Obama Thugs #ReadyForHillary 2008

Update: Axelrod warns of a ‘dangerous’ Democratic personality cult… No, the other one:

We’re well beyond the point at which we can chalk David Axelrod’s strikingly antagonistic comments about Hillary Clinton’s campaign-in-waiting up to artlessness or a temporary failure to observe etiquette. At this point, it has become clear that President Barack Obama’s close advisor is deliberately undercutting the position of the Democratic candidate aspiring to replace him in the White House. [snip]

They haven’t seen anything yet. Speaking with Yahoo’s Katie Couric recently, Axelrod shed all self-awareness in order to make the point that Hillary Clinton’s supporters were cultivating a cult of personality around her and that was a dangerous condition. Yes, really! (hat tip to The Washington Free Beacon):


Either Axelrod genuinely believes that Clinton is blowing the race or he is not all that eager to see her succeed Obama in the White House.

Axelgrease is a scumbag. He is a filthy smear artist (along with Jen Psaki and Robert Gibbs in charge of a particularly nasty cult.

We’ve repeatedly bludgeoned Hillary in quite personal terms, even calling her, or at least questioning, whether Hillary is stupid (or SABOTAGED?). If this doesn’t wake Hillary up to the dangers we have previously discussed of allowing Obama cultists to infest and infect her potential organizations – then we have the answer to the question.

No “cult” we. “Tough love” when necessary from us. No Hopium guzzling here for any person.


The filth that elected Barack Obama have a problem. The problem is Hillary. They hate Hillary. But to rescue their beloved Obama they have to support/vote for Hillary. A Hillary presidency will be a return to Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton and prove that Obama was an historically meaningless burp. But the Obama filth have to support/vote for Hillary in order to salvage something/anything from their efforts.

The Obama thugs of 2008 want Hillary Clinton in 2016 to be the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua. That’s why the Obama thugs of 2008 infest Hillary Clinton 2016 organizations and will do all they can to force Hillary to not do what she must – which is to wholly and vigorously separate herself from Obama and Obama policies.

The Obama 2008 thugs know without a Hillary Clinton 2016 victory their “transformational” Barack will forever be an object of ridicule (Brookings already smells the stink of Obama’s presidential ranking). The Obama thugs only support Hillary because they think that a successful “Obama third term” will revise the two failed Obama terms into a less poisonous eight years.

The filth that elected Barack Obama have a problem. In 2008 they called Hillary a “racist”, a “hag”, the “past”, a “corporatist”, slime, Shillary, Hitlery…. Now the Obama thugs that declared Hillary everything they hate are in support of… Hillary. Alec MacGillis at a website we thought was defunct asks the question – Have Obama’s supporters forgotten how much they once disliked Hillary Clinton?

Liberal Amnesia
Have Obama’s supporters forgotten how much they once disliked Hillary Clinton?

As a presidential candidate, says one political veteran, Hillary Clinton does not offer the country a “fresh start.” “For all of her advantages, she is not a healing figure,” he continues. “The more she tries to moderate her image … the more she compounds her exposure as an opportunist. And after two decades of the Bush-Clinton saga, making herself the candidate of the future could be a challenge.”

Who said this? Marco Rubio? Scott Walker? A consultant for their fledgling 2016 campaigns? In fact, none of the above. They are the words of David Axelrod, the uber-strategist for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, and are drawn from his new memoir, Believer. The hefty, engaging book has been dissected mostly for Axelrod’s analysis of his former client and his presidency, but it’s actually far more remarkable from another vantage: It is a reminder of how far liberals who were in the pro-Obama camp in 2008 have traveled in their view of Hillary Clinton—and how much they’ve allowed themselves to forget along the way.

The Head Kook at DailyKooks and other Obama supporters accused Hillary Clinton 2008 of darkening Barack Obama’s skin color in photographs and other racist evils. Now these kooks support Hillary. Are they so corrupt they will support a racist for president or are they so depraved they lied about the racist charge?

This website was born because of the Big Media and allied blog attacks against Hillary in 2008. We remember 2008 very well. Alec MacGillis rewrites history to make Obama supporters the aggrieved party. But MacGillis is right about the “ill will” in 2008 even if MacGillis writes as an Obama boot-licker:

The reconciliation of Obama’s following with the presumptive 2016 Democratic nominee has been the great underexamined story on the Democratic side of the ledger heading into an election year. One simply cannot overstate how much ill will there was between the two camps in 2007 and 2008—that historic, down-to-the-wire primary standoff was based not in policy contrasts (good luck recalling the differences in their health plans) but in a deeply personal clash about the meaning and methods of progressive politics. “Triangulating and poll-driven positions because we’re worried about what Mitt or Rudy might say about us just won’t do,” Obama said in his breakout speech in Des Moines in November 2007.  “This party … has always made the biggest difference in the lives of the American people when we led, not by polls, but by principle; not by calculation, but by conviction; when we summoned the entire nation to a common purpose—a higher purpose.”

Clinton fired back sarcastically three months later: “Now, I could stand up here and say, ‘Let’s just get everybody together. Let’s get unified. The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing, and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect.’ ” The legions of young Obama foot soldiers in Iowa, South Carolina, and elsewhere were fired not just by airy notions of hope and change and making history but by the more negative motivation that the prospect of a Clinton nomination stirred in them.

Unlike MacGillis we cared and continue to care about policy. MacGillis doesn’t want to discuss the differences on 2008 health care plans because we now have proof that Obama devised his health care plan as a publicity stunt for a event he was set to attend. The Obama goons that worshiped Obama denounced Hillary as a great evil and now they support what to them is a great evil:

And yet here we are, eight years later, and it is almost as if that great showdown never happened. Some of those young Obama loyalists have now assumed leading positions in the vast Clinton apparatus, as have some of his most senior campaign staff. With no serious opposition looming in next year’s primaries, Clinton’s standing among Democratic voters is vastly stronger than it was at this point eight years ago (right around the time Obama announced his challenge), notes Nate Cohn in the New York Times. As was the case then, the papers are full of eyebrow-raising stories about overlap between her political backers and donors to the Clinton Foundation. Yet whereas in 2007 those stories were seized on by many liberals as confirmation of their wariness of Clinton, this time around there is little sign of the stories—or those about her continuing to rake in $300,000 speaking fees—causing any real agita on the left.

MacGillis explains the Obama thug support for “racist” Hillary as a product of Hillary and Obama “reconciled”. There is also sobriety after all the Hopium:

There is the letdown that some (many?) Obama liberals have felt about their man and his high-flown aspirations for changing Washington, which has led to a reassessment of Clinton’s more Earth-bound approach. There is the simple reality that there is not a credible rival to assume Obama’s spot in the field as the more liberal, dynamic, and idealistic alternative—were Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run, she would quickly remind liberals of their misgivings about Clinton, but it really looks like she’s not running.

They guzzled the Hopium. They look back and recall they added “Hussein” to their name. They remember the “yes we can” chants and feel stupid and stupider. Like college students who got drunk then “serviced” the baseball team the amnesia is collective:

The result is a sort of collective amnesia among Obama supporters when it comes to their former estimation of Clinton—a reluctance to reckon fully with their aversion to her then and what has come of it since. This amnesia may seem harmless now, but one can’t help but wonder if it might come back to haunt Democrats in the general election if it is not confronted more fully before then. Democrats, including Obama’s diehard 2008 backers, may now seem willing to accept Clinton with a shrug or even a hug, and let bygones be bygones. But will that acceptance hold once they start seeing her out on the trail again—giving the stump speeches they found so dreadfully dull in contrast to those of their chosen guy in 2008, giving such hyper-cautious answers in debates, coming off as stumbling and disingenuous in her efforts to align herself with the mood of the moment? Better for Democrats to reckon with that prospect now than in the heat of the 2016 campaign, when they might suddenly find themselves feeling as unenthusiastic about her as they did about another Democrat running to succeed a two-term president with a stronger claim to the party’s emotional core.

MacGillis is stirring up mud in order to fling it at Hillary. We are not surprised. MacGillis only cites the loathing from the Obama side in 2008 and what it means for the hypocrites:

That is why Axelrod’s new recounting of the 2008 showdown provides a service to Obama liberals—it cuts through the fog of forgetfulness, like some kind of Ghost of Primaries Past, to bring Obama-ites face to face with the Clinton they could not abide. [snip]

But, unlike Obama 2008 veterans, he has not signed up with Clinton this time around, and is willing to recount the grand clash in clear-eyed terms. He recalls Clinton’s weakness for gun-for-hire consultants like the “bloodless and calculating” Mark Penn, who “saw his mission as quashing any liberal impulses” and “justified himself with fuzzy polling numbers and a smug self-assurance that made everything grating.” He distinguishes Obama’s offer of change in Washington from Hillary’s copy-cat rhetoric: “The ‘change’ Hillary was offering was not much change at all—certainly not a move away from the raw, divisive politics that had come to define Washington. Rather, she seemed to revel in those politics. … The change she was offering was not away from Washington’s habit of parsing words and passing on tough issues. (She habitually sought safe harbor.) The change she was offering was not away from a system dominated by PACs and corporate lobbyists. (She had taken their money and defended their work.)”

He casts in distinctly unflattering terms Clinton’s turn to a more aggressive tone once it became clear how much trouble she was in, calling her “downright gleeful” about attacking Obama and describing “the ardor with which she bared her teeth,” all of which “validated our critique that she was a reflection of scorched-earth Washington politics rather than an answer to it.” He singles out for opprobrium Clinton’s clumsy suggestion that Bobby Kennedy’s assassination late in the 1968 primaries was proof that anything could happen and that she should therefore stay in the race until the bitter end—an “inexcusable” and “thoughtless” comment that Axelrod says “enraged” him.

And he reminds readers of Bill Clinton’s provocative efforts to rally white voters around his wife in the South Carolina primary, which he says set off another senior Obama adviser, Alabama native Robert Gibbs: “Gibbs was convinced that Bill Clinton was trying to tap into the ugly impulses in southern politics that he had done so much to allay during his political career. ‘This guy had risen above the Old South,’ Robert said, ‘Now their backs are to the wall, and look at what they’re doing. Campaigning right out of the Lee Atwater handbook!’ ” Axelrod even gets in a small dig once his narrative turns to the general election, speculating that Hillary was unwilling to speak out against Sarah Palin after the GOP vice presidential nominee gave her a shoutout in her introductory speech because she was “perhaps flattered by Palin’s tribute.”

MacGillis somehow forgets the gay-baiting Obama pushed in South Carolina as a weapon against Hillary. MacGillis does not mention the race-baiting coordinated by the Obama campaign. MacGillis forgets it all, except the revised history by Axelrod:

But make no mistake—Axelrod has not forgotten what the differences were that motivated him, and millions of other Democrats, to come to Obama’s side instead of Clinton’s not that long ago. And it would be better for their party’s sake if those voters grappled with those memories and realities sooner rather than later.

MacGillis fails utterly to write why Obama filth now support Hillary. Our first paragraph informs those that don’t know why these creeps are now sucking on Hillary Clinton 2016. Back in 2013 we laughed at the Obama goons now forced – forced – to support the woman they hate:

How long ago was that? Do you remember when Barack Obama was, according to his vainglorious self, “transformational”? Remember when the Obama Hopium Guzzlers thought the Obama Reich would last a thousand years?

Remember when these same Hopium Guzzlers declared Hillary Clinton a fossilized grandma never to be heard from again? Remember when the Obama Hopium Guzzlers celebrated the death of Iraq War-DLC lovin’-Terry McAuliffe huggin’-Lincoln bedroom tuggin’ Hillary Clinton and the relegated-to-the-dustbin-of-history Clinton political machine?

Remember when Barack Obama was such a colossus that the Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush cyclical competitions were at an end and never to happen again? Remember when the thought of Hillary Clinton excited screams of “dynasty!” from those that now drunkingly dream of a Hillary Clinton and scowling Michelle Obama ticket in 2016? [snip]

We don’t forget and neither should you.

Remember when Bill Clinton was a racist and enemy #1 (or #2 because Hillary was/is #1 on the Obama hit list) of the Obama Hopium Guzzlers? Remember when Barack Obama promised to “turn the page” on Bill Clinton and all those old battles that according to the Chicago narcissist no longer mattered?

So much for transformational.

Now the talk is all about a return to what “transformational” Obama was supposed to transform. Yup, Bush Clinton, Bush, Clinton with Barack Obama as an asterisk. A dirty asterisk.

Barack Obama is nothing but a dirty asterisk from Chicago. Obama will be remembered as a total failure who pushed through hated programs only to have the courts and the congress unite to block him and restore the rule of law.

Whatever happens in the elections of 2016 we are sure of one thing: Barack Obama will be the loser. Obama will be a dirty asterisk if Hillary is elected. Obama will be a dirty asterisk if a Republican is elected.

Whatever happens the shame of Obama voters will never be washed away and their choice for president in 2008 and 2012 will forever be a dirty asterisk.


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  1. It’s all about who gets to write the history of the last 8 years of woe and frame it to the voters so as to make sure Obama and his army of pervs get all the blame for the mess we are now in.

  2. Tony Stark
    February 23, 2015 at 10:20 pm
    A categorical imperative.

    Those LEPERS have no place in Hillary’s campaign.

    They need to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

    More than a meaningless burp.

    The essence of Obama is flatulence of the toxic kind.

    The kind that ruins nations.

    The stink of him and his supporters is unbearable.

  3. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/02/president-obama-elizabeth-warren-anti-wall-street-push-115432.html?hp=t1_r

    Obama woos Warren wing with anti-Wall Street push

    President Barack Obama stood before AARP Monday, drawing spirited applause for a plan that he says will prevent mom-and-pop investors from getting fleeced by financial advisers as they plan for their retirement.

    But even as Obama spoke, many eyes were on the woman seated on the stage behind him, looking on approvingly: Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats’ populist crusader. [snip]

    “I am happy to be here with the president of the United States to say it’s about time to do something we should have done long ago,” Warren said before the president arrived.

    The regulatory process is very long so this is not about the proposed rule. What this is about is Obama appearing with Warren.

  4. I’m still sickened by the depths to which bumbles and his ilk went to discredit Hillary. I ask all my obot friends and family members how completely wrong they were. Oh how the excuses start to flow!!

    1. Its the Republicans fault!
    2. They are just racist.
    3. They just want to see him fail.
    4. No president in history has been more disrespected than o-bingo.

    Can you tell what is conspicuously absent from their argument? You guessed it! SUBSTANCE!!!! I am proud of the pics in my phone of my votes for McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan. Hillary better not trust the obot dem hangers on. Asshats.

    Hillary 2016

    Great post admin.

  5. Great post Admin!

    Yes, Axelgrease really likes to rewrite history. He did such a bang up job of deleting Obama’s history and transforming him into the Wonder Boy with half black skin, that guilty Caucasians and minorities flocked to believe in their new Jim Jones.

    Axelbutt is a liar of the highest order, he thats wants to take credit as being a King Maker, when all he did was dress up a well spoken slacker.

    Rot in Hell David AxelButthole!!! Your boy is toast in the history of American Presidents. Just like his fake Peace Price, his ‘pResidency’ will go down as the worst American President in history.

  6. A former Clinton enemy who is not an Obama Dimocrat:


    Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of the Web and cable-TV outlet Newsmax, says there’s a good reason why he pledged a seven-figure donation to the Clinton Foundation. “I really like what he does,” says Ruddy, referring to Clinton Foundation name partner and former president Bill Clinton.

    Ruddy and Clinton have come a long way, as explained in this New York Times piece by Jeremy W. Peters. Back in the 1990s, Ruddy was a well-known Clinton antagonist, as he explored the death of White House aide Vince Foster in the New York Post and later at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

    A coming-together came years after Clinton left office. Ruddy tells the Erik Wemple Blog that Clinton is right up there with Theodore Roosevelt when it comes to distinguished post-presidencies. “I did notice that he was going around the world defending America, speaking up for America,” says Ruddy, noting, “He’s not Jimmy Carter. … He became essentially a goodwill ambassador for America.

    And the MO of the Clinton Foundation also appealed to Ruddy, a Reagan devotee. “They’re not looking for government handouts. They’re not looking for more foreign aid,” he says, citing the foundation’s work on alleviating poverty and fighting HIV/AIDS overseas. When he first started giving to the foundation, Ruddy says he was asked whether he wanted to keep the donations private; he responded that it would be fine to make them public.

    After news emerged of Ruddy’s latest gift to the foundation — $1 million over five years — Ruddy was amused at some of the coverage. A piece on FoxNews.com, for instance, was titled, “The strange philanthropy of Chris Ruddy: Conservative newsman pledges $1M to Clintons.” Huh, thought Ruddy, doesn’t Murdoch Inc. — owner of Fox News — also have some “strange” involvement with the Clintons, too? Right there on the list of high-rolling donors to the Clinton Foundation with Newsmax is none other than James Murdoch, co-chief operating officer of 21st Century Fox. “Incredibly ironic,” notes Ruddy.

    In a phone call with the ex-president last week, Ruddy says he explained, “I’m proud of what you’re doing, and I don’t care what they say on Fox News.” Ruddy told the Wall Street Journal that the donation wasn’t an endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s likely presidential campaign.

  7. Tony Stark February 23, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    It’s all about who gets to write the history of the last 8 years…



  8. 😀

    Vladimir Putin is famously quoted as saying, “negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon; the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, sxxxs on the board and then struts around like it won the game.” It’s a small wonder that Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is now universally considered leader of the Free World!

    The worst part of this Administration’s witlessness is that it is a reflection of the witlessness of American voters who twice elected a president that couldn’t successfully run a Tupperware party, much less run the world last remaining superpower. I once believed that the idea of literacy testing for voters was an outrage. But the reign of Obama has caused me to reconsider.


  9. Update: Axelrod warns of a ‘dangerous’ Democratic personality cult… No, the other one:

    We’re well beyond the point at which we can chalk David Axelrod’s strikingly antagonistic comments about Hillary Clinton’s campaign-in-waiting up to artlessness or a temporary failure to observe etiquette. At this point, it has become clear that President Barack Obama’s close advisor is deliberately undercutting the position of the Democratic candidate aspiring to replace him in the White House. [snip]

    They haven’t seen anything yet. Speaking with Yahoo’s Katie Couric recently, Axelrod shed all self-awareness in order to make the point that Hillary Clinton’s supporters were cultivating a cult of personality around her and that was a dangerous condition. Yes, really! (hat tip to The Washington Free Beacon):


    Either Axelrod genuinely believes that Clinton is blowing the race or he is not all that eager to see her succeed Obama in the White House.

    Axelgrease is a scumbag. He is a filthy smear artist (along with Jen Psaki and Robert Gibbs in charge of a particularly nasty cult.

    We’ve repeatedly bludgeoned Hillary in quite personal terms, even calling her, or at least questioning, whether Hillary is stupid (or SABOTAGED?). If this doesn’t wake Hillary up to the dangers we have previously discussed of allowing Obama cultists to infest and infect her potential organizations – then we have the answer to the question.

    No “cult” we. “Tough love” when necessary from us. No Hopium guzzling here for any person.


  10. admin
    February 24, 2015 at 8:29 am
    A former Clinton enemy who is not an Obama Dimocrat:

    Heads are exploding at Breitbart and Fox News. x-D

  11. Tony Stark

    February 24, 2015 at 12:16 pm
    Confidentially, the guy who turned Ruddy around was arch conservative Richard Mellon Scaiffe who threw everything at the Clintons but the kitchen sink early on, but did a complete about face later, and wrote what I considered to be an eloquent and persuasive endorsement of Hillary in the 2008 primary—just when we needed it. His endorsement was one of the factors that gave us a 10 point victory over Satan in that state.

    As far as Axelrod’s trepidation that a cult factor may be developing around Hillary, where people might hold candle vigils proclaiming she is the one we have been waiting for, etc. I think we have reached the point where we can tar and feather that son of a bitch and run him off stage. This assumes, of course, a degree of rationality which is conspicuous by its absence in big media. They persist in giving a platform to Sharpton and Grease– the low lifes who should be relegated to the funny farm. This statement (his not mine) is absurd on its face, but it does show the degree to which the Obama forces fear Hillary, because her candidacy would reduce his depraved boss to an inkspot in the book of history.

  12. It is amazing how people pluck these non entities out of obscurity and give them a microphone.

    Idiots like . . . Katie Couric (?) Matt Lauer (??) . . . Give me a fucking break!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheer up David Corn–all is not lost

    Just because you have been labelled a liar and reduced to a shrieking mad man

    On that 45 minute interview posted on Real Clear Politics yesterday

    Mother Jones and the Nation (Katerina ho ho ho)

    Still love you David

    And if you reflect on the success of Katie and Matt

    You can take heart that the bar for big media is so low

    That even you may rise like a Phoenix from the ashes

    Some day—like maybe the 12th of Never.

  13. I fear Cornball may be following in the illustrious footsteps

    Of the sainted Brian Williams

    A long walk off a short pier til his hat floats

    Perhaps Brian can stop his yacht (the HMS Ly’n Brian)engines

    Long enough to throw another down hearted frail

    A life preserver, sea rations and a sextant

  14. I apologize

    My comments were not politically correct

    And being politically correct is more important than the truth

    In the anals of big media

    The problem is they set themselves up as legislator, prosecutor and adjudicator of what is. . politically correct.

    In other words, like Obama, they hate the idea of separation of powers.

    They presume to arrogate all power unto themselves.

    And that makes them a clear and present danger for all of us.

    I wonder if there is room for Cornball on the poop deck of the HMS Ly’n Brian.

    As it plies its way through the perfect storm of political controversy to Neptune’s Domain and Davey Jones’ Locker.

    A two-fer.

  15. I am sorry. There is one more point to be made before I give it a rest. What was established during the course of that interview before Corn ended his unseemly hissy fit, and hung up—Note: if I were on the phone with someone I did not want to talk with it would not take me 45 minutes to hang up, but I am willing to let David be David and twist in the wind to his heart’s content, but what was established for the record was this:

    1. he worked for FOX for seven years, and got canned—and although he claimed he was happy about it, that statement is suspicious on its face.

    2. he had a strong motive to go after O’Reilly.

    3. he could not recall much about his own college years at Brown and made no commitment to produce his college transcript

    4. he did not like being labelled a liar

    5. his indictment of O’Reilly was a lot of hot air full of meaningless distinctions

    6. he received the Polk award for extraordinary heroism and courage in journalism–of which he is damned proud

    7. that heroism consisted of nothing more than publishing a secret tape recording of governor Romney 47% comment

    8. he acknowledged being a left wing ideologue

    If I had been with him at the time, I would have presented him with a bouquet of a dozen long stem red roses to commemorate a truly boffo performance, which should finish off his career in journalism.

  16. But just you wait Henry Higgins

    Not everyone looks at the demise of David Corn like we do.

    The president of MSNBC (Phil Griffin) is a perfect example.

    He will look at this phenomenon and say to his boss (Rachel Maddow)

    Hallejuah, this man hates America

    Almost as much as we do.

    And, Ed Schultz is beginning to sound like a broken record.

    The Howard Biehl routine is stale

    Lets give that slot to David–

    Call it something racy like The Corn Flake Show.

    That should solve our low ratings problem once and for all.

  17. I think FOX is a good news network.

    It connects with the values of middle America, which big media does not.

    HOWEVER, FOX will never escape the charge that they are a Republican agency.

    Until they learn to tell a more balanced account on Hillary.

    They have the people on staff who can do that—Greta, Carville, Caddell

    They need to give them equal time, with people like Megan Kelley

    Who is starting to make no sense to me, with some of the things she says.

  18. Words fail: Why Joe Biden Should Run for President


    If you want a sense of what Vice President Joe Biden is mulling for the next stage of his career, just look at his travel plans. On Wednesday, he will visit New Hampshire to collect an award. This comes a week after a trip to South Carolina, and two weeks after a stop in Iowa. In both states, he met with local Democrats and party officials—the kinds of people you talk to when you want to run for president. He even said he would make a decision—by the end of the summer.

    In a sense, Biden is already running for president; he’s testing his party support before jumping on to the stage for another national performance. But unfortunately for his prospects, he’s bound to run into the same problem as every other Democratic presidential hopeful: Hillary Clinton, or rather, her massive presence in the Democratic Party. [snip]

    As Matthew Yglesias notes for Vox, Clinton’s uncontested nomination is perilous for her and the Democratic Party. Absent “real debates, real media strategy, real policy rollouts, and all the other accompaniments of a presidential nominating congress,” Clinton enters the game “dangerously unprepared” against a “battle-tested” Republican nominee.

    The huge advantage of a competitive primary is that it tempers a candidate for the general election. After months of stump speeches, debates, setbacks, and challenges, the eventual nominee is prepped for the rigor of a national contest against a capable opponent. She has a stronger sense of her platform and the kinds of appeals that work for public consumption; she can better account for mistakes, better relate to the press, and is less vulnerable to the kinds of disasters that can destroy a candidacy. [snip]

    Which brings us back to Joe Biden. There’s almost no chance that the vice president could win the nomination. He lacks party support—most Democrats have all but pledged their fealty to Clinton—and enthusiasm. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a “Draft Warren” movement behind her; there are no “Biden Democrats” clamoring for him to crisscross the country. At the same time, he’s not a marginal figure. He’s a sitting vice president and veteran of two primary runs and two presidential campaigns. If Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders or former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb runs, they’ll run as gadflies. If Biden runs, he’ll run as a contender with the skills to challenge Clinton on the trail. And while Clinton could avoid a debate with either of the other figures, it’s much harder to sidestep a showdown with Biden. He has stature.

    In a primary race against Clinton, Biden will lose. But for the sake of the Democratic Party, he should run. Yes, there’s little glory in defeat. But a Biden campaign could force Clinton to sharpen her skills for her eventual fight with an eager and thirsty Republican Party. Even Clinton’s supporters think this is necessary. “I wish we would have some other candidates running,” said the pro-Clinton vice chairwoman of the Indiana Democratic Party in an interview with Politico, “I think it would give the nation the opportunity to have a debate.” Which is to say that while Biden wouldn’t have Clinton’s resources, he’d have some support for his challenge, perhaps as the consensus candidate for those Democrats who aren’t “Ready for Hillary.”

    Here’s the truth: Democrats aren’t doomed to lose 2016, but they aren’t favorites either. By itself, public fatigue with the Democratic Party gives the GOP a clear shot at winning the White House. Add Obama’s middling approval to the Republican column and—with the Democrats’ demographic advantage—you have an almost even presidential matchup.

    If Clinton is destined for the nomination, then Democrats need her at the top of her game, and a Biden campaign is the best way to get her there.

    What “skills” has Biden ever demonstrated which would help “sharpen” Hillary?

    This is another passive-aggressive attempt by boys at Slate and Vox to “help” Hillary away.

  19. “BREAKING: President Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill”
    Political street theater for the Uni-Party. Even if approved, it’s highly unlikely that it would get built due to the current and projected intermediate future price of crude. The much more useful pipeline from North Dakota to Cushing Oklahoma was recently cancelled due to “economics”.

  20. What a day. McConnell caved. Reid says no Senate vote until I know what Boehner is going to do.
    Obama has made fools of them vetoing XL now with impunity.
    And I think Cruz just threw his hat into the ring for 2016.

  21. holdthemaccountable

    February 24, 2015 at 4:36 pm
    This is classic McConnell.

    A castrated chicken.

    He is the perfect foil for Ted Cruz.

    A politician who epitomizes

    All that is wrong with the political class

    Mitch is a dead ender for this nation.

  22. Vice President Joe Biden is mulling for the next stage of his career

    He cannot be serious.

    The next stage in his career?


    Question: is there life after death, Joe?

    Rather than indulging such ridiculous fantasies

    Joe should sit down with a fifth of Ballentine’s

    And the leader of ISIS to debate that question

    On the other hand, his steady hand had skillfully guided

    Messiah Obama through the currents and eddies of foreign policy

    And the results, i.e. the world on fire, speak for themselves

    Indeed, Joe has been a Rock of Gibralter in turbulent times

    Only dumber.

  23. Joe should sit down with a fifth of Ballentine’s

    And the leader of ISIS to debate that question

    As in, to be or not to be.

  24. I used to think that Grease

    Closely resembled Snidely Whiplash.

    But seeing him in the above video

    I would have to say he looks more like

    Icabod Cain.

  25. Hillary is

    Dangerously unprepared?

    To face a

    Battle tested Republican???






    Lets see

    Hillary has 26 debates under her belt

    Dating back to 2008

    Is that what he means by dangerously unprepared?

    And while we are at it

    Can this punk one battle tested republican who can say that?

    I realize this punk sees his world collapsing

    But being stupid and saying stupid things is no remedy.

  26. Forgive me big media for I have sinned.

    I never realized what until now what this is about.

    Pay attention and I will speak slowly:

    If there is no challenger for Hillary

    Then there can be no primary debates to be televised

    In which case big media will lose a billion dollars

    So forget about all this hype about a Warren candidacy

    Bullshit claims that Hillary not being battle tested

    And the maundering of Joe’s toxic dream

    Just . . . follow the fucking money.

    If that was true in the days of Watergate

    It is even more so today.

  27. wbbs

    Hillary is

    Dangerously unprepared?

    To face a

    Battle tested Republican???






    Lets see

    Hillary has 26 debates under her belt

    Dating back to 2008

    Is that what he means by dangerously unprepared?

    I agree, and she debates with Bill 24/7, so she is well prepared.

  28. We’ve repeatedly bludgeoned Hillary in quite personal terms, even calling her, or at least questioning, whether Hillary is stupid (or SABOTAGED?). If this doesn’t wake Hillary up to the dangers we have previously discussed of allowing Obama cultists to infest and infect her potential organizations – then we have the answer to the question.

    No “cult” we. “Tough love” when necessary from us. No Hopium guzzling here for any person

    And that is golden. Golden.

    A true friend is someone who looks out for you, and warns you about trouble ahead, and loves you enough to tell you that what you are doing will be bad for you.

    In Hillaryland in 2008, what I saw as an outsider, was too little of that and too much flattery. The biggest flatterer of them all was the Obama plant, Patty Solis Doyle, who revealed the most intimate campaign secrets to the enemy and was paid a lot of money for it.

    Never trust a flatter. Every time I have let that happens, even when you think you know the person, you cannot trust them. There is a hidden agenda behind every flatter, and you don’t need to read Othello to figure that one out.

  29. Axlerod is on Gretta’s show tonight on FOX. Had to turn it off. It makes you feel absolutely nasty and in need of a shower just to listen to him for 2 minutes. He is, indeed, the slimmest character around. You can see why he and BO were drawn to each other. Of course, FOX is going to have him on as much as possible to attack Hillary although you know they must absolutely despise him after his campaigns to get the fraud elected. But FOX would probably get in bed with anyone to feed their Clinton hate.

  30. Here is the deal.

    If I were ISIS, I would not take Obama seriously. I would see him for what he is: spineless joke. Easy to roll.

    If I were Obama (God forbid), I would not take McConnell seriously. He too is a spineless joke. Easy to roll.

    I am just telling you: McConnell does not have the guts to take on Obama.

    He raised the white flag the day after his party won the 2014 midterm election by a landslide.

    No impeachment, no defunding of Obamacare, no nothing.

    He now has the Majority Leader job he coveted, and all you will get from him from now on is hot air and gut wind.

    Mitch, I mean this in the nicest way, the American People see you for the coward you are.

  31. Southern Born

    February 24, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Axlerod is on Gretta’s show tonight on FOX. Had to turn it off. It makes you feel absolutely nasty and in need of a shower just to listen to him for 2 minutes. He is, indeed, the slimmest character around

    A wise decision.

    His is the kind of slime that does not wash off.

    It is like trying to wash a garden slug.

  32. How do we love you Obama let us count the ways:






    Ass kisser.






    Sell-out artist.

    Destroyer of Worlds.

    Yup. There is a lot there to love.

    A hero to big media.

    A real patriot alright.

  33. I won’t foget…

    the question is: will Hillary…and Bill?

    need they be reminded:

    Patti Solis Doyle is an American political operative and was in 2008 a senior adviser to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, where she was the campaign chief of staff to Joe Biden, Obama’s vice presidential choice


    or will it be deja vu all over again…

  34. btw…Putin nailed O…the secret weapon for any opposition to O in a negotiation is to play to his vanity…his narcissism…make him think he is winning…

    then clean his clock…5 dangerous terrorists aching for freedom to get back in the terrorist game…no problem … that is the hand the enemy holds for one weak, meak US deserter…jackpot…

    yeah, O wins that hand…next…

  35. Lu

    I believe that is pronounced Ass-hole-rod.



    I hope he reads Big Pink and realizes how much he is appreciated here.

  36. Al Sharpton is the good will ambassador of Messiah Obama on racial matters. The White House log book shows that Big Al visited the White House 69 times to confer (i.e. conspire) with the big media beloved messiah on how best to polarize the country. And big media so loved the nation that they gave this virulent racist a prime time news slot to spread his poison to the world. Since the burning question today is not jobs, or ISIS, or Putin, but whether Messiah Obama, who is fond of saying that patriotism is the last bastion of scoundrels, and that he is no scoundrel only a racist, let me offer my own opinion on the subject. Obama loves America, no less–and no more than Sharpton, Stalin, and Hitler. Come to think of it, they could be a foursome at his next golf outing.

    Who is Al Sharpton?

  37. David Corn! Stop whining. Stop apologizing. Stop shedding all those tears for Ly’n Brian. He’s history, and you are too, less’n you git yer head out of your ass, and mount the barricade. The bugle has sounded. The liberal bastion is under attack. Obama if faltering, but doen’t know it. Jerimiah Wrights daughter is going to jail for money laundering. And, worst of all Al Sharpton needs some defending. And David me boy, you are just the “Liar” to do it.

  38. Mr. Phil Griffin
    President MSNBC
    1 NBC Plaza
    New York, NY 144324

    Re. Al Sharpton

    Dear Fat Phil:

    You look like a poster boy for the Men’s Hair Club. They say you are a failed leader and that Rachel the witch runs your network. If that is true, then you have one chance to redeem yourself.

    Re-Hire Al Sharpton immediately. He is a phony charlatan and would be good fit in your organization. Besides he needs the work. And, quite possibly, he could stage a phony racial incident and then exploit it to hell and back.

    Think of the audience you have lost since he left. Think of the audience of total dumb shits and ignoranti you would get back if that happened. Think of the ratings, the sponsors, the profits, the bonuses and the stock options.

    Which is why I say again, hire Al Sharpton immediately. And then the world will be your oyster.


  39. Oh the words I have wasted trying to find the right term to describe Obama, only to find that Vlad the Imapler had it in his lexicon all the time. Pigeon. That is what Obama is. And the problem is everyone knows it.

    Does the name Mike Gravel ring a bell? As you may recall, he was briefly one of the 7 democrats running for the President in the 2008 democrat primary. By long before that, I knew Mike Gravel through others. And I recall having liquid lunch with some democrat party operatives at a local restaurant, Rosellini’s 410. Everyone was in their cups and his name came up. Seems the lobbyist at my table went to Mike’s house the day after his exploits with a prostitute were revealed to the world. His wife was in tears, and he asked her why. He said you have been married to Mike for thirty years and you know what he is like. And she replied of course I do, but knowing it is one thing and reading about it on the front page of the Washington Post above the fold—that is something else.

    The same goes for pigeons.

  40. admin
    February 24, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Yup, the US would have lost the war against Japan, the Philippines, Guam and maybe even Hawaii would continue to be part of the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany would have achieved a stalemate with the USSR while holding on to most of Western Europe after a failed invasion by the Allies in both France and Italy led by Britain if FDR had Obama’s attitude.

  41. Axelrod, who gave us Obama The Light Bringer, The One We’d Been Waiting For, Tingler of Things – is worried about a “personality cult” if Hillary is elected. Well, Axel would know all about personality cults – AKA as the short lived and now defunct “New Democratic Coalition”,

    Well who could blame Joe for wanting to run. RCP’s average poll from 2/11/15 – 2/15/15 found that 13.4% percent would vote for him if he ran for nominee. Go for it Joe!!!

    Get Axelrod to help create a personality cult for you. You’ll have thighs tingling in no time.

  42. moononpluto
    February 24, 2015 at 3:39 pm


    BREAKING: President Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

    Proving that he does hate America. 👿

  43. More bad news for Hannibal Lector (sic.Lecturer) Obama: Hey Obama, whether the pitcher hits the rock or the rock hits the pitcher its going to be bad for the pitcher and his dim automotons in congress.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has turned down an invitation to meet with Senate Democrats, politely informing them that meeting with one party alone “could compound the misperception of partisanship regarding my upcoming visit,” according to Reuters. It is a response that reprises Democrats’ complaints about the speech Netanyahu is to deliver before a joint session of Congress on March 3–and turns their own arguments against them.

    Democrats complained that the speech violated some heretofore unknown protocol, that it was too closely coordinated with the GOP, and that it made Israel into a partisan issue–as if their own party’s leftward drift was not the primary cause of that problem. Nominally pro-Israel Democrats like Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Dianne Feinstein of California likely saw a separate meeting with Netanyahu as a way to welcome him while putting their own spin on his upcoming visit and undermining the main event.

    Netanyahu denied them that opportunity, and in so doing affirmed the will of the American electorate that chose the GOP to lead Congress, not a minority Democratic rump trying to split the difference between their radical president and reality.

    Netanyahu’s message may also be aimed much higher. If, as has been noted recently, President Barack Obama is “trolling” Republicans by irritating them with policies that defy the midterm election results, he may have met his “trolling” match.

    Read More Stories About:

  44. What is that —

    Blue on Blue « Newsbeat1 February 24, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    I don’t get it… Some sort of parallel website ??

  45. Southern Born February 24, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Axlerod is on Gretta’s show tonight on FOX. Had to turn it off. It makes you feel absolutely nasty and in need of a shower just to listen to him for 2 minutes. He is, indeed, the slimiest character around.

    At least Axlegrease is upfront. For slime, no one beats Plouffe, who is a sworn enemy but has had the chutzpah to go to Team Hillary and pretend to help them. There are others… That PAC Priorities for America is ready to do plenty of dirty deals.

  46. wbboei February 24, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    8th on your list is “Narcissist”. It should be first, because it is the reason for all the others. Pathological narcissist => sociopath, ergo traitor etc.

  47. When conservative republicans–like Ted Cruz–stand up for the constitution and the American People who live outside the beltway, what you hear from the rabid left, big media and Reid is Ted Cruz has just destroyed the Republican brand.

    The truth is there is one man who is destroying the Republican brand, and it ain’t Ted. He is (supposedly) the Republican Leader, and they address him as “Leader McConnell”. But as I have warned on this blog, and as we see now in the comments of the editor of Red State blog, McConnell is a eunuch, and whether he is majority leader or minority leader, he squeals like a pig for Reid and Obama.

    A Quisling by any other name is still a Quisling. There is no Republican brand any longer. It is meaningless. They preach small government, practice big government, and would rather pick off conservatives than oppose Obama. They have no raison d etre. No reason to exist, any more than big media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Obama, has ANY excuse for its miserable existence.

    Red State blog compares Mitch McConnell to Darth Vader
    By ADAM B. LERNER 2/25/15 11:17 AM EST
    The outspoken editor-in-chief of the Red State blog calls Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a “eunuch” who has “squeal[ed] like a pig” in Congress’ Department of Homeland Security funding standoff.
    “I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily,” Erick Erickson wrote in a blog post published Wednesday morning. “McConnell behaved as if he needs testosterone injections.”
    Story Continued Below

    Erickson’s ire stems from McConnell’s announcement Tuesday that he would allow a Senate vote on a “clean” funding bill for Homeland Security through the end of the fiscal year.
    House Republicans previously passed a bill that would have funded the department but also reversed President Barack Obama’s executive action last November granting legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants. Democrats have indicated that a funding bill that also unravels the president’s actions on immigration is a non-starter.
    The blogger went on to compare his faction of the conservative movement to the “dark side” in the “Star Wars” franchise.
    “His friends say other people call McConnell ‘Darth Vader,’” Erickson wrote. “It’s only fitting though because Darth Vader, in control of everything, lost the Death Star twice to a ragtag group of Democrats … errr … rebels.”

    For McConnell, personally, this outing has got to sting. Its one thing being a total whore. But it is quite another for the world to read about it on the front page of Politico. And for his constituents to see what they elected. Well . . they were sure as hell warned.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/02/erick-erickson-mitch-mcconnell-homeland-security-115491.html#ixzz3SmXSs2WW

  48. McConnell has the unearned reputation as shrewd political strategist and practitioner. I knew that was bullshit, and that the only thing he is skillful at is raising campaign money–you have got to wet my beak is how he put it to me. Well, his beak is looking pretty wet right now with donor money and running the three card monti scheme with donors, Reid and Obama. The only problem is his ass is high dry and pointing and the sky and it is about to be kicked from here to kingdom come for lying through his teeth to constituents, and leaving his party in irons. He may find it harder than he thinks to roll the House because their members will be standing for election in less than two years. The amnesty which he secretly supports is an existential issue for the constitution and the American People. If the Republican Party caves, as he has done so inartfully, they will be kaput. The word for this is treason.

    McConnell under the microscope

    It looked like the cave train was rolling at full speed last night, even through there were already some Republicans kicking and screaming. Mitch McConnell was inexplicably moving toward stripping the executive amnesty provisions out of the DHS funding package and offering up a “clean bill” to Harry Reid. (Who, it seems increasingly clear, is somehow still in charge of the Senate despite the results of the last elections.) We arrived at gut check time, and the test results seem to include a lot of failing grades. It’s true that the media had done their dirty work well and had the public ready to blame the Republicans if DHS wasn’t funded (though the Republicans have offered up full funding for it already) but sometimes you have to make some hard choices when you’re the top dog.

    To make matters worse, if McConnell actually does this he’s going to need some help from the House. Fortunately, there were still a few folks with a spine left on the Hill and they were not remaining silent.

    Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said he “absolutely” won’t vote for a DHS funding bill that allows the November actions to go forward. He suggested freshman GOP senators failed to deliver on campaign promises.

    “If I was a donor to some of these senators that just won election and was told things would be different in a new Senate, I’d be pretty pissed. We put Harry Reid back in charge of the Senate again?” Huelskamp said.

    Huelskamp said that separating the bill freezing the executive actions from a must-pass DHS funding bill eliminates Republicans’ leverage over Democrats.

    “It’s stupid. It doesn’t go anywhere. He knows that,” Huelskamp said of McConnell’s proposal. “Does he take us all for a fool that somehow that’s going to solve the problem that he was going to fight tooth and nail against?”

    Huelskamp was quickly joined by Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) who called the proposal tantamount to surrender, and predicted that it won’t have any support in the lower chamber. Ted Cruz invoked the power of the purse to remind his colleagues of their responsibility. So we’re hearing a lot of positive words on the damage control front, but the real question we need to ask is how we wound up in damage control mode in the first place.

    Mitch caving is troubling enough in and of itself, but he’s setting a chain of events in motion which spreads the poison out among many players in a short period. Even if we assume that he can round up the votes to do this, nothing is settled. He would be handing a grenade back to Boehner in the House at a point where the Speaker was only just beginning to breath a bit easier regarding the security of his position. How does he get his members to go along with this scheme?

    The answer is that he doesn’t. And then, when they send the original bill back over to McConnell, the clock has run out and DHS furloughs roughly 30K people. At that point, the media goes into full blown Party Like It’s 1999 mode because they have a shutdown and the story of the day is that the House Republicans are fighting the Senate Republicans… again. That’s not how this was supposed to play out. We have two majorities. They were supposed to pass the funding for DHS and cut out the amnesty. It was really just as easy as that. And if the Democrats refused to end the filibuster and they wanted to shut down DHS, then so be it. The media would have had too many viewers blaming the GOP anyway, but McConnell and Boehner would have had the angels of the truth riding on their shoulders.

    McConnell isn’t just losing the battle on one single bill. He’s risking losing the war by giving up the advantage which so many people worked for in returning the GOP to the leadership in the Senate. If this is what we’re going to do with the majority, there was little point in taking it back

  49. There is one way out of this trap for McConnell.

    Eliminate the filibuster and whip the vote.

    This is no time to stand on ceremony.

    There is far more at stake here than the perks and privileges of the senate.

    Far more.

    Speaking personally, I have had more than enough of this two faced mother fucker.

    Might we not expect more from the Leader of the Senate than lying to constituents and pandering to donors.

    Is that all he is capable of.

    Sadly, the answer is yes.

  50. http://news.yahoo.com/netanyahu-accuses-west-forsaking-non-nuclear-iran-pledge-171606084.html

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday rebuffed criticism in Washington of his plans to speak in Congress, accusing world powers of forsaking a pledge to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

    “I respect the White House and the President of the United States but on such a fateful matter, that can determine whether or not we survive, I must do everything to prevent such a great danger for Israel,” Netanyahu said in a speech.

    He said world powers had pledged to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, adding that “from the agreement coming together it appears they have given up on this commitment“.

  51. When I look at McConnell, and those around him, and Boehner as well and the losers around him, I am reminded of what I observed watching the demise of the Mafia families. What it came down to was the senior leadership broke the rules of the organization with impunity and the young member, i.e. made guys, felt they were not being listened to and were forced to give the profits of their operations to the bosses.

    Looking at how McConnell (and Reid for that matter)operate, it is the same way. Maplite.org shows how the monies are disbursed–they flow through the bosses and trickle down to members on the basis of seniority. If you defy the bosses, you get less money and you are denied key committee chairmanships, as McConnell did to Jeff Sessions who wanted to hold the line on immigration. For me, the failure to appoint Sessions to a position which he was entitled by reason of seniority was a tell that McConnel had been bought off on the amnesty issue, and when the chips were down he would repudiate by his actions all that he promised his constituents less than 90 days before.

    Joseph Profaci was the head of the Columbo family, and he behaved very much like McConnell does. The young bucks did not like that and Crazy Joey Gallo took particular umbrage. And even though Gallo was murdered in a mob style hit, Profaci was wounded institutionally and it was only a matter of time before he was gone. Joe Columbo was appointed and he tried to maintain some semblance of the old line, but he too was killed. The same thing happened in the Gambino family, where the old boss Paul Castellano was assassinated by Gotti who was also a producer who was being ignored.

    Whether it is the mob, a political party, or any other organization, the handwriting is on the wall. If you assume command of an organization, you must uphold its principles and honor your promises and not betray those who supported you. McConnell, in his own mind and delusion, has reduced the whole game to an inside the beltway backscratching with no regard for the nation he serves, the party he leads and the constituents he supposedly represents. He should be compelled to wear a for sale sign around his neck to ensure the public is never again deceived about the man, and there is once an for all truth in advertising rather than caveat emptor.

  52. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11433776/Quarter-of-British-Muslims-sympathise-with-Charlie-Hebdo-terrorists.html

    One in four British Muslims sympathise with terrorists behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks, a new poll shows.

    A poll reveals how a significant minority of Muslims endorse terrorist atrocities against those who mock the Prophet Mohammed.

    Some 27 per cent of British Muslims said they have “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks” on the Paris magazine, according to polling by ComRes for the BBC.

    A further 32 per cent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 per cent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.”

    And only 68 per cent of British Muslims said that attacks on the publishers of images of the Prophet are “never” justified, while 24 disagreed.

    A strong majority – 78 per cent – said they find depictions of the Prophet “deeply offensive to me personally”. [snip]

    However, some 20 per cent say Western society is incompatible with Islam, 46 per cent say British is becoming less tolerant of Muslims and prejudice against Islam makes it “very difficult” being Muslim in Britain. Of those polled, 35 per cent said they did not feel British people trust Muslims.

    How many American Muslims would agree that Islam is incompatible with Western society?

  53. Note: If McConnell did as I have suggested (Krauthammer made the same suggestion later that day) then he will wait until the deadline, pass the bill passed by the House, and send it to Obama who will either cave and sign it, or veto it and cause the shut down. In that case, big media will be hard pressed to blame Obama, except through the kind of non sequiturs we are seeing now in their lame attacks on Hillary. This is not rocket science. It is legislative strategy 101.

  54. Mitch: the only way out of the “box canyon” you have created for yourself, and everyone who put their faith in you to fight Obama, is to abolish the filibuster. If this were a case of first impression, you would be right to approach the question with some element of caution. But that is not true, because when he was Majority Leader (please note that many of your erstwhile supporters are saying he still is because you have shown yourself to be nothing more than a cipher, but be that as it may) he half killed it all by his lonesome. Ergo, one bad turn deserves another. But even if you like what is left of the filibuster right, and are reluctant to abandon this artifact of history for sentimental reasons, you must realize that the question does not arise in a vacuum. On the contrary, the issue you must decide is which is more important: the remnants of an arcane senate rule—or the Constitution of the United States. The other thing you might want to do is look at what is happening in the House, and that Trey Gowdy has set the stage exactly the way it should be set–as a battle between a dictator on the one hand and the rule of law on the other. The position you have put yourself in, Mitch, is being four square behind the dictator. You are now under a microscope, and the constituents you lied to and cheated are like Tommy in the Kipling poem by that name, i.e. For Tommy aint no bloomin fool, you bet that Tommy sees. End-the-filibuster-now. If you cannot do that, then your only hope is to change parties. Some would say you already have and I would be hardpressed to disagree. But what I mean is like when people have been living together and sleeping together for over twenty years, there comes a point where they ought to make it official. See what I mean.

  55. Two prominent House committee chairs are “deeply disappointed” in Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for refusing to testify before Congress as “the future of the Internet is at stake.”
    I can understand his reluctance to testify and explain why he is taking away their liberty.

    What I cannot understand, however, is why the House Committee Chairs are not subpoenaing him to appear.

    Or why big media has not posted a vigil outside his office, as they would for a madonna concert.

    Actually, I can understand the motives of big media: to feed us bread and circuses so we do not realize what is going on.

  56. Actually, I can understand the motives of big media: to feed us bread and circuses so we do not realize what is going on.


    Wait until the regulation starts effecting internet users and all they can do is stream WTF!!!

  57. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/02/25/iran-hangs-obama-in-effigy-on-revolution-day-2015-as-it-negotiates-nuclear-deal/


    This is what you call a nuanced strategy.

    The slave trading Muslim hangs this black man in slavery.

    Because they just can’t stand to see a black man in the White House.

    Where is Holder?

    In Ferguson silly goose.

    What is he doing in Ferguson?

    His usual thing, i.e. playing the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that is not there.

    But what about their negotiating strategy?

    What about it?

    How can they hang Obama in effigy on the one hand and negotiate a nuclear deal with him on the other?

    When it comes to negotiation they subscribe to the view of P.T. W,C. Fields:

    Never give a sucker an even break.

    They know Obama is so desperate for any deal with Iran that he can spin and big media can eulogize.

    That he will do the equivalent of what W.C. Fields does in the link below

    Jumping out of a plane sans parachute to recover a bottle of gin.

    This is even better than I would walk a mile for a camel.

  58. I will bet you Joe Biden can do an excellent W.C. Fields imitation. And I am sure he will winnow his way to Tehran to be part of the surrender ceremony. This one will not be aboard the Missouri.

  59. Net Neutrality: A SOLUTION THAT WILL NOT WORK TO A PROBLEM THAT DOES NOT EXIST the sole purpose of which is to “get the American People under control”–per the dean of the Democrat Party, Obamacare for the internet.

  60. The game here is to create an entry barrier which protects Comcast (Obama’s largest donor), and other big players–to prevent new players from entering the field, to squeeze out the little guy, to deter innovation, and where Obama is concerned to get the people under control. Soros is a big force behind this loss of freedom, and his boy, Obama, is doing what he is told, the American People be damned. The refusal of the FCC chairman appointed by Obama to give us the language before hand, and his adamant refusal to appear should lead to a subpoena and if he defies it to hold him in contempt of congress. He pins the tail on the jackass Obama shortly after the 9 minute mark. And again after the 11 minute mark. Satan Obama is coming after you. He says the independence of the FCC has been compromised by the White House. The hard left loves Obama however and they will not stop him–even though he is carving this out of their ass. They hate the country too much to care about anything else. And more is the pity for that.

  61. Mignon Clyburn

    Mignon L. Clyburn is a Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission since she was nominated by President Barack Obama on June 25, 2009, and sworn in on August 3, 2009. Wikipedia

    Born: March 22, 1962 (age 52)

    Parents: JIM CLYBURN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Racist scumbag bag man and family promoter honest Jim Clyburn.

    We know all about him from the South Carolina primary, and the article by Professor Sean Wolentz–“Race Man.”

  63. Soros, Clyburn, Obama, Comcast etc. You can see who the co conspirators against the American People are. No surprise here.

  64. Hillary’s support for this government take over of the internet is highly problematic.

    The most striking thing about it is that every other time a government agency has commenced regulating some aspect of the free market, there has been a prima facie (before the fact) showing that the target of regulation is causing public harm. The first instance was the Interstate Commerce Act in the 1880s which was justified by the fact that the railroad companies were functional monopolies and their failure to serve remote communities and other practices were a burden on commerce. The prima facie case for the National Labor Relations Act was a showing that strikes and labor unrest were exerting a similar adverse affect upon commerce and public safety.

    But here, as the Commissioner points out, there is no prima facie case that the free market system is not working, and the degree of regulation proposed and previously struck down by the courts was mild in comparison to what is being implemented now in the dead of night under express instructions from Obama, which is why he went on to say that the independence of an independent agency has been compromised and the jurisdiction of congress has been thwarted, but with toothless enervates like McConnell in the saddle, nothing will be done to protect our freedom. At the end of the day, the internet will cost you twice as much and you will be monitored.

  65. Seems as though Hillary is not listening..When will see ever learn. It is getting to make or break time.

  66. gonzotx
    February 25, 2015 at 10:26 pm
    Seems as though Hillary is not listening..When will see ever learn. It is getting to make or break time.
    I am 100% positive that she does not see the problem with the policies she is supporting.

    If she did, she would not support them.

    The view point is the problem–the whole problem.

    Just as the vessel looks very different in the engine room than it does from the bridge.

    The country looks entirely different to those in Washington than it does from the hinterland.

    When you have spent years in Washington and New York as Hillary has it is easy to adopt the to the manor borne attitude.

    I have a friend who is a DC attorney, I mentioned someone in Idaho who helped design the chunnel.

    His response was the gene pool in Idaho is very limited.

    My rebuttal was so what?

    Lets look at a place where the gene pool is vast and expansive.

    Like New York maybe.

    And what do we find?

    Senator Schumer–a total idiot, whose handshake is like a greasy donut and who lets little old ladies with blue hair tug at his jowels.

    So I tend to discount this gene pool business.

    If I took it seriously, how could I possibly explain a man with a 124 IQ namely Obama being labelled the smartest man to ever set foot in the White House by the Presidential Historian, Michael Bechloss.

  67. Granted there are some people with modest IQ’s who have lots of common sense.

    But Messiah Obama has neither.

    All he really has is Plenty of Nothing, like the Gershwin song.

    But that does not stop big media from worshiping him like he is some kind of pet rock.

  68. I am afraid you, are right Wbb, and I am, afraid it is too late to change course with Hillary
    I’m sorry, she is not the candidate I supported in 2008.
    Makes you wonder who the hell she really is!

    Does Mrs. Smith still have her blog? She and Jan, never came back…shame.

  69. Eunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | February 25th, 2015 at 04:30 AM | 92

    I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily. I assumed he’d do a major song and dance first, but instead he just went all Ned Beatty in Deliverance the moment Barack Obama looked at him funny. Good grief. Even CNN’s website declared that the Democrats were the ones blocking Department of Homeland Security Funding.

    McConnell behaved as if he needs testosterone injections. His minion in the press want everyone to know the steel in his spine, but it is more silly putty. His friends say other people call McConnell “Darth Vader.” Honestly, I’ve gotten on Lexis-Nexis. The only people ever saying McConnell is Darth Vader are McConnell’s friends. It’s only fitting though because Darth Vader, in control of everything, lost the Death Star twice to a rag tag group of Democrats . . . errrr . . . rebels.

    And now Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Harry Reid10%Senate Democrat Average3%See Full Scorecard10% has made McConnell his gimp, only letting him out of the cage when Reid points at other Republicans and calls them “Butch.” It is all pathetic. It is also all predictable. McConnell never had any intention of fighting on this. Notice he announced his cave on the day the President vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline legislation hoping everyone would be distracted by that shiny object.

    No, we are not distracted. About the only thing lamer than McConnell’s antics is Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)75% claiming the GOP can cave because one district court judge in Texas has issued an injunction against the President’s amnesty. They must think we are stupid. The last time the GOP had the courts fight their battle for them, Obamacare was found constitutional. The time before that, in a case named after Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)67%2967%, the Court upheld the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act.

    Please call your member of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and tell him/her to please not act like a Senatorial eunuch and, instead, fight

  70. gonzotx
    February 26, 2015 at 2:41 am

    In the Death of Ivan Ilyich by Tolstoy, we find a lawyer who has a minor accident that turns out to be fatal, and as his days grow short he asks himself repeatedly what is the meaning of life, and concludes that it has no meaning.

    It is like that in politics too. Every candidate claims to represent your interests, but damned few of them ever do. And because we have a totally corrupt and despicable media in this country, the public never gets the truth. Never.

    This is the bitter truth, and it is impossible for most people to grasp.

  71. Harry Reid has made McConnell his gimp, only letting him out of the cage when Reid points at other Republicans and calls them “Butch.” It is all pathetic. It is also all predictable. McConnell never had any intention of fighting on this.
    Late one night almost 50 years ago in a cannery on the Alaska Peninsula I found in the fish bin the ugliest creature imaginable. It looked like a blob–a parasite of some sort. I asked what it was, and was told–that is a whale louse. If I saw that same creature today, I would not have to ask what it was, I would know–Mitch McConnell, in all his glory.

  72. A reminder about Mitch: in the past election cycle, he connected with Corker Portman Hatch Burr Blunt Crapo to sink a promising conservative’s runoff. #RememberMississippi.

    This just in from an email relative of mine & it is a very sad commentary re Christian ethics – which I guess has always been Obama’s problem with that religion:
    …Well, I got “fired from volunteering with Meals on Wheels. They have a new executive director, who was not the person I started with…she is a lot younger and the people who came on to the event planning committee are all in their 30’s. They are all connected with the moneyed people. Know non-profits always have to hustle for money. Apparently there were several issues: I don’t have money connections and I called them on a couple of less than “ethical” fund raising tactics. So their response was not to let me know when the committee meetings were being held. Who knew volunteering was too much like the work place. Silly me, I thought raising the funds to help feed people in need was the goal, not pat each other on the back on one’s social connections….

    Shudder to think where we’re going next.

  73. Thanks Free…I think Trump likes to boast (duh) and I would never pick him over Hillary.

    I would like her to ask him for help with job creations and bringing jobs back to the US.

  74. What is net neutrality, and what is happening today with the FCC?

    I really don’t have the answer to the second part of the question I posed above because the isn’t much information for the public out there.

    Below is the best explanation I could find to answer the first part of the question.


    The basic principle of Net Neutrality is that access to all websites and web services should be equal and that anyone can start their own website/service and make it accessible to anyone with internet access, just like any other website/service.

    Without Net Neutrality, your Internet Service Provider (e.g. BT) could arbitrarily block whatever websites it didn’t want you to access (e.g. perhaps blocking you from accessing competitors’ websites). It could also mean your service provider purposefully degrades access to certain websites or services and/or forces you to pay extra to access certain websites or services.


    In the US, however, there isn’t really competition like this. Many homes have only one broadband internet service provider to choose from (e.g. their local telephone company) and some people are lucky enough to have two providers (e.g. telephone and cable company) or in very rare cases three providers (e.g. telephone, cable and independent fiber/fibre company). Basically though, there is hardly any competition which means that if one service provider starts violating the principles of Net Neutrality, many customers are completely powerless (since they have such a limited or perhaps no alternative selection for ISPs).


  75. Finally some clarity…

    FCC trumps state laws on local broadband limits

    A 3-2 vote is the first step in allowing municipalities all over the country to offer their own Internet service in the name of competition.

    The Federal Communications Commission has fired the opening shot at state governments that restrict local municipalities from building their own broadband networks.

    In a 3-2 decision, which was split between Democrats favoring the measure and Republicans voting against it, the FCC approved two petitions filed by municipal broadband providers asking the agency to pre-empt, or override, provisions of laws in North Carolina and Tennessee that restrict the ability of communities to offer Internet service. The FCC concluded that certain provisions of laws in those states are barriers to broadband investment and competition, and that it has authority to strike down the laws.

    Thursday’s decision sets a precedent that could be applied across the nation to ease the deployment of broadband services. In 20 states, laws prohibit or severely restrict municipalities from creating and running their own service. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said this needs to change if Americans are to expect more competition in broadband, and noted that few communities have access to high-speed Internet. He believes communities should have the right to choose whether their local governments or municipally owned utilities should build broadband networks to provide these services.

    “The bottom line of these matters is that some states have created thickets of red tape designed to limit competition,” Wheeler said during the FCC’s open commission meeting Thursday. “What we are doing is cutting away that red tape.”

    The FCC’s vote comes on the same day that the agency is also voting to reinstate Net neutrality rules designed to protect the Internet from broadband providers that may take advantage of their market power to may slow down or squeeze competitors out of business. The reason this regulation is needed, the FCC has argued, is because competition is largely lacking in the broadband market.

    The competitive picture looks worse since the FCC earlier this year redefined broadband as a service that delivers download speeds of 25 megabits per second. Previously, the FCC defined broadband as a service with 4 Mbps downloads. With this new speed requirement, cable companies are the only true suppliers of broadband in most markets because DSL service from phone companies doesn’t get over that new bar.

    The FCC and President Obama, who also supports striking down state laws that prevent or limit municipal broadband networks, believe that community-owned broadband networks can help bridge this gap and offer more competition to consumers.

    “In too many places across America, some big companies are doing everything they can to keep out competitors,” Obama said last month. “In some states it is virtually impossible to create networks like the one you have in Cedar Falls. Enough is enough; we’re going to change that.”
    One state at a time

    Today’s FCC action represents only a first step toward dismantling all state laws that severely limit the deployment or expansion of community owned networks, with the decision only applying to Tennessee and North Carolina. Other communities affected by similar laws in other states will have to petition the FCC separately.

    The Electric Power Board in Chattanooga, Tenn., and the government of Wilson, N.C., filed their petitions with the FCC in July. Each had already built a gigabit broadband network, and each was looking to expand those networks. But state laws limited their ability to expand.

    The government of Wilson argued in its petition that onerous requirements of the state law made it impossible for the municipality to expand its offering to other parts of the community including areas where private sector broadband companies are offering download speeds of only 768 kilobits per second, a far cry from the FCC’s new definition of advanced broadband services.

    The Tennessee law bars communities from offering discounts on their broadband services that are similar to promotions offered by private sector companies. And it imposes extensive delays to building the infrastructure by requiring a voter referendum for any debt that is used to finance construction or expansion of municipal networks.

    Jim Baller, senior principal of Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide, the law firm that represented Wilson and Chattanooga’s EPB in their proceedings before the FCC, applauded the agency’s decision.

    “This is an important moment for communities in North Carolina, Tennessee, and other states that have barriers to local investments in advanced communications networks,” he said in a statement. “Not only has the Commission confirmed that it has authority to remove such barriers, but it has also compiled a massive record documenting the critical role that local Internet choice can play in fostering strong, vibrant communities and in ensuring that the United States will remain a leading nation in the emerging knowledge-based global economy.”

    The FCC believes it has authority to pre-empt these state laws through a provision of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, called Section 706, which the agency uses as a basis for all of its regulatory authority over the Internet.

    That section says the FCC “shall encourage the deployment on a reasonable and timely basis of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans.” It also says the agency should use that authority to “promote competition” in local markets and “remove barriers to infrastructure investment.”

    But opponents, such as Republican FCC commissioner Ajit Pai, say that the FCC does not have this authority.

    “Judicial precedent makes clear that the FCC simply does not have the power to do this,” he said during the Thursday meeting. “In taking this step, the FCC usurps fundamental aspects of state sovereignty.”

    It’s likely the issue will end up in court.

  76. Well said, Hillary!!!


    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton complained that “different media” are dividing the country, making it impossible for people to even have a conversation with each other.

    Clinton made her remarks yesterday in an interview with Re/Code’s Kara Swisher. She criticized America’s “partisan bunkers” for getting in the way of confronting tough issues like racism, sexism and homophobia.

    “Nobody wants to associate with anybody who doesn’t agree with them politically,” she said. “You can’t have a conversation, people won’t listen to each other, they listen to different media, and those different media (outlets) tell different stories about the very same thing that you’re watching unfold in front of your eyes.”

    The lack of common ground, Clinton asserted, was making it more difficult to get things done politically.

    “You cannot run a great country like that, and this is the greatest country and it’s time we start acting like it and working like it again,” she said.

    After waging partisan battles in the White House as First Lady, Clinton explained that she learned to be less partisan when she was elected a senator from New York.

    “When I worked in the Senate I was very much somebody who would work across the aisle, look for opportunities to do that,” she said. “Because I don’t think I have all the right ideas, I don’t think my party has all the right ideas.”


  77. foxyladi14
    February 26, 2015 at 9:40 am
    February 25, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    He is vowing to Veto. 😆

    And THAT is exactly the box canyon I would waltz the fucking big media messiah into. If the vetoes legislation passed by both houses, and the shutdown happens, he has got blood on his hands. What’s the gonna say? I vetoed the legislation to protect the right of filibuster in the senate, even though Harry Reid has half killed it already? When I told you before this that I did not have the power to grant amnesty, I lied? My edicts are the law, all constitutions, federal and state laws to the contrary notwithstanding? He vetoes and he’s fucked. The problem is the pale spineless blob aka Mitch Darth Vader McConnell who is the bitch for Harry Reid. And then you have Cronyn who says we do not need spend political capital here, the courts will save us, just like the saved us from Obamacare.

  78. Harry Reid is no mench. He is a dottering senile fool. Thus it is all the more cartoonish that Mitch would consent to be his bitch. Mitch the bitch. How nice for him. The guy who keeps kicking the blob in the ass is of course Cruz. He is reminding him that when he refused to draw the line on the sand on Cromnibus he gave up the ghost, and what is happening now is simply the by-product of a strategy of defeat.

    Mitch the bitch.

    Gotta wet his beak.

    So he can sell you down the river.

    Beware howver.

    If you wet his beak.

    He will still sell you down the river.

    Mitch the bitch.

  79. Shadowfax
    February 26, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    Finally some clarity…

    From this administration?

    Have you learned nothing?

    This is pure unadulterated propaganda.

    If you want clarity, review the videos posted above.

    If you want more clarity then read this:

    The administration’s plan to create a “free and open Internet” means, as usual, the opposite of what it says. As Gordon Crovitz explains in the Wall Street Journal, it is really a monumental, bare-faced power grab.

    The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.

    No one, including the bullied FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, thought the agency would go this far. The big politicization came when President Obama in November demanded that the supposedly independent FCC apply the agency’s most extreme regulation to the Internet. A recent page-one Wall Street Journal story headlined “Net Neutrality: How White House Thwarted FCC Chief” documented “an unusual, secretive effort inside the White House . . . acting as a parallel version of the FCC itself.”…

    The more than 300 pages of new regulations are secret, but Mr. Wheeler says they will subject the Internet to the key provisions of Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, under which the FCC oversaw Ma Bell.

    The specifics of the grab don’t matter as much as the direction in which things must inevitably move. Regulation is an absorbing state like the Hotel California. You can try to check out any time you like, but once inside you can never really leave. Three hundred pages of regulation will become 301 … 302 … A new administration might slow down the rate of growth, but it can never reverse it.


  80. Have you learned nothing?


    I went to trusted geek sites I know and posted what they reported. You posted from GOP websites which are opposed.

    So far, they are both stating the opposite.

    I trust my sites, but will keep an open mind when more info comes out about the details that haven’t come out yet.

  81. “Have you learned nothing?”


    “Dear, are you having a bad hair day?”

    …are comments from two of you that only end up losing my respect.

  82. Mitch is so concerned about his donors and so convinced that he can bamboozle the American People and so arrogant that he assumed, wrongly, that he could split the bill into two parts, pass a clean bill which funded amnesty through September and a separate bill which included amnesty which by then would be a fait a compli, and let Obama veto that separate bill on amnesty and blame Obama, and say if you give us the White House in 2016 we promise that we will reverse what Obama has done.

    That might work with other policy issues. But executive amnesty and Obamacare are abhorrent issues to his party. They are the antithesis of limited government and the constitutional order which his party stands for both theoretically and at election time. And he now has a scarlet letter on his forehead over these issues. For the Republican Party they are existential. And his big mistake was thinking he could sweep them off the stage with his usual tactics. This was a mistake of the first order. And his only out is the end the filibuster. He will never do that. But there will come a point where he will wish he had.

    If you think I have wandered too far into the swamp on this issue, then all I can say is this is likely to be a pivotal issue in the 2016 election, and although that is still 2 years away, nothing so fixates the mind as this kind of betrayal, and if you think the basee will forgive him for this sin, you are whistling dixie. Bush 41 was pilloried for his betrayal on the tax issue–i.e. his breaking of the campaign pledge read my lips no new taxes. That breach of contract however is as nothing compared to what Mitch has done here. Knowing him as I do, I am not surprised, save the fact that he failed to see this coming.

    The article below reflects the fact that this incident is not political, it is megapolitical and has the potential to change the entire political landscape on both sides of the aisle. I laugh at Howie Kurtz who claims this is nothing to get excited about. Everybody loves Howie, and the way he justifies the existence of big media. But most people also understand he has his head up his ass.

    To wit: The question now is whether Cruz, Salmon, Huelskamp and others can unite and fight back against McConnell’s plan together and prevent House Speaker John Boehner from following his lead. If they do, McConnell will be humiliated like never before. If not, well, then I guess that conservatives will have even more evidence that Republican leaders don’t care about them and their values. The good news? They can then proceed to open the attack on McConnell and Boehner in an attempt to remove them from power. After all, why would conservatives continue to settle for a Republican leadership that sells them out whenever it can?

    Although Republican leaders love to talk tough when they’re the center of attention, they quickly side with Democrats when they think nobody’s watching. Case in point: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to cave on funding for the DHS:

    McConnell announced [Tuesday] that the Senate would vote on a “clean” bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security past Friday, as well as a separate measure freezing President Obama’s November executive actions to shield certain illegal immigrants from deportation.

    In other words, he’s going to give President Obama what he wants.

    Luckily for conservatives, there still are some Republicans in Congress and the Senate who aren’t willing to let McConnell get away with it. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) responded angrily that he does not plan to vote for the bill, whether McConnell wants him to or not. “If I was a donor to some of these senators that just won election and was told things would be different in a new Senate, I’d be pretty pissed. We put Harry Reid back in charge of the Senate again?”

    He went on: “It’s stupid. It doesn’t go anywhere. He knows that. Does he take us all for a fool that somehow that’s going to solve the problem that he was going to fight tooth and nail against?”

    Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) already let McConnell know that House Republicans will turn their backs on him if pushed: “The Senate majority leader’s plan to divorce the funding bill from the unlawful actions it is restricting is tantamount to surrender, and won’t meet with support in the People’s House.”

    Although McConnell could ordinarily get away with giving into Obama’s demands once again, he probably faces a Republican revolt this time. The reason? Numerous conservative Republicans are gearing up for the presidential elections. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is one of them. And no, he isn’t planning to take any prisoners on what he hopes will be his way to the presidency:

    Leadership’s current plan — to pass clean DHS funding and separate legislation barring executive amnesty — is a mistake. Congress is obliged to use every constitutional check and balance we have to rein in President Obama’s lawlessness, and that includes both our confirmation authority over nominees and the power of the purse.

    Lately, Cruz has become one of the most outspoken and loved Republicans in the Senate. He and his supporters have a strong presence on social media, where one after another “Ted Cruz for president“-group is created. These groups have attracted a large following; see for instance the Facebook group Ted Cruz 45: more than 10,000 conservatives joined that group in a mere three weeks’ time. This proves that conservative voters are hungry for someone who is one of them, who is willing to stand for something and who is principled to his core.

    The question now is whether Cruz, Salmon, Huelskamp and others can unite and fight back against McConnell’s plan together and prevent House Speaker John Boehner from following his lead. If they do, McConnell will be humiliated like never before. If not, well, then I guess that conservatives will have even more evidence that Republican leaders don’t care about them and their values. The good news? They can then proceed to open the attack on McConnell and Boehner in an attempt to remove them from power. After all, why would conservatives continue to settle for a Republican leadership that sells them out whenever it can?

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/02/25/mitch-mcconnell-surrenders-conservatives-outraged/#ixzz3SseQyt00

  83. Shadowfax
    February 26, 2015 at 3:02 pm
    Shadow, I would rather lose your respect than allow you to fall for the lies of this administration.

    This gets back to my earlier point that a friend is someone who tells you when you are on the wrong track.

    Doesn’t mean you need to agree, but the hope is you will give the issue a second look.

    As for a bad hair day, every day since Obama took office has been a bad hair day for this nation.

  84. holdthemaccountable
    February 26, 2015 at 6:55 am
    A reminder about Mitch: in the past election cycle, he connected with Corker Portman Hatch Burr Blunt Crapo to sink a promising conservative’s runoff. #RememberMississippi.
    Bingo. Lest we forget!

    Mike (Crapo) is on the wrong side of this issue.

    I doubt the voters of his state will like this.

    A few years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    He thought about stepping down and taking a federal judgeship.

    I guess that did not happen.

    He is a good guy, but very wrong on this issue.

  85. Shadow, I would rather lose your respect than allow you to fall for the lies of this administration

    My concern isn’t to support Obama…my concern is to find out the truth on if internet ‘freedom’ is protected and not controlled by limiting it’s general content, and to not allow monopoly ISP’s the ability to filter our usage, or start charging us for different access then we already have. (Explained much better in the articles I posted)

    My concern is already well founded in knowing that the Oh thugs are letting the NSA run a muck spying on us with our phones and the internet.

    I don’t mind that we disagree, I do mind that you implied that I am lacking something by not agreeing.

  86. What if Obama keeps us safe but unfree: Does our government fear freedom?

    By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

    What if President Obama came up with a scheme to make the spying appear legal? What if that scheme involved using secret judges in secret courts to issue general warrants? What if the Obama administration swore those judges to secrecy? What if it swore to secrecy all in the government who are involved in undermining basic American values? What if it forgot that everyone in government also swears an oath to uphold the Constitution? What if Edward Snowden violated his oath to secrecy in order to uphold his oath to the Constitution, which includes the Fourth Amendment, and spilled the beans on the government?

    What if all this spying by the feds has spawned spying by the locals? What if more than 50 local police departments now have received false cell towers from the FBI, but have sworn not to tell anyone about them? What if these towers trick cellphone signals into exposing the content of cellphone conversations to the police? What if the police have done this without the knowledge of the elected representatives who are their bosses? What if they do this without any warrants?

    What if the Supreme Court last year outlawed police invading cellphones without warrants?

    What if both Bush and Obama have argued that their first job is to keep America safe, and they will twist, torture the plain meaning of and even break laws in order to accomplish that job?

    What if the presidential oath is to enforce all laws faithfully, including ones the president may hate?

    What if Bush and Obama have been wrong about the priority of their constitutional duties as president? What if the president’s first job is to preserve the Constitution? What if that includes the Fourth Amendment? What if the president keeps us safe but unfree?

    What if invading our freedoms keeps us less safe? What if the president has failed to keep our freedoms safe? What if the government doesn’t like freedoms? What if the government is afraid we will exercise them?

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