Mistake In ’08, Part IX: Capitulation And The Lessons For Hillary Clinton 2016

The whores admit they’re infected with “the pox”. The last of the Obama hold-outs from 2008 capitulate to our argument. It’s over. Our analysis about 2008 prevails. Their analysis about 2008 has fallen. It’s all over. Hillary Clinton 2016 take note.

John B. Judis, one of the loons who sold the Democratic Party of FDR a turd covered in gold flakes, admits he was wrong:

The Emerging Republican Advantage
The idea of an enduring Democratic majority was a mirage. How the GOP gained an edge in American politics—and why it’s likely to last. [snip]

American parties routinely go through periods of ascendancy, decline, and deadlock. From 1896 to 1930, the Republican Party reigned supreme; from 1932 to 1968, the New Deal Democrats dominated; following a period of deadlock, the Reagan Republicans held sway during the 1980s. After the parties exchanged the White House, Democrats appeared to take command of American politics in 2008. In that election, Obama and the Democrats won not only the White House but also large majorities in the Senate and House, plus a decided edge in governor’s mansions and state legislatures.

At the time, some commentators, including me, hailed the onset of an enduring Democratic majority. And the arguments in defense of this view did seem to be backed by persuasive evidence. Obama and the Democrats appeared to have captured the youngest generation of voters, whereas Republicans were relying disproportionately on an aging coalition. The electorate’s growing ethnic diversity also seemed likely to help the Democrats going forward.

These advantages remain partially in place for Democrats today, but they are being severely undermined by two trends that have emerged in the past few elections—one surprising, the other less so.

Judis is excuse making when he writes that the “trends” he now sees “have emerged in the past few elections”. No. The trends were clear in 2007 in polls and in 2008 in exit polls as well. We saw what Judis refused to see and we wrote about it repeatedly:

For years we explained (see, “Mistake In ’08” Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, and Part VIII, and the “Barack Obama Situation Comedy” Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV) that to build and grow a political party you first gather a core constituency then slowly grow the party by the addition of like-minded individuals and groups which share those interests of the core constituency.

The modern Democratic Party built by Franklin Delano Roosevelt had as a core constituency the white working class. This working class provided the party of FDR with guideposts on policy and guided the party in everything it did. The working class core of the party was white because it reflected the same characteristics as the general population.

Over the years groups were added to the FDR coalition. Senior citizens joined in on the coalition attracted by promises such as “Social Security”. In the 1960s John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Boston Brahmin added black Americans into the Democratic Party fold with some deft politicking (and his father’s vast wealth) which smudged away the racist past of the party. JFK grew the Democratic Party by addition not subtraction.

In 2008, Barack Obama and assorted kooks decided to purposefully destroy the Democratic Party of FDR. Barack Obama and these kooks willfully embraced the idea of the new “coalition of the ascendant”. This “coalition of the ascendant” and their interests – which conflicted with the interests of the FDR coalition – made it necessary to kick out core Democratic Party constituencies such as senior citizens and the white working class.

The Barack Obama coalition slogan was a variation of the race riot 1960s slogan “burn, baby, burn”.

If Hillary Clinton 2016 comes into existence this July or later, the campaign strategy better consider our arguments and the ones that John Judis concedes he did not foresee. What happened in 2008 is not a question of historical interpretation. The “mistake in ’08” is the defining question for 2016.

In our last “Mistake in ’08” article we noted how Ruy Teixiera raised the white flag of surrender as he tried to rewrite his history and pretended he always understood the importance of the white working class vote. Now it is John Judis who pretends that he kinda sorta always believed in the importance of the white working class vote:

The less surprising trend is that Democrats have continued to hemorrhage support among white working-class voters—a group that generally works in blue-collar and lower-income service jobs and that is roughly identifiable in exit polls as those whites who have not graduated from a four-year college. These voters, and particularly those well above the poverty line, began to shift toward the GOP decades ago, but in recent years that shift has become progressively more pronounced. [snip]

To win elections, Democrats have still needed between 36 and 40 percent nationally of the white working-class vote—which, in practice, meant totals in the twenties or even the teens in the South, and near-majorities in many Northern and Western states. At one time, unions had provided a link between many of these voters and the Democratic Party.

Judis and others have finally caught on that yeah, the white working class vote matters:

Southern Democrats Should Just Forget About 2016
In Arkansas and West Virginia, Dems don’t see a comeback without at least an extra two years of distance from Obama. [snip]

Think President Obama hurt Democrats in 2014? It’s not over yet.

While many of the party’s strategists are banking on 2016 as a comeback year, in the South, the party’s congressional contenders can’t envision a rebound before at least 2018.

In fact, Democratic strategists think an extra two years of distance will be the minimum needed to separate their candidates from Obama’s record. That’s especially true in West Virginia and Arkansas, states where the local Democratic brand had stubbornly endured until last year’s Republican sweep.

“The farther he gets off the stage, the better,” said Arkansas Democratic strategist Robert McLarty. [snip]

Republicans will beat up any Democrat that runs by saying they’re a continuation of Obama’s anti-jobs, anti-coal policy,” said one West Virginia Democratic operative who has worked on multiple congressional races in the state. “In 2018, we’d be able to put it back into the D category, but next year will be another tough election.”

The party’s mood is similarly bleak in Arkansas.

“You don’t go from a complete shellacking one cycle to thinking you could take back congressional seats the next,” conceded Michael Cook, an Arkansas Democratic strategist.

This is likely the case even with Hillary Clinton sitting atop the ticket. While many Democrats argue that the former secretary of State and senator from New York could draw back to the party some of the Southern and blue-collar white voters who supported her husband’s presidential run, strategists on both sides acknowledge that the politics of the South have since changed.

“That’s the last hope Democrats in the state are clinging to,” said Conrad Lucas, chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party. “But the West Virginia of 2016 is not the West Virginia of 1992.”

And in Arkansas, more USA Today/Suffolk University poll respondents had negative views about Clinton than positive ones, and others are pessimistic that Clinton could compete in her onetime home state, much less win it.

“The landscape for Democrats in Arkansas does not look promising,” said Skip Rutherford, dean of the Clinton School of Public Service and a veteran of Arkansas politics. “Barring any major developments, it’s going to be a very steep climb.”

It is going to be an impossible climb if Hillary Clinton 2016 is seen in any way as tied to Obama or Obama policies. Half-assed arguments of “stay the course’ but with “changes” will be too cute and will throttle Hillary Clinton 2016. And it gets worse, as John Judis just jived:

The more surprising trend is that Republicans are gaining dramatically among a group that had tilted toward Democrats in 2006 and 2008: Call them middle-class Americans. These are voters who generally work in what economist Stephen Rose has called “the office economy.” In exit polling, they can roughly be identified as those who have college—but not postgraduate—degrees and those whose household incomes are between $50,000 and $100,000. (Obviously, the overlap here is imperfect, but there is a broad congruence between these polling categories.)

The defection of these voters—who, unlike the white working class, are a growing part of the electorate—is genuinely bad news for Democrats, and very good news indeed for Republicans. The question, of course, is whether it is going to continue. It’s tough to say for sure, but I think there is a case to be made that it will.

Yeah, the middle class. So Obama has finished off any chance of a white working class return to the party of FDR and now Obama will make sure that with his plans to target the middle class it will be “good-bye middle class” in 2016. Wanna get tied to this loser in 2016??? Obama started his overtures to the middle class this year with a call for new taxes on college education plans which were so mocked that Obama had to immediately withdraw the tax. What a way to charm the middle class!

Remember all the promises Teixiera and Judis along with other Obama supporters made in 2008 about “demographic destiny” and Obama as the new Messiah that would bestride the political world like a colossus for decades? Uh, that “future” faded fast:

From the 2008 to the 2012 presidential elections, Democrats maintained their core coalition—the Hispanic vote for Obama even went up 4 percentage points in 2012—but their support among both white working-class and middle-class voters began to shrink. After getting 40 percent of the white working-class vote in 2008, Obama got only 36 percent in 2012. And after winning college-but-not-postgrad voters and middle-income voters in 2008, he lost both groups to Mitt Romney, by 51 percent to 47 percent and 52 percent to 46 percent, respectively.

The drop in midterm House races was even more precipitous. Democrats slid from 44 percent of the white working-class vote nationally in 2006 to only 34 percent in 2014, and from a 49-percent-49-percent split among college-educated voters in 2006 to a 54-percent-44-percent loss among these voters in 2014. They also dropped from a 50-percent-48-percent advantage among middle-income voters in 2006 to a 54-percent-44-percent deficit in 2014. [snip]

Overall, Democrats have continued to get a lower percentage of the vote among white working-class voters than among middle-class voters. But during the Obama years, middle-class voters have moved away from the Democrats at a comparable—and, in a few instances, such as the Senate race in Colorado, a higher—rate than white working-class voters.

Obama, as his own henchmen boast is not really a party building type:

But Team Obama has long believed that the president’s support is built upon the bedrock of his personal qualities rather than mere party identification. [snip]

But a senior Democratic strategist familiar with the Obama operation noted that, among the millions of names and emails on the famous lists, there were many people whose primary loyalty was to Barack Obama rather than to the Democratic Party.

We always said it was a cult. The cult of not very well informed young people voted in 2008 and 2012 for Obama in the same way that blacks voted for skin color not character. Obama received meaningless victories personally but the party he headed withered. The party Obama heads will continue to wither. Any fruit on the Obama vine will wither and die. And that is what is happening now and will continue to happen in 2016 for anyone who is seen as in any way an Obama ally or tied to Obama policies:

And while the white working-class vote has steadily shrunk as a percentage of the electorate, middle-class voters—as defined by education and income—have grown. In the 1980 presidential election, the white working class made up about 65 percent of the electorate; by 1988, it was 54 percent; by the 2008 election, it was just 39 percent. Ruy Teixeira and John Halpin estimate that by 2020, it’ll be 30 percent of the electorate. On the other hand, voters with college degrees but not postgraduate degrees went from 26 percent of the electorate in 2004, to 29 percent in 2012, to 31 percent in the last election. And according to census estimates, turnout among middle-class voters is 10 percentage points or more higher than among working-class voters. So middle-class voters are a force to be reckoned with.

The core swing voters within the middle class are whites, who make up 70 to 75 percent of this group; but the voting patterns of minorities in this income bracket don’t necessarily mirror the overall minority vote.

That’s a too cute way of saying that the middle class votes and is growing in votes and that minorities in the middle class vote like whites in the middle class. Judis also notes that young millennial voters will not “mitigate any losses” and save the party of Obama because they too now resemble the “electorate at large—pessimistic, untrusting, lacking confidence in government.”

The middle class writes Judis, is returning to its roots:

TO MAKE AN educated guess about whether these trends will continue, it helps to look at how the white working class and middle class have behaved historically. [snip]

For their part, middle-class voters have long been mistrustful of government. [snip]

Before the Great Depression, middle-class voters had been a stalwart Republican constituency, and they moved back toward the Republican fold after World War II. They supported Reagan in 1980 in the wake of Carter-era stagflation and the tax revolt that began in California in 1978. Reacting to the 1991 recession, a plurality narrowly favored Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, but they began drifting to the Republicans in 2000 and favored Bush by 58 percent to 42 percent in 2004. In 2008, in the wake of the Iraq War and the Great Recession, they supported Obama; but in 2010—angry about Obama’s stimulus program and believing that the Affordable Care Act had cost too much without truly benefiting them—they once again began returning to the Republican camp.

Middle-class voters tend, on average, to be more socially liberal than white working-class voters, and they have punished Republicans for taking harshly conservative stands on social issues. [snip]

Yet while middle-class voters are generally socially liberal, they oppose candidates on this basis only when those candidates take extreme positions. And so, when Republican politicians have soft-pedaled their views on abortion or guns or immigration, middle-class voters have largely ignored these issues in deciding whom to back—reverting to their natural tendency to focus on topics like taxes, spending, and the size of government. [snip]

Middle-class voters also tend to be less populist than white working-class voters when it comes to blaming Wall Street and the wealthy for the economy’s ills. [snip]

Many of them work for businesses where their own success is bound up with the company’s bottom line. That makes them less susceptible than white working-class voters or professionals to Democratic taunts about the “1 percent.” [snip]

On the whole, the white working class and the middle class—animated by their distrust of government spending and taxes—have moved toward the Republicans in recent years, in the absence of some other issue (such as war or economic catastrophe or social extremism) temporarily taking precedence. And the two groups have done so largely in tandem.

These are chilling numbers for anyone who runs in 2016 perceived in any way to support Obama or Obama policies. Citing his wife and a fellow writer Judis provides anecdotal evidence of why the middle class is aghast at Obama and Obama policies “it appears that the election hinged on taxes and the size of government—the questions to which middle-class voters so often seem to return.”

Um, it gets worse. Judis interviews voters who voted for Obama but who recently voted for um, Republicans, in Maryland:

They are not driven by any racial animus. They are socially liberal, and would probably not vote for a Republican who was openly allied with the Religious Right, but they were willing to support an antiabortion Republican who didn’t make a fuss about the issue. They are not unbendingly opposed to government, like some libertarians or tea-party activists; but they are worried about overspending and taxes.

In a speech after the election, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York advised Democrats to “embrace government” to “get the middle class going again.” But if Democrats take this advice, which has some appeal within policy circles, they could continue to drive middle-class voters like Jerry, Connie, and James away.

Read that Hillary Clinton 2016. Crackpot DailyKook propaganda of “demographic destiny” and generations of Republican losses have been crushed. As labor unions weaken, and the middle class drifts away along with the white working class, Hillary Clinton 2016 has lessons to learn:

The White House understands that Democrats have a problem with white working-class and middle-class voters and is now calling for a “middle-class tax cut” aimed squarely at them. Yet the Democratic nominee in 2016 will still have to shoulder the size-of-government and who-benefits-from-tax-dollars grievances created by Obama’s initial spending programs and by the Affordable Care Act. [snip]

After the 2008 election, I thought Obama could create an enduring Democratic majority by responding aggressively to the Great Recession in the same way that Franklin Roosevelt had responded in 1933 to the Great Depression. Obama, I believed, would finally bury the Reagan Republican majority of 1980 and inaugurate a new period of Democratic domination.

In retrospect, that analogy was clearly flawed.

Our take on Obama and FDR was not flawed. We were correct in our reading. We were correct in our prescriptions. Hillary Clinton 2016 take note of the Mistake in ’08 and don’t repeat them or get tied to them in 2016.


193 thoughts on “Mistake In ’08, Part IX: Capitulation And The Lessons For Hillary Clinton 2016

  1. Sean Trende weighs in on the Judis article:


    Emerging Democratic Majority — RIP?

    If you follow debates about demographics and political coalitions, you were hit with something of a bomb blast when John Judis’ inaugural piece in the National Journal came out in late January.

    Judis is one of the original co-authors of the ur-text for the modern debate, the 2002 book “The Emerging Democratic Majority.” In it, he and Ruy Teixeira suggested that the growth of the minority population, combined with emerging Democratic strength with professionals and residual Democratic strength with working-class whites, would allow Democrats to win the majority of elections in the medium term. This has become informally known as the emerging Democratic majority thesis.

    Judis’ lengthy essay is a big deal, and well worth reading. He argues that Republicans have managed to bring together middle- and working-class whites, as well as middle-class Hispanics, who don’t see the obvious advantages to the Democratic platform that poor and upper-class voters do. This has allowed Republicans to win expanded majorities in the House and Senate and to compete effectively for the presidency. In short, Judis now sees an emerging Republican advantage. [snip]

    Is the emerging Democratic majority thesis now dead? It’s important to remember that Judis is just one author, albeit an extremely influential one, and that an awful lot of smart people, to my knowledge, still endorse the theory and are doing important work on it: Teixeira, Emory University’s Alan Abramowitz, William Frey of the Brookings Institution, and Ron Brownstein of National Journal (though he, too, seems to be wavering a bit).[snip]

    Obama’s campaign was centered on the notion of rejecting Clinton-style centrism as too cautious and cynical. Though Obama wasn’t really a “netroots” candidate, this theme had been bubbling among the Democratic base for a few years, finding its purest expression in the successful primary campaign against Sen. Joe Lieberman in 2006 (people today forget that similar campaigns were nearly successful against Sens. Michael Bennet and Blanche Lincoln in 2010). But as I noted in 2009, it is difficult for an actual presidency founded on the rejection of Clintonism to hold that coalition together once in office (despite the fact that Obama often governed more like a progressive centrist than his supporters would have liked).

    This all remains highly salient today. I think Judis and Teixeira’s point about the strength of progressive centrism is a powerful one; in fact, if the theme of the book had been more “this is what the Democratic majority will look like when Democrats are successful,” I would agree (and indeed, a hefty portion of the book is dedicated to just that argument). Today, however, a large portion of the Democratic Party’s intellectual class seems more interested in the weaker, predictive part of Judis and Teixeira’s book rather than the prescriptive portion of it. That is, they see demographics both as destiny and as an opportunity for abandoning Clinton-style centrism. But if the book is correct, this is exactly backwards: Clinton-style centrism is the way to harness these demographics. Abandon it, and you risk abandoning the majority.

    Note Judis’ case study of Maryland. His point here is basically this: There is a limit to white suburbanites’ willingness to embrace new taxes, even in a deeply blue place like the Old Line State. Yet as others have noted, the ability to raise taxes for new social programs without touching those voters is limited. Embracing a full-throated progressive program places real strains on these voters’ loyalty to the Democratic Party.

    In 2016, Democrats have as their likely nominee possibly the single strongest candidate for putting the old Democratic coalition back together again. I think with an adequately strong economy and a campaign founded in progressive centrism, Hillary Clinton could very well put together a broader coalition than Obama’s, and a victory that eclipses his. Whether her party allows her to run such a campaign is probably the most important question of 2015; this book explains why.

    That last sentence is what Hillary Clinton 2016 needs to read.

  2. Just reading your post Admin, and this always ticks me off…

    “The less surprising trend is that Democrats have continued to hemorrhage support among white working-class voters—a group that generally works in blue-collar and lower-income service jobs and that is roughly identifiable in exit polls as those whites who have not graduated from a four-year college”

    The white working class is also those of us that have a college education, we still work 40 hours a day and we were never part of the Republican party.

    The white working class are doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, engineers, cops, and everyone under the sun including those that work in construction and those that didn’t go to college.

    I wish the people that wrote this definition would revamp it to include the rest of us.

  3. Call them middle-class Americans. These are voters who generally work in what economist Stephen Rose has called “the office economy.” In exit polling, they can roughly be identified as those who have college—but not postgraduate—degrees and those whose household incomes are between $50,000 and $100,000.

    This middle class is still part of the white working class!

    People don’t go on to college and stop working nor change their race.

    I wonder how many PUMA type voters, voted for Reps in 2008, 2012 and 2014…to STOP the Obama Train of Diaster, and we were then counted as ‘new’ Republicans?

    Don’t count your chickens if Hillary runs for President.

  4. Admin. for sure-you-were-right.

    I was right.

    But no one would listen.

    It is the Cassandra problem.

    But the frustration of being right, but not getting anyone to listen, made me step back from the entire process, and see what it was really all about.

    And now that I see–I know.

    And now that I know, I cannot take anything these politicians say at face value.

    Cronkite was right when he said: there is an elite class comprised of the heads of commerce and finance who so manipulate democracy that they control democracy, and their main tool for doing so is big media.

    If this game were on the level then the Republican Party would boycott big media altogether. They cannot get a fair hearing, so away from those lepers. But they do not do that, now do they? Do they crave the abuse and double dealing? No way. They have no principles whatsoever and all they are interested in is money. It is, therefore, unseemly that such people should be the beneficiaries of the fall of the big media beloved messiah.

    And if you think for one moment that Obama is through falling, or that a soft landing is inevitable given the way he is careessed, coddled and worshipped by big media, then think again. His middle east policy will be the thing that does him in.

    The only salvation I see is a third party, that chases the money changers from the temple and dedicates itself to serving the people and the Constitution. If not being able to persuade the people that counted that Obama was toxic waste, was my greatest failure, my second greatest failure is not being able to convince them that the RINO cannot be trusted, and will send us straight to hell too, only more slowly than Obama.

    If you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, anyone, then read Tom Sowell. There will be no salvation for this country unless we get back to first principles, and today he is their foremost exponent. The rest of this is something that a man who ran whore houses in Memphis told me years ago: the fast con is when a thief sticks a gun in your back and says give me your money. The slow con is when a banker or a politician says “trust me”.

  5. Tony Stark
    February 4, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    I really hope HC2016 hires you as an adviser or consultant.

    Me too!

  6. Far be it from me to suggest that we do not need an elite class.

    But where is it written that they must be so corrupt, and so often wrong on the major issues.

    As Charles Murray said Harvard is the factory which supplies us with the elite class.

    Tom Sowell got was educated at Harvard, but taught at University of Chicago.

    At Harvard, he said, debate was like touch football—deference to all points of view, very little common sense.

    At University of Chicago, he said, debate was a blood sport– if you go into the ring, you had better get ready to have your pet theories ripped apart and tested to the hilt. Evidence is demanded—not deference.

    It is no exaggeration to say that the road to national failure is paved with Harvard degrees. I can think of no better example that Kerry, Power and the rest of those jamokes, whose foreign policy is spinning out of control.

  7. Judis’ lengthy essay is a big deal, and well worth reading. He argues that Republicans have managed to bring together middle- and working-class whites, as well as middle-class Hispanics

    The Republicans did not win these groups.

    The Democrats blew them off—and treated them like the scum of the earth.

    That advantage ought not to inure to the benefit of the RINO who is just as willing to play the race card, as we saw in Mississippi, or lie to the American People about fighting Obamacare and amnesty before the election and then abdicating.

    The advantage should inure to a third party—and a new set of leaders committed to first principles, and willing to talk straight.

    Never happen? Perhaps not. But until it does, I am fucking through with politics.

  8. I wonder how many PUMA type voters, voted for Reps in 2008, 2012 and 2014…to STOP the Obama Train of Diaster, and we were then counted as ‘new’ Republicans?

    Don’t count your chickens if Hillary runs for President.
    I wonder how many of them felt betrayed, because I know a number of them who feel that way.

    Just because they wanted her in 2008 is no guarantee they will want her in 2016.

    Unless as a matter of gender politics.

    If there is to be any more then she must show how she would be different from Obama.

    And I am no more certain of that than I am that jes will give us a full report on what he learned from the Sowell videos.

  9. Given the corruption that has metastasized through the body politic, the only sensible position is as an independent voter.

  10. Yes, Admin would make a fine adviser to HRC–provided HRC was willing to listen. Right now, I hope she is listening more to her husband than to pizza faced Messina, or the young delphic oracle Robbie Mooks.

  11. Tony Stark February 4, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    Admin, I really hope HC2016 hires you as an adviser or consultant.

    Hear! Hear!

    I am writing that in my letter to Chappaqua.

  12. Shadowfax February 4, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    I wonder how many PUMA type voters, voted for Reps in 2008, 2012 and 2014…to STOP the Obama Train of Diaster, and we were then counted as ‘new’ Republicans?

    Don’t count your chickens if Hillary runs for President.

    Hope springs eternal; but I think your thoughts here are spot-on.

    Polls showed that 30% of HRC supporters turned PUMA in June 2008. That makes 6 million PUMAs out of 18 million.

    Nearing the election, polls showed that about most virulent two-thirds of those PUMAs (4 million) intended to vote McCain while the remaining 2 million would abstain.

    There is reason that all 6 million voted for Romney in 2012, and they might have voted Republican in 2010 or 2014.

    But I have a hunch that HRC can count on the support of at least 5 million of those PUMAs in 2016.

    As for the other 12 million who voted Obama in 2008, you have to remember that they were Primary voters, party activists who took the trouble to vote.

    If you multiply the political power of 18 million middle-class party activists to the population at large, there is reason to believe that HRC can bring the middle class back into the Dem fold as long as she plays her cards right (see “Clinton Economic Agenda”).

    So, as you say, the Republicans should not count their chickens….

  13. wbboei February 4, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    Far be it from me to suggest that we do not need an elite class…. Sowell …

    Yes indeedee, Sowell is very interesting and I’m prepping up for the debate you want on the subject.

    I’m still only 9 minutes into the video, and find it thought-provoking. I could defend Noam Chomsky, whom he takes as example of an over-reaching intellectual bimbo; but the illustrations of the Harvard debate style and U of Chicago style are striking. I see what he (and you) mean, and agree.

    I’ll finish the video anyway, but not just yet — 20 more minutes of it and I have a boatload of work.

    Suffice it to say that I myself play a “blood sport” in debate, but also live by the Japanese maxim “Loser is Winner”, learning from my defeats so I come back playing better and harder in the next round.

  14. gonzotx February 5, 2015 at 1:56 am

    I don’t think she is listening after that stupid tweet on immunizations. ..

    What was stupid about it?

  15. wbboei February 4, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    … I cannot take anything these politicians say at face value.

    Nor should you, nor should you ever have. But you can, sometimes, as in the case of HRC.

    But far be it from me to ask you to willingly suspend disbelief in her case.

    On the contrary, the machinery of disbelief should be revved up to top speed when you hear a soundbite like “Don’t let anybody tell you businesses create jobs…”.

    The difficulty understanding that statement is why Correct The Record came out with a full explanation, and is also why I spent time explaining it to you personally, even taking a snipe at you for not knowing your economics, and then posted four lengthy posts on the last thread, leading up to the “Clinton Economic Agenda”, this last of which has prompted no comments by anybody, including yourself.

    Disbelief — the arm’s length view — with backup thinking of your own, with others’ help if necessary, is necessary to make any valid choices of politicians of your own.

    “The markets need regulation” was a four-word soundbite that made it possible for me to vote Romney, because I knew the importance of it, both historically and for the future.

  16. Judis’… argues that Republicans have managed to bring together middle- and working-class whites, as well as middle-class Hispanics

    wbboei February 4, 2015 at 10:21 pm


    The Republicans did not win these groups. The Democrats blew them off…

    Exactly 0° with you on that one.

  17. gonzotx
    February 5, 2015 at 1:56 am
    I don’t think she is listening after that stupid tweet on immunizations. ..
    I don’t think Hillary composed or authorized that tweet: saying grandmothers [ or any other group of people ] know best
    is not her style.

  18. Admin, sincere congratulations on knowing so much more than I can realize. I would like to say how much I enjoy tweeting the full list of your Mistake In ’08 + Barack Obama Situation Comedy series. Learning in depth about politics has been a slow process for me; surely Americans need to spend more time in regular family discussion. Really sad for me to find in my area, people are more willing to talk personal sex than personal politics. In my formative years, politics was learned mostly through osmosis.

    I’ve been following Senate votes on DHS funding. I expected media to ignore them, but even twitter is unresponsive. I may be the only irate soul in the state.
    The gist: Democrats will not budge, 100% support to Obama’s immigration overreach. Yesterday GOP moved it to a vote. All votes strictly by party.
    Can’t believe that Susan Collins reprises her role as conciliator – as she did with Olympia for the ACA – has a compromise ready for Senate to work from.
    Yesterday I called “Shirley” to tell her our Dem senator’s vote. Could tell from tone of her voice she was not “getting the message” so I said it out: He voted against us. She replied, I was afraid of that.
    She’s 89. I’m not going to bother her about it any more.

    HRC2016? Hopefully the reasons to vote for her will become clear later this year.

  19. Admin, I think you should publish your Mistake in ’08 collection, and make it available to the general public.

    Regarding this from the Judis article:

    “To win elections, Democrats have still needed between 36 and 40 percent nationally of the white working-class vote—which, in practice, meant totals in the twenties or even the teens in the South, and near-majorities in many Northern and Western states. At one time, unions had provided a link between many of these voters and the Democratic Party”


    If this was a known quantity, why the hell did the Dims, and especially that Dim Dumb-ass Donna make such a huge deal about the New Dim Coalition. In 2008, the Dims basically told working class whites – If you don’t like it, get the hell out. Just as they told the PUMA-types – ” Fall in line you old white bitches. Get behind Obama or get the hell out”. Many of us responded to this by choosing the latter option. I realize the Dims thought young voters and non-white voters would always be loyal and would represent a large number of votes. When they did not remain steadfastly rabid for Obama, Dims lost votes. But, even if those two groups had remained loyal to Dims and had continued to vote in large numbers, Dims still couldn’t prevail without working and middle class white votes. Why did it take them so long to figure this out?

    Even Carville, who in the past has appeared to have good instincts claimed in 2008, after Barack’s selection, that the Dims would dominate for the next 30 years, at a minimum

    Presumably, Dim’s thought that the unions would always be in the pocket of the Dims. Historically, they have been a huge source of money and voters. But, Obama damaged that relationship with Ocare. And, he basically destroyed support from those in the coal industry. The contingent of “old white bitches” disenfranchised by the Dim Party was lost after 2008. Granted, this group doesn’t represent as many votes as the unions – not by a long shot – but I’d be willing to bet it’s larger than has been acknowledged by Dims.

    Bottom line is, the hyper-educated Obama strategists and the oh so arrogant Kook contingent got it WRONG – unlike Big Pink.

    I don’t doubt that Hillary knows this. My concern is that she will try to salvage O’s legacy for African Americans, that she will try to finesse the situation, create a new narrative (which MSM would be only too happy to help with), and some how save Barack’s sorry ass – not for him necessarily, but for the AA’s who simultaneously felt that 1) Barack’s election (by whites as well as blacks, hispanics, etc.) represented a racial victory, and 2) that whites were still racist. The dissonance boggles the mind, but Barack did his best keep those two opposing thoughts uppermost in the minds of blacks.

    Hillary needs to let Barack’s record speak for itself, and not try to lend it credence by attaching herself to it in any way.

  20. gonzo,
    I don’t think Hillary composed or authorized that tweet: saying grandmothers [ or any other group of people ] know best
    is not her style.

    It didn’t sound like her to me either, gonzo. And, I noticed the article about her statement said that this grandmother reference might be her attempt to appear “softer’ or soften her image – whatever. Basically, the idea was that she needed to be warmer, softer.

    I thought why the hell would anyone want a “soft” president, particularly in these dangerous times. Hell, the fact that Barack has been too soft is partly responsible for the the trouble we’re in now.

  21. wbboei
    February 4, 2015 at 10:32 pm
    I wonder how many PUMA type voters, voted for Reps in 2008, 2012 and 2014…to STOP the Obama Train of Diaster, and we were then counted as ‘new’ Republicans?

    Don’t count your chickens if Hillary runs for President.
    I wonder how many of them felt betrayed, because I know a number of them who feel that way.

    Just because they wanted her in 2008 is no guarantee they will want her in 2016.

    Unless as a matter of gender politics.

    If there is to be any more then she must show how she would be different from Obama.

    And I am no more certain of that than I am that jes will give us a full report on what he learned from the Sowell videos.

    Shadow, I think you’re spot on.

    Wbb, it think the number of former Hillary supporters – or Puma-types,as Shadow called them – who will no longer support her is relatively small. Some people turned against her when she decided to become Barack’s SOS. I don’t quite get why that would be a deal breaker for them. Politicians cannot survive by refusing to move forward and serve the party (regardless of how putrid the party has become). But nevertheless, some Hillary supporters obviously, don’t see it that way. Some have turned against her following Benghazi. Again, I don’t get it, but each of us has the right and indeed the responsibility to follow their conscience and vote accordingly. I don’t doubt that since 2008, the fact that Hillary has not verbally attacked Barack and in some cases, agreed with him has already cost her some support from those who were dimly in her camp in 2008. Hopefully, Hillary will be able to win them back – if she validates their anger and their disapproval of Barack during 2016 campaign.

    Regarding gender, I do think former female Hillary supporters have been and will continue to be less willing than male Hillary supporters to ditch her. Having a female president is important to many of us. It’s not the main focus, obviously. Other qualities must be considered before gender. But , it’s still a big deal. Frankly, I think it should be a big deal. In fact, I think those so-called feminists who voted against Hillary in 2008, didn’t give a damn about gender equality and should forever feel disgraced. It should have been a bigger deal to them.

  22. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/vladimir-putin/11392680/Vladimir-Putin-suffers-from-Aspergers-syndrome-Pentagon-report-claims.html

    The Pentagon has decided that Putin has Aspergers Syndrome, which formerly (before the DSM 5 was published) was a separate disorder, similar to Autism. People with Aspergers don’t have the cognitive deficits that have been associated with Autism in the past. But, they lack social skills and often become obsessed with a particular subject. They tend to have an odd manner of speaking – often talking at other in, rather than with other. Most also have an odd quality about their gait or some other odd pattern of physical movement. They often don’t pick up on the emotional and social cues of others.

  23. Admin said.

    Our take on Obama and FDR was not flawed. We were correct in our reading. We were correct in our prescriptions. Hillary Clinton 2016 take note of the Mistake in ’08 and don’t repeat them or get tied to them in 2016.


    Note to Hillary.
    Please listen!!!!! 🙂

  24. Brian Williams Covers Hillary Clinton’s “Sniper Fire” Incident
    Published on Feb 5, 2015
    NBC anchor Brian Williams is facing scrutiny for fabricating a story about coming under fire in a helicopter in Iraq. Ironically in 2008, Williams and Andrea Mitchell cover Hillary Clinton’s own military plane tall tale about “sniper fire.’ Original air date: 4/11/08
    http://www dot youtube.com/watch?v=ZkNEDXvjP18 44 Views.

    If you watch this, don’t miss Bill’s word to the “wise” [ie to Andrea]

  25. I recall Hillary’s official fact check site stating she’d given an incorrect date, and further that the date published in her “Living History” book was correct.
    Course the 72 din of Hillary lied was not to be denied. Or forgotten.

  26. WASHINGTON — Two senior aides to President Obama plan to leave the White House in the coming weeks, officials said Wednesday, adding to an exodus of talent and institutional memory from the West Wing as Mr. Obama looks toward the final two years of his term.

    Dan Pfeiffer, one of the last members of Mr. Obama’s intimate circle of aides who had been with him since his first White House run, plans to depart by early next month.


  27. freespirit
    February 5, 2015 at 8:30 am

    Admin, I think you should publish your Mistake in ’08 collection, and make it available to the general public.

    I agree Admin.

    You really need to write a book on the election of 2008. You’re knowledge of politics is amazing.

    You might want to use a pen name and keep your photo off the cover for your personal safety from the O’crew.

    While driving to work this morning, flipping though radio stations, I thought, wish we had a Hillaryis44 radio station that would go from digital posts to sound. Admin could come on every now and then, with her/his voice altered and do a good rant or political lesson.

    Then again, Wbb would come one again with another one of his ‘gender politics’ comments and I might ram into the car ahead of me 😉

  28. Free

    Regarding gender, I do think former female Hillary supporters have been and will continue to be less willing than male Hillary supporters to ditch her. Having a female president is important to many of us. It’s not the main focus, obviously. Other qualities must be considered before gender. But , it’s still a big deal. Frankly, I think it should be a big deal. In fact, I think those so-called feminists who voted against Hillary in 2008, didn’t give a damn about gender equality and should forever feel disgraced. It should have been a bigger deal to them.

    I absolutely agree with you Free.

    This is what you and I keep saying, but Wbb likes to toss in the ‘Gender politics’ over and over as if that’s all that us dumb women think of when it comes to Hillary.

    I support Hillary because she matches what I believe most when it comes to politics. She is not a slacker, is as smart as her husband and learns from her mistakes. She will fight for all Americans, even the African Americans that were thrown under the bus by the half black jerk that brought racism back from the 1950’s.

    Oh yeah, she is a damn good woman too and I would like her to go down in history as the first woman President of the United States.

    If I cared about effin’ ‘gender politics’ I would support Featherhead too, or any woman, of any political group.

  29. In order to thank our soldiers . . . I lied.—Ly’n Brian Williams (the most trusted journalist of our time per NBC ceo)


    Today on NRO

    VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The president’s disastrous foreign policy is as much a product of his own vanity as anything else. The Roots of Obama’s Appeasement.

    ELIANA JOHNSON: Will Jeb follow up new rhetoric with proposals that might worry the establishment? Jeb Bush Starts His Pitch.

    THE EDITORS: A college is punished for its religion. Standing Up for Gordon College.

    IMPROMPTUS: Jay Nordlinger on politics, language, music, and more. All er nuthin’, &c.
    SLIDESHOW: Tough Guys.

    Morning Jolt
    . . . with Jim Geraghty

    February 05, 2015

    NBC News President in December: ‘Brian [Williams] Is One of the Most Trusted Journalists of Our Time’

    Okay, he remembered it wrong. What happened was that Brian Williams’s reputation was severely damaged and shot down.

    NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted Wednesday he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a false claim that has been repeated by the network for years.

    Williams repeated the claim Friday during NBC’s coverage of a public tribute at a New York Rangers hockey game for a retired soldier that had provided ground security for the grounded helicopters, a game to which Williams accompanied him. In an interview with Stars and Stripes, he said he had misremembered the events and was sorry.

    The admission came after crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment’s Chinook that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire told Stars and Stripes that the NBC anchor was nowhere near that aircraft or two other Chinooks flying in the formation that took fire. Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing, the crew members said.

    “I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

    Williams told his Nightly News audience that the erroneous claim was part of a “bungled attempt” to thank soldiers who helped protect him in Iraq in 2003. “I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago,” Williams said. “I want to apologize.”

    As many people observed, it’s easy to “conflate” small details of long-ago events. It is just about impossible to believe Williams accidentally mixed up whether he was on the helicopter that got shot down, or one that hadn’t.

    Erik Wemple spotlights Williams telling David Letterman a version of the tale that is . . . painful to listen to, in light of what we know:

    Listen to what Williams told David Letterman in this appearance on the “Late Show “upon the 10th anniversary of his helicopter troubles: “We were in some helicopters. What we didn’t know was, we were north of the invasion. We were the northernmost Americans in Iraq. We were going to drop some bridge portions across the Euphrates so the Third Infantry could cross on them. Two of the four helicopters were hit, by ground fire, including the one I was in, RPG and AK-47.”

    What’s so remarkable about this appearance, in light of today’s revelations, is just how insistent Williams appears upon recounting this fictional event. “I brought a photo which arrived in my e-mail two mornings ago of where I was tonight a decade ago . . . this very day,” he told Letterman, kicking off the helicopter discussion.

    Before telling Letterman the helicopter story, Williams makes the caveat that he’s not much of a war correspondent. He cites NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel as the kind of reporter who calls a day where he’s shot at “Tuesday.” There’s your motive, for anyone trying to understand why he would do this. He’s an anchor, sitting behind a desk most nights in New York City. It is embarrassing for a man to not have any good war stories or stories of bravery. So Williams took the story of how he was about an hour away from life-and-death drama and changed it. Unfortunately for him, that’s also called ‘lying.’

    Last night, Twitter was afire with speculation about the consequences. But my guess is that there won’t be serious consequences, any more than there was for Neil deGrasse Tyson making up quotes and attributing them to George W. Bush.

    David Zurawik, probably one of the best media reporters and columnists in the business, makes the powerful case that Williams has to leave NBC News:

    If credibility means anything to NBC News, Brian Williams will no longer be managing editor and anchor of the evening newscast by the end of the day Friday . . .

    Nowhere in his “admission” does Williams say what he actually did: lied. Instead he says something “screwed up” in his “mind.” And it “caused” him to “conflate one aircraft with another.”

    And this guy is the face of your news division?

    Really, if this was 10 or 15 years ago, an anchor at any network would be gone by Friday after an admission of such deception — especially when it is placed alongside the sacrifices made and pains suffered by military personnel and their families.

    How could you expect anyone who served in the military to ever see this guy onscreen again and not feel contempt? How could you expect anyone to believe he or the broadcast he leads has any credibility?

    I wonder how the newsroom Williams is supposed to be leading will look at him tomorrow morning when he arrives for work.

    I can’t wait to see how the feckless NBC News handles this nightmare.

    Here’s the thing: NBC News employed Chelsea Clinton under that ridiculous contract, and MSNBC keeps Al Sharpton around (allegedly to keep him happy with corporate parent ComCast), has a correspondent that accused American Sniper Chris Kyle of going on “killing sprees,” had a guest commentator who claimed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is “trying to wash that brown off his skin,” has a host wearing tampon earrings, and gave a weekend show to Hillary Clinton’s former deputy press secretary.

    How much more credibility is there to lose?

    Brian Williams just signed a contract extension, believed to be $10 million per year, and the president of the network declared, “Brian is one of the most trusted journalists of our time.” His daughter is in HBO’s Girls and played Peter Pan for NBC. He and the network are tied at the hip, and he’s media royalty. The network is going to rap him on the knuckles and then declare the matter resolved, and the rest of the media world — yes, the largely center-Left or outright progressive-Left world — will avert their eyes. The New York Times puts this story on page B10 this morning

  30. so people have “committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

    This deliberate attempt to minimize what radical Islam is doing today by saying Christians have done some bad things in the name of religion is a crock of shit. Almost every religion has committed reprehensible acts in the name of their gods.

    That’s not relevant to wtf is happening today. His lack of concern abut the treatment of women and girls by Islam is a testament to the fact this narcissistic bastard could not give less of a damn about real human rights.

    Damn, even if we’re looking at President Jeb in 2016, it will be such a relief not to have Barack in charge.

  31. The Democratic establishment is uniting behind Hillary Clinton

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Jen Palmieri, the current White House communications director, will leave her post in the spring to become communications director on Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign.

    This comes after reports that top White House advisor John Podesta will leave his post to chair Clinton’s campaign.

    There’s a message in these moves: the Democratic establishment is uniting behind Clinton, and doing so early.

    At this point, we know much more about who Clinton’s top political staffers will be than who her top policy staffers will be.

    It’s Clinton, not Biden, who’s absorbing the Obama White House’s top operatives

    In addition to Palmieri and Podesta, Joel Benenson, Obama’s top pollster, is expected to be part of the Clinton campaign as well. You expect to see this kind of top White House talent making early moves towards a campaign when it’s the vice president gearing up for a run. But it’s Clinton, not Biden, who looks to be absorbing the many of the key players in Obamaworld.

    This speaks to Clinton’s weird and enviable position: she’s running with the traditional advantages of the vice president — staffing talent, name recognition, national donor network, etc — but she isn’t as closely tied to Obama’s record as Biden would be. She can run as Obama’s anointed successor while retaining the space to criticize.
    The Democratic Party is united.

    The 2008 Democratic primary was rough (remember the PUMAs?), in part because it came in a period when Democratic Party really had been deeply divided on key questions of foreign policy. But the 2016 Democratic Party is unusually unified.

    As Matt Yglesias wrote back in June, Clinton’s overwhelming frontrunner status is a function of that unity. There’s no obvious challenger for dissatisfied Democrats to flock to because there’s no obvious issue that can power an insurgent campaign the way Iraq powered Obama’s 2008 campaign.
    Clinton’s political team is coming into focus. Her policy team is still a mystery.

    Jen Palmieri

    Jen Palmieri is leaving Obama’s White House to join Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. (Pete Souza/White House)

    In addition to Palmieri and Podesta, the New York Times names a number of other political strategists who appear likely to assume key roles in Clinton’s campaign:

    Brian Fallon, currently at the Justice Department, is expected to potentially handle rapid response, and Karen Finney, a longtime Democratic operative and MSNBC regular, could serve as a press secretary.

    Tapping Ms. Palmieri rounds out a team of senior advisers who could lead Clinton’s campaign, including Joel Benenson and Jim Margolis who both worked on President Obama’s presidential campaigns. Robby Mook, who managed Terry McAuliffe’s successful campaign for governor of Virginia, is expected to be campaign manager.

    That’s a murderer’s row of communication staffers, pollsters, and campaign strategists. But it’s not clear yet who will serve as Clinton’s top policy staffers. Which is part of why it’s hard to say much about what Clinton’s agenda will look like. There look to be hints if you stare for very long at the policy proposals being released by longtime policy allies of the Clinton’s, but her campaign is staffing up its political side well in advance of its policy side.


  32. In my above post, I didn’t mean to imply that Islam’s treatment of women was by any means the only issue of concern. Barack has been so eager to defend Islam, he refuses to see how much of a threat the radical islamic groups are. They are committing heinous acts daily in the name of Allah. Granted, they’re a radicalized faction, but the remainder of the Islamic world – here and in the MS – have not protested the actions of these jihadist groups to the extend that they should have don.

    When people who have done nothing wrong are being BEHEADED in the 21st century it’s a big fu**ing deal. It’s a heinous, outrageous, intolerable, inhuman act, and any president worth a damn would be raising almighty hell – not behaving like a damn wimp or minimizing the outrageousness of these actions.

  33. Edsall at the Times weighs in:


    “Democrats depend nearly as much on upper-class voters as Republicans do,” wrote Josh Kraushaar, political editor of National Journal. Of the 10 congressional districts with the highest per capita income, eight are represented by Democrats.

    In an email, Greenstein wrote to me that:

    The implications of this debacle are troubling. If we can’t reform a tax break that is highly inefficient and gives the overwhelming share of its benefits to high-income people who don’t need the benefits to engage in the desired activity (in this case, going to college) because a modest share of middle-income families also use that tax break — and we can’t do so even when the savings would be rechanneled to make middle and lower income families better off — then it’s going to be awfully difficult to address a number of the challenges the nation faces in the years ahead.

    While Greenstein may be correct in his belief that the affluent are going to send their kids to college with or without 529 tax breaks, there is no question that elimination of the benefit would inflict real pain on an influential class, and provoke substantial anxiety among those who earn less but enough to disqualify them for meaningful financial aid.

    Many of those in households making from $100,000 to $250,000 do not, in fact, believe they are affluent and consider themselves merely middle class.

    Such parents, and those headed that way, are determined that their children will have every opportunity. A looming roadblock is the spreading awareness that since 1978, college tuition and fees have risen by 1,225 percent, nearly five times the rate of growth of the Consumer Price Index.

    A family of four living in Illinois in 2015 with a gross annual household income of $225,000 – that is, an after-tax income of $180,000 – with $225,000 in savings, would be very likely to pay the full freight of $62,850 a year (with no financial aid), just over a third of their total take-home pay, to send a son or daughter to Harvard. Over four years, the cost would be over $250,000, a quarter-million dollars.

    Should a brother or sister enroll after child No. 1 graduates, it’s another unassisted $250,000 plus.

    The kind of family making a gross household income of $225,000 could include two married professors, a nurse anesthetist and a dentist, a marketing manager and an air traffic controller, a podiatrist and a veterinarian, or an optometrist and an engineer.

    In many respects, the Democratic Party is in the midst of a class-based upheaval. In 1981, after Ronald Reagan won the presidency, Republicans took control of the Senate and a conservative alliance dominated the House.

    As Tip O’Neill used to tell reporters, “We in the Democratic Party raised millions out of poverty into the middle class, and made them so comfortable they could become Republicans.” Now, three decades later, the Democrats’ dilemma grows out of the fact that they have won back the loyalty of many who have reached the upper rungs of the middle class.

    These developments do not bode well for the party’s new priorities. If such a simple and straightforward proposal as the shift of government dollars from affluent families to far less advantaged families scraping to pay college tuition gets an instantaneous thumbs down from Pelosi, Schumer and Van Hollen, the realistic prospects for a middle-class agenda, if the Democrats return to power, are marginal at best.

  34. Ukraine crisis: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to fly to Russia –

    The leaders of Germany and France fly to Kiev and Moscow with new Ukraine peace plan as Nato bolsters eastern Europe against Russia and EU agrees new sanctions.


    Probably these meetings with Poroshenko and Putin will lead to some kind of constructive resolution

    The situation is becoming more acute because [John] Kerry’s visit today [to Kiev] does not exclude the possible delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

    That of course, would provoke a new spiral of escalation and would threaten not only our territory, but also the Russian Federation.

    That would cause serious damage to European countries, so it must not be allowed to happen.


  35. more tone deaf mistakes brought to us by O and the Dims…

    …and now for the sake of O’s ego…it looks like the Dims are getting ready to blow off Bibi and insult many Jewish voters…Pelosi says they won’t boycott Bibi but may be “too busy” to show up (what the hell is wrong with them, are they in high school?)

    …this while O just had a big secret meeting with muslim leaders…and won’t even reveal who was in the meeting…another parallel universe

    …rumors have it O is failing again in negotiating with Iran (if we all could be flies on the wall) while he snubs Israel…

    …O and the Dims have already sold out the middle class…and legal immigrants…to pander, welcome and giveaways to illegal immigrants…at the expense of the working taxpayers…

    …the Dims can say it all they want, the middle class and working class are losing jobs that are going to illegal immigrants…do they really think this is the way to go to increase wages for Americans…(here is where American people start to really catch on, particularly when they cannot provide for their own families and see this going on all over the country)

    Full time, good paying jobs are going the way of the edsall in the USA…


    …Americans may at times be dumb…but in the big picture they start to catch on to the scam…O and his so called Affordable Heatlh care is a joke…making everything more expensive in every witch way…more lies…

    …people are catching on the O cannot get along with anyone…his ego and personality are so thin skinned that he takes offense to everyone…he can dish it out but cannot take it…O is all about me, I, my, mine

    …people see him as lazy…his behavior is boorish and rude…a good example everyone could see on display was his disaster when speaking on behalf of our fellow American citizen being beheaded…O was on the golf course within minutes yukking it up with his buds…(if ever there was a phony there he was on full display)

    …O’s relying on Al Sharpton to help perceived ‘race relations’ is so out of touch with reality it is hard to believe…people are sick of the race card…most of us are going through our lives making friends and getting along and not making divisions…to listen to the likes of O, Holder, Sharpton…it is all whitey’s fault with all their privileges and we should hate each other…(that is unless the black person is a conservative then everyone can trash that person)

    …O cannot bring himself to talk about Islamic radicals but just today at the Prayer Breakfast he reminded everyone that christians ‘killed for christ’ during the crusades (guess he wants to lose the Christian/Catholic vote too)

    …the imperial presidency of O is wearing thin…this is not what americans want to see out of their President…much less one that promised to work with everyone…another bait and switch and big lie added to all the others from O and his Dims…

    on and on….

    …it is like O and the Dims have turned their back on the American people…they are all so locked into their little DC bubble and squabbles they don’t even realize the people are moving on…

    …frankly if Hillary comes out and supports any of this she is going to go from a frontrunner to the bottom of the pile…

    She needs to make a radical break from O and not pussy foot around with parsing words…

  36. let me just add…this is Hillary’s last shot at the Presidency…for what its worth…she is a Scorpio, time to act like one…she should be thinking ‘Sheild Maiden my a–!’ she should be thinking this is ‘my time and I am going to do it my way’…so if she fails, she will have no regrets…but if she wins…she will have a mandate…

    people are going to be analyzing every words she utters…she has to be honest, real…and speak to all of the American people…if she comes out pandering to the left or trying to justify O and his actions and failed presidency…it will not work…we want a break from the isolated and imperial loser…

  37. S
    February 5, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    let me just add…this is Hillary’s last shot at the Presidency…for what its worth…she is a Scorpio, time to act like one…she should be thinking ‘Sheild Maiden my a–!’

    For what it’s worth, my birthday is 2 days away from Hillary’s and although I don’t really believe in astrology, I can say that us Scorps do not always pounce when it’s expected. We pounce when there is maximum effect and when all other options are a waste of time.

  38. Shadowfax…like i said ‘for what its worth’ who knows? the Scorpios I know are no one’s fool…

    In that regard I hope Hillary has that strong, inner strength…and I believe she does…

    I want to see that strong, independant, feminine energy emanating from her…
    show everyone how a woman leads…be bold and unwavering…

    don’t trust wolves in sheep’s clothing…even for a second…i hope her antenna is sharp and running…

  39. S

    I want to see that strong, independant, feminine energy emanating from her…
    show everyone how a woman leads…be bold and unwavering…

    I believe Hillary is just as strong as she was in 2008 and will make a great president. I also don’t believe that she will just come out and say all the things we would like her to say, when we need it most.

    She will also not come out and stab her party in the back, for better or worse, she is loyal to a fault. I do believe that she will split apart from Obola, but how far she will go to point the finger at him for past mistakes…I don’t know.

    I would also love for her to tell about the primary corruption that pushed her out, but she didn’t do that either…and we KNOW that Hillary and Bill were aware of all the voter cheating. It’s just not who she is. I couldn’t be in her shoes and play nice, work my butt off for someone like Obama…but I also wouldn’t have the know how to run for President either.

    Hillary plays by her own rules, I realized that when she took the SOS job from the BackStabber.

  40. S

    Another thing that might make sense to you as a woman. Most of us have had to ‘play nice’, work harder and freakin’ ‘wait our turn’ to be promoted above our male coworkers. Sometimes that promotion is passed over by less qualified men, and we either keep trying harder or go somewhere else.

    I think it’s no different for Hillary or any other woman that runs for President of the US. Hillary is the the most popular politician right now and I am sure that is the only reason she might give this job a second shot.

  41. Go Jordan…beginning their campaign to kick Isis’s butt…

    wow…not like out leadership that goes golfing…and is so politically correct that our american kids are being suckered into the worst barbaric underworld in our lifetime…

  42. Well Shit….

    BREAKING: Electronics chain RadioShack files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will sell up to 2,400 stores.

  43. Are we going to ask them nicely again or a tea summit (beer not allowed for fear of beheading)

    Reuters: Congressional aides say President Obama will ask U.S. Congress for new authority to use force against Islamic State next week

  44. Reuters: Congressional aides say President Obama will ask U.S. Congress for new authority to use force against Islamic State next week.

    Hell. That’s news in and of itself. He certainly hasn’t asked congress for approval for much of anything else. He usually just creates a law and issues a proclamation that it is to be obeyed.

  45. Jordan: “Everyone on target lists – They are cowards”


    I could see Hillary taking charge like this…not some mamby pamby mushy mouth comment

  46. S
    February 5, 2015 at 6:12 pm
    Jordan: “Everyone on target lists – They are cowards”


    I could see Hillary taking charge like this…not some mamby pamby mushy mouth comment


    Hell yeah she would. She’s not a wimp like he is.

  47. Moon

    He doesn’t have Humpty and Dumpty to cover his ass in the House and Senate any longer. Thats why.

    That would be Sir Humpty MangledFace Reed and his worse half, Miss Nasty Dumpty.

  48. The Democratic establishment is uniting behind Hillary Clinton
    As I have predicted all along.

    The same establishment that fell head over heels for Obama.

    No cull and gut apparently a Hee Haw version of “Ya’ll come down!”.

    And what exactly has this democratic party establishment done lately to benefit the American People?

    Echo answers: Not a fucking thing.

    Our TURN to RULE?


  49. So Ly’n Brian is getting dragged over the coals for what?

    For lying about being aboard an airplane that took fire, when in fact he wasn’t.

    Anyone who is shocked by this development is an idiot.

    Come on . . . This is a when in Rome situation.

    When you work for NBC what else should anyone expect.

    That entire network, NBC survives of two things: lying through their teeth and race baiting

    Why should ly’n Brian be any different?

  50. …just thinking how Brian Williams “bungled” explanation regarding the lie he was caught in reminds me of the same way O tried to deflect from his “boneheaded” money transactions with Rezco towards his Chicago house…

    funny how they both try to gloss over their actions with chosen terms to make light of the whole thing…

    now if this was Hillary (and it was during the primaries) or Christie or Scott Walker, Ben Carson, etc…these stories would open the news and be running all day long from morning til night with full panels discussing the “character” and “lies” of these people…

    NBC/MSNBC have zero credibility on anything…imagine how many, many lies we have been told…and what they are not telling us…

  51. I guess Jordan is showing how NOT to draw a yellow, red, green, orange or any other color line.


    From article…..{EMPHASIS MINE}

    AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Dozens of Jordanian fighter jets bombed Islamic State training centers and weapons storage sites Thursday, intensifying attacks after the militants burned to death a captured Jordanian pilot.

    As part of the new campaign, Jordan is also attacking targets in Iraq, said Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. Up to now, Jordan had struck IS targets in Syria, but not Iraq, as part of a U.S.-led military coalition.

    “We said we are going to take this all the way, we are going to go after them wherever they are and we’re doing that,” Judeh told Fox News.

    Asked if Jordan was now carrying out attacks in both countries, he said: “That’s right. Today more Syria than Iraq, but like I said it’s an ongoing effort.”

    “They’re in Iraq and they are in Syria and therefore you have to target them wherever they are,” he added.

    Read more at http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/M/ML_ISLAMIC_STATE?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-02-05-17-11-12

    Hillary 2016

  52. This is wholly unsatisfactory.

    On those rare occasions when he steps off the golf course

    And gives us pearls of that wisdom that passeth all understanding

    For example, ISIS is:

    Like Christianity

    Junior Varsity

    A Victim of Western Colonialism

    You know, the typical Harvard touch football blame America first leftist crap.

    One can only wonder why he does not go over there and tell them that in person.

    He can preface his comments with a long dissertation of how evil the United States is.

    They would keep him alive long enough to hear that.

    But then would come the moment of truth

    Chop chop.

    And then his shoulders would be lonesome for his head.

    Whereupon Brian Williams could claim I was there saw the whole thing and told a whopper to show my respect for the troops.

    I am sure they would greet Ly’n Brian with open arms, a good backswing and an even better downswing.

    Just as long as they remembered to yell fore when that stupid head of his rebounded across fairway.

    With practice, I guarantee you that their handicap will go down.

    Which is all that really matters.

    Obama compares ISIS to Christianity.

    I think Obama should go tell them that in person–they will love hearing that.

    And while he is there he call also tell them they are junior varsity.

    And he can borrow a line from Letterman about the

  53. “The whores admit they’re infected with “the pox”.”

    They actually have “the consumption” a.k.a. Tuberculosis and have coughed up a lot of blood and sprayed them at the faces of the gullible. It won’t be easy purging the infected.

  54. TheRock
    February 6, 2015 at 12:31 am
    For now, Obama is content to sit on his ass. But fear not, for soon enough he will take decisive action. What will the almighty big media beloved messiah do at that point? If he cannot shoot down Jordanian planes violating Iraqi air space, the he will take the hyper legalistic route he is famous for. He will direct his UN representative to file a complaint with the United States based on Article 51—demanding justice for a group of peace loving but sometimes over zealous Muslims. But that effort will get nowhere except for the fact that it might yield a second Noble Prize for his scrawny ass. Sadly, there will be no end to this until Obama goes over there in person and persuades ISIS to abandon their wicked wicked ways. He can offer them an autographed 1st edition of Dreams of My Father for the bookshelf in their den. What better proof could there be that he is just as dedicated as they are to the destruction of western civilization. I am serious. Now that he has no more elections to worry about, there is no good reason why he should refuse to plead his case in person. This could provide a responsive answer to the question that has been troubling him for the last two years: what will my legacy be. I am sure ISIS would be glad to help him answer that one.

  55. jeswezey
    February 5, 2015 at 6:11 am
    Too soon old. Too late schmart.

    I told you the story. My godfather who was a kingmaker the the democratic party post world war II wanted me to meet with a big donor and player in the party years later. I did. The guy asked me: why do you want to get involved with our party, or any other party for that matter? I gave him my god, mother and apple pie response. And he told me that was stupid. He told me the only reason to invest your time and energy in a party is for what it will do for you. Then he produced business cards from hte companies he had purchased or invested in by trading political influence. My god father used to joke an honest politician is one who stays bought. The very next day, this man was indicted for being a bag man carrying money from contractors to politicians so they would be given the job of rebuilding the west seattle bridge after pilot dewey soriano took it out with a freighter he was hauling–dewey was what they used to call a hazard to navigation. And the last thing I remember is watching him elocate before the cameras, tears running down his face, renouncing what he had done. It is a dirty fucking business, and no one who remains in it for any length of time can possibly stay clean.

    I accept the fact that politics is a dirty dirty business. What I cannot accept is how far politics at the federal level has degenerated into Tamany Hall on steroids, where access and influence are traded 24 /7 and the American Public is the cash cow for such schemes. Those insights give form and substance to George Bernard Shaw’s observation that every profession is a conspiracy against the laity. And slowly but surely, the political power, the prosperity and the liberty of the American People and a posterity that has no voted is being destroyed. In 2008, my goal was to save the middle class and elevate our nation to a point that it could compete in the world–which led me to support Hillary. Today however having seen what we all have seen on the surface, and gotten below the surface to understand how things really work and qui bono (who benefits) I cannot support any establishment candidate. With the country going the direction it is now, the interests of the elites and those of the American People are mutually exclusive. It is therefore senseless to talk about a better future so long as this corruption abides. Today, I think the country needs someone who will chase the money changers from the temple. I doubt however that we will get one.

  56. All the elites can do is lie through their teeth. In this case, its the big lie, and the CEO of Gallup outed them:

    The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment
    by Jim Clifton

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    Here’s something that many Americans — including some of the smartest and most educated among us — don’t know: The official unemployment rate, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, is extremely misleading.

    Right now, we’re hearing much celebrating from the media, the White House and Wall Street about how unemployment is “down” to 5.6%. The cheerleading for this number is deafening. The media loves a comeback story, the White House wants to score political points and Wall Street would like you to stay in the market.

    None of them will tell you this: If you, a family member or anyone is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job — if you are so hopelessly out of work that you’ve stopped looking over the past four weeks — the Department of Labor doesn’t count you as unemployed. That’s right. While you are as unemployed as one can possibly be, and tragically may never find work again, you are not counted in the figure we see relentlessly in the news — currently 5.6%. Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed. Trust me, the vast majority of them aren’t throwing parties to toast “falling” unemployment.

    There’s another reason why the official rate is misleading. Say you’re an out-of-work engineer or healthcare worker or construction worker or retail manager: If you perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at least $20 — maybe someone pays you to mow their lawn — you’re not officially counted as unemployed in the much-reported 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

    Yet another figure of importance that doesn’t get much press: those working part time but wanting full-time work. If you have a degree in chemistry or math and are working 10 hours part time because it is all you can find — in other words, you are severely underemployed — the government doesn’t count you in the 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

    There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.

    And it’s a lie that has consequences, because the great American dream is to have a good job, and in recent years, America has failed to deliver that dream more than it has at any time in recent memory. A good job is an individual’s primary identity, their very self-worth, their dignity — it establishes the relationship they have with their friends, community and country. When we fail to deliver a good job that fits a citizen’s talents, training and experience, we are failing the great American dream.

    Gallup defines a good job as 30+ hours per week for an organization that provides a regular paycheck. Right now, the U.S. is delivering at a staggeringly low rate of 44%, which is the number of full-time jobs as a percent of the adult population, 18 years and older. We need that to be 50% and a bare minimum of 10 million new, good jobs to replenish America’s middle class.

    I hear all the time that “unemployment is greatly reduced, but the people aren’t feeling it.” When the media, talking heads, the White House and Wall Street start reporting the truth — the percent of Americans in good jobs; jobs that are full time and real — then we will quit wondering why Americans aren’t “feeling” something that doesn’t remotely reflect the reality in their lives. And we will also quit wondering what hollowed out the middle class.
    Jim Clifton is Chairman and CEO at Gallup.

  57. Make no mistake. This guy, the ceo of Gallup, is one smart cookie–and a truth teller. Never mind that I was saying this same thing years ago. I am a nobody, he is a somebody, when he talks they listen. And what it reveals if the greatest sin of Obama—that he has KILLED small business and startups of new businesses, deader than a door nail. And why pray tell does that matter? It matters because big busines has moved its work overseas, and 80% of the job growth in this country therefore devolves to small business, the very segment of the economy that the big media beloved messiah is murdering with a vengeance.

    Small Business Is Dying
    by Jim Clifton

    Does anyone really take the official U.S. unemployment figure seriously? My bet is the monthly number, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will no longer be trusted by media, economists, politicians, and investors — not to mention the public.

    We were recently told by the Labor Department that unemployment fell to 6.7% in December from 7% in November. But they also told us that the economy created only 74,000 new jobs in December, far below the 200,000 new jobs economists had expected.

    The official unemployment rate is an inaccurate mess, because it doesn’t count people who have quit looking for work. And an unemployment rate of 6.7% is not only horribly misleading, but now a cruel misrepresentation of the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans who are growing discouraged and feel emotionally destroyed.

    We need new metrics real fast, and Gallup has developed one. It’s called Payroll-to-Population (P2P), and it’s a very clear metric with no messiness or complicated formulas. Gallup’s P2P simply represents the percent of adults in full-time jobs with a paycheck as a percentage of the total U.S. adult population. P2P answers the most pressing question of the day: What percent of American adults have a full-time job?

    While the federal government touted an improved unemployment rate, Gallup’s P2P rate fell to 42.9% in December, from 43.7% in November. The current rate is the lowest Gallup has measured since March 2011.

    I’m not optimistic that this number is going to substantially improve anytime soon — not until the country’s leadership understands the severity of our jobs problem and understands the source of true, organic job creation — which is new business startups.

    On that front, the news is deadly. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total number of new business startups and business closures per year — the birth and death rates of American companies — have just crossed for the first time since the measurement began. Here, I am referring to employer businesses, those with one or more employees, the real engines of economic growth. Four hundred thousand new businesses are now being born annually nationwide, while 470,000 are dying annually nationwide.

    The deaths of businesses now outnumber the births of businesses.

    Up to 2008, startups outpaced business failures by about 100,000 per year. But in the past six years, that number turned upside down. As you read this, we are at minus 70,000 in terms of business survival. (The data are very slow coming out of the U.S. Census Bureau, via the Small Business Administration, so it lags real time by two years.)

    The real job market, with organically created jobs from the hearts and minds of American small- business people — American entrepreneurs — is now in critical condition. One could conclude that America’s free enterprise spirit is dying or, at best, is very sick.

    Leaders should take new business startups and entrepreneurship very seriously: 50% of all jobs are in small businesses and approximately 65% of all new good jobs are created by them, according to the Small Business Administration. Gallup is sure taking this seriously. We just launched our Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder assessment, which aims to help America — and the world — find and develop our best and most talented business builders.

    American leadership has a clear choice here. It can continue to tout dishonest unemployment figures while coming up with no real solutions to the jobs crisis that now afflicts millions of Americans. Or it can base policies on honest employment figures and begin attacking the jobs problem by rekindling the country’s spirit — the spirit of free enterprise.

    Jim Clifton is Chairman and CEO at Gallup.

  58. All of this discussion above about why former Hillary supporters will support her now neglect to focus on 2 very important issues, illegal immigration and ocare. I campaigned for her in 2008. I will not do that again. I will consider voting for her, but will wait and see where she will stand on these 2 issues vs her opponent should she run. I believe that those are the issues that drove the Repug victory. The Repugs avoid satisfying voters at their peril, but so do the Dems.

  59. Free,

    ). But nevertheless, some Hillary supporters obviously, don’t see it that way. Some have turned against her following Benghazi. Again, I don’t get it

    REALLY? That was my turning point, she might as well be at the Muslim prayer breakfast, covered of course like a burrito…

  60. moononpluto
    February 5, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Well Shit….

    BREAKING: Electronics chain RadioShack files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will sell up to 2,400 stores.

    Moon.So much for that good economy that the Boob is touting. 🙄

  61. Our article serves as a good template for what kind of candidate the GOP should have as a nominee. Andrew Ferguson at the Weekly Standard sees things this way too and writes that Huckabee, Paul, and Christie, should not bother to run for president:


    Boy, that didn’t take long. Over the span of a few short days in late January and early February, three members of the top tier of Republican presidential candidates demonstrated why they’ll never be president. They didn’t do anything to disqualify themselves directly, just revealed the traits that will make them appear unsuitable to most voters by the time the campaign really heats up, say, when the presidential election is a mere 18 months away. As it is, all three of them—Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Chris Christie—can pack it in right now and save months of time and tons of money. They’d be doing themselves a favor, and us too.

    Consider first the case of Mike Huckabee. He is a former preacher, TV talk show host, and governor of Arkansas. Huckabee seems to want to cement his image in the public mind not as a successful governor of an unsuccessful state but as a preacher and a talk show host. It is a deadly combination. The part of him that is talk show host will, as talk show hosts do, comment on everything that swims into view, especially if it’s none of his business. And the part of him that is preacher will comment in a way that will annoy anyone who doesn’t share his pious background, which in this age of galloping secularism strikes most people as increasingly esoteric. [snip]

    Huckabee manages to avoid hostile interviewers, usually, but they seem to seek out Rand Paul, who over the last few weeks has shown himself unskilled in dealing with them. With his impeccable libertarian credentials, he has posed as a different kind of Republican—uniformed in the post-hipster rig of jeans, dress shirt, and poorly knotted tie, nonjudgmental in all important matters and a bicycle rider by choice. Such people inevitably make overuse of Twitter, and they fall helpless before its awesome power to expose its users’ most unappetizing weaknesses. [snip]

    History records no case in which a Republican hurt his reputation among fellow Republicans by yelling at a reporter; it is always assumed that the reporter deserved it just on general principle. But that’s not all that was revealed about Christie in the last few weeks. In London he didn’t appear a hardworking public servant losing patience with bleating reporters; he had the air of a plutocrat irked that the little people weren’t doing what they were told. [snip]

    Many observers noted the difficulties that Christie’s lifestyle would have for his reputation as a populist. Another item from the Times story may in the end be more ominous.

    “King Abdullah of Jordan picked up the tab for a Christie family weekend at the end of the trip. The governor and two staff members who accompanied him came back to New Jersey bubbling that they had celebrated with Bono, the lead singer of U2, at three parties .  .  .” [snip]

    The writer stood by as Christie hopped up and down, as best he could, and waved his beefy arms, and mouthed the words to Springsteen’s tuneless anthems, and then tried, without success, to score a meeting with Springsteen himself. The jets, the meals, the concerts, the parties with celebrity pop musicians—we have at last learned that Christie is neither a populist nor a plutocrat, but a man striving to live out the fantasies of a teenage boy.

    The fantasy will come to an end long before he reaches the White House gates. We are a forgiving people, but there are many qualities Americans will not accept in a president. They wouldn’t, we can assume, want a professional gambler, a sex offender, a fashion designer, or a collector of 19th-century dollhouses. No race car drivers, stand-up comics, or Esperanto-speakers need apply. Neither, just as reliably, do they want a prig, a prickly, unconvincing hipster, or a 52-year-old man who still plays air guitar.

  62. wbboei
    February 6, 2015 at 2:05 am
    I am trying to start up a small business right now. Because of the patent system (that has been given a case of Obola) the project does not rate venture capital right now but I have a deadline for fees. I have been looking for angel investors, but I suspect they may all have Obola, too. So now I am Crowdfunding. It is quite an experience. I am dealing with a lot of Millennials who do not know what an ROI is and do not show a lot of interest in it. I think they are working out of their parents basements. Anyway, I offered to pay them their fees for internet advertising, because that is how crowdfunding works, and told them that if the brought my campaign in I would give them a bonus twice their fee. This appears to be a novel concept to them, but they seem to like it. I have already been ripped off by one of them, but it was an older guy with credentials.

    I have been Tweeting, Liking and Friending my little heart out and feeling very foolish. But, what the heck, you only get one life that I know of so I am going for it. At the very least I will tune up my skills to campaign for Hillary 2016. I’ll get a thousand friends who have a thousand friends who have a thousand friends and will all crowd-elect her.

  63. What a tangled web ….
    From The Guardian UK

    Longtime residents of New Orleans’ French Quarter say they believe Williams’ vivid claims about his Katrina reporting in the years since the devastating August 2005 storm have also been overblown. They shake their heads at Williams’ having said that he saw a body floating face-down outside his hotel. They say it is highly unlikely that Williams’ hotel was “overrun with gangs”, as the anchor has said. They say there was no dysentery, a disease Williams has said that he caught while he was in the city reporting, and that bottled water was plentiful in the area – despite Williams’ claims to the contrary.

    “I saw one of his tapes last night. He said he was told not to drink bottled water in front of people because people would kill you for it?” said Dr Brobson Lutz, a former director of the New Orleans city health department who is a longtime resident of the French Quarter and who ran an EMS station there after the storm. “That’s absolutely hogwash.”


  64. can anyone imagine O and/or MO going through the ordeals Bill and Hillary went thru during Bill’s presidency…the special prosecutors, the investigations, Hillary being dragged in for questioning,…on and on…they would never have the strength to endure what the Clintons had to put up with…O cannot even take the leader of Israel coming to speak in public before the Congress…

    amateur hour for 8 long, long years

  65. Our article serves as a good template for what kind of candidate the GOP should have as a nominee. Andrew Ferguson at the Weekly Standard sees things this way too and writes that Huckabee, Paul, and Christie, should not bother to run for president:
    I completely agree.

    I think Bush will disintegrate.

    I think Cruz will become the conservative candidate–much like Reagan did.

    I think the establishment candidate will be either Walker, Rubio or Kasich.

    The one Soros says he fears most is Kasich.

  66. I categorically refuse to pay $3 for WSJ.

    Therefore, I must rely on my failing memory to report what they reported this morning.

    The gist of it is that the great media beloved messiah has stuck one up the poop shoot of his most ardent supporters big Pharma, Pfzeier, and Billy brother can y’all spare a dime super lobbyist and former congressman from Louisana Tauzin.

    The deal was Big Pharma pledged $85 million to get Obama care passed and in return Obama promised that there would by no price controls on their products, which the left was demanding. But Obama scarlet pimpernel that he is reneged on his half of the bargain. He gave them price controls up the ying yang, and those will surely impede further research and development. ALL the ceos of big pharma who embraced this deal are now swimming with the fishes–dead, resigned or retired. And as for the superlobbyyist Bill T, he was fired too—but not before he absconded whith a handsome fee of $11.5 million—which is roughly the price of 30 pieces of silver adjusted for inflation.

    I guess I am a sucker for a happy ending. .

  67. Then again, Wbb would come one again with another one of his ‘gender politics’ comments and I might ram into the car ahead of me
    Please don’t do that.

    It could a stolen car operated by an illegal with no insurance with a California license bestowed on him by Governor Moonbeam who graciously invited him to enter our county illegally and give himself and his family of 30 a good transfusion of social security and state benefits, and ultimately citizenship for committing an offense against our sovereignty.

    And, under the following car doctrine you would be liable.

    And you would no doubt sue me for causing the collision by my foolish suggestion that women who vote for women based on gender are engaging in gender politics. (Seems like a tautology to me, like a=a, but I defer to your judgment on this matter based on self preservation.

    I think I had better raise my umbrella insurance to 1 million dollars after that crack.

    Meanwhile, gender politics will be the focus of her 2016 campaign, even though it was not in 2008. The white middle class is gone thanks to Obama, so that is where they have nowhere else to go.

    Free as far as Benghazi, it is a real big deal for millions of Americans. And the huge success of American Sniper confirms this. The public may not have cared about Benghzi in 2012–people like Ly’n Brian refused to report on it. But when this round of resurgent patriotism runs its course the Republicans will tap into it, and it will resonate. Say what you will, Hillary did not answer the 3 am call. And there is no getting around it.

    On the other hand Churchill made a colossal blunder in World War I, and years later he became Prime Minister.


    So to my mind, Benghazi is not fatal, but she had better do better than what difference does it make, because that answer will not satisfy the millions who are going to see American sniper, which has rekindled the patriotic impulse. And, while patriotism may also be the last bastion of scoundrels, it has been known to swing an election.

    Her biggest liability however is hanging on to Daffy Duck, like a drowning man clings to a razor blade. That is much worse than the Benghazi fiasco.

  68. “Her biggest liability however is hanging on to Daffy Duck, like a drowning man clings to a razor blade. That is much worse than the Benghazi fiasco.”

    Going silent with just an occasional speech or brief public appearance is doing wonders to separate Hillary from President Disaster/Catastrophe. But she will have to come out swinging and not just drag herself out of the Obama tar pit. The Democratic Party pre-2008 is no more. She would have to run against the current establishment of the party AND Republicans. The grudging acknowledgment by the Democratic big brains that they threw away 30 to 40% of their voters BY CHOICE to get Obama the nomination and elected is now biting them in the butt and started in 2010 though they refused to acknowledge it then. The harder the O administration pushes (fascist) left during these last two years, the more deadly the pendulum swing from the right will be in 2017. She might be able to pull off a centrist slightly right leaning very targeted campaign but I am starting to doubt it. A public union busting, free $hi# cutting, budget hawk who is a boring mid-Westerner is sounding more like a good compromise. Democrats (and most Republican congress critters) should be very afraid of Walker who is very good with a filet knife. There is an ugly undercurrent wanting to punish the core Obama constituencies out there. Call it populism but it is payback. We are cursed to be living in interesting times.

  69. Wbb, The reason Bengal I may be fatal is because of her attitude. She has become incredibly sardonic and evasive. It puts people off

  70. two kick-off “ready for hillary” events scheduled this month in manchester and concord, NH. one being held at the home of the former NH senate president sylvia larsen, who who worked HRC’s run in 2007-2008.

    here we go…

  71. S
    February 7, 2015 at 12:06 am
    can anyone imagine O and/or MO going through the ordeals Bill and Hillary went thru during Bill’s presidency…the special prosecutors, the investigations, Hillary being dragged in for questioning,…on and on…they would never have the strength to endure what the Clintons had to put up with…O cannot even take the leader of Israel coming to speak in public before the Congress…

    amateur hour for 8 long, long years


    No way could these light-weights have coped with the stress. More importantly, they would not have survived the scrutiny. When the truth about Barack began to emerge, the gig would have been up.

    But… as we know, they would never have been subjected to a strenuous investigation and campaign to publicly humiliate and destroy such as the one Hill and Bill survived and in which they prevailed. MSM would have never allowed it, and the Repubs would have been too afraid of being labeled “racist” to have attempted it to begin with..

  72. Such a proud moment for the Dims. as according to this headline:

    “Barack Obama’s party lines up to snub Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on US visit”



    Be proud Dims, You guys haven’t had the cojones to do a damn thing to reign in your president and party leader, but following his lead, you have no problem snubbing the head of a nation that has been an ally of this country for generations.

  73. And, predictably the anti-Hillary forces use the controversy about Brian Williams lies to bring up the so-called “lie” Hillary allegedly told about her experience with sniper fire. This particular article makes some good points about MSM’s rush to defend Williams, but just had to get in a shot at Hillary in the process. I guess they couldn’t find any recent lies told by both MSM and government officials to include in the article.


  74. Speaking of lies told by media, when Memphis, TN experienced some flooding problems in 2011, Al Roker’s coverage gave the whole city a good laugh. Although there was not much said about it by MSM, of course, Al was said by some people who live very near the river to have had to get on his knees, to make the water appear deeper for the camera.


    Memphis in all the big media headlines this week took our community by surprise reporting the historic flood of 2011 and showing the absolute worst pictures and images of a flood that has impacted just 1% of our City. Now I will say right here that this post is not meant to be insensitive to those who are affected.  I am writing this from a public relations perspective and from my own personal observations and experience dealing with media and crisis management.  I think we (our whole community) underestimated the power of the national media and their ability to portray things differently than they happened.


    Yes, we have a swollen river and record flooded farm land, blown levees and some displaced and some flooded (which is terrible)–but “Memphis Flooded?”  No way. Not even close.  I thought it ironic that Monday the media showcased the worst pictures and Monday night, Memphis was live on TNT showing the dry and packed FedEx Forum where the Grizzlies played another playoff game (go Grizz). And by the way, just how far is the FedEx Forum from the river anyway?  

    What I think we missed Monday was the opportunity to tell our national flood story differently–as an event to be witnessed from the safety of our Bluff.  Although flood warnings were issued and evacuations we made by some (less than 1,000), we missed an opportunity to tell the world that Memphis is safe–for the most part–when so much water threatens.  Instead, the media descended upon us and showed the world only the worst of pictures, many of which weren’t even in Memphis.  Water under the bridge? I think there are always opportunities for reflection and learning to constantly improve our processes. 


  75. The serial lies of Ly’n Brian are a matter of record. Not surprisingly, Brokaw fails to condemn him and the head of NBC calls him a visionary journalist and the most trusted anchor among all the big media talking heads. So for now they are all just hunkering down until this storm cloud passes. Will this be a Dan Rather gotterdamerung where they carry the body out of the office and burn his files. Or will he be back in a week in his usual position on his knees servicing that which lies behind Obama’s zipper? I wait for the answer to that question with baited breach. Frankly, I do not see how they can lay a finger on the fair head of this big media Adonis. Sure he lies for a living. Ya, sure, youbetcha. But if lying is now a cardinal offense, doesn’t the past practice of NBC, indeed their entire culture promote this kind of thing, don’t they just invent things–like white hispanic when they want to paralyze a nation so they can make a pious statement—this is, in short, a cultural thing, part and parcel of the culture of lies which infest big media in general, a conscious attempt to distort the news to serve a pre determined agenda. The worst thing you can say about ly’n Brian is he got just a little careless. I think a warning letter should be enough discipline. And as far as him causing NBC to lose credibility, how can they possibly lose what they never had.

  76. Correction: I wait for the answer to that question with baited BREATH.

    As far as NBC conducting an internal investigation to determine the merits of these charges, and looking for a strategm to cover them up–which is the real purpose, believe me, it is like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that is not there. They will find only what they want to find, and anything that contradicts it will be buried.

    Credibility? What credibility??? Meanwhile Ly’n Brian is auditioning for his new gig as maestro of the new Gong Show.

  77. Ly’n Brian has no fear of the public–and no respect for them either. What he fears is the verdict to be rendered by the head of Comcast. Does he worry about his fellow whore Browkaw? No more than I do.

    Question: would you lie for a living if NBC paid you $10 million to do it?

    If so then how can any of us judge much less condemn Ly’n Brian?

    He is just another high priced whore.

    But who will replace him?

    Better question–who could replace him.

    If the answer is nobody, perhaps they should use the empty chair tactic made famous by Clint Eastwood.

    Or they could cut to the chase and let Obama deliver the nightly news, which is essentially all they are doing now.

    Or better still, let the Portuguese water dog do the honor.

    Daffy Duck Obama is too busy being inscrutible and, yup, you guessed it, daffy.

  78. How much more challenging can it be for Obama to read the NBC teleprompter than it is to cavort with telebama? That is probably the only thing Obama is qualified for.

  79. There is an ugly undercurrent wanting to punish the core Obama constituencies out there.
    Like maybe and eye for an eye?

    Yes, it is old Testament, but so is Obama’s favorite pet ISIS/

    Rather than payback I want REFORM.

  80. Probably what the nation truly needs and won’t get is someone who can unify this nation, rather than polarize it further. The only one I see capable of that is Ben Carson.

  81. The struggle I am having is to decide which of the three is more important?

    1. National unity.

    2. Restoring democracy.

    3. First woman president.

    Here is my take on how the candidates stack up.

    Bush, Christie are 0-3.

    Cruz, Rubio, Kascih are 1/3.

    Carson is 2-3.

    Hillary is ? (you decide)

    In the aftermath of Obama, national unity and democracy are categorical imperatives.

    Payback, so typical of Rove etc. defeats those purposes.

  82. gonzotx
    February 7, 2015 at 7:41 am
    Point taken.

    Humility is a virtue.

    Perhaps she will learn that in her listening tour/

  83. Mormaer…I agree with your analysis…while reading Wbboei thoughts on the GOP candidates I was thinking he left out Walker…

    at this current time, I think the two most realistic GOP candidates to be concerned about are Scott Walker and John Kaisch

    frankly I was surprised John Kaisch did not at least emerge last time around…he is a likeable and accomplished person and does not come across as a bomb thrower…

    Scott Walker now has a warrior record to run on…both are governors and the people are hungry for someone who knows what the hell they are doing…instead of another peacock strutting around doing nothing or making things worse…

    all the more reason for Hillary to come out strong from the start with her plan…not some melding of O…

    she has to get used to saying “mistakes were made, that was then, this is now and this is what I would do” just like she had no problem striking out at some reporter when he compared her to Bill…she cannot be afraid to offend O and his peeps…however I am concerned when I see so many of his rethreads now working in her camp…

    imo I like Mandy Grunwald being back in the fold…but my major concern re: Hillary is how brave is she going to be with her own party…they already f’ed her over once…

    (and once the people see O’care in action at tax time…things are going to be even worse for the Dims…btw…just this morning I heard the Dims want to raise the gas tax to 32%…great way to help the working poor you morons)

    I think Mormaer…and as Admin and many of us have also said…hits the nail on the head when he/she says:

    But she will have to come out swinging and not just drag herself out of the Obama tar pit. The Democratic Party pre-2008 is no more.

    …Hillary’s task is to rebuild the party pre-2008 and use the pragmatism Bill projected in attracting republicans…to use her phrasing…she has to use ‘smart politics’

    If she sounds like O and starts defending him she is going to lose a lot of people…including many dems…we are freaking done with the nonsense of the last eight years of O…she has to understand that because of O many dems did the unthinkable and voted repub…how is she going to get them back…not with the same tired old ideas of the left…especially when the world is falling apart because the O admin allowed barbarians to flourish…

  84. Your point is accurate. Just as Hillary will have to play the gender card to compensate for the inevitable loss of white working class and middle class, by the man who cabinet she served in, who has supported him on Obamacare, amnesty etc.

    The republicans will need to throw raw meat to their base–or payback as you call it, to make them forget how the RINO betrayed them in Mississippi and elsewhere–throwing them out of power and playing the race card against them.

    Those two factors are a given.

    If Carson were the candidate, he would break this vicious cycle by the Republicans.

  85. Like maybe and eye for an eye?

    Yes, it is old Testament, but so is Obama’s favorite pet ISIS/

    Rather than payback I want REFORM.


    Wbb, reform would be the best possible outcome. Like you, I would love to see that be the result, but I’m running low on optimism when it comes to reform of government or the political process. The problem is that when most of the individuals in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government are comfortable with setting aside their values, morals, and ethics in order to achieve personal or party advancement, it’s pretty difficult to accomplish reform.

    When people won’t do the right, ethical thing because their conscience and character compel them to do so, the only recourse (other than replacing them with people who will do the right thing – which doesn’t usually happen) is to police them. Trouble is, policing adults often creates more problems than it solves. If media were willing to do its job honestly, reform would be much more likely to happen.

    I’m not necessarily proud of this, but at this point, I pretty much just want revenge. Some would argue that the desire for revenge represents a character flaw. If so, I’ll just have to own that flaw.

  86. freespirit

    February 7, 2015 at 9:24 am


    freespirit…well said…and also your comment about the Dims and Bibi…I am ashamed of them…

    to listen to them…and now with O’s comments at the Prayer Breakfast and their stand on illegal immigration…I start asking myself…”whose side are the on?”

    last night I heard a report where many Americans are going to lose their jobs because “guest workers” are replacing them…and to add insult to injury…the Americans have to train the “guest workers” that are getting their jobs…of course the “guest workers” will be paid less than the Americans who will be now out of work…

    and you may have seen the report where the IRS is now rehiring people that were let go because of their own nefarious tax problems…and getting big raises and bonuses

    I mean…really…what the hell is going on? I want to hear a candidate that acknowledges all of this and proposes to stop it in its tracks…

    and bottom line…no “establishment candidate” is going to do that…they are too entangled in the web

  87. S
    February 7, 2015 at 12:50 pm
    Walker, I thought of when I was writing that but forgot to include.

    He can restore democracy up to a point.

    But I seriously doubt he can provide national unity.

    He does not project the empathy Reagan did.

    Kasich is a different story.

    He has been a little arrogant when it comes to setting up the exchanges.

    He comes across as an earnest man etc.

    He appears to be a boy wonder, with modest roots–a story line big media would love.

    But I know from having spoken with him at the Congressional dining room, he has a laser focus on the nation’s problems.

    And sooner or later national unity would emerge, even if it was not apparent in the beginning.

  88. but my major concern re: Hillary is how brave is she going to be with her own party…they already f’ed her over once…
    By three methods may we learn wisdom

    First, by reflection, which is the noblest.

    Second, by imitation, which is the easiest.

    Third, by experience, which is the BITTEREST.—–Confuscious

    And If I were Hillary, reading my comments, I would think to myself–what the fuck does he know.

    He presumes to give me advice, but he did not experience what I did when the people who I worked with and trusted–my political colleagues, turned their back on me, in my hour of need, when their support would have meant everything. Not a true leader among them. Just lemmings. The betrayal was most acute with people like Wrangle, Schumer who encouraged me to run and then stabbed me in the back. This blogger did not live through this personally like I did.

    I did not take time off to recover. I did my duty and campaigned for Obama. I was forced to do that by the party. Is this so dense does he does not understand how difficult that was. And yes, I do want to help this nation, and to do that one must have the means, meaning the money and the political support. What makes him think that all the other politicians don’t go to the same well—it is built into the system. He cannot condemn me without condemning everyone else, and yes, he does say he wants to reform the system, but he is a dreamer. The practical solution is not to reach for the stars but go to battle with what we have.

    Yes, I want the support of everyone who supported me in 2008, but I know people do move on with their lives. I respect that. But in truth I have not changed–or if I have it is the result of bitter experience. I still want to be president, I still hope to serve the American People, and I pray they have the wisdom to see through the fog of war, that inner light which will unite this nation, and make us the same inspiration to the world that we have been for over 200 years.

  89. wbboei..

    I think ‘competency’ is going to be a major factor in the next election…(we’ve had our national experiment with a novice)

    competency is an assumed quality Hillary has going for her…if she is smart about how she projects it…

    on the repub side…I think people are looking for a proven ‘doer’…and stay out of people’s private lives…if the repubs start with that stuff they do it at their own peril…competency and solutions…new ideas…and actually working for the middle class will draw people, including young people and minorities…(people are exhausted from the last 8 years and their health costs and taxes are going up, up, up)

    raising the gas tax when people are finally getting a break…what genius thinks that is a good idea…what party is going to push for that…and I don’t want to hear “infrastucture”:

    The approximate cost of the economic stimulus package was estimated to be $787 billion at the time of passage, later revised to $831 billion between 2009 and 2019.[1] The Act included direct spending in infrastructure, education, health, and energy, federal tax incentives, and expansion of unemployment benefits and other social welfare provisions. It also created the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

    they blew it and wasted the money…like they always do…

    there is going to major O fatigue by the election…we need a big change…

  90. wbboei…best line of the day…

    And If I were Hillary, reading my comments, I would think to myself–what the fuck does he know. (that is, the ‘he’ being O and not yourself)

    that is the approach I think Hillary needs to connect with in her ‘inner strength’…that should be her core starting place…this guy screwed me over, he has made an enormous mess out of everything…the world is on fire…people are now burning people alive…we are getting ready to insult Israel…and O is talking about the crusades and Christian killers…what planet is this guy on…and let’s not even get started on Susan Rice…

  91. of course, she does not have to say all of that out loud…but i hope she realizes what the rest of the world is seeing…

  92. Well, I guess Prince Charles failed to get the memo that Barack has decided that the world shouldn’t judge radical Islam harshly, especially in view of the actions of Christianity back in the day. A short thousand years ago, the Christians did some pretty bad stuff to the Muslims. Barack has not forgotten it. The man can hold a grudge.

    The Prince is visiting Christians in the Middle East.


  93. I don’t know if it’s a jab for the sake of taking a jab or media protection for one of teh one’s more popular fluffers. I gagged a little when I read this article. Then I had a shot of tequila and it all went away.

    Brian Williams is not alone: Hillary Clinton, Stephen Glass and other famous fabrications

    From article……{EXCERPT MINE}

    Williams’ apology, in which he insisted he’d “misremembered” the details of the events, prompted comparisons to Hillary Clinton, who came down with her own case of the misrememberings while on the campaign trail in 2008.

    In a speech, as well as a number of interviews, the then-presidential candidate recalled having to run from sniper fire with her daughter, Chelsea, upon arriving in war-torn Bosnia in 1996. It was a dramatic anecdote, and one that seemed to back up the foreign policy experience Clinton said she’d gained during her eight years as first lady. That story also, however, raised some eyebrows from the media, and it wasn’t long before video of the Bosnia trip was unearthed to counter Clinton’s account.

    “I remember landing under sniper fire,” Clinton had said of the Bosnia trip during a campaign speech in Washington. “There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

    Yet the video showed a much calmer version of events, with Clinton and her daughter walking from their plane to a tension-free ceremony on the tarmac. When confronted with the inconsistencies, Clinton said:

    “So I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I’m human, which, you know, for some people is a revelation.”

    Then-Sen. Barack Obama used the Bosnia embellishment to challenge his Democratic opponent’s foreign policy experience. And while Clinton went on to lose the nomination, the scandal didn’t prevent Obama from appointing her secretary of state once he was elected.

    Read more at http://news.yahoo.com/brian-williams-is-not-alone–hillary-clinton–stephen-glass-and-other-famous-fabrications-200635601.html

    So lets see. No mention of the many falsehoods from teh one. Then, as a result of this faux pas, Bumbles has more foreign policy cred than Hill? Howz that working out?

    Hillary 2016

  94. Wasn’t Dan Rather forced out for his program about President Bush Jr’s service or lack of it in the National Guard during the Vietnam War?
    Guess that must mean that not one person during either Bush administration ever embellished anything or I’m sure FOX News, being fair and balanced, would also mention it everytime they tie Hillary to Brian Williams.

  95. Two birds – one stone, Rock.

    Ly’n Brian was tough on Hillary in 2008 for her comment about sniper fire. It was one of many non-issues MSM made a big deal about when it came to Hillary, while the One They’d Been Waiting For and object of their worship for the last 7 years was not questioned on a damn sleazy, crooked, corrupt, low-down thing his half-white, scrawny, “light-bringing” ass did.

    Brian’s lie, in light of his treatment of Hillary represents total ironic injustice and demonstrates what a POS he really is. Making the story about her rather than him allows MSM to get a few hits at her (they try never to miss an opportunity) while attempting to diminish the seriousness of his lies.

    Thing is, Hillary was not deliberately lying – I’m not sure anything was ever proven or disproven about the alleged sniper fire. But, It just became a “lie” as I recall. She apologized, but as I recall it was just because msm made such a major story out of it. Hell, she would have had no reason to lie about that – especially knowing MSM was looking for a chance to pounce on her. Even if she did not encounter actual sniper fire, I don’t think she intended to lie. In fact the sniper fire wasn’t the primary focus of her speech. She was in a dangerous part of the world where sniper fire was commonplace. Her statement was intended to show that she had visited and been involved with foreign governments and countries, even during times of armed conflict while Barack had been to f**king Indonesia, Pakistan (no doubt to earn jihad cred – that’s what he said about working as a CO in Chicago – it was to earn “street cred”). Oh yeah, he had been to Africa – back for old home week with his fam – when they weren’t out killing people. In other words, he hadn’t done sh** when it came to working with foreign governments. Hillary had.

    Hillary’s comment about the sniper fire would be comparable to someone describing a difficult Christmas shopping trip by saying, “I went to Wal-mart on Black Friday, and people were ripping each other to shreds over the few remaining half-priced X-Boxes.” That’s about how big a deal her “lie” was.

    Brian’s ly’n ass, on the other hand, repeated his story in great detail on more than one occasion and the sniper fire was the focus of his story. Plus, the man is a damn news reporter. They’re support to tell the freakin truth.

  96. freespirit
    February 7, 2015 at 11:04 pm
    Two birds – one stone, Rock.

    I’ve recollections of being so frustrated – think TV ran Hillary’s “Bosnia Lie” 72 hours straight and included it in every 30 minute segment during that time. [Perhaps an investigation would indicate I’ve exaggerated.] Biggest sin of that fiasco: Media NEVER gave her airtime to rebut.
    I did what any thinking and fairminded person would do – went to her campaign site fact check link and recall her referring us to her “Living History” book. She said her account of Bosnia there was correct.

    Perhaps you can imagine my dismay of beginning Sharyl’s Stonewalled very recently, and having Sharyl herself beam with pride about outing Hillary’s lie. She did so before page 38. And that is as far as I will ever read into that book. I informed daughter and SIL who’d pre-ordered for me as Christmas present. Apologized but this daughter understands me so well. She and SIL keep abreast of my political ruminations, rants – and claim to have my bail money put aside on the ready. I have to love that.

  97. I hear ya hold’em. My fam have said something very similar.

    Media’s treatment of “Bosnia lie” was beyond reason – just like the coverage of Hillary’s emotional moment, which was described as if it were a public meltdown.

    I haven’t read Sharyl’s book, and was unaware of her claim to have outed Hillary’s “lie”. In that (non) “outing”, and in writing about it, she demonstrates the treachery we have seen repeatedly with conservative media. They hold themselves up to be better than MSM, to be ethical and above board. But, when it comes to Hillary, they are as quick to turn their backs on the truth as anyone at MSNBC, CNN, NBC, or any other Obamamedia outlet.

  98. Sharyl is presently on MEDIA BUZZ with Howard Kurtz on FOX News. Obviously she is not a fan of Hillary and is recounting her outing of “Hillary’s lie”.

  99. freespirit
    February 8, 2015 at 10:33 am
    I hear ya hold’em. My fam have said something very similar.
    Can only think Sharyl is trying to “have it both ways”

  100. Southern Born
    February 8, 2015 at 11:19 am
    Sharyl is presently on MEDIA BUZZ with Howard Kurtz on FOX News. Obviously she is not a fan of Hillary and is recounting her outing of “Hillary’s lie”.
    I’m going to withhold what is at the tip of my tongue until I see that video or transcript.

  101. Brian Williams is a fraud. But he is NO DIFFERENT than all the others who draw a paycheck from big media. And now we hear The Pointer Institute trying to capitalize on it with a book that makes you head hurt after the first paragraph and makes you want to read no further. The title? Journalistic Ethics (in light of the Brian William affair). Now there is an oxymoron if ever there was one. The word big media and ethics do not belong in the same sentence. They corrupt democracy itself by blinding the American People to what it happening in the world. They back fill selective facts into a predetermined narrative thus ensuring that it is not the truth any longer but the Big Lie which protects themselves and the elites. I pray the whole lot of those phony motherfucker perish over this incident, not because it happened, but because it is so prevalent that it has become what they are. Liars of the lowest order.

  102. freespirit
    February 8, 2015 at 10:33 am
    The difference between what Hillary did and what Brian Williams did is she is a politician and he is a journalist.

    And that is all the difference I need.

    Show me one politician–just one who has not inflated their resume to make them look more bold, more consequential, more in tune with their audience.

    If you want to call that a lie, be my guest, but to me it is a form of exaggeration.

    Prime Minister Disraeli, himself a career politician, perhaps put it best:

    “I have been more places than I remember AND REMEMBER MORE PLACES THAN I HAVE BEEN.

    But that is not what journalist is supposed to do.

    Unless the term ethics has lost all meaning, the role of the journalist is to remove himself from the equation, and report the facts straight up.

    And while it is true that this happened years ago and it is a known fact that memory fades with the passage of time.

    The kind of crap a media apologist like The Pointer Institute who muddies the water with their tripe

    The truth is this cocksucker, i.e. Williams has been lying about this incident since the day it happened

    Therefore, these excuses about a failed memory do not wash.

    The cocksucker lied then, he is lying now, and when he says this is all the result of a failing memory that too is a lie.

    Politicians can and do exaggeate and it is right to call them on that.

    But when a journalist does this he is dead.

  103. Trust me, Williams will be “taking himself off the air” not temporarily but permanently. NBC from top to bottom is a fraud. But they cannot afford to be perceived as a fraud, much less be the butt of industry jokes. More heads than his should role however. In a sense, they are akin to a criminal enterprise, but the First Amendment protects them from prosecution. And more is the pity for that. So where Lyin Brian is concerned they will need to find someone else to give Obama his blow jobs. How about the diminutive Chuck Todd? He’s about the right height. Only he will need to shave his goatee. As for me, I intend to elope with Andrea Mitchell–eat your heart out Greenspan you old fossil.

  104. Obviously she is not a fan of Hillary and is recounting her outing of “Hillary’s lie”.
    Then, what you are saying is a fan of Hillary would have covered this up?

    But I think we have too much of that now.

    Just give us the facts, big media, we will take it from there.

    The defense here is what I said above.

    The one thing that politicians should not be forgiven for, however, is when they betray the promises they made to constituents.

    Like Obama’s statements about Obamacare.

    That is a form of lying that even a politician must be condemned for.

  105. No I’m not saying that a fan of Hillary’s should cover anything up. Hillary goofed up as well as most pols who stretch the truth or “misremember”. Some politicians get away with it and others get smashed flat. FOX is using the Lyin Brian situation to pound Hillary in some way in many, if not most of the programs…as if the situations were the same. I well remember when Tim Russert and and wasn’t it Williams who went after Hillary in the debate with BO in 2008 and tried so hard to trip her up while helping Obama all they could. I’m just tired of the media and FOX attacking Hillary & Bill or twisting the facts to make them look guilty while letting BO, Bush and others slide. I’ve been disgusted since Bill first ran for president and every year since then because the attacks have been vicious and then we went through the fraud of 2008 and the primaries and I’ve been down right aggravated since then.

    Sometimes I see something that hits a sensitive nerve and just have to vent.

  106. wbb, I would refer to Hillary’s “lie’ as hyperbole, which is defined as an 10 2) obvious and intentional exaggeration, 2) an extravagant statement or figure of speech not to be taken literally as “to wait an eternity”.


    The example I used above to describe shoppers attempting to get a coveted sale item in limited supply as, “ripping each other to shreds” in Wal-mart.

    The point of Hillary’s story was that in her previous official capacities – senator and first lady – she had gained more experience in the area for foreign relations than Obama. The examples she gave were meant to emphasize the actual point of the statement. The Bosnia statement was not intended to be taken as an absolute, but as an example of the existing level of conflict and complex problems in the region.

  107. The point is, there was nothing to “cover up”. I see Sharyl as being guilty of looking harder to find something to criticize about Hillary than she probably would have looked at a conservative candidate.

    That she chose to make a non-issue more serious than it was reflects badly on Sharyl. If her judgement was so lacking that she was unable to look at the context of the statement and figure out its true intent, this reflects badly on her ability. If she recognized it was hyperbole, but still chose to act as if Hillary intended the comment as a literal statement of fact, this reflects badly on her character.

    Either way, Sharyl exaggerated Hillary’s hyperbole.

  108. southern: I know. I used to bug me. But her statement is defensible, whereas his his not, because she is a politician and he is the most trusted man in big media. Trust, I might add, is a relative term. He is trustworthy alright compared to the big rock candy mountain crowley, but less trustworthy than Goebbels.

    free: In my passion to defend Hillary in 2008, I argued that there may not have been shots fired on the field, but there were shots fired in the hills. Today, I would just say it is a nawthing, for the reason above. I think the Disraeli quote, juxtaposed against a statement by Zola would contrast the two statement, and explain why one was a mistake, whereas the other was a betrayal of the basic role of a profession which is protected above all others under the Constitution. The post mortem on Ly’n Brian should read: To whom much is given much is expected, ergo bye bye baby.

  109. Here are a couple of interviews which will entertain and inform. Watch these big media celebrities get their asses handed to them. First Tubesteak. Second the Neandrethal Man.

    1. The Young Turk gleefully records the drawing and quartering of Tubesteak, Legal Analyst of CNN. (Noted: CNN is the most trusted name in news, and Tubsteak works for CNN, therefore Tubesteak is per force, the most trusted legal analyst in news. Until this . . .:


    2. Then, watch the Neandretal Man David Gregory lately of NBC get his ass handed to him by Glenn Greenwald.


    3. And finally, Mahr aka: schanuzer get his ass handed to him as well

  110. When I read the comments, like the ones on gawker, I marvel at how many of these nut cases who supported Obama, twist themselves into pretzels trying desperately, comically and grotestquely to hide the truth about him and his failed agenda. They are sickos. At least some have weaned themselves off the koolaid, but the rest of them belong in a Barnum and Bailey Freakshow, or an insane asylum.

  111. I can no longer excuse this nonsense as simply a political dispute. These desperate derganged people who cling to Obama are co-dependents, in the psychiatric sense of the world. It is a waste of time to engage with them–on anything. Just leave them alone and in time they will self destruct.

  112. Richard Fernandez addresses these sickos–like this coates asshole. (Note: I am convinced that this lesion in Obama’s brain came out of the secret meeting he had with Muslims prior to the Prayer Breakfast.)

    “The Foolish, Historically Illiterate, Incredible Response to Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech,” is how Ta-nehisi Coates characterizes the outcry which greeted president Obama’s remarks at a National Prayer Breakfast at which said in part:

    Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

    Speaking with the assurance of someone who knows who those they address are, whatever they may think of themselves, Coates reminds Christians of their sins, citing Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens to makes sure you understand what Christianity has historically been all about: apartheid and racism. (snip)

    The New York Times wrote that the president was only trying to “add context” to the debate on terror by deliberately pointing a finger. “Mr. Obama’s aides said … the president wanted to be provocative in his remarks, they said, urging people to see how the current brutality of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, fits in the broader sweep of a global history that has often given rise to what he called ‘a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.’”

    Yet if the president’s perspective is breathtaking in its temporal breadth, going all the way back to the European Middle Ages and the Confederacy, it is remarkably provincial in geographic scope. He seems to think of Christianity as a white man’s religion. But the facts are otherwise. Not only did Christianity originate in the Middle East, most of them live outside of Europe and North America.

    “Today, only about a quarter of all Christians live in Europe (26%). A plurality – more than a third – now are in the Americas (37%). About one in every four Christians lives in sub-Saharan Africa (24%), and about one-in-eight is found in Asia and the Pacific (13%).” Furthermore, most Christians in the Americas are from Central and South America. There are more Christians in Ethiopia than France, three times as many in Egypt as are in Ireland, one and half times more in Nigeria than either Italy or Germany, and three times as many in the Philippines than there are in the entire United Kingdom.

    Most attacks on Christians occur in exactly places like Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines, Iraq and Pakistan. Given these circumstances one might politely wonder: what exactly qualifies Barack Obama or Ta-nehisi Coates to speak on their behalf? Where exactly do they get the moral standing to tell Christians — remembering where they live — to get off “their high horse” or to consider how in their pitiful illiteracy they have forgotten their origins as spawn of the Confederate devil? There aren’t many horses in the Philippines, let alone high ones.

    Christians are the most persecuted religious group on earth today and since the majority of the dead and dying are Egyptians, Ethiopians, Nigerians, Sudanese, Iraqis or Filipinos it is hard to see how Obama or Coates can speak for them. Even if it is the Christian custom to forgive, neither man, living safe in the First World, has the obvious right to dispense absolution on behalf of desperately poor men trying to survive and keep their faith.

    There is something grotesque about the cultural leaders of the Western left, most of whom are atheist or lapsed, finding the effrontery to don the mantle of religious authority to counsel people dying in distant lands to sit back and take it in atonement for their non-existent sins. Maybe First World Politicians and journalists should stick to what they know. I won’t tell them what they know if they won’t tell me what I believe.

  113. Certainly, as a news reporter, Williams has a moral and ethical imperative to be report the truth, honestly and objectively. To do otherwise represents a gross abuse of power. In reporting lies, Brian violated the trust of the public. Secondarily, he demonstrated pettiness and self-absorption by attempting to make the news about himself. How egotistical and narcissistic does one have to be to attempt to embellish horrific events and circumstances by trying to make some of the details about yourself, as Brian did? That level of vanity and self-centeredness only exists in shallow, selfish, fake, attention-seeking, immature, petty, small and pathetic people.

    wbb, I know you admire Sharyl. I do, as well, for her actions to expose media bias and violation of her civil rights by the government. She showed courage and determination – very admirable qualities. Credit where it’s due.

    That said. Her claim that she “outed” Hillary’s “lie”, which as you said was not a lie, seems to be a deliberate effort to slime Hillary – and with pride. If you knew Hillary’s statement was not intended to be a lie, as you said above, I knew it was not, as did hold ’em and others here, how did Sharyl not know it? And, do you really think she would have written the same claim, as if it were an accomplishment of which she was proud about a candidate she supported? I’m sorry, but I don’t think so.

    Does her over-reaction negate her the good she did in exposing media bias? No. Does it raise questions about her own bias and diminish confidence in her. It absolutely does for me. No one should be expected to be perfect. We all have flaws. And, to me, some of hers were revealed.

  114. Another day. Another reading of pp 341 – 346 Living History. 2003. Hillary Rodham Clinton:

    p 341: …As a reminder of the dangers that remained despite the official cease-fire, each of us was required to wear a flak jacket on the plane, and the Secret Service moved Chelsea and me up to the armored cockpit for the landing. Above the airstrip, the captain dipped a wing and made a near-perpendicular landing to evade possible ground fire.
    Security conditions were constantly changing in the former Yugoslavia, and they had recently deteriorated again. Due to reports of snipers in the hills around the airstrip, we were forced to cut short an event on the tarmac with local children, though we did have time to meet them and their teachers and to learn how hard they had worked during the war to continue classes in any safe spot they could find….

    In this section HRC mentions Sheryl Crow several times. Have to wonder….

    I will see if I can pin Sharyl to Brian’s current coattails. Doubt it will happen but I will not let the opportunity pass me by without trying.

  115. Washington Post article identifies several outrageous statements made last week by Barack as “jaw-dropping follies”, and calls on Republicans to respond – and to draw Hillary into the fray, presumably to try to force her to answer for Barack. No doubt she would be asked to either agree or disagree with Barack’s comments.

    First of all it would be politically disadvantageous of Hillary to respond to Barack’s comments, some of which are indefensible by any thinking person’s standards. It would be lose-lose for her to do so. Secondly, Barack says some crazy sh**. He should answer for it, not Hillary.


    From Washington Post:

    As President Obama enters the uninhibited twilight of his presidency, some of what we are witnessing from him is shocking yet informative. In the past week, Obama’s words and actions have revealed the thought process behind how policy decisions are made in his administration.


    First, the president’s comments yesterday at the National Prayer Breakfast were jaw-dropping. He said, “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” Why would the president tell the Islamic State, a terrorist group, that he is keeping its actions in perspective?


    Second, the president seems to be pressing for a unilateral deal with Iran on its nuclear program, despite the objections of our allies, Congress and former administration officials. As the Post editorial today states, “[The] Obama administration has declined to counter increasingly aggressive efforts by Iran.”


    Third, the release of the president’s surreal, liberal dream-budget gives us a government blueprint that shows what he would do if he were King of America.


  116. Now this is a huge deal. The people of Hollywood, who, as we know have a thorough understanding of and concern about the lives, problems, and joys of everyday, regular Americans are not in agreement about which presidential candidate they’ll support.

    Some are in Hillary’s camp. Others are all about some One Drop. How will we move forward with such indecisiveness among the people with whom we most identify?

    Hillary vs. Warren would split Hollywood

    Judy Kurtz – 02/09/15 06:00 AM EST

    The lines are already being drawn in the fight for La La Land’s love.


    After banding together to form a group called “Artists for Warren,” more than 90 performers penned an open letter last week urging the freshman senator to make a White House bid.

    “Senator Warren, we’re ready to show you that you have the support needed to enter this presidential race,” the message stated, which was signed by celebrities including “Fahrenheit 9/11” director Michael Moore, “Big Love’s” Chloe Sevigny, Julia Stiles and Natasha Lyonne, among others.

    “There are a lot of people in grassroots organizations pushing for Senator Warren to run in 2016. This same sentiment exists in the Hollywood community,” Kathryn Cramer Brownell, an assistant professor of history at Purdue University said.


    Clinton, however, generally appeals to a different type of Hollywood heavyweight, says West, the Brookings Institution’s vice president and director of governance studies. “I think with Hillary Clinton, she attracts celebrities who are more pragmatic and are interested in winning, regardless of what the political message is,” he added.

    Some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers have said they’d buy a ticket to see Clinton storm the 2016 campaign box office. Music chart topper Katy Perry, George Clooney, big-time Democratic donor Barbra Streisand, “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams, Eva Longoria, Ashley Judd, and Elton John have all expressed support for the former first lady.


  117. Last Post – sorry for being a blog hog, but I just wanted to say – I LOVE ELTON JOHN! He is a loyal Hillary supporter through and through!!

  118. I shake my head as these “leaders” of the journalistic community, who are in fact, servants of a corrupt status quo, come forward and say the Ly’n Brian Scandal ain’t about the current state of journalism, which they say is just fine thank you, but about the sad story of one journalist to fall into the celebrity trap, wherein self promotion is the name of the game, and the goal is to be famous not for the quality of the product they produce, but famous for being famous. In other words, Ly’n Brian is a modern example of the Greek hero with a single flaw which denies him the mantle of greatness, and a seat among the gods at Mount Olympus.

    To those mealy mouthed assholes I say this: fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Not for nothing is your profession held in low regard by the American People. Once it was enough to call you what Admiral Rickover did: a bunch of soap and deodorant salesmen, before he terminated their interview. Now, it is a bit more. Now you people are tools of the establishment to control the American People, and in a democracy this is tantamount to treason. You have allowed your industry to sink from where it stood, when General Sarnoff imagined the vast potential of television, to lift the public mind, to give it a taste of the classics, and to widen and deepen the currents of moderation, thus forging the desired goal of E pluribus unum (/ˈiː ˈplʊərɨbəs ˈuːnəm/; Latin: [ˈeː ˈpluːrɪbʊs ˈuːnʊ̃])—Latin for “Out of many, one, to the morally degenerate state you are in today, where big media marches to a political agenda, and to that end tells us only what they want us to know, so they can effectively disenfranchise the American People. The one word that best describes your industry is traitors to representative democracy. You are not better than coutiers in the medieval court of Caesar Borgia, gossipping, spreading maligant rumors, engaging in character assassination and betraying you role. So as you see, the indictment goes further and deeper than some talking head who let ambition overide his judgement. It is the whole state of big media which is the problem. The Pinnocio picture of Lyin’n Brian in the New Your Daily News, or his imagined presence at Appomatax circa 1865 is reflection of not only him, but of you all as well. Which is why I say to those who seek to split the infinitive and say this is the man not the industry, fuck you and the horse you road in on.

    Now if you want a counter example of what journalism should be, then look to the work of Sharyl Attkisson. Look to Glenn Greenwald. Those are the only remaining practioners of journalism. But I know you won’t because you want to be liked, and that is more important to you than principle.

  119. “Senator Warren, we’re ready to show you that you have the support needed to enter this presidential race,” the message stated, which was signed by celebrities including “Fahrenheit 9/11” director Michael Moore,
    I have always done what Michael Moore counseled. He is a paradigm of prudential wisdom. I have only one question. Why am I sitting here in a padded cell, and he is out roaming the country like a free range chicken spouting off and being eulogized by big media? I am afraid the answer lies not in the stars, and not in ourselves, but in the executive offices of big media. Same people who promote Big Al Sharpton.

  120. Hillary vs. Warren would split Hollywood
    To paraphrase Lincoln in 1857: an industry divided cannot stand–we hope.

  121. As President Obama enters the uninhibited twilight of his presidency
    They missed an important word: twilight ZONE.

  122. Obama’s diminution of the threat posed by radical Islam, which I believe is borne of a concern for an imaginary backlash against all Muslims, ignores the existential nature of the threat and borders on paranoia. I have proven to you in the past that the man is mentally deranged, and more evidence of this will emerge after he leaves office from his kiss and tell insiders which should be rejected because it comes too late. He is Muslim from his youth and that is what causes him to ignore this threat and leave this country exposed on every front.

  123. Honestly, 90% of what Obama says in response to the problems facing this nation is either incompetent, irrelevant or immaterial. If he ever response on point, 90% of that 10% is a bold faced lie.

  124. Monday, February 09, 2015

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll forMonday shows that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance.

    (Note: if big media told the American People the truth, that figure would not be 49%. If they did to him what they did to Bush, his approval rating would be in the same range as it was for Bush at the conclusion of his presidency, which I believe was 26%.)

  125. And you wonder why I obsess about big media? Why I say they are traitors to the concept of representative democracy? Well . . . there’s your answer. And unlike most answers in politics, it can be quantified, subject to the risk that liars figure.

  126. Wbb, your comments about Brian are spot-on. The lying is one issue. But within the lies another issue emerges – Brian’s quest for celebrity. He wants not just to report the news, but to become the news. He seems to want to be both a television star and a cowboy journalist, risking life and limb to bring us the stories that matter. He needn’t bother.

    NBC launched an “investigation”, but Brian was the one who took himself off air for a few days – according to the news that cannot be believed. NBC News barely qualifies as infotainment. I don’t think anyone would miss them if they just closed the news room down and stopped reporting the (non) news.

  127. –JOE SCARBOROGH, on “Morning Joe” today, called Williams a neighbor and family friend: “I’m hopeful that when … all the madness online, and … the investigations that need to be going on – when the fury dies down and we get through the storm – that [the decision about Brian’s future] will be based on the entirety of his career, and not on one or two or three mistakes. …

    “I’ve seen a lot. I know a lot. And there are very few people in this industry or in politics that could live by the standard of perfection. Cast the first stone? I would be careful.”


    isn’t that nice? doesn’t that instill your confidence in all of them over at NBC…and ‘all that Joe S knows about all the other liars but will not reveal’

    essentially what Joe S is saying what Brian did is done all the time…the whole cabal lies, withholds info when it effects their friends, creates scandal where there is none…on and on…these are the most self absorbed and self promoting people on TV…all about them and their friends…and Joe S is verbally trying to blackmail and silence people on from his perch on Morning Joe…

    imagine what they really know about the O admin and are not telling us…

    why would anyone believe anything reported or said on NBC or MSNBC…they lost their integrity a long, long time ago…

    btw…NBC had to admit misleading reporting on Christie in 2014…and I believe I heard something about NBC claiming a new investigation against Christie that they made up and had to retract…this after their usual routine of pounding their fabricated stories nonstop on NBC/MSNBC to brainwash the public to believe their lies…

  128. Bibi

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday doubled down on his intention to speak to a joint session of Congress next month, despite criticism from Democrats who say they will boycott the event.

    Netanyahu said he fully intended to make the speech and that he will use the moment to criticize negotiations the Obama administration is holding with Iran, which he argues are endangering Israel.

    “A bad deal with Iran is forming in Munich that will endanger Israel’s existence,” Netanyahu said at an event for his Likud Party, according to The Associated Press. “Therefore, I am determined to go to Washington and present Israel’s position before the members of Congress and the American people.”

    Netanyahu downplayed differences between the U.S. and Israel, arguing that there have “always been essential differences between Israel and the U.S.” and that “relations have remained sound.”

    “This will be the case this time as well,” he said, according to Haaretz.

    “This is not a political issue or a party issue, neither here nor there. This is an existential issue, and I approach it with the fullest responsibility.”

    Two more Democrats on Monday said they would skip Netanyahu’s address, bringing the total number to 9. Vice President Biden is also not planning on attend and has blamed a scheduling conflict.

    Some of the Democrats boycotting the event argue it is meant to undercut President Obama and that it is inappropriate for Netanyahu to be delivering the address just two weeks before Israeli elections.

    They have also faulted Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) for inviting Netanyahu to come, arguing it was done without the White House’s knowledge and that this was a breach of protocol.

    Netanyahu in a message on Twitter said he wasn’t worried about protocol.

    “At the time that there are people involved in protocol of politics, it’s establishing a bad agreement with Iran that will endanger the existence of Israel,” Netanyahu said on Twitter. “My duty is to do everything in order to stop it.”


  129. Question: will success spoil Ly’n Brian?

    Answer: of course not. He is just a regular guy (with a modest salary of $10 million/year)

    Want proof? Well I am glad you asked. (all 18 credits of it.)

    A living example of the Peter Principle:

    Early life

    Born in Elmira, New York, Williams was reared in a WELL TO DO Irish Catholic home.[5] He is the son of Dorothy May (née Pampel) and Gordon Lewis Williams, who was an executive vice president of the National Retail Merchants Association, in New York.[6][7] He is the youngest of four siblings.[8] He lived in Elmira for ten years before moving to Middletown, New Jersey, when he was in junior high school.[9]

    He graduated from Mater Dei High School, a Roman Catholic high school in the New Monmouth section of Middletown.[10] While in high school, he was a volunteer firefighter for three years at the Middletown Township Fire Department. His first job was as a BUSBOY at Perkins Pancake House.[11]

    After high school Williams attended Brookdale Community College, after which he transferred to The Catholic University of America, and then The George Washington University.[12] He did not graduate, and instead interned with the administration of President Jimmy Carter. He now calls leaving college one of his “great regrets”.[13] Williams completed a total of 18 COLLEGE CREDITS.[14]

    Personal life

    Williams married his wife, Jane Gillan Williams (née Stoddard) at the First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan, Connecticut on June 7, 1986.[49] He currently lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with his wife.[50] His daughter Allison is an actress who currently stars in HBO’s Girls. (NO NEPOTISM HERE). He received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Bates College in 2005. (DESPITE A DEFICIT OF 18 CREDITS)

    Williams was seen at Madison Square Garden during the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs sporting a fleece pullover, with the Rangers insignia on it.[53] (OH BE STILL MY HEART)


  130. But just remember Joe Scarboro lives just down the street in the same modest working class neighborhood, with Rolls Royces in the garage. And he works for the same network which is busy circling the wagons under the pretext of an investigation. And Scarborough, a pillar of journalism and an unimpeachable source–better in fact than nine lying bishops has testified that Brian is a friend, and few people in big media tell the truth. Nice work Joe. In the process of defending lying Brian you have condemned your entire industry. This is like the difference between direct examination, i.e. what I say vs. cross examination, i.e. what an adverse witness admits to. It is like the difference between gunpowder and dynamite. Gunpowder burns along an appointed line. But dynamite rends in all directions, according to Wigmore, the father of the law of evidence. So nice of Joe to blow the shit out of his entire profession. In one indiscreet sentence he did what I have been trying to do on this blog for years.

  131. To put a finer point on it, what Joe is saying is that everyone in big media lies.


    I can go home now.

  132. wbboei

    February 9, 2015 at 3:47 pm


    exactly, wbboei…and these people are so arrogant and self absorbed they think the rest of us little folks do not see the distinctions…or we are too dumb to understand…maybe when they spend their whole show just talking to each other they forget that we can still actually hear them on our little tvs..

    Joe S is one of the worst offenders in many, many, many ways…

  133. Admin: this article will mean more to you than it does to me, but it is interesting from a layman’s perspective to see how the shadow campaign we do not see is working or in this case not working. N.B. Priorities is responsible for countering the political attacks against Hillary, and Ready for Hillary is responsible for care and feeding of big donors. Nevertheless, they compete for the same dollars, and some of the organizations which align themselves with one group or another lose donor dollars as well, in this case Media Matters, which is an organization which from my perspective has as much honor and integrity as Scarborough’s neighborly neighbor Lyn’n Brian, bless his mercenary heart and his fanciful imagination. By the way Brian, what did Grant say to Lee when you were there with them at Appomattox in ’65? History wants to know, so it is only natural that we would ask the most trusted man in news–a man who oozes credibility from every pour in his body, namely you of course. And which part of it do you plan to distort, and/or censor?

  134. Shadowfax
    February 9, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday doubled down on his intention to speak to a joint session of Congress next month, despite criticism from Democrats who say they will boycott the event.

    Netanyahu said he fully intended to make the speech and that he will use the moment to criticize negotiations the Obama administration is holding with Iran, which he argues are endangering Israel.



  135. I’d like to make a wager on how long the Obama’s will stay a married couple, living in the same house…after 2016.

    I give it 2 year max.

  136. As I read the biography of Sharyl Attkisson and watch the encounters between Glenn Greenwald and big media celebrities such as David Gregory and Jeffrey Toobin, I know all I need to know about the loci of the problem. Honest journalism is dead. Those who wish to practice it must either leave the country like Glenn has or venture out on their own like Sharyl has. What we have today in big media is hangers on, flatters, ideologues and apparatchiks* who can do no more than parrot the party line, the purpose of which is to deceive the American People. I was speaking about this with a lady from India who was helping me solve a computer problem, someone who plans to become a lawyer in India. Looking at our media from the other side of the world, she sees exactly what I see sitting here–the constant pursuit of an agenda rather than the pursuit of truth. She thinks most people see the fraud in play here whereas I do not. The Rasmmussen polls tell me the lies and the deceit are working their evil process, and the American People are clueless and/or indifferent on what they are losing.

    *Apparatchik /ˌɑːpəˈrɑːtʃɪk/ (plural apparatchiki or apparatchiks; Russian: аппара́тчик [ɐpɐˈratɕɪk]) is a Russian colloquial term for a full-time, professional functionary of the Communist Party or government, i.e. an agent of the governmental or party “apparat” (apparatus) that held any position of bureaucratic or political responsibility, with the exception of the higher ranks of management called “Nomenklatura”. James Billington describes one as “a man not of grand plans, but of a hundred carefully executed details.”[1] It is often considered a derogatory term, with negative connotations in terms of the quality, competence, and attitude of a person thus described.[2]

  137. Shadowfax
    February 9, 2015 at 6:44 pm
    I’d like to make a wager on how long the Obama’s will stay a married couple, living in the same house…after 2016.

    I give it 2 year max.

    I’d give it six months.

    And, on the odds, here’s how it will end:

    Michelle’s Plea for Justifiable Homicide
    a.k.a. To Keep Her Love Alive
    (with endless apologies to Lorenz Hart)

    I’ve been married to Barry
    And often I’ve sighed,
    I’m sick of his ego,
    Too often he’s lied.
    I’ll never divorce him-
    I haven’t the heart.
    Yet remember these sweet words
    “Till death do us part.”

    Ba-rack is frail–
    he looks a wreck to me.
    At night he is a horse’s neck to me
    So I’ll perform an appendectomy
    To keep my love alive.

    Cute Barry plays the harp;
    I’ve cussed the thing.
    I’ll crown with that fucking harp
    to bust the thing.
    So he can play where harps are
    just the thing,
    To keep my love alive.

  138. I predict they won’t actually divorce for several years. But, within 6 mod to a year they won’t be living together.

    Shadow, all you can say about Joe’s screw-up in that video is – Joe is not playing with a full deck.

  139. Free,

    Joe has been blowing it big time for years. Maybe he is a few bricks short, or maybe he just tries so hard to be funny, or bold, or just smart…but then he runs off at the mouth and is caught on tape, again and again.

    Wbb and Free

    I wanted to say six months at first, but then thought that the ‘happy’ couple might play it for awhile while they try to find new love interests.

    I just hope the media watches who slips out the back door…TMZ, be on alert!

  140. Have you ever seen such courage, such transparency ?! Barack agreed to be interviewed by Vox, answering a range of questions about both foreign and domestic issues. Of course VOX owner, Ezra Klein, a journolister who loves him some Barack, along with his journolister pals, worked their left wing rear-ends off to counter any negative info (the truth) about Barack during 2008 campaign.

    From Guardian UK:

    “Obama: I’m as productive as any president since Lyndon Johnson”


  141. Micheal Barone weighs in:


    The Democratic Majority That Emerged — And Disappeared

    John Judis, co-author of the book “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” now says in an article in National Journal that that majority has disappeared. His title: “The Emerging Republican Advantage.”

    The original book, published in the Republican year of 2002, forecast accurately the groups that would make up the Democratic majority coalition that emerged in the 2006 and 2008 elections: blacks, Hispanics, gentry liberals, single women, young voters.

    But as Judis writes now, that coalition has come apart. That’s partly because of diminished support from millennials and Hispanics, but mostly because of additional white working-class defections and erosion among suburbanites unhappy with higher government spending and taxes.

    In fact, he now says that the majority he predicted endured for only two elections. President Obama was re-elected with a reduced 51 percent of the vote, but Republicans won the House in 2010, 2012 and 2014, and the Senate in 2014. Democratic strength in governors’ mansions and state legislatures is at its lowest level since the 1920s.

    That’s in line with voting patterns that have been steady for two decades. In three of the last four presidential elections, both parties have won between 47 and 51 percent of the vote. And in nine of the 11 House elections from 1994 to 2014,

    Republicans won between 48 and 52 percent of the popular vote, and Democrats a bit less, between 45 and 49 percent.

    Democrats have had the advantage in presidential elections because their clusters of base voters give them more safe electoral votes. Republicans have had the advantage in House and legislative elections because their voters are spread more evenly around the rest of the country. [snip]

    During most of George W. Bush’s presidency, Republicans had viable policies. Bush was re-elected, but with only 51 percent of the vote. Then, with violence in the streets of Baghdad and New Orleans, the Republican majorities disappeared.

    That, plus a strategy of running candidates tailored to local political terrain, gave Democrats majorities in 2006 and 2008.

    They had a chance to extend those by coming up with policies generally deemed successful and which held their disparate coalition together.

    They failed on both counts. Big government policies — the stimulus package, Obamacare — proved generally unpopular. And other Democratic policies began splitting the party’s coalition. Gentry liberals’ environmental policies antagonized blue collar unions and Jacksonians from West Virginia to Oklahoma, once one of the party’s mainstays.

    Hispanics in target-state Colorado were turned off by gentry liberal priorities — abortion absolutism, gun control, opposition to fracking. Asians in California were repelled by attempts to re-institute racial quotas and preferences in higher education that directly harm them. Millennials were socked with high health insurance premiums even as they searched for jobs from their parents’ basements. Israel supporters have been dismayed by Obama’s Middle East policies.

    Even if they haven’t achieved permanent majorities, American parties have had enduring public policy successes. Social Security (passed 1935) and the Taft-Hartley labor law (passed 1947) are examples.

    But it’s not clear the Obama Democrats accomplished that. The 2009 stimulus package’s steep increases in spending were cut back by the 2013 sequester. Tax increases may be pulled back. The administration has had to make dozens of revisions to the still-unpopular Obamacare and may have to accept serious rollbacks if it loses King v. Burwell in the Supreme Court in June.

    Republicans looking to 2016 should be aiming not at creating a permanent partisan majority but at developing public policies that could, unlike Obama’s, be successful and enduring.

    Democrats had the chance in 2008, with Hillary, to extend their coalition. But… “mistake in ’08″….

  142. I have noticed several subtle and some not so subtle anti-Hillary articles at Guardian UK, which is generally left leaning.

    Today, the headlines on the US page of the Guardian features a photo of One Drop in fighting mode with raised fist. The caption reads “US prosecutors weigh criminal charges against HSBC as Elizabeth Warren Turns up the Heat”.

    Also on this page is a headline, “Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank”.



    Looks like One Drop Libs are at work even across the pond.

  143. Intelligent commentary on VOX’s interview with Obama – and from Politico, no less. The remarks in this excerpt are pretty scathing. The article also refers to Klein and Yglesias, owners of VOX as “Obama explainers”. You just have to wonder why these two Obamanuts fail to see that there’s nothing left to explain. Their explanations are words – just words. Obama’s actions speak a lot louder than any excuses VOX or anyone else can make up.


    In the example of Klein and Yglesias, they’re less interested in interviewing Obama than they are in explaining his policies. Again and again, they serve him softball—no, make that Nerf ball—questions and then insert infographics and footnotes that help advance White House positions. Vox has lavished such spectacular production values on the video version of the Obama interview—swirling graphics and illustrations, background music (background music!?), aggressive editing, multiple camera angles—that the clips end up looking and sounding like extended commercials for the Obama-in-2016 campaign. I’ve seen subtler Scientology recruitment films.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/02/vox-interview-barack-obama-115033.html#ixzz3RMcogxzQ

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