American Horror Story Freakshow: Why Ebola Obama Won’t Quarantine

North America is not the source of Ebola. If not for those infected with Ebola from West Africa there would be no, ZERO, cases of Ebola in North America. And that is why there is no quarantine of West Africa.

No Ebola in North America therefore no imperative for the United States to waste money and waste resources in quixotic Obama projects to get himself loved around the world. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Barack Obama wants to transform the American military into nation-building community organizers. It’s part and parcel of the “managed decline” of America. It’s part of a larger purposeful destruction of the nation.

Barack Obama will send 3,000 American troops to West Africa to community organize and come into contact with Ebola. These will not be medical personnel. These will be military personnel engaged in nation building community organizing. Instead of the prime mission of the military, American troops will be utilized for tasks not in their portfolio.

As a bonus, Barack Obama and his freakshow Dimocrats will then attack the Pentagon budget as bloated. The Pentagon budget is indeed bloated. Some of the bloat comes from military misadventures. Some of the bloat comes from misguided “humanitarian” deployments of military personnel when others better suited to the task should get the job. These community organizing nation building deployments by the Pentagon will further weaken the overstretched American military and further waste funds.

What should be done? Quarantine West Africa and any country in Europe or elsewhere which has an eruption of Ebola. Then along with other countries provide medical and other help to the fight against the Ebola virus. It’s a humanitarian and intelligent response to a very real danger.

This is the sixth year of American Horror Story: Freakshow, starring Barack Obama.

The Obama freakshow carneys attack Americans who make the case for a quarantine of countries in West Africa and, if necessary, elsewhere that are hotbeds of Ebola. The Obama freakshow carneys haughtily mock the calls for a quarantine as a “panic” by unscientific lowlifes that are not as expert as they are. Other Obama freaks denounce the calls for quarantines as “racist”.

The fact is we lowly Americans are much wiser and have the common sense that these freaks from the Obama freakshow do not possess. Anyone who has attended a school in the United States can well remember fellow classmates of all colors and races quarantined.

In high school we can well remember giggles because someone was quarantined because they had “mono”. Mononucleosis, the “kissing disease” usually afflicted the cutest classmates and sometimes enhanced their stature because… um, well, because. Got mumps” Yeah, you get quarantined too. It has noting to do with racism nor class, nor gender. You have a disease that is contagious, you get quarantined. It’s common sense.

Why are so many Americans so enraged about Ebola? It’s when you know something should obviously be done and instead you get attacked by holier-than-thou freaks who then pretend they are the Cool Hand Lukes and you are the pearl-clutching Betty that the rage ensues. Americans were assured by Obama that Ebola was unlikely to invade America. Now we have seen the first Ebola patient in North America die. Now there is another potential Ebola victim.

Report: Man who may or may not have had contact with Dallas Ebola patient now exhibiting similar symptons:

If it’s confirmed that he knew Thomas Duncan, this would be the second case.

Where, you ask, did the authorities encounter this mystery man exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms? Why, at a local health clinic in Frisco, Texas. Unwitting patients and staffers who were inside the clinic with him are now being held and examined, all apparently because this guy didn’t think to call the CDC or the police from home and tell them what was going on.

It does not really matter to our argument whether or not this man has contracted Ebola. Look at how these “experts” who mock the “panic” and assure the American public they are the experts in charge and only mopes and dopes don’t trust them fully react in the most stupid of ways:

The patient, dressed in shorts and wearing a surgical mask and a plastic head covering, just walked out of the facility and into the ambulance, which had been covered in plastic. That patient will likely transported to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Thomas Eric Duncan was hospitalized.

We are working to determine if this person is among the 48 people the Centers for Disease Control is monitoring. So far there has been no comment from the CDC, which already had a 3 p.m. press conference scheduled.

There are also conflicting reports concerning the patient. Frisco officials earlier said he claimed to have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, but Care Now says he told them he’d been to Africa.”

He’s just walking around, hanging around, nothing to worry about folks. In Spain the “experts” are just as “expert” and careful:

According to Spanish press reports quoting the Spanish nurses’ union, Romero called Carlos III hospital several times between September 30 and October 2 when her fever finally hit the 38.6 threshold. Still, it took until October 6 when she had become so deathly ill she was begging for an Ebola test before anyone at the hospital where she worked reportedly reacted. Then, rather than immediately isolating her and rushing her to the special ward used to treat the previous Ebola patients, they told her to go to the nearby emergency room at Alcorcón, where press reports say she sat in the public waiting room for several hours absent of any protective gear.I think I have Ebola,” she reportedly told anyone who would listen. But no one took notice until her first test came back positive. By then, dripping with fevered sweat, she would have been inarguably contagious.

Trust the “experts”? On September 30, when this nurse called her doctor and told him/her that she had helped treat the recently dead Ebola patient, the doctor prescribed aspirin! For days she traveled to and fro, attended an event with tens of thousands in attendance and presumably sneezed and coughed whenever and wherever. We have great sympathy for this very experienced nurse and the many in West Africa suffering from Ebola either because they have the virus or are family or friends – but zero confidence in the “no quarantine” crowd. Maybe it’s time to quarantine travel from Spain too.

There are now confirmed reports from Texas that the new potential Ebola patient was in the dead Ebola patient’s apartment.

Feel reassured, this new potential Ebola patient was not one of those under surveillance for contact with Patient Zero Eric Dumcan. Experts!

We first used the epithet “Ebola Obama” in 2009. We’ve continued to mock Ebola Obama as the American Horror Story Freakshow. Now everyone agrees (via DrudgeReport):

Ebola Obama


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  1. Ebola Obama and his Ebola freakshow are ready for Hillary. Is Hillary ready to attack Ebola Obama?:

    Liberal grass roots gather to find a challenger for Hillary Clinton

    Liberal groups are building a grassroots army in Iowa and New Hampshire in hopes of stopping a Hillary Clinton coronation in 2016.

    While the progressive groups don’t have a candidate, they are hiring organizers and opening offices as if one will emerge.

    At a minimum, the groups hope their efforts will push Clinton to the left. And if the political winds blow just right, the activists hope Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will take the plunge — and turn their organizing work into the foundation for her candidacy. [snip]

    “[It’ll] send all politicians with 2016 ambitions a powerful message,” said DFA chairman Jim Dean.

    “This is a preview, in a way, for coming attractions in 2016,” added DFA spokesman Neil Sroka. [snip]

    Ready For Warren, a group that is trying to draft Warren to run for president, is planning to open field offices in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, three early-contest states crucial to the primary process, said Erica Sagrans, the group’s campaign manager.

    It comes as the group announced it is staffing up in those same states by hiring state coordinators, charged with building volunteer teams and handling local media requests.

    “They’ll be our point people on the ground,” Sagrans said. “There’s a huge desire out there for an alternative progressive candidate. Democrats want there to be a choice in the primaries.”

    Longer term, Sagrans said the group is looking to make inroads at universities. [snip]

    Other liberal groups are taking a similar path. DFA’s Sroka said DFA already has 10,000 volunteers in Iowa and 15,000 in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, the liberal Progressive Change Campaign Committee has been working for months in New Hampshire.

    They hosted a training session in November 2013 to make inroads for 2014 and 2016.

    “We will be organizing in Iowa and New Hampshire to ensure every presidential candidate is asked to take a stand on the economic issues that matter most to Americans, including taking on Wall Street, expanding Social Security benefits and passing Elizabeth Warren’s plan to reduce student loan debt,” said PCCC spokeswoman Laura Friedenbach.

    PCCC activists were one of the dominant forces behind Warren’s 2012 Senate victory over then-Sen. Scott Brown, logging 574,000 telephone calls for Warren. That infrastructure is in full swing now — with PCCC volunteers having already logged more than one million get-out-the vote calls for progressive candidates.

    “Part of the reason why we’re focusing on electing Warren-wing champions to the state house is that those voices have a powerful role in helping select who is the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party,” Sroka said.

  2. Ebola Obama:

    Fox News Polls: Senate battleground races trending GOP, Roberts up in Kansas

    New Fox News battleground polls show a Republican trend in the fight for the U.S. Senate.The GOP candidates — helped by anti-Barack Obama sentiment and strong support from male voters — lead in all five states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas and Kentucky.

    The races, however, are still far from settled. None of the Senate candidates has a lead outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. And none of the front-runners hit the important marker of 50 percent support from their electorate. [snip]

    Two Republican incumbents are fighting to keep their jobs in Kansas.The new Fox News poll finds both of them — Sen. Pat Roberts and Gov. Sam Brownback — have jumped ahead of their challengers. [snip]

    The Senate race clearly remains competitive, as 44 percent of likely voters in Kansas back Roberts, with 39 percent for independent Greg Orman and 3 percent for libertarian Randall Batson. Yet Orman was up by six points in a two-way matchup three weeks ago (48-42 percent). [snip]

    Likely voters in Alaska are unhappy with President Obama and don’t think much of his health care plan. That helps give Republican Dan Sullivan a 44-40 percent advantage over Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Begich [snip].

    Republican challenger Tom Cotton is up seven points over Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor among Arkansas likely voters (46 percent vs. 39 percent). Cotton’s lead is right at the poll’s margin of error (± 3.5 percentage points). [snip]

    It could help Cotton that 61 percent of undecided voters disapprove of Obama.

    Republicans in Colorado are much more enthusiastic than Democrats about the upcoming election, and that explains — at least in part — why the new poll shows Rep. Cory Gardner topping Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall by 43-37 percent. [snip]

    U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is narrowly ahead of Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes — 45-41 percent — among Kentucky likely voters.

  3. There may be some rational in sending in the troops. I was reading the chronologies on the outbreak and apparently there was a team formed to educate people about Ebola that was attacked, leaving 8 dead. And a treatment center was attack by a mob. There has been quite a bit of violence.

    It is a horror show. Although it is deadly to primates, other animals can be infected and carry it. That is why the dog came under scrutiny, as they may eat other dead animals, become infected, although asymptomatic, and pass it on to humans. Otherwise cooking would kill the virus.

    Now our dog eating POTUS has allowed it to come here.

    Duncan was in contact with an Ebola victim on September 15th and dead on October 8th. He knew he had been exposed and went to stay with the Mother of his son that he had never met in the 16 years the boy had been alive. He had other relatives in the US, but went to them. He is part of the freak show.

    So we will be sending American healthcare workers. I don’t suppose we have quarantine centers set up for their return.

  4. I think Warren may run and could get the nomination as she is a woman and allegedly anti-WallStreet . The democratic base, like Obama, cannot be trusted.

  5. In watching this afternoon’s new conference in which the CDC director answered press questions, his obsession (I can’t think of a better term) and attention was with circumstances in west Africa rather than in the US or with US citizens. I was appalled. It seemed as if every question, which all dealt with concerns of US citizens, he consistently veered off into what is, should, and will be done in west Africa. If he wants to be the head of the WHO or serve as a consultant in west Africa he should go do it and let someone who would put US citizens well being before some nebulous wishing about getting ahead of a pandemic that is already out of control. While assisting those nations suffering the horrible effects is very important, that is not his primary responsibility. He seems willing to just hand it over to the states and the US medical infrastructure to do as best they can irregardless of the cost in both human suffering and financial cost to the US. I clearly got the impression from him that the citizenry he is supposed to be protecting are the last on his list of what he is concerned with. This general feeling of being left on our own to blunder though extreme hazard by the government will turn to fury if it hasn’t already. Few things infuriate a paying customer more than knowing they come last and taxpayers, citizens, and voters are getting this impression because it is true.

  6. Great post Admin!!

    Yes, the experts are so worried about a panic, or covering the fact that they haven’t ‘wasted’ good money on Ebola research, and obviously, they don’t care about protecting the public with knowledge.

    So glad you captured the Ebola/Obama logo from Drudge…I have a feeling it may appear often on Big Pink. Wonder if they have bumperstickers of it yet?

    I have already had 5 cars hit my poor little car with Hillary bumperstickers since 2008…to stay alive, I will not support this excellent idea for the new design.

  7. AHS, someone let me know if there is a lot of blood and horror…I had nightmares when I watched the past episodes. Too bad, I think Katy Bates is a great actress and the others are too.

  8. While the progressive groups don’t have a candidate, they are hiring organizers and opening offices as if one will emerge

    I almost choked laughing at this.

    Huge gatherings, new office space……….and no freakin’ candidate.

    The Hope/Change nitwits, stupidity at it’s finest.

  9. I think Warren may run and could get the nomination

    The day this happens, I swear, I will register as a freakin’ REPUBLICAN!

  10. Almost One-Drop-Of-Blood winning the nomination, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…(choke)…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…(spit).. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……

  11. From post…

    Barack Obama will send 3,000 American troops to West Africa to community organize and come into contact with Ebola. These will not be medical personnel. These will be military personnel engaged in nation building community organizing. Instead of the prime mission of the military, American troops will be utilized for tasks not in their portfolio.

    And from a regular poster…

    October 8, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    There may be some rational in sending in the troops. I was reading the chronologies on the outbreak and apparently there was a team formed to educate people about Ebola that was attacked, leaving 8 dead. And a treatment center was attack by a mob. There has been quite a bit of violence.

    Brilliant post admin.

    Let us all take a moment to potentially look into the abyss before the storm comes and really take note of what is in front of us. Not only on the Ebola front, but also in light of ISIS, the world economy, the current unrest in the Ukraine (which has of recent, taken a surprising backseat to other world events), the tension in Israel, and the poor group of movies coming out in the new Redbox selection this week.

    Except for the Redbox debacle (Transformers rocks, but the rest are just blah), the common denominator is the stink at 1600 Penn. The American near left has woken up to the fact that incompetence should not be tolerated from their darling. Unfortunately, he is still the primary decision maker, and that has the potential to get WWII numbers of people killed. Right about now, I’m scared. Really and truly scared. This confluence of events coupled with a porous border can only result in a very bad outcome.

    Lu4Puma, you couldn’t be more right about sending troops in to help stem the tide of this outbreak. The key is sending the right troops at the right strength. You don’t send Navy divers to carry out desert operations. One of the reasons why USAMRIID is the platoon of choice is exactly what you read about. As a military unit, they are MORE than equipped to defend themselves while still being able to carry out their mission, and no group of military officers would dare be attacked by anyone. Ever. But as we see from the files of bumbles the great, he sent the wrong troops.

    ISIS is getting ready to massacre the people in Kobani. Biden and the MSM diddle as they talk about how not loyal Panetta, Petraeus, and that lady (I can’t think of her name) that always seemed to know what to do, for telling the public that they told fluffy the right thing to do instead of what he ended up doing.

    Two for one here. Ukraine lobbies NATO for help both militarily and economically. The news today puts the death toll at 331 POST cease fire. One of the effects of this, along with the unrest in the ME and the plight of the European economies, is a drag on the world’s economies. Today was the first day of positive movement in the stock market in about a week. The Asian markets have been taking a bath the last two months. Bumbles went to a fundraiser.

    And finally, our best ally in the ME wants to unfriend us. Surrounded by wolves, however you feel about Israel, they would perish without us. Bibi is at the White House to talk about grand ideas like the official recognition of the Jewish state, and his counterpart chastises him about settlements.

    With open borders to our south, Americans in Iraq fighting for the Islamic state and a deadly pathogen gathering steam in the lower 48, darkness is AHEAD of us, not behind. Can we make it to 2016?

    Hillary 2016

  12. Mormaer, the CDC director should stick to the fight against infectious disease in the United States. Frieden is overall a good guy but should stick to doing his job.

    We do think it might be appropriate for the State Department or one of its agencies to run a fight against Ebola in West Africa. There are plenty of aid organizations and aid workers the State Department can tap for such a task. If necessary the State Department could temporarily borrow people from CDC.

    It is entirely inappropriate for the American military to do the jobs of protecting treatment centers or medical professionals in West Africa. This is a job for the State Department and overseas aid agencies. How ironic is it that the American military is to be used to protect West African facilities when the American military was unable to protect the Benghazi facility, also in Africa?

    The self-defeating Ebola Obama somehow fails to realize that if one more American is infected or one more person takes a flight from West Africa to here with the Ebola virus public opinion will turn with a vengeance. In this case there will be a quarantine imposed by a congress forced to return to work to deal with this crisis. In addition, good will towards West Africans suffering horribly from this virus will turn too.

    Anyone that wants to help West Africa should understand that to help West Africa the United States must remain free and clear of the Ebola virus.

  13. Spot on. Admin, as a nurse I can tell you we are NOT prepared..and we front line staff are terrified. I not only work with West African nationals, whom all return home yearly, our patent population often is West African.
    We have had zero training and zero protective gear. Don’t think paper gowns, gloves and masks will be doing it.

  14. Shadowfax, AHS is one of the most politically incorrect shows ever. Freaks are everywhere. It’s like spending a night with the Obamas and Jarrett.

    By “freaks” the show means and highlights some people which the politically correct would term short people and the disabled. Some of the “freaks” are Hollywood cgi creations or the work of special effects artists. Kathy Bates with a beard and “uneducated” mangled English is a hoot. The two headed lady is difficult to look at. Evan Peters has gotten a bit chunky and plays lower working class. There is plenty to love. Very little blood and gore thus far.

    Jessica Lange captivated us with a sweet rendition of this David Bowie song:

    It’s Tod Browning revisited. Good accents by all. These actors are all having a ball.

  15. Speaking of Freaks:

    Watch Elizabeth Warren’s reaction when Bill Maher says she’ll make a terrific presidential candidate

    That Elizabeth Warren twinkle just won’t leave progressives’ eyes — or Warren’s. [snip]

    Bill Maher just kissed the ring (featured image). Watch Warren’s reaction when Maher says “You’re going to make a terrific presidential candidate and an even better President of the United States!”

  16. AHS is unique on TV…strange, takes a little patience while it pulls you in…very theatrical…visual…

    again we are in for amazing acting…Jessica a la Marlena D…costumes, sets, makeup, hair, lighting…great lighting…and that doesn’t mention the script…

    there is a bit of blood and horror…that’s all i will reveal…shadow, if you cover your eyes and/or turnaway when these sudden bloody ‘incidents’ occur you may be able to get immersed in the rest of it and the humor…I will be…

  17. Freaks. What this very long front page story tells us is that everyone is turning on Obama now, from the CIA, Panetta, even the Secret Service. From the Washington Post:

    Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal

    As nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military were punished or fired following a 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia, Obama administration officials repeatedly denied that anyone from the White House was involved.

    But new details drawn from government documents and interviews show that senior White House aides were given information at the time suggesting that a prostitute was an overnight guest in the hotel room of a presidential advance-team member — yet that information was never thoroughly investigated or publicly acknowledged. [snip]

    The Secret Service shared its findings twice in the weeks after the scandal with top White House officials, including then-White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler. Each time, she and other presidential aides conducted an interview with the advance-team member and concluded that he had done nothing wrong. [snip]

    The lead investigator later told Senate staffers that he felt pressure from his superiors in the office of Charles K. Edwards, who was then the acting inspector general, to withhold evidence — and that, in the heat of an election year, decisions were being made with political considerations in mind.

    “We were directed at the time . . . to delay the report of the investigation until after the 2012 election,” David Nieland, the lead investigator on the Colombia case for the DHS inspector general’s office, told Senate staffers, according to three people with knowledge of his statement.

    Nieland added that his superiors told him “to withhold and alter certain information in the report of investigation because it was potentially embarrassing to the administration.” [snip]

    Whether the White House volunteer, Jonathan Dach, was involved in wrongdoing in Cartagena, Colombia, remains unclear. Dach, then a 25-year-old Yale University law student, declined to be interviewed, but through his attorney he denied hiring a prostitute or bringing anyone to his hotel room. Dach has long made the same denials to White House officials.

    Dach this year started working full time in the Obama administration on a federal contract as a policy adviser in the Office on Global Women’s Issues at the State Department.

    Dach’s father, Leslie Dach, is a prominent Democratic donor who gave $23,900 to the party in 2008 to help elect Obama. In his previous job as a top lobbyist for Wal-Mart, he partnered with the White House on high-profile projects, including Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign. [snip]

    Within the inspector general’s office, investigators and their bosses fought heatedly with each other over whether to pursue White House team members’ possible involvement. Office staffers who raised questions about a White House role said they were put on administrative leave as a punishment for doing so. Later, Edwards, the acting inspector general, resigned amid allegations of misconduct stemming in part from the dispute.

    Also, the way the White House handled the scandal remains a sore point among rank-and-file members of the Secret Service more than two years later.

    Former and current Secret Service agents said they are angry at the White House’s public insistence that none of its team members were involved and its private decision to not fully investigate one of its own — while their colleagues had their careers ruined or hampered. [snip]

    Ruemmler, now a private-practice lawyer who is under White House consideration to replace the departing attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., did not respond to requests for comment. [snip]

    The Secret Service first provided evidence pointing to Dach’s potential involvement in the scandal less than a week later, on April 20. [snip]

    Also on April 20, a Friday, reporters asked press secretary Jay Carney whether White House staffers had been involved. He said his information was that the incident did not “involve anything but the agents and the military personnel.” [snip]

    Carney added that, “out of due diligence, the White House counsel’s office has conducted a review of the White House advance team and . . . came to the conclusion that there’s no indication that any member of the White House advance team engaged in any improper conduct or behavior.” [snip]

    The Post reviewed copies of the hotel logs for Dach’s stay, which showed that a woman was registered to Dach’s room at 12:02 a.m. April 4 and included an attached photocopy of a woman’s ID card. Through his attorney, Dach declined to discuss these details as well. [snip]

    IG investigators reviewed information that pointed to Dach. An agent said he saw Dach with a woman he believed was a prostitute, and another had information after reviewing records that showed he had registered a woman into his room. [snip]

    His team also collected research showing that the name of the woman in the Hilton records registered to Dach’s room matched that of a woman advertising herself on the Internet as a prostitute. The woman had posted photos of herself in undergarments in front of “Summit of the Americas” signs in Cartagena at the time of the trip, according to federal records and people familiar with the probe. [snip]

    Nieland later told Senate staffers that his superiors demanded that he remove from an official report references to the evidence pointing to the White House team member.

    Nieland said the instructions came less than 24 hours after his superiors said Edwards had briefed then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the potential involvement of the White House team member, according to documents reviewed by The Post. [snip]

    Nieland and two other members of the office fought or questioned alterations to the report. All three were later put on administrative leave for what they believed was their questioning of the changes. [snip]

    The Senate report noted conflicting accounts of Nieland’s role in the Secret Service investigation. Nieland’s superiors said Nieland told them he did not suspect a “cover-up” in their alterations. But Nieland later said to Senate investigators that he told his bosses that they were “sitting on information that could influence an election.”

    It’s dog eat dog time.

  18. S
    I did see the humor but had to fast forward though most of it until I was too freaked out.

    My imagination can’t deal with it. 😉

  19. …everyone is turning on Obama now

    About time and the stories won’t be as big of a surprise to us as the rest of the country.


  20. I know you will not agree with me, but I believe that all this strum and drang about finding a progressive candidate is nonsense. Even if Obama ran again, I doubt he would get the nomination. Most of those who supported him are now fighting to maintain their own credibility and running out of excuses. This progressive movement was more of a cult than anything, and as he goes so do they. And Obama himself is now on front street. His failure to protect this nation will result in a second version of 911 or an epidemic or an economic collapse–anything that happens will stick to him now like stink on shit. He is well on his way to becoming one of the most despised and loathed figures in American history. And he is certain to make it worse in the remainder of his presidency because he cannot help himself. Maher is dead meat too, like Arthur Godfrey and others of his ilk, once his dialogue and view point goes stale. The same with John Stewart. Their end is fast approaching—like Virgil’s death angel: live, I am coming.

  21. Hitler described Stalin as a mere clerk who lacked the force of personality or the ability to capture the imagination of people. He was right about that. In some ways, he was like J Edgar Hoover, with a dossier on everyone. His nickname was Comrade Card Index. Obama’s right hand man Axelrod, Soros via Blue Diamond and the head of Google–Erich Schmidt have combined to collect a similar body of research on all political figures, and are building one on every American, as I noted with links previously on this blog. Pelosi and others have also alluded to this. But try as they might, they will never replicate the body of information and incriminating data collected by our CIA. I am confident that they have the goods on Obama, Schmidt and Soros, et. al. I am equally confident that inasmuch as Obama has thrown them under when he ascribed his own failure to recognize the severity of the ISIS threat that they will leak out damaging information about him steadily in a drip drip drip fashion over the next two years. Since big media cannot be trusted with this information, most of it will end up on FOX.

  22. Wbb, always so insightful.

    I use to love Jon Stewart. ..I use to be young also

    I hope I’ve matured in wisdom as I have in years…doesn’t always work that way.

    Still Too EMOTIONAL At times, But better

    Unlike Sinatra, I have more than made a few mistakes

  23. Admin said

    It has noting to do with racism nor class, nor gender. You have a disease that is contagious, you get quarantined. It’s common sense.


    So true but it seems that common Sense is sorely missing in today’s leaders. 😡

  24. [Some Hawaiians are looking to the future 🙂 ]
    An initiative to rename a popular Hawaii beach for President Obama has faced criticism and was dropped following a public outcry over “historic and cultural sensitivity” and the fact that the high-profile but rare visitor has “done nothing” for the venue. After hearing from the public, Honolulu council members have dropped their plans to rename a beach, popular with both President Barack Obama and the public, as a tribute to the first Hawaii-born president. The proposal was introduced last week and would have allocated $500,000 to pay for renovation and beautification to accompany renaming Sandy Beach Park to President Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park. snip

  25. Shadowfax
    October 8, 2014 at 10:08 pm
    Almost One-Drop-Of-Blood winning the nomination, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…(choke)…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…(spit).. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……


    I know, right? Cracked me up, too.

    Wbb, your argument totally makes sense. How in the hell could Warren or any progressive candidate get elected to any national position considering the current state of affairs in this country? As admin has repeatedly noted, those running for office are finding it necessary to move away from O as if he were the virus, itself.

    I swear, having Obama in charge during the multiple potential crises facing this country is damn scary as hell. Of course, we probably wouldn’t be faced with these potential threats had O not been in charge to begin with.

    I heard on the radio a report from that doctor (the one often on FOX – Dr. Manny?) who has been outspoken about the serious nature of the Ebola threat. His beliefs about the threat Ebola poses will scare the hell out of you. Apparently, he has incurred the wrath of O and his faithful in a big way.

  26. News flash!!
    Update on Miss Humpty Dumpty.
    Had a nice Shower. then Breakfast in the Dinning room.
    Wait!!! there is more,
    Then we walked and got on the exercise bike for 20 min. WOOT!!!… 😀

  27. Shadow, it is definitely creepy…just has me wondering what the heck is coming next from scene to scene and now for the next few weeks…do not like that clown…

  28. My impression is that Warren is more of a symbol than a candidate.

    First of all, there is nothing in her resume to indicate she is capable of running the country in an executive capacity.

    Second, her opposition to Wall Street is mainly rhetorical posturing, with no concrete action to back it up.

    Third, like Obama she is an affirmative action candidate, and a professor, and a bullshit artist.

    It is a hard fact that the left has taken control of the democratic party, and the adverse results speak for themselves.

    Their political operatives, rather than competent officers, now control the government response to complex problems.

    Missing in the entire equation is a categorical imperative to protect the country.

    The left are terrorists of a different kind.

    Like the terrorists in the middle east, they are less concerned with the world that is and more concerned with the world they are determined to bring about–which is 100% the world of Orwell.

    Perhaps that is why they have been reluctant–loathe to condemn the terrorist and to make moral distinctions based on real actions and real threats.

    This state of affairs leaves the left with a problem.

    With the demise of their champion, their hour in sun is fast fading.

    Like the Nazis they are, they will endeavor to maintain their fighting spirit even in defeat.

    To keep their ugly brand of hope alive, they must have a new champion drawn from the ranks of the so called oppressed.

    And that is where Lizzie Borden Warren comes in.

    To a wider audience, she inspires no confidence.

    Her lack of candor concerning her own claim to affirmative action status is a matter of record.

    But to them she is manna from heaven.

    Not a leader. A virtual leader.

    Someone they can construct a campaign message, media support, and boots on the ground strategy around.

    But the nucleus of this strategy is still Warren.

    If she got any traction, Wall Street would crush her faster than they crushed Howard Dean–through big media.

    At the end of the day, the left is desperate.

    In order to maintain control of the party, they must have a candidate, and all they have now is a pressure group.

    How ya gonna keep them down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paree? Or Washington.

    If they cannot succeed with a candidate, they can take the position of a government in exile.

    In politics, you tend to put together coalitions to win.

    But any affiliation by Hillary with these people keeps this small pox virus alive.

    And it will be exploited to hell and back by the other party.

    Simply put, there needs to be a clean sweep of these people from positions of power.

    And for those who hide in the nooks and crannies, we need a pest exterminator to root them out.

    This will be a major house cleaning project.

    Big media will not allow it, you say.

    Well, I think Hillary and whoever her Republican opponent turns out to be need to find ways to limit their power.

    Not in terms of government action, but in terms of access and influence.

  29. The American People need to understand something very fundamental about big media as it exists today:

    It does not inform.

    It misleads.

  30. Good article about the Centrist Dims, Foxy.

    It’s not surprising that Nano gets the cold shoulder from the centrists. First of all, she deserves it. Secondly, some probably feel it’s less risky for them to go after N P, than Barack.

  31. You could almost say that the electorate is a brand buyer. Not someone who studies the credentials and prior record of the candidate. First there was brand Bush–someone you want to have a beer with. Second, there was brand Obama–the hip, trendy, post racial smart as the dickens law professor. Experience has shown that both of those brands were a myth and both of these shills contributed mightily to the demise of this nation and the de stabilization of the world, albeit in different ways. The new brand offered up by the denizons who decide such things is that 2016 will be–must be the year of the woman. Well, I am not sure that cuts it for the majority, but clearly there is something to it, for people who decide such issues in a single dimension. But if 2016 is to be the year of the woman, just as 2008 was supposedly the year of the black man, let us at least be certain that it is a competent woman, and that leaves only one choice–and it sure as hell ain’t Warren.

  32. At times like this, when the nation is desperate, I wonder whether the campaign strategy of the left will work. I mean the Dean Plan which sought to identify the 1 out of 10 people who influence the 9 others, wire those individuals into the campaign through social media, etc. will be viable. One of the reasons it worked was because it offered a way out of the mess we were in, and it did not have to be very specific. The left wants to continue the Obama revolution at a time of growing revulsion for him personally and everything he stands for. A renewal of that message, even through the channels of social media, is likely to provoke a been there done that with those influencers, some of whom have suffered their own loss of credibility within their peer group and are running out of excuses. For the hard left partisans, it is an article of faith to keep pounding heads against the same wall, but the country which was fixated on utopia before, is highly unlikely to listen to them this time around. When the nation is beset with problems, the question becomes not who gives you that Matthews tingle down the leg, but most earnestly which candidate is best prepared in terms of experience and a proven track record of success to solve them. Not Lizzie Borden Warren.

  33. gonzotx

    …as a nurse I can tell you we are NOT prepared

    Stay safe and buy your own safety gear or raise Hell until they buy it for you.

  34. Breaking Now…

    Ebola crisis: Official says British man suspected of contracting Ebola has died in Macedonia

    This thing is spreading.

  35. holdthemaccountable

    [Some Hawaiians are looking to the future 🙂 ]
    An initiative to rename a popular Hawaii beach for President Obama has faced criticism and was dropped following a public outcry over “historic and cultural sensitivity”

    I lived in Hawaii for years and they have named an area for him, pre-pResident. It’s called ‘Toilet Bowl’.

    It’s actually a beautiful place with rocky cliffs where the waves run under the rocks and are forced up into the air.

    Another place near by, just as spectacular is named for him, ‘Blow Hole’.

    He doesn’t need any more namesakes. 😉

  36. Obama is betraying the Kurds. Period.

    As these lines are being written, some 400,000 Kurds in and around the town of Kobane in northern Syria, on the Turkish border, are being besieged and assaulted by massed legions of Islamic State killers armed with scores of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and heavy artillery. Against these, the Kurdish defenders have only AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades. The Kurds have called on the U.S. to send in air strikes to take out the jihadist forces. In response, the administration sent in two fighter jets Saturday, which destroyed two Islamic State tanks and then flew away. The Kurds are begging for arms. The administration has not only refused to send arms, but is exerting pressure both on our NATO allies and on Israel not to send any either. Over 150,000 Kurds have fled their homes to try to escape to Turkey, but they are being blocked at the border by Turkish troops. Meanwhile, Turkey is allowing Islamist reinforcements to enter Syria to join the Islamic State, while Islamist elements of the Free Syrian Army, funded and armed by the United States, have joined forces with the group in the genocidal assault on the Kurdish enclave.

    And there’s the Independent, which is a left of center publication who write “Kurds vented their fury at the Turkish government for standing by as Isis fighters looked poised to take the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani in view of the Turkish border and the watching Turkish army … The capture of Kobani by Isis may be a turning point in the present crisis in Iraq and Syria because it marks the failure of the US plan to contain Isis using air power alone. President Obama promised less than a month ago ‘to degrade and destroy’ the fundamentalists with air power, but Isis is still expanding and winning.”

    Ok, they’ve been sold out. The question is: in exchange for what? This goes to the very heart of any cynical (and I know dear readers that you have no objection to cynicism per se) appraisal of betrayal. Who’s is the shafter and who are the shaftees? Are the Kurds being betrayed for some possibly greater good, which Obama will doubtlessly identify by and by, or is Washington just the flunkey for the men in the flowing robes?

    Perhaps the answer is provided by the New York Times. Joe Biden said in response to a question at the Kennedy School that America has to proceed warily against ISIS, lest it tread on Turkey’s toe. Or on the sandaled feet of the Saudis.

    WASHINGTON — Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has one more stop on what has become a Middle East apology tour in the wake of his impolitic answer to a Harvard student’s question: Saudi Arabia.

    After apologizing to officials from Turkey and the United Arab Emirates over the weekend, Mr. Biden is trying to connect with Saudi leaders, a senior official said, to clarify that he did not mean to suggest that Saudi Arabia backed Al Qaeda or other extremist groups in Syria.

    The vice president’s troubles began Thursday when he declared, in a question-and-answer session at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, that the biggest problem the United States faced in dealing with Syria and the rise of the Islamic State was America’s allies in the region.

    Turkey, Mr. Biden said, has admitted allowing foreign fighters to cross into Syria, while Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia funneled weapons and other aid to Syrian rebels that ended up in the hands of the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda and other extremist groups.

    And that sensitivity, more than the fearsome air defenses of ISIS, is probably what is keeping US airpower at bay. The president is committed to jaw-jaw. And since he must jaw-jaw with the Turks, Iran, the UAE, and the Saudis, that means the Kurds must die-die. It looks an awful lot like the administration is doing the bidding of its allies and not the other way around. Maybe that’s what “leading from behind” really amounts to. Perhaps the administration has been promised that if they go along with Turkey, Anakara will clamp down on ISIS — someday soon. Just you wait and see.

    But the cynical question remains: would you buy a used car from this administration, maybe the same one they bought from Turkey? Would you trust your life to them? Because ultimately you are, just as the Kurds did. But a lot of LIVs will reason that they can trust Obama because it’s them and he is their beloved … so this time it will be different. They won’t be shafted. No they won’t.

    I walk along the street of sorrow
    The boulevard of broken dreams
    Where Gigolo and Gigolette
    Can take a kiss without regret
    And so forget their broken dreams.

  37. The goal was to goad Republicans into stupid overreactions. Once Republicans went crazy the Dims would pounce and win. But Republicans mostly stayed cool and knew the actions remained mostly meaningless and meant to rile them. Obama fail:

    President Obama’s executive action plan falls short

    President Barack Obama vowed to make 2014 the “Year of Action,” but the reality is that the action is often limited and the full impact won’t be felt for years — if at all.

    A POLITICO analysis of the more than 60 executive actions announced since January found that not even the president’s vaunted “pen and phone” can deliver quick or sweeping results. Many of the major initiatives launched as part of the policy and messaging offensive will take years to implement and touch only a fraction of Americans.

    A higher minimum wage and anti-discrimination protections for gay workers won’t reach all federal contractors until at least 2019. That new retirement savings plan unveiled at the State of the Union? Not ready yet. A new program to ease student loan debt is still more than a year away. And a slate of ambitious pro-labor workplace reforms won’t phase in until just before the next administration takes over.

    The White House turned to executive actions for policy, political and psychological reasons. Frustrated by a gridlocked Congress, Obama wanted to show that Republicans haven’t rendered him irrelevant. And if he did it right, voters just might reward Democrats in November for cutting through the dysfunction and the bureaucracy.

    That was the hope, at least.

    Overshadowed by foreign crises, the announcements rarely break through in a significant way, minimizing Obama’s ability to leverage the bite-size initiatives, often targeted at key Democratic constituencies, for broader political benefit. [snip]

    The executive actions may not even stay around for long. If the Senate flips to Republican control in November, Obama will face a majority determined to roll back his aggressive efforts to halt climate change. If Republicans win the White House in 2016, some of the more controversial actions on labor and energy would be ripe targets for dismantling. [snip]

    But the president suggested that his “pen and phone” could be a worthy stand-in, allowing him to dash off executive orders and call in leaders from academia, business and nonprofits “to make this a year of action.”

    “He is working with what he’s got, which is a pretty bad hand,” said Paul C. Light, an expert on the federal bureaucracy and a New York University professor. “If you say it is the ‘year of action,’ it is really better to say it’s the ‘year of the best-we-can-do action.’” [snip]

    Other announcements haven’t always live up to the hype.[snip]

    Two other education proposals framed as “Year of Action” initiatives are actually do-overs. [snip]


    A majority of Americans support banning all flights to the United States from countries experiencing an Ebola outbreak, an exclusive NBC News online survey reveals.

    The survey, which was conducted by SurveyMonkey and then weighted for age, race, sex, education and region to match U.S. Census data, found that 58 percent of Americans want a ban on incoming flights from West African countries hardest hit by the virus, such as Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Twenty percent of respondents opposed a travel ban, and the rest said they didn’t know. The survey was conducted a day before the first person diagnosed with Ebola inside the U.S. died Wednesday. [snip]

    By an almost 2-1 margin, those surveyed disapproved of sending U.S. troops overseas to help contain the outbreak.

  39. Let me be perfectly clear on one thing:

    What concerns me is not the ability of the radical left to field a credible candidate to win the primary.

    However, they could push an empty suit like Warren for an entirely different calculus of reasons:

    First, pushing Warren would appeal to their base, galvanize support for their extremist positions, and keep them viable.

    Second, they could use that leverage to demand appointments in the Clinton Administration.

    Third, they could use that leverage to conspire with Republicans like Rove to defeat Hillary in the general election, and thereby maintain control of the party.

    To me, that is the primary exposure that Hillary will need to anticipate and deal with–Warren not so much as the candidate, but Warren as the tool, the mascot, and the means to completing their perverse mission to destroy the fabric and the stature of this nation.

    Simply put, the hatred of America by the left is a matter of record. One thing you can say for them: throughout the ages they are a model of consistency.

  40. By an almost 2-1 margin, those surveyed disapproved of sending U.S. troops overseas to help contain the outbreak.
    What are we doing?

    Send them over there, have them contract the disease, come home and spread it, quarantine them and let them die.

    I am not sanguine about the ability of Barack Obama to care for our soldiers on those conditions.

    The deplorable treatment he has given to our wounded warriors is a permanent stain on his legacy.

    It is one thing to send the military into Haiti for disaster relief.

    It is quite another to send them into the jaws of a pandemic.

  41. I’m against sending any of our people to ‘help out’ in areas hit by Ebola.

    Send care packages, money and fund people that are there, to help out.

    It comes down to closing the borders to people that have come in contact with the disease, period.

    Before Ebolobama sends one American overseas for this type of mission, HE needs to go there and see if the situation is safe…then be quarantined if he comes back to the US.

    Put your money where your mouth is, Ebolobama!!!

  42. Foxyladi14, the DOW was down a few days ago due to fears of a global economic contagion. Then the FED once again stepped in and declared more free money and low interest rates and the market zoomed up an equal amount. Today the markets realize that the FED can’t save them forever and the markets zoomed down well over 300 points and will probably close well over 200 closer to 300 down.

    Shadowfax, you get today’s prize for best idea: send Ebola Obama to Ebola West Africa. He can stay there and demonstrate what a bold world beloved leader he truly is.

  43. Obama hurts seniors with his “energy proposals”:

    In the United States there are 27 million households aged 65 or older. […] The majority of our nation’s seniors are living on fixed incomes. For many of them, their primary source of income is social security. For those living on fixed incomes, seniors and non-seniors alike, any increase in household costs is hard to absorb, and electricity represent 61 percent of total residential bills for seniors…

    Energy, like food and housing, is an indispensable necessity of life. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electricity prices have jumped more than 6 percent in the Mid-Atlantic States last year alone. Yet, instead of alleviating the heavy financial burden of energy prices for seniors, President Obama is exacerbating the problem. He is proposing to reduce our nation’s carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030, and the impact would be devastating for our nation’s seniors.

  44. Before Ebolobama sends one American overseas for this type of mission, HE needs to go there and see if the situation is safe…then be quarantined if he comes back to the US.


    And take a boat load of his defenders with him – especially those who are so smugly certain that the rest of us are overreacting about the serious threat this virus poses to the health and wellbeing of Americans.

  45. Keep on voting based on skin color African-Americans:

    The Pacific Research Institute reports that annual electricity spending for an African-American household in Ohio will rise from 4.5 percent of their income to 5.8 percent of their income due to the EPA’s plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants — an increase of $408 annually in energy costs.

    Households in lower-income African-American neighborhoods would be hardest hit with the cost of electricity equaling 26 percent of household income, or even higher,’ reads the soon-to-be-released PRI study. ‘This is really pushing the bounds of energy poverty,’ lead author Dr. Wayne Winegarden told TheDCNF. ‘The impact on middle class families and poor shouldn’t be ignored.

  46. admin

    October 8, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Ebola Obama and his Ebola freakshow are ready for Hillary. Is Hillary ready to attack Ebola Obama?:

    Does DFA stand for “Democracy For America”, or “Dreamers Floating Around”?

    I can imagine the types, missing the good old days when they could kick the president:

    “Bush sucks”, “He’s incompetent”, “Totally corrupt administration”, “I can’t believe they killed two people using a drone”.

    Now with their beloved golden calf, it’s hard to crank up the volume.

    “Gee, Obama the Candidate was fun to root for, but as the guy behind the desk, I dunno…”

    “I’d point out that he’s worse than Bush on deportations and drone kills, but that would make my support for him in 2008 and 2012 look kinda stupid.”

    So, what to do now for these folks?

    “Hey, Obama can’t be on the ballot any more, but we gotta find SOMEONE who could take down Hillary, she’s practically a Republican”.

    “If not Warren, who?”

    “Hey, what about Michelle?”

  47. “Salman Rushdie condemns ‘hate-filled rhetoric’ of Islamic fanaticism”

    “Accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ are being levelled at anyone who dares to speak out against the “hate-filled rhetoric” of Islamic fanaticism, Salman Rushdie has claimed in a speech condemning Isil and “this new age of religious mayhem”.

    Rushdie voiced his fears that the language of “jihadi-cool” is seducing young British Muslims, many via Twitter and YouTube, into joining the “decapitating barbarianism” of Isil, the group also referred to as Islamic State or Isis.”


  48. If Obama does not impose a quarantine and a plague ensue on these shores then he will be guilty of DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE to the loss of American lives.

  49. To constitute depraved indifference, the defendant’s conduct must be ‘so wanton, so deficient in a moral sense of concern, so lacking in regard for the life or lives of others, and so blameworthy as to warrant the same criminal liability as that which the law imposes upon a person who intentionally causes a crime. Depraved indifference focuses on the risk created by the defendant’s conduct, not the injuries actually resulting.

    In one case, People v Register, 60 NY2d 273, 469 NYS2d 599 (1983),while exploring the meaning of “depraved indifference recklessness” the Court of Appeals ruled that intoxication is not a defense or excuse to “depraved mind murder,” although it may be to intentional murder. Its analysis started with distinguishing reckless manslaughter from the “depraved indifference recklessness” necessary for murder:

    “to bring defendant’s conduct within the murder statute, the People were required to establish also that defendant’s act was imminently dangerous and presented a very high risk of death to others and that it was committed under circumstances which evidenced a wanton indifference to human life or a depravity of mind. . . . . The crime differs from intentional murder in that it results not from a specific, conscious intent to cause death, but from an indifference to or disregard of the risks attending defendant’s conduct.” 60 NY2d at 274.

  50. Ebola Obama = OBOLA

    They could fit in two Hope/Change logos into that word.

    I can almost hear the theme song….

    “Ooh…bola, howya gonna heal the world?

    Ooh…bola, tell us what to do now, who to vote for,

    we are so lost without your ‘a shucks’ smile.

    Can we kiss your ring?

    Can we wipe your ass?

    Ooh…bola, we heart you ferevah and evah.”

    [All the children from the planet join in with the chorus]

  51. talk about America Horror Story…

    I heard this on TV and said to myself ‘oh come one, this is a joke’…well…no it is not a joke…

    so now the insane politically correct crowd want to confuse kids that think they are a boy or a girl to think they are a purple penguin…god help us if this is where public education is going with these freaking adult ‘leaders’

    take a look at this:

    School Told to Call Kids ‘Purple Penguins’ Because ‘Boys and Girls’ Is Not Inclusive to Transgender


    they are going to screw these poor kids up…leave them alone

  52. The Dow is not looking so good these days. It is necessary for it to continue to rise for Obamanomics to work. Ponzi schemes work that way, you know. Is someone creating a pre-election scare or is the whole thing just going to crap?

    Too big to fail is now much bigger and failing?

  53. Lu4PUMA

    I wonder at what point a person becomes ‘test positive’ from Ebola? Can someone be tested and come out negative, then gets a fever and comes out positive?

    @B@LA! @ = Hope and Change logo 😉

  54. “Can someone be tested and come out negative, then gets a fever and comes out positive?”
    I don’t think that the rate of “false negative test” is known but the Ebola PCR test may be negative if the patient is having mild symptoms and then become positive as the disease progresses. Dr. Brantley’s first test was negative but then became positive two days later as he became sicker. Unfortunately, getting an answer is difficult as it seems most “information” is based on supporting an agenda, rather than attempting to factually answering a question.

  55. Global women and an odd story:

    by Andrea Villena | October 9, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    The Washington Post has just published a lengthy report regarding allegations that the White House covered up a volunteer’s role in the 2010 Colombia prostitution scandal. The Post has identified that volunteer as Jonathan Dach, a recent graduate of Yale Law School and Yale College. Dach allegedly brought a prostitute back to his room in Cartagena, and though the White House denied that any of their team members were involved in the scandal two years ago, hotel records examined by the Post reveal that Dach did sign in a female overnight guest (prostitution is legal in certain parts of Colombia‪; the hotel requires ID to make sure they are not underage).

    This came as no surprise to me because this entire story had been told in an anonymous comment on a Yale Rumpus article over a year ago. Full disclosure: I have been on the Rumpus staff since my freshman year and served as its Editor-in-Chief during the 2013-2014 school year. During the transitionary period at the end of the Spring 2013 semester, I was fucking around on the website’s WordPress account, looking through old posts and comments, and discovered the following.

    Posted by “Sarah“ from a Hushmail account on May 5th, 2013 on the 2012 Secret Society Issue, the annual roster release of Yale’s secret societies:

    Found 100 copies of this poem at a printnow…Who/what is this?

    Little Jonny Dach
    With his little Jonny cock
    Has a secret he wants no one to know…

    He once took a trip
    Attached to Obama’s hip
    Off to Colombia he did go…

    The plane barely touched down
    when out on the town
    Little Jonny decided to play…
    A young Colombian girlie
    Had his tongue wagging thoroughly
    He dug into his pocket and paid…

    Off to the room
    With no sign of doom
    Little Jonny, well, he lasted seconds…
    With a giggle she left,
    And he, feeling bereft,
    Washed his crotch since his day it still beckoned..

    Then a media bomb
    And it didn’t take long
    for the White House to turn out a tale…
    “An error!” they claimed
    “A number glitch!” they did blame
    There is no one but agents to assail!

    Once again Daddy’s power
    Saved little Jonny in a dark hour
    But the Service will soon grab your ear…

    You see, Skull and Bones, Book and ‘Snakes’,
    You children play at the game of intell.
    There is a lesson you will learn
    When true heroes are burned
    Their enemies are marched into hell…

    So listen up Yale and Harvard and such
    Your shit it doth stinketh the same
    When the day is long over
    And Daddy Leslie is covered in clover
    They will wish they never played this game.


    I hadn’t thought about it until January of this year, when Dach reached out to Rumpus to ask that the comment be removed. He had been forwarded to me by the prior Editor-in-Chief (Christina, in this thread). An excerpt of the email exchange is below: [snip]

    It should be noted that in his original message to the prior EIC, he never denounces the poem as false—he calls it “strange and vituperative,“ but not false. I did feel bad for him, as the comment showed up as the second search result on “Jonny Dach.“ But I didn’t delete entirely‪; I hid it from view and the comment remained on the back end of the website, as part of the WordPress comment tracker.

    The poem isn’t particularly impressive in its rhyme scheme but it does get eerie around the seventh stanza (I checked the Rumpus archives, and the 2008 society issue lists Dach as a member of Book and Snake). It’s a weird call to arms against privileged assholes, perhaps written by a surly Secret Service agent who’s mad this kid got away with it (if you are the author or know who it is, please email It’s unclear whom those 100 copies were meant for or where they ended up but perhaps this post will give that author the recognition they were so desperately craving. Ultimately, I believe the blame lies with the White House for covering it up, not Dach—go ahead and hire a prostitute if it’s legal. It’s dumb but, as a non-essential team member, not the biggest threat to national security.

    Dach now works as a full-time policy adviser in the Office on Global Women’s Issues for the U.S. State Department.

  56. Dach now works as a full-time policy adviser in the Office on Global Women’s Issues for the U.S. State Department.
    Naturally. . . .

    “If you want to know what the law is, don’t ask a judge, ask a thief”.—Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

  57. SHV
    October 9, 2014 at 8:01 pm
    If that is the case, then airport screening of people coming from those African countries cannot be relied up to protect this nation and the only alternative I can see is not allowing flights which originate in those countries to come here.

  58. SHV

    Thanks for the reply. I agree with you Wbb, that was my concern.

    Some of the things I read about the origin of Ebola with animals made me think some species can carry the virus and their body has enough antibodies to fight it, therefore making me wonder if at some point the virus wins the battle enough to become lethal to the host or passed on to ‘others’.

    Some dogs, etc – they said have antibodies that fight it.

    Also makes me think of HIV+ at some point becomes AIDs and the AIDs drugs keep it from killing off too many, is it ‘T’ cells?

    I am just guessing at this…btw. I have no medical background.


    40 painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for President Obama

    Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), who is trying to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) this fall, appeared before the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board on Thursday to make her pitch for their endorsement. The life-long Democrat, whose father represented Kentucky for the party in the state House and who herself has been on the ballot in the state on the Democratic ticket, was asked a simple question. Did she vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012?

    And she didn’t answer. Repeatedly.

    In an interesting nod to the times, the interview was streamed live, meaning that it took no time at all for Republicans to clip the non-answer and put it online.

    Obama is far more unpopular in Kentucky than he is in the rest of the country. Polling last month had his approval rating in the state at about 30 percent, the sort of numbers that wouldn’t earn him a victory in the state if he were to run again, not that he won it in 2008 or 2012.

    Grimes tries to pivot off of the board’s question (for some reason!) by linking herself to Hillary Clinton. There’s not a lot of good data on Clinton’s approval in Kentucky, but at least the state voted for her husband twice. If you have to be a type of Democrat in Kentucky, be a “Clinton Democrat” as Grimes puts it. Fine.

    But there was no reason to do this. Grimes is fairly new on the national scene, but she’s not new enough not to know how to answer this fairly simply. “Yes, I voted for him,” you say, “but I’ve been disappointed by a lot of the things he’s done, particularly on COAL and JOBS and GUNS” or whatever. It’s simple. And then you can say, “but I backed Hillary in the primary” and so on and so on. 2008 was a landmark year, a wave for Democrats, when Obama’s approval was sky-high. Of course she voted for him! Dodging the question looks like she’s trying to hide her position, which is never the face you want to show — particularly when conservatives are accusing her of hiding her positions on other things.

    This isn’t the sorts of incident that makes or breaks a candidate. It’s one of the little ruts on the long road they’ll be traveling for the next 26 days. But it’s a mistake, and in a race in which Grimes needs everything to go her way, this little bit of bad driving is the sort of thing she should both know to avoid and know how to avoid.

  60. ***********************like winning the Lottery********************************************

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    Then he can make it happen!

    Am I lucky or what?


    Hillary Clinton Finds Her Message

    Working families are the focus at a rally for Tom Wolf in Philadelphia — her first big political speech since last year. “It is past time for a fresh start.”


    love this subtle dig……

    “We have spent years now clawing our way back out of the hole that was dug in 2008,” Clinton said, “but we have a lot more to do if we want to release our full potential and make sure what American families finally feel the rewards of recovery.”

  62. Anyone else thinking Obama is looking at the polling numbers for the Dems and the “October surprise” is going to be the “November surprise”….he is going to grant illegals amnesty right before the elections to get out the Hispanic vote?

  63. Tony Stark
    October 10, 2014 at 12:13 am
    She is going to lose.

    I try to support women running for office across party lines as long as I think them qualified.

    But there is something about Grimes that just set off my internal “Danger, Will Robinson” robot inside me. I can’t pinpoint it but I have zip trust in Grimes.

    I have learned to trust that internal “danger robot” when it comes to politicians.

  64. VotingHillary
    October 10, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Anyone else thinking Obama is looking at the polling numbers for the Dems and the “October surprise” is going to be the “November surprise”….he is going to grant illegals amnesty right before the elections to get out the Hispanic vote?


    Doing that will swing the white vote into the GOP arms like swarms of bees, Amnesty does not help them in states Dems need to win, it would in fact hand the Senate to the GOP by a bigger margin.

  65. Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate (in Dorchester) to open to public March 31, 2015, per release


    Will they be providing, booze and submersible cars and classes on how to get away with murder?

  66. BREAKING NEWS: The nobel prize 2014 in Peace is awarded to Indian Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistani Malala Yousafzay

    Much better than do nothing Obama.

  67. wbboei
    October 10, 2014 at 12:42 am

    ***********************like winning the Lottery********************************************

    Lucky Lucky you Wbboei! 😀

  68. Shadowfax
    October 9, 2014 at 12:58 pm
    [Re An initiative to rename a popular Hawaii beach for President Obama has faced criticism and was dropped ]
    Views: 1,071,475 Uploaded on Jun 14, 2009
    The TOILET BOWL is one of the most dangerous places on the island….The water is forced through a hole in the rocks by the waves into a pool…..then sucked back out through the same hole. You’ll see it at the far end of he frame. People have been drowned here. I guess the family in the video wasn’t aware of the danger!

    “… then sucked back out thru same hole….” Yep. Sounds just like Obola. What a good laugh. TY. Now onto Blow Hole.


    Re moononpluto
    October 10, 2014 at 3:04 am

    Hillary Clinton Finds Her Message

    I hope you are correct, moononpluto, but Tom Wolf, who strikes me as the second or third coming of Obama, already chose that for his campaign slogan, and for his PAC.

    When Tom closed his first debate weeks ago by stating that he has no obligations to any political party and is thereby a “free agent”, I went looking. What I found were “second hand ties” as I reported here awhile back. The most succinct is regarding sweet Katie McGinty who ran against Wolf in primary in what I now consider to be a faux primary JUST AS 2008 was a faux primary, is now head of his Fresh Start PAC and served by appointment under WJC. There’s some more, but this is enough.

    Wolf himself does seem to have no tracks. Another way he is like Obola.

  69. correction. PA Guber candidate Tom Wolf has allowed some of his tracks to escape but I see nothing which ties him to Obama except by association through McGinty.

  70. moononpluto
    October 10, 2014 at 4:17 am
    I must make it a point never to go near the place.

    Were I to do so, I fear that I would be seized by an irresistible impulse to piss on the headstone and shit on the lawn.

    My defense?

    Insanity? Jurors in Massachusetts (lex locus delicti) would be reluctant to accept this posthumous assault on St. Teddy the drunk and womanizer and murderer and architect of our national demise. Hence they would construe that defense narrowly.

    Exigent circumstances? Probably not. Under oath I would have to admit that I can control my bowels better than Obama and Biden can given all the mindless diarrhea that comes out of their mouths any time they do not have a script in front of them.

    Severe provocation? well, given the record as a whole, that defense would probably fly.

  71. will this be enough to seek the freak in the OO?
    EXCLUSIVE: Feds order review of security at all facilities holding illegal immigrant children after two Guatemalan teens escape from Illinois detention center and carjack a 91-year-old Navy veteran

  72. Hold’um, tourists think that Hawaii is like Disney World.

    I have seen Toilet Bowl, Blow Hole, the HUGE waves at North Shore, the active volcanoes, numerous ‘dangerous’ places on the islands…and anyone with a tiny lick of sense can see that you don’t freakin’ mess with Mother Nature.

    Tourists with their Hawaiian shirts do the dumbest things there, jump off of a cliff into the ocean, not realizing the water is shallow.

    Maybe it’s nature’s way of weeding out the dumb ones? 😉

  73. WTF is going on in Wendy Davis’s head…….She just murdered her campaign stone dead…….

    The most disgusting ad and the MSM just went apeshit….She actually attacked a guy in a wheelchair with an ad about him being in a wheelchair.

    Jesus Christ I have seen it all. Look at this shit.

  74. Talk about a career ending meltdown campaign……WTF. Have not seen Twitter go this ballistic in months….

  75. Stone cold stupid and blind.

    Gweneth Paltrow — who hosted the event at her Brentwood home — gushed as she introduced President Obama, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

  76. Shadowfax
    October 10, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Stone cold stupid and blind.

    Gweneth Paltrow — who hosted the event at her Brentwood home — gushed as she introduced President Obama, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”


    and frankly a crap actress……

  77. Wendy Davis might as well invite Obama to campaign her for in Texas at this point. The photo op might be useful to her in her next career. It might lift her of 2% in her final polling after that.

  78. Always looks good when FLOTUS keeps mispronouncing your last name, over and over again in a campaign speech, keeps saying “Bailey”. instead of Braley.

    Even worse when the media repeats it over and over, looks like she could not give a stuff.


    It’s simply stunning in its sheer desperation. It’s so bad that I’m writing this post at nearly 11 pm in Rome to make sure it goes up on the site tonight. This isn’t just a bad campaign ad — it may very well be the worst, most cynical campaign ad ever. And the award goes to Wendy Davis, who’s about to get trounced by Greg Abbott, and this shows why:

    An empty wheelchair? Making an argument that Abbott profited off of his disability? The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake tries to remain objective, but … come on:

    This as is the sort of highly risky gambit you only see from a long-shot campaign. And, as often as not, these sorts of “Hail Marys” fail miserably.

    If if does backfire and Davis wants to run for office in the future, you can rest assured this one will stick with her.

    We’ll come back to that point in a minute. First, Abbott’s campaign also argues for the historical low mark in a statement sent out to the media this afternoon:

    “It is challenging to find language strong enough to condemn Sen. Davis’ disgusting television ad, which represents a historic low for someone seeking to represent Texans. Sen. Davis’ ad shows a disturbing lack of judgment from a desperate politician, and completely disqualifies her from seeking higher office in Texas.”

    Or anywhere else than Texas, too. Even the ad considered to be the most demagogic ever — the once-run-only “Daisy” ad from LBJ against Barry Goldwater in 1964 — didn’t exploit a personal disability and suggested that it was a profit-producing enterprise. The Abbott campaign also produced plenty of evidence debunking the rest of this despicable smear. Abbott’s intervention in the case cited by the ad was to defend the constitutionality of the state’s tort-reform law, which as Attorney General was Abbott’s job. His briefs never touched on whether the surgeon in the case was negligent, merely pointing instead that the law required a finding of actual specific intent to moot the limits on damages. The reason it became necessary for Abbott to intervene in the first place was because the lawsuit against the hospital and surgeon challenged the constitutionality of the tort-reform law.

    Perhaps Wendy Davis isn’t familiar with what an Attorney General does.

    As far as sticking with Davis, this ad should stick to all Democrats in this cycle who don’t condemn it and demand that Davis retract the ad and apologize. We’re still playing by Todd Akin rules, right?


    Todd Akin on steroids.

  80. holdthemaccountable
    October 10, 2014 at 12:14 pm
    will this be enough to seek the freak in the OO?
    EXCLUSIVE: Feds order review of security at all facilities holding illegal immigrant children after two Guatemalan teens escape from Illinois detention center and carjack a 91-year-old Navy veteran

    Now Hold’em. We’ve been over this. A 91 year old WOMAN does not have priority status in Barack’s World. The children are our future. Doesn’t matter that they’re barely children, nor that they’re not Americans. It’s not important that broke a few laws or potentially endangered an old woman’s life. Hell, she’s old. And if she still votes, she probably votes Repub. She’s a non-entity to Barack and the Dims.

    But those kids. They’ll be voting age in a few years. By that time, Barack will have pardoned their crime against the old lady, granted them immunity, set them up in federally subsidized housing, given them food stamps, free medical care, and a monthly check for the pain and suffering they endured because that old bat wouldn’t just shut up and give them her damn car. They will be Dims for life. Woo Hoo!!

  81. freespirit
    October 10, 2014 at 6:51 pm
    ya got me dead to rights, free lolol.

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