A Common Core: Giuliani, Obama, Netanyahu, Wiesel, Hillary, ObamaCare, Immigration

Update: What is The double standard which allows Dana Milbank to call Scott Walker “a coward”? Apparently Gov. Walker says he doesn’t know if Obama loves his country as former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has charged and therefore Walker is denounced as a “coward” by the dishonest and cowardly Washington Post.

Why would Rudy say such a thing? Who could doubt Obama tells the truth on such a question??? Who??? We remember this picture from 2007?

No Flag Salute

When the above picture was taken Obama bamboozled as he did when Obama mentor “God Damn America” Jeremiah Wright became an issue:

You’re standing with your arms folded and Hillary’s got her hand on her heart,” she said, adding that she received so many of these emails she is sick of them. [snip]

Obama called the circulation of such pictures a “dirty trick” and mentioned other emails accusing him of being “a Muslim plant.”

Brian Williams Obama.


Obama wants his second term to be an unrestrained attack on Israel. Muslims set fire to prisoners, Christian martyrs’ heads roll, Jews are assaulted and killed 1930s style – but Obama thinks Jews are the problem. Particularly one Jew by the name of Netanyahu.

According to David Axelrod’s new book, Obama felt unrestrained in his second term and wanted to prioritize an “Bulworth” attack on Israel’s Netanyahu on behalf of Israel’s enemies. Break Netanyahu, Obama reasons, and then break the Israeli opposition parties who like Netanyahu will not surrender Jerusalem and lands won after the perfidious Muslim Arab “Six Day” war on Israel.

What depravity would compel Obama to focus on Israel as a target during his second term? Rudy Giuliani was too timid in his recent diagnosis of Barack Obama affections. Typically, the media rushes to defend Obama’s honor from Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy spoke the conclusion we came to a long time ago after Obama’s actions so trended in one direction that we could no longer excuse his direction as a compass failure. The direction Obama takes is intentional.

Obama be damned, on March 3 Netanyahu will address the American congress. It will be yet another moment of spectacular Obama implosion. In truth Obama has already lost the battle against Netanyahu and the war against Israel.

The war against Israel Obama lost in one day in Paris. The Obama losses mounted as news from Copenhagen and ISIS atrocities exploded in red blood worldwide.

The Obama war against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was also lost with one voice in the New York Times:

Nobel winner Elie Wiesel lends support to Netanyahu’s U.S. speech

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel is lending his support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to Congress on the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program – an address that has antagonized the White House and divided American Jews.

An outspoken New Jersey Orthodox rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, said on Thursday he is placing full-page advertisements in two of the leading U.S. newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, featuring Wiesel’s endorsement of Netanyahu’s speech. [snip]

The advertisement quotes Wiesel as saying he plans to attend Netanyahu’s address “on the catastrophic danger of a nuclear Iran.” Awarded the Nobel in 1986, Wiesel asks Obama and others in the ad: “Will you join me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America?

Speaking to Reuters by phone, Boteach said: “There’s no personality more respected in the global Jewish community and few in the wider world than Elie Wiesel. He is a living prince of the Jewish people.”

He is the face of the murdered 6 million (Jews killed in the Holocaust). So I think that his view on the prime minister’s speech sounding the alarm as to the Iranian nuclear program carries a unique authority that transcends some of the political circus that has affected the speech,” Boteach said.

Wiesel earned his Nobel Peace Prize. Hillary Clinton should march side by side with Wiesel and listen to Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu’s address to congress on March 3. Whether Hillary is next to him or not a picture of Wiesel and Netanyahu in the American congress will be seen as the ultimate failure of Obama’s war against Israel.

Obama is treacherous and he is also a boob. At every level Obama fails and fails. Obama attacks America’s friends and succors America’s enemies. Rudy Giuliani understands. We do too. But we do not doubt that America will outlast treacherous Obama. In large part America will outlast treacherous Obama because, well, Obama is a boob. The Obama failures grow:

It is remarkable that despite all of the political talent, goodwill and positive momentum Barack Obama had when he came into office, his policies – both domestic and international – are in tatters. And it is ironic that the former law professor’s two biggest “accomplishments” — Obamacare and executive orders on immigration — are hanging precariously by a legal thread.

The long arm of the law is catching up with Obama.

We have written for a long time that like all con artists, three-card monte thieves, and flim-flam men, Obama is running to keep one step ahead of the law. Yup, “The long arm of the law is catching up with Obama:”

The King v. Burwell ruling looming in the Supreme Court could completely undermine the viability of Obamacare if the justices rule that the law be interpreted as written, not as the White House now hopes. Meanwhile, 26 states have brought a case that would prevent Obama’s executive orders on immigration — which would create new exceptions for many individuals to stay in the United States in defiance of what has, up until now, been a well-established law — from being implemented. A federal court judge has issued a temporary injunctive order declaring that the case against the president can go forward. In both cases, Obama is left hoping that a sympathetic court will allow unprecedented one-man rule and create a new era in which a president can rewrite existing laws in a manner never contemplated in the Constitution.

It is especially humorous that the evisceration of ObamaCare will begin to take place in the Supreme Court the very next day, March 4, after Netanyahu on March 3 speaks to the American people from the well of the American congress.

As in Sharia Law, Barack Obama will have his hands cut off like a thief. The very Barack Obama who mocked the constitutional order and declared that like a monarch of old he would rule with the executive pen finds that the executive pen cannot dictate law neither to a free people, nor their courts, nor their congress. Obama is a failure because our system of laws, moving all too slowly, eventually moves:

The president’s glaring disregard of the plain language of the law is finally getting its day in court. His inability to orchestrate legislative victories and make our system work means he has turned to what suits his talent and personality best and what he probably wanted to do all along: govern by fiat. Much of Obama’s legacy is now dependent on the notion that he can declare what is plainly written in the law doesn’t apply or actually means something besides what the words on the page suggest. Liberal legal scholars are trying to come to his rescue with contorted logic that should infuriate voters. Obama’s last days in office will be clouded by his arguments that the laws don’t apply to him.

If Obamacare is hobbled by the courts and the president’s executive actions on immigration are brought to a screeching halt, combined with the anemic economy and a foreign policy in disarray, it’s hard to make the case that this is anything other than a failed presidency.

Unlike others we always took seriously the legal challenges to ObamaCare and Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktats. This week District Court Judge Hanen blocked temporarily (and in this case temporarily means a long long time so long it is effectively an eternity) Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktats. Here it is Friday still there is no White House garbage filing in the courts.

While many immediately derided Judge Hanen’s injunction and predicted it would be swiftly overturned, or soon overturned, or eventually overturned, or at some point in the long distant future overturned, a reading of Judge Hanen’s rulings dispel that notion. The New York Times choked on the truth:

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s lawyers, facing what could be months of delay on the White House’s immigration efforts, are struggling for a response to a Texas judge’s ruling that has imperiled one of the president’s potential legacy achievements.

A top administration official said Wednesday it was unclear whether the Department of Justice would seek an emergency order that would allow the president’s immigration programs to go into effect while an appeal proceeds. A spokeswoman for the Justice Department said that no decision had been made on an emergency application to an appeals court, but she pledged to fight all challenges to the president’s actions. [snip]

The ruling confronts the administration with a series of uncomfortable choices. Its decision will be affected by the reality that time is not its friend.

The Times is forced to concede that with only two more years of Obama horror left it could take, at best, “years” if Obama tried to finally comply with the Administrative Procedures Act; and it would take years to climb the appeals ladders whether at the Fifth Circuit or the Supreme Court.

Obama’s too clever by half illegal illegal immigration diktats have blown up in his face:

Contrary to widely held belief, Obama did not implement his plan to delay the deportation of more than 4 million illegal aliens through executive orders. Instead, he relied on a memorandum signed Nov. 20, 2014, by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, which DHS failed to file in the Federal Register as required by federal administrative law procedures.

“In his ruling on Monday that upended plans to shield millions of people from deportation, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen avoided diving into sweeping constitutional questions or tackling presidential powers head-on,” Reuters reported. “Instead, he faulted Obama for not giving public notice of his plans.”

Barack Obama thinks he is a monarch entitled to defy a free people and impose laws without the “consent of the governed”. His is an alien philosophy to these shores. Rudy Giuliani gets this but does not know exactly how to express it.

For us here it became clear that Obama’s sympathies lie with America’s enemies and Muslim extremists:

We cannot believe the Obama non-reaction to the Morsi power grab in Egypt is boobery. It is historic treachery.

Barack Obama has not demanded Morsi resign. A power grab by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama is effectively silent. Obama demanded the resignation of Hosni Mubarak when pawns took to the streets to demand “freedom” but now Obama is slient. No calls for resignation. [snip]

But for some reason Barack Obama is not siding with the “Egyptian people” now that the Arab Spring is slowly turning to nuclear winter. [snip]

Why won’t Barack Obama demand Morsi resign? Egyptian demonstrations? Check. Violence in the streets? Check. Government officials resigning in protest? Check. Egyptian government institutions such as the military and judiciary threatened? Check. Why won’t Obama demand that Morsi resign?

The only difference between Mubarak and Morsi we see is that Morsi is an Islamic extremist. Why won’t Barack Obama demand Morsi resign?

Think we’re nuts? Why then is Obama still antagonistic towards Egypt even though Egypt is in the forefront in the battle against ISIS? Egypt is on the side of America against ISIS but Obama is against Egypt (and of course against Israel too):

U.S. Won’t Back Egypt’s Attacks on ISIS
Two longtime allies are attacking ISIS—and growing frustrated with one another. That’s good news for the so-called Islamic State.

The Obama administration was given multiple chances Wednesday to endorse a longtime ally’s airstrikes on America’s biggest enemy at the moment, the so-called Islamic State. Over and over again, Obama’s aides declined to back Egypt’s military operation against ISIS. It’s another sign of the growing strain between the United States and Egypt, once one of its closest friends in the Middle East.

This shouldn’t be a complete surprise; Cairo, after all, didn’t tell Washington about its strikes on the ISIS hotbed of Derna, Libya. Still, Wednesday’s disconnect was jarring.

Why is it that every time Obama has to side against Muslim extremists Obama finds a way to help Muslim extremists? But, argue Obama defenders, Obama is killing a lot of Muslim extremists. That’s true but what is needed is the capture and interrogation of Muslim extremists. In a very real sense Obama’s killing of Muslim extremists protects the infrastructure of Muslim extremist organizations.

Obama refuses to attend a march in Paris to protest Muslim killers and in support of the (classic) liberal values of freedom of expression and religion. Obama refuses to give weapons to Egypt which prevents Egypt from joining a coalition against ISIS and when Egypt attacks ISIS Obama is petulant.

Maybe Obama is angry with Egypt because the Egyptian president is respected by us for his speech on January 1? But why the anti-Jordan Obama policy? Obama won’t help Jordan attack Muslim extremists either.

Rudy Giuliani was too tepid in his analysis of treacherous Barack Obama. Obama didn’t even invite the Director of the FBI to this week’s publicity stunt to take attention away from Muslim extremists and try to distribute like Obamaphones blame for killings and violence to anyone other than Obama’s objects of affection.

Maybe FBI Director Comey was not invited to the White House because Comey talks about the danger ISIS poses to the United States.

In 2008 we were assured that one of Barack Obama’s great qualifications arose from his young life amongst the Muslims. We don’t know if fat young Barry “went native” and absorbed ugly anti-Western hate while in Indonesia. It is more likely that Obama’s twisted personal life led him to a pew in a church that on a Sunday immediately after the 2001 Muslim attacks against the World Trade Center three words resounded from the rafters “God Damn America.”

The church was ostensibly “Christian” but the words were decidedly Muslim extremist.

Barack Obama won’t say Muslim extremists are responsible for the many killings in the world today.

Obama won’t say “Islamic extremists” or “Muslim extremists” because Obama doesn’t see them as “extremists”. Obama thinks Muslims have “legitimate grievances” – even as Christian heads roll and Jews flee to the promised land.


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  1. “Hillary Clinton should march side by side with Wiesel and listen to Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu’s address to congress on March 3.”

    That will indeed be a sign whether or not Hillary is ready to break away and distance herself from Obola.

  2. “Hillary Clinton should march side by side with Wiesel and listen to Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu’s address to congress on March 3.”

    That will indeed be a sign as to whether or not Hillary is ready to break away and distance herself from Obola.

  3. Obama won’t say “Islamic extremists” or “Muslim extremists” because Obama doesn’t see them as “extremists”. Obama thinks Muslims have “legitimate grievances” – even as Christian heads roll and Jews flee to the promised land.

    Amen, Admin.

  4. Obama wants his second term to be an unrestrained attack on Israel. Muslims set fire to prisoners, Christian martyrs’ heads roll, Jews are assaulted and killed 1930s style – but Obama thinks Jews are the problem. Particularly one Jew by the name of Netanyahu.
    Apart from his abandonment as a child, his attachment to the worst of left wing ideologues, the unrelenting stream of hate speech of the man he described as his spiritual advisor, his narcissim . . . he is first and last a flake. That said it is wise to recall the diagnosis proffered by Dunn at American Thinker in 2008. Dunn to his credit got everything right about the big media messiah but one little thing, which turned out to be the only thing that really mattered–that the public would see though him. The American People are, alas, dumber than owl shit when it comes to politics, and that is the problem. Anyway, here is at tribute to Obama the flake who obsessed about largely non existent dicrimination against Muslims while ignoring the genocide which muslims are visiting on Christians and Jews. He is a fool on steroids.

    Barack Obama is a flake. The chief characteristic of a flake is that he makes choices that are impossible to either understand or explain. These are not the errors of the poor dope who can’t grasp the essentials of a situation, or the neurotic who ruins things out of compulsion, or the man suffering chronic bad luck.

    The flake has a genius for discovering solutions at perfect right angles to the ordinary world. It’s as if he’s the product of a totally different evolutionary chain, in a universe where the laws are slightly but distinctly at variance to ours. When given a choice between left and right, the flake goes up — if not through the 8th dimension. And although there’s plenty of rationalization, there’s never a logical reason for any of it. After awhile, people stop asking.

    Obama’s rise has been widely portrayed as a kind of millennial Horatio Alger story — young lad from a new state on the outskirts of the American polity, a member of once-despised minority, works his way by slow degrees to within arm’s length of the presidency itself. That’s all well and good — we need national myths of exactly that type.

    But what has been overlooked is the string of faux pas marking each step of Obama’s journey, a series of strange, inexplicable actions, actions bizarre enough to require some effort at explanation, through such efforts have rarely been offered. It’s as if the new Horatio made it to the top by stepping into every last manhole and open trapdoor in his path. And we, the onlookers, the voters who are being asked to put this man in the White House, are supposed to take this as the normal career path for a successful chief executive.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2008/08/the_odd_choices_in_barack_obam.html#ixzz3SKP8Fqe6
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    Well, the walls are closing in on him. And us.

  5. Spot on Admin!!

    Obama has violated his oath of office in so many ways. He deserves to be held accountable for that. The failure of the Dims (with few exceptions) to take a strong stand against Obama’s actions is outrageous. In failing to stand-up for the constitution and the rule of law rather than for this shallow flash-in-the-pan president elected Dim leaders have violated their oaths of office and proven themselves to be unworthy to serve as elected officials.

    I so hope that Hillary is taking note.

  6. It is remarkable that despite all of the political talent, goodwill and positive momentum Barack Obama had when he came into office, his policies – both domestic and international – are in tatters. And it is ironic that the former law professor’s two biggest “accomplishments” — Obamacare and executive orders on immigration — are hanging precariously by a legal thread.

    Admin: Obama has been given enough rope to hang himself. The problem is our heads are in the noose too. And surely the heads of the Democrat party and the media, to the extent that there is a scintilla of difference. NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OUT OF HIS IMPLOSION. But the alternative, staying the course of his suicidal agenda given to him by Soros (supra) is far worse. Honestly, I doubt very much that we have caught the problem in time. I do think it is too late. Eight trillion dollars ago, when we were respected and feared rather than laughed at, it was possible to turn this thing around. But not anymore. I have been studying James Rickarts, and the entire system–all of it is so fragile and disaster is so proximate, that by the almighty it would’t take much. Apparently there is widespread consensus about this in the intelligence community. This bastard Obama SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED. And big media should have been destroyed for the good of the nation. There are more Brian Williams out there, and more corrupt big media excecutives whose heads need to roll for the good of this nation. We cannot go on much longer on this track. I am trying not to sound Apocolyptic, but as the old song goes its later than you think.

  7. The text of the Elie Wiesel open letter:


    “Will you join me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America?”

    Elie Wiesel

    Many centuries ago a wicked man in Persia named Haman advised: “There exists
    a nation scattered and dispersed among the others… It is not in our interest to tolerate them.”
    And the order went out to all the provinces, to “annihilate, murder and destroy the Jews, young and old, children and women.”

    Now Iran, modern Persia, has produced a new enemy. The Ayatollah Khamenei has been as clear as his predecessor in declaring his goal: “the annihilation and destruction” of Israel. He is bent on acquiring the weapons needed to make good on the deadly promise.

    The disaster of ages past was averted, but the event is remembered in the holiday of Purim. On March 5th, Jewish children in synagogues around the world will shout down the name of Haman when it is pronounced in the Book of Esther. They understand a simple truth that at times eludes world leaders: When someone in power threatens your destruction, you must loudly condemn him.

    On the day before Purim the Prime Minister of Israel will address Congress on the catastrophic danger of a nuclear Iran. I intend to be there. Should we not show our support for what might be the last clear warning before a terrible deal is struck? Santayana wrote that those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it. I believe that those who deny history – specifically the Holocaust – are determined to repeat it. President Obama, Vice President Biden, distinguished members of Congress,

    I ask you – As one who has seen the enemies of the Jewish people make good on threats to exterminate us, how can I remain silent?

    As Queen Esther said when addressing her King: “How can I behold the destruction of my people?”

    I plead with you to put aside the politics that have obscured the critical decisions to be made. Surely it is within your power to find a solution that will permit Israel’s Prime Minister to deliver his urgent message.

    Will you join me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America?

    In traditional Jewish families we close the Sabbath with the lighting of the Havdalah candle and a quote from the Book of Esther retelling how danger was replaced by light and happiness, and the blessing: “And so may it be for us.”

    March 3, March 4, March 5.

  8. In both cases, Obama is left hoping that a sympathetic court will allow unprecedented one-man rule and create a new era in which a president can rewrite existing laws in a manner never contemplated in the Constitution.
    By now, I am sure Roberts is hiding under the bed, trembling and waiting for that phone call directing him to uphold Obama, or else.

    I really feel sorry for Poor John. Poor John.

    But that is the problem when you abandon your commitment just once, then there is another just once, pretty soon you don’t know WHO you are.

    It will be interesting to see what he does to rescue Obama this time.

    Last time, as you will recall, he adopted the tax argument, after the Solicitor had abandoned it in open court.

  9. He resurrected a bogus argument which was explicitly waived by the government–something no judge should ever do.

  10. Jim Webb FINALLY ditches the Kiwi Cordovan hair. I think I’m in love. Seriously, I always thought he was what the Democrat party needed.

  11. admin
    February 20, 2015 at 6:17 pm
    While Bibi is speaking to congress about the need to avert a second holocaust, big media will be asking about Obama

    I wonder what our king
    Is doing tonight
    What merriment is our king
    Pursuing to night

    And to Obama they are singing

    Take me along
    If you love a me
    You can take airforce 1 to the Bahamas on the taxpayer
    And we, we will fly to friendly skies of United
    We choomers must all stick together
    And by the way Obama, in case you hadn’t noticed
    We at big media love you.

  12. Terrible times for Guiterrez, George Washington of illegals, predictor of violent revolution.

    Two weeks ago he was taking deep bows and curtain calls.

    Now the only curtain calls he gets are the ones he gives himself.

    Hey mon, you promised us amnesty, voting rights, the right to take American jobs from Americans, a gravy train of benefits, family unification, and a 25K bonus from taxpayers.

    Que pasa?

  13. Alcina, this from the Webb article sounds right:


    “The Democratic Party has lost the message that made it such a great party for so many years,” he said. “And that message was: ‘Take care of working people, take care of the people who have no voice in the corridors of power.’ ” [snip]

    The progressives who decide Democratic primaries have always regarded him with suspicion—and not just because he’s a white, ex-military, Southern male who loathes “interest-group politics.” His decades’ worth of controversial op-eds and public pronouncements—which have included sharp denunciations of women in combat, affirmative action, ’60s liberals, and antiwar protesters—have understandably left them wondering whether he can be trusted. Webb’s strong suit is speaking to disaffected white folk; he understands them intuitively. And Webb is more simpatico with the moderate wing of the party on matters such as guns (he loves ’em). But the issues that will drive Webb’s campaign are the ones that will drive the opposition to Clinton—mainly from the Left.

    And so: no money, no organization, no natural constituency—a Webb 2016 effort looks, to the conventionally wise, like the ultimate exercise in quixotism, something no sane politician would consider. [snip]

    “The natural base of the Democratic Party, working-class folks, looked at both parties back in the ’80s and saw they weren’t going to get any more help on economic issues,” Webb went on. “The one place they thought they could make a difference was on these divisive social issues, so that’s how they’ve been voting. But I think that has run its course now.” Later, he told me, “If we can get a number of these people to come back to the Democratic Party based on economic populism and fairness, rather than the way they’ve been maneuvered on issues like flag-burning, God, guts, guns, gays—if they can be reached out to with respect, and in terms of fundamental fairness, I think a lot of them will come back to the Democratic Party.” [snip]

    But even though Webb’s antiwar, anti-Bush message fit the moment like a glove, the campaign presaged some of the challenges he might face in 2016, on a vastly larger national stage. Not surprisingly, Virginians didn’t know quite what to make of a former Reagan Cabinet member who supported abortion rights. Or a candidate who denounced the war and decried economic inequities—but who also had a long, richly documented history of liberal-bashing. His view on same-sex marriage, meanwhile, was hard to parse: Webb opposed it, but he also opposed a constitutional ban that was on the Virginia ballot that year.

    Webb’s stubborn refusal to toe any political or partisan line sometimes leaves him looking like a walking, talking human contradiction—a quality that doesn’t tend to play well in political campaigns. “Webb is often categorized as a centrist,” The Roanoke Times editorialized after his video was released. “That’s not true. Webb simply does not fit neatly into the conventional, two-dimensional left-to-right universe. To understand where Webb is coming from, you have to think in three dimensions, which will be his problem with party activists (and some journalists, as well).”

    By 2006, Webb had long since changed his tune about women in combat—the offending article he wrote, all-too-memorably titled “Women Can’t Fight,” had been published in 1979, and he had an impressive track record of hiring and promoting women into combat roles during his Pentagon tenure. But the characteristically strong rhetoric of the piece, when Allen’s camp revived it, planted nagging doubts in the minds of women voters, especially. His running op-ed battle against affirmative action, and his championing of Scots-Irish culture and “Jacksonian democracy,” had the same effect on African-American voters, as well as the white progressive professionals who’d flooded into Northern Virginia and turned the state purple. Webb had been especially effusive in a 2000 Wall Street Journal book review that was widely quoted and wondered at: “Affirmative action, which originally sought to repair the state-induced damage to blacks from slavery and its aftermath, has within one generation brought about a permeating state-sponsored racism that is as odious as the Jim Crow laws it sought to countermand.”

    To add to the confusing wrinkles, this “state-sponsored racism” guy was the same candidate who was making criminal-justice reform a campaign issue—a rarity in 2006—and was out on the campaign stump railing against the over-incarceration of black men and others as a “national disgrace.” Aside from Iraq, everything about Webb seemed overcomplicated, impossible to sort out and categorize. Even his populism had an extra dimension. Where John Edwards was preaching about the “Two Americas,” Webb was saying there were actually three. “We’ve done a pretty good job in this country in terms of the safety net for people who’ve fallen by the wayside; we’re not perfect, but we’ve got good programs,” he explained to me. “The people at the very top, they’re off the charts. The challenge is to make it fair for the people in the middle.” [snip]

    Early in President Obama’s term, Webb says he advised him strongly that making health care reform his first great crusade would be a “strategic mistake”—it would cost too much in political capital, he said, and the economy needed full attention. (Webb eventually voted for Obamacare, with reservations.) While he mostly lined up behind Obama’s initiatives, Webb again found himself in conflict with the president—and, by extension, with Secretary of State Clinton—over the administration’s response to the Arab Spring, particularly the U.S. involvement in Libya. What, he repeatedly demanded to know, was our guiding strategy in the Mideast?

  14. I wish Hillary would select Webb as her running mate.

    That could bring back the white male voters who have abandoned the party.

    And it could neutralize right wing attacks against her by Rove et al.

    Rove has a personal hatred for Hillary and she mentioned that at a small fundraiser in Seattle in 2007.

  15. An “emergency” filing so lackadaisically filed sometime around Monday?

    Some good answers from Politico on the Friday released news that there will be something or other filed by Monday:


    Under pressure, White House seeks stay of immigration decision

    The Obama administration will seek to block a judge’s order barring President Barack Obama from moving forward with executive actions to grant quasi-legal status and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, the White House announced Friday.

    With pressure building from immigrant rights activists for swift action to overturn the injunction a federal judge in Texas issued Monday night, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the administration decided to seek a stay that could lift the order. The action could buy time as an appeal Obama promised plays out.

    At a daily briefing, Earnest said Department of Justice lawyers will file legal papers by “Monday at the latest.” [snip]

    Many legal experts believe the administration faces an uphill battle in seeking to block the preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen, in large part because it effectively freezes the status quo.

    However, many Latino activists have emphasized that they want the administration to pull out all the stops to get the president’s executive actions up and running swiftly. [snip]

    Earnest emphasized that the administration’s appeal, which Obama promised Tuesday but has also yet to be filed, will proceed regardless of whether Justice Department lawyers succeed in getting a stay. [snip]

    The Obama administration’s request for a stay will go first to Hanen, who is likely to deny it. The Justice Department will then take the request to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is considered the nation’s most conservative appeals court. If the 5th Circuit rules against the administration, it could ask the Supreme Court to allow Obama’s plans to proceed while the legal battle continues.

    While a stay would allow the Obama administration to move ahead with the programs Obama announced in November, seeking a stay and failing to get it could underscore public doubts about the legality of the president’s immigration plans.

    A top immigration lawyer told POLITICO this week he doubts either the 5th Circuit or the Supreme Court will issue a stay.

    I just don’t see either court granting a stay. A stay is typically granted to have the status quo maintained,” said former Immigration and Naturalization Service general counsel Paul Virtue, now with law firm Mayer Brown. “Legally, I don’t think they have much of a basis for seeking a stay……Trying to get the thing expedited [at the 5th Circuit] is the better approach.”

    Even if the administration wins a stay from the 5th Circuit or the Supreme Court, the legality of the president’s initiatives would still be in some doubt, which could discourage applications from some immigrants. A more definitive ruling from the 5th Circuit or in another appeal pending at the D.C. Circuit could help lift that cloud.

    This is a publicity stunt for “activists” that will do more harm to Obama’s case. Why have they waited so long for this “emergency” filing? Why announce the filing to happen on a Friday?

    For those looking for extra laughs consider this: The emergency request to lift the stay will first have to be filed with Judge Hanen. We will bust our guts laughing if Judge Hanen simply takes his time to respond to the “emergency” request and instead schedules a series of hearings that will take months and months and months before he eventually issues a decision. Likewise the Fifth Circuit could take its sweet time also and schedule briefing and arguments so long in the future the issue will be decided when Barack and Michelle have long since left the White House and their marriage.

  16. wbboei
    February 20, 2015 at 6:48 pm
    I wish Hillary would select Webb as her running mate.
    agreed. selecting Webb might even allow me to consider HRC, again.

  17. …below the surface the contempt is even worse than we think…


    Unwelcome mat: White House tries to counter Netanyahu visit

    WASHINGTON (AP) — In what is becoming an increasingly nasty grudge match, the White House is mulling ways to undercut Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trip to Washington and blunt his message that a potential nuclear deal with Iran is bad for Israel and the world.

    There are limits. Administration officials have discarded the idea of President Barack Obama himself giving an Iran-related address to rebut the two speeches Netanyahu is to deliver during his early March visit. But other options remain on the table.

    Among them: a presidential interview with a prominent journalist known for coverage of the rift between Obama and Netanyahu, multiple Sunday show television appearances by senior national security aides and a pointed snub of America’s leading pro-Israel lobby, which is holding its annual meeting while Netanyahu is in Washington, according to the officials.

    The administration has already ruled out meetings between Netanyahu and Obama, saying it would be inappropriate for the two to meet so close to Israel’s March 17 elections. But the White House is now doubling down on a cold-shoulder strategy, including dispatching Cabinet members out of the country and sending a lower-ranking official than normal to represent the administration at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the officials said.

    Vice President Joe Biden will be away, his absence behind Netanyahu conspicuous in coverage of the speech to Congress. Other options were described by officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss internal deliberations.

    Netanyahu’s plan for a March 3 address to a joint meeting of Congress has further strained already tense ties between the U.S. and Israel. Congressional Republicans orchestrated Netanyahu’s visit without consulting the White House or State Department, a move the Obama administration blasted as a break in diplomatic protocol. Some Democratic lawmakers say they will boycott the speech.

    U.S. officials believe Netanyahu’s trip to Washington is aimed primarily at derailing a nuclear deal with Iran, Obama’s signature foreign policy objective. While Netanyahu has long been skeptical of the negotiations, his opposition has increased over what he sees as Obama’s willingness to make concessions that would leave Iran on the brink of being able to build a nuclear weapon. His opposition has intensified as negotiations go into overdrive with an end-of-March deadline for a framework deal.

    “I think this is a bad agreement that is dangerous for the state of Israel, and not just for it,” Netanyahu said Thursday.

    The difference of opinion over the deal has become unusually rancorous.

    The White House and State Department have both publicly accused Israeli officials of leaking “cherry-picked” details of the negotiations to try to discredit the administration. And, in extraordinary admissions this week, the administration acknowledged that the U.S. is withholding sensitive details of the talks from Israel, its main Middle East ally, to prevent such leaks.

    The rebukes have only emboldened the leader of Israel, whose country Iran has threatened to annihilate. He has a double-barrel attack on the Iran talks ready for when he arrives in Washington. Not only will he address Congress, he will also deliver similar remarks at the AIPAC conference, an event to which administrations past and present have traditionally sent top foreign policy officials.

    But maybe not this year.

    An AIPAC official said Friday that the group has not yet received any reply to its invitation for senior administration figures to attend the meeting that starts March 1. The official stressed that last-minute RSVPs are not unusual, but the White House has been signaling for some time that a Cabinet-level guest may not coming.

    Instead, the administration is toying with the idea of sending newly installed Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken to speak to the conference, according to officials familiar with internal discussions on the matter. But it’s possible Treasury Secretary Jack Lew could attend.

    Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, who have both previously addressed AIPAC, will be out of the country on foreign travel that appears to have been arranged to make them unavailable to speak. Biden will be visiting Uruguay and Guatemala on a trip that was announced after Netanyahu’s speech was scheduled, while the State Department announced abruptly this week that Kerry will be traveling to as-yet-determined destinations for the duration of the AIPAC conference.

    Obama spoke to AIPAC in 2012, while he was in the midst of his re-election campaign.

  18. btw…where is DWS going to be when Bibi speaks…

    Admin…I was in the midst of copying the ‘snub’ link above when I came to this post and saw that you had already constructed what I have been thinking…and I think so many of us are thinking…

    …and Rudy is getting at…

    I do not understand how the American Jewish people can still support or trust O in any way…he isn’t even trying to conceal his contempt for Israel…

    I hope our Supreme Court has eyes wide open on ALL that is going on in this country..on so many levels…big picture…

  19. Fire!


    Dubai: A massive fire has broken out in the Torch building at Dubai marina. The blaze Started on 50th floor and is spreading, a resident said. The Marina Torch is a residential skyscraper at the Dubai Marina. The tower is one of the tallest residential building in the world. The tower reaches 336.1 m (1105 ft) in height with 79 floors above ground. [snip]

    Thousands of people have been evacuated and the fire is getting worse, according to witnesses. Chunks of masonry on fire are falling. The fire seems to have started about level 51. High winds are causing the fire to spread rapidly, says a witness.

  20. btw…where is the Jewish community in the entertainment industry…the sarah silvermans, weinsteins, etc…they cannot support all this garbage coming out of O with the Dims backing it up…


  21. Tony, that is the funniest line I’v seen in a while.

    If you think about the horrors that ISIS has committed, Obama’s admonishment that they should not be allowed to corrupt or destroy Islam as a religion is infuriating. Maybe the world will start to give a shit about what ISIS is doing o Islam after these monsters stop hacking people’s heads off and burning them alive. It’s difficult to believe those actions describe the behavior of any group in the modern world. it’s even more difficult to believe that a president of this country is not enraged about this. It’s not surprising that Obama, himself, isn’t enraged – given his lack of concern about people, in general (unless those people are young black males who have a criminal background).

    Imagine how Clinton would have reacted, or either of the Bush presidents. There would be hell to pay. Shit would be hitting fans. I’m not sure how Carter would have responded but I can’t help but believe he would have been more concerned than Barack.

    When you really look at how heinous the acts committed by ISIS are and how unconcerned O has been, especially when compared to the manner in which other presidents would likely have responded, the bizarreness of this administration just smacks you in the face. People are being burned alive and he holds a summit, but refuses to plainly and accurately identify the killers.

    What was there to be accomplished by a summit anyway – other than to do as Barack did and try to undo the damage of his crazy-ass comment about the Christians and the Crusades. If someone is posing an immediate and horrendous threat, the appropriate response is not to hold a three day meeting to talk about WHY they want to cut your effing head off.

  22. Latino activists have emphasized that they want the administration to pull out all the stops to get the president’s executive actions up and running swiftly. [snip]
    We should be questioning the patriotism of these junkies as well. Their lead orgainization, i.e. La Raza means Race and their aim is to take back the American Southwest. They are the enemy of the American People.

  23. S, the more Obama tries to block Netanyahu (as the startling article you posted documents) the more attention and importance the Netanyahu speech will receive. Obama could strip himself naked in front of the Empire State Building on March 3 and people will still watch Netanyahu.

    As to Sarah Siverman/weinsteins/etc. the star of this production is Wiesel.

  24. A stilted translation but you get the point:


    Several hundred people were in the afternoon taken to the mosque on Dortheavej in Copenhagen Northwest area to say goodbye to the 22-year-old assassin Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, who was shot and killed by police Sunday morning after even to have killed two civilians and wounded five officers…

    Guards of the Islamic Society assessed against Politiken reporter on the spot, Kristian Corfixen that there were almost twice as many people gathered in and around the mosque as normal Friday prayers…

    Several present at the mosque indicated that Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein had a large circle of acquaintances. They feel that no matter what you’ve done, you deserve a Muslim funeral, if the family’s wishes…

    As the hearse began to roll, echoed street of praise of God. ‘Allahu akbar’, said. Muslims from all ages gathered on the street, but there were especially many young people, several with sunglasses, scarves up on the face or head buried in a cap as a sign that they would not be photographed, tells Politiken reporter.

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayGkA-vxrMc

    Illegal Alien to Gutterierz

    Hey mon,

    You promised us:


    Voting rights,

    The right to steal American jobs from Americans,

    A gravy train of benefits, and-

    A 25K bonus from taxpayers.

    Que pasa mon?

    Guterrez to illegals

    You must take matters into your own hands . . .

    Illegal Alien

    No mon

    Usted not es Jorge Washington

    No es verdad

    Usted es hombre malo

    Usted es HOMBRE MENTIROSO!!!!

    Como se dice en Ingles?


  26. admin
    February 20, 2015 at 8:35 pm
    S, the more Obama tries to block Netanyahu (as the startling article you posted documents) the more attention and importance the Netanyahu speech will receive. Obama could strip himself naked in front of the Empire State Building on March 3 and people will still watch Netanyahu.

    Hollywood has been doing this for years.

    The movie you are about to see is not for the fainthearted.

    It is not the fair tale others are telling you.

    It is the truth with the bark off.

    Obama forbids you to see this.

    But the choice is yours, not his.

    So watch it—if you dare.

    (Comment: for an asshole like Obama who pays more attention to stagecraft than strategy, he has really screwed the pooch on this one.)

  27. Oh, by the way, Admin: a brilliant article on your part.

    Forgive me for not saying so in my initial comment.

    You have given us a lot to chew on.

  28. With pressure building it is high time for no drama Obama to hit the links. Or better yet the lynx. Links don’t care as long as you pay the green fee and replace your divots. Lynx however take a dimmer view of being attacked. And, unlike RINOs they don’t flinch when Obama calls them racists, or tells them they are on the wrong side of history or dismisses them because they did not go to Harvard. I picked up a book today called Modernist Cusine—I did not find faculty lounge on the menu however. The lynx will have to improvise, or else go hungry. Question: do lynx eat skunks? Oh, sorry, I am confusing Obama with Holder.

  29. Forgive me Lord for I have sinned. I said the great glorious big media beloved messiah had his head up his ass when he said Muslims have been part of the American experience from the beginning. And, now, after due diligence on that subject I must admit he is right. Give him a cupie doll. Turns out Jefferson Davis hired a muslim to investigate the feasibility of using camels on the western plains in the Indian Wars. Bingo! Yup, there are right up their with the christians, but because they were not lilly white, they were denied the recognition they deserved for such a noble contribution. Oh, yes, they were also the slave traders and slave transporters so they contributed to this nation in that way as well. It is so excellent to have a president who is really really really focused on something as irrelevant and wrong as this, but what the hell, in a pinch he can apologize for that as well. Also, since half the country believes him and hangs on his every word, it is working–this transformation business. By the time he is done we will be bankrupt and have a civil war on our hands. And big media will be blaming everyone but him and themselves. How nice.

  30. With pressure building it is high time for no drama Obama to hit the links. Or better yet the lynx. Links don’t care as long as you pay the green fee and replace your divots. Lynx however take a dimmer view of being attacked. And, unlike RINOs they don’t flinch when Obama calls them racists, or tells them they are on the wrong side of history or dismisses them because they did not go to Harvard. I picked up a book today called Modernist Cusine—I did not find faculty lounge on the menu however. The lynx will have to improvise, or else go hungry. Question: do lynx eat skunks? Oh, sorry, I am confusing Obama with Holder.

    You are cookin’ tonite, wbb. lol

  31. Rev. Wright is wrong:

    “God damn America!” (spinning hand in the air), “America’s chickens…….are coming home…….to roost!”

    Obama spent 20 years listening to this hatred of whites, in a ‘church’.

  32. Obama could strip himself naked in front of the Empire State Building on March 3 and people will still watch Netanyahu.

    Oh the visual of the stick man in the buff……………..gack.

  33. Is that a semi-provocative picture of Hillary with a younger actor on Drudge?

    Hillary looks like she can hardly control herself from ripping off his suit jacket.

    The story is about this guy, some tv stuff that I couldn’t finish more than a paragraph of the story, (boring)…and it only caught my attention because of the photo with Hillary.

  34. Another figment of the perverse imagination of the left wing media: Obama is a genius.

    If so, that makes him the only genius in the world with an IQ of only 124.

    By contrast, Bibi has an IQ of 180.

    Put differently, he is half again smarter than the big media beloved messiah.

  35. OK, I’m backing off more and more on the 26 States v DHS case. I wasn’t aware of the prior DACA action that the States say was harmful and of the same nature as the DAPA. If there are reasonable parallels between the two programs, then the plaintiff States do have standing on the basis of prior damages.

    As for the merits, I still didn’t understand the first count against the DHS. Perhaps there is abuse of the APA.

    So, if the plaintiffs have standing and a valid case on the merits, as the New York Times and other analysts seem to agree, then it is definitely a downer for Obola and I’m all for it.

    – * – * –

    As for the pro-terrorist stance of Obola, I can see no way around it. He can be nothing other than a vituperative enemy of Israel and America. Makes me want to believe in God again.

  36. wbboei February 20, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    I wish Hillary would select Webb as her running mate.

    Webb’s an OK guy, but he’s not my pick. The best thing about him, though there are other things, is that he’s not from the political class, really (spent only 6 years as senator).

    I would like to see HRC run with someone who is from outside the political world altogether — a state attorney general, for example, or someone from business.

    Recently, I saw a list of possible VPs that she’s already considering. None of them were pols — senators or governors — and there was one attorney general (California).

    My suggestion would be to recruit Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina, who are both nominal Republicans, to be sure; but if she could recruit them, it would be a bitch-slap to both parties and the political class as a whole. Plus a competent, bipartisan two-woman ticket.

    Then, for Secretary of Commerce: Donald Trump.

  37. foxyladi14
    February 21, 2015 at 10:27 am
    Some people do not like Obama’s war plans.
    h/t Amy 🙂
    Well . . .

    Those racists! (This is your cue big media–go start your echo chamber–racism, racism, they wouldnt’t say this if he were white)

    And besides which

    He did promise transparency

    Except with regard to his conspiracies to bring down this country

    There, he is perfectly happy to stonewall

    But other than that little exception

    What could be more transparent

    Than announcing your war plans

    Before you attack

    Cudos to the big media beloved messiah

    And cudos to big media

    Ly’n Brian is devastated they say

    And so am I

    Know this, big media

    Stop obsessing about your non existent credibility

    Ly’n Brian, the commodore of your corrupt enterprise

    Died for your sins

    And it was one of those glorious deaths

    Like Heston in El Cid.

    Sans the throat cutter

    And while you were sitting so close

    To that scumbag Letterman

    Whatever possessed you NOT to use it

    Those opportunities arise rarely if ever

  38. This excerpt is from the article Hold’em linked at 11:03:

    “I think it hurts the GOP brand once again,” a Republican strategist said. “It’s these types of comments that make the independent voter just think that we’re crazy!”

    Giuliani responded on Friday, “I don’t know how good the political judgment of the people in my party is — because they blew the last two elections.”

    Some GOP insiders defended Giuliani and said he is giving voice to what many may believe, but fear to say.

    “When the Pope is sounding more hawkish than the President of the United States, then the White House just doesn’t get it,” a longtime party operative said, “and I believe Rudy’s genuinely frustrated about that — as are a lot of other people.”


    The concern about “hurting the GOP brand” is revealing. That’s ALWAYS the concern with both Republicans and Dims. Everything is about image, party, and votes. Therein lies the problem.

    I was glad that Rudy refused to recant his statement. He said his refusal was because the statement was “from the heart” – not calculated for some political advantage. I tend to believe him. I just hope the Republicans have the sense and the guts not to squash any possible dialogue that could come from it.

    MSM will go over the top crazy, repeating the coverage for weeks, hopefully. MSM and the Dims and even some Republicans can treat Rudy’s statement as outrageous, but there are a lot of people out there who agree with Rudy. Hopefully, in MSM’s rush to defend Obama, using their usual tactics – keep the story playing – they will have the opposite of the desired effect. People who have been thinking what Rudy said, but were too afraid to say it may realize that there are many other Americans from all over this country who feel as they do. MSM may think they’re crazy but much of America does not.

    I don’t think the lib media have any clue how many moderate Dems and Republicans – not hard right conservatives – actually have the same concerns Rudy expressed.

    Rudy may have kicked the hornets nest. And, media may be almost out of insect repellant.

  39. My suggestion would be to recruit Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina, who are both nominal Republicans,
    And a wonderful suggestion at that.

    Only three problems with it:

    1. wrong party

    2. no diversity

    3. no sale to the white demographic (70% of the electorate)

    Other than that it is just wunderbar

  40. a Republican strategist said
    Correction: an UNAMED Repbublican strategist who believes that there is nothing rotten in Denmark was heard to exclaim: pass me the smelling salts I feel faint. I warned you not to scare the horses—or tell the truth. Now, we will lose every election from here to eternity because you said Obama does not love the country. People who can barely remember who is president, or what year it is, will remember this comment in perpetuity, and they will never again vote Republican.

    Okay, I know who this unnamed chicken little faux Republican strategist is–and he is an architect of their past defeats, but he is also the go to guy for big media whenever they feel the compulsion to trash republicans once a day ever day all day long. He has an office at the conservative think tank AEI and his name is Norman Orstein. Need I say more?

  41. OK, I’m backing off more and more on the 26 States v DHS case.
    Thank god we are over that hurdle.

    Now that you have given your blessing to the plaintiff’s position, I am sure the supreme court will give full faith and credit to your judgement in re. standing.

    Color me relieved.

  42. I went for a walk this morning at the oldest park in Seattle, which was designed by Omstead who was the designer of Central Part in New York and one of my heroes.

    On the southwest corner of the park, there sits a stately old home which houses a number of families of limited means. And as of this morning I noticed one of those signs that you see at every corner of the city today, thanks to the cowardice of a succession of weak kneed mayors who give blow jobs to the real estate vultures who are spending the vast sums of money flooding into our town from Europe. The sign announced the plan to tear down this relic of old Seattle in order to construct a 34 unit apartment dwelling of particle board, plywood and garish colors with retail space at the bottom. This is the pattern–build up, not out.

    Normally, I am not keen on spray painting public places. It is often the sign of gang activity and it leads to a general decline in civility and the rule of law. One of the first things Rudy did when he became mayor and reclaimed New York from the street thugs was to prohibit street graffiti.

    But there are exception where, as here, I whole heartedly approve. Spray painted across this white sign announcing this transmorgification, of which there have been one thousand examples here in the last two years, was the following message.

    “Where’s the love Aloha (Street). The displacement here is real. Where will we live now????” In other words, this transmorgification which fattens the wallets of European investors, is impoverishing Americans and causing them to be evicted from their homes. Is there a remedy at law? Unfortunately, there is not. I thought of taking a picture of that sign and sending it to the Seattle Times along with a request that those enthusiasts of endless development tell the rest of the story. But then it I realized this was fanciful thinking on my part, since the Blethan family that owns that blighted newspaper has been a defender of corruption since the days of Chief Seattle.

  43. I am also reminded of the ghost cities being built today in China, which no one lives in, but they must build because they cannot afford to stop the economic engine which consumes everything that stands in its path.

  44. Makes me want to believe in God again.
    Are you absolutely certain you want to go that far?

    Or, do you just mean the goddess Nemesis?

    The agent of Obama’s downfall.


    RedState Gathering Set For Atlanta in 2015! Click here for more information.
    « BACK | PRINT
    Congressman Gutierrez on Immigration – Terrorism Works Like Hell!
    ISIS Learns From Our Leadership That the Best Way to Handle American Politicians Is To Threaten Murder

    By: Repair_Man_Jack (Diary) | February 21st, 2015 at 08:00 AM | 3


    Share on Facebook 27

    Genicidier Wannabe

    Genicidier Wannabe

    Why should ISIS burn more people alive? It’s probably not even personal anymore. That sort of thing only strokes Mr. Jones until it gets boring. Well, there are logical reasons to chuck gays off the roof also. When dealing with squeam-livered Westerners, it has a positive ROI. ISIS just watches how Americans do politics and figure it’s the only way to get their attention. I mean, American politicos will be all cute and multi-cultural; but they just won’t stop condescending and respect you until you feed them the Alabama Truth-serum. Now why would ISIS think this crazy thing*?

    They probably spend too much of their spare time watching CNN.** They watch how American political figures react to things. For example, Congressman Gutierrez didn’t like the fact that a major legal decision stood athwart the further enacting of his and President Barack Obama’s favored Eyes Wide Shut, Legs Spread Wide Immigration Policy (EWSLSWIP). This meant that they couldn’t import new people to replace our disappointing workforce and electorate rapidly enough to meet these two gentlemen’s highly exacting specifications. Therefore we had to move past dialogue*** into the realm of sincere diplomacy****. This would lead to bi-partisan compromise****. ISIS can’t help but see a goldmine in that whole dynamic.

    You see, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)17% doesn’t enter thug mode because he is stupid. Gutierrez is ruthless, intelligent and analytic. He wouldn’t make it very far in a violent, bigoted, political terrorist group like La Raza if he weren’t. He has undoubtedly read two of the seminal founding documents of Post-modern America. That would be “Radical Chic” and “Mau-Mauing the Flak-Catchers” by that Great American Patriot of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Tom Wolfe.

    Of course, Tow Wolfe meant this as hard and sardonic social criticism; Hunter S. Thompson anthropology, if you will. The Constant Reader is supposed to laugh his butt off; not tell HR at Community Organizing Ltd. to put it in the employee handbook. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)17% was more literal-minded. It’s the community organizing how-to manual. You don’t just need the weight of the poor; you’ve got to get proper leverage.

    And regardless of your opinion on the EWSLSWIP, there is the vitally important issue of the tactics involved. When Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)17%, as a functional adult and a member of Congress, goes on the air and implicitly and deliberately threatens Upper Middle Class White People with murder every time he doesn’t get what he wants politically, he sends a message. He sends a message that resonates far beyond whatever piddle-fornication issue he happens to be threatening Rwandan Racial Genocide against The Iniquitous Pale-People over. It sends a message because he is issuing these death-threats worthy of a morally debased wag-halter in a medieval city’s gutter and still continues to have a political career.

    That message carries. It carries across the ocean. Our enemies in ISIS are as intelligent and capable as they are cynical and evil. They hear Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)17% and realize that his method of communication is how you talk with an American if you don’t want that conceited butt-hole to patronize you through the prevailing smug-cloud of post-modern arrogance. When you threaten an America with having to fish his wife’s head out of the toilet, after the Jihad Boys have raped her twenty or thirty times; that American will no longer try to put a cute, little star on your adorable, poverty-case 3rd world nose. You will have his complete and undivided attention.

    The enemy learns from those who lead us. Hillaire Belloc described how the West feeds the engines of our own cultural demise below.

    We sit by and watch the barbarian. We tolerate him in the long stretches of peace, we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence; his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creed refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond, and on these faces there are no smiles.

    *-Just answering that they’re bleeping bat-bleep only gets you partial credit.
    **-Just as a propitiation offering, I suggest they read Redstate.com instead.
    ***Dialogue – When a Liberal screams at a Conservative and calls her or him a bigot.
    ****Diplomacy – When a Liberal threatens to burn Ferguson, MO if the Conservative doesn’t immediately surrender.
    *****Bi- Partisan Compromise – When Neville Chamberlain moderately signs over The Sudetenland in return for peace in our time and thereby becomes a “Republican That Grew.”

  46. More on this hump Gutierrez:

    With a background as a community activist and organizer Gutiérrez often uses civil disobedience when pushing political causes and legislation. He was arrested in May 2000 in protest of the US military using the inhabited Puerto Rican island of Vieques as a bombing range, and again in May 2010 in protest of presidential inaction on immigration reform.[33][38] In 2010 and 2011 he was arrested protesting presidential inaction on immigration reform and a record-breaking one-million deportations under President Obama.

  47. Netanyahu’s campaign goes viral on Facebook

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis
    The scandals and slurs Binyamin Netanyahu’s rivals floated against him and his wife ahead of March 17 voting-day have become boomerangs. Likud is lengthening its lead in the polls, as previously adamant non-voters rally around the victims. The early opposition slogan: “Just not him,” made way this week for: “It’s either Likud or them” – after the prime minister successfully harnessed the social media to reach new voters, of whom 130,000 will be casting their ballots for the first time. The ratio between the hits on his accounts and those of the Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Yitzhak Herzog is roughly 9:1.

  48. wbboei…

    makes you kind of wonder…what are O and The Dims going to do if/when Mr. Netanyahu wins again…

    are they going to spend the next two years going after Israel (and Crusading Christians) while making excuses for (islamic) ‘extremist radicals’…all the while the ‘extremist radicals’ announce to the world they are killing people in the name of islam and that they believe in philosophy of ‘apoleptic end of days’ and they are here to ensure it happens…

    …and how in the world does this position by O and the Dims help Hillary win?


  49. http://nypost.com/2015/02/21/giuliani-obama-influenced-by-communists-since-youth/

    “He spent 17 years in the church of Jeremiah Wright, and this is the guy who said ‘God damn America, not God bless America,’ ’’ Giuliani said.

    “Obama never left that church.”

    Giuliani said Obama doesn’t measure up to past presidents.

    “He doesn’t talk about America the way John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did, about America’s greatness and exceptionalism,” said Giuliani.

    “He was educated by people who were critics of the US. And he has not been able to overcome those influences.”

    Giuliani also implied he was the only one with the chutzpah to call out Obama, saying: “Somebody has to raise these issues with the president. Somebody has to have the courage to stand up.”

    Giuliani also bashed Obama for seeming to focus more attention on the police shooting in Missouri, which, he said, “turned out to be justified,” than the killings by Islamic fanatics. “How could you hold a press conference about Ferguson and not hold a press conference when Christians and Jews were slaughtered?” he asked.

  50. http://www.whitehousedossier.com/2015/02/20/netanyahu-coming-speak/

    Why Netanyahu is Coming to Speak

    Prime Mininster Netanyahu’s trip to address Congress early next month, and his open defiance of President Obama, is not the result of some kind of personality conflict between the two leaders, as the sensitive, egoistic Obama probably suspects. It is, rather, a last-ditch effort by Netanyahu to try to save his country. And ours.

    Netanyahu has apparently come to the conclusion that there is little value left in trying to appease Obama, because the president is about to enter into a deal with Iran that is unacceptable to Israel. The only thing Netanyahu can do is make his case to Congress and the American people. In this regard, the controversy surrounding his visit actually helps, rather than hinders, his cause, because it will drum up inkwells of press coverage and publicity.

    According to Israeli minister of intelligence Yuval Steinitz, who spoke to David Ignatius of the Washington Post, Netanyahu came to the conclusion last month that Obama’s deal would allow Iran to keep thousands of centrifuges spinning. And the agreement would be good for no more than a dozen years, which is nothing for countries like both Iran and Israel, which think in terms of millennia.

    Iran, Steinetz noted, now thinks of itself as a superpower and will not easily drop its nuclear weapons aspirations.

    According to Ignatius:

    Netanyahu’s skepticism reached a tipping point last month when he concluded that the United States had offered so many concessions to Iran that any deal reached would be bad for Israel. He broke with Obama, first in a private phone call Jan. 12, and then in his public acceptance of an offer by GOP House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress on March 3 and, in effect, lobby against the deal.

    Despite Netanyahu’s view that it was a “great mistake” to accept any Iranian enrichment, Steinitz said that “we got the impression that it might be symbolic. The initial figure [discussed by the United States and its negotiating partners] was ‘a few hundred centrifuges.’ ” Now, he said, the United States is contemplating “thousands.” According to Israeli press reports, the United States has offered to allow Iran to operate at least 6,500 centrifuges.

    “The temptation [for Iran] is not now but in two or three or four years, when the West is preoccupied with other crises,” he added. Steinitz said that if Iran chose to “sneak out” at such a moment, it would take the United States and its allies months to determine the pact had been violated, and another six months to form a coalition for sanctions or other decisive action. By then, it might be too late.

  51. S
    February 21, 2015 at 2:08 pm


    makes you kind of wonder…what are O and The Dims going to do if/when Mr. Netanyahu wins again…
    Obama is SO DESPERATE for a deal–any deal with Iran that he will use Zeib Brezeneski’s CIA crew (which is still intact) to dig up dirt on Bibi. Also, he will side with the left wing dictators in condemning Israel, not overtly but covertly, feeding them false information to diss Israel with. Chicago politics of personal destruction on the international scale. This is not speculation and conjecture. This is the game that Obama and his fellow dimocrats are playing, and it will only intensify. Again, if you go back to that Foreign Affairs article circa 2008 it identified getting a deal with Iran as the number one foreign policy objective. That is the priority given the the president by the Council of Foreign Relations about whom Hillary remarked not entirely in jest they give us (politicians) our marching orders. And the purpose of those marching orders has less to do with advancing the strategic interests of the United States, and far more to do with lining their pocket books, as a deal with Iran would do–for people like Immelt.

  52. Dashing David Ignatius.

    Ass. Editor of WashPo.

    The mench to whom all big media defers.

    Because he is so smart, so she she, and an parrots the beltway narrative to perfection.

    Who can forget his pep talk to the nation on the eve of the 2012 election.

    Admonishing the great unwashed to not get uppity about Obama

    But to reflect on the fact that under the big media beloved messiah we have peace and prosperity

    (Inside the Beltway–a qualifier he inadvertently neglected to mention)

    Now Saint Igantius, is bemoaning the fact that the Arabs are giving him exactly what he deserves, i.e. the back of their hand and a swift kick to the balls.

    What ingrates these mortals be.

    They forget who they are dissing, i.e. a man whose stellar resume equips him for no other calling than to (tut tut) rule the world, i.e. St. Albans School, Harvard University, King’s College, Cambridge. (Wowee!)

    Too bad he is also ignorant as a swan, and at this point it he is showing.

    How dare that Israel foreign minister say they do not want a second Holocaust.

    How disloyal to Obama.

    But, world class reporter that david dearest is he reports it with a snear of condescension as befits his high station.

    In a recent article in Foreign Policy, Washington Post journalist David Ignatius bewailed his inability to function effectively as a “moderator” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Islamic officials once again took the opportunity to blame Israel and America for the Arab’s failure to create peaceful and prosperous societies.

    Ignatius describes himself as “… someone who has spent much of his career trying to operate in the middle of the Middle East conflict and working hard to avoid any appearance of bias…” [Emphasis added.] Without overtly acknowledging it, Ignatius makes it clear that he sympathizes with what he describes as the “rage that is felt across the Muslim world.”

    Six decades of horrendous violence and murder, a multi-generational effort to destroy the State of Israel, and forty years of worldwide terrorism are insufficient to persuade Ignatius that he has a personal stake in opposing the sociopathic behavior of the Arab Middle East:

    “I know a little about talking with our enemies because I have been doing it for many years. Not my enemies, mind you (journalists aren’t supposed to have any), but my country’s. I talked with the PLO …Muammar al-Qaddafi. … Hassan Nasrallah …(and) Bashar al-Assad …” [Emphasis added.]

    It does no good to dismiss people like Ignatius as “liberals full of blather,” as some are wont to do. People like Ignatius must be brought to understand that they are in denial about the truth of what is going on in the world. It is one thing to cherish idealistic beliefs, possess a kindly disposition, and maintain an attitude of humanistic tolerance; it is quite another to project those thoughts and feelings onto people who glorify religious murder and suicide, and then delude yourself into believing that by doing so the impulse to commit such evil acts will disappear.

    At the heart of the denial that afflicts people like Ignatius is fear. They are afraid to believe that there are people in the world who embrace evil over good and death over life. Like many people in denial, Ignatius finds it far more comforting to believe that everyone is just like him — basically well intentioned and occasionally misguided. However, Ignatius is wrong — just as wrong as wrong can be — and the whole of human history stands as witness to his error.

    But Ignatius doesn’t need to become an historian to realize his error. Any delinquency counselor can tell him that you cannot stop a bully from bullying by acting as a “moderator” between the bully and his victim. That only feeds the impulse to bully. To stop a bully from bullying, you must first restrain the bully. That means that you must embrace him with as much force as necessary to actually stop him from bullying. Then, if the bully is willing to cultivate a kindly disposition, you can embrace him with kindness. That is the only sequence that works in the real world. No other approach has ever worked, because every other approach involves denying the truth about what it means to be a bully.

    Bullies are people who do not feel that they have a moral obligation to act in a way that is regardful of other people. They feel that other people are in their lives in order to be used, abused, and discarded. When other people refuse to cooperate, bullies feel deeply affronted, because that violates the natural order of things for them. That is the real explanation for what Ignatius calls the “rage that is felt across the Muslim world.”

    Confronted with Israel’s continuing refusal to accept destruction and America’s commitment (until recently) to support Israel’s right to exist, the Arabs have for years been in an uproar of indignation. At the conference in Davos, Ignatius discovered what everyone discovers who mistakenly believes that you can “moderate” between bullies and their victims:

    “My efforts to do what moderators do — let everyone talk for a while and then find a few inches of common ground — blew up in my face.”

    David Ignatius’ effort to moderate between bullies and their intended victim blew up in his face in Davos, and now he is intellectually disenchanted with the prospects for moderation in the Middle East. But unfortunately for the Israelis, if things blow up in their faces, it means bloody war, not intellectual disenchantment. The reality is that Israel cannot afford to “moderate” between its right to exist as a Jewish state and the “rage that is felt across the Muslim world.” The Israelis won’t just lose their illusions; they’ll lose their lives, because in the Middle East the price of denial is death.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2009/05/the_price_of_denial_is_death.html#ixzz3SPeQigGL
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  53. Update: What is The double standard which allows Dana Milbank to call Scott Walker “a coward”? Apparently Gov. Walker says he doesn’t know if Obama loves his country as former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has charged and therefore Walker is denounced as a “coward” by the dishonest and cowardly Washington Post.

    Why would Rudy say such a thing? Who could doubt Obama tells the truth on such a question??? Who??? We remember this picture from 2007?

    No Flag Salute

    When the above picture was taken Obama bamboozled as he did when Obama mentor “God Damn America” Jeremiah Wright became an issue:

    You’re standing with your arms folded and Hillary’s got her hand on her heart,” she said, adding that she received so many of these emails she is sick of them. [snip]

    Obama called the circulation of such pictures a “dirty trick” and mentioned other emails accusing him of being “a Muslim plant.”

    Brian Williams Obama.


  54. loving to see that picture under the current circumstances.
    Who among us thought Brian Williams Obama would not forge ahead with his amnesty plans?

    What Court Order? DHS Rushing Amnesty Contracts at “Full-Throttle Pace”
    FEBRUARY 20, 2015
    UPDATE: Hours after Judicial Watch posted this story, the government cancelled the Request For Proposal (RFP).
    Though a federal court has blocked President Obama’s amnesty order the administration continues working behind the scenes to quickly award multi-million-dollar contracts to firms that can expeditiously process millions of illegal immigrants, a government source has alerted Judicial Watch.
    The complex deal is being rushed through at a “full-throttle pace” extremely rare for such a huge venture that’s sure to radically change the current system, according to JW’s source, who has worked for decades as a contract expert at the highest levels of government. The Request For Proposal (RFP) was recently posted in the government’s official database for federal procurement opportunities and comes from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency charged with processing visa and naturalization petitions, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
    The RFP estimates that the population of potential requesters for the president’s deferred action will be “approximately four million people” and that USCIS anticipates the initial filing of “approximately five to six million forms” related to the amnesty order which also covers the illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens and lawful residents. The work is to begin in mid-March, the document reveals, and the contractor will operate out of a new center in Arlington, Virginia because there is no current facility with available space or staff to accommodate the “additional volume of work.” The center will be dedicated to processing deferred action for illegal immigrant parents of citizens, employment authorization and correspondence management.
    The pricing spreadsheets are astounding and list tens of thousands of work hours—for tasks such as program management, file operations and maintenance as well as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) scanning—that will undoubtedly end up costing American taxpayers enormous sums. The contractor that lands this monstrous government deal must also be able to respond on short notice to growth in volume due to urgent events and requirements. “The growth is more than normal overtime and cannot be completed with overtime,” the government documents state….


  55. It is still hard for me to accept that such a malignant slug has gotten to be POTUS twice. His hatred of the Jews defines him. It is scarey that he is just as evil as I suspected from the start.

    Countdown 689 days.

  56. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/02/21/bill_maher_this_idea_that_we_cannot_even_call_it_islamic_terrorism_seems_orwellian_to_me.html

    BILL MAHER: This idea that we cannot even call it Islamic terrorism seems Orwellian to me. It seems like we’re paying a very high price for this which is we can’t discuss it even rationally. Can’t we at least say that there are a number of factors that are involved? And the religion is certainly one of that.

    [President Obama] presented this idea that it’s poverty and education. It is poverty and education, also. But why are they impoverished and uneducated? It’s mostly because of the religion. That’s mostly why. The U.N. did a study in 2002, they found out that only 300 books had been translated into Arabic that year. In madrassas they only teach one book — I don’t have to tell you which one.

  57. Moving right along. 😡

    On Monday evening, Federal Judge Andrew Hanan issued a stay banning the Obama administration from acting on the President’s executive order that grants amnesty for up to five million Illegal Immigrants. The stay is in effect until a lawsuit by 26 states has a chance to go through the federal court system.

    Despite the order, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is accepting bids from vendors for help in implementing the amnesty program. Compounding that problem, on Friday the Department of Justice announced a court action requesting the administration be allowed to prepare to execute the order while the legality of the amnesty order is litigated. Or, in other words, they are asking if they can start doing what they are doing anyway.


  58. Dana Milbank is a Beltway Pervert.

    Notice how closely his reaction to things tracks the creation by another Beltway Pervert Chris Cilezza.

    You remember the two perverts who sat around in smoking jacket lobing the mule and calling Hillary a “B . . .”.

    Well, okay, you don’t remember.

    But I do.

    And I have enough recollection for both of us of the sorry spectacle of two Beltway Perverts sitting around in smoking jackets not smoking because that would be environmentally unsound lobing the mule waxing about Obama and calling Hillary a B . . . on video tape.

    Now then.

    Having refreshed your recollection of that inauspicous occasion which preceded their two week suspension (where was ISIS when we really needed them?) let me just say that what Milbank, the child of money, the graduate of the elite college and president of the progressive union at Yale is dumber than owl shit.

    So when an asshole like him calls Walker a coward I have to say that for Walker that is a badge of honor. The next name on the list that numbnutz Milbank will call a coward is Patton, and he ghost of Patton is calling him to the dueling fields near Weehauken New Jersey and after Milbank has slipped the mortal coil they can roll him into the puddle of green slime next to the sign marked Beware: Toxic Waste.

    One last victory for the old General, whom as you may recall Gonzo won the Pentathalon in ’05. His service to this nation is sublime. And fucking Dana and his little swish Cilezza? Sub prime. Very.

  59. foxyladi14
    February 21, 2015 at 5:27 pm
    This will get them in bigger trouble.

    The vendors need to know that they will not be paid for their services.

    McConnell and Boehner should issue a joint statement to that effect.

    If they want to do the work for free, knowing that it will be undone, well, you can’t cure stupid.

    Either you have the rule of law or you don’t.

    And if you don’t well I don’t even want to think about what will happen then.


  60. The Republican Party has two choices: impeachment or lose 2016. So whats it gonna be, punk? Andy McCarthy has been pretty quiet of late. He has drafted articles of impeachment, and we may be approaching the time when they need to be dusted off.

  61. Since Obama is not constrained by the rule of law, the only solution is for people in government to refuse to obey his unlawful edicts, and for him to direct the Department of Homeland security to proceed when a sitting federal judge has found his action to be unlawful is grounds for impeachment/

  62. I told you that he would provoke a constitutional crisis, and now we have it. I hope Turley is working on this problem because it is the imprimatur of a dictator.

  63. Remember, when the action is illegal as a matter of law, it is not enough for a government to say I was just following orders. Nuremberg settled that question with finality.

  64. Why the vesuvian reaction by the Obama loving minions of big media?

    To Guliani’s temperate and well documented statement that Obama does not love this country?

    Why can they just take it in stride?

    Surely they have said the same thing–or worse about W/

    Why the hysteria which could lead them to commit acts of violence.

    Why are they out of control?

    Well, perhaps it is sylogistic.

    Perhaps the see does not love as code for hates which would make Obama a traitor.

    And if Obama is a traitor and they voted for him then they are either traitors as well, or dumber than owl shit.

    That is what worries them, with the way this thing is going.

  65. What I am saying is there is no proportionality between what Rudi said and the way these (traitors) are reacting to it. So there has to be more to it.

  66. Can Jeh (ova) and his department be held in contempt of federal court for proceeding with implementation of a policy which has been adjudged to be illegal? Should they be held financially liable for spending taxpayer dollars in furtherance of this illegal action? The nation needs to ignore the elites and face up to the fact that we have a traitor to this nation, and the oath he flubbed when he took office is for him a hollow mockery. And the Republicans WILL IN FACT damage their brand if they listen to their consultants who are telling them if you act to stop this tin horn dictator people will not like you.

  67. [President Obama] presented this idea that it’s poverty and education.
    To a man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    And, by the way, the great society program, busing and affirmative action which he wants to shoehorn this problem into has been a bitter failure.

    What this is, really, is a pretext to do the only thing Obama knows how to do, i.e. bribing voters, like they do in Chicago.

  68. Jesus. Maher and that group. Not enough brain power to drive a go cart around a cheerio. The guy I would like to hear from in lieu of these amateurs is Henry Kissinger. Someone like him, who knows what he is talking about and has walked the walk. The idea that late night talk show hosts should determine foreign policy is foreign to my thinking. But then again, so is messiah obama.

  69. Bill Nye the Science Guy was just a tetch lost in space during that highly informative discussion.

    Surely the Mallindroct Set can answer these question with scientific certainty, he’s thinking.

  70. You just have to wonder whether the Dims in senate and house are stupid or scared – maybe they’re scared stupid. Obama cost them the majority in the senate and seats in the house. The party may be lose even more seats next election (except in the extremely liberal districts – and maybe even them). If the Dim party does not give enough of a damn about this country to do something about their POTUS, then their own self-interest in reelection should be a motivator.

    Finding unbiased polling is not possible. But, for what it’s worth the polls indicate that the majority of Americans oppose Obama granting amnesty without congressional approval.

    Regarding Obama’s response to Bibi’s upcoming visits, Americans this poll finds that although most poll respondents felt Boehner acted inappropriately in inviting Netanyahu without Barack’s approval, they still think O should attend speech. They want their members of congress there, as well.

    (boehner was right when he said that if he had informed the president, Barack would have stopped the speech from happening. This is clearly accurate. Obama is not interested in Israel’s opinion. The Republicans need to inactively work to inform the public of the reason for Boehner’s actions. America gets that O is turning his back on this ally.

    It should be clear that Obama’s actions are contrary to the wishes of Americans. He obviously doesn’t care. Hi isn’t motivated by a desire to advance America and Americans. His concerns are elsewhere. If a Republican president had spun off on his/her own track as Obama has, most of the so-called journalists at CNN and network news, and all of MSNBC would be raising hell. Some would probably have had to be hospitalized by this point.


    Polling regarding Amnesty


    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 62% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose the president granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without the approval of Congress. Just 26% are in favor of Obama’s plan, while 12% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    Only 24% think the president has the legal authority to grant amnesty to these illegal immigrants without Congress’ approval. Fifty-seven percent (57%) believe the president does not have the legal right to do so. Eighteen percent (18%) are undecided.

    Regarding Obama’s response to Netanyahu

    http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4626112,00.html (Poll conducted by YouGov and Huffington Post)

    When the question specifically addressed the case of House Speaker Boehner inviting Netanyahu to address Congress without approval, and mention the White House calling the invitation a breach of protocol, 47 percent found the invitation inappropriate, 30 percent found it appropriate and 23 percent were unsure.

    Yet, when respondents were asked whether they believe their member of Congress should attend Netanyahu’s speech, 46 percent said yes, while 28 percent said no.

    Furthermore, when asked if President Obama should meet with Netanyahu during his visit, the majority of respondents, 58 percent, said yes, while 19 percent said no.

  71. There is a shake-out going on now, and you can see subtle signs of it everywhere. The true believers like Bevus Cilezz and Butthead Milbank cling to Obama like a drowning man clings to a razor blade and go blatto against anyone who criticizes him. Whereas, other big media assholes are looking at their hole card and wondering when he is gone where will I be? Anyone who lives in the same world as most of us has got to be seeing what we do, namely that the man who big media told us was the smartest man to ever set foot in the White House, the post racial president who would heal the racial wounds, and whose community organizing skills would be used to mediate the great rivalries of our age, and make the lion lay down with the lamb hasn’t quite worked out the way they promised it would. The man who preached racial unity has practiced racial division, who told us we could keep our plan if we wanted to keep our plan knowingly lied, who told us he did not have the power to grant amnesty under the constitution then turned around and granted it in violation of the law, who told our enemies I have drawn a red line, and then allowed them to cross it, who told the Russian President to tell Vlad that he would have more flexibility after the election and when Vlad took advantage of him, thundered you Mr. Putin need to know you are on the wrong slide of history, who made a speech about the murder of Americans and retreated to the golf course, who obsesses about discrimination against Muslim, and ignores the murder of Jews and Christians by Muslims, who tells us now that the Kingdom of God will be at hand when we get murdering Muslims to turn in their weapons of mass destruction for jobs, who defies the two other branches of government in violation of the Constitution, who announces our war plan to the enemy before we attack so they can kill Americans, who gives away SEAL tactics, who spies on the American People, who doubles our national debt and whose budget proposals are routinely voted down 99-1 or in a good year 98-2.

    Put all this together and what have you got?



    With a record such as that, what else could it be? How else could anyone explain it. A flake? Yes, like Jake Flake (R-Az). But more than a mere fool, a raging buffoon.

  72. If that is not clear enough then watch this video–and get ready to pay for hormone therapy for transgender illegals because Obama has guaranteed that right too. Okay fine. Let Milbank and Cilezza pay for it by foreiting 100% of their net worth to such a noble project:

  73. I see where Guliani has received death threats probably from the White House. The reaction is hysterical BUT it is completely ASTROTURFED.

    Question: what do I mean by astroturfed?

    Here is what Sharyl says about it:

    What’s most successful when it appears to be something it’s not? Astroturf. As in fake grassroots.

    The many ways that corporations, special interests and political interests of all stripes exploit media and the Internet to perpetuate astroturf is ever-expanding. Surreptitious astroturf methods are now more important to these interests than traditional lobbying of Congress. There’s an entire PR industry built around it in Washington.

    Below are the top ten astroturfers as viewed by respondents in an informal, non-scientific survey.*

    1. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown

    2. Media Matters for America

    3. University of California Hastings Professor Dorit Rubenstein Reiss and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Dr. Paul Offit

    4. “Science” Blogs such as: Skeptic.com, Skepchick.org, Scienceblogs.com (Respectful Insolence), Popsci.com and SkepticalRaptors.com

    5. Mother Jones

    6. Salon.com and Vox.com

    7. White House press briefings and press secretary Josh Earnest

    8. Daily Kos and The Huffington Post

    9. CNN, NBC, New York Times, Politico and Talking Points Memo (TPM)

    10. MSNBC, Slate.com, Los Angeles Times and Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC and Jon Stewart.

    Astroturfers often disguise themselves and publish blogs, write letters to the editor, produce ads, start non-profits, establish Facebook and Twitter accounts, edit Wikipedia pages or simply post comments online to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking. They use their partners in blogs and in the news media in an attempt to lend an air of legitimacy or impartiality to their efforts.

    Astroturf’s biggest accomplishment is when it crosses over into semi-trusted news organizations that unquestioningly cite or copy it.

    Hear more about astroturf and propaganda in this TEDx Talk at the University of Nevada, Reno

    The whole point of astroturf is to try to convince you there’s widespread support for or against an agenda when there’s not.

    The language of astroturfers and propagandists includes trademark inflammatory terms such as: anti, nutty, quack, crank, pseudo-science, debunking, conspiracy theory, deniers and junk science. Sometimes astroturfers claim to “debunk myths” that aren’t myths at all. They declare debates over that aren’t over. They claim that “everybody agrees” when everyone doesn’t agree. They aim to make you think you’re an outlier when you’re not.

    Astroturfers and propagandists tend to attack and controversialize the news organizations, personalities and people surrounding an issue rather than sticking to the facts. They try to censor and silence topics and speakers rather than engage them. And most of all, they reserve all their expressed skepticism for those who expose wrongdoing rather than the wrongdoers. In other words, instead of questioning authority, they question those who question authority.

    Much of this sounds familiar to many Americans. The results of an informal, non-scientific poll identify groups related to Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. as top Astroturf efforts. These groups include Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Everytown, Everytown for Gun Safety, Gun Sense, It’s Time for Gun Sense in America, Gun Sense Voter, I’m a Gun Sense Voter, Moms Take the Hill and Stroller Jam.

    The groups present themselves as grassroots organizations of “mayors, moms survivors and everyday Americans.” They are spearheaded by former New York Mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and former PR professional and mother Shannon Watts. Last year, they announced a $50 million political campaign to try to counter the efforts of the formidable gun rights lobby.

    Second to the gun control groups in being identified as a top disseminator of astroturf and propaganda is the controversial, left wing blog Media Matters for America with the stated goal of waging “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against FOX News. More broadly, Media Matters acts on behalf of the interests of Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, sometimes in direct consultation with Obama officials. It was founded by the troubled Democratic political operative David Brock, who formed the super-Political Action Committee (PAC) American Bridge that raised funds to help elect liberal Democrats to Congress. Brock also served on the board of the super-PAC Priorities USA, which announced support for Hillary Clinton’s potential run for president.

    A close third is an array of blogs that use words such as “science” and “skeptic” in their titles or propaganda in an attempt to portray an image of neutrality and logic when they are often fighting established science and serving pro-pharmaceutical industry agendas. These include: ScienceBlogs.com (using the pseudonym “Orac”); vaccine inventor Dr. Paul Offit of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who earned an undisclosed fortune from Merck pharmaceuticals; and his apparent replacement in trolling blogs Dorit Rubenstein Reiss. She is a law professor at the University of California Hastings and a frequent contributor to SkepticalRaptors.com.

    A final category frequently mentioned is quasi-news organizations that sometimes throw readers off the astroturf trail because they publish some legitimate news-type or pop-culture stories, but mix in propaganda or astroturf. These sources tend to be highly-cited by the unquestioning traditional news media either to advance an agenda, or in the media’s attempt to be hip and edgy or “get clicks.”

    Sometimes, astroturf is in the eye of the beholder. But no matter how you see it, there is no short supply.


  74. wbboei
    February 21, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Bill Nye the Science Guy was just a tetch lost in space during that highly informative discussion.

    I had no idea who the bow-tie guy was, but he had no clue what they were even talking about. He really was off in some other world.

    He kinda reminds me of Obama during the debates…he just keep blinking and saying, yea…what Hillary said. Duh

  75. holdthemaccountable
    February 21, 2015 at 4:01 pm
    The Judicial Watch is a far far far defender of this nation than the eunuch Republican Party.

  76. The Republican Party is the party of stupid—full of sound and fury, signifying (and accomplishing) absolutely nothing.

  77. Shadowfax
    February 21, 2015 at 11:59 pm
    Bill is just a little dated.

    And to prove it, I fully expect him to say something like Honest Injun.

    And at that point, the hound of hell and political correctness will be after his scalp.

    Watch them astroturf that one.

    He has insulted every native American in the nation.

    Therefore, we must all pay them reparations.

    After we pay for transgender hormone therapy for illegals.

    Question: what do you mean “we” paleface?

  78. The Republican Party is the party of stupid—full of sound and fury, signifying (and accomplishing) absolutely nothing.
    Exhibit 1?

    Mitch McConnell.

  79. Well, this is embarrassing. We were pretty sure that the reason the Dims lost so many seats in midterm elections was because of Obama. Obamacare was revealed to really suck, Obama was basically governing as a dictator – we all know the laundry list of O disasters.

    Turns out, according to a “report by the Democratic National Committee” Obama had nothing to do with the losses. The DNC has been reviewing this since the big loss in Nov. 2014, and they have determined what the problem was. Just as Nano and Barack told us right after the Big Loss of 2014 the problem is …….. THE DIMS DON’T HAVE A CLEAR MESSAGE! or “narrative” ! The Dims, according to the Dims, have focused on policy – but they just don’t have that message that defines who they are, what their core values are.

    So – here’s what their plan is. They’ll work on the message thing, and then they plan to get busy doing what they do best – voter registration. ACORN will be busy again. Two votes for the price of one. Hell, two entire voters for one live person (felons welcome) and his dead uncle.

    Apparently, the Dims saw no point in seeking an independent review or study. They did the work themselves. The DNC reviewed the Dims, and came up with the same excuse Obama’s WH cronies were giving election night. It’s the message. Damn! They gotta get a message.

    Who would believe a damn thing this bunch of cretins says. We know about the way that band of lying, stealing, cheating low lifes works.


    The Democratic Party lacks a “single narrative” and must tighten its pitch to voters in order to compete in future elections, an interim report from the Democratic National Committee found.

    The report released at the party’s winter meeting recommended forming a national project to bring together party leaders, activists and messaging experts to hone in on a theme.

    Currently, the party is “loosely understood as a long list of policy statements and not with a common set of core values,” according to the report.


  80. http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/02/19/watch-giuliani-destroys-obama-epic-speech-netanyahu-man-who-fights-his-people-unlike-our

    WATCH: Giuliani Destroys Obama in Epic Speech: Netanyahu Is ‘A Man Who Fights for His People, Unlike Our President’

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted President Barack Obama, saying in a recent speech that Israeli Prime Minster Bejamin Netanyahu is a “a man who fights for his people, unlike our president.”

    Guiliani’s comments came during a Feb. 13 speech on countering Islamic extremism.

  81. What a lovely feast for sore eyes at Big Pink this day.
    Yesterday someone let this incident slip through Obama’s tight grip. Frightening, maddening to think how much of this is hidden to protect the “passionate” culture to the south while they await legitimacy:

    Cops: 4-year-old wanders into cold after mom left to get high. 2/20/15.
    Rebecca Reyes, 23 was seen smiling and joking with other inmates as she waited for her court appearance, apparently not bothered by charges of reckless endangerment and risk of injury to her own children. It all started when she called 911 at 3:38 a.m.Her 4 yr old was unconscious, and turning blue in 3° weather.
    Text and video at this link.

  82. “Will you join me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America?”
    Elie Wiesel

    I’m with Elie Wiesel all the way; but I’d like to have the NRA’s viewpoint on that statement. Under the Second Amendment, you know, Iran has its rights too.…

  83. For VP: … recruit Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina, who are both nominal Republicans

    wbboei February 21, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    1. wrong party

    2. no diversity

    3. no sale to the white demographic (70% of the electorate)

    1. “Wrong party” is just the point: Neither of them has sold her soul to the Republican Party. It would, as I said, be a bitch-slap to both parties and an appeal to bi-partisanship.

    2. ?? Don’t get it….

    3. ?? Don’t get it either.

  84. holdthemaccountable February 21, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Rudy Giuliani clarifies Obama comments by claiming the President has been influenced by communism, socialism

    Communism for sure, but where does he get this “socialism” bullshit? Does Giuliani know something about socialism that I don’t know?

  85. S, there is a large contingent of U.S. Jews who don’t connect to Israel – that’s why they were able to vote for Obama.

  86. Someone somewhere decided that “diversity” means race. Make sure that not just whites but also blacks are represented (not really Asian because they don’t need affirmative action, and they are rarely represented on tv). So, really, diversity = black.

    But really “race” was used as some kind of concrete “stand in” for diversity, and in truth, race provides us with very little diversity. Look around universities, the media, government jobs, etc – you’d think diversity was all around – but really all you’re seeing is slightly different shades of skin.

    In reality, there’s no true diversity, because everyone thinks in lockstep. True diversity should be represented by a healthy variety of voices, of opinions, of ideas, of solutions. Can you imagine what thinkers we would produce from universities (high schools, even) if those institutions encouraged true diversity? Can you imagine the effect on our governing bodies if the employees could look at and discuss the different aspects of an issue to find the best solution?

    I’d love for our country to return to one in which true diversity is celebrated and we can have discussions without p.c. police swooping in telling us that it’s racist to hold a black youth responsible for trying to kill a cop. The B.G.I. will have to get honest jobs, but it’s a small price to pay for the betterment of the country.

    Personally, I don’t feel our country will be sane again until diversity is recognized to be about opinions, worldviews, solutions, etc. After all, there are lots of ideas in the world, but only a few races. And maybe we can return to being a country which is a leader, which teaches kids to try to be the best and the brightest, not one which dumbs everything down, teaches along ideological lines, and tolerates high levels of crime

    I’d really like America to return.

  87. My above post was inspired by having met a current (white) university student whose opinions suggest that someone is teaching her that it is still 1950. I mentioned that we don’t have institutionalized racism anymore, and I tried to suggest that what academia, the media, and some activists purport may not reflect the lived realities of most people, but the (university teaching immersion) force is strong.

  88. We have crossed the rubicon.

    Those politicians who are willing to condemn Obama personally, i.e. ad hominum, as well as his perverse policies, which are inseparable from him–they are a direct result of who he is, the delusions he harbors, and his lack of veracity are on one side.

    Those who pretend he is fine, and condemn only his policies which they say are wrong, but refuse to extend that indictment to him, are on the other.

    The first group challenges not only Obama, but the judgment, integrity and in many cases, even the patriotism of those who installed him–meaning first and foremost big media. Put differently, if they installed a traitor into the highest office in the land, and lied to get him in there, then what pray tell does that say to the American People as a whole, about them.

    The second group is nothing more than hot air. To reduce the destruction of this nation to nothing more than a parlor room debate where I am okay you are okay, a petty object lesson in self esteem, is the stuff of Nero. The second group is not worth listening to. For them it is entirely academic. That is most true of the RINO.

  89. This is spectacular.

    Rudi Guliani filets the big media messiah

    And serves him up au brochette.

    No drama Obama in flames.

    Good stuff. Good stuff.

    Big media in mourning.

    Their narrative has been debunked.


  90. Damn, Rudy did not mince words!! His remarks seemed totally sincere, especially when he expressed outrage about deaths of those who were burned alive, and questioned why Obama didn’t feel compassion and outrage. He hit the head on the nail with that. How could anyone NOT feel that way about the actions of the radical Islamic murdering, trotting bastards.

    And, I was so glad he mentioned the Ft. Hood incident and how wrong (but telling) it was to consider it “workplace violence”.

    Now that Rudy has given voice to his opinion of Obama’s handling of ME and his lack of concern about Israel, maybe others will have the guts to do so. The possibility that other high-profile Americans who feel as Rudy does may now have the courage to speak out provides reason to be hopeful. No doubt Obama and MSM will be screaming “racist”, but my guess is that Rudy can hold his own against those weenies and their tired old accusations of racism.

    The most impressive thing about the Rudy G’s speech was that it was genuine. He wasn’t faking outrage, or pandering to the audience. He wasn’t worried about politics or parties. He was clearly concerned about this country, and the harm Obama has done.

    Thanks for posting it, Admin.

  91. lorac

    February 22, 2015 at 5:51 am

    S, there is a large contingent of U.S. Jews who don’t connect to Israel – that’s why they were able to vote for Obama.

    Lorac…that may well be true but aren’t Jewish indivduals concerned about the rising anti-semetic attacks just about everywhere…Paris, etc…and with a President that seems to be going out of his way to make excuses for the very people that want to kill the Jewish people? and a President that does not even recognize that specific attacks were directed at the Jewish community? (kosher deli, etc)

    not to mention that these same groups are going after other faiths…on to Rome, etc

    when I mentioned the entertainment industry the Sarah Silvermans, Weinstein etc people who are very politically active that is partially what i was getting at…and not a word from any of them…

  92. imho, I heard a good response this morning to the question of O and The Dims and their refusal to name ‘Islamist’ radicals and their line about ‘this is not about Islam, it has nothing to do with religion, bla, bla,bla…

    …every time that line is introduced, “reporters” should ask and others should definitely reverse it:

    when ‘radical Christians’ were bombing abortion clinics, did you call them Christians?…Did you say that they were bombing the clinics because of their radical, Christian beliefs, etc Were their actions out of ‘radical christianity’
    or were they just impoverished lone wolves?

    bottom line, if the media and politicians can go after and call out and label the extreme and perverted actions of Christians (even Crusaders hundreds of years ago) that acted because they felt their faith justified it…then

    there is no difference in the perversion with extreme Islamic radicals that are carrying out their terror…imho far worse with an (8th c??)medieval barbarism…and using their religion for their justification

    finally…can anyone imagine if what is going on was reversed…and it were Christians today who were burning people alive and beheading people…the media would be all over it…

    repubs…wake up and make your argument to the american people


    also i think while O and the dims think Guiliani is helping them…i think they must, in truth, be worrying about a pres and their stand that is sounding more and more ‘alien’, no pun intended…to the needs of the struggling American people…Rudy may have shocked people with his statement…but he succeeded in making people question the Democratic leadership and start wondering ‘whose side are they on?’


    which leads to the lastest warning from DHS…now we have to worry about going to shopping malls…if we are attacked in one of our malls…the leadership that goes golfing will be held responsible for their frivolity…

    …and if the DHS is talking about it openly and warning people the threat must be even more grave than we know…

  93. also…with the funding of DHS issue…why is it that the repubs should be blamed…if the courts have halted O’s executive action…and Monday O is planning to as for an emergency order on Monday and it is not allowed…

    then why does it not fall to the Senate Democrats to pull the funding for O’s order until the courts settle the issue…

    why aren’t the Senate Dems getting the blame for encouraging lawlessness that now is in the hands of the court…

    why can they all just agree to fund DHS and put the controversial rider, or whatever it is, aside for the courts to decide

    it seems that the senate dems are just endorsing more lawlessness and actions the majority of the american people do not want…


    again I ask…’whose side are they on?’ seems like they are digging a big hole for Hillary

  94. there is an interesting ‘positioning’ emerging…

    the repubs painting themselves as the ‘party of the middle class’

    and the Dims are becoming the ‘party of big government’ that drains the middle class

    the repubs are, in effect, stealing Bill Clinton’s campaign…

    Hillary are you watching the cliff O is taking the democratic party over? Do you think all those dems that fled the party of O are going to come back if you endorse more and more govt control…

  95. and the Dims are becoming the ‘party of big government’ that drains the middle class
    And, the limousine let-them-eat-cake liberals.

    The thing is, within both parties there exists the same contraction–the grass roots who believe in core principles vs. the elites who believe only in their own self enrichment.

    This contradiction will break the Republican Party before it ever breaks the Democrats, who are perfectly content with bribing people with their own money, but never ever evah to money of the fair haired elites.

    But eventually it will break both parties, because it is impossible to have small oases of wealth and power amid vast deserts of poverty and disenfranchisement without engendering storms that will imperil those oases.

  96. wbboei, yes i agree

    however the repub party is beginning to sound like the moderate candidate Bill Clinton was and during his “days of big govt are over” reign

    now we have the Dems wanting more and more govt control, ocare is suffocating, the irs is a corrupted mess and O wants to give them more and more money and power

    tax returns and money people are counting and on and need will suddenly disappear and go to others the Dim choose to give it to

    the executive order over illegal immigrants is not condoned by the majority of people and being disputed as unlawful and an overreach of the President’s power…

    O and the Dims making excuses for barbarians with pop psychology…Dims acting like spoiled brats, snubbing world leaders, when the global community is in danger..

    the Dems want to control what we eat…every action they don’t agree with is labeled racism…thought control…on and on and on…

    people can see that the far left loonies have taken over the party…if they dare to peek at msnbc they become horrified and turn the channel or shut off the tv…Sharpton, the tax cheat, is considered a spokesperson for the president

    this is the emerging image of the Dem party…as they have found themselves…their research tells them ‘they don’t stand for anything’

    bottom line, the O era has erased a lot of the BC era of moderation and progress…so where does Hillary stand in all of this…she is going to have to have a few Sister Soldah moments to sound sane…

  97. It is fascinating to dissect the tactics of these vile journalistic pretenders who populate big media. Yesterday, I posted one of their perverse strategies, explained by Sharyl Attkission–a world class investigative reporter—astroturfing. Today, I have a video by Howie Kurtz analyzing the Mother Jones story by David Corn, well known to those in the media as an rabid ideologue and known liar, and a Englebert known to his colleagues as Room Service Ali because he reports from the scene but never puts himself at risk by leaving the hotel, and big foot, because he plagerizes the work of other journalists, telling an story they conspired to invent to take down O’Reilly for taking down their light of love Ly’n Brian now devastated. This is rich, and poor Howie struggles to keep up with it, and to retain his normal position of not saying shit even though he has a mouth full. Howie, I must say, is growing in his job, and is less afraid to go in the lion’s den than he was before. Corn deserves to be corn holed and maybe this story will be enough to do it. Wait . . . my bullshit detector is sounding the alarm. Yes we have here in Mr.Corn yet another progressive union Ivy Leaguer. No surprise that. Also he was once a contributor to FOX but when they did not renew his contract, he did a David Brock and repudiated everything he has stood for up to that point.


  98. O and his hypocrisy…



    wbboei…did you get a chance to see Gloria Borgia on CNN do back flips to make the whole segment about bad, bad Rudy…she had on Ridge. Ptaki, and Issa – they were all trying to talk global dangers and she kept going back to Rudy and his ‘awful’comments…

    this is the usual…they want to take one thing and make that the whole discussion divorce of whatever else much more important was going on…

    she was a major embarrassment…they do not even try to cover their agenda…

  99. lorac

    February 22, 2015 at 5:51 am

    S, there is a large contingent of U.S. Jews who don’t connect to Israel – that’s why they were able to vote for Obama.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  100. Shadowfax
    February 22, 2015 at 1:52 pm
    Not much news today, so this is way OT but interesting for all of you Apple fans, iCar in five years?
    Until prototypes come out or when Apple officially announces it, then I still consider it vaporware. It remains to be seen whether they can come up with breakthroughs in battery technology that would allow one to drive for a hundred miles before requiring a recharge, but maybe it takes an outsider like Apple to think outside of the box with regards to car manufacturing and design and shake Detroit up to its core.

  101. I agree Tony. I am not particularly an Apple fan, but I do give it to the company for their designs and also for their fans that buy every new product that comes out. I work with a lot of them.

    My best hope is that if they come up with a valid product, they MAKE it in the USA and not farm out the labor and products overseas to make their big profits. Probably won’t happen, but Apple is one of the few companies that is still thriving in the O’depression years.

  102. S

    February 22, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    O and his hypocrisy…



    wbboei…did you get a chance to see Gloria Borgia on CNN do back flips to make the whole segment about bad, bad Rudy…she had on Ridge. Ptaki, and Issa – they were all trying to talk global dangers and she kept going back to Rudy and his ‘awful’comments
    Borger is one of the real lightweights of journalism. She is famous for sitting around in a panel, mouthing the narrative of the big media cabal, and then looking around the panel for approval. The subtext of this however is this: tell me that the narrative we have promoted about and the contrary evidence we covered up isn’t a lie. What they fail to realize however what Rudy said is painfully obvious. I am not sure that another 9/11 attack on this nation by Muslims would be enough to wake them up, not that that is anything I want to see. These people are like unrepentant Nazis and Holocaust deniers. It is a lifetime exercise in futility hoping that they will change. The problem they have now is all the doubts about Obama, which they have worked so assiduously to bury are right out there in the cold light of day, and at the very moment that the consequences of his failed leadership and hatred of this nation are manifesting themselves in ways the rest of the population cannot ignore. This is the whole problem with the elites of this nation: they cannot countenance feedback from reality, which means they cannot change, and never will. They must be belittled, dismissed and ignored.

  103. I have seen Jim Webb of late speaking out that the Dem party has lost their way…and the people that used to rely on the Dems no longer believe they can…

    Is he going to be the one to carry the Bill Clinton mantle and voice of reason…while Hillary reinforces the BS of the looney left…I hope not..i pray they do not box her in…and she wins the primary battle then loses the national fight…

    …the other adult in the room “moderate/sane” voice of reason I hear out there is John Kaisch…

    HRC/BC…I hope you are keenly observing and not be taken over by the O infiltrators…

  104. the “middle” of the country believes the Dem party has left them…as if they have been taken for granted, are invisible and only there to pay the bills on far left agendas

  105. …OT…

    getting ready for my annual guilty pleasure and red carpet/Oscar disappearance…

    I am hoping Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor…however if Bradley Cooper pulls off an upset win he has a strong body of consistent great work and immense dedication and talent…this year the whole group were outstanding… but I stand behind Eddie…his role was the most challenging and he is excellent : )

  106. http://www.theamericanmirror.com/watch-black-middle-schooler-slams-barack-obama-in-epic-youtube-speech/

    “Here’s the truth of the matter: I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t care about being politically correct at this point.

    “President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for.”

    He adds, “I hope that one day people will get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this nation.”

    Referring to ISIS, he said, “When they kill innocent Americans that have done no wrong except report on what is their constitutional right as journalists and you do nothing about it, you don’t care about their lives. You could care less!

    “But here’s what you need to realize: here in America, we don’t back down to terrorists. We fight them on their own battleground and we annihilate them till the very end.

    “Here in America, we don’t allow the government to take away what we work for but we continue to work harder so that we may continue to succeed.”

  107. Interesting article about Barack and the Immigration issue. Refers to him as “The Master of Disaster”, and warns that given his stated plans to squeeze all the change possible from his last next two years in office, Hillary and the Republicans in congress may pay the political price for Barack’s actions.



    “Consider immigration. The ruling by a Texas federal judge to temporarily halt the president’s executive order on mass amnesty is leading open-border advocates to vow they won’t be stopped.
    Threats of violence hang in the air.

    So far, the White House has said it would suspend its immigration plans in deference to the ruling, but it hasn’t always abided by court decisions it doesn’t like and has shown only contempt for congressional checks and balances. It’s no surprise, then, that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are looking for some way around the Texas ruling so they can move the amnesty program forward. After all, how many troops do the judges have?

    Even if opponents ultimately prevail in court, that could take so long that it would be politically and practicably impossible to roll back the changes. The immigration genie would be out of the bottle forever.

    As those scenarios suggest, Obama’s promise “to squeeze ­every last little bit of change” out of the next two years could wreak havoc with the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton and a platoon of Republicans.
    If they are wise, the candidates will draft their plans in erasable ink. With the Master of Disaster on the prowl, the worst is yet to come.”


  108. When the producers of the David Letterman show send their camera men out on 57th and Broadway, they create a comedy skit by asking passersby the most basic questions about politics and find that the hapless fools are clueless. I know this because I used to stay at the Novetelle Hotel at 52nd and Broadway and would pass these wonderful crazies on I walked up town.

    I do not worry about these people. I am not troubled that they believe Madonna discovered America, Dinner Jacket was a crusader in disguise and John Wilkes Booth was or 36th president. They are harmless, and in most cases they do not vote. Besides, they are entitled to their opinion. And unlike jesweezy I will die to defend it, provided Voltaire goes first.

    That does not mean I am sanguine. Far from it. The people I worry about are the 9 million viewers per night who watch NBC News, and believe they are informed. Propagandized yes. Reformed? Not on your life. They lack that important ability to separate the false from the true, that King Solomon talked about. And, in point of fact, they are floridly delusional. They fall for the propaganda disseminated by the truth ministry hook line and sinker. To repeat, they are the delusional ones.

  109. Bon Voyage Brian. Keep the cards and letters coming. This tribute to commemorate your passing, which has sent shock waves through big media—and from a jail came the wail of a down hearted of a down hearted frail and they called it the birth of the blues, etc. Bye bye Brian remember you’re our anchor when they give you the eye although we know that you care won’t you write and declare, that though on the loose you are still a square, we’ll be gloomy, but send your rainbow to me, then our shadows will fly, though you’ll be gone for a while, don’t fret cause we’ll be waiting for our Brian bye and bye. Or, better yet, good night Irene–sometimes I have a great notion to jump in the river and drown–know what I mean Brian?

  110. wbb, that population – the network news watchers, the CNN watchers, and the FOX watchers are spoon fed the biases of those news outlets. They are unaware of it for the most part. But, even those who recognize that these media sources are not always honest and unbiased – they continue to listen and watch. They may think that the occasional exaggeration is a rare and harmless occurrence or that because everyone in MSM is dishonest at times, it’s no big deal.

    Complacency and acceptance of lower than low standards. The same view about government and is common – people think politicians are corrupt and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

    Complacency, perception of helplessness, normalizing behavior that would not be tolerated if exhibited by a friend or family member – A mindset that enables corruption and lies.

  111. freespirit

    February 22, 2015 at 6:09 pm
    That is exactly their thought process.

    The question is how can we change it?

    I think the Brian Williams/Dan Rather stories may be key.

    Those 9 million people are like everyone else—they want to know what is going on in the world.

    But if they want the truth, why would they go to people who lie about what is going on in the world.

    And don’t think for one minute that it was just ly’n Brian (NBC) and Dan (CBS) the bullshit artist.

    Their organizations were in on this too—they were there with Brian, and they knew he was lying.

    What those 9 million need to ask themselves do they want the truth–and as in the movie A Few Good Men can the handle it?

    If they want to truth, then they will have to do a little digging–and listen to both sides.

    Because the other side will tell them things your side does not want them to know.

    If I can get to that point, then I give them 3 honest people of the left–Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, and one other.

    And three honest people on the right–Richard Fernadez (Belmont Club), Victor Davis Hanson, and Christian Adams.

    And let them sort it out.

    And if they want to know how things really operate in the media, I tell them to read Sharyl Attkisson, who is hands down the best investigative reporter of this generation.

    And just to drop in a little poison, I point out who owns big media, i.e. NBC/MSNBC (Comcast), CBS (Westinghouse), ABC (Disney), CNN (Time Warner)—in other words big media does the bidding of major international corporation, and could give a flying fuck about the American People–except as a market to be manipulated.

    That will either get their head spinning or a loud fuck you.

    But either way it is firing for effect.

    And if I have this little confrontation with others looking on, I may not convince the party to whom I am directing my comments but I may influence others through this kind of exchange.

    We have to chip away at the credibility of these big media organizations. They are not worthy of the trust millions of people place in them. And the exposure of Brian Williams is the tell which cannot be ignored.

    In sum we need to make people feel as guilty about watching big media as reading National Enquirer in the check out line. Maybe they should feel worse, because even if National Enquirer reports that Sarah has an alien baby at home, they are ten times more credible than Scott Pelly.

  112. CBS is a bad network as well. If they were worth a damned they would not allow the brother of a top Obama advisor who was wrapped up in the Benghazi lies and changing the talking points to be president and then bury the Benghazi story. And, if they were worth a damned they would not have suppressed Sharyl’s investigative reporting of Obama’s scandals, and she would still be working there. They are a corrupt organization, and no one who lives in the same world as most of us will deny it.

  113. The answer to the question which obsessing big media i.e. does Obama love America is obvious. Obama loves America just as much as Bomber Bill Ayers and Goddamn America Reverend Wright love America. They just have an idiosycratic way of showing it.

  114. The RINOs are in full retreat over Rudi’s comments.

    And jebediah is showing his true colors–as if we did not know.

    This reaction from a commenter on a different blog is consistent with my own:

    Governor Bush doesn’t question President Obama’s motives. He does question President Obama’s disastrous policies,”

    This statement is exactly why Republican voters should not vote, rather than support Governor Bush- should he be nominated- for the presidency. This man, Governor Bush, displays that lack of courage and conviction that is going to be needed to confront the “nanny-state” mentality that is leading our country over a cliff. Another “go along to get along” Republican in the White House will do more damage to this nation, in the long run, than Hillary Clinton.

    The Governor does not say bad policies, he says: “disastrous policies.” It is the same as saying: this President has been a disaster for the country, but I will allow that his motives were pure.

    Governor Bush, when things reach the point of being a “disaster,” and you do not change your methods, it is a pretty safe bet that your motives are not commendable. To suggest otherwise shows 1) a lack judgement 2) no courage of conviction, or both.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/02/22/does-obama-love-america-republican-politicians-weigh-in-on-giuliani-comments/#ixzz3SX96tCrL

  115. I do not agree with his comment about Hillary, but if she continues along the current path of defending Obama, then he may be right on that point as well. The target for me is Bush—three generations of idiots is ENOUGH/

  116. Wbb,in 2008 I encountered among friends and some family members this refusal to internalize the truth about the bias and dishonest reporting. It was so frustrating. Even when there was sufficient evidence to clearly show that a reporter or media source had demonstrated bias or dishonesty, the validity of the sources providing the refuting evidence was questioned. The thinking seemed to be that even though CNN or MSNBC might have an agenda, the sources that contradicted them had a conflicting agenda – which motivated the accusations of bias or dishonesty.

    Among older people there was a prevailing misconception that if media lied they would run the risk of being sued – which of course is wrong.

    I finally concluded that it was just too much trouble for people to consider that the news sources and networks they had always watched might not be worth watching. If they knew it for sure what would they do about it? How could they find another source and be certain it was true? What would they watch at 5:30 everyday if they didn’t watch the news? Just too much change. And, they didn’t really care that much about lies being told about a politician, because in from their POV, one politician was just as corrupt and predatory as the next.

    I think, however, that people are becoming frightened enough of the direction in which Barack has taken this country that they are beginning to pay more attention. Hopefully, Rudy Giuliani’s statement will have some impact and will inspire others to speak out. People are beginning to realize that this is not a political game. Our constitution has been violated, our allies have been abandoned and our enemies embraced. It’s becoming harder to recognize our country. But Barack has been so protected by media and by both Republicans and Dims, no one has dared speak the truth – well, very few. Maybe that will begin to change and people will recognize that not only are Barack and the Dims lying to them, MSM is too.

    I do think that FOX has contributed to the unwillingness of people to turn away from liberal media. Of course FOX has a large number of conservative viewers, but many of their reporters and pundits are so biased against even moderate Dims and are so quick to generalize and judge, they fail to attract people who just want to hear the unbiased truth. The truth is not available on network television, CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. People just kind of give up, i think.

  117. Here is another reaction which conforms with my own. It is called caping the herd.

    (Note: I was taken aback by Megan Kelly’s attack on Rudi. I assumed at the time that she was just playing devil’s advocate, but she was pretty damned shrill in questioning the merits of what we all know to be true, and what ALL the evidence to date has confirmed–that Obama does not love this country. It was as if, for her, he had no right to call Obama on it, and that suggests to me that she may have gone over to the dark side. Nor was this an isolated event because she pulled the same shit when she was on with O’Reilly giving us this watermellon talk about white privilege–and ignoring the causal factors which include the broken family etc. For the first time, I am leery of her. Maybe I should have seen this before, but I swear to you I did not, and it was kept under cover.)

    From Mark Steyn a couple of days ago “I have quoted before my old friend Theodore Dalrymple on the purposes of lies in totalitarian societies:

    In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

    So, now we have many of even the most (so called) conservative American politicians denying the plain truth proven many times over; that barack obama doesn’t love his country (the unvarnished truth is he obviously HATES America and everything we believe in). Frankly, Rudy’s comment can’t be more mildly stated. “forced to repeat the lies.”

    Nobody who is too frightened to defend a great American like Rudy Guiuliani when he has the temerity to hint at the obvious truth about the Con Man in chief is getting my support. Bye Bye Marco Rubio. Bye bye Mike Pence. Bye Bye bye Jeb, Pataki, Rand Paul, Meghan Kelly (did you hear what SHE had to say….what a blind fool she has turned out to be).

    This is a great way to thin the heard.

    Read more: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/02/22/does-obama-love-america-republican-politicians-weigh-in-on-giuliani-comments/#ixzz3SXCXwVn6

  118. Thanks, wbb.

    I have only seen brief excerpts of Megyn Kelly’s show.. Have read that she doesn’t hesitate to offer an negative comment on Hillary whenever she can.

    If anything, she should be ashamed and frustrated with herself because of her own negligence. She and other so-called journalists have regular platform from which to address the issues Rudy G. raised. Maybe Megyn and some of the disappointing Republicans just lack the courage to speak the whole unpleasant truth like Rudy did.

  119. Hands must be aching throughout Obamaville. O’s protectors in media have been busy cranking out articles protesting Rudy Giuliani’s blasphemous statements about The Entitled One. It is truly thrilling. The more they write and broadcast their defense of Obama, the more people are exposed to Mr. Giuliani’s criticism of the president. People who had not already been aware of Rudy’s comments have been made aware of them by the Obama defense team. So keep it up guys.

    This article from City Journal summarizes the comments and actions by Obama that lead to the logical conclusion that he is not really all that into America. The excerpt below includes the last two paragraphs of the article, but it’s worth the time to read it in its entirety.



    With all the atrocities that the ISIS fanatics have committed, Obama’s anger has been more often directed not at them, but at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The animosity between the two men has never been a secret, but now, with Obama’s term in office waning, he is determined to cut a deal on the Iranian nuclear program on terms much to Tehran’s liking. Netanyahu is an obstacle to that goal.

    All of this, then, was a backdrop to Giuliani’s remarks, in which he called out Obama for the president’s many rhetorical bluffs. If the former mayor’s words have created a firestorm, it’s because for many, they have helped make sense of Barack Obama’s words and actions. Attacking Giuliani, and trying to delegitimize him with the racist label, will do little to allay public anxieties about an administration short on competence but long on ideological evasion—and blessed with media allies.


  120. All of this, then, was a backdrop to Giuliani’s remarks, in which he called out Obama for the president’s many rhetorical bluffs. If the former mayor’s words have created a firestorm, it’s because for many, they have helped make sense of Barack Obama’s words and actions. Attacking Giuliani, and trying to delegitimize him with the racist label, will do little to allay public anxieties about an administration short on competence but long on ideological evasion—and blessed with media allies.
    In a courtroom, no one ever objects to evidence or a line of questioning that does not hurt them.

    And, there as here, the louder they object, the more they got hurt.

    But sooner or later, most juries catch on.

    Insofar as Rudi is concerned, I am sure he deeply regrets not a single, solitary word of what he said.

    Why not? Because the fraud here perpetrated by the left wing media on the American People—and its dire consequences, have finally brought into focus.

    And no amount of screaming and wailing and character assassination, and astroturfing and attempts to kill the messenger can possibly put the genie back in the bottle.

    All these left wing histrionics can possibly do is embolden their enemies, and make those sitting on the fence see those people for the traitors they truly are.

    The game here is not just politics, and not just a difference of political world views. The game is to destroy this nation and I shall not scruple to call it anything less.

  121. The beauty of Rudi’s comments is they have given those who have not been paying attention, but are now, as the wolf gets closer to their door, is that he has given them a frame of reference which they did not have before, by which to interpret what Obama has done in the past–which does not make sense, what he is doing now—which makes even less sense, and what he will do in the future—which is play Russian roulette with our future, when he does not need to, but must, because he labors under a deep pathological compulsion, which goes much far deeper than the silly question being debated in the press now–does he love America. The real question is whether he is destroying America and who will stop him, because is Satan.

  122. The RINO is the kind of parasite that will do nothing to stop him, but will bide his time so he can feed on the host, when Obama collapses. That is the RINO for you. Surely he is not as bad as Obama, you say? I say, Obama and the RINO are fruits of the same poisonous tree. That is what I would say. Hence, the question is superfluous.

  123. I think I mentioned this before…there is a place I drive by on my long way to work that tracks the American deaths from George W’s two wars. Now we are just under 7000. It seems as though there has been almost 2000 deaths since ISIS rode into Dodge.

    So many of our young people that died before their lives ever got started. RIP

  124. Here is a paradigmatic example of the abuse of power by a left wing zealot who has dawned the robe of a judge when he was appointed by B. Hussein Obama. James Emanuel “Jeb” Boasberg. (Note: another fucking Jeb to trouble the living stream)

    Just look at his background, suffused with hypocrisy, elitism, and ego. Notice how he insists on telling us that he not only went to Yale and Yale Law but was a member of the Skull and Bones secret society, to which non elites need not apply.

    With that resume how can he possibly be impartial? With that resume how can he possibly realize that between the lofty heights he occupies and those who have invaded our country for whom he presumes to do justice and that not by halves, there is a middle class whose unemployment rate is 23% if the truth were told.

    Stay tuned, it gets worse.

    He is on the Surveillance Court. Think about that. Do you really believe he will be anything more than a rubber stamp for this Administration who appointed him? Do you believe he has the faintest notion of the doctrine of privacy? Do you? Well, you may but I don’t. Remember he is a member of Skull and Bones–a secret society.

    He has made some rulings that tell you what he is all about.

    First, he struck down an effort to release photos of the death of bin Laden to the American People. The American People were harmed by 9/11, but this judge would deny them the right to see that justice was finally done. I have great faith in the SEALS, but no faith whatsoever in a man like this. I am sure he is charming, but that is hardly the point.

    Second, and to the heart of the matter:


    How can an elitist like this individual–this Obama appointed judge be neutral? How can he see that between the lofty heaven where he resides and the struggles of 20 million people who came to this nation illegally, for sex change operations, welfare benies and a 25K check that there are 23 million Americans unemployed.

    Yes, I know I am being unfair. He was appointed by the smartest man to ever set foot in the White House with only a 124 point IQ, much beloved by a big media which is corrupt beyond redemption. But to me that is hardly a recommendation. To me this elitist is a sad excuse for the judge who preceded him on the DC Circuit who was not a social climber like Jeb, but a pillar of judicial wisdom.

  125. foxyladi14
    February 23, 2015 at 11:42 am
    I like her a lot.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    With so many excellent people in this country–like her–why must we be “ruled” by scumbags like the leaders of the two parties and judges who brag about being members of the skull and bones society. I do not get it.

  126. On February 7, 2014 Chief Justice John G. Roberts announced that he would appoint Boasberg to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
    Roberts . . . does nothing right.

  127. Long time lurker – but this commentary on “DailyKos” from Fort Rus is spot on.
    …In other words: dailykos is a Democratic Party shill operation, like Fox ‘News’ is a Republican Party shill operation. It’s not an authentic news-site; it is a PR or “propaganda” operation, for the Democratic Party, in order to fool liberal suckers to think that America’s aristocracy don’t control both Parties, and to deceive them to think that the United States is still a democracy — even though it no longer is.

    For the most part, Obama’s “policy failures” (such as the ‘failure’ of Obamacare to achieve his promised “universal coverage,” or 100% of Americans being insured) are not really due to bugs (such as Republicans accuse); they’re due to features of his programs; they are intended to produce the type of results that they do. (Just ignore his rhetoric, which is intended to deceive.) This is also the reason why for the first time in history there is a continued widening of the gap between rich and poor even after an economic crash, which is precisely the period in the economic cycle when historically the income-gap has narrowed, instead of gotten wider.

    The American public are massively deceived. How many news-media are there, which will report this fact, and report it honestly, not in such a way that itself deceives? How many news-media are there that serve their readers, instead of serving their owners and the people who serve them? No democracy can survive like that. This is the reality.
    …Dailykos is not America’s disease; it’s a symptom of America’s disease. …

  128. constancespry
    February 23, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    dailykos is a Democratic Party shill operation
    Yes. It is an astroturf site, just like HuffPo.

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