#Election2014 Aftermath: Please Republicans… Do This One Thing….

The Obaminations are legion. They have to be fought immediately. We know that. We know that ObamaCare, illegal immigration amnesty, the Obama scandals, IRS targeting of citizens… these are all important issues Republicans must tackle as soon as possible.

But there is an issue of such paramount importance that it must go to the forefront in the battle against treacherous Barack Obama. This issue has the added benefit that it can be successfully fought and won because so many Obama Dimocrats will likely join with Republicans to fight Obama.

The issue that cannot wait and must be at the forefront of the Republican battle against Obama is a nuclear Iran:

In audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security adviser to President Obama, said an Iran deal would be the Obamacare of the second term.

The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes spoke with Fox News about the implications of the Rhodes’ comments.

“It definitely gives you a sense of just how important the administration sees a deal with Iran.” Hayes said. “I mean, remember what the administration did to pass health care. They twisted arms, they gave favors. The president wasn’t going to take anything less than full, comprehensive health care reform.”

Rhodes touched on the developing strategy to accomplish such a deal by going behind Congress’s back: “We’re already kind of picking through how do we structure a deal so we don’t have to require legislative action. And there are ways to do that.”

This strong-arm strategy is already in play.

Coupled with Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece on the shattered U.S.-Israeli relationship, it is clear the Obama administration pressured Benjamin Netanyahu against launching preemptive airstrikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Republican soon-to-be-majority in the U.S. Senate along with their fortified army in the House of Representatives must make it their top priority to defeat this Barack Obama fifth column move to assure that Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

Republicans in the House and Senate should move to defund any and all activities in the State Department, White House, Pentagon, in any and all agencies that plot to negotiate with Iran in any way without notification to the American Congress and approval by the Congress.

Barack Obama would threaten to veto, then veto, any such law passed by Congress. But we believe that even prominent Obama Dimocrats such as Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Robert Menendez would bolster Republicans and vote to override an Obama veto. Robert Menendez seeks to stop the threat to American security of a nuclear Iran:

WASHINGTON, DC. – U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), joined by 25 U.S. Senators, introduced the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act, bipartisan legislation proposing prospective sanctions on Iran should the regime violate the interim Joint Plan of Action agreed to in Geneva or should Iran fail to reach a final agreement.

The legislation was co-sponsored by twenty-six senators, including: Senators Menendez, Kirk, Schumer, Graham, Cardin, McCain, Casey, Rubio, Coons, Cornyn, Blumenthal, Ayotte, Begich, Corker, Pryor, Collins, Landrieu, Moran, Gillibrand, Roberts, Warner, Johanns, Hagan, Cruz, Donnelly, Blunt and Booker.

The prospective sanctions legislation requires further reductions in purchases of Iranian petroleum and applies additional penalties to strategic elements of the Iranian economy, to include the engineering, mining and construction sectors.

The Menendez legislation was proposed before the treacherous audio recording of Obama henchman Benjamin Rhodes was uncovered. By now any friend of Israel must understand that the greatest threat to Israel and American interests is Barack Obama:

“Bottom line is, this is the best opportunity we’ve had to resolve the Iranian issue diplomatically, certainly since President Obama came to office, and probably since the beginning of the Iraq war,” Rhodes said. “So no small opportunity, it’s a big deal. This is probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. This is healthcare for us, just to put it in context.” [snip]

Rhodes also said the White House wants to avoid congressional scrutiny of any deal.

“We’re already kind of thinking through, how do we structure a deal so we don’t necessarily require legislative action right away,” Rhodes said. “And there are ways to do that.”

That is similar to what an unnamed senior administration official told David Sanger of the New York Times last week for a piece headlined “Obama Sees an Iran Deal That Could Avoid Congress”: “We wouldn’t seek congressional legislation in any comprehensive agreement for years.”

White House spokesman Eric Schultz denied the Times story. But it is not as though the Obama White House has fallen out of love with executive action.

The interim deal with Iran struck in November 2013, in which the administration traded sanctions relief worth billions of dollars for promises to limit nuclear fuel production, was extended in July and is now scheduled to lapse on November 24. [snip]

Fear that the chances of some sort of dangerous and misguided détente with Iran are high, and that they increase if Republicans capture the Senate and improve their majority in the House. Fear that the worse things get for Obama at home, the better the odds that he will hand the keys of the Middle East to Ayatollah Khamenei.

Fear that Obama sees an Iran deal not just as health care reform for the second term, but as his version of George W. Bush’s surge: a Hail Mary pass thrown in the fourth quarter in a long-shot attempt to salvage a legacy.

Iran is Obama’s Iraq. It occupies the same place in the thinking of his administration that Iraq held in his predecessor’s. The desire for détente with Iran, for comity and diplomatic accord between longtime enemies, for a new Middle East in which security is left to regional stakeholders, and Shiite and Sunni alike see the United States as “evenhanded” in its treatment of Israelis and Palestinians, holds immense sway over the alliance of progressives and realists that conduct American foreign policy. It has for a decade.

“The support group should actively engage Iran and Syria in its diplomatic dialogue, without preconditions,” stated the report of the 2006 Iraq Study Group, authored in part by Ben Rhodes. [snip]

Can’t you just see Obama and Jarrett, kicking back after a few glasses of Bordeaux at Restaurant Helen, rhapsodizing over the president’s unique perspective on the global south, quoting lines from Argo, visualizing the day he makes the first presidential visit to Tehran since Carter? For six years the White House has been careful not to provide the Iranians with any reason to reject negotiations, to prevent his fantasy from becoming real. To the contrary: It has been solicitous of Iran and Syria, in a demonstration of its willingness to address their grievances. [snip]

These decisions are not made in light of the national security interests of the United States. They are made to keep alive President Obama’s dream of peace with Iran. And the purpose of these decisions isn’t to mollify American politicians. It’s to satisfy Iranian ones.

A nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel and the United States.

A nuclear Iran could not only instigate an Holocaust which would erase Israel, a nuclear Iran would blackmail the entire Middle East and choke vital resources from the West. That is why the issue of a nuclear Iran should be the linchpin in a Republican strategy against Barack Obama.

Once Obama’s back is broken on the nuclear Iran issue, more and more Obama Dimocrats will leave his grasp and vote to override more vetoes. A well developed strategy by Republican friends of Israel could bring together two-thirds of the House and two-thirds of the Senate to oppose Obama.

This must be done and it must be done before November 24 or as soon as Republicans ascend to leadership in the new Congress.

According to the NYT: Obama doesn’t feel “repudiated” by crushing defeat of his party. Barack Obama must be educated that indeed he has been “repudiated” and is now an object of scorn an ridicule (as an astounding article of Obama Dimocrats mocking Obama proves). Breaking his hands on foreign policy and particularly on negotiations with Iran is the best and most necessary way to school him.

On Tuesday night Barack Obama was repudiated by the American people. Victories for Republicans came in some of the most unlikely places. On Tuesday night Obama was ‘deserted by Latinos, blacks and his feckless lazy Millennial supporters’. Still Obama does not feel “repudiated”.

On Tuesday night every single one of Barack Obama’s policies went down to defeat.

Every single one.

It’s over.

We hope for change. The place for Republicans to start, the first place to bring needed change is Iran policy. From there more majorities can be crafted to override Obama vetoes.

Barack Obama has been repudiated by the American people. Now the American congress must forcefully teach Barack Obama that he will not be allowed to destroy America. Or Israel.


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  1. http://www.whitehousedossier.com/2014/11/05/todd-gop-sweep-puts-amnesty-order/

    NBC political analyst Chuck Todd said last night that the Republican seizure of the Senate will force President Obama to back off from his plan to temporarily legalize potentially millions of illegal immigrants.

    “I think politically, tonight, it put an end to it. It would be a provocative act, politically,” Todd said. “The president is going to know that if he does this, he is starting a political war in Washington between the White House and the Republican Congress. He’d be stuck.”

    Todd said Republicans will feel “they have to confront” the president if he takes such an act, given the passion on the issue within the GOP.

    Yeah, well, he’s gonna do it.

    Todd’s analysis presupposes that Obama cares whether he is at war with Republicans. I don’t think he does, because I don’t think he has the stomach or the desire to try to mend any fences with the GOP and do the difficult work of passing legislation during his final two years.

    Obama is not going to change his character now, a character that leaves him ill-disposed toward building relationships with people who disagree with him. He’s not even particularly interested in relationships with people who do agree with him.


    Stop Obama on Iran nuclear weapons first.

  2. An excellent suggestion Admin.

    A nuclear Iran will beget a nuclear Saudi Arabia and the religious conflict between Shia and Sunni will reach a perilous state. Turkey will also acquire a nuclear capacity. And then the world will be held hostage to a game of Russian roulette. Also, it is quite possible that a nuclear state would cede such assets to non state player, i.e. terrorist, thus multiplying the risk calculus. The other thing to bear in mind is that Russia and China will exploit the situation, while the big media beloved but not so beloved because he made them look bad last night messiah will remain in his natural state of obliviousness.

  3. freespirit November 5, 2014 at 9:14 am

    Rather than change America to the point that it’s unrecognizable to most of the people who inhabit it, the progs should just move to one of the countries that better fits their ideology. I’m sure we could start a fund to help them relocate.

    I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the bumper stickers “America: Love it or Leave it” but your statement above is equivalent to that, 40 years later.

    The stickers were a reaction by middle America to the Vietnam war protests. Anyone who was against the war was considered unpatriotic and was invited to leave. Some (like me) did; but the vast majority stayed, put up with the war, were drafted and dragged into it, paid for it, and in the end were proven right: we were defeated because we should never have been there in the first place.

    The progressives you despise made the mistake of backing Obama over a much more qualified candidate, mainly for love of his skin color and smooth talk. But inviting them to leave the country because they’re “effete intellectual snobs” (Agnew’s phrase for us) who want to change things that you’d like to keep the same is unjustified because it is un-American.

    The progressives are a small minority now. Live and let live.

  4. jeswezey
    November 5, 2014 at 11:38 am
    You fail to understand what a prog really is.

    A prog is someone who hopes to concentrate all power in government, to move away from the constitution, to give the American People less say, or no say at all on how their government is run. That article in NYT advocating an end to mid term elections because they prevent the president from doing whatever he wants is symptomatic of the disease. This is a political philosophy that draws its essence from the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. It is the ultimate example of a top down organization operated by the command and control principle as opposed to consensus. It is the blatant rejection of the American Model of government which is defined by checks and balances, i.e. separation of powers, federalism and the bill of rights. It proceeds on the premise that the American People need to shut the fuck up and defer to their Harvard trained betters. Personally I reject their philosophy root and branch. I subscribe to the view of the late William F. Buckley: “I would rather be ruled by the first hundred names in the Brooklyn phone directory than by the entire faculty of Harvard Law School’. That is not to suggest that the Brooklinites are smarter that the Harvard profs–like Obama. Rather it is to suggest that they live in the real world rather than a virtual one. Whether the progs leave this country or not. I am sure there is room for them on the Left Bank and Invadledez (sp). But if they elect to remain here, then people of common sense ought not to listen to these petty tyrants and snake oil salesmen.

  5. the very end of last thread

    a few things:

    …so happy to hear Sandra Fluke and her ‘war on women’ went down

    …hope the Dems will now stop with that insulting rhetoric…they sound like they are still using VHS tapes…fast forward people and stop using women as a talking point…in fact, take a look at the strong and diverse repub women that just won…they are not preaching like they are babysitters for women…they will be able to get their mammograms…the bigger worry is if they can find a doctor or hospital with their increasingly useless Ocare

    …where is DWS today?

    …if O dares his ‘one man show – Obama amnesty plan’ the AA community needs to speak up and be heard because they are going to be hurt even more by O…there will be no jobs … and no…nada…none…low paying jobs so forget about protesting…more flim flam – which box is the prize under…

    …heard one of the pundits on MSNBC this morning actually say that ‘Hillary would be the old lady on the ticket’

    …imo…the country is center right…it is not far right…and people are worried and many afraid for their families and future…if the repubs overplay their hand they will be voted out…the dims overplayed theirs and got taken out…

    …this is where Hillary’s opening comes in…she can be the “voice of reason” the leader…the navigator…but if she goes left she is going to sound out of touch…common sense and restore the middle class…rebuild the american dream so we can pass it on…stop…please stop…dividing people…stop blaming and the identity politics…take a page…a chapter…a book…from Bill and update to these times…

    …if the dims think they are going to run Warren of all people instead of Hillary they are just masochists and want more punishment…

    Admin…agree with this post…you have always said O is dangerous…hopefully this repub congress will put the brakes on this rogue man…

  6. The ground-game that became a burial practice:


    Republicans picked up another Senate seat Wednesday.

    Dan Sullivan led Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, by more than 8,000 votes with 100 percent reporting, according to Associated Press data.

    The outcome obliterated any last hope among Democrats for a silver lining to Tuesday’s Republican wave, and capped a banner Election Day for the GOP.

    Begich, who is in his first term, stoked optimism that he could fend off a serious challenge in a strong year for Republicans by focusing his campaign on local issues and mounting an unprecedented registration and get-out-the-vote effort across Alaska.

    On Election Day, Begich’s field operation stretched to the farthest corners of Alaska, with many of his campaign’s 16 field offices anchored in rural, hard-to-reach communities. Historically, Alaska Democrats have drawn support from the state’s native communities, while Republicans have looked to cities such as Fairbanks and Anchorage for most support.

    But turnout was still not sufficient to boost Begich over Sullivan, a first-time candidate and former Alaska Department of Natural Resources commissioner.

    Sullivan was buoyed by considerable Republican support in the final days of the election, with party heavyweights Mitt Romney and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joining Sullivan in Alaska to drum up support.

    Like many Republican candidates this year, Sullivan attempted to link Begich to President Obama and his policies. In Alaska, Obama’s approval is hovering around 30 percent — among the lowest mark of any Senate battleground state this year.

  7. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/11/05/Mia-Love-Celebrates-Big-Victory-in-Utah-I-Wasn-t-Elected-Because-Of-The-Color-Of-My-Skin

    Mia Love Celebrates Big Victory in Utah: ‘I Wasn’t Elected Because Of The Color Of My Skin’

    Congressman elect Mia Love celebrated her surprise victory in Idaho as the first black Republican woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.

    But during an interview with CNN this morning, Love was quick to explain that she was not elected because of her race or gender.

    “I wasn’t elected because of the color of my skin. I wasn’t elected because of my gender,” she said during the interview. “I was elected because of the solutions that I put at the table because I promised I would run a positive issues-oriented campaign and that’s what resonated.”

    According to the Associated Press, Love earned 50 percent of the vote against her Democratic opponent Doug Owens who earned nearly 47 percent.

    Love said it was clear that Utah citizens were “not interested in dividing Americans based on race or gender,” but electing people who had integrity.

    “Washington has gotten too big and people have gotten too small so we’ve got to start rolling up our sleeves and making sure that we bring balance back to government,” she said.

  8. No doubt his anger will be directed at Israel and will do anything possible to force a pre-67 peace treaty and allow Iran to go nuclear. I would be interested to see how the Jewish vote went yesterday and if O’s chicken s— remarks caused some to re-think voting democratic. I think if Israel has the capability to effectively attack(which I am not sure at this point because Bo gave Iran so much time to fortify their nuclear facilities) Israel should as they have both houses and even the anti-democratic party will fear backlash from heavy Jewish donors leading up top 2016 if US does not re-supply and help Israel should she attack.

  9. wbboei November 5, 2014 at 11:50 am

    You fail to understand what a prog really is.

    …. if they elect to remain here, then people of common sense ought not to listen to these petty tyrants and snake oil salesmen.

    I don’t buy your dreary perception of what progressives are, but I’m not willing to fight their cause for them. What I’m saying is, even assuming you are right about their intentions, your last sentence contains the essential truth about American democracy: It is up to ‘we the people’ to decide they are wrong, not to wisk them off to venues more amenable to their views just because we disagree with them.

    The reference to William Buckley’s formula is well taken, but I doubt that Buckley would recommend that the Harvard law faculty “not be listened to” or be sent off to the Left Bank.

  10. Congressman elect Mia Love celebrated her surprise victory in Idaho as the first black Republican woman to be elected to the House of Representatives
    Something all Americans should be proud of..elected on her credentials, happens to be AA, and a woman.

  11. I hope Obama can’t retaliate against Mia for that comment. As for Obama, what does he have to lose by implementing amnesty by executive fiat!

  12. “This is a political philosophy that draws its essence from the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.”
    The confusion about “Progressive” political philosophy is compounded by similar police state minded people who label themselves “conservative” and call progressives Liberals. The Progressives’ ideal society of “social justice”, speech codes, “settled science”, accusation=guilt, criminalization of political speech, etc., etc. is about as Liberal as Stalin’s Gulags.

    The progressive political movement of today visualizes perfection of human society by uniformity of group thought, state power, etc. Their predecessors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries had similar goals of social perfection using eugenics. Liberal thought is poison for progressives.

  13. This morning I happened to think of a speech delivered 3 thousand years ago by the leader of the Greek City State of Athens. There are points of light in that speech which illuminate our current situation. It is the Funeral Oration of Pericles, which was delivered to a dispirited population to motivate them and to honor the soldiers who had given their lives for the City. The tone and purpose of the speech is to compare the democracy of Athens to its totalitarian competitor Sparta–the hearts desire of every progressive.

    1. First of all, from what I understand of him, Pericles was the Bill Clinton of that era. Highly intelligent, loyal to the people, and with that one fatal flaw which forms the basis of all great tragedy. Pericles, like Bill, was the quintessential democrat–small d. (Note: Bill himself might dispute that comparison because he was much taken by Marcus Auerelius, who as a stoic. But I believe that was a case of a man’s reach must exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for.)

    2. Second, the description of life in Athens under their democratic form of government closely resembles our own in theory, and often in practice.

    “Our constitution does not copy the laws of neighbouring states; we are rather a pattern to others than imitators ourselves. Its administration favours the many instead of the few; this is why it is called a democracy. If we look to the laws, they afford equal justice to all in their private differences; if no social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations not being allowed to interfere with merit; nor again does poverty bar the way, if a man is able to serve the state, he is not hindered by the obscurity of his condition. The freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life. There, far from exercising a jealous surveillance over each other, we do not feel called upon to be angry with our neighbour for doing what he likes, or even to indulge in those injurious looks which cannot fail to be offensive, although they inflict no positive penalty. But all this ease in our private relations does not make us lawless as citizens. Against this fear is our chief safeguard, teaching us to obey the magistrates and the laws, particularly such as regard the protection of the injured, whether they are actually on the statute book, or belong to that code which, although unwritten, yet cannot be broken without acknowledged disgrace.

    3. Finally, the bids his audience to fix their eyes on the greatness of Athens. Fall in love with her and worship her as you go about your business day by day. That is the essence of patriotism and love of country. But notice how the progressive twists those words to his own ends. It is not America which the people must fall in love with–not that racist, sexist, xenophobic, white male dominated, imperialistic cesspool of corruption and greed. It is Messiah Obama, the savior, the exorcist, the One who we must fix our eyes on and worship as we go about our business day by day. That has been the clear directive of big media to the American People for the past six years, and it explains, as nothing else can, why and how he was able to con them in 2008 and again in 2012. I have friends in the media who say, the country was infatuated and we merely reflected that. For six years? Give me a fucking break. The truth is what the head of msnbc told the young turk: outsiders are cool. They wear leather jackets and they ride motor cycles. We are insiders. We are part of this administration. If you know what is good for you, then you will stop criticizing Obama.

  14. The confusion about “Progressive” political philosophy is compounded by similar police state minded people who label themselves “conservative” and call progressives Liberals. The Progressives’ ideal society of “social justice”, speech codes, “settled science”, accusation=guilt, criminalization of political speech, etc., etc. is about as Liberal as Stalin’s Gulags.
    Yes. That form of thuggery was in season during the McCarthy era.

    Today, it is the attack on the constitution comes from the progressive.

    The great slight of hand of Obama and big media was to conflate the term liberal with the term progressive.

    They are polar opposites.

    What you have with the extreme right and the extreme left is the same mindset.

    This is why former Nazis were able to go to work for communist regimes after world war II>

    It is how the high judge of Hitler’s court was had been converted to a Boshevik in prison at the end of World War I.

    And when there is an economic dislocation people turn to those extremists who promise them salvation.

    And the two extremes collaborate for a while to destroy the middle.

  15. I did not realize their were like 20k absentee ballots to be counted in Alaska with republican up by 8k. Any thoughts on how that will go? Also, is Louisiana a sure thing for Republicans or will dems pour money in to save?

  16. jbstonesfan
    November 5, 2014 at 1:26 pm
    Also 30K in Cook Cty IL according to WGN noon news just now. Gov Quinn is waiting for them to be counted before any thought of concession. And then, not hard to picture Holder up there on business.

  17. jbstonesfan
    November 5, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    I did not realize their were like 20k absentee ballots to be counted in Alaska with republican up by 8k. Any thoughts on how that will go? Also, is Louisiana a sure thing for Republicans or will dems pour money in to save?

    That is what I was referring to last night. The preponderance of them come from the remote villages which are Aleut and Eskimo. They lean heavily democrat.

    Man, a bear in most relations—worm and savage otherwise,—
    Man propounds negotiations, Man accepts the compromise.
    Very rarely will he squarely push the logic of a fact
    To its ultimate conclusion in unmitigated act.

    Fear, or foolishness, impels him, ere he lay the wicked low,
    To concede some form of trial even to his fiercest foe.
    Mirth obscene diverts his anger—Doubt and Pity oft perplex
    Him in dealing with an issue—to the scandal of The Sex!

  18. The preponderance of them come from the remote villages which are Aleut and Eskimo. They lean heavily democrat


    He will need 60% of that to overcome the deficit. From reading the Alaska news, they say this guy has a knack of winning even when down election night. Anyway, the big picture won’t change, but it would be nice to have a couple of more so that some of the more egregious GOP senators cannot hold things up…

  19. The poem mistakenly inserted in my response to jbstonesfan goes to the question of how hard McConnell and Boehner will push partisan advantage in their meeting with Obama on Friday. And my own concern that on the very issues that caused voters to support them in this election, they will blink and rationalize it as bi partisanship. The thing to keep in mind is a bad agreement is worse than no agreement at all. If they follow the advice of Cruz (above) then they will bargain from a position of strength. If not, then they will betray the voters.

    But it is just as much a question of how the big media beloved messiah will comport himself in those foundational discussions. His spokewoman assures us that he will be defiant. That I think is posturing. He will be caught in the switches between his exaggerated promises to illegals who have grown bold enough to stalk democrat candidates and pepper then with demands, and the sense of betrayal which members of his own party now feel toward him. He is a sociopath, and we have one medical opinion to the effect that he will enter the act out stage. I doubt he has ever been in this kind of situation in his life, where his usual hail fellow well met schmoozing does not carry the day. We know that he voted present 30 times to avoid tough decision. Therefore, how he comports himself in those initial discussion, with those pressures bearing on him, is, for me at least, an imponderable. However, in the short term I think he will manifest a earnest desire to work with congress. Is an executive order on immigration politically viable? No. Will he do it? I think he may try to use it as a hammer to negotiate–and if he does that, then the Republicans should have the legal briefs ready.

    SHV, given your insights, which are always keen on these matters, and in particular his state of mind, what do you think he will do, if you care to opine?

  20. Great post admin, and Iran with Nukes is like N. Korea with long range nukes.

    …Obama is not going to change his character now, a character that leaves him ill-disposed toward building relationships with people who disagree with him. He’s not even particularly interested in relationships with people who do agree with him.

    As you said long ago, Obama can’t be trusted.

    He doesn’t learn from his mistakes because he doesn’t think he makes mistakes.

    This fraud thinks life is his for the taking and to Hell with anyone that doesn’t see how deserving he is.

    The R’s need to body slam him from the beginning, not talk, talk, talk and hope he takes them seriously.

  21. So the big Gop winner last night…….Gop Gov’s …what a performance, they were banked to lose about 4 Gov’s , they added 4

    Biggest GOP loser last night…unfortunately..Scott Brown, 2 lost elections in a row will mean he will have a hell of a job getting any traction from GOP central, they wont touch him.

    Biggest Dem loser last night………..Martha Coakley or Charlie Crist. It takes some doing to lose two statewide races in a row as a Dem in Mass and Crist….his carpetbagging run to whoever will take him got him finally kicked in the ass….no party will touch him now, it will be the last we see of him, it will also be the end of Pelosi and of Reid, both are dead men walking.

    Biggest Dem winner – Hillary Clinton…..has taken an awful lot of good faith chits for 2016.

  22. Just look at this though….

    GOP controls legislatures & gov’ship in 24 states, Dems in just 7 — pic.twitter.com/kg4j4hcSel

  23. jbstonesfan
    November 5, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Isn’t it fun to be on the winning side for once.

    And, as you say, Hillary can use this to unite the party, and simultaneously convince the public that she is the leader we saw and loved in 2008, as opposed to an Obama believer, then the future is ours.

    The one thing I cannot say enough times however is that both parties MUST understand the deeper logic of this election. It is what Peggy Noonan said. More than anything else, this result was a repudiation of the Flying Circus that is Washington–the Harvard trained journalists, bureaucrats, politicians, staffers, special interests, and tech billionares who resent the American People and govern imperiously and illogically.

    As the democrat from Michigan and dean of the house John Dingel famously said in the context of Obamacare: it will take us time to get the American People under control. After last night, I would venture to guess the timeline got just a little longer. And one of the key areas which the republicans must now address themselves to is the intention of the Obama appointed chairman of the FEC to regulate political speech on the internet. How ironic that they would take that position overtly, after having done the same thing covertly through the IRS. You may believe in coincidences, but where Obama is concerned, I do not.

  24. Looks like a switcheroo……

    Sen. Angus King (I-ME) is holding a 3;30 pm et presser in Brunswick, ME to discuss with which party he will caucus

  25. So who do we reckon is going to deliver the “speech” to Obama today that he is no longer in charge of the party and his era is over…….

    You know its going to happen….a distinct change in tone coming from the Dem party leadership and the run for 2016 has started, make no bones about it.

  26. moononpluto
    November 5, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Looks like a switcheroo……
    Moon: I am not sure what you mean. He has already announced that he would caucus with the party that won the election, correct? When you say a switcheroo, do you mean that pursuant to that promise, and in light of last nights election results he will caucus with the republicans? Or are you suggesting that he has changed his mind for some reason about caucusing with the party that won, and will stick with the dimocrats?

  27. Biggest Dem loser last night
    Obama, Reid, Pelosi.

    They have let down their constituents and betrayed their party.

    Each one of them is a study in narcissism and abuse of power.

    You will soon see that greaseball Schumer emerge as the minority leader.

    Durbin will eat kibbels and bits.

    And Harry will go back to Searchlight Nevada, and commune with the rattlesnakes.

    And Pelosi will appeal to the queen for peerage, so she can continue her lost in space journey.

  28. Admin, that do you think of the content of this article that Tony posted?????? You are great at the political mechanics.

    Tony Stark (Thanks Tony)
    November 5, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    According to this, the real winner of this year’s elections is Hillary.


    [My snip]

    In short, it’s one thing to win an election in a nonpresidential year, when minorities and young people stay home and older, whiter voters make up a disproportionate share of the electorate. It’s another thing to win when a Democratic presidential candidate is luring the party’s base back to the polls — especially when that candidate is Hillary Clinton, the most popular Democrat in America.

    The question facing Republicans as they assume control of both houses of Congress is whether they’re willing — or, more accurately, able — to do anything to weaken Clinton’s advantage heading into 2016. Fifty-four percent of Americans may disapprove of Obama’s performance, but 56 percent have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party, and 61 percent are dissatisfied or even angry with the GOP leaders in Congress.

    More of the same — more gridlock, more obstructionism, more kneejerk opposition — won’t cut it; voters expect the newly empowered GOP to work with Obama and govern. But while Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, the incoming Senate majority leader, says he wants to compromise with Democrats, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be able to control his party’s vehement Just Say No caucus for long. If he fails, Clinton may be able to run as the solution to D.C. dysfunction — and the GOP’s 2016 nominee may suffer, especially if he’s a senator such as Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

  29. moononpluto
    November 5, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    I mean he will be laying out exactly what the price is for his vote….thats how this works.
    Well then he will need to be a little vague about it. Say something like, I will caucus with the majority party based on last nights results, and will continue to do so so long as their policies reflect the the interests of the country and the citizens of my state as I perceive them. If I were him, I would not get into specifics because that invites others to micromanage what he does.

  30. More of the same — more gridlock, more obstructionism, more kneejerk opposition — won’t cut it; voters expect the newly empowered GOP to work with Obama and govern. But while Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, the incoming Senate majority leader, says he wants to compromise with Democrats, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be able to control his party’s vehement Just Say No caucus for long.
    No, it will not be the same. That situation was the direct and inevitable result of controlling only one House of Congress, and the refusal by Reid to bring House Bills to the floor. There will be some issues where the conservatives will not support the RINOS but the rinos then have the option of reaching across the aisle. In other words, there is a way around the impasse which has existed in the past. And even though the Republicans now hold the cards in congress, they would be foolish not to avail themselves of support from the other side of the aisle, so that when Obama pulls out the veto pen, he is vetoing not just a republican bill, but one that was also signed off on by members of his own party. It is very clear to me that the intention of their party leadership,, that they want to show the country that unlike Reid, they are capable of governing and reaching across the aisle.

  31. foxyladi14
    November 5, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    S asked
    where is DWS today?

    Last I heard she was headed to the Ocean with her hair on fire. 😆
    Or sailing down the Intercoastal sipping champagne from a glass slipper.

    No its not the Seine, and she is not Isadora Duncan, but a girl can dream can’t she?

    Like the time she assured us that the Dims would maintain control of congress.

  32. The reference to William Buckley’s formula is well taken, but I doubt that Buckley would recommend that the Harvard law faculty “not be listened to” or be sent off to the Left Bank
    Oh but he would.

    He went to Yale.

  33. Biggest collective loser last night……


    Boy did they get it wrong or was it a gaming session planned?

    You could never trust a poll again after that disaster last night, they were off by a mile. The exit polls were a massive disaster too.

    The NC exit poll had Hagan win 51-47…boy was that wrong.

  34. DWS will be out front and center with her begging bowl in front of Hillary Clinton….You can guarantee Bill and Hillary Clinton’s phone will be ringing off the hook today with Dems looking for an inroad into the future.

  35. Dummies now acting as if last night never happened, they are not even mentioning it, totally ignoring, its fingers in the ear la la la la la.

  36. Upon reflection, I doubt that Obama will draw a hard and fast line in the sand when he meets with the Republicans on Friday. Whether he is willing to acknowledge something he said earlier that elections have consequences is unknown. I think he is a chameleon and will acknowledge that it was not a great night for democrats, but now both parties must face up to the challenges facing the American People, and by the way Mitch can I see you for just a second, after I finish saying the things that need to be said at a time like this, even thought I do not believe them and have no intention of following them. Private meeting: you know Mitch I am in a political bind here. I have gone out on a limb with the illegals and I am crawfishing for a legacy. You want amnesty and an infinite supply of cheap labor just as much as I do. As the first step toward bi partisanship, what’s say you and I agree on amnesty for 17 million now and the other 17 million a year from now. Can you live with that Mitch. If you can, I will have no problem selling it to my side, and Sharpton and Jackson have already signed off on it. So what’s it gonna be Mitch? Are you and I going to have a solid working relationship to fuck the American People? If so, then I will pass the word to big media to say really nice things about you and invite you to the White House Christmas Party.

  37. moononpluto
    November 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Biggest collective loser last night……


    Boy did they get it wrong or was it a gaming session planned?

    You could never trust a poll again after that disaster last night, they were off by a mile. The exit polls were a massive disaster too.

    The NC exit poll had Hagan win 51-47…boy was that wrong.
    Figures do not lie.

    But liars figure.

    Just watch Jack Lew.

  38. Obama thinks he is still relevant. First question from Julie Pace of AP is his statement about his policies being on the ballot. Obama goes off on tangents demeaning the election results.

  39. Obama repeats and repeats that he wants more money for “infrastructure”. Where did all that “stimulus” money go?

  40. Oh no, get out yer hankies.

    All but overlooked in the Republican Senate landslide is the double-digit loss of seats for Democrats in the House.

    The outcome casts a cloud on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s future, potentially throwing the House out of reach for Democrats in 2016 and dashing Pelosi’s dream of serving as House speaker with a President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    SF Chronicle

  41. The Messiah is speaking and he claims that last night’s result does not reflect the thinking of the 2/3 of the nation that did not vote. He claims that he hears THEIR voices, and they say, go forth messiah and conquer. Or, as Stalin told his soldiers when Germany invaded their land in operation barbarosa–not one step back.

    Voices in his head.

    If Obama is interested in knowing how that country has a whole feels about him and his policies, then there are polls with respect to same. Like the election last night, they reflect a clear and unambiguous rejection of Obama personally and his policies. Not for nothing did one of his buttboys viewing the election debacle say:

    The Obama era is over.

  42. Obvious that ONLY the congress can hold his feet to the fire. They MUST stop him at all costs, impeachment not withstanding

  43. wbboei
    November 5, 2014 at 2:58 pm
    Biggest collective loser last night……


    I think the public lies to them gleefully. Part of it is polls being used cynically to create a marketing narrative which is false. Another good part of it comes from Democrats screaming RACIST if anyone says or dares to think anything remotely construed as anti-Obama. So the public lies. Not only is it easier and avoids trouble it is fun. It is “messin’ with them”. It is also a form of payback for being such lying, cynical, manipulative a$$holes. If candidates or office holders want to know what the public think let them get out of DC and ask and mix with the great unwashed rather than order a fake poll.

  44. Talking of “his executive action” on immigration…..
    he had to say it “I am the President of the US”…..

    We fucking know…..he is still full of absolute utter shit.

  45. Chris Jansen: WHY oh WHY did they punish the Democrats?? This bitch is practically CRYING. This is soooooooooo set up.



  47. Mormaer
    November 5, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Biggest collective loser last night……


  48. Go on try your executive action….Just fucking try it…..because you will get the biggest shitstorm fired at you if you do.

  49. He is simply making this about Immigration reform. DARING the new leadership to take action. They make me sick.

  50. Jonathan Carl asked him the hard question and he’s shhhhhhhhh, sighing. Oh THIS f cking job is so hard to hear him tell it. He’s conveniently forgetting THAT HE had the WHOLE ball of wax for 4 years and they did not do shit.

    Yeah, we are paying attention you big bag of wind.

  51. Admin, excellent commentary. I hope those with the power and the responsibility to maintain the security and safety of this country and to extend that kind of support to our allies will take the Iran issue seriously.


    …this is where Hillary’s opening comes in…she can be the “voice of reason” the leader…the navigator…but if she goes left she is going to sound out of touch…common sense and restore the middle class…rebuild the american dream so we can pass it on…stop…please stop…dividing people…stop blaming and the identity politics…take a page…a chapter…a book…from Bill and update to these times


    I totally agree, S.

    jes, my comment was intended to be more humorous than serious. Bombed again, I see. It was not a literal statement. Obviously, I would have no problem if all of the progs left, but that’s not likely. And, though they don’t necessarily take the rights and freedoms of Americans seriously, as they have demonstrated in their efforts to suppress free speech, circumvent fair electoral process, excessive governmental control, and on and on, I do take those freedoms and rights seriously. They have a right to be in this country and to say what they want. They don’t however, have the right to use a government agency like the IRS as a weapon against those who disagree with their ideology.

    If they have such disdain for this country and for the constitution, one would think they might be happier elsewhere. Clearly, most Americans do not agree with the form of government the far left would like to construct – a government with unrestricted control. At this point, the only way the far left will be able to force the form of government it desires upon America is through unethical, dishonest, and in some cases illegal means, with media functioning as a propaganda machine for them . Obviously they would and have resorted to these means in the recent past.

    The tactics the far left have used in the past and continue to use have been downright un-American. The problem is, they don’t give a damn, because they don’t respect or honor any legal or ethical restraints, and they have a basic antipathy toward this country. If changes are needed or desired by any group or entity, there’s a process through which to accomplish that. But that process does not include a free reign to the progressives or anyone else.

    Come to think of it, if the progs cannot accept that those limitations, and deal with the fact that the rules and laws apply to them, as well – rules that cannot be broken with impunity. Maybe jail is a better place for them.

  52. Obama is in faculty lounge mode. It is blah, blah to take up time. He had to have a press conference or look like a lazy bum. He asks himself if he can do things better? And blah, blah, blah, he decides “Nah”. What an stonewalling ass.

  53. He looks like he does not give a shit, in fact he looks off his head. He knows he’s fucked and he knows he’s a fuck up.

  54. He’s basically said fuck all….it all just a bunch of baloney because he has too….its all uhs and ahhs…….God save us from this prick.

  55. Well obvious they intend to allow Iran to get a weapon. Does not even KNOW this late in the game what Iran is doing. WHY do they need nuclear energy? He knows that Iran does not need Nuclear Energy, they want the bomb and they are playing this country like a fiddle. He’s cozying up with them.

  56. Actually I think he believes ALL this shit. THAT is the really SCARY part. He thinks things are just peachy for 2/3 of the country

  57. The World and the PUBLIC can prevent Iran from a weapon … okay PINKERS lets do this. This is fantasy land drama of high degree. What has John Kerry been doing all this time?\

  58. Too early to say if we are Winning the battle with ISIS … oh boy are they happy now. Ed Henry just made him squirm, but he’s going to go on on and on about ISIS and forget the REAL question of WHAT would you do different?

  59. Still looking for “core group” … “some way off in the future” He is clueless people. It’s MESSY ya’ll. Ed calling him on going on and on, sometimes I do love Ed Henry,

  60. Darkly amusing part of O’s coming amnesty is that he’ll end up watering it down to the point where he’s pissed off absolutely everyone, goP, DEms, the country.

  61. Moon, I’m plugging it off as well, he looks worse as it goes on but of course Chris Jansen is probably blowing him under the lectern as we speak.

  62. That took long…..told you.

    Day after the elections, pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA kicks into gear

    In the aftermath of Tuesday’s crushing defeats, the Democratic donor class is already turning its attention to the 2016 presidential contest and ramping up what is expected to be a massive outside flanking operation to back an expected White House bid by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    The work started first thing Wednesday morning, when Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg’s team began making calls to secure donations for Priorities USA Action, the super PAC that will serve as the big-money advertising vehicle for Clinton.

    Andy Spahn, a political strategist who advises Katzenberg, said that he has started reviewing donor lists and calling wealthy Democratic backers to get their commitments. He and the DreamWorks Animation chief plan to travel around the country to meet with potential contributors in person.

    “We will reaching out in the weeks ahead to set up one-on-ones and meet-and-greets to talk about the urgency of the task ahead,” Spahn told The Washington Post.

    “Priorities will start today,” he added.

    The group’s rapid kick-off illustrates how Democrats have come to embrace independent groups such as super PACs — a turn-about from the disdain many had for such vehicles during the last two elections. This year, one of the top-spending groups was Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC run by top advisers to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, which poured more than $60 million into trying to protect Democratic incumbents.

    Despite Tuesday’s losses, Spahn said he does not believe Democratic patrons will be reluctant to give to Priorities.

    “I think our donors will double down,” he said, adding that they will be driven not only by the presidential contest, but “by the ambition to retake the Senate.”

    Katzenberg, in particular, is intensely focused on using the super PAC to bolster Clinton. He drove the effort to refashion Priorities –which was originally started to support President Obama’s 2012 reelection — into the premiere pro-Clinton vehicle for 2016.

    The group now has a board stocked with powerful party figures and is co-chaired by former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm.

    Priorities USA, which was largely dormant during 2014, is part of a constellation of independent groups already working to support her bid. The super PAC Ready for Hillary spent the last two years mobilizing a grassroots network of activists on her behalf, while the opposition research group American Bridge has developed a team focused on rapid response on her behalf.


  63. Obama realizes this presser is being televised, right?

    More loon by the second………i flipped back for a sec and its still a dogs dinner.

  64. wbboei
    November 5, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    There is a story about Ted Cruz running for the Republican Senate primary in remote rural east Texas. He was appearing with the local congressman on the courthouse square to give a speech. They got there and no one was around. NO ONE. They went in the courthouse and asked where everyone was. It is auction day they were told. Everyone is at the livestock auction held once per month. They found out where it was and drove out in the boonies. Hundreds of trucks, men walking around, cattle, hog and horse pens and meat company trailers everywhere on a huge auction complex. Cruz did not give a speech but was there for hours talking to people and learned about agriculture, rural finance, and a world foreign to a Harvard educated lawyer. He liked them and they like him. This is how he won the primary.

  65. dot48
    November 5, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Actually I think he believes ALL this shit. THAT is the really SCARY part. He thinks things are just peachy for 2/3 of the country
    That is indeed the sad truth the rich have no idea what it is like for the millions of struggling Americans, 🙁

  66. Idea: Offer to give back someones seat if he’ll stop talking, please anybody, give him a certificate for “worlds best Pres” anything that shuts him the fuck up.

  67. “I’ve had the limelight” whaaaaat?

    this man is in his own little world…

    he is defiant with his immigration intentions…he has no clue that most americans, do not want him just waving his wand do millions of people come in…we want an agreement between him and the new congress that makes sense

    it is nov…according to him he has waited for a year (yeah, sure O, you tried to hide your actions before the election just as you tried to hide the Ocare increases coming)

    so if he waited all year…why can’t he wait until Jan and do immigration reform properly

    …the bottom line is this man has wasted the last 6 years with all his partying, gallavanting…and STUBBORNESS…his ego is too big for this job…and now he realizes he has about 1 1/2 years left…and the American people are moving on…

    your limelight days are over…

    listen to him right now…he is just rambling…embarrassing…

  68. Mormaer
    November 5, 2014 at 3:42 pm
    A friend of mine is the Republican County Chairman of Kaufman County and was one of the people who begged Ted to run. He knows Ted well and he confirms my impression that Ted is not an elitist, but a man of the people and a real stand up guy. That is what bugs the elites so much about him. With his credentials—Princeton, Harvard, chief litigator for the best firm in Washington, one of the hundred best attorneys in the county, solicitor general, senator—-he is not supposed to be a man of the people. He is supposed to be a member of the elites whose favorite indoor sport is to look down on the people. He is as foreign to their thinking as a black conservative like Tim Scott, Mia Love, Deanne Borelli, inter alia are to the NAACP. These people reflects the strengths of the American People and are not held hostage by the tenets of political correctness, or the bribe. As such, they pose an existential threat to the elites.

  69. just turned to msnbc and chris matthews let out a big sigh…said O is like two ships passing in the night…chris matthews finally is getting it…he understands that O just wants to encourage the immigration problems

    Matthews realizes that O is delusional…he gets it that O does not know how to compromise…


    O is in his own little world…he is determined to wreck the rest of his presidency and take us down with him

  70. So he’s a liar……

    Angus King remaining a Democrat, breaking campaign pledge to caucus with majority.

  71. S
    November 5, 2014 at 4:15 pm
    just turned to msnbc and chris matthews let out a big sigh…said O is like two ships passing in the night…chris matthews finally is getting it…he understands that O just wants to encourage the immigration problems

    Matthews realizes that O is delusional…he gets it that O does not know how to compromise…
    Quite an admission from the albino cretin who the day after the 2008 election could hardly contain his glee and declared:

    Now that Obama has won the election (with our help)

    Our new “role” going forward is— “to make him successful”.

    Even Scarborough thought that was a bit much.

  72. moononpluto
    November 5, 2014 at 4:22 pm
    Wow. Dems only got 66% of the Jewish vote. That’s down 21 points from 2006
    Not good enough given what he has done to Israel.

    That means 2 out of 3 still support him

    Against their own interest.

  73. got to say one last thing about the Florida democrats…

    what a wasted opportunity…all the Florida democratic party had to do was find one decent, normal, scandal free person…man or woman…to run for Governor…

    but no…they couldn’t even do that..they were so freaking inept and desperate that the one person they turned to was Charlie Crist…the real bottom of the barrel…

    and then all the dems had to support that person…that was all they had…the fla Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for even putting democrats in that position…and of course Bill and Hill prostituting themselves for Crist

    …bottom line…in this big, big state with all the importance it carries in a national election…the Florida democratic party could not come up with anyone better than a traitor like Charlie Crist to run as their choice for Governor….

    what does that tell you about the Democratic party in Florida…and their values..

    a big, big wasted opportunity…any other decent person would have beat Scott…and we would have had a Democratic Governor in Florida…(heck JB could have even voted Dem) but no…they just didn’t get that simple, basic fact…

    it is unbelievable…

  74. Michael Steele just said that O said “he’s not mopey” after moping through that press conference for the last half hour…

    that was priceless…

  75. WTF happened in Nevada……This happened…….

    Rs won all 6 statewide races in NV, both chambers of the legislature & 3/4 House seats

  76. anybody else going through withdrawal last night was fantastic at 11pm the sh*t hit the fan and for the next few hours I was on a high…. wish we had more tonight. what a great night.

  77. Well, I know they are the TP, but I do not like any of this. Especially the Rick Scott part and what he will do to our schools and the environment here in Florida.

  78. Listening to these Repuklicans, they cannot wait to start raping the environment and exploiting our natural resources. Greed. Pure greed.

    These people have a problem with the connection between the right and left sides of their brains.

  79. Obola, on the other hand, had his little tantrum, thumping his chest that he will do what he wants to do, like he did not make this election about his policies – and get told, “NO.”

    Our only hope is that he will be as incompetent and irresponsible about following through.

  80. jtjames
    November 5, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    anybody else going through withdrawal last night was fantastic at 11pm the sh*t hit the fan and for the next few hours I was on a high…. wish we had more tonight. what a great night.

    I didn’t feel enough delight last night that I am going though any withdrawls today.

    I guess my confidence in the Republican’s and the Obola administration is so low that I am just braced for the next shitstorm to hit.

    My only real delight is the depression Barry and his followers are going though right now.

    Denial then blame, then anger = Shitstorm

  81. I don’t see any republicans “raping” the environment. Global “warming” has not even been proven, coal and gas jobs are jobs. Not everyone lives in a state where you have a lot of choices.

    It’s actually a terrible shame that the far left progressive liberals have hijacked the real Democrat party and destroyed it.

    THIS is why you see all the red on the map today. This election was a PURE repudiation of their policies! Not the old Bill Clinton policies mind you.

    Interesting exchange on Fox news this evening that really this republican control will make it easier for Hillary. Can’t see the reasoning in that but 2 panelists were of that opinion and that she used this election to her own advantage.

  82. I just finished watching Obama’s press conference on C-SPAN and come away with two things:

    1. He is absolutely indifferent to the message the American voters sent last night.

    2. He is going to executive order immigration reform to his heart’s content with a huge FU to the citizens of this country.

  83. 66% Jewish vote is still too much, but a big improvement! The chickens— comment was one of many October surprises.

  84. I was just reading Politico’s Worst of the 2014 Predictions and was reminded of this by one of our faves…not.

    Too bad he didn’t take any rope while going out on that limb. What’s the word for him??? Oh, yea…AssHat.

  85. Correct S. I was a life long dem like many here until O got elected. Scott is not who I wanted to vote for , but the alternative in Crist gave me no choice at all. I didn’t even vote for Deutch who is pro Israel and ran unopposed . Voting republican and holding my nose was the way I protested . The thing is, other than Hillary, I really have no desire to support the Democratic Party ever again. The once great party is now made up in large part by Obama , not Clinton , democrats. On the other hand, there are only a few republicans that I could support.

  86. what a wanker! has anyone else read the rubbish i just found in my inbox? as for the sly isis bone he threw to the repubs today? hoping they are as astute as some of us who have long seen him for what he is. a poison tongued snake. thank god the country is waking up.

  87. Dot48,

    It is not a global warming issue. Fossils fuels are a natural resource. And there is a finite amount of them. Not to mention the destruction to the environment in order to obtain and process them. Fracking endangers our water supplies. And the fox is guarding the hen house on monitoring the effects.

    Have you forgotten what happened in the Gulf of Mexico? A whole ecostructure destroyed. Flipper died a thousand deaths. They claimed they were heroes, taking short cuts to keep the price of gas down. But I am a chemical engineer and worked in the petrochemical industry for 20 years. They are not only filled with waste, but also incompetence. Like the government. Some of the bigger pigs would sit around making jokes after making multi-million dollar mistake and say. “Oh, well, there goes the price of gas! Ha Ha Ha.”

    They pay pennies on the dollar for the damages they do.

    They are going to go hog wild. Literally.

  88. Good article from the Washington Examiner, offering a detailed explanation of why O was not the political leader the Dims touted him to be – and that he proclaimed himself to be. Remember when he told his rabid follows that he was the one they’d been waiting for? Arrogance personified. O has fallen a long way down since he stood on that stage in Denver, surrounded by the fake greek columns of that pretend parthenon he had constructed in which to accept the stolen Dim nomination for president.


    Obama was no political master, after all

    BY TIMOTHY P. CARNEY | NOVEMBER 4, 2014 | 11:45 PM

    President Obama, it turns out, is good at basically one thing: getting elected.

    Nearly all of the other skills of politicians and statesmen, such as persuading the public, crafting compromise, helping his political allies, are absent in Obama. Tuesday’s results — destruction of his party’s Senate majority, and losses in the House — reinforce that Obama’s political prowess is limited to his ability to make people pull the lever for him or cut him a check.

    In other words, he can make people like him on Election Day, which is the most important skill for a politician. But it’s a small fraction of what a political leader needs.

    Obama isn’t very good at helping other Democrats elected when he is not on the ballot. The only Democrats Obama has helped are those who benefited from a surge in liberal enthusiasm in 2008 and 2012. Obama’s inability to rally voters for other politicians first became clear weeks after he won the White House in 2008.
    Democratic Senate candidate Jim Martin was in a runoff after finishing 3 points behind Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss. Obama cut ads for Martin, hoping to make him the 60th Democratic senator. Chambliss walloped Martin by 15 points in the runoff.

    Obama and Biden both went to Massachusetts a year later to try to help Martha Coakley carry Massachusetts. Coakley lost.

    In the 2010 election, Democrats lost 63 House seats and six Senate seats. This year, Democrats lost seats in the House and lost at least five Senate seats and counting. Again, in 2008 and 2012, Obama helped down-ballot Democrats because his presence on the ballot boosted turnout. But most of the Senate Democrats he carried to tough wins in 2008 — including Mark Udall and Mark Pryor — were walloped on Tuesday.
    Obama also has largely failed to persuade Congress or the public on his favored policies. Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan worked Congress to win important votes. Presidents throughout history have used the bully pulpit to rally the public, thus exerting pressure on Congress.

    Obama tried to use the bully pulpit on gun control. Instead of the White House pushing Republicans to join Democrats, Ted Cruz — a freshman senator — used his mini-pulpit to whip senators away from gun control. It was a total failure for Obama.

    Obama couldn’t win over Congress to support his war in Syria. He couldn’t pass climate legislation through a Democratic Congress. Obama’s biggest legislative victory — Obamacare — was a matter largely of Obama handing the reins over to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Waxman, Max Baucus and Harry Reid.
    The only legislative compromise Obama ever cut was the sequester, which Obama hated, and which turned out — after the supercommittee fizzled — to be a failure for the White House.

    Obama was famously cold to lawmakers, even those in his own party. Elected Democrats regularly complained (usually anonymously) about never being invited to the White House — or being treated poorly when they were.

    Obama earned every one of the more than 200 rounds of golf he has played as president, sure, but he chose to play them mostly with the same handful of friends — almost never with lawmakers, rarely with congressional leaders.

    What did Obama do well? Get people to vote for him, mostly. How did he do this? Through gimmicks and posturing. His data-heads found that bringing Beyonce and Jay Z to rallies sparked the interest of exactly the sort of young voters who might stay home but will certainly vote Democrat if they show. He found that talk of battling the special interests was a winning message.

    In other words, Obama is the best product marketer in America, but he only learned how to sell one product: Obama.


  89. ok…here is my fundamental question…

    been thinking about what McConnell said today and what O said after that…and how O made it clear that he was giving the Congress an ultimatium that they either come up with some immigration plan by Dec or he is going to do it by himself via Executive Action…

    …now, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Congress not only is responsible for creating legislation but also in charge of the money…or the purse, so to speak…

    so…if O does go ahead with his executive action, my question is two fold:

    (1) will his action need funding or money…tax payer moola…and can the Congress withhold any or all of it so that O’s executive action amounts to words on paper with no money to enforce it – in essence, cut him off


    (2) was thinking about the point Chris Matthews was making in that clip about politicians and compromising and negotiating or trading this for that, etc…

    thus…can the Congress essentially withhold other things and funding O needs or wants…and that he cannot exert an Executive Action over…to play hardball with him if he tries to ’86’ the Congress out of any immigration actions…including what sounds like millions of green cards O just wants to give out…

    bottom line…can the congress just stop any funding for O’s executive action and further can the start putting the squeeze on him in other areas where he might ask for or want funds to in effect “inspire” him to reconsider his executive actions and roll up his sleeves and work with the new congress in the new year…(inspire/punish)

    anyone know if the congress has any options to combat O’s totalitarian ursurption of concentrated power that amounts to allowing millions of illegals to live here and then be educated here, etc? Who is going to pay for all of that? and where is it going to come from? How will these millions of people be monitored or recognized and where does the money come from to pay for that?

  90. Another article about O’s lack of concern and refusal to take responsibility for the Dims losing the senate. It points out in his speech today, there was “no apology to democrats”. He merely acknowledged that “The Republicans had a good night”. Ya think, Barack? He denied that the Republicans had a mandate, pointing out that 2/3 of the country didn’t vote. And, he rejected the idea of a “Clintonesque reset”. Barack opined that the message from the voters was pretty much the same as it had been in every election since he had been elected – “They want this town to work”. If that’s what they want, they have gotta be disappointed. Now, if they had said, “We want this town to golf” – O would be the man for the job.

    President Obama unrepentant after losing control of Senate
    By Laura Barron-Lopez and Sarah Ferris – 11/05/14 08:22 PM EST


  91. O has fallen a long way down since he stood on that stage in Denver, surrounded by the fake greek columns of that pretend parthenon he had constructed in which to accept the stolen Dim nomination for president.

    If people didn’t get the hint of what a narcissist and fake this guy was with this staging…they are total, unashamed morons.

  92. Fracking does not endanger our water. There is no science and no evidence of that. A few videos of by people who light their drinking water …I really have to question that. Fracking is highly regulated and if you look at the process, all the casings and safe guards, you will see a different picture. Fracking is allowing America to not be beholding to the asshats in the ME.

    I felt very good about the election, except for Scott I need New Hampshire. ..almost.
    Now we will see how Hillary deals with it. Will she take advantage and role to the center or run scared of onedropindianblood?

  93. The GOP majority in Congress is only as good as its leaders, and with Boner and McConnel in charge, it is only inevitable that they will completely fuck things up with regards to how they deal with Obama and his crimes.

  94. Heh, Politico

    After a night of punishing losses, House Democrats are deeper in the minority than they’ve been in nearly 80 years — and party strategists say it could take years — possibly until after the next round of political map-drawing in the 2020s — to dig out of the hole.

    This time the sucker punch wasn’t from the ‘obstructionist’ Republican’s, it was from the AMERICAN VOTERS!!!!!

  95. I don’t know. I thought McConnell’s press conference today outlined a productive strategy. Pass a series of bills with bipartisan support and send them to the President. If Obama signs them, then it looks like the Republican Congress is working. If he vetoes, then Obama takes the political heat for obstruction.

  96. The Wall Street Journal Editorial today sheds important light on how Obama is likely to respond to the change in control of the Senate which occurred last night:

    On the night of his 2012 re-election triumph Obama phoned Pelosi and Steve Israel. He told them he would spend the next two years helping Democrats re-take the House in 2014, raise $50 million for that cause, and assign his campaign manager (pizza face) Jim Messina to that task. (My Note: Messina has since been hired by the Hillary nascent Hillary campaign).

    Two years later we know how that turned out. (My Note: recall the complaint by Reid’s chief of staff that Reid, Schumer and Durbin went to see Obama during the campaign and tried to get him to have the DNC release those moneys and he balked. Also, he condemned red state dims to career death by insisting that the 2014 election was not so much about them but the popularity of his policies, which according to every poll were exceedingly unpopular. In short he tied them to a tin can.)

    Obama consistently put (progressive) demands and bitter partisanship above the goals of economic growth and compromise. Far from cementing a Democrat majority , his political posture has helped the GOP make a comeback.


    (Progressives) are busy discounting Tuesday’s election results as meaningless, a Seinfield election about nothing. And it is quite true that Republicans have failed to offer much of a unified policy agenda. Yet the one issue that has been on the ballot everywhere this year is President Obama and his record.




  97. As for yesterday’s bloodbath being good for Hillary, I’m not seeing it. It seems to me that the Dem nomination in 2016 is looking like it will be worth about as much as the Republican nomination in 2008, after the country had rejected Bush. I don’t know that Clinton will even want to run. If she does, I don’t see how she wins the nomination. The Dem party has moved so far left that some moonbat or another will win the Iowa caucus and that will be the end of the Clinton run.

    If you think it’s tough to navigate the wacko wings of the Republican party and nominate a plausibly sane candidate, imagine the struggle the Dems will have trying to pitch a plausibly sane candidate to what is left of the Obama coalition. Yikes.

  98. The GOP majority in Congress is only as good as its leaders, and with Boner and McConnel in charge,
    “An army of lions led by a stag is not an army of lions”.—-Bonaparte

    In due course, we shall see how effective the honey badger (Cruz) is in motivating the leadership to grow a pair. Sessions, Lee and a few others will also be pressing the case as well. Mitch is primarily interested in rewarding his donors. John is primarily interested in le femme. Its like the old country western song: Whatcha gonna do with a dog like that?

  99. hwc
    November 5, 2014 at 10:37 pm
    If you are saying that the task of taking control of the party, distancing herself from Obama, and getting the public at large to accept its legitimacy as they once did, all in two short years, will be like changing the engine of a 747 while it is in flight from New York to Paris, then you will get no argument from me.

  100. Obama is a sociopath and that is why sooner or later he will have to be impeached.

    But the political conditions for doing so must be right.

    He is very brittle and easily baited to overreact.


    The Most Important Thing that Obama Said During that Insufferable Presser


    He’s not going to change, not for you, not for the voters, not for anybody.

    Lose the House? He’s not going to change.

    Lose more governorships and legislatures?

    He’s not going to change.

    Lose the Senate and find himself isolated atop a rump, coastal party?

    He’s not going to change.

  101. The key to this thing–and this is where conservatives must give McConnell some latitude, is to make some compromises to get democrats on board, so the legislation they send up to the president, so when he vetoes it he cannot claim that this is simply a partisan dispute. If McConnell has democrats on board then he can argue that this is not a partisan dispute, but an institutional one, and the Obama is usurping powers reserved to congress. At this point, the Republicans have the public on their side, and that will matter a great deal to a man like Roberts who is afraid of enforcing the constitution AGAINST the will of the people, as manifested in elections.

  102. Obama tool Van Jones on CNN saying as of now Hillary has not shown she can excite base, but Warren has….get ready for a lot of this. I really wonder whether Hillary wants to go through this again,

  103. Hot Air has a play by play account of the meltdown at MSNBC. Video of the distraught pundits at link. Matthews is as crazy as a road lizard. Maddow is too. Excerpt below is of Matthews’ trip round the bend.


    The Senate has now fallen to the Republicans, and the party is on track for a historic night on both the federal and statewide levels. Matthews appeared to lose all faith in humanity when even Massachusetts turned on Democrat Martha Coakley and elected Charlie Baker to serve as the state’s next governor.
    “There’s so much going on,” Matthews said. “The Denver Post endorsing Cory Gardner. The Des Moines Register Ernst. There’s something weird going on among – even among the educated crowd.”

    Translation: Only hicks and idiots are supposed to support Republicans. You have a journalism degree, for the love of God.
    For the record, The Register endorsed Bruce Braley, but Matthews was on an odd, misanthropic roll.

    Update 4:12 p.m. Eastern, November 5: The culmination of Matthews’s frustration came on Wednesday in an appearance on Alex Wagner’s program. There, Matthews became visibly irritated with his fellow progressives who he seemed to suggest have grown to accommodating toward the president. The exchange between Matthews and former White House advisor Bill Burton became quite heated at times.


  104. Matthews is as crazy as a road lizard

    Now, that’s a first Free.

    I had better pay more attention to those crazy road lizards 😉

  105. We know Obama is not chastened by the mid term results.

    What about big media?

    Is the unconditional love and devotion they have shown to him still intact—

    Or did they realize that the Obama era is over?

    And if so, are they willing to confront him when he refuses to bargain in good faith, and persists in destroying the country.

    At this point, it is hard to believe that when push comes to shove that they will do the right thing.

    There is too much evidence to the contrary.

  106. NBC political analyst Chuck Todd said last night that the Republican seizure of the Senate will force President Obama to back off from his plan to temporarily legalize potentially millions of illegal immigrants.

    “I think politically, tonight, it put an end to it. It would be a provocative act, politically,” Todd said. “The president is going to know that if he does this, he is starting a political war in Washington between the White House and the Republican Congress. He’d be stuck.”
    So what does Todd say when Obama proceeds with this plan? Will he and his fellow travelers at NBC support Obama going forward?

  107. I basically got an answer to my question from Charles Krauthammer on The O’Rielly Show tonight…

    bottom line…congress should go about their business passing legislation and bills AND do not appropriate any money or funds whatsoever to O’s Executive Order…do not give him any money for his fiasco…period…

    K also said that we should get some private lawsuits going because the Congress can’t really sue the President (?)

    anyone have any thoughts on what the congress should do if O tries to pull his ‘one man act’ executive action coup???

    …if anyone…Foxy…can find that clip of K on O’Rielly tonight please post, i tried but could not find that one…

  108. Tony Stark (Thanks Tony)
November 5, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Shadowfax November 5, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    I too am interested in admin’s and other people’s reaction to that article. IMO, it is written by a conservative or at least a Republican because it has attracted more than 1000 comments per hour since its release, and the most recent of them look like this:

    Come on now. She of the wide pantsuit is delusional if she makes another run for the White House in 2016. She would be Obama, “Chapter Three,” and Americans will never again allow another radical liberal to invade our White House. We will never let her off the hook over Benghazi, and the role she played with her America-hating coconspirator. Surely she realizes there’s not enough liberals and/or ho mosexuals out there to usher her into the oval office,


    These minimum wage journalists still trying to push their agenda must be really really stupid.

Who here has read this article? probably 1%, we come here to beat each other up so the smart repubs can tell the liberals how stupid and gay they are and the liberals can tell the repubs that they are meanies and quit being mean to them or they will throw a high heel at us.

    In other words, the Hillary haters are the usual readers of this author and they’re on a roll.

  109. freespirit November 5, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Serious or “humorous,” your remarks and those of wbboei on the subject of “progressives” are still disturbing because you are applauding the re-appearance of reactionaries on the American scene, and thugs who invented the concept of thuggery in American politics.

    I should have reminded you two, and S too, that when a journalist (2007) pressed HRC on her position in the Left-Right or Liberal-Conservative spectrum, she answered that she viewed herself as a “modern progressive”.

    And it was HRC who set the narrative and tone of the 2007-8 campaign, in particular with health care reform, immigration reform, championing the middle class again, education loans paid off as a function of income, and many other items that Obama adopted wholesale in his own campaign and has tried unsuccessfully to institute during his term in office.

    The sin or stupidity of the “progressive” movement was to choose skin color and soaring rhetoric over experience and grit, amplified by a distrust of HRC as she was thought not to really believe in any of the stuff she was saying. They viewed her as a right-winger.

    At the risk of boring you, I must repeat that the difference between Obama and HRC has never been at the level of the issues: They are both progressives.

    And the failures of the Obama administration and the nefarious tactics you and wbboei both decry — and which I agree with — are not the result of their progressive agenda, but rather the result of Obama’s weakness of character and absence of competence.

    It is on this level of character and competence that HRC differ widely and clearly from each other, not at the level of their agendas.

  110. At the risk of boring you, I must repeat that the difference between Obama and HRC has never been at the level of the issues: They are both progressives.

    Then, she will lose

  111. Me: They are both progressives.

    gonzotx November 6, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Then, she will lose.

    At last we agree: You are absolutely correct in saying that. HRC will definitely run, but she will definitely lose, because the country has come around full circle since 2008.

    Going into the 2012 election, I often said here that I didn’t want HRC to run in 2016 because Romney (whom I expected to win) would be a popular president and HRC would lose if she ran against him.

    Now I’m going back to that pre-2012 stance. I don’t want Hillary to run because I don’t want her to lose. I’ve signed up with Ready For Hillary but I will give no more money to a losing cause.

  112. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we jes. If Hillary is as progressive as Barack, why do Obama’s true followers feel such antipathy toward her? Why is the far left pushing so hard for Lizzie to run? Why do they say Hillary is not progressive enough?

    Maybe it’s a matter of degree. I don’t think the only difference between Hillary and Obama is that she is competent and he is not – although that’s certainly accurate. They may believe in some of the same basic ideals and policies – entitlements, for example – but, I don’t think under Hillary’s administration, half the damn country would be receiving food stamps and other assistance programs. I don’t think she would have abused her power to issue executive orders and circumvent congress on important issues, as Obama has done. We know a little of the differences of opinion they had when she was in State Dept. regarding foreign policy. In the 2008 campaign, Hillary repeatedly mentioned her belief in the importance of remaining fiscally sound as a country – not giving away the country as O has done while piling up debt.

    When Hillary was in the senate, she was known for her ability to work with the Republicans. She has often talked about the need to be able to compromise, to consider the views of the other party and the will of the people. Regardless of how far to the left she would like to take the country (in your opinion), which would not be as far left as O, there is every reason to believe that she would work within the established system, moving to the right, when called for. We all know that.

    Another major difference between Hillary and Obama is that she has a genuine love and respect for this country. He has only a genuine love for himself. She would govern with this country’s best interest in mind – all of the country. You certainly can’t say that of him.

    If she decides to run, I believe that Hillary will have a strong sense of the mood of the country, and the kinds of policies that will be tolerated. She has said in a number of speeches achieving change is a process – sometimes a slow one.

  113. Well you see the party faithful carving out a place for Chief of the Indian tribe Warren.

    Eff them, I don’t know if I even want Hillary to try to compete with the trash that is NOW the DIMocrat party. The party is definitely NOT with her, never has been, never will be, she should move on

    Becoming SOS was the biggest mistake of her entire political career, she had to know what a fool the man was and she leapt there of her own freewill.

    Benghazi will NEVER be silent. All the faux paus she had done will haunt her

    Warren has not large record, like the fool who resides in the White House right now.

    America is stoopid enough to fall for that kind of bullshit again. I can just feel it

    Van Jones is of the Obama inner “Valerie Jarrett” circle, you see them distancing themselves ever since Hillary dared question his policies back in the summer.

    I think Hillary of 08 and prior would have been good for the country, she is probably still that same person but the baggage you collect will follow you through the doors

    She is doomed.

  114. FYI This email is floating around allegedly from Clinton hater Dick Morris. I don’t know how much of it is accurate.

    Bill Clinton’s loving wife… by Dick Morris, former political adviser to President Bill Clinton.

    If you happen to see the Bill Clinton 5-minute TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying he wants to share some things we may not know about Hillary’s background, beware. As I was there for most of their presidency and know them better than just about anyone, I offer a few corrections.

    Bill says: “In law school, Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.” The facts are: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in law school was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a federal agent. She went to court every day as part of a law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal.

    Bill says: “Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a children’s rights project for poor kids.” The facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him.

    Bill says: “Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers.” The facts are: She flunked the DC bar exam; yes, flunked. It is a matter of record, and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas – none – and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She did not join the prestigious Rose Law Firm until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General and was made a partner only after he was elected Arkansas Governor.

    Bill says: “President Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of Directors and she became its chairman.” The facts are: The appointment was in exchange for Bill’s support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary then became chairman in a coup in which she won a majority away from Carter’s choice to be chairman.

    Bill says: “She served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.” The facts are: Yes, she did. But her main board activity, not mentioned by Bill, was to sit on the Walmart board of directors for a substantial fee. She was silent about their labor and health care practices.

    Bill says: “Hillary didn’t succeed at getting health care for all Americans in 1994, but she kept working at it and helped to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides five million children with health insurance.” The facts are: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the budget deal between Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Senator Trent Lott. I know; I helped negotiate the deal. The money came half from the budget deal and half from the Attorney Generals’ tobacco settlement. Hillary had nothing to do with either source of funds.

    Bill says: “Hillary was the face of America all over the world.” The facts are: Her visits were part of a program to get her out of town so that Bill would not appear weak by feeding stories that Hillary was running the White House. Her visits abroad were entirely touristic and symbolic and there was no substantive diplomacy on any of them.

    Bill says: “Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for children’s and women’s issues.” The facts are: Other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names on courthouses and post offices, she has passed only four substantive pieces of legislation. One set up a national park in Puerto Rico . A second provided respite care for family members helping their relatives through Alzheimer’s or other conditions. And two were routine bills to aid 911 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire NY delegation. Presently she is trying to have the US memorialize the Woodstock fiasco of 40 years ago.

    Here is what bothers me more than anything else about Hillary Clinton: She has done everything possible to weaken the President and our country (that’s you and me!) when it comes to the war on terror.
    1. She wants to close GITMO and move the combatants to the USA where they would have access to our legal system.
    2. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of suspected Al Qaeda phone calls to/from the USA .
    3. She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the battlefield.
    4. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of money transfers between suspected Al Qaeda cells and supporters in the USA .
    5. She wants to eliminate the type of interrogation tactics used by the military & CIA where coercion might be used when questioning known terrorists even though such tactics might save American lives.

    One cannot think of a single bill Hillary has introduced or a single comment she has made that would tend to strengthen our country in the War on Terror. But, one can think of a lot of comments she has made that weaken our country and make it a more dangerous situation for all of us. Bottom line: She goes hand in hand with the ACLU on far too many issues where common sense is abandoned.

    Share this with every democrat you know. Ask them to prove Dick Morris wrong. Think about it — Dick Morris has said all of this openly, thus if he were not truthful he’d be liable for defamation of character! And you better believe Hillary would sue him.

    Is America ready for a woman president? I believe we are, just NOT THIS one.

  115. Charles Krauthammer on The O’Rielly Show tonight…

    bottom line…congress should go about their business passing legislation and bills AND do not appropriate any money or funds whatsoever to O’s Executive Order…do not give him any money for his fiasco…period…

    Comment: you would think that by now Charles, Todd, Fineman would understand who and what they are dealing with—both with Obama and with McConnell. Evidently they do not. When he says they should not appropriate money–that means shutting down government. McConnell is so weak that he cannot even run a credible bluff that he will do that. He has to take it off the table on day 1. These pundits do not comprehend the problem. The biggest part of it is what I have been saying—when a sociopath with supreme power meets a toothless coward you know its going to be bad for the county. Wake up Sir Charles! Wake up!! Maybe they will take legal action. Maybe not. Will the court stop Obama from usurping the powers of congress after the policy he intends to enact was put on the ballot by the president himself and roundly repudiated by voters? Or will Roberts say eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Don’t ask me to decide anything important, it might sully the reputation of the court with the New York Times. And, by the way, before you take the photo you need to know my right profile is better than my left.

    Republican Majority, Day One: McConnell Surrenders
    We have captured your capital and destroyed your army! We surrender!

    By: Leon H. Wolf (Diary) | November 6th, 2014 at 08:24 AM | 32

    Share on Facebook 108 205 SHARES
    ebola mcconnell

    If you watched the respective press conferences of Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell yesterday, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Democrats had just picked up a bunch of seats in the House and Senate, and the Republicans had just suffered a humiliating defeat. While President Obama was defiant and borderline delusional, claiming that the American people had not repudiated him and boldly proclaiming that he still had a mandate, and openly declaring that he would veto everything the Republicans sent his way and act on his own, Mitch McConnell was ruling out the use of the most potent weapons in his arsenal:

    (Reuters) – U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)68%, who is expected to become the Senate majority leader in January when Republicans take control of the chamber, on Wednesday ruled out government shutdowns or any default on the national debt on his watch.

    Republicans scored major gains in congressional elections on Tuesday and will have majorities in both houses when the new Congress takes office early in the new year.

    “We’re not going to be shutting down the government or defaulting on the national debt,” McConnell said in his first news conference since winning re-election on Tuesday.

    McConnell’s pre-emptive capitulation on this issue is baffling for a number of reasons. First, contrary to the predictions of the naysayers in the Republican caucus, the GOP paid no apparent political price at all for shutting down the government in 2013, even though then they were in much weaker bargaining position.

    Second, it makes zero tactical sense, especially during a confrontation with a defiant and delusional enemy, to declare that you are pre-emptively removing a weapon from your arsenal. I think that I, like a lot of people, think that shutdown/default should probably not be used over the next two years. I think that there are some potentially disastrous consequences that could occur if either is utilized. It is much the same as being a country that is armed with nuclear weapons: probably, you are never ever going to use one, almost no matter what. But you dare not announce this to your enemy beforehand because 99% of the reason for having them in the first place is keeping the thought in the back of his mind that if he pushes you far enough, or launches a nuke at you first, you will return fire.

    What will Mitch McConnell do if Obama declares that he will veto literally any budget that is not his own? What if both chambers pass 5 or 6 consecutive budgets only to have them vetoed by Obama? What if he vetoes literally any debt limit extension that is not 100% clean? What will McConnell do? Will he turn over the mandate the American people gave the GOP to Obama and let him dictate policy because he is too cowardly to risk another shutdown or a default? Or will he have to come back to the American people in March and explain why he lied just 4 months ago about never doing this?

    President Obama clearly signaled to the GOP yesterday that he intends to spend the last two years of his presidency trolling them. He will intentionally overstep his authority at every turn and dare them to either impeach him or force a shutdown. And if Republicans have any intention of not allowing Obama to run the Senate for the next two years, they have to at least keep the possibility of shutdown or default on the table.

    The American people elected Republicans so they would actually do something to stop the Obama agenda, not just so a different class of people could be the beneficiaries of crony capitalism. And sooner or later it is probably going to be incumbent on Mitch McConnell to take a drastic measure or two to fulfill that mandate. In light of this, it is madness for him to take two of those options off the table before the fight has even begun.

  116. With McConnell at the helm it is fair to say that the Republican promise to stop Obama is a Potemkin Village affair.

    Hell on the Hudson, I was able to size this guy up in one short evening I spent with him.

    Why is it so difficult for these people whose brains are so much bigger than mine to see what is obvious?

    Now big media is calling him . . . shrewd.

    Its like the play Damned Yankees—-every time the baseball team has a losing season, the constant refrain is wait til next year

    Or, in this case, wait until 2016

    Then we will make good on our promises—if you give us congress and the presidency—maybe

  117. So Mitch—explain to me how this is going to work:

    1. Obama declares that he will by pass congress via executive order on a subject which is clearly within its purview,

    2. As Majority Leader, you huff and you puff and you pass alternative legislation to deal with that same matter in a responsible way

    3, Obama vetoes your legislation and does what he wants,

    4. As Majority leader, you refuse to use the power of the purse to stop him, but instead fund this unlawful executive order favored by your donorsw

    5. He wins

    6. As Majority leader, you go on the five networks, whine in your beer, and say this is why you must give us the White House as well as Congress in 2016

    7. Then we will fulfill our promises to voters

    They call Mitch “shrewd”. Does this sound shrewd to you? A categorical refusal to use the tools the constitution gives him. A theater stunt instead?

  118. I hope you’re wrong, dot. in the coming two years, we will see how things evolve. I don’t expect great things from the Republican congress. We’ve not seen great things from them in the past. Maybe they will be able to keep Obama on a shorter leash, but he will continue to pursue an aggressive far left agenda. Nothing to lose. He has no interest in preserving the party or in increasing the chances that a Dem will be elected in 2016. If he supports anyone, it will be Warren – only because she’s not Hillary – his nemesis.

    We know that the Republicans did not win the house and senate this week because of what they offered the country in terms of an agenda or policy initiatives. They were elected because they were not Dimocrats – not Obama’s party.

    Hopefully, Americans have learned a lesson about elected inexperience, untried candidate – like Elizabeth. She may not have the “baggage” Hillary does, but anyone who has experience and has been in the public for a while is going to have made some missteps and said things that did not come out just right.

    The American people experiencing a lot of fear about their individual lives and future, and the life and future of the country. Many people in this country – Republicans and Democrats alike – recognize that Hillary is extremely capable, knowledgable and concerned about this country. They want someone they know can do the job – Republican or Democrat.

  119. Okay fine. Lets give the devil his due. He is speaking not just to the American People—and arguably least of all to them, now that the election is over. He is speaking to multiple audiences, primarily the press who live in Washington and want the long cocktail line that city has been enjoying at the expense of the country to continue without interruption, and he is also speaking to financial markets who are worried about low growth in the global economy and the sepectre of a world wide depression. So he does a pre-emtive strike on his own bargaining position, so they can breathe a sigh of relief. But Mitch, now that you have taken the power of the purse and the power of impeachment off the table, tell me in ten words or less how you intend to stop this dictator. What is your plan Mitch? If all you are left with is the power to take him to court explain to me your legal strategy and why it is likely to work. You can’t, can you Mitch. So then this is all just a big charade. Right?

  120. McConnell is an idiot. He who controls the purse strings, controls..period.
    The fraud needs tough love..I don’t really mean love, but you know the program. No means no and bolt the doors.
    Here we go again, don’t want the American people mad at the Republicans, did they ever think to explain why they are doing this? I think Americans would understand and support it.

  121. Denton, a city in Texas, one that is reaping big financial rewards from fracking, voted to stop all future permits. Can you believe that?

    Texas. ..

  122. Well, here is some more theater.

    “For those who like this sort of thing, this is exactly the sort of thing they will like”–Abraham Lincoln.

    But if Obama is undeterred by the voters and Congress fails to stop him, then the question is fairly put about the 2014 election:


    Obama Takes a Whooping
    by Larry Johnson

    If Adrian Petersen whipped his son like American voters clobbered Obama yesterday, he would be well on his way to prison. Obama got more than a mere spanking. He got flayed.

    Let’s start with the culinary metaphors of defeat. Is he eating crow or sucking eggs? Is the toast? All of the above.

    Particularly sweet that he decided to phone in an endorsement of Kay Hagan in North Carolina yesterday. How did that turn out? Not so good. Same result with Michelle Obama. She was not perceived to be as toxic as her husband, but her suggestion that good black voters should reward themselves with fried chicken for voting Democrat apparently did not spark a run on Popeye’s or KFC. She would have earned an honorary KKK designation if she had also suggested that the menu include chitlins and watermelon. I will be so glad when she and Barack are gone from the White House. Enough of their racial divisiveness.

    What do you think was the biggest stunner yesterday?

    Ed Gillespie almost wresting away the Senate seat from Mark Warner in Virginia? Larry Hogan crushing Dummycrat Anthony Brown in the Maryland Governor’s race? Mitch McConnell crushing Alison Grimes?

    What to do for entertainment today? Tune in to MSNBC. It’s like watching the Japanese soldiers at the cliffs in Saipan. Filled with despair they are jumping into the foaming ocean. Nothing like watching folks eat a shit sandwich and then try to convince you that it tastes like bacon.

    Ball is now in the Republican court. They have a chance to do something positive. Will they seize the day?

    One final point–it is still the economy stupid! All of the Obama hacks have deluded themselves into believing that Obama really has produced a record number of jobs. He has not. He has presided over a dramatic shrinking of the work force. A majority of Americans understood that truth. Will the Dems wake up?

  123. Jeswezey –

    I don’t want Hillary to run because I don’t want her to lose. I’ve signed up with Ready For Hillary but I will give no more money to a losing cause.

    Yipes, I never thought I would hear you say Hillary’s running would be a losing cause.

    I am in agreement with you that I also have signed up with Ready4Hillary, but to date have not given them one cent nor do I plan to. I have maintained that I will only donate to Hillary’s campaign if she runs again.

    If you really believe what you say above, you must be really bummed out, or I hope you would be.

    First let’s see if Hillary comes out swinging and tosses her hat in the ring again.

    Then, let’s see how the Rethugs do over the next two years and who becomes their candidate.

    I do believe Hillary is the best person that we could have as our President and if she runs, she knows she will have to fight for it.

    I hope the day comes when the clouds part, the sun comes back out, and you fight for Hillary again. 😉

  124. But McConnell also vowed the chamber will be “voting on things the administration is not fond of,” items like Keystone XL pipeline and, of course, provisions within the Affordable Care Act. But he also acknowledged that “the veto pen is a pretty powerful tool.”

    So let me get this thing straight Mitch.

    What the 2014 election was really about was preserving Obama care—because you and your fellow republicans want those big pharma donors back under your tent. And it was about abolishing the tyranny of taxing medical devices? Anything else Mitch??

  125. “The veto pen is a powerful tool”–Mitch McConnell.

    That is a good one Mitch.

    It is right up there with I know not what others may do but as for me give me liberty or give me death.

    Very very very shrewd of you to say this, Mitch.

    So tell us this:

    If that is what you are afraid of Mitch

    How do you plan to cobble together a veto proof majority?

    You do all this conceding without offering a scintilla of a plan.

    Get a clue Mitch

    If you surrender on Obamacare, nobody gives a fuck about eliminating the tax on medical devices.

    Except for a few of your donors.

  126. freespirit November 6, 2014 at 9:28 am

    We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we….

    I think the handwriting on the wall is pretty clear now; and in any event, “wait and see” is not a campaign battle cry that’s going to get me to open my checkbook.

    Universal healthcare has been Hillary’s lifetime goal and the new Senate Majority Leader has vowed to repeal the PPACA “root and branch.” Many people, including the majority here at this site, will be happy to see it go, root and branch. Nobody has any suggestions for improving it and people make fun of me when I try, so I guess universal healthcare is down the drain for good.

    And so it will go for the next two years, and then the next four or eight years, with the “Just Say No” Republicans in charge.

    We have complained about Soros pulling the strings in DC, but now it’s the Koch brothers and Karl Rove. I hope everyone is happy with that.

    I concur with the differences you see between how things would have been with HRC and how they are with Obama. However:

    (1) I still see all these things you mention as a matter of character or grit, and experience or competence, but not a difference in ideals, policies or issues;

    (2) Arguing how things “would have been” is, once again, living in the past. The future, on the other hand, is bleak because the country has changed back to its old ways and nobody wants to face the future when they’re all dreaming of yesteryear.

    So, I think gonzotx is right: HRC will lose. I don’t want to see her lose, so I don’t want her to run. I guess I’ll remove my name altogether from the Ready For Hillary roster.

  127. At last we agree: You are absolutely correct in saying that. HRC will definitely run, but she will definitely lose, because the country has come around full circle since 2008.

    Going into the 2012 election, I often said here that I didn’t want HRC to run in 2016 because Romney (whom I expected to win) would be a popular president and HRC would lose if she ran against him.

    Now I’m going back to that pre-2012 stance. I don’t want Hillary to run because I don’t want her to lose. I’ve signed up with Ready For Hillary but I will give no more money to a losing cause.
    I would be reluctant to take the other side of that bet.

  128. freespirit
    November 6, 2014 at 9:28 am

    We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we jes. If Hillary is as progressive as Barack, why do Obama’s true followers feel such antipathy toward her? Why is the far left pushing so hard for Lizzie to run? Why do they say Hillary is not progressive enough?

    Sorry to horn in on this conversation, but to me, the word ‘progressive’ is just another meaningless name that has been twisted to become a dirty word for those Kooks and halfwits that support Obama.

    The meaning it had in 2008 is not the meaning it has to us Big Pinkers nor to FoxNews today.

    I never took up the label because it had no meaning.

    People should be judged on their actions, past and present.

    Forgetting the label for a minute, Hillary and Obama are as similar as salt and pepper. Both are spices, but they couldn’t be more different in taste and chemical structure.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  129. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we jes. If Hillary is as progressive as Barack, why do Obama’s true followers feel such antipathy toward her? Why is the far left pushing so hard for Lizzie to run? Why do they say Hillary is not progressive enough?
    In order for the electorate to accept the fact that this is anything more than an internal spat, a conflict between personalities, a contest for power within the party, as opposed to a conflict in substance, Hillary must carve out a position which is independent of and superior to Obama’s progressive doctrine. That position must be grounded in the Constitution. I do not think she will do that. I think what she will do is continue to pay obsesiance to Obama, talk tougher about the middle east, promote the year of the woman routine, position herself as a more competent version of Obama, and use his gotv appartus, as evidenced by their hiring of messina.

    That is why I agree with what was said above and would be reluctant to accept the other side of the bet.

  130. wbboei…to be fair to Krauthammer…what he was saying was not to appropriate or fund any money specifically to O’s Executive Action on Immigration that O is threatening…(he did not mean not to appropriate money in general)

    that is why I asked the other questions, how would O administer his executive action – what kind of a process would be involved and where would the money be coming from to ‘execute’ O’s executive order…obviously people would be needed to process millions of people…how would O pay those people? etc…how would he track them? how do we know who these millions of people are, do they have background checks? criminal backgrounds? where will they be living? where will they be going to school? do they have health coverage? etc, etc, etc

    Is the american taxpayer expected to pay for all of this at O’s whim???

    …also, McConnel said the new congress would be actually creating a budget…what a novel idea…it sounded like the Congress could withhold specific funding that would be needed by O for his independent immigration actions

    …it is confusing…that’s why i wonder where the courts would be in all of this…we do have a constitution…

    either way…there is no way this congress or the american people can just stand by while O decides by himself what to do with the status of millions of illegal immigrants…

    can you imagine any other president trying that? Bush or a Clinton…

    …the more I think about it…the more I seriously think there are some serious mental problems manifesting…

  131. Shadowfax November 6, 2014 at 11:48 am

    If you really believe what you say above, you must be really bummed out, or I hope you would be.

    Look, I didn’t want to freak you out but, as you know, I don’t take things lightly. Should “lighten up a bit” as you once suggested, but it just doesn’t happen.

    I totally agree with you when you say “Hillary is the best person that we could have as our President” and in my fondest dreams I see that happening. But then something like the Grimes defeat wakes me up and reality crowds out the dream.

    My morale is lifted a bit when I realize that Grimes was really a long shot and she did surprisingly well against an entrenched incumbent who was a party leader. Still, McConnell in control? Good God, I don’t wish that on Hillary.

  132. My morale is lifted a bit when I realize that Grimes was really a long shot and she did surprisingly well against an entrenched incumbent who was a party leader. Still, McConnell in control? Good God, I don’t wish that on Hillary.

    Grimes is not Hillary, the fight will not come close to the same magnitude.

    If Hillary doesn’t want the job, she won’t run. Period.

    This isn’t her first rodeo, she knows how ugly running can get and what it’s like to be stabbed in the back.

    Although Wbb made a comment above, “…promote the year of the woman routine”, which sounds like a campaign ‘routine’ but is a damn ass big fucking deal to women and to Hillary. Breaking though that glass ceiling is something that she encourages other women to do, even if it is bruising. It will help other women in the future, just for the attempt.

    Hillary will not opt out because she is a coward, but it will take a very serious reason for her to let it go in 2016.

    That’s not saying she will run, but if she is willing to fight for it…I will fight with her.

  133. “But McConnell also vowed the chamber will be “voting on things the administration is not fond of,” items like Keystone XL pipeline and, of course, provisions within the Affordable Care Act.”
    It’s business as usual. Anyone who tries to derail the co-dependent extortion/bribery game in DC will get hammered. Eric Massa and Ted Cruz come to mind. To use LJ’s analogy, US politics is the equivalent of professional wrestling with the MSM providing cover and getting their cut. The legislative show is often played as the “Perils of Pauline”; FISA, Patriot Act, Part D medicare, Obamacare, etc., etc. but the outcome was always worked out long before the show went public. Eventually, Big Agriculture and the hotel industry will get their cheap labor and high tech will get their 185,000 H-1B visas. (FWIW, the important 1/2 of Keystone XL was expedited by Obama and finished 6 months ago)

  134. S
    November 6, 2014 at 12:09 pm
    In that case, the trillion dollar burden will fall on the states and their beleaguered safety nets.

    This was not the speech for him to be giving at this point.

    It telegraphs weakness.

  135. Shadow, I agree with your perspective on the term “progressive”. That’s what I meant when I said it was a “matter of degree”. It’s a ridiculous argument. We know what Hillary said she stood for in 2008. She was someone we all could support at that time. I doubt she’s changed. I can still support her.

    Jes, you know as well as I do that I did not mean “wait and see” should be Hillary’s attitude – or campaign theme. It’s just fact. We don’t know what will happen. WE – not Hillary – will have to wait and see.

    Likewise you know when I referenced the difference in Hillary and O in 2008, it was implied that she would adopt much the same view point on policies, government, etc., in the future. That’s a reasonable assumption.

    I’m sure you’ll find some word or phrase to dissect in order further this argument and advance your point. I admire your ability to become immersed in the details and to well articulate your argument about each of them. Seriously. I just don’t think it’s productive to argue semantics and small points. Plus, I have to go to work, so I if I don’t respond to your response rebutting my response to you, I know you’ll understand.


    Shadow, those road lizards dart left and right and all over the place. You have to watch out for them. 🙂

  136. I see a new meme coming out of the media now about Hillary though

    These things stick regardless “She is just not a good candidate” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this and seen this in print since Hillary took a stance earlier in the year,

    It’s a dig that people remember, saying that over and over is the new media dig at Hillary. Saying, she’s not like Bill.

    Then you see that big email from Dick Morris, who is such a effing loser, I’d hope the Clintons would have had some dirt on him and he’s so dirty I have not even seen him show up on any news places lately, maybe I missed the dirt bag slime.

    He has deep seated hatred of Hillary and one has to wonder if he fed a lot of shit about her to her opponents.

  137. About Mitch. Did you see his victory speech? All that went on concerning it? I thought his wife was NEVER going to give him the mic; and then she stayed on as the applause indicator.

    So I wonder how much is Mitch wandering before being tugged back by the missus.

  138. I don’t think any of us want her to run unless she has a real chance to win. If she is going to go through hell just to get out of the primaries because Warren is the Obama pick, it is going to be a repeat of 08. Lets be honest, Hillary intellectually is brighter than even Bill, but she is not a great campaigner. Now most rationale folks would prefer a person of substance as opposed to a great campaigner like Obama, who lacks any real ability to govern, but the times have changed and the media control the campaigns, not the candidate. The dims along with MSM will do anything to create a schism in the party should she elect to run, and quite honestly, I am not sure she would win.

  139. Notice how amnesty is being peddled to the American People with the same arguments that were used to peddle NAFTA to them 20 years ago which has thrust a knife into the back of the American worker. They claim that amnesty will create jobs and raise our collective prosperity. It is the same empire of illusion. Hedges puts the onus on Bill, but his predecessors and successors have marched to the same drum. 92 thousand people of working age not working.

  140. dot48
    November 6, 2014 at 12:46 pm
    I do not think that was Morris. If it had been Morris, it would have been even nastier. With him, as with Rove, Hillary is an obsession.

  141. wbboei
    November 6, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Shadow, its marketing”

    What’s marketing?

    Hillary’s stance on women???

  142. I just called Mitch McConnells Washington office. Told him what a disappointment he was already and that apparently he didn’t understand the results of the election, but if he proceeded with playing softball with Obama and backdoor crony capitalism,he will see the rather of the American voter…

  143. Here is the point that needs to be fully understood.

    1. there are two types of jobs

    a. manufacturing jobs: which can be offshored

    b. service jobs: which cannot be.

    2. the corporate state has used the federal government to drastically reduce their labor cost

    3. this is why there has been no real growth in worker wages over the past 30 years–but the elites have made more money than ever

    4. The purpose of NAFTA was to offshore manufacturing jobs to reduce labor cost. American workers were laid off.

    5. The purpose of amnesty is to fill service jobs which cannot be offshored. American workers will be laid off.

    6. At the same time, McConnell and Obama are busy breaking unions.

    7. So lets be clear for a change of what the real game is, shorn of the histrionics.

  144. You do not have to be a wild eyed progressive to see what the game is. The problem with the progressive is the cure–more government—like we see with the IRS, is worse than the disease.

  145. wbboei

    November 6, 2014 at 12:33 pm


    it was K talking on O’Rielly and saying what he thought the repubs could do…it was not something McConnell said…

    and frankly, I cannot imagine the states just sitting by if O follows through on his “Executive Action” to give a pathway to citizenship for millions of people…and the congress does not give hime funding…thereby leaving it to the states to pick yp the bills…

    at that point I believe we would have a consitutional crisis and a outright war going on in the USA…

    maybe O is bluffing…

    What is your suggestion for anyone, the Congress/courts, to do if O goes ahead and just acts on his own…giving amnesty to millions of people?

    that is my question, I am looking for answers….

    bottom line…we, the people, and the Congress, and the Courts, cannot just stand by and let him to that all on his own…this still is the United States of America right?

    when did we become a dictatorship?

  146. What’s marketing?
    The creation of yet another brand, which substitutes a sound bite for a critical examination of policy positions and likely outcomes.

  147. at that point I believe we would have a consitutional crisis and a outright war going on in the USA…

    maybe O is bluffing…
    Jefferson said a democracy needs a revolution every twenty years.

    That may have bee true in the late 18th century, but today it is not realistic.

    But a constitutional crisis today, like we had nearly 50 years ago with Nixon to save the country?

    To me, that is necessary and proper.

  148. Wbb

    I am fully aware of what branding is and my question to you was,

    – are you saying that Hillary’s stance on women is just ‘branding’ and not actually her sincere passion?

  149. What is your suggestion for anyone, the Congress/courts, to do if O goes ahead and just acts on his own…giving amnesty to millions of people?
    There are legislative and judicial remedies that could be pursued—IF McConnell has the guts (which he does not).

    1/ legislative: He has only one real power that no one else can take away: the power to bring bills to the floor.
    That means McConnell can block any and all of Obama’s appointments, both executive and judicial. And that is what McConnell should threaten to do if Obama attempts to carry out executive amnesty. It is a threat that is directly related to the powers that Obama proposes to abuse, and it is better than threatening to defund the government or even particular agencies, which would have the disadvantage of punishing innocent individuals.
    If Obama persists, then defunding is on the table–but it should remain targeted. And it should aim directly at the White House itself, cutting funding for all positions necessary to carrying out the president’s non-security powers, even grounding Air Force One if necessary. McConnell should be prepared, ultimately, to defund the White House–even while passing the rest of the legislation that he and Boehner have on their long to-do list.

    2/ judicial:

  150. are you saying that Hillary’s stance on women is just ‘branding’ and not actually her sincere passion?
    Far be it from me to doubt Hillary’s commitment to women and children.

    This commitment is the most consistent position in her resume.

    The question is whether that commitment should take precedence over every other one.

    I am not suggesting that is her position.

    But I am saying that a brand has the effect of sucking the oxygen out of the room.

    And it is is an easy way to bamboozle low information voter.

    It is brands themselves in politics that I am against.

    Surely you can see how brand Obama—the first black president

    Turned out to be a dog whistle which brought out the black racists.

    We need to look past the brand to the substance.

  151. But if, in looking past the brand to the substance, we discover that it is simply Obama lite, then some of us who do not subscribe the the tenets of progressive dogma, but believe in its opposite–liberal democracy, might not take the plunge.

  152. FYI: Senator-elect Joni Ernst showed up for two days of National Guard duty today. pic.twitter.com/8i5K5ebNTw

  153. Bonus GOP establishment victory in 2014: Failure of party to win KY House makes it tougher for Rand to run for POTUS w/o giving up seat.

  154. “2. the corporate state has used the federal government to drastically reduce their labor cost”
    40-50 years ago a single income, manufacturing wage, family could expect to own a home and live frugally but well. In 2014 dollars, an auto mfg. worker made $50 an hour, today starting is ~$18. 10 years ago, I thought the idea that there was coordination between business and govt to depress wages and standard of living was equivalent to UFO reporting. Real income has remained stagnant for several decades and decreased during the Obama years. When US wages decline to a point which will compensate for rising foreign wages and transportation costs, then manufacturing jobs will return to the US but a markedly reduced standard of living.

  155. SHV
    November 6, 2014 at 2:31 pm
    Then you do not believe in UFO’s?

    Can you prove to me that they do not exist?

    Yes, I know, it is hard to prove a negative.

    But with billions of stars in the heavens

    As Casey Stengel said:

    Do the math.

    Again, I say this in jest.

  156. No. I take that back.

    I have affirmative proof on point.

    The current head of the IRS, and Kuccinich too, and maybe even McConnell

    Look and sound like extraterrestrials.

    Therefore, I submit that UFO’s must exist.

    Without some form of transportation, i.e. a UFO they would not be here.

  157. wbboei

    November 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm


    thank you for posting Turley and your response…I respect Turley, he is one of the very few that holds on to his principles and doesn’t shift with the wind or when it suits ‘his side’…we need more like him…Bruce Fein is another one that I respect…

    I think what you are saying, Krauthammer was getting at…even Chris Matthews was ranting about…and definitely Turley…and my own comments way up above are essentially what I was trying to formulate…and with the new Congress and the repubs in control of both sides I am more encouraged and less cynical that there will be a stronger effort to curtail O’s actions…

    …if O insists as December approaches then I think the repubs have to prepare for battle and as K said, private lawsuits need to be filed…and a public campaign to stop O’s actions needs to be organized…

    as Turley says…this would be a very bad precedent to establish…and I just cannot see how O has the legal authority to do what he threatens to do…

    and yes, of course, everything should be targeted to specifics…not impeachment, specifics that relate to certain uuauthorized actions…so the public at large understands the importance and impact…

    I guess we will see…but for such a weakened President to make such threats (he is resembling Nixon’s mentality more and more as time goes on)…the proper authority needs to school this man…does he really want more public humiliation…he looks very reckless and like he has nothing to lose…

    he definitely does not care about what more damage he does to the Democratic party, he has already left them scorched and impotent…he is and, many of us always knew, the party of O, not the D’s…

  158. LOL….

    The GOP ousted a 14 term Democrat from *Samoa.* They have now officially expanded the 50 state map and breached Obama’s 57 state firewall.

  159. moononpluto
    November 6, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    No problem, he can always go back to preforming gum surgery if he runs and misses.

  160. Wbb

    I hate this expression, it seems like a cop out, but I can’t think of a better one right now.

    We will just have to agree to disagree on this issue.

  161. No sir.

    The proper name for this group is not the 2/3 that did not vote.

    The proper name for this group is the 2/3 who did not BOTHER to vote.

    It is evident from their inaction that they do not care what happens.

    This is simply a rhetorical device to ignore the will of the electorate.

    Here is Christian Adams take on the matter.

    Again, it is part and parcel of the progressive mindset which is adverse to sharing power with the people.


    Decoding the President Listening to Two-Thirds Who Didn’t Vote


    If you were perplexed by President Obama’s post-election comment that he heard the voices “of the two-thirds who didn’t vote,” you can be forgiven. Normally, American presidents don’t see the electorate through the lens of those who do not participate. But Obama’s comments reveal a view toward election process rules that is shared by some of the more extreme groups hostile to our democratic republican system of constitutional government.

    Let’s decode his comments.

    It is a favorite fable among far-left groups like the Advancement Project and Demos that more voters is always good and fewer voters is always bad. They firmly believe that the path to a progressive policy wonderland is to get everyone with a heartbeat to vote. This is part of an even older fable that the “system” robs the underclass of power through laws, rules, racist constructs and oppressive societal structures – like having to make the effort to register to vote, for example.

    Obama, and his fellow travelers in the election-process world, firmly believe that if only, if only all “barriers” to the ballot were removed, then that progressive-policy wonderland would finally be realized. Then we’d enjoy the American version of a workers’ paradise, 8.0.

    It’s the voices of the two-thirds who didn’t vote that Obama pays more attention to today than the rest of the country who did. When he made his comment, he wasn’t being flip, he was being transparent for a change.

    That’s precisely why “voting rights” groups fight to implement election-process changes like same-day registration, vote by mail, felon voting rights and extended early voting. It is one reason they fight voter ID laws, because as one Justice Department lawyer told me, their voters “are more disorganized and likely to forget their ID.”

    None of this is any grand secret. If you read the hundred thousand dollar testimony of Charles Stewart who testified against North Carolina election-integrity laws, you’d see this attitude on full display and at great taxpayer expense. Experts opposing those laws testified about how blacks have to take the bus and are less sophisticated such that it is harder for them to vote.

    These are the sorts of societal structures and constructs that the left believe prevents them from winning every election. It’s why President Obama thinks he hears from the “2/3 of voters who didn’t vote.”

    If you still don’t quite understand the two-thirds comments, ponder this. Progressives want the electoral system to be revolutionized. They are pushing changes like universal registration – which would automatically register anyone to vote who is on a government list – and “approval voting.” They prefer single member districts, or better yet, cumulative or limited voting schemes. Such schemes help ensure the more polarizing radicals are elected, never having to appeal to a broad cross section of voters.

    They want to fundamentally transform how our elections are run so they can get power.

    This isn’t to say some should be ineligible to vote. But a great drummer once wrote that “if you chose not to decide you still have made a choice.” Non-participation in elections may owe more to not caring than an oppressive bourgeois conspiracy. But the left has never been comfortable with free will.

    In the end, they’d probably want people to be able to vote sitting at home using their television remote controls over the course of two months.

    What’s wrong with that? — I can hear them saying now.

    What’s wrong with that is that our Founders knew that straight democracy leads to tyranny. That’s why our Constitution created a democratic republic. Few of the “voting rights” advocates seem to have learned that lesson in the schools they attended. Perhaps the lesson was never taught. Or perhaps something appeals to them about that outcome.

    So when President Obama breaks the long American tradition of listening to voters, and instead listens to those who didn’t vote, it is no accident.

  162. Did people just lie to them?

    Maddening for reporters on the ground @peterbakernyt: In almost every race polling average skewed Democratic at times by substantial margin

  163. Dems jumping ship….


    In Manchin’s home state, Democratic state Senator Daniel Hall announced on Wednesday that he would shed his party identity and join the Republican Party. “The Senator, who was not up for re-election on Tuesday, told Eyewitness News over the phone, that the people in his district voted in large numbers against the Democratic Party and he made the change, to best represent their interests,” a local West Virginia CBS outlet reported.

    Surely, Hall’s own interests will also be served nicely by the flip. His switch reverses a 17-17 member tie in the state Senate which was to be broken by the state’s Democratic gubernatorial administration. Republicans are now the majority party in West Virginia’s state Senate. The GOP also took control of the state’s House of Delegates on Tuesday night for the first time in 83 years.

    Hall was not the only soft Democrat on the legislative level to abandon the president’s party. In Missouri on Wednesday, Rep. Linda Black shed her party label and determined to become a Republican.

    “With the addition of Black, Republicans now hold 118 House seats, nine more than the 109 needed to override the governor on a party line vote,” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. “They also hold 25 Senate seats, two more than the 23 needed to override the governor on a party line vote.”

  164. Just an innocent question:

    A month ago, Obama claimed this election was a mandate on his policies.

    Now, after voters handed is ass to him, he claims it does not count.

    He claims to speak for the 2/3 who did not vote.

    How does he know what they think?

    The polls tell us that the nation does not like his policies.

    Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that those who do not did not vote do not like his policies any better than those who did.

    And, in that case, he is not speaking for them either.

    All he is doing is creating a red herring which he can then use to de-legitimitize the election, ignore congress, and govern by executive order.

    If Ted Cruz were majority leader Obama would get his ass handed to him.

  165. There is some evidence however that he has become so fucking delusional the he hears voices.

    In the days ahead, given his pathology, it is not unlikely that that view will gain currency.

  166. “DSCC pulled all money from Landrieu so move over under the bus,..”
    Landrieu is dead meat in the run off. There were 8 people running for the Senate seat in the general election, two were Republicans who received ~64% of the total vote.

  167. Just you wait Henry Higgins

    Just you wait

    It is only a matter of time

    Before Obama goes over the edge

    It cannot be otherwise.

    The operative question is simple and straight forward

    What’s to be done, and who’s to do it?

  168. With both of these parties you have the party platform and then you have the real agenda.

    East is east, west is west, and ne’r the twain shall meet—Kipling.

    Where foreign policy is concerned, the Council of foreign relations sets the real agenda.

    Hillary has joked about that

    But as they say in Texas, many a truth is said in jest.

    Six years ago, the Council laid down its agenda for the new administration.

    Making peace with Iran was at the top of the agenda.

    An agreement, not necessarily a sound agreement.

    That is what Obama is trolling for, it is why he undermines Bibi, and it is why he is open to a nuclear Iran.

  169. Obama doesn’t think past his own pleasures.

    On the other hand, his bridezilla is always in search of finding her pleasures, but from the look on her face, has never found them.

    Married to stinky, what do you expect MO?

  170. The Hill

    Wounded Dems look for answers


    I wonder if the thought of their treachery in 2008 even crosses their minds? The old party kumbaya moment, NEVER HAPPENED .

    The rest of the Dims finally couldn’t stomach any more of the Hope and Change lie.

    The R’s finally got out and voted!

  171. OMG

    The media just put a bullseye on this poor soldier and his family by naming him……

    EXCLUSIVE: Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden revealed. (Xxxxxxxx) named as SEAL Team Six hero who shot terror chief three times in head – and has already inspired series of Hollywood roles


  172. Okay, I guess the Seal and his dad don’t want their names protected…

    I hope they remain safe!

    The Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden dead in the special force’s most famous operation can be named today.

    The Navy hero is set to give a full interview to Fox News later this month and waive his anonymity but MailOnline has established that he is Rob O’Neill, a highly-decorated veteran who quit after 16 years service.

    In an exclusive interview Rob’s father, Tom O’Neill, tells MailOnline, ‘People are asking if we are worried that ISIS will come and get us because Rob is going public. I say I’ll paint a big target on my front door and say come and get us.’

    Rob O’Neill, 38, is a former member of SEAL Team Six who has been portrayed on screen in Zero Dark Thirty, Captain Phillips and Lone Survivor.

  173. Fracking & Global Warming – Denial and the Republican Solution

    To deny the potential dangers from Fracking and Global Warming is to be Barack Obama denying the danger of Ebola. These are sciences politicized for special interest. It is understandable that a person would have difficulty discerning the real level of threat, but the issues are real.

    While the scenario of a drinking water well catching fire is far-fetched, oil and gas contamination of drinking water aquifers from fracking is entirely possible.So I ask naysayer to show me the data, routine testing of aquifers local to fracking operations. Where are the laws requiring monitoring? What are the disclosure requirements? And let me tell you, inconvenient data not required to be disclosed, will be invalidated. Oh, and do not expect boob Obola to see you are protected.

    Global Warming for all it’s complexity, is validated by Physical Chemistry 101 and how the heat capacity of the atmosphere is effected by the well documented rise in Carbon Dioxide levels. You can argue about the effect relative to others, but deniers are just that, in denial. The atmospheric temperature with elevated carbon dioxide levels is higher than it would otherwise be.

    In 2000 one of George Dubya’s priorities was to allow the reformation of the Oil and Gas Monopoly. The prices are fixed and the game is rigged. The One Percenters have established their positions at the trough and they will feed like pigs. Then you know what you will get is trickle down … trickle down.

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