Niche Candidates Announce For President: Ben Carson – Mike Huckabee – Carly Fiorina

Yeah – NBC/WSJ poll: Democrats still supporting the one realistic choice they have, or something. So, Hillary’s still way ahead. Bill Press takes Beanie Sanders seriously (seriously?) but few others think Bernie Sanders is anything but a leftist niche Kook. No surprise there.

No surprise either that more Republicans are in announcement mode. We promised ourselves we would write an article per candidate announcement but here we are in early May and we are already pooped. Today it was Mike Huckabee who announced he was a candidate for president.

Mike Huckabee announced in Hope, Arkansas. Huckabee sells himself as the man that took on the Clinton machine repeatedly, in Arkansas even, and beat Bill Clinton. Mike Huckabee of course never ran against Bill Clinton let alone beat Bill.

We don’t think Mike Huckabee is a serious candidate. Huckabee is a niche candidate for certain social conservatives who “like Mike” and… well… not much else. Mike Huckabee’s social conservative credentials are what make him and what break him.

For Republicans who want to nominate Mike Huckabee we have two words of warning: Todd Akins.

In 2012 Barack Obama enabler Claire MaCaskill was enemy #1 and should have been defeated. McCaskill wanted the weakest opponent so she helped Republican Todd Akin become her opponent. Soon enough McCaskill’s ploy turned profitable when Todd Akin made some stupid comments about women and rape.

Just about every Republicans demanded Todd Akin withdraw from the race. Karl Rove pulled ad support. Ron Johnson, Scott Brown, John Cornyn (of the National Republican Senate campaign committee) all demanded Todd Akin withdraw so that McCaskill cloud be defeated. There was one Republican who demanded Todd Akin stay in:

Now Mike Huckabee says ‘forcible rapes’ create ‘extraordinary’ people as he comes to Todd Akin’s defense

Mike Huckabee has added to the furore Rep. Todd Akin unleashed with his ‘legitimate rape’ comments by pointing out that ‘extraordinary’ people can be born out of ‘forcible rape’.

The one-time presidential candidate made the claim, which will no doubt stoke the fires of outrage, on his radio show on Thursday as he gave the beleaguered Akin a platform to explain his comments.

‘Ethel Waters, for example, was the result of a forcible rape,’ Huckabee said of the late singer, as reported in the Los Angeles Times. [snip]

Akin, a Republican who is running for Senate in Missouri, stunned Americans when he explained his opposition to abortion for pregnancies caused by rape on KTVI-TV in St. Louis at the weekend.

‘It seems to me, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,’ he said. ‘If it’s a legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.’

If Republicans want the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton to be about rape, please do nominate Mike Huckabee:

Former Arkansas governor and radio personality, Mike Huckabee, appeared on Fox News Channel with Neil Cavuto on Friday to defend Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. Huckabee said that the party is being unfair to the Missouri Congressman. He also said the GOP is squandering an opportunity to frame Akin’s comments as a battle over right to life issues, which he believes the party can win on as easily as they can on economic issues.

Huckabee said that Akin apologized for his remarks and he should be forgiven for them. He went on to say that, on abortion issues, the nation is closer to Akin’s position than then are to President Barack Obama and Akin’s opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

Huckabee went on to say that it’s difficult to ask a candidate who has spent the past two years fighting to win a primary to drop out right after victory.

“Do you think the party has been unfair to him,” asked Cavuto.

“I do,” replied Huckabee. “This can be a teachable moment. It’s not that this is unrecoverable.” He advised the party to make abortion issues a central point in the Missouri Senate race.

Mike Huckabee got his wish in 2012. Todd Akin stayed in the race. Senator Claire McCaskill reelected.

If Republicans want to see Hillary Clinton reelected in a massive landslide (we don’t usually talk landslide for Hillary or anybody because American elections tend to be close) nominate Mike Huckabee for president.

Huckabee has other problems. We don’t think he is a serious candidate because there are better versions of candidates who espouse socially conservative views. Also, Huckabee sort of shifted away from social conservatives in his first ad of the season as he expanded his girth to better include economic issues. The days when Mike Huckabee could do well in Iowa and become a real contender for the nomination are long gone. Oh, and did you know that Mike Huckabee is under attack for being a liberal? A tax and spend kind of glutton?

Yeah, Huckabee is going nowhere.

A more interesting candidate who’s chances are just as dim as Huckabee’s is the decent Dr,. Ben Carson. Carson is a good man with a remarkable story to tell. We wrote about him back in February 2012 and why he is going nowhere in a presidential run:

Asked about his life story and the possibility of a run for public office the good doctor said there was nothing in his personal life that could come back to haunt him and “de-legitimize” him (at the 35 minute mark on the video). The doctor said he had a “clean” life. Poor deluded creature.

This is Ben Carson’s first run for political office. He will be eaten alive. As we wrote at the time, his religion will be used against him. His life story will be smeared. Every public utterance will be examined and used against him. Every “gaffe” as he speaks off the cuff will be enlarged to gargantuan size.

Ben Carson is a decent man. He is also a black man. We are happy to see Ben Carson run because it is important to see a decent black man run for president. But Ben Carson will not be the Republican nominee.

Another niche candidate is Carly Fiorina. Fiorina is a niche candidate but she is much more than that. Fiorina might be running for vice president. Fiorina is the anti-Hillary.

Carly Fiorina has a great story to tell. She started out going to law school but dropped out after one semester when she discovered that was not what she wanted to do. Fiorina became a temp worker and worked as a secretary.

Carly Fiorina received graduate business degrees from Maryland and from M.I.T. Carly Fiorina married a tow truck driver who went on to become an executive at AT&T. Fiorina went on to become the CEO of Hewlett Packard.

In 2009 doctors told Carly Fiorina she had breast cancer. Carly Fiorina underwent a double mastectomy.

Almost immediately, in 2010, Carly Fiorina ran for senate against Senator Barbra Boxer of California. Boxer was reelected.

None of the above facts really matter in the race for the Republican nomination as far as Carly Fiorina is concerned. Carly Fiorina is the woman candidate in the Republican race and that is what matters.

Carly Fiorina will run as the Hillary attacker.

As a woman Carly Fiorina will be able to continue her attacks against Hillary with less harm to herself than if those attacks came from a man. It did not do Fiorina much good in her election against Boxer but that was in deep blue California. Maybe in less blue states her attacks will resonate. Maybe.

Carly Fiorina is a very articulate woman. Fiorina’s attack against Hillary have “bite” and a tough snap.

As a business leader who has run a major corporation Fiorina’s critiques of the economy and taxes have credibility.

Carly Fiorina’s background in business might be the ticket for a country tired of politicians. Maybe. We doubt it. Combined with her one failed run for statewide office Carly Fiorina has assets that someone like Ben Carson does not.

We are almost sure that Carly Fiorina will not get the Republican nomination for president. What about vice president?

Carly Fiorina is the sole woman running for president on the Republican side. But in a race for Vice President the Republicans have many women to choose from. There are women governors like Indian-American Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Susanna Martinez of New Mexico. Martinez in particular might be an asset in key states such as Colorado with its large Latino population as well as in all the southwest states.

But neither Martinez nor Haley have the “bite” that Carly Fiorina’s attacks on Hillary display. This might be good or bad depending on what will be needed in 2016 against Hillary. Carly Fiorina might have too much “bite” to be vice president but that is what a vice presidential candidate should have. Paul Ryan was too nice to be a candidate for VP in 2012. In 2016 Republicans might want an “attack dog” to support their nominee.

Carly Fiorina is a good fit as an “attack dog” for whomever the Republicans nominate as their candidate. We can be sure that that Republican nominee will not be one of the niche candidates that announced their presidential runs this week.


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    Last week, we got bad news about the economy when it was announced that the US gross domestic product barely rose in the first three months of 2015.

    And it looks as though the 0.2 percent annualized growth reported by the Commerce Department for the winter months will turn into a contraction when revisions are made at the end of May.

    Worse, GDP in the second quarter hasn’t gotten much better. The Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow, which tracks the economy in real time, has GDP growing at a wimpy 0.8 percent annual rate in the second quarter.

    So the economy is doing poorly, right? Right — but you might not believe that in a few days. Why not?

    Well, hop aboard the roller coaster.

    This Friday, the Labor Department will announce job growth and the unemployment rate for April and — drum roll, please — it probably won’t look as ugly as the GDP.

    That’s because Labor uses trick statistics when it gives a picture of the springtime job market.

    Each spring, Labor starts adding phantom jobs to its count — jobs they guess have been created but can’t prove have been created.

    Some of that phantom spirit is tied to the weather. No, really. At Labor, good weather = the birth of companies = more jobs.

    And even in this day and age of instantaneous knowledge of everything, Labor still guesses at how many jobs these newly born companies are generating.

    When it reports April employment numbers this Friday at 8:30 a.m., Labor will include about 263,000 phantom jobs.

    At least, that is how many phantom jobs it factored in last May.

    This May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will add around 204,000 phantom jobs. In June through August, that number falls to 129,000 and then to 122,000 and then 104,000.

    And there is no telling if any of those jobs actually exist. In fact, what if companies were quietly dying this spring instead of sprouting up like so many daffodils? Well, Labor would worry about that later on.

    Of the 263,000 or so phantom jobs that will be added through guesstimates in April, probably 50,000 or so will — thanks to seasonal adjustments — be added to the “realer” number to produce the total Labor will announce.

    Journalists and economists will report whatever Labor puts in the headlines without question. [snip]

    But Friday’s job growth numbers will be an illusion. Misleading. A joke. [snip]

    If the number turns out to be disappointingly below Wall Street’s 230,000 guess, the economy is really in trouble. If the number reported is bad, it would have been even worse without Labor’s thumb on the scale.

  2. Admin,

    The economy is R.I.P. I have been looking at the markets because I need to financially reorganize and try to get my daughter through college without her becoming a debt slave. The news is all bad. They should have let markets crash in 2008. The patch was put on and the unsustainable system inflated to even greater biggness. To big to fail is even bigger and is still failing. The country has a bad case of Obola. The elite have been sucking the life out of the economy through financializations that have become totally parasitic and they are killing the host. So afraid to lose the money they all sold their souls for.

    For seven years the Obamanomics has been robbing financially responsible people of interest on their savings through ZIRP while the easy money has filled the coffers of the elite. The escalating national debt has set an example for the global economy as we wait to see which ponzi scheme brings it all down.

    Obama is a failure. The Globalists are a failure. And the pack of ugly penguins that the Republicans are rolling out, just do not have a clue.

    Where is Hillary?

  3. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    Abraham Lincoln

  4. It literally makes me sick to think that someone like the vicious Carly Fiorina could end up being the first woman VP and later President of the USA.

  5. The problem with Carly Fiorina is that as CEO of HP, she didn’t accomplish much to prevent its further decline, which is why she eventually got booted out.

  6. Well, that was quick. The Baltimore case against the 5 cops has collapsed.

    Our initial reaction to the indictment of the 5 cops was right on target. We wrote:

    Watching the press conference we detected the immediate flaw in the state’s case. The city attorney bases her case on the premise that the arrest of Freddie Gray was “illegal”. She says the arrest was illegal because the cops had no probable cause to arrest Gray. The city attorney has to re-read the law.

    She really does need to go re-read the law. Her case has collapsed as Legal Insurrection documents:

    Last Friday, while Prosecutor Mosby was announcing her poorly supported tsunami of charges against the six police officers involved in arresting and transporting the ill-fated Freddie Gray, Mosby also remarked that Gray’s knife–claimed by police to be the probable cause for his arrest–was in fact lawful under Maryland law. [snip]

    If the arresting officer(s) in Gray’s case reasonably believed that the spring-assisted knife in Gray’s possession fell into the unlawful category, then the legal requirement for probable cause in making their arrest has been met, regardless of whether upon later inspection and assessment the knife is determined to be unlawful. [snip]

    Maryland law, however, is utterly irrelevant to Gray’s arrest, because he was not arrested for a violation of Maryland law. Rather he was arrested for a violation of the City Code of Baltimore.

    The City of Baltimore has adopted as an ordinance its City Code §59-22, which states in relevant part:

    Switch-blade knives. (a) Possession or sale, etc., prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, carry, or possess any knife with an automatic spring. [snip]

    Now, we can can remove the word arguably from the above statement, as a Baltimore Police Department Task Force has determined conclusively that Gray’s knife was of the spring-assisted type, and that such spring-assisted knives fall within the scope of Baltimore code §59.22.

    As reported by the Baltimore Sun yesterday:

    While Mosby said Friday that the officers had made an illegal arrest because a knife Gray was carrying was not a “switchblade,” a violation of state law, the police task force studied the knife and determined it was “spring-assisted,” which does violate a Baltimore code. [snip]

    Now that the Baltimore Police department has determined the knife did, in fact, violate the code, any argument that a street cop making an arrest on the city’s streets was unreasonable in coming to the same conclusion is simply not credible.

    Mosby needs to go back to law school and re-read the Baltimore City Code.

    The entire article at Legal Insurrection is worth a read:

  7. You are not going to get any of the usual cast of characters to get us out of this fix. They are all part of the problem. Yes, the Clinton’s, included. But I have always thought that, with the snide references to Hillbillies and such, that the elite never really accepted them and that they could tell they were really a pair of old hippie rebels. But what encourages me the most is that they did not want her in the office of POTUS because they knew she was more down to earth than to tolerate their weird, dysfunctional ideologies to the extent they wanted to practice them. Some things can just be thought through to the end. But the arrogant, “brilliant”, left wingnut elites just wanted to deny the reality that would keep them from being all-powerful in their gluttonous wealth.

    What this will come to if the course is not corrected is that there will be an “adjustment” back to the real worth of assets or they will destroy their currency and subsequently the nation.

    From what I can tell, the stock market is organizing for a crash, with corporations buying back their own stock at record setting amounts, using ZIRP money from the banks. The central banks are also “investing” in the markets. So how plain is it that this game is rigged? My guess is that there will be an “adjustment” during the third quarter of this year, although predictions I see are as drawn out as to the end of 2016.

    It is all nasty stuff. And the housing market is part of it. Not only are there sub-prime morgages being sold like hot-cakes, there are these real estate rental trusts. One I was looking at is the Starwood/Waypoint homes because they were in my neighborhood doing nasty business and I had to get a no-tresspass order put on one of their thugs (who was also a mortgage loan officer) who was trying to harass me out of my cheap rental. They bought distress property, did some rehab, flipped it up for high dollar and then transferred them to a subsidiary of Starwood Waypoint. They were then collected into a trust of about 4,000 homes and Certificates were sold to investors. They were then transferred to another LLC. Then, ON AN OFF-BALANCE SHEET, they were mortgaged to JP Morgan Chase Bank for a half a billion dollars. Check it out:

    Want to bet that money went into stock buybacks?

    So you know what is going to happen to that half a billion dollars? POOF! It’s magic! And then JP Morgan ends up with the 4,000 houses, most of which were bought from the banks, to start.

    I am watching the house next to me that they own. The HOA has been on us to keep the lawn watered and nice, but the sprinkler system there has not worked for years. They came in an put down sod, but never installed a new sprinkler system and the grass is dead again. Kind of like the economy. I am thinking about calling in a complaint.

  8. admin
    May 5, 2015 at 7:45 pm
    A’s hire A’s while B’s hire C’s. After 50 years of the Democratic plantation in Baltimore, we are now way down into negative numbers.

  9. Mosby is probably an example of Affirmative Action, wonder how she passed her boards..
    A real Black militant, that one.

  10. so Hillary is not only going to support O’s position…she is going to expand on it…

    what happened to the middle class?

    Hillary Clinton took a surprisingly aggressive stance on immigration reform Tuesday, saying not only that she supports a “path to full and equal citizenship” but that she will expand on President Obama’s executive amnesty actions for parents of so-called DREAMers if Congress stands in her way.


    “If Congress continues to refuse to act, as President, I would do everything possible under the law to go even further,” Clinton said, leaving open the possibility of whether, like Obama, she would take executive action.


    this takes my breath away…like a punch in the stomach…

  11. i know this is considered smart ‘politics’ but I am disappointed to hear her going on like this


    ‘I want to do everything we can to defend the president’s executive orders,’ she said, adding separately that ‘as president I would do everything possible under the law to go even further.’


    ‘But that’s just the beginning.’


    so what’s up with this? she plans to expand the “imperial presidency”

    I feel ill…

    I suppose there will be some rationalization for the trade bill coming soon…I hope the hell not…

  12. I don’t know why Clinton’s stance on immigration would be a surprise. As a key member of the Obama administration, she’s running for the Dem nomination on what is effectively a platform of Obama’s 3rd Term. You can’t get far in Democrat Party politics without endorsing key planks of today’s Democrat Party…

  13. Oh, I started reading “Clinton Cash” tonight. Finished Extortion, his last book. Terrific. Had detailed chapters on the Reid family mob, the DeLay family mob, the Blount family mob. A little bit on Boehner. Chapters on Congressional staffers who wrote complex bills like Dodd-Frank and then took multi-million dollar jobs at Washington law firms assisting corporations with compliance.

    Milker bills — bills in Congress designed to extort money from both sides of the issue.

    Chapters on the many ways for pols to convert their PAC money into cash money, perks, bennies, salary for wives, etc.

    Disgusting. Our government is one big extortion racket. We’ll see what he has on the Clinton Foundation I see an element of money laundering. You pay Bill. Bill does something for a government somewhere. Government somewhere does something for you.

  14. HWC who are you really? Which flank are you so obviously baiting for. If you really that unhappy try pedalling your crock of shit where it would be appreciated.

  15. I am appalled at Hillary’s statements, so disappointed. Most Democrats will not even bother listening to her but pull the lever for the good old party.
    I’m sick to death of “Executive action”, I don’t believe however, either party will do anything with it, or to it, because they want so desperately to use it, when they are in power.
    We are soft as individuals, as a whole I do not see us rising up against the government, as Jefferson had wished for us.
    These maybe the “good old days”.Pessimistic for sure.

  16. Heap big forked tongue:

    Warren met privately with ‘Draft Warren’ supporters

    The Massachusetts senator recently huddled with progressives affiliated with the campaign urging her to run for president. Her office insists she was unaware of any connection.

    Elizabeth Warren says she has no intention of jumping into the 2016 race. But she recently met behind closed doors with members of the “Draft Warren” movement who are urging her to run for president.

    The Massachusetts senator held a private meeting April 22 with a small group of progressive leaders from across the country — including some vocal “Draft Warren” supporters who continue to hold out hope that she’ll enter the presidential race.

    In an hourlong meeting with her staff and a 30-minute meeting with Warren, the group of about a half-dozen top progressive activists — including three who were active in the “Draft Warren” movement — did not discuss the draft campaign. Instead, the conversation focused on issues of social and racial justice. They highlighted specific issues the senator can use to influence the presidential debate in 2016 and, they hope, push Hillary Clinton to the left on issues including police brutality, immigration reform, the privatization of prisons, and reducing naturalization fees to promote naturalization, among other issues.

    The meeting’s purpose was to see “how Elizabeth Warren, with her platform, could work with us to move a progressive vision for the country and really engage with communities of color,” said Jonathan Westin, director of New York Communities for Change, who attended. “That goes hand in hand with what she’s already doing.” Warren is addressing problems that are “part and parcel of what we believe is wrong with this country,” he said.

    An aide to Warren maintained that the senator did not know the group she was meeting with had any connection to the “Draft Warren” campaign until POLITICO informed her office. “The point of the meeting was to discuss economic and social justice issues,” the aide said. “As Sen. Warren has said many times, she does not support the draft group’s efforts and is not running for president.”

    But Westin is a vocal supporter of the “Draft Warren” campaign who, as a co-chair of New York’s Working Families Party, voted for the political party to join the “Draft Warren” coalition last February. Just weeks before the sit-down with Warren, he wrote a blog post for calling for her to run for president. His co-author on the piece, Katelyn Johnson, executive director of Chicago’s Action Now Institute, also attended the sit-down with Warren.

    “Elizabeth Warren is not the only candidate who could ensure a robust presidential primary, but she is the best,” they wrote. “[Warren] is the one who can truly give Clinton a run for the money and yes, even has a shot to win the nomination. We urge Warren to acknowledge the importance of this political moment and enter the race.”

  17. Hillary is going to continue promoting the far left agenda via concern of onedrop . Problem is, I believe, she really believe’s in it.

  18. Moon, I’m getting my SCROLL key all dusted off and in good condition. Looks like we are going to need it this political season.

  19. I got back from east Texas last night. While there I had breakfast with a friend of ours on this blog. I spent several days with close friends of mine who I used to work with. They took me to an oil town in east Texas where their family has deep roots, and showed me a well where their relatives struck oil days after the 1929 stock market collapse which by 1985 had produced a half a billion (yes billion) barrels of oil. And, of course, with fortune came a lot of tragedy as well. Anyone who lusts for a fortune would do well to spend some time with a divorce lawyer who can tell you about the ambiguous side of great wealth. I also had lunch with another old friend who is a Cruz supporter, and one of the many people who convinced him to run for the Senate. He showed me a picture of his daughter which was taken with Pam Geller at or near the time of the event. And, right after the event FOX had that gasbag Trump on the air, communicating as he often does by telephone. He questioned Geller’s judgement, and moments later the ties ISIS connection was established. As usual Trump came off to me at least as the fool he is, who lives in this cloud cookoo land world where only he and FOX news obsess over whether he will announce, win and slay the Chinese dragon for him. Geller has done a masterful job of drawing ISIS out of the cave before they are really prepared to launch a full scale operation. If this had happened in a blue state, the government would have fallen flat on its face, whereas in a red state like Texas, they know how to handle this kind of thing. The entire conundrum is spelled out in haec verba in the essay by the most brilliant blogger of our time–bar none. He describes as only he can why the ISIS threat is grave, how it spreads, and why our elites cannot bring themselves to call a spade a spade. Relevant portions thereof are excerpted below. Finally, because Sharyl Attikisson’s book is the most important piece written in the past 10 years and because no one I have given it to as a gift or anyone on this blog is likely to read it, I may try to summarize it. It really does shine the light of truth on the how and the why of the take over of this country, and would be a good companion to the one HWC alludes to. We have to understand the problem, and define it clearly before we can develop possible solutions, and candidates with the will and capacity to see them through. Such candidates are, how shall I put it, hard to find. Learned Hand used to say its always dawn. Well . . . may-be. But to me right now the sky looks pitch black.

  20. Inspirational vs Operational


    ISIS relies for expansion on the force of propaganda or proselytization more than the traditional army model of direct command and support. You make your bayat, accept the attack guidelines, follow the general strategy — find a gun, knife, acid or a car to use as a weapon — and you’re good to go.

    ISIS’s weapons are ideas, which cannot be stopped by TSA screeners at an airport. In many ways the ISIS approach is a more extreme form of the Wermacht’s “saddle orders” which proved so effective against the French Army. Instead of handing their commanders World War 1 style maps with phase lines, Guderian gave his commanders “objectives” and turned them loose.

    ISIS is thoroughly modern. Look at the results and ask yourself if because not operational, then not effective. So why is the administration so concerned with finding out if ISIS legalistically controlled the Garland attackers? Because adopting the “inspirational” and “operational” distinction allows governments to avoid the nettlesome problem of radical mosques. And avoiding the problem of radical mosques means that you can avoid offending Muslim voters. And radical mosques can be a problem.

    Known as the Cambridge mosque, it is run by the Islamic Society of Boston and is just a few short blocks from the well-traveled Red Line, which serves Boston’s many universities and colleges. “The mosque is open to everyone,” says spokeswoman Nicole Mossalam. “We don’t have a core membership. It’s very fluid.”

    Law enforcement officials say the mosque has attracted a number of known terrorists and accused extremists, among them the accused Boston Marathon bombers, “Lady al Qaeda,” and now an American fugitive wanted for questioning for possible ties to ISIS’ social-media wing — too many for law enforcement to ignore. …

    At least 10 suspected or convicted terrorists have prayed at the mosque, a number confirmed by a federal law enforcement official, court documents and the mosque itself.

    The notion that Islamic institutions can serve as recruiting depots for ISIS is very dangerous politically and for that reason is often rejected out of hand as a form of “Islamophobia” or bigotry. For example, the CNN article on the Cambridge mosque cites sources who say that no connection can be drawn between the mosque and the extraordinary number of terror suspects associated with it.

    “None of these individuals, if and when they prayed at the ISB mosque, ever exhibited any hint of criminal or violent behavior. …The Islamic Society of Boston unequivocally condemns ISIS and is deeply angered by the grievous harm it has done to innocent lives: American, Iraqi, Syrian and more,” [mosque spokeswoman Nicole] Mossalam said. She said, for the most part, the individuals did not participate in the mosque community or its programs. Nor is there any evidence suggesting Cambridge mosque officials knew or were involved with the suspects, nor do they preach any form of radical Islam.

    And in a way Mossalam might be right. Maybe it’s not the mosque but some zeitgeist in the area. Perhaps the joint effect of the Cambridge Mosque together with the general intellectual ambiance draws individuals who are mostly to be self motivated to change the world, some alas in explosive ways.

    But although officials appear to discount the possibility that mosques may be dangerous, it ironically seems a well established media truth that Geller’s speech is dangerous. To them Gellers and Wilders can rouse people to seditious behavior in a way that a radical imam cannot. Chris Matthews was outraged at the Garland, Texas event because in his view it was an incitement to violence.

    The group targeted in Garland, Texas on Sunday is in a “weird sort-of-symbiotic” relationship with its radical Muslim would-be attackers, MSNBC Chris Matthews said on his show Monday night.

    “We’re learning more about the gunman who opened fire at an event where an anti-Islamic group held a contest on who could…draw the nastiest cartoon of Muhammad,” Matthews began. “Can you believe that people set that kind of a mousetrap?”

    Yet somehow the intellectual process through which the attackers were themselves formed seems curiously exempt from examination. Matthews, like a moth drawn to a flame, is making an unconscious approach to the truth. He thinks groups like the American Freedom Defense Initiative are embarked on a “weird sort-of-symbiotic” with ISIS because they engage it at the ”inspirational” rather than the “operational” level, something which the establishment will refuse to do. In an unconscious way, he’s getting to the core of the matter. It’s instructive that the Obama administration appears to think that ISIS can be stopped with policemen, drones and screeners at airports. It is determined to fight at the level of things, but leaves the level of ideas entirely to ISIS.

    Part of the reluctance by the elite to take on Islamism at the level of “inspiration” is probably rooted in the almost unconscious conviction that religious discourse is inherently illegitimate. Religion is superstition. Talk about religion and you’re a crank. Talk against religion — excepting Judaism and Christianity — and you’re also a crank. Fighting ISIS’ ideology is like exorcism, a futile exercise in Bell, Book and Candle.

    They wouldn’t be caught dead doing it and ironically — wind up dead — from the ghosts they refuse to recognize. The nearest the elite can come to fighting Islamism with an idea is to remark, as Marie Harf did, that perhaps ISIS violence is a just a desperate cry for jobs.

    Part of the reason why the Cambridge Mass Islamists may be so militant is that they are operating in precisely this sort of ideological vacuum, proceeding unopposed in an environment which has muzzled itself on the subject, and is therefore open to the preachings of the most wild-eyed imams. Many on the Left don’t want to know what Islam, Judaism or Christianity preach and are therefore deliberately ignorant of these in the substantive sense. In place of their ignorance they substitute emotional impressions. Islam becomes reduced to “the most beautiful sound in the world” and is therefore preferred solely on that basis. Jeremiah Wright told author Ed Klein in the book The Amateur.

    that the Obamas chose his church for political, not religious, reasons, and that “church is not their thing.” He also noted that Obama’s religious knowledge upon meeting him consisted entirely of bits and pieces he had picked up from Islam. Perhaps this explains Obama’s baffling comment in April of this year about Jesus Christ not as the Son of God but as “a” Son of God. Who are the other sons? Obama didn’t say. The remark indicated that he has a very foggy notion of the Trinity, bordering on the biological conception of it pushed by Muslims.

    The American Freedom Defense Initiative can’t debate Islamic theology with the liberal press. Nobody understands it at that level. What they understand is the image of happy, smiling, clapping people in exotic clothing trying to stay free of some whiskey preacher. The reason why the media see no threat in Islamism is because they don’t take it seriously. Ironically, they fear Geller and her associates is because they do.

    Read more:

  21. Might be fun to visit the Dummies , Kooks or where ever she/he comes from and stir a little shite in return, but probably not worth the frustration. Hwc would have us believe he/she would be more at home with the freepers than with the Pathetic Progs, but that’s debatable. The best response to unfounded commentary – AKA bullshit, intended to provoke and inflame – is to ignore it. Those kinds of comments are comparable to the fictional accounts of unbelievable or scandalous happenings “reported” in the various tabloid rags that confront you at eye level as you stand in the check-out line at the grocery store.

    “Bill Clinton Bribed by Foreign Leaders – Somehow 18,000 Different Investigations Failed to Discover”


    ‘Brad Pitt Gives Birth to Angelina’s Baby In a Crop Circle in the Middle of a Cornfield Owned by Willie Nelson”

    Six of one …….

  22. Not to keep you in too much suspense, the gravaman of the cyber attack on Sharyl’s computers came from the Justice Department and the FBI. It was very sophisticated, and relied on satellite technology. Worse, the attacker planted to secret information on Sharyl’s computer and the covered their tracks. Nevetheless, this was confirmed by three separate investigators, one of whom was hired by CBS. When the heat got too hot, CBS, whose president is the brother of Obama’s key adviser Ben Rhoades, cut her loose. The character assassination, planting of evidence, intimidating of her bosses, all came out of the Obama White House. One of the noteworthy things is the Obama forces managed to impose an impossible standard of proof on Obama where unlike Bush big media was unwilling to say Obama did it–meaning the scandals, and instead maintained he could not be held responsible unless he openly confessed to it. The other thing, apart from the spying on the press, which we now know was directed by John Brennan, formerly of NASA and now the head of the CIA—internal memos in the administration confirm this. Meanwhile, CBS put an Obama operative in charge of their security, and he stonewalled Sharly’s case. Their collective mistake was letting her leave the tent and publish a book on the subject. Also, the Obama Administration has been the worst in history on whistle blowers. Politicized heads of agencies tell their people if you talk to the press “we will fuck you over and you will end up in a cage”. That is why Sharyl has been keen to protect her sources and why Holder has been so determined to find out who they are. When you are trying to destroy the nation, you must never allow the people to see what you are doing. Just give them bread and circuses and they will give you no problem.

  23. Again, for me at least, Richard has struck gold. Notice how out of touch the elites are with reality. They would fight ISIS by denying its fundamental inseverable connection to Islam with what? Jobs. They would prevent future attacks with what? Policemen, airport screeners. And they fail–miserably–to confront the ideological nature, and to embrace western values. This is a war of ideas, and they haven’t the stomach to stand up and defend western values. Instead, they sink into the sludge and manure pit of a racist, class oriented view of the world, and throw the middle class and traditional values to the wolves–using them as a human shield to protect their own wealth and position. It is not hard to see how this movie is going to end–not hard at all.

  24. I don’t really think this is necessary to say but I want to go on record here as saying I have been a strong Clinton supporter from the days when Bill was essentially an unknown in the 20th century…

    on this blog we have been going on and on for a long time about O and his policies…so when Hillary says she is not only going to continue O’s policies but expand on them…like she really is going to be the third term of O…and worse…that really disappoints and concerns me…

    …I fully understand how the immigration issue is exploited by both parties…however frankly I expect Hillary to be the adult and more mature…and instead of declaring she will be more “imperial” than O…I expect her to say she will work with the Congress…day and night, if need be…to resolve our immigration issues…something along those lines…not I will be more radical as a president than O…

    instead this is red meat pandering…yes, I get it…it is democratic politics and the hispanic vote, etc, etc, etc…

    but to all my friends here…I cannot be a hypocrite and call out O when he does it and then be happy when Hillary wants to emulate him and go further…

    I hope we are going to keep an honest dialogue going here…some people are coming here to just make trouble and hijack us…believe me, I am not one of them…I am very disappointed…maybe I am expecting too much from Hillary…maybe she is too boxed in…maybe she will have to out pander the whole presidential field…I don’t know…

    I will keep an open mind…but I think she went way too far yesterday with portraying herself as O +++ and even more…

  25. btw…does she want to give all of the eleven million illegal immigrants full benefits along with the full and equal citizenship…will they continue to get special benefits that legal citizens do not get…do the eleven million just get to send the money home to Mexico or wherever while legal taxpayers pay for all their benefits…some benefits legal citizens cannot even get or afford…

    does she give any consideration as to how this helps the struggling legal citizens that make up the poverty class and middle class that are still out of work and cannot pay their bills…their crowded, crumbling schools that have no supplies and classes teachers already cannot contain or have to fear for their lives by just showing up

    …and where does she stand on securing our borders…and all the illegals that continue to come across…is she going to have a blind eye to that…or like O not even know that the border is open…and agents cannot even do their job to protect Americans from illegals coming across…

  26. S
    May 6, 2015 at 10:25 am
    I concur.

    As for the open mind, I think the question you raised has been answered.

    I do not care if Bill and Hillary were trading influence.

    If it is true, then it is really no different than what congressmen do every day.

    It is corruption, but when in Rome.

    What I care about is getting our country back.

    That is what has been lost here.

    And along with it our sovereignty, our identity as a people, our traditions, our liberty, our prosperity, our place in the world.

    That is what matters now and it is in peril because of a pervasive era of corruption.

    I cannot imagine finding common ground with the left—under any conceivable circumstances.

    The old saying better dead than red captures the moment.

    Whether Bush surges this week, Walker next, etc. is immaterial.

    Same with Warren.

    The issues we must confront now, the core issues are larger than any candidate.

    The destination is hell. The question is how fast we get there.

  27. Tony Stark
    May 5, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    The problem with Carly Fiorina is that as CEO of HP, she didn’t accomplish much to prevent its further decline, which is why she eventually got booted out.

    As I recall, in addition to the layoffs, it was the botched merger with Compaq that sent her packing.

    BTW, I was a consultant at Lucent HQ at the same time she was a veep there, and when she jumped to take the HP CEO job. Never saw her in the halls though.

  28. wbboei says @ 10:50 AM

    What I care about is getting our country back.

    That is what has been lost here.

    And along with it our sovereignty, our identity as a people, our traditions, our liberty, our prosperity, our place in the world.

    That is what matters now and it is in peril because of a pervasive era of corruption.


    yes Wbboei…you said it well…this is what is at stake…

    we need a voice of reason…and a reality check… not more of the same…and so far, it sounds like more of the same and it is getting worse…

  29. S

    May 6, 2015 at 10:25 am

    I don’t really think this is necessary to say but I want to go on record here as saying I have been a strong Clinton supporter from the days when Bill was essentially an unknown in the 20th century…

    I could not agree with you more except to say that she has lost my vote. And I say that having campaigned for her in 2008 and that she was also the only candidate I ever gave money to. Her position on illegal immigration is legally, morally and ethically wrong. I can’t support any candidate who espouses such beliefs. I now realize that Hilary’s politics are far left of Bill. With 67% of Americans sharing my attitude towards illegal immigration, I think this position will hurt her more than help her. I now must hope that the Republicans make a smart choice. I will be voting the lesser of 2 evils.
    People on this blog should not underestimate the seriousness of the illegal immigration problem on middle class American incomes and quality of life as well as on minorities and those at the bottom. Many of the illegals here are criminals. Why in hell must we not only be stuck with them, but be forced to spend our hard earned tax dollars to support them and their children. It now costs $25,000 per student in our elementary school, more than $65,000 for special ed students….the vast majority of which are children of illegals.

    But be sure that the school districts where Clinton, Schumer et al reside don’t have these problems. The wealthy communities here like Amagansett refuse to have a consolidated school system because they don’t want their taxes to go up or their school to become majority poor Hispanic. They also don’t have to worry about the overcrowding assault on single family homes in their neighborhoods.

  30. I just called the Hillary Clinton campaign office…..number on her website under contact. I had a long conversation about the illegal immigration subject. I urge others to call as well. The woman I spoke with was very nice and said she had recorded the conversation and would relay it to the campaign office for review. Perhaps if enough people call, Hillary will realize what a mistake she has made.

  31. moononpluto
    May 6, 2015 at 2:06 am

    HWC who are you really? Which flank are you so obviously baiting for. If you really that unhappy try pedalling your crock of shit where it would be appreciated.


    I’m with you Moon!

  32. Hillary has always leaned too far left on the immigration situation. I have said that many times over. She is not Obama, and she never said that she would open the food gates to let everyone in and keep all those illegal children.

    I don’t like any of it, but so far, no one that’s running in any party goes far to the right a I want, in either party. The right side never does anything to help the situation, they just run their mouths.

    I am disgusted with everyone on this damn issue.

  33. I agree with you Shadow in being disgusted with everyone on the immigration issue…

    no one seems to be speaking out for struggling legal, taxpaying citizens…OR

    legal immigrants…and that goes to Wbboei’s statement…our traditions, etc…

    no one is saying we are against immigrants…but there are plenty waiting to become citizens legally…and what do the dims and business repubs want to do…for votes and to exploit more low wages…and to keep everyone further down with INCOME INEQUALITY…

    open the floodgates and let the 11 million stay and we pay them for breaking our laws…and then just let them keeping waltzing in…as they are continuing to do as we speak…I do not trust Hillary or the dims on this issue…sad to say…and frankly I am very surprised she came out saying what she did yesterday…she was vehement…

    the bottom line…the middle class…which is slowly becoming and evolving into the lower class…with dim prospects for their families and their future…is always the last on the totem pole…we just get stuck paying the bills and bailing everyone else out…banks, auto companies, illegals, etc, etc, etc

    …I do not want another imperial presidency beholden to special interests that send the bills for their folly to the hard working, struggling taxpayers…

    same old corruption…like i said, it takes my breath away…



    On Tuesday, Clinton defended Obama’s actions against attacks by Republicans. “He had to act in the face of inaction that was not on the merits but politically motivated for partisan reasons,” she said.


    imho…Hillary is perpetuating the Obama lie here…

    O forced his executive order BEFORE he even attempted…made any attempt at all…to work with the newly elected Congress…

    yes, the repubs won and were in charge of the senate and house…but O could have at least made an attempt…

    if you recall the voices at that time were saying O would “poision the well” if he went ahead with his executive order instead…

    but in the usual actions of O…he gave the Congress the finger and went ahead with his executive action…and now it is tied up in the courts

    Hillary is not being honest when she repeats the O lie…

    imho…what would have been honest and seperated her from O would be to pledge to work day and night until she as President and the Congress worked out their differences bla, bla, bla and reached a solution…

    or said nothing…maybe she is trying to pull a fast one in that she knows the President will not have the power to do what she is pandering…

    but no…she reinforced the O lie and now pledges she will execute his action and then go even further as President…


    she goes on…

    She also addressed less widely discussed immigration issues, arguing that those in deportation proceedings — at the very least, the young — should receive more legal representation

    so now more lawyers for the illegals that we pay for so they can receive free education, housing, health care, etc that we pay for…

    …things our own families struggle to get and have to pay for…


    a comment at this post says:

    “Clinton said it was unrealistic to act as though all 11 million undocumented immigrants now in the U.S. could be deported. She said the idea was “beyond absurd. That’s not going to happen.”

    We don’t have to deport them. All we have to do is remove the incentives that brought them here in the first place. No free housing. No free services. No free education or other benefits normally afforded to American citizens. Once we remove the incentives that brought them here, they will leave on their own.


    again…the bottom line…as we speak…more illegals are coming in daily…
    by the time we get to the election…eleven million illegals will be 20 million illegals…is there any limit for Hillary? is there any circumstance where she will say that’s enough?

    Does she support E-verify? or should we just do away with that and let any illegal and businesses do whatever they want with no accountability or regulation?

    so who is she helping? out of work americans…legal immigrants…???

    btw…msnbc (not Morning Joe…they hate her)…but the other mid day kooks, including in the evening Lawrence O’D are so thrilled and gitty that Hillary is outdoing O…and going beyond what O wants to do…

  35. its really sad.
    my wife and I are/were Hillary supporters.
    now my wife just rolls her eyes.
    I am still hoping but her current statements do not seem to be coming from the Hillary I once thought I knew.

    I am not sure how much more of this I can take.

  36. Wbboei,

    Maybe ISIS has invaded California and they don’t know it yet. Maybe we can give them a map to Zuckerberg’s house. I am sure his borders are open.

  37. Oh yes, CA borders are wide open and the ‘Dream Act’ is a full on nightmare. The millions coming over the border know that they can continue to rape our state!

  38. I do not find Hillary’s immigration position surprising. I am going to be interested in how she makes that work with her championship of “everyday” people. But the devil is in the details. I am going to call and ask them. The think is, the issue is already in the courts, so she is obviously blowing smoke and beating her chest. Both the legislature and those courts better realize that if they do not check this tyrant they are going to get an even bigger beating. The immigration issue will is an extremely difficult and important issue to settle properly. Hillary will need a good plan and a big bat.

    We could keep some illegals if the borders were closed and the newbies were not sucking the nations overloaded entitlements.

  39. I hope we are going to keep an honest dialogue going here…

    I do, too. I thought this would be the one Hillary site where people could discuss the issues, but maybe not. That’s sad. It reminds me of what I always heard about the obot sites in 2008, that they had to unquestioningly worship the Messiah, because if they questioned this or that issue, they got chased out.

    I about fell over when I heard her latest immigration statements. And nothing about sealing off the border. They’re still flooding over the Rio Grande. There are so many reasons why amnesty is wrong. People want immigration reform, yes, but it means they want the laws enforced and illegal immigration stopped – it doesn’t mean people want America’s culture and melting pot to be turned on its head by amnesty. And it will mean that democrats will probably win every election from now on with all their new formerly illegal/now legalized dem voters.

    And every issue will be decided by how hispanics want it to be decided, because once made citizens, they will become a majority in many places, and everywhere soon. The melting pot we used to have guaranteed that cultural changes were slow and happened because the larger culture accepted them. Amnesty will force huge immediate changes in our culture. I believe Reagan only had 1 million to give amnesty to. While they say 11 million now, the estimates I read are that it’s closer to 30 million illegals.

    I wish admin would address her/his opinion on if this is primary pandering, or if it’s what she means.

    I’m very upset by her sounding like Obama on steroids. And everyone I have talked to at work were writing her off because of this latest statement.

    I wish I knew what she really plans to do.

    Politics s*ck….

  40. Shadow – yes, already many jobs in CA require bilingual Spanish/English. It’s only going to get worse.

  41. Eisenhower deported millions in the 50’s..No reason Hillary we couldn’t do that. He understood what America fought for and the importance of keeping our borders safe.
    This is all BS!!!

  42. Lorac,

    Hillary is telling you what she plans to do…your not listening because you can’t believe she is saying it. There’s no , what does she really mean tea leaves…she is telling us.

  43. totally disgusted

    I live in CA, and our education is so good, we rank just above MS (who are in 50th place). Classes with spanish speakers get a couple of teachers aides and have few children in them. English speaking children don’t get aides and have 3x as many kids in each class. Most of the education budget goes to the illegals.

    Everything is upside down.

  44. gonzo – well, a few years ago she wasn’t this over the top. I think she’s going to lose more previous supporters in order to gain a smaller number of obot-types and Mexicans.

    But they (politicians) do lean towards the wings for the primaries, and then lean to the center for the general. But yeah how do you know which is real? She never went this far left before though and it has floored me.

    It’s just not fair to people who properly waited in line. And there’s no rule that says we have to let everyone in who wants to come in – no other country does that. But I’m always hearing they have to come illegally because we don’t offer them legal ways – uh, yes we do, maybe you just won’t be one of the lucky ones. And can we leave some room for immigrants from Europe, China, New Zealand, etc? Does everyone have to come from south of the border? SMH

    It just seems like now, besides dumbing everything down, and watering down our long-held American principles (work hard to get ahead but now everyone jumps into the safety net), now it’s all about bending over for the lawless, from Ferguson to Baltimore to this amnesty stuff. Our culture is being eroded from all sides, IMO. These far left forces are trying to change what America is, and I hate that. We didn’t need to be fundamentally transformed. We don’t want to be socialists, either.

  45. now it’s all about bending over for the lawless, from Ferguson to Baltimore to this amnesty stuff.

    I meant to include crimping free speech in deference to extreme Muslims, instead of announcing from every corner, that if they want to hurt people who use their free speech, then they need to return to their 5th century country of origin.

  46. Shadow, moon – I wish you guys would discuss rather than scroll. I want to know what people make of all this. I wish I could talk to Hillary privately and know the truth, but that’s not going to happen. Do other people not care about these issues, or do they think she is pandering, or …. what…?

    I wish I could just know the truth. This is heartbreaking to me.

  47. Oh, I started reading “Clinton Cash” tonight.

    HWC – I saw an interview on Fox with the author, and he admitted it is all circumstantial, everything he writes about in that book.

  48. Lorac and LU4Puma…you both make very thoughtful comments…and ask unanswered questions…

    as for Hillary…her latest “pies in the sky” and asking the needy middle and lower classes to fit the bill for all this division and pandering will provoke the whole country into the emergency room/ward…one way or another…

    it will be interesting to see how she pivots from giving more lawyers and a “path to full and equal citenship” to 11 million illegal immigrants to…


    INCOME INEQUALITY for the poor and middle class citizens…while continuing to enforce increasing penalities on american citizens because they did not obey and purchase Ocare…that they cannot afford nor do they want for they rest of their lives…

    Income Inequality that forces these poor slubs to compete with the newly invited 11 million illegals for menial, service jobs…and prepare for the foreigners in the TTP trade deal that will be working for a pittance to produce services to flood the USA market and drive out USa small businesses that are doing their best to pay “living wages” and “mandated medical insurance” to workers here in the USA

    this is stupid…and is set up to fail…with the american taxpayer on the losing end again…

  49. Hillary needs clear thinking people to push her to the center…and get this country back on track…get the trains running on time again…and get the country going forward again…without all these pockets of unreality reigning amidst distraction and neglect from all of the leaders currently running the show…starting with the Executive Branch…

    not more of O’s nonsense…and worse…

  50. If Hillary is really the most brilliant person in the room,her ambition to be President has destroyed her clarity. She can’t go back on these destructive statements.
    I had lunch with 2 previous Hillary supporters, both late 50’s, BOTH middle class, hard working Americans, and both disgusted with Hillary. They said never again…she knew she was throwing the middle class under her bus, now she will have to live with it.

  51. lorac

    As far as Hillary being more supportive of an immigration policy than I like, I have said it several times on the blog…over and over. Do I think she is as careless and not consider the working class…Hell no.

    If I thought Hillary was a stupid as Obama, I wouldn’t be on this site.

    If I thought Hillary wasn’t the woman she was in 2008, I wouldn’t be on this site.

    I would never come here if I didn’t respect Hillary any longer, and just put on crappy GOP mindset for others to read and get upset about.

    Discussing concerns is what we all do, but only bring up things that are crappy or twisted from the GOP, about Hillary…I don’t respect that.

    To each our own.

    Lorac, you have to decide what is the truth when it comes to Hillary.

  52. And if I didn’t respect Hillary any longer and wanted to leave this site, I would still read Admins post, they are fantastic…I just would post replies.

  53. Shadow, thanks for the comment. I don’t know how to decide the truth. I guess I keep waiting to hear more from her.

    She didn’t say all these things in 2008. I… I just don’t know what to make of it.

  54. Lu
    The thing is, the issue is already in the courts, so she is obviously blowing smoke and beating her chest.

    She mentioned executive orders if needed. Courts won’t matter then. That’s why people are saying Obama+++….

  55. Lorac

    You should always make up your mind for yourself and consider a candidates history as their true self. With Fox and the MSM against Hillary, who do you trust? I trust what a person has done and worked on all their lives, not what someone tells me to think. Go back and look at what Hillary has worked on, what she has accomplished…not some book written by someone else that has their own spin. Then consider other candidates and see if you like them better. See what their history is.

    No one will ever fulfill all of your wishes, but who comes closest? Hillary isn’t a saint, and neither are any of us.

  56. HWC – I saw an interview on Fox with the author, and he admitted it is all circumstantial, everything he writes about in that book.

    Yes. Of course. It always circumstantial with pay to play political transactions. These guys are are all lawyers. They (usually) aren’t stupid enough (other than Blago) to leave a quid pro quo paper trail. I would be shocked to find that Bill Clinton was engaged in any transactions that crossed the legal line. Even the Rich pardon was legal. There was no explicit connection between the multi-million dollar donations a couple weeks after the pardon.

    My favorite so far, from Extortion, is the Congresswoman who loaned her campaign $150,000. Then, paid herself 18% interest on the loan for 20 years instead of paying off the loan, thus converting campaign contributions into cash money over a long period of time. Perfectly legal.

    I’m not that far into Clinton Cash yet. Just the Kazakhstan transactions. Just starting into the Putin/Russian connection.

  57. Chapter by chapter, blow by blow book report on a book the Republican author has admitted is only circumstantial with no hard proof as if we have not heard all this incessantly on FOX News, the right wing media along with the far left one.

    Guess we will get the same report on the book the author “says” he is researching to write about Jeb Bush and the Bushs which will come out in…possibly 2020…oh wait…that’d be an election year…maybe 2030…oh, wait, by that time George P. Bush might be running so… maybe…never.

  58. I can’t decide if Hillary is pandering, has a plan to sink the Democrats or has gone over to the dark side. If immigration laws don’t matter then no laws matter. If we don’t have enforced borders, rule of law, and a leader who respects these basic tenets of governance, we aren’t a sovereign nation. And as residents of a non sovereign no man’s land we don’t have to do anything they say unless targeted for enforcement and they can’t catch ALL of us. Welcome to “Irish Democracy” and a sullen, recalcitrant, and uncooperative populace. Some leadership skills she is displaying. I am embarrassed by her sucking up and complete lack of dignity.

  59. When the fundraisers for HillaryforAmerica contact you, you may wish to raise the following questions:

    1. you know all about me. Tell me about yourself. And tell me who you supported the 2008 primary–Hillary or Obama?

    2. are the same people running HillaryforAmerica who ran ObamaforAmerica. The catchline suggests this may be the case.

    3. how can I be sure that Soros is not funding or involved in your organization?

    4. if the goal is to achieve $2.5 billion why do you need a paltry contribution from me?

    5. what role is Jim Messia–pizza face—Obama’s campaign manager playing in promoting voter fraud in 2016?

    6. open borders and saving the middle class are mutually exclusive propositions. What makes Hillary believe both are achievable?

  60. Several times over the years here, I’ve likely mentioned a belief that beyond the US, Hillary and Bill are widely admired. And if that is true, Hillary had many wonderful moments in her travels for DOS. Perhaps the cacophony this latest campaign has whipped up just took her to the point where she’s had enough of the mostly inane criticism. [Though to be sure the immigration stance just taken is a page turner for me.]

    More and more I see her as a terribly battered woman. Perhaps she is sick of it.

    As is always the case in my corner, such analysis comes more from emotion than fact. It strikes me that she is lost, and I hope I am wrong.

  61. S said
    I will keep an open mind…but I think she went way too far yesterday with portraying herself as O +++ and even more…

    I too am keeping an open mind. 🙂

  62. …after I commented here last night I kept thinking maybe I am being too strident…but I know intuitively something is ‘off’ with Hillary

    this morning I read the comments of others here and like Mormaer I still couldn’t compute Hillary’s latest gambits…

    …then, silly me, the lights went on…wbboei’s comment reflected what I believe is what is going on…

    …besides the obvious that Hillary is pandering to the “left” side of the dims…

    she is being strongly influenced by O and his people…they are manipulating and strongly influencing her campaign…and at this juncture she is tied to the hip with O and his policies…no doubt about it…she is not performing as her own person…right now…

    I do not know who will show up in the general, but so far both Hill and Bill are supporters of O…yesterday Bill came out again in full support of the trade deal…


  63. foxyladi14
    May 7, 2015 at 11:03 am
    If so, then she is doing the GOP a huge favor by infecting herself with Obola.

  64. I think the Democrats believe that the country is becoming more left wing, as supported by the fact that Hillary, despite all of the faux scandals, and in spite of her left turn remains ahead of the Pub candidates in the polls. The article linked below makes the argument that it’s the Republican Party that Americans reject, not necessarily conservative ideology. It also argues that Hillary out-gamed Jeb and Rubio on immigration, putting herself in a position to deflect the hate speech the Pubs continue to launch at and about her.

    As we have seen here, it can be a real mistake to trust national polls, especially polling run by MSM. The deck will be stacked. The flip side of that is that there must be a significant segment of the population that bases decisions about beliefs, ideology, political persuasion, etc. on what media reports that the majority of the country supports. So in effect, even when media makes up numbers – or thoroughly pads them – they do pull some people to the side they favor, the side whose numbers they have inflated. However, regardless of how the numbers are juggled, the fact remains that much of Main Stream America is neither far left nor far right, and it doesn’t give a damn about party politics. Any politician who tracks too far to either extreme runs a huge risk.

    It would be a damn shame if after coming this far Hillary’s quest for votes from progressives in order to garner the nomination, was the very thing that lost her the general election. The main thing that seems to stand between her and losing is the antipathy voters feel toward the Republican party and the loss of confidence in them.

  65. free…Hillary has to be smart…and pragmatic…not a O clone…

    the whole GOP field is not complete at this point…and these polls are meaningless…Hill isn’t even really responding to the press or hard questions at this point…they will come down the line…and we know, in debates…

    I, and I think Wbboei, not sure…contend that if John Kaisch jumps into the ring…the complexion and odds begin to change…and I think he is going to jump in…sooner than later…

    John K is cagey…likeable…and not as harsh at the red meat GOP…

    …he has already staked out the ‘compassionate republican’ position for himself…
    and he has a successful record to run on in Ohio…

    I saw him in the news yesterday and he said “If I am talking about Hillary Clinton I am not telling you what I would do” smart…

    …at other times I have heard him say kind and positive things about Hillary…he sounds like he is preparing to run a campaign that is about him and what he would do and what he has done…that he is his own man…not tied at the hip to GOP extremists…

    imho…John K is the one to watch for and Hillary would be smart to be her own person…because John K will go after O’s record and it would be very unfortunate if Hillary is trying to outdo O at being O…

    this is from a Nov 14 article

  66. i agree, S. I think it’s an inadvisable strategy if in fact, it is a strategy, which I believe that it is. I have begun to believe that maybe Hillary sees Feather-Head as more of a threat than we realized, and is trying to keep her out of the race by showing there is not a need for a left wing female, as the progs have wanted all along – thinking a woman would be the best option to beat Hillary. Although Hillary will never garner the favor of the Kooks, in moving to the left, she may be sealing a deal with some of the party leaders to ensure support.

    As you said, Hillry is a pragmatist and a realist, and as such, would need to be willing to make some concessions to the Left. However, the path has been on since before she announced would seem to be sufficiently left enough. If there are Lib-Dims whose one and only criterion for their candidate is left-wing ideology, they should already have become converts. Being politically shrewd, Hillary must know, as has been said here and other places numerous times, that she will not be acceptable to the hard core Kooks no mater what she does. If she does recognize this, then theoretically, there’s no need for her to continue to prove how far to the left she will go – which brings me back to the possibility that some party bigwigs, including O, have agreed to support her and keep Feathers out only if she becomes O the second .

    There is always the possibility that her ideology has shifted left , or that it was further left than was expedient for her to acknowledge in 2008. I find both of these possibilities difficult to fully embrace. As people get older they tend to become slightly more conservative. And, although she may have been further to the left than we knew back then, Hillary fully understands that compromise is required,. She has always said that this country belongs to Dims and Repubs, and that in order for our system of government to work, both sides are needed and must be represented.

    I would bet there are literally tons of shit being stirred among the party bigwigs and insiders as they seek to push Hillary – the presumptive nominee for a long time, now – to move in their ideological directions.

  67. Gee, I got a note from Hillary


    When we talk about immigration reform, we can’t forget who this debate is about: people who work hard, love this country, and dream of nothing more than building a future here for themselves and their families.

    I want to help them fulfill their dreams.

    That’s why last night in Las Vegas, I talked with a group of DREAMers — Americans in every way but citizenship papers, who have big plans to go to college, open small businesses, become doctors, start families — and I committed to fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

    We should stop pretending we are going to deport 11 million people. We can no longer treat millions of Americans as second class citizens.

    I’m ready to do what it takes to fix our broken immigration system. Fight for this with me — add your name right now:

    The amazing people I sat with last night — Erika, Betsaida, Blanca, Rafael, Juan, Victoria, and Astrid — are a reminder that there are real people and real families behind this issue. But it’s not just about their families. It’s about all of us.

    I hope you’ll stand with me.


    And my reply:

    No Deal!!! – Re: It’s time to fix our broken immigration system,

    There are some very serious problems with Hillary’s position on this. What she is proposing is not a fix.

    11 million may be 50 million and more by the time illegal immigrants get done with the phoney paperwork that is readily available online for $75.

    There are millions still crossing our porous borders.

    If Hillary does not make it clear to American Citizens how this initiative is going to be limited, we are going to view this as her support of the elites efforts to flood the country with cheap labor and return us to the sweatshops.

    What about the citizens we have who have been dropped out of the workforce and are living in homeless camps?

    If Obama had done his job and brought prosperity to the country, we could have absorbed these people with no problem. He failed and does not have the right to do this to the middle class he has been destroying.

    This so called fix is a direct contradiction to her offer to champion every day people. Unless she is running for President of some other country.

  68. here comes the spider web waiting for Hillary…


    for some reason I cannot do a copy and paste…if you read this it shows how the Latino activists are not so foolish as to think the TPP trade deal will bring good jobs here for them…or the invited illegals Hillary will be doing whatever she can to allow them to stay…

    …so imagine what it does for out of work and struggling US citizens…especially the educated and experienced citizens that now find themselves “grateful” to have found a job at their local Home Depot for low wages…

  69. FYI…


    “A country that cannot control its borders is failing at one of its fundamental obligations,” she told the New York Daily News in April 2006.

    “There is technology that would be in the fence that could spot people coming from 250 or 300 yards away and signal patrol agents who could respond,” she continued, while suggesting that the U.S. could model its fence after the one protecting Israel.

    that was then…

    this is now…


    Obama has said that he his executive actions on amnesty go as far as the law will allow. On top of 2012’s DACA, Obama announced in November that he was acting unilaterally to grant amnesty under Deferred Actions for Parents of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA).

    But Clinton indicated on Tuesday that she believes there is still wiggle-room under the law to do more.

    “If Congress continues to refuse to act, as president, I would do everything possible under the law to go even further,” she said.

  70. When we talk about immigration reform, we can’t forget who this debate is about: people who work hard, love this country, and dream of nothing more than building a future here for themselves and their families.
    oh yes, they love this country alright.

    Enough to violate our immigration laws and swamp our welfare system.

    Now that is what I call love.

    They dream of nothing more

    Than building a future

    And taking American Jobs.

    And dealing drugs.

    How mawkish can you get??????????????????????

    So much that they violate its immigration laws, and take US jobs.

  71. mawkish: sentimental, oversentimental, maudlin, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, oversweet, syrupy, nauseating;

  72. Hillary puts illegals over legal immigrants and non citizens over citizens. Maybe she is counting on Messina creating enough voter fraud that she can steal the election with these illegals. It is beginning to look that way. These are unforced errors, and they will stick to her like glue. It is almost like she wants to lose the election. This is the defining issue of our time, and she is on the wrong side of it.

  73. Hillary underestimates us. Look at that Benghazi thing. In the immediate aftermath she told us unequivocally that the attack was caused by the video–nery a word about terrorism. Later, when the terrorism could no longer be denied she talked about the fog of war, and careening between the video and terrorism which she never mentioned in the moment. And then in her book she claims she knew it was terrorism all along. Evidently, she has concluded that because Obama was never held accountable for his lies, that she can engage in the same behavior. Given the moribund state of big media, and a public that has the attention span of a flea that is a distinct possibility. But those of us who supported her have a different take.

  74. Geeze, I think I have to stay away from the blog awhile…this being a toilet to shit on Hillary, really sucks.

  75. Chapter by chapter, blow by blow book report on a book the Republican author has admitted is only circumstantial with no hard proof as if we have not heard all this incessantly on FOX News, the right wing media along with the far left one.

    Hard proof of what?

    The book is not an indictment. It simply outlines connections: foreign businessmen who contributed to the Clinton Foundation. What business interests they had that were impacted by US foreign policy. What Bill Clinton did for them. Whether Hillary did anything that favored them. Whether their Clinton Foundation donations were reported.

    For example, the chapter I’m currently reading details Clinton Foundation connections with several Indian businessmen at the time India was trying to get legislation passed in the US Senate to remove sanctions punishing them for their nuke program.

    There is no charge and certainly no proof that Senator Clinton reversed her position and voted for the sanctions removal bill because of campaign donations and Clinton Foundation donations. It could have been just a coincidence.

    The Clinton Foundation in 2008 reported that it had received a contribution of between $1 million and $5 million from Amar Singh, a member of India’s Parliament and a pal of Bill Clinton.

    The size of the donation relative to Singh’s net worth raised questions about whether Singh was the true source of the cash, according to “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer.

    The 2008 contribution was made as Congress debated approval of a nuclear agreement between the United States and India, which then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton eventually supported. She met with Singh in Washington in September 2008 to discuss the legislation.

    For his part, Singh gave cryptic and conflicting answers about the donation.

    He told the Times of India “the payment could have been made by someone else” on his behalf.

    Singh told government ministers his name was listed by the Clinton Foundation because he had “facilitated the payment and, therefore, it ‘erroneously’ appeared in the records,” according to the book.

    Singh later beat charges that he bribed three other Indian politicians to support the nuclear deal.

    Bill Clinton first met Singh in 2005 through Sant Chatal, an Indian-American businessman who generated millions of dollars for the foundation, in speaking fees for the ex-president, and for Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign.

    Clinton and Singh hit it off so well off during their first meeting in India that the former president invited Singh to be his guest at the Clinton Global Intitiative held in New York days later, granting him a seat at the head table.

  76. I’m sorry this seems insensitive, but quite honestly, I don’t give a shit about Hillary’s statements about that film as the motivation for Benghazi. My recollection is that her statement was not “unequivocal”, though I may be remembering it incorrectly. She didn’t come up with the line. Word was that she refused to appear on the Sunday shows and push it. She had to say something. O had reportedly already given the word that the film was to be cited as the reason. So, in the first couple of days after the attack, before the dust has settled and all the facts are known Hillary is supposed go on national TV and tell the world that the rest of the O administration is lying? That hardly seems the time to publicly go against the message that POTUS and others with WH were giving. I’m sorry but if it was a lie, it was one she knew would be corrected within days.

    I doubt that my view is a terribly popular one, but so effing be it. If I’m gonna get worked up about something, it’s going to be about something more important than a 2 day lie / misinformation / talking point ordered by the boss.

    Mother Teresa’s dead. She can’t run for president.

  77. Shadowfax
    May 8, 2015 at 12:17 am
    Geeze, I think I have to stay away from the blog awhile…this being a toilet to shit on Hillary, really sucks.


    Well, please. Take me with you. Maybe we can find a fucking Shangri-La, where none of the politicians ever skirt the truth, where they all are open books, never try to take advantage of any situation, and are all members of the Clean Plate Club. I’ll wear my pink pinafore (like I would ever own one) and we can buy each other Cokes (not coke) and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

  78. Huckabee’s just running to stay relevant and sell some books. I have no idea why Ben Carson is running. Fiorina is probably running for VP, but will likely be a positive factor in the Republican race and an effective attack dog.

  79. Free, I’m beginning to think you and I, Admin, Southern, Moon and a few others are the only Hillary supporters still on Big Pink any longer. I am tired of the same old complaining, the same GOP talking points.

  80. Shadowfax, if you ever want to read articles by writers and commenters terminally infected with Clinton Derangement Syndrome, try wading in the septic tank at The Big Pink is my oasis from them and Drudge; I don’t need that sort of drivel here either.

  81. I’ve been coming here since around 2007, and I’ve seen people come and go, some with viewpoints I did not agree with at all, so I learned to ignore their posts and quickly scroll to the next one. You don’t have to argue with them; doing so will just leave you burned out and frustrated.

  82. The policy re immigration that Hillary is espousing is really a great disservice to Latin America. It allows the region to dump its social problems, legal problems, and maintain its grotesques upper classes and hideous top down wealth system. They are exporting their own citizens who cause problems just like Castro did. Namely people who are criminals OR who want to climb out of poverty in their own countries. They don’t WANT to leave their culture and families. They are also exporting their population problems because they have too much and the top 10% doesn’t want to let go of the highly concentrated wealth. Percentage wise they don’t become citizens but rather milk the cow which is the US and later return. Jeb Bush’s wife’s own father is an excellent example of this. I can’t believe that Hillary doesn’t know this and it is letting these rotten little countries off the hook to maintain their economic stranglehold of the region. Shame on her not just for US citizens being squeezed out but for those citizens of Latin America not working out their own problems but giving them the easy way out to avoid dealing with them.

  83. holdthemaccountable
    May 7, 2015 at 10:52 am
    the immigration stance just taken is a page turner for me
    And that is my litmus test for every candidate. If memory serves, this leaves me with Ted Cruz or nobody I could possibly trust.
    So open border is probably already a done deal, and that should render US ruined for me.

    So I won’t bring anyone else down over it. Just recall this has been a haven for me too.

  84. If some of us are looking at the facts objectively, and drawing rational conclusions from those facts, and others do not want to face those facts and would prefer to dismiss them as a right wing conspiracy, then I agree they should scroll down. For others, this may seem like an attempt to pull Hillary away from the left wing nuts who have captured and control her campaign. But the first group is inclined to see this as an assault on their belief system and their heroine. And coming from the inside, from people who supported her in the past, it is stupid to see this as a right wing conspiracy. It is our values—the traditional values of her 2008 campaign that are being thrown under the bus. That is the core problem, for those who are willing to face reality. Think back if you will to one of the articles of faith that once united those of us who have devoted countless hours to this blog, as opposed to others: we did not leave the democratic party, the democratic party left us, and because we value our belief systems, and are not republicans we will hold our party accountable. Yes, I suppose this is a tough discipline for those who see only the symbol, but for those of us who ask the pivotal question, what will the candidate do if elected, the devil’s advocate must be summoned. And that means, the logical implications of stated positions must be closely examined and carried to the limits of its logic–which is exactly where the quest for absolute power devoid of checks, balances and the rule of law will carry us. This is stern stuff. It is not for sissies.

  85. Well, please. Take me with you. Maybe we can find a fucking Shangri-La, where none of the politicians ever skirt the truth, where they all are open books, never try to take advantage of any situation, and are all members of the Clean Plate Club.
    No. Direct contradictions on key issues that define a candidacy fall into a whole different category. In Catholic theology it is the difference between venal and cardinal sins. This is not business as usual. You can say that it is, and pretend. But I cannot do that. At some point you must decide which is more important. Your values or your candidate. If it is any consolation to you, McConnell and Boehner are guilty of the same sin. You could say about them, they are conservatives. But that begs the question, if promising one thing and doing the opposite once elected is conservative, then the term has lost all meaning. To repeat: you cannot have open borders on the one hand and a middle class on the other. Moreover, the social problems which will follow in the wake of people who have not time to be assimilated is fraught with unintended and unforeseen consequences, which are not answered by this give me your poor huddled masses so the elites of this world can dump their social problems on us.

  86. This business of dumping their underclasses on the US began under Bush. Prior to 9/11, he and Vicente Fox had worked out a deal to do this, and to join the two economies. Manufacturing jobs go to China, service jobs are taken by illegals, the elites like Zuckerberg have their cake and eat it too, and the middle class is left holding the bag–93 million out of work, collapsed social nets and sporatic violence which requires police state response. Politicians who condone these practices—and assure us that this is all okay, are not worth supporting. We have them in spades in both parties. As far as these revealations about CGI, I was told about them five years ago, and I have accepted them as an extreme case perhaps of what the political class does as a matter of routine, which is to say, I do not dwell on them. But policy positions, and breaking faith with voters, those are my hot button. It invokes the Tragedy of the Commons.

  87. I’m ecstatic…..Axelrod has been advising and help run the British Labour party election and they lost by 100 seats…..

    Axelrod took the money and ran……..and the party went down to a massive defeat.

    Messina who was advising the British Conservatives took an overall majority.

  88. Here and in the other western democracies, the following applies. They say these policies are about the people. But it turns out they are not about the people at all. They are all about the perpetuation of the political class, which have become the hidden aristocracy in a nation that professes to believe in equality.

    Edward Blum of the American Enterprise Institute contends that the Voting Rights Act has long been diverted from its mission of voter enfranchisement into a factory of safe-seats for the Democratic Party. ”The VRA, he argues, is no longer a law designed to protect individuals’ right to vote, but a gerrymandering tool used to further the electoral prospects of incumbent politicians—regardless of their race.”

    The other way to achieve the same effect is to leave the district boundaries intact but to engage in a form of demographic re-engineering called the Curley Effect, after four time Boston Mayor James Michael Curley. Mark Hendrickson writes, “a politician or a political party can achieve long-term dominance by tipping the balance of votes in their direction through the implementation of policies that strangle and stifle economic growth. Counterintuitively, making a city poorer leads to political success for the engineers of that impoverishment.”

    Here’s an example of how the Curley effect works: Let’s say a mayor advocates and adopts policies that redistribute wealth from the prosperous to the not-so-prosperous by bestowing generous tax-financed favors on unions, the public sector in general, and select corporations. These beneficiaries become economically dependent on their political patrons, so they give them their undivided electoral support—e.g., votes, campaign contributions, and get-out-the-vote drives.

    Meanwhile, the anti-rich rhetoric of these clever demagogues, combined with higher taxes to fund the political favors, triggers a flight of tax refugees from the cities to the suburbs. This reduces the number of political opponents on the city’s voter registration rolls, thereby consolidating an electoral majority for the anti-wealth party. It also shrinks the tax base of the city, even as the city’s budget swells. The inevitable bankruptcy that results from expanding expenditures while diminishing revenues can be postponed for decades with the help of state and federal subsidies (“stimulus” in the Obama vernacular) and creative financing, but eventually you end up with cities like Detroit—called by Glaeser and Shleifer “the first major Third World city in the United States.”

    The Curley effect is extensive. Perhaps you have seen the chain e-mail listing the ten poorest U.S. cities with a population of at least 250,000: Detroit, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Miami, St. Louis, El Paso, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Newark. Besides all having poverty rates between 24 percent and 32 percent, these cities share a common political factor: Only two have had a Republican mayor since 1961, and those two (Cincinnati and Cleveland) haven’t had one since the 1980s. Democratic mayors have had a lock on City Hall despite these once-great and prosperous cities stagnating on their watch. This is the Curley effect in action. …

    What is most troublesome about the Curley effect is that it is spreading beyond its historical setting of cities. Entire states—most notably our most populous, California—are manifesting all the symptoms of the Curley effect: Democrats enjoying electoral hegemony; businesses and middle-class individuals, more Republican than Democratic, emigrating to states with less oppressive tax regimes; reduced job opportunities; a budget careening toward bankruptcy.

    This is like packing the hall — on a national scale. The process would seem unstoppable, except for the fact that a political system run for the benefit of a faction eventually runs out of money — and smarts. When James Curley found Boston assailed by a force he couldn’t fix, the weather, he wrote to MIT president Karl Compton asking for advice on using flamethrowers to clear the streets of snow. Rahm Emmanuel isn’t there yet, but give him time. Give him time.

    The reason why gerrymandering or the Curley Effect, once begun, must continuously expand to fill all available space is because as the taxpayer milk cows flee the district, cream begins to run short. Therefore the area of dominance must be constantly expanded from district to town, town to county, county to state and state to country, to bring the competence and money back into the fold.

    Read more:

  89. moononpluto
    May 8, 2015 at 8:53 am

    I’m ecstatic…..Axelrod has been advising and help run the British Labour party election and they lost by 100 seats…..
    Question: what is the difference between a squeaker and a landslide?

    Answer: one day. The day before the election when left wing polls give us fiction. And the day after the election, when the real poll occurs.

    This is the second time this has happened, in 6 months. First, Israel. Now Britain.

    Conclusion: pay no attention to the polls. They are 100% rigged.

  90. wbboei
    May 8, 2015 at 8:03 am
    “And coming from the inside, from people who supported her in the past, it is stupid to see this as a right wing conspiracy. It is our values—the traditional values of her 2008 campaign that are being thrown under the bus. That is the core problem, for those who are willing to face reality.”


    bingo. well said.

  91. No. Direct contradictions on key issues that define a candidacy fall into a whole different category.

    wbb, if you find a candidate who has never done the above on any issue, by all means, support him/her (it would have to be him at this point, wouldn’t it).

    I don’t like Hillary’s comments on immigration either. Not sure if she has tried or how she will square with position in 2008. Her website posts no policy statements yet. I’m hoping there will be more clarity once that happens – but there may not be.

    If any of the other candidates running on either side offers a better immigration policy, and if immigration is the only or primary issue about which you are concerned ,then you have a winner.

    After Obama was given the nomination in 2008, there was much criticism of those of us female Hillary supporters who expressed reluctance to vote for McCain (which I did, btw) in part, because of his stated opposition to abortion. We were accused of thinking with our Vs and were criticized for being ” one issue voters”. To me those accusations translated into, “We really don’t care whether or not you are a one issue voter. We just don’t give a damn about that particular issue, and don’t want it to stop you from voting our way.”

    I believed at that time, and still do, that if a voter wishes to determine which candidate he/she will support based only on that one issue – or any other one issue – that is his/her right, and he/she should have the hell at it.

    I feel the same about the immigration issue. Anyone who wants to make that the only issue on which they base their choice for president, has the right to do so. Time will tell, however, what the positions of other candidates are and how realistic and doable each candidate’s specific policy is. Those who plan to vote primarily on that one issue should have a much clearer choice.

  92. Shadowfax

    May 8, 2015 at 2:32 am

    Free, I’m beginning to think you and I, Admin, Southern, Moon and a few others are the only Hillary supporters still on Big Pink any longer. I am tired of the same old complaining, the same GOP talking points.



    I will agree there are some troublemakers…but it is not fair to lump long time Hillary supporters who now question her 180′ turnabout on issues that are crucially important to us…or shall I say, the middle class, the center, the American taxpayer…

    Admin has directly said this blog will remain honest and deal out “tough love” towards Hillary when necessary…I don’t think ignoring obvious problems is healthy for any of us…or Hillary’s general campaign…

    …I (we) cannot criticize Obots for blindly following O and then not examine Hillary when she follows his policies and wants to outdo him…this does not make sense…bad policy is bad policy…no matter who is preaching it…

    I think we do Hillary a great disservice by doing that…the problem seems increasingly to be that she is being held hostage by the far left…

    …so isn’t it better for us to honestly voice our frustration and try to pull her back to the center…so that she understands the center cannot be taken for granted…

    how is she going to get the “reagan democrats” and “mccain democrats” that fled the party back if she throws more salt on their wounds, so to speak…certainly not by becoming O three…when all of us have so patiently been waiting for Hillary, the common sense and fair, smart, hard working leader to show up…

    …particulary if she or her people read here…and I am certain…at the very least some of her peeps must check us out…

    I understand how you feel…as I have said a few times…her latest policy ideas have taken my breath away and left me feeling like i got a punch in the stomach…

    I am keeping an open mind…however I am very concerned about who is “handling” Hillary and how far to the left she is going…

    perhaps she will even out soon…

    however I am not putting my head in the sand…

    I want that strong willed woman back who stood in Rhode Island and mocked fantasy and unrealistic nonsense and stood for the hard working people in the USA and the protection of our country…

    …btw…just look at what happened in the United Kingdom last night…the polls were completely wrong…everyone said Labor was neck and neck with the Conservatives…

    and what happened…liberal/progressive people crossed over and voted Conservative to give Cameron a majority…they want their homeland taken care of…

  93. S and Webb…I never said that people here have to believe in what I believe…I just said I won’t be around much when the oh so much smarter, more logical decide to use Hillary like an effin’ punching bag.

    That also doesn’t mean that I won’t read Admin’s posts, nor that I don’t have true friends here…I will just be more invisible.

    And Free, Tony…I agree.

  94. Shadowfax, don’t let the naysayers get to you. I keep coming here because Admin always has great articles posted that help make sense of the cesspool of politics that Hillary has to wade through. Hillary is not perfect, but IMHO she’s still much better than the rest of them out there. To paraphrase Robert Redford’s character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, “People call you dirty because you got the guts to stick your hands in the mud to try to build something better.”

  95. Tony, I will try to take your advice…thank you. I just get so angry when some act as if their opinion is more intelligent, more logical or that anyone that still supports Hillary is just a dumb ass that doesn’t have the wits to have critical thinking skills and come to opposing conclusions.

    I’ll play it by ear…

  96. Shadow, Tony and Free…

    I hope you do not lump me into the category that is using Hillary as a punching bag because I am not…I learn alot from many here…but I do not think supporting Hillary means I have to stifle my brain…

    I am sure there are many such discussions going on within Hillary’s campaign and amongst other supporters and financial supporters…I cannot believe the centrist supporters are happy so far…I will also play it by ear…

    I am very worried about the future of our country…and the safety…

  97. No S, I don’t consider you in that category at all. I know that you have Hillary’s best interests at heart just as we do. We all get concerned when things do not seem to be going the way we think is optimal for her success, but then we don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes. Politics is a treacherous art where the players have to sometimes make dubious compromises along the way in order to achieve what they need to do, and that’s what separates the great ones like Abraham Lincoln from all the rest. That’s why Admin’s posts are always worth reading since they give us insights into the big picture.

  98. Thank you Tony for your comment…

    I agree politics is treacherous…

    …i think it is we have all been waiting for Hillary to have her chance for so long…and we think we know her…and what a smart and strong leader she can be…and it stings to see the shadow of O crimping her style and space…

  99. Tony Stark
    May 8, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    I absolutely agree with you.


    I do not lump you in either…


  100. Proves this guy is not the great campaign Guru they think he is, he’s a charlatan who basically got by on good luck in 2008. Snake oil salesman, nothing more.

    Thursday’s overwhelming victory for Britain’s Conservative Party proved the second major international disappointment of 2015 for former President Barack Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod.

    Axelrod served as a special adviser to the Labour Party’s failed campaign, whose embarrassing rout led to party leader Ed Miliband’s resignation Friday morning. Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina was also involved in the election — on the side of Labour’s Conservative rivals. (RELATED: Conservative Britain Crushed The Competition In The UK Election)

    According to Politico, Axelrod admitted he had only been to the U.K. “half a dozen times” since being hired by Labour for a reported fee of £300,000 (over $450,000).

    The Chicagoan found the grace on Twitter to congratulate his ex-colleague on facilitating a “resounding Conservative victory,” and to say he’d “never seen as stark a failure of polling” as the forecasts which predicted a much tougher climb for Cameron.


    Axelrod is nothing more than a hustler, always was.

  101. moononpluto
    May 8, 2015 at 6:14 pm
    Proves this guy is not the great campaign Guru they think he is, he’s a charlatan who basically got by on good luck in 2008. Snake oil salesman, nothing more.
    His talent lies in one area: manipulating the press. He was a mundane reporter before he became a world class, infallible, brilliant, never to be equaled campaign strategist.

  102. Well, a lot of people have left this blog for various reasons, none of which are Admins very, astute, witty, and always informative posts….Hillary has aligned herself left of the fraud it appears. Everything coming out of her mouth, and yes, I listen to her videos, not take reporters words for truth, tells me she has made a decision. ..she is heading left, she has left her old coalition behind, maybe in hopes we’re not listening? Will vote for her anyway? For whatever reason, Hillary is a big girl, Hillary makes her own decisions regardless of handlers.

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