Black And Blue – Due To Ebola Obama

Racists everywhere! Here, there, everywhere a racist! It’s Old McDonalds Farm on Chicago Way.

Since 2008, that year of so much relevance even unto today, Obama Dimocrats have smeared anyone who does not worship that clod who currently occupies the White House. If you dared speak the truth: you’re a racist!

We wrote about these race issues, Charles Barkley, and the “RACIST” epithet in our last article. Now the racist hordes are everywhere. The new RACISM is a black on black crime. It’s African-Americans on the attack against the precious.

Sing it brothers! Sing it loud, sing it proud.

We have often noted that the big mainline women’s organizations no longer care about women (never forget NARAL’s endorsements in 2008. Never forget this year’s Planned Parenthood protection of its profits by forced clinic appointments instead of cheap over-the-counter contraception for women. It’s Planned Profithood.) but about protection of the Obama Dimocrat party.

We’ve noted that labor organization have forsaken the workers and sworn allegiance to the Obama Dimocrat Party. Always we lament that black mainline organization have abandoned the black community and black people as individuals in order to serve the Obama Dimocrat Party.

These mainline organizations are liars and have failed to protect their constituencies. The organizations have failed. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. POWER TO THE INDIVIDUAL.

The overseers on the plantation are finally under attack.

The overseers will shout “RACIST!” regardless of the skin color of the individual that attacks them. Black, or white, or whatever shade of skin, you too can be a “RACIST” if you attack the overseers and their plantation Simon Legree foreman Barack Obama.

But, but, but Republicans are evil and always have been, right? We must fear and hate them because well, we must fear and hate them and run away, right? Well the Republicans were the good guys at the time of their founding and the Democrats were the bad guys. Then the leadership of the party changed and the bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys. Every cop a criminal. The saints are sinners and all the sinners saints. Tails is heads. Heads is tails. The party you once knew is the party you never knew.

Martin Luther King was a Republicans because it was Democrats that oppressed blacks. It was Democrats, yup, like Lyndon Johnson who stopped civil rights legislation. Then came Kennedy and heads switched.

Side with the side that is best for you not the side that whispers sweet words but robs you blind. Organizations change. Principles shouldn’t.

Countries change. Governments change. Sometimes the change does not come willingly. The great Declaration:

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Ditto political parties.

Some will hold on to political party as if was an object holy. But political parties are born to serve not to be served. Whenever a political party usurps the power of those it is bound to serve it must be decapitated and entombed. If a political party becomes destructive to your ends, abolish it.

Elbert Guillory is an individual. For many years he was a faithful elected Democrat. Then came 2008 and his eyes opened. Guillory left the plantation.

By 2014 Elbert Guillory’s eyes are wide open.

Elbert Guillory knows something that even the savviest of politicians often stupidly forget: Political parties are like toilet paper – you keep them around only as long as they are useful then you discard them.

The Democratic Party died in 2008 and now the replacement Obama Dimocrat Party is soiled. But soiled or not some politicians and voters won’t let go of the stinky. And so they stink too.

The Republican Party these past few years has changed. It is because the Republican Party has found itself quite inadvertently, by sheer circumstance, in opposition to the totalitarian impulses and policies of Barack Obama – as well as the corruptions and incompetence of Barack Obama himself – that the Republican Party find itself in this position alongside the American people. Whether it is on Ebola related issues or ObamaCare, , the economy, waste and abuse of the taxpayer dollars, freedom and constitutional issues, abuse of processes and government and much more the Obama Dimocrat Party is the party of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, corruption and abuse.

Many Democrats became what they once opposed.

Does the Republican Party deserve your vote this November? That’s for every individual to decide. But does the Obama Dimocrat Party deserve your vote this November? Absolutely not. The Obama Dimocrat Party, like Barack Obama only deserves contempt and abuse. We will happily provide both.

What to do in November? What is our advice? First, as we have explained we do not think any Obama Dimocrat deserves a vote. A vote for any Obama Dimocrat will only serve to encourage, individually and collectively, the Obama corruptions we are all so tired of. The Obama Dimocrat Party is soiled.

Second, do Republicans merit a vote? Maybe, maybe not. But we don’t think that is the issue.

To us the Republican Party this November is like toilet paper. We will use it to wipe away the Obama, er, stink. The majority of likely voters agree with us that Obama Dimocrats deserve punishment. That is proper and just.

This November we hope American voters will use the Republican Party to wipe away what needs to be wiped away.


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  1. TwoThree women acting stupid in New Hampshire by refusing to attack Obama and his policies. Result? They’re losing ground:

    MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — A new New England College poll shows former Scott Brown back in the lead over incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) by a point and a half.

    Brown is up 48.3 percent to Shaheen’s 46.8 percent in the poll of 1,132 likely voters statewide. The poll was conducted on Oct. 24, and has a margin of error of 2.91 percent.

    Dr. Wayne Lesperance, New England College’s director of the Center for Civic Engagement, attributed Brown’s success to narrowing Shaheen’s lead among women voters. [snip]

    In the first congressional district, Republican Frank Guinta—who’s been running a campaign focused on much of what Brown is talking about statewide—has taken a commanding 6.1 percent lead over incumbent Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH). The New England College poll puts him at 49 percent, whereas Shea-Porter is at 42.9 percent. [snip]

    Statewide, the poll found the governor’s race tightening to less a point. Incumbent Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan still leads with 47.2 percent, but Republican Walt Havenstein is nipping at her heels with 46.9 percent of support.

    “Hassan has maintained a consistent lead, but over the past week the race has become a toss-up,” Lesperance said.

  2. I love these racist ads. Well spoken, honest and we even get the Rolling Stones listen to while reading.

    Great post Admin!

  3. oh dear….

    Unmanned NASA Antares rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station has exploded six seconds after take-off in Virginia

  4. I completely agree with you on this Admin!

    Does the Republican Party deserve your vote this November? That’s for every individual to decide. But does the Obama Dimocrat Party deserve your vote this November? Absolutely not. The Obama Dimocrat Party, like Barack Obama only deserves contempt and abuse. We will happily provide both.

  5. Admin….i hope you saw Warren mess it up on the View earlier by naming Shaheen as the “sitting senator from Vermont”….obviously vested herself in that information when she was in Nh last week.


    Colorado’s Early Vote Through Monday: 42.8% Republicans, 32.4% Democrats

    What the Gardner and Tillis Campaigns Are Thinking Right Now

    I talked to a consultant who’s plugged in to the Republican Party’s efforts in the Senate races in Colorado and North Carolina.

    For obvious reasons, he’s feeling good about Cory Gardner’s effort in Colorado, noting that Republicans continue to hold a big lead in early voting.

    The October 27 numbers for early voting indicate that the returned ballots are 42.8 percent from registered Republicans, 32.4 percent from registered Democrats, and 26.9 percent from voters who are unaffiliated. In 2010, Republicans led the early vote 39.5 percent to 33.6 percent over Democrats.

    In terms of raw numbers, 281,638 registered Republicans have voted so far, 213,738 Democrats, and 163,311 unaffiliated.

    This consultant said that unlike Ken Buck in 2010, the Republican base is rock-solid with Gardner, more than 90 percent of Republicans supporting him. (According to CNN’s exit poll, Buck won 89 percent of self-identified Republicans, while Democrat Michael Bennet won 94 percent of Democrats.) Udall is getting 90 percent of Democrats, and the independents break slightly to Udall; as noted before, Colorado independents are more Democratic-leaning than in other states.

    He doesn’t expect Republicans to keep the ten-point lead throughout early voting, but he says it’s good place to be in at this stage of the early vote. The final turnout number should be somewhere around 2 million, not 2.3 million – so with 657,000 votes cast, close to a third of the vote is already in.

    In North Carolina, the outlook for Thom Tillis brightened somewhat. After consistently trailing by about three points through most of September and early October, Tillis and incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan are tied in the latest NBC News/Marist poll and the latest Survey USA poll.

    This consultant thinks that the ads from liberal outside groups in favor of Hagan may actually be backfiring. A key part of Hagan’s message for this reelection bid is to emphasize – or at least claim – her centrism, her independence, her willingness to defy the liberal party line. Then the airwaves are suddenly full of ads touting Hagan and attacking Tillis from the political action funds of… Planned Parenthood, the League of Conservation Voters, and unions’ groups.

    “That’s the comparison we wanted!” the consultant chuckles. “Conservative vs. liberal is a better split for us than Republican vs. Democrat. ‘Conservative senator’ is the runaway favorite in what voters wanted, and Hagan had been trying to insist she’s a conservative. And now all these liberal groups are coming in [trying to reelect Hagan]. They don’t realize that it’s a dog whistle to independent voters.”

    This consultant does have one or two variables keeping him up at night.

    We definitely need our ground game to work,” he says. “It’s been reinvented a lot since 2012. If they can turn out more low-propensity Democrats than they did in 2010, then we need to turn out more low-propensity Republicans this cycle than we did in 2010. There’s a really big opportunity here to win a lot of Senate seats. To do that, it doesn’t have to be a climate like 2010, but it needs to be close to that.”

    Overall, this consultant suggests that the disappointing early vote numbers for Democrats in other states reflect that there are “a few” members of that party who are now begrudgingly recognizing that the Obama approach hasn’t worked. “It’s hard to generate enthusiasm for something that isn’t working,” he says, listing ISIS, Ebola, and the border crisis as “new and fresh reminders no one is running the shop.” Throw in the VA and the awful launch of Obamacare, and voters are concluding, “maybe these people just aren’t good at government.”

  7. They’re finally going public on the WH hacking!

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Suspicious cyber activity has been detected on the computer network used by the White House and measures have been taken to address it, a White House official disclosed on Tuesday.

    The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, would not say who might have been responsible for the activity on what was described as an unclassified computer network used by employees of the Executive Office of the President.

    “In the course of assessing recent threats we identified activity of concern on the unclassified EOP network. Any such activity is something that we take very seriously. In this case we took immediate measures to evaluate and mitigate the activity,” the official said.

    “Our actions are ongoing and some of our actions have resulted in temporary outages and loss of connectivity for some EOP users,” the official said.

  8. MoonOnPluto, we missed the View segment. It looks like Warren was off the reservation on that one.

    Did you see this one at The Hill?:

    Warren vs. Clinton: Dems say ‘Why not?’

    The Democratic field in 2016 has more than enough room for two women competing to be the nation’s first female president, according to liberal activists.

    They pour scorn on the notion that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), or any other woman, ought to step aside if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launches a second quest for the White House.

    “The idea that you can’t run because there’s somebody else who looks like you running? Oh my God, what would all the white men do?” quipped Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

    “I think the argument that two women shouldn’t compete in a primary is insulting to voters — both women and men,” said Robert Borosage, the director and co-founder of the progressive Campaign For America’s Future. “This isn’t a gender contest. This is a race to determine the best leader for our country. Anyone making that argument in public would be hooted off the stage.”

    A former senior Democratic staffer who supports Clinton also decried the notion.

    “I’m sick of the political boys’ club,” said the former staffer, who is female. “We always have several men running at the same time. The more women who run for public office, the better. I want nothing more than to have Hillary as the first female president … [but] people don’t become president because they deserve it — who becomes president is up to the voters.”

    Representatives for Clinton and Warren did not respond to requests for comment. [snip]

    That reflects one potential worry for the Clinton campaign — that a Warren candidacy would provide voters with a chance to get behind another Democratic woman with a credible shot at making it to the White House.

    Maybe that simply won’t happen. Warren joined all the other female Democratic senators in October 2013 in a letter encouraging Clinton to run for president.

    But Warren has signaled in recent weeks that she could indeed run, despite having previously insisted she wasn’t interested.

    “I don’t think so,” Warren first told People magazine when asked if she’d run for president recently. But she then added, “If there’s any lesson I’ve learned in the last five years, it’s don’t be so sure about what lies ahead. There are amazing doors that could open.” [snip]

    “Sen. Warren is entitled to run for president if she wants, and I think she’s a great candidate,” O’Neill said. “There’s no reason she shouldn’t run for president. We need to have a conversation about where we want this country to go. Do we really want the .01 percent controlling everything?”

    O’Neill added, “More women need to run against each other in all races to show it’s not a big deal. That says to other women on the sidelines, ‘Well, maybe I could jump in, too.’ “

    They’re all supporting Warren, even the ones that publicly say they support Hillary. When the masters tell them to turn against Hillary they will turn against Hillary.

    Hillary will find herself looking like a fool and once again campaigning for another Obama Dimocrat. They’ll send her back to Kentucky to wander through the hollows with her “vote for Grimes” sign as Warren laughs.

  9. Obama is hacking into the computers of his enemies. The following article is on point. In 2008, I had my own computer hacked by his people and the reason I know it was them was because they left a threatening message to that effect. It is reasonable to assume that this practice is widespread and yet the public is ignorant of it–as they are of most things that will ultimately affect their lives. The most likely culprits are Google (knowing the predisposition of their CEO Eric Schmidt), Organizing for America, and the Soros network). Frankly, that is where much of the money Obama collects on his fundraising escapades ultimately goes, for we all know it does not go the party. The common bond of these groups is to transform this nation, to place the financial burden of transformation on the middle class, to undermine the constitution and to build the structures and lattice work of world government. This is their answer to the end of history riddle posed by Francis Fukyama scholar in residence at Johns Hopkins after the fall of the Soviet Union. Zeib Brezneski–a friend of Soros, who has his own CIA crew teaches at that institution as well. Nevertheless, there is some grounds for hope. No John Dean has emerged to unravel his conspiracy. But sometimes the hacker who spy on journalists and scrub their files right before their eyes, get careless and leave behind an IP address, as they did with Sharyl Attkisson’s case. And in her case, it points back to the big media beloved messiah–the agent of hope and change.
    More Evidence the Government Hacked Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer
    by JOHN SEXTON 28 Oct 2014

    Yesterday I noted that an expert who examined Sharyl Attkisson’s computer found evidence it had been hacked using proprietary government software. That expert source, described as working for a government security agency, is never named in the book. Attkisson simply refers to him as “Number One.”

    But according to a story published late yesterday by Erik Wemple at the Washington Post, “Number One” was just the first of at least three individuals who examined Attkisson’s computer for signs of tampering. The next individual is identified by the pseudonym “Jerry Patel.” Patel, who was hired by CBS News as an outside expert, concludes, “someone has accessed this box.” Though he can’t say who, he suggests the level of skill involved is, “far beyond the the abilities of even the best nongovernment hackers.”

    Then in September of 2013, there is another incident. In the midst of complaints about her coverage of Bengahzi, Attkisson’s computer begin to delete data, seemingly on its own. As recounted in her book, “Suddenly data in my computer file begins wiping at hyperspeed before my very eyes. Deleted line by line in a split second: it’s gone, gone, gone.”

    So Attkisson’s computer goes to a third specialist. Unlike the previous two, this individual is identified by his real name in the book. He is Don Allison, a computer forensic specialist who works for Korelogic in Annapolis, MD. Allison is hired, presumably by CBS, to find out what is going on with the vanishing files. What he finds is evidence that someone has tried to expertly remove any trace of their connection to the machine, but the job is not perfect. The hacker leaves behind an ISP address belonging to a U.S. government computer. Allison tells Attkisson, “This ISP address is better evidence of the government being in your computer than the government had when it accused China of hacking into computers in the U.S.”

    Erik Wemple at the Post contacted Don Allison to confirm and possibly expand on the information in Attkisson’s book about the hacking. Today he received a response from Korelogic’s President Bob Austin. Austin explained that his company signed a non-disclosure agreement (apparently this is standard) which prevents the company from speaking about the work they did for their client. Austin would not even confirm who he was working for when he signed the agreement, though Wemple suspects it was CBS News.

    Three experts examined Attkisson’s computer, one on her behalf and two on behalf of CBS News. All three found definite evidence of hacking and all three suspected, for various reasons, the hacker was working for the U.S. government. The fact that Attkisson was doggedly pursuing this administration’s “phony scandals” while all of this was happening to her computer raises the distinct possibility it was politically motivated. It’s a possibility that seems worthy of congressional investigation.

  10. Thanks administrator, as I always appreciate it when you incorporate my favorite band in your critiques.

  11. Best BLOG EVER … admin lays it out there and I agree 100%. I also said earlier the long knives were out for Hillary, Bill practically told it in remarks recently about “political poison”. They are USING Bill and Hillary Clinton but it is their OWN fault. As admin says, they are lining up to support Warren .. ANYBODY but Hillary. Mark my words. It’s as clear as it can be to me.

    ANY vote for a Obama Dimocrat is travesty IMHO. This election is about repudiating the stink in the country NOW.

  12. Well, here is what my cynical self sees as the 2015-2016 set-up of Hillary by the Obamanut Dems.

    The far-left will run Warren…but, Joaquin Castro of TX will also be running. They will run Hillary out (or she may decide screw it herself)then it will be down to Warren or Castro. Warren doesn’t have the pull with women that Hillary has, add the Hispanic vote and ta-da…your nominee will be Castro because the Dems want a Hispanic before a woman POTUS. As a concilation prize, Warren gets the VP slot.

    Thus continues the Dems “war on women.”

  13. Truthfully, Hillary should just say no. Love her but the Obama democrats are now in the majority and will never support her.

  14. I cry Bull Puck on Warren becoming the Dim nominee. Ain’t gonna happen no matter how many Kooks rig the elections.

    I don’t know if Hillary will run, but she sure as Hell will not lose to Warren if she did.

    That’s my opinion, obviously… but Hell will freeze over when One Drop wins and I become a registered Rethug.

  15. my two cents…

    two factors re: support…big money will back Hillary

    After the O years…Elizabeth Warren could never win the national election (I agree with some of her points but she is annoying with all that manic head bobbing she does)…and frankly, imho…Castro does not have enough experience to win the presidency on the national level…i know, the same can be said for O…but that makes my point this time around…people want someone with a track record and experience this time around, as in, someone who might actually know what the hell they are doing…not some novice with an unknown X factor…been there, done that…

    as far as Hillary’s current actions…again, as I mentioned before I think she is doing a lot of pandering and sorry, but some of it does not sound sincere or “authentic” … personally, I don’t care for when she uses alternative dialects…i think it turns more people off than on…she does seem to be making some rookie mistakes…again…she has done enough…Hillary, chill out a bit and bide your time…don’t waste it or dilute it…or label yourself before you even launch your campaign…

    finally Bill is on the air in ads preaching for Crist…that is very unsettling, especially if Crist loses…the Dims acting like prostitutes is not a pretty picture…(one last comment about Crist…just because he is running as a Dem does not mean he will govern as a Dem…particularly with a repub congress…he can be so easily swayed, influenced and bought off, if his old repub money people want something hard to believe he won’t change his mind again, he can’t help himself)

    understandable that people are disappointed and disillusioned with people they once highly respected…

  16. jbstonesfan

    October 28, 2014 at 9:38 pm
    Truthfully, Hillary should just say no. Love her but the Obama democrats are now in the majority and will never support her.
    Agreed. The best way for her to preserve her credibility, good will and place in history would be to look these vultures in the eye and tell them: fuck off. I am not your puppet. I will not do your bidding.

    Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice;
    Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment.
    Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
    But not express’d in fancy; rich, not gaudy;
    For the apparel oft proclaims the man,
    And they in France of the best rank and station
    Are of a most select and generous chief in that.
    Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
    For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
    And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.\

  17. Shadowfax
    October 28, 2014 at 9:45 pm
    I cry Bull Puck on Warren becoming the Dim nominee. Ain’t gonna happen no matter how many Kooks rig the elections.

    I don’t know if Hillary will run, but she sure as Hell will not lose to Warren if she did.

    That is why the Dems want Warren to run. Not to beat Hillary, but to split the women vote so a third alternative will emerge….an Hispanic candidate. Hence why they want blanket citizenship for all the illegals here.

    THE DEMS DON’T WANT A WOMAN TO BE POTUS…least of all, Hillary.

  18. We’ll stated wbboei! . I know that I cannot take any more disappointment and perhaps my feelings are simply a defense mechanism to protect me from further pain, but it just does not seem like it’s in the cards for our lady Hillary. Timing is everything in life and somehow Obama was rolled out at the right time and despite his absolute ineptness at governing, a slight majority in our once great country favor the current form of governance . Hillary has not helped herself either as pointed out in the article below. She seems dammed if she does and dammed if she don’t.

  19. If the mid term election goes as expected, then the old Roosevelt coalition which we on this blog believed in and supported, and which we looked to Bill and Hillary to lead, is gone. That means the Jacksonian democrats, the elderly, and the minorities with a work ethic who were the core of the old coalition will leave, and the doctrine of liberalism itself which previously defined the party will be a hollow shibboleth. What will be left is the shell of the old party, with totalitarians inside it, committed to the eradication of America and the extinction of the middle class–in essence, a cancer which will in time kill the victim.

  20. I resigned myself to the left tearing Hillary apart a couple of weeks back when Monica was put on display a girl who has been quiet for years all of a sudden has a big job with vanity fair, and is now on the speaking circuit. It almost like they’re saying go ahead Hillary and we will drag it all out again.

  21. Okay, I just got my little wooden soap box out- and although I may stand alone on this issue, so be it. If Hillary runs, she is tough enough to be a great President and a whole bucket of nasty sexism plus half truths will not bend this great lady.

    She has tough skin and can take it, just like she did when she worked hard as SOS for the SOB that stabbed her in the back.

    I couldn’t do what she did, but I admire her for it. She did a damn good job, even kneecapped by the Fraud of all frauds.

    If she isn’t up to the dirty tricks of politics, the career that she has worked hard at all of her adult life, then she will kiss politics goodbye and she will co-partner with her Big Dawg at CGI and keep fighting for women and children.

    I haven’t given up on her, and until she declines to run…I will keep hoping she will be the first women to become President of the United States.

    Hillary 2016

  22. I wonder if Hillary’s public advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality is one of the factors motivating her questionable decision to campaign on behalf of Grimes and other female Dims. Even if this were the case, and she felt she had no choice but to put her money where her mouth was, so to speak, and campaign for the female candidates, it is still a politically risky move on her part. I just don’t get it.

    On the Pub side of the 2016 presidential race, it seems that after an initially lukewarm response from Republicans the possibility of a Jeb Bush candidacy is being talked about more favorably and more frequently among Pub leaders. With Hispanics publicly threatening to ditch the Dims if Obama fails to give illegals a free pass, the Republicans may be especially interested the ability of Jeb and his Hispanic wife to appeal to Hispanic voters.

    Inspirational, Admin. One hell of an article!!!

  23. My worst nightmare is that Hillary doesn’t run and the vote ends up between One Drop and the Two Headed Dentist or Jeb Bush.

    That may be the first election that I refuse to participate in.

  24. “I haven’t given up on her, and until she declines to run…I will keep hoping she will be the first women to become President of the United States.”

    Amen to that. Make some room on that box for me, Shadow, I’m with you.

  25. Voting

    THE DEMS DON’T WANT A WOMAN TO BE POTUS…least of all, Hillary.

    The Kooks and the Republican’s don’t want Hillary. And the Dims know that Warren can’t win the general. Therefore, a woman’s chance is slim…but…

    Look at what the Suffragettes had to go though for women to vote! They put their lives on the line, they were tough.

    And I believe our Hillary is just as tough.

    She was pushed to the back of the damn bus in 2008, now it’s the real tough race that she is about to enter. She is about to decide if she wants to change history in America or not.

    Warren doesn’t have the credentials nor the brains for it. If not Hillary, then there will not be a woman President for awhile, probably not in my lifetime.

  26. From previous comments:

    “What the heck does Obola have to put in ‘his’ library?”

    I’m guessing old copies of O Magazine

    One or two volumes of Golf for Dummies,

    A copy of the little known book, Women Who Won’t Wear Sleeves, and The Men Who Love Them.

    Of course, he’ll prominently display the books he allegedly wrote.

    Hopefully someone will donate an American history book for his benefit.
    If Memory serves, in one of his campaign speeches, Barack said that the Selma, AL march was the reason his father came to this country. Trouble is, his dad came here in 1961. The Selma march was in 1965.

  27. “Unmanned NASA Antares rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station has exploded six seconds after take-off in Virginia”
    Maybe using reconditioned 45 year old Russian rocket engines isn’t the best idea.

  28. Shadowfax
    October 28, 2014 at 11:36 pm
    Okay, I just got my little wooden soap box out- and although I may stand alone on this issue, so be it. If Hillary runs, she is tough enough to be a great President and a whole bucket of nasty sexism plus half truths will not bend this great lady.

    She has tough skin and can take it, just like she did when she worked hard as SOS for the SOB that stabbed her in the back.

    I couldn’t do what she did, but I admire her for it. She did a damn good job, even kneecapped by the Fraud of all frauds.

    If she isn’t up to the dirty tricks of politics, the career that she has worked hard at all of her adult life, then she will kiss politics goodbye and she will co-partner with her Big Dawg at CGI and keep fighting for women and children.

    I haven’t given up on her, and until she declines to run…I will keep hoping she will be the first women to become President of the United States.

    Hillary 2016

    I want to clarify something at this point. I still back Hillary before anyone else…PERIOD. But, I already see the Dems and their co-horts starting to rip her and some of the things Hillary has said on the campaign trail aren’t helping her future candidacy at all.

    I am glad jtjames brought up the return of Lewinsky. She got a job with Vanity Fair. The same Vanity Fair that did that major hatchet job on Bill during the crucial part of the 2008 primary. The same Vanity Fair that I cancelled my subsciption and when asked why I told them and also added a big FU.

    I don’t trust Warren at all and firmly believe she is going to run because she speaks with a forked-tongue. If the Dems weazel her the nomination the way they did Obama, I am off the Dem reservation for good.

  29. No one should kid themselves, any woman, a Republican or a Democrat will have to be tough to become President of the United States.

    The job requires someone damn tough and sexism is a weapon both men and women use against a every woman. If she is weak, they make fun of her, imply she is stupid, if she is strong, she is too much like a ‘man’. (As if..)

    The Dims ripped and still rip Sarah and her family apart. Warren will not have it any easier if she runs and Hillary doesn’t.

    No woman should have to go though it, but to become President, only the strong will survive.

  30. Shadow: the two headed dentist, whom Time Magazine now calls “the most interesting man in politics”, in their continuing effort to force the Republican Party to select a candidate who cannot win, speaks out of all sides of his mouth, and will not survive the nomination process. By the way, I thought he was an opthomologist by training, but when it comes to politics he is a proctologist. Jebediah is a more likely possibility but he is as inspiring as a wet blanket, comes from a family which is not well regarded by the average voter, and will split the Republican Party between the elites and the grass roots. Jebediah is a big fan of amnesty and illegal immigration, and it incapable of representing the interests of the American People. The only one who could defeat him in the money circles where the ultimate decisions are made is Romney, and charismatic compared to that hump Jeb. That fact alone will appeal to many women. And, for the record, Rand Paul is as interesting to me as a block toilet is to a plumber.

    Where is Clare Booth Luce, when we need her? As a Paris Island DI once said it is bad for a marine to die in combat without permission.

  31. VH, you are right about the Obama-Dims going after Hillary. It’s been happening for a while. Initially, they were more subtle with the hatchet, but they are become much more blatant. The anti-Hillary rhetoric from some Dims is increasing and becoming more vicious.

    As you said, we knew this would happen. There was no reason to believe that the Dims who had back-stabbed Hillary so thoroughly in 2008 would support her in 2016. Now, they love them some One Drop, a fellow far-leftie. If they didn’t have her, they would find someone else. It’s a CDS thing with them, and they don’t see Hillary as being liberal enough. Plus, they know she’s a pragmatist and will compromise if that’s what it takes to get bills passed and initiatives enacted.

    I hope she recognizes them for the enemies they are.

  32. Hillary supporters are JFK Dems. Warren supporters are Ted Kennedy Dems.

    I fear the “Teddies” will strike again.

  33. free

    I also think that One Drop is seen more as a puppet to the Kooks and unions, someone they can manipulate like they did O’dud. They think that by screaming for her to run, that her ego will make her jump into a race she isn’t prepared for.

    So far, she hasn’t swallowed the bait, and maybe the velvet glove has touched her, ever so gently.

    Then again, she is looking for a door to open for her…

  34. VotingHillary

    Hillary supporters are JFK Dems. Warren supporters are Ted Kennedy Dems.

    A big yup to that!

    We also know that Uncle Teddy never became President, his dirty tricks caught up with him.

  35. OK, admin, I gotta hand it to you: you produce some brilliant essays. The Declaration of Independence, the Party = Toilet paper analogy: This one is almost totally brill.

    But “almost”, because there’s still a hitch:

    If the Dims are to be flushed away like toilet paper, which I agree with, then where does that leave the candidates that aren’t and never were Dims? And the Rethugs that are worse than the Dims?

    I’m thinking of individual races, of course, namely Childers, Tennant, Nunn and especially Grimes.…

    Especially Grimes, not because she is an avowed died-in-the-wool ‘Clinton Democrat’ but because she is running against a high-profile piece of shit that deserves to be wiped off and flushed away with the Dims.

    I admit that Grimes could have done better when pressed on the matter of Obama versus Clinton Democrats. She made it into a matter of loyalties; but loyalties are only a small part of the difference. The issues are only a small part too.

    The basic difference between a Clinton Dem and an Obama Dim is that a Clinton Dem will engage and grapple with the adversary and come to a compromise somewhere in the center that will satisfy the majority and do some good for the country. An Obama Dim doesn’t do that, and neither does Mitch McConnell.

    And if you think McConnell “maybe” (your word) deserves re-election, what about Thad Cochran? Excuse me, but Cochran is as corrupt as they come — just as bad as McConnell and Obama — and not worth a bucket of warm shit. He should be flushed away too.

    You allow a “maybe not” when you speak of voting Rethug over Dim. But the awful truth is, there are really only two choices in the US: Republican or Democrat. If a Republican is “maybe not” the one to vote for, the other choice is Democrat. Furthermore, not all Dems are Dims, and not all Repubs are Rethugs. People in each state have to cast an individual vote for one candidate or the other.

    I don’t care what the polls say and I know I’m probably throwing my money away, but I’m still pressing hard for Grimes and Childers with no doubts in my mind.

  36. Warren is unelectable after Obama! She’s so far to the left, she makes Obama look like a centrist. The problem is Hillary running to the far left to try to neutralize her. This is how Warren can truly hurt her. Hillary, if you read this blog, stop trying to be Elizabeth Warren. Be yourself!

  37. Also, Hillary’s best opportunity is a complete repudiation of the Obama and Warren wing of the party be every democrat losing in November. Let them all lose! A Republican Senate will be something Hillary can run against. Like I said, with America feeling scared and unsure of its governmnent’s strength and place in the world, Warren and any other unrealistic pacifist or isolationist Dem or Rep is unelectable. Both Warren and Paul were screwed by Obama’s foreign policy.

  38. Shadowfax October 28, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    You know when the Rethugs are on ‘higher ground’ with the public, the Dim’s are in deep $hit….

    We are back to voting for the lesser of two evils.

    Spot-on thinking!!

    But my conclusion is that, in a few cases, it’s the Rethugs who are the greater of the evils!

    Shadowfax October 28, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    What the heck does Obola have to put in ‘his’ library?



    Shadowfax October 28, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    I haven’t given up on her, and until she declines to run…I will keep hoping she will be the first woman to become President of the United States.

    freespirit October 29, 2014 at 12:09 am

    Amen to that. Make some room on that box for me, Shadow, I’m with you.

    Shadowfax October 29, 2014 at 12:10 am

    I’m moving over for ya Free.

    Sorry, it looks like the soapbox is getting crowded and I weigh about 260 lbs, so I’ll just stand alongside and add my voice to the chorus. (Besides, I don’t need a soapbox — I’m 6’ 5”.)

  39. dot48 October 28, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    YES… having to live under OBAMA’s bullshit doings is ONE thing, seeing it from AFAR is another.

    Please remember, as concerns HRC, that much of her time from 2009 to 2013 was spent overseas. It’s an enlightening, not a benighting, experience. And it has changed her perhaps more than anything else in the intervening years since 2008.

    … Some people just have to think they are right about everything… again YOUR choice. I never said “my opinion” was to be digested by everyone…

    I think I’m right about everything? I said everyone has to digest my opinion? I think that?

    Look, you’re just trying to shut me up because you disagree and don’t have a good answer to my comments.

    I choose to see a Hillary that has DIGRESSED and CONTORTED herself to “fit” the Obama Democrat mold… all for political purposes! Again, IMHO.

    And you resent my saying that these alleged digressions (maybe you mean “regression”?) and contortions might just be the natural progress of an intelligent woman? Again, in my disingenuous opinion…

    Now she is having to “walk back” her “you didn’t build that” moment, but you can’t unring that bell.

    I’m not sure what ‘bell’ you’re referring to. “You didn’t build that” was not her phrase. HRC has had to walk back some recent statements, but she had to do that in 2008 too (the NY driver’s license for undocumented aliens, the Bosnia sniper fire, etc.).

    if you don’t even live here it’s hard to WEAR our shoes

    Now you’re wearing my shoes and telling me what’s hard for me to do. Such a statement is self-contradictory.

    From your past posts here, I conclude you live in Kentucky. I have been to Kentucky only once, when I was 8 years old; yet it is legal for me to express opinions about the Kentucky senatorial candidates and to contribute to the campaign of my choice. I’d be interested in knowing if you think my assessments of McConnell and Grimes is wrong In Your Honest Opinion.

  40. Point 1: Obama is unalterably opposed to a travel ban prohibiting people for coming here Ebola affected countries.

    Point 2: other nations have instituted such bans to protect their citizens from the pandemic sweeping west Africa.

    Point 3: those bans have proven effective in preventing the spread of Ebola to neighboring countries.

    Point 4: Obama and his minions have failed to offer any persuasive reason for a failure to institute a ban.

    Point 5: if you wonder why he would subject the people of this nation to the risk of death, you now have your answer:

    Time to serenade the big media messiah with this one


    Will Obama’s policy decision set forth in a State Department memorandum . . .

    To bring Ebola infected NON citizens here from west africa . . .

    Thereby subjecting the American People to the ravages of this pandemic. . .

    When doctors have have treated Ebola cases in Africa–like Dr. Bob Arnot (former medical expert for ABC news) . . .

    Have testified on Megan Kelly’s show . . .

    That there is NO compelling MEDICAL reason to bring any of them here, and . . .

    They can be treated in their native countries just as effectively . . .

    So that, according to the text of the memo . . .

    The Administration (meaning Obama)

    Can show POLITICAL “leadership on the issue”

    And thereby burnish Obama’s legacy as a citizen of the world

    Help or hurt democrats in the mid term elections?

    Answer: given the stupidity of the American People

    As evidence by their twice elected this bastard

    At the behest of big media

    The most we can say is maybe

    Given the stupidity of the American People, it will probably not matter. But it sure as hell should.

    Comment: since Hillary will be asked about this policy, she had best be thinking of a better answer than businesses do not create jobs

  42. “The governing style of Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) is also a factor. Republicans have long complained that he allows relatively few opportunities to amend legislation; for Democrats, that means that their chances to distance themselves from the president are rare.”

    “Congressional Quarterly pointed to Reid’s biggest power play — the so-called nuclear option, which made it easier to overcome filibusters against judicial and executive branch nominees. But it also meant Democrats are casting more votes that put them on record as siding with the president.”–and-their-own-records/2014/10/28/35f0f670-5eb5-11e4-9f3a-7e28799e0549_story.html

    Think about that. Dirty Harry and Obama will allow no dissent. None. Not even from US Senators in their own party. Now I do not feel sorry for a single one of them because they put this pair in power but this is why they can’t run from either of them and by my reckoning we could see NINE Senate seats flip next Tuesday. The number of House Dems imperiled seems to be growing daily and it is too late to do anything about it except throw money. Tipping points, perfect storms, cascading failure, and preference cascade rolled into one big beast of an election. Expect hissy fits from the White House. The newest group to turn on Obama is “Ebola” moms.

  43. Mormaer October 29, 2014 at 5:18 am

    … by my reckoning we could see NINE Senate seats flip next Tuesday.

    You’re probably right; but I hope there will be a tenth and eleventh flip — in Kentucky and Mississippi.

  44. dot48
    October 28, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Best BLOG EVER … admin lays it out there and I agree 100%. I also said earlier the long knives were out for Hillary, Bill practically told it in remarks recently about “political poison”. They are USING Bill and Hillary Clinton but it is their OWN fault. As admin says, they are lining up to support Warren .. ANYBODY but Hillary. Mark my words. It’s as clear as it can be to me.

    My first stop every morning. 😀

  45. VotingHillary

    Hillary supporters are JFK Dems. Warren supporters are Ted Kennedy Dems.

    Quite true. But in my first election, I was an RFK crazy, and during 2007-08, I said to myself that HRC was the first candidate I could really believe in as much as RFK. The endorsement from RFK Jr rang lots of bells for me.

    I know that RFK was not the consummate politician that JFK was; but in fact, that’s what I loved about RFK.

    For example, he was awful under the klieg lights. Once, a TV interviewer asked him a question and RFK just sat there as the high-$ TV seconds ticked away. The interviewer said, “Senator, did you hear me?” and RFK replied, “Yes, yes, I’m thinking. I’m thinking….” and just let some more seconds tick away. I loved it. Fuck The Media !!

  46. warehouse553 October 29, 2014 at 3:02 am

    = Hillary, if you read this blog, stop trying to be Elizabeth Warren. Be yourself!

    That’s an admonishment HRC doesn’t need to hear. She doesn’t channel anybody. She is her own woman, and if some of her issues and phraseology resemble Warren’s or anybody else’s, it’s because that’s the way she’s thought it out for herself.

  47. jeswezey,

    Her comments about businesses and corporations not creating jobs, I thought that was an attempt to run to the left to neutralize Warren?

  48. In the past two to four days the polling has started to tighten up and become more realistic. Obamacrat’s polling (especially that paid for by media and Democratic consultants) have used rigged polling to drive “narratives” to influence public opinion. They will still try to do it but polling companies will not want rigged data used this late or it makes them look incompetent and WRONG and who wants to hire wrong pollsters? The media will use older polls to push the narrative but newer polling is showing a strong break for Republicans. The public is not pro-Republican but anti-Obamacrat. I read somewhere it is a toilet paper election. Republicans are the toilet paper to removing Obama Democrats. Vulgar but true.

  49. I could vote for this guy. 😀
    I like what he said.

    One thing is the ability to work across the aisle. I didn’t have a platoon of all Democrats. We had different backgrounds, different beliefs and different politics. But we were able to set aside those beliefs to do what was best for America. I think that’s what Americans expect for Congress as well.

    I’m a Democrat and I grew up in Massachusetts, but serving in the Marines with people from all over the country and all over the political perspective helped me understand the other side much better. And you can’t work with the other side until you can understand them.

  50. If the Teddies did somehow manage to get One Drop the nomination, she would drive them straight into the river . No way in hell will this country elect someone who is more left wing than Barack. As Moramer said, people are frightened, and feel that everything is out of control. It’s hard to believe that the progs – with their elite educations and super-coolness- don’t realize that Warren stands little chance in a GE. So why the do they keep pushing for her? Maybe they’re not smart enough to see the obvious. Or maybe, they would forfeit the general election in order to have the pleasure of throwing a Clinton under the bus again.

    A primary difference in Warren and Barack is that Warren is competent and she has the drive and energy to get stuff done. Because of that, she would potentially be even more dangerous than Barack.

  51. I agree with this. 🙂

    America is so over Obama. In 2008, the media and a majority of the voters were head-over-heels in love with the man who told them that “yes, we can” overcome war and recession.

    By 2012, the amour had cooled but they were willing to give four more years to the guy who was – if nothing else – way hotter than Mitt Romney.

    But now it’s 2014 and the passion is totally gone. Obama is the withholding boyfriend who knows that he’s probably on the way out and is just sending the odd friendly text message from the golf course. If this relationship-breakdown metaphor seems a little strained consider this: Barack Obama is close to having played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods.

  52. Don’t live in Kentucky, however I would LOVE to see Grimes beat McConnell.

    My opinion that you have to LIVE in the US to feel the WRATH the bullshit doings of Obama and his Dimocrats .. of which Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to embrace, still stands. From ObamaCare to shredding the constitution, not being HERE to feel the infliction, your opinion is skewed.

    But it’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. So carry on and have a wonderful day.

    Not interested in carrying water for Hillary, that would put me in the same column as the media and pundits and ass kissers who have carried it for Obama and his minions.

    IF it takes a Republican to get the job done .. so be it. I’m worried about the country versus a party. The DEMocrat party left in 08 for what it stood for me.

    Allowing Bill Clinton to be called “racist” with very few taking the rightful position to get his back, done it for me.

    At this point, I don’t know if Hillary will run, I hope she does not because we already see that she will not have the backing and if these little digs right now don’t tell her supporters something then I’m not sure what would. She has not even declared yet and already they are floating “competition”.

    If it walks like a duck, call it!

  53. Dot 48 said.

    Allowing Bill Clinton to be called “racist” with very few taking the rightful position to get his back, done it for me.

    Wasn’t that something our first black POTUS!!!!

    And as much as he has done for them.
    His office is in Harlem for goodness sake!!!! 🙁

  54. Poor ole Joe 😉 they will back track on his statements later in the day. Love how they can walk this shit back but when Mitt Romney or his wife would make the least little mispeak while campaigning on long, hard days the media would destroy them over and over for days on end. Just like the 47% remark, the media still is bringing it up.

  55. hope there will be a tenth and eleventh flip — in Kentucky and Mississippi.
    If—as you and I hope—the GOP loses those Republican seats, then the 9 seat swing projected by Momemar would be reduced to 9 which is still more than the 6 required to give them control of the senate. In either event, if the senate shifts then we will see whether they can–and will do everything possible to stop illegal immigration, because if they do that then I believe they can stop him. Meanwhile the timing of the leak of that state department memo is exquisite. How would you like the be a red state democrat and have that new disclosure to defend as you run for your life from Obama, just as American citizens my find themsleves in a position where they are running from their lives from Obama. About all they can say to him is: hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you. Meanwhile their beleaguered staffers need to be sending out resumes hoping that some employer would be dumb enough to hire those knaves.

  56. Regarding Hillary v. Warren, the “theorists” and “leaders” are still in control of the party.

    Democratic Party “theorists” convinced party “leaders” in the early 2000s that demographics were the key to the future of the party (even as with every election their theories were proven false). By 2006 those party leaders began to see Obama as the way to capture the young and black along with single women (throw in a dash of white urban liberals). They began to groom Obama. Hillary stood in their way.

    The “leaders” and “theorists” began to remake the Democratic Party. They attacked seniors and the white working class as not worthy of attention and participation in the party’s new future.

    Once the “leaders” and “theorists” gifted Obama the nomination and Obama became president in the wake of Republican stupidity ObamaCare robbed seniors of Medicare financing and the white working class was left for trash.

    Only one website wrote this was madness. Republicans brought into the garbage of the Democratic Party “leaders” and “theorists”. Everyone brought into the crap. Except for one website. You’re reading it now. Since our analysis more and more people and websites rewrite what we wrote long ago.

    We wrote that with the Internet the young would not do as other past generations did because they don’t have “brand” loyalty. This ran contrary to the Democratic Party theory that once the young were “hooked” on the Democratic Party they would stick with it for life. We also wrote that the young would follow the life path of those before them and in many cases change values and views as they grew older and their lifestyles changed. We wrote it was madness to dump long loyal and always voting seniors and the economic consciousness of the party (the white working class) for the fools gold of the “youth vote” and the rest of what became known as the “Obama coalition. It didn’t take long for us to be proven right:

    Harvard University on Wednesday provided new proof that the Democrats are going to be broadsided in Tuesday’s national elections as millennial voters, in a shocking shift, now prefer a Republican-controlled Congress and give President Obama his second lowest grade ever.

    A new and massive poll of 2,029 18-29-year-olds from Harvard’s Institute of Politics just released found that of those who say they will “definitely be voting,” 51 percent want the GOP in charge, 47 percent favoring Democratic control.

    Because the numbers are close, however, Harvard said the kid vote is “up for grabs.”

    Still, it is a huge shift from the last IOP midterm poll. In 2010, younger voters kept to their historic trend with 55 percent favoring Democrats, 43 percent Republicans. That is an eight-point change, very good news for the Republicans who had feared that the Obama generation would show up at the polls and in knee-jerk fashion simply pull the Democratic levers.

    The shift away from Democrats is likely fed by the millennial dissatisfaction with Obama. The poll from IOP, located at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass., found their approval of Obama near the low-water mark, at just 43 percent. It dipped below, to 41 percent, just once.

    And, said the poll analysis, “Among 18-29 year-olds saying they will ‘definitely be voting in November,’ the president’s job approval rating is 42 percent, with 56 percent saying they disapprove.”

    Anyone who thinks Warren cannot beat Hillary for the nomination must realize that the “leaders” and “theorists” are still in control. We fear that even if every, 100% of Obama Dimocrats, lose this November this will still not deter the “leaders” and “theorists”. But the more Obama Dimocrats lose, the weaker the grip of the “leaders” and “theorists”.

    We’ll have more on this after the elections next week. We’ve had a weird article on new technology and the new world ready for some time now but we’ll wait until after next week’s elections to publish.

  57. jeswezey
    October 29, 2014 at 3:25 am

    You did a better job at this then I would have. Instead, it was the spark that set me off.

  58. jeswezey
    October 29, 2014 at 7:09 am

    Well, another thing we have in common, JFK and Bobby. Bobby was the first person I ever voted for, when I was able to vote. I was damn proud because JFK was my hero. The same time I voted for Bobby, he was shot. I found out from my folks when I walked home from voting.

    I voted every chance I could after that, I hang my head in shame when I did not fall for the Big Dawg charm, but voted for the smart guy I thought could pull us out of the financial debt, Perot. When the funny, little guy was cast aside, I voted for Bill.

    I remember how the rethugs hated Hillary in the WhiteHouse, they ripped her to shreds because she was smart and worked with Bill.

    I grew to admire Bill, but Hillary was/is my champion.

  59. Admin – Anyone who thinks Warren cannot beat Hillary for the nomination must realize that the “leaders” and “theorists” are still in control. We fear that even if every, 100% of Obama Dimocrats, lose this November this will still not deter the “leaders” and “theorists”. But the more Obama Dimocrats lose, the weaker the grip of the “leaders” and “theorists”.

    I would fit into this category Admin, but are you saying that even by destroying the Dim party, that Hillary still has no chance in Hell? That Warren is just another ‘selection’ and our votes and campaigning have as little value as 2008? Please say more. This is completely depressing…

  60. Shadowfax October 29, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Well, another thing we have in common, JFK and Bobby. Bobby was the first person I ever voted for, when I was able to vote.

    Yeah, you’re in CA. I remember clear as a bell that he was killed on June 6 just after the announcement that he had won the CA primary. He had said, if he didn’t win the CA primary, he would drop out. You must have been shattered, I know I was. I lost all hope for America.

    Actually, my birthday being at the end of March, I couldn’t vote in the NJ primary, so I never got to vote for Bobby.

    I remember the 25-minute standing ovation he got at the 1964 convention, and I remember his speech on the morning after MLK’s death.

    I remember everyone said he was ruthless, and was the brains behind the Kennedy administration. Actually, neither were true. He wasn’t as smart as Jack, but he had heart. A conscience. A deeply democratic man.

  61. You must have been shattered –

    I was.

    I felt disconnected, being so proud to finally vote for Bobby and at the same minute, he was shot. I was young enough to think he couldn’t be dead, he had my vote and now it was just like the pain I went though in secondary school when Jack died.

    America was falling apart and my youthful optimism was mowed over by a freight train.

    MLK Jr. shot, and I thought it would never stop.

  62. Shadowfax, just because an ideology is dead does not mean the proponents of the ideology lose control. In the old Soviet Union it was apparent almost from the beginning that Soviet Communism was a joke and not working as the theorists said it would. But the Communist Party kept control for decades, generations.

    By March of 2009 it was apparent that the Obama coalition was a joke too. But the theorists and leaders with control of the party still held and still have control of the party.

    Go back to when the theories began to take hold. The theorists argued that theirs was an “emerging Democratic majority” due to demographics back in the late 1990s. After Gore lost in 2000 the theorists argued that the 2000 election did not count because, well, Gore won and that proved they were right (even as Bush was inaugurated). In 2002, when their theories did not work they had another excuse. In 2004 when their theories did not work they had more excuses. In 2006 when Democrats won due to the Bush mess in Iraq the theorists claimed 2006 proved them right.

    In 2006 the leadership of the Democratic Party fully brought into the failed theories. In 2008 the year we are told does not matter anymore, you know what happened as the leadership saw Hillary as a roadblock so they prepared to take her down.

    By March 2009 the Obama scam fell apart. By November 2009 once again the theories of the theorists failed. In 2010 the theorists failed spectacularly.

    By 2011 there was a behind the scenes move to get rid of Obama and replace him with Hillary. We wrote about it at the time. But the leaders and theorists were still in control and they drove Hillary off any plan to challenge Obama with lies and promises about her turn coming up so don’t do it Hill.

    2012 Obama won again but the vote proved that the theories of the theorists had indeed failed as vote totals did not align with what the theorists had long said.

    2013 the theories were transparently a failure. Obama won in November of 2012 but by December it was clear, as we wrote at the time, that he was a lame duck who could not get a gun control measure passed into law even after a horrific shooting in a school. By January 1 2013 Obama collapsed.

    2014 every aspect of the theories by the theorists embraced by the leaders is demonstrably false. Check out THIS article on Hispanics which shows that Latinos have left the Hacienda.

    But like it was in the old Soviet Union just because the very raison d’être of the revolution had been proven false – just because the Obama Hope and Change flim flam has fallen apart does not mean those in control of the levers of party power will give up that power.

    If Hillary was serious about running she would have to do what Bill Clinton did in 1992. For those that have forgotten Bill Clinton fought the party establishment. Bill Clinton overthrew the party leadership and order in 1992. Bill won in 1992 but there was always a rear guard action by Democrats to get rid of him. Bill outwitted them all.

    When we say that every Obama Dimocrat must lose in 2014 we mean “every” Obama Dimocrat must lose. Every victory for Obama Dimocrats will be another excuse the theorists and leaders will use to demonstrate that the “coalition of the ascendent” is the shining path to the future.

    There are some who say, “yes, great idea, but I want this exemption for this candidate I really like or against that gooper I really hate”. Unfortunately you can’t vote with a scalpel, just an ax.

    Shadowfax when you ask “are you saying that even by destroying the Dim party, that Hillary still has no chance in Hell?” you are missing the point by living in the past. You misunderstand what “the Dim party” is. Just as we write that Hillary is completely different from Hillary Clinton 2016 the “Obama Dimocrat Party” is not in any way what the old Democratic Party was (for a while at least).

    The Obama Dimocrat Party is best understood by old fogies like yourself (we mean this “old fogies” in jest but there is some truth to our jest in that you and many others confuse what the obamination party really is) if you think of it as the old Soviet Communist Party.

    There might be a lot of talk about “the people” or “democracy” and other feints towards the “masses”. But control of the Obama Dimocrat Party resides in a Politburo style “leadership” that encompasses the leadership and the theorists. These leaders and theorists will not surrender power without a struggle. Even if every Obama Dimocrat loses in 2014 they will not give up, they will not surrender their power and privilege. But to answer your question they will be weakened and in their weakness there is a chance to take power away from them. But to take power away from them will require a fight much tougher than Bill Clinton faced in 1992.

    The Obama Dimocrat Party is not your old Democratic Party. That’s why there is so much deception from the candidates the party puts forth. It’s the Soviet Union come to America. If you find this odd or perverse just consider: doesn’t the United States today resemble the late stage USSR with ideological crazies saying up is down, left is right – in addition to the massive incompetence and absolute disregard of the “people”?

    We live in Borgia Italy smack dab in the middle of the USSR.

  63. You were much more aware of Bobby than I was, at the time. Every time he spoke, I just relived the Death March in DC and lost focus.

  64. I don’t doubt that considering what stands as the current dim party…that is it plausible for them to nominate Warren…what I seriously doubt is that Warren can win a national election…

    …and frankly as far as the first woman thing goes…there will be many women…probably boomers and seniors that will not feel the same allegiance to Warren just because she is a woman…

    and to clarify, I do think Hillary can win the national election…however I have issues with some of the things she is doing and saying…for example that ‘corporation’ comment while campaigning for Coakley and standing in front of the Coakley sign while she said it…very bad optics…especially if Coakley goes down again…imo, that is an example of a ‘rookie’ or sloppy mistake…Hillary knows the media will hound her, she cannot invite bad press…that does not serve her…or us…effectively…not wise…

  65. Admin- thanks for taking the time to line up all the ducks for me again…

    I have to step away and process the sadness of this.

    I understand what you are saying.

  66. Anyone who thinks Warren cannot beat Hillary for the nomination must realize that the “leaders” and “theorists” are still in control
    100% correct. We (not you Adm.) were blindsided in 2008, and I strongly believe that the party has undergone such a transformation that a Clinton democrat is unlikely to be elected POTUS. I recall many of us felt this despair even more after Obama was overwhelmingly reelected in 2012.
    I also have my doubts about next week as being a “republican renaissance” as the democratic ground game is still far more effective at getting those low informed voters out and millions have already voted via early/absentee ballots. As usual, I expect the worst and hope for the best.

  67. Okay, I’m with you Admin.

    Living in CA there was no way I was going to vote for Nasty nor Boxhead if they were on the ballot. Feinstein will take a hit. All of the CA congress is terrible anyway, so that is no loss.

    I will just have to wait and see if Hillary wants to take up this fight after the elections, or if she doesn’t, who the next selected nitwit will be to drive us further into the ditch and vote the Hell out.

  68. I guess my mini protest, if Hillary says she is not going to run, is to immediately register as and Independent.

  69. Bringing non citizens infected with Ebola to this country, rather than treating them just as effectively in their own country and not subjecting Americans to the concomitant risks.


    The State Department is in charge of issuing visas, so that is why they were the ones issuing the memorandum on that subject. But the decision itself did not originate with them.

    Part of the reason can be found in the text of that memorandum: “for the Administration to show leadership to the world in dealing with this crisis.

    Showing leadership, however, is not a medical necessity. It is a political justification, designed to enhance the standing of Obama.

    This explains the counterintitive gibberish we have heard from Obama thus far for not instituting a travel ban.

    But it also leaves open the question of why we cannot show leadership just as easily by treating those people over there.

    In other words, the glorification of Obama does not explain entirely why they are bringing these people here, notwithstanding the palpable risk it presents to the American People.

    Well, this morning the real reason for this hit me between the eyes like a two by four.

    And shame on me for not seeing it right off the bat.

    If you assume that everything Obama does–and I mean everything when it comes to policy decisions, while it is marketed in terms of the general welfare, so the rubes buy it, is ultimately designed to reward his donors, and that is why they are so eager to pony up for these fundraisers.

    In this case, the reason he wants the infected people coming over here rather than being treated in their own country, is because this allows the drug companies who used Obama to give us Obamacare in derrogation of the public welfare, but in pursuit of their own balance sheets, want them here in this country under laboratory conditions, not found in west Africa, where the imperative would be simply to save them, so they can use these laboratory conditions to experiment upon them, for the benefit of the drug companies who are his contributors, and the ones he stole from the Republicans, and hope to keep in his camp.

  70. warehouse553 October 29, 2014 at 8:40 am

    = Her comments about businesses and corporations not creating jobs, I thought that was an attempt to run to the left to neutralize Warren?

    Her comments may have been poorly stated or thought out, but I’m dead certain they had nothing to do with Warren.

    What exactly were the comments? Do you have the exact quote? The way you state it, it sounds fishy to me. Do you have a link to a video or a full-length quote?

  71. But even then, assuming that there was a medical imperative to bring them here so they could be tested, why not have the travel ban and bring them here on charter flights. You could announce those policies simultaneously, and reassure the public that they are being protected from the immediate threat, and the long term effect as well.

    Why lie through your teeth to them, when the truth would set you free.

    Well, its like the story of the scorpion who hops a ride of the back of the frog to get across the pond, and stings the frog so they both drown and the frog asks why, and the scorpion responds, because I am a deceptive no good liar and it is in my nature.

    You may assume for purposes of that hypothetical that Obama is the scorpion.

  72. The most frustrating part of all this, is there is an abiding belief among the Harvard elites, that the average American cannot handle the truth. To which I say they can handle the truth if they are given the truth by big media, and that is the root of the problem. The public will rise to the challenge if they are given the truth and a credible plan to deal with. They will even make sacrifices if the burdens are equally shared. The fundamental problem I see is that the elites of this generation unlike those who pitched in to fight world war II–today’s Harvard trained elites do not see themselves as Americans but citizens of the world, and they are unwilling as a group to assume their share of the burdens. They would much prefer to maintain their caviar diets, and stick the turd in other people’s pockets. And that is the slice of reality that I see.

  73. What exactly were the comments? Do you have the exact quote? The way you state it, it sounds fishy to me. Do you have a link to a video or a full-length quote?

  74. Via Buzzfeed:

    When Hillary Clinton fumbled a line at a rally last Friday — “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs” — the comment caused a minor outrage among political observers. Republicans said she’d been pandering to liberals. Democrats wondered if she’d been trying too hard to channel Elizabeth Warren, the populist senator who also spoke at the event.

    On Monday, Clinton went out of her way to correct the comment at a rally for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the Democrat up for reelection in this Hudson Valley district.

    Clinton said in her speech that corporations that outsource jobs or move profits overseas should not be granted tax breaks. The clarification made clear that the remark was a botched line — not new messaging from Clinton, who has honed a new stump speech during a series of rallies ahead the election next month.

    “The Republican alternative is a discredited economic theory that will hurt middle class families,” Clinton said. “So-called trickle-down economics has failed.”
    “I short-handed this point the other day, so let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades.”

    “Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in America and workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out — not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas.”

    A Clinton aide pointed to the remarks at the Maloney event as clarification to she had meant to say in her speech last week.

  75. No politician is perfect, and since you are an adult and not on the koolaide I think you can handle the truth which is that when Hillary is at the podium doing what politicians typically do, which is to say creating a devil, and deifying themselves, she has a tendency to go a bit too far–like when she said she was named for the man who climbed Everest, or landed in Bosnia under heavy fire, or even when as recent law graduate working on capital hill she went overboard in going after Nixon and was fired for that reason. This comment about businesses not creating jobs, is a similar act of hyperbole, and while I am not opposed to hyperbole to get the attention of the public for whom subtlety is wasted, I am unalterably opposed to hyperbole when it can be turned back against you, and then all you can do is beat a hasty retreat. This is the problem in a court room when an adovocate falls in love with a pet phrase, used it repeatedly before the jury and then gets it shoved up his ass on closing statement by the opponent.

  76. wbboei
    October 29, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    I guess we all hear what we want to hear.

    The two things that clicked with me from the tiny sound bite that was posted was:

    1: Trickle down economics, from the Raygun era. Raygun was my (gack) governor, so the pain was already felt in CA before he was voted in a Prez. Raygun did a lot of damage to CA that has never recovered from his trickles.

    2. Outsourcing of jobs. I didn’t mention it in my post, but that is what came to my mind as how Big Business has not helped fix our economy with jobs.

  77. Wasn’t planning on casting a vote for any Dimocrats in this election because I see it just like Admin (although Grimes did grudgingly earn some points from me for invoking Clinton Democrats) .. however, I learned a LONG time ago:

    The Obama Dimocrat Party is not your old Democratic Party


  78. Marquette Poll: Walker 50%, Burke 43%

    Last week it was 47 – 47 ……..independents favor Walker 52 – 37……game over.

  79. and yes Hillary is trying to “clean up” “walk back” put some long hand on her remarks BUT the way she said it, even looked worse, she was not talking off the top of her head .. she thought about each word, rubbing her hands together and actually smirking a bit.

    That clip WILL be preserved for history

    On a shallow note, I would love to see her short haircut from ’08 return , I will ALWAYS remember her standing in the rain in PA, shouting her message, rain pouring, her black coat shining .. the candidate then was such a bad a s s .. not backing down, taking the message to her supporters ALL the while knowing what back room deals were being made, the backstabbers and Judas’ who sold out for their silver and who she still is loyal and kind too.

    Maybe I just want Hillary to become cut throat and refuse to kiss their a s s e s .. I don’t know at this point

    I know that this smoozing right now is something she most likely has to do as a “good Dimocrat” and Bill too for that matter BUT if they want to break through the have to start somewhere and joining at the hip with this bunch of jokesters right now just looks bad.

    My opinion only as always 😉

  80. This state department memo is the smoking gun which validates all the fears that sensible people have about the Ebola virus.

    If the Republicans have the common sense to use it appropriately, then it is a game changer.

  81. I guess we all hear what we want to hear.

    The two things that clicked with me from the tiny sound bite that was posted was:

    1: Trickle down economics, from the Raygun era. Raygun was my (gack) governor, so the pain was already felt in CA before he was voted in a Prez. Raygun did a lot of damage to CA that has never recovered from his trickles.

    2. Outsourcing of jobs. I didn’t mention it in my post, but that is what came to my mind as how Big Business has not helped fix our economy with jobs.
    As you know, I have made those same arguments here repeatedly.

    But I would never say that businesses do not create jobs.

    I would say big businesses are not creating jobs in this country because they are spanning the globe to find the cheapest sources of labor, and I can think of no better example of that than General Electic, whose chairman was Obama’ Job Czar and failed to achieve anything positive for us.

    I would say that small businesses are not creating jobs in this country for an entirely different reason–over regulation which provides job security for millions of government bureaucrats, who do not represent value added.

    Those are the reasons why 92 million people of working age are not working, and we are in a depression which goes unnoticed by big media and is misrepresented by an administration that routinely cooks the books–always at election time.

  82. moon: it may well be that when the much feared low information voters weigh in in this particular cycle they will reject Obama and his minions at the polls. That is what the seismic shift in Wisconsin in the short course of one week tells me. That may well be symptomatic of a broader trend, which Obama hopes to offset by bringing in 35 million illegal voters with even less information.

  83. But I would never say that businesses do not create jobs.

    If that is all you said, point blank, I would agree no one should say that.

  84. S, we were going to make another “reservation” joke about Warren when you wrote “what I seriously doubt is that Warren can win a national election”. But yes, we do have reservations about her prospects and questions about her coalition.

    So, although we agree with you and we too doubt Warren can be elected outside of Massachusetts we also believe that Warren would the keep the DailyKooks and Big Media in the same Teepee.

    Other than that, we don’t know who Warren appeals to. Latinos won’t be particularly attracted to her, single women might vote mechanically for her, blacks will vote for her but in low numbers, married women will divorce her, the young will stay home, seniors will vote Republican, the white working class will vote against her with anger. Which of all the groups is most important in the nomination fight?: DailyKooks in control of the party now and Big Media matter most. Sorry, but we learned from 2008. In the general election we suspect Warren would get creamed (although if Warren runs she will attack Obama as too weak and not as great a “progressive” as she is which would help her somewhat but not enough).

    We do believe, if she attacks Obama, Hillary could win the election by restoring the old Democratic Party coalition and bringing back seniors, married women, and the white working class (along with a strong showing with Latinos). But Hillary is doing damage to herself with lunacy such as the quote you cite and her campaigns for others. To understand why what Hillary said is “lunacy” read the HotAir takedown of her remarks (we never wrote about this situation because we suspected Hillary just let stupid out of her mouth in the heat of a campaign speech. But Youtube will remember this incident even though Hillary has revisited and revised her remarks to comport them to sanity).

    Big Media will not side with Hillary but rather use her for target practice in any nomination fight especially if it is against Warren because then the “sexist” attacks could not be leveled against the Hillary opponents. In the general election Big Media will also attack Hillary unless her opponent is Jeb Bush (there, now you have reason to be depressed. A Clinton v. Bush race would cause mass suicide).

  85. Dot48, the spam filter is targeting you today. In the past week the spam filter hated Wbboei whose comments regularly went to the spam inferno until rescued. Darn spam filters, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  86. MoonOnPluto, the poll you posted is possibly the most important poll of the year if the election results follow the poll results.

    Was Obama’s campaign visit the trick that turned the tide decisively?

  87. I wonder what was going on inside the big Teepee that let Warren know there was a door standing open for her?

    Wasn’t her posted quote something about not running for Prez, and yet there were doors opening for her?

    Anyone remember?

  88. Now that is funny……don’t usually agree with him but this did make me laugh……

    Fred Thompson ✔ @fredthompson

    Undercover video surfaces showing deliberate voter fraud in Colorado. Which’ll probably end up being sold in Chicago as a training DVD.

  89. Shadowfax, anyone that remembers the old Democratic Party is an “old fogie”. It’s a term of endearment we were not sure we should use without explanation.

    Anyone that votes for the Obama Dimocrat party is an “old fool”. Does that make your feel better? 🙂 Better high principled fogie than cracked fool.

  90. Shadowfax
    October 29, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Admin- thanks for taking the time to line up all the ducks for me again…

    I have to step away and process the sadness of this.

    I understand what you are saying._____________________

    As do I and fully agree.
    It just breaks out hearts to learn that our Idols have feet of clay.
    So what do we do? Well we put on our Big Girl panties and continue.. a little sadder and a lot wiser. 🙂

  91. The Dimocrapic Party is no more, a phoenix will rise from the ashes of the fire that will burn on Nov 4th……

  92. Spreading ‘bola all over the place….so put on a happy face?
    Uproar over US troops’ Ebola quarantine in Italy
    Published: 29 Oct 2014 11:48 GMT+01:00
    The decision to put a dozen American soldiers returning from Liberia into quarantine for Ebola at their base near Venice rather than in the United States sparked controversy in Italy on Wednesday.
    “They shouldn’t have been sent here, they should do their quarantine for Ebola at home,” said the president of the region’s assembly, Luca Zaia, insisting “it would have been more respectful” of the United States to have “thought about the risks posed to local citizens”.
    The Messaggero daily spoke of fears among the local population, with a rise in the number of calls to the emergency services from worried citizens.
    Soldiers from the base being given a wide berth in nearby pubs.
    Zaia, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, was not the only one to object to the US decision to quarantine the soldiers in Italy.
    “The government must send all the US soldiers back to Washington,” the anti-establishment Five Star party said, according to media reports.
    Not only was information about the current state of health of the soldiers “limited to general reassurances from the American authorities”, but there were fears other soldiers on the base “may have been in contact” with those returning from west Africa, they said.

    I’ve been watching debates. The candidates on the left, even first time ones, rarely fail to ding Voter ID; they the raise pitch of their voice a bit, and assure the muted audience that there might have been 2 or 3 small instances of fraud. Most likely in Philly. And surely never documented. So basically there is no voter fraud in PA. ;/
    I suppose these newbies receive something, or the hope of something, for being faithful to that most important mantra during election season. It sends messages both ways.

    I am enjoying the proliferation of comments here. TY

  93. Actually as much as i’d like to call foul….if you look at that very closely……the guy clearly is hitting the democratic side of the line with his fingernail, watch it in slow motion, he actually hits the democratic vote box.

  94. DNC head: Democrats ‘stand on their own’

    Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said that with just six days until the midterm elections, Democrats are standing on their own, apart from President Obama.

    “As someone who is on the ballot myself in six days from now, I can tell you that any candidate wants to be able to stand on their own,” Schultz told MSNBC on Wednesday.

    “That’s what our candidates are doing. They’re focused on the issues that matter to their constituents,” she said, adding “of course we have a common agenda that really unites us all,” citing jobs and the economy.

    Democrats are trying to differentiate themselves publicly from Obama’s policies as Republicans use ads, debates and speeches to tie Democrats running in next week’s midterm elections to an unpopular president.

    Schultz herself, in a Bloomberg interview last week, struggled when pressed several times to name a Senate race where Obama has actively campaigned for the Democratic candidate, maintaining that “the president is campaigning in competitive races.”

    Obama has campaigned for some Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

    On Tuesday, Obama was heckled by an immigration reform advocate while stumping for Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Some attendees were seen in a video leaving the high school gym where Obama spoke before he finished his remarks, similar to another speech for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown earlier this month.

    Republicans need to net six seats to win the Senate. Schultz predicted that Democrats would maintain control of the Senate but “it’s going to be single digits either way.”

  95. In looking around at some of the progressive news sources and websites, I noticed a number of articles slamming the Koch brothers. That’s just further proof, imo, that the Progs are all one taco short of a combo plate. Damn, give it a rest. I saw nothing that indicated genuine interest in the reality behind the Dim losses. Apparently everything in this world would be ok were it not for the Kochs.

    I swear, Dimocrats everywhere should be embarrassed and ashamed if the biggest concern and issue they have at this point in time is the damn Koch brothers. I’m sick of hearing about them. Almost as sick of that as I am of the millions of emails I still receive daily begging for money from the DSCC.

  96. DWS’s hair stands on its own, like someone stuck her finger in a socket…..or her head in a deep fat fryer.

  97. Can Democrats hold the Senate by running away from Obama — and their own records?

    Running away from an unpopular president of your own party is a time-honored tactic in midterm elections. The problem is that it rarely works.

    That is even truer than usual for the current crop of endangered Senate Democrats. Their efforts to distance themselves from President Obama’s record — rather than defend it — has become a source of friction with the White House.

    “I’ve always believed that it’s not an effective strategy to run against a president of your own party, unless you’ve been actively opposed to that president,” said David Axelrod, who was Obama’s top political strategist in his two presidential campaigns and a senior adviser in his White House. “You’re going to get tagged with it anyway.”

    With so many Democrats trying to suggest a distance from Obama that doesn’t exist, Axelrod added, it’s natural for the president and his team “to be a little frustrated.”

    Another senior Democrat who advises the White House, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said the current feeling among Obama and his aides is “exasperation.”

    “He doesn’t think they have any reason to run away from him,” the adviser said. “He thinks there is a strong message there.”–and-their-own-records/2014/10/28/35f0f670-5eb5-11e4-9f3a-7e28799e0549_story.html

  98. …when I hear or see Hillary make what seems like unnecessary and foolish mistakes…I begin to wonder if she is not quite as savvy as I think she is…for example, the tone deaf remarks during the book tours re: her homes and being broke, not having driven in X amount of years…the latest ‘corporation’ comment campaigning with Coakley…which to many people tied her hand in hand with O’s comment about “you didn’t build that”…does she want to sound like him?

    and frankly one appearance that I hate to bring up, but her borderline hysterical remark during the Benghazi investigation when she started yelling “what different does it make” etc, etc…not her best performance

    I agree with you Admin…these unfortunate statements and they way they were delivered are forever stored and ready in Utube…and we can just assume will be brought into prime time in the national election in ads, at debates, etc…

    I believe Hillary is an extremely intelligent woman but these kind of basic, silly and undisciplined mistakes make me wonder about her political acumen…

    I wonder if Hillary is giving any thought to how she would answer the questions about

    (1) would she support O’s talked about executive action after the midterms to bring in thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants

    (2) how does she feel about bringing patients with ebola into the USA for treatment as a possible secret State Dept, though denied, may be planning

    (3)how does she feel about the very large increase in premiums and healthcare costs that are going to be forced upon the middle class and revealed and exposed after the midterms, is that acceptable to her?


    Is Hillary going to be on the side of the American citizens or is she going to cave to the left and then replicate the actions of the O admin…

    I hope not…I want a definitive break from O and one that lets the American citizen/taxpayer understand and realize that a Clinton is back in control and things are going to change and heads are going to roll…and we are going to proceed in a direction that makes sense, not just politically correct mumbo jumbo..

  99. foxyladi14

    October 29, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Seems to be happening all over!!!!

    unbelievable…where is the media…even the conservative media…while this is going on…so far I have heard about it happening in Illinois, Maryland and whereever that clip is from…and that’s the ones we know about…


    Hello Foxi…glad to see you are up to your excellent reporting skills again…you go girl…

  100. S

    We’ll find out soon enough, S.

    I saw it in a video for Grimes and she didn’t seem to have her heart into the pep talk about Grimes until she started talking about women and children. Then she put it into fourth gear.

  101. Shadowfax
    October 29, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    BO is clueless. We have heard his message and now he needs to here ours.

  102. Admin,

    You speak of dark things going on in the Dimocratic Party and I know, intuitively, that it is true because it explains alot of the things I have seen and felt over the last 14 years. In 2008 we lost the battle for the sole of the Democratic Party. These people mistakenly think they know what is best for other people. Like Obola who has no clue that he is oppressive, totalitarian and just plain weird.

    And I felt so lost in 2008. I can never be a Republican. I found some refuge at Murphy’s Pumapac and was grateful for the kindred spirits. But now the Ofraud is exposed, what is next? What can be done? Dances With Puma’s kept Murphy’s PAC going for awhile but it is not shut down. We need an Action Plan. What can we do to keep the mistake of ’08 from happening again? We are once bitten.

  103. Lu4PUMA

    I miss the ‘action’ days at the Pac. We were so hopeful that what we did as a team, would make a difference.

    …….now, things sound bleak.

  104. Shadowfax……be very content we as a unit and a very good unit at that stuck it to Obama for the last 6 years……

    We at least deserve a medal for that tour of duty.

    I could not wish for a better bunch of soldiers watching each others back than the guys at Big Pink.

  105. “He doesn’t think they have any reason to run away from him,” the adviser said. “He thinks there is a strong message there.”


    Seriously? Has he had a stroke or something?

    LU, I don’t identify with the Republican party – no way, no how. Nor do I identify with the Dims any longer, although I did consider the old Democratic party to be my party at one time. If that party ever really existed in reality as it did in my perception of it, it no longer does.

    Although most people, I believe, would prefer to focus their energy on being FOR something or someone, sometimes when this isn’t possible, our only choice is to focus our energy on being against something or someone. This is the way I look at the Republican v. Democrats in 2014 issue. There’s probably not a Republican I would chose to actively support, but I feel it is very important to actively work against Dims. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me, but that’s how I have to frame it.

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