Jeb Bush Runs For President – Clinton Bush Clinton Bush

Time to chortle and choke. Jeb Bush: I’m in.

On the one hand, wasn’t Obama supposed to end the Clinton Bush Clinton Bush cycle? We mocked that idea in March of last year and concluded that Obama is not the “transformational world historical figure” he hallucinates himself to be. On the other hand, another Bush running for president? Ugh! We must be as disgusted with this news as Republicans who can’t stand the idea of a certain woman running.

Unlike Hillary, it is smart of Jeb to announce this early. Hillary should wait as long as possible (if she runs at all) to announce because the longer she waits the clearer the Republican field becomes and the more it makes Obama Dimocrats squirm.

For Hillary the landscape is rather stable. Joe Biden is running for president, but he is a joke. How do we know Joe Biden is running for president? First, every time in the past we have met with a Biden staff member all they do is try to recruit you to join Team Biden. Biden and his staff stoke the presidential fires every election cycle so yeah, Joe Biden is running.

Second, see for yourself that Joe Biden is running for president. Joe Biden is running for president and the proof is all the plastic surgery the veep has undergone. Watch Uncle Joe on TV. His eyes have gotten so much attention and tightening from the surgeons that Joe appears to have permanent squinty eyes in the shape associated with the Chinese or Japanese. But it does not matter. Joe is a joke and the only one not in on the joke is Joe.

For Hillary the question is Warren. Will Warren run? There are a lot of establishment Obama Dimocrats pushing for Warren to say yes. What Warren, or DeBlasio, or Jerry Brown, or any of the assorted Kooks in the rancid box would like is for Hillary to announce, wait to see the reaction, then jump in and bring Hillary down.

For Jeb Bush the opposite is true. There are a lot of Republicans running for president. We pretty much know who they are. Even the potential outliers (Mike Pence) are known. For Jeb the need is to cut the oxygen from the opposition. The sooner Jeb financially asphyxiates potential candidates the better for him.

As much as we might be sickened by this news and as little as we like Jeb we admit that he is an extremely formidable candidate. His pluses? He’s from Florida, his wife is Latina, he speaks Spanish around the house so he is very Spanish fluent (unlike that boob Barack who pretended to be so smart but his claims to Spanish ability are restricted to recognizing items on the Taco Bell menu), the business establishment loves him, he’ll have tons of money, he’ll have tons of the best operatives in the political world, his dad and brother have been president so he has experience in national campaigns, his son just got elected to statewide office in Texas (a counter along with W. to Perry and Cruz for Texas support), he has executive experience as a very successful Florida governor, he is viewed as sane, he is not afraid to take on the conservative wing of the Republican Party, he can credibly claim to be able to attract Latino/a support, he looks “presidential”, his family is reconciled to a run, his dad and to some extent his brother are highly regarded, and for a long time he has been considered a high probability “winner”.

Jeb Bush, like him or not, is formidable. It is very possible that today’s announcement pretty much ends the Romney return, the Christie bounce back, the Rubio resurgence, and any and all middle of the road Republican candidates such as Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. Or maybe not. But certainly any Republican “moderate” has to at the very least reassess.

Jeb Bush is formidable but has some real weaknesses. He’s a Bush in a country that might have Bush fatigue. He is a strong advocate for Common Core. He is a big “immigration reform” amnesty guy. He’s viewed with the same type of loathing from conservatives that Hillary gets from skunk eye leftist totalitarian kooks. Jeb is a “centrist” in a party that wants Tea.

Jeb Bush has a very good chance to win the nomination if the moderates like Christie and Romney, who also have executive experience, stay out once Chamber of Commerce money people nudge them off the road. Once Bush has the middle to himself all he has is a divided conservative opposition.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum (ha!), and Mike Huckabee, will stay in the race to divide up the conservative vote and help Jeb Bush. Rick Perry? We would bet that Perry just got squashed by Jeb.

The only one that is a question mark to us is Scott Walker. Can a mild mannered Wisconsin governor take on a former Florida governor who is a Bush and win? It’s not likely but we would not count Walker out, yet.

A Jeb Bush candidacy means the Republicans might have a candidate sooner rather than later – and one who will be flush with cash, who will redraw the competitive map, and will get Latino votes.

Hillary? What does Hillary think about this? For one thing the Obama Dimocrats need Hillary now more than ever.