erdogan: ”Your name’s not ‘The Future’ is it?”

    Erdogan to Obama: “Can’t say it is. I’m waitin’ fer the bus. Say that’s funny. That plane’s dustin’ crops where there ain’t no crops.”

    But even if the world collapses, and the Caliphate raises the crescent over this nation, the last thing anything will ever hear from big media is Obama is fabulous.

  54. If you wait til the actual text of the TPP agreement is posted online 60 days before a ratification vote, you’ll be able to download PDFs and study it ’til your heart is content.
    That will be too fucking late.

  55. The Republican Senate which has worked assiduously to ensure that Obama has a legacy and when he spit in their face told him thank you master may I please have another needs to pass a legislative initiative proclaiming that it is the sense of the RINO that notwithstanding what Obama does to destroy this country, he is, by universal proclamation of the UNIPARTY and BIG MEDIS— FABULOUS.

    Seeing the level of duplicity that I do in the Republican Party, it is obvious to me that the only answer is to vote them all out of office. Every incumbent must be voted out of office in 2016–those who are up for election. Every one of them.

  56. And I don’t much care who comes in to replace them. The incumbents and their staffers need to pack their bags and get out of town.

  57. hwc
    June 11, 2015 at 12:45 am

    That is not true. You should be ashamed. The European part of this horror is falling apart. It may precipitate the end of the EU because the entire nest of crooks is being shown to be monopolists, global financial frauds, and fascist legal theorists. They have been working with Obama secretly for SIX years. Just stop.

  58. TPA requires that the European trade deal also be published on line when it is finalized, 60 days before a ratification vote in Congress. I’ll worry about that one when it happens… sometime in the Sanders or Cruz administration. 🙂

  59. The reason that the opponents of free trade are so desperate to kill it now is that they know, once people actually see the deal, it will pass. That’s why we are seeing all the fear-mongering over the TPA vote.

    If Obama weren’t so stupid, he would have prepared a copy of the draft agreements minus the country agree/don’t agree notations and made it public.

    This is all just another shiny object or squirrel to chase.

  60. Mormaer
    June 11, 2015 at 6:37 am
    The editorial staff of the Wall Street Journal has given us a full dose of their not to worry business as usual diatribe concerning the trade pact, sort of an updated version of their dismissal of similar concerns which were raised against NATFTA—and MFN for China, which dismissed those legitimate as gargoils and bats out of Translavania don’t worry be happy trust us oh did you see what just happened to Kimmie, I mean Bruce, I mean Katlin, I mean whatever distraction I can conjure up in order to boil the frog.

    A million lost jobs later we have 93 million people of working age not working, and even as they spy on everything we do, and create crony capitalism, those same corporate monopolists and globalist are saying the same thing about a treaty that aims to supplant the Constitution lower the standard of living of the American People, strip away our borders, and give Obama a legacy which up til now has been riddled by one failure after another. This will give the big media dorks one last opportunity to fall to their knees and worship the golden calf, and seduce the ignoranti. Today, they even have paid trolls who tell us come in the water is fine.

  61. John Kasich Is Not Running to be President

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | June 10th, 2015 at 02:50 PM | 14


    Dan Balz at the Washington Post reports that John Kasich has hired John Weaver and Fred Davis to be his campaign consultants, strategists, pillagers of his bank account, and all around agents of a pseudo-Presidential campaign.

    Kasich has, no doubt, looked in the mirror every day since he left Fox News calling himself “Mr. President.” But Kasich is not now running to be President. Surely, like the gorilla putting on a lion’s mane and calling himself Aslan, Kasich will put on the Brooks Brothers tie and call himself a presidential candidate, but that does not make him a White House contender.

    One does not hire the Republican equivalent of Bob Shrum (see e.g. Presidents Gephardt, Dukaksis, Kerrey, Gore, and Kerry) — advisors to a host of “former Presidential candidates” including McCain and Huntsman — to be President. One hires them to knife other candidates in the back.

    John Kasich does not want to be President. He wants to be the guy who scuttles the chances of other candidates. In 2012, Jon Huntsman set out destroying a host of candidates we now know from several books written. It was, for example, reportedly the Huntsman campaign that push the stories about Herman Cain as he continued to rise in the polls.

    Kasich has a frosty relationship with Scott Walker. He is no fan of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% or Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 82%. He is not a great ally to Rick Perry. It doesn’t take much to see Kasich as the guy trying to get on stage at a debate not to build himself up, but take out others, hoping to eventually be rewarded by the next President.

    Put more bluntly, one does not run for President in the Republican Party by hiring consultants who hate the Republican base to run the campaign of a Republican who says publicly Jesus wants him to expand government. One runs that way to destroy others within the primary process.

    The only thing John Weaver and Fred Davis have excelled at of late is making money off failures running for office. The only thing Kasich has excelled at in the press is attacking other Republicans claiming Jesus and St. Peter will send them all to hell unless they too embrace Obamacare.

    This isn’t a Presidential campaign, it is John Wilkes Booth acting on a debate stage until he can take out another Republican. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  62. “We’ve learned that the prospect of a big financial advantage is not going to keep people out of the race and that the notion of a new face is stronger than we might have thought,” Vin Weber, an outside Bush adviser, said in an interview.

    Doh. That reminds me of the Bush operative who said last week that they have to figure out how to keep Jeb from being perceived as the third Bush…

    Good luck with that. The last two Republican presidents have been Bushes. Republicans don’t want a third. And running a third against Hillary in a Clinton/Bush matchup would be insane.

    There is nothing Bush can do to change that. It is what it is.

  63. Oh, and did I mention that Jeb is a HORRIBLE candidate. Jesus, Rick Perry can deliver a speech that sounds more articulate than this (and that’s setting a pretty low bar):

  64. Obama is the Monarch of the Sea . . .
    The Ruler of the Queen’s navee,
    Whose praise big media loudly chants—
    And so do Michelle, Martin Boreman Jarrett, and his (undocumented) aunts!!
    (Big Media Chorus) And so do Michelle, Jarrett, and 5 million (illegal) aunts!!!

    When on Air Force I he rides . . .
    His ego swells with pride,
    He snaps his fingers at the RINO rant—
    And so do Michelle, Martin Boreman Jarret and his (undocumented) aunts!!!
    (Big Media Chorus). And so do Michelle, Jarrett and 5 million (illegal) aunt!!

    But when the breezes blow (in Benghazi) . . .
    Obama abandons the wheel house and flees below,
    And seeks the seclusion that a cabin grants!
    And so do Michelle, Martin Boreman Jarrett and his (illegal) aunt!!
    (Big Media Chorus). And so do Michelle, Jarrett and his (illegal) aunt!!!

    Now racists all whoever you may be
    If you want to rise to the top of the tree—like Obama
    If you seat isn’t fettered to an office stool
    Be careful to be guided by this golden rule
    Play golf, take vacations, and never go to sea
    And you all may be Rulers of the Queen’s Navee

  65. wbboei
    June 11, 2015 at 1:27 am
    If you wait til the actual text of the TPP agreement is posted online 60 days before a ratification vote, you’ll be able to download PDFs and study it ’til your heart is content.
    That will be too fucking late.

    Turd Patrol on isle 1:27

    This dimwit troll will take any kind of attention he can get, even negative attention. You see him really act up when he posts with Admins dark pink boxes.

    Watch the troll act up the more he is ignored.

  66. Lightening round.

    One word description of each Republican candidate:

    Cruz: brilliant

    Carson: ethical

    Walker: doer

    Carly: truth teller

    Paul: isolationist

    Jindel: conservative

    Graham: strangelove

    Huckabee: skypilot

    Jebediah: geek (como se dice en espanol?)

    Perry: rancher

    Trump: madam pompadour

  67. This was opportunity for the Republican party to stand in solidarity with its American worker, change the Narrative …opposite happened.


  68. “One word description of each Republican candidate”

    Carly truth teller

    Really? Isn’t this the person who can’t make a speech or hardly say a paragraph without attacking Hillary. Isn’t Carly the one in the race to be the Republican attack dog against Hillary supposedly because she is a woman as well? Isn’t Carly the one who was fired by HP and sent many, many jobs over seas?

    So if Carly is a truth teller, that must mean that all the attacks she makes on Hillary are true?

    She is presently being highly pumped up by the right wing media, however, if suddenly Hillary were out of the race, you’d see the Rep knives come out against her. But Carly is serving her purpose right now.

  69. I absolutely agree Southern.

    I have no respect for Carly’s character before she got in the race.

  70. gonzotx
    June 11, 2015 at 12:29 pm
    You are right–it really unmasks them.

    It is the great contradiction in their position

    They campaign for small government and they govern by big government.

    That is why a third party is inevitable.

    Hypothetically, they could avoid that if they selected an anti establishment figure.

    But I doubt they will do that.

    They are far more likely to settle on an Obama clone, like Rubio.

  71. The reason I called Carly a truth teller is not because she attacks Hillary. Hell, that is what the opposing party always does. Where I think she represents value added is the clarity of her approach to foreign policy and domestic policy. She is much clearer and much incisive than the other candidates, and she has thought through what needs to be done and articulates with clarity. It is the very opposite of the verbal diarrhea and stream of consciousness you get from Rubio–who is just another Obama. He loves America Obama hates America but both of them serve the same masters namely big business. Therefore the end result is not that different. Both of them make promises to their base which they never intend to keep. Neither one of them can be trusted.

  72. ObamaCare/ObamaTrade, Pelosi/Paul Ryan. Top headline on DrudgeReport:

    Paul Ryan’s Pelosi-Esque Obamatrade Moment: ‘It’s Declassified And Made Public Once It’s Agreed To’

    Chief Obamatrade proponent House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) admitted during Congressional testimony on Wednesday evening that despite tons of claims from him and other Obamatrade supporters to the contrary, the process is highly secretive.

    He also made a gaffe in his House Rules Committee testimony on par with former Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s push to pass Obamacare, in which she said infamously said: “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

    It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to,” Ryan said of Obamatrade in Rules Committee testimony on Wednesday during questioning from Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX).

    What Ryan is trying to convince House Republicans to do is vote for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which would fast-track at least three highly secretive trade deals—specifically the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP)—and potentially more deals.

    Right now, TiSA and T-TIP text are completely secretive and unavailable for even members of Congress to read while TPP text is available for members to review—although they need to go to a secret room inside the Capitol where only members of Congress and certain staffers high-level security clearances, who can only go when members are present, can read the bill.

    Ryan’s exchange in which he made this gaffe came as Burgess, who opposes Obamatrade, and Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), who stands with Ryan supporting it, were discussing the secrecy of the deal with him. It came right after an incredible exchange where Ryan attempted a ploy to try to save immigration provisions contained within the Obamatrade package as a whole—specifically TiSA—that were exposed by Breitbart News earlier on Wednesday, a problem for which he put forward a phony non-solution designed to get more votes for his Obamatrade agenda but not stop the immigration provisions. [snip]

    “By the way, TPA—it’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to,” Ryan said.

    What Ryan is technically referring to is that TPP will become public if TPA is agreed to—but Congress will lose much of its ability to have oversight over and influence on the process, since TPP is, in many respects, already negotiated. It’s 800 pages long, and on fast-track, Congress will only get an up-or-down vote and won’t be able to offer amendments. The Senate vote threshold also drops down to a simple majority rather than normally having a 60-vote threshold, or in the case of treaties, a 67-vote threshold.

    Burgess then moved forward with his point.

    “But this is really tough sledding and it’s not an area where I have a lot of familiarity and I’m sorry,” Burgess said. “The language as its written looks to me as if it is something that could be exploited. I appreciate all the safeguards you’ve tried to put in place.

    “And with this administration you can leave no stone unturned as far as putting in safeguards but I’m not convinced that we—again I can’t get into the specifics of what I’ve read because of the agreement that I signed downstairs but it concerns me and I’ll just leave it at that and I’ll yield back.”

  73. Christopher Lee dies.

    The film industry is in mourning following the death of screen legend Sir Christopher Lee.

    The British actor, best known for playing Count Dooku in the Star Wars universe, Bram Stoker’s legendary Count Dracula and wizard Saruman in the Lord Of The Rings saga, passed away in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, on Sunday (7 June) after being treated for respiratory problems.

    In 2001 Lee was listed in the Guinness World Records book for the most film acting roles after racking up over 300 appearances.

    In tribute to the prolific actor, who turned 93 in hospital earlier this year, IBTimes UK has put together a few of his most memorable quotes.

    On fame

    “In Britain, any degree of success is met with envy and resentment.”

    On his foray into heavy metal

    “I do not know how long I am going to be around, so every day is a celebration and I want to share it with my fans,” Lee told Time magazine on the release of his Christmas heavy metal single in 2014.

    “It’s light-hearted, joyful and fun. It’s a band singing on how metal should be played, the effect it has on the band and its listeners.”

    On being misunderstood

    “I’m much softer than people think. I don’t present to the world an emotional face. I’m pretty good at self-control, but I am easily moved.”

    On working in Hollywood

    “There are many vampires in the world today… you only have to think of the film business.”

    On working with Peter Jackson

    “Before Lord Of The Rings, some people would have just classed Peter Jackson as a horror director. But there is a mind there.”

    On being the real James Bond

    “I was attached to the SAS from time to time but we are forbidden – former, present, or future – to discuss any specific operations. Let’s just say I was in Special Forces and leave it at that. People can read into that what they like.”

    On being an icon

    “To be a legend, you’ve either got to be dead or excessively old!”

    On living through the war

    “That is real horror and blood. When the Second World War finished I was 23 and already I had seen enough horror to last me a lifetime. I’d seen dreadful, dreadful things, without saying a word. So seeing horror depicted on film doesn’t affect me much.”

    On choosing film roles

    “I don’t play long parts. They must be short parts, but they’ve got to be parts that mean something, that matter, where people will notice when I’m on the screen, and people will remember the character after they’ve seen the film.”

    On playing the villain

    “I haven’t spent my entire career playing the guy in the bad hat, although I have to say that the bad guy is frequently much more interesting than the good guy.”

  74. Hoping this does not trigger spammy.

    Obama Thanks Trade Supporters With AF1 Ride Rep @jahimes CT Rep @GerryConnolly VA @RepMikeQuigley IL and @RepEBJ TX

    @jahimes @GerryConnolly @RepMikeQuigley @RepEBJ No @GOP joined the G-7 trip, altho some have been invited to fly on Air Force One.

  75. It seems to me that Carly might NOT be “articulating so clearly” if she were a serious contender for president. She is playing her role well thought. A talking head on FOX said this afternoon that the only three serious contenders who have a chance of winning are Rubio, Bush, and Walker.

    I totally agree about Marco Rubio. He is Obama Lite. Let’s hope the voters (but don’t hold your breath) will NOT be fooled once again by a young, cool, great smile, ethnic “historic” rock star, who seemingly will be for it before he is against it before the polls show voters are leaning in a different direction and therefore he will be for that. Can Rubio be trusted?

  76. Shadowfax
    June 11, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Man, that is one SLIMY troll. See how it posts several things, “relating” and then drops a nasty turd. I wonder where it was trained.

  77. Zero Hedge claims Big Pharma is the main force behind the TPP

    Now thanks to more documents published by Wikileaks, and analyzed by the NYT, it appears that “big pharma” is once again pulling the strings, this time of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which if passed will “empower big pharmaceutical firms to command higher reimbursement rates in the United States and abroad, at the expense of consumers” according to “public health professionals, generic-drug makers and activists opposed to the trade deal.”

    This is the industry that sells you toxic chemicals for late stage cancer while early cancer detection testing is denied insurance coverage as “experimental”.

  78. The House of Representatives voted on the rule tonight that allows them to proceed to the trade bills. It’s a tough vote for Republicans to take, but 34 of them voted NO because they know both the policy and the process is wrong. Please call and thank them for their vote on the rule:

  79. Southern Born
    June 11, 2015 at 4:52 pm
    At this point, I am far more interested in finding policy solutions to the problems that are burying this nation than I am in the big media orchestrated political freak show more than a year before the election. We have had seven years of politics uber alles and no policy solutions from the benighted Obama. Consequently, we are in the deepest hole we have ever been in. The political freak show as opposed to the discussion of policy solutions, is meaningless. I can think of no better example than Lawnchair Larry Sabato who over a year out is calling the race for either for either bush, rubio or walker. Good old Larry. He is to be congratulated for making Charlie Cook look like Phi Beta Kappa material.

    What Disraeli said of lawyers one could just as easily say about Professor Sabato: “his mind chiefly consists of illustrating the obvious, explaining the self evident and expatiating on the commonplace.” Add to that impressive list, the fact that he is most often wrong, and you have all the makings of an academic pundit.

  80. Wbb, 9:17 I surely agree with you. We have a political freak show instead of the open, honest discussion of policy solutions. The media are not innocent either. There are a few…few who have admitted that the media absolutely hates the Clintons and will do anything to bring them down. One of the reasons given is that media has tried since 1992 to do away with the Clintons once and for all and the Clintons bounce back often stronger no matter how much trash the media writes about them or the talking heads spew. The media does not like their power “shown up for what it is”…if they put you down, they fully expect you to stay down…the media “Gods have spoken. How dare those rotten Clintons to make a come back…well, we’ll show them you can see the media thinking.

    Oh, my, have you heard all the whining and carrying on about a few in the media saying something less than favorable about Rubio or Ruby Slippers as Shadow named him some time back. FOX is not happy about it! Guess it’s according to who is pitching or catching and they like to be the permanent pitchers.

    I totally agree with you about good ol’ Larry Sabato. I saw him on Neil Cabuto this afternoon as well. And to think some pay for their kids to take his college classes. Neil surely sucks up to him doesn’t he?

  81. Lu

    Turd wasn’t trained…no one is falling for his bull$hit.

    I give him no credit for any skills other than pure annoyance.

  82. The only truth teller I see on the GOP side is a non politician.

    Because people don’t like his crazy ass hair and his huge ego…Trump is the only Republican that isn’t bought and would do his best to make America great again. No other GOP candidate would match up and the others just blow smoke……….

    In a way, he is the ‘outsider’ just like Hillary was in 2008. Neither of them can be controlled.

  83. HRC’s big kick-off this Saturday in NYC. hopefully she will outline specifics. i’ll be curious to see what bogus news story Obama conjures up to steal her thunder. even at this stage of his “career” he cannot stand the idea of being upstaged.

    color me shocked if the rollout proceeds without incident.

  84. Trump is a joke, a Vaudeville act. As soon as the act gets hard or monotonous, he’s missing in action. He wants the spotlight, that’s all.

  85. For once, I agree with Sherman:

    A House Democrat on Wednesday accused Obama of losing touch with the real world, as his administration pushes for fast-track authority to finish a sweeping trade pact.

    Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), who opposes the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership and legislation to help finalize it, said Obama lives “in a cloister” at the White House, while Sherman and his fellow lawmakers “are out seeing the real world.”

    “We’re in our districts. We don’t live in a cloister where the only people who can get in are the captains of industry and the titans of Wall Street,” he said. “We’re the ones that are standing at the county fairs, talking to whoever wants to come up and talk to us.”
    Sherman said living in the White House for the last six years had put Obama out of touch with the common American and that he should listen to the perspective of fellow Democrats who oppose him on trade.

    “The president should trust us, his 200 most fervent supporters who, unlike him, have a chance to get out and see the real world,” he said. “We have the same values, but we don’t have the same lifestyle.”

    Obama and congressional Democrats have clashed for months over the trade pact, with the fight coming to a head in the push to pass fast-track legislation that would allow Obama to finalize terms of the 12-nation agreement by limiting Congress to an up-or-down vote.

    Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) said it was up to Democrats to defeat the bill and “save President Obama from his advisers.”

    With a vote set for Friday that would send the fast-track legislation to the president, House Democrats in opposition are still trying to rally support to block it. Critics of the deal gathered outside the Capitol Wednesday to reiterate their opposition and urge Democrats to hold firm and block the bill.

    “Now is the time to redouble our efforts,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.). “Failure, my friend, is not an option.”

    Labor groups and liberal organizations have been staunchly opposed to the deal, arguing it is a bad for workers. They have vowed they won’t forget which Democrats help pass the legislation come Election Day.

    “This is a message to any member of Congress that’s thinking about voting for this unfair trade deal,” said Hasan Solomon with the Machinists Union. “You better start packing your bags right now, because we’re going to fast track you right out of office in 2016.”

    The liberal group vowed it would mobilize its millions of members to oppose Democrats who vote in favor of the pending bill.

  86. Marcy Kaptur is a long term supporter of consumer rights and other venerable causes. Notice how she is following the same path as others. When they tire of blaming the Republicans for Obama’s failures, they blame the CIA or DOD or low level workers in the local office of the IRS, and when they can no longer blame them, then the culprit is not Obama, no no no nanette, nevah evah Obama—this time it is his fucking staffers. Not that it is wrong to blame the staffers, they are traitors in their own right, but who hired those staffers, who supervised them, and who signed off on their work either generally or specifically, and why is that individual always exempt from blame. Is it possible that these erstwhile ardent defenders now realize that he is a fucking no ball, but cannot bring themselves to say to the world, as loudly as they once proclaimed his virtue and super human powers. Why is is the buck never stops with him. Can you run any FUNCTIONAL organization by never holding the top man accountable? I submit you cannot, and all you have to do is look at the collapse of American power around the world, and the growing tide of crime, and the loss of our ability to repel an invasion and the concomittant destruction of our safety nets, and sure as god made little green apples, you will have your answer.

  87. What if the 93 million of working age who are not working marched on their state capitals or on Washington? Normally, those things take a lot of planning, but what if it just happened. In that case, it would be much harder for the political class to turn its back on the American People. The Republican Party which has failed miserably to do what its base wants which is to stop Obama, but has, as Admin notes supported him as part of the big lie, naturally assumes that they will be the beneficiary of his destruction of this country. But what if the public concludes that they are in bed with him? What if they realize that it is all a big act? Can they be certain that they will be perceived as part of the problem rather than a solution. As long as both parties can play this game, the game of decrying the party in power and painting themselves as the solution, this charade will continue. But what if the failure of the party in power is perceived as a failure by the loyal opposition in failing to stop them, wherefore both parties should bear the consequences? That would break the cycle, and the power of incumbency. This is why I say, the only solution to the problem is to throw both parties out. We need to revive the strategy of term limits. Think what that would do to the corporate string pullers who have invested a fortune in buying congress in perpetutity. This is no quantum leap. We limit the presidency to two terms.

  88. Someone is certain to object to this suggestion. They will call it naive, nativist, conspiratorial, etc. And then they will say, why this would mean that the nation would be deprived of the services of a great man like Paul Ryan, and what would that mean? Oh, really? Well, it might just mean that we survive, rather than being squeezed out by the globalists he drinks herbal tea with. And wouldn’t that be grand.

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