It’s Here! 9-10-11 – The End Of The Beginning

Update: Obama’s assault on the American people is on tonight. What is this about? Well it’s much worse than suggested by this Open thread: President to bomb enemies of man he wanted to bomb last year. For years Democrats and all the left denounced the Iraq War of Bush II as “war for oil”. For Barack Obama this is “war (or Obama’s phony version) for votes” “war (or Obama’s phony version) to save himself from what is coming in November”.

This morning on an MESSYNBC Obama rally disguised as a talk show, Chuck Todd said that Democrats’ internal polls showed their candidates dropping 6-9 percentage points when Obama went golfing after speaking about Foley’s murder. That’s what tonight is about. It’s a salvage operation but instead of pirate gold they will try to salvage the bones of pirate Obama.

Part of the Obama speech will be a performance to come off as tough. Obama will say he will bomb and bomb ISIS (he calls them ISIL because he doesn’t like the Syria reminder) “wherever they exist“. Twitchy asks if that means he will bomb Minnesota Mosques.

As noted in our comments section the New York Times for years held back the truth about Iraq from the American public in order to protect Barack Obama. Tonight, Jay Carney who recently evacuated the White House spokesman position will be an impartial “analyst” for CNN. Big Media will do all to salvage Obama’s Titanic mess.

We’ll have more tonight, in the comments.


What is the state of the national political scene? Today is the last day of primaries and the eve of Barack Obama assaulting the nation with televised inanities and lies only the most luridly stupid will believe.

Tonight we will watch the primary returns from those voting (Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts) but especially the votes from New York and New Hampshire for more clues about November. The clues are already piled up high like dumped from a box pieces of a double jumbo puzzle. Politico dumps the puzzle pieces:

Gallup: Why Dems should worry

The Gallup poll found 14 percent of Americans approve of how the legislative branch is handling its job, the lowest approval rating two months before elections that the poll has measured since 1974.

“Americans indicate that these negative attitudes will increase their probability of voting this fall, and history suggests it is more likely that Democrats than Republicans will suffer as a result, given Democratic control of the White House,” the polling firm wrote.

Blame Barack you dumb-asses. You support Obama and now you must suffer and die.

Another clue. Barack Obama is the problem:

Poll: Majority say President Obama a failure

A majority of voters believe Barack Obama’s presidency has been a failure, a new poll says.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday, 52 percent of Americans say Obama’s presidency has been a failure, compared with 42 percent who believe it has been a success. Thirty-nine percent believe strongly that his presidency is a failure, just 3 points below his total success score.

Another Politico clue:

Rothenberg: ‘Substantial’ GOP wave

Political analyst Stu Rothenberg sees a wave election coming for Senate Republicans in November.

In a Roll Call column published Monday, the electoral expert said he is expecting Republicans to gain at least seven seats in the Senate and earn a November victory more dramatic than several pollsters have suggested.

I am now expecting a substantial Republican Senate wave in November, with a net gain of at least seven seats,” he said. “But I wouldn’t be shocked by a larger gain.” [snip]

“The combination of an unpopular president and a midterm election (indeed, a second midterm) can produce disastrous results for the president’s party,” he later added, a reference to President Barack Obama’s sagging approval numbers throughout the summer.

Rothenberg is not alone. Although most of the vote counters in D.C. have (as recently as a week ago) mocked the idea of a Republican wave in November they all project the likelihood of Republican control of both houses of congress. They all blame Obama for the dire condition of the Obama Dimocratic Party.

The clues are piled up but we will get more tonight. We know the economy won’t save Obama’s Dimocrats. We’ll get insight to the left versus center fight in the Obama Dimocratic Party via New York. In New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is challenged from the left by DailyKook law professor Zephyr Teachout who has no money and no endorsements (due to threats and intimidation from Cuomo and leftist icon Bill DeBlasio). Cuomo must also worry because his lieutenant governor running mate nominee might lose to leftist law professor Tim Wu who is endorsed by the New York Times (for many in the New York left an endorsement by the Times is gospel).

This is a race in which we wish every candidate would lose. Hillary Clinton robocalls in support of Cuomo. But Cuomo’s treatment of the Teachout loon reminds us of Barack Obama’s snub of Hillary in the U.S. Senate. Take a look at Cuomo and DeBlasio snub Teachout and see why we don’t want Cuomo to win even though he will, absent a miracle:

Disgusting. It is also reprehensible that Cuomo refused to debate at all. May they all lose. A low vote total for Cuomo will be a loss for Cuomo and a slap in the wrist for his obnoxious unaccounted for behavior.

In New Hampshire we’ll look to Scott Brown’s vote totals too. But here the question will be to what extent Brown solidifies Republican support after his win tonight. If Brown unites the Republicans quickly he can then make a play for independents. Soon enough we will see if New Hampshire will be another “unexpected” Republican win in November.

In Massachusetts Scott Brown’s vanquished opponent Martha Coakley better win big or she might lose to her strong Republican opponent Charlie Baker. Baker ran and lost to Governor Deval Patrick. These days Deval Patrick is the latest proposed Hillary Clinton 2016 opponent. Every so often Deval Patrick gets out of Barack Obama’s ass and attacks Hillary in the type of slimy way only a close ally of Obama is capable of. Go to Hell Deval Patrick!

Daval Patrick and many Obama acolytes still inject themselves in the morning with Hopium. But have the “dreamers” quit and woken from their Hopium drunk? Will Hopium addled “dreamers” save Obama and Obama Dimocrats this November??? Some Hopium sniffers are, these many years too late, bowing at the altar of Big Pink with their lace mantillas on reciting our catechism:

Obama cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his foes. Obama cannot be trusted.

Here’s Ruben Navarrette of CNN rewriting what we have written for so many years:

San Diego (CNN) —

When it comes to immigration, Obama has a long trail of half-truths and broken promises. In July 2008, the presidential candidate told the National Council of La Raza that, if elected, he would make the issue a top priority and address it within the first 100 days. That didn’t happen.

White House officials then moved the goal line to, well, the first term. That didn’t happen either.

From 2009 to 2011, Obama told supporters that he couldn’t curb deportations because he was “not a king.”

Yet, in 2012, eager to re-engage Hispanic voters for his reelection, Obama summoned his inner monarch when he unveiled “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” which gives undocumented young people a temporary reprieve from deportation and work permits.

In 2013, Obama did another about-face and returned to his rhetoric about how he couldn’t act alone to stop deportations. [snip]

Now, we’re in another election year, and Obama is back to cynically using the promise of immigration reform to get Latino voters to turn out. He dangles it like a carrot in front of a donkey pulling a cart. [snip]

Latinos should be furious at Obama’s betrayal. But they should save some anger for themselves for believing the lies.

As for Obama, he continues to insult Latinos with more blame-shifting and double talk.

Latino carts chasing the donkey carrot. Anyone who believed Barack Obama ever is an ass. No pity, just contempt from us for this level of stupidity from these dumb-ass “dreamers”.

Anyone who believed Barack Obama deserves all the insults and snubs from Obama they get. Slap them in the face Barack! They’re losers in desperate need of kicks to the face, hammers to the head, and punches to the kidneys. Sic ’em dog Barack. Make them rue the day they voted for you as we sit back and laugh as they get what they deserve.

Some dreamers are going a bit beyond self-abasement and self-abuse voting. Some are wondering “What’s the matter with us?”:

Obama Broke His Promise to Latinos

Why are we still supporting him?

Easy answer: ’cause you’re stupid you dumb-asses. You deserve all the misery you get.

Latino Obama supporters have not learned much. Have other Americans learned? Will November be a massive rejection of Obama and Obama supporters at the polls?

Tonight, on 9/9/14 we have the primaries to entertain us. Tomorrow on 9/10/14 we have Barack Obama to torture us. Next up on 9/11/14 we have the anniversary of the Muslim extremist attacks on the United States to remind us of what is at stake.

We’re at the beginning of the end of Obama.