In April of 2007 we began to publish. We did so because of our alarm that Barack Obama was treated with kid gloves by the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign. We also noted that it was “progressives” and Big Media, not Republicans, that hated Hillary the most and attacked Hillary the most profoundly. We are now about a week away from our anniversary. We are as worried now as in 2007 about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

It’s almost impossible to discount the reports that Hillary will announce Hillary Clinton 2016 tomorrow (maybe even today). It is a grievous mistake for Hillary to do so.

Why announce this early? We denounced the attempts by Obama henchmen for Hillary to announce last year right after the elections. We won that fight. Indeed, the news result from that battle was that Hillary would announce in July. We still think July is too early but it is better than April. Why the rush?

Barack Obama and his protection squads want Hillary to announce early in order to take the heat of scrutiny off him and onto Hillary. Obama and his minions also know that the earlier Hillary announces the more she will have to attach herself to Obama’s disastrous policies.

The paycheck hungry also want Hillary to announce early. For them it’s not about her, it’s about their paychecks and plumping up their bank accounts.

Impatient Hillary supporters also want Hillary to announce early. That is an insufficient and injurious reason to announce.

We hear the extra foolish reason given that, well, Hillary needs to get a campaign in place in order to answer attacks on her. This is entirely wrong.

In recent day several Republicans have PRAISED Hillary. Once Hillary announces that ends. The moment Hillary announces every Republican candidate for president will begin his or her announcement of candidacy with an attack focused on Hillary not Obama. In addition these Republican candidates will finally realize that the way to defeat and destroy Hillary is to attach her early and often to Barack Obama.

The way to destroy Hillary Clinton 2016 is to attach Hillary to Obama and Obama policies. Once Hillary announces even the dumbest GOP presidential candidate will stumble onto the fact that it will not be Benghazi, nor Lewinsky, nor any of the myriad issues that excite the Republican base that is Hillary’s Achilles Heel. Attach Hillary to Obama and Obama policies and it’s lights out for Hillary Clinton 2016.

But, Hillary Haters and Obama Cultists contend, doesn’t Hillary need to announce now to stave off attacks? No. Once Hillary announces she strategically places herself in a crossfire:

Think Clinton’s Having a Bad Time Now? Wait Until She’s a Candidate

She’s being scrutinized, but she’s not having to answer questions. That luxury ends the day she launches. [snip]

The twin controversies are prompting certain Clinton allies to lament that if she had only announced her presidential campaign earlier, her operation would be able to do a better job at damage control. “We’ve had our head up our ass,” one anonymous Clinton adviser told Politico.

But in reality, her decision to wait until April to launch a campaign has been an overall boon to her prospects—allowing her to avoid weighing in on numerous controversial issues that are dividing her party. Indeed, Clinton’s stalling tactics are a sign that she understands the political environment better than the critics realize. [snip]

Far from being unable to respond to the criticism, as a noncandidate she boasts an entire organization—Correct the Record, an arm of the Democratic opposition research firm American Bridge—that’s devoted to pushing back against her unfavorable coverage. [snip]

If she was a candidate, she’d be constantly grilled on the campaign trail over her conduct. She’s hoping that, when she announces in the spring, the furor over these controversies will have died down.

By contrast, prospective Republican presidential candidates have been grilled over Obama’s Christianity, support over a DHS funding deal, or inconsistencies over Common Core, even as Clinton has faced minimal scrutiny of her policy positions during the same period. [snip]

Meanwhile, Clinton has been able to dodge questions over her positions on issues at a time when there are growing divides within her party. She headed the State Department during its Keystone XL review, but has diligently avoided commenting on the merits of the pipeline’s construction. She hasn’t been pressed to take sides on liberal icon Elizabeth Warren’s pet initiatives—higher taxes on the wealthy, tighter banking regulations on Wall Street, and opposition to global trade deals.

Most significantly, she’s been mercurial about her position on an emerging nuclear deal with Iran that many of her party’s rank-and-file members are struggling to support. She hasn’t yet responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, which warned of the dangers of the president’s diplomacy. She’ll eventually have to take sides, but she has the luxury of time in devising her position.

“Most likely, she’ll be muted. She’ll wait and see what happens with the negotiations. I don’t think you’ll hear her say something substantive for now, one way or another,” said one pro-Israel official with ties to Clinton.

For a sign of how difficult the issue is for Clinton, just look at the contradictory responses she gave when asked about the American response to Iran’s nuclear program. In an August 2014 interview with The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, Clinton said, “I’ve always been in the camp that held that they did not have a right to enrichment.” But, as Goldberg wrote this week, the reported proposal being discussed is one that would “legitimate Iran’s right to enrich uranium” as a principle. After Obama pitched the benefits of his administration’s Iranian diplomacy in his State of the Union, Clinton announced her support to the president’s approach in Canada: “Why do we want to be the catalyst for the collapse of negotiations?” One month earlier, she told one of her top donors, Haim Saban, at the Brookings Institution that “no deal is better than a bad deal.” What gives? [snip]

“There’s no question she’s better off not being a candidate now. To me, that goes without saying,” said Democratic pollster Mark Mellman. “As soon as she’s a candidate, she’ll find people who used to like her who don’t.

This past week GOP presidential candidate and Bill Clinton impeachment manager Lindsey Graham says Hillary could have reached better deal on Iran:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a possible 2016 Republican presidential contender, said the United States should put off a final nuclear agreement with Iran until after the U.S. election and said Democrat Hillary Clinton could get a better deal.

The South Carolina Republican sharply criticized President Barack Obama’s negotiating skills in talks to contain Iran’s nuclear program. The only candidate he mentioned by name as being able to do better was the Democrats’ presidential favorite.

Praise from a Republican presidential candidate on one of the biggest issues for 2016 and yet we’re told Hillary better rush to announce? Lindsay Graham is not the only Republican of stature to praise Hillary and/or Bill Clinton. Senator of Oklahoma Tom Coburn too:

I think Hillary’s experience would make her a very effective president, I think, if she were to win,” Coburn said Wednesday during a meeting with msnbc reporters and editors in New York. “First of all, she’s been on the inside of politics for a long time, so she knows the inside game inside and out. She also knows the relationship game. Her husband was great at it.” [snip]

She was a good senator,” he said. “She worked across the aisle. She kept her word. She became knowledgeable about a lot of issues while she was a senator. So she did that job well,” Coburn continued.

And while Republicans have focused on trying to discredit Clinton’s four years as the nation’s top diplomat, Coburn had almost nothing but praise and compared her favorably to her successor, John Kerry.

“I think history overall will probably show that she did a more than adequate job, with a couple of blips, as secretary of state. Better than the secretary of state we have now, for sure. So there’s nothing wrong with her qualifications,” he said.

Some Republicans who were once positive about Clinton’s tenure at State have since soured as she’s stepped back into the political arena and prepared for a White House bid.

It’s true that “Republicans who were once positive” about Hillary will now return to their necessary political positions. We certainly don’t blame Republicans for opposing a political opponent. That’s their job.

Up to now, Republicans (other than the wackadoodles like Rand Paul) have been on Hillary’s side. Contrary to what the uninformed believe, Republicans have been most kind and most helpful to Hillary:

Trading Favors: Why the GOP Is Helping Hillary Clinton
A deal in Congress would extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a key part of the Democratic frontrunner’s legacy as first lady.

Improbable as it may sound, House Republicans are on the verge of approving, without much fanfare, a major priority of Hillary Clinton’s.

When Clinton ran for president in 2008, she touted her role as first lady in “designing and championing” the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, which provided coverage for millions of children whose parents did not qualify for Medicaid but could not afford private insurance. At the time President Clinton signed the law in 1997, it constituted the largest expansion of government-funded children’s health insurance since the enactment of Medicaid in 1965.

On Tuesday, Republicans unveiled legislation that would extend CHIP for another two years, without spending cuts or changes of any kind. [snip]

Count on Clinton to tout CHIP again during her 2016 presidential run, especially considering the bipartisan effort it took to create it. Along with Bill Frist, the Republican former Senate majority leader, Clinton co-authored an op-ed last month in The New York Times urging Congress to extend the program. “This is an opportunity to send a message that Washington is still capable of making common-sense progress for American families,” they wrote.

Many Republicans have been more than fair to Hillary since 2009 after they saw the full horror of Obama. Hillary’s problem once again will not be Republicans who do what they should be doing – which is to attack without restraint the opposition candidate. Once Hillary announces honest Republicans will do their job. No more praise of Hillary. After an announcement Republicans will voice darker views of Hillary. So why should Hillary announce this early?

Big Media. Big Media wants Hillary to announce. Big Media wants to be able to attack Hillary without restraint. Big Media wants to attack Hillary and force her further to the left or be replaced by a leftist kook:

Clinton’s Rough Road Ahead
The liberal base and the media will work together to make sure she isn’t crowned as the Democratic nominee. [snip]

Journalists looking for a good story, whether it truly exists or not, will endeavor to find a challenger and create a David and Goliath narrative, even if it means building David up to the point when he could be a realistic threat to the front-running Goliath. If there are multiple candidates auditioning for the David role, the media will size up each contender and then hype the one that seems most plausible as the real threat to Clinton.

Finally, the ideologues, the true believers, those who endeavor to spurn the good for the perfect, will promote one or more alternatives to put pressure on Clinton to move to the left at the time she is trying to maintain her general-election viability while steering toward a center-left course. Someone will emerge to coalesce disenfranchised ideologues, hoping to reach a critical mass that will attract journalists’ attention.

It’s not journalism Hillary has to fear, it is the activists posing as journalists. The New York Times is explicit: Big Media will do the job of the activist left:

Who will push Clinton into shape? The deadness of the Democratic contest has led to a situation in which the political world is trying to create an artificial rival for the former Secretary of State. The New York Times, for example, has declared the press to be Clinton’s stand-in opponent.

With no other powerful Democrats likely to run against her, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s toughest adversary for her party’s presidential nomination in 2016 has now become clear,” the paper wrote last week. “The news media,” the paper concluded, is Clinton’s only real opponent.

That is not a natural state of affairs; a candidate’s toughest adversary should be his or her rivals. And it is not the proper relationship between the press and candidates. Yes, that relationship can be adversarial, but a reporter is not an opposing candidate, and can’t act that way.

Big Media is a political party, as we wrote so long ago. What we wrote so long ago is still fresh as Tahitian air.

Big Media will attack Hillary as soon as she announces. For at least eight months, having no credible competitor, it will be Hillary bouncing around with nothing to do but answer Big Media attacks.

Understand that fact. Hillary will have nothing publicly to do for at least eight months because she will not have an opponent worthy of attention – as long as Hillary does not announce. The moment Hillary announces her primary opponent will be Big Media and Hillary will whittle herself away like a patient with tuberculosis at the Magic Mountain. Big Media can’t wait for Hillary to announce. Big Media is impatient. But Big Media and impatient Hillary supporters and Hillary job-seekers are not as impatient as Hillary Haters on the left:

The Left Is Building a Movement of Movements to Pressure Hillary

With Elizabeth Warren declining to run, progressives are taking matters into their own hands—with her platform, and her support. [snip]

This week, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee announced that a petition it launched calling for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee to campaign on a populist platform has been signed by 5,000 current and former elected leaders, as well as Democratic Party officials, union leaders, and progressive activists. These include twenty-five members of Congress, such as Senator Harry Reid, Representatives Bonnie Watson Coleman, Alan Grayson, Donna Edwards, and Barbara Lee, plus former Senator Tom Harkin. The petition—which was posted below a page header that reads ReadyforBoldness.com, and rides above a shooting star—begins, “We want the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee to campaign on big, bold, economic-populist ideas that tangibly improve the lives of millions of Americans.”

Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for similarly big, bold, economic-populist ideas, from a podium at Gracie Mansion. On Thursday, de Blasio announced that he, with a coalition of progressives he had convened, would in May put forward a template for how best to conquer inequality, and then ask presidential candidates to respond. (He said it would parallel the GOP’s 1994 Contract for America.) De Blasio and his allies in the project, progressive activists and lawmakers including Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, offered no specific policy suggestions, but spoke of their “vision.” The mayor talked of changing the national conversation, of “making sure income inequality is at the forefront of the national discussion.” A reporter asked if Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, had been involved in the gathering. De Blasio replied that her team had not been a part, but that he expected every candidate, including Clinton—were she to decide to run, he was careful to say—to speak to the matter.

“Anyone who runs for president should talk about big economic ideas that will help rebuild the middle class.”

These Kooks will devote themselves to hammering Hillary the moment she announces. Then in November 2016 the Republican candidate for president will appropriately use every Hillary statement in favor of the kooks to hammer her on Youtube and all the various tools of the Internet age.

The Kooks want Hillary to announce early not only to attack her but so they will have time, time, to develop a candidate from the left. The sooner Hillary announces the more time the left has. Right now the candidates against Hillary are mosquitoes. Chaffee, Webb, O’Malley are too weak to win but they can rally the opposition against Hillary within the Obama Party sufficient to take her down or move her to the losing left fringe alongside them. The Left wants control over the party not necessarily a win in the general election.

Once Hillary announces it will be 2008 again. Once Hillary announces Big Media will attack Hillary. Once Hillary announces the left kooks will attack Hillary. Once Hillary announces the Obama Dimocratic Party establishment will attack. Harry Reid is ReadyToAttack now:

Top Senate Democrat joins push for populist campaign agenda

(Reuters) – The top Democrat in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday joined a grassroots effort from the progressive wing of the party to encourage presidential candidates to adopt populist policies as they begin their campaigns.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is among more than 5,000 lawmakers and party leaders who have signed on to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Two weeks ago it launched a “Ready for Boldness” campaign that aims to ensure the eventual Democratic presidential nominee supports policies such as expanding Social Security retirement benefits, breaking up big banks and debt-free higher education.

All of the issues have been championed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, but she has said repeatedly she will not seek the party’s nomination. [snip]

“Being bold is the only way I’ve ever known how to win,” Reid said in a statement.

The PCCC has trained volunteers in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, who will attend town halls and campaign events to press Democratic candidates about where they stand on key progressive issues.

We’ll translate for you: there is an army of Kooks trained and operated by establishment Kooks primed and ready to attack Hillary Clinton for months until their candidate of choice rears his/her head to attack a weakened Hillary directly. So why exactly is Hillary announcing this early?


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  1. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/04/feisty-bill-clinton-takes-on-the-nyt-116829.html?hp=l2_3

    Bill Clinton is privately pushing back against the idea that he’s become frail and will play a more limited role on his wife’s impending 2016 campaign than he did in her 2008 bid.

    During a private Clinton Foundation fundraiser last week in Austin, Texas, Clinton rejected the premise of a March 29 New York Times story that described him as looking “older than his 68 years” and detailed efforts by Hillary Clinton advisers “to harness both the rare gifts and rash impulses” of the former president.

    The piece was more appropriately characterized as “creative writing” than news, Bill Clinton told donors to his family’s foundation, according to someone with knowledge of the event. [snip]

    In January 2008, Clinton called media coverage of Obama’s stance against the Iraq War “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

    And, as Obama’s eventual victory became a fait accompli, Clinton increasingly lashed out against a growing enemies list. During a May 2008 conference call with major donors to his wife’s campaign — audio of which was obtained by POLITICO — he attributed Hillary Clinton’s flagging support among superdelegates to “pressure from the Obama side, from the media, from the MoveOn crowd — who they think is an automatic ATM machine for everybody for life. So, they’re reluctant to take on all that.”

    Nothing’s changed from 2008 on the Obama, Big Media, Kook, front.

  2. The New York Times on Hillary vs. Obama. Beware, the article is co-authored by Hillary Hater Maggie Haberman:


    Hillary Clinton’s Calculus on Embracing Obama

    He defeated her in a grueling Democratic nomination battle. Then she pursued his agenda across the world as secretary of state. Now, the delicate relationship between Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama is about to get even more complicated.

    For months, Mrs. Clinton and her team have pored over Mr. Obama’s poll ratings, policies and constituencies, seeking to solve a central riddle for the campaign she is about to begin: How can she run for president as her own person, without criticizing the sitting president she served — while her Republican opponents will be working to demonize them both?

    Aligning herself too closely with Mr. Obama is fraught with risk for Mrs. Clinton. Asked to imagine their “perfect candidate,” nearly six in 10 Americans said they wanted someone who would change most of Mr. Obama’s policies, according to a CNN poll released last month. And Republicans are betting that attacks based on the incumbent’s record will be as effective against Mrs. Clinton as the tactic was in 2008, when Democrats equated a victory by Senator John McCain to four more years of President George W. Bush.

    That’s the anchor she’ll be dragging for the next couple of years,” said Stuart Stevens, who was a top strategist for Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee.

    Mrs. Clinton will also be trying to defy political history: Only once since the establishment of the two-term limit in 1951 has a candidate won an election to succeed a president from the same party — and it was the first President George Bush, whose predecessor, Ronald Reagan, remained popular at the time and was beloved by Republicans.

    Yet Mrs. Clinton and her team have decided that, on balance, the risk of lining up near Mr. Obama’s record is worth taking.

    Rather than run from Mr. Obama, she intends to turn to him as one of her campaign’s most important allies and advocates — second only, perhaps, to her husband, the other president whose record will hover over her bid.

    In a general election, Mr. Obama is expected to help Mrs. Clinton raise money, and he would be asked to campaign for her in, among other places, the most heavily African-American counties of the swing states that he won in 2008 and 2012, according to numerous people briefed on the plans, who discussed them on the condition of anonymity.

    Mr. Obama would most likely be scarce on the stump in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Mrs. Clinton defeated him in the 2008 primaries by appealing to women and white working-class voters.

    But even in those states, Mrs. Clinton does not plan to distance herself from Mr. Obama’s record, advisers said. Rather, she intends to praise, above all, the economic progress Mr. Obama has made, getting the country out of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and cutting the unemployment rate nearly in half.

    Advisers say Mrs. Clinton will promise a “new chapter” that would expand upon Mr. Obama’s efforts to address persistently stagnant wages and rising inequality.

    “I think that’s what the campaign is about: How do we, with all the improvement of the economy, assure there are stronger paychecks for all Americans?” said Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader.

    Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, said that she “is proud of what was accomplished, both as President Obama’s partner on critical issues of national security, and on the progress made on the domestic front” and that “a campaign would be about laying out her own vision for tackling our toughest challenges.”

    But seeking a “third Obama term,” as some put it in the shorthand of political operatives, is not a simple matter for Mrs. Clinton. She can take little credit for the administration’s signature domestic accomplishments, like the Affordable Care Act, and she has scant leeway to disavow what Republicans portray as Mr. Obama’s misguided foreign-policy moves in places like Iran, Israel and Russia.

    The approach is laden with uncertainty: While few Democrats expect Mr. Obama to be as unpopular as Mr. Bush in 2008, some worry that Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement of Mr. Obama’s policies, whether tacit or explicit, would presume continuing economic tailwinds and the absence of crises that could damage the president’s standing. Moreover, by praising Mr. Obama’s accomplishments, along with those of her husband’s presidency, Mrs. Clinton, 67, could seem too focused on the past.

    “How do you leverage the benefits and accomplishments of the last four years but make clear this is an election about the future?” said Chris Lehane, a strategist who worked for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

    Mrs. Clinton’s strategic calculation is a sharp change in perspective from late last year, after Republicans gained a majority in the Senate and retained control of the House in the midterm elections, when a record 55 percent of Americans said they disapproved of the president.

    But recent internal polling led by Mrs. Clinton’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson, showed that independent voters, in particular, were frustrated with Washington’s “inability to get things done,” yet are not looking for wholesale changes to the Obama administration’s policies.

    Those findings were reinforced, advisers to Mrs. Clinton said, by a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted late last month. Asked which was more important in a presidential candidate, only 37 percent of Americans chose a “new direction,” while 55 percent opted for “experience.” An aide to Mrs. Clinton acknowledged the apparent contradiction with CNN’s poll question about the perfect candidate, but said the campaign put more stock in its own polling.

    “Even people who are ambivalent about President Obama’s record want to elect a president who will do things, rather than a president who will undo things,” said Geoff Garin, a pollster who was a chief strategist on Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign.

    Walking a fine line, Mrs. Clinton will try to present herself as more capable of working across the aisle than the current administration, without directly criticizing Mr. Obama.

    Her allies already point to her six years in the Senate, when Mrs. Clinton worked with Tom DeLay of Texas, who was the House Republican leader, on legislation to increase services for families who adopt or take in foster children. And Mrs. Clinton reminds crowds that even during his impeachment, her husband worked with Republicans like Trent Lott of Mississippi, who was the Senate majority leader.

    Increasingly in recent weeks, Mrs. Clinton has spoken of the need to find political consensus — to “get out of our mind-sets, our partisan bunkers” and bring Democrats and Republicans together in “a nice warm purple space where we’re trying to solve problems,” as she told a Silicon Valley convention of women in February.

    The comments were notably evocative of Mr. Obama’s rhetoric in the 2008 campaign — which Mrs. Clinton mocked as evidence of his naïveté and inexperience. “Now, I could stand up here and say: ‘Let’s just get everybody together. Let’s get unified,’ “ she said to a roar of laughter at a Rhode Island rally that year. “The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect.”

    But Mrs. Clinton’s gentle reproach about partisanship of late is meant to reassure independent voters that she would be a consensus builder as president.

    For Mr. Obama’s loyalists, however — particularly black voters, who turned out for him in record numbers — such talk represents an implicit criticism of the president — that he failed to meet his promise to bridge, if not end, the partisan divide.

    “That’s the gantlet that is really tough,” said Robert Gibbs, Mr. Obama’s former press secretary. “The question is what percentage of the electorate in very important states is going to be African-American, without an African-American on the ballot.”

    At least, Mrs. Clinton will not have to contend with the quagmire that Vice President Gore faced in 2000, when he tried to embrace President Clinton’s popular policies while distancing himself from the scandals that had engulfed the administration and largely benching Mr. Clinton from the campaign trail. Mr. Gore’s laborious efforts, which were heavily second-guessed after his defeat, included testing subtle word changes to help distinguish himself from Mr. Clinton while still taking credit for the era’s prosperity.

    A more likely road map for navigating the third-term question, according to advisers to both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, would be the 1988 Bush campaign. Then the vice president, Mr. Bush delivered full-throated support for President Reagan’s conservative policies, but also called for a “a kinder, gentler nation.”

    In one way, Mrs. Clinton has plenty of maneuvering room to set herself apart from Mr. Obama: by appealing to voters as a mother and grandmother, and highlighting issues like equal pay and paid family leave that disproportionately affect women. And she intends to address stagnant wages and income inequality in new ways; one potential proposal would offer incentives to corporations that allow employees to share in profits.

    Perhaps the stickiest area for Mrs. Clinton in putting daylight between her and Mr. Obama will be foreign policy — her portfolio as his secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

    She has taken credit for laying the diplomatic groundwork that led to the much-debated nuclear talks with Iran. She was widely criticized on the right for the failed “reset” of the relationship with Russia. And her handling of the deadly attack on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, remains the focus of congressional investigators.

    Her potential opponents have already laid traps for her on foreign policy. Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, speculated that Mrs. Clinton would seek to disavow Mr. Obama’s handling of the current turmoil in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. “She’ll try,” Mr. Bush told the talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt, adding, “This is very Clintonian, I think, to figure out a way to get out of a mess.”

    But Mrs. Clinton’s advisers say any tensions with the White House would quickly be magnified, as happened during Mr. Gore’s campaign, and distract voters from her message. “There will be a huge examination of where there is friction,” said Michael Feldman, a former aide to Mr. Gore.

    Indeed, when Mrs. Clinton mildly criticized Mr. Obama’s Middle East policy in an interview with The Atlantic last summer, the commotion led her to apologize to the White House and her spokesman to say Mrs. Clinton would be “hugging it out” with the president on Martha’s Vineyard.

    For Mr. Obama, there is good reason to tolerate any gibes from Mrs. Clinton, real or perceived.

    With Republicans in control of Congress, Mr. Gibbs said, “he needs her to win this election so that the things he wants history to remember as his most consequential accomplishments aren’t undone in the first 100 days of a Republican administration.”

    Mr. Obama, who is loath to drift into lame-duck status too soon, has been guarded in his comments about the 2016 race, partly, aides say, out of respect for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has not ruled out a presidential campaign.

    Asked last week about Mrs. Clinton’s prospects, the president was complimentary but vague. “If she’s her wonderful self,” he told NBC News, “I’m sure she’s going to do great.”

    Fake “facts” from Obama pollster and Obama cultist Joel Benenson will doom Hillary in the general election if this is the path chosen.

  3. I know you are right Admin. I am going to pray the “Announcement” is a kook fabrication and Hillary will stay cool and let it drop. But she did rent those offices, what about the FEC filing for candidacy? I do not see a 2016 Presidential Listing for her. Just the 2008 listing.

  4. Lu4PUMA, we think that the announcement is likely and that it is not a fabrication.

    As to the lease question it is only an issue depending on who signed the lease. If Hillary or Bill or a friend personally signed the lease then FEC regulations are not triggered. Anyone, including Hillary, can rent whatever they want. If Hillary signed a lease for office space to play ping-pong or storage space for her book collection or for whatever purpose this would not trigger anything.

    If on the other hand a lease was signed by a campaign committee called HillaryClinton2016 then there would be FEC implications.

    At this point Big Media does not know who signed a lease in Brooklyn Heights.

    And kudos to the group you cited suing Hillary. They also sued Bush, Walker, Santorum, and O’Malley, for the same reasons.

  5. I see that piece of Judas shit is mouthing off on Hillary already….

    Bill Richardson is such a fucking snake in the grass.

    RESIGNED TO HILLARY: How one-sided is the Democratic nomination race? Even the party’s Hillary skeptics are resigned to HILLARY CLINTON being the party’s nominee. “I don’t see a path for anyone not named Clinton,” said former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who served as United Nations ambassador under Bill Clinton before running against Hillary in 2008.

    “You know I don’t get along with her,” he noted, by way of explanation. “I’m not a Ready for Hillary person. I’m trying to be honest with you.”

    “It would take a formidable, inspirational candidate” to seriously challenge Clinton now, says Richardson. “I think while [MARTIN] O’MALLEY is developing as a good candidate, I don’t see the mix for a dramatic alternative there.”



    crawl back under your rock Richardson and don’t come back out until we say so.

  6. This early announcement will draw her in the cross fire, at the very moment that Obama is imploding.

    From a strategic standpoint, it is a major mistake.

  7. Nothing’s changed from 2008 on the Obama, Big Media, Kook, front.
    Yup. Deja vu all over again. Including some version of the Rove-Fat Donna intrigue.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you more admin. She shouldn’t announce until October if you ask me. Whether the MSM is dissing her or not, she is getting press. She is getting love from some fairly respectable rethugs. I hope that she is getting good advise from the people around her.


    Hillary 2016

  9. Wise words, admin, but if Hillary decides to announce tomorrow, then I guess we’ll just have to buckle up and lock and load.

  10. Clint Eastwood has a very humpy son who is about to become a big movie star due to his new movie. Son of Eastwood got advice from Clint. Clinton should heed Clint:


    But he’s happy to chat about “The Longest Ride” — which opens in theaters on Friday — his first lead role in a movie. “I’m really proud of it,” he says. The tearjerker about a cowboy who falls in love with a local Southern girl (Britt Robertson) is adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel, and could provide the same launching pad for Eastwood that “The Notebook” was for Ryan Gosling. Besides, Hollywood is experiencing a shortage of leading men, and Eastwood — with his strong screen presence (which he learned from his dad, who told him: “Don’t be afraid of doing nothing”) and pinup looks — fits the job description.

  11. Big Media on the job attacking Hillary every which way:


    Unflattering photos of Hillary reveal Liberal media plans

    It’s the photo accompanying the most recent NYT article on Mrs. Clinton announcing. She’s frowning, and her head seems to be floating in a mist, as if she’s hiding “in the shadows” like an illegal alien. It’s both unflattering and odd as a photo. In case you think this is just random chance, have a look at the photo on the right above. It was taken from another recent Times article about Mrs. Clinton. In the photo you can see the giant projected head of Mr. Clinton looking like he did in his famous “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky” speech, and Mrs. Clinton looking very smug, as if she just got the news that her mail server hard drive had been eliminated. I think it’s safe to say from these photos that the Times doesn’t like Mrs. Clinton very much.

    Now take a look at the first photo below.

    The first photo above is from NBCnews.com, featuring a concerned looking Hillary under the title “The Many Times Hillary Clinton Has Hinted at a 2016 Run”, which isn’t exactly flattering. And the last photo above is from Politico. Hillary looks about 125 years old in it and looks like they dug her up from her coffin to take the photo.

    So what’s going on here? I think talk show host Mark Levin has the correct answer. The liberal media want to replace Hillary with another candidate. They want someone who is going to be even more stridently leftist. They are also not unaware of all her ethical flaws, and want someone with less baggage. So, as Levin noted, they will do everything they can to undermine Hillary in the primary process. But if Hillary does survive the primary, they will turn 180 degrees and suddenly all the photos you see of Hillary will be airbrushed and/or from archives circa 1995.

    Expect something similar in the Republican primary. Expect Ted Cruz and Scott Walker photos to show them as angry and/or insane. But Jeb Bush photos will show him looking cheerful or thoughtful. If Bush gets nominated, however, then they will stop using those and dig up some insane photos of him too.

    Pictures at link. Conservative Mark Levin has this one correct.

  12. I fully agree with your new post Admin, and I wish that Hillary would wait. I would much rather have her come out tomorrow and say she is going to start a listening tour and see if she WANTS to run again.

    The only way she should come out tomorrow is with guns loaded and a clear and well thought out plan on how she plans to fix our economy, and all the mess that the Fraud created over the last 6.5 years.

    Hillary should call the shots, not go by what the media and kooks want.

  13. Could the lease have been signed by a family friend, and only later be turned into the campaign headquarters? Or if that is the plan, is that also not legal?

    A couple of days ago I said how Hannity was bringing up Hillary’s terrible temper, citing something written in 1989 and 1990. Tonight on Judge Jeanine, she brought up Hillarycare from back then – 25 years ago? I have no ideas what Hillary’s ideas are for healthcare, but to think she wouldn’t have learned anything in all that time is stupid. But… accuracy isn’t what they’re aiming for, they just want to slam her.

    I do disagree with her, though, on voter ID. Even Mexico has voter ID, and all states here have programs for poor people.

  14. admin
    April 11, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    she intends to praise, above all, the economic progress Mr. Obama has made

    The Obola sponsored financialization of the economy, devoid of productivity, is a demonstration of failure of such a system. Currently we are due for a market adjustment (crash). The money people are out of the stock market and corporations are buying back their stock with bank loans. The real estate trusts that have been buying up inventory as rentals have mortgaged them to major banks on off balance sheets that the investors may generally be unaware of. Most of the debt is organized under LLC’s. The Chinese housing market has collapsed, taking their economy with it as they flood their own stock market with speculation. They will try to control the crash to their best advantage at the expense of investors.

    I suspect the collapse has started this quarter as the GDP went to zero. The numbers will be out in another few weeks and they may be able to juggle it up to half a percent or so. At the very least, it is a period of deflation. The FED has fudged as much as possible and there are those who say the central banks will not be able to stop the crash without destroying their own currencies. They say this crash will be worse because of the Obola QE that was supposed to be temporary but was kept in place so Obola’s false recovery could be propagandized.

    Take this for what it is worth. I am an engineer, not a banker. But for sure you are not going to be warned on the 10 O’Clock News.

    This is the environment that Hillary will need to run her campaign in. Change is here. I hope Hillary has a good plan.

  15. This already evokes strong, painful emotions of 2008’s up and down roller coaster- before it became clear that the track had been rigged so thoroughly, there would be no more “up” – it was not going to be allowed. Now, relief that Hillary is actually planning to run turns to that sinking feeling of concern about her candidacy being announced too early. In 2008 relief when Hillary won Texas primary, dissipated quickly when rigged caucuses (Hillary delegates locked out of voting place by O thugs, etc.) resulted in an Obama “win”. Or – excitement when Hillary out-performed O, hands down in a debate turned to incredulity when MSM declared him the winner, singing his praises – sounding more like snake-oil evangelists at a tent revival than legitimate journalists.

    This time around we’ll be less surprised by the treachery of the Kook Left – more prepared for their evil. Still, it sounds like the Dims are working harder at sharpening their swords, determined to turn Hillary into on of them or destroy her. I don’t understand why she decided to announce now, she’s giving them even more opportunities to attack. Where’s the Clinton political savvy. I recognize that she must, at least give the appearance of compromising with the powers of the Left, but this early announcement is just one more example of things being a little “off”.

  16. Freespirit, i think the main reason is for this announcement is so she can raise as much money as possible for this billion dollar campaign and also force out any possible 2 faced challengers to come out of the woodwork now fighting for the longer the others now wait they will lose support and revenue…….

    I hope its really a put up or shut up and get behind me……..lets see how many superdelegates come out of the woodwork now to back her immediately…..this is as much a look at the lay of the land as anything.

    Dominate the field, kill all competition with no mercy.

  17. “She was a formidable candidate in 2008. She was a great supporter of mine in the general election. She was an outstanding secretary of state. She is my friend,” President Obama said at a regional summit in Panama.

    “I think she would be an excellent president.”


    I bet he choked on those words and telling that he must believe now that Hillary is going to be hard to beat….because frankly he would never praise her like this….


    its also different this time, because her lead now in 2015 is much higher than it was at the same time in 2007 with no real charismatic challenger. I still firmly believe the Dems know its her or no-one in 2016.

    If only Obama had waited and taken the job of VP instead of President in 2008 i suspect everything now would be different. He just could not wait for the right time.

  18. On tv the other night a commentator was defending her getting into the race now, saying that there are only 9 months until Iowa…?

  19. The other reason Elizabeth Warren is not going to get into this race is I do not believe she wants to go there nor is she a good campaigner on any level, she does not have that experience really. She won in a state that is a cakewalk and she did not have to do very much other than be a Democrat.

    I believe she wants to hold a stronger position in the Senate and i think that is where she will stay, she is in no way going to run for the Presidency and this is her one and only shot at her age if Hillary wins this time because in 2024, Warren will be 75. For her, the fight is not in her for that.

    Besides that, what the fuck would she know about Foreign Policy? Could you see her running a war and no, neither could the american public. A woman not knowing a damn thing about Foreign policy is going to get her ass handed to her. She has only been in the senate since 2013 and we all know that worked out last time……She was assigned to the Senate Special Committee on Aging; the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee; and the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. That is not going to cut a damn thing.

    Hillary would eat her for breakfast.


    O’Malley aged 52 will try and run but get nowhere, he comes from one of the most corrupt states in the country and his own handpicked successor lost and i would tend to believe there are quite a few dirty scandals floating around that closet……His main problem is he is completely un camera friendly and comes across as slimy. Also again, he has no idea of anything but Maryland….no clue.


    Jim Webb aged 69 brilliant resume…………again the guy just comes across badly on screen. I’d personally make him secretary for defense, tbh.


    Bernie Sanders…..please don’t make me laugh…….

    Lincoln Chafee……who? a Rep, turned indy, turned Dem….yeah trustworthy……

    Joe Biden………..Yup i fell off the sofa laughing…..

  20. I think I am going to detach. Some of the messaging in the We are Hillary for America is good but too apologetic for taking voters for granted, as if she is taking the blame for the stupidity of the Obama voters. It is definitely messaging to both factions of the party.

    I think I am going to keep my name and tell them I am not coming back to the party until H is nominated.

  21. Sir Richard answers the question that has been dogging us since we first saw Obama in action as President:

    Is he malevolent or simply incompetent?

    The take away from this is when it comes to foreign policy the tactics he applies with great aplomb here in this country to intimidate the RINO, bamboozle the nation and destroy our nation are of no avail. On the foreign front he is dealing with people who are connoseurs of power who ran a gauntline far more rigorous than the putrid Chicago machine. What is he to do? Lauch the forces of Occupy Wall Street against the brown shirts of Fritz Rhom? They would not survive for a nanosecond. Hijack the Israeli election? We have seen how well that worked. He is flumoxed. But the bottom line here is not entirely that. The bottom line is Americans have succeeded against foreign foes by letting American be America. Contrary to popular thinking Reagan did not defeat the old Soviet Union. The United States through its institutions and economic power did that. His biggest mistake is personalizes this. He cannot possibly outwit Putin or the leader of Iran. He aint smart enough. But he compounds that error by slandering his own country and not letting America be America. That is a mortal sin, and big media is in pare delicto for being so determined to promote their own interests over those of the nation.
    Malice vs Incompetence
    by Richard Fernandez
    April 10, 2015 – 5:58 pm
    Print Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size
    One of today’s man-bites-dog stories is that America cannot evacuate its nationals from war torn Yemen. Rather it hopes countries like India can do it for them. A State Department official said the U.S. government, which is providing logistical support for the Saudi campaign, believes it is too dangerous to risk a military operation to rescue Americans. “There are no current U.S. government-sponsored plans to evacuate private U.S. citizens from Yemen,” the official said. “We encourage all U.S. citizens to shelter in a secure location until they are able to depart safely.”

    Fortunately New Delhi will ride to the rescue of Uncle Sam. “India has won many friends by evacuating nearly 1,000 nationals of 41 countries from warring Yemen. … Along with some 4,600 Indians, Singh’s mission rescued citizens of Britain, France and the United States.” The days of “exceptionalism” are over. Americans being left on the beach alongside wretched 3rd World nationals is part of the march toward making it a normal country occupying a status considerably below India and perhaps above Nepal.

    There was a time of course when claiming American citizenship carried the same weight as the ancient civis romanus sum. ”I am a Roman citizen.” It conjured images of grey warships offshore and grim faced Marines poised behind the ramps of landing craft. It implied diplomats who could pound the table as the local warlords quivered. And even if it didn’t always quiver they sometimes did, for the despots could never be sure the Navy was not actually there.

    But today even diplomats have no expectation of being saved from the tender mercies of knife-clattering Jihadis. If local secret agents who risked their lives for America can be left to their grueseome fates then ordinary citizens will have to make their own arrangements. At a State Department press briefing one journalist actually asked Marie Harf if Americans should swim out of the country.

    Swimming might be a better idea than taking the land route, given that Saudi Arabia has bombed refugee camps. CNN reports that “Bab al-Mandab is one of the busiest waterways in the world, a thoroughfare for oil tankers and cargo ships. It’s now being crossed by desperate Yemenis in rickety fishing boats seeking refuge from the conflict threatening to engulf their country.”

    For the other surprise story of the day is that Pakistan is not riding to the rescue of the Kingdom. In a rather shocking vote, Pakistan has refused to send troops to Saudi Arabia’s aid. “ADEN (Reuters) – Pakistan’s parliament voted on Friday not to join the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen, dashing Riyadh’s hopes for powerful support from outside of the region in its fight to halt Iranian-allied Houthi rebels.”

    The Washington Post asks in story redolent with mixed metaphors whether Yemen going to become Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam. Or — perhaps we can coin the phrase now — Iraq going to become Iran’s South Korea. Perhaps the phrase the Washington Post was looking for to express its geopolitical perplexity can’t be found in Apocalypse Now but in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy tells Toto ”we’re not in Kansas any more”.

    We’re in world where Indians rescue Americans. The Saudis may be in a fight for their lives. The landscape has turned upside down. One person whose world view changed from black and white to technicolor in an instant is Times of Israel military correspondent Mitch Ginsburg who charts his journey from being an admirer of Barack Obama to being absolutely terrified of what new catastrophe he will cause now.

    It makes fascinating reading. At first he put aside his nagging doubts, but by the time of the Cairo address some of his dormant suspicions had been rekindled. “Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod and the rest, I figured, had given him bad advice.” Inch by inch, Ginsburg reluctantly opened his eyes until the shocking Technicolor scene assailed him.

    in June 2009, came the Green Movement in Iran. All of my Israeli friends mocked Obama and his detachment. I said it was best — American support was the last thing the students on the streets needed. Iran — one of the four true nation states of the Middle East — was scarred by the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Mohammad Mussadeq in 1953; the revolution against the Ayatollahs had to come from the people, for the people. Staying on the sidelines, I told my friends, was a painful but astute piece of policy. …

    The Arab uprisings began in December 2010. … The Obama administration released a statement hailing “Egypt’s role as a pillar of regional peace, security and stability,” and said that the US “will stand with the Egyptian people as they pursue their aspirations for democracy, dignity, and opportunity, and fulfill the promise of their revolution.”

    This was the first crack in my devotion. Still, though, I told myself, the president of the United States of America could not possibly believe that political Islam, as practiced by the Brotherhood, was a necessary stage on the path to true democracy.

    In November, with no fanfare and no letters, with dwindling conviction, I voted for him again. I believed Obama when he told Goldberg that, insofar as the military option against Iran in concerned, “as president of the United States, I don’t bluff.” …

    And then, within the span of a few months, a flurry of events turned my waning and rather lonely support of the president into a clammy and bewildering sense of betrayal.

    We are indisputably in the Land of Oz. The question many people are asking, in this age of topsy-turvy news stories, is whether we were propelled here by the tornado of Obama’s incompetence or the subtle scheming of the Wicked Witch of the West. Hugh Hewitt put the question of malice versus stupudity directly to former vice president Dick Cheney.

    HEWITT: Is he naive, Mr. Vice President? Or does he have a far reaching vision that only he entertains of a realigned Middle East. That somehow it all works out in the end.

    CHENEY: I don’t know Hugh. I vacillate between the various theories I’ve heard. If you had somebody who, as president — who wanted to take America down. Who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world, reduce our capacity to influence events. Turn our back on our allies and encourage our enemies, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama is doing. I think his actions are constituted in my mind are those of the worst president we’ve ever had.

    Cheney declined to make a judgment. The case for malice is strong because of the apparent duality to the president’s skills. On the one hand the president seems awfully good at coercing domestic opponents, intimidating Republicans and fooling the general public. This argues competence. But on the other hand he is laughably outmaneuvered by men like Putin, Castro, the Iranians or the Saudis. The Chinese run rings around him. This suggests he is throwing the match. The existence of the duality fuels the hypothesis that he is ‘taking America down’.

    But incompetence cannot wholly be discounted. Consider that the skills required for being an American president and those useful for being a conspiratorial despot are opposites. America operates, to a larger extent than most countries anyway, on trust, public assent and the rule of law. By contrast, despotism calls for dishonesty, ruthlessness and a kind of megalomania. Anyone who makes a good despot will make a bad president. Anyone who makes a good president will be a bad despot.

    Now consider the case of an ambitious mediocrity in the Oval Office who is enamored of himself. In trying to be the Lee Kuan Yew of Chicago such a man would be blindside American polity because where people expect a president to be forthcoming, he would lie. Where his political opponents relied on the protections of the law and custom, they would encounter small minded and vindictive persecution. He would succeed for a time by breaking all the rules and congratulate himself on his cleverness, even deluding himself into thinking that his Occupy Wall Street thugs are a street fighting force on par with the thugs of other strongmen.

    But once this mediocre authoritarian was pitted against the real thing he would be overmatched by the pros. They would see through his amateurish plots in an instant. To his lies they would reply one better. Lawfare and the race card would bounce off Rouhani or Putin like peas off the frontal armor of a King Tiger Tank. He would no more succeed at the Game of Rogues than Occupy Wall Street would make headway against Ernst Rohm’s Brownshirts or the Hezbollah. They would not even get to first base.

    Most of Obama’s predecessors were smart enough to know that an American president fights asymmetrically against foreign despots. President do not out-despot or out-conspire them. To win they just let America do its thing. And America typically responds to challenges by smothering its foes in a burst of productivity and creativity. That’s what happened to the USSR: Ronald Reagan was not smarter than the Soviet Politburo. He was only smart enough to let America be America.

    Barack Obama on the other hand is not smart enough to let America be America. But he is dumb enough to try and outwit Putin or the Iranians. While America will almost always beat Russia, Obama will almost always lose to Putin. Change the game from America versus Iran to Obama versus the Ayatollahs and the dynamic changes. Once you play the authoritarian game, you will lose. Consequently Obama is getting his ass handed to him on a platter.

    Obama’s mistake was to doubt the greatness of his country and instead trust in the greatness of himself. Man bites dog and the president backs the wrong horse. Now all you boys in Yemen, swim.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2015/04/10/malice-vs-incompetence/#ixzz3X6vSRiSk

  22. Elizabeth Warren is crazy, not stupid. I am sure the Progs are pushing, but she must realize they have a big F on them. There is that pink elephant of FAILURE named Obama who is living testament to not stealing a position you are not qualified for. I am sure Hillary has something good in mind for her if she sits tight in her $5 million mansion. I, personally, would like to see Lizzy turned loose on Wallstreet with a hatchet.

  23. This is the environment that Hillary will need to run her campaign in. Change is here. I hope Hillary has a good plan.

    Her constant clinging to Obama precludes that possibility.

    The hope and change narrative their campaign is banking on is not a good fit.

    For it to work, the timing must be right, and the candidate cannot be a Washington fixture.

    They need to dig deeper to find a strategy.

    And, gone are the days when I believed they knew what they were doing and I dutifully deferred.

    Experience has taught me to be skeptical.

    And the Obama campaign strategy now is a bit farcical.

  24. The fundamental question which no one will ask, and no one will answer is whether Hillary is a progressive, or a centrist Republican. And, equally important, where is the proof? That was an easy question for me to answer in 2008. Today, with her support for Obama, and close association to Wall Street, if you put me under oath, I would have to answer I am not sure. I know what people on both sides of the line would want me to say, but the honest to god truth is I do not know. And neither does anybody else. Not really.

  25. Someone has cut their own throat….another snake not to be trusted.


    Earlier today, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, Bill de Blasio, passed up an opportunity to endorse his former boss. De Blasio, the mayor of New York City, told NBC’s Chuck Todd he’d wait to see “an actual vision” from Clinton before offering his support.

    But that appears to have upset a leader of the pro-Clinton super PAC Ready for Hillary.

    Hilary Rosen, who is on the super PAC’s finance council, took to Twitter to voice her displeasure.

    “@BilldeBlasio’s self aggrandizing on #MeetthePress at @hillaryclintons expense won’t go un noticed. #Ridiculous,” tweeted Rosen, a Democratic strategist.

    She added, “@HillaryClinton fought for the middleclass and poor families long before #BillDeblasio could even articulate any vision at all.”

  26. You changed your tune…too little too late, we won’t forget your treachery in 2008


    California senator Barbara Boxer said that she’s so excited about Hillary Clinton running for president that her “heart’s beating a little faster today.”

    “I think that Hillary Clinton is going to be the champion for American families and the fact that she’s a woman is a fact. It is a factor. But it isn’t the be all and the end all. Because if you know Hillary the way that I do — and a lot of people do — you know that she’s warm, you know she’s compassionate.

    “And when she came to the United States Senate, she proved that she was a really a workhorse and she listened and she’s going to start this campaign by listening. But she is going to relate to every day Americans.

    “And I think becoming grandmother, as I did so many years ago, makes you think about tomorrow and I think that she’s going to be a candidate to make the changes we need now and she’s going to stand for what we need to do to lift up our children, lift up the middle class. And you know, all this talk about, Oh, wouldn’t it be great if we had a fierce Democratic primary? I just don’t buy that. She’s got ten Republicans who are going to beat up on her starting today. They actually started yesterday. And it’s going to hone her skills.

    “And I am very excited. I have just a little, you know, my heart’s beating a little faster today because I want to thank her for making this decision. She’s going to get hit hard 24/7, but she’s going to stand with America’s families. It’ss going to be a great campaign. I’m so excited about it.”


    Angling for a job in 2016 in the cabinet…forget it honey, we have your card marked.

  27. Right now CSPAN is live taking calls on Hillary’s expected announcement. Also mentioned CSPAN’s facebook is active with that subject. I’m seeing some things on Twitter and am using this chance to rebut lies from 2008. Otherwise guess I’m stuck on Hold for Hillary.

    Thanks admin. I always think better after reading here.

  28. We have not forgotten folks…..cards marked…..


    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—CRIME: Secretly advising Obama to run for president against Clinton in 2006, according to journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin in their book Game Change. PENANCE: While Reid hasn’t formally endorsed Clinton, he told the PBS Newshour in December that if elected president, she’d “handle things probably even better” than her husband. In November, he said, “Hillary Clinton may have a bigger fan than Harry Reid; I just don’t know who it would be.”
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—CRIME: Secretly supporting Obama, earning a rebuke from Clinton donors. PENANCE: Pelosi hasn’t endorsed either, but she told USA Today that if Clinton runs, “she would win” and that “she’d be the best-prepared person to enter the White House in decades, with all due respect to her husband, present company, and other presidents.”
    Sen. Chuck Schumer—CRIME: Secretly urging Obama to run, despite being from the same state as Clinton, per Game Change. PENANCE: Endorsing Clinton in November, saying 2016 is her time.
    Sen. Claire McCaskill—CRIME: McCaskill became particularly loathed in Clintonland for publicly supporting Obama early and saying of Bill Clinton, “I think he’s been a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him.” PENANCE: Becoming the first sitting member of Congress to endorse Ready for Hillary, the pro-Clinton super PAC, in June 2013 and helping it raise money.
    Sen. Tim Kaine—CRIME: Giving Obama a key boost as the first governor outside of his home state to endorse him. PENANCE: Writing an op-ed and giving a speech in the early primary state of South Carolina to announce that he’ll be one of the first senators to endorse Ready for Hillary.
    Kennedy Family—CRIME: The late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s defection to Obama was a particularly painful blow to the Clintons, who have a long relationship with the distinguished family. PENANCE: Caroline Kennedy, now the U.S. ambassador to Japan, made a big splash when she endorsed Clinton in April.
    Rep. John Lewis—CRIME: The civil-rights icon switched his support from Clinton to Obama in 2008, which especially stung Bill. PENANCE: Lewis paid a visit to a Costco in Northern Virginia this month where Clinton was signing books to urge her to run.
    Sen. Dick Durbin—CRIME: The No. 2 Senate Democrat backed Obama over Clinton. PENANCE: Hosting a Ready for Hillary fundraiser and endorsing the group.
    Sen. Barbara Boxer—CRIME: Secretly urging Obama to run. PENANCE: Privately urging Clinton to run. Boxer organized a letter, later made public, signed by all 16 Democratic women in the Senate urging Clinton to run in 2016. She’s also helping Ready for Hillary.
    Rep. Jim Moran—CRIME: Privately promising he’d support Hillary, only to recant and support Obama. Also, saying he’d like to punch Bill Clinton in the nose. PENANCE: The retiring congressman says he’s now a strong supporter of the Clintons and that “they have forgiven me far faster than I would have.”
    Rep. Chris Van Hollen—CRIME: The former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee told MSNBC in January that he wasn’t sure why he earned a seven rating on the hit list. PENANCE: He continued, “I’m a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton.… I’ve indicated that I would be a supporter of Hillary Clinton if she runs.”
    Rep. Robert Andrews—CRIME: Andrews said in 2008 that Clinton’s campaign has “racial overtones that indeed disturb me.” PENANCE: Andrews, who recently retired, told The Hill, “I will fully and enthusiastically support Secretary Clinton if, as I hope, she is a candidate for president in 2016.”
    Hollywood—CRIME: Many of Los Angeles’s largest Democratic donors went in for Obama early, neutralizing one of Clinton’s biggest advantage over the relatively unknown senator. PENANCE: Super donor Jeffrey Katzenberg personally assured Clinton he’d support her, if she runs. David Geffen, another key Obama booster, is also on board, as are a Who’s Who of the town’s donors.

  29. Yeah the Dems are starting to come out for her fast now, Fox News just said Senior Dems have just started announcing support for Hillary.

  30. John Kerry makes as much of support as he can in his position but he has praised her.


    Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday said his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, did a “terrific job of rebuilding alliances” that earlier administrations had “shredded.”

    “Secretary of State Clinton did a terrific job of rebuilding alliances that had been shredded over the course of the prior years,” Kerry said on ABC’s “This Week,” including “the beginning of the effort with Iran.”

    “She will defend, I know, her own record for herself,” Kerry added. “But I wish her well in this race and I look forward to being able to stay well away from it.”

    “The secretary of State happily is able to not be involved in the presidential campaign, and I’m not going to get involved in it now,” Kerry said.

    Kerry’s made the comments hours before Clinton’s much-anticipated campaign launch on Sunday, which has seen preemptive attacks from Republicans and one potential Democratic rival.

    One major attack line so far in Clinton’s nascent campaign was her recent acknowledgement that she used private email for official business during her four years at the State Department, 2009-2013.

    The State Department is reviewing emails Clinton turned over for archiving before releasing them, a process that will take “a couple” more months, Kerry said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

    Kerry also mentioned that he had requested State’s inspector general to review the department’s methods for preserving emails, including his own.

  31. well here we are again – admin with all due respect – and already the haters are spewing their filth – i think it’s now or never – she’s smart, she’s ready and i for one, will get out my guns on the huff po and go to war for her again! can’t wait to take on the kooks and kool aid hangovers this time around!

  32. Has anyone been over to DUmmieland to see if the pacifiers are being spat out yet?

    I frankly do not have the strength today.

  33. Amazingly DUmmieland seems to have had time to absorb the news and seem to have come around to Hillary 2016…the usual blowhards exist but many of the haters in 2008 seem to be in for 2016.

    I’m stunned.

  34. FOX News among others are showing polls from Iowa with Hillary’s negative favorable numbers. IOWA! Isn’t that the state that allowed the cheating or at least looked the other way in their caucus system in 2008. Isn’t that the state that gave Barack Obama a boost and allowed him to win.

    Can anyone explain why we allow Iowa to be first in the primaries every year and why we should take any polls or opinions from that state seriously?

  35. Those polls were Ron Paul funded, both suspiciously showed him leading Hillary only in those 2 states…….funny that….they are bunk.

  36. If Hillary has not announced yet, perhaps she read Administrator’s article yesterday and is finally listening and taking some GOOD advice.

  37. They moved it from Noon, sometime this afternoon…..why not, getting all this free publicity…its wall to wall Hillary out there.

  38. Just heard some dude on TV saying that this late announcement and not when they said it would be will be indicative of what a failed Clinton presidency would be. I had to turn off the TV.

  39. Has Hillary punked Big Media and everyone that reported as fact today as Hillary announcement day? Maybe.

    The lesson for Hillary Clinton 2016 of today’s “news” coverage of Hillary: HILLARY, THEY NEED YOU, YOU DON’T NEED THEM. SCREW THEM! ANNOUNCE WHEN IT IS GOOD FOR YOU. ANNOUNCE WHEN IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, not because some political professionals want paychecks. ANNOUNCE WHEN IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

  40. Its official

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta announces that Clinton is making another run for the White House. http://politi.co/1GYMjXN

    U.S. media reporting Hillary #Clinton aide tells supporters she will run for U.S. President and will seek Democratic nomination for election

  41. Hillary Clinton has officially announced she will seek the Nomination for President of the US in 2016.

  42. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/13/us/politics/hillary-clinton-2016-presidential-campaign.html?_r=0

    Hillary Rodham Clinton will seek the presidency for a second time, one of her top advisers said Sunday, ending two years of speculation and coy denials and immediately establishing herself as the likely 2016 Democratic nominee.

    The announcement came in emails from John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, to donors and others.

    “I wanted to make sure you heard it first from me – it’s official: Hillary’s running for president,” the email reads. It goes on to say that Mrs. Clinton will soon meet with voters in Iowa and will host a formal kickoff event some time next month.

    Mr. Podesta ends the email by referencing what is likely to be a major theme of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. “We need to make the middle class mean something again,” it says.
    Continue reading the main story
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    Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to use President Obama as a leading ally in her campaign for the White House.
    Hillary Clinton Weighs How to Recast Ties to ObamaAPRIL 11, 2015
    Former President Bill Clinton met with volunteers during his foundation’s “Day of Action” in the Liberty City neighborhood in Miami this month.
    To Avert Repeat of 2008, Clinton Team Hopes to Keep Bill at His BestMARCH 28, 2015
    Hillary Rodham Clinton had no government email address.
    Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking RulesMARCH 2, 2015
    No Copies of Clinton Emails on Server, Lawyer SaysMARCH 27, 2015
    Hillary Clinton Through the Years

    The announcement effectively began what could be one of the least contested races, without an incumbent, for the Democratic presidential nomination in recent history — a stark contrast to the 2008 primaries, when Mrs. Clinton, the early front-runner, ended up in a long and expensive battle won by Barack Obama. It could also be the first time a woman captures a major party’s nomination.
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    Paths to the Presidency: What Hillary Clinton Would Need to Do to Win

    Regardless of the outcome, Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign will open a new chapter in the extraordinary life of a public figure who has captivated and polarized the country since her husband, former President Bill Clinton, declared his intention to run for president in 1991. Mrs. Clinton was the co-star of the Clinton administration, the only first lady ever elected to the United States Senate and a globe-trotting diplomat who surprised her party by serving dutifully under the president who defeated her.

    She will embark on her latest — and perhaps last — bid for the White House with nearly universal name recognition and a strong base of support, particularly among women. But in a campaign that will inevitably be about the future, Mrs. Clinton, 67, enters as a quintessential baby boomer, associated with the 1990s and with the drama of the Bill Clinton years.

    This campaign will begin on a small scale and build up to an effort likely to cost more than any presidential bid waged before, with Mrs. Clinton’s supporters and and outside “super PACs” looking to raise as much as $2.5 billion in a blitz of donations from Democrats who overwhelmingly support her candidacy. Much of that enthusiasm is tied to the chance to make history by electing a woman president. But some, too, owes to the lack of compelling alternatives in a party trying desperately to hold on to the White House when Republicans control the House and the Senate.

    Mrs. Clinton’s declaration on Sunday is to be followed by a series of intimate but critical campaign events in Iowa and New Hampshire. She will use them to reintroduce herself to voters and begin to lay out the central theme of her candidacy: improving the economic fortunes of the middle class, with an emphasis on increasing wages and reducing income inequality.
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    Slide Show
    Slide Show|12 Photos
    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Political Life
    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Political Life

    CreditAssociated Press

    Her return to the campaign trail this week offers her a fortuitous circumstance: Tuesday is National Equal Pay Day, the point in the year at which, on average, a woman’s pay for working in 2014 and 2015 would equal a man’s pay just for 2014. Pay equity is an issue that Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy will take up in earnest, along with others important to many women, like paid family and medical leave, a higher minimum wage and affordable access to child care.
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    Unlike in her 2008 campaign, when she played down gender and sought to show she was tough enough to be president, Mrs. Clinton plans to highlight that she is a grandmother and trumpet her chance to make history.

    “Being the first woman to run for president with a real chance of winning, that’s a wild card, but potentially a net positive, particularly for undecided women,” said Scott Keeter, director of survey research at the Pew Research Center.

    She will also look for ways to demonstrate that, after more than three decades in public life, she understands the ways of modern campaigns and can appeal to younger voters. Mrs. Clinton’s 35-year-old campaign manager, Robby Mook, known for exploiting technology, data and analytics to win elections, has already dispatched field organizers to Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.
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    Who Is Running for President (and Who’s Not)?

    For all the months of quiet and careful planning, however, her campaign’s rollout did not come off as smoothly as envisioned. Rather than gliding into the spotlight as an above-the-fray former secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton entered the 2016 race in the midst of lingering questions about her exclusive use of a private email address while at the State Department and about donations from foreign countries to her family’s philanthropic foundation.
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    Recent Comments
    Thinker 8 minutes ago

    I get a little weary with the presumptuous comments that Hillary would not get us into more Middle East wars, while a Republican president…
    Rex Reese 14 minutes ago

    The Obama presidency has been a disappointment to Ds and Rs alike. Over promise, under deliver on positive change. Leaving the middle class…
    Amélie 14 minutes ago

    Like one commenter already stated, Hillary is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If a Progressive Independent – someone like Ralph Nader or Bernie…

    See All Comments Write a comment

    John D. Podesta, who will serve as Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, assured donors that both controversies would pass and that the momentum would shift as soon as Mrs. Clinton was officially a candidate, according to a person involved in those discussions.

    Mrs. Clinton will enter the race with a strong base of support: 81 percent of Democrats said they would consider voting for her, according to a CBS News poll conducted in February. That support dwarfs that of her potential rivals for the nomination, including former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia and Senator Bernard Sanders, an independent from Vermont who could run as a Democrat.

    But the roller coaster of a presidential campaign can erode even the most seemingly certain advantages. Just over eight years ago, Mrs. Clinton began that campaign with an email to supporters declaring that she was “in to win.” That announcement began a downward trajectory in which she went from being considered the inevitable nominee to finishing in third place in the Iowa caucuses, behind Mr. Obama and John Edwards.
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    Podesta Says “She’s In” 2:59 PM ET
    No Hillary Clinton Endorsement Just Yet From Bill de Blasio 2:12 PM ET
    Republicans Ready Their Anti-Clinton Messages 1:58 PM ET

    She went on to pick up primary victories in crucial battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, but by then Mr. Obama had an edge in the fight for delegates.

    In her 2008 concession speech, Mrs. Clinton sought to energize the women who had supported her candidacy.

    “Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it,” she said. “And the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.”

    This time, Mrs. Clinton’s aides have signaled that she will take nothing for granted and present herself as a more humble candidate, as unencumbered by the trappings of power and celebrity as is possible for a universally recognized former first lady, secretary of state and presidential candidate.

  43. admin
    April 12, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Has Hillary punked Big Media and everyone that reported as fact today as Hillary announcement day? Maybe.

    Wouldn’t that just be the best thing that could happen??

    Hillary 2016

  44. Scheiffer retires, and CBS replaces them with this douchebag, who comes from Slate Magazine. Look at his resume, and tell me with a straight face that he understands the plight of the middle class:

    A native of Washington, D.C., Dickerson is a son of C. Wyatt Dickerson and Nancy Dickerson Whitehead. He has three sisters and one brother and grew up in Mclean, Virgina at Merrywood, a sprawling 49 acre estate with a 36-room Georgian-style mansion, high on a leafy bluff overlooking the Potomac River.

    [3] Dickerson’s parents purchased the property in 1964 from Hugh Auchincloss, following a protracted legal battle which eventually prevented Auchincloss from developing a massive high-rise apartment complex on the site.[4][5][6]

    Auchincloss was stepfather to both Jacqueline Kennedy and Gore Vidal, each of whom spent significant portions of their childhoods at the estate. Vidal put the house at the center of his 1967 novel “Washington, D.C.,” and John F. Kennedy wrote parts of “Profiles in Courage” while living at Merrywood following his marriage to Jacqueline.[7]

    The Dickersons sold the estate in 1984, and it was eventually purchased in 1999 for $24.5 million by its current owner, former AOL TimeWarner Chairman Steve Case.[8]

  45. frankly i’m thrilled – ain’t nothin’ gonna stop us this time around!
    here’s to you admin, for keeping the light shining!

  46. and as we said here we go again………..

    get your hazmat suits and prepare to fight the fight……

    The battle has begun again.

    I shake the hands of the fellow Big Pinkers and say “bring it on bitches”

  47. The freeper sites all just went into full on rabid dog mode…..apoplectic, you can sense the fear, they had all convinced themselves she was not going to run…….

  48. Hillary is in…sooner than later…we can only go forward now…

    I like her beginning…let her prove all the doomsayers wrong…and do it her way…

  49. This move to put a Slate magazine blogger into a key role in big media is part and parcel of the once subtle now vulgar effort by the elites to control the public mind, and to protect their own interests over those of the middle class. Sharyl talks about this in her book Stonewalled–and how a certain group of elitists in big media tell reporters the story line in advance, who to interview and what conclusion to come to. It is like the King in Alice in Wonderland–first the sentence, then the verdict. No need for those pesky things sometimes referred to as facts. Facts are bad. They limit the power and prerogatives of the ruling class. These elitists, she notes, get their stories not from the ground up, but from reading Huffington Post, Slate, Rolling Stone and telling them to simply follow the bread crumbs they have laid out. Beneathe it all, the elites have made of the middle class a human shield against political and economic risks engendered by their own incompetence. It is really no different than Obama’s foreign policy. Unteathered from reality and the general welfare.

  50. Hillary did take a lot of TV time today that could have been spent showing Barack bragging up his Cuba Conquest. 🙂
    That video is lovely!

  51. Yeah Bambi didn’t get his tv time for his cuba shit……he must be pissed that she pissed all over his parade.

  52. Hugh Auchincloss is an interesting guy–the one that Little Lord Fauntleroy’s legal parents purchased their magnificent estate from. I have got a couple of his books, detailing the lives, loves and crass ambition of the elites of another era. He follows in the footsteps of F.Scott Fitzgerald, with less admiration and with a brain less debilitated by demon rum.

  53. How much of this blow back against Hillary’s announcement emanates from a fear of what she might do to modify the left wing agenda of Obama, and how much of it is the result of the fear of job loss by parasites who have attached themselves to Obama?

    20/80? 70/30? 60/40? It is hard to say.

  54. Whatever happens, she has certainly put the wind up them all……

    She’s back and it took all their might to topple her in 2008, she didn’t go without a fight, whatever they threw at her, she got up, punched back and took them all the way….

    Juust let them try it this time…..we are waiting, we know their tricks, we know their lies, we know the Judases……..fool us once,our fault, try it again and we’ll bury you and beat the earth down with the shovel……


  55. Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 57s seconds ago

    This account will be run by campaign staff from now on — but you’ll still see tweets from Hillary. They’ll be signed “H”

  56. For all the dread I was feeling, it all whet away when I saw her say she is running again and traveling to EARN our vote.

    Give ‘um Hell Hillary, you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hillary is back and no longer in the shadow of the Fraud. Be the strong, brilliant woman you are Hillary, and turn your nose up to the slacker in the oval. He is in Your Oval.

    Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton, the First Female President of the United States…sounds perfect.

  57. Hillary…….Hillary……….Hillary……..Hillary……..Hillary…………..




    Go Hillary, go!!

  58. I like the Hillary logo, point forward.

    Hillary for America reminds me of how everyone now knows Obama was NEVER for America. I see it a velvet slap across the Fraud’s face.

  59. Hillary Clinton quits Clinton Foundation http://politi.co/1aHpzzo

    Hillary Clinton quits Clinton Foundation

    Hillary Clinton on Sunday resigned from the board of the Clinton Foundation to focus on her just-launched presidential campaign, POLITICO has learned.

    Clinton announced her resignation in an email to the foundation’s employees Sunday afternoon, not long after launching her presidential campaign with a digital media blitz.

    “While I have cherished my time serving on the board and engaging in the day-to-day work of the Foundation, in order to devote myself to this new, all-encompassing endeavor, I have resigned from the Board of Directors effective today,” she wrote in an email obtained by POLITICO. “As I step down from that position, I know that I am leaving the Foundation in great hands. I am equally as excited that Chelsea will continue to lead the Foundation’s mission with Bill, building upon our family’s commitment to help all people live their best life story.”

    Hillary Clinton had joined the board of the $2-billion foundation soon after stepping down as Secretary of State in February 2013. Her daughter Chelsea became vice chair at the same time, and the foundation, which had been established as the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, was renamed the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation.

    Foundation officials did not immediately respond Sunday afternoon to questions about whether they intended to rename the non-profit group again or whether they would re-impose a ban on accepting new foreign contributions now that Hillary Clinton is a declared presidential candidate. The foundation indicated it would consider foregoing foreign cash during a presidential campaign and potential Clinton administration.

    The foundation had accepted restrictions on foreign donations and meetings before Clinton’s confirmation as secretary of state, at the urging of President Barack Obama’s transition team. But the foundation resumed accepting foreign cash and holding foreign meetings after Clinton stepped down, drawing fire from Republicans, who have alleged that the money constitutes a conflict of interest.

    Former President Bill Clinton started the foundation with nine staffers in Little Rock, and grew it into an international charitable powerhouse with 2,200 employees around the world and various initiatives and affiliates, including fighting AIDS in Africa and childhood obesity at home.

    Hillary and Chelsea Clinton championed efforts at the foundation to fight the illegal ivory trade in Africa and had launched a high-profile initiative called “No Ceilings” to increase the rights and public life participation of women and girls around the world.

    In her Sunday email, Hillary Clinton said she was “thrilled by the opportunity to work together as a family and to contribute to the life-changing work that Bill began here in New York City nearly 15 years ago.”

    She told foundation employees it had been an “honor to work alongside and collaborate with you.” She signed off, “You have been an integral part of the Foundation’s success, and I look forward to seeing how the Foundation will continue to make a difference in the years to come.”

  60. I think Florida likes Hillary……

    FL Democratic Party ‏@FlaDems 26m26 minutes ago

    .@HillaryClinton just announced she’s running for president to be a champion for everyday Americans. RT if you’re in!

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