On Israel, Ted Cruz Is No Romney

Update: Obama admin: How dare Israel share intel on Iran talks with Congress!

As it turns out, the speech by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t the communication to Congress that got the Obama administration most upset. Today’s Wall Street Journal reveals in a report from Adam Entous that Israel’s intelligence service had penetrated the talks with Iran, both through human intelligence and signals intelligence. That allowed Israel to make an international case against the emerging deal in an attempt to derail Barack Obama’s desperate desire to reach a rapprochement with Tehran.

And even that didn’t generate the most ire in the White House. No, that came when Israel had the temerity and the nerve to inform a group considered by the Obama administration as a dangerous gathering of subversives … right down Pennsylvania Avenue from the West Wing….

European governments, especially France, helped Israel get the details about Obama’s anti-Israel Iran treacheries. Obama did not want congress to know and Israel told congress so Israel is the bad guy???

If this story is true, Ted Cruz and Republicans in 2016 will have a field day. Already a veto proof majority in congress is opposed to Obama’s anti-Israel Iran deal. Hillary? Obama’s thugs include Hillary in their anti-Israel plot:

“People feel personally sold out,” a senior administration official said. “That’s where the Israelis really better be careful because a lot of these people will not only be around for this administration but possibly the next one as well.

Daniel Drezner sees the Hillary connection:

I’m genuinely gobsmacked at this quote in the @WSJ. I wonder what Hillary Clinton thinks.

Joe Scarborough:

@dandrezner @maggieNYT @WSJ A quote that shows ignorance of HRC. She has never been as instinctively repelled by Israel as Pres. Obama.

Obama is Hillary’s personal IED. Hillary better separate from Obama not tie herself to Obamanation.


Ted Cruz will do what Mitt Romney failed to do. It was 2012. It was North Carolina. It was the Obama convention. Romney was given a gift. Romney failed to open the gift.

With all the recent news about Israel and Obama’s hate of Israel and Netanyahu recently let’s mine our archives for and retrieve some unmentioned, possibly forgotten, history. Travel with us to 2012 and the Obama convention in North Carolina:

As many know by now, yesterday at the Obama Dimocratic convention there was at least a strong minority, but to our ears a strong majority, which did not want the word “God” restored to the platform. The same numbers did not want the Obama Dimocratic platform to mention that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel or that Hamas is a terrorist organization which should be at least shunned, or that Israel’s borders are no longer the 1967 borders (something Barack Obama has already demanded Israel accept). [snip]

It was clear that many Obama supporters were content to leave out a reference to God in the platform and most importantly stab Israel in the back. [snip]

The story can be told by video: Democrats were against God before they were for Him.

Barack Obama, according to Jim Vandehei, personally demanded the anti-Israel attacks be included in his platform. Mitt Romney could have used Obama’s platform changes to great effect in Florida. Mitt Romney could have targeted warnings about Obama’s anti-Israel hatred to every American that supports Israel. But Romney only commented briefly about Obama’s anti-Israel convention and then the issue disappeared into a campaign binder somewhere.

The Barack Obama authored attack on Israel at his very own convention is not the first time, nor the last time, Obama has attacked Israel. A few days after the anti-Israel attacks authored by Barack Obama we wondered “Anyone seen Mitt Romney?”

It’s September 11, 2012. The date has a certain resonance for Americans. For Obama it’s “Hate Israel Day.”

In Egypt the American Embassy was attacked, the stars and stripes torn down. The flag of Al-Qaeda, the killers of Americans on 9/11, was raised in Old Glory’s stead.

The American Embassy response? U.S. embassy in Cairo apologizes for “abuse of free speech” after protesters tear down American flag. That’s unbelievable. An irrelevant call for religious tolerance instead of a condemnation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the criminals who attacked the embassy.

In Iran, the Associated Press reports, there is new urgent evidence that nuclear bomb production is closer than ever. Israel is ever closer to a new Holocaust because of Iran’s hate.

In Israel, the Prime Minister requests a meeting with Obama later this month while the United Nations General Assembly is in session. Obama to Israel: Drop Dead. [snip]

It’s imperative that Mitt Romney make sure that Americans know what happened at the DNC when it comes to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the softening towards HAMAS, and the borders of Israel. Mitt Romney has a new hammer to pound on these important issues.

Mitt Romney must declare in a most public way that Barack Obama must be forced to change his mind and be forced to be “present” and not his usual “not present”. Mitt Romney must demand that Barack Obama stop his campaign of hate against Israel and meet with the Israeli Prime Minister.

The Report: Obama won’t meet with Netanyahu during his U.S. trip this month must be denounced by Mitt Romney in a most public way.

Mitt Romney must declare in a most public way that Barack Obama clear his schedule and meet with Benyamin Netanyahu at this crucial time. Mitt Romney should immediately declare that he is willing to meet with Netanyahu on September 25 or on a mutually convenient date this month. [snip]

Mitt Romney must denounce Barack Obama in a most public way (and doing so in Florida would not be a bad idea). Mitt Romney should denounce in a most public way the Obama excuse for not meeting with the Israeli Prime minister:

Mitt did not take any of our advice. He lost.

For Israel, those days in 2012 presaged precisely what was to happen. In 2015 Obama’s attacks against Netanyahu and threats against Israel are uglier, more public, and more treacherous.

In 2016 Obama’s ceaseless hatred of Israel will be on the political agenda. Ted Cruz will make sure of that:

Cruz: Imagine a President Who Stands Unapologetically With Israel

Yeah, just imagine.

Ted Cruz received a standing ovation at the world’s largest Christian university today, Liberty University, when he asked the students to imagine, instead of a president who “boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu,” one who “stands unapologetically with the nation Israel.”

I say as a Jew, thank God Israel has conservative Christian allies. Because if it had to rely on the liberals most of my fellow Jews associate themselves with, Israel would be sunk.

That Israel was a massive applause line for Cruz is a sure sign Republicans will make support for the Jewish state a central theme of their primary campaigns, and of the upcoming contest with a Democratic candidate.

Cruz proved once again, as Alan Dershowitz attests, that Cruz is real smart. Ted Cruz understands that Barack Obama’s attacks on Israel have only begun. Israel is in real danger from Obama and Obama Dimocrats:

Against the backdrop of the tsunami of trouble he has unleashed, Obama’s pledge to “reassess” America’s relationship with Israel cannot be taken lightly. Already paving the way for an Iranian nuke, he is hinting he’ll also let the other anti-Semites at Turtle Bay have their way. That could mean American support for punitive Security Council resolutions or for Palestinian statehood initiatives. It could mean both, or something worse.

Whatever form the punishment takes, it will aim to teach Bibi Netanyahu never again to upstage him. And to teach Israeli voters never again to elect somebody Obama doesn’t like.

Apologists and wishful thinkers, including some Jews, insist Obama real­izes that the special relationship between Israel and the United States must prevail and that allowing too much daylight between friends will encourage enemies.

Those people are slow learners, or, more dangerously, deny-ists. [snip]

For Israel, the consequences will be intended. Those who make excuses for Obama’s policy failures — naive, bad advice, bad luck — have not come to grips with his dark impulses and deep-seated rage.

His visceral dislike for Netanyahu is genuine, but also serves as a convenient fig leaf for his visceral dislike of Israel. The fact that it’s personal with Netanyahu doesn’t explain six years of trying to bully Israelis into signing a suicide pact with Muslims bent on destroying them. Netanyahu’s only sin is that he puts his nation’s security first and refuses to knuckle ­under to Obama’s endless demands for unilateral concessions. [snip]

Most troubling is Obama’s bended-knee deference to Iran’s Supreme Leader, which has been repaid with “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” demonstrations in Tehran and expanded Iranian military action in other countries. [snip]

Yet Netanyahu, the leader of our only reliable ally in the region, is ­repeatedly singled out for abuse. He alone is the target of an orchestrated attempt to defeat him at the polls, with Obama political operatives, funded in part by American taxpayers, working to elect his opponent.

They failed and Netanyahu prevailed because Israelis see him as their best bet to protect them. Their choice was wise, but they’d better buckle up because it’s Israel’s turn to face the wrath of Obama.

Ted Cruz is probably not going to win the Republican nomination. But Ted Cruz already is a winner because of his support of Israel and because he will force support for Israel to one of the top issues in 2016.


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  1. Obama attacks Israel not the “Fourth Reich”:


    A grotesque love of propaganda. Unspeakable barbarity. The loathing of Jews – and a hunger for world domination. In this stunning intervention, literary colossus V.S. NAIPAUL says ISIS is now the Fourth Reich

    The Nobel Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul has warned that Islamic State are the most potent threat to the world since the Nazis.

    In a hard-hitting article in today’s Mail on Sunday, the revered novelist brands the extremist Muslim organisation as the Fourth Reich, saying it is comparable to Adolf Hitler’s regime in its fanaticism and barbarity.

    Calling for its ‘military annihilation,’ the Trinidadian-born British writer says IS is ‘dedicated to a contemporary holocaust’, has a belief in its own ‘racial superiority,’ and produces propaganda that Goebbels would be proud of.

    A long-term critic of Islam as a global threat, he also challenges those who say the extremists have nothing to do with the real religion of Islam, suggesting that the simplicity of some interpretations of the faith have a strong appeal to a minority.

  2. Romney did miss a big chance there. Perhaps he’d not have been so great with the 3 AM calls either.

    It was good* to remember
    That day in September
    or whatever month it was.

    * good meaning important

  3. Fellow Conservative:

    Senate Republicans have unveiled their 10-year budget and it’s a complete joke.

    Rather than taking the opportunity to outline a bold vision for the country’s future, they have chosen to continue business as usual.

    First, the budget does not repeal Obamacare.

    Its “reconciliation” instructions could allow the Senate to pass a bill that fully repeals Obamacare with only 51 votes, but Republican leaders refuse to commit to that.

    Instead, the instructions say nothing about repeal and the budget claims that the “actual contours” of the reconciliation bill are “unknowable.”

    Does this sounds like they are committed to passing full repeal? No, it does not.

    They want conservatives to think repeal is a possibility so they will vote for the budget, but then, after the vote, these leaders will say that the rules won’t allow it.

    It’s another bait and switch. GOP leaders actually have no plans to use reconciliation to send the president a bill that fully repeals Obamacare.

    In fact, their budget actually retains $700 billion in Obamacare taxes!!

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) pledged to pull out Obamacare “root and branch,” but this budget only pulls off a twig and a few leaves.

    The budget also gives up on entitlement reform.

    In past years, Republican budgets reformed Medicare by giving seniors more choices and allowing them to access their own plans using premium support.

    This budget does not include these Medicare reforms, and it does nothing to modernize Social Security by giving younger workers the freedom to save a portion of the payroll taxes in a personal account.

    Without these reforms, the federal budget will never be balanced.

    The budget also paves the way for higher taxes and more debt.

    For example, it includes a “deficit neutral reserve fund” that could shield an increase in the federal gas tax from a budget point of order. This would allow Congress to pay for new highway spending using yet another gas tax increase.

    Also, there is nothing in the budget that prevents Congress from using reconciliation instructions to raise the debt limit with only 51 votes in the Senate.

    Finally, the budget also fails to include several important priorities: •It does not defund the president’s executive amnesty;
    •It does not end the Export-Import Bank corporate welfare program;
    •It does not defund Common Core;
    •It does not stop the president’s takeover of the Internet; and
    •It does not devolve the federal highway program back to the states
    The Senate Republican budget is an embarrassment, and there’s no excuse. The budget can’t be filibustered so 51 Republicans can pass any budget they want.

    Rather than using the budget to cast an exciting vision of future reforms that empower Americans, it continues business as usual.

    Senator McConnell is pressuring Republican senators to vote for the budget, but there’s really nothing to gain here.

    McConnell will not use reconciliation to repeal Obamacare, and a vote for this budget puts senators on record supporting $700 billion in Obamacare taxes.

    It makes it very hard for Republicans to call for much-needed reforms after they vote for a budget blueprint that doesn’t include them.

    And nobody believes this budget will lead to spending cuts. GOP leaders have already surrendered the power of the purse so the president, not Congress, controls spending for the next two years.

    If you want to make a few targeted calls to stop this joke of a budget, contact Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Marco Rubio (R-FL). •Ted Cruz – (202) 224-5922
    •Rand Paul – (202) 224-4343
    •Marco Rubio – (202) 224-3041
    They’re all either official or likely presidential candidates, and they have no reason to allow Senator McConnell to pull them into this trap.

    They know this budget isn’t serious and there’s no good reason to support it.

    If it’s defeated, nothing is lost. Senator McConnell will be embarrassed, but that’s his own fault. If he wants to pass a budget blueprint with Republican votes, it should reflect Republican priorities.

    I hope this update is useful to you. Thank you for your continued support.

    Ken Cuccinelli II
    Ken Cuccinelli II
    Senate Conservatives Fund
    @KenCuccinelli / @SCF

  4. Great post Admin, couldn’t agree more. Now we know why the Saudi nation foot his education bills.
    In Bibi I trust.

  5. Ted Cruz is a fireball from Heaven and I hope he Marches right into the heart of every Israel supporter and makes the key difference.
    The difference being the very survival of Israel.
    Obama is shedding his clothes and we can see the Third Reich uniform underneath…
    But, can the American people?
    Will the Jewish Democrats every wake up and save her?

  6. GOP hope and spare change

    First we had the Tea Parties – Without the Boston Harbor

    Then we had the Young Guns – pop…no smoke

    Then we had the 4 Amigos – Adios, No entiendo lo que me dices.

    Then we had Trey – other than trying to derail Hillary16, I have 0% hope on his committee.

    Then we had crybaby…and we still have Foldum Crybaby and his do nothing sidekick.

    Now we have Cruz…

    I won’t believe anything GOP intil something good is actually accomplished.

    Hot air, words but no real action.

    He has no way of winning the Primary nor the General.

  7. On Thursday last Judge Hanen gave the government 48 hours to file a reply on the expedited discovery/sanctions motion made by the plaintiff states. On Saturday the reply was filed which proclaimed the government’s innocence and the lack of need for discovery/sanctions.

    We expect Judge Hanen will issue a decision either tonight or tomorrow. The plaintiffs will then attach his decision to their reply brief before the Fifth Circuit. The state of play since we last wrote about the Obama illegal illegal immigration diktat:


    It seems clear what Hanen thinks happened: “When I asked you what would happen and you said nothing, I took it to heart. I was made to look like an idiot,” Hanen told Hartnett. “I believed your word that nothing would happen. . . . Like an idiot, I believed that.”

    If Hanen was, in fact, duped, he would not be the first one. This administration has been happy to employ dishonesty for political gain, and in Eric Holder’s wildly politicized Department of Justice, lawyers playing fast and loose with the truth would be no surprise. If the government’s attorneys did not willfully deceive, then the only credible alternative explanation is staggering incompetence — which should be alarming in its own right.

    In light of this latest revelation, the plaintiffs — 26 states, led by Texas — have filed a discovery request for internal federal immigration documents, which Hanen appears inclined to grant. Additionally, he announced that he is contemplating sanctions against the DOJ, if he decides that its attorneys did, indeed, lie to the court. Hanen could issue an order rebuking the lawyers, which would be sent to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), tasked with investigating ethics violations by DOJ lawyers, and to the state bar associations where the offending attorneys practice (the former probably would have no effect — OPR is run by Robin Ashton, a highly political Eric Holder protégé — but the latter might), and he could also strike one or more of the DOJ’s pleadings in the suit, narrowing the government’s legal options going forward.

    Either decision would be significant for another reason. The government has appealed to the Fifth Circuit to stay Judge Hanen’s injunction, and the plaintiffs have yet to file a response. An order censuring the DOJ for its conduct would certainly be a part of that response, and would significantly hamper DOJ’s chances before the higher court.

    Judge Hanen declared he would issue a decision soon after the government filed its reply brief. Judge Hanen will likely provide his decision in time for the plaintiffs to cut and paste his decision onto their reply brief to the Fifth Circuit. Tomorrow is the likely day we will hear from Judge Hanen.

  8. Obama’s war on Israel continues:


    White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made clear in a speech to a left-leaning Israel advocacy group that President Barack Obama isn’t letting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu off the hook for his dismissal of a two-state solution.

    That stance, as well as Netanyahu’s suggestion also made in the closing days before last week’s Israeli elections that he’d approved settlements in contested territory in Jerusalem for the strategic purpose of changing the borders are “so very troubling,” McDonough told J Street’s annual conference in Washington. He called the pro-Israel group, which opposes some of Netanyahu’s policies, “our partner.” [snip]

    “An occupation that has lasted more than 50 years must end,” McDonough said, one of several times he brought the crowd to its feet.

    J Street is not a “pro-Israel group” despite the propaganda claims to the contrary.

  9. Its the remarks at the 3.34 mark that run me hot when I talk to obots today about Israel. If you didn’t know him at the time, his words are actually quite powerful. He outlined a number of needs that would benefit the region, Israel in the biggest way. And he took the exact right position, which was that everybody should have some skin in the game. No one group should be the sole winners and none the sole losers.

    But we know the truth. We know that his speeches are tailored to the crowd he is in front of. We all know that:

    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

    Over here we are hip to his game. I feel little remorse for those I know who were bamboozled. “I told you so” is my favorite line with them. And its almost invariably this speech to AIPAC that I tried over and over to get them to see his duplicity. Alas, they were to brain dead to hear.

    Hillary 2016

  10. Ted Cruz: Hillary Clinton’s wrecking ball
    snip Democrats from both inside and outside the Clinton camp have groused for months that the all-but-certain candidate was moving too slowly in formulating and projecting a rationale for running for the White House outside of her gender and the dreaded “it’s my time” argument. She was relying too much on a platform of inevitability, they said — the same platform that doomed her bid in 2008. But those closest to the former secretary of state have counseled patience, arguing that a core element of Clinton’s plan was to get out of the way and let the dueling wings of the Republican Party savage each other while she floats above it all. Cruz, they say, is Hillary’s wrecking ball.
    People close to Clinton smiled at the sight of the first-term senator wandering alone on stage at Liberty University, implicitly threatening a civil war with the “mushy” establishment of his party that he loves to decry — while at the exact same time Clinton sat comfortably alongside heavyweights from her own party’s progressive and labor elements, who have thus far entirely declined to challenge her. snip
    It was just one line of many Cruz has delivered since joining the Senate in 2013 that highlights his appetite for combat even within his own party — an appetite that flared up famously when he helped spearhead the government shutdown in October of that year. Meanwhile the clamoring of some liberal groups to recruit Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the progressive darling, was entirely unheard in downtown Washington as Clinton spent her morning discussing domestic policy at the headquarters of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank run by her allies. The presumptive Democratic front-runner sat near a pair of union bosses and current and former urban mayors, making sure to throw in some love for liberal hero Bill de Blasio, the New York City mayor, as she previewed pieces of her likely domestic policy platform.
    She touched all corners of the Democratic Party in the morning performance before meeting with President Barack Obama in the White House and speaking at an award ceremony for political reporters in the evening, dogged only by barbs from her Republican critics.
    So for Clinton, Monday was smooth sailing. For Republicans, her camp figures, it signaled the beginning of a wild and messy primary contest that will let Clinton appear to be the adult in the room before she takes on a bloodied GOP nominee snip

    Meanwhile, from TheHill, Chelsea Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel team up
    snip The daughter of former President Clinton and ex-secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Kimmel are launching an initiative Monday with ServiceNation called “Serve a Year,” to encourage young people to serve in their communities for a year after high school or college.
    Calling it a “critical time” for the country, Clinton, the vice chair of her family’s eponymous foundation, said in a news release, “If we can inspire and empower the next generation to serve, we can help solve our most pressing challenges and give young people the opportunities they’re asking for and deserve.”
    Part of the push will also include promoting “Serve a Year” on television and online shows that are popular with millenials. A main character on ABC’s “The Middle” will join AmeriCorps next season, as a way of highlighting a service year opportunity.
    Clinton will announce the endeavor on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday.

  11. George Zimmerman has found his voice. Praise be.
    Published on Mar 23, 2015
    George Zimmerman, the man acquitted of the 2012 killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, discusses the affect President Obama had on his case.
    George Zimmerman: Thanks Obama

  12. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/03/israel-netanyahu-strong-coalition-liberman-bennett-kahlon.html#

    Netanyahu comes back stronger than ever

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fourth government, which will be sworn in soon after Passover, is expected to be one of the most homogeneous governments ever to serve in Israel. Almost all the heads of the various parties that seem likely to join the government, apart from the ultra-Orthodox parties, grew up in the Likud. [snip]

    The election results reshuffled the deck. Netanyahu is entering his fourth term in office as a triumphant victor. He is like the legendary phoenix, starting his new life stronger than ever. He heads the largest faction in the Knesset, and the 30 seats that he controls give him a comfortable infrastructure on which to build a coalition. Even within the Likud, his position is excellent. Party members, who up until a few days ago were cooperating openly with various behind-the-scenes efforts to depose Netanyahu after the elections, now worship him. All the internal plotting and unrest have been obliterated in one fell swoop. That is why Netanyahu is not expected to have any major difficulties in forming a new government. [snip]

    Netanyahu may have been dragged into these elections, but they are undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to him. The very people who considered the Likud chair a dead horse and hoped for his demise will now be forced to serve as ministers in his government. Although they have some bargaining power during the process of putting together the new government, that power is limited as it is obvious to all of them that they have no other option.

    This leads to the inevitable conclusion that Netanyahu’s next government will be homogeneous. It will be right-wing by nature, without the incessant bickering between the Likud and the center-left over the diplomatic process, which was so characteristic of all of Netanyahu’s previous governments. It is rather safe to assume that no one in the new government will pressure Netanyahu in that direction. Kahlon, the most moderate member of the group, will be in over his head dealing with social and economic issues. Besides, he has already announced that he doesn’t believe that there is a partner on the Palestinian side. What this means is that Netanyahu will face no internal pressure or threats on this issue, at least from within his own government. If there is any pressure, it can only come from the outside, from either the United States or Europe.

    Based on all we know about its socio-economic agenda, this government is expected to be stable enough to institute major reforms. Netanyahu already proved his ability to do this, when he served as finance minister, while Kahlon also has a proven track record and a desire to succeed.

    The chances are slim that a national unity government will be formed, or that Lapid will enter the coalition. Herzog is locked in place by his own party, while Lapid and the ultra-Orthodox could never sit together in the same government. Besides, Netanyahu has already said behind closed doors that he doesn’t want Lapid in his government. Netanyahu wanted governability — a functioning government — and he got it. Now, all that is left for him to do is to keep his socio-economic promises. This time, there is no one stopping him from doing that.

  13. Obama continues verbal attacks of k Israel and PM Netanyahu, accuses Israel, a long-term US Ally of spying on negotiations with Iran, a self-proclaimed enemy of this country. Obama steps up destruction of this alliance, while fellow Dims do nothing.


    The US has accused Israel of spying on international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme and using the intelligence gathered to persuade Congress to undermine the talks, according to a report on Tuesday.

    The Wall Street Journal cited senior administration officials as saying the Israeli espionage operation began soon after the US opened up a secret channel of communications with Tehran in 2012, aimed at resolving the decade-long stand-off over Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

    The apparent decision by the White House to leak the allegations is the latest symptom of the growing gulf between Barack Obama’s administration and Binyamin Netanyahu’s government over the Iran talks, in which the Israeli leader suspects US officials of being ready to make too many concessions at the expense of Israeli security. Intelligence analysts suggested that the leak reflects the degree of anger in Washington at Netanyahu’s actions, and could mark a more serious blow to the already tottering relationship.

    The leak has come exactly a week before a deadline for the US-Iranian negotiations in Lausanne to produce a framework agreement.


  14. Update: Obama admin: How dare Israel share intel on Iran talks with Congress!

    As it turns out, the speech by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t the communication to Congress that got the Obama administration most upset. Today’s Wall Street Journal reveals in a report from Adam Entous that Israel’s intelligence service had penetrated the talks with Iran, both through human intelligence and signals intelligence. That allowed Israel to make an international case against the emerging deal in an attempt to derail Barack Obama’s desperate desire to reach a rapprochement with Tehran.

    And even that didn’t generate the most ire in the White House. No, that came when Israel had the temerity and the nerve to inform a group considered by the Obama administration as a dangerous gathering of subversives … right down Pennsylvania Avenue from the West Wing….

    European governments, especially France, helped Israel get the details about Obama’s anti-Israel Iran treacheries. Obama did not want congress to know and Israel told congress so Israel is the bad guy???

    If this story is true, Ted Cruz and Republicans in 2016 will have a field day. Already a veto proof majority in congress is opposed to Obama’s anti-Israel Iran deal. Hillary? Obama’s thugs include Hillary in their anti-Israel plot:

    “People feel personally sold out,” a senior administration official said. “That’s where the Israelis really better be careful because a lot of these people will not only be around for this administration but possibly the next one as well.

    Daniel Drezner sees the Hillary connection:

    I’m genuinely gobsmacked at this quote in the @WSJ. I wonder what Hillary Clinton thinks.

    Joe Scarborough:

    @dandrezner @maggieNYT @WSJ A quote that shows ignorance of HRC. She has never been as instinctively repelled by Israel as Pres. Obama.

    Obama is Hillary’s personal IED. Hillary better separate from Obama not tie herself to Obamanation.


  15. These two articles posted at Real Clear Politics epitomize Obama’s presidency. Deny the obvious. Duck responsibility. If you don’t like the truth, proclaim it to be a lie, and make-up a “truth” that best suits your particular purpose.


    Article 1: U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy in Yemen Collapses Amid Chaos

    Article 2: WH Defends Claim Yemen is “Model” of Success in Terror Fight.


  16. http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/23/poll-most-americans-are-over-obamas-policies-want-change/

    Poll: Most Americans Are Over Obama’s Policies, Want Change

    Most Americans want the next president to change President Obama’s policies, according to a new poll.

    Fifty-seven percent of those polled said their ideal candidate “would change most of the policies of the Obama administration,” while 41 percent said their ideal candidate “would continue most of the Obama administration,” according to the CNN poll, conducted between March 13 and 15.

    Of the 1,095 Americans polled, 28 percent identified as Democrats, 24 percent as Republicans, and the rest as Independents or not registered voters.

    They were asked to imagine they could “create the perfect candidate” to replace Obama, and then asked to choose the better of two statements in a series of choices.

    Most of those polled also said they prefer a candidate with a lot of experience as an executive, rather than as a legislator, and that they prefer a candidate who believes religious views have no place in government. Fifty-nine percent said they want a candidate who has been in the public eye as a political leader for many years.

  17. http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/23/did-anthony-kennedy-just-show-his-hand-on-the-obamacare-subsidies-case/?advD=1248,657753

    Did Anthony Kennedy Just Show His Hand On The Obamacare Subsidies Case?

    Justice Anthony Kennedy’s comments in a run-of-the-mill budget meeting Monday may have signaled how he intends to vote in this year’s biggest Obamacare lawsuit over the legality of federal premium subsidies.

    In a Monday budget request before the House Appropriations Committee, Justice Anthony Kennedy, typically the swing vote on the Court, made comments that could suggest he’s leaning in favor of the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell. The question in the pivotal case is whether the text of Obamacare restricts the law’s popular premium subsidies to state-run exchanges, of which there are only 14, and bans them from the vast majority of states that use the federally-run exchange, HealthCare.gov.

    The battle over the lawsuit about Obamacare subsidies currently before the Supreme Court has focused on whether anyone’s got a solution if the Court’s decision ends up skyrocketing HealthCare.gov premiums. [snip]

    But it may turn out that the Court may choose to not consider the likelihood of Congress restoring the subsidies at all. While he wasn’t overtly discussing King v. Burwell, Kennedy’s comments on Monday certainly suggested that it isn’t the Court’s role to predict what a certain Congress would do in response to their cases.

    “We routinely decide cases involving federal statutes and we say, ‘Well, if this is wrong, the Congress will fix it.’ But then we hear that Congress can’t pass a bill one way or the other. That there is gridlock. Some people say that should affect the way we interpret the statutes,” Kennedy said Monday. ”That seems to me a wrong proposition. We have to assume that we have three fully functioning branches of the government, government that are committed to proceed in good faith and with good will toward one another to resolve the problems of this republic.”

    Court experts immediately grabbed onto the comments, which were in response to a question from Florida GOP Rep. Ander Crenshaw about “politically-charged issues” before the Court, as a likely reference to the furor over King v. Burwell.

  18. 12,509 illegal kids already over border in second wave, just 1 in 6 returned

    The next explosion of illegal teen border crossing is in full swing, but just one-in-six are being sent home, with most of the rest settled in the United States, according to new government figures.

    The U.S. Border Patrol agency reported that they have seized 12,509 illegals under age 18 since October, making it the second biggest surge in history after last year’s unprecedented movement of unaccompanied youths across the nation’s southern border.

    However, when compared to the numbers of illegal kids turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it is clear that most are being “booked in” to U.S. facilities and then released — not sent home.


  19. The word on the ground in the Middle East is this:

    1. first, no one in the Middle East trusts Obama. Also, they see him as weak and bombastic.

    2. second, Iran will let ISIS get deeper into Iraq, move in to destroy them, and remain there is an occupying force, pursuant to its goal which is to restore the Persian Empire, just as Putin is determined to do in Europe.

    This read comes from a guy who owns a security company that does business in that part of the world. Thus, it is far more reliable than what you get from the liars and censors otherwise known as big media.

    (Note: he also mentioned that the forces that liberated Mosul from ISIS were Iranian, or Iranian surrogates, and cannot recall which one he told me. But either way it is a dry run for Phase II of their strategy, supra.)

  20. All these planes, surely something is not kosher

    Hillary hanging with bozo, she apparently will never learn…maybe she is really not that all scary smart in common sense.

  21. Admin: True to form, the editorial page in today’s Wall Street Journal pours cold water over Ted’s announcement, by declaring him another inexperienced flash Obama redux. But if that is true, then he must have a teleprompter. Yet when I saw that clip you posted I’ll be damned if I could see anything resembling a teleprompter. Maybe Brennan had a spy camera in the room, but to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, no teleprompter. Could it possibly be that unlike that empty suit Obama, Cruz does not need a teleprompter with a script written for him by someone else to read with a thunderous voice? If so, then contrary to WSJ’s assertion that they are peas in a pod, they are similar only in the sense that neither one is named John, and different in all other respects. Why then this false–AND DEFAMATORY comparison? Because Cruz is campaigning against Washington, and although they are located in New York Wall Street controls Washington, ergo, they fear he is coming after them.

  22. Hillary hanging with bozo, she apparently will never learn…maybe she is really not that all scary smart in common sense.
    Be not the first by whom the first is tried
    Nor the last to cast the old aside—-Alexander Pope

  23. Ted Cruz has a bad habit of afflicting the comfortable on behalf of the American People. He should be ashamed of himself for doing that, and because he is not contrite about it, the comfortable are keen to say–he has NO PATH, NONE, NADA, NICHT, to the nomination. The nomination must go to the candidate of the comfortable—BOOOOSH—lest the generations fail.

    There is, however, a contrary argument and the founder of Red State (Erickson’s boss) puts his finger on it–maybe even is hole hand:

    The Acela corridor mindset about Ted Cruz is basically: “he has no path”, “why is he doing this”, or “he’s a disruptive pain in the butt and should shut up and go away”. Allow me to quote one of the emails I received last night on this topic: “he’s a disruptive pain in the butt and should shut up and go away”. Yes, I understand that Cruz’s approach to politics and speechmaking rubs some people the wrong way, but there is actually a counterintuitive case to be made that he has a clearer path to the nomination than his critics might like.

    First: Ted Cruz matches up with the activist base better than any other significant candidate in a long time. I don’t think people outside of that base really understand how powerful Cruz’s appeal is to the populist energized conservative voter, which is of course just a faction of the right, but is a sizable faction. Cruz’s critics need to hope that he is limited to this faction, and incapable of appealing outside of it. But that may not prove to be the case, particularly if Cruz is able to cut into the appeal of, say, Walker for pro-business types, Huckabee for social conservatives, Paul for libertarianish Republicans and the like. And he doesn’t just match up with them on policy, he matches up with their brashness, their yearning for someone who loves the taste of blood in his mouth. Cruz was the only guy on the stage at the Iowa Ag gathering to basically give the whole room the finger on ethanol. His words are sweet music to the conservative right which has wanted a capable fighter for so long. Here’s a guy who’ll fight the lion and the midgets at the same time.

    Second: To the degree that this is a nomination battle about who has done the most to fight the Obama administration about two key issues – amnesty and Obamacare – Ted Cruz can claim that mantle and beat his opponents over the head with their stances on these topics. We underestimate how going soft on both of these issues is going to play in the GOP primary this cycle, particularly in the early going. As I’ve noted before, most of the candidates this time around are in roughly the same position on immigration: either full throatedly in favor of reform or tepidly in favor of it. But there is no indication that the position of the party base is at all moderated compared to 2012, and Obama’s approach to executive amnesty has made the issue all the more toxic. Cruz can argue that his only fault is boldness – that when the party balked about doing its utmost to stop Obamacare, he went to the mattresses, and it led to sweeping wins at the ballot box. And when it comes to immigration, he will attack Jeb, Rubio, Christie, Huckabee, Walker, and others as being soft on the issue or tacitly in favor of what Obama did by executive action. The faction of the right that will punish him on both these counts was never going to support him anyway, so he can afford to be the full-throated champion on both fronts.

    And third: While the “purest” conservative candidate rarely wins, that assumes a divided right. Cruz may end up running in a field where the other candidates are scrabbling over support from the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, and establishment dollars while he could corner the populist talk radio base. Cruz’s critics need to hope that Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul and others horn in on this area of the right – because if the election includes a crowded field outside of that faction – including Bush, Christie, Huckabee, Walker, Rubio, and say Kasich – that only serves to help Cruz’s case.

    Now, this isn’t to say Cruz’s path is a clear one. Historically, outsider conservative candidacies like his are not very successful. But it’s clear he believes he’ll be the exception, and not without good reason. The traditionally powerful factions of the Republican Party have less control than they used to. What’s also clear is that his campaign is likely to be one of the most aggressive of all of those who are playing with the idea of running. He’ll go after the other candidates directly and have no hesitation about causing trouble. It’s the sort of thing that endears him to the right, but may make him a lot of enemies in the process – but when has Ted Cruz cared about that? He’s Sonny Corleone, and he’s here for a fight

  24. The trick, as I see it, is to make Cruz seem cool. And the more the American People see him–tweeking the establishment, showing how dysfunctional they are, trust me, the cooler he will look. He is not Obama. That argument is a non starter. He is the anti-Obama. And for those who tell us the candidate must be someone like Booosh who has been a governor, the question is can Bush inspire anyone–even his schanuser (who eats his food but doesn’t love him), and if he craves the company of illegals so much, why doesn’t he move south of the border himself. Besides, he is a goofy looking mother fucker.

  25. Further to the above, the reason is it important to note that Iran was the one who liberated Mosul is because big media assured us that this was the work of the Iraqi Army, which is more of their bullshit to run 24/7 interference for their beloved messiah Obama.

    Want more proof that those seekers of wisdom and truth are corrupt?

    Lisa Myers: I am going to talk about the deterioration in the quality of journalism you see on TV. I think the primary mission of journalism is to hold the powerful accountable, be they in government or corporate America. There is less and less interest in network television today holding the White House or any other part of government accountable. I fear there is a calculation that the audiences they are trying to reach don’t care that much about the serious news. I think most of the political coverage these days has all the depth of Twitter.

    I also worry that journalists today appear to have chosen sides when it comes to political coverage. I think you see that in the sagging approval numbers of TV news over the last few years. We’ve seen trust in the media hit its lowest level ever in 2013 or 2014 surveys and I think the lack of depth and the feeling that too many journalists have chosen sides has caused viewers to question whether we are giving it to them straight and whether we are making a politically balanced presentation.

  26. http://www.wsj.com/articles/federal-appeals-court-to-hear-arguments-on-immigration-ruling-1427237007

    Federal Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Immigration Ruling

    Texas federal judge blocked Obama’s immigration actions

    Nathan Koppel

    Updated March 24, 2015 7:19 p.m. ET

    A federal appellate court Tuesday agreed to hear an expedited appeal of a ruling by a federal judge in Texas that blocked President Barack Obama’s immigration actions.

    Granting the Obama administration’s request for an expedited appeal, the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hold a hearing on April 17 to consider the administration’s challenge to a ruling last


  27. I think the Fifth Circuit is smart enough to NOT lift Judge Hanen’s injunction pending a final determination of the legality of Obama’s actions, and the only court that can render that final determination is the US Supreme Court. If they lifted the injunction prior to a final determination, we really will lose control of our southern border, and by the time it was decided millions of more illegals would be here, and it would not matter. The Chief Judge in that Circuit, Carl E Stewart is a black man, appointed by Bill Clinton. The Court is conservative on social issues, and while they are unlikely to decide the underlying issue, their sentiments will favor those of the largest state in their jurisdiction, i.e. Texas, which is ground zero of the invasion from the south of a welfare dependent horde of people, answering the dog whistle issued by the big media beloved messiah.

  28. Cruz will definitely appeal to the Evangelical Christians. He’ll have their votes, which will be a mixed blessing as far as his presidential campaign is concerned. . The fact that he’s a Christian is not a concern, IMHO. But, the Evangelicals have a hard time leaving religion out of government – and many of us have a problem with that.

  29. Not only do Israeli policymakers have a full understanding of Obama’s involvement in Israeli elections, they have also already reasoned their way around Obama’s potential politicking at the UN:

    …The White House will attempt to “punish” Israel at the UN or the Security Council, the senior Israeli official said Tuesday, alluding to intimations by US officials to the effect that Washington could change its policy of vetoing anti-Israel measures and even pursue a unilateral Palestinian statehood initiative.

    “Congress is currently our only means of preventing a series of harmful initiatives, on both the Iranian and the Palestinian front,” the official said. “If the US government will permit the recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN, then Congress will brandish its knives and defund the UN.” On Sunday, Republic Senator John McCain threatened to do just that.

    And are at ease portraying Obama as the hypocrite who is busy covering his tracks:

    …“They come and accuse us of torpedoing negotiations even though they know that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas himself said no [to a deal], twice — once to then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2011, and once to Secretary of State John Kerry last year.”

    The plans of the White House and shame of American Jewish Left aren’t bothering members of an Israeli administration who have higher priorities than being #1 on Obama’s popularity list.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/03/24/israeli-official-spills-we-knew-obama-wanted-revenge/#ixzz3VMSVjgyR

  30. I hope you’re right Wbb about the Fifth Circuit. I’m upset their even granting a hearing.
    I live in Texas, I see it everyday.

  31. Cruz was on the left media left for an interview, I will try to find it, saw it when I was flipping through channels.
    They asked him about his health insurance. Because his wife is either changing jobs, or quit to help him, he will be going on his employer insurance, which of course is obamacare. They were besides themselves with glee. I thought he handled the ridiculous questioning well..but of course, c we won’t hear the end of it.

  32. Cruz was on the left media left for an interview, I will try to find it, saw it when I was flipping through channels.
    They asked him about his health insurance. Because his wife is either changing jobs, or quit to help him, he will be going on his employer insurance, which of course is obamacare. They were besides themselves with glee. I thought he handled the ridiculous questioning well..but of course, c we won’t hear the end of it.
    The problem these left wing media hacks have is he is 10 times smarter than them, and none of them have ever had an original thought in their useless lives of kissing Obama’s but. If they had the common sense God gave a jackass, they would be laughing at themselves, and their pretension of being journalists.

  33. The beginning of the end for the establishment—the end begins when they take the bait, as they have now. Ted Cruz laid it out there for them, and they took it. They could not help themselves. At some point the smarter ones will see the trap and try to moderate their position. But it does not matter. By then the damage to the political class will be done, for all to see. And the beauty of it all is that it will have been done not by Ted himself, but by their own hand—-hyperbolicly.


    William Cruz

    March 24th, 2015 – 1:00 am

    Michael Van Der Galien has tried to understand why the Ted Cruz presidential candidacy announcement has set social media on its ear and advances a tentative theory. “But why are leftists’ heads exploding as well? I’ve got no doubt I know the answer: they fear him. Tremendously even. He is everything they oppose: a true, small-government conservative.”

    If that were all Cruz were guilty of it wouldn’t be half bad. It’s far worse. His “Imagine” speech seemed calculated to ridicule every Leftist shibboleth with predictable effect. The Left lost no time characterizing him as a Christian bigot, a patriarchal supremacist, an uneducated, crazy, anti-poor, anti-abortion “uppity loudmouth” besides being that supreme abomination, a White Latino. If there’s some sacred cow in the Leftist canon Ted Cruz has left undefiled, he will soon enough defile it. That’s the plan.

    Cruz was intentionally provocative because he intends to make the Left itself the main issue. People of all shapes and sizes were rising to their feet, clapping their hands raw and shouting themselves hoarse not because they necessarily agree with his policy positions, but because he was sticking it to the Man. He was knocking Gessler’s hat off the pole in the public square and the onlookers loved it.

    In around the year 1307 the Habsburg overlords of the alps appointed a man called Gessler to rule over the villagers. Gessler hung his hat on a pole in the square and demanded that all the townsfolk bow before the hat.

    We all know what happened next. A fellow named William Tell wandered into the village and did the unthinkable. He refused to bow before the hat.

    On 18 November 1307, Tell visited Altdorf with his young son and passed by the hat, publicly refusing to bow to it, and so was arrested. Gessler—intrigued by Tell’s famed marksmanship, yet resentful of his defiance—devised a cruel punishment: Tell and his son would be executed, but he could redeem his life by shooting an apple off the head of his son, Walter, in a single attempt. Tell split the apple with a bolt from his crossbow.

    William tell did something everyone thought was impossible. He resisted. The power of Ted Cruz’s speech stems from his refusal to bow before the liberal hat. If you were to re-write his speech into its essentials it might sound like this. “Imagine if we could tell all the stuffed shirts in the media to buzz off. Imagine if we could tell the busybodies to butt out our lives. Imagine if we could actually tell the IRS we want to keep our money. Imagine if we could the tell the NSA you need a warrant to tap my phone. Imagine if we didn’t have to feel guilty of being Americans. Imagine that we could call Islamic terrorism by its name.”

    Of course Cruz put it more cannily then that, but that was the message. We can continue.

    “But you don’t have to imagine because I’m doing it right now. I am standing right here, committing what is accounted political suicide saying every damned thing you ever felt like saying but couldn’t. I’m on YouTube giving every bit of lip you were afraid to give for fear you might lose your job. Do you see that hat over there my friend? I’m going to knock it down. All I am asking you to do is take out your cellphones and punch in this number and by that ever so negligible act, join in the fray!”

    Yippee. There’s not a few who would rise to their feet under the sting of that message and bang their palms together not out of the love of Ted Cruz, but under the impetus of shame. Shame that it took so long for someone to say what was obvious; shame that they hadn’t said it themselves.

    The intellectual establishment has predictably taken the bait. Bearded so openly, they have sneered and they snorted and cast aspersions down like ordure from their high towers upon the rabble beneath. That’s exactly the expected response and they’ve only confirmed Cruz’s message. By and by the worst of these taunts will be withdrawn by canny media analysts who understand the trap as laid, but the damage is done. Ted Cruz wanted the aristocracy to show its upturned face and that, it has done.

    Cruz may not become president of the United States. He may never even win the nomination of the Republican party. But if anyone wants to know why there was such a wave of emotion in response to his incendiary pronouncements, it is the resentment of the serfs, who dream of being serfs no more. The liberals aren’t fighting Cruz. They’re fighting their whole sordid history of high handed deception.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2015/03/24/william-cruz/#ixzz3VNFZc6lb

  34. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/25/world/middleeast/white-houses-rebukes-risk-buoying-netanyahu.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

    JERUSALEM — Giora Eiland, a former Israeli national security adviser, is hardly an advocate for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Mr. Eiland called on Mr. Netanyahu to cancel his speech to Congress this month, and he has criticized the prime minister’s strategy for fighting both the Iranian nuclear threat and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In last week’s election, he cast a ballot for someone else.

    But in the days since, he and many other Israelis have been astonished by the unrelenting White House criticism that has helped sink relations between Washington and Jerusalem to a nadir not seen for more than 25 years. Even some who mainly blame Mr. Netanyahu for antagonizing President Obama over the last six years now see the scales flipped.

    “Everybody understands this is part of the political campaign,” Mr. Eiland said of Mr. Netanyahu’s pre-election comments promising that a Palestinian state would not be established on his watch. “To try and say: ‘I caught you; I heard you say something. Since that’s what you said, I’m going to make a reassessment,’ it sounds like, ‘Well, I have been waiting until you make such a mistake, and now I’m going to exploit it.’ ”

    Mr. Obama showed no signs on Tuesday of softening his stance on Mr. Netanyahu’s momentary disavowal of the two-state solution that has long been the cornerstone of American policy.

    “What we can’t do is pretend that there’s the possibility of something that’s not there,” he said at a news conference. “This can’t be reduced to a matter of somehow, ‘Let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.’ ” ( shouldn’t he be saying that about Iran? …sounds like he has his countries mixed up

    Israeli analysts are now suggesting that Mr. Obama and his aides might be overplaying their hand, inviting a backlash of sympathy for Mr. Netanyahu, and that they may not have clearly defined what they expected to gain diplomatically by continuing to pressure the Israeli leader.

    The president’s harsh words have been deemed by some to be patronizing and disrespectful not only to Mr. Netanyahu but also to the voters who rewarded his uncompromising stances with a resounding mandate for a fourth term.

    Several Israeli analysts said the administration’s criticism of Mr. Netanyahu seemed like a pretext for a longstanding plan to change the United States’ policy of protecting Israel in international forums, which the administration has said it will reassess. Others suspect a ploy to undermine Israel’s lobbying efforts against the American negotiations for a nuclear accord with Iran.

    The rift widened further on Tuesday with a Wall Street Journal report in which administration officials accused Israeli officials of spying on the closed-door negotiations with Iran and sharing secret details about them with Congress and journalists. Three top Israeli ministers vehemently denied the report. Several congressional Republicans said they had received no such information, and those in Mr. Netanyahu’s close circle said it seemed like more poisoning of dirty waters.

    “Sometimes you have these unfortunate patterns that occur when you have tensions in the relationship,” said Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. “Stories based on anonymous sources pop up, and their purpose seems to be to undermine the alliance between the two countries.”

    In contrast with the White House, leading Israeli voices seem to have accepted Mr. Netanyahu’s post-election clarification that current circumstances make it impossible to imagine meeting his longstanding conditions for supporting a Palestinian state. While Israel’s Arab politicians rejected Mr. Netanyahu’s apology on Monday for an election-day video in which he warned about Arab citizens’ descending in “droves” to the polls, several of his most virulent Jewish critics praised it.

    Despite the deep freeze with Washington, Europe’s mounting threat of sanctions over settlement construction, and soul-searching among some American Jews whose love for Israel stops at its occupation of the West Bank, much of Israel’s political class and commentariat has now turned inward to focus on the assembling of a governing coalition that follows every election.

    “During the building of the government, and stabilizing the new political table of the state of Israel, that’s not the time to try to have speculations,” said Avi Dichter, a member of Parliament from Mr. Netanyahu’s party. “Once we shall have a government, we shall have a plan that everyone in the government will have to obey. It will be clear enough to all of us, in Europe, in the U.S. and in Israel.”

    First, though, there is next week’s deadline on the Iran deal to get through. At the same time, Speaker John A. Boehner, the Ohio Republican who orchestrated Mr. Netanyahu’s congressional speech against the White House’s wishes, is scheduled to visit Israel, a trip already derided in some quarters as an unseemly victory lap.

    To rebuff criticism of the visit, Mr. Netanyahu’s office let it be known that the prime minister had hosted 183 Democratic politicians and 179 Republican ones in Israel since April 2009.

    “What are we going to do, tell him not to come here?” asked Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington who is close to Mr. Netanyahu. “We certainly will have to make a major effort, including through our friends in the Democratic Party, to put things back in proportion, taking into consideration that they still have to run for election, while the president doesn’t.”

    Middle East experts in Jerusalem and Washington said Mr. Netanyahu was likely to make moves soon to show the White House that his position on Palestinian statehood had not changed. The first would be to release nearly $400 million in Palestinian tax revenue Israel has withheld since January.

  35. Look at the bastard run now:

    A $200 billion plan to permanently end an annual cut to Medicare reimbursements could be headed for the president’s desk at the end of the week now that Senate Democrats are softening their objections to abortion language in the bill.
    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has dropped his earlier opposition to the “doc fix” proposal; and while he won’t fully endorse the plan yet, he is no longer opposed to language in the bill that prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortions.
    Reid said last week that he believed language in the bill would have expanded restrictions on federal funding for abortions.

  36. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/the-2016-republican-race-maybe-early-polls-are-telling-us-something/article/2561998

    The 2016 Republican race: Maybe early polls are telling us something

    Look at the last election cycle. The top three GOP candidates in the RealClearPolitics average of polls in late March 2011 — Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul — were the top three men in the poll average at the beginning of 2012, when caucus and primary voting got under way. And they were the last three men standing, sort of, in the same order, in the last RCP average in April 2012. Of course there were a huge number of twists and turns along the way. But in retrospect, the polls in 2011 told us something. The winner came from the top three a year earlier.

    Today, the RCP average shows an exact tie at the top of the GOP race: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, both with 16.6 percent, with Ben Carson following at 10.6 percent. Of course Carson is widely viewed in the Republican establishment as having no chance, and there are others outside the top three, like Marco Rubio, who are seen as real contenders. But with Bush and Walker the other two of the top three, would anyone bet a lot of money that the ultimate winner won’t come from the top group once again? Sometimes it makes sense to look at early polls.

  37. imho…if John Kasich gets into the race all bets are off

    he could probably win Ohio…he has the likability, down to earth, youthful (almost boyish) quality going for him that most of the other repubs do not…

    he has a proven record and he often sounds like a moderate democrat

  38. “if John Kasich gets into the race all bets are off”

    I believe even Soros is on record as saying Kasich is the one he fears.

    And, if Voldemort fears him there is a great deal to like about Kasich.

  39. If you will recall, I predicted along time ago that Kasich would enter the race and that he would have the edge. I know him a little, he is a hard worker, he is a tax cutter, he did accept Obamacare and I reported a long time ago that the old Nazi has expressed concern over him because on certain issues he will co-opt the leftist agenda—like Obamacare, and because, just as the right has their narrative against Hillary in the movie can so to speak, the hard core commies have their narrative well defined against conservatives and have spent twenty years slandering conservatives as antediluvian bigot–or worse to develop that ah ha conditioned response when the conservative talks about old unhappy things like liberty, the constitution, individual rights not group rights. Kasich is a different kind of Republican, not entirely a RINO but not a conservative either. He would not get my vote, because personally I do not trust him, and his values are not the same as my own. But that tells you nothing about how others will decide. If that is the way it goes, then for the majority of the electorate it will be a choice between two candidates that do not inspire and the tendency will be what it is in most elections, choosing the lesser evil. Today is radically different than it was in 2008 when I looked for answers by Washington insiders. After 8 years of a radical who cares nothing for this nation, we need a bona fide reformer who represents the people against Washington and previously it had been my hope that Hillary would be that candidate. Today, however, we have too many–far too many indications to the contrary. Depending on who the Republican nominee is I will still vote for her, with vastly diminished expectations.

  40. Each day that goes by I find myself losing hope she will come out swinging. I do not see the same woman. I know not why, but I do not see her. Though it does not help, emails aside, there are too many questions now of impropriety. The image of aligning herself with the light bringer sickens me.

    As it stands now my hopes are with Cruz and Walker or Kasich. When (if) the candidate I remember presents herself as a fighter again I will reconsider my position. However, each day that passes makes the image of her an ever more distant memory. Perhaps, it is true the Chicago machine has more dirt on her than she has on it.

    For now, as many of us felt (and screamed to the rooftops) in 2008, “Country before party.” Or, as it appears to be today, “Country before party OR candidate.”

    This ship must be righted (both figuratively and literally).

  41. Do you think the RINO, Bush machine establishment planned by Karl Rove will allow Cruz, Walker or Kasich to be the nominee? The Reps seem to be gaining ground by the 24/7 attacks on Hillary and setting the narrative that she is a crook. It all makes me sick to see the media narrative being written now and Hillary seeming to side with BO at every turn.

    Question: Was Jeb Bush’s brother, Marvin? or Neal?, involved in some sort of Savings and Loan commotion or some such in the past and there was a big problem? Perhaps I’m thinking of someone else.

  42. Do you think the RINO, Bush machine establishment planned by Karl Rove will allow Cruz, Walker or Kasich to be the nominee?
    The establishment has managed to get the candidate nominated that they wanted elected, and defeated his conservative rivals in every presidential election since 1964. But I believe it is very different this time, for three reasons:

    1. first, after 8 years of Obama, a return to business as usual is unacceptable to the base.

    2. second, the establishment has resorted to the lowest tactics to disparage the base and its candidates.

    3. third, there is now a competing source of money like Americans For Prosperity, the Coke brothers, who are big supporters of traditional values, and the constitution, which the establishment with its historical ties to the financial industry which date back to the aftermath of the Civil War when Jebediah’s great great great grand daddy was a Wall Street runner in short pants are not.

    That is the difference. And it is all the difference Cruz et. al. needs. Not for nothing do they call him the honey badger. And his loyalty to the American People is true and adorable.

    For all the screaming about him that the establishment does, they fear him like no other candidate, because his candidacy will make clear to the American People what has occurred these past few years, and why the problem itself is bi partisan. As in a court room, no competent lawyer rises to his feet and objects to testimony, unless it hurts him. Thus, by the very shrill over the top reaction by big media you can pretty much assume that he scares the billybejiggereds out of them, and their privileged existence.

  43. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3012053/Pilot-doomed-Germanwings-jet-locked-cockpit-crash.html

    BREAKING NEWS: Pilot of doomed Flight 4U 9525 jet was ‘locked out of cockpit minutes before crash and tried to smash door down’, black box recorder reveals

    Black box voice recorder was salvaged from wreckage of Airbus today
    Audio taken from device ‘reveals one pilot left cockpit during the flight’
    Pilot is heard banging on door but receives no response from colleague
    No details on the pilots’ names, ages or nationalities have been released
    Revelation is first insight into what took place in moments before crash

    One of the pilots of the ill-fated Germanwings plane was locked out of the cockpit minutes before the aircraft plummeted into a remote region of the Alps, it was sensationally claimed last night.

    Audio files taken from the black box voice recorder that was salvaged from the wreckage of the Airbus A320 reportedly indicate the pilot left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

    The pilot is heard knocking lightly on the door of the cockpit before trying to ‘smash the door down’ when his colleague fails to answer, according to the New York Times.

    The revelation is the first insight into what took place on the aircraft in the moments before the plane plummetted into the French mountainside, killing all 150 people on board.

    An unnamed military investigator told the respected US newspaper: ‘The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer.

    ‘And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer. You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.’

    The claim will inevitably lead to speculation that the crash was deliberate – either caused by a suicidal pilot or as a result of terrorist activity.

  44. I watched the Video of Cruz wbb…smart guy, but he always seems to be preaching..I think he needs to chill a bit, don’t know if he knows how..
    Comes across too goody 2 shoes. I imagine that is who he is however, maybe a little more self effacing humor..
    People have to be able to relate to the candidate. ., obviously Bill was the greatest in my lifetime at that.

  45. Either all these pilots are on Muslim fatwas. ..or suicidal, either way, I don’t want to fly at this time. Somehow, pilots need to be able to get back in the cockpit. I know they made it a one way option after 9/11..but..

  46. I know who you said you were voting for Hillary, unless an alternative comes forward…I don’t know that I can, I don’t know this person…

  47. That post was directed at wbb, regarding his vote.
    I may sit it out, never have, probably wont, but feel like it.

  48. GonzoTx, Ted Cruz has a lot to contribute and is a smart man. But something about him bothers. Charles Cooke has written down our inchoate thoughts rather well:


    Ted Cruz Should Try Speaking to People Instead of at Them

    Until early 2013, I had never heard Ted Cruz speak. [snip]

    On January 26, 2013, at just around lunchtime, that changed. In the ballroom of Washington D.C.’s Omni Shoreham Hotel, I watched Cruz make his pitch. [snip]

    With these positions I agreed — and wholeheartedly. And yet, I hated every single moment of the address. Why? Well, because for all his obvious talent Cruz’s rhetorical style frankly makes my hair curl a little. Striking a pose that lands somewhere between the oleaginousness of a Joel Osteen and the self-assuredness of a midwestern vacuum-cleaner salesman, Cruz delivers his speeches as might a mass-market motivational speaker in an Atlantic City Convention Center. The country, he tells his audiences rather obsequiously, will be saved by “people like you” — people, that is, who are willing to text the word “Constitution” to the number 33733, and to contribute generously to his political action committee. America, meanwhile, is held to be in grave trouble, and it needs to be rescued, NOW. There is potential everywhere, Cruz notes; if only we could tap into it — if only we would believe. [snip]

    And yet, bubbling below the surface — and occasionally rising above it — there were all the usual attributes of the typical Cruz sermon: the quasi-religious fervor; the Lennonite appeals to “imagine” a better future; the Manichean intensity that can sometimes cross from the pulpit to the podium; and, from time to time, that slight awkwardness that comes with the presumption that, deep down, every line deserves to be an applause line.

    If I am not alone in my reaction, this tendency will damage Cruz more than it will help him, for as The Weekly Standard’s Andrew Ferguson observed trenchantly in 2013, he is pretty much incapable of turning it off. Indeed, by most accounts, Cruz speaks in exactly the same way when he is addressing CPAC; when he is meeting with small, friendly, informed groups; and, by Ferguson’s testimony, when he is “at close quarters, only a few feet away, in the back seat of a car.” Britain’s Queen Victoria, The Atlantic records, once complained that William Gladstone “addresses me as if I were a public meeting.” Watching Cruz this morning, one understands how she must have felt. Sure, the man is probably sincere. Certainly, he is one smart cookie. But to my skeptical ears, there is always a touch of condescension in the pitch — a small whiff of superciliousness that gives one the unlovely impression that Ted Cruz believes his listeners to be a little bit dim.

    In practice, this can be lethal. Late last year, I attended an event at which both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were scheduled to speak. Going in, the audience seemed infinitely more excited about the latter. Rubio, I was told, was finished — a “traitor” and a “turncoat.” Cruz, meanwhile, was the golden boy. At the drinks reception afterwards, however, a good number of minds seemed to have been changed. “Rubio talks to you,” one attendee explained; “Cruz seemed to lecture.” This is an anecdote, I will grant. But it reminded me of the age-old observation that it is one thing to be the smartest man in the room, but that it is quite another to behave as if you know it.

    And make no mistake: Ted Cruz is very often the smartest man in the room. We are dealing here, remember, with a man who has been described by his former professor Alan Dershowitz as “off-the-charts brilliant,” and who spends his free time publishing “scholarly essays on constitutional law.” We are dealing here with a man who has enjoyed a stellar career as a litigator; a man who won the “Best Brief Award by the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), for U.S. Supreme Court briefs in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007”; a man who has argued superbly before the Supreme Court on nine separate occasions. We are dealing here with a man who, a few years back, was the youngest solicitor general in the United States; who was “the first Hispanic ever to clerk for the Chief Justice of the United States”; and who managed to get himself into the Senate without ever having held an elected position before.

    Still, we do not elect presidents on the basis of their IQ alone; rather, we also take into account a candidate’s policy positions, his likeability, and his relevant experience in government.

    For all his pretense at fairness, Charles Cooke does not like Cruz and thinks Cruz damages the GOP. Cooke should be honest about that and not try to play above-the-fray critic. But much of what he wrote resonates.

    Bill Clinton was the smartest man in the room when he campaigned but to the audience he was “Bubba”. Cruz is smart and maybe smart enough that he will fake sincerity and humility sufficient to overcome whatever it is he is communicating that hits a sour note.

  49. I read that article Admin, it is who he is.

    I gave thought for the last 2 years he needed to get a voice instructor, take some comedy improve lessons…I have to say I did, and it really did make a difference, more than acting lessons.

    If you can crawl on the floor like an alien worm, you can do anything…

    Even be President of the United States…

  50. Info war-mongers: Usual suspects in cash call to fight ‘anti-US messaging’
    Published time: March 26, 2015 01:20
    Former US broadcasting officials, diplomats and politicians are calling for a complete overhaul of government-funded news operations, arguing that Washington’s rivals are winning the information war snip
    video at link

  51. http://weaselzippers.us/218576-wapo-outraged-ben-carson-called-obama-a-psychopath-interviews-psychologist-to-set-record-straight-obamas-a-sociopath/

    WaPo Outraged Ben Carson Called Obama A “Psychopath,” Interviews Psychologist To Set Record Straight: Obama’s A “Sociopath”…

    Well done, Washington Post.

    Via WaPo:

    In GQ’s profile of Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon and potential 2016 presidential candidate called President Obama a “psychopath.”

    Calling politicians you aren’t fond of psychopaths feels like an unfortunately routine part of our political landscape today, but Carson did more than just name call. In the interview, he pointed to Obama’s neat appearance as proof he’s a psychopath (“That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great,” he said.).

    Carson is a doctor, but I talked to some professionals to see whether they agreed with him.

    Lisa Kays, a licensed clinical social worker in Washington, said in a phone interview that to clinically be described as a psychopath, someone must show signs before age 15, and must meet three criteria from a list that includes things like deceitfulness, failure to plan ahead, consistent irresponsibility and a lack of remorse. There’s also the possibility of anti-social behavior, increased risk of violence, failure to conform to social norms and saying things for shock value.”

    Psychologist Deborah Stokes, PhD, said there is the concept of “the charming sociopath,” which may be more of what Carson was going for in his description of Obama. “They lure people in with their charisma,” Stokes said. “We see that with politicians, with cult figures and so forth,” she said, and in politics, “you have to be a little bit self-centered.”

    But — and try not to act too surprised — neither woman thinks Obama is actually clinically a psychopath.

    “I do think we toss this word around casually,” Kays said. “It certainly doesn’t apply to everyone wearing a suit.”

  52. foxyladi14
    March 26, 2015 at 10:47 am
    You must have been down there for the 2008 primary like I was to know what the Texas two step was. No one else would know what the Texas two step is. First the primary, then the caucus–real Rube Goldberg stuff–easily manipulated by the pro Obama Democrat Chairman. Hillary won the state 52 to 48, but at the caucus and delegate stage it all fell apart.

    Insofar as a Cruz vs. Perry scenario, it is possible but unlikely. Texas is a big state, but not big enough for two presidential candidates at the same time. Perry had his turn in 2008. Now it is–or should be Cruz’s opportunity to showcase what their leaders are capable of in the defense of liberty and the constitution which seem to mean nothing to the east coast elites, who care only about themselves.

  53. Another Obama Mystery Solved.

    Question: why did Obama invite Berghdal’s parents to the White House and call their son a hero, when the army was a traitor?

    Answer: because this was a PRETEXT so he could empty Guantanamo of its most dangerous terrorists, pursuant to his grand plan to close Guantanamo. The concomitant risk to American troops once those terrorists were repatriated was immaterial to the big media beloved messiah. It is no stretch to say that American lives mean less than nothing to him.

    Another cover-up by big media, so the public would never suspect the treason that was afoot. Finally, in today’s anti big media publication the Wall Street—the real motive was revealed to be exactly that . . . . .

  54. Cook: Cruz’s rhetorical style frankly makes my hair curl a little.
    Cook is a charter member of the hair club for men, and that may be why his hair is curling. He is little more than a echo chamber for the elites. When he is right the point is obvious. When he is wrong he is off the charts. Cook is a comfortable man and Cruz’s style is to afflict the comfortable who are too comfortable as they rape the American People. Cook has no sense of time and place, and no ability to sense the political advantage of making the right points. Cook would be more comfortable if Cruz said what a RINO would say–the problem is not me it is those democrats just as the Democrat would say it is not me it is those evil republicans. In other words he sees past the theater, past the Punch and Judy routine (where the two puppets are forever fighting), and past the grand theft which lies behind it, to the underlying truths of this political system and how far greed, fecklessness, and the abandonment of first principles has taken the ship of state off course from the path charted by the founding fathers, where liberty and individuality were the guiding star, to a place where race class and gender are the determining factors and no one is allowed to think for themselves, but mouth the canards of their own cultural village.

  55. gonzotx
    March 25, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    I watched the Video of Cruz wbb…smart guy, but he always seems to be preaching..I think he needs to chill a bit, don’t know if he knows how..

    Ted has more than one rhetorical style, believe me. He is a very down to earth individual and moderates his style for the audience. As I may have mentioned, an old friend of mine is Chairman of the Republican Party of Kaufman country in east Texas. He was part of the group that convinced Ted to run for the Senate. He is a good solid guy and so is Ted. I expect to be down there in a couple months and will report back on what I learn from him. The first step is to kick ass. The second step is to show your human side, and why kicking ass was necessary. For the grass roots reaction, go back and read Richard Fernandez article. He is a much deeper thinker than Charlie Cook. (Note: there is an alternative path to power where you rise through the ranks quietly, and only when you have achieved the top level reveal your real agenda. De Lorean and to some extent Obama did that. To me that kind of leadership is grounded in lies and deception. People should say what they mean and mean what they say. When you compromise with the truth it is no longer the truth. And before we accept anyone’s assessment of Cruz we need to know where they sit, because where they sit is where they stand. I think the deceptions and betrayal by Obama cancels out the possibility of a business as usual candidate. Time will tell whether I am right. As the human side of Ted is revealed more people will gravitate to him, because the political house of both parties is on fire. The key is for Ted to make the public believe that his candidacy will empower them in some measurable way, whether that be in getting the federal government off their back or giving them a better future. It must be personalized in that way, and he is smart enough to know that. I am not going on the campaign trail for anyone any more. Once is enough. So I have no ambitions along that line. But whether enough people know it or not,, we need a reformer. For me, that is where it starts, stops and ends.

  56. I think the public will be impressed with Ted’s performance in the debates—that is how the public at large will get to know him.

  57. Morris analysis on why Cruz can win:


    “The brightest guy in American Politics since Bill Clinton. A Reagan protogee. If running against Hillary who is vulnerable on the left she lacks a comparable ability to turn out the base etc. Walker is impressive. Rubio not impressed with. Cruise can’t win is left wing propaganda”—-Dick Morris

  58. The only possible explanation for questioning Dr. Carson’s opinion that Obama is a psychopath. They’re RAAAACIST!

  59. As chaos spreads to all corners of the middle east it becomes obvious that Obama’s foreign policy, which is based on the substitution of radical Muslim regimes for US friendly governments, endless apologies, leading from behind, abandoning allies, making a Faustian Pact which lays the groundwork for nuclear war, and a retrograde retreat of US forces and influence from the middle east has been, to put it mildly, a catastrophic failure.

    Never has a foreign policy been so quickly and decisively repudiated. Never in all of history. It is the essence of folly.

    The pending agreement with Iran will be wildly celebrated by big media, but it the kiss of death to millions of innocent people. That is because big media is as narcisstic as he is, and just as corrupt to the core. In fact, they define the very word “corruption”. The suspension of Brian Williams is amount to disparate treatment, because they are all–all of them–doing the same goddamn thing.

    Better to be a piano player in a whore house, then someone who has so little sense of integrity and journalism, that they stoop to draw a check from big media. People of integrity will find a way to get out, and still make ends meet.

  60. moononpluto
    March 27, 2015 at 10:12 am
    I am not sure moon that it makes much difference. I wanted him tarred, feathered and run out on a rail. Instead he is allowed to retire with dignity–which is not merited. And whom does it leave in charge? Why that bag ass greasy palmed schmarmy anti American fuck stick otherwise known as Schumer.

    Hardly an improvement.

  61. Reid isn’t leaving until 2016 but may I say to Sir Hairy — You are the asshole that helped destroy the Dem party along with Nasty and the Kooks to the far left and the media.

    May you all enjoy your political Hell for what you have done.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Harry got his injuries from a real ass kickin’

  62. I hope Harry takes Filthy McNasty with him and uses her broomstick to clean the place before he goes.

  63. One thing it does say though about Harry quitting in 2016 is that he does not expect Dems to take back the senate….

  64. Bleurgh……

    NEWS: Schumer formally declares his bid to become Democratic leader. Source says he has locked up enough support.

  65. hadowfax
    March 27, 2015 at 2:00 pm
    Reid isn’t leaving until 2016 but may I say to Sir Hairy — You are the asshole that helped destroy the Dem party along with Nasty and the Kooks to the far left and the media.

    May you all enjoy your political Hell for what you have done.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Harry got his injuries from a real ass kicking’

    Preach it, Shadow. I would have loved assisting with the ass kicking.

  66. We did say it at the time….who rolled him because that looked like a mafia warning……someone gave him a good smack.

  67. If his exercise machine whomped up on poor Harry like this, we’d better get the name of “it”. I’d be checking to see if the “machine” were a gift from Sen. Schumer.

  68. “Gowdy said that Clinton’s response to the subpoena means he and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will now contemplate new legal actions against Clinton.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/gowdy-clinton-wiped-her-server-clean-116472.html#ixzz3Vdk98tsj

    I’m assuming that Gowdy trying to get all the emails and records of CIA director David Petraus, and Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta during Benghazi along with Ms. Rice and Valerie Jarrett and is diligently seeking info about the where abouts of President Obama during that period of time. If not, we might get the impression that Mr. Gowdy is coming down with a bad case of Republican CDS for which there is no known cure at this time apparently.

  69. These Obama administration “folk” sure do have a lot of trouble finding their e-mails, don’t they? If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say they are hiding something…

  70. Southern Born
    March 27, 2015 at 5:04 pm
    If his exercise machine whomped up on poor Harry like this, we’d better get the name of “it”. I’d be checking to see if the “machine” were a gift from Sen. Schumer.

    😆 Who almost puts their eye out by one of these rubberbands? It just seems darn odd to me, and Reid needed to have a good thrashing. At least KARMA was involved.

  71. Southern Born
    March 27, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    I agree. Fair is fair, don’t string up Hillary and leave all the other players with a get out of jail free card.

  72. I saw a bit of Hillary talking about email situation & offer her hearty congratulations for sticking it to same GOP pandering to Obama!
    HLN claims the incident below has gone viral. As well IT should. May there be continuing truth to Obama.

    Mike Brown question sparks MetroLink beating caught on video
    Posted 10:31 am, March 27, 2015, by Joe Millitzer, Updated at 10:42pm, March 27, 2015

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A MetroLink beating captured on video is now lighting up social media in St. Louis. Viewers sent the video to FOX 2 on Twitter and Facebook pages looking for answers. Police say the beating happened on Monday evening at 9:54pm. The victim, a 43-year-old white male, tells investigators that a question about Mike Brown sparked the incident snip

  73. Supposedly after the beating in St. Louis, police presence on and around the Metro will be stepped up. Do you suppose that Rev. Sharpton and Eric Holder will come back down to St. Louis any day now to check on this black on white beating?

    This morning on FOX News there is a video of a state congressman who is black…don’t know which state…who was saying in a meeting that the police in America are worse that ISIS. He stated that ISIS had never bothered him or been to his house but the police had, apparently.

  74. That’s Ernie Chambers, the token imbecile in the Nebraska senate who always has something cringe worthy to say.

  75. …in a world that is full of so much increasing violence, killing, death, anger and cruelty…and a week that has experienced such unnecessary sadness with the loss of innocent people simply flying on a plane…

    while OT…here is something that may make you smile and bring some plain ole’ innocent happiness…video clip included


  76. This is a fascinating article, by a brilliant writer. Some may blanch at the offhand comparison to the deletion of emails at or about the time they are requested by a congressional committee. In a lawsuit, the target of such a request is required to preserve those documents, and the destruction thereof raises a “spoliatory” inference as to their contents, and is subject to other sanctions. Here it is less obvious. This point is tangential to the thrust of the article, but the comparison is not entirely unfair.
    The Lost Highway

    Negotiations between Iran and the Obama administration have reached a fever pitch, with sources suggesting the two sides were only days away from an agreement. Although the exact character of the deal is still unknown, enough has been guessed to allow some people to make up their minds about it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned a few hours ago that:

    “This deal, as it appears to be emerging, bears out all of our fears, and even more than that,” Netanyahu told his cabinet in Jerusalem as the United States, five other world powers and Iran worked toward a March 31 deadline in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Noting advances made by Iranian-allied forces in Yemen and other Arab countries, Netanyahu accused the Islamic republic of trying to “conquer the entire Middle East” while moving toward nuclearisation.

    A message in the same vein was carried by an Iranian defector. “A media aide to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani covering the P5+1 nuclear talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, is seeking asylum in the West and has blasted the U.S. negotiating team as apologists for Iran,” writes the American Interest, quoting the Telegraph.

    Mr Mottaghi also gave succour to western critics of the proposed nuclear deal, which has seen the White House pursue a more conciliatory line with Tehran than some of America’s European allies in the negotiating team, comprising the five permanent members of the UN security council and Germany.

    “The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5+1 countries and convince them of a deal,” he said.

    These remarks may be dismissed as disinformation by advocates of the deal, who see an agreement as the narrow path to peace, the last hope to settle a conflict without resort to war. The metaphor is John Kerry’s who described his efforts to block Iran off from the four pathways to a nuclear bomb. Three roads he knows about. It is the fourth way — the one whose meanderings are secret — that Kerry is most concerned about.

    On Wednesday in Washington, US Secretary of State John Kerry told the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference that the priority of the Obama administration is to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran that “shuts off the four pathways to a nuclear weapon: the pathway at Fordow, the pathway at Natanz, the pathway at Arak.”

    “And finally,” he continued, “the covert pathway, which is the hardest of all but which I can assure you we are deeply focused on.”

    That fourth pathway is perhaps the most important— and the least reported— aspect of talks with Iran currently under way here in Switzerland.

    Journalists often cite the number of centrifuges Iran will be allowed to retain, the frequency with which they will be inspected by international monitors, the grade to which they will be able to enrich uranium and the technological sophistication, or efficiency, of the machines.

    But that public debate is moot should Iran retain the ability to develop nuclear weapons secretly. Of far greater concern to US President Barack Obama is what he does not know— and what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not know, either.

    It’s a striking image: John Kerry standing sentry over a phantom highway, the lanky, doleful Secretary of State as guardian of the secret path, whose location neither he nor anyone else is certain of. But there is also something absurd about it. The only man in Washington in a position fit to commiserate with Kerry is probably Trey Gowdy, who is likewise battling with the unseen. Gowdy says that Hillary Clinton has wiped clean the email server whose contents he subpoenaed. Like Kerry he is grappling with the unknown. Politico reports:

    Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi said Friday.

    “While it is not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, said in a statement.

    The point of the comparison is that in both cases one is dealing with parties possessed of a considerable, but unmeasured capability for mischief with a proven determination to avoid coming clean. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to reach a deal with them. But it does mean is that any agreement with such parties contains a large element of risk.

    The incentive to cheat is high. The number of trap doors and secret panels in their mansion of mysteries is high. You can think of it intuitively as lending money or granting bail to a high risk individual. Bail bondsmen know can be done, but only if the sureties are sufficient and the risk premium is adequate. And even then you will need a bounty hunter on your speed-dial list.

    If you worked for a credit card company, how much would you lend Iran? How much Hillary? This is a nuclear deal in Iran’s case, and the world is lending them a lot.

    In a relatively short period, president Obama will place a very large bet. When he makes the deal a coin will be tossed. On the one hand he may have saved the world from a major war. On the other hand, he may have guaranteed it. No can know for sure while the coin is spinning in the air. We will only know when it lands. Such is the nature of risk in this world.

    But surely everyone will agree that it is only prudent to examine the coin before it is tossed or to inspect the dice for loading. At the very least Congress and the Senate must look it over and kick the tires. There should be none of this nonsense about “trust me”. The more serious the outcome, the more finely you must weigh the odds. President Obama is hungry for a legacy. Let’s hope he remembers that an administration legacy is not the same as an epitaph.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2015/03/29/the-lost-highway/#ixzz3VmofpIbE

  77. At one point, you may recall, there was some hope, by me and by others, that Hillary’s emails would be found and some of them at least would answer pertinent questions about Obama’s failure of leadership on the night of the Benghazi attacks. But if they were deleted, that hope is now extinguished. It appears to me that Hillary is 100% in Obama’s corner on this, and the why of that is opaque to me at least.

  78. S. Thanks for posting about Angelina. I’ve always liked her, even when she was more than a bit “out there” – more probably, because she was.

  79. O’Malley: Presidency no ‘crown to be passed between two families.’


    Bitter much……

    Don’t worry Martin, we’ll be looking at your time in Baltimore and being Maryland, i’m sure you have many a scandal in that closet.

  80. But didn’t Hillary turn over hundreds of thousands of emails? They couldn’t have had time to read through them all. Plus, any email to another gov employee could be gotten from the receiving party.

    I can see Hillary wanting to have privacy from Obama, as she would have zero reasons to trust him. But… I don’t know what she’s doing. We already have Obama thinking he can do whatever he wants, laws and constitution be d*mned. Is Hillary that way, too? I’m getting concerned.

  81. lorac
    March 29, 2015 at 2:36 pm
    But didn’t Hillary turn over hundreds of thousands of emails? They couldn’t have had time to read through them all. Plus, any email to another gov employee could be gotten from the receiving party.

    —Absolutely, Lorac.

    Hillary did turn over thousands of emails. And as you mentioned, that I also have done, emails are not one way, dead end streets. They are conversations, and anyone in the government, military and the State Dept. would have copies of Hillary’s emails.

    The effin’ GOP and Trey are pushing this snipe hunt for criminal emails just to try to hurt Hillary2016.

    Anyone that doesn’t see this is just looking for an excuse to trash Hillary…again.

  82. lorac
    March 29, 2015 at 2:36 pm
    But didn’t Hillary turn over hundreds of thousands of emails? They couldn’t have had time to read through them all. Plus, any email to another gov employee could be gotten from the receiving party.

    —Absolutely, Lorac.

    Hillary did turn over thousands of emails. And as you mentioned, that I also have done, emails are not one way, dead end streets. They are conversations, and anyone in the government, military and the State Dept. would have copies of Hillary’s emails.

    The effin’ GOP and Trey are pushing this snipe hunt for criminal emails just to try to hurt Hillary2016.

    Anyone that doesn’t see this is just looking for an excuse to trash Hillary…again.

  83. But didn’t Hillary turn over hundreds of thousands of emails? They couldn’t have had time to read through them all. Plus, any email to another gov employee could be gotten from the receiving party.

    No. I think she selected and turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails. That would probably be somewhere in the range of 20,000 to 40,000 emails from her entire term as SOS. She deleted everything she did not choose to turn over.

    You can’t get them from the recepients, either. Her top aides all used off-the-record private e-mail accounts, too. I suspect that all the big cheese in the Obama administration did so.

    The simple fact of the matter is that Hillary chose to operate in a way that would hide her correspondence from the Congress and the public. Why she felt the need to operate in Nixonian fashion, I have no idea. It’s not something I can really respect in a public servant.

  84. The email scandal is the least of Hillary’s problems right now. Two bigger problems:

    a) The Democrat party liberals hate her.

    b) How do you run on a record of competence when you were in charge of Barack Obama’s foreign policy for six years? The entire world appears to be burning. Current US foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster.

  85. “The effin’ GOP and Trey are pushing this snipe hunt for criminal emails just to try to hurt Hillary2016.

    Anyone that doesn’t see this is just looking for an excuse to trash Hillary…again.”

    If this were a serious effort to get to what really happened in Benghazi and not just another, snipe hunt, panty sniffing, CDS situation, trying to “get Hillary” then Mr. Trey Starr…I mean Gowdy would be digging into the records, emails, etc. of Sec of Defense Leon Panetta, CIA Director David Petraus, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and others involved.

    With the roar over Hillary’s emails, you’d think she planned the CIA operation exclusively without the knowledge of others in the administration, gave the stand down order herself although not authorized to do such and that there was a big smoking gun mixed in with the wedding plan emails where she said she did it without the knowledge of anyone else.

  86. hwc, why should they have access to ALL of her damn emails? This is getting ridiculous. It’s evolved from a legitimate investigation to a damn witch hunt It’s not about Benghazi. As shadow said, it’s about 2016.

  87. Well, I guess we just didn’t get it. Thankfully, the NY Times ALWAYS gets it. It just appears that there’s a shit storm in the ME, and that Barack has screwed up repeatedly. That’s actually not the case, according to the Times. Barack has slowly been working his “method”, and created a “paradigm shift” in the way Americans relate to the ME. And, yes. He wanted to pull out all of our troops everywhere in the region. He believed he could do it. But that region just wouldn’t let it happen. It kept pulling us back in. It’s not Barack’s fault.


  88. foxyladi14
    March 30, 2015 at 10:53 am
    What do you think about it?
    HLN was kind enough to point out that 19 (+ or -) other states already have their own version of the law, so I’m thinking the protesters have egg to wipe of their faces.

    And then I’d wish that Georgie boy had been that tough on Obama when Obama stated he was a Muslim. (BTW it is hard to find a complete version of that on youtube these days.)

  89. Clear & president danger: Poll shows Republicans more scared of Obama than Putin
    Published time: March 30, 2015 10:42
    A third of Republicans in the United States believe President Obama is a more imminent threat to their country than Russian President Vladimir Putin. They believe the same about Syria’s Bashar Assad, a poll has revealed.
    There is no measure of apprehension or bad publicity the American right has not directed in the past at the Russian and Syrian governments. It may then come as a surprise to some that many see their biggest threat as originating from the inside.
    Reuters and Ipsos polled 2,809 Americans in March to see where they stand on threats to the United States. Some 1,083 Democrats and 1,059 Republicans participated. Given a list of countries, organizations and individuals – and the choice to rank them on a scale from 1 to 5, a sizeable 34 percent of the population decided that Obama was an imminent threat. That’s 9 percent more than Putin. snip http://rt.com/usa/245133-republicans-obama-threat-putin/

    Maybe this is why Boehner frequently looks as if he needs a change of underwear?

  90. May as well throw in this too:
    March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest — RT USA
    snip Operation Jade Helm, which is scheduled to kick off in July and run for eight weeks, will involve the participation of 1,200 troops from the US military’s most elite fighting forces, including Green Berets, Navy SEALS and Special Operations from the Air Force and Marines. The troops will be participating in what has been called Realistic Military Training in towns in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah. snip


  91. hwc, why should they have access to ALL of her damn emails?

    As far as I know, Trey Gowdy’s committee is just trying to get all of the Secretary of State’s e-mails concerning the terrorist attack on the State Department facility in Benghazi where a poorly protected American Ambassador was burned alive by radical Islamic terrorists.

    I don’t think investigating the role of the Secretary of State in this matter is an unreasonable “witch hunt”, especially when you find out that the Secretary of State took unusual steps to prevent investigators from having access to her federal record e-mails.

    It is what it is. She could explain some things if she wanted to.

  92. “As far as I know, Trey Gowdy’s committee is just trying to get all of the Secretary of State’s e-mails concerning the terrorist attack on the State Department facility in Benghazi where a poorly protected American Ambassador was burned alive by radical Islamic terrorists.

    I don’t think investigating the role of the Secretary of State in this matter is an unreasonable “witch hunt”, especially when you find out that the Secretary of State took unusual steps to prevent investigators from having access to her federal record e-mails.”

    I agree with you, hwc, that it is fair to investigate the Sec. of State but to me it becomes a “witch hunt” when others involved in Benghazi seemingly are not being investigated….David Petraus: CIA, Leon Panetta: Sec of Defense, Military to find out who gave the stand down order to them, Valerie Jarrett, and it would be very interesting to find just exactly where our president was during this time and what his role was.

    If Mr. Gowdy, the Republicans, and FOX News were going after the above named people with the same VIGOR as they are Hillary, I would not have a problem with it.

  93. Mercy! Miss Megan Kelly is snarling with curled lips about Hillary…as a lead off on her show tonight. I’m so thrilled I can just turn her OFF. I find her to be nothing but a partisan Republican hack trying to advance her career just as O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity did with the attacks on Bill Clinton back in the 1990’s. I have little if any respect for these people. So sorry she has put herself in this category.

  94. How do you run on a record of competence when you were in charge of Barack Obama’s foreign policy for six years? The entire world appears to be burning. Current US foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster.

    I don’t have the overall view of things as admin does, but my first reflexive thought is – they weren’t nearly
    this bad when Hillary left SOS.

    BUT – I think that’s where they’ll want to use this Benghazi stuff. The theory is that the ambassador – reporting to her – was also working with CIA (?) and was getting leftover weapons from Libya to Syria with Turkey’s assistance (the Turkish ambassador was there just before the attack). Hillary said we should empower the resistance in Syria.

    But they’re saying that these resistance fighters became the original ISIS. So, I think with Benghazi, they’re hoping to blame ISIS on her. So even with the worst happening after she left, they’re going to say she set the stage and lit the flame.

    It might all be too complicated for most people to pay attention to, so it might fall flat.

  95. “So, I think with Benghazi, they’re hoping to blame ISIS on her. So even with the worst happening after she left, they’re going to say she set the stage and lit the flame.”
    Yes, indeed, and I’m pretty sure the Reps and FOX News have good info and research that if only they could get Hillary’s emails they could tie her to the cause of Genital Warts, Cancer, and the Common Cold as well…it’s all Hillary’s fault. Can’t wait to see what they try to blame her for next.

  96. hwc, you believe whatever you want. As Southern Born said, the fact is that Hillary has been targeted specifically – no one else.. This is about gaining a political advantage. Nothing else. IMHO.

    Hillary knew that many in Obama’s admin were gunning for her. She also knew the Republicans would be looking to find a way to pin anything they could on her. I don’t see her taking any chances or doing anything she knew was suspect for just those reasons. With regard to the email issue – she’s smart enough to know that the Republicans investigating this would misconstrue, twist, re-investigate, and leak all manner of innuendo about the emails, regardless of whether there was a legitimate reason for concern. They want to take her out. This is not about justice or lives lost. It’s about an election.

    You have been more than a little critical of Hillary. Maybe some of that criticism should be directed at the Republicans.

  97. IMO, what’s really heartbreaking is reading on the sites that used to be pro-Hillary, that flipped to anti-Hillary – almost right away.

    I can see having some questions now – I’m confused by all that’s happening myself – but I don’t understand flipping from white to black. May 31 had a big effect on most of us, a real eye opening experience. Myself, I became independent, and I read both sides now and try to make some sense of things. But I just can’t understand the democrats’ betrayal making one run to the other side – as if they don’t also play politics.

    It’s just sad – seeing screen names that used to support her on those sites, now saying terrible, some downright crazy, things about her. I was ambivalent about her taking SOS, but I hoped it would give her some more cred. But now it seems all it did was throw her into the dirty Obama circle, and whether she plays the game with them or not, she’s dirtied just by association.

    But again, I guess it will boil down to what the media does, and how much detail the average person pays attention to. Most people won’t cross party lines, though – so I guess the worst it can all do is keep some of her potential voters home – well, also maybe lose her some independents.

    But on those sites one of the things they’re saying is that she’s made a deal with Jarrett to take Gowdy down, and they’re offering him a Supreme Court spot if he will drop the investigaton. Ugh, just them linking Hillary to Jarrett makes me want to take a shower.

    But someone upthread mentioned they should be investigating the others – Gates, Panetta, etc. That’s a good point. How come just Hillary.

  98. You have been more than a little critical of Hillary. Maybe some of that criticism should be directed at the Republicans.

    What? Blame it on Boosh? 🙂

    The Republicans haven’t had any power to do anything from 2008 until a couple months ago. Kinda hard to “blame the Republicans” for much of anything that has happened under the Obama administration.

    Hillary hasn’t given me much to work with Benghazi was a major catastrophe on her watch and she has chosen to shed no light on it. The US foreign policy is in shambles, IMO. How bad is it? The French think we are wimps.

  99. Southern

    Yes, indeed, and I’m pretty sure the Reps and FOX News have good info and research that if only they could get Hillary’s emails they could tie her to the cause of Genital Warts, Cancer, and the Common Cold as well…it’s all Hillary’s fault. Can’t wait to see what they try to blame her for next.


    Tell it like it is Southern!!

  100. lorac

    I think many people look for the perfect candidate.

    The perfect party.

    The perfect news station,

    and the perfect congressman/woman.

    We all have the freedom to vent our frustrations, and Big Pink is a home for those of us that now have no political home. Many of us that have voted Dem. all our lives, until 2008, have found that Obama and his Chicago crew have turned the party inside out, and only the Kooks and Obama lovers stand out like the strong sent of a garbage dump.

    If and when Hillary tosses her hat in the ring, and she comes out speaking like the only adult running for President, it won’t surprise me if many Big Pink bloggers will come back and chime in.

    Until then, Admin will keep passing on wisdom and the rest of us will do what we do best, hold Obama’s smelly feet to the damn fire.

  101. Hwc,

    I too have been very disappointed in Hillary. The Benghazi disaster and her response have been ridiculous.
    Yes, they should he going after all of them, but maybe getting the emails is an avenue to do that as no one is talking and this would give the committee something black and white on what really happened, the cover up, etc.

  102. Right. They need to continue this “investigation” ad infinitum – or at least until election day.

  103. hwc, Bush has plenty to answer for, but in the case of Benghazi, my reference was to the Republicans who choose to continue focusing on this. I only wish one or two of them would take a minute to check out what Obama has planned for Iran and Israel.

    The French would be right about us being wimps under Obama. But then, from a historical perspective, they have little room to speak.

    Hillary needs to be held to account just as anyone else in government does. Therein lies the problem, doesn’t it? Never are all the players held accountable, only those the Republicans choose to target. If you’re last name is Clinton, that’s the Republicans’ cue to launch an investigation. If your last name is Obama, you just continue to get away with whateverthefuck you want to do.

  104. The statements coming directly from Hillary just keep getting worse and worse or more disappointing on any number of issues including illegal immigration and amnesty. Although I am open minded about 2016, if she comes out supporting this deal with iran, that will probably be the last straw for me. As regards funneling weapons to Syria, if you remember, the Israelis at the time said that there were no good players there. If ISIS has emerged from that group of rebels then the Israelis were correct and no help should have been given to either side.
    The situation is more than a mess and the stage for WW3 may be in the works. All of this precipitated by George Bush’s war in Iraq. I was against that from the beginning when it was unpopular to think that way.
    There was a delicate balance of power in the ME between the Sunni and the Shia Arabs who have been fighting each other for centuries. The US Iraq war tipped that balance and these wars for power grab are the result.
    Every time Hillary opens her mouth to support Obama’s policies, I believe she digs herself a deeper hole. I guess she is counting on the fact that Democrats hold a firm electoral advantage in most big states and she is banking on the polls which show 47% of Americans supporting these bastards.
    It remains to be seen whether the Repugs can run a decent candidate. I’m just so disappointed in Hillary and Bill.

  105. Haven’t posted in years, but wanted to add a comment that may have a bit of saliency at this point. I suppose, if anything, I was a Dem leaning independent – more apolitical for many years than anything else. I’d never voted for a GOP until Romney vs. Zero, but prior to then, hadn’t voted at all since Clinton v. Bush ’92.

    Hillary has not put enough daylight between herself and zero and his “policies” if that’s what you want to call the disasters he creates. She’s got a problem because the rabid left doesn’t really like her, at all, the right hates her, and she’s going to be associated with the same ole – same ole trajectory of despair if she doesn’t drastically move away from the Dim plantation.

    Hope all are doing well.

  106. I remember ya, blo$meObama. I too haven’t posted in a while, work went from busy to busier to (head exploding). But after my PC reboots for its weekly MS patching, it’s one of the first sites I log back into.

    Great info here from admin, and I like the diversity of opinions here.

  107. I also enjoy the differing view’s,
    It gives some balance to the board.
    Also for me anyway, The letter behind a person’s name, Does not get my vote.
    I have voted for both. 😀

  108. “Could Another Democrat Beat Hillary Clinton? Strategists Offer a Blueprint”

    The Dims and the Reps…bless their pointed little heads and jealous, vicious mean hearts. They colluded, plotted, cheated to get anyone but Hillary anointed president in 2008. Look how that has turned out. And here we go again!

    I read recently that Henry Kissinger has NOT turned over all the records from when he was Sec. of State decades ago. Horrors…call Trey Starr…I mean Gowdy immediately!! If this roar from the Republicans about Hillary had any validity, wouldn’t they have gotten their panties in a wad over Henry and his records? Lots of world events happened while Kissinger was Sec of State. But then Kissinger was not running against Jeb Bush for president. So move along, folks, nothing to see there…but OH, that Hillary.

  109. So has anyone heard if Obola has cinched his deal with the slavering Iranians?

    Maybe he should offer them some tax credits to come here after they make the middle east a nuclear wasteland.

  110. I think that Hillary needs to keep cool until July. Three more months of the rabid onslaught from our treacherous media and political shills and most reasonable people will run towards her.

  111. I believe that many of the current laws about making government records available are the result of secrecy in the Kissinger/Nixon White House. I seem to have some vague recollection of tapes wiped clean at convenient moments. It is precisely those memories that make some of us a little queasy when top government leaders take steps to prevent access to their records as Clinton has done.

    As far as Benghazi, I’m not ready to blame anyone. I don’t have the first clue what happened. I have no idea why our Ambassador was even in Benghazi. I have no idea why the security was so poor, especially in light of warnings about terror attacks. All I know is that the compound was overrun, that our Ambassador was burned alive and his corpse dragged through the streets, and that our government trotted out Susan Rice to like through her teeth about it.

    Since then, it’s been one big stonewall of efforts to find out what happened. I’m disgusted by the lack of transparency and, since it happened under her direct command, I can’t ignore Clinton’s role and her refusal to provide answers.

  112. Southern Born
    March 31, 2015 at 7:02 pm
    That is an apples to oranges comparison.

    The issue is not a failure to turn over records.

    The issue is the destruction of records in response to a congressional inquiry.

    This hearkens back to Ollie North’s action in shredding documents subpoenaed by Arthur Lyman of Paul Weiss who was attorney for the Contrgate investigation.

    Of course, Ollie was never prosecuted for this.

    I do not blame you for feeling the way you do.

    And there is no question that there is a partisan push her, if not by Gowdy himself then surely by the corrupt RNC.

    Likewise, the press which let the Messiah get away with murder does have the long knives out as usual.

    But it is hard to say that Hillary has played this one smart from her end too.

  113. Moononpluto! People are tweeting your theory that Dirty Harry’s injuries were inflicted by an angry mob capo – not an exercise machine.

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid staffers took to Twitter on Tuesday to fire back at conservative theories that the Nevada Democrat didn’t get his current injuries from an exercising accident earlier this year.

    Adam Jentleson, Reid’s communications director, mocked a theory — floated over the weekend on Powerline Blog — that Reid was actually beat up by the mob.


  114. Reid was actually beat up by the mob.

    My first look at Reid after the ass whoopin’ by a ‘rubber-band snap’ was, someone punched his lights out. He deserved it.

    I would like to see the lawsuit Harry filed against the maker of this rubber-band sports equipment. It should be huge suit that takes them off the market so other 75 year old men don’t end up looking like the Cyclops from Krackenville.

  115. Three more months of the rabid onslaught from our treacherous media and political shills and most reasonable people will run towards her.

    For me, it’s not just about the conditions getting better so she can get elected. I want to know the truth. I want to know she’s the person I used to think she was.

  116. I don’ t think we’ll really know what Hillary stands for and whether she wishes to remain under Obama’s bus until she officially declares her candidacy. Until then, we’re all reading tea leaves.

  117. I’m sure Hillary has changed as much as we have in the past 6.5+ years. She’s been though Hell and back, and we have watched the political scene and our economy, burn to the ground.

  118. I would like to see the lawsuit Harry filed against the maker of this rubber-band sports equipment. It should be huge suit that takes them off the market so other 75 year old men don’t end up looking like the Cyclops from Krackenville.

    Shadow, you’re cracking me up!!

    You’re right about it being a whole different scene than it was in 2008. And we have no way of knowing what is transpiring behind the scenes in terms of Hillary’s potential presidential candidacy. It’s pretty easy to follow the crowd and take pot shots at her. It’s also, a bit premature. We have seen how Hillary functioned as FLOTUS, as senator, as a candidate in 2008, and as SOS. As far as i’m concerned any accusations, leaked info, innuendo, gossip, whatever must be weighed against what we know about her. I didn’t support Hillary the criminal (as the Republicans and Obama-left would have us believe) in 2008. I supported Hillary the patriot, the states person, the most knowledgable and competent candidate.

    Although she accepted full responsibility for Benghazi, If she should have done something different, something more than she did, or if she has done a 180 and has become a criminal – someone’s going to have to prove that to me before I decide to join in the trash squad, along with the Republicans and the Crazy Left.

    If that happens, I’ll have to reevaluate. But, for now, I’m not willing to accept the press releases and statements of the Republicans and the media, both of whom have lied and would lie about Hillary in an effort to destroy her. I don’t expect her to be a damn Sunday School teacher. She’s human. She’s not above making a mistake. But, I don’t think she should be held to a higher standard than others. And, if I were her, I wouldn’t trust the Republicans to present any info gained about in their “investigation” in a fair and accurate manner. It won’t happen. She’s right to protect any info that is subject to interpretation. Media and the Republicans will spin it in the most damaging manner possible, even if that means stretching the truth or taking it out of context.

  119. We’ve all lived through the Ken Starr, special prosecutor, days when he and the Reps were wasting tax payer money sifting through every tiny shred of anything they could find and sniffing so many panties you’d think their olfactory nerve would be permanently damaged all so they could prosecute Bill and Hillary in the 1990’s.. and in the end…ZIPPO! Lying about sex was the best Starr and the hypocrite Reps in the House could come up with but that didn’t “fix” the emotional and financial loss to some in Arkansas who were changed forever because of the witch hunt. Arkansas is my home state. After all these years, I’m still mad as hell.

    Yes, I well remember those horrendous “impartial” third party to investigate days and the rotten hypocrisy of Newt, Vitters, among so many others who were doing way worse at the time than Bill Clinton as we have since discovered. So the best Ken Starr could come up with after the trap was to impeach a president for lying about sex. I’m not taking up for Bill Clinton and his “activities”. It was wrong, wrong. But he was held to a much higher standard than the hypocrites and it didn’t take much to see the jealousy and Clinton hate that has grown in those people like a cancer. We had not seen anything like it in our lifetime before Clinton’s presidency. And all that before we even discuss the CDS bunch like O’Reillys, Limbaughs, Scarboroughs, Hannitys whose claim to fame was dishing out Clinton hate. Obviously it has been very profitable for them so they are licking their chops now.

    Now that Hillary may be running for president, it feels like the whole nasty hypocritical mess ALL OVER AGAIN. And did I mention, I’m still raw and even furiously madder than hell now? (wink)

  120. Absolutely, Free and SouthernBorn!!

    I don’t have a short memory either. Funny that FoxNews decided to call themselves, FAIR AND BALANCED. Wadda crock.

    Every day since Bill and Hillary first made a splash in politics, is a tar and feather day for the haters and the GOP.

  121. People are not crazy for having second thoughts of Hillary…I think most of us, who are having second thoughts, it’s because of her actions and words, not Republican accusations or Hannity.
    Throwing little innuendos of being trashy, crazy right wingers is just, well trashy and cray cray..

  122. She’s right to protect any info that is subject to interpretation.

    But free, what if that includes deleting emails, wiping servers, and what if it turns out that is illegal? I’m sure Obama thinks he’s “in the right” when he does his illegal and unconstitutional stuff. We used to say, “country over party”, but if it turns out Hillary is being like them, and I didn’t care, it would be like, “candidate over country”.

    So – I want to know the truth. That isn’t “trashing” her (not directed in response to you, just musing in general). I think, for me, it would be ideological to support her blindly, and I swore off ideology after the RBC meeting. I just want to know the truth, I want to know who she is.

    If she is what she used to appear to be, she (and we supporters) shouldn’t fear questioning. She has taken some actions which may be illegal, she has said some untruths (ie, created her own server so she would only have to use one device). If she is trying to save Obama, or trying to attract his voters at the expense of some of her own voters, I guess that’s her choice to make.

    I’m not looking to the Bengazi hearings to clear things up (which they couldn’t anyway, because most of it has to be behind closed doors due to confidential information). I want to hear what Hillary has to say. And not just jokes about the old right wing conspiracy. No conspiracy made her do things or say things.

    I’ve always been one of her biggest supporters. And if I want to know what’s going on, I can’t be the only one. I just don’t believe it is wrong to have questions. I don’t want to vote for an Obama 3rd term. So, I’m looking forward to her declaring and speaking to people again.

  123. Ok, I thought of one thing that can never be made right for me. We all knew Benghazi was not due to a barely seen video. We on the internet knew, and we found out later that the adminstration was told immediately. Hillary was smart enough to not go on the Sunday talk shows to lie about it – but she met that grieving father on the tarmac when the remains were being brought back, and she told him they would put the video maker in jail.

    She knew it had nothing to do with the video, and she lied to the face of a grieving father. She certainly didn’t *need* to do that. That disturbs me immensely. It was just so…. wrong.

  124. I’m not saying anyone is crazy or trashy. Nor do I think my speaking what we have seen an experienced from both the right wing and Obama Dimocrats is trashy or cray cray, although trusting their motives and their findings may be. It’s undeniable that the right wing and the far left will distort facts to try to weaken Hillary and her candidacy. I’m also saying that I am more skeptical of the accusers on both sides and in media than I am of Hillary. Rarely are issues a black and white as they appear.

    As far as knowing “the truth” is concerned. How likely is that to happen? There’ll be half truths and yes, as I said “innuendo”.

    Lorac, if you look at what Hillary said about that film – “some have speculated that the attack was in protest…..” it gives the impression that this was the response the WH expected everyone to make. We have discussed the origin of it – which was not Hillary.

    And, does it not strike you as odd that with that everyone in the WH publicly reporting the film as the reason for the attack, and while grieving the death of his son that this father would choose to appear on FOX to accuse only Hillary?

    Those who question and suspect Hillary have a right to do so, obviously. But those of us who are skeptical of the investigators and their party have that right as well. We know FULL WELL what they have done and will do. We all do.

  125. Foxy

    When ever I listen to Bibi, I get depressed at the thought that we have only a buffoon that occupies the People’s WhiteHouse.

    2008 gave new meaning to “skin in the game’.

  126. “And, does it not strike you as odd that with that everyone in the WH publicly reporting the film as the reason for the attack, and while grieving the death of his son that this father would choose to appear on FOX to accuse only Hillary?

    As a parent of a dead child, any of us would be devastated. And this is in no way an attack on the parents. My heart breaks for them. But beside this grieving father does anyone remember Sean Smith’s mother who was on many FOX News shows (and still is occasionally) very viciously going after Hillary ALONE for the death of her son. I don’t know the politics of those two parents but at the time I wondered why the attack was exclusively on Hillary and found it unusual.

    I agree that there will be no “getting to the bottom” of what happened in Benghazi and no matter what Hillary says under oath it can and will be twisted to be used against her. Once again, why is Mr. Gowdy NOT investigating the others involved. I’m all for hearing Hillary’s comments and her side of what happened. And I agree that Hillary has made some perhaps unwise decisions, however, this is beginning to smell like a smear fanned by FOX News, Reps, and the Hannity types. People do hear all the vicious unproven, as yet, accusations against Hillary and begin to believe it if they hear it enough times. It is setting a narrative.

  127. It’s been very hard for me to let go of Hillary

    THE Hillary who called Obola out in Ohio for his damning lying leaflets

    THE Hillary standing in the rain in PA fighting of US


    The Hillary I see now is letting others call the shots, she actually seemed out of the real “zone” of even caring at this point .. like it’s just something she has to do for now.

    What happened to the “sounding” tour she was going to do????

  128. Lora 8:34

    Spot on! That is it in a nutshell! That is why the father went after her. She personally had a conversation with him and that was the connection, and the difference. She could have said, “we’ll get whoever was responsible”, but she didn’t, and that’s why the father blames her and not the snake in the grass, who only posses with traitors and their families, or if your black, always if your black.

  129. All this going on in the background and what if Hillary just laughs, waves goodbye and says she isn’t running???


    Ready for Hillary staff join Clinton campaign

    Hard work on behalf of Hillary Clinton pays off.

    As Ready for Hillary — the independent super PAC that for over two years has been raising grass-roots support for a Clinton presidential campaign — begins to wind down its operation ahead of Clinton’s formal campaign announcement, all 29 of its staffers who want jobs on the Clinton campaign are expected to get the chance to do so at some point during the cycle, sources said.

    For now, the prospective campaign has hired six Ready for Hillary staffers to join its growing team, a Democratic operative with knowledge of Clinton’s plans confirmed to POLITICO.


  130. Look, I am not suggesting anybody zombie vote for Hillary in 2016. I just think that we will know who she is before then, but not now. Why give kooks more ammo?

    China is in meltdown and I hear the first quarter GDP is 0000. We are in for a rough time. But this is also an opportunity.

  131. The media has actually turned critical of Obola’s Iran Deal. Looks like he will be given credit for destabilizing the middle-east. They better get to work with some spin.

  132. From link S posted 8:56 PM.
    Hillary Clinton is teaming up with one of the top aides from her 2000 U.S. Senate race for a new campaign — Mayor de Blasio.
    The Clinton Foundation and the de Blasio administration are joining forces to create a public awareness campaign to encourage parents to talk to their babies, starting at birth.
    The former Secretary of State — and likely 2016 presidential candidate — announced the “Talk To Your Babies” campaign in Brooklyn, alongside First Lady Chirlane McCray.
    It will include subway ads, a Taxi TV spot, and literature for new parents on the importance of talking to your babies.
    De Blasio was Clinton’s campaign manager in 2000.

    are there answers to our political questions between the lines?

    I do applaud the wives’ efforts. I have a granddaughter diagnosed at 3 yrs with autism as she could not speak. Since she tried to talk but only eh eh eh came from her efforts, I thot that diagnosis was inaccurate. She had a Dad who would not accept the label either, and he arranged for a speech therapist at their home 3 times a week. By manipulation and exercise, she was taught how to position her lips and tongue to make every sound in existence. Fortunately a happy ending. She currently a remarkable college freshman.

    It was not until she turned six that her eyes were checked and they were very bad. Perhaps babies learn much more than we realize from watching us speak to them. Perhaps those children placed in day care very early in their lives, also miss that opportunity.

    I’ll wind this up with the insanity of today. Behavioral scientists are now concluding aloud that perhaps young children with ADHD diagnosis should not be on Ritalin without trying behavioral therapy first. Which is kinda like what 1940’s and 50’s kids were taught by their parents. And grand parents and neighbors. For it did take a village.

  133. That conversation that Hillary had with the father – my understanding was that this occurred at the meeting with the families following the memorial service, or around that time. Obama was present for this meeting, as were other officials. Presumably, at that event, these other officials were discussing the film protest as the motivation for that attack, since it had been adopted by the WH as the official position, initially. If there was such talk, as seems reasonable to assume, it would have been irresponsible of Hillary to have said otherwise in that particular setting, at that particular time.

    If Obama and the others present were talking up the “film protest” line at that meeting, imagine the impact of Hillary breaking ranks at that time. Obviously, the father went public with their alleged conversation ASAP – as if she had made the story up. Imagine what he would have said had she said something different than the other officials present. I have no doubt much would have been made by FOX about that, as well.

    In the early days of a crisis, she reacted as instructed (with the caveat “some have speculated that …..”.) I don’t think it was unreasonable or irresponsible of her to have gone along publicly with the official line in the initial aftermath – knowing more info would be available in days to come and clarification could be offered at that time.


    Lu4Puma, I totally agree. We’ll know what she’s about in time. Some may be convinced that she’s no longer someone they can support. That’s their right. I am not convinced of that at this point.

  134. The behavior of our commander in chief has been erratic, to say the least. Flying off to Florida for golf in the face of the negotiations with Iran at a critical stage and ordering beers for the front cabin of Air Force One in the early morning and then stumbling down the stairs at the end of the return trip are danger signs. But so is any evidence of real domestic strife at the White House. If his personal life is falling apart, President Obama’s stewardship of our national security may be influenced.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/04/is_barack_and_michelles_marriage_falling_apart.html#ixzz3WBRZbFRz
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  135. The vagueness of the framework deal struck between the P5+1 powers and Iran is going to work out beautifully for Tehran in that there is apparently enough wiggle room for them to engage in nuclear activities that the U.S. is clearly saying they can’t engage in.

    Looking at how each side is interpreting the same elements of the deal is an eye opener. The Iranian outlook is from their semi-official press organ, Press TV. The U.S. interpretation is quoted from Politico.

    1. Centrifuges

    U.S. Interpretation

    Iran will dismantle two-thirds of its 19,000 installed centrifuges. Those devices, which spin uranium into material that can be used for a nuclear weapon, will be stored under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) oversight. Tehran will be left with 6,104 centrifuges, lower than some reported offers by the U.S., and 5,060 of those can be used to enrich uranium.

    Iranian Interpretation:

    According to the solutions, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) for enrichment program will cover a 10-year period, during which more than 5,000 centrifuge machines will continue producing enriched material at Natanz facility up to the 3.67-percent level. Extra machines and the related infrastructure in the facility will be collected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in order to be replaced by new machines consistent with the allowed standards. Accordingly, Iran will be allowed to allocate the current stockpile of enriched materials for the purpose of producing nuclear fuel or swapping it with uranium in the international markets.

    Iran will continue research and development program on advanced centrifuge machines and will be also able to keep initiating and completing its R & D program on IR-4, IR-5, IR-6 and IR-8 machines in the 10-year period of the agreement.

    Most independent experts say that Iran doesn’t have more than 8,000 working centrifuges, with the rest being in various stages of disrepair. Is Iran saying that its newer centrifuge models can be incorporated into the Nantanz facility? It certainly sounds like that. The newer models are 16 times more efficient than the older ones.

    2. Fordow

    U.S. Interpretation

    Iran can keep open an underground nuclear facility at Fordow, a controversial site because it was built in secret and only revealed by the U.S. in 2009. Iran will not be required to close the facility but will only use it for research that does not include the enrichment of uranium.

    Iranian Interpretation

    According to the joint statement, Fordow nuclear facility will be turned into a research center for nuclear science and physics. More than 1,000 centrifuges will be maintained at this facility and two centrifuge cascades will keep operating. In cooperation with the P5+1 countries, about half of the Fordow facility will be dedicated to advanced nuclear research and production of stable isotopes which have important applications in industry, agriculture and medicine.

    If, as the U.S. claims, there will be no enrichment of uranium at Fordow, why does Iran get to keep 1000 centrifuges and be allowed two working cascades?

    3. Inspections

    U.S. Interpretation

    Rigorous transparency and inspection measures to ensure that Iran doesn’t cheat on any deal. They include granting the IAEA intrusive access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and supply chain, including to its domestic uranium mines and mills. The inspections would continue even after many elements of the deal have expired in 2025, including surveillance of Iran’s centrifuge rotors until 2035. Iran has also agreed to some indefinite transparency measures.

    Iran isn’t saying much about the IAEA inspection regime, probably because, as in the past, they will simply deny access to international monitors when it suits them. No doubt Iran will allow access to mines and mills. But if the point was to lengthen Iran’s breakout time period to construct a bomb to a year, how does allowing them more efficient centrifuges and a large domestic stockpile of uranium accomplish that?

    4. Sanctions

    U.S. Interpretation

    In return for the limits on Iran’s program, the U.S. and E.U. will suspend sanctions after the IAEA has verified Iran’s compliance with the deal; those sanctions can automatically “snap back” if Iran violates the agreement at any time. (Obama can temporarily suspend sanctions passed by Congress, although only Congress can permanently repeal them.) The United Nations will also lift its sanctions on Iran after it meets the deal’s requirements.

    Iranian Interpretation

    Following the implementation of the JPCOA, all the UN Security Council sanctions as well as all economic and financial embargoes by the US and the European Union, including bans on banks, insurance, investment, and all other related services in different fields, including petrochemical, oil, gas and automobile industries will be lifted. Besides, all nuclear-related sanctions against real and legal entities, state and private organizations and institutions, including those sanctions imposed against the Central Bank of Iran, other financial and banking institutions, SWIFT system, and the country’s shipping and aviation sectors, and Iran’s tanker company will be immediately lifted all at once. Moreover, the P5+1 countries are committed to avoid imposing any new nuclear-related sanctions against Iran.

    To make matters even more confusing, Secretary of State John Kerry appears to believe in a “gradual” lifting of sanctions:

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stressed that if a final deal is reached with Iran, the removal of any sanctions against Tehran will come in phases. “And if we find out at any point that Iran is not complying with the agreement, the sanctions can snap back into place,” he said.

    Iran is saying that once the UN votes to approve the deal, all sanctions will be lifted. The U.S. appears to be saying that will only happen when the IAEA certifies Iranian compliance. And Kerry obviously fell asleep during that part of the negotiations.

    And then there’s the question of Iran coming clean to the IAEA about its past nuclear activities. The U.S. said in the past that there would be no deal unless the Iranians detailed their work on a bomb.

    That position appears to have slipped a bit:

    Iran has refused to answer a list of IAEA questions about its suspected past research into nuclear weapons technology like explosives that can detonate highly enriched uranium. The agreement does not specify how or when that will happen, saying only that “Iran will implement an agreed set of measures to address the IAEA’s concerns” on the military research question. Mogherini said only that the nuclear agency “will have enhanced access through agreed procedures, including to clarify past and present issues.”

    The Iranian government has this to say about the overall deal:

    In the framework of the agreement, none of Iran’s nuclear facilities as well as the previous activities will be stopped, shut down or suspended and Iran’s nuclear activities in all its nuclear facilities including Natanz, Fordow, Isfahan and Arak will continue.

    These comprehensive solutions will guarantee the continued enrichment program inside the Iranian territory and according to this, Iran will be allowed to go on with industrial production of nuclear fuel which is meant for running its nuclear power plants.

    And what did President Obama say?

    It’s a “good deal,” Obama declared Thursday, calling it “a historic understanding with Iran which, if implemented, will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

    “I am convinced that if this framework leads to a final deal, it will make our country and the world safer,” Obama said in a statement in the White House Rose Garden. The deal would “cut off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon.”

    We ought to call this deal “The Swiss Cheese Agreement.” It’s obvious that Iran is going to interpret the deal any way it wants and that the administration’s spin is geared to putting a prom dress on a pig, selling it to the press, to Democrats, and to the American people as a “good deal.” From where I’m sitting, far from putting Iran in a box, is allows them to continue dual-purpose research and does nothing to shorten the time it would take them to kick out the inspectors and quickly gear up to build a bomb.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/04/02/how-is-iran-interpreting-the-nuclear-deal-compared-to-the-us/#ixzz3WDnC4FBK

  136. The outcome that everyone wanted to know was: ‘what level of resolve does the leader of the Free world have?’ Now the answer is back: not much. He has it to the extent shown on the agreement. From Riyadh to Damascus, from Jerusalem to Tehran the deal will probably be seen as a face-saving surrender by a beaten fighter trying to insist he won the bout from the floor of the ring. Iran wanted a Green Light. Obama insisted a Red Light. But everyone knew an Amber caution signal was all he would show, or Green after a decent interval. John Kerry has a Forrest Gump like affinity for showing up at the wrong time. First at Paris as young man after Vietnam, now at Lausanne in his dotage after the collapse in the Middle East. Now that’s a movie you could make.

    The problem was always how to make the McGuffin seem real. But everyone knew that seeming was always the point already. The president has been a broken reed for some time, by either inclination or necessity. Still there were some who actually thought he could pull off some magic. John Kerry has done the world a favor by ending the fake suspense and showing us where we stand. On the edge of a precipice.

    What has changed? The civil war between Sunni and Shia will rage on. A new arms race will likely start in the Middle East. Israel must now face critical security challenges. After all that waiting at the phone, there was after all, no pardon, just a reprieve. Or worse yet, a wrong number. “No this is not the pizza store.”

    Nothing has changed; it has only been represented as having changed. And because there is nothing really to crow about president Obama shouldn’t go around warning all and sundry not to interfere with his empty magnum opus. What’s Congress supposed “not to interfere” with?

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2015/04/02/awaiting-the-next-act/#ixzz3WDpOW5qH

  137. I guess Admin is still celebrating Obama’s day, April Fools Day.

    Wishing there was a new post on some backroom political stuff Admin is a champ at finding out….

  138. In a world dominated by images and little rational thought, a utube video parsing Obama’s victory speech on the Iran deal, with bots carrying him around on their shoulders screaming USA USA USA (as if a bot has any sense of what the word means and stands for) broadcast across al Jazeer would certainly embarrass the Iranian negotiators, and make it appear to their constituents that Obama had conquered Iran just as much as he has conquered the majority of American voters. At that point the pot could boil over. Whereas now, big media will promote this bad deal to the heavens, and proclaim this cave in to be yet another feather in his cap. Shaking up their perverse lying narrative by the video could have the desired impact. But who’s to do it? Israel? France? Most likely no one. The RINO meanwhile is trembling in his boots about doing anything about it other than useless speeches and even more useless votes. They are a cipher.

  139. Could you begin to imagine how difficult it would be for an Iranian negotiator to explain to the fanatics in his country how Iran played the US, rather than the reverse, while visions of crusader Obama danced in their heads. Let’s just say it would be very destabilizing.

  140. From Riyadh to Damascus, from Jerusalem to Tehran the deal will probably be seen as a face-saving surrender by a beaten fighter trying to insist he won the bout from the floor of the ring.

    What has changed? The civil war between Sunni and Shia will rage on. A new arms race will likely start in the Middle East. Israel must now face critical security challenges.

    Nothing has changed; it has only been represented as having changed.

    And because there is nothing really to crow about president Obama shouldn’t go around warning all and sundry not to interfere with his empty magnum opus.

    What’s Congress supposed “not to interfere” with?

  141. What little I’ve seen on ABC of celebration in Iran over the brilliant non deal involves young women in cars with what might be called a flirtatious drawing of a long scarf to or beyond their faces. Any message intended for the video escapes me.

    On RFRA I’d say, in their last few TV appearances, both governors / spokemen for them managed to point out the fine line of rights for LGBT/religion that was attempted. Thus a victory toward the end for those who noticed.

    Awesome to see Memory Pizza’s plight as it unfolded, and was resolved. Very handily. ☺

    On a personal level this Holy Week, it would appear the Obama’s are competing with Jesus for air time.

  142. Shadow, it has been a concern here too. Yet for the moment, I’m with him. I believe he believes, I suppose. And more than anyone else at this moment, he has my trust.

    I don’t know if Hillary can change that now. But I’ll leave the door open. I attended one of her 2008 rallies and what is left of that memory still charms me.

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