Baltimore O’Malley Stinks Of B.O. – #newleadership #OMalley2016 And The Central Contradiction Of Martin O’Malley

O’Malley looks for his opening is a typical Big Media headline. Well, like Denny Hastert, we fat fingered O’Malley’s opening a while back to his great discomfort.

In Martin O’Malley’s Data Driven #BaltimoreRiots we stuck some fat fingers into the central contradiction of Martin O’Malley’s chest thumping run for president. Martin O’Malley’s central campaign call is that Martin O’Malley will lead America with data driven politics which we can all witness in his record of data driven governing in Maryland. The problem is Baltimore.

Baltimore O’Malley has to answer for Baltimore. Old recycled campaign bumper stickers of #newleadership won’t cut it. Baltimore O’Malley has to answer for Baltimore. We will quote from our previous Baltimore O’Malley article and quote from an articulate Baltimore O’Malley constituent:

F— that, this is his fault!” screamed a man who followed along on a red motorcycle as O’Malley and the crowd that surrounded him moved down the street. “Do you know who he is? Why would you shake his hand?

This Saturday as he announced his vainglorious vanity candidacy Baltimore O’Malley, in Baltimore, heard from Baltimore residents once again:

A few demonstrators gathered near the park to protest O’Malley’s criminal justice policies as mayor, an office he held from 1999 until his election as governor in 2006. During O’Malley’s speech, there was sporadic shouting from protesters, including one who blew a whistle.

O’Malley called the unrest “heartbreaking” but said “there is something to be learned from that night, and there is something to be offered to our country from those flames. For what took place here was not only about race, not only about policing in America. It’s about everything it is supposed to mean to be an American.”

Megan Kenny, 38, of Baltimore, who held a sign that said “stop killer cops” and yelled “black lives matter,” said she thought O’Malley’s decision to run was “a strange choice,” especially because of the recent rioting. She attributed the unrest to his “ineffective zero-tolerance policy.”

Baltimore O’Malley’s “decision to run was ‘a strange choice'” indeed. Does Martin O’Malley stand by his policies as mayor and governor or not? Whichever way he plays his data driven polling campaign Baltimore O’Malley loses. Why? Look at the flames in Baltimore. Whatever Baltimore O’Malley did as governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore clearly failed.

The flames of Baltimore are “heartbreaking” for Baltimore O’Malley. O’Malley’s hand-picked successor was rejected by Maryland voters. If O’Malley had done such a great job as governor wouldn’t Maryland voters want more of the same? Deep, deep blue Maryland voters, second only to Massachusetts in their blueness, rejected Baltimore O’Malley’s third term. A Republican governor now improbably sits in the governor’s chair in deep deep blue Maryland.

Baltimore O’Malley during his announcement did mouth some words many will agree with:

“Tell me how it is, that not a single Wall Street CEO was convicted of a crime related to the 2008 economic meltdown? Not a single one,” O’Malley said. “Tell me how it is, that you can get pulled over for a broken tail light, but if you wreck the nation’s economy you are untouchable?”

Um, who was president when that outrage happened? Who was the president that mouthed fiery words promising that he would punish the malefactors of great wealth only to reward the powerful and wealthy with federal largesse to stimulate their appetites? Who was the president that mouthed “yes we can” “hope and change” only to guarantee health insurance companies forced slave labor camp customers and rewarded the mighty with taypayer dollar relief? “#newleadership” is the old “HOPE and CHANGE” lies bottled in the Baltimore. Or is Baltimore O’Malley saying Barack Obama has failed? We’ve heard any criticism of Obama is racist so maybe Baltimore O’Malley is a racist too.

Several years ago when we began to speculate that Martin O’Malley would run for president in 2016 there was a chance for Maryland O’Malley. But just as he was taking off his shirt to display his chest to the nation Maryland O’Malley morphed into Baltimore O’Malley. Like the cartoon of President Lyndon Johnson with his shirt open to show his appendix scar, which the cartoonist drew as Vietnam, shirtless Martin O’Malley has a tattoo of Baltimore scarring his chest.

The scar Baltimore cuts into O’Malley is ugly:

Nine murders and nearly 30 shootings over the weekend brought Baltimore’s monthly homicide toll to its highest point in more than 15 years, taxing a city and police department already pushed to its limits after rioting last month.

Baltimore logged a record 35 homicides as of Tuesday, the most in a single month since 1999. This year, the city has had 108 homicides.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” City Councilman William “Pete” Welch told The (Baltimore) Sun. “The shootings and killings are all over the city.”

Does Baltimore O’Malley denounce or endorse the police polices he put in place when he was Mayor of Baltimore? Does Baltimore O’Malley condemn or congratulate his current successor to Baltimore City Hall? Does Baltimore O’Malley promise to do to America what Baltimore O’Malley did to Baltimore? Is Baltimore O’Malley proud of what is happening in many American cities and in Baltimore? Is Baltimore to be America’s future if Baltimore O’Malley is elected president?:

BALTIMORE (AP) — A 31-year-old woman and a young boy were shot in the head Thursday, becoming Baltimore’s 37th and 38th homicide victims so far this month, the city’s deadliest in 15 years.

The most recent killings claimed the lives of Jennifer Jeffrey and her seven-year-old son, Kester Anthony Browne. They were identified by Jeffrey’s sister, Danielle Wilder.

Jeffrey and her son were found dead early Thursday, each from gunshot wounds to the head. [snip]

Thursday’s deaths continue a grisly and dramatic uptick in murders across Baltimore that has so far claimed the lives of 38 people. Meanwhile, arrests have plunged: Police are booking fewer than half the number of people they pulled off the streets last year.

Why are arrests down in Baltimore? Baltimore O’Malley must declare whether he thinks his data driven polices have failed. Baltimore O’Malley must say either that his data driven polices as mayor of Baltimore are to blame or whether it is the fault of the police. Baltimore O’Malley has to explain how Baltimore police can do their job if when they do their job they are subject to arrest. Baltimore O’Malley has to answer to the community and the police before he takes his failed policies to the national stage:

Arrests were already declining before Freddie Gray died on April 19 of injuries he suffered in police custody, but they dropped sharply thereafter, as his death unleashed protests, riots, the criminal indictment of six officers and a full-on civil rights investigation by the U.S. Justice Department that has officers working under close scrutiny.

“I’m afraid to go outside,” said Antoinette Perrine, whose brother was shot down three weeks ago on a basketball court near her home in the Harlem Park neighborhood of West Baltimore. Ever since, she has barricaded her door and added metal slabs inside her windows to deflect gunfire.

“It’s so bad, people are afraid to let their kids outside,” Perrine said. “People wake up with shots through their windows. Police used to sit on every corner, on the top of the block. These days? They’re nowhere.”

West Baltimore residents worry they’ve been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them, leaving some neighborhoods like the Wild West without a lawman around.

“Before it was over-policing. Now there’s no police,” said Donnail “Dreads” Lee, 34, who lives in the Gilmor Homes, the public housing complex where Gray, 25, was chased down. “People feel as though they can do things and get away with it. I see people walking with guns almost every single day, because they know the police aren’t pulling them up like they used to.”

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said his officers “are not holding back,” despite encountering dangerous hostility in the Western District.

“Our officers tell me that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time,” Batts said.

Batts provided more details at a City Council meeting Wednesday night, saying officers now fear getting arrested for making mistakes.

“What is happening, there is a lot of levels of confusion in the police organization. There are people who have pain, there are people who are hurt, there are people who are frustrated, there are people who are angry,” Batts said. “There are people, and they’ve said this to me, `If I get out of my car and make a stop for a reasonable suspicion that leads to probable cause but I make a mistake on it, will I be arrested?’ They pull up to a scene and another officer has done something that they don’t know, it may be illegal, will they be arrested for it? Those are things they are asking.”

Baltimore police will be arrested for doing their jobs so Baltimore police are helpless as thugs rule the streets Baltimore O’Malley claims as his record of success.

As Summer begins crime will heat up in Baltimore as Baltimore O’Malley runs from the bloody streets.

Baltimore O’Malley comes to America with the same b.s. we heard from B.O. in 2008. But where B.O. had frozen tenants, Baltimore O’Malley has tenants in flames. Baltimore O’Malley has to answer for Baltimore.


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  1. A Boston Kook explores O’Malley’s opening:

    Battenfeld: How Martin O’Malley can beat Hillary Clinton

    Take it to Hillary Clinton now and Martin O’Malley’s campaign for president might actually become a real threat.

    O’Malley, who formally enters the 2016 race today, needs to draw the former secretary of state out of her protective shell and into the fray, where she’s vulnerable to a gaffe or slip-up.

    The former Maryland governor has been strangely unwilling to criticize or even compare himself to Clinton, but that has to change now or he’ll just be a footnote and probably even eating Bernie Sanders’ and Lincoln Chafee’s dust.

    There are a few signs of hope for O’Malley. Though Clinton has cruised so far without having to actually answer to the voters, she’s shown signs of weakness. A new Quinnipiac poll showed a stunning 53 percent of voters don’t trust her and more than half of independent voters don’t like her. That’s got to make Democrats nervous.

    So O’Malley does have an opening, especially if Clinton continues to evade voters’ questions and hide behind private fundraisers and phony “roundtables.” Here’s what the Maryland Democrat needs to do to turn his chances from improbable to possible:

    •  Draw enough attention and buzz from voters so Clinton has to take him seriously. It worked for Howard Dean in 2004 when he caught fire and forced Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry to engage him.

    •  Get to know Iowans — from Davenport to Sioux City and every hog farm in between. The Iowa caucuses are the only place for O’Malley to become a serious contender. The liberal Democratic caucus-goers would be right at home in Cambridge. Without a surprising showing in the Hawkeye State, O’Malley won’t have a chance in New Hampshire and beyond.

    • Be aggressive without looking like a gadfly (aka Bernie Sanders). O’Malley has been almost passive up until now, but voters — especially U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren worshippers — want to see a fighter.

    • Demand that Clinton agree to a series of debates, especially a one-on-one showdown. The media loves debate stories and will pester Clinton until she’s shamed into doing them.

    •  Find a compelling personal storyline. O’Malley is a white Irish male who grew up in the suburbs, turned into a lifelong pol and became mayor of a city most voters know for police brutality and riots. You gotta come up with something better than that.

    • Study George McGovern. Yes, that’s right, McGovern. The 1972 Democratic nominee was an unknown, far left, anti-war candidate who used grass roots tactics to finish close in Iowa and New Hampshire, knocking off the establishment choice, Maine Sen. Edmund Muskie.

     Put the guitar away. It’s no longer unusual or even cool for a middle-aged man to be in a rock band. And it doesn’t help to get voters to take you seriously. Case in point: Mike Huckabee.

    This really is more of an obituary.

  2. Wow! You want leadership?

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I call Martin O’Malley . . .

    Q: you were the mayor of Baltimore from 1999-?

    Q: you have called the riots in Baltimore heartbreaking?

    Q. would you agree that they are symptomatic of breakdown in relations between cops and the minority community

    Q. that is not a new problem however, it is?

    Q. in fact, when you ran for mayor you campaigned on this issue and promised to fix it?

    Q. and the central fix you initiated was data driven policing?

    Q. that was not a new solution either was it?

    Q: in fact, it was implemented in New York years earlier under what was known as the Comstock model of policing?

    Q: would it surprise you to know that New York has since rejected that model?

    Q: would it surprise you to know that it produced an authoritarian set of police behaviors?

    Q: would it surprise you to know that it caused the police to be viewed as an occupying force?

    Q: yet you proposed that very model as a way to improve the relationship between police and the minority community?

    Q: and you deny that this played any role in the Baltimore riots which you profess to find so heartbreaking?

    Q: and now you propose to extend that same heartbreak to the rest of the country by running for president?

  3. admin
    May 30, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    No concept of self, the Kooks do not get it that their candidate is an epic failure. It was not an accident, but a predictable outcome of their selection method.

    Yea, let Baltimore O’Malley demand Hillary obey him. I would like to see that. F’n nuts.

  4. Lu4Puma – I have one of those countdown things on my phone.

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I think your countdown link is the countdown to the election, not to his actually being gone 🙁

    My phone says 600 days today.

  5. From last thread, Lu4PUMA

    The Global Economy is failing. The problem is that our world leaders look to suck the wealth and power out of the masses instead of establishing a functional economic system. They simply have not done their job and should all be fired.

    We clearly have a financial system that seeks to acquire wealth instead of making the wheels turn that produce it. They think they can replicate the effect without performing the process that includes productive activities for the masses that they get paid a fair wage for. JOBS!

    Well said. But if people have jobs, they feel better about themselves and are more empowered. They’re not so “beholdened” to the state. Obama and his global friends couldn’t have THAT.

  6. oh wow I pulled it up on my phone but it doesn’t exist on the internet…?

    It’s Chicago, Dialogue Part 1 & 2 (1972).

    And to any hoodlums, “we can make it happen” doesn’t refer to “social change” by riots, murder, looting, destruction….

  7. y JOHN NOLTE30 May 20151285

    The Wall Street Journal is calling the dramatic end of America’s two-decade-long drop in crime “The Ferguson Effect.” Led behind the scenes by President Obama, America’s fraudulent civil rights leaders (Al Sharpton) and the mainstream media (especially CNN), worked together — starting with their lies in Ferguson — to launch hate campaigns against the police.

    The result is an empowered criminal element and by extension a horrific increase in murders, shootings, and other violent crimes:

    Gun violence is up more than 60% compared with this time last year, according to Baltimore police, with 32 shootings over Memorial Day weekend. May has been the most violent month the city has seen in 15 years.

    In Milwaukee, homicides were up 180% … Through April, shootings in St. Louis were up 39%, robberies 43%, and homicides 25%. “Crime is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said St. Louis Alderman Joe Vacarro at a May 7 City Hall hearing.

    Murders in Atlanta were up 32%… Shootings in Chicago had increased 24% and homicides 17%. Shootings and other violent felonies in Los Angeles had spiked by 25%; in New York, murder was up nearly 13%, and gun violence 7%. …

    Shooting incidents are up 500% in an East Harlem precinct compared with last year; in a South Central Los Angeles police division, shooting victims are up 100%.

    And who are the victims here?

    Not just the predominantly poor people who huddle in these cities, these are mostly black people.

    For nearly two years in the mid-eighties I lived in the worst parts of Milwaukee’s inner-city. Crime and the fear of crime is by far the worst part of being poor. If you have a place to live, heat, and food, you can deal with not having much money. Living in constant fear, though, of opening your front door, walking to your car, waiting for a bus, or taking the stairs, is a living nightmare.

    It’s like living in a Vampire movie. No, really. Unless you’ve experienced it, I know of no other way to describe it. Anything outside of a locked home after dark is filled with an indescribable dread of a very real danger.

    And that’s what life is like for everyone. Now imagine being mugged, having your car stolen and your apartment burglarized on top of all that. All of that happened to my wife and I during those two years. We got the hell out. It wasn’t easy but we did. A lot of people don’t.

    Sadly, this stunning and unnecessary increase in crime is all part of the Left’s plan. You paralyze the cops with persecution, justify riots and looting, and by extension empower the criminals. The result is city-wide chaos, despair, and hopelessness. The result is victims desperate for someone to blame and even more dependent on a central government. The result is an empowered central government with even more control over the lives of those most in need of empowerment, not dependence.

    Keep ‘em down. Keep ‘em angry. Pretend you are their savior not their oppressor, and keep ‘em voting for the very thing destroying them: big government and the Democrats who control it.

    This sinister plot is no secret. It’s openly called the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    The Ferguson Effect isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.


    Don’t make me laugh.

    Black Lives are nothing more than sacrifices to the cause of empowering the elite few who control the levers of Central Government.

  8. wbboei
    May 30, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    Guns and Bible Times!

    Can we say “I told you so!”?

  9. lorac
    May 30, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    My phone says 600 days today.

    You are quite right. My count was to election day.

  10. O’Malley O’Bama…two turd birds of a feather….Feather, yea, drop Featherhead in the pile and the Kooks have their beloved leaders.

    We need an adult in the White House, not these idiots.

  11. Joe Biden’s son Beau has died of brain cancer. I have to feel sympathy for any parent that loses their child.

  12. I came to post the same bad news VotingHillary. Doesn’t matter how clueless Joe might be, it is a terrible thing for any parent to bury their child.

    Hillary 2016

  13. Hillary’s tweet re: Biden death:

    My heart is broken for the family of Beau Biden—a wonderful man who served his country with devotion and lived his life with courage. -H

  14. LARRY ELDER About | Email | Archive


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    After the mysterious death of suspect Freddie Gray, the Maryland state’s attorney for Baltimore charged all six Baltimore police officers involved with his arrest and transport. The crimes ranging from “second-degree depraved-heart murder” to involuntary manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. Locals cheered her decision to charge all six. The charges followed three days of riots triggered by Gray’s funeral and came almost immediately after the medical examiner filed his report calling Gray’s death a “homicide.”

    Now for the hard part.

    Not only will the charges be difficult to prove, but three of those charged are black. The claim of illegal “racial profiling” argues that white racist officers possess an unwarranted fear of young black men. But what happens to that analysis when the accused officers are black? If black cops are just as likely to engage in race-based misconduct, why did Ferguson demonstrators demand a “diverse” police force?

    If the Ferguson outrage and riots were about “lack of representation” or “lack of voice,” this cannot be said about Baltimore. The city council is majority black; the police department is approximately 40 percent black; the top two officials running the department are black men; the city has a black mayor; the state’s attorney for Baltimore City – who charged the six officers – is black; the new U.S. attorney general is a black female; and, of course, the president of the United States is black.

    The left has created a culture of anger and entitlement based upon government dependency and the false assertion that racism remains a major problem. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., for example, said that the recent police killings mean “open season on black men in America.” The Baltimore mayor’s shameful embrace of the Rev. Al Sharpton, the race-hustling incendiary who demanded an arrest of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, did not help matters. Some actually believe this tripe about “institutional racism.” Of those, how many rioted over Freddie Gray’s “murder,” no matter the race of the mayor?

    Police shootings over the last several decades are down. Cop shootings of blacks are down more than 75 percent over the last 45 years, while the death-by-cop rate for whites has increased slightly. According to the CDC – which tracks all causes of death, including shootings by law enforcement – over twice as many whites are killed by police as are blacks.

    Police “profile” because out of a relatively small percentage of the population come more than 50 percent of homicides and 40 percent of the people behind bars. Blacks are 13 percent of the population, but young blacks – the category that disproportionately commits crime – are 3 percent of the population.

    Speaking of “root causes,” Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor since 1967. So why haven’t the Democrats addressed the “root causes”? In 1992, then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton blamed the “Rodney King riots” in Los Angeles on “12 years of denial and neglect” under the Reagan/Bush presidencies. Can we similarly attribute Baltimore’s riots to six years of Obama’s “progressive” policies?

    Baltimore, Democrats say, needs a “new Marshall plan.” But, according to the Heritage Foundation, we have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. On education in Baltimore, in 2012 (the latest year available), they spent $15,287 per student. Yet almost half of urban Baltimoreans fail to graduate high school, and of those who do, many cannot read write and compute at grade level. Spend more?

    In 1965, 25 percent of black kids were born out of wedlock. Today that number is up to 72 percent. Obama said that a kid without a father is 20 times more likely to go to jail. Blame the welfare state that incentivizes women into marrying the government.

    Last year 189 blacks were killed in Baltimore. Where were CNN and President Barack Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder and Sharpton? Chicago averages 35 to 40 murders per month, the majority by and against blacks – and most remain unsolved. Where are CNN/Obama/Holder/Sharpton?

    Obama has now misfired in at least four “racial” matters: the Cambridge police/Harvard professor incident; Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman; Michael Brown/Darren Wilson; and now Baltimore.

    Obama’s claimed the “Cambridge police acted stupidly” in arresting black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., who falsely and belligerently accused a white officer of racial profiling.

    In the case of Trayvon Martin, Obama said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” But the jury found Zimmerman not only not guilty, but jurors later said that during their deliberations race never came up.

    In the case of Ferguson, the Department of Justice found that Michael Brown very likely did not have his hands up and that the cop acted appropriately when he killed Brown, a charging suspect who posed a risk of death or serious injury.

    Who would’ve thought that after the election and re-election of the nation’s first black president, we’d see race riots in our nation’s cities? Baltimore is what happens at the intersection of the grievance culture and the welfare state.


  15. Sooner or later, the Left runs out of the two things that sustain it: scapegoats and other peoples money. At that point, with nothing else to do, they impose speech codes and a totalitarian order. The mayor of Baltimore is black, the police chief is black, three of the officers charged are black, but the narrative never changes. The problem is institutional racism. The only answer is more Harvard trained specialists, plantation overseerer, sensitivity trainers and a rousing chorus of we shall overcome led by Obama and Sharpton. Sharpton is the tool Obama uses to stir up racial animus and anti police behavior. 69 visits Sharpton made to the White House, so it is not easy for Obama to pretend I did not know, I read about it in the newspaper.

    Larry Elder: ‘Baltimore’s riot is the tragic language of the modern welfare state’

    Published: 04/29/2015 at 7:53 PM

    In watching Baltimore burn, “progressives” run out of scapegoats. Over a week ago, a black man named Freddie Gray died after being arrested by police. Videotape shows Gray being dragged into a police van. Within less than half an hour, his spine was somehow severed and he died seven days later.

    Did an officer or the officers intentionally or inadvertently cause the injury? Did the vehicle suddenly stop, causing a possibly untethered or poorly tethered suspect/passenger to break his neck? Why was Gray stopped in the first place? Given that he ran from the police, did this provide a basis for pursuit, search and arrest? Does this not underscore the importance of police body cams and car-dash cams?

    These are, of course, legitimate questions. And, in addition to the Baltimore police investigation, the Department of Justice announced that it, too, would examine the circumstances surrounding Gray’s death.

    So, why riot? Unlike Ferguson, where riots also took place, black Baltimore residents do not lack political power and representation. The mayor is black. The police commissioner and deputy commissioner are black. The police department is approximately 40 percent black, in a city with a black population of 63 percent. The new head of the Department of Justice, Loretta Lynch, is a black female, the second consecutive black person to run the Department of Justice. And, of course, the president of United States is black.

    There’s every reason, therefore, to believe that the investigations will be full, complete and thorough. This does not mean that the results will please everyone, but that the examination will be fair and open. After all, if a wildly popular mayor who received 84 percent of the vote cannot be trusted, who can?

    This isn’t Mississippi in 1955, where Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy, was brutally murdered, only to have the obviously guilty killers acquitted by an all-white jury. This is not the ’60s of white-run cities, with nearly all-white police departments policing all-black communities. In New York City, for example, most officers are people of color. Los Angeles had back-to-back black police chiefs, and as with New York City, the majority of L.A.’s street cops are people of color or women.

    And it is not true, as some protesters claim, that “it doesn’t happen the other way around.” In Mobile, Alabama, in 2012, a black police officer shot and killed a white teenager. The white teen, high on drugs, was completely nude, and still the officer – fearing for his life – shot and killed the suspect. An investigation cleared the cop and – despite public pressure – a grand jury refused to indict him. No cameras. No CNN.

    Just two days after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a “not white” cop in Salt Lake City, Utah, shot and killed an unarmed 20-year-old man whose race has been described as Hispanic. The family of the dead man believes that the cop is a murderer. No cameras. No CNN.

    So, why riot in Baltimore? The answer is that for some people facts and reason don’t matter. It’s about anger, excitement, disruption. Some call it a “subculture.” Others say these are “at-risk youth.” Still others call it the “underclass.” But the 800-pound elephant in the room is the absence of fathers – responsible, involved fathers. Obama has said that a child growing up without a father is 20 times more likely to end up in jail. Today over 70 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers compared to 25 percent in the 1965.

    To earn their near-monolithic 95-percent black vote, the Democratic Party repeatedly tells blacks of their continued oppression. During the 2012 election, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused Republicans of seeking to “literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws.”

    So, when a questionable white cop/black suspect takes place, some people, conditioned to react with anger and distrust, lash out – it’s “us against them” and “they are trying to oppress us.”

    Come election time, Democrats fan and exploit this anger. Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., for example, made this accusation in his last race: “Everything we believe in, everything we believe in (Republicans) hate. They don’t disagree – they hate. … Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over and that they won the Civil War.” This is how Democrats get 95 percent of blacks to vote one way – by telling them the other side is evil, that “the system” is corrupt and racist. So when a Freddie Gray, in police custody, turns up dead under suspicious circumstances, some will take to the streets to vent that “slavery isn’t over.”

    Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” When he said that, none of America’s major cities had a black mayor. The country did not have back-to-back black attorneys general. The country did not have a black president elected – and re-elected. Baltimore’s riot is the tragic language of the modern welfare state.


  16. Breaking : Reuters: State Department spokesman says John Kerry was flown to Geneva University Hospital by helicopter with possible leg injury.


    Can they also scan for a brain also?

  17. God he looks so ridiculous in front of the world…….

    U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry has cancelled his visits to Madrid & Paris to return to the U.S. for treatment after a bicycle accident.

  18. Is there any question why the Nation is failing and $18 Trillion in Debt?

    Where is the outrage?

    It took just a few days after the stunning defeat of Obama’s attempt to fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership bill in the Senate at the hands of his own Democratic party, before everything returned back to normal and the TPP fast-track was promptly passed. Why? The simple answer: money. Or rather, even more money.

    Because while the actual contents of the TPP may be highly confidential, and their public dissemination may lead to prison time for the “perpetrator” of such illegal transparency, we now know just how much it cost corporations to bribe the Senate to do the bidding of the “people.” In the Supreme Court sense, of course, in which corporations are “people.”

    According to an analysis by the Guardian, fast-tracking the TPP, meaning its passage through Congress without having its contents available for debate or amendments, was only possible after lots of corporate money exchanged hands with senators. The US Senate passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) – the fast-tracking bill – by a 65-33 margin on 14 May. Last Thursday, the Senate voted 62-38 to bring the debate on TPA to a close.

    Those impressive majorities follow months of behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing by the world’s most well-heeled multinational corporations with just a handful of holdouts.

    Using data from the Federal Election Commission, the chart below (based on data from the following spreadsheet) shows all donations that corporate members of the US Business Coalition for TPP made to US Senate campaigns between January and March 2015, when fast-tracking the TPP was being debated in the Senate.

    The result: it took a paltry $1.15 million in bribes to get everyone in the Senate on the same page. And the biggest shocker: with a total of $195,550 in “donations”, or more than double the second largest donor UPS, was none other than Goldman Sachs.

  19. According to an analysis by the Guardian, fast-tracking the TPP, meaning its passage through Congress without having its contents available for debate or amendments, was only possible after lots of corporate money exchanged hands with senators.

    I don’t know what a “” is, but that is simply false rhetoric. Fast-tracking does NOT mean the TPP can pass (or even come up for a vote) without having its contents available for debate. It must be published on the web, for you, me, “zerohedge”, Elizabeth Warren, or anyone else to read 60 days before a vote in Congress.

    Your “zerohedge” source is lying.

    It does mean that the treaty will get an up or down vote with no amendments.

  20. Looks like centrist Democrat Bernie Sanders is catching fire in Iowa:

    Sanders packs gym – and stairwells – in Iowa

    Emilie Stigliani, Burlington (Vt.) Free Press 11:04 p.m. EDT May 30, 2015

    IOWA CITY, Iowa — An estimated 1,100 people turned out to hear Bernie Sanders speak on the final day of his three-day campaign tour to the state…

    Pettitt and about 400 others who didn’t get into the auditorium after it reached the 700-person capacity listened to Sanders’ speech over loudspeakers placed in the lobby. People packed the lobby all the way to the front doors and some found standing room in the stairwell.

  21. Overflow crowd for centrist Dem Bernie Sanders in Minneapolis this morning:

    An overflow crowd converged in south Minneapolis to hear from Bernie Sanders, the U.S. senator from Vermont who is running for the Democratic nomination for president.

    The line snaked for some time outside the American Indian Center on E. Franklin Avenue for the town hall meeting, which began about 10 a.m. Attendees were standing inside and others were left to wait outside….

    Jacob Rudy, of Minneapolis, showed up and said he “was quite surprised” by what he considered a large turnout for Sanders, the former the socialist mayor of Burlington, Vt., who is seeking to topple Hillary Rodham Clinton from the top of the nomination speculation scorecard.

    More than 3,300 people had signed up to attend as of Sunday morning.

    Nothing surprises me about politics, especially Democrat politics anymore. I’m thinking the Democrat operative and media (but I repeat myself) mantra that the Republicans are too extreme might be taking on water, here…

  22. Yes. Basically a six year extension of the authority Presidents have had since 1975 to negotiate trade deals that must be approved by Congress on an up or down vote.

    If you were Japan, would you negotiate a deal with your best offer knowing that Elizabeth Warren (or some other crackpot) could change the deal after it’s done?

  23. In any case, TPP seems to be a very important issue for you. Right now, I think you have a choice of Bernie Sanders and O’Malley and Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump as being firmly anti-trade. Rand Paul opposed fast track, but has expressed support for TPP and for trade deals in general. I believe all the other candidates have expressed support for the Trans Pacific Partnership.

    Looks like, of your anti-trade options, Sanders has momentum.

  24. Plunk! Plunk! More overbearing misdirection. Bla, bla, bla… The TPP is not about trade.

    It is happening now and people should be aware and contacting congress to let them know they are watching and will remember if they sell out their electorate to the banksters.

    So here is some more from zerohedge, not recommended by trolls:

    There is no denying that the secret negotiations among unelected elites appointed by TPP members may result in the lowering of trade barriers for selected friends of the global regulators. This cronyist system of rewards and punishments for global favorites, however, should most certainly not be confused with free trade.

  25. Here is another good summary on the TPP:

    Have you heard? The TPP is a massive, controversial “free trade” agreement currently being pushed by big corporations and negotiated behind closed doors by officials from the United States and 11 other countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.

    The TPP would expand the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) “trade” pact model that has spurred massive U.S. trade deficits and job loss, downward pressure on wages, unprecedented levels of inequality and new floods of agricultural imports. The TPP not only replicates, but expands NAFTA’s special protections for firms that offshore U.S. jobs. And U.S. TPP negotiators literally used the 2011 Korea FTA – under which exports have fallen and trade deficits have surged – as the template for the TPP.

    In one fell swoop, this secretive deal could:

    offshore American jobs and increase income inequality,
    jack up the cost of medicines,
    sneak in SOPA-like threats to Internet freedom,
    and empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards, expose the U.S. to unsafe food and products,
    roll back Wall Street reforms,
    ban Buy American policies needed to create green jobs,

  26. He’s no Bernie Sanders, but Ted Cruz drew 500 people to an event in Andover, MA last night:

    The heavy turnout at Lyons’ Highvale Lane home, where some were turned away at the door once maximum capacity was reached, came as a surprise, even to Cruz.

    “Who would have predicted 500 people in Andover, Mass.?” Cruz asked before echoing the same mantras that have defined his campaign event appearances in recent months; calling for an overhaul of the Affordable Care Act, Common Core and Obama’s approach to foreign policy.

  27. What Congress Can Do

    Congress could, if it wants, declassify the TPP text.

    Agitation to push Congress to declassify the TPP text could have the effect of putting members of Congress on the record on whether they think that the TPP text should be classified or not. If a substantial group of members supported such a move, they could pressure the administration to agree to declassification.

    According to their own rules, both the House and the Senate can act unilaterally to declassify information in their possession.

    As a McClatchy report noted in August 2013, the Senate version is in Section 8 of Senate Resolution 400, which established the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The House version is in 11(g) of the House Rule X. The rules authorize the chambers’ respective intelligence committees to vote to publicly disclose any information in the possession of the committee after concluding that the public interest would be served by such disclosure.

    Both rules envision a multi-step process. First, the committee votes on whether to declassify. If the vote is yes, the president has an opportunity to object in writing, stating the reasons for the objection. If the president does not object, disclosure proceeds. If the president does object, the committee considers whether to proceed anyway, by referring the matter to the full chamber.

    As the McClatchy report noted, these procedures have never been “used” in the sense of carrying them through to completion. However, they have been used as a threat to compel the administration to bargain in good faith with Congress over declassification. They were used in this way in the fight over declassification of the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s use of torture.

    And they could be so used in the present case. I called the Senate Intelligence Committee and confirmed that they have the power to move to declassify the TPP text if they want.

    So, let’s push members of Congress who are complaining about the secrecy of the TPP to go on the record: Do you think that the intelligence committees should move to declassify the TPP negotiating text?

  28. Punk! Those turds just keep dropping.

    Do not be distracted by the misinformation posted on the subject of the TPP. There is some very persistent lying going on here. Must be a special assignment from the Troll Masters.

    The only thing the USTR has published is propaganda, not the text of the TPP.

    If you google “TPP Text” you will find only leaked information like:

  29. There is no text of the TPP yet. It hasn’t been finalized. The final text is required to be posted online 60 days before the up or down Congressional vote.

    If the House were to reject fast track authority, it would likely kill the TPP negotiations and no agreement would ever be finalized, never released, and never come to Congress for vote — all before anyone could know what would have been it it.

  30. I’m not sure I would consider Iowa City a bell weather for Iowa. It’s home to U of I, the largest university in the state (great city, great university). It was probably attended by a lot of students, many of whom will be voting in their own states. Spring semester has ended, but their rents were paid through the end of this month, so they’re mostly still around.

  31. If some crazy 73 year old socialist geezer can draw 1100 college students to a rally a year and a half before the election, it’s probably time to order styrofoam greek columns…. 🙂

    Bernie Sanders seems like just the kind of candidate the moonbats who turn out for the Iowa caucus would love. If he promises free Birkenstocks for all, Secretary Clinton could be in real trouble. Who next an historic first woman deal when free Birkenstocks are on the line….

  32. Lu: don’t worry about Freddie Kreuger.

    You are right, he is wrong and the two prior videos explain why.

  33. Ed Rollins and Dick Morris? Yikes. Two ol’ geezers who forgot to take their meds.

    I can’t remember the last time Dick Morris was right about anything.

    Ed Rollins? You mean the campaign manager for Michele Bachmann and Mike Huckabee? Yikes.

    Trot out Patrick Caddell and we can go for the trifecta of loony old pundits!

  34. The “immigration issue” in these trade deals has to do with the reciprocal L-1 guest worker visas for employees of international companies wishing to send workers to US offices. The visas are good for three months to five years depending on the country (India, Japan, Germany are the max five years, plus an available 2 year extension). We are talking very small numbers (75,000 in 2010). This would be the Visa category used when, for example, BMW wants to transfer a German executive to their plant in South Carolina.

    Here’s the description from Senator Jeff Sessions:

    Sessions cites specifically how the Obama 2011 trade deal with South Korea—which was “never brought before Congress”—increased the duration of time people can get L-1 visas to come into the United States and take jobs away from Americans. Sessions notes the L-1 visa program “affords no protections for U.S. workers.”

    “Every year, tens of thousands of foreign guest workers come to the U.S. as part of past trade deals,” Sessions wrote. “However, because there is little transparency, estimating an exact figure is difficult. The plain language of TPA provides avenues for the Administration and its trading partners to facilitate the expanded movement of foreign workers into the U.S.— including visitor visas that are used as worker visas.”

    Sessions cites the text of the actual TPA agreement next to lay out how foreign entities, special interests, and politically motivated presidents could pervert it clearly into bringing in foreign workers.

    The TPA text Sessions cites reads as follows: “The principal negotiating objective of the United States regarding trade in services is to expand competitive market opportunities for United States services and to obtain fairer and more open conditions of trade, including through utilization of global value chains, by reducing or eliminating barriers to international trade in services… Recognizing that expansion of trade in services generates benefits for all sectors of the economy and facilitates trade.”

    Sessions notes that specific language, and other language throughout the TPA, “offers an obvious way for the Administration to expand the number and duration of foreign worker entries under the concept that the movement of foreign workers into U.S. jobs constitutes ‘trade in services.’”

    “Stating that ‘TPP contains no change to immigration law’ is a semantic rather than a factual argument,” Sessions wrote, debunking claims from Ryan and House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)—two of the biggest proponents of the trade deal—made last week. “Language already present in both TPA and TPP provide the basis for admitting more foreign workers, and for longer periods of time, and language could later be added to TPP or any future trade deal to further increase such admissions.”

    Here’s the Wiki description of L1 Visas:

    A L-1 visa is a visa document used to enter the United States for the purpose of work in L-1 status. It is a non-immigrant visa, and is valid for a relatively short amount of time, from three months (for Iran nationals) to five years (India, Japan, Germany), based on a reciprocity schedule.[1] With extensions, the maximum stay is seven years.[2]
    L-1 visas are available to employees of an international company with offices in both the United States and abroad. The visa allows such foreign workers to relocate to the corporation’s US office after having worked abroad for the company for at least one continuous year within the previous three prior to admission in the US. The US and non-US employers must be related in one of four ways: parent and subsidiary; branch and headquarters; sister companies owned by a mutual parent; or ‘affiliates’ owned by the same or people in approximately the same percentages.[2] The L-1 classification also enables a foreign company which does not yet have an affiliated U.S. office to send an employee to the United States to help establish one, with additional requirements.[3]
    Spouses of L-1 visa holders are allowed to work without restriction in the US (using an L-2 visa), and the L-1 visa may legally be used as a stepping stone to a green card under the doctrine of dual intent.
    In 2010, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approved 74,719 L-1 visas, out of 91,086 applications (a refusal rate of 18%).[4]

    I can’t think of a good reason that the US would benefit from restricting these guest worker visas. Seems like much ado about nothing.

  35. “Ed Rollins and Dick Morris? Yikes. Two ol’ geezers who forgot to take their meds.

    Trot out Patrick Caddell and we can go for the trifecta of loony old pundits!”

    Ol’, old, loony. Obviously, we are to assume old must equal looney? I’m no fan of Dick Morris or Ed Rollins but not because they are older. That has nothing to do with it. Sounds like someone is trying to do a back handed “Hillary is old” like Marco Rubio spouts all the time. Let’s see, how has that young, cool dude worked out as a leader for the USA, Mr. Obama…I mean Rubio…uh, Mr. Troll.

    Old = Looney sounds like an extremely immature comment a junior high boy would say when he was not snickering at bodily function sounds.

  36. Not OLD = LOONEY

    It’s OLD + LOONEY. Surely you would agree that Ed Rollins, Dick Morris, and Pat Caddell are all OLD and all LOONEY.

    I, myself, am OLD + NOT LOONEY… 🙂

  37. If some crazy 73 year old socialist geezer can draw 1100 college students to a rally a year and a half before the election, it’s probably time to order styrofoam greek columns….

    College students have always been the main supporters of Ron and Rand Paul. Neither has gotten very far in life…

    … and just a personal quibble. Iowans are a good people, they are not moonbats. Many, many people fell for the lie and fraud that was Obama. Iowans were just the ones with the first contest.

  38. I’m sure that Iowans in general are perfectly nice. But, the ones who go to the Democrat and Republican Iowa caucus are just nuts…

  39. hwc
    May 31, 2015 at 9:57 pm
    Not OLD = LOONEY

    It’s OLD + LOONEY. Surely you would agree that Ed Rollins, Dick Morris, and Pat Caddell are all OLD and all LOONEY.

    I, myself, am OLD + NOT LOONEY… 🙂

    You claim Morris, Rollings and Caddell are all looney?

    And then you tell us that you are not (looney)?

    You will be aware that all three of those individuals have run presidential campaigns.

    That alone suggests that they have a level of political experience and judgement most people do not.

    They have deep substantive concerns about this bill.

    You however do not.

    It does not seem to bother you that it is being pushed by Obama.

    It does not seem to bother you that the details are being kept secret.

    It does not seem to bother you that you have no idea what all is in it.

    In sum, you put your opinion above theirs, which leaves only one question:

    How many presidential campaigns have you run?

  40. Don’t feed the troll…he gets off on any attention he gets, and goes on for hours of bs.

    If a troll falls down a black hole and no one missed him…

  41. Actually, to be precise:

    Rollins is probably just bitter (although how he could sign on with Huckabee and Bachmann without being looney is open for debate).

    Morris and Caddell are both just nuts when it comes to political commentary.


    BTW, wobbei.. if running a presidential campaign automatically earns respect for all eternity, where’s your love for Karl Rove? 🙂

  42. BTW, wobbei.. if running a presidential campaign automatically earns respect for all eternity, where’s your love for Karl Rove?
    More confession and avoidance I see.

    Your lack of response to the question confirms my suspicion that you have never run a presidential campaign.

    And more is the pity for that.

    If Dennis Kuccinich throws his hat in the ring again, he will need a campaign manager, and you can answer the bell.

    That will give you standing you need to argue with the other three gentlemen you call loons.

    Unfortunately, you may not be able to avail yourself of that god sent opportunity.

    It seems that Dennis’s interest in extraterrestrials, cultivated when he was Mayor of Cleveland, leaves no time to campaign.

    Also, is donor base, comprised mostly of martians, are not opening their wallets.

    As for your fellow RINO Karl Rove is is no loon. He is merely evil. There is a difference you know.

  43. hwc
    June 1, 2015 at 12:28 am
    I am surprised that you did not know Morris was on the other side.

    He does not support Hillary today, and has not for a number of years.

    Hence, those who have respect for this blog do not post his anti Hillary stuff here.

    But that does not invalidate his take on other issues based on his experience.

    Those insights are relevant and germane.

    Which is why you try to avoid responding to them.

    And fixate on things like hair pieces, and a flawed trade bill.

  44. I see the site is still being flooded by sewer waste by whatever they have changed their handle to these days

  45. Good for Rand Paul
    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | June 1st, 2015 at 01:48 AM | 0


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    When the government shut down because Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% refused to back down over Obamacare defunding, government agencies made all sorts of hysterical claims about what would happen if they did not have money. Conservatives were quick to point out that the calamitous claims were overblown hysteria by the government.

    For some reason, when the government makes calamitous claims about what Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 82%

    Sen. Rand Paul’s Current Score
    Sen. Rand Paul’s Lifetime Score
    Senate Republican Average
    Get the Scorecard Insight
    is doing to the NSA, conservatives are falling all over themselves to believe the government. This, I would remind you, is the same government that tells us to “trust it” at the IRS, HHS, and VA.

    In fact, it is well documented that the intelligence community has lied to Congress, distorted its operations, and presented half-truths in public. It is further well established that this particular administration has repeatedly abused the limits of proper restraint on government for political ends.

    I think Senator Paul forcing the issue into the open is a good thing. Whether he sees it through to the bitter end or not, is to be seen, but merely having this fight and forcing the debate is worth it.

    Republican members of the U.S. Senate are publicly attacking Rand Paul now. They are going so far as to accuse him of lying and simply using this as a fundraising stunt for his Presidential campaign.

    I would, however, remind Senator Paul that the very same senators attacking him now previously attacked Senator Cruz over his fight to stop Obamacare. At that time, Senator Paul joined with his colleagues in undermining Senator Cruz. Perhaps now he will realize he cannot and should not accommodate the accommodationists of his own party in the Senate.

  46. Rand Paul has really got the neocons in a lather over this NSA thing.

    Bolton held forth on the topic, and tried to dismiss this as presidential campaigning.

    They just don’t get it.

    Today, no one in their right mind trusts the federal government.

    Because they have shown us in a hundred different ways that they are not worthy of trust.

    The are serial liars, they feed their donors and screw their constituents.

    When the federal government says trust me, what they really mean is fuck you.

  47. I want to apologize. Normally, I see the troll’s name and scroll on past without reading the comment. Last evening I broke my own rule and and fell into the troll trap. It seems that our troll needs to be fed and the only way for it to survive is to get strength from our reading it’s posts and commenting. Otherwise it would be a waste of time for it and it would finally disappear.

    Therefore, and I’M TALKING TO MYSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST, it would be a good idea NOT TO EVEN READ THE COMMENTS if we see the troll name..

  48. For some reason, something happened and I could not finish my comment about our being under troll siege here. Perhaps this should be a battle plan

    1. NEVER EVER, EVER READ A COMMENT BY THE TROLL. Tt is a waste of time anyway. When you see the name, scroll, scroll, scroll.

    2. NEVER COMMENT NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE TROLL TRIES TO ENTICE US. If the troll tries to dominate the site with 30-40 comments a day, just ignore it.

    3. BE ON TROLL PATROL AT ALL TIMES. If one of us goofs up, like I did last night (thanks, Shadow), we need to stick together and remind each other of the battle plan.

  49. lorac
    May 31, 2015 at 10:05 pm
    … and just a personal quibble. Iowans are a good people, they are not moonbats. Many, many people fell for the lie and fraud that was Obama. Iowans were just the ones with the first contest.

    I have to quibble with your quibble. Moonbats are people who supported Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 and continued to support his horrific policies. Anyone who supported Obama in 2008, did no research, wouldn’t listen, and went with the mob is an idiot. Does being lazy, not doing your homework, and jumping on the fraud’s bandwagon make you a bad person? YES. It does. Do we hate them? Hate is a strong word. How about intensely dislike and it depends on if they have recanted and understand how much they harmed the nation and their fellow citizens for being so stupid. Do we listen to them in 2016. No. They are idiots. Why would I trust or listen to anyone who was THAT wrong in 2008? They are like lemmings running for the cliff. And Bernie the crank running is just a freak show. Without Hillary the Dems got nothing.

  50. Southern, it’s easy to be drawn in. No apology necessary. Step one of your plan is the answer. Just keep on scrolling.

    And, no. Refusing to be “informed” by someone who is attempting to manipulate is not “whining” or electing to remain ignorant. Information is available from many sources. Little of it is entirely reliable, especially when those reporting the “truth” are biased or have an agenda. But, if one seeks the truth from the sources experience has shown to be the most reliable – such as Big Pink here – one is less likely to draw premature conclusions or to be influenced by half-truths and the tainted opinions of those whose seek to manipulate.

    Just scroll past the troll – yep.

  51. In yet another salvo in the War on Women, Senators Gardner and Ayotte introduced a bill in the Senate yesterday allowing birth control pills to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription:

    Just this week, legislators introduced a bill that would encourage drug companies to apply to sell contraceptives without a prescription.

    But if Republican Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, along with four other GOP senators, were expecting flowers from Planned Parenthood and others for their bill, the Allowing Greater Access to Safe and Effective Contraception Act, they should brace for disappointment. Suddenly, the idea doesn’t sound so great, and the former supporters aren’t mincing words.

    Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said the bill is a “sham and an insult to women.”

    Karen Middleton of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado even got personal, saying, “Cory Gardner can’t be trusted when it comes to Colorado women and their health care.”

  52. Southern

    I like the title, Troll Patrol. TP for short.

    TP also is the clean up for turds dropped on the blog.

    So, from now until the election, we can remind one another not to feed the troll by even more methods.

    IE: Wbb, TP clean up on isle 2:04 am

  53. File this one under useless sack of shit.

    His name?

    Richard Burr (R-NC)

    And why is he a senator—what has he done?

    He played football at Wake Forrest, in the year they went win–less. Put differently they–and he–got skunked.

    He is related to Aaron Burr who was a traitor to this country.

    He drives an old Volkswagon which is the talk of Washington–which does not want to talk about the issues that matter.

    He is a RINO who is now having heart palpitations about the lapse of the Patriot Act–obviously he is a patriot.

    He is for anything that perpetuates and enhances the flow of money into Washington, and burdens posterity.

    Not surprisingly, he collected a cool 9 million from donors last year.

    Interestingly, his largest donor could not be identified.

    The burning question is this:

    If you add up all these accomplishments, what have you got that QUALIFIES this douchebag to be a senator?

    Besides nothing.

  54. Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s op-ed on her bill:

    I, and several other senators, recently introduced the Allowing Greater Access to Safe and Effective Contraception Act, which seeks to remove those barriers and expand women’s access to safe and effective contraceptives, made available to them around the clock and without a prescription. By encouraging manufacturers of contraceptives to file applications with the Food and Drug Administration to move their products over the counter, or OTC, our bill is a commonsense proposal that would allow women more convenient access to a wide spectrum of safe and effective contraceptives. While some critics of the bill have falsely claimed it would eliminate insurance coverage, nothing in the bill changes current insurance coverage of contraceptives or prevents insurance companies from continuing to cover contraceptive costs.

    In fact, as more products move from prescription to OTC, the costs of the products themselves have come down. For example, a popular allergy drug available only with a prescription costs $30 a month, while an OTC option is priced at $17.40 per month. In 2004, after a well-known heartburn medication was approved for sale OTC, its monthly price decreased from $132.90 to $21.49. In 2012, Consumer Reports found that a health care consumer could save $148 a month on allergy drugs by switching from prescription to an OTC option; save $192 a month on switching to OTC for heartburn drugs; and save $265 per month using an OTC option to treat joint pain. There are also potential savings to the health care system as a whole. According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, every dollar spent on OTC medicines accounts for $6 to $7 in savings for the U.S. health system.

  55. Burr’s contributors:

    Notice the big spender is “Unknown”.

    Who is this mysterious contributor who is listed as unknown?

    Is the influence peddling for them?

    If they are going after Hillary on contributions,

    Then surely that is a fair question for this airbrushed empty suit demon deacon senator.

    Organization Contributions

    Unknown $518,813
    New Breed Incorporated $82,300
    SCANA Corporation $54,824
    Womble Carlyle Et Al $49,927
    Duke Energy $47,395
    Bank of America $37,020
    R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company $32,126
    Reynolds American Inc. $32,025
    Northwestern Mutual $30,720
    Lowe’s $29,100

  56. Burr took John Edward’s Senate seat in North Carolina.

    Beat Erskine Bowles (52%-47%) in 2005. Reelected in 2010 over Elaine Marshall (55%/43%)

    He’s the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Probably not a big fan of Rand Paul this morning…

  57. Here’s Burr’s top 1000 contributors.

    If you scroll down and look at the long list of $2500 contributors, you’ll get the answer to your $518,000 question. Remember, corporations can’t contribute, so all of the data is from individual contributors reporting who they work for. I see individual doctors, individual lawyers, individual employees of NASCAR racing teams, etc.

    For comparison, here’s the top 1000 for Burr’s predecessor as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein:

  58. Just to continue my line of thought, there are so many RINOS who stand for nothing and are easily bought off, if they were not bought off to begin with. You have got Murkowski whose father was got the job and then turned it over to her. She is probably the only one in Congress who flunked the bar exam more than twice. Then there are Flake and Heller and Houevan. Mushballs as well who are just mushballs with nothing to recommend them. Houevan has gone from Republican to Democrat to Republican–round and around he goes and where he stops nobody knows. Then you have the little McCain cabal consisting of Dr.Stangelove, light in the loafters Lindsey who apparently believes he is made of presidential timber and that little ninny Alouetta. You have got Senior bait and switch Rubio. And of course, my favorite, the emptiest suit in Washington Bob Corker who has managed to reduce the treaty ratification powers in Washington, plus his ridiculous sidekick Alexander who is the only senator not running for Congress this time. And then you have that soon to be octagenarian from Missippi, never too old for hanky panky whatever his name is. And then there is Mitch the little bitch. And Orin Hatch who fell under the influence of Teddy Kennedy and has never recovered. That is the problem. And then you have three–only three who believe in limited government and the constitution and the American People–that would be Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions. This is what Mark Levin is talking about. It is a very very very thin grey line. And the distinction between Democrat and Repubilican is a distinction without a difference today. The only distinction that counts is between the American People and the permanent political class, who like the Bourbons forget nothing—and have learned nothing. That is why the country is in decline.

  59. Off topic, but condolences to Joe Biden and family for the loss of their son. Like him or not, he has experienced a lot of loss in his life .

  60. And then you have three–only three who believe in limited government and the constitution and the American People–that would be Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions.

    For the record, Cruz voted for TPA and is a supporter of TPP.

    Lee voted against TPA, but only because it included the TAA program that funds job retraining. He would have voted for TPA without the pork jobs training program and supports the TPP:

    WASHINGTON – Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) issued the following statement Thursday regarding his vote not to invoke cloture on the Hatch Substitute Amendment #1221 to H.R. 1314, the legislative vehicle for the Trade Promotion Authority bill.

    “I am a big believer in free trade,” Lee said. “But I have been very clear from the beginning of this debate that I could not vote for Trade Promotion Authority if the wasteful and ineffectual Trade Adjustment Assistance program was attached.”

    “TAA was originally meant to help American manufacturing workers whose jobs were lost directly due to free trade agreements. However, Congress has allowed the program to expand into other sectors and loosened its eligibility requirements, resulting in a wasteful program spending billions of dollars that does not lead to increased employment or higher wages for displaced workers,” Lee continued.

    “While I would love to vote for TPA, I cannot in good conscious make that vote if it also means needlessly expanding the size and scope of the federal government, which is exactly what this TAA program does. I hope to have the chance to give my full and unreserved support to the TPA, as a stand-alone bill, in the near future.

  61. Hillary’s big launch……..

    Its NEW YORK folks……as I expected it should be.

    Hillary sets venue for first big rally: Roosevelt Island

    The solemn memorial park at the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, Four Freedoms Park, will serve as the backdrop for Hillary Clinton’s first significant speech as a presidential candidate on June 13, when she is expected to lay out her vision for the future of the country and explain to voters why she is the right person to lead it there.

    The park, designed by architect Louis Kahn and dedicated in 2012, honors the “four freedoms” Franklin D. Roosevelt outlined in his 1941 State of the Union address — freedom of speech, religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear. The symbolic backdrop won out over other potential sites for Clinton’s “vision” speech that were floated to the campaign by supporters, such as Seneca Falls, N.Y., the site of the first women’s rights convention in 1848.

    In announcing the venue for the much-anticipated speech, the campaign emphasized Clinton’s long admiration of both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Clinton is expected to be joined at the kick-off speech by her family, Chelsea and Bill Clinton. It won’t mark their first time there: Bill Clinton was one of the speakers at the 2012 dedication ceremony of the park.

    Clinton’s New York speech will be open to the public and tickets will be free, according to the campaign website. But that message came with a big disclaimer: tickets do not guarantee admission and the rally will fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. A spokesman said it was not clear yet how many supporters the venue would accommodate.

    The big rally will mark a break from the intimate roundtables Clinton has participated in during the first two months of her campaign. The speech comes almost two months to the day after Clinton formally announced her presidential bid, and will be followed up by her busiest week on the trail yet: Clinton will fly directly to Iowa Saturday night, marking her third visit there since announcing, followed by stops in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — all early states she has already visited at least once during the ramp up phase of her campaign.

    The Iowa organizing meeting that Clinton will participate in on Saturday evening will be simulcast at organizing meetings planned for nearly all of the country’s 435 congressional districts, campaign officials said.

    Clinton’s campaign is already lowering expectations as they explain how the former secretary of state will fight for every vote and not take the primary for granted — even while her challengers so far remain side players in the 2016 drama. In Iowa, the campaign pointed out, no Democratic presidential candidate has ever received more than 50 percent of the caucus vote, unless they were a sitting president, vice-president, or Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, who ran in 1992. In New Hampshire, the campaign underscored, no Democrat in a contested primary in the last 25 years has won by more than 27,000 votes, or received more than 50 percent of the vote.

    But the campaign is building up the rally as a dramatic beginning of a new phase of the campaign. “Thousands of Americans coming together to hear Hillary lay out her vision for the future of our country,” is how campaign chairman John Podesta described it in an email. “All at one of the most spectacular locations you’ll ever see.”


    Schieffer on Obama: ‘Maybe we were not skeptical enough’

    CBS’ Bob Schieffer says that perhaps reporters in the media “were not skeptical enough” of President Barack Obama as a presidential candidate in 2008, telling Fox News’ Howard Kurtz that the whole political world was struck by the sudden rise of the senator from Illinois.

    Asked whether the media gave Obama an “incredibly easy ride” when he broke onto the scene, the veteran newsman acknowledged that it’s the job of reporters to be skeptical of political figures.

    “I don’t know. Maybe we were not skeptical enough. It was a campaign,” Schieffer said in the interview, which aired Sunday, adding that it is the role of the opponents to “make the campaign.”

    “I think, as journalists, basically what we do is watch the campaign and report what the two sides are doing,” he said.

  63. Moon – once again, thanks for the great post!

    June 1, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Hillary’s big launch……..

    Here we go Big Pinkers.

  64. Well, at least Bob was not delusional when he said, ” Maybe we were not skeptical enough….”

    Unfortunately, in saying that journalists basically watched campaigns and reported what the two sides are doing – Bob either was unwilling or unable to recognize and acknowledge the special treatment MSM gave O; the easy debate questions he was asked, the protection he was provided – by media refusing to report info that cast O in a bad light (AKA accurate) . MSM gave us Obama They helped create the image of him as polished, super-cool, intelligent, and on and on, and they repeated the Good News of O constantly.

    Bob may have had a lucid thought or two. But, he’s still muddled on a few points.

  65. Schieffer on Obama: ‘Maybe we were not skeptical enough’

    Sorry Bob, no free passes for you and your like that have tingled up and down their legs since 2007. You and the rest of the media are to blame for much of the damage that has been caused by promoting a Fraud in to the White House.

    I would vote to put all of you in jail and post your names up next to the media personalities that lied about Hitler to their citizens.

    You all need to pay some dear price.

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