Is Alison Grimes A Racist???

We’ll explain why this is important in our last two paragraphs. For now we declare this election season we must expose, uproot and remove racists. That will be our self appointed task for 2014. No one else has our courage so we will do it.

What qualifies us for our noble anti-racist task? We ourselves have ceaselessly been dubbed “RACISTS!” for support of Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama. We therefore are experts in what constitutes a “racist” in the minds of Big Media and the crackpot left. We will now hold to these standards in our crusade (that’s a racist Islamaphobe word) against RACISTS and RACISM wherever it is found.

Already we have bagged a big one: Alison Lundgren Grimes!

As everyone knows if you deny the divinity of Messiah Obama you are a racist. If you are now or ever have supported anyone who ran against Barack Obama you are a racist. If you do not fully embrace Barack Obama you are a racist. Gwyneth Paltrow is not a racist.

We know she is not a racist because she fully embraces Barack Obama. We know that because of the latest words from Gwyneth Paltrow to Obama: You’re very handsome and you should have all the power you need for your agenda. Gwyneth wants to give Barack Obama all the powers of godhood so she is not a racist:

You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” the actress, singer and food writer gushed after introducing Obama to several hundred supporters seated on white fold-out chairs in the lush backyard of her home in the movie star haven of Brentwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

In a not-so-subtle reference to her “conscious uncoupling” earlier this year from husband Chris Martin, Paltrow said it was a “profound honor” to have Obama in the home she shares with Apple and Moses, her two children with the Coldplay lead vocalist. [snip]

In a brief introduction punctuated by “ums,” Paltrow declared herself to be one of Obama’s biggest fans and said he’s an “incredible role model.”

I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest, and have been since the inception of your campaign,” she said, adding that she thinks both of his campaigns and his presidency will be one of the most important and most scrutinized of all time.

Paltrow noted the approaching Nov. 4 midterm elections in which Democratic control of the Senate is at risk. She called it a “critical time” for Democrats and seemed to urge everyone to vote. “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,” she said.

If you are immobilized with disgust or even raised an eyebrow, smirked, giggled, or consider Paltrow anything like a dumbass Hollywood whore so stupid that she can’t admit Barack Obama is “worst pResident ever” as well as a totalitarian Hitler youth mom – you are a racist and we have bagged your racist ass too.

If you find this 2009 video of our Hollywood betters taking THE PLEDGE in any way creepy or disgusting or downright Hollyweird and the actors in this video an “abomination” of rich hypocrites then you are indeed and without dispute – A RACIST:


The racists at TMZ are racists without a doubt:

The idiocy of Hollywood was in full bloom Thursday night when Gwyneth Paltrow turned an already-embarrassing Hollywood fundraiser into “The Dating Game.”

Paltrow — who hosted the event at her Brentwood home — gushed as she introduced President Obama, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

She then showed utter ignorance about, and contempt for, the Constitution and separation of powers — the basic tenets of our government — by saying, “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.”

It’s the latest example of how demeaning it has become for Presidents to act like circus animals — performing for crowds that will feed them … in this case, feed them with money to line political coffers.

It’s revolting that celebrities and other rich people feel such a need for self-importance — contributing money but ONLY if they can have their picture taken with the president and tell their friends they had dinner with him. If they’re so committed to him, just send him a check and let him stay in Washington and do his job.

Fact is … it has little to do with Obama. It’s about how the celebrity circus has sullied the Presidency of the United States.

If you think it is Barack Obama who is the head clown in the circus that has sullied the presidency – you are a racist.

But what about racist Alison Grimes? Let’s not forget to detail her racism.

By now you have surely heard that Alison Grimes denies the divinity of Barack Obama. This racist candidate for senate in Kentucky is willing to take the money raised by the black man but then in her racist state of Kentucky, which Hillary Clinton won in the 2008 primaries by something like 40 points, RACIST GRIMES won’t even admit she voted for the divine ONE.

Alison Grimes is a racist who will not campaign with the black man. Alison Grimes is in full racist dog whistle mode. RACIST GRIMES signals to her racist Kentucky voters that she too is a racist that will not be seen by the side of the holy black man who carries all our burdens. RACIST RACIST RACIST GRIMES.

She’s a racist alright:

RACIST GRIMES can prove us wrong. RACIST GRIMES can welcome the divine Barack, Der Führer Obama to campaign proudly at her side up and down Kentucky. IF ALISON GRIMES IS NOT A RACIST SHE WILL CAMPAIGN WITH BARACK OBAMA. IF ALISON GRIMES DOES NOT CAMPAIGN WITH BARACK OBAMA SHE IS A RACIST!

Not a racist Chuckie Todd helps us expose RACIST GRIMES:

“Kentuckians expect her to cast a tough vote on anything?” Todd asked, barely concealing his disdain. “Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything? You want to be a U.S. senator?

“If you can’t say, if you can’t find a way to stand behind your party’s president — you can disagree with him — but you can’t answer that basic question?” he added incredulously. “I think she disqualified herself. I really do.”

Alison Grimes has disqualified herself from the senate. She is a RACIST. She will not campaign with Barack Obama. She will not campaign for Obama’s policies. Barack Obama himself has declared this November 2014 election to be a vote for or against (RACISTS!) his policies but Alison Grimes the RACIST dares defy the black man.


We weep when we see RACISM so flagrant and perfumed like a saloon hussy in an old West gold fever mining town.

From now on anyone who will not campaign and pledge their lives, honor and devotions to Barack Obama is and forever will be known as a RACIST.

What say you about Jeanne Shaheen?

Stay out of New Hampshire, Barack!

Shaheen to MSNBC on whether or a not a campaign visit by Obama would be helpful “Well, the president is dealing with a lot of crises in the world right now. And I think it’s important for him to continue to address what’s happening with ISIS, to continue to address the Ebola scare. And so, I expect him to be in Washington.”

In other words, thanks, Barry. But no thanks! But then, Shaheen is hardly alone in ducking the unpopular president.



We must expose and rid ourselves of the RACISTS.

Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas. She has an excuse for why she will not campaign with Barack Obama because her campaign is focused on state issues mostly. We don’t have the evidence that Davis is a racist. But there is some evidence that Davis hates the disabled as she slams her wheelchair bound opponent in this ad.

Because we are measured in our words and non-provocative we will not say outright that Wendy Davis is a racist or hates the disabled. The Barack Obama campaign of 2008 and 2012 would have instantly proclaimed Davis to hate the disabled and to be racist if she was a Republican. But good ol’ Wendy is an Obama Dimocrat.

Because we do have the evidence we will continue to denounce any Dimocrat who will not campaign alongside Barack Obama as a RACIST. We hope everyone, Republicans included help us stamp out this scourge every time a RACIST Dimocrat refuses to campaign with Der Fuhrer Barack Obama.

Some Barack Obama supporters who hate us might voice some suspicions as to why we are so very gung-ho against RACISM in this 2014 election. We will explain.

Barack Obama has made it clear that these November 2014 elections are a vote on his policies. Imagine what happens to Barack Obama and his policies if Obama Dimocrats lose in November 2014. It will be a complete rejection of Barack Obama’s policies that Republicans will point to in every dispute that arises in the next two years.

We wouldn’t want that to happen? Would we?


154 thoughts on “Is Alison Grimes A Racist???

  1. Denver Post endorses Cory Garner and not racist Mark Udall who will not campaign with Barack Obola:

    Congress is hardly functioning these days. [snip]

    It needs fresh leadership, energy and ideas, and Cory Gardner can help provide them in the U.S. Senate.

    In every position the Yuma Republican has held over the years — from the state legislature to U.S. House of Representatives — he has quickly become someone to be reckoned with and whose words carry weight. [snip]

    It’s time for a change

    Fortunately for Gardner, the polls are showing the contest a tossup. Voters may be sensing the time has come for change. [snip]

    Rather than run on his record, Udall’s campaign has devoted a shocking amount of energy and money trying to convince voters that Gardner seeks to outlaw birth control despite the congressman’s call for over-the-counter sales of contraceptives. Udall is trying to frighten voters rather than inspire them with a hopeful vision. His obnoxious one-issue campaign is an insult to those he seeks to convince. [snip]

    Gardner has sound ideas on tax reform that could help the economy take off and has expressed willingness to compromise on immigration despite a fairly hard line over the years. And his stance on defense spending appears closer to those of Rep. Mike Coffman, who favors restraint, than to those in the GOP who view the military as sacrosanct.

    If Gardner had been a cultural warrior throughout his career, we would hesitate to support him, because we strongly disagree with him on same-sex marriage and abortion rights. But in fact he has emphasized economic and energy issues (and was, for example, an early supporter among Republicans of renewable energy).

    For that matter, his past views on same-sex marriage are becoming irrelevant now that the Supreme Court has let appeals court rulings stand and marriage equality appears unstoppable. And contrary to Udall’s tedious refrain, Gardner’s election would pose no threat to abortion rights.

  2. Because we are measured in our words and non-provocative


    After I wipe the coffee off my screen, I’ll finish reading this, Admin. The above line caused such uncontrollable laughter, the coffee spewed forth. But, hell. I needed that laugh.

    Admin, I am so glad the above statement is absolutely false. lmao

  3. I think your anti-racism effort is admirable and very appropriate in these racist times, Admin.

    If there were any questions about Paltrow being a dumb-ass, this article confirms it. And, it proves that Gwyneth, possibly one of the whitest girls in Hollywood, actually considers herself to be a soul sista . She loves her some Jay-Z and Kanye and parties her ass off with them when she can. But sadly Paltrow lost a little cred with her buds when she tweeted the N-word.


    ‘It’s the title of the song!’ Gwyneth Paltrow defends her decision to tweet the N-word at Jay-Z gig after backlash of online abuse
    PUBLISHED: 16:19 EST, 4 June 2012 | UPDATED: 07:02 EST, 5 June 2012

    Gwyneth Paltrow has been criticised for tweeting a rather offensive word – even though she was referencing a song title and didn’t pen the quote herself.
    The Shallow Hal actress busied herself on the social networking site last Friday, using the N-word while cheering on her famous friends Jay-Z and Kanye West during their co-headline show in Paris.

    Dancing with the superstars during a guest-appearance onstage at their Watch The Throne tour, the mother-of-two then tweeted a photograph with the caption ‘N***as in paris for real’.

    Read more:

  4. Not to be provocative or nuthin’ but on Twitter we asked if this is the next Wendy Davis ad against Greg Abbott:

  5. Gwenn is one sick puppy.

    She is the type would be holding candle light vigils outside the Walls of Joliette Prison to protest the inhuman execution of a mass murderer like Richard Speck.

    But worse than all that, she once dated that jerk off for all seasons Apoplectic Ben Affleck.

  6. Colorado moving towards Republicans. It’s not just the Senate race with Cory Gardner:

    National Democrats are canceling more than $1 million of planned commercial airtime for Colorado congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff — a sign of waning confidence in his prospects.

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had reserved $1.4 million for TV spending to boost Romanoff in the final two weeks of his race against Republican Rep. Mike Coffman. But a DCCC aide said Friday that those funds would be distributed to other races.

    Romanoff, a former state House speaker and unsuccessful 2010 Senate candidate, was once regarded as one of his party’s top 2014 hopefuls. But, with Republicans benefiting from a favorable national environment and Coffman running an energetic reelection campaign, Romanoff has seen his prospects dim.

    Obola kills another one.

  7. Not a Dim running for office, but the author of this article is undoubtedly Raaacist. He says that speeches given by W (who could barely say “huh?” and those by the great orator and all round smooth operator Barack, were on the same grade level!! They didn’t even make it to the sophomore level.


    October 10, 2014, 03:16 pm

    Analysis: Obama, Bush speeches are at the same grade level
    By Jesse Byrnes

    President Obama’s presidential rhetoric is on roughly the same grade level as George W. Bush’s, according to a new analysis.

    The website Vocativ scored more than 600 presidential speeches using the Flesch-Kincaid formula. Obama’s speeches received an overall 9.5 grade, versus a 9.4 for Bush, which means that both men talk at roughly the level of 9th and 10th graders.
    One exception was State of the Union addresses, where Bush scored a 10 and Obama a 9.4.

  8. Oh dear GOD Admin! I just introduced my new wife to this blog. I tried to explain that the repetitive hammering of themes is something which creates the hilarity. Fantastic. Just primo. If the talking heads on the Sunday pol shows would just invite Donna Brazealle and ask if these Senatorial candidates are “RACISTS!” …

  9. Admin

    To come home from a loooong, dismal day at work to find one of the most entertaining posts of all times.

    You win the Peace Price for lifting our spirits and calling out all racists.

    I must be a racist. OBOLA needs to meet the big hook and exit from the stage.

    Great job, ADMIN!!!

  10. 2009 video of our Hollywood betters taking THE PLEDGE

    My attention span was shot to Hell when it came to Ashton’s pledge to bring dignity….

    Yea, then he signed up for Three and a Half Men…and his dignity went down the loo.

  11. Admin “..because we are measured in our words and non-provocative…”

    Winner, winner…chicken for dinner!!

    (I know I changed it a little, that’s what racists do.)

  12. To be a “good” dimocrat, which is to say, not a racist, you must swear allegiance to the following principles and must inculcate these principles in everyone you encounter. It is like the Mormon Church, you must go out into the world and convert others: there is only one god Obama, and big media is his prophet.

    1. Obama is a democrat.

    2. Obama is for the people.

    3. The tea party controls the Republican Party.

    4. White people hate black people.

    5. Black people are always the victims, never the perpetrators.

    6. The Republican Party wants to return to Jim Crow.

    7. The Dimocrat Party serves minorities and women.

    8. The Republican Party wants to keep them barefoot and pregant.

    0. The Dimocrat Party supports the middle class.

    11.Big government is needed to protect the people.

    12. Bureaucrats are not empire builders but public servants.

    13. The Dimocrat Party is controlled by the people, not big money whores like Buffett and Soros.

    14. If the Dimocrats are given all branches of government, the kingdom of god will be at hand.

    15. The Constitution and the Rule of law must yield to simply doing what is right.

    16. In foreign affairs, if we lead from behind the lion will lie down with the lamb and not eat it.

    17. Obama is doing the right thing and the only possible motive for criticizing him is racist.

    18. Big media speaks truth to power and holds both parties accountable.

    19. Big media is not a tool for social control of the populace by the elites.

    20. Tim Russert was not a whore, and Ted Kennedy was a statesman.

    21. Voter identification requirements are racially discriminatory.

    22. The wise Latina is a competent jurist.

    23. Susan Rice is not a liar.

    24. Joe Biden is not an Irish Drunk.

    25. Michelle is a beautiful movie star.

    26. Oprah is not a fat slob who hates white people

    27. BLS unemployment figures which go down before each election are not manipulated for political ends.

    28. If you get involved in politics you can make a difference.

    29. The risk of an Ebola epidemic is de miniumus because we have competent screening and don’t need to embargo flights.

    30. ISIS is junior varsity.

    31. If you like your health insurance you can keep it.

    32. Obamacare will cause premiums to go down by $2000 per family.

    33. Obama is not a serial liar.

    34. John Brennan is not Dr. Strangelove

    35. Obama is the most intelligent man to ever occupy the White House–even though everything is falling apart of his watch.

    36. Gwenneth Paltrow is not really hard up.

  13. 37. Eric Holder believed in the rule of law, and is not a political hack.

    38. Harry Reid was once a boxer–and won the golden gloves tournament held in Searchlite Nevada, population one–yes, it was a case of self mutilation.

    39. Howard Feineman turned down a lucrative offer to be the star of an ex lax commercial.

    40. Chuck Todd is not a sewer rat.

    41. Chuck Schumer is not the back stabbing slimeball he appears to be.

    42. Dick Durbin is not controlled by the Illinois Combine.

    43. Nancy Pelosi, aka botox Nan, is not crazy as a march hare.

    44. Brian Williams is not a world class dullard.

    45. John Stewart is not a bore.

    46. Elizabeth Warren is qualified to be president–and is as exciting as Michele is beautiful.

    47. John Roberts is a mench.

    48. Katerina at The Nation is not a spoiled trust fund baby.

    50. Obama and Lincoln–two great men separated only by party label.

  14. wbb, your list is a crack-up. The entire list is spot-on and funny, but I particularly like the following.

    26. Oprah is not a fat slob who hates white people

    38. Harry Reid was once a boxer–and won the golden gloves tournament held in Searchlite Nevada, population one–yes, it was a case of self mutilation.

    46. Elizabeth Warren is qualified to be president–and is as exciting as Michele is beautiful.

    48. Katerina at The Nation is not a spoiled trust fund baby.

  15. The Wendy Davis ad is worse than is even being discussed. The non politically correct visual of a wheelchair is what is shocking most observers. A Democrat doing the the un-PC thing of mentioning Abbot’s disability is a huge no-no and goes back to FDR. Her vicious, progressive and historically illiterate team (which includes old Wendy) of hacks and scum running her campaign have not a clue. What should be even more shocking is the advocacy of this commercial saying that public officials such as judges and state attorney generals, as Abbot has served for many years, should ignore state law, legal precedent, and the common good of all citizens, and “rule” from his own prejudices and personal experience. Wendy went to Harvard law school. Is this what they teach? The wheelchair jibe is unsavory and desperate. The legal theory behind the ad is terrifying.

  16. Grimes appears to be what admin wrote about a few years ago. The Hillary supporter who got with the Obama program to preserve her/his career. I have come to think of them as “train hoppers”. It looked like a wise career move at the time since the Obama train had left the depot in 2008 and the party had selected him. The Obama train was promising vicious payback if they didn’t hop. It was a good hop for her and appears to have paid off in that 2014 was to be the year of the “war on women” by Republicans so she got the party nod to run since she had been sufficiently loyal. But as other Obama “hoppers” have come to realize, the Obama train was not guaranteed to run problem free to 2016 and beyond and they should have studied the train schedule a little more carefully. Trying to UN-hop that train is downright dangerous. Especially when it is going off a Smoky Mountain bridge. On fire. And exploding.

  17. I saw the video that Foxyladi linked earlier. Hillary needs to find a serious and convincing reason at some point to tell people why she accepted to become Sec of State, unlike the joke she is making in the video. Difficulty saying no to charismatic and attractive men is not one of them. She is in danger of sounding like that idiot Paltrow and moreover, it sounds even more idiotic, when more than half the nation is coming to the realization that Obama is neither charismatic nor attractive.

    Get with with pulse of the country, Hillary. Don’t acknowledge that you were led astray by Obama, the boyfriend. Not even as a (half) joke.

  18. PM317- I felt differently about the joke. I think humor is an effective way to deal with incompetent bosses and philandering husbands. She made the point that THEY sought her. It takes her out of the victim mode and puts her in the perspective of trying out something she was talked into. O treated her badly as the SOS and she did her 4 years and got out. Bill’s infidelities are also problematic, although overall I would view him as a very supportive spouse who values her. She kept the good one and got away from the bad one.

    This counts with me as distancing herself. Not exactly saying that taking the job was a mistake.

  19. Mormaer
    October 11, 2014 at 8:24 am
    Grimes appears to be what admin wrote about a few years ago. The Hillary supporter who got with the Obama program to preserve her/his career. I have come to think of them as “train hoppers”

    I must have missed something in that video where Grimes admitted she voted for Obola. The part that I heard is that when asked, she just stated she was a Clinton delegate and supported the Clintons. My guess is she either voted for someone else (voted PUMA), or didn’t vote for any Presidential candidate in the General Election.

    That was my take of the conversation, but I could be wrong….hark. 😉

  20. Edward Snowden Documentary Premieres: Shocking inside look at how he did it

    Citizen Four is the shocking doc about Edward Snowden made by Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Just screened tonight was the two hour film will be released by the Weinstein Company this month. It doesn’t paint the Obama administration in a very good light as Snowden explains how the government has violated privacy rights on a massive scale.
    Also the filmmakers clearly inducate that all roads lead to POTUS, a fairly serious accusation. There may be serious repercussions.

    Then there’s the Hollywoodization of Snowden. The detail of how and why Snowden went about this is pretty surprising considering how the 29 year old former NSA employee says he wants his own privacy and not to be a celebrity. It’s instructive to see his evolution from eyeglass wearing nerd to contact lenses and moussed up hair sporting hero of his own thriller. It’s all very Tom Cruise. Even the beautiful girlfriend sets up housekeeping with him in Moscow. Nevertheless as the details of the NSA’s programs are revealed Snowden says, “This isn’t science fiction. It’s really happening.”.

  21. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.

    Case on point: Peggy Noonan (Obama lover, Hillary hater and RINO)

    In an editorial by her, published in today’s Wall Street Journal, she notes the critical comments by Panetta in re. Obama. She notes that big media has sought to pass them off as doing the dirty work for Hillary. Thereafter, she notes that Panetta is a sophisticated and savvy politician which is of course true. Therefore she ascribes his comments to a different motive, which is more in line with my own assessment:

    Pantetta is trying to separate himself and the party from Obama who is, by any objective standards, a total failure.

    I commend him for this effort. But if Obama is the architect of national failure and the political equivalent of the Ebola virus, as seems to be the case, then he will infect everyone around him. The only defense to that is to openly repudiate him, early and often. Subtlety in such matters is beyond the compass of ordinary minds, and ordinary minds will decide the next election. By now most democrats realize this. But big media still believes they can use their power to convince the public that Obama is a god. Because they know, as do we, that his is 100% their man–and surely not ours.

  22. Another article with more info…

    Edward Snowden Doc ‘Citizenfour’ Reveals Existence of Second NSA Whistleblower

    At the end of the Laura Poitras doc, the famed informant registers shock over another who outranks him

    A second National Security Agency whistleblower exists within the ranks of government intelligence.

    That bombshell comes toward the end of Citizenfour, a new documentary from filmmaker Laura Poitras about NSA informant Edward Snowden that had its world premiere on Friday at the New York Film Festival.

    In the key scene, journalist Glenn Greenwald visits Snowden at a hotel room in Moscow. Fearing they are being taped, Greenwald communicates with Snowden via pen and paper.

    While some of the exchanges are blurred for the camera, it becomes clear that Greenwald wants to convey that another government whistleblower — higher in rank than Snowden — has come forward.

    The revelation clearly shocks Snowden, whose mouth drops open when he reads the details of the informant’s leak.

    Also revealed by Greenwald is the fact that 1.2 million Americans are currently on a government watch-list. Among them is Poitras herself.

    And the surprises don’t end there. Near the end of the film, which received a rousing standing ovation, it is revealed that Lindsay Mills, Snowden’s dancer girlfriend of 10 years, has been living with Snowden in Moscow.

    When Poitras went to Moscow in July to show Snowden an early cut of the film, she shot footage of the two cooking dinner together, which appears in the final cut.

    Snowden fled to Russia after the U.S. government revoked his passport and put pressure on other governments not to grant him asylum.

    After spending 39 days in a Moscow airport, Snowden was granted a one-year asylum from President Vladimir Putin. He is now in the country on a three-year residency permit.

    Poitras took the stage at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall following the screening, flanked by Greenwald, with whom she partnered on a pair of explosive stories in The Guardian and Washington Post about Snowden’s surveillance disclosures in June 2014.

    Also joining them was Jeremy Scahill, their partner on the website The Intercept, and Snowden’s father and stepmother. Snowden’s father thanked Poitras for having made Citizenfour, which he deemed a “wonderful piece of work.”

    Poitras kept her comments following the screening to a minimum, and thanked her crew and Snowden. Instead it was Greenwald and Scahill who did most of the talking, with Scahill at one point describing Poitras as “the most bad-ass director alive, period.”

    Before the screening, Poitras told The Hollywood Reporter that she will never forget the moment when Snowden — who was so young Greenwald initially doubted his authenticity — said he was willing to go on the record with his allegations.

    “One of the most intense moments was when Snowden told us his identity would not remain anonymous, and I knew that somebody was really, really putting their life on the line,” Poitras said.

  23. Betcha she is a Puma. And did not vote foe Bary. 😆

    ALISON LUNDERGAN GRIMES: You know, this election isn’t about the president. It’s about making sure we put Kentuckians back to work.

    REPORTER: Did you vote for him?

    GRIMES: I was actually a delegate for Hillary Clinton. I think that Kentuckians know that I am a Clinton Democrat through and through. I respect the sanctity of the ballot box, and I know that the members of this editorial board do too as well.

    REPORTER: So you’re not going to answer?

    GRIMES: Again, the president is on the ballot as much as Mitch McConnell might want him to be, it’s my name and it’s going to be me who is going to hold him accountable for the failed decisions and votes that he has made against the people of Kentucky. (Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board meeting, October 9, 2014)

  24. foxyladi14

    October 11, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Priceless video, foxy!!!!!!! Love her!!!

    Hillary 2016

    Foxy – keep getting better! Healing vibes are coming to you from TX.

  25. Question by the left wing Gawker “Why not admit she voted for Obama?”

    Despite being an Obama delegate in 2012, Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Grimes has repeatedly refused to answer the question of whether she voted for Barack Obama. Her bravery and forthrightness should fit right in in Washington.

    With her answer about being a “Clinton Democrat” and being a Hillary Clinton delegate in 2008 Grimes did not help Hillary. She probably hurts Hillary with that answer.

    In order to save her campaign Grimes thought only of herself and dragged Hillary further into her mess of a campaign.

    For Grimes to win all she had to do was attack smarmy McConnell whom even Republicans don’t like. Instead of telling the voters what she was for and what she was against Grimes refused to answer questions on just about everything (when she did answer it was not truthfully) which gave McConnell the opening he needed to paint Grimes as smarmier than he is.

    Now as election day approaches and she sees herself losing Grimes uses Hillary like a dishrag.

  26. foxyladi14
    October 11, 2014 at 2:49 pm
    Betcha she is a Puma

    Thanks for the transcript of that video Admin posted above, I did remember correctly and was saying this at my post above –October 11, 2014 at 1:38 pm

  27. One more thing, I was in Denver during the convention in 2008, and if anyone knows about the corruption and voter fraud of the O’gang…it was Hillary and her delegates.

  28. Who’s ahead in the polls, rankings, on the road

    The Courier-Journal 12:43 p.m. EDT October 11, 2014

    While the U.S. Senate race seems to be about coal and secret recordings of campaign volunteers who can apparently divine the thoughts of their candidate, the big news this week was the tightening race which, according to the Bluegrass Poll saw Alison Lundergan Grimes pull ahead of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell by 2 percentage points.

    Two other polls, one by Fox News and one by CBS News, The New York Times and YouGov show McConnell ahead by four.

    The Bluegrass Poll, however, had findings similar to that of Mark Mellman, Grimes’ pollster.

    So who’s right?

    University of Kentucky political scientist Stephen Voss has questioned the makeup of the Bluegrass Poll because percentages of some demographic groups have changed slightly since the last time the poll was in the field in August.

    But the CBS poll seems to have greatly under sampled Democrats and oversampled independents.

    In that poll, 38 percent of respondents were Republicans, 36 percent were Democrats and 25 percent were independents. By contrast, in 2010, the last time there was a senate race on the ballot in Kentucky, the turnout was 56 percent Democratic, 39 percent Republican and 4 percent independent.

    Whatever, it’s probably best to look at all the polls and wait for more to come out to determine if any sort of trend develops. Each poll has a 5 percent chance of missing by more than it’s margin of error would normally allow — meaning that even the best pollsters sometimes get bad results.

  29. Shadowfax, by our lights the best way to figure out this year’s election results is as follows.

    First look at the fundamentals such as how the economy is doing and if things look like they are going smoothly or not (this is usually captured empirically with the right track/wrong track poll question but can usually be ascertained by looking at the news headlines). The polls we look to only to see if there are any surprise deviations from the first item.

    Second, the polls.

    This year we won’t really take the polls seriously until October 15. From then on we will see if there is a Republican wave, the size of such wave, or if there is none.

    The polling thus far we look to only to see if there are any potential surprises (there are and almost all in the Republicans favor. Kansas is the exception but the fundamentals of that state should bring a GOP victory. Also Minnesota, by the polls, appears to have already slipped from the GOP. Everywhere else things look good for the goopers.) We also looked at the polls before October 15 because the president’s approval rating is historically aligned with the results for his party. We also looked at partisan voter enthusiasm and the right track/wrong track number.

    In short, after October 15 we will look at the polls in each individual state for guidance. Up to now we have been gauging the fundamentals which have been gruesome nationally and internationally.

  30. At this point in the presidency, the question arises what will the legacy be. Up to now, those who see Obama realistically have tended to describe him as a second Jimmy Carter, based on the incompetence both men shared. But I believe there is a more accurate analogy which will become manifest over the next two years and will sweep aside the effort of his followers to construct something positive. I think he is a second Hoover, because like Hoover, he proved himself utterly incapable of protecting the country against a crisis of the deepest and most profound nature the likes of which we have not seen for seven hundred years.

    “Southern Command’s General John Kelly as gloomily concluding that “if it [Ebola] breaks out [in Central America], it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door,’ and there will be mass migration into the United States.

    They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment.””‘

    Obama will be remembered as the man who minimized the problem and refused to shut the borders at a time where public health considerations mandated such action. The argument by the head of CDC is pure sophistry. And when the full impact of this hits the nation, Obama’s legacy will be in ruins. They will look back on him as a worser than Hoover. Like Hoover, there is a case to be made that he tried. But nobody will have the time or patience to listen to that. The association between Obama and Ebola will be fixed in everyone’s minds. A fitting conclusion to a fairy tale–one that Grimm Brothers would appreciate.

    In the lead up to 2012, Republicans tried too make the case that Obama was incompetent and the president he most resembled in that respect was Jimmy Carter. Those efforts were unsuccessful primarily because of the manipulation of economic data and Potemkin Village tripe of big media.

    The way his second term is shaping up, the Carter analogy seems hollow and non descriptive. Yes, Obama is incompetent when it comes to addressing the nation’s problems and he has a pathology which is worse than Carter. But the way things are shaping up, the better analogy is Hoover. Obama is another Hoover, because his presidency is guaranteed to usher in a new era of economic and social dislocation. It is as much a matter what he failed to do as what he actually did.

  31. Crises of this nature require a leader with gravitas, who can instill confidence.

    Obama has no gravitas, he is a serial liar, and no one who lives in the same world as most of us takes him seriously.

    If this thing goes the distance then it is likely that he will be indicted in the court of public opinion for what he failed to do to protect the country.

    And how, instead of working, he spent most of his career corking off–with fundraisers and golf.

  32. Rand Paul warns that US officials are underestimating the danger posed by Ebola, because, “This could get beyond our control.” The World Health Organization agrees “There is no evidence that the EVD [Ebola] epidemic in West Africa is being brought under control.” The WHO’s current “Ebola count” is 8,033 cases and 3,865 deaths from Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, Spain and United States. Australia, Germany and Turkey just reported new cases and some authoritarian nations may be suppressing disclosure of Ebola cases.

    A pandemic is “an epidemic (a sudden outbreak) that becomes very widespread and affects a whole region, a continent, or the world due to a susceptible population.” True pandemics cause a high degree of mortality”, like the Black Death and Ebola outbreak.
    The probable logic behind President Obama not closing U.S. airports to travelers from Ebola-ravaged countries is that with the death of first U.S. Ebola patient and numerous cities reporting potential cases, the U.S. risks becoming an “Ebola-ravaged” nation.

  33. Tem·po·rize
    gerund or present participle: temporizing

    avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time.
    “the opportunity was missed because the mayor still temporized”
    synonyms: equivocate, procrastinate, play for time, play a waiting game, stall, use delaying tactics, give someone the runaround, delay, hang back, prevaricate, hem and haw;

    “he temporized for weeks, hoping the problem would go away”

    So, here is Obama, in Rhode Island, temporizing–rather than acting:

    “the truth of the matter is that the world has always been messy. In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through.” But in reality “this is not something that is comparable to the challenges we faced during the Cold War.”

    A nice faculty lounge lesson.

    But action talks and bullshit walks.

  34. The pure sophistry this jackass peddles to us at a time like this is a form of malpractice.

    His core argument is this: because we survived the cold war, we will survive the Ebola epidemic, ISIS and all the other consequences of his sheer incompetence.

    What in the hell does one have to do with the other?

    In the case of the cold war, we were dealing with a rational adversary who respected the doctrine of mutually assured destruction?

    Does the big media beloved messiah, who believes bombing will defeat them (and is seen by most people to have no effect)

    Also believe that ISIS is a rational adversary comparable to the Soviet Union?

    Kissinger has repudiated that ignorant analogy on more than one occasion.

    Does the big media beloved messiah believe that the people of this nation do not deserve to be protected with the same kind of travel bans other nations have introduced to protect their people.

    Simply put, this we survived the cold war so we will survive this is just one more of a long succession of false and misleading analogies proffered by this asshole ever since the days of the 2008 primary.

    False analogies are another form of lying.

  35. Nature and nature’s laws lay hid in night
    God said let Messiah Obama be
    And there was light . . .

    Thanks to his brilliance

    We now know the world is “messy”–

    And “social media” has exposed this


    But not a word about solutions?

    He is a fucking tourist.

  36. The thing that always drove me nuts was the way big media would give credence to these ridiculous analogies, which lacked coherence, relevance and proportionality.

  37. Here we go….

    Update – Hospital officials say Texas health care worker who cared for Ebola victim has tested positive for the virus in preliminary tests

  38. If Obama follows through on his nefarious scheme to grant amnesty to 20 million illegals after the election then that will be done over the strong objections of a new Republican Congress, and a rising public hysteria over the nascent Ebola epidemic.

    These are powerful deterrents, not to be underestimated by any politician fearful of his legacy, and how he will be remembered.

    “If Ebola breaks out [in Central America], it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door,’ and there will be mass migration into the United States. They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment.”–General John Kelly in charge of the Southern Command.

    The granting of blanket amnesty at this time, the failure to secure the borders, and the refusal to ban flights from the Ebola ravaged nations to this country will be the death knell and requiem for him, and it could have the same effect on his party who stood by him–except for the red state ones up for election.

    Ironically, most of democrats who are not up for Election in November do not fully appreciate the danger. They are confident they can ride this thing out. I spoke to one of them yesterday who said that. My response: Ha ha ha ha ha. (Note: what I neglected to say was you dumb fuck. Sooner or later that will be obvious.)

  39. Politics is about perception. And in a time of crisis, it is important for a competent leader to be seen as doing something to address the problem, rather than playing the game of political correctness, and refusing to protect the country and frankly making things worse by pursuing policies which the public will understand to be doing exactly that. This jackass is a campaigner, not a politician and surely not an executive who studies the facts and makes sound decisions. As I have noted from the time of the Somalian crisis and his history as an Illinois legislator he avoids making decisions, lets thing happen, and then spins the result. This one however will be impossible to spin, because the link between him and the Ebola crisis is fast forming in the public mind. And they will not be assuaged by facile condescending comments like we survived the cold war, so we will survive this. This may be the stupidest comment he has ever made.

  40. And just what the fuck does he know about the Cold War? He was barely alive at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Oh that is right. Not long after he was elected Obama told us that he knows more about economics than anyone. It therefore follows that he knows more about history too. I am telling you—he is delusional. No more so perhaps than Gwenneth Patrow, that idiot for all seasons. And where was Michelle when that idolator and marginal actress melted in his presence? Highly unlikely that she felt the same tingle as Matthews over him, when she heard about that sordid episode.

  41. Particularly if the public at large comes to believe that Democrats are so wedded to political correctness and radical Hispanic pressure groups as to be incapable of protecting the nation as a whole. At the present that concern is low level but it is likely to increase with time. Again, this is why all democrats who do not wish to go down with the ship must separate themselves from him on all fronts. They should follow the lead of Panetta. He has defined Obama as well intentioned but ineffective. He his far worse than that, but that is the Noah’s Arc they had better climb aboard if they have any hope for survival.

  42. The Difference is now we have the 1st case of an American infected on American soil and not a patient brought in from Africa.

    It puts it into the mind of the citizen that they can catch it here and that is going to panic them…before it was a “its only over there thing”

    If more cases start coming forward, we are going to have a run to the GOP to a landslide and the amnesty and borders issues will become stinking mouldy out of date meat for the Dems……..

    Ebola is about to kill amnesty stone dead and put immigration right on the front burners again……..if more cases happen, watch for “secure the borders” be becoming louder and louder and louder.

  43. Has anyone bothered to inquire what the Ebola survival rate is? I realize that for the one non citizen who came to this country for medical treatment, and infected others, it was zero. But I assume that even in Africa some people have survived. Is it susceptible to recurrence, like malaria symptoms? How sure are we that it will not become airborne? What is the emergency plan to deal with this if it becomes a pandemic? In 1941 the Supreme Court, per justice Burns, held that there is a fundamental right of US citizens to travel between states, in response to efforts by the California Highway Patrol to stop Oakies at the California border who fled their own barren drought ravaged state to the unwelcome arms of the Golden State. Will Messiah Obama, being the Messiah he is, extend that same right to illegals across the globe. I think he intends to do exactly that.

  44. These questions should be put to the Messiah. His responses will be what they always are–vague, airy, buck passing. But the public at large needs to see him sweat, if for no better reason then to see him sweat. Canned speeches with limited questions to pet journalists won’t cut it any more. The message to the Messiah needs to be this: lead, follow or get out of the way.

  45. The Ebola survival rate is roughly 1 in 10…..also dependent on the strain but as it moves and mutates, it becomes harder. Death rate normally about 90% in most outbreaks, not good odds.

  46. Yes. In a rational universe, amnesty is off the table. In a rational universe. Trouble is, in the mind of messiah Obama, the big media beloved greater than Lincoln, rationality is conspicuous by its absence. He is an organ grinders monkey fixated on the bread crumbs tossed his way by the 1% who throw gala parties, so they can gush while he fiddles and Rome burns.

  47. Basically, you touch a person in contagious stage uncovered, you are screwed.

    Ebola spreads through close contact with a symptomatic person’s bodily fluids, such as blood, sweat, vomit, feces, urine, saliva or semen. Those fluids must have an entry point, like a cut or scrape or someone touching the nose, mouth or eyes with contaminated hands, or being splashed. The World Health Organization says blood, feces and vomit are the most infectious fluids, while the virus is found in saliva mostly once patients are severely ill and the whole live virus has never been culled from sweat.

  48. wbboei 8:05 & all – perhaps the Missus is trying to bail him out with the following foray into PA:
    Last week the namesake of HillaryIs44 was in Philadelphia to promote Gubernatorial challenger Tom Wolf. Now there’s word that Mooch will be heading to that city to do a “grass roots” organization of voters for him. That fact in of itself seems somehow racial…. But there’s more. Just brought to my attention is how Wolf gave PA Democrats the old FU:

    With Fresh Start [Wolf PAC] to do dirty work, Wolf stays above fray in governor’s race
    Snip Fresh Start, Jack Treadway [former chairman of the political science department at Kutztown University] said, has played a role in keeping “Corbett on the defensive since day one.”
    The committee formed because Jim Burn of Millvale refused Wolf’s request to step aside as state chairman of the Democratic Party and allow [Katie] McGinty to take over.
    “It’s been great, and very positive” working with Wolf and Fresh Start, Burn said Thursday. He said the party’s successful fundraising enabled a sit-down with the Wolf team and state House and Senate campaigns to talk about ways to help those campaigns, such as with mailers and voter registration lists.
    Wolf, a York businessman, set up the committee to “circumvent the party apparatus and avoid party infighting,” said J. Wesley Leckrone, a political science professor at Widener University in Chester.
    With a candidate-created committee, “you can control the message completely.” snip

    Clearly, the head state Dem who would not vacate his position, is now brown-nosing. I’m thinking Wolf has Dems by the balls and Mooch is here to exact some good will from Wolf for the benefit of hubby. For 2016 I guess.

    As for me, I’m still trying to drum up enthusiasm for Corbett. In the final debate between the two, regarding VoterID – which Corbett championed even through court battles last year, to this question, “if PA legislature should pass another such bill would you sign it?” Wolf said No. Corbett remains in support of it. This will resonate positively with voters here.

  49. The Ebola survival rate is roughly 1 in 10…..also dependent on the strain but as it moves and mutates, it becomes harder. Death rate normally about 90% in most outbreaks, not good odds.
    Sounds like certain death. I wonder what that figure would look like if we assume sanitation and a credible health care system. If that is the figure, then containment and banning flights is a categorical imperative. Ditto, border security.

  50. This whole thing about sanitation is useless if people are touching and spreading fluids around…….just wait until flu season….if this is still happening, there is going to be a logistical nightmare.

  51. The question though when exactly does someone become contagious or infectious…..its not quite clear…….we are going to see more cases coming……

  52. The arguments advanced by the head of CDC for open borders and no travel bans are– at best– counter factual, counter medical, and counter intuitive. This guy needs to step down. He is so constrained by political correctness, that he just doesn’t get it.

  53. An ironic deity has decreed that a presidency which began as a faerie tale swallowed hook line and sinker by the masses would end in a film noire production presided over by the king of fools messiah obama.

  54. I suppose the question would be what is unique about the 1% who do survive, and what does survival look like.

  55. Big media is the architect of his presidency. They are not going to slide out from under his failure to redeem their own bona fides. That ship has sailed.

  56. Some people just have that genetic marker or block or system that somehow copes with infection like some people i believe are naturally immune to HIV, it will be the same with Ebola, no disease is 100% effective, nature always somewhere finds a way around…..same way it was with the plague, a certain % will survive.

  57. From last thread –

    School Told to Call Kids ‘Purple Penguins’ Because ‘Boys and Girls’ Is Not Inclusive to Transgender

    I thought this was so silly when I first read about it. People who are transgender aren’t offended by gender roles, instead they’re focused on them – they just want to be the opposite gender. They don’t get upset that people are called “girls” or “boys” – they just want to be called the opposite of their biology. How would they frame their discomfort if there aren’t genders?

    … it also reminded me of something – we’re told we’re supposed to accept people for what they identify with (ie, a man wants to be a woman, so when he starts by cross dressing, we should refer to him as “she”) – and yet ISIS isn’t Islamic – but they identify as Islamic, so why isn’t that good enough for Obama?


    I also thought it was silly when I read that we’re going to take people’s temperatures instead of ending flights here. They say it can take 21 days for Ebola symptoms to appear – so someone gets infected today, flies here tomorrow, and then are here for 19 more days before any symptoms show up – and they’re on no one’s radar. The fever screen won’t screen out most infected people, it will just screen out some, those who are already showing symptoms.

  58. Under the best case scenario, a vaccine will be developed, tested and distributed in time to prevent a pandemic here. This must be done with the greatest sense of urgency. But simultaneously to that, the virus must be contained as best as possible. Here, the perfect is the enemy of the good. The head of the CDC would argue that no system of containment is perfect. But the goal here is not perfection. The goal is to give the researchers the time needed to get a vaccine developed and to market. Open borders and no flight bans make that goal impossible. The bystander in chief needs to be told that, because he is absolutely clueless.

  59. Even more worrying…..

    Texas health worker who contracted #Ebola was wearing “full protective gear – gown, gloves, mask & shield” – official


    protective gear only goes so far, bacteria moves around very fast and moves into any nook cranny or hole available.

  60. Update – Texas hospital official says health worker who tested positive for #Ebola was considered to be at “low risk” of contracting virus

  61. fact there is no cure for Ebola or a vaccine and a vaccine takes often years, decades……Ebola is one of those diseases that once it gets out of the box its pretty damn hard to stuff it back in there, they had hoped to contain it to the african bush…not happening….over 4000 dead now, double that amount infected and that number will start multiplying daily by vectors…….

  62. OT – but can anyone explain to me why “selfies” are such a big deal? It’s not like they’re unique, something you can only do for yourself. Any of them could just have well as been taken by someone else, not themselves. I don’t get it…..?

  63. Such a travel ban would go some distance to stem the tide of Ebolophobia, too. It would symbolize our country’s intention to shore up its defenses against the illness. But President Obama is very sensitive to being defined in any way by the borders of this country. I think he sees himself as a citizen of the world and sees Americans as having infected others with our deadly economic policies for a long time, thereby inflicting untold suffering on developing nations. To now lead the way to America insulating itself from a scourge sweeping the very countries he seems to think we have preyed upon could, of course, strike him (if only unconsciously) as profoundly unfair.

    I believe the president may literally believe we should suffer along with less fortunate nations. And if he does, that is a very dangerous psychological stance from which to confront Ebola.—Dr. Keith Ablo–psychiatrist

    Ebola outbreak: Why Obama is allowing Ebolaphobia to spread

    Dr. Keith Ablow

    By Dr. Keith Ablow
    ·Published October 09, 2014·

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    Dr. Gil Mobley on why the CDC is ‘lying’ about Ebola

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    With the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, news of a second possible case of Ebola in the Dallas area (that of Sgt. Michael Monning) and worries that dogs and other animals could transmit Ebola, fears of a deadly epidemic in the United States are bound to accelerate. The reality is that multiple deaths from Ebola are likely in America, but the psychological toll is already far outpacing the physical one.

    Adults admit to anxiety about whether the illness could strike many more people here, and children have confided to me that they are terrified of Ebola. And what is being said is only the obvious part of the psychological virus (call it “Ebolophobia”) that is spreading; I would venture that millions of people are already unconsciously spending mental energy to suppress their worries that the disease could infect them or those they love.

    Part of the preventive health strategy to help contain this psychological virus should be a reliable flow of information and bold policy from the Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But, already, their response lacks the necessary element of steady stewardship. And that’s because of President Obama’s continuing reticence to put America first.

    Part of the preventive health strategy to help contain this psychological virus should be a reliable flow of information and bold policy from the Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But, already, their response lacks the necessary element of steady stewardship. And that’s because of President Obama’s continuing reticence to put America first.

    Here’s an example: A travel ban on countries like Liberia, where Ebola is epidemic, makes sense as a technique to keep the virus from accelerating here.

    Such a travel ban would go some distance to stem the tide of Ebolophobia, too. It would symbolize our country’s intention to shore up its defenses against the illness. But President Obama is very sensitive to being defined in any way by the borders of this country. I think he sees himself as a citizen of the world and sees Americans as having infected others with our deadly economic policies for a long time, thereby inflicting untold suffering on developing nations. To now lead the way to America insulating itself from a scourge sweeping the very countries he seems to think we have preyed upon could, of course, strike him (if only unconsciously) as profoundly unfair.

    I believe the president may literally believe we should suffer along with less fortunate nations. And if he does, that is a very dangerous psychological stance from which to confront Ebola.

    Let me say this plainly, as a psychiatrist who has studied this president only from a distance: In order for President Obama to keep thinking of himself as the leader of the world — and not just the free world — it may be that our boundaries must remain porous, allowing illegal immigrants and, potentially, even diseases to flow through them.

    The correct stance against Ebola is a medical-military one that replicates fighting a war in which the enemy has already come ashore and attacked a city — in this case, Dallas.

    The borders should be sealed to travelers who have visited nations affected by Ebola in the last 30 days.

    The surgeon general and a special assistant surgeon general for Ebola defense should be dispensing daily information about public health initiatives and medical research initiatives being undertaken to contain and combat the illness.

    A special national fundraising drive should be launched to pour money into virology labs to jumpstart research into an Ebola cure and a vaccine. And those exposed to Ebola who have not contracted the illness should be studied epidemiologically to discover anything they have in common — including having been vaccinated against any other virus (in case, for example, that vaccine might confer partial immunity against Ebola).

    The toll of having a president who seems to see America as having no particular manifest destiny may be seen in the spread of ISIS abroad. And it could be seen, God forbid, in not mounting a sufficient immune defense here at home, to Ebola. Saying so, even at the risk of offending some or many, is the first step (here taken) to make it not so.

    Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team. Dr. Ablow can be reached at

  64. The survival rate for Ebola is around 50%, although there have been outbreaks where it is only 10%. There are a variety of species of it. Hedging your bet would be the same as for the common cold. Keep your general health good and supplement your diet with antioxidants, zinc and echinacea. Let me say also to get on a good probiotic. Yes, there are studies that show they are effective in combating virus. All low efficacy, but you should be doing everything you can to improve your odds.

    I am currently employed in Public Health. Our department issued a bulletin with the standard hype. I called the contact number and asked about the Spanish nurse’s dog and was referred to one of our doctors. She said she was unfamiliar with the situation with the Spanish nurse and dog so I sent her the CDC study on transmission from dogs and a link to the NBC news article on the Spanish nurse.

    Yes, in a pandemic, I will get to go out there in those suites. I just hope it does not hit in summer because they are as hot as h#ll. If I am lucky, I will be assigned to protecting the infrastructure, particularly the water supply, as opposed to being out in the general population.

    I can show you pictures of ducks swimming in the top of open vessels in water treatment plants. They love that nice, clean water. The EPA was supposed to have rules that required water plants to have 99.9999% (referred to as 4-Log) removal of virus after the last open vessel. Some states adopted it. Ours did not. Your state may or may not have it or enforce it because here, in the Obamanation, the EPA is a dysfunctional shell organization scamming carbon credits.


  65. orac
    October 12, 2014 at 9:05 am
    OT – but can anyone explain to me why “selfies” are such a big deal? It’s not like they’re unique, something you can only do for yourself. Any of them could just have well as been taken by someone else, not themselves. I don’t get it…..?

    You’re not alone, loran.

    It’s somewhat understandable that teenagers would be into the “selfie” craze, just as they are with snap-chat. It’s considered developmentally appropriate for teens to be a bit self-obsessed and concerned with looks, image, etc. As a culture, we have not discouraged this fixation on self, but accepted it as “normal”. I think we would have done kids a much greater service had we taught them to shift their focus away from self a bit. But, that’s a whole other topic.

    As for the adults who are into selfies maybe it’s a case of arrested development. Or, maybe they just have too much free time on their hands.

  66. OK Panic button just hit……

    U.S. Centres for Disease Control says all health workers who cared for Thomas Duncan who died from Ebola virus now at risk of infection

  67. Hi, Still love you guys. I read Lu4PUMA upstream: October 12, 2014 at 10:10 am
    “… Keep your general health good and supplement your diet with antioxidants, zinc and echinacea.”

    All good, but you might want to add increased daily doses of vitamin C and if you can get your hands on it – Estradiol to keep in reserve for a Hail Mary.

    Here is a FDA study report Titled : “A Systematic Screen of FDA-Approved Drugs for Inhibitors of Biological Threat Agents:”

    “Figure 3
    BA in vivo inhibitor efficacy screen.
    For the viral agents tested, 24 compounds with previously unidentified antiviral activity were broadly active (Table 4). This set of compounds includes chloroquine (CQ), which is a lysosomatropic base and appears to disrupt intracellular trafficking and viral fusion events [17], [18]. CQ has also been shown to inhibit HIV-1, although the mechanism is not clear [19]. We also identified — estradiol — and toremifene, two steroidal hormones, as inhibitory to both MARV and EBOV. Interestingly, these compounds have previously been identified as inhibitors of New World arenaviruses [20] but were suggested to interfere with late stages of viral replication and assembly.”

  68. Best solution to Ebola, live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and invite nobody around for a few months………….

  69. Betty
    October 12, 2014 at 11:46 am

    Very interesting. Is that a general estrogen effect or specific to estradiol? Estradiol has been linked to breast cancer and you need a prescription. Of the three estrogens that human women have, estriol, the weakest, is believed to be either non- or anti- carcinogenic and can be purchased in topical form, which is way safer than taking it orally. It is commonly used with progesterone cream to mitigate hot flashes and sleep problems associated with menopause.

    If estrogen plays a role in resistance, is there gender bias in the survival rates? I do not suppose the WHO has kept those stats?

  70. foxyladi14
    October 12, 2014 at 10:52 am
    Under water!!!! 🙂

    The states in which O’s disapproval rating is 50% or less:

    CA – 48
    IL – 50
    DE – 49
    MA – 47 (47 % seems like a pretty high disapproval rating for a Dim in MA. Those
    in MA who are unhappy with the state of their country can blame it on Teddy.
    NY – 47
    VT – 45
    HI – 41

    Not surprising that these particular states have not yet seen the light.

    Interesting that in RI, CT, and MD Obama’s approval rating is above 50%. A Gallup poll from 2009 includes these states in the top 10 Democratic states, along with the above named states and DC.

    Things are not looking good for the Dims. I hope those who were hell bent to put this inexperienced incompetent half- black man into the WH recognize what they have done not only to this country but to their party. In their arrogance and determination to shaft the Clintons , they forced Obama down the throats of the Democratic Party, and the country. I hope their role in his meteoric rise will never be forgotten, and that their fall will be every bit as fast and far as his has been.

  71. All other things being equal, Gary Peters would be just another worthless sack of shit. An investment adviser who has worked his way through the chairs to launch his senate run. I warned you about him. But all things are not equal. He has taken the bait on Terri Lands references to being his mother. His campaign staff have pilloried her for mentioning that and the left wing scum progressive who campaigns for him Inglot has taken matters one step beyond that. And now Lady Bountiful with taxpayer money MO is hauling her big ass into black controlled Detroit to rally support. This goofy looking dimocrat Peters–one of the few to beg for help from Obama– is one french fry short of a happy meal. I think he stepped in it this time. It was even enough to get RINOs in other venues to weigh in.

  72. correction: for being a mother.

    I make no claim about his mother one way or the other, since abortion was illegal in Michigan in those days, and Jack Kerkovian is no longer available for consultation.

  73. I noticed something the other day. O’Reilly blathers on about pin heads. But in studying a photo of Hillary backstabber Chuck Schumer, good old greasy Chuck–like shaking hands with a donut Schumer, actually actually has one–a pin head.

  74. If Reid goes, then it is a case out out with the bad air and in with the worse, meaning the pin head Chuck Schumer. For the good of the country, Dirty Harry needs to hang on, as minority leader, and get some of his own medicine thrown back in his face.

  75. I live and breathe…Frank Bruni has suddenly recognized and is saying and writing out loud about the greatness of Bill Clinton…

    (will the rest of the O lovers, er ‘Journalists’ soon be doing the same…too bad their perception was so bad and they all got snookered in 2008)

    Appetite, Bill and Barack
    By Frank Bruni

    AFTER the latest meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative wrapped up three weeks ago, I thought I’d missed the perfect window to write about Bill Clinton’s continued hold on Americans’ hearts, his sustained claim on the spotlight.

    Silly me. In short order and with customary brio, Clinton simply traded that stage for the next one: the entire state of Arkansas, his old stamping grounds, through which he barnstormed over recent days in the service of Senate Democrats.

    He remained in the headlines. He was still in the mix. Even when he’s not running, he’s running — exuberantly, indefatigably, for just causes, for lost causes, because he hopes to move the needle, because he loves the sound of his own voice and because he doesn’t know any other way to be. Politics is his calling. The arena is his home.

    And that’s the real reason that he’s so popular in his post-presidency, so beloved in both retrospect and the moment. In bold contrast to the easily embittered, frequently disappointing occupant of the Oval Office right now, Bill Clinton was — and is — game.(‘has’ game, Frank)

    Nothing stops him or slows him or sours him, at least not for long. Nothing is beneath him, because he’s as unabashedly messy and slick as the operators all around him. He doesn’t recoil at the rough and tumble, or feel belittled and diminished by it. He relishes it. Throw a punch at him and he throws one at you. Impeach him and he bounces back.

    It’s that very gameness that fueled his undeniable successes as a president, and that’s worth keeping in mind when the midterms end and we turn our attention more fully to the 2016 presidential race. Who in the emerging field of contenders has his level of enthusiasm, his degree of stamina, his intensity of engagement?

    Neither of the two presidents who followed him do, and that absent fire explains many of their shortcomings in office. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama felt put out by what they had to do to get there. Neither masked his sense of being better than the ugly process he was lashed to.

    Bush was always craving distance from the stink and muck of the Potomac, and routinely averted his gaze: from the truth of Iraq, from the wrath of Katrina. In a different way, Obama also pulls away, accepting stalemates and defeats, not wanting to get too dirty, not breaking too much of a sweat. “The audacity of mope,” his countenance has been called. (favorite line)

    It comes into sharper, more troubling focus with each passing season and each new book, including Leon Panetta’s, “Worthy Fights,” which was published last week. The reservations expressed by Panetta, who served under Obama as both C.I.A director and defense secretary, seconded those articulated by so many other Democrats.

    The president, Panetta wrote, “relies on the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader.” He exhibits “a frustrating reticence to engage his opponents and rally support for his cause,” in Panetta’s words, and he “avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities.”

    As Washington absorbed Panetta’s assessment and debated whether it was an act of disloyalty or of patriotism, Arkansas opened its arms to Clinton, who beamed and pressed the flesh and talked and talked.( me – no teleprompter needed for Bill, he knows what he is talking about)

    He talked in particular about Mark Pryor, the incumbent Democratic senator, who seems poised to be defeated by Tom Cotton, a rising Republican star. And while it’s doubtful that Clinton’s backing will save Pryor, it’s almost certain that no other Democrat’s favor would serve Pryor any better.

    A Wall Street Journal/NBC/Annenberg poll that came out last week suggested that a campaign plug from Clinton would carry more weight with voters than one from Obama, the first lady, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney or Chris Christie. He’s the endorser in chief.

    That gives him an invitation and a license to step onto soapboxes wide and far. Last month he stumped in Maine, North Carolina, Georgia and Maryland. This month he’s bound for Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He’s wanted. He’s welcomed.


    I can already hear Wbboei’s blood boiling…I know, I know… : )

    And, yes, that’s partly because he’s a reminder of an epoch more economically dynamic than the current one, of an America less humbled and fearful. It’s also because he has no real responsibility and thus no real culpability: He can’t let us down. On top of which, absence has always made the heart grow fonder.

    BUT he never really went away. He abandoned the White House only to begin plotting by proxy to move in again. He’s the past, present and future tenses all entwined, and that’s a clue that there’s something other than just nostalgia behind the outsize affection for him. He’s missed because he demonstrates what’s missing in the commanders in chief since.

    He’s missed for that gameness, an invaluable asset that fueled so many leaders’ triumphs but wasn’t abundant in leaders who suffered many defeats.

    Jimmy Carter, for one. “He was not just detached and not just unfamiliar with congressional politics but he also didn’t like it, didn’t want to play it — and that was a huge obstacle for him,” said Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University historian who has written books about Carter and Bush and has one about Lyndon Baines Johnson, “The Fierce Urgency of Now,” scheduled for publication in January. “It really damaged him.”

    “Clinton was the last president we’ve had who loved politics,” Zelizer added. “Bush — and you can see this in his post-presidency — didn’t have a taste for what Washington was all about. Executive power was partly a way to avoid Congress entirely. And Obama is just like Bush that way.”

    It’s interesting to note that neither Bush nor Obama knew any really big, bitter political disappointments en route to the White House. (Bush’s failed 1978 congressional race, so early in his career and so distant from his subsequent bid for Texas governor, doesn’t count.) Their paths were relatively unimpeded ones, while Clinton suffered the humiliation of being booted from his job as governor of Arkansas after one term, then having to regain it.

    Scars like that do a politician good. They prove that he or she loves the sport enough to keep going, and has the grit for it. We’d be wise to look for them in the politicians angling for the presidency next. The ugliness of the job isn’t going to change. Might as well elect someone with the appetite for it.

    Clinton showed us the downside of unappeasable hunger, but he also showed us the upside, and he’s showing us still. He gets love and he gets his way simply by never letting up in his demand for them. There’s a lesson in that.

  76. The dims insist this election is not about Obama?

    How can it not be about Obama, when his policies and neglect have created so many of the problems we have now.

    And when the same people who deny any association with him prior to this election campaigned for him and supported those policies?

    He is right about one thing, and nothing else:

    This vote is about Obama–and his policies.

    To deny that is to deny reality.

  77. I must repeat that line from above in case anyone missed it…

    O is being called “The audacity of mope.”

    …yeah, understood – distracted whiner – poor me, me, me…but I, I, I and my, my, my…

  78. “Clinton was the last president we’ve had who loved politics,” Zelizer added.
    It is more fundamental than that. Deep down, beneathe the political veneer, he likes people. And that is what makes him a great politician.

  79. Reagan and Tip O’Neill had some of that too. It makes for a certain honesty when dealing with partisans and allows them to reach compromises which move the process forward.

  80. Obama is an extreme case of the disease that affects Washington. Peters is a less obvious one. Most of them are simply front men for special interests and value the party over the interests of their constituents. Therefore, they are fraudulent.

  81. They hire consultants to convince voters that they are something they are not, and big media covers for them unless they are Republicans. Voters believe the myth and vote for them, and then lose interest quickly. No wonder the system is dysfunctional.

  82. The following comparison is worth noting:

    1. Bill Clinton likes being an American and he likes the American People.

    2. George Bush liked being an American but had no use for the American People.

    3. Obama likes being Obama and hates the American People–as you can see from psychiatrist Keith Ablo’s comments above.

  83. S
    October 12, 2014 at 1:14 pm I live and breathe…Frank Bruni has suddenly recognized and is saying and writing out loud about the greatness of Bill Clinton…

    (will the rest of the O lovers, er ‘Journalists’ soon be doing the same…too bad their perception was so bad and they all got snookered in 2008)


    First the Clinton hater (when he’s not penning a plea for one of them to “save the party” ) Brent Budowsky, now Bruni?! They’re wearing overcoats in Hell today.

  84. and here we go with this mess…..

    Perhaps Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey did not intend to make the startling admissions he did when he appeared on ABC News on Sunday morning. Perhaps the chairman did not seek to confirm for the public that the Islamic State’s advance in Iraq has been more effective and wider spread than previously reported. Maybe he did not set out to corroborate the increasingly evident fact that the coalition air war against ISIS is failing to achieve its objectives. He probably did not want to do these things, but that is what he accomplished.

    Reports broke late last weeks that the United States had dramatically shifted tactics in Iraq when they introduced Apache attack helicopters into that theater of operations. They were reportedly used in assaults on Islamic State mortar teams and other personnel near the city of Fallujah, according to a spokesman for Central Command. That infamous city lies 73 kilometers from Baghdad.

    But, in his appearance on ABC, Dempsey said that those Apaches were used to stem an assault on Iraqi forces which were protecting a clear pathway to Baghdad’s airport.

    “The tool that was immediately available was the Apache,” Dempsey told Raddatz. “This is the case where, you’re not going to wait till they’re climbing over the wall.

    “They were within 20 or 25 kilometers,” he added.

    “Of the Iraqi airport?” Raddatz clarified.

    “Sure,” the chairman replied. “And, had they overrun the Iraqi unit, it was a straight shot to the airport. So, we’re not going to allow that to happen. We need that airport.”


    Shit meet fan…..

  85. Ebola, ISIS, for the elections. And don’t forget ObamaCare:

    Admin Won’t Release Final Premiums Until After Elections

    The Obama administration has already debuted its new, improved version of, but still won’t release premium rates on the website until after the Nov. 4 elections.

    The open enrollment period begins Nov. 15, over a week after the Nov. 4 elections, and lasts just three months — half as long as the first open enrollment run. The GOP has urged the administration to release the rates as soon as they’re finalized so that customers have more time to budget (and presumably because hikes would be detrimental to Obamacare supporters come election time).

    The administration will know exactly what health insurance plans cost on November 3, and they should release that information to the public on that day so families can start to plan,” Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander said last week, fearing the administration would “hide” rates until after the election.

    Average premiums across the country are higher than last year on the Obamacare exchanges. The left has applauded lower rate increases in certain states; other states have been hit with ongoing double-digit rate hikes.

  86. Just breaking….

    Officials evacuate Braintree, Mass., medical facility, isolate patient citing Ebola protocol

    Harvard Vanguard Medical Center has been evacuated and a patient isolated due to recent travel to West Africa and his medical symptoms, officials said.

    “Ebola protocol is in place,” said Joe Zanca of Braintree Fire.

  87. MoonOnPluto, as you wrote at 7:33 and 7:57:

    LIB COLUMNIST: Ebola Becoming “Political Nightmare” for Democrats

    Today the second confirmed Ebola case was announced in Dallas, Texas.

    New Yorker columnist John Cassidy: Ebola Becoming Election Nightmare for Democrats

    New Yorker columnist John Cassidy wrote an article last week on how the politics of Ebola could spell electoral doom for the Democrats should more cases arise in the U.S.

    “Welcome to the great Ebola scare of 2014, which pits an increasingly jumpy American public against the technocrats of the Centers for Disease Control and the Obama Administration.”

    With the announcement Sunday of a new Ebola case in Texas it looks like his worst fears for the Democrats could be realized. [snip]

    Unmentioned by Cassidy is the concurrent mysterious spread of the Enterovirus 68 which has killed several children and sickened nearly seven hundred children and adults across the country since summer. The rise of the Enterovirus 68 followed the Obama administration transporting tens of thousands of contagious disease-ridden illegal alien families and unaccompanied children around the country to unsuspecting neighborhoods.

    More from Cassidy:

    “If, in the next few weeks, more Ebola cases turn up on American soil, and, particularly, if a cluster of cases emerges, the politics could get very ugly. One thing’s for sure: it wouldn’t be just Rob Astorino, the G.O.P. no-hoper in the New York gubernatorial election, calling for travel bans and other draconian measures. It would be Republican candidates in tight midterm races all across the country.

    “And the unavoidable reality is that the public would support their demands. Experts can point out until they’re blue in the face that the odds of getting Ebola are tiny, and that many other scourges, such as traffic deaths, accidental shootings, and suicides, pose a much bigger danger to the public. It won’t make any difference…”

    “In this country, Ebola isn’t yet a huge public-health threat. But it’s fast becoming a political nightmare.

    A political nightmare is better than the real Ebola nightmare of waking up to find your apartment complex sealed off while men in space suits try to decontaminate the area from the latest infection of a virus the Obama administration allowed in the country.

  88. Wbboei, your comment at 7:41 reads like a script for what is happening:

    Particularly if the public at large comes to believe that Democrats are so wedded to political correctness and radical Hispanic pressure groups as to be incapable of protecting the nation as a whole. At the present that concern is low level but it is likely to increase with time. Again, this is why all democrats who do not wish to go down with the ship must separate themselves from him on all fronts. They should follow the lead of Panetta. He has defined Obama as well intentioned but ineffective. He his far worse than that, but that is the Noah’s Arc they had better climb aboard if they have any hope for survival.

    Unlike Cassidy at the New Yorker you included Panetta’s wise counsel in your critique.

  89. Et Tu Liz……..

    What is she up to?

    Elizabeth Warren on Obama: “when the going got tough, his economic team picked Wall Street” “They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. And it happened over and over and over”
    “There has not been nearly enough change,” she tells Salon, taking on Obama failures, lobbyists, tuition. So 2016?

    Something tells me she is going to get a phone call and cut off from the inner circle.

  90. “Ebola protocol is in place” sounds like a witch doctor in the jungle saying ‘don’t panic I rubbed blue powder on the sacred rock’.

    This vaunted “Ebola protocol” did not protect an experienced nurse in Spain and a nurse in Texas.

    These ‘trust us we’re experts and you have nothing to worry about with us in charge‘ assurances remind us of when Obama in 2010 told believing Dimocrats “Don’t worry, you have me.”

    Now Braintree?

  91. Fauxahontas can fuck off….she was right in the middle of all that economic team, she cannot just wipe her slate clean.

  92. admin
    October 12, 2014 at 4:02 pm
    Admin. Yes indeed.

    Even Fauxahontas.

    October 12, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    And, it does not take a rocket scientist to see who they are running to:

    October 12, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Bill and Hillary–not Fauxahontas.

    Only Paul Krugman remains Mad About The Boy.

    It must be hard to be Paul Krugman at this point.

    Seeing that your lite of love and his policies–which you embrace, cause so many disasters.

  93. more about ebola protocol:
    Top US doctors: Hospital worker infected with Ebola by ‘breach in protocol,’ changes in handling patients are coming

    passing for competence not

  94. The ‘dick’ Morris now accuses Hillary of putting out a ‘HIT’ on OBOLA, by making Panetta tell the truth.

    Feeling a lot of HATE towards Hillary, you Dick?!


    Dick Morris: Clinton orchestrated Panetta’s ‘hit’ on Obama
    By Rachel Huggins

    Political strategist Dick Morris accused Hillary Clinton of conspiring with former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in his stinging critique of President Obama’s foreign policy.

    “I think Hillary put him up to it,” Morris said during an interview on John Catsimatidis’s radio show to air Sunday on New York’s 970 AM.

    “What Panetta is doing is a hit – a contract killing – for Hillary. Panetta at core is a Clinton person, not an Obama person. By accurately and truthfully describing the deliberations in the [Obama] cabinet, he makes Hillary look better, and he makes Obama look worse … And I think he’ll get his reward in heaven.”

  95. Brazille actually trying to defend the Wendy Davis wheelchair ad…I am not sure which is more despicable..the ad or Brazille’s defense of it.

    Admin, if you would be so kind as to embed.

  96. Feeling a lot of HATE towards Hillary, you Dick?!

    That dick hasn’t still realized he’s irrelevant ?!

  97. This morning I posted a comment about Democrat nominee for Senator for the state of Michigan–Gary Peters. I questioned his bona fides broadly, and focused particularly on his schmarmy attacks on Terry Linn Land, for mentioning the fact that she is a mother. I noted that other Republicans have joined Land’s campaign in counter attacking. And finally, I mentioned that Lady Bountiful wiht Taxpayer dollars the ravishing Michelle Obama is in town to campaign for him and bring out the black vote along with the Detroit Free Press one of the most partisan rags in the country.

    Well, it turns out that Peters has inflated his resume. He claims to have been a Construction Battalion Officer (Seebee) which is a group of combat trained engineers. He was in a construction battalion briefly, but not as an engineer, much less a combat trained one. He was an assistant supply officer. Then on the campaign trail, he talked about what he learned building bridges while being shot at and compared that to serving in Washington. But according to his commanding officer he never built bridges, and was never shot at. And, finally, Peters claimed to be a pistol expert when in fact he was only a marksman. I was a pistol expert in the navy, even though now I can barely hit the broad side of a barn door, and manage to make everyone on the shooting range nervous. But I can tell you for a fact, if you shoot expert in the service you not only remember this, but they give you a ribbon. If you shoot marksman you know you did not shoot expert. That to me is the silliest thing to lie about.

    Like I said above @ 1:pm, the stupid son of a bitch is one french fry short of a happy meal. Here is the article.

    Fauxahantas has got it backwards.

    Obama did not pick Wall Street.

    Wall Street picked Obama.

    Wall Street interests conspired to select him, fund him and support him in big media.

    A quick perusal of the public records will show that is where his almost a billion dollar war chest came from.

    A quick review of his campaign events even now corroborates that he is a puppet of Wall Street.

    Therefore, he did not pick Wall Street and there is no chance that he would represent the people.

  99. Obama is personally responsible for the chaos and decline which besets much of the world today. The global community is a complex system of competing nations, religions and egos. To have peace there must be balance. Balance does not eliminate aggression. It merely limits its scope. Balance is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It requires an enforcer. Obama has abdicated the enforcement role of the United States with his foolish leading from behind, which assumes that a community of nations with competing interests will band together by magic and perform the enforcement role for the greater good. One look at the fragile coalition that Horseface has forged to deal with ISIS shows that the folly of this assumption. For three centuries, Britain was the essential nation. And from the end of World War II until January 2009 we occupied that role. Today, under Obama, there is no enforcer, therefore no balance, therefore chaos rules the world. These are some of the insights Niall Ferguson has offered which are quite real, even though they will never pass muster with the blue bloods of Brookings.

  100. The link cuts off the article. So here is the full text of it, from Niall, rather than WSJ:

    Niall Ferguson: America’s Global Retreat
    Never mind the Fed’s taper, it’s the U.S. geopolitical taper that is stirring world anxiety. From Ukraine to Syria to the Pacific, a hands-off foreign policy invites more trouble.

    Feb. 21, 2014 6:49 p.m. ET

    Since former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke uttered the word “taper” in June 2013, emerging-market stocks and currencies have taken a beating. It is not clear why talk of (thus far) modest reductions in the Fed’s large-scale asset-purchase program should have had such big repercussions outside the United States. The best economic explanation is that capital has been flowing out of emerging markets in anticipation of future rises in U.S. interest rates, of which the taper is a harbinger. While plausible, that cannot be the whole story.

    For it is not only U.S. monetary policy that is being tapered. Even more significant is the “geopolitical taper.” By this I mean the fundamental shift we are witnessing in the national-security strategy of the U.S.—and like the Fed’s tapering, this one also means big repercussions for the world. To see the geopolitical taper at work, consider President Obama’s comment Wednesday on the horrific killings of protesters in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The president said: “There will be consequences if people step over the line.”

    No one took that warning seriously—Ukrainian government snipers kept on killing people in Independence Square regardless. The world remembers the red line that Mr. Obama once drew over the use of chemical weapons in Syria . . . and then ignored once the line had been crossed. The compromise deal reached on Friday in Ukraine calling for early elections and a coalition government may or may not spell the end of the crisis. In any case, the negotiations were conducted without concern for Mr. Obama.

    Enlarge Image

    The president, flanked by his foreign-policy team: Chuck Hagel, Susan Rice, and Joe Biden. From L to R: AFP/Getty Images; Bloomberg (2); Getty Images (2)
    The origins of America’s geopolitical taper as a strategy can be traced to the confused foreign-policy decisions of the president’s first term. The easy part to understand was that Mr. Obama wanted out of Iraq and to leave behind the minimum of U.S. commitments. Less easy to understand was his policy in Afghanistan. After an internal administration struggle, the result in 2009 was a classic bureaucratic compromise: There was a “surge” of additional troops, accompanied by a commitment to begin withdrawing before the last of these troops had even arrived.

    Having passively watched when the Iranian people rose up against their theocratic rulers beginning in 2009, the president was caught off balance by the misnamed “Arab Spring.” The vague blandishments of his Cairo speech that year offered no hint of how he would respond when crowds thronged Tahrir Square in 2011 calling for the ouster of a longtime U.S. ally, the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.

    Mr. Obama backed the government led by Mohammed Morsi, after the Muslim Brotherhood won the 2012 elections. Then the president backed the military coup against Mr. Morsi last year. On Libya, Mr. Obama took a back seat in an international effort to oust Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, but was apparently not in the vehicle at all when the American mission at Benghazi came under fatal attack in 2012.

    Syria has been one of the great fiascos of post-World War II American foreign policy. When President Obama might have intervened effectively, he hesitated. When he did intervene, it was ineffectual. The Free Syrian Army of rebels fighting against the regime of Bashar Assad has not been given sufficient assistance to hold together, much less to defeat the forces loyal to Assad. The president’s non-threat to launch airstrikes—ifCongress agreed—handed the initiative to Russia. Last year’s Russian-brokered agreement to get Assad to hand over his chemical weapons is being honored only in the breach, as Secretary of State John Kerry admitted last week.

    The result of this U.S. inaction is a disaster. At a minimum, 130,000 Syrian civilians have been killed and nine million driven from their homes by forces loyal to the tyrant. At least 11,000 people have been tortured to death. Hundreds of thousands are besieged, their supplies of food and medicine cut off, as bombs and shells rain down.

    Worse, the Syrian civil war has escalated into a sectarian proxy war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, with jihadist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the Nusra Front fighting against Assad, while the Shiite Hezbollah and the Iranian Quds Force fight for him. Meanwhile, a flood of refugees from Syria and the free movement of militants is helping to destabilize neighboring states like Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. The situation in Iraq is especially dire. Violence is escalating, especially in Anbar province. According to Iraq Body Count, a British-based nongovernmental organization, 9,475 Iraqi civilians were killed in 2013, compared with 10,130 in 2008.

    The scale of the strategic U.S. failure is best seen in the statistics for total fatalities in the region the Bush administration called the “Greater Middle East”—essentially the swath of mainly Muslim countries stretching from Morocco to Pakistan. In 2013, according to the International Institute of Strategic Studies, more than 75,000 people died as a result of armed conflict in this region or as a result of terrorism originating there, the highest number since the IISS Armed Conflict database began in 1998. Back then, the Greater Middle East accounted for 38% of conflict-related deaths in the world; last year it was 78%.

    Mr. Obama’s supporters like nothing better than to portray him as the peacemaker to George W. Bush’s warmonger. But it is now almost certain that more people have died violent deaths in the Greater Middle East during this presidency than during the last one.

    In a January interview with the New Yorker magazine, the president said something truly stunning. “I don’t really even need George Kennan right now,” he asserted, referring to the late American diplomat and historian whose insights informed the foreign policy of presidents from Franklin Roosevelt on. Yet what Mr. Obama went on to say about his self-assembled strategy for the Middle East makes it clear that a George Kennan is exactly what he needs: someone with the regional expertise and experience to craft a credible strategy for the U.S., as Kennan did when he proposed the “containment” of the Soviet Union in the late 1940s.

    So what exactly is the president’s strategy? “It would be profoundly in the interest of citizens throughout the region if Sunnis and Shiites weren’t intent on killing each other,” the president explained in the New Yorker. “And although it would not solve the entire problem, if we were able to get Iran to operate in a responsible fashion . . . you could see an equilibrium developing between Sunni, or predominantly Sunni, Gulf states and Iran.”

    Moreover, he continued, if only “the Palestinian issue” could be “unwound,” then another “new equilibrium” could be created, allowing Israel to “enter into even an informal alliance with at least normalized diplomatic relations” with the Sunni states. The president has evidently been reading up about international relations and has reached the chapter on the “balance of power.” The trouble with his analysis is that it does not explain why any of the interested parties should sign up for his balancing act.

    As Nixon-era Secretary of State Henry Kissinger argued more than half a century ago in his book “A World Restored,” balance is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. “The balance of power only limits the scope of aggression but does not prevent it,” Dr. Kissinger wrote. “The balance of power is the classic expression of the lesson of history that no order is safe without physical safeguards against aggression.”

    What that implied in the 19th century was that Britain was the “balancer”—the superpower that retained the option to intervene in Europe to preserve balance. The problem with the current U.S. geopolitical taper is that President Obama is not willing to play that role in the Middle East today. In his ignominious call to inaction on Syria in September, he explicitly said it: “America is not the world’s policeman.”

    But balance without an enforcer is almost inconceivable. Iran remains a revolutionary power; it has no serious intention of giving up its nuclear-arms program; the talks in Vienna are a sham. Both sides in the escalating regional “Clash of Sects”—Shiite and Sunni—have an incentive to increase their aggression because they see hegemony in a post-American Middle East as an attainable goal.

    The geopolitical taper is a multifaceted phenomenon. For domestic political as well as fiscal reasons, this administration is presiding over deep cuts in military spending. No doubt the Pentagon’s budget is in many respects bloated. But, as Philip Zelikow has recently argued, the cuts are taking place without any clear agreement on what the country’s future military needs are.

    Thus far, the U.S. “pivot” from the Middle East to the Asia Pacific region, announced in 2012, is the nearest this administration has come to a grand strategy. But such a shift of resources makes no sense if it leaves the former region ablaze and merely adds to tension in the latter. A serious strategy would surely make some attempt to establish linkage between the Far East and the Middle East. It is the Chinese, not the Americans, who are becoming increasingly dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Yet all the pivot achieved was to arouse suspicion in Beijing that some kind of “containment” of China is being contemplated.

    Maybe, on reflection, it is not a Kennan that Mr. Obama needs, but a Kissinger. “The attainment of peace is not as easy as the desire for it,” Dr. Kissinger once observed. “Those ages which in retrospect seem most peaceful were least in search of peace. Those whose quest for it seems unending appear least able to achieve tranquillity. Whenever peace—conceived as the avoidance of war—has been the primary objective . . . the international system has been at the mercy of [its] most ruthless member.”

    Those are words this president, at a time when there is much ruthlessness abroad in the world, would do well to ponder.

    Mr. Ferguson is a history professor at Harvard and a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. His most recent book is “The Great Degeneration” (Penguin Press, 2013).

  101. Obama and Obama Big Media sink:

    Bill O’Reilly isn’t the only one who’s noticed MSNBC’s rating woes; no less than The New York Times has noticed the liberal network is in decline. In an article entitled “Leaning Forward, MSNBC Loses Ground to Rival CNN,” reporter Bill Carter detailed just how bad the third quarter of 2014 was.

    MSNBC has seen its ratings hit one of the deepest skids in its history, with the recently completed third quarter of 2014 generating some record lows,” the piece reads. Among the highlights:

    “The Rachel Maddow Show” has posted its lowest ratings of all time, averaging only 183,000 in the demo. (By contrast, “The Kelly File” averaged around 400,000 in the demo)

    “All in with Chris Hayes” has also posted its lowest ratings of all time.

    “Morning Joe,” an industry talking point and usually a bright spot in the ratings, posted its second-lowest ratings of all time. For six months in a row, it’s been beaten by CNN’s “New Day.”

    “Ronan Farrow Daily” is (in Carter’s words) “largely a dud.”

    Compared with 2013, Fox News’ primetime ratings are up 11 percent, CNN’s are up 3 percent and MSNBC’s are down a whopping 21 percent. While in recent years MSNBC has been winning the battle for second place, it’s fallen to a clear third behind CNN.

    The Times diagnosis for MSNBC’s horrible ratings: it’s just plain predictable. “In terms of Rachel [Maddow], everybody knows every night what she’s going to say,” one insider told them. “The network just doesn’t surprise you.”

    Even MSNBC head honcho Phil Griffin seems to agree something has to give. “[W]e’ve got to adjust,” he admits. “We’ve got to evolve.

    Evolve a brain for starters. Then logically dump Obama.

  102. National Nurses Union rallies in Oakland after Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola
    By Rick Hurd Contra Costa Times
    OAKLAND — They stood together in bright red T-shirts, holding placards and signs. They stood together in sorrow, and in anger. But mostly, nurses from throughout California stood together Sunday as a symbol of warning.
    The nation’s hospitals aren’t ready for an Ebola outbreak, a representative for the country’s largest nurses union said, nor are they prepared to protect the people who may be called to fight it on the front lines.
    “What is really important to note,” Bonnie Castillo said during a gathering of nurses in Oakland, “is that the guidelines the Center for Disease Control want us to follow are insufficient and inadequate. We have to get those things corrected.”
    “We’re seeing that caregivers who are not being adequately trained are being blamed,” said Katy Roemer, a registered nurse for more than 20 years who works at Kaiser. “We’re hearing they did not follow proper protocol, when we’ve been asking our hospitals throughout the country to provide us with training that allows us to ask questions, with training about how to put on (and take off) the proper and optimal personal safety equipment. … And we’ve seen that hospitals are not giving us this information. That’s not going to work.”

    good to see the nurses speaking out from the get go. stating the obvious so that tv muddleheads and pols cannot totally avoid that aspect of the discussion.

  103. NYT : Most people close to Clinton expect her to announce on/around Feb. 15, 2015, but midterm results could impact timing

    Hillary Rodham Clinton may not have the luxury of waiting until early next year to declare her intentions to run for president in 2016.

    If Democrats lose control of the Senate in the midterm elections, the party may need to quickly pivot to the presidential campaign, several people close to Mrs. Clinton said.

    The Democratic Party would look to Mrs. Clinton “as its Noah’s ark,” a vessel on which voters and donors could channel their enthusiasm and frustration, said one of these people, who could discuss the internal deliberations only on the condition of anonymity.

    Until recently, Mrs. Clinton was expected to announce around Feb. 15, 2015, which would give her campaign plenty of time to staff up and raise money.

    But that timing is now being reconsidered as Democrats contemplate a scenario in which they suffer significant losses.

    Mrs. Clinton could feel pressure to at least file the requisite paperwork to start an exploratory committee before the end of this year. The committee would allow her to start to raise money, and she could still delay an official announcement until early next year.

    Mrs. Clinton has a packed schedule this week, campaigning for Democratic candidates in Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan and Nevada.


    She’s only saying what we have been saying…..Clinton sources are saying look to Feb next year but the Obama lot are trying to drag her out and announce in Nov to put out the flames from the midterms…….Don’t fall for it Hillary.

  104. Even MSNBC head honcho Phil Griffin seems to agree something has to give. “[W]e’ve got to adjust,” he admits. “We’ve got to evolve.”

    No can do.

    Griffin is a weak leader.

    He has turned running the network over to Madden.

    And Madden is stale.

    How Griffin survives, no one seems to know.

  105. I agree Moon. As with any death, there needs to be a suitable period of morning and reflection. It might make sense to expedite her schedule if it were not for Obama. If the party takes a hit, HE NEEDS TO TWIST IN THE WIND for 3 months, so people can ponder how and why he was responsible, AND whether Hillary will ride in to the rescue. Remember now, we are talking about Democrats who tell pollsters that they are not excited about a Clinton presidency. A three month hiatus contemplating the bliss of minority status, blaming Obama–getting him out of their system, and not being sure she will ride to the rescue until she finally does, would do wonders in raising the level of excitement. To rush in after the election and cut off that period of grieving would be a disservice to her, to the country and the party. The only ones it would reward would be Obama and his fellow travelers. And they have no right to expect a reward from anyone for ruining the country. Fuck them.

  106. The other point, once again, obvious, is that if she does not announce until February, Obama’s failures and the suspense of whether she will announce, will be a topic of conversation when families get together for the year end holidays. If she announces prematurely the response will be to forget about Obama and say they are not excited about Hillary. People need to be excited so they are not swayed when the other side throws Benghazi at her, and tries to paint her as the successor to Obama. The theatrics here have got to work for her, and not for Obama.

  107. Hillary gets heckled;

    During an address to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics Sunday in San Diego, someone in the 3,000 person crowd began to goad her using a bullhorn.

    You know, there are some people who miss important developmental stages,” she said in response, according to San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB.

    Cat toys with rat.


    Victor Davis Hanson is a California farmer and a university professor of the classics. He would have us believe that Messiah Obama is not the saint he is cracked up to be by big media. He even suggests that Obama is a farce. . . . One of Cole Porters early musical ventures was entitled: Fifty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong. But we know from experience that Fifty two percent of the American Electorate Can Be and were obviously wrong–and it was 70% six years ago. None of this would have happened however if they had not been led to that erroneous conclusion by big media who knew exactly what they were doing. Their treason cannot be dismissed as infatuation. It was as conscious and deliberative as Candy Crowley’s helping of Obama in the second debate, their stacking of panels with Obama shills, their phony polls, their censorship of his faults and their rabid attacks on his opponents. This is not crass causualty. It was a matter of conscious design–lest we forget. And it goes to the larger question of whether we can trust them to tell us the truth, ever again. I know where I come down on that question.

    It was tragically comical that the commander in chief in just a few weeks could go from referring to ISIS AS “JAYVEE” and a manageable problem to declaring it an EXISTENTIAL THREAT, in the same manner he upgraded the Free Syrian Army from amateurs and a fantasy to our ground linchpin in the new air war.

    All that tragic comedy was a continuance of his previous UNTRUTHS, such as the assurance that existing health plans and doctors would not change under the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT or that there was “NOT A SMIDGEON OF CORRUPTION” at the IRS.

    But lately the OBAMA CONFUSION has descended into the territory not of tragedy or even tragic comedy, but of outright FARCE.

    Last week we learned from the Washington Post that an investigator looking into the Secret Service prostitution scandal was ORDERED by the INSPECTOR GENERAL(?) “to WITHHOLD AND ALTER certain information in the report of investigation because it was POLITICALLY EMBARRASSING to the administration.”

    The “embarrassing” information was the allegation that a member of the White House staff advance team had SOLICITED A PROSTITUTE while prepping Obama’s Colombia visit — a fact denied by then-White House Press Secretary Jay Carney in April 2012, when he assured the press that no one from the White House was involved in the scandal that brought down lots of Secret Service and military personnel.

    But here is where the farcical kicks in. The squelched investigation was focused on White House staffer Jonathan Dach. And who is Dach? He was at the time a young Yale law student and WHITE HOUSE STAFFER, and is now a State Department activist working on — what else? — “Global Women’s Issues.”

    And how did young Jonathan Dach at the ripe age of 25 years land such a prestigious job as a presidential advance man? His FATHER, Leslie Dach, was a LOBBYIST who GAVE OBAMA CAMPAIGN $23,900 and was later HIRED on to work with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. And, of course, Leslie Dach now has left his job lobbying for Wal-Mart. And where does he work now? For the Obama administration. Promoting what? PROMOTING OBAMACARE. (my note: pay to play bab-ee)

    Here is the essence of the Obama administration’s ABYSS BETWEEN WORD AND DEED: in the age of the WAR ON WOMEN and the end to lobbyists in government, the feminist young aide is alleged to have solicited a prostitute; the MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINSTRATION in memory covered that fact up during the reelection campaign; the president who promised to end the revolving door and BAN LOBBYISTS FROM GOVERNMENT hired not just a ONE PERCENTER lobbyist and donor, but his RANDY SON as well.

    Can it get much richer than that? Unfortunately, it can — literally.

    Recently, Barack Obama offered yet another FUNDRAISER to his small circle of BILLIONAIRES at the 20-acre gated estate of — again, this is no joke — Rich Richman. Some of Richy Rich’s bundled donors paid over $32,000 to see and touch Obama, who lectured the assembled Connecticut one percent of the one percent. And what did he LECTURED them on? Of course on “billionaires” and THEIR MEAN WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS.

    Not long ago President Obama flew into Fresno, Ground Zero of the CALIFORNIA DRAUGHT. Did he offer FEDERAL HELP for more dam, canal, and reservoir construction? HARDLY. Did he offer to help build coastal desalination plants? Nope.

    Instead, he gave a BRIEF LECTURE ON GLOBAL WARMING and offered $160 million in aid to ameliorate its effects, although almost all California climatologists associate the state’s unusual three-year drought with oceanic and atmospheric conditions unrelated to climate change, especially given the fact that the planet at large has not heated up in the last 18 years.

    After briefly stopping in Fresno for a few hours, where did Barack Obama go next to emphasize the global-warming roots of our drought, and the irrelevancy of building more storage space to mitigate the atypical absence of snow and rain?

    Naturally, he jetted in to see Jordan’s king at one of the most artificial environments in the world — verdant Rancho Mirage in the scorching Palm Springs area desert, an artificial landscape entirely irrigated through vast manmade water transfers via canals from the Colorado River. And why did Obama detour to such a landscape incongruous with the drought-stricken state?

    TO PLAY MORE GOLF, reminding us that while new reservoirs are not needed, and while burning carbon fuels is the culprit, golf courses in the middle of deserts are THE PERFECTLY NATURAL DESTINATION FOR CLIMATE CHANGE BELIEVERS WHO ARRIVE IN HUGE JETS AND PUTT AROUND IRRIGATED GREENS FOR A FEW HOURS. Rumors then flew that Obama so liked Rancho Mirage’s drought-proof, irrigated attractions that he pondered retiring at a gated estate there.


  109. The Texas nurse has a dog. The Spanish authorities executed Excalibur. Save our pets. Watch the clown show end in tragety

  110. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove
    Scott needs to come out of retirement and explain what has happened to his polling agency. Their figures are such an outlier, and so counter intuitive given Obama’s performance best described by Professor Hanson above, that one is forced to conclude that the Rassumussen poll, once holy grail of polling, has now become another Obama FARCE./

  111. MSNBC has seen its ratings hit one of the deepest skids in its history

    Oh no, the skids!!!!

    MSNBC just couldn’t stay afloat when all the Hillary supporters turned to other stations or got their news from other sources in 2008.

    Adios kooks and liars. Maybe Ofra will let you buy into her station…for a hefty price.

  112. holdthemaccountable
    October 13, 2014 at 8:31 am

    National Nurses Union rallies in Oakland after Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola

    Good to see the nurses in the Bay Area are stepping up!

    Thanks for posting this Hold’um

  113. Moon

    She’s only saying what we have been saying…..Clinton sources are saying look to Feb next year but the Obama lot are trying to drag her out and announce in Nov to put out the flames from the midterms…….Don’t fall for it Hillary.

    These folks are all assuming Hillary will run.

    If she says ‘No thanks!’…she doesn’t need to wait for anything.

    If she does run, but waits until after the Nov elections, that might be Hillary’s payback to the party that stabbed her in the back and to BarackO’BOLO’s unconstitutional run. It would also show that she doesn’t mind working across the isle.

  114. RINO Roberts (R-Ks) is such a stiff. And the voters of his state know it. So what is he doing to try to win this close race against an independent–the democrat having officially withdrawn and his tea party primary opponent having lost? He is doing the opposite of what Grimes is doing. He is trying to nationalize his election–saying don’t vote for me because I am me. Vote for me because that will help create a Republican majority in the senate. His opponent who was leading by a significant margin, was endorsed by the Tea Party candidate, and promised to vote with the majority. But then he screwed up and said he might switch to the democrats. A stupid thing for him to say at this point.

  115. What he should have said was I am an independent and refuse to be bullied, cajoled, seduced, hectored, pressured, enticed etc. by either political party. I will do what I believe is right for the state of Kansas and the American People. Nothing more and nothing less. If you want someone who will vote for what is best for Washington, and lives in Washington, then by all means vote for my opponent, Pat Roberts. He has a consistent track record of doing exactly that.

  116. If she does run, but waits until after the Nov elections, that might be Hillary’s payback to the party that stabbed her in the back and to BarackO’BOLO’s unconstitutional run. It would also show that she doesn’t mind working across the isle.
    No one is asking her to announce before the November election. What Obama wants is for her to announce immediately thereafter if it turns out to be a bloodbath for the party. That would take the sting out of it, and shift press coverage away from Obama and who is responsible for the loss of the senate. It is not in her interest to do that. February 15 is the right time to announce. 90 days is the right period of gestation. Normally, it would be longer but the occurrence of the holidays during that period will prolong the deliberations and self reflection the party needs to go through to wean themselves off Obama, and to be receptive to the olive branch which Republicans are likely to offer in their own attempt to prove to the country that they are capable of governing the country, advancing legislation that Reid has bottled up, and building bi partisan consensus. The other effect would be to further isolate Obama, and curtailing his excuse for executive orders, i.e. congressional deadlock.

  117. Breaking :

    Airport officials: plane travelling from Dubai being boarded at Boston airport by people in protective clothing after passengers became ill

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