September 2014
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Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Versus Rosemary’s Babies

Chelsea’s baby Charlotte is already on the job. The little babe is already hard at work to help her memaw on her mother’s side.

What has the little one done? Well, like a brilliant comic, like a masterful symphonic conductor, it’s all in the timing. Little Charlotte arrived just in time. Consider, the latest […]

Obama’s War: The Horsesh*t Hits The Fan

Update: Scott Brown gets it – “You know, I thought a lot about this and I do support arming them. But I’m frustrated with the incoherent policy that led us to this point.”

That one ad is an attack on Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty plans combined with an attack on Obama’s weakness against […]

Madman Amok In The White House

The news this morning made for dramatic, hysterical, headlines but we thought it was a joke. We thought some idiot in the AP breaking news desk accidentally hit the wrong “publish” button thereby old 2008 news was regurgitated as new news:

An apparently mentally disturbed man Friday evening jumped the fence of the White […]

Revealed: The Plan To Save Obama

There’s evidence “the plan” has already failed. What is “the plan”? The Hill publishes their amazing scoop today in a most breathless manner:

Democrats Have a Plan to Overcome Obama in Red States [snip]

With his national approval ratings mired in the low 40s seven weeks out from the Nov. 4 elections, Senate Democrats […]

Horsesh*t And Fairy Tales: ‘Obama’s Coalition Of The Kicking And Screaming’

George W. Bush inadvisedly but successfully mustered a “coalition of the willing” at home and abroad to destroy Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Barack Obama’s uncertain kazoo call is scaring a “coalition of the kicking and screaming” abroad. In the United States the corrupt left that elected and reelected Barack Obama is also disintegrating into a […]