Revealed: The Plan To Save Obama

There’s evidence “the plan” has already failed. What is “the plan”? The Hill publishes their amazing scoop today in a most breathless manner:

Democrats Have a Plan to Overcome Obama in Red States [snip]

With his national approval ratings mired in the low 40s seven weeks out from the Nov. 4 elections, Senate Democrats are well aware of the anchor President Barack Obama is proving to be in the midterms. It’s clear party strategists have had to tailor their red-state strategies around that reality on a map already tilted against them, with three principles at the crux of Democrats’ path to defend seats in GOP-leaning and solidly Republican states where the majority will be won or lost.

As Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Executive Director Guy Cecil outlined in an interview last week with CQ Roll Call, it’s imperative for Democrats in these states to remind voters why they supported the incumbent in the first place, to over-perform generic Democratic numbers and continue to fund persuasion efforts — along with getting out the vote — through Election Day. [snip]

In interviews on Capitol Hill last week, Democratic senators were adamant that their colleagues’ individual profiles could outweigh the inherent connection to the unpopular president, even as Republicans were exuding a growing sense that the majority is well within reach.

That’s it. That’s “the plan”. “The plan” is that in order to save Obama’s presidency they must keep the U.S. Senate under the current mismanagement and the plan to save Obama is to run away from Obama. Brilliant.

There is empirical evidence, also published today, that “the plan” has failed and will fail on election day. The evidence of the failed “plan” comes from New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has a popular incumbent who supports Barack Obama silently while pretending she is “independent” of Barack Obama. Running against the popular incumbent is a challenger “carpet bagger” who is not popular. The result should be an easy win for the popular incumbent. But the problem is Barack Obama:

Scott Brown, the former senator from Massachusetts who moved to New Hampshire to run in a more friendly environment, appears to be in a dead heat with Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a new poll shows.

A CNN/ORC International poll out Monday finds Shaheen and Brown tied among likely voters, with both obtaining the support of 48% among 735 voters surveyed. [snip]

One thing working in Shaheen’s favor is her high favorable ratings. More than half of likely voters — 54% — have a favorable view of the first-term incumbent, while Brown’s favorability is not as high. His rating currently sits at 46%.

What could be a drag on Shaheen, however, is New Hampshire residents’ opinion of the leader of her party. Thirty-eight percent of New Hampshire adults polled approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing, while 60% disapprove. Throughout the campaign, Brown has sought to tie Shaheen to Obama.

Shaheen is under 50% which is most dangerous for an incumbent. The problem is Barack Obama.

The “plan” is supposed to save Barack Obama by saving the Senate by running away from Obama – IN RED STATES. However, Jeanne Shaheen is not a candidate in a red state but in New England New Hampshire. “I’m not Barack Obama” is not going to work anywhere. Even in New England New Hampshire Barack Obama kills more effectively than Ebola.

The strain of Ebola Obama will prove particularly deadly in red states.

It gets worse.

For a long time we have derided the entire premise, the Mistake In ’08, which led the Democratic Party establishment to dump Hillary Clinton in 2008 for Barack Obama and what we analyzed as the “situation comedy” demographics of his coalition.

Particularly laughable to us was the idea that young people would stick by Barack Obama’s party once they were hooked on voting for Obama. We argued that with a treacherous, inexperienced, Barack Obama at the helm it was only a matter of time before the iceberg ripped out the sides of the ship and that young people would realize their foolishness and abandon ship.

Now that the ISIS-berg and many other calamities have struck and the ship is waterlogged are young people still smoking the Hopium? Are young people still with Obama?

Young people see their future economic lives beheaded as Barack Obama golfs. Few Americans buy into the propaganda that the Barack Obama economy works for them or works at all.

Young people, women, Latinos, African-Americans are collectively reaping what they collectively sowed in 2008 and 2012. That does not mean they will continue to burn their collective futures for the glory of their golden calf.

The New York Times says it is The Great UnravelingLong afterward, in the ruins, people asked: How could it happen?” It happened because the New York Times at times lied to protect Barack Obama and other times kept the truth buried or unpublished.

The Pope says it is a piecemeal World War III underway . We have not yet experienced the dust of the ruins let alone dug ourselves out. We’ll need a new plan for that.