Revealed: The Plan To Save Obama

There’s evidence “the plan” has already failed. What is “the plan”? The Hill publishes their amazing scoop today in a most breathless manner:

Democrats Have a Plan to Overcome Obama in Red States [snip]

With his national approval ratings mired in the low 40s seven weeks out from the Nov. 4 elections, Senate Democrats are well aware of the anchor President Barack Obama is proving to be in the midterms. It’s clear party strategists have had to tailor their red-state strategies around that reality on a map already tilted against them, with three principles at the crux of Democrats’ path to defend seats in GOP-leaning and solidly Republican states where the majority will be won or lost.

As Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Executive Director Guy Cecil outlined in an interview last week with CQ Roll Call, it’s imperative for Democrats in these states to remind voters why they supported the incumbent in the first place, to over-perform generic Democratic numbers and continue to fund persuasion efforts — along with getting out the vote — through Election Day. [snip]

In interviews on Capitol Hill last week, Democratic senators were adamant that their colleagues’ individual profiles could outweigh the inherent connection to the unpopular president, even as Republicans were exuding a growing sense that the majority is well within reach.

That’s it. That’s “the plan”. “The plan” is that in order to save Obama’s presidency they must keep the U.S. Senate under the current mismanagement and the plan to save Obama is to run away from Obama. Brilliant.

There is empirical evidence, also published today, that “the plan” has failed and will fail on election day. The evidence of the failed “plan” comes from New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has a popular incumbent who supports Barack Obama silently while pretending she is “independent” of Barack Obama. Running against the popular incumbent is a challenger “carpet bagger” who is not popular. The result should be an easy win for the popular incumbent. But the problem is Barack Obama:

Scott Brown, the former senator from Massachusetts who moved to New Hampshire to run in a more friendly environment, appears to be in a dead heat with Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a new poll shows.

A CNN/ORC International poll out Monday finds Shaheen and Brown tied among likely voters, with both obtaining the support of 48% among 735 voters surveyed. [snip]

One thing working in Shaheen’s favor is her high favorable ratings. More than half of likely voters — 54% — have a favorable view of the first-term incumbent, while Brown’s favorability is not as high. His rating currently sits at 46%.

What could be a drag on Shaheen, however, is New Hampshire residents’ opinion of the leader of her party. Thirty-eight percent of New Hampshire adults polled approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing, while 60% disapprove. Throughout the campaign, Brown has sought to tie Shaheen to Obama.

Shaheen is under 50% which is most dangerous for an incumbent. The problem is Barack Obama.

The “plan” is supposed to save Barack Obama by saving the Senate by running away from Obama – IN RED STATES. However, Jeanne Shaheen is not a candidate in a red state but in New England New Hampshire. “I’m not Barack Obama” is not going to work anywhere. Even in New England New Hampshire Barack Obama kills more effectively than Ebola.

The strain of Ebola Obama will prove particularly deadly in red states.

It gets worse.

For a long time we have derided the entire premise, the Mistake In ’08, which led the Democratic Party establishment to dump Hillary Clinton in 2008 for Barack Obama and what we analyzed as the “situation comedy” demographics of his coalition.

Particularly laughable to us was the idea that young people would stick by Barack Obama’s party once they were hooked on voting for Obama. We argued that with a treacherous, inexperienced, Barack Obama at the helm it was only a matter of time before the iceberg ripped out the sides of the ship and that young people would realize their foolishness and abandon ship.

Now that the ISIS-berg and many other calamities have struck and the ship is waterlogged are young people still smoking the Hopium? Are young people still with Obama?

Young people see their future economic lives beheaded as Barack Obama golfs. Few Americans buy into the propaganda that the Barack Obama economy works for them or works at all.

Young people, women, Latinos, African-Americans are collectively reaping what they collectively sowed in 2008 and 2012. That does not mean they will continue to burn their collective futures for the glory of their golden calf.

The New York Times says it is The Great UnravelingLong afterward, in the ruins, people asked: How could it happen?” It happened because the New York Times at times lied to protect Barack Obama and other times kept the truth buried or unpublished.

The Pope says it is a piecemeal World War III underway . We have not yet experienced the dust of the ruins let alone dug ourselves out. We’ll need a new plan for that.


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  1. The New York Times should apologize for its support of Barack Obama. Instead they write this:

    The Great Unraveling

    It was the time of unraveling. Long afterward, in the ruins, people asked: How could it happen?

    It was a time of beheadings. With a left-handed sawing motion, against a desert backdrop, in bright sunlight, a Muslim with a British accent cut off the heads of two American journalists and a British aid worker. The jihadi seemed comfortable in his work, unhurried. His victims were broken. Terror is theater. Burning skyscrapers, severed heads: The terrorist takes movie images of unbearable lightness and gives them weight enough to embed themselves in the psyche.

    It was a time of aggression. The leader of the largest nation on earth pronounced his country encircled, even humiliated. He annexed part of a neighboring country, the first such act in Europe since 1945, and stirred up a war on further land he coveted. His surrogates shot down a civilian passenger plane. The victims, many of them Europeans, were left to rot in the sun for days. He denied any part in the violence, like a puppeteer denying that his puppets’ movements have any connection to his. He invoked the law the better to trample on it. He invoked history the better to turn it into farce. He reminded humankind that the idiom fascism knows best is untruth so grotesque it begets unreason.

    It was a time of breakup. The most successful union in history, forged on an island in the North Sea in 1707, headed toward possible dissolution — not because it had failed (refugees from across the seas still clamored to get into it), nor even because of new hatreds between its peoples. The northernmost citizens were bored. They were disgruntled. They were irked, in some insidious way, by the south and its moneyed capital, an emblem to them of globalization and inequality. They imagined they had to control their National Health Service in order to save it even though they already controlled it through devolution and might well have less money for its preservation (not that it was threatened in the first place) as an independent state. The fact that the currency, the debt, the revenue, the defense, the solvency and the European Union membership of such a newborn state were all in doubt did not appear to weigh much on a decision driven by emotion, by urges, by a longing to be heard in the modern cacophony — and to heck with the day after. If all else failed, oil would come to the rescue (unless somebody else owned it or it just ran out).

    It was a time of weakness. The most powerful nation on earth was tired of far-flung wars, its will and treasury depleted by absence of victory. An ungrateful world could damn well police itself. The nation had bridges to build and education systems to fix. Civil wars between Arabs could fester. Enemies might even kill other enemies, a low-cost gain. Middle Eastern borders could fade; they were artificial colonial lines on a map. Shiite could battle Sunni, and Sunni Shiite, there was no stopping them. Like Europe’s decades-long religious wars, these wars had to run their course. The nation’s leader mockingly derided his own “wan, diffident, professorial” approach to the world, implying he was none of these things, even if he gave that appearance. He set objectives for which he had no plan. He made commitments he did not keep. In the way of the world these things were noticed. Enemies probed. Allies were neglected, until they were needed to face the decapitators who talked of a Caliphate and called themselves a state. Words like “strength” and “resolve” returned to the leader’s vocabulary. But the world was already adrift, unmoored by the retreat of its ordering power. The rule book had been ripped up.

    It was a time of hatred. Anti-Semitic slogans were heard in the land that invented industrialized mass murder for Europe’s Jews. Frightened European Jews removed mezuzahs from their homes. Europe’s Muslims felt the ugly backlash from the depravity of the decapitators, who were adept at Facebooking their message. The fabric of society frayed. Democracy looked quaint or outmoded beside new authoritarianisms. Politicians, haunted by their incapacity, played on the fears of their populations, who were device-distracted or under device-driven stress. Dystopia was a vogue word, like utopia in the 20th century. The great rising nations of vast populations held the fate of the world in their hands but hardly seemed to care.

    It was a time of fever. People in West Africa bled from the eyes.

    It was a time of disorientation. Nobody connected the dots or read Kipling on life’s few certainties: “The Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire / And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.”

    Until it was too late and people could see the Great Unraveling for what it was and what it had wrought.

  2. Admin, hearing tonight of a 2nd poll coming out tonight on the Sen race in NH and it has Scott Brown ahead of Shaheen…….

    Watch the heads explode.

  3. jeswezey
    September 15, 2014 at 5:17 am
    Here’s an article claiming outright that anthropogenic ‘global warming’ is a hoax
    I do not think Hillary is in trouble. The rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide is well documented. No doubt there are multiple things that effect the global temperatures and you could argue which is the biggest effect, but there is little chance the problem is a hoax. Here is a much better article that explains the issues more inclusively:

  4. MoonOnPluto, the illegal immigration ads aired by Scott Brown began his surge in New Hampshire. Other challengers are using Brown’s tactic. The latest is in Kentucky (notice how Politico does not say “illegal immigration” but rather “immigration”:

    Immigration is about to enter the Kentucky Senate race in a very big way.

    The main pro-Mitch McConnell outside group will spend just under $1 million over the next week, starting Tuesday, on a commercial that links Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes with President Barack Obama over their shared support for “a pathway to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants, which some conservatives say is tantamount to amnesty.

    It comes after at least four Republican Senate candidates, as well as the National Republican Senatorial Committee, have run ads accusing Democrats of being soft on the immigration issue. [snip]

    The ad from the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, says that Obama and Grimes’ plan would mean “citizenship for millions who broke the law.”

    “Illegal immigrants would become eligible for taxpayer-funded benefits: food stamps, unemployment, even Medicare,” a female narrator says in the 30-second spot, shared first with POLITICO. “Obama and Grimes: two liberals for amnesty, too liberal for us.”

    The commercial includes vintage black-and-white video footage of people hopping a border fence to enter America illegally.

    The president is shown in a clip from the White House briefing room saying, “We want to make sure that we’ve got a pathway to citizenship.”

    The ad then shows Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state, telling a local TV station, “We need an immigration bill … giving a pathway to citizenship for so many millions.”

    Grimes said at the Farm Bureau forum last month that she would have backed the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate. McConnell advocated for breaking the immigration issue up into a series of piecemeal bills.

    “Had Mitch not stood in the way of comprehensive immigration reform … we might not see the crisis we see at the border today,” Grimes said on Aug. 20. “He said ‘no’ to making sure we could have an earned pathway to citizenship — which is what I believe in.” [snip]

    On Monday, Grimes released an ad that underscores how far she’ll go to distance herself from the wildly unpopular Obama.

    “Mitch McConnell wants you to think I’m Barack Obama,” the Democrat narrates as she’s shown firing a shotgun. “I’m not Barack Obama. I disagree with him on guns, coal and the EPA.”

    Republican Senate challengers in New Hampshire, Michigan, Arkansas and Louisiana also have been on the air with tough “amnesty”-themed spots.

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s independent expenditure arm began running an ad against Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn over her support for the comprehensive immigration bill last week, forcing her to go up with a response ad over the weekend.

  5. Oh they are going to ram illegal immigration down their throats and its working everywhere, even in the deep blue states……

    Even the minorities are not happy….

  6. What the fuck is he thinking, does he want to blow up int.relations…..just about the last straw.

    Erdogan sends signals to Muslim Brotherhood (+Hamas?) that they are welcomed in Turkey as Qatar expels them+no Arab country accepting them.

  7. As Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Executive Director GUY CECIL outlined in an interview last week with CQ Roll Call, it’s imperative for Democrats in these states to remind voters why they supported the incumbent in the first place, to over-perform generic Democratic numbers and continue to fund persuasion efforts — along with getting out the vote — through Election Day.

    Cecil the sea sick sea serpent

    Now come on kids wind up your lids
    Higher than the moon
    With Guy W. Cecil in
    A Bob Clampett cartoon

  8. Cecil’s Plan smacks of the Nazi Myth of the “Southern Redoubt”

    The Alpine Fortress (German: Alpenfestung) was the World War II national redoubt planned by Heinrich Himmler in November/December 1943[a] for Germany’s government and armed forces to retreat to an area from “southern Bavaria across western Austria to northern Italy”.[b] The plan was never fully endorsed by Hitler and no serious attempt was made to put the plan into operation.

    In the six months following the D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944, the American and British armies advanced to the Rhine and seemed poised to strike into the heart of Germany, while the Soviet Army, advancing from the east through Poland, reached the Oder. It seemed likely that Berlin would soon fall and Germany be cut in half. In these circumstances, it occurred both to some leading figures in the German regime and to the Allies that the logical thing for the Germans to do would be to move the government to the mountainous areas of southern Germany and Austria, where a relatively small number of determined troops could hold out for some time.

    A number of intelligence reports to the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF) identified the area held stores of foodstuffs and military supplies built up over the preceding six months, and could even be harbouring armaments production facilities. Within this fortified terrain, they said, Hitler would be able to evade the Allies and cause tremendous difficulties for the occupying Allied forces throughout Germany.

    The final operations of the Western Allied armies in Germany between 19 April and 7 May 1945
    The Nazi Germany minister for propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, set up a special unit to invent and spread rumours about an Alpenfestung. Goebbels also sent out rumours to neutral governments, thus keeping the Redoubt myth alive and its state of readiness unclear. He enlisted the assistance of the intelligence service of the SS, the SD, to produce faked blueprints and reports on construction supplies, armament production and troop transfers to the Redoubt. This successful and utter deception of allied military intelligence is considered to be one of the greatest feats of the German Abwehr during the entire war

  9. admin

    September 15, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    The New York Times should apologize for its support of Barack Obama. Instead they write this:
    Cohen writes (poorly I might add) about the effects, but he never gets to the root cause.

    Things fall apart the center cannot hold–we get that part, Roger.

    What YOU don’t get, or do get but refuse to admit is that the reason the system is unraveling

    Is because the steward of that system, the indispensable nation, the guarantor of regional stability

    Has been hijacked by a man that YOU and your cronies at NYT put in power

    Put differently:

    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

  10. Here it is MoonOnPluto, although it is a partisan poll:

    MANCHESTER, N.H. —A poll commissioned for a locally-based Republican third-party group showed Republican Senate nominee Scott Brown leading Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for the first time since April.

    Since Brown had just 1.6 percentage point lead, well within the margin of error, poll number might be more about optics and politics that it is suggesting anything other than the race is tied.

    It is the first poll showing Brown ahead of Shaheen since April when another Republican poll, that one for the Republican Governor’s Association, also showed him up slightly.

    The Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire poll was conducted by the Colorado Republican polling outfit Magellan Strategies, which sampled 2,214 likely voters. The poll’s margin of error was +/- 2 percent.

    The last time this poll looked at the Senate race it was July when Shaheen held a 5 point lead. Since then the pollster said Brown improved his standing among Republicans and women.

    This poll came out the same day that two other polls were released in the race. A CNN poll showed the contest tied at 48 percent, while a Democratic poll had Shaheen up 51 percent to 43 percent.

  11. From end of last thread:

    So what exactly is the president’s strategy? “It would be profoundly in the interest of citizens throughout the region if Sunnis and Shiites weren’t intent on killing each other,” the president explained in the New Yorker.

    Wow. It’s really true. He really is the smartest person in the world.

    I think he could have been more specific though – maybe he could have added that it would help if they would hold hands and all sing the Arab version of Kumbayah.

    And he could have added a Plan B – like telling them that all this killing is just so 20th century.

    But otherwise, yeah, his insight is really deep and astute.

    857 more days….

  12. Free:
    Many of those in the younger generations, whose knowledge of the founding of this country, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. is limited don’t recognize the importance of maintaining and supporting them.

    When I was in high school in the late 70s in the midwest, you couldn’t graduate from high school without taking US History and the Constitution. I hope whoever takes over in politics will get that back into schools, because this country cannot survive if people don’t grow up understanding what and who we are.

    Those interviews I’ve seen of college students are scary. Imagine someone not knowing who we fought the Revolutionary War against or who was our first president.

  13. Particularly laughable to us was the idea that young people would stick by Barack Obama’s party once they were hooked on voting for Obama.

    And the youngest among the ’08 youth are now 24 – they and the current youth are well aware that Obama style leadership has made the job market suck.

  14. I see that I am not the only one who had a negative visceral reaction to the sophomoric essay by Roger Cohen. It is the kind of stuff first year college students scribble out hoping to be taken seriously. It beats around the bush in order to evade the cause in fact of the great unraveling, because to confront that cause directly would constitute a most self damning admission. The why question, which is at the center of all responsible journalism is conspicuous by its absence in his ocean of meaningless words, and disconnected thoughts. Like Charlie Rose, and others of his ilk who predominate in big media, Cohen dimly grasps the cultural and moral decay plus the absence of leadership which he and his employer have promoted in the past and now hopes separate himself from before anyone notices. It is NYT itself and people like him who are the real decadents, and the architects of our demise. A decadent newspaper run by decadents and read by decadents.
    What made Jimmy Carter’s Malaise Speech in 1979 so doubly pathetic was his assumption that “liberalism” was the sole political ideology in America and his epistemic closure in not understanding why it turned insular and withdrawn. With Cohen’s essay today, which assumes that “the great unraveling” is somehow occurring without blaming “Progressivism’s” role in both desiring it and influencing it, the Times has had a similar Malaise moment as well.

    And note Cohen’s conclusion:

    It was a time of disorientation. Nobody connected the dots or read Kipling on life’s few certainties: “The Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire / And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.”

    Until it was too late and people could see the Great Unraveling for what it was and what it had wrought.

    Who is teach Kipling to American kids these days, when he has so many strikes working against him from academia’s point of view: (1) European (2) Male and (3) pro-Colonial and pro-Empire Building and (4) Racist?

    Exit Question for both Pinch Sulzberger and Roger Cohen: Regarding Ukraine, Iraq, Europe, Africa, and the other regions mentioned in Cohen’s article — why should America do anything about them, when they’re “the other guy’s country; we shouldn’t be there?”

    Related: “Interesting to see the writer dimly grasping the reality of cultural decay, but unable to face the badthink thoughts needed to understand what’s going on.”

    Oh and finally, given Cohen’s Dickensian “it was a time of…” leitmotif in his article, recall the first words spoken at the beginning of the classic “Epic 2014″ video, which a decade ago predicted how the Times’ increasing sense of dissipation would eventually play out:

  15. Nobody connected the dots or read Kipling on life’s few certainties: “The Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire / And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.”

    Until it was too late and people could see the Great Unraveling for what it was and what it had wrought
    Nobody connected the dots????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Many of us have been screaming about these things for decades.

    Many of us have predicted what is happening now–it ain’t rocket science.

    But the comfortable elite class did not listen, did not observe, did not bother to understand.

    This is the problem Sowell alluded to.

    They ignore feedback from reality.

    And when it hits them between the eyes like a 2X4 what exactly do they do?

    They rationalize the result, and disclaim the pivotal role they played in creating the tragedy.

    Just like Roger Cohen does in that ridiculous NYT opinion piece.










    September 15th, 2014 – 3:21 pm





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    The signs of the times as read by the Roger Cohen of New York Times at least in his piece The Great Unraveling throw shadows upon a doubtful scene. He surveys our age and writes, “it was a time of beheadings. … a time of aggression. … a time of breakup. … a time of weakness…. a time of hatred. … a time of fever. … a time of disorientation.” And yet they had come to that pass sleep-walking, unmindful “until it was too late and people could see the Great Unraveling for what it was and what it had wrought.”

    It was a time of catastrophe because it was equally a time of folly. For it was a time when people got Nobel Prizes in advance of achievement; when people reviled their heritage the better to free themselves of the past as well as the future. It was time when they cast away the victory of the Cold War and the result of the Second in the vague belief they could remake the world retrospectively. It was a time when civilization apologized for its existence to the barbarians, because the only criterion they recognized for civility was guilt. It was a time when national borders were abolished by the men sworn to defend them; when students were taught it was shameful for a father to wear the uniform of his country to his daughter’s school; when people were told it insensitive — perhaps even criminal– to display the American flag. It was the hour when Teach For America determined that math was the “domain of old, white men” and was determined to teach only ”critically conscious mathematics” whose subjects were “Sweatshop Accounting,” “Racism and Stop and Frisk,” “When Equal Isn’t Fair,” “The Square Root of a Fair Share” and “Home Buying While Brown or Black.”

    Oh yes it was a time.

    A moment when homomorphism became a bigoted word and the Niggard of the Narcissus became an racist book. An occasion when L’Hôpital’s rule might be confused for a provision in Obamacare, a Strange Attractor become an LGBT term; where the Witch of Agnesi runs a spa in Beverley Hills; tensors something kids had out and syntactic sugar a substance strictly banned in the Michelle Obama school lunch program. It was a time when even Hilbert’s Hotel had become but a place of sordid assignation. It was a time. A time of ignorance with only the memory of something left behind left to give unease.

    How did it come to this?

    They are still puzzling over their estate, but the smoke of doubt has clearly crept into the temples of the establishment. The Washington Post warns that China’s “creeping invasion” of East Asia is occurring at the same time as Vladimir Putin’s slow motion takeover of the Ukraine. And not just the smoke of doubt, but the smell of actual fear. The New Republic notes with alarm that “Obama’s Scariest ISIS Comment Yet is: ‘I’m Not Going to Anticipate Failure’”. It’s just hit them: there’s no Plan B.

    President Obama made the comment in a private, off-the-record meeting with a select group of journalists before his prime-time speech last week. On Sunday, Peter Baker, who was not at the meeting, reported in the New York Times about what was said there. Among other things, Obama was reportedly asked how he would adjust his strategy if his new plan proved unsuccessful. “I’m not going to anticipate failure at this point,” Obama responded, according to Baker’s report.

    Second-hand accounts of these meetings often unintentionally warp the true meaning of the president’s statement. But if Baker’s reporting is correct, it represents a dangerous mentality from the Obama administration. If we’ve learned anything from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is that we should anticipate failure. There’s almost a zero percent chance that Obama’s plan will be perfectly successful—or even somewhat successful. Already, over the weekend, there are reports that the Free Syrian Army—one of the factions of moderate rebels that Obama wants to arm—will not take part in the new coalition to defeat ISIS. Those reports could prove false, but they demonstrate just how fraught the conditions are in the Middle East.

    But perhaps the truth is scarier. There wasn’t a Plan A either. Never was. Andrew Sullivan is slowly beginning to realizes there was perhaps never a coherent plan at all. He writes, “Obama’s New War: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb”. Sullivan left out the last “dumb”. In Radical Math such lists the expletives (separated by spaces) should arrive in even numbers.

    The liberal flagships are beginning to feel the scales falling from their eyes. And they don’t want to look, because they’re out on the edge and it is too far to fall. One of Elizabeth Scalia’s most telling insights is that “‘smart, urbane, sophisticated” people saw themselves shining in Obama, as the idolaters saw their reflections in golden calf. And that vanity blinded them to the obvious until now, when it is almost too late; it made them see as the Duke of Wellington a man who was only just Harry Flashman, a clever adventurer with a talent for taking credit for things. A blank screen who was just a blank screen.

    That’s how it came to this. Now perhaps their only chance is to keep going in the barrel until it zooms over the Niagra falls, hoping they will make it past the rocks to some, to any stretch of beach. For as Flashman once observed, “there’s a point, you know, where treachery is so complete and unashamed that it becomes statesmanship.” What’s the alternative to stupidity now? Now that they’ve gone so far it’s almost a shame not to see it through to the end. And therein rests the last remaining chance of the liberal establishment, imploring such divinities as they still believe in — luck maybe — that their hero can create a chaos so complete it will embroil the entire Muslim world, Russia and China in a vast conflagration before it consumes them.

    And if doesn’t work, here’s Flashman’s last-ditch advice. “Thats what you young chaps have to remember. When you run, RUN! Full speed. Don’t dither or dally even for an instant. Let terror have his way, for he’s the best friend you’ve got”. We’re not at the running stage yet, but give it time. Give it time.

  17. Medical Expert: Ebola Virus May Be Airborne

    Monday, 15 Sep 2014 01:29 PM

    By Melissa Clyne

    It’s feasible that the U.S. government is not being forthcoming with the American people about how easily the Ebola virus can be contracted and whether it’s an airborne virus, according to medical expert Dr. Jane Orient, who appeared Monday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.”

    “One of the biggest question about this disease that I’m not sure the CDC is answering honestly is whether it’s contagious before the person has symptoms, particularly before he’s really sick,” she said.

    “Some say, oh don’t worry about if a person is not really, really sick you’re not going to get it, it requires intimate contact. But by intimate may mean that somebody bled on you or threw up on you and one thing about this virus is it takes very, very few viral particles to establish an infection and you can catch it through your skin.”

    “There is some evidence, she added, based on animal studies and the Canadian Public Health Service that the highly contagious virus is airborne.”

    “The CDC so far is saying that it isn’t, you can’t get it through the air,” she said.

    There are many unknowns, according to Orient, such as how many casualties may result from Ebola, which is spreading like wildfire across West Africa, and when it might make its way to the United States.

    “The CDC says it’s inevitable that it will and of course the people that we have brought back who were infected were brought under very good isolation,” she said.

    Orient questioned why President Barack Obama is sending troops to Sierra Leone rather than the United States’ southern border.

    “What if somebody is walking across the border who’s not yet sick?

    “We know that West Africans have come across our southern border. In past years they’ve been apprehended we don’t know how many are coming who have not been apprehended so again, there are lots of routes by which this virus can enter the country and it won’t necessarily be on a CDC airplane with negative pressure to keep any potential of airborne virus from infecting them.”

    Read Latest Breaking News from
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  18. Wbboei, regarding your comment on the Cohen article highlighting the excellent Richard Hernandez article. Lots of us saw the tin plated calf for what he was. Now, psychiatrist Krauthammer agrees with our diagnosis from years ago that Obama is a narcissist. Here are three of our “narcissist” articles:

    Here is Krauthammer’s version:

    Conservative columnist — and former psychiatrist — Charles Krauthammer took time Monday for presidential couch analysis, saying the President Barack Obama is not manic, but rather a narcissist, who “talks like the emperor, Napoleon.”

    “So I decided when I left psychiatry never to use my authority. But let me just say as a layman, without invoking any expertise, Obama is clearly a narcissist in the non-scientific use of the word. He is so self-involved, you see it from his rise,” Krauthammer said Monday on the Hugh Hewitt Show, according to a transcript.

    Pointing to what Krauthammer called the “theater” of Obama’s 2008 campaign, he continued to slam and assess the president’s personality.

    “I think he’s extremely self-involved. He sees himself in very world historical terms, which means A) because he’s an amateur, he doesn’t know very much, and B) because he’s a narcissist, he doesn’t listen,” Krauthammer said.

    The conservative emphasized that he doesn’t like to use is authority on psychiatric analyses, “because you really can’t do it at a distance,” but nevertheless offered up a take on Obama.

    “My specialty when I was a psychiatrist was bipolar disease. And I wrote some papers on manic disease. He’s not manic, and I don’t think he’s depressed,” Krauthammer said.

    He also noted that Obama’s speeches often refer to himself, which Krauthammer suggested Obama has done more than his White House predecessors.

    “This is a guy, you look at every one of his speeches, even the way he introduces high officials – I’d like to introduce my secretary of state. He once referred to ‘my intelligence community’. And in one speech, I no longer remember it, ‘my military’. For God’s sake, he talks like the emperor, Napoleon,” Krauthammer said.

    He continued, “He does have this sense of this all being a drama about him, and everybody else is just sort of part of the stage.

  19. The “elites” aren’t elite anymore. They are now the stupid. This is just a glimmer they are starting to see over the horizon. Since some of them are paid by the word it will be hashed out in the NYT and other “elite” publications as they try to deduce cause and effect. They are at the stage of focusing on their “symbol” Obama. The hack Cohen was tasked with getting the conversation about failure going and hopefully far away from themselves. Elites will claim no part in it. It is Obama’s skin or theirs. The race for US Senators to become the most “anti-Obama” is on. The illegal immigration hordes with taxpayer funded welcome buses was the tipping point. When will we see the standard fascist “we didn’t know” excuses? Soon I think.

  20. Any way I consider this, it is a reprehensible assignment for our military. US to send 3,000 troops to help tackle the Ebola outbreak.Snip The U.S. response to the crisis, to be formally unveiled later by President Barack Obama, includes plans to build 17 treatment centers, train thousands of healthcare workers and establish a military control center for coordination, U.S. officials told reporters. snip

    IOW he’ll degrade & sicken our military before he deals with ISIS.

  21. admin

    September 16, 2014 at 2:47 am
    Yes of course.

    And I have been on the same trail as well.

    I wrote 5 papers on it, and circulated them to business leaders.

    I must give credit to SHV for first alerting me to the psychological component.

    That is important to understanding Obama himself and his co-dependents in the press–like Seib.

    The sad part of it is, now that the forces of darkness are in retreat.

    Now that problems are cascading upon us everywhere we look

    The fact that we were right, and tried to tell the truth becomes rather moot.

    Except perhaps to historians who wish to be objective–not partisans.

    And that may be the largest tragedy of all.

    When the smoke cleared, all that remains on the battlefield are partisans.

    Those ignorant armies who clash by night, as Yeats put it.

    All poised to vivisect anyone who comes forth with constructive solutions.

    Sadly, chaos always manages to find its own equilibrium.

    It ends in tyranny ruled not by the power of the dollar, but by the power of the gun.

    In our case, that means the police state and the end of the constitutional order.

    The final irony in that is that organizations like the ACLU are primarily responsible for its demise.

  22. ” They are at the stage of focusing on their “symbol” Obama. The hack Cohen was tasked with getting the conversation about failure going and hopefully far away from themselves. Elites will claim no part in it. It is Obama’s skin or theirs.”


    Spot-on, Mormaer. Before it’s all over, they will claim collective victimhood, asserting that “we” as a country were so captivated by this eloquent, well-intentioned, if naive Barack, that we gave him the keys to the kingdom.

    Of course we know that explanation is a lie – many lies. It was not “we” who were taken in. It was “them”. Barack was eloquent only with the help of speech writers and a teleprompter, and he was never well-intentioned.

    Next they’ll try to absolve Barack (and themselves), by painting him as a victim of sorts. They will try to convince us that Barack was pressed into service before he was ready, before his time. “We” were so eager to have an AA candidate for president, especially one so un-warlike, so capable of healing all of the divisions within this land, that we implored him to lead us. We were unconcerned about the cost to Barack,. In the end, we were all (Barack included) mere victims of our better natures.

    If they attempt any variation on these themes, we need to call “bull shit” as loudly as possible.

    “They” – the elite progressives, the DNC, the Dims within the Dem party, the Media, and Barack, himself – deliberately duped this country (or the less well informed within it – those who had not availed themselves of the wisdom of Big Pink and other sources who knew the truth). They refused to vet Barack. They hid information about him. They refused to listen when others tried to scream the truth – worse, they belittled and condemned anyone, including the Clintons) who tried to enlighten them about the glaring flaws of the not ready for prime time presidential candidate.

    They are not victims. Barack is not a victim. And the rest of us, though we would be entitled to do so will reject the label for ourselves and refuse to adopt a victim’s stance. We will finally get Barack out of office. We will tell the progressives to STFU. We’ll elect Hillary president, and support her administration as it works to repair the damage done by these so-called “victims”.

  23. Just to borrow a couple more lines from that poem by Yeats

    “The best lack all conviction”—that would be Roberts and his ilk

    “While the worst are full of passionate intensity”—that would be Sharpton, Jackson, Matthews, msnbc executives, cnn etc.

  24. Spot-on, Mormaer. Before it’s all over, they will claim collective victimhood, asserting that “we” as a country were so captivated by this eloquent, well-intentioned, if naive Barack, that we gave him the keys to the kingdom.
    Queen Victoria had a regal habit of saying “we” when she really meant “I”. This was entirely forgivable however, because, as Queen of England and sovereign of an empire upon which the sun never set, she spoke for a large portion of humanity, for whom her word, her sense of what was right was akin to papal law.

    The elites we have today command no such deference. They may hold a lot of wealth, and they do talk the talk, but none of them walk the walk. Laura Ingraham has called out that little maggot Zuckerberg, and confronted him with the contradictions and hypocricies that inhere in his position on immigration. Throw open the flood gates to this country and shame on those who claim we have borders, but if you come on my property, or enter my mansion, I will use all my wealth and power to put you in prison for 99 years with no possibility of parole. Again–the Tragedy of the Commons.

  25. Grimes just lost the race in Kentucky.

    They have struck her Achilles heel–amnesty.

    Coal, guns, etc. she can separate herself from Obama on.


    The elites don’t worry about this but they should.

    They are next on the hit parade.

    Its too bad because I so wanted that useless sack of shit McConnell to be defeated.

    Why Grimes ever said we would not have the problem at the southern border if the senate bill had been passed

    I for one will never know

    It was stupid for her to open that door.

  26. In an attempt to consider the subtler points the progressives and media may offer as they portray themselves and their leader as victims, I overlooked a more obvious and well-used one. Of course this country is still too RACIST to accept the half-black president they selected. Barack, they will argue (again) was the victim of racial hatred.

    Truthfully, he promoted racial hatred of blacks against whites.

  27. We’re going back into Iraq………should never have left.

    Testifying on Capitol Hill Tuesday in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey said that although “we’re not there yet,” the United States may eventually need to deploy U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS if a coalition and airstrikes fail to get the job done against the terror army.

    “My view at this point is that this coalition is the appropriate way forward. I believe that will prove true but if it fails to be true and if there are threats to the United States then I of course would go back to the President and make a recommendation that we include the use of U.S. military ground forces. To be clear, if we reach the point where I believe our advisers should accompany Iraqi troops on attacks against specific ISIL targets, I will recommend that to the president,” Dempsey said.


    This is what happens when you remove troops for a political gain……Obama is a an idiot.

  28. Obama was told the job in Iraq was not finished but he wanted a headline and now its all going to go to shit….back into Iraq with tails between our legs.

  29. Hagel confronted and heckled on the floor of congress…..what’s wrong Dems, don’t you like the treatment Bush got?

  30. It’s a long article but not a complete list:

    10 Ways Obama Has Failed as President [snip]

    1. He didn’t heal our racial divisions. [snip]

    2. The stimulus didn’t stimulate. [snip]

    3. Financial reform didn’t reform. [snip]

    4. ObamaCare is a boondoggle. [snip]

    5. Obama failed to reform immigration. [snip]

    6. He withdrew prematurely from Iraq. [snip]

    7. He blew the Arab Spring. [snip]

    8. Obama ignored the threat of a resurgent Russian dictatorship. [snip]

    9. He didn’t shut down Guantanamo, keep the NSA from spying, or rein in the drones. [snip]

    10. He has made America irrelevant. [snip]

    I don’t know if you could come up with a more comprehensive list of presidential failures, encompassing foreign policy and domestic policy, economics, race, and immigration. And I’m sure I left a lot of things off this list, not least of which is the targeting of Obama’s political opponents by a corrupt IRS, which continues to announce the oh-so-mysterious loss of potentially incriminating data by its employees.

    Combine all of this with his frequent vacations and golf outings and his fascination with the trappings of pop-culture celebrity, and you get the impression that Obama has checked out of the presidency and lost interest in the responsibility he is neither willing nor able to shoulder.

  31. Its a right old popcorn day…code pink and their ilk hitting hagel and the senate and the whole Iraq scenarion blown up by General Dempsey…whatever next?

  32. true dat, foxy.
    Jon Stewart Mercilessly Tears Into Obama for Acting ‘Chaotic & Confused’ on Islamic State (Video here with ad)
    Sep. 16, 2014 2:10am Oliver Darcy
    Comedian Jon Stewart skewered President Barack Obama during his program Monday night, accusing him of acting “chaotic and confused” on how to deal with the Islamic State.
    Stewart played back clips from senior Obama administration officials, attempting to illustrate that the mixed messaging coming out of the White House on the terror group.
    In another part of the segment, the “Daily Show” host poked fun at National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s characterization of the conflict as a “sustained counter-terroism campaign.”
    “Imagine if George Lucas had called his movie ‘Star Sustained Counter-Terrorism Campaigns,’” Stewart joked.
    After slamming Kerry for appearing to flip-flop on his use of terminology to describe the conflict, Stewart explained why he thinks the use of language is important.
    “There are legal reifications to this. How we define the conflict will inform who has the authority to address the threat from (the Islamic State),” he said.
    Stewart then highlighted the irony in Obama justifying his ability to take action against the Islamic State through the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force — something he actually want repealed.
    (H/T: Mediaite)

  33. These schools should be in Detroit:

    Two Chicago Schools Renamed To Honor The Obamas
    The Barack Obama School of Leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

    Two schools in the Park Forest-Chicago Heights district, grades fourth through eight, are getting new names to honor the president and first lady.

    According to the Southland Star, a publication of the Chicago Sun-Times, at the start of the school year the district went through a realignment. Part of that move included renaming two schools after President Obama and Michelle Obama.

    Beacon Hill was changed to the Barack Obama School of Leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Forest Trail is now the Michelle Obama School of Technology and the Arts.

    None of the Obamas know anything at all about Leadership – Science – Technology – Engineering – Math or the Arts.

    A school about how to be a fashion freak named after Michelle would make some sense. A poster warning children not to be a boob like Barack would also make sense.

  34. Barack H Obama ‏@ObamaStrawman 3h
    Yes, it’s more important that I protect Africans from Ebola than I protect America from foreign invasion from the south, or terrorism. -bo

  35. The Barack Obama School of Leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


    Are they having a luagh with that title……..

    Take out leadership…..add in Fiction, and busted Economy and you have it


    The Barack Obama school of Failure, Science Fiction, Procrastinating and Busted Economy…..


    The Michelle Obama school of Arugula, Back Garden Farming and Bad Fashion.

    There I fixed it.

  36. admin

    September 16, 2014 at 4:15 pm
    It is a mistake to name any center of higher learning in Obama’s honor.

    If they want to give him the credit he deserves they will re-open Joliette Prison (1858-2002)

    After all, it is located in Illionis, from whence he came.

    Over the years, it was home to many of his associates.

    We could re-name it: The Grand Obama Hotel

    The guest list would be restricted to those who milked the system

    And have shown a propensity for anti social behavior

    Obama would be given the penthouse suite and preside over the place.

    Like Napoleon on St. Helena–“the cursed rock”.

    The nickname for that wing?

    The One—that got away.

  37. The could be an Eric Holder wing, with wall murals of that pretender taking over the student union building at Yale.

    Lobotomies would be offered to all did not support Obama.

    But not to those who supported them.

    They do not need lobotomies–there is nothing between their ears to lobot.

  38. Not everyone is as enamorate of big media as I am. Not everyone admires the way they speak truth to power, function as an honest broker, and serve the general welfare. We can be grateful to them for soliciting our views, and never denying feedback. And let it never be said that they incite, inflame, and lie through their teeth for a base purpose. So, like Groucho said, who you goanna believe? This tripe spun from the publicists of NBC and CNN–or your lying eyes? The good news is Nolte ain’t buying it. Finally, this is why I say, it is fine to focus on Obama, and what he is doing to destroy a system which has brought peace and prosperity. But do not ignore his biggest co-conspirator, big media, especially now, as they attempt to separate themselves from him. Do not let them get away with it, or they will do it again, and again and again. That they be impeached and destroyed root and branch becomes a categorical imperative. Towit:

    “Like the race-baiting locusts from Hell they are, the mainstream media descended on Ferguson, Missouri, to exploit a vacuum of information with rabid speculation intended to foment violence and divide along racial lines. One area where the media did fail to divide, though, was how black and white residents of St. Louis view the media. Both agree the media made things worse.

    In a new poll, 81% of whites and 50% of blacks agreed that the media presence in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer, made things worse. Only 12% of whites believe the media made things better; only 37% of blacks said the same.

    This comes as no surprise. Without any facts to back up their black vs. white narrative, the media intentionally whipped up racial animosity and offered the imprimatur of ABC, CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The New York Times, to looters, vandals and rioters.

    Outside of the shooting incident that gave the media an excuse to light the racial fuse, the victims here were the perfectly innocent everyday residents of Ferguson who lived under siege for more than a week.

    The properties that were robbed, vandalized, looted, and burnt down were owned by Ferguson residents. The people locked in their homes during the riots, blocked from going to work, and unable to send their kids to school, were Ferguson residents

    And for what?

    Because there was an injustice?

    Well, as far as the Brown shooting, we don’t know that yet.

    The media didn’t care about facts, so injustices was manufactured — just so a bunch of elite, rich, predominantly white, leftwing cable news anchors and reporters could grandstand and pretend they are Down With The Struggle.

    This poll won’t matter. No one in the elite media gives a damn about the residents of Ferguson. The media storm was never about making anyone’s life better. It was about preening and politics and pretty pictures of burnt out buildings. The media fed the mob at the expense of the people. And they can’t wait to do it again.”

    Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC

  39. The Great Unraveling

    The O’sweater started unraveling in 2008, the minute people realized they put a buffoon in office and the Greek columns were merely recycled plastic bottles.

    His unraveling has been reported much too slowly by the media, when all of us could see he stood there, in the buck… with only the knitted collar still hanging around his scrawny neck.

  40. Yes, I watch Howie Kurtz try to give big media a bad report card, but that is hard for him to do since he spent his career in that industry, and is loathe to go the extra mile in delivering the condemnation they deserve. But with Browkaw its different. Kurtz was a journeyman, and Brokaw was a knight of the big media round table. Even Cronkite, before his death, was willing to step up to the plate and criticize the media. But not Brokaw. He just goes with the flow. I would have more respect for him if I saw any evidence that he is trying. He is not. And when your elder statesmen who do not serve at the pleasure of the corporate hierarchy who serve as the pleasure of the shareholders cannot bring themselves to speak up, what you are talking about is a dying industry. I mentioned speaking with Weston who was the head of ABC and the jist of his defense to me was not that we are better than they other networks, but that we are not as bad. The man was full of stories of how Barbara Walters scooped Judy Woodruff on an interview with Castro, but he has no concern for the quality of the product his company produced. He was tying to figure out some clever gimmick to save big media from the competition from the internet, and was deploring the absence of solid research and ethical standards which are the imprimatur of big media. I told him that ABC has no better standards than anyone else, and the work of their chief investigative reporter Brian Ross in blaming the wrong man for the massacre which hit Giffords and her entourage gives cold comfort to anyone who goes to big media hoping to find anything remotely resembling the truth.

  41. admin
    September 16, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    It’s a long article but not a complete list –

    Yup, the list doesn’t include:

    11 – Bullies and steals votes from other candidates

    12 – Bullies and cheats voters

    13 – Lies though his teeth

    14 – Pays off the media to spread his lies

    15 – A effin SLACKER, never worked a day in his life!

    16 – Treats our allies with total disrespect

    17 – Wastes our hard earned tax dollars to pleasure himself and his worthless wife

    18 – Rewards people like himself, turns up his nose to the working class

    The list goes on…

  42. What we have seen with the Benghazi scandal is a level of nuance, evasion and treachery which will now be the norm for future administrations seeking to cover up what has their misfeasance their malfeasance and their vicious pursuit of the politics of personal destruction. The Watergate lesson which says its not the crime it is the cover-up is no longer true. Inasmuch as the other side comes to a knife fight with a gun, it is incumbent upon you to come to that same knife fight with a howitzer, and never give the sucker an even break. Take down the media. Go after individual reporters. Use the administrative agencies to crucify your enemies. If you stonewall long enough and if you threaten the person and the families of anyone who leaks information, then you can avoid accountability and as Obama so felicitously puts it–you can do anything you want. Just tell me the rules and I will find a way to win. But the right must not consider itself bound by the constitution or the rule of law any more than Obama does. Obama has rendered those an anachronism. To adhere to them is a fools errand. The precedent has been set. The bar has been lifted. The rule of law is a joke, the Constitution means nothing—everyone grab a stick. Destroy your enemies before they can destroy you. That is the true legacy of Barack Obama and the elites who foisted him on the country. They will rue the day when the shoe is on the other foot. One thing to remember about the left. They are nihilists. The will pretend to favor the rule of law, until they attain power, and then they will throw out the constitution and go for the throat. Okay. But turn about is fair play.

  43. We can’t forget Holder was a Clinton guy.
    I have not forgotten that.

    It goes to show that power not only corrupts, but power attacks corrupt people.

    Holder is the epitome of corruption–masquerading as the chief law enforcement officer.

    A Touch of Evil, revisited, sans Heston, Leigh, Wells and Detreich.

  44. Media Matters and other Clinton surrogate blogs/groups gear up for new attacks on those who report on Benghazi
    They are irrelevant.

    The progressive machine is running out of steam.

    The country is hurting and they blame the progressives for it.


    What’s Behind Germany’s New Anti-Semitism?

    HAMBURG, Germany — Europe is living through a new wave of anti-Semitism. The president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews calls it the worst the Continent has seen since World War II. He may well be right. Attacks on synagogues are an almost weekly occurrence, and openly anti-Semitic chants are commonplace on well-attended marches from London to Rome. And yet it is here, in Germany, where the rise in anti-Semitism is most historically painful.

    On Sunday, thousands of people marched through Berlin in response, and heard both Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck denounce the resurgence in anti-Jewish hatred.

    We’ve seen this before, of course. But there’s an important difference this time. The new anti-Semitism does not originate solely with the typical white-supremacist neo-Nazi; instead, the ugly truth that many in Europe don’t want to confront is that much of the anti-Jewish animus originates with European people of Muslim background.

    Until recently, Germany has been unwilling to discuss this trend. Germans have always seen Muslim anti-Semitism as a less problematic version of the “original” version, and therefore a distraction from the well-known problem of anti-Jewish sentiment within a majority of society.

    And yet the German police have noted a disturbing rise in the number of people of Arabic and Turkish descent arrested on suspicion of anti-Semitic acts in recent years, especially over the last several months. After noticing an alarming uptick in anti-Semitic sentiment among immigrant students, the German government is considering a special fund for Holocaust education.

    Of course, anti-Semitism didn’t originate with Europe’s Muslims, nor are they its only proponents today. The traditional anti-Semitism of Europe’s far right persists. So, too, does that of the far left, as a negative byproduct of sympathy for the Palestinian liberation struggle. There’s also an anti-Semitism of the center, a subcategory of the sort of casual anti-Americanism and anticapitalism that many otherwise moderate Europeans espouse.

    But the rise of Muslim anti-Semitism is responsible for the recent change in the tone of hate in Germany. Until recently, the country’s anti-Semitism has been largely coded and anonymous. Messages might be spray-painted on walls at night; during the day, though, it would be rare to hear someone shout, as protesters did in Berlin in July, “Jews to the gas!” Another popular slogan at this and other rallies was “Jew, coward pig, come out and fight alone!” — shouted just yards from Berlin’s main Holocaust memorial. And this is the difference today: An anti-Semitism that is not only passionate, but also unaware of, or indifferent to, Germany’s special history.

  46. Well, you have a conflict in testimony.

    The Department of Homeland Security, whose secretary is appointed by Obama, and is based far back from the front line tells us there is no evidence that ISIS is crossing the border. They take their marching orders from a man who was utterly dismissive of the ISIS threat a few months ago, and is now going to war against them with only the fig leaf of not calling it a war to prevent him from being seen as a complete and total idiot.

    Now that he plans to legalize 20 million illegals he can scarcely afford to admit that ISIS is on our border, ergo even though there is evidence he does not see it. Just as he saw no evidence of terrorism in the Benghazi attack, just an obscure video.

    In sum, where the security of the American People is concerned how can we possibly take the big media beloved Messiah seriously? He does not give a flying fuck about the country.

    How can we not see the big media beloved messiah for what he is–a bad joke. Putin knows it, China knows it, Iran knows it, ISIS knows it–why don’t the American People know it? Because of propagandists like the New York Times.

    Here then is what Obama and his minions do not want us to know:

    This week, Rep. Trent Franks, a Republican from Arizona, issued a statement that ISIS could be in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, near El Paso, Texas.

    “It is true, that we know that ISIS is present in Ciudad Juarez or they were within the last few weeks,” Franks reportedly said, according to AZCentral. “So there’s no question that they have designs on trying to come into Arizona. The comment that I’ve made is that if unaccompanied minors can cross the border then certainly trained terrorists probably can, too. It is something that is real.”

    And on Sept. 10, Arizona Sen. John McCain expressed his concerns about the matter.

    “The fact is there are thousands of people who are coming across our border who are undetected and not identified, and for you to sit there and tell me that we have the capability or now have the proper protections of our southwest border, particularly in light of the urgings over Facebook and Twitter [by ISIL] for people to come across our southwestern border, is a great concern to the citizens of my state,” he said, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

    Question: Pray tell, what will it take for the big media beloved messiah and his fellow dimocrats to understand the fierce urgency of now? A second 9/11? Or would they deny that too?

  47. Absolutely astounding:–shylocks–comment–offensive-214958002.html

    Jewish group brands Biden’s Shylock comment ‘offensive’

    Vice President Joe Biden drew fire from a prominent Jewish group on Tuesday after he described unscrupulous bankers who prey on servicemen and servicewomen deployed overseas as “Shylocks” — a term frequently condemned as an anti-Semitic caricature.

    “Shylock represents the medieval stereotype about Jews and remains an offensive characterization to this day. The Vice President should have been more careful,” Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman said.

    Shylock, the villain in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” is a Jewish moneylender who mercilessly demands a “pound of flesh” from the merchant who defaults on a loan. Whether the 16th-century play is anti-Semitic or reflects the anti-Semitism of the time is a subject of frequent, bitter debate, but the term Shylock is offensive enough that Florida stripped it from state law back in 2009. (Not everyone has gotten that memo).

    “When someone as friendly to the Jewish community and open and tolerant an individual as is Vice President Joe Biden, uses the term ‘Shylocked’ to describe unscrupulous moneylenders dealing with service men and women, we see once again how deeply embedded this stereotype about Jews is in society,” Foxman said.

    Biden’s slip came in a speech to the Legal Services Corporation, which provides lawyers to Americans who could not afford them otherwise. In his remarks, the vice president described the experience of his son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who was deployed for one year in Iraq.

    “People would come to him and talk about what was happening to them at home in terms of foreclosures, in terms of bad loans that were being — I mean, these Shylocks who took advantage of these women and men while overseas,” Biden said.

    The vice president’s office did not return a request for comment.

  48. I do not scruple to make big media the whipping boy for everything Obama does that costs lives. I urge every thinking American to do likewise. Mr. Obama is a sick man, and he should be allowed to plead the insanity defense without objection. But big media is in full possession of their faculties, ergo they must be held accountable for their actions. Richard Rodriguez makes the case for indicting them far better than I can.

  49. Big media is a fraud. They slander Palin and they hide the truth about Obama from the American People. By what sophistry of reason should they be accorded the protections of the first amendment when all they ever do is abuse them. Their beef with Palin is that she is a Republican, she did not go to one of their elite schools and she told them that she did not come to Washington to kiss their ass. Big media blinds the American People to the truth they need to have in order to exercise wise decisions in the voting booth, and more broadly to protect themselves and their families. They need to be de frocked.

    Media Frenzies Over Unsourced Gossip Post to Trash Palin Family


    What Attkisson doesn’t appear to understand is that if you want the national media in DC and New York to create a frenzy around your reporting, that reporting shouldn’t come from an award-winning journalist with decades of experience and well-placed sources. Instead, it should come from a local online gossip columnist with no sources and no interest in tracking down the truth. Of course it also helps if the reporter the gossip columnist and elite media share a certain passion in common: a seething contempt and hatred for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family.

    By now you’ve all heard about the infamous drunken brawl the Palin family was supposedly involved in last week. While Sarah Palin screamed “Do you know who I am!” (which she didn’t), the Governor’s 24 year-old son Track (a Veteran), 50 year-old husband Todd, and 23 year-old daughter Bristol, were all bloodied up in a beer-soaked melee they started (which they didn’t). Fun fact: according to the media, the left-handed Bristol rains down blows with her right.

    You probably haven’t heard that the IRS is destroying evidence with impunity.

    You probably haven’t heard that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrats are attempting to gut the First Amendment under the fig leaf of “campaign finance reform.”

    And you probably haven’t heard that the story of the Palin family’s drunken brawl began with a local gossip columnist, Amanda Coyne, a Palin hater, who admitted when she first “broke” the story on September 9 that “the details were a little sketchy” and on September 11 that “I have little time to track down the details of the brawl. And even if I did, I’d probably pass.”

    Despite this, on September 12, Coyne was awarded a byline in no less than the New York Times to retread her gossip: “Palins Said to Be Involved in Brawl at Party in Alaska.”

    In the meantime, we now have 74,100 Google News hits based on a piece of gossip from a gossip columnist who has “little time to track down the details.” And it should come as no surprise that many of those Google links are to some of the biggest mainstream media outlets in the country (the very same ones not telling you about Attkisson’s Benghazi bombshell or the IRS shredding evidence): The Washington Post, ABC News, Good Morning America, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and 74,095 others.

    I guess you could argue that the media frenzy would be legitimate if the story had been confirmed. But all of this emanated from an anti-Palin gossip blogger who admitted she didn’t care about the truth and had no desire to discover the truth.

    Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics actually tried something the New York Times, George Stephanopolous, and CNN didn’t — reporting. He spoke with someone close to the Palin family and was told that there was indeed a fight, most of the Palin family was there — including the Governor — but that the fight was started by a former boyfriend of Willow’s, Palin’s 20 year-old daughter. From the sound of this report, Track was defending his sister from an old boyfriend who was getting aggressive:

    The initial tussle occurred, the source said, after the young man in question “tried to get in” to the Hummer limousine after he’d engaged in some unspecified “questionable behavior.”

    Track Palin soon found himself struggling to fend off four men who had “piled on him,” according to the source.

    Todd Palin then inserted himself into the brawl, which left the former “First Dude” of Alaska bleeding. …

    According to the source, as her husband and son were trading blows with their adversaries, Palin was yelling (in reference to her son), “Don’t you know who he is? He’s a vet!”

    This rendition of her words differs slightly but significantly from a previous report, which had Palin shouting, “Don’t you know who I am?”

    Over the years, Sarah Palin has spoken frequently about her son’s U.S. Army service in the Iraq War, and Track currently serves as a counselor, working with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

    The local police are investigating the brawl. According to them, no one wants to press charges. But why would we expect the media to wait for facts before the frenzy? This is after all the very same media that blamed Palin for a murder spree in Tucson, was sure she was going to divorce Todd, and embraced aging conspiracy theorist Andrew Sullivan while he pretended to believe Trig Palin wasn’t Sarah Palin’s son.

    The media even makes the stretch Hummer sound Hillbilly. It was Todd’s 50th birthday. The extended Palin family rented the Hummer for the special occasion to move the family from a party at the family home to the party in question (hosted by a longtime Palin friend also celebrating a family birthday). Renting stretch Hummers is cool in Los Angeles. Kanye rents stretch Hummers. In Alaska it apparently makes you a rube.

    You want to know what Sarah Palin did the day of the party? She flew all the way to Houston, Texas, to attend and speak at a fundraiser for an organization called The Mighty Oaks — a non-profit group dedicated to helping veterans struggling with PTSD. Did you know that Track Palin serves as a PTSD counselor. You probably didn’t. But this is happening…

    A source I trust told me that since news of the brawl broke, one of the local companies that rents stretch limos in the Anchorage area has been harassed by the media. Over a dozen phone calls. Television crews showing up unannounced. Offers of payment in exchange for interviews.

    Over a private family matter based on an un-sourced, un-confirmed item in a local gossip blog, the media is relentless.

    Over Benghazi and the IRS, crickets.

  50. Shocks about to hit Colorado….

    Hickenlooper down 10 to GOP challenger…

    Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper ties former U. S. Rep. Bob Beauprez, the Republican challenger, among women and trails among all likely voters 50 – 40 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Libertarian candidate Matthew Hess and Green Party candidate Harry Hempy each have 3 percent.

    Women likely voters are divided, with 46 percent for Gov. Hickenlooper and 47 percent for Beauprez, while men back the Republican 54 – 34 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. This survey of likely voters can not be compared with earlier surveys of registered voters.

    Beauprez leads 89 – 5 percent among Republicans and 50 – 37 percent among independent voters, while Hickenlooper takes Democrats 93 – 4 percent.

    Their mind is made up, 77 percent of Colorado likely voters say, while 22 percent say they could change their mind in the next seven weeks.

    With Hess out of the race, the results among likely voters are 52 percent for Beauprez, 40 percent for Hickenlooper and 3 percent for Hempy.

  51. If this colorado poll is true, kiss bye bye to the Senator Udall in Colorado too…..

    Getting worse and worse for Dems as it gets closer to Nov.

  52. ET Koskinen is back before Congress evading questions and sounding like . . . his normal robotic self. This is not uncommon for extraterrestials who think in extraterrestrial lingo and then must use the computer between their ears to translate into some language which is intelligible to human beings. Also, they have no emotions, therefore they must use that same computer to fake emotions, hoping the public will not catch on. Elija Cummings is dumb enough not to pick up on it, but not everyone in Congress is as stupid and corrupt as he is. With hard evidence of corruption staring him in the face, and conspiring all the while with the Justice Department and Learner, he has the chutzpa to say this is all political, and there is not as smidgeon (or pigeon) of truth.

    IRS Has 99 Problems But the Church Ain’t One

    By: Matthew Clark (Diary) | September 16th, 2014 at 02:16 PM | 12

    IRS Commissioner Koskinen testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on “Examining the IRS Response to the Targeting Scandal” on Capitol Hill in Washington

    The scandal plagued Obama Administration IRS admits that it has targeted 99 churches for additional scrutiny after settling a lawsuit with the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

    The IRS settlement with the angry atheist group FFRF is shrouded in secrecy, but the little we do know is enough to raise significant suspicion.

    Last month Representative Scott Garrett (NJ-5) led a congressional letter demanding answers from the IRS about the settlement.

    Last week the IRS responded – well sort of. The IRS dodged almost every one of Congress’s questions, hiding behind the Obama Justice Department’s handling of the case.

    IRS Commissioner John Koskinen informed Congress that the DOJ “is in a better posture to answer your inquiries.”

    It’s unsurprising that DOJ would be running interference for the IRS on this matter. Last week it was revealed that Attorney General Holder’s staff has been attempting to conspire with liberal members of Congress to spin and deflect attention away from the IRS targeting scandal.

    Yet, despite the attempt to deflect attention from the matter the IRS admitted something in this letter that is chilling in and of itself. Commissioner Koskinen wrote:

    Over a period of time, we identified the 99 churches as having potential impermissible political campaign intervention activities based on referrals received by our Exempt Organizations (EO) Examination function. The Political Activity Referral Committee (PARC), which consists of career civil service managers, reviews each referral and determines whether the case should be selected for further compliance review.

    The IRS Commissioner also stated that PARC reviews began in 2012 after the initial referrals from the IRS division then run by Lois Lerner.

    This means that at the same time the IRS was targeting conservative groups, it also was identifying churches as political targets.

    The Orwellian sounding Political Activity Referral Committee has since been culling through these 99 churches for further review.

    In addition, the IRS has given unknown assurances to an angry atheist group which was demanding that the IRS target churches.

    What did the IRS tell FFRF, which induced them to drop their lawsuit in a settlement, that it refuses to tell the American people?

    When viewed against the IRS targeting scandal backdrop the IRS’s admission that it is has targeted at least 99 churches for the same kind of scrutiny it was giving to the Tea Party and pro-life groups is disturbing to say the least. And the fact that the IRS refuses to release the details of its settlement with FFRF further exacerbates the concern.

    The IRS has proven it can’t be trusted time and time again.

    It’s time for the IRS and the Department of Justice to come clean.

    The IRS shouldn’t be targeting churches, and it absolutely shouldn’t be doing it secretly and on behalf of those who oppose everything the Church stands for.

    At the ACLJ we’re continuing to aggressively pursue our lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of 41 conservative and pro-life groups illegally targeted for their beliefs.

    The IRS corruption and abuse must end.

    Matthew Clark is Associate Counsel for Government Affairs and Media Advocacy with the ACLJ. A lifelong citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he lives with his wife and three boys in Northern Virginia. Follow Matthew Clark: @_MatthewClark.

  53. Oh ye of little faith.

    Just because He (capital H) is on the balls of his ass right now

    With polling numbers LOWER than the despised and repudiated Boooosh

    Is no cause for despair

    No cause to turn our back on the man Presidential Historian Michael Bechloss assured us

    Was, is and will always be

    The smartest man ever to occupy the White House

    (Note: explain to me the meaning of the word smart—oh, that’s right, being on the right side of history)

    Even Messiahs have been known to have a bad hair day

    Speaking of which Obama and Holder have made a secret pact

    The minute their term expires they are going to grow Afros

    And market themselves to Hollywood as the new and improved Cheech and Chong.

    As for the polls what can I say

    Into every life a little rain must fall


  54. Obamacare crashing and burning…media trying to keep it quiet….

    Top selling insurer on MNsure won’t be back this year

    The top-selling insurer on the state’s MNsure exchange has pulled out of the online marketplace just two months before this year’s open enrollment period begins.

    Golden Valley-based PreferredOne had set the lowest premium prices in the nation last year and signed up nearly 6 in 10 consumers who shopped on the MNsure exchange.

    But the insurer’s CEO, Marcus Merz, said this week in a letter to the exchange’s leaders that “continuing to provide this coverage through MNsure is not sustainable.”

    The move could portend higher health care premiums in the year ahead and is the latest setback for an exchange that suffered persistent technical problems in its debut year.

    “That’s a huge blow to MNsure,” said Allan Baumgarten, an independent Twin Cities health care analyst.

  55. Obviously this is going to happen….

    Joint chiefs general Martin Dempsey is not alone in thinking ground troops may be needed to handle the ISIS threat.

    Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that President Obama will have to send in U.S. troops to fight the Islamic militant group.

    In his first interview about ISIS, he told CBS News that while the president’s plan is sound, he does have several concerns.

    Play Video
    Top general says boots on the ground may be needed to fight ISIS

    “The reality is, they’re not gonna be able to be successful against ISIS strictly from the air, or strictly depending on the Iraqi forces, or the Peshmerga, or the Sunni tribes acting on their own,” Gates said. “So there will be boots on the ground if there’s to be any hope of success in the strategy. And I think that by continuing to repeat that [the U.S. won’t put boots on the ground], the president, in effect, traps himself.”

    Gates also says Obama’s promise to “destroy” the group may be unrealistic.

  56. The Democratic party line on racist language……

    “Shylock? Never heard of it.”

    “Macaca? Wow, George Allen is one obviously racist bastard.”


    Why is Joe Biden getting a pass?

  57. Ernst, Hickenlooper, now Landrieu:

    In a three-way contest among the top contenders, Landrieu attracts 43 percent support, with Republicans Rep. Bill Cassidy and Col. Rob Manness combining for 44 percent: [snip]

    In the likely runoff match-up (see below) between Landrieu and Cassidy, the candidates are separated by two-tenths of a percentage point. Neck and neck: [snip]

    Within the still-sizable cohort (10 percent) of undecided voters, nearly two-thirds identify as political “independents” who don’t align themselves with either major party. President Obama’s job approval among Louisiana independents is underwater by 45 points (24 percent approve / 69 percent disapprove) in this poll, suggesting that the bulk of undecided voters are at least somewhat inclined to break against Democrats. Obama’s overall job approval rating in the state is a paltry 37 percent, with a 58 percent majority disapproving. The president has been consistently and deeply unpopular in Louisiana across multiple statewide surveys. “This poll is good news for Republicans,” says Gravis co-founder Doug Kaplan. “The GOP will be happy with these results, and Democrats know this is a crucial seat for them if they want to keep control of the Senate.”

    Independents disapprove of Obama by 69% in Louisiana. Goodbye Landrieu.

  58. MoonOnPluto, the dam has a lot of Dim fingers trying to hold back the flood. The Dims are sending out fundraising email after fundraising email sometimes every hour on the hour depending on the state the voter lives in. Dims are spending wildly (Republicans will mostly spend big once early voting begins in October). The Republican Senate campaign committee explains why in an email:

    The DSCC has spent more than half of their TV expenditures in these three states [Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina]…Despite this onslaught of Democratic spending, these races remain a dead heat. They are spending millions to tread water. Here’s why that is a bad thing for Democrats: When reading polls, it is important to remember that all candidates are not created equal. Incumbent Senators are a known quantity with voters, whereas Challengers are introducing themselves to the electorate. Voters who are familiar with an incumbent but do not support them on the ballot are essentially window shopping for a new Senator. That is why this group of voters traditionally breaks against the incumbent by a two-to-one margin (or stays home on Election Day).  In other words, for every four undecided voters, one will typically vote for the incumbent, two will vote for challenger, and one will stay home. This means that for every point the incumbent is short of 50%, they need 4% of voters in the undecided category to make up for it. An incumbent Senator sitting at 45% in the polls needs undecided voters to total 20% in his or her state to make up for it, or the math just doesn’t work….Are Democrats reassured that their BEST polling shows their own candidate[s] well short of 50% with the environment stacked against them? We wouldn’t be.

  59. NRA will begin to air ads in swing states on September 24th:

    NRA goes big in key Senate, governor’s races

    The National Rifle Association has reserved $11.4 million for its initial fall advertising campaign and will begin airing its first TV commercials Wednesday in three Senate races crucial to determining which party controls the chamber next year.

    The gun rights group, which outlined its fall priorities exclusively for POLITICO Campaign Pro, said it plans to spend much more than the initial outlay during the final weeks before the midterm elections.

    The first ads will begin airing in the Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina Senate races. They will be followed in the next few days with a mix of TV, radio and digital ads to help out the GOP Senate candidates in Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa and Louisiana.

    The NRA also plans to invest heavily in helping the reelection of Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Both Republicans are locked in tight races.

    The initial buy in West Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire is for just digital and radio. It also does not include a mail campaign that began last month.

    The group will spend $1.3 million on its ad boosting Rep. Cory Gardner in Colorado. Most of the money, $856,195, will be spent in the Colorado Springs-Pueblo market, followed by $293,490 in the Grand Junction market. Two state legislators, including the president of the Colorado Senate, were recalled in 2013 for backing a gun control measure pushed by Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is also up for reelection.

    The Gardner ad features a diverse group of men and women standing outdoors, looking into the camera.

    Our 2nd Amendment rights are under attack by the Obama administration and Sen. Mark Udall,” a male narrator says in the 30-second ad, shared first with POLITICO. “That’s why we need leaders like Cory Gardner in the U.S. Senate to fight back for us. In Colorado, Gardner introduced legislation to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. In the Senate, he’ll stand up against their extreme anti-gun agenda. And that’s why the NRA is proud to support Cory Gardner.”

    Nearly identical commercials, all produced by the firm RedPrint Strategy, will air in support of Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton and North Carolina state House Speaker Thom Tillis.

    The NRA has reserved $1.4 million of time in each state.

    Tillis himself is running positive spots in Greensboro, but the Republican has been badly outgunned in this GOP-leaning area, incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan’s home media market. Democrats believe she can overperform because of her ties to the area, so the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Senate Majority PAC have been pounding Tillis on the Greensboro airwaves.

    But the NRA is confident that it can drive up Hagan’s negatives in a region of the Tar Heel State that tends to be especially leery of gun control.

    In Iowa, the NRA will spend $800,000 to help Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst.

    In Louisiana, the group has reserved about $775,000 to help Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy against Sen. Mary Landrieu.

  60. Thank goodness Biden is not GOP because all of the major networks would have had to lead off their evening news shows about how racist the statement was. Since Biden is a racist old antisemitic democrat the statement was apparently just unfortunate and the poor old white man should have been more careful in his word selection.

    Those poor poor old white democrats are just to stupid to understand what they are saying so we must give them a break – after all they are Democrat not GOP.

    Wheres the outrage from the usual suspects baying for blood…..

  61. Something is going on…..Ebola being surpressed in Venezuela? I don’t care what they tell you, there is evidence Ebola is spreading way faster than they are telling us. The r0 transmission rate is higher than usual.

    We do not know what it is,” admitted Duglas León Natera, president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.

    In its initial stages, the disease presents symptoms of fever and spots on the skin, and then produces large blisters and internal and external bleeding, according to data provided week stop by the College of Physicians of the state of Aragua, where the first cases were reported.

    Then, very quickly, patients suffer from respiratory failure, liver failure and kidney failure. Venezuelan doctors have not been able to determine what the disease is, much less how to fight it.


    Looks like Ebola, smells like Ebola, high chance it is Ebola or a mutation of it.

  62. And I think that by continuing to repeat that [the U.S. won’t put boots on the ground], the president, in effect, traps himself.”

    Gates also says Obama’s promise to “destroy” the group may be unrealistic.

    The Messiah?

    Messiah Obama unrealistic?

    Surely you jest.

    Question: how do you suppose he is processing all this?

    His fall from political grace?

    My guess is the CNN pollster Keating Holland is running phony internal polls showing a surge in support for Obama.

    To prop up the Messiah’s sagging spirits

  63. It is only a matter of time before Keating takes those phony internals public under the handle:

    “CNN: The most Trusted Name in Journalism”.

    We lie, we cheat, we stage phony events and we promote racism wherever we can.

    And oh yes we hate Sarah Palin.

    That about sums up who we are and what we do here at the most trusted place in journalism

  64. It has some of the same symptoms alright, i.e.

    But if that is what it is, i.e. Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever

    Then it is hard to understand why the President of the Venezuelan Medical Association would be saying:

    “We do not know what it is.”

    And speaking of known unknowns how many illegals are coming here from that effective area.

    Were we to ask Messiah Obama who invited them in and is poised to give them amnesty how many would He day?

    Not a smidgeon, I am sure.

  65. Boxer “shaking and trembling”

    Wednesday at the Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing on U.S. strategy for combating ISIS, after Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) criticized Secretary of State John Kerry, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was left “shaking and trembling” in shock.

    Boxer said, “I think it is shocking and a sad state of affairs that we heard just now, such angry comments aimed at you, Mr. Secretary, and through you, at our president instead of at ISIS, a savage group who decapitated two Americans and have warned, and I quote, that their thirst for more American blood is right out there.”

    “I think it’s shocking,” she continued. “I’m actually shaking and trembling. This is not the time to show anger at the people who are working night and day, whether you agree with them or not, to protect our people.”

    video at link……suck it up Babs.

  66. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was left “shaking and trembling” in shock.
    Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever?

    “Your honor is entitled to hope”—Darrow to a judge who told him the hoped that Darrow was not being disrespectful to the court.

  67. Wbboei…something is seriously spooking the WHO and the US administration and the Uk, who are all descending on africa to try and stop a disease they said has no chance of spreading…….

    There has been talk of a mutation amongst the ebola strains……if that happens we are truly screwed.

  68. moononpluto

    September 17, 2014 at 5:08 pm
    What a spirited defense of Secretary Mr. Teresa Heinz.

    By one of the biggest loons in Congress–Medusa Boxer.

    I have it on good authority that Corker has turned to stone.

    If you want to know why congress has the worst rating in its history

    Take a good hard look at Boxer, and you will have your answer.

  69. There has been talk of a mutation amongst the ebola strains……if that happens we are truly screwed.
    Yes. It reminds me of a film noire movie starring Jack Palance.

    In 2009, some enterprising but kissing mainstream media asked a question to the Messiah about something which Bill Clinton tried to enact and could not. It might have been health care related, I am not sure. It was Obama’s response that I would like to call your attention to. He puffed out his chest like a yellow bellied sap sucker and proclaimed it will succeed this time, because this time you have got MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    So if science is unable to come up with a cure, I fully expect that No Borders Obama will. The only problem is this: as with every other problem he faces, his solution may get a lot of people killed. If they were big media people, I would say le bon temps roule. But since it will not be confined to that group, as Burns said:

    ” The best laid schemes of mice and men (Messiahs too)
    Gang aft agley
    And leave us not but grief and pain for promised joy

    (Speaking now to the mouse)

    Still thou art blessed compared to me
    The present only toucheth thee
    And oops I backward cast my ee (to 2008)
    On prospects drear

    And forward tho I cannot see
    I guess and fear.”

  70. Masive Earthquake just off Guam.

    U.S. Geological Survey says a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has struck the coast of the U.S. island of Guam

  71. Quinipiac will likely have Gardner up when they report on Colorado tomorrow. Meanwhile Suffolk has Gardner up by 1:

    Poll: In Colorado, Obama is a drag on Democrats

    In Colorado, the state where Barack Obama was first nominated for the White House, he has emerged as a drag on the re-election prospects of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds.

    The survey shows Udall at 42%, Republican challenger Cory Gardner at 43% in what is essentially a tie. The poll of 500 likely voters, taken Saturday through Tuesday, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

    The governor’s race also is too close to call: Hickenlooper is at 43%, Republican challenger Bob Beauprez at 41%.

    The 2008 Democratic convention that nominated Obama was held in Denver, and the Centennial State twice has cast its electoral votes for him. But those surveyed now disapprove of the job he’s doing as president by 56%-42%. His favorable-unfavorable rating also is upside down, with a 55% majority saying they have an unfavorable view of him, 43% a favorable one.

    Those ratings are worse than those for Udall or for Hickenlooper. By 2-1, 37%-19%, those surveyed say they think of their vote for Congress as a vote against Obama, not for him.

    What’s more, by 55%-37% they say the Affordable Care Act, the signature health care law Obama signed in 2010, generally has been bad for Colorado.

  72. Sen. Ed Markey: Why Turkey would give lifeline to IS by letting oil smuggled into its territory?

    Kerry: Lets talk abt it at closed session


    What are they hiding?

  73. You know, there is something so phoney about this ISIS stuff. A bunch of murdering sociopaths foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to act out their dementia is also so organized and effective? Not. At the core is money and power.

    Let’s say the get the Religion of aggregation and violence, round up some jacked up sociopaths, and set up a criminal enterprise. Apparently they are selling ISIS paraphernalia on the internet.

  74. Greta is ON the record tonight. She had the Russian U.N. Ambassador on tonight with some interesting tidbits on Obozo’s treachery.

  75. The Democrat internal civil war has begun early…..

    Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in a behind-the-scenes struggle with the White House, congressional Democrats and Washington insiders who have lost confidence in her as both a unifying leader and reliable party spokesperson at a time when they need her most.

    Long-simmering doubts about her have reached a peak after two recent public flubs: criticizing the White House’s handling of the border crisis and comparing the tea party to wife beaters.

    The perception of critics is that Wasserman Schultz spends more energy tending to her own political ambitions than helping Democrats win. This includes using meetings with DNC donors to solicit contributions for her own PAC and campaign committee, traveling to uncompetitive districts to court House colleagues for her potential leadership bid and having DNC-paid staff focus on her personal political agenda.

    She’s become a liability to the DNC, and even to her own prospects, critics say.

    “I guess the best way to describe it is, it’s not that she’s losing a duel anywhere, it’s that she seems to keep shooting herself in the foot before she even gets the gun out of the holster,” said John Morgan, a major donor in Wasserman Schultz’s home state of Florida.

    The stakes are high. Wasserman Schultz is a high-profile national figure who helped raise millions of dollars and served as a Democratic messenger to female voters during a presidential election in which Obama needed to exploit the gender gap to win, but November’s already difficult midterms are looming.

    One example that sources point to as particularly troubling: Wasserman Schultz repeatedly trying to get the DNC to cover the costs of her wardrobe.

    In 2012, Wasserman Schultz attempted to get the DNC to pay for her clothing at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, multiple sources say, but was blocked by staff in the committee’s Capitol Hill headquarters and at President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign headquarters in Chicago.

    She asked again around Obama’s inauguration in 2013, pushing so hard that Obama senior adviser — and one-time Wasserman Schultz booster — Valerie Jarrett had to call her directly to get her to stop. (Jarrett said she does not recall that conversation.) One more time, according to independent sources with direct knowledge of the conversations, she tried again, asking for the DNC to buy clothing for the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


    Ah the old sexist, palinesque hit of “paying for her wardrobe”

    Looks like they have your number Debbie…..never trust a nest of vipers……

    Could possibly be because you were a staunch Hillary supporter perhaps…..

  76. Shylock, the villain in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” is a Jewish moneylender who mercilessly demands a “pound of flesh” from the merchant who defaults on a loan.

    I remember often hearing “shyster” used to refer to (all)lawyers – I wonder if it came from “Shylock”….?

  77. I just saw the headline that 60% of the public do not trust big media.

    I am sure the real number is higher.

    I am equally sure that their ability to rig future election will be correspondingly diminished.

    And, by the way, the word rigged is not an exaggeration.

    It is an objective, empirical, verifiable fact confirmed by a mountain of incontrovertible evidence.

  78. You know, there is something so phoney about this ISIS stuff. A bunch of murdering sociopaths foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to act out their dementia is also so organized and effective? Not. At the core is money and power.
    Allah Akbar.

    Money sure.

    Saudi money.

    But never underestimate the power of religious dogma.

    Kissinger predicted this outcome generally.

    He said the rise of radical Islam presented a different sort of challenge from the one posed by the Soviet Union.

    The Soviet were concerned about the world that exists, as are we.

    Radical Islam seeks to destroy the world that exists in order to bring about the world of prophesy.

    The Saudis have been one of Obama’s keep backers ever since they helped him get into Harvard.

    It is impossible to get Him (always capital H as befits his status as a Messiah, much beloved by big media)

    To lean on them for that reason.

    It is more the case that they say jump and he says how high.

    Lately however they have been frustrated with his incompetence/

    Which foreshadows more bad hair days for the Messiah in days to come.

    Until he and Holder finally come out of the closet as Cheech and Chong.

  79. Do not be surprised if that useless sack of shit Zuckerberg doesn’t break his pick with his condemnations of the United States and his advocacy of immigration policies calculated to ensure its destruction in countless ways. In due course he will be hung in effigy and driven from the public square, where he will become a reclusive billionaire.

    Professor Victor Davis Hanson does the honors, by explaining what Comprehensive Immigration Reform means and what its adverse impacts are likely to be. He leaves no doubt in my mind that this legislation is hostile to the interests of the American People.

    (Note: But the young geek will not be the only casualty of this way. Marco Rubio’s support for same was a betrayal of the tea party who got him elected. Ironically, he still harbors illusions about running for president. Suffice it to say, I find those illusions, fatuous. Oh would some power the giftie gie us–to see ourselves as others see us–Robert Burns)
    What Exactly Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

    Comprehensive immigration reform — rarely has a catchphrase been so widely invoked and yet so little defined. Why?
    If proponents of so-called reform detailed exactly what they wanted, American voters would never support their self-interested agendas.

    Most Americans insist that existing federal immigration laws be enforced. They are adamant that the border be shut tight to all unlawful entry. And they prefer legal immigration to reflect merit, diversity and ethnically blind criteria.

    If those protocols were first established, half the public might also consider a pathway for legal residence for millions of foreign nationals already living in the United States without legal authority — but only if they could prove that they were without criminal records, not on public support, and have resided here for some duration.

    Unfortunately those classically liberal ideals are not driving Barack Obama’s promise to grant blanket amnesties through executive order after the midterm elections. His planned gambit is an admission that he has neither public support nor congressional sanction nor the force of settled law nor a logical or ethic argument. The effort is instead fueled by an agenda of perpetual big government and a concern to expand future constituencies, allay the anger of Latino activists, and accommodate wealthy business donors.

    Obama has all but suspended enforcement of immigration law as a way to force lawmakers to his point of view. He apparently assumes that no immigration law is closer to what he envisions as comprehensive immigration law than is enforcement of current settled law. If the traffic at the border builds, if chaos ensues, then Obama believes that his opponents will eventually concede. I think the message is something like “either amnesty your way through law or my way through no law.” So far such assumptions have backfired, but we must wait until after the midterm elections for the ultimate verdict on his ploy.

    Current illegal immigration, of course, is largely synonymous with unchecked entry from Mexico and Latin America. An unspoken amnesty is extended en masse to those from south of the border. Such laxity does not necessarily extend to the Nigerian doctor who overstays his visa or the South Korean architect whose green card has expired. The great unspoken fact of illegal immigration is that it is utterly anti-diversity and ethnically chauvinistic, outsourcing immigration policy to the Latino-Democratic-employer lobby, and dubbing any who object to such racialist criteria as racist.

    Illegal immigration divides classes. Amnesties and non-enforcement of existing laws are supported by many affluent employers who want far more access to inexpensive labor. Few worry about the effect of millions of new unskilled immigrants on the employment prospects of less affluent American citizens. Yet millions — many of them minorities — are currently out of work or working only part-time at meager wages. Equally taboo is any honest discussion of the effect of illegal immigration on the American poor and middle classes in schools, emergency rooms, and social services. Few supporters of comprehensive immigration reform ever plan on visiting the Madera ER or driving much on the crowded and frightening 99 freeway between Kingsburg and Visalia. Nor are we supposed to worry that at a time of terrorist threats and the specter of epidemics, we have no idea of who arrives or from where or under what conditions. All that concern is dismissed as xenophobia, racism, and nativism.

    The current influx of Central American children will not find sanctuary at the elite prep schools of America. As Senator Sessions recently pointed out, Mark Zuckerberg, the multibillionaire founder of Facebook, is iconic of the paradoxes. Recently while at the home of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, Zuckerberg trashed the immigration policies of the United States — apparently unaware that his hosts in Mexico insist on one of the most uncompromising (and ethnically chauvinist) immigration policies in the world.

    Zuckerberg is no useful idiot, because his own business interests would be helped by unfettered access to inexpensive labor. He recently used a few of his millions of dollars to buy four homes to serve as sort of Maginot Line fortifications to buffer his own Palo Alto estate from the apparently wrong kind of neighbors. But just three miles away in Redwood City, thousands of recent arrivals from Mexico and Latin America are crowded into garages and backyard sheds unable to translate their meager wages to adequate housing.

    Note that Zuckerberg is not heading some sort of initiative to build high-density, low-income housing on both sides of the now mostly empty Interstate 280 corridor from Palo Alto to San Francisco. Such affordable projects might alleviate the present landscape of Silicon Valley apartheid, in which Latinos crowd into barrios surrounded by multimillion-dollar communities, venturing out to cut lawns, change diapers, and clean houses before returning to their garages and backyard sheds for the evening. Indeed, there is room along 280 for a new city of some 500,000 immigrants, albeit a fraction of those currently living illegally in California.

    The 280 strip has easy access to a number of freeways in and out of the Bay Area, is near reliable Hetch Hetchy-imported water, and could accommodate the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that Zuckerberg envisions entering California to alleviate our supposedly current shortage of workers. There are good schools, both private and public, nearby from Woodside and Atherton to Hillsborough to accommodate newly legalized immigrants. It surely makes no sense for Zuckerberg to call for amnesties and lax borders and then not to offer suggestions to his own state on how to accommodate and offer rough parity to the millions who will take him up on his agenda.

    California, facing hundreds of billions in unfunded liabilities, currently has the highest combination of sales, income, and gasoline taxes in the nation. Why, then, are its infrastructure and schools periodically ranked near dead last in the nation? Its poverty and welfare participation rates are among the nation’s highest. Surely the architects of amnesties and lax borders can explain to millions of Californians how to alleviate those problems, or at least, as they do themselves, how to navigate around them.

    Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform should delineate exactly what they mean and do not mean by their vague rhetoric. They need to be exact in ascertaining who would deserve legal residence, and who by past misbehavior would not. They must bring these proposals to the Congress, have an open debate, seek to pass the necessary legislation and then have it signed by the president.

    If they insist on smearing skeptics who are appalled at the present chaos on the border, they should remember that diversity, legality, meritocracy, integration, assimilation and the irrelevance of race once upon a time used to be liberal ideals.

  80. Black people are the ones who have the greatest grievance of all against the Messiah. Not only did he play them for fools, but the open borders he will soon sign into law will consign millions of them to a lifetime of unemployment and the public dole, which is exactly what the dimocrats want. Obama is a racist of a different kind. Just as young people should be the Tea Party, according to Niall Ferguson, since they too have the most to lose at the hands of the uniparty. The problem is they cannot read between the lines and are easily seduced by bread and circuses.

  81. Thirty years ago, two Harvard scholars offered the following wisdom:

    You cannot have entitlements on the one hand and open borders on the other.

    This is sage advice.

    And perhaps that is why the elites of both parties have seen fit to ignore it for personal gain.

    The elites and the criminal class have two things in common: neither believes the rules of society apply to them.

    They are confident that their money will save them.

    And that is a fatal mistake.

    They would do well to recall the words of willie Sutton when he was asked why he chose to rob banks:

    Its where the money is.

    It is an illusion for the elites to think that they can escape the consequences of their selfish and destructive policies.

    For as Lord Reese Mogg and James Dale Davidson noted thirty years ago in their seminal book “The Great Reckoning”:

    The power of the dollar is always hostage to the power of the gun.

  82. Sharyl does have something for us re Benghazi.
    9/15/14. (Video at link.) Sharyl Attkisson: Obama’s Whereabouts During Benghazi Attacks Are ‘Unacceptably Private’ « CBS Philly
    By Dom Giordano
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked with reporter Sharyl Attkisson on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to preview the first testimony from the select House Committee on Benghazi, which begins on Wednesday.
    Attkisson said that the White House is misleading the public about the ongoing releases of information that they’ve offered regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2012 on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
    “This White House measures its supposed transparency by the number of hearings, the pages of documents, never mind that the documents that are really necessary are missing or redacted, but they just count numbers and use that to prove, as they say, that they are the most transparent administration in history.” She stated that one of the goals of the committee will be to investigate President Obama’s movement that night and how he reacted to the attack.
    “I do think that they will reach out at some point, not in the beginning, to the White House and probably to President Obama directly, in some form, to get a timeline and an accounting of what he did that night, which has remained, mysteriously, and I think, unacceptably private when he’s the Commander-in-Chief acting on our behalf at a time when Americans are under attack on foreign soil.”
    Ultimately, Attikisson confessed she has little hope that this committee will change the public narrative on what happened that night.
    “Benghazi has been controversialized and politicized by those who don’t want us looking into and I don’t know how much impact it has. People have kind of set down their stakes. They are either interested in the story and we’re preaching to the choir when we report it or they’re not really interested in the story and they’re not going to listen to anything that comes out of it.”

  83. Lu4PUMA

    September 17, 2014 at 7:35 pm
    Where big media is concerned the following two statements are beyond doubt.

    1. First, they have an agenda, which reflects the delusions of our elite class–not the American People.

    2. Second, they have one consistent criterion in deciding what to report and how to report, regardless of whether it is competent, relevant and material to the American People: Question: Does It Fit Our Narrative.

    a. if so, then it is a print: It may be based on hearsay, innuendo, or even fabrication, sometimes by the media itself, as we saw clearly in Ferguson and the Travon Martin affair.

    b. if not, then it is not “fit to print: as the old masthead of the New York Times decried, i.e. “all the news fit to print”, which should read all the news that fits our agenda, and nothing else. This explains their censorship of the domestic jihadist linked above, and other examples which the American People need to be aware of.

    Getting back to the poll mentioned above which indicates that (only) 60% of the public do not trust big media. The inference, then, is that 40% either trust big media, or they have no opinion. But if the above is true, if all they print is that which supports their agenda, whether or not it is true, then that 40% are like lambs led to the slaughter.

  84. Correction:

    1. First, they have an agenda, which reflects the delusions of our elite class–not TRUTH, OR REALITY OR THE INTERESTS OF the American People.

  85. If one of the members of big media censored an important story, one could assume this was the result of oversight, crass causalty or some other innocent, if not benign explanation. But when none of them, i.e. NYT, WashPo, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBC, AP, AOL, Time etc. fail to print that story, and when all of them were eager to print stories of this nature when Republicans were in power, and when they banish reporters like Sharyl Attkisson who follow the evidence where it leads which could prove embarrassing to the Administration, and ultimately to them for their blind support thereof, and when the head of MSNBC openly admits that we are part of this administration, the corruption is self evident. Conversely, the willingness of 40% of the public to swallow this crap as if it were true, is not. It is evidence of ignorance, self interest, or insanity, none of which speaks well for the public, or the hypothetical virtues of self government.

  86. Revision to the above:

    If a single member of big media failed to report an important story, we might well assume this was an oversight. But when all of them systematically ignore that story, then clearly mischief is afoot. And when you compare this reticence with the mania of big media to report similar stories which implicate Republicans–whether or not they are true, the corruption becomes obvious. Politics aside, this is ultimately an assault on the American People and their right to know what is true and important to them in their daily lives. It is not journalism, it is not even advocacy, it is propaganda plain and simple. And there is no living with it, if you believe in the principle of democracy and self government. It undermines the entire assumption of the first amendment, which is that the public is entitled to know the truth and the best test of the truth is to hear all variations of it, and let what Holmes called the marketplace of ideas sort it out. I will not scruple to say this is akin to what occurred in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, because historical comparison such as that no longer persuade. Instead, I would ask any member of that 40% whether they like being lied to.

  87. Society does not improve–it merely evolves.

    Years ago, we had two very effective senators from my state: Magnuson and Jackson.

    Today, it is different.

    Today we have a pair of incompetent ones: Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.

    Murray was a door bell ringer for the establishment.

    Her evolution has been minimal.

    Cantwell is a wall flower.

    The story among lobbyist is get your point across in 15 minutes.

    Her ability to engage in sustained discussion is non existent.

    The one conversation I had with her at a Hillary high dollar fundraiser

    Led me to believe I was talking to a geriatric valley girl.

    Her latest contribution: pull the charter of the NFL if they do not rename the Washington Redskins

    With all the problems we face in the world that she should take cognizance of she chooses this one?

    Well, okay, I am game. Just tell me why?

    Because she sputters they do not belong in the twenty first century.

    In other words, the NFL is on the wrong side of history.

    Just like Putin, according to the big media beloved Messiah.

    More like, they are on the wrong side of their political narrative.

    Putin is not concerned—maybe she should begin by pulling his franchise.

    Or, just go back to sleep, because her 15 minutes is up.

  88. When I was very young we made annual trips from our home in Seattle to my grandmother’s house in Cut Bank Montana, a cold desolate place west of glacier park when the mountains recede in the distance, and the land turns from lush to barren as meets the Great Plains–big sky as the Blackfoot Indians called it. We passed through small towns like Browning and Blackfoot Montana where the painter Charlie Russell–Rembrandt of the West did his fine work, and where chief Two Guns White Calf memorialized on the old buffalo head nickel lived. I remember tar shacks, with broken down vehicles out front and clothes hanging on the lines, blown by the endless wind which sweeps across that country. Poverty and alcohol abuse were in evidence. A year before the introduction of the Salk vaccine, a polio epidemic swept through Browning, and my uncle told my dad he had just finished doing some electrical work in one of their buildings. My dad was furious with him for then exposing a young baby to that. But how many Indian babies were exposed to and contracted that virus in those days, no one bothered to ask. Today however it is quite different. My own state has many Indian Tribes, mostly they do not relish the name Native American. They own major casinos and golf courses. The standard of living for them has improved immeasurably. I know Cantwell is trying to appeal to them with her threat to pull the NFL franchise if they do not remove the name Washington Redskins. But in fact, the average Indian is not invested in this, and I rather suspect that if the Redskins won the Superbowl, much of the impetus for this cheap political correctness would dissipate. Without asking my friend who is an elder in the Chippewa tribe, I am confident she would agree with me.


    Dems, GOP in unfavorability tie

    Americans hold similarly favorable views of the Democratic and Republican parties, a new poll says.

    According to a Gallup poll released Thursday, 42 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic Party, compared with 40 percent for the GOP.

    Fifty-four percent have an unfavorable opinion of the Democrats, while 57 percent view the Republican party unfavorably.

    Americans have had a net negative view of both parties for much of the past four years. The Democratic Party at some points during President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign had a net positive favorability rating, but otherwise, the public has viewed the parties more negatively at all measured points since 2010.

    Despite their party’s slightly worse rating, the survey is perhaps better news for Republicans, who have largely rebounded from the their public relations disaster during the October 2013 government shutdown. Last fall, the party had its worst favorability rating ever recorded by Gallup at 28 percent, but its scores have now recovered to levels consistent with its rating in the past several years.

    Throughout recent history, Americans have typically viewed the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party. The 42 percent favorability figure for Democrats is just 1 percentage point above their all-time low, which came after Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in early 2010.

    Independent voters have nearly identical views of both parties, with favorability ratings of 36 percent for the GOP and 35 percent for the Democratic Party.

  90. Wbboei, thanks for sharing your memories of an earlier Montana. Chief Two Guns White Calf on the old nickel when the greenback had value.

  91. Speaking of Gates saying the Iraq war can’t be fought in the air alone…

    This is no joke, a couple of days ago, while driving to work here in N. CA, I saw what looked like a freakin’ white drone in the sky.

    It didn’t look like a small plane, it didn’t make a sound, it was not headed on a straight flight path. I looked at it for a long time to make sure of what I was seeing…

    What the eff is going on???

  92. Shadowfax, its scary what they can do to us now……..

    Far too much technology… will be the end of us all.

  93. California, facing hundreds of billions in unfunded liabilities, currently has the highest combination of sales, income, and gasoline taxes in the nation. Why, then, are its infrastructure and schools periodically ranked near dead last in the nation? Its poverty and welfare participation rates are among the nation’s highest. Surely the architects of amnesties and lax borders can explain to millions of Californians how to alleviate those problems, or at least, as they do themselves, how to navigate around them.

    The CA congress is one of the most corrupt groups in the country. They are very similar to the free give-aways of BO and MO mentality.

    The working class in CA is screwed, year after freakin’ year…mainly to pay for all the illegals that flood across it’s borders.

    The idiot liberals/progressives welcome the masses and want to treat them better than our own citizens. We have homeless American citizens on the streets, while the illegals profit from free healthcare, education and welfare.

    It makes me sick to my stomach.

    I could tell you much more, but until I retire…I will just have to leave it at that.

  94. Thank you admin.

    Here is something I want you to see because it is a game changer in our politics.

    Pelosi made mention of this, i.e. a new consolidated date base which micro targets the personal preferences of every American from shopping habits, to blogging, to facebook, to sexual preferences, to personal net worth–everything. All of this information from millions of different sources is fed into a single place where political decisions are made.

    The old Nazi George Soros was instrumental in funding this project and the geek Eric Schmidt former head of Google and is tied to Obama like stink on shit, and his in house team developed this as a black box project.

    The purpose of this is to give the far left a permanent lock on political power, and to simultaneously implement a perverse agenda which is anti American and anti middle class to the core–without suffering the political consequences.

    This technological capability, in combination with the march of their perverse ideas through the institutions, their hostility toward the middle class, their promotion of the cult against the republican promotion of the consultant, their replacement of the American electorate in tune with the rule of law and the culture of this nation, for an ocean of rootless illegals though Open Borders is all part of the Soros Plan whose ultimate goal is to control the world.

    For those who are inclined to dismiss all this, and to argue that knowledge is not power, the following may (or may not) cause them to wake up. To those of us who have studied Soros in some depth, it is Tinkers to Evers to Chance. It is written by Christian Adams, a former US Attorney for Civil Rights. But do not expect any of this to show up on the list of concerns of the ACLU. Like many other leftist groups, this one founded by a confidant of Lenin, organizations who claim to prize personal liberty, privacy et. al, the word about this is mum. And it would be but for Pelosi’s big mouth.

    Scary stuff.

    Unless one understands Soros and what he is capable of this will all sound quite far fetched if not conspiratorial.

  95. Scottish independence: Voting under way in referendum

    People in Scotland are voting on whether the country should stay in the UK or become an independent nation.

    Voters will answer “Yes” or “No” to the referendum question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

    With 4,285,323 people – 97% of the electorate – registered to vote, it is expected to be the busiest day in Scottish electoral history.

    I bet the Irish are watching this closely.

    Part of me hopes for Scottish Independence Day, wonder what it will do to their economy’s if it passes.

  96. ShadowFax…

    The reason why the UK govt is panicking is if Scotland becomes independent, it will become the 14th richest country due to its oil, gas reserves, it places Scotland 14th in the world in terms of GDP per person, ahead of France, China, and the UK.

    I applaud them for it, if they do, the UK Gov’t has taken them for granted for far too long and they could stand on their own easily.

  97. Northern Ireland is however a different kettle of fish………too many faultline cracks in society, Ireland cannot absorb, 1.8 million more people and they don’t want to……

    NI would not be strong enough to survive on its own yet.

  98. I hope for Scottish independence too, but I doubt it will happen. The City of London (the British financial cabal) has gotten everybody scared to throw off the shackle. They will lose the British Pound, and what follows will be chaos and endless night. Which is great theater. What independence could do is sever ties to the European Union which is autocratic, undemocratic, bureaucratic, rigid, and contemptuous of the needs of the Scottish People which have been vastly enhanced by the technological means of control described above. If this were to happen, however, it would send a powerful signal to our own anti democratic elites in Washington that their own days are numbered. I know, Niall Ferguson, whom I deeply respect as a thinker and as an honest man disagrees. But this could be one time when he is wrong, perhaps.

  99. Its close, its very close and you never know they may just tell Westminister where to get off.

    10 to 15% were undecided going into today, that is 750,000 out of a voting total of 5 million, this can go either way.

  100. Moon, thanks for the info on Scotland’s natural resources. I hope they break away.

    America did the same more than 200 years ago.

    It’s Scotland’s turn to tell England to stand on their own two feet.

  101. Ok now this really tells me its way worse than what they are telling us…..

    Breaking : The United Nations Security Council declares the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa “a threat to international peace and security”

  102. The United Nations Security Council declares the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa “a threat to international peace and security
    And, perhaps, an end to Obama’s policy of open borders.

    If his failure to secure our borders leads to an Ebola epidemic in this county, a contingency that Jug head Jeh would dismiss just as he dismissed the ISIS risk with his customary arrogance and ignorance, then then Obama and his co-conspirators will be in triple jeopardy.

  103. Who knows what is going to happen

    Turnout in some areas has been 100%, overall turnout will be 90%+

    This is phenomenal.

    Polls can say what they want, until the votes are counted.

  104. Things are not so rosy for the North Sea Oil Reserves….This has got to effect the vote. Emotionally, I would like to see Scotland separate, but practically, I think it would be a win, win if they became equal partners.

    One has to wonder what would happen to the nukes GB has there?

    America needs a strong GB.

  105. On another incredulous note…what else can one expect from the 9th Circuit Court…

    Jesus, it’s America..still, for now! And really? Cinco de Mayo, a beer promotion started by Budweiser? How stupid can you get 9th Circuit?

    I’ve never understood why any American would celebrate Cinco de Mayo day, it celebrates a Mexican victory over France in 1862 in a long ago war of theirs.

    How obvious of an Activist Agenda!

  106. Now I know I have raised this issue before, but I really find the ISIS crazies too unbelievable. I mean, they are basically still fighting the Holey War. But I have raised the issue of Lead and it’s role in violent crime here in the US Then there is the issue of aggression and violence in the Islamic culture. So if you look at the countries that have NOT banned lead in gasoline:

    The Middle Eastern Countries are seriously missing.

    (More links next post)

  107. And maybe while those drones are over there, they could identify bomb targets so our troops boots don’t have to get freak mess on them.

    So why doesn’t Obozo send in the drones?????????????????

  108. We were going to comment about Scotland last week when the “yes” vote appeared like it might win. Here’s what we wrote:

    AceOfSpades has an interesting take on an interesting article about Scotland. A Scot majority in polls is now in favor of independence from Britain which has prompted panic in London as well as promises of more control for Scotland over its affairs.

    The two things we find interesting about this is that typically when peoples have control over their affairs they can’t blame others for the mess they’re in. If Scots vote “yes” it will be a put up or shut up moment. The Scotland government is way out to the left and constantly blames England for all its woes. While Scotland does have resources it would be interesting to see how quickly those resources go up in flames once it gets the unfettered welfare state so many in Scotland desire.

    The second point of interest for us is the long term effect of a “yes” vote on British politics. Scotland has two left wing parties which get the votes. Scotland has elected only one Tory in decades. If the large left voting populace of Scotland is no longer part of the British electorate. Easy wins for Tories.

  109. I can’t help thinking of the American revolution against the UK. Our country ended up better off for it, I hope the same for Scotland.

    BBC news on the internet radio kind of talks about the Unions wanting the ‘No’ vote, college student’s wanting the ‘Yes’.

    But, no one knows yet which way it will go.

  110. When Republicans like McCain and Graham beat the war drum that is typical of the breed. Bomb, bomb, boom, bomb, bomb Iran is what McCain has been singing. He is one sick puppy. The only consolation with those two is once we make the military commitment, they will escalate as necessary and continue for as long as it takes to win, even though winning turns out to be a Pyrrhic Victory. But when Dimocrats like Obama, and Biden beat the war drum it is out of character, they will micromanage the conflict rather than relying on the best advice of their general and when the going gets tough they will cut and run. In sum, an unholy alliance between congenital war mongers and war monger poseurs is certain to end badly.

    Larry agrees.

    And I agree with Larry:

    The Nobel Committee should strip the Messiah of his award, and–

    Messiah Obama is A LIAR AND A FRAUD.

    The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Insists on Illegal War

    By Larry Johnsongravatar

    on September 18, 2014 at 8:03 PM in Current Affairs

    Just because Congress wants to do something insane and illegal does not mean that the President must be complicit in breaking the law. But Barack Obama is all in with violating international law and engaging in a public act of war against Syria, a country that has not threatened us or attacked us. (snip)

    ISIS/ISIL must be destroyed. But rather than focus seriously on that goal, we are eroding our moral authority by asserting the right to use military force inside Syria. What would you say if Mexico suddenly declared that it would conduct aerial bombings in Texas or Arizona because of the threat from a drug trafficker gang. You okay with that? I suspect no. Then why in the fuck do we think we can just bomb at will in Syria without Syria’s permission or cooperation?

    What happens when a US plane is shot down in Syria? What happens if we jump to the conclusion that it was done by the Syrian Government (acting lawfully in accordance with international conventions and the UN Charter) but it was actually ISIS/ISIL? What happens if we retaliate and kill Russian or Iranian military advisors who are helping the Government of Syria beat back the ISIS threat?

    This gets out of control and runs a serious risk of escalating into something far larger and far more deadly. The Nobel Committee needs to strip Barack Obama of his undeserved award. He is a liar and fraud. He has surpassed George W. Bush in showing a willful disregard for international law and human rights. (snip)

    One thing is certain–Americans will die.

    One thing is likely–new terrorist attacks against US targets if we bomb in Syria.

  111. Very close in Scotland…gap is evaporated! Less than 1% difference.


    The media won’t care of fraudsflops.They just won’t care.
    Did you see, that the Australian Government did a maj or crackdown Po not Muslim terrorist there. 800 police. These monsters are everywhere!

  112. I saw the crackdown on Muslim terrorists in Australia. The plan of the terrorists was to snatch ordinary people off the street, take them to a safe house and behead them on camera. They are budding Saul Alinskys. Fortunately, the Australians will give them the justice they deserve, unlike Messiah Obama who would coddle them, while taking away the right of the average American to defend himself.

  113. Anyone have an online link to live coverage on Scotland vote? I was able to hear the BBC radio on a MAC at work, but not at home with my PC.

  114. The smartest man in the media is Rupert Murdock. The only one I would like having a beer with. He does not affect the mannerisms, political correctness and simpering ways of his competitors. On the contrary he is a hard core realist and he sees in this close Scottish vote the exact same thing that I do, and mentioned right here this morning. A revolt against the elites, which is sweeping the western world, and will not be denied. Pat Caddell has spoken about this same phenomenon noting that 70% of the public would vote for a third party if they thought it could win. This is where Cruz is on the right side of history. And, it is why Hillary needs to separate herself from Obama. Krauthammer claims she will never do it. But if she wants to win she will have to.

  115. Let me tell you what I see happening.

    The reason why the elites favor open border is the same reason that Obama loves to get out of Washington and sycophants who he can easily bamboozle. Both want a low information constituency who will not challenge their position, AND–and this is the important part, they can buy the loyalty of these low information voters by looting the middle class. The wealthy liberal has always been a contradiction in terms, until you stop and realize what their real game is. So enough of this talk about just wanting cheap labor, or the bigger lie that they are humanitarians. For simply put, this is a way to protect their wealth and power. Thanks more people see through the scam, and the current crop of left wing billionaires are too arrogant and meglomanical to cover their tracks. Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Lewis, Soros, among others.

  116. The Princeton investment banker used to talk about this phenomenon. He said in the good old days these people were content to just make money and keep a low profile. Today, they aspire to have a public persona and fancy themselves to be citizens of the world. Rootless cosmopolitans is what I would call them.

    “Nobody Does It Like Me”
    (Barack’s Song)

    If there’s a wrong way say it
    And a right way to play it
    Nobody does it like me

    If there’s a wrong way to do it
    A right way to screw it up, ha
    Nobody does it like me

    I’ve got a big loud mouth
    I’m always talking much to free
    If you go for tact and manners
    Better stay away from me

    If there’s a wrong way to keep it cool
    A right way to be a fool
    Nobody does it like me

    If there’s a wrong bell, I ring it
    A wrong note I sing it
    Nobody does it like me

    If there’s a problem, I duck it
    I don’t solve it I just muck it up
    Nobody does it like me

  118. wbboei
    September 18, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    why, oh why do you continue to insult Charles Laughton?
    seriously, dead ringer, indeed. too funny.

  119. The Scots voted no. A young Scots parliament member made the most sense in an interview explaining the frustration of the population and some of the mistakes made by Salmond and Cameron. They are tired of centralized top down elite run bureaucratic government from London. They view it as condescending, illogical, unworkable and harmful. They want a federal system where areas out of London have more self-determination. He also said Salmond ran an “Obama” campaign promising the stars and people decided he was “exaggerating”. He thinks the people of England and Wales outside of London want this also. He said Salmond and Cameron made the mistake of not including the the third option of more decentralization because both of them want centralized power and more and more people don’t. This young man reminded me of Ted Cruz with a burr.

  120. Howard Koplowitz of International Business Times thinks it may play in HRC’s favor if Republicans win the Senate this year:

    The thinking goes like this: With a lame-duck president in the White House and gridlock likely in Congress for the next two years, the presidential candidate representing the Senate minority could get a lot of mileage out of campaigning against the status quo in 2016.

    … candidates from both parties could benefit from a version of such a scenario, including Republican Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida, who could have more freedom if the Democrats keep the Senate majority.

    Repug win or not, I’m still rooting for and contributing to the 9 Democrats I recently listed, and it’s looking more and more like the most important of those races (McConnell v Grimes) might be a win. Even if the Dems lose all the others and the Senate with them, I would still be very pleased if Alison Grimes was the new Senator from Kentucky and that Bitch McConnell was out on his ass.

    BTW, Grimes is still neck-and-neck with McConnell while giving pretty strong support to Obamacare. So she’s taking WJC’s advice by “embracing” Obamacare and doing pretty well with it. I think a visit by WJC and HRC to Lexington would put Grimes over the top.

  121. The generals are very frustrated with the big media beloved messiah.

    They agree with the end state that the messiah proclaimed, namely the destruction of ISIS.

    But they are unalterably opposed to the manner of implantation which he has subsequently announced.

    Air power–which is all he is offering at this point is critical but not decisive.

    Ground power and pressing the case are required for victory.

    Ground power means American troops on the ground–something Obama refuses to do.

    It is not enough to rely on a coalition of indigenous groups forces have been getting their asses kicked by ISIS.

    Timing is also critical.

    By announcing that he would launch air attacks and then delaying–by not attacking immediately.

    Obama has given ISIS the time it needs to move into the cities where he will not bomb.

    And, knowing Obama as we all do, he will tie the hands of his generals and surrender before the end state is achieved.

    The other thing they know is that the proximate cause of the rise of ISIS

    Has been Obama whose benighted policies in the middle east snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Finally, on the question which is always on the minds of military men who are asked to commence a war, i.e.

    Will we have guns or butter

    The utter ambivalence of the big media beloved messiah is duly noted.

    They, the generals, are more frustrated with and distrusting of Obama, than with any president in history.

    But big media installed him lied for him and loves him.

    What could be more important than that?

  122. Never ashamed to venture his opinion on any subject under the sun, and to speak to that subject ex cathedra, Krauthammer has stated that we do not need to put American troops in harms way but can instead rely on indigenous forces to engage and finish off ISIS. As that is not the opinion of any general I am aware of, it is appropriate to ask in what year did Krauthammer graduate from West Point, or Annapolis? I do not see anything about that in his bio. An oversight I’m sure.

  123. If we really need an ignorant opinion on the subject, lets find Joe Klein and ask him how the cow ate the cabbage and why the generals are all wrong about ground troops. Joe will have an opinion on that subject too, and, frankly its been a while since he has offered his unbridled opinions on any subject. But whatever we do, stay away from Norman Ornstein the go to conservative for big media who can be counted upon to expound their narrative. You know that cocksucker is wrong before he even opens his mouth. Simply put, the collective wisdom of big media pantheon of heroes leaves something to be desired.

  124. Obama’s support on foreign policy is running in the mid 30s and the so called experts as FOX have been called upon to explain this strange development for the Liar In Chief. One of those experts, Nina Easton, claims the public is scared by which she means terrified of ISIS, and the relative ease with which they could launch an attack on our soil as evidenced by what they planned to do in Australia and were thwarted. She claims the reason his numbers are in the tank is because the public does not see a similar level of concern emanating from the so called commander in chief who has been completely dismissive of it a short time earlier. I do not agree with the premise that the public is scared by the beheadings. They see them as they would a movie and go on about their business. They are more concerned that we not fully engage in this war, by putting troops on the ground. They see the middle east as the death of empires.

  125. Wag the dog is not working. That is the other conclusion reached by the above poll. Normally, a president gets a noticeable bump in ratings when he declares what anyone but Obama would call a war. But he has received no such bump. In my view there are two reasons: first the public does not feel nearly as threatened as Easton imagined. Second, to the extent they feel threatened at all, they have no confidence that the big media beloved messiah will lift a finger to protect them, if to do so would tarnish his image. When a confidence man like Obama cannot secure the confidence of the rube, its game over.

  126. Predictions of a wave election have been greatly exaggerated, in my opinion.

    Comes now Rove saying they are not doing as well as they should be.

    And, asking the party faithful to open their wallets and volunteer.

    To which I say, why . . . .

    1. Why contribute and volunteer for a party which has proven itself to be spineless to stop Obama?

    2. Why contribute and volunteer for a party which has openly declared open season on its own base?

    3. Why contribute and volunteer for a party that uses the same race baiting tactics as the far left to that end?

    4. Why contribute and volunteer for a party that has become nothing more than an incumbent protection racket?

    5. Why contribute and volunteer for a party that promises to do essentially nothing to roll back Obamacare?

    6. Why contribute and volunteer for a party which has proven itself as feckless on foreign policy as Obama?

    7. Why contribute and volunteer for a party that is more interested in Wall Street than Main Street?

    Yes, Mr. Rove. Explain to them why.

    Well, for what it is worth, here is an article by Erickson and two commenters which suggest this may not be a 2010 reprise:


    Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove sounded the alarm.

    Republicans are not doing as well as they should given the election dynamic.

    According to Rove, “Republican candidates and groups must step up if they are to substantially reduce that gap . . . . [R]educing the Democratic cash advantage will tip the needle in the GOP’s direction.

    That will only happen if Republicans open their wallets to candidates whom they may have never met, and, if they live in a battleground state, they clear their calendars to volunteer to identify and get out the vote.”

    A few hours later, via the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s email list, Haley Barbour sent out a pitch for donations.

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee can GDIAF, hell fire hopefully. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

    The NRSC and its establishment hacks, consultants, and outside groups have spent the better part of year attacking the ethics of outside conservative groups, attacking conservative activists as racists and bigots, attacking vendors who dare help conservative groups and anti-establishment candidates, and doing everything they can to defend their status quo in an incumbent protection racket.

    And now they find themselves short of funds in the general election. No kidding. Screw you all. I will not give you one damn penny.


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    308winchester • an hour ago

    Rove spent his time attacking the base and now he’s panicking that the base isn’t helping, and they blew their cash dumping on conservatives and the TEA Party. Hey Karl, newsflash…. When you use scorched earth tactics on your own people like in Mississippi & Kansas, the base responds by NOT showing up like when Romney ignored his base and played to democrats. Since money is the mothers milk, lets use our power to force changes in the RNC. We have the power to force changes , but it will take a concerted effort to force these guys to stand aside and let the races go as they may. They may also be comfy being second banana and not that interested in winning if it means that their buddy club loses a few members. Start sending e-mails to the RNC and remind them that they are the ones who are responsible for suppressing the bases votes and extract promises of no interference until election day. This should be a walk in the park for us but the morons and their billionaire club buds have poisoned the well for the base. The base just may well respond AGAIN by not showing up and we can all look right at Mr Rove for who is responsible with his PAC’s pushing RINO’s who can’t win… we also might mention that where is the REPUBLICAN MESSAGE to tell voters what they will do with this power… It’s totally absent and nobody knows what they stand for. We are losing the opportunity of a life time without a message and it is reported that the House will re-elect Boehner again after January.. Thats another stupid move that will not inspire the base. Bold issues and moves are needed but I have yet to see a message from the RNC and I don’t expect one at this point. Lets put some real men in charge and change America BACK !!

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    indylawyer • an hour ago

    One lesson the GOP needs to learn is that incumbency is not an advantage for a Republican senator. It is for Democrats because the benefits of incumbency reinforce their philosophy. But for a Republican, the kind of thing that an incumbent can brag about conflicts with the limited government message that draws people to Republicans. It may help in blue states where Republicans occasionally win as Democrats-lite (Sue Collins and Mark Kirk are the only remaining examples of this), but otherwise an incumbent who has outlived his welcome is a liability to the party. In such circumstances, the party should be pushing these incumbents to step aside for new candidates who can better hold the seat. No reason why Kentucky or Kansas should be battlegrounds this year except that old unpopular Senators refused to retire. Pointing to flaws in their inexperienced opponents may or may not have been a valid argument for supporting them in the primaries, but better candidates could have been recruited if these guys had stepped aside.

  127. I want to preface my comments by saying that Hillary is the only candidate that I not only campaigned for, but donated $ to her campaign. That said I consider myself a recovering Democrat. I am currently not registered in either party as neither represents my politics. I am for universal NOT FOR PROFIT health insurance, against privatizing Social Security and support gay rights so I can not be a Repug. However, I oppose Obamacare and amnesty for illegals and can no longer be a democrat. I despise the dem party’s racism, fraud, corruption and pro muslim, anti Israel leanings.

    I still like and respect Hillary, however, increasingly I can not support some of her positions. I was dead set against the Iraq war when so many beat the drum for war. I watched the shock and awe in disgust as I saw my generation’s social security go up in flames…..and wasn’t the lock box removed during Clinton’s term?
    I disagree with Hillary’s position and am dead set against giving arms to the Syrians. I agree with the Israeli defense minister that there are only bad players there and these weapons will eventually be tuned on Israel and the US. This is primarily an Arab war and we need to let them shed blood over it if they must.

    As for our security, we should seal our borders, better control who enters this country and monitor / expel radical foreign Muslim students and activists. We should internationally work to cut off funds to ISIS.

    I have an incumbent democrat, Tim Bishop, running for Congress against the repug, Zeldin. Bishop is a poster boy for term limits and is currently under investigation for ethics violations. He is for an open border / amnesty despite the harm done to our local communities and he is a strong supporter of anything Obama. I can not vote for him. Zeldin is allegedly for privatizing SS. If that turns out to be accurate, it will be difficult to vote for him though I probably will in the hope of turning Bishop out. How I wish we had a viable third party.

    Increasingly, I find Hillary’s positions distressing on Iraq, Syria, Benghazi and Obamacare. I wonder how others on this site are reconciling themselves with some of her positions?

  128. totally disgusted –

    I am still a registered Democrat, but will always vote independently.

    Right now, I don’t have a party.

    Things I have always been against with the Dems:

    – Open borders
    – Amnesty for illegals and free education
    – ObamaCare (A scam)
    – Wasteful spending of hard earned tax dollars, the government’s debt.

    I stand by Hillary, she is the closest to what I believe in.

    She works harder than any politician I know, has good morals, is damn intelligent and experienced.

    I would rather put my country’s life in her hands than anyone else.

    Hillary has fought for women’s rights more than anyone else in my lifetime, I want her to be the first woman President of the US.

    I don’t make excuses for myself nor do I make them for Hillary.

    If you don’t want to support her, that’s your choice. You need to find someone you believe in, when it comes to voting.

    That’s my view, in a nutshell.

  129. Wbv,

    That parliament member from Scotland nailed it on the head and gives credence to what I stated above, best case scenario, Scotland becomes an equal partner, government not centralized in London.

    As far as Hillary goes, she has been less than inspiring. We shall she if she wakes up like in 2008, but alas that was too late.

  130. Shadowfax
    September 19, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    I agree. It is not time for HRC to show her stuff right now. The whole party is in the crapper over their bad choice in 2008 and the last thing she needs to do is state the obvious before the November elections.

    Hillary 2016!!!

  131. The refusal of the Republican party faithful to contribute and turn out like they did in 2010 has got Rove worried.

    It is hard to understand why.

    When you launch a scorched earth attack against the base of your party it is naïve to assume they will vote for you.

    Granted, the Dimocrat Part lied to their base and made many false and deceptive promises.

    But never to my knowledge did they openly attack them, accuse them of being racists and compare them to the KKK.

    Like Rove, Barbour and the Republican Senatorial Committee did.

    Did Rove, Barbour, and the Republican Senatorial Committee aka the incumbent protection racket fail to foresee the obvious?

    If so it is hard to have any sympathy for them.

    And they have no right to ask the base they trashed to turn around now and support them, irrespective of Obama.

  132. This will affect Senatorial elections in 3 states:

    Mississippi (Cochrane),

    Kansas (Roberts)

    Kentucky (McConnell)

    It may be enough to deny them the six seats they need to win control of the Senate.

    In that case, there will be overt pressure to form a third party prior to 2016.

    Cruz is the only one who could lead it.

  133. Totally Disgusted: I just a few days ago tried to so eloquently say what you did .. that some of Hillary’s positions on things over the last few years have caused me heartburn. Me, like you, feel I am without a true party or person to represent my interests…. Bill Clinton maybe harbored these same leanings and I was just not aware at the time BUT the country rocked under him AND the leadership in his last years. I won’t commit to anyone until I hear and see more. I am not sure how Benghazi will turn out, I watched some of the hearing and so many were inept and we STILL do not know where Obama was. Will that question ever be answered??? I’m not sure, even Trey Goudy seems to be a bit defeated looking IMHO

  134. Trey, what the hay???

    What is going on with that super committee that he is in charge of………………crickets.

  135. Paul Begala’s thoughts on why Hillary hasn’t publicly announced her candidacy yet.


    (CNN) — “Are you running for president?”

    “When will you announce that you’re running for president?”

    “Why won’t you just announce that you’re running for president?”

    Paul Begala

    “You wouldn’t be have gone to Iowa if you weren’t running for president, would you?
    Despite the world aflame, Ebola spreading and the Washington Nationals in the playoffs, it seems the only thing the political press can do is speculate about a potential Hillary presidential candidacy.

    Keep in mind we are two years and two months away from the next presidential election. And yet the urgency is fierce, bordering on indignation: “Why won’t she just tell us if she’s running?”

    Well, why should she? An announcement now would be stupid, and Hillary is definitely not stupid.

    If she were to go Open Kimono on us now it would draw attention from crucial midterm elections, siphon campaign donations from Democrats struggling to hold onto the Senate and possibly even eclipse important debates on how to fight ISIS and whether to shut down the government (again).

    There is little such insistence about, say, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Indiana Gov. Mike Pence or even two-time loser Mitt Romney. We presume they’re running — just as most folks presume Hillary is. But we’re not hectoring them at every turn; we’re not resentful that they haven’t made a formal announcement.
    Probably because we just don’t care as much about them. They’re not leading in the polls by a million points (nor will Hillary, if and when a campaign is underway), and they simply do not rivet the national attention the way the former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state and future (?!) first female president does.
    I have not been in touch with Hillary, so I do not speak with intimate knowledge. But I have known her for — jeez, 23 years. And I actually believe her when she says she has not completely made up her mind.

    Hillary is a wonk who’s had to learn the rhythms of campaigning. That’s very different from, say, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a glad-handing natural for whom it can be said that if an idea wanted to cross his mind it would need to bring a canteen. Hillary believes politics should be about ideas — a clash of visions, of competing plans to promote the general welfare and provide for the common defense.

    This, after all, is a woman who rings in each New Year by standing and singing “God Bless America.” But there are aspects of campaigning that she loves: a vigorous honest, face-to-face debate; a town hall meeting in which folks ask substantive questions; meeting people who pour their hearts out to her, who hold their baby daughters up to her, who share their hopes and their heartbreaks with her.

    So I can imagine that there is an angel on her shoulder whispering, “Who needs it?” Who needs the phoniness, the vacuity, the mind-numbing, bone-wearying, soul-crushing grind? But on the other shoulder stands another angel, whispering, “Because it’s worth it.” If you care about, say, universal pre-kindergarten — an issue Hillary has cared about and worked on for decades — or finding ways to stimulate job growth; if you care about peace abroad and supporting our military families at home; if you care about the climate crisis and full equality for LGBT Americans and voting rights and a million other issues: the best way to make turn those ideas into action is through the presidency.


  136. Shadowfax

    September 19, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    I stand by Hillary, she is the closest to what I believe in.

    She works harder than any politician I know, has good morals, is damn intelligent and experienced.

    I would rather put my country’s life in her hands than anyone else.

    I read this post after I got home from the dentist, and I haven’t stopped smiling since.


    Hillary 2016

  137. Shadowfax

    September 19, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    Trey, what the hay???

    What is going on with that super committee that he is in charge of………………crickets.

    I think it is more a case of frustration–the same frustration that Issa felt in dealing with Cummings who has made it clear from the beginning that he is not interested in the facts or the truth. And then there is this Adam Shiff who says the investigation is a waste of time, and then accepts the assignment. In every litigation there is an inevitable back and forth–one minute you feel like you are winning and at other times you assume the case is hopeless. However, I am certain that Trey and his people will get to the truth, that most of the dims will do whatever they can fair or foul to obstruct the truth, and in the end, you will bet a majority report which will be worth reading and a minority report which will be a total waste of time, because they are not interested in the truth, period. I think there may be a halcion period after the November election and the commencement of the 2016 campaign when progress will be possible–particularly if the Republicans manage to eek out a victory in the Senate. When they interview Panetta, we may learn the truth. I think he is less likely to stonewall than other, partly because there are too many people who know the truth.

  138. The other thing to realize is this is a huge undertaking for Trey. Thousands of hours will be required, and this will be compounded by people like Cummings who is symptomatic of the corruption in our political process, which is why the general welfare is always neglected in favor of race baiting and lobbyists.

  139. This young man reminded me of Ted Cruz with a burr.

    Mormaer, what does this mean? Does “burr” mean a Scottish accent, maybe..? Thx…

  140. I know why that Cummings wanted to be on that committee – as a matter of fact, back when Democrats were trying to decide whether to have any dems on board, he probably insisted they do, and for him to be on it – anyway, he’s one of the 5 they found wrote emails to the IRS encouraging them to harrass the tea party groups, and his office is also the one that the IRS was trying to call to get some info released early by the press, but they accidentally called Issa’s office.

  141. Off topic – I can’t believe they just said that people can use welfare money for recreational pot. They can’t use it for alcohol, so they shouldn’t be able to use it for pot.

  142. I definitely don’t agree with some of Hillary’s positions. I didn’t know about them in 2008. Obamacare, affirmative action (I think any help belongs in the family, not in higher education where unqualified people can get in and out because of extra points*), illegal immigration, voter ID.

    It was really stressing me out for a while. But then I thought about the new world view I have had occuring since May 31, 2008. Like others, I’ve realized I’m best as an independent (and I actually think it would be best if everyone were). But I no longer even believe in the political parties anymore – I think they really just exist anymore just for their own continued existence. We’re all aware of the manipulation and lies, and the games they play (pretending to focus on something when really they’re not because it’s a great wedge issue, better not to fix it) to get us to vote for “our” party. I think politicians stand very little for actual principles or effecting change, but primarily to make sure they can all be elected again – and they need to parties to do it.

    I’ve realized that really for any issue, you can find people on both sides of the issue who are pro and people who are con. It is no way as black and white as the parties want us to believe. Making us believe it is black and white is merely a way to make us think we have to vote for the party that is “known” for X or Y that we believe in.

    And that prevents us from having real power – if we could hook up with people who support X from BOTH parties, we could get something done – but since we are only supposed to work with the “appropriate party” and those in it, we have fewer people to work with on that issue. A really good (general) example is feminism. Democrats believe in feminism and Republicans don’t. Someone wants to say that Sarah Palin, who worked her way from PTA to city council to governor isn’t feminist??? But Sarah Palin isn’t a feminist because she doesn’t believe in abortion. How crazy is that? If feminists (female and male alike) want to get something done, they should be working with *all* feminists, not just on the “approved” side.

    So this had also led me to realize that there will never be a “perfect candidate” for me, unless I run for office myself (which isn’t about to happen lol). So instead of focusing *too* much on what I don’t agree with Hillary about, I remind myself that instead of looking for my “perfect candidate”, I need to look for someone who most closely matches with me. And of course, not all issues are equal in priority for me, so it’s certainly conceivable that I could find something out which is a game changer. Plus, you have to compare the candidate to the other candidate. But otherwise, I’m paying attention to how much we agree vs how much we don’t, and how strongly I feel about each one.

    *About 10 years ago, NPR had a news segment about CA doctors, and they said NOT ONE single black MD in CA would have become an MD without affirmative action points to get into and out of each school they went to. I have a problem with that. Competent MDs are pretty important. So I think help should be in the family situation.

  143. Never really thought about it until now–or rather last night when I read a blog claiming that we must have “hope” because that is what makes men storm beaches–gallant men those soldiers, they always go for the thickest part of the wall, and get slaughtered, but they always have hope.

    What is hope?

    We have an old Irish Catholic Priest at the Catholic Seamen’s club, who talks about it and writes songs about it–hope. The hope he talks about is beyond the experience of most of us. It relates to seamen in a small boat in a big ocean in the midst of a storm, and placed in that context, it means survival–and returning home. Please pass the offering plate.

    And then, there is that cocksucker Obama.

    He shouts from the roof tops Hope–and Change.

    And the ignoranti shout back in a Palovian manner:

    -He–He is the one we have been waiting for.

    And big media joins in the chant.

    So again, what does the great Messiah mean when he parrots the word supplied to him by his handler–hope.

    (Note: no need to ask what change means–it means looting the middle class and becoming the laughing stock of he planet)

    To that one black woman it meant have government pay her cell phone bills

    To another it means killing whitey Mau Mau style

    To another it means a free passport to Harvard(the next best thing to killing whitey)

    To a democrat it means a permanent lease on power.

    To Soros and his ilk, it means a puppet

    To a normal businessman it means a politician who stays bought

    To big media it represents a way to control the narrative and with it the nation

    And to Obama it means I can do anything I want to with this country and no one can stop me

    In sum, hope is a vague term which represents whatever we want, and whatever our delusions tell us we should have because whether we earned it or not, we earned it—-like amnesty for illegals.

    I am sick of the word.

  144. [Thumbnail from home page:] SOURCES TELL FOX NEWS at least one Secret Service agent had a gun trained on the unarmed White House intruder Friday night, but decided not to shoot likely because President Obama and his family were not home at the time of the incident.

    Secret Service agent was ready to shoot unarmed White House intruder, sources tell Fox

    Snip The Secret Service early Saturday identified the suspect as Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas, and said he was unarmed when apprehended. Snip Gonzalez was charged with unlawful entry into the White House complex and taken to the nearby hospital after complaining of chest pain.
    Attempts to reach Gonzalez or his relatives by phone were unsuccessful. Snip Obama appointed the agency’s first female director last year as a sign he wanted to change the culture and restore public confidence in its operations. snip

    Good grief. Keystone Cops would be better.

  145. Thanks to Google, we now have Orwell. Unlike the Mechanical Turk where the chess master was inside the automaton, we how have an apparent chess master with an automaton inside. His name is Obama. This is the program that Christian Adams wrote about and I posted a couple days ago.

    “The Obama campaign moves on two narrative levels. The public narrative are the promises he makes in big speeches from behind a teleprompter, which itself is driven by polling. That stuff is projected through the media. The micro, pervasive narrative consists of all the little promises his people make to voters sitting in their stoops or opening the front door, or at little community meetings. That is delivered under the radar.”


    Shape Shifter

    September 19th, 2014 – 3:44 pm

    Richard Fernandez

    J. Christian Adams discussion of the Obama political machine’s CATALIST database provides a peek into “Big Data” as applied to politics. Mr. Adams gives an example of how CATALIST, which collects, collates and analyzes data on a vast scale can be used as a political marketing tool. He tells the story of voters who should have been “safe” Republican voters being lured away by this new tool.

    During the 2012 election, a producer for a conservative news network received a knock at his door in a key swing state. Two neighbors were standing on his stoop campaigning for Obama. They weren’t there to talk to him — they were there to talk to his wife. They knew that she was employed in a profession which the Obama campaign had decided to microtarget: folks who deliver services to special needs children. The two neighbors were already armed with this personalized information. The Obama campaign didn’t just send a direct mail piece to the target or make a telephone call. Instead, the campaign matched a microtargeted demographic (special needs service providers) with a highly motivated Obama volunteer in close neighborly proximity to the target. Then they armed the neighbor/volunteer with data to visit the target.

    Obama’s canvassers “know” you — knew the voters above — perhaps better than you know yourself. Big Data can do this. From that point you are dumped into the classic marketing funnel. You’re a lead and they close the voting sale.


    You’re not talking to a canvasser, you’re talking to a friend.

    Mr. Adams notes that CATALIST is able to gnaw into moderate voting blocs who would otherwise be Republican because such voters normally vote by brand, using as values and social attitudes as a rough guide. CATALIST is able to trump those signals by making a specific pitch to the individual’s interests. It can micro-sell in ways that overcomes the general brand preference. Thus, in the example above, they were able to appeal to a potential Republican voter’s interest in special needs children.

    Note that the canvassers didn’t actually “know” anything about the couple. In fact, these canvassers may be quite ignorant in themselves. They are just human mouths for the application. Speaking of which, you may be surprised to learn that CATALIST doesn’t “know” anything either. It is ignorant itself, simply using sophisticated, AI-related algorithms to predict what you will like to hear, not from sentience in the human sense, but in the same way that your Google search bar can predict what letter or phrase you will type next when you are researching something.

    It “understands” you, but only the way a cool, unsympathetic and detached Martian mind might.

    Big Data is used to create a “magic mirror” in which a voter sees exactly what he wants to see. Obama’s field workers are effectively transformed, through the magical scripts sent to their tablets, into shape-shifters who become exactly what you want them to become. The flip side of this is the promises they utter are generated the same way, whether they are substantively real or not. There’s probably a database of ”government programs” any of which can be made to sound like your dream come true.

    The Obama campaign moves on two narrative levels. The public narrative are the promises he makes in big speeches from behind a teleprompter, which itself is driven by polling. That stuff is projected through the media. The micro, pervasive narrative consists of all the little promises his people make to voters sitting in their stoops or opening the front door, or at little community meetings. That is delivered under the radar.

    One property of such automated systems is that Obama may not even know what he is promising, any more than Sergei Brin may be aware of what the predictive algorithm is suggesting on your Google Search Bar. That’s generated by the Big Data application. One of the Achilles heels of this Obama governance is that he is always leading from behind the cloud front of his idiot-savant demagogic application.

    The ultimate goal of the president’s political program is to retain power. For what purpose is it governing? Please hold while they ask CATALIST. In some way president Obama is like a reverse Mechanical Turk.

    He knows your every wish
    He knows your every wish

    The Turk, also known as the Mechanical Turk or Automaton Chess Player (German: Schachtürke, “chess Turk”‘ Hungarian: A Török), was a fake chess-playing machine constructed in the late 18th century. From 1770 until its destruction by fire in 1854, it was exhibited by various owners as an automaton, though it was exposed in the early 1820s as an elaborate hoax.[1] Constructed and unveiled in 1770 by Wolfgang von Kempelen (1734–1804) to impress the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, the mechanism appeared to be able to play a strong game of chess against a human opponent, as well as perform the knight’s tour, a puzzle that requires the player to move a knight to occupy every square of a chessboard exactly once.

    The Turk was in fact a mechanical illusion that allowed a human chess master hiding inside to operate the machine. With a skilled operator, the Turk won most of the games played during its demonstrations around Europe and the Americas for nearly 84 years, playing and defeating many challengers including statesmen such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin. The operator(s) within the mechanism during Kempelen’s original tour remains a mystery. When the device was later purchased in 1804 and exhibited by Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, the chess masters who secretly operated it included Johann Allgaier, Boncourt, Aaron Alexandre, William Lewis, Jacques Mouret, and William Schlumberger.

    In this case however, there is no man inside the automaton. The reverse occurs, in which there is an automaton inside the man.

  146. lorac
    September 19, 2014 at 11:18 pm
    The Scots burr is the trilling “r”. This young parliamentarian spoke perfectly, more slowly for an American audience and clearly with a rather strong Scots accent. But he also spoke in complete paragraphs like Cruz and was obviously very, very bright.

  147. 2 comments on Richard’s piece, above.

    Subotai Bahadur

    1) The Federal government, and all of its agencies, have admitted to massive and unconstitutional spying on the American peoples’ finances, communications, medical records, business records, political beliefs, etc. And without doubt it is being used to build dossiers on those who are judged to be irreconcilable with the regime that is and is to come.

    2) But you can also bet your disaccharide-infused specimen of Equus africanus asinus that there is a “cc:” to the political operation of the Inner Party. Call it “Ishmael”, call it “Catalist”, call it “cyber-snitch”; it is what it is.

    3) In other threads, buddy larsen and others have brought up details of the Left’s vote fraud operation. Mention has been made of the centralized and computerized vote tabulation processes, all of which are in the hands of the Left with no oversight. While these three things would enable a brute force theft of votes and a blatant imposition of tyranny; they may be more subtle. With the right tweaking of vote totals, it is possible to have the Left win, miraculously and just barely in critical districts with the votes just at a level to be kinda credible.

    “You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

    4) The concept that the Republicans just need to use the same tactics misses one key point. The Institutional Republicans have no reason to, because their goal is not to win any more elections than they have to for a place at the trough. Any attempt to do more than that would discommode the Left who they depend on for said place.

    Subotai Bahadur
    … (show more)

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    Yep. That is my feeling also. “Big Data” is both a story and a cover story. When there is an extraordinary result that defies expectation, the “Big Data magic” narrative can be trotted out to take the credit for it.

    Now data driven campaigns are powerful, but they are not almighty. However the white magic and black magic together are powerful stuff.

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    I work with ‘big data’ in the financial industry and I appreciate the fightingly rapid rise in sophisticated tools being developed to aggregate, link and analyze such data. A good friend of mine from university works for a company that is developing tools that can pop up marketing messages wherever you are – e.g. you might be driving along and based on past purchases it appears you like McDonald’s McRib sandwiches and based on your GPS position pinged from your smartphone, you are coming up to a McDonalds in about 2 miles, it is getting close to noon and bam, you get a text message with a coupon for $2 off the purchase of a McRib value meal…

    Scary stuff in many ways, but technology can be used by both parties. What I think Mr. Adams was pointing to was in the hands of leftwing zealots, this is bad. The cost of getting votes is much less as these folks are as committed to their secular religion as hardcore ISIS nuts are with theirs.

    I think the second danger is a lot of this is a smokescreen to help hide voter fraud. In the last election, I was shocked that Romney lost and everyone pointed to Obama’s edge in social media gurus / technology. I always felt that this was BS to hide the fact that there was massive voter fraud going on

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