DO NOT FUND WHAT IS ILLEGAL: #CPAC2015, McConnell, Boehner, DHS Funding, And The Immigration Court Case Ruling Against Obama’s Illegal Illegal Immigration Diktat

Update: Tonight’s the deadline and Republicans have mushed themselves to Punt: Boehner to offer “clean” three-week funding bill for DHS to buy time on amnesty strategy.

What is needed is a coalition of the congress and the courts to block the executive (which appears to be in the formative stage if not more advanced). Right now the courts are hearing cases at least and even daring to block some of the most egregious Obama diktats. But for a coalition to work the congress cannot abandon the courts in the fight.

At some point Republicans in congress and especially the leaders in congress and the party have to fight. There is no running away. For instance, suppose the Supreme Court really does block the ObamaCare illegal subsidies? Will Republicans cave in and legislate subsidies if Obama Dimocrats play the same game they have played on immigration and DHS funding? Will Obama Dimocrats blame Republicans for the ObamaCare subsidy disaster and demand Republicans restore the subsides or else Obama and Obama Dimocrats/Big Media will blame Republicans for the ObamaCare disaster?

On every issue Obama Dimocrats can play the same game with the very same template: refuse every offer except total capitulation. If Republicans cave in on immigration they will have to cave in on everything. At some point they have to fight.

The joke is Boehner might not even have to votes to pass this punt.


If they had a brain the Republicans in Congress would state clearly: “We will not fund with taxpayer dollars what the courts have ruled to be illegal.” Got that? What should be John Boehner’s exit strategy? “We will not fund with taxpayer dollars what the courts have ruled to be illegal.”

A federal district court judge has ruled it illegal. Barack Obama more than 20 times declared he could not legally do illegal, illegal immigration diktats. Got that? Congress should simply say “we will not fund what is illegal“. “It is illegal so we will not fund it.”

Why Mitch McConnell and John Boehner cannot make such a simply declaration is due either to: (1) they are not very bright; (2) they don’t want to block Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktats.

We cannot believe McConnell and Boehner are that stupid so we have to conclude that reason number 2 is the answer. Sadly, all Republicans have failed to take up our earlier suggestion that they speak to Black America about the damage Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktat will do to them.

For now we are left with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funds expiring Friday at midnight. The Senate wants to fund Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktat. The majority of House Republicans want to fight. There is some hope our strategy of “no funds for what the courts have already deemed illegal” will come into play and it comes from the CPAC convention which begins today, as explained by an Obama bootlicker:

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference has always been a haven for would-be presidential candidates seeking the sanction of some of the Republican Party’s most powerful populists. But it’s also been a forum for the right to vent their anger at the Republican leadership in the House and Senate. The 2015 CPAC begins Thursday, two days before funding for the Department of Homeland Security is set to expire.

It’s still unclear whether Congress can reach a deal in time to avoid at least a temporary shut-down. Even though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner have chosen to skip CPAC, they will hear very loudly the complaints of activists who believe that both men have shown their yellow belly to the purple and blue forces in Congress.

Boehner is on point. If he sends the signal, the House will vote on a Senate measure to fund the DHS fully, along with a separate symbolic vote to show disapproval with President Obama’s immigration executive action, which the GOP calls “amnesty.” As of this writing, the speaker has not indicated that he will give in to the pressure, instead preferring to gut it out for a few days, at least, letting House conservatives relish the win of a short-duration shut-down. Tactically, Boehner would allow pent-up frustration to ventilate, and then, when conservatives quieted down, reverse course and essentially hand Obama a delayed victory — for now.

Obama’s executive action, which would affect nearly five million undocumented immigrants, is held up in court. If DHS gets its funding, Obama wouldn’t be able to act until the courts decide what to do. 

CPAC’s timing couldn’t be better in this sense. There’s no way Boehner will stand up to House conservatives during CPAC, especially when many of their leading and loudest voices have a platform at the convention.

If there is a functioning brain at CPAC 2015 they will follow our lead and shout to McConnell and Boehner: “DO NOT FUND WHAT IS ILLEGAL!”

At the very least McConnell and Boehner should call attention to Judge Hanen’s Preliminary Injunction against Barack Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktat. It is almost as if there is a news blackout on this court decision as Republicans/conservatives either do not believe the court’s decision will be upheld at the Supreme Court or like Quislings they want to enable Obama so as to remove the issue from 2016.

As to Obama Dimocrats/Big Media they don’t want the public to know about this decision either – because it hurts their tin pot dictator Obama.

So what is happening in the lawsuit filed by 26 states against Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktat? Thus far it is all following the script we wrote.

Once the lawsuit was filed, it was a few short weeks until the court issued a Preliminary Injunction last week on Fat Tuesday February 17.

Then on Monday February 23, after a full week had passed with threats from Obama and promises that there would be a filing against the Preliminary Injunction on the day of the ruling itself had failed to come to pass – Obama lawyers filed a most ridiculous motion before the court.

Texas v. U.S. – Immigration Case – Motion for Stay Pending Appeal.pdf

The Motion for Stay Pending Appeal was filed along with a Notice of Appeal to the Fifth Circuit. It is the Motion for Stay that was especially ridiculous.

In the Stay motion Obama lawyers tried a jiujitsu stunt and claimed that indeed they would be the ones to be “irreparably harmed” if the preliminary injunction was to stay in place. It was the plaintiff 26 states that had won the argument that they would be “irreparably harmed” if Obama was allowed to proceed with his illegal illegal immigration diktat. That simple fact somehow did not deter the Obama lawyers from their stunt.

Then the funniest part of the Stay motion. The Obama lawyers stomped their feet and declared that the judge had better rule by Wednesday or else they would go to the Fifth Circuit and ask the Fifth Circuit to stomp on the Preliminary Injunction. Mind, they filed the Stay motion on Monday and demanded the judge rule by Wednesday. They forgot that a federal district judge is not to be pushed around.

On the same day as the Stay motion was filed, the 26 plaintiff states filed a response. It was a beaut. It was short. It was sweet. Here it is:

Texas v. U.S. – Immigration Case – Feb 23 2015 Letter Opposing Expedited Stay.pdf

The Letter Opposing Expedited Stay says it all:

The Plaintiff States write to oppose Defendants’ request for expedited consideration of their motion filed today to stay the Court’s preliminary injunction pending appeal. See Dkt. No. 150 at 7. As this Court found, defendants have no emergency need to take applications for benefits under the new program. Mem. Op. & Order (Dkt. No. 145) at 118-21. Defendants have implicitly recognized as much, by waiting a full week from the preliminary injunction to file this stay motion. Indeed, if Defendants had any compelling claim of a looming, irreversible harm from temporary injunctive relief, they would have featured it previously. They had ample time to do so: Plaintiffs requested a preliminary injunction on December 4, some six weeks before this Court’s January 15 motion hearing….

At the very least, Plaintiffs should be allowed to respond within the same seven days that Defendants enjoyed to prepare their motion after the preliminary injunction issued. It is unreasonable to demand that Plaintiffs respond, and the Court rule on the motion, in under three days.

The plaintiffs blasted the Obama lawyers. If it is such an “emergency” why did they wait a full week to file? Don’t they have enough lawyers with the capacity to read?

The plaintiffs blasted the fact that Obama’s lawyers had never before claimed they would suffer “irreversible harm” if a Preliminary Injunction issued from the court. Then came the coup de grace .

The plaintiffs noted that Obama lawyers had waited a week to file their “emergency”. They asked for the same amount of time.

What was going to happen? Would the judge ignore the ruling until he was good and ready thereby daring Obama lawyers to try to jump over him to the Fifth Circuit? Would the judge rule against himself? Would the judge order an emergency hearing on the motion for Tuesday or Wednesday or maybe even later? The suspense made us chew the pink off our fingernails.

We waited but did not have long to wait. The judge issued a ruling before Wednesday which cut the briefs off the Obama lawyers. “Emergency? What fu*king Emergency” thundered Judge Hanen:

“Before this Court is Defendants’ Emergency Expedited Motion to Stay the Court’s February 16, 2015 Order Pending Appeal and Supporting Memorandum [Doc. No. 150]. The Court orders that any response by Plaintiffs shall be filed by the close of business on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Short and sweet. No emergency. Plaintiffs have a week to reply. Politico missed the point and instead found a way to shill for Obama:

The federal judge in Texas who blocked President Barack Obama’s latest executive actions on immigration signaled Tuesday that he isn’t inclined to rush a decision on the Obama administration’s request to lift the injunction he imposed last week.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s order saying he’ll give the states suing the federal government another week to respond means the issue of a possible stay in the case will likely be taken up by a federal appeals court before he rules one way or another.

The Justice Department warned in its stay application Monday that if Hanen did not act on the stay by the end of business on Wednesday, the feds would move to a higher court.

Obama tried to thug Judge Hanen. For Obama “thug” is the default play. Judge Hanen knows how to deal with thugs. Contra the claims by Politico, the judge in his order blocked the appeal to the Fifth Circuit.

If Obama lawyers try to ignore the judge’s order and go the the Fifth Circuit. It is our belief that the Fifth Circuit will tell them to wait until Judge Hanen does what he will do. The Fifth Circuit can easily note that the Obama lawyers waited a full week to file their “emergency” so it can’t be such an “emergency”. The Fifth Circuit can note that it is fair to the plaintiffs to give them the same time as Obama lawyers. So wait until Judge Hanen is good and ready.

Judge Hanen? We won’t be surprised if Judge Hanen schedules a hearing in days or weeks to come after Plaintiffs file their motion next Tuesday. Judge Hanen can wait and we believe the Fifth Circuit will wait too. We’ll find out next Tuesday.

And hey, for us it is a supersized meal day because well, that is the day that Netanyahu speaks before Congress.


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  1. Judge Hanen and Netanyahu are not easily thugged:

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a bipartisan meeting with Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid the same day as his controversial address to Congress on Tuesday, McConnell’s office announced Thursday.

    Majority Leader McConnell (R-Ky.) and Minority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) will also hold a joint photo-op with Netanyahu, whose address to Congress has sparked a rebellion among Reid’s party. Four members of the Senate Democratic Caucus as well as a growing number of House Democrats have announced they will skip the speech, while many more congressional Democrats are undecided.

    The Israeli leader further inflamed tensions with the Democratic Party after he snubbed a request from Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Dianne Feinstein of California to privately address Senate Democrats. [snip]

    Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia became the latest to announce on Wednesday that he would skip what he called a “highly inappropriate” speech, joining Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Brian Schatz of Hawaii as well as independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

    Feinstein said Thursday she is leaning toward attending the address, while Durbin is publicly undecided. Vice President Joe Biden will skip the speech, and Obama has no plans to meet with Netanyahu while the Israeli leader is in Washington. Reid plans both to attend the speech and meet with Netanyahu alongside McConnell.

    Netanyahu is expected to use the speech to rally Congress against an emerging nuclear deal with Iran, a matter on which many Democrats are paying deference to Obama. Even Democratic Iran hawks have said they will not vote for a new sanctions bill on the Senate floor until Obama reaches his late March deadline for setting up a framework with Iran to loosen sanctions in return for scaling back the country’s nuclear ambitions.

  2. Admin…

    two thoughts…

    (1) re: the repubs and the immigration debacle…why are the repubs not fighting for the rights of all the returning military…with the job market still bad…all the returning military Americans coming back from long and dangerous tours of duty will now be looking for JOBS…and now they will have to compete with 5 million illegal immigrants for those same jobs…

    I cannot understand how the democrats can allow this…WTF is wrong with them…they just as soon destroy american families for the sake of illegals that won’t even get background checks and will take jobs away from many american service men and women that need them…financially and emotionally…

    (2) How does O have the right to threaten ICE if they do not obey his illegal immigration grab…particularly while it is going through the courts…

    …and how does he just get to outlaw ammunition…(effect on private business, etc)by an executive order…

    where is precedant for this?

    doesn’t this just imply that any president can do anything he/she wants on a whim…

    I feel like we are living under a dictatorship…


    and then Kerry says this is the safest we have ever been…these people are so freaking out of touch it is scary…

    even Ron Fournier said publically on TV that he thinks we are going to get hit…the arrogance of this admininstration is almost asking/inviting it…

  3. Hey Admin.

    In whatever life you led before this place was born, did you receive a doctorate in modern political dynamics from Oxford or Cambridge or some place like that? When you had debate prep in high school/college, were you always the designated foil? (I ask because it was always the smartest one in the group that was used to get us ready by being the con to our pro in practice) I mean, you even have the skill set to see what the other side should do as an effective counter. In real time.

    If there is a functioning brain at CPAC 2015 they will follow our lead and shout to McConnell and Boehner: “DO NOT FUND WHAT IS ILLEGAL!”

    As a strategy that the majority party in Congress can use to exercise power against an executive in the minority party (that is to say, a tactic that would have worked with Pelosi and Reid vs. Bush in ’06), it’s truly brilliant.

    Admin, your voice needs to either be louder, or in some very important ears. Until then, I am going to continue to enjoy this very very high level of political discourse. OUTSTANDING post.

    Hillary 2016

  4. Shadowfax,

    i do not pretend to understand this net nuetrality issue…especially since the FCC just passed over 300 pages that no one…even our Congress…knows what the hell is in it..

    like Ocare it is going to be very complicated…

    the one thing I do know…all our internet bills are going to go up…expect to see all those mysterious “taxes” to appear …like the ones on our phone bills that no one knows what they hell they are for or who gets them…into the “tax” black hole

  5. TheRock
    February 26, 2015 at 7:23 pm
    Admin is like a grandmaster at chess explaining to us the moves and countermoves of two chess players and what the best strategy should be. That’s what makes this blog both so educational and entertaining.

  6. So sad. I wondered how African Americans could put such faith in Obola in light of his behavior. But it is just they do not have any alternative. The stinkin’ Repubs do not care if they all perish and just flood the country with cheap labor and Chinese millionaires. But the fate of the middle class does not look good either, as we must now hope that Hillary has not forgotten where she came from.

    The system remains unsustainable in the age of fake. The Fed holds down interest and devalues the dollar, covertly robbing us all, to keep over inflated financial and housing markets afloat. How long will the Chinese keep buying up real estate before they realize that Americans can no longer afford to rent it from them? Millennials will be stuck on their parents sofa’s for a long time.

    I think the house next door to me is owned by some Chinese. They pay twice the rent I do but it has only been rented 5 months of the last year and they are doubled up.

    Hey, do you think the Chinese will come over here and start up some factories so that people can have jobs and rent houses from them?

    Final Proof, John Kerry is a Moron
    By Larry Johnson on February 26, 2015 at 7:26 PM in Current Affairs
    Yes. We knew he was a sanctimonious, pompous ass. But Moron? Totally. Kerry declared yesterday that we are the safest ever:

    Our citizens, our world today is actually, despite ISIL, despite the visible killings that you see and how horrific they are, we are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans and to people in the world than normally, less deaths, less violent deaths today than through the last century.

    Say what?

    Let’s get things in proper perspective.

    First, he’s wrong. The largest loss of American life in one attack occurred on 11 September 2001. That’s this century, not the last. The largest loss of life prior to that was the 1983 attack on the US Marines barracks in Beirut and the 1988 bombing of Pan Ame 103. Other than those incidents, US citizens have not been frequently targeted nor killed in mass numbers.

    Second, the actual terrorist attacks now are carried out almost exclusively by Radical Islamic Extremists. The countries affected? Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and Libya. If you ignore what is going on in those countries then the actual level of terrorism is at a nuisance level.

    Third, while the Radical Islamists so far are confined principally to the Middle East and Africa, their ideology is virulent and capable of spreading rapidly among Muslim communities.

    The juxtaposition of John Kerry’s remarks with the dire warnings from Jim Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, is the perfect illustration of the schizophrenia that infests the Obama Administration. Further proof of his incompetence as a President and Commander-in-Chief. A competent adult would insist that this Secretary of State and DNI speak with one voice. Not this man child. God help us.

  8. we must now hope that Hillary has not forgotten where she came from.
    When you have been an establishment figure for as long as she has your perspective on things changes. You are drawn away from the specific to the general, from where you came from to where you would like to be, and when you spend time in a town that benefits from big government like Washington does, the only way you can hope to maintain a balanced perspective is by making limited government and the Constitution the centerpiece of your thinking. Long after he left office, Bill came to this realization. He remarked to the undersecretary of commerce we were so focused on the top line, which is to say continuing growth of the economy, that we lost sight of the trade-offs that entailed which cost millions of jobs to the working class. Nobody on earth has pondered the nuances and policy trade-offs more ably intelligently and honestly than Bill. And he has managed to do it without the ideological blinders that others who have pursued the same goal of making the nation better by some standard but worse by so many others. But even beyond that the politician must have his financiers in order to survive, but that impulse must be kept in check lest he forget that his sworn duty is to represent the people as a whole. I look at people like Reid and Mitch and I see men who gave up the ghost long ago. The reason such people do not promote the general welfare is because the general welfare is diffuse, whereas the special interests are concentrated and powerful. And when you encounter a complete fraud like Obama, who has no love for this nation, its Katie bar the doors. Where Hillary fits in this continuum is for me at least an imponderable. Much depends on how close to the center of her current thinking the constitution and the bill of rights are. Those documents are, after all, a set of constraints on what government can do, and these days those constraints are more honored in the breach than in the observance.

  9. wbboei…the fact that Hillary has so many O rethreads already in high places in her circle…and who knows where else…is not a good sign…

    very disillusioning…I will withhold judgement until she gets to have her say and speak for herself but I am not wearing blinders…

    and there are enormous amounts of money involved…

  10. just an interesting little tidbit…

    Americans have more positive view of Democrats, trust GOP on issues

    By David Lauter

    February 26, 2015, 2:41 p.m.

    As the two political parties begin to gear up for next year’s presidential election, the public has a more positive general image of the Democrats but trust Republicans more on specifics, a newly released survey shows.

    The survey released Thursday by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center suggests an important underlying dynamic for the presidential contest:

    A Republican nominee may be able to count on a presumption that he or she will be able to handle major issues, but will be challenged on empathy and tolerance, as Mitt Romney was in 2012.

    The Democratic nominee may be able to take those attributes for granted, at least to some extent, but will need to reassure the public about his or her abilities on managing issues.

    Large segments of the public believe each party has strong principles. Asked if either has “good policy ideas,” just over half say the Democrats do and just under half say Republicans do.

    But the overall images of the parties differ markedly.

    About six in 10 American adults say the Democratic party “cares about the middle class” and “is tolerant and open to all groups of people,” the poll found.

    By contrast, only about one-third of Americans say Republicans are tolerant and open to all, and just over four in 10 say they care about the middle class.

    Half say the Republicans are too extreme, considerably more than the share — just over one-third — who say that about the Democrats.

    But asked which party could “do a better job” on seven major issues, the public gives Republicans the edge on three and the Democrats on only one, the survey showed.

    Republicans run ahead of Democrats on handling terrorism and taxes, two traditional areas of strength for them.

    The poll also found a large Republican advantage on “making wise decisions about foreign policy.”

    That’s the first significant advantage for the GOP on that question since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq soured the public more than a decade ago on the GOP’s leadership overseas.

    The GOP edge on foreign policy developed suddenly after a long period of rough parity between the parties on that subject, apparently reflecting a spate of foreign problems that have troubled the Obama administration in the last few months.

    As recently as October, the two parties were even on foreign affairs in Pew’s surveys. Now, the public prefers the GOP by 13 points, 48% to 35%.

    Republicans enjoy a 21-point lead on foreign policy among men, 52%-31%, while women divide much more closely, with 44% giving the edge to the GOP and 39% to the Democrats.

    Much of the shift since October has involved self-identified independents, who have moved toward the GOP on foreign policy, the poll found.

    Typically, a large percentage of independents do not follow news as closely as partisans on either side, and their opinions on major issues sometimes shift more slowly than those of more engaged voters.

    The only issue on which the Democrats had a significant edge was handling healthcare, the poll found.
    Democrats have a 7-point margin on that issue, 47% to 40%.

    The Democrats’ advantage on healthcare persists even though a majority remain unimpressed with their signature achievement on the issue, the Affordable Care Act.

    By 53%-45%, the public has a negative view of the law. On the other hand, by 50%-45%, Americans say they believe the law’s major provisions are “probably here to stay.”

    Democrats and independents both say the law is probably permanent. Only among Republicans do a majority say that the law’s major provisions “will probably be eliminated.”

    The public divides roughly evenly between the two parties on the three other issues tested — handling the economy, immigration, and abortion and contraception, the poll found.

    On some of those issues, however, notable gaps appear among certain groups. On immigration, for example, Latinos favor the Democrats by about 3-1, while white Americans favor the GOP, 52%-36%. On abortion and contraception, men divide equally between the two parties, while women favor the Democrats, 45%-38%.

    On the economy, men lean toward the GOP by a small margin, while women narrowly favor the Democrats.

    As with other surveys, the new poll found that President Obama’s job approval has ticked up since last fall. The Pew survey shows 48% of the public approving the president’s job performance and 46% disapproving.

    Democrats have a 7-point margin on that issue, 47% to 40%.

    The Democrats’ advantage on healthcare persists even though a majority remain unimpressed with their signature achievement on the issue, the Affordable Care Act.

    By 53%-45%, the public has a negative view of the law. On the other hand, by 50%-45%, Americans say they believe the law’s major provisions are “probably here to stay.”

    Democrats and independents both say the law is probably permanent. Only among Republicans do a majority say that the law’s major provisions “will probably be eliminated.”

    The public divides roughly evenly between the two parties on the three other issues tested — handling the economy, immigration, and abortion and contraception, the poll found.

    On some of those issues, however, notable gaps appear among certain groups. On immigration, for example, Latinos favor the Democrats by about 3-1, while white Americans favor the GOP, 52%-36%. On abortion and contraception, men divide equally between the two parties, while women favor the Democrats, 45%-38%.

    On the economy, men lean toward the GOP by a small margin, while women narrowly favor the Democrats.

    As with other surveys, the new poll found that President Obama’s job approval has ticked up since last fall. The Pew survey shows 48% of the public approving the president’s job performance and 46% disapproving.

    Obama is considerably more popular than the leaders of the Republican Congress, who receive approval from 26%.

    But asked who should “take the lead” in solving the nation’s problems, the public is far more closely divided, with 40% saying Obama while 38% pick the GOP leaders.

    That division has not changed significantly from the period around last November’s mid-term election, which led to a Republican takeover of Congress and many statehouses around the country.

    Part of the discrepancy between the answers to those two questions – popularity and which should lead — comes about because the GOP leadership is relatively unpopular even within the GOP.

    Only half of Republicans say they approve of the job that their congressional leaders are doing. By contrast, about two thirds of Democrats approve of their party’s congressional leadership.

    But those same Republicans who disapprove of the GOP leadership disapprove of Obama even more and are inclined to want the GOP to lead on issues.

    The Pew survey was conducted last Feb. 18 through Sunday, questioning 1,504 adults by cellphone and landline. The findings have a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points.

  11. Admin, I love how you take a new motion proclaimed ‘won’ by the O’media,

    cut to the quick

    and spin it so hard on it’s head

    that the truth of what is really going on

    comes flying at us like a bat outta Hell.

  12. Feinstein said Thursday she is leaning toward attending the address

    Diane, you had better get yer fanny into the Congress and listen to Bibi! No private meeting with the Senate trying to limit him from speaking his mind, way to go Bibi!

    You da man!

  13. admin, something wacky is happening with this page, it crashed my computer, and after rebooting, it is lagging so much I might have to avoid it…hopefully it will fix itself.

  14. Tony Stark
    February 26, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    February 26, 2015 at 7:23 pm


    I agree with both of you, our very own admin is brilliant!

  15. Say it ain’t so. MSNBCs Republican bashing days are over. Really? This is like the devil swearing off sin. It is meaningless. Reverend Al will keep his show, but his time slot will move. And, fat bald headed Phil Griffin, who has run the entire operation into the ditch, and yet, by some strange coincidence keeps his job. These people are hate mongers and bottom feeders. There is no coming back from that. Nobody with any common sense takes them seriously.

  16. Trapped like rats on a sinking ship:

    Trapped Democrats Can’t Decide on Netanyahu Speech

    Caught between their party loyalty to President Barack Obama and the popularity of Israel in Congress, most Senate Democrats refuse to say whether they will attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress next week.

    When Netanyahu addresses lawmakers March 3 to talk about the threat of the Iranian nuclear program and his objections to the deal being negotiated in Geneva, Republicans will attend with enthusiasm. But there could be scores of empty seats on the Democratic aisle, which House Speaker John Boehner would have to fill with staffers. Democrats are unsure if they will stage a boycott in protest of the way the speech came about, with Boehner and Netanyahu intentionally keeping their plans from the White House.

    Compounding the pressure on Democrats is that thousands of supporters of Israel will be in Washington and Capitol Hill this weekend for the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is urging members to lobby their representatives to go to the speech.

    We spoke with almost a dozen Democratic Senators Tuesday who said they still haven’t decided. Among them is Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Dianne Feinstein of California, who wrote a letter (with Senate Minority Whip Richard Durbin of Illinois) Monday to Netanyahu asking him to meet Democrats separately in their offices while he is Washington.

    “I won’t make a decision on that for a while,” she told us, insisting there was no organized Democratic boycott. “But it does mean that I would like an opportunity to sit down and talk to him rather than listening to a speech of red lines. It isn’t a boycott, it’s individuals making up their own minds. There is no boycott.”

    Netanyahu declined the offer from Feinstein and Durbin, writing that meeting with Democrats in private “could compound the misperception of partisanship in my upcoming visit.” National Security Advisor Susan Rice accused Netanyahu of playing to Republicans in an interview Monday on PBS with Charlie Rose, saying the Israeli prime minister “injected a degree of partisanship, which is not only unfortunate, I think it’s destructive of the fabric of the relationship.”

    Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee subcommittee that covers the Middle East, told us Tuesday he also is still weighing whether to attend the speech and he acknowledged that he is getting calls from his supporters in Connecticut encouraging him to go.

    “I haven’t decided yet. This is a breach of protocol not a breach of policy, so I’m still trying to make sure I’m not making more of this than it deserves to be,” he said. “A lot of us are very angry and I think we’ve got to figure out how serious of an issue this really is.”

    Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia declined to say whether he would attend: “I think the speech should be postposed. I’m just going to leave it there for now.”

    Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey wouldn’t say anything on the matter. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon said he was “expecting to” attend but wasn’t 100 percent sure. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware said he would make up his mind after meeting with the Israeli ambassador.

    Nonetheless, many Democratic leaders have signaled they will attend. The list includes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and, if he is physically able while recovering from surgery, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking Democrat Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Senate Armed Services Committee member Bill Nelson of Florida will also be there.

    “I always attend foreign government leader speeches,” Nelson told us Tuesday. “I think the optics are terrible because of the partisanship.”

    A few Congressional Democrats have made it clear they will not attend, including both Vermont senators, Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, who is the top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee’s state and foreign operations subcommittee.

    Aipac, which prides itself on its bipartisan character and influence, is caught in the middle. The group’s leaders were not informed by Republican leaders or Netanyahu’s office that he was planning to address Congress. This is stunning in light of the group’s traditional role as a custodian and advocate for the U.S.-Israel relationship.

    Ahead of the annual policy gathering, Aipac is making the best out of an uncomfortable situation. One official from the organization said the group is aware of how many Democrats are uncomfortable with how the invitation came about.

    Persuading Democrats to attend the Netanyahu speech is not the primary goal next week for the more than 15,000 Aipac volunteers who will descend on the capital. Congressional staffers working on the issue say they expect the volunteers will ask lawmakers to co-sponsor the Kirk-Menendez bill on Iran sanctions, which Obama says he will veto, but will not press for a vote before the March 24 deadline for a political framework to come out of the Geneva talks.

    Democrats cannot stay on the fence for long. They will have to soon decide whether to side with the White House or with many of their constituents and their own desires not to make the partisan divide over Netanyahu’s speech any worse than it has to be. If there are dozens of empty seats in the chamber on March 3, they risk shifting the blame for the partisanship in the U.S.-Israel relationship onto themselves.

    Bibi should thank “the real friends of Israel who are here” in his speech. A mention of the missing Biden after “real friends of Israel” would tickle our fancy. Also, point out that Obama agitated for David Cameron of Great Britain to lobby against the Iran sanctions bill so anyone who feels the speech is bad “protocol” should self-fornicate.

  17. Anyone who expects Boehner to hold the line is barking up the wrong tree. He is bought and paid for. Given a choice between their donors and their constituents, it wasn’t even close. This betrayal is biblical to their base. It is the kind of thing Judas would do. The effect of this will be two fold.

    First, it will doom the party as a national party for 2016 and beyond.

    Second, it will give coward Roberts the fig leaf he is looking for to uphold executive amnesty.

    At that point, the Constitution is dead. And the RINO killed it.

    So there is no incentive for the base to turn out. And believe me they will not.

    The only hope is that Cruz will win the primary, but because of the RINO money men, the chances of that are slim to none.

    Again, this is just reality.

    Any scheme to stop Obama which has too many moving parts is doomed to failure.

    Beyond that however the RINO is more concerned about ethnic cleansing of conservatives than in preserving the constitution.

    The only good news is at this point more people know it.

  18. admin
    February 27, 2015 at 2:07 am
    The more dims that do NOT attend, the better.

    Frankly, I wish they would all boycott the speech.

    And then live with the consequences to their careers and fundraising efforts.

    Let Soros fund them all–ultimately he is their employer.

  19. Shadowfax February 26, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    My concern isn’t to support Obama…my concern is to find out the truth on if internet ‘freedom’ is protected and not controlled by limiting it’s general content,

    Hear! Hear! 0° with you. At last we’re more concerned with truth and policy than with whining about that fucking sociopath!


    As the White House sees it, if Herzog/Livni form the next government, then Jerusalem will dance to Obama’s tune. If Netanyahu is reelected, then the entire edifice of Obama’s Middle East policy may topple and fall.

    Secretary of State John Kerry made clear the administration’s desire to topple Netanyahu last spring during his remarks before the Trilateral Commission. It was during that memorable speech that Kerry libeled Israel, claiming that we would automatically and naturally become an apartheid state if we don’t give Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to the PLO, Jew free, as quickly as possible.

    Despite Israel’s venality, Kerry held out hope. In his words, “if there is a change of government [in Israel], or a change of heart, something will happen.”

    Shortly after Kerry gave his Israel apartheid speech, his Middle East mediator Martin Indyk attacked Israel and the character of the Israeli people in an astounding interview to Yediot Aharonot.

    Among other things, Indyk hinted that to force Israel to make concessions demanded by the PLO, the Palestinians may need to launch another terror war.

    Indyk also threatened that the Palestinians will get their state whether Israel agrees to their terms of not. In his words, “They will get their state in the end – whether through violence or by turning to international organizations.”

    Indyk made his statements as an unnamed US official. When his identity was exposed, he was forced to resign his position. Following his departure from government service he returned to his previous position as vice president of the Brookings Institution and the director of its foreign policy program. Last September, The New York Times reported that the Brookings Institute received a $14.8 million, four-year donation from Qatar, the chief financier of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    This week, Indyk was back in Israel to speak at the annual conference of the Institute for National Security Studies. There he provided us with a picture of what we can expect from the Obama administration in its remaining two years in office if Netanyahu forms the next government.

    On the Palestinian front, Indyk warned that Israel shouldn’t be worried about the Palestinians getting an anti-Israel resolution passed in the UN Security Council. Rather, it can expect that the US will join with the other permanent members of the UN Security Council to pass a resolution “against Israel’s will” that will “lay out the principle of a two-state solution.”

    As Indyk intimated, Israel can avoid this fate if it elects a Herzog/Livni government. Such a government, he indicated, will preemptively give in to all of the Palestinians demands and so avoid a confrontation with the US and its colleagues at the Security Council. [snip]

    As for Iran, Indyk shrugged at Israel’s concerns over the agreement that Obama is now seeking to conclude with the Iranian regime regarding its nuclear weapons program. That agreement will leave Iran as a threshold nuclear state. Indyk suggested that the US could assuage Israel’s concerns by signing a bilateral treaty with Israel that would commit the US to do something if Iran passes some nuclear threshold.

    There are only three problems with such a deal.

    First, as former ambassador to the US Itamar Rabinovich noted, such a treaty would likely render Israel unable to take independent action against Iranian nuclear sites.

    Second, the US has a perfect track record of missing every major nuclear advance by every country. US intelligence agencies were taken by surprise when India, Pakistan and North Korea joined the nuclear club. They have always underestimated Iranian nuclear activities and were taken by surprise, repeatedly, by Syria’s nuclear proliferation activities. In other words, it would be insane for Israel to trust that the US would act in a timely manner to prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold.

    Third of course is the demonstrated lack of US will – particularly under the Obama administration – to take any action that could prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. So Israel has no reason whatsoever to believe that the US would honor its commitment.

    But then, since the Obama administration believes that Herzog and Livni will be compliant with its policies, the White House may expect the two will agree to forgo Israel’s right to self-defense and place Israel’s national security in relation to Iran in Obama’s hands.

    And this brings us to the real contest unfolding in the lead-up to March 17.

    When Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner announced last month that he had invited Netanyahu to address the joint houses of Congress on the threat emanating from Iran’s nuclear program and from radical Islam, he unintentionally transformed the Israeli elections from a local affair to a contest between Obama and Netanyahu.

    Obama’s response to Netanyahu’s speech has been astounding. His ad hominem attacks against Netanyahu, his open moves to coerce Democratic lawmakers to boycott Netanyahu’s speech, and the administration’s aggressive attempts to damage Israel’s reputation in the US have been without precedent. More than anything, they expose a deep-seated fear that Netanyahu will be successful in exposing the grave danger that Obama’s policies toward Iran and toward the Islamic world in general pose to the global security.

    Those fears are reasonable for two reasons.

    First due to a significant degree to the administration’s unhinged response to the news of Netanyahu’s speech, Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu sparked a long-belated public debate in the US regarding Obama’s strategy of appeasing the Iranian regime. Generally consistent Obama supporters like The Washington Post editorial board have published stinging indictments of this policy in recent weeks.

    These analyses have noted for the first time that in pursuing Iran, Obama is alienating and weakening America’s allies, enabling Iran to expand its nuclear program, and empowering Iran regionally as the US does nothing to prevent Iran’s takeover of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

    Second, it is possible that in his remarks about Iran and radical Islam, Netanyahu will manage to discredit Obama’s approach to both issues. This is possible because Obama’s approach is difficult to understand.

    Last week, following the decapitation of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Islamic State, the Obama administration stood alone in its refusal to note that the victims were murdered because they were Christians. When Egypt retaliated for the massacre with air strikes against Islamic State training camps and other facilities in Libya, the Obama administration refused to support it ally. Instead it criticized Egypt for acting on its own and called for a political solution in Libya, which is now governed by two rival governments and has become a breeding ground for Islamic State terrorists who transit Libya to Sinai.

    Following Islamic State’s massacre of the Christians, the group’s leaders threatened to invade neighboring Italy. Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised a strong response, and then called on the UN Security Council to do something. The Obama administration responded with coolness to a similar Egyptian call last week.

    Hamas (which is supposedly much more moderate than Islamic State despite its intense cooperation with Libya-trained Islamic State forces in Sinai) warned Italy not to attack Islamic State in Libya, lest it be viewed in the words of Salah Bardawil as beginning “a new crusade against Arab and Muslim countries.”

    While all of this has been going on, Obama presided over his much-touted international conference on Confronting Violent Extremism. Reportedly attended by representatives from 60 countries, and featuring many leaders of Muslim Brotherhood- linked groups like the Council on American- Islamic Relations, Obama’s conference’s apparent goal was to deemphasize and deny the link between terrorism and radical Islam.

    In his remarks on Wednesday, Obama gave a lengthy defense of his refusal to acknowledge the link between Islam and Islamic State, al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorist groups. He insisted that these groups “have perverted Islam.”

    Obama indirectly argued that the West is to blame for their behavior because of its supposed historical mistreatment of Muslims. In his words, the “reality… is that there’s a strain of thought that doesn’t embrace ISIL’s tactics, doesn’t embrace violence, but does buy into the notion that the Muslim world has suffered historic grievances, sometimes that’s accurate.”

    Obama’s insistence that Islamic State and its ilk attack because of perceived Western misbehavior is completely at odds with observed reality. As The Atlantic’s Graeme Wood demonstrated this week in his in-depth report on Islamic State’s ideology and goals, Islam is central to the group. Islamic State is an apocalyptic movement rooted entirely in Islam.

    Most of the coverage of Netanyahu’s scheduled speech before Congress has centered on his opposition to the deal Obama seeks to conclude with Iran. But it may be that the second half of his speech – which will be devoted to the threat posed by radical Islam – will be no less devastating to Obama. Obama’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the fact that the greatest looming threats to global security today, including US national security, stem from radical Islam indicates that he is unable to contend with any evidence that jihadist Islam constitutes a unique threat unlike the threat posed by Western chauvinism and racism.

    It is hard to understand either Israel’s election or Obama’s hysterical response to Netanyahu’s scheduled speech without recognizing that Obama clearly feels threatened by the message he will deliver. Surrounded by sycophantic aides and advisers, and until recently insulated from criticism by a supportive media, while free to ignore Congress due to his veto power, Obama has never had to seriously explain his policies regarding Iran and Islamic terrorists more generally. He has never endured a direct challenge to those policies.

    Today Obama believes that he is in a to-the-death struggle with Netanyahu. If Netanyahu’s speech is a success, Obama’s foreign policy will be indefensible. If Obama is able to delegitimize Netanyahu ahead of his arrival, and bring about his electoral defeat, then with a compliant Israeli government, he will face no obstacles to his plan to appease Iran and blame Islamic terrorism on the West for the remainder of his tenure in office.

  21. Nailed it Admin…As terrifying as it all is. This is the moment I believe. ..If we don’t stand here, we will stand for nothing.

  22. wbboei
    February 27, 2015 at 12:57 am
    MSNBC is a tainted brand and a leper. I doubt anything they do will bring back viewers.


    IRS watchdog reveals Lois Lerner missing emails now subject of criminal probe

    The IRS’s inspector general confirmed Thursday it is conducting a criminal investigation into how Lois G. Lerner’s emails disappeared, saying it took only two weeks for investigators to find hundreds of tapes the agency’s chief had told Congress were irretrievably destroyed.

    Investigators have already scoured 744 backup tapes and gleaned 32,774 unique emails, but just two weeks ago they found an additional 424 tapes that could contain even more Lerner emails, Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus told the House Oversight Committee in a rare late-night hearing meant to look into the status of the investigation.

    There is potential criminal activity,” Mr. Camus said.

    He said they have also discovered the hard drives from the IRS’s email servers, but said because the drives are out of synch it’s not clear whether they will be able to recover anything from them. [snip]

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican and Oversight Committee chairman, said the ongoing investigations undercut President Obama’s assertion last year that there was no evidence of corruption in the IRS’s targeting.

    “I have no idea how the president came to such a definitive conclusion without all the facts,” he said.

    The IRS belatedly told Congress it may have lost some of Ms. Lerner’s emails after her computer crashed, and asserted that the backup tapes didn’t exist.

    But under questioning from Mr. Chaffetz, Mr. Camus said it took him only two weeks to track down the backup tapes, and when he asked the IRS depository for them, the workers there said they’d never been contacted by the agency itself.

    Republicans said that was stunning because IRS Commissioner John Koskinen repeatedly assured Congress the emails were irretrievably lost.

    “I think they have misled or lied to the committee,” said Rep. John L. Mica, Florida Republican.

    Mr. Camus said they were clued in to the 424 new tapes they just found a couple of weeks ago after realizing the IRS hadn’t given over a key document. They demanded that document, and realized it showed hundreds of other tapes existed.

  24. Admin has warned us too. (

    Iran going nuclear, ISIS conquering the Middle East and threatening to invade Europe, terrorists actively being courted to enter the United States, Christians being slaughtered, Obama refusing to utter the words ‘Islamic terrorist’, Jihad being carried out in Paris and other European capitals, et cetera, et cetera, all point to Obama forming a global Islamic kingdom.

    In my second novel, Sugar, I wrote about this corruption that is destroying America and fostering the formation of the Islamic State. The question is, when he leaves office, is Obama looking to become sultan of his new empire?

  25. “Obama’s response to Netanyahu’s speech has been astounding. His ad hominem attacks against Netanyahu, his open moves to coerce Democratic lawmakers to boycott Netanyahu’s speech, and the administration’s aggressive attempts to damage Israel’s reputation in the US have been without precedent. More than anything, they expose a deep-seated fear that Netanyahu will be successful in exposing the grave danger that Obama’s policies toward Iran and toward the Islamic world in general pose to the global security.”

  26. Update: Tonight’s the deadline and Republicans have mushed themselves to Punt: Boehner to offer “clean” three-week funding bill for DHS to buy time on amnesty strategy.

    What is needed is a coalition of the congress and the courts to block the executive (which appears to be in the formative stage if not more advanced). Right now the courts are hearing cases at least and even daring to block some of the most egregious Obama diktats. But for a coalition to work the congress cannot abandon the courts in the fight.

    At some point Republicans in congress and especially the leaders in congress and the party have to fight. There is no running away. For instance, suppose the Supreme Court really does block the ObamaCare illegal subsidies? Will Republicans cave in and legislate subsidies if Obama Dimocrats play the same game they have played on immigration and DHS funding? Will Obama Dimocrats blame Republicans for the ObamaCare subsidy disaster and demand Republicans restore the subsides or else Obama and Obama Dimocrats/Big Media will blame Republicans for the ObamaCare disaster?

    On every issue Obama Dimocrats can play the same game with the very same template: refuse every offer except total capitulation. If Republicans cave in on immigration they will have to cave in on everything. At some point they have to fight.

    The joke is Boehner might not even have to votes to pass this punt.


  27. Well . . . Jebediah is certainly showing his independence and making his mark as the perfect successor to Obama. His campaign has deep pockets, a household name, and a track record of success. Plus, he came from modest, you might even say humble beginnings and read the Bible by candle light. He charisma is off the charts. He lights up the room when he enters. And, he holds his audience on the edge of their chair as the stifle the impulse to puke. Yes, he is a man of candidate for all seasons, a man of many opinions, who boasts that not only does he speak Spanish, but has mastered the dialects, so he can speak Cuban with a Cuban audience, Puerto Rican to a Puerto Rican audience, and Mexican to a Mexican audience, how nice for him. Like his brother before him, he loves America but has no use for the American People which is why he is keen t replace them, with forward thinking on the issue of immigration. Yes the campaign has much going for it. Only one problem: the candidate himself is a fucking crackhead, if he thinks any of his shit will sell to the base. And, while I do know that the black demographic as a whole will ignore the facts if they like the candidate, I have a hard time believing that he will find a special place in their heart when he preaches replacing them with Mexicans. But hey, what do I know? With such credentials it is only matter of time before he ascends to the highest office. The only roadblock is those damned conservatives, and word has it he has conferred with McCain on how to keep them on the leash. Nothing ahead but blues skies shining on John Edward but you can call me Jeb Bush. In the eyes of big media, he will be the candidate.


    Ingraham: “According to the last Gallup poll, only 7% of Americans think that we should have increased levels of immigration– 7%– and following on that, Jeb Bush has recently said that immigrants are more entrepreneurial, harder working and more fertile than [Americans].

    He even suggested that Detroit should be repopulated with foreign workers, immigrant workers, to spur the economy in Detroit. At a time when we have so many Americans unemployed, tens of millions of Americans out of the workforce, what is Governor Christie, in a national setting– let’s say you decide to run for President– going to do on these issues. there seems to be a disconnect between the people and the pols on immigration– a big one.”

  28. I know something about tech, but this sentence makes no sense to me…

    “He said they have also discovered the hard drives from the IRS’s email servers, but said because the drives are out of synch it’s not clear whether they will be able to recover anything from them. [snip]

    Hard drives are just storage hardware, they can contain anything digital. These effin’ drives are ‘out of sync’ with what? They are not iPads nor iPods that need to sync with freakin’ iTunes to be read.

    What kind of idiots are giving out this information anyway?

  29. According to the last Gallup poll, only 7% of Americans think that we should have increased levels of immigration– 7%– and following on that, Jeb Bush has recently said that immigrants are more entrepreneurial, harder working and more fertile than [Americans].
    Ohhh . . . . well . . . if its productivity and fertility you are after, then Jeb, forget about immigrants and put your money in robots. Spoken like a true scion of Wall Street (with humble beginnings and read the Bible by candle light–I can hear the media buzz to that effect in Washington even now, so the echo chamber is starting). He has promised them, off he record of course, that he will be a partner with them in misinforming and screwing the American People, in keeping with the Axelgrease playbook. Springtime for Hitler and Germany. Winter for Poland and France, etc.

  30. admin
    February 27, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    Mr. Spock goes to Sha Ka Ree. Leonard Nimoy R.I.P.
    Oh how sad, he was my favorite. RIP Spock.

  31. From a Republican House Leadership aide, via HotAir:

    “A DHS shutdown would not stop Obama’s amnesty. A three-week CR avoids a shutdown, keeps the fight alive, ensures Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday won’t be overshadowed, and will give us a clearer picture of where the court case is going.

    “This isn’t about Republicans needing more time to decide what to do. The House passed its bill January 14. The Senate attempted to vote on it four times since February 3. A judge put a hold on the president’s unilateral action February 17. We’re sticking to our goal: fund DHS and stop Obama’s amnesty.

    “As Speaker Boehner tweeted this morning: ‘We are not giving in to Senate Democrats’ blackmail. Will keep fighting Obama’s unilateral action on immigration to protect Constitution.’”

  32. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee subcommittee that covers the Middle East, told us Tuesday he also is still weighing whether to attend the speech and he acknowledged that he is getting calls from his supporters in Connecticut encouraging him to go.

    “I haven’t decided yet. This is a breach of protocol not a breach of policy, so I’m still trying to make sure I’m not making more of this than it deserves to be,” he said. “A lot of us are very angry and I think we’ve got to figure out how serious of an issue this really is.”



    Dems…get your behinds to the Congress to listen to the speech…

    …just what are they afraid of hearing…they look like teenagers in a meangirl/meanguy tiff…just the way the whole O admin conducts itself…Chicago style politics…emotions over intellect…perception vs reality…

    Since when are we/they afraid of debate and dialogue (so much for the so called touted O ‘diplomacy’)…is that how Harry Reid and O brainwashed our elected to conduct themselves

    Diane Feinstein…be the adult in this crowd…O has a short time left…but the Congress will still be here…and the issues with Israel will remain…


    btw…danger everywhere…(head out of the sand Mr. Kerry)

    We have been told that ISIS is now in all 50 states…they are all over the middle east…and are strategically in Europe…(like a mold that will spread and spread)

    ISIS has told us it is coming to Rome and plans to invade Italy…they have plainly stated they are even out for O…

    yesterday I heard a woman speaking about all these online books that ISIS has that spell out their plans for world domination…she referred to one book they have put out specifically called something like the ‘…the Black Cross…

    they spell out their plan to take down the Christians in Italy…

    this group is highly sophisticated with logos, books, etc and outreach to families, children, etc to become part of their world wide quest to rule the world…they monitor all the US news and are very familiar with what O says and does and they want to take down the US Congress…in addition they believe the actions of Putin are helping and making their plans easier…

    these are no Jr Varsity people…there are so many similarities to Germany when Hitler began his takeovers…govt and people did not take them seriously either and let them get away with this and then that…when it could have been cut off much sooner…

    …we are at a very serious crossroads at the beginning of the 21st century…we do not need empathizers and pop psychology…we do not need lies…we do not need MORE secret deals that no one knows about…

    If the Democrats still stand for anything at all…go to listen to the PM of Israel and weigh in your OWN minds what he has to say…do not let yourself be in the shadows of O’s perceived protocol snub…

    Grow up and act like adults and the elected officials you are…

  33. admin, is this the 3 week extension?

    If it fails, that means the DHS won’t be funded for illegal illegals to be taken to Disneyland hotels?

  34. So DHS gets a one week extension. Could we possibly riot about this or something? What about a good old Pumapac Prowl?

  35. What about a good old Pumapac Prowl

    Those were the days Lu, good times when we though we could stop the O-freight train. I miss Murph when she blogged.

  36. Comcast, Obama’s largest corporate supporter, which as thrown over one dozen high dollar donor parties for him, is exactly the kind of parasite Obama attracts under his crony capitalism blue print: rent seeking monopolies. Here again, you have to go back to the economist Hazlett, who argued that the science of economics was to look past the immediate affect of policy changes, in this case, a government takeover of the internet, which serves the mind control objectives of the hard left, reducing the nation to a polygot of disenfranchised subjects who gather outside the castle, until those inside decide it is high time to put down their wine glass and pour a little hot tar on the great unwashed below, and consider the long term impact. Here a certain cretin element in the population (arguably over half judging from the support for Obama as he dismantles the republic and strips them of their rights, all they care about is the floor show) the long term impact will be that Comcast will build these increases into their rate structure, and with the help of traitors like Obama they will erect an even higher wall against competition, a bar against innovation, and will seek and receive even greater rent. With a guy like Jebediah who was booed loudly and owned by Jeff Sessions, after Bush bussed in hundreds of screaming salivating supporters (lord only knows where he gets them–maybe they are out of work Obamabots judging from their sheer stupidity). In that sense, the upcoming election as it relates to the Republican Party looks more like the Roosevelt vs Taft election of 1912 than 1980—Bush being like Taft—a pillar of the moribund establishment comprised of rent seeking monopolies, who must astroturf grass roots support vs. Cruz being the populist challenger where the grass roots support is organic, not contrived. (Note: if you think I am a bad historian, fine. My only defense? I am a damsite better historian than that fucking Obama–and his menageris of the innocent Muslim slaughtered by (white) Christian Knights and the only thing that lying son of a bitch neglects to mention is that prior thereto those innocent Muslims slaughtered Christians and burned their churches.)

    The ISPs Should Blame Themselves for Net Neutrality
    By: Leon H. Wolf (Diary) | February 27th, 2015 at 12:09 PM | 14

    First of all, let me say that Net Neutrality is a bad policy that is a) unfair to the ISPs and b) likely to lead to higher rates and lower performance for Internet service. Republicans ought to seek to overturn it as soon as possible either legislatively or through changing the composition of the FCC.

    With that out of the way, to the extent that the ISPs themselves were opposed to Net Neutrality, they have only (or at least mostly) themselves to blame for its existence. Let me explain.

    Home/residential ISPs have, for years, operated as a regulated monopoly and have fought tooth and nail within the regulatory framework to keep that status. Companies like Comcast and Charter have lobbied and spent millions on ad campaigns to protect their legal status as a regulated monopoly so that the government would insulate them from competition. They have donated massive sums of cash over the years to prevent competitors like Uverse from moving into their areas of influence and have been some of the most abusive rent-seekers in America.

    Having used the power of the government to shield themselves from meaningful competition, they immediately set about providing the most horrible customer service imaginable. Since they faced no competition, they showed a callous indifference to the needs and wants of their customers that would have made AT&T execs in the 1980s blush. Survey after survey of most hated companies in America and worst customer service in America have for years put the ISPs at the head of the pack with a very healthy lead.

    Now, just because you give bad customer service does not justify the government from essentially taking the property of the ISPs. But whereas a normal industry would face the consequence of a mass exodus of customers in response to bad customer service, Comcast has largely prevented that from happening through the use of government force. But in the words of a pretty smart guy, those who live by the sword die by the sword.

    Populist mobs are not very good at nuanced policy analysis and the current one that led to the imposition of Net Neutrality has not considered the long term consequences of this particular instance of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Quite frankly, all people are thinking about right now is how much they hate Comcast and Charter and how much they like Netflix. And given decades of pent up anger at Comcast, combined with inability for meaningful alternatives for service, they are going to support someone “sticking it to” Comcast (even though, frankly, the imposition of Net Neutrality just means Comcast and Charter will eventually either slow speeds for everyone or incorporate it into their rate structure, most likely).

    If the ISPs didn’t want Net Neutrality, this might be a good time for them to have a loyal customer base to appeal to with an impassioned plea about how Net Neutrality will affect their service. Instead what the ISPs have is a sullen and angry mob of customers who are resentful of the fact that they even have to BE customers of the companies at issue, and are completely unwilling to trust what the ISPs have to say about the matter (any more than they trust the ridiculous “appointment windows”).

    If you’re looking for someone to blame for this Net Neutrality mess, you can blame the Democrats if you want. But the Democrats are just capitalizing on cheap anger generated through well-earned contempt at the ISPs. They’re the ones who should shoulder the first instance of the blame.

  37. Foxy,
    I was just in process of putting text about that here. Guess I’ll continue. Thankfully a few of our Congressmen/women walk with we, the [common] people.
    Trey Gowdy Fights Back Against Obama’s Amnesty With New Immigration Plan
    South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has introduced an immigration bill to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty and expedite the removal of criminal aliens from U.S. soil.
    Named after Michael Davis, Jr., a sheriff’s deputy in California who was killed in the line of duty last year by an illegal immigrant, Gowdy’s bill would also provide a work-around for state and local governments to reinforce federal immigration laws while also implementing an annual review of the executive branch’s use of prosecutorial discretion in immigration cases….

    … For decades, Americans have been promised a secure border and an immigration system that works for all Americans,” Gowdy said in his statement.
    “Those promises have not been kept and both political parties bear responsibility for that. This legislation allows state and local governments to assist in the enforcement of our federal immigration laws. By doing so, we remove the ability of this or future Presidents – of either party – to systematically shut down portions of the law to suit their political purposes.”

    PS This is my first comment here on the a computer. The one I’d been using for 6 years died a heroic death on Thursday in the midst of furious tweeting to thwart amnesty. lol

  38. Nasty situation and no doubt Obama would rather have us talk about whom Putin may have taken down.
    Why would GOP candidate for Missouri governor kill himself?
    By DAVID A. LIEB Associated Press
    … in his final days, Tom Schweich described having knots in his stomach over what he thought was an anti-Semitic whisper campaign by a GOP consultant who now runs the state party.
    His intensity had served him well in the past – he was proud of exposing corruption in his four years as auditor. But his tendency to fixate on issues also sometimes made it hard for him to get over political attacks, say some of his advisers and colleagues.
    Schweich left behind a wife and two children – and a seemingly rising political career – when he died Thursday at age 54….
    Announcing his candidacy last month, Schweich had vowed to bring a never-before-seen “level of intensity, tenacity, transparency, and rigor” in a quest to root out “rampant corruption in Jefferson City.”
    As evidence of his grit, Schweich touted his work in the U.S. State Department coordinating an anti-drug initiative in Afghanistan.
    “Negotiating with Afghan warlords prepared me well for Missouri politics,” he said.
    …Eventually, Hancock’s alleged comments “became some kind of a hurdle” to Schweich, said state Republican Party Secretary Pat Thomas, who was among those to whom Schweich had appealed.
    On Monday, Schweich outlined the whole ordeal to an AP reporter, saying he planned to hold a press conference about it the next day – even though his advisers said it was a poor political move. Schweich described having knots in his stomach for the past week, because he was so worked up over it. He didn’t follow through on the press conference, telling the AP he was still trying to get a prominent Jewish person to stand with him first.
    Then, on Thursday morning, Schweich talked twice over the phone with the AP to invite a reporter to his suburban St. Louis home for an afternoon interview, saying he was ready to go public with his accusations. He said he was also inviting a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
    Police say authorities received an emergency call about the shooting just minutes after those phone calls.
    Hancock emailed state Republican Party officials Friday saying he was “sad to have learned that some of (Schweich’s) final moments were spent thinking of an ongoing disagreement with me.”
    Hancock said he had “mistakenly believed that Tom Schweich was Jewish,” and that Schweich “had mistakenly believed that I had attacked his religion.”
    “We may never know what drove Tom to take his own life -but it seems clear that there were deeper and more profound issues than a minor political squabble,” Hancock said.
    ituation & I left a lot at the site:

  39. This single act will kill our republic.

    For one thing, it reduces congress from a governing body to an irrelevant entity which is nothing more than a portal through which special interest money and crony capitalism freely flow.

    And it leaves the executive branch in a position where it is judge jury and executioner of the American People.

    There is no question about this and no turning back.

    We, the American People, are about to become irrelevant.

    Which does not matter to half the country who is too lazy to worry about such things.

    All they demand–and this they definitely do demand–bread and circuses.

    Cynical? Me??? Hardly. Not cynical enough.

    I think this deeper level of cynicism will spread like wild fire.

    Just in time for the 2016 election.

    The candidate who positions herself or himself as an outsider will be either the winner or the spoiler.

    From Red State

    What is going to happen in one week that fixes this problem?

    More to the point, what is going to happen in a week with funding that wouldn’t happen faster in a week without funding?

    Right now both Boehner and McConnell are negotiating with themselves over the terms of their own surrender. This did not have to be.

    Funding DHS is completely irrelevant to DHS continuing operations to national security is not jeopardized in any way, shape, or form. If you want to have your crotch groped by some mouth-breather at the airport, you secret fetish is not endangered. In a sane world, Boehner and McConnell would see that they can walk away from this farce and let Reid and Obama decide when they want DHS to resume full operations.

    While the fallout and downside are minuscule, the stakes are huge. Will Congress acquiesce in letting Obama set his own immigration policy, a policy that runs counter to the law? The only tool Congress has in this battle is the appropriations authority. If it won’t refuse to appropriate money to fund non-essential functions of DHS, it has become irrelevant and we are a dictatorship, not a constitutional republic.

  40. After a chaotic Friday afternoon and evening in the House of Representatives, both chambers of Congress eventually agreed to extend DHS funding for another week. While House Democrats, much like their Senate counterparts for the last few weeks, insisted on long-term funding for Pres. Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesties, Republicans were able to extend the fight for at least another week.

    If not for the federal court’s temporary injunction, however, the one-week extension would fund Obama’s amnesties. Democratic Congresswoman Janice Hahn of California best summed up yesterday’s events in a Tweet last night:


    Only 84 Republicans (32 Senators and 52 U.S. Representatives) were willing to buck the DHS deadline pressure and stand up for struggling American families by opposing funding for Obama’s amnesties.

    While most of this morning’s headlines focus on the divide within the Republican Party on the issue, Roy’s new blog suggests that the media should focus on a more accurate storyline:

    Democrats hold DHS hostage and demand ransom of work permits for illegal aliens

    How things play out over the next week is uncertain, but there are a few reports that Congressional Leaders and Pres. Obama may have a deal in place to pass a “clean” DHS bill for the rest of the year.


    Early in the day, the Senate held a series of votes on the House-passed version of the DHS funding bill, H.R.240. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was set to offer an amendment that would strip the House amendments that would defund Obama’s amnesties from the underlying bill. He was also “filling the amendment tree”, meaning he was blocking other Senators from offering amendments to the bill.

    McConnell’s actions prompted Senators Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to attempt to block McConnell’s filling of the amendment tree. If their motion was successful, it would have allowed them to offer amendments adding the defunding provisions back into the bill, but the motion failed, 34-to-65, with all Democrats and 20 Republicans voting against it.

    That set up the vote on McConnell’s amendment to strip the House-passed defunding language from the bill. The amendment passed 66-to-33 with help from 21 Republicans. A “clean” DHS funding bill then passed by a similar margin.

    To their credit, House Leadership refused to bring that Senate bill to the floor and responded by bringing up a continuing resolution to fund DHS for three weeks. All but 12 Democrats voted against the three-week extension, insisting on the Senate’s long-term funding bill. The three-week extension ultimately failed because the Democrats were joined by 52 House Republicans who refused to support a bill that would have fully funded Obama’s amnesties for the three weeks.

    In a last minute deal to avoid a DHS shutdown, GOP Leaders were able to convince Congressional Democrats to agree to a one-week extension. Please continue to look for action opportunities early next week as Congress once again debates DHS funding up against a deadline.

    chris chmielenski
    Sat, Feb 28th

  41. Mitch McConnell and is fellow RINOS are so cowardly and corrupt that if Obama invited 1000 ISIS members into this country and threatened to shut down government if they were not given work permits, social security benefits,a $35000 stipend and drivers licenses, an earned path to citizenship, free college tuition and refugee status for their families, then Mitch “The Tortise” McConnell would whine loudly to the cameras, promise his constituents to stop Obama cold in his tracks, conduct four show votes in opposition which the democrats (because they love open borders more than they hate ISIS), refuse to abolish closure, reach a secret agreement to give Obama everything he wants), lambaste Obama, and caution supporters (camera close-up shows tears running down his face) that he fought the good fight, but the only way to prevent the total destruction of the country is to give Jebediah the presidency, so the RINO can control both branches.

    By the way, if you think that is not what has happened here, you need to reflect on the fact that no one knows who these 5 million law breakers are, thus it is far from certain that their coming here was the act of love that Jebediah wants us to believe. And this is why the Republican Party will go the way of the dinosaur. Donors don’t vote. Constituents do. And this is a Biblical betrayal.


  42. What the bloody RINO needs to understand is the days of lying to your constituents–and getting away with it are over. They, and their entrenched staffers need to start packing their bags now. This is the time for conservatives and everyone else who believes in the constitution to practice voter nullification for the party that lied to them.

  43. Wake up America. The RINO is a con-man. He promises you one thing, and delivers the opposite. A party that operates on that principle has no raison detre–no legitimate reason to exist. I know Steele and he is not to be trusted. No deal has been struck? Either he is lying or Boeher has not told him. The operative principle here is this: we must reach a point where the RINO fears the voters more than he fear big media. The only way that will happen is if they are denied the presidency and swept from Congress. A third party would provide the leverage to accomplish that objective. I have been calling for one now since 2010 when they fucked their constituents the first time. We cannot let that happen a third time. Rather than running against the RINOS and the money men, Cruz needs to form a third party. He owes the republican party nothing, and neither do their constituents.

  44. Every organization needs to have a successorship program. They need to be grooming younger people to take charge when the senior people retire. The people they select must be capable people who can lead the organization when the time comes.

    When you look at the Republican Party as it stands today, you see an organization with no viable successorship plan. None. The younger people they have selected—Corker, Flake, Helller, Hoeuven, etc. are men who with no vision and no aptitude for governance. They are simply front men for rent seeking monopolies. When it comes to governance they are mush balls.

    Yes, there are a leaders in the party–true leaders–Cruz, Lee, Session, and hopefully Tom Cotten. Joanie Ernst got the backing of the Chamber of Commerce so I hold out little hope for her. The problem is the real leaders are outnumbered by the bought and paid for mush balls.

  45. In negotiations, you have what they call no-negotiables. When the opposite party tries to get you to give them up, the answer is no today, no tomorrow, no next month, next year–what part of the word no do you not understand.

    Executive amnesty is unconstitutional. The Republican Party promised voters it would stop it. But when the moment of truth came, they betrayed the Constitution, and the people who voted for them. Instead of saying no today, no tomorrow, etc. they said yes, as long as you take the heat, and allow us to pretend to be innocent.

    What surprises me about all this was their failure to understand how deeply this issue cuts with the voter, and it is not the kind of thing they can ride out. It is a scarlet letter on the forehead of every RINO, a message to all that this person can never be trusted. The letter could be an O, as a subtle reminder of who the biggest liar of them all is. The problem is no just the lie, it is the dreadful policy consequences which is will usher in, for thirty pieces of silver.

  46. Come on Trey. Enough of this thread that holds the tapestry together is the rule of law. Don’t tell that to us. Tell it to Boehner and the Tortise McConnell. Will you do that? You voted for Boehner to be speaker. So his betrayal falls on your shoulders as well. These speeches you give, and cross examinations you deliver so brilliantly are great theater, but completely irrelevant. They do not move the ball or protect the country. Just shut the fuck up and do something. Talk is cheap. Just ask light in the loafter Lindsey Graham from your state.

  47. The guy who is doing the lords work here is Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch. While Trey and his supercalafragalisticexpealodocious committee are swimming in quicksand, and the IRS scandal is stonewalled by the corrupt Justice Department, and Fast and Furious investigation is DOA, Judicial Watch is putting all the relevant pieces together, and giving us the truth.

    It is a lifetime exercise in futility watching the Republicans cave and hope the voters will not catch on to the game they are playing. It is a lifetime exercise in futility waiting for some democrat with a conscience put country before party. The only one that moves the ball is Judicial Watch. And, unlike the Republican Party, they cannot be corrupted by big money or intimidated by the tool of big money main stream media. If you think I am sick to death of this sellout of the constitution and the american people by the RINO you are right. Very. I made a contribution to Tom’s organization tonight.

  48. Totally off-topic…I know there is another House of Cards fan here…I just finished “binging” the entire season..I will leave you with three letters to describe it…….OMG

  49. White House, DHS caught off guard by House’s funding failure
    Members of the recently formed “House Freedom Caucus” offered multiple proposals to leadership that they believe would have drawn enough Republican votes to keep DHS funded and not left Boehner dependent on Democrats. Boehner, though, chose not to support the plans.
    One conservative member, who asked for anonymity to speak frankly,[ perhaps David Brat (who beat Eric Cantor) – for David is outspoken on Twitter ] said the mood of his colleagues will depend on how Boehner handles himself over the next week. If he tries to put a “clean” DHS funding bill on the floor for a vote, or doesn’t make overtures to conservatives, anger could boil over, the Republican said.
    The lawmaker said he will be watching closely the three dozen or so members who voted for Boehner during the speaker election in January but who have been critical of the GOP leadership team’s tactics.
    A handful of Boehner loyalists met with him Friday night and voiced concern about behind-the-scenes agitation among the most conservative faction of the conference.
    The chances that an attempt to remove him would succeed are virtually nil. But it would show that his critics are willing to risk a split within the GOP Conference to force him out.
    Read more:

    I’d taken note of that freedom caucus formed but thought it was merely something to look good on paper. Maybe it is destined to change our future for the better. But Judicial Watch remains indispensable.

  50. I’m wrong about David Brat. He is not a founding member. Jim Jordan OH wound up being chairman.

    9 Republicans launch House Freedom Caucus
    1/26/15 10:23 AM EST
    …The founding members include Republican Reps. Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Jim Jordan of Ohio, John Fleming of Louisiana, Matt Salmon of Arizona, Justin Amash of Michigan, Raúl Labrador of Idaho, Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina, Ron DeSantis of Florida and Mark Meadows of North Carolina.
    The group will serve as a policy alternative to the Republican Study Committee, the decades-old conservative group that lobbies GOP leadership to push legislation rightward. While some of the Freedom Caucus members will leave the RSC, which has been criticized by some members for growing too large, lawmakers are able to be active members of both groups.
    The Freedom Caucus will be an invite-only group, and members involved with the planning said they will invite around 30 lawmakers to join. If the caucus can boast a 29-person membership, it would be in a position to block Republican legislation that members don’t support.
    Read more:

  51. So any word yet on whether HRC will attend Netanyahu’s speech to Congress? If she does, then that would be a very public signal that she disagrees with Obola at least on foreign policy involving Israel and Iran’s quest to be the dominant nuclear power in the region.

  52. VotingHillary
    March 1, 2015 at 4:13 am

    Oh yes voting, I am a big fan and am watching this season’s basket of tricks, very slowly…savoring each episode. Last time I did a marathon watch…and then, they were all gone.

  53. Mark Levin is the god head of the conservative movement. He served in the Reagan campaign and in the Reagan Administration for eight years. Even then, the Bush family had a stranglehold over the party and despised conservatives. The Bush family stopped Reagan in ’76 but he beat them in ’80 and ’84. Nevertheless, he had to accept their scion George Herbert Walker Bush as his vice president, and when Reagan served his two terms and retired the party was taken over by the Bush dynasty, who are simply front men for Wall Street, and faux conservatives. Mark, to his credit, makes note of this, and laces into Jebediah Bush who is on record as favoring illegal immigration, calling it an act of love, and disparaging the American People as lazy and unproductive compared to these law breakers. And he eviscerates the liberal meme that we are a nation of immigrants, and says we are a nation of citizens and he is sick and tired of seeing Obama who hates the American People, give greater rights to illegals than to US citizens. Also, there is that godawful Barbara Bush who sneered that the victims of Katrina did not lose much because they were poor to begin with, and therefore had very little to lose.

  54. Peggy Noonan, speechwriter for Reagan, claims that we do not need a Reagan in 2016–we need a Churchill.

    I am not sure I buy that, but let us indulge this fantasy for a moment.

    Obviously, we can ill afford a sniveling coward like Messiah Obama who shrinks from all such challenges.

    I say it is obvious, but I need to qualify that statement—obvious to everyone except for big media and half the electorate.

    In my estimation, there are two people who could rise to that role of Churchill.

    And with her head buried in the lap of the RINO establishment, I am confident that Peggy would disagree on both.

    One of them is Ted Cruz. No doubt about it.

    The other is Hillary Clinton. No doubt about that either.

    A possible third option would be John Kasich–who may yet be the candidate.

    I think the rest of the Republican field will be swept off the field.

    The stealth candidate will be successful.

  55. There are many examples of this, but the one that comes to mind is the boxer who punches himself out in the first two rounds, falters in the third round and gets knocked out in the fourth round.

  56. Requiem for Lying Brian—may he lie–in peace. With that razor cut, mousse treatment, aqua velva, and baritone voice he will make a beautiful corpse. It gives me no pleasure to say this, because he is after all the perfect mascot for a network which is festooned with lies and liars, but . . . I am as powerless as Mitch the Tortise to do anything about it, other than end the filibuster.

    Some thoughts on Brian Williams.

    I watched like everyone else the past 10 days, at first thinking one bad embarrassment does not sink a career, and then seeing the embarrassments pile up. An acquaintance, a journalist, quoted an old Japanese saying to the effect that people forget everything after 2½ months. I think we forget the specifics, the ins and outs of a scandal, but we retain the essential word that captures it, and the word here is lies. That isn’t a word that can be attached to the public face of a major news organization.

    I think NBC essentially ended Mr. Williams’s career as anchor of the evening news, and did what they had to do.

    He could not continue as a reporter of the news, or an interviewer who elicits news, because he could no longer report or grill when the story is lies. And in modern America the story is always lies. The 2016 presidential campaign has already begun. There will be famous gaffes, fibs, embarrassments, embellishments. How can an anchor or reporter ask questions when his own tendency to invent and embellish is well-established and a subject of national mirth?

    Why did he invent tales of Bob Simon-like derring-do? He was already at the top and he was brave in the sense that everyone who goes to where the explosions are is showing physical courage. He was impressive without embellishments.

    He probably doesn’t know himself. Watching the story unfold I thought of a line from the 1974 film “The Gambler”: “They’re all looking to lose.” Everyone who gambles isn’t only looking for the high, the score, the win but also for the other thing they need, the loss, the brush with death, the adrenal jolt of being ruined.

    Mr. Williams’s fictions look very much like a form of gambling. They say he was warned, and he didn’t stop. He must have known each time he was telling an untruth that he was heightening the risk he’d be caught. He came up in the age of videotape and reigned in the age of the Internet. Someone was going to find something, and year by year they didn’t. He added to his stories the way a gambler on a streak increases his bets. “The rocket hit a helicopter” became ‘the rocket hit my helicopter,’ the crime in New Orleans became the gangs that overran his hotel.

    Lessons? Anchors shouldn’t be allowed to become anchor-monsters. When management knows its anchor tells tall tales, it has to have the means to stop him. Things that are too big to fail, fail.

    No one is safe anymore. Status is no longer a buffer. We know this in the abstract, but it’s still startling in the particular. Technology makes scandal faster and more completely devastating.

    They can hurt you with tape but kill you with laughter. Many people, uncoordinated and unaffiliated, can bring down a target by doing a full frisk of past statements on the Internet, that incredible tool. But as powerful a weapon is anarchic wit. If you went to #BrianWilliamsMisremembers on Twitter , you laughed at the picture of him standing with Lincoln on the battlefield, or reporting live, apparently as St. Joseph, on the birth of Christ. American wit is in very good form, and it can be lethal. It wasn’t only investigative work that shaped the outcome of the Brian Williams story, it was the number of people laughing.

    America is hungry for authenticity and honesty and fiercely resents its absence from places where it should be.

    A longtime reader of this column, age 84, emailed recently to say the heartbreak of his life the past few years has been witnessing the daily corruption of all information—the rigging of numbers and claiming of facts, the scientific papers that manipulate data to advance a political agenda, the misleading government statistics. We’re drowning in lies, he said.

    That is not an exaggeration.

  57. I watched like everyone else the past 10 days, at first thinking one bad embarrassment does not sink a career, and then seeing the embarrassments pile up. An acquaintance, a journalist, quoted an old Japanese saying to the effect that people forget everything after 2½ months. I think we forget the specifics, the ins and outs of a scandal, but we retain the essential word that captures it, and the word here is lies. That isn’t a word that can be attached to the public face of a major news organization.
    In the case of Obama, that quintessential word would be what?


    Just a liberal guy, don’t hate him, sayeth blowhard Bill O’Reilly.

    Question for that pompous ass: what part of the word “traitor” don’t you understand, Bill-O?

  58. VotingHillary
    March 1, 2015 at 4:13 am

    Totally off-topic…I know there is another House of Cards fan here…I just finished “binging” the entire season..I will leave you with three letters to describe it…….OMG

    Here is another!! I’m like Shadow. I wait for a few episodes to go by so that I can tackle them in multiples in each sitting. Sadly, it’s an arena that bumbles is probably well suited for. That said, I love that show!!

    Hillary 2016

  59. Can’t verify the validity of this story, but it sounds like teh one.

    Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Jets Attacking Iran

    From article…..EMPHASIS MINE

    President Barack Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes in 2014 if they were sent to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, according to reports attributed to a Kuwaiti newspaper.

    According to the website Israel National News, the Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an cites Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

    Al-Jarida reports that the alleged threat from the White House forced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel the planned attack.

    An Israeli minister on good relations with the Obama administration reportedly tipped Secretary of State John Kerry to the plan and that Obama vowed to shoot down the planes when they crossed over U.S.-controlled airspace in Iraq.

    Al-Jarida quoted “well-placed” sources saying that Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon and then-Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman made the plans for airstrikes after consulting top commanders.

    In addition to the attacks, Netanyahu and his ministers decided to try to thwart any nuclear deal between the United States and Iran over fears that a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel’s existence, the newspaper said.

    Israeli pilots reportedly trained for weeks on the mission and even were able to fly into Iranian airspace without being detected by radar.


    Israel National News quoted a Daily Beast interview from 2009 in which former President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski urged Obama to take on any threat to Iran from Israel.

    “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” Brzezinski said. “We have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not.”

    Brzezinski even suggested, “No one wishes for this but it could be a Liberty in reverse.”

    That was an allusion to an incident in the 1967 Six Day War in which Israeli jets and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty in international waters. Israel later called the attack an incident of “friendly fire.”

    Read Latest Breaking News from

    So against the Syrians, bumbles can’t back up a promise to stop a man killing people en masse, but when an ALLY seeks to protect itself, teh one’s word is his bond? We are really living in bizzaro world.


    Hillary 2016

  60. I called that list of senators last night, got machines and left messages. I talked so bad to them my cat got off my lap and went to another room.

    It is just last week I was out in out county doing inspections and happened to come across a homeless camp. Welfare and poverty and they are going to give jobs and benefits to illegal immigrants!!! I could not have kept the witch out of my voice when I called them, if I had wanted to.

  61. The newbie held his own against Dana.
    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) calls for conference committee on DHS funding

  62. holdthemaccountable

    March 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    Holdthem…saw that…duh!…consituition and the rule of law

    thanks for posting it here…

  63. I love my girl, but this is a big mistake if true…..

    Report: Hillary Clinton Launching Presidential Campaign In April

    Hillary Clinton and her close advisers are telling Democratic donors she will enter the presidential race sooner than expected, likely in April, a move that would allay uncertainties within her party and allow her to rev up fundraising.

    Read the whole story at The Wall Street Journal at

    Hillary 2016

  64. good example of how drug companies and our government…and so called ‘health care’ intersect for big profits and create the collateral damage of turning people into zombies and putting their health at further risk…


    Psychiatric Drug Overuse Is Cited by Federal Study

    WASHINGTON — Federal investigators say they have found evidence of widespread overuse of psychiatric drugs by older Americans with Alzheimer’s disease, and are recommending that Medicare officials take immediate action to reduce unnecessary prescriptions.

    The findings will be released Monday by the Government Accountability Office, an arm of Congress, and come as the Obama administration has already been working with nursing homes to reduce the inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications like Abilify, Risperdal, Zyprexa and clozapine. But in the study, investigators said officials also needed to focus on overuse of such drugs by people with dementia who live at home or in assisted living facilities.

    The Department of Health and Human Services “has taken little action” to reduce the use of antipsychotic drugs by older adults living outside nursing homes, the report said. Doctors sometimes prescribe antipsychotic drugs to calm patients with dementia who display disruptive behavior like hitting, yelling or screaming, the report said. Researchers said this was often the case in nursing homes that had inadequate numbers of employees.

    Dementia is most commonly associated with a decline in memory, but doctors say it can also cause changes in mood or personality and, at times, agitation or aggression. Experts have raised concern about the use of antipsychotic drugs to address behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The Food and Drug Administration says antipsychotic drugs are often associated with an increased risk of death when used to treat older adults with dementia who also have psychosis.

    Senator Thomas R. Carper of Delaware, the senior Democrat on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said the report showed that “many seniors with dementia are receiving risky mind-altering medications,” financed in many cases by taxpayers and the Medicare program.

    Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and chairwoman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, who with Mr. Carper requested the study, said, “The report raises many red flags concerning the potential misuse and excessive use of antipsychotic drugs for patients with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.”

    Toby S. Edelman, who represents patients as a lawyer at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, said, “We could save money and provide better care if nursing homes reduced the inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs.”

    A Chicago psychiatrist pleaded guilty last month to taking illegal kickbacks of nearly $600,000 to prescribe an antipsychotic drug for his patients. The doctor, Michael J. Reinstein, also agreed to pay $3.79 million to the federal government and the State of Illinois to settle a lawsuit asserting that he had been involved in the submission of at least 140,000 false claims to Medicare and Medicaid. Law enforcement officials said he had prescribed clozapine for thousands of older and indigent mentally ill patients at 30 nursing homes and other sites.

    The lawsuit said drug companies had paid kickbacks, consulting fees and entertainment expenses for Dr. Reinstein as part of an effort to induce him to write prescriptions for clozapine.

    Last March, Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries and a subsidiary, IVAX Pharmaceuticals, agreed to pay $27.6 million to settle allegations that they had violated federal and state False Claims Acts by making payments to Dr. Reinstein.

    Investigators from the Government Accountability Office said in 2011 that Medicare officials were doing little to monitor the use of prescription drugs by Medicare patients. But Medicare also designates antipsychotic medications as one of six “protected classes,” meaning that drug insurance plans must cover all or substantially all drugs in that therapeutic class.

    The American Health Care Association, a trade group for nursing homes, says antipsychotic drugs can help some patients with dementia who have hallucinations or delusions, but it has supported efforts to reduce their inappropriate use.

    “Antipsychotic drugs are expensive, costing hundreds of millions of Medicare dollars,” the association says. “They also increase the risk of death, falls with fractures, hospitalizations and other complications.”

  65. PFFFT

    Emily’s List Is Ready for Hillary
    Mar 2, 2015 6:35 AM EST
    …Since soon after President Barack Obama won a second term, Emily’s List has been preparing for Clinton to run, convening conversations about electing a woman president, and commissioning polling on Americans’ views. But the groundwork goes back even further, to the group’s founding three decades ago to support Democratic women running for Senate and to the years it’s spent advocating for women in politics.
    On Tuesday, Clinton will return the favor, delivering the keynote speech at the group’s 30th anniversary gala in Washington as she prepares to embark on what people close to her are not shying away from calling an historic campaign. Bookending the significance of her second shot at the presidency, she’ll be introduced by Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, the first woman elected to the Senate in her own right, in 1986….

  66. It is amazing how TERRIFIED the elites are of a temporary shutdown of non-essential government services in order to protect the Constitution.


    This is because it could have some marginal impact on their little heaven.

    While communities across the country are at risk Washington grows fat.

    The only answer is to attack the net worth of those in that city.

    So they feel the affect of their actions.

    Without that, they see the problem in one dimension only

    Which is predicated on their own greedy self interest.

    In sum, they are the problem.

    A bigger problem in the long run than even ISIS.

    Which is the other thing that is giving them nightmares.

  67. The problem with Dana’s argument is it ignores the meaning of the mid term election, something CNN pretends to forget, and because they have no institutional recognition of it, they are unable to understand what is happening here. This is the problem with being ideologues, they miss essential changes, and I will tell you one thing–the county does not care about a Washington shutdown. It cares about stopping the invasion, not letting lawbreakers have superior rights to citizens, and having to finance this illegal action. And notice how they have systematically ignored the terrorist issue until this moment. No. This dog won’t hunt. With their attitude and that of the RINO they will have a hard time understanding what occurs over the next two years. Finally, this trumped up terror of a government shutdown is old hat by now, and it fails to elicit the hoped for public response, unless Bush busses in supporters to scream about it.

  68. TheRock
    March 1, 2015 at 5:21 pm
    Can’t verify the validity of this story, but it sounds like teh one.
    This is the truth. And the same threat was issued previously. And Brzeneski, aka Dr. Strangelove who still controls a crew in the CIA, is the architect. This is why they did not give him an official role in the Obama Administration. Among insiders,he is known to be a Polish Prince, a Jew hater and a huge Obama supporter. Israel is well aware of his anti semitism. He is one of the people pushing this Iran deal, without regard to the risk of a second Holocaust. And the rationale he is promoting now is we need an ally against ISIS, a risk his boy Obama dismissed a year ago as junior varsity. It is ironic that a creature like Zeib, who helped to unleash the forces of radical islam in order to bring down the old soviet union,—his arc of instability nonsense would now turn around and use them as an excuse to sell out Israel. He should be asked about this, rather than hiding in the shadows.

  69. holdthemaccountable
    March 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm
    The newbie held his own against Dana.

    CUT & correct:
    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)has been in US House since 2007, and prior had a long time of service in Ohio State House and Senate where he began in 1995.
    Prior to becoming a politician, he was a wrestler of some note.

  70. IF you want the truth–if you really do, then forget all the bullshit, all the warped Dana Bash interviews, and do yourself one favor: follow the fucking money. From soup to nuts this is what the change Obama stood for comes down to: big government schemes to increase the power and money flowing to the political class and their “experts,” while robbing the pocketbooks and liberties of the people. In other words, looting on a grand scale. And the snakeoil salesmen they call experts, and the chicken little pretenders like Dana who show us the importance of being earnest, even in an unjust cause, are just pawns on the chessboard controlled by the elites.

    The stupidity of ‘experts’
    Big-government intellectuals seldom own up when their policies fail

    By Richard W. Rahn – – Monday, November 17, 2014

    The only surprising thing about Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s revelations that the legislation was based on a series of lies and voter stupidity was that Mr. Gruber was so stupid to think no one would see the videos of him saying so.

    The good news is that, perhaps, many more Americans will wake up to the fact that Obamacare is not the only hoax they have been subjected to, and will be much more skeptical about policy experts’ snake oil. Most of these schemes increase the power and money flowing to the political class and their “experts,” while robbing the pocketbooks and liberties of the people.

    The great economist F.A. Hayek (1899-1992) argued there was a limit to what any one person or even groups of people could know, which was one reason socialist planning always failed. His 1974 Nobel Prize lecture ended with the following sentence: “The recognition of the insuperable limits to his knowledge ought indeed to teach the student of society a lesson of humility, which should guard him against becoming an accomplice in men’s fatal striving to control society — a striving which makes him not only a tyrant over his fellows, but which may well make him the destroyer of a civilization which no brain has designed, but which has grown from the free efforts of millions of individuals.”

    Washington, Paris, London, Moscow, Beijing and Tokyo are rife with “experts” who claim they are smarter than markets and know what is best for others. The whole socialist and big-government ideal is predicated on the notion that the intellectuals can bring us nirvana — but something always goes wrong. Yet, blissfully, without self-doubt, they go from failure to failure to failure, as others pay the price.

    The “smart” folks around the world, consisting of many members of the political class, such as President Obama and many scientists who live off the taxpayer-funded grants, tell us we must spend hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars to stop global warming. The villain they have identified is carbon dioxide. Their solutions are to subsidize things such as windmills and solar cells, even though their own models indicate they will have almost no measurable effect on the Earth’s temperature 100 years from now. However, these subsidies do create campaign contributions and other financial benefits for their advocates. When it is pointed out there has been no global warming for more than 17 years, despite what the global-warming models and their purveyors had been telling us for the past few decades, the truth-tellers are slurred with names like “climate deniers” — rather than treated to rational debate as to whether the proposed solutions make any economic or scientific sense. It is politically incorrect to mention that wind and some solar projects result in major bird kills — even of endangered species. Oh, never mind. Like Mr. Gruber and Obamacare, eventually some of those involved in the climate-solutions scam will deliberately or inadvertently reveal the fraud.

    The longest-running scam is the big lie that more government spending will create jobs and raise wages. When it does not work as advertised, we are frequently told the problem was “not enough government spending.” To believe this scam, one needs to believe that the government is more efficient than the private sector in general, and that the extraction costs of government taxing or borrowing or confiscating private property do not diminish people’s productivity or willingness to work, save and invest. If the advocates of more government would bother to learn a little history and look at the most successful economies around the world, they would notice that smaller governments are more often associated with high economic growth and job creation than very large governments. Great economists such as Milton Friedman and Hayek wrote many books and articles about the destructiveness — yes, even stupidity — of much government spending. When politicians and their policy advisers claim that this or that government project is going to create X number of jobs, most often they leave out the part about how many jobs will be lost in the private sector because of the increase in taxes or borrowing to fund the government project. Outside of government, omissions of such material facts are correctly known as fraud.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  71. Netanyahu’s Moment


    Sometimes a speech is just a speech. Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech about Iran policy on March 3 will not be his first address to Congress. It will make familiar, if important, arguments. One might assume that, like the vast majority of speeches, it would soon be overtaken by events in Israel and the United States and the world.

    But the Obama administration’s reaction to the Israeli prime minister’s appearance suggests Netanyahu’s is more than just another speech. An administration that disdains the use of disproportionate force has been, to say the least, disproportionately forceful in its efforts to undermine Netanyahu’s message and discredit the messenger. What is Obama so worried about? What is he, if we may put it indelicately, so scared of?

    We can get a clue from the almost equally disproportionate reaction of Obama’s surrogates to Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that Barack Obama doesn’t love his country. Why, really, should anyone care about Giuliani’s comment? We have no crime of lèse majesté in this country. But Obama defenders did care. Did they suspect Giuliani had struck a nerve?

    It seems he did. After days in which the entire media and most politicians, including many Republicans, hurried to condemn Giuliani and to assure everyone that Barack Obama loves our country as much as the next red-blooded American, a new poll from YouGov reports only 47 percent of respondents saying they think the president loves America, with a slight majority either thinking he does not (35 percent) or being unsure (17 percent). By contrast, 58 percent think Rudy Giuliani loves America, and only 10 percent think not. As for themselves, 85 percent of respondents say they love America, and only 6 percent say they do not.

    What does this have to do with Netanyahu? Agree with his policies or not, no one doubts he loves his country. In fact, he seems to like America a lot, too. One suspects that if asked, respondents to the YouGov poll might have judged Netanyahu more of an America-lover than Barack Obama. And they would in a sense have been right.

    After all, Obama is not just a citizen of America. He’s a citizen of the world. And he’s a disbeliever in American exceptionalism in any sense stronger than the British believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks in Greek exceptionalism. There’s nothing surprising about this. Obama is very much in the mainstream of modern progressive thought in his embrace of cosmopolitanism and his distrust of nationalism. He’s not interested in riding a high horse equipped, as he would see it, with patriotic blinders or nationalist spurs.

    Netanyahu, by contrast, is a patriot and a nationalist. He’s an Israeli patriot and nationalist. But he also appreciates the historic role and accomplishments of the great nation-states of the West. History—the history of the Jewish people, but not only the Jewish people—is always on his mind. He is inspired by the example of Ze’ev Jabotinsky—and also of Winston Churchill. He appreciates the legacy of David Ben-Gurion—and also of Harry Truman.

  72. holdthemaccountable
    March 2, 2015 at 9:35 am
    I have a high regard for Jim. I was hoping he might challenge Boehner for the speakership.

  73. It did not take any time at all for some in PA to see the mistake of a Tom Wolf for gov.
    Wolf Mocks Philly Parents
    MARCH 2, 2015
    Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf, a man bought and paid for by the teachers unions, stripped Bill Green of his chairmanship of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, Sunday night, March 1. Why? Because Green heard the pleas of Philly parents and allowed for a five new charter schools.
    This was in defiance of Wolf and the unions who wanted no new ones.
    Of the school district’s, 206,567 pupils, 64,301 now attend charter schools.
    There is a waiting list of thousands more that has been estimated at 40,000.
    The objection of Wolf and his cronies is that the charter school’s take money from the Philadelphia School District. The answer to this is that the Philadelphia School District prevents parents from sending their children to schools where they won’t be pushed around, threatened, mocked for “acting white” and actually get an education.
    When are the residents of Philadelphia going to wake up to the reality that the Democrat Party is anything but their friend?
    There is an opportunity here for the Republicans.
    & most of all, we need more citizen overseers. While those who keep their knowledge sharp as to what’s being pulled on voters remain always alert, it is nice to find something against the reigning terroristic group in DC.
    One more reference to Congressman Jordan: HE might be reading here, for he certainly took admin’s message to Dana. 🙂

  74. The question for Dana would be this: if Obama came out with an executive order to abolish the constitution and declare himself emperor, and threatened to shut down non essential government services if the House of Representatives accede–and fund the establishment of a new constitution, just where in the fuck would you, and your CNN cronies stand? Would you say this is political reality and the temporary lay off of non essential government services would inconvenience our little world, therefore if you want good media reporting you had best say yes. And, by the way, Jeff Flake (R-Az) and Bob Corker (R-Tn) would be elbowing their way to the front of the line saying the Chamber of Commerce favors abolishing the Constitution as well, where do we sign? (Those fucking numb nutz).

  75. Mincing no words.From Pittsburgh PA.
    Arrogant media elites mock Middle America
    Salena Zito 2/28/2015
    SNIP On any given Sunday, outside the Washington-New York bubble, people go to church, pray, eat breakfast with their families — and make God an integral part of their lives. They don’t understand the press mocking that tradition.
    And I am not just talking about conservatives here. Millions of religious Democrats are out there, values-voters who have not shown up for presidential elections in recent years, all because of the same kind of disconnect.
    A reporter’s job is to report the news, not to drive it or to create it. A reporter’s audience is not just an echo chamber, not just D.C. friends, rivals, partisans and followers on social media. (Remember: Only 8 percent of Americans get their news through Twitter.)
    As consumers of news, most Americans want an honest look at the potential presidential candidates and where they stand on serious issues.
    Reporters mock those news-consumers when they mock candidates who aren’t like the reporters themselves — but who are very much like normal Americans.
    It is unforgivably arrogant for anyone in the media to think that the rest of the country thinks like they do.
    Salena Zito covers politics for Trib Total Media (
    Read more:

  76. Kerry in damage control mode in response to criticism of Obama for his anti-Israel stance.

    Excerpt from Guradian UK:

    Secretary of State John Kerry has delivered a vigorous defense of Israel before the United Nations human rights council, urging its members to end what the US says is an unfair and biased focus on the Jewish state that could undermine its credibility.

    His remarks on Monday came as the Obama administration attempted to blunt complaints that it has not been strong enough in its support for Israel, and as a bitter US-Israel dispute over a possible Iran nuclear weapons deal was expected to heat up in Washington, with a controversial visit from Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

  77. Netyanhu is a great leader. I did listen to his speech with a great deal of respect and longing for a president like him.

  78. Barack can’t be bothered with no effing democratic process.


    Barack Obama would veto a bill recently introduced in the US Senate allowing Congress to weigh in on any deal the US and other negotiating countries reach with Iran on its nuclear capabilities, the White House said on Saturday.


    I loved this comment responding to the above article:

    “Not being able to tolerate criticism Mr. Obama vetoes everything he is not sure about himself. It is quite easy to figure out what American people think on negotiations with Iran and what, according to them, should be the outcome. That’s what we call democracy and that’s what our president is clearly afraid of.”

  79. Iran says Bibi won’t stop the “Islamic Republic and world powers from reaching a final nuclear deal”. The key word in that sentence, at least from Israel’s perspective, may be “final” – given Iran’s stated desire to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. With friends like Obama’s America, Israel doesn’t need enemies.

    Story at link:

    Iran’s top nuclear negotiator said on Saturday that “scaremongering” by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t stop the Islamic Republic and world powers from reaching a final nuclear deal.

    Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the world should not allow the hard-line Israeli leader to undermine peace. He was referring to Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress next week on the emerging nuclear deal that he considers dangerous.

    “Through scaremongering, falsification, propaganda and creating a false atmosphere even inside other countries, [Israel] is attempting to prevent peace,” Zarif told reporters during a joint news conference with his Italian counterpart, Paolo Gentiloni. “I believe that these attempts are in vain and should not impede reaching a [nuclear] agreement.”

    In his sharpest criticism yet, Netanyahu said earlier this week that world powers “have given up” on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons in ongoing negotiations. Israel views a nuclear-armed Iran as threatening its very existence.

  80. Finally. Apparently there are still centrists with the courage to speak out in the Dim Party, and they realize that One Drop is too far to the left. The New Democratic Coalition mentioned in this article is not to be confused with Brazille Nut’s New Dim Coalition of 2008 – which has essentially disappeared, and will be known throughout history as one stupid bunch of Dimocrats – high on hopium.

    Hope Hillary realizes that the country recognizes that the far left and their president had their opportunity – and used it to ruin this country. There won’t be another anytime soon.


    “Centrist Democrats are gathering their forces to fight back against the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of their party, fearing a sharp turn to the left could prove disastrous in the 2016 elections.

    For months, moderate Democrats have kept silent, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) barbed attacks against Wall Street, income inequality and the “rigged economy” thrilled the base and stirred desire for a more populist approach.

    But with the race for the White House set to begin, centrists are moving to seize back the agenda.

    The New Democrat Coalition (NDC), a caucus of moderate Democrats in the House, plans to unveil an economic policy platform as soon as this week in an attempt to chart a different course.”


  81. It is a well known fact that this administration promised to be the most transparent administration and has turned out to be the diametric opposite; that Obama is a citizen of the world and is constantly making excuses for this country; that his foreign policy is heavily influenced by Brzenesk and Soros whose animus toward Israel is a matter of record; and that he refuses to acknowledge he existential threat posed by radical Islam–he won’t even say the words.

    That being the case, why should anyone trust this administration to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the despotic regime in Iran? A regime that admires Hitler and promises to wipe Israel off the map? So when Kerry says give us a chance I say not on your life. A comment from one of Noonan’s readers explains why:

    “A longtime reader of this column, age 84, emailed recently to say the heartbreak of his life the past few years has been witnessing the daily corruption of all information—the rigging of numbers and claiming of facts, the scientific papers that manipulate data to advance a political agenda, the misleading government statistics. We’re drowning in lies, he said.

    That is not an exaggeration.”

  82. The Age of Obama–bliss is it in this dawn to be alive, and to be young is very heaven. According to big media. But you still have a few hold-outs–people who resist the reeducation efforts by the far left totalitarians. People like Roger Simon who have the audacity to believe that shit aint apple butter, just because big media says so. Iran says death to Israel. ISIS says death to the crusaders. I say death to big media–because that is the source of the problem. You can span the globe and search through the records of history, but you will never find a more concentrated group of liars and traitors than these people. Oh . . they are not really that bad, are they? Well, you could say the same thing about the small pox virus. I am glad that Lewis and Elija and Clyburn will be boycotting Bibi’s speech. It must be hard for these low life pretenders sit or stand in the presence of a real leader. I see where my congressional member Jim McDermott will not be attending either. I know him personally, and I can tell you for a fact he is crazy as a loon. It is best that he not be there either, because he cannot handle sanity.

  83. Let me get this straight…

    first…didn’t Hillary have to stand up for O and his “sincerity” for his support for Israel to AICPAC or one of the prominent Jewish Groups when O got the nomination…wasn’t there already a simmering distrust of his support by many?

    re: O and his ‘dysfunctional’ relationship with Bibi and Israel

    next…hasn’t it already been exposed in the press that O barely speaks to the republicans and has none of the regular communication with the opposition that say…Bill Clinton did…to get problems solved and agreements reached

    …hasn’t it been exposed that O’s routine is to go into his little cocoon in the white house and plot ‘executive orders’ rather than the hard work and reality of a ‘give and take’ debate to reach compromise and solutions

    …hasn’t is already been exposed and reported and O barely speaks to his own Democratic party and many of the democrats have stated that they feel ignored and have very little communication with O during both of his terms as President

    …hasn’t it been exposed that many democrats believe they have been left in the dark by O and that he works secretly within his own select inner WH circle

    …hasn’t it been exposed that the urgency O demonstrated after one of our American citizens had his head chopped off publically for the whole world to see…was to go golfing and yukking it up within ten minutes of our President condemning the act

    …isn’t it O and his WH cohorts who are making the big issue of Netananyu coming to speak to the Congress…making the big deal out of the perceived gall of N to “snub” O…when a bigger man and a confidant leader of the free world would say ‘come and speak’ and not have to sic his party to make foolish statements…statements that hold them hostage to loyalty to O and they may come to regret if something bad were to happen…or because O will be gone i less than two years but their actions to prop him up will be remembered

    …who is the one that is so clueless…who did not even know during our recent border crisis that our border agents are required to be miles and miles away from the border

    …who is the person who would be lost and confused without his teleprompter

    …finally…if there is anyone thin skinned…it is O…he is the one who makes everything about his personality…apart from the problems…the grave and very dangerous problems in this world…if anyone is dysfunctional it is the easily distracted and shallow O and his insatiable ego…

  84. doesn’t this make you feel secure…and add the IRS and Ocare and we really are not safe from our own govt…thieves…and identity thieves everywhere…

    EXCLUSIVE: Fraudsters in Department of Education are caught stealing students’ personal information to apply for loans and cellphones – and one worker looked up Barack Obama’s student loan records

    One employee used students’ personal information to apply for a loan
    A number of other workers were also involved in the illicit scheme
    Created ‘bogus’ social security details related to another person

    Another government employee lost their job for trying to access Obama’s student loan files in 2011

    A third was probed last year for promoting his own business using government phones and computers at the taxpayers’ expense

    Cyber security campaigners said this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and ‘bureaucratic incompetence’ could put personal information at risk

    Government employees have been caught stealing students’ personal information to apply for loans, credit cards and set up new cell phone accounts,Daily Mail Online has learned.

    Reports on breaches of staff conduct inside the Department of Education shows how workers stole social security numbers from a database while a man was fired for trying to look up President Barack Obama’s student loan records.

    Cyber security campaigners warned that the failure to protect sensitive information because of ‘bureaucratic incompetence’ is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.


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