For Columbus Day Lizzie Warren Tomahawks Barack Obama

Lizzie Warren is not Cherokee as she has claimed in order to garner affirmative action benefits. Lizzie Warren is more Lizzie Borden. Or did she join ISIS? Here’s the American Horror Story: Lizzie Warren tale:

There we were on Sunday on our pink fainting couch. Our toes were separated by those soft foamy things whilst our toe nails were painted pink to match the decor and the tint on our fashion forward fashion statement spectacles. While thusly tended to we amused ourselves by devouring the comments on our favorite pink website. Then it was almost as if someone slapped us and pushed us down a flight of cocktails.

Lizzie Warren came out of her wigwam to decapitate Barack Obama. Oh dear. What will the children say?

This is what set us off:

EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Warren on Barack Obama: “They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. And it happened over and over and over”
There has not been nearly enough change,” she tells Salon, taking on Obama failures, lobbyists, tuition. So 2016?

Say what??? Come again. Lizzie Warren took her ax and gave Obama forty whacks!

Lizzie??? Is that you? Did you really say such mean things about mess-iah? Have you too turned on Ebola Obama, a.k.a. OBOLA???

We read on in disbelief while the Champagne soaked our slippers:

But President Obama had a golden opportunity when he came in to change the system and I just don’t feel like it has changed, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aside. I mean, are the regulators now referring things to the Justice Department? Are the wheels turning again?

There has not been nearly enough change. Not nearly enough. [snip]

Let’s get back to the mindset of a lot of people. They look at you and they say, Elizabeth Warren, she’s part of the elite too. She was a professor at Harvard. [snip]

And I say this — it’s like I talk about in the book — this is personal for me. I graduated from a commuter college that cost $50 a semester in Texas.

Here’s the penultimate question: everything you’re saying are issues that have been important to me most of my adult life. In 2008, I thought I had a candidate who was going to address these things. Right? Barack Obama. Today, my friends and I are pretty disappointed with what he’s done. I wonder if you feel he has been forthright enough on these subjects. And I also wonder if you think that someone can take any of this stuff on without being president. You know, there are a lot of good politicians in America who have their heart in the right place. But they’re not the president. Well anyhow. You understand my frustration…

I understand your frustration, Tom and, actually, I talk about this in the book. When I think about the president, for me, it’s about both halves. If Barack Obama had not been president of the United States we would not have a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Period. [snip] At the same time, he picked his economic team and when the going got tough, his economic team picked Wall Street.

You might say, “always.” Just about every time they had to compromise, they compromised in the direction of Wall Street.

That’s right. They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. Not young people who were struggling to get an education. And it happened over and over and over. So I see both of those things and they both matter. [snip]

Look, there are two ways you can look at that. You can look at that and say, “Well, obviously, democracy doesn’t work.” Or the other way you can look at that is to say, “We have the opportunity. The moment is upon us.” We push back hard enough, we’re pushing for America’s agenda. Not an agenda to help a small group of people, an agenda to build a future for this country. And I believe we win. I believe it.

Looks like Lizzie Warren is about to run for something as the third Stalin term but with a five year plan. Such lovely words about high tuition and investment and all that but really…. Obama failed because he wasn’t crackpot enough??? That’s some campaign message.

We don’t want to use that word that starts with an “R” and ends with a “T” but what other word is there? Lizzie Borden, er, Warren, the great tribune fighting for the little people? Um… We don’t want to get serious or nutin’ but the Export-Import Bank gets a “yes” from populist Lizzie? Corporate Welfare Lizzie?

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren—a leading progressive populist, possible Democratic presidential candidate, self-proclaimed champion of the poor, and enemy of greedy corporations (not really, as you will see)—supports the Export-Import Bank.

That’s right: The woman best known for demonizing big businesses nevertheless wants to maintain an outlandishly generous subsidy package for them.

Warren’s support for Ex-Im was revealed Friday after the Heritage Foundation reached out to her regarding a possible partnership on the issue. Libertarians and Tea Party conservatives are noted opponents of the subsidy, which they see as crony capitalism that helps politically-connected businesses cheat the free market. Liberty-inclined Republicans are working with the left on a host of issues, including NSA spying and marijuana legalization—why not make common cause with Warren on corporatism as well?

Did we miss something? Did Lizzie Borden, er, Lizzie Warren chop off her head or sumting’? We’re confused. Why here is the great black HOPE denouncing the Export-Import Bank in 2008:

Obama in 2008 said the Export-Import Bank is “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.” Yet Lizzie B…Warren will fund this corporate welfare crony capitalism crap???????????????????????????

What will Barack say? Surely he will denounce this corrupt corporate welfare crony capitalism crone!

Oops! We missed it. It seems that 2008 Obama disagrees with 2014 Obama. Obama now supports corrupt corporate welfare crony capitalism crap. Maybe Lizzie BWarren is the Obama Third Term with Stalin Five Year Plan attachments (batteries not included).

“But for some reason, right now the House Republicans have decided that we shouldn’t do this, which means that when American companies go overseas and they’re trying to close a sale on selling Boeing planes, for example, or a GE turbine or some other American product that has all kinds of subcontractors behind it and is creating all kinds of jobs and all of sorts of small businesses depend on that sale, and that American company’s going up against a German company or a Chinese company, and the Chinese and the American — the German company are providing financing and the American company isn’t, we may lose that sale,” Obama argued.

“Why — when did that become something that Republicans opposed? It’d be like me having a car dealership for Ford, and the Toyota dealership offers somebody financing and I don’t. We will lose business, and we’ll lose jobs if we don’t pass it,” Obama continued.

It’s hard to keep track of Barack Obama’s flim-flams and outright lies. Lizzie Warren fits right in:

Consider the Export-Import Bank. This little-known relic of New Deal-style command-and-control economics represents cronyism at its worst. Ex-Im, which is up for congressional reauthorization this fall, provides a select few corporations with taxpayer-funded handouts meant to buoy their exports. As Veronique de Rugy, a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center, explains, “Economists have long known that these kinds of export credit subsidies will never raise the overall level of trade; rather, they redistribute wealth away from unsubsidized American firms, employees, and consumers and direct it toward a tiny number of subsidy beneficiaries.” [snip]

A marketplace distorted by politicians doling out favors to select corporate interests creates all the wrong incentives. Instead of innovating to earn the business of average people, companies will focus on turning a profit through the acquisition of government subsidies. [snip]

Those concerned with issues of income inequality and the plight of the “99 percent” ought to be extremely disturbed by the transgressions of politicians who campaign on these issues and do the exact opposite in practice. When Barack Obama embraced a grassroots shtick in an effort to out-maneuver Hillary Clinton in 2008, he described the Ex-Im Bank as “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.” The president was right, of course, but now his rhetoric echoes those who act as if government-subsidized job creation doesn’t have a net negative impact on the small businesses trying to compete under the weight of an unjust corporatist system.

The same goes for the allegedly populist senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, who is known for railing against the excesses of corporate America. Her spokesperson recently stated, “Senator Warren believes that the Export-Import Bank helps create American jobs and spur economic growth.” So much for protecting the little guy, who’s trying to compete without a guaranteed taxpayer bailout and can’t afford the K Street lobbyists needed to acquire one.

Be prepared. Soon, Lizzie Warren will ax her words and say whatever is opposite Hillary Clinton about the Export Import Bank.

No doubt Lizzie is disappointed in the failed tin calf. Lots of the “yes we can” crowd now feign surprise at the notion that Obama was the “game-changer”. Lizzie is not alone in the doldrums:

“Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans,” the new president declared in his 2009 inaugural address to a 1.8 million-strong crowd on the Mall. “. . . What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.”

From pledging an Earth-moving transformation, Obama has been reduced to hitting singles and getting his lonely paragraph right . After drawing early comparisons to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy all rolled into one, Obama has fallen so low that journalists wonder whether Jimmy Carter is not a more appropriate parallel. [snip]

But however historians and the public ultimately rate Obama, the greatness that he sought — and that was expected of him — will probably not be his. As early as 2011, in an extraordinary comment to “60 Minutes,” Obama believed otherwise: “I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.” [snip]

But that kind of ambition requires a leader to see the world clearly as it is before trying to refashion it the way he wants it to be. Not reading the terrain accurately, failing to assess whether his administration had the muscle to negotiate it, and missing what the public expected and wanted can lead to unhappy consequences.

Whatever your judgment of Obama’s policies, there is a vast gap between the expectations he set for himself and his supporters and the realities of his presidency. Obama reached for greatness but has disappointed many of those who voted for him once or even twice because they so badly wanted to believe; those who thought he would end partisanship and change Washington when he could not; those who believed he could transform the country and America’s foreign policy, too, when he did not; and those who believed he would somehow become the Kennedy-like president of their dreams.

It’s cruel of us we know to remind the “yes we can” clods that “no you can’t” not with a treacherous boob. That same “yes we can” crowd now drools for the lady with the tomahawk or is it an ax or a machete to save them. Forget it girlfriends. We need to export this import.

Lizzie Warren is not as obviously bad as others (Wendy Davis press conference: Meet all my friends who are in wheelchairs)… yet. But soon enough it will be clear to all but the addled-headed Hopium-soaked yes-we-canaries that export-import Lizzie Warren is just another disappointment waiting to yes-we-canappen.

We end this Columbus Day (now dubbed Indigenous People’s Day by the yes-we-cannites) with a joke Mitt Romney should have made in 2012 instead of calling Barack “a nice guy”. Too late Mitt is speaking heap much truth:

President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.

He said, “How should I do that?” She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.

And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet– hit it onto that target time. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

And she said to him, “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” And Obama said, “I don’t have a clue.”

And she said, “Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills.”

You can say the same about Lizzie Borden, er Lizzie Warren.


171 thoughts on “For Columbus Day Lizzie Warren Tomahawks Barack Obama

  1. Update – Massachusetts Port Authority says crews in protective gear remove 5 passengers with flu-like symptoms from plane at Boston Airport

  2. Yipes, a whole tread on Lizzy, the almost Native American.

    Has she risen to Sainthood yet with the Kooks? I wonder what dem boyz will do now that their Saint Lizzy has tommyhawked their main bro??

    She is already campaigning and it’s not 2016 yet. Calm down Lizzy, your popularity is a small band of nitwits.

    Hillary must be laughing at this blowhard.

    Time to put up your soiled slippers Admin, hip-boots are going to be needed between now and 2016, if Hillary runs.

  3. How can there possibly be Ebola trouble in Massachusetts? We thought the “experts” are in charge? We thought the “protocols are in place”? How can this be? Obama told us this would not happen. How can this be? As Lizzie Warren would say “How?”

  4. She’s angling for something….

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will lend her liberal star power to Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley’s Senate bid in Iowa on Sunday.

    Warren will campaign for Braley on Sunday, his campaign confirmed. The congressman is in a tough race against state Sen. Joni Ernst (R), who is leading the Democrat in some recent polls.

    Michelle Obama campaigned with Braley on Friday. Iowa is one of about a dozen races that could determine which party controls the Senate in 2015.


    Make no mistake Fauxahontas is raising her profile…..

  5. Lizzy and MO campaigning…God, could it get any worse?

    Toss in Joe Gaffs and stinky boy, it would be a real circus.

    How did America end up with these con-artists?

  6. Excellent article Admin. You are smoking’ tonight!

    From WaPo article Admin quoted above:


    “Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans,” the new president declared in his 2009 inaugural address to a 1.8 million-strong crowd on the Mall. “. . . What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.”


    That statement by Barack about all of the magical change he would bring to this nation made me think about Hillary’s Rhode Island speech, in which she nailed him on that “Yes we can” with no real plan crap of his …. “The skies will open. The light will come ….”

  7. Ebola victim Nurse Nina Pham has a King Charles Spaniel. The dog has been put in quarantine and there are no plans to euthanize it.

    I am glad to see American nurses standing up for her on that protocol $hit. Trying to blame the victim. They got that Spanish nurse to say she made a mistake and they killed her dog. Shame on them!

    Not only can PPE be defective, but they have no proof that what they were using was really adequate. Doctors and nurses are getting sick.

    We owe it to our healthcare workers, like our veterans, to take care of them when they are injured in the line of duty. Tough stuff.

  8. Susan Rice embarrasses herself, again:

    Military & Civilian Split Over Iraq
    By Larry Johnson on October 13, 2014 at 2:34 AM in Current Affairs

    The schizophrenia of the Obama Administration was on display this morning on the Sunday talk shows. First there was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, talking to ABC’s Martha Raddatz. General Dempsey conceded that the Islamic State’s advance in Iraq has been more effective and wider spread than previously reported. In addition, he admitted that the coalition air war against ISIS is failing to achieve its objectives.

    The key takeaway for me is the dire situation in Anbar province, where the Islamic State is steadily advancing and closing in on Baghdad. Did you catch Dempsey off-handed acknowledgement that US Apache helicopters were employed in order to prevent the IS from overtaking Baghdad International Airport.

    But that is not how the NSC bimbo, Ms. Susan Rice, sees things (Jesus!! She is embarrassing):

    Did you know that “this is going to take time?” Let’s start the Susan Rice drinking game:

    So this is going to take time. Our air campaign is off to a strong start and we’ve seen very important successes in places like Mosul Dam, Sinjar Mountain, where we were able to rescue many tens of thousands of civilians at risk. And this is going to take time. So it can’t be judged by merely what happens in one particular town or in one particular region. This is going to take time and the American people need to understand that our aim here is long-term degradation and building the capacity of our partners.

    How do you know that she is lying? Her lips are moving.

    Pay close attention. Time is not on our side in this matter. IS is controlling the tempo so far. Time will run out on Obama’s idiotic policy.

    UPDATE–Compare what Richard Engel says about the situation on the ground in both Iraq and Syria to the mindless blather from of Susan Rice:

    See the 2 videos in the following link:

  9. Rosemary’s baby gets the ax:

    Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show “Ronan Farrow Daily” may be on the chopping block, Mediaite reports.

    Citing a “well-placed source,” Mediaite reports that the network is planning major programming changes next month, including canceling Farrow’s show. It would not be a particularly surprising move considering Farrow’s show averages 50,000 in the key 25-54 demo, one of the lowest among MSNBC’s lineup. Farrow’s show has been on air for less than a year and faced reports of cancellation almost immediately after it premiered.

    Sources at MSNBC say they wouldn’t be surprised if the show is canceled since “numbers don’t lie” and the show has already had a few months to find its place. And overall changes at MSNBC wouldn’t be too surprising either — the network is in a bit of disarray after the departures of hosts like Chuck Todd and Chris Jansing, and “Morning Joe” has been losing its lead over CNN’s “New Day.”

    MSNBC spokesperson Danielle Lynn said in an email that the report is “not true.”

    But in an interview with The New York Times’ Bill Carter, MSNBC President Phil Griffin hinted that changes would be coming.

  10. admin
    October 13, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    There is one promise that Obama did keep.

    He promised that this would be the most transparent administration in history.

    The administration is not transparent, but the lies they tell certainly are.

    They defy the evidence and the law of probability.

    The advocates they send to defend them are brittle.

    When they are challenged, they simply parrot the talking points.

    In their view, everything can be scripted before the fact, and spun after the fact.

    The debates were that way, and big media was their willing accomplice.

    Now that national security is at risk big media is looking for an exit.

    But that is a waste of time.

    They are no longer trusted.

    And when that is the case, it really doesn’t matter what they say.

  11. “This is going to take time and the American people need to understand that our…..”

    Yes, I think she conveyed that time would be required.

    And we damn Americans – we uneducated, unprogressive, anti-islam, simple minded cretins – had better just stop demanding that our government work for our safety, security, and best interests. Who the hell do we think we are. Much brighter minds than ours are running this effing show. There are complex dynamics involved. Delicate relationships to maintain. Barack’s image to protect (as if that ship had not already sailed). We Americans need to just STFU and let the really bright stars like her and Obama handle things.

    They just need time. Just give them a little time and they’ll have the whole world holding hands, sharing Cokes, and singing Kum ba yah.

    Rice, like Obama, and like so many of O’s followers just ooze condescension. They don’t have a clue how clueless they appear.

  12. You tell um Free!!

    The pro[cough]gressives and the EbolaAdministration are all nitwits, which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t pull the strings of the government.

    How bad does someone have to be, to get kicked out of office?? Richard Nixon was a saint compared to the crap OBola has pulled in the past 6 years.

    What the Hell are the Republicans doing being silent?

    Aren’t things bad enough yet, they got more worked up at having to provide free birth control, then they are now.

    This is why I have no darn respect for the Rethugs…all mouth and no real action.

  13. I just peeked in on the Kooks to see what they thought of Lizzy attacking their boyKing.


    Not one word.

    They are talking about the weather, movies, and blaming the Republican’s for budget cuts that are causing Ebola to spread.

    Maybe there are only a few people left on their blogs and they are all brain damaged.

  14. Oh dear….

    Breaking news…..News channels reporting another “larger” outbreak of Ebola among the Sierra Leone Army……..that is not a good development.

  15. Today, the United States faces two crises which transcend all others, and Obama’s response to both of them is dysfunctional–and certain to make them worse:

    1. EBOLA: first javee, then air power, now even if they overrun the middle east and commit genocide, no boots on the ground.

    2. ISIS: first it will not reach these shores, now then it has our health care system can handle it, now that we have two cases, no travel ban on west Africa.

    He is floridly delusional.

    For Obama, ideology comes first, and protection of the American People comes last.

    If we could be certain that Ebola would be confined to just his supporters I would not worry about it.

    The problem is, those of us who saw the risk he posed to the nation, and did not get swept up in the con, are now equally at risk.

    They asked for it.

    We didn’t.

    And, because we didn’t they called us racists.

  16. Sooner or later, the country will want Obama impeached and those who say no wait until 2016, the likely response will be the survival of the nation cannot wait that long. Two years is a long time. I see that as an uncertain, yet plausible scenario. The more likely one is that he will be forced to yield on both positions after the election, and with his political position thus weakened, I wonder whether his commitment to amnesty will also yield to the new political realities driven by ISIS and Ebola. I just hope that his forced change of position does not come too late.

  17. I have known men who gave up golf when they had a family and those responsibilities took precedence.

    I have known presidents who played golf and among those, Ike was perhaps the most famous.

    But Ike NEVER played golf during major national crises because he knew it was important to be at his desk and devoting his full attention to them.

    Obama however is . . . different.

    He is utterly incapable of making the tough decisions which the job calls for.

    And he hides from them on lavish golf courses and at fundraisers at the lavish estates of the 1 percenters–who indulge his worst faults and gush over him.

    Unfortunately, 48 percent of the country does not see this, because they still support him, according to Rassmussen.

    That is the greatest irony of all.

    I wonder if Zuckerberg realizes what will happen to his future if amnesty and a pandemic occur here.

    It will not be hard for the American People to connect the dots where he is concerned.

    At this point, I doubt very much that he realizes this.

  18. During this period of crisis, my advice to big media would be to censor all information unfavorable to Obama, just like you did with Benghazi, and since he is not working so hard these days, just go with him on the golf course and give us daily reports on how his handicap has improved. You have already said that you are moving away from hard news to entertainment. Well, just do it, because you haven’t the people or the stomach to give the country the truth. Just find a new vocation and everyone will be happy. But stop pretending to be journalist, and butt out of national debates over our nation’s political future. You are incapable of being an honest broker and we are sick of your lies.

  19. The left has opined on this issue. They claim talking about this is fear mongering, and criticizing Obama for refusing to ban travel is racism. That is the standard line of MSNBC and the default position of the hard left who pretend to be liberals, but are in fact totalitarians who favor government mandates–even incompetent ones that sacrifice lives needlessly, over personal freedom. Nice. They will explain the following away as well. The only question is when, if ever, will this country wake up. It is tough to blame this pandemic in being on Bush. But rest assured Obama and his fellow travelers will try, with the help of big media who his always there to lend him a helping hand, as long as he protects the 1 percenters–meaning, of course, them.

    About 70 hospital staffers cared for Ebola patient

    DALLAS (AP) — They drew his blood, put tubes down his throat and wiped up his diarrhea. They analyzed his urine and wiped saliva from his lips, even after he had lost consciousness.

    About 70 staff members at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital were involved in the care of Thomas Eric Duncan after he was hospitalized, including a nurse now being treated for the same Ebola virus that killed the Liberian man who was visiting Dallas, according to medical records his family provided to The Associated Press.

    The size of the medical team reflects the hospital’s intense effort to save Duncan’s life, but it also suggests that many other people could have been exposed to the virus during Duncan’s time in an isolation unit.

    On Monday, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the infection of the nurse means the agency must broaden the pool of people getting close monitoring. Authorities have said they do not know how the nurse was infected, but they suspect some kind of breach in the hospital’s protocol.

    The medical records given to the AP offer clues, both to what happened and who was involved, but the hospital said the CDC does not have them.

    A CDC spokeswoman said the agency reviewed the medical records with Duncan’s care team and concluded that the documents were not helpful in identifying those who interacted directly with the patient.

    “This is not something we can afford to experiment with. We need to get this right,” said Ruth McDermott-Levy, who directs the Center for Global and Public Health in Villanova University’s College of Nursing.

    Until now, the CDC has been actively monitoring 48 people who might have had contact with Duncan after he fell ill with an infection but before he was put in isolation. The number included 10 people known to have contact and 38 who may have had contact, including people he was staying with and health care professionals who attended to him during an emergency room visit from which he was sent home. None is sick.

    The CDC has not yet established a firm number of health care workers who had contact with Duncan.

    “If this one individual was infected – and we don’t know how – within the isolation unit, then it is possible that other individuals could have been infected as well,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC. “We do not today have a number of such exposed people or potentially exposed health care workers. It’s a relatively large number, we think in the end.”

    Caregivers who began treating Duncan after he tested positive for Ebola were following a “self-monitoring regimen” in which they were instructed to take their temperatures regularly and report any symptoms. But they were not considered at high risk.

    Typically, the nurses, doctors and technicians caring for a contagious patient in isolation would be treating other people as well, and going home to their families after decontaminating themselves. The hospital has refused to answer questions about their specific duties.

    The 1,400-plus pages of medical records show that nurses, doctors and other hospital employees wore face shields, double gowns, protective footwear and even hazmat suits to avoid touching any of Duncan’s bodily fluids. Ebola spreads through direct contact with those fluids, usually blood, feces and vomit. The virus has also been detected in urine, semen and breast milk, and it may be in saliva and tears.

    CDC officials said there were chinks in that protection at Texas Presbyterian, but they have not identified them and are investigating.

    “Patient had large, extremely watery diarrhea,” a nurse wrote in a report filed the day Duncan tested positive.

    Another nurse noted that Duncan’s urine was “darker in color with noted blood streaks.”

    It was unclear from the records released to the AP how many of the approximately 70 individuals involved in Duncan’s care had direct contact with his body or fluids.

    Dr. Aileen Marty, a World Health Organization doctor who recently returned to Florida International University after a month fighting Ebola in Nigeria, said no amount of protection is going to help if hospital workers do not put on and take off their protective layers carefully.

    “The first thing in caring for someone with Ebola is to do everything in your power to never become a victim,” she said.

    And tracking all contacts, even within the medical setting, is complicated.

    Generally, the first step in locating care providers for isolated infected patients is a personnel log on the door, “that should have everyone going in and out, signing in and out,” said Dr. Lisa Esolen, Geisinger Health System’s Medical Director of Health Services and Infection Prevention and Control. Medical records indicate the Dallas hospital had a log.

    On the day before Duncan died, records indicate that at least nine caregivers entered and exited the room.

    A spokesman for Texas Health Resources, the hospital’s parent company, said the CDC probably has a log from the room door that would list everyone who got close to Duncan.

    Dr. Christopher Ohl, who heads Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s infectious-disease department and has worked with the CDC in the past, said the expanding monitoring “is an abundance of caution that’s probably beyond what needs to be done” because medical caregivers will notice if they’re getting a fever, and they’re not contagious until that point.

    “You start to know when you get those body aches and headaches, most people know that,” he said. “It’s not like you’re surprised by it. Most people can fi

  20. I have great faith in the CDC . . .

    To underestimate the problem

    To worry more about the public reaction and its impact on Obama than containment

    To put the lives of health care workers at risk through bureaucratic incompetence.

    And to come to its senses once it is too late.

    Another example of what we saw at the IRS.

    No solutions.

    Just rigid positions–and stonewalling.

    Big government at its best.

  21. At work they have the CDC Ebola precautions/assessment
    Instructions on our intranet, they are rifled with errors. I wrote our administration immediately.

    Scary stuff.

  22. Shadow, I followed your lead and checked in on the DU kiddies. No mention of One Drop’s statement about The One. They were worked up about McCain “lying” on CNN interview, when he said that Barack had said Ebola would never come to this country. He didn’t say “never’ . He said “unlikely”.

    This has blown their skirts way up.

    Well, damn. This is serious. Misquoting Barack like that …. McCain should be impeached.

    Lizzie is typically a popular topic for the Kiddies. Guess they thought it best to change the subject for now.

    Oh yeah .. and they were pumped about Barack being on the cover of Rolling Stone (for the what …. 500th time?), and Krugman’s article about him.

  23. I am worried that these crises will rain on President Obama’s parade.


    By interfering with his rigorous schedule of golf, fundraisers, more golf, more fundraiser, and periodic lectures.

    But I have a solution.

    Which will save the country and the messiah.

    Not that big media messiahs need saving.

    Jesus saves, but Obama doesn’t.

    He golfs.

    And badly I might add.

    But back to the problem.

    A cynic might say you cannot have guns and butter.

    Or ISIS, Ebola and Golf.


    At big golf tournaments, they hold the award ceremony on the 19th hole.

    If it works for Tiger, then surely it will work for Obama.

    From now on, any speech Obama deigns to give will be broadcast from the golf course.

    And you thought no one could square that circle.

  24. gonzotx
    October 14, 2014 at 9:56 am
    I am afraid that CDC is a thoroughly politicized agency. Last week they were telling us not to worry. This week they tell us they need to rethink their approach–meaning reverse it, which starts with coming to a less rosy appraisal of what we are facing–which will necessitate halting commercial flights from West Africa as other countries have done. Last week the clueless head of CDC told us we would need to continue commercial flights in order to fight the disease at its source–and airport screening would be enough. In his true leading from behind fashion, Obama endorsed that approach. It never occurred to either one of them that we could accomplish that objective with charter flights rather than commercial ones, achieve tight control over the possibility of transmission, and that airport screening was a Hail Mary. So they have a lot to “rethink”. And very little time to do it. Also, they bragged about our world class hospital system and safe handling procedures. It never occurred to them that these procedures are not fail safe and if we handle this virus inside the established hospital network, the infection will spread even more rapidly and regional hospitals dedicated only to Ebola with highly trained personnel would become necessary. Their mandate, and the dimocrats has been to worry more about the upcoming election than the safety of the nation, and the only bright spot in the heavens is that with intense practice Obama’s golf handicap has gone down from a 22 to an 18. Big media should report that and be thrilled.

  25. The biggest farce of all is the contention that the Obama crony gun grabber nominee for Surgeon General whose confirmation has been held up in the Senate by Republicans concerned about his qualifications should be speaking to the country about Ebola, rather than the head of the CDC. As bad as the current director is, the political hack Obama has appointed would be infinitely worse, and the only reason they are even suggesting this is because it would give Obama the power to control the message–which is the last thing in the world that we need from a man who has proven himself to be no less than a serial liar.

  26. I, for one, hope Grimes wins. I cannot stand McConnell. And what she says below resonates with me. Because that IS the difference between an Obama democrat–who loves crony capitalism and hates free enterprise and a Clinton democrat who is focused on jobs. In the labor movement this same kind of schism exists. You have those who believe the goal of a union is to put bread and butter on the table of their members (the Samuel Gompers–Dave Beck view) and there is the other faction who is socialist to the core and believe that the goal of a union is to tear down society, which is epitomized by outfits like the SEIU, and, sadly, the Teamsters under Hoffa Jr. As for Grimes, the reason she would not say she voted for Obama is because she does not want to be associated with him. No sane person, focused on the welfare of this nation, would be.

    If one race reveals the depth of the divisions between Democrats this cycle it is in Kentucky, where the party’s Senate nominee still refuses to say whether she voted in 2012 for President Obama, whom she endorsed and served as a convention delegate. But on Monday, Alison Lundergan Grimes took the next step forward into the chasm when a debate moderator asked her the difference between her, a self-styled “Clinton Democrat” and an “Obama Democrat.”

    Grimes was quick to respond: “It’s growing the middle class in the right way.” Whoa. And this is a woman who is hosting Obama’s longtime intra-party rival Hillary Clinton at a rally on Wednesday – an appearance that was announced the same day last week that the story of Grimes’ Obama denials blew up. It is no wonder that liberal outlets are among the most exercised about Grimes’ treatment of the president. As a segment on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC televisions show Monday said: “Democrats at a crossroads.”

  27. Wbb,

    We had a meeting at work regarding Ebola, they are clueless. I am not an infection control expert, but it took me 3 minutes to understand the CDC, and my Hospital, have no clue. We health workers are seriously in big trouble. It is always a matter of we don’t know what we don’t know, and we should always error on the side of prudence, but they want to error on the side of what ever costs less.

    Wait till the flu season, the early symptoms are almost identical. I am pretty sure they are afraid of mass hysteria by both the public and healthcare workers.

    Well one good way to have staff walk off the job is to not protect us with the finest available PPE and be cavalier.

    Reality is, this may very well be airborne, there is at least one strain of Ebola that has proven that between Lab animals. They had no contact but the virus transferred between cages. End of story.

  28. I only want Grimes to win if the Repubs take the Senate anyway…that is the first step in taking back the Dem party.

  29. Sometimes, a change in management is needed.

    For example, when the Korean War broke out, the nation called General Douglas Mac Arthur, one of the architects of victory in World War II, out of retirement, to deal with the new problem?

    Similarly, now that the Ebola Crisis has broke out, how long will it take for the big media beloved messiah to call Katherine Sebelius, architect of the highly successful roll-out of Obama care, out of retirement, to deal with the new problem?

    Obama: “when you are in a hole, keep digging!”

  30. I wonder whether devotees of open borders, like Schumer and Zuckerberg are rethinking their position–and realizing that this thing will at some point blow back on them, sure as the earth turns.


    The National Republican Senatorial Committee is planning to reserve more than $6 million in additional North Carolina airtime Monday, sources tell POLITICO.

    Seeing overnight tracking numbers that show the race tightening and Republican Thom Tillis in striking distance, NRSC strategists have authorized their independent-expenditure arm to spend an extra $6 million to $6.5 million — on top of the $3 million or so that was already planned.

  32. gonzotx
    October 14, 2014 at 12:17 pm
    Well, that is pretty discouraging, isn’t it. And somewhat shocking, since they have known about this virus for years, and Hollywod has done a movie foreshadowing the very kind of outbreak we are seeing now. Our friend Mrs. Smith just sent me the following link with Dr. Bob Arnot, formerly chief medical advisor for ABC news, and a world class humanitarian who has dealt with this deadly disease, in Africa:

    Bottom line: treat them in Africa. Don’t bring them here.

  33. Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, October 13, 2014, 4:08 PM

    ebola gravediggers
    Over 4,000 people have died during the current Ebola outbreak. (BBC)

    Liberian health care workers abandoned Ebola patients today and went on strike over Ebola conditions and pay.

    The workers said the government short-changed them on their paychecks.

    Many facilities were virtually abandoned in the country.
    Aljazeera reported:

    Hospitals and health care facilities have been affected in Liberia as some nurses and medical professionals staged a walkout demanding better pay and safer working conditions in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

    Sources told Al Jazeera that several hospitals and clinics were hit by the strike on Monday as health workers abandonded hundreds of patients, demanding higher hazard pay and protective equipment.



    We are all racists now. Thanks to the bumbling incompetence of Barack Obama, even a majority of what’s left of his own party want flights from Ebola countries halted.

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they are concerned about an Ebola outbreak in the United States, and about the same amount say they want flight restrictions from the countries in West Africa where the disease has quickly spread.

    A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News shows 67 percent of people say they would support restricting entry to the United States from countries struggling with Ebola. Another 91 percent would like to see stricter screening procedures at U.S. airports in response to the disease’s spread.

    This is simple common sense, something in drastically short supply in Washington.

    Thus far, some countries in Europe have restricted flights from these countries in West Africa, and an increasing number of U.S. lawmakers are calling for similar bans. The White House has yet to increase restrictions, with federal officials saying such a move could actually increase the spread of the disease by hampering the movement of aid workers and supplies.

  35. There you go Grimes is finished…..DSCC pulls money out of Kentucky, goes of the air.

    The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has gone dark in Kentucky, where the party is targeting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    After a significant investment in support of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, the DSCC had not reserved time for the final three weeks of the race and, as of today, is no longer on the air.

    “The DSCC has now spent more than 2 million in Kentucky and continues to make targeted investments in the ground game while monitoring the race for future investments, but is currently not on the air in the state,” a DSCC official told CQ Roll Call.

    McConnell has held small but consistent leads in nearly every recent public poll.

    As it seeks to keep Republicans from picking up six seats and the Senate majority, the DSCC’s independent expenditure unit may see a better opportunity in Georgia, where it just purchased significant advertising time.



    She sounds like a PUMA to me, and I am tickled PINK.

  37. Shadowfax
    October 14, 2014 at 2:28 pm



    She sounds like a PUMA to me, and I am tickled PINK.

    Yes I said that too.
    I hope she wins. 😀

  38. DSCC pulls money out of Kentucky, goes of the air.
    They need to go out of business entirely. It is a very bad organization. Same with the RSCC. In this case it is Grimes efforts to distance herself from Obama that are the reason for their withdrawal of support. And it comes from Obama operatives who will soon have no political future/

  39. So what does Hillary do now. And do not assume that this is not an indirect shot at Hillary by the scumbags of Obama. They know she was going in to support Grimes, and she should continue to do so, notwithstanding what the Obama controlled DSCC does. I know some here will disagree with me, but I think a withdrawal by Hilllary would be attacked as political. Perhaps Obama or his wife should go in and campaign for McConnell, since both of them have one thing in common: big donors and no respect for the average American—Washington fixtures.

  40. Wbboei…rock and a hard place…….that is where she is, damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

    Maybe though the internal polling is just showing her dead in the water now……i don’t know but i do know that having no ads in the last 3 weeks while being swamped by GOP ads will kill her campaign if Chuck Todd had not done that all on his own already.

  41. I actually like Alison Grimes refusing to bow down to media and tell what how she voted. So what if she did vote for him .. it’s her right to be ashamed 😉 I loathe McConnell and he is NOT for working people but if not for the Repubs taking back Senate I would hope she won. I like her kind of grit .. reminds me of Hillary fighting back. I have to wonder somehow if her internal polling is telling her something else as well BUT if Democrats refuse to fund her for next 3 weeks she’ll lose big time. Like I say, I like her grit

  42. foxyladi14
    October 14, 2014 at 1:52 pm
    So al Jazz tells us what big media will not–the truth.

  43. Apparently the Dems are now hanging their hats on Georgia being the one that saves the Senate for them….if that is what they think……they really have no clue. Its like wacky races from one race to another to find the golden calf……bit of a dog chase tail scenario going on.

  44. Hmmmm……When asked if the DSCC had supported Allison Lundergan Grimes, they invoked their right to the private ballot.

  45. Dr. Mark Siegal and Dr. Bob Arnot are saying essentially the same thing. Fear of Ebola is spreading even faster than the virus, and the reason for this is a lack of leadership.

    Blasphemy that they would say that there is no leadership on this issue, either here or in West Africa.

    Do they not understand that we have Barack Hussein Obama, the new age leader for all seasons?

    Of course, that useless motherfucker isn’t doing much about it now.

    His last pronouncement was that we will survive it because we survived the cold war.

    Are great leaders like him born or made— or are they just a big media created fiction to advance their own interests?

  46. Apparently the Dems are now hanging their hats on Georgia being the one that saves the Senate for them

    That is a stretch. Nunn is not her father.

  47. Mitch McConnell is a creep but that is irrelevant. Alison Grimes is also irrelevant. The bottom line has always been that Alison Grimes was a nothing. Alison Grimes had only one role to play: fool the suckers.

    The suckers were Dim donors who wanted to defeat McConnell so much they would throw money down a rathole. We have no problem with rich donors wasting their money. But we do have a problem with a deceitful party that fools poor/middle class people into thinking that Alison Grimes ever had a chance and taking their money to pour down a rathole – temporarily – until the real purpose became evident in the great 2014 Alison Grimes money bait ploy. Now the real purpose and real targets have become evident and the money dumb Dims donated to defeat McConnell is shifted to where the “leaders” wanted to spend the money in the first place.

    One more bit about Alison Grimes. The reason she won’t admit that she voted for Barack Obama and was an Obama delegate to the DNC convention (she could have refused to do so as many Dims like McCaskill did) is because her campaign is based on deceit. Yes she doesn’t want to say she voted for Obama because that would be fodder for an ad. But the big reason is that Grimes is lying to the state of Kentucky about her positions on just about everything – especially coal – because if she told the voters the truth about her positions she would be thirty points down and the fundraising ploy of the DSCC would fail.

    If Grimes ever would make it to the senate due to her lies she would be an Obama rubber stamp.

    But all the above is irrelevant to the argument we have made. The point we have consistently made and the question no one will answer is this: what is in it for Hillary?

    Why is Hillary Clinton participating in this fraud (other than to pay a political debt to Grimy’s father there is no reason)?

    What is in it for Hillary? What does Hillary get out of wasting her political capital on this loser in Kentucky?

    The reason why we reference this Kentucky situation is because we see Hillary doing the same stupid stuff she did in 2008.

    What is in it for Hillary? Picture the scene: Hillary in Kentucky campaigning for Grimy. First question to Hillary: Has Grimy told you if she voted for Obama? Second question: Did Grimy vote for Obama?

    How does Hillary respond? Will Hillary make a total ass and fool of herself by repeating the Grimes nonsense about the confidentiality of the ballot? Hillary will appear to be a big dope and a doddering ass if she replies like this.

    At last night’s debate McConnell said he voted for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Grimes? She persisted with her silliness about the secret ballot. A politician running for office making such a claim owes it to the voters to answer such a simple question and live with the consequences of her truthful response.

    The DSCC suckered Dim donors with dreams of a McConnell defeat. Now the DSCC has the money and the charade no longer has to be continued. Who’s left out in the cold holding the bag?: stupid dumb ass Hillary who won’t learn her lessons.

  48. McConnell is senator foghorn leghorn. The worst thing about him is the revolving door he runs between his own staffers and highly paid positions on K Street. It is a big machine which is unresponsive to the needs of the nation. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with congress. If I were advising Grimes, I would make the next couple weeks all about the political class that clings to McConnell like parasites, feeds at the public trough and is inimical to the needs and interests of the people of Kentucky.

  49. S
    October 14, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    She looks so cute, with that ‘I’m gonna run for President’ haircut going for her.

    Run Hillary, RUN!!!!

  50. U.S. Centres for Disease Control says it is now monitoring 76 people who may have come into contact with Ebola virus victim Thomas Duncan

  51. Who’s left out in the cold holding the bag?: stupid dumb ass Hillary who won’t learn her lessons.

    Wow Admin, I have never heard you talk about Hillary this way.

  52. No matter what money the DSCC has pulled out of the sofa, they are still up shit creek with the public and probably going to lose the Senate.

    Name one candidate that could run and win against Hillary. I can’t think of anyone. Can the Rethugs pull a rabbit out of their hat, not in decades.

  53. I think the only reason NBC and the DSC are turning against Grimes

    Is because she is distancing herself from someone

    Both have invested their entire reputation in

    Clearly, unconditionally and irrevocably:

    Barack Hussein Obama.

    In their satanic church, every democrat must worship Him

    Or be consigned to the fires of the pit.

  54. Douglas Butzier, Libertarian Senate Candidate from Iowa, Dies in Plane Crash
    That should help Ernst.

  55. Global health officials said Tuesday that the death rate in the Ebola epidemic has risen to 70 percent, up from 50 percent.

  56. Just reading that Shadow….that is not good news at all, it means the strain is becoming more virulent as it passes on…….could be mutating and strengthening itself, adapting itself for that to happen.

  57. If Grimes ever would make it to the senate due to her lies she would be an Obama rubber stamp
    If that is true, then I will shut up.

    But next to that, the survival of McConnell is the second worst thing that can happen to the country.

  58. The reason why we reference this Kentucky situation is because we see Hillary doing the same stupid stuff she did in 2008.

    I think maybe admin might be onto something ….

    I love Hillary the woman, admire her grit but have to admit that I’ve fallen out of love with Hillary “the candidate”.

  59. And I will shut up on Grimes too! Admin is much smarter than me on these things and I take their word on it. Being in coal country, it’s important to me to have candidates who fight for coal. I don’t think McConnell has done more than he “had” to do.

  60. Well, he is not a messiah. He is just a leader. And he is concerned as our messiah is not with the welfare of the people.

    In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled together his national security team on Sunday to discuss a game plan for stopping Ebola before it comes to their borders.

    “The State of Israel is prepared in order to bar the possible entry of people with Ebola, as part of our effort to defend our borders against illegal migrants and terrorism,” Netanyahu said. “This is a global plague and we are cooperating with other countries in addition to guarding our borders; we are taking a series of steps to isolate those who are ill, if they arrive, and treat them, of course, in our healthcare system. We hope that this will not be necessary but we are prepared for any eventuality.”

  61. Admin, do you know of anywhere on the internet to find out which Clinton delegates refused to vote for Obola on the conventions floor? I would like to see some of the CA delegates especially. Do you remember which delegate had tape over her mouth?

  62. At the White House Josh Earnest sticks the knife in deep then twists it plucking the heart of Alison Grimes, stomping it, on the day before Hillary makes a monumentally dumb ass stupid move:

  63. Try this Shadowfax:

    As to our tough language about Hillary, we might have to start employing a lot of tough love on the front page to get Hillary and the current crop of advisers to see how stupid they are.

    Tomorrow is not going to be pretty with Hillary in Kentucky now having to respond to the DSCC withdrawal as well as Grimes’ stupid lies about the sanctity of the ballot.

  64. Perhaps Hillary is trying to gauge the support she could get from her own grassroots by testing a “going rouge” move with Grimes??? I’m convinced Oturd and MeChelle will abandon her once she announces .. along with a whole bunch of the ones who “promised” their delegate vote to her in 08. Warren is NOT just spouting off to her herself, SOMEONE is behind this sudden move to distance herself from Obola

  65. and NH is in play……..

    New NEC poll shows Scott Brown leading Democrat Jeanne Shaheen 48%-46.9%

    This one will go down to the wire.

  66. Thanks Admin, I’ll try to brace myself for Hillary tough love.

    Swoop the stained slippers off of the fainting couch, I may need it tomorrow.

  67. If I remember correctly, there was no ‘real’ vote on the floor of the convention in 2008. Obama thugs pushed Hillary in front of a mike and she fell on her sword.

    So, delegates and Super-delegates of some states voted and states like California did not vote at all, many delegates where not there on time because they were not told to fly in soon enough, thank you @##$#! Nasty for keeping CA out of the voting you hag!

    MURPHY, where are YOU???

    Anyone remember the details?

    I don’t know if Gimes ever tossed a vote to Obama or not, but it’s clear she doesn’t respect him.

  68. Here is the problem with McConnell, Boeher and the rest of the RINOs, courtesy of Andy McCarthy. He goes on to tell us how to stop this rogue president.

    So Republicans keep telling the president what they are not going to do.

    And the president? To take just a few of the most recent notorious items, he is now poised to:

    Close Guantanamo Bay and unlawfully transfer the remaining 149 jihadists detained there into the United States — into the indisputable jurisdiction of federal judges (hundreds of whom Obama has appointed) who could order their release from custody.

    Continue replenishing the enemy, even as the terrorist threat against the U.S. intensifies, by extraditing any Gitmo detainees not transferred to the U.S. to countries that will allow them to rejoin the jihad — just as he allowed five Taliban commanders to leave Gitmo a few months ago.

    Abandon today’s half-hearted operations against ISIS and al-Qaeda once the midterm elections are over.
    Unilaterally and lawlessly decree an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

    Continue covertly transferring illegal aliens to cities and towns across the country, without notice to state officials, leaving local communities to deal with their housing, education, and healthcare, including any deadly infectious diseases they may spread.

    Continue admitting hundreds of aliens every week from West African nations plagued with epidemics of Ebola and other potentially deadly infectious diseases – peddling the self-evidently absurd rationale that disease cannot be addressed at its source without exposing Americans to it here.

    Continue the march toward a deal that enables Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

    Continue failing to secure the border and to enforce immigration laws despite the heightened terrorist threat.

    Continue to enforce civil rights law in a racially discriminatory manner in violation of the Constitution.

    Continue to impose combat rules of engagement that endanger our troops in harm’s way.

    Continue unilaterally and unlawfully rewriting the Obamacare statute, the federal drug laws, the federal immigration laws, and other congressional enactments that impede Obama’s statist policy preferences.

    Continue stonewalling the public and Congress regarding the Benghazi Massacre, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Fast & Furious debacle, and other administration scandals.

    And so on. The Obama presidency has become a study in the raw power of the presidency in the hands of a willful ideologue checked only by his calculations about damage to his political standing — under circumstances where, with no more elections to worry about, Obama is increasingly less concerned about the unpopularity of his policies. Obama’s opponents have made clear that while they will complain about his maladministration, they will take no meaningful steps to stop it.

    As I argue in Faithless Execution, Obama’s opposition can certainly disavow the powers the Framers provided to preserve a nation of laws by combating presidential lawlessness. That is a rational political choice if one is convinced that the public would revolt against either: (a) a government shutdown, however limited, and however well-framed as a necessary effort to halt Obama’s unpopular lawlessness; or (b) the start of an inquiry — not the filing of impeachment articles, but the mere commencement of hearings — into whether executive officials who carry out Obama’s lawless or derelict policies, including the president himself, should be removed from power.

    But if you tell a rogue actor that you are not going to use the only powers available to you to stop him, you cannot be surprised when his behavior becomes ever more outrageous.

  69. Admin: my concern is that if McConnell wins and the Republicans take the Senate, then he will become the Majority Leader and under his tepid temporizing leadership the Republicans will shrink from doing what needs to be done to stop Obama from doing the things Andrew McCarthy describes in the link directly above. Obama will not stop by his own volition, any more than he will heed the message of voters in an election which he calls a mandate on his policies. The only way that will happen is through strong Republican leadership, and McConnell and his counterpart in the House ain’t. I speak from experience.

  70. Things should really get interesting in the polls and I look forward to Admins perspective on them. One of the things I have noticed about Ofucktards approval rating is that it is highly dependent on the DJIA, which is tanking. I do not suppose it will help any of the other Dems either.

    Ebola, ISIS and a falling Dow less than 3 weeks before the election.

  71. although it is painful, I also subscribe to the tough love approach with Hillary’s campaign…i am sure there is alot of back and forth behind the scenes, probably most of it to secure donations and to appease the kooks..but when we start seeing some obvious repeats from the past…and/or things that just want to make you say ‘WTF?’…and things that just seem fake or overdone…well, bottom line…don’t want tone deaf Hillary or Hillary opening herself up to be sabatoged…again…

    imho…she has to keep defining herself…and stop with the O praise…enough, do not dig your own hole…instead…if she must deflect from herself to praise someone…praise Bill…(do not backtrack with O praise now that Panetta and Gates and others are reinforcing how incompetent O is…that sounds really stupid)

    Hillary, remember when O said ‘the country wanted to turn the page on you and Bill…that you two were the past’ (and so polarizing)…remember that…well, turnaround is fair play…stake out your own ground and state your own way of doing things

    there is no room for error this time around…we had the dress rehearsal and it did not go very well…this is prime time…be ready for your closeup…this is your time…go strong or take a pass…I want strong, forceful Hillary…not someone from the shadows…

  72. wbboei,

    I can feel you itching for O to be impeached. I, too have a very bad feeling that the failed boy-POTUS will do as much damage as he can before he is out of office. But we have had two POTUS in a row that never should have been re-elected to a second term. It is not just these six years of failed leadership, it is 14 years now.

    Sad but true that right now the Republicans are the country’s best hope, in that they keep the creep in check. Failing to do that, makes them worthless.

  73. Just reading the last few posts from S, Wbb, and Lu…I am shouting, Hell yes, Yup, that’s it!

    2016 is the chess game from Hell and damn, let’s see if the Clinton’s can take this one for us…the voters that have never wavered, never pushed her aside, and love the strong, smart woman she is.

    I am getting freaked out already, it’s like 2007 all over again.

  74. Anyone remember reading emails asking for money and news releases filled with assurances that Dims would take the House:

    House Dems in retreat

    Three weeks out from an election that could give Republicans a historic majority, House Democrats are resorting to the painful strategy of retreat.

    Faced with a perilous midterm environment and a sudden gush of Republican money, Democrats are shifting cash from blue-chip recruits to prop up teetering incumbents. The goal is to minimize losses and keep Republicans from their most dominant hold on the House since Harry Truman’s presidency — potentially expelling Democrats from the speaker’s chair for years to come. [snip]

    The money that had been planned in those districts, where airing TV ads is costly, is being shifted to shore up incumbents and keep once-safe seats in the party’s column. Conservative outside groups in recent days have invested millions of dollars in races, erasing what had been a sizable Democratic financial advantage.

    Democratic strategists say they’re trying to determine how much damage they might incur on election night. On Monday, the DCCC announced a $600,000 investment to save a suddenly endangered northeastern Iowa district that President Barack Obama won by 14 percentage points. It was an unmistakable sign of how much the political terrain has shifted against Democrats since the 2012 election. [snip]

    Democrats are now almost exclusively playing defense. [snip]

    Democrats say they are short-changed in part because they spent heavily early in hopes of defining Republican candidates before the heart of the political season, when the TV airwaves would become crowded with commercials. Some Republicans argue that was a mistake, giving them an opportunity to dominate during the final three weeks of the election when many voters are just starting to pay attention.

    In the House and Senate races the Dims raised a lot of cash and spent a lot of cash. As we recently wrote, now the Republican money will begin to be spent. That’s why a lot of senate and house races are doomed for Dims.

  75. Lu4PUMA
    October 14, 2014 at 7:58 pm
    Actually, I am right where Andy McCarthy is on that one. The legal case is obvious. The political part however is tricky. Unless there is strong public support there will be no impeachment. On the other hand, if: i) the Republicans take congress in a wave election, ii) they pass constructive legislation, iii) he refuses to sign it, iv) he uses executive orders opposed by the public in the recent election, and v) a terrorist attack or a pandemic takes place as a direct result of his policies, specifically, his refusal to secure the border, his blanket amnesty and his adamant refusal to ban flights from Ebola affected regions, then it is reasonable to assume that impeachment will be the least of his worries. In that case, I believe they will skin him alive.

  76. Because he is a sociopath, it is doubtful that he realizes the danger that awaits him in the last two years of his term. He has painted himself–and us into a corner and there is no way out. Therein lies the tragedy. A mentally healthy leader would recognize this danger and take steps to oppose it. Unfortunately, he is not a leader, much less a mentally healthy one. It seems that nobody wants to face up to the problem we are dealing with, as originally diagnosed by Dr. Sam Varkin, i.e. the angry ossified child has emerged and with his rejection at the polls, he will enter the act out stage of his illness, and then impeachment will be ripe.

  77. The fraud will never be impeached, the Repubs would be terrified of race riots across the nation…and there would be…you know that.

    They wouldn’t have the cojones…

    Maybe best case scenario is that he agrees to not push any agenda and let congress actually make laws, or repeal them, without any input from him.

    Just think, endless golfing…I call that a win win..

  78. Admin, tough love, indeed. She needs to shake things up in a big way to pry the country out of the grip of Obama Effect. The country is going to dogs and Obama will eat those dogs. Hillary instead of going about trying to ‘help’ these politicos, should start talking about her vision and what she would do with the opportunity if given/earned to lead the country. Go to universities (because that is where the most suckers are but you can turn those suckers into do-gooders with your leadership) and start talking about how to turn the country around..instead of giving speeches for 100s of thousands of dollars in venues where what you say really has not much effect, just invite yourself to few different public places and start talking. It need not be about casting blame or bashing Obama or Bush or whomever but it will be about how to get back the prestige of this country at home and internationally. Develop a theme, talk about policies, government as a force for good and go back to first principles, and create a different dynamic where you don’t need to suck up to Clinton politicos or Obama politicos but impress grassroots everyday Americans on the street. There was some talk about her becoming president of Yale or some other university after leaving State and I wish she had taken up something like that instead of CGI.

  79. wbboei
    October 14, 2014 at 3:57 pm
    Douglas Butzier, Libertarian Senate Candidate from Iowa, Dies in Plane Crash
    That should help Ernst.
    _____________________Kind of cold wbb!

  80. Admin

    I agree 1,000% about Hillary!I liked Hillary the person, Hillary the Leader..but she has time and time again over thought her position in the sense of ” how will this effect my candidacy for President”and supported this Trojan horse, and every time, from the Convention to Benghazi,she has made the wrong decision, because in my book, she has been afraid of political cost…

    It was when she was a fighter however that she galvanized the Country, she won the popular vote. If at anytime she would have come out strong against the fool on the hill, I believe many would have crossed party lines for her.

    I do not believe that now.

    She is almost passonlist.Her head and her heart are not connected politically speaking.

  81. I’m sure her report won’t be shown on NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or ABC.
    That dam is leaking water now.

    At some point, it is bound to break.

    And when it does, those censors will drown.

    I feel sorry for the fools who turn to them for news.

    They do not protect the country.

    I think Sharyl’s book will blow them out of the water.

    It will help people see just how corrupt big media is.

    And if a disaster strikes and they hid it for political reasons.

    There will be hell to pay.

    Her outlet is FOX News.

    Big media–the ones you mention, are for suckers.

  82. gonzotx
    October 15, 2014 at 12:49 am
    I can well understand your position. It mirrors the evolution of a close friend of mine, who was a strong Hillary supporter and opened her home to me during the 2008 campaign. She is just about the smartest person I know. She is the one who sees things at the deepest level, and she has real courage. After Benghazi she has no faith. And several of our bloggers left after that too.

    The practical question is what is the alternative? Christy? Bush? No fucking way.

    There is enough good stuff in Hillary’s resume that I believe she is worth supporting. But my support is not unconditional, as it once was. I can no longer suspend disbelief. And I have the same reaction as Admin to some of the things Hillary does. That is not disloyalty. It is a mature attitude. The only thing that could change my mind is if I see Obama people in her entourage.

  83. Kind of cold wbb!
    okay. You want schmaltz?

    Every man’s death diminishes me
    Because I am involved in mankind
    So never send to know
    For whom the bell tolls
    It tolls for me

    That said, this should help Ernst.

  84. The fraud will never be impeached,

    What if tObama created a national disaster that cost thousands of lives?

    What say ye then?

    Because that is the scenario I am talking about.

    Just you wait Henry Higgins

    Obama will go off the deep end.

    He cannot help it.

  85. And in that case, Congress will have to ask themselves the same question that Brandon O’Sullivan of Williams and Conolly, counsel to Lt. Colonel Oliver North asked Arthur Liman of Paul Weiss counsel for the Democrats rhetorically in the Contragate hearing:

    What am I?

    A potted plant?

  86. The biggest obstacle in that instance is the no cajones leadership, i.e. Boeher who is a bon vivante and McConnell who is scrooge. For John public service is all about his personal goal to play the top 100 golf courses in the world, and amore. And for Mitch it is all about keeping wetting the beak of his revolving door of staffers, lobbyists and donors. His wife used to sit on the board of Conagra and other big business crony capitalist enterprises. Mitch likes the idea of no limits on political contributions.


    The highly respected Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota just advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) that “there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles,” including exhaled breath.
    I am highly skeptical that Obama will complete his term in office. Not after this revelation. It vitiates his open borders with no flight ban position. In essence, he allowed this plague to come to this country and to spread. Whatever happens now is his doing, and he will pay a heavy political price in my opinion.

  88. I know….Pray for these nurses…I can’t post articles right now but, they are on Drudgery. ..The CDC and the hospital are murderous criminals. They had no training, ridiculous PPE, we’re told to put tape on exposed necks…yes you heard that right, and the hospital didn’t even want to isolate him..cost you know.

    The nurses went to a nurses union to bring this out and this is a right to work state, I know of no nursing unions here.

    Nurses are furious at the treatment of our own. Those health care workers are Saints in my book!

  89. gonzotx
    October 15, 2014 at 7:53 am
    I agree with you but I want you to consider that they had to empty the ICU to have somewhere secure to put Duncan. It took seven hours to move critically ill patients to other hospitals risking adverse effects to those patients. They had no pre-set up containment unit. Calling it a “containment unit” in the hospital is a lie that the CDC, media and hospital said as propaganda to contain panic. Next the protective gear was what the CDC was suggesting for protocol. The CDC did not even suggest the level of protection needed. Now the CDC director is saying that the CDC should have been supervising them. His comments on this CDC field team are crushing. They were incompetent. Admitting this is very rare in fed bureaucracies so the level of failure is horrific. And lastly the union, which is looking out for nurses, is spinning this for this administration and pointing all of the blame at the hospital admin. There is fault there but much of it should go to the CDC who was not giving attention or competent advice. The were enamored with now dead patients family and “story”. They sent 10, only TEN!, dopes to the first Ebola case in North America. The current Ebola patients should be sent to Emory in Atlanta and this hospital should be shut down until this all is straightened out. No one, NO ONE, knows what they are doing.

  90. Mormaer,

    I know there is some spinning, but I also know that area and it should never have taken 7 hours. The hospital repeatedly came out and said they trained the staff and had the necessary PPE. Duck tape? Duck tape for your neck? No shields, nada? Both the CDC, which of course is primary, and the hospital are disasters in my book, and time will show the magnitude of their incompetent and culpable decisions, or lack there of. If they don’t have major call ins or voluntary resignations by the masses. ..I will be surprised.

  91. I agree Mormaer,

    They should have sent him to Atlanta immediately, and now, believe me, no one wants to be a patient at this hospital. They indeed need to shut it down. I am sure the American people will be on the hook for their financial losses.

  92. Apparently we have had a ‘ebola’ czar since 2009.. but she (don’t they all?) looks more like a pay to play character funneling moneys to a Dem donor. Remember the name Dr. Nicole Lurie. She is uglier than VJ, I am sure, both inside and out. What disgusting group of people.

    Hillary is repeating the inadequate funding line. Don’t go there. I think Hillary needs to shed all connection/loyalty to Dem party in its current incarnation and become apolitical and a real champion for the country.

  93. snip President Obama is planning to travel to Pennsylvania to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf in the final week of the race, a White House official said.
    Other details are not yet available, but Obama is expected to make a visit to Philadelphia during the tour.

    And Michelle is due there today.
    With Wolf’s longstanding command in polling numbers, I wonder who is helping whom.

    NYC TV station’s new code name for Obama fundraiser: “Democratic Party function”. Happening in Union City NJ today. Menendez? Booker?

  94. Can I just say, I could do without seeing Meechelle groovin’ with her vegetable?! Oh,,,,,. and, that goes for her and her turnip, too.

  95. Here is an interesting take on Obama’s response to the Ebola crisis . . . And why he has no credibility on the issue. And how he is following in the illustrious footsteps of another failed progressive, idealist, academician and arrogant bastard–good old Woodie Wilson. This article is by James Jay Carafano who is by the Vice President of the Heritage Foundation–Jim DeMint’s organization:

    Obama’s Great Ebola Error

    The White House has declared Ebola to be a top national-security concern. That ought to worry Americans. The last time a president tried to make a disease a national-security issue, he helped trigger a global pandemic that killed 50 million people.

    Progressives like to expropriate the label of national security to help drive their agendas. Statist, centrally managed, with top-down direction, the national-security model is the perfect vehicle for any policy “crusade,” be it fighting global warming or raising taxes. Thus, for example, when the administration got the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to label the “debt the biggest threat to national security,” it had all the cover needed to press for cutting defense and raising taxes—two cornerstones of President Obama’s progressive political agenda.

    But playing “national security” progressive politics with public health can bring outright disaster. When the United States entered World War I, Woodrow Wilson played the national-security card early and often. The war effort became an excuse for everything from jailing political opponents to spying on everyday Americans. But, when the president used a global war as an excuse to preempt sound public-health policy, he reaped a global catastrophe. (snip)

    Furthermore Obama committed what is an unpardonable sin in responding to a public-health concern: it lost legitimacy. Rather, than make a concerted effort to deliver effective risk communications to the American people, the White House slapped a national-security label on the problem and advised us that it’s “unlikely” anyone with Ebola would ever enter the country and that the chances of an epidemic were “extremely low.” Essentially, the word from Command Central was “Don’t worry, be happy.”

    While federal and state agencies did start getting the word out to hospitals on preparedness measures, it invested too little time in getting ahead of the issue and reaching out to Americans. Given the scale of the outbreak, it was impossible to rule out that at least a few cases would make it to American shores. By downplaying risks instead of playing it straight, the administration lost a lot of credibility with average Americans.

  96. It’s amazing how dark the times have gotten for the Dim Party under the leadership of The Light Bringer, himself! Remember when Barack dismissed concerns about 2010 midterms, reminding the Dims worried about losing seats in the house and senate that the difference between 2010 and the losses that occurred during Bill Clinton’s administration was that now the Dims “have me”? Of course as we know, having Him didn’t help. If his ego has not already been taken down a peg or two, it’s going to be.

    The Democratic Party just hit a 30-year low

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    Resize Text Print Article Comments 75
    By Aaron Blake October 15 at 7:00 AM

    The Democratic National Convention (DNC)

    The Democratic Party is held in worse regard than at any point in the past 30 years, according to a new poll.

    The poll, from the Washington Post and ABC News, shows 39 percent of Americans now have a favorable impression of the blue team, while 51 percent have an unfavorable impression. Both are new records.

  97. A comment from the above article. Until now, no nation with any sense has chosen to import a deadly health crisis into its country. That is the legacy of Obama.

    Removing Obama will become “the cure” for Ebola. We cannot allow the wide-open borders that the socialist DEMS desire and NOT HAVE THIS VIRUS EAT US ALIVE. Stopping travel from Ebola-infested countries does not cost a dime and will slow it way down. Second, we need to stop looking at the southern border as a way to usher in future Democrats. Even ten Central American “unaccompanied” children tested positive for TB. The new enterovirus is paralyzing our children and it is likely entering the U.S. from immigrants. We have a choice. Hold to the socialist cause of open borders and making traditional Americans the minority, destroy our economy, and kill hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) by allowing the various deadly viruses to get a foothold and spread OR seal the border immediately and institute very close medical monitoring AT THE BORDER and deny entry to anyone sick.

  98. The poll, from the Washington Post and ABC News, shows 39 percent of Americans now have a favorable impression of the blue team, while 51 percent have an unfavorable impression. Both are new records.
    That is an even finer cut than the right track wrong track analysis.

    From now on, they will be blamed for everything that goes wrong, despite the attempts by big media to hide the truth an prevent people from connecting the dots.

    When disaster strike, people will say about them:

    There you go again–you gross abusers of power.

    Even when the evidence to that effect is ambiguous.

    This is what is meant by the old saying –the pendulum has swung.

    How this translates to the 2014 election is still an imponderable for me.

    Three states are a given.

    Beyond that it could be a total of 6 or as high as 10.

    Much will depend on energizing the base, and right now the democrat machine is sputtering.

    Furthermore, the air campaign is not going so well for them, since the cash advantage has now shifted to the Republicans in the final weeks.

    The pulling of support for Grimes is one of many indicators of this.

    But above it all there is the looming sense among many that a vote for Obama is a vote for Ebola and Isis–which is not a good imprimatur for a messiah to have.

  99. When Obama took office his word was holy writ with big media and the ignornati.

    Today, his credibility is wider and deeper than the grand canyon.

    You cannot govern from that position.

    The only alternative is to become a dictator.

    Which raises the most interesting question of all.

    If the Republicans control congress, and if he goes off the deep end–which seems inevitable, will they have the cajones to stop him if public support exists?

    Their failure to do so in the past was explained away by their lack of public support, the inability to fight him when the controlled only the house, and when big media gave him the protection of the ring.

    But if you assume those conditions no longer exist, they pass legislation on the pipline and other projects which would help the country, or border security which would protect the country, and he vetoes it, what then.

    Which is why I say, we cannot gainsay that they will never impeach him.

    We will have to wait and see whether a consensus emerges across the country.

    Woodie Wilson, Warren Harding, and now Obama–they were all sick men.

    Are we to allow sick men to hijack the country.

    The founding fathers foresaw that possibility.

    To deal with it, they gave Congress the power of impeachment and the power of the purse.

    The Republicans will need to consider both of those tools, otherwise they are part of the problem.

  100. They indeed need to shut it down.
    A superb suggestion.

    The symbolism of doing that would shock the entire country–and it needs to be shocked.

    Like Paul Revere.

  101. freespirit

    Can I just say, I could do without seeing Meechelle groovin’ with her vegetable?! Oh,,,,,. and, that goes for her and her turnip, too.

    ——- 😆 Do ya mean the smelly string bean?

  102. When does Hillary start campaigning in Kentucky today? I have a feeling admin is pounding the keyboard or phone, spreading some tough love.

  103. holdthemaccountable
    October 15, 2014 at 12:29 pm
    hell must have frozen:
    President Obama is postponing his Wednesday trip to New Jersey and Connecticut to convene a White House meeting about Ebola.
    Well, now this seems mighty strange, since the Messiah has previously assured us that he has everything well in hand. Of course, big media believes his every word. But, Larry Johnson does not. Which can only mean that he is a racist. You can count on Messiah Obama to lead that discussion, since he has been thinking about this between golf and fundraisers. Do not be surprised if Obama does not stand up, answer every question Larry raises below and then tell his minions to just go do their jobs. Then he can go on the public airways and give us a long stem winder praised to the ends of the earth by big media about the lingering problems in Ferguson Missouri. That should be enough to allay people’s fears about Ebola. Thereafter the golf god beckons.
    Ebola and the Incompetence of Obama

    No matter how incompetent and inept you think Obama is, it is worse than you think. The Ebola crisis is a case in point. Obama’s team decided it would be a good symbolic gesture to announce that they would start screening arriving passengers from West Africa. Great. Then what? Turns out that no one at CDC or HHS has planned for these details.

    For example, if you spot someone with symptoms, what do you do? Do you put them back on a plane? Do you have an isolation area set up at the airport? Which healthcare officials will be alerted? Will the person or persons be transported to a hospital? If so, which hospital? What about the other passengers on that flight? Will they be kept together and monitored?

    These are fundamental planning questions that are unanswered. Failure to properly handle this can create additional risk to the public health.

    I am not making this up. I learned about this late last night.

    Once you make the decision to start isolating people you have to have a logistics train in place to provide food, water and medical care. That stuff does not fall from the sky.

    Obama and his team are behind the eight ball. They do not know what they are doing.

  104. wbboei, you are deep in Obola’s brain, making sense of the trash in there. Please come up frequently for fresh air.

  105. There’s many a slip tween the cup and the lip.

    But goddamnit this is not supposed to happen to “the smartest man who ever occupied to White House”–per Michael Bechloss Presidential Historian after having dinner with him and Michelle back in 2009.

    At a minimum, his Noble Prize and Messiah status aside, one might expect a certain level of competence from the smartest man to ever occupy the Oval office.

    Unfortunately, what we find is more like the old William James Harvard hypothetical of a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there, and when at length someone asks him whether he knows what he is doing his cultists in the media and the base scream the word racist louder than an air raid siren. There is only one word for this besides corrupt: dysfunctional.

    The absence of leadership and core competence is no surprise to those of us who spotted the character flaws of this man from the beginning, and ignored the siren song of big media which like Rhine Maidens of the Loreli legend led others to vote for him and thereby destroy this nation.

  106. Well isnt this going to be fun……

    CDC- Newest Ebola patient flew Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 day before diagnosis


    A second Dallas health-care worker has tested positive for Ebola, officials said Wednesday, as they asked 132 people who flew with her on a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas to call the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    In response to the developments, President Barack Obama canceled a planned election-season trip Wednesday to New Jersey and Connecticut. Instead, administration officials said, he will convene an afternoon meeting at the White House with agencies coordinating the government’s response to the outbreak.

    Officials also warned that additional cases of the deadly virus at the Dallas hospital where the woman worked are “a very real possibility.”

    “We have contingencies for more,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said during a briefing on the latest case of a female employee of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who cared for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan.

    Jenkins said the second infected woman, who was not identified by name or job title, was isolated within 90 minutes of reporting a fever Tuesday. She is the third person diagnosed in the U.S. with Ebola, which is currently epidemic in three West African countries.

    The CDC hours later revealed that the newly infected woman had flown on Monday on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. The CDC asked all passengers aboard that flight to call 1-800-232-4636. Frontier Airlines said passengers who also traveled with the woman on Flight 1142 on Friday from Dallas/Fort Worth to Cleveland should contact CDC as well.

  108. Some reports she went to the Pittsburgh – Cleveland NFL game as she was becoming unwell. I hope those are not true.

  109. moononpluto
    October 15, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Some reports she went to the Pittsburgh – Cleveland NFL game as she was becoming unwell. I hope those are not true.

    OMG!!! No telling how many she infected. 😯

  110. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden says that in the future they will make sure others being monitored for Ebola will not be allowed to travel on commercial flights – @Reuters

    No shit sherlock, bit fuckin late.

  111. foxyladi14
    October 15, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    Stock market down really down. 😡
    I asked Merrill what is driving this severe downward trend, thinking that the mismanagement of ISIS and Ebola by the big media beloved messiah might be driving it. Well, reportedly that is not the case. My initial reaction was good. My sober second judgment was what the fuck happens when that shoe drops. There is the theory of the efficient market which says that every foreseeable risk associated with a given stock has been factored in and is reflected in the price. I wonder whether the incompetence of Obama has been factored in to the market as a whole. What is driving the current down turn is slow growth in Europe which has caused France to be downgraded, bad German numbers on manufacturing, and the downgrading of Europe as a whole by the International Monetary Fund. I am also assured that Europe is less far along in their recovery than we are. And finally, there are similar concerns about China, which Obama’s godfather Soros had opined needed to replace the United States as the engine of the world economy. Back for a moment to the Obama ebola affect. Obama’s blatant failure to contain it will lead to more cases and it will change the behavior of consumers across the globe. To me, that will be the second shoe to drop, unless someone pushes that idiot aside and starts to lead on the issue. Let him go to fund raisers and golf courses. Since he is incapable of leadership, and delegates critical functions to partisan hacks, he needs to get out of the way–starting with the travel ban. If a travel ban does not come out of this high level meeting, based on this latest case, then he is placing the nation as a whole at a very significant risk.

  112. The most I would expect out of Obama is more of this we survived world war II garbage and whip ebola now buttons which people like Gweneth will keep as a family heirloom and wear to every public event.

  113. This could have a devastating impact on the airline industry from Boeing to commercial airline to support organizations, which represent a significant part of the economy. If the fear of this virus causes the public at large to not fly, that would have a far greater impact on the economy than a simple ban for commercial airlines originating in the Ebola affected regions. If I were an airline industry lobbyist that is the drum I would be beating til Obama said no mas.

  114. So It Is a Problem That the Nurse With Ebola Got on a Plane

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | October 15th, 2014 at 12:57 PM | 16

    The nurse who now has Ebola in Texas flew on a plane days before apparently developing symptoms. The CDC is freaked out and wants passengers who were on the plane with the nurse to call them.


    They CDC opposes a travel ban to West Africa. They say that if the person had no symptoms there is no reason to worry. They say the nurse had no symptoms.

    So why is the CDC so insistent other passengers call in? I thought if the nurse had no symptoms she was not contagious.

    And if this is a big deal, why shouldn’t we stop flights from West Africa?

    Little of what the CDC is doing makes sense to outside observers. And the muddied, contradictory statements are causing more alarm than there probably need be.

    People have little faith in government these days and the CDC’s current handling of the situation makes the problem worse.

    A travel ban seems like a no-brainer. Why do I get the feeling the leadership at the CDC is looking at the situation politically? Every agency in the Obama Administration has seemed to become more political. It happened at the IRS. Of course it can happen at the CDC.

    This is not good.

  115. Why do I get the feeling the leadership at the CDC is looking at the situation politically? Every agency in the Obama Administration has seemed to become more political. It happened at the IRS. Of course it can happen at the CDC.
    SHV noted this several days ago.

    Political bias, not sound medical practices and public safety are driving their pronouncements to the nation.

    Sadly, 52% of the American Public is dumber than a sack of rocks.

    But even at that these lies cannot continue forever.

    Obama needs to get his political hacks whose sole focus is creating a permanent democrat majority to back off.

    Just the facts, just the truth, just basic problem solving, please.

    Nobody with a “smideon” of commone sense has any faith now in these people, from Obama on down.

  116. wbboei
    October 15, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    This could have a devastating impact on the airline industry from Boeing to commercial airline to support organizations, which represent a significant part of the economy. If the fear of this virus causes the public at large to not fly, that would have a far greater impact on the economy than a simple ban for commercial airlines originating in the Ebola affected regions.


    A confined space with lots of people sharing the same:

    – air
    – tiny restrooms
    – crawling over others to get out of your seat
    – passing food trays and drinks to each other
    – touching things in the plane that others on the next flight will touch, handles, compartments and also the things in the airport, taxi, shuttle bus, parking attendant, on and on.

    A prescription for Ebola disaster. It would be like sharing closet space with your neighbors for a day.

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