Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish: Mary Landrieu, Eric Garner, Michael Brown

We dispose of trash. First up, Eric Garner.

When we first saw the Garner video of his death for the sale of loose cigarettes we were very very sympathetic. But then we read Garner had an arrest record of 31 times (assault and grand larceny among the charges). Then we read in our comments section that Eric Garner was 43 years old. So if he started his life of crime the moment he became a teenager Eric Garner has been arrested once a year for his entire adult and teen years. At the time of his death Eric Garner was out on bail (driving without a license, marijuana possession among the charges). Our sympathy at that point evaporates.

We’ve played the board game “Monopoly” for many years. In our entire lifetime we cannot recall 31 days in the “Monopoly” jail. We can’t begin to imagine someone who has actually been arrested 31 times.

A parent, spouse, or family of someone arrested more than once may still love the miscreant. But any degree of honesty amidst the love would also require an admission that the criminal is the problem and that the repeated arrests are more than just a streak of bad luck or police harassment.

31 times!!! Eric Garner was arrested 31 times! Something was very wrong with this behemoth.

Michael Brown just robbed a store as he bullied the owner by dint of his size and was audaciously out on a stroll in the middle of the street afterwards knowing he had just committed a crime. Then he tried to take a cops gun.

So why are these two behemoths the latest civil rights icons? Two criminals who died are two criminals less to terrorize the black community.

As to the question of racism in these two cases, the charge is ridiculous. In both cases the grand juries that wisely refused to indict the police officers there were members of the grand jury that were black.

Unless the charge is two black people who have an animus against other black people there is no racism in the Eric Garner case. By “two black people” we mean the black woman police officer (not seen in the video) who was in charge of the arrest of Eric Garner and the black man at the police precinct that sent the cops to haul in Garner.

Kizzy Adoni is the name of the black woman police sergeant who was in charge of the Eric Garner arrest and death. Is Kizzy Adoni a racist?

The “racism” narrative collapses unless you believe that the black woman police sergeant is a racist.

Was Kizzy Adonie a racist that watched as Eric Garner died? Well, that would have been a neat trick when you consider that Eric Garner did not die on the street or on that infamous video. Garner died in an ambulance of “cardiac arrest” at the hospital an hour later.

There’s another racist in the story that explains what happened to Eric Garner. The story is told by Garner propaganda outlet The New York Daily News:

NYPD No. 3’s order to crack down on selling loose cigarettes led to chokehold death of Eric Garner
EXCLUSIVE: Chief of Department Philip Banks made the order to investigate complaints over the sale of untaxed cigarettes in Tompkinsville, Staten Island, a source told The News. That fierce crack down resulted in the lethal manhandling of Eric Garner.

An order to crack down on the illegal sale of 75-cent cigarettes in Staten Island came directly from Police Headquarters, setting off a chain of events that ended in Eric Garner’s death, the Daily News has learned.

Chief of Department Philip Banks — the highest-ranking uniformed cop in the city — sent a sergeant from his office at 1 Police Plaza in July to investigate complaints of untaxed cigarettes being sold in the Tompkinsville neighborhood, a source close to the investigation told The News.

(Banks) set the whole thing in motion,” the source said.

The sale of loosies had been on Banks’ radar since at least March, when it was discussed at a meeting at Police Headquarters about quality-of-life issues, a police source said.

Banks’ office also conducted surveillance on Bay St. and took pictures, one of which shows three men believed to be involved in an illegal cigarette sale. The News reviewed the photograph and Garner is not in it.

At around the same time, on March 27, a caller to the city’s 311 hotline complained about the issue, saying a group of men had been selling untaxed cigarettes, and sometimes marijuana, on Bay St. every day for the past three years, a second source said.

The caller identified one of the sellers as “a man named Eric.”

Did you notice the crucial missing fact? Here it is: Chief of Department Philip Banks, the #2 guy in the New York City Police Department, the man who set loose the loosie cigarette war, is BLACK. So to believe the racism angle you have to believe that the #2 guy in the New York Police Department who is black is also a racist against other black people and that the black woman in charge of the police team that tried to arrest Eric Garner was also a racist.

So what and why did Chief of Department Philip Banks, the #2 guy in the New York City Police Department, the black man who set loose the loosie cigarette war do? Here’s more of the story:

The next day, Garner was arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes, one of three pending cases before his death.

Sometime in early July, a memo was sent to the Staten Island borough command, a source said. The memo stressing the need to address quality-of-life issues was then forwarded to bosses in the 120th Precinct for “immediate attention,” according to the source.

On the afternoon of July 17, cops spotted Garner on Bay St. again. Witnesses said Garner, 43, had just broken up a fight. Cops say the 350-pound father of six was selling untaxed cigarettes. [snip]

That particular area of the 120th Precinct has been the subject of numerous quality-of-life complaints and enforcement actions for months,” Davis said. “Among the specific public complaints of illegal activity in that area included the sale of untaxed cigarettes as well as open (alcohol) container and marijuana use and sale offenses.”

A high-ranking police official agreed.

“We address behavior and conditions and not people,” the official said. “That’s what we do across the city, and one of those conditions is the sale of untaxed cigarettes.” [snip]

Garner’s rap sheet includes eight arrests for possession and selling cigarettes.

Every time you see me you try to arrest me,” Garner told Officer Daniel Pantaleo and a second cop before he was put in the chokehold, according to a video first posted by “I’m tired of it. It stops today.”

Did you catch that important fact that gets no emphasis in the news article and no mention in TV broadcasts? Here it is: Garner and the officer (Pantaleo) that took him down knew each other from previous encounters. Also, Garner made it explicit that he was going to resist arrest (“It stops today.”).

But the narrative of police use of force then comes into play. Was police overuse of force the problem? No.

350 pound Eric Garner decided to resist arrest. The police officers and their black woman supervisor on the scene were under orders from the #2 top cop, a black man, to crack down on the lifestyle crimes in the Staten Island neighborhood. When you look at the video of the attempted arrest you can see the cops look like Hobbits wrestling with Uruk-hai. The problem was that Uruk-hai Eric Garner refused to follow the orders of the police. What were the orders given to the police? Again, the Daily News:

The city’s crackdown against untaxed cigarettes in Staten Island intensified on March 27 when the city’s 311 system received a complaint about individual smokes being sold in front of a clothing store on Bay St. near Victory Blvd., just four buildings down from where Garner was killed.

The caller said illegal cigarette sellers set up shop outside the 4 Brothers Clothing on Bay St. for three years and were selling loose cigarettes every day.

Depending on the time of day, marijuana was also being sold, said the caller, who rattled off the names of several suspects, including “a man named Eric,” a source said. [snip]

Other store owners on Bay St. said they didn’t complain to police about Garner or untaxed cigarette sales.

But the 311 tip made its way to Banks’ office where “the untaxed cigarette problem on Bay St.” was discussed, a source said. A day after the 311 call was made, cops arrested Garner for selling cigarettes without proper tax stamps.

Cops found him in possession of 23 sealed packs of untaxed cigarettes and one open pack, officials said. He was arrested with untaxed cigarettes again on May 7, officials said.

Then, a week before his death, Garner was “warned and admonished” about selling untaxed cigarettes, a police source said.

So the #2 cop in the city, who is black, commands a crackdown on untaxed “loosie” cigarette sales on the block where Eric Garner has been repeatedly arrested for untaxed “loosie” cigarette sales and a black woman police sergeant is dispatched along with several other police officers to stop the illegal sales as part of the successful “lifestyle” crimes cleanup. Why? Who is to blame?

The entity to blame is the New York City Council. The Mayor’s office is also to blame.

For years we have heard the propaganda from the left equating cigarette sellers as “killer” who sell their products to poison the population. Now the police have stopped a cigarette seller and from the reaction you would think a saint has been sacrificed.

Why was such a stupid law passed? Why can’t someone sell cigarettes in any way they want? Well, it’s all because of taxes. Taxes killed Eric Garner:

“We have a poor guy who died because of a tax collection issue,” conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show.

Governments condemn cigarette use on one hand while relying on cigarette taxes to fund their operations, Mr Limbaugh and others contend.

“Garner died because he dared interfere with government reach and government muscle that didn’t want to lose tax revenue to independent operators,” Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass writes.

“You want an all-encompassing state with the power to stop you from smoking? Well, don’t complain about the Eric Garner case,” writes the Hayride’s Scott McKay. “This is what big government looks like.”

The Daily Caller’s W James Antle says that while public outrage is focusing on the level of force employed by the New York police, “let’s not let the people who write the laws off the hook”.

“A man who is killed by government overreach, fueled by anti-tobacco fanaticism, is just as dead as one who smokes a carton of unfiltered Pall Malls every week for 30 years,” he writes.

“You want an all-encompassing state with the power to stop you from smoking?” writes the Hayride’s Scott McKay. “Well, don’t complain about the Eric Garner case. This is what big government looks like.”

We thought we were supposed to hate cigarette vendors? Eric Garner was a cigarette vendor but his crime was to not give his share in taxes to the New York City government:

In the name of cutting smoking rates, New York has the highest state cigarette tax at $4.35 per pack. New York City piles on an additional local cigarette tax of $1.50 per pack. Since 2006, the cigarette tax in New York state has been raised 190 percent. In response, cigarette smuggling there increased 59 percent. More than half of all cigarettes consumed in New York state are smuggled, according to a 2014 report by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Garner chose to participate in the booming underground cigarette market as a smuggler. Since 2009, he had been arrested eight times for selling loosies, which are popular among people who can’t afford a full pack because of the excessive taxes.

In January 2014, tough new penalties for selling untaxed cigarettes took effect in New York City. In July, emboldened by the new law, the city’s highest-ranking uniformed cop, Philip Banks, issued an order to crack down on loosie sales days before Garner died.

These events confirm that police are ultimately the enforcers of the tax code, and every vote for higher taxes gives police increased authority to exert more force on citizens in more situations. Higher excise taxes inevitably lead to more violent clashes between police and smugglers.

Think it’s funny to blame the death of Eric Garner on taxes? Think untaxed cigarettes are not a big problem for the big taxers? Think again. Big city “progressives” are hooked on taxes on cigarettes and untaxed cigarettes are something “progressives” will kill:

New York is now the highest net importer of smuggled cigarettes in the country, thanks to a $4.50 per pack tax. New York City adds an additional tax of $1.50.

Smuggling is up 59 percent since 2006 and now is believed to account for nearly 57 percent of New York’s cigarette market. A Mackinack Center study had the figure slightly higher. Last year, authorities seized $4.5 million in counterfeit Chinese cigarettes in Brooklyn. As early as 2010, New York was losing $20 million a month in revenues to black market smokes.

It’s spreading throughout the region. According to one study, nearly 40 percent of cigarettes smoked in Boston come from the black market. In Providence, that figure is somewhere between 30 to 55 percent. In Washington, D.C., it’s 30 to 60 percent.

Nearly 60 percent of discarded cigarettes found in five large Northeastern cities lacked the proper excise tax stamps.

A revenue-hungry nanny state in New York has boosted cigarette taxes nearly 200 percent in less than a decade, creating the crime for which Garner was killed. Have we learned nothing from Prohibition or the war on drugs?

“Alleged gun-running and terrorist-loving ex-Stuyvesant HS teacher Theo Burroughs, busted in a sting two months ago, was trafficking in untaxed cigarettes along with assault rifles and handcuffs,” the New York Post reported.

Hezbollah and the Irish Republican Army have gotten a piece of the action as terrorists, gangs and the mafia get involved in the cigarette black market.

The Post quoted a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms official as saying, “We see lots of [rip-offs] and violence with drug trafficking, and you will see a rise of that in tobacco, too. As volume and money go up, the stakes get higher. And certainly, a concern of ours is violence will spill out of this.”

Two paragraphs later, the story says “state officials maintain the tax is worth it as an incentive for people to quit.” Quit breathing?

We can all breathe better now that Eric Garner has gone to his just reward. The notion that racism killed him is ridiculous. The notion that excessive police force killed him is equally false.

We understand that many people don’t get along well with cops on the beat. Too often cops are officious and think they are the king of the hill. Instead of being servants of the people too often police treat citizens as servants. Of course there are the many, many good cops who try to help and “serve and protect”. But the rude, nasty cops are the ones that stick in our memory, not the good effective ones.

But whatever our notions of cops or the many times cops have been good to us or been mean to us we remember that even with the “bad” cops we must behave with respect even if it is trough gritted teeth. That Eric Garner thought he could tell cops what to do was just another to add to his 31 mistakes.

That some think the cops should have Tasered Garner instead of knocking him down ignores the fact that a Taser of Garner would probably have killed him due to his crummy health and then Al Sharpton would have asked why the police did not use a chokehold to bring the near 400 pound man to obey the law.

As with Michael Brown of Ferguson we think the black community should be applauding the death of Gardner. At some point the black community has to take sides in the battle for their soul: it’s either the criminals or the decent law-abiding citizens.

This guy, Wilson, has it exactly right:

For the black leaders that think Eric Garner is the extension of a new, more successful Occupy Wall Street movement we have bad news:

Washington — A majority of young people believe racism is more a problem for previous generations than it is for their own. And most young people – 73 percent of whites, 66 percent of nonwhites – say they don’t see racial minorities any differently than they see white people, according to a survey conducted for the youth-oriented cable network MTV. [snip]

Perhaps most strikingly, a majority of those surveyed, who range in age from 14 to 24, agree that “having a black president demonstrates that racial minorities have the same opportunities as white people.” Among young white people, the figure was 64 percent, and among young people of color, it was 58 percent. [snip]

Majorities of white and nonwhite respondents agreed that “it’s never fair to give preferential treatment to one race over another, regardless of historical inequalities.” Among white Millennials, 75 percent agreed, as did 65 percent of nonwhites.

Another statement presented the “racial preference” concept differently: “Because of historical inequalities, it is sometimes more fair to give preferential treatment to one race over another.” Among whites, 22 percent agreed; 30 percent of people of color agreed.

The Nation magazine is horrified that that in earlier surveys the same results emerge that young people won’t buy the Al Sharpton line:

The results weren’t heartening. Overall, 46 percent of Millennials agree that the government pays too much attention to the problems of minorities, with 49 percent who disagree. 48 percent also agree that discrimination against whites is a genuine problem. When you disaggregate by race and count only white Millennials, the picture is much worse.

A solid majority of white Millennials, 56 percent, say that government has paid too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities. An even larger majority, 58 percent, say that “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”

The pollsters at PRRI don’t try to tease out what this actually means, and honestly—as an African-American myself—it’s hard to figure out.

You better figure it out if you are at all interested in helping the country and helping the black community in particular.

If you think that an attack on a black singer for singing “White Christmas” on the night of the Eric Garner grand jury news is not a problem then you’ve got a problem.

If you think that telling white people they can’t act like dopes, only black people can participate in the demonstrations of dopiness, then you’ve got a problem.

If you think that invading Macy’s or Apple’s flagship New York store, or blocking traffic is a way to convert people to your cause then you are an Occupy Wall Street dope. Speaking of Occupy Wall Street — Eric Garner protesters “shut down capitalism” because… capitalism!. Say what??? What???:

Protesters staged a “die in” Friday night in an Apple store on Fifth Avenue and in Macy’s at Herald Square.

Hundreds of people angry over police treatment of African-American men crowded the street outside the Apple store, and some made their way through the store’s large glass doors…

Zandir Santos, 30, of Brooklyn, relished in the idea that protesters had disrupted life at an Apple store and a Macy’s in New York. The filmmaker said this is a pivotal time in American history and that police must change how they treat people.

“The CEO of Apple knows we shut his store down–that means capitalist America is going to take us seriously,” he said. “We are going to shake up your business and we want to hit you where it hurts. “

Capitalist America as well as every sensible American thinks these Occupy Wall Street refugees are loons. Just like Occupy Wall Street these DailyKooks harm their own goofy fad. Keep on blocking traffic and making members of the public pay for your foolishness and in the end you will be as popular as Occupy Wall Street. It is always amusing to see a young white guy lying down in the lobby of a big store with a sign that says “End White Supremacy” in a city where the #2 cop is black and in a country where the president is black, the Attorney General is black and the head of the Homeland Security Department is black.

Many top basketball players are black too:

On Thursday “Inside the NBA” on TNT, panelists Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith discussed the issues of Garner, race and Ferguson in light of Barkley’s recent remarks on police and accusations of police brutality motivated by race.

During that discussion, Barkley dismissed his critics.

“Some people are going to agree with me,” Barkley said. “And some people are going to kiss my ass.

Barkley’s earlier remarks about Ferguson are considered by some to be controversial because they are so truthful:

Former NBA star and TNT NBA Analyst Charles Barkley lamented America’s “tribe mentality” on race and criticized many black leaders as a “cast of sad characters” in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight.”

Barkley said that while he believes Michael Brown’s stepfather should not be prosecuted for inciting a riot, he defended calling the looters and rioters “scumbags,” saying “when you’re looting people’s property, that’s what you are. That’s against the law, it’s not your property, you wouldn’t want people to do it to your house, and to go back to the stepdad, he didn’t want people to burn down his house.” [snip]

Barkley also turned to the rhetoric towards law enforcement, stating “the notion that white cops are out there just killing black people, that’s ridiculous. It’s just flat out ridiculous…the cops are actually awesome, they are the only thing in the ghetto between this place being the wild, wild west. So, this notion that cops are out there just killing black men is ridiculous, and I hate that narrative coming out of this entire situation.”

He also said that the police in the Eric Garner case in New York “got a little aggressive,” and might be “excessive force,” but also argued “if you fight back, things go wrong.”

Barkley further addressed the issue of racial profiling, declaring “there’s a reason they [cops] racially profile us at times. Sometimes it’s wrong, but sometimes it’s right.”

He expressed that the president should not go to Ferguson, adding “another thing that annoy annoys me about this whole situation, Brooke. Every time something happen[s] in the black community, we have the same cast of sad character, and we don’t have to have Al Sharpton go there…we have the same sad sack of black characters, we need strong black men in St. Louis to stand up, and say, ‘hey, let’s handle this situation.'”

We’ve written that it is time for the black community to step up and cheer when black criminals get sent to jail or killed. The former head nanny of New York wrote an op-ed article last year which states some truths too:

New York is the safest big city in the nation, and our crime reductions have been steeper than any other big city’s. For instance, if New York City had the murder rate of Washington, D.C., 761 more New Yorkers would have been killed last year. If our murder rate had mirrored the District’s over the course of my time as mayor, 21,651 more people would have been killed. That’s more than Georgetown University’s student body, faculty and administrative staff.

Based on crime data, we know that more than 90 percent of those 21,651 individuals would have been black and Hispanic. Some of them would have been children.

But even one murder is too many, and last year New York City had 419. The Post never published an editorial lamenting the loss of those innocent lives. Nor has The Post published an editorial at any point during my 11½ years as mayor about the crime in our city’s minority neighborhoods and its toll on innocent people. When our police officers were gunned down in the line of duty, there were no Post editorials about the lives and liberties they died protecting — nor about their sacrifice.

And yet this month, in two separate editorials, The Post lectured our police department about protecting the civil liberties of New Yorkers. The Post swallowed — hook, line and sinker — the attack leveled on the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) practice of stopping, questioning and frisking by an ideologically driven federal judge who has a history of ruling against the police.

This judge ruled that our police officers on patrol — a majority of whom are black, Hispanic and other minorities — engaged in “indirect racial profiling.” Never once in the judge’s 197-page opinion did she mention the lives that have been saved because of the stops those officers made. Instead, throughout the recent trial, she showed disdain for our police officers and the dangerous work they do.

Some more uncomfortable truths for the Occupy Wall Street idiots and others who seek to turn the criminals into saints:

Unlike many cities, where wealthy areas get special treatment, the NYPD targets its manpower to the areas that suffer the highest crime levels. Ninety percent of all people killed in our city — and 90 percent of all those who commit the murders and other violent crimes — are black and Hispanic. It is shameful that so many elected officials and editorial writers have been largely silent on these facts.

Instead, they have argued that police stops are discriminatory because they do not reflect the city’s overall census numbers. By that flawed logic, our police officers would stop women as often as men and senior citizens as often as young people. To do so would be a colossal misdirection of resources and would take the core elements of police work — targeting high-crime neighborhoods and identifying suspects based on evidence — out of crime-fighting. The absurd result of such a strategy would be far more crimes committed against black and Latino New Yorkers. When it comes to policing, political correctness is deadly.

Political correctness is deadly and the piles of black bodies testifies to that fact. We threw away our politically correct style book in the trash long ago.

Speaking of trash, now that we have disposed of the Eric Garner trash, we need to talk more trash. The trash is Mary Landreiu.

Today is runoff election day in Louisiana. Trashy Mary Landrieu is about to be thrown in the trash. Why? Well many reasons. But remember our article about the white working class? The white working class is about to trash Mary Landrieu:

Elliott Stonecipher, a political analyst in Shreveport, La., said that the growing degree to which whites have become Republicans and the loss of an estimated 125,000 Democratic voters after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 meant that Democrats now represented about 47 percent of Louisiana’s overall voter registration, compared to more than 60 percent in 2000.

Yeah, those pesky white people:

Louisiana is a state where blacks are a significant share of the electorate (a third or more), and they vote overwhelmingly (over 90%) for Democrats, as they have for Landrieu in her several races. Only Mississippi has a higher African American share of the population than Louisiana, even with the departure of many blacks from Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (leading to the loss of a U.S. House seat after the 2010 census). White voters have become almost as homogeneous a voting pool in the state in the other direction, with Landrieu receiving only 18% of white votes in the primary. Louisiana was carried twice by Bill Clinton and is one of the states that has moved most dramatically from blue dog Democrat to Republican in the past decade, along with Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia, all of which were carried by Bill Clinton twice and by Republicans in presidential races ever since.

Trash Mary Landrieu is going away in a very big stinky way full of lies and more lies along with race-baiting.

This Saturday The Atlantic tolls the bells as the trash collector comes to pick up the white trash:

HAMMOND, La.—Mary Landrieu is dead, and everyone knows it but Mary Landrieu. [snip]

Since the primary, Landrieu has undergone a series of humiliations. First, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced it would not spend any money supporting her in the runoff. [snip]

“This is a fight worth fighting. I mean, I have a very good record! Records should matter!” It doesn’t seem to occur to Landrieu that it is precisely her record—of supporting an unpopular president and voting for all his major initiatives, including the Affordable Care Act—that voters object to. [snip]

In what are likely the waning days of Landrieu’s career, she has become an exotic specimen—the Last Southern Democrat. [snip]

But that has changed dramatically since Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

As recently as 2007, Democrats controlled both houses of the Louisiana legislature and seven of nine statewide offices, including the governorship. Today Republicans have large majorities in both houses, and Landrieu is the last statewide elected Democrat. As the Associated Press recently noted, if Landrieu loses, Democrats will not control a single governorship, Senate seat, or legislative chamber from the Carolinas to Texas. [snip]

“It appears that the Democratic Party in Louisiana, with the exception of the odd majority-minority district, is moribund for the foreseeable future,” Pearson Cross, a political scientist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, tells me. The approximately one-third of the population that is black is overwhelmingly Democratic, but white voters have fled the party. Landrieu, who got 33 percent of the white vote in 2008, drew just 18 percent of whites in last month’s primary.

Cassidy’s campaign, like those of almost every Republican this year, has consisted almost entirely of putting Landrieu and Obama in the same sentence. A chyron hovers at the bottom of the screen throughout all of his television ads: “LANDRIEU + OBAMA = FAILED POLICIES.”

Barack Obama killed the Democratic Party. Now the Obama Dimocrat Party is on deathwatch too. The “creative class” “coalition of the ascendant” is going down:

America’s changing demographics have been touted by Democrats as a nearly unbeatable long-term coalition, particularly in presidential elections. [snip] But the 2014 results have raised new doubts about this strategy. Many Democrats had seen the Obama tally as a sort of floor for the party going forward; without Obama on the ballot, they assumed they could continue to turn out minority voters while doing better with whites. But now it looks as though it may instead be a ceiling, as minorities stay home or even vote Republican while white voters turn on Democrats in increasing numbers. [snip]

“I think what has changed it is that this is a hardworking state. People work hard, and they really don’t take to people who are on the dole,” he continued. “You’d better not be supporting people who are sitting on their front porch while I’m trying to work! You drive around these small communities, you see a lot of able-bodied people sitting around, when you know there’s work to be had …. That’s the only thing I can figure. This part of the country, people have been raised by families who worked very, very hard. But now we’ve got a president who loves to sit down every day and see how much he can give away of what they make.” [snip]

To bring the party back, he believes Democrats need a new Bill Clinton who can reposition the party toward the center. The day after the election, Breaux tells me, he called Clinton to suggest restarting the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. “The perception now is that the Democratic Party is too far to the left and the Republican Party is too far for the right,” he tells me. “The majority of Americans are somewhere in the middle.”

Many Democratic partisans believe otherwise, and have been insisting since the election that the party needs to become more progressive, not less. Breaux disagrees. “That’s a serious mistake,” he says. “We didn’t lose these elections because we weren’t liberal enough. We lost these elections because we were perceived as being a party that was not a centrist party.”

Occupy Wall Street, blocked traffic, turn behemoth criminals into civil rights icons, trash the white working class, are not ways to win elections or convince voters you are not a Kook. Mary Landrieu, Barack Obama, Michael Brown, Eric Garner are all the same trash.

It’s time once again to take out the trash. In Louisiana today is take out the trash day. We’ll breath better tonight after Landrieu is in the trash heap.

Can we breath better now that Eric Garner is no longer amongst the living? Yes, we can.


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  1. Remember the last article on the immigration law lawsuit? The big issue in these lawsuits is the question of standing to sue. Well, we have some news on another lawsuit on Obama’s illegal illegal immigration executive diktat:

    Court Ruling Challenges Obama Immigration Action

    In a ruling that could short-circuit one of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, a federal court has allowed U.S. tech workers to challenge extensions of foreign laborers’ status here.

    The case of Washington Alliance of Technology Workers v. the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has “major implications” for the president’s ability to expand the number of work visas and the terms or durations of those visas, said Dale Wilcox, executive director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

    The lawsuit was brought by attorney John Miano and the Immigration Reform Law Institute on behalf of several displaced American workers.

    “The Obama administration and its congressional allies have stated repeatedly that they believed the president’s executive memos were immune from judicial review in federal court,” Wilcox said.

    The decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia “demonstrates that this is not true,” Wilcox stated.

    Through a host of foreign-worker visa programs, the federal government “swells the number of foreign nationals in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) labor market where Washington Alliance members must compete. Indeed, (they were) designed with this purpose in mind,” the lawsuit alleges.

    One of the foreign tech-worker gateways — Optional Practical Training — “is likely now to be America’s largest guest-worker program. Yet, it has never been authorized by Congress,” Miano said.

    Gene Nelson, a longtime activist for U.S. tech workers’ rights, estimates that downward wage pressures by OPT extensions already cost American STEM employees $175.5 billion in lost earnings.

    Nelson said the tech-visa programs “have morphed into de-facto government-sanctioned foreign hiring preferences.”

  2. Great post Admin, and why has all this racism boiled to the top of the pot? Thanks once again to the racist couple in the WhiteHouse.

    I wonder if American’s will become worried in the future that electing another, half or full back man will bring similar results?

    After all, he was the younger, cooler, ‘tech savvy’, sea parting, tingling, Constitutional “professor” that was going to heal the country and races.

    Obola is putting a black mark on America alright.

  3. and every damn word is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spot ON admin!

    One of the best ever and the American’s who work and see the lazy butts sitting on the porches (like in the South there) YES it is US who are paying for their tails to sit…they get up when they want, they NEVER have to worry about a mortage, a light bill, a car payment, unseen car repairs….FOOD .. the health care bill NOW

    You see the DIMS have caused ALL of this all by themselves .. the people are leaving them in droves because the party USED to represent Working People NOT thugs, liars, cheats, lazy slobs living on the dole

    It’s simple. Change or be removed from office.

    GOOD riddance to Brown, Landrieu and any of these who support these deadbeats

    YES, the illegals ALIENS are on that list also….the CRIMINALS who broke our law, then we are having to support their azzes


    Am I racist?? Heck no, I believe we all have to pull our OWN weight

    I feel NO WHITE GUILT .. and I seen pictures today of white people in chains expressing sorrow and guilt …….. WHAT STUPIDITY bug hit these people???????????

  4. To bring the party back, he believes Democrats need a new Bill Clinton who can reposition the party toward the center. The day after the election, Breaux tells me, he called Clinton to suggest restarting the centrist Democratic Leadership Council.

    Truer words could never have been spoken/written, and if THIS is the target of a Hillary 2016 campaign, she wins the nomination in a walk, and the White House in a semi close race. Why would that be the case? Because a move to the center is a complete rejection of bumbles. Because a move to the center is a rejection of Bush. Because a move to the center is where the vast majority of the American public resides. What is really really REALLY funny about this is that to do it would require the Democratic party to continue to look like the GOP of old!! In the non racially dominant districts, candidates that are most likely to be elected from the center will probably have a resume like the SOS of Kansas and that white alabaster skin tone to go with it. Only then AFTER repairing the FDR coalition and possibly winning a percentage of the south back should the Dems then start looking for minorities to represent those mostly white districts.

    Hillary 2016

  5. To me, the word ‘racist’ no longer implies a minority ‘victim’. That’s why I call people like the Obama and his bridezilla racists!

  6. A friend told us of his conspiracy theory on the Ferguson/Garner cases. He is trying to figure out why these two cases have been singled out for so much national attention? He also wants to know why other instances of police on black killings have not received national attention? Why, for instance, so little attention to the 12 year old killed in Cleveland for carrying a toy that looked like a gun? He wants to know why if there are other better cases of clearly innocent black children/black young men or black men shot by the police and why they do not get the attention?

    The response we think is that Ferguson looked like a good way to rile the black vote before the November 2014 elections until the video of the convenience story robbery turned that into a minus for Obama and Eric Holder.

    As to Garner, we think it has received attention because as with us the first time you see the video Garner comes off as an injustice. This piggy-back on the Ferguson case appeared at first blush to be a good case to latch on to (just like Trayvon Martin who’s killer was a man with the Teutonic name of Zimmerman thereby a good propaganda play until details emerged as to the players in that drama). But once the details come out this case will fall apart too.

    In a sense the video is a lie because we do not see the black police woman who is in charge of those white cops. If the black woman sergeant appeared on the video it would have made Garner less sympathetic because he was confronting a woman. Also the color of the woman’s skin would have played into the animal brains of the Occupy Wall Street goons who have latched on to Garner the way Portuguese peasants adore the Virgin at Fatima.

    Our friend however believes that this is some sort of conspiracy to elevate the cases then see them deflate as a way to rile up the “police state”. We don’t see that. We see this more of Obama race-bait that went bad. And yes, we do think even in the case of Garner it has gone bad for Obama.

    Obama liked the idea of the Garner case because it deflected along with Ferguson the big wins for Republicans and the rejection of Obama this past November. But in Ferguson and happening now with Garner, the outrages against the public by protestors such as blocked traffic will do their “cause” harm.

  7. Big headline on Drudge .. Obama hospitalized for “acid reflux” … must be nice to not have to pay that big huge co pay and deductible.

    Also, another article about the “decline” in relations between The Dim’s and Obama

    I bet a lot of them are having “heartburn” right now as well.

    Oh well, we tried to tell them ….

  8. A biopic about the life of President Obama prior to his rise to power is currently in its preliminary stages, reports Deadline.

    The quest to find an actor capable of depicting a young Barack Obama, deep in love with Michelle, is currently underway.
    How about Rodney King?

    He would be right for the role.

    A career criminal who thinks we should all just get along.

    Deep in love?

    With Michelle?

    Give me a fucking break.

    Pray tell who in their right mind could stomach this drivel?

    Other than Julia perhaps–a life long government dependent.

  9. Big headline on Drudge .. Obama hospitalized for “acid reflux”
    A nail biter to say the least.

    Frankly, all the situation required was priolec.

    But there would be no drama in that.

    No worshipful big media burning candles and incense.

    No Muslim prayers for him.

    No Julias on suicide watch.

    The mistake was not admitting him.

    Except it should have been to a psychiatric hospital.

    The mistake will come when/if they release the lying bastard.

    Acid reflux?

  10. Here’s some more fun while we wait for the Landrieu results:

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking lawmakers not to seat ObamaCare consultant Jonathan Gruber next to Medicare’s top official when the two testify on Capitol Hill next week.

    HHS Assistant Secretary for Legislation Jim Esquea wrote to the House Oversight Committee with the request, stating that government witnesses are “almost always afforded an opportunity” to sit alone or with other federal officials.

    “The accommodation of separate panels for government witnesses reflects important comity in congressional-executive relations,” Esquea wrote. “The relatively few exceptions to this practice reinforce the seriousness of this accommodation.”

    The Oversight panel, led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), is preparing to grill Gruber over his comments that the “stupidity of the American voter” and a “lack of transparency” helped ObamaCare pass in 2010.

    “The request is currently before Chairman Issa but at past hearings, government officials have testified alongside other non-administration witnesses,” said Becca Watkins, a spokeswoman for the committee.

    While he has apologized, Gruber’s remarks have become their own flashpoint in debates over ObamaCare. Republicans say the comments confirm their view that the law was not passed in an open process.

    Democrats have sought to distance themselves from Gruber. The Esquea letter is the clearest example related to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, who will serve as a witness at the same hearing.

    Having the two seated together — with all the resulting photos — would be a public relations nightmare for the administration. The letter was first reported by Politico.

  11. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking lawmakers not to seat ObamaCare consultant Jonathan Gruber next to Medicare’s top official when the two testify on Capitol Hill next week.
    Request denied.


  12. Admin, it’s good to just read the truth – not the PC nonsense. I was guilty of being too PC some years back – dodging the truth as if it were a poisoned arrow, embracing the rhetoric, instead. It finally dawned on me that not only was it patronizing, demeaning, and racist to assume that all problems within the AA community were related to white oppression and racism, to do so removed the responsibility for the black community from blacks, subsequently removing their power to address address the problems.

    The Nation and others take the easy way out by seeing the race issue as it was back in the day. Things have changed a bit since the 1950s and 60s. You’d think a newsroom full of smart asses with Harvard degrees would be able to figure that out. They need blacks to remain powerless victims.

    Some of the quotes from The Atlantic article sounded as if they came from straight from Big Pink. They didn’t have the pizzaz of your articles, Admin but some of the statements were spot-on.

  13. Albert Speer was Hitler’s architect, and Johanthan Gruber is Obama’s architect.

    We must not allow partisans to diminish his rightful status.

  14. Dear President Putin:

    I write as the personal physician of Barack Hussein Obama. I must inform you that I am deeply concerned about his deteriorating state of health thanks to you. I must ask you as the gentleman I know you are, KGB associations to the contrary notwithstanding, to cease and desist in taunting my patient in public, laughing in his face, and putting your arm around him in public–as he does to others, to diminish his status. These actions, by you, have produced severe bouts of acid reflux, and I have ordered him to be hospitalized on account of this. I trust you will heed this advice because without him the world could not go on. If you wish me to provide copious testimonials to that effect, I will send you his press clippings from big media.

    Dr. Marcus Wellbe-Sickhebe

  15. With 1% of the vote in the Associated Press calls the election for Cassidy. Right now it’s Cassidy 64% to 36% at 2% of the vote in.

  16. With 1% of the vote in the Associated Press calls the election for Cassidy. Right now it’s Cassidy 64% to 36% at 2% of the vote in
    I have never seen big media call an election with only 1% of the vote in.

    Not when this could turn out to be a nail biter.

    Last time I checked the polls Cassidy was holding a narrow lead of 24%.

    This might have turned out differently, if Obama had not developed a case of acid reflux so severe he had to be hospitalized.

    For want of a nail the war was lost and all for the want of a nail.

    We have got to help big media develop a battery of excuses for Obama’s failures during the balance of his terms.

    So far, acid reflux is the best we have managed to come up with.

  17. I would be tempted to regret the demise of the New Republic at the hands of a venture capitalist, partly because I hate venture capitalists who buy a business, cut its operating costs and then peddle it, and partly because we need a responsible moderate voice on the left. But when I read one of the parting shots by the staff whose inflated sense of self importance is off the richter scale, and saw a comment that it is ironic that this should happen at a time when a reactionary variant of conservatism is in the ascendant, I realized that their demise is no great loss. What I find ironic is that they should worry about reactionary conservatism, a comment they fail to explain much less prove, and simultaneously ignore the destruction of this country and the censorship imposed by the hard left. If those “moderate” want to worry about something, and be relevant. let them focus on that.

  18. I know, wbb. It’s hard to give a damn about the publication or anyone involved.

    BTW, you cracked me up as Barack’s Doc.

  19. To hell with acid reflux.

    Acid reflux is for sissies.

    Obama needs to man up–as Putin would say to him.

    Obama needs to develop an acute case of laryngitis and the hiccups.

    (FYI: Telebama concurs).

  20. The quest to find an actor capable of depicting a young Barack Obama, deep in love with Michelle, is currently underway.
    Pure fiction.

    The only one a narcissist like Obama is capable of being “in deep love with” is himself.

    Not even Reggie is capable of eliciting a reaction such as that.

    Was it deep love that caused Michelle to fly off the handle at him and take separate vacations?

    Perhaps it is definitional.

    Poets, playwrights and song writers have told us what love is supposed to be.

    And it may well be that some of us have experienced it in fleeting moments..

    But I am a loss to explain what deep love is–other than purple prose found in romance novels.

    It sounds like the schmary crap that only a lifelong government dependent like Julia could appreciate.

  21. Obama needs to develop an acute case of laryngitis and the hiccups.
    In that case he would sound like a bull frog.

  22. jbstonesfan
    December 6, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    Another one bites the dust…


    And then there were none.

    Elementary my dear Watson.

    Problem solved.

  23. The night gets better….. Candy Crowley is out on her ass after 27 years at CNN. I can hear the laughter from Admin from here.

  24. When I Youtube “Stand with Hillary” I get the campaign song along with a half-dozen “scathing” criticisms of it from people who don’t know how to express themselves or their hatred of HRC. One of them is a 10-minute segment by Glenn Beck that amounts to “It’s Sooooooo Baaaaaad!” without saying why. The three assholes just laugh all the way through.

    I know I don’t have much of a sense of humor, but I just don’t get how someone as stupid as Glenn Beck can get his laughs, and his sidekicks on the show are laughing too!

  25. Acid reflux? Bollocks thats cover for something else. I get acid reflux, i still go work, walk the dogs.

  26. Surprising to me how much documentation there is online and in print on the Garner encounter. TV is still not giving any of it up. Glad admin pulled it all together. Also glad to see Landrieu “finalized”.
    SIL tipped me off to this. Read it through as there is a kicker at the end.

    Victim’s aunt tells Al Sharpton to BUTT OUT! Don’t make our funeral a ‘circus’ for your ‘political gain’
    Al Sharpton, the race hustler who resembles an ambulance chaser, has been a busy man lately with a number of deaths involving black men in the news, but a Brooklyn family appears to see the man for what he is. The family of Akai Gurley, who was fatally shot recently in a housing project stairwell, has made it clear that Sharpton is not welcome at the man’s wake or funeral, according to TMZ. Sharpton has said he will deliver a eulogy at the wake.“Al Sharpton came in, put his name on the situation, but has not even made one single call to the parents to Akai,” said Gurley’s aunt, Hertenceia Peterson.
    She added that all Sharpton sees “is money and political gain and that he is turning the tragedy into a circus,” TMZ reported.
    Yep, the family certainly appears to see the charlatan for what he really is. Reverend Al responded to the family’s comments, saying he was contacted by Akai’s live-in girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Kimberly Ballinger.“Sharpton and his team have been supporting us since day one, and we absolutely want him to attend the wake and funeral,” Ballinger told TMZ.

  27. William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge due in NYC 5 PM today. Son George remains back in UK.
    Hope for their safety as crowds do what they’re going to do.
    Mayor of City is now on SteppInIt.
    Kate to meet with his wife at some point.
    William will travel to DC without her to meet Obama.
    Now I really feel ashamed for my country.

  28. Shadowfax
    December 6, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Great post Admin, and why has all this racism boiled to the top of the pot? Thanks once again to the racist couple in the WhiteHouse.

    I agree Shadow.
    This was a missed opportunity for both of them.
    He could have said Pants Up Don’t loot.
    Obey the Law respect those that serve and protect you.
    She could in the case of Eric talk about health and diet as it was the cause of his death.
    Sadly that did NOT happen. 👿

  29. why has all this racism boiled to the top of the pot?
    Because it is encouraged and promoted and legitimized and rewarded by big media.

    Furthermore, it appeals to the herd instinct.

    Finally, it is a permissible form of scapegoating.

    It has everything to do with moral relativism which is the core philosophy of the left.

    By moral relativism, I mean an unwillingness to judge other cultures, and to say that a man with a rocket killing Israelis is on no lesser plain than those who seek to prevent that action by pre emptive strikes.

    It has its roots in Marx and the United Nations is a puss pocket of multi culturalism. At the creation of the United Nations, we allowed a mass murderer named Stalin moral and political parity with the western powers, and since then we have allowed terrorist nations to judge our actions internally as well as externally, as we saw with Obama taking the racial grievances he has to the United Nations.

    The world’s great religions have existed for centuries, and over those centuries, heresies have developed. One need only look at the history of Christianity to realize that such schisms have occurred, and in some cases they have remained permanent.

    Modern liberalism is one of those heresies of the Christian tradition. It is a secular adaptation of the compassion and respect for fellow man, and the guilt associated with original sin, or in this case success.

    What liberalism lacks however is the other component of the Christian tradition which is the moral center, and the willingness to say this is wrong and I will not be a part of it. It simply accepts evil as simply another way of looking at the world, and wonders aloud, could it be that they are not evil, but I am.

    This is the prevalent doctrine of American Jews and it explains their hostility to Israel. They are liberals first and Jews second. Their masthead is the New York Times. To say it is self defeating is obvious, yet futile.

  30. wbboei December 7, 2014 at 11:12 am

    [liberals]… could it be that they are not evil, but I am.

    This is the prevalent doctrine of American Jews and it explains their hostility to Israel.

    You apparently know a lot more about American Jews than I do, to make such a rash statement….

    I don’t see anything so very wrong about American Jews — or even many Israelis — taking exception to Netanyahu’s virulent anti-Palestinian actions or words. Bibi walks the walk of the Likud, which represents less than 30% of Israel’s population. I don’t think you can dismiss the rest of the Israeli population, and a large percentage of American Jewry, so easily with talk of guilt feelings.

    Go back and listen to HRC’s remarks that I linked to at 6:49:

    She speaks of “empathy with one’s adversaries.” They’re remarks coming from someone who had the weight of America’s best interests on her shoulders for four years. Of course, North poo-poos this as wanting to empathize with the Islamic State, which was not what HRC was talking about. But in the case of Israel & the Palestinians, the only way out of the blocus is the military “know your enemy”, which jibes with the Christian “love thine enemy.”

    My point is that you can’t just say that anyone who isn’t belligerent in a given situation is handicapped by a guilt complex. There are other reasons for seeking peaceful solutions in most situations — even though I agree with North (as would Hillary, btw) that the Islamic State is one situation where military force is required. North makes fun of “smart power”, overlooking the fact that one component of smart power is the military arm.

  31. What happened to Eric Garner is the direct result of the media incitement that lead to the rodney king riots and consequently to the federal cases filed against the police officers.

    After the Rodney King riots, the police developed a distaste for the use of batons in subduing a suspect resisting arrest. Police officers have a limited number of modalities in subduing a suspect resisting arrest. And by removing batons, all they have left is swarming and chokehold which were used against Eric Garner. Although the optics of baton use are bad, it doesn’t normally result in death.

  32. They have the analysis right as to what is wrong. But they still think the problem is one of “framing” the issues, of “messaging”, and of the midterms. They’re wrong:

    Can Southern Democrats make a comeback?

    The populist, middle class “vision” that could turn it around for them.

    Phil Bredesen, the Democratic governor of Tennessee from 2003 to 2011, has a message for a party that may, after Saturday’s runoff in Louisiana, have no senators from the Deep South: “I come out of the business world. If you have a product that’s not working, you don’t say, ‘Our customers are lazy’ or ‘Our customers don’t know what’s best for them.’ The ones that are successful say, ‘I need a better product.’” [snip]

    But it will take more than demographics to rescue the once-dominant model of the centrist Southern Democrat, they agree: The party needs to spend less time on divisive social issues and more on middle-class economic concerns, and then hope that Barack Obama’s departure from the White House prompts skeptical white voters to give them a second look.

    We’re just trotting out the same old nostrums: a little class warfare here and a nod to labor unions there and more money for X, Y and Z programs,” said Bredesen. “People are looking for a vision.

    Most believe that vision will be found in pocketbook issues, particularly related to the middle class, including a revival of the more populist economic message that resonated during the first half of the 20th century. Support for student loans, Medicare and Medicaid, equal pay for equal work – all can be framed in a way that strengthens and bolsters the working class, Democrats say. [snip]

    Here’s a look at what some top Democratic minds from the South say the party needs to do to win again in Dixie:

    Move past the Obama era.

    Mike Beebe, the popular outgoing Democratic governor of Arkansas, believes “most” of his party’s struggles in the state can be traced to Barack Obama. [snip]

    Beebe says “it’ll help” for Obama to not be around, “but it’ll take more than that” to make up the lost ground.

    Exit polls showed that Pryor received fewer than one-third of white votes last month. In Georgia, Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn received a quarter of white votes, and Landrieu just 18 percent in the first round of voting last month.

    Capitalize on demographic shifts. [snip]

    Reed, the mayor of Atlanta, believes Georgia’s large African-American community did not turn out in force the way it did in 2008 and 2012 because Democratic candidates foolishly tried to distance themselves from Obama. In Kentucky, for example, Alison Lundergan Grimes refused to even acknowledge that she voted for Obama.

    “Black people can see how the president of the United States is being treated by the party,” Reed said. “You’re trying to have the Obama coalition when you won’t even say the name of the president?” [snip]

    Dick Harpootlian, the former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, said minorities would have a lot more sway if courts stopped allowing Republican state legislators to overly concentrate them in safe majority-minority districts. He noted that one-third of the Palmetto State population is black, but only one of its seven House districts is represented by a Democrat.

    “The gerrymandered artificial districts are created for white people, not black people,” he said.

    Talk more about economic issues — and less about social issues.

    “During this last election — if you made above minimum wage, and you already had health care — there wasn’t a hell of a lot in [the Democratic message] for you,” said Jim Hodges, the governor of South Carolina from 1999 to 2003. “If the Republicans have a 1 percent problem, we have a 10 percent problem. We seem obsessed with the problems that 10 percent of the population has. Then voters don’t believe Democrats care about people like them.” [snip]

    Bredesen, the former Tennessee governor, put it more bluntly. “We’re known for gay rights, immigration, climate change and an unpopular health plan,” he said. “I think we’re on the right side on all those issues, but it’s not what people are looking for right now from government.

    “I’ll be honest: it passes my understanding how particularly the past few years we’ve ignored the economic pain that’s been created in this country,” he added.

    Bredesen said Democrats who are thinking about running for office need to adopt what he calls “the Walmart test.”

    “When you think about what your platform is going to be, go to the nearest Walmart and stop someone in the aisle and tell them what you’re going to run on,” he said. “If that engages them and they’re interested, then you have a plan.”

    Stay out of the way while Republicans mess it up.

    When Democrats controlled the South, moderates and liberals battled in heated primaries. Now Republicans find themselves with increasingly testy primaries — between the right and the far right.

    Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran received fewer votes than state Sen. Chris McDaniel in a June primary but narrowly won a runoff a few weeks later after African-Americans and other moderates rallied behind him. If McDaniel had won the nomination, his history of incendiary comments would have given an opening to former Democratic Rep. Travis Childers — and national Republicans might have needed to spend millions of dollars to hold the otherwise-safe seat.

    Democrats need to build deeper benches in Southern state legislatures.

    There is a hunger and appetite for fresh faces, including business people who’ve never held office, after several Democratic dynasties showed their limitations this year.

    Georgia Rep. John Barrow was the only remaining white Democrat from the Deep South in the lower chamber, but he lost by 10 points last month. And because Republicans control the other legislatures — which draw congressional-district boundaries in most states — Democrats will be hard pressed to make inroads at the federal level if they can’t take over before the next redistricting cycle, beginning in 2021.

    Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), who is white but represents a majority-minority district around Memphis, thinks his party has a long road back in the South.

    “Lyndon Johnson allegedly said we lost it for a generation when he signed the Civil Rights Act [in 1964],” Cohen recalled. “I think it’s gone for the rest of my lifetime and probably yours.”

    The Democratic Party was purposefully killed in 2008 by a totalitarian clique. That is the essential problem. Until the Democratic Party is reborn based on the party of FDR, with the white working class along with the economic interests of the working class as the bedrock base, as well as the totalitarian kooks kicked back into the Green Party there will be no recovery or rebirth.

  33. This video is an hour and 21 minutes long. It is the documentary by director John Ford. It’s called December 7:

  34. I still dont believe Cnn coincidentially waited until today to announce Candy Crowley has parted ways with CNN… I have to say i chuckled….so did she jump or was pushed….3 cheers whatever she goes

  35. jeswezey
    December 7, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    You apparently know a lot more about American Jews than I do, to make such a rash statement….


    I do not know whether you saw the video I posted above.

    It addresses and confirms what I said.

    Also, it is possible for you to support Hillary without embracing everything she says.

    On some issue, she could be wrong.

    And if you cannot see a difference between her statement that Obama is a strong supporter of Israel and the fact that he sabotaged the Palestinian negotiations, and is now considering sanctions against them, and ties their hands when they defend themselves, then we don’t have much to talk about.

    Please take a listen and then tell me what you think.

    It is an eye opening video by people who strongly support Israel but are at a loss to explain why many American Jews do not share that sentiment.

    You claim it is simply their dislike for Netanyahu.

    There is a lot more to it than that.

  36. In re. Candy Crowley there is a quote from a Hollywood classic which begins:

    “Duel In The Sun.”

    Deep among the lonely sun-baked hills of Texas…
    the great and weather-beaten stone still stands.
    The Comanches called it Squaw’s Head Rock.
    Time cannot change its impassive face…
    nor dim the legend of the wild young lovers…
    who found heaven and hell in the shadows of the rock.
    For when the sun is low…
    and the cold wind blows across the desert…
    there are those of Indian blood…
    who still speak of Pearl Chavez…
    the half-breed girl from down along the border…
    and of the laughing outlaw…
    with whom she here kept a final rendezvous…
    never to be seen again.
    And this is what the legend says…
    A flower known nowhere else…
    grows from out of the desperate crags…
    where Pearl vanished…
    Pearl, who was herself a wild flower…
    sprung from the hard clay, quick to blossom…
    and early to die.

    At one point in the movie a Holy Roller played by Walter Houston is brought in to help Pearl overcome temptation–hers and Gregory’s Peck’s etc.

    Pearl (he says) You’re curved in the flesh of temptation.

    Resisting is gonna be a darn sight harder for you…

    than for females protected by the shape of sows.

    Yes, sirree …

    Today, he could not say shape of a sow.

    All he would need to say was Candy Crowley.

    A good candidate for liposuction.

    Unless the vacuum pump gave out.


    It’s not demographics, and it’s certainly not gerrymandering, and shoot, it’s not even Barack Obama. It’s that the people who run the Democratic party [expletive deleted] hate the South.

    And Southerners have noticed. It really does astound me that the national Democratic apparatus apparently thought that they could defecate on an entire section of the country for fifty years and still get that section to vote for them at the end of it. What did they think Southerners are, hard Left progressives or something? Folks below the Mason-Dixon line have basic self-respect and dignity, is what I’m saying. Try to heap scorn on their heads, and they’ll vote with their feet.

  38. From Ace, Pearl Harbor day:

    “During the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945,
    “We the People of the U.S.A.” produced the following:
    22 aircraft carriers,
    8 battleships,
    48 cruisers,
    349 destroyers,
    420 destroyer escorts,
    203 submarines,
    34 million tons of merchant ships,
    100,000 fighter aircraft,
    98,000 bombers,
    24,000 transport aircraft,
    58,000 training aircraft,
    93,000 tanks,
    257,000 artillery pieces,
    105,000 mortars,
    3,000,000 machine guns, and
    2,500,000 military trucks.

    We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb, and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany.

    It’s worth noting, that during the almost exact amount of time, the Obama Administration couldn’t even build a web site that worked.”

  39. Admin, as a Southerner say AMEN. As you said, contrary to what many progs think we’re not all shoeless, toothless, dumb asses. We are semi-unique in one way. We’re one of the very few groups in America it’s ok to stereotype and talk shit about – at least as far as the far-left is concerned. The limo-libs are collectively filled with righteous indignation at the slightest negative comment about many other groups, or even about a single member of many other groups. It’s just not PC. But, they feel totally justified in slamming Southerners.

    We’ve just kind of learned to expect it. They can say what they want as long as they stay the hell away from down here. lol

  40. It’s worth noting, that during the almost exact amount of time, the Obama Administration couldn’t even build a web site that worked.”
    In 1944, the allies stormed the beaches at Normandy under heavy fire

    Bad as that was, they only had to do it once.

    In 2009, Barack Hussein Obama (with mega donors in tow) stormed the fairways and the rough at Congressional and then Burning Tree golf course under heavy big media coverage.

    That was not just bad, it was terrible, and he had to do it 138 times.

    There should be a mural depicting this signature feat of heroism by the liar in chief

    It could be used to adorn his presidential library.

  41. Ripples of Ferguson and the glorious legacy of the big media beloved messiah . . .

    By racializing crime and the reactions to it, and by dismissing facts in lieu of racial stereotyping, the Al Sharpton school of racists has more or less redefined both race relations and criminal justice itself.

    In a blink of an eye, we have gone from Barack Obama citing Ferguson at the United Nations; to the father-in-law of Michael Brown, in front of a crowd on the verge of rioting, screaming into a mike “burn this bitch down”; to Louis Farrakhan all but calling for a race war: “But when we die and they die, then soon we gonna sit down at a table and talk about – we tired. We want some of this earth. We tear this God damn country up.”

    Just as the ethics reformer in the White House has left a legacy of unprecedented presidential scandal, so too the racial healer has presided over the greatest erosion in racial relations in the last half-century. That is the lesson of Ferguson — and the Fergusons to come — and the backlash outrages to the Fergusons to come — and on and on and on.

  42. They still don’t get it. Article explores “How Dems Can Get Their MoJo back. Several of possible courses of action are discussed, and a few Dim players, quoted. Article says that the Progressive members of the party are strong defenders for and advocates of the middle class. Of course, Warren is mentioned as a fighter for the middle class. . The quote below also mentions “middle class anxiety”, but sees the problem as one of “messaging”. Really? Still, that’s what they think?

    They plan to complete a “postmortem” on Dim party’s problem as it relates to the 2012 elections, and issue a report in February. So there we have it. They could just check out Big Pink and save themselves a little trouble. We know why they lost.

    “There is an acute and historic middle-class anxiety, and the party that fully understands it and solves it will lead for a very long time,” said Israel. “Republicans do a better job than Democrats on bumper stickers. … The frustration that my colleagues and I share is that voters strongly agree with Democrats on most economic issues. But then, they elect Republicans because Republicans have messaged more effectively.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @RCP_Articles on Twitter

  43. This article recognizes that the progressive wing of the Dim Party is still pushing to the left and to Warren. While the liberals within the party would embrace a leftward push, it would weaken the party and result in election losses.



    “All indications are that, like that ultimate weathervane Hillary Clinton, many Democrats prefer to follow Warren’s example and steer to the left. That may endear them to minorities as well as their liberal base. But in doing so they may be the ones dooming themselves to future disasters, not Republicans who understand that so long as they avoid looking foolish or extreme they are well positioned to reap the benefits of opposition to both ObamaCare and amnesty for illegals. Having spent the last six years branding their opponents as extremists, it seems Democrats have forgotten that the same problem exists on the left as it does on the right.”

  44. Just as the ethics reformer in the White House has left a legacy of unprecedented presidential scandal, so too the racial healer has presided over the greatest erosion in racial relations in the last half-century. That is the lesson of Ferguson — and the Fergusons to come — and the backlash outrages to the Fergusons to come — and on and on and on.
    This is the modern definition of the devil.

    Not some fired and brimstone dude with horns and a tail.

    On the contrary, by all outward appearance, he is your friend.

    And that is all most people see, and they are completely seduced.

    But in reality, he is your sworn enemy who will not rest until you are destroyed.

    He wants your body, your mind and your soul.

    And big media, his stanchest supporter, want your eyeballs.

    The American People, meanwhile, are stupid enough to give him all that he wants.

    Leading democratic candidates embrace him with remorse.

    Leading Republicans are coward enough to pay him and his ilk the Dane geld.

  45. If this is true, then Hillary will be unelectable.

    And, needless to say, tha country western video will become a joke.

    All indications are that, like that ultimate weathervane Hillary Clinton, many Democrats prefer to follow Warren’s example and steer to the left. That may endear them to minorities as well as their liberal base. But in doing so they may be the ones dooming themselves to future disasters, not Republicans who understand that so long as they avoid looking foolish or extreme they are well positioned to reap the benefits of opposition to both ObamaCare and amnesty for illegals. Having spent the last six years branding their opponents as extremists, it seems Democrats have forgotten that the same problem exists on the left as it does on the right.

  46. …bottom line…I am so sick and tired of what the Democratic Party has become…gone is the day when ‘we’ as Dems were fair…we tried to see the other’s person’s side…and we wanted to make the world better…the Dims have become the party of how fast they can take advantage of a tragedy…and soak the middle class to pay for their folly…

    we used to respect people…now the Dims just exploit and pit people against each other…even if those people like each other and get along…oh no…get along with your neighbor or someone who is different than you…not allowed if you are a Dim…

    now we are stuck with a President who chooses to go it alone…not the uniter he promised to be with ‘One America’ – not red or blue…he…and the Democrats… have gone so far past dividing all of us beyond just red and blue America…

    from the primaries in 2008 when we first saw the ugly hand of misogyny arise…and where some of us believed the Dems were the party for women…oh no, you can’t really go lower than the Left when it comes to demeaning women…or their children…when the left fights they go for the juggular…no insult is too low or off limits…

    so now to listen to the Dim party of O…we live in a country…

    where everyone but the Dims hate women – they are our saviors…
    wherre blacks and whites hate each other
    where Southeners cling to their bibles and guns and are stupid
    hispanics are good if they are illegal immigrants
    and America…and Americans…are to blame for everything…

    well, in the world I live in

    …women are strong and can stand on their own…and lead if they need to…
    …the whole hate between blacks and whites is ridiculous…friends are friends, people are people…good people are good people, bad people are bad people…period

    the Dims…O…and the media…want us to divide and hate each other…we do not hate each other…stop it…

    Southeners are not stupid…i will sterotype in that many are so kind, so friendly, so “old school” stupid is everywhere, especially in DC..

    and we are all so freaking lucky to be born in the good old USA and be Americans…

    this is the most negative and destructive administration in my lifetime…

  47. This is a fine article by one of the smartest people on the political scene. It points to the fact that in politics, the thing that ultimately matters is not rhetoric, but results. Not campaigning but governing. And, when the results of the governing process are antithetical in some cases to what was promised eventually they wake up. The demographic of this country is a function of immigration policy and the inevitable passage of time. Another point is that the generation who came to age when Obama first appeared and voted for him by a margin of 2 to 1 in 2008, and may still be persuadable as the term is defined, is now being superceded by the following generation who is comparatively wise to the no good son of a bitch, and they are dragging the overall demographic young people down. That, plus the series of national failures which have characterized his presidency explains why he has lost elevation, even since 2012, and will ultimately go down in flames, as the reformer who created more scandals than any president before him; the racial healer who lived by the race card. The man who pretended to be something he was not; the liar in chief. In a word–the fraud.

    The Repudiation of Barack Obama
    12.01.14 – 12:00 AM | by John Podhoretz

    Share on print Print PDF

    Barack Obama began the press conference he held the day after his party was crushed in the 2014 midterm elections by implying that the results were of questionable legitimacy because turnout had been so low—by some accounts, the lowest since 1942. “To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you,” he said. “To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.”

    The contention was ridiculous on its face. You cannot hear people who deliberately choose not to speak. Even so, Obama suggested that, had those non-voters voted, they would have done so in support of him and his party:

    One of the things that I’m very proud of in 2008 and 2012, when I ran for office, was we got people involved who hadn’t been involved before. We got folks to vote who hadn’t voted before, particularly young people. And that was part of the promise. The excitement was, if you get involved, if you participate, if you embrace that sense of citizenship, then things change. And not just in abstract ways, in concrete ways. Somebody gets a job who didn’t have it before. Somebody gets health care who didn’t have it before. Or a student is able to go to college who couldn’t afford it before.

    Obama believes that he and his party have done all these things—that they have helped someone get a job, get health care, go to college. If that were so, why on earth wouldn’t those very people go to the polls to reward the party that had done such wonderful things for them? Well, he explained, “sustaining that excitement, especially in midterm elections, has proven difficult—that sense of if you get involved, then you know, if you vote, then there’s going to be a big change out there.”

    That is one way to look at it. The wrong way.

    The voters to whom Obama was referring obliquely are between the ages of 18 and 29. That demographic group’s voting pattern since 2008 shows the error in the president’s analysis.

    That is why these numbers suggest something very different from what the president thinks. They suggest that young people were wildly enthusiastic about Barack Obama in 2008, considerably less enthusiastic about him in 2012, and not enthusiastic at all about the Democratic Party he leads in 2014. The president described their failure to turn out thus: “When they look at Washington, they say nothing’s working and it’s not making a difference and there’s just a constant slew of bad news coming over the TV screen.” Not really. They lost their enthusiasm because of him.

    That is even more apparent once you note that in several states, there was a substantial difference between the behavior of voters ages 25 to 29 and voters ages 18 to 24. In North Carolina, 25- to 29-year-olds voted for Democrat Kay Hagan by a margin of 59 to 34—while 18- to 24-year-olds only went 47 to 44 for Hagan. In Kentucky, the split was even more stark: The younger cohort favored Republican Mitch McConnell 53 to 42, while the slightly older group went for his Democratic challenger 52 to 43.

    This older group went to the polls for the first time during Obama’s rock-star “hope and change” moment in 2008. The younger group came to political consciousness when Barack Obama was already serving as president. Perhaps for the 2008 voter, in these states, and in others, those who have participated only in Obama-era elections are considerably more likely to vote Republican than their older siblings. And again, due to gridlock, or disappointment, or because the GOP is very appealing to them. It, too, is because of him.

    The Democrats running for the Senate knew this. It is why they did not want him to campaign for them, and why one of them steadfastly refused even to acknowledge having voted for Obama despite the fact that she had been a delegate at the 2012 Democratic convention. Behaving in this fashion actually ran counter to the conventional wisdom about the highly polarized American electorate that followed Obama’s reelection. According to this new wisdom, campaigns should no longer be dedicated to winning undecided voters, who are supposedly very few in number, but to turning out persuadable voters.

    The term persuadable describes a person who is probably generally sympathetic to a candidate but doesn’t feel any drive to go out and vote for him. Getting these “persuadables” to the polls in 2012 was the key to Obama’s reelection triumph. For the first time, pollsters report, the Obama campaign was able to drag people to the ballot box who said they basically preferred Obama but measured their own eagerness to vote at 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. (It had been an axiom for decades that no matter whom voters claimed to support, only those who scored themselves at 4 or above would actually turn out.) The key persuadable constituency in 2012 was voters between the ages of 18 and 29. So despite Obama’s low approval rating, one might have thought he would have remained valuable on the campaign trail as a lure to the persuadable voters who had pulled him across the finish line. That is clearly what he believes. But those campaigns were not run by stupid people. They were run by professionals desperate to win—professionals who probably admire Barack Obama. They kept their distance because they had to. They knew the persuadables weren’t going to be persuaded this time. He had lost them.

    The Republicans running against Democratic incumbents knew it, too. Every one of them highlighted the degree to which his Democratic rival was an Obama catspaw. As the Washington Post noted after the election, “Republicans had a simple plan: Don’t make mistakes, and make it all about Obama, Obama, Obama. Every new White House crisis would bring a new Republican ad. And every Democratic incumbent would be attacked relentlessly for voting with the president 97 or 98 or 99 percent of the time.”

    Making the election a national referendum on the president hadn’t worked in 2012, and many of the wisest and most intellectually serious people on the right were concerned that it wasn’t going to work this time either—that the Republican candidates needed to set a positive and coherent agenda because, without one, they would not inspire enough people. But those campaigns weren’t run by stupid people either. They saw what the Democratic campaigns saw.

    So why did the anti-Obama focus fail in 2012 but win in 2014? The president wants to believe it’s because he’s being blamed for Washington’s dysfunction. But consider just a partial list of horribles the American people have had to face since 2012.

    ObamaCare went live in October 2013, and the billion-dollar website that was supposed to guide people through their choices died. Americans learned that the Veteran’s Administration had been falsifying data to hide its dreadful record of failed care. Border states were flooded with tens of thousands of children who had been led to believe that they (and eventually their parents) would be legalized after their horrific journeys. The Internal Revenue Service acknowledged that it had targeted groups hostile to the president, then denied it, and then claimed the emails detailing the actual events had somehow vanished. Americans were given contradictory and confusing details about how authorities were going to prevent the spread of Ebola inside the United States. After we were told the war on jihadist terror was basically a thing of the past, there came the rise of ISIS. The president erased his own “red line” when it came to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Vladimir Putin took a bite out of a neighboring country and is getting ready to take another. That is quite a record to take to the electorate.

    No one believes that the Republican Party is popular. And yet, on Election Day, Republicans won eight new Senate seats (with a ninth on the way). The party will have its largest majority in the House of Representatives since 1946. Republicans reside in 31 of the nation’s 50 governor’s mansions, by far the highest number in modern times. In 24 states, the GOP holds the governorship and both houses of the state legislature; Democrats are in the same position in only six states. Republicans will now control 67 of the nation’s 98 state legislative chambers, up from 59. And all this despite the fact that no one believes that the Republican Party is popular.

    The New York Times reported on election night that the president did not feel “repudiated.” At his press conference, Obama said the Republicans had had a “good night.” They had indeed, but only because he had been repudiated.

  48. S, thanx for your comment. I agree.


    The New York Times reported on election night that the president did not feel “repudiated.”


    He would have to have a little insight and humility in order to feel repudiated.

  49. Obama storming the fairways and rough of Burning Tree Golf Course, with its gender exclusive admission policies (the standing joke there being how do you tell a member from a non member—the non member goes behind a tree to piss) with the Washington press corps in tow and donors at his side, for me at least, conjures up memories of that famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. It should decorate the living room of his presidential library along with photos of race riots, beheadings, and the rape of Ukraine, each of them signed by their perpetrators like Sharpton, ISIS and Vlad the Impaler with a personal note of appreciation to Obama.

  50. I have a burning question –

    If Bridezilla were to divorce Baracko, would she still get all the free perks for the rest of her life that she would get if still married, after 2016?

  51. If Bridezilla were to divorce Baracko, would she still get all the free perks for the rest of her life that she would get if still married, after 2016?

    John Roberts would see to that.

  52. Occupy Wall Street tactics will enrage the public:

    Protesters snarled Brooklyn-bound traffic Monday morning when they tried to shut down the Verrazano Bridge.

    A group of about 40 to 50 agitators stood in the middle of the Staten Island Expressway, about a mile from the bridge, holding signs that read “Eric Garner,” “Mike Brown” and “This Stops Today” about 9:30 a.m.

    Police said the protest ended fifteen minutes later.

    An MTA spokeswoman said traffic wasn’t completely halted on the bridge, and drivers used four eastbound ramps to access the Verrazano during the protest.

  53. We wouldn’t be surprised:

    Mayor de Blasio — not Hillary Rodham Clinton — will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

    That’s the jaw-dropping prediction being made by New York’s top Republican, state GOP Chairman Ed Cox, who, as son-in-law to former President Richard Nixon, knows a thing or two about national politics.

    Cox, citing information provided by a prominent “Democratic lobbyist,’’ told friends and associates in recent days that freshman Mayor de Blasio’s effort to promote himself as the leader of the “urban progressive centers of the nation’’ is part of a well-oiled plan to prepare for a presidential run.

    “It’s like Barack Obama; he was a brand-new freshman senator, and he ran for president and won. I think de Blasio is going to do it,’’ Cox said at a recent gathering, a source told The Post.

    Cox also cited de Blasio’s remarkably close but dicey ties to the controversial, and racially divisive, Rev. Al Sharpton, an Obama friend and one-time Democratic presidential hopeful who has a vast national political network, as evidence that the mayor sees his political future as somewhere beyond New York City, the source said.

    “Cox has been pointing out that Sharpton is back and forth to the White House and serves as an emissary for de Blasio,’’ said the source, who pointed out that former top Sharpton aide Rachel Noerdlinger continues to serve as chief of staff to de Blasio’s wife, even as Noerdlinger has become a political liability.

    Cox also found backing for his prediction last week in a provocative Huffington Post column in which the mayor — sounding like a national spokesman for left-of-center “progressive’’ Democrats — blamed the sweeping Republican election victories earlier this month on the failure of Democrats to be progressive enough.

    “This year, too many Democratic candidates lost sight of those core principles — opting instead to clip their progressive wings in deference to a conventional wisdom that says bold ideas aren’t politically practical,’’ de Blasio wrote.

    Cox told associates that the “small blue dots’’ on the national electoral map containing the nation’s biggest cities will dominate the 2016 Democratic primary and that de Blasio, “the leader of the urban Democratic Party who holds the second-most important job in America,’’ would strongly appeal to voters there.

    As for Clinton, Cox, a Manhattan lawyer whose life has been steeped in politics ever since he married then-President Nixon’s daughter in 1971, contends the former secretary of state is out of step with party progressives and doesn’t have the political skills of her husband.

    The national Democratic Party is going hard left. It’s Obama’s party, and that’s why [freshman Mass. Sen.] Elizabeth Warren gets them excited,’’ Cox said recently. “But Hillary voted for the Iraq war and then doubled-down by saying we should have gotten more involved in Syria and talked about businesses not creating jobs. She’s trying to ride in as a moderate when the party’s gone hard left,’’ he continued.

    Cox wouldn’t directly respond to questions about his remarks, but he told The Post, “De Blasio is a man with huge national ambitions, and for those ambitions, New York City is just a stepping stone.

  54. Occupy Wall Street tactics for the garbage brigade:

    NEW York (Reuters) – Organizers of New York City’s protests against police violence huddled on Sunday to explore fresh ways to keep people engaged in the struggle, mindful that the tide of demonstrators has ebbed over the last couple of days.

    One plan is to take the demonstrations to the Barclays Center sports arena on Monday, where Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate will see the Brooklyn Nets basketball team play against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Feeding off the media frenzy surrounding the royal visit is just one of the ideas that protest organizers, some of them students, discussed at the West-Park Presbyterian Church on Manhattan’s wealthy Upper West Side neighborhood.

    “If it can get international coverage, it will make a huge difference,” said Jonathan Laraque-Ho, 14, of Bard High School Early College in New York, who plans to attend the demonstration at Barclays Center on Monday evening.

    So far, more than 80 people have said on a Facebook events page, called “Barclays Stadium, SHUT IT DOWN,” that they will show up. ( [snip]

    In the first three nights of protests, thousands of people took to the streets of Manhattan, blocking traffic and briefly invading Apple and Macy’s stores. But few protesters were out on Saturday night, when a cold, steady rain fell in New York.

    By contrast, crowds overnight threw rocks and attacked police in Seattle. In Berkeley, California, windows were smashed, stores looted and tear gas fired at protesters.

    About 150 people came to the organizing session on Sunday afternoon in a meeting room behind the church organ’s pipes.

    The organizing group, the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, said that it was staging a “week of outrage” against “police murder, brutality and the criminalization of Black and Latino people.”

    Travis Morales, a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, said at the gathering that “America must be brought to a halt.

    Demonstrators, he said, must make clear that “this holiday season, we have nothing to celebrate, nothing to be thankful for. As long as this continues to be business as usual, there can be no business as usual.”

    People at the gathering scheduled a meeting in Manhattan’s Herald Square on Wednesday for unspecified civil disobedience, but would not share more specific plans or other dates.

    Other demonstrations mentioned at the meeting include three scheduled for Dec. 13, in Washington, D.C., and in Union Square and Washington Square in Manhattan.

    One man suggested sending someone to climb the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to protest, but other organizers rejected the idea.

    The result will be the same as with Occupy Wall Street: the public will throw out this trash.

  55. S, Southern Born, and any one else outside the coastal states, here is what the Obama Dimocratic Party thinks of you:

    Much has been made of the fact that when losing Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) leaves office in January, Louisiana will not have a Democratic statewide elected official in office for the first time since the 1870s. The Republicans who occupy all of the Pelican State’s high offices are in good company; Republicans now control every U.S. Senate seat, legislative chamber, and governor’s mansion across the Deep South – from Texas to the Carolinas.

    This condition is giving some Democrats, loyal to the party for whom the term “Solid South” was coined, indigestion. The best example of this phenomenon is an ill-considered paroxysm in the form of a think piece recently published by liberal columnist Michael Tomasky. In that post, the columnist compared the “reactionary, prejudice-infested” South to a vindictive veterinarian just dying to put down a sick and pitiable dog.

    “And that is what Louisiana, and almost the entire South, has become,” he wrote.

    The victims of the particular form of euthanasia it enforces with such glee are tolerance, compassion, civic decency, trans-racial community, the crucial secular values on which this country was founded… I could keep this list going. But I think you get the idea. Practically the whole region has rejected nearly everything that’s good about this country and has become just one big nuclear waste site of choleric, and extremely racialized, resentment. A fact made even sadder because on the whole they’re such nice people! (I truly mean that.)

    With Landrieu’s departure, the Democrats will have no more senators from the Deep South, and I say good. Forget about it. Forget about the whole fetid place. Write it off. Let the GOP have it and run it and turn it into Free-Market Jesus Paradise. The Democrats don’t need it anyway.

    Tomasky proceeded to talk himself into the notion that Democrats can’t write off the South entirely. He observed that they need Florida, and the “New Southern” states of Virginia (and occasionally North Carolina) to win the White House. Moreover, the rapidly growing state of Texas might at some point provide Democrats with a tantalizing target. “But that’s presidential politics,” Tomasky conceded. “At the congressional level, and from there on down, the Democrats should just forget about the place.”

    “It’s lost. It’s gone. A different country,” he concluded. “And maybe someday it really should be.” [snip]

    The Democratic Party in the South is not dead, but the brand of progressivism that despises Southern voters most certainly is. At least, it is for now.

  56. Protesters snarled Brooklyn-bound traffic Monday morning when they tried to shut down the Verrazano Bridge.
    Last time I checked the Verranzo (sic) Bridge connected Staten Island to Manhattan. Of the five Burroughs—Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island, it has the highest percentage of white people. That may have changed since deBlazio took over and threw the horse drawn carriages out of Central Park. But if the bridge has not been moved, then by the unsound logic of the progressive–including Barack In(sane) Obama, that is the ground zero for them to strike with their vengeance. And, because the New York Cabal who controls big media, dwell in depressed environs like Scarsdale, or Trump tower, they can promote this revolution without affecting themselves, to the tune of brother, I cannot spare a dime myself, but I will help you in any way I can to fleece the middle class for your revolution. What hypocrites they are. Too bad they control the public mind of this country. They will bury us, more surely than Nikita ever could.

  57. admin
    December 8, 2014 at 3:13 pm
    There are sore losers.

    There are sorer losers.

    There are even sorer deranged losers.

    And then, there is Tomasky–who manages to touch all those bases while on steroids.

    I am glad he got it off his chest.

    Now forward to the booby hatch for him.

    Where he can contemplate the more important question: does the country need him?

    The 2014 election, the polls and the destruction of the nation which his leader has accomplished.

    Should suggest to Tomasky that the fault dear Brutus is not in the stars but in ourselves.

    Unfortunately, it takes moral courage to rise to the challenge articulated by Cromwell:

    I beseach ye in the bowls of Christ that you thing of the possibility that you may be the one who is wrong.

  58. admin
    December 8, 2014 at 3:00 pm
    Occupy Wall Street tactics for the garbage brigade:
    If I were an agent provocateur, I would be urging these jerkoffs that they must get louder, more disruptive, and violent. Otherwise they will be laughed and ignored. Come on you little tree hugging revolutionaries—go for the gusto. Fortunately for all concerned I am not an agent provocateur. Because if I were, I think I could be a very effective one. I am, however, a strong proponent of evolutionary change, because the path we are on with the dimocrats is unsustainable.

  59. The biggest problem with the dimocrat party is the one that has gone largely unmentioned as a cause for their demise. Most people realize that 2014 was a repudiation of Obama. But what they do not seem to realize is that the problem is not just personal, it is structural. What was once a political party which united diverse coalitions which had nothing else in common, has morphed into a political party which is nothing more than a cult. Does a cult survive when its leader leaves? Can it sustain itself on fumes? Experience suggests otherwise. And, not to beat a dead horse, but as Hillary veers hard left she makes the strategic mistake committed by the U.S. Navy planners—embracing a strategy of fighting the last war, and thus being ill prepared for the next one.

  60. And it is not just that the cult of personality supplanted the coalition. It went further than that. It turned the members of that coalition against each other. Therefore when the cult leader departs the stage, the segment of the coalition that he villanized will turn to his successor and say fuck you. The only way to avoid that problem is to say what Jim Webb is saying which is not at all what Hillary is saying. Weather vane was a good word. But if she thinks a geekish video appeal with a country music theme will bring back working class whites, she is deluding herself. You cannot be x and not x at the same time. And that is what she is trying to be. Someone who stands for everything, stands for nothing. She is getting bad advice.

  61. And the most sickening line of all is the one MSNBC offered up.

    We must support her now, because after all we did to her in 2008, she has shown unflinching support to Obama and we owe her.

    If Hillary accepts that logic, then she is not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

    If Hillary accepts that logic she cannot be the salvation of the middle class, but its destroyer.

  62. Shadowfax, John Kerry announced for president in the 2004 elections on September 2003. But before that he had established an “exploratory” committee in 2012. So Kerry announced 14 months before the election. That used to be “normal”ish.

    Abnormal Obama announced he was running in February 2007 after Hillary who announced in January 2007. For abnormal Hillary that was 19 months before the election. On October 13, 1987, George H. W. Bush announced in October 1987 which was 13 months before the election. That was a “normal” time frame until 2008.

    JFK announced on January 1960, eleven months before the election. That was “normal”. Nixon in 1968 announced in January of ’68 which was also eleven months. That was “normal”.

    It was after the misguided Watergate reforms that the search for money moved the announcement dates earlier and earlier for Democrats.

    Jimmy Carter announced, post Watergate, his candidacy in December 1974 – for an election in November 1976 – 23 months. Reagan in 1980 announced in December ’79 – eleven months. VP Mondale for the election of 1984 announced in 1983. Dukakis for the 1988 election announced in April 1987 – 19 months.

    Ask us what we think is “normal” for Hillary? We think Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton announced in October 1991 for an election in November 1992. 13 months. That to us is normal, 13 months or eleven months. (Bob Dole announced in April 1995 for the election in 1996).

    You do the math for when a normal Hillary should announce. 🙂

  63. admin

    December 8, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    S, Southern Born, and any one else outside the coastal states, here is what the Obama Dimocratic Party thinks of you

    Admin…this is what is wrong with the current Democratic party…they project their own hate on to others…they think they know it all…they are a reflection of Guber…the Grubber…whose interest in the American people is only what they can do for him/them…what can he get out of them….

    a la the Rahm Emanuel philosophy – ‘Never let a good tragedy go to waste’…and always soak the hard working middle class and keep them enslaved and dependent on the party…keep the people in victim hood so they cannot believe in themselves…just pit them against each other…and throw them a bone once in a while to keep them hooked and confused…

    there is no love of country or TOLERANCE for differences from the likes of Tomasky…the man that wants and expects so much from others has none of in himself

    people are just categories to him…he knows nothing of all the individuals who live in the these places…only that they will not conform to what he wants…and do what he knows is right…

    this is why the American people are running from the Dim party…we do not like being controlled…they want to control everything in our lives

    from starving the poor kids in public schools while MO has five different pies to eat on T’giving…to telling us how to take care of our health…or else pay the piper as punishment…

    spying on and lying to us…continually trying to take advantage of how “stupid” they think we are…while stealing our taxes and paying their buddies salaries for no work…actually paying salaries with our money to people that have been disciplined for wrong doing…or just wasting taxpayer money in a multitude of foolish ways…

    the Dims have become the most narrow minded, self serving bunch that I have seen in a long time…they are clinical and surgical in achieving their agendas and have lost their soul and sense of humanity…

    …and they want us to hate each other just like the hate they feel towards us…

    these are not Democrats anymore…

  64. You cannot ally yourself with wall street, big media and sharpton and be the salvation of the middle class.

    That is impossible.

    Those who pays the piper calls the tune.

  65. S
    December 8, 2014 at 5:18 pm
    The contradictions you point out are the stuff of comedy and tragedy.

    Historically, those categories were mutually exclusive.

    For example, Shakespeare’s impressive body of work is separated into tragedies and comedies and histories.

    Yet in the modern democrat party, all three genres exist, and seem to thrive.

    The modern democrat party is part tragedy, party comedy and part history–through a racist prism.

    No good can come of that.

  66. admin
    December 8, 2014 at 5:18 pm
    The country as a whole must see that Obama is an abject failure, before Hillary announces.

    If she announces before then, he will drag her down the drain with him.

    She will sacrifice her future for his legacy.

    Polls are more important than dates.

    Rather than looking at the calender, she should watch the polls to determine the right time to announce.

  67. This whole business about saving the middle class is smoke and mirrors.

    No politician can create prosperity.

    But a corrupt politician can bottle up market forces to the point that a prosperity which would otherwise arise in the ordinary course of the business cycle is thwarted.

    That is precisely what Obama has done.

    By standing by Obama, Hillary may win the primary but is sure to lose the general election.

    The common excuse that politicians in the primary lean to the left and move to the middle in the election is wrong.

    When the country is divided, the politican cannot proceed sequentially.

    In everything they say and everything they do

    They must campaign with one eye on the primary and the other on the general election.

    And they must educate their base on the facts of life, instead of taking their marching orders from them.

    Al Sharpton has no place at the seat of power.

    And the political party who makes of him their mascot has a problem.

    For the end of that game, is oppression and shame, and the pol who kneels before him is lost.

  68. wbboei..i see on cnn that the protestors are blocking traffic in rush hour traffic in washinton, dc a few streets from the white house…

    let them stop all the big shots in DC from their holiday parties, holiday shopping, getting home to their families…getting to their jobs…or the gym…

    let them block traffic and take over the streets in DC…and start breaking windows, robbing stores and burning down buildings…and we will see how tolerant the Left really is…when it hits them in their livlihood we’ll see if they think all the inconvenience to the people that are actually working and trying to be self reliant is so good theoretically….

  69. admin
    December 8, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the rundown, Admin!

    11-13 months ‘normal’.

    Hillary should announce 11-13 minutes before the deadline closes.

  70. This is an important video.

    It shows that the parties come first, the American people a very distant second.

    It shows that the federal budget is chalk full of political pay offs and blatant lies.

    When the political class of a nation is more addicted to stealing than protecting the country.

    A revolution of some sort is in the offing.

    It cannot go on like this.

    And trust me, it will not.

    Here are Pat Caddell and Doug Shoen speaking to this very issue”

  71. S
    December 8, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    wbboei..i see on cnn that the protestors are blocking traffic in rush hour traffic in washinton, dc a few streets from the white house…

    let them stop all the big shots in DC from their holiday parties, holiday shopping, getting home to their families…getting to their jobs…or the gym…

    let them block traffic and take over the streets in DC…and start breaking windows, robbing stores and burning down buildings…and we will see how tolerant the Left really is…when it hits them in their livlihood we’ll see if they think all the inconvenience to the people that are actually working and trying to be self reliant is so good theoretically….
    I concur.

    As they say in New Orleans: le bon temps roule.

    Let the good times roll.

    And let the political class get a full dose of its own medicine.

    Let them tear apart this other Versaille, this town of Mercedes, this haven of wealth, this Dunbarton Oaks.

    Georgetown was named for our first president.

    Let the riots hold a knife at the throat of our courageous and high minded political class and big media.

    And force them to rename it Obamatown, after the adverse possessor of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  72. Maybe they should name the whole city after Obama, sluice it into the Potomac and see if it floats like crap in a toilet bowl.

  73. “The national Democratic Party is going hard left. It’s Obama’s party, and that’s why [freshman Mass. Sen.] Elizabeth Warren gets them excited,’’


    She may get them so excited they wet their pants, but she’ll never get them into the White House.

  74. wbb, I don’t get it. You are spot-on. The 2014 election was a repudiation of Barack. The voters didn’t just put him under the bus, they shoved his skinny ass up the tail pipe . Why do the progs not get it.? They are pretending that everything is just right on track and going great. What did they miss? They’re like the kid who dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, but showed up the next year at graduation, expecting his diploma.

  75. Sargeant can go fuck himself.

    But there is some good news:

    The position of the Justice Department on violence and intimidation of white people at voting booths in Philadelphia has been exposed by Christian Adams, and Assistant Attorney for the Obama Justice Department, as follows:

    The purpose of the Voting Rights Act was to protect black people in the south. It has no application to white victims of black intimidation and violence at the polls, when they seek to exercise their voting rights.

    Thus, it remains to be seen whether the position of the Justice Department on hate crimes committed by blacks against whites will be any different.

    Most likely, when these murderers are apprehended Obama will say something pithy like: they could have been my suns.

    Whereupon Holder, who is his Himmler will deny these Bosnians the protection they are asking for, and turn a blind eye to the racial profiling committed by gangs of black youths against them—a subject that big media and Messiah Obama have ignored.

    Obama uses racial violence as a political club and has no interest in a solution, unless he can use if to extort money for a massive oversight bureaucracy seeded with his ideological soul brothers.

  76. What did they miss? They’re like the kid who dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, but showed up the next year at graduation, expecting his diploma.

    They demand the diploma they did not earn

    Call it affirmative action

    Pull out a pistol

    And quote Al Capone:

    You get more with a kind word and a gun,

    Than you get from just a kind word.

    When the Mexican cartels sink in their roots

    Under Obama’s executive order

    These black thugs will meet their match

    –and then some.

  77. These drug gangs are business men

    And they will not suffer these protesters gladly

    What is more, they are leaner and hungrier

    Than the bloods and crips

  78. S

    Yet even in those big swing states, Republicans have large majorities in the state legislatures — a holdover from 2010 redistricting on the state level, too. “I don’t think there’s a realistic chance for Democrats to win back these legislatures by 2020,” Wasserman says. That means the most likely way Democrats can make a difference is to win governors’ races, which, Wasserman notes, would result in split rule that could force redistricting battles into the courts, where a more neutral outcome might result.

    This article paints a pretty sorry pic for Dims. They had better try to buy a clue. The consensus is that the “New Democratic Coalition” is no longer coalescing around the Dims. The party alienated and can no longer count on white working class voters. They seem to be pretty much SOL.

    But we need to keep that quiet. They apparently haven’t heard the news yet.

  79. freespirit
    December 8, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I live in liberal CA and work at a place that probably voted 99% for Obola in the General election. That being said, I have not heard one of these people praise the job Baracko has done. Crickets for a very, very long time.

    A few African American’s are proud of him…for skin color reasons, but even they do not talk of any of his accomplishments.

    That tells you something. The media make it seem like he still walks on water…but the voters, most of them know he is a total dud.

  80. I saw this when the Russians moved into North Boston

    Which was historically an Italian enclave—camora, black hand, mafia

    They shot the place up.

    The reactions of Obama, Sharpton and Holder (three of a kind)

    To Ferguson

    Has altered the risk calculus of policemen vis a vis the black community as follows:

    “Law enforcement officials (may) now surmise that it is wiser to ignore some crimes in the inner city on the practicable logic that the denouement for the officer will likely be negative — either by stopping the assailant through force or not stopping the assault and thus being assaulted? If the suspect is unarmed but attacks, the post-Ferguson choice will either be to suffer physical harm or to respond in ways that may equate with the end of a career. So it may be preferable that the suspect is armed, at least in the sense that any resort to armed self-defense at least offers the hope of dodging the first bullet or two, while still escaping the specter of Ferguson justice. (Note the near contemporaneous case of an off-duty officer in St. Louis who shot an African-American assailant who had first fired but missed. The key fact of the case was that the assailant got in the first three shots and thus the protests that followed fizzled out before rioting.)”—-Professor Victor Davis Hanson

    This reaction, while perfectly understandable, will provide less protection from violent crime for the community who most needs it, towit:

    That 5,000 to 6,000 African-Americans are murdered each year, the vast majority by other blacks — more than the aggregate American dead in Iraq from of five years of intense fighting — is not so important as the single death of Michael Brown, at least as evidenced by media and community reactions. Also not important is the disproportionality of African-American crime rates in which a small fraction of the population — young, male African-American — is largely responsible for 50% of annual homicides committed. The disturbing lesson is not that it is an outrage that African-Americans are gunned down in catastrophic numbers, or that African-Americans commit and suffer murders at rates far higher than other ethnic and racial groups, even allowing for comparable low-income population subsets, or that in rare white-black crime, African-Americans are far more likely to be the perpetrators, or that police fatal shootings of suspects are relatively rare and do not disproportionately focus on African-Americans, at least in light of crime statistics that might explain the more likely landscapes in which police are confronted with violent criminal suspects.

  81. That being said, I have not heard one of these people praise the job Baracko has done.
    Have you pressed that question.

    I would love to come across as a giddy airhead co-dependent who voted for Obama and is still in a state of rapture.

    I would gush on and on about his transformative presidency,

    I would then say, it would have worked

    But for all those bitter clinging white people

    Who cannot stand to see a brilliant black man in the White House

    And then I would tell them got me a free cell phone (show them)

    And then I would ask them what did he give you?

  82. Question: what do birthdays, holidays and weddings have in common?

    Answer: they are days for celebration.

    But they are as nothing compared to the day Professor Gruber testifies before Congress.

    The problem for dims?

    How to distance themselves from him and at the same time control him, so he does no further damage to their declining fortunes and the future of this hideous act.

    Kwalija want to use the hearing to talk about all the wonderful things Obamacare is doing.

    It will sound like a flushing toiled./

    This John MacCormack is a smart young guy.

  83. Calling The Fraud in Chief a fraud over his immigration strategy.

    One judge is will to do this.

    How sayest thou John Roberts?

    Illegal immigrant girl smuggled into U.S. by federal agents: judge
    By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times 99 SHARES
    More Stories


    Judge Hanen, who took his spot in the federal bench in 2002, was quick to say in his order that he didn’t take a “position on the topic of immigration reform,” but said he was dismayed at “the failure by the DHS to enforce current United States law.”

    Obama amnesty in jeopardy with Bush judicial appointee hearing states’ challenge →

    “The DHS should cease telling the citizens of the United States that it is enforcing our border security laws because it is clearly not,” Judge Hanen wrote. “Even worse, it is helping those who violate these laws.”

    Obama amnesty in jeopardy with Bush judicial appointee hearing states’ challenge

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  84. NEWS/ Kate Middleton and Prince William Meet Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Mutually Congratulate Each Other About New Babies
    snip Prince William—this time accompanied by Kate Middleton—had another meet-and-greet with some of the country’s most powerful Democrats this afternoon, chatting with Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, who was with husband Marc Mezvinsky, at an event at the British Consul General’s Residence in New York City to promote wildlife conservation, one of the Duke of Cambridge’s principal philanthropic causes. Kate and Will arrived at at the Conservation Reception shortly at 5:50 p.m. local time and were greeted by the British Ambassador to the U.S., Sir Peter Westmacott, and British Consul General Danny Lopez. The duchess camouflaged her baby bump (and braved the winter chill outside) in a silvery Tory Burch coat, while Hillary—who could yet [sic] another impressive title one day herself—wore a long power-red and one of her trademark scarves. [NICE PHOTO OF MEETING]
    Prince William, who is expecting his second child with Kate, was heard sharing mutual congratulations with Chelsea and Marc, who welcomed their first child, daughter Charlotte, in September. Hillary asked Kate how she had enjoyed her visit to Harlem’s Northside Center this morning, and Kate told the former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state that she had very much enjoyed meeting with children and their families who benefit from the facility’s work with kids with special needs.
    On their way into the reception, Kate also stopped to tell a 6-year-old girl, who was there with her parents and grandparents, that she liked her footwear. “I love your shoes and socks,” the duchess told the presumably charmed-and-dazzled child. “They look very Christmasy.”
    Prince William was first to address the reception, calling those in attendance “lights at the end of the tunnel” when it came to the daunting task of stopping illegal poaching. “Time is running out, but this room reminds us that support is not running out,” he said. “We can be optimistic.”
    Hillary and Chelsea also spoke at the event, as did a number of other activists.

  85. Senator ridicules Obama for not signing amnesty order
    WASHINGTON – Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., a leading opponent of President Obama’s move to provide amnesty for up to 5 million illegal immigrants, expressed astonishment Monday and ridiculed the administration for not carrying out the action through an executive order.
    In remarks made at the Washington office of the government-watchdog group Judicial Watch, Sessions said: “I guess they just whispered in the ear of (DHS Director) Jeh Johnson over at Homeland Security, ‘Just put out a memo. That way we don’t have to enforce the law.’”

    The news that Obama had not signed an executive order to carry out the policy he announced to the nation in a televised address Nov. 20 was broken by WND Senior Staff Writer Jerome Corsi last week. As a result of the president’s use of a memo instead of an official order, the senator observed: “We don’t even have a really significant, direct, legal direction that we can ascertain, precisely what the president is doing. It’s a stunning event in my view.”
    The senator believes the result was “the creation of a new, alternative immigration system” despite the fact the president “is not empowered to do that.”

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