Rock Bottom Obama

Notice how more and more the truth we wrote long ago is conventional wisdom even on the left – when they are not drunk but sober? We wrote the truth. Then the attacks on us for being “batsh*t crazy” or not very bright, or Republicans, or disgruntled Japanese soldiers fighting a lost war on a deserted island, or racists, or dinosaurs, or whatever the Obama cult could dream up to excuse their own stupidity, began. We get the last laugh.

Here’s leftist loon and Barack Obama apologist Bill Maher forced to admit the truth we wrote about so long ago:

BILL MAHER: There was a study done that found out online conversations that were intercepted and stored by the NSA — nine out of ten were not from foreigners, they are from ordinary citizens, and I want to read this: Many files, it says, described as useless by the analysts had a startlingly intimate, even voyeuristic quality. Stories of love and heartbreak, illicit sexual liaisons, mental health crises and disappointed hopes. Move over, Taxicab Confessions, we have a new —

This is exactly what they said they weren’t going to do. Just, you know, be nosy and look into the lives of private people for their own shits and giggles. And I just want to say, if this were happening under Bush, liberals would be apoplectic. I’m sorry, but liberals are just sometimes useless Obama hacks without a shred of intellectual honesty. (HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, July 11, 2014)

If Bush did it the Obama cult would explode in anger. But the Obama cult, of which liberals comprise a large segment, are hypocritical liars concerned not with issues but with enabling the cult leader. Maher says “liberals are just sometimes useless Obama hacks without a shred of intellectual honesty.” Condemned by his own words.

Instead of an endless article of other hypocritical liars beginning to regurgitate what we wrote years ago, here’s Republican pollster, Alex Castellanos, assessing Barack Obama with words and language we wrote for years but words even the Republicans/conservatives have until now been too scared to use:

Obama hasn’t hit rock bottom yet

(CNN) — Ordinarily, being ranked as the worst modern president of the United States would be considered unfortunate. For you Mr. President, that’s the good news.

As painful as it is to note, your presidency has not yet hit bottom. You’ve got a long way to go in your descent.

Everywhere you walk, Mr. President, the world unravels. Americans are whispering that each political missile you fire seems to hit not its target but our own house.

You have undone the core idea you’ve advanced, that a larger public sector can save us. You are becoming the one-man Keystone Cops of an experiment in weakness and incompetent government.

Your Veterans Administration is a dysfunctional mess. Some veterans who have lived through war have not survived contact with your VA.

Your immigration agents are changing diapers and crying for fresh underwear for detained immigrants awaiting deportation. Your IRS has been accused of targeting political opponents, and your best defense is their ineptitude: They lose their e-mails and files.

Your own signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act, has turned on you. You’ve repeatedly delayed and altered the law, gluing and taping together, on the fly, the health care of an anxious nation.

Your Supreme Court is telling you to read the manual that came with your office: You are not allowed to run a Nixonian presidency. In three years, you’ve suffered numerous humiliating and unanimous reversals of your executive authority.

You are protected by the thinly manned barricades of an attorney general who refuses to investigate misconduct in your executive offices. Four out of five Americans believe the government you would like to expand is corrupt, a view that is a 7-point increase from the last year of the Bush administration.

You are fortunate you cannot be impeached because of the cost to our exhausted, divided country. If you were a car manufactured by GM, not the president who bailed it out, you would be recalled for your defects.

Nicely done, even if it is years late and two presidential campaigns short. It does succinctly summarize some of the rock bottom Obama presidency. Rock bottom Obama has not hit rock bottom and blockhead Barack Obama supporters, like Google executives cavorting with heroin hooker killers, have not hit rock bottom either:

In foreign affairs, you have undone one of the great accomplishments of the 20th century: You have resuscitated the Soviet Union. A two-bit KGB thug named Putin has been kicking sand in the face of your country. In the absence of American leadership, the Middle East has devolved into chaos, and you are reduced to unpalatable choices: Either you negotiate with our Iranian enemies or abandon our allies, if we still have any, to jihadist wildfires that threaten Israel’s borders and set desert sands aflame.

Young people who voted for you to earn a better life than their parents are now living with their parents. Our nation has the lost the hope you promised us. We fear our freedom is in decline: A 48% plurality feel our best days are in the past.

Even the one thing you have been good at, Mr. President — politics — has abandoned you. You have now been reduced to pathetically small political “listening tours.” Even on such an inconsequential stage, you are tone-deaf, incapable of striking the right chords: You tell your audiences you are there to tell them that you are listening.

Alex Castellanos, like almost all other Republican consultants and pollsters, like Mitt Romney who stupidly praised Obama as nice instead of telling the truth about how “nasty” Obama is, adds a sentence about Obama’s “bright smile” but finally joins us in denouncing the narcissist as a narcissist.

But now, we are beginning to notice; you laugh too hard at your own jokes.

Behind the smile, we see an ego inflated beyond merit. Your intellectual detachment, we now find, was merely cluelessness. The distance between what you’ve promised and done has grown too large for us to blame anyone else.

Is this as bad as it can get? Actually, no, Mr. President. The road ahead is worse for you.

Even your supporters will soon say publicly what we are all thinking privately. In days to come, it will become increasingly cool to snicker and then laugh at your presidency.

Disagreement is not the cruelest cut in politics; it is ridicule.

Politicians who have survived everything else are done in ultimately by laughter. The gristliest moment for an incumbent is not when voters express their anger. There is respect, even in those dark days. What an incumbent never wants to hear from a voter is pity. Your worst day will be when a voter says, “Poor President Obama. He’s done the best he can.”

When that day comes, Mr. President, your favorable rating will crash another 10 points into the basement. Democratic candidates will not only ignore you, as they now do, they will turn on you.

Hillary Clinton will betray you. That will start a war within your party as candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Jerry Brown rush to defend you. If they depose the Clintons, mere anarchy will be loosed upon the Democratic world.

At this moment, our emperor is naked, but no one has yet said it publicly. That will change soon.

When it is too sad to cry about our presidents, America laughs. That’s what will really hurt.

In April 2009 we began to mock the “Obama is doing the best he can” defense. Contrary to what Castellanos writes there were voices from long ago saying and writing what Castellanos has only now had the courage to write. In February of 2010 we wrote:

The “he’s doing the best he can” ploy has not worked because of the inherent truthfulness of that statement. Obama is doing the best he can for his friends and himself, but for the American people Obama is doing nothing. Also, Americans understand that if this is the best Obama can do – boy oh boy are we all in trouble. The “he’s doing the best he can ploy” was abandoned.

The “he needs more time” ploy has collapsed under the weight of time. With every passing minute the ploy limps, weaker and weaker. The “he needs more time” ploy also demonstrates the truthfulness of what Hillary and Hillary supporters have said since early 2007 – Obama is not ready. Obama was not ready on Day 1, Obama was not ready on Day 2; Obama was not ready on Day 3; Obama was not ready on Day 365, ad infinitum. The “he needs more time” ploy was abandoned too.

Hillary betray Obama? No, as we have written Hillary Clinton will either tell the truth about Obama or Hillary Clinton 2016 will be as strong as Obama’s shriveled raisin-y testicles. We are and have been Hillary Clinton supporters and we have been and maybe still are some sort of liberals, but we will never be hacks for anybody and when Hillary says perfunctorily silly things such as on Hobby Lobby or that we should ever vote or support Barack Obama – uh, no.

“The emperor has no clothes” – we and a few brave others have written that so many times it is a cliche by now.

Castellanos is right that ridicule is a potent weapon against government officialdom. That is especially true against a pompous clod like boob Obama who is more a full time golfer/part time government perks official. We’ve been mocking treacherous boob Barack Obama for a long time. As treacherous boob Barack Obama hits rock bottom, we are not the only ones laughing at the clown.

Chicago Clown


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    “Tell The Truth”

    Tell the truth. Tell me who’s been fooling you?
    Tell the truth. Who’s been fooling who?

    There you sit there, looking so cool
    While the whole show is passing you by.
    You better come to terms with your fellow men soon, cause…

    The whole world is shaking now. Can’t you feel it?
    A new dawn is breaking now. Can’t you see it?


    It doesn’t matter just who you are,
    Or where you’re going or been.
    Open your eyes and look into your heart.

    The whole world is shaking now. Can’t you feel it?
    A new dawn is breaking now. Can’t you see it?
    I said see it, yeah, can’t you see it?
    Can’t you see it, yeah, can’t you see it?
    I can see it, yeah.


    Hear what I say, ’cause every word is true.
    You know I wouldn’t tell you no lies.
    Your time’s coming, gonna be soon, boy.

  2. Very well put . He is even openly supporting Hamas as they fire hundreds of rockets on
    Israeli cities.

  3. Admin –

    I am one of your biggest fans (I don’t think that fact is in question), and this post is another in a line of great posts, no doubt. But I thank you in advance in letting this be the last time you ever use my screen name in the same line as ‘Obama’ in one of your titles. Do you know what kind of bad luck I have had all day today?? We had a cloudburst the duration of time I was in the grocery store and guess who’s windows were down? Me, that’s who! I cut my self shaving this morning – with clippers. I couldn’t find my debit card while in said grocery store, so I called my bank to cancel it which they did quite efficiently. Got into my wet car to go home and what did I find? You guessed it – my debit card. I blame your choice of titles as the harbinger of my bad luck.

    Otherwise, great post (as always)! 😀

    Hillary 2016

    Here’s an article about a poll showing that the country awake again. Enjoy what SHOULD be a pretty good finals tomorrow all!!

  4. ” if this were happening under Bush, liberals would be apoplectic. I’m sorry, but liberals are just sometimes useless Obama hacks without a shred of intellectual honesty.”
    Liberalism is in an end stage decline in this country. I can’t think of a single liberal in Congress. A liberal wouldn’t rubber stamp FISA, NSA, presidential behavior that destroys separation of powers, say “the science is settled”, etc., etc.,.

  5. Comforting how admin helps us keep our eye on the prize.
    Judge Pirro offers an eyepopping analogy. I agree with those here who criticize her delivery, so just look at the title.
    Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama purposely using ‘Trojan Horse’ of illegal alien child crisis to CHANGE the electorate.
    Unless you really want to hear her in which case there is a video here:

  6. As I survey the damage done to the American People, I want justice not only for him, but for the people who forced him down the throats of the ignorant electorate. By justice, I mean some form of heavy retribution within the limits of the law. I am talking about not only Satan himself, but all the dark angels who aided and abetted him, and bottled up the truth in totalitarian fashion. The other reaction I have is that as a practical matter, Obama has killed the American Dream. No politician can begin to solve this problem, without abolishing the current system of graft and corruption which clings like evil barnacles to the hide of every member of Congress, which is supposed to be the voice of the people. That link I posted above tells the real story of why every politician today, claims to represent the people, but is governed by Wall Street. Obama is simply the culmination of a process of systemic degradation, which makes it impossible for the people of this nation to speak and be heard. The public good is a hollow shibboleth. It is all an inside game now, and although the public at large will wake up, I am telling you for sure, as night follows day, it is eight years too late to fix. National decline here is inevitable. National decline against which it is vain to repine. We can hope for something better. But achieving it will be frustrating, elusive, and painful.

  7. When George Kennan was at the height of his powers, he wrote movingly about the role of a historian, in a way that is so eloquent and so full of insight, that I have stolen his words often, and sometime without attribution, hoping to convince others that I am half as smart as he was. He said that the proper role of an historian was to tell those in power what he sees when he looks through the lens of history about the hopeful paths to the future, as opposed to those paths which lead only to despair and from which no one ever returns. I have tried, on a less grandiose scale than his, to convince those who were inclined to suspend judgment, ignore facts, and vote for Obama, that by every OBJECTIVE standard he is not only incompetent but evil and that he is the spawn politically if not biologically of people like George Soros, the last living Nazi. I think back to that door I knocked on in Western Pennsylvania, when I was campaigning for Hillary, and the woman who came to the door looked like one of the three witches in MacBeth and she told me Obama is Satan. Stupid me, all I did was hand her the Hillary materials, remind her where to vote, and walked away laughing to myself. I know now that she was a true soothsayer, and I was wrong to dismiss her message, because everything that has happened since he took office corroborates her view. When we cast our eyes to the heavens and behold a star the light we see emanating from that star was generated at or near the time of Christ. Put differently, the America we see today, is not the America that really exist. The real reality we see in the middle east, in the Ukraine, in the planning rooms of the China, in the mansions of drug lords, all culminating in the disaster we see on our Southern Border. To deal with these problems, a leader would have to be ruthless, in a society which has grown too soft and self indulgent to support what needs to happen. And those who lead a parasitic existence feeding at the public trough know full well how to thwart such a leader through a controlled press and dividing the nation on the grounds of race, gender etc. In sum, we are dealing with a problem which has no solution, other than more decline. And after his reign of terror, Obama will be able to proudly announce: Apres moi, le deluge.

  8. When historians of the future look back to the period we are living in, and attempt to understand it, in terms of applicable precedent, the Weimar Republic will not be too far afield from the discussion. That brief interregnum between the traditional country and the ugly deformed successor, capped by economic decline, looked eerily like this. And believe me, it is no Cabaret.

  9. Admin: a truly brilliant article. One that reminds the world that what you said early and often was the truth, and accurate prophesy. It all proceeds from one central premise–that a scion of Chicago politics, with no experience, and race baiting proclivities, would be a deformed leader, and the worst kind for this nation to invest in at this critical moment in history. Ab initio (from the beginning) he was a losing bet for the nation, but rather than leave the table, big business, big media and the rest of the elites doubled down on that bad bet repeatedly, until the walls began to close in on the country in ways no one could ignore. The fall of the Roman empire was presaged by the same kind of self indulgent rot in the ruling class, again the is the roadmap through the corrupt order that now rules the roost. It is not isolated, it is systemic, and permeates everything Washington does. And, even the justices of the supreme court, as we saw in the abandonment of the Constitution by John Roberts, who makes Roger Taney look like Marshall. Frankfurter said we should not despair when wisdom comes late, because too often it never comes at all. To which I say, if wisdom comes too late, what differnece does it make?

  10. Foxy, the cartoon you posted inspired me to write this email to a friend:

    History is not a headlong march toward prosperity and the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

    On the contrary, it consists of a succession of cycles of trial and error.

    The end of the Napolenic marked the completion of one of those cycles.

    In its aftermath, a man came to the forefront to restore order to a devastated nation state system.

    He was an Austrian diplomat named Karl Metternich, who crafted the Treaty of Vienna in 1815.

    Today we find ourselves at the end of another cycle–the collapse of the post Word War II world order.

    And out of those ashes, there emerged a post racial figure, with pre eminent qualifications, deep insight, courage, a will to act, and a rhetorical flair unseen since the Funeral Oration of Pericles in Athens.

    His name was/is Barack Hussein Obama (nee Barry Sotero, Barry Soreto, the Messiah, the one we have been waiting for etc.)

    His civic virtues are second to none.

    They have been proclaimed far and near by the courtiers of big media.

    In terms that brooked no dissent.

    There has even been serious talk of carving his likeness on the side of Mount Rushmore.

    Today, his critics have been silenced and there is universal peace across the planet.

    How did he do this?

    It is all so simple:

    Through moral clarity, love of country, and toughness in battle.

    As depicted in the following link:

  11. After due consideration, I have decided on the appropriate punishment for Obama, his enablers and the suckers who voted for him, apropos of my comments above that they be metted out punishment which fits their crime. I realize that this could border on cruel and usual punishment, but there is such a thing as an eye for an eye, etc.

    We need to embed a microchip into their brains which plays back all his speeches about a new heaven and a new earth, along with sober news reports from FOX News illustrating his treason, and widespread suffering it his cloud cuckoo land policies and practices have visited upon the world. This microchip would be engineered in such a way that it ran day and night, could never be shut off, and would never run out of juice. It would expire only when they did.

  12. From Time Magazine a too late realization of Orwell Obama:

    Bloggers, Surveillance and Obama’s Orwellian State

    Advancements in technology have fueled this White House’s obsession with controlling the message. [snip]

    At a recent event at the New America Foundation, journalists and historians challenged Carney, arguing that this White House has been more secret than previous occupants.

    “Increasingly, the Obama White House has become so brittle, and so controlling of the message, that people are afraid to respond to me,” said Kimberly Dozier, a former Associated Press reporter. She was one of the journalists whose phone records were obtained by the Department of Justice last spring during its investigation into a leak of classified information about a failed Al-Qaeda plot. The scope of that investigation, some critics said, was unprecedented overreach.

    According to ProPublica, the Obama administration has filed eight cases under the Espionage Act, which criminalizes disclosing information harmful to national security. Before the Obama administration, only three known cases had ever been charged under the act.

    But some say that the crackdown by the Obama administration is not due to an extraordinary effort, but rather due to advancements in surveillance.

    “[Bush administration] lawyers told me that they wanted to prosecute as many leaks then, but technology had not moved on to the point where it is today, where it is so easy to track peoples’ electronic footprint,” said Dozier, who is now a contributing writer at The Daily Beast. “There are simply more tools for the Department of Justice now than they had back then.”

    Thom Shanker, the Pentagon correspondent for the New York Times, noted that his employer has implemented rigorous standards to balance the security risks of reporting classified information with the public’s right to know.

    “When we reported on WikiLeaks, we had conversations with all of the relevant agencies, and the takeaway is that the American public learned how it was operating,” said Shanker. “We asked then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who was a former C.I.A. director, what he thought about the WikiLeaks story, and he said, ‘As an intelligence professional, I am very upset whenever this happens, but I can tell you that I don’t see any specific damage to our national security programs because of the way the information was handled.’”

    But as citizen journalism – people without an official press affiliation reporting on personal blogs – becomes more popular, the way the military and intelligence community is reported on could shift. Random bloggers need not follow the professional standards by which journalists abide.

    Matthew Pinsker, a professor of history at Dickinson College, pointed out that this “new” form of journalism is a throwback to previous models that did not value objectivity and impartiality. In some ways, bloggers use the same practices of 19th Century pamphleteers, where anybody with a hand-crank could stand on a corner and shout to a group of people.

    If these bloggers can’t hold themselves to the same standards of journalists in the 20th Century, “maybe the Obama administration is justified in pursuing leakers in a harsher way,” Pinsker said.

    Regardless, as both the news industry and surveillance technology continue to evolve, the White House will have to work harder to determine which offenses merit harsher tactics – to balance national security interests with respect for the Fourth Estate.

    “The government really needs to get its message out to the American people, and it knows that the best way to do that is by using the American news media,” said Shanker. “The relationship between the government and the media is like a marriage; it is a dysfunctional marriage to be sure, but we stay together for the kids.”

    Notice how Obama’s Orwellian state is blamed by hypocritical Time Magazine on bloggers and technology instead of the source of the problem. The problem is Obama. Obama must be accountable for the Obama Orwellian State.

    Our apologies to Orwell for neighboring his name to Obama’s.

  13. TheRock, our apologies to you too for soiling your nom de plume by linking it to Obama.

    This one is for you:

  14. This article from Bill Jacobsen’s blog is rich: Why, ask our beloved black radicals from Chicago, are illegals ( note the syntax: it is not undocumented immigrants in this iteration) getting aid (meaning the vig) while we suffer?

    Where the fuck do I start?

    Door 1: because you voted for the Messiah?

    Door 2: because his candidacy was never about you?

    Door 3: because he was seeking to create a new base for the party, along the lines of that idiot Brazille, and Texarcana, all urban, multi racial, and dependent on the government hand-out from the likes of Lois Learner.

    Finally, the last comment suggests that après Obama, Hillary will not have a problem recruiting the black vote. Whether that is good or bad however remains to be seen.

    Black Chicago activists: Why are illegals at border getting aid while we suffer

    Posted by William A. Jacobson ▪ Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 2:15pm
    “You’re spending billions of dollars in Texas, but we’ve got a problem right here in Chicago”
    Neo noted this morning the growing rift between the black community and those advocating for aid to illegal immigrants, Clash of the Titan special interest groups.

    Rebel Pundit has a video of some black Chicago activists, some of whom previously had expressed dismay at Obama’s State of the Union address.

    In the video, they express further dismay that Obama seeks aid for illegal immigrants while the black community suffers, via Rebel Pundit:

    On Friday evening residents from Chicago’s Southside held a protest in front of the Chicago Police Department against the intolerable violence plaguing their communities and sounded off on President Obama for paying favor to illegal aliens crossing the southern border. Residents also called for the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy for their failure to effectively handle the city’s violence epidemic.

    The president’s handling of the illegal invasion in Texas prompted residents to call him out for ignoring the current state of Chicago, where 120 people have been shot and at least 26 killed so far this July.

    “Barack will go down as the worth president ever elected, Bill Clinton was the African-American President,” one resident said, in response to the president’s performance on the job, “President Barack needs to pay attention to Chicago, if he can not pay attention to Chicago and the African-American community, he needs to resign.”

  15. oo-ulph [Charlie Harper barf]
    Rookie judge to preside over Benghazi trial
    Casey Cooper is new to the bench, but he’s well-connected
    snip Cooper, 47, was part of the Obama administration’s transition team and is one of the more connected people in D.C. legal circles, Marimow notes. His wife, Amy Jeffress, worked at the Justice Department as a national security adviser to the attorney general. She previously ran the national security section of the U.S. attorney’s office that has charged Khattala, and mentored the lead prosecutor on the case, Michael DiLorenzo. When Cooper was an undergraduate at Yale, his roommate and close friend was John Rice, whose sister is now President Obama’s national security adviser. Susan Rice’s controversial television appearances in the days after the Benghazi attacks helped fuel criticism that the Obama administration was trying to play down suspicions of terrorist involvement in the assault that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. snip

  16. Whether that is good or bad however remains to be seen.
    Let me explain what I mean a bit further. Under Messiah Obama, black people have had their hour in the sun, the debt has been paid, and the societal price has been enormously high. As such, the country will not entertain a black successor such as Booker, Patrick and their ilk. And that will apply especially to those who believed and told the rest of us that the kingdom of god was at hand when he took the oath. For now they look like buffoons. Nor will the country be receptive to a candidate who presses the black grievance against society as they expect, Therein lies the trap.

  17. Never heard of the bum. However, he appears to be a rookie, and a Washington insider. And that suggests means he will most likely favor the government, be loyal to Obama, and loathe to rock the boat. The good news is that he is a side show and the real drama, if any, will emerge from the Benghazi select committee. It may well be that by the time the Committee reaches its conclusions, that Obama’s star will have fallen below the horizon, and at that points his former supporters on the Committee may be more keen to save their own scalps than they are to save his.

  18. The guy cooper clerked for offers a perfect example of how incestuous this whole circle is:

    (Judge) Abner Mikva is a long-time political supporter of President Barack Obama. Mikva offered Obama a law clerk position in his judicial office after Obama graduated from Harvard Law School; Obama declined the offer. US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was one of his law clerks.[4] Mikva became Obama’s political advisor and suggested he learn more effective public speaking from observing preachers. Mikva said of Obama: “He listened to patterns of speech, how to take people up the ladders. It’s almost a Baptist tradition to make someone faint, and, by God, he’s doing it now

  19. The comparison of Obama’s diction to that of preachers gives us some clue on why he was part of Jerry Wright’s little witch’s coven. And they have much in common–Obama and those preachers: all of them are sky pilots, who demand that we accept what they say as an article of faith, and if we are so impertinent as to ask for a little empirical proof that what they are asking us to believe is true, it elicits a he who is not for me is against me response.

  20. Matthew Pinsker, a professor of history at Dickinson College, pointed out that this “new” form of journalism is a throwback to previous models that did not value objectivity and impartiality. In some ways, bloggers use the same practices of 19th Century pamphleteers, where anybody with a hand-crank could stand on a corner and shout to a group of people.
    Are we to assume from the way this sentence is constructed that he believes big media values objectivity and impartiality any more than the bloggers he condemns do? If so he is a blind fool. I have no idea where he has been living these past six years. Even in a remote cave in the mountains of Afghanistan, some evidence of big media’s duplicity would have reached his ear, surely.

  21. wbboei

    July 13, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Whether that is good or bad however remains to be seen.
    Let me explain what I mean a bit further. Under Messiah Obama, black people have had their hour in the sun, the debt has been paid, and the societal price has been enormously high. As such, the country will not entertain a black successor such as Booker, Patrick and their ilk. And that will apply especially to those who believed and told the rest of us that the kingdom of god was at hand when he took the oath. For now they look like buffoons.


    This has been, for my community, the most galling and appalling outcome of his presidency, and something that I have commented on repeatedly here and elsewhere. There are so many overqualified members of my community that have the stones to lead in every walk of life. But uncle fluffy has now tarnished things for all of us. Things are more difficult now across the board and real leaders that we have that should be given an opportunity, won’t be. And as long as we remain and underserved class in American society ENVEN UNDER A TRUE BLACK PRESIDENT, we will continue to look at the party from outside. Furthermore, the stink of this president will ride my community for about six generations. This first two generations of whites and Latinos and their immediate children will have to die after seeing what shame this one has brought to this nations. And with the advent of the internet and the ability that the media and the current set of political operatives have to distort and remind, bumbles will be remembered for a long time to come.

    Hillary 2016

  22. A koolaid drinker who survived Jonestown and found a new messiah post James Jones. Cicero is a suburb of Chicago made famous by its foremost statesman Al Capone. And the only reason Jai is still a high school kid is because he flunks every year. He is the prototypical bot, identified by the Dean Plan, which was designed by Soros to feed false talking points to fools like him, who speak to other fools, so the false message gets out.

    Jai Dayal · Top Commenter · Cicero- North Syracuse High School

    Really? We regained all of the jobs Bush tanked, we’ve cut the deficit to 1/3 of what it was before, we’re fighting wars in 0.00 countries, millions of Americans can actually get the healthcare they need at lower rates, Putin has completely pulled out of the Ukraine, and Syria turned over their chemical weapons.

    Barack Obama is the *best* president we’ve ever had. Uneducated Joe wouldn’t be able to understand, though.

  23. France’s Fifth column:

    PARIS (AP) — Pro-Palestinian protesters tried to force their way into a Paris synagogue Sunday with bats and chairs, then fought with security officers who blocked their way, according to police and a witness.

    Recent violence in Gaza has raised emotions in France, home to Western Europe’s largest Muslim population and largest Jewish community. Sunday’s unrest by a few dozen troublemakers came at the end of sizable protest in the French capital demanding an end to Israeli strikes on Gaza and accusing Western leaders of not doing enough to stop them.

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls said two Paris synagogues had been targeted by unspecified violence that he called “inadmissible.” In a statement, he said, “France will never tolerate using violent words or acts to import the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on our soil.”

    A police spokeswoman said the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in eastern Paris was targeted during a service, and worshippers were blocked inside while police pushed protesters back. The spokeswoman said all those inside left safely by Sunday evening.

    Aline Le Bail-Kremer watched the incident unfold from her window across the street. She said protesters came from two directions and converged on the synagogue, grabbing chairs from sidewalk cafes and wielding bats as they tried to push past security guards.

    Some 150 people were inside for a ceremony honoring three Israeli teens recently killed, said Le Bail-Kremer, a representative of anti-racism group SOS Racisme.

    Sunday’s protest, involving about 10,000 people, had been largely peaceful.

    Despite sporadic rain, the marchers packed long and leafy Paris avenues, including young women in headscarves or Palestinian keffiyeh scarves. Some marched under enormous Palestinian green, white and black flags, while others waved signs reading “Stop Killing Children.”

    French President Francois Hollande is treading a careful diplomatic path on the Mideast violence, and trying to keep related tensions from escalating in France as they have during Intifadas in the past.

    On Sunday Hollande urged a cease-fire “as quickly as possible.” “We will spare no effort, no trouble to achieve this,” he said in a speech to dignitaries from around the world taking part in a special Bastille Day ceremony meant to celebrate peace.

    Another reason why the French far right is winning elections.

  24. wbboei

    July 13, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Whether that is good or bad however remains to be seen.
    Let me explain what I mean a bit further.Under Messiah Obama, black people have had their hour in the sun, the debt has been paid, and the societal price has been enormously high. As such, the country will not entertain a black successor such as Booker, Patrick and their ilk. And that will apply especially to those who believed and told the rest of us that the kingdom of god was at hand when he took the oath. For now they look like buffoons.


    This has been, for my community, the most galling and appalling outcome of his presidency, and something that I have commented on repeatedly here and elsewhere. There are so many overqualified members of my community that have the stones to lead in every walk of life. But uncle fluffy has now tarnished things for all of us. Things are more difficult now across the board and real leaders that we have that should be given an opportunity, won’t be. And as long as we remain and underserved class in American society EVEN UNDER A TRUE BLACK PRESIDENT, we will continue to look at the party from outside. Furthermore, the stink of this president will ride my community for about six generations. This first two generations of whites and Latinos and their immediate children will have to die after seeing what shame this one has brought to this nations. And with the advent of the internet and the ability that the media and the current set of political operatives have to distort and remind, bumbles will be remembered for a long time to come.

    Hillary 2016

  25. TheRock
    July 13, 2014 at 4:57 pm
    There are, as you say, many black people who are not only qualified to lead, but could save this country–if they were listened to . . . Ben Carson is the first name that comes to mind. No doubt there are others, and quite possibly the US District Court Judge presiding over the IRS case. But again, the operative question is will they be heard over the distracting prattle of all the race baiters on both sides.

    There is that scene in the John Wayne western She Wore A Yellow Ribbon where Wayne’s character, Captain Nathan Brittles, meets with a former chief of the Lakota Souix named Pony That Walks, and tries to persuade him that if there is war many will die, your young men, my young men, no good Nathan no good. Pony Walks tells this to his people and he is shouted down at the council fires. Therefore, he proposes that he and Nathan go hunt buffalo, and let history play itself out.

    Judge Bork observed the same phenomenon when he was a Law Professor at Yale. While students like Eric Holder were taking over dorms and administration buildings, he was discussing the future of the American ideal with other professors in the face of left wing ideology. He was appalled by the willingness of his fellow profs to throw in the towel and say things like why fight it, we are okay, so why risk our future to save a nation that will never appreciate what we did. (Note: a far cry from those who two centuries before, pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to an ideal and with the first moment at Concord and Lexington Green fired the shot heard round the world, and survived challenges far greater than caviar on their pallet).

    A couple weeks ago, at an important meeting in Washington led by Daniel Pipes to discuss the threat posed by radical Islam to the west, a Palestinian Woman in the audience castigated the panel members for ignoring the fact that 75% of the billion Muslims in the world are peace loving. A Lebanese Christian woman who was really on the ball told her that the dividing line is Sharia Law and if 25% of the Muslims believe in that and the Caliphate, then political correctness is a snare and a delusion. She pointed out that 75% of the Germans in the 1930s were good Germans and did not subscribe to the radical instincts of the Nazis. But like the peace loving Muslims, those Germans were irrelevant. It was not the silent majority, then. It was the irrelevant majority that controlled fate.

  26. TheRock. July 13, 2014 at 4:57 pm
    Hi. The written word and I are not great friends but I hear what you are saying and want you to know the damage of this POTUS may not be as bad as you fear. I worked in one of the worst cities, Newark NJ, during one of the worst times: the 1980’s give or take. Raised in a white rural area with stern parental admonitions not to discriminate against anyone and having few problems with the various ethnicities in my small mining hometown, I was hardly prepared for the job with the fabulous salary in Newark. A tough bunch of African Americans roaming the streets ready to mock, bump, frighten, whatever. But fewer of those with that mentality were hired and thus found within the confines of the office. There were those who would make a formal complaint about nothing whenever they felt like it; there were the matronly ladies who would walk 4 across the hall so that I could not hurry an urgent package to the mailroom, but most were like the rest of us. I remember the good times fondly. Despite all the accusations and cries for diversity training, we in that place at that time needed none of it. We confronted our differences head on with dignity and humor. I’m thinking there is some of that around even now. Best to you and yours.

  27. With the walls closing in on him, Holder is running around like a chicken with his head cut off. His latest blind thrust as the darkness that envelops him is his unequivocal assurance that the border laws are being enforced–which is like the phrase I quoted earlier by the prototypical murderer–the knife guided the hand into the victims’s body, rather than the truth which is that the hand guided the knife. Also, the operative question is not whether Holders twisted concept of the law is being enforced, but whether the tide is being of illegal immigration is being stemmed. But even by his interpretation, his statement that the law is being enforced strains credulity. When his boss sends a message to the south of come one come all, and refuses to hold Mexico’s feet to interdict this invasion across their lands by drastically cutting foreign aid, and stations his federal border enforcement officials 50 miles back from where the action is, Holder’s assertion that the law is being enforced is absurd on its face. He needs to be impeached. In the old days, Birchers were ridiculed for seeing a red under every bed. Holder’s claim that every failure by his administration is racially motivated deserves the same kind of ridicule. False claims of racism, by race baiting demagogues like him, are the last bastion of scoundrels. Period.

  28. One more comment on Holder’s claim that the law is being enforced. The public needs to realize that the law was written on the assumption that the threat to our sovereignty would come from the outside, as opposed to the inside, and it never contemplated that the President of the United States would be the architect of the invasion. Therefore, even assuming arguendo that the law is being enforced, the fact remains that it is ineffectual in stemming the tide, and it is inevitable that the left wing immigration lawyers he wants to retain on the premise that we must do everything legally, will gum up the process til hell won’t have it anymore. Therefore, his statement to critics, and especially those who seek to impeach him is not constructive, objective or real. And nobody believes him.

  29. Unfortunately, we are going to be very similar to France within the next 25 years. Europe thought that their historic anti-semitism would protect them from the fanaticism ,
    but instead it has destroyed their identity and culture.

  30. S:

    “Worst president ever” – Chicago African-American citizens.

    “Bill Clinton was the African-American president”.

  31. holdthemaccountable

    July 13, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    Hi. The written word and I are not great friends but I hear what you are saying and want you to know the damage of this POTUS may not be as bad as you fear.

    I wish that I could believe that. Sadly, the evidence screams that the opposite is true. As hard as it has been for women to truly break the glass ceiling, one thing has been true each time it happens – their success provides a pathway for more women. Case in point – Violet Palmer.
    Her success as a referee, how she comported herself and her overall addition to the game of basketball contributed to making a pathway for more women referees. Had she ended her first season as a joke, it would be many many many years before the next woman would be allowed to referee in the NBA again. Right now, I’m just ready to hurry up and get the reset button hit and see uncle fluffy leave office. I think the world is ready to see him go as well….

    Hillary 2016

  32. Send them all to Massachusetts and Chicago and keep them there as far as we’re concerned:

    Illegal immigrants are being secretly flown to Massachusetts and kept in local lockups in an under-the-radar operation that has alarmed lawmen who are raising health and security concerns amid recent spikes in detainees coming up from Texas during the latest border crisis.

    We’re all becoming border sheriffs now with these people being carted all over the country,” said Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson.

    The blame goes all the way up. It’s a travesty and people ought to be upset,” Hodgson said. “This is un-American and has raised the stakes to the public health and public safety threat.”

    Hodgson said buses from his facility were recently used to transport six planeloads of illegals sent up from San Antonio to Hanscom Field in Bedford en route to the Plymouth County 
Correctional Facility.

    The sheriff said he’s also heard of 100 immigrant children recently arriving in his county. But he couldn’t say if they are part of the deluge of 50,000 unaccompanied kids crossing the nation’s southern border.

    On the receiving end of the buses from Hodgson’s facility was Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr., who said he’s seen a jump in illegal immigrants arriving at his jail and had to deal with “scenarios where we’ve had 100-plus detainees coming in at the same time.”

    Hodgson called for sheriffs across the United States to “mobilize” on the red-hot immigration issue and confront the feds over their failure to communicate with local officials.

    He said he’s heading to the Texas border Tuesday with other sheriffs from around the country to meet with ranchers and immigration officials to address the porous border crisis.

    After weeks of denying an increase in flights to the Bay State, federal immigration officials finally admitted this weekend that four planes filled with detainees captured at the southern border have been flown to Hanscom and Logan International Airport since April as part of a “large-scale nationwide response” to the crisis.

    Three other flights chartered by ICE since then have stopped in Massachusetts to pick up illegals and deport them, Daniel Modricker, an ICE spokesman said. A small percentage were granted asylum in Massachusetts, he added.

    Modricker declined to comment on Hodgson’s report of other flights of illegals into Hanscom.

    News of the covert flights comes as President Obama battles congressional Republicans over his request for nearly 
$4 billion to deal with the flood of kids as well as 30,000 illegal immigrants who crossed the border in recent weeks.

    Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, who first reported the secret flights in June after hearing that two planeloads of detainees had quietly landed at Hanscom and Logan, said last night she wasn’t surprised when officials originally lined up to deny her story.

    This administration isn’t forthcoming about anything,” said Malkin, whose columns appear in the Herald. “This isn’t just a border crisis. It’s becoming a nationwide problem.

  33. I wonder whether Obama would consider using drones on American citizens inside our country who dare to criticize his policies. Strange as that sounds, it is possible if he saw some political advantage. Of course he would have to seize our guns first, and Feinstein will gladly oblige him on that front. You can be sure of one thing: he sneers at the suggestion that he has lost the faith of the American People. His private statement to Hillary in Denver, while his minions were terrorizing Hillary supporters in the hotel so they would not go down on the floor to vote tells why: “I can make them (the American People) believe anything I want them to believe. And so far, he has been right. In my view,Obama should be spared, but by the almighty the leaders of big media should not escape the hand of fate. The reason I keep coming back to retribution toward them (as opposed to a stone cold narcissist who cannot help himself and is a fine candidate for the insanity defense) is because they knew what they were doing every step of the way. They were the ones who installed him, and the future of our nation depends on marginalizing their power.

  34. admin
    July 13, 2014 at 9:46 pm
    By spreading the burden of illegal immigration to communities remote from the border may compel the ostrich to pull its head out of the ground for a moment and experience the effects of their hero’s policies directly on them. After all these are the same people who deplored the actions of the State of Arizona in seeking to control the floodtide of desperate people and criminals who enter along with them, and cheered when the inept and biased 9th circuit struck down their laws which were solidly based on the police powers of the state, and in favor of a federal government who stations its people 50 miles from the border, therefore unable to repel the invasion. Yes, send all the illegals to Massachusetts, the Cape, and New York, the Hamptons, so the illegals and their ignorant as their well heeled supporters can each see how the other half lives. Forget about Occupy Wall Street. Focus instead on Occupy Martha’s Vineyard, and bring them in by the busload. Send them to Poopsies humble 52 room mansion as well.

  35. We now learn that these kids are not babes in diapers but teenagers age 14-17 who are fair game for the Mexican drug gangs. Like any producer, the drug cartels understand the inherent advantage of locating production as close to the market as possible, with a dedicated army. Therefore, it is not unthinkable that in time they will locate poppy fields on the border and protect them with their own air force which is secretly funded by Obama’s CIA in some sort of Day of the Condor operation. Soros, who openly despises nationalism and borders, and favors the legalization of all drugs would support this kind of arrangement. And as long as he controls the democrat party, it is hard to believe that they will oppose the drug lords, beyond mere words. There is no such thing as loyalty to country in our political class. It is all just politics, and more is the pity for that.

  36. foxyladi14
    July 13, 2014 at 4:56 pm
    De Judge 😀
    Thanks for the emphasis of this Judge Pirro video which I’d given short shrift.

  37. wbboei
    July 13, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    We already have more than our share in the Hamptons. We have the only exploding school populations on Long Island wheras other districts are closing schools, we are forced to expand. We have overcrowding, crime, increased costs, reduced access to Doctors and now many store clerks don’t speak any English.

    OF course they are not south of the Highway where the mega rich reside and they never will be.
    They are still enjoying their low cost landscapers and housekeepers and have no intention of giving them up.

  38. admin
    July 13, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Send them all to Massachusetts and Chicago and keep them there as far as we’re concerned:

    The street gangs in Chi town will take care of the problem. 😯

  39. Endless wave of illegal immigrants floods Rio Grande valley
    By Jana Winter
    Published July 14, 2014
    Snip “You’re going to be out here a long time,” Fernando, an El Salvadoran child, told shortly after surrendering to Border Patrol authorities after midnight Saturday. “There are thousands of us.”snip accompanied Texas lawmaker Louie Gohmert, a former judge and current Republican Congressman, to the site in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday. Gohmert, whose district lies some 550 miles northeast of what has become the most heavily-trafficked people-smuggling route in the world, has been to the location many times, but has never seen it so understaffed and overwhelmed.
    “I’m more concerned than ever [that the border is] so seriously undermanned and I’ll be raising hell in Washington,” Gohmert, who invited to see the situation first-hand, would later tell Border Patrol officials. Snip Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have flocked to the U.S. in recent months, believing the Dream Act, as well as a 2008 law that grants an asylum hearing to any child not from a border nation, and the White House policy known as “prosecutorial discretion” means once they arrive, they’ll never have to go back.

  40. Oh!!! the Drama!!!! 🙄

    Starting next week, House Republicans will launch a highly visible—and likely tumultuous—three-week process of bringing to the floor legislation to authorize their promised lawsuit against President Obama over his use of executive actions.

    “In theory, you could report out a resolution tomorrow and vote on it,” said a House GOP aide on Tuesday. “But that is not the approach [the leaders] want to take.”

    Rather, the aim is to display—if not actually engage in—a more deliberative process, even if amid controversy. This drawn-out script builds toward a potentially dramatic floor vote held just days, or even hours, before the House adjourns on July 31 for its August-long summer break.

  41. Harry and Nancy are not walking on water right now either. This is just a grab from how the WaPo article came up on FB:

    Democrats on Hobby Lobby: ‘Misspeaks,’ ‘opinion’ and overheated rhetoric
    All too often, rhetoric gets ahead of the facts when Democrats discuss the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling.

  42. foxyladi14

    July 14, 2014 at 10:09 am
    My first trial I knew nothing except to hammer home your points over and over, and to always ask for a directed verdict at the conclusion of the plaintiff’s case. In that case, the motion was granted. But the attorney for the other side complained to a friend of mine that I kept repeating the same point again and again. Yes, as I look back on it now it was primitive and didactic. But it worked. Why? Because with jurists, and even more so jurors, the third time is the charm.

    In this case, I think it is great that the RINO has finally figured out that it is all theater now, governing is a thing of the past, and if you have any doubts about that go back to that link and see for yourself how exactly how the system works, and how every member of congress is on the take. So why not treat it for what it is and make theater out of it. Sooner of later the uber corrupt media will be forced to say something about it.

  43. All too often, rhetoric gets ahead of the facts when Democrats discuss the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling.
    That is a quaint way of putting it.

    My car was speeding, I was sitting in the drivers seat with my foot on the accelerator. But trust me I had nothing to do with it.

    Rhetoric gets ahead of the facts?

    Rhetoricians–sophists either ignore the facts or twist them to their own partisan advantage. It isn’t a question of getting ahead of anything, except perhaps the public reaction which will emerge once they are given the facts.

    This is precisely what is wrong with WashPo. They use euphemism to excuse the lies of one party, and bludgeon the other party when they engage in the same behavior.

    This sort of evasion is a form of lying, and it is the bread and butter of big media.

  44. totally disgusted

    July 14, 2014 at 7:59 am
    Sorry. I had a hunch that comment of mine would get me into trouble. Would you settle for Scarsdale?

  45. I repeat myself on this point for emphasis.

    It is one thing for people to say corporations control the political process. It is one of those things we all know, but cannot prove. That, by the way is the eternal lament of prosecutors–I know he is guilty, but I do not have the proof.

    On the question of corporate control of the political process, the is the smoking gun.

    I tried to talk my friend into writing a blog on this. She is too disgusted with politics to invest in that. She said that big media which depends for its survival on access will decline the offer. Naturally, that goes for NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS who are owned outright by mega corporations who are doing the bribing of politicians.

    But someone in the know is funding this site, and I can think of a handful of people like Glenn Greene, Sharyl Attkisson, Christopher Hedges who have integrity. Each of them in their own way is fighting the Corporate state. I asked her whether we could trust Ralph Nader with this information, since he has written a book recently on this very thing corporate control, which neglects to mention this site.

    She said three things:

    First, on the odds, these people know about this site, but in that case it is a mystery why they do not refer to it, since they appear to be beyond the reach of corporate control, and it tends to prove their case.

    Second, she wondered as did I just when this system of tight corporate control–no grease until after the congressman has voted, covered up by the constant refrain that it is okay because you have got to raise large sums of money to be competitive–when did that assault on our democracy come into being–as we see it today.

    Third, since we cannot know for sure if even these three paragons of virtue (excluding Nader who is a slimeball) are what they appear to be, why not test the proposition by sending them the link, and see what they do with it.

    Not a bad idea.

    In the meantime, it would be a good thing if this roadmap of corruption went viral. I will send it to the Tea Party as well.

  46. If you think back to the whitey tapes, Prom Queen Michelle said the country will not get serious about the crime in black neighborhoods until it moves to the white neighborhoods–a statement she vehemently denied, but did hire an attorney to advise her on the potential civil rights violation, she has a point where the elites are concerned. Until the elites feel the same pressure the rest of us do from Obama’s hidden agenda, and destruction of our country, they will carry on as if nothing is happening, and pat themselves on the back for all the buying opportunities those policies create, as ordinary people are forced to give up what they worked their lives for to own and pass on to their children.

    Back to my friend for a moment. She described the people who own the politicians as wolves who roam the landscape in packs looking for opportunities to make money and expand their reach. They are a clear and present danger to our democracy.

  47. In the early 1900s, the great Los Angeles trial lawyer Earl Rogers (Final Verdict) defended a depraved gambler who murdered a man in Catalina Island. When he got the man acquitted, he walked up to Rogers and put his hand on his shoulder, just like Obama does, with his political opposition at photo ops. And Rogers took his hand off his shoulder, and said get away from me you slimy whore, you are guilty as hell. I wish Perry had said the same thing to Obama when he put his hand on his shoulder. Notice that Obama does the same thing to Hillary, Kathleen Sebelius etc. Someone need to disabuse him of that bad habit, in the same manner Rogers did, a century ago.

  48. Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post writing much the same as us:

    Overseas and at home, the administration seems besieged and befuddled. Obama is in danger of cementing an image of haplessness that would be hard to undo.

    The administration was surprised when Russian President Vladimir Putin swallowed Crimea. It was caught flat-footed by the crumbling of Iraq and emergence of an al-Qaeda state. Now the region is “a cradle of violent extremism,” Obama’s attorney general said last week. But the president is uncertain how to respond.

    Increasingly friends and foes around the world seem comfortable disrespecting the United States
    In Egypt, a court sentenced journalists to prison hours after Secretary of State John F. Kerry left Cairo expressing confidence in the government’s commitment to democracy. U.S. ally Bahrain, home to the Navy’s 5th Fleet, expelled an assistant secretary of state. Days after Obama visited the Philippines to support rule of law in the South China Sea, China towed a massive oil rig into waters claimed by Vietnam and, Vietnamese officials said, intentionally rammed two of their ships.

    Obama visited Berlin in 2008, promising to build bridges between continents that had “drifted apart” in the Bush era. Now Germans are furious at the United States for spying on them. Burma, which Obama recently claimed as a foreign-policy success, last week sentenced four journalists to 10 years of hard labor, one of many signs that reform there has stalled or worse. China barred a U.S. scholar from visiting and rounded up dissidents immediately before last week’s U.S.-China strategic and economic dialogue. Israel and Hamas are drifting toward war after Obama’s second failed effort to broker a peace accord.

    At home, the administration seems equally taken aback by the thousands of Central American children flooding across the Southwest border. It sends mixed signals on whether it wants to change the asylum law in response. In the most elementary sort of staffing snafu, the president found himself needlessly on the defensive during a trip to Texas because he refused to visit the border.

    Meanwhile the White House message varies by the day. Growing economic inequality, which last December Obama said “challenges the very essence of who we are as a people,” now is rarely mentioned. There seems to be no strategy to propel objectives the White House had set forth as fundamental: immigration reform, trade deals with Asia and Europe, investment in education and infrastructure.

    Hiatt sees the problem but prefers to “blame the staff”. However, the problem is Obama.

  49. My belief is that Hillary has been slow about distancing herself from O for a couple of reasons:

    1. I think that Hillary’s views may genuinely be more liberal than many of our beliefs tend to be. Many of us have moved a bit further to the right since Obama’s theft of the Dem nomination, and subsequent installation as POTUS. When the agenda of Obama, the Obamadims, and media began to move dangerously to the left, the natural reaction was for us moderate liberals to move to the right, in order to achieve some level of balance and normalcy. Additionally, some of us reevaluated our core beliefs, as thinking people do from time to time throughout their lives, and realized our philosophy and beliefs had change to a small degree. That said, even if Hillary’s core belief system reflected a more liberal philosophy than does most of ours, we know that she is capable of compromise. We have seen her in action, and we know that she is not out to move the country too far to the left.

    2. As has been said, Hillary may believe that in order to obtain the nomination, she cannot alienate the Obamadims. As has also been said here, that does not seem to be a valid concern, given the current state of the Dim Party, and the dissolution of Brazille’s New Dem Coalition. However, we know what Obama and peeps are capable of. He will not support her. Some of his die hard worshippers will not support her. Some of the Clinton hating liberals will not support her, regardless of what Obama says or does.

    However, I believe there is a contingent of left leaners who generally support Obama, but who will not blindly follow his instruction to support Warren or another far lefty, instead of Hillary. They like to think of themselves as libs, but will go with the known quantity – Hillary, who does have a better chance of winning a GE than any other candidate.

    Bottom line: If Obama and a sufficient number of Obamadims + (likely) MSM actively work against Hillary, they are potentially capable of pulling off an upset, not a legitimate upset, but an upset reminiscent of the 2008 “win” gained by bamboozling, caucus fraud, the graveyard vote, and all manner of low-life dealings. Does O have enough support left to pull off another fake “win” for a candidate other than Hillary? I certainly wouldn’t put it past him, although it does not seem to be as much of a foregone conclusion as 2008 turned out to be.

    My personal belief is that Hillary is the same solid, moderate, America-loving, fair minded, compassionate, competent, candidate we went to the mat for in 2008. And, I look forward to enthusiastically supporting her candidacy and working for her election in 2016. That said. None of us former Dims who refused to jump on Obama’s band wagon after he stole the nomination in 2008, did so because we were weak-willed wimps who felt a need to follow the leader. We resisted the pressure to fall in line and support someone the Dems saw fit to pre-select and force down our throats. That kind of independent thinking will not allow us to become hacks for any candidate. Contrary to what the kooks and others said about those of us who would not support Obama, we did not do so because we were racists. We refused to support him because we knew it was the right thing to do.

    If, for some unfathomable reason, Hillary morphed into Obama’s identical twin, I think most of us would again, find it necessary do some serious soul-searching, and, as we did in 2008, do the right thing. I personally believe Hillary will do what she has to do, and again, prove herself more than worthy of our support. I sincerely hope she does.

    Admin and Rock, it’s not my bidnizz, but I wanted to post another video dedicated to Rock.

  50. From Admins original post:

    …” (Obama) Hillary Clinton will betray you. That will start a war within your party as candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Jerry Brown rush to defend you. If they depose the Clintons, mere anarchy will be loosed upon the Democratic world.”

    The war already started in 2007. Millions of Hillary supporters never voted for Obama.

    And as far as Jerry Brown is concerned, he is my governor, and he has NO chance of winning over Hillary.

    Hillary won CA over Barry, and the only reason the CA economy isn’t a total disaster right now, isn’t because the state isn’t spending our tax money like a drunken sailor, it’s because we voted to have our taxes increased to get out of the hole. J

    erry is putting some ‘rainy day money’ aside, but the CA congress is fighting him to spend it on their minorities.

  51. Hiatt sees the problem but prefers to “blame the staff”. However, the problem is Obama.
    I give him no credit. None. This is a case of confession and avoidance. It takes no courage to see the problem. It is there, and has been there since 2010, for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. His sole objective is to exonerate Obama, by doing as you say, blaming it on staff. And that makes Hiatt as pathological as Obama. The undeniable fact is that Hiatt and the people he works for blinded the American People to the reality of what was happening on the two occasions when the American People could do something about it through the power of the vote. And the only reason they are even admitting something is wrong is because the walls are closing in, and the feedback from reality is all grim. Just six months ago, the sainted David Ignatius, assistant editor of WashPo told us that we should not despair because Obama has brought us peace and prosperity. Is he a fool or is he just corrupt. Why not both?

  52. freespirit

    July 14, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    Admin and Rock, it’s not my bidnizz, but I wanted to post another video dedicated to Rock.

    2 videos!!! HA!! GRACIAS!!!!!!!! 😀

    Hillary 2016

  53. If Hillary can mount a sustained campaign to solve the nations problems through practical solutions, then I believe she is feted. If, on the other hand, she allows her people to exploit the gender issue, which is what big media will reflexively do, then I believe she is in trouble. It will be tempting to do that, but after all the race baiting of the Obama administration, it is a non starter. But in the end, now that I have a much clearer understanding, I am coming to the wisdom of Sammy Goldwin moments before he slipped the mortal coil: nothing matters. And nothing does matter until the fraud exposed by is widely understood and corrected. It is so deep, and so endemic that it is almost worth fighting a revolution over. I am quite sure Jefferson would agree. After all, he was the one who said a democracy needs a revolution every twenty years. You want a devil? I will give you one. Comcast. They are a functional monopoly, the largest Obama supporter, and they own NBC. That is not a coincidence. It is a conscious business strategy. They are the antithesis of democracy, to say nothing of good cable service.

  54. “Bill Clinton was the African-American president”.

    Bill Clinton was a President that cared about ALL American’s.

    Baracko only cares about himself, the goodies he gets and letting his MO spend our tax money like a rock star.

    The AA’s that are finally turning on Baracko voted for the color of his skin.

  55. freespirit
    July 14, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    My belief is that Hillary has been slow about distancing herself from O for a couple of reasons:

    I agree with you Free.

  56. wbb, I agree. The 2008 election was infuriating and demonstrative of the typical lack of concern for gender equality, as the country overlooked and basically, condoned continued gender inequality, while it adopted racial equality as an imperative. However, Hillary’s campaign people must be realistic and pragmatic. Right or wrong – running on the gender issue will not get Hillary elected. She has always been an advocate for women. That won’t change. But, to focus only on that, or primarily on that would severely limit her and would overlook the fact that of the potential candidates mentioned to date, she is uniquely qualified to govern this country in a way that would benefit all Americans – not just women.

  57. A Fox News exclusive reported this morning by Jana Winter inexplicably buried the lede.

    Winter reports that several dead children have been discovered “washed up along the riverbank” of the Rio Grande, but fails to note that there have been no reports by the Obama administration on this.

    This indicates a pattern of covering up dead illegal alien kids by the Obama administration. It was two weeks before news was reported on the sole child death acknowledged by the Obama administration, Gilberto Ramos, a 15 year-old boy from Guatemala whose body was found in the Texas brush dead from the heat.

    Drudge headline

  58. Hillary would never center her campaign around the women’s vote, there are too many issues she is concerned with improving…the economy, jobs, support for the military, improving the health care in America…etc.

    She will not leave out the women’s issues, nor should she. She also knows that women are mainly beating the drums for her to run again.

    I think Hillary ran to be an equal with men in 2008, but now may realize that she can embrace running as an equal woman, with the best resume for the job.

  59. Admin has called the era we are living in with this jackass in the White House, “the age of fake”. Indeed, it is a Potemkin Village Presidency, whose exterior is marked with American flags, and invocations to our national heritage, while behind it all is a cross between Orwell and Karl Marx. Yes, it is all a cover-up, which is intended to make people believe their vote counts, when in fact, everyone is on the take. And if they hope to survive they must remain on the take. Each year, corporations determine what they need from government, and they make those needs known to party leaders and what they are willing to pay through their lobbyists. Sometimes, a bidding war erupts between corporate interests, with the party leaders serving as auctioneers. When the winner is chosen, he writes the bill, party leaders determine how much each member of their party will receive for voting their way, and no payment is made until after the member has voted the way leadership and the corporation wants them to vote, which has ZERO to do with what is in the public interest. It is damned near a money laundering scheme. The corporate control of our political process which Cronkite mentioned shortly before his death has now been reduced to a fine science, and this is why the elites are apprehensive of the Tea Party, which threatens to drive the money changers from the temple. It is what is at stake in Mississippi and elsewhere.

  60. Winter reports that several dead children have been discovered “washed up along the riverbank” of the Rio Grande, but fails to note that there have been no reports by the Obama administration on this.
    “One death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic”.–Uncle Joe Stalin.

    Sounds like something Obama might say, with the full approval of big media.

  61. There is some evidence that the flood of illegals into this country may be abating slightly. The consensus opinion is that it is the Texas heat that is stemming the tide. But we all know that is not it. We know, because big media has conditioned us to think this way, that it is the mere presence of the Messiah in that state, even thought he spent his time with a fat cat trial lawyer contributor, played pool, and stayed a safely away from the border that created this miracle. We should not be surprised because miracles are what messiahs do, even when they are ignoring the demands of government, and schmoozing at fundraisers. As Obama would be glad to tell you he is on duty, corking off, 24/7. Yes, it is true what Michelle said: he is too good for this country. Whether or not she is too good for him, will be decided in due course through divorce attorneys. She is the lucky one. The only thing the rest of us have is impeachment, and the RINO has no stomach for that.

  62. “However, the problem is Obama.”
    Obama is too lazy, detached and stupid to be THE problem. Obama is the blinding headache when the problem is brain cancer. The problem is the cancer of our political system, supported by the consolidated mega-corporate media, that selected a corrupt sociopath to be their sock puppet.

    What to do about it??? I have no f*cking idea but the coming economic hardships will cause change in the political system, for better or worse.

  63. Obama is too lazy, detached and stupid to be THE problem. Obama is the blinding headache when the problem is brain cancer. The problem is the cancer of our political system, supported by the consolidated mega-corporate media, that selected a corrupt sociopath to be their sock puppet.
    What to do about it??? I have no f*cking idea but the coming economic hardships will cause change in the political system, for better or worse.
    Which is exactly what I have been saying. He is symptomatic, and he was marketed as asymptomatic. We know the game and how it is played. We now have concrete evidence, i.e. And we know it cannot go on. The question then becomes how, with the little power we have individually, that the significant power we could have if we could ever act in concert, how do we seize the advantage when the system collapses. The elites are angling for complete control over the population, seizing the guns of law abiding citizens, orchestrating power black outs and creating artificial food shortages. If we hope to create a positive outcome, then the people undertaking such a mission must be able to resist these pressures, and see through the fog of war that dim light, that coup de eil/

  64. Many have parsed what President Barack Obama’s critics mean when they charge that the handling of the crisis on America’s southern border is “Obama’s Katrina.”

    The president’s supporters are quick to note that this comparison is misleading and unfair. Hurricane Katrina drowned an entire urban center. American citizens died waiting for federal and state aid. Thousands of Americans, mostly of meager means, were trapped in a dying city. Some of them did not make it out alive waiting for their countrymen to save them. In that sobering moment, much of the promise of the United States was betrayed.

    It is impossible to know how many children crossing the American border have died as a result of their trek across forsaken deserts. At least one 15-year-old Guatemalan boy lost his life as the result of dehydration, but there has not been a death toll comparable to Katrina. In terms of body count, these two crises are not comparable.


    At a recent hearing, Rep. Paul Ryan neatly summarized the problem the IRS has when he responded to Commissioner John Koskinen this way: “I don’t believe it. That’s your problem: Nobody believes you.”

    Now two federal judges have basically said the same thing. Last Thursday, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Bill Clinton appointee, ordered the IRS to designate an official to explain — under oath — how it lost the Lois Lerner emails. The judge also asked a federal magistrate to look at other ways the court might find the IRS records.

    The order was followed the next day with a similar order from Sullivan’s colleague on the federal bench, Judge Reggie Walton, a George W. Bush appointee. Walton is hearing a case brought by True the Vote, a conservative outfit targeted by the IRS.

    True the Vote fears the IRS may still be destroying evidence, and is asking Walton to allow an outside IT-expert outfit to audit the IRS email systems to see if the IRS is telling the truth about how the emails were lost and whether they might yet be recovered. Walton says he wants the IRS to tell him the IT qualifications of those conducting the in-house investigation — and give him an idea when that investigation might be completed.

    Plainly, the two judges are echoing the Ryan line: We don’t believe you. And The Post will be eager to see if the official IRS version of events changes, now that it will be given to a court of law — under oath. Which raises the stakes considerably.

    Put it this way: How would you like to be the IRS guy whose name will be on that sworn affidavit giving the IRS explanation of what happened?

  66. Freespirit, here’s another TheRock song – as well as a tribute to the Ramones and the late drummer Tommy Ramone who just died and was the last surviving member of the original band:

  67. is asking Walton to allow an outside IT-expert outfit to audit the IRS email systems to see if the IRS is telling the truth about how the emails were lost and whether they might yet be recovered.

    This is very important.

    If the IRS morons say they can’t let an outside contractor look at the goods, then the judges should insist that the FBI geeks should do it.

  68. Well, idiot Cronyn has hatched a plane to ” compromise” about the “children” on the border. Get them a quick trial, 7 days, and make a decision to deport or not.
    Now what do you think the lawyers will prompt the children to say? How about, ” I have been sexual trafficked?” Do you think these judges will deport them? Are you nuts ?
    I called his office and gave them a piece of my mind.
    Will anyone stand up for America?
    Hillary, here’s your chance, let me see what YOU are made of!

  69. Gonzotx,

    Hillary already said in an interview, that she thought the children should be reconnected with their family and they should be sent home.

  70. Unfortunately most of these children will be deemed parentless with only living family right here in the good old USA.

  71. gonzotx
    July 14, 2014 at 5:56 pm
    Well, idiot Cronyn has hatched a plane to ” compromise” about the “children” on the border. Get them a quick trial, 7 days, and make a decision to deport or not.
    Now what do you think the lawyers will prompt the children to say? How about, ” I have been sexual trafficked?” Do you think these judges will deport them? Are you nuts ?
    I called his office and gave them a piece of my mind.
    Will anyone stand up for America?
    There is no grounds for compromise.

    Apart from temporary humanitarian relief

    There is only one issue here: sovereignty

    John Crony is a typical RINO

    And, the end of his game is oppression and shame

    And the nation that does what he advocates is lost!

    The dane geld we are talking about here is permanent asylum.

    More barios in the US.

    More breeding grounds for crime.

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
    To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
    “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
    Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

    And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
    And the people who ask it explain
    That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
    And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

    It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
    To puff and look important and to say: —
    “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
    We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

    And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.

    It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
    For fear they should succumb and go astray;
    So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
    You will find it better policy to say: —

    “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
    No matter how trifling the cost;
    For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the nation that pays it is lost!”

  72. I am a big believer in timelines. Obama has been apprised of the problem he created. He was asked to station the national guard on the border. We need to measure the time it takes him to do so, and the number of illegals who continue to cross while he dithers. How long does it take a legitimate president to move in the national guard. And how long with it take good old numbnuts, if he ever gets down to business. I realize this is like asking a cat to bark.

  73. To humor the assholes who say this border crisis in not the equivalent of Katrina, I would be inclined to tell them we agree there is no equivalence. Katrina was a natural disaster. The crisis at the border is man-made. Let big media have their epistomological discussion of whether Obama is a man or a god. Just as long as we all agree that Obama is responsible. After all, he is the one with the duck call device in his mouth, and now he feigns surprise because the ducks are all flying in. What does he expect. Strike that. What does he reasonably expect? Strike that. What does he reasonably believe that we will believe, when there is motive, opportunity, no alibi, and a corpus delicti.

  74. The president’s supporters are quick to note that this comparison is misleading and unfair. Hurricane Katrina drowned an entire urban center. American citizens died waiting for federal and state aid. Thousands of Americans, mostly of meager means, were trapped in a dying city. Some of them did not make it out alive waiting for their countrymen to save them. In that sobering moment, much of the promise of the United States was betrayed.


    While W’s assessment that Brownie was doing a good job was a woefully inaccurate one, if reports are to be believed, some available rescue efforts were rejected.

  75. Stark contrasts in leadership – The failure of this president begins with the fact that he is in no parts a ‘leader.’ Period. Case in point – let’s look at two leaders and how they deal with a big problem they face within their sphere of influence. First, bumbles and his handling of the nation’s highways….

    Obama to turn up heat on Congress over Highway Trust Fund

    From article {Excerpt Mine}…..

    President Obama will announce executive actions this week during a series of planned events that will put the spotlight on the Highway Trust Fund.

    Congress has been debating how best to fund infrastructure improvements as the fund gets closer to running dry next month.

    Executive actions by Mr. Obama have angered Republicans, who claim he’s doing too much on his own, bypassing lawmakers. But the president says he has to, since congressional Republicans continue to stonewall his initiatives.

    A White House official who prefers to remain anonymous tells CBS News, “The president has been very clear that we need to do more to improve our infrastructure in order to create jobs, provide certainty to states and communities, help American businesses, and grow our economy, and he has put forth a proposal that would do just that and pay for it by closing unfair tax loopholes and making commonsense reforms to our business tax system.

    Note how uncle fluffy has solved all the problems with no input from anyone but his closest advisors, and then deemed that his signature is the best course of action since without it there will be no action at all.

    Now lets take a look at Air Force Secretary James handling of the ICBM facilities situation…

    Air Force’s James aimed ‘deep’ at nuke corps ills

    From article {Excerpt Mine}…..

    James reached those conclusions in January after a short visit to the three Air Force bases that operate intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBMs.She met not only with commanders but with the rank-and-file, including enlisted airmen who keep the missiles running properly and junior officers trained to launch them.

    “I walked away believing there was something systemic, cultural if you will, that went beyond cheating and (that’s) why I felt like we needed to not just address cheating — yes, we have to fix that — but we need to go farther than that,” she said in an Associated Press interview in her Pentagon office overlooking the Potomac River.

    To her it seemed natural to acknowledge this publicly, although others in the Air Force had chosen not to.

    “I hope and believe I am a straight talker,” she said. “I think it’s better to just say it. Don’t mince words. And so I thought it was important to just stand up publicly and say what seemed to be obvious to me.”

    Her candor and crisis management have won praise from Republicans and Democrats alike.

    “She has forged relationships with troops and listened to their inputs,” said Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, the California Republican who is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. “She has identified shortfalls in ICBM leadership and made corrections. That is a sharp difference from the way Air Force leadership has handled these issues in the past.”


    “I don’t particularly agree that we have any compelling problems” in the ICBM force, Maj. Gen. Garrett Harencak, the top nuclear weapons staff officer at Air Force headquarters, said in June 2013. “The morale of our crews out there — I’ve been out there — is exceedingly, exceedingly, good.”

    James took a look for herself in January 2014 and saw something different, worse than she had imagined. She traveled to each of the three ICBM bases after disclosing at a Pentagon news conference that 34 launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana had been implicated in a cheating scandal and a small number of those were also suspects in an illegal drug use investigation. (The number implicated in the cheating later rose to nearly 100.)

    Before James hit the road she quickly gathered enough information about the dimensions of the cheating to satisfy herself that it did not amount to “a major problem that could be of catastrophic consequences.”

    “But still, why did this happen and what is going on?” she asked herself.

    What she found was a set of interconnected problems that went deeper than the cheating. She spotted morale issues, with airmen asking, in essence, why is it that the Air Force claims the nuclear mission is its No. 1 priority and yet missile facilities are in poor shape and spare parts are in short supply?

    “Some of the things I saw had been of a longstanding nature,” she said. “So why had these things not gotten fixed before? It’s a good question, and I can’t really answer that.”

    Now note how Secretary James first digs into the problem and goes and LOOKS to see what the problem is. The secretary, who like bumbles has never served in the military, immediately gained the respect of the officers and the enlisted, as well as by both republicans and democrats in the House for her handling of the problem. Furthermore, her honesty in dealing with such a complex problem head on without spin has begun the fix of a very serious systemic issue with huge national security implications.

    Leader – Secretary James (possible Defense Secretary under Hillary?).

    Not a leader – bumbles.

    Is it 2016 yet?

    Hillary 2016

  76. Katrina. Border Surge. Neither president wanted to place his pair of boots on/in a mess. In that respect, the two are identical.
    Obama pays price for inaction on immigration law
    BY MICHAEL BARONE | JULY 13, 2014 | 5:00 PM
    Snip Obama placed the blame on House Republicans for not having passed a comprehensive immigration bill as the Democratic-majority Senate did in June 2013. But it wasn’t only Republicans who failed to pass such a bill. House Democrats didn’t pass one either in 2009 or 2010, when they had a bigger majority than Republicans have had in 80 years. House Democrats’ priorities were the stimulus package, Obamacare and cap-and-trade legislation to address supposed global warming. They passed all three despite negative polling — and even though cap-and-trade had no chance in the Senate.
    In the short run Barack Obama paid no political price for the Democrats’ decision to sidestep immigration snip
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry warned Obama two years ago that the current flood would occur. Obama paid no heed.
    As an old saying of mine goes, nothing is free in politics, but there is some question when you pay the price. Obama is paying now.

  77. Obama to TURN UP THE HEAT on Congress over Highway Trust Fund
    What drama there is in that headline! Butboy CBS sends a collective thrill down our leg with that one. Makes me so excited I damned near forgot about the area where he is not turning up much heat but running for the hills, and into the outstretched arms of his fat cat contributors– that would be what? Gosh, I almost forgot, amidst all this big media distraction from the issues that matter, the border crisis. A more objective headline might read something like this: nero takes up his fiddle. Actually, he is thinking about his legacy. What he hopes is that they will name roads, bridges, rest areas and latrines after him. I will go along with the latrines, but nothing else. The c-modes, or thrones if you will, are well suited to his ego and style of leadership.

  78. Earth to Obama: where is the national guard? The hordes are coming, the clock is ticking, and where the hell are you, oh commander-in-chief? I know you are busy meeting with contributors, playing golf, turning up the heat on the highways, but as you have pointed out whenever they have caught you goldbricking, you do have a cell phone. You are so busy evading the constitution with your executive orders, why not use you executive power to solve a problem, rather than to create one. Indeed, an existential problem which you yourself created, the moment you began fucking around with our immigration laws, and sending a powerful signal to invasion will be rewarded, as you did with the dreamers, without the consent of Congress.

  79. The bastard does not solve problems, he creates them, and then he moves on. Then he thwarts those who step forward to solve them. He is bent on destroying this nation. In a world of collapsing creeds, and universal skepticism, that is one article of faith of which you can be certain. Obama is the destroyer of worlds.

  80. If Obama had been president during the Katrina disaster, big media would be blaming Brownie for letting down Bush, and ignoring the fact that Bush did a fly over, and hired a political crony who failed to safeguard the nation.

    That is the mirror image of what they are doing now.

    Big media is uber corrupt.

    They are a stain on the tradition of journalism.

    Everyone who draws a paycheck from them is guilty–unless they are actively resisting the big media narrative.

    And that is damned hard to do from within–as evidenced by the stone wall Sharyl Attkisson encountered at CBS, when she dared to shine the light of truth on the Obama Administration.

  81. Big media has pushed their own perverse partisanship to the point where it has endangered the safety and survival of the nation. With bated breath, I await Sharyl’s expose on them, which will fire for effect.

  82. wbboei 9:01
    I’m having a little fun with that on twitter and am hoping it “catches”

    Hey @SharylAttkisson, What R the chances that @ScottPelley & his Rhoades bros will touch this tonite? Regards, Vi

    (The picture is the current Drudge headline “Endless Wave Floods Across” text with photo. I’ve gone nuts with pictures ever since I stumbled upon the fact that Twitter and FB handle screen copies with ease.)

  83. The culture of lying, cheating, stealing, whining and preening epitomized by Messiah Obama

    Is too much with us.

    Thank God, there is a counter culture in this country

    Which loyal and sentient citizens can all be proud of:

  84. TheRock
    July 15, 2014 at 12:31 am

    A stark comparison. And an excellent one. Obama is the antithesis of a leader. But when we tried to point that out to people they accused us of being racists. That was never the case, but the more they reveled in that deception, the more tempting it became to throw it back in their face, as I do now routinely. My statement at the time, which was stolen from someone, was that if now is the time for our first black president, let us be sure he is the right black president. If it had been Ben Carson, as opposed to the jackass we got, then real hope and real change would have been possible. For of all sad words of tongue and pen, that saddest are these: it might have been.

  85. old Dot48 here … had to get a new password and etc since its been so long

    They trotted Elizabeth Warren in here yesterday to see what kind of reception she’d get.

    Hillary and Co better be VERY worried. Obama is gonna turn on her AGAIN.

    Her appointment to Sec of State was all orchestrated to hurt her for next presidential run since NOTHING was accomplished and now Benghazi will KEEL her

    I do hate to say this but her and Bill have been outfoxed by Obama again.

  86. What if the political system is a complete sham, and the only real purpose behind it is to allow the elites to make money and get the rest of society fighting among themselves. Reductio ad absurdum? Perhaps. But if you went to one of those private dinner parties in the brownstone mansions of the upper east side, I doubt the after dinner conversations in the den over cigars and brandy would be much different. That site tells the real story.

  87. holdthemaccountable
    July 15, 2014 at 7:29 am

    Katrina. Border Surge. Neither president wanted to place his pair of boots on/in a mess. In that respect, the two are identical.

    True but the Messiah walks on water!!! 😆

  88. To claim that Obama’s reticence in re. the southern border is politically motivated leads us into the same trap as before: is he incompetent, or is he pursuing a conscious strategy of lighting the fire and then walking away.

    I have believed from the beginning that there is a conscious strategy here and I am as certain as I can be that I am right. What I failed to understand then, but do now, is why that toxic agenda is not resisted tooth and nail by the other party.

    The answer is the RINO who controls their party has given up and decided that he can be a junior partner in the political class structure and get rich. My friend noted that when she investigated her own House Representative from Indiana, the site shows that although he is a back bencher and has only been in office for 3 1/2 years, his personal net worth has gone up 62%.

    If that is indeed the RINO strategy, i.e. swear that you will fight Obama to the gates of hell, but for gods sake don’t upset the gravy train, flowing to you and your lobbyists from Corporate America, then the Christian Adams has the right answer:

    “If the GOP won’t stare down a lawless president who has caused an epic and unpopular dissolution of our southern border, then the party doesn’t deserve public support any more than a lawless president does.”

    Border Tsunami: Has GOP Forgotten How to Play Offense?

    Republicans have played defense on immigration for so long that they’ve forgotten how to play offense. The waves of aliens, the dead children washing up on the banks of the Rio Grande, the thousands of free airline tickets for reunions with stateside relatives — all of these things are happening because left-wing control of the levers of power has been met by Republican ineptitude.

    Shock and outrage at administration policies isn’t enough. The Republicans have provided no effective leadership in stopping the tsunami rolling north from Central America. But Republicans can control the issue, and the nation’s future, if they would lead.

    The first step to leading is understanding what you are up against. This border crisis isn’t incompetence. It isn’t bungling.

    It is a calculated effort to crash the immigration system and fundamentally transform the nation. It is an effort to accelerate demographic trends and forever alter the nation’s culture. Until the GOP comprehends the full measure of Obama’s purpose, the GOP will be trapped in a prevent defense, never moving past complaints about Obama’s incompetence.

    To the Obama administration and open borders groups, the tidal wave across the border is not an accident, and it is not a crisis. It is not even limited to unaccompanied children.

    There is a single simple cause behind the human tragedy at the border: Obama’s refusal to enforce the immigration laws. The steady flow became a tsunami after Obama implemented childhood amnesty (DACA) in 2012. This lawless immigration policy gave legal status to young illegal aliens by Obama edict.

    But Obama’s lawless leniency went even further. The president publicly and proudly announced that he will not enforce other immigration laws. His presidential invitation spread like wildfire throughout Central and South America, and the lawless invasion grew worse.

    If President Obama reversed these lawless policies, the border flood would stop. That’s precisely why he won’t reverse them. The border flood, the free airline tickets, the badgering of school districts that do not welcome the illegal aliens with open arms — all of these actions are calculated to revolutionize the demographics of the nation.

    If the president reversed his lawless immigration policies, the cultural and demographic transformation of the nation would be incomplete. Texas might stay red for decades … unless.

    xDoubt it? The administration is doubling down and even intends to expand amnesty by edict further this fall. There has been no backlash sufficient to reverse the plan. It’s payback time for House Republicans refusing to pass the Senate’s amnesty bill.

    Let’s visit the laws and lawyering that got us into this mess.

    George Bush deserves some blame. The legal vehicle for the mass child migration is an amendment added by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) to an anti-sex trafficking law in 2008. It forced the government to admit into the country any minors, other than Mexicans and Canadians, and reunite them with family or other guardians in the United States. President Bush signed the bill in 2008 that included Feinstein’s amendmentThe 2008 law provided the architecture for this mess. Notice that left is very skilled at imbedding architecture into law that Republicans can’t even begin to understand. Republicans regularly acquiesce to broad legislation with seemingly harmless components because they don’t comprehend the devious and lawless capabilities of the left. The 2008 Feinstein amendment, signed by George Bush, is what caused the border tsunami in 2014.

    We even see the same sort of long-game trickery when it comes to proposed changes to the Voting Rights Act in 2014. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wi) is being courted by the race left to give the Holder Justice Department enormous power over state election-integrity laws. Sensenbrenner will team up with militant leftists on Tuesday for a briefing on Capitol Hill on this issue. Republicans underestimate the left’s propensity to abuse power. Whether it is immigration or elections, the GOP plays the sucker well.

    The first step to addressing the crisis at the border is to treat minors from Central America the same as Mexican minors and quickly return them to their home country. Changing the 2008 law will help stop the tsunami.

    What’s a good Obama scandal without lots of lies?

    The administration has said that the Central American minors are being given papers to appear before a judge at some point in the future and “most” will have to eventually leave the country. If they say it, it must be true.

    Wrong. Most never show up for their court dates. Desaparecer!

    But even if they show, the judicial process will clunk along for years. The system is tilted in favor of immigrants. Many immigrants will abuse the process with fraudulent asylum claims or applications for specialized visas that are granted with almost no scrutiny by the Obama administration.

    If the immigrant objects to going to court, the Obama administration frequently forces its attorneys to close the cases, not only for minors but also for adults. Even when a judge orders a deportation, aliens appeal and delay deportation for years. And here’s the kicker — the Obama administration is proudly refusing to enforce deportation orders, as long as the immigrant has not committed serious crimes.

    Fundamental transformación!

    The immigration system is broken because of lawlessness, not because the Senate bill is dead.

    Adding financial injury to lawless insult, the new New Colossus makes the old New Colossus look downright shabby.


    Alien minors are taken care of courtesy of the taxpayer from the moment they turn themselves in, per the coyote’s coaching. You are providing aliens better health care than veterans enjoy. You are giving them housing and public school education. Best of all, you are providing them free airline transportation for splendid family reunions in places like Boston, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte. Even young gang members enjoy this new New Colossus.

    The 2008 law combined with Obama’s lawlessness has created this outlandish nightmare.

    Yet Democrats continue to argue the 2008 law should not be changed because these minors deserve due process and a chance to apply for asylum. Where are the Republicans to deliver the knockout blows against any Democrat who defends that turf? Minors could seek asylum even before the absurd 2008 law.

    The Feinstein amendment to the 2008 law was sold as a way to prevent trafficking of minor immigrant children, but it has actually encouraged it. Leftist open borders groups don’t want to tamper with the 2008 law because their original intent has come to fruition all along the southern border. The only part missing is the mass amnesty in the Senate bill.

    There was one other glitch in the plan: too many came too quickly.

    Cue Obama’s request for $3.8 billion to “fix” the problem. In reality, the administration request makes it worse. For example, the request includes millions from taxpayers to give the aliens free lawyers to help them fight to remain in the United States. Right now it is against federal law to use federal funds to give illegal aliens lawyers. When Obama promised change, he meant it.

    Thank goodness immigration reform appears to be dead. Had House Republicans bowed to the massive pressure they faced and passed the Senate bill, the crisis at the border would be worse. The Senate bill would not only have legalized tens of millions of illegal immigrants in the United States and allowed them to import their relatives, it would have prevented DHS from enforcing the immigration laws against anyone who might possibly be eligible for legalization.

    If the Senate bill had passed, it would have encouraged more illegal immigration on a scale that would make the current crisis seem puny.

    Republicans can go on offense by dumping the 2008 law. Dare the Senate to stand in the way. Dare the president to veto a fix to the crisis.

    Also, instead of jetting the immigrants around at taxpayer expense, pass a budget rider that ends that practice and one that requires aliens be detained in federal custody until their cases are complete. It is not unfair to keep those who broke our border laws in a controlled humane environment until their case is complete.

    I’ll bet more than 85 percent of Americans believe in borders. It’s time to defend them.

    That’s what going on offense looks like. If the GOP won’t stare down a lawless president who has caused an epic and unpopular dissolution of our southern border, then the party doesn’t deserve public support any more than a lawless president does.

  89. WVGAL571

    Warren would have NO CHANCE running against Hillary.

    Obama and thugs are better at stealing and falsifying votes than they are at ‘out foxing’.

  90. Shock and outrage at administration policies isn’t enough.
    Now that is an understatement. In the book The Games People Play, there is a name for this tactic: “ain’t it awful”. It is a great game for those who intend to do nothing. They can climb to the highest tower and bellow to the heaven: “this is an outrage! This display of high dungeon relieves the actor of any obligation to act. And it frees them up to play the next game which is the blame game. If we were in control of the Senate, this would never happen. Or, if your aunt had balls she would be your uncle. Ever get the sense that you are being played? I get no sense that they have done everything they can do. Instead, I get the sense that their consultants are telling them make your point, stand back and let Obama self destruct. There are risks if you step forward. Risks that your gravy train will be cut off. Play it smart. Go with the flow. And, in the fulsomeness of time, you will be feted–unless the Tea Party gets in the way, and accuses you and your ilk of what you really are: poseurs and moral cowards.

  91. Impeachment is the only effective answer. If the Republicans take the Senate, then that must be the first order of business. I do not care what the RINOs in congress, and the so-called conservative media say. They are part of the problem. Obama is a sociopath, and he has entered the act out stage of that pathology. This is the only way of stopping him. I have been right on all this and only now are people beginning to come around. And I right now when I say the risk adverse Republican must show some spine and act.

  92. I do hate to say this but her and Bill have been outfoxed by Obama again.


    100% correct.

  93. Trust me, this far at least. Rand Paul is someone big media would like to have run because he would be easy for them to later chop down. And Rand believes he is presidential, which is only true if you compare him to the Messiah. Yes, the bar is that low. The real question is whether big media can use him as a tool to divide the party, and that depends on whether the right wing buys his bullshit. If you want an idea of how vapid the guy is take note of his recent spat with Rick Perry and what it implies about him. The following article explores that issue. He has made his overtures to Wall Street but Wall Street wants him as badly as they want Elizabeth Warren, in other words, he is a non-starter. Keep that in mind, and keep big media’s motive also in mind when they try to prop up his candidacy.

  94. According to Politico and Hillary Hater Maggie Haberman, Hillary Clinton’s problem is not Barack Obama’s horrible record, it is – – – Bill Clinton’s legacy:

    Hillary Clinton’s dilemma: Bill’s legacy

    Hillary Clinton has a unique asset if she runs for president — Bill Clinton, who presided over a booming economy and an era of sunny Democratic centrism.

    But she also faces a singular challenge: convincing voters who are skeptical of some Wall Street-friendly policies during his tenure that she can connect with their concerns at a time when the wealth gap is massive between the very rich and everyone else.

    After a decade and a half of being tethered to her husband’s record, Hillary Clinton established her own political identity as senator and as secretary of state. But a string of questions from interviewers during her book tour about her husband’s tenure as president underscores the ongoing issue she will face reconciling their past with her future.

    On a broad range of issues from tax policy and Wall Street reform to religious rights, more than a dozen senior Democratic strategists and people who have worked with the former first family told POLITICO that Hillary Clinton will have to craft a platform that reflects the party’s shift left and populist sentiment across the political spectrum that distrusts entrenched interests and worries about growing wage inequality. Some described this balancing act as one of the most significant issues for the potential presidential candidate.

    “This is the most important set of conversations going on right now. We are in a different economic era that requires a different kind of response,” said Simon Rosenberg, founder of the New Democrat Network who shaped the economic message for Bill Clinton in the 1992 campaign. “Apple isn’t making the same products they were 20 years ago, so you should not expect any Democrat to obey policies that are over 20 years old.” Rosenberg added that no one in the Hillary Clinton orbit underestimates the task she faces.

    “Their eyes are wide open. No one thinks it’s going to be an easy election in the primary or in the general,” he said. “Things are very unsettled in American politics right now and no one close to her thinks this would be anything but a very tough race.”

    The former first lady has embraced her husband’s overall record, which includes the fastest jobs and economic growth of the past half-century.

    As predicted here long ago, the left will never accept Hillary Clinton and her use to them is to help Obama. Hillary better wake up to the fact that the party is a party of kooks and like Bill Clinton she should run against Obama and the party.

    The only reason Politico writes crap like this is to force Hillary to support Obama and dump Bill. This is a prescription for suicide.

  95. jbstonesfan
    July 15, 2014 at 1:35 pm
    I do hate to say this but her and Bill have been outfoxed by Obama again.
    100% correct.
    I see it differently:

    What we can expect in the next six months is a rapidly changing political environment, where Obama’s betrayal of the Clintons will give them license to distance themselves from Obama earlier and more emphatically than they would have otherwise, without being accused of dividing the party.

    Put differently, I think his betrayal of the Clintons, which some of us here see as a threat, is in fact another nail in Obama’s political coffin. This gets back to SHV’s earlier point, that messiah obama is aloof and stupid. This is not only a fight for the nomination, it is also a fight for control of the party, just as it was in 2008, only this time Obama and his fellow travelers have shot their wad, and he is no longer loved, admired and respected by the great unwashed as they once were.

    At this point, Obama’s trajectory is heading south. Soon, he will be seen as a pariah. One that no democrat wants to be seen with, unless they have a large black population in their district, in which case race–not competence is alas alpha and omega.

    The republican strategist cited by Admin tells the rest of the story:

    “When that day comes, Mr. President, your favorable rating will crash another 10 points into the basement. Democratic candidates will not only ignore you, as they now do, they will turn on you.

    Hillary Clinton will betray you. That will start a war within your party as candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Jerry Brown rush to defend you. If they depose the Clintons, mere anarchy will be loosed upon the Democratic world.

    At this moment, our emperor is naked, but no one has yet said it publicly. That will change soon.”

  96. H.L. Menken covered the 1948 Democratic Party Convention for his employer the Baltimore Sun. An obnoxious creature of the female persuasion and the same profession made herself known to all present. He turned to a colleague and whispered: How would you like to land on that bag of bones? I thought of that comment when I googled this Maggie Haberman creep. Part of the well heeled Manhattan establishment, and, in a single word: insufferable.


    Hillary Clinton joked about an office with “fewer corners” and said she’s surprised at the “cottage industry” of interest in her, but got serious talking about the violence in the Mideast Tuesday in an interview with “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart.

    In her first comments on the broken Gaza ceasefire, the former secretary of State expressed sympathy for people in Gaza who are “trapped by their leadership,” but also said Israel has a right to defend itself.

    “When I negotiated the ceasefire in November of 2012 it was right on the brink with Israel once again invading Gaza because of the rockets … and the Israelis are absolutely right in saying that they can’t just sit there and let rockets rain down,” Clinton told the Comedy Central host. “They have a missile defense which is working well, but that can’t be certain and now there are drones apparently that are being launched from Gaza.”

    Clinton said the Hamas leadership is now viewed as a threat by the Egyptian government, saying that Hamas isn’t interested in making “the situation too much better because that gives them a lot of leverage over the poor people in Gaza.”

    “Unless we can give people enough of a sense of security on both sides that they will be better off and their children are going to be better off,” Clinton added, “then the guys with the guns can always disrupt anything.”

    For Clinton, it was a chance to show a lighter side that her friends and aides insist is on display in private, but is not frequently how she performs in public.

    At one point, Stewart asked her about her “dead broke” comments about how she and her husband were in debt coming out of the White House. Clinton repeated her recent clean-up, calling them “inartful” and saying she wants to make sure everyone has opportunities to succeed in the United States.

    Stewart interrupted her and said he knew she was running for president because of how quickly she pivoted from the “dead broke” line “to income inequality.”

    Clinton also was asked bluntly by Stewart about running for president at the beginning of the roughly 20-minute interview, which was aimed at promoting her book, “Hard Choices,” which she is pushing to keep toward the top of the bestseller list.

    Stewart encouraged her to announce her candidacy on his show, referring to her book and saying, “I think I speak for everybody when I say nobody cares they just want to know if you are running for president.” The crowd howled.

    Clinton said he had been a “spoiler,” adding, “I think I’ll just reconsider where I go do it.” Clinton did little of the “if-I-run” pushback she’s engaged in during most recent interviews while sitting with Stewart, joking along with him about her next job.

    When Stewart referenced two new unauthorized books about her and her family, and pointed out that a lot of the interest in her would just go away if she said she was not running, she said, “I think a lot of people would lose their jobs if it stopped.”

    “I’ve been amazed at what a cottage industry it has become,” said Clinton, who has been the focus of intense media interest since her days as first lady in the White House.

    When Stewart pretended to give her a quiz to help her find her next job, she said she would like an office with “fewer corners.”

  98. A Warren candidacy would be a major gift to the Republican Party. If Hillary and Warren (or anyone else , for that matter) end up running against each other for the nomination, the Republicans who live in states that allow crossover voting will rush to the polls to cast their vote for Warren – just as they did for Obama in 2008. They will do everything in their power to make Warren the Dim nominee. They know Hillary has a better chance of winning the general election than any other contender. They’ll be very active in attempting to destroy Hillary’s chances, as the Dims well know. But, it will do the Republicans no good unless they unite behind a viable presidential candidate of they own. Unfortunately for the Pubs, have been unable or unwilling to do so for the past two elections.

    Logically, Warren should not stand a chance of winning the GE, especially since she is the darling of the progressive wing of the Dem Party, who, if elected, would mean another 4 years of Obama-like rule. That, alone, should be enough to defeat her – if the Pubs were not so inept. Add to their disunity and incompetences the fact that MSM will spin Warren as a combination of Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, and Sacagawea, and it probably won’t matter who the Pubs run. Yet again, MSM will have selected this country’s president.

  99. freespirit

    July 15, 2014 at 11:21 pm
    If you look at Obama in 2012, and Bush in 2004, the election had less to do with the candidates, and more to do with their coalitions. Today, with 2 our of 5 people of working age not working for one reason or another, and with the massive illegal immigration, it begins to look impossible for the Republican Party to win the presidency, unless it embraces the welfare state as well, in which case, it is really no different from the democrats. Speaking personally, I think there needs to be greater income equality, I detest the fact that billionaires are routinely substituting their judgment for that of the electorate–and I am sick and tired of this claim that we should not punish the productive members of society. If you look closely at those productive members, and how they indulge their whims, you could easily conclude the opposite. I would tax them heavily, unless they provide jobs for people, in which case I would be lenient. A bureaucrat who works for a corporation, I would not spare. A billionaire like the Bloomberg, Buffett, etc. I would tax them til hell won’t have it anymore. My fear is that Republicans will not do that, but will gut social security and medicare. The only politician I trust not to do that is Hillary. I hope I am correct in that assessment. That was her position in 2008. The other thing I worry about is inflation. Once that hits, 20% of the country will be bankrupt.

  100. I suspect that you have seen this video before, but it is one of the few that is really, really, really important. By way of background, Obama is routinely usurping the legislative power of congress, by unilaterally exempting whole classes of people from the provisions of laws congress previously passed, as in the case of sentencing guidelines, or failed to pass, as in the area of immigration. Not individuals, whole classes. And he claims this is a legitimate exercise of prosecutorial discretion which big media agrees with. In a congressional hearing, Trey has two law professors in front of him. The first one is, I believe, from Harvard. The other is Johnathan Turley from George Washington University. The Harvard man has a hard time understanding and responding to the questions which Trey asks him about all this. He is tentative and non responsive. Turley on the other hand understands the questions, drills down on them with excellent answers, states in substance that Obama is violating the Constitution and is making Congress irrelevant. He goes on to call this the greatest Constitutional crisis of his lifetime. That being the case, the refusal of the RINO to fight this thing vigorously becomes difficult to understand. The complicity of big media however, is to be expected.

  101. wbboei
    July 16, 2014 at 4:43 am
    Beautifully stated.

    Here’s an AP report you may want to know about:
    By ASTRID GALVAN— Jul. 16, 2014 3:08 AM EDT
    ORACLE, Ariz. (AP) — Protesters waved “Return to Sender” signs, shoved a group of mariachi musicians and waited for a bus of immigrant children that the local sheriff told them would arrive. At one point, they briefly halted a bus before realizing it was carrying children from a YMCA.
    The bus of Central American children never arrived, ending a day of protest in a small Arizona town that drew more than 100 people on both sides of the immigration debate.
    Sheriff Paul Babeu is credited with stirring up the anti-immigrant protesters via social media postings and a press release and by leaking information about the migrants’ arrival to a local activist. The Sycamore Canyon Academy acknowledged that it had an agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services to take in a “small number” of immigrant children from Central America, but it did not specify how many and when they would arrive.
    “All this was done in secrecy, and that’s where a lot of people are upset,” Babeu said Tuesday. “My concern (is) where’s the federal government? Why are they not here? Why did they not hold a town hall to answer some of these questions?”
    He addressed both sides of the protesters, asking them to remain civil, abide by the law and keep the roads cleared. Immigrant rights activists questioned Babeu about agitating protesters when he should be bringing order as the county’s top lawman.
    Babeu said he was simply informing the public and was at the site to make sure the protests on both sides were peaceful. snip

  102. via GP
    Hotel to Undergo Transformation into Immigrant Center
    WESLACO – A center for unaccompanied minors set to open in Weslaco later this year will be the first of its kind in the nation, officials with a network of non-profits said.
    BCFS Health and Human Services secured a multi-million federal contract to house young illegal immigrants at the site of the current Palm Aire Hotel and Suites on FM 1015.
    Representatives with BCFS said the Palm Aire will undergo a multi-million dollar transformation.
    BCFS runs a temporary detention center for young illegal immigrants at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.
    BCFS began as an orphanage for Hispanic children in San Antonio in 1944 snip

    Atlantic City ripe for similar as 3 – 4 casinos are in trouble.

  103. holdthemaccountable

    July 16, 2014 at 8:56 am

    I would like to have someone–preferably not the Harvard Professor who is called before Congress because he is an expert in Constitutional Law, and spends most of his time either not understanding the question, but denying that he is an expert (note: the only expertise I see with him is the ability to deny that he is an expert–he is damned good at that, and perhaps he should write a scholarly treatise on that subject)–I would like someone with a scholarly legal background explain to me in haec verba why this case, where the executive time and again usurps the Constitutional Powers of Congress, is not precisely the kind of case which the draftsmen of the Constitution had in mind when they settled on the remedy of impeachment, which comes out of English Law. It is as fundamental as the Magna Carta, and yet there sits the glorious RINO and his cowardly consultants coming up with a million reasons not to do it. Ironically, they were willing to impeach Bill Clinton for his dalliances, but unwilling to impeach Obama for what can only be described as a not a collateral attack but a direct attack upon the architecture of the Constitution and its express language. Their cowardice renders that remedy superfluous. Yes, I agree. Once the legal case for impeachment has been laid, it becomes a political question, and at this point, the political groundwork has not been laid. But is that not what a political party is supposed to do–lay the political groundwork for action, before taking that action. That is not what Obama does, and it is why impeachment is the exclusive remedy for what he is doing. If the political will does not exist in the country, pray tell whose fault is that? I would say it rests squarely on the shoulders of the RINO and their consultants, who are looting contributors, losing elections, and fiddling while Rome burns. Earth to RINO. Stop your looting for a minute, get off your dead asses and do something for the country, before you presume to vote yourself your next wage increase for the job we hired you to do, and you are not doing.

  104. admin
    July 15, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Even in jest, Hillary is obviously leaning towards running for President again.

    I can’t recall her saying she doesn’t want to run, not even when joking.

    I think back to when people asked her if she would stay for a second term as SOS…she was very clear with her answer, “No”.

    She is running.

  105. freespirit
    July 15, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    A Warren candidacy would be a major gift to the Republican Party.

    Maybe I am nuts, but Warren will never take the primary over Hillary.
    Even if some of those lazy Rethugs show up to crossover vote, they haven’t voted in strength in decades. They all still talk about the B rated movie star, Ronny Raygun like he was the Almighty.

    If they put up someone like Sweaters or the two headed eye doctor, they will just continue to stay in hibernation. There is no one on their team that gets them excited…so far.

  106. Senate Democrats today lost their bid to approve legislation to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s decision protecting Hobby Lobby and other companies from being forced to comply with the HHS mandate that compels them to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees.
    Republicans were able to sustain their filibuster against the bill and prevailed on a 56-43 vote, with Democrats voting to move to a vote on the pro-abortion bill and Republicans uniting to vote against it. snip

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