GOP Women Senate Candidates 2014

Republicans are really stupid when it comes to women and votes. Here it is, 2014 with lots of GOP women candidates and Republicans don’t know how to fight the Obama “war on women” nonsense.

Consider the Republican women candidates for U.S. Senate 2014: pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby (Oregon); presumed next senator Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia); strong contender Joni Ernst (Iowa); Susan Collins (Maine) the incumbent and presumed winner; and with-in striking distance Terri Lynn Land (Michigan).

If you believe Obama propaganda all these women wage war against women even though they themselves are women. How can this be?

The phony “war on women” defines “women” as those of the female gender that follow a certain political persuasion. By this corrupt definition if you are a “pro-life” anti-abortion female you are not a woman. By this corrupt definition if you are a black female Christian who believes in personal responsibility not government intrusion into all spheres of life you are not a woman. By this corrupt definition if you would like to be able to buy contraceptives over-the-counter without additional costs forced on you because of a required Planned Parenthood visit to get contraceptives – profits going to Planned Parenthood – you are not a woman. See it is simple. Corruptly redefine to get the desired outcome.

You would think Republicans would catch on to the redefinition game and do some redefinitions of their own. But no. Daze haz da stupit.

Republican Terri Lynn Land who still has an outside chance of victory in the improbable Michigan senate race (latest poll has the race 41-46) faces attacks on the ridiculous “war on women” charge. Land responded with this fun ad:

We think the ad is amusing. The ad has some logic to it too with the little Land message at the very end. Well, “logic” unless you understand that according to Obama this Terri Lynn Land is not a woman because she does not believe what Obama and his henchmen believe.

We think the ad is amusing and we like it because of the snark. But should a campaign waste precious dollars and time airing this entertainment? Probably not. Frank Luntz explains why:

We’d like to disagree with Luntz who does not even get the candidate’s name right, but we can’t. There should be a better way to fight the “war on women” but the Republicans can’t seem to figure it out. Let’s help the poor dears.

First, if you have a lot of women candidates, why don’t you make sure the voters know how many? Why not produce an advertisement with the resources of the Republican National Committee to have all these women appear together in one strong ad with a unified message? A group of strong Republican women in one ad is a simple rejoinder to the Obama “war on women” rubbish. You know that phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, a group picture of all the GOP senate candidates’ with plumbing that indicates they are indeed women is worth a lot more than a thousand words.

Second, you want to nationalize the elections? Well, what easier way than to nationalize the elections with a simple picture of all the Republican women running for senate across the entire country? These strong women can proclaim their policies to be family friendly, woman friendly, men friendly, children friendly, pet friendly, etc. They can proclaim they are under attack because they are women who think independently. Redefine the “war on women”.

Third, you want to win the “war on women” and get women voters to vote for your women (and men) candidates? Have you heard that “the best defense is a good offense“? Have these women candidates make their case together for why they should win. Why voters should vote for them. Don’t fight the “war on women” with snarky press releases and ads and leave out policy.

Bonus Forth reason: you get more Republican women in the Senate which by itself will increase the number of women in the senate and make it easier to run women for the senate in the future and win. The more women you elect the more you can redefine the “war on women” and win elections.

Republicans should follow our advice (Hillary should follow our advice too) but well… they just can’t help it. Republican “strategists” and “leadership” are a bit like ‘enry ‘iggins when it comes to election strategy.

Why Is Republican Outreach to Women So Awful?:

Republicans have long complained that it’s unfair of Democrats to accuse them of waging a “war on women” largely based on their positions regarding abortion and birth control. Two years ago, the GOP party chair called it “a fiction,” suggesting Republicans have no more problem with women than they do with “caterpillars.” [snip]

The flurry of Republican ads targeting women confirm they know the gender gap is for real. But as the numbers indicate, the ads haven’t narrowed it; they often try too hard, miss the point and make the problem worse.

One way they do so is by feeding ham-fisted lines to bad actors. Take the ad “Talk,” produced by Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS to help Colorado Republican Cory Gardner wrest a Senate seat from incumbent Mark Udall. The ad is supposed to depict four women friends casually chatting about the election, and implicitly rejecting Udall’s accusations that Gardner wants to ban some forms of birth control. But the conservation is clunky from the start.

“I want a real conversation about the issues that matter,” says the first woman, thereby declaring that the four “friends” shall commence just such a conversation.

“Unfortunately after 15 years in Washington, political scare tactics are all Mark Udall has left,” says the second, sounding more like a politician than a real person.

“We aren’t single-issue voters,” says the third, sounding more like a political consultant than an ordinary voter.

Or check out “Dating Profile,” made by Americans for Shared Prosperity, another male-run Republican outside group. The not-quite-clever premise is a single woman telling how she “fell in love” with an unspecified man’s “online profile” but now says the “relationship is in trouble” because of his failed promises. “He’s great at promises,” she huffs.

This ad tries to bluntly change the subject from reproductive freedom: “He thinks the only thing I care about is free birth control, but he won’t even let me keep my own doctor.” Then — surprise! — it turns out Barack Obama was online suitor.

Both of these ads also miss a larger point. They brusquely dismiss the concerns many women have about losing their reproductive freedom, and then decree what issues women should otherwise prioritize.

We praised Cory Gardner’s approach to contraceptives because he discussed it as a policy issue. Other male candidates for senate soon jumped on board with Garnder’s idea of over-the-counter sales of contraceptives.

Planned Parenthood opposes the Gardner proposal. Planned Parenthood does not want to help women gain access to cheaper contraceptives and also be able to forgo unnecessary doctor visits because Planned Parenthood does not want to lose profits. One would think GOP women candidates in a unified voice would lambaste Planned Parenthood and also support over-the-counter sales of contraceptives. But where are these Republican women? Where is this ad? Where is this counter-attack?

Republicans are violating the “customer is always right” maxim. You can’t tell a woman that her values are wrong if you want her vote. To reach these voters, candidates need to either address the substance of those concerns, or at least find a way to disagree without being dismissive of them.

Republicans can’t seem to communicate with women and when they try they speak down like less suave, less charmant , less talented versions of Henry Higgins to Eliza. There will be consequences.

Finally, the ads make the problem worse by depicting women as two-dimensional caricatures. When watching “Dating Profile,” you can almost see the men behind the curtain concluding that the only way to get single women to talk politics is to first talk about dating.

The latest transgression comes from the College Republican National Committee, which just cut nearly identical ads for six GOP gubernatorial candidates spoofing the bridal shop reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress.” In “Say Yes to the Candidate,” a young bride-to-be named Brittany peruses a line of wedding dresses as she says, “Budget is a big deal for me now that I’ve just graduated from college.” In the Florida version, she gushes, “The ‘Rick Scott’ is perfect” because he’s a “trusted brand … with new ideas that don’t break your budget.”

Oy vey!

Today’s Republicans should take a cue from Eisenhower. Simply go on the street with a camera, ask women if they’re voting Republican and, if so, why? Just maybe, the party will get some good answers, and learn something about what women voters actually want.

Don’t talk to women. Speak with women. Start with women candidates in conversation with voters. Start with GOP women candidates together. A picture is worth more than words.

[Hint for Republicans: Have one of your interns rewrite this article but substitute “gays” for “women”. Then have the intern do another version this time for “African-Americans”. Then try another one for “Latinos”. It’s about communication skills and letting everyone know you care and want their vote and will organize your candidates to make as diverse an appeal as possible. Convince everyone your policies are the best. After Obama that should be really easy. Try it also for “white working class” males and “middle class families”. After the intern is done with the rewrites, implement the words into actions. Soon you’ll have a governing majority in Mainstreet U.S.A.]


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful new world of Obama:

    ‘A Terrible Slaughter Is Coming’
    On the Turkish border, the world stands idly by as ISIS threatens a massacre in a Syrian town.

    The theme of the week in the Syria conflict—that airstrikes are of only limited use in the struggle to degrade and destroy the Islamic State terror group—is about to be underscored in terrible fashion in the besieged border town of Kobani, which is under sustained, and mainly unanswered, assault by as many as 9,000 ISIS terrorists armed with tanks and rocket launchers.

    I just got off the phone with a desperate-sounding Kurdish intelligence official, Rooz Bahjat, who said he fears that Kobani could fall to ISIS within the next 24 hours. If it does, he predicts that ISIS will murder thousands in the city, which is crammed with refugees—Kurdish, Turkmen, Christian, and Arab—from other parts of the Syrian charnel house. As many as 50,000 civilians remain in the town, Bahjat said.

    “A terrible slaughter is coming. If they take the city, we should expect to have 5,000 dead within 24 or 36 hours,” he told me. “It will be worse than Sinjar,” the site of a recent ISIS massacre that helped prompt President Obama to fight ISIS. There have been reports of airstrikes on ISIS vehicles, but so far, Bahjat said that these strikes have been modest in scope and notably ineffective.

    Kobani is located on the Turkish border, but Bahjat said he is receiving reports that Turkey is pulling its troops back, rather than risk armed confrontation with ISIS. “It’s unbelievable—Turkey is in NATO, so you literally have NATO watching what is happening in this town. Everyone can see it—the TV cameras are there, watching. It’s terrible.”

    Obama thinks Jews buying apartments are the problem.

  2. The Dims proved in 2008 that they didn’t give a damn about a “war on women” . Hell, some of them launched more than a few rounds of ammo at Hillary and her supporters. Others in a position to condemn the rabid sexism declined to do so.

    Re: the Repubs, I think your analysis of that ad with the four women is spot-on, Admin. Sounds like it was written by one man who probably knows only two women – his mother and grandmother. The conservative talking heads make me sick when they talk about women and women’s rights. They are sexist as hell but lack the insight to realize it, and wouldn’t give a damn if they did. I also totally disagree with the Pub stand on abortion.

    That said, if you get right down to what the Pubs do – not what they say (with their obligatory, right wing drivel)- the fact that a significant number of female candidates are serious contenders for national office sends a different message. As you said, Admin, having all of those women together would make a powerful statement.

    The Republicans consistently work like hell to lose elections. At some point, you would think they would learn how to try to win. So far, that’s not happening.
    They did take positive action to try to counter the Dems exploitation and lies about the Hobby Lobby decision. But, only people who are really interested in politics know about it.

    Both parties fail to recognize the fact that while women are concerned by “women’s issues” , they are concerned about any and every issue that men are concerned about. Women work to support their families. They pay taxes. They are impacted by and care about the economy, national security,immigration, unemployment, crime, terrorism, energy costs, everything. It’s not the 1950s anymore. Women are not waiting at home with dinner on the table for their husband (or wife) to come home from work.

    The Dems tout their support for women through public assistance programs. Most women would rather have a decent paying job. They want the country to be strong economically – not weakened by the drain of expensive, ineffective entitlements programs.

    I resent the fact that in the 21st century the possibility of a female president still blows people away. More accurately, I resent the fact that by the 21st century, America has not elected a female president. I resent the Pubs for continuing to fight to make abortion illegal – or to severely restrict access. But, even more, I resent the damn Dims for even having the audacity to declare that ANYONE else has declared war on women. The Dim Party has exploited women for too many years, They count on our support even tho they have offered women empty gestures and rhetoric. Apparently they think the non-support entitles them to claim female loyalty. They don’t know women an better than the Pubs.

  3. But Brutus is an honorable man, etc. . .

    Panetta grinds Obama into the dirt, in his new book and leaves him nowhere to hide.

    But—Panetta claims the purpose of the book is not to be critical of the big media beloved messiah.

    Perish the thought.

    The purpose is to help Obama “find his way” and evince the kind of leadership which has eluded him these past six years.

    A noble purpose, which leaves only one question unanswered:

    DOES A CAT BARK?????????????????????????????????????????

    Leon Panetta: First Horseman of the Hillary-Pocalypse

    by JOHN HAYWARD 6 Oct 2014

    In response to Are You Ready For Hillary-Krieg?

    I’d say good ol’ Leon Panetta is riding in the vanguard of that Hillary-krieg, doing the important work of setting up an implicit contrast between Madame Secretary and the semi-retired amateur currently keeping the Oval Office warm for her.

    Panetta’s got a book to flog, and USA Today, that Happy Hunting Grounds of the bullet point, offers a few highlights:

    • By not pushing the Iraqi government harder to allow a residual U.S. force to remain when troops withdrew in 2011, a deal he says could have been negotiated with more effort. That “created a vacuum in terms of the ability of that country to better protect itself, and it’s out of that vacuum that ISIS began to breed.” Islamic State also is known as ISIS and ISIL.

    • By rejecting the advice of top aides — including Panetta and then-secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — to begin arming Syrian rebels in 2012. If the U.S. had done so, “I do think we would be in a better position to kind of know whether or not there is some moderate element in the rebel forces that are confronting (Syrian President Bashar) Assad.”

    • By warning Assad not to use chemical weapons against his own people, then failing to act when that “red line” was crossed in 2013. Before ordering airstrikes, Obama said he wanted to seek congressional authorization, which predictably didn’t happen.
    The reversal cost the United States credibility then and is complicating efforts to enlist international allies now to join a coalition against the Islamic State, Panetta says. “There’s a little question mark to, is the United States going to stick this out? Is the United States going to be there when we need them?”

    Showing leadership in the fight against ISIS is an opportunity “to repair the damage,” he says. He says it’s also a chance for Obama to get a fresh start after having “lost his way.”

    Yes, I’m sure it’s a “chance” for Obama to “find his way” and display the kind of leadership he hasn’t evinced in six long years that Panetta has in mind. “Panetta’s behind-the-scenes account of events during Obama’s first time, including the internal debate over helping Syrian rebels, is consistent with those in memoirs published this year by Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates, whom Panetta succeeded as Defense secretary,” USA Today points out. What a coincidence that Panetta’s book would like up with Hillary’s!

    Not to dismiss Panetta’s insights as pulled-from-thin-air political spin; agree with him or not, he’s a serious guy, especially when compared with the combination of hucksters, ideologues, and dolts that’s been running the show since 2009. Speaking of which, guess who doesn’t care for Panetta’s book? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the guy who just said China is part of North America, and caused a major international incident with members of Obama’s anti-ISIS coalition by flapping his gums.

    The book was the target of a veiled rebuke Thursday by Biden. “I’m finding that former administration officials, as soon as they leave write books, which I think is inappropriate,” Biden told students at Harvard. “At least give the guy a chance to get out of office.”

    The vice president disputed whether it would have made a difference if U.S. aid had been given earlier to Syrian rebels, and State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki denied that a deal to allow a residual force in Iraq could have been reached in the face of resistance by then-prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.

    They’re still pushing the hoary status-of-forces lie, and hoping everyone forgets how Obama walked away from the negotiations because he didn’t think Iraq had anything worse to worry about than a bit of light hazing from the Al-Qaeda Junior Varsity squad? Distancing herself from this non-stop train wreck won’t be difficult for Hillary and her supporters.

  4. You would think Republicans would catch on to the redefinition game and do some redefinitions of their own. But no. Daze haz da stupit.


    The Republican’s a not united on any front, let alone with women’s issues. I don’t want to get into the religious aspect of the Republican party, but God knows women are considered less than equal in most religions. Adam’s freakin’ rib, my ass.

    The Republican’s couldn’t agree on any candidate that isn’t a clone of Ronny Raygun.

    The Democrats have their weaknesses too, but they are more united on women having choice over their own bodies, even if it’s only for political reasons.

    My 2 cents.

  5. The Republican’s couldn’t agree on any candidate that isn’t a clone of Ronny Raygun.
    This is an afterthought.

    At the time, the RINOS did everything they could to prevent him from securing the nomination.

    He first tried in 1976, but the Rinos wanted–and got bubblehead–the affection nickname for a guy who ran into the goal post during his college days at Michigan once too often—Gerald Ford.

    It has always been a struggle to get a candidate who is not supported and approved by the establishment.

    So they run a succession of losers, like Ford, Dole, McCain (Idiot Wind), and Romney (Ward Cleaver).

    The GOP, having sabotaged its grassroots upstart in favor of its doddering incumbent, now has turned to grassroots favorite Ted Cruz to bolster the doddering incumbent it foisted on its grassroots. It’s like the Syrian Civil War with fewer beheadings. So far, anyway. (snip)

    Every indicator points to big Republican gains except for one: The facts on the ground. The GOP looks to scratch out a weak 51 or 52-seat majority in the Senate, when 55 seats are ripe for the taking. And yet they struggle in races which ought to be low-hanging fruit.

    Someday someone might write the parable of the elephant who starved do death between two fat consultants.

  6. And this is why they won’t regain the senate. They are allowing this war on woman campaign resonate with no response. In the Governors race down here almost every commercial run Charlie Christ is a fear mongering claim the Rick Scott will take away
    a woman’s choice.

  7. You’re right, admin, it’s all about communication skills and the fact that listening is one-half of communicating.

    HRC began her political career with a “listening tour” of New York state.

    Republicans don’t do their homework and develop fact-free ideologies that they want to put over on the public. It’s no wonder they have to wait for the Democrats to fuck up real bad so elections will fall into their laps.

  8. Breaking NEWS :

    4 more people hospitalized in Madrid with Ebola Symptoms…….

    Bringing the Fox into the henhouse was not a good idea. This could spread fast as 3 weeks incubation, could be passed round many people.

  9. Shadowfax October 7, 2014 at 12:11 am

    The Republican’s a not united on any front, let alone with women’s issues.

    The Democrats have their weaknesses too, but they are more united on women having choice over their own bodies, even if it’s only for political reasons.

    My 2 cents.

    Yours and mine make 4 cents.

  10. wbboei October 7, 2014 at 12:38 am

    …they struggle in races which ought to be low-hanging fruit.

    Yup…. That’s what I mean by “letting the election fall into their laps.” They wait for the other guy to lose.

  11. JOHN HAYWARD 6 Oct 2014

    In response to Are You Ready For Hillary-Krieg?

    …. [all agreed]

    “Distancing herself from this non-stop train wreck won’t be difficult for Hillary and her supporters.”

    I agree especially with this last line… the distance is already there, HRC doesn’t have to come down hard on Obama.

  12. All that needs to be said is “Hillary said it all in 2008, he wasn’t ready and she was proved right”

  13. Liar liar pants on fire…..

    The Pinocchio Test

    This is a fairly misleading and flimsy ad. In both instances, policies were undertaken before Chao joined the respective boards—and in any case, the boards of directors had no input in developing those policies.

    The Bloomberg organization has financed an initiative to phase out dirty coal plants, but Chao’s earnings are a pittance of the figure displayed in the ad. The Grimes campaign only reaches the $600,000 figure by counting Chao’s compensation from Wells Fargo, which under no definition is an “anti-coal group.” Instead, the bank continues to finance all but one segment of the coal industry.

    Finally, what did McConnell have to do with of any of this? Nothing.

    Four Pinocchios

  14. Disturbing…….makes you wonder what they get up to…….can we believe them for anything.

    DEA created a fake Facebook profile in this woman’s name using seized pics — then impersonated her

    At first glance, the Facebook profile is the perfect deception. Purportedly belonging to brown-haired woman named Sondra Prince, it shows her driving a car, splayed across a white BMW, hugging two young children. If someone were to stumble across the profile, which still exists, there would be little way for them to know the truth: The profile is a fake.

    It was created surreptitiously by a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, who seized Prince’s phone in July 2010 after arresting her, mined it for photographs, then used those pictures to forge a fraudulent profile which allowed authorities to impersonate Prince in an investigation into an alleged New York drug ring. Until, of course, Prince found out — and sued.


    I mean wtf……do this do this for other people they need to fit up….i bet they do.

  15. Gonzotx…what worries me is flu season..ebola symptoms are very similar, fever, aches, only will take one symptomatic Ebola Mary to get amongst a load of people coughing, spluttering, sneezing, vomiting and it will go like wildfire. People sneeze on you all the time, spit and vomit on sidewalks will pass it on.

    It can live on doorknobs for several hours and in fluids outside the body for days.

    Do not go near hospitals or doctors surgeries in flu season.

  16. Scary…
    This strain is different than any seen before aparently.

    Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed

    Yet some scientists who have long studied Ebola say such assurances are premature — and they are concerned about what is not known about the strain now on the loose. It is an Ebola outbreak like none seen before, jumping from the bush to urban areas, giving the virus more opportunities to evolve as it passes through multiple human hosts.

    Dr. C.J. Peters, who battled a 1989 outbreak of the virus among research monkeys housed in Virginia and who later led the CDC’s most far-reaching study of Ebola’s transmissibility in humans, said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters.

  17. a load of people coughing, spluttering, sneezing, vomiting

    The symptoms alone are ambiguous.

    There are a number of potential causes:

    1. Ebola

    2. The Flu

    3. Obama

  18. Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed
    Obama: yes, I know. But we would not want to scare the public so we will stick to the party line. Better to have them dead than scared during my watch. If they die they cannot vote against me. Nothing else matters to me.—Barack Hussein Obama. (In a candid interview with George Step and Fetch It which was quickly scrubbed by the plumbers from their competitior CBS after they got done scrubbing Bibi’s critical remarks about Obama, because the truth in that instance as well might scare the public. Or, what they really fear is that the truth might inform them so they could not be so easily bamboozled by big media in November.

  19. Here comes the kick…..

    BREAKING: Wal-Mart plans to eliminate health insurance coverage for its 30,000 part-time U.S. employees starting Jan. 1 – AP

  20. Richard Engel had a scathing report this AM on O’s airstrike campaign…he went on about all the quotes from O and Biden regarding destroying them, etc and then showed ISIS just walking up to the syrian border…they have them on video…no strikes, no resistance from USA or allies…ISIS just walking armed to take over another crucial area with no one doing anything to stop them…

    …others reporting that all this massively expensive bombing is regularly useless because they are bombing vacated and empty locations…

    can’t pull up the clip

  21. Intelligent Senators out there……Gee wHizz……..can we please get rid of these idiots.

    MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) whether he thought the Obama administration was doing enough to combat the Ebola crisis. “Uhhhhh,” he replied. He then said he wasn’t up to speed with the latest briefings.

    She then asked if he thought the response had been aggressive enough. “Uhhhh,” he said again.

    If you were curious at how imperiled Senate incumbents are handling the stress of keeping five paces from the president at all times — lest they give the Republican Party ammunition for an Obama-happy attack ad — this video, posted by Republican opposition research PAC America Rising, posits that the answer is “not well.”

    And in case you think the Ebola question came out of nowhere, Pryor previously ran an attack ad about the Ebola outbreak, accusing his opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton (R), of voting against legislation that would help protect the country during a potential pandemic.

  22. MoonOnPluto, regarding your comment about The Pinocchio Test attack on Elaine Chao. This is not the first time Grimy and her allies have gone dirty on McConnell’s wife:

    In Kentucky, Elaine Chao Endures Racist Attacks From Liberals

    The former Republican Secretary of Labor has had to deal with a number of bigoted comments from Democratic partisans in the last year. So why is racism treated differently when it comes from the left? [snip]

    But Democrats who imagine racist slights and “dog whistles” at every turn would be wise to look at the vicious anti-Asian bigotry on display in Kentucky, which is being fomented by supporters of their so-called progressive party.

    Elaine Chao, who came to America from Taiwan at the age of 8, is a successful businesswoman and a graduate of Harvard Business School. [snip]

    Except that there’s one problem: Elaine Chao is married to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. And some Democrats are so desperate to hold on to power that they will resort to anything—including racist attacks—to demean and belittle their political enemies.

    This past weekend, as Senator McConnell spoke to supporters at the Fancy Farm event in Kentucky, he sought to confront the “War on Women” rhetoric of his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, by noting his wife’s accomplishments. “And the biggest asset I have by far is the only Kentucky woman who served in a president’s cabinet, my wife, Elaine Chao,” he said to applause from the crowd.

    It didn’t take long for Kathy Groob, the founder of the pro-Democrat PAC Elect Women, to start mocking Chao’s heritage on Twitter. “She’s not from KY…She is Asian and [President George W.] Bush openly touted that,” Groob said. In other tweets, Groob referred to Chao as McConnell’s “Chinese wife,” and said McConnell is “wedded to free trade in China.”[snip]

    A prominent Democrat attacks a spouse of a Republican candidate based on the color of her skin, but the reaction from the national media has been largely muted. One can only imagine the reaction had a GOP operative made the exact same slur against the spouse of a Democratic candidate. There would be wall-to-wall coverage on MSNBC, disapproving editorials from The New York Times, and warnings from the DNC that Republicans are looking to bring us back to the days of internment camps and Jim Crow. Talking Points Memo, a liberal website that delights in highlighting the ramblings of obscure GOP statehouse backbenchers, would use a story like that to insinuate that conservatives are, by and large, racist.

    And this isn’t even the first time Democrats in Kentucky have attacked Chao’s ethnicity. Last year, a Democratic super PAC called Progress Kentucky tweeted that McConnell’s marriage to Chao “may explain why your job moved to #China.” [snip]

    But when Democrats deploy racist attacks, progressives and their allies in the media have a habit of going quiet.

    There is a vicious double standard at play here. Racist attacks against Justice Clarence Thomas, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele or South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are yawned at and rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. If one is a person of color and a conservative, one must then be an Uncle Tom, a sellout to his or her race. My email inbox bears testament to this fact nearly every week.

    However, if a Republican says something bigoted, the individual must be shamed, fired, and run out of town for their intolerant racism. And that’s fine—racism is racism, and should always be deplored. But it’s silly to hold Democrats to a different standard because their ideology is supposedly more enlightened.

    That the most recent attacks on Elaine Chao come from a PAC called “Elect Women” makes our point. “Elect Women” is not for the election of women. “Elect Women” is racist when necessary against women and attacks women who do not conform into their cookie cutter redefinition of women as those who are obedient to them. Totalitarian wolves in liberal sheep clothing.

  23. oops…in my excitement to mention AHS i jumped over Tuesday…the premiere is tomorrow – Wed, Oct 8 at 10 pm on FX…

  24. S, Kathy Bates grows a beard. Freaky. We’ll watch at least the first episode just to see these talented women fight each other to death for video stage one-upsmanship. It’s great to watch fantastic actors take command of a stage (in this instance, screen) and battle it out with other actors for supremacy over the audience.

    What we have enjoyed about these bloody gory maul-fests (we don’t usually like blood and gore “entertainment”) on the American Horror Story series is to see actresses at the top of their game clearly enjoying themselves as they play to the audience and satisfy themselves to see who is master of the production. It’s ensemble acting at it’s most entertaining sprinkled with knowing winks to the audience from these fine talents. We just wish it wasn’t so bloody bloody.

  25. This is what I was referring to in re. scrubbing.

    “Netanyahu, a man with a moral center a tad larger than Obama’s, struck back on CBS’ Face the Nation but (surprise, surprise) the court eunuchs at CBS removed the Israeli PM’s criticism from the broadcast”

  26. Roger Simon, aka Dr. Obvious claims that Obama cannot tell the difference between good and evil.

    No kidding?

    And now, he is in the act out stage.

    Midnight in Obama’s Garden of Good and Evil

    October 6th, 2014 – 8:23 pm

    Increasingly, I am thinking that Barack Obama does not know the difference between good and evil. Now I realize implying that someone can’t make that distinction, really the difference between right and wrong, is a harsh condemnation indeed, but I think it is something that should be examined in Obama’s case since it would explain many of the extraordinary missteps of his presidency. Those missteps are only escalating at the present moment as evil stalks the globe at an ever rising pace.

    In fact, before looking very far backwards, consider this: Would the United States today be doing anything at all about the Islamic State — now for the first time waving its black flag above Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border, on the brink of a massacre of its Kurdish population, while still besieging Baghdad — had ISIS not bothered to behead publicly a few Westerners?

    Let’s be honest — not a chance with this president, although 99.9 percent of the horrific activities of the Islamic State had nothing to do with the beheading of a handful of Americans and Brits. ISIS had already provided us with more than enough examples of mass murder and other Holocaust-like actions to last several lifetimes. In two videos I saw, dozens of Middle Eastern men were decapitated, their severed heads placed on poles while others were shot through the back of the neck and dumped unceremoniously into pits they had dug for themselves. It was unclear whether they were alive or dead, probably a little of each. Those videos, one of them almost an hour long, were like recruiting films for an Islamic version of the Khmer Rouge or the Wehrmacht. Straight from Hell.

    But they were largely ignored by our president, who had proclaimed these people the JV or wanted to believe as much in order not to disrupt his post-modern, morality-free weltanschauung. It was not until the American public was aroused by the beheadings of the Westerners that Obama did much of anything – and even that was, and still is, as little as possible. Evil does not interest him, especially if it has nothing to do with votes. Evil does not even exist for him. Only fairness. If only those ISIS people could be “fair” — hence his dopey remarks about what people do or do not do in the 21st century, as opposed, I suppose, to the bloodthirsty 20th. (Ironically, the worst mistake — from their point of view — the Islamic State made was to behead the Westerners. It may be have been good for recruiting, but had they avoided it, they might be in Baghdad by now… even more powerful for recruiting.)

    At the same time as IS is rampaging, Obama’s equally morality-challenged crew at the State Department is busy criticizing (what else?) Israel, yet again for Jewish construction and apartment purchase in Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods. (At least this time it wasn’t for murdering civilians, one of the more hypocritical accusations of recent years, considering who made it.) Netanyahu, a man with a moral center a tad larger than Obama’s, struck back on CBS’ Face the Nation but (surprise, surprise) the court eunuchs at CBS removed the Israeli PM’s criticism from the broadcast. Nevertheless, by then the State Department’s Jen Psaki had already taken umbrage at Netanyahu for daring to question His Majesty. The Times of Israel summed up the ensuing brouhaha:

    When asked about Netanyahu’s allegations that the US was telling Jews that they could not buy houses in the Arab East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, which several Jewish families moved into earlier the week, Psaki did not clarify Washington’s position regarding the Ir David group’s independent purchase of Arab-owned houses there.

    Instead, Psaki said that there were questions involving building permits and construction — an answer that seemed to address the municipality’s involvement in Givat Hamatos rather than the private initiative in Silwan.

    Commentary’s Seth Mandel continued: “It wasn’t clear that Jen Psaki even knew what she was being asked about. The degree to which this administration’s advisors and spokesmen are uninformed about issues on which they pronounce judgment is simply incredible.”

    Well, it’s not incredible if you don’t know the difference between something as elemental as good and evil. Without that, there’s nothing to pronounce judgment on. Pick on Israel while allowing the entire Middle East to turn into a veritable Islamist sea of beheadings, rapes, sexual slavery and mass murder. It’s all a power game. You pick on someone who is sane and will therefore listen to you. Never mind that the only ones genuinely trying to help anybody in the region are the Israelis, who are actually treating Syrian ISIS victims and spending Israel’s money to do it. As the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished,” particularly when you don’t know what a good deed is. (A distillation of Obama’s moral deficit is that he would prefer Islamists like Egypt’s Morsi and Turkey’s Erdogan to Netanyahu.)

    At its basis, the problem is cultural relativism, the tawdry mother philosophy of political correctness that suffused the academy when Obama was going to school and still does. Under CR, all cultures are equal, ours and the Islamic State. We are imperialist to think otherwise. Morality is a thing of the distant past, some artifact of St. Anselm or Maimonides. Not cool, even if it protects us from murdering each other.

    Speaking of moral absurdity, I couldn’t resist having a grim laugh at the extraordinary naiveté of Ben Affleck on the subject of Islam. It took Bill Maher to straighten him out — or try — that Islam’s ideology just might have something to do with its actions. Who knew?

    Good and evil are difficult concepts for everybody, especially we products of the modernist educational system. But we ignore them at our peril. Otherwise, we really are at Midnight.

  27. The larger point, however, is that big media cannot differentiate between good and evil any more than Obama can. Ultimately, they are the root cause of the chaos dysfunction and destruction of this nation which we are seeing now. It cannot be otherwise. Whether people can accept this reality however is another question. Buckley called them a force of nature. Today, that definition will hardly suffice. They are no different than the propaganda ministry of Goebbels, and that is no exaggeration.

    Want a specific example?

  28. moononpluto
    October 7, 2014 at 10:30 am

    This strain is different than any seen before apparently.


    Two things keep running though my mind as time goes on:

    – Knowledge of this disease is limited because of mutations and also the scientists didn’t put much time into research. There were few deaths in the past and Big Pharma couldn’t make money off a couple thousand dead bodies. Now they have to scramble when the cat is outta the bag.

    – This is how pandemics start- ignorance, denial, panic and body bags.

    The Black Death, The Spanish Flu, HIV/AIDS, etc.

    My fear is that some of our terrorist enemies will take advantage of this situation. Gather up some of the blood of these victims and put it in public places. Wouldn’t be that difficult to do.


    Leon Panetta, other former Obama subordinates show stunning disloyalty
    By Dana Milbank


    imho…what is Stunning about this whole article is that a reporter, giving his ‘opinion’, believes that other high ranking and informed american leaders should just shut up and be loyal to O even while he is making mistake over mistake and reaching a point through his distraction and indifference that has now put American lives in danger…

    stunning is what all the press and reporters have done for the last six years to protect and hide the incompetence of this president…

    stunning is that the press, media, reporters have put their allegiance to O before the safety of our country…

    what is probably more stunning beyond belief is what we do not know that is going on behind the scenes…

    if this is what Leon Panetta, Hillary, Gates and others feel comfortable saying out loud and going public with then one can only imagine what they are all seeing and saying behind the “curtains” and that is being withheld from us…

  30. Admin…AHS looks to be a bit more freaky and a little scarier than last year

    I also love the ensemble cast and the past sets, costumes and make-up…it is a first rate production

    agree on the bloody aspect…also I usually don’t go for the scary and/or vampire/dead shows but AHS hooked me with Asylum season 2

    looking forward to seeing a new cast members

    …hard to believe Ryan Murphy is the same producer that does Glee…quite an imagination..

  31. S, there wasn’t much of an outcry when Bush subordinates wrote books attacking him. Big Media applauded the “truth tellers”.

    Big Media telling ex-government officials not to give their views is most odd. We can understand politicians unhappy with what Panetta has done because politicians like to protect each other. But for “journalists” or pundits to be exercised about leaks or quotes is corrupt behavior.

    Anyone who wants to criticize Hillary/Panetta/Gates for being “disloyal” should really be asking “what is it about Obama and/or the current political situation that has compelled these most discrete political figures to put aside their usual self-censorship and admiration of loyalty in order to criticize Obama and his policies at a time when Obama is saying his policies are on the ballot?”

  32. Update – U.S. Senator says he expects government health officials to unveil tougher Ebola virus screening requirements this week…

    if its anything like what the TSA usually does, they will be pinning down little old grannies travelling from Oklahoma to Kansas rather than anyone of consideration out of Africa……

  33. There is absolute hell breaking loose on the Turksih-Syrian Border as the Turkish authorities attack the Kurds who are trying to battle ISIS….

    I swear the Turkish Govt is aiding Isis.

    There are curfews in place all over the biggest cities. 6 people have been shot dead so far, people are being gassed and riots are out of control…..none of which you will see on Turkish TV which is currently showing penguins……there default tv when shit hits the fan.

  34. Worrying…..

    Revealed: The Spanish nurse who caught Ebola DESPITE wearing a safety suit is named – and now the authorities want to put down her DOG

    Read more:

    The Spanish nurse who became the first outside of Africa to become infected with Ebola has been named along with her husband.

    Teresa Romero Ramos and Javier Limon Romero are being held in quarantine in separate rooms at the same hospital in the Spanish capital.

    Ms Romero Ramos, 44, from Galicia in northwest Spain, who is one of the medical team that treated two repatriated Spanish priests who died from Ebola, was diagnosed with the killer disease yesterday.

    Their identities came out after Mr Romero asked a Spanish animal charity to start a social media campaign to stop health officials putting his dog down.


    Lets put it like this, if the dog has it and has mingled with other dogs and then their owners, then we are looking at a whole new ballgame here.

  35. admin
    October 7, 2014 at 2:25 pm
    Benghazi. Panetta will be on O’Reilly tonight.
    Panetta holds the key to the most important question surrounding Benghazi:

    Question: on the night of the attack did Obama give the order to save the troops as he later claimed he did, and if so, then why is there no official record of that directive, as the law, and protocol require?

    Panetta and General Dempsey were with Obama that evening. They are the ones who Obama would have given that order to–if he ever gave it–which I for one seriously doubt, since there was no paper trail.

    O’Reilly has said that Panetta needs to be asked about what occurred with Obama that night. Now is his opportunity to ask it.

    On the odds, Panetta will take the position that this subject is off limits since it is under investigation by the Benghazi Select Committee.

    Nevertheless, it needs to be asked.

    I commend to your attention this video which puts the issue in perspective:

  36. The other reason Obama’s contention is not credible is because if he gave the order then the story Panetta and Hamm gave for no action was they decided not to follow the order. If that is the case then they were in direct violation of the president’s clear and unequivocal directive. The truth is he never gave the order, and Panetta and Hamm lied to cover for him. On the odds, Obama was doing what he always does in situations where he must make a decision–he votes present.

  37. Hi Guys. I am a very frequent reader [aka “lurker”] but never a poster. I love you guys for your love of politics, love of Hillary and love of country. But, I adore the fact so many here love American Horror Story, too. I can’t wait till tomorrow night.

    Many thanks to Admin and the regulars for fantastic insight and opinions and sharing information and links. XXOO

    PS, Congratulations to Foxy for being on the mend! XXOO

  38. Mr Romero asked a Spanish animal charity to start a social media campaign to stop health officials putting his dog down.

    So that means that some believe that Ebola jumps from either bats or chimps and apes to humans, then to small animals like dogs and cats?

    What next, jumps to plants and marine life??????

    Our scientists need to get busy! Obama and the NIH need to get funding…and the public needs to be told the TRUTH as soon as possible.

  39. The typical modus operandi of Obama is do nothing, see what happens, and then figure out how to spin it—AND THE FUCKING DOG BIG MEDIA DOG MEDIA WILL TAKE IT FROM THERE. According to him, his administration, and big media, the people are not entitled to the truth. Can you see why I say that big media has no place at the table in deciding the future of this nation?

  40. Well Shadow, if it jumped from one species to humans, no reason it can’t jump to dogs, cats and others….as for the bats, they reckon thats where Ebola came from in the first place.

  41. wbboei

    October 7, 2014 at 3:35 pm


    ‘some of them…the media, that is’ have begun to wake up and realize they have been had by O …some have realized that they do not even have the opportunity to use their own photographers for photos…the WH even manipulates and controls the photos…

    …some have realized that O’s justice dept will try to put them in jail and hound and threaten them to change their stories if O and his cabal do not like what they hear or read…


    James Risen knows of which he speaks…if they could the O admin would like him in jail

  42. oh the irony…!

    CONWAY, Ark. — In what is likely to become a theme of the last weeks of campaigning before the midterm elections, former President Bill Clinton all but begged voters here in Arkansas not to use their vote as an expression of disapproval for Barack Obama.

    The president is playing an outsized role in the race between Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor and Republican challenger Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. Obama is seriously unpopular here; a recent survey by the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling put his job approval rating at 31 percent, versus 62 percent disapproval.


    Democrats are feeling the heat, and the campaign against Obama was clearly on Clinton’s mind when he addressed a crowd of at least 1,000 at the University of Central Arkansas.

    “[Republicans] are really running against the president, aren’t they?” Clinton said. “They see the polls, the president is unpopular in Arkansas.”

    “They want you to make this a protest vote,” Clinton continued. “They’re saying, you may like these [Democrats], but hey, you know what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to vote against the president. After all, it’s your last shot.”



    oh boy…

  43. S
    October 7, 2014 at 4:08 pm
    Risen is not big media.

    He is with FOX which has devoted its coverage to exposing Obama.

    It is NYT, WashPo, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, ABC who are guilty of the cover-up.

    The chose him, they installed him, they lied for him and only now are they trying to pull back.

    I say they need to go down hard along with him.

    They have betrayed the country and been his enabler up til now.

    If this were Noah’s Arc, I would reserve a spot for Johanthan Karl.

    The rest of them deserve to drown/

    They have no honor.

  44. wbboei

    this is James Risen from the NYT…he did a lot of exposure on the surveillance programs

    a bit confusing…

    it is James Rosen who works for Fox…O definitely tried to put him in jail and supposedly even investigated his parents

    bottom line, O would like them all in jail

  45. Leon Panetta, other former Obama subordinates show stunning disloyalty
    By Dana Milbank
    Hardly surprising.

    Milbank is a cockroach.

    Milbank is a graduate of YALE UNIVERSITY.

    Milbank was a member of THE PROGRESSIVE PARTY of the Yale Political Union.

    Milbank is a member of the secret society SKULL AND BONES.

    Milbank, who is Jewish, has been married since 1993 to Dona Lynn DePasquale.

    Milbank is the cockroach who produced a video during the 2008 primary in which he CALLED HILLARY A BITCH.

    Milbanks partner in crime was Chris Cilezza.

    Milbank and Cilezza were then given a 2 week suspension without pay by WashPo.

    Milbank and Cilezza would have been fired if they had worked for a legitimate newspaper.

  46. Like so many other members of big media, Milbank is a rootless cosmopolitan. He places no value on the welfare of this nation. He and his family have the money and connections to weather most any economic storm. So he writes article like this, which raise two important questions:

    1. first, why would people like Gates, Hillary and Panetta all publish their critiques of Obama while he is still in office. Milbank asks us to believe they do so out of disloyalty to Obama. That explanation does not wash. These are senior people who respect the ground rules of serving in an administration. Under normal circumstances they would observe those ground rules. But where, as here, the man is destroying the nation, loyalty to Obama becomes disloyalty to the nation. By the way, this was the same moral dilemma that Erwin Rommel faced when he decided that the welfare of the nation superceded loyalty to the commander in chief.

    2. second, why does Milbank condemn such actions? I believe it is precisely because he is a rootless cosmopolitan who supported Obama, and he does not care what happens to the nation. How dare he hide the truth from the American People. He may discover, in the fulsomeness of time that he and his ilk are toxic waste and not worth consulting in the future.

  47. This Bidenesque bullshit that a former cabinet member must wait until after the president is out of office to criticize him is folly. If they wait until then, the problems that president creates are a fait a compli, millions of lives are affected, and the criticism ends up in the history books of a dusty library. On the contrary, it is imperative that they speak out so that a succession of problems attributable to a character flaw hidden from the public by big media be recognized and dealt with in the moment. To delay it is to ignore it and to ignore it is apt to create a thousand misfortunes.

  48. The thing with the dog makes no sense. It they think dogs are a problem they need to quarantine him and then test him to make a case if he is dangerous. The big deal is the information. Do they think the dog would have the virus internally or externally? Are they just freaking out?

  49. Thanks for that update on the dogs Lu.

    That totally sucks, Ebola is really a quick killer of many species.

  50. this is enough to give you a migrane!


    Judicial Watch, which has used the Freedom of Information Act and lawsuits to uncover Air Force travel and Secret Service security costs of presidents for years, said that since taking office, the Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden have charged taxpayers over $40 million for vacations.

    “The Obamas continually abuse the public trust and raid the taxpayers’ coffers for unnecessarily luxurious and incessant vacations and travel,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

    “The very fact that we repeatedly must file Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits to obtain this information reveals that the ‘most transparent administration in history’ knows that its behavior is extravagant and, therefore, seeks to cover it up,” he added.


    and that is not even counting all the WH parties – a recent article stated that they try to hide listing the WH events and have lavish parties with their friends, celebrities and entertainers

    one big party…who has time to strategize or plan for wars and serious stuff for the country’s safety…tra la la la la…nothing there, they’ll wait to read about it in the newspaper “like everyone else”

    …also schools are getting rid of MO’s food plans…one recently balked “she sends her kids to private schools – who monitors what they are eating…while she wants our kids to eat rabbit food…

  51. Multi-tasking mission creep is a problem in business, the military and other agencies. Do one thing and do it well.

    CDC multitasking hurts Ebola fight: Column

    Disease control shouldn’t extend to playground safety and occupational hazards.

    “You had one job!” is the punchline on a popular Internet meme involving organizational screw-ups. Now critics are saying something similar about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response the agency’s handling of the Ebola outbreak. Unfortunately, it’s not true. While we’d be better off if the CDC only had one job — you know, controlling disease— the CDC has taken on all sorts of jobs unrelated to that task. Jobs that seem to have distracted its management and led to a performance that even the establishment calls “rocky.” Going forward, we need to learn this lesson, for the CDC, for other agencies, and for the government as a whole. [snip]

    Nonetheless, when Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Dallas, the system didn’t work. Having allegedly lied to Liberian officials to get on the plane, Duncan was initially sent home from the hospital in Dallas (originally blamed on a computer glitch, though that story changed), even though he told a nurse he had come from Liberia. Then, once he was quarantined, family members were left in a contaminated apartment for days with Ebola-ridden bedding and linens, while state and federal authorities wrangled over permits needed to clean the apartment. Eventually, the family was moved to housing provided by members of a “local faith-based community.” Last week, the CDC admitted that it wasn’t ready because “We let our guard down a little bit.”

    Yes. These are problems that should have been thought of in advance — and maybe would have been, if the CDC actually had only one job. But, in fact, the CDC has multiple jobs, having involved itself in everything from playground safety to smoking in subsidized housing.

    In 2014, the CDC received (together with the Public Health Service and related programs) $6.8 billion. But not all of that money went to infectious diseases. In addition to the CDC’s supposed raison d’etre, there were programs for:

    Chronic disease prevention (obesity, heart disease, etc): fiscal 2014 budget approximately $1 billion, or just under 15% of the total budget.

    Birth defects: $132 million, or just about 2% of the total budget.

    Environmental health (asthma, safe water, etc): $179 million, 2.6% of total.

    Injury prevention (domestic violence, brain injury, etc): $150 million, 2.2% of total.

    Public health services (statistics, surveillance, etc): $482 million, 7% of total.

    Occupational safety (mostly research): $332 million, 5% of total.

    And, of course, the various busy-body looks at playgrounds, smoking in subsidized housing, and the like. As The Federalist’s David Harsanyi writes: “The CDC, an agency whose primary mission was to prevent malaria and then other dangerous communicable diseases, is now spending a lot of time, energy and money worrying about how much salt you put on your steaks, how close you stand to second-hand smoke and how often you do calisthenics.”

    These other tasks may or may not be important, but they’re certainly a distraction from what’s supposed to be the CDC’s “one job” — protecting America from a deadly epidemic. And to the extent that the CDC’s leadership has allowed itself to be distracted, it has paid less attention to the core mission.

    In an era where new disease threats look to be growing, the CDC needs to drop the side jobs and focus on its real reason for existence. But, alas, the problem isn’t just the CDC. It’s everywhere.

    It seems that as government has gotten bigger, and accumulated more and more of its own ancillary responsibilities, it has gotten worse at its primary tasks. It can supervise snacks at elementary schools, but not defend the borders; it can tax people to subsidize others’ health-care plans but not build roads or bridges; and it can go after football team names but can’t seem to deal with the Islamic State terror group.

    Multitasking results in poorer performance for individuals. It also hurts the performance of government agencies, and of government itself. You have one job. Try doing it.

    When businesses merge or grow outside their area of expertise disaster follows. AOL/TimeWarner come to mind. It’s why Ebay and Paypal split. It’s why companies that start with vertical parking garages then move on to gyms and hotels fail. Stick to what you know.

  52. O’Reilly on soon. We’ll see if O’Reilly expands the topics of discussion to Benghazi.

    Here’s some more Panetta:

    Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared President Barack Obama’s approach to be like a law professor, however without the aspect of rolling up his sleeves and to get the job done.

    Instead he suggested Obama has given up.

    Panetta said, “He [Obama] approaches things like a law professor in presenting a logic of his position. There is nothing wrong with that. We want to have a president who thinks through the issues. My experience in Washington is that logic alone doesn’t work. Once you lay out a position, you are going to roll up your sleeves and you have to fight to get it done. That is key in Washington. In order for presidents to succeed, they cannot just — when they run into problems, step back and give up.”

    “There is a feeling and I have a feeling that the leadership and the president have given up on the big issues facing this country whether it’s immigration or a budget deal or infrastructure funding or trade or energy. there is a sense that you can’t deal with that. This country needs that. They can’t give up.”


  53. O’Reilly is like a kid in a candy store. Brutal questions towards Panetta about Barack Obama. Very good interview. It’s still going on.

  54. Leon Panetta, other former Obama subordinates show stunning disloyalty
    By Dana Milbank

    S, there was a time when journalists actually did “investigative reporting” and exposed government officials and others in power whose actions reflected corruption or incompetence.

    Makes you wonder what would have happened had a “Deep Throat” come to Milbanks with a story about Obama’s failures and corruption. I’m guessing Ole Dana, would have tried to beat him to death with his laptop.

  55. Thanks for posting the space walk Admin.

    Breaks my heart, my dad worked for NASA at Cape (Canaveral) Kennedy when he was alive. Damn OA$$hole for refunding the the real space program. I was a high school graduate, living on the Cape and watching the astronauts liftoff.

  56. Now this is damn frightening:

    The Ebola virus becoming airborne is a possible but unlikely outcome in the current epidemic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden said Tuesday.

    The outbreak involves Ebola Zaire, a strain that is passed through bodily fluids, not the air. But some experts have expressed fear about viral mutations due to the unprecedented — and rising — number of Ebola cases.

  57. Why the hell is Turkey, running away from ISIS, and letting them murder, their own on the border? Where the hell is NATO?
    They have been buying cheap oil from, ISIS, can this be the ridiculous, reason? I think not.

  58. Shadowfax

    October 7, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    The Ebola virus becoming airborne is a possible but unlikely outcome in the current epidemic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden said Tuesday.

    The outbreak involves Ebola Zaire, a strain that is passed through bodily fluids, not the air. But some experts have expressed fear about viral mutations due to the unprecedented — and rising — number of Ebola cases.

    It is exactly this worthless attitude being spread by high level officials like this moron leading the CDC that will cause a PANDEMIC. The problem with viruses is exactly what we should be afraid of – mutations. Because of their relatively simple biological design, they have the ability to evolve generationally, extremely rapidly. Recall the initial problems we had dealing with HIV. It would mutate inside of 50 generations to a different strain, making each previous cocktail designed to destroy that particular strain ineffective against the new strain. We finally got a handle on the bug at 5th HIV strain (to be accurate, we are at HIV-1 group P). But that took YEARS and cost BILLIONS of dollars to do. And that was a pathogen that does not have the ability to travel between species. Fast forward to bird flu and swine flu. The underlying virus is basically the same – the flu virus. Its ability to survive within animals like birds and pigs and then BRING THE DEFENSES IT ACQUIRED IN THEM AND HAVE A MUCH MORE POTENT EFFECT IN HUMANS is what makes those strains so much of a problem. Now we have a killer virus that is moving into a population (wait for it) AS WE ARE COMING UPON THE SEASON OF ITS OWN MOBILE VIRUS THAT IS AIRBORNE!!!! If in the not so unlikely event that someone with a active flu virus comes into contact with someone with an dormant Ebola virus, the possibility of it becoming airborne ramps up EXPONENTIALLY simply because the two species in contact may have the ability to gain each others strengths inside a wonderful incubator.

    While there need not be panic at the CDC, there must be a much much MUCH more serious attitude taken at the possibilities that could happen. All the worse case scenarios should be planned for NOW and not after the first hundred deaths stateside. Richard Clarke said it so perfectly in his apology – We were guilty of a failure of imagination. That stupid quote by Frieden is EXACTLY that same failure.

    Hillary 2016

  59. jbstonesfan
    October 7, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Watching O’Riley interview. The best thing he has done in a long time.
    But do notice, this interview is somewhere between a direct and a cross examination.

    Panetta actually helps O’Reilly at times, by the answers he gives and the artful way he communicates them.

    Frankly, I was impressed with Panetta.

    So much so that of all the people Hillary might select for a running mate, he would be a good choice.

    Unlike O’Donolin, Brazil, Rice, Power and so many other fixtures in the Administration Panetta cares about the country.

  60. As Panetta makes brutally clear, reasonable minds can differ on whether Obama understands the gravity of the risk and has the stomach to deal with it. Panetta claims he does. But this is damning Obama with faint praise, because in the next breathe he says the problem is getting Obama to act–to make the critical decision. I would venture to say that this was the problem on the night of the Benghazi attack–he and Dempsey could not get Obama to make the critical decision. Let’s see if O’Reilly is able to get into that subject in the second segment of the interview. Like I said before, I suspect Panetta will say he cannot comment because of the pendancy of the Benghazi Select Committee investigation.

  61. Bill O’ – “Is Baracko failing to….x,y and z?”

    Panetta – “I want the President to succeed.”

    Bill O’ – “Didn’t you tell him he had to a, b and c?”

    Panetta – “I want the President to succeed.”

    Bill O’ wanting to lay blame on Hillary in Benghazi…

    Panetta – “I know Hillary, and if she had known that the embassy was in grave danger, she would have done something about it”.

  62. In This Election, Obama’s Party Benches Him
    But other Democrats contend that Mr. Obama is a drag on his party. Even among young voters and women, two of Mr. Obama’s core constituencies, the president has lost popularity.
    “We have built on the targeting and turnout operations that the Obama campaign developed and are involving the president to engage voters in the most efficient ways,” said Matt Canter, a senior official at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Mr. Obama is taping recordings that will be used for get-out-the-vote phone calls, radio ads and videos. But that such targeted efforts — “efficient ways,” as Mr. Canter put it — are being used, rather than deploying the president to swing states, speaks to his weak standing.
    Democrats beyond Mr. Obama’s orbit also dispute the idea that the president has a special hold on the rising demographic that has given the party a formidable electoral coalition.
    “We began building a Democratic coalition well before this president, and it’s going to be strong well after this president,” said Rick Palacio, chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party, noting that candidates there tapped into the state’s changing demographics to win in 2004. Snip

    First you have to love the unequivocal way the CO Dem Party chair speaks of Obama’s “value” to the party.
    Then I at least am going to wonder if BO will be making videos as explicit as he did last fall: “President Obama: Vote for Cory”

  63. foxy, lol.


    Panetta – “I know Hillary, and if she had known that the embassy was in grave danger, she would have done something about it”.

    Now that’s what Im talking about.

  64. Administrator, please turn off the first video (October 7 at 7:54). It comes on automatically when we go to comments. Thanks

  65. Check out Drudge, headliner has a huge text graphic of the word ‘EBOLA’, and the ‘O’ in the word is the Hopey-Changie Obama logo.


  66. DALLAS (AP) — The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died Wednesday morning in a Dallas hospital, according to a hospital spokesman.

    Thomas Eric Duncan was pronounced dead at 7:51 a.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where he was admitted Sept. 28 and has been kept in isolation, according to spokesman Wendell Watson.

    So much for the airport security checking people’s temps…his was normal when he entered the US.

    From “no fever” to dead in 18 days…with the best healthcare.

  67. He’s so fine . . . David Brooks, Dana Milbank, Andrew Sullivan, Tom Friedman quartet. And the clueless 52%!. Not to worry. Not to worry. Not to worry. Back then you had only Bill Clinton. Today you have me–the narcissist in chief. And I can do anything I want. Personally, I am less concerned about the 40 million he has spent on vacations–he and Jolt’n Joe. I am more concerned about these damned fundraisers, thrown by unpatriotic plutocrats which take him away from important briefings about ISIS, Ebola and all the other things the job he occupies call for. Yes, he’s so fine, but only to those miscreant pseudo journalists.


    So about this Ebola stuff …

    Once upon a time President Obama was forced to lecture the excitable, tabloid-obsessed public about what a nothingburger Ebola was. The chances of the virus ever reaching the United States were “extremely low.” He continued, “In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home… . we have world-class facilities and professionals ready to respond. And we have effective surveillance mechanisms in place.”

    That was two weeks ago. Two. Weeks. To paraphrase the great Derek Smalls, at this point, I raise a practical question: How bad could this get? Because I’m about 72 hours away from ordering my Costco survivalist food buckets. And as Matt Continetti argues, the case for panic is pretty convincing.

    Reading the Washington Post’s long tick-tock over the weekend, what struck me was how closely the Ebola crisis resembles the script of fictional virus thrillers, movies like Contagion and Outbreak and books like The Stand and Dreamcatcher.

    A cute and innocent Patient Zero? Check:

    The first Ebola cases surfaced in late 2013 in Guinea, in the rain forest in the district of Guéckédou, close to borders with Liberia and Sierra Leone. No one knows exactly when the virus jumped into the human population, or from which animal species – a fruit bat is one possibility – but the first victim is believed to have been a 2-year-old girl or someone close to her.

    Initial happy talk from authorities designed to downplay the problem? Check.

    The virus spread from Guinea to Liberia, where two people died in late March. On April 1, Sierra Leone reported that two of its citizens had died in Guinea, probably from Ebola, and that their bodies had been returned to their native country.

    That same day, the WHO urged calm.

    “This is relatively small still. The biggest outbreaks have been over 400 cases,” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said at a news conference in Geneva, referring to previous outbreaks in Congo and Uganda.

    A model with an epi curve showing how the death toll could move quickly past a million? Check:

    On Sept. 23, the CDC released a report estimating that, without a more robust response, as many as 1.4 million Ebola cases could potentially erupt in Liberia and Sierra Leone by Jan. 20. That didn’t include Guinea, where health data remains sketchy. A vigorous response in Nigeria has cleared the virus there after only eight deaths; a separate, unrelated outbreak of Ebola has been reported in Congo.

    A global bureaucracy that is ruled by PC doctrine rather than common sense? Check:

    The WHO is responsible for coordinating global health emergencies, but the legislative body that oversees it has repeatedly voted to emphasize noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease and cancer rather than infectious diseases.

    And refuses to take the threat seriously at the outset? Check:

    The WHO, an arm of the United Nations, is responsible for coordinating international action in a crisis like this, but it has suffered budget cuts, has lost many of its brightest minds and was slow to sound a global alarm on Ebola. Not until Aug. 8, 4 1 ⁔ 2 months into the epidemic, did the organization declare a global emergency. Its Africa office, which oversees the region, initially did not welcome a robust role by the CDC in the response to the outbreak.

    Dithering American president who fails to act after being personally briefed by a doctor who’s seen the carnage? Check.

    Frieden had seen plenty of death over the years, but this was far worse than he expected, a plague on a medieval scale. “A scene out of Dante,” he called it.

    Shaken, he flew back to the United States on Aug. 31 and immediately briefed President Obama by phone. The window to act was closing, he told the president in the 15-minute call.

    We’ve seen this movie before, and it never ends well. Let’s hope that out there, somewhere, there’s a quirky, yet ruggedly handsome, scientist with a plucky, attractive post-doctoral assistant who’s just one breakthrough away from developing the vaccine the world needs.

    I know_that sounds crazy and far-fetched. But the alternative is that we have to hope that the bureaucratic elites figure a way to get out of this burning building. And I don’t like our chances there, either.


  68. The Repugs will continue to loose women and gay voters until they drop the social/ religious issues and stop trying to impose their religious values on the rest of us. I have discussed this issue with conservative women friends and they just don’t get it even though they keep loosing elections here on those issues against the corrupt Tim Bishop, poster boy for term limits.
    Their position is really not that different from radical Muslims who want to impose their beliefs on everyone else. The only difference is the extremes to which they will go to impose their agenda. Just can’t live and let live each according to their own beliefs within the law.
    Gay families are created in several legal ways in this country. Bisexual people divorce and then live with a same sex partner with their children. Large numbers of children languish for years in foster care waiting for adoption. Many gay couples have been allowed to adopt these children. Whatever one’s beliefs regarding same sex marriage, no one should be discriminated against and certainly the children in gay families can not be discriminated against or ostracized. Why can’t they move on……

  69. Whoopee…..

    US to screen people at 5 major airports only….thats not going to stop anything……DUH, symbolic shit only.

  70. moon

    US to screen people at 5 major airports only….thats not going to stop anything……DUH, symbolic shit only.

    If the US did crack down at airport screening, desperate people would just take a flight somewhere on our southern borders and wall across.

    When will the body fluids of Ebola victims be used as ‘chemical’ warfare by our millions of enemies??????

  71. Ebola is one of those diseases that the only thing that will stop it is quarantine……..and then burn the shit out of everything.

    Its one of those diseases that when you find out you have it, its already too late and that is what scares the shit out of the CDC.

    They had hoped it would remain contained in the African Bush but with man poking its nose in everywhere, it just hopped on someones back and hitched a ride out of there………You won’t stop it because you can’t see it coming.

  72. wbboei October 8, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Panetta … of all the people Hillary might select for a running mate, he would be a good choice.


    Yeah, but he’s 75 years old… I must say, he doesn’t look it, though.

  73. Fox News just reported that a second person who had contact with Patient Zero Duncan is now exhibiting symptoms associated with Obama… er, Ebola.

  74. Creepy–like a stroll through Obama’s version of Dante’s inferno, where if ISIS don’t get you, Ebola will.

  75. Yup here we go again….

    Reports: person who travelled to W. Africa & had contact with #Ebola patient who died today in U.S. has been sent to Texas hospital

  76. The religious idiots on GOP sites are already comparing it to Aids……fuckin idiots…..

    Hiv can take years, decades and you need to have sex with someone to get it and for it to kill you, Ebola, you can get from just touching and get mucus or fluid on the skin and can kill you in weeks…yet these fucktards are taking it as a chance to have a go and say Gays will spread it round once they get infected……Assholes.

  77. Shit…..this makes it real…how many people has he been to this week…

    ALL: Update at 2:49 p.m.: According to the license plates on the vehicle cordoned off in the CareNow parking lot, the vehicle is registered to a Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy — a deputy who went into Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment last week, according to a story that appeared on WFAA’s website earlier this week.

    This man is a deputy sheriff, who initially went inside ebola patient’s apartment to serve notice.



    It is now being reported that officials from the CDC met a United Airlines flight last night in Newark and removed a passenger who had been vomiting on the flight along with his 10-year-old daughter.

    The sick man and his child were whisked away in masks and protective gear. The plane had come from Brussels, and the two passengers were thought to have originated from Liberia — the same travel path Ebola Patient Zero Thomas Eric Duncan took when he arrived here September 20th.

  79. Admin

    a second person who had contact with Patient Zero Duncan is now exhibiting symptoms associated with Obama… er, Ebola.

    Here we go…

    Scientists had better switch their focus to Ebola or American’s could be in very serious trouble, soon.

  80. During my second year at Annapolis, one of my classmates asked an instructor who was a Navy lieutenant with a large expensive cigar which he smoked through the entire class what should an aspiring officer do when he has doubts about an order given by his commander? The instructor responded that he should convey those doubts to the commanding officer immediately, and if they were accepted then fine, but if the commander rejected them, he should say aye aye sir and carry out the order.

    The hypothetical never assumed, however, that the commander would reject the advice, and then turn around and blame the officer for following his order when the very contingency that officer foresaw materializes and everything goes blatto.

    When a progressive maggot like Milbank calls Panetta, Hillary and Gates disloyal for pointing out that Obama was given the right advice on various matters, the consequences of rejecting that advice were made clear to him, nevertheless he disregarded that advice and went ahead with his plan, we really are in the second scenario above. Why? Because experience has shown, not once, not twice, but consistently, that Obama has a short memory and when something goes wrong he throws other people under the bus, rather than accept responsibility, and maggots like Milbank will run interference for him.

    Bottom line: the principle of loyalty up loyalty down is inviolate. But when there is no loyalty down, all bets are off. So Milbank can go fuck himself.

  81. If these revelations of serial incompetence make it harder for progressives like Milbank to sustain and perpetuate the big lie about Obama, that he is a god and it was only because he was forced to deal with mean spirited adversaries that he failed to deliver the kingdom of god he promised, then so much the better. You need hip boots when you get around assholes like Milbank because the manure is waist high.

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