Boobery Never Gets Hacked – Obama Immigration and #ISIS Policy Fails

For a while there our Twitter account and Facebook account were the only ways for us to communicate. We were like a morbidly obese fatboy stuck in the internet water-slide while eating a cheese/mayo sandwich and queuing up a slab of peach pie à la mode. It was a no-go. We could not send out emails. We could not post a comment nor an article. We couldn’t communicate at all. It was a world devoid of Pink!

Who dunnit to such sweet people as us??? It wasn’t the Russians with their well publicized recent big hack attack getting vengeance on us for standing up for Ukraine. It wasn’t them. So the good news is that those smart 20-something Russkies and Putin are not sufficiently angry with us to hack us to bits. That would scare us ’cause the hackers and Putin are smart and determined – unlike our usual, more domestic, target(s).

In either case we’re back. Our usual boob targets are still on our screen. “Beware evil-doers! Wherever you are!”.

Just because Big Pink was on the fritz does not mean that the world stopped. Stupid doesn’t sleep.

Illegal immigration stupid doesn’t sleep. Maybe Barack should reconsider his planned extra stupid impeachable illegal immigration illegalities. “Stop the stupid, Barack” – that’s what illegal immigration supporters of the New York Times are saying:

The Political Risks of an Obama Executive Action on Immigration

With hopes fading of passing an immigration reform bill, President Obama is reportedly contemplating bypassing Congress and making sweeping changes to immigration policy before the midterm elections. [snip]

But what isn’t clear is why Mr. Obama would engage in such a move before the election. Of course, Mr. Obama faces short-term pressures to address the surge in migrant children being detained at the border, but news media reports suggest that the policy changes under consideration would be far broader, potentially providing legal status to many of the nation’s undocumented immigrants.

Such a broad executive action could provoke a backlash in the midterm elections that might be avoided with a move just a few months later. Although the public is generally supportive of allowing immigrants to stay in the United States legally under certain conditions, opinion has grown less favorable toward this prospect over time.

A recent CNN poll showed, for instance, that 51 percent of Americans now prefer an emphasis on border security and deportation versus 45 percent who prefer creating a path to legal status for illegal immigrants — a reversal from the 41 percent to 54 percent margin observed earlier this year. Polling also suggests that opponents of creating a path to legal status feel more strongly about the issue than supporters.

The New York Times is not troubled that Barack Obama is violating his oath of office to faithfully execute the laws of this country. No, the New York Times is scratching it’s grey head over why Barack Obama is timing the illegality so stupidly. ‘Why oh why is Barack so stupid,’ laments the Times:

Mr. Obama might hope to mobilize the Democratic base or boost Hispanic turnout, but midterm electorates are skewed toward an older, whiter group of voters who are likely to view a legalization plan less favorably. By contrast, the Hispanic population votes at lower rates and is likely to make up a small share of the electorate in this year’s most competitive House and Senate races (though their role in 2016 could be more significant).

It’s easy to overstate the effects of policy on electoral outcomes, but there is a recent worst-case example: the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Research that I conducted with a group of political scientists found that the Republican landslide in 2010 was strengthened by health care reform. In total, Democrats lost 63 seats in the House of Representatives, a substantial increase over the expected outcome, which was seemingly attributable to the depressed support for reform supporters in competitive districts, who were seen as more liberal by voters.

Given these risks, the politics of pre-election legalization seem inexplicable, creating an opening for elaborate bank-shot theories about Obama’s intentions. The columnist Charles Krauthammer floated a conspiracy theory along these lines Wednesday, suggesting on Fox News that Obama might be trying to “bait Republicans into impeachment as a way to save his party in the midterm elections.”

Such an outcome seems unlikely, but the comment illustrates just how much uncertainty there is over what Mr. Obama is doing or how Republicans — and voters — will react.

You can’t explain stupid. All you can do is recognize it and squash it every time it appears. Clue for the New York Times: whenever Barack Obama opens his mouth, touches his pen, uses the phone, or gets behind a podium or microphone, EXPECT THE STUPID.

While we were stuck in the intertubes, trapped by malevolent forces, an ISIS CRISIS jumped to the fore [warning, graphic pictures at link]:

Lined up and executed, their severed heads put on display as a warning to others: Horrific new photographs of ISIS atrocities

Sunni tribesmen marched into desert, made to kneel and shot in the head
Tribe made deal with ISIS to be left alone but agreement collapsed
Shocking close-up photos of splattered brains and severed heads released
‘Punishment for those who fight Allah and his Messenger is to crucify or cut off hands and feet’

Oh, those lucky ISIS boys. They’re up against Barack Obama. Ever seen a dog get its head trapped inside a paper bag? That’s Barack.

This is General McCaffrey:

Gen. Barry McCaffrey, like me, wonders what the plan is in Iraq and seems to recognize that, in fact, there is none.

And so, he wonders, following the food drops, what happens when the Iraqis trapped on the mountain by ISIS finish the food?

McCaffrey appeared with an equally skeptical Chuck Todd of MSNBC:

These are political gestures using military power . . . It looks to me like a lot of this is internal U.S. politics to show we’re doing something.

I mean, if you want to use military power, you have to write down your objective and then use decisive force to achieve your objectives. So I’m a little dismayed at what we’re up to here.

This is why we have always maintained that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. The guy just doesn’t know what he is doing. When he does know what he is doing it is only because it is (a) about himself and his self-interest in self-advancement; or (b) an act that is harmful to this country. It really does come down to that.

Malevolent and stupid can coexist in one scrawny frame. Just look at Barack. Weep for the nation.


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  1. Speaking of stupid, would you order food in this restaurant?

    Anthony Weiner Wants to Open a Restaurant in NYC

    Former congressman Anthony Weiner wants to get back into the community — by opening a restaurant in Queens.

    The eatery, which Weiner wants to open in the Rockaways, will be named The Rockaway Restoration Kitchen and will offer locally sourced food.

    Hotdog! Too local for our tastes.

  2. Admin:

    The restaurant business is a tough one.

    You need a schict to get them to come in.

    You need a quality product and good service to get it done.

    I can think of no better example than Hebrew National hotdogs.

    Delicious All Beef Kosher Hot Dogs.

    Which leads to the inevitable question:

    Are Kosher Hot Dogs Better Than Regular Hot Dogs?

    Andy could go on national television and speak as an authority on the subject.

    Since big media is getting out of the hard news business, they would be very interested.

    Their by-line: from scandal to business success.

  3. Good to have you back. The hacking is proof positive of what losers 0 and his minions are. I guess they can’t build that so they just have to resort to tearing down.

    And it looks like that is what 0 is good at.

  4. Should have checked twitter! [Duh!!!] Hope there won’t ever be a next time, but that’s definitely the way to stay in touch when the snakes attack.

  5. Trixta, we just put up some links to Twitter and Facebook on the side panels. We’ll update them with fancy graphics linking to Twitter and Facebook tomorrow. That should help everyone remember that if there is another hack attack which is successful in shutting us down there is still another way for everyone to stay in touch.

  6. BTW, the reason to shut down when these hacks occur is to protect those registered with us from having any of their information taken. That’s why even the email system shuts down along with the website.

    The hack was detected instantly so everyone’s information is safe. As we wrote on Twitter and FaceBook we had expected to be back up quickly but the hackers hit a lot of files in their rampage. It took a lot of time for our tech team to fix the problem. So thanks to the tech team for their great work.


    Friday at the press briefing, CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta pressed White House press secretary Josh Earnest on the notion of President Barack Obama bombing ISIS in Iraq means the organization is no longer a “JV” team.

    Acosta referenced an interview with New Yorker magazine’s David Remnick Obama conducted in which he referred to non-al Qaeda groups in Iraq as the JV team.

    “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” he said. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

  8. Great idea to have Twitter and FB links here to remind us, Admin. Thank YOU and the tech team for keeping our info safe and for keeping us In The Pink (INP)!

    Great image, btw(!): “We were like a morbidly obese fatboy stuck in the internet water-slide while eating a cheese/mayo sandwich and queuing up a slab of peach pie à la mode.”

    Heh! Heh!

    For your reading pleasure, Rich Lowry’s article on BO is spot on. I guess his assessment is better late than never. Here’s a juicy quote:

    “The Callow President”

    It’s certainly true that the president is much further left than he’d ever admit, but the deepest truth about Obama is that there is no depth. He’s smart without being wise. He’s glib without being eloquent. He’s a celebrity without being interesting. He’s callow.

  9. Admin, I was worried that maybe Big Pink would have gone off air like PumaPac did a year or two ago.

    Murphy put up a secondary site, long before that is still up but no one uses it…I even when there to look for breadcrumbs. Now I know to check twitter.

  10. SO happy to have Big Pink and administrator back! We missed you! It made us realize just how much this site means to us and how much we learn here. Thanks for all you do for us, Administrator.


    When Outnumbered ringleader Harris Faulkner noted that the president had focused on the little known Yazidis, who have not suffered as many casualties at the hands of ISIL as have Christians, Kirsten Powers, usually the most liberal of the panelists, tore the president a new one:

    He has not uttered the word ‘Christian,’ and now suddenly he throws it in with the Yazidis,” Powers said. “We’re not doing any airdrops to the Christians, who are refugees in the Kurdish region. [Virginia Congressman Frank] Wolf has taken to the floor, I think, seven days in a row now, pleading with the administration: Please help these people. They need humanitarian aid; they need drinking water. They have nothing. They’ve lost their homes; they’ve lost everything. The White House has done nothing; they’ve said nothing. And then the president goes on and goes into quite a lot of detail about the Yazidis, and never really gets into the specifics about Christians. I mean, it’s really unbelievable, and he has no right to invoke humantiarianism, because he is not a humanitarian president. A humanitarian president does not sit quietly by, while hundreds of thousands of Christians in Iraq [are uprooted or killed]– forget about the rest of the Middle East — and doesn’t say a word.”

    The hated Christians. The ones who get Ebola in Africa doing missionary work. The left hates Christians and Christianity.

  12. Applause for Admin and Big Pink!!!

    I remember when the Hillary’s Village message board disappeared suddenly in 2009. Fortunately, several of the regulars were already in contact via email. But that was what made me decide to join Twitter and, later, Facebook.

    Gotta stay in touch for 2016!

  13. Missed the opportunities available here terribly. Always stellar info, and while tech team, admin were busy righting the egregious wrong, it seemed that so much was happening that would have been available here.
    Thanks to all for getting the job done. I could use advice about joining BP’s FB as my account is mostly personal, but the friends there do put up with my advocacy daily status which is sometimes followed by a long line of comments. 🙂 So I’m not certain that I’d know how to set permissions or how BP would be able to deal with it. But the Twitter is a more simple tool- and the account I have is dedicated to THE CAUSE. [Caveat: rare equine photo exceptions.]
    For my immediate purposes, admin’s 12:18 am excerpt is pure gold. Local ABC within this hour has aired Karen Travers piece that says NADA about Christian.
    It’s a new day we ARE back on track.

  14. Latest mailing is keeping me away.
    This time I went with an “In The Heat of the Night” kind of title: “A Primary Most Foul” which I’ll have on Twitter once they all are mailed (Monday-Tuesday-ish)
    Minutes ago a low-flying helicopter came by. Perhaps Obama is scoping me out for death by drone. 🙁

  15. “Since the fall of Mosul, the pesh merga leadership had warned the Americans and the Iraqi government that they were ill equipped to hold the militants at the border separating Nineveh Province from Kurdistan.

    “We told them: ‘We cannot hold it for very long. We are not a country; we don’t have an army; we don’t have aircraft,’ ” said Lt. Gen. Jaber Yawer Manda, the secretary general of the pesh merga ministry. “I said: ‘We are fighting in the front lines now. You have to help us.’ ”

    On Thursday evening, after a long day in the West Wing, Mr. Obama had a message for Iraqis: “Today, America is coming to help.”

  16. A consensus develops in agreement with us:

    Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein warned Friday of the risk that the insurgent group ISIL could be preparing fighters to attack American and European targets.

    “It has become clear that ISIL is recruiting fighters in Western countries, training them to fight its battles in the Middle East and possibly returning them to European and American cities to attack us in our backyard,” the California Democrat said in a statement backing military action authorized by President Barack Obama. “We simply cannot allow this to happen.”

    Feinstein called for a broader military campaign against ISIL, not just the targeted missions authorized by the president.

    “It takes an army to defeat an army, and I believe that we either confront ISIL now or we will be forced to deal with an even stronger enemy in the future. Inaction is no longer an option. I support actions by the administration to coordinate efforts with Iraq and other allies to use our military strength and targeting expertise to the fullest extent possible,” Feinstein said.

    Don’t be fooled by Feinstein’s statements of “support” for Obama policy. The senator from California is uttering a sharp rebuke against Obama.

  17. The Washington Post editorial board:

    U.S. officials say that Mr. Obama has refrained from a broader campaign because he believes the Islamic State is “an Iraqi responsibility,” as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel put it. The administration is pushing Iraq’s political factions, sharply divided along sectarian lines, to join in forming a new government; once such a government is formed, Mr. Obama said, “the United States will work with it and other countries in the region to provide increased support.”

    The White House is hopeful that a new prime minister could be nominated this weekend. Even if that occurs, it will probably take Iraqis many more weeks to agree on a common political program, if they are able to do so at all. Kurds and Sunnis are demanding a major decentralization of power, and one of the “other countries” that the United States must balance is Iran, which seeks to perpetuate Shiite dominance in Baghdad. Meanwhile, as senior Kurdish leaders told the administration in a visit to Washington last month, Iraqi army and Kurdish forces probably cannot defeat the Islamic State on their own.

    It’s past time for Mr. Obama to set aside a policy that is both minimalist and unrealistic. The United States should offer sustained military support to friendly forces that fight the Islamic State, beginning with the Kurds and including moderate Syrian rebels and Iraqi Sunni tribesmen. It should seek to erode the Islamic State’s military power as much as possible with airstrikes. It should not press for a new Iraqi government unless Shiite leaders and their Iranian sponsors agree to a fundamental restructuring of power. And it should forge a political and diplomatic strategy that encompasses both Iraq and Syria and their interrelated conflicts. The primary aim should not be to minimize U.S. involvement — as Mr. Obama would have it — but to defeat the forces that are destroying the region.

    Obama – still not qualified to be president.

  18. As to Obama immigration policy: women do not only care about abortion; Latinos do not only care about immigration.

    Univision Survey: Immigration Low Priority for Latino Voters in California

    Immigration is only the 6th-most-important issue for Latino voters in California when casting a vote for a candidate for U.S. Senator or for U.S. Congress, according to a statewide survey conducted by Univision.

    When registered Latino voters were asked to name their most important issues, the results, in order, were: education (21%), jobs (16%), government spending and the deficit (15%), social security (13%), “how what they do will affect my wallet” (10%), health care (9%), immigration (8%), and crime and personal safety (5%).

    An overwhelming 86% of those surveyed support comprehensive immigration reform. However, a majority–53%–of registered Latino voters in California also answered that they believe that, “…we should require borders to be secured before providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

    Furthermore, when asked, “Which of the following is your major concern or complaint about the Republican Party?”, only ten percent of those surveyed named Republican opposition to immigration reform.

  19. Many have wondered why the asymmetry, i.e. how is it that a man who presumes to be a dictator on the domestic front and quash all opposition, should turn out to be coward, or if you prefer, a reticent actor on the international stage. The question is not wholly abstract because we see evidence of that reluctance to act internationally everywhere we look. The most recent example is his criticism of Israel’s military actions against a terrorist group Hamas, and his reluctance to wipe out ISIS which is on the verge of becoming a terrorist state. Logic and common sense auger for bold action, but we see none of this in his actions–even the half hearted military strikes, which will simply drive the enemy underground. The question, then, is why?

    If you ask a spokesman for the Republican establishment like Krauthammer, I expect he would say that domestically, the president holds the reigns of power, big media is obviously corrupt–any more they do not even bother to hide it, and the republican establishment is weak and in pare delicto. Whereas, internationally, his power is incomplete, his strategy is cloud cuckooland, and nature abhors a vaccum. That is a conventional explanation.

    But let’t think outside the box and consider a less conventional explanation, which I think sheds more light on this motives than anything else. Think back to the book Dreams of My Father. It is a sustained grievance against the colonial world which crumbled in the aftermath of world war II, no thank to his philandering father. But that grievance–against white people stayed with him, and he has given expression to it, sometimes by his words, more often by his actions. This would explain the asymmetry between his actions domestically vs internationally. Domestically, his policies have accelerated the demise of the white middle class. Internationally, they have destabilized the world, unleashing the forces of ethnic and religious violence and genocide. Nice work Messiah!

    Obama’s instinct is to run from trouble. As a state senator, he did exactly that 31 times. Yet big media covered it up, just as it covered up his close association with black racists. At times I wonder whether those primped elitist assholes hate this nation as much as he does. Nevertheless, every time things get tough for him in Washington he packs his bags and runs off to places where low information voters exist and there is no danger of having to confront tough questions. Big media has been his whore for so long that they let him tell them you get only two questions after I conclude my prepared speech, whereupon like the lapdogs they are, they heel. Trust me. At this point, big media is not worth listening to, unless you are looking to get mislead.

    Now to the heart of the matter. When candidate Obama emerged on the scene, and big media told us that a new heaven and a new earth were in the offing, one voice, an honest man of the left, called bullshit on the whole sordid affair . He told us that Obama was a puppet of the white power structure, he was their answer to the end of history thesis advanced by a prominent scholar at Johns Hopkins, whose thesis was all the rage after the fall of the old Soviet Union, and the bottom line for them is the world is your oyster, to rob, pillage and plunder as you please. He warned us that Obama was not a legitimate leader, he was a brand marketed to the masses by the elites. Brand Obama.

    What does this mean to the Messiah. Well, that cocksucker is living the dream, which for the world has turned out to be something of a nightmare. But even for him, it is not all beer and skittles. For now, as he contemplate what his legacy should be, as he prepares to legalize millions of illegals, including drug dealer, criminals and potential terrorists, there is one headline he fears the most. By ordering the US military to launch military actions in the middle east, which are legitimate on the merits, he runs the risk that the Muslim world will see him as no different than Bush, and that he will be labelled as a stooge of those who seek to kill people of color. For him this would be the most devastating possibility of all, because the the legacy he hope for is to be regarded as the actor in the final chapter of his book, and the toast of people of color across the world.

    Obama is a dictator on domestic affairs, and a coward on international ones. Until now, I have assumed that this is because he has a corrupt media and a wall of money behind him domestically, and his institutional opponent, the establishment republican is in pare delecto, whereas in international affairs, he he has a cloud cuckooland strategy and he takes his marching orders from the enemy.

    Upon further reflection, I think that assessment is wrong. And far too generous to him. And I will tell you why: The asymmetry between his role and the domestic front is an illusion. In fact, it is entirely consistent. If you reflect upon Dreams of My Father, and his childlike attachment to a father who cared nothing for him

  20. please disregard the last two paragraphs, they were from an earlier draft when my thoughts on the subject were starting to coalesce.

  21. Will this be the last time we allow a sociopath to become president? Given the ignorance of the American People, the law of probability says no.

  22. Eight years of Messiah Obama will leave behind a cancerous legacy, antithetical to the rule of law, the ruination of the country, and the total impeachment of the left who pretends to be all for the constitution when the opposition in power, and hostile or indifferent toward it when their man is in power.

    An old arbitrator I knew who was a self described liberal regretted the lack of coherence and consistency among his political colleagues and admired the consistency of conservatives, although I am sure he believed it was consistency in error.

    The bottom line, however, is clear: the left is keen to destroy the Constitution, in favor of a new one based on a unitary executive and a nullification of the bill of rights. Why else would they fail to object to his serial incursions upon the rights of American citizens.

    This is more than the machinations of one sick man, whose competence is questionable even though big media has assured us that he is the most qualified and intelligent man to ever occupy the White House, even though the evidence is all to the contrary and he spends most of his time running around the country chasing big donors, or languishing on vacation.

    This is part and parcel of a sustained assault on liberty by the left which will continue beyond his tenure and is aimed at vesting in them and them alone absolute power. And the greater evil in that is not the sheer perversity of their vision, it is the fact that when it comes to governing they cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

  23. Nixon vs. Obama: Yes, Nixon was bad but Obama is worse

    By Roger Stone
    ·Published August 09, 2014

    Forty years ago public outrage about the actions of President Richard Milhous Nixon, lead by his long time liberal critics, forced him to be the first U.S. chief executive to resign the presidency. Critics screamed about Nixon’s extra-legal and extra-constitutional conduct as protestors ringed the White House chanting “Jail to the Chief.”

    Nixon’s men had spied on their fellow citizens, allegedly used the IRS to harass their political enemies, waged war without the consent of Congress and used the CIA in an effort to hide their crimes.

    No man, Nixon’s critics assured us, was above the law. For his transgressions, Richard Nixon was forced from office, evading prosecution only because of a presidential pardon.

    Liberals are silent as Obama shreds the Constitution in ways Richard Nixon would have marveled at.

    Yet by any reasonable measure, Nixon’s sins seem venal compared to those of President Barack Obama.

    Nixon’s men illegally wiretapped his political opponents — and they went to jail for it. When the FBI used warrantless surveillance to wiretap and intercept the mail of anti-war radicals, those who did so were charged, tried and convicted.

    Obama has used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to guarantee any surveillance the government wants without probable cause. Nixon spied on a virtual hand-full. Barack Obama’ s NSA wire-taps the entire nation and monitors the e-mails of thousands.

    Nixon talked about using the IRS to harass his opponents but there is no evidence that he successfully did so, yet illegal use of the IRS was among the Articles of Impeachment voted by the House of Representatives. Obama’s IRS has actually used the IRS to harass conservative groups. Can you imagine the liberal outcry if IRS officials under Nixon referred to liberals as “a—holes’ and “crazies”?

    The White House tapes show Nixon attempting to use the CIA to impede the FBI investigation into the Watergate break-in. This pales in comparison to the CIA spying on members of the US Senate charged with investigating the Agency’s illegal activities.

    Where is liberal outrage over Obama’s Justice Department spying on reporters? What would have happened if Nixon’s Justice Department had opened the mail and tracked the movements of Walter Cronkite as Obama’s Justice department did with Fox’s News’ James Rosen?

    Nixon’s impeachment included the charge that he evaded Congress’ sole authority to declare war by bombing Cambodia. Yet in Libya Obama said that only he had the inherent authority to decide what is a “war” and that no congressional approval was necessary. He proceeded to bomb Libya, destroy its military and spend more than a billion dollars in borrowed money in support of one side, who was not aligned with the United States, in a civil war.

    Nixon’s men considered the murder of investigative journalist Jack Anderson. That’s nothing compared with Obama’s assertion that he has right to kill any U.S. citizen without a charge, let alone conviction.

    Nixon was excoriated for the missing 18 and a half minutes in his White House tapes although his long-time Secretary Rose Mary Woods claimed to have erased them by mistake. In the torture scandal, CIA officials admitted to destroying tapes that they knew could be used against them in criminal cases at the same time Obama’s IRS says hundreds of thousands of documents regarding abuse against Tea Party and Conservative groups are “missing,” without repercussion.

    While Nixon was known for his “Enemies List,” the former head of the National Security Agency’s global digital data gathering program says that Obama also has an enemies list stored by keyword, which has been used to take down perceived political enemies such as General Petraus. During his re-election campaign Obama even brazenly posted his enemies list on-line as a not-so-subtle threat not to donate to his opponents. How Nixon’s critics would have howled if he had publicly targeted Sen. George McGovern’s donors.

    Because of Obama’s iconic status on the left, liberals are silent as Obama shreds the Constitution in ways Richard Nixon would have marveled at. Democrats scoff at the notion of the impeachment of Obama for crimes far more serious and reaching than of those committed by Richard Nixon.

    Roger Stone is author of “Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon” (Skyhorse Publishing) which will be released on August 11.

  24. and what has slowly slipped by us…is Hillary’s brand new spanking offices she’s just leased for 2 years overlooking Times Square…..She moves in next week……

  25. You would not believe the pictures I am seeing of the barbarity and massacres coming out of Iraq while this world is focused on the Gaza media hype, Iraqi’s are being massacred in thousands upon thousands daily…….I am sick to the stomach, gut wrenching. Babies and young children murdered and beheaded by these Isis monsters.

    An absolute disgrace from Obama and Kerry, they sat on their asses while this mess unfolded and Turkey and Qatar have a lot to answer for in funding these bastards.

    The whole worlds armies should be going in there right now and taking every one of these evil cretins out in the most painful way they dealt to others.


    MoonOnPluto, the Left hates Christians. If any of this, any small bit of it, was done by Christians the Left would be denouncing Christians.

    The Left attacks Israel too. Israel, a democracy that does not lynch gays and protects in law the rights of all its citizens, and that includes Arab citizens is hated by the Left. The Left hates Israel and those that support the right of Israel to be a homeland for the Jews.

    But what the Left really hates is Christians. Any priest that goes bad the Left will denounce and attack the entire Catholic Church. If any protestant church dares to speak on any issue in disagreement with the Left the Left attacks with pure hatred. But Muslims and their atrocities the Left protects and excuses.

    The Left hates Christians.

    The Left now is defined not as “liberals” that fought for civil rights in the 60s and tolerance for all. The Left today is the DailyKook Left that foisted Barack Obama on America and continues to defend and protect that gangster in the White House.

    The Left hates Christians.

  27. Obama is back claiming a total withdrawal of all the troops from Iraq wasn’t his goal, it was ‘forced’ on him by al-Maliki.It would be easier for Obama to rewrite history if he hadn’t spent the entire 2012 campaign bragging about full withdrawal of the troops from Iraq.

  28. The Left at work supporting Hamas:

    Recently, an anti-Israel rally formed in New York City’s Diamond District, stomping throughout the area and disrupting the traffic and local businesses. What took place in response to this near-riot is fairly astounding.

    I don’t think the cops knew what to make of this.

    This video is thoroughly described within the YouTube clip as the events unfold:

    On July 25, 2014, a group of anti-Israel protesters targeted Jewish-owned businesses in what they call a “direct action.” Eventually, they arrived at the usually quiet Diamond District on 47th Street between 5th and 6th avenues.

    The anti-Israel zealots screamed and blocked traffic as they made their way down the street.

    They yelled, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” In other words, they called for eliminating Israel.

    They chanted, “Resistance is justified, when people are occupied!” This means “Use violence as long as Israel exists!”

    Store owners emerged from their business to see the commotion.

    The anti-Zionists became increasingly frenzied… screaming for “intifada” which is a call to war-like violence so long as Israel exists.

    “Intifada, intifada!”

    “Free, free Palestine!”

    “Intifada, intifada!”

    And they screamed, “Free, free Palestine…” over and over… and over and over.

    And then something striking happened…

    Chants of “Is-ra-el, Is-ra-el!” emerged.

    Some business owners closed their stores to demonstrate for Israel. More and more people joined. Spontaneously, a counter-protest erupted to show solidarity with the Jewish State.

    From every direction, Zionists poured out onto the street.

    “Is-ra-el, Is-ra-el! Is-ra-el, Is-ra-el!

    The “Free Palestine” zealots were left looking dazed and confused. Their voices out of unison.

    Stray voices yelling, “Allahu Akbar.” But their hateful and violent messages were drowned out by… “Is-ra-el, Is-ra-el!”

    Songs celebrating Israel broke out. Chants denouncing barbarism, “Ha-mas ter-ror-ists!”

    “Israel wants peace!”

    The crowd of Israel supporters kept growing. Chants of “I-D-F!” rose up to support the Israel Defense Forces. And everyone sang…

    New York loves Israel… and the anti-Israel fanatics learned a valuable lesson…

    Don’t mess with the Diamond District.


    Breaking: Eric Holder Was Just Slapped Down By Federal Court Over Voter ID

    A Federal Court smacked down Eric Holder’s Justice Department today when it refused to block North Carolina’s “controversial” voter ID law. The law, which simply requires voters to bring a valid ID to prove their citizenship, was attacked in a lawsuit brought by the Justice Department last September.

    Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, decscribed the decision as a huge setback to Eric Holder:

    It is an embarrassing defeat for the Holder Justice Department. The court’s decision eviscerates Eric Holder’s politicized and racially inflammatory legal assault on commonsense election integrity measures. The court expressly rejected the Department of Justice’s contention that minorities are harmed by commonsense measures that help secure honest elections. The court’s dramatic rejection of Holder’s legal theory shows that that the DOJ’s lawsuit, which was coordinated with political activists at the White House, was always more about cynical political and racial appeals than upholding the law.

    Full decision at link.

  30. Oh, those lucky ISIS boys. They’re up against Barack Obama. Ever seen a dog get its head trapped inside a paper bag? That’s Barack
    What fools these caliphate seeking Muslims be.

    Do they not realize whom they are dealing with.

    No not the delusional butt boys at NYT.

    I mean Barack Hussein Obama–the One, the Messiah, the One Maria Shriver has been waiting for, especially now that Arnold is on the skids.

    Yes, Barack Obama.

    A simple man who projects calm in the face of violence, chaos and other forces he cannot shoe horn into his community activist template.

    When the glove does not fit, he will acquit.

    But not before he threatens them with excommunication from the planetary community of which he is a celestial part.

    So get ready. Here it comes:

    Barack to ISIS: your acts of genocide put you on the wrong side of history.

    Now there’s a print.

    Music rises from the orchestra pit.

    Fade to black.

    And you don’t need Selznik to tell you A Star is (Re-Born)

  31. The New York Times editors, writers and advertisers are fainting in the street.

    Behold they say: the messiah has spoken.

    Better watch your step ISIS.

    Expulsion from the planetary order is a one way ticket to The Great Empty.

    The only thing emptier than the great empty is Obama’s ability to lead.

    He can con, he can bedazzle, he can bamboozle the ignoranti.

    But leadership is not in his repertoire.

    In the eyes of ISIS he is a standing joke.

  32. moononpluto

    August 9, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    Time and again, Obama finds himself trapped in a web of his own lies. The same can be said of his Fifth Column at big media, and even Kwalija Cummings.

  33. We’re watching the Hawaii primary tonight. No results yet. Here’s some background on why this election is interesting.

    Abercrombie strolled into his current position with a massive win over Duke Aiona in November 2010. His big victory did not translate into a strong approval rating at the start of his term, however, and numerous events since have taken their toll. The governor went radical on addressing a state deficit, raising taxes, cutting pensions and benefits to retirees and current state workers (most of which were restored), and suspending tax exemptions to various businesses on the archipelago. This sent his approval rating plummeting in late 2011 to earn him the unsavory title of “most unpopular governor in America” from Public Policy Polling. His approval rating had risen since then, but he remains bogged in the forties: [snip]

    Now, considering that Independents and Republicans don’t care for him, one, without looking at any additional black marks on his record, would assume that he would be facing better numbers from members of his own party. However, if the polling is even remotely accurate, the primary voters who decide his fate on Saturday almost mirror the statewide, all-voter sentiment: [snip]

    What the hell happened in Hawaii? I’m not alone in asking this question, and thought a quick read through more left-leaning websites and blogs would clue me in on a definitive answer. So far, I’ve seen everything from pension cuts to a mixed environmental record cited as a secondary factor, but the biggest black mark against him, among his own party, seems to be his decision to appoint his lieutenant governor, Brian Schatz, to fill the Senate seat vacated when Sen. Daniel Inouye passed in 2012. Apparently, the late senator had requested Abercrombie appoint Rep. Colleen Hanabusa to his seat after death. Hanabusa is running against Schatz in the Senate primary to be decided Saturday, and has made that quite the horse race as well. However, I have a hard time believing that the brushing off of a last request would get this negative a reaction: polling is all over the place in that race, while the gubernatorial primary seems to be going in one direction: [snip]

    Perhaps the “why” isn’t as important as “is this really happening?” All signs point to an upset Saturday, though Hawaii is, as the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake wrote Monday, a rough place to poll, the primary-ing of an incumbent Governor is extremely rare, and Abercrombie holds a monstrous media advantage over the lowly Ige. If he manages to hang on, he faces an interesting set of foes in November: Aiona is rested, hungry, and back for revenge, and a third-party candidate, Democrat-turned-Independent former mayor Mufi Hannemann, sees an opportunity to Crist his way into office as well. That hypothetical race, with the sparse polling we have, is anyone’s game:

  34. Many people I know see Charles Krauthammer as the Delphic Oracle of conservatism. At times, George Will, aka Poindexter is held in a similar state of awe. Both of them are keen on legalizing the 11 million illegals, and have no idea how many they really are, no idea how many of them are productive, just legalize them in exchange for what? Why border security of course. Well fuck them and the horse they rode in on. The mere act of legalization does a grave disservice to the people who have applied through legal channels and respected our laws and our sovereignty. Likewise, legalization will be an incentive and a powerful magnate for more and more illegal entry into this country, which no fence can prevent. And if this is such a good thing, then we need to send these “innocent children, secreted into this country by innocent human smugglers into Chevy Chase and other enclaves of wealth where delusional people with too much money hope to keep what they have and indulge in moral preening over the issue.

    There are true conservatives, and then again there are poseurs, who are in it only for the money, or to promote a false flag operation. I believe Krauthammer is an honest man, but it is shocking to me that he would throw out this bullshit about legalizing 11 million illegals when he has no idea of the consequences. My hero, Mark Levin, berates his fellow Jews for electing Obama, and he takes Sir Charles and Poindexter to the wood shed for their misfeasance on this issue. Levin is the real deal:

  35. Haven’t been able to post today, but like everyone, I experienced major relief upon finding Big Pink was up and running again. Life was certainly not as much fun or well informed without the intelligent and witty commentary from Admin and Pink Posters.

    Thankfully, it occurred to me on day two of Pinklessness to check Twitter, where Admin had posted the news the truth hurt some people so much they resorted to desperate measures and attacked the site.

    So glad to see Admin and everyone!

    To the weenies attempting to defend the indefensible Barack:

  36. In some cases, an apple does not fall far from the tree. But in other cases, it does.

    Case in point: Ben Smith.

    Ben’s father is an appellate court judge. He sits on the New York Court of Appeals–which is the state Supreme Court. Many observers believe that he is the best judge on that august tribunal. Prior to that he was a law professor at Columbia and a partner at a partner at one of the best law firms in New York–Paul Weiss. John McEnroe’s dad was a partner with that firm, and he fucked up a case I am familiar with because he was too wrapped up in John’s tennis exploits, but other partners moved in and saved the day. The prosecutor in the Iran Contra scandal which hit the Reagan Administration was a partner in that firm. And Judge Rivkin, one of the names on the letterhead was Jackie Kennedy’s attorney. In sum, Robert Smith is a credit to his profession.

    His son Ben is a different story altogether. Yes, I know, the New York Times likes him, and regards him as a wunderkind. That should be the kiss of death right there. The problem with little Ben is he is a jurnolister. As such, he does not report the news. He has much higher ambitions. He wants fame, glory and a society run by elitists like him. Consequently, he conspires with other jurnolisters to shape the news to his own political agenda. That makes him more of a propagandist than a reporter. This is why the media polls lower than any other institution, except for the Senate and House. How different from a generation ago when Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in the country. In sum, Ben is no chip off the old block, regardless what NYT seems to think.

    Ben’s dad was appointed to the bench by Pataki. That suggests he is a Republican. Ben, on the other hand, makes a market in attacking republicans and putting on airs of being superior. I wonder what their relationship is like. Could this be a case of arrested development? Without more data, it is hard to say. What we can say however with reasonable certainty is that Ben and his fellow travelers, Ivy League graduates all, are propagandists with a clearly delineated agenda, which seeks to empower the elites and subordinate the American People.

    If I believed that the elites had the corner on wisdom, I would be inclined to sit back and say let them run it. But experience has show that is not the case. For if the Obama regime has taught us anything, then surely we realize by now that best and the brightest, are better at taking care of themselves, than taking care of the country.

  37. I recall an episode of Law and Order, featuring a jurnolister who was enmbedded with the troops in Iran. He was a mouthy ambitious sob who was always saying that his first amendment rights superceded everything else, and refused to take responsibility for the soldier deaths which occurred due to his unauthorized disclosure of troop movements. Under the influence of alcohol one of the soldiers made death threat about the jurnolister. And the jurnolister then staged his own shooting. The soldier was brought back from Ramstein Air Force base in Germany to stand trial. Not wishing to look like a bullshit artist, he freely admitted to shooting the jurnolister. However, on cross examination he retracted his testimony and claimed that if he wanted to kill the jurnolister, he would be dead. At that point, the prosecutors confronted the jurnolister and he did not deny staging his own shooting for political purposes. He told the prosecutors there was nothing they could do about it. They threatened to expose him through the media, and he told them in essence that the media would never cover his story, since he was one of them. As they say, at times, life imitates art, rather than the reverse. The writers of that script picked up on the prevailing attitude we see in big media today.

  38. There have been many times throughout history where jurnolisters shot their mouths off and people got killed. During the early 1920s, the British navy and white Russian operatives planned a landing at Archangel, in tandum with the arrest of Bolshevil leaders by the Latvian Guard who guarded the Kremlin. In that instance, a French jurnolist shot his mouth off and the conspirators were arrested and executed.

    You might think it is better to have a few casualties of war, than a press that is not free to report what it sees. The problem with that construct is they are not in the business of reporting, anymore. Today, they are in the business of propaganda, and for that reason the protections afforded them under the First Amendment are problematic.

  39. wbboei
    August 9, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    The New York Times editors, writers and advertisers are fainting in the street.

    Behold they say: the messiah has spoken.

    Gird their Loins!!! 😆

  40. Hillary takes a pretty large step away from Obama. The author takes a few swipes at Hillary, but mild in comparison to some previous articles posted in that typically very pro-Obama publication.

    The full interview at link.


    Hillary Clinton: ‘Failure’ to Help Syrian Rebels Led to the Rise of ISIS
    The former secretary of state, and probable candidate for president, outlines her foreign-policy doctrine. She says this about President Obama’s: “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

    AUG 10 2014, 12:01 AM


    “The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad—there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle—the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said.
    As she writes in her memoir of her State Department years, Hard Choices, she was an inside-the-administration advocate of doing more to help the Syrian rebellion. Now, her supporters argue, her position has been vindicated by recent events.

    Professional Clinton-watchers (and there are battalions of them) have told me that it is only a matter of time before she makes a more forceful attempt to highlight her differences with the (unpopular) president she ran against, and then went on to serve. On a number of occasions during my interview with her, I got the sense that this effort is already underway. (And for what it’s worth, I also think she may have told me that she’s running for president—see below for her not-entirely-ambiguous nod in that direction.)
    Much of my conversation with Clinton focused on the Gaza war. She offered a vociferous defense of Israel, and of its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well. This is noteworthy because, as secretary of state, she spent a lot of time yelling at Netanyahu on the administration’s behalf over Israel’s West Bank settlement policy. Now, she is leaving no daylight at all between the Israelis and herself.

    “I think Israel did what it had to do to respond to the rockets,” she told me. “Israel has a right to defend itself. The steps Hamas has taken to embed rockets and command-and-control facilities and tunnel entrances in civilian areas, this makes a response by Israel difficult.”

    I asked her if she believed that Israel had done enough to prevent the deaths of children and other innocent people.

     “[J]ust as we try to do in the United States and be as careful as possible in going after targets to avoid civilians,” mistakes are made, she said. “We’ve made them. I don’t know a nation, no matter what its values are—and I think that democratic nations have demonstrably better values in a conflict position—that hasn’t made errors, but ultimately the responsibility rests with Hamas.”

  41. Koolade wearing off??? 🙂

    Two words sum up the mood of the nation: Fed up.

    Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy, more than 70 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and nearly 80 percent are down on the country’s political system, according to the latest NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll.

    The frustration carries over to the nation’s political leaders, with President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating hitting a new low at 40 percent, and a mere 14 percent of the public giving Congress a thumbs up.

  42. Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy

    Approaching a 20 trillion dollar debt, and two out of five of working age are not working?

    If that poll was taken within the beltway, you can be certain ten out of ten are not just satisfied, they are downright giddy. And why not? When the net worth of this nation is being sucked into Washington and such luminaries in our ruling class as Tom the coward Brokaw call Washington the new Versailles, their enthusiasm may be unpatriotic, but it is at least understandable. As in, show me the money.

    But I do not see how their vote for the Messiah can outweigh to more objective judgment of those in the hinterland, those who in their elitist calculations represent a chicken to be plucked, a gaggle of rubes to be bamboozled, and a bank to be robbed. How many of them are smart enough to see that they are being screwed as never before? How many of them were consulted in arriving at this phony figure that ONLY 60% are dissatisfied with the state of the economy. And what exactly does the word dissatisfied mean? What data, if any, were placed before them before they rendered their opinion–the remaining 40% I mean. It may well be that half that number had no opinion, and that too is a disgrace. But with big media covering up for everything, how can it be otherwise?

  43. The one other thing worth mentioning about the 40% who either think the economy is fine, or do not have an opinion.

    You can be sure that some of them are responding to the big media blitz with the resounding good news that in the second quarter of the year, the economy leaped into high gear with a whopping 4.1 percent growth, which will be quietly revised downward. Nevertheless, Obama gave a press conference to claim credit, and big media threw confetti and proclaimed him the comeback kid, in not so many words. WashPo and NYT lead the cheerleading.

    For some strange reason, these “journalists” who “speak truth to power” and are to be preferred to their counterparts on the internet, who do not have the professionalism, objectivity and experience that they obviously do, missed the critical point:

    In the first quarter the economy CONTRACTED by 2.7%, if memory serves. Oddly enough, there was no press conference to celebrate, or even discuss that negative fact. And big media? Why they hid that information from the public view, on the theory that it might reflect negatively on Obama, and the elitist assumption that the public cannot handle the truth. But then again, neither can they.

    There is point even mentioning what Obama should have done. He is a one trick pony. Lie, lie, and lie. He is a waste of time. The question is what should big media have done to educate the public on the true state of the economy? Well, they should have said that the first quarter was a disaster, the second quarter was a reaction based on pent up demand, continued growth depends upon the continuation of fed policies of zero interest and when that bubble pops, its Katie bar the doors. If they were the seekers of wisdom and truth they say they are, if they took their obligation to educate the public seriously, so we could have a functional democracy, what they would have said is for the first half of the year, the growth rate was the difference between a negative 2.7 and a positive 4.1 such that by any objective measure the economy is sick, 40% of those of working age are not working (as opposed to parroting that phony unemployment number), and it is likely to get worse not better for the reasons above.

    In sum, we know exactly what big media is. The problem is too many people still rely on them for their news.

  44. freespirit

    August 10, 2014 at 9:12 am

    I saw the same general article and came here to post it 😀 I am hopeful in my thinking that Hillary and Bill are getting tired of bumbles tomfoolery and need to set the stage for a successful 2016.

    Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama’s foreign policy ‘failure’; strongly defends Israel

    Great nations need organizing principles and ‘don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle, the former secretary of state says

    From article….

    Ahead of a possible presidential run, Hillary Clinton appears to be distancing herself from what she called President Barack Obama’s foreign policy “failure”: the decision not to intervene during the early stages of the Syrian civil war.

    In an interview with The Atlantic published on Sunday, the former secretary of state says the “failure” of the United States to those protesting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad led to the rise of al-Qaida-inspired groups like ISIS, the militants currently creating havoc in Syria and Iraq.

    “The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad — there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle — that failure left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said.


    Commenting on another Middle East conflict — the war in Gaza between Hamas and Israel — Clinton strongly defended Israel.

    “I think Israel did what it had to do to respond to the rockets,” Clinton said. “Israel has a right to defend itself. The steps Hamas has taken to embed rockets and command-and-control facilities and tunnel entrances in civilian areas, this makes a response by Israel difficult.”

    She called the deaths of civilians, including Palestinian children, are “dreadful,” but “ultimately the responsibility rests with Hamas.”


    Clinton was asked about President Obama’s recently-coined slogan (“Don’t do stupid s—“) to describe his administration’s foreign-policy doctrine.

    “Great nations need organizing principles,” Clinton replied, “and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”


    First, moon highlights the new office space. Now this. It seems like they (Bill and Hillary) are starting to feel that enough is enough. Also, Syria will be Hillary’s ‘Iraq war vote’ in reverse. She famously (along with Panetta) told bumbles repeatedly in the strongest of terms that we should be involved in Syria to avoid what is happening right now. Finally, LOVE THE REBUKE OF THE QUICKIE CATCH PHRASE!!!!!!! Foreign policy is not created or run on catch phrases an sound bites. It’s complicated and the realm of very intelligent people.

    Now the question is, can the world make it until bumbles leaves?

    Hillary 2016

  45. foxyladi14

    August 10, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Sorry about the last embed.

    In the above video, did you see how disingenuous he was blaming the Iraqis on not being able to get an authorization for leaving forces in place? It was his demand that it be ratified by the Iraqi parliament that derailed the deal (as was his goal when he made the demand). Then did you see how he immediately assumed that 25,000 fully equipped American Marines could not have snuffed out ISIS in its infancy had they been on the ground in Iraq? And, as wbb so justifiable and eloquently rails about, big media says nothing.


    Hillary 2016

  46. wbboei,

    The economic growth is as phoney as the polls. We live in the age of fake.

    The only people who may really believe are those that need their denial because they voted for the idiot in the whitehouse.

  47. Believe this is just the iceberg’s tip. 🙂
    De Blasio outsources city leadership to Sharpton, Dolan
    Snip The mayor missed a chance to show courage. Had he quickly said no, hell, no, to Sharpton’s plan to close the Verrazano Bridge for a protest march, he would have shown himself to be the mayor of the whole city. Instead, after talking to Sharpton, de Blasio belatedly said closing the bridge wasn’t a good idea, and allowed Sharpton to claim the high ground by announcing he would instead bus people to Staten Island. Coming after Sharpton lectured de Blasio and top cop Bill Bratton at City Hall, the bridge fiasco is fueling doubts about the mayor’s judgment and conduct. snip

  48. Obama is the Rodney Dangerfield of the international community.

    No respect.

    Worse, he whines and whimpers about it.

    This soap opera of screw up, lie and big media cover-up is becoming unendurable.

    Fortunately, not ever journalist is on the take.

    Not every one of them is a wunderkind like Ben Smith.

    Here is one jurnolist who gives Mr. Obama all the respect he deserves.

    No point in pondering what is legacy will be.

    Michael Goodwin has given this president the political obituary he deserves.

    Sooner or later, history will catch up.

    But then it won’t matter, because the damage will have been done.

    Still, its refreshing to hear the truth about Obama on those rare occasions it pops up:


    Goldbricker in chief

    The phrase “retiring in place” describes bureaucrats who basically stop doing their jobs, but don’t retire because that would mean giving up the income. Since almost nobody in government can be fired, they work at half-speed and get away with it.

    Unfortunately, “retiring in place” also describes the president of the United States. Barack Obama is going through the motions in the Oval Office, and nobody can stop him.

    In the most important ways, Obama has quit being president. He doesn’t negotiate with Congress, doesn’t manage or lead his administration and rarely talks to the American people about anything except the next election. Fund-raising and golfing increasingly dominate his schedule.

    Scandal after scandal erupts in Washington, and he’s always the last to know, claiming to learn the facts through press accounts. He professes outrage and promises action, then rarely mentions the subject again.

    Airstrikes in Iraq notwithstanding, he doesn’t even pretend to be engaged in major world events. The global chaos, including the creation of an Islamist state, genocide in Syria and Russia’s gobbling up of Ukraine, bores him. He doesn’t want to deal with these things, so they are not his problem. He’s the leader of the free world only when it suits him.

    Which is to say, not very often. Even as the first bombs fell in Iraq, Obama was packing for another vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. He’s not about to let a little military action spoil a chance to enjoy the spoils.

    His news conference with African leaders was such an absolute snooze that it produced no news. He gave perfunctory answers to perfunctory questions, suggesting even the press corps has given up on him.

    He was so listless that one friend suggested the president looks clinically depressed.

    He might be, and to judge from the polls, it’s contagious. The entire country is suffering the blues.

    The broad discontent is captured in one survey showing that only 13 percent of the public, a record low, trusts the government to do what is right always or most of the time. Another found that nearly 75 percent are not sure their children’s lives will be better than their own.

    Obama’s approval ratings stand at a mere 40 percent, and fall under 20 percent on some issues. Americans don’t trust his ability to lead the nation, and a majority don’t think he’s honest.

    This is not an ordinary time, and these are not ordinary sentiments. They mark a crisis of confidence in America and, most of all, in its leader. Yet Obama doesn’t care enough to change course. He’s got the job for another 29 months, and his attitude is that those who aren’t happy should sue him.

    He threatens to use executive power to do what he wants, substituting his judgment for the entire government. He calls his critics obstructionists and worse because they don’ t agree with him. Compromise is beneath him.

    In another era, such behavior might be tolerable. The nation has survived other bad presidents, as was widely noted on the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation.

    But this time feels different. Because Obama’s lassitude and arrogance at home are matched by his vacillation and abdication abroad, the nation faces bone-crushing squeezes from within and without. There is too much stress on the machine for it not to break down, or crack up.

    Since the end of World War II, the international system largely has been shaped and maintained by the United States. But in a few short years, Obama’s retreat and neo-isolationism have created a vacuum.

    Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and the madmen from the Islamic State are rushing to fill it. If they succeed, the world may never recover.

    Yet the president doesn’t seem to care.

  49. What will the final two years of this long days journey into night look like?

    Obama and the vaudeville personality Eva Tanguay have something in common.

    The don’t care.

    Mitzi Gaynor gives us a dance rendition of what we have to look forward to with Obama.

    Notice the fire and brimstone in the final scene.

    If I did not know better it looks like the middle east, with Obama leading–from behind.

    And you didn’t think Obama could put on lederhosen and dance?

    While big media is plays their usual role of stage door johnny with roses and promises to marry.


  50. Wow!!! 🙂

    Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, had some surprisingly harsh words for the Obama Administration in the wake of the militant group ISIS holding thousands of religious minorities hostage in the northern city of Irbil. Speaking on Meet the Press on Sunday, August 10, Mitchell proclaimed that regarding Isis “there was intelligence. And to say that they were shocked by the Peshmerga on Saturday night being routed is a farce. The White House wasn’t listening.”

  51. When Pelosi was asked to comment on the fact that two out of five people of working age are not working she gushed that is a good thing, because being unemployed will give them more time to paint, to write and do other creative things for themselves. Or, they could just emulate Ben Smith, and be a wunderkind.

  52. The fact that this administration is chalk full of journalists, and they run a revolving door between big media and the white house, and everything is falling apart suggests that theses asshole pundits who pontificate on everything from soup to nuts are as clueless as there light of love when action is required. Put differently action talks and bullshit walks. Suddenly, now, with the world falling apart they have their little hissy fits, when truth to tell, they were the ones who installed him, and assured us that he was the messiah. Therefore, in the final analysis who is worse? The sociopath in the oval office, or the permanent political class/media who survives and prospers even when the nation fails? If you look at this over the long term, the question answers itself. He leaves. They don’t.

  53. Hillary Hater Maggie Haberman appears stunned by Hillary going after Obama (as we have suggested she must do if she is to run and win):

    Hillary Clinton takes on Obama

    Hillary Clinton has taken her furthest, most public step away yet from President Barack Obama, rejecting the core of his self-described foreign policy doctrine and describing his decision against backing Syrian rebels early on as a “failure.”

    She also stood unequivocally with Israel in its current battle with Hamas in a lengthy, detailed interview on foreign policy with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, which was conducted last week prior to the president’s authorization of airstrikes against Islamist militants in Iraq.

    Obama’s foreign policy doctrine as a whole has been slammed as too slow to respond, too passive instead of proactive, especially as crises have unfolded everywhere from Ukraine to the Gaza Strip. In the interview, Clinton, who served as secretary of state during Obama’s first term, argues there’s a balance that can be struck between muscularity and isolationism — bolstering the concept of American exceptionalism, which she promotes her new book, “Hard Choices.”

    A source familiar with the interview said Clinton’s team gave the White House a warning that it had taken place. Clinton aides described the interview as one intended to promote her memoir.

    Here, Maggie Haberman goes nuts trying to protect Obama and pretend this is something other than what it clearly is. Haberman is living her own “fantasy”:

    Political watchers will be tempted to characterize Clinton’s comments as calibrating away from an unpopular president as she looks toward a second presidential campaign. But Clinton has always been more of a hawk than Obama, and she has reached a point where she seems comfortable explaining their differences. Still, while her comments may not have been a specific effort to escape the creeping shadow of global chaos stretching over the White House, they will be viewed that way.

    Syria, where the civil war has contributed to the current conflict in Iraq, was on track to become a clear flash point between Clinton and Obama before she even left the administration, and it remains one area where the two are obviously still divided.

    In his own interview with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, published this weekend, Obama reiterated his belief – which he also stated in a separate interview with Goldberg two months ago — that early arming of Syrian rebels in that conflict was a “fantasy” because it would mean arming an opposition made up of “former doctors, farmers, pharmacists and so forth” who had little chance against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.

    But Clinton never agreed with this view, and still doesn’t.

    The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad — there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle—the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said.

    Obama’s approval ratings have sunk and the string of second-term foreign crises appear endless, from Russian-backed rebels alleged downing of civilian plane in Ukraine to the rise of the militants of the so-called Islamic State, who are threatening America’s Kurdish allies in Iraq. Clinton’s approval ratings are higher than Obama’s, but a recent POLITICO poll showed they, too have suffered as Republican critics continue to go after her over the 2012 attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, and amid the myriad crises abroad.

    Obama, who ran for president promising to get the U.S. out of Iraq and now finds himself engaged there again, has been slammed by his critics as too slow to embrace the display of American power abroad. Clinton’s aides, meanwhile, insist that she is simply being more candid about her views now than the canned version of herself in her 2008 presidential campaign. In any case, a more visible separation from Obama was, as Goldberg himself notes, only a matter of time.

    On Obama’s self-described foreign policy doctrine — “Don’t do stupid shit,” or “Don’t do stupid stuff,” Clinton was blunt.

    “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” she said. “… I think [Obama] was trying to communicate to the American people that he’s not going to do something crazy. I’ve sat in too many rooms with the president. He’s thoughtful, he’s incredibly smart, and able to analyze a lot of different factors that are all moving at the same time. I think he is cautious because he knows what he inherited, both the two wars and the economic front, and he has expended a lot of capital and energy trying to pull us out of the hole we’re in.”

    She added, “I think that that’s a political message. It’s not his worldview, if that makes sense to you.”

    The interview was with a columnist who is widely seen as the preeminent voice of the moderate-right foreign policy establishment, and one who has focused extensively on the Middle East and Israel.

    Clinton did not denounce the president and took pains to praise him at times, noting the difficulty and complexity of the crises he faces.

    She made it clear, for instance, that she “advocated” for arming the Syrian rebels, but acknowledged there was no way to know with absolute certainty whether it would have made a difference.

    “I did believe, which is why I advocated this, that if we were to carefully vet, train, and equip early on a core group of the developing Free Syrian Army, we would, number one, have some better insight into what was going on on the ground,” she said.

    “Two, we would have been helped in standing up a credible political opposition, which would prove to be very difficult, because there was this constant struggle between what was largely an exile group outside of Syria trying to claim to be the political opposition, and the people on the ground, primarily those doing the fighting and dying, who rejected that, and we were never able to bridge that. … So I did think that eventually, and I said this at the time, in a conflict like this, the hard men with the guns are going to be the more likely actors in any political transition than those on the outside just talking. And therefore we needed to figure out how we could support them on the ground, better equip them, and we didn’t have to go all the way, and I totally understand the cautions that we had to contend with, but we’ll never know. And I don’t think we can claim to know.”

    The topic of Syria has been fraught between the Clintons and Obama for much of the last 18 months. At a closed-press event for Sen. John McCain’s institute last year, as POLITICO first reported, Bill Clinton, in a question-and-answer session with the senator, said that Obama should act more forcefully to help the Syrian rebels and that any president risked looking like a “total fool” if they over learned from public opinion polls.

    With Goldberg, Hillary Clinton pushed back when asked whether Obama could be accused of “underreaching” in his foreign policy approach.

    “You know, I don’t think you can draw that conclusion,” she said. “It’s a very key question. How do you calibrate, that’s the key issue. I think we have learned a lot during this period, but then how to apply it going forward will still take a lot of calibration and balancing.”

    Clinton has in the past discussed the suggested plan to arm Syrian rebels, an idea she and then-CIA head Gen. David Petraeus both pushed, as one of the fights she’d lost internally, including giving it a pointed reference in her book. Over the last 18 months she has crept around the edges of where there was daylight between her and Obama on specific issues. But now she is using the word “failure,” a pointed description that, according to several people familiar with her thinking, dovetails with her frustration with the administration’s response to certain issues in recent months.

    A number of Democrats have privately insisted that while they expected Clinton to move away from Obama on the margins of foreign policy, it would be risky to separate too broadly. The risk? Affronting Democrats who did not support her in the 2008 presidential primary against Obama, and whose backing she’ll need if she is to run for president again. But Clinton has clearly decided that on certain issues, there is great risk in staying silent.

    On the question of the raging conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Clinton stood firmly with Israel.

    “If I were the prime minister of Israel, you’re damn right I would expect to have control over security [on the West Bank], because even if I’m dealing with [Palestinian leader Mahmoud] Abbas, who is 79 years old, and other members of Fatah, who are enjoying a better lifestyle and making money on all kinds of things, that does not protect Israel from the influx of Hamas or cross-border attacks from anywhere else.”

    Clinton also pointed to growing anti-Semitism in Europe as she defended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and said: “I think Israel did what it had to do to respond to the rockets. … Israel has a right to defend itself. The steps Hamas has taken to embed rockets and command-and-control facilities and tunnel entrances in civilian areas, this makes a response by Israel difficult.”

    Her successor, Secretary of State John Kerry, was caught on a hot mic on “Fox News Sunday” appearing to criticize Netanyahu’s description of the Gaza operation as “pinpoint,” given the number of civilian casualties.

    “I don’t know a nation, no matter what its values are — and I think that democratic nations have demonstrably better values in a conflict position — that hasn’t made errors, but ultimately the responsibility rests with Hamas,” Clinton said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Hamas initiated this conflict. … So the ultimate responsibility has to rest on Hamas and the decisions it made.”

    Poll after poll has shown that the American public has little stomach for conflict abroad, or for engaging U.S. troops in drawn-out battles. Some believe, as Goldberg noted, that the U.S. does not have a good enough track record to enforce rules elsewhere.

    I know that that is an opinion held by a certain group of Americans, I get all that. It’s not where I’m at,” Clinton said. Her organizing principle? “Peace, progress, and prosperity,” she said. “This worked for a very long time.”

    When Goldberg noted that she “symbolizes” a type of foreign policy engagement that has dwindled in popularity in the U.S., Clinton said, “That’s because most Americans think of engagement and go immediately to military engagement. That’s why I use the phrase ‘smart power.’ I did it deliberately because I thought we had to have another way of talking about American engagement, other than unilateralism and the so-called boots on the ground.”

    She added, “You know, when you’re down on yourself, and when you are hunkering down and pulling back, you’re not going to make any better decisions than when you were aggressively, belligerently putting yourself forward. One issue is that we don’t even tell our own story very well these days.”

    Goldberg said he considers defeating communism and fascism to be “a big deal,” to which Clinton exclaimed, “That’s how I feel! Maybe this is old-fashioned. OK, I feel that this might be an old-fashioned idea — but I’m about to find out, in more ways than one.”

    Goldberg interpreted that declaration from Clinton as essentially a statement of candidacy. Clinton has made similar asides in other interviews, but reading the tea leaves about whether she is going to run sort of misses the point — everything in her actions suggests she already is.

    You know we are going big with this story.

  54. Where the heck is Confloyd and Mrs. Smith???

    Free, maybe you remember…

    (From Admins post above about the Hawaiian primaty) “Abercrombie strolled into his current position with a massive win over Duke Aiona in November 2010”


    Wasn’t Abercrombie the main a$$hole that stopped Hawaii from releasing the real documents about Barry’s birth certificate?

  55. HOPE and CHANGE chickens come home to… find devastation of hopelessness, and change for the worst:

    Pollsters: ‘Everything is terrible’

    Polls from major networks, researchers and newspapers agree: America’s in a bad mood.

    In just one week, polls found politicians of all stripes are hitting approval numbers with record lows. The president finds himself roughly as popular as a trip to the dentist. The entire Democratic Party gets the thumbs down. Oh, and so does the Republican Party.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Americans are also bummed out about the future in general, especially the economy. Things are so low that even an old favorite, sugar, polled poorly.

    Pollsters say it all adds up to a country that feels “everything is terrible,” as one put it, a mood that campaigns should consider as they head into the midterm homestretch, when turnout should be all about enthusiasm — not pessimism.

    “With an ‘everything is terrible’ mindset, I’m mostly thinking about how after several years of cantankerous and unproductive lawmaking in Washington, there are very few political figures or institutions who the public trusts anymore,” Scott Clement, The Washington Post’s polling analyst, said in an interview.

    When it comes to candidates, voters are also less than thrilled with both incumbents and their challengers.

    “What we’re really seeing in an unprecedented way, especially in the key Senate races, is that voters don’t like either of the major candidates,” said Tom Jensen, the director of the left-leaning Public Policy Polling.

  56. Don’t miss tonight’s “Supermoon”:

    The supermoon occurs when the moon becomes full on the same days as its perigee, which is the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. The supermoon of August is one of the largest and brightest full moons of the year. The U.S. Naval Observatory says the moon will be 12% bigger and 30% brighter than it was in January 2014. In the United States, the moon will turn full on Sunday at 2:09 p.m. ET. The moon will continue to look bright and full Sunday evening, leading into Monday early morning. Days after the supermoon, people can also watch the annual Perseids meteor shower, which peaks on August 13. But stargazers might have a hard time spotting the meteor shower. The moon’s light will wash out all but the brightest of Perseids’ meteors, according to the International Meteor Organization.

  57. Nice pictures and incidentals given here, as is typical for this news source.
    A straw visor and muumuu for Hillary and SoulCycle shorts for Bill: Relaxed Clintons enjoy some downtime on the beach with their dogs
    … But they didn’t look as if they had a care in the world as they enjoyed the seaside fresh air.

  58. “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” she said. “… I think [Obama] was trying to communicate to the American people that he’s not going to do something crazy. I’ve sat in too many rooms with the president. He’s thoughtful, he’s incredibly smart, and able to analyze a lot of different factors that are all moving at the same time. I think he is cautious because he knows what he inherited, both the two wars and the economic front, and he has expended a lot of capital and energy trying to pull us out of the hole we’re in.”

    She added, “I think that that’s a political message. It’s not his worldview, if that makes sense to you.”

    Haberman should hope that Hillary doesn’t criticize O or his policies again, or that if she does, Haberman will have enough self-control to keep her commentary to herself. Her idiotic defense of him in blathering generalities about how “smart” and “thoughtful” O is – so she has gathered from sitting in a lot of rooms with him -makes her sound like a childish groupie. But the “blame it on Bush” excuse exposes this Obama-nut for what she is – – anything but a professional.

    Harberman’s delusions about Barack are proof of her irrelevance.

  59. Rodney Dangerfield strikes again, this time in Hawaii:

    “Historic Upset” in Hawaii as Obama Backed Democrat Goes Down

    by DAN RIEHL 10 Aug 2014, 11:14 AM PDT 48 POST A COMMENT
    SHARE THIS: 83 16

    The Hawaii Reporter calls the defeat of Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the Democrat primary a “historic upset” and attribute the loss to his having lost touch with base voters. Abercrombie enjoyed support from both nions and Barack Obama, who himself has ties to Hawaii.

    In a historic moment in Hawaii’s political history, Senate Ways and Means Chair David Ige beat incumbent Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the Democratic Primary election, Saturday, Aug. 8, with 66 percent of the vote to Abercrombie’s 30.9 percent. In total, Ige received 143,835 votes to Abercrombie’s 67,368 votes.

    Abercrombie, who was backed by a number of unions and President Barack Obama, congratulated Ige late Saturday night at his headquarters and promised to fully back Ige in the coming general election.

    The intra-party defeat, this one of a prominent Democrat, beings tomind the recent deafeat of prominent Republican Eric Cantor, who also stood accused of having lost touch with his base voters.

    Former Gov. Ben Cayetano said he believes Gov. Neil Abercrombie stunning defeat happened because Abercrombie lost touch with his base. Former Gov. Ben Cayetano said he believes Gov. Neil Abercrombie stunning defeat happened because Abercrombie lost touch with his base.

    Abercrombie has also lost favor with his supporters in part because he reversed his positions on key issues without explaining why, Cayetano said.

  60. while her comments may not have been a specific effort to escape the creeping shadow of global chaos stretching over the White House
    That is real Pulitzer Prize stuff, from this dimwit Haberman.

    Beyond that, an interesting locution.

    Murders who stabbed someone always say of the fatal moment “the knife went in”.

    This implies the knife guided the hand, rather than hand guided the knife.

    It is meant to absolve the culprit of responsibility for the act.

    So please, spare me this creeping shadow of global chaos creeping over the White House drivel.

    If the sentence was not written by a maggot like Haberman it would have read thusly:

    From the apology tour

    To the invisible red lines

    To the lead from behind

    To the big media hysteria about a messiah

    To the vacuum in global leadership epitomized by the liar in chief:

    Obama’s chickens! chickens!! chickens!!!

    Have come home

    To roost.

    As his erstwhile spiritual adviser might say.

  61. This chaos is 100 per cent the fault of big media. No. Not 99 percent. One hundred percent. Without them he could never have become president. And now as they openly question him, I am reminded of the spectacle of rats jumping off a sinking ship. This does not make big media anything more than what they have been. Co-conspirators of this benighted president. Their central role in this tragedy must never be forgotten and their betrayal of this nation must never be forgotten.

  62. The shortcomings of Obama were manifest to those who took the time and trouble to study his history, who owns him and his character defects. The comment about the America hating base of the democrat party was less obvious, but the last six years have confirmed that unhappy reality as well. Just look at them. Even now, they cling to him like a drowning man clings to a razor blade, and they force the rest of us to go down with the ship as well. This is no rock video. This is reality. Going. Going. Gone, in our lifetime. Everything bequeathed to us by our forebearers. John Q Public never saw the truth about Obama when it mattered and John Q Public is equally blind to what lies ahead. Blame big media. Hold them accountable. And follow the money. The problem is systemic.

    “We lack the will (to save the middle east) for a simple reason.

    Barack Obama is a weak, vacillating little man.

    He was elected in 2008 on a platform of withdrawing from Iraq… a war won for him by George Bush.

    He sabotaged the negotiations to keep American troops in Iraq in order to satisfy the hate-America faction that makes up a majority of the Democrat base.”

    The root of the political problem is that the Maliki government is hopelessly corrupt, viciously sectarian, and in thrall to Iran. After intervening in 2010 to have Maliki installed as prime minister, the administration is now making noises about replacing him. This is a LSD induced trip masquerading as political strategy. Since the United States elected to end a US troop presence in Iraq we have no leverage to influence the political process. Maliki has no reason to care what we think, we really aren’t helping him in his time of need, and his life expectancy isn’t great if he leaves office. The political problem becomes one of an unmovable object and a spineless wuss and therefore intractable.

    The military problem has a different dimension. The Kurds can take care of themselves with the right equipment. A union of Kurd infantry, properly armed and equipped, with American airpower could make life shorter and more interesting for ISIS fighters and take the pressure off Iraqi forces.

    Even if your view is that Maliki spent a lot of time and effort creating this mess and he should be allowed to enjoy it to the fullest, we have a relationship with the Kurds going back to the Gulf War and we should consider it in our best interests to give them whatever assistance we can.

    The second part of the military equation is the fate of religious and ethnic minorities now being targeted by ISIS for extermination. In those areas where American air power can intervene, to provide supplies to refugees, to evacuate refugess, or to kill ISIS fighters, we should. And we should do it on such a massive scale that it makes obvious to even the densest jihadi that the cost of is prohibitive.

    While there is no doubt that the US has the military power to transform the face of the war in northern Iraq, protecting Kurdistan and Christian and Yezidi enclaves without the use of ground forces, what is lacking is the will.

    We lack the will for a simple reason. Barack Obama is a weak, vacillating little man. He was elected in 2008 on a platform of withdrawing from Iraq… a war won for him by George Bush. He sabotaged the negotiations to keep American troops in Iraq in order to satisfy the hate-America faction that makes up a majority of the Democrat base. The administration has since successfully retailed the lie that we pulled out because the Iraqi parliament would not approve a Status of Forces Agreement. While it is true the parliament would not approve a SOFA, what they don[t mention is that Maliki offered to sign an executive decree that would have given our troops the same protections and it was declined.

    Now Obama is signaling ISIS to not worry about the bombing because it won’t amount to much:

    Earnest, who underlined that Obama campaigned in 2008 on ending the U.S. involvement in Iraq, said at least seven times on Friday that the president would not dig the country into a “prolonged” conflict.

    and while he was at it Josh Earnest told Maliki that he’s on his own:

    “It’s only the Iraqis who can confront this problem,” he said. “The United States stands ready and has already demonstrated a willingness to support them as they do so, but ultimately this is a problem for Iraq to solve.”

    The political problems of Iraq must be solved by Iraqis but the political problems are not only not addressed but get worse as ISIS slaughters Iraqis, forces hundreds of thousands to flee, and destroys already fragile social institutions.

    This is the price you pay when your allies no longer trust you and your enemies hold you in contempt. You are reduced to launching pinprick strikes while playing Hamlet in the Oval Office. It will take decades for the stench of this fiasco to no longer attach to American foreign policy.

  63. The above passage is from an article posted at Red State by streiff. He and Erickson are their best writers. Near as I can tell, in a prior life, Streiff was a junior officer in the US Army, most likely a captain, and I gather that he saw combat, but I am not sure of that/

    I found this comment to his article equally intersting:

    3 △ ▽

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    johnt • 14 hours ago

    It’s not a question of Obama being a weak man, he may be, but the real issue is his motives. It is giving him an excuse to write this off to weakness, rather it is malice, his hatred of America. Everything he’s done is of a harmful or destructive nature, aimed at America. Trace it back to college or his days in Chicago, his time in Rev Wrights church, his 2009 speech in Cairo, pro muslim down pat.

    Being a boob and surrounded by boobs he made a typically moronic blunder in pulling US forces out of Iraq, but he knew chaos would follow and doubtless had intelligence on ISIS. So now the schmuck has to go through the motions of air strikes, may even have to arm the Kurds, God that must hurt, and then bide his time.
    Fortunately for him he has other things to exercise his hate on.

  64. The supermoon of August is one of the largest and brightest full moons of the year. The U.S. Naval Observatory says the moon will be 12% bigger and 30% brighter than it was in January 2014.
    Admin: I am sure you know who lives at the Naval Observatory. Yes, the Vice President—jolt’n Joe Biden, or Crazy Guggenheim if you prefer. If the moon, as seen from his living room looks 12% bigger, and 30% brighter to us, just imagine how big and bright it must look to Biden on Ballentine’s Irish whiskey, on a night like this.

  65. John Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
    John C Calhoun
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Harry Truman

    Somehow, Jolt’n Joe is out of his league.

    But he is too clueless and pickeled to know it.

  66. Those were real vice presidents.

    Today we live in the big media controlled age of fake.

    In the age of fake, a president named Barack, and a vice president named Biden are possible.

    In prior times, when big media was not so corrupt, both charlatans would be laughed off the stage.

  67. Requiem for Big Media

    We have done with Hope and Honour, we are lost to Love and Truth,
    We are dropping down the ladder rung by rung,
    And the measure of our torment is the measure of our youth.
    God help us, for we knew the worst too young!
    Our shame is clean repentance for the crime that brought the sentence,
    Our pride it is to know no spur of pride,
    And the Curse of Reuben holds us till an alien turf enfolds us
    And we die, and none can tell Them where we died.
    We’re poor little lambs who’ve lost our way,
    Baa! Baa! Baa!
    We’re little black sheep who’ve gone astray,
    Gentlemen-rankers out on the spree,
    Damned from here to Eternity,
    God ha’ mercy on such as we,
    Baa! Yah! Bah!

  68. …call me naive…but with the lack of border control and enforcement…and the release and re-release of criminals…aren’t our southern borders a ‘no brainer’ and easy entrance for ISIS to get in and “meet us in NY” of at the “WH” as they have promised?

    I cannot understand how our Federal Govt is not down at those borders…with all that is going on in the world and with how ISIS and other fanatics hate us…i cannot understand why there is not an urgency to put extra precaution on our borders and close them…

    …one can almost imagine this story and the outcome writing itself…and questions will be asked…’how did they get into this country?’…they just crossed the Rio Grande…

    what is our federal govt doing to prevent this from happening…in texas, arizona, california…they are making it so easy for them…

  69. Admin:

    I have been thinking about writing a letter to Obama’s big donors.

    The letter would acknowledge their right under Citizens United to contribute as much money as they want because it has been ruled political speech, even though it drowns out the voice of ordinary citizens.

    It would tell them there is nothing wrong with using their money to buy access, influence, to loot taxpayers and to immunize their business from government regulations.

    It would tell them they are free to turn a blind eye to his scandals and disasters throughout the world, because those things do not adversely affect the lives of the rich and famous.

    But it would end with a request that in the spirit of patriotism, they stop throwing those goddamn fundraisers for the useless son of a bitch.

    Why? Because it is unseemly and contrary to the national interest for plutocrats like them to monopolize his time to gratify their egos, when the world is in a state of chaos.

    At a time like this, he should be spending his devoting his attention and energy to the business of the American People, rather than such frivolities as this.

    But experience has shown that it does no good to plead the case with him. If there is a fundraiser anywhere, he will drop everything he is doing and rush to it like a heat seeking missile and do his little panhandling act.

    Therefore, for the good of the nation, his donor base must cease and desist with fundraisers for the balance of his term, or until peace and stability is restored throughout the world, whichever occurs first.

    As patriots the American People ask them to heed this message.

  70. See the video in the link below. Notice the grins and astonished looks on the faces of the ABC panelists when Sharyl gives them a hard dose of reality–that big media is no longer credible. Her point is a good one: they do not hold Obama accountable. They are simply lap dogs. And that made them uncomfortable. But the even better point is big media acted as co-conspirators in helping him win two elections, and they own the all the scandals and disasters he has created. Consequently, they are worse than lap dogs. They are traitors.

    Attkinson: Journalism Has ‘Gone Backwards’ Since Days of Woodward, Bernstein

    On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” fill-in moderator Martha Raddatz asked how journalism has evolved since the time of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s role in the Watergate scandal that resulted in the downfall of then-President Richard Nixon.

    Sharyl Attkisson, formerly an investigative reporter with CBS News, where she resigned after becoming disenfranchised with the editorial direction of CBS, suggested that had the Watergate scandal happened today, Nixon might have skated if he employed the tactics President Barack Obama’s is using in handling his controversies.

    “I think we have gone backwards since that time where we felt empowered as journalists. And I’d like to think what would happen today during a Nixon-type scandal,” Attkisson said. “Nixon would basically refuse to turn over tapes to Congress. His aides would refuse to testify to Congress or would take the Fifth [Amendment] or lie to Congress with a fair amount of impunity. Woodward and Bernstein would be controversial-ized on social media by special and political interests … then, at the end, Nixon would go on a popular late-night comedy show, during which time, he would humorously refer to his attackers as people that were political witch hunters who believe in Area 51-type of conspiracies.


    good example of what I am concerned about above…

    our federal govt is not protecting us…not securing our borders…in plain view of blatant threats made directly to us…

    it is mind boggling that the O admin, Homeland security and Justice dept can be so cavilier with all these dangers out there…

    they leave us extremely vulnerable

  72. wbboei

    August 11, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    The end of the video tells the real story. Raddatz closes Atkinson’s answer and any possible follow-up by jokingly saying “…this is all very depressing. I hope that people like you continue fighting against this…”

    People like you?? Did I miss something? Is Martha not a journalist as well? Or was that a cry out to a real journalist since she is hog-tied by big media?


    Hillary 2016

  73. People like you?? Did I miss something? Is Martha not a journalist as well? Or was that a cry out to a real journalist since she is hog-tied by big media?
    I have a low opinion of Raddatz.

    But I do understand what she is saying:

    1, I agree that journalism has declined since Watergate,

    2. I admire your courage for stating that fact clearly and unequivocally as you have done

    3. I also admire your convictions in giving up a seven figure job rather than being a prostitute.

    4. I, on the other hand, am a prostitute.

    5. I love the income, the perks and the notoriety that goes with selling out my profession.

    6. I wish I had the courage to take a stand and make the sacrifices you did.

    7. But to me, principal is more important than principle.

    8. So I will hold your coat while you fight but don’t ask me to jump in the ring too.

    9. I have decided to be a “free rider”, and talk out of both sides of my mouth.

    10.I am with you in spirit, but why should I break a leg, if I can be more useful straddling the fence.

    11.If your strategy succeeds, then I will tell the world I was with you all the time.

    12.And if it does not? Well I will still have the perks and I will say I thought you were too extreme.


    Martha Raddatz

  74. That is how I read Raddatz’s response. I do not know her personally, but I know the type. In the corporate world they are common. You can get them to agree there is a problem, but they have no appetite for dealing with it, if to do so would create any risk for them.

  75. If big media has slipped since the days of Watergate, then they have no one to blame but themselves.

    The reasons for this are well known to those who have taken the time to study the phenomenon.

    They think of themselves as a profession–like doctors and lawyers, etc.

    In that case they need to take a deep breath, look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves one simple question:

    What kind of a profession allows itself to be limited to two questions, as Obama did to them at the last two press conferences?

    If he was preoccupied with the problems of the country, then it might be fair of him to ask for their indulgence, in deference to the solemn duties of state.

    But the only thing he has waiting in the wings is another golf game. Or another fundraiser.

    Now if that is all that is standing between his speech and their questions, then shame on them for letting him castrate them.

    Better that then to tell a real investigative journalist I am just a wall flower, but I hope people like you keep fighting against the cover-up of truth and the marginalization of journalism by this president.

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