Does Hillary Clinton Want To Be Raped? Carly Fiorina? Sarah Palin? – Meet Bernie Sanders The Rapist

The promise of Baltimore O’Malley went up in riotous flames. The Kook Left is stuck with Bernie Sanders as their man. And what a man Bernie Sanders is. Let’s meet Bernie Sanders – rapist:

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Essay: Women ‘Fantasize About Being Raped’

In a 1972 essay, presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) opined that men fantasized about women being abused. He also claimed that women fantasized about being gang raped.

In an article entitled “Men-And-Women,” published in an alternative newspaper called the “Vermont Freeman” Sanders shared his thoughts on male and female sexuality in ways that would cause a media firestorm if it had been penned by any current GOP candidate. Even one with as little chance at grabbing his party’s nomination as Sanders currently has.

A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.

Maybe that is why kook socialist Sanders wants to run against Hillary. Maybe his campaign is a fantasy rape scenario of his drug addled mind. A woman enjoys intercourse with her man–as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.

At conservative National Review Charles Cooke writes a smart but premature defense of rape fantasist Bernie Sanders:

And it wouldn’t just be Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum who would be asked about the essay: it would be every Republican in the race. In fact, it would be every Republican not in the race, too. Moreover, we’d see a host of think pieces on the GOP’s apparent ”rape problem”; we’d see endless Salon posts claiming stupidly that these attitudes were the product of free-market economics or a lack of gun control or of the pernicious influence that Protestantism has on the American mind; and we’d see dubious “studies” and ill-gotten “polls” commissioned to back up the message du jour. On cable news, the Democratic party’s cheaper mouthpieces would reference it over and over again. On social media, snarky memes would be made and sent around, the better to influence the low-information voters who are crucial come presidential-election season. Immediately, Planned Parenthood would start a fundraising drive. And eventually, when the drumbeat became too much to handle, the essay’s author would resign or withdraw or commit some form of political seppuku.

And here’s the thing: That’s bloody awful.

Bernie Sanders wrote these words — and a lot of drivel besides – in 1972. Maybe he was young and foolish. Maybe he was a different man back then. Maybe society was unrecognizable and he had bought into all sorts of faddish psychology. Who knows? And frankly, who cares? Sure, the Democratic party would crucify a Republican for the same offense. But they shouldn’t. A society in which people are drummed out of politics for things they wrote 43 years ago is an ugly society indeed. Sometimes the best way to address hypocrisy is to take the high road. This is America: land of second chances. This is a place of redemption and of reinvention and of continual learning. Nobody honestly believes that Bernie Sanders is a sexual pervert or that he is a misogynist or that he intends to do women any harm. Nobody suspects that he harbors a secret desire to pass intrusive legislation or to cut gang rapists a break. Really, there is only one reason that anyone would make hay of this story, and that is to damage the man politically. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned. Perhaps I’m hopelessly idealistic. But until I see any sign of actual wrongdoing I’d much prefer to slam Sanders for his dangerous and ridiculous politics than to delve back into his past and embarrass him with a long-forgotten opinion. I certainly hope that my fellow conservatives will feel the same way, even if they do not enjoy the same courtesy from their adversaries.

Charles Cooke prematurely ejaculated absolution for Bernie Sanders. As Cooke himself writes about what Bernie Sanders wrote “Who knows” if Bernie Sanders still holds such views. Charles Cooke does not know what Bernie Sanders thinks now. Maybe Bernie Sanders like the rest of the Obama party is a turgid fortress of misogyny and woman hate. Charles Cooke does not know, but yet he absolves.

Imagine for just a moment Mr. Cooke, if Barnie Sanders wrote “Black people like to be abused. Black people want to be beaten and racial epithets spit onto their ebony faces. A black man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy, himself on his knees. He’s tied up. Racially abused.” Would Cooke then think Sanders deserved absolution without so much as an explanation for what he wrote?

But sexism and misogyny don’t count as much as racism for the political class. That’s why in 2008 Barack Obama could talk about Hillary’s “claws” coming out once a month menses clockwork and Howard Dean could claim he never saw any misogyny until way after the election.

Maybe Bernie Sanders owes an explanation for what he wrote? Maybe what Bernie Sanders wrote merits some Big Media attention?:

Why Bernie Sanders’ Decades-Old Rape Fantasies Matter to 2016

Though written more than 40 years ago, the candidate’s remarks still offend. And if he’s a serious candidate, he shouldn’t get a pass.

The reaction to what presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wrote in an alternative newspaper in Vermont back in 1972 about men and women with rape fantasies has, of course, been divided: His defenders argue that the article is so far in the past that what he wrote then is irrelevant, while critics feel it’s only fair to crown him this year’s Todd Akin. (Unless you’ve mentally blocked it, perhaps in the same way that Akin said women can mentally block conception following “legitimate rape,” you’ll recall that the GOP congressman, who was Senator Claire McCaskill’s Republican challenger in 2012, became his party’s poster child for how not to talk about sexual violence.)

Conservative writer Dan Joseph sounds a common theme on the right when he argues that while reporters shrug over what Sanders wrote, if “Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum wrote something along these lines—even 40 years ago—the media wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks.” Which is incontrovertibly true.

On the other side, a piece on the feminist outlet Jezebel attempts to thread the needle, both countering and conforming to Joseph’s challenge. In that article, the whole thing is written off as the weird-but-so-what ramblings of “an aging hippie who—theory—might have been stoned out of his gourd while writing.”

But here’s the thing: There is no statute of limitations in presidential politics. And if Senator Sanders wants to be taken seriously as a candidate for the highest office, then the right answer is to note that what he wrote about rape 43 years ago, at the age of 31, is seriously messed up. [snip]

Do we in the media really only care about appalling views when Republicans and/or front-runners hold them?

Bernie Sanders is not a serious candidate. We know that. Josh Kraushaar is correct to write that Bernie Sanders is proof of how kooky the Obama Dimocrat Kook left has become. That Hillary2016 is “spooked” and therefore caters more to the Bernie Sanders Kook Left than to the voters Hillary will need in the general election is, as Kraushaar writes, the real damage a Bernie Sanders poses.

As Obama Dimocrats prepare to re-fight the losing “war on women” campaign ploy in 2016 it is time for real advocates for women to stand up and demand answers from Kook Left Obama Dimocrat Bernie Sanders. It is perverse that a fictional rape on Game of Thrones gets more attention than a leftist Kook candidate for president’s fantasy rape ruminations.

Bernie Sanders is a full tilt kook who is seeking attention and the presidential nomination. Big Media should provide Sanders with full attention regarding his rape fantasies. As Bob Schieffer on his last day as host of Face The Nation confessed about Barack Obama 2008, “Maybe we were not skeptical enough.” How about a little skepticism now? How about discussing sexism and misogyny from the kook left?

In 2008 the Obama Kook Left waged a war on a woman and every woman who disagrees with them. From Ralph Nader to Barack Obama to Bernie Sanders the Kook left is a woman-hating misogynistic corruption. Whether it is Hillary Clinton or Carly Fiorina or Sarah Palin the misogynistic war on women by the left must be exposed.

The question that must be asked: Is Bernie Sanders’ presidential run a rape fantasy?


140 thoughts on “Does Hillary Clinton Want To Be Raped? Carly Fiorina? Sarah Palin? – Meet Bernie Sanders The Rapist

  1. Yep, Bernie is their man.

    Obama belongs to them, too, no matter how much they try to deny it today.

  2. Admin

    Imagine for just a moment Mr. Cooke, if Barnie Sanders wrote “Black people like to be abused. Black people want to be beaten and racial epithets spit onto their ebony faces. A black man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy, himself on his knees. He’s tied up. Racially abused.” Would Cooke then think Sanders deserved absolution without so much as an explanation for what he wrote?

    But sexism and misogyny don’t count as much as racism for the political class. That’s why in 2008 Barack Obama could talk about Hillary’s “claws” coming out once a month menses clockwork and Howard Dean could claim he never saw any misogyny until way after the election.

    This gets right down to the heart of the issue. It’s just not that big a deal when women are subjected to sexism and gender bias – as evidenced by the actions and words of men and women of the far left who trashed both Hillary and Palin with sexist commentary and insults.

    But, it is a big deal. It needs to be recognized as such. And Admin, I totally agree that Bernie still needs to answer for his actions. Hell, Hillary is still catching hell for any and everything she and/or Bill have ever done or have been accused of doing.

    Bernie’s words may no longer be relevant to his mindset today. But, his sick little mind produced the thoughts and words when he was a young man. I would like to hear him explain whether his thinking has changed, how it has changed, and the process that produced the change.

  3. Nobody honestly believes that Bernie Sanders is a sexual pervert or that he is a misogynist or that he intends to do women any harm.
    Nobody honestly believes a priest–or a rich non penitent like Dennie Hassert would molest a young boy.

    Multi-million dollar payments to his accuser prove nothing.

    Nobody honestly believes that the Trade Act is about anything but trade.

    All I can say is rebuttal to these ridiculous claims of malfeasance is: caveat emptor.


  4. I am so darn angry just reading the first part of Admin’s post, I have to give myself a time out.

    Sanders might have been young……………………..

    Fu@k that! I have raised a son on my own, and he has and never would think of such a thing. Age isn’t a damn excuse.

    Women don’t dream of being abused you aHoles!!!! Only women that have already been abused as little girls would dream of such a thing…

    I’ll be back when I cool off.

  5. Good thing I don’t know anyone in ObamaLand that supports Sanders or I would present this information to them, pronto.

    And, I don’t want anyone to tell me that Hillary shouldn’t appeal to woman on a level of gender. Fu@k that too. Women and decent men all need a champion, and for millions of American’s that were s@rewed in 2008…Hillary is our champion.

    Rant over…need another time out.

  6. Nobody honestly believes that Bernie Sanders is a sexual pervert or that he is a misogynist or that he intends to do women any harm.

    I wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt on any of those.

    The media will. They don’t hold sexual misconduct or abusiveness towards women against politicians. Heck, Teddy ran for President after killing a woman. No problem…

  7. Imagine. ..
    It would be non stop 24/7 for the rest of the campaign if a Republican said anything close to what Bernie the Commie wrote.
    Proof again ALL Republicans are evil doers with the minds of Neanderthal’s…
    31 is not that young by the way…

  8. Fu@k that! I have raised a son on my own, and he has and never would think of such a thing. Age isn’t a damn excuse.

    Women don’t dream of being abused you aHoles!!!! Only women that have already been abused as little girls would dream of such a thing…

    A damn good point Shadow. And, those who have experienced abuse as little girls are having nightmares.

    Statistics from the National Center for Victims of Crime cite the following:

    1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse;
    Self-report studies show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall a childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incident;
    During a one-year period in the U.S., 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;
    Over the course of their lifetime, 28% of U.S. youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;
    Children are most vulnerable to CSA between the ages of 7 and 13.

  9. Bernie is your average creep that represents the Obamacrat wing of the Democratic Party. He is their norm. Think about THAT! And since he is the norm they don’t think about it much. Bernie represents how far they have sunk on the greasy pole of politics. An old, pervy, jerk creep is their big draw.

  10. Obama: I’ve Restored the US as the ‘Most Respected Country in the World’
    4225 comments · 19 hours ago

    Obama: I Don’t Believe In Divisive Racial Politics
    1065 comments · 18 hours ago

    I say he is not delusional.

    The American electorate is too wise, to informed and too ethical to ever elect a delusional fool as president.

    Twice . . . . (if at first you don’t succeed, double down on your blunder)

    I say he is simply laying the groundwork for his next career after he has destroyed this country.

    Obviously, he is determined to create a new brand of humor, which will put the current crop of late night comics out of business.

    For make no mistake (one of his recently adopted pet phrases) what he does is intentional, not negligent.

    Far too many rubes have bought the big media argument that he is simply learning the job, or did not know.

    When the Nazi invaded Russia in Operation Barbarosa, they regarded the Russians as sub human.

    Therefore, they pursued a scorched earth policy which bears an uncanny resemblance metaphorically to Obama’s second term

    As word got back to Berlin about the autrocities being committed by the Einsatzgruppen death squads

    Good Germans, like Obama voters, were keen to say things like:

    The Fuerher must not know what is going on. . . .

    If he did, he would never allow it.

    In a sense, his unlawful immigration policies represent a form of ethnic cleansing, and voter nullification

  11. “It would be non stop 24/7 for the rest of the campaign if a Republican said anything close to what Bernie the Commie wrote.”

    Republican media DOES go after the Clintons 24/7 in the vilest ways and has for years and years and years so they are not innocent.

    And yes, Bernie Sanders is a real creep.

  12. When he helped overthrow our ally, install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,and gave them an official office inside the White House, the big media beloved messiah, about whom Schieffer says may were were not skeptical enough over the course of two elections and seven long years of pestilence “restored the US as the most respected country in the world. Now that Morsi has been deposed and sentenced to death for facilitating a jail break to free Hezzbola and Hamas terrorists, his place of respect in the world will soon achieve the status of saint hood, and messiah Obama will still be embraced by big media. Nothing will change until big media is deposed.
    More Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested as Egypt Warns of Global MB Terrorist Operation
    by Bridget Johnson
    June 2, 2015 – 10:28 am
    (1) Print Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size
    Egyptian media are reporting that Muslim Brotherhood leaders were caught trying to leave the country as officials warned that the banned group was fomenting a terrorist attack.

    On Monday evening, Egyptian state TV carried a statement issued by Egypt’s security services claiming that they had foiled Muslim Brotherhood plans to “form a terrorist cell to gather intelligence about different security apparatuses” in Egypt to send it to the “international Muslim Brotherhood organization and foreign parties,” reported Al-Ahram.

    Mahmoud Ghozlan, former leading member of the Brotherhood’s guidance office, Abdel Rahman El-Bar, the Islamist group’s mufti, and two others were arrested inside an apartment in 6 October city, Al-Ahram said. They were reportedly about to flee to Sudan.

    El-Bar was sentenced to death in absentia last year. Former Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi was handed a preliminary death sentence last month for his role in the bloody 2011 Natroun jailbreak that allowed Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah prisoners to escape. The final verdict is expected June 16.

    The Taliban has called upon every “influential” Muslim to try to save Mohamed Morsi from the death penalty in Egypt. Terrorist attacks have already increased in the restive Sinai peninsula since Morsi’s sentencing.

    Both Ghozlan and El-Bar have been on the run since Morsi’s ouster, and were thought to be in Turkey or Qatar.

    “Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan & Dr. Abdel Rahman al Bar, members of Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, have been arrested by Sisi’s security forces,” the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed in a tweet.

  13. I just got a new email from Hillary for America. They are starting to load up on Hillary-support stuff to wear and buy.

    I went to check it out, wanted to by a tote bag that is cute and the website is either bombarded right now, or they had some Micky Mouse web designer not build it to handle the traffic.

    Pages have trouble loading…I do end up getting there eventually…but some of the items are for young people and buttUgly.

    One thing that makes me happy, happy, happy is to see the MADE IN AMERICA descriptions by the items.

  14. Wig-wam boom.

    ‘Run Warren Run’ campaign calls it quits

    Six months after launching a high-profile attempt to push Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race, the campaign to draft Warren is calling it quits, according to officials with the two groups that founded the effort.

    With Warren no more likely to enter the race today than she was in December — when Democracy for America (DFA) and started their “Run Warren Run” campaign — the two major liberal groups have decided to suspend their efforts.

    On Monday, the groups will “rest their case” by delivering to Warren more than 365,000 petitions they collected encouraging her to run. Afterwards, they will suspend the Run Warren Run campaign, which included on-the-ground organizers and field offices in Iowa and New Hampshire.

  15. Finally, I got the Hillary tote and when purchased, it says this:

    Everyday items made by everyday Americans.

    Hillary 2016. You go girl!!!!!

  16. Almost One Drop can keep her 365,ooo signatures and put them in her ‘If Only’ Box, with her declaration of being a Native American.

    At least she is smart enough to not think she has a chance in Hell against Hillary.

  17. Warren finally went too far.

    Did Elizabeth Warren go too far this time?

    The Massachusetts senator’s attack on Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White causes backlash on Wall Street.

    Wall Street and the White House had a swift and furious reaction to Elizabeth Warren’s blazing attack on Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White: Senator, you’ve gone too far.

    Defenders of White’s tenure at the regulatory agency said Warren’s 13-page letter attacking the SEC chair raised highly questionable points and badly mischaracterized the actions of a widely respected former federal prosecutor.


    Read on…….Fauxahontas finally stuck her beak in where it was not needed and is having it bitten off.

  18. Interesting vote. 67-32 yes votes so far with most Dems and most Repubs supporting the compromise position. The no votes were a mix of extremist ultra-lefties like Sanders and extremist McCain/Graham neo-con hawk Republicans.

    The historic significance, IMO, is the decline in power of the McCain neocon hawks who never met a war or a war powers tool that they didn’t like. The neocons couldn’t even hold their caucus in the end. Ayotte broke ranks and voted YES.

  19. moononpluto
    June 2, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    I have to respect Lizzy for staying out of the presidential race. I would like to give her an axe to give Wallstreet a lot more than 40 wacks. That goes for Obola’s stooge, too. These guys need to start going to jail for what they have been doing.

  20. More on the TPP.

    Call Congress!!!

    Over the last two years WikiLeaks has published three chapters of this super-secret global deal, despite unprecedented efforts by negotiating governments to keep it under wraps. The remaining 26 chapters of the deal are closely held by negotiators and the big corporations that have been given privileged access. The TPP is also noteworthy as the icebreaker agreement for the proposed ‘T-treaty triad’ of TPP-TISA-TTIP which would see TPP style rules placed on 53 nations, 1.6 billion people and 2/3rds of the global economy.

  21. Lu–I think the entire impetus for this thing is to protect western capitalists—financial, like Chase and Goldman, and manufacturing–like Boeing and Microsoft, from economic competition from China. If you saw a real map which shows how much of the world has fallen under China’s influence and control, including Eurasia and the Middle East—they have become the lender of last resort for many countries as the sun sets over the starboard yardarm of American influence and power under the tuteleage of the big media beloved messiah. Frankly he cannot give it away fast enough, and once gone it cannot be reclaimed. Problematically, this comes at a time when Western elites have lost confidence in their own traditions and succumb to anti colonialist rhetoric, and see democratic institutions as an impediment to their own survival which China deals with in places like Tienanmen Square. Thus, it was hardly surprising that Obama would envy them for this. Adding fuel to that fire is the fact that as these nations wake up politically, they realize that a colonial empire of sorts persists–in the Anglo American financial empire which still wield great force in the world, but is now threatened by China, with its slave wages, manufacturing prowess, future markets and vast economies of scale. That is the impetus for this Trade deal. It is not that the middle class is the target. Rather it is that they will become a casualty of war. Simultaneously, western elites have lost confidence in themselves and in their culture, which is why they cannot bring themselves to condemn radical Islam, but are quite willing to set idly by while Christians of their own culture are brutally murdered. Its like that line in the movie Casino as Joe Peschi observed: we (the American people) had it all, and in the end we (the political class) fucked it all up. As for the Anglo American financial empire, they never realized that it was only a matter of time before the countries who demanded the right of self determination on the political level, would make the same demand a generation later on the financial front. This realization is becoming increasingly obvious as the US economy burdened by the excessive regulation and welfare state policies of the big media beloved messiah cannot produce those increases in productivity which allow all boats to rise with the tide. Their failure was one of vision. They envisioned short term profits, and failed to realize that once the middle class was eliminated they will be suffer the same fate. The folly, jest and riddle of the world, etc.

  22. It’s funny. The states with a political environment that encourages business and manufacturing (Texas, South Carolina, etc.) seem to support free trade and benefit from it.

    The states with burdensome business climates and last-century uncompetitive union practices seem to be against the free trade policies

  23. wbboei
    June 2, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    Quite right. But what I disagree with is being a casualty of a War that they will not win unless China self destructs. They are the problem. Out of touch and dysfunctional as any oligarchy becomes. For too long they have lived on their wealth and influence, buying our representatives to feed them more pork.

    China is following the path of failed western economics. But some say because of shear size, they could last another 3-5 years. On the other hand, their system is way more ponzied and unstable and could implode anytime.

    I say we should not go quietly.

  24. Here ya go. Politico article on Obama workin’ the phones and twistin’ arms to get “folk” to vote for TPA in House. Targeting his brothers and sisters in the Congressional Black Caucus:

    Obama goes into overdrive on trade push
    It’s his biggest legislative test in years.

    President Barack Obama has begun to barrage House Democrats with phone calls in hopes of explaining to members of his own party why they should break their near uniform opposition and support his trade agenda.

    House Republicans, meanwhile, are feeling newfound optimism that at least 190 of their lawmakers will support so-called trade promotion authority giving the president power to fast-track free-trade agreements. That would mean roughly 27 Democrats would need to support the legislation in order to hand Obama his largest legislative victory in years. Eighteen Democrats are currently on record backing the bill.

    It’s now up to Obama to flip the rest.

    Read more:

    He’s handing out “infrastructure projects” like candy…

  25. Obama mouthpiece Politico proves itself wrong as usual:
    King v. Burwell and the Democratic Abyss.
    Posted by Moe Lane on June 2, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    This is a somewhat interesting article on CNN about the perils for Democrats if the Supreme Court rules against the government in King v. Burwell: not least because it’s fairly clear that the author would rather that there not be any perils for Democrats at all. Nonetheless, the article does concede that the original mad optimism that Democrats showed in thinking that the elimination of federal Obamacare subsidies would backfire on Republicans was mad optimism, and maybe not particularly justified mad optimism as that. But there’s an even worse potential problem for Democrats: what’s their Plan B?

    Because the Republicans have a bunch of Plan Bs. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) 73% of Florida wants to set up an alternative Health Savings Account (HSA) program. Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) 83% of Georgia wants to try tax credits and pooling coverage. And there’s even Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) 64% of Wisconsin’s exquisite poison pill of a bill where Congress puts back the subsidies… in exchange for a repeal of the individual and employee mandates. All of these plans can’t be implemented at the same time, of course. There’s no way that they could be. But they are, in fact, plans: and should King v. Burwell be decided against the government I expect that we’ll see a Republican consensus hammered together over a long weekend.

    In contrast… the Obama administration has more or less responded to every inquiry as to what they plan to do if federal subsidies go away with an airy That’s not going to happen. And, indeed, it might not happen: predicting US Supreme Court decisions is a mug’s game. The problem here for the Democrats is that the Obama administration has a remarkably consistent record of being mugs. Even their greatest victory – the constitutionality of the individual mandate – was decided on something besides Commerce Clause expansion (which is what the administration used as its justification). If I was still a Democrat, I would not feel comfortable about my side’s lacking a contingency plan right now.

    So what’s the Democrats’ Plan B? …Besides screaming about Republicans, of course. And how has that been working out for people not named ‘Barack Obama,’ again?

    Moe Lane (crosspost)

    PS: Simply sponsoring a law that would simply replace the federal subsidies will not fly, that Politico article above to the contrary. The Democrats can’t just ram things through Congress without amendments anymore; we can just rewrite the blessed thing to our own desires and dare Obama to veto the result. It’s going to be interesting to see whether the Democrats in Congress have really realized that yet…

  26. Opposition to the trade sell out will not be neutralized by infra structure deals.

    That is pretty goddamned naive.

    At this point, Republicans are ignorant of what is in this bill–

    They support it because they believe it is simply an exercise of free trade

    Rather than what it is—a European Union model designed to undermine our constitution.

    Its contents have been disclosed to major corporations, but not to members of congress.

    Once the public knows those details politicians and their constituents hold their feet to the fire, they will back away.

    They will not fall on their swords to please donors.

    Morris makes that point obvious @ 4:10 below.

    Thus, he advises politically astute people to contact their congressmen and demand they oppose the bill.

    Particularly, if their congressional members are Republicans.

  27. If I knew the details of this bill, I would disclose them regardless of the consequences.

    We need more Snowdens.

  28. I say we should not go quietly.
    The people who will go quietly will be those who vote for this, after they have been driven from office.

  29. Wbboei,

    I sure hope you are right and the country can rally around this. Our leadership is corrupt and incompetent and the apathy of the American People is very disturbing.

    I am getting my fax list together. I think I am going to buy a pitchfork, too.

    And I hope that Hillary follows Admins advise and keeps her mouth shut, but I hope she makes the right winks and nods for us. It is a long way to the primary.

  30. Actually Southern, Greta, on Fox, is in Hillary’s camp, so it’s not 24/7…
    But the media would actually be much more relentless on a Republican had they wrote about women wanting to be raped. It wouldn’t be one politician, it would be the entire parry non stop 24/7.

  31. Lu:

    We cannot afford to take a you will have to pass it to know what is in it approach to this piece of shit.

    The first step to defeating this European Trade Union debacle is to make the terms of this agreement—all 26 chapters public right now. Once those details are known, the public will be outraged, and the politicians who have been feeding at the public trough–Republicans mostly, will disburse in fear like cockroaches when the lights in the kitchen are turned on.

    “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”—-Louis Brandeis

    EVERY member of Congress needs to charge his or her chief of staff and it most experienced legislative assistant to finding out all the details of this power grab, and consider how it will be applied when a future president not of their party chooses to use them against the American People just as the big media beloved messiah intends to use them now. He hates this country.

  32. I shared, wbb, the Duck Morris video because as creepy as he is, it’s very straight forward on the perils of TPP. With only a handful of congess, 9, need to pass however, we will need a tsunami to stop this. .. Thanks

  33. gonzotx
    June 2, 2015 at 9:41 pm
    This TTP is terrifying, WTF, Cruz voted for it?
    I will be in touch with his people over this.

    The first step is to insist that the terms be made public.

    That is a categorical imperative.

    Once that is done, we will have the wind at our back, and nobody who opposes it will be required to fall on his sword.

    One of the people that needs to be fully informed is Trumpka. Jim Hoffa as well.

  34. There has been no vote on the TPP. The final agreements haven’t been negotiated. The only vote has been on the TPA, the Trade Promotion Authority, that sets up the procedures for finalizing and voting on a trade deal. Presidents have had TPA since 1975, but it had expired.

    The final TPP agreement will be posted on-line 60 days before a vote in Congress so you can read it there. The working documents are available for congressmen to read and for several hundred interested parties to read and provide expert comments. That’s what is meant by “corporations are allowed to read it”.

    Ted Cruz said this weekend in that he has gone over and read it. Not for hours and hours with a fine tooth comb, but skimmed it enough to know that’s a relatively straightforward trade deal.

    The two main factions that are presenting the TPP as “terrifying” are the labor unions and the tin-foil hat isolationists.

  35. wbboei
    June 2, 2015 at 8:54 pm
    If I knew the details of this bill, I would disclose them regardless of the consequences.

    We need more Snowdens.

    I agree. If there were more, Snowden wouldn’t have all this burden on his shoulders.

  36. Stop it hwc, the TPP is a back door immigration deal with cheap labor for the uber rich.

    I would hope the labor unions and Democrats would not support it.
    As with all legislation, they keep trying till they get it, so we must be forever watchful.

  37. All Republican candidates for President are in favor of TPP and TPA except Donald Trump and Rand Paul (who voted against TPA, but plans to support TPP).

    On the Dem side, Bernie Sanders and O’Malley have taken the labor union position against all free trade agreements. Clinton called the TPP the “gold standard” of free trade agreements when she was SecState but, as a candidate, is not taking a position, saying that she has to wait and see the final deal.

    Most relatively unbiased trade experts say that there are winners and losers with every free trade agreement. Losers are usually legacy labor unions and their legacy industries. However, there’s an offsetting plus even for legacy manufacturing, when you consider that non-union plants and jobs like Mercedes in Alabama, BMW and Boeing in South Carolina, and so forth are big winners. Winners are usually everybody else in the US economy — agriculture, energy, high tech, entertainment, pharma, finance, etc. That’s part of what Ted Cruz is talking about when he says that 3 million jobs in Texas rely on exports.

    Realistically, TPP will have a fairly small impact because we already have free trade deals with several of the major partner countries – especially Mexico, Canada, Chile, and Singapore. In those cases, it’s being pitched as an improvement over the existing NAFTA agreements. The big prize would be opening up the Japanese market, but it’s not clear that Japan will sign a deal.

    Trade agreements are the whipping boy for globalization forces that inevitably shift advanced countries to high tech and ship low-tech (legacy labor union) manufacturing to less developed lower cost countries. That shift was well under way a decade before NAFTA. It’s inevitable and even more inevitable in industries with non-competitive labor union contracts — just like Chicago will inevitably go bankrupt under the weight of public sector union pension plans.

  38. Stop it hwc, the TPP is a back door immigration deal with cheap labor for the uber rich.

    No it isn’t. I believe the only immigration provisions concern L1 visa, which are temporary work visas that allow, for example, Toyota to send Japanese workers to their US subsidiaries and Google to send US workers to their Japanese subsidiary. These temporary visas can be for up to five years (for Japan and Germany), shorter lengths for other countries. These reciprocal agreements have been in place for more than 50 years. You would have to have a bigger tinfoil hat than Ron Paul to have a problem with L1 visas. It has nothing to do with cheap labor.

    Moving textile jobs to sweat shops in Vietnam is all about cheap labor, but those jobs went to Vietnam a long time ago. Not the result of a free trade deal with Vietnam as we have never had one. A bunch of them went to China, too — again a country with which we have not had a free trade deal.

    Here’s the list of 20 countries with which we have free trade deals. So if we’ve lost union jobs to countries not on this list, it’s not because of a free trade deal.

  39. The first step is to insist that the terms be made public.

    The TPA fast track authorization bill that passed the Senate and is up for a vote in the House REQUIRES that the full text of the TPP be made public, on a public website, for two months before a vote in Congress.

  40. To name a few, it is Limbaugh, Glen Beck, FOX NEWS, even if Gretta does not attack often, and Republican media: National Review, Drudge, Red State, Hot Air, Breitbart News and many others who do go at Hillary and Bill with a vengeance. Innuendos…no biggie…just report it as if it is fact about every aspect of their lives. And if there were one whiff of Bill having had a homosexual encounter with a minor he was teaching…GOD forbid! It would be relentless. If you ever read some of the comments from right wing print or internet media, it is the vilest stuff I’ve seen about EVERYTHING to do with the Clintons. Bernie Sanders is getting a semi pass because mostly the media does not take him seriously. If Bill Clinton had said what Bernie said, we’d still be hearing about it years from now, I can assure you. i do agree that if Obama had made a “Bernie quote” it would have probably been covered up or maybe have been in two or three days news cycle.

  41. Hwc..

    It is a back door immigrant policy, you and your uber handlers are not going to change minds here.
    Wasting your time, but maybe it is what you are paid to do, I do think know and I don’t care.

  42. I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind. If someone is as dead set against trade agreements as the people here, then voting for Bernie Sanders or O’Malley or Donald Trump are really the only options. I wouldn’t even dream of talking someone out of those votes.

  43. Please hwc…stop the BS..
    I supported your concerns about Hillary, clearly I have them, but EVERYTHING you post is veiled obamabot.

  44. gonzo: there is no way to reason with him. He does not respond to the merits of our arguments. Instead, he engages in ad hominum attacks, parrots a set of scripted talking points, and delights in harpooning Hillary. At the same time, he appears to trust Obama, and is 100% confident that a huge agreement he has never read presents no problem. So who and what is he? He claims he was a former Hillary supporter. That is bullshit. I thought he might be a RINO, or one of their staffies but he is not that either. On the odds, he is a bot, trying to stir up trouble. That being the case, I will follow shadow’s prescription and scroll past his comments. They serve no useful purpose.

  45. The traitor trolls persistence shows how important this is to its masters and the kind of misinformation that will be spread. Disclosure and rebellion. Buy a pitchfork.

  46. hwc
    June 2, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    The trade agreement is garbage. Only a fraction of it is even about trade. It is about open borders for “labor”, denigration of our legal system, and paying off Obama’s contributors and lining his own pocket post-catastrophic presidency. It is Obamacare II Bigger and More Destructive. No body trusts him and nobody should. Odds are that the courts would take it apart anyway. Why bother and cause more disruption?

  47. I don’t know whether the trade agreement will be garbage or not. It hasn’t been finalized, I haven’t read it, I’m not expert enough to know even after I’ve read it, and – frankly – it’s just not a big issue for me either way. Given that free trade generally helps with industries the US specializes in and hurts industries that the US doesn’t specialize in, my hunch is that it will be generally a plus for the US economy. But, we’ll see when it is finalized.

    Since all votes in Congress are bought and paid for, it will be easy to see what business, labor, and all other special interests think. If it’s seen as a net plus, there will be more money buying more YES votes and less money buying fewer NO votes. If it’s seen as a net minus, the vote buying will favor the NOs.

    I get a chuckle out of how people claim that the trade agreement is bad because it’s secret AND bad because they know what’s in it. A lot of the sources being tossed around here are pretty humorous. I loved turning to the Russia Today yesterday as a source for info on a US trade agreement. Heck, why not aak the Ayatollahs what they think? 🙂

  48. A whole article which is mostly ‘bun’, but here’s a little meat:

    Senate Passes Major NSA Reform Bill


    Snowden, who is living in exile in Russia, weighed in on the legislation as final votes were underway Tuesday during a live video-stream discussion with Amnesty International UK, calling its changes to Section 215—in addition to a recent federal appeals court decision deeming the NSA program illegal—”not enough.”

    “It’s a first step, and it’s an important step,” he added.

  49. Here’s another idealistic fantasy blown to $hit…

    The Mysterious Number of American Citizens

    Supreme Court justices assume we know how many Americans can vote. But we have no idea.

    Many Americans believe that someone, somewhere in Washington, must be in charge of tracking who is and who isn’t a citizen of the United States. Apparently, so does the U.S. Supreme Court, which just accepted a voting rights case that turns on the government’s ability to count the number of citizens in each voting district. But despite all the talk these days about government and Big Data, the justices, like the rest of us, might be surprised to learn that the most basic information as to who is an American citizen cannot actually be found in any publicly available government data set — anywhere.

    The case, Evenwel v. Abbott, poses a question: whether the Constitution’s long-standing “one person, one vote” principle requires equal numbers of voters per district instead of equal numbers of people, as is current practice. Most commentary on the case has focused on its implications for political parties and racial groups. But focusing on the politics, or even on the merits of the constitutional argument, ultimately distracts from a much bigger problem: The data necessary to draw districts with equal numbers of eligible voters does not exist. We have no national citizen database that tells us how many citizens live in each district around the country.

    “What about the U.S. Census?” you might be wondering. It’s true that the census releases a data set that provides the building blocks of redistricting plans for Congress, state legislatures, city councils and school boards. But that data set counts just two things: the total number of people, and the number of people over the age of 18, in every community in the country. The data file has no information about which of those people are citizens and which are not. Voter registration lists, another alternative, are notoriously unreliable and highly variable depending on whether an election is coming up — and some states don’t keep track of voter registration at all.



    CNN Poll: Americans Lack Faith In Obama On Illegal Immigration, ISIS, Government Surveillance

    President Obama’s polling numbers are extremely low on hot political issues such as illegal immigration, the fight against Islamic State terrorism and government surveillance.

    In a CNN poll published today, only 36 percent approve of Obama’s actions on illegal immigration, 32 percent support his fight against ISIS, and 29 percent support his positions on government surveillance.

    Obama’s approval ratings on illegal immigration are down four points from February, as his executive actions have bogged down in the courts. His ratings on fighting ISIS are down eight points from February 2015.

    The last time the CNN polled Obama’s views on government surveillance was in June 2013 where he earned a 35 percent approval rating.

    Overall, Obama has a 45 percent approval rating which is down three points from a CNN poll in April.


    Does Hillary really want to follow O off the cliff with his policies…

    She is already starting to feel the heat for parroting him on immigration etc…

    I hope she finds her OWN voice soon…

  51. I have one last comment on this troll…he/she has been around for a very long time…changing names, etc…we all know it…

    anyone that continutes to interact with this troll only keeps it here…

    for me, allowing this troll to take over the board and divert discussions for so long has drained alot of energy and space other much more intelligent and insightful posters probably would have used to contribute…and it has really gotten boring…

    thus the troll wins when it manipulates, takes over and drives others away…smiling persistence is its MO …

    bottom line…


    Here’s what it looks like when someone with impeccable left-wing credentials gets quizzed in the media for suggesting that women secretly crave sexual violence. Skip to 1:40 for the key bit. [snip]

    The point is that he goes out of his way to downplay Sanders’s old “rape” column rather than ask him about it straightforwardedly yet seriously, as surely would have happened if this guy was a garden variety Republican. The column’s nothing but a punchline here for a lame joke about the success of “Fifty Shades of Gray.” In fact, Sanders probably could have gotten away with laughing it off and not commenting at all since Meyers doesn’t seem inclined to press him. Instead he says something perfunctory about being a bad fiction writer and that’s the end of it — while Meyers actually tries to cut him off by saying, “Okay, great.” Membership on the team sure has its advantages.

    He gave the same “poor fiction” excuse to Chuck Todd over the weekend on “Meet the Press.” But his old column wasn’t fiction; it was nonfiction, an attempt to explain how traditional gender roles condition women to desire degradation. He was presenting the gang-rape fantasy as something that many women actually have. If he wants to run away from that now, he could at least say something pretend-thoughtful like, “My understanding of women has gotten better over the years as women have felt more comfortable speaking out about their experiences.” The “bad fiction” non-answer is just his way of saying, “I don’t want to talk about this so stop asking me.” Mission accomplished.

  53. Shadowfax the key point about that “Mysterious Number of American Citizens” article is that it takes the argument presented by Evenwel seriously.

    In the past most constitutional arguments have been dismissed by the left as “bat-sh*t crazy” “lunatic fringe nonsense”. Whether it is the immigration cases, the ObamaCare cases, the myriad 9-0 cases decided against Obama by the Supreme Court, the religious freedom cases, the left has expressed nothing but contempt for the arguments and assurances to their fellow kooks that there is zero merit to the case. After repeated defeats of this tactic the left appears to be very worried about Evenwel and is trying to build a case against it. That is the entire purpose of the Politico article.

    The article tries to present a reasonable face in the opening paragraphs. In the paragraphs you excerpted you can read the commonsense rationale of the Evenwel case. But even as the logic of the case is presented, right from the start the counterargument is presented. And it really is not a counterargument but is instead a sort of helpless cry to the court that it cannot do what the petitioners want because it would be the end of the world.

    By the end of the article there is almost an hysteria about the Evenwel case. The wailing amounts to ‘the court cannot do this because we don’t have that information readily available that the court needs and it is almost impossible to get that information and you just can’t do this’. The writer, a law professor associated with the far left, seems prepared to deceive because the type of data required is not very difficult to get at all. As a bonus expression of fear the left wing professor advises that the Supreme Court should ‘leave it to the states’. This from someone who’s career is built on trying to force the feds to impose rules, regulations, and laws on the states.

    Frankly, we thought that the Evenwel case was a long-shot at best to win. But after reading the professor’s very early attack we are open to revising our opinion on this and will do further research.

    We wrote on May 27 that “the case we will be watching next term is Evenwel v. Abbott. Evenwel implicates voting rights, congressional redistricting, immigration, and the entire political history and future of the country.” We were not exaggerating. That the left is already prepping the battlefield with these types of warnings to the high court is a sure sign of the worry Evenwel strikes.

  54. Scott Walker took the neocon hawk position today, saying that Congress should eventually reauthorize all of the Patriot Act data collection provisions:

    He did say he preferred the Senate-passed USA Freedom Act over nothing.

    “I just think going forward, it’s another example of the failure of this president to lead,” he said. “I hope in the future we’ll re-establish the Patriot Act.”

    This makes clear the positions of most of the major candidates on an important issue with three distinct positions:

    Neocon hawk supports bulk collection of Americans data:


    Libertarian supports killing all provisions of the Patriot Act:

    Rand Paul
    Bernie Sanders

    Middle ground — no government bulk collection, but FISA court warrants for phone company held data with probable cause (USA Freedom Act)



    I can’t find Ben Carson’s position. He is opposed to the bulk collection of meta-data in the Patriot Act, but I can’t find if he agrees with the Freedom Act compromise or takes the Rand Paul purist position

  55. admin:

    On Evenwel issues… interestingly, the Court has ruled in a Hawaii case that a state CAN use eligible voters instead of total population for apportionment in some circumstances. In the Hawaii case, the large number of military personnel (non-Hawaii voters) was making population an unworkable measure.

    So, Evenwel is attempting to turn “may use” into “must use”. The best discussion I’ve seen lays out a very fundamental constitutional question: are elected representatives supposed to represent “all the people” or “all the voters”? Historically, for example, did the framers envision Congressmen representing women, even though women were not allowed to vote? It’s a terrific question and one with no immediately apparent correct answer.

    As a practical matter, using anything but census population data would be a nightmare.

    Long-term, all of these cases force the Court to confront the unworkable mess created by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (and extensions) that makes certain states get court pre-approval for redistricting, approval that is based entirely on racial composition of districts, tested by whether or not they can elect candidates of a specific race. It’s a very distasteful paradigm, one that the Supremes clearly wince over every time they have to address it.

    Evenwel gets at the same issues, since disparities between population and eligible voters can generally only occur where there are large numbers of Hispanic illegal aliens.

  56. As to whether Evenwel is a long shot, the most interesting observation I’ve heard on that….

    If it’s a complete long shot, why did the Supreme Court decide to hear the case?

  57. Admin

    The thing that struck me about the above mentioned article from Politico is if the government and Supreme Court have real data on eligible voters in a district, and illegals that are not qualified to vote?

    The way that Obama past Presidents have handed out amnesty cards, is the real data there too?

  58. Paul Bedard @ National Review:


    So does Bernie Sanders have a chance? Does Martin O’Malley, for that matter? I’ve been saying for months now that Hillary Clinton is vulnerable within the Democratic party, but it strikes me that the window of opportunity for challengers is closing. With every passing week, it becomes harder for a serious opponent to put together the necessary infrastructure to wage a winning campaign.

    If, for instance, Deval Patrick had started organizing for a run in back March or April, he could have presented all sorts of problems for Clinton. But even if Patrick started moving tomorrow, it would be a hard row to hoe- look at the problems Rick Perry had in 2011, when he started thinking about running in late May and didn’t announce until August. At this point, every day that ticks by diminishes the chance that a formidible competitor will get into the race.

    If Clinton can keep the field clear for just twelve more weeks, then she’s likely to only have to deal with Sanders, O’Malley, and (possibly) Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee.

    She’ll still be challenged. Someone-Sanders, O’Malley, or someone else who’s not in the race yet-will close in on her in the polls. All races tighten. At some point, they’ll get within hailing distance. They’ll probably even get more votes than you think; heck, they might even give her a scare in Iowa or New Hampshire.

    But think about it this way: In 2008, Obama had a ton of early, high-profile money on his side. He had identity politics. And he had an organization that exploited a huge strategic error when Clinton failed to aggressively engage small-state caucuses. And he still got fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Take away any one of those factors, and Clinton wins the 2008 nomination. Hands down.

    None of her opponents so far have anything like those advantages. Bernie Sanders may be closer to the base. And Martin O’Malley may be a better pol. But it’s hard to see how either of them could actually put the nomination in jeopardy. And the hour is getting late.

  59. Wbboei, the Paul Bedard article nicely summarizes why we thought/think Hillary should have waited longer to announce. All her potential competitors waited for her to announce before they announced. The longer she would have waited the more she would have asphyxiated the opponents. Hillary should have waited until at least the end of July to announce. An announcement then would have left potential candidates with close to no time to organize against her.

    Bedard thinks the window for Hillary opponents will close in twelve weeks. A late July announcement would have eaten at least eight of those weeks.

    Overall we agree with Bedard. If a Warren or a Deval had organized behind the scenes like Obama did (something Big Media pretends did not happen) for years or even months Hillary would have been in great trouble. As it is there are still moments of great peril especially in Iowa.

  60. Wbboei, here’s a little more (and we would not be surprised at all if it is eventually discovered that 2×4 Chuck Schumer is behind some of this):

    NY Dems push Bloomberg to run for president

    A dirty secret behind Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic presidential race is the lack of a credible challenger. Despite rising voter disgust over sordid revelations about the Clinton Foundation, there is no appealing alternative.

    The situation led some disgruntled Democrats to push Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run, an effort that folded yesterday. But now comes word of a bid to entice another big-name challenger, and this one is far more intriguing.

    It aims to get former Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the race.

    New York Dems friendly to Bloomberg have approached him to gauge his interest. Their argument is that Clinton’s vulnerability with general-election voters, especially independents, could result in a Republican president. They also believed Bloomberg could be interested because, as one of them told me,“Mike can’t stand Hillary.”

    One visitor to the former mayor came away cautiously optimistic after a 30-minute meeting, noting that Bloomberg didn’t throw him out of the office or start fiddling with his smartphone.

    “That means he wasn’t bored and was listening,” said another man who talked to the three-term mayor. They were also encouraged that Bloomberg said something to the effect that it would be “no problem” for him to drop his unaffiliated registration and become a Democrat again.

    It’s far from certain that Bloomberg will run, but I can envision a scenario where he floats a trial balloon to see how people react. I’m saving him the trouble because I hope he gives the idea serious consideration.

    Besides, it’s not as though this is virgin territory. As mayor, Bloomy didn’t hide his ambition for the White House, and spent considerable money to test the waters. Before the 2008 election, he sponsored polls and researched state laws on ballot access while saying he would spend $1 billion to run as an independent.

    He eventually dropped the idea after concluding that he couldn’t win. He joked that the country wasn’t ready to elect a divorced, Jewish billionaire, but he also knew that a third-party race is extra difficult. A three-way split in the Electoral College would throw the decision to the House of Representatives, which would support the candidate from the party of the House majority.

    Switching back to his Democratic roots would solve that problem. As for the cost, whatever Bloomy would spend to self-finance would be relative pocket change — he is worth an estimated $36 billion, making him the nation’s 10th-richest person.

    His strengths would be considerable, substantively and politically. His astonishing business success and record as a bold, can-do mayor in America’s largest city could appeal to voters of all persuasions.

    He is socially liberal, being pro-choice, an early advocate for gay marriage and a relentless supporter of more gun control. He’s also a security hawk who supported the Iraq invasion, and was religious about keeping New York safe from crime and terrorism. Indeed, crime rates fell to historic lows under him, a record that burdens his hapless successor.

    Bloomberg also believes in pay-as-you-go government, once arguing to me that he is a true conservative because he will raise taxes to provide services the public wants. He talks with conviction about big ideas like public health and infrastructure.

    His most glaring weakness is that he lacks foreign-policy experience at a time when the world is on fire. However, Bloomberg is far from parochial, as both his business and philanthropy span the globe.

    He’s a wooden campaigner, but there’s an easy answer for that: The incumbent is charismatic, and look at the mess he made! Blanketing the country with TV ads can cover a lot of sins.

    Bloomberg won’t run (in 2008 we were concerned about a Bloomberg run) but this shows the desperation on the left. The additional lesson is that the left realizes time is running out and they need a billionaire to self-fund a campaign in the short window of time remaining. Any megalomaniacal leftist billionaire kooks out there?

  61. Shadowfax, here’s some more on Evenwel from the smart Sean Trende (a great name for someone in his field of expertise):

    In a pair of cases decided in 1964, the Supreme Court of the United States famously established the “one person, one vote” test. This meant that all congressional districts would be required to have the same number of people, while state legislative districts must have roughly the same number. The consequences of those decisions were both immediate and far-reaching. A wave of mid-decade redistricting swept the country, as virtually every congressional and legislative district had to be, at a minimum, tweaked to account for population discrepancies. Rural districts in particular lost representation, while the depopulation of urban centers helped usher in the rise of the suburbs in Congress.

    Last week, the Supreme Court shocked watchers by agreeing to hear a case that could have consequences of a similar magnitude. In 1966, in a follow-up to the Reynolds v. Sims decision, the court had held that states did not necessarily need to use persons as the basis for their representation schemes. Since then the court has at times been asked to adopt various different metrics. It generally resisted these entreaties, although Justice Clarence Thomas has, at times, urged the court to take up these cases.

    So most were caught off guard when the court decided to take up Evenwel v. Abbott. The plaintiffs in that case asked the court to clarify that only citizens should be counted for purposes of drawing legislative districts. The “why” of this is a bit complex, but it grows out of a (superficial, in my mind) tension between the 14th Amendment, which apportions voting districts on the basis of population, and the Voting Rights Act, which requires that states ensure there are a sufficient number of citizens of voting age in a given group to enable that group to elect a candidate of its choice.

    If the court were to find for the plaintiffs – and it seems unlikely that the court would have gratuitously taken up this case, absent a circuit split, if there weren’t some substantial support for the plaintiffs’ position – it would mean that, once again, virtually every legislative and congressional district in the country would have to be redrawn (although this would not, as some have suggested, affect apportionment – i.e. the number of seats allocated to each state). This would occur at a time when Republicans control a record-high number of state legislatures and a majority of state governments. Republicans would be able to update their maps to account for changes in political orientations in their states since the previous round of redistricting.

    But this would have implications for Democratic-controlled states as well. Consider that in 2012, counties with high citizen populations were more likely to vote for Mitt Romney (the t-stat is 9.047). Of the 35 states with four or more congressional districts, there was a statistically significant, positive correlation between the share of county residents who were citizens and the share of voters who cast ballots for Mitt Romney in 18 of the states, most of which are among our largest: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

    By ruling that states had to ensure an equal number of eligible voters in districts — rather than persons — the court would force even Democratic map makers to push districts out of heavily Democratic areas and into Republican areas. Just 78 percent of the residents of heavily Democratic Queens County are citizens, and 83 percent of similarly Democratic Kings County residents are citizens. In neighboring Nassau County, however, 91 percent of residents are citizens. In other words, 20 percent of the population in districts in Queens and Brooklyn would no longer count. To populate these districts, line drawers would be forced to push districts into Nassau County. Democrats would have a choice between weakening the Queens/Brooklyn districts, or making the remaining Nassau County districts more Republican.

    To see how this plays out in practice, consider the lawsuit brought in 2012 challenging the apportionment of the New York State Senate. The current map places nine senate districts on Long Island, 26 districts in New York City, and 28 districts upstate. These districts are of similar populations.

    But if we look at citizens of voting age (or CVAP), we see some pretty wide disparities. The average CVAP for the Long Island districts is 215,436 persons. The average CVAP for the New York districts is 191,133 persons. The average CVAP for the upstate districts is 217, 759 persons. There are other ways to look at the data, but the upshot is that a successful lawsuit would probably move two senate seats out of reliably Democratic New York City and into upstate New York. New York’s congressional districts are similarly apportioned between New York City, Long Island, and Upstate, so adopting CVAP would likely move a congressional district out of the city and into the swing areas upstate.

    There are other examples here: Harry Enten and Dave Wasserman note that only 41 percent of the residents of California’s 34th District (downtown Los Angeles) are adult citizens; this district would probably have to be combined with most of a neighboring district (probably the 40th, where only about 40 percent of the population is adult citizens) to generate a full Hispanic-majority district. This would probably result in a new district placed in swingier areas of the state. Republican David Valadao’s Central Valley district is majority non-adult citizen; Democrats would love to weaken him but would have a hard time doing so while also protecting Jim Costa’s Fresno-based district. Weakening Loretta Sanchez’s district would be almost unavoidable. The five districts that abut the Rio Grande River in Texas have high non-citizen populations; one would likely be eliminated and, if Republicans have their way, transferred to the heavily Republicans suburbs of one of the major cities.

    You get the point. As Enten and Wasserman point out, of the 50 districts with the lowest share of adult citizens, 82 percent are represented by Democrats, while Republicans represent 38 of the 50 districts with the highest share of adult citizens. Redistricting would probably move five or 10 House seats toward the Republicans, with proportional gains likely in the state legislatures.

    I do think it is unlikely that the court will rule for the plaintiffs, but then again, I wouldn’t have thought that it would take this case up without a lower court forcing its hand. If it does take the case up, it could have serious consequences for the next president’s term.

    How this affects districts with high populations of out of state college/university students and towns with large prisons remains to be seen. But Evenwel is a case we’ll keep an eye on.

  62. The university districts would have the same trend as the non-citizen districts. Using a voter measure would force the shift of reliable Democrat districts to Republican/swing districts. However…. I’m not sure the Evenwel case even deals with actual registered voters. I think it is purely voter eligible residents (i.e. citizens versus non-citizens).

    Of course, if Evenwel were to successfully change the formula for districting, wouldn’t it inevitably lead to similar challenges for the apportionment of house seat and electoral college votes among the states? That change would KILL the Dems. Texas would lose Republican seats, but California and many urban/blue states would lose Dem seats.

  63. Admin: let me see if I have got this straight:

    1. The Warren court ruled that legislative districts must be equal in size.

    2. Size, however, was measured in terms of population–rather than eligible voters, or even citizens.

    3. Consequently, when a district experiences a surge in population–this information is captured in the next census.

    4. Whereupon, to maintain an equal population, that district will be redrawn and/or an additional district created.

    5. The democrat party favors illegal immigration and entitlements.

    6. This ensures that illegals will tend to locate in the areas they control–all other things being equal.

    7. The net effect is three- fold.

    8. First, democrats get more seats in legislatures and congress.

    9. Second, non citizens have an incentive to vote in violation of our laws.

    10. Third, centrist candidates from either party are eliminated in the primary–and radicals control the process.

    Conclusion: let us hope that the Court establishes a new rule for redisticting which does not count illegals, visa holders, minors, criminals and other residents who are not citizens. This could mitigate the polarization we now see across the political spectrum.

  64. Democrat support for sanctuary cities can be seen as a magnet to draw illegals into their districts, so that more districts of similar political valence can be spun off in the future, thereby creating more democrat seats in the legislature or congressional body. All the happy horseshit about give me your poor your tired yearning to breathe free, and all the ignoring of immigrant crime and pressure on our safety nets are done to preserve political advantage, and to disadvantage citizens who are too dumb to realize they are getting fucked. And by the way, the Rino will do the same thing if the opportunity presents itself—as that fat ass Barbour proved in Mississippi.

  65. Pollsters trying to figure out why the polls are wrong recently have some preliminary answers which will not surprise anyone here:–problematic_polls-0394f5ccfc.html

    So far, there are no definitive conclusions on where thing went wrong in the Polish and British cases but experts point to several factors — a key one being political correctness. In short, people lie to the pollsters because they are ashamed to admit their true intentions. In Britain, there appears to be the phenomenon of “shy Tories” — people who secretly harbor the intention of voting Conservative, still stigmatized as a “mean” party, telling pollsters they’ll vote for the more socially progressive Labour. In Poland, people may have been embarrassed to admit they were voting for the right-wing presidential challenger, saying they supported the more moderate incumbent. And sometimes non-voters declare an intention to vote due to the stigma of not voting.

    “People feel forced to declare a preference even when they don’t have crystalized preferences,” said Miroslawa Grabowska, director of the CBOS polling agency in Warsaw. Among undecided Poles, she said, many may have skewed the predictions by saying they would vote for Komorowski of the ruling centrist party, Civic Platform — an easy and uncontroversial choice.

    Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams, director of the Betting Research Unit and the Political Forecasting Unit at Nottingham Business School, also points how lack of enthusiasm in one camp can distort polling data. He spoke of a “lethargic Labour” effect in Britain, with Labour Party voters not turning out in the numbers expected last month.

    After Labour’s loss, some political observers accused uncharismatic party leader Ed Miliband of running a lackluster campaign.

    They stayed home. They weren’t lying to the pollsters, but in a sense they were lying to themselves,” Vaughan Williams said. Vaughan Williams said other, secondary, factors that the polls did not reflect included tactical voting and a swing to the incumbent once voters were in the polling booths.

  66. We thought this was racist.

    Public Outcry Directed At Mayor De Blasio As NYC Murder Rate Shoots Up
    Rev. Calvin Butts Of Harlem Warns Hizzoner Could Lose His Job If Things Don’t Improve

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – With murders up double digits and his crime-fighting reputation on the line, Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to “get a lot of guns away from the bad guys.”

    But some community activists say the answer may be a return to some type of stop, question and frisk, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

    Natasha Christopher was in Grand Central on Tuesday, National Violence Awareness Day, demanding action to get guns off the street, and to mourn the loss of her 14-year-old son, Akeal, who was shot in the back of the head in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

    “This was the worst possible pain I have ever experienced,” Christopher said.

    With murders up almost 20 percent this year, Christopher said she fears for the safety of her two other sons. She wants the killing to stop.

    “They need to bring back stop and frisk, but they need to find a better way to implement it,” Christopher said.

    She has a message for Mayor de Blasio, a message from someone who knows the loss of a child.

    “Please do something to save lives, because you removed stop and frisk and it has not worked. There are more children dying there are parents burying their children when it shouldn’t be happening,” Christopher said.

    After the NYPD released the latest crime statistics showing shootings up for two straight years, the first time that has happened in nearly two decades, the mayor held a hastily arranged press conference and vowed action. [snip]

    The Rev. Calvin Butts of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem said rising crime rates could cost the mayor his job.

    “The mayor needs to pay attention. It could mean that people will organize against him,” Butts said. “This is worse than the snowstorm.”

    “I know the mayor is a parent. Which one of your kids are you prepared to lose? I should not have to live like this,” Christopher said.

    Community outrage is expected to continue on Wednesday when a group called One Community, One Family will bring coffins and body bags to the steps of City Hall to remind the mayor that there are real people — real mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers — who are deeply affected by the carnage, Kramer reported.

    Stop and frisk in high crime neighborhoods worked to keep murders down in New York City. Chicago’s high rates of shootings are attributable to a lack of stop and frisk. Stop and frisk is not pretty but it works. The idea that it can be “softened” to add a question period is laughable.

  67. Israeli Reporter To Obama: If You Are Wrong On Iran, “Bomb Will Hit Tel Aviv First”

    ILANA DAYAN, ISRAELI CHANNEL 2: Mr. President, there is a remarkably sincere observation you made once. You said “nothing comes to my desk that is perfectly solvable.” And you said “any given decision I make, I’ll wind up with a 30-40 percent chance that it isn’t going to work.”

    I’m afraid Israelis can not afford even a three to four percent chance that you are wrong Mr. President, because if you are, the bomb will hit Tel Aviv first.

    I wish we had journalists who would ask questions like this..

  68. Uh, oh. Trouble on the horizon….

    Lincoln Chaffee shocked the world with his bold vision for America in his announcement speech today.

    “Earlier I said, ‘Let’s be bold,'” Chaffee said. “Here’s a bold embrace of internationalism: let’s join the rest of the world and go metric.

    “I happened to live in Canada as they completed the process. Believe me it is easy,” Chaffee said. “It doesn’t take long before 34 degrees is hot. Only Myanmar, Liberia and the United States aren’t metric and it will help our economy.”

    Upon seeing the clip, Charles Krauthammer professed to be overcome by the passion of the candidate…

  69. More on the TPP and it’s evil twins:

    Like both TTIP and TPP, one of the central aims of TISA is to remove “barriers” to trade in services, and to impose a regulatory ratchet on participating nations. In the case of TISA, the ratchet ensures that services are deregulated and opened up to private companies around the world, and that once privatised, they cannot be re-nationalised.

  70. From Lu4PUMA’s link:

    What that means in practice, is that the EU would be forbidden from requiring that US companies like Google or Facebook keep the personal data of European citizens within the EU—one of the ideas currently being floated in Germany. Article 9.1 imposes a more general ban on requiring companies to locate some of their computing facilities in a territory: “No Party may require a service supplier, as a condition for supplying a service or investing in its territory, to: (a) use computing facilities located in the Party’s territory.”

    And this is supposed to be bad for the United States?

    Seems to me that it ensures the ability of US companies like Google and Facebook and Amazon to keep their server farms (and jobs) in the United States even when they are doing business overseas.

  71. The TPP is being rammed on through

    ALL HANDS ON DECK. This is not a drill. The vote in the House of Representatives on fast track trade authority, preapproving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the public finds out what is in it, is coming up very soon. It is even possible it could happen later this week. The Senate has already passed fast track; if the House passes this it goes to President Obama and he will sign it. That will make TPP a done deal.

  72. Of course it also means that Google and Facebook and Amazon would be free to move their server farms to India, if the communication infrastructure there would support it. This would mean that the United States would have to be vigilant to keep a competitive pro-business tax and regulatory climate in a sector that requires massive capital investment.

  73. This is my list of undecided Dems:
    Denny Heck
    Derek Kilmer
    Don Beyer
    Rick Larsen
    Susan Davis
    Suzan DelBene
    Xavier Becerra
    Doris Matsui
    Gwen Graham
    Steny Hoyer
    Jared Polis
    Jim Costa
    John Sarbanes
    Kurt Schrader
    Marc Veasey
    Ed Perlmutter

    And this is my list of sell out:
    John C. Carney Jr.
    Ami Bera
    Brad Ashford
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Gerry Connolly
    Gregory W. Meeks
    Jim Cooper
    Mike Quigley
    Nancy Pelosi
    Ron Kind
    Earl Blumenauer
    Henry Cuellar
    Joaquin Castro
    John Delaney
    Suzanne Bonamici
    Emanuel Cleaver
    Sam Farr
    Katheleen M. Rice
    Cedric Richmond
    David Price
    James A. Himes

    I am really not highly confident of the list because some of the information is conflicting on who is who.

    Call! Fax!

  74. I guess if you’re an effin’ troll and no one wants read your posts…you delight in competing with Big Pink’s admin by posting in dark pink.

    How stupid the troll is to think this will make us pay attention to what is in their pink post.

  75. You won’t know who is on your “sell out” list until the final vote. According to articles today, Pelosi is working the vote so that the absolute minimum number of Dems have to walk the plank to pass TPA. She has a list of Dems in safe seats to go to in the final minutes of the vote as needed.

    Meanwhile, 25 “no vote” Repubs tea party types have offered their votes in exchange for some concessions, like making the EX-IM BANK vote a standalone vote and not attached to some “must pass” bill. So Boehner has these votes in his pocket, but would prefer to let them vote “no” and force more Dems to walk the plank since they will pay a heavier price with their union “friends”.

    These votes are highly ritualized dances, to the accompaniment of the melodic sounds of checks being written at Capitol Hill steakhouses.

    TPA is going to pass. The Dem leadership wants it to pass. The Repub leadership wants it to pass. But, the more they can make it look like it won’t pass, the bigger the checks both sides can extort leading up to the vote.

  76. The troll says give up.

    Resistance is futile.

    I think I will stay up a little later tonight to send a few more fax.

    I’ll sleep when I am dead.

  77. Only two GOP presidential candidates currently in the U.S. Senate publicly admit to have read the Obamatrade agreement prior to voting on it: Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY).

  78. It appears that Light in the loafers Lindsey Graham has got his tenny weenie in a jam when he announced that Iranians are liars. Presumably he was referring to the people horse face with a broken leg (the shoot horses don’t they ) John Heniz Kerry is swapping spit with, but his condemnation was perceived by many Iranians here and abroad as intended to apply to all Iranians. Lets see . . . light in the loafers has been on the campaign trail for roughly a day, and already he has stuck both feet in his mouth. This show will never get off the ground, and one can only hope that someone with political sense is reaching for the vaudeville hook as we speak.

  79. Here is the Zerohedge take. Mind you, he is better on the economy then politics, but he also discusses the process:

    After a failed first attempt and some uncertainty about potential amendments, the Senate finally passed legislation to reinstate Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also known as “fast track,” which is generally viewed as critical to implementing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) currently being negotiated. From here, the remaining obstacle is the vote in the House of Representatives, which has always appeared to be a higher hurdle than the Senate.

    The House looks likely to vote on TPA at some point in the next three weeks. In our view, it is more likely that the House will pass TPA than defeat it, though the outcome is harder than usual to predict because support and opposition do not fall cleanly along party lines. In particular, the Obama Administration is counting mainly on Republicans to pass TPA in the House, but at least a few dozen of the 245 House Republicans look likely to vote against it, leaving the bill short of the 217 votes needed to pass. To make this up, at least 10 Democrats and potentially as many as 20 would need to support the measure. This seems to be roughly where Democratic support is as the moment, but the situation could clearly still change. That said, TPA has an institutional advantage: Republican congressional leaders, who support TPA, can time the vote for when support appears to be sufficient and can make multiple attempts if necessary.

    Negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership appear to be in the final stages. It seems likely that the most of the outstanding issues could be settled reasonably soon after TPA is enacted, since some trading partners may be waiting for TPA passage before presenting their final offers. Once negotiations are concluded, it could take another few months for the agreement to be released and formally signed. TPA imposes some deadlines to expedite congressional consideration, but also imposes some waiting periods that could prolong some of the earlier steps in the process. In all, it is likely to take at least four months, and potentially a few months longer, from the time negotiations conclude until Congress can begin considering the agreement, meaning Congress is unlikely to begin considering the TPP agreement, even if it is finalized soon, until late 2015 at earliest.

  80. Giggle:

    At least Hillary Clinton has a sense of humor about the whole personal email controversy.

    At a $2,700-a-head fundraiser Monday night, Clinton joked that the White House networks would have repelled its hackers “had they been using my server,” The New York Post reported.

    The 2016 Democratic front-runner was at the home of Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs for the event, where she discussed cybersecurity.

    The White House and State Department — where Clinton served as secretary from 2009 to 2013 — were both breached last fall by suspected Russian-backed hackers, raising questions about the government’s network security.

  81. I will tell you what his legacy is: he has dismantled the post World War II order, and left this nation defenseless against its enemies foreign and domestic. He has polarized this nation to a degree not seen since the civil war. And he has so screwed up our economy that this depression continues and the worst is yet to come. If his supporters are not worried, they sure as hell should be, because they are responsible for the chaos we see now, and in the future engendered by this delusional fool. The Rino has aided and abetted him in much of this and so has big media. Their delusion is in thinking that when and if we get a Republican president things will go back to where they were before. That is the most ridiculous of all delusions as Richard Fernandez explains.

    Bernie Reeves, writing in the American Thinker notes a certain deflation among the the administration’s supporters. “What I’m struck by whenever I talk to fellow historians and to friends who are well-informed, most of them enthusiastic Democrats, all of whom voted for Obama both times, is a sense of disappointment.” Perhaps “disappointment” isn’t the best choice of words, “confusion” probably being a more suitable term to represent the turn of events. And now suddenly, nothing makes sense.

    Instead of being led into a bright world by their chosen messiah they find themselves in a world where nothing seems to add up, where all the angles are crazy and wrong. America appears to be lying on the floor, as if felled by a stroke, with no memory of how it got there uttering some gibberish about “Glbbl Warmmem”, “Kayee Jennr” and “mamsprdung” and all around it the order familiar to everyone seems to be dissolving into shapelessness.

    Pamela Engel, writing in the Business Insider, notes that the brigands are out in force and the biggest bank heist in history is now under way in the Middle East, with raiders picking up the gold reserves, treasuries and arsenals of whole fallen states. Where’s the sheriff? Where’s the sheriff? Well maybe there is no sheriff.

    By collecting taxes from residents and providing civil services in return, ISIS appearst to behave like a government, creating a greater sense of legitimacy for the group’s rule. But there’s a thin line between taxation and extortion in the Islamic State.

    “ISIS makes most of its money from plunder,” Jonathan Schanzer, vice president for research at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, told Business Insider in May. “We’re seeing that over and over again. They go from one town to the next and knock over a bank or several banks and go house to house and extract whatever is of value.”

    “It’s a racket,” Schanzer said. “And that’s how ISIS continues to survive and thrive.”

    Maybe Europe hung up its shootin’ irons figuring that the sheriff would always be there. France and Germany went on a holiday from history, and armed with baguettes, struck east. Then one unexpected day, as in Ferguson and Baltimore, trouble ensues and the distraught residents as ever call the cops. And they wait and they wait and they wait. And no one comes.

    There is a chaos abroad, one growing so complete even the narratives put forward don’t make sense. President Obama told an audience of community leaders from ASEAN that his administration has restored the Untied States as the “the most respected country on earth.”

    Perhaps Obama really does believe this, or is there in his dogged insistence something bordering on madness? The American presidency, was in its own way one of the last examples of a functioning monarchy. Other countries have had dysfunctional monarchs in their history but possessed institutional workarounds to deal with them.

    But America has no office of regent; no way, short of impeachment or removal from office, of governing with a mad king. Thus the Western world is at present leaderless, in a holding pattern, waiting for a new narrative to emerge, collectively holding its breath. The new narrative may come from the presidential election of 2016 or from somewhere else — such as out of the East, or Russia or China — if as seems unthinkably possible, that not only Obama but America has ceased to matter.

    Some, like John McCain, still seem to think that a restoration after the career of king Barry has run its course will suffice to bring back the old days. But elect one decent Republican president and all will be back in the groove again. Yet this is unlikely to happen. Just as mad King George III lost America forever, so too has the current occupant of the White dismantled the post-World War 2 order.

    All that is possible is to build a new future based on whatever survives the unfolding crash. As for the president — he’ll believe everything remains fine, just fine — all the way up to the moment the janitor folds up the empty auditorium chairs and ask if he knows the way home.

  82. The slimy RINO may not be a shoe in this time, according to Rothenberg:

    This time, things are very different.

    Jeb Bush certainly has all of the establishment credentials anyone could want, including his family, experience, approach to issues and style. But he has more political baggage than normally associated with that support (including his family’s White House years), and he faces a more formidable array of opponents, including at least two with potentially broad appeal.

    Moreover, the Republican Party continues to change. Rank-and-file GOP voters are angrier and more frustrated after eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, and they are looking for new voices that reflect their frustration and desire to roll back the Obama years.

    While “blue” states such as New York and Connecticut still matter in the GOP nomination process, the decline of the party’s strength in the Northeast has cost those states delegates at Republican conventions. For example, New York sent 154 delegates to the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City, while the state had only 95 delegates at the 2012 convention in Tampa.

    That development has strengthened the voices of Republicans in the South and conservatives nationally.

    None of this means Bush or another pragmatist backed by the party establishment can’t be nominated in 2016 or beyond. But it does mean that assuming the party will nominate a hopeful backed by the establishment is both shortsighted and misguided.

    The Republican Party has changed significantly from the days when it nominated people such as Dewey, Eisenhower, the elder Bush and even Dole. Even Bush must know this is not his father’s GOP.


  83. Shows how clueless Rothenberg is that he ever thought Jeb Bush was the likely Republican nominee. Republican primary voters and many Republican SuperPac sugar daddies are simply not going to nominate a Bush to run against a Clinton. That dog just won’t hunt.

    It has nothing to do with whether or not Jeb would make a good President. It’s a branding problem and a problem with the Republican voters being unwilling to nominate McCain, Romney, Bush and not a one of them paying attention to the changing party or capable of a vibrant, passionate campaign.

    When you look at his position in the polls, taking into account his overwhelming name recognition edge, it’s crystal clear that he is dead-man walking. If he were a super campaigner, maybe he could turn it around, but he’s a dud. Reminds me of his dad.


    BTW, Krauthammer said tonight on Fox News that Clinton has the nomination sewn up.

  84. Admin: We knew Obama would be an abject failure. It was a simple matter of inductive and deductive logic. And now his staunchest supporters are having their Road to Damascus Moment where he is concerned. The question is therefore ripe what is Obama a failure, and why have those who supported him blindly for so long frustrated and disappointed in him. Paul Bedard at NRO hypothesized that it was because the democrat party is torn and riveted between socialists like Bernie Sander, and celebrities like Obama.

    That makes sense up to a point, but I think there is a deeper more profound reason, which may sound esoteric but I believe it is quite true. In fact, Jay Cost touches on it in his most recent post, although he does not point the finger at Obama, but identifies the successful presidents throughout history and what made them successful. There are external factors like the size of his congressional party—and for the first two years Obama had a 60 vote support in the senate, which should have spelled success, but it did not.

    There appears to be another ingredient which is the imprimatur of presidential greatness. It is one that Obama sorely lacks. It has less to do with politics, and more to do with executive judgement. Cost refers to it as prudence which he defines as follows:

    “Prudence consists of the ability to perceive opportunities and make the most of them. This requires an intuitive feel for the mechanics of government, the interests of other politicians, the nature of public opinion, and most of all the different ways the president can manipulate the process to his desired end.”

    That is the critical factor, and the key component absent in Obama’s skill set. He is not a prudent man–he is a reckless one. He is weak and cowardly when courage is required, and he is dictatorial and arrogant when it is not. He is the kind of man who pushes every idea to the limits of its logic–without regard to other considerations. One of the most important of those is the constitution and while he and his minions may be able to bully John Roberts, there are limits to that, especially as his lame duck status sets in.

  85. As his presidency winds down and we see failure after failure followed by denial, one gets the abiding sense that what we are dealing with is less of a julius caesar, and more of an incompetent buffoon.

  86. Fox has a new poll out today. Survey of registered voters instead of adults and conducted over the three days ending yesterday. It strikes me as a good snapshot of the Republican race.

    12% Jeb Bush
    12% Scott Walker
    11% Ben Carson
    9% Rand Paul
    8% Ted Cruz
    7% Marco Rubio
    6% Mike Huckabee
    5% Chris Christie
    4% Rick Perry
    4% Donald Trump
    2% Carly Fiorina
    2% Lindsey Graham
    2% John Kasich
    2% George Pataki
    2% Rick Santorum
    1% Bobby Jindal

  87. Ever since AuH2O ’64 the establishment has controlled the organization and the money. Now however there is vast pot of money and an organization that will not support the establishment candidate who always loses. Furthermore, there is the political opening for an insurgent candidate wo win consistent with the old adage the man, the moment and the message. Rothenberg highlight this.

  88. Establishment versus non-establishment doesn’t really capture Bush’s problem. After all, Rubio is identical to Bush on every issue and is generating a pulse. The problem is that even the establishment wants to win this time and even the establishment sees the obvious folly of running a Boosh (with a Cheney foreign policy) against a Clinton. The beltway pundits (who write about Dewey and Ike) may try to talk themselves into it, but, seriously? Nobody can get excited about that.

    The result is a bit of a holding pattern until the opportunity arises for one or more candidates to grab the momentum by the scruff of the neck and seize a path to the nomination. It’s deadlocked for now because it’s not time for that to happen.

  89. This may be my favorite interview of Obama ever. This Israeli reporter pins his ears back big-time. (BTW, is it me or do Obama’s ears stick out further with every lie he tells?)

  90. Oh, and in more good news for Hillary, Dick Morris shut down his trash-Hillary PAC today. Like all of his self-promotion endeavors it was a Potemkin Village shell of a PAC. Zero cash on hand. Is a PAC with no money really a PAC?

  91. voting for hillary: that is a good interview. He turns negative abruptly at various points and is highly evasive.

  92. admin
    June 3, 2015 at 4:09 pm
    Wbboei, the Paul Bedard article nicely summarizes why we thought/think Hillary should have waited longer to announce.
    precisely admin.

  93. I now understand the “troll warnings”. What the hell? LOL. Only labor and isolationists are against the trade debacle? Anyone who had econ 101 and understood it (sort of) is against it. It is a catastrophe and all we can expect from Obama. More of his “legacy”.

  94. Mormaer: here is more on Obama’s legacy courtesy of Mark Steyn.

    In other words, Obama’s greatest legacy is making America irrelevant in world affairs, and destroying the middle class, in order to eliminate the vestiges of slavery and not miss is 1:00 p.m. starting time at Burning Tree Golf course, with big media in tow, begging him to take the along, if you love a me–like a pack of wild dogs in heat, chasing the scooby van.

  95. One thing I noted in that interview where Obama trashed Bibi to an Israeli journalist, and more or less confirmed that with his Iran sell-out he was playing Russian roulette with Israel’s survival was the body language of THAT journalist which projected more than just skepticism, namely an air that I do not believe a thing you are saying.

    How different from the good morning Mr. President, how did you sleep Mr. President, journalism is in a bad place Mr. President—Jake the Snake Tapper, while nodding to everything Obama says, wanting to know how it feels to be the first black president, and whether there may be people in power who cannot stand to see a black man in the White House, never once addressing the burgeoning problems he has created and the inane statements he has made which clearly reveal that he is a sociopath playing Russian roulette with everyone’s future.

  96. Leave it to WikiLeaks….

    Wikileaks posts ‘largest leak of trade negotiations in history’ charting progress of TiSA

    Wikileaks has released 17 different documents relating to the so-called ‘secret’ negotiations for a massive global trade deal known as the Trade in Services Agreement, a lesser known cousin of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that US President Barack Obama has been campaigning heavily for in Washington.

    The leak has been timed to coincide with a meeting of leaders for the Trade in Services Agreement in Paris. TiSA is one of three trade treaties that global political leaders have been trying to agree on, alongside TTP and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

    Negotiations for the deals have been conducted in private. While this is standard procedure, it has raised suspicions about the content of the talks. One UK MEP wrote an op-ed on the fact that she’d seen the ‘undemocratic’ TTIP deal, but wasn’t at liberty to reveal any of its contents. Another study said even EU representatives in Brussels thought their European Commission colleagues were making deals behind closed doors.
    Read more:
    What is TTIP and why does Cameron want to sign?
    TTIP: David Cameron attempts to rally support

    Supporter of Wikileaks said the negotiating texts were ‘the largest leak of secret trade negotiations in history’. “The secrecy charade has collapsed,” said Deborah James of the Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) network, a group of activists committed to fighting against corporate globalisation.

    Wikileaks published a draft financial services annex of the TISA negotiations a year ago, containing plans to deregulate the financial sector. It said the new document confirms these plans, while also revealing new information about air traffic, maritime, professional services, e-commerce and domestic regulation.

    On Tuesday, Wikileaks said it would crowd source $100,000 to offer as a bounty for the remaining chapters of the TPP.

  97. Okay, so I went to WikiLeaks and wanted to get an idea of what was going on, so you can either download pdfs or read them as a webpage. Here is one of the pages that talks about:

    ‘TiSA Annex on Movement of Natural Persons’

    That looked interesting to me because of the possible ‘open borders’ issue that might be considered to some degree, and the obvious risk of terrorists entering our country.

    Here is a page…it is like trying to read the effin’ ObamaHellCare bill….probably only Wbbs and other Big Pink attorneys can wade though this stuff…let alone congressmen/women that can’t take any notes out of the reading room.

  98. CNN, the left-wing hate network that uses every opportunity available, including the threat of a beheading, to launch hate campaigns against its political enemies on the right, asked Pamela Geller Wednesday night if she “relishes the idea” of jihadists hunting her down to behead her. (snip)

    CNN would never ask a rape activist if she is provoking a rape and relishes the idea of being hunted by a rapist.

    CNN would never ask a gay activist if he is provoking homophobia and relishes the idea of being hunted by bigots.

    If CNN is going to increase its dismal ratings, Jeff Zucker has figured out that in order to steal MSNBC’s viewers, he needs out-MSNBC MSNBC.

    Zucker figured out that the Left relishes hate campaigns against conservatives, poor blacks, Christians, the police, and brave, outspoken, activist-women like Geller who are considered apostates to the left.

    If Geller were crybabying for the government to force all of us to pay for her birth control, Erin Burnett would fall all over herself to fawn and kowtow.

    Geller isn’t doing that, though. Rather she is shaming a cowardly, hate-drivencable news network that, as I write this, displays Piss Christ on its website but refuses to display an innocuous Mohammed cartoon.

    CNN and the jihadists both share a seething hatred of Christians, so for now they are allies….

    The jihadists want Geller dead, and…

    CNN is laying the groundwork to make it look like she had it coming.

  99. Glenn Greenwald is a truth teller about the deplorable state of the media, and he has some insightful things to say about big media in general and this little ninny Erin Burdett in particular—namely that big media and the political class have merged into a plutocracy of sorts which is now ruling the county, and, by reason of that, big media has forsaken the role of watchdog, and has settled into the role of supporting the establishment and crucifying the critic, the whistle blower, the person who tries to bring the truth to the American People. The sub point is that where CNN is concerned they are a racist entity and because they are unable to expand their market share with the mainstream audience the are now competing with MSNBC for the far left fringe, and the be-headers.

    According to Glenn Greenwald, the media has been handicapped in a similar way. He asserts that the media has been transformed from being public watchdogs to serving those in power. They lead the way in demanding there be no accountability or investigations. Their portrayal of protesters reflects this. “If you look at, say, a host on MSNBC, what you’re actually seeing is a very high ranking employee of what was General Electric and now is Comcast, who makes many millions of dollars a year…Why is the son (NYT’s Bill Keller) of the CEO of Chevron and the fiancé (CNN’s Erin Burnett) of the second highest ranking executive at Citigroup scornful of Wall Street protesters? It’s because this is who our media class is; they are integrated fully into the political class.” He continues to say, “Of course, if you are a high ranking employee of major corporations making millions of dollars a year, things like mass joblessness and homelessness and foreclosures is not something that’s in your personal range of experience.”[32]

  100. I know wbb, that freaking Erin the idiot asking Geller if she relishes the thought of being beheaded.
    This o As beyond insane.I am so ashamed I once was a Democrat and listened to this filth, although Just say, was it this bad? I can’t imagine.

  101. Carly impresses me. This article is a perfect example of what Hillary should be doing. As I pointed out long ago, if she feels she must have the hard left of the party, then this would be the way to get them. As things stand, there appears to be a bi partisan cover-up of the details of a deal which will destroy the middle class. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, electric light the best policeman, and ANYONE who trusts Obama to do the right thing for this nation belongs in the loony bin.
    Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is calling on President Barack Obama to publicly release the text of Obamatrade immediately.

    “Of course, I support free and fair trade,” Fiorina said in an email to Breitbart News.

    But President Obama has made lofty promises before and we’ve learned with this White House that the devil is in the details. And the details are frequently very different than the lofty goals with which he describes the deal. So I’d like President Obama to tell us what’s in his trade deal before we grant him this broad fast track authority. So far, though, he’s been unwilling to do that and Hillary won’t even take a position on it. That should concern us. Mr. President, if you want TPA to pass, please just tell us what is in TPP.

    Fiorina’s call for transparency on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific Rim trade deal comes right after the U.S. Senate passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to fast track that deal—and right before the House is angling to take up the deal.

    It also comes on the heels of revelations that several lieutenants of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)40%
    —who supports the deal and is using his allies like Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)76%
    and Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)65%
    , the two specific lieutenants in question—haven’t read the text of TPP, which TPA would ensure the passage of.

    Fiorina’s 2016 competition also has some issues on this matter.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)81%
    and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)49%
    , both of whom voted for Obamatrade in the Senate, are refusing to answer whether they read the TPP text before voting for this.

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96%
    , who voted for it, read the TPP text before doing so and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)93%
    is the only Republican running for president in Congress currently who voted against Obamatrade.

    Paul went to the secret room to read the bill—which only members of Congress and certain cleared staffers with high-level security clearances are allowed to do—and when he came out he told Breitbart News he doesn’t think there’s anything in there that can’t be made public before Congress votes on TPA.

    Most of the 2016 presidential field stands with Fiorina and Paul against Obamatrade. Dr. Ben Carson, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and real estate mogul Donald Trump have each come out against the deal very publicly as well.

    Fiorina, in an interview with Breitbart News at the South Carolina Freedom Summit last month, compared Obamatrade to Obamacare—noting that the secretive process is extraordinarily troubling.

    Free trade is a good thing and I would love to be able to support this thing, but unfortunately we don’t know what’s in it—and that’s the problem. We’ve seen too many deals in this administration where they sound like a good thing—remember Obamacare? The goal sounded great and then it turned out the details were something very different. And so, I think we need to see the details. It’s hard for me to understand why the president—who’s pitching this deal so hard—won’t just give us some understanding of what’s in it. For example, one of the purposes of this deal was to solidify our leadership in a region so that we could push back a little against a newly assertive China. Now we’re hearing that maybe China could join this deal in a couple years. Is that true? Is it not? I don’t know. We need to know those kinds of details, which are pretty important.

    What’s interesting here is that just this week, President Obama confirmed that China has been angling to get into the deal—a concern Fiorina raised weeks ago.

  102. gonzotx
    June 4, 2015 at 10:52 pm
    Yes Erin is by any objective standard a stupid ass.

    Who bit off more than she could chew when she tried to slime Pam Geller.

    Erin suggested that Geller was hoping to get murdered.

    Erin stood up for the murderous jihadists and tried to shift the issue to semantics.

    And Geller took her down on both of those inflammatory comments.

    Erin lamely contended that a her questions were fair.

    And Geller responded it was a loaded question, a gotcha question, I hope they kill you question . . .

    But in no way shape or form, a fair question.

    In sum, Geller destroyed that racist network and one of its leading airheads who walked into a buzz saw.

  103. Just for the record… Rand Paul voted against the TPA because he couldn’t support giving Obama more power. However, he said at the time that he supports free trade and would likely for for the final TPP deal.

  104. And, Ted Cruz said last week in NH that Obama keeping the text of the TPP secret now (before TPA requires making it public) is stupid because it gives opponents free reign to make claims about what might be in it. He called on Obama to make it public now.

  105. While Hillary was speaking in Texas, two of the serious Republican candidates did interviews today:

    Marco Rubio with the Fox News women. He is a really TV-friendly candidate:

    Ted Cruz with Cavuto:


    News in fundraising. Cruz’ PACs say they have raised $37 million:

    Washington (CNN)Three of the top ten conservative donors in the last presidential election are giving to the super PACs supporting Ted Cruz that now claim to have raised more than $37 million to support his bid, a shocking haul and donor list for such a populist Republican candidate amid a crowded 2016 field.

    Florida businessman John W. Childs and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair have committed to support Cruz, according to a leader of the super PAC. Together, the pair committed about $7.5 million to conservative outside groups in 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

  106. Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is calling on President Barack Obama to publicly release the text of Obamatrade immediately.

    “Of course, I support free and fair trade,” Fiorina said in an email to Breitbart News.

    But President Obama has made lofty promises before and we’ve learned with this White House that the devil is in the details. And the details are frequently very different than the lofty goals with which he describes the deal. So I’d like President Obama to tell us what’s in his trade deal before we grant him this broad fast track authority. So far, though, he’s been unwilling to do that and Hillary won’t even take a position on it. That should concern us. Mr. President, if you want TPA to pass, please just tell us what is in TPP.

    Fiorina’s call for transparency on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific Rim trade deal comes right after the U.S. Senate passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to fast track that deal—and right before the House is angling to take up the deal.

    It also comes on the heels of revelations that several lieutenants of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)40%
    —who supports the deal and is using his allies like Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)76%
    and Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)65%
    , the two specific lieutenants in question—haven’t read the text of TPP, which TPA would ensure the passage of.

    Fiorina’s 2016 competition also has some issues on this matter.

  107. I checked with Ted Cruz’s office.

    Like Carly, he is calling for the agreement to be made public now.

  108. Repost

    May 31, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    What Congress Can Do

    Congress could, if it wants, declassify the TPP text.

    Agitation to push Congress to declassify the TPP text could have the effect of putting members of Congress on the record on whether they think that the TPP text should be classified or not. If a substantial group of members supported such a move, they could pressure the administration to agree to declassification.

    According to their own rules, both the House and the Senate can act unilaterally to declassify information in their possession.

    As a McClatchy report noted in August 2013, the Senate version is in Section 8 of Senate Resolution 400, which established the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The House version is in 11(g) of the House Rule X. The rules authorize the chambers’ respective intelligence committees to vote to publicly disclose any information in the possession of the committee after concluding that the public interest would be served by such disclosure.

    Both rules envision a multi-step process. First, the committee votes on whether to declassify. If the vote is yes, the president has an opportunity to object in writing, stating the reasons for the objection. If the president does not object, disclosure proceeds. If the president does object, the committee considers whether to proceed anyway, by referring the matter to the full chamber.

    As the McClatchy report noted, these procedures have never been “used” in the sense of carrying them through to completion. However, they have been used as a threat to compel the administration to bargain in good faith with Congress over declassification. They were used in this way in the fight over declassification of the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s use of torture.

    And they could be so used in the present case. I called the Senate Intelligence Committee and confirmed that they have the power to move to declassify the TPP text if they want.

    So, let’s push members of Congress who are complaining about the secrecy of the TPP to go on the record: Do you think that the intelligence committees should move to declassify the TPP negotiating text?
    May 31, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) makes the final text of the TPP not only unclassified, but publicly available on the US Trade Representative’s website.

    The final text of all US trade deals is available here. Just click the country and there will be links to summaries and final text:
    May 31, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    Punk! Those turds just keep dropping.

    Do not be distracted by the misinformation posted on the subject of the TPP. There is some very persistent lying going on here. Must be a special assignment from the Troll Masters.

    The only thing the USTR has published is propaganda, not the text of the TPP.

    If you google “TPP Text” you will find only leaked information like:
    May 31, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    There is no text of the TPP yet. It hasn’t been finalized. The final text is required to be posted online 60 days before the up or down Congressional vote.

    If the House were to reject fast track authority, it would likely kill the TPP negotiations and no agreement would ever be finalized, never released, and never come to Congress for vote — all before anyone could know what would have been it it.

  109. Admin,

    I need some editing on the previous post. I only meant to put
    May 31, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    in there.

  110. It is most interesting that the so called “progressives” appear to have been split by their divisive messiah. It looks like there is a faction who favors Warren kind of Kooks and another nastier kind of Kook that still has their heads up Ofucktards ass, like the troll we have here.

  111. I just have to chuckle at the notion that somebody thinks I like Barack Obama…

    Since the day he used the Jay Z “song” 99 Problems at a rally in 2007, I have always, do now, and forever will loathe the man:

    He’s a nasty piece of work.

    Speaking of “admominum attacks”, you know it is possible for someone to disagree on a issue and not personally attack them with a comment like, “nastier kindo of Kook that still has their heads up Ofucktards ass..”

    Sheesh, just because I don’t see a free trade agreement the same way you do?

    But, back on topic, what’s Hillary Clinton’s position on the TPA vote?

  112. I question whether Hillary’s campaign people have the foggiest idea what they are doing. On the odds, they are not her own, but Obama retreads hoping to extend their tenure for another eight years, or line their pockets as lobbyists, or go to work for CNN as that little douche bag Dan Pfeiffer is doing.

    The latest example?

    Her threat to sue the State of Ohio because it does not afford low information voters sufficient time to vote—only 27 days, when the state she last represented–New York requires same day voting. This makes her vulnerable to the charge that she is engaging in demagoguery, and, if she is serious, she should sue her own state. The reason she plans to sue Ohio is obvious—it has a Republican governor and it is a battleground state in terms of the electoral college. But the tactic is so ill conceived that it is destined to backfire, and if you listen to Kasich who looks like he will run for president, it already has.

    This gets to the larger issue, which I have been concerned with for some time—the possibility that he will run. Of course, if Hillary has nothing to offer but Obama III, and has jettisoned the persona we supported in 2008 then this worry is a waste of time. Like I said, I met Kasich only one time, and was introduced to him by another Member of Congress. He struck me as very intense, and at the time he was dealing with some rather intense matters pertaining to the budget. I did not see the sense of humor then that I do now, and humor, properly applied can take the edge off adversarial situations. But he fascinated me then nonetheless, because he was actually getting things done in congress whereas most politicians simply run their mouth and reward donors–with no thought for the general welfare–especially the fucking RINOs.

    I commend this video to your attention, to give you a sense of how sophisticated, and nuanced he is. He knows how to play the you have got to be kidding card well–brilliantly, while looking you in they eye and saying this is not personal. Perhaps this is why the last living Nazi–Soros who confiscated the last effects of Jews sent to the death camps, called him the only Republican he worries about. My concern is that with his entering the race, we are looking at our next president–but I am probably wrong about that.

  113. Geeze, ain’t it great to now see that Big Pink has turned into Cruzis45?

    Don’t do us any fu@king favors by posting all these videos of every GOP candidate.

    We are adults and can find them on Fox quite easily.

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